World Cup 87 - Roster Thread

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World Cup 87 - Roster Thread

Postby Ethane » Fri Dec 25, 2020 7:44 pm

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Shaping Your Roster:
It's important to have a roster, not only because it helps you write about your team but also because it provides a platform for others to write about the results too, with the ability to reference opposition. Rosters help improve the World Cup Qualifying experience for everyone, and so we would like to really encourage all participating teams to provide a roster.

The minimum expectations for a roster is a list of eleven players, ideally with positions, to tell us who starts for your team. Reserves and substitutes are also strongly recommended, because they are important in telling the story of the game. This can also be listed by position, but however you shape it is your choice. We'd also suggest including your manager; RPs can then reference them on the touchline too. Some nations go above and beyond this and include other staff members; if you're feeling ambitious.

Information about where teams will be playing the game is also useful - be it one stadium or multiple. This is where some of your qualifying games will be taking place - shown by games in which your team is listed first - so information regarding these venues is helpful.

Additionally to this, we'd suggest you tell us a bit about your tactics, or how your team plays. Are you very possession based? All about the counter attack? Or does your team have a relentlessly high pressing strategy? It could even be more far-reaching and different than these tactics. But it is helpful to let others know - formations and descriptors can be useful. If you're up for it, national information and background, traditions, historical achievements of the team, team kits, info about fans, or just any other information you feel may be of use to your opponent can be included.

Feel free to check out other nation's rosters for inspiration and ideas on how to structure your rosters - the community has a wide array of different approaches and designs.

Style Modifier:
In your roster, we also want you to include a style modifier. This is a number from -5 to +5 which allows us to tell Xkoranate a little more about the strategies that your team utilises, thus this number should reflect your team's chosen strategy. -5 is very much park-the-bus ultra-defensive style, while +5 is extreme attacking. 0 is a neutral strategy. If you choose +5, you're likely to score a lot, but also concede a lot of goals, even some to teams far below you in the rankings. If you choose a -5 modifier, you'll not ship many goals but you'll likely also struggle to net goals yourself.

RP Permissions Box:
You should also include RP permissions in your roster. This tells your opponents what they can and cannot do when writing about your team and the match you played with them. The rule is that the first nation to write about the match is the one who gets to tell the narrative of the game. For example, if you choose yes to 'choose my goalscorers' and they choose striker B, then you must follow along with the fact that striker B scored the goal. This box tells them the limitations they have when writing about the game. We'd recommend at least selecting 'yes' to 'choose my goalscorers'.

Code: Select all
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes/No
Godmod scoring events: Yes/No
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes/No
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes/No
Godmod other events: Yes/No

Roster Penalty:
To incentivise the posting of rosters and to create a better experience in roleplaying, we're implementing a roster penalty system for this World Cup. The details are here:

- If you post a roster by MD1, no penalty will be applied.
- If you have not posted a roster by MD1, a 15% KPB penalty will be applied to your rank.
- If you then have not posted a roster by the half-way stage, then the roster penalty is doubled to 30%.
- As soon as you post a roster, any penalty is removed. For example, if you post a roster in time for MD7, for MD1-6 you would have had a 15% KPB penalty, but from MD7 for the rest of the tournament, no KPB penalty would be applied to your rank.

Thus, to avoid being penalised it is important to get a roster in before the match day 1 deadline, which can be found on the RP thread.

If you have any questions about the roster penalty or anything else, please reach out to Ethane or Taeshan via TG, PM on the Discord server, or on the Discussion thread.
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Postby Taeshan » Fri Dec 25, 2020 7:45 pm


Nation Name:Taeshan
Demonym: Taes, Taeshanis
Team Nickname: Purple Knights
Modifier: -5
Captain: Shiloh Morgenstern
Vice-Captain: Santiago Santiago

Image Image Image

Manager: Daigo Coshan A weird offseason move saw Daigo Coshan come out of retirement to play Center Back once again for his friend, former national team coach Xander McDrew. Much like when he got the call to coach at a Cup of Harmony it seemed unlikely he expected to do that. Now he coaches in a World Cup only a few years after many thought he was just the interim hire. The Cup of Harmony went ok, the Copa Rushmori badly, but with the country hosting the World Cup, apparently Coshan was able to sell the management team a prescription he thought will world to ail the teams problems. Will it work in the World Cup, I guess only time will tell.


1 – Florian Wagner – FC Almintora (Turori) 130 Caps, 0 Goals, 22 Years Old
The first ever Domestic international champion as FC Almintora won the B Series title and that was an incredible feat for Wagner. While that isn't impressive, doing well in the second division in the Vilitan League is like being a mid-table club in Taeshan, if Taeshan had a good domestic league to speak of, but we don't need to go on about that.

12 – Emmit Nickleby – Taeshan City Miners 2 Caps, 20 Years Old
See Below.

24– Isaac Leyton – New Capetown Falcons 4 Caps, 23 Years Old
First caps in the friendlies, but unlikely to earn many more moving forward.

4 - CB, Liam McKenzie - Yaton FC 84 Caps, 4 goals, 24 Years Old
The young left-footed ball player for Yaton, McKenzie is about to be the elder statesmen of the back four which is impressive for a kid who only 4 years ago wasn't even really a prospect for the full national team. Now here he is with questions swarming about his domestic future, and the worlds his stage at home in Taeshan.

20- CB, Foster Benjamin - Soldarian (Valanora) 65 Caps, 0 goals, 20 Years Old
It was international news when Foster Benjamin left relegated Wolfin Wolves to join Soldarian in Valanora for a hefty. The first ever Taeshan international to go to Valanora he almost managed to win the title in the first season and had a great run in the domestic international competitions. He has sharpened himself with Iron and hopefully that shows in the upcoming World Cup.

22 - RB, Sullivan Garrett - Olympia Borograd (Siovanija and Teusland) 103 Caps, 0 Goals, 20 Years Old
Sullivan Garrett looked bemused as Santiago Santiago deflected many questions in a pre-tournament presser about his retirement plans and this likely means that the young Left Back is really looking forward to actually playing left back for the national team. More on that story as it develops.

23 - LB, Santiago Santiago – Oljestaden (Audioslavia) 165 Caps, 1 Goal, 28 Years Old
Much like Shiloh Morgenstern Santiago Santiago has remained mum about whether or not this is his last rodeo, but he seems the more likely of the two to hang up his cleats as he has had some rough competition in Audioslavia and his wheels just are not what they used to be.

2 – Lyle Marchand – 1093 Club de Football Atlantea 20 caps, 19 Years Old
A tall center back Marchand is the most likely central defensive option in this world cup, but if he is needed the Purple Knights are probably well in trouble and that would not be a good sign as a necessary sub.

3- Blaise Fortunato– X Island Marauders 18 Caps, 20 Years Old
The younger defensive option on the bench Fortunato is unlikely to see the field unless the qualification is secured or impossible on the final matchday of the Group stage.

5 - Falstaff Kyte– New Capetown Nordiques 20 Caps, 0 Goals, 18 Years Old
The fullback on the bench it seems possible Kyte will be taking over at Right Back after this world cup as both of the other bench players are Center Backs and Sullivan Garrett will surely take his preferred left back position. He has earned a lot of caps thanks to the friendly series and could see some late game action in this tournament.


6- CDM, Yoshimi Hirahito – Urbizania Wanderers (Astograth) 148 Caps, 5 Goals, 24 Years old
Rumors abounded before the World Cup that Yoshimi would not make the roster after it seemed possible that the once cancer bitten Defensive midfielder might have had a relapse. Now that he is on the roster, and sported a bald head in the pre-tournament team photo the questions are still being asked. Is he fit enough for last in the tournament, is this a risk Daigo Coshan needs to take?

14 - RM, Nycolas Jackson – RGS Athletic (Eastfield Lodge) 157 Caps, 10 Goals, 24 Years Old
Nycolas Jackson has been impressive in Eastfield Lodge for half a decade at this point and he is likely to be the next 200 capped player for Taeshan unless one of his teammates finds a way to earn to caps in games he is injured, knock on wood. He has been impressive on the wing and will continue to hope to do so at home in this world cup.

18- LM, Shiloh Morgenstern – Sabrefell Moths (Nephara) 167 Caps, 32 Goals, 28 Years OldCaptain
The Captain seems likely to have his swan song in this World Cup and he would need a semi-final run at home to be the most successful Captain in team history. That seems unlikely. He did lead the team to 3 of 4 World Cups, albeit one thanks to automatic qualification so he will likely go down highly in the memories of the fans.

20 – CAM, Benjamin Moriarty – Yaton FC 116 Caps, 6 Goals, 26 Years Old
Many wondered if Pierre Elciega would force Larson Sneijder to attacking midfield but currently Benjamin Moriarty is the starter there and that has not changed. An interesting move as the one time champion of the Taeshan Premier League hasn't been that impressive recently, but he at least continues to play on a strong team and his compatriot well...

8 - Xavier Ydrissil - Atlantea Hurricanes 29 Cap, 1 Goal, 19 Years Old
The hot prospect only a few years ago has been a little behind the eight ball recently with some interesting play from Elton Kenoby, the resurgence of Porter Ajax and Al Haxire and the impressive showings recently from Francesco Tzimisces. He has a chance to see the field a lot, but he probably isn't a long term midfield option to start.

15 – Elton Kenoby – Mierton Manatees 38 Cap, 3 Goal, 21 Years Old
A two-time champion of the Taeshan Premier League at 21 Kenoby is likely kicking himself for being born at a time where Shiloh Morgenstern and Nycolas Jackson run the national team wings. He has a great chance of taking over for Morgenstern should he retire after this world cup, but as that is a coin toss at this point it may yet be a few years before we see that.

17- Porter Ajax – Al Haxire 20 Caps, 1 Goal, 20 Years Old
Al Haxire is actually competitive and that means Porter Ajax actually gets more playing time, that said he is probably number 2 on the wing depth on the bench behind Kenoby, and likely number 4 in the central positions in the midfield. The experience of the starters also does not bode well in general for the bench players.

16 – Francesco Tzimisces – Bayern Phoenix 22 Caps, 4 Goals, 20 Years Old
The likely defensive midfielder option on the bench Francesco is not a defensive midfielder, so that is probably not a good sign for what the team needs. Francesco is a ball player, and likely can also see time on the wings and his recent move to Bayern is a good sign for his national team future.

21 – Lionel Ninetails – Bayern-Algaer 40 Caps, 2 Goals, 22 Years Old
A lot of caps in this generally young lineup so many players like Lionel Ninetails might not even get a big look this tournament, but he certainly has shown well in the friendly series. He seems like a good attacking option off the bench, but whether or not it is him or say Larson Sneijder who would come in now in that position is a very interesting question.


8 - LS, Pierre Elciega - Mierton Manatees 41 Cap, 7 Goals, 19 Years Old
Generally not a surprise that Elciega forced his way into the lineup, two titles in a row as a heavily threatening forward will do that, but Elciega being on his un-favored left side may be an interesting wrinkle this World Cup. He has had a chance to work his way into the starting lineup with the friendlies, and little pressure to perform but this could be the biggest stage ever to suddenly decide you fancy starting a teenager.

9 - RS, Wilhelm Nkitilina – KT Itzalovalle (Audioslavia) 155 Caps, 72 Goals, 26 Years Old
The trusty man up top Nkitilina has slowly fallen from his early career days of about a goal every other game and perhaps the gauntlet of international friendlies in the lapse of qualifying fixtures did not help as Atlantian Oceania, and Rushmore's best were on the schedule. Nkitilina has come close to club glory recently with KT, but now he hopes to have another showing at home for this nation.

11-LS, Larson Sneijder – Tintown Terrapins 123 Caps, 14 Goals, 24 Years old
Almost as shocking as the lone new member of the national team apparently Larson Sneijder's move to Tintown has not impressed Daigo Coshan as he has been dropped for the XI. The 24 year old midfielder turned national team striker is still playing well, but apparently he has not earned the fancy of the management team.

13 – Shannon Lafayette - Chalesm FC (Sqournshelous) 43 Caps, 6 Goals, 26 Years Old
Lafayette continues to offer the things that any hulking forward would in a national team set up and with barely anyone in the pool to do the things a target man should, he continues to earn the calls, but many wonder if perhaps the national team doesn't need him to be in the conversation.

19 – Markus Packard-Grey – AFC Mayville (Eura) 0 Caps, 0 Goals, 18 Years Old
Perhaps the most interesting move on this lineup, the only new member of the squad for Taeshan's debutante hosting gig is a relative unknown in Packard-Grey. Recently moving from Quarant Xa'virt to Mayville has apparently landed Packard-Grey on Daigo Coshan's radar, and with Few Kennedy making a move to a lesser domestic club with Moresville's relegation, the young 18 year old has earned a big call-up to the national team. He is unlikely to earn an appearance with those ahead of him on the bench, but this is an interesting call.

Formation 4-4-2 (Diamond)
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Postby Ethane » Fri Dec 25, 2020 7:45 pm



NATION: Ethane

MANAGER: Joren Kreuger | Satyr | M | 47
Previously the assistant manager of Mriin, Kreuger has been looking to better things for a while. Whether you can call managing Ethane better things after that dismal run in WCQ86, Kreuger has taken up the role after it became open following Bakerman's departure. It was clearly coming for Daniel, with the qualification performance far from good enough to justify his position. The Red Kites then failed to really gain any momentum in the Cup of Harmony, reaching only the Round of 32; disappointing, but not surprising considering the fact Kreuger had just joined the team for the start of the tournament. Kreuger has a very analytical mind, having been a playmaking AM in his playing days, just lacking the raw athleticism because of a bad injury he had in his late teens. He was able to rehab into playing form by his mid-twenties, but was never able to get back to his physical peak. He made up for that by going hard on tactical analysis and learning everything he could about each opponent. Kreuger was a key part of the Reavers squad that qualified on their second qualifying attempt.

With Bakerman's departure, Sabrina followed in his footsteps. Adam Lanai has taken her place, moving up from a technical coach, with the board seeing future management potential in him, even if just for a lower-ranked NT or domestic side.

Joren Kreuger had a tough task nailing down this team to the final 23 for the World Cup. Several players staked their claims to be a part of this team in the past couple of seasons in The Flame League and abroad, meaning some decent players are missing out on what, in other cycles, would be a well-deserved national team spot at the World Cup. And making the team now is arguably even more significant; the World Cup is in Ethane. The pressure will really be on this players, moreso than in other cycles, because they have to perform in front of the home crowd. Success, at the rank the national team is, will be remarkably unlikely. Ethane is amongst the lowest ranked teams in this World Cup, and if it weren't for them hosting, probably wouldn't have made it past the brutal qualifiers. To win a game will probably be a decent achievement this tournament. But the players have a strong belief that they can really show everyone what this nation is about, and the manager is prepared to give it all for success. Consider it a free pass; no one expects much, so whatever the team deliver won't be disappointing. So despite the pressure of playing at home, the pressure is off in a way as well. This will mean a liberty to experiment and find a formula that might work better, cycling around the core principles of the manager and Ethanian football.

GOALKEEPER: Donovan Velázquez | 29 | South Laithland (NPH)
The penalty specialist. Velázquez has an ability to read players well. While his positioning in normal play may not be the best, and his awareness is sub-standard, when it comes to one-on-ones and penalties he really shines. He isn't short and he has an intimidating stature. But when it comes to that penalty shootout or that extra time wonder-save, you know he is going to be the one with his name up in lights. He's also playing in one of the best leagues in the world; he's not a player the selectors could overlook.

GOALKEEPER: Joss Araújo | 30 | Bourne River
A dynamic shot-stopper. he has demonstrated great awareness in league play, as well as that ability to just pull off an amazing save here and there. About 6' 2'' in height, Araújo's height isn't to be frowned at, with his ability to make himself big in goal one of his advantages. His goal kicks aren't amazing, and he probably isn't someone you'd want to rely on passing back to on many occasions, but as a basic goalkeeper he lives up to and goes beyond expectations. He's continued to impress both on a domestic level and in his outings with the national team. However, he's fallen behind Velázquez in the pecking order - his initial decision to not move abroad now seems unwise and something he might reconsider come the end of the current season.

GOALKEEPER: Zachary Clark | 27 | South Saints | Debutant
He's the goalkeeper for the team with the consistently best defence in the league. He's pretty average in stature, appearance, and style of play. He looks unassuming. But when you see him play, he is marvellous. A brave, motivated player who takes hits and gets up and goes again. He is relentless, determined, and knows how to play well. Pretty decent at penalties, pretty decent at one-on-ones, pretty decent at generic goalkeeping activities. Where does he lack? Set pieces are definitely his weak point. His positioning isn't always great on them, and sometimes he is reluctant to come off the goal line when he definitely could gather the ball.

LEFT-WINGBACK: Dominic Johnson | 26 | South Saints Debutant
Fast. Ruthless. Disciplined. Johnson needs to be all of these things to have the impact that his positioning both at the domestic level (LB) and international level (LWB) requires of him. To be a significant part of the best defence in the league requires a certain level of skill at defending, which Johnson possesses in buckets. He's the sort of guy that will keep on running until he's dead, will fight through an injury to finish a match, and who will track back all the way to the goal line. That's even more impressive when you realise he's also had a decent role in the attacking efforts of South Saints too. His crossing ability is one of the best in The Flame League, and he also has the confidence to dribble in from the wing. That'll be even more important in the Ethanian national team setup where there is even more of an expectation for him to utilise the wing and help out on the offensive.

LEFT-WINGBACK: Stephen Baird | 23 | Dovertown Debutant
Now he may be in a team only just getting promoted to The Flame League, but he shouldn't be underestimated. He's rapid, but he also combines that with strength which makes wrestling the ball out of his control a challenge in itself. He isn't the most adept in the passing game, but what he brings suffices. Just don't expect any miraculous through-balls for the ages. Less likely to dribble in himself, less likely to go for goal himself, and not quite as good as others at tracking back. But again, what he brings suffices - and at what he can do well, he is one of the best Ethane has to offer.

CENTRE-BACK: Max Wilburn-Mason | 23 | Olympia FC (EFL)
A young, upcoming Ethani defensive player. He is mature beyond his age. A tall player, Wilburn-Mason has a great aerial presence and typically wins headers. He isn't fast but he is smart in positioning and awareness, great at interceptions and conservative tackles. He won't go all in for a tackle, preferring to stay on his feet. Young and inexperienced so may be caught out sometimes on this stage. Likes to push forward and is talented at breaking down some defences. Pushes up for corners. Has made an astounding entry on to the national team and is expected to be one of the better Ethani players on the team for many years to come, leading from the back. One of the first names on the team-sheet, every game.

CENTRE-BACK: Craig James | 27 | Tor (CMT)
James is an average paced player with a lot of confidence. This confidence is great when he is marking people, which he does really well at restricting players from making moves and tracking their movement, skilled at positioning. However, this confidence is not so good when he is willing to go to ground easily and doesn't have the same game sense as others, thus making him slightly more prone to cards.

CENTRE-BACK: Chris Stevens | 27 | Strathcona Intls (KSK)
A born leader within any team. He's a senior figure at any club he goes to; he'll try to exert himself as a loud authority in the cloak room, but he is friendly and easy to get on with too. Not special, not got any secret talents up his sleeves, and not going to provide anything much on the offensive. Just a bog-standard, above average defender. Strongly built, appears a little dominating, and certainly not someone you'd want to be in a fight with.

CENTRE-BACK: Markus Capradossi | 30 | Chenoworth Rovers (NPH)
A solid defensive player with brute strength and good positioning and awareness. Can be a bit of a brute, so may sometimes get a card. But generally smart and stays on his feet when he can. Sometimes panics and can get desperate, but also sometimes pulls off some marvellous defensive work. Not good when he's on his own at the back.

CENTRE-BACK: Elliott Collins | 25 | South Saints
He may be short, but he is fast and positions well, so he isn't easy to get passed. Perhaps lets himself on to the back foot too often and doesn't chase down enough, but he can clean up most of the messes he makes.

RIGHT-WINGBACK: Toby Turner | 26 | Tor (CMT)
An agile, and fast player; Turner certainly provides an explosive aspect to his game. He is also relatively smart defensively and in positioning. His weakness comes in the offence, with his passing not up to standard and his crossing slightly lacklustre.

