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Postby Flavovespia » Fri Jan 22, 2021 9:22 am


Flavovespia’s win over Hispinas a gr8-1


Flavovespia’s 8-1 win over Hispinas was a record breaker, Flavovespia’s biggest international victory and most scored in one game by Flavovespia. On an individual level, Scott Coleman’s 5 goals scored in one game is an international record, and will surely be quite hard to beat.

Before kick-off, there were a few shocks at the line-up. Steven Hall, captain and often considered one of the top Flavovespian players, had been dropped to the bench, Robert Totten starting instead. There were no reported injury concerns, so it looked like Alan Young was going for form over perceived talent. Either way, it could’ve been a very controversial call. Jonathan Feld was also benched, Kieron Player coming on to start as a central midfielder.

Flavovespia started with a flash. Not even 3 minutes in, and Robert Totten played the ball into the feet of Scott Coleman. Coleman held off the challenge of Guilla Ledesma, and fired hard and low towards goal. Natalio Londono wasn’t able to cover the shot, and it flew into the goal. 1-0 to Flavovespia early on, and exactly the sort of start they’d hope for.

11 minutes down, and the second goal for Flavovespia. David Blythe found space down the wing, evading Gurutze Aranaz to whip a ball into the cross. Ramon Martin got to it ahead of any defender, and headed it with some force well beyond Londono and into the back of the net. The lead was doubled, and Flavovespia were making a good start.

The 13th minute was an unlucky one for Hispinas. Almost straight from the kick-off, possession was lost, and David Lyons mounted an attack down the left wing. He crossed in early, towards Coleman and Martin. Chequil Puma got there first, but all he did was head the ball past his own keeper Londono and into the net. His own goal was in front of the few thousand or so Hispinas fans who’d travelled to Flavovespia, who less than a quarter-hour gone, saw their side fall 3 goals behind without reply.

Hispinas, after the early shock seemed to be able to compose themselves somewhat. It’d be a long way back into the game, but they at least were able to stay somewhat competitive on the pitch, if not on the scoresheet. Twice Ozeano Amunategui had shots in the first half, although both ended up off target. Plenty of Flavovespians had chances, including a rather opportunistic 35 metre effort from Kieron Player, but it remained 3-0 for much of the first half.

However on the stroke of half-time, a flashpoint occurred on, then off the pitch. Robert Totten was too quick for Cordovan Chia, and as Totten broke forward, he was taken out by a late challenge by Chequil Puma on the edge of the box. Totten was slow to his feet, and the referee didn’t hesitate to go to the back pocket and pull out a red card, and also pointed to the spot. A few players on the pitch, in particular Kieron Player and David Clark on the Flavovespian side had strong words. The referee was over at the video screen to check the red card and penalty decision. During the viewing, a Hispinas coach encroached the area, to confront the referee, and was promptly shown a red card. After the decision was confirmed, another Hispinas coach crossed the sideline to confront the referee and Flavovespian bench at the same time it seemed. This drew the ire of some Flavovespian coaches and players, causing an angry war of words. The second Hispinas coach saw red and on the Flavovespian side, coach Niall Mitchell and defender Alexander May received yellow cards for being a bit too involved in the fracas.

After the delay, Scott Coleman lined up to take the penalty. Londono guessed correctly, but couldn’t dive quickly enough to stop the ball going in. 4-0 now to Flavovespia, as the half-time whistle blew. Whilst few Flavovespians assume victory is assured in any game before the final whistle, a one man advantage and a four goal lead meant it did look very likely.

Off at half time was Robert Totten, the foul seemingly leaving him needing more than a 15 minute break to treat. In his place came Christopher Ace, playing as a central attacking midfielder for a chance. Only 90 seconds or so had elapsed in the second half, before Flavovespia’s 5th goal. James King’s long ball through was into the path of Scott Coleman. A missed tackle meant he had a clear run to goal. Londono closed the angle down, only for Coleman to chip the ball over the Hispinas goalkeeper and in. A hat-trick for Coleman, his form had been patchy in these qualifiers, but he was on a hot streak in this game.

Hispinas’s game plan, already precarious before the red card, was now completely in tatters. With just 10 on the pitch now, they struggled to ever gain possession, and when they did, there were far too many yellow shirts ahead of them. Flavovespia’s 6th goal came from plenty of passes, eventually leading to a gap. Coleman found the gap, found the angle to shoot, and beat Londono. 6-0 now, this was turning into a rout for Flavovespia, in a qualifying campaign where up to this point, they were a bit under the weather.

With 5 minutes to go, Scott Coleman added his 5th of the game. Christopher Ace drifted out wide from a central position, pulling a defender out with him. Ace had his shot parried away by Londono, but Coleman was there on the rebound to tap it into the net. 7-0 now, a scoreline the likes of which Flavovespia had never seen before.

Gorka Uralde made a rare attempt forward for Hispinas in the 88th minute. He was able to get the ball into the box, evading Scott Vaughan. Peppi Palmero managed to get in ahead of Tony Gardner, and fired it in, past David Meehan. It was little more than a consolation goal, but it was something for Hispinas to take back with them. The fans still behind the goal appreciated it at least.

That still didn’t finish off the scoring. In injury time, Christopher Ace beat the Hispinas foot race to a long pass by David Clark. One on one with Londono, he beat the goalkeeper this time, to finish off the scoring, and get his first of the qualifiers. Ace would also particularly enjoy an international goal at his club’s home ground, Saints Park. It was 8-1, with practically the last kick of the game. Flavovespia have well and truly dominated this game, it truly was a record breaking performance.

A match that started with the talk of who wasn’t on the pitch, it was the Flavovespians on the pitch that will be in the record books, likely for a while yet. The kerfuffle on the touchline, and conceding a late goal were maybe the smallest of blights on a game that was otherwise what Flavovespia needed and then some. Of course, win by 1 or win by 7, it’s still only 3 points either way. Flavovespia travel to Nacaltora next, who themselves are still looking for any sort of points. The team know that this 8-1 victory won’t mean as much in the long run, if they can’t get a result in Nacaltora, despite the odds. The qualifiers may have turned a corner, but qualification is still a long way down a winding path for now.


Debut goal lifts Flavovespia to victory in Nacaltora


Flavovespia won the final game of the first half of qualifying, 0-2 in Nacaltora. The hosts continue to struggle at the foot of Group 3, as Flavovespia hope that they’ve sowed the seeds of recovery in this qualifying campaign.

Only one change was made to the starting line up from the 8-1 win over Hispinas, and it was an enforced one. Robert Totten was still out injured after the challenge he received in the game, leading to a recall for Steven Hall. The captain was benched for the last game, which raised some eyebrows, but he was now back in the side, albeit in less than ideal circumstances.

Just 2 minutes into the game, the first notable incident occurred. It was Nacaltora with the first attack, with Shivan Wingelaar whipping in a cross. Tony Gardner got his head to it, just as Raymond Carels got there. There was a clash of heads, with Gardner coming off far worse. Carels was clear to continue on, but Gardner was dazed, as he exited the game in the opening minutes. In his place came Daniel Lansdell, to make his first ever international appearance.

A quarter hour down, and James King had a corner, following a blocked shot from Scott Coleman. The ball was swung in towards the penalty spot. Daniel Lansdell held off his marker to rise up and head the ball at goal. Isaac Truchon could only watch it fly past his outstretched arm, and into the back of the net. Daniel Lansdell, in his first appearance for Flavovespia had a debut goal, an impressive feat for any centre back. The early goal for Flavovespia would also go some way to handling any lingering nerves.

Flavovespia were playing with more of a spring in their step after that first goal. Nacaltora had hoped to keep it close for as long as possible, but they once again found themselves in the familiar position of being behind in a game. There were more openings appearing in their defence. Ramon Martin was blocked from having a great shot at goal by a perfectly timed sliding tackle, despite his protests for a penalty. Scott Coleman twice had Isaac Truchon get his hands on a well driven shot, if not for his efforts it likely would’ve been 0-2, 0-3 or maybe even more. Nacaltora struggled to mount much of an attack at all in the first half, eventually registering no shots on target for the first 45 minutes. At half time it was 0-1, not comfortable on the scoreline, but Flavovespia did look good on the pitch.

The second half was relatively slow to begin with, Flavovespia looked to extend the lead, but couldn’t quite find the right opening, Nacaltora doing well to clear their lines after any attack. On the hour mark it was the hosts who came close to equalising with the first big chance of the half. Fernando van Donselaar sent in a good pass for Raymond Carels. Carels shot from the edge of the box, under pressure from Lansdell. The shot beat Meehan, but flashed a little wide of the post. A good chance for the hosts, but just not quite good enough to equalise.

Unfortunately for the hosts, their missed opportunity was soon met by the second for Flavovespia. Just as they were building confidence, they were caught napping. David Lyons was given too much space down the left wing, and he was left with few defenders in his way, and Coleman, Martin and Hall all pushing forward. Hall was the one who got into the most space, as he received the pass from Lyons. He teed up the ball, before a fierce curling shot. It was very well played, Truchon had little chance at a save, and it was 0-2 to Flavovespia. Steven Hall now had his 50th international goal, that milestone complete, and after his recent benching, he now looked a renewed force in the squad.

The second goal seemingly sunk the belief of the Nacaltora team, once again they were looking at another defeat. In the latter stages, they struggled to find the momentum to break down Flavovespia. Of course with Flavovespia 2 goals up, they were more than content to just see out the win, despite some supporters calling for more attack. Mark Paul and Matthew Cope both came on as late substitues for Scott Coleman and Ramon Martin, a combination of resting starters and giving some bench players a try out. Neither was able to find the net, with Truchon a bright spark for Nacaltora in this game.

In the end, the game finished 0-2 to Flavovespia. It won’t go down in the record books as a classic match, or as dominant as the 8-1 win over Hispinas, but nevertheless it was a solid performance all around for Flavovespia. As for Nacaltora, they unfortunately have to face the reality of finishing the first half of qualifying with a “perfect” 0-0-9 record. Flavovespia end the first half of qualifying in 5th place, with a 4-2-3 record, 14 points and +7 goal difference. Results against the Pot 7-10 teams have been exactly what Flavovespia would’ve wanted, a perfect 4-0-0 record. However, the 0-2-3 against Pot 1-6 sides has been the disappointment of the qualifiers so far, even just 1 win out of those five games would’ve put Flavovespia in striking distance of the Top 2 after 9 games. To have a chance at their maiden World Cup appearance, 0-2-3 must be improved on in the qualifiers. In particular reducing losses will be vital, to avoid conceding a lot of ground and tiebreaker advantages to nation in the hunt for the Top 2.

Flavovespia will start the second half of qualifying in Central Shaneville. They currently have 2 wins at home and a 3-0-6 record overall. Home advantage will be theirs in this match, and but for a late mistake could’ve grabbed a point in Flavovespia on the opening day. No points so far against any Pot 1-6 side is a record they’ll want to break, meanwhile Flavovespia will want to keep up a winning streak and a perfect record against Pot 7-10 sides. Then Flavovespia host Cassadaigua in the capital, Waldster. Some may argue it’s a “free hit” for Flavovespia, any points unexpectedly picked up against the top seed are a boost to qualifying, with only Acronius and Busoga Islands taking a point off them so far. However Cassadaigua have a perfect record on their travels, and will be fighting hard to see that record through to the end of qualifiers. It’ll be a tough match in the capital, but if Flavovespia do somehow find a way to avoid defeat, it could mark a real turnaround.

Formerly the Republic of Greater Waldster, internationally known as Greater Watford. IC It's a long story (OOC I didn't like using real place names)

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Postby Audioslavia » Fri Jan 22, 2021 9:24 am

Click the image for the full-sized version

  • To find your total goal difference in games against your World Cup 87 rivals, follow the line from your nation on the left.
  • On the far right you'll see your favourite opponents and your bogey team.
  • If there's a tie for your favourite/bogey team, the team higher up the list will be shown.
  • The teams are in order of average historical goal difference in all games against all WC87 opposition.
  • The chart only takes into account games played in the World Cup Qualifiers, World Cup Finals and a few 'official' friendlies played from around 2007 to 2012, back when we did that as a thing.
  • Teams who have never played any of the other teams in World Cup 87 have been removed

"Hang on a second, Rubio" said Jeremy, theatrically stroking his chin and dragging his finger down the left side of this, his third stupid-sized wallchart in as many weeks. "Ah, here's Krytenia. Just a little bit worse than zero. You should put that on your tourism pamphlets"
"We don't have tourism pamphlets" said Rubio. "We use websites. It's not the 20th century"
"Something about 'minus zero point zero five' next to the name 'Krytenia' just seems so apt"
"You realise you've blocked out the only other window in your office, don't you?"
"I can cut a hole in it though. Nobody really cares about how everyone from Electrum to Rangers did against Tweedle Beepee and Tweedle Lodge. In fact.. maybe I should have accounted for the window when I made it..."
"To the redesignmobile!" said Jeremy, marching out of the room.
"It's not a redesignmobile" Rubio called after him. "It's a bottle of cheap whiskey and a two different coloured crayons"

Rubio watched as Jeremy wandered off, before turning his attentions back to the chart. Taking a few seconds to scroll down from Krytenia's position, he noticed something a little odd. A big red square jumping off the poster.

"Jesus Christ Kelssek..."

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Postby Alasdair I Frosticus » Fri Jan 22, 2021 9:55 am

Consecutive victories over Sulsuland and Maccian had further bolstered the Holy Empire's World Cup 87 qualifying position, consolidating their hold on second place. The problem was that Trolleborg were having the qualifying campaign of their Troll lives, reaching the midway point of qualification with a 100% record - including that victory over the Holy Empire. Unless Trolleborg started dropping points - most pointedly in the return leg at 1th December Stadium, then no amount of having a team full of Juan Tzimisces brushing aside the lower seeds would secure automatic qualification. And no one wanted to be in the playoffs. While Juan Tzimisces (the coach) pondered that difficult fact, scholars in the Imperial Academy found documents relating to events taking place a long time ago (from the mundy World Cup 87 perspective) in a galaxy far, far away from either Taeshan or Ethane. It's not clear whether the events described below relate to the distant past of a current or previous World Cup participant - but imperial scholars are certain that the Holy Empire's World Cup 87 goalkeeper was involved.

The use of names that may remind readers of famous figures from future world cups raises interesting points about the interaction between non-linear Dreamed Realm time and Ordinary Reality linear time - though this fascinating subject would benefit from a more detailed separate exploration.


