World Cup 87 - RP Thread

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]


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Postby Tikariot » Sat Feb 13, 2021 6:01 pm

OOC Disclaimer: Soundtrack: Amon Amarth - Tattered Banners and Bloody Flags

The picture fades in to the flickering light of a torch, surrounded by absolute blackness.

The Shadow: Empires have fallen, monuments have crumbled, dynasties have come to an end.

The camera turns around the torch and the light falls onto a tattered banner of the Tikariotian flag, lightly moving in an unseen breeze.


The Shadow: The impossible has become reality, the underdog has survived the so-called 'Group of Death'. Defied the odds of the almighty numbers and the experts. The Dark Tide was seen as the fifth strongest team of the group. Well, ask Newmanistan, Tequilo and Zeta Reka how that worked out for them...

The camera slowly moves down to show two hooded figures, one holding a wooden staff with a carved ravenhead on its top, one with long black hair spilling out of the hood.

The Shadow: Several giants were swaying, ready to fall, Nephara, Baker Park, Zwangzug, Pasarga, they managed to catch themselves, but some did not. Instead look at Tikariot, Savigliane, Vdara, South Newlandia, Poafmersia, all phoenices arisen from the favourites' ashes. Is it a changing of the guard? No, not yet, but the winds have changed. The doors to the exclusive club have been pried open.

And now things shift to Taeshan and Ethane, the stage has been set, the second act is about to begin, with brandnew protagonists. Nephara. Drawkland. Astograth. On paper we are the second weakest team in the World Cup. On paper we should never have managed to actually qualify. Yet here we are.

In the distance a second torch flares up, but too far away to show anything but a flickering dot.

The Shadow: I could go on about how we are so far behind everybody in the rankings, how Nephara is the insurmountable challenge, how Drawkland is physically so overpowering, how Astograth... You see, there are a lot of things that could be said, but do they actually mean anything in the end? All of this tells us about successes already won, of achievements that reflect on the past, not the present or even the future. Sure, they are indicators for what these nations have been able to do, of their strengths. But like I said, if you just go with that, we should not be here. We already overcame the odds to get to this point.

Another torch flickers to life, on the other side of The Shadow, about as far away as the second one that had flared up earlier. He raises his staff high and swings it to the side, apparently hitting a drum. A loud "HAH!" sound tears through the silence, together with a loud clap.

The Shadow: There are things far more important than any past achievements, than any odds or statistics or probabilities. It is all in the heads and in the hearts.

He hits the drum for a second time and the same "HAH!" shout and clap follow.

The Shadow: Drawkland, you know the old trope of "The higher they come, the harder they fall?" Your physical prowess might be an advantage, but any advantage can be overcome, just like every poison has its antidote.

The cadence of The Shadow hitting the drum and the "HAH!" and the clap following slowly speeds up.

The Shadow: If you allow fear to strike your hearts, if you let doubt take root, you have already lost the battle before it has begun.

The next strike of the drum with the same reaction.

The Shadow: We already have been stamped the losers of the group, the ones paying their dues as first time qualifiers. We are the game that is the "must win" for you, otherwise all of your ambitions to advance already are in danger.

The ravenhead hits the drum another time.

The Shadow: There is no doubt in our minds, no fear in our hearts, the pressure is all on you, Drawkland. You are the ones that have to live up to the expectations.

He puts all of his strength into the drumbeats now, getting ever faster until then suddenly silence falls again.

The Shadow: We literally have nothing to lose. And we have not come alone!

Suddenly the camera zooms out and one by one torches flare up behind The Shadow, at first dozens, then hundreds, maybe more, creating a sea of flickering flames.

The Shadow: Drawkland, the Dark Tide has reached Ethane and it is ready to wash over you. Are you?

In the dancing light of the torches, more tattered Tikariot banners and flags are visible, flying in the wind that has picked up.


As one the crowd shouts.

"Morituri te salutant!"

Tikariot - Rushmore - Trigramme: TKT
Sporting achievements:
Football (27th): Ro16 (and group winner) WC87 | Winner - IFC 1 | Quarter final - BoF 73 | 3rd in group WCQ86
Baseball (16th): Winner - International Baseball Slam XI | Round of 16 - World Baseball Classic 49/50
Lacrosse (25th): Round of 16 - World Lacrosse Championships 34
Hosting: IBS XII, Copa Rushmori 36

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Postby Astograth » Sat Feb 13, 2021 6:03 pm


“Always,” said Ibon, rolling his shoulders. Mantzia nodded.

“Then we’re live in 5… 4…. 3…,” said Yeimi, counting down on his fingers. The last two came down wordlessly.

“WE’RRRRRRE LIVE! It’s your Daineri Starting Goalkeeper, live from the oven where we bake it! And that oven, today, is this fabulous stadium in Lisander! Why’s that, Mantzia? How come we came all this way?”

“Because, Ibon, it’s the last matchday of Worrrrrld Cuuuuup Qualifying! And Astograth, for the first time in forever, is still alive in this race!”

One of their sponsors, a major airline, had paid for them to go and cover the final day of qualifying, live. They’d done live shows before, but mostly around their home base in Rumiatzi and rarely other cities around Astograth. To suddenly find themselves podcasting from Lisander was insane to Mantzia. This was, somehow, the same stupid podcast she’d started with a friend from uni six years ago, on a hot leather couch in his parents’ attic.

They’d needed a name in order to upload it for the half-dozen other friends they’d rope into listening to it. Around minute 20 they’d been reading through the lineups of the Audioslavian National League and started riffing on the curious prevalence of Daineri goalkeepers. Daineri Starting Goalkeeper. Good enough. Little had they known.

They sat high up in the stands, peering down on the pitch from an open-air press sector. They’d gotten big, but not big enough for a box of their own. The situation was tense: Mriin were playing the worst-performing team in the group – the one with a single point to their name – and if they won, which they almost certainly would, then Astograth’s only option was to win. Anything else was goodbye to the World Cup. Like any good podcaster, Mantzia was a knot of hope, dread, nerves, and cool cynicism.

Two straight hours of podcasting was a lot of airtime. They’d timed the preamble to finish right around when the teams stepped out, and so it was. The anthems came and went. Ibon rambled about how he’d turned up to airport security with a massive metal wine opener in his backpack, allegedly by accident, and that in the ensuing search through his luggage they’d found a plastic bag full of his very white foot powder. Mantzia’s job was to be incredulous – which she had been, and still was. Fans had apparently found their very stupid friendship highly relatable.

When the match kicked off, Ibon switched into what he called his ‘Lau Kanala voice’: the type of rapid-fire narration provided by the best of Astograthian public TV. He was not, however, trained in rapid-fire narration.

“Andthere’sLekeapassestoBergarabacktoLekeatoDuartetoDuartestillDuarteDuarte’sgotithe’s- to- to Malk- to D- to- he’s- here’sMarteland- to-“

Mantzia laughed, to which Ibon also broke down and laughed. They dropped back into their usual commentary.

“Seems like there’s a decent amount of interest in this match from the international press. I think our neighbours are Euran, possibly some Valladars over there, Nepharan reporters…” said Mantzia, craning her head to have a look around the tables.

“Any Daineri?”

“I severely doubt that, somehow.”

Mantzia’s gaze was driven back to their own table by a bright red graphic flashing on their tablet monitors. Ibon’s eyes grew wide, and he drew a big breath.


“You’d expect Mriin to come back from this soon, though, would-“ Mantzia was cut off by another flashing icon. United Australasian Commonwealth 1-1 Mriin.

“Well, that was quick! Equaliser for Mriin. Nevermind then,” grumbled Ibon.

On the pitch, Astograth were getting caught offside, smashing shots into the side netting, and sending long balls just a bit too long for the wingers to reach. Lisander had the better chance: a powerful shot had been blocked by Leskerre, looped over goalkeeper Bedigax and miraculously headed off the line by Doyenard. In injury time of the first half, Malkorra won a free-kick on the edge of the box – and promptly sent it over the crossbar. Mriin were 2-1 up by then, and looking comfortable.

Daineri Starting Goalkeeper was first a comedy show, and secondarily a sports show. This was normally not an issue,since the vagaries of weekly football provided plenty of comedy on its own. Doing live coverage they had to rely on the situation at hand, and what they had was Astograth failing to win at Lisander, losing out on the World Cup.

“Do you know why Mriin conceded the first goal, Ibon?”

“Because they want to play for the UWC at the Cup of Harmony?”

“No, that’s clearly what we’re doing. Mriin, on the other hand, know that going 2-0 up is a guaranteed loss. Conceding one and then going 2-1 up is the superior IQ play.”

That drew a dry laugh from Ibon, at least. Living rooms around Astograth were grim, most likely. In their last three World Cup cycles, Olibondeka had objectively done well – but it seemed like something of a monkey’s paw situation. A great run to the Cup of Harmony semifinals, only to finish fourth. Being good but not good enough is how you build a reputation for bottling. – and to drive that point home, they’d reached the next Cup of Harmony final only to lose to Krytenia. Both Copas Rushmori had been dire as well, ending in the groups.

“Our close friend Baraxil’s coming on,” remarked Ibon. Sure enough, Muhaburu was stretching next to the fourth referee, configuring the substitutions board.

“Friend of the pod Baraxil Muhaburu, that’s right. I’m surprised he’s not listening right now, actually.”

“With like, ear pods? Would that be allowed, actually?”

“You say that like there aren’t satyrs in the other tie, Ibon. With horns.”

“Yeah, but- nevermind.”

The second half was agonising. Lisander fell back into their half, slowly driving Astograth crazy. Vaudrail and Thunder yelled and waved for calm from the sidelines, but it was obvious that the players were growing desperate. Everyone was. Mantzia and Ibon were finding it harder to not scream over every bump and referee whistle. The clump of Astograthian fans in the stand to their left had been growing louder as well – Mantzia could hear them clearly over the baseline din of Lisanderian support.

Mantzia lost it when a set of Astograthian players stood up to go warm up.

“Oh my fucking- don’t tell me he’s sending on Salayeta. Don’t. No. I can’t. Ibon, I can’t.”

“Like he can’t ca-“


She chose to believe her negative vibes forced the manager’s hand. Labeaga came on for Leskerre, who’d had a slight limp since clashing with a Lisanderian forward minutes earlier, and Nekol for Ibargengoitia.

“Muhaburu, now Nekol… does Vaudrail want things to get out of control?” asked Mantzia, though relieved it wasn’t Salayeta.

“Just need a goal,” said Ibon.

Muhaburu feinted a pass to Duarte and turned the other way, dribbling his way into Lisander’s half. He feinted a pass again, this time to Epherra, and again cut the other way, clearing space through the lines to strike a long shot- no, a cross! That met Nekol’s head and was driven straight into the goalkeeper’s chest.

Minute 83. Mantzia wanted to scream, then realised she had been doing it for the past few seconds. They were not doing a comedy show. It was barely a sports show at this point. It was agony.

The red icon flashed on their monitor.

United Australasian Commonwealth 2-2 Mriin.

She screamed again, this time in joy. Serious journalists around them were casting glances their way



A Lisanderian cross bounced into the Astograthian box and was headed by Labeaga straight at Doyenard, who had his arm raised- was it a handball? They held their breath.

“I don’t know if it’s a penalty.”

“It better not be.”

“Even if it is, though-“

The monitor flashed.

United Australasian Commonwealth 2-3 Mriin.

“Oh my fucking God,” said Ibon.

“Is this how we go out?”

The referee did not award a penalty, after video review. Minute 88.

Bedigax restarted play. He kicked it long, way long. Epherra caught it. He passed to Nekol, who cut inside toward the outside of the box. Defenders closing him down, the winger passed to nowhere.

Into nowhere drifted Azeari Duarte, smashing the ball into the net.

Transkribia.asg would later transcribe the following minute as [unintelligible].

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Postby Independent Athletes from Quebec » Sat Feb 13, 2021 6:19 pm

OOC: I will be posting Part 12 in 6 parts under 3/4 instalments. The overall six part version of it will be posted on TWGS Megathread by the end of this weekend.

Independent Athletes from Quebec (IAQ) - World Cup 87 Team
Group G versus Chromatika, Farfadillis and Turori

GK: Okello (Hoima Warriors, BNJ), McGibbon (1912 Stelburg, STL), Middleton (Hornchurch, EUR)
LB: Borges Jr (Slateport Bulls, VLD), Hanson-Conavacio (Haligonian)
CB: Manitopyes (Fontvielle Impact, VLD), McKechnie (Montreal Koreana), Raeff (Rozelle, BRE)
RB: Kim-Lumaniyka (Raynor City United, VAL), Mantha (Usmer, EUR)

CM: Bush-Sprenger (Hellenic Rouge, PAS), E. Kang (Rulandea Kosta, FFD), MacDougall (UI1877), McKellar (Haligonian)
CAM: Hertel (Servette FC, VLD), Lundrigan (TSV Marzig, STL)

LW: Mancosu (Pradera FC, VLD), R. Yi (Turoki Tide, VIL)
ST: S.Y. Kim (RGS Athletic, EFL), Fillion (Holdenburg, EUR), D.J. Min (Olympique de Rimouski)
RW: Huitema-Omeasoo (Istria City FC, BNJ), Khedira (Dynamo Sjoedhavn, SVJ)

Expected Starting XI vs Chromatika: Okello; Hanson-Conavacio - Manitopyes - Raeff - Kim-Lumaniyka; MacDougall - E. Kang; Mancosu - Hertel - Huitema-Omeasoo; S.Y. Kim

I Run To You

PART 12 (54) - Loneliness/Gymnopedies

Piece 5 - Tears

After that wonderful summer, Asher had to go back to Kingston.

Still, never did they really lose control of each other. Whenever the weekends permitted, he tried to come to Montreal or East Coast when the schedules permitted him to do so, and the QNR Rail Pass, the first of several acts of gratitude Myeong-Shin had given to him with his friend in mind, came particularly useful for it. Being used to travelling far and away for baseball and hockey tournaments, and also watching his brother Frank do the same in football, he felt all too familiar with it all, and appreciated the grind of travelling four hours just to see her for two days.

And of course, as with every happy relationship, love takes two. An ever so questioning reader of mine or two would wonder why the initiative usually ends up being taken by Asher and not Eileen. With that, dear reader, please do not confuse this with lack of care on her side of it all. While I may not have placed enough emphasis on Eileen's part to their relationship, this is more on my limitations as a narrator. It just happened to be the case where Asher, the lad who's up to no good, happens to be the protagonist for the season.

Anyways, let’s go back to their story. So, we’re back sometime in late November. The final exams were still two to three weeks away for students of the Erskine Collegiate Institute in Midtown Kingston, and with the Fall Fare concert completed, it was more or less expected for the choristes to have time for themselves. Some would use the additional time to study, others would use it in a local pub (underaged drinking!) or eatery, and the rest would stay back in school for other club activities that were still going on, before the exams would force them to be halted.

Of course Asher, being an odd creature himself, had something else planned out. Normally, he would be out with his boys or spend more time watching QBO highlights, but today was going to be a different day. During the lunch hour break, just as he was chatting with his boys on the fourth floor, he got a text message that, of course, allowed him to clear the schedule after school’s done. During a month between two legs of her tour, Eileen was coming over to Kingston to see a friend of hers off to the University of Kingston, and Asher just happened to be lucky enough the choral rehearsals were postponed for the remainder of the term.

They had agreed to meet on the major intersection of Young and Linton, situated just about five hundred metres away from the Erskine Collegiate, over the Linton station that was a major transit interchange for those frequenting Kingston Subway or buses. The midtown Kingston was increasingly becoming densified, the product of a major city with largening centre and the housing demand that was matched with the parents’ own to send their kids to nearby public or private high schools, and Asher could notice how much pain in the arse that has become to his parents, who either grew up in a villa or a palace in Chania or the Bron-Yr-Aur House that was falling apart, day by day.

As Asher slowly turned around the corner and approached the Young Street, Asher’s heads were filled with millions of thoughts. It was already four in the afternoon, and all he could feel were the winds produced by the skyscrapers and slight bits of snow. Even in Kingston, one of the warmest cities in the nation, the late November hasn’t been the most pleasant of signs this time around, and all everybody was feeling was disgruntlement and pettiness. As he walked pass the popular Gyros resto and a couple of franchise coffee shops, Asher was already thinking about the summer and the roses that would bloom in the Montreal parks. That’s the funny effect of Quebecois winters- no matter how beautiful your summers can get, you cannot help but to wonder about how grass is always greener on the other side of your fence.

With that being said, Asher slowly walked further along the street, until the intersection was reached. In the middle of a large intersection, with dozens of cars stuck on the early onset of traffic jam and late trawl of schoolchildren heading home or to lessons, it was chaotic enough for him to find someone. Asher may be fairly tall, at around 5’11”, but this was something where his height wouldn’t really come of his service, and he sighed once more. Asher slowly looked around his surroundings, trying to see where his

Huh, was all that he said. Asher pulled out his cellphone and swiped right to see if there were any notifications. Of course, there was none, aside from her solitary text stating that she’s ‘here, in the intersection’. Asher rolled his neck twice, blinking his eyes thrice, and then after looking around again, placed his phone back in his pocket, before turning around...only to realise that it’s always the darkest under the lamp. Like that, she was standing right beside him.

'Gosh, you're surprising me again, woman!' Asher chuckled as their eyes met once again, gaze losing a second in a matter of telecolour revolution gone wrong, and their lips meeting. 'You always take my breath away.' Asher graciously smiled, smelling the roses casually conjured up in the winter air.

‘Stop being silly, Ash.’ Eileen smiled back at him, as they slowly walked along the street, hopefully trying to enter the subway station via a train. ‘You’re never going to be caught out of surprise, won’t you?’

‘I guess.’ Asher shrugged, just happy enough to see her. Unlike Asher, who was somewhat overwhelmed with coursework, Eileen looked exhausted but still confident, radiant in a ray of her own. However, the Kingstonian climate certainly didn't bring out the best of such rays at times, and the dark coat was one of the examples of that. Asher, on the other hand, was still dressed in a light, blue and chequered cardigan and jeans. 'But at least what's going to be done is done right?'

'Certainly.' Asher nodded, trying to not say too much. 'So where are we heading next? Parents are out of town again, and Frank's hanging out with his friends for the day.'

