Gold & Silver: Baptism of Fire 75

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]
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Gold & Silver: Baptism of Fire 75

Postby Recuecn » Mon Apr 12, 2021 10:25 pm


Welcome to the Baptism of Fire, your nation’s first experience in World Cup football! Electrum and I are thrilled to be hosting the landmark 75th edition of this tournament, and couldn’t be more excited to host each of your soccer teams in our own countries. The Baptism of Fire is a very special competition, and we’re looking forward to hosting you all.

The Baptism of Fire, or BoF, is unique because no nation may enter it more than once - ever. Thus the BoF serves to give newcomers a chance to earn a very small rank-boost before entering the World Cup qualifiers for the first time, but more importantly, it gives them a chance to experience sports roleplay on the NS forums and learn the ropes.

This is the ‘In Character’ (IC) thread for this cycle’s BoF, where you’ll get information on nation's rosters, the host countries and venues, and the results. It’s also where you can post your own roleplays and rosters! On the other hand, ‘Out of Character’ (OOC) chatter will happen in the world cup discussion thread. That’s where you can discuss the tournament and ask questions - otherwise, feel free to telegram myself or Electrum.
The Baptism of Fire will consist of a single-round robin group stage leading into a knockout bracket starting with a round of sixteen. In the group stage, if teams are tied on points, they will be separated based first on goal difference, then head-to-head points, head-to-head goal difference, and finally, if the teams are totally even, an IC coin-flip. When the group stage ends, we will take a one day break before moving on to the knockout rounds.

Each day, both Electrum and I will post an RP cutoff. This doesn’t mean that you can’t post after the cutoff, it’s just to mark when roleplays will be counted, since roleplaying the tournament will provide a bonus that boosts your team’s performance. To understand RP bonus, you need to know that we are using a program called a ‘scorinator’ to create the results for the tournament. Scorinators create realistic results using three inputs: roleplay, ranking and randomness. As all teams start with the same rank, the only difference in scores comes from roleplay and randomness. The scorinator we’ll be using is called xkoranate.

Everyone is highly encouraged to RP. The more people engage with the tournament and with their competitors, the more fun the whole thing is. So don’t worry about writing for a grade, just have fun! All your posts before one cutoff will be counted as one for the purposes of RP bonus, and we will weigh quality over quantity.
Introduction to Roleplay
The #1 best resource to learn how sports roleplay works is the Guide to Sports Roleplaying. That’s the first place to look if you have a question that isn’t about this tournament specifically. If you have a question that’s not answered there, again, feel free to send us a telegram or ask on the WCDT.

The first thing you’ll want to do for this competition is to post a roster. A roster provides information about how you’ll be participating in the tournament - your style modifier and roleplay permissions. It also includes information about your team so that your opponents know who they are writing about.

There are two critical pieces of OOC information to put in your roster. The first is your style modifier. Your style modifier is a number from -5.000 to +5.000 which describes how your team plays, whether it is more defensive or aggressive respectively. A highly defensive team will allow fewer goals, but will also score fewer of its own. An attacking team will score more often, but also have a weaker defense. There’s no advantage to picking one or the other, but you can let us know what you would like your style modifier to be.

The second important thing to put in your roster is roleplay permissions. These are usually in a box, and usually a list of yes/no statements, something like:
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod scoring events: Yes/No
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes/No
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes/No
Godmod other events: Yes/No

Godmodding means roleplaying rare/unrealistic scenarios whether it's a half-pitch bicycle kick or the ref accidentally kicking it in. You may also decide if you want to allow your opponent to roleplay player injuries or give them cards without your permission. The final overarching godmodding permission is a catch-all to describe the amount of realism you’re aiming for. Do you want to allow events that are highly unlikely in real life?

The IC portion of your roster is all up to your imagination. Who plays on your team? It’s good to provide at least names and positions for your players, but you can go so much deeper, providing as much background as you like about your players and anyone else on the team. Rosters often cover teams’ kits, starting formations, home stadiums, and whatever else you’d like to add. Information about your nation itself can also be nice, if there’s something people should know that probably won’t come up in a roleplay otherwise.

For sample rosters, please see this thread from the last World Cup.

Once you've posted a roster, you can start to post roleplays! Roleplays can be anything you like, although ideally related to the tournament somehow. Match reports, stories, video essays, drawings, collaborations - anything goes!

Groups A, B, and C will play in Reçueçn and groups D, E, and F will play in Electrum.
Group A
Qzvarkian Qaz
Central Antarctic Peninsula
Group B
Group C
Group D
The united states of sonindia
Islands Of Ventro
Group E
St Trinians
Le Choix
Group F
Bigtopian Isles
Montaña Verde

Schedule and cutoffs - all days and times are in UTC (North Americans, this is the night before.)
Reçueçn will cut off at 01:00 UTC and Electrum at 09:00 UTC.
Matchday 1 - 17th April
Matchday 2 - 18th April
Matchday 3 - 19th April
Matchday 4 - 20th April
Matchday 5 - 21st April
Break day - 22nd April
Round of 16 - 23rd April
Quarterfinals - 24th April
Semifinals - 25th April
Break day - 26th April
Third place playoffs and final - 27th April
MD1 1 bye, 2 v 5, 3 v 4
MD2 4 bye, 5 v 3, 1 v 2
MD3 2 bye, 3 v 1, 4 v 5
MD4 5 bye, 1 v 4, 2 v 3
MD5 3 bye, 4 v 2, 5 v 1
The top two teams from each group plus the 4 highest-ranked 3rd place teams advance.
Teams will be reseeded after the group stage, with group winners will be seeded 1-6, then runners up 7-12, and then third ranked nations 13-16.

Good luck!
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Postby Electrum » Mon Apr 12, 2021 10:25 pm

Welcome to Electrum!


Electrum is a very large but sparsely populated nation situated in the Terranea region of Rushmore. Its capital city is Centralis and its national food is the democracy sausage. The country is well known for its financial and scientific industries, and for its devotion to pacifist principles. Electrum has been ruled jointly by a Governor-General and a five-dimensional overlord called 'The Computator' for quite some time now. How the overlord came to rule over Electrum is a long story, but it relates to the fact that the overlord rescued Electrum from the time warp it was stuck in for at least several decades.

There are a few quirks that players can expect if they play in Electrum. They will have to contend with a completely digital currency (the Synergy), a fanatical devotion to resource-based board games and strange celebrity football players including the bear-king Einarsson and a sentient energy ball (affectionately referred to as Seb) who may visit matches. Please note that extra-dimensional creatures are not a common occurrence in Electrum -- the only three of them in existence are in the football team -- everyone else is human. Electrum has an storied footballing history having hosted World Cup 76 and winning World Cup 78 (although it is a national joke to claim that Electrum has never won the World Cup). Now, the Electrumite team has been struggling to qualify for quite some time now, after the country was unfrozen from being in a time warp.

Electrum prides itself on being a civil, law abiding nation. At the Baptism of Fire, all players will be subject to constant drug-testing from the Doping Testing Authority, who will test players at random before and after matches, and sometimes in the middle of the night. The Match Integrity Unit will be another group your players will need to look out for. They have been known to interrogate players and managers for vague reasons such as an 'unexpected outcome in a match,' and are there to ensure basically that no funny business is happening (match fixing), though of course, they are seen as a joke throughout the multiverse, as they can claim to predict match outcomes with 90% certainty. Lines to enter venues may take longer than usual due to very stringent and airport-style security checks.

Host Cities and Venues


Due to the vast geographical distances involved, all athletes will be flying to and from each city for their matches. Players will be staying at five-star accommodation (usually a floor is booked out to ensure privacy from journalists) in their host cities and in the same hotels as their opponents. Football Electrum has nominated the following six cities and venues to host the Baptism of Fire.


Agri is situated in a rainy and wet area in the northeast corner of Electrum -- it is one of the poorer cities of Electrum, with the town deeply connected to the surrounding rural areas as a hub for agriculture. Agrians are known for their passionate support for sports, albeit sometimes taking it a bit too far. Supporters in Agri will often light flares and will attempt to disrupt the match, if the matches don't go their way, or if a particularly unpopular team shows up. Because of this, there is expected to be a heavy police presence in Agri, though that can only do so much -- crowds tend to overwhelm the police anyways. You can expect to see the audience pick sides and boo a team they don't like at will. Walkers Stadium is the Agri venue, and has a comfortable capacity of 35,000 seats.
MD1: The united states of sonindia vs Islands Of Ventro
MD2: Grandistania vs Bigtopian Isles
MD3: Istoreya vs Le Choix
MD4: The united states of sonindia vs Aut-Ves-Nat
MD5: Suimede vs Grandistania


Centralis is a cosmopolitan and multicultural city and is centrally located in Electrum. It is the country's largest city, as well as its capital. It is the birthplace of Electrum sport, and is well known across the multiverse for hosting the Games of the X Olympiad many years ago. The people of Centralis are kind to all and are always willing to have a chat and talk sports, because this really is a sports-mad city. The city features broad tree-lined avenues and 'little' neighbourhoods of people from all nations in the multiverse. If your nation has expats in Electrum, they are likely to be found all in one neighbourhood. Olympic Stadium (capacity: 100,000), which once hosted the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics, will be Centralis' venue.
MD1: Aut-Ves-Nat vs Eshialand
MD2: Suimede vs Sahuarita
MD3: Srednjaci vs Deniria
MD4: Naufre vs Eshialand
MD5: Montaña Verde vs Bigtopian Isles


Hamilton is a city in the far north, situated on the edge of the Great Sandy Desert and is Electrum's third largest city. Hamilton is in its dry season, and is well known for its sweltering hot conditions. Because it is a mining hub, it is a town of lavishness and luxury (OOC: think Las Vegas), with the infamous Honey Boulevard trapping both fans and athletes with the allure of air conditioned casinos and hotels during very hot days. Temperatures in the day will be between 30-35 degrees Celsius, however players will be playing at night to provide some respite. The Hamilton Multi-Purpose Venue, with a capacity of 50,000, is known for its modern facilities, thanks to the oil money, and as soon as players get off the pitch, they can expect to be greeted with air-conditioning, despite the ground being open-air.
MD1: St Trinians vs Le Choix
MD2: Islands Of Ventro vs Aut-Ves-Nat
MD3: Montaña Verde vs Suimede
MD4: Deniria vs Istoreya
MD5: Eshialand vs The united states of sonindia

Port Grenville

Port Grenville is a seaside city to the southwest of Centralis on the Helios Peninsula, opposite Fairleigh on the Bittern Bay. It is slightly more cooler with rainy and windy conditions more common here than anywhere else in the country (in fact, inclement weather is expected for the matches which will be held in Port Grenville). A good proportion of the citizens are sailors and fishermen, or work in the Electrum coastal force/shipyards so don't be surprised to see them swear all the time. Aside from being potty mouths, they love a good swig of alcohol every few hours as well, so you can be sure to find lots of 'drinking holes' (taverns) here. Grenvillians say things how it is, but are generally neutral, yet passionate supporters in football matches. The local Sailors Stadium (capacity 40,000), with its simple functional facilities will host matches in Port Grenville.
MD1: Srednjaci vs Istoreya
MD2: Naufre vs The united states of sonindia
MD3: Sahuarita vs Grandistania
MD4: St Trinians vs Srednjaci
MD5: Islands Of Ventro vs Naufre


Prescott is situated to the immediate west of Electrum and is fairly cool, given its high altitude (it is in fact Electrum's highest city by elevation). It is Electrum's second largest city. Temperatures can go below freezing point at times, so make sure you stay rugged up! Prescott is in the Wilderness Mountain Ranges, known for its alpine redwood forests and is a short car drive away from Electrum's highest point, Mt. Picana, where mountaineers are free to explore the wilderness (though the roads may be a bit treacherous). Bars in the Blue District of Prescott are open 24 hours a day, and is a common place to wind down after a football match. Prescott is also close to some ski towns and some vineyards near Electrum's Great Lake. Northcote Oval was upgraded a few years ago, as it was the host of the opening ceremony of the XI Winter Olympics with a capacity of 75,000 spectators.
MD1: Sahuarita vs Montaña Verde
MD2: Le Choix vs Srednjaci
MD3: Eshialand vs Islands Of Ventro
MD4: Bigtopian Isles vs Sahuarita
MD5: Istoreya vs St Trinians


Somer is a major city facing the Endemien Sea, and is the largest city that is closest to Junin, Valladares. Somer, known for it's eternally sunny days is also known for its theme parks of both the dry and wet variety. It is Electrum's family city, and swells in population every summer. It is a tourist town more than anything. Somersvilleans are also known to frequent the Sandy Coast, a long thirty-kilometre stretch of beaches. It is known for having the most pristine of beaches with golden sand and a deep blue ocean to boot. Known for the 'surf and pub' combination, Somers tend to surf at the beach, then go in for a drink in the pub (not the other way around, of course). Athletes are all too happy to train and recover at Somer's beaches after a tough match. Somersville Stadium (capacity 25,000) will host Somer's matches. It is set to be demolished after the Baptism of Fire, so this tournament will be its final hurrah.
MD1: Bigtopian Isles vs Suimede
MD2: Deniria vs St Trinians
MD3: Aut-Ves-Nat vs Naufre
MD4: Grandistania vs Montaña Verde
MD5: Le Choix vs Deniria
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Postby Recuecn » Mon Apr 12, 2021 10:26 pm

Visiting Reçueçn

Reçueçn is a small nation, but it's got a lot to see. If you're visiting for the Baptism of Fire, you may want to extend your stay to see the sights. Most travelers to Reçueçn will fly into Reçueçn city. As the capital and largest city, it will definitely have the flight connection you need. Genève, the nation's second city, will also accommodate you in this regard, and both cities will have their fair share of matches during the tournament. If you are travelling from a nearby country, arriving by rail is also a possibility, and many more Reçuecian cities have international rail connections than have international airports.