Tzimisces hurries along one of the tunnels leading to the hangar
where the pirateship waits. Just before he reaches the hangar,
Darth Jaffacake steps into view at the end of the tunnel, not
ten feet away. Jaffacake lights his saber. Tzimisces also ignites his
and steps slowly forward.

I've been waiting for you, Juan Tzimisces.
We meet again, at last. The circle
is now complete.

Tzimisces moves with elegant ease into a classical offensive
position. The fearsome Jaffacake takes a defensive stance.

When I left you, I was but the
learner; now I am the master.

Only a master of evil, Jaffa.

The two Galactic warriors stand perfectly still for a few
moments, sizing each other up and waiting for the right
moment. Tzimisces seems to be under increasing pressure and strain,
as if an invisible weight were being placed upon him. He
shakes his head and, blinking, tries to clear his eyes.

Tzimisces makes a sudden lunge at the huge warrior but is checked
by a lightning movement of The Jaffacake. A masterful slash stroke
by Jaffacake is blocked by the old footballer. Another of the footballer's
blows is blocked, then countered. Tzimisces moves The Jaffacake
and starts backing into the massive starship hangar.
The two powerful warriors stand motionless for a few moments
with laser swords locked in mid-air, creating a low buzzing

Your powers are weak, footballer.

You can't win, Jaffacake. If you strike
me down, football shall become more powerful
than you can possibly imagine.

Their lightsabers continue to meet in combat.


Urk and Alan Belmore, their weapons in hand, lean back
against the wall surveying the forward bay, watching the
jaffatroopers make their rounds of the hangar.

Didn't we just leave this party?

Belmore growls a reply, as Simeone and Dazza Dallas join them.

What kept you?

We ran into some old friends.

Is the ship all right?

Seems okay, if we can get to it.
Just hope the old man got the tractor
beam out of commission.


Jaffacake and Tzimisces continue their powerful duel. As they
hit their lightsabers together, lightning flashes on impact.
Troopers look on in interest as the old footballer and Jaffacake
fight. Suddenly Simeone spots the battle from his
group's vantage point.


Simeone, Dazza, Urk, and Belmore look up and see Tzimisces and Jaffacake
emerging from the hallways on the far side of the docking
bay. They tensely watch the duel. The
troops rush toward the battling knights.

Now's our chance! Go!

They start for the Footballing Falcon. Tzimisces sees the troops
charging toward him and realizes that he is trapped. Jaffacake
takes advantage of Tzimisces's momentary distraction and brings
his mighty lightsaber down on the old man. Tzimisces manages to
deflect the blow and swiftly turns around.

The old footballer looks over his shoulder at Simeone, lifts
his sword from Jaffacake's then watches his opponent with a serene
look on his face.

Jaffacake brings his sword down, cutting old Tzimisces in half. Tzimisces's
cloak falls to the floor in two parts, but Tzimisces is not in it.
Jaffacake is puzzled at Tzimisces's disappearance and pokes at the
empty cloak. As the guards are distracted, the adventurers
reach the Footballing Falcon. Luke sees Tzimisces cut in two
and starts for him. Aghast, he yells out.


The jaffatroopers turn toward Simeone and begin firing at him.
The robots are already moving up the ramp into the Footballing
Falcon, while Simeone, transfixed by anger and awe, returns
their fire. Urk joins in the laserfire. Jaffacake looks up and
advances toward them, as one of his troopers is struck down.

(to Simeone)
Come on!

Come on! Simeone, its too late!

Blast the door! Kid!

Simeone fires his pistol at the door control panel, and it
explodes. The door begins to slide shut. Three troopers charge
forward firing laser bolts, as the door slides to a close
behind them, shutting Jaffacake and the other troops out of the
docking bay. A jaffatrooper lies dead at the feet of his
onrushing compatriots. Simeone starts for the advancing troops,
as Urk and Dazza move up the ramp into the pirateship. He
fires, hitting a jaffatrooper, who crumbles to the floor.

Run, Simeone! Run!
Use Football Force to make the World Cup
more powerful than can be imagined!

Simeone looks around to see where the voice came from. He turns
toward the pirateship, ducking all of the gunfire from the
troopers and races into the ship.
Τί ἐστιν ἀλήθεια?

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Postby Graintfjall » Fri Jan 22, 2021 9:58 am

Selection of articles from the GTV website.
    A kraken “most deadly when it is injured, and we assume that’s true of Cormorants as well”, says Jvarsson

    Hrærekur Jvarsson has warned against complacency as Græntfjall enter “probably the three matches that will decide our qualification hopes”. The first two, against Kandorith and South Covello, are scheduled for the coming week – but it is the third, against Nephara, world ranked number 2 and yet shockingly ranked outside the qualifying places at the moment, that is drawing the most attention. “The Cormorants have thrashed us every time of asking,” said a wary Jvarsson. “And going up against them when they have even more to play for – well, to quote the kids these days, ‘chuckles – I’m in danger’. We will not be taking them lightly.” Even if results continue to favor Græntfjall, Jvarsson said he did not want his team taken by the “death throes of the kraken, except in this case it’s a cormorant with tentacles”.

    All three games should feature a near full-strength Snow Wolves’ XI, with only left winger Hanne Heikkisdóttir still absent through injury precaution against Kandorith, but expected to return against South Covello. Christian Einvarðursson’s performance at Garbelia in contrast to Kauko Jorgesson’s error-strewn display against Pluvia & the Saxean Isles should see him remain the first-choice keeper. Otherwise, manager Kang Guilin is expected to end the experiment that has seen Tom Ernestisson play in three different positions and take up his favored center back role, with Elektra Lúthersdóttir returning to a starting role. “We want to put out the best team we can and play for every point,” said Jvarsson, pointing out that the team had earned just one point from the three ties in the first half of qualifying before their present six-game winning streak began.

    Álvgeirsdóttir, Ásvaldursson among high profile movers

    Johanna Álvgeirsdóttir has inked a deal that will see her move from Folte to Megabrantid to play in the Squornshelan Confederate Superleague. The transfer is the second highest of all time for a Græntfjaller player. Folte fans had long anticipated their star central midfielder leaving, but some still expressed disappointments that the team had not fought harder to retain her, as Maigburg did with Álvgeirsdóttir’s U-21 World Cup runners-up peer Natasja Hólmarsdóttir. Álfar Ásvaldursson, Robin Harrysson, Jade Miansdóttir, Vigfús Bensson and Ásvarður Bergmundursson are also among a number of young Græntfjallers who have signed overseas contracts during the spring* transfer window.

    The growing tendency of young Græntfjaller national team players and hopefuls to head overseas, while domestic teams import relatively aging players from abroad, has not entirely pleased all GPL fans. “We don’t want our league to be some clubbable masters’ league where old geezers rock up to earn an easy króna or two,” said a KG spokesman familiar with discussions about introducing some kind of squad regulation to force youth development and home grown talent production. The spokesman admitted that KG’s hand had been weakened by recent IFCF results. “It’s very hard to tell young players not to go abroad and then watch Græntfjaller teams flounder in international club football.”

    Players welcome Háttmark return

    Snow Wolves players have welcomed the return of international football to Háttmark as race riots, anti-police protests, counter-protests, and general street mayhem that have blighted the northeast for the past few weeks appear to have quietened down. “The [Florus] Stadion in Altendalur is nice, but the Grander International Arena is a much more inspiring venue to be taking on South Covello,” admitted Stefan Jokulsson. “We’re just glad that things in the capital have calmed down now and that everyone’s doing the right thing,” said Mathias Kristersson. “Agreed. I’m glad the police have reestablished control and sent packing the violent leftist agitators who begat this mess,” added Hlégestur Snæþórsson.

    The riots began in Laafjörður in response to accusations of police racial profiling and heavy handedness, bringing to the boil long-simmering tensions between ethnic minority and immigrant communities, and the white working class, in the diverse port city. The presence of antifascist activists among the protesters led to counter-protesters, some linked to the National Democratic Front, joining the fray, and weeks of pitched street battles left four dead, hundreds injured, and millions of krónor of damage inflicted. After the violence spread to Háttmark, Græntfjall’s last two home matches have been rescheduled to the Florus Stadion. Now, as the curfew holds, KG officials have deemed it safe for football to return to the capital.

    Underpod the Underdog? Not in Græntfjall

    He may be polling in the single figures in South Covello, but 71% of Græntfjallers say their preferred candidate in the South Covello Presidential Election is Harold Underpod. The strongly anti-socialist candidate has struck a chord with Græntfjallers resentful of their own history under the heel of communist domination. Incumbent and heavy favorite Luisa Benitez polled just 8%, marginally ahead of fringe candidate rapper Tru-D, on 7%. Þorvaldur Guttormsson, Professor of Political Science at Waltenberg University, cautioned against reading too much into the results. “I highly doubt 71% of Græntfjallers could find South Covello on a map. Their election has received little coverage here. Those polled are responding to a few generic anti-socialist platitudes from Mr Underpod and nothing more.”

    Officially, Græntfjall remains neutral, with Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Sölva Gustavsdóttir saying: “The White Winter Queendom has no stake in the forthcoming elections so long as they are conducted according to a peaceful and fair democratic process and result in an orderly transfer of power to any new administration.”

* In my IC canon the transfer window happens during the Græntfjaller spring, prior to the start of our summer season. This may be handwaved away as a function of our localized climate if it does not fit with other IC canons.
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Postby Kandorith » Fri Jan 22, 2021 10:09 am


Shinonome Kyoai - International

First games under Watanabe troublesome
Baggieland 4–2 Kandorith on his debut, turned around with a 4-2 victory against Quemorr Isles.
By Natsumi Miyasaki
ImageSHARE THIS: Image Image Image Image

It was definitely not the turnaround the KFA had hoped for, but the Kandorese are already scoring more goals under Watanabe. The association and fans are hopeful it's a sign for better things to come. Watanabe is a veteran of Kandorese football and a very passionate manager when it comes to his running of the team. He has an absolute impressive management record, even more so than Hayabusa; with Higashu Frontale, FC Tenkyo and Hayazawa Vissel which have all been crowned champions at least once under Watanabe's leadership. The resignation of Hayabusa has caused a rupture in the Kandorese football world and the question is if fans will accept that he stepped down instead of finishing the campaign with the current squad.

A certainty however is; Watanabe's new system and managing style will take some time to get used to but for now it seems he is trying to field a more attacking Kandorese team. If it's up to Watanabe the team will turn around completely in the upcoming four matches he already exclaimed. "When it comes to the Kandorese players; they are absolutely wonderful players, the only thing that has been lacking is the attacking drive. In my opinion we need to put more emphasize on fielding a fast and countering attack rather than the more balanced play Hayabusa's plan had. I think Haybusa had a great idea when he drew up the team's plans but I also think he could have done better with the players we have.

"We will see a more structured and more attacking Kandorese team on the field from now on, I think it is very important to start winning from now on but: it's also important to win in style. Where many teams nowadays take a more defensive approach, they also expect to play against a more defensive and balanced team. This is a situation we can take advantage off and something we will try to break down with a whole new style of play." Watanabe said in his first interview. Everyone's hope of course is that Watanabe can turn around the, so far, very disappointing qualification campaign of the Kandorese national team. It is starting to look a lot like the fans are also in somewhat an indecisiveness mood as social media indicates people are reacting to the current state of the team with mixed feelings. Most people will still support the team, but also a popular opinion is that they do not really feel like going to or watching the game if the results do not improve quickly.

Overall the current standing of Kandorith is not a rarity, even when qualifying for the World Cup the team has often fought back from similar positions. This time however, the mood is somewhat more sombre; mostly due to Hayabusa's stepping down who is still very much a fan favourite and icon. Watanabe's task is not only showing the KFA he can get the job done; he also needs to impress the proud Kandorese fans who have just lost their iconic manager. The worst part of impressing the fans is that we all know how the public can react to newly appointed managers, many managers in the past have already felt the wrath of the fans anger and surely Watanabe's position won't be spared the doubting fans' opinions. So far his new reign had one, according to the fans, terrible result and one neutral win which could mean that the people in Kandorith are more forgiving to him taking over for now. The next results however, will have to win their hearts. If his new tactics can not impress the crowd at home, he will be in for a very tough time leading the Kandorese national team.

Group 9                                 Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 South Covello 9 7 2 0 20 6 +14 23
2 Græntfjall 9 6 1 2 16 9 +7 19
3 Indusse 9 5 2 2 20 13 +7 17
4 Nephara 9 5 2 2 18 12 +6 17
5 Kandorith 9 4 3 2 16 15 +1 15
6 Baggieland 9 4 2 3 23 18 +5 14
7 Pluvia and the Saxean Isles 9 2 1 6 17 24 −7 7
8 Sett Forest 9 1 3 5 10 17 −7 6
9 Quemorr Isles 9 1 1 7 10 22 −12 4
10 Garbelia 9 1 1 7 13 27 −14 4
Great Empire of Kandorith | 大宮来国 | Dai Kanyori Teikoku

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Shinonome Kyoai Headlines:
BREAKING NEWS: Hiyashi Corporation to unveil strategy for the coming year. ● Winter celebrations in full swing throughout the nation, celebrating the ending of the year and asking the gods for a prosperous 2021.

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Postby Xanneria » Fri Jan 22, 2021 10:15 am

Upset draw costs the Maroons dearly
Excerpt from: http://www.xtrasports.xan/nationalteam.html

XANNERIA - a few years ago there was shockwaves sent through the footballing world when the Free Republic of Hong Kong defeated Xanneria at home 5-2. It wasn't as bad as this game but it felt bad given whose playing next is the pot 1 team from Baker Park. Taking one point off of Norish Jeia Repa rather than three has hurt as the Maroons now sit out over two games from first place Vdara where as they could have been less than two with a win. Coach Rhule had an post game presser where he said.

I've never seen a team such as them before. They countered a lot of our tactics perfectly and they weren't like FRHK where they took advantage of sloppy mistakes on our part, they were built to counter a team like ours.

NJR's striker got both goals by the team as the defense of Norish Jeia Repa was able to attack the aggressive offense of Xanneria. A Carlton Brower goal mid way through the game on a ply that appeared to emulate some of the botched passes taken by the Maroons in the game, the other score came from Frenchesca Bonchek, who got her second goal on a penalty kick.