'Why not Downtown? Heard that there's this new restaurant out in Regina West that Abby has mentioned.' Eileen asked, trying not to make too much out of their conversation. 'Apparently the Krytenian curry place is pretty good, so she asked why don't we go there tonight.'

'Sounds good. Krytenians know what they make for sure.' Asher smiled in glee. For a guy who's lived so close (yet far) to Downtown, Asher wasn't really one who liked eating anywhere farther than 10km. His father, being a Member of Parliament, chose to stay mostly within the boundaries of his constituency or the neighbouring ones in order to keep privacy, and Asher usually ate some fried chicken or pizza with his friends. So in some ways, their lifestyle back in Montreal had somewhat continued in mini version. 'How's she doing?'

'Eh, you know. College stuff. Just enjoying the city life, which can get lonely at times, you know.' Eileen responded, trying to be careful with her words. 'They let you go this early in the day?'

'Band's done, choir's done, and hockey's not practicing this week.' Asher nodded. 'But it doesn't really matter even if I had anything coming up, to-be-eych.' He raised his right eyebrow.

'Oh, really?' Eileen asked again. 'You're still coming over for Christmas right? Coxwell Park?'

'Not sure, mum hasn't said anything.' Asher shrugged, noticing her sliding her hands into pocket. 'Apparently uncle wants everybody to come over to Bron-Y-Aur this christmas, and dad's not happy about it. I'll let you know if he'll let me go there though, but nothing's sure yet.' Then he slowly locked his right arm to hers. 'So tell me about that time when you were out in Esportiva..'

Piece 6 - Hometown Glory

'Well, the worst has yet to come.' Asher felt his toes numb once again, his gaze tired and weary mid-flight from Nyhavn and Kingston. The noise of the Aerobus A350 was loud and evident, and the only way he was doing to drown out the noise is by listening to some Tikariotian heavy metal over the Sportivy (OOC: Sporting Multiverse's equivalent of Spotify, based in California City, Manitoba, Quebec). Still, Asher swore to himself his mind was far from being focused, truly disturbed by the latest realisations where he knew Eileen would be hurt regardless of what he were going to tell her.

I don't know how to say those words, but they are inevitable...

Over the last several years, Asher had spent so much time flying across the Multiverse, unexpectedly and expectedly so, that he was able to start remembering the rotation of plane foods on the lounge. So much for having Stelios the Second as grandfather and an admiral on the other side, Asher used to joke with his friends, as they sat on economy class cabins for all the ensemble tours (he had just as many friends on band program as he had from baseball or hockey teams). Being underaged, he knew there were enough drinks or services the stewards weren't allowed to offer to Asher, and decided to enjoy those schoolboy rides like a normal teenager.

Now I could feel the final months of high school slip before my eyes, but you know, would there be anything worthy to be said about it? Especially when I know what's gonna happen, regardless of my choice?

Trying to drown the voices inside his head, Asher scrolled along YourNewWorld, the nationbuilding gaming website best known for his forums. It was an interesting world, with plenty of options out there with its subforums, and Asher knew the one he, a high school student-athlete heading to St. Croix by September, found its sports message boards the most entertaining one. There he didn't have to deal with much inconvenience like slave market posts (long modhammered and punished), song contest megathreads that always clogged up a couple of Fuwa servers he use to frequent, and all the burnouts that came out with Forum 9 roleplays that sometimes had morally questionable roleplayers. Sports roleplayers definitely had their quirks and occasional feuds but they, overall, knew how to roleplay with variance and without specific framework that he found too restrictive from other subforums, so Asher's stayed there over past three years there.

'World Champs...Bowl...Hockey.....' Asher said to himself, as he scrolled along the YNW Hockey Championship 9 thread. 'Yikes.' Due to obvious reasons, Asher hasn't posted an RP in a week, and that clearly showed with the group stage results, as the two-time defending champions, Terra Salamantica, had lost last two of five to finish 8-2-0. Of course, it wasn't his fault Terra Salamantic had a bad run, for the scorinator sometimes produced weird results, and the chances of upsets against the number one ranked nation in that fictional world was already high enough with a strong group.

But all of that didn’t really matter to Asher Lundrigan, nor were the era really fitting one for the complete fulfillment of a high school romance.
This was Quebec in early 2038, where the boy was ready to say goodbye to someone he truly loved from the very first moment, trying his best not to reduce the first cut that’s the deepest. The Quebec where the monarch, whose youthfulness had galvanised the soldiers to victories over two totalitarian regimes, was ill on the first year of five year terminal illness that would eventually claim him. The Quebec with all the uncertainties surrounding its political climate, which would eventually cause a massive scandal and series of purges within its small-c conservative party factions. The country where the entertainment industry had continued to produce excellent independent films, but the blockbusters had been facing massive lack of innovative films with original films. The Quebec where the CSKA Quebec, without Sir. Lionel Mah who went back to Schottia, had no chance in winning the Q-League title. The Quebec where the Grim Reapers were still five years away from seeing the light again. The quiet, tranquil nation where Asher’s flight back to it….happened to spell the beginning of a half-decade descent.
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Postby Turori » Sat Feb 13, 2021 6:22 pm



Eels Take Qualifying Momentum into World Cup Finals

The Turori National Team completed their road to the World Cup 87 Finals with a dominating Group 6 campaign, finishing with Fifteen Wins over the course of the 18 match qualification. The Eels had secured their place in the World Cup 87 Finals long before the final matchday and would ultimately finish 13 points clear of second placed side San Ortelio. Despite the scoreboard domination, however, it wasn't an easy ride for the Turori National Team.

Turori [1] - [0] Freeport

GOALS: Turori :: 3' Meldi'ita Mungwaii
STATS: Turori :: Possession: 55%:: Shots: 3:: Corners: 4 Freeport :: Possession: 45%:: Shots: 3:: Corners: 2
Lineup: [GK] Timaala Hualtia, [D.] Mikki Mayelli, [D.] Lulu Pumaziiri, [D.] Biliki Rona'atu'i, [D.] Amakli Inuro'o, [ML] Kentu Umaka'a, [MC] Daliora Toru'u, [MC] Kiidallen Aeroluzzi, [MR] Mbdiai Akarenaa, [FC] Nua'oma Aikiki, [FC] Meldi'ita Mungwaii
Bench: [FC] Kala'a Yuliizala, [FC] Turakia Diijelhma, [M] Cuoabaza Orani’aoa, [M] Lati'ala Giaoka, [U ] Moumouni Verre'elali, [D] Yitizo Mpala'a, [GK] Wiyauw An'maude

Turori [1] - [0] Qasden

GOALS: Turori :: 64' Mbdiai Akarenaa
STATS: Turori :: Possession: 52%:: Shots: 6:: Corners: 4 Qasden :: Possession: 48%:: Shots: 3:: Corners: 0
Lineup: [GK] Wiyauw An'maude, [D.] Yitizo Mpala'a, [D.] Biliki Rona'atu'i, [D.] Amakli Inuro'o, [D.] Lulu Pumaziiri, [ML] Kentu Umaka'a, [MC] Daliora Toru'u, [MC] Lati'ala Giaoka, [MR] Mbdiai Akarenaa, [FC] Meldi'ita Mungwaii, [FC] Nua'oma Aikiki
Bench: [FC] Turakia Diijelhma, [FC] Wiztsana Iretziia, [M] Kiidallen Aeroluzzi, [M] Tulaki Rauogba, [U ] Moumouni Verre'elali, [D] Mikki Mayelli, [GK] Derizi Amatopa

After making their debut for the Turori National Team in Eagle's Cup 9, highly touted goalkeeping prospect Derizi Amatopa of Euran Side Revolutionaries made their World Cup Qualifying debut in Turori's 3-3 Home draw against Gouvanarch on Matchday 12. Amatopa's debut for the National Team came as a substitute in a 4-3 Group Stage victory over Northwest Kalactin after the Turori National Team were already assured of advancing through to the Knockout Round. Amatopa's first career start came in the consolation third place match of Eagle's Cup 9 against Graintfjall after Turori had already been eliminated by Valanora in the Cocoa-bo Challenge Cup Final.

As such, Matchday 12 against Gouvanarch was the first match with real implications that Amatopa had been thrust into and it was a strong start from the Euran based netminder as the Turori National Team had already walked out to a 3-1 lead just over half an hour into the match. The second half was more of a struggle for the youngster however as the Gouvies got a pair of second half tallies to climb back for a draw marking just the second dropped points of the campaign for the Turori National Team.

Turori [3] - [3] Gouvanarch

GOALS: Turori :: 1' Kiidallen Aeroluzzi:: 20' Kentu Umaka'a:: 33' Nua'oma Aikiki
STATS: Turori :: Possession: 55%:: Shots: 5:: Corners: 6 Gouvanarch :: Possession: 45%:: Shots: 9:: Corners: 6
Lineup: [GK] Derizi Amatopa, [D.] Yitizo Mpala'a, [D.] Moumouni Verre'elali, [D.] Amakli Inuro'o, [D.] Bvalis Amaanara, [ML] Kentu Umaka'a, [MC] Daliora Toru'u, [MC] Kiidallen Aeroluzzi, [MR] Lati'ala Giaoka, [FC] Wiztsana Iretziia, [FC] Nua'oma Aikiki
Bench: [FC] Kala'a Yuliizala, [FC] Meldi'ita Mungwaii, [M] Mbdiai Akarenaa, [M] Cuoabaza Orani’aoa, [U ] Lulu Pumaziiri, [D] Mikki Mayelli, [GK] Timaala Hualtia

Turori [1] - [0] Juvencus

GOALS: Turori :: 45' Naraiza Ruaplal
STATS: Turori :: Possession: 55%:: Shots: 5:: Corners: 8 Juvencus :: Possession: 45%:: Shots: 4:: Corners: 1
Lineup: [GK] Cocoabo #86, [D.] Mikki Mayelli, [D.] Lulu Pumaziiri, [D.] Yitizo Mpala'a, [D.] Amakli Inuro'o, [ML] Lati'ala Giaoka, [MC] Kentu Umaka'a, [MC] Naraiza Ruaplal, [MR] Kiidallen Aeroluzzi, [FC] Wiztsana Iretziia, [FC] Kala'a Yuliizala
Bench: [FC] Nua'oma Aikiki, [FC] Mirana Gotuai, [M] Daliora Toru'u, [M] Tulaki Rauogba, [U ] Moumouni Verre'elali, [D] Biliki Rona'atu'i, [GK] Timaala Hualtia

In response to Amatopa's late game collapse against Gouvanarch, the Turori National Team turned to Cocoabo #86 in goal for the away day against Juvencus - an orthodox decision with the Cocoabo usually stepping in for home matches, particularly those at the Cocoabo Park Arena in teh Cocoabo Forest. However, with the team having sidelined #1 goalkeeper Timaala Hualtia as they assessed their depth goalkeepers with a view on preparing for the World Cup Finals, the decision was made to draft in the Cocoabo to be assessed as a potential third goalkeeper on the roster for the World Cup 87 Finals.

The experienced Cocoabo #86 was solid in goal for Turori keeping a clean sheet while Naraiza Ruaplal scored the lone goal of the match to give Turori a 1-0 victory. It would be a scoreline that the Eels would repeat in a rare second half start for Cedniavella's Wiyauw An'maude, The Turori National Team's clear #2 goalkeeper. The goal from Veteran Medli'ita Mungwaii was the difference as Turori dispatched their main challenger for the Group 6 lead and virtually assured their place in the World Cup 87 Finals with the victory.

Turori [1] - [0] San Ortelio

GOALS: Turori :: 5' Meldi'ita Mungwaii
STATS: Turori :: Possession: 60%:: Shots: 5:: Corners: 6 San Ortelio :: Possession: 40%:: Shots: 4:: Corners: 8
Lineup: [GK] Wiyauw An'maude, [D.] Yitizo Mpala'a, [D.] Lulu Pumaziiri, [D.] Amakli Inuro'o, [D.] Bvalis Amaanara, [ML] Kentu Umaka'a, [MC] Mbdiai Akarenaa, [MC] Naraiza Ruaplal, [MR] Lati'ala Giaoka, [FC] Wiztsana Iretziia, [FC] Meldi'ita Mungwaii
Bench: [FC] Turakia Diijelhma, [FC] Kala'a Yuliizala, [M] Kiidallen Aeroluzzi, [M] Daliora Toru'u, [U ] Mikki Mayelli, [D] Biliki Rona'atu'i, [GK] Derizi Amatopa

Turori [1] - [2] Treekidistan

GOALS: Turori :: 75' Turakia Diijelhma
STATS: Turori :: Possession: 53%:: Shots: 3:: Corners: 6 Treekidistan :: Possession: 47%:: Shots: 6:: Corners: 4
Lineup: [GK] Wiyauw An'maude, [D.] Lulu Pumaziiri, [D.] Mikki Mayelli, [D.] Biliki Rona'atu'i, [D.] Yitizo Mpala'a, [ML] Kentu Umaka'a, [MC] Lati'ala Giaoka, [MC] Tulaki Rauogba, [MR] Mbdiai Akarenaa, [FC] Meldi'ita Mungwaii, [FC] Turakia Diijelhma
Bench: [FC] Nua'oma Aikiki, [FC] Kala'a Yuliizala, [M] Daliora Toru'u, [M] Kiidallen Aeroluzzi, [U ] Moumouni Verre'elali, [D] Amakli Inuro'o, [GK] Derizi Amatopa

Just as quickly as the Eels seemed to have secured their place in the World Cup 87 Finals, however, they suffered their worst result of the campaign. With An'maude in goal once more the Eels shocking went down 0-2 in the first half to Treekidistan, the 191st ranked nation in the multiverse. While the result did not ultimately have an effect on the final Group 6 Table it was certainly a wake up call for the Turori National Coaching staff as the previously unblemished Eels suffered their first defeat and at an inopportune time threatening to burden the teams momentum heading into the World Cup 87 Finals.

Despite the defeat, Turori's place in the World Cup Finals was assured and as a result, the coaching staff once again Turned to the battle for the third goalkeeping spot in the World Cup 87 Finals roster. Derizi Amatopa, The Eura based youngster who had previously gotten a chance to display their skills against Gouvanarch on Matchday 12 - where they gave up three goals in a 3-3 draw. This time things would go a little smoother for Amatopa who got two goals in support from Nua'oma Aikiki and Kiidallen Aeroluzzi either side of the interval and conceded only once on a second half corner kick that ultimately did not impact the final result.

Turori [2] - [1] Cosumar

GOALS: Turori :: 20' Nua'oma Aikiki:: 59' Kiidallen Aeroluzzi
STATS: Turori :: Possession: 59%:: Shots: 6:: Corners: 14 Cosumar :: Possession: 41%:: Shots: 3:: Corners: 4
Lineup: [GK] Derizi Amatopa, [D.] Lulu Pumaziiri, [D.] Yitizo Mpala'a, [D.] Amakli Inuro'o, [D.] Biliki Rona'atu'i, [ML] Daliora Toru'u, [MC] Kentu Umaka'a, [MC] Mbdiai Akarenaa, [MR] Kiidallen Aeroluzzi, [FC] Nua'oma Aikiki, [FC] Turakia Diijelhma
Bench: [FC] Meldi'ita Mungwaii, [FC] Wiztsana Iretziia, [M] Naraiza Ruaplal, [M] Tulaki Rauogba, [U ] Bvalis Amaanara, [D] Moumouni Verre'elali, [GK] Timaala Hualtia

Turori [3] - [0] Mercedini

GOALS: Turori :: 18' Daliora Toru'u:: 58' Nua'oma Aikiki:: 61' Turakia Diijelhma
STATS: Turori :: Possession: 56%:: Shots: 7:: Corners: 11 Mercedini :: Possession: 44%:: Shots: 2:: Corners: 4
Lineup: [GK] Wiyauw An'maude, [D.] Moumouni Verre'elali, [D.] Yitizo Mpala'a, [D.] Mikki Mayelli, [D.] Bvalis Amaanara, [ML] Kentu Umaka'a, [MC] Lati'ala Giaoka, [MC] Daliora Toru'u, [MR] Tulaki Rauogba, [FC] Turakia Diijelhma, [FC] Nua'oma Aikiki
Bench: [FC] Kala'a Yuliizala, [FC] Meldi'ita Mungwaii, [M] Kiidallen Aeroluzzi, [M] Naraiza Ruaplal, [U ] Lulu Pumaziiri, [D] Amakli Inuro'o, [GK] Cocoabo #86

If the Eels were looking for momentum heading into the World Cup 87 finals then perhaps they secured that on the penultimate matchday of qualifying when they secured an impressive 3-0 victory over 33rd ranked Mercedini, the second highest ranked team in the group. It was the biggest victory of the entire campaign equalled by the 3-0 victory the Eels secured over Treekidistan on Matchday 6. Goals from Daliora Toru'u, Nua'oma Aikiki and Turakia Diijelhma set Turori up for the final matchday against
Sannyamathland - the lowest ranked team in the group at 355th. The Coaching staff turned once more to the services of Cocoabo #86 to close out the Qualifying campaign in an effort to evaluate their potential third goalkeeper one more time before the finals.

While many of the Turorian Fanbase from Nigel's Army sees Derizi Amatopa as a future star on the Turorian National Team, one can not deny the results that have been achieved by Cocoabo #86 thus far in the qualification campaign as the Cocoabo came away with the victory and the shutout for the second time in the campaign. The Veteran Jungle Strike FC forward Meldi'ita Mungwaii got the goal for the Eels to secure the fifteenth win of the campaign. Just 11 goals conceded over the eighteen matches was best among all teams in Group 6.