RIGHT-WINGBACK: Mathieu Allard | 22 | Nickelson FC (KND) Debutant
He may be a defender by position, but by talent he is an adaptable winger who often likes to play wingback and go racing up the wings. Overlap, underlap, running in on the defence and cutting inside - he's good at it all. He also puts in a shift when getting back. Has a tendency to misjudge situations and overcommit though, both in moving forward on the attack and in going in for tackles. But he is a nice, friendly lad and will always apologise and own up to his mistakes.

RIGHT-WINGBACK: James Dance | 20 | Dovertown Debutant
Well-spirited, kind-hearted, and fair. But ruthlessly competitive. Dance gives it all on the pitch. He's been a wonder for Dovertown in their promotion campaign, and it is hoped the offensive spirit he showed during the league season will show on the international stage as well. He's easy to get along with, but will defend his honour. Impressive control on the ball, and he's smart - he positions well to pick up interceptions and make key tackles. Not the most offensively minded wingback, but has enough impetus and wants to have a go quite often.

CENTRE-MIDFIELDER: Alex Woodrow | 30 | Chatswood (NPH)
Woodrow is agile and flexible, thus able to dupe players with his skill abilities. But he isn't that quick a player. However, he has a really good cross and can pick out players in the box with precision. He is also good at set pieces, and is likely to play them. Typically a left-midfielder but with managerial decisions the way they are, there are no midfield wingers in the gameplan. So instead, he'd play at LCM and then drift wide on occasion. This could potentially suit him as well with his low and diminishing pace.

CENTRE-MIDFIELDER: Alexander Kjaer | 27 | AFC Mayville (EUR)
Kjaer is a calm and collected player. He puts the effort in, but he often doesn't know how best to approach a situation, making him prone to the mistake here and there. However, he is very much zippy and agile in midfield, especially when turning and shooting, providing a link-up threat or even an attacking threat himself when on the attack, especially effective on the counter.

CENTRE-MIDFIELDER: Tyler Ellis-Wood | 23 | Fliserboding (GRF) Debutant
The new Leyton Underwood for the national team? He's bold, a natural born leader, and takes games by the scruff and shapes them how he wants. Every performance is a passing masterclass. Still a little way to develop, but the fact he's made the final 23 shows that he means business.

CENTRE-MIDFIELDER: Kaedan Hunt | 20 | Birdingstone United Debutant
Young, naive, and not yet at the level of game smart that will see him walk into any lineup. But what he shows is bucket-loads of potential. He's quick enough to play well on the counter, he's got well-powered and incisive passing in his arsenal, and his controlling play is getting better by the day. He's got a good future, so perhaps his inclusion is to try to get him his first experience of the international football scene. Normally a LM, but would play LCM in this lineup and drift wide.

ATTACKING-MIDFIELDER: Josh Montoya | 31 | Oakstone (EUR)
Montoya has a real ability to play and carry a team if needed. He's one of those players you can rely on to deliver when everyone else is having a bad game. Even if he's having a bad game he has that moment of genius that can make all the difference. Montoya is a mature footballer, showing wisdom and intelligence in his style of play and technique. He also has a deadly pace which allows him to rocket past defenders and tear opposition teams open. However, his main skills lie in his passing ability. His awareness allows for deadly through-balls and crucial passes, although when things aren't working out he can get a little frustrated and his performances drop a little. He can struggle under intense pressure, and is more injury prone than other players following a severe injury near the start of his career. He is also fairly reluctant to tackle because of this and doesn't offer much defensively.

ATTACKING-MIDFIELDER: Oliver Reid | 26 | Hullbury Debutant
He isn't quick. He doesn't need to be. That's not what his game is about. He sits central. He receives the ball. He either gives it to the strikers - his vision and through balls are impeccable. Or he shoots. And his shot power and long shot ability is also great. Certainly someone to look at for set pieces, except for the fact Woodrow is in this team. He's showy and he knows it. Look for attempts at flair and skills to dupe the opposition; sometimes it'll work, sometimes it won't. But he won't be in a position where it'll massively jeopardise the team. That's not what he does, that's not where he will be.

STRIKER: Luke Roberts | 31 | North Laithland (NPH)
A poacher. Used to be pacey but starting to lose it. Adapted his game plan, so is not quite as selfish as he used to be. That's not to say that he can't be selfish - he still likes to shoot. A lot. Even when there isn't a hope in hell that it's going in. Sometimes with the last kick of the game. But he is much more of a team player - he actually might pass now?! And he somehow got the captaincy at North Laithland. Should be able to put a decent shift in on the international stage.

STRIKER: Scott Burgess | 26 | Creed (NPH)
Burgess is a very fast striker, allowing him to breakway and rip apart defences with his speed and surpise. He is especially effective on the counter attack, but is also very useful as a point striker, because of his vision and his short-range shooting abilities. He is weaker at long-range shooting, and is not the greatest at headers. However, he is a strong team-player, and fully dedicated to his team.

STRIKER: Teresa Lozano | 25 | Hornchurch (EUR) Debutant
Aggressive, energetic, high-pressing. Very enthusiastic about football; the way she talks about it you'd think she doesn't even have a family. She's very kind-hearted, you see? But trust me, Lozano is exactly who you want at the centre of any PR campaign for your team - humble, unassuming, excellent.

STRIKER: Shamira Aboud | 26 | Martinslake Debutant
The hardest position to nail down in the team because there were a few good options for the last striker position. Yet, Aboud gets the place because she is prolific, and has been across multiple seasons of The Flame League, winning or coming close to winning The Golden Boot multiple seasons in a row. One of the best strikers that The Flame League has to offer right now. Nimble, short, yet so talented. Finds her way into spaces you just don't see coming. Can come in clutch, and does well under pressure. She really is a poacher - she'll pick up that ball and shoot, and somehow find a way to get it on target. Oh, and add flair. Magnificent, right?

The focus is on defence, but not extremely so. This is far from the attacking teams of Ethane past, but also far from those ultra-defensive setups that are a strong part of the Ethanian philosophy, especially at the start of Ethane's foray into international football competition. The tactics, this edition, are ultimately there to provide a certain degree of freedom, but within a set gameplan. That gameplan is based on the calibre of opposition that The Red Kites will be facing in this World Cup. Basically, Ethane is small fry against these giants. And so the team, and Kreuger, have had to adjust slightly. 5 at the back is back in fashion again, baby! And we're going to rock it. The central 3 centre-backs will, primarily, stay on the defensive except for Wilburn-Mason who is given a certain level of freedom to roam because of his high attacking returns. When the team is really pushing for a goal, Wilburn-Mason or the central CB will push forward into a CDM position and focus more on the offensive. The wingbacks will always be working on the wings and pushing up on the offensive - they'll be the main threat from width. However, the two centre-mids also have the liberty to drift wide to open up play. When on the defensive, the two centre-mids will retreat to CDM, and the attacking midfielder and one of the strikers will move to the wings in midfield, thus changing to a 5-4-1 defensive formation.

The team's primary focus is defensive. This is a team that will sit back and let their opposition come to them, confident enough that they can fill the gaps. Once they reclaim the ball, their gameplan is focused on counter-attacking. That means fast balls up to the strikers, reliant on the wingbacks, the strikers, and the attacking midfielder to push forward with speed and open up gaps, leaving the opposition unable to quickly reorganise themselves. Where a counter-attack isn't possible, the gameplan focuses on quick passing, with the wingbacks pushing forwards. The aim of the quick passing around will be to find or open up a gap for a forward run from one of the offensively-minded players.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes (within the bounds of reality)
RP injuries to my players: Yes (but I can determine length/change severity).
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes (within the bounds of reality, same disclaimer as above)
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (realistically)
Godmod other events: Yes (someone blew up part of my stadium in the Cup of Harmony once. If you want to do something that significant, please speak to me first. If it is less severe, go for it).
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Postby Northwest Kalactin » Fri Dec 25, 2020 7:46 pm


Style Mod: +5
Formation: 3-3-4

Coach: Image Jared Sednah
Assistant coach: Joe Jackson
Head trainer: Will Sakura

About the Nation
Northwest Kalactin is a nation of 20 million people, the nation has many major city’s with hockey teams in them. The largest cities are Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour And Kempsey the capital and largest city in the nation is Gold Coast. The climate is hot with the summer temperatures getting up to about 110 Fahrenheit at the highest and winter temperatures go down to about 50 at the lowest. The nation plays host to many domestic sports leagues across many different sports including Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Rugby and many more.

Northwest Kalactin: What to Expect
Of course if you are traveling to Northwest Kalactin you need to bring some shirts and shorts. The average temperature is around 80 degrees all year, however, during the summer it can go up to one hundred degrees. Most stadiums in Northwest Kalactin are either domes or have retractable roofs because during the summer players will easily overheat. The hottest that the temperature that the weather has gotten in the summer is 113 degrees farinheight. The largest cities are Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour and Kempsey. All 3 of these cities have over 1 million people in them but Gold Coast is the largest city with over 2.8 million people in the entire city. Coffs has 1.7 million and Kempsey has 1.2 million. The east side of the nation has very few people having only 2.5 million people. Almost all of the large cities have teams in all of the different sports leagues, however, different regions have different popular sports. The main coastal cities have soccer and gridiron as the most popular sports. The farms inland also like both Soccer and Gridiron but many baseball players also come from the inland rural areas. In the eastern mountains have hockey as the most popular sport but, bandy is also a very popular among kids which makes the nation one of the best in the world in bandy. Down south, soccer and basketball are by far the most popular sports there. The kids in Northwest Kalactin currently are one of the most promising sports generations ever in the nation as they are now putting up some of the best youth teams in the world. Northwest Kalactin is pretty light when it comes to laws however, all visitors and opponents are expected to follow the laws for the duration that they are in the nation. Drinking is permitted for those over 17 and smoking is illegal outside of designated areas. Some of the best textiles industries in the world can be found in Northwest Kalactin as the huge textile factory, Holcomb Textiles headquartered in Byron Bay. Many tech companies are also based in the nation as the Tech Company Startup Fund provides money for those entrepreneurs in the tech section who look to be based in Kalactin.

Where you will play
Gold Coast international football stadium is a very nice stadium it holds up to 104,000 people and is the largest stadium in northwest Kalactin. Many people are surprised that the stadium has a retractable roof even though it is very hot in northwest Kalactin in fact the reason why the roof is there is because of the heat! One time it was 114 degrees Farinheight in Gold Coast so they put the roof up. Another thing to look for at the stadium is the before game tailgating there are many food trucks that stop by there and take advantage of the huge crowds. Lastly, be sure to visit the Northwest Kalactin soccer hall of fame that has many interesting artifacts jerseys and other stuff from Kalactanian football

History of The Team
The Kalactanian National Team has been around since the 79th version of the World Cup. The team started out from quiet beginnings finishing in the quarter finals in the 66th Baptism Of Fire against Filindostan. The 80th World Cup Team was highlighted by Jared Sednah and Wendell Jakerein, who ended up making the team of the qualifiers. Sednah was the top player on the team for the Next 2 cycled as he paired up with Luke Dillan to bring the team close to qualifying. Despite the valiant efforts by Dillan and Sednah the team couldn’t end up qualifying in the 82nd and 81st cups. The FA decided not to enter the team in for the 83rd qualifiers due to corruption in the association. The team was quickly eliminated in the 84th qualifiers. The current team is highlighted by younger players that hope to bring the team to the World Cup the the following years. In the 85th World Cup campaign the team put up one of their best qualifying performances. However, near the end of qualifying the team was shaken by the surprise retirement of the star goalkeeper Wendell Jakerein.


Strikers : Keith Torres, Image Nyashawill, Age: 29
A player that has came off of the bench in multiple recent world cups, Keith Torres is a very reliable substitute, although it will be interesting to see how he does when starting the game on the field. Recently transferring to Ko-oren to play there, Torres is a player that has been with 7 different clubs in his career. Torres is a very strong and fast player, although many think that he lacks the skill needed to become a great striker.

Jimmy McCarthy Image Tor, Age: 28
Jimmy McCarthy was the future of Kalactanian football the second he stepped onto the Project Olimpo campus. He is a natural leader that can lift the spirits of any of his teammates and he brings great talent to the team. He is a bit weak however he makes up for it with his ability to make a move on anyone. Last cycle he was by far the best player on the team, going out and showing his goalscoring ability, and is able to work some magic out there.

Will Sanders Image Murwelldobah FC, Age: 32
Will Sanders is a player that has historically played midfield however he made the switch to midfielder a few years ago. One of the best players on the team he is always focused on making his teammates better through passing. He is a very creative player that likes to express his creativity on the pitch. He was responsible for assists on many of the goal.

Thomas Butler Image AC Itotz Zubia, Age: 19
The future of Kalactanian soccer, is now playing in Audioslavia, and is now with the national team for his first cycle on. He is a magic man by the net, and always seems to come out with the ball in 1-1 battles. He is one of the strongest, and fastest players to ever play for the nation, he will become a great duo with players like Jimmy McCarthey in the next few years, and you can look for him to score many goals. He wants this cycle to be his breakout cycle, and he wants to start it out wi a good AOCAF

Substitutes: Cody Dixon, Image Cirelbourne United, Age: 30
Joe Russell, Image Ballina FC, Age: 31

Steve Gilbert Image Toureres, Age: 33
Gilbert is a player in the middle of his prime. After showing how he could turn the War Eagles from a second tier team to a team earning UICA qualification the NT picked him up. He is a very athletically talented player that can outrun almost anyone on the pitch. He does lack some skills on the first touch but his athleticism helps him excel on the field.

Frank Owens Image Coffs Harbour FC, Age: 35
Owens has been a mainstay if the starting lineup of the NT since the 80th World Cup. He may be entering his last World Cup as he is very prone to injury’s. He plays a very aggressive game and has a fiery temper, things that can get him in trouble on the field. Owens is currently the team record holder for the most Cautions in one tournament, with 7.

Lamar Hall Image Bul Khungur Miners, Age: 22
Lamar is on his very first cycle on the National Team, and he is a started already. He had a breakout season and helped the Ballina Red Devils earn theirselves a spot in IFCF play this season. He is the younger brother of established defender Matt Hall, and wants to become a reliable starter on the national team in the coming years. Look for him to pass a lot, he spends very little time with the ball once he gets possession. Now in the Tikariot Premier League, he looks to become one of the best team players on the team.

Substitutes: Daniel Guidry Image Kempsey United, Age: 32
Lamar Snyder Image Ballina Red Devils, Age: 27

Matt Hall Image Fryi Frêndê, Age: 27
Matt Hall is another player in his prime that has been around on the team during recent cycles. He recently started playing in the Farfadillian leagues where he continues to develop as a player. Hall is one of the strongest players on the team athletically being one of the fastest on the team.

Joseph Anderson Image FC Harbour City, Age: 31
A newer player just recently called up to the National Team, Anderson has exceeded expectations for the team. He recently just entered his prime and he improves very quickly. He does tack up a large number of injuries though, which is concerning for his future on the team. Anderson is a great on-ball defender and can play physically if needed.

Larry Martinez Image AC Itotz Zubia, Age: 28
Martinez is a new defender to the National squad. He played his only appearance before this when he came in as a sub in a Wonder Cup game against Delaclava. He also is a teammate of young striker Thomas Butler, so look for those 2 to have some good chemistry on the field. Just like his preceding teammate at the position, Jake Dakota, he is a reliable defender that has good ball control.

George Taylor Image Bavingtor City, Age: 27
Brian Wood Image Razalfu Rhinos, Age: 24

Mark Romero Image CF Bondstad, Age: 27
After taking over from the legend Wendell Jakerein, Romero started the final games of the World Cup 85 qualification. Romero is a very young keeper that can look to become a successful player on the Kalactanian National team. Unlike his preceder, Romero is a player that has very good athleticism. What he lacks though, is the tactical smarts that Jakerein possessed.

Substitutes: Lawrence Henderson Image Toureres, Age: 21

RP permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP injuries to my players: 1 Game
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: no
I swear if you try to bring any virus into my nation I will ask the host to reset your bonus.
Style mod is +5
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choke time

Postby Drawkland » Fri Dec 25, 2020 7:51 pm


Region: Sonnel
Trigramme: DRK
Leader: Iarocav
Currency: Lolad
Capital City: Metropolon
Largest City: Drawk City

Manager: none
Formation: 3-3-4
Style Mod: +4
Stadiums: Check Schedule Here

Starting Lineup
## Pos Name Age
7 GK Septimus Xander ??
10 LB Elias Keys ??
8 CB Nicholas Kingston ??
16 RB Craig Bakker ??
22 LM Trevor Garnet ??
0 CM Dominic Southers ??
2 RM Richard Hanson ??
17 LF Roger Apollo ??
11 WF Mike Rodney ??
1 RF Jaxon Madison ??
5 CF Ross Hunter ??

  1. It doesn't matter, they're all good at shooting.
  2. Just choose 5 at random.


This is the official roster, featuring the Elite Eleven, an independent squad of Drawkians who have played all sports at a professional level for a confusingly long time. The old Kick Corps has been essentially removed, the players let go, and replaced by this squad of ridiculously skilled, annoyingly arrogant, and possibly immortal sportsmen. Nobody knows where they came from, or why DISC decided to replace the Kick Corps with them, but here they are. Just don't ask the baseball fans about them.
Drawkian soccer, and indeed, sporting in general, is mostly offensive-minded. This is reflected in the style indicator and in the formation. Drawkian soccer has not really been exposed to outside influences, and thus may look or feel strange to those used to "normal" football. Nevertheless, the Eleven are still good at what they do, and prize in an enduring game, moving the ball around nearly constantly and keeping energy going, aiming to tire out the opposing team. Of course, Drawkians aren't humans, but you can read about that elsewhere. Despite the fact that usually soccer is a female-only sport in Drawkland, the Elite Eleven have overturned that caveat as the higher-ups deemed them a suitable replacement in the interim as the real Kick Corps hides away for a few cycles and gets their shit back together.

WC Sanctioned: 103-41-43
Non-WCC: 52-22-23

First Match: Drawkland 3-3 Averyickan City
First Win: Capital District, Ward 1 4-6 Drawkland
First Loss: Great Caledonia and North Hybernia 2-2 Drawkland (2-2 AET) [3-1 PKs]
Highest Score: Capital District, Ward 1 4-6 Drawkland
Lowest Score: Drawkland 0-0 Ko-oren (0-0 AET) (1-3 pen.)
Best Win: Drawkland 5-0 Sharktail
Worst Loss: Farfadillis 6-1 Drawkland
Most Important: Drawkland 2-2 Omerica (2-2 AET) [4-3 PKs]
Best End Result: 1st Place (Independents Cup 6)
Here is a quick list of the tournaments Drawkland has been in, their group stage record and goal differential, and their final result.

Global Cup of Soccer 1: 1-2-0, +2, Third Place loss to Free Republics
Independents Cup 1: 1-0-2, -4, Round of 16 loss to Flardania
Baptism of Fire 64: 1-2-0, +3, Third Placed win over Great Caledonia and North Hybernia
World Cup 77 Qualifying: 11-5-2, +14, Qualified
World Cup 77: 0-1-2, -3, Group Stage Elimination
Independents Cup 2: 2-1-0, +6, Quarterfinal loss to Flardania
World Cup 78 Qualifying: 11-2-3, +16, Qualified
World Cup 78: 1-0-2, -8, Group Stage Elimination
Independents Cup 3: 2-0-1, +3, Round of 16 loss to Kel Assuk
World Cup 79: 1-1-1, -1, Group Stage Elimination
Independents Cup 4: 2-0-1, +2, Final loss to Free Republics
World Cup 80 Qualifying: 11-4-3, +16, Qualified
World Cup 80: 0-2-1, -1, Group Stage Elimination
Independents Cup 5: 3-1-0, +6, Final loss to Mercedini
World Cup 81 Qualifying: 14-1-3, +39, Playoff loss to Saltstead
Independents Cup 6: 2-1-0, +9, Final win over Omerica
World Cup 82 Qualifying: 8-6-4, +7, Did Not Qualify
Cup of Harmony 74: 3-0-0, +8, QF loss to Ko-oren
Independents Cup 7: 3-0-0, +8, Final loss to Omerica
World Cup Qualifiers 83: 5-4-3, +6, Did Not Qualify
Cup of Harmony 75: 3-1-0, +8, Ro16 loss to Port Ember
Independents Cup 8: 4-1-0, +13, 3PPO loss to Squornshelan Remnant States
World Cup Qualifiers 84: 13-4-3, +17, Qualified
World Cup 84: 0-0-3, -5, Group Stage Elimination
Independents Cup 9: 2-1-0, +3, Ro16 loss to Poafmersia
World Cup Qualifiers 85: 14-3-7, +13, Qualified
World Cup 85: 1-0-2, -2, Group Stage Elimination
Independents Cup X: 3-1-0, +6, QF loss to Tequilo
World Cup 86: 1-2-0, +5, Ro16 loss to Vilita
Independents Cup 11: 2-1-1, 0, Ro16 loss to TJUN-ia

Beautifully Crafted by ediraf.
From Left to Right: Home, Away, Goalkeeper.


