International Basketball Championship 31 (IC Thread)

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]


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Postby Abanhfleft » Sat Feb 06, 2021 12:26 pm

What can a man who has won everything there is possible to win in basketball ever want to have his hands on? Another International Basketball Championship.

This is a story I've been writing my whole life. It's written right into the fabric of my career. Ever since I lifted the trophy in IBC 21 alongside the likes of such legends in Fleftic basketball like Hayden Dorola and Leo Baxter, winning the title again has become my lifelong dream. No, not just a dream. It's become almost an obsession.

Can you blame me though? The first (and only) time I've lifted the IBC so far, I was just starting out my career. Sure, I was one of the hottest rookies in the FBA and managed to help the goddamn Uranium City Nukes to their first ever FBA Championship, but with the Rebolusyonaryos I was a bit player, a benchwarmer, a nobody. I was just in the background while the focus was on Hayden and Leo and the like. And I have to admit, for the young me that stung a little bit.

Things have changed since then, since Abanhfleft last won the IBC. In that time I grew from a mere rookie into a star, from a benchwarmer into the starting center for the Fleftic national basketball team. I also survived a lockout and the league getting suspended by the IUBC for allegations of corruption. Imagine that. Corruption in Abanhfleft. What a shocker!

But seriously now, while there were some lows, there were also some highs. I won some more FBA championships. A three-peat, even. But the one thing I really wanted to win again, the IBC, remained just out of reach. And considering my wingspan, that's quite a reach I'm already making.

And I'm not the only one from the old guard who wants to win the IBC for a second time. Jan Harris signed on as coach of the Rebs after winning a championship in the PBSL, the Pridnestrovian Basketball Super League, and he did this with only one goal in mind: win the IBC. It helps that he's got some haters on his tail who say that he didn't deserve the coaching job after winning only one title in Pridnestrovia, which isn't a lot, but considering that he won with BC Admiral Novorossiysk, which isn't the most fancied in the competition, that still says something about his ability.

Sadly, the haters have gotten louder after two consecutive IBCs without us even laying a finger on the trophy. Coach Harris knows that he hasn't got a lot of time left to win this thing. I know I haven't got a lot of time left to win this thing for a second time. I'm nearer to 40 than I am to 30 now, and my body is beginning to hurt in places I never thought it could hurt at all. It might have something to do with my half-Drawk heritage too. All I know for certain is that this IBC is going to be my last. Heck, this might also be probably my last games of professional basketball ever. I still have fun playing the game, of course. But my body's complaining more and more loudly as the days go on.

This is my last shot at the IBC. Everyone else knows it's my last shot at the IBC. And after all the shit that's happened to me, I'm determined to make this one count this time. And Coach Harris is going to help me do it.
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Postby Saint-Domingues » Sat Feb 06, 2021 12:46 pm


Saint-Domingue national basketball team
Équipe nationale de basketball de Saint-Domingue (French)
Equipo nacional de baloncesto de Saint-Domingue (Spanish)
Ekip nasyonal baskèt Sen Domeng lan (Creole)

The Saint-Domingue national basketball team represents the Republic of Saint-Domingue in international basketball competition and is controlled by Saint-Domingue Athletic Basketball (SDAB), the governing body for basketball in Saint-Domingue. The team is coached by Charles Deschenes.

The domestic basketball competition is known as La Ligue de Basket (LLB), which features twelve teams. The reigning champions are the Port-Républicain Republicans. The team colours of the Saint-Domingue national team are red, black, and white.

Governing body: SDAB
Body founding: 1959
Head coach: Charles Deschenes
Captain: Charles Duverger

Saint-Domingue Home
Name: Liberty Arena
Location: Le Cap, Saint-Domingue
Capacity: 17,453
Opened: 1996
Tenants: Port-Républicain Republicans; Saint-Domingue national basketball team

1GuardCharles Duverger26 (b. 13 October 1994)6 ft 6 inPort-Républicain Republicans
2GuardJacques Banza23 (b. 31 January 1998)6 ft 4 inDessalines Liberators
3GuardEustace Naudé28 (b. 16 December 1992)6 ft 3 inLes Cayes Corsairs
4GuardFerrant Boissieu27 (b. 12 February 1993)6 ft 4 inGonaïves Kings
5ForwardMama Auclair23 (b. 8 March 1997)6 ft 11 inLe Cap Captains
6ForwardLoïc D'Aboville24 (b. 20 July 1996)6 ft 3 inLe Cap Tarasques
7ForwardColin Jacquinot27 (b. 13 June 1993)6 ft 8 inDessalines Liberators
8ForwardDavid Bain27 (b. 12 February 1993)6 ft 5 inLes Cayes Corsairs
9CentreFranck Landry30 (b. 2 October 1990)6 ft 9 inGonaïves Kings
10CentreMarc-Antoine Gallais33 (b. 8 August 1987)6 ft 4 inJean-Rabel Chevaliers
11CentreAndré Delisle27 (b. 20 January 1994)6 ft 7 inPort-Républicain Republicans
12GuardAlphonse Ancel30 (b. 24 April 1990)6 ft 10 inGonaïves Kings

Expected team is:
PG - Charles Duverger
SG - Alphonse Ancel
SF - Loïc D'Aboville
F - Mama Auclair
C - Franck Landry
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y (no more than one per game)
Godmod injuries to my players: Y
Give red cards to my players: Y (no more than one per game)
Godmod other events: Y (no death)
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Postby Omerica » Sat Feb 06, 2021 1:10 pm

Basketball Omerica
Roster for the 31ˢᵗ International Basketball Cup

The old joke in Omerica is that football is the national religion and basketball the national punchline. Basketball Omerica’s administrative mishaps are the stuff of national legend, resulting in the Basketball Gryphons making intermittent appearances at the multiversal basketball championship. Yet when Basketball Omerica finally got their act together and filled out the entry forms for IBC 30, the Basketball Gryphons did the absolutely unthinkable: make it to the knockout stage. Now the goal is to make lightning strike twice…

Trigramme: OME
Nickname: The Gryphons (Les Griffons)
Team colours: Blue and red (primary), white and gold (secondary)
Home arena: Arène des Révolutionnaires, Charlescourt (cap. 20,000)

Head Coach: Mr Alain Desjardins (age 56)
Assistant Coach: Mr Sidney Gibbs (age 52)
Assistant Coach: Mr Élie van Veen (age 42)

Starters are indicated in bold. All Omerican national team players play domestically in BasketLeague Omerica.
Pos   #      Name                            Age   Height   Club                      
G 4 Mr Alexis Deschamps 26 203 cm (MS) Corona Christiana
G 5 Mr Alexandre Saint-Pierre 24 198 cm (AW) Avonnais Gaulois
G 6 Ms Julia Meyer 24 183 cm (NH) Rockingham Armoury
G 7 Mr Gaultier Linville 33 191 cm (BR) Sassari Trailblazers
G 8 Mr Jordan Amsing 31 190 cm (ME) United Philibiscostal

F 9 Mr Stéphane School 20 201 cm (TN) Basket Neuchâtelois
F 10 Mr Nicéphore Stavros 35 198 cm (AW) Avonnais Gaulois
F 11 Mr Michael Serafin 22 191 cm (PN) Carthaginians
F 12 Ms Kirsty Breckenridge 27 190 cm (EM) Esmeralda
C 13 Mr Victor Descoteaux 23 214 cm (ST) Capital Dragons
C 14 Mr Aaron “Leonidas” Xanthopoulos 34 211 cm (CH) Queens Palace
C 15 Mr Sidney van Middelburg 34 207 cm (SE) Saint Anne
RP Permissions: Your RP permissions are mine, short of death, disease or career-ending injuries. In case of reciprocal “no u” permissions, you may do anything short of death, disease or career-ending injuries.
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Omerica – 27/09/2017
Any further and our feet will probably be in our stomachs
Kanoria - 27/09/2017
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Postby Trolleborg » Sat Feb 06, 2021 1:24 pm


This is third tournament in which national team takes part and played in both previous editions of the World Cup not bad at all, but it was known, that the sports leadership of our country did not express full confidence that the team should continue to perform in the international arena, but nevertheless provided an opportunity to take part in the tournament.


Hendrik Romeijnders (48 years). Although doubts are expressed as to whether he is the best option, he is given the opportunity to lead the team this time too.


C –

№11. Kasper Hendrix (31).
№15. Bradin Dagda (29).

PG –

№4. Torfinn Timden (28).
№6. Hendrick Heimen (25)

SG –

№6. Ruud Aarst (27)
№ 7. Jesper Waldst (25)

PF -

№2. Jutil Morland (25)
№12. Roan Keano (30)

SF -

№10. Torstein Brass (31)
№9. Martin Ogtrop (29)


Team decide to use 120,000-seat stadium of 1st December as a home turf, with a special weather-making machine provides a comfortable temperature +28С

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Scorers: Y
Choose Scoring Events: Y
Godmod Scoring Events: N
RP Injuries to my Players: Y, but I will determine severity
Godmod Injuries to my Players: N
Godmod Other Events: N
Give my players fouls: Y, but take into account, that Trolleborg team never go to dirty tricks even if it’s needed for a victory.
Foul my players out: Y, but not more than two

If you have something special in mind, just contact me beforehand...
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Postby Chromatika » Sat Feb 06, 2021 3:29 pm

Chromatika in IBC 31
Part 1: Prelude

The First:

The Penguins are back
To give it another go
Will their luck now change?

The Second:

With some new players
Roxanoff and Merkoff too
They'll be fun to watch.

The Third:

Their journey begins
First against an underdog
The dome'll be rocking.
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CoH Appearances: 77 (Ro16), 85 (Ro16), 90 (Champions)
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Postby Valanora » Sat Feb 06, 2021 3:33 pm

Is this the cycle that the Dragons finally break through the glass ceiling that has been put in front of them the last few editions? For what has seemed like quite a long time now, the Dragons have been around the title chasing back when it comes to the IBC, yet for whatever reasons, once the playoff series or knockout rounds start to happen, the side that is usually dominant in the group stages seems to disappear. This is highly unusual of a Vanorian team, as if one was to look at the history of the Calcuttas and the Marauders, they have had that killer instinct in the knockout rounds, even when they have had otherwise substandard performances in the group stages of their respective tournaments. Barring a single run to the championship series, the Dragons however seem to fail at the Quarterfinal and occasionally the Semifinal stage at an alarming rate, seeing other squads take titles that have come into the competition later than themselves and leaving the fans and team wondering just what is going wrong with the side that they are not able to get over that hump and break into the elite status of the basketball world?

The answer is not the quality of the domestic league, as the domestic league is one of the best in all of the basketball world, perhaps playing second fiddle only to that of our northeastern neighbors of Equestria. This is perhaps the strange part though, thus far into the national team history, the team consists of players who do not play domestic club basketball, but instead operate as a national team unit. While the domestic league quality itself might not be the answer to the problems that have come to hamstring the Dragons, it might be the answer as to how to overcome the hurdles that are tripping them up, if the national team instead starts to be picked from players who are playing in these clubs rather than a team. While there is some merit as to the team operating as a unit and club in its own right, leading to better chemistry with the players as they learn each others strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies at a far better click, they are not constantly being tested at the highest possible level to make sure that they are performing to their absolute best.