Turori [1] - [0] Sannyamathland

GOALS: Turori :: 9' Meldi'ita Mungwaii
STATS: Turori :: Possession: 55%:: Shots: 3:: Corners: 1 Sannyamathland :: Possession: 45%:: Shots: 2:: Corners: 3
Lineup: [GK] Cocoabo #86, [D.] Yitizo Mpala'a, [D.] Moumouni Verre'elali, [D.] Lulu Pumaziiri, [D.] Amakli Inuro'o, [ML] Mbdiai Akarenaa, [MC] Daliora Toru'u, [MC] Naraiza Ruaplal, [MR] Kiidallen Aeroluzzi, [FC] Turakia Diijelhma, [FC] Meldi'ita Mungwaii
Bench: [FC] Wiztsana Iretziia, [FC] Nua'oma Aikiki, [M] Kentu Umaka'a, [M] Lati'ala Giaoka, [U ] Biliki Rona'atu'i, [D] Mikki Mayelli, [GK] Timaala Hualtia

Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Turori 18 15 2 1 30 11 +19 47
2 San Ortelio 18 10 4 4 23 12 +11 34
3 Juvencus 18 9 6 3 28 16 +12 33
4 Qasden 18 9 3 6 18 15 +3 30
5 Mercedini 18 8 5 5 33 20 +13 29
6 Gouvanarch 18 6 6 6 26 27 −1 24
7 Treekidistan 18 5 5 8 20 30 −10 20
8 Cosumar 18 2 6 10 20 34 −14 12
9 Sannyamathland 18 3 2 13 12 34 −22 11
10 Freeport 18 2 3 13 14 25 −11 9


[8] - Meldi'ita Mungwaii :: Jungle Strike FC
[4] - Nua'oma Aikiki :: Jungle Strike FC
[3] - Kiidallen Aeroluzzi :: Colonial Sile
[3] - Daliora Toru'u :: Yeaddin Owls
[3] - Kentu Umaka'a :: Eastal Lunar
[3] - Turakia Diijelhma :: Owls Castle Academy
[2] - Lati'ala Giaoka :: Yeaddin Owls
[2] - Naraiza Ruaplal :: Broadview AFC (CBP)
[1] - Mbdiai Akarenaa :: Real Azuris (COS)
[1] - Kala'a Yuliizala :: Colonial Sile

Over the 18 match World Cup 87 Qualifying campaign, it was the Eels Jungle Strike FC attacking duo that led the way with 37 year old Meldi'ita Mungwaii expanding their career total to 54 International Goals with a personal best 8 during the qualification campaign. Mungwaii, who is expected to Transfer away from Jungle Strike FC in search of a new challenge to close out their career, will be passing the baton in Lonngeylin to protege Nua'oma Aikiki who was also second best on the team in terms of goals scored during the Qualification campaign with four. A Total of ten different players accounted for the Eels 30 goals scored in the World Cup Qualification with all 30 goals having been scored by players with prior goals scored for the national team. 20 year old Baker Park based midfielder Naraiza Ruaplal was the youngest goalscorer for the Eels during Qualification doubling their total career goals from 2 to 4 with their two goals which included the game winner in an important second half fixture against Juvencus.

No players took part in all eighteen of the Eels Qualifying matches with defensive stalwart Yitizo Mpala'a leading the way appearing in seventeen of the eighteen games for Turori - only sitting out the first match of the second half of qualifying against Freeport. Top goalscorer Mungwaii, Kiidallen Aeroluzzi, Kentu Umaka'a and Mbdiai Akarenaa each appeared sixteen times for the Eels.

After alternating home and away matches between starting goalkeeper Timaala Hualtia and backup Wiyauw An'maude throughout the first half of qualifying, the Turori National Coaching Staff rested Hualtia for the second half of the campaign leaving An'maude to top all goalkeepers with 10 appearances. An'maude secured 6 clean sheets for the Eels with Hualtia behind in number but ahead in percentage with 4 clean sheets and Cocoabo #86 perhaps even more impressive recording a clean sheet in both of their appearances in the second half of the campaign. While no decision has been formally announced, it is likely that both Derizi Amatopa and Cocoabo #86 will travel with the squad to Ethane with Cocoabo #86 being officially listed on the roster as the Turori National Team's third goalkeeper for the World Cup 87 Finals.

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When this is all over and done, are You going to miss this?

This is your MAtchday 1 Cutoff Groups E-H
Champions - Copa Rushmori 22, Cup of Harmony 35, Di Bradini Cup 19, World Baseball Classic 13, Gridiron World Championships (World Bowl 0), World Bowl 34, World Lacrosse Championship 2

World Cup Qualifications-41, 44, 46, 59, 61(RoS), 62(Quarterfinals), 63 (RoS), 64 (Quarterfinals), 83, 84 (RoS), 85, 87

Hosts-Cup of Harmony 55, Copa Rushmori 14, Sporting World Cup 10,
Quidditch World Cup 10, World Cup of Hockey 41, World Cup 87

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Astograth 0 - 0 Nephara
(4-2-3-1 -> 4-4-2) 1 - Provost; 18 - Rostock, 5 - Thorn (c), 6 - Clevinger, 3 - Muscadin; 15 - Horvath (4 - Shone 60'), 8 - Cromwell; 7 - Koerner, 21 - Moxham (23 - Mrdja 71'), 11 - Considine; 10 - Lovelace (9 - Bastable 79')

Linde Rostock felt, sometimes, like a cockroach.
It wasn't a bad thing, not at all. The only things wrong with cockroaches were that they were unpopular. She could live with that. She could live with anything. You could shut Rostock in a door, crush her under your heel, hit her with a broom... she'd keep on living, not holding a grudge.
It was little secret that Triffid Ramsey had hit her with a broom a few times. Still, fate had a way of intervening.

... defender Pristina Soeringer is projected to miss the next eight to ten weeks with an ankle injury sustained in training, which will rule her out of the coming World Cup with Nephara.

Soeringer made the announcement on her twii.tur account this morning, accompanied by platitudes such as "Gutted to miss out on the World stage! but we go again!" and "Cormorants fly harder faster stronger better!" Still, no matter how zen her PR agent is about the injury, it must be a bitter blow for a promising...

So that was her in. Ramsey called her in, didn't say a word to her in private, just. She was third-choice rightback now, but circumstances had put her back in the squad. Fly back in, keep your head down, be a professional.
Rostock respected that.

"... Iron City midfielder wins the ball confidently from MMoxham, now here's Bergara coming down the middle. His pass-- intercepted by Zozi teammate Cromwell, but the touch is heavy and it's straight back to a green shirt. It's Lekea again. Down the right to Malkorra, and here's a dangerous diagonal, over Thorn-- Ibargengoita's nipped in between Thorn and Ros-- that's a goal! Crisply taken, taken down beautifully with the chest and hammered past Provost-- oh, hold on, now..."

Sat glowering at the world, Aranea Provost hauled herself to her feet, and scanned the guilty faces of her back line. "CUUUUUNTS!" she said, diplomatically.
"Lino's flag's up," grunted Roxelana Thorn, picking herself up off the ground. "We're fine."
"Flat fucking feet, Linde!" Provost snapped. She was in a foul mood today. She preferred passive-aggression, most of the time.
Rostock just smiled at her to make her angrier, and pointed to where Epherra and Ibargengoitia were remonstrating with referee and assistant on the touchline. "I knew what I was doing."

"... and VAR will confirm, yes, Rostock checked her run, the Usmer winger did not, and strayed marginally offside."
"Tight one, but fair. Still, it's a warning for the Cormorants, whose defence has not been at its imperious best throughout qualifying..."

So they weren't down nine minutes in, but that was just half the equation. The men in olive green were determined to make an impression, and resolutely refusing to leave open handy spaces at the back. There might not have been stardust glistering the squad from head to toe - backup goalkeeper Laurnagaray had acquitted himself well in Nephara but still tasted relegation, Salayeta played for notoriously awful La Querida - but this was a squad rising fast in relevance, and for that matter a league rising fast in relevance, too. Already an established shortcut for budget transfer success essentially ran, 'look at the team of the season in Astograth and buy someone from there'.
Malkorra was identified quickly as the main threat going forward, but Ibargengoitia was a wild card. It was Rostock's duty to stifle his impact and, ideally, start some fires going forward on the side.
The next ten minutes were fairly drab - a cross from Considine made it to a heavily marked-down Lovelace, but under pressure he could only head it straight at Bedigax - and defined by the niggling fouls of Horvath and Lekea, both in their way long-shot outsiders, disrupting momentum everywhere.
A 'tactical battle', Rostock was sure the commentators would call it.
But mercifully, the game started to open up. Something as simple as a quick throw-in from Muscadet down the left freed Moxham, who could have released Considine but instead looked down the other side, turning past Lekea and rifling a diagonal ball down to Anselm Koerner. The Cathair winger looked up, managed to battle his way past Martel to drive a cutback down the line. The keeper came out but there was Lovelace, at full sprint, stretching out his boot in search of the ball...
His boot crunched into Bedigax, instead.

"... and the fourth official signals for Echepare Rospide. A first cap on such a stage!"
"But such a pity for Bedigax. A precautionary measure, to be sure, and you'd think he'd be okay in time for next match, but when a striker kicks you full in the face, you can't take chances. He gives a thumbs-up in the general direction of the crowd."
"Oh, but that's lovely sportsmanship, look. Kendra Considine's found one of Bedigax's teeth on the turf and is racing over to his stretcher to hand it to one of the medics."
"You can tell she's not really Nepharan, Kitti."

If knocking a Galacticos-longlist quality goalkeeper out cold was expected to confer a competitive advantage to the Cormorants, it did not eventuate. Karma - and the form of Rospide himself - saw to that.
While the rest of the first half played out with very little fanfare, notable mostly for the Astograthian fans jeering Lovelace with every touch of the ball (pausing only to breathe in sharply when he nearly leathered the ball into the top corner from outside the box, missing by inches), it was the second that the game began to open up and be dominated by the goalkeepers. Provost technically made her first save of the game two minutes after the restart, in spectacular fashion, as a cheap foul given away by Cromwell lead to a free kick from the veteran Duarte that curled over the wall and sent practically into the top corner, crashing into the underside of the post and bouncing clear to be headed away by Clevinger. Only replays revealed that Provost, leaping like an angel, somehow managed to get that far - a tremendously strong flick of the wrist allowed her to twist the ball to safety before she crashed painfully to earth.
But Rospide was not to be outdone. Just three minutes later, a deft disguised pass from Considine played Lovelace through on goal, with space to run and neither of the Olives' glacial centre-halves in sight. Rospide remained big and swept out, undeterred by the flecks of Bedigax's blood still flicking out from Lovelace's studs as the striker ran... and remained big, parrying the strike when it came. Pedestrian saves followed from Considine and Muscadin down the left, then Moxham forced a sharp low save in her final touch of the game before being hooked to bring two up front. Her replacement, Traudl Mrdja, should soon have forced some more work from the keeper but after racing jet-heeled behind enemy lines to find the through-ball from Cromwell, she dwelled uncharacteristically on the ball with a narrow angle, letting Martel recover to close her down and ultimately firing into the side netting.
Time ticked on. Karazatorre came on as the third and final substitution and with his first touch drew a sharp save from Provost, a parry down into a dangerous area that Clevinger did well to hook clear before Morua, another substitute, could finish. Still, the Cormorants pressed on, Bastable replacing the luckless Lovelace. He was a true focal point, a battler beyond compare. And when Kendra Considine popped up to chase down a seeming lost cause trickling out of play down the left, sliding in to hook the ball back into play, where Vivica Muscadin, chasing, had placed herself, she looked up, Echeberz dithered, the leftback crossed and it was Bastable she was aiming for in the scrum of bodies.
Out came Rospide, but he got lost in the crowd and couldn't get to it. Doyenard and Bastable both rose - the ball glanced off both heads. Clear of the maze of bodies, out to the fringe of the box - Koerner skidded over trying to turn fast enough to get onto the end of it - but there was Rostock, racing onto the end, heart racing too, normally phlegmatic character discarded, she pulled back her boot, she had eyes only for goal...

"... and it just fell to the wrong person there, the rightback, Rostock. It's, well, it's a defender's finish, you have to say that much. Thrashed high and wide."
"You've a fresh Kurtis Bastable out there, and yet it still just looks like this match is going to petre out. Would both sides be happy enough with a draw, Martyn?"
"Not happy. Nor should they be. But in the context of the other result, it keeps them both in good stead..."
WCC Grand Slam champion.
Accidental Gridiron Championship Silver Belt holders for six cycles??

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Mother. Olympian. World Cup Champion. Talking to Kadongo Kamu star Namakula Kawesa

Namakula Kawesa posing a few days before Matchday 1 at the World Cup

ISLE OF LOWE, ETHANE- The Kadongo Kamu have earned a 2-1 win over Geektopia, to move into second place in their World Cup 87 group behind Baker Park, who themselves won by a stunning 4 goals to 0 over Savojarna. Now, there's a lot to say about this game. What went well, what didn't, and how can we use that to look at the looming colassal match against none other than the champions of Atlanitian Oceania, the Commonwealth of Baker Park.

This is a woman who has done so much for the Banijans. She is a glass ceiling breaker, being the first woman to ever play for the Kadongo Kamu. How long ago that seemed, right? But she's earned her place in the starting XI for years, and nobody questions her now. She missed the entirety of World Cup Qualifying. She got pregnant, had a baby, and recovered, recovering well enough to not only make the World Cup, but to get back into the starting XI. And she then assisted the opening goal today in Banija's 2-1 victory over Geektopia.

And, of course, she's an Olympian- a silver medalist in a track relay race.

Without further ado...Our discussion with Banija's most influential female athlete probably ever, Namakula Kawesa!

ABSM Reporter: "Namakula, you've been so influential in Banijan sports. When they decided to integrate sports by gender in this country- you were the first beneficiary. What was it like, all those years ago at DBC 44, representing your country while still being a senior at Loyola-Istria?"

Namakula Kawesa: "You know, I've always loved my time at Loyola-Istria. Blue Thunder for life! But of course, I saw that as more of an opportunity than anything. You look up to strong female athletes across the multiverse- places like Cassadaigua, their women's teams inspiring me. But integrated fully in many other places. Nephara. Valanora. I've always had an excessive amount of belief in myself, and fortunately, this is a sport where if you can't play at home, I can play abroad until my country gets to its senses. But there is no better feeling than being able to put on the jersey and play for your country.

It was definitely an intimidating environment though, playing for the Vijana Kadongo Kamu.We had just come off of hosting World Cup 81. Before they decided to integrate the Banijan sporting scene by gender, college soccer was essentially the peak. Fortunately, I had actually shown enough academic prowess when I was younger to skip second grade. I graduate high school at 16, and although I was only 20, I was just about ready to graduate University as well.

There were a couple of women on that team. Uzoma Iruka, who has played for the national team for a long time as well. A few other backup goalkeepers as well. The tournament didn't go all that well- we had five points, and we were in a perfect three-way tie for the top two spots, and we were eliminated on a coin toss. The spotlight, of course, was shining ever so bright. Fortunately, I was able to do enough in that tournament to impress Marcus Waters and get a place on the World Cup 82 team. And the rest is history."

ABSM Reporter: "This is your sixth World Cup cycle representing Banija. You've played in six World Cups. You've got more World Cup caps than anybody at this point for the national team, besides Gitonga Kahara. You've seen us come from times when you were the first women, to where there are a number of women on the national team- yourself, Idai Uster, the three-level World Champion Wanda Kouyate. How important is it to get more women playing this sport in our country?"

Namakula Kawesa: "You know, I feel very confident in saying this- if we had never gender integrated, we would have never won a World Cup. Idai Uster is also a Loyola gal, so I'll always root for her, but she's a star with huge potential. I mean, did you see what she did at her first season playing for AFC Treason in the Nepharim Premiership? Insane. She scored three goals in the last World Cup off the bench. Many starting strikers don't score that many in a World Cup."

"Unfortunately, our culture is not so conducive to it. But it is improving, and we are getting better. Eventually, when I retire, I'll come back home and focus on it. But I'm excited for our chances in this World Cup- we've got a strong, unified squad, with a ton of talent and hard workers. And when this tournament is over, we've got big things to accomplish in Astograth."

ABSM Reporter: "Now, to pivot more towards what you're also famous for- the Olympics. Many people were surprised when you chose to run in the XIV Olympiad, in Istria. But you ran as an individual in the women's 1500 meter. And although you didn't medal there, you did make it to the second round. And in the Women’s 4x400m Relay, your tea won a silver with you at the anchor. You were particularly impressive in the medal round of that race, taking the baton with your team in fourth place and yet squeaking out a silver medal. How did you pull that off? Why did you go?"

Namakula Kawesa: "As you may know, I've always been a multi-sport athlete. I ran track throughout high school and in college. And although I obviously have not run in a track meet since my Loyola-Istria days, I love running, and as a central midfielder, I'm obviously still in shape. Still able to move across the field. So when they gave me the call and asked me to run anchor, I said yes. I had a call-up to the Olympics already for the women's national team- but with the track opportunity calling, I declined my callup out of respect to my club- I wasn't going to overwork myself at the Olympics and risk not being in shape for the club season."

"Winning an Olympic medal was a dream come true. One of the greatest sporting achievements of my life, even if we did not get gold. I thought it may have been even the sporting achievement of my life- until, of course, we won World Cup 86 the next summer.

ABSM Reporter: "Now, to segway. You're a star soccer player. You're an athlete. But you're also a mother. You got married, and then shortly after that, got pregnant. What were your thoughts surrounding that and your career?"

Namakula Kawesa: "Well, this was always going to come up. The first thing I wanted to do, of course, was to make sure I wasn't going to miss time at my new club, Sporting Iturributa. We have fortunately been able to avoid that. But being a mother has always been a dream of mine. You can be a mother and have a career. Shoutout to my husband in this regard- he is great with our young son, Davido.

Unfortunately, I had to miss World Cup Qualifying. There's no regrets there, of course- can't play during a Qualifying campaign while you are pregnant. But Marcus Waters was understanding- he promised me that my spot would not be lost, and as soon as I was back in game-playing shape, I'd be called up again for duty for the national team. And you know, as soon as I was cleared by the doctors, I started training again and getting back into playing shape. I'm good now. I played a full 90 minutes yesterday against Geektopia for the first time in a long time. My legs hurt, but I feel good. I wanna go win one for my new son now, since I have that opportunity"

ABSM Reporter: "Just a question on Baker Park before we talk about your play style and your expectations for your move to Astograth after the Finals. I know you can't reveal your strategy against Baker Park for me. But what is the biggest threat Baker Park poses to us in the Matchday 2 showdown?"

Namakula Kawesa: "Well, this is a big rivalry game for us. I would be lying to you if I told you that we did not have that game circled on our calendars. I've got a tremendous amount of respect for the Commonwealth. We started watching film a few days ago on them, if I am to be honest.