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes
Yellow Card my Players: Yes
Red Card my Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes
As far as these go, I'm fair game for anything. You should know what is and isn't drastic RP, and if you think your RP is on the drastic side, TG me first. But I'm still basically up for anything.
I'd like to request that injuries or cards don't do anything outside of the scope of a single game or maybe 2. Don't want anything tournament or cycle-ending. Red cards should be limited to late knockout stages, and I'd probably think that there should be no more than 2 players red carded per tournament.
The Elite Eleven are sorta oddballs. I mean, they're a group of 11 dudebros, but they're supposedly immortal or something. Keep that in mind.

Disclaimers of various sorts:
I don't know very much about soccer. If I RP something weird, it's because I have little to no experience with this sport. But whatever.
If you have any questions about anything involving me, this team, my nation, this competition, life, etc., feel free to telegram me.
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Postby Hapilopper » Fri Dec 25, 2020 8:11 pm

Full Nation Name: The Dominion of Hapilopper
Trigramme: HAP
Nickname: The Haps
Team Colors: Blue, Green and White

The Hapilopper National Football Team, as we know it, is dead. The Hapilopper Football Association is on life support, the result of a match-fixing scandal that made itself known during the 61st AOCAF. As a result, a new organization led by former HFA head Dominic Probst has been formed for the purpose of fielding a team in international competition. The organization, tentatively known as "Team Hapilopper," consists of a good number of former international team players - primarily those that opposed the match-fixing scheme and those that remained neutral in the matter. Former head coach Thom Perkins, who departed the team after the 84th World Cup, has been brought in as Team Hapilopper's first head coach. Buddy Martinez, who coached the HNFT during the World Cup 85 debacle, has agreed to take the assistant coach position. The team will rely on the 4-4-2 formation. The good news for Team Hapilopper, though, is it appears to be off to a good start.

HEAD COACH: Thom Perkins
TRAINER: Marc James
PHYSIO: Russ Oliver

Capital Stadium, Hapilopper City, Hapilopper
Built: 1970 | Seating Capacity: 66,025 | Open-Air | Artificial Turf

(Pictured: Capital Stadium in gridiron configuration)
Capital Stadium, Hapilopper's de facto national stadium, is the last of Hapilopper's classic cookie-cutter venues, used for a variety of applications, including the Hapilopper City Nationals baseball team, the Hapilopper National Baseball Team and is the home of Team Hapilopper. As is custom with cookie-cutter stadiums, the park is completely symmetrical and is surrounded by multiple decks of stands, typically filled with screaming fans when the home team is doing well. Back in the 1970s, the HC Nationals, and their vaunted "National Machine" dominated Hapiloppian baseball, and brought over four million fans through the turnstiles on six occasions. Hapiloppian fans have vowed to come to Capital Stadium in force for TF games. Typically, Hapiloppian fans, including the members of the "Traveling Thrashers" supporters group are among the wildest fans in sport, and promise to be exactly that for the World Cup. Expect to see fans dancing along to 1970s funk music, slamming drums as loudly as possible, waving their flags, and throwing streamers for every Hapiloppian goal.

Image Image
Top Row: The team's primary kit
Bottom Row: The team's goalkeeper's kit.

These uniforms, as seen here, are Team Hapilopper's designated regular season kits, designed by Hammer Sports Manufacturing out of North Hampton. Should Hapilopper, by some miracle, make the knockout stage of the World Cup, the team will unveil a gaudier, livelier uniform for its team to wear. These uniforms, the "playoff specials," are a Hapiloppian sports tradition, and a tradition held very dear since the early 1970s when the West Hampton Royals introduced the "playoff special" to the Hapiloppian sports culture.

(Please note: If players have been transferred to other clubs, please let me know so I can keep this current.)
#1 - COOTER HARRIS - Goalkeeper/Sweeper-Keeper - Northshore FC (Xanneria)
Cooter Harris, the first hero of international Hapiloppian sports, has been brought back as the starting goalkeeper for Team Hapilopper. Harris, unfortunately, is still known internationally for his meltdown after the infamous "Manehattan Massacre" when the dominant team from the Equestrian States came out and ran up the score on the Haps. Harris left the team soon after, and was shopped off - at a painfully low price - to Northshore FC in Xanneria, where he had a career renaissance of sorts. In fact, there appeared to be large pressure to get him to start a match or two at keeper during the World Cup 85 qualifiers, something that reportedly didn't happen because of meddling from HFA head Max Greenwell.

#2 - CLIVE BLACKBURN - Defenseman/Left Wingback - Hapilopper City Soldiers
Clive Blackburn, a longtime bench player for the Hapilopper National Football Team, has been rewarded for his patience with a starting defense position for this World Cup campaign. He's also one of the oldest on the team, at 31 years old. His defense work might now stand out quite so much as, say, Nate Ellis, but he'll fight for position about as effectively as anyone in Hapiloppian football. Away from the pitch, Blackburn's family is known for its farm, one of the finest chicken farms in all of Hapilopper. Blackburn Farms Chicken is one of the more popular chicken brands you can find in Hapiloppian supermarkets.

#3 - COLIN McLAIN - Defenseman/Right Wingback - Hapilopper City Highway Patrol
At one point, Colin McLain was considered one of the hardest-hitting players in Hapiloppian football, and was known for his rivalry with Ernie Stevenson. But he's faded to the background as other, more controversial players, have taken the attention. Nevertheless, McLain is still a very physical defender, and has helped Highway Patrol stop offensive efforts with his tackling with impunity.

#4 - PAUL DIBBLE - Defenseman/Defensive Sweeper - Juavi FC (Valanora)
Regaining his starting position with Team Hapilopper as a result of Fernie Fairburn's involvement in the match-fixing scheme, Paul Dibble and his all-out style of play will be a key piece of Team Hapilopper's defense. Paul Dibble is a fantastic defensive player. He'll make sure you know that. Unfortunately, his all-out style of play, which has put him in card trouble in the past, and injury trouble as well - has started to take its toll, and his reliability is a question mark. Away from the pitch, Dibble plays bass guitar for "The Yellow Cards," a band that is not high on Dom Probst's list after their song "Fuck Jed Onkel," a power ballad decrying an unpopular Hapiloppian referee, became a hit. The song became so popular that fans at stadiums across Hapilopper chanted the chorus to the song any time Onkel refereed a match.

#5 - NATE ELLIS - Defenseman/Centerback Stopper - Southfell United (Nephara)
The most accurate term to describe Nathan Ellis, at this point in time, is "madder than hell." Ellis, the resident homicidal maniac of Team Hapilopper, returns to his starting position in centerback for the team. One of the most vocal opponents of the match-fixing scheme, Ellis faced down Rod Hughes, the ringleader of the scheme, in a locker room during the last AOCAF, which eventually led to the public learning of the scheme, and the death of the HNFT. Ellis, considered "the most likely to start a riot in another nation" for his violent antics, is believed to have also been behind a violent incident during the 86th World Cup involving his good buddy, Alexis Fotellis of Vdara. But nobody's talking...

#6 - PANCAKES TAGGART - Midfielder - Capital City United
Pancakes got a starting spot back! Pancakes Taggart, one of the Hapilopper National Football Team's original players, has returned to the midfield for Team Hapilopper. Pancakes, one of the more popular players among Hapiloppian fans, got overlooked in the face of players such as Auggie Burton, Fernie Fairburn and others. Nevertheless, Pancakes remained a reliable hand on the Hapilopper teams, and has been rewarded for his persistence. Taggart got his nickname after eating 25 pancakes in one hour at an International House of Flapjacks on the outskirts of Hapilopper City, and is rumored to be purchasing the chain.

#7 - AUGGIE BURTON - Midfielder - Capital FC (Xanneria)
August "Auggie" Burton, not long ago, was one of the members of the Junior Haps that joined the HNFT following some incredible performances in that Di Bradini Cup that the Haps nearly won. Auggie got a starting position off that performance, a position he got to keep based off his performance in the qualifying phase of World Cup 84. Still considered one of the top rising young stars in Hapiloppian sport, a player expected to be among Hapilopper's elite for years to come, even as he plays in Xanneria.

#8 - MURRAY HUNNISETT - Midfielder - Istria City FC (Banija)
Murray Hunnisett, the younger brother of baseball star Leroy, became known a year ago for being one of the "Hapilopper Ten" that got picked up by an international team. Both the Hunnisett brothers now call Banija, a fellow Glorious Southwest nation, home these days. He still remains one of the key pieces of Team Hapilopper and a crucial piece of the national team's midfield. With formation changes, Murray is expected to fire shots to Claire Randall on the left side in most situations. Away from the pitch, when he's back in Hapilopper City, Hunnisett is known as a ride-share driver on the “Mega” rideshare service around Hapilopper City, benefitting the “Drink, Drive and Die” campaign to stop drunk drivers in Hapilopper.

#9 - BEAUTIFUL BOBBY EAST - Midfielder - FC Kaiserhaven (Siovanija and Teusland)
Beautiful Bobby East, the quiet attacking midfielder, became a folk hero among FC Kaiserhaven fans. In years past, Beautiful Bobby was the last step of the equation before firing it off to Ernie Stevenson for the inevitable goal. He'll still do so but on the right side of the pitch in most situations. Bobby is known as one of the nicest people in Hapiloppian sport, and teammates have told tales of him paying for everybody's dinner, even when not asked to. Believed to be headed to another club team before long.

#10 - CLAIRE RANDALL - Forward - Clayton City Ladies FC (Baker Park)
The first woman to play on a Hapiloppian national team, Claire Randall made her name for herself during that magical run in the Di Bradini Cup not too long ago, and practically forced the Hapilopper National Football Team to consider her as a part of their squad. In fact, her play was so good that the team decided to go with two attackers rather than the one they had been used to using. She'll split the bulk of the goals with Ernie Stevenson. Formerly in a relationship with NSSCRA driver Chris Holmes, the two split up when Claire tired of Chris's juvenile behavior.

#11 - ERNIE STEVENSON - Forward - Leichhardt (Nephara)
Perhaps the most famous Hapiloppian player in international football, Ernie Stevenson helped put the Haps on the map during the World Cup 83 cycle with goal after goal. While one of the flashiest strikers in international football, perhaps Ernie could cut down on his theatrics. In a lopsided match for Leichhardt against Sabrefell Athletic, Ernie scored a hat-trick. Only one problem: Sabrefell Athletic had already scored seven goals at that point, and when Ernie celebrated his hat trick, he was hilariously chased down by Leichhardt manager Lara Winter, who whipped him repeatedly with her jacket, a scene that became a viral video in Hapilopper. Ernie is the younger brother of NSSCRA driver Drake Stevenson, himself one of the most popular sporting figures in the Dominion.

#12 - JOHN CORNETT - Forward - Gladerial United (Valanora)
John Cornett, Gladerial United's ill-tempered striker, was at one point a member of Garvinson's "Midnight Express" trio. Bobby East and Stan Long would fire shots to Cornett, who would put them in the back of the net with impunity. Cornett, however, is also known for fits of extreme anger. Several years ago, Cornett was suspended for half the season for threatening to use a broken beer bottle on a referee. Rumors also exist of a video of Cornett threatening a drive-through worker of a Fat Chuck’s Tasty Fried Chicken restaurant. Rumors exist of some kind of emnity between Cornett and Swindlehurst, an emnity that did not go away with the enforced break that Hapiloppian footballers went on.

#14 - JULES SCHMIDT - Forward - West Hampton Sports Club
Jules "Bug-Eyed Dummy" Schmidt is one of several first-timers on Team Hapilopper. Schmidt, known for his wide eyes, was given the name "Bug-Eyed Dummy" by North Hampton goalkeeper Eric Marlin, who was frustrated over giving up a late goal in a North Hampton/WHSC match. The name stuck among fans, even in spite of the fact that Jules is not all that big of a fan of the name. Nevertheless, Jules is greeted with huge "BUG EYED DUMMY" banners in the supporters section of WHSC home matches. Eventually he's going to just live with the name, you know?

#15 - SWEET STAN LONG - Midfielder - United Marietta (Xanneria)
In a past life, Stan Long was one-third of Garvinson's "Midnight Express" trio, along with Bobby East and John Cornett, that helped propel Garvinson to the top of the HFA table, before getting sold off in a fire sale post-season. These days, he plays for Xannerian side United Marietta. Reportedly has a black belt in karate.

#16 - STEVE SWINDLEHURST - Midfielder - Raceway Football Club
Steve Swindlehurst, who can be placed anywhere ahead of the midpoint of the field, is a strong midfielder for Raceway Football Club in Buckridge. Swindlehurst is known for one of the luckiest goals in HFA history, scoring from 55 yards out when no one was paying attention in a match a few years ago. Reportedly has some kind of enmity with John Cornett over an unspecified incident that for one reason or another, nobody's going into details about.

#17 - STEVE ERICKSON - Midfielder - 1830 Cathair (Audioslavia)
With the change in formations, Steve Erickson, the playmaking midfielder and striker for Audioslavian side 1830 Cathair, got the shaft from the HNFT and was relegated to a bench role. Erickson wasn't too happy about it, but some suggested that Erickson's tendency to "simulate" injuries - or, in other words, flop like a jackass, something that HFA officials have vowed to stamp out - cost him his starting position. In spite of his flopping nature, Erickson has made it quite clear that he was opposed to any match-fixing scheme, stating his "simulation" was done in an effort to give his team a needed boost.

#18 - TODD BRANTLEY - Midfielder - West Hampton Sports Club
29-year old Todd Brantley, a key piece of the West Hampton Sports Club's midfield, was a late addition to the squad following an injury to Brandon Herbert during a training session. Brantley is also a goal-scoring threat and scored nine goals last year for WHSC. An avid car collector, Brantley's collection includes a 1942 Preston Phaeton convertible, one of five ever built, and an unusual 1985 Preston Skychief shooting brake. Supposedly, Brantley also moonlights as an occasional motorsport photographer, getting some great pictures for a local newspaper in the Hampton Cities showing the rough and tumble world of racing in the area.

#19 - LANDON HARPER - Defenseman - Hapilopper City Generals
If you've ever had a tough time sleeping, chances are you've gone on twii.tur in an attempt to knock yourself asleep. As you look through twii.tur, you see some strange guy posting some whack memes that wind up going viral the next day, and everyone calls that guy "funny as hell." You've just found the wild world of Landon Harper, defenseman for the Hapilopper City Generals. One of the most popular players among the Generals team for his memes, Landon is, regardless of whatever he posts on twii.tur and on other social media sites, one of the top rising defensemen in Hapilopper. He'll stop an offensive effort with great physical play, but not to the point where he's putting people in the hospital.

#20 - BILLY HUTSON - Defenseman - United Hampton Cities
A rookie on the United Hampton Cities team, Billy Hutson could potentially be considered "the most physical player this side of Nate Ellis," which is incredibly concerning, if you consider who he's being compared to. In his first season, Hutson made his mark in a very vicious way by suplexing Clive Blackburn of Capital City United, as he was on his way to scoring a goal. Hutson was sent off, but the point was made. When Billy walked under the tunnel, he fired off two middle fingers to the fans of Capital City United, who responded by hurling debris at their new villain. At 18 years old, Hutson could wind up being one of the great villains of Hapiloppian sport for years to come. Watch this space.

#21 - CARL WAKEFIELD - Defenseman - Washington FC
One of several new players on Team Hapilopper, Carl Wakefield was an interesting choice. It's not as if he's homicidally violent like Nate Ellis or Billy Hutson, and it's not like he's all that popular like other players. Carl is just there. But he gets the job done, working to stop offensive efforts against Washington FC. Likely may not see much playing time as other players are put on that bench role to sub off defense players.

#22 - RANDY LYNWOOD - Defenseman - Raceway FC
You smell that? That smell of burgers on the grill? That's probably Randy Lynwood, defenseman for Raceway FC, one of several first-time players on Team Hapilopper. Lynwood is one of the best rising defensemen in international football, and at 20 years old, many suggest the future is boundless for him. But away from the pitch, Lynwood is one of the best barbecue experts in sports. Burgers? Sure. Pulled pork? Absolutely. Chicken? Hell yeah. Some suggest he'll be opening his own restaurant when his playing career comes to an end, as he loves food just as much as he loves playing the game of football. And you can tell, too - Lynwood is one of the beefier players in Hapilopper.

#30 - COLT DELANEY - Goalkeeper - West Hampton Sports Club
Colt Delaney has been, surprisingly, on a Hapilopper national team since the start, but has seen very little playtime in those years since Hapilopper started playing international football. A lot of this is due to injuries. Last season, playing for WHSC, Colt was accidentally kicked in the head by Highway Patrol forward Rufus Weeks, and the ensuing concussion ended his season. Nevertheless, he is still a very efficient goalkeeper, registering one goal per 105 minutes of play.

#60 - ERIC MARLIN - Goalkeeper - North Hampton FC
The new third keeper for Team Hapilopper, Marlin been listed as #4 on the HNFT's depth charts behind Rod Hughes, Cooter Harris and Colt Delaney. With Rod being declared persona non grata as a result of the HFA's match fixing scandal, Eric was brought in to replace. A five-year veteran at keeper for the North Hampton Football Club, Marlin is known for his very entertaining post-match interviews, which some Hapiloppian sports pundits have suggested "need subtitles" and are known for his very colorful descriptions of what happened on the pitch - such as the time he infamously called forward Jules Schmidt "a bug-eyed dummy". The name stuck, too.

Style Mod: +3

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: TG me first, or ping me on the NS Sports Discord, and we'll talk about it
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but TG me if you want to do something serious
Godmod injuries to my players: TG me first, or ping me on the NS Sports Discord, and we'll talk about it
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: TG me first, or ping me on the NS Sports Discord, and we'll talk about it
Godmod other events: Yes, but TG me first
RP Coronavirus-related events: No. A RL pandemic does not exist in Hapilopper and Hapiloppians do not have it.
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Postby Xanneria » Fri Dec 25, 2020 8:55 pm

FAX - Xannerian Maroons

Nation: Xanneria
Short Name:: XAN
Head Coach: Myrone Rhule (Galaxy SC)
Style Mod:: +5
Format (F-M-D): 3-2-2-3 or 3-4-3+GK


Attack Forwards

#13 Andrew Gasey (Pearlham SC)
#23 Carlton Brower (Austin City)
#24 Kyle Falcon (Wirr Tsi)Chromatika
#44 Bray Feltzer (Lohr)Chromatika

#88 Luc Laliberté-Gauthier* (SC Nortonshaw)
#99 Jim Hallet GCCFC Northwest Kalactin
#5 Kevin Bryse (Newport United)South Newlandia OM
#21 Nick Faulkner (TBD) OM
#37 Kaylee Hayes (TBD) DM
#43 Franchesca Bonchek (Llewellyn Turnpike Ladies FC)Commonwealth of Baker Park DM
#50 Alex Bronson (Coquitlam United)Kelssek OM
#52 Lane Stegall (Castleford FC)Commonwealth of Baker Park DM

#67 Shane McCormik FC United of Mancodas Potato Farmers DM
#90 Josh Sutton (Pearlham SC) OM

#6 Nikolai Brown (Perce Town)Royal Kingdom of Quebec
#8 Trevor Hubble (Rome Beach)
#16 Bernardo Fransisco-De La Tomosa (St Warren City FC) Commonwealth of Baker Park
#35 Ian Turner (FC St Jakob)Siovanija and Teusland
#45 Liv Brownstreet (Dursten Easterners)
#99 Ghislain Poulin-Coutu* (Rome Beach)

#0 Markus Portsman (TBD)
#10 Leonetta Walters (Brentford FC Ladies)Commonwealth of Baker Park
#00 Mookie Danube (Dynamo Sjoedrhavn) Savojarna

*Player is a naturalized Donnaconna citizen (Permission by the user behind the nation was previously granted)



Clash Uniform

XANAir National Stadium II:
XANAir II is a new state of the art Stadium in downtown Dominica City. Built after the original Stadium was demolished due to cracks forming int he foundation, this stadium is home to both Capital FC and GTHe National Team. It will be a sight to behold as it will also be hosting playoff games.