There is also the physical element to consider, most Vanorians tend to be slightly above average in height and lithe, not many in the Empire are what one would consider bulky or overtly muscular. For sports like football and ice hockey that rely more on technical skill and speed rather than brute strength, though a strong player does have their uses in both sports, it can be quite easy to see why Vanorians would find success and the ability to excel in those sports. Yet basketball is a different beast, you need at least a few players on your roster who are strong and can contend with the strong players that your opponents are going to throw against you. It is no secret that the Vanorian style of play has come to rely heavily on the three point shot as well as excellent mid range play, yet for nights when the shot is not dropping for the Dragons, the lack of those sort of strong physical specimens to work the ball inside and get easier baskets becomes an issue. You have seen it time and time again as the Dragons can steamroll the best of teams on nights when the shots are falling, yet if they have a cold shooting night, they are instead on the wrong end of blowout losses, which has happened often in the latter stages of the tournament.

This tournament, the Dragons come into the competition with a ranking of fifth in the world, being unofficial crowned the best team outside the four team oligarchy that seems to be keeping the title of the tournament among themselves. The Dragons can not worry about Banija, Quebec, Drawkland, and Newmanistan though, they have to worry about themselves and getting their own house in order. The starting line up mixes a good balance of veteran leadership with a pair of youthful talents that should be able to keep their legs well enough if and when the Dragons advance into the knockout rounds. However this tournament is going to be a different beast entirely for the Dragons and everyone else, as it is pair of group stages before the playoff rounds, meaning that there is going to be quite a few games and plenty of chances for the Dragons to slip up and film for their opponents to review in order to better combat the sharpshooting style of the Dragons. The opening group stage is a double round robin and the Dragons are heavy favorites to advance, though they do have the hosts of the competition in Delaclava in their group, which will be a tough out. Pemecutan and Hebitaka are the two other ranked teams in the group, while both Saint-Domingues and the Equestrian States of Poland are unranked heading into group play.

The Dragons will open up play against Saint-Domingues, which will give good indication if this team is ready to buckle down and play their game from start to finish and not merely try to turn it on for games that matter more. No disrespect meant to the opponent, but an matchup like this which is considered to be one of the easier games in the group for the Dragons is a good warmup for the rest of the group stage. There will be a degree of freedom to allow the players to make mistakes if they are rusty or nervous, while the same could not be said if they were to be playing Delaclava on that first match. Momentum can become quite a large factor in tournament and if the team can get on a hot streak to begin with, it would definitely bode well for their fortunes for the rest of the group stage and then the latter part of the tournament, especially if they can get the bench players involved as well. With depth in form as well as the starters, the side would hopefully be in good spirits before their first major test against the aforementioned hosts on the fifth matchday, yet that requires focus on the task at hand and not looking ahead or how others are performing. If the Dragons are going to finally break into the elite, it is on themselves to rise above and let the rest fall where it may.
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EPL Season 20,073

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Postby Graintfjall » Sat Feb 06, 2021 6:27 pm

Posted on StatsPunk, a statistic-themed sports blog that sharply divides opinion when it comes to questions of ORB weightings, the value of the FTA, and capitalization.

    Why aren’t Big Fucking Græntfjallers better at basketball?

    It’s a mystery that a country whose chief sporting export is people who excel at being big and nothing else, has yet to produce an especially good basketball team, player, or even sequence of play that doesn’t end in embarrassing failure. The Olympic team failed, Kyrkdorf’s IUBC semifinal run was a monumental fluke, and while hosting the last IBC proved a boon to the country’s level of interest in basketball, the Super Wolves themselves flamed out once the playoffs began, crushed by eventual runners-up Newmanistan. Basketball seems the perfect sport for Græntfjallers. So why aren’t we any good at it?

    1. Many Big Fucking Græntfjallers struggle to count to three

    Not literally (although, in some cases, very much literally) – but it’s certainly true that the stretch-four and even stretch-five revolution, with bigs capable of shooting the three well, has not taken the GSL or the new GBC by storm. Most Græntfjaller bigs are completely incapable of shooting from distance. (Don’t be fooled by Benjamin Iiroson’s career .400 average. That’s 2 for 5 – just, 2 for 5. He’s only shot 5 threes in his career.) More generally, the three-point shooting emphasis of Gibsonball* has yet to really take off here. GBC games commonly feature relatively inefficient shooting strategies; guys like Noel Skíðisson are regarded as prolific three-point shooters in the GBC, but shoot only 3-4 per game – below average for some foreign leagues.

    2. Competition from other sports

    Handball and water polo are especially guilty of luring away anyone tall with good ball skills. The skyrocketing financial compensations of football are also hard to ignore. Multi-sports clubs usually field volleyball teams, too. Doubtless there are countries where basketball is the obvious sporting route for anyone tall, but Big Fucking Græntfjallers enjoy a range of options. There are hopes the GBC will turn this around, moving away from the MSK model to a franchise system, putting more money in players’ pockets, and concentrating talent in a smaller number of teams. The first season’s viewing figures were strong.

    3. Limited overseas exposure

    Kyrkdorf’s IUBC run was a major boost for the popularity of basketball in the country. But the competition hasn’t run since. KG has not sent teams to any tournaments since the last IBC. No Græntfjaller player has ever managed to earn a contract on a foreign team. Perhaps most problematically, domestic basketball’s major exposure comes through the NSCAA, an organization Græntfjall does not participate in and has no realistic ability to enter given the absence of an organized university basketball scene. A Græntfjaller getting into an NSCAA school would probably provide the best short-term remedy, but in the long term, Græntfjallers will always be somewhat on the outside looking in when it comes to world basketball.

    4. A strictly indoor sport

    There are no famous outdoor courts in Græntfjall where city kids can show off their skills to a scout looking to tap some undiscovered talent. Græntfjaller children don’t grow up throwing a ball through a hoop above their garage. It’s. Too. Cold. Hard surface outdoor courts have never been a good investment as they crack because of the constant ice and snow, and playing outside is limited to those swaddled up in hockey gear. Even football has arguably suffered, with Græntfjall’s short summer packed full of a tight schedule that leaves little time for finesse. There’s certainly no prospect of outdoor basketball becoming a thing any time soon (unless that climate change we keep hearing about really takes off, fingers crossed!).

    5. The basketball hoop is really small and far away

    It’s so unfair. Also these assholes keep getting in our way every time we try to put the ball through the hoop. Jerks.
* Basically Moreyball, but Græntfjallers haven’t heard of Daryl Morey, whereas they have heard of Kevin Gibson.
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Postby Vangaziland » Sat Feb 06, 2021 6:56 pm

Vangaziland Royals National Basketball


C - Tyrek Sohlmann #35 - 7'0 - post game
PF - Patrik Johnsson #44 - 6'10 - rebounder
SF - D.J. Orion #67- 6'7 - unselfish swingman
SG - Hugo Lundholm #22 - 6'6 - shooter
PG - Steven Eaglesen #2 - 6'2 - (injured for rest of season)

PG - Jules Westgaard #5 - 6'2 - pass first PG
C - Kris Ramslund #40 - 7'0 - defensive big
F/C - Darius Nylund #34 - 6'10 - shot blocker
G/F - Mike Hagen #32- 6'8 - shooter
F - Manuel Ortega #88 - 6'8 - defensive forward
G - Lizette Simonsen #3 - 6'1 - fancy passer & dribbler (acting starter)
G - Torsten Westergren #1 - 6'5 - shooter (backup PG)

Head Coach - Frank Hurcle (retired center #33)
Assistant Coach - Janet Andersdottir


*Alternate Designed in Saint Kanye

Vangaziland was synonymous with great big men during the time when Vangaziland won multiple championships and ranked on top of the IBC. Frank Hurcle fought early battles against Saint Kanye. He now coaches Vangaziland along with Janet Andersdottir. He hopes to impart his knowledge on new centers Tyrek Sohlman and Kris Ramslund. The old world style of big men posting up and relying on the paint is less effective than it has been in past eras. Many would view the classic Vannish center as obsolete. Ramslund is more of a defensive player, focused more on challenging shots and cleaning up rebounds. Sohlman has been working with Hurcle and even former center Chris Parkssen in the off-season. Time will tell if they can make an impact during IBC 31.

DJ Orion is one of only two relic veterans on the roster. Expect him to do more scoring than he has in the past, though he loves to create and facilitate. Over time he has become more of a threat with the ball. This allows him to draw more defensive attention and find better opportunities to assist others when kicking out the ball. The new power forward is Patrik Johnsson. He's a rebound hound for the modern era. He doesn't have much of a three point shot, but he can knock down midrange jumpers. Pat is a leaper, meaning vicious dunks are never far away. Mike Hagen is a backup small forward who actually can knock down corner threes. He can help stretch the floor, while still big enough to get down low. Nylund and Ortega are known more for their intangibles. They are still looking to craft their name on the international level.

Vangaziland's guards can be broken down into two categories. The pass first leaders on the court often run the ball. This is another trait of the Vannish basketball archtype. Steven Eaglesen is the second veteran on the team. He made noise as a two time Olympiad gold medalist. Steve was a protégé of Vannish point guard Hectare Yulssen. Yulssen has finally left IBC competition. The pressure will be on Eaglesen to bolster Vangaziland's offense. Jules Westgaard lacks the scoring capability of the starting PG, but some say he is a better passer. He looks to create chances first and foremost. His playcalling skills are seen as dynamic and creative. Lizzete Simonson grew up as a fan of Sarah Overson's flashy style. She saw how a lady could dominate a backcourt with a tricky enough handle and unpredictable moves. She has a tendency to dribble into too much pressure and turn the ball over. She still has a lot of upside and even more heart. Eaglesen is working hard to help her develop.

The Royals have more three point shooters than ever before. The game is changing and this is not lost on the Vangazi. Lundholm, Hagen and Westergren each posses a dangerous shot. Lundholm has the most consistent shot. Westgren can be streaky and has trouble shooting out of cold streaks. Hagen can shoot, but has less range than the others. He has a better handle than Torsten W., but isn't as developed as Hugo the starter.

The Consensus
This is a different Vannish team from what Vangazi once deemed 'The Vannish Era'. This is a less talented but scrappy team that will need to fight hard for any success. Time will tell what this group is made of. They are less polished. This roster is smaller and shorter than ever before. Players have less experience, especially with Vangaziland's lack of participation in Olympic programs. Funding has been slashed from International Competition because of economic issues called by what Vangazi call the 'Grand Imperial Recession'. The Vannish Empire is only just now showing signs of climbing out of the financial downturn caused by what many see as a bloated empire.

It will be up to the Vannish athlete to step up and play hard for their homeland.

Coastal Fieldhouse - Blue Coast, Vangaziland


The Blue Coast Mariners of the VBO play in The Fieldhouse in front of a capacity of 21,200 fans. Blue Coast is mainland Vangaziland's party central HQ, with it's southeastern beaches. The arena is a famous site, known for many historic concerts throughout the years. The arena was renovated in 2013 and boasts modern features. The beaches are about 30-45 minutes away, but there is plenty of entertainment in the nearby district.