But you know- in the AOCAF 62 Semifinals, we had a chance to reach the final of the regional championships, and play in that final on home soil. And Baker Park absolutely took us to the sword in that game. We've been itching for an opportunity to get them back for that, and yet what better opportunity is there than the World Cup? All of us our motivated. Hopefully, we can turn that into focus- not just during the game, but on the practice pitch, in the weight room, in the film room.

We saw just how dangerous Baker Park could be a couple of days ago, when they played Savojarna. The Bees smashed Savojarna, beating the talented Rushmori side by a score of 4-0. They're capable of beating anyone, winning multiple games in a row against elite opponents, and then going all the way. How we perform here, we think it is a benchmark game for us. I think Reggie Laing is going to be their most dangerous player. He ran circles around us in Woodstock in the AOCAF 62 semifinals, and I think was the tourney's most outstanding player. It'll be a great matchup. We've got talented defenders in the back who will do whatever it takes to stop him."

Interview continued on Page 27...
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Postby Valanora » Sun Feb 14, 2021 2:48 pm

The Marauders did not have to wait long to start their foray into the Finals, being the second game on the second day of the tournament, after Taeshan opened up the Finals with a very thorough four to nil victory over debutants South Newlandia to kick off the festivities here in Taeshan. Taeshan is (in)famous for its massive stadiums and the Marauders were quickly introduced to one of those in their opening match, playing in a stadium that is larger than even the largest in the Eternal Empire, with over a hundred thousand capacity for fans to fill in and make a lot of noise. The Marauders though, they are used to such venues and noise, this is far from their first trip into venues and circumstances like these and as they marched onto the field and awaited the national anthems to be played, there was not a single sign of anxiety or worry at all upon the players nor the staffs' faces. Didrik Gjedrem looked rather relaxed, despite it being the first time he would be managing in one of these high pressure games with the national team, though he had had the chance to do so several times while he was at the helm of Raynor City United. For most first time managers this would have been a big deal, for Didrik Gjedrem, it was just another Saturday matchday.

What surprised Didrik though was the positioning that Trolleborg seemed to be taking up as the teams awaited the opening whistle. No longer was the hyper aggressive attacking formation that he and the scouting team had seen during their review of the footage from their opponents matches, instead they seemed to be putting ten men behind the ball and looking to defend the entire game. If that was the case, Didrik would have no qualms about unleashing the full power of the Vanorian attack upon them and quickly shouted to Hawk instructions to get the whole of the midfield to press high and pile on the attack whenever possible. All his time managing had taught him a very simple truth that he was about to teach to Trolleborg, defending deep with the entire team was not the way to prevent goals, the way to prevent goals was to be on the front foot and on the attack. If their intent was to come to the Finals and try to keep the other teams from putting up a lot of goals by "parking the bus" as it were, then they were sorely mistaken on the way that they had qualified and the way to prevent good teams from exploiting your weaknesses.

Lothas Ludwig would soon put them to the sword, as the young striker cut through the Trolleborg defense quite easily after being played in by a clever lofted pass from Veliz, Ludwig cutting into the area and putting the ball onto his favored foot and putting in a blistering but well placed shot that Kotsson was not able to get to. Eleven minutes in and the Marauders were already ahead and looking very good for the lead, as they continued to push in on the Trolleborg defensive shape, hemming them into their own half with a pressing and possession game. Trolleborg however showed for a moment that bit of inspiration that had allowed them to beat out The Holy Empire for the automatic qualification spot in the twenty-seventh minute, as a poorly weighted pass was intercepted and lobbed upfield. Stuart Kerr was able to collect the clear before the Vanorian defense and was able to turn Vårin Løvland the wrong way to get in on net, lofting the shot over an onrushing Julius Miljeteig who had been trying to cut down the angle, unfortunately was a step too late and Trolleborg had brought the sides level just before the half hour mark.

Didrik shouted at his team that that was to be the only chance that their opposition would be allowed to get and challenged them to put their foes to the flame, to teach them the proper way to play the game. It was a charged statement and challenge but it seemed to fire up the team and they were more than ready for the restart, using a quick and sleek passing game to keep their opponents at arms length and tiring them out with the pulling of them out of their defensive shape. This team was no Ko-oren, they did not have the pedigree nor the experience in trying to play a ten in defense system to really stifle the Marauders offensive talent and the side would strike again in the forty-third minute. After conceding a corning off a Saxstrom shot from outside the box, Trolleborg looked a bit uneasy as if they were not quite prepared for the corner in their new defensive system. Veliz drilled in a near post cross from the corner and Martin Gundersen was there to put head to ball and on target. Kotsson might have been able to save it had he a clear view of the ball, but with both Larsen and Hawk obstruction his vision, the ball was able to sneak in under the crossbar and reestablish the Vanorian lead before half time. It was something off the training pitch that had worked to absolute perfection and had the squad's spirits quite a bit higher during the half time talk.

The second half began and it was a lot of the same, the Marauders pushing hard on the Trolleborg end and their opponents trying beyond their might to keep the Vanorian attack at bay and not allow another goal. For Didrik, it reminded him greatly of how Wexax United had fallen on hard times the last few years, having established themselves as a defensive power, yet teams had learned how to undo them and now were struggling greatly. Trolleborg had been such a high flying attack team during the Qualifiers, he could understand for the life of him why they would abandon what had worked so well for them in the Qualifiers for the Finals and yet he was witnessing it with his own eyes. They seemed utterly helpless as Hawk fed in Ludwig who then put in a through ball for Saxstrom and the experienced striker made no mistake with such a well crafted opportunity, putting in the third goal for the Marauders in the seventy-first minute. Ludwig and Hawk both hit the woodwork in the final twenty and Trolleborg would be lucky that the scoreline was not at least a goal more against when the final whistle came and the Marauders had ended with a three to one victory.

Didrik allowed the team to have the next day off after the victory, to allow the team to actually try to enjoy the spectacle that was the World Cup itself, though he was not about to allow himself that same luxury, as he was already on his way to watch the other match in the group to try and get a better understanding on his remaining two opponents. Poafmersia was the big mystery, they were not a team that the Marauders were familar with in the least, especially considering how well versed they were by now in playing against Audioslavia. The Bulls were a known quantity, they had a World Cup winning pedigree and domestic footballing excellence, as well as currently holding the edge in the matchups between the two teams. Poafmersia however was an unknown value and one that needed to be approached with caution, one that Didrik needed to learn more about. Learn he did as he watched the underdog take apart the Bulls' defense four times on the way to a very unexpected four to victory over the Audioslavs. Suddenly the second matchday fixture was quite a large one, as a victory over the Bulls now meant that the Marauders would be through to the knockouts with a game to spare and it could potentially eliminate one of the contenders for the title out just two matches in.

It was going to be a spicy occasion, maybe the Audioslavs were right, maybe there was a bit of a rivalry between the two teams, as Didrik suddenly felt a huge urge not just to beat Audioslavia but to send a message to them, the group, and the entire tournament. The Marauders were here and were hungry for the sixth star on the crest. No amount of trickery or skirting of the rules was going to stand in their way. It would be a huge victory and a huge message to send and it would be quite poetic to do it against the Bulls, the squad was going to have quite an interesting three days of training and match preparation. Didrik was going to put all his energy into this and hoping it would pay off the way he was hoping it would.
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Postby Chromatika » Sun Feb 14, 2021 4:52 pm

World Cup 87 Proper, Matchday 1: Chromatika 1-1 Independent Athletes from Quebec
CMT: Vidal '63; IAQ: Huitema-Omeasoo '28
Starting XI: Ria; Xiao - de Aea - Anderson - Ilya; Thorben - Armageddon (C) - Conrad; Mora; Vidal - Sierra.
Substitutes: Zuniga -> Armageddon ('51), Victoriane- > Thorben ('66), Gainsbourg -> Sierra ('83)

World Cup Special, Part 4

By: Jordan Lawless, Chief Correspondent

Five excerpts from key individuals after the Chromatiks' 1-1 draw against Quebec:

Richard Valens, National Team Manager: "It was a tough game, but I was impressed with how the team responded after a dismal first half. Olimpia's goal was a beauty, and I liked the chances we had near the end there to try to get a win. It's a monumental task ahead of us, to take down the Farves and the Eels, but it's not over till it's over, right? I think it's a great opportunity. Also, with the Quebecois turning out to be a much harder opponent, maybe they'll be able to handle Turori while we take on the Farves."

Tim Landers, Assistant Team Manager: "We should've had this game, if it wasn't for the lapse in concentration in the first half hour. We controlled the game after that, and came back, as they say, but honestly we shouldn't have been in that position in the first place. We weren't prepared but we recovered well enough. It does get a lot harder here, but with how the team's handled adversity throughout the qualifying cycle - starting with two losses and whatnot, I wouldn't count us out just yet."

Mia Ria, National Team Goalkeeper: "That goal is on me. Yes, Huitema-Omeasoo was on top of it to pounce on the opportunity, and yes, I got a hand on it, but we shouldn't have been in that position in the first place. When Henri (de Aea) passed Huitema-Omeasoo off, it was to get them on an angle where I could predict. Unfortunately, I overshot it by a bit. I'm just glad that Olimpia (Vidal) came through in the end and we were able to at least get a draw. I promise I'll play better, though the challenge of Farfadillis and Turori awaits."

Olimpia Vidal, National Team Striker: "I just saw a gap between two defenders and took it. Okello was up at the left corner of the box, Hanson-Conavacio was about to catch up, and I was able to get my left foot on the ball, low shot, left post. Lucky shot. Timely goal. Glad we got one. We're going to need to get far more of them come Farfadillis - the chances of them only scoring a goal is rather slim, so we will need to meet fire with fire."

Enigma Armageddon, National Team Defensive Midfielder and Captain: "Not the best of results, but we did hang around and scrounge a point. It's a huge deal, playing in Ethane in another World Cup. One never knows how many of these chances that one will get in their career. We'll come back with a much better gameplan the next time around. We simply have to."
On Chromatika's Next Opponent: Farfadillis. We've already been over this. 0-0-3. 1 goal scored, 8 goals conceded. Riding high after taking care of business against Turori in their first game by a score of one-nil. Probably a bit flustered at only scoring one, and hoping to get their offense going on the Chromatiks. We at The Rebel talked to three people who had played against the Farves in the past to ask for some advice:

Erika Morningstar, Chromatik Right Back During AOCAF 53 (Chromatika 0-1 Farfadillis, Semifinals), now Urrheddiao Manager: "We held them for a long while, but weren't able to complete the job. The thing you have to understand is that the pressure that they can dump on you comes from every position. I swear that the Farves' defenders can shoot from twenty yards and score without any issue. The ball can come from anywhere at any time, at any angle. So definitely watch for that."

Alyss Montague, Chromatik Midfielder During World Cup 79 (Chromatika 0-2 Farfadillis, Round of Sixteen: "Watch for the stars. Xíxì Êns was a problem then, and their keeper, Calogero Metz. Now you get Edmün Çídh, Röémün Çídh, Faragó rue Cazade, and Dieje Ibrelaná, along with a handful of others. Farf players know when it's their chance to shine and seize on the moment. You really have to match them punch for punch and not fall behind in terms of intensity and magnitude."

Jazmin Dragana, Chromatik Left Winger During World Cup 83 (Chromatika 1-5 Farfadillis, Group Stage Matchday 2: "They can really pour it on, and don't really let up no matter what the scoreline. Their high-octane attack is on all the time, an d if you don't match them for all of ninety minutes, they have the personnel to score three goals on you in ten minutes. Honestly, they're one of the hardest teams to play because they're so hard to contain."

So, what can Chromatika do against such a juggernaut?

1. Pounce Early.
Chromatika must have a solid first twenty minutes of the game. The Anomalies cannot go down by multiple goals early to a team like the Farves; if they do and have to open up the pitch to attack more, that can lead to further counterattacks and disaster. Ideally, Chromatika will open the scoring and set the piece; being down by one is fine.

2. Control the Pace.
Time of possession is something that Chromatika hasn't paid attention to too often in the past, mostly due to the two-pass counterattacks that have been prevalent since the team's early days. However, against such a high-octane offense, it's important that the Chromatik midfield - Thorben, Armageddon, Conrad, and Mora - keep the ball. Whether it's passing it back to the defenders for some keep-away or pushing it back and forth with the strikers, if Chromatika are to pull off the upset, it would be because Farfadillis had far less chances at the ball.

3. Keep the Intensity.
Play the full ninety minutes. Sounds like a cliché at this level of competition, but it's something that's paramount in these types of matches. Whether it be making sure that substitutes are used smartly or making sure that players are in peak condition, Chromatika needs to make sure to not let up, no matter the scoreline.

Chances are Farfadillis is still on another level, but on any given day, anything is possible.
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Postby Audioslavia » Sun Feb 14, 2021 5:38 pm

Clicking the image takes you directly to YouTube

Original Script
They say a sign of madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. You can’t levy that accusation at Eastfield Lodge. After the side capitulated so rottenly in the qualifiers for World Cup 54, they approached the next cycle with a very different look.

The Whoverse’s infiltration of Eastfield Lodge’s National Football Team may have been temporary, but it had a lasting effect in the form of one man. The Doctor. Clubless, ageless, nameless, with thighs far too skinny to be a professional footballer, The Doctor nevertheless became a fixture in the Eastfielder national team from cycle fifty-five to cycle eighty-three.

The Doctor’s impact was immediate.

Qualifying Group 14. Three games to go. Top two progress to the World Cup. Eastfield Lodge have never been to a World Cup. They are fourth. The teams above them - Rejistania, Unibot and The Holy Empire - have eight World Cups between them at time of writing. Nevertheless EFL are only three points back. This is do-able.

An away win over Invisible Wabbits keeps them in contention, but their nineteenth match will come against The Holy Empire, for whom a draw will be enough to qualify for the finals. Eastfield Lodge, though, need the win. Unibot and Rejistania both have home ties coming up against unfashionable opposition. They won’t both lose. EFL need to keep up the pace. Only a win will do.

0-0. The Holy Empire qualify. Let’s see how much ground EFL have lost to Rejistania and Unibot.


For once in their life, Margaret has done them a solid, but surely this is too little too late. Unibot will round out qualifying against Blasphematic Fools, Eastfield Lodge travel to Emagna needing not only a win, but for Unibot to lose or draw.

This is the point in qualifying where they capitulated last cycle, and where they will be cruelly denied by Aguazul,  Tretskivucia and Margaret in cycle 57. 

For once, fate is kind to the Eastfielders, and for the first time in history, Eastfield Lodge are going to the World. Cup. It’s their first ever ticket to the big dance. They don’t even need to get through to the knockout stages for this World Cup to be considered a success. Just three or four points and an increase in rank would do. They’re not playing to win the World Cup, they’re playing to position themselves for future World Cups. A few points would go a long way towards that.

They get zero.

Man. That boost to their KPBs would have been really useful too. For all The Doctor’s talents in manipulating space-time, for the next twenty cycles he will not be able to move Eastfield Lodge one inch.

<scroll through cycles 56-73>

The Eastfielders make some gains in the early seventies, but it’s not much. They’re ranked 81st in the world for cycle 70, and by the end of their supposed ‘worst ever era’ they’ve improved to 68th. Over this period they go from 11.21 KPB points to… 10.78. 

There’s a depressing logic to it. Eastfield Lodge are not a team that makes progress. They do not move. Everyone else shifts around them. 

So… we know what their worst ever run is. Cycles 73 to 75. What’s their best three-cycle run? Over their eleven years as a permanent fixture of the football world, what would be considered the golden generation of Eastfielder football? 

It’s the three cycles immediately after their worst generation.

This performance in World Cup 76 may not look particularly impressive but remember, Sosimo Lisson only cares about not losing, and EFL aren’t those kind of losers. It’s not winning often enough that bedevils them. Here, they lose only twice on the way to third place. 

By the time World Cup 77 gets underway, it has been 22 cycles since Eastfield Lodge played in the World Cup.

  • Originally, Logic II and Logic III were just one video, but it ran to 25 minutes. In cutting it in half I got to slow the pace a little, so we end up with a 15 minute video and a 13 minute one.
  • The script was largely finished by late October, and the videos done by early November.

"Oh another cliff-hanger" said Rubio
"It's my aim to turn The Idiot Project into just a collection of trailers, montages and cliff-hangers. Just remove any research or factual information from the entire series. Bwoowww synthwave khht *next time on The Idiot Project* khht, bungajungajuggajuggajugga"
"I'm thinking of redoing all of episodes one to four with just montages and 70s Hinodejin jazz"
"Don't you think.."
"Bolombom bullooo, BLAP BLAP, Bolombom bulloo... BLAP-pah"
"Are you doing all of this to take your mind off the Poafmersia result?"
"No" said Jeremy, not looking at Rubio. "I'm also doing other things to take my mind off the Poafmersia result
"For example?"
"We're exporting all of the potatoes from Audioslavia"
"What do you mean we?"
"I had a word from the guy in the government that I know"
"That you have something on"
"And that isn't taking your mind off the result, that's committing an act of self-sabotage with ramifications on the global food economy"
"It's the same thing"
"It... is not"
"Anyway if you don't mind, I'm busy looking for old deleted jazz albums from the 80s on the internet"
"A gallant use of anyone's time" said Rubio, dryly.
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Postby Taeshan » Sun Feb 14, 2021 7:32 pm

Daigo Coshan's pregame pacing proved to be less than necessary. There of course was no way of knowing that, but the South Newlandia anthem had barely ended and the opening whistle was still in the ears of the players when the Purple Knights put behind them the sad memories of the last World Cup and failing to qualify. This would be the biggest win in team history at a World Cup. The number of goals scored, not a new record thanks to a big loss once to Valanora, but it was a big day nonetheless.

"Elciega takes the ball straight through the South Newlandia defense to start the game. He passes out wide to the Captain Morgenstern, Elciega was one of the players quoted by the Brenecian media as perhaps "too young" and not ready to be starting in this tournament, one of those funnily enough is Goalkeeper Florian Wagner already has 130 caps, and oh my word, its a stunning opener for the Purple Knights 43 seconds into the game as Wilhelm Nkitilina scores his fourth goal in his 3rd World Cup finals."

It was truly dreamland for the Purple Knights as the Captain, Morgenstern found his trusty goalscorer Nkitilina and the Knights started their first ever hosting gig with a incredible 1-0 lead. The South Newlandia team started their first World Cup shell-shocked and looking on with incredibly disbelief. How could this be what they had spent all of qualifying working on? How could this be what a World Cup finals was?