Xanneria - 2
Falcon 17'
Boncheck 68' (PK)

Norish Jeia Repa - 2
Unknown Striker 10' 55'

This is what happenes when you play Baker Park with competent refs!
Excerpt from: http://www.xtrasports.xan/nationalteam.html

COMMONWEALTH OF BAKER PARK - Loretta Walters was in goal for the Maroons a game that was seen by all as one of the main highlights of the Qualifiers is a revenge matchup against Baker Park. Loretta Walters is a keeper in the Baker Park system. A young Walters got ejected in a friendly match up versus Baker Park, when she got in an argument with an overzealous local ref. This took place about 9 years ago and has marked the game on her calendar since it's announcement early this year. The game did end up in a loss only the second one of the campaign, but when the meta surrounding your team involves perennial draws with any team, a 2-1 loss will hurt with your points total. Especially give group 4 has been incredibly topheavy. Walters Did well though, while the offense for the Maroons did mildly decent, Baker Park did better. Two goals from including a beauty in the 38th minute that saw every midfielder touch the ball at least twice and a penalty kick in the 60th, saw Baker Park get a comfy 2-1 victory.

Now at the half way point it's a fairly dire situation for the Maroons, they are over in 5th in their group after a couple of nasty hard fought games against opponents who should have given the Maroons a fight. Now is the time to dig in and score, take points from the teams ahead of us and cause chaos, and I believe in Myrone Rhule as the agent of choas this team deserves but can he live up to the billing this writer is giving him?

Xanneria - 1
Brower 42'

Baker Park - 2
Laing 38' 60 (PK)'
Xanneria: My main nation
NATIONAL FOOTBALL TEAM: Maroons - Record 80-23-59 (W-D-L) (This may not be 100% accurate)
FIRST CONTEST: Copa Esportiva 23
FIRST GAME: Vangazaland 3-1 Xanneria
FIRST WIN: 5-3 vs Qingland
LARGEST MOV: 5-0 vs Pineapple Porcupines/ 7-2 vs Starcom Racing/5-0 vs HAIKU
CHAMPIONSHIPS:Baptism of Fire 69 (Nice!) winner / Group Winner CE24
Non Association Football Stats
NSCF TEAMS: Xannerian Polytechnic
NSSCRA: Cars #10,12,16

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Postby Riennic Isles » Fri Jan 22, 2021 11:01 am

The Riena Sentinel

The State of Play - World Cup Qualifying 87
The state of play in Group 2 - who's hot and who's not?

In this second part of our highly-anticipated World Cup deep dive series The State of Play, we take a look at the state of play in Group 2. Halfway through the qualifiers for World Cup 87, top seeds Brenecia hold a narrow two-point lead at the top of the group. Third seeds Riena are sitting in second spot after a stronger than expected first half of qualifying, while fifth seeds Plane of Possibility and second seeds Terre Septentrionale are four and five points off the top of the group, respectively. Read on for a quick breakdown of how things stand at this stage ...

  • Brenecia (1st; 7W 2D 0L; 23 pts)
    There are few constants in the wildly unpredictable business of qualifying for the World Cup, but Brenecia topping their group would certainly be one of them. Ranked a lofty eleventh in the multiverse, the Patriots are a damned good team, and they know that they're a damned good team. Built around the safe, assured hands of Scathach Wright and the unconventionally sublime attacking talent of Lauren Cheney, the World Cup 80 champions have sailed through the first half of qualifying playing their trademark brand of high-octane pressing football.

    Under the tutelage of the sharp Qusmi tactician Brelk-Xeral Erv, this Brenecia side have evolved into a well-oiled, well-drilled football machine that dispatches its opponents with a ruthless efficiency. Their quality has been evident throughout the first nine matches of qualifying as they racked up win after win - and a statement victory at home against second seeds Terre Septentrionale laid down a marker for the rest of the group. But for all the stardust sprinkled across the side, one area in which the Patriots have been found slightly wanting is in attack, where they have perhaps been a touch reliant on Cheney's individual brilliance to provide a cutting edge. The blueprint for opposing managers is there - shut down the supply to Cheney, and you stifle this Brenecian attack. Easier said than done, to be sure, but eminently doable - Riena did just that as they hung on for a goalless draw in Rozelle on matchday nine.

    That one minor flaw doesn't change the fact that Brenecia are still a terrifyingly good team; and we fully expect them to pull clear of the rest of group 2 as the disparity in quality begins to tell. But there has been a small glimmer of hope for rival teams looking to usurp the Patriots atop the group. Whether Brenecia will conclusively dash these hopes with an imperious second half of qualifying remains to be seen. But given their sheer quality and pedigree, it would take a brave man to bet against them doing so.

    Our verdict - 1st. Even without thoroughly dominating the other teams in the group, Brelk-Xeral Erv's Patriots have gone about the business of qualifying quietly, efficiently, and relentlessly; barring a completely unforeseen collapse in form over the second half of qualifying, they should have more than enough about themselves to comfortably take top spot in the group.

  • Riena (2nd; 6W 3D 0L; 21 pts)
    To say that Kanata Shiranami's Riena are mercurial would be an understatement. Their travails over the past cycle have been well-documented and the subject of many a tactical treatise. A strong debut in the Baptism of Fire was followed by an unexpectedly tenacious campaign for World Cup qualification, second seeds Qasden needing until the last matchday to fend off the determined Wavelets in the quest for a playoff spot. Yet it was all downhill for Riena from that point onwards; a dismal group stage elimination on home soil in the Campionato Esportiva came hot on the heels of a similarly disappointing exit in the Cup of Harmony. In the World Cup qualifiers, second-cycle syndrome proved to be too potent for the Wavelets to overcome as they struggled to hit the heady heights of their debut cycle, ultimately finishing some distance away from a playoff spot.

    But in their third cycle of tangoing with the rest of the multiverse, it looks like Shiranami has managed to guide the Wavelets back on track. Expectations were low after the disappointments of previous cycles, but Riena have managed to silence even their most ardent critics by going unbeaten over the first half of these qualifiers. Returning to her tactical roots after a lost cycle of guesswork and experimentation, Shiranami has her team playing a fast-paced, vertical style of football that breaks opponents down with the speed of their transitions. This tactical approach has borne fruit as Riena fought both Brenecia and Terre Septentrionale to stalemates, with their only other dropped points coming in a draw against the Plane of Possibility.

    Despite Riena's newfound consistency, there is still a sense amongst longtime fans that this team has the potential to implode at the drop of a hat - just as they have done so many times before. Maintaining a consistent floor in terms of performance will be crucial as Shiranami leads Riena into the second half of these qualifiers. They are a good team, make no mistake about that - but they need to be consistently good to prove that they can count themselves among the best. The upcoming nine matches will be crucial - not only for Riena's qualification hopes, but for the evolution of this Riena team as a whole.

    Our verdict - 2nd. We've known for a long time that this Riena team has the raw talent to tango with the best the multiverse has to offer. Their problem has been consistently combining that talent with the grit necessary to grind out winning performances against their rivals. But after one-and-a-half cycles of turmoil and upheaval within the team, it finally looks as though Kanata Shiranami has hit upon a golden formula - and if she can sustain her alchemy for the rest of these qualifiers, Riena look like a good bet to maintain their hold on second in the group.

  • Plane of Possibility (3rd; 5W 4D 0L; 19 pts)
    Little is known about this team other than the fact that they hail, apparently, from a dimension removed from our own; but despite their extradimensional origins, the Planars have proved to be a dab hand at the game of football. The third and last team in group 2 to remain unbeaten at the halfway mark after Brenecia and Riena, Plane of Possibility have emerged as the true dark horses of the group, supplanting Terre Septentrionale to sit in third at this stage of the qualifiers.

    The Planars had previously participated in a handful of World Cup qualifiers, but they had never seriously threatened the established order at the business end of their groups; which is why many were shocked when our extradimensional friends put in a series of strong performances en route to collecting a respectable nineteen points at the halfway stage. Plane of Possibility counts amongst its ranks a curious assortment of players with titles and designations that would not look out of place in a realm of high fantasy - which makes sense given their mysterious origins. Despite that, they are plainly quite good at football, and they showed their teeth by holding all three of Brenecia, Riena and Terre Septentrionale to draws.

    That the team from the Plane of Possibility has shown some good form in the first half of qualifying is not in doubt. What is in doubt is whether they can actually keep up with the usual suspects as the race for qualification heads into its latter stages. Without much history or pedigree of note to speak of in the World Cup, the Planars might not have the requisite experience to navigate what is sure to be a fiercely contested tussle for a spot in the playoffs.

    Our verdict - 4th. They've played some beautiful attacking football against some of the better teams in the group, but we're not sure that the Planars have the pedigree to remain in the conversation for qualification come the end of these qualifiers. We expect their form to take a turn for the worse sooner rather than later, but they should be able to hold onto what would be a very respectable fourth if the bottom doesn't fall out of their game.

  • Terre Septentrionale (4th; 5W 3D 1L; 18 pts)
    Where have things gone wrong for Terre Septentrionale?

    The high-ranking second seed, fresh off their second consecutive qualification for the World Cup finals, was supposed to join Brenecia in brushing aside the likes of Riena and Plane of Possibility as they sailed serenely towards second place and a spot in the playoffs. But Terre Septentrionale's qualifying campaign is in serious danger of going pear-shaped as they find themselves mired in fourth after nine games, three points behind second-placed Riena and five points behind table-topping Brenecia.

    In dropping an average of a point a game over the first half of qualifying, the Northmen have shown some lukewarm form that they urgently need to rectify. Their campaign got off to a poor start with an upset draw against unfancied Trigel, and while a useful victory against Cheetahs and Reptiles Coalison provided some succour, they were again caught cold as Riena fought them to a draw in Nagato. Terre Septentrionale's form over the course of the first half has been decidedly patchy - a crushing win against minnows Hindu Ram Rajya was quickly followed by a sobering defeat to Brenecia, and the Plane of Possibility held them to a 2-2 stalemate.

    But there are positive signs for the Northmen. Since their loss to Brenecia on matchday five, they have been slowly returning to something approaching their best form, with their only dropped points since coming in the aforementioned draw against the Plane of Possibility. And their current position is hardly unsalvageable - they remain just three points behind Riena and a single point behind the Planars, scant ground that they could easily make up were they to strike a rich vein of form. Terre Septentrionale will be hoping that their vast experience and knowhow of navigating the business end of qualification will stand them in good stead, especially against the pesky upstart teams ahead of them, as they try to make amends for their performance thus far.

    Our verdict - 3rd. The Northmen are just too good to still be marooned in fourth come the end of these qualifiers, but they need to shake off their early-season malaise quickly lest they crash to a humiliating exit. If they can get a handle on what's wrong within their camp, Terre Septentrionale would certainly be favourites to overtake the Plane of Possibility, but they may face a more difficult task if they want to catch Riena for that elusive playoff spot.

  • The rest of the group
    Even at this stage, the top four have already opened up quite a bit of daylight from the rest of the group; Ranoria, in fifth, is on thirteen points, five points behind Terre Septentrionale in fourth. Given the way the first half of qualifying has gone, it doesn't seem too likely that any of the trailing pack are likely to suddenly propel themselves into contention for qualification. Longtime observers of multiversal football will of course recognise the names of Filindostan and West Angola, who between them have quite a bit of history in WCC tournaments. Sadly, the modern day incarnations of those teams seem a far cry from what they were at the peak of their powers as they languish in the bottom half of the group.

    Of the rest, Ranoria is perhaps the most likely to upset the apple cart in some way, whether through shocking one of the top four or making the most unlikely of pushes for second. Newly emergent from the crucible of the Baptism of Fire (and Ice), the Ranorian Krauts were touted by many as a potential dark horse candidate, but they haven't quite set the group on fire as of the halfway point in qualifying. Nevertheless, Ranoria are still an unknown quantity, and they could easily become a potential X-factor in an otherwise straightforward-looking group. They might not have the wherewithal to actually challenge for qualification in their debut cycle, but Ranoria could still end up having a decisive say in the destiny of group 2.

    Our verdict - Ranoria to take 5th, Filindostan to remain in 6th.
The Tranquil Isles of Riena
Formerly behind Mizuyuki and Kirisaki, Kyrin#2458 on Discord.

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Postby Jabal Akhdar » Fri Jan 22, 2021 11:07 am

Selection of articles from the AP (Akhdari Press) wire.
    Green Falcons Take Off The ’Cliffs!

    Jabal Akhdar recorded yet another international win in front of adoring fans at the Emir Abdul Hakeem al-Masri Stadium, crushing visiting Icecliff 3 – 1. The star of the show was Abdul-Hadi Anis Haddad, who bullied the Icecliff defence around and netted himself a hat-trick, a maiden achievement for an Akhdari player in internationals. Haddad was celebrating his recent signing with Rome Beach of the FLOX Omega Division in Xanneria, and will have impressed his new club with his goal-scoring touch. The win was a welcome rebound after a disappointing loss away at Frestovenia, who unfortunately outclassed the Green Falcons in an assured display led by their captain, Olaf Artvikker, who scored twice to wipe out the lead from Ghassan Kedar Kanaan’s early strike.

    Emirate Denies Shipping Faulty Weapons To Jihadist Terror Cell

    Officials at the Ministry of Internal Security have reacted furiously to suggestions that the Emirate may have sent a shipment of faulty automatic rifles and grenade launchers to the jihadist group “Green November” for use in terrorist attacks in non-Muslim lands. “The suggestion that we would supply groups trying to destabilize foreign powers or commit terrorist attacks against civilian populations with machine guns that jam or grenade launchers missing key parts is absolutely outrageous,” said Prince Abdul Wadood al-Hakeem, “And I can assure you that the Emirate has sent only the very finest weapons as part of its secret shipments.”
Frestovenia – 4 (1)
Ormut; Karlsson, Bedere, Vage, Tannunen; Palrikken Image (87’ Vulku Image), Jartute, Norvatse Image (53’) Image (60’ Sagort Image); Ogsen Image (70’ Kotvanur Image Image (82’)), Gajetser; Artvikker Image Image (28’ pen., 68’)

Jabal Akhdar – 1 (1)
Naser; Kassis, el-Imam, al-Zaki Image (77’), Zaman; Samara Image (67’ al-Hammoud Image); Hakimi Image (54’), el-Hashemi; Kanaan Image (5’), Haddad Image (89’ el-Mourad Image), el-Burki Image (88’ K.F. el-Moghaddam Image)

Jabal Akhdar – 3 (2)
Naser; Kassis, el-Imam, al-Zaki, Zaman Image (61’); Samara Image (69’) Image (75’ el-Mourad Image); Hakimi Image (67’ al-Naim Image), el-Hashemi Image (56’); Kanaan, Haddad Image Image Image (33’, 44’, 66’), el-Burki Image (87’ K.F. el-Moghaddam Image)

Icecliff – 1 (0)

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Postby Southwest Eastnorth » Fri Jan 22, 2021 11:35 am

Southwest Eastnorth - 2
Chris Houton 62'
Van Austin 90+6

Farfadillis - 1
E. Çídh 8'

Southwest Eastnorth - 1
Houton 39'

Bongo Johnson - 1
Schidtcox 62 (PK)

The Explorers: Pt2

This is a map of Southwest Eastnorth, Sort of. This is the official map put out by official cartographers in the region of Rushmore. In theory the borders are non existent and with Queer Poco el Mono Ara and Antoletia, those nations are our only known borders. As the photo below is the official borders so far. A full on fade, a an unown blur into the future. The nation known as SWEN is a mere 5 decades old. Nothing of th e other Virginian nation is known. What is known is that ht nation will move on. Move on into the unknown wilds of Southwest Eastnorth.