Xannerian Football is played differently than most countries. For one it is hyper offensive with most teams using either 4 or 5 forwards who run directly at the goal with balls being passed only when necessary. Defense is even more alarmingly different as Xanneria RARELY calls penelties on diving (unless injuries occur) and its actually common for players to attempt to bump other players out of the way, granted this is also heavily moderated (Shoving a player with your hands is a penalty and shoving a player perpendicular to you is also a penalty). International players are trying to surpress excessive brutality, but sometimes in the heat of the game they forget. So feel free to have some of my players get Yellow carded for aggressive play.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: Y (Within reason)
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: n
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y
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FIRST WIN: 5-3 vs Qingland
LARGEST MOV: 5-0 vs Pineapple Porcupines/ 7-2 vs Starcom Racing/5-0 vs HAIKU
CHAMPIONSHIPS:Baptism of Fire 69 (Nice!) winner / Group Winner CE24
Non Association Football Stats
NSCF TEAMS: Xannerian Polytechnic
NSSCRA: Cars #10,12,16

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Postby Indusse » Fri Dec 25, 2020 9:54 pm

World Cup 87

Manager/Coach: Joseph Mouteudi
Sponsors: Fiarti Automobiles
Trigamme: INS
Players in camp: 18


GK 1 Steve leghourn *
GK 34 Akbar ali
DF 6 Sampath Singh Aksinwala *
DF 13 Mathias Paulson *
DF 4 Aaron Mcmuller *
DF 86 George Horsehood
DF 69 Sadin-al-kharushi
MD 16 Xing-hong-taw
MD 9 Alexis Budtedjson *
MD 14 Djetson Hasle*
MD 13 Raman Sreevastva
FD 10 Baskar H Kumar (c) *
FD 7 Bechun butea *
FD 11 Antonio Mersias *
FD Kishen Rajpoot
MD 99 Rana Mrityunjai Singh
FD/MD 100 Goblin Grundjee *
MD 8 Abdul Khaseem
DF 41 Gregor Tempetson

* An Asterisk indicates the playing 11.

Image Image Image

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No

Top 5 Things that can happen this edition:
1. Indusse qualifies for the World Cup.
2. Baskar H Kumar retires from international soccer.
3. Bechun Butea or Mersiás made the new captain of the national team.
4. Steve Longhorn or Alexis Budtedjson to retire.
5. Indusse to reach the World Cup Quarterfinals.
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Postby Treekidistan » Fri Dec 25, 2020 10:01 pm

Image Treekidistan Football Federation
BoF 74 Roster

FA Name: Treekidistan Football Federation (TFF)
Sponsors: EcoHerb™: “Make your nation green!”

Goal Keepers (GK)

#1 Melix Henmann
#2 Auphis Trevor
#97 Jaganath Sharma
Defenders (DF)

#4 Henry Stillstone
#5 Koral Neumann
#11 Mahesh Kishanraj
#17 Ahmad Aziz
#19 Joseph Ali Ahmed
#66 Benny Helmut
#88 Mathias Schneider

Mid Fielders (MF)

#9 Shahid Nawaz
#33 Sryne Goorder
#15 Kishore Das
#12 Benjamin Elvis
#100 Kirtidas Vitridas
#26 Ashok Pyarelal
Strikers/Forward (FW)

#7 Kristy Johnson
#50 Henry Dallas
#24 Krishna das Patel
#10 David Henry Gonzales

The Blue Color in the squad shows the playing eleven in the BoF this edition
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Postby Cascadia Empire » Fri Dec 25, 2020 10:35 pm

Cascadia Empire National Team Roster
Coaching Staff
Head Coach: Cohen Daniel: 39, Tacoma Stars FC Image
Assistants: Kian Gesner: 53, Lewiston United Image
Peter Wilson: 43, Spokane United Image
Head Trainer: Leonardo Molson: 65, University of Washington Bothell Image

Starters in Italics
Flag Key:
British Columbia = Image
Washington = Image
Oregon = Image
Idaho = Image

Paul Wellington: 23, Fort Surrey AFC Image
Mark Nevin: 26, Portland Pioneers FC Image
Blake Parker: 34, Spokane United Image

Left Backs
Julian Wood: 25, Kelowna Millionaires Image
Drew Preston: 28, Corvallis United Image

Centre Backs
Logan Fessenden: 29, Nanaimo FC Image
Cody Roberts: 32, Portland Riot Image
Jonah Granholm: 20, Meridian FC Image

Right Backs
Finley Macdonald: 23, AFC Boise Image
Daxton Oliver: 18, Skagit Valley Rapids Image

Left Midfielders
Ben Lewis: 26, AFC Pocatello Image
Callum Hamilton: 35, Salem Capitals Image

Centre Midfielder
Fabian Gonzalez: 29, Rainier Rangers Image
Callan Battle: 21, Astoria AFC Image

Julio Larson: 32, Port Angeles FC Image
Corbin Sparks: 24, Okanogan Ice Image

Right Midfielder
Marcell Roy: 33, Victoria Highlanders FC Image
Michael Staley: 31, Gresham Cascadians Image

Cody Chambers: 24, Spokane United Image
Benjamin Rees 29, AFC Seattle Image
Logan Saunders: 32, Portland Pioneers FC Image

Zachary Atkinson: 29, AFC Boise Image
Dax Espinoza 21, Tacoma Stars FC Image

Most Likely to...
Score a goal: Cody Chambers
Get a Caution: Fabian Gonzalez
Get a Red Card: Julian Wood
Make a Centre Pass: Logan Saunders
Get an Assist: Finley Macdonald
Win an MVP Award: Cody Chambers

OOC Info
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
Style Mod: +4

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Postby The Sarian » Sat Dec 26, 2020 5:32 am


Tiemnational van Fuutbol De Bondsaari
The Sarian National Football Team

289-90 World Cup Qualifying Squad

i. The Squad[/align]
The LegaSaari, who organises the national team, have centrally-contracted fifty players who can be drawn upon during the qualifiers. Each twenty-three person squad shall be announced periodically, and are listed below.

Each player is listed in likelihood of being selected within their position. Stats are correct as of start of qualifying.


Name              Age  Pronouns   Caps C.S Best Other Club     
Oodel Duoztiun 28 he/him 67 20 GK - De Commons
Lex Horn 32 they/them 4 2 GK - Tocigtuon Taun
Cseralen Zwarte 28 he/him 0 0 GK - Tucanviul Tijgers
Max Bul 24 he/him 0 0 GK - Wilaamstad Wrijgers
Doenald Yda 26 he/him 0 0 GK - CvdS Wiclyf



Name                     Age  Pronouns  Caps Gls Best Other Club     
Henri Brejzun 24 he/him 34 3 DC - CF Bondstad
Matilde Schaap 21 she/her 2 0 DC DR Zilverstraat SC
Kameron Bondstad 25 he/him 5 0 DC - Bondstad Treason
Criuzi Siwaad 28 she/her 18 1 DC - Tucanviul Tijgers
Zej Zamuuol 28 he/him 33 1 DC - De Commons
Wilaam Braanviul 25 he/him 1 0 DC - De Commons
Mikal Handschoenen 33 he/him 0 0 DC - Zilverstraat SC
Timo Jong 23 he/him 0 0 DC - BSC Kroningdam
Ela Bulle 24 she/her 0 0 DC - CvdS Wiclyf


Name                 Age  Pronouns  Caps Gls Best Other Club     
Ceutiz Maazden 27 he/him 34 1 DR DC Bondstad Treason
Mati Kolen 24 they/them 8 0 DR DC Tocigtuon Taun
Max Bruin 20 he/him 0 0 DR DL Wilaamstad Wrijgers
Dora Jacobs 24 she/her 0 0 DR WBR De Commons

Trent Kindvanbruux 24 he/him 22 3 DL WBL De Commons
Padrig Singh 25 he/him 3 0 DL - Wilaamstad Wrijgers
Hari Kas 28 he/him 2 0 DL - Tocigtuon Taun
Oli DeSaari 24 he/him 0 0 DL - De Commons
Edwina Strijd 30 she/her 8 0 DL - Finbar Stalwarts [BRE]


Central & Speciality Midfielders

Name                Age  Pronouns  Caps Gls Best Other  Club     
Winona Tolbert 28 they/them 8 0 DM MC De Commons
Bloem Auteberi 26 she/her 9 0 DM MC BSC Kroningdam

Hugo Sint Lo 32 he/him 42 5 MC - Zilverstraat SC
Maarta Denell 25 she/her 4 0 MC - Zilverstraat SC
Jodi Lauri 31 he/him 64 4 MC DM De Commons
Wilaam Kindvanjohan 23 he/him 5 0 MC DM Bondstad Treason
Aliuz Kapitein 28 she/her 1 0 MC - Tocigtuon Taun
Luc Bisop 34 he/him 51 5 MC - CF Bondstad
Mejli Humel 28 she/her 0 0 MC AMC Tucanviul Tijgers
Pietr Beurkhaad 25 he/him 0 0 MC DM Oostelund Cavalaars

Mohammad Islam 25 he/him 35 10 AMC MC Bondstad Treason
Fleur Rietdekker 26 she/her 12 2 AMC - De Commons
Piteur Jong 28 he/him 15 1 AMC MC CF Bondstad
Timo Apeloe 26 he/him 0 0 AMC MC,DM CvdS Wiclyf

Wingers & Wide Midfielders

Name                  Age  Pronouns  Caps Gls Best Other     Club     
Maeri Beniut 23 she/her 61 8 MR AMR CF Bondstad
Cnut Zumer 26 he/him 20 7 AMR MR,FC De Commons
Judi Buren 25 she/her 1 0 AMR MR Bondstad Treason
Maarli Asweurth 28 she/her 0 0 AMR MR,AML Wilaamstad Wrijgers

Franc Tucanviul 28 he/him 0 0 ML AML CF Bondstad
Luuc Broen 25 he/him 0 0 ML AML BSC Kroningdam
Tansi Kindvanjodi 28 she/her 14 0 ML AMC,FC CF Bondstad
Luci Berenhaad 28 she/her 6 0 ML AML Wilaamstad Wrijgers


Name            Age  Pronouns  Caps Gls Best Other  Club     
Wil De Lang 21 he/him 0 0 FC - Wilaamstad Wrijgers
Lach Houten 32 he/him 38 18 FC AMR/L CF Bondstad
Lizbet Huel 27 she/her 3 0 FC - Zilverstraat SC
Urzula Klaasen 27 she/her 0 0 FC - Tucanviul Tijgers
Diana Rodnie 26 she/her 0 0 FC - BSC Kroningdam

ii. Kits & Miscellaneous


Manager: Miccal Druiven (71, he/him)
Assistant Manager: Ghaun Rejn (68, she/her)
Captain: Oodel Duoztiun

Home Stadia: De Stadionnational, Bondstad (capacity: 50,046); Volkenstadion De Commons, De Commons (capacity: 36,500).
Teams ranked 150 or below, or unranked, will play at Volkenstadion De Commons. All others will play at De Stadionnational.

Best Formation: 4-4-1-1
Other Formations Used: 4-5-1/4-2-3-1/5-4-1/3-5-1-1/3-3-3-1
Style Mod: -2.5

The name
The Sarian is the common English title, with Sarian, The Sari Union, Saria, The Saarian or The Saari Union common variants.
De BondSaari (literally, the Union Saari) is the common native title, with increasing use in English.
De Bondtlanden van de Saari (literally, the United Lands - often translated as nations - of the Saari) is the full official title.
Saari or Sari is the demonym, though Sarian is occasionally used by some foreigners.
The names all refer to the Saari people - an ethnic group united by The Saari Union.

Role-play Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, though I reserve the right to determine length. Please do not RP something that will stop the player playing in their next game.
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes, though I reserve the right to determine length. Please do not RP something that will stop the player playing their next game.
Suspend my players: Yes.
Godmod suspension events: Yes.
Godmod other events: Yes, though nothing which affects my team or nation beyond the scope of the game being played.

A note on the COVID-19 outbreak: I find any attempts to RP the pandemic, or something closely resembling the pandemic, to be in extremely poor taste. Thus, I shall not interact with them in any way.

You do not have permission to RP any infectious disease in my nation or any player with an infectious disease into my nation. If your nation is making domestic adjustments because of the Coronavirus which affect our games, I will not be attributing the changes to the Coronavirus in any of my RPs.
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Postby HUElavia » Sat Dec 26, 2020 6:07 am

HUElavia National Football Team


Style: +1.5

#1: Jose Antionio Lobato (31 Years Old) (1.85 m)
#12: Ana Ramos (29 Years Old) (1.78 m)
#23: Gabriel Vannier (24 Years Old) (1.86 m)
XX: Ricardo Patricio-Leite (29 Years Old) (1.82 m)
XX: Marta Marin (20 Years Old) (1.78 m)
XX: Sofia Baptista (20 Years Old) (1.77 m)
XX: Antonio Rossi (27 Years Old) (1.90 m)

#2: Kira Nazarenko (31 Years Old) (1.80 m) (CB)
#3: Jean Fernandez-Roux (28 Years Old) (1.85 m) (CB)
#4: Elenor Mariño (29 Years Old) (1.63 m) (LB-RB)
#5 Raul Amaru-Dominguez (31 Years Old) (1.78 m) (RB-LB)
#12: Chiyun Pae (23 Years Old) (1.65 m) (LB-RB)
#15: Manuel Mendieta (26 Years Old) (1.80 m) (CB)
#18 Helena Castro Bitencourt (26 Years Old) (1.75 m) (CB)
#22: Miguel Angel Duran (32 Years Old) (1.83 m) (RB-LB)
XX: Samuel Di Donato (20 Years Old) (1.80 m) (CB)
XX: Carolina Almeida (28 Years Old) (1.70 m) (CB)
XX: Joao Coelho (29 Years Old) (1.81 m) (RB-LB)
XX: Laura Ezwa (20 Years Old) (1.70 m) (RB-LB)
XX: Gabriella Grünberg (21 Years Old) (1.73 m) (CB)
XX: Giuseppe D'Aquila (30 Years Old) (1.84 m) (CB)
XX: Angélica Yoshimura-Branco (23 Years Old) (1.78 m) (LB-RB)
XX: Taariq al-Ismail (24 Years Old) (1.79 m) (RB-LB)

#6: Maria Sakaguchi (29 Years Old) (1.64 m) (CM-AM)
#8: Natalia Duran (29 Years Old) (1.63 m) (DM-CM)
#10: Aurora Conti-Esposito (29 Years Old) (1.76 m) (DM-CM)
#14: Rafael Almeida (31 Years Old) (1.82 m) (CM-AM)
#16 Mathieu Guilbert (23 Years Old) (1.78 m) (DM-CM-AM)
#19 Emilia Gagne-Leblanc (28 Years Old) (1.60 m) (DM-CM-AM)
XX: Napoleone Torrisi (21 Years Old) (1.79 m) (CM-AM)
XX: Maxina Ocampo (19 Years Old) (1.62 m) (DM-CM)
XX: Liana Mantovani-Jardim (22 Years Old) (1.70 m) (DM-CM)
XX: Diogo Nazario (18 Years Old) (1.75 m) (DM-CM)
XX: Xinto Colombres (28 Years Old) (1.82 m) (CM-AM)
XX: Shi Jiang (24 Years Old) (1.65 m) (DM-CM)

#7: Marc Navarro (28 Years Old) (1.80 m) (LW-RW)
#9: Ayuka Hamada-Navarro (27 Years Old) (1.57 m) (ST-CF)
#11: Samuel Sissoko (29 Years Old) (1.80 m) (RW-LW)
#17: Rosario Villca (27 Years Old) (1.60 m) (LW-RW)
#20 Melissa Reveles (32 Years Old) (1.65 m) (CF-ST)
#21: Woo-Jin Sol (20 Years Old) (1.80 m) (RW-LW)
XX: Rafael Savedra (23 Years Old) (1.70 m) (LW-RW)
XX: Gabriela Tiong Belleza (24 Years Old) (1.54 m) (RW-LW)
XX: Bruno Moutinho-Figo (26 Years Old) (1.88 m) (ST-CF)
XX: Manuela Braz-Bitencourt (19 Years Old) (1.74 m) (LW-RW)
XX: Arina Maximovna (23 Years Old) (1.75 m) (ST-CF)
XX: Vinicius Gimenes Velho (21 Years Old) (1.75 m) (RW-LW)

Head Coach:
David Illaramendi (53 Years Old)

Assistant Coaches:
Virginia Moliner (49 Years Old), Leonardo Calo (52 Years Old)

(For B-Team squad, switch all players with their back up counterpart. C-Team would be 3rd set of players per position, D-Team would be the last set of players)

Aged Players 1 year based on start of 2nd half of Qualifiers

Aged Players 1 year based on end of Qualifiers

Starting XI:
1 Lobato
5 Amaru, 2 Nazarenko, 15 Mendieta, 4 Mariño
10 Conti-Esposito, 8 Duran
11 Sissoko, 6 Sakaguchi, 7 Navarro
9 Hamada-Navarro

Captain: Lobato
Vice-Captain: Navarro
Free-Kicks: Conti-Esposito, Sissoko, Navarro
Penalties: Navarro, Hamada-Navarro
Corners: Conti-Esposito, Duran

Venues for Qualifiers
(Please view my Stadiums Factbook to take a look at where you will be playing)

RP Permissions
Choose my goal scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but nothing severe
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes, but nothing severe
Suspend my players: Yes, but be reasonable
Godmod suspension events: Yes, but be reasonable
Godmod other events: Yes
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Postby Squidroidia » Sat Dec 26, 2020 7:30 am

Could the team do it in a cold, snowy night in Havynwilde? No. A second trip to the IAC Semi-Finals was closed off to the Inklings via the Megistians, a fate worse than shoveling snow out of a garage in the middle of the night. It was an ultimatum to the national team - They couldn't be doing that anymore. The Semi-Final in IAC 10? That raised the bar high for them, and in that tournament, against relatively easy opposition, they struck low.

Now all eyes are on the World Cup for the Squidroidian team, and especially their manager. They had a good showing last time - 5th place in their group wasn't ideal, but results, wins even, against Flavovespia and Quebec proved that they had potential as a group. A group of 11 Squidroidians on a pitch together and proving that they belonged. The federation wanted them to punch above their weight again - They wanted the Inklings to qualify for the final stage sooner rather than later.

It's a changing of the guard for the attack too. Long time national team captain Itoh Hoshi was about to drop back to the bench as age gets the better of him at a midtable Shorterville side, allowing another Squidroidian to come along for the ride for real. Champions League finalist and Kirola Cup winner, playing for one of the multiverse's biggest clubs, Sho Itō may not be "Captain Squidroidia", but at a tender young age he has more to prove than most players in the World Cup.

The question now lies within the team, its manager and the fans - Could they go far? Maybe squeak in qualification now? Only time will tell, and only then will the truth be told. For Ryuzaki, this was more important however. After that disastrously atrocious game against Megistos, can he be saved from being sacked by the FA? He was going to find out the hard way.