The Knights didn't seem to bat much of an eye as they walked back to the center circle. This is what they came here to do. The World Cup 86 failure, behind them almost immediately. The Coliseum was rocking for its first ever World Cup finals hosting gig, but it was in an absolute uproar as the local boy had scored once again for the nation, but this time at home. You can take the boy out of Atlantea, but you can't take the Atlantea out of the boy.

It was only the beginning. Minute 15 it would be the young teenager Elciega, in his first meaningful start who smashed in a header off of Nycolas Jackson's masterful cross from the edge of the right hash. A strong beginning continued early on. as the men in Purple were quite clearly the better team. That would not be the final goal of the first half as Benjamin Moriarty won a free kick and then rather incredibly he converted the free kick as well going top corner on a goalie for South Newlandia who at this point had only managed to pull the ball out of the back of the net and done little else of note.

The second half proved a little bit of a closer matchup. The game was well over at this point and the Knights got a chance to give some of the younger faces on the bench some gametime as Elton Kenoby and Francesco Tzmisces both saw the field with 30 minutes to go, big moments for both of their careers. Larson Sneijder would be the third sub with the out of favor former starter proving to be worthy of a late 10 minute appearance. It would be Sneijder who would make the matchday 2 lineup somewhat questionable as he helped the fourth goal cross the line with an incredible pass to Nycolas Jackson who was able to literally walk the ball into the net for the fourth.
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Postby Ko-oren » Mon Feb 15, 2021 3:01 am

I have received many an e-mail about my previous publication. Expecting praise or blame, or a factual correction... but it turns out the one assumption I made ("the feedback will be on topic") was false. In typical southwestern and northeastern behaviour - you know, always finding a way to make things about yourself - 84% of the feedback came down to "you mentioned COCANEFA/the Northeast/the Southwest and you didn't include me". So, to prevent any further off topic comments: an extensive list of nations of Atlantian Oceania:

- the nations I already mentioned last time
- Saltstead
- Hapilopper
- Chromatika Image

Huh, there really is a lot of small stuff over there. Enhance!


- Northwest Kalactin
- The Jovannic
- Euran Oceanian Territories

Wild. Has Farfadillis always been there? I almost didn't see you between Banija and Valanora there. Overshadowed by their geography as well as their athletic success. World Cup 84 never happened.

- Farfadillis
- Other nations

Part 2: The Northwest's Ascent and Summit

With a little help from Jeremy Jaffacake's The Idiot Project and the SRS Rankings (in which Ko-oren is still no closer to the Hall of Fame), we can take a look at the timeline of Northwest Atlantian Oceania (or Nothandryun and the Salamantic Isles, which sounds nicer).

Tachbe. Never entered a World Cup (Qualification), or an AOCAF. Tachbe have been invested in AORDO, instead. Thanks for that, coming from an army-less Ko-oren.

Maraque. Never entered a World Cup (Qualification), or an AOCAF, but have a history in tennis. They are still a large modern-day Atlantian Oceanian nation but never made their mark in the athletic department, and we in the place sometimes have to be reminded that that's fine, too. Their government has insisted in being called Tsvarchi, but you tell me if that name change stuck.

Misrantis. Never entering a World Cup qualification tournament or an AOCAF, Misrantis have been World Cuppet heavyweights instead. The tournament has since been discontinued, but back in the day it was a good event for smaller nations, unrecognised places and the like to have something to play for.

Tamgu. Three WCQs entered, never made it to the big stage despite losing only a few more matches than it won. The sheer amount of games they drew over that time were the real killer. They are the most recent addition and most recent dropout, having competed from World Cups 83 to 85. They might be most well-known for the Adora Cup, a friendly tournament for club teams.

Sorthern Northland. Across 22 cycles, they've tried (and often succeeded) to defend the honour of Nothandryun in the World Cup. Between World Cups 36 and 57, and inducted into the Hall of Fame following the 52nd tournament, they have made three World Cup finals (52, 55, 56), winning two of them (55, 56). And it's not just trophies they brought in: they have qualified for the World Cup in 17 of their 22 attempts - an incredible statistic. Of course, what has helped them get there is a solid youth department, which has taken the gold medals home in Di Bradini Cups 11 and 12. They haven't been as successful in the modern AOCAF tournaments (the era starting at AOCAF 29), but they have hosted the only modern AOCAF in NWAO (AOCAF 32). Sorthern Northland club football is (sorry, was) nothing to scoff at either, conquering a UICA Champions Cup. Arguably the nation has been an even larger force in the rugby codes, between hosting one and winning one RUWC, and hosting one and winning two RLWCs, but that's a hot take I'm not willing to pursue further, for now.

Andossa se Mitrin Vega. They are the most experienced nation of Nothandryun when it comes to World Cup matches. Across 26 campaigns, between World Cups 25 and 67, they've won three Cups of Harmony, hosted two World Cups and one Baptism of Fire. Their performance in the actual World Cup isn't bad either: three bronzes and a silver. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. The Dragonnii were a force of the Multiverse more than the region, having won zero AOCAFs. They have been rewarded with a well-deserved call to the Hall of Fame, after World Cup 63.

As you've probably noticed, the two behemoths of Nothandryun are very similar in how they did over the years. One starting in the 20s, the other in the 30s. One decided it was enough in the 50s, the other in the 60s. It looks like Andossa se Mitrin Vega was around for far, far longer, but there is a noticeable hiatus in the middle. That never stopped them from reigning fury in the World Cups before and since then. Now the question that everyone saw coming, which NWAO nation has been better? Maybe this debate is best reserved for the comment section of a pixelly video of early 50s World Cup highlights, wedged in between 'Kylx vs Di Bradini' shoutfests. We'll still provide some ammunition to both sides of the debate. Not that the Sorthern North side of the debate needs much ammunition. Ever since the event they've seen more than enough of that, so it should be an easy debate for the fans of light blue and yellow to win, there just isn't any opposition.


As they say: write history after it's completed. It'll be hard to mention Tamgu for we're still in the middle of their story. The same goes for us: we don't want to insinuate that our story is over now that we're writing it down. If you do write it down, you're getting some odd stats anyway:


Turns out that it's the Dragonflies that have played the most matches and have entered the most qualification campaigns - both Ko-oren and Andossa se Mitrin Vega have not entered some tournaments in the middle of their run, it has to be said. It remains Sorthern Northland and Andossa se Mitrin Vega who have done the most with their games, though. That gives us the following, slightly unfair chart (because it doesn't show the hiatuses):


In the following parts, we'll be perfecting this chart, remember it well. There will be a test.
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Postby Brenecia » Mon Feb 15, 2021 5:27 am

Brenecia 5 - 2 Siovanija & Teusland
(4-2-3-1) 1 - Wright; 2 - Bravender, 5 - Leadbetter, 18 - Giltanan, 3 - Roscommon (22 - Watermark 83'); 4 - Townsend (c, 23 - Schofield 65'), 14 - Caitiff; 7 - Cheney (15 - Fife 72'), 10 - Parrish, 16 - Fletcher; 9 - White
Goals: Cheney 9' pen, White 23' 87', Townsend 39', Bravender 63'

Mhacha White's legs collapsed underneath her.
It hurt, unsurprisingly, even as she skidded forward a couple of metres and then tumbled away. The whistle was some semblance of a reward, at least, as she picked herself gingerly to her feet.
Yes, the referee was calling for the penalty, and the ball was rolling her way. She reached out towards it, even as the referee argued the point with Maksimov...
... a boot nipped it away from her grasp and flicked it up towards its owner's waiting hands. Lauren Cheney grinned across at her, and shook her head reproachfully. "Eager, huh? But this is the world stage, love, we don't do glory."
Sure we do. It just has to be yours. Out loud, though, White only grunted, and looked back. The referee was checking VAR. VAR was in the two-minute process of saying to go ahead. White shuffled back to the edge of the area to wait.
Eventually, the call was given. Cheney drilled the penalty low and hard, and though Heuser went the right way, there was no way he could ever reach.

It wasn't that White had a bad attitude. Brelk-Xeral Erv didn't take bad attitudes. Or big egos that couldn't back it up. White worked relentlessly hard on the playing field, the training pitch, even just basic shit like nutrition. She made sure to sleep with her partner the night before games just because of dubious claims that it made good chemicals happen or something. But she did have pride. Couldn't get to the top of the game if you didn't. It did hurt when the press called her a failed wunderkind, or a middling option. It had hurt to be dropped for Cheney, who wasn't even a striker. It had really hurt to be brought into the team only so that, apparently, Cheney could be put back where she'd be the most dangerous.
Yeah, thanks, Erv. Being on the pitch was where White did her best work, how about that?
Still. The tactical switch had put her on the pitch against their strongest opponent on the ranks, which wasn't to be sniffed at. Maybe if she did really, really well - scored a hat-trick or something - maybe she'd even win her way back into Brelk-Xeral's heart.
... nahhhh...

White's gallop slowed to a canter around the halfway line, then a trot. She smacked a thigh in frustration. Tauscher, enabled by a frankly sickeningly good pass from Vesele, had nipped in and curled a perfect strike past Wright to level the scores, and anyone in the crowd backing a tight, technical affair was being proven extremely wrong.
Nothing she could do, though. Scores were level, she'd already made one telling contribution, and it was time to make another.
White might not have been the strongest player, or the fastest, though she wasn't far off, either. Her athleticism manifested most of all in the ability to run forever, and her brain's instincts rarely betrayed her where to go. Sometimes, they gave her the instincts to find a point of weakness - such as when Karl-Heinz Jager, one of the best defenders in the world, had the ball at his feet.
She rushed him. He rushed his past to Vesele, but the ball only made it most of the way over before being swept on by Ceridwen Fletcher. She looked up, saw White holding back Jager, passed to her feet. White turned, considered the shot - instead did the smart thing, centring for Parrish as he ran late into the box. It was a peach of a shot for power, but not placement - Heuser beat it away, firmly, into the ground, but White had gambled on that, and White would win, throwing herself into an ugly diving header to scrap the ball home.
The Goldhorns were furious with the goal, and well might they be. But when a towering header from the nominal defensive midfielder Finn Townsend made it 3-1, that sinking feeling had to be coming...

The second half opened up not much less frantic than the first. Thorsten Kramer clipped a clever ball over the top for Ilev to sweep home, but after three and a half minutes of VAR, it became apparent Ilev was, approximately, an eyebrow offside.
White had little sympathy, right until she got dogged the same way five minutes later - though, typically, she'd centred for Parrish to drive home what she thought was the fourth. Parrish got himself booked arguing with the referee about it, after another two minutes of VAR.
The fourth did come, though White had little to nothing to do with it besides making a run that drew off Jager, but that Cheney ignored to play in her partner in crime, Clovette Bravender. It wasn't a great shot, but pure power carried it through Heuser's fingertips.
Michael Ribbeck came on up front for S&T, a name which probably struck fear into A-League players. But White hadn't played a minute of senior club football in her own country; she was mostly waiting for her own name to come up.
It didn't. Townsend, goalscorer, his did - and his replacement, Ronan Schofield, overshadowed an otherwise capable performance by gifting Kramer the ball in the 81st minute with a heavy touch. Kramer wasn't one to spurn the opportunity, rattling a strike into the top corner from outside the box - the kind of out-of-the-blue fuck-you thunderbolt that always shook a game up. The Goldhorns attacked with more and more confidence, in the aftermath; a smart save from Wright's feet denied Tauscher, before Jager headed only narrowly over the bar from a corner. The Goldhorns may have been two goals down, but momentum was on their side, and anything could happen...
But they were mortal, too. Tauscher's cross towards the end was tired, ragged, and easily caught by Scathach Wright. The RCU goalkeeper looked up, surveyed her options, and kicked the ball long down the right. The fresh legs of Mathgamain Fife raced down the left and White willed her body to give her one last push, too. Steimle scrambled to get back, but couldn't keep up with the jet-heeled winger, who bore down on goal, had Jager in his way, Heuser guarding his near post... and had the presence of mind, so valuable in a young winger, to cut back.
Mhacha White was waiting. She only had time for a single touch. It had to be perfect. It had to find the bottom corner.
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Postby Savojarna » Mon Feb 15, 2021 7:20 am - inside reports from all Savojarna
What Happened to Savojarna’s Defence?

By Jaukka Halanen

Following a crushing loss by hands of Baker Park - 0-4 is the highest defeat for the Savojar national team since the mid-point of WCQ 85 - there needs to be some serious thinking about the Northlights’ defence. In the last three games, the side conceded four goals each - unprecedented in their history.

Sure, one could argue that Savojarna weren’t fielding a top team against Chartistan, and one could argue that the collapse against Koniglich Wasserstein came off the back of a red card (and still ended in a 4-4 draw that they needed); however, there are no such excuses for what happened in the opening game of the World Cup. Roman Forsberg may have gone missing following his suspension, but Zirkova and Dmitriev are seasoned professional defenders - there are no excuses. Especially the second goal of Baker Park showed the deep, deep flaws in the Savojar side. With Skov moved too far up the pitch, there was suddenly space on the side; in the centre, the backs were automatically overwhelmed due to the need to fall to the outside to cover for the opposition wingers.

Savojarna are also faced with bad luck, of course: Both Jacobsen and Nweke hit the aluminium once; late in the first half Voynov had the first goal for the Northlights on his foot but was narrowly off-side. On the other side it may have been narrow when Zirkova fell just a little bit short of reaching a deflected pass that led to the 3-0. There was no big crumble, no big breakdown of the Savojar defence - just a bunch of falling short and a bunch of unfortunate events. Nonetheless, these sorts of things added up to hand the Commonwealth of Baker Park four goals that left Savojarna unable to react in any way.

Savojarna’s Player Grades vs Baker Park

Iiro Pakanen (GK) -- 7/10
No major faults, but also not able to save the game for the Northlights. Needs to step up if they are to pull off a big upset.

Matts Pedersen (LB) -- 6
Managed few accents offensively, but was perhaps the most solid defender on the sides. Not entirely fairly judged given the lack of help from the wingers in the late game.

Polina Zirkova (CB) -- 4
Could not step up to the challenge presented by being the core of the defence against a favoured side. Serviceable, but not anywhere close enough to expectations.

Dmitri Dmitriev (CB) -- 5
Marginally better thanks to providing good defence in the air, but overall hectic and prone to errors on the ball. At the root of the 2-0 with his mistaken clearance.

Flemming Skov (RB) -- 3
Often lost on the pitch and disconnected with the side as a whole. Bad positioning before the second goalespecially, giving the opponent a significantly too easy path to the net.

Otso Ilkkanen (DM) -- 4
Uninspired and unable to anchor the defence; often hesitant. Requires significantly more effort in the upcoming games, or risks falling out of favour. Secure on the ball, at least.

Victoria Maersk (CM) -- 7
Not the one to blame, with a good body language and willing to do work left behind by her teammates. Important tackle before her substitution, and taken out to avoid injury.

Krister Voynov (LM) -- 5
Unlucky in offence, but willing to try - for the first half. Becameultimately bland and mostly invisible in the second half, and was defensively careless, leaving Pedersen under pressure.

Rika Lundell (OM) -- 6
Without much impact onto the game, thanks to being shadowed closely by the Baker Park defence. While she failed to lift up the team, one of the more spirited players.

Mikhail Jashkin (RM) -- 5
Rarely received balls; found good passes and openings when he had the chance. Could have tracked back more to improve his connection to the game.

Simon Jacobsen (ST) -- 7
Very willing to track back and among the most spirited team members. Did the best with his chances and was somewhat hemmed in by bad luck.

Milla Viipuri (RB, 61’) -- 7
A clear upgrade to Skov in terms of stability, but too late to reverse course. Brought new air into the game, even though she failed to create anything offensively.

Sergey Nweke (ST, 61’) -- 6
Struggled initially to find his position in the system, but could impact the game after his first ten minutes were over. Came close on a few chances, and made the best from a rough spot.

Victor Loeseth (CM, 81’) -- 0
Came in the final minutes to preserve Victoria Maersk. Too short for grading.

Matts Pedersen, one of the better players on the field (especially in defence) found clear words for his teammates after the game. In an interview with STV2, his summary was short. “We’re simply playing bad”, he said. “We’re all running around like chickens here as soon as the first thing goes wrong, and I’m not all sure why. Someone needs to be that calming influence, and I think it’s normally my job, but I can’t keep the whole lot together. Iiro is doing his best in directing us all, but it’s seriously hard. The opponent today knew how to deal with this, and applied pressure immediately. There is not too much power in our defence, and I feel like they were exploiting that, trying to run us over. We’ll need to do better next time, and not concede the first goal yet again”.

His coach, Northlights manager Mikaela Rangren, agreed. “We’re falling behind too much, and we’re working on it, but it takes time”, she stated. “My team and me are working on identifying the issue at hand, and we’re hoping we can find a solution before the game that is coming up against Geektopia. Perhaps it’s been the nerves, or some players are already in another match with their heads; that’s deadly at a World Cup but I can’t really find another reason why we are so bad at keeping a zero at the beginning”. When asked about the quality of her tactics and whether she believes that her tactics may have made things harder for the Savojars, or if the team may not have been perfectly aligned for the task at hand, she rejected the idea: “I don’t believe so, no. I’m doing my work at the best I can, and I think we knew how the Baker Park side would play. We’ve seen them recently against us, and we of course prepared dutifully”.

Rangren also didn’t want to put individual players onto the cutting block in public, saying “if it’s an attitude problem, it’s a team problem. Everyone made mistakes out there today, and just because some of them led to goals and some didn’t doesn’t mean I want to put any specific players under pressure. I’m going to field the team that shows me the best play in practice and that is best suited for our next opponent”, protecting her players from the public criticism. Nonetheless, journalists all over the country are clamoring for changes, focussing primarily on the personalities of Ilkkanen and Skov, who appear to be at risk the most. Perhaps a system change against Geektopia is on the line?