Sergei Oren: former Qzvarkian Qaz military man now working for Directional Resources
Perry Pershing: Directional Resources Exploration Division
Alex DiPablo Jr: Directional Resources Exploration Division

"This desert is looking fimiliar to me, have we been looping around Sergei?" - Alex

"Good Question. When is the last time you checked your GPS?" - Perry

"Seems like....yes we have been here, this is where we camped a couple months ago, the Nephram aircraft piece was here!" Sergei

"And it took you three weeks to fix your Geiger counter Alex" - Perry

As the lads took over driving again, they went to the southwest as originally planned, they were in the part the desert hat was getting more and more akin to the dusty trails they saw in Western movies as kids. They had been cresting a hill when they found out why there were suddenly paved areas and dusty dirt ridden pre-made trails.

A looming building enveloped the view over the horizon, a towing building and it's neighboring oasis dominated the dry cliffs of the desert. Here lied the most most confusing thing that had lead them to belive things were weird,w hen reality was in fact equally strange. It had a fairly large airport and one had to wonder how the satellites never picked up on it? At least yes the building which appeared as a hotel was a sandstone color. But when they drove over to the resport the found it haunting, but even more so people were

"Greeting, never had some one come by car before", stated a man in what appeared to be a security officers shirt and pants.

"We're from Directional Resources", Sergei

"Ah I see, Obviously we keep tight lipped about this place, this is Oasis X, the primer secret gambling site in all of Rushmore... I guess if you keep tightlipped your selves we have some rooms. Plus I'm sure you'llw ant to check football scores, I heard there was a big upset by the locals" Guard

"The three pulled their truck up, it turned out that the guard was oddly enough a military buddy of Sergei in Qzvarkian Qaz, so that did help them sneak into the resort. What they learned about the place was that it was a new gig for gamblers of the highest ilk. People could secretly come on and gamble no matter affiliation. It was run by a by a man from (TBA) who hated his cold nation and wanted to have his own desert paradise. Now here they got into a room and enjoyed themselves. They turned on Sports news and learned of the huge upset SWEN put on Farfadillis! It was a good day.

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WC-87q RP#6 MD10-11

Postby Tequilo » Fri Jan 22, 2021 12:09 pm

All Change At The Unión

Part 3/4: Carolina Ruiz

Part 1 - in which the Presidente of Tequilo apportions consequences for systemic failures at the FA.
Part 2 - in which Ooóoos Skueri attends an interview and gets the top job.

On an elevated platform craned above a building site of mud and rubble and pools of dirty water mixed with machinery oil, a site stretching nearly a kilometre to the roaring raised expressway of the Tonorobos Rápido, the site manager and his two guests surveyed the ruin of what used to be the ‘colourful’ district of Quezaldad. All of them were wearing hard hats, though one was of distinctly superior quality, a glinting metallic gold. The guests wore suits with high-viz bibs over the top and work boots in place of shoes; the man in the gold hard hat immaculately kitted out in a gentlemen’s tweed leisure three-piece, twirling his mustachios as he surveilled the scene with a monocle to his eye. The other man, suited up to a more modest standard and wearing a full wrestling mask below his hard hat, held some drawings which he was turning this way and that, struggling to find the right orientation. The site manager assisted.

“I’m sorry,” said the masked man, with a distinctly Audioslav accent, “I really wasn’t expecting to manage a civil engineering project - it’s not something I’ve done before. Are you quite sure I should be here?”

“It’s quite simple really,” says Señor Lepe, President of the UPT, “we just have to win everthing and dominate everyone.” Well, that’s easy for him to say - it was his philosophy as a player and he did find that quite simple really: in Tequilo, he won everything, beat everyone. But Lepe is talking bigger now. He is talking about The Multiverse. At club level, at international level. And especially, at player level. He wants the best of everything, he’s willing to spend to get it.

All you need is a unified coaching philosophy taught at a bespoke centre to further advance the quality of football in Tequilo, a place to play and learn, and a national stadium to be proud of. And that is where the City of Football in Quezaldad suburb, Tapalupé comes in. Forty pitches; two junior stadiums; the 100,000-seater national stadium; full training facilities; hotels and admin centres; a host of innovations to assist in the innovation of the game and the grand plan to rule the world. Today it may be a very large hole in the ground. Tomorrow it’s the future… said Señor Lepe, ten years ago.

The three men watched as another black government issue Skyrmion SUV trundled across the building site, picking it’s way slowly between piles of rubble, idle demolition machines, and the odd Tequiloan labourer on seemingly permanent sandwich break, perched on an old drum or a broken chair that had barely survived the destruction. As the car approached, the man in the golden hard hat signalled to the site manager, and with the tip of a joystick they began to descend slowly toward the wreckage-strewn ground. They were just landing as another tweed-clad gentleman, hard to distinguish from the first, stepped out of the arriving SUV and donned his golden hard hat with a wide and somewhat disconcerting grin.

“Señor Scapegoat, well met!” said the golden hard hat man stepping out of the crane’s caged platform.

“Señor Shakemupp,” smiled the other one, now attending a rather confused looking woman stepping out of the car, “Allow me to present Señora Carolina Ruiz, the shop manager… Señora - my colleague, Señor Shakemupp, and the Director of Football for the Unión, Señor Ooóoos Skueri.”

Carolina was used to being pitched in with important people - she was shopkeeper at the club shop for the notoriously absent owners of Fábrica Tapalupé, one of the biggest football clubs in the country, and they liked to send her off to board meetings at the Unión where all the owners and grandees of Tequiloan football met. Ostensibly there to take notes and report back, she had developed a reputation for coming up with brilliant plans and incisive observations when really she should be keeping her damned mouth shut. But now she was genuinely awed.

“Oooh… Ooóoos… Sk… Skueri?” she stammered, “for real?”

“Hello,” said Ooóoos, extending a hand, “it’s nice to meet you, Miss… excuse me, Señora Ruiz.”

“I thought you killed yourself in the Land of The Pointy Ears…” she mumbled.

“Good dogs no… though that seems to be a common misapprehension in Tequilo, I’m finding.”

“Ooóoos here,” interrupted Señor Shakemupp - or was it Scapegoat? - waving his hand in the general direction of the devastation around them, “was wondering if you had any ideas on how to sort this damned mess out and get our City of Football up and running?”

“Err, me?” wondered Carolina, confused, and with encouragement from Señors Shakemupp and Scapegoat, carried on, “Well, off the top of my head… I suppose… from what I have read in the papers… let’s see… I did have an old boyfriend from Bonesea who had worked in the fluid time factory there… maybe we could get a few barrels of it down here and have the place done up double-quick… I could give him a ring… and also, it occurs to me… all this business about it being a waste of money… I always though a tenant or two would be good for cash-flow… you know Fábrica are looking to build a new stadium… maybe they would come here instead… I could ask my boss?”

“Señora Carolina,” said Señor Scapegoat - or was it Shakemupp? - “you should definitely make those calls; but Fábrica aren’t your bosses any more.”

“Señor Ooóoos,” said one of Shakemupp & Scapegoat, “meet your new City of Football Project Manager!”



Location: Estadio San Raí; Raití, Guastenango
Attendance: 66,810
Scorers: Ecuador 10' (pen.) 12' Tlacolotl 17' 43' 60' Çenturion 26' Assists: Ricardo Bailén 12' 17' Tlacolotl 26' Çenturion 60'
Booked: Whiddies #1, 2, 3, 9 (2 yellows, sent off) 10 (2 yellows, sent off)
Injured: Antton Machinena (severity 2/20), Ricardo Bailén (1/20), José Tavia (9/20)
Tequilo Line-Up: Oscar Bienvenida (VC) | Ostando Bertendona, Antton Machinena (sub: Noxochinoch), Tol Chicote, José Tavia (sub: Emmanuel París) | Ixtub Tün | Vilca Hualla (C), Çenturion, Ricardo Bailén (sub: Turbolito) | Tlacolotl, Ecuador
Player of the Match: Tlacolotl (Tequilo)



Location: @ undisclosed location
Attendance: Some dyslexic Kryties and the Ultra-Mariachi Band (8 sombreros+dog)
Scorers: Tlacolotl 1' Alexandro Calvoecheaga 32' Vilca Hualla 65' Assists: Çenturion 1' 65'
Booked: Ecuador, Ostando Bertendona
Injured: Antton Machinena (7/20), Tol Chicote (8/20)
Tequilo Line-Up: Oscar Bienvenida (VC) | Blêxu (sub: Ostando Bertendona), Antton Machinena (sub: Tol Chicote, inj. sub: Noxochinoch), Huracan, Huachalla | Ixtub Tün | Vilca Hualla (C), Çenturion, Ricardo Bailén | Tlacolotl, Alexandro Calvoecheaga
Player of the Match: Tlacolotl (Tequilo)

With all the hard games to come on the road to the top teams in qualifying, and having failed to set the group alight so far leaving the Agave-Blues possibly facing their worst qualification attempt yet, under-pressure coach Ramiro Paredo needed to end the first half of qualifying on a high and his charges certainly ensured that with two big wins - sending the nation into the international holidays feeling buoyed by a +12 goal difference in the last three games and the return to his absolute best of striker Tlacolotl. Surely heading for legend status (in Tequilo) and perhaps even surpassing His Royal Highness former captain Mateo Tafalla in the fans affections, the young striker has matched his own record of three consecutive player-of-the-match performances and hit a stunning seven goals in his last four games. It would seem his rehabilitation after missing almost all of the last domestic season is thoroughly complete, and any concerns he would not get back to his old scoring ways have been dispelled with a trademark punch in the larynx.

Los Pitxileros know they still face an uphill battle from here on, beginning with the toughest game of all, a visit to the Tivali Ring for the Vilita return; it seems impossible to imagine a win here and yet more than likely that is what will be required to keep pace with the trio ahead of them in the table. Tequilo go to the Vilitan Cove almost at full strength, with the welcome return of experienced leftback Patrick Zambo; the Agave-Blues are still missing crocked attacking midfielder Niño Pinto but can be assured of his replacement Çenturion, who has been outstanding in his stead with four goals and three assists; while Antton Machinena at the back will miss the game, ever-reliable stand-in Noxochinoch once more steps in to the breach as he so often has through the brief years of Tequilo's international participation, and has never really put a foot wrong. All twenty-two feet plus subs will have to be right this time, with a huge dose of luck and some form of rare-but-not-uncharacteristic howler from the Jungle-Cats required to get the almost impossible three points at the Ring.

Competition goals: Tlacolotl (9) Çenturion (4) Roxelio Toran, Ricardo Bailén, Vilca Hualla, Ecuador (2) Xaime Medal, Eolo Sorazar, Huracan, José Tavia, Alexandro Calvoecheaga (1)
Competition assists: Alexandro Calvoecheaga (4) Çenturion (3) Ecuador, Tlacolotl, Ricardo Bailén (2) Ixtub Tün, Huracan, Aleixo Claver, Roxelio Toran, Vilca Hualla (1)
Competition PoMs: Tlacolotl (4) Eolo Sorazar (2) Huachalla, Blêxu, Huracan (1)
Competition cards: Roxelio Toran (1 red card) Ecuador (2 yellows, 1 red) Alexandro Calvoecheaga (3 yellows) Vilca Hualla, Çenturion, Ixtub Tün, Huachalla, Blêxu (2 yellows) Huracan, Tol Chicote, Ricardo Bailén, Jatsu Cañaverri, Niño Pinto, Antton Machinena, Jaïr Iscla, Emmanuel París, Tlacolotl, Pedro Rôa, Ostando Bertendona (1 yellow)

Confirmed Line-Up for TEQUILO @ Vilita @ ¿Tivali Ring Stadium; Alikki-Corra, Vilita?
Oscar Bienvenida (VC) | Patrick Zambo, Noxochinoch, Huracan, Huachalla | Ixtub Tün | Vilca Hualla (C), Çenturion, Ricardo Bailén | Tlacolotl, Ecuador

Probable Line-Up for TEQUILO vs. Balqia @ Estadio Metrópoli; Tapalupé, Ocotapa (capacity 61,900)
Oscar Bienvenida (VC) | Patrick Zambo, Antton Machinena, Huracan, Huachalla | Ixtub Tün | Vilca Hualla (C), Çenturion, Ricardo Bailén | Tlacolotl, Alexandro Calvoecheaga

Whatever happened to the Class of 72?

Welcome to the second edition of the Daily’s Trace & Track Special, where we focus in on our brothers and sisters (and, err, appliances) who began this remarkable journey way back (like way way back (well it seems quite a way back (but I suppose that is all relative (it’s hardly Arridian time (or The Holy Asylum who began before the beginning (ish (but still way back for us))))))) in Baptism of Fire 72. With one eye on a future fellowship association and all manner of interesting friendly and sometimes unfriendly opportunities, the good folks of the Unión - that’s the Tequiloan FA to you and me - decided it would be fun to keep one eye on the twelve other teams, to rank and compare, and to see who is carry the flag for the class of 72, and who is carrying the can. Or in the case of Sylestone, actually being the can. In the next edition, we will look at the results to see who has got some famous giant-killing wins that we can all be proud of, where teams from the BoF have come together to replay old battles (damn you, Zeta Reka and Higgledy-Piggledy Dom), and when they have themselves slipped on the proverbial banana skin. In this edition, with the editor on my back and the deadline less drifting, more steaming my way as if I were tied to the rails of the East Coast mainline on a great stone viaduct on a misty night in the Pennines with the Flying Scotsman thundering south toward Sheffield (I have no idea what any of that means, but you get the picture), we will look at just how the family is doing come the half-way point of qualification - and to be honest, I should say fair to middling.