For travel within the country, taking the train is probably the way to go. Car rentals are fairly expensive, and many cities restrict downtown access to pedestrians and public transport. When travelling through the countryside, you will find that autoroutes have high tolls, and smaller roads are typically wind annoyingly through steep mountain terrain. However, there is an extensive rail and tunnel network, and taking the train is fairly cheap between most places in the nation. Bus routes also connect most larger towns. Within cities themselves, public transport is always very high quality and usually very affordable or in some cities, even free. A few bus lines are temporarily free to travel during the tournament, in a government-led effort to promote tourism and encourage visitors to explore the country beyond just the soccer matches.

What to See

Presumably if you're reading this, the main attraction that has brought you to Reçueçn is the seventy-fifth Baptism of Fire. Half of the games will be played in Reçueçn, with Genève and Reçueçn City taking the lion's share. But if you want to see a bit more of the nation, consider taking a ride up to a cute alpine village and hiking along a mountain ridge to appreciate the amazing views we have to offer. Or take a swim in a mountain lake and cool off in the shadow of the peaks. If you really are looking to ditch the heat, check out the ice tunnels at the Écho glaciers. Or, if you're a skiier, hit the slopes - spring is coming but the season still has a couple weekends left!

If the mountains aren't for you, consider visiting our world-famous cheese museum - free samples! Or visit the Genève Cathedral if the culture you're looking for isn't bacterial. Genève, Reçueçn, Zimmerich - all cities which will be hosting games in the Baptism of Fire - each have a beautiful downtown historic district worth the walking tour. Check them out if your idea of a good time means wandering through medieval fortifications or strolling down cobbled alleys. If what's up your alley is shopping, then we've got that too - check out Genève's luxury district for high end jewelry, fashion, watches, and more. Exchanging your money should be no problem: the Reçueçian guilder is very stable and worth just a bit more than the NSD.

Where to Stay, What to Eat

If you are on the search for the perfect hotel for your stay in Reçueçn, worry not. Plenty of all kinds abound in and around each major city, whether you're looking for the four star experience, or just want to save a buck. If you'd rather have the personal, local touch, then we've still got you covered: a quick look online will reveal plenty of family-owned bed & breakfasts, as well as short-term rentals with people trying to make some money off the empty spare room one night or week at a time. Hostels are also very popular in Reçueçn, and are a great way to stay near the city center for a very low cost.

What'll you have for dinner? Reçueçn's food is what will make you want to come back for another visit. We love our cheeses, and our national specialty is Raclette, melted cheese scraped over small potatoes, cornichons, and salami. Try it at a restaurant where each table is provided with its own small oven so each diner can melt their own. Another local specialty is Tartiflette, essentially a casserole of potatoes, onions, and lardon (thick-cut bacon) served with a slab of, you guessed it, more melted cheese cooked right over it.

If you find yourself in an alpine pasture hankering for a pique-nique, rather than seated at a fine dining establishment, don't worry, cheese is great for a basket-lunch too. Bring along a baguette and a saucisson, and you've got yourself a meal.

No meal in Reçueçn is complete without a glass of wine, and the local product is certainly worth the connoisseur's time. Reçuecian wine varies immensely depending on whether you're south, west, or north of the Alps, so try a few varieties and pick your favorite. If you need a pairing for your meal, it just so happens that every single person you meet on the street in the country is a self-proclaimed expert ready with helpful advice. Just don't stop them on their way home for dinner.

Do's and Don't's

Do say "Bonjour" to those you pass in a small town. Don't block the the metro in the city. Do take your time to enjoy a meal or a conversation in western Reçueçn. Don't be late in eastern Reçueçn. Do greet people with a kiss on each cheek. Don't actually let your lips touch them. Do cheer loudly for your team! Don't go too crazy with the victory party. Do take a selfie with your head on the block at execution square in downtown Reçueçn. Don't miss out on your visit because you're on your phone the whole time. Do rent a bike and pedal around to see the sights. Don't be unprepared to parallel park if you've rented a car. Do make eye contact during a conversation. Don't stare at people. Do be ready to share gossip with perfect strangers. Don't expect people to open up to you right away. Do keep your hands above the table at dinner. Don't yawn during a conversation. Do offer to help your host with cleaning up. Don't ask for seconds until offered. Do speak your mind and be straightforward. Don't bank on too much personal space.

Do have the time of your life.
Host Venues

Stade National, Reçueçn
Cap. 30,000
The Stade National is located in Reçueçn's capital, Reçueçn city, and it is the biggest venue in the nation. Home to Reçueçn's national soccer team, les licornes, all of Reçueçn's own home games have been played here. The stadium also hosted the final of the eighth Independent's Cup, the most recent tournament hosted in the nation, which Reçueçn won on its own turf. The city, like the stadium, is the biggest in the country, located on the western border of the nation, draped over a commanding hill and the Rhône valley below. The old town, with cobble streets, historical buildings, and some areas limited to pedestrian access only, stretches from the government buildings and medieval fortifications at the top of the hill down the slope to the centre ville at the river's bank. The Stade National is on the inner edge of the northern suburbs, and is easily accessed via metro.

The Stade National will be hosting games in group A. MD 1: Qzvarkian Qaz v Central Antarctic Peninsula, MD 2: Central Antarctic Peninsula v Shreekaristan, MD 3: Shreekaristan v Brookstation, MD 4: Brookstation v Innovative, MD 5: Innovative v Qzvarkian Qaz.

Stade Carl III, Reçueçn
Cap. 28,500
The nation's second largest stadium, the Stade Carl III is home to Reçueçn FC, Reçueçn City's most famous and most successful club team. The stadium is named for Carl III, Reçueçn's first and only king - in fact, he was a bloody tyrant who united the country through a bloody conquest and ruled through fear and violence. After a rebellion leading to his execution, the different states he had invaded decided to remain united, but in most parts of the country, Carl III is looked back on as a despot. In Reçueçn City, he's seen as a symbol of the west of the nation's superiority to their compatriots - now typically in a sporting context.

The Stade Carl III will be hosting games in group A. MD 1: Shreekaristan v Innovative, MD 2: Brookstation v Qzvarkian Qaz, MD 3: Innovative v Central Antarctic Peninsula, MD 4: Qzvarkian Qaz v Shreekaristan, MD 5: Central Antarctic Peninsula v Brookstation.

Stade de la Réforme, Genève
Cap. 27,000
The Stade de la Réforme is home to Reçueçn FC's largest rivals, Association Genève. Named for the protestant reformation that took place here in Genève, the stadium is just outside the city up the hill to the south, and the a gap in the stands at one corner of the field allows a view of the gorgeous Lac Genève during day games, and at night, the sparkling lights of the city on its shore. Genève is Reçueçn's second-largest city, located two hours to the east, toward the center of the country and higher up toward the Alps. There is still a strong Protestant presence here, unlike the west of the nation which is more Catholic.

The Stade de la Réforme will be hosting games in group B. MD 1: Revlona v Talkasa, MD 2: Talkasa v Atheara, MD 3: Atheara v Kannap, MD 4: Kannap v Galeanna, MD 5: Galeanna v Revlona.

Stade de l’Alliance, Genève
Cap. 20,000
The Stade de l'Alliance is the smallest stadium that will be hosting games anywhere during this Baptism of Fire. Located in Genève just like the Stade de la Réforme, the Stade de l'Alliance is the home venue for Genève Bord-du-Lac, one of Reçueçn's slightly smaller proffessional soccer teams. The stadium is named after the treaty that cemented Reçueçn as a nation after the rebellion against Carl III, ensuring that states besides the Duchy of Reçueçn (such as Genève) would have equal footing under the new system of government.

The Stade de l'Alliance will be hosting games in group B. MD 1: Atheara v Galeanna, MD 2: Atheara v Galeanna, MD 3: Atheara v Galeanna, MD 4: Atheara v Galeanna, MD 5: Atheara v Galeanna.

Siegstadion, Zimmerich
Cap. 25,440
Siegstadion's name comes from the German for 'victory stadium'. Despite the fact that under two thirds of Reçuecians speak French as their first language, this is the only Reçuecian host venue in the Baptism of Fire in a non-francophone part of the country. FC Zimmerich, the club that plays at the Siegstadion, thus represents not only the city when it plays in the national league, but Germanophones throughout the nation - a role it has earned by its historical place as the premier German-speaking club in Reçueçn.

Siegstadion will be hosting games in group C. MD 1: Gergary v Bunkaiia, MD 2: Bunkaiia v Sendhang, MD 3: Sendhang v Marigred, MD 4: Marigred v Tolanka, MD 5: Tolanka v Gergary.

Champs du Sport, Renwyll
Cap. 22,000
The Champs du Sport is not the smallest stadium hosting games in this tournament, but it is located in the smallest city. Renwyll is, like Zimmerich, found in eastern Reçueçn, nestled in an alpine valley rather than the fluvial lowlands. Group C is the only Reçuecian group whose matches will not be played entirely within one city: instead, teams will have to make the trip between Zimmerich and Renwyll once or twice. Not to worry, the two towns are not too far from each other. Like every other Reçuecian venue except the Stade National, the Champs du Sport is typically used to host club soccer matches, being Sportverein Renwyll's home stadium.

The Champs du Sport will be hosting games in group C. MD 1: Sendhang v Tolanka, MD 2: Marigred v Gergary, MD 3: Tolanka v Bunkaiia, MD 4: Gergary v Sendhang, MD 5: Bunkaiia v Marigred.
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Postby Sahuarita » Mon Apr 12, 2021 10:57 pm

Formation: 4-2-4
Style Mod: +5
Most Likely To...
Score: Anthony Sáez
Assist: Rubén Covarrubias
Get a caution: Hugo Espiga
Score a late game goal: Christian Quesada

Head Coach: Franco Tejedor
Pronunciation: Franc-oh Ta-yeh-door
Age: 49
Experience: 21-35, Midfielder, Zapomoros United Image
36-41, Assistant, Zapamoros United Image
42-46, Head Coach, Zapamoros United Image
47-, NT Head Coach + Head Coach, Zapamoros United Image
An offensive minded genius, Franco Tejedor has experience at the top level of play for Sahuaritan Football. Tejedor played 14 years in the Liga Sahuarita. His tactics may seem different from many, as despite not playing an extremely offensive formation, his squad still plays the ball towards the net for most of the game. He will launch “Attack, Fall Back” plays, where the entire Midfield and Striker units will launch an all out attack, before falling back past midfield to get back and defend. His experience of coaching at an offensive minded top level is obviously a good piece for international play, where, as we have been seeing, squads seem to get more and more offensive minded by the cycle.

Cristóbal Martínez
Pronunciation: Cris-toe-ball Mar-teen-yez
Age: 39
Experience: 19-27, Striker, Tijuahua FC Image
28-31, Assistant, Tijuahua FC Image
32-39, Head Coach, Huixtoca Farms FC Image
Once regarded as one of the hottest prospects in the entire nation, Cristóbal Martínez’s career came to an end after being plagued with injuries for his entire career. He became an assistant, and was hired by Huixtoca Farms at the ripe age of 32. He helped them climb 3 divisions the last 7 years, and is a magic man on the bench. His offensive minded play has helped him get the job with the team.

Rafael Barrios
Pronunciation: Rah-fai-ell Berry-os
Age: 62
Experience: 18-26, Midfielder, Records Unknown Image
27-42, Player-Coach, Records Unknown/Zapamoros United Image
43-51, Assistant, Tijuahua FC Image
52-56, Head Coach, Tijuahua FC Image
57-62, Head Coach, Teconada United Image
The coach with by far the most experience out of all of the coaching staff on the team, Rafael Barrios holds the advantage of age and wisdom, which he uses greatly in the game. He has success at the top division of coaching. He also has had multiple years of experience with Martínez, so the two mesh very well on the coaching staff. He has put together many successful squads, including a championship team as an assistant at Tijuahua. His experience with many of the top midfielders, including Quesada are huge parts of the team.

Starting XI: Image
Justin Espinar
Height: 6-3
Weight: 197
Pronunciation: Juh-sten S-pin-yar
Age: 27
Experience: 19-23, Goalkeeper, Zapamoros United Image
24-, Goalkeeper, Oaxapan Sporting Club Image
Justin Espinar has been regarded as a generational talent in the Sahuaritan goalkeeper position. He has the smarts, and the size to be a great keeper. His athleticism however, may be the best part of his game. His experience with the coaching staff is among the best for goalkeepers, and likely most players at his age. He started from the ripe age of 19 years old, and hasn’t stopped his run of greatness, as he now enters as the National Team Starter.

Edmundo Sáenz
Height: 6-1
Weight: 177
Pronunciation: Edd-moon-dough Saiy-enz
Age: 22
Experience: 18-21, Goalkeeper, Teconada United Image
The goalie for the tenure that Rafael Barrios has been at Teconada before, Sáenz is a very intriguing prospect at the keeper position for this team. It is unlikely he starts, however we could see some action from him if Espinar is out at all. He is very athletic, but a very raw talent that needs more coaching before coming out as a solid starter on a national team.