Squidroidia Inklings

National football team for the 86th World Cup


Squidroidia's kits for this tournament made by Mako Designs

(OOC: Couldn't get new shirts in due to my computer being a mess, will be using the IAC 11 kits for the forseeable future)

Manager: Ryūzaki Mito
From: Inkopolis, Squidroidia
Record: 39 wins, 10 draws, 23 losses, Quarter-Finals of IAC 11

NOTE: All starters are highlighted in bold

Takemoto Shingen, #1, human, 32 y/o, Real Squidroid CF (SQR) goalkeeper and captain
Hiryama Shunji, #11, human, 29 y/o, Zenit Attawapiskat (QUE) goalkeeper
Shota Abe, #21, human, 29 y/o, Tractor Club Sawayama (SQR) goalkeeper,

Yoichi Shigeko, #2, human, 30 y/o, Real Squidroid CF (SQR) leftback
Umezaki Moronobu, #3, human, 26 y/o, FC Squidroidia Squidbreak (SQR) centerback
Muto Toki, #4, human, 23 y/o, Octo Valley FC (SQR) centerback
Toujou Shihei, #5, human, 31 y/o, Draspa Moipas (TIO) rightback
Baldric Bertolini, #15, Inkling boy, 19 y/o, Tractor Club Sawyama U19 (SQR) centerback
Ryou Minami, #99, human, 26 y/o, Pmig Enako (TIO) centerback
Tomatsu Kane, #14, human, 29 y/o, Inkopolis FC (SQR) rightback
Florianne Meeuwessen, #60, Inkling girl, 20 y/o, Inkopolis FC (SQR) leftback

Jo Jun, #8, human, 31 y/o, Inkopolis FC (SQR) defensive midfielder
Yoneda Toshikuni, #20, 28 y/o, Dhun Lagarr FC (TKT) midfielder
Henriette Brooks, #7, Inkling girl, 21 y/o, Calamari Wanderers CFC (SQR) midfielder
Shoji Shiko, #10, human, 32 y/o, Tractor Club Sawayama (SQR) midfielder
Kabuto Tadataka, #73, human, 25 y/o. Kinetic Islanders (SNL) defensive midfielder
Charlie Colbert, #22, Inkling boy, 19 y/o, FC Squidroidia Squidbreak (SQR) midfielder

Makino Hideo, #11, human, 23 y/o, Villa (MUR) striker/attacking midfielder, can be converted to right winger if needed
Ohashi Kiichi, #16, human, 27 y/o, Sporting Iturributa (AST) left winger
Sho Itō, #9, human, 20 y/o, Shamrock Cathair (AUD) right winger/right midfielder
Itoh Hoshi, #24, human, 32 y/o, Shorterville AC (XAN) striker
Ira Alting, #26, Inkling boy, 19 y/o, Real Squidroid CF (SQR) left winger
Arima Noburo, #33, human, 31 y/o, Calamari Wanderers CFC (SQR) right winger

(These players may be added on to the squad if needed)

Kaede Akiyama, human, 20 y/o, Starlight Boulevard FC (SQR) goalkeeper
Kugo Norihide, human, 25 y/o, Inkopolis FC (SQR) goalkeeper

Shimabukuro Kiyoemon, human, 27 y/o, Tyranny Sports Club (SQR) leftback
Nagaoka Kinzo, human, 24 y/o, Tyranny Sports Club (SQR) centerback
Kiyabu Shunko, human, 26 y/o, FC Squidroidia Squidbreak (SQR) centerback
Haru Kitagawa, human, 30 y/o, Calamari Wanderers CFC (SQR) right wingback

Uda Haruko, human, 23 y/o, Starlight Boulevard FC (SQR) defensive midfielder
Takara Ashihei, human, 26 y/o, Inkopolis FC (SQR) midfielder
Yokono Takafumi, human, 29 y/o, Tyranny Sports Club (SQR) midfielder

Amagawa Katsuyoshi, human, 26 y/o, Real Squidroid CF (SQR) striker
Wakiya Seiryo, human, 33 y/o, Starlight Boulevard FC (SQR) left winger
Akira Honda, human, 25 y/o, Real Squidroid CF (SQR) right winger

Squidroidia (SQR) home stadium
Inkopolis City Stadium, Inkopolis, 50,000 capacity


Inkopolis City Stadium, owned by the Squidroidian FA, is the largest stadium in Squidroidia. The venue's main tenants are the Squidroidian national football team and the club side Inkopolis FC, who enjoy high amounts of fandom in the Squidroidian Super League, the nation's top flight. The venue is host to the Squidroidian Cup semi-finals and final and has also hosted Squidroidian games for World Bowl XXXIX and XL, games in the domestic lacrosse league, known as the Squidroidian Lacrosse Premier League, and hosted an FFI Liga dos Vencedores Final.

Other features of the Inkopolis City Stadium include the Squidroidian Football Hall of Fame, which highlights key moments in Squidroidian football, as well as the main offices for the Squidroidian FA.

Style Mod -  +1
RP Permissions - I will allow the person who RPs my match before I can to:
Choose my goalscorers - Yes
Godmod scoring events - Please TG me beforehand
RP injuries to my players - Yes, only minor
Godmod injuries to my players - Yes, no career ending, please TG me beforehand
Hand out yellow cards to my players - Yes
Hand out red cards to my players - Yes, once or twice per match
Godmod other events - Please TG me beforehand
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Postby Ko-oren » Sat Dec 26, 2020 7:56 am

Ko-oren - Ko-orenite National Association Football Team
Home - Away - Alternate/GK

Nickname Dragonflies
Region Atlantian Oceania
Head Coach Katanmak Juliasterinthen
Assistant Coach #1 Katherine Davenport
Assistant Coach #2 Exidio Varela
Assistant Coach #3 Cath Schoppe
Goalkeeping Coach Takiji Miyaguchi
Team Manager Aeneme Aoragolin
Strength & Conditioning #1 Japa Cailloux
Strength & Conditioning #2 Yuki Ishido
Doctor Luther Stokes
Medical Staff x3 Berentschot, Ponce, Runmeningun
Selectors Ronne Weleman, Zacharias Steenbok, Meiji Yahiro
Scouting & Analysis x5 Saumalindhen, yChaddeos, Pomeroy, Scott, Jarrambah
Captain ???
Trigramme KOR
Colours Green, blue, (yellow)
Ranking 14 (KPB) 9 (AOCAF)
World Cup
Appearances: 15x - 64-66, 69-72, 74-75, 81, 83-87
Best Result: 8x Ro16 - 66, 69-70, 74-75, 81, 83, 85
World Cup qualification
Appearances: 29x - 55-56, 58-75, 78-87
Cup of Harmony
Appearances: 10x - 50, 51, 53-55, 60, 65, 71-72, 74
Best Result: 1st, CoH 65. 3rd, CoH 74.
Atlantian Oceania - AOCAF
Appearances: 20x - 40-51, 55-62
Best Result: 1st, AOCAF 60. 2nd, AOCAF 50. 3rd, AOCAF 48, 59. 4th, AOCAF 45, 47.

Home Grounds
Stade sur la Baie (70.000), Aminey
Orange Bowl (54.000), Schemerdrecht
Suzumebachi Stadium (25.000), Katashi
Estádio Fortaleza (29.000) or Estádio Marítimo (28.000), both in Santa Teresa
Rikalathen Arena (39.000), Maethoru
+ other grounds (if you want to play somewhere else, feel free to TG me)

Formation 5-3-2 (and tactical notes)
Standard/defensive formation
Attacking formation

1. GK Larut Theshendan (31) - Maethoru SC
12. GK Gudo Neihof (25) - Straudum VV
23. GK Ronald Munks (28) - Miradela GD
24. GK Emmet Pinkerton (21) - Brighthaven Town

Theshendan maintains his status as the most dominant GK in Ko-oren. He seems to have left his inconsistency behind him in a new chapter of his career. Neihof and Pinkerton still count as our biggest talents at the position, with Neihof as a reliable, communicative, but less agile player. Munks is great at the goal line, but not always in front of that. Pinkerton is fairly allround but several steps behind the rest.

2. LF Tamrie Munarring (25) - Stein-los Turkish, PAS
13. LF Dani Ardouin (26) - Katashi-Kanatsu
25. LF Vidar Langberg (27) - Tanques AOE
3. LB Tij Breukelaar (22) - Devlet-Bira Fabrika Takimi, TMR
14. LB Atole Kaplan (18) - AC Izotz Zubia, AUD
4. CB Norbert Pott (30) - Johnho United, DAR
15. CB Gjöl Noordburg (24) - Bruncester United AFC
26. CB Ethan Benjamin (27) - Mallox, COS
5. RB Ézo Gicquel (24) - Bruncester United AFC
16. RB Obadiah Parrott (29) - Busukuma Athletic Club, BNJ
6. RF Edialor Aiamara (22) - Laketown Rangers, TAE
17. RF Dennis Lampshire (30) - Raven River, NPH
27. RF Phineas Betteridge (21) - Kawarthas District, KSK

So many big names, and not all can fit on the back line. Benjamin, Parrott, and Lampshire are relegated to the bench and Mizuno isn't even selected. In their spots, we see Munarring, who earned a transfer to Pasarga from relative obscurity in native West Strand Riding. Ardouin can't make that step up just yet and sits behind him. Breukelaar and Kaplan are just about equals, with contracts at incredible foreign clubs as well. Pott is given the nod for now, as probably the most impressive Ko-orenite in the Darmeni league (which sees more Ko-orenites active than any other league except our own) - and you'll find that many soccer-crazy people on the archipelago have a favourite Darmeni club as well. Gicquel was moved inside a bit to cover for potential defensive errors, and Aiamara will be allowed to showcase dizzying speed on the wing. Lampshire is selected as a right fullback, but will play a much more conservative game if he plays.

Depending on the challenge, the defence will look very different:
- versus an opponent that will give us the ball and plenty of space: Munarring-Breukelaar-Pott-Gicquel-Aiamara
- versus an equal opponent that likes to attack: Ardouin-Breukelaar-Pott (or Benjamin)-Parrott-Lampshire
- fielding a tactical defence: Munarring-Breukelaar-Pott-Gicquel-Lampshire
- fielding a physical defence: Ardouin-Breukelaar-Pott-Parrott-Aiamara
- fielding a fast defence: Munarring-Kaplan-Noordburg-Gicquel-Aiamara

19. DM Andy Wickham (20) - Londinium County FC, NOV
28. DM Bawfreon yChibwod (26) - Tanques AOE
8. LM Saushilu Janoreirinthen (27) - Maethoru SC
30. LM Axel Fiallo (18) - Ulsa Rovers, EUR
18. CM Motonobu Watanuki (22) - Mazinaw Vanorian, KSK
29. CM Maximilien Longchambon (26) - Revolutionaries, EUR
31. CM Geomraff yCinrhadd (19) - Inkopolis FC, SQR
7. RM Harold Batchelor (25) - Blacklake Blues, TAE
32. RM Anselmo Viera (23) - Miradela GD
10. AM Kherles Ensaunden (26) - Maethoru SC
20. AM Cy de Villepin (34) - Treftadaeth Alliance, COS

All possible talent was put on the team, in various positions that don't always make sense for the players involved. Longchambon is an attacking midfielder, not a central one. yChibwod operates in the middle, not the defensive side. And so on. Typically we'll see a LM-RM-AM configuration with Janoreirinthen and Batchelor as wide options and Ensaunden as creative mind. DM-CM-AM is possible as well, as that has been our most used midfield, with Wickham-Watanuki (or Longchambon)-Ensaunden (or De Villepin). A flat midfield with Janoreirinthen-Watanuki-Batchelor is possible as well. This is a tactical XI more than a physical or creative one, so players will be swapped out a lot depending on the opposition.

9. SS Mata Vaugrenard (27) - Maethoru SC
21. SS Dorre Siebelt (34) - Schemerdrecht SVV
34. SS Aisea Aelsine (28) - Arboren FC
11. ST Aenemere Erisia (25) - Aminey CS
22. ST Cilistro Bugarin (29) - Felswyr, CMT
33. ST Lew Turner (26) - Cirelbourne United
35. ST Dennis Moore (21) - Maynard AFC

Up front, there are two positions with seven potential teammates. Vaugrenard and Erisia make most sense together, Siebelt could get a substitution to protect a lead or to force a late goal. Bugarin, Turner, and Moore are about equally talented with very similar skillsets: finishing. Strikers in Ko-oren don't get many opportunities so it doesn't matter what you do as long as you score that goal. Bugarin's certainly done that in the Rainbow League.

Starting lineup usually consists of numbers 1-11.
Selection usually consists of number 1-23.

Penalties: Vaugrenard, Janoreirinthen
Free kicks: Janoreirinthen, Longchambon, Batchelor
Corner kicks: Ensaunden, Gicquel, Watanuki (always inswinging)

Most likely to get booked: Pott, Lampshire, De Villepin, Wickham
Most likely to draw fouls: Longchambon, Vaugrenard, Aiamara

Feel free to ignore those suggestions

Style mod -5
RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Within reason

1) Simon Everest - Scored the first official goal
2) Alizarin Lelantos - Coached the team to the first Cup of Harmony
3) Haki Asgard - Record holder for most matches played for the national team
4) Koyane Shiribeshi - Record holder for most goals scored for the national team
5) Pet Rilasthaunden - Most games as coach, perfected the defensive scheme
6) Xi Shang - Captain in the earliest days of the KFA
7) Sobek Dehenat - Celebrated captain and defender of the formative years
8) Fin Fenner - Dynamic midfielder, third-most appearances for the national team
9) Katanmak Juliasterinthen - Celebrated defender and captain of the most successful campaigns. Coach of AOCAF 60-winning squad
10) Katherine Davenport - Long time captain
11) Storm Enshadilsa - Second-most capped player, most clean sheets for the national team
12) Bogdan Antonescu - Only non-Ko-orenite in the HoF, coached the team to most of its World Cup qualifications
13) Naemasu Tokachi - Fourth-most capped player, most assists, many goals
14) Reizo Yokota - Captain of AOCAF 60-winning squad
15) Lionel Dalton - Record holder for most matches played for the national team, AOCAF and CoH winner
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South Covello
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Postby South Covello » Sat Dec 26, 2020 8:41 am

South Covello National Team Roster

Nickname: Rebels
Style modifier: -5

Head Coach: Elmo von Keekee
Assistant Head Coach: Dorian Jones, Frank Hornberger

After World Cup 79 and the South Covellan Revolution, the feisty Rebels elected to turn things over to the next generation. Richard Hawkins, previously the star goalkeeper, was named head coach, but the entire team was new. Vinnie LaGuche returned as well, as an assistant coach, and was joined by Joey Egermeister, a proud supporter of the Revolution and lifelong soccer fan who previously served as Acting President of the South Covello Soccer Federation after the Gregists were overthrown.

Hawkins and his staff hand-picked the new stars, and to his pleasant surprise he was able to find a young goalie who was almost athletic as he was, in Matthew Tyler. Tyler was just 19 years old and already almost as good as Hawkins was. In time, he would probably even surpass him. The rest of the team filled in nicely as well, defensively minded as always, and, as many of them had grown up idolizing the strong defensive wall, first for the Foot Slaves and then the Rebels, this led many of them to become defenders as well. So the good old Rebel Wall was still there, great and strong as ever. The team wouldn’t be letting in many goals this cycle, it sure seemed.

The Rebels would be playing a defensive 4-5-1 this cycle, with the sole striker being the young, awesomely named star Coconut Charles. The Coconut name, of course, was a direct insult to the Gregists, Lord Almighty Gregory and the others who forbid the mere mention of the work. It was sure to be a spectacular future.

However, the future wasn't all it was cracked up to be. South Covello fell way too early, in the Round of 16 of World Cup 80. However, they rebounded in World Cup 81, making the final before losing to Eura, and will look to finally hoist that elusive trophy this tournament. World Cup 82 and World Cup 83 saw them not advance far either. World Cup 84 saw the debut of Lonzo Gordon-McHayward-Greensward-Squidward as South Covello again fell early in the knockout stages, and World Cup 85 featured several more new young players. Notably, it ffeatured 16 year old phenom Dodo McAllister, who can double as a striker and offensive midfielder, though he mostly cam off the bench and to provide some fresh legs and maybe lead a comeback. He is widely considered a successor to Pillory Cantwell once the latter retires. However, winger Nick Night is also highly regarded.

World Cup 85 was a deep disappointment, with the Rebels failing to qualify for the first time in ages, and the SCCF made it quite clear that Richard Hawkins will be out as head coach unless he can bring home the Cup of Harmony trophy. He did not, so former youth coach Gideon "Giddy" Luggnut was hired in his place. Following the Campeonato Esportiva, OMC Pillory Cantwell retired from international play, so youth phenom Dodo McAllister will become a full-time starter.

Following a disastrous World Cup 86, the Rebels again fired their coach, hired Elmo von Keekee, and drastically overhauled the team. Over half the roster for World Cup 87 is brand new so the Rebels will look to turn things around from their horrible performance a cycle ago when they didn't even make the Cup of Harmony.


GK: Matthew Tyler (Age 26) CAPTAIN
LB: Karl Klementine (Age 22)
CB: Cal Yachtwood (Age 26)
CB: Lawry Ukelele (Age 223)
RB: Bobo Gonzo (Age 20)
DMC: Kumquat Rivers (Age 23)
LMC: Nick Night (Age 21)
MC: Lonzo Gordon-McHayward-Greensward-Squidward (Age 20)
RMC: Colo McNiel (Age 23)
OMC: Dodo McAllister (Age 18)
ST: Coconut Charles (Age 27) VICE CAPTAIN


GK: Lupo Bernard (Age 20)
GK: Uganda Reed (Age 32)
DB: Cornelius Haroldson-von Crayon (Age 20)
DB: Artemis Elmoknowski (Age 22)
DB: Exander Robineshi (Age 20)
DB: Lorry Trucks (Age 20)
MF: Ike Bork (Age 20)
MF: Pony Lewis (Age 20)
MF: Norbert Delly (Age 18)
OMC/ST: Chomp Gomez (Age 23)
ST: Charlie "Chew Chew" Brown (Age 20)





Revolution Stadium, Riverview

Revolution Stadium opened to start World Cup 80 and usher in a new generation of South Covellan soccer. The stadium is located on the banks of the Goldenrod River, and fans will be able to arrive at the stadium by boat should they wish. As the river is navigable in the portions that run through San Jose Guayabal as well, this opens up the possibility that some visitng fans from that nation could visit if the two nations face each other. However, as San Jose Guayabal appears to have withdrawn from international competition for the time being, that seems unlikely for now.

As mentioned above, the stadium is far more intimate than the old one, seating a relatively small 42,000 fans, with ample space for supporters as well as a small number of visiting fans. The views from the stadium are immaculate, looking out over the Goldenrod Valley with the river in view as well. For games played in the fall, it will just be an amazing sight to behold, even ignoring what is going on with the game.

RP Permissions:

If my opponent RPs first, I give him permission to:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but I choose severity
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, subject to same restrictions
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, have fun, but don’t do anything you wouldn’t be OK with me reciprocating. If it's anything super severe like killing established characters, please TG me first or PM me on Discord.
Other Notes: All IC communications to or from any South Covellan government agency or official are public information under South Covello's government transparency laws. Keep this in mind in RPs, as this also applies to unsolicited messages you may send to our government. Obviously, purely OOC communications such as TGs are not included in this.
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Postby Wrecker » Sat Dec 26, 2020 8:58 am

The Wreckerian National Football Team

Full nation name: The Reformed Republic of Wreckeria
Trigramme: WRE
Nicknames: The Bulldogs
Team Colors: Orange and Black

A few years ago, the Reformed Republic of Wreckeria came out of the woodwork to start participating in international football. And they did decently well, finishing midpack in its first two World Cup qualifying efforts. But then, Wreckeria's economy collapsed, owing largely to the nation's failed Olympic effort that it attempted to share with Hapilopper. Wreckeria withdrew from World Cup 86 as financial difficulties loomed large, and the team is now attempting to mount a comeback. The team consists largely of the same core from the World Cups 84-85 squad, with very little changes over the last few years, and has some forward momentum going its way. The side recently won the first running of The National, the Xannerian football tournament, which involved seven very strong sides.

Byrnes, 38, attempted to present football as a way to unite Wreckeria and get away from the decades of violence and infighting that has plagued the nation. Byrnes, who used to play for Sporting Milwood Town before the Wreckerian Premier League collapsed 10 years ago, was a star striker for the team. Now, he's just hoping his fellow Wreckerians can pull off a miracle. Byrnes will focus on a neutral style of play, and will rely on the 3-4-3 formation for most of the time.

Byrnes' staff includes:
TRAINER: Charlie Garner
PHYSIO: Robert Fry

The Fans:
A small group of Wreckerians have vowed to make the trip to whatever nation will play host to the Bulldogs. There's not many of them, but they're passionate and want to present as positive image of their land as they can. They'll be there to cheer on their fellow Wreckerians, some of whom they fought in battles with. While Wreckerians will want to present as positive of a picture of their nation as possible, they do like to have fun, and they look to make your tournament as enjoyable as possible.