1=   	2 Independent Athletes from Quebec       9    6   3   0    19   10   +9    21
1= 2 Riena 9 6 3 0 16 7 +9 21
3 4 Tequilo 9 5 3 1 26 10 +16 18
4 2 South Newlandia 9 5 2 2 13 9 +4 17
5 3 Maccian 9 5 1 3 25 15 +10 16
6 4 Sylestone 9 5 1 3 12 10 +2 16
7 5 Mavinet 9 5 1 3 14 13 +1 16
8 5 Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom 9 4 3 2 14 12 +2 15
9 4 Twicetagria 9 4 2 3 23 14 +9 14
10 6 Baggieland 9 4 2 3 23 18 +5 14
12 7 Kohnhead 9 3 3 3 27 20 +7 12
11 7 Havynwilde 9 3 2 4 19 22 −3 11
13 8 The Grearish Union 9 2 2 5 12 19 −7 8

As has been the case since the end of the BoF, it is the experienced Quebecois who lead the pack, though at this point they are matched by BoF semi-finalists Reina, both unbeaten, sitting second in their groups and in good shape to push for a prized slot in Taeshan and Ethane. Quebec of course were the first and so far only one of the class to qualify when they accomplished that last time out - can Reina match them this time around?

While the Agave-Blues sit third in this table with a decent 18 points, we find ourselves in a super tough group and realistically, along with those damned ZRHers, probably out of the running already.

South Newlandia and Maccian, two of the more consistent performers since the BoF, are having more fun times and might consider themselves in with a chance, with Cup of Harmony semi-finalists Sylestone and BoF winners Mavinet not yet willing to give up the chase, reminding everyone that, after all, they have medals and whatnot to their name, while the rest of us can only dream.

What's coming next with GOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLa!!!

In the next edition of GOLa Extra, we return to our thrilling look back at the Kipolalia Crisis as things take a very dark turn just when you thought it was safe to come out of the closet; PLUS! - in the Daily edition look out for more adventures of fictional comic book legend Rúi de Los Rovas, now into his 140s and running the family agency as he tries to find a new home for 'Lionel Messi', the world's greatest ever tax dodger; there will be our regular letters feature; we talk to more of the logistics team in the World Cup squad about how to manage a campaign of double-matchdays; and of course we'll keep you bang up to date with the progress of Los Pitxileros in World Cup 87...

[1]Or TG Tequilo and we'll be sure to publish you in the next edition of the DAILY!
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Valanora Times
Where are we now?

The halfway point of the qualifying campaign has arrived and as teams take a moment to breathe, they must also assess where they are in their groups and in the progress towards their goals for the cycle. While it is ideally the goal of every team that enters into the qualifiers to actually make it, to qualify for the Finals that will be being held in Ethane and Taeshan, it is the reality that only one in six of these nations are going to be able to do so. As the groups start to shake out, you have to assess where you are, what you are doing well and what could use improvement, and what you can actually get out of the last half for a realistic goal. If you are bottom of your group after the first half, you are not going to be making into qualification places in most reasonable outcomes, with the sheer amount of things that will have go your way in order to achieve that. Instead you might be able to then shift your goal towards a top half finish in the group and then try to build momentum into the Cup of Harmony if you receive and invitation from whoever ends up elected as the host for that competition. With that in mind, we will look at the groups in brief and see where things stand across the nineteen groups, as we partner with the Torgos Tribune of Pasarga to cover the entirety of the Qualifiers.

Group 1
Recuecn is at the top of the group but they are in a three way fight for two positions with only two points separating them from the top to that of third placed Fluvannia. Sitting at twenty-one and in second is Geektopia, who has to feel really good about their first half performance after they have gone unbeaten in the first half with six wins and three draws. Another run in the second half like that should see them at least retain the second spot if not push on Recuencn for the automatic qualifying spot, the rest of the group seems too far back and inconsistent to catch the leading trio.

Group 2
As expected, former World Cup winners Brenecia are sitting top, with seven wins and two draws to keep them unbeaten in the first half. Riena is giving good chase sitting two points behind, while both Plane of Possibility and Terre Septentrionale are still within striking distance for that second spot and the playoff that comes with it. Newcomers Ranoria are doing much better than one expected, currently sitting in the top half, it will be interesting if they can keep up that pace in the second half.

Group 3
Former champions and hosts Cassadaigua are in a similar position to Brenecia, with a seven win and two draw record to be unbeaten and at the top of their group. With a four point gap over second place TJUN-ia, they have a bit of breathing room and can afford a slip up somewhere along the way, though they will obviously prefer to keep their unbeaten record. TJUN-ia is a bit of a surprise in second but they are doing well for themselves, though Busoga and Acronius are hot on their tail and in a true three team race for second in the second half.

Group 4
This is an interesting group as top seeds and one of the two teams with an unofficial World Championship belt in Baker Park are unbeaten but they are not in first, instead Vdara sit two points ahead on their on unbeaten record, with the two teams having draw each other in the first half. Two points behind them is Hapilopper who performing quite well while a resurgent Electrum is also only two points behind Baker Park. This is going to be a group to keep an eye on, as all four teams look good for their point return and any of them could win the group, though Baker Park's quality likely will see them rise above the rest if one was to hedge their bets.

Group 5
This is our first group where one team is simply running away from the rest of the group and could easily be buying tickets already for the Finals. Savojarna is that team, sitting at twenty-two points and a full six points clear of second place as they use a suffocating defense to get the job done efficiently. Newcomers Saint-Domingue are a surprising team in second but they are only one of six teams within four points of each, with Zwangzug being the surprising bottom of those six at twelve points. The good fortune for some and bad for others can't keep up at this pace and I fully expect it to be Zwangzug and Abanhfleft to be the two teams fighting for second at the end of the qualifiers.

Group 6
Turori sits at the top with eight wins and a draw, a clear five points above another newcomer in the high positions in the form of San Ortelio, who have transferred their momentum from the Di Bradini Cup into these World Cup Qualifiers. Turori seems to have this group in hand, while San Ortelio will have to be contending with Gouvanarch, Mercidini, and Juvencus who are all trying to claw their way back into the qualifying positions after poor first halves for the latter two.

Group 7
Here we come to another really tight group at the top, with our subregion mates of Farfadillis climbing their way back into first on matchday nine, but with only a single point lead over Poafmersia, but their dominant five to nil win over their qualifying rivals on that last matchday will likely see their confidence rise. Behind the leading pair are three teams with Krytenia bringing up the rear of them at five points behind Poafmersia, while Gyatso-Kai and Squornshelan Remnant States in the mix as well. Farf has the pedigree to win the group, the second place spot however is massive toss up and any of the four chasers could end up there.

Group 8
Audioslavia sits at the top but they do not sit alone, matched on points by Northwest Kalactin at twenty-two points each. Mytanija has burst back onto the international stage and is sitting pretty in third, still without touching distance of second, while Sargossa is floundering in fifth and will need to dig deep if they are to get back into the playoff mix, lest they be left empty handed and wondering where their chance went.

Group 9
It is no big surprise that the defensive juggernaut that is South Covello is in the mix, but it was expected they would be second and playing bridesmaid to Nephara. However the second best team in the world has had a first half of the qualifiers to forget and sit six points adrift from South Covello in first. Indusse is in the mix as is Græntfjall, but they all need South Covello to start and concede more goals if any of the three wish to overtake them, though they might also want to stop them from their unexpected scoring outpouring to really get those results that the chasing three need to get back into contention.

Group 10
The last group that we will cover before handing it over to our friends in Pasarga. This is another group that is really tight at the top, with Drawkland setting the pace but Chromatika are only a point behind and Devonta three points behind. Sadly, as usual, the loveable nation of Eastfield Lodge is having a rough go of it and are seven points adrift through the first half and as inconsistent as ever with five wins and four losses. Drawkland is getting it done with a solid defense while Chromatika is doing it with an exceptional attack and it will be worth keeping an eye on on who gets the better of the other and then the group as the second half unfolds.
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The Springboks land in a country that is qualifying

what happens next is interesting Protesters Protest the Springboks because of Australasian Intervention in Indonesian affairs
this nation is satire
this nation never and will never use ns stats
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Turori Finish Unbeaten First Half of Qualifying

Eels Park, Eelandii, Turori:: The Turori National Team closed out the first half of World Cup Qualifying with seven wins in eight matches to take a commanding 5 point lead atop the Group 6 table over surprise second-placed side San Ortelio. Turori travelled to San Ortelio on Matchday five of the qualification and got a critical 1-0 victory thanks to a goal from Jungle Strike FC attacker Nua'oma Aikiki. It was the first goal of what has thus far been a low-scoring qualification for the Turori National Team. While it is not unusual for the Eels to play a part in low-scoring affairs, they are typically able to run up the scoreline a handful of times during the World Cup Qualifying campaign with the more nervy matches saved for the World Cup Finals themselves.

That has not been the case thus far for Turori who have not scored more than three goals in a single match thus far. Considered the top attacking talent under starting attacker Meldi'ita Mungwaii, Nua'oma Aikiki has just the lone goal against San Ortelio to their credit thus far. Veteran attacker Mungwaii, however, who is set to join Zwangzug side Arlington City during the break on a transfer from Jungle Strike FC that could see Aikiki become the true #1 attacker at the Lonngeylin Club, has already tallied five goals in the eight matches indicating very confidently to the multiverse that despite their age there is no quit in Meldi'ita Mungwaii as they continue to search for that elusive World Cup title to complete their career accomplishments.

Turori [1] - [0] Qasden

GOALS: Turori :: 59' Turakia Diijelhma
STATS: Turori :: Possession: 58%:: Shots: 6:: Corners: 10 Qasden :: Possession: 42%:: Shots: 4:: Corners: 0
Lineup: [GK] Timaala Hualtia, [D.] Yitizo Mpala'a, [D.] Moumouni Verre'elali, [D.] Mikki Mayelli, [D.] Lulu Pumaziiri, [ML] Daliora Toru'u, [MC] Lati'ala Giaoka, [MC] Kentu Umaka'a, [MR] Naraiza Ruaplal, [FC] Turakia Diijelhma, [FC] Nua'oma Aikiki
Bench: [FC] Wiztsana Iretziia, [FC] Meldi'ita Mungwaii, [M] Kiidallen Aeroluzzi, [M] Mbdiai Akarenaa, [U ] Biliki Rona'atu'i, [D] Amakli Inuro'o, [GK] Wiyauw An'maude

Turori [3] - [2] Gouvanarch

GOALS: Turori :: 37' Kiidallen Aeroluzzi:: 61' Meldi'ita Mungwaii:: 74' Lati'ala Giaoka
STATS: Turori :: Possession: 55%:: Shots: 10:: Corners: 11 Gouvanarch :: Possession: 45%:: Shots: 4:: Corners: 6
Lineup: [GK] Wiyauw An'maude, [D.] Moumouni Verre'elali, [D.] Yitizo Mpala'a, [D.] Lulu Pumaziiri, [D.] Mikki Mayelli, [ML] Kentu Umaka'a, [MC] Daliora Toru'u, [MC] Mbdiai Akarenaa, [MR] Kiidallen Aeroluzzi, [FC] Meldi'ita Mungwaii, [FC] Wiztsana Iretziia
Bench: [FC] Turakia Diijelhma, [FC] Kala'a Yuliizala, [M] Naraiza Ruaplal, [M] Lati'ala Giaoka, [U ] Biliki Rona'atu'i, [D] Amakli Inuro'o, [GK] Timaala Hualtia

Turori [1] - [1] Juvencus

GOALS: Turori :: 79' Meldi'ita Mungwaii
STATS: Turori :: Possession: 57%:: Shots: 5:: Corners: 1 Juvencus :: Possession: 43%:: Shots: 3:: Corners: 4
Lineup: [GK] Timaala Hualtia, [D.] Amakli Inuro'o, [D.] Yitizo Mpala'a, [D.] Lulu Pumaziiri, [D.] Mikki Mayelli, [ML] Lati'ala Giaoka, [MC] Daliora Toru'u, [MC] Kentu Umaka'a, [MR] Mbdiai Akarenaa, [FC] Turakia Diijelhma, [FC] Nua'oma Aikiki
Bench: [FC] Kala'a Yuliizala, [FC] Meldi'ita Mungwaii, [M] Kiidallen Aeroluzzi, [M] Tulaki Rauogba, [U ] Biliki Rona'atu'i, [D] Moumouni Verre'elali, [GK] Wiyauw An'maude

Turori [1] - [0] San Ortelio

GOALS: Turori :: 60' Nua'oma Aikiki
STATS: Turori :: Possession: 57%:: Shots: 5:: Corners: 11 San Ortelio :: Possession: 43%:: Shots: 4:: Corners: 0
Lineup: [GK] Wiyauw An'maude, [D.] Yitizo Mpala'a, [D.] Mikki Mayelli, [D.] Moumouni Verre'elali, [D.] Lulu Pumaziiri, [ML] Kentu Umaka'a, [MC] Kiidallen Aeroluzzi, [MC] Mbdiai Akarenaa, [MR] Lati'ala Giaoka, [FC] Turakia Diijelhma, [FC] Nua'oma Aikiki
Bench: [FC] Kala'a Yuliizala, [FC] Mirana Gotuai, [M] Cuoabaza Orani’aoa, [M] Naraiza Ruaplal, [U ] Amakli Inuro'o, [D] Biliki Rona'atu'i, [GK] Timaala Hualtia

Following the 1-0 victory over San Ortelio, the Turori National Team marched on to their biggest victory of the cycle thus far, a 3-0 result over Baptism of Fire Cup feel-good story Treekidistan. It was an important rebound for the Turorians after having previously their first points of the campaign at home to Juvencus in a 1-1 result. The three goals against the Tree Kid's set Turori back on a path amidst three consecutive clean sheets where they would take control of the Group 6 Table heading into the mid-point of Qualification.