Milagros Fonseca
Height: 6-6
Weight: 210
Pronunciation: Mill-a-gross Fon-Seck-a
Age: 34
Experience: 21-31, Goalkeeper, Zapamoros United Image
32-, Goalkeeper, Sporting Cajelaya Image
Milagros Fonseca is the most experienced keeper on the team by far. He has over 10 years of experience starting in the league, and also has played for multiple years on the team of Franco Tejedor. Right now, he is very unlikely to start, and seems more like a mentor to the younger keepers. He just doesn’t have the athleticism to start, unfortunately.

Left Backs
Víctor Gallo
Height: 6-2
Weight: 172
Pronunciation: Vic-tor Gal-oh
Age: 30
Experience: 18-30, Defender, Teconada United Image
Victor Gallo is one of the strongest defenders on the team, and it is clear why he will be starting at Left Back this cycle. His ability to play good 1 on 1’s with forwards in unmatched by other Sahuaritan defenders, and most defenders across the world. He is relatively conservative in his tactics, however, this does help fit the coaching staff’s defensive tactical ideas.

Gonzalo Beldad
Height: 5-11
Weight: 160
Pronunciation: Gahn-zahlo Bell-dad
Age: 32
Experience: 19-25, Defender, Huixtoca Farms FC Image
26-, Defender, Zapamoros United Image
Gonzalo Beldad was one of the defenders who helped Huixtoca Farms start their climb up the league system. He is one of the main reasons why they are in the premier division right now. He has some of the most skill you will find at the defensive position, however he lacks in Athleticism and Football IQ, so he will likely play as a rotation man rather than a starter.

Center Backs
Mateo Guillén
Height: 6-1
Weight: 176
Pronunciation: Mah-Tay-oh Gull-e-yen
Age: 33
Experience: 18-, Centre Back, Zapamoros United Image
Likely the most experienced starter on the team, Mateo Gullién has been a mainstay of the national team for 9 years now. He stepped on the team at age 23, and has been a solid starter since then. He has great football IQ, which has been proven in his experiences on the team. He may not be the best player, but he is a great symbolic leader with the off-ball smarts to start.

Hugo Espiga
Height: 6-3
Weight: 186
Pronunciation: Hugh-go Esp-eega
Age: 26
Experience: 18-19, Defender, Oaxapan Sporting Club Image
20-, Defender, Tijuahua FC Image
Hugo Espiga is a very special talent. He is a starting Center Back with loads of raw talent, and the coaches have been able to activate that talent recently. Espiga has been sitting behind Gullién for the starting CB spot for the past few years, however soon, he may take it over. With his speed, and agility, it is hard to go wrong with a player such as Espiga.

Tomas Tasis
Height: 6-3
Weight: 180
Pronunciation: Toe-mahs Tah-sees
Age: 21
Experience: 17-, Defender, AFC Puejuana Image
Tomas Tasis was one of the few members of the starting XI that survived the AFC Puejuana Season Forfeiture last year. Tasis has a very good attitude, and is very disciplined, he could be come the CB2 once Gullién starts to fall out of favor. Tasis has the skill to start, but much like Espiga, is an extremely raw player. He doesn’t see the field well yet, and it too aggressive in 1-1’s

Right Backs
Martin Galán
Height: 6-1
Weight: 170
Pronunciation: Mar-teen Gah-lahn
Age: 29
Experience: 18-24, Defender, Teconada United Image
25-, Defender, Zapamoros United Image
Martin Galán is one of the key parts of this defense. He is pretty skinny for a defender, however his endurance that lets him play all 90 minutes easily is possibly the best on the team. He has experience with coaches Franco Tejedor and Rafael Barrios, which puts him in a very good position to communicate with the coaches. Never be surprised when he comes in late in the game with some clutch, this guy has a lot of it.

Andrés Sánchez
Height: 6-2
Weight: 172
Pronunciation: Ahn-Dreas Shan-chahz
Age: 38
Experience: 19-37, Defender, Sporting Cajelaya Image
Andrés Sánchez is the old man of the team, but don’t doubt on him. He is the second in line for captain, and he hasn’t even started in 3 years. The presence of Sánchez makes the players of the team men, and he shows why. At this point, he almost acts like a player coach, his IQ of the game is among the best, and even though he doesn’t have the skill he once had, he is a key motivator of the team.

Right Midfielder
Christian Quesada (Captain)
Height: 6-3
Weight: 194
Pronunciation: Chris-tain Kwae-Sahdah
Age: 27
Experience: 18-20, Midifielder, Teconada United Image
21, Midfielder, AFC Puejuana (Loan) Image
22-, Midifielder, Teconada United Image
Christian Quesada is the best player in all of Sahuarita. 3 MVP Rewards and a Golden Boot, while playing in the midfield, show that he is the most skillful in all the nation. He is a very hard player to contain from anywhere on the pitch. Coach Tejedor is confident with him controlling half of the midfield for this very reason. Expect to watch a lot from him, and expect lots of goals.

Angel Sánchez
Height: 6-4
Weight: 210
Pronunciation: Ain-gul Sahn-Chahz
Age: 2)
Experience: 21-, Midfielder, Sporting Cajelaya Image
Sánchez is a skilled player, don’t get me wrong, however, his poor discipline makes him a tough player to play with. He racks up many cautions, and often turns those to red cards once he gets frustrated. He almost always plays behind a player like Quesada, which is unfortunate for him, because he is likely a good enough player to start on other teams.

Left Midfielders
Édgar Cortés
Height: 6-2
Weight: 178
Pronunciation: Ehd-gur Cohr-tez
Age: 26
Experience: 18-24, Midfielder, Huixtoca Farms Image
25-, Midfielder, Morannon Athletic Image
Edgar Cortes is another player that was part of the Huixtoca Farms FC rise to success. Since then, he has been the first Sahuaritan National to take a job playing in Rushmore, as he plays for Morannon Athletic. He is another member of the smaller and quicker players, and his 1-1 skill is among the best on the team, possibly only beat out by players like his Right Mid counterpart.

Alonso Saelices
Height: 6-1
Weight: 184
Pronunciation: Uh-Lohn-so Say-Liches
Age: 30
Experience: 18-27, Tijuahua United Image
28, Acalucan FC Image
29-, Banija Club
Alonso is another experienced midfielder who has experience playing internationally. Often times, (especially during domestic play), he is more of a wingback rather than a Left Midfielder, however, he is very versitale, and is able to slide in the team like a Swiss Army knife. After joining Acalucan FC last season, he quickly transferred to the Banija Second Division.

Left Wing
Rubén Covarrubias
Height: 6-5
Weight: 220
Pronunciation: Rew-been Coh-Varr-oh-bias
Age: 26
Experience: 21-25, Striker, Zapamoros United Image
Ruben is a large, lengthy forward who’s skill as a wing is vital to the team. He doesn’t have the most experience, or the most skill, but his Football IQ, which he has acquired from his multiple years of youth football coaching. He is very good at playing balls into the box, and has great chemistry with star forward Anthony Sáez. These 2 are the teams dynamic duo.

Gael Morillo
Height: 5-9
Weight: 165
Pronunciation: Gay-el Moor-ill-oh
Age: 20
Experience: 18-, Striker, Teconada United Image
Gael is a strong, small and speedy forward. He is the youngest player on the team, and right now, is unlikely to play over Covarrubias. His Young Player of the Year award last season put him on the map as one of the best young strikers in the nation. This cycle, he can look to start with a few minutes in and out, but has great potential.

Anthony Sáez
Height: 5-11
Weight: 175
Pronunciation: Ann-thon-e Sai-ez
Age: 29
Experience: 18-23, Striker, Tijuahua FC Image
24-, Striker, Zapamoros United Image
Anthony is likely the strongest striker on this team. He is the star player of Franco Tejedor’s Zapamoros United team. His small stature may make him seem less intimidating, however his speed makes him a lethal threat from any part of the field. Sáez is a master of tactics, and has some of the best discipline on the field. He is a great threat. Watch for lots of goals from him.

Sebastián Dávalos
Height: 6-1
Weight: 199
Pronunciation: Seh-bah-stain Dah-vah-lohs
Age: 32
Experience: 18-29, Striker, Tijuahua FC Image
30-, Striker, Sporting Cajelaya Image
Dávalos will be a very interesting player to watch over the next few cycles. He was once the man behind the Sporting Cajelaya powerhouse, however his skill has been diminishing, and with an injury over the past season, it is unclear whether he will start. He has good size, and solid 1-1 skill, along with a strong IQ of the game. His endurance however, is a very questionable part of his play.

Benjamín Sarmiento
Height: 5-10
Weight: 179
Pronunciation: Ben-Juh-meen Sahr-ee-meon-too
Age: 29
Experience: 17-, Striker, Acalucan FC Image
At Acalucan FC, Sarmiento commanded the Offensive unit pretty much all on his own. This let him get a large number of goals, despite lagging in skill against the rest of the team. He is a great field general, however due to his large frame, he struggles greatly with jump balls and 1 on 1’s.

Carmelo Arboleda
Height: 5-8
Weight: 170
Pronunciation: Car-melo Ahr-bold-uh
Age: 20
Experience: 18-, Striker, Teconada United Image
Arboleda is a developing striker who could soon become one of the stars of the team. He has a very small, yet developing frame, which could become bigger as he gains more weight with years. His speed and endurance are great already, but his raw talent points to him becoming more a project player for the future years rather than a solid starter by next cycle. Nevertheless, watch for him soon.

Right Wing
Julian Morillo
Height: 6-1
Weight: 189
Pronunciation: Jew-lien Mohr-ill-oh
Age: 27
Experience: 18-, Striker, Sporting Cajelaya Image
Morillo is the star of the right side of the field on this team. His strong frame, coupled with his speed and leg makes him a great weapon in the high half of the pitch. He is one of the main set piece players, and the Sahuaritans always look to use him on free kicks and corners. Morillo has the job locked up, however with a rough injury history, it may be possible his backup has to step in a bit.

Estefania Alarcón
Height: 6-3
Weight: 198
Pronunciation: Es-tefa-nia All-uh-rocon
Age: 25
Experience: 18-, Striker, Tijauhua FC Image
Alarcon is a striker who is able to dominate with his large size on many places of the pitch. He is used like a Swiss Army knife, however he doesn’t really have the skill to start at a large striker role. He has great IQ and also a good shot, but he does struggle with ball control, and his passing is below average. In summary, you can possibly look for him to come in late in games, but he doesn’t really have the skill to start.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, But TG me and I will choose the severity
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
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Postby Atheara » Tue Apr 13, 2021 2:27 am

Welcome To The Baptism of Fire!

Atheara's first time joining the BoF and the World Cup. Football is a popular sport in Atheara, although not as popular as Ice Hockey and Badminton, and Tennis, it is still very noticable. This is the full Roster for the Athearan National Team, and extra Information about the team itself. Also we are going to wish everyone participating good luck!

Formation: 4 - 4 - 2 Central Diamond
Playstyle / Style Mod: -3,5
Trigramme: AHR
Home: Black in a Cross Shape with White Outlines and Athearan Blue Background, White and Black Pants with Athearan Blue Outlines.
Away: Athearan Blue in a Cross Shape with White Outlines and Black Background, White and Athearan Blue Pants with Black Outlines.

Manager: Tobias Oslegard (48 Y/O)
Head Coach: Kristian Johansson (41 Y/O)
Assistant Coaches:
Alexei Rugervich (38 Y/O)
Kyle East (37 Y/O)

Most Likely To:
Make the First Goal: Luis Frawning
Start an Attack: Urusov Cantonian - Myords
Receive a Red Card: Alexei Murov
Get an Injury: Toriff Hicosia Algeer
Save the Game from Losing: Jonathan Winger
Create the most Attacking Chances: Zimmerman Brusteric

23 Mugel Krygorf (Starter, 28 Y/O, Captain)
19 Krusser Isles (27 Y/O)
4 Joseph Highland (28 Y/O)

56 Jonathan Winger (Starter, 25 Y/O, RB)
87 Frederic Van Lieser (Starter, 27 Y/O, CB)
99 Alexei Murov (Starter, 26 Y/O, CB)
26 Kanton Oliver - Gruschev (Starter, 25 Y/O, LB)
34 Mikhael Linegard (28 Y/O, RB/CB)
45 Paul Barbados (29 Y/O, LB/CB)

50 Urusov Cantonian - Myords (Starter, 26 Y/O, AMF)
7 Evan Osterric Hugens (Starter, 27 Y/O, CM)
93 Zimmerman Brusteric (Starter, 29 Y/O, CM)
37 Ivan Yesterov - Rukovic (Starter, 28 Y/O, DMF)
29 Fabian Nagedortch (26 Y/O, AMF/CM)
63 Alexander Porovik (25 Y/O, DMF/CM)

1 Luis Frawning (Starter, 26 Y/O, CF)
70 Toriff Hicosia Algeer (Starter, 27 Y/O, CF)
95 Kevin Van Halfeerd (27 Y/O, CF)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but no deaths.
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, but nothing crazy.