The Players:
(Starting players in green, typical subs in red)
## POS Player
1 GOL Harold Leslie
21 GOL Florence Northrop
22 GOL Carey Atwater

The goalkeeping squad is led by Harold Leslie, a native of the capital city of Halsted. Leslie was found by the Wreckerian Association of Soccer in a pick-up game of soccer with his friends, when he was seen fending off the challenges of a number of attackers. Leslie's close friends, Florence Northrop and Carey Atwater were signed as well.

## POS Player
2 DEF Scott Murphy
3 DEF Cash Brewster
4 DEF Aaron Boatwright

12 DEF Emerson Danielson
13 DEF Francis Hayward

14 DEF Hayden Derryhouse

Scott Murphy, a native of Minortown, was picked up by the WAS after ruthlessly taking down several attackers in a pick-up game. Brewster, a native of Halsted, was a member of the HFA team from Pinkerton in Hapilopper for four years. Boatwright, meanwhile, has played on a number of amateur soccer teams in Wreckeria for about a decade or so. Said to a pretty decent individual.

## POS Player
5 MID Mike Hamilton
6 MID Gerald Heath
7 MID Sig Justice
8 MID Cale Wyatt

15 MID Sid Clifton
16 MID Riley Pratt

17 MID Kelsey Camerson

Michael Hamilton and Gerald Heath are defensive midfielders, while Sig Justice and Cale Wyatt are the team's offensive midfielders. All four are top amateur players in Wreckeria. Sig Justice is rumored to be a huge fan of softball and has been rumored to skip out on league matches to play softball. Sig denies these rumors.

## POS Player
9 FWD Claude Tindall
10 FWD Darcy Carman
11 FWD Oliver Bloxam

18 FWD Scott Boatwright
19 FWD Hunter Bell

20 FWD Viv McKinley

Claude Tindall, Darcy Carman and Oliver Bloxam were picked as the team's leading forwards after a shoot-out with the other forwards on the team. All six players could concievably start at one point or another. Boatwright, who is not related to Aaron Boatwright, will likely sub with Hunter Bell.

Style Mod: +1

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but TG me if you want to do something serious
Godmod injuries to my players: TG me first, or ping me on the NS Sports Discord, and we'll talk about it
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: TG me first, or ping me on the NS Sports Discord, and we'll talk about it
Godmod other events: Yes, but TG me first
RP Coronavirus-related events: No. There is no pandemic in Wreckeria nor will there be.
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Postby Silvedania » Sat Dec 26, 2020 10:58 am


World Cup Roster for Silvedania

OOC: This is mostly just a copy and paste from my BoF roster(with some adjustments).



The Team

Position   Name   Number

G Auguste Connor 112

LB Eliott Roberts 62

RB Timothé Fischer 05

RCB Arthur Fabeck 23

LCB Matthias Bassot 19

RM Adrien Kilburg 07

RCM Michel Laurens 35

LM Vincent Cardomo 39

LCM Isaac Guilbert 41

LW Keith Beaumanoir 02

RW Cinnam Onerj 28


G   Ryan Brown     112

G Ralph Majerus 97

R/LB Victor Sharpe 03

R/RCB Ernest Aioli 134

R/LCB Robert Ruzel 76

L/LCB Mitchell Turmera 128

R/RCM Gregory Charpentier 43

L/LCM Jon Vietens 59

R/LM Izaak Yul 153

L/RCM Mars Elkin 69

LW Thai Hiyu 108

RW Colei Aketon 184

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Caroline Barbier
Assistant Coach: Alfred Myers
Assistant Coach: Gaston Thymi


International Uniform
Home Uniform
Goalkeeper Uniform

Style Mod
-5aka the full defensive!!!!

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes
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NS Stats are mostly accurate except for a few things, like this nation is capitalist and the death penalty isn't in effect

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Postby Southwest Eastnorth » Sat Dec 26, 2020 11:35 am

FORMATION 3-3-4-1 (F-M-D-G)
Style Modifier +4
COACH: Jayson Rox (23 years old)
ASSITANTS: Dennetter DiMore (Age 43), B.J Rotheborune (age 41)

#10 Van Austin - White Sock United
#8 Kyra Thompson - Auberlin Federal FC
#11 Chris Houton - Capital FC (Xanneria)
#27 Leigh Bourne - Grandal Wild FC

#29 Jeremy Murdock - Topps Valley Heritage FC
#35 Phillip Di Grassi - Mt Moustakis College

#17 Ryan Bourne - Colome Range United
#2 Alfonso Rogilio - White Sock United
#16 Mark Martz-Marx - Journey Bay FC
#24 Jessica Ryan - Topps Valley Heritage FC
#25 Kevin Elder - Yelichville Union
#85 Robbie Gear - Colome College

#95 Burt Snodgrass - Journey Bay FC
#84 Iva Johncock - White Sock United

#44 David C Hall - White Sock United
#37 Shauna LeClaire - Honolulu United (Starcom Racing)
#19 Esther Bloemfurst - PFC Canada City
#49 Jay Richardson II - Auberlin Federal
#55 Devin Thompson - Mt Moustakis
#77 Gerrard Klattenberg - East Rowe (Xanneria)

#0 Miles Mikohoffer - Auberlin Federal FC
#00 Adam Stonkowski - St Geoffreystown FC (Xanneria)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes But keep it infrequent
RP injuries to my players: Yes Typical injuries, that will not result in heavy losses
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes Keep it infrequent
Godmod other events: Yes


First Coast Stadium - Auberlin (33,000)
Opponents: West Zirconia, Carryton, Bongo Johnson, Squornshelous Remnant States.

Amazingly Low Rate Loans Multi-Purpose Stadium - Virginia City (13,000)
Opponents: Krytenia

Directional Resources Stadium - Virginia City (27,500)
Opponents: Gyatso-Kai, Farfadillis

Capital Athletic Complex - Virginia City (20,000)
Opponents:Socialist New Britain, Poafmersia
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Postby Mavinet » Sat Dec 26, 2020 1:47 pm


Head Coach: Nguyen Minh Quan
Assistant Coach: Phan Vinh Hien
Trigram: MVN
Nickname: The Water Buffaloes
Demonym: Mavinese
Style: +3


Nguyen Minh Quan - 70 years old

The first head coach of the Mavinet national football team, Nguyen Minh Quan has commanded the Water Buffaloes through all of their competitions so far. His achievement includes winning the Baptism of Fire 72, finishing third in the World Cup 86 qualifying group and reaching the Round of 16 of the Cup of Harmony. Head Coach Minh Quan prefers fast-paced offensive football with the 4-2-3-1 formation, but has demonstrated that he can also adapt to games where the team need to be on the defensive. He tends to favor experienced players, with youngsters like Ho Vu Thanh Hoang and Vu Tien Linh being the exceptions due to the need for speed and energy out on the flanks. He has announced that he will retire from managing the national team after the end of the World Cup 87 cycle.


#1 Nguyen Hoang Trung
Position: GK | Age: 34 | Height: 186cm | Club: LoKa Trung Son Image
The current captain of the national team after Nguyen Quang Khai retired from international football. Nguyen Hoang Trung has seen all the ups and downs of the team, appearing for his country since its first international appearance in the Baptism of Fire 72. After many years playing for both club and country, Hoang Trung has refined his balanced goalkeeping style with experience and continue to prove himself to be a great leader both on and off the pitch. For a towering figure in front of goal, Hoang Trung is still fairly quick on his feet, despite recent decline in athleticism. The upcoming World Cup cycle will likely be his last as he publicly stated his intention to pass the chance to the next generation.

#13 Do Manh Cuong
Position: GK | Age: 25 | Height: 181cm | Club: Vinh An Dai Hoa Image
The next in line for the national team’s goalkeeper spot, Do Manh Cuong has been groomed to replace Nguyen Hoang Trung when the veteran retires. Vinh An Dai Hoa’s new number 1 impresses with his reflexes, agility and ability to command the area, which he utilizes cleverly to make up for his short stature as a goalkeeper. An adept passer both long and short, Manh Cuong is the ideal goalkeeper for building from the back, although his slow pace and erratic decision making undermine his performance in one-on-one situations.

#21 Le Van Thinh
Position: GK | Age: 22 | Height: 184cm | Club: TelcomMavi FC Image
Le Van Thinh is the latest addition to the group of national team’s goalkeepers. An up-and-rising star from TelcomMavi FC, Van Thinh still has a lot to learn and improve. He has good traits to become a good goalkeeper: physicality, reflexes and speed. He is likely not playing a lot of games yet for the national team, but with more playing experience and personal improvement, Van Thinh will be the one to watch in the near future.


#2 Trinh Van Hau
Position: RB | Age: 28 | Height: 177cm | Club: Phuc Chau Port Image
A pacey right back with a good eye for crosses, Trinh Van Hau is usually instructed to overload the right flank with overlaps and provide extra width in attacks. His tendency to get forward also means the right flank’s defense is more exposed at times, but Van Hau is just as good at tackling as he is at crossing, provided he can track back in time.

#22 Ho Phu Cuong
Position: RB | Age: 30 | Height: 176cm | Club: Thuong Giang FC Image
Ho Phu Cuong serves as the backup for Trinh Van Hau in his first call up to the national team. Not as quick on the feet or lethal with the crossing as his younger counterpart, Phu Cuong provides peace of mind in defense with his reliable marking and tackling skills. An aggressive tackler shown times and again in his playing at Thuong Giang FC, Phu Cuong can be a liability on a bad day.

#6 Ha Van Thao
Position: CB | Age: 29 | Height: 180cm | Club: Port Rhovanyon AFC Image
One of the first players in Mavinet to move abroad recently, Ha Van Thao provides the pace for the defense. An agile and quick defender, Van Thao likes to close down opponents quickly and get stuck in. This does backfire at times, especially with fast and technical attacking players, and create problems for the defense but most of the times, his composure and good tackling help the team switch back to attacking quickly.

#5 Ho Hung Dung
Position: CB | Age: 32 | Height: 182cm | Club: Vinh An Dai Hoa Image
The second most senior player in the defense, Ho Hung Dung proves that age has not get to him. Ho Hung Dung is a reliable option at the back for Head Coach Nguyen Minh Quan. Tall, strong and composed, Hung Dung can compete with most opponents in the air and win. Hung Dung is also a superb man marker. His relatively slow pace makes him more suitable for a cover role in a pairing, but he will not hesitate to rush up to press when the situation calls.

#4 Lai Hong Dang
Position: CB | Age: 31 | Height: 179cm | Club: Phuc Chau Port Image
A decent backup option for the center back spots, Hong Dang is a no-nonsense type of center defender and won’t provide much in terms of building plays. His most likely playing scenarios are when the team need to park the bus or deal with highly aggressive teams.

#18 Hoang Duy Hung
Position: CB | Age: 28 | Height: 178cm | Club: Nam Quan Steelers Image
Hoang Duy Hung impresses Head Coach Nguyen Minh Quan with his ability to initiate fast counter attacks with his accurate long pass forward. His defending is fairly average, and his short stature plays to his disadvantage in aerial situations.

#3 Do Phuoc Long
Position: LB | Age: 29 | Height: 174cm | Club: Vinh An Dai Hoa Image
Do Phuoc Long is almost the twin of Trinh Van Hau on the other flank without the obsession with getting forward. Phuoc Long is balanced in his style and provides both good attack and defense, but focuses more on his defend duties. Unless a clear chance to cut deep to the byline is present, most crosses from Phuoc Long are early crosses and don’t quite have the same devastating effects as those from Van Hau.

#23 Tran Khang Anh
Position: LB | Age: 26 | Height: 173cm | Club: TelcomMavi FC Image
A tank on the left flank, Tran Khang Anh uses his sheer strength to overpower his opponents both in offense and defense. He may not be the fastest or most technically gifted, but his strength and high work rate means he can ferociously fight for the ball up and down the flank the whole match.


#34 Bui The Hien
Position: DM | Age: 27 | Height: 179cm | Club: Phuc Chau Port Image
Bui The Hien quick rise through the ranks of Phuc Chau Port’s talented players gained him a call up to the national team. It is well-deserved: The Hien shows great athleticism and an impressive nose for dangers. His anticipation and clever off the ball movement help cover up weak spots before they are exploited. His weakness lies in the playmaking department, where he lacks the vision and passing skills to create chances from deep.

#8 Lam Tri Thong
Position: DM | Age: 30 | Height: 177cm | Club: Vinh An Dai Hoa Image
Recent came back to Vinh An Dai Hoa after 2 seasons on loan at Banija, Lam Tri Thong continues to be trusted in the defensive midfielder spot at the national team. Now entering his third cycle with the Water Buffaloes, Tri Thong will continue to provide solid defending in front of the center backs, shutting down opponents’ plays with his pace and tackling. He contributes more toward playmaking than The Hien, providing passes from deep to wingers and strikers, as well as an option for long shots.

#10 Tran Hoang Minh
Position: CAM/CM | Age: 30 | Height: 175cm | Club: Baraldhur AFC Image
Currently playing abroad at the high-profile Tikariot club Baraldhur AFC, Tran Hoang Minh is one of the most creative and technically gifted players on the ball for Mavinet. Considered an artist on the front line, Hoang Minh can craft a dangerous chance out of nowhere, especially when employed alongside ex-teammates Vo Thanh Hai and Ho Vu Thanh Hoang. He is also the default free kick taker and has scored many goals from such set pieces. Where he does not so well is in the physical aspect and his tendency to avoid tackles.

#7 Trinh Hoai Linh
Position: CM | Age: 28 | Height: 177cm | Club: Thuong Giang FC Image
Considered the immediately replacement for the retired skipper Nguyen Quang Khai, Hoai Linh shares many qualities with his senior: tireless, good passer and a team player. Hoai Linh does better in the defending aspect, but is also more prone to mistakes when pressed. He also tends to get forward more often, leaving a gap in midfield that can be easily exploited by a good counter attacking team.

#11 Mai Trung Hai
Position: CM | Age: 24 | Height: 175cm | Club: Nam Quan Steelers Image
The most exciting prospect for this cycle, Mai Trung Hai’s style puts him in the category of a roaming playmaker behind the attacking midfielder. His athleticism allows him to roam around constantly during a match, and his creative skills add to the attacking power of the team. A somewhat rebellious personality in the team, Trung Hai can be a double-edged sword: he is unlikely to fully adhere to tactical instructions, but is also an unpredictable threat for the opponents.

#12 Vu Tien Linh
Position: LW | Age: 28 | Height: 177cm | Club: MCB Dai Nam Image
A trusty option in the left winger position, Vu Tien Linh combine speed and technique to make a powerful spear on the flank. A strongly left-footed player, Vu Tien Linh seldom cut inside, instead opts for crosses and horizontal link-ups with the central column. Initially a rival with Ho Vu Thanh Hoang in the national team, the duo has grown to be great partners on two flanks.

#17 Le Chi Tho
Position: LW | Age: 27 | Height: 176cm | Club: ALT Vinh Thuy Image
Considered more of a wide midfielder than a winger, Le Chi Tho tends to drop deeper and doesn’t make many speedy sprint down the flank, instead provides a wide passing option and then relay the ball to more creative players. He provides a backup for the left flank in cases where a cautious approach or deep defense is needed.

#14 Ho Vu Thanh Hoang
Position: RW | Age: 25 | Height: 174cm | Club: La Nueva Avenida Image
One of the best players on the national team since the Baptism of Fire 72, Ho Vu Thanh Hoang has grown from a talented prospect to be an accomplished winger. Considered to be a very technical player, Thanh Hoang can wreak havoc on the flanks with his speed, off-the-ball movement, technique and passing skills. Although mostly deployed on the right flank, Thanh Hoang can also play on the left and has seen occasional successes in this role at both his club and national team. While he excels at breaking through the opponents' defense and creating chances for his teammates, his relative short stature and tendency to avoid getting stuck in in defensive situations means that his flank is usually more exposed to opponent's attacks.

#16 Phung Thieu Van
Position: RW | Age: 27 | Height: 178cm | Club: MCB Dai Nam Image
Phung Thieu Van is an average winger compared to his teammate at MCB Dai Nam, Vu Tien Linh, or Ho Vu Thanh Hoang. He has the speed and dribbling skills to make penetration down the flank, but lacks the creative skills to pick out good passing options. His playing style mostly revolves around getting close to the byline and cross.


#9 Vo Thanh Hai
Position: ST | Age: 31 | Height: 180cm | Club: Vinh An Dai Hoa Image
The most prolific striker currently playing for the national team, Vo Thanh Hai is the name all young strikers strive to be. He is lethal with both his right foot and his head, and his composure in front of goal has only increased with age. Thanh Hai often finds himself closely marked by the opponent’s defenders, in which case he provides an effective one-two partner to the wingers and attacking midfielders. While not a fast striker, Thanh Hai’s positional sense is what makes him dangerous in the final third.

#19 Tran Duc Vinh
Position: ST | Age: 29 | Height: 175cm | Club: ALT Vinh Thuy Image
The poacher of the national team, Tran Duc Vinh relies on his fast pace to beat the opponents. Although not a particular creative player, Duc Vinh has enough finesse to get the job done. Don’t expect him to contribute much in terms of creating chances though.

#20 Pham Thai Gia
Position: ST | Age: 26 | Height: 185cm | Club: Phuc Chau Port Image
Pham Thai Gia’s most striking characteristic is his towering height, which makes him a formidable force in aerial situations. Make no mistakes: He is just as capable to score with his feet. The big stature makes him a bit unwieldy and easy to mark, but with a good position and a good cross, even a good marker will find it difficult to stop Thai Gia from heading the ball on target. Thai Gia is also known for his bitter rivalry with Vo Thanh Hai due to multiple confrontations between the two at club level, where Vinh An Dai Hoa share a long-standing rivalry with Phuc Chau Port.

Default lineup - Specific lineup for each MD will be posted between cut-offs

Mavinet generally approach matches with an attacking mindset, pressing and attacking in fast tempo from the start. As a match proceeds, the team will continue to press high out of possession, but may fall back when faced with stronger and better attacking opponents. Mavinese attacking players are used to a fluid play style and will roam from their assigned positions during the match to look for space and opportunities. While not physically weak, Mavineses are relatively smaller in stature than other countries' people, so physicality is not their strong suit. Instead, they favor teamwork, speed, technique and movement off the ball to break down opponents' defense and create chances. The fluid style makes Mavinet's defense quite vulnerable to the exploitation of gaps. The defense relies on the ability of the defensive midfielder to cover the pockets of space in front of the defenders, but will usually struggle with quick counter attacks. In addition, Mavinet's defense is known for frequent lapses of concentration and poor decisions, especially toward the end of a match.


Penalty takers (in order): Vo Thanh Hai, Vu Tien Linh, Tran Hoang Minh, Ho Vu Thanh Hoang, Trinh Hoai Linh
Freekick takers (in order): Tran Hoang Minh, Ho Vu Thanh Hoang, Trinh Hoai Linh
Corners: Ho Vu Thanh Hoang (both), Tran Hoang Minh (right), Vu Tien Linh (left)
Most likely to get booked: Ho Phu Cuong, Lam Tri Thong, Mai Trung Hai


Thang Long Stadium is the biggest stadium in Dai Hoa, Mavinet's capital. The stadium was originally built in 1999 with 40,000 seats. The venue was upgraded to 50,000 seats ahead of World Cup 85 and was renovated to meet the Ministry of Culture and Sports' Class 3 stadium standards.


Vinh An Inc., Mavinet's largest sportswear and sport equipment manufacturer, present the third-generation kits for the national team, incorporating several traditional patterns and symbols of the country. The kits also feature famous Pho Tranh traditional paintings, reimagined in digital form by artist Lam Xuan.

Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: Y (I decide severity)
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y (discuss with me first)
Yellow Card Players: Y (up to 3 players)
Godmod Other Events: Y (anything major should be discussed first)
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Postby United Australasian Commonwealth » Sat Dec 26, 2020 1:58 pm

The Australasian Springboks
Official Names of the Nation : The Union of Australia , South Africa , New Zealand , and Cambodia or the United Australaisan Commonwealth
Trigramme: AS
Nicknames: The Springboks
Team Colors: Orange White Blue


Manager : Piet Swart

Goal Keeper: Jacob Schwarz

Number 1 : Cecil Van Nikerk
683 Cobus Visagie 12 June 1999 Italy 29 0 0 0 0 0
684 Albert van den Berg 12 June 1999 Italy 51 20 4 0 0 0
685 Charl Marais 12 June 1999 Italy 12 5 1 0 0 0
686 Dave von Hoesslin 12 June 1999 Italy 5 10 2 0 0 0
687 Kaya Malotana 10 October 1999 Spain 1 0 0 0 0 0
688 Anton Leonard 17 July 1999 Australia 2 5 1 0 0 0
689 Wayne Julies 10 October 1999 Spain 11 10 2 0 0 0
690 De Wet Barry 10 June 2000 Canada 39 15 3 0 0 0
691 John Smit 10 June 2000 Canada 111 40 8 0 0 0
692 Grant Esterhuizen 22 July 2000 New Zealand 7 0 0 0 0 0
693 Louis Koen 8 July 2000 Australia 15 145 0 23 31 2
694 Jannes Labuschagne 22 July 2000 New Zealand 11 0 0 0 0 0
695 AJ Venter 26 November 2000 Wales 25 0 0 0 0 0
696 Jaco van der Westhuyzen 19 August 2000 New Zealand 32 51 5 7 1 3
697 Ricardo Loubscher 8 June 2002 Wales 4 0 0 0 0 0
698 Gavin Passens 0
699 Chris Rossouw 0
700 Craig Davidson 15 June 2002 Wales 5 10 2 0 0 0
701 Delarey du Preez 6 July 2002 Samoa 2 5 1 0 0 0
702 Lawrence Sephaka 1 December 2001 USA 24 0 0 0 0 0
703 Carel van der Merwe 0
704 Hottie Louw 15 June 2002 Wales 3 0 0 0 0 0
705 Victor Matfield 30 June 2001 Italy 127 35 7 0 0 0
706 Quinton Davids 15 June 2002 Wales 9 0 0 0 0 0
707 Johan Wasserman 0
708 Thando Manana 0
709 Hendrik Gerber 7 June 2003 Scotland 2 0 0 0 0 0
710 Ettiené Fynn 16 June 2001 France 2 0 0 0 0 0
711 Marius Joubert 21 July 2001 New Zealand 30 45 9 0 0 0
712 Adri Badenhorst 0
713 Pieter Dixon 0
714 Dean Hall 16 June 2001 France 13 20 4 0 0 0
715 Butch James 16 June 2001 France 42 159 3 27 29 1
716 Conrad Jantjes 30 June 2001 Italy 24 22 4 1 0 0
717 Neil de Kock 30 June 2001 Italy 10 10 2 0 0 0
718 Lukas van Biljon 30 June 2001 Italy 13 5 1 0 0 0
719 Joe van Niekerk

881 Jean-Luc du Preez 26 November 2016 Wales 13 10 2 0 0 0
882 Ross Cronjé 10 June 2017 France 10 10 2 0 0 0
883 Courtnall Skosan 10 June 2017 France 12 10 2 0 0 0
884 Andries Coetzee 10 June 2017 France 13 0 0 0 0 0
885 Dillyn Leyds 10 June 2017 France 10 5 1 0 0 0
886 Ruan Dreyer 24 June 2017 France 4 5 1 0 0 0
887 Curwin Bosch 19 August 2017 Argentina 2 0 0 0 0 0
888 Wilco Louw 7 October 2017 New Zealand 13 0 0 0 0 0
889 Dan du Preez 18 November 2017 France 4 0 0 0 0 0
890 Warrick Gelant 25 November 2017 Italy 9 15 3 0 0 0
891 Louis Schreuder 2 December 2017 Wales 1 0 0 0 0 0
892 Lukhanyo Am 2 December 2017 Wales 15 15 3 0 0 0
893 Ox Nché 2 June 2018 Wales 1 0 0 0 0 0
894 Jason Jenkins 2 June 2018 Wales 1 0 0 0 0 0
895 Kwagga Smith 2 June 2018 Wales 6 0 0 0 0 0
896 Ivan van Zyl 2 June 2018 Wales 6 0 0 0 0 0
897 Makazole Mapimpi 2 June 2018 Wales 14 70 14 0 0 0
898 André Esterhuizen 2 June 2018 Wales 8 0 0 0 0 0
899 Travis Ismaiel 2 June 2018 Wales 1 5 1 0 0 0
900 Sikhumbuzo Notshe 2 June 2018 Wales 6 0 0 0 0 0
901 Thomas du Toit 2 June 2018 Wales 12 0 0 0 0 0
902 Akker van der Merwe 2 June 2018 Wales 3 0 0 0 0 0
903 Marvin Orie 2 June 2018 Wales 3 0 0 0 0 0
904 Robert du Preez 2 June 2018 Wales 1 3 0 1 0 0
905 Embrose Papier 2 June 2018 Wales 7 0 0 0 0 0
906 RG Snyman 9 June 2018 England 23 5 1 0 0 0
907 Aphiwe Dyantyi 9 June 2018 E

Image Stadion Piet Pretorius

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: No
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: No
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: No
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this nation is satire
this nation never and will never use ns stats
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AUK Nuus om Agt /ABC News at Eight
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TL;DR Basically South Africa but in Australia and New Zealand

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Postby Third ZSeparatists » Sat Dec 26, 2020 3:05 pm

Team: ZSeparatists (Canon 2, for reference check this)
Nickname: Red Devils
Formation: 2-3-5
Style: +5
Players:(Substitutes in Red)
Keeper #12 Zadanpa Zaloka
Keeper #23 Zandalok Zambaka (Substitute)
Fullback #4 Banazdba Goladkm
Fullback #5 Lasajkl Zanaka
Fullback #2 Lababar Sakmdn (Substitute)
Fullback #3 Mandkl Olamda (Substitute)
Left Midfielder #6 Ludnslay Ckam
Center Midfielder #8 Jovan Metzger
Right Midfielder #16 Igor Zadama
Right Midfielder #14 Merko Oneal (Substitute)
Left Midfielder #15 Cljasdk Manamas (Substitute)
Right Midfielder #17 Randus Salakz (Substitute)
Right Midfielder #18 Danica Kodas (Substitute)
Left Forward #24 Zimbolia Opakla
Center Forward #22 Makut Timbuc
Center Forward #10 Dimitrije Gaston
Center Forward #21 Lamba Olkalia
Right Forward #9 Zora Tipton

Left Forward #19 Alanda Rakaldian (Substitute)
Center Forward #11 Igor Adam (Substitute)
Center Forward #7 Lazar Stiles (Substitute)
Right Forward #13 Danica Oliver (Substitute)


Talc Zilš

ZSeparatists goes all-out attack, which should be self-explanatory. Expect many shots, some shots on goal, low pass accuracy, and less than 40% possession.

Border Camp, Border City, ZSeparatists (outdoor stadium with grass) [Seats/Max Attendance: 0]

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: (Yes)/No
Choose my scoring events: (Yes)/No
Godmod scoring events: Yes/(No)
RP injuries to my players: (Yes)/No (Up to 3 per game [1 without permission], no life or career ending injuries though.)
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/(No)
Hand out yellow cards to my players: (Yes)/No
Hand out red cards to my players: (Yes)/No (Up to 1 per game.)
Godmod other events: Yes/(No)

Lineup (Numbers):
Lineup (Positions):

Note: We are ZSeparatists, ignore the "Third". For some reason the World Cup signup people forgot that detail.

There is no virus in ZSeparatists, and there never will be.
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Postby Sylestone » Sat Dec 26, 2020 4:50 pm

Nickname: The Sentients
Style Modifier: -4
Formation: 5-3-2
RP allowances: Godmodding is encouraged. No more than two red cards or three yellows.

Home Kit:

Away Kit:
Big shout out to Ziwana for making this kit. Despite Sylestone's national side being Appliances, there have been complaints from the public about not having a kit, so we have taken that into account.

Brick Wall
Position: Goalkeeper
About: The Brick Wall is quite literally a Brick Wall in the goals, stopping almost every shot. However, his dimensions are far off the dimensions of a soccer goal, so goals still go in as he shuffled around.
Dirty Tactics: Ramming into the occasional striker who dribbles the ball towards him instead of just shooting.

Ironing Board
Position: Defender
About: The Ironing Board is well known across Sylestone for his brilliant defence and his ability to stop almost every dribbling striker in their tracks.
Dirty Tactics: Used his flexible legs to stop the ball from passing through the defence and uses his iron to warn off opposing strikers with its heat.

Position: Defender
About: The Dishwasher is an interesting character in the Sylestonean defence. His large body stops a lot of balls from going into the goalmouth.
Dirty Tactics: Speed water everywhere in the defence, especially in the second half, which bogs the playing field, stopping many offensive moves in their tracks.

Tumble Dryer
Position: Striker
About: One of Sylestone’s main two strikers, the Tumble Dryer is a brilliant but inaccurate goal scorer for the Sylestonean side. One to watch.
Dirty Tactics: Spins the ball around in his Dryer and flings it at the goal. Also shuts the machine and carries the ball inside it.

Washing Machine
Position: Defender
About: Another large sentient object in the defence, the Washing Machine is once again, another player who stops many offensives with his large body.
Dirty Tactics: Is basically a combination of the Dishwasher and Tumble Dryer. Spews water everywhere and flings the ball out of himself at odd angles.

Position: Defender
About: Sylestone's defence is full of their largest sentient athletes and the Sofa is the largest of them. His defence has been the best all tournament and he runs the backline. A lot will be reliant on him if Sylestone are to get a respectable result this tournament.
Dirty Tactics: Can speak into the minds of opposition, giving them a feeling of wanting to sit down and relax.

Position: Midfielder
About: Another large object, but this time it is located in Sylestone's midfield. He is the king of dirty tactics and runs opponents down with his buff body. Easily the most laughable of all of the Sylestonean Appliances.
Dirty Tactics: Has many of them, most of which can't be named. His main one is shutting his door and running towards the goal with the ball inside. Others include his super-appliance jumping skills and cold breath.

Bar Stool
Position: Midfielder
About: If the Fridge is the dirtiest, the Bar Stool is the cheekiest. He doesn't have any of his own dirty tactics, but he "allies" with another object and uses them to perform his own. Definitely an unpredictable character and one to watch out for.
Dirty Tactics: One of his tactics is to be the one who kicks the ball inside the Fridge when he goes off on his run. He also stands on other objects to reach high balls.

Position: Defender
About: One of Sylestone's lesser defenders, the Drawer is quite a stationary object in the defence. He stands in your road and doesn't let you past and is more of a sweeper. Still, a force to be reckoned with, though.
Dirty Tactics: Keeps the ball in one of his chests when they are doing well so the opposition has a lesser chance of scoring.

Position: Midfielder
About: I always thought a Stove without pots and pans would be useless, but it isn't so. This stove has a couple of sneaky tricks up his sleeve and is certainly one of the Sylestonean players the opposition midfielders need to deal with sooner rather than later.
Dirty Tactics: Makes the air really hot around him, as opposed to the Fridge.

Position: Striker
About: Arguably Sylestone's most valuable player, the Mixer is a star dribbler and striker. His goal scoring ratio isn't so great and that is mainly the Tumble Dryer's job, but he is the one that actually gets the ball to that point. However, he is quite unpredictable and sometimes his dribbling skills go horribly wrong, especially considering the ball is about the size of his body.
Dirty Tactics:
Weaves in and out of defenders with his tiny size and amazing dribbling skills. Gets unplugged a bit too often, though.

Table - Goalkeeper
Spiderwebs - Midfielder
Toilet - Defender
AC Vent - Striker
Nokia - Defender

Manager: Toilet
Coach: Toaster

National Team Stats:
All-time record: 41 wins, 27 draws, 67 losses
Largest Win: Sylestone 5-1 Megistos (pre CoH 77)
Largest Loss: Busoga Islands 5-1 Sylestone (CoH 77)
First Game: Sylestone 0-0 Pangurstan (BoF 72)
First Win: Sylestone 3-1 Floyssau (BoF 72)

MD1 vs North Alezia @ Chamberley Institute of Sport, Chamberley
MD2 in Legalese @ Location TBD
MD3 vs Crystalline Caverns @ The Trees, Pesfield
MD4 in Ko-oren @ Orange Bowl 54000, Schemerdrecht
MD5 vs Quebec @ Sentient Oval, Kirkham
MD6 in Blouman Empire @ Location TBD
MD7 vs PSTCT @ Avondale International Sports Stadium, Avondale
MD8 in Simulland @ Location TBD
MD9 vs The Sarian @ The Bay Reserve, Betham
MD10 in North Alezia @ Location TBD
MD11 vs Legalese @ Carson Stadium, Cleorough
MD12 in Crystalline Caverns @ Location TBD
MD13 vs Ko-oren @ Sunlife Stadium, Halpenley
MD14 in Quebec @ Location TBD
MD15 vs Blouman Empire @ Ground of Dunkirk, Dunkirk
MD16 in PSTCT @ Location TBD
MD17 vs Simulland @ Chamberley Institute of Sport, Chamberley
MD18 in The Sarian @ Location TBD

If you want me to add the location for your away leg, please DM or TG me.
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Team Mapletish for World Cup 87 Qualifying

Postby Mapletish » Sat Dec 26, 2020 9:19 pm

Nation Name: The Mapletia Unida of Mapletish
Demonym: Maplish/Mapletian
Team Nickname: The Dragons/The Minnows
The Supporters: The Fierykop

Image Image Image

Rosfield Stadium - 102,611

The Buio'Dzz
Before every match, the team members (including the designated substitutes for the match) will perform a traditional ritual, called the Buio'Dzz on the pitch just before play begins. The Buio'Dzz performed by the Maplish sports teams are from the Mapli-ane, one of the largest aboriginal groups in Mapletish. The Buio'Dzz originated from the sun god, Inaka, a Mapli-ane creation. To celebrate the birth of his son Arone, Inaka broke into a dance while humming a poem to celebrate the occasion. This continued to be the foundation of all tribe dances done by the Maplish aboriginals. The Buio'Dzz is just one of the many tribe war dances from the aboriginals of Mapletish. It is meant to awe and to challenge their opponents in the sports context today. This is similar to the [RL] New Zealanders' haka before their matches. It is performed by a group of people, with intensity and vigour. Actions are performed rhythmically including foot-stamping, tongue protrusions, rhythmic body slapping, clapping of the hands, and an accompaniment of shouting in the aboriginal dialect, which may represent tribal poems passed down from the ancestors of the particular tribe, or a poem that marks the events of a particular tribe. This ceremonial dance ritual also fulfills social functions such as weddings, funerals and celebration of great achievements, occasions, other than the anticipation of war from its earlier intentions. This would be performed unless the hosts of the match in question object to the ritual.

Previous WC Qualifying (13)
World Cup 57-67, World Cup 75, World Cup 81

Qualified for (2)
World Cup 64, 66

Simple Procedural Notes
Following the dispute between the RFAM and the Mapletish Board of Sports Organisations (MBSO), the Di Bradini Cup 49 squad will be rostered for the World Cup 87 Qualifying. This is also in line with the current stance by the MBSO which is to not send players to participate in national team competitions. This current squad headed by the eccentric and relatively unknown Bernhard Floris saw an almost perfect record in the recently completed DBC 49. They were beaten by San Ortelio 2-1 after extra time in the semi finals before securing the third place for the DBC after defeating Island of the Lost 1-0. The ultra defensive stance employed by Floris is expected to continue for the WC 87 Qualifying after keeping its structure through the tournament. However, that was not enough as they lost 4-0 to the Youth Primero Liga All Stars team in a preparatory and exhibition showcase recently. Floris citied the lack of desire and the ability to keep up with the creativity and fitness of the Youth Primero Liga All Stars team which consists of the best players from each of the big 20 sports clubs current contesting in the Youth Primero Liga. Nonetheless, despite all the odds stacked against this young squad, Floris is expected to bring out the best in this young team as they contest in the WC Qualifying for the 14th time.

Head Coach: Bernhard Floris, 40
A particularly unknown coach from Mapletish or probably he could be someone from the National Academy, who knows? Rumours has it that this 40 year old is a full time artist, enjoys tennis, is obsessed with cosplaying, helping the elderly across the road and reading. I don't know about the genre of his books though. Such quirky character but nothing beats his generosity and creativity. Perhaps that is all you need? Especially when dealing with young adults and teenagers who aren't the particularly "tough" or "headstrong" as the older generations might put that out as. Having grew up in a working class neighbourhood, he sure knows what being tough means. Physically, slightly overweight but otherwise in in good shape? So what does this have to do with sport? Maybe he was eyeing for a mid-career switch and found himself taking the helms. But all that can be said for this middle age man is that he really knows his stuff.

Assistant Coach: Sylvanus Cherokee, 37
An arrogant, talkative and headstrong assistant, Cherokee is vastly on the opposite end of Floris. 3 years his junior, Cherokee seems to be a little more in tune with his sporting/athletic background than Floris. Finally not another full time artist taking a mid career switch, oh Floris. Whlist, one can describe Floris' training methods as benevolent, or in other words, go easy on you when you reach your objectives for the session. Little can be said about Cherokee. Unsparing in his methods? How do we phrase this? Unprogressive? Growing up in a upper class neighbourhood, he sure knows what being tough means. Or however the opposite to what Floris means. Little is known how will this combination work but one can see some obstacles in their partnership on a fundamental level already, but maybe football is the one which breaks boundaries, with football as the common language.

#1 - GK - Malcolm Meade - Age 20 - No Club/ Royal Mapletish Armed Forces Sports Association
Floris dug deep in his connections and went straight to the Royal Mapletish Armed Forces Sports Association or RMAFSA, and picking up a goalkeeper on the way in the name of Meade. Meade is about to finish his conscription service in the RMAF and is looking to spend his last few months in the Maplish military amibicaly until Floris knocked on his door one day, literally. Floris under the name of the RFAM made a special trip down down South in fact to grab hold of the Army's football team starting goalkeeper. Consider it done that Meade is not looking for professional football just yet, having had no clubs knocking on his door. That however isn't too much of a concern for Meade as he can look to join one of the University/ College teams which provides fair competition in the annual University Cup. Meade is known or perhaps rumoured to be committed and highly composed in goal, coupled with quick reflexes through repeated conditioning rather than a naturally lower reaction time and reflex action.

#2 - DL - Arin Elton - Age 20 - No Club/ National Football Academy
Deliberating between whether to be a full back or a wing back, Elton is another option in Floris' toolkit. Versaitility in both allowed Floris to pick a relatively fluid formation for the squad in fact. An imposing player in fact, capable of tracking wide attacking players and delivering heavy body checks to get the attackers off the ball, he is also quick to return the attacking favour with speedy runs down the left flank, something which has been proven useful with a short tenure in his high school's track and field team. A 400m sprinter in fact, we can see how the need for repeated bouts of effort translates to a more sprinting outfit like Elton. However, the ability to catch the initial outbursts of speed in bringing the ball allows room for acceleration for the Dragons as Elton is also the centre of the counter attacking outfit, amidst, with minimal effect.

#3 - DC - Ivan Dwight - Age 20 - No Club/ National Football Academy
Dwight is considered rather old fashion as compared to his mate, Elton in the left flank. Sitting back and cautious towards going in front, he holds his position, sometimes a little too deeply, acting like a sweeper instead. Finding accurate long balls to the advancing attackers, is his offensive quality amongst the traditional toolkit of a defender. Tough tackles, maybe vital, maybe uncalled for, especially sliding tackles. But, that probably shows the determination and desire to win balls. Another plus point. Gets a little nervous to play sharp passes to his teammates when under pressure but that doesn't stop his pinpoint accurate long passes out to his offensive players. Something for Floris to take note, which one can be sure Floris has it taken down on his notebook, way earlier than any fans can take notice of.

#4 - DC - Raphael Singer - Age 20 - Balmope Betis
The only club that allowed their player to leave its youth outfit, Balmope Betis. Not be to confused with Raphael Sieger, the DBC 43 winner with his defensive partner Barnabas Hugo, hey now does that remind you of Hermanus Hugo? I'm sure you do, so many names, so many iterations, so confusing. Singer is similar to Sieger, his Balmope Betis senior in many aspects, aiming to form a partnership with his center defender partner Dwight, like how Sieger forms a partnership with Hugo, having great technique and loves a good nutmeg against his opponents, while trying to display, demonstrate or perform acts of flair with the ball against his opponents. Floris would have hope that Singer can be a key man in bringing in the attack together with his left flank counterpart Elton, maybe winning the ball and setting Elton up? Or to get the ball over to Dwight to deal that long cross, lob, sniped shot pass over to any offensive player there is out there. Not the opponents, that is. Never left alone without his guitar, Singer lives up to his name. Indeed he is a singer haha. Another quirk he likes to throw around, a good argument.