The biggest threat Turori would see directly would be their Matchday 8 fixture against long-time path-crossers Mercedini. It was the closest match of recent history between the sides who have previously met in the 67th Cup of Harmony as well as the 81st World Cup Finals. Mercedini had taken a 2-1 lead into the half but a second-half brace from Meldi'ita Mungwaii saved the Eels unbeaten record and secured all three points for the visitors.

Turori [3] - [0] Treekidistan

GOALS: Turori :: 15' Lati'ala Giaoka:: 20' Meldi'ita Mungwaii:: 23' Naraiza Ruaplal
STATS: Turori :: Possession: 59%:: Shots: 8:: Corners: 16 Treekidistan :: Possession: 41%:: Shots: 2:: Corners: 4
Lineup: [GK] Timaala Hualtia, [D.] Amakli Inuro'o, [D.] Biliki Rona'atu'i, [D.] Moumouni Verre'elali, [D.] Yitizo Mpala'a, [ML] Kiidallen Aeroluzzi, [MC] Kentu Umaka'a, [MC] Naraiza Ruaplal, [MR] Lati'ala Giaoka, [FC] Meldi'ita Mungwaii, [FC] Turakia Diijelhma
Bench: [FC] Wiztsana Iretziia, [FC] Nua'oma Aikiki, [M] Tulaki Rauogba, [M] Mbdiai Akarenaa, [U ] Bvalis Amaanara, [D] Lulu Pumaziiri, [GK] Wiyauw An'maude

Turori [2] - [0] Cosumar

GOALS: Turori :: 9' Kala'a Yuliizala:: 61' Kentu Umaka'a
STATS: Turori :: Possession: 54%:: Shots: 4:: Corners: 6 Cosumar :: Possession: 46%:: Shots: 3:: Corners: 0
Lineup: [GK] Wiyauw An'maude, [D.] Lulu Pumaziiri, [D.] Mikki Mayelli, [D.] Yitizo Mpala'a, [D.] Bvalis Amaanara, [ML] Mbdiai Akarenaa, [MC] Kentu Umaka'a, [MC] Naraiza Ruaplal, [MR] Cuoabaza Orani’aoa, [FC] Turakia Diijelhma, [FC] Kala'a Yuliizala
Bench: [FC] Meldi'ita Mungwaii, [FC] Mirana Gotuai, [M] Lati'ala Giaoka, [M] Daliora Toru'u, [U ] Moumouni Verre'elali, [D] Amakli Inuro'o, [GK] Timaala Hualtia

Turori [3] - [2] Mercedini

GOALS: Turori :: 29' Daliora Toru'u:: 33' Meldi'ita Mungwaii:: 36' Meldi'ita Mungwaii
STATS: Turori :: Possession: 59%:: Shots: 8:: Corners: 15 Mercedini :: Possession: 41%:: Shots: 5:: Corners: 5
Lineup: [GK] Wiyauw An'maude, [D.] Biliki Rona'atu'i, [D.] Mikki Mayelli, [D.] Yitizo Mpala'a, [D.] Moumouni Verre'elali, [ML] Kentu Umaka'a, [MC] Daliora Toru'u, [MC] Kiidallen Aeroluzzi, [MR] Naraiza Ruaplal, [FC] Meldi'ita Mungwaii, [FC] Wiztsana Iretziia
Bench: [FC] Kala'a Yuliizala, [FC] Turakia Diijelhma, [M] Mbdiai Akarenaa, [M] Lati'ala Giaoka, [U ] Lulu Pumaziiri, [D] Bvalis Amaanara, [GK] Timaala Hualtia

The Turori National Team would close out their campaign against their lowest ranked opposition in recent history, 355th ranked Sannyamathland. While the Eels have regularly squared off against unranked teams, it is rare for them to compete against a team that does have a recognized rank, but is ranked so poorly. Instead of being a record setting victory for the Eels, however, Kentu Umaka'a's 34th minute free kick conversion was the only scoresheet action of the game at the newly-rebranded twii.tur Field at Sokattack Stadium in Mliona. On a cooler than average day, the fans left a little disappointed with the performance but content in the position of their team headed into the second half of qualifications.

After nine matches, only Brenecia and Ko-oren have a better defensive record than Turori. Throughout the first half of qualification, the Eels rotated between just two goalkeepers - Timaala Hualtia of Inland Peaks FC who played all of Turori's home matches and Wiyauw An'maude of Cedniavella who started each of the Turori National Team's matches on the road. However, the Coaching staff have indicated that should the Eels hold their advantage in the Group 6 table, up-and coming netminder Derizi Amatopa who plays for Revolutionaries in Eura is expected to get a handful of starts in the second half of the campaign.

Turori [1] - [0] Sannyamathland

GOALS: Turori :: 26' Kentu Umaka'a
STATS: Turori :: Possession: 59%:: Shots: 4:: Corners: 1 Sannyamathland :: Possession: 41%:: Shots: 2:: Corners: 3
Lineup: [GK] Timaala Hualtia, [D.] Yitizo Mpala'a, [D.] Mikki Mayelli, [D.] Amakli Inuro'o, [D.] Bvalis Amaanara, [ML] Kentu Umaka'a, [MC] Daliora Toru'u, [MC] Mbdiai Akarenaa, [MR] Kiidallen Aeroluzzi, [FC] Wiztsana Iretziia, [FC] Meldi'ita Mungwaii
Bench: [FC] Turakia Diijelhma, [FC] Mirana Gotuai, [M] Naraiza Ruaplal, [M] Tulaki Rauogba, [U ] Moumouni Verre'elali, [D] Biliki Rona'atu'i, [GK] Wiyauw An'maude

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Postby United Australasian Commonwealth » Fri Jan 22, 2021 12:56 pm

all the players arrive in turori

Number 1 : Cecil Van Nikerk
683 Cobus Visagie 12 June 1999 Italy 29 0 0 0 0 0
684 Albert van den Berg 12 June 1999 Italy 51 20 4 0 0 0
685 Charl Marais 12 June 1999 Italy 12 5 1 0 0 0
686 Dave von Hoesslin 12 June 1999 Italy 5 10 2 0 0 0
687 Kaya Malotana 10 October 1999 Spain 1 0 0 0 0 0
688 Anton Leonard 17 July 1999 Australia 2 5 1 0 0 0
689 Wayne Julies 10 October 1999 Spain 11 10 2 0 0 0
690 De Wet Barry 10 June 2000 Canada 39 15 3 0 0 0
691 John Smit 10 June 2000 Canada 111 40 8 0 0 0
692 Grant Esterhuizen 22 July 2000 New Zealand 7 0 0 0 0 0
693 Louis Koen 8 July 2000 Australia 15 145 0 23 31 2
694 Jannes Labuschagne 22 July 2000 New Zealand 11 0 0 0 0 0
695 AJ Venter 26 November 2000 Wales 25 0 0 0 0 0
696 Jaco van der Westhuyzen 19 August 2000 New Zealand 32 51 5 7 1 3
697 Ricardo Loubscher 8 June 2002 Wales 4 0 0 0 0 0
698 Gavin Passens 0
699 Chris Rossouw 0
700 Craig Davidson 15 June 2002 Wales 5 10 2 0 0 0
701 Delarey du Preez 6 July 2002 Samoa 2 5 1 0 0 0
702 Lawrence Sephaka 1 December 2001 USA 24 0 0 0 0 0
703 Carel van der Merwe 0
704 Hottie Louw 15 June 2002 Wales 3 0 0 0 0 0
705 Victor Matfield 30 June 2001 Italy 127 35 7 0 0 0
706 Quinton Davids 15 June 2002 Wales 9 0 0 0 0 0
707 Johan Wasserman 0
708 Thando Manana 0
709 Hendrik Gerber 7 June 2003 Scotland 2 0 0 0 0 0
710 Ettiené Fynn 16 June 2001 France 2 0 0 0 0 0
711 Marius Joubert 21 July 2001 New Zealand 30 45 9 0 0 0
712 Adri Badenhorst 0
713 Pieter Dixon 0
714 Dean Hall 16 June 2001 France 13 20 4 0 0 0
715 Butch James 16 June 2001 France 42 159 3 27 29 1
716 Conrad Jantjes 30 June 2001 Italy 24 22 4 1 0 0
717 Neil de Kock 30 June 2001 Italy 10 10 2 0 0 0
718 Lukas van Biljon 30 June 2001 Italy 13 5 1 0 0 0
719 Joe van Niekerk

881 Jean-Luc du Preez 26 November 2016 Wales 13 10 2 0 0 0
882 Ross Cronjé 10 June 2017 France 10 10 2 0 0 0
883 Courtnall Skosan 10 June 2017 France 12 10 2 0 0 0
884 Andries Coetzee 10 June 2017 France 13 0 0 0 0 0
885 Dillyn Leyds 10 June 2017 France 10 5 1 0 0 0
886 Ruan Dreyer 24 June 2017 France 4 5 1 0 0 0
887 Curwin Bosch 19 August 2017 Argentina 2 0 0 0 0 0
888 Wilco Louw 7 October 2017 New Zealand 13 0 0 0 0 0
889 Dan du Preez 18 November 2017 France 4 0 0 0 0 0
890 Warrick Gelant 25 November 2017 Italy 9 15 3 0 0 0
891 Louis Schreuder 2 December 2017 Wales 1 0 0 0 0 0
892 Lukhanyo Am 2 December 2017 Wales 15 15 3 0 0 0
893 Ox Nché 2 June 2018 Wales 1 0 0 0 0 0
894 Jason Jenkins 2 June 2018 Wales 1 0 0 0 0 0
895 Kwagga Smith 2 June 2018 Wales 6 0 0 0 0 0
896 Ivan van Zyl 2 June 2018 Wales 6 0 0 0 0 0
897 Makazole Mapimpi 2 June 2018 Wales 14 70 14 0 0 0
898 André Esterhuizen 2 June 2018 Wales 8 0 0 0 0 0
899 Travis Ismaiel 2 June 2018 Wales 1 5 1 0 0 0
900 Sikhumbuzo Notshe 2 June 2018 Wales 6 0 0 0 0 0
901 Thomas du Toit 2 June 2018 Wales 12 0 0 0 0 0
902 Akker van der Merwe 2 June 2018 Wales 3 0 0 0 0 0
903 Marvin Orie 2 June 2018 Wales 3 0 0 0 0 0
904 Robert du Preez 2 June 2018 Wales 1 3 0 1 0 0
905 Embrose Papier 2 June 2018 Wales 7 0 0 0 0 0
906 RG Snyman 9 June 2018 England 23 5 1 0 0 0
907 Aphiwe Dyantyi 9 June 2018 E
this nation is satire
this nation never and will never use ns stats
Music Video about the Violent end of the Estado Novo
AUK Nuus om Agt /ABC News at Eight
About the United Australasian Commonwealth
Footage of the Força Nacional de Segurança Pública (Afrikaans:Nasionale Openbare Veiligheidsmag) of the Estado Novo raiding communist hotspots
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by Nevenka Planinc

It has been a fantastic first-half of qualifying for the Mytanar national side as Lev Repin’s team sit in 3rd place in the group heading into the second round of fixtures. Two 1-0 wins away to Emastalia and at home to Ibixa leave the Hoops well placed to battle for a spot as ‘best of the rest’ in Group 8 and that would represent quite an achievement given the quality of some of teams like Huayramarca and Rushmori rivals Sargossa. Even the most positive supporter of Mytanija would say this team is perhaps not quite consistent enough to overtake either of Audioslavia or Northwest Kalactin (both on 22 points) into one of the top two positions which would see Mytanija’s World Cup campaign continue however.

For some this campaign is a sign of normal service resuming, Mytanar football has generally occupied a spot higher up the rankings than the one the team sits in right now, the national team’s track record in tournaments like the Copa Rushmori and Cup of Harmony is evidence of that. It is the World Cup that is the holy grail however and whilst Mytanija has a history of qualifying which many nations would look at in envy, the Hoops have flattered to deceive when it comes to actually competing for top honours at the tournament. The end goal for the FSM is to have a team that can do that, not just battle for regional titles and invitational tournaments, in Lev Repin they seem to have a coach who has the tactical nous to take the team towards that goal.

Repin’s football intelligence has been noted at home and abroad and tactical tweaks in games against the Sargossans and the historic 3-1 victory over Audioslavia in Arsika have caused the manager’s stock to skyrocket. His novel use of formations such as the strikerless 4-6-0 and the 3-1-3-3 have often been met with bemusement before they have turned into masterstrokes as the games have played out in front of us. The challenge for him now is to ensure that those unusual tactics are sustainable, that they allow this Mytanija team to compete with nations like Audioslavia on a consistent basis. Bringing a team to a provincial location like Arsika and beating them once is one thing, we will learn a lot more about Lev Repin’s Mytanija when they travel to Audioslavia in the return fixture next week.

Losses against Northwest Kalactin and Huayramarca are the only two blots on Repin’s copybook during this qualification cycle. The pair of 4-2 defeats showed this team’s limitations pretty openly, outside of Mojmir Anac and Petr Isaev the defensive ability of the current crop of Mytanar players isn’t to the high standard of teams of years gone by. The lack of depth is noticeable, Kamil Jernejec is a decent Top League centre-half but he’s not someone who would have even been in contention in Mytanar squads of the past. When you get beyond Jernejec and into the likes of Obadko and Apostolov the problem becomes even starker. Grigorij Savicevic is a potential bright spark, the young Atletik centre-back is excellent in possession and a combative defender, but he has a few years of development before he will be truly ready to partner Mojmir Anac whilst starting for the national team.

There does seem to be a propensity for Repin’s teams to start slowly too, the Sargossa game being the best example so far, but it is an issue the coach will have to solve as quickly as he can because it can leave the team with work to do as they find themselves behind in games they otherwise perform well in. Would the Hoops have won the game against Sargossa had they started in the 3-1-3-3 they finished the game in? Repin’s usual 4-6-0 caused issues with getting the team up the pitch once they had won possession and meant they were penned in for much of the first-half. It does appear as if the 4-6-0 is a better formation for games in which Mytanija can expect to have the lion’s share of possession, perhaps in games against teams who play with a defensive low-block where there’s a need to move the opposition’s defenders around with intelligent movement. It is a good thing that Repin seems able to rectify tactical errors quickly though, he isn’t averse to undoing his original plans and that’s important. After all, there’s no use in dogmatically sticking to a system that isn’t working.