OOC: Subject to Change. TG me if there is anything that needs to be added or removed.
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Postby Talkasa » Tue Apr 13, 2021 4:41 am

Formation: 3-4-3
Style Modifier: +1
Most Likely To:
Score: Cain Horthy
Assist: Dewey Smith
Sustain an injury: Nick Blythe
Receive a red card: Victor Arnolds


Head Coach: Alex O'Connell (42)
A fine manager, Alex Harriet O'Connell played football in the Talkasian League of Champions before becoming a manager and winning it twice.
Assistant Coach: Niran Monroe (37)


Feodor Williamson (GK, aged 24)

Victor Arnolds (LB, aged 22)
Jan Bronte (CB, aged 23)
Alfredo Moreno (RB, aged 24)

Terry Hart (LM, aged 21)
Nick Blythe (CM, aged 21)
Dewey Smith (CM, aged 24)
Joseph Franc (RM, aged 23)

Hamish Lorenzo (LW, aged 21)
Cain Horthy (CF, aged 24)
Paul Khan (RW, aged 23)

My opponent may:
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but TG me so I can tell you the severity
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No

Good luck!
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Postby Islands Of Ventro » Tue Apr 13, 2021 5:32 am

Roster of the IOC Islanders (Islands of Ventro)

Formation: 4-2-4

Style Modifier: +4

Head Coach: Jermey Blanket

Ast. Coach: Harald Reque


Shadow Chesterfield (L) (22)
Mitchell Manning (R) (24)
George Washington (R) (37)
Henry Herbert (L) (24)
James Charlie (R) (31)
Vik Hamton (R) (22)
Gregory Pilgrem (L) (25)
Scott Jackson (L) (27)
Brayden Mari (R) (22)
Lucas Custer (R) (23)
Grayson Greer (R) (24)
Gilbert Franc (R) (31)
Lance Spear (L) (29)
Collin Bear (R) (26)
Wesley Gronkoski (R) (29)
Mathis Vera (R) (24))
Kevin Hate (R) (30)
George Hanson (L) (21)
Robert Upoty (R) (32)
Zack Miller (L) (23)
Kyle Botch (R) (26)
Spencer Kazawimgnut (R) (27)

My opponent may:
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but TG me so I can tell you the severity
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
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Postby Grandistania » Tue Apr 13, 2021 6:14 am

Grandistanian Football Federation is participating in the nation's first ever international sports event. After ice hockey, football is the second most popular sports in Grandistania and this is considered a great moment for every fan of the sport.

Basic information of the national team:

Home colours:
Shirt and socks: white with green trim
Shorts: green with white trim

Away colours:
Everything: yellow with green trim

Alternative colours:
Everything: green with yellow trim


Style Modifier:

Current team:

Head coach:

Stephan Herrera, 54

Starting roster:

Regulus Bardsley, 25

Brandinus Dorsey, 30
Marcelo Byrd, 22
Basmat Scrivenor, 24

Avital Akkerman, 28 (Captain)
Eladio Corvi, 23
Farley Erckens, 22
Finbarr Arbeider, 33

Armando Griffin, 22
Gordon Milano, 20
Trajan Sastre, 20

My opponent may:
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but please don't end their careers without my permission
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes

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Roster of Innovative

Postby Innovative » Tue Apr 13, 2021 6:23 am

Style : +4


Head Coaches : Innova brown
Regular coaches : Queenisa Nuyles, Alissa Nilsson, and Tim Nixon

Baako Necchi
Antonín Goodman
Þróndr Koole
Julia Haanraats
Wiebe Scholz
Vladlen Bach
Heidemarie Ó Rodagh
Tove Constable
Aditi Horník
Dzhokhar Pavić
Hanna Belrose
Bohdan Vasilev

Team Information

Team Name : Innovative Investments
Flag : Image


Hanna and Bohdan ( Player list above )

Referee : Malissa Itica

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod scoring events: Yes/No Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/No Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes/No Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes/No Yes
Godmod other events: Yes/No Yes

I new to Sports RP so hopefully this is enough and meets the requirements.

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Postby Central Antarctic Peninsula » Tue Apr 13, 2021 6:31 am

More to come

Modifier (+5) - if possible, or the largest possible. We don't do much defending.
My opponent may:
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, (any injury will likely end in a brawl, trust me.)
Godmod injuries to my players: No - Central Antarctic Peninsulins are too strong
Hand out cards to my players: Yes - trust me, there will be quite a few cards
Godmod other events: No.


Central Antartic Penisulan National Team
Short: CAP
Nickname: The Pengwingers
Formation: 4-1-2-3
Home: Navy Blue Shirt with 3 White verticle stripes, White shorts, Navy blue socks with white hoops
Away: Orange Shirt with 3 Black verticle stripes, orange shorts, orange socks. Strips may be alternated to avoid clashes.

1. Mark Gregson (GK) (Captain)
2. Hilbert Geoffson (LWB)
3. Bob Stikersson (CB)
4. Robert Bobson (CB)
5. Finch Yickerson (RWB) (Vice Captain)
6. Aaron Persson (CDM)
7. Greg Billyson (LW)
8. Woody Woodson (CM)
9. Marcus Zimmerson (ST)
10. Max Glenson (ST-SUB)
11. Cully Milinkovic-Savicson (RW)
12. Erling Haasson (LWB-SUB)
13. Bruce Gregson (GK-SUB)
14. Adam Boonersson (CB-SUB)
15. Sleverstein Wateersson (RWB-SUB)
16. Billy Smithson (CDM-SUB)
17. Hannes van Siggardsson (LW-SUB)
18. David Nevesson (CM)
19. Jaeo Moutinson (ST-SUB)
20. Bilrod Yikeyson (CM-SUB)
21. Moons Fordson (CB-SUB)
22. Killson Mbappesson (RW-SUB)
23. Hosvirien Creedsson (GK-SUB)

Technical Area Staff
Manager - Supreme Leader Bob Bobson
Assistant Manager - Hanrod Clarkson
Goalkeeper Coach - Sally Schnikerson
Fitness Coach - Bjorn Haalersson
Physio - Merel Sroonsson
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Postby Marigred » Tue Apr 13, 2021 7:10 am

Marigred Senior

Nation: The Kingdom of Marigred
Nickname:Grey Wolf
Region: Melayu Archipelago
Tactic:4-1-4-1 DM

BoF Roster

Mordel Clay (46 y.o)
-In pro level, Mordel was totally green. He never play as a profesional player. Mordel end all his career as amateur player as Marigred seriously began adjusting football a few ago and the first ever pro league just started this year. Even Mordel never feel the pro level, he is one of the moat respected and well known in amateur level. His name quite well known especially around Procktria, his hometown. Same s his career, Mordel also only has record at amateur level. However, among all the manager from Sharktail, Mordel considered the best. He has won everything with Sand Rays FC, an amateur club from Procktria town. Considering his experience as a coach and career achievement, All Marigred Football Association (AMFA) believe Mordel are good enough to take over Marigred Senior team. With BoF on the ways, this will be the first official duty for Mordel as a manager and also as a pro manager.
Assistant Manager
Arleen Moses (37 y.o)

1. Zakari Calhoun
Age : 26 | Club: Aumotar City
NT caps: Debutant | NT CS: -

12. Katheen Mcneil
Age : 33 | Club: Olympio Quena
NT caps: Debutant | NT CS: -

22. Jaslene Robinson
Age : 31 | Club: FC Procktria
NT caps: Debutant | NT CS: -

Left back
2. Jashana Bailey
Age : 28 | Club: Olympio Quena
NT caps: Debutant

12. Jazael Norris
Age : 31 | Club: Reauwy United
NT caps: Debutant

Center Back
3. Antez Mcdowell
Age : 28 | Club: Aumotar City
NT caps: Debutant

4. Rakeem Brown
Age : 25 | Club: Olympio Quena
NT caps: Debutant

13. Olishia Jordan
Age : 26 | Club: FC Procktria
NT caps: Debutant

14. Aksa Anderson
Age : 26 | Club: Aumotar City
NT caps: Debutant

Right Back
5. Deana Reese
Age : 27 | Club: FC Procktria
NT caps: Debutant

15. Juelle Jackson
Age : 28 | Club: Reauwy United
NT caps: Debutant

Defensive Midfielder
6. Tevoris Tucker
Age : 29 | Club: Olympio Quena
NT caps: Debutant
| V.Captain
16. Orien Barber
Age : 29 | Club: FC Procktria
NT caps: Debutant

Center Midfielder
7. Taylen Wells
Age : 21 | Club: Olympio Quena
NT caps: Debutant

8. Wakee Hubt
Age : 24 | Club: Reauwy United
NT caps: Debutant

17. Iveanna Steven
Age : 26 | Club: Thehampton FC
NT caps: Debutant

18. Itrez Bush
Age : 31 | Club: FC Procktria
NT caps: Debutant

Left Wing
9. Damarco Baldwin
Age : 31 | Club: FC Procktria
NT caps: Debutant
| Captain
19. Isiah Price
Age : 27 | Club: Olympio Quena
NT caps: Debutant

Right Wing
10. Anjawon Hill
Age : 22 | Club: Reauwy United
NT caps: Debutant

20. Erickah Hunter
Age : 28 | Club: Stoneskrill United
NT caps: Debutant

11. Zima King
Age : 23 | Club: Olympio Quena
NT caps: Debutant

21. Shovon Banks
Age : 27 | Club: FC Procktria
NT caps: Debutant

23. Aquintis Jefferson
Age : 34 | Club: Reauwy United
NT caps: Debutant

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, please tg or DM on discord.
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
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Postby The united states of sonindia » Tue Apr 13, 2021 8:04 am

lets start

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Postby Qzvarkian Qaz » Tue Apr 13, 2021 10:15 pm

Qzvarkian Qaz Tri Reds


NATION: Qzvarkian Qaz
FORMATION: 4-3-2-1
MANAGER: Hank Spreewell (52 y/o)
STADIUM: Cosmonaut Memorial Stadium


Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Give me a warning first. Faust is off limits though as he is key to a series of vignette's I'm writing. If anyone injures him it's going to be me.
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No

Striker (Starters in Bold)

#10 Bryan Faust - Qariq 1000
#14 Des Aliwayu - Yzvn

Offensive Midfielders

#21 Sal Almenzelo - CSKA Qariq
#26 Tashkar Aleed - Lokomtoive Sufa
#27 Fasul Mohqzasid - Qariq 1000
#44 Francois Giebber-Jabier - CSKA Qariq

Defensive Midfielders

#3 Esto Janaukis - Metalliq Qariq
#9 Petey Whitegood - CSKA Qariq

#18 Asi Asileef - CSKA Qariq
#25 Mahroon Aleed - Qariq FC
#30 Shiriff Qa-Nanar - Qariq FC
#31 Alton Babcok - Shaqtar Olymnysk


#4 Mashfall Qalid - CSKA Qariq
#5 Hashine Buranoaboa - Qariq 1000
#8 Max Cunningham - Boszhqev
#11 Fulij Al-Fa'd - Qariq FC
#15 As-Drubal Qahbrerra - Qariq FC
#17 Neft Ali Per-Es - Boszhqev

#45 Shareef Qbaqqia - Lokomotive Sufa
#55 Alvin Alony - Boszhqev


#1 Ashar Yumringuci - CSKA Qariq
#99 Hek Tashkent - Qariq FC
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Postby Istoreya » Wed Apr 14, 2021 3:55 am

Welcome to the Baptism of Fire!

The Baptism of Fire is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for football teams to take a new footing on the International Stage, and the Ignala Iguanas are looking forward to doing just that! Football is among the most popular sports in the island nation of Istoreya and fans across the nation are tuning into the TV to watch their favourite boys kicking around some balls and probably getting involved in some drama along the way.

Both the team's wiki page and the Heritage Daily Sports news page are seeing an increase in traffic, although our cheeky Istoreyan reporters have yet to write about the announcement which came from the INFT Twitter page earlier this morning, posted by the team's manager, Giannis Demakis.
Istoreyan National Football Team @IganalaIguanas ∙ 3h

Tsara hariva, Istoreya! Do you like football? The Iguanas are getting ready to take on the world - quite literally - in the Baptism of Fire, followed by the World Cup later this year! Get excited! #GoIguanas #BaptismOfFire - Gi


The Iguanas will be showing off their flashy new kits loving designed by UNI-Q in support of #FreeQusmo.

The Baptism of Fire, well-known as a tournament running for nations prior to their first World Cup appearance, is smaller than the WC but that doesn't mean it is any less fun, or that any less whacky hijinks might occur!
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: N
Roleplay injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y (except death/career-ending injuries)
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: N
Style modifier: -4

11 boys will be loading up onto a plane very soon. Every Istoreyan knows these men and their famous 5-4-1 formation, but this is their first foray into the world stage, so here's your chance to get to know each of them a little better!
#1 - Dalton Scribe - Left Wing-Back - At 33 years old, Scribe is the oldest on the team but he isn't going anywhere anytime soon. He is well known for being a proud Istoreyan and always happy to play under the green and grey, and the other players look up to him as a big brother.

#2 - Bo Ribbin - Centre Forward - Having played for the Northport Football Club since he was 19, the now-23-year-old striker is known for being the type to act first and ask questions later, which scores him as many goals as it does yellow cards.

#3 - Abraham Vane - Left Winger - Vane is only 31 years old, but he has the wrinkles by his eyes and the wisdom as if he was thrice that, but at 6'4" he will still knock you flat if you dare hurt any of his teammates - which has been known to get him in a bit of trouble.

#4 - Archie Gentell - Goalkeeper - Hailing from the Southport Football Club, 25-year-old Gentell lives up to his name, on camera at least, always very polite and a likeable young lad with excellent goalkeeping skills. Although given the long-standing rivalry between the Northport and Southport clubs, it might be best he stays at the other end of the field to Ribbin, else his charming personality might falter.