Mainland Vangaziland's beaches have waters too cold to swim in for most of the year, but the vibrant nightlife makes Blue Coast a true travel destination. The Fieldhouse is away from the most crowded downtown areas. It's located just west of Blue Coast University, unofficially voted Vangaziland's #1 party school. The city's beachside cannabis clubs are some of the world's most famous.

Expect an eclectic crowd of tourists, business people, and students to make up much of the crowd. The locals have made their arena known for loud cheering boosted by world-class acoustics. Expect the same, with raucous fans expected to ratchet up noise levels on fight night.

MD1: vs. Crilland (UR)
MD2: @ East Lemyone (UR)
MD3: vs. Royal Kingdom of Quebec (3)
MD4: @ Chromatika (25)
MD5: vs. Kohnhead (UR)
MD6: @ Crilland (UR)
MD7: vs. East Lemyone (UR)
MD8: @ Royal Kingdom of Quebec (3)
MD9: vs. Chromatika (25)
MD10: @ Kohnhead (UR)

If my opponent RPs first, they may:
Choose my scorers: N
Choose other statistics (e.g. rebounds, assists) for my players: N
RP injuries to my players: N
Godmode sporting events: Y
Godmode injuries: N
Godmode other events: Y
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Postby United Volcano Isles » Sat Feb 06, 2021 7:00 pm

United Volcano Isles National Basketball Team
Coaching Staff
Head Coach: ‘Aolina Kimo
Assistants: Ioane Kalea
Huali Iaukea

PG: Keao Nakaneaela (Starter), 6-3, 187
Kama Awana, 6-0, 179

SG: Lalepa Kana (Starter), 6-4, 200
Huaka Leia, 6-7, 231
Inoa Akana, 6-5, 229

SF: Alapai Paikuli (Starter), 6-10, 265
Kau'i Mahelona, 6-7, 240

PF: Hinano Kimo (Starter), 6-9, 260
Ioane Kalea, 6-11, 271
Huali Iaukea, 6-11, 261

C: Ho'opa'a Kinimaka (Starter), 7-3, 293
Ihe Kelii, 7-0, 290

RP Permissions
Anything you can do I can do

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Postby Delaclava » Sat Feb 06, 2021 7:18 pm Basketball

IBC31 Preview: Phoenixes look to continue surge on home soil
Delaclava basketball is officially a regional power - now can they translate their success to the world stage?

In the past two editions of the Atlantian Oceania Basketball Championships, only one team has ended on the podium both times. It must be Banija, right? Their run to the AOBC VI title was truly terrifying, winning their first five games by a combined 172 points before a more competitive, yet still seemingly inevitable of a 68-61 victory in the final against Sarzonia - but it's not the Lions. Surely, then, it's one of the defending IBC semifinalists, Quebec or Sarzonia? Or a fading long-time power like Valanora, or a recently consistent performer like Equestria?

But no, it's none other than Delaclava - last time out in Tropicorp, they avenged a group-stage loss to Banija with a semifinal shocker, a source of pride for the regionally debuting Phoenixes despite limping to defeat in the final. And just several weeks ago, they added a bronze to their silver, becoming victim #5 of the Lions in the semifinals but similarly turning around a group-stage defeat against hosts Equestria in the third-place playoff.

Now, the Phoenixes are ranked just 20th in the world, only eighth among AO teams. But they are still a recent re-arrival to the international game, and their performance is trending in the right direction. They have rejoined the ranks of respectable programs - now, in a crucial IBC edition to enter a higher tier, Delaclava has the honor of hosting the party, and they'll start it having never looked in better form. The talent is high and excitement is even higher.

The team is headlined by Đorđe Zubić, who has matured in the past several years from baby-faced, slightly soft lottery pick out of Valhalla to a strong, fit, and matured reigning MVP of the DBA. Zubić has improved his physical presence, his passing game and shooting touch; he can run the entire floor with ease; he has championship experience and leadership capabilities in taking BC Athens to two consecutive titles. And with the development of 7-foot-1 Omar Harris, Zubić no longer carries the burden of playing the center position, fighting for rebounds with counterparts several inches taller. Instead, he is free to take greater part in the Phoenixes' fast break and transition game, and have the ability to operate at the top of the paint and on the perimeter with Harris down below. Just in time, Zubić is becoming the force his team needs him to be.

Rick Jones of the Corcorran Flash returns as captain of this team. He brings valuable experience and wisdom at just 29 years old, he has the long-time familiarity with his St. James coach Jim Levins, and he is still one of the best all-around, two-way players available. But with the national team more stocked with offensive firepower, there is less pressure on Jones to singlehandedly generate scoring; he can be more patient, finding bigger holes to slash to the net, or free up around the arc for better shot selection. Jones is still a player who can take control of a game with a scoring run or a big defensive play - and now the options built around him will make Jones himself harder to stop.

The Phoenixes have been somewhat one-dimensional in the past, yet largely effective - and now Pekko Ranta and Omar Harris offer unique challenges to the opposition. Harris is a more typical big man, with a natural scoring touch and fluid post moves, a dedicated rebounder, and a surprisingly savvy defender for his age in numerous defensive schemes. The problem he presents is not one that other teams haven't seen - they just haven't had to contend with a big man like Harris at the same time as all of the other difficulties of facing the Phoenixes. Similarly, Ranta is a pure offensive force who can make shots from nearly anywhere in the half-court, and has an easy ability to make sure he finds an open spot in that range. He is the fastest player on most courts and runs the fast break well, and brings chemistry with Zubić, his teammate at BC Athens. Ranta makes up for his sometimes-timid, less committed defense by opening up the floor when the Phoenixes get the ball back. Again, opposing teams will have seen sharp-shooters before; but in the Delaclav lineup, it's yet another way that the Phoenixes can hurt them.

Simon Rybakov at point guard rounds out the likely starting lineup. Rybakov has dealt with the growing pains of his senior level rookie year with poise and come out better on the other side, and he has worked his way well through the national team ladder to become an offensive court general and a real pest of a defender. And the lineup has improved depth this go-around: Lorenzo Austin of Catherina figures in as a sixth man, on his biggest stage yet after leading the DUSA in scoring this year; he and Sifiso Ntenga are both high-level hybrid players who can run any position from the 2 to the 4. Caelen Knight, Harris' teammate at Salem Wizards, and Obdulio Herrera of Tirana Tempest are built more of the traditional Delaclav cloth - hard-nosed, physical if undersized wing players who will be able to inject pace and urgency off the bench. Zachary Bates (BC Athens), Jay Francis (Arana State Cardinals), and Jordan George (St. James Eagles) round out the lineup, and may offer the opportunity to field a bigger and stronger Delaclav team if the situation demands it.

Delaclava's first step on their road to the title is the Qualifying Round, in which Delaclava must finish in the top-two of its six-man group. The Phoenixes are the second seed in Group A, with Valanora headlining the group. Some pundits perceive the Vanorians as a weak top-seed, and likely out of form given their absence from the recent regional championships. But unlike the Delaclavs, Valanora knows what it's like to consistently get it done in the early stages of the tournament, and if they are still hungry enough, they won't be satisfied with their quarterfinal finishes in the last two IBCs. In contrast, the revived Phoenixes are little better situated than lower seeds Pemecutan and Hebitaka to find their way out of qualifying. The regional experience, the tight battles and victories over the likes of Banija and Equestria, will certainly play in their favor. And the Phoenixes will have four games to open the tournament before they have to contend with Valanora.

If Delaclava is up to the task in the Qualifying Round, that's when they'll get to come home for the big games. Athens is the only confirmed site, with possible other host cities including Santa Lourdes, Cleopatrana, Mariana, Mersatha, and Orton City - but wherever the Phoenixes go, most of the fans in attendance will be screaming their names, and with how strong and evenly matches the final field of 20 will likely be, that kind of advantage cannot be emphasized enough. It will be new territory for this group of players, but if they could set the optimal circumstances to have their first real go at a deep IBC run, this would be it.

20th-ranked Delaclava opens IBC action tonight against 35th-ranked Hebitaka at the 13,500-seat StrakaBanc Center in Santa Lourdes.
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Posted on the In Brief section of the SuperSport website.
    Excitement builds ahead of basketball debut

    The announcement that the Hannasean Federation would compete in a tournament that doesn’t involve a sport that rhymes with “fugby” for the first time in decades was met with tepid, hesitant acclaim at first. Hannasean fans, disappointed by the poor organization of the Rugby World Cup and the team’s failures at the Winter Olympics, and bruised by past humiliations such as the poorly received World Cup of Hockey hosted on Hannasean ice and the pulling out from the World Baseball Classic, were even less wowed by news of an ‘all-star’ basketball roster featuring approximately zero first team HBA all-stars.

    But in the days ahead of the 31st IBC, anticipation has finally started to arrive. “There’s some excitement, I think,” said team co-captain Cash Pittman, who said he was “cheered” by the send-off from Pearl City Airport as the team travelled to Filindostan to begin their campaign. A small group of fans are expected to bring the Camp Hamster show on the road, assuming they ever discover which venue in Filindostan they’re to play at.

    Expectations for the tournament are suitably modest. “Right now, we’re not booking any tickets for Delaclava,” admitted shooting guard Logan Hall on his podcast, the ‘Lo-Down’. The team face a tough group including Sarzonia, IBC veterans who returned to the semifinals in the most recent edition of the tournament, and the strongest second-seed in the entire competition, in Valladares. But for now the team’s focus is on their first game, in Filindostan. “We don’t know much about their team,” admitted TJ Floyd, “But we’re doing what prep work we can and the practices are going really well.”

    The team is expected to run its offence through point guard Joe Tanner, who at 6’10” represents a significant height problem for most non-Drawkian teams, and wing Tom Powell, recently acquired by the Oak Park Blue Bees in a blockbuster trade with the Coral Coast Dolphins. The team’s biggest strengths, literally, come at the center position, with Jacques Brazier and Joaquin Navarra both HBA Defensive Player of the Year award winners.

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IBC 31: We Need a Rebound

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Written By: Emily Jackson and Chuck Paul

Pun intended.

It's no secret that the IBC 30 run was largely a letdown. The Net Corps, filled with veterans desperate to get a final ring before retiring from the IBC circuit, was in a solid position to make a run for the championship. All the pieces were there ... but they were upset by Sarzonia in the quarterfinals. This QF loss was a milestone - the first time the Net Corps has ever lost in an IBC quarterfinals in their entire 12 tournament history. Their first appearance was a mediocre group stage showing, then came the five straight round of 16 exits that was leading some to believe the Corps was cursed like their WBC counterparts. Then came the pivotal IBC 25 run that turned Drawkland from perennial stepping stones to a contender literally overnight - capped with a shock title that changed the Net Corps history forever. From then on, semifinal runs were the norm, and the Corps made five straight semis.

Now this streak is dead. The Corps' future is in question coming into this IBC, especially considering how the lineup is changing for this edition.

As threatened in IBC 30, the first of the original Net Corps squad has rode off into the sunset to live off their millions. Gerald Madison, the longtime starting center for the Net Corps, has called it a career for the national team. He's still a member of the Drawk Corps domestic team (yes they're different organizations, yes it's confusing, no I don't care), and his contract still has a few years left on it, but he will no longer be playing on the international level. He cited age as his main concern, as well as the fact that the backups for the Corps are great players in their own right and will be more than adequate replacements. The jury's still out on that one in my opinion, but if that's really how he feels then I'll put some faith in our top level talent.