Lineup versus Geektopia (4-4-2):
Pakanen - Pedersen, Zirkova, Forsberg, Kiivälä - Voynov, Poulsen, Maersk ©, Jashkin - Jacobsen, Nweke[/b]
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Postby PotatoFarmers » Mon Feb 15, 2021 7:36 am

Previous RP [Chapter 4 Part 4]

RP Series: Getting to the top
Chapter 4: Can we finally get a different ending?
Part 5: Three

Three wins in three tires. Three goals from a player against his club teammate. Three different players providing him the assist. The total number of goals scored in the match was twice of three. Most importantly, three points in the World Cup.

In front of approximately 33 thousand Poafmers gathered in the 100,111-seater New Capetown Memorial Park, Poafmersia delivered one of the biggest shocks of Matchday 1 with a 4-2 win over Audisolavia. And that means Poafmersia remains the winning streak against the Bulls.

For Shakira Handris, playing against Audioslavia seemed to be like a rather comfortable match. Probably because of his familiarity with many of the opposition players. Not to mention that the opposite goalkeeper is his teammate in 1830. Somehow, he always brings with him the magic that spurs the entire team on and leads the team to finding 3 magic points in the World Cup, something previously unthinkable but suddenly achieved. It just took him 6 minutes to open Poafmersia's account in the World Cup proper - a curved ball by Joel Haodao from the side, finding Handris, who ran into the box and slammed it to the top corner, out of reach of the goalkeeper. 13 minutes later, it would be a rather accidental assist from Gisiik Moonar. Trying to find Pete Carisa on the right, the ball bounced off the leg of David Logan, the opposition defender, and then Handris was there once again to scoop up the ball and fire a shot towards goal. 2-0.

The coaching bench was unusually silent. Katiri Hedge showed signs of life, occasionally standing up and shouting instructions, but Adnan Suliaha just sat back and watched along, occasionally talking to the other coaches, occasionally to Hedge. The first 19 minutes went, and Poafmersia already has 2 goals. Maybe to Suliaha, it was pure surprise at the result, pure disbelief at how the team has been doing, or even pure amazement at how much effort the players are putting in. The players are running around. Moving into space, trying to get good tackles and regain possession - the gusto was simply unstoppable. If betting on Poafmersia was allowed in the country, many pundits would be screaming "this team cannot possibly lose", and the betting companies will probably be frantically shortening the odds of Poafmersia winning.

36 minutes in, and Poafmersia conceded their first goal in a World Cup match. It was Logan, who ensured the Bulls weren't too far behind by heading the ball in from a corner. A well-taken corner, straight to the point, and Logan was in place to get it out of Sandi Jaliaha's reach.

The second half was almost a similar picture. Within 10 minutes after kickoff, it would be Daas Taisg, with a traditional through pass, finding Handris who was back-trekking, and then Handris did a little curve ball to swerce the ball in. 3-1, and Poafmersia's first World Cup proper hat-trick is in the books. The Panjias of Poafmersia were playing with the Bulls of Audioslavia, poking here and there, trying to test around, and seeing if they could triple the lead. However, Audioslacia didn''t give up, and Eurico Da Ross did a speculative shot straight from 26 yards out. Jaliaha was probably caught napping considering that the shot wasn't really fast and could clearly be stopped. However, you cannot simply let the frontline agree to the scoreline. Pete Carisa added a solo efforr at the 88th minute to bring the margin back to 2 goals.

The 3 points is surely stirring ambitions everywhere. Not in the Poafmersian camp. Refusing to talk about their chances of qualifications, captain Handris begun talking about how football is not the same in every country, how the team intends to be a beacon for all teams trying to make it into the World Cup. Suliaha remained equally tight-lipped on commenting about Trolleborg, their upcoming opponents.

8 years ago, both teams were playing in Timuria, in the BoF semifinals. When the final whistle blew, however, it was Poafmersia who had lost the game. After beating the Bulls, the team will be put for blood against Trolleborg and they would want to do their 110% to grab the Round of 16 spot with a win. Just a win. They can, and will be capable of causing the surprise of the World Cup.

Poafmersia 4
Shakira Handris 6' (assist by Haodao), 19' (assist by Moonar), 55' (assist by Taisg)
Pete Carisa 88'

Audioslavia 2
David Logan 36'
Eurico Da Rosa 77'

Lineup for Poafmersia (4-3-3): Sandi Jaliaha; Mitchel Rosales, Alex Hoboson, Simone Gori, Natalia Abbott; Gisiik Moonar, Ftiks Wariq, Daas Taisg; Joel Haodao, Shakira Handris (c), Pete Carisa
Substitutes: Woden Sweet (Wariq 60'); Nero Wood (Taisg 79'); Makana Tuft (Handris 87')
IC Name: The People's Republic of Poafmersia (Trigram: PFA)
IC Flag: Refer to my flag with my IC nation Poafmersia, though that nation's RP will be done with this account.
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Postby Cassadaigua » Mon Feb 15, 2021 10:45 am

The forgotten ones,
By Chelsea Dufresne, Concord Heights Times

As we look at the 87th World Cup and try to determine who is going to do what, we can also think back on our past. We are fortunate to have a storied history in the World Cup, and if you go to Concord Heights, you will see the players who were impactful on our great teams. Not all of the players who have had their kit numbers retired were part of the teams that won the World Cups, but the majority of them were. As such, kids growing up today can probably tell you who Courtney Ferguson was, or why Allison Salamida was a great, or that Stacie Kerrigan-Fraser was our first true superstar striker. With Rachel Schanke being the captain of the present team, kids will be able to identify the likes of Jessica Schanke, her grandmother who played on the great teams. There was more to it than just those players. It was a complete team effort, and a recent paint scheme run by Jenna Logan in NSSCRA highlighted all of those names.


That’s a beauty, with the intention of the car to showcase and celebrate the “50/50” double: Winning World Cup 50 and World Baseball Classic 50. The paint scheme has been run by Logan in nations that have good baseball teams or soccer teams, and will run in Vilita for the upcoming race there. The names of the World Baseball Classic 50 players obviously current generation, but the names of the World Cup 50 players were a special tribute. You’ll see names there that you’ll recognize as a Cassadagan sports fan. Then you will see other names. Who were they? Should their names fall into obscurity?

#2, Ericka Giordano was an important defender to the Cassadagan national team. She was 30 in World Cup 50, and first appeared on the team in World Cup 47. That was a tough World Cup for us. After qualifying for 45 and 46 on our third and fourth tries, it was difficult and a blow to this team to not make it into that World Cup. They didn’t quit, and won the Cup of Harmony. You hear that, nations in Cassadaigua right now playing in the Cup of Harmony? They didn’t make World Cup 48 either, but made it to the final of the Cup of Harmony. Giordano, who’s best attribute was her height, could get out-muscled at times but her instincts and overall knowledge of the game was paramount in the back end. Since she was someone that was never a fancy player and who’s name was not often on the scoresheet (she was not booked much, either), Ericka does not appear on many highlight reels. That’s not really a bad thing when you play the position that she did.

#21, Jennifer Rowland, had an interesting story associated with her. It would be Allison Salamida that would become our starting goalkeeper in the glory years, and her #1 now sits memorialized in Concord Heights. However, starting in World Cup #49, the #1 belonged to Jennifer Rowland. She was 24 at the time, three years younger than Salamida but her play domestically saw her get awarded the starting job on the national team for World Cup 49. The Fillies got off to a slow start in that World Cup, and remember, this is a team that had not qualified in the two previous World Cups. About a third of the way into the tournament, Rowland was replaced by Salamida, and the rest, they say, is history. Salamida was unstoppable, setting off the great run in World Cup 49 to not only qualify, but do well in the World Cup. The #1 was taken from Rowland and given to Salamida for World Cup 50. If you’re Rowland, this is not the best way to get remembered, but she is to be commended for how well she took the decision, and how much of a supportive teammate that she was of Salamida. This kept the team clear of any goalkeeping controversy that may have affected the team’s morale.

#12, Valerie McCann, was part of a midfield that also had two players whose numbers are retired. That’s not true for McCann, because unlike Shannon Myers (#7) and captain Meaghan Bateman (#13) her name was not on the scoresheet all that much. It was not supposed to be, as McCann was a defensive midfielder. This is often an underrated position on the field, but her two-way presence was an important in the back end as well as getting the ball further ahead to Bateman, or to Myers and Stephanie Reeves (another forgotten name) along the wings. She started in the World Cup for the first time in World Cup 48, though appeared as a reserve on the World Cup 47 roster.

#16, Hannah Barton, is another unappreciated name. After all, she played up front with Jessica Schanke and got her name on the score sheet quite often. For some reason, she never got the same kind of press that Jessica would get. You can almost see the similarities right now with the current team and can call Hannah the Madison McClain to Rachel Schanke. Rachel gets the press, but it’s not as if McClain does not score goals. Madison is presently fourth on the team, behind Rachel, Meghan Wolcott, and Morgan Rosenblatt. Barton was in a very similar position on this team. One of the reasons McClain does not get the same kind of recognition is because Rachel has had various teammates up front with her at times. Hannah Barton, however, was a regular teammate up front with Jessica Schanke.

I can go on and on, and I probably should because the likes of Stephanie Farison, Corri Kiernan, and Stephanie Reeves should be talked about a lot more, too. We should spend time also talking about the subs and reserves on this team. They were mostly younger, and many took the knowledge that they gained in World Cups 50 and 51 to keep Cassadaigua as a World Cup contender throughout the early 50’s, World Cup wise. We also don’t talk enough about the coach. That male coach, Alexander Pappas, who was brought here from Peisandros to get the team over the hump, and he would do exactly that. Perhaps if Pappas was Cassadagan, we would talk more about his role for men within our nation, but he was not as influential in that capacity as he could have been.

In World Cup 50, Jessica Schanke was 30. In World Cup 87, Rachel Schanke is 29. That’s not something that is lost on Rachel as she tries to lead this team to World Cup glory. Rachel will always be remembered, but you have to wonder how many players on this current team would be remembered 37 World Cups from now? I can tell you this: I won’t be writing the article about it, but maybe one day my grandchild will be!
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Games of the XIII Summer Olympiad: Second Most Medals
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Postby Tikariot » Mon Feb 15, 2021 10:52 am

OOC Disclaimer: Soundtrack: Across the Moment - End is the New Beginning

The sounds that are fading in are the cawing of birds and barking of frogs dominating, some crickets chirping in as well. As the picture fades in, it shows the heart of a bayou, the low-hanging branches of the trees, many of them with Spanish moss hanging off, giving them an almost wraith-like appearance in the evening twilight. The brackish water between the trees and embankments is covered with green weeds and leaves, making it look dead and forgotten, no current or wind moving. As the camera pans the scenery, it comes to rest on a figure sitting on a fallen log, which is partially submerged in the murky waters, its back resting against another trunk.

The Shadow: You know what they say, "never say never." Oh how we've been marked down as cannon fodder, just like the rest of the newcomers, how it already is a huge success to have qualified to begin with, which it obviously is, but to kiss our hopes goodbye that now we are playing in the big show, the grandest of them all. We are the minnows in the shark tank, the little fish in the bayou where the alligators reign supreme.

He gets up and with his staff walks across the marshy ground towards a piroque, one of the flat-bottomed boats used to navigate the sluggish waters of the bayou. As he navigates the narrow channels of the bayou, carving a path through the green carpet covering the water, he scans his surroundings, the camera zooming in on an alligator hiding ahead in the brackish water, unmoving. As he swerves around the reptile, The Shadow continues.

The Shadow: The fortune tellers with their crystal balls and tarot cards are much derided as charlatans, yet with their computer programs and printouts the so-called experts are doing the exact same things, with the firm belief that 'science' is backing them up, deeming themselves the augurs, the prophets of the matter, elevating themselves above the clairvoyants and soothsayers, the crystal-gazers and seers. Are they any closer to foreseeing the future?

Instead of answering his own question, he just chuckles lightly. The piroque reaches a small floating dock in front of a small row of wooden houses that almost look picturesque in the fading twilight, a wooden walkway running in front of them, partially covered, illuminated by old oil lanterns. Lilypads are lazily floating in the brownish water and dragonflies are out for an evening snack, with the barking of the frogs stronger than before, as if trying to keep their competitors for the juiciest flies at bay. Two old men are sitting in rocking chairs in front of one of the houses, giving The Shadow a barely noticeable nod of greeting before going back to their game of dominoes. Shortly after he turns into a narrow channel branching off, the overgrowth even denser, the Spanish moss hanging so low in some places that he has to use his staff to move it aside in order to pass. He reaches a wooden dock, its planks weathered and covered with moss. As he steps off the piroque, the dock gives an ominous creak as if on the verge of collapse under his weight, but The Shadow does not seem to be concerned as he confidently strides off onto a narrow gravel path partially covered by standing water, curving between thick, gnarled trees, their trunks twisted and overgrown with moss, their vines hanging off the branches, in the now failing twilight giving the impression of trying to reach out towards The Shadow as he passes them. Then in the distance a pale light is beckoning, coming from a lantern above the entrance door of an old mansion, its weathered stone columns choked by dense ivy, the windows black, the white balustrades of the wrap-around porch and balconies above showing the ravages of time with peeling off paint and moss giving it a desolate, forsaken look.

The Shadow: Nothing is what it seemed to be anymore, nothing is following the 'rules' that had been so carefully laid out in all the analyses and other brouhaha and it has everybody up in a huff. Instead of being able to relish in their correct predictions, the all-seeing eyes now relegated to trying to figure out why nothing has worked out the way they had so grandly forecast.

He opens the door to the mansion and two oil lanterns to either side of the staircase suddenly flicker to life, showing that the inside of the mansion is not in much better shape than the outside. Wallpaper is peeling off the walls, the worn wooden flooring is stained by water. Right opposite the entrance is a wooden staircase leading upstairs, two doors leading to either side of the entrance hall, one borded up with wooden planks nailed into the frame, the other one slightly ajar, moving as if a breeze glided through the house, yet the cobwebs remain still and untouched, its hinges softly creaking with the movement. The hollow sound of footsteps can be heard from above, leading towards the staircase, followed by the unmistakeable sound of someone slowly yet steadily coming down, yet there is nobody to be seen.

TS: It is as if ghosts are haunting the hallowed halls, lurking around corners, bending the fabric of what should be, distorting the reality they so desperately are trying to cling to.

Slowly he moves towards the stairs, slowly, but deliberately ascending, carefully where to step as if trying to avoid planks that could fail as he puts his weight on them. There are three hallways leading from the landing, each terminating at a single door at their respective ends, more lanterns sending their flickering light into the gloom of a long abandoned house, the formerly red carpets now a pale pink under a thick layer of dust that does not look like it has been disturbed in years if not decades. The corridor to the left, however, shows the dust disturbed, cobwebs broken with a single set of footprints leading from the door towards the entry hall. The Shadow slowly enters the corridor.

TS: The first ghost that emerged from its slumber came to haunt Drawkland, the nation that all of Sonnel put its hopes on to rise through the ranks of the tournament and capture the much coveted cup. Confident they were, yet they failed to stem the Dark Tide from taking what they thought was rightfully theirs.

As he reaches the door, it shows a carving of the Drawkian flag in the wood, deep scratch marks marring the smooth oaken surface as if something had tried to erase its existence from the door. He cautiously reaches out for the door know, only to find it locked yet there is no keyhole or lock on the door, indicating that it must have been locked from the inside. He turns around and moves back towards the landing. Turning towards the corridor on the right, he points at the door.

TS: What lurks behind the second door, nobody knows.

The camera tries to zoom into the door, but the faint light of the lantern does not reveal any details, yet given the image on the first door it appears to have the Astograthian flag carved into its wood, no scratch marks marring the oaken planks. As it turns back around, The Shadow already has descended the stairs and is headed for the door towards the outside.

TS: Astograth, brace yourself for the Dark Tide is coming your way next.

And by the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes.

With that he exits the house and all lanterns suddenly extinguish, leaving behind nothing but darkness.

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Postby Zwangzug » Mon Feb 15, 2021 12:24 pm

The Arlington Moon-Tribune

Fans across the world have grown familiar with the fervent antics of Lükækš Væñøœrëñbérghüïś (if not how to spell his name) during Vdara's qualifying travails. His hard-fought efforts paid off as Vdara topped Group 4, in front of Kate DiMarini's homeland of Baker Park, and qualified to the World Cup proper for the first time. But the group stage brought a new level of competition, as a Zwangzug side that can be charitably said to be peaking at the right time soundly defeated them 4-1.

Vdara fielded their "first choice" lineup, which is heavy on defenders but still features an attacking style. Markos Moustakakos was not only busy as the assistant to the fevered Væñøœrëñbérghüïś, he also started in goal, and was kept busy by Zwangzug's attack. Johan Idmar drew first blood in minute 23, receiving a Riley Kivrin pass and outpacing Valentinos Giannakos, who seemed overmatched. Sophie Munshi, playing in familiar territory from her TPL career, would shine on offense and defense, dispossessing Anargyros Stamatelis in the 39th minute to score the second goal.

After halftime, the veteran Alexis Fotellis tried to equalize for the underdogs, but was offsides by some distance. The clarity of this decision was recognized by most of the fans in the large Taeshan stadium upon video review, although not by Væñøœrëñbérghüïś, who had some choice words and choicer diacritics for the video review team. A beleagued Moustakakos was able to talk him down long enough for the team to regroup, and they were rewarded with a Chirstoforos Lazelis sprint that turned into a goal in minute 56. Zwangzug would continue to push the attack, however; a Nora Kent-Maner free kick found Jonah McCollins, who beat out David Xeniadis to make it 3-1 in minute 70. Idmar would tack on another in minute 82; his confidence on this stage is a welcome change of pace from the opening match last tournament, and... [continued page 3]


" him a very small chance of contending for the Silicon Boot," muttered Cheryl Woen, not turning to page 3.

"What?" asked Dovydas Mueller, who Cheryl was beginning to suspect hung around just to ignore her.

"Nothing, it's fine. Anything new?"

"Uh, I'm arguing with some guys in the comments section in Ko-oren," said Dovydas. This was always a tricky task, not only because of the normal perils of anonymous internet fights, but also because the Ko-orenites would rotate among about sixteen different languages in doing so. "Who were the better team, Sorthern Northland or Andossa Se Mitrin Vega?"

Cheryl blinked. "I would say Sorthern Northland. I mean, they won the World Cup twice. There are other factors, obviously, but that's a pretty basic one."

"Sure," said Dovydas. "That's what I figured."

"The Vegans were around earlier. But a lot of people say the quality of competition was lower then."