#5 - Ido Igwe - Centre Midfielder - Having only recently turned 20 years old, Igwe is the baby of the team but that just makes him all the more loveable. In his first match outside of Istoreya, he saved the game by scoring a goal with just 3 minutes left, and the video of Gentell running across the pitch to tackle him into a hug remains popular to this day.

#6 - Dmitri Adis - Centre-Back - Adis, 28, has never been a fan of the camera, or of talking in public, but his heart is devoted to the game. He came close to a career-ending injury several years ago during an accident involving several broken ribs, but he came back and powers through like always.

#7 - Nathan Rellotis - Centre Midfield - As a teen, Rellotis played for his school's football team and was on the right track to make a name for himself. However, after successfully landing a position in the Gelaros City Club, he didn't last long after finding himself in trouble with the law, being caught smoking marijuana in public. It was manager Giannis Demakis who was his talent and didn't want it to go to waste, offering him a place with the INFT after his jail sentence was complete. That was years ago, and now he is 27 years old and as strong a player as ever, often seen as proof that the mistakes you make when you are young shouldn't be held against you.

#8 - Sage Castell - Right Winger - At 30 years old, Castell has been with the team the second-longest after Scribe. He is also the Captain of the team, known for being an excellent tactician who makes the most out of each boy's advantages.

#9 - Oakley Managatos - Right Wing-Back - Managatos, 25, played for the Gelaros City Club before coming to the INFT. He is the only player on the team currently who was not born in Istoreya, but it doesn't stop him from loving his teammates or the game any less.

#10 - Owen Morgan - Centre-Back - At 24 years old, Morgan was one of the new players who arrived during the large recruitment that replaced half the team. Morgan is known for donating a large amount of his earnings to Bone Cancer Research DoI, after losing his younger sister to it.

#11 - Nikolai Sane - Centre-Back - Also 24, Sane is the son of Theodora Sane, a very talented ex-goalkeeper who played for the Ignala Sauras, the women's international team. He seemed to have inherited his mother's skill, but it can only be hoped he is more flexible than she was, otherwise there may be some rivalry between him and Gentell for the spot in goal.

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Gergary National Football Team
Gergary Nationale Fußballmannschaft | Gergary Labdarúgó-válogatott

National Information
Region: Esportiva
World Ranking: --
National Colors: Gergarian Green and Gold

Coaching Staff
Manager: Heidemarie Frost | 57 | Female
Assistant Manager: Milos Tolvaj | 66 | Male
Coach: Gunther Leitz | 59 | Male
Assistant Coach: Zsofia Kiraly | 69 | Female
Doctor: Arthur Wieck | 68 | Male

Playing Squad
# | Ar | Pos | Name                            | Gender | Ag | Club
1 | GK | GK | Laci Kurthy | Male | 30 | Balogsi ETO
13 | GK | GK | Jozsi Apponyi | Male | 23 | VfR Steinigestrasse
23 | GK | GK | Bella Lajtha | Female | 21 | FSV Matrose Wiesenblume
2 | DF | RCB | Kati Eross | Female | 25 | VfR Steinigestrasse
19 | DF | RCB | Adel Heszlenyi | Female | 26 | Balogsi ETO
5 | DF | CB | Adulf Ludwig | Male | 23 | Balogsi ETO
6 | DF | CB | Oliver Egerszegi | Male | 20 | FK Egyetertes Borbely
16 | DF | CB | Ibolya Szilard | Female | 20 | FSV Matrose Wiesenblume
3 | DF | LB | Kevin Hauer | Male | 21 | FK Egyetertes Borbely
17 | DF | LCB | Wotan Alscher | Male | 23 | VfR Steinigestrasse
11 | MF | RM | Feri Kun | Male | 23 | Balogsi ETO
21 | MF | RCM | Csenge Kalocsai | Female | 23 | VfR Steinigestrasse
4 | MF | CM | Annabell Breisacher | Female | 22 | VfR Steinigestrasse
8 | MF | CM | Dorka Vargha | Female | 24 | Balogsi ETO
14 | MF | CM | Miki Bacsik | Male | 20 | FK Egyetertes Borbely
18 | MF | CM | Vanda Kenyeres | Female | 21 | FSV Matrose Wiesenblume
7 | MF | LCM | Emmeline Wegener | Female | 22 | FK Egyetertes Borbely
12 | MF | LM | Hubert Behrend | Male | 29 | VfR Steinigestrasse
--- FORWARDS ---
9 | FW | FW | Amalia Zsigmondy | Female | 27 | VfR Steinigestrasse
10 | FW | FW | Erik Bartos | Male | 25 | Balogsi ETO
15 | FW | FW | Petra Nemet | Female | 21 | Balogsi ETO
20 | FW | FW | Anja Hoffmann | Female | 26 | FK Egyetertes Borbely
22 | FW | FW | Ingeburg Armbruster | Female | 22 | SV Bauern Milchmaenner


Coming soon
Gergary's football kits will be supplied by Hispinas' Harrokeria.
Primary kit is Green and White - Secondary kit is Black and Gold.
The national symbol of Gergary (white vulture) is placed in the front of the kits.

RP Permissions
I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose Scorers: Y
GodMod Goalscoring Events: N

Injure Players: Y (Limited to Duration of Competition/Match N)
GodMod Injury Events N (Limited to Duration of Competition/Match Y)

Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
GodMod Other Events: N

Style Modifier: -2
Capital: Ingbert-Borbély | Trigram: GGY | Leader: Domonkos Virág | Sportswire
OOC Puppet of Filindostan

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Baptism of Fire 75


The Srednjaci football league is divided into four strong groups in the men's and women's leagues.

The leagues are separate (men's and women's) but All Star matches are played between the North and the South in which there are mixed teams.

The First League is made up of 12 clubs in the men’s league and 10 in the women’s league. From this season, the women's league will also get + 2 clubs. In the men's league, matches are played one at home and one away. After that first part, the league is divided into 6 clubs for the champion and 6 for survival in the league. The last club is eliminated from the league and the penultimate one plays with the second-placed team from the second league. In the women’s league, last season, the rule was to play everyone with every two games away and two at home. There is no division of the league, the best club wins the League and becomes the champion. The last club is relegated to the second league and the penultimate one plays with the second-placed team from the second league.

The champion in the men's league is Dinamo Katanija. In the women’s league, Bistua Nuova was the champion.

The Srednjaci are taking part in a major football competition for the first time. Srednjaci did not participate in the regional competition because we were'nt internationally recognized as a nation. A nation that did not have a league could not compete. Today, the Srednjaci have a large prosperous professional league (League 1, League 2, Division A and Division B). The Amateur League, which is also played, is modeled on the North and South Amateur Handball League.



GK Jure Iveša - 26 y - NK Čelik Raduč

LB Danijela Majić - 23 y - NK Bistua Nuova
CB Ivan Kušić - 26 y - NK Dinamo Katanija
CB Franko Rušković - 27 y - NK Mladost Melarit - Captain
RB Zoran Šutić - 25 y - NK Archer Kula

CDM Heong Min Ho - 25 y- NK Dinamo Katanija

LW Davida Zimmer - 24 y - NK Bistua Nuova
RW Takanobu Tavano - 23 y- NK Dinamo Katanija

CF Ante Tomljanović - 25 y - NK Čelik Raduč

ST Isidor Matković - 24 y - NK Torpedo Melarit
ST Li Peng - 25 y - NK Mladost Melarit

FORMATION 4 - 1 - 2 - 1 - 2

Attacking style of play that goes over the fast wings but also through the center of the field where Min Ho and Tomljanović are great. Min Ho plays defensive midfield but due to his technique and speed he often pulls the ball into the attack.


GK Jelena Jukić - 24y - NK Bistua Nova
LB Konstantin Kozlević - 25y - NK Black Wings
CB Ivana Žimić - 25y- NK Dormatisi Blue Stars
RB jakov Ivandić - 27y - NK Čelik Raduč
RCB Ivona Lužajić - 26y - NK Dormatisi Blue Stars
LCB Julija Stamatova - NK Kula

DMC Hrvoje Šetkić - 30y- NK Archer Kula
CM Olga Vuković - 25 y- NK King Stars Katanija
LM Valentino Rocca - 23y- NK Dinamo Katanija
RM - Vjeran Tukić - 24y - NK Čelik Raduč
CAM Marko Štegotić - 26y - NK Torpedo Melarit

ST Perica Lozančić - 25y - NK Bistua Nuova
LS Elina Efimova - 26y - NK Kula
RS Ivan Županović - 23 - NK Torpedo Melarit

GK Jure Iveša - 26 y - NK Čelik Raduč
Jure Iveša was born in the town of Raduč ( 195 cm, 89 kg). Raduč is a town known for its steel mine and steel production. But it is also known for the automotive industry, the production of railway compositions as well as aircraft parts. At the age of 6, Iveša joined the football club Automobili Raduč. At the age of 10 he switched to athletics, high jump, but at the age of 11 he returned to football but to another club. He enrolled in the football club Čelik Raduč, where he has remained until now. He was named the best goalkeeper in the league.

LB Danijela Majić - 23 y - NK Bistua Nuova
Danijela Majić, 185 cm and 70 kg, was born in Bistua Nuova. She comes from a sports family. Hers mother was a handball player, today she is a coach and hers father was a football player and today he coaches a football club in which Danijela , NK Bistua Nuova, is also. Bistua Nuova won the DR Srednjaci championship in the women's competition and currently has no relevant opponent in the league. Danijela is adorned with great technique and speed, she often takes corners but also uses hers speed to penetrate to the attack.

CB Ivan Kušić - 26 y - NK Dinamo Katanija
Ivan Kušić ,186 cm and 75 kg, was born in the small town of Plava Laguna near Melarit. He made his first football steps in NK Plava Laguna. In high school he moved to Melarit to study. There he started playing for the home club, Mladost Melarit. With his games as an 18-year-old, he attracted the attention of major clubs and signed a contract with Dinamo Katanija. He won the championship and the cup with that club. Great pillar of the club's defense, with an overview of the game. He is strong in duels, fast, but his technique is also great.

CB Franko Rušković - 27 y - NK Mladost Melarit - Captain
Franko Rušković, 188 cm and 78 kg, an insurmountable pillar of defense. A very intelligent player with incredible agility and endurance. Strong and corpulent, they won duels in 92% of cases. He started playing football at the age of 10, before football he tried volleyball and tennis. He stayed in football and led his club NK Mladost Melarit to the second position in the league, but also to winning the cup. He was named the best football player in the league for last season, but also the best defensive player in the league.

RB Zoran Šutić - 25 y - NK Archer Kula
Zoran Šutić, 183 cm and 70 kg, he was born in the town of Kula. Despite his club fighting not to drop out of the league, Zoran is one of the bright spots of the drowning club. Zoran was brilliant in his position and Archery Kula will probably be left without its best player. There is talk of negotiations with Torpedo Melarit, a team that entered the first league from the second league.

CDM Heong Min Ho - 25 y- NK Dinamo Katanija
An amazing player, fast and always in the right place. The accuracy in the passes is amazing and the technique is amazing. He was born in Katanija and started playing football at the age of six. From the beginning, he was Dinamo Catania and with that club he is the champion of DR Srednjaci. He is 178 cm tall and weighs 68 kg.

LW Davida Zimmer - 24 y - NK Bistua Nuova
Davida Zimmer , 176 cm and 66 kg, a fast football player who creates problems on the left wing. A great football player who is an unsolvable enigma in the league. She was named the best football player in that position and she deserved an invitation to the national team with great statistics. 22 goals in the season, 18 assists and an accuracy of 87%. The speed in the sprint is amazing, 80 meters ran in 10.24 seconds. It has an excellent and precise shot from the edge of 16 meters and it is the most dangerous.

RW Takanobu Tavano - 23 y- NK Dinamo Katanija
The best player in that position and probably the best player in the league ever. The ceiling is 177 cm high and weighs 67 kilograms. Probably a fast player on the right wing is simply unstoppable. Because of his speed and technique, two players run into him in defense and sometimes three. This creates a surplus on the field and is very dangerous there. With one jerk he is able to add the ball with incredible precision. Its market price is dizzying. In the cup against Lokomotiva Raduč, a club from the second league, Tavano scored an incredible 6 goals. With Dinamo Katanija he is the league champion and he scored 18 goals and gave 33 assists.

CF Ante Tomljanović - 25 y - NK Čelik Raduč
Tomljanović is a unique player. He plays as an offensive midfielder, central foreward but can also play as a striker. A player who has almost everything. He is 182 cm tall, which is quite high for his position. But he is very agile, strong and technically great. He scored the most goals with his head from the corner, he can jump high and the defenders who should guard him are usually lower than him.

ST Isidor Matković - 24 y - NK Torpedo Melarit

Isidor Matković, 183 cm and 79 kg , the absolute star of the league. Torpedo Melarit entered the first from the second league and Matković is their best player, the club's top scorer, the top scorer of the second league and a player who has incredible skills. His sense of goal is the most pronounced of all the players in DR Srednjaci. Incredible shot, strong and technically refined. His turn and sprint are famous. It is difficult to keep him because he is constantly on the move and in addition to goals, he is often an assistant. He is the most talented player in the league and he will surely lead the battle with Tavan to be the best player in the league.