If you had offered either Repin or the FSM this position at the start of qualifying I am sure they would have bitten your hand off, but it does have the effect of ratcheting up expectations among the football-crazy Mytanar public – we would do well to not heap pressure on the team, their performances thus far have been brilliant, but we must remember they’re performing above expectations and that the FSM was hoping to merely finish in the top-half of the qualifying group before the cycle started. They’re more than on-track with that goal, leading 6th placed Damukuni by six points and anything more is a bit of a bonus.

The key performer?

It is immediately noticeable whenever you watch this Mytanar team that Jasno Odonelec is perhaps the key cog in the machine. Jezdimir Ocokoljic gets the plaudits given his incredible goal scoring record, whilst Pedja Kasun is Mr Reliable in between the goalposts at the other end, but it is Jasno Odonelec who makes the whole team tick and especially when he plays in a deeper role than that which we are accustomed to seeing him in for club and country. For most of his career Odonelec has been an attacking midfielder, a cerebral Mytanar number ten in the mould of Kohlemainen or Oiskha or the sadly deceased Ismet van Huijgevoort. The national team’s vice-captain has increasingly been playing in a central midfield role under Lev Repin’s tutelage, similar to the one he started his career in when he played for Clichy-sous-Bois in Prahecq.

Odonelec is a talented footballer and can do a bit of everything and he still lines up in that number ten role when Mytanija start games off, Repin’s team often operating in a 4-2-3-1 when out of possession. It is the change which has been occurring when Mytanija win the ball back which has had the greatest effect though, with Odonelec dropping deep alongside Hrdaljko and Fejzuli into midfield positions and causing defenders nightmares as they have to either let him go unmarked or follow him and move out of position, leaving space for Jezdimir Ocokoljic to exploit. Odonelec’s tactical flexibility must make him an absolute joy to coach and Repin’s tactical development has been mimicked by Odonelec’s club manager Robin Hjik as well, with him playing in a central midfield role behind three forwards in Atletik’s 4-3-3. It gives his team more options tactically and causes headaches for opponents as they don’t know who will have to pick him up pre-game and then in matches creates confusion with his constant movement.

Odonelec now has 23 goals in 58 caps, a goals contribution which already outweighs that which Snerik Oiskha managed with the national side (21 goals in 107 caps); and isn’t far away from that of Ismet van Huijgevoort either (32 goals in 119 caps). What we may be seeing is the nearest thing to Mikkel Kohlemainen since, well, Mikkel Kohlemainen. Kohlemainen was prolific with the national team, scoring 39 goals in 95 appearances and Jasno Odonelec is on track with a similar sort of strike rate. Kohlemainen was notable for his Polarian heritage (like a few Mytanar national team legends…); Odonelec is notable for being the Prahecq-born son of Mytanar immigrants.

The comparisons will probably be more pertinent when Odonelec’s career is over, when we see what he has achieved in the sport, but for now we have to be very thankful that we have such a fantastic player representing our country.

Goalkeepers: 1. Pedja Kasun (Ararat Severyan), 12. Lazar Obradovic (Liria Prizren), 23. Zafer Muminovic (Tekstil Ibon)
Defenders: 2. Srdan Vukovic (1896 Ebor), 3. Mojmir Anac (Olympic Thessia), 4. Kamil Jernejec (Olympic Thessia), 5. Petr Isaev (Crvena Zvezda); 25. Patrik Odonelec (Atletik Thessia), 14. Niksa Obadko (Liria Prizren), 15. Grigorij Savicevic (Atletik Thessia), 16. Branko Nikolov (Liria Prizren)
Midfielders: 6. Alen Hrdaljko (CDSA), 7. Tahir Fejzuli (Mâ Âlâmëómë [FFD]), 8. Dalibor Vlahovic (Ararat Severyan), 10. Jasno Odonelec (Atletik Thessia), 11. Boris Kalinic (Workers Union [EUR]); 17. Branko Brkljacic (Atletik Thessia), 18. Vilim Kupresak (Olympic Thessia), 32. Mateja Stojkovic (Ararat Severyan), 19. Brajko Gavrilovic (1896 Ebor), 35. Ermin Drzic (Carsby [EUR]), 37. Sinisa Nikic (Marianne [PRH])
Forwards: 9. Jezdimir Ocokoljic (Atletik Thessia); 21. Zlatan Andrijasevic (Atletik Thessia); 38. Josip Brajdic (1896 Ebor)
Federal Republic of Mytannion

Capital: Esca
Population: c. 49,600,000
Demonym: Mytanar

Interested in Mytanar sport? Visit the Mytanski sportski mediji web page

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Postby Mavinet » Fri Jan 22, 2021 1:31 pm

“Do you still think the national team can qualify this time after an embarrassing performance against Drawkland?”, a reporter from Mavinet Daily asked.

Nguyễn Minh Quân had been calm the whole press conference, and he thought everything was fine despite a tough result at Drawkland. But that latest question made him realized how much he had been holding in.

“I’m sorry. I never made a promise, a prediction, or even a remote suggestion, that we will qualify this time. What do you mean ‘I still think’?” When did I ever think that? I want to see Mavinet advance as much as you or any Mavinese out there, but please be realistic enough to realize we are still a young face out here on the international stage. We lost to Drawkland, a giant in the multiverse, and although we would have liked a closer game, in the end, we couldn’t keep up with their quality. I will take full responsibility for the loss, but I will say that the team tried their best. Sometimes their best is not enough to prevent a heavy loss, and we have to accept that. *Sigh* I will not take any other questions. Sorry and thank you for coming here today!”

The 70-year-old head coach stands up from his seat, grabs his notebook and pen from the table and walks out of the conference room as quickly as walking allows. The room becomes noisier all of the sudden with reporters trying to ask more in a desperate attempt to attract the attention of the Mavinese head coach. But he is not giving any more of that.

He does not go home after the conference, although his body constantly reminds him of the fatigue from the flight back from Drawkland. After wrapping up a few routine administrative tasks at his office at the Mavinese Football Association complex, he goes to a nearby riverside park where has always come to when he wants some quiet time. He cracks open the cold beer can he bought from the convenient store, sits back on a bench looking out to the river, and let his mind wanders.

“5-1!... That’s the second worst result since the 0-8 thrashing by Pasarga… How did they collapse so quickly… And I thought we could really make a statement this time… Did I really think we have a chance to qualify?... That reporter wasn’t entirely wrong… Maybe I shouldn’t have reacted so strongly… This is my last campaign with the team… Why does it seem we haven’t really moved forward?...”

“Are you ok, teacher? You will catch a cold if you sit out here this late.” A voice pulls Minh Quân out of his thoughts. He turns around to see his assistant at the national team, Phan Vinh Hiển, sitting down next to him on the bench. Another beer can is opened. The scent of white champaca lightly flows with the breeze.

“I’m fine. What are you doing here?” Minh Quân asks, sipping the beer afterward.

“I’m looking for you. I was supposed to give you the match analysis report, but you weren’t in your office. I thought you would come here.” Vinh Hiển also takes a taste of the beer. Long Nhật Beer. Not his favorite, but he thought maybe he should try it. He immediately regrets it when the bitterness strikes him on the first sip. “Gosh, it’s so bitter. How can you down this all of time?”

“Not all the time, but certainly my favorite when I want to drink by myself. It helps focus the mind.” Minh Quân replies to his assistant.

“I guess. I can only think about how bitter it is now.”

“Just like the loss, Hiển. It’s bitter just like that.” Minh Quân continues to look out into the river.

“You’re still bothered by it, teacher? You have been through a lot. We win, we lose; it’s always been like that.” Vinh Hiển looks to his boss and mentor.

“Experience doesn’t make a loss any less bitter, Hiển. But what I’m most disappointed about is the way the boys gave up that game. I know I spoke of how they did their best, but we both know the team didn’t play at their maximum capacity.”

“I know. I know it’s hard for you, especially. But honestly, we lost to Drawkland, not some unknown minnow team no one has ever heard of. I can understand when everyone complained about our loss to Freechi, but against Drawkland? What did people expect?” Vinh Hiển lets out a frustration sigh.

“Still, I regret the way I answered that last question at the conference. The media only did their job: commenting on our performance and making speculations. Our job is to deliver results, and this time, we fail. We could have done a lot better. I’m sure we will do better, it’s just that…”

“Yes, teacher?” Vinh Hiển turns to his mentor again.

“That I will not be the one leading the team in the World Cup when they qualify. I’m not disheartened by this loss, but to a certain extent, I’m sad that our chance to go through this cycle is getting slimmer. I guess deep down, I do think the team can qualify this time, especially with that good start. Now I have to accept that my time at the national team will probably end with another miss.”

“We still have the second half of qualifying. Maybe we can turn things around…”

“Maybe, but it’s you whom I have hope for, Hiển. I will recommend you to be my successor when I step down. You know the team, you know what works for them and what doesn’t. If there is another person in the team I trust the most, it’s you. I trust you will be able to lead the team to the World Cup.”

The two silently look out into the river for a moment. The breeze sweeps the leaves across their view. It’s getting cooler.

“I will let you take more part in the training and directing on the pitch from here. You should get as much preparation as possible. Managing the national team is not an easy task, but you already know that. Now it’s just getting used to actually doing it. Don’t worry. I know you can handle it.”

“Thank you, teacher. I will try my best. We will all try our best.” Vinh Hiển says with a determined look on his face.

“Good. Now let’s go back before we both get sick.”

The pair stand up from their bench and head back to the office. The sound of their steps through the leaves fills the quiet park.

37’ Ho Vu Thanh Hoang


12’ Dominic Southers
24’ Mike Rodney
47’ Nicholas Kingston
66’ Ross Hunter
80’ Ross Hunter

88’ Tran Duc Vinh

MD10’s lineup against United States of Devonta:
Manh Cuong (GK) / Khang Anh (LB), Duy Hung (CB), Hong Dang (CB), Phu Cuong (RB) / Tri Thong (DM), Hoai Linh (CM), Trung Hai (AM) / Chi Tho (LW), Thanh Hoang (RW) / Duc Vinh (ST).

MD11’s lineup against Eastfield Lodge:
Hoang Trung (GK) / Phuoc Long (LB), Hung Dung (CB), Van Thao (CB), Van Hau (RB) / Tri Thong (DM), Hoai Linh (CM), Hoang Minh (AM) / Tien Linh (LW), Thanh Hoang (RW) / Thanh Hai (ST).
    Champion: Baptism of Fire 72
    Third place: Di Bradini Cup 47

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Postby Omerica » Fri Jan 22, 2021 1:32 pm
All the football news that’s fit to print!
WCQ87 halftime: How are Yuezhou not in third place? — Group 12 in review
By Anastasia Saint-Martin

This has been a weird qualifying group, to say the least. If consistency and predictably were the name of Omerica’s World Cup 86 campaign, World Cup 87 has been anything but. All sorts of surprise results have been thrown up across all the qualifying groups—Saltsteaders are relishing the prospect of Eura missing out on the finals—, but here’s a look back on the first half of qualifying for each team in Group 12.

The blog labelled Mexi Catcha the whipping boys and girls of the group and they have more than lived up to that designation thus far. Their 2–2 home draw against the Grearish Union is the highlight of their campaign thus far and their only point going into the second half of the qualifiers. Mexi Catcha were predictably RAWRCRUSHed 4–0 in Jhanna, trampled 5–0 by a galloping Equestria and were lucky to leave Omerica having only lost 1–0—in fact, their opener in Romainbourg is the only time this campaign that Mexi Catcha have not conceded more than once.

It has not been a stellar campaign for Lorrana, but the unranked side can still take pride in collecting four points thus far in the qualifiers. Lorrana were the first to expose the cracks in the Red Dragons, scoring four goals in their début World Cup qualifying game, and managed to valiantly hold Transvolcanic, Darkmania, Omerica, Starblaydia and Equestria to single-goal victories. A ninth-place team are more often than not sitting on a double-digit negative goal difference by the halfway mark, but Lorrana are on just −7. And in spite of losing seven of their nine games! For the position Lorrana came in from, it is a respectable performance.

Credit where credit is due, the Grearish Union have been unexpectedly good by their standards. That’s not saying a lot, though, as the team sit third from the bottom after nine matches, with less than a point per game thus far. On the one hand, they have scored in every single one of their qualifying matches so far, but they have also conceded nineteen goals in total. On one hand, they beat Yuezhou, but they also drew against Beepee and Mexi Catcha. On the one hand, they kept Equestria and Starblaydia to 2–1 wins, but they also lost by four to Transvolcanic. The Grearish Union have had moments of brilliance, but also have much work to do if they want to be midtable.

If we had to choose one team in this group to be the living incarnation of “disappointment”, the only acceptable choice is Yuezhou. Coming off a cycle where they unexpectedly challenged for a place in the qualifying playoffs, this cycle has been so wretched that Yuan Zilai was sacked after Yuezhou drew the Incorrigibles in Yicheng. That match was merely the last in a series of dreadful performances by the Red Dragons—draws against Darkmania and Beepe and defeats against the Grearish Union and Transvolcanic set the stage for Yuan’s involuntary departure—and it is now up to Lu Jialan to salvage pride for the warn-torn nation.

The press in Beepee were hilariously pessimistic, issuing an almost certainly tongue-in-cheek prediction that their team would collect a grand total of two points in the entire campaign and finish at the foot of the table. Not only are they sitting ahead of Yuezhou and three other nations, they’ve collected five-and-a-half times that jestful forecast in just nine games and successfully defeated Darkmania and Mexi Catcha. A further point of credit to the former Baptism of Fire champions is their draw against Equestria, one of only two games that the group leaders have failed to win. Do not be surprised if Beepee play spoiler in the second half of the campaign.

Transvolcanic were the first side in this group to change their manager, which they went through with after being thrashed 3–0 by Omerica. Incorrigibles manager Alexis Stephanidis encouraged a dejected Teofilo Koralski on twii.tur: “It’s a tough position to manage a national team. I wish you every success in your future endeavours.” But the good news is that Koralski’s successor Sergio Bautista managed Transvolcanic to four straight wins, lifting his team into the top half of the group table despite suffering the wrath of Starblaydia on matchday 9. While not a spoiler for the top three, Transvolcanic are likely to remain competitive in midtable through the second half.