That's the thing about the international level. You could have 15 of the best players in the multiverse on your team, but if they can't play well together, they won't succeed. It's the issue with all stars that go on to the next level of competition. There's the learning curve of having to play with others and be a better teammate. When a good high school player, who's used to carrying their team and getting the ball all game, has to move up to college, they're surrounded by players just as good if not better than them. They have to learn to become a team player. The same thing happens to college stars who go to the pro league and realize they have to play nice with all the other players of their caliber. The same concept applies to the international level. This is why Drawkian coaches, especially for the national teams, always prioritize chemistry over raw skill. The B+ player who knows when to shoot and when to pass is better than the A+ player who doesn't.

As for the new Net Corps starting lineup, it's roughly the same as it has been for the semifinal streak of dominance. The big omission is Gerald Madison, replaced by the longtime backup in Hailey Rider. She's been the big girl for Cove Port for many seasons, and is finally going to be getting starter minutes in the IBC. She's a good enough player to play at this level, but the question will be how she fares with the starting lineup chemistry. Apart from Rider, the lineup is pretty much the same, with the new inclusion of standout rookie Niko Warroven from the Sadeg Spartans filling the Center depth behind Hailey Rider and Jazmin Madison (Gerald's little sister).

The fate of our other older starters, like Taveon Holland and Autumn Trallen, is still in question. If we win a title, they'll probably retire on top with the storybook ending. If we have no title in our future, it's a mystery when they'll finally decide to hang it up. Now that Gerald's out the door, the rest should be following before too long. So what are our chances of giving them the sendoff they deserve?

IBC 31, set to be held in Delaclava, is set to tip off tonight. We've been drawn into Group E alongside Pot 2 Omerica, Pot 3 Juvencus, Pot 4 Southwest Eastnorth, and unranked Oscioru and United Volcano Isles. Wait a minute, Juvencus and Oscioru? That's right, this is a pseudo-Sonnel group! The luck of the draw has placed us together, so this should be a fun group. It's unfortunate that only two teams can advance from each group, but hopefully we take care of business and Juvencus can manage to outmuscle Omerica so we can come away with two Sonnel nations going along to the second group stage (more on that in a minute). There were only 3 Sonnel nations that signed up for IBC 31, so it's really crazy that we managed to get all three in the same group. Here's hoping those numbers can raise coming soon!

As for our actual group chances, it's simple. We're the best team in the group by a long shot. Omerica is a mid tier Pot 2, while Juvencus is the best Pot 3 team available. They should put up a solid fight, especially on the road, but realistically we should win 8 games. I know we should hope to be undefeated, but I just don't think that's possible for the Net Corps. We're no Banijan Buzzsaw, after all. The one good news is that, playing Sonnelmates in Juvencus and Oscioru, we'll have a massive presence. It may even be enough to nullify the home court advantage, since both Juvencus and Oscioru are only across the sea from Drawkland. Not only will we already have fans that live in those nations, but only having to cross the sea rather than having to go through the portal customs or find a flight offplanet.

Unless a historically bad collapse is in our future, we should cruise into the second group stage no problem.

Delaclava has brought the two tier group stage back to the IBC. Ever since Drawkland's been in the IBC, standard single group stages have been the norm, but this hasn't always been the case. The first seven or eight IBCs all featured two-tier group stages in which the best teams from the first group stage go on to play against tougher competition before advancing to the playoffs. In IBC 31's case, the top two qualify for the next group stage, which is four groups of five. Then the top two from each group after a single round robin will go on to the quarterfinals (single elimination, unfortunately). It's a throwback for sure, and absolutely a good call from a Delaclavan organization which has firsthand experience hosting and participating in such a format from back in the day.

It's a welcome change to the standard format of late, and something we're excited to be apart of. The only thing we need to do now? Win. Advancement to the second group stage should be a bygone conclusion, and hopefully our Juven friends from across the sea will be joining us from Group E. From there, being the #4 ranked team in the IBC ranks, we should realistically be Pot 1 for the second stage. It is not clear whether the pots for the second stage will be based on the IBC ranks or on post-stage one standings. In that latter case, Drawkland should be in a solid position to advance even if we drop to pot two or (God forbid) three. We may not take a group, as we'll have to deal with tougher competition, but the top two make it through to the quarterfinals. Plenty of wiggle room to make a run.

From there, it's only 3 games away from silverware. This team should realistically compete for a title, but shit happens. I think we'd all be happy with returning to the semifinals. We wouldn't want to start a streak of quarterfinal exits, after all! I would be foolish to predict an undefeated run through to the finals, but we should easily be winning 80% of our games or more in both group stages. We can only hope for the best. With the way this team has played in the past, we know we have the potential to pull crazy runs out of nothing ... so we can pull a crazy run out of something.

As a final thought, I'll leave you with this. We won our first title in IBC 25. Three editions later, we repeated in the crazy breakneck IBC 28. It's now three editions down the line, in IBC 31. Connect the dots. Let's just hope we have a wild ride, and bring one last ring to our crop of veterans. On Corps, baby. On Corps.
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AOBC exposes "teething problems"--Snider
Rick Gardiner
The Post CBL Correspondent

Ahead of the IBC 31, which will open at the CAPBANK Center against Maccian, the national team took the opportunity to head to Equestria looking to defend their AOB Championship. Instead of a chance to repeat, the three games showed that there is still some work to do in order to integrate the men & women into a system that utilizes all of the talent available.

Head Coach Audrey Snider said that there were plenty of positives to be taken away, but breakdowns at key moments cost Baker Park a chance to advance to the quarterfinals after a 61-59 to Qasden in the final contest.
"In terms of seeing the puzzle pieces starting to fit together, I think that there's a huge growth curve for this group. The gals are having to pick up on certain things that the guys know instinctively, just because of the differences in the pros. Getting everyone meshing together, the teething problems worked out, is what we've worked on since we got back".

The biggest obstacle heading into the World Championships is the same one the team faced in the regional--number 1 ranked Banija, who swept aside all comers in Equestria to take the title. Snider says the goal is to build up confidence through the first four games before the Banijans visit Ezriquay. "We stayed closer to them than anyone else except Sarzonia (in the finals, where the Stars fell 68-61), and if we can get a swing of 5 or 6 per quarter (ooc: she means a net change in scores--+3 scored and -3 allowed), we'll be competitive with them. They've got a lot of international experience, that's an edge that nothing can really overcome, except experience of your own."

The lineup will see Keon Dexter and Neveah Jackson in the backcourt, with Colin Walsh, Quincy Wallace and Joe Foster up front; Keith Rosario and Faith Duffy the first subs off the bench and Terry Flowers, David Ennis, Elissa Bradley, Marissa Irvin, and Carlin Fortner able to fill out a second unit as needed.
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Royal Kingdom of Quebec Senior National Basketball Team : IBC 31

Nation Name : Royal Kingdom of Quebec
Demonym: Quebecois
Team Nickname: The Grim Reapers
The Supporters: The Bubonic Plague

Team Quebec Jerseys, brought to you by Infiniti of Donnacona

Coaching Staff

Coach              Position            Age    Sex   Team                   Hometown
Jean-Gabriel Watt Men's Head Coach 46 M Carleton School Kingston, Frontenac
Nam Ji-Woo Women's Head Coach 50 F CSKA Quebec (W) Bathurst, Acadie
Arianna Ceciliani Assistant Coach (M) 45 F Farrer University Oshawa, Frontenac
Jeong Sang-Hyeok Assistant Coach (W) 40 M Univ. du Saguenay Sherbrooke, Estrie
Edouard-Noel Halbert Assistant Coach (M)33 M Montreal Koreana (M) Montreal, Montreal
Tara McQuilkin Assistant Coach (W) 55 F Univ. of Gander Quebec City, Capitale-Nationale
Alexandre Chen Team Doctor (M) 77 M Basketball Quebec/CSKA Levis, Capitale-Nationale
Kim Bessette-Wolf Team Doctor (F) 45 F Montreal Koreana Chibougamou, Nord-Est


#   Pos.  Player              Height  Weight  Age  Sex   Team                    Hometown
01 G Bahng Se-Woong 1.93m 185 lb 22 M Mount Ester University Habpo, Acadie
02 G Franck Briere-Bourque 1.81m 189 lb 24 M Universite d'Ottawa Shawinigan, Mauricie
03 C Noh Seung-Hoon 2.09m 269 lb 23 M CSKA Quebec Levis, Capitale-Nationale
03 G Ben Rawlyk 1.93m 191 lb 23 M Labrador State University Montreal, Montreal
04 C Robert Hamirsson 2.14m 257 lb 22 M Northwestern University Moosonee, Northwest
05 F Yi Hye-Ryeong 1.87m 183 lb 24 F Fort Lowe Rattlers California City, Manitoba
06 F Matthieu Kabengele 2.12m 268 lb 27 M Chicoutimi Orions Montreal, Montreal
07 G Abigail Corelli 1.80m 149 lb 27 F Winnipeg Wanderers Sudbury, Ontario
08 F Moustapha Niang 2.11m 258 lb 20 M Lake Superior State Univ. Sault St. Henri, Ontario
09 G Heo Myeong-Yoon 1.85m 156 lb 25 F Hamilton SonicBoom Cornwall, Frontenac
10 C Bae Seung-Yoon 1.94m 207 lb 28 F CSKA Quebec Quebec City, Capitale-Nationale
11 F Noh Seung-Dae 2.04m 258 lb 26 M Sudbury Moose Sherbrooke, Estrie
12 F Eileen McElwain 1.84m 153 lb 27 F Fort Lowe Rattlers Bongohdonggrad, Manitoba
13 F Erin Savikataaq 1.80m 164 lb 29 F Halifax Sun Iqaluit, Nunavut
14 G Nathalie D'Agostini 1.80m 159 lb 22 F Montreal Koreana Labrador City, Labrador
15 G Elle Allen-Conroy 1.83m 171 lb 21 F Univ. St. Croix Winnipeg, Manitoba
16 G Hector Realmuto-Jin 1.88m 180 lb 21 M Sarnia Tech University Kingston, Frontenac
18 F Mathieu-Abel Park 2.05m 226 lb 20 M Montreal Koreana Jeongju, Abitibi-Temiscamingue
19 G Michel Descloux 1.92m 197 lb 24 M Hanyang College Stanstead, Estrie
20 C Kim Hong-Ja 1.95m 171 lb 34 F Labrador City Rockets Montreal, Montreal
21 G Lauren Kim-Asfaw 1.73m 161 lb 22 F Northwestern University Moosonee, Northwest
22 F George Callaghan-McKee 2.06m 236 lb 23 M Mount Ester University Halifax, Acadie
24 F Zamani Siwele 1.93m 197 lb 22 M The Carleton School Ottawa, Outaouais
25 F Yang Jae-Woong 1.98m 211 lb 23 M Carleton School Prince Eric, Manitoba
27 G Yoo Bo-Rahm 1.79m 151 lb 24 F Mount Ester University Hampden, Gaspesie
28 F Diane Dunn-Chalifoux 1.92m 194 lb 23 F Univ. St. Croix Halifax, Acadie
36 C Benoit Huot-Chainey 2.17m 238 lb 21 M The Carleton School Aylmer, Outaouais
41 C Yim Se-Ryeong 2.01m 210 lb 21 F Univ. du Saguenay Chicoutimi, Saguenay
69 F Hazel Hanson-Conavacio 1.91m 170 lb 22 F Sherbrooke Thunder Handon, Schottia


Do anything but before you go around killing and injuring my players, drop me a TG or PM on discord. Don't be afraid to TG me too if you have any doubts or in need of anything or everything that is related to Quebec.
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Non c'è più musica

PART 1 (Somewhere in late 60s-I) - Shape of My Heart

Loic St-Amant has gone through plenty in Quebec City. Sure, he has only lived in the nation's capital, one that's widely called by those domestic and abroad as 'Eternal City of Lights', 'City of Eternal Lights', or something along the mixture of those in other languages, for a decade. But it has always brought that strange notion that his every day at the city, no matter how normal the routine, whether at work or home, may have seemed at times, something was going to be up in the air.