ST Li Peng - 25 y - NK Mladost Melarit
Li Peng , 181 cm and 78 kg , the best striker of his club. He led Mladost Melarit to win the cup. In the final against Dinamo Katanija, he scored a hat trick and had one assist for the 4: 2 victory. Named the player of the match but also the top scorer for last season in the league with 41 goals.


Style Modifier and RP Permissions

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
- Choose my goalscorers: Yes
- Godmod scoring events: Yes
- RP injuries to my players: No
- Godmod injuries to my players: No
- Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
- Hand out red cards to my players: No
- Godmod other events: Yes

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Postby Montana Verde » Wed Apr 14, 2021 7:44 am

Nation: Montaña Verde

Trigram: MVE
Adjective/demonym: Verdean
Team nickname: Condors
National anthem: Me gustan los traseros grandes y no puedo mentir

Coach: Enriqueta Urrútia Cuellar (f 49)
Assistant coach: Pigmalion Perales (37)

Enriqueta was a legendary player in her day, a hard-grafting defensive midfielder who churned out tackles, marked players twice her size out of the game, and scored one goal in over 500 domestic appearances. She’s previously managed Deportivo Launia and Olimpia La Limana, and has been given the honor of becoming the first national team coach in the independent era. Somewhat volatile on the sidelines, off them she is a compulsive chain-smoker (who chews nicotine gum when in the stadium, in deference to the somewhat lax Verdean fire code). She’s well known for favoring veterans over youth prospects, which is why the teams she’s managed have tended to do well then stagnate. She’s also not one to favor meaningless skills, her own career as a merciless tackler having shown how far a player can go without having all the fancy tricks, so she has little patience for showboaters. The young Perales, her assistant, is a former striker whose career ended early through injury. More in touch with the players of today, but lacking the respect given to Enriqueta.

Squad: 23 players have been named in the squad for the tournament, and it should generally be assumed 1 – 11 will start.
  • Men and women play together in Montaña Verde. To avoid pronoun confusion, female players are marked f.
  • The league is fairly new as a result of restructuring following independence, but many of the clubs date back decades and have entrenched traditions and rivalries.
  • Fútbol is a tremendously popular sport in the country, rivalling Catholicism for the national religion, but limited overseas exposure means the standard is not especially high.
  • Speaking of not being especially high, Montaña Verde is one of the shortest [human] populations in the world. While there are one or two tall players, in general men and women are very short.
  • Players are not egregiously dirty in terms of violence or deliberate fouling, but enjoy a good tactical dive now and then.


1. Anastasio Reyes Leiva (33) – Deportivo Launia
12. Mateo Zayas Chavarría (26) – Scunthorpe de Puyevier
23. Rudolf Lazzaro “Dolfo” Mojica Parra (19) – América de Santa Margarita de Yacuija

A dependable rather than spectacular goalkeeper, Leiva is a goal-manager who bosses about his defenders and doesn’t tend to make sloppy errors. Mateo is more aggressive, being willing to play out from his area, having a rather inflated assessment of his own footballing ability. Dolfo is lankier than either but very raw. As tall goalkeepers are few and far between in Montaña Verde his ascent has been rapid, but he has to cut down on sloppy errors before he gets a shot with the national team.

Right backs:

2. Roberta Márquez Saldana (f 24) – Francisco Teixidó
13. Leonilda Balderas Castiglione (f 23) – Calequén

Full backs in Montaña Verde tend to be judged on their attacking credentials first and foremost. Neither Roberta nor Castiglione are outstanding defenders, both being converted midfielders, but play in offensive roles for the two leading clubs in the country. Roberta is a relentless attacker, driving forward to whip in crosses, while Castiglione, who has a strong left foot as well, can cut in field and spread the ball around. Some people thing Castiglione is the better player of the two, but her party girl reputation off the field has done her no favors in comparison to the solemn Catholic Roberta who crosses herself after every goal or assist.

Left backs:

6. Justin Pedroza Sierra (24) – Image Austin City
16. Iñigo Olmo Mallén (19) – Image Juventoyan

Justin is one of the best players in the team. His strong left foot has him at left back, but he’s capable of playing anywhere on the field. A skilful dribbler with all the playground tricks, and standing quite a bit taller than his teammates, he seems to tower over everyone. What tends to let him down is his attitude. He gets into arguments with the opposition, his teammates, the referees, the fans. He’s the living embodiment of “If you get into an argument with someone, they’re an asshole; if you get into arguments with everyone, you’re the asshole”. Mallén is the first player in the history of Montaña Verde to sign for a foreign team. A pacy wing-back, he lacks a quality final touch on his passing so may find it difficult to break past Justin into the starting XI.

Center backs:

3. Edelberto Romero Gutiérrez (31) – Calequén – Captain
4. Jairo Villegas Balderas (28) – Calequén
14. Terence Agosto Soto Moreau (25) – Image Kisukami United
20. Arquímedes Hernández Velásquez (22) – Image Kyethas Rivermen FC

In terms of footballing ability, the central defender corps is fairly strong relative to the rest of the team, but the main problem is physical. None of them are especially tall and although Edelberto is fairly strong, for a Verdean, they’re going to struggle against top class internationals. Jairo is a superb timer of tackles and can reliably clear the ball out – if it’s on the ground. Moreau, a true tough-tackling defender’s defender, and Arquímedes a superb passer who can play in a holding midfield role, are talents for the future behind the experienced Calequén duo.

Holding midfielders:

5. Ana-Ximena Pareja Carvallo (f 23) – Image Concord Heights Suburban – Vice-captain
15. Edgar Nieves Liñares (27) – Image Holhot United

Despite Enriqueta’s own background, she recognizes the game has moved on from the days of pure defensive midfielders hacking down attackers in front of the back four. Ana-Ximena and Edgar are more suited to playing a more advanced role, supporting a dynamic midfield set-up. Ana-Ximena isn’t as skilful on the ball as Edgar but has a higher work rate, impressing with her pressing, tackling, and physicality, and winning the start ‘5’ shirt once worn by Enriqueta herself. Tactical shifts could see Edgar getting playing time alongside her anyway, as he’s a better passer.

Central midfielders:

8. Kristjana Eiríksdóttir (f 24) – Deportivo Launia
11. Ángel Rafael Reyes Bregmann (32) – Francisco Teixidó
17. Cristobal Elizondo “Cristo” Díaz (20) – Francisco Teixidó
21. Emma Narváez (f 23) – Francisco Teixidó

Don’t worry, not getting any puppet strings tangled here: Kristjana is 100% Verdean except for her name, reflecting her background in the tiny minority Græntfjaller population. She plays alongside Bregmann in the center, but they have different roles: she’s more of a distributor and uses her flying pace to whip out to the wings, while he holds down a relentless box-to-box role pressing everywhere and quickly offloading to open up rapid attacks. Cristo Díaz doesn’t quite have Bregmann’s physical presence yet and Emma isn’t as methodical in her passing as Kristjana but both are enterprising prospects with great speed.

Attacking midfielders:

10. Thomás “Primitivo” Ceballos Cantú (20) – Scunthorpe de Puyevier
18. Sara Ariadna Nazario Alonzo (f 23) – Image Nowy Orpington United

There’s nothing “primitive” about the play of the young Scunthorpe midfield general. He’s being asked to play a little higher than he would for his club here, but the skilful Primitivo has earned it. Bigger than most of his teammates, his strong physicality can be deceptive as he has a silky touch off both feet. And watch out for his wicked curling strikes if there’s a free-kick in the vicinity of goal. Sara Ariadna is a bit of an enigma, not quite the pace of a striker but not quite the complete skills of a central midfielder, prone to some impulsive actions on and off the field.


7. Teodosio “Osito” Orellana Cerda (19) – Olimpia La Limana
9. Thiago Rivas Montilla (30) – Image Fliserboding
19. Naomí Berrocal Encarnación (f 22) – Image Concord Heights Suburban
22. Isabel Páez Gálvez (f 26) – Image Brattleboro Westside

The young Osito is a huge target man. It’s still not entirely clear he’s not two regular sized Verdeans wearing a trenchcoat. He’s mainly a goal-scorer, not all that good at assisting and rarely tracking back, but an obvious target for crosses and through balls. Thiago Montilla is a more rounded player without a really sharp finishing touch. He floats just behind Osito and just ahead of Primitivo to set up the attacks; he’s very short but powerful and stocky. Isabel is a true “9”, a fiercely competitive goal-scorer with a brash side, and Naomí is a dynamic wing player who can run, pass, and shoot. Both have ambitions to start, and have moved to Cassadaigua to push those ambitions forward.


Style modifier: +3

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, I determine severity
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, I determine severity
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes, no more than 4 per game
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, no more than 1 per game without contacting me
Godmod other events: Yes, but preferably shoot a TG if you have something in mind
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Postby Eshialand » Wed Apr 14, 2021 9:38 am

The Kingdom of Eshialand

Eshialand is a large nation of about 47,500,000 inhabitants that was never particularly known for soccer, rather for ice hockey and baseball. In fact, soccer falls somewhere between "I really don't care" and "uhh what?" in the eyes of the Eshian people. However, the King saw it differently. He saw it as a tool to enable lower-income Eshians to participate in sports without the devastating equipment costs associated with ice hockey or the long breaks waiting for an at-bat in baseball. Soccer was the perfect sport for Eshialand, a nation with plenty of shuttered factories and coal mines from before the revolution, where the lower-middle-class grows by the month.

The reinvention of Eshian sporting was to begin with the 88th World Cup cycle and the 75th Baptism of Fire. Whether the King's plan would succeed or fail would largely depend on whether this group of 23 competitors would put up a performance to be proud of.

Eshialand's kits are deep blue with yellow accents (home) and yellow with purple accents (away).

Nickname: the Owls.
Trigram: ESH.
Style modifier: +2.

Head Coach: Kenneth MORGAN (M, 43)
Short-tempered and aggressive, he should be on everyone's "Most Likely to get Ejected" list.

Formation: 4-3-2-1

The Roster (starting 11 in bold):
      GK #1 Alexander KOLEK (M, 30)
      GK #11 Christian MEERS (M, 26)
      GK #13 Elizabeth MICHAELS (F, 21)
      LB #7 David GORMAN (M, 27)
      RB #8 Sarah SILVER (F, 29)
      CB #14 Carter LANGLEY (M, 24)
      LB/CB/RB #20 Dominique LaPLANTE (F, 25)
      CB #22 George HABISBRAUER (M, 25)
      CB #23 Andrew TRAVERS (M, 24)
      LB #39 Kyle RIKERS (M, 22)
      CB #42 Evan STEVENS (M, 26)
      LM #4 Harriet COPELAND (F, 25)
      RM #5 Michael HORNER (M, 25)
      RM #12 Melissa CAREY (F, 27)
      Spotlight on: Melissa Carey
      Melissa has played for Obrijak Wolves FC in Galdanulia (OOC: one of my many puppets) for the past three years, showing amazing talent in helping them win their first Galdanulian Premier League championship last year. She has been selected to be the Captain of the Eshian national team, in no small part because of her versatility on the pitch. Will she make her home country proud on an international stage?

      CM #15 James CALACE (M, 22)
      CM #16 Lysander MOORE (M, 28)
      LM #19 Avery MacDOUGALL (F, 26)
      LW #9 Alyssa LONGFIELD (F, 26)
      ST #10 Jacob HARRAN (M, 23)
      Spotlight on: Jacob Harran
      A dynamic striker if there ever was one, Jacob dazzled fans in his rookie season with the Eshian Soccer Association's Eshialand City Owls, with his on-pitch antics earning him the moniker "The King of Insanity". If anyone can be expected to make the play of the tournament for the Eshian team, it surely must be Jacob.

      RW #17 Steven LACHEY (M, 29)
      RW #21 Jonathan HARPER (M, 27)
      ST #24 Alice CARROLL (F, 22)
      LW #33 Cameron CROWLEY (M, 25)

RP Permissions
If my opponent RPs first, they may:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes.
Godmod scoring events: TG me first, but usually yes.
RP injuries to my players: TG me and I'll decide whether it's okay and how long my player is injured for.
Godmod injuries to my players: No.
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes.
Hand out red cards to my players: TG me first.
Godmod other events: TG me first, but probably yes.
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2nd: World Cup of Masters 4
3rd: Elephant Chess Cup 1
Quarterfinalist: Jenna Raven Cup 1, Quidditch World Cup 11
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Postby Eshialand » Wed Apr 14, 2021 3:23 pm

Prime Minister David Peterson receives a phone call from HRH King William I. He always dreads these calls, the 17-year-old king always pitching ludicrous ideas to him, but for some reason, he felt a particular dread about this call even before picking up the phone.
D: "Hello your Highness?"
W: "I just had an amazing idea David!"
D: "Oh, and what is it this time? Flying cars powered by banana peels? Kittens in prisons to rehabilitate felons? Complete restructuring of the education system?"
W: "I'm starting a national campaign to get kids to play soccer!"
D: "Why? Eshialand isn't a soccer country, it never has been, and it never will be. Maybe enter the World Cup of Hockey or the World Baseball Classic instead?"
W: "Have you noticed how many lower-middle-class people there are in Eshialand? How many people can't afford hockey equipment? Not to mention how boring baseball can be at times? Sports are important for children's health, and so many children just don't have a sport they can or want to participate in!"
D: "And how, pray tell, do you plan on getting kids to take an interest in soccer? Nobody here likes soccer, you should know that. There's no way in the world you're-"
W: "We'll enter an international competition and give them a team to be proud of!"
D: "Yes, and we're going to find a team of 23 soccer players and someone desperate enough to take a coaching job, fly them to another country in some far-off land, and then what, somehow win?"
W: "Did you know that we have a domestic league? And Eshians playing abroad? They'd be happy to play for us!"
D: "Are they any good?"
W: "I dunno, maybe! Anyway, we don't need to win, we just need to try!"
D: "Do you even understand how this works at all? We have to win or else these kids will just be disappointed. They're always disappointed. That's the point of being an Eshian. Disappointment."
W: "Well, I already signed us up for a tournament called the Baptism of Fire, which is being held in Electrum and Reçueçn this year. All of the other competitors are also participating for the first time, so it'll be an even playing field! I'm sure everything's gonna work out just fine..."