"Yeah. One of these guys is saying that it's easier for ASMV fans to make their case, though, because Sorthern Northland doesn't...exist anymore."

"Neither does ASMV."

"Yeah, but Sorthern Northland really blew themselves up."

"What difference does it make? Gray and white is gray and white."

"Whether people mourn for you slowly or all at once. I think."

Cheryl nodded. "It was around the same time. World Cup 57, Sorthern Northland was--ravaged. World Cup 58, ASMV hosted the World Cup. Another round of triumphs and tragedies, people trying to deal with changes."

"So is every tournament," said Dovydas. "So what?"

"There's a story," said Cheryl, pulling up something on her computer, "about what really happened back there in Nothandryun. And it goes like this..."
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WC87 - MD1 v Starblayida, Rise of Rokopolis

Postby Vilita » Mon Feb 15, 2021 12:31 pm



Jungle Cats Fall to Starblaydia as Rokopolis Shines

The Dome, a place that shall not be named but is surrounded by water, Taeshan:: 92,000 fans were on hand as the Vilitan National Team opened up the World Cup 87 Finals with a disappointing 1-2 defeat to Starblaydia. It was the first time in the history of the World Cup that Starblaydia have beaten Vilita. Crazy? Yes. Of course, perhaps the more incredible thing is since Starblaydia first burst onto the scene 72 cycles ago, Vilita and Starblaydia had only faced each other in the World Cup Finals three times. Now, Starblaydia have won one of them. Of course, the two sides had played each other a number of times in all competitions and the all time series between the two highly decorated nations was virtually a dead heat. In straight up matches between Vilita and Starblaydia, each now once again defeated the other an identical number of times.

As Starblaydia were the Top seed in Group C, it was a result that the Vilitan National Team had to be prepared for heading into the competition. With just one place between the two sides in the World Cup Committee KPB Rankings, however, one could not fault the Vilitan National Team for thinking that they could at least come out with a point from the critical opener - if not a victory over their regional rivals. The Jungle Cats fielded a strong lineup with Yeaddin Owls AFC goalkeeper Mako Canopii back in goal for tVilita and a super-effective scoring duo of Sipke Tarala and Nii'arala Milaaso seeming sure to trouble the back line of the fellow five-time World Cup Champions. Instead, however, it was the Purple Peril who dominated the match for long stretches, out possessing the Jungle Cats and peppering Mako Canopii's goal with shots - six along in the opening forty five minutes of play.

It was perhaps lucky for Cavuna Aquafek's side that they were only down two goals at the break, though thankfully they would come back into some improved form over the second forty five minute spell. Lucian Damocles, scorer of Starblaydia's opening goal in the 12th minute, had been replaced by Vilitan League based attacker Layla Cellaeron who hoped to get their own chance to take a shot on Canopii. Instead, however, the Jungle Cats were able to take control of possession and even take a few hopeful shots down the other end of the pitch where Iskara Daii netminder Ruby Narvaez defended the Starblaydia goal wearing a green kit that, on the day, seemed like camoflouge against the artificial pitch inside the Dome.

Despite taking back the possession advantage in the second half, however, it took too long for the Vilitan freight train to build up its momentum. By the time the Jungle Cats would get themselves on the scoresheet it was a matter of too little, too late. Despite their goal being only a consolation it was perhaps a critical goal for the future of the Vilitan National Team. Young Jlinal Cove FC midfielder Trezisi Rokopolis entered the game in place of the veteran Polaox Torerun to make their World Cup Finals debut. It would become a memorable one despite the result when, three minutes from time, Rokopolis found space after poking the ball past April Hoyt then quickly fired a low shot that was outside the reach of Narvaez and nestled into the back corner of the net.

While the Jungle Cats were defeated on the day, there was plenty of optimism they could take from the match with long time midfield duo Cavuna Aquafek and Poloax Torerun in the swan songs of their careers - with Aquafek behind the bench as head coach and Torerun on their last legs in the lineup, the rise of Rokopolis on the World Stage was a story to watch for the remainder of the finals in Vilita.

Vilita [1] - [2] Starblaydia

GOALS: Vilita :: 87' Trezisi Rokopolis
STATS: Vilita :: Possession: 46%:: Shots: 3:: Corners: 6 Starblaydia :: Possession: 54%:: Shots: 8:: Corners: 11
Lineup: [GK] Mako Canopii, [D.] Jirak Trikala, [D.] Linkat Cjinder, [D.] Rojara Tiones, [DM] Karisto Monafog, [ML] Polaox Torerun, [MC] Limu Katarakhna, [MC] Jurzen Devmiko, [MR] Intikko Kuhilana, [FC] Sipke Tarala, [FC] Nii'arala Milaaso
Bench: [FC] Fishtii Blikala, [FC] Tenziki Kulakao, [M] Trezisi Rokopolis, [M] Kudii Davasarii, [U ] Enzoril Alabonni, [D] Lohani Riiyaaw, [GK] Vernasa Sanamun


18 [3] - Kudii Davasarii :: Rammsissil
17 [3] - Jyuola Mtalata :: Mliona-Lpaka AFC
17 [3] - Limu Katarakhna :: Eastal Lunar
15 [0] - Cywrenta Vlintejni :: Colonial Sile
14 [6] - Sipke Tarala :: Sabrefell Athletic (NPH)
13 [5] - Nii'arala Milaaso :: Eastal Lunar
13 [5] - Polaox Torerun :: Turoki Tide
13 [1] - Lentali Purama :: Marine Coast United
13 [2] - Jirak Trikala :: Jungle Strike FC
13 [1] - Lohani Riiyaaw :: Directus (EUR)
10 [2] - Enzoril Alabonni :: Marine Coast United
10 [2] - Jurzen Devmiko :: Lonngeylin Coast
8 [5] - Tenziki Kulakao :: Yeaddin Owls
8 [0] - Inteali Koranjo :: Cazadores Cathair (AUD)
7 [0] - Rojara Tiones :: Yeaddin Owls AFC
6 [0] - Clarana Refiami :: Spartangrad (EUR)
5 [1] - Inbekira Ajhabekk :: Iskara Daii (STR)
5 [3] - Trezisi Rokopolis :: Jlinal Cove
5 [0] - Intikko Kuhilana :: Makosile
4 [3] - Berali Tzufarei :: Rammsissil
4 [0] - Mileke Drokasorna :: Colonial Sile
3 [1] - Cavuna Aquafek :: Turoki Tide
3 [0] - Linkat Cjinder :: Lonngeylin Coast
2 [0] - Va'a-Rio Kiwavn :: -Unattached-
2 [1] - Fishtii Blikala :: Marine Coast United
1 [0] - Monner Vileai :: Eastal Lunar
1 [0] - Tyoasi Klipark :: Marine Coast United
1 [0] - Linvoi Warazil :: Raynor City United (VAL)
1 [0] - Rintala Sekagaya :: Lonngeylin Coast

17 year old Jlinal Cove FC Midfielder Trezisi Rokopolis has proven to be a real spark for the Jungle Cats taking advantage of the opportunities they have been handed and having greatly impressed the teams new head coach Cavuna Aquafek. In just five appearances during the World Cup 87 Qualifying campaign, Rokopolis scored three goals and those performances earned Rokopolis a surprise call up into the roster for the World Cup 87 Finals. Despite the Jungle Cats opening matchday defeat to Starblaydia, Rokopolis has immediately repaid the debt to Aquafek for their inclusion in the roster and justified their selection with the lone goal in the 2-1 defeat. Rokopolis has now scored four goals in six career games for the Vilitan National Team with calls now coming to give the youngster a chance in the starting lineup as the Jungle Cats push ahead needing two victories in their final two World Cup 87 Group Stage matches to ensure progression through to the Knockout Rounds.

Statistically speaking, it was Rammsissill midfielder Kudii Davasarii who made the most appearances for the Jungle Cats during the Qualifying campaign appearing as either a starter or substitute in each of Vilita's 18 matches. Davasarii was the only player who appeared in all 18 matches for the Jungle Cats during Qualifying.

However, against Starblaydia, Davasarii was on the bench and their number was never called, leaving the Ramms midfielder on the sideline while Rokopolis stole the spotlight late in the second half. Jyuola Mtalata - who appeared in all but one of the Jungle Cats qualifying matches, was also left out of the Jungle Cats roster against Starblaydia but for injury reasons and it is unclear if the Mliona-Lpaka AFC midfielder will play any part in the World Cup 87 Finals for the Vilitan National Team.

A complete listing of player statistics from the World Cup 87 Qualifying shows that 12 different players appeared in at least half of the Jungle Cats matches although some of the players who played in less matches were more prolific in getting onto the scoresheet. In addition to Rokopolis who netted three times in five matches, Veteran Rammsissill forward Berali Tzufarei one-upped the youngster with 3 goals in four qualifying appearances. Similarly, Yeaddin Owls AFC attacker Tenziki Kulakao found the back of the net 5 times in eight starts during qualifying.

In the goalscoring category, Sabrefell Athletic attacker Sipke Tarala maintained their claim as one of the worlds best goalscorers to lead the Jungle Cats with 6 goals during the Qualifying campaign, just one better than Kulakao despite having six more matches played. Nii'arala Milaaso and Polaox Torerun, having both appeared thirteen times in World Cup 87 Qualifying, were also one shy of Tarala with 5 goals heading into the World Cup Finals.

-¤-¤-¤World Cup 20 Champions¤-¤-¤-¤-¤-¤World Cup 68 Champions¤-¤-¤-
-¤-¤-¤World Cup 77 Champions¤-¤-¤-

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Postby Pasarga » Mon Feb 15, 2021 12:59 pm

Playing against the cohosts to open up the Finals meant that there was a bit of nerves before the match, knowing that the full support of the stadium was going to be behind the Wanderers' opposition for the opening match. However unlike if they were playing in Taeshan, the stadiums here in Ethane were substantially smaller in comparison, even comparing it to the stadiums back in the dual islands or that which most of the players played their club football in, taking a bit of the edge off. With players who constantly are playing in stadiums that have thirty thousand plus capacity, they were likely going to be unphased by the sort of support that the Wanderers were anticipating for Ethane to have. It was that sort of mental edge that could be the difference between grabbing a needed result from the first match and dropping points, with the Wanderers and their staff knowing quite well just how much that added extra support and comfort of playing at home can provide, having done quite well in the ventures where they have hosted competitions, even as the underdogs. With Ethane the worst ranked first team in the competition, they are no doubt an underdog.

There was festivities leading up to the opening whistle, with it being the opening match for the Ethane half of the competition. While for other teams that might have frayed the nerves even more, it seemed to calm down the few players of the Wanderers who were exhibiting a few signs of anxiety still. With all of the pomp and glamour over with, the sides lined up and the opening whistle was blown, getting the match underway. Ethane was sacrificing the wings to the Wanderers in their shape but trying to overrun the midfield and out maneuver the backline with an attacking midfielder and an overall narrow but disjointed formation. There was a bit of a gap between the back five and then the two players playing in the middle of the park for the cohosts. Szalyk Földessy was going to have a lot of work to do, being the holding midfielder and destroyer for the squad, his performance in being able to handle the Ethane center midfield trio with the attacking midfielder was going to be one of the keys to getting a result. Luckily for Griffiths, his destroyer cut his game in Valanora and against very attacking teams with a lot of attacking midfielders, he would be up for this challenge.

It would be the hosts that opened up the scoring though, with Montoya feeding Burgess and the striker able to put in a shot low outside of Galambos reach to send the hosts up early, just nine minutes into the match. Júlia Müller however was quick to bring the sides level in the fourteenth, having cut inside and past James and Wilburn-Mason before slotting it past Velázquez in a display of great individual effort. A third goal of the game came just another six minutes into the match, as Mária Vöröss converted a beautiful free kick from slightly left of the center at the top of the box, looping over the wall and then curling into the upper near post, giving the Wanderers' the lead after falling behind so early into the match. It was not the last goal of the half though as the Wanderers were keeping the possession and keeping the Ethane midfield spread out with the wing play. Erik Földessy had cut down the line and combined with Szôllôssi to get past Johnson, before sending in a cross that his brother was rushing in and putting in a diving header that caught Velázquez completely flat footed in the forty-second minute. A two goal lead heading into half time was exactly where the Wanderers wanted to be and Griffiths could not be happier with his team's performance.

Ethane tried to press out of the second half and push their wingbacks forward to apply pressure to the Wanderers' backline, however both Ács and Csikós were up to the task, closing down and dispossessing their opposite numbers. Szalyk Földessy was keeping up the marking tenacity in the midfield, supporting the centerbacks, on top of grabbing his goal just before the half. On the hour mark, Salai and Kuruc were brought on for Szôllôssi and Vöröss respectively, with Kuruc dropping back to present a pair of holding midfielders to further stifle the Ethane attack up the middle of the park. Müller would add a second to her tally and fourth for the Wanderers after Stevens had brought down Salai inside the box and the Wanderers were awarded the penalty, which Müller easily converted in the seventy-first minute. Salai would round out the scoring, when Kuruc dispossed Kjaer and lofted it into the box, Salai rising above Stevens to chest it down and quickly moving it to his favored left foot and sent a hard, low shot that just snuck in the near post, making if five to one in the eighty-second. Ethane would get a consolation goal when Montoya managed a cheeky shot that Galambos was not ready for in the eighty-ninth minute, but it was too little too late for the cohosts. Despite having both the opening and last goals, Ethane had been thoroughly beaten by the Wanderers.

The side now shifts gears and their focus onto Ko-oren, knowing that they needed at least a draw with the defensive masters to keep up their momentum and desire to get into the second round once more. Griffiths will be relying on his and the teams' contests against Taeshan, who play a very similar style and formation to the Dragonflies, to be able to know how to unlock Ko-oren. It could be like the playoff, playing back and allowing Ko-oren to open themselves up on the attack and attempting to hit back on the counter. Kuruc had done well in his time against Ethane and he was the sort of player that could hold up against Ko-oren Griffiths believed, meaning he was one of two changes the team was going to have. Up front, Salai would also start instead of Reka, having fresher legs and having been able to snag a goal against Ethane, it was clear the young striker was hungry for success. It was a subtle change, taking some of the sting out of the attack with the use of Kuruc instead of Vöröss, but absorbing pressure and then hitting with pace was how Griffiths believed the Wanderers would be able to unlock the Ko-oren defensive wonders.

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Postby Alasdair I Frosticus » Mon Feb 15, 2021 2:31 pm

A 1-1 draw with Cassadaigua was neither the desired result, nor a disaster. At least it gave the Holy Empire a platform to work with - though Zwangzug's 4-1 thrashing of Vdara had emphasised the scale of the challenge. For all that the Holy Empire's team should have been of one mind, they were finding it difficult to perform to the expected standard. Perhaps the squad was too similar across the 11 positions; perhaps because they all knew what they were going to do next, they were incapable of true originality; perhaps Juan Tzimisces just had to do something about the goalkeeping - though it was probably too late at this stage to do something about it. In the meantime, Imperial historians were reminded of an unusual criminal case that had taken place in Candelaria and Marquez at the beginning of the World Cup qualifiers that some said, given the new evidence, perhaps involved the World Cup 87 squad's substitute goalkeeper - while little noted at the time, these historians believed that it took on new significance given the nature of the Empire's World Cup 87 squad.

A mansion house in Candelaria and Marquez.

Francesco Pappas, Zachary Plunkett, Jhanna Macanás, Harvey Young, and Jesse O'Brien are gathered in the drawing room.

"And just so we're absolutely clear, Francesco, there are no such things as - for the sake of argument: elves, dwarves, androids, robotic ducks, ninja-monkey-monks, practitioners of actual voodoo, monks from an alternate dimension, hedgehogs, sapient mice, sapient bears, sapient badgers, sapient cucumbers, sapient beans, sapient trees, zombies, vampires, football-playing Greek letters, aliens, sentient puppets, cartoon characters, invisible rabbits, killer swans, goalkeepers with no arms, purple stinging nellies, living Neolithic men, onion choppers, pinging trees, teapots and floating ponies; no matter what President Morton might be claiming about a so-called 'state-sponsored conspiracy'."

"I entirely agree, Zachary; a ridiculous notion...."

"Well, except for that Ug-Ug playing in central midfield for the Holy Empire, isn't he...?"

"The Holy what? What did I hear you say?"

<in unison> "Monsieur Juan Hercule Tzimisces!"

"Indeed it is I; and you are probably wondering why I have called you all here today, no?"

"Does this have something to do with the death of Jono Wilkinson?"

"Yes, Monsieur Pappas; indeed it does."

"Now look here, Tzimisces, you can't just summon us all here with no good reason; are you insinuating that we had something to do with Jono's death?"

"There is no such thing as Death, really, you know, Monsieur Young - only Change. But no; I am not insinuating that you all had something to do with the Wilkinson death - only that one of you had something to do with the Wilkinson death."


"You'd better have a damn good reason for that accusation, Tzimisces."

"Wherever there is human nature, there is drama, Monsieur O'Brien, no? But allow me to explain.... Of late Candelaria and Marquez have become a real force in the footballing world; and the late Monsieur Wilkinson was the single most important financial donor to the national football federation - this is not disputed, I believe."


"Thank you, Mademoiselle Macanás. So if anyone was seeking to hurt the further development of Candelaria and Marquez football, to stop the team from reaching its full World Cup-winning potential, then the death of Monsieur Wilkinson would be most convenient, no?"

"Get on with it, Tzimisces."

"Of course. Now, all five of you were at the country house dinner party where Monsieur Wilkinson was found dead if I recall correctly; the frothing at the mouth was most suggestive of cyanide poisoning. And all of you had reason to dislike the victim, as we established yesterday. Yet it could not have been Monsieur O'Brien who was responsible, for we have established he was practicing croquet on the lawn; this is corroborated by the cook, who is also secretly Monsieur O'Brien's long-lost mother, who put him up for adoption shortly after his birth."

"How...! How did you know!"

"Nor could it be Mademoiselle Macanás or Monsieur Young, who have been secretly carrying on an affair of passion these last two years, and at the moment that the poison had to be administered to have the observed impact, were... shall I delicately say, together in Monsieur Young's chamber - as demonstrated by the two candles that were subsequently found in Monsieur Young's suite, one of them clearly taken from Mademoiselle Macanás's room, as it matched the wallpaper."