Loic, coming from a rural Abitibi town where he held enough memories behind and committed enough acts to forget, knew that coincidences can strike anybody at any moment, and the turn of his life over last twenty years and how he ended up in this bookstore was a good reminder. Of course, not a lot of Capitoliens would be able to say that they own one of the oldest independent bookstores in all of Quebec City- especially the iconic turquoise awning and outdoor terrace. They would more likely be frustrated with the dog remains lying on the street, the low walls of the older generations of Hanok houses, or the difficult navigation of backstreets where many of the top restos or Izakayas would be. They would rarely own an apartment let alone a house unless of status (partly enforced by real estate business being a nightmare of its own), eating correctly and healthily, and of course picking right lycees or vocational schools....oh my, the horror.

Nope, no, non, ah-nyo, etc. Loic St-Amant wasn't a typical Capitolien, which made him a standout and fitting owner-caretaker of Chez Galimard. In his house there used to live three different surnames, consisting of Loic, his brother Stephane who didn't remember how his parents looked and his son whose appearance and surname, a Baek, would have confused those who don't know the father-son pair. In a city where fertility rate was lower than the national average, and horndogs chasing the cars were as evident as a Taeshani oxymoron of subtlety, the family composition was one thing. The family all played sports at some point and they were aware of the modernity and enjoyed its products, but found themselves not to be emerged into it, simply because of the magic that binded the first-floor bookstore and the second-floor home. Loic, having gone through everything earlier and mostly finding joy in raising his son (especially now that his brother's entering his junior year at Royal Military College Cornwall) could have cared less about such differences, but Baek Nam-Soo, his son, has been perhaps too aware of the difference between home and away…

'How's school?' Loic asked, as he quietly checked the list of book catalogues for the third time this hour. Today was an unusual day for the business, perhaps too good to be real- from the early hours of business, the customers had all lined up to pick up the latest release of a literary novel from a foreign-sounding name. Sure, securing the supply of the book's first sales wasn't easy nor something that he had wanted, but he had heard from a friend or two that it was the author, not the publisher's idea, to promote it here, and gauge the reaction. So Loic did it anyway, to maybe see if there would be any difference made, even if he may still be stubborn enough on the inside to regret it later. Results? So far, so good.

'The usual.' Nam-Soo responded, his 6'4", 197 lb figure clearly outshadowing that of his father. Two words, 'the usual', probably meant more than the usual self, but the father, knowing his son's routines, went along to hear what his son had meant. 'May head out later to ball with the boys, especially since school's not starting for another week.'

Of course, careful eyes familiar to the father and the son, carefully paid attention to seemingly-normal conversations they had shared, and may or may not have said some words between them. Loic was aware of that too, slowly nodding along as he, before realising that the author's going to make a guest signing event at five in the evening, and had to remind himself to order delivery food for dinner sometime around three-thirty. It was already one in the afternoon, so he knew his son was going to stick around at their home upstairs, and probably text his yardbird friends to hang out on local court. Loic was aware that maybe a pro or college scout may be looking, or either a student who may be attracted to their preferred version of the 'Diamond Prince' or 'Eagle-spreader of the Courtyard':

'He's heading to the court? I wonder with whom,' a senior from neighbouring rival lycee, Alexandre-IV, was calling over his cellphone.

'Looks like he's keeping up with his expected work, maybe not off to the gym today though. Bulkup not on his mind yet,' Another man, a professional scout employed to the local QBO team, Quebec Bears, muttered while writing down the notes.

Of course, Loic knew all about that, for he had his own past trails of events that he didn’t want to think so much about. He went along as if nothing special was going to happen to them....yet.

'Of course, this must be where Rogue's 9th vocalist, Loic St-Amant, lives...who'd have thought he'd end up here, all separated and isolated from his hairband days.' said a woman, a music journalist just fresh out of her baccalaureat and spending her first years in this city. She, being a googly-eyed provincial from the Northeast, had heard of the obscure story about the misfortunes of Loic, though the owner didn't appear to care so much and just nod along.

'Oh, who could forget about 'Uri-egeh' (translated, Ko-Eng: To Us). Such a shame he had vocal nodules. Had five concerts and tv appearances for that album, and what? Truly tragic.' Her girlfriend, an architect's apprentice, agreed, as they continued to chat about childhood playlists, while looking for a musical songbook.

Certainly, though it did help me land this beautiful haven, smiled Loic, as he slowly let his thought slip into the late summer breeze. In all fairness he didn't choose to dwell too much upon his yearlong run, but sometimes he wondered on the what if's, especially on the late nights when the store was closed and he only had himself and Nam-Soo in the property.

Even then, through the prevalence of the flower scent that came all the way from the flower stands located just outside of the bookstore, he was able to notice something different.

Am I becoming old? Being accustomed to this all.

Loic slowly looked over his surrounding, while standing behind the counters once again, as he watched the stranger enter the bookstore and into his views. Slightly smiling from the sunny weather outside, the stranger took a look and greeted him with a wave. The stranger was a petite, confident woman who always carried a solitary flower or a bouquet whenever she entered, and knew how to dress her own style from the simplest into most chic. Was she even over five feet? his brother Stephane asked few weeks ago, when he was in town for two-week vacation between early-summer training sessions and late-summer semester of classes, as they were handling that week's matter of business.

Today, she was wearing a beret, a sign to the 1950s when it was run by Mr. Arnaud Lefebvre, the grandfather of Loic's late friend Sebastien. 'Hello bonjour, Mssr. St-Amant, is today the day for you?' she casually asked.

'It's the same old.' responded Loic, trying not to make too much out of what he had said to her two weeks ago. As their eyes briefly met, she stopped and gave him a gesture regarding his neck. Since that time, she had become aware of his twenties, and no matter what, there remained a slight layer of discomfort that came up for Loic whenever the stranger, by the name of Isabelle Everson-Hamon, came up.

'Oh, come on. Really?' She teased, suggesting that he's yet to tell her enough of what the others have known. 'How long are you going to stay quiet?'

'When the time is ready, and I don't know when.' he quickly conjured up an answer, leaving behind a wink, as she started heading towards the 'Old Books' section, where sometimes you'd be able to find the most antique copies of both Quebecois and foreign classics that would be better belonged on archives or university libraries.

Of course, it's best to keep it like that in this state of mind for him. Explaining too much about his earlier life, which involved an album of lost dreams, a dead wife, and an odd family where one's already moved onto greater reaches and where his son was eventually going to head to one of his own too, was not an ideal move. Living in the city, hiding away from much of it all, with hours and hours of antiquity's smell and kilograms of heart muscles and their content within these walls.

Loic slowly danced along a piece of 1990s Jazz, and before he knew it, he was thinking about his hometown, where he was thinking of the rolling hills and the casual drives along the highway. He rarely went back home these days, as the business had to be kept open and he had decided that his son should be visiting no one, including a rumoured birth father.

Not that Nam-Soo, who was watching that mini-episode unfold, cared about that anyway. Nam-Soo liked his father for being his everything, and was just glad they have a roof, and functioning home, and somehow he's allowed to be outside all the time to play the small ball and the big ball. Regardless of the situation, his father always came up with an idea to solve his worries, and that's what he drew.

And then there was something about his hair, cut nicely and controlled to its roots with a gentleman's hat, that had Nam-Soo wondering about his earlier days. On some days, through burnt and cooked CDs, he was able to watch his father's rare live videos in middle of the rain or snowfall. Some of them were miserable in quality, others were questionable because of his father's nodules that may have negated otherwise brilliant quality the 63-year old rock band's sound. On this late-summer day, especially as the ray of sunshine drove all the way into this space, he couldn't help but to notice some of what he may have imagined from old photographs. Oh, how amazing that a woman's mere question could signal yet another story of a wanderer from her words, dear reader....
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Welcome, all sixty of you, to the 31st International Basketball Championship! While we won't be seeing all of you here in Delaclava, it is an honor to put together this competition as you attempt to book your trip. For the first ten games, we will separate the contenders from the pretenders, find out who gets an invitation to the ball and who won't stay for the long haul. Once you're here, you have seven games to go. Play all of your cards right, and when there's nothing left to say... the glory, the fame, the IBC31 title, the winner takes it all.

IBC31 starts now! Matchday 1 cutoff!

Group A
Delaclava 82–62 Hebitaka
Saint-Domingues 67–79 Valanora
Equestrian States of Poland 73–73 Pemecutan (79–92 OT)

Group B
Silvedania 57–76 Equestria
Kriegiersien 77–64 United Vietussia
Cassadaigua 76–90 Crystal Empire

Group C
Nova Anglicana 97–69 Squidroidia
Zeta Reka and Hügeltaldom 88–66 Srednjaci
Smosh games 75–73 TJUN-ia

Group D
Royal Kingdom of Quebec 91–75 Kohnhead
Chromatika 100–57 East Lemyone
Vangaziland 75–61 Crilland

Group E
Omerica 79–61 Southwest Eastnorth
Juvencus 92–73 Oscioru
Drawkland 102–66 United Volcano Isles

Group F
Valladares 75–68 Ethane
Filindostan 67–67 Hannasea (77–75 OT)
Sarzonia 79–57 Nateros Sill

Group G
Xanneria 80–63 Rwekazaland
Mapletish 75–80 Newmanistan
Trolleborg 76–77 Khytonya

Group H
Mytanija 58–94 Banija
Græntfjall 66–77 HUElavia
Baker Park 91–95 Maccian

Group I
Hispinas 82–68 United States of the Adirondacks
Qasden 76–69 Lisander
Marigred 76–86 Acastanha

Group J
Northwest Kalactin 67–81 Abanhfleft
Savigliane 74–85 Indusse
Wizcity 68–76 Sannyamathland
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The Sour Kind
"I only know one thing, that is I know nothing"

Commentaries| Timothy Jozua

Dragons face tough return back in multiverse basketball

With the International Basketball Championship 31 (IBC 31) forging ahead, the Dragons are faced with an imminent problem in the hands, how else are they going to beat the multiverse teams out there. Having not had any luck advancing outside of the group stages of the qualifying stages of any IBC competition, this tournament proved to be one of the toughest that the Dragons have ever gone into. A team made up of young semi-professional players in their 20s, one can almost imagine, they are facing the U23 side from Mapletish instead. As with the other sports counterparts in association football and lacrosse, head coach Kerry Poole has a baggage to carry on in this tournament. One of the problems here, is definitely, his lack of professional basketball experience. Having to face some of the heavyweights in the qualifying stages, namely Xanneria, Trolleborg and multiverse number 2, Newmanistan, Poole expressed for confidence in the young team.