The next day, Prime Minister Peterson calls King William.

D: "Have you heard the news? The Baptism of Fire just filled up, and we aren't on the list... I'm sorry it didn't all go to plan." He didn't really mean it of course, but he really didn't want the king mad at him.
W: "What are you talking about? I just got a letter from the Baptism of Fire committee saying that one of the other nations had to drop out due to financial reasons and we were taking their slot!"
D: "What?" He turns on the TV, and flips it to ENN, which confirms His Highness' statement.
W: "We're going to Electrum! I already got in touch with a wonderful coach. Well, maybe wonderful is being a bit nice... but he said that he would be willing to put our team together! Isn't this great?"

The Prime Minister sits staring at the TV, his mouth wide open in disbelief. He's literally speechless. Eshialand was participating in the Baptism of Fire, and he didn't get any say in the matter. Later, the king holds a press conference to announce the news.

"I'm pleased to announce that Eshialand is going to be participating in the 75th edition of the Baptism of Fire tournament as a part of the 88th World Cup cycle. In many cultures across the multiverse, they say that those you're baptized, or have gone through a similar coming-of-age ritual, with are those who will be your comrades for the rest of your life. Hopefully, Eshialand and the other 29 nations here will be allies for the rest of time in just the same way. I don't care whether we win or lose, all I care about is having fun with the other athletes and encouraging children across the country to chase their dreams just like our 23 wonderful athletes on our national team!"
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I allegedly did well in these tournaments:
1st: Baptism of Fire 75, World Junior Hockey Championship 17
2nd: World Cup of Masters 4
3rd: Elephant Chess Cup 1
Quarterfinalist: Jenna Raven Cup 1, Quidditch World Cup 11
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Postby Sendhang » Wed Apr 14, 2021 5:39 pm

Persatuan Sepakbola Seluruh Sendhang
All-Sendhang Football Association


Sendhang National Football Team
Trigramme: SDG
Demonym: Sendhangite
Nickname: The Rice Farmers


Sendhang or Federation of Sendhang is a a landlocked nation located in the Melayu Archipelago on the Melayu Mainland. It has a land border with Acastanha, Kayangan, Springmont, Havynwilde, Bachok and Samudera Darussalam. Sendhang consists of a federal territory and 4 states namely Lemah Banyu, Alamsunda, Putrasia, and Nainhá.

Football in Sendhang is governed by the newly-formed Persatuan Sepakbola Seluruh Sendhang (PS3). PS3 was officially formed in the sixth month of last year. Before the formation of PS3, football in Sendhang was governed separately by each of the state FAs. There was no Sendhang national team prior to the formation of PS3.

The formation of PS3 also paved the way for a new national league, the Liga Super Sendhang (LSS) which will kick off its inaugural season next month. There was no national league before the introduction of LSS. Each of the state FAs organized their own league separately before this. The national team players were scouted and selected from these state leagues.

The 75th Baptism of Fire is Sendhang national team's second-ever competitive appearance after making their debut in the 7th Melayu Archipelago Cup in Pemecutan last month. Sendhang was knocked out in the group stage of the 7th Melayu Archipelago Cup after finishing fourth behind eventual champion, Southern Palm Islands, 2-times champion, Ziwana, and World Cup qualifier, Trolleborg.

PS3 Complex & Facilities


PS3 is headquartered at PS3 Complex in Kambang, the capital city of Sendhang. The complex is located in an area of 55 hectares in the southern part of the Capital Region of Kambang.

It is equipped with the 40,000 seaters national stadium, the Federal Stadium or locally known as Stadium Persekutuan, an older 20,000 seaters stadium, the Unity Stadium or locally known as Stadium Perpaduan, an office block, an accommodation block, a gymnasium, and 3 training pitches.

When PS3 was formed, the facilities were immediately transferred to the new football governing body. The facilities were managed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports before PS3 was formed.

The Federal Stadium is an all-seater multi-purpose stadium and the home ground of the Sendhang national football team. The Federal Stadium has a capacity of 40,000 making it the largest football stadium in Sendhang.

Staffs & Tactics

Head Coach: Teuku Syarkawi

Teuku Syarkawi is the former head coach of KS Tapaklaboh, the champion of Divisi 1 Putrasia, the highest division in the state of Putrasia before the introduction of Liga Super Sendhang. His appointment as the first head coach of the Sendhang national team was made a week after PS3 was officially announced. It was an easy decision for the decision-makers in PS3 as Syarkawi is a very highly-rated head coach among football enthusiasts in Sendhang especially Putrasia.

He led Sendhang into its debut competition last month in the 7th Melayu Archipelago Cup in Pemecutan in which Sendhang won once, drew three times, and lost once. Sendhangite, especially the people in the corridors of power at PS3 Complex were generally happy with the performance of the national team in Pemecutan and put their faith in Syarkawi to continue leading the national team.

Assistant Head Coach: Teuku Irfan

Teuku Irfan was handpicked by Syarkawi to be the assistant head coach of the Sendhang national team. Irfan is a graduate of sports science from the Universiti Sendhang. He is a long-time friend of Syarkawi and was his assistant at KS Tapaklaboh. The two complement each other and have worked well together for years. Irfan will usually lead team training while Syarkawi spent most of his time monitoring the training from his office while analyzing data and formulating strategies.

Style Modifier : -2
Formation : 4-1-2-3 DM

Teuku Syarkawi is a defensive-minded counter-attacking coach. He prefers to play with a defensive midfielder to protect the back four and to start counter-attacks. This is accompanied by two quick wingers that will sit deep to help the defense when they don't have the ball and get in position to launch a counter-attack while in transition when they have just won the ball.

Syarkawi prefers his team to be very disciplined in defending. His team will sit deep and frustrate the opponent for 90 minutes if needed. He doesn't believe in possession football. He wants his team to be very direct and quick when attacking. As he said, "possession doesn't win games. Goal does. Keep it tight at the back and hit team on the break."

Starting Line Up in bold



GK: Albertus Wageo (CAPTAIN)
Age: 29
Club: PS Oelmasi
5 Caps, 2 Clean Sheets

Albertus Wageo is the backbone of PS Oelmasi as he is the last defender. His prominence performance keeps the club at the top 4 in the last season of Liga Mese Nainhá. Wageo selection as the captain of the national team has been an honor for him. His leadership, integrity, influence, and high social skills are what the coach sees in him. Syarkawi believed that Wageo as a captain could unite the new squad which comprises players from all sorts of backgrounds.



GK: Monyet Pasuryan, 26 - Persejo Kratonredjo
Age: 26
Club: Persejo Kratonredjo
0 Cap

Monyet Pasuryan's ability in guarding the Persejo Kratonredjo goal last season deserved a thumbs up and earned him a call-up to the national team. The 25 years old Kratonredjo-born sweeper goalkeeper was ever-present for the club from the state capital of Lemah Banyu. He only conceded 25 times in the 28 matches that he played. This record led Persejo Kratonredjo to be the team that conceded the least goal in the Liga Lemah Banyu.

GK: Atep Ramadani, 23 - KS Danokota



DR: Teuku Hamzah
Age: 24
Club: KS Tapaklaboh
5 Caps, 0 Goal

Small and cunning, that is how the media described Teuku Hamzah. He is one of the four KS Tapakbaloh players called up by Syarkawi to the national team, their former head coach. His performance last season convinced Syakawi to call him up for national duty. Sendhangite will be looking for him to use his speed and agility to open the space for Sendhang down the wing.


DC: Teuku Muhammad Bari
Age: 28
Club: KS Tapaklaboh
5 Caps, 0 Goal

Teuku Muhammad Bari is a strong and commanding center-back. He is very highly rated by Syarkawi who coached him at KS Tapaklaboh but Bari is not a player that football fans in Putrasia are interested in because of his temperament. While he is a regular player for his club, he is also a regular on the referee's notebook for the yellow and red cards. He is often seen kicking the opponent's leg, sometimes he is in trouble for it but sometimes he gets away with it. His disciplinary record is bad. But his ability to mark, tackle and close down opponents is enough for Syarkawi to call him up. He is also an asset when defending or attacking a set piece due to his heading ability and jumping reach.


DC: Putra Lumipada
Age: 28
Club: Persejo Kratonredjo
5 Caps, 0 Goal

Putra Lumipada consistently led the back four of Persejo Kratonredjo last season. His role for his club was irreplaceable. The ball-playing defender made 26 appearances in the league, missed 2 matches only due to suspension. The 28 years old Kratonredjo-born who is also the captain of Persejo Kratonredjo was very commanding throughout the season and kept his backline very disciplined.


DL: Nifo Kefalo
Age: 26
Club: KS Larantuka
5 Caps, 0 Goal

The 26 years old defender of KS Larantuka is the star player of his club helping the club retain their championship for the third time in a row in Liga Mese Nainhá which makes the club eligible to compete in Liga Super Sendhang next season. He is in his fifth year with KS Larantuka and his contract has just been extended for another 3 years.

DR: Edo Rungao, 24 - PS Ruteng
DC: Tanweer Saha’lah, 24 - Pesisir United
DC: Dadan Winata, 23 - KS Danokota
DL: Jahut Seletar, 24 - Perseguput Gunung Putri



DM: Josua Beripeda
Age: 27
Club: PS Ruteng
5 Caps, 0 Goal

The call of Beripeda is quite surprising. The regista is playing for PS Ruteng which is a middle-level club in Nainhá. The club never reached the top 4 but Beripeda's performance is catching the eye of the coach. His flexibility is amazing. Although originally a defensive midfielder, he could move forward to help the attack. He is also comfortable playing as a sweeper. This versatility makes Beripeda a unique addition to the national team.


MC: Teuku Hassan Al Qari
Age: 30
Club: KS Tapaklaboh
5 Caps, 0 Goal

Teuku Hassan Al Qari is the captain of KS Tapaklaboh. He is very highly respected by his teammates. He spent entire his career with KS Tapaklaboh. The emergence of Teuku Herman this season, a KS Tapaklaboh academy graduate challenged Hassan's place in the starting eleven but Syarkawi is confident that Hassan can maintain his form and skills for the foreseeable future and deserved his place in the starting eleven of the national team. His main quality is his creativity, vision and passing ability. Hassan is another player that the national team can rely on to take the free kicks and corner kicks.


MC: Nanang Wirajuda
Age: 28
Club: KS Danokota
5 Caps, 1 Goal

Nanang Wirajuda was a key player for KS Danokota for the past few seasons in which they clinched the Liga Perdana Alamsunda title for the past 3 seasons. He is usually deployed as an advanced playmaker or a box-to-box midfielder at his club. Sendhangite will be looking to see Nanang replicate his club form for the national team especially with his composure, long-range passing, and high stamina. He is the deal-ball specialist for his club and the national team.

DM: Jorok Mendriq, 21 - Perseguput Gunung Putri
MC: Wedhus Geni, 24 - KS Gunung Kayasu
MC: Davi Awolu, 23 - Oebobo United



AMR - Temiar Kintak
Age: 27
Club: Perseguput Gunung Putri
5 Caps, 0 Goal

Temiar Kintak is not known for his goalscoring ability but he ticked all the box preferred by Syarkawi to fill this position. He is a very hardworking player who will help the defense, probably run on 3 lungs because he never gets tired and most importantly has the pace and trickery to launch a counter-attack when they won the ball.


AML: Keylar Samoi
Age: 27
Club: KS Gunung Kayasu
5 Caps, 1 Goal

Keylar Samoi is the main attacking threat for his club, KS Gunung Kayasu in Liga Lemah Banyu. The inside forward helped his club to a second-place finish, behind the champion only on goal difference. He mainly plays on the left-wing but is also comfortable playing as a striker. His main strength is his pace, dribbling, and long shot.


ST - Gusti Sing Nggawe
Age: 28
Club: Pesisir United
5 Caps, 5 Goals

Gusti Sing Nggawe is the star of the national team. He was the top goal scorer of Liga Lemah Banyu last season and helped Pesisir United to a third-place finish in the league, enough for them to earn a spot in the new LSS. He gained national prominence last month after scoring 5 of the 7 goals for Sendhang in the 7th Melayu Archipelago Cup. He is a very good header of the ball, has good first touch, and very sharp in the penalty box.

AMR: Ramon Kalbasi, 24 - KS Larantuka
ST: Teuku Salahuddin, 20 - KS Tapaklaboh






The kits for the Sendhang national team are sponsored by Kapak, a local sports brand based in Tapaklaboh in the state of Putrasia. The Sendhang national team is in its traditional blue kits which represent the lake in the middle of Sendhang that united the whole country and served as a water source for its inhabitants for centuries. The secondary kit for the national team is mainly in green color that represents the staple food and main export of the country, rice as well as the tropical rainforest that covers the country.