#5 - DR - Randolf Tijs - Age 20 - No Club/ National Football Academy
Out of the 4 defenders on the pitch, the toughest tackler will definitely be Tijs. And tackling goes beyond just using your legs to take the ball out, it involves taking your opponent out, and probably getting them below the shoulders and above the waist, yes you heard that right, or maybe a single leg takedown or double leg takedown right there. Tijs was condemned for playing too much football when his only obligation was to be taking fights in the rink, oh I meant ring, or probably the octagon, or pentagon, however the sides to that fighting ring. Probably because of his mixed martial arts background, a keen muay-thai and judo practitioner and some field skills from rugby, culminates in his combative style of play. Tijs, though might have seen the better of the referee books by keeping himself out of them for as many matches that he has played thus far, though. A good temperament? A humbled soul? Or maybe just some rule abiding?

#6 - CM - Austin Sonnie - Age 20 - No Club/ National Football Academy
A top base stealer, is one thing that comes to mind with Sonnie in the name. Eh what? Isn't he suppose to be a football player? Isn't stealing bases, a baseball sport? Oh I mean, baseball. Patience, Sonnie's favourite word. Drag the opponent in your waiting and you have the chance to make the play, that one play to start all plays. Once the time is right, or when the steel is hot, you get into action quickly, like the split second outburst from the starter's gun on the track in front of 50,000 spectators in the Olympics final 100m race, oh you get it. Explosiveness, speed, power and split second decisions, something that has dominated Sonnie's game, not to forget great hand eye coordination, there goes to show it goes to hand feet eye coordination as Sonnie picks out the right passes, run the right positions and starts the right plays. A pity he can't steal home plates and score runs in football, but he can certainly steal balls and score goals?

#7 - LM - Job Bobbie - Age 20 - No Club/ National Football Academy/ King's College - Captain
The good old number #7 man. Unlike a controlling, dominating left winger with far greater offensive tendencies and individualistic tendencies, Bobbie is somewhat different, more of a team player and with a keen eye on picking good crosses, he makes a good compliment with Dwight who comes sprinting down the left flank. Bobbie cuts inside to support his central midfield buddy Sonnie or to relive the pass from Dwight before cutting out again for Dwight to make an inside or to make a one two with one of the oncoming forwards or to make the dribble for himself. Floris looked to this age old teamplayer and handed him the Captain's armband not just because of his on the ball awareness but also because of his big pictured, aerial vision of the game. Not so much an eccentric leader when considered to outstanding captains of his age, he is more of a down to earth elder brother to the team despite being in the same age group. Maturity comes from experience in life, not just the numbers on your identity card, proved to be true in the form of Bobbie. To top things off, Bobbie also captained his school's 5th place finish in Group 11 of the University Cup, where they missed out on the knockout rounds by 5 points, behind group winners Dodgestead University, who won the group narrowly, by one point, coming ahead of Massgrad Park University, in a close group.

#8 - CM - Moseses Quin - Age 20 - No Club/ National Football Academy
Moseses cuts open the Red Sea. Or maybe he can cut the red card into half. Oh wait, he is Moseses, what a lad. Leaning on the right side of the central midfield, he is a good pairing with Sonnie. Soonie, however, seems to play better with Bobbie as a potential left side complement though. Energetic, handsome, photogenic, stop stop. Are we describing a would be sports model? Yes, he certainly turns heads on campus whenever he makes an appearance and a heartthrob to the ladies or whoever sets their eyes on him, even if it is just a glance. Appearance aside, Moseses is a box to box midfielder, hard working, disciplined, good all-round abilities but doesn't quite excel in attacking and defending, just skilled, and probably skewed towards sticking his head in the centre of the park most of the time. Trace back to his own box to make tackles and block shots then up ahead carrying the ball forward and run into the opponent's' box to assist or score himself. Quite traditional one would observe, noting how the game has evolved to split the two roles into holders and surgers in recent years. A mark of backwardness or conventionalism by Floris nonetheless.

#9 - RM - Henry Tomomi - Age 20 - No Club/ National Football Academy - Vice - Captain
Henry Tomomi, his name speaks volumes even before you see him. Impressions include wisdom, intellect, an attractive and refined friend, while a leader in his right. Tomomi is the sort to sit a little deeper than his left flank counterpart, Sonnie. Yet, he is not to be missed with his pace, and ability to beat the opponent's full back one on one and his incredible strength to muscle his way through if he is caught. A little less refined his in technical abilities than Sonnie, Tonomi takes on slightly more demanding physical roles to make up for it often opting for tried and tested passes and crosses rather than beating opponents by skills, he brings them down with both physicality and intellect a part, just like what his name suggests. A leader on the pitch, he complements well with Job Bobbie in the dressing rooms, probably a little less patient than the skipper himself, but he is a great listening ear and often can be seen talking to his teammates over coffee.

#10 - ST - Leonde Patrick - Age 20 - No Club/ National Football Academy
Patrick might not turn heads as often as Moseses, but turns heads for him is on the pitch. That is what matters isn't it? A second striker or inside forward, he is known for his ability to play in the hole, or what one would say between the space between the midfield and the defence of the opposing team, that means dancing around opponents? Probably. Quick, nimble, mobile, flexible and skillful and of great help to set up goals together with right midfielder Henry Tomomi, they are most likely to be the ones creating goals. Although Patrick might be thought of to be quick and nimble, he is also known for his strength, another feature that has been part of Floris' team this time round, with an emphasis on less than refined technical skills but a lot more focus on physical abilities. Something not to be missed despite Patrick's less than refined technical abilities is his dribbling though, an area which he has worked on countless of times and complements well with his nimble feet as observers suggests.

#11 - ST - Fernando Gauvain - Age 20 - No Club/ National Football Academy
Gauvain takes the role as the number 11 in the central forward spot ahead of Patrick as the team's key goal scoring and focal point of the majority of the attacking play by the team this tournament, at least. Of course, if you only measure a young lad by just how many goals they score, Guavain won't be in the running for the starting spot for this team. Not known to be any better at scoring goals than any of the top forwards in the Youth Premiero Liga, Guavain was brought in solely because of his agility, on the ball skills, confidence and strength, and also height. A kayaker, who plays football as an off season spot, Guavain finds himself in the wrong sport after all, after he suggested to paddle to Valanora for the DBC, luckily Floris pulled him back and sit him on the plane instead. Height is of an advantage just like how it helped with his reach in the water, strength and endurance, just as nicely put in the water, we don't know whether he is well conditioned enough to be putting in an on season effort on the field though. Game time will tell signs whether this off season kayaker is ready for some football matches.

#12 - GK - Fernao Rufino - Age 20 - No Club/ National Football Academy
Rufino has it rough, rougher than many of his teammates in fact, he came from ice hockey. Imagine skating such aggressively on the ice and now having to run on the pitch, and roll around in the mud, what a horror. Falling down in grace and away from the obstructive helmet, Rufino roughs it out on the ground as his favourites are one on ones with each of the outfielders in the team. Gone are the days when he can have his entire body to the goal though, now he has to dive and jump and catch like really take the leap of faith and dive for it. Low balls are his strengths though, well drilled in bottom corner shots, he might have that bit of a trouble taking those upper corner shots because that is literally what he doesn't do in ice hockey, but whose idea was it to bring an ice hockey goalie in the football pitch anyway? Anyone? Floris? Anyone with that name? Sounds familiar.

#13 - CB - Jansen Olu - Age 20 - No Club/ National Football Academy/ University of Queensland
Another varsity player on the pitch together with Bobbie, who is from the King's College. This Business Administration major better not be doing his sums or his SWOT analysis on whether or not to play the game. Just play and defend well. Another one of those ambitious and physical fellows in the team. Despite, Floris' insistence to not throw long crosses into the opposition half, a more completely opposite instruction for his teammate Singer, Olu, just attempts it anyway. No wonder he sits on the bench but such ambitious attempts have a 1 in 3 chances probability to hit an advancing Maplish player, as calculated by Olu, what nonsense. For one, one wouldn't be too confident to execute a pass that isn't at least 50% accurate at least. At least in 4 tries, get 2 in, but seems like what 50% means to Olu is there is a 50% chance that the ball won't reach an offensive player because it is either a hit or a miss, 50-50 indeed. Is this the partition problem? Are some partitions just that much better than others? One shudders to think.

#14 - CB - Nazariy Borislav - Age 20 - No Club/ National Football Academy
Borislav, a sport fisherman more than anything else or he could be a career fisherman if he wants to. What is he doing on the football pitch? Few things to learn from him though, he has an odd superstition about the weather, if the weather isn't at all good, he tends to stand his ground and his a little more patient than usual. "One doesn't curse the weather, as nature it is should be taken naturally," wise words coming from a 20 year old. Giving things a second and re-evaluating it, when brought into context on the football pitch means making calculated guesses on the pitch and timing his tackles right rather than throwing in tough and rough and wild tackles whenever he feels like it, sounds a little bit better than the all rough Tijs, one might think. But that only throws you off especially when concentration gets a little wayward when the weather goes down south, lesser analysis and more work, would do Borislav better though. Cheers to that.

#15 - CM - Arnar Vioir - Age 20 - No Club/ National Football Academy
Vioir, at one point, I thought there might be double "o"s. Comparing him to the football team is like comparing apples with oranges. This dude is all the way from the weightlifting team. Now, we can say he is buying his time in the offseason with the football team, just like Gauvain, that kayaker. Training for Vioir consists of more squats than the football team can comprehend, and more assistance exercises than the football team has ever seen. Front squats, back squats, picture perfect snatches shot in quick succession and the neat catch at the bottom at the highest pull of the bar and dropping under perfectly, good technique Tuesday, captions one of the weightlifting coaches, remarking Vioir's emphasis on technique mastery and practice. What can that bring over to football? One fears the other who practices 1 kick 1000 times rather than the one who practices 1000 kicks 1 time. There we go, Vioir has good technique mastery, good control and keeps himself close, perfect for man marking duties especially in defending corner. One could have witness a human clean and press.

#16 - CM - Agnar Yngvar - Age 20 - No Club/ National Football Academy
We have seen a sprinter, kayaker, rugger, mixed martial artist, fisherman, weightlifter, an ice hockey keeper, but have we seen an Olympic rower. Floris lack of options really have him pulling out all strings to keep tabs on athletes who do play football decently during their off season. Yngvar is an Olympic Rower, good riddance, or probably one might say for the good of Di Bradini. A huge power to weight ratio, is that enough? Add an endless amounts of insane dedication and the daringness to keep going and going and going and going like those trains spinning on the tracks. Not only is he a good combination of speed, he also emcompasses some resemblence of endurance, and his favourite past time indeed is going for marathon length jogs. One can only guess this means he is a workhorse on the pitch, something that is not to be missed as he runs into positions set out just fine. Floris really has a good eye.

#17 - CM - Oliv Lui - Age 20 - No Club/ Royal Mapletish Armed Forces Sports Association
Another player from the RMAFSA, Lui sits patiently by as he too is vying his time to end his conscription service with the RMAF peacefully, and just nice, it is a chance for him to sit out the rest of his time with an edition of the Di Bradini Cup. Considering how he is still in the World Cup Qualiyfing squad, Lui has one more in him before he ends his service for good in pursuit for some club or university football. Lui is a combat medic, who obviously plays football when he is free, or at least on the Sports Association level one can at least guess. Combat medics in the RMAF at least complete rounds of courses which certify them as Emergency Medical Technicians, paramedics and on site trauma care specialist and an all round medical and clinical setting training, something which is similar to the type of training that med school students get to experience. An on the job training component and a capstone emergency treatment simulation rounds up the training for Lui in his role as a combat medic. Most of the time, Lui spends his time in the Battalion medical centre hoping to have a peaceful day, with zero injuries and zero medical attention needed.

#18 - ST/ Utility - Hampus Torbjorn - Age 20 - No Club/ National Football Academy/ Great Readingbury University
Torbjorn is termed a Utility, perhaps, a compliment of his versatility or simply just a backhanded compliment to his inability to settle in any of the positions on the pitch, but lets just assume it is meant to be a compliment for his versatility on the pitch. Although mainly used in the forward roles, Torbjorn was also utilised in other positions such as the defensive midfield, the wings, or the centre backs positions in his tenure within the National Football Academy. One can only imagine why because he is one of the younger coaches within the Academy, and since Floris needs some young men to form the squad for the Di Bradini Cup, he is brought on on the very last minute, what a bummer. Despite being a last minute back then for the DBC, Torbjorn has impressed for Floris in the recent DBC and he remains one of the reserve players that Floris is counting on for the World Cup Qualifying. Currently, a sports science major in the Great Readinbury University, he is also a varsity team player and the current captain of the varsity football team at the university, who recently finished in a respectable third place in Group 1 of the University Cup failing to qualify for the knockout rounds behind University of Catazaro and South Holtsburg University.

Formation: 4-4-2
Style Modifier: -5

Penalty Takers: Job Bobbie/ Fernando Guavain/ Moseses Quin
Direct Free Kick Takers: Job Bobbie/ Fernando Guavain/ Moseses Quin
indirect Free Kick Takers: Raphael Singer/ Austin Sonnie/ Leonde Patrick
Left Corner Takers: Henry Tomomi/ Moseses Quin/ Randolf Tijs
Right Corner Takers: Job Bobbie/ Austin Sonnie/ Arin Elton

THE opponent can,
Choose my goalscorers? Yes.
Godmod scoring events? Yes.
RP injuries to my players? Yes, within reason, that means no career ending injuries or my players end up dying. I reserve the right to change the severity in the follow up RP.
Godmod injuries to my players? Yes, as above.
Hand out yellow cards to my players? Yes.
Hand out red cards to my players? Yes, only a maximum of 2 per match and that excludes the captain or vice-captain.
Godmod other events? TG me first and I'm always open to ideas.
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Qualified for WC 64, 66
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Somehow Related to Rarity
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Postby Somehow Related to Rarity » Sat Dec 26, 2020 9:42 pm

PSTCT Roster
Manager: Ryder the Rider
His Wife: Katie Babie
Staff: Snoop Pawg, Snoop Pog, Snoop Dawg

Painbow Bruh
Twilight the vampire
Alppe Slow
Pinkie Blue
Based Chase
Skye High
Thick Everest
Tracker ‘El cartel de la droga’
Rubble Double
Zuma W E T
Daddy Rocky
Marshal Marshall

There isn’t any actual position because they’re all talented.
When picking the Starting XI you’ll see there are some extras; they’re the substitutes.
If all other options fail, you can use a clone of any of the players as a substitute.

RP Permissions
RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose my scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Not too serious
Godmod Injuries to my players: Y
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Y
Give Red Cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y
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Civil Rights Lovefest

Postby Twicetagram and JYPe » Sat Dec 26, 2020 10:13 pm

The Official National Football Association Of Twicetagria


Twicetagrian National Football Team
Национальная Сборная По Футболy Тваистайгрер (Twicetagrian Russian)
Ipsum de National Team Twicetagria (Latin)
Εθνική Oμάδα Ποδοσφαίρου της Τυαισταιγρo (ancient[?] Greek)
Echipa Națională de Twicetagram (Vampirian Romanian)

Credits to NN/Filindo for these kits!
Away: Image

Another Introduction
Twicetagria, formerly known as Strayquestria and the Wolflands, is a country located in the western side(unofficial) of Atlantian Oceania. A humble population of about 23 million humans, sentient ponies, deities(mostly ancient Greek), werewolves, and vampires, Twicetagria is racially diverse. The de facto national languages include English, Twicetagrian Russian, ancient Greek and Latin, but there are 45 more known languages in Twicetagria.
Most of the Twicetagrian population lives in the huge, bustling metropolitan areas splattered throughout Twicetagria: Twice Square --the capital--, Alphaxrie(predominantly domesticated werewolves), Legothria and Sranchies(deities and demigods make up a large part of the demographics) and the newly founded Velikiygrad, which translates to 'great city' in Twicetagrian English.
The monarchs of Twicetagria are the highly-revered God Jihyo and Lord FLUTTERS. Tourists and foreigners are to abide by the rules set to respect any ruling power. The deities are mostly Roman or Greek gods who occasionally come and visit Twicetagria, due to ancient Greece and Rome having ties with us. There are also vampires who live in the Feruscian Highlands. They are a friendly and hospitable bunch, and their accommodation is usually 5-star. They speak English normally, but speak Romanian sometimes.

The Twicetagrian Football Team officially represents Twicetagria in men's international football since their maiden match in 202 P.Y. Their maiden international tournament competition, the AOCAF 60, was left unsuccessful. A disappointing BoF 72 finished off with a surprisingly successful WCQ85 and CoH, going to finish 4th in the former's group stage, and the Round of 32 in the latter. Most of Belgium's home matches are played at the Stray Kids Colosseum in Twice Square.

Helpful Information
Manager: Raiche Ryoviste (rai-sher iyo-vaish if you wanted the pronunciation)
Nickname: The Lieutenants
Formation: 5-2-2-1
Style Modifier: -2
First match: 1-2 loss, vs Chromatika
All-time scorer: too lazy to count
National Squad
1  | Jamie Han           | 32 years old
12 | Rudolph Haniet | 26 years old | provisional Starting XI
17 | Hinlaiva Kriugistu | 21 years old

2   | Saminan Hakviev     | 20 years old | CB | provisional Starting XI
3 | Anastasia Romanov | 24 years old | LB | provisional Starting XI
4 | Daniil Vasiliev | 26 years old | CB | provisional Starting XI
5 | Stormy Martins | 28 years old | CB | provisional Starting XI
6 | Dolan Primiscu | 21 years old | RB
14 | Juna Tohlhaiyev | 21 years old | LB
16 | Ronnylla Mazepin | 23 years old | RB | provisional Starting XI
18 | Garthapis Koulouris | 25 years old | CB

8   | Davidov Rominevskiy | 28 years old | CM/CDM    | plays for a foreign team
9 | Ronny Dargozhov | 27 years old | CAM/LM/LW | provisional Starting XI
10 | Eli Apollon | 26 years old | CAM/RM/RW | provisional Starting XI
15 | Tina Kinavrei | 21 years old | CM/CDM | provisional Starting XI
19 | Roy Nikilita | 20 years old | CAM/LM/LW
21 | Troniy Sircessev | 21 years old | CAM/RW/RW
22 | Kei Ardvanev | 25 years old | CM/CDM | provisional Starting XI

7  | Augustin Vladimirescu | 31 years old | plays for a foreign team
11 | Tengretz Aidor | 24 years old | provisional Starting XI
13 | Heleklaisi Maelorus | 28 years old
20 | Dniebe Herlina | 20 years old
23 | Gioko Hnasverlin | 21 years old

Note: Rominevskiy plays for Port Tacassam(TKT), while Vladimirescu plays for Haligonian(QUE)

The Tactics Box
to be used to decide goalscorers
The Hitback Tiki-taka
This tactic is used when our defenders have won the ball from an (counter)attack, corner or goal. The attacking midfielders will be located just past the half-line, towards our goal. The defender who won the ball will then pass to the closest midfielder, usually the CM or CDM. He/she will then pass the ball to the striker or the attacking midfielders. They will then rush through to the goal. Passing the ball amongst each other, when they get the chance, they will strike.
- works when the back line is high up the pitch, or the opposing defense is caught slacking

The Pressuremaker
This tactic is used when the ball is intercepted or won in the middle third. The players will tire out the defense with quick play or passing. When the defense doesn't suspect anything, the ball will be passed to the wingers, who make a run along the flanks into the goal. The ball will be crossed into the box, where the other striker or attacking midfielder/winger will convert it into a shot.
- works late game when the back line is worn out

We don't particularly have tactics for balls won in the final third, or free kicks and corners. feel free to do your own thing.
These tactics don't have to be used by you if you don't want to. However, it is asked that you would, because it would make our play more realistic.

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Fine with anything, but would be great if you took reference to the tactics box above.
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: No
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