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Postby Mercedini » Thu Dec 31, 2020 10:28 am


Manager: Image Sam Billic • Formation: 4-4-2

It's time for the 87th World Cup to roll around, and it could be a poignant edition with many for the former marquee players and staff now aging to the point whey they could be phased out within the coming editions. Billic has been in charge of the national team for his third edition of the World Cup, a now lengthy tenure which has yet to bear any real fruit thus far. Indeed, Mercedini's presence on the world stage has dwindled somewhat since the decision was made to not send teams over to the regionals and youth tournaments. It remains to be seen whether or not this made the national team more competitive or whether the lack of international experience will mean the national side will capitulate on sport's biggest stage once again. Last time round, Mercedini failed to qualify once again and had to go through the Cup of Harmony once again, achieving a decent result but once again failing to claim the multiverse's second best footballing prize. They go again, in hope of trying to claim a spot at the 87th World Cup hosted by Taeshan and Ethane. Dini will still have to face off against the multiverse's best, and also some dangerous newcomers on the way. Our fingers are crossed, and Mercedini must prove that they are contemporary team not propped up by the successes of past editions.

GOALKEEPERS   Name                    	   Age	          Club	
GK Daniel Hosset 31 Image Zoloroni City
GK Ibrahim Elaani 24 Image Dynum City Randajad
GK Anders Vorsini 22 Image Kiaono Locals
GK Bobby Mikelson 24 Image Bwubanza City SC

Mercedini have been unsurprisingly absent from the international stage in recent months once again, leading to lack on information and lack of experience forming a major question mark on proceedings. No U18 action, no U21 action, no friendlies, no nothing. To combat that, Billic has once again opted for a risky strategy to surround an experienced and international-standard goalkeeper with young talents which could result in then gaining valuable experience for future tournaments which they will likely play a major role in. While Mercedini is a name that is common to many football-playing nations nowadays, they nation is getting ever more desperate to re-invent themselves and find a way to get Dini back to their historic highs, where they could beat anyone on a good day. Zoloroni City #1 Hosset will lead the line once again, with Vorsini and Elaani retaining their spots for this campaign following their good performances in dead rubbers throughout qualification. Mikelson, while absent in last editions matches, retains a spot in the four for qualification, meaning he becomes the first goalkeeper from a Banijan club to play for a senior team. Goalkeeping is always seen as a vanilla position, rarely changing and evolving in it's position on the pitch despite it's importance. The moves by Billic are seen as a major gamble given the importance of these campaigns, Vorsini and Elaani will need to perform to make those gambles worthwhile for their manager and their association.

LB Callum Aznelik 33 Image Langtree United
LB Preston Aristaros 30 Image Zoloroni Metropolitan
LB Joaquim Santorino 22 Image Blue Strike Zoloroni

CB Jordan Brindliev 25 Image Jhanna City
CB Liam Toivonen 28 Image Vermilion Rage
CB Alexander Ytandev 25 Image Zoloroni Park
CB Lyon Dalamai 25 Image Langtree United
CB Nico Petrosino 23 Image Zoloroni Park

RB Thomas Di Sansev 25 Image Brigham
RB Lucas Stretovsky 25 Image Blue Strike Zoloroni
RB Dominik Dzudzev 33 Image Langtree United

There isn't really that much change when it comes to the personnel available in the defensive roster for Mercedini, although the transfer window has certainly changed where those players represent. The major change comes in the shape of Di Sansev, who is still making a name for himself in Brigham, Eura with Mercedinans now having a second choice in Euran clubs after Lajuno, and giving Eura (a major footballing powerhouse) a stake in the Mercedinian game. Subsequently, he was upgraded to first-choice right-back for the upcoming campaign, capping off a stratospheric rise for the defender. Foreign interest in the Mercedinian side has increased tenfold in recent editions due to big money transfers to big leagues, although the MPL still has more than enough skill in the game to fly it's own flag if the national team does well. After making a great return to the national team, Aznelik is given the nod in the left-back position, with everybody else keeping their spots from the last campaign in an aging defensive line.

LM Vanja Kuro 30 Image Zoloroni City
LM Crp. Tim Crasic 29 Image Mercedini Armed Forces
LM Lawrence Garzallo 27 Image Zoloroni Metropolitan

CM Adam Kraljic 30 Image Rozelle Alliance
CM Johannes Nymark 29 Image Zoloroni City
CM Johan Karlovic 23 Image Spartangrad

CM Dino Santa-Corvani 27 Image Langtree United
CB Johnny Markus 26 Image Acoflosa United

RM Ross Presic 31 Image Algolia SC
RM Carlton Pujanic 33 Image Hoventon & Corlington Town
RM Leon Kulap 27 Image Zoloroni City

Once again, only a handful of changes to the midfield roster and they take the reigns for the national team, with the good performances put forward by the midfield squad during their Cup of Harmony run warranting national praise and re-selection for the upcoming qualification campaign. Mercedini has put itself on the map with it's attractive brand on attacking and controlling football, with the midfield quartet always at the heart of the action as they ebb and flow with the action of the game. Cricket scores can be chalked up when this group is in form, with experienced veterans teaming up with enthusiastic young-guns to provide plenty of variety and depth to Billic as he attempts to get maximum efficiency from his players. With the nation now entering it's thirteenth edition, it's safe to say that the Golden Eagles have been sussed out by now, they need a technical overhaul to keep their football fresh and difficult to counter. Mercedini have often struggled against the top teams due to their inability to keep up with the midfield play, but this group of players are well experienced from one previous cycle together. It is simply a question of whether Mercedini can be put in the same bracket as the top tier of football-playing nations this time around. Age is another major factor, with this likely the reason why this could be the final World Cup with this group of players in their current form. Fresher faces are waiting in the wings, Billic has some big decisions to make on the future directions of this national team.

ST Daniel Dostalok 27 Image Starling
ST Ben Chillotov 26 Image Lajuno
ST Adrian Talisky 20 Image Blue Strike Zoloroni
ST Cody Graszeszak 25 Image KF Qastyr
ST Feliks Alva 25 Image Elspachia

In a roster where there has been little to no change, the prolific group of strikers has only seen one change in the last two cycles from the group which got their call-ups to the senior team last edition, with Adrian Talisky keeping his spot in the attacking roster due to his super-sub moments last edition. Talisky is certainly seen as the next generation of talismanic strikers, after Billic and Chillotov have done before them. After scoring more than twenty goals in the past two season for Blue Strike Zoloroni, the teenager has certainly earned his stripes, where he hopes to add another cutting edge to the quintet.

Chillotov and Dostalok remain the top two in the Mercedinian striking world and are selected once again to lead the line. They have been holding steady for their respective clubs, and are finally within their calibre of quality after lighting up their respective leagues before moving abroad to face greener pastures. All of these players used to play for their hometown club before moving for considerable amounts of money to their current clubs, effectively bankrolling their boyhood clubs for a while. Now playing internationally, they have been through the highs and lows of the qualifying schedule, so nothing should come as a shock to them as they go through the gears once again. Minnows and Juggernauts will have to face off against these players, whoever comes out of the other end will likely decide the campaign for Mercedini, with so much tied on the performances of these strikers.

Zoloroni Sports City Stadium

Location: Zoloroni Sports City - Northeastern Zoloroni, Mercedini
Capacity: 74,684
Tenants: Zoloroni City
Year Built: 2012 (refurbished 2017)
Transportation Features:
- Zoloroni Metropolitan Train Service: T2, T9 & TSC
- Zoloroni Metropolitan Bus Service: B9, B16, B19 & SportsCity Direct
- Zoloroni International Airport (or Acoflosa International Airport & Transport Hub)
- Twenty-minute drive from Carlsgrunik MetroBullet Station, Zoloroni Central

The prosperous capital of Mercedini is the stage for the Mercedinian campaign for World Cup Qualification once again. The Zoloroni Sports City Stadium was built in 2012 and has been the national team's home stadium since it was built. The stadium used to hold over 61,000 people, but a modernising refurbishment meant that the capacity has increased by approximately 13,000 with the new capacity sitting at roughly 74,500 with the new visiting allocation still being just less than a quarter of that at 18,000. The stadium has hosted a Baptism of Fire final and an Independent's Cup final and third-place play-off during IAC's two and five respectively. The Sports City Stadium was the original home of Zoloroni City before they moved to their own stadium, but this cathedral is still accustomed to regular football featuring the nation's and the multiverse's best teams, when it hosts the MFA Cup final plus playoff finals for National League 1 and National League 2. Mercedinians and visiting spectators who don't have tickets can have a drink in one of the many bars and pubs nearby or they can chill in the World Cup FanZone where they can watch the matches on the big screens along with other football enthusiasts.

Mercedini has two national languages and both are universally spoken in the nation as children are taught both at a young age. Mercedinian is the native language of all citizens and is based around the Italian language, knowing the language isn't paramount to a tourist's experience but Mercedinians always appreciate a foreigner attempting to communicate in Mercedinian. If learning a foreign language isn't your thing then English is also universally spoken throughout the nation (especially in cities and other metropolitan areas as it is considered the language of business and commerce). It is common for Mercedinians to speak more than one language with some opting for a third if proficient enough in their previous two, Google Translate is also only a couple of clicks away if you need it.

Mercedini's national currency is the Mercede (M) and is used universally for the nation's transactions. Currently, the Mercede is a strong and reliable currency with 1.56 NationStates Dollars equalling 1 Mercede (M0.64 = 1 NS$). Goods & Services in Mercedini are comparably cheap thanks to low operating costs, free-trade deals and low import tariffs for foreign goods, they can be paid for using the common Mercede currency, although visitors can pay with NS Dollars or use their credit or debit cards. Citizens of Mercedini are pretty well-off with average incomes topping M145,000 (226,822 NS$) which means luxury goods & services are as much a part of Mercedinian shopping-culture as the bargains.

Food & Drink is considered a pillar of Mercedinian culture, which means visitors are literally in for a treat when they visit one of the nations many cafes, restaurants, bars or pubs. As previously mentioned, integration has played a large part in the cuisine, but ultimately Mercedinian cuisine has stayed largely close to it's roots. Mercedinian cuisine, like the language, is based on Italian cuisine, with flavourful pasta and rice dishes on offer, along with pizzas and stuffed flatbreads perfect for carnivores and vegetarians alike. For the tourists, dishes from their home nation will always be on offer which means that visitors can always have a taste of home while enjoying the action in Mercedini. If you're a fan of carb crashes, we think you'll love our nosh!

As it is the official capital city of Mercedini as well as the commercial hub of the nation, Zoloroni is large bustling city littered with modern skyscrapers and office buildings. Zoloroni will be at the centre of the action, holding the host arena as well as hosting most of the pre-festival events that will happen in Mercedini. Visitors will not be disappointed as Zoloroni has restaurants, shops and sightseeing trips in abundance, meaning that players and fans have plenty of activities waiting for them on their off-days. Zoloroni's main sporting attraction is the Sports City, which just a small journey away from the city centre.

Mercedinans are generally very peaceful to visitors and will pretty much always help out foreigners. If you need a recommendation for a restaurant or need help finding direction to their favourite tourist spot, someone will always be at hand to give you a point in the right direction. Mercedinians usually keep to themselves out on the street but will converse with almost anyone if approached in a friendly manner, and it always helps to know a bit of Mercedinian first. As a nation, Mercedini welcomes new visitors with open arms and hopes every tourist has a great experience in our nation. Andiamo!

If you want to know more about Mercedini before you visit, feel free to TG me about life in the country

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
Injuries to my players: Yes*
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes*
Godmod other events: Yes
*just let me know what you've done so I can factor that into the qualification schedule

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U21 World CupBest: 3rd Place ('43)
U18 World CupBest: Champion ('4)
Independents CupBest: Champion ('5)
WC of HockeyBest: 2nd Place ('37)
WJHCBest: Champion ('13)
Best Placing: 1st (Lipa '72)Most Points: 108 pts (Lipa '72)

World Hit Festival
Best Placing: 1st ('34 & '36)Most Pts: 34 pts (Mousiki '31)
Junior World Hit Festival
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Postby Valanora » Thu Dec 31, 2020 10:45 pm

From the Offices of the VSC does the Marauder information come

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players Y (no more than three weeks out)
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players N
Godmod Other Events Y

What is the name of…

…the five time World Cup champions?
The Eternal Empire -or- Valanora (known prior to World Cup 37 as Elves Security Forces)

...the other nations involved in Valanora?
Sabine and Caddonia, Vyinta, and Dark Templara

…the nation in which this Commonwealth play their home matches?
Elves Security Forces (sometimes ESF in shortphrase)

…people from the Commonwealth?
Vanorians or Vanors

…the person who created this mess?
Elves Security Forces

Style Modifier: +2

Stadium: Hatire Memorial, Capri (60,000)



Home Away

Didrik Gjedrem
Age: 54
Gjedrem comes into the management position of the Marauders looking rather confident of being able to bring glory to the national team once more, having successfully guided Raynor City United to its continued dominance in the Elven Premiership. A fan of the methodical attack, he mentality suits into the personalities of the players that he has at his disposal, and his continued success at the Rockers has proven he knows how to deal with egos and keeping a team motivated even against weak opposition. The switch from club football to international one is tricky for most managers, but Didrik looks to have all the tools necessary to have a smooth transition and get the side contending for both regional and World Cup titles, which he showed with the capture of the Eagles' Cup.

Assistant Manager
Jens Reiniger Image
Age: 52
Reiniger was an intelligent defender in his playing days with Crawford City FC and the idea of stepping away from the game after his playing retirement didn't sit well with him. Reiniger believes in strict discipline but in being fair, while also preferring to play a possession based defensive tactic, that takes advantage of the opposition when they overextend. Much was admired about his single-minded approach to playing the 'right way', but his lack of a Plan B sank him in the rough waters of the Nepharim Premiership. The VSC hopes that attitude and defensive prowess would be better utilized in a national team capacity.


1 Julius Miljeteig, Cednia Beach AFC Image
Age - 31
Sex - M
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 162 lbs
After splitting time at United, Julius finally made a big move and went to Cednia Beach in Turori to be a certified number one. That decision has lead to him being given the number one shirt for the Marauders, looking to be a natural successor to Sean Smørdal, both having originally came through the Night Academy and then into United's youth team. While not possessing the same level of reflexes as Smørdal, Julius is a great shot stopper in his own right and should be a reliable keeper for the squad.


4 Vårin Løvland, Mar Sara FC
Age - 26
Sex - F
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 148 lbs
As pacy as most Vanorian footballers come, tenacious as well, she is one of those rare defenders who is as comfortable with the ball at her feet as she is in defending her marks. Quick to get stuck in and throw her body at an opponent, she is perhaps a bit more reckless than a normal Vanorian defender, but her play with the Flames as been stellar and has produced the results that have given her the chance to start for the national team.

6 Martin Gundersen, Mar Sara FC
Age - 31
Sex - M
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 193 lbs
Gundersen comes in as your favored strong giant who controls the back and is as much as a nusance to attacking players as the rules of the game allow him to be. A tad on the slower side for a Vanorian but his awareness to detail and ability to track the game means he is usually in the best position to make a critical tackle or clearing header.

2 Matheo Dybvik, Rozelle Image
Age - 32
Sex - M
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 164 lbs
Matheo is a smart centerback who has the versatility to both put in crunching tackles and also play it out of the back, perhaps a touch of his heritage mixed in with his time in Brenecia. Unlike at his club, he will be asked to drift out wide to mark attackers, which is the biggest question mark of his game.


8 Pánfilo Veliz, FC Capri
Age: 29
Sex - M
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 156 lbs
The first player born in Sabine and Caddonia to make the national team, Veliz was carefully groomed to be a dynamic attacking winger coming through the Capri youth and reserve teams. That masterfully ability to dribble, cross, or if needed even finish moves makes him a wonderful assist for the offensive side of the ball, but does mean he is a bit more lax when it comes to his defensive responsibilities.

7 Amalie Nergård, Anomalies Image
Age - 31
Sex - F
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 147 lbs
Sometimes thought of as a more attacking center mid, other times more of a utility midfielder. Regardless, she is quite talented and will play her out of and leave everything on the field to see her side have success.

10 Laborious Hawk, Bastion Image
Age - 749
Sex -M
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 213 lbs
Words do not even begin to define his talent, his talent defines words. He was awarded one of the spots that the Vanorians have in the World Cup Hall of Fame, with it being very well deserved, as he has and continues to earn everything he has been given every single day. Hawk simply strives to be the very best footballer, captain, and teammate that there can be, with the hunger for perfection driving him forth on and off the pitch.

5 Jakob Larsen, Unioneers Image
Age - 32
Sex - M
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 174 lbs
A tall and lanky fellow, but don't let the lithe frame fool you, he is a destroyer through and through and will not think twice about putting in a crunching challenge on you in a fifty-fifty situation. Perhaps due to playing over in Eura, Larsen is a bit more of a physical player than most Vanorians but has that touch of technical class that one has come to expect from a Vanorian midfielder.

3 Indra Söderström, Calcio Sicurezza Elfi Image
Age - 21
Sex - F
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 142 lbs
Thought to be one of the next great attacking wingers for the Marauders, Indra made the interesting decision to go to one of the struggling sides of the Audioslavia league. Her presence is one of the main reasons Elfi has stayed in the top flight and she has been a solid performer with great dribbling and crossing technique. With plenty of room still to get better, she could be a superstar in the making, as long as the domestic situation does not get worse.


9 Harlem Saxstrom Image, Mar Sara FC
Age - 31
Sex - F
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 154 lbs
Saxstrom proved to be everything that the Marauders were hoping for and more with her deft touch, good pace, and amazing power on her shot. Paired with Thor, the pair were a fierce force to be reckoned with moving forward and almost single handidly took the Marauders deep into the World Cup Knockouts once more. Having some time together and both in their prime should hopefully see a replication of their form from two years ago if not an improvement on it.

11 Lothas Ludwig, FC Felsenkirchen 1879 Image
Age - 21
Sex - M
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 161 lbs
The meteoric rise of Ludwig has been nothing short of remarkable and now he gets a chance to start for the national team, following that of Thor Møller, and to try and help lead the line alongside Saxstrom. A more unselfish player than his predecessor and a bit more versatility, with the ability to play out on the left wing or even in the middle of the park in a pinch, Ludwig is a well rounded striker who can play provider as well as finish off opportunities.

12 GK Isak Helland, age 26, Rolalas FC
23 GK Juliane Eiffel, age 26, Gladerial United (F)
15 LB Iman Reinholdtsen, age 31, Soldarian FC (F)
13 CB Ulrike Kluge, age 26, SC Rinaldi (F)
17 RB Celine Løvik, age 31, Straightdale FC (F)
18 LW Jaimes Ybarra, age 25, FC Capri
21 AMLR Miriam Troegner, age 21, Kingsgrove Image (F)
20 MC Zahra Solhaug, age 28, Char Sara FC (F)
16 MC Sabrina Möller, age 32, FC Capri (F)
22 AMC Marco Grunewald, age 27, Raynor City United
14 ST Mariel Paulsen, age 31, Hondo FC (F)
19 ST Thor Møller, age 32, Shamrock Cathair Image

Reserve Pool
GK Günter Obermaier, age 21, Ulsa Image
CB Ciara Schokkenbroek, age 32, Ibini FC (F)
CB Gustav Hanssen, age 31, Hondo FC
LB Tirill Andersen, age 31, Mar Sara FC (F)
RB/RW Gudrun Bißmeier, age 21, Crystal Fair HC Image
RW Jon Sæther, age 32, Mar Sara FC
MC Claudia Makatsch, age 21, Stahlburg City Image (F)
A/MC Heike Schoß, age 21, Jinja City FC Image (F)
MC/LW: Gideon Riemann, age 21, AS Bezieres Image
ST Elias Hammer, age 23, Club Valanora
ST Signe Hagen, age 31, Carsby Image

Captain: Laborious Hawk
Set Piece Taker: Laborious Hawk
Penalty Taker: Harlem Saxstrom
Right Corner: Pánfilo Veliz
Left Corner: Pánfilo Veliz
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Postby Jeruselem » Fri Jan 01, 2021 2:42 am

Jeruselem's roster

"The Princesses"

Formation: 4-4-2

Style Modifier: +2

* Pekora Dancer, erratic but talented coach which is hard to predict

Official JGN reporters
* Akai Hanto working for Naked News Jeruselem

GK (M,22) - Keiran Biden - Likes sniffing fellow female team members
GK (F,25) - Holle Kitty - She's a Hello Kitty fan
GK (F,23) - Watame Saki - The white sheep of the team

DEF (M,29) - Simon Carro - Rabid Vegan activist
DEF (M,27) - Inni Dogstein - Others call him creeper from Minecraft
DEF (F,27) - Queenie Maclaren - Part time race car driver
DEF (F,24) - Gladys Goop - Budding politician
DEF (F,22) - Miko Kensei - Redhead with a short fuse
DEF (M,24) - Christos Rave - Party animal

MID (F,27) - Shirakami Fubuki - Not actually her real name, big fan of Hololive member Shirakami Fubuki
MID (M,23) - Rishi Smuggs - Shifty with other peoples monies
MID (F,22) - Okayu Kitsumi - Friend of Korone
MID (M,24) - Stan Epstein - Has rich parents
MID (M,23) - Danny Dee - Loves the ladies
MID (F,25) - Ivana Dump - Not brighest spark in the team
MID (F,25) - Dolly Dozer - Cosplay queen

STR (M,24) - Kate Dallas - Not to be confused with Princess Kate, they don't look the same.
STR (F,33) - Aaliyah Dallas - Not the brighest blonde in the team
STR (F,26) - Inugami Korone - The resident doggo
STR (M,22) - Robert Miller - Has no personality at all, prototype zombie
STR (F,27) - Melania Zanic - Former illegal immigrant

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players N
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players N
Godmod Other Events N

Dallas count = 2
Sallad count = 0
Jeruselem's sports achievements ... hievements

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Postby Central Shaneville » Fri Jan 01, 2021 2:38 pm

For the second time in the nations history it will attempt to qualify for the World Cup, an unsuccessful effort last time has motivated the island nation to try and better their performance where they admit "We weren't fully committed."