Poole had opted for a tight roster, with only 2 lines to substitute the starters. This was primarily due to the lack of playing time that the players have had together before the preparation for the IBC. Captain Manuel Ray, as the oldest player in the team was also named as the captain of the team. Having had some experience in the Golden Phoenix basketball academy back in his teenage years, the young skipper had since been out of vying for his time in the professional basketball youth setup, only to see him playing his time on the streets and in university. University basketball was a kind of complement for his gifts though as he opted to return to a chance for professional basketball when he has the opportunity again.

Together as a team, the Dragons opted for a closely played tight man marking defensive system with an emphasis on close direct passing and less fanciful playing. This approach employed by head coach Poole was also one of the few similar systems employed by the lacrosse and association football teams that made their return to multiverse action recently, a closed, defensive minded system that enabled fewer errors and making use of the teamwork present in the players to capitalise on errors and work on advancing the ball together. This is the preferred approach with the lack of emphasis on individual brilliance which is sufficiently lacking in an hastily assembled, non-professional team.

Box Score

The Dragons started off the match against Newmanistan in their return to multiverse basketball with a close defeat 75-80 against the multiverse number 2 at the Rosten Centre. The Rosten Centre is also the home ground for 2 time MNBA regular season champions, Home United. One of the biggest sports clubs in Mapletish. With a capacity of 26,123, the Rosten Centre was a location of tradition and pride. The Buio'Dzz lighted up the Rosten Centre as the Dragons performed their tribal dance as the Rockets, or the 3x IBC Champions looked on in awe. If I remembered correctly, the Dragons have never performed the Buio'Dzz against the Rockets before (pardon me if I am wrong).

The disparity in skills and play were not obvious to the untrained eye. The first period was drawn neck on neck 20-20. The Rockets' won the tip off against the Dragons and controlled possession early. Their starting five were comfortable long range shooters. A "four-point line" actually exists in Newmanistan basketball which is an alien concept here in Mapletish. However, that culture prevailed even in Mapletish. Shooting from long range was the norm for their players. They were of course the first to break open the deadlock netting three points consecutively, Warren Peyser, their shooting guard was red hot early in the game. HIs position match up, Kevin Nichols, was unable to guard against this juggernaut, and was thrown into his shadow for each of the former's three points attempt. The Dragons however, counted on their tight man to man marking to win balls and was able to get Gregory Rice on the scoring front. Comfortably zigzagging in the Rockets' defence, Rice was responsible for 5 of the 10, two pointers netted by the Dragons. Getting 3 of that 5 attempts from the paint, the Rockets' paid close attention to the 20 year old point guard. The Rockets would continue to threaten by making another 3 more 3 pointers before Center Byron Storm settled for a dunk after a spiteful offensive rebound against Francis Bridges as the two big men faced off against each other after an unsuccessful three point attempt by the Rockets' Warren Peyser.

The 2nd period was one to be taken by the Dragons as they were able to control possession after losing the tip off in the first quarter. Controlling the possession also enabled the Dragons offensive opportunities to boot. The Dragons were able to put up 8 2-pointers in this quarter, a 3-pointer and made an an-one to end off their quarter. The Rockets continued with their red hot form on the three point line, blasting another 5 3-pointers while converting 3 free throw attempts and rocking another 2-pointer to end off the first half tied 40-40 with the Dragons. Cedric Quinn was the points getter for the 2nd quarter as he matched up with his layups converting 3 of the 8, 2-pointers in the paint. Whereas Gregory Rice continued to get his points via his mid range shooting, field goal attempts, making the last 5 of the 2 pointer attempts.

The 3rd period was another one for the Dragons to take advantage of. However, both sides were unable to pull ahead with another 20-20 scoreline as they advanced into the last quarter, with the Rockets the one to get possession of the ball. The Dragons pulled 4 3-pointers in this period, while managing another 4 2-pointers en-route to the 4th quarter. Coming on for the first line, the second line was a little more aggressive in defence as they attempted more steals and knocked more blocks than their counter-parts. However, that also resulted in more reach-in and shooting fouls as the Rockets went to the line on 4 of such attempts, converting all 4 of their chances. They also put 4 3-pointers into the Dragons' net to end off their 3rd period haul.

The 4th quarter put the distance between the Dragons and the Rockets as the latter pulled away with 6 3-pointers clocking one of the highest number of 3-pointers conversion rates, the Dragons have ever faced in their multiverse basketball experience. The Dragons however were unable to catch up with the Rockets in this aspect, only managing 15 points, via 5 2-pointers and the conversion of 3 free throw attempts, worth 5 points to end off the closely matched up match against the multiverse number 2. The Rockets had thus schooled the non-professional Maplish basketball players on a lesson of basketball superiority, yet done so with grace.

The Dragons faced off against Xanneria, or the Maroons as they are called next at Xanneria. The 34th ranked team in the multiverse, the Dragons will look to replicate their form against the Rockets and bring it along to Xanneria.
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Ramsey government finds budget negotiations are no easy task

John McAvoy, Political Columnist, Londinium Courier

After passing their new tax bill, the Ramsey government's next task is to pass a budget for this fiscal year. Following the budget passage every year, Parliament typically takes a recess of several weeks, thus avoiding the so-called "silly season" and cutting down on parliamentary fatigue, or so the theory goes. Most MPs look forward to the summer recess, but it appears that the Ramsey government is going to have to wait just a bit longer before they start jetting off to various seaside vacations. Our sources within Parliament indicate that there is internal dissension in the Cabinet and in the governing coalition over the budget.

Traditionally, there are three key power players in budget negotiations: the Cabinet ministers, the Prime Minister, and the head of the various committees of the House of Deputies. The Senate has the right to draft a budget as well, but this is typically either a messaging document intended to draw attention to various pet causes or a formality that aligns with the lower house's preferences. Either way, their influence is not enough to merit serious mention in the budget process. Ideally, the three power players are all in sync: the Cabinet minister drafts a reasonable proposal for their ministry, the PM looks it over and judges it to be fine, and the head of the Budget Committee and the committee pertinent to that ministry ensure its swift passage through their respective bodies. In practice, what happens is that all the Cabinet ministers draft the most financially generous proposal they can think of for their ministry (or the one that includes most of their ideological priorities, if they're interested in cutting funds). This means that the PM then has to sit down, excise the offending parts, and then have the difficult discussions with the more senior ministers about why they cut certain things, and have their lackeys deal with the less powerful ministers. This either leads to complete agreement and the proposed budget is sent off to the proper committees, or, more typically, leads to a bit of back and forth between the Cabinet minister and the PM as the minister tries to wheedle just a few pounds more or make an exception for a particular program. The senior ministers are more likely to haggle, while the junior ones usually just shut up and say, "Yes, Prime Minister."

Then, once the PM and the Cabinet ministers are all in agreement about their respective ministries, the next chokepoint are the committees. Cabinet ministers are forbidden from chairing committees, because not everyone gets to be a minister and, Lord knows, everyone's got to have some kind of power so they can brag about it to their constituents (or their party base, if they're a list MP) and nobody feels left out. Therefore, committee chairs usually have their own opinions about the budgets for the respective ministries that align with their committees, and they've got to hold up the process a little bit to show their independence, protect their turf, and, we all know they enjoy this bit the most, flaunt their power. So the committee chair usually has talks with the Cabinet minister and, if they're fighting, calls the Cabinet minister to testify in front of the committee about the budget. Sometimes, if it really escalates, the PM has a little chat with the committee chair. This is, on the PM's part, usually a mixture of tongue-lashing and patiently listening to whatever parochial concern the committee chair has. After this stage, the proposed budget passes through the committee.

Of course, if the committee chair is weak or the government has a particularly slim majority, individual committee members can wield some influence too. And the opposition has tricks and ways of holding up the process or making deals with the majority to slip their particular hobbyhorse into the budget. This either has to be excised later, requiring more time, or if it's something relatively harmless that will get an extra vote, like AP 40,000 to study the best way to grow blueberries in such-and-such a constituency, left in. Technically, the House of Deputies could vote to suspend the rules and simply bring the whole budget to the floor for a vote, but "regular order" is prized in Parliament, because it makes everyone play nice with each other. And in any case, the budget is always passed, though sometimes not with much time to spare before the end of the fiscal year. And most of the time, it's a bit of a Frankenstein's monster or even a camel, but that's how we do business here.

Well, we hear that while some ministry budgets have sailed through the first two stages (drafting and PM approval), such as the new Commerce & Labor ministry, as well as the Environment and Agriculture ministries, others, such as Defense, Immigration, and surprisingly, Culture are being held up. As for the first two, it's relatively straightforward. The People's Party and the National Party promised to raise the defense budget by 25 and 50%, respectively, over the three-year parliamentary term. Take the middle of that and you get a 37.5% increase, or about 12.5% per budget (AP 0.6 billion, in this case). The problem is, Hugh Townsend, the retired rear admiral who's heading the Defense Ministry, wants more ships, and those are particularly expensive. So he wants a few hundred million more, while pressure is mounting on Finance Minister and Libertarian Party leader William Dawson to stand up for libertarian principles, namely not spending money on things, especially the military. His caucus wants to see actual budget cuts, and they think all ministries should feel the pain. Dawson isn't likely to collapse the government over this, and he can't expect 85% of the government to go back on a flagship campaign promise, but he's got to make some noise. So Ramsey is being pulled two ways on this; he's got to keep Townsend happy and fulfill a campaign promise, but he's also got to keep his allies in line and let Dawson save face with his party. Look for Ramsey to buy off Townsend by giving his ministry an advance on next year's defense increase; this will keep the admiral happy and let Dawson quiet the baying hounds by saying they won't increase spending next year very much.

At Interior, it's much the same story. Both the PP and the Nationals want to increase the budget, hire more staff, and either deport people or tighten up the immigration laws. Predictably, Immigration Minister and National Party Chair Christopher Mathewson (himself a former PP member) wants a larger increase than Ramsey thinks is necessary, and the Libertarians don't particularly want to see more armed agents of the state or tightening of the borders, which they fear will lead to restricting the free flow of capital as well. The major fight is still to come, when the government decides what exactly they want to do about the immigration laws, but for now, Ramsey has to manage how much of an increase Immigration will get. Plus, he might have to find bigger cuts in other areas to make the Libertarians happy, which could hurt his relationship with other ministers.