RP Permission

The opponent may do the following if they RP first
Choose my scorer: Y
Choose Scoring Events: Y
Godmod Scoring Events: Y
RP Injuries to My Players: Y (No career-ending)
Yellow Card My Player: Y (maximum 3 players per match)
Red Card My Player: Y (maximum of 1 player per match)
Godmod Other Events: N

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Postby Deniria » Thu Apr 15, 2021 4:41 am

DENIRIA10000 Islands

Formation: 4-4-2
Style Mod: +4
Kit: T-Shirt: Yellow with red and white stripes.
Shorts: Reds
Socks: Reds


HEAD COACH: Manuel Alberto Gonzalez (45 years)
ASSISTANT: Enrique Puebla (37 years)


-Domingo Ramirez (27 years)
-Martín Yañez (21 years) (ALTERNATE)

Left Backs
-Jorge Muñoz (26 years)
-Miguel Fasset (19 years) (ALTERNATE)

Central Backs
-Marc Serrat (31 years) (CAPTAIN)
-Eric Fellet (23 years)
-Manuel Blanco (27 years) (ALTERNATE)

Right Backs
-Sergio Castilla (20 years)
-Lorenzo Tinto (33 years) (ALTERNATE)

Left Wings
-Alberto del Prado (24 years)
-Sergio León (30 years) (ALTERNATE)

Central Midfielders
-David Fombella (17 years)
-Nicolás Dominguez (23 years)
-Jorge Ventanal (25 years) (ALTERNATE)

Right Wings
-Alberto García (20 years)
-Leonardo del Castillo (34 years) (ALTERNATE)

-Fernando Coserría (21 years)
-Fabio Moranco (29 years)
-Nicolás Gonzalez (35 years) (ALTERNATE)


Estadio Santa María de Sevilla

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, But TG me and I will choose the severity
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
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Postby Srednjaci » Thu Apr 15, 2021 7:07 am





When we talk about sports in DR Srednjaci, then we are mostly talking about winter sports.
Athletes from DR Srednjaci participated in the XV Winter Games in Kelssek and achieved great success with 5 medals, two of which were gold.
However, rapid economic growth has enabled the construction of infrastructure for other sports as well.
The basketball players performed brilliantly in the basketball cycle for the International Basketball Championchip 31 in Delaclava.
The basketball players achieved a very good result by beating TJUN-ia on that road, who were fourth in the end. Srednjaci basketball players won the 26th place at the end.

Young baseball players, Neptune Taru in Banija were among the top four teams. They lost in the final of the conference but still achieved a notable result.
Thanks to them, the baseball infrastructure has improved and expanded.

Army Super Regional
Neptun Taru U21 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 1 5
South Newlandia U22s 0 0 1 4 0 0 3 0 X 8

But it’s not all from sporting success.
Of course, as a young country, except of Olympic medals, which is a huge achievement, we do not have other sports medals yet.
The young Ice Cubs hockey players successfully defended our colors in both the junior and senior championships.
At the World Cup Of Hockey 42 in Graintfjall, the Ice Cubs scored 10 points as juniors in the senior competition, great!

Srednjaci                       12    2    1    2    7   32   46  –14   10

And in the 16th Junior Hockey World Cup, in Delaclava the Ice Cubs played a quarterfinal in which they lost to the hosts in a tough and even game. The regular season ended 6: 6 but in the OT, the young Phoenixes scored for 7: 6.

Tennis is an indispensable sport in which tennis players from Srednjaci write historical results.
Ivan Štimac, Tena Špiričić, Lucija Bagarić, Ljubomir Ivanković, Leonid Farkaš, Goran Ibrahimović, Bojana Španović, Alina Koresteleva and others, achieved remarkable results with their appearances at tournaments.

Football was an exception and something was just starting to happen. Small excursions for juniors and seniors, trying out tactics and grinding form.
Football is an opportunity to improve all these results. Playing other tournaments, our players had the opportunity to play togheter and get to know each other better.
Our footballers will play in group G. The group is played in Electrum, travel agencies already offer accommodation and travel at affordable prices and you can buy tickets through the official website of the Football Association of Sredanjaci,
The match schedule is as follows :

Port Grenville- Saylor Stadium -MD1: Srednjaci vs Istoreya

Prescott -Northcote Oval Stadium - MD2: Le Choix vs Srednjaci

Centralis - Olympic Stadium - MD3: Srednjaci vs Deniria

Both our fans and tourists will have a rich content in these cities. The excellent gastronomic offer as well as the offer of bars and museums will not leave anyone indifferent. Therefore, pack your things, buy tickets, support our players because don't forget, the first matches will be played on 17.04. !!
Hurry up !
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Postby The united states of sonindia » Thu Apr 15, 2021 7:39 am

Samuel Io(62 years)
assistant: Emma smith (35)
goalie: Frank gary (31 years)
3 defensive players: Micheal Morris, Eric stone, Blaze imy.
3 attacking players : John smith , and we are getting more players for the game

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Postby Atheara » Thu Apr 15, 2021 7:48 am

Formation, Player Abilities and Achievements, Matches

Atheara has now released a picture of the Formation that many people were really asking for, and it was made by a fan. Here it is, and you better know about it. A Preview of the formation, and also a list of a few achievements from each player shown, and their well known abilities. Also a preview on the matches that Atheara will face!


A. The fan who made this does not have huge experience with positions, so it might look a bit messed, and name overlapping is bound to happen due to long names.

B. Whoever has the star on their mark means they are the Captain.

The point of a Central Diamond Formation is to trap enemies on the flanks, perfect to counter Wing Attacks. Not only that, but this formation is made to spearhead the center, where Atheara would blitz through with great speed and sheer precision in passing and perfect timings. Also a good formation for Counter Attacking.

Now for Player Achievements and Abilities, sorted by Club.
Astena Rangers:
Mugel Krygorf - Considered to be a Legend of the Astena Rangers, saving many shots most keepers would not be able to. Playing with a broken hand in the Europa Liga Finals against Manchester City for the final 26 minutes, no one dares to stare to his eyes. Earning the Goalkeeper of the Year (GKOTY) award three times in a row. Saving 237 shots, and only conceding 98. He is also well known for his steer leadership, even as a goalkeeper.

Frederic Van Lieser - He is known for his very powerful tackles, yet he has the record for the least amount of cards, only earning 2 cards in a single Athearan Football Association League (AFAL) Season. He is also the most goal scoring defender, scoring 18 Goals as a Defender. Something noticable about him as well is his jump height. Being considered one of the Greatest Defenders of All Time. His pressuring is also considered to be World Class.

Zimmerman Brusteric - Known for his unpredictable planning and strategy on the field, he is nicknamed "The Athearan Maestro" for a reason. His careful analysis of the field makes him a great asset to offense and defense. Once he knows the enemy playstyle, he acts and forms tactics and strategies accordingly to how the enemy plays, which means despite Atheara being a defensive team, is more of an adaptive one. His best asset is not only his mind and eyes, but also his technique. It will be difficult to get the ball from him.

Eastria FC:
Jonathan Winger - Despite being a defender, his speed is very incredible. He was originally a DMF, but since we had no one playing the RB, Jonathan decided to take the role. He also is rarely substituted, only being changed 3 times in a single AFAL Season. Meaning that his stamina is great, his endurance is also great. He is calm, meaning that he tries to stop fights, or prevent one. This was so that Atheara will not get as many cards as other teams.

Ivan Yesterov - Rukovic - Known for his wacky persona off the field, Yesterov is not to be underestimated. He is known to guard against two attackers easily, and is very consistent in stealing the ball from the enemy, He also is the only DMF to be originally a CF, but due to his lack of endurance, he was transferred to DMF to conserve and train his stamina and endurance. He also once had to play as a GK against Milan in the Europa Liga in the 2nd leg, saving 3 free kicks.

Westria FC:
Alexei Murov - Alexei is known for his movement copying to defend against dribbling, he is considered as a Long Kicker, making very long passes and crosses from the Athearan side of the field, or his team. He also usually coordinates defensive positions on the field to either defend from an enemy offensive, or to start a counter attack. Expect solid defense because of this. He also won several Player of The Month awards from Westria.

Kanton Oliver - Gruschev - Known for his strength and height, Kanton is a very well suited person to become a Defender. He is generally considered a wall for any enemy forward, due to his height and the aura he gives around himself. He is also known for his accurate blocking and guarding, making him suitable to lock onto a single person. He has the record for most balls saved, cancelling around 182 attacking opportunities.

Neidegrad City:
Evan Osterric - Hugens - Evan is a legend for Neidegrad, being nicknamed as "The Man with a Hard Head" he has scored the most goals by header in five AFAL Seasons , with 79 out of 132 Goals that he made being headers. His passing is also considered to be the reason why he makes such good crosses. Expect him to sometimes go on the offensive to make an assist or score a goal for himself, he would rather give an assist than scoring his own goal.

Luis Frawning - He is the first striker of the team, and he has really hard shots. But that doesn't mean they lack accuracy. He cooperates well with a two or three man attacking team, and has some of the world's best dribbling in history. His speed also doesn't help the enemy whatsoever. His best goal was the game winning goal against Astena Rangers in the 47/48 AFAL Season that won Neidegrad the Championship with a score of 4 - 3.

Neidegrad United:
Urusov Cantonian - Myords - Known for his keen determination on offense, Urusov is a livid AMF whom always seeks opportunities whether through the enemy defense, or when starting an attack. His most notable feat is his Hat Trick in upsetting Bordennais during the Europa Liga in 2049 with a score of 4 - 1. His passes are also sharp, with correct timing, Urusov is a problem for any defense.

Toriff Hicosia Algeer - Toriff is considered to be Atheara's "Cold Hearted Striker" for a reason. He rarely talks and yet he can cooperate and coordinate well with his teammates by reading their body. Holding the record for being the most tackled striker at around 79 tackles in a single AFAL Season, no wonder he gets injuries a bit often here and there. His shots are more focused on accuracy than power, but still dangerous if not handled.

Now for the Match Schedule of Group B!
Matchday 1
Atheara vs Galeanna
Revlona vs Talkasa

Matchday 2
Talkasa vs Atheara
Kannap vs Revlona

Matchday 3
Atheara vs Kannap
Galeanna vs Talkasa

Matchday 4
Kannap vs Galeanna
Revlona vs Atheara

Matchday 5
Galeanna vs Revlona
Talkasa vs Kannap

All matches will be played in the Nation of Reçueçn, in the City of Genève. Be sure to visit the City to support the National Team and while at it, you could go on a vacation for a while. Good luck to everyone!
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Postby Brookstation » Thu Apr 15, 2021 10:22 am

Formation: 4 - 3 - 3
Home Stadium: The Highest room , Octopus' Garden
Home: Light green with white borders.
Away: Cyan with dark blue diamonds.

Manager: Mohammad Avdol (69 Y/O)
Head Coach: Jojo Cooper (63 Y/O)
Assistant Coaches:
Brendan Timlin (58 Y/O)
Kane North (35 Y/O)

Most Likely To:
Make the First Goal: Dwayne Onfroy
Start an Attack: Jean Pierre Polnareff
Receive a Red Card: Oskar Graves
Get an Injury: Mohammed Kashi
Save the Game from Losing: Leon Michael Robes
Create the most Attacking Chances: Andronicos Kyprianou

1 Joel Latibeaudiere (Starter, 24 Y/O)FC Tevatuktoo Brevarara
23 Mohammad Mandrea (32 Y/O)Other side of paradise Brookstation
47 Brandon Murphy (18 Y/O) Halebid Warriors Brookstation

35 Oskar Graves (Starter, 35 Y/O, CB) Dreamland City Brookstation
42 Mohammad Kashi (Starter, 31 Y/O, CB) Artiana Galaxy Brookstation
16 Cristian Luengo (Starter, 19 Y/O, LB) Other side of paradise Brookstation
41 Denys Trubin (Starter, 23 Y/O, RB) Vreton City Bollonich
53 Frederico Rocha (26 Y/O, CB)Blich Bollonich
52 Demarlio Evans (29 Y/O, LB/RB)Grofen City Jeanus
47 Claudio Gomes (32 Y/O, LB/CB/RB) Clube de Norwegian wood Brookstation
24 Ewerton Custodio (21 Y/O, CB) Dreamland City Brookstation

36 Andreas Roles (Starter, 30 Y/O, LM)(third captain) Other side of paradise Brookstation
85 Ethan Aarons (Starter, 35 Y/O, CM) AC Dason Brookstation
41 Alexis de la Vega (Starter, 19 Y/O, RM) Other side of paradise Brookstation
64 Nesta Dixon (16 Y/O, MF)Lumiose City Promius
74 Luke Aribo (24 Y/O, CM)Hogsmeade Shirefton
66 Jason Dieng (25 Y/O, LM/RM)Space Coast Rockets Brookstation

16 Alexander Cust (Starter, 33 Y/O, CF)(vice captain) Halebid Warriors Brookstation
44 Leon Michael Robes (Starter, 27 Y/O, LW)(captain) Other side of paradise Brookstation
104 Dwayne Onfroy (28 Y/O, RW) Dreamland City Brookstation
73 Sebastian Reimann (32 Y/O, CF) Vreton United Bollonich
55 Remo Janjicic (23 Y/O, LW) Hogsmeade Shirefton
88 Johannes Kehr (21 Y/O, RW) Strange City FC Brookstation

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: No
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but no fatal injuries.
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No



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