{TWI-only} March Mania

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{TWI-only} March Mania

Postby Remodio » Wed Feb 17, 2021 4:45 pm



March Mania is a TWI-based basketball tournament funded by Khaazi Murminwa, a ChuuŠĻ£oostee entrepreneur who grew up in the Alteran Republics. In 2015, Murminwa started the Remodin Basketball League in his home country, but has since been inspired by the Western Isles Cup Tournament to launch March Mania starting this year.

The rules of the tournament are as follows:
1. Every nation must submit a roster of at least 10-12 players, including weight/height, who the starters are, the avg. minutes each player gets*, what position they play(PG, SG, SF, PF, C or 1-5), as well a head & assistant coach in this thread. They are to have three realistic pros, and three realistic cons. Character traits of said players are also encouraged as well. Example:
John Smith - 5'11/167 lbs.
Pros: Good mid range shot, accurate passer, good ball handling
Cons: Bad 3-point shot, bad inside the paint, bad defense

*each quarter will have 10 minutes of play, for a total of 40 minutes.
2. Each game will be simulated using, then statistics will be made by me(Remodio) based off the pros and cons provided by the nation. The scores of the game will range from anywhere between 60-140, randomly generated as well.
3. Each round will be in a series of 3, with the first to 2 wins moving onto the next round.
4. All games will be played in a bubble in the International District.
5. The bracket will automatically generated using
6. The statistics and score of each game of each game will be posted in this thread.
7. The final round will consist of a 7 game series, and the winner of the tournament will be awarded the Murmimwa Championship Trophy.

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Postby Remodio » Sun Feb 21, 2021 5:01 pm

Remodin Roster:
Head Coach - Ghranaa Truuk
Assistant Coach: Loni Perwaak

Starting Five:
Huurmid Kliig - PG/6'2/177 lbs./25 min.
Pros: three-point shot, passing, ball handling
Cons: bad defense, bad mid-range shot, bad rebounder

Ghurnpa Truuk - SG/6'3/182 lbs./20 min.
Pros: three-point shot, dunking, perimeter defense
Cons: bad passer, sometimes a ball hog, bad free throw shooter

Urgin Polovii - SF/6'6/190 lbs./25 min.
Pros: perimeter defense, interior defense, mid-range shot
Cons: can't shoot threes, bad at free throws, below average rebounder

Tsumbia Wesnoah - PF/6'7/199 lbs./30 min.
Pros: three-point shot, rebounding, screens
Cons: perimeter defense, blocks, fouls

Luuk Ernmo - C/6'9/221 lbs./20 min.
Pros: interior defense, rebounding, paint scoring
Cons: perimeter defense, shooting in general, slower

Vreem Proht - C/6'10/194 lbs/20 min.
Pros: interior defense, mid-range shot, great blocker
Cons: rebounding, three-point shots, free-throws

Naamia K'jee - PG/5'11/164 lbs./16 min.
Pros: ball handling, layups, stealing the ball
Cons: defense, turnovers, rebounding

Luuk Yakoon - SF/6'4/177 lbs./16 min.
Pros: perimeter defense, three-point shot, stealing the ball
Cons: rebounding, slower, free-throws

Frentiik Yakoon - SF-PF/6'5/188 lbs./14 min.
Pros: three-point shot, solid free throw shooter, great in the paint
Cons: interior defense, mid-range, rebounding

Eriaq Buuran - SG/6'4/182 lbs./14 min.
Pros: mid-range shot, speed, perimeter defense
Cons: interior defense, turnovers, passing

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Postby Corindia » Tue Mar 02, 2021 10:25 am

Hey Remodio, is there a generator I could use to make the team stats if I just want to submit a below average team to fill out the tournament roster?
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Postby Trigel » Tue Mar 02, 2021 4:24 pm

Trigelian roster:
Head Coach- Dietar Ortiiz
Assistant Coach- Materns Hetens

Starting Five:
Robert Klikch PG/ 6'2/ 171 lbs./ 30 min.
Pros: Three Point shot, passing, mid range shot
Cons: Rebounding, injuries, rages sometimes

Noah Matanzberg SG/ 6'4/ 180 lbs./ 25 min.
Pros: defense, vision, passing
Cons: Three pointers, skills, free throws

Marcu Kagne SF/ 6'8/ 198 lbs. / 20 min.
Pros: Interior defense, short range shots, staying with his mark
Cons: Free throws, just all threes and mid-range shots, passing

Erno Halilaan PF/6'10/ 207 lbs. /25 min.
Pros: dunking, rebounding, blocking shots
Cons: inexperienced, fouls, perimeter defense

Lars Haticski C/ 6'11/ 231 lbs. /20 min.
Pros: rebounding, paint scoring, blocking shots
Cons: inexperienced, marking a man, threes


Lucas Clintonric SF/ 6'7/ 201 lbs./14 min.
Pros: interior defense, perimeter defense, ball handling
Cons: threes, passing, blocking shots

Mertens Inonilbskn PG/ 6'2/ 180 lbs./ 20 min.
Pros: ball handling, passing, overall shooting
Cons: defending, fouls, positivity

Jordin Palvoin C/ 7'0/ 252 lbs./ 16 min.
Pros: Rebounding, dunking, ball handling
Cons: Threes, passing, fouls

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Postby Essena » Thu Mar 04, 2021 6:29 am

Team Name: The Essenian Stags
Head Coach: Taal Lao
Assistant Coach: Lelani Goreman

Starting Five
Roger Palawan - PG/6'0"/175 lbs/25 min
Pros: three-pointer, passing, ball handling, pro
Cons: bad defense, bad mid shots, anger management, fouls

Jeremy Irons - SG/6'5"/185 lbs/20 min
Pros: three-pointer, dunking, defense
Cons: ball hog, bad free thrower, rookie

Marcus Williams - SF/6'3"/193 lbs/25 min
Pros: defense, mid shots
Cons: can't shoot threes, previous foot injury, below average rebounder

Julius Bentley - PF/6'6"/198 lbs/30 min
Pros: three-pointer, rebounding
Cons: blocks, fouls, anger management

Lauro Moore - C/6'8"/230 lbs/20 min
Pros: defense, rebounding, pro
Cons: slow, previous hand injury

Devon Parr - C/6'12"/197 lbs/20 min
Pros: defense, mid shots, great blocker, speed
Cons: rebounding, bad three-pointer, free-thrower, rookie

Nathaniel Urina - PG/5'11"/164 lbs/16 min
Pros: ball handling, layups
Cons: defense, turnovers, rebounding, clumsy

Lucius Yao - SF/6'2"/177 lbs/16 min
Pros: defense, stealing the ball, pro
Cons: rebounding, slow, bad free-thrower

Frank Yao - SF-PF/6'5"/183 lbs/14 min
Pros: three-pointer, solid free thrower
Cons: rebounding, rookie

George Biden - SG/5'12"/171 lbs/14 min
Pros: mid shots, speed
Cons: defense, turnovers, passing
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Postby Remodio » Sun Mar 07, 2021 8:10 pm

Corindia wrote:Hey Remodio, is there a generator I could use to make the team stats if I just want to submit a below average team to fill out the tournament roster?

Great question, sorry for my absence. I don't think so, I've been looking though!

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