Culture is the interesting one. Originally, the parties of the government coalition proposed eliminating the ministry, seeing it as an easy way to cut the budget. However, the baseball team's victory in WBC 47 shone a light on the Ministry's work in supporting sports, and they agreed not to eliminate it. Ramsey appointed noted moderate Bethany Cohen to head it, giving the moderate wing some non-threatening influence and assuaging public concerns that the government would slash the budget. Their new plan was to reduce the budget for non-sporting sources, and use the charitable deduction part of the tax code and their relationship with the business community to obtain more private funds for both sporting and non-sporting culture. However, Cohen has put a bit of a wrench in their plans; she submitted a request for an increase in the Culture budget. Apparently, she wants to show her influence to her constituency and reach out to swing or non-traditional PP voters. Cutting funding for First Nations culture or local historical preservation could alienate people, while she thinks the PP can make inroads with First Nations voters and use local projects to gain influence in communities. It's an interesting bit of electoral strategy, but she's got to make a hell of a case to the PM. It would be an astonishing volte-face to propose eliminating Culture and then increase its budget.

And so, budget negotiations continue apace. Some ministries will be approved by their committees as early as next week, while others have yet to be finalized and sent off to committees. Opposition Leader Hal Blackwood will do everything in his power to try to derail the budget and bring down the government, or at least to avoid big cuts and get as many of his members' special projects into it as possible. The chess match continues, but it seems like the government is playing against itself at times.
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Postby Southwest Eastnorth » Sat Feb 06, 2021 9:59 pm

SWEN Frontiersmen Roster


COACH: Frankie "Big Z" Kavinski (51 Years old)
ASSITANT COACH: Hubie Bowen (61 Years Old)
ASSITANT COACH: Damon "Dam" Sekkar (47 Years old)

#3 Joey Deagle
#24 Gordy Godwin
#50 Drew Stanton
#57 Steven Deagle

#1 Elliot Shaw
#5 Tristan Bumfry
#33 Ivory Jay-Lucas

#38 Leon Del Pierre

#35 Hector Goncalvez
#90 Blitz Carmicheal

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Postby Indusse » Sat Feb 06, 2021 10:58 pm
Another Season, New Start

Northwest Kalactin 67–81 Abanhfleft
Savigliane 74–85 Indusse
Wizcity 68–76 Sannyamathland

First Match of the International Basketball Championship 31 in Delaclava. Indussé started its second season ever with a victory against Savilgane for a score of seventy four against eighty five. The Match was quite desperating with the players bathing in perspiration. After the IBC 30, Indusse is playing a basketball match after a long time. In the IBC 30 Skill Contest Round, Indusse was one of the top five medal takers in the event. Chiranjeevi S of Indusse became second in the Dunk Challenge of the Skill contests. The Basketball team arrived at Delaclava at the time of the internal tensions in the nation. Indusse is facing the uprising of a new movement in the country. The Movement is known as the " Red Blood Initiative". It isn't a movement it's just a terrorist uprising. Red Blood Initiative was started by the Red Blood League which is the youth confederation of Maoists in India. The Maoists are Creating too much problems in the nation and the nearby nations. Take the case of Madhyarashtra, which is the nation which shares their borders with Indusse. Recently, The Red Blood League's News Network called MaoNews released their first game for kids, the game called as MaoG : Communist Royale had created a big wave in the nations. The Times of Madhyarashtra and the government threatened the Red Blood League and banned MaoG. The threatening infuriated the Maoist Front and they attacked Times of Madhyarashtra Head Quarters and set it to fire. Over five were killed after that. As the Aftermath, The Maoists even blasted a bomb near the Nariman Point killing twenty people. This movement almost killed twenty six people in two attacks. The Movement has started its counter strikes in Indusse and had completed a blast in one of the tribal colonies killing seventeen tribals and two Maoists.

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Postby Banija » Sat Feb 06, 2021 11:10 pm

The Istria Eagle
Istria's news, all the time

Bishop Thomas Young announces sudden retirement as University President at Loyola, springing a scramble at Banija's largest University

Bishop Thomas Young, current President of Loyola University

ISTRIA, MORAVICA- The Loyola University community- not just the main campus in Istria, but all three campuses, have received stunning news. Shortly after the national election, the President of Loyola University, Bishop Thomas Young, has announced his retirement, effective almost immediately, as the President of the Mormon institution. With an enrollment of over 40,000 students, it is one of the largest private Universities in all of Atlantian Oceania, and is considered one of the region's premier devout Christian Universities.

The University's Board of Regents released a statement regarding his resignation. "Bishop Thomas Young has been so instrumental to the growth of this school, and the growth its profile, both at home and abroad. Thanks to his forceful advocacy for the importance of higher education, he has been able to spread the reach of this University, especially our Istria campus, much further and much wider than was ever thought possible. This school now has more international students than ever, and that is thanks to his vision. We wish him a happy retirement, and we will immediately begin the search to find his replacement."

Bishop Thomas Young has a legendary status at the school. He has made it the school's mission to increase the school's international presence, and provide students unique opportunities from across the multiverse an experience that they could not find anywhere else. He has entered the school into partnerships with foreign universities from Siovanija & Teusland. When he was brand new, the issue of Loyola-Istria and Northern Moravica joining the NSCF came up for the first time ever. He was a forceful advocate in favor of it, and it has been one of the best decisions ever made for this sports mad nation.

Three NSCF titles and a pair of national championships across the last 10 football seasons? But he doesn't get graded on football. The biggest thing he did for branding purposes, was get Loyola-Istria involved in the Olympics. The exposure the University got serving as the Istria Olympic Village was massive, as well as a number of on-campus sporting venues serving as Olympic venues. Foreign applications skyrocketed in the triple to quadruple percentage points, in just one year. While numbers of course came back down the next year, they still had a 50% increase in foreign applications from 2 years prior.

His shoes will be big to fill. Loyola University, remember, is a private University, ran directly by the Banijan Mormon Church. But it is much more than that. Now, it is a big-time University on an international level. Both sporting wise- elite international sports teams in gridiron and basketball. And, of course, academic wise, as it works to increase its own academic profile. The hire from the Board of Regents leaves a big question- in what direction will they look?

They will look in all sorts of directions. Bishop Thomas Young got the Board of Regents to change two things about the hiring process that could make it the most open it has been, probably ever. First, of course, the Board themselves will make the pick- the Archbishop of Istria, or the Patriarch of Herzegovina, no longer have a direct say. Secondly, there is a vastly expanded pool of candidates. It does not have to be a member of the Mormon clergy. They technically got rid of religious requirements altogether- although we find it unlikely to the point of absurdity that a non-Mormon would become President of the religion's brightest beacon. But it can be someone not from the clergy, from regular ol' academia, or even another sort of background.

There will be all sorts of candidates. Maybe it's easier to start with this- who isn't a candidate? Adama Sowe is a candidate whose name was immediately floated around, but he shot it down. He's the WCC President-Elect- he told us he was "fully focused" in preparing to take office as the WCC's President when World Cup 87 ended. He said, however, he'd consult with the Board of Regents, if asked, to help them conduct their search. He earned both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Loyola-Istria. Kekoto Mansaré, the former Loyola-Istria Provost and newly minted Ambassador to Chromatika, has also put out a statement that he is "fully focused" on serving as Ambassador to Chromatika, although he also offered to consult with the Regents if they asked.

All sorts of names should be in. Plenty of lay people will throw their hat into the ring. Hell, maybe some ambitious academic administrators from abroad as well, if they don't mind the Mormon mission of the school- what do they got to lose? These will be some big shoes to fill, but no shortage of people to fill it. In our next article, we'll throw around some names- some familiar, some not familiar- of people that will be considered to be the President of this large and prestigious University system.
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Postby Northwest Kalactin » Sun Feb 07, 2021 12:14 am

Northwest Kalactin 67–81 Abanhfleft
.   Players	Mins	Pts	Rbd	Ast	Stl	Blk 	
Josh Abbott 24 10 1 6 0 0
Rick Garza 30 11 2 4 2 1
Charlie Larson 31 5 1 5 1 0
Jorge Sutton 39 15 10 0 0 1
Michael Hughes 38 12 9 1 1 3
Roy Carter 3 0 0 0 0 0
Steven Stewart 13 5 0 1 0 0
Joe Green 20 9 7 5 3 1
Billy Bell 0 0 0 0 0 0
Chris Parker 2 0 1 0 0 0
200 67 31 22 7 6

Well, a rather disappointing game, now was it? The Kalactanian team was very much unable to execute against a tough Abanhfleft team, although there is hope for the Kalactanians. Abanhfleft was going to be our clear cut top opponent for this group. Many of the other teams we should be able to beat, although there is obviously, no guarantees with a young team like this, even with the tough competition of Indusse and Savigliane.

Another bright spot to highlight on was some of the individual play we saw this game. The Swiss Army Knife, Joe Green was able to have his best international game so far, as he was one of the 2 players, along with the star Center Mike Hughes to put up stats in all 5 major categories. His play as a 20 year old is impressive, especially watching him play on the defense against Abanhfleft. Green was able to cover Fleftic Shooting Guard Anselmo Cedro like a glove, and there is much to come with him.

A post game interview with Kalactanian coach Harold Barnes talked about the good play he saw of many players in the group: “I actually enjoy what we ended up seeing today. While it may not have seemed like a great game, the strong play of Joe, Mike and Jorge was fun to watch, and I believe it shows a good sign for the future. Joe, in particular, could even look to take the starting 2-guard spot from Rick Garza if his play stays on this track. I like what I see in him.”

Rick Garza, commented on the play of Green following the game “He is one hell of a player, and I will not be ashamed if I lose the starting spot out to him. There aren’t many better players to lose the spot to, and he has a very, very bright future with this team.” Green taking over the starting spot would be a surprise, if it happened this tournament. While he has the talent, it is unknown if he has the maturity and leadership to take over one of the most important positions on the court, and also if he can play well in the scheme. While he played well today, he primarily plays a more combo-guard type of play, so Green may not fit Barnes’s scheme as well as he does in domestic play.

Jorge Sutton, after a rough first half of the game, came back with 10 points and 7 rebounds in the second half, and ended up with a strong game in the end. His athleticism is clearly back for another tournament, although it is clear he is more willing to play a “Bruiser” type of role, rather than a more clean cut Power Forward. Taking contact and forcing his way into the paint was one way Sutton got many of his points and rebounds, and he says he plans to keep it up for the rest of the tournament.

Despite getting a good share of minutes, Josh Abbott was unable to go out and make his mark today, as poor play, still lingering from the final stages of last tournament, seemed to follow him around to the next season. His drop in play may be starting to become of his age, and many say he is nowhere near the level he was at during IBC XXIX. Abbott put up a 10-1-6 game, and was unable to manage much on the defensive side of the ball during the game.
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Postby Squidroidia » Sun Feb 07, 2021 7:32 am

The Inkopolis Times



Squidroidia kick off IBC 31 campaign with a blowout loss in Londinium

LONDINIUM, Nova Anglicana - It's crucial that the first game in a campaign must be a win - The first game is an easy sign to see how your campaign will go, to see if teams will rise and fall and how they were going to be shaken up long before the teams dive into the final few fixtures with their seasons on the line. It has been 2 years since the Squidroidian national basketball team left the confines of Græntfjall and went back home, and that wait, with only collegiate and leisure center hoops on the cards for the members of the team, took its toll in Londinium, where Nova Anglicana tipped off their campaign with a 97-69 beatdown of the Inklings.

It wasn't a good start to the campaign for the team themselves. Against a decent Nova Anglicana team with actual professional experience behind them, the blunt, weakened Squidroidians couldn't find their way to the basket without having to bail and put up the shot from, in some cases, considerably deep. The once-powerful Ulisse McGovern was reduced into a pawn, passing the ball over to his squid buddies in Peyton and Wruck for them to shoot from behind the line, and only then the shots wouldn't really go in, going back to the Londinium Lions for them to outmatch the squid kids with their small ball prowess - Something that the team couldn't match for the whole game.

But even with the loss the team have to press on, and will open the Mako Arena for the IBC campaign against TJUN-ia, who had the upset of the tournament forced on them with an embarrassing 75-73 loss over an unranked and "weak" Smosh Games team, one who now sit third in their group but may, and probably will, drop off. The hope for the Inklings is that TJUN-ia would be considered weakened by the shock loss enough for the likes of McGovern and Dufour to create more opportunities to get the Jags to 0-2, a starting record that, for them, would be as embarrassing as that loss to Smosh Games. The best thing they can hope for is, naturally, a home win.

Going around the court now:

  • Delaclava tipped off the tournament with an 82-62 win over Hebitaka, with the Equestrian States... Of Poland going into overtime against Pemecutan,
  • Group B saw all 3 top seeds win against their lower ranked opponents,
  • Chromatika gave East Lemyone a 100-57 blowout, the biggest in the tournament so far,
  • Juvencus keep their friends Oscioru at bay in Group E, while the Net Corps crush the United Volcano Isles,
  • Filindostan narrowly beat out Hannasea in overtime in Group F,
  • Group G sees Khytonya pull off an upset against Trolleborg by 1 measly point, while Newmanistan win by 5 over Mapletish,
  • The Banijan Buzzsaw revs back to life as the Lions start their defense of the title off well against Mytanija 94-58, with HUElavia also getting the better of Græntfjall,
  • Lisander fall to AO's Qasden hoopers in Group I,
  • And Abanhfleft do the job against Kalactin to kick off their campaign.

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DROP IT DOWN!: Smosh games = IBC Transvolcanic

Postby TJUN-ia » Sun Feb 07, 2021 8:39 am

IBC 31 was set to be an interesting one for TJUN-ia, no matter where we ended up. The Zhou Dynasty was entering year 2 and after reaching the quarterfinals last time out, the now joint-10th ranked side in the IBC was looking to keep up the good work as they began the double-grouped campaign. First up was a trip to Smosh city to play unranked Smosh games, a nation best known for not getting a single win in their WC87 campaign.

But this game would show that this nation known for losing actually had potential after all. The first 2 Quarters were tight affairs all around, with Smosh refusing to simply let the Jags take the dub with them. The starting 5 were doing their stuff, as always, but the hosts had a fire under their bellies to cause a huge upset on debut and heading into the half, the teams were level at 37-all. The 2nd half would be just like this as well, with both teams almost interlinked for most of this contest. In the end, it would be the hosts who pulled off the upset with a clutch basket with 1.2 on the clock. The crowd stormed the court and to be honest, who could blame them? They just beat a Top 10 team on opening day!

Now then, I know a lot of you are concerned right now...but this isn't the end of the world! Remember, we were 3-2 after the first half of games last time out and look where that got us. But despite this, Bao Zhou knows he needs to improve. Losing your opening game as a top seed isn't the best look at all, and they need to bounce back in great style next time out. We travel to Squidroidia for Game 2, opening day at the Mako Arena. This should be a fun one. GO JAGS!

MD1: @Smosh games (UR) L 73-75 (4th)
MD2: @Squidroidia (35) - Mako Arena, Inkopolis
MD3: vs Srednjaci (UR) - Unity Centre, Riverside
MD4: @Nova Anglicana (21) - National Arena, Londinium
MD5: vs Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom (41) - Unity Centre, Riverside
MD6: vs Smosh games (UR) - Unity Centre, Riverside
MD7: vs Squidroidia (35) - Unity Centre, Riverside
MD8: @Srednjaci (UR)
MD9: vs Nova Anglicana (21) - Unity Centre, Riverside
MD10: @Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom (41)
1st: ECC4/5, NSSCRA13
2nd: NSCF24/26, ARWC4, WC:TOTS, IBC34, IBS17, RUWC33
3rd: ARWC3, IBC32, ECC3
4th: WBC50/52, IBC31/33, RLWC20/21
T1: #07 Michael Stefan (S13 T1 Champion/8W)/#64 Alfonso Mercado (2W)/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champion/1W-T1/3W-T2)
T2: #97 Robin Dragonovic [SNL] (5W [4 @JR])/#96 Alice Jepkosgei (3W)/#70 Gongming Gao [NCR] (4W)

WGPO: #11 Lane Carter (1W)/ #9 Batu Tüvshinbayar (WGP2 S5 Champion/1W)
NSTT: 4 S-Titles (3 RU)/2 D-Titles (5 RU)

UN - U1
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Postby Hannasea » Sun Feb 07, 2021 9:18 am

Hannasean independent radio station StrawberryJam commentary excerpts.
    “Welcome to Filindostan for the historic first ever game for the Hannasean national basketball team. Now, technically, a Hannasean team did compete at the Olympics in Istria, but that was in 3×3. A tough first assignment for the team, a road game against a team with a wealth of basketball experience – in fact, the headquarters of the IUBC used to be located right here in Filindostan. The Hannasean players on the court running last minute drills, Ethan Cox sinking a basket, Sylvain Vidal dribbling around, Nate Evans fist-bumps a member of the crowd who are wearing a Coral Coast shirt…”

    “…and we’re off! Filindostan win the tip-off and bring it down. Pass picks out their power forward near the basket, he backs down Pittman and makes the easy 4-footer over him. 2 – 0 and the first points against the Hannasean team. Tanner corrals the ball and crosses halfway with it. Looking to drive, shrugs off his defender, bounce pass through to Brazier, who turns and gets a hand in the face. Did he get off the shot? He did. Early foul drawn and a chance for Brazier to settle some nerves with the first points. Much improved as a free throw shooter Brazier, but this one is off the rim, some groans from the crowd so a few Hannaseans here to cheer on the team. Brazier, bounces the ball. Sinks the free throw, first points in Hannasean history…”

    “…bad pass by Navarro reeled in. First turnover in Hannasean history.”

    “You know that is getting really annoying, it’s the first game, we get it.”

    “First time you’ve told me I’m really annoying in Hannasean history.”

    “It is absolutely not the first time, as Filindostan convert the fast break to go 6 – 1 up…”

    “…Brazier sticks his long arm in there and picks off the pass, chance to counter, but Filindostan rush back in defense. Tanner, wants to drive, can’t find a lane, pulls up, and the 8 foot jumper is no good. He really needs to work on developing a jump shot if he’s ever going to be a top guard, rebound is claimed by Filindostan’s center…”

    “…puts in the shoulder, and draws the foul – no, offensive foul, good turnover won by some hustling D from Hall. Tanner brings it in. Pass finds Hall in the corner, three, airball! This team is going to need someone to find their stroke soon, a lot of jitters on show in the woeful shooting so far…”

    “…steps back, and drains the 3! And that’s enough, Seb Cole calls the timeout. Filindostan lead by 10 here in the second quarter, and at the moment Hannasea are level with them in all phases of the game except finishing. Good D, some nice passes, competitive on the boards, but just not converting even open looks. Cole hammering his players in the huddle, but unless someone finds a shooting touch there’s just not that much he can say…”

    “…Cox from downtown – at the buzzer – good! Did he get it off in time? They may be checking this on instant replay. Call stands, and a welcome three pointer lands for Ethan Cox right at the buzzer to cap a disappointing half for Hannasea, who trail Filindostan by 9. Some bright touches in amongst a lot of horrible shooting and there are some miserable splits looking down the box score, 0 for 4, 1 for 6, 0 for 3, 2 for 7…”

    “…Pittman as the clock winds down – off the rim. Filindostan get the rebound and bring it up. No open looks as the guard holds it, drives, checks. Pass to their forward who shoots the mid-range floater, no good, off the rim, Pittman hustles in ensure the rebound is safe. Pittman brings it out himself, Pulls up from deep – not even close. Both teams really, really want to make just one basket right now…”

    “…Brazier sinks the free throw, there are just 4 seconds on the clock. Lob pass out, the guard has a line and makes the highlight reel dunk! Just got it in there ahead of the buzzer to end the third quarter, Filindostan’s lead holding steady at 10 points as those shots just won’t land for Hannasea, not that it’s been a banner night from behind the arc for either team…”

    “…Powell for three! Sinks the deep ball for the first time tonight. Quick hands, Powell grabs another steal his third of the night. And he’ll pull up and – make the three! Oh-ho, what a sequence from Powell as Hannasea pull back within four, just goes to show how streaky these things can be. Hannasea laying bricks all night and suddenly the hot hands are really cooking a mixed metaphor…”

    “…Brazier loses it in transition, fast break, and the Filindostan forward throws it down with a savage dunk to whoops from the crowd. Lead back to 8, Cole shouting angrily at Brazier who was trying something a little too clever there, not really within the big man’s skill set…”

    “…Cox coming back in to replace Vidal. Cox, finds space and – that’s a huge three! Pulled back and let rip from downtown, and it pulls Hannasea to within two. Things are getting frantic here, turnovers, wild misses, crazy shots, it feels like the temperature has risen a few degrees just in the last five minutes. Five to play, Filindostan up by two…”

    “…Powell, can he keep his hot streak running, no, bobbles around the rim, but Powell himself crashes the glass for the put-back slam! Huge play, right over the head of his defender, as Powell keeps it a one-score game with a big offensive rebound…”

    “…misses the layup, but Filindostan recover the rebound. Quick pass, jump shot, off the glass, another offensive board for Filindostan, attempt at a put-back, won’t go, and Powell gets in there. Four in a row just wouldn’t drop for Filindostan! Cox brings it up, goes to the rim, backs off, hits the jumper! 67 – 65 Filindostan, back to a 2 point gap with that Ethan Cox jumpshot…”

    “…looking for an open shooter, can’t find one on the wings, feeds the big man, but Brazier wrestles it away! Key steal to recover possession with time running way down and Cole quickly calls for a timeout to regroup. Brazier hasn’t been effective offensively tonight but he’s had some big defensive plays and that was another…”

    “…no good, Brazier comes down with it, three seconds on the clock as Powell takes the outlet pass for a fastbreak, cruises to the basket, won’t risk the three, two, one, Powell – makes the layup! A straggle of cheers among the groans as the few Hannasean fans go wild, Tom Powell with the tying shot! Somehow, Hannasea have fought their way back into this game. Long bomb – way off target. So it’ll be overtime…”

    “…blocked back in Cox’s face by the center, but Brazier recovers the ball and puts it back in. Nice layup by Brazier to beat the chase-down block. Early lead for Hannasea as the overtime period begins…”

    “…Santiago for the win – no good! The ball banks off the board and the three-pointer is no good. Navarro got to the ball but the buzzer sounds, and that will be the game. 77 – 75 in overtime, a heartbreaker for the Hannaseans who battled very well to overcome some seriously cold shooting early on and find a way back into this game. But in the end perhaps some tiredness creeping in as the shots began to clang again. Big call to feed Santiago for the final shot. Hannasea will travel home for the first home game in Hannasean history.”

    “Oh, shut up…”



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