Raise your hand if you expected Darkmania to be fourth after nine matches. If you have raised your hand, you are a bloody liar. Nevertheless, every group has a spoiler and Darkmania are this group’s greatest spoiler: their draw against Yuezhou was the first sign that Yuan Zilai’s team were falling apart and their draws against Omerica and Starblaydia helped Equestria gallop into the lead. However, as with any good spoiler, Darkmania have had moments to forget so far, such as their defeat to Beepe, as well as conceding two goals to Mexi Catcha and three to Lorrana. Nevertheless, if their matches are the deciding factor for who qualifies, it will be a successful cycle for Darkmania.

Popular opinion in Omerica was that, for the second cycle running, the Incorrigibles’ group was decided when the draw was made. There were whispers of optimism that the second seeds’ decline would open up an opportunity of Omerica to challenge for the top two and early form was incredibly promising. However, Omerica have yet to collect six points in a single matchweek thus far, a feat the Incorrigibles accomplished four times last cycle, and have not been particularly convincing outside the three-goals wins against the Grearish Union and Transvolcanic. Even if the second half is more consistent than the first, it’s probably too little, too late for Omerica.

The biggest shock after Yuezhou’s collapse is the fact that Starblaydia sit second in the group, having lost to Equestria on matchday 1 and drawn Darkmania on matchday 8. Always favourites to directly qualify, Starblaydia are still in position to punch a ticket to the World Cup finals, being one of the three runners-up with the best records, and are sitting in a tight race for top spot. Just one point separates first and second, while the third- and fourth-place sides sit four and seven points adrift respectively, so all Starblaydia need to do to qualify is just avoid any embarrassment in the second half.

We reckoned that Equestria was vulnerable this cycle, but they have been nothing of the sort and that has been immensely frustrating to both a Starblaydia side that was hoping to walk the group and an Omerica side that was hoping to sneak into the playoffs. Ultimately, Equestria have dropped a grand total of four points so far: draws against Beepee and Omerica are the only blemishes on the Ponies’ first half record. If Equestria can keep up that kind of performance in the second half of qualifying, they will almost certainly finish in the top two and have enough points to avoid their greatest enemy: the playoffs.

Overall, this group is likely to end up being a scrap between the two AOCAF sides. They won’t be fighting to avoid the playoffs, mind, but rather for the simple honour of winning the group. The team that lose out are probably set to punch tickets as one of the three best runners-up. Unless something goes fantastically wrong for either purple powerhouse, the Incorrigibles will have to work for a Cup of Harmony ticket and pray for a kinder qualifying draw next cycle. ◇
Other Football News:
• IAC 12: Federation officials concede that “[​i]t is unlikely that the Incorrigibles will participate in future Indie Championships”
• WCQ87 halftime: Groothuis’s West Squornshelous remain in striking distance of Farfadillis and Poafmersia — Group 7 in review
• WCQ87 halftime: Rosencrants’s Saltstead pushing to challenge New Lusitania for a place in the playoffs — Group 13 in review

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United Republican Soccer Federation
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Mexi Catcha v Omerica
World Cup 87 qualification — Matchday Ten
Old Sample, Sampleville, Mexi Catcha

— and —
Omerica v Grearish Union
World Cup 87 qualification — Matchday Eleven
Stade Saint-André, Brétolles, Westavon

Omerica lineup (4–3–3): Alexandra McGuire; Darcy Francis (captain), Frédérique Marquetti, Noah Clement, Felix Zanetti; Alphonse Fontaine, Fearchar Mac Clérich, Christian Marts; Jean-Lucas Babineaux, Malcolm Beauchesne, Adélaïde Argyris
Substitutes: Antoine Vicario, Annelise Betancourt; Anna Charles, Jacques Laurent, Raphaël Martin, Lauren Kerry; Maxime Fournier, Paige Boyce, Nadiya al-Hashim; Maïa Bustos, Jean-François Fernand, Wesley Sawyer
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Postby Squidroidia » Fri Jan 22, 2021 2:01 pm

OOC: As many of you know already from the RPs done by Sylestone, South Newlandia and others, Vdara has a very public habit of sleeping far past his bedtime. With the Squidroidian NT starting off a do or die second half of qualification with a trip away to Wreckeria, I decided to have a look at what the Squidroidian team have been up to on their journeys throughout the wider multiverse, particularly in the Wreckerian capital of Halstead. Don't worry, I'll look at the regional AU of the Unofficial World Championships after the MD 10 and 11 results for those come out, don't you worry.

But go to sleep Vdara.

Familiar opposition was just around the corner for the Inklings. After the first half of their World Cup qualifying campaign ended with a deserving win at home against the Tornado Queendom, although the team did finish it fifth heading into the final 9 games, the Squidroidian national team made the treck to Wreckeria for a rematch of the home opener in which Wreckeria... Wasn't counted out. Wreckeria had won that game in Inkopolis, much like Wymondham did last cycle. The away leg was one that they needed to win to keep any realistic chances of qualifying for the World Cup alive. If Wymondham away was any indication, they were most likely going to win.

Of course, Halstead wasn't the best place to rest after a long journey. True to the nation's status, the hotel wasn't on par to Squidroidian standards. The beds weren't nothing more than rectangles with some springs on them, although they still felt at least kinda soft. Truth be told, this hotel was seemingly a couple years old on the outside, but far older than that on the inside. Renovations really ended after the national economy went to crap, and as such the team got a poor hotel to stay in. At least it wasn't an old hotel.

When night came in, however, one person didn't sleep like everybody else. Maybe it was because of the game tomorrow or the beds, but Ira Atling couldn't sleep at all. It was getting late, but aside from everybody else sleeping, here he was, on his phone, passing the time away while his partners slept. The Inkling was up. And this would draw the ire of his other teammates.

If it wasn't for fellow Inkling Baldrick Bertolini waking up and noticing him, Atling would have been even more tired. Upon looking at Ira on his phone, Baldrick had one simple request to the youngster. "Hey, Atling! Can't you see I'm sleeping here? You know you have a football game coming up and I know Mito doesn't want to punish any of us! Go to sleep, okay?" Baldrick would be met with nothing. "Oh come on now! Go to sleep!"

"Heh... Yam." Ira was watching funny ha ha surreal memes on his shellphone. One of these memes featured a yam being cut by a string of garbled up code. Accompanying it was a text-to-speech voice just saying Y A M. To Ira it was the funniest thing he had seen in his life. To Baldrick, it was yet another annoyance. "Hey Atling! I'll show you yam!" He then slaps his teammate on the arm, a yell ruminating from Ira's mouth.

"Hey! I just wanted some funny ha has before bed!" Ira pleaded. But it was already late for the Inklings and he had spent his time seeing too many funny ha has. He had to sleep now or be cut from the team. Baldrick knew this too - It was an unfunny incident that was draining energy from the both of them. But Mr. Atling knew Baldrick could escalate further. He just chose to watch his yam a little bit more. Another slap on the arm later, Ira Atling was forced to quit his yams and go to sleep.

Safe to say that Ira didn't end up starting the game due to the antics. Mito put him swiftly on the bench.

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WC87 MD6, 7, 8, 9

Postby Squornshelous » Fri Jan 22, 2021 2:10 pm

Coincidence, Part 5
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Andreas's first mission with NewCon was turning out to be pretty underwhelming.

There were five of them on this occasion. Two to do the job, and the other three as lookouts. Viktor had tapped him and Shura, and another newer recruit, Zladko Matkovic, who had arrived back at the safehouse the morning after Andreas. Given their shared living space, Andreas had naturally gotten to know the tall, wiry man a bit better. An orphan at 7, he'd grown up in and out of the foster care system. Despite that grim background, he was cheerful and optimistic. With Zlad that morning, and leading today's mission were two other operatives. Jesper Mogilniy, known affectionately as Fixer was a veteran, and Viktor's right hand. An accomplished mechanic and electrician, and adept at improvisation. He was in charge of the mission, and it was clear to Andreas that he was a good choice. Fixer had an easy manner, and radiated a calm confidence that was infectious to those he led. He was shorter than Andreas by nearly a head, and his shaggy blond hair was unkempt and crudely cut.

The final member of the team today was something more of a mystery to Andreas. He wasn't even sure what "Fingers" real name was yet, but it was easy to see where she'd gotten her nickname. The flesh of her left arm ended just above the wrist. Her hand was a prosthesis of smooth plastic and gleaming silver metal. It was one of a few ways that she stood out from the rest of the cell. The others, in build, attire, and manner wouldn't be out of place in the barracks of a particularly seedy mercenary company. Fingers by contrast was slim to the point that Andreas doubted she could even lift most of the weapons they had in storage, let alone use them effectively. Her attire was also radically different from the heavy pants, boots and jackets the others favored. Instead, she wore a simple tank top, shorts and sandals. He had never imagined he'd meet a rebel soldier who dressed more appropriately for the beach than for battle.

Fingers and Fixer had entered a nondescript gray concrete building tucked among the warehouses of the port district. Zlad was posted at the door, posing as a security guard while Andreas and Shura were stationed further down the block in either direction to give advance warning of any traffic heading past. The building's actual security service was absent. They could be sympathizers, more likely they were simply bribed. Andreas wasn't sure what the other two were doing inside, but it didn't take a genius to guess that it involved some type of data theft or other malicious computer action. Beyond that he couldn't say, he wasn't even sure what this building was. Someone at MinSec would figure it out though, and he'd made careful notes of their actions for his report. He'd fully expected the flow of information to the cell about its objectives and their role in NewCon's larger effort to be sparse, but it was still frustrating that he couldn't put any real detail in his reports back to the Ministry.

"Check in." Zlad's voice crackled in his earpiece.

"Clear," came Shura's quick reply.

"Clear," Andreas echoed, "wait." Below his position at the second floor window of a vacant warehouse, a cargo van carrying a ladder turned onto their street. A scratched and faded decal advertised Jaro and Sons Roofing Incorporated. He relayed the van's approach back to Zladko and the others. Leaving his vantage point, Andreas strode down the hallway, stirring up the dust that lay heavy on the floor. He entered another small office at the other end of the warehouse and reached the window just as the van pulled to a stop in front of the building Fixer and Fingers had entered. He raised the holdout needlegun he'd been issued, and old, beat up Maas-Telegin model, wondering just how far he could go if things got ugly.

On paper, his rules of engagement were pretty simple. Deadly force was authorized against anyone involved in crimes against the state, or in self defense, except against law enforcement or government agents. In practice, the situation was rarely so clean cut. If he and his new companions threatened someone with weapons, and that person then fired first, did that count as self-defense? What if the rest of the cell opened fire first, and Andreas waited until the other side opened up as well? As long as I don't shoot any cops I should be fine. He knew that the Ministry would likely accept almost any crime committed as necessary as long as his mission succeeded, but it still bothered him. After all, the whole reason for this mission was to defend law and order for the ordinary people of the nation. It didn't seem right to shoot at any of them if he could possibly avoid it.

"Vehicle stopped, passenger is approaching, stand by."

From where he stood, Andreas could see the driver had remained in the idling van. The rear doors remained shut, but without windows, there was no way to tell what was inside. Shingles and roof repair tools, or a squad of tactical police? This cell was theoretically not being targeted for the duration of his assignment, but coordination between the Imperium's many law enforcement entities was grudging at best, and the different agencies jealously guarded their jurisdictions and intelligence. The passenger was now engaged in conversation with Zlad, and Andreas raised the needlegun. A few shots carefully aimed into the empty street near the van could be explained away as a product of nerves, he decided, and wouldn't get him arrested whenever this was all over. The man in front of Zladko scratched his head, the turned and walked back to the van, turning to wave before they vehicle pulled back out onto the street and accelerated away.

"All clear," Zladko said, with short bark of nervous laughter, "they needed directions."

"What did you tell them?" Fixer asked.

"Six down and four over."

"What's six down and four over?"

"I have no idea."

"Quick thinking, Zlad. We'll be gone before they can find their way back here." Andreas could almost hear the smile behind Fixer's voice. "Shura, pull the car around back, Andreas, join Zlad at the door. We're gone in five. Good work everyone."
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Postby Astograth » Fri Jan 22, 2021 2:45 pm

Cheruen presents…

The no. 1 cult footballing podcast in Astograth, with your hosts Ibon and Mantzia
Originally dedicated to the Audioslavian National League, then it spiralled out of control

Transcribed and translated by Transkribia, sign up at Transkribia.asg/DSG for the full script and a 30-day free trial

Ibon: He’s, uh- oh, wow, he’s here already.

Mantzia: He’s right here in the studio, folks, let’s-


Mantzia: -welcome Baraxil Muhaburu, centre midfielder for Rülândéá Kôstä and Olibondeka.

Ibon: You alright there, Baraxil?

Baraxil: [Burping] Yes. Sssorry about that.

Ibon: No, it’s uh, it’s fine. We’ll replace that. He knocked over a mic stand. We’re live, folks, it’s a live show! It’s Daineri Starting Goalkeeper Live, with Baraxil Muhaburu, the biggest name we’ve had here and one of the biggest stars on the national team!

Baraxil: Jussst the national team?

Mantzia: Of the Shango-Fogoa Premier League and, dare I say it, the world. Is that more like it?

Baraxil: Yeah.

Mantzia: Agreed. Now, Baraxil, We’re very excited to have you here in the studio. And the question we keep getting is: who do you support? You came up through Garitzeta Racing, as everyone knows, but is that your boyhood club or does your heart lie somewhere else?

Baraxil: Look, that’ss- that’s a dumb [bleep]ing question-

Ibon: We’re live, folks! Sorry about that.

Baraxil: What?

Ibon: The swearing. Normally it’s bleeped – and it will be on the recording, but you know. We’re live.

Baraxil: Oh, sorrrry. Sorry. [Breaths into mic]. What was I saying?

Mantzia: The team you support, you were saying it’s a dumb question.

Baraxil: Rrright. Like, I’m from Garitzeta. Who the… frick… do you think I’m supporting? Is it Garitzeta FC who’ve won, uh, frick all, or is it the team that’s actually done things and where I trained since I was 12? Come onnnn. Or do they think I’m a glory hunter? Man, I [bleep]ing hated Sporting and United growing up and I’m not desperate enough to lie about it, you know? Not that desperate for a job.

Ibon: [Clears throat] We’re live. That’s a great answer, Baraxil, thank y-


Baraxil: [Bleep] was that? Oh, the- the thing. I wasn’t- ssorry.

Ibon: We’ll fix it! Don’t worry. Now-

Baraxil: Man, you really are some chill hosts. And