"Oh, Harvey.... I'm so sorry I forgot the candlestick."

"Don't worry darling; it seems your momentary forgetfulness has cleared us from suspicion!"

"Which leaves us with Monsieur Plunkett and Monsieur Pappas. Both of you had motives, and both of you were potentially in the right place at the right time... Yet only Monsieur Plunkett was spotted arriving at the mansion carrying a two-litre bottle of cyanide with the label 'for the poisoning of Jono Wilkinson' written in big black sharpie on the side."

"You have me, Tzimisces; how did you know?"

"As I said, you were seen carrying a two-litre bottle of cyanide with the label 'for the poisoning of Jono Wilkinson' written in big black sharpie on the side."

"Was it some subtle clue?"


"Did I give myself away via some difficult to disguise psychological tic that only a genius such as yourself could have spotted?"


"Was it a misplaced word in an overheard conversation?"

"No; it is, as I said, because you were seen carrying a two-litre bottle of cyanide with the label 'for the poisoning of Jono Wilkinson' written in big black sharpie on the side."

"Dammit, and I tried so hard to be careful... not to give myself away..."

"And it is my belief that by poisoning Monsieur Wilkinson, you were not only hoping to damage the development of football in Candelaria and Marquez; as an employee of the Ministry of Remedial Teaching, you were hoping to conceal the existence of elves, dwarves, androids, robotic ducks, ninja-monkey-monks, practitioners of actual voodoo, monks from an alternate dimension, hedgehogs, sapient mice, sapient bears, sapient badgers, sapient cucumbers, sapient beans, sapient trees, zombies, vampires, football-playing Greek letters, aliens, sentient puppets, cartoon characters, invisible rabbits, killer swans, goalkeepers with no arms, purple stinging nellies, living Neolithic men, onion choppers, pinging trees, teapots and floating ponies."

"Except that there are no such thing as elves, dwarves, androids, robotic ducks, ninja-monkey-monks, practitioners of actual voodoo, monks from an alternate dimension, hedgehogs, sapient mice, sapient bears, sapient badgers, sapient cucumbers, sapient beans, sapient trees, zombies, vampires, football-playing Greek letters, aliens, sentient puppets, cartoon characters, invisible rabbits, killer swans, goalkeepers with no arms, purple stinging nellies, living Neolithic men, onion choppers, pinging trees, teapots and floating ponies, Monsieur Tzimisces..."

"I am sorry, Monsieur Pappas, but I shall not speak more of these; this is a matter for you and your government to discuss. In the meantime, by solving this crime we have assured that Candelaria and Marquez shall go on to great success; though perhaps I will find myself regretting this in World Cup 49. It remains only now for the police to arrest Monsieur Plunkett."
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Postby Trolleborg » Mon Feb 15, 2021 2:33 pm

Greetings, compatriots!
It’s TTV from Taeshan, with a most recent news about how things unfolded in the World Cup

Many of us remember Taeshan when this country hosted Junior World Cup. It was specifical experience, to say the least – locals looked as if absolutely not interested in either tournament or tourists. Many of us hoped something changed in between our two visits, but we must disappoint them. Yes, there was a big stadiums, with a plenty of tickets for everyone who decide to go. At least it’s not Ethane, with his small arenas (why not build something formidable for tournament of such scale, we do not clearly understand). But everything apart from this is not great at all. Weather was windy and snowy, local people rarely ventured anywhere, and there was definitely not a chance to do as always on big tournaments – marches, songs, beer, fraternization and so on. We give you just a two glimpses from Taeshan – both taken on a potentially busy points in downtown, and there was a less than five cars and less than ten people here for a twenty minutes that we can withstood cold.


For which reason Taeshan don’t build fully roofed stadiums or put nearby some climate-making machinery, is a complete mystery.

As already customary in the Multiverse, competition organisation is stuck in Stone Age, and it’s most visible in the fact that there was no any opening ceremony, even token and most simplistic one so characteristical for a latest Olympics. There was no any clues whatsoever what you can see or what you must experience in Taeshan, much less about transport, cuisine, currency rates, prices, and so on. But we are expected precisely that, having already experienced local customs in due time. The rudimentary organization did not become something unexpected for us, to a much greater extent we were surprised that in two years nothing was done at all for the convenience of the guests of the country.

As for the game itself, then, perhaps, the head coach must take his players to the training camp in the snowy mountains of Trolleborg for a better preparation. Maybe with such a thing game would be easier for team on this snowy day, but it seems to us that it is not much easier, because we have too serious opponent, one of the real candidates for victory in the World Cup.

We must say that the national team played decent football, better than in its first performance, and showed the ability to act on counterattacks, in one of which they scored a goal.


Perhaps, one could not count on more than a loss by two goals, on the whole this defeat is a decent result, although it seems that the crisis phenomena that did not please the fans so much in the second half of the qualifying tournament are still present. In general, this defeat was expected, in the end it must be admitted we have fewer seasons in world football than Valanora having World Cup titles.

In another match of our group, Poafmersia won very loud and unexpected victory against Audioslavia, whom every pundit put as a favourite. And this not only upset our fans, who are in wain waiting such success from their favorites, but also greatly complicated the position of our team. Now we have to first play with the Potato Farmers who started the tournament so bravely and having great plans for a future, and then with Audioslavia, which will probably have acute need for a points. Not enviable situation, to say the least, but we are hoping for a better.

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Postby Ethane » Mon Feb 15, 2021 3:03 pm

Warning: This Paper is Flammable
Straight To The Back: The Sports Section

The Problem With Five-At-The-Back

Joren Kreuger, in all their wisdom, has opted to use a 5-at-the-back formation for the national team in this World Cup. I can't blame Kreuger for that. When you look at the list of opponents that our team have to face, you'd probably opt for a certain sense of defensive solidity as well. Our hope in this games does, after all, rely primarily on our ability to defend. We're not able to beat some of these ruthless teams by trying to outscore them, because we would just be torn apart.

Look at the game against Pasarga. Yes, Ethane did score 2 goals - the first and last of the match in fact. Yet, we were beaten. Badly. We conceded 5. Not to take away from Kreuger's plans for this team, which hopefully will bear more fruit in the coming two games of the groups, but there are a significant number of issues with the formation being used by our team - and 5-at-the-back formations in general - that means moving to such a system doesn't give you a better chance of success or defensive solidity.

1 - It's An Atypical Formation

The five-at-the-back formation is atypical. In many areas of popular footballing wisdom, the 5-at-the-back has fallen out of favour. Even in Ethane, where there is a certain pride in defending, the 5-at-the-back formation is shedding tactical supporters. Obviously this article explores some of the reasons behind that. But one of the big reasons why it isn't going to work well in this World Cup for Ethane is because the players aren't used to it. Most of the national team players are not used to playing in a 5-at-the-back formation at the domestic level. Having to fit into a different formation takes time to learn the nuances of the strategy. The amount of time these teams get in preparation for the World Cup doesn't gift you that ability. It's better to use a formation which more domestic clubs use, because it'll be easier for the players to adjust to the system used in the national team. Otherwise, you risk mistakes especially at the back. And we truly saw that against Pasarga, with mix-ups between the three centre-backs, especially between Wilburn-Mason and James.

2 - Vulnerabilities At The Back

For any team to sit back the whole game and avoid conceding a goal is a big undertaking. There are only a few teams who can do it consistently and well. Ethane in the team's early years in the World Cup was starting to shift into that category. But nowhere near matching up to teams like Ko-oren or Taeshan. Yet to do it with a 5-at-the-back formation adds some challenges. In some ways, it makes it easier. You have more people sitting back. More bodies in the way. That's always a good thing, right?

Wrong. There are multiple issues with more bodies in the way. It's more likely that an awkward deflection will lend itself to a goal. It's more likely that any two players will make a mistake through miscommunication. It's more likely that the vision of the goalkeeper will be obscured. Plus, by having 5-at-the-back you are effectively conceding a significant part of the pitch to your opponents. In Kreuger's formation, that's the wings. A key part of defending isn't just sitting back and getting in the way, but is also making those challenges and interceptions higher up the pitch, preventing those attacks from developing.

3 - Attacking Weakness

Five-at-the-back formations also have another significant issue which undermines their usability. They're not amazing on the offensive. In using this formation, Kreuger has conceded the wings. To mount an attack up the wings requires either the wingbacks to push forward which leaves the team vulnerable at the back, or it requires the central midfielders to drift out wide, which undermines control in midfield. There is no massive impetus on the offensive without breaking key parts of the formation, leaving the players vulnerable to mistakes, errors in position, or just being overwhelmed by the opposition.

With the focus of the offence on counter-attacking, you really need that speed as well up front. This of course requires significant amounts of energy. To use this formation you have to run your players into the ground, every match. Unless you just never have possession. Which in this formation wouldn't necessarily be surprising.

I'm not trying to diminish the work of Kreuger or the national team. They will do their best and try to make this formation work. And if Kreuger feels that this formation is what is best for the national team during this world cup, then so be it. I'm just trying to say this formation isn't perfect, and isn't the antidote to the team's issues and gulf in capabilities to these top teams we'll be facing up against. That's to say, no formation is perfect though. I wish the team the best. We will lose, but I can bet you they're putting their hearts on the line in this tournament to do all of us proud.
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Postby Squornshelous » Mon Feb 15, 2021 3:09 pm

Coincidence, Part 10
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9
(the characters in this chapter were introduced in Chapters 4 and 5, and also featured in Chapter 8 )

It was dangerously easy to just be comfortable in down time with the cell, Andreas had found. His roommate, Zlad, in particular. The young man was cheerful to the point of being tiring sometimes, and seemed to never miss an opportunity to engage him in conversation. He talked most often about his family, sharing anecdotes about a bewildering array of aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, and sisters that Andreas could not have kept track of if he'd been taking notes all along. His plans for the future were another favorite topic. The notion that he had engaged in a rebellion against the Imperium that might kill him never seemed to enter Zlad's head.

This evening for instance, Zlad was once again going into great detail about the virtues of his childhood sweetheart, one Rakel Naareneva. Even Andreas had heard about this women often enough that he felt he almost knew her. The rest of the cell clearly knew the whole conversation by heart.

". . . and just the most adorable smile, the way . . ."

"The way it only shows up the left side of her face most of the time," Kij interrupted. "I could paint a picture of this girl by now Zlad, the way you describe her again and again."


"He can't help it Kij, the kid's in love," Fixer smiled, passing through on his way to Viktor's room. "We'd all better be in your wedding party, Zlad."

"Big assumption there, Fixer," Shura interrupted, "what makes you think this girl's even into you Zlad? Squornshelans and Molvanians getting together isn't exactly the norm. I can't imagine her family would be too thrilled, or yours either."

"That's an ugly thing to say Shura," Fingers spoke quietly from where she had been sitting cross-legged beside Andreas. Kij folded her arms across her chest and frowned, cutting an imposing figure even still seated.

"I just think people are usually happiest with their own kind, their own community I mean."

"Shura do not make me have that conversation with you again. Shut it down, now." Fixer had stopped just before leaving the room and was staring sternly back across.

"No need, Fixer. I will be having a chat with my roommate in the other room," Kij was standing now, gesturing toward the hallway, "Let's go see if we can get a few things through your head this time."

Throwing her hands in the air in a wounded gesture, Shura allowed herself to be escorted out of the room. Zlad smiled weakly at Fingers and Andreas.

"Don't worry about it too much," he said. "I've heard much worse, and I do appreciate everyone else's support when it comes to Shura. I'm going to get some food started."

Zlad stood and stretched, fingertips just brushing the ceiling, then left the room for the kitchen, leaving Andreas and Fingers alone. He had become more and more focused on her recently. As the cell's computer specialist, she would be a valuable contact, and he'd had little to no opportunity to get any closer to Viktor. With Fingers though, he thought he was making real progress. She'd recently been willing to entrust him with her real name: Agnessa Oliynik. It was something not everyone in the cell knew, and while she preferred Fingers, he sometimes found himself thinking of her as Agnessa. The name hadn't turned up much of anything back at the Ministry, but it was a definite sign of progress. If he could continue getting closer to her, who knew what else she might be willing to divulge. With the room empty for the moment, there was no better time than now.

"Hey, umm, Fingers. This is probably a weird time to say this what with Shura and Zlad and all, but I've really enjoyed getting to know you these past weeks. You've been a good friend."

She turned toward him with a slightly bemused expression, "I'm glad we've become friends too, Andreas."

"The thing is, I think I feel more than just friendship for you now. I want to be more than that," he took a deep breath, with nervousness only half feigned, "I hoped you might want that too."


"Fingers?" He reached out a hand and rested it on her shoulder. Beneath the skin, her muscles were tense, her whole frame rigid.

"I . . . I can't. I don't . . . I'm sorry." She leaped up off the couch and fled the room.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Fuck! I had it so much worse than I realized. All the crap he'd been feeding himself about targeting Oliynik because she was a potential source of valuable information, because she was more accessible than Viktor, sure it was true, but it wasn't why he'd made his move. He realized that only now. I liked her, wanted her. Fuck! He couldn't believe he'd allowed himself to fall for a terrorist. She was cute, sure, but what the hell had he been thinking. The Ministry was counting on him to deliver actionable intelligence and he'd let himself get distracted chasing after a nice pair of legs. What happened to my training? My professional detachment? I'm supposed to be manipulating these fucking traitors, not the other way around. He'd have to cut off the whole Oliynik project, he decided. Her rejection was a decent enough pretext to keep her at a distance. If she didn't prance around this place half dressed this never would have happened. It was going to be a test of his resolve going forward though, being in such close quarters. He'd have to inquire with the Ministry about the possibility of eliminating . . .

He started slightly as the door opened. Fingers entered the room, stood awkwardly for a moment, uncertainty written on her face, then sat down on the bed opposite him. "I didn't explain things very well back there, and I don't want you to take my reaction the wrong way. If I say, it's not you, it's me, you can believe that, because I'm asexual. It's not that I'm not into you, or not into guys. I've never felt that toward anyone, and I don't want anyone to feel that for me." Fingers held her metal and plastic hand up before her face, turning it slowly back and forth, flexing and unflexing the fingers as if committing every detail to memory. "If I could, I'd replace my entire body you know."

Andreas looked up in surprise, "Why?"

"It's kind of strange to think about. I didn't choose to get the hand done. Got it caught in a defective lift mechanism when I was twelve. Everything was crushed and torn so badly that reattachment or reconstruction was never an option. took my four years to scrape together enough money for the new one, and from the first day, it just felt so right. Like there was something that had always been wrong, but hadn't realized until it was suddenly right. I realized that I had always hated the feeling of having a body, having a sex and gender. I was secretly glad that I hadn't filled out like the other girls I grew up with, but that definitely didn't stop men from looking at me, saying things. It always made me feel nauseated. I never wanted to be an object of anyone's desire. Every night, I had wished there was something I could do to make it stop. When I got my hand, there was nothing fleshly, nothing carnal about it. Sure there's people who fetishize this type of thing, but I realized that there was a way I could get rid of this body and everything that came with it, that I could be free."

"I don't get it," Andreas shook his head, "if you hate being looked at for your body so much why the tattoos? Why the revealing clothing? Doesn't that just draw more attention?"

"It's not as simple as that. The tattoos, I dunno. I like them, like seeing them. It feels like taking control over this body in a way. It makes me happy to see them, know that I decided to put them there, even if I don't like what I had to put them on."

"Like some kind of stand in for more more prosthetics?"

"No. Maybe? It's just, knowing I can make choices, have control over this situation I didn't choose, and wouldn't have chosen. I know that having them, showing them might draw attention, but covering up doesn't stop that. Women get catcalled in mid-winter wearing a coat over three layers of sweats, you know. Besides," Fingers gestured at their surroundings, "it's not like I get out much."

"If you could replace everything, if you did. Would you still be, well, you?"

"Yes. A different me, maybe, but still me. A happier me. Sorry for unloading on you, but I do care about you as a person, and I didn't want to leave things on that note. I just can't be what you wanted me to be to you. For what it's worth I'm glad you're here, and I hope we can stay friends." Fingers stood, "I'll leave you alone now."

The embarrassment was still there when she . . . when they left, Andreas found, but the anger had melted away. He'd been ready to find some of the cell likeable, or attractive, or otherwise pleasant to be around. No amount of training could have prepared him for how human they were though.
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Postby Kelssek » Mon Feb 15, 2021 4:01 pm

There he was, his bald head glinting under the lights, grinning as he mingled in the VIP box. Moonbeam Infantino didn't stand out among the suits despite being dressed to lead a meditation circle. Thamior Liadon shook his head. The anthems were ending and he needed to focus on the match ahead, not whatever this man's scheme was, if he had one...

SAVIGLIANE – 2 Vatrican (26’), Grimaldi (90+4’)
KELSSEK – 3 , Custworth (38’), Taleb (59’), Blueman (70’)
Kelssek: Poirier, Liadon, Lozic, Halliger, Vinter (Douglass 63’), Demetriev, Lapierre (Blueman 67’), Ó Tuathail, Taleb, Lister (Maçon-Petrault 63’), Custworth.
Venue: Fadrön University Field, Fadrön (attendance 84,280)

"...right, Gordon, you thought things were wrapped up around the half-hour mark but that was also when Loïc Maçon-Petrault came on to replace Matt Lister. Fans have been wanting to see that swap for quite a while, did what we saw show they were right?"

"Well, the thing is, they’re very different kinds of players. They aren’t interchangeable, and I think some people have a thing against Matt Lister because he’s the kind of tall, physical striker that you aim a cross at and he bangs it in. Some people don’t like that, they want to have xG or whatever the hot metric is now, and there’s no doubt Maçon-Petrault in the long term is going to be Kelssek’s future up front. You need them for different kinds of games, and the thing is, maybe because of all the emphasis on triangles and squares and Geiger pressing..."

"Maybe better to call it counter-pressing, look it up, folks. Nothing radioactive about it."

"My point is that you also need a target man, and we don’t have anyone like that in the national team pipeline, at least not with the ability of Lister, so for tactical flexibility, to be able to make a gameplan for each opponent, to change the game when you need to, you can’t have eleven of the same cookie-cutter player. Against the likes of Vilita and Starblaydia, I think Andrea Crowe has to trust the youngster. He wasn't named to the Galacticos longlist for nothing."



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