The Team
The Lineup for Central Shaneville:

GK - James Penford
LB - Luke Graham
CB - Danny Weaire
CB - Anthony Wessels
RB - Brandon Ekins
CAM - Danny Staniar
CAM - Shane Wray
LW - Spencer Owen
RW - Sam Wray
ST - David Vujanic
ST - Josh Smith

GK - Jordan Berry
D - Lewis Young
D - Tommy Vance
M - Daniel Cutting
M - Olly Kenyon
M - Jeff Shreeves
F - Taylor Anderson

The following below is the general introduction to the Central Shaneville for any sides who maybe new to facing them.

Players to watch out for are the new defenders - Luke Graham, Danny Weaire, Zach Demou and Lewis Young as they join the established Central Shaneville lineup this new defense is seen as a bold move by manager Jay Bucks to bring some new talent from the Central Shaneville academy into the tournament.

Up front, David Vujanic and Josh Smith return - nations that faced Central Shaneville in the Independents Cup a few years ago were always cautious when facing these two men as their attacks can be devastating to an opponent some people even say its what got Central Shaneville out of its group in its first attempt that tournament, Smith is known for his long shots whilst Vujanic prefers a more technical approach this variety is good but can lead to a few arguments sometimes between attackers and defenders.

Now you know the players to a level, the manager Jay Bucks is of Australian decent and this shows as when things dont go the way he likes on the pitch he tends to shout and get fired up on the touchline the Shaneville fans however love his commitment and respect for the nation as his personality on the touchline has gained a cult following in itself.

Now you know the team and the manager, its time to see what this tournament has to offer for Central Shaneville.

Football is a fan favourite sport in Central Shaneville with its recently established domestic league proving successful in drawing in all kinds of fan groups however once the nation heads out to compete internationally the sense of unity is greater than anything on the domestic stage.
Welcome to Central Shaneville's home for the World Cup qualifiers. A magnificent facility, the Red Bull Arena on the east coast in downtown Shaneville City, Red Bull Arena is a football/soccer stadium at heart but it can host rugby matches and even concerts if needed the stadium has two tiers and its unique design could lead it becoming well known outside Central Shaneville its capacity is around 40,000 however expansion is possible, most big finals are played here as well as some international association football matches, it is the biggest football/rugby stadium in the country, other stadiums though are available to play at but are not as advanced as this.

The stadium was built as part of a rebuild of the Central Shaneville sporting programme.

Central Shaneville even has its own song for its team once the national anthems have played at home games for the island nation, it celebrates unity around the country during sporting events it is also sung in two languages celebrating diversity of the nation, the song can be found below:

Code: Select all
RP allowed:
Choose my goal scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No

Style modify:+3
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Postby Kelssek » Fri Jan 01, 2021 4:59 pm

Kelssek's strengths are in the midfield, with "Galactico" Colm Ó Tuathail and "discount Galactico" Gabriel Lapierre supplying bags of skill and creative flair. Kelssek's tactical culture is fluid and direct, generally favouring technical and versatile players. The main weakness is the right midfield/winger position, where right-backs, forwards, and midfielders have all been played out-of-position to fill the gap (although the culture of positional fluidity does help a bit here).

Kai Poirier GK, 1912 Stelburg [STL] b. Burnaby, KO (age 36) - 77 caps | 3-time KFL Goalkeeper of the Year whose strengths in positioning and distribution keep him the clear number one choice. Returned to Kelssek after his club in Cosumar was plunged into existential uncertainties and then left again once Siovanija & Teusland came calling, that globalist elite.

Cathal Gallagher GK, FK Vlaikograd 1896 [STL], b. Tête-Jaune, Konoha (age 26) - 39 caps | An agile, technically sound shot-stopper. Could do better in commanding his area and susceptible to getting bullied at corners.

Cale Shaughlin GK, CS Saint-Remy, b. Wynleth, NC (age 28) - 3 caps | Has been the number one for the team that won two straight Kelssek Football League Championship titles and hopefully now the national team will notice him senpai.

Thamior Liadon D L/R, Burnaby SC, b. Firith Forest Elven Territory (age 122) - 90 caps, 14 goals | Marauding full-back who likes to get forward and play the overlap.

Damien Halliger D C, Holdenburg City [EUR], b. Old Taunton, Noua Cymru (age 25) - 81 caps, 3 goals | Traditional stay-at-home hard-man central defender. Looks to establish dominance in the air.

Mason Curtin D C, Kirkenes FC, b. Brampton, Noua Cymru (age 32) - 51 caps | An old-school hard-tackling centre-back, who can kind of competently play a breakout pass. Does not enjoy giant scorpion hunting.

Tim Bowler D L, Bayern Phoenix [TAE], b. Newmarket, NC (age 27) 67 caps, 3 goals | Made the Galacticos longlist this year. A solid defensive full-back who can hold up the ball and overlap well. Was caught up in a controversy a few years ago when a tabloid deemed his licking the yoghurt off the foil top a disgusting habit.

Joseline Fourtin D C, Felswyr [CMT], b. Neorvins (age 29) - 13 caps | Technically sound in the tackle, good positioning, average in the air. Impressed in the Independents Cup after getting a chance following some stellar club form as the first-choice centre back for the best defensive team in the KFL.

Ashley Douglass D/M R, CF Outineau, b. Saint-Rémy, Beaulac (age 28) - 82 caps, 4 goals | An attack-minded full back. Uses her dribbling ability to get forward and make runs into channels.

Phillip Lozic D C, Jinlal Cove [VIL], b. Stawamus, Konoha (age 21) - 9 caps | Mobile, athletic central defender with a strong aerial presence.

Gabriel Farahani D R, Rockridge Phoenix [BRE], b. Novonaya, Lupinissa (age 29) - 38 caps, 2 goals | Athletic and determined defensive full-back, but doesn't offer much going forward.

Ryan Dumont D L, Strathcona Internationals, b. Kirkenes, Noua Cymru (age 30) - 9 caps | Positionally sound, technically average, likes to take on his opponent. This occasionally has disastrous results.

Caelin Vinter D R, AFC Westpike [BRE], b. Mazinaw (age 30) - 5 caps | A workhorse down the right side with high stamina and decent ball-winning ability, but he can be temperamental and his elbows hit opponents in the face a bit too often to be just coincidence.

Nacuémiró Buené D/M L, Burnaby SC, b. records sketchy, Farfadillis (age 20) - 0 caps

Colm Ó Tuathail M L, Shamrock Cathair [AUD], b. Colwyn, Noua Cymru (age 26) - 68 caps, 16 goals | Made history as Kelssek's first-ever "Galactico", allegedly the second-best left winger in the world, in a season that saw him become a regular feature of the first 11 on one of Audioslavia's top clubs. A goalscoring threat who also has the acceleration and dribbling skill to give defences the literal run-around.

Rémy Dionne M LC, South Laithland [NPH], b. Sainte-Anne-sur-Lichy, Roites (age 29) - 68 caps, 9 goals | A box-to-box dynamo who can nip the ball away from behind a player and launch the counterattack in an instant.

Gabriel Lapierre AM/F C, 1093 Club de Atlantea [TAE], b. Laval, Beaulac (age 26) - 97 caps, 21 goals | Exciting, creative midfielder and a potent attacking threat thanks to his ability to find passing lanes others don't. Former Taeshan Foreign Player of the Year and was named to the "Galacticos" shortlist as one of the world's 50-ish best players.

Mason Blueman AM C, Soldarian FC [VAL], b. Colwyn, NC (age 29) - 19 caps, 4 goal | A surprise nomination on the latest Galacticos longlist, he does all the basic things well and is a solid all-rounder. A bit of a late bloomer who worked his way into the starting eleven at Soldarian after ditching his sinking hometown club.

Adrian Tremblay-Fillon M C, 1912 Stellburg [STL], b. Saint-Richard, Beaulac (age 28) - 64 caps, 5 goals | A gangly player with high work-rate, passing and technical skills, who loves to play the killer pass.

Cory Greenwood M C, Ulsa Rovers [EUR], b. Natanel, Lupinissa (age 32) - 21 caps, 2 goal | Ball-winning defensive midfielder with above-average athleticism. His game is to win the ball and pass it off to a more creative teammate.

Ruslan Demetriev [captain] M C, Workers Union [EUR], b. Latrobe, Etnier | Box-to-box archetype. Sometimes forgets that people actually read his social media posts.[/color]

Matts Bogdanor M C, Marketville [EUR], b. East Fallowfield, Etnier (age 25) - 35 caps, 2 goal | No-nonsense holding midfielder who can surprise with a 30-yard banger every once in a while.

Adam Corvin M C, CF Outineau, b. Mazinaw, Conryia (age 31) - 13 caps, 2 goals | Versatile midfielder who can do a decent defensive or playmaking job as needed.

Issac Lafrenière M LC, Kionao Locals [TUR], b. Outineau, Beaulac (age 21) - 0 caps | Creative, flashy, can unlock the defence with incisive passing from deep, and drops like a rag doll if he thinks he can get a free kick.

Andrey Yusupov M R, Strathcona Internationals, b. Vickery, Conryia (age 27) - 12 caps, 2 goals | Quick winger with a deadly accurate cross, not the best dribbler for how often he tries to beat defenders doing it.

James McDonald M LR, Rolalas FC [VAL], b. Dartmoor, Haligonia (age 28) - 5 caps | A two-footed, versatile winger. Level-headed and unspectacular, likes to cut inside on the byline.

Shaheen Taleb AM C/ST, Sleepy Hollow [TAE], b. Mineru, Konoha (age 25) - 73 caps, 34 goals | Can freeze the defence with his excellent close control and is a highly composed finisher. Plays best as a deep-lying forward.

Seamus Wylten ST, Hondo FC [VAL], b. Brandon, Etnier (age 25) - 20 caps, 13 goals | An instinctive finisher and has a great sense of where to position himself to get chances.

Brayden Custworth ST, Chenoworth Rovers [NPH], b. Clayquot, Etnier (age 30) - 101 caps, 52 goals | Deep-lying striker who is as adept in playing in his teammates as shooting the ball. Good vision and awareness and strong technique.

Matthew Lister ST, Blue Strike Zoloroni [MRC], b. Vickery, Conryia (age 31) - 75 caps, 29 goals | The archetypal target-man, a prolific scorer when he's on form, but tends to be a streaky player.

Eva Karven ST, Kirkenes FC, b. (age 22) - 1 cap | Stormed onto the scene in the KFL Championship as the leading scorer on one of the big teams in her rookie season.

Roman Torshen ST, Norrion Rovers [EFL], b. Mistigwyn, NC (age 21) - 7 caps, 2 goals | Bagged a lot of goals at the KFL level thanks to a poacher's instinct for where the ball's going to be, but he's also got a wicked shot from his right foot and likes to power them in. Middling movement and pace (which suits his 'second wave' SOP anyway), relies on his bag of tricks to get past defenders.

Loïc Maçon-Petrault ST, Unioneers [EUR], b. Saint-Rémy, BL (age 23) - 14 caps, 8 goals | An elusive and quick striker and noted jazz fan. Lots of raw talent, but can be lacking in composure in front of the net.

Danielle Maradrogba ST, Association Ariddienne, b. Outineau, BL (age 20) - 0 caps

Manager: Andrea Crowe | The former manager of Ritter Town in Nephara is the first foreign manager of Kelssek. Preferred formation: 4-4-2
Honours: Cup of Harmony 43 champions, 2-time Ad'ihan Challenge Trophy winners
Direct free-kicks: Gabriel Lapierre
Corners: Colm Ó Tuathail (L), Ashley Douglass (R)
Penalties: Matthew Lister, Brayden Custworth, Shaheen Taleb

Fan culture
Kelssek's national teams are nicknamed the Voyagers in reference to the fact that major international tournaments are practically always in a different region and many time zones away (unless Kelssek is hosting it, of course).
Maybe Tomorrow is common to all national teams:
Voyagers, they keep on calling me
Down the road, that's where I'll always be
Onward Kelssek, the shout from everyone
Step by step, fighting on, till glory's won
Maybe tomorrow, our journey will be done
Until tomorrow, we'll just keep movin' on

Tune: "Maybe Tomorrow" (Littlest Hobo theme song)

Summer of 46 is sport-specific, and references the hosting of World Cup 46, the watershed in soccer actually becoming popular in Kelssek.
Got my first real football
Played it on a plastic pitch
Rubber pellets went everywhere
It was the cycle of forty-six
Oh when I look back now
Thought that it would last forever
Those were the football glory days

Tune: Summer of '69

Qualifying matches will rotate between three stadiums. You may choose which one if you are the first to RP the match. If you're not bothered to pick, go with Kirkenes as a default.

Exhibition Place, Kirkenes (cap. 38,600)
Kirkenes is the biggest city in Kelssek, a huge and bustling multicultural metropolis. The city's character comes through in neighbourhoods like Little Ariddia, Bathurst Gardens, and Lancaster Hill. Fashionable boutiques and other opportunities for bourgeois consumerism are located in the Rosewood area. The 540-metre Panopti Tower is an iconic landmark, the St. Jude Market is a good stop for fine foods or a quick meal, Melbourne Square and Caron Street are where to go out, and the Museum of Global Civilization is pretty cool to learn about history and cultures and stuff. The Loyalist Fort National Historic Site is where the enemies of the revolution holed themselves up. The city also has a lively microbrewery scene. See also the street map, and the TComm Subway.

Bowreach, Vickery (cap. 27,300)
Kingswharf, Breton (cap. 40,500)

RP permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose my scoring events: Yes
Cards to my players: Yes
In general, anything that can realistically happen is fair game. If you're in doubt, ask me.
RP injuries to my players: Yes but I will determine severity
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Postby Acastanha » Fri Jan 01, 2021 6:40 pm

Federação de Futebol Acastanhada
Acastanha Football Federation
Fiderashayo Cokebal Savao


Acastanha Male Senior Football Team

Acastanha or Federation of Acastanha is a country located in northeast part of Melayu Mainland in Melayu Archipelago. It is only have a land border with Kayangan to its southwest. The country is just recently joined in Melayu Archipelago sports competition. Entered at 5th edition of Melayu Archipelago Cup for their international competition debut in which they were able to reached quarterfinal. Their second attempt in 6th Melayu Archipelago Cup makes them reached semifinal for the first time. They are being defeated by Sharktail.

For the national team, Head Coach, Manuel Archanankar have called several new players. This moved are made to resemble the change in Acastanhada domestic situation as players are also have their performance changing throughout the season. Archanankar also given the opportunities for players from Segunda Liga to also experiencing playing in international stage. Example are players from Luz das Estrelas SC., which this season reached second in Segunda Liga and raise their first Cup trophy.

Management Team
Manager : Jorge Garbano
Head Coach : Manuel Archanankar
Assistant Coach : Igor Padvalo
Goalkeeper Coach : Santiago Travolusha
Medical Director : André Dravade

Style Modifier : +3.73
Formation : 4-4-2

Team Line Up
Starting Line Up in bold
  • Santiago Karba (29) - Sporting Arrachai
  • Tiago Kalabar (30) - Sporting Cabo
  • Miguel Arrasthar (31) - Vaanchai FC.
  • Márcio Haralde (25/LB) - FC. Amarelda
  • João Biraoko (27/CB) - Luz das Estrelas SC.
  • André Patruva (26/CB) - Porto Espinhosa
  • Jorge Vidshav (28/RB) - Sporting Arrachai
  • David Palisaro (26/LB) - Campo de Libélula SC.
  • Martinho Urubanda (25/CB) - FC. Amarelda
  • Santiago Urupao (24/CB) - Samaul FC.
  • Márcio Barvando (29/RB) - Porto Espinhosa FC.
  • Pedro Ustankar (24/LM) - Sporting Cabo
  • André Bishav (27/CM) - FC. Amarelda
  • Manuel Tiehl (29/CM) - Porto Espinhosa FC.
  • David Gothrado (24/RM) - Sporting Arrachai
  • Henrique Gambrig (26/LM) - SC. Tabeira
  • Martinho Gutrig (28/CM) - Samaul FC.
  • Igor Stavash (22/CM) - Bahia FC.
  • Edgar Travahl (25/RM) - Campo de Libélula SC.
  • Igor Santahl (23/AT) - Porto Espinhosa FC.
  • Manuel Yakuro (25/ST) - Luz das Estrelas SC.
  • Vicente Yakhtar (27/AT) - SC. Tabeira
  • André Rakrao (24/ST) - Sporting Gajhikapakka

Personnel Kits
Home Jersey
Away Jersey

Home based
Estádio Nacional de Arra
Estádio Estadual de Pálidas
Location: Arrachai Federal City
Capacity: 65,000
Owner: Government of Arra Republic
User: Sporting Arrachai
Location: Amarelda Federal City
Capacity: 44,000
Owner: Government of Pálidas Republic
User: FC. Amarelda

RP Permission
Opponent may do the following if they RP first
Choose my scorer: Y
Choose Scoring Events: Y
Godmod Scoring Events: Y
RP Injuries to My Players: Y (No career-ending)
Yellow Card My Player: Y (max. 3 players per match)
Red Card My Player: Y (max. 1 player per match)
Godmod Other Events: N

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Postby Sharktail » Fri Jan 01, 2021 8:58 pm


First game:Sharktail 1-0 Maryloupe
First win:Sharktail 1-0 Maryloupe
First Official match:Sharktail 1-1 Krenorus (BoF 68)
First Official Win:Nuadh-Alba 1-2 Sharktail (BoF 68)
Biggest Win:Sharktail 8-1 Adsuri (WCQ 85)
Biggest Lose:Equestrian State 5-0 Sharktail (WCQ 81)
Team Record:(W-D-L)
Total Match:117 INT MATCH
Luis Philip:(8-7-17)


MANAGER:Sahami (46 years old)
ASSISTANT MANAGER :Carrol (40 years old)


AGE:28 | new
AGE:33 | 12 app
AGE:27 | new

AGE:27 | 63 app (1 goal)
AGE:27 | new
AGE:29 | new
AGE:27 | 56 app (4 goal)
AGE:25 | new
AGE:23 | new
AGE:23 | 10 app
AGE:22 | new

AGE:28 | 65 app (4 goal)
AGE:23 | 56 app (16 goal)
AGE:29 | new
AGE:28 | 76 app (16 goal)
AGE:23 | new
AGE:32 | 13 app
AGE:28 | 4 app
AGE:24 | new

7-GABY (captain) | ZOLORONI CITY(mercedini) | ST
AGE:31 | 96 app (60 goal)
AGE:31 | 38 app (13 goal)
AGE:21 | new
AGE:28 | 10 app (1 goal)




My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y, absolutely
Godmod scoring events: Y.
RP injuries to my players: Y.
Godmod injuries to my players: Y, but no death ok.I can accept if you want to end my player journey in this tourney but not in his career.
Give red cards to my players: free to do it,but at least let me know.
Godmod other events: Y,but no virus.
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Postby Saint-Domingues » Sat Jan 02, 2021 5:31 am


Saint-Dominguan national football team
Equipe de Saint-Domingue de football (French)
Selección Santo Domingo de Fútbol (Spanish)
Ekip foutbòl nasyonal Sen-Domink (Creole)

The Saint-Domingue national football team represents the Republic of Saint-Domingue in association football and is controlled by the Saint-Domingue Football Association (SDFA), the governing body for football in Saint-Domingue. The team is coached by Camilo Canisbro, Saint-Domingue's first Hispanophone head coach. Saint-Domingue have played in black and white stripes for their home kit since the SDFA's founding in 1899.

Nicknamed the Avengers, the senior side first made their competitive bow at the third Wonder Cup in Qasden, and Dominguan youth sides have appeared at the U18 World Cup and the Di Bradini Cup. The senior side's last outing was at the 74th Baptism of Fire, where they were eliminated in the semi finals of the Ice Bracket [last eight]. Canisbro has called upon the same 23 players that served him well at the Baptism of Fire, and is now for his consistent team selections. Seven players started every game at the tournament, including five of the "back six" compromising of five defenders and goalkeeper - the one change was enforced by injury. Other regular starters include defensive midfielder Carlos Sanabria, commonly viewed as Canisbro's most trusted performer, and top scorer Julien Babesco, who scored 5 goals at the Baptism of Fire to add to an impressive goals tally for his country.

Saint-Domingue Home Kit

Saint-Domingue Stadium
Name: Saint Dominic's Park
Location: Le Cap, Saint-Domingue
Capacity: 51,000
Built: 1919
Renovated: 1998
Tenants: Saint-Domingue national football team; Saint-Domingue national rugby team

Head Coach: Camilo Canisbro
Captain: Guillaume Boleyn
Style: -2

1GKJules Binet28170Saint-Marc
2DEFMathieu Ahearn2660Jérémie
3DEFJacques Charbonneau2840Gonaïves
4MIDMaxence Vignon2460La Navidad
5DEFGuillaume Boleyn27181Jérémie
6DEFKevin Le Guen2390Les Cayes
7MIDAdama Keller26100PAP
8MIDCarlos Sanabria31182Atlético Domingo
9FWDJulien Babesco251811La Navidad
10FWDJean-Pierre Jeune27132PAP
11FWDDiego Palacio32143Atlético Felipe
12DEFAlfredo Cotilla23180La Navidad
13GKBruno Mastache3410Atlético Domingo
14FWDNico Pozo2161PAP
15DEFCorentin Sauvage3350Le Cap
16DEFAntonio Pareja26151PAP
17MIDFabian Delannoy1770Gonaïves
18DEFEmilio Campos30170Atlético Domingo
19FWDRaoul Gimenez22112Jérémie
20MIDJosep Carpeña25173Atlético Pantoja
21MIDTanguy Lacourse3070Les Cayes
22DEFGiuseppe Cojuangco22131Le Cap
23GKSlyvain Deforest2210Jacmel

Expected lineup for matchday one:

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y
Give red cards to my players: Y (no more than one per game)
Godmod other events: Y (no death)

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Postby Beepee » Sat Jan 02, 2021 8:24 am

About the Nation

Beepee is a warm, friendly nation, and you're sure to feel welcome here.  With general subtropical climate you'll find temperatures in the capital city typcially ranging from 18°C in winter to 40°C in summer.

Despite a downturn in local sport participation in recent years, Beepeeans enjoy Football (Soccer), Baseball and Tennis. 

All sporting events garner big crowds, and are played in a friendly and supportive manner.

Visiting teams should be aware that Beepeeans will applaud the opposing team for 'good play', good sportsmanship and goals scored.  Whilst this may be off-putting for teams more used to hostile sporting environments, Beepeeans are generally pleased to see elite level sports and want to encourage all players to perform at their best.

Stadium and Facilities

All Beepeean national Football Games are played at the Pinewoods Stadium. 


Pinewoods Stadium has a maximum capacity of 72,000. Pinewoods Stadium is the largest sports stadium in Beepee and is located in Norfolk Pinewoods.

The stadium, which was completed in 2018, includes modern facilities including conference centre, fitness, massage, spa and treatment rooms, and three starred chefs who can provide nutritionally balanced and specified catering which should meet the exacting standards of any visiting team.

For supporters, there are food service areas in each stand located at the middle tier serving a variety of local cuisines.  There are also two gift stores where supporters can buy kits, scarves, clothing, balls, etc.

The seating is three tiers, known as Lower, middle and upper tier on each side of the pitch.

The stadium includes child and family friendly seating and wheelchair accessible seating and viewing areas.

Visiting nations will get an allocation of 50% of the capacity of the Stadium (i.e. 36,000 tickets) for their matches. 

Norfolk Pinewoods

Norfolk Pinewoods is the capital city of Beepee.  The capital itself has a population of only 16,412.   However, the adjoining suburbs raise the population to close to 1.5 million.

Despite its small population, Norfolk Pinewoods is the administrative  and cultural capital of Beepee.

There are a number of places which visitors can visit.  For culture, supporters and teams can visit one of the many local art galleries (the F Hart Gallery includes many local artists) or browse the local markets. 

Either Red Wine, or Honey Flavoured South Pacific Iced Tea, are the normal drinks of choice for Beepeeans.  However, there's a wide variety of choices and pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants which will cater to visiting fans and teams.  Patty Zeri's Bakery is highly recommended.

Beepeean National Football Team History and Results

The Beepeean Football Association is the responsible body for all football in Beepee.  The General Secretary  Ms Dakota Secret,  has been in charge since its incorporation in 2018.

The Beepeean National Football Team has appeared in 5 World Cup Qualifying campaigns, between WC80 and WC84.  Withdrawing briefly from the competition in WC85 and WC86  due to lack of funds.

However, they are returning for WC87.

The mens football team are known as either the "Bulldozers' or the 'Jacks'.  Although both are official nicknames for the teams, most local supporters and press will call the team the bulldozers, due to the often heavy style of play.

The National Team has had some success in international footballing competition, winning the 67th Baptism of Fire against a very strong Baker Park Team.

The teams first World Cup qualifying campaign was the 80th edition.  Despite finishing strongly in World Cup Qualifying in both the 81st and 82nd cycles, the team has never qualified for the World Cup proper in the 5 attempts.

The Beepeean National Team has a record of 38 wins, 27 draws and 21 losses, in all internationally recognised competitions.


Biggest Win
7-3 (H) v Miirin WCq82

Biggest Loss
0-6 (H) Tumbra WCq80

Highest Scoring Game (10 goals)
7-3 (H) v Miirin WCq82


Coleen Yu

Coleen Yu took over as head coach in 2019, and has faced criticism for not maintaining a highly incentivised international programme for fixtures.

Yu prefers her team to play progressive football through midfield, whilst maintaining a disciplined defensive back line. Her preferred 4-4-2 formation allows the team to push through the wings with Patterson and Bolt.

Yu is generally an amenable manager and unlikely to stir up trouble with her opposing number or the press. 

Her training methods are to focus on technical abilities and the physicality of her squad.



GK Francois Shep
33 year old Shep, who plays for Catenham State University is a solid pair of hands in goal and him performing well will no doubt play a huge part in any success Beepee has in the competition.

Despite only being 5'7", Shep is an intelligent and efficient goalkeeper, who was worked had over the past 2 years to improve his composure and consistency, as well as his ability to communicate with his teammates, organise his defence, and inspire confidence in his back-line.

He possesses significant physical strength, which makes him an imposing presence in the area, despite not being the tallest of goalkeepers.  Shep has average reflexes, and good shot-stopping abilities.

S1 Markus Doulton
Understudy goalkeeper, Markus Doulton has only played a few national first team matches having been kept from the top spot by Shep.  At 28 years of age, he will be hoping to step up once Shep steps down from the position.

Known for his work-rate, mentality, discipline in training, and physical conditioning, Doulton has a tendancy to punch balls rather than holding them.

He is also an strong passing ability, including a long throw ball.  Playing for his team Esrille Town, Doulton has achieved local league success.

- Jerome Moullet
21 year old Moullet has yet to play a match for the national team and has been the third choice goalkeeper for the past three years.  Given this, Moullet is not expected to feature in the WC qualification campaign.

Despite well rounded short stopping abilities and overall skills in positioning, should he be picked it is likely that outfield defensive line would be expected to be lead by Barker.


DL Anders Bucke
24 year old Bucke plies his trade for Sepe Region FC following a recent move.  He is a solid full back defender.  With decent stamina, he excels in tackling and marking with a good sense of anticipation.  Occasionally hot-headed, Bucke is likely to pick up a yellow card here and there.

His pace does allow opposing wing attackers  to pass him on the outside, however Bucke's understanding of plays allows him to effectively position himself to avoid too many instances of being beaten on the ground.

DC Jason Baker
28 year old, central defender Jason Baker who is easily spotted within the Beepee defence due to his bald head is likely to be influential in the coming matches. Baker often directs the defence and is a sound tactician coupled with strong positioning skills. This allows him to frustrate opposition players during set pieces.

Good jumping and aerial skills allows the 6'3" defender to rise above many of his opposing numbers.  Barker is considered the strongest of the Beepeean back four.

DC Claude Boles
Claude Boles, 22 year old from Norfolk Pinewoods, is a physically strong player who is also a competent and aggressive tackler. He possesses good technical ability, as well as good distribution, passing, and crossing ability, which allows him to carry the ball forward,switch the play with long balls, or play out from the back on the ground.

His admires his mentor Barker.

DR Davide Michelle
Beepee has never been blessed with a strong right sided defensive back and 25 year old Davide Michelle is no exception, and is widely regarded as the weakest defender in the first team.  Limited in pace and stamina, Michelle prefers a more physical blocking approach, and will close down opponents to block attacking moves.

S2 Jerome Sohn (DCR)
Full back Jerome Sohn is a bench player who would be first choice replacement for Barker, Boles or Michelle.  With a number of  off the bench appearances for his country.

At 5'10", Sohn lacks the height to be truly effective at defending crosses.  However, he possesses excellent speed and good player intelligence, to be reliable enough as the preferred stand-in.

S3 Jared Forli (DL)
Left or Wing back Forli is 27 years old and has had a long career.  He still possesses exceptional stamina, and is able to provide crosses upfield and defend effectively against opponents' attacks down the flanks.  With a strong left foot, he can be called upon for set pieces and posses a good long throw.

- Iain Hutt (DC)

20 year old Defender Iain Hutt, is a third choice defender and unlikely to see much playing time, unless injuries and discipline becomes an issue.

At 6 feet tall, he has food jumping and reach to be an effective defender against crosses, however he lacks the physical presence of Boles and Barker. 


ML Dirk Bolt
A regular starter, Bolt together with Patterson make a formidable team.  With pace, to beat the full-back one-on-one, and solid crossing skills. Bolt has the composure to retain possession.

Bolt can drill crosses into the box with ease and enjoys sprinting down the touchline. Physically strong he often muscles his way past opponents.

Able to pick a pass or whip the ball across the field, he is an attacking midfielder who oppositions should.plau close attention to.

His voice is often heard booming across the field to captain Patterson. 

MC Max Christian
With the wingers, Bolt and Patterson, often taking an attacking posture Christian and Malade the central midfielders often find themselves dropping back bolstering the defence.

Christian is a former defender who has moved forward to the Central midfield role.

Often responsible for making tackles, regaining possession, and distributing the ball, Christian often plays as a holding midfielder.

MC Niklaus Malade
Most likely described as a box-to-box midfielder, Malade is hard-working and has good all-round abilities, which makes him skilled at both defending and attacking, and eith just enough pace to assist in the creation of chances for the front two.

MR Chris Patterson (Captain)
25 year old midfielder Chris Patterson prefers playing on the right, however is comfortable in any midfield position. Patterson has excellent ball skills, can whip in a mean cross, and is by far Beepee's quickest runner.  Patterson provides stong leadership and works best with left midfielder Dirk Bolt.

Considered Beepee's best player.  Patterson leads by example with a high work ethic and dedication to training and mentoring.

A strong personal friendship with Bolt allows the pair to be flexible and open when running the flanks.

S3 Scott Kirk (MLR)
Scott Kirk is considered a good off the bench midfielder, however with skills substantially below Patterson and Bolt in his preferred positions.

Kirk has excellent composure and is a good set peice player. Unlike Bolt, Kirk prefers to cut in from the wing when on the left side  and has solid dribbling skills.

The 23 year old from Wilburforce, will unlikely start unless injuries affect the team.

S4 Aaron St. Pier (MC)
Aaron St Pier is a 22 year old who plays for Norfolk Pinewoods and may be a player to watch for the future. The young defensive midfielder who played well for his club in the domestic season.   Aaron is looking to push his way into the starting line-up.

St Pier isbheading towards being a good defensive midfielder with good positional awareness.  St Pieris able to anticipate  opponent's play, and makes many crucial interceptions for his club team.

He has considerable marking and tackling skills.

- Derek Barbour (MC)
27 year old Barbour is a bench warmer for the team and highly unlikely to be part of the starting line up.  He has strong leadership skills and good communication skills which assist in team organisation and situational awareness.  However, he lacks the strength and stamina required to be holding midfielder.


ST Sam Veera
23 year old Sam Veera, who plays for Melaleuca is an adept finisher.  Whilst his key weakness is heading, Veera makes up for this deficiency through his understanding of the importance of positioning and often loses markers inside the 6 yard area. Veera, who prefers his right foot,  has excellent power and is often able to outmuscle his opponents.

ST Carlo Bannan

Carlo Bannan, at 24, is a good striker who can shoot confidently with either foot.  He possess power and accuracy with his placements.

Always likely to be outscored by Veera, the pair work well together

S5 Evan Friberg
20 year old Friberg is a playmaking attacker who has impressed for his club, Banksia Utd. Unlikely to play more than a supportive role Friberg continues to be learn and grow as part of the wider squad.

- Liam Chang
Challenging with Friberg for a place on the substitutes bench, Chang has regressed as a player over the past year.  With his finishing and shooting ability dropping, and is now being considered more an attacking central midfielder rather than a centre forward.

- Anders Jung
5th string attacker Jung is an up and coming talent and plays as an out and out striker.  Unlikely to get much calling in this qualification round, he is predicited to step up above Chang if form.plays a role. 

Right footed Jung doesn't possess much of an aerial threat.

- Andreas Poje
18 year old Poje is a poacher or deep-lying forward, considered by many to be too junior to get any substantial playing time.  Poje has good reaction speed.

The preferred starting line up and 5 substitutes indicated.  (Substitutes are indicated as S#)

Beepee play a traditional 4-4-2 formation, with a slight attacking leaning, which can be seen here.


Or, if the image doesn't work, at Preferred Line- Up

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

RP Permissions
Choose my lineup: Yes - but preferred shown
Choose my scorers:  Yes
Choose my scoring events:  Yes
Godmod scoring events:   Yes
RP injuries to my players:   Yes but no deaths please
Godmod Injuries to my players:  Yes but no deaths please
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Yes
Give Red Cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes

Style Modifier: 1


The Beepeean Team play in a following colours.



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Postby Krytenia » Sat Jan 02, 2021 4:40 pm

Please assume YES for all answers in the Permission Box – just TG me first if it's particularly insane and/or egregious.
Ages are as of World Cup LXXXVII Finals. Please subtract two years during the first half of qualifying, one year during second half.

Modifier: +2.5


Manager – Paul DAVIS, Age 46
The JJP era may be over, but that simply means it's time for the apprentice to become the master. The former Ousevale boss has been groomed for the NT role for the past few years; first on the agenda is balancing Krytenia's natural attacking style with something a tad less defensively suicidal. This met with mixed results during the recent Eagles Cup, though this may be down to the team learning the new tactics.

Assistant Manager – Gary BARTON, Age 43
An ex-Ousevale manager with an ex-Mercia assistant. The national team makes for strange bedfellows sometimes. Davis and the KFA have given Barton a chance to redeem himself after an awful season at the Cygnus got him fired.

Goalkeeping Coach – Marcus WASHINGTON, Age 49
Defensive Coach – Robert FIELDS, Age 50
Offensive Coach – Selaphiel KENNEDY, Age 40
Physiotherapist – Stephen WILLIS, Age 41



Age: 34
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: Mercia Bromham

Steely blue eyes and a blonde ponytail swishing in the wind – Carpenter is the poster boy for the Goalkeeper's Union in more ways than one. Hero of Krytenia's shoot-out victory in the Cup of Harmony final. Tends to punch crosses rather than go for the clean catch, which has made him unpopular in some circles.

Age: 29
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: Bromham City

Agile custodian who was pretty much the only reason Westleigh spent two seasons in the Prem. Now working more miracles in the Mercian capital.

Age: 24
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: Hondo FC (VAL)

Impressed in the Under-18 World Cup, which earned him a place as Rangers' number one. Now playing in Valanora and hoping to steal the gloves from Carpenter.


Age: 24
Position: Left-back
Club: Ashton Olympic

Sturdy defender of the wide channels. Joe Bielsa will feel free to unleash his attacking instincts with this reliable man behind him.

Age: 31
Position: Right-back
Club: Avidia United

Speedy and smart in the tackle; can be hesitant to go forward when the Dragons have the ball. With Marcus Bellamy built in a similar vein, this could see Foyle and Bielsa freed up ahead.

Age: 32
Position: Centre-back
Club: Leston Town

The Leston man is only the second Krytenian to captain a trophy-winning team. Tall and rangy, but can shift his weight when needed. Bags of pace and a good read of the game.

Age: 25
Position: Centre-back
Club: Sabrefell Moths (NPH)

Excellent reader of the game; has built a strong rapport with Ross Green, and will be happy to no longer have to worry about the wide channels.

Age: 25
Position: Centre-back
Club: 1830 Cathair (AUD)

Young all-rounder helped guide Oustia to their first season in the big leagues...and keep them there. Now hoping to win some silverware with the side Krytenians "affectionately" call Half Six Furball.

Age: 21
Position: Right-back
Club: Casuals Osteria

Exciting young talent and tenacious ball-winner. Timing needs work on his tackles sometimes, though.

Eddie BULL
Age: 25
Position: Centre-back
Club: Stanton Town

Prodigious talent who shone in the DBC before being called up to the senior squad. The defensive equivalent of an impact sub.

Age: 22
Position: Left-back
Club: CFF Monthuez

Seemingly carved (with elegance) from the very Monteste mountains themselves. Distributes the ball with Gallic flair.


Age: 26
Position: Right midfield
Club: Mercia Bromham

Speedy winger, accurate in the cross. Loves to whip in a set-piece.

Age: 28
Position: Left midfield
Club: Royal Emberton

Carves his way down the channels, loves a cross from the by-line.

Cormac O'NEILL
Age: 30
Position: Central midfield
Club: Stanton Town

Silky ball player and workhorse midfield general all in one. Tends to be the fulcrum of the team's attacks.

Age: 26
Position: Left/central midfield
Club: Sandwell Rangers

Can play in the middle or out wide. His innate ability to find space is one of the reasons Sandwell are still in the top flight.

Jésus CRUZ
Age: 23
Position: Right midfield
Club: Avidia United

First name Jesus, last name translates to cross. We'd make a joke here but we'd be crucified if we did. Lives up to his surname, at least, by being an excellent crosser of the ball.

Age: 26
Position: Central midfield
Club: Ousevale Borough

Intelligent ball-player formed in the mould of Ousevale CMs gone by. Cormac O'Neill might need to watch his back.


Age: 27
Position: Forward
Club: Bromham City

Banging them in for Bromham's other team. Nicknamed "Weekend Warrior" for obvious reasons.

Age: 22
Position: Forward
Club: Mercia Bromham

English may not be his first language - in fact, it's his third, behind Welsh and goals. Prodigious young talent, oddly spelt but familiar name. Swapped his black stripes for navy after New Cefn's relegation, with Mercia paying ₳40m for the privelege.

Age: 28
Position: Forward
Club: Stanton Town

This young lad is built like the proverbial outhouse,but is surprisingly quick on his toes. Right foot could open a jar of pickle.

Age: 24
Position: Forward
Club: Beckton Supermarine

Promising striker with a keen eye for goal.

Age: 25
Position: Forward
Club: Avidia United

The Eagles often produce prodigious strikers, and Peters is no exception. Speedy and clinical. Now looking to get his firts team place back from Curtis Sunday after a dry spell in AOCAF Cup 62.

Age: 29
Position: Forward
Club: FC Capri (VAL)

Pace makes him difficult to track; has a lethal left peg. Only 5'7” though, so unlikely to win too many headers.

LIKELY STARTERS – Formation: 4-3-3 “System Ousevale”

THE KITS – courtesy of JMC

ImageImage ImageImage
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Postby Hebitaka » Sat Jan 02, 2021 9:07 pm

Hebitaka for the World Cup 87


Hebitaka has decided to send 18 players for the World Cup in Ethane and Taeshan.

RP allowed:
Choose my goal scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes(Up to 3)
Godmod other events: No

Style modify:-1

Playing Eleven:


GK: Ganesh Tinnu(C)
Age: 24
Team: Cantonment Club
Playstyle: Stay and Keepdown

RB: Farid Farhan
Age: 24
Team: Athletic Club
Playstyle: Traditional Stamina and Power play

CB: Takeshi Kazuto
Age: 21
Team: Demolishers
Playstyle: Speed play and Slide Tackles

CB: Rohit Talukdar
Age: 26
Team: Giants
Playstyle: Highly Disciplined and co ordinated game

LB: Baldev Tiltankara
Age: 28
Team: Athletic Club
Playstyle: Modern skill and Speed play

RM: Karan Raziq
Age: 25
Team: Blasters
Playstyle: Traditional Stamina conservation play

CM: Elver Dyne
Age: 23
Team: Athletic Club
Playstyle: Long ball

LM: Krishanu Ramesh Ravi
Age: 30
Team: Daredevils
Playstyle: Moderate passing and Dribble

CF: Nitin Masake
Age: 27
Team: Cheetahs
Playstyle: Stamina and Flank Pass

ST: Ram Vijay
Age: 28
Team: Athletic Club
Playstyle: Skill and Swing Shot

CF: Tarun Masake
Age: 29
Team: Demolishers
Playstyle: Power and Flank Long pass


Jim Roney(ST)
Anver Direns(RM)
Wazir Fareem(CM)
Chahar Rai(LM)
Hari Sur(RB)
Nasae Matoko(CB)
Raju Verman(GK)

Coach: Ravi Heera
Manager(Asst.): Hiroshi Sumoto


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Member of SETA
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Postby Flavovespia » Sun Jan 03, 2021 12:11 pm



Flavovespia is an island nation situated in Atlantian Oceania with a population of a little over 20’000’000. The nation is fairly densely populated, especially in the eastern part of the nation. The capital Waldster, lies in the south east corner of the nation, with the largest city Hadford Hill in the north east and St Astons City in the north west. Football is the biggest sport in Flavovespia by far, and now to almost all of the population, regardless of club allegiance, the national team is widely supported. The nickname of the Flavovespian national team, The Hornets, takes its name from the national animal of the nation, the Hornet. Although a common sight in more rural areas of Flavovespia, native Flavovespian hornets rarely attack humans, and their bright yellow colour and 2 black stripes means they’re often easy to spot.

World Cup 87 will be the 5th attempt by Flavovespia to qualify for the World Cup proper. So far they’ve failed to ever make an appearance into the finals, but now ranked inside the Top 50, and the 35th highest ranked side in the qualifiers, now seems one of their best chances to do it. They do however come off of a poor performance in the AOCAF Cup 62, winning just 1 game of 10 in that tournament, so they will be work to do, in particular against the big boys of the world.

National Stadia

Flavovespia will continue to use the 5 venues that are deemed acceptable to host cup finals, playoff finals, and international matches. Langmere Green Rovers new stadium, currently under construction, will aim to be the 6th. These are the same 5 venues as previous tournaments, but details are included below:

Hornet's Nest
Location: Waldster
Club team: Waldster FC
Capacity: 75000
Opened: 0U
Open/Closed Roof: Covered seating, retractable roof


The largest stadium in Flavovespia, and one of the AOCAF Cup 62 Round of 16 host venues. It has a tractable roof for rainy days, and is situated in the capital. Still an impressive piece of architecture, and host of plenty of great games.

Highland Road
Location: Hadford Hill
Club team: Hadford Hill FC
Capacity: 69518
Opened: 79BU
Open/Closed Roof: Open seating and field


The oldest stadium in Flavovespia, and also a host of AOCAF Cup 62 Round of 16 games. What it lacks in modern style and comfort, it makes up for in a tough, intimidating atmosphere and a very traditional feel to it. A proper old-school ground, loved and feared in equal measure by the players.

Saints Park
Location: St Aston's
Club team: St Aston's City FC
Capacity: 60000
Opened: 30BU
Open/Closed Roof: Covered seating, open field


The 3rd of the stadiums in Flavovespia to also host an AOCAF Cup 62 Round of 16 game. Not as old as Highland Road, or as large as Hornet’s Nest, but nevertheless it is still a popular and well respected stadium. Not the easiest to get to, but it is architecturally impressive despite its age.

City Arena
Location: Marthorpe
Club team: Marthorpe City FC
Capacity: 60000
Opened: 9BU
Open/Closed Roof: Closed roof


A fully indoor stadium, this provides a very unique atmosphere on the pitch and in the stands. Somewhat controversial, like it’s home team, for being completely enclosed and against traditional stadium design, but popular with many nonetheless.

Rovers Arena
Location: Loxthorpe
Club team: Loxthorpe Rovers FC
Capacity: 55000
Opened: 23AU
Open/Closed Roof: Covered seating, open field


One of Flavovespia’s newest stadiums, the 5th to be allowed to host finals and international matches in Flavovespia. Designed in meticulous detail, it is very easy to get there for a match via multiple routes, and its facilities are second to none in terms of modernity.



Flavovespia have unveiled their new kits, to be used for the next 2 World Cup and AOCAF Cup cycles. The home kit is, unsurprisingly, a yellow shirt, black shorts and black socks. The “double V” of the shirt is featured on the trim on the top of the sleeves, and down the shirt and shorts, with the socks bearing the motif as well. The away kit, in black and yellow, is basically a palette reversal of the home kit, with elements that can be mixed and matched. The all-green kit is deployed both as the goalkeeper’s kit, and a potential third kit if the need arises. However for now Flavovespia look keen to try and use only the home and away kit.


(Note, all caps and goals are taken as of the start of WCQ 87)

1 Aarif Muhammad Age: 23 Position: GK Club: Stanmorn FC Caps: 32 Goals: 0
12 David Meehan Age: 33 Position: GK Club: Bavingtor FC Caps: 70 Goals: 0
23 Robert Jones Age: 29 Position: GK Club: Kings Lunsel FC Caps: 2 Goals: 0

It was always going to be one of Aarif Muhammad or David Meehan in goal for Flavovespia with the #1 jersey, and Alan Young keeps Aarif Muhammad as the #1. He looks like the best Flavovespian goalkeeper when on good form, and at only 23, will still have time to improve further. Widley considered the reason Stanmorn stayed up, Aarif Muhammad is now set to move to a top foreign league. His only flaw at the moment is he can show some inconsistency from time to time. David Meehan will be second choice, the stoic goalkeeper has been in almost all Flavovespia's squads. Despite being 33, he’s shown little sign of reduced performance, and has experience and maturity on his side. 3rd goalkeepers are rarely called upon, and Robert Jones will likely not be expanding that much on 2 caps so far. He would be a dependable 3rd choice in theory, having impressed at Kings Lunsel this past season.

2 Scott Vaughan Age: 31 Position: LB Club: Kings Lunsel FC Caps: 50 Goals: 1
3 David Blythe Age: 25 Position: RWB Club: Kytheas Rivermen (TKT) Caps: 52 Goals: 0
4 Alexander May Age: 30 Position: CB Club: Langmere Green Rovers FC Caps: 78 Goals: 2
5 Tony Gardner Age: 28 Position: CB Club: Kings Lunsel FC Caps: 116 Goals: 5
13 David Lyons Age: 22 Position: LB Club: Langmere Green Rovers FC Caps: 9 Goals: 1
14 Daniel Lansdell Age: 24 Position: CB Club: St Astons City FC Caps: 0 Goals: 0
15 Ian Cohen Age: 30 Position: CB Club: Loxthorpe Rovers FC Caps: 0 Goals: 0
16 Ian Johnson Age: 31 Position: RB Club: Kings Lunsel FC Caps: 27 Goals: 0

No changes at left back, to the surprise of not that many. Scott Vaughan was part of a solid defensive unit at Kings Lunsel. He’s reached a half-century of caps and should look to build on that from here, at least for another couple of years or so. Not a full back who offers much going forward, his strengths lies in smart awareness of the game, and a solid work effort in any game he plays. David Lyons was one of the youngest ever call-ups when he made his debut. Still only 22, he’s adapting well to international football, both in club and national team matches. He’s got plenty of raw talent and physicality, the mental side of the game needs some refining though.

Tony Gardner will still be the first name at the back for Flavovespia. He was one of the players who was criticised somewhat for their AOCAF Cup 62 performance, but ultimately if he can rebound from that, will be very important for Flavovespia. Now more level-headed than before, he combines great defensive work with a surprising amount of talent on the ball for a defender. Alexander May also returns in the squad. Somewhat harshly criticised for being the starter because “nobody better has come along yet”, he is a determined battler at the back, a real old-school player. Very tough, maybe a little too much given he’s been the cause of a few flashpoints domestically and internationally on the pitch. 2 new centre backs have been called up by Alan Young for the World Cup Qualifiers 87 squad. Daniel Lansdell came through the ranks at South Maishop and was a star there despite his age, before a transfer to St Astons City. His successful season there means a call up. A relatively all-around defender, no major weaknesses, but not one stand out strength. Ian Cohen is a real grafter, several years at Apsbrooke were spent fighting it out against better sides, before their breakthrough and his move to Loxthorpe Rovers. He helped his new side to the IFCF Challenger’s Cup spots, and with it a call-up. A firm but fair player, his size and strength are a big asset, although he’s fairly slow and not brilliant on the ball.

David Blythe’s international transfer seems to have done his chances of selection no harm, he’s in Alan Young’s first international squad. A wing-back instead of full-back by trade, he’s quick and pacey, helping him keep up with opposing wingers, and now looks more assured in defence. Ian Johnson returns to the squad, his last call up way back in the Cup of Harmony 76. His style of play is now very similar to that of club and international teammate Scott Vaughan, not going forward much, but solid at the back, not looking to get drawn in and caught out by players on the ball.

6 David Clark Age: 26 Position: CDM Club: Langmere Green Rovers FC Caps: 21 Goals: 1
7 James King Age: 33 Position: CM Club: Stanmorn FC Caps: 123 Goals: 15
8 Jonathan Feld Age: 29 Position: LM Club: Kings Lunsel FC Caps: 98 Goals: 13
11 Steven Hall Age: 30 Position: RAM Club: Kings Lunsel FC Caps: 127 Goals: 48
17 Kieron Player Age: 21 Position: CDM Club: Kings Lunsel FC Caps: 4 Goals: 0
18 Robert Totten Age: 25 Position: CAM Club: Binclestead Wood FC Caps: 0 Goals: 0
19 William Somers Age: 31 Position: LM Club: Loxthorpe Rovers FC Caps: 16 Goals: 0
22 Christopher Ace Age: 27 Position: RM Club: St Astons City FC Caps: 40 Goals: 4

Jonathan Feld regains the #8 shirt, and will surely become the 5th Flavovespian to reach the 100 caps milestone. A player who can be described as “deceptively talented”, he doesn’t always appear to be an obvious star, but works hard, and can cut in and deliver a shot, cross or pass from a variety of position. William Somers is also called up again, as a left-midfielder. He’s somewhat more defensively minded for a midfielder, so solid in winning the ball, if not the best on it. Still, he can sometimes pose a threat in attack if he gets up there.

David Clark looks sets to play an important role as the central defensive midfielder of the side. Much like his club role, he’ll be combining a good eye when passing with his abilities in winning the ball from the opposition. James King was an integral member of the Flavovespian squad since the beginning in World Cup 83. Now at 33, it feels like his game is starting to drop off. He can still pass very well, and set pieces are still his speciality. However with his physical abilities not the same as before, his international career is in the twilight years. Kieron Player is at the other end of the scale. He’s already a first team player at Kings Lunsel, and seen by plenty as a successor to James King. With similar skills, albeit not as refined yet, expect Player to be a figure in the Flavovespian setup for plenty of years. Robert Totten is also called up for the first time. He’s a natural central attacking midfielder, with good pace, dribbling, and able to link up between midfield and attack well. Now he has a chance to prove himself internationally.

Steven Hall is 30, and still looks like one of, if not, the best Flavovespian player there is. His dribbling, passing and shooting are all very strong. Able to play out wide or in the central in attacking midfield or upfront, expect him to be a focal point no matter where he is on the pitch. Christopher Ace is also in the squad as a right midfielder. Maybe not the most skilful or accurate with the ball, his pace however is blistering, and can be a handful for any defenders caught on their heels.

9 Ramon Martin Age: 34 Position: CF Club: Langmere Green Rovers FC Caps: 50 Goals: 16
10 Scott Coleman Age: 27 Position: CF Club: Aries Chariots (NPH) Caps: 108 Goals: 64
20 Mark Paul Age: 25 Position: CF Club: Bavingtor FC Caps: 10 Goals: 2
21 Matthew Cope Age: 32 Position: CF Club: St Astons City FC Caps: 0 Goals: 0

Most forwards begin to wind down into their mid-30’s, but last season Ramon Martin scored 29 goals in the 30 game Super League. On that form, it is impossible to argue against his call-up. Despite not having the pace he used to possess, he is an expert in finding space off the ball, and is accurate in front of goal. Scott Coleman plays for Aries Chariots, in the (soon to be replaced) Nepharan Premiership, and now has IFCF Champions League football to look forward to, thanks to the 2nd place league finish. Coleman is a natural poacher, with pace and accuracy to put himself on the scoresheet. Expect him to feature heavily for Flavovespia, and to try and bounce back from a disappointing AOCAF Cup 62. Mark Paul stays in the squad. Small and agile, he can definitely pose a threat if Flavovespia play the ball low and on the ground. He’ll hope to deliver when called upon to stay in the squad, given how competitive spots in attack are. Matthew Cope was to some a surprise call up. At 32, he’s not likely to feature for many more years, but Alan Young couldn’t ignore his 26 league goals the past season. He plays quite like Ramon Martin, using skill and experience to fashion out goalscoring opportunities, as opposed to pace. Another player who’s worked his way up via a fair few clubs, and has spent seasons outside of the Flavovespian top flight.

Alan Young Age: 38

The youngest manager Flavovespia has, Alan Young becomes the 4th full-time manager to lead The Hornets. In his career he was a striker at a few clubs, mainly Langmere Green Rovers for 8 seasons. His one and only club job so far is 3 and a bit seasons at Langmere Green Rovers. However in the 3 full seasons he had at Langmere Green Rovers, he took them to the Super League title every time. Already a legend at his old club, he’s been given the call up by the FFA to lead Flavovespia now. A bold choice to some, given his age and relative inexperience, but others praise the choice. His chosen formation is usually a 4-1-2-1-2 wide diamond, although sometimes he’ll play with a narrow diamond instead.

MD1 Central Shaneville (H) Highland Road, Hadford Hill 2-1
MD2 Cassadaigua (A) Dagan Airways Stadium, Concord Heights 5-3
MD3 Acronius (H) City Arena, Marthorpe 0-0
MD4 Muralos (H) City Arena, Marthorpe 1-0
MD5 Havynwilde (A) Uvenstadion Superparc, Iyes, Keflavɨk, Havynwilde 3-2
MD6 TJUN-ia (H) Highland Road, Hadford Hill 0-1
MD7 Busoga Islands (A) The Dukuma Oval, Dukuma, North Island 1-1
MD8 Hispinas (H) Saints Park, St Astons City 8-1
MD9 Nacaltora (A) 0-2
MD10 Central Shaneville (A) Red Bull Arena, Shaneville City 3-3
MD11 Cassadaigua (H) Hornet's Nest, Waldster 1-4
MD12 Acronius (A) 0-1
MD13 Muralos (A) Komcatt Arena, Urbego 0-2
MD14 Havynwilde (H) Rovers Arena, Loxthorpe 1-2
MD15 TJUN-ia (A) Beregozera Stadium, Szensky 4-3
MD16 Busoga Islands (H) Saints Park, St Astons City 1[/b]-0
MD17 Hispinas (A) 0-3
MD18 Nacaltora (H) Hornet's Nest, Waldster

Predicted Starting XI:
MD1: Aarif Muhammad, Lyons-May-Gardner-Blythe, Player, Feld-Ace, Hall(c), Coleman-Martin (4-1-2-1-2 wide)
MD2: Aarif Muhammad, Lyons-May-Gardner-Blythe, Player, Feld-Ace, Hall(c), Coleman-Martin (4-1-2-1-2 wide)
MD3: Aarif Muhammad Meehan, Lyons-May Vaughan-Cohen-Gardner-Blythe, Player King, Feld-Ace, Hall(c), Coleman-Martin (4-1-2-1-2 wide)
MD4: Meehan, Vaughan-Cohen-Gardner-Blythe, Player, Feld-King, Hall(c), Coleman-Martin (4-1-2-1-2 narrow)
MD5: Meehan, Vaughan-Cohen-Gardner-Blythe, Player, Feld-King, Hall(c), Coleman-Martin (4-1-2-1-2 narrow)
MD6: Meehan, Lyons-Cohen-Gardner-Blythe, Clark, Feld-King, Hall(c), Coleman-Cope (4-1-2-1-2 narrow)
MD7: Meehan, Lyons-Cohen-Gardner-Blythe, Clark, Feld-King, Hall(c), Coleman-Cope Martin (4-1-2-1-2 narrow)
MD8: Meehan(c), Lyons-Cohen-Gardner-Blythe, Clark, Player-King, Totten, Coleman-Martin (4-1-2-1-2 narrow)
MD9: Meehan(c), Lyons-Cohen-Gardner-Blythe, Clark, Player-King, Totten Hall(c), Coleman-Martin (4-1-2-1-2 narrow)
MD10: Meehan, Vaughan-Cohen-Lansdell-Blythe, Clark, Player-King, Hall(c) Coleman-Martin (4-1-2-1-2 narrow)
MD11: Meehan, Lyons-Cohen-Gardner Lansdell-Blythe, Clark, Player-King, Hall(c), Coleman-Martin (4-1-2-1-2 narrow)
MD12: Aarif Muhammad, Lyons-May-Gardner-Blythe, Clark, Feld-King, Hall(c) Coleman-Paul (4-1-2-1-2 narrow)
MD13: Aarif Muhammad, Lyons-May-Gardner-Blythe, Clark, Feld-King, Hall(c) Coleman-Paul (4-1-2-1-2 narrow)
MD14: Aarif Muhammad, Lyons-May-Gardner-Blythe, Clark, Feld-King, Hall(c) Coleman-Paul (4-1-2-1-2 narrow)
MD15: Aarif Muhammad, Lyons-May-Gardner-Blythe, ClarkPlayer, Feld-King, Hall(c) Coleman-PaulMartin (4-1-2-1-2 narrow)
MD16: Aarif Muhammad, Lyons-May-Gardner-Blythe, Player, Feld-King, Totten Coleman-Hall(c) (4-1-2-1-2 narrow)
MD17: Aarif Muhammad, Vaughan-Cohen-May-Gardner-Johnson, Player, Somers-Hall(c), Totten, Coleman-Martin (4-1-2-1-2 wide)
MD18: Jones, Lyons-Cohen-Landsell-Blythe, Clark, Somers-Ace, Hall(c), Coleman-Martin (4-1-2-1-2 wide)

N.B If Flavovespia lose the first matchday of the double matchday, feel free to make changes to the predicted starting XI.

Style Mod: 0

Code: Select all
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: TG me or Discord me first
RP injuries to my players: Y, I choose length of injury
Godmod injuries to my players: TG me or Discord me first, I choose length of injury
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y (although if you want multiple Red Cards, TG me or Discord me first)
Godmod other events: TG me or Discord me first

COVID-19 specific issues: Flavovespians are assumed to be vaccinated/immune against this. However if your nation is in a pandemic, assume the Flavovespia NT take specific precautions to avoid infection (i.e. isolating at all times before and after the match, daily tests. If you have any particular questions or RP lines that may involve my permission, TG me or Discord me.

I'll try and post the next MD line-up here before each match. If not, assume the same as previous in the event of a win, or some rotation otherwise. Feel free to use any player as a sub (within reason), unless they're listed as injured or suspended

Code: Select all
OOC Info: The year in Flavovespia is 32AU. Player ages are taken from the start of the year, player teams are prior to the start of TW30. TG me or Discord me if you need some IC or OOC info for RP purposes.
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Baggieland Roster

Postby Baggieland » Sun Jan 03, 2021 9:26 pm

The Throstles.

Home Ground:
Dartmouth Hill, Hawthorn (capacity: 97,842).


4 – 5 – 1.


Fred Buckingham.

Numbers 1 to 11 are the first choice team.

1. Ben Osborne (GK).
13. John Foster (GK).
23. Tom Hoult (GK).

2. Jonas McAuley (LCB).
3. John Moore (RCB).
12. Gareth Olsson (LCB).
14. Darren Wile (RCB).
4. Derek Pennington (LB).
15. Jesse Statham (LB).
5. Brendon Dawson (RB).
16. Craig Batson (RB).

6. Len Livermore (DM).
17. Jake Cantello (DM).
7. “Bomber” Robson (C) (CM).
18. Bryan Brown (CM).
8. Ray Brunt (VC) (LW).
19. Chris Barlow (LW).
9. Laurie Bassett (RW).
20. Billy Cunningham (RW).
10. Ronnie Regis (AM).
21. Cyrille Allen (AM).

11. Jeff Richardson (CF).
22. “Ginger” Astle (CF).

On standby:
The following players have emerged from their vats* and have mightily impressed during their first season in the domestic league. Should there be a tournament-ending injury to another player, these guys are on standby to replace them.
Semi O’Shea (CB).
Dara Ajayi (CB).
Darnell Townsend (LB).
Conor Furlong (RB).
Grady Pereira (LW).
Matheus Diangana (CAM).
*All Baggieland citizens are vat-created as adults.

International tournament records:
Nordsjø Derby: winners (x1).
Baptism of Fire 72: group stage.
Cup of Harmony 77: group stage.
World Cup 85: qualification group stage.

First ever game:
Baggieland 3 – 1 Electrum.

Biggest win:
Jerauuk 1 – 4 Baggieland.

Biggest defeat:
Baggieland 3 – 6 Starblaydia.

If my opponents RP first:
Choose my goalscorers- Y.
Godmod scoring events- Y.
Roleplay injuries to my players- Y.
Godmod injuries to my players- Y.
Hand out yellow cards to my players- Y.
Hand out red cards to my players- Y.
Godmod other events- Y.
*Nothing ridiculous please.

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Postby Nephara » Mon Jan 04, 2021 12:46 am


World Ranking:
Preferred Formation: 4-4-2
Secondary Formation: 4-3-3
Style Modifier: 0
Home Stadium: The Farham Arena in Sabrefell is reserved for the biggest games, but Nephara is a large enough country that it spreads its matches across the nation.
Kit Supplier: ediraf
Nickname: The Cormorants

Two final wins instead of defeats would have turned Nephara into one of the legendary sides in world football. Instead, in what is rumoured to be Daniella Strauss' final cycle before moving onto the next project, it all comes down to this final shot. The Cormorants are among the favourites, but that ranking stubbornly remains 2nd, not 1st. They've won the past two CRs, made the past two World Cup finals... this is the final step.

Well, that was the narrative going into qualifying. Now Straus has quit, Gethin Ramsey's daughter has taken over and his grand-daughter's playing on the left wing. Elements of an aging squad that Strauss tried to move on from have come flooding back, and this could be the final cycle of a number of players. The side has a patchwork make-do-and-mend look to it, very unusual for the Cormorants. Very much like, on the other hand, the side that won it all in cycle 74... suffice to say nobody entirely knows what to expect.

Overall Record
534 wins - 91 draws - 125 losses
1781 scored - 904 conceded

Baptism of Fire 51
Cup of Harmony 61
World Cup 74
Eagle's Cup 5
3 Cope Rushmori - 30, 35, 36
5 Campionati Esportiva - 6, 8, 10, 15 and 18
Only the second nation in history to achieve the 'Triple Crown' of WCC titles - represented by three stars on the crest.
Second in footballing ability only to 6PupperFunnerRunnies.

Most Caps
172 - Hadrian Belfast
162 - Rowena Strongbow
155 - Elaine Ashdown
150 - Estrella Hawke
143 - Dieter Konoval
142 - Chimera Moxham
141 - Tosca Marlowe
137 - Cathy Stokes
136 - Tanith Rainsford
134 - Michael Brandon
129 - Adnan Szalai
126 - Anna Shrike, Malachite Scharner
116 - Dale Brightley, Diandra Ballard, Sasha Christener, Penumbra Amokachi
114 - Monako Saroszi
112 - Konrad Gosforth
111 - Calliope Katskalidis
108 - Gerhard Thunder
107 - Marcin Close
106 - Hesterine Mercator
104 - Rook Cathar
103 - Keith Rowland, Sieglinde Lohengrin
100 - Leona Rafford

Most Goals
91 - Estrella Hawke
65 - Penumbra Amokachi
60 - Chimera Moxham
57 - Gerhard Thunder
55 - Rook Cathar, Rowena Strongbow
50 - Elaine Ashdown

Most Clean Sheets
44 - Diandra Ballard
33 - Hesterine Mercator
30 - Apostolos Tsattalios
28 - Portia Thrift, Kieron Riordan
24 - Reece Coleman, Andreas Swoboda

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y*
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y**
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y***
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: N

* Moxham takes most set pieces, including penalties.
** I'll have the final say on how long the player will be out, but feel free to make them look severe as you want.
*** One per match.

Nepharan football is based around playing hard, pressing aggressively, playing for keeps. Occasionally this leaves gaps behind the high defensive line, though most Nepharan goalkeepers are in the sweeping mould these days to compensate. Marchers are, by and large, a physically imposing folk, and eager to throw their size around. The footballing culture is intensely competitive, and those that survive to make their way to the top are hellbent on winning at any cost. Elbows to the face. Subtle digs in the ribs. Diving is dishonest when opponents do it but streetwise when Nepharim do it. In short, Nephara are the bully from two years above who picked you, specifically, out as a natural target.

That is often the foreign perspective, but it overlooks a key fact; Nepharan football can honestly be beautiful to watch. Generations of players brought up on dry plains or asphalt play the ball quickly and fearlessly along the ground, never sideways when there's a forward option open, always looking to stretch and probe and stay one really good pass away from a goal. Nepharim are undoubtedly physical, even cynical, but their success has been built off the backs of ruthless, fast-paced passing football.

The Godhead
For home matches, and during international tournaments, Nephara wheels out the 'Godhead', a giant boulder with an eerie resemblance to Gethin Ramsey, first manager of the Cormorants in the modern era and by now long dead. Nepharim have a superstitious streak, and while nobody's saying it is, in fact, the mystic reincarnation of their most iconic leader, nobody's quite not saying it, either. The Godhead is traditionally 'walked' to the stadium by Nepharim ultras using an intricate series of ropes, and often a flare is wedged into its 'mouth' to simulate a smoking cigar.

Manager - Triffid Ramsey - Age 45
Assistant Manager - Catherine Sedgwick - Age 56
Daughter of the legendary Gethin Ramsey, Nephara's Baptism of Fire manager and (probably) the first manager to take three different nations to the World Cup, but Triffid's eager to get out from under that shadow. A very good but not excellent player, Ramsey took naturally to management and pursues a more modern version of the elder Ramsey's ideals - industry backed by data, athleticism backed by sport science, pace backed by skill. Catherine Sedgwick is a former national team player and formidable manager in her own right, here to offer a steady hand at the tiller and keen tactical mind.

1 - GK - Aranea Provost (Image Holdenberg) - Age 25 - 31 caps, 16 clean sheets
Anyone with any sense has their eye on Provost. She's sharp, spry, with the height and deceptive power to command her area, and only getting better year on year. Her sights are set on the very top, as she has the potential to be one of the best in the game.

12 - GK - Raluca Garamond (Image Sabrefell Athletic) - Age 25 - 8 caps, 4 clean sheets
A languid, reliable goalkeeper with a rare command of her area. She might not be the most eye-catching of shot-stoppers, but her judgement and anticipation are second to none. Garamond will reliably concede slightly fewer goals than expected without ever really being flashy about it.

20 - GK - Alexandra Markgraf (Image Sabrefell Moths) - Age 28 - 2 caps
Already well-travelled, Markgraf is making her mark as an athletic, agile shot-stopper, the kind of goalkeeper who can fly into the top corner and flick the ball over the top in a single fluid motion. There is an error in her game every now and again, but her skill will soon catch up to her confidence.

2 - RB - Rovena Stride (Image AFC Treason) - Age 27 - 83 caps, 7 goals
C75 Galactico
Stride's surname is apt. She's fast; very fast, and just gets the simple things right. All of them at once, racing upfield for overlapping runs to lash in raking low crosses, before tracking back at full speed to put in a crunching sliding tackle. A world-class player.

3 - LB - Vivica Muscadin (Image Sabrefell Moths) - Age 26 - 52 caps, 4 goals
Like many prospects from the Moths, Muscadin is sharp and trained to win at any and all costs. She strides the field with an easy arrogance and a ferocious burst of pace, and anyone trying to get past her is due a stud in the back of the knee. So, no, she's not interested in playing nice.

5 - CB - Roxelana Thorn (Image Revolutionaries, c) - Age 31 - 143 caps, 8 goals
C76, C77 Galactico
Tall, decisive and muscular, Thorn throws herself fearlessly into any challenge to keep the ball out of her net. The art of defending - the joy of defending - is not lost, not as long as Thorn is here. She has grown into a truly world-class defender, and is currently an inspirational captain.

6 - CB - Reniira Clevinger (Image Sabrefell Athletic) - Age 22 - 19 caps, 3 goals
The first half-satyr - indeed, the first non-fullblooded human - to represent the national team, Clevinger essentially looks like a hulking 6'8" woman with blue skin and stubby, vestigial horns poking out of her scalp. Unsurprisingly, she's also the tallest person in Cormorants history. That's handy as a centre-half.

18 - RB - Linde Rostock (Image Stahlburg City) - Age 26 - 26 caps, 1 goal
A diminutive youth who slotted in naturally to a fullback position, Rostock took that training and then grew into a lean, powerful 5'8" frame. She's got an easy sharpness on the ball backed up by a brutal physicality where she has to. Defensively, she's peerless. Going forward, perhaps, slightly uninspired. But she's a top-class player in the making. Not initially part of Ramsey's plans, an injury to Pristina Soeringer gave her a final chance.

19 - CB - Miska Brabanzon (Image Sabrefell Moths) - Age 23 - 10 caps
A pugnacious, bruising centre-half who flies eagerly and viciously into challenges. The hope is that Brabanzon and Clevinger will be the new Thorn and Brosch, next cycle. She offers more silk and dynamism to go with the steady Clevinger's steel.

22 - LB - Radeka Lind (Image Vermillion Rage) - Age 20 - 2 caps
A radical selection. In a largely unexceptional (though solid) field of backup leftbacks, Lind stands out. An injury crisis gave her the opportunity to break through before schedule as one of the precious few teenagers getting regular minutes at Zenith level... in a Vermillion side inexplicably destined for the Champions League places.

4 - HM - Tawny Shone (Image Brinemouth) - Age 31 - 123 caps, 7 goals
A true street-scrapper, from the hard part of Sabrefell. That reflects in her play, uncompromising and full-throttle despite her relatively small size, scampering around and committing niggling fouls.and sneaky ankle-taps. She's far more than a destroyer, though, and that becomes clear the moment she glides onto the ball and picks out a perfect pass from range.

7 - RM - Anselm Koerner (Image 1830 Cathair) - Age 25 - 25 caps, 6 goals
Surprisingly, a winger without all that much flair. Koerner's best aspects are blinding pace, bruising muscle and relentless physicality, and he's set to ride that to the top. Nobody really expected him to be the one of his class to make it, but the difference might just be top-class athleticism and the workrate to us e it. He's always, always running.

8 - CM - Lothaire Cromwell (Image AC Izotz Zubia) - Age 25 - 42 caps, 11 goals
Cromwell is the kind of player whose statistical multi-scale radar looks like a circle. He held down the midfield for the U21s and can certainly play that role, but at heart he needs to run, and room to run forward into the box at the perfect moment. He's tall, strong, fast, he'll brawl, he can pick out a pass, and he's already a leader of the team.

11 - LM - Kendra Considine Ramsey (Image AFC Treason) - Age 23 - 6 caps, 1 goal
The wild card of the team. Considine's international future was an unknown for the longest time, and those closest to the player assumed she'd represent Schottia. She's Triffid Ramsey's adoptive daughter, and has no actual blood ties to Nephara. But she's ambitious, at heart, and with Schottia out of current contention, has seized her opportunity to bring her particular brand of fey lethality to the world stage.

13 - RM/LM - Ysabet Belgrade (Image Sabrefell Moths) - Age 24 - 32 caps, 10 goals
A combative firebrand on and off the pitch, Belgrade really just wants to make trouble. Bad things happen to defenders when she's involved. Relentless when taking on defenders and making surging, violent runs that slam into opposing defences and scatter opponents in their wake.

14 - CM/AM - Exene Fletcher (Image Hellinic Rouge) - Age 23 - 16 caps, 5 goals
Somehow overlooked by the big academies, Fletcher clawed her way up from the third tier, making a name for herself by combining silky playmaking with sharp tackles. Her rise has been nothing short of meteoric, and her workrate reflects how far she's come.

15 - HM - Rashica Horvath (Image La Nueva Avenida) - Age 27 - 14 caps
A revelation in qualifying, Horvath was a forgotten woman who everyone figured had missed her shot, including herself. But the former U21s captain is made of stern stuff, and managed to wrestle her way back into contention. Hard-nosed, taciturn and useful with the ball at her feet, Horvath's more than a plain destroyer.

17 - CM/AM - Ilia Mueller (Image AFC Treason) - Age 27 - 5 caps
Sometimes you just look to the extended national pool and someone stands out as the right option for precisely one year. This is Mueller's first and might be her last taste of international football, but her mixture of diligence, composure, versatility and top-class experience make her an essential piece of the puzzle.

21 - AM - Chimera Moxham (Image Spartangrad) - Age 32 - 147 caps, 61 goals
C73 Young Galactico; C73 Galactico
Aren't playmakers meant to be classy? Moxham isn't. She's arrogant, but not in an elegant way, she just always believes she knows the right thing to do, on and off the pitch. Perhaps annoyingly, she's usually right. Decision-making can be a bit flaky, but she has the pace, the eye for goal and even the defensive workrate to make up for it. Strauss tried to transition from her, but like a fuzzy security blanket, Ramsey's clung to her for warmth.

23 - RW/ST - Traudl Mrdja (Image Vermillion Rage) - Age 25 - 19 caps, 6 goals
Rangy and raw-boned, a part of Mrdja still can't believe she's come this far. She made her name by simply being fearless on a local side in Rochford that had cause to fear most anyone. A player of relentless energy who relishes the chance to press hard and early.

9 - ST - Kurtis Bastable (Image Ulsa) - Age 30 - 114 caps, 67 goals
C77 Galactico
A sturdy figure with a low centre of gravity, immense strength and resilience, a deceptive change of pace and an unerring eye for goal, Bastable has emerged as the natural successor to Estrella Hawke, though he's less versatile in his skillset and better with the ball at his feet.

10 - ST - Konrad Lovelace (Image Revolutionaries) - Age 28 - 68 caps, 37 goals
C78 Galactico
'The new Estrella Hawke', according to excitable headlines that don't pay attention to anything that matters. They're both from Starling, they're both strikers, they're both athletic, they're both good. Blistering pace, football intelligence and a ruthless finish are his best assets, his right boot his one failing. Indications are, however, that this might be his year; a hat-trick against Indusse appears to have made Ramsey's mind up.

11 - ST - Latona Basilisk (Image Mâ Âlâmëómë) - Age 25 - 25 caps, 14 goals
C75 Young Galactico
Former Young Galactico Basilisk is self-assured to the point of parody, right to the point of having made 'Basilisking' - purported to be her petrifying stare one-on-one with goalkeepers - not only part of her brand, but trademarked. So you'd better believe it matters to say: she's very nearly as good as she thinks she is.

1 - Aranea Provost (Holdenberg, EUR), 12 - Raluca Garamond (Sabrefell Athletic), 20 - Alexandra Markgraf (Sabrefell Moths)
Defenders: 2 - Rovena Stride (AFC Treason), 3 - Vivica Muscadin (Sabrefell Moths), 5 - Roxelana Thorn (Revolutionaries, EUR, c), 6 - Reniira Clevinger (Sabrefell Athletic), 18 - Linde Rostock (Stahlburg City), 19 - Miska Brabanzon (Sabrefell Moths), 22 - Radeka Lind (Vermillion Rage)
Midfielders: 4 - Tawny Shone (Brinemouth), 7 - Anselm Koerner (1830 Cathair, AUD), 8 - Lothaire Cromwell (AC Izotz Zubia, AUD), 11 - Kendra Constantine (AFC Treason), 13 - Ysabet Belgrade (Sabrefell Moths), 14 - Exene Fletcher (Hellinic Rouge, PAS), 15 - Rashica Horvath (La Nueva Avenida, FFD), 17 - Ilia Mueller (AFC Treason), 21 - Chimera Moxham (Spartangrad, EUR), 23 - Traudl Mrdja (Vermillion Rage)
Forwards: 9 - Kurtis Bastable (Ulsa, EUR), 10 - Konrad Lovelace (Revolutionaries, EUR), 16 - Latona Basilisk (Mâ Âlâmëómë, FFD)
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Postby Brenecia » Mon Jan 04, 2021 4:12 am


World Ranking:
Preferred Formation: 4-2-3-1
Backup Formations: 4-3-3, 4-4-2
Style Modifier: 0
Home Stadium: Kingsgarden - a 58,000 all-seater in the capital of Rozelle.
Kit Supplier: ediraf
Nickname: the Patriots

Brenecia's assets are obvious - they have the best player in the multiverse. God, doesn't she know it. Brenecia's squad is thin, always looking its most stretched in qualifying, but realistically speaking you only need 14 players at the end of the day, and Brenecia have those of a calibre to take the fight to anyone in the multiverse. Expectations remain to make the knockout rounds and then, well, hope for a miracle. With Cheney and Wright on either side of the park, that's more than just wishful thinking.

Campionato Esportiva 14, 17, 19, 22 and 25 champions.
World Cup 80 champions.
Casaran round participation award.

Overall Record
407 wins - 116 draws - 133 losses
1321 scored - 754 conceded

Most Caps
187 - Mathis Woodgate
162 - Catherine Gryphon
157 - Catherine Purrington
126 - Orson Faulkner, Anaximander Scrivener
121 - Miriam Spitfire, Squire Trevelyan
119 - Ursula Rankin
118 - Gethin Quill
117 - Sam Allbeck, Corby Wheeler
112 - Isadora Cullen
108 - Brandon Duguid
103 - Roisin Carroll
100 - Elsie Drover, Niko Szubanski

Most Goals
67 - Ursula Rankin
50 - Catherine Purrington
48 - Cheney Scherzer
43 - Kara Ciogach
39 - Squire Trevelyan

First Team and Tactics
Pace, pace and pace. Brelk-Xeral's mantra isn't hard to understand. They have their side set up to overwhelm opponents with a high press, crowding them with bodies and it's impressive how well-drilled they are considering the limited amount of time international teams get on the training ground. It might be overly simplistic to say they just harry opponents into mistakes and capitalise, but... God, they are good at that. Parrish, their lethal wingers and the overlapping runs from the fullbacks are relied upon to break down parked buses, as well as the bulk of their centre-halves from set pieces.
Brind has replaced Archer in the squad, but otherwise they look identical to how they've been through most of qualifying.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y*
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y**
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y***
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: N

* Parrish takes most free-kicks, corners and penalties
** I'll have the final say on severity.
*** One per match without prior agreement.

Manager - Brelk-Xeral Erv (QUS) - Age 52
Asst. Manager - Jess Curtin - Age 49

Brelk-Xeral is a visionary. The canny Qusmi is a strong tactician with a forthrightness that gets things done, and their appreciation for open, attacking football meshes nicely with the Southern school of Brenecian football. They favour a solid, trusted core of talent, like Jim Reid - unlike Jim Reid, they are ruthless when it comes to removing players who can no longer pull their weight. The astute former international midfielder Jess Curtin offers the local touch as assistant, having survived the change in regime.

1 - GK - Scathach Wright (Image Raynor City United) - Age 28 - 77 caps, 35 clean sheets
C78 Galactico
An energetic and zealous sweeper, an acrobatic shot-stopper, an inspired distributor - Wright does a lot, and occasionally will make an error, but that's worth it. She's entering her prime, and with Brelk-Xeral's faith comes added responsibility; iron out the mistakes and she's genuinely world-class. She looks to have done just that.

12 - GK - Tiarnan Cove (Image Rozelle) - Age 26 - 3 caps
A modern goalkeeper, albeit one for whom height is his only weakness. Excellent with distribution and shot-stopping, and relishes going one-on-one with strikers.

20 - GK - Cairbre Dundalk (Image Chenoworth Rovers) - Age 24 - 1 cap
Despite being 5'8" - with all the weakness in the air that entails - Dundalk's made a name for himself as a brilliant reflex stopper who never lets errors get him down.

2 - RB - Clovette Bravender (Image Ulsa) - Age 24 - 32 caps, 1 goal
A young rightback emerging at lightning speed into the public eye; her combination of blinding pace, limitless energy and enthusiastic slinging of crosses into the box mean that there's plainly something special here to develop.

3 - LB Triss Roscommon (Image Revolutionaries) - Age 27 - 35 caps, 2 goals
A slender fullback growing in poise and technique with time and trust. The best fullbacks know when to hold 'em and fold 'em, and when to run (constantly); Roscommon has all these gifts and more, as any midfielder would be proud to have her passing range with her left.

5 - CB - Finn Leadbetter (Image Holdenberg) - Age 27 - 70 caps, 11 goals
A colossal defender who loves to put a bit of stick about. The art of defending and the joy of defending remain alive whenever Leadbetter is on the pitch. A serious destroyer of men in either box, and a genuine threat in set pieces.

6 - CB - Leona Ford (Image Workers Union) - Age 26 - 16 caps
An intelligent, thoughtful defender, ideal for a team who loves to keep the ball... and yet to actually play for one at club level. Nevertheless, her combination of confidence and pace should fit in well with an assertive, aggressive Brenecia.

17 - RB - Caithe Shepherd (Image Rozelle) - Age 27 - 29 caps
A pacy and diligent fullback, Shepherd always seems to be in the thick of the action. She still sporadically makes errors, leaves space, and lunges a little too eagerly into homicidal challenges. But just as one begins to despair, she saves the day at either end.

18 - CB - Casey Giltanan (Image Workers Union) - Age 23 - 31 caps, 4 goals
Giltanan's more than a statement about Brenecia's paper-thin stocks at centre-half. She is a bona fide talent, taking an early gamble in Eura and hoping it'll come off. Early signs are positive, with Giltanan's mixture of composure on the ball and bloody-mindedness off it papering over occasional lapses in concentration that time should beat out.

19 - LB - Deimne Watermark (Image Northern Stallions) - Age 27 - 32 caps, 1 goal
Watermark is a sharp and powerful defender, but his main claim to fame is once throwing up hungover during an A-League match the Stallions lost 8-0 as they claimed the title regardless. Combines the expected pace with considerable brawn.

4 - DM - Finn Townsend (Image Shamrock Cathair, c) - Age 30 - 77 caps, 1 goal
C78 Galactico
A pure destroyer, with verve to burn. Is a game really complete without a caution? Oh, Townsend is nothing but dirt - and the occasional rocket at goal. Has emerged into a clear leadership figure, resolute in the centre of the pitch. Moving to unfashionable Celtade has brought another level from him.

8 - CM - Esther Caitiff (Image Ulsa) - Age 26 - 66 caps, 16 goals
Expert at deft touches and ankle-taps, Caitiff combines a street-fighter's eye for sizing up an opponent with a devil-may-care attitude and the skill to live up to it. Somehow, Caitiff always finds herself embedded deep in the fray.

10 - AM - Dreigiau Parrish (Image KT Itzalovalle) - Age 25 - 26 caps, 8 goals
Parrish has a history with injuries that makes some nay-sayers wonder if he has what it takes to sustain more than the 30 games a season of the A-League, but Parrish is a balletic and graceful midfielder who spins easily past markers and, rarely for Brenecian players, strokes the ball around with comfort and ease.

11 - LW - Tricia Pace (Image Northern Union) - Age 27 - 44 caps, 13 goals
It's all in the name, hon. But Pace forced her way into a typically star-studded Union by doing more than just running really fast. She runs direct down the throat, eager to take on opponents and make a decisive impact. Two-footed and eager to cut inside and shoot.

13 - CM - Cheney Deal (Image Mâ Âlâmëómë) - Age 25 - 16 caps, 3 goals
More than just a bruiser, though Deal offers that. He runs tirelessly, battles for every ball, but more importantly knows where to run to and where to be. Technically, yes, he is somewhat less than gifted... but he'll never fade out of games, and has honed what gifts he has to their very apex.

15 - RW - Mathgamain Fife (Image Rozelle) - Age 22 - 11 caps, 4 goals
An industrious winger, Fife never stops running and never lets defenders feel comfortable. Direct to the point of tunnel vision, but his peerless pace and power combine to ensure he can batter his way through poor decisions and turn them into goals.

16 - LW - Ceridwen Fletcher (Image Holdenberg) - Age 29 - 105 caps, 17 goals
It's hard not to couch Fletcher as Cheney's opposite; a tall, elegant Northerner, less versatile or direct but with a peach of a left boot that can be rapier or sledgehammer, depending on what's required. Provides everything except goals, but her psychic link with Cheney means they tend to arrive in her presence regardless.

21 - AM - Felicia Brind (Image South Laithland) - Age 24 - 5 caps, 1 goal
Brind carries on the proud tradition of calling up someone born and raised in Nephara, though at least her incomprehensible Valeside drawl makes her less of an easy flashback to tattooed longbowmen. She's a deft, clever and diligent street footballer, deceptively fast and with an eye for goal.

22 - RW - Linoan Waters (Image Istria City FC) - Age 25 - 24 caps, 9 goals
Waters never stopped looking a little bewildered to be at this level. But she scored a hat-trick on her international debut, and while that was mostly a power-play from the manager she's found her way back into the team as a relentlessly incisive winger.

23 - DM - Ronan Schofield (Image Raynor City United) - Age 23 - 13 caps
An unnervingly commanding presence in the middle of the park, Schofield is oddly effortless in all his motions, whether in sweeping passes from flank to flank, or deftly bullying opponents out of possession.

7 - RW/ST - Lauren Cheney (Image Spartangrad) - Age 30 - 128 caps, 57 goals
C76 Galactico, C77 Golden Galactico
A street footballer at her heart, Cheney has a very un-Brenecian ego problem, and expresses it in very Brenecian passive-aggression and a need to work harder and better than anyone and everyone around her. Fast, tough, and with an eye for goal. She has genuinely blossomed into the side's talisman, and embraced a role as a striker.

9 - ST - Mhacha White (Image Farrenton Athletic) - Age 25 - 35 caps, 17 goals
Like Ursula Rankin, White made her way through FC Endeavour's overclocked reserves program, the Centre for Excellence, before seeking regular minutes elsewhere; like Ursula Rankin, she's a boxy poacher with a quick switch of pace and a great eye for turning. But she's tall. And might actually have a few more strings to her bow, too. The ride's been bumpier than she imagined, and yet, she remains.

14 - ST - Kitty Hazeldean (Image Marque) - Age 25 - 5 caps, 1 goal
A small, lean striker with blinding pace and a ruthless, killing edge. Hazeldean's background as a converted winger shows with an unorthodox but effective style, while her instincts to find goal help highlight why she was converted in the first place.

1 - Scathach Wright (Raynor City United, VAL), 12 - Tiarnan Cove (Rozelle), 20 - Cairbre Dundalk (Chenoworth Rovers, NPH)
Defenders: 2 - Clovette Bravender (Ulsa, EUR), 3 - Triss Roscommon (Revolutionaries, EUR), 5 - Finn Leadbetter (Holdenberg, EUR), 6 - Leona Ford (Workers Union, EUR), 17 - Caithe Shepherd (Rozelle), 18 - Casey Giltanan (Workers Union, EUR), 19 - Deimne Watermark (Northern Stallions)
Midfielders: 4 - Finn Townsend (CdF Celtade, AUD, c), 8 - Esther Caitiff (Ulsa, EUR), 10 - Dreigiau Parrish (KT Itzalovalle, AUD), 11 - Tricia Pace (Northern Union), 13 - Cheney Deal (Mâ Âlâmëómë, FFD), 15 - Mathgamain Fife (Rozelle), 16 - Ceridwen Fletcher (Holdenberg, EUR), 21 - Felicia Brind (South Laithland, NPH), 22 - Linoan Waters (Istria City, BNJ), 23 - Ronan Schofield (Raynor City United, VAL)
Forwards: 7 - Lauren Cheney (Spartangrad, EUR), 9 - Mhacha White (Farrenton Athletic, EUR), 14 - Kitty Hazeldean (Marque)
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Postby Tumbra » Mon Jan 04, 2021 10:27 am

The Black Eagles

Tumbra's attempt to sign up for the Baptism of Fire unexpectedly ended in rejection when it was revealed that another nation with the same name had previously participated in a previous edition. Multiple protests were lodged, but the Tumbran FA eventually decided to drop all appeals and forgo the Baptism of Fire. The team thus faces its first World Cup Qualifiers without prior experience.

OOC: For all intents and purposes, Tumbra is an entirely new nation. They have no recollection of their earlier exploits from WC70-80, because that simply didn't exist for this Tumbra. Any and all similarities to the nation of the similar name can and should be construed as glitches in the Multiverse. You may, however, make muted references to "having done this before" or something.

Previously favouring an ultimately defensive style of football, new manager Marco Hemmings has sought to bring a new, attacking-minded style to the team. Time will tell, however, if the team will favour the new style being developed by Hemmings.

Marco HEMMINGS (47) - Previously the manager of Fraser Valley, Hemmings was picked for the job after he won the Manager of the Season award, with some describing that Hemmings had dragged the team to a 6th placed finish, when they had previously been tipped for a relegation battle. The former Lakewood United defensive midfielder prefers passing play and a fast buildup, with a heavy emphasis on fluidity, possession and creating space.

Style Modifier - +3

Unless stated, 1-11 are the starting eleven, 12-30 are the backups.
In the case of multiple positions being bolded, the first one is the position they primarily play in. Only positions that players are naturals or at least accomplished in are included.


1 - Louis ADDISON (29) - Lakewood United (Positions - GK)
13 - David GOUGH (34) - Serrapince FC (Positions - GK)
30 - Nick BARKER (23) - FC Inter Nantwich (Positions - GK)


2 - Russell WHITE (27) - Clyde Park (Positions: RB, RWB, CB)
3 - Simon HART (31) - Kingsbury United (Positions - LB, CB)
4 - Harry HENDERSON (25) - Kingsbury United (Positions - CB, CDM)
5 - Johnny BROWN (32) - Lakewood United (Positions - CB) - CAPTAIN
12 - Nigel HARRIS (24) - Lakewood United (Positions - RWB, RB, CM, CDM)
15 - Graham LLOYD (29) - Port Marray FC (Positions - CB, CDM, LB)
20 - Marcus BRADLEY (21) - Clark City (Positions - LB, LWB, LM)
22 - Jim BUCHANAN (27) - Straton FC (Positions - CB, LB)
23 - Norm WATSON (34) - Readale Wanderers (Positions - RB, LB, CB)
26 - Ian ASHBURN (21) - Lakewood City (Positions - CB)


6 - Robert POWELL (31) - Lakewood City (Positions - CDM, CM, CB) - VICE CAPTAIN
8 - Vincent HICKS (21) - Hesham FC (Positions - CM, CAM, LM)
10 - Craig McGRATH (24) - Serrapince FC (Positions - CM, CAM, LM, RM)
18 - Alan MORGAN (23) - Readale Wanderers (Positions - CDM, CM, LM))
19 - Adam HERLINGER (30) - Lakewood United (Positions - CAM, LM, RM)
21 - Keenan POLLARD (31) - Columbia City (Positions - CM)
24 - Theodore HOUGHTON (33) - Lakewood City (Positions - CDM, CM))
25 - Bill ALLISON (22) - West Couno United (Positions - LM, CM, CDM, RM)
27 - David GUNTER (27) - Fraser Valley FC (Positions - RM, CM)


7 - Robin VAUGHN (26) - Lakewood City (Positions - RW, LW, RM, ST) - 2ND VICE CAPTAIN
9 - Neil FRASER (22) - Clyde Park (Positions - LW, LM, CAM)
16 - Dylan VAN HEIROLF (21) - Kingsbury United (Positions - LW)
17 - Todd SYMES (31) - Lakewood United (Positions - RW, LW, LM)
29 - Dean CRESSWOOD (27) - Clyde Park (Positions - RW)


11 - Philip COHEN (25) - Lakewood United (Positions - ST, LW)
14 - John BRIDGES (32) - Carter United (Positions - ST, LW, RW, CAM)
28 - Bruce NOLAN (19) - Couno Rangers (Positions - ST, CAM, RW)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes

As a general rule, just let me know before doing something egregious.
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Tumbra - a sprawling, modern federal democratic republic located in Esportiva. Strong economy, strong civil rights, strong freedoms.
Population: 114 million | TLA: TMB | Capital City: Straton | Largest City: Couno
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President: Kelia Campbell (Labour) | Prime Minister: Kenneth Everett (Labour)

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Postby Garbelia » Mon Jan 04, 2021 11:30 am


Code: Select all
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y, I will choose length
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y (no more than 2 per match)
Hand out red cards to my players: Y, but only if I have no other suspended players and only for 1 match
Godmod other events: Telegram me, and I will decide what is acceptable.

Trigramme: GAB

Garbelian National Football/Soccer Team:

Gero Tisza managed Garvida Revolutionaries for 5 seasons. After his takeover as boss, the team never looked back, finishing 1st, 2nd and 1st in consecutive seasons, and before he took over internationally, they were on their way to another title. He plays a wide 4-5-1 formation in a neutral style. His team scored the most goals from set pieces in Garbelia, in every season he managed them. He sets his teams up +0 as neutral.

The Team:

Ottery Otterface - 27 - GK - 6ft 7in
Having won the Garbelian title 4 times, with Norvis FC, Otterface is an excellent keeper. He is best at saving long shots and one-on-ones, but he is not good at defending crosses and scrambles. He is awful at goal kicks, so he always goes short to a defender, who can then hit a long pass up the pitch.

Marge Findus - 22 - DL - 6ft 2in

James Lutrison - 21 - DC - 6ft 1in
James Lutrison, despite having never won a title, is regarded as the best defender in Garbelia, and plays well with Ottery Otterface, specialising in headers, both attacking and defending set pieces, and from open play. He is still young, however, and has a tendency to foul the striker if he is beaten.

Otto Johnson - 25 - DC - 5ft 4in
Otto Johnson is one of the original players who played all throughout Garvida Rangers' rise. He is terrible at heading the ball, but incredible at last-ditch tackles, and famous for his 50 yard passes, right to where the striker wants it.

Otter McCat - 26 - DR - 6ft 4in
The last member of Garbelia's defence, Otter McCat is a good all-round defender, who can effectively tackle and head the ball and also has pace. He is good at laying the ball off to the winger in front, but can't cross well.

Lefiné Avianuin - 30 - ML/MC - 5ft 4in
Lefiné Avianuin (an immigrant from the nearby Avian Empire) is a midfielder who usually plays on the wing. He is not very quick, but he is strong, and can outskill other players, before delivering an excellent cross.

Otto Otter - 17 - MC - 5ft 1in
Otto Otter is widely thought to be the best player in Garbelia. At only 17, he is famous for his free-kicks, which seem to be drawn towards top corner, and having scored a corner against the Garbelian champions of the time, Norvis FC. He is very quick, has an excellent tackle and can score goals for fun. His only weakness is that he is quite selfish and will often choose to make a dribble himself rather than passing to an open teammate.

Miaow Lutrini - 32 - MC - 6ft 6in
Lutrini is almost the opposite of Otto Otter. A slow, aging player, he has never scored in his entire career, but has never lost the ball either and holds the record for the most assists of all time in the Garbelian League.

Bob McOtterson - 27 - MR - 6ft 2in
Bob McOtterson is a pacey winger with an excellent long shot, but he is rubbish at set-pieces and crossing. He once scored 32 goals in a season, but has never made more than 10 assists.

Ottery Ottoerson - 23 - MC (forward thinking) - 6ft 3in
Ottery Ottoerson is a slight attacker, who can round any defender and has an excellent finish. He is very quick, but has never scored a header. He won the league twice, finishing as the league's top scorer on both occasions.

Steve Ottoman is a talisman for Garvenord Rovers and has provided over half their goals since he joined them. He is not very good at long shots, but has an incredible header and almost never misses a cross, if it reaches him.

Arthur Goodotter - 19 - CF - 5ft 3in
Arthur Goodotter is a young striker who has a knack for being in the right place, and smashing penalties or mid-range shots home. He is still learning, so hardly even attempts headers. For a finisher, he is very good at regaining the ball off the back line of defenders.

Penalties: Goodotter, if not available, Scratchington, Ottoman then Ottoerson.
Free Kicks: Otter, Avianuin, Scratchington
Corners: Otter, Findus, Avianuin, J. Watanabe


The People's Stadium is where Garbelia plays all its games. Used by amateur and professional teams alike, it is open to all on a 'first come, first served' basis. While this technically means it would never be available, smaller amateur teams usually give way to professionals and the national team. It has stands in every corner, giving a capacity of over 20000 spectators, and it has world-class facilities that the government pays for with small portion of taxes. Despite its imposing appearance, the pitch itself is little more than a marsh. With teams constantly playing on it, the groundstaff rarely have time to properly maintain it and can just do enough to keep the markings visible. As a result, the ball does not really bounce, but skids and occasionally comes up off a bump, giving Garbeli used to playing on its surface a distinct advantage. It is located at the heart of Garvida.

Miaow Otterinein ~ GK ~ 37
Ludtro Muto ~~ 24 ~~ DC
Lutro Ludovitch - 27 - DC
Lonivan Blisset ~~ 19 ~~ MC
Steoarian Barnes ~~ 22 ~~ CF
Lutra Scratchington ~~ AMC/AML/AMR/FL/FC/FR ~~ 40
Steve Ottoman - 29 - CF - 6ft 7in

Loes Snaijer ~~ GK ~~ 23
Koenraad Kurosawa ~~ DL ~~ 25
Arthur Aafjes ~~ DL ~~ 24
Vanessa Coumans ~~ DC ~~ 19
Takako Van Ogtrop ~~ DC ~~ 24
Famke Van Bokhoven ~~ ML/MR/AMR/AML ~~ 22
Janna Watanabe ~~ MR ~~ 23
Minato Watanabe ~~ MC ~~ 28
Mariëlle Verhoeven ~~ CF/FL/FR ~~ 27
Mari Katō ~~ AMC ~~ 33


Assistant Manager: Ludwig Van Otter
Head Coach: Xisco Lutro
Physio: Pat McFerret

Kits (Human kits only shown. Otter, cat and others are also used)
There are no separate away kits. The Goalkeeper wears a plain white shirt.


Pluvia and the Saxean Isles V Garbelia
Sett Forest V Garbelia
Garbelia V Kandorinth The People's Stadium, Garvida (Home)
South Covello V Garbelia
Garbelia V Nephara The People's Stadium, Garvida (Home)
Indusse V Garbelia
Garbelia V Baggieland The Hive, Norvis (Home)
Quemorr Isles V Garbelia
Garbelia V Graentfjall The Hive, Norvis (Home)
-Mid Break-
Garbelia V Pluvia and the Saxean Isles Occupation Road, Gavernord (Home)
Garbelia V Sett Forest Occupation Road, Garvernord (Home)
Kandorinth V Garbelia
Garbelia V South Covello River Park, Lebarg (Home)
Nephara V Garbelia Eagle's Club, Brinemouth (Away at Nephara)
Garbelia V Indusse River Park, Lebarg (Home)
Baggieland V Garbelia
Garbelia V Quemorr Isles The People's Stadium, Garvida (Home)
Graentfjall V Garbelia
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Postby Trigel » Mon Jan 04, 2021 6:47 pm

Image Image
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Postby Darmen » Tue Jan 05, 2021 10:08 am

National Football Team of Darmen
presented by the
Darmeni Football Association

Record (Modern-era only, since Copa Rushmori 24): 322 matches, 156 wins, 62 draws, 104 losses, 681 GF, 546 GA, .549 Win %
1 Alberich Goldschmidt 204
2 Silver Abbey 194
3 Hyman Campo 176
4 Craig Blackwood 169
5 Juanito Stafford 165
6 Mordecai Ó Cuilinn 147
7 Riley Mac Pharlain 142
8 Felix Lucanus 139
9 Ritchie Porsche 121

10 Kerr Ramírez 117

1 Craig Blackwood 116
2 Felix Lucanus 80
3 Skylar Hurst 49
4 Daniel Norton 38
5 Brian Firmin 30
6 Juanito Stafford 27

7 Riley Mac Pharlain 27
8 Víedharr Svendsen 24
9 Alberich Goldschmidt 19
10 Abraham Cardoso 17
Colin Russell 17

Coaching Staff
Position          Name              Age
Manager Dean McTaggart 43
Assistant Manager Éimhín Forester 46
Offensive Coach Brennan Flanagan 42
Defensive Coach Pádraig Phelps 44
Goalkeeping Coach Arlo Amundsen 39
Psychologist Desmond Ó Damháin 48

35 Player Roster
#  Pos Name               Age Club                      Caps Goals
1 GK Hyman Campo 28 Scott City FC 176 0
2 LB Philippus Deniaud 28 FC Capri (VAL) 37 2
3 LCB Aurelio Di Stefano 27 Sterling City United 74 3
4 RCB Silver Abbey 29 Tempala United Saints 194 4
5 RB Curtis Tremblay 25 Bayern Phoenix (TAE) 36 3
6 LDM Kerr Ramírez 31 Pikemouth (BRE) 117 5
7 RDM Avidan Tobias 28 Chippewa Valley United FC 81 4
8 LM Riley Mac Pharlain 29 Sterling City United 142 27
9 CM Víedharr Svendsen 25 Tempala United Saints 93 24
10 RM Bill St. John 24 Bearden FC (XAN) 34 7
11 ST Craig Blackwood 28 Sterling City United 169 116

12 GK Daniel Abram 28 Royal PFC 39 0
13 LB Feliciano Espinosa 27 Romanopolis United 89 1
14 LCB Manu Ó Baoghill 25 Olympique Chuckio 36 0
15 RCB Cormac Krämer 28 Atlético Augusta 55 1
16 RB Cyrus Spalding 28 Scott City FC 108 4
17 LDM Joel Good 26 Atlético Augusta 51 1
18 RDM Alan Duncan 23 Rogerton Whitecaps 12 0
19 LM Codie Armbruster 28 Scott City FC 53 5
20 CM Abraham Cardoso 29 AFC Mayville (EUR) 95 17
21 RM Aquila Freud 28 Sleepy Hollow (TAE) 107 13
22 ST Ivan Borde 26 Darmen City United 28 15

23 GK Myrddin Falkenrath 26 Lynx FC 23 0
24 LB Anastasio Wilkie 29 Chippewa Valley United FC 66 2
25 LCB Marcial Godfrey 24 Royal PFC 15 0
26 RCB Augusto Bull 26 Chippewa Valley United FC 18 0
27 RB Kelan Lyne 27 Rogerton Valladar CF 36 1
28 LDM Odoacer Lehrer 26 Menomonie United 15 1
29 RDM Hákon Thorn 25 Club Jim Falls 11 1
30 LM Billy-Bob Trudeau 22 Tempala United Saints 4 0
31 CM Alan McNeil 30 MTK Kingsville 58 10
32 RM Sorley Welch 28 Atlético Augusta 15 1
33 ST Darnell Halle 25 Atlético Augusta 1 0

34 LM Mordecai Ó Cuilinn 31 Chippewa Valley United FC 147 14
35 CM Mercurius Byrnes 29 Rogerton Valladar CF 59 10

Formation: 4-2-3-1
Style Mod: +1
See: Brian Schmetzer and the Seattle Sounders.

Team Roles
Captain: Silver Abbey
Vice-Captain: Hyman Campo
Left Corner: Kerr Ramírez
Right Corner: Avidan Tobias
Penalties: Craig Blackwood
Free-kicks: Víedharr Svendsen

Team Personality
The Darmeni team will never argue with the referee. Indeed, if anything needs to be brought to the attention of the referee it will be done by either the Captain or Vice-Captain in a respectful manner (or to the fourth-official by the Manager). With regards to foul/dirty play, the Darmeni team will not provoke, or retaliate against any opposition player. Darmeni's expect each team to keep to itself and deal with its own trouble makers; any opposition player who attempts to prevent a conflict by pushing or pulling a Darmeni away from the scene will be promptly told off, as that is the duty of the Darmeni Captain.

Nonetheless, Darmen will play in a relatively aggressive manner. Tackles will be conducted in a way which ensures the opponent ends up on the ground, but causing injury will be avoided as much as possible. On set pieces, Darmenis will stand their ground and will not be easily pushed around, they will not however engage in hugging. In fact, if any opposing player tries to push past them, it is not uncommon for the Darmeni player to feign resistance before simply stepping aside and watching as the opposing player stumbles past on their way to ground. This occasionally backfires however, as the referee may mistake the incidence as having been a foul in the box.

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: YES PLEASE! I'll be disappointed if you don't.
Choose my scoring events: YES
Godmod scoring events: YES. If you have anything major planned, give me a heads up.
RP injuries to my players: YES, no more than one per match. If you have anything major planned, give me a heads up.
Godmod Injuries to my players: NO
Give Yellow Cards to my players: YES, no more than two per match. If you have anything major planned, give me a heads up.
Give Red Cards to my players: YES, no more than one per match. If you have anything major planned, give me a heads up.
Godmod other events: MAYBE. If you have anything major planned, give me a heads up.
Style Modifier: +1
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The Republic of Darmen
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Champions: CoH 51, CR 13, GCF Test 9, WBC 25, QWC 7 Runners-up: CoH 53, CR 10, GCF Test 11, T20C 2, T20C 4, RLWC 10, WBC 42
Third: CR 20, T20C 10, R7WC 4, WBC 21, BC 6 Host: CR 9, RUWC 18, RUWC 26, RLWC 12, RLWC 18, BC 6, BC 10, WVE 4

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Postby Valladares » Tue Jan 05, 2021 11:20 am




Coaching Staff:

Head coach: Jessica Curran (Cassadaigua)
Assistant coach: Sergio Acevedo
Adviser: Claudio Londero
Goalkeeping coach: Martin Legendre
Fitness coach: Ramón Estiaguirre
Team doctor: Jacques Pelletier
Physiotherapist: Dante Palazzi
Video analyst: Lorenzo Coombs


Paulo Gaviria - GK - 37 - Image Nacional (Captain)
Lucien Chamoun - GK - 26 - Image Fontvielle Impact
Danilo Araúz - GK - 28 - Image AD Cerro

Jair Marrugo - RB - 33 - Image CSKA Quebec (Royal Kingdom of Quebec)
Daniel Brown - RB - 30 - Image Bohemians Metropolis
Jonás Romero - RB - 32 - Image AS Bezieres
Martín Delgado - CB - 33 - Image Port Sebastian (Schottia)
Nicholas Hossiner - CB - 31 - Image Rolalas FC (Valanora)
Mauricio Arboleda - CB - 22 - Image Blacklake Blues (Taeshan)
Jason Fletcher - LB - 32 - Image AS Bezieres
Jorge Vargas - LB - 32 - Image Tannenberg FC
Pablo Núñez - LB - 22 - Image Marinos Metropolis

Bryan Castillo - DMR - 32 - Image Hondo FC (Valanora)
Leandro Martelli - DMR - 28 - Image Avenida Principal (Farfadillis)
Marcelo Escobar - DMR - 22 - Image AC Tallin
Christian O'Brien - DML - 28 - Image Tanrısal (Pasarga)
Nick Mariner - DML - 31 - Image Tihon (Chromatika)
Kevin Martins - DML - 25 - Image Fontvielle Impact
Ronald Mickel - AMR - 32 - Image Kitara Athletic Association (Banija)
Daniel Lachlant - AMR - 26 - Image Club Stein-los (Pasarga)
Fabio Betancourt - AMR - 27 - Image Hondo FC (Valanora)
Arley Barrios - AML - 31 - Image Myana (Chromatika)
Alexis Durmisi - AML - 27 - Image Urbizania Wanderers (Astograth)
Ariel Balboa - AML - 28 - Image Slateport Bulls
Cristian Benítez - AMC - 21 - Image Nacional
Marcelo Zamudio - AMC - 25 - Image Metropolis Alligators
Adrien Trolli - AMC - 22 - Image Servette FC

Wilfried Baume - FW - 31 - Image AC Izotz Zubia (Audioslavia)
Thibault Benezet - FW - 27 - Image Sabrefell Athletic (Nephara)
Valentin Germain - FW - 29 - Image Crisisbless (Nephara)
Aymeric Fortin - FW - 27 - Image 1830 Cathair (Audioslavia)
Pierre Vasseur - FW - 30 - Image Burnaby SC (Kelssek)
Gabriel Riveros - FW - 23 - Image Ulsa (Eura)

Starting Lineup, Formation, and Tactics:

A 23-man call-up will be posted at the end of each RP to announce the players to be used in each qualifying double-matchday. In the event no such list is posted, feel free to either use the most recent list, or this default roster:


12. L. Chamoun
13. D. Brown
14. N. Hossiner
15. J. Vargas
16. L. Martelli
17. N. Mariner
18. D. Lachlant
19. A. Durmisi
20. M. Zambrano
21. A. Fortin
22. V. Germain
23. D. Araúz

The Valladar national football team is known for having its traditional 3-2-2-3 (or 3-4-3 for general reference) formation, which for this WC campaign will mutate into a 3-5-2 by pushing back one of the three forwards to act as a playmaker, and can turn into either a very aggressive yet non-conventional 3-2-5 for attacking or a 5-4-1 (a 3-6-1, even) when the team feel the need to enter into a defensive mode. La Nacional will always be looking to attack and retain ball possession for as long as possible, trying to score many goals in the shortest possible time and mounting an insurmountable lead for the second half of the match when players from both teams start showing signs of fatigue. This squad mostly relies on the speed of its wingers both in attack and in defense modes, with another couple of players (usually Bryan Castillo and Christian O'Brien) playing the role of defensive midfielders that was well covered by Jonathan Bosetti and Pedro Pedretti in the past: both should be able to retreat to the defensive line with ease whenever the team lose ball possession in order to form a line of 5 defenders, thus giving rival forwards a very hard time when trying to break through the Valladar defense. Regardless of who the trio (now duo) playing up front is made of, those strikers are well prepared under the premises of the typical Valladar forward: very speedy and talented, with the ability to seemingly harmless crosses into goals, create chances and score goals out of nothing, and kill defenses with speed and lethal counterattacks.

Style Modifier: +2.5

Kits (Brought to you by Meski Sports):


Home Stadium:

For this World Cup qualifying campaign, all home games for the Valladar national football team will be played at the Temple of Valladar Football, best known as Alexander I National Stadium and located in Swangard, District of Metropolis (Capacity: 95,021 seats).

RP Permissions:

In the event my opponent RPs first, they may...
Choose my goalscorers YES
Godmod scoring events YES
RP injuries to my players NO unless granted permission. I'll reserve the right to determine severity if granted permission.
Godmod injuries to my players NO unless granted permission.
Hand out yellow cards to my players YES
Hand out red cards to my players NO - I'll reserve the right to decide whether my players are sent off or not.
Godmod other events YES only if they involve weather conditions. If you wish to organize something else, do not hesitate to contact me though.

Special requests:
1) Please no killings, and definitely no pandemic-related RPing.
2) Try to be as realistic as possible, and last but no least...
3) Have fun.
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Third Place: Copa Rushmori 18, Volleyball World Expo 9
Fourth Place: World Cup 67, Copa Rushmori 32, IBC 8, IBC 9, IBC 12
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Postby Trigel » Tue Jan 05, 2021 12:11 pm

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-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BUERGA DE PLTINZ--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Image Image
The Trigel soccer association, TSA is an unexperienced workhouse. The leader Palito Blicota was quite smart with his requestment to start sports in Trigel. Young players were already in clubs, pretty good they were. Some specific players have even blown past the scoresheets. That is most of what is the roster today, with other experienced players from the TSA minor league.

An experienced manager from the Trigel Professional Soccer league team Buerga Sima SC. His style is possession and he puts his team of Trigelian youngsters in a 1-4-3-3. He was hired only from his two TSA playoff and championship wins.


FW-Zulnt Talanin -Fatinkt FC
A young 23 year old forward that plays for TSA team Fatinkt FC is in great form. In 23 matches he has scored 11 goals and given 6 assists to teammates. He was named TSA player of the month in December. His height, 6'1 is ideal for heading. Watch out for an in form young talent!
LF Ivan Dzeko Atalanta FC
31 years old, one of the oldest on the team Ivan Dzeko is enjoying his past few years. Last TSA season he won the golden boot award with 16 goals. Although getting older he is starting to lose his goal scoring powers.
RF Tyler Bakinin Buerga Sima SC
19 years old, Tyler is the youngest on his team. He was found by the new head coach of the Trigel national team for club Buerga Sima. Only 4 goals in 17 games though, but watch out for what could be a young talent.
CAM Matis De Jronye Atalanta FC
Arguably the best player on the team at 29 years old, is Matis De Jronye is the playmaker having 15 assists in TSA. He was named the TSA MVP last season. Matis is basically the eyes of the team. He is also the captain.
CM Bruyn Malaniski Coslo United
23 years old, bruyn is trying to turn in to Matis De Jronye as a CAM. Expect to see a Matis De Jronye JR.
CDM Olivea Kisurdon Prizenaloki FC
A strong holder of the defense and offense, at 23, he is one of the best players on the team.
LCB Keivin Djiker Buerga Sima FC
The main player in the defense at 24, he is the player to watch out for as an attacker. He won defender of the year in TSA.
RCB Qinto Pereira Pimier Pact
A step down from Djiker and you have his sidekick Qinto Pereira. He is older though at age 30.
LB Dries Mobine Fatins SC
Another youngster 21 year old Dries Mobine is trying to prove his spot on the team.
RB Jluker Galilovic Funta City FC
At 24, he earned his spot from the bench by good performances in the TSA. Him and Dries Mobine are kind of working together.
GK Clitotsky Donorom Buerga Sima FC
A great 27 year old keeper. He has 14 clean sheets in 21 matches. He was Buerga Sima's main factor in winning the TSA title.
In the event my opponents RP first, they may:
Choose My Goal scorers: YES
GodMod scoring events: YES
RP injuries to my players: Yes not more than one a match if more, tell me
GodMod injuries to my players: No I will grant permission
Handout yellow cards to my players: YES
Handout red cards to my players: NO maybe if you tell me I will grant permission
GodMod other events: YES but tell me

And of course, have fun and be realistic please.
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Postby Starblaydia » Tue Jan 05, 2021 12:51 pm

Starblaydi RP Permissions Box wrote:OOC Information:

The Starblaydia national football team factbook will tell you more about the team, their style, culture, fans, and history than I can ever write in a simple roster post. If you need more background information or just fancy browsing 16 RL/288 IC years of roleplayed football history, that's a fairly decent place to look.

I Give My Opponent Permission
(and actively encourage them) To:
Choose my scorers
GodMod Any scoring events
RP injuries to my players
Give Red & Yellow Cards to my players (Within reason; they're not remotely a dirty side overall)
GodMod Other Events for Humorous Intent

1) Starblaydia's style modifier is +3
2) The best starting eleven are numbered 1-11 and are in bold
3) I actively encourage that if you RP first you pick my scorers (if any) and their style of goal.
4) * Denotes female, denotes elf, ^ denotes dwarf.
5) Before each match, in between the national anthems and kick-off, the entire 23-man squad will perform the Raiigar, one of Starblaydia's traditional war-dances.
6) If you're stuck for a player to do a specific thing, some suggestions are in the infobox on the right.


Starblaydia's Squad for the 87th World Cup
Their 68th attempt to become Champions

Starblaydi All-time Cap Winners:
1. Ázëwyn Fëanáro*, 270
2. Dacil Taniquentar, 263
3. Daeron Avathar, 259
4. Valrauncion, 242
5. Soronúmë, 240
6. Carnophin Narquelie, 134
7= Minheled Earisil, 127
7= Cosmo Leopoldi, 127
9. Brazadar Khurnos^, 126
10. Viola Capodanna*, 122

Starblaydi All-time Scorers:
1. Valrauncion, 116
2. Sutter McCloud, 72
3. Ázëwyn Fëanáro*, 71
4. Lena Kochanska*, 61
5. Jacqueline Maitland*, 59
6. Aaron Cole, 54
7. Soronúmë, 57
8. Lubii*, 55
9. Hope Roshanak*, 53
10. Dasha Tolkacheva*, 52

Demonym: Starblaydi
Trigramme: STB

Key Personnel:
Ázëwyn Fëanáro, Starblaydia's Elven
Manager and record appearance maker,
leads Starblaydia for a tenth
World Cup campaign.

Most likely to (in order):
(Suggestions only, if you're stuck for a
name to go with a particular incident)

Score goals:
Damocles, Al Qubaisi, Maddison
Take a penalty:
Damocles, Maddison, Jetvanna
Defend well:
Conway, Shepherd, Wolffe
Create a moment of magic:
Maddison, Galdarhim, Shepherd
Change the game as a sub:
S Roshanak, H Roshanak, Lee
Receive a card:
Kranendonk, Wolffe, Conway
Five-time World, seven-time Regional, two-time Under-21, one-time Under-18 and one-time Olympic Men's Football champions Starblaydia will line up for their 68th entry into the multiverse's oldest and most prestigious competition, looking for a 53rd appearance in the Finals. Fresh from being crowned Kings of Atlantian Oceania for the first time in 180 years, the side ranked tenth in the world are aiming to finally win that elusive and unprecedented sixth World Championship, in the thirty-eighth attempt since they won their last title.

To achieve this, manager Ázëwyn Fëanáro has spent the last forty years mixing her core team of tried and trusted individuals with the best of the youth squads she has been bringing through since taking command of the entire national team setup, plus the SFA has completed a brand new national elite training and performance centre to further harness elite sporting prowess. Starblaydia have appeared in a World, Regional, Under-21 and two Under-18 Finals in their recent history, winning the U18 and AOCAF Cups and the decision to work from the ground up appears to be paying off. Momentum for deep knock-out runs seems to be on Fëanáro's side at the moment, and Starblaydia are still a side that almost any team in the competition will fear.

The full makeup of the team is as follows:

AF. Ázëwyn Fëanáro*, Manager, 4,072
44th & 47th World Cup Winner, World Cup Hall of Famer, 61st AOCAF Cup Winning Manager

270 Caps, 71 Goals (Uncapped at youth level)
Fëanáro scored the winner in the 47th World Cup Final against Valanora, denying them a title on their own turf and lifting Starblaydia to the mantle of all-time greatest team. Known for her excellent attacking play, range of passing and great eye for goal that lifts her to second in the all-time goalscorers list too, by virtue of a nearly 1-in-4 ratio, Ázëwyn Fëanáro is a symbol of grace, power and beauty from Starblaydia's golden age, some forty tournaments ago when the Cup was in its 40s. It is these qualities that the SFA managed to recapture with Fëanáro at the helm, bringing her trademark poise and piercing yell to the touchlines after more than a decade of national failures. She's taken her team to the World Cup Final and AOCAF glory, but can this be the time they break through the ultimate barrier?

AC. Aaron Cole, Coach, 48
90 Caps, 54 Goals (7 Caps, 4 Goals at youth level)
The first person to break into the Starblaydi all-time top ten goalscorers in literally generations, Cole had the dubious honour of being the man to finally knock Simeone Di Bradini out of that same list. His excellent footballing brain, aggression levels, tactical nous and all-round Audioslavian/Brenecian level of shithousery made him a uniquely successful striker in a nation more used to smooth flying strikers and hulking target men. These are the qualities he brings to the national team on a much grander scale, giving them a level of needle to their play hitherto unknown for the team in white and purple, proving his style's effectiveness with a win over Audioslavia in the AOCAF Cup Final where they 'out-Bulls'd the Bulls'. The squad selection this time has somewhat fewer spoilers and destroyers than that squad, but this team is developing a character that can did deep and do the dirty work when required.

AO. Amari Ollarion*, Coach, 48
46 Caps, 0 Goals (3 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)
The best female Starblaydi goalkeeper since Paola Mendez, Ollarion has been managing her beloved Corinthian Spirits side for five years now, and other than Fëanáro is the most high-profile female coach in the Starblaydi game. Ollarion recently stepped up as coach for the Starblaydi Women's Olympic team and did the no mean feat of taking them to the Quarter-Finals, so she has been brought into the setup to continue her journey on the national level.

1. Ruby Narvaez*, GK, 22 - Image Iskara Daii
16 Caps, 0 Goals (9 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)
Thrust into goal for the Olympic Women's team at the tender age of 17 and personally coached by Amari Ollarion, young Ruby Narvaez seemingly snuck into the reserve goalkeeper position, when in fact she was just given the ultimate preparation to take the starting spot. It wasn't expected, however, that the 22 year old would take the reigns the very next tournament. Unusual, true, but Fëanáro and Ollarion have put their faith in the young Daii keeper to take them through the Qualifiers and to the World Cup.

12. Onish Vadaparthy, GK, 28 - Image Southern Star
61st AOCAF Cup Winner
4 Caps, 0 Goals (14 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)
Vadaparthy made his name as the goalie in the team that finished as Runners Up in the Di Bradini Cup. Groomed for the past decade as a future Starblaydi Number 1, it looks like he might be being usurped by Narvaez, but a move to the Brenecian league may be just the shot in the arm that his international career needs - after all, he's not even 30 yet.

19. David Floyd, GK, 32 - Image Paricone Athletic FC
7th Under-18 World Cup Winner, 61st AOCAF Cup Winner
5 Caps, 0 Goals (9 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)
Floyd is one of several goalkeepers who were swept up in the wake of Cosmo Leopoldi's 127 appearances, leaving him with very few caps for his country. He's been in title winning squads, just never started. Expect him to make an occasional sporadic appearance, unless something goes very, very wrong during the campaign.

2. Andvar Galdarhim^, C/RB, 24 - Image Raynor City United
61st AOCAF Cup Winner
40 Caps, 3 Goals (15 Caps, 2 Goals at youth level)
He's the first Dwarf to play for Starblaydia in some thirty years since Dorn Garkadrum won his 66 caps for the side, and Galdarhim is most comfortable at right-back, where his boundless energy and pace over short distances is key to his defensive ability. Not always the finest in the tackle, thanks to his short, thick legs, he is however great at intercepting, harrying and pressing the opposition into making mistakes. Often pops up by the side of the opposing penalty area more than his own, Galdarhim is the definition of a shuttle runner, up and down the right flank all game long with excellent speed and stamina. It's all these qualities that have seen him earn a spot at one of the most famous club sides in history.

3. Lucius Wolffe, C/LB, 31 - Image Iskara Daii
61st AOCAF Cup Winner
51 Caps, 5 Goals (12 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)
Smooth on the ball and with an excellent reading of the game, Wolffe's positional play is his main asset, along with a sweet left foot that can ping the ball all over the pitch with ease. Fast and languid, he also fits in as a centreback, able to comfortably play the ball out when required. His lighter frame, however, means he can be buffeted around somewhat by the more physical players and is much better utilised plugging gaps and exploiting space in midfield with his speed and awareness.

5. April Hoyt*, CB, 21 - Image Jhanna United
7 Caps, 0 Goals (12 Caps, 2 Goals at youth level)
Intelligent positional play and a keen presence in set pieces at both ends, Hoyt staked her claim to the Number 5 shirt in previous tournaments and has now been placed at the heart of the Starblaydi defence.The Jhanna native is one of a number of young players who have been given the biggest responsibilities, but many pundits are marking her out as Starblaydia's future top defender.

6. Nick Conway, CB, 29 - Image Phraen Palace
61st AOCAF Cup Winner
33 Caps, 2 Goals (5 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)
Exceptional with his feet for a big, strong defender, Conway represents the leading edge of the modern game, moving on to more and more refined athletic and technical skills with an almost technological approach to sport. At 29 he's at his peak to lead the defensive line and be the rock of Starblaydia's defence as they challenge for yet another trophy.

13. Claire Stephenson, LB/LWB, 24 - Image Jhanna City
11 Cpas, 0 Goals (13 Caps, 0 goals at youth level)

14. Vincenzo Bernini, CB, 26 - Image Vecchio Victors
15 Caps, 0 Goals (12 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)
One of the tallest players ever to wear the shirt, Bernini the lynchpin of the Vics. Powerful and great in the air, his long limbs are a terror for any player who faces him as he can pluck the ball from seemingly impossible distances. Sure, he turns like an oil tanker, but there's something that pure height and strength makes up for, dominating any set piece situation and being tough to .

20. Dalton Aldridge, CB, 23 - Image Jhanna City
11 Cpas, 0 Goals (13 Caps, 0 goals at youth level)

4. Noah Kranendonk, DM, 27 - Image Cedrus Soundgardia
61st AOCAF Cup Winner
26 Caps, 3 Goals (13 Caps, 1 Goal at youth level)
Filling the positional shoes of one of the greater and beloved Starblaydi captains in recent history was never going to be easy, but Noah Kranendonk seems to have declared himself up to the task, pushing out the more experienced Ortiz entirely from this squad. For what originally started out as an experiment on Fëanáro's part, Kranendonk continues to be trusted with the role of midfield wrecker - something he loves to do. With long limbs and an excessive level of bravery, you'll often not notice a lot of his defensive contributions from pressing and intercepting, but he'll usually be at the top of the ball-winning charts. Every so often he does something outlandish, too, whether it's blasting in a goal from long range or scything a player down while somehow getting nothing but the ball.

7. Hayden Shepherd, C/DM, 24 - Image Widdrington Wolves
61st AOCAF Cup Winner
5 Caps, 0 Goals (15 Caps, 1 Goal at youth level)
Hayden Shepherd is a terroriser, a harasser and a presser. He is the shadow that the forward-thinking players have to contend with and attempt to get away from. Seemingly with endless energy and drive to disrupt the opposition and win the ball back, he's not a player you find in the scoring charts, or even in the opposing penalty area. He's got one job, which is to get the ball back, or force the other team into making a mistake. When he does find himself with the ball, he'll often play the simple pass to one of his more skillful teammates, so don't expect anything truly exciting to go through him. Do expect, however, him to be continually getting in the face of players and officials when the whistle blows.

8. Jewel Maddison*, C/AM, 22 - Image X Island Marauders
61st AOCAF Cup Winner
14 Caps, 4 Goals (12 Caps, 5 Goals at youth level)
The X Island midfielder didn't make the starting lineup of the AOCAF 61 final, but when she did come on, she scored Starblaydia's opening goal in the 2-1 win. Now 22, she has ousted the potential Galactico Calindra Apelles out of the squad entirely, which has been seen as a bold, if not somewhat ruthless, decision from Fëanáro. Taking one of the best attacking midfielders in the game and replacing her with Maddison certainly raised some eyebrows, but the former Under-21 captain has been meeting and even exceed Apelles' contributions. If Maddison turns out to have half the career that Apelles did, most would consider that a success. She plays in the same mold, too, as a central midfielder with all the energy and skills to get forward. While Apelles tended to surge into the box, Maddison has that ability to ghost in when least expected, being the body that provides the overload and first to any loose ball with a stinging shot.

21. Donald Royce, CM, 23 - Image Foxchester Raiders
3 Cap, 0 Goals (13 Caps, 2 Goals at youth level)
In years gone by, a Central Midfielder who can do a bit of everything would have been almost immediately overlooked for other, more specialised players who play wide, deep or offensive. In Ázëwyn Fëanáro's brave new setup, however, there's once again a place for the solid, dependable, intelligent but none-too-flashy midfielder. Royce fits exactly this description, as he won't be the one barrelling down the pitch with the ball at his feet on a mazy run and phenomenal goal, but you also won't find him misplacing passes, giving the ball away, or getting his team into trouble.

22. Friederika Lee*, C/LM, 21 - Image Alexandria City
Uncapped (6 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)

9. Omar Al Qubaisi, SC/AM, 24 - Image Yaton FC
61st AOCAF Cup Winner
26 Caps, 7 Goals (17 Caps, 4 Goals at youth level)
An exceptionally hard worker, who often appears more in the assist and Key Contribution columns than the goalscoring charts, Al Qubaisi has really begun to make himself available in a position that fits within the style that Fëanáro hass developing across the entire national team setup, thanks to developing in the Taeshani league system over the last few years. Omar tends to play as a false nine through the middle than an out-and-out striker, but his size and strength also gives him qualities as a target man to bring wingers into play.

10. Lucian Damocles, SC, 24 - Image Iskara Daii
26 Caps, 13 Goals (11 Caps, 6 Goals at youth level)
A backup last time around, forcing his way into a starting spot for the AOCAF squad, and keeping the number 10 shirt Though questions remain over his temperament, he's proven that he has the potential to make it at the highest international level, now all he needs to do is be the Iskara Daii #10 that Starblaydia needs right now.

11. Betanni Jetvanna*, SC, 28 - Image Kitara AA
61st AOCAF Cup Winner
61 Caps, 26 Goals (17 Caps, 12 Goals at youth level)
Jetvanna's greatest asset is her pace, and the woman with the AOCAF Cup Winner's medal begins her third qualifying campaign up front for her country. A solid international goalscoring record just shy of one-in-two, out wide on the left will be her playground, but her pace is enough to see her pop up all over the pitch and track back constantly to begin the defensive line high up the pitch alongside the physicality of Al Qubaisi.

17. Sam Roshanak, SC/LW, 21 - Image Rülândéá Kôstä
4 Caps, 3 Goals (7 Caps, 2 Goals at youth level)
Though he didn't make the squad four years ago, as Damocles was the owner of the #23 shirt, Sam Roshanak's intrepid adventure to Farfadillis has certainly been rewarded with game time and he's shown he can take the chances he's given. Not only a good all-round striker, but he can play out wide on the left and terrorise defences from post to corner flag. What effect, though, will playing alongside his older sister have on young Sam?

18. Hope Roshanak*, SC, 32 - Image Malta Lines
7th Under-18 World Cup Winner, 61st AOCAF Cup Winner
95 Caps, 53 Goals (17 Caps, 9 Goals at youth level)
32 year old Hope Roshanak is already on the top ten list of all-time Starblaydi goalscorers, but there's still some fuel in the tank to push that tally just a little higher. Speed, movement, intelligence and a stinging shot have got her to this point, but as she just beings to lose that yard of pace that put her high in the rankings, the intelligence and positioning never leaves. Plus she has her little brother in the squad to torment by showing just how good she is.

23. Layla Cellaeron*, SC, 20 - Image Articala Inlet
1 Cap, 2 Goals (10 Caps, 3 Goals at youth level)
The Starblaydi #23 shirt has always had a reputation for being the outside choice, the dark horse of the squad. It's usually given to either an aging veteran or an up-and-coming talent, and this time around it's definitely the latter with the electric Layla Cellaeron. With great pace and an eye for goal she offers a pair of fresh legs and youthful exuberance that might just be the key to unlocking some defences.

Formation (4-3-3), +3 Style Modifier
Overlapping full-backs provide the width for a hard-working midfield,
where Maddison is the main link between defence and attack.
Up front, as part of a high press, Al Qubaisi's physical presence
can also be an outlet for the long ball option, when under intense pressure.


Home And Away Kits
Kits created by:
Home- Goalkeeper - Away
ediraf once again innovated beyond all competitors with the Generation Five series of football kits, with this version first debuted at the 82nd World Cup Finals.

Generation Five-B blends a number of Starblaydia's iconic kits from across more than a quarter of a millennium, including the return of side panels and a number on the front, while mixing in new design elements such as the subtle stripes of the away kit. Both proudly sport the five gold stars - representing their record-setting five World Championships at senior level - above the Starblaydi Football Association logo. Starblaydi players will also all be wearing rainbow laces, as a symbol of diversity and inclusion.

Home Stadium

The site of the 80th World Cup Final, all of Starblaydia's home matches will take place in the 196,754-seater Stadii Di Bradini, close to the popular tourist destination of Downtown Jhanna, Starblaydia's capital city. Boasting extensive transport links, hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs and entertainment, the Downtown area is the perfect place for a nearly quarter of a million fans to disperse into every evening after a match. It also has a direct route to JAX, Starblaydia's main internal airport and a major air travel hub of Atlantian Oceania.

The stadium is named after Starblaydia's most legendary former player, Jhanna-born striker Simeone Di Bradini: the former World Cup Committee President, World Cup Hall of Famer, and four-time World Cup Winner (all with The Holy Empire as player/manager), for whom the Di Bradini Cup, the world's premier Under-21 tournament, is also named. It is a gargantuan stadium notable for environmentally friendly 'eco-stadium' features built-in since before ground was first broken on the site. Designed and constructed using as many recyclable materials and installed with technology that reduce its carbon footprint and lowers its energy needs, the exterior features a huge array of photovoltaic solar panels on the roof. It was the centrepiece of the 'Green Starblaydia' project many years ago and remains one of the world's iconic stadiums.
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Six-Time World Cup Committee President (WCs 25-33, 46-51 & 82*)
Co-host of World Cups 20, 40 & 80 • Di Bradini Cup Organiser
World Cups 30, 63 & 83 Runner-Up • World Cup 27 Third Place • 25th Baptism of Fire Runner-Up
Seven-Time AOCAF Cup Champions • Two-time U21, One-Time U18 WC Champions • Men's Football Olympic Champions, Ashford Games
Five-Time Cherry Cup Champions • 1st Quidditch World Cup Champions • WGPC8 Drivers' Champion
The Protectorate of Starblaydia
Commended by WA Security Council Resolution #40
Five-Time NS World Cup Champions (WCs 25, 28, 41, 44 & 47)

Crazinesss Encouraged - An Unofficial History of the NationStates World Cup

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Postby Lorrana » Tue Jan 05, 2021 1:40 pm

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: TG me to confirm
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: No

Trigram: LRN

Starting XI (formation 4-1-2-1-2)
Manager: Ikot Anop

GK 1 Lizi Lruiktu
LB 3 Irti Ramük
CB 14 Andeani Cara'a
CB 5 Olisati
RB 6 Maor Po'qi
DM 4 Em'du Em'kava
LM 8 Vess Vador
RM 15 Azi Baddim
AM 10 Kiyon
LF 9 Berd Ravilu
RF 11 Sidar va Daledi


GK 13 Pe'sa Miak
GK 21 Lalip Kasal
LB 19 Eviso Ilod
CB 2 Miti'ik Lera
RB 16 Pamdio
DM 20 Poro Almodi
LM 7 Merzi Sazio
RM 22 Movimor Imep
AM 17 Enrip Kasal
LF 12 Ri'sed Nolda
CF 99 Loduli Olvi
RF 18 Zolar Kedi

Tactics & Play Style

Style Modifier: +2

Lorrana tends to play a fast-build up, with the attacking midfielder playing a central role in creating opportunities. The defensive side is focused on constant pressure to tire out the other team.


Lorrana will play their home WCQ games at Lightspeed Arena

Lightspeed Arena
Located in Lorrana City
Capacity: 75,000

Team Kits

Home Kit:

Away Kit:

Keeper Kit:

M1: Lorrana - Yuezhou
Lightspeed Arena, Lorrana

M2: Mexi Catcha - Lorrana

M3: Lorrana - Grearish Union
Lightspeed Arena, Lorrana

M4: Starblaydia - Lorrana
Stadii Di Bradini, Starblaydia

M5: Lorrana - Transvolcanic
Lightspeed Arena, Lorrana

M6: Equestria - Lorrana

M7: Lorrana - Beepee
Lightspeed Arena, Lorrana

M8: Omerica - Lorrana
Stade Internationale, Onerica

M9: Lorrana - Darkmania
Lightspeed Arena, Lorrana

M10: Yuezhou - Lorrana

M11: Lorrana - Mexi Catcha
Lightspeed Arena, Lorrana

M12: Grearish Union - Lorrana

M13: Lorrana - Starblaydia
Lightspeed Arena, Lorrana

M14: Transvolcanic - Lorrana

M15: Lorrana - Equestria
Lightspeed Arena, Lorrana

M16: Beepee - Lorrana
Pinewoods Stadium, Beepee

M17: Lorrana - Omerica
Lightspeed Arena, Lorrana

M18: Darkmania - Lorrana
Örkendrem Nätionaljë Foëtbäll Arëna
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IMPORTANT NOTE: I'll be on vacation without technology from April 2 to April 11 and thus will be inactive. Apologies to any RPing I am disrupting, but I do need an IRL break. Anyways, here's my signature:

NS Stats are sometimes right, but sometimes wrong. TG me if you have questions, but the most important thing to know is that Lorrana is capitalist, even though the stats show otherwise
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Postby Garifunya » Tue Jan 05, 2021 7:28 pm


G #1 Stijn Kruit, 32, SV Oranje (Captain)
G #22 Maurits-Jan Heller, 26, VK Voortrekkers
G #23 Jurren Klompenmaker, 25, FC Frederykvil

D #2 Bert-Jan van der Lugt, 32, SV Oranje
D #3 Rudie Kreijenveld, 32, Onvervaard FC
D #4 Yousef Westkamp, 27, Eendracht Garifunya
D #12 Youri Ridderhof, 33, Zeerovers Vrijport
D #13 Gijs-Jan Winkel, 24, VK Karibyen
D #14 Jaap-Jan Memmants, 25, Zeerovers Vrijport
D #15 Tijl den Dekker, 23, SV Oranje

M #5 Dawaas Nieuwaal, 30, Estreya Zwart FC
M #6 Jozua Krumers, 31, Eendracht Garifunya
M #7 Hector Arboleda, 28, Puerto CF
M #8 Wil Schoeneveld, 32, FC Frederyvkvil
M #16 Roosevelt Ozinga, 27, Eendracht Garifunya
M #17 Dolf Slijtermeijlink, 29, FC Frederykvil
M #18 Nanko Crull, 25, Eendracht Garifunya

F #9 Boudewijn van der Weide, 24, Avanaroch White Wings (Tikariot)
F #7 Sonel Augustin, 25, FC Frederykvil
F #11 Sebaastian Diekman, 30, VK Konduktor
F #19 Floris-Jan Klenkman, 32, Eendracht Garifunya
F #20 Sijbrand Gerrits Hondebrink, 22, VK Konduktor
F #21 Sulaymun van der Sluis, 23, Hadarage FC


Manager: Ton Olofsen, 46, Sweden
Formation: 3-4-1-2
Style Mod: +3

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Goalscoring Events: No
Injure Players: Small things, every two of my players you injure, one of yours must be injured
Godmod Injury Events: No
Red Card Players: Yes, one for one on each team
Yellow Card Players: Yes, two on my team for one on your team
Godmod Other Events: No
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Postby Pluvia and the Saxean Isles » Tue Jan 05, 2021 7:50 pm

Pluvia and the Saxean Isles World Cup 87 Roster

Nickname: Magpies
Formation: 4-3-3
Style: +1.5
Manager: Lucian Hammerschmidt

The Magpies' uniform is a traditional black and white striped kit with white shorts. However, they may be seen on occasion sporting the national colors of blue and gold with white shorts.

GK #1 Kilian Kistler, 32, RSC Marienburg, captain
GK #12 Bram Holger, 25, Claesey Athletic
GK #23 Marc Neufeld, 29, Port Marian FC

LB #2 Lyle Mullens, 30, Port Marian FC
CB #3 Marcus Rabb, 32, RSC Marienburg
CB #4 Gregor O'Donnell, 29, Claesey Athletic
RB #5 Axel Newman, 25, SC Roslina
FB #13 Lachlan West, 24, Barnwick Rovers
CB #14 Christopher Sussman, 26, Marienburg City
FB #15 Ashton Houghton, 25, Port Marian FC
CB #16 Jonah McCullough, 33, Victoria Alenard

LM #6 Matthew Fletcher, 28, Marienburg City
CM #8 Niko Gardner, 29, RSC Marienburg
RM #10 Tristan Schuerer, 26, Racing Club Alenard
MF #17 Brandon Turner, 24, Victoria Alenard
MF #18 Alfie Baker, 26, Victoria Alenard
MF #19 Bernard Davies, 28, Claesey Athletic

LW #11 Keir Gilbride, 31, RSC Marienburg
ST #9 Otto Pearce, 29, Invictus 1889
RW #7 Carsten Grisbaum, 30, Victoria Alenard
FW #20 Finn Roberts, 27, Racing Club Alenard
FW #21 Rory Goldberg, 21, Brentsea Athletic
FW #22 Carsten Francke, 23, SC Roslina


[pre]I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Goalscoring Events: No
Injure Players: Small things, every two of my players you injure, one of yours must be injured
Godmod Injury Events: No
Red Card Players: Yes, one for one on each team
Yellow Card Players: Yes, two on my team for one on your team
Godmod Other Events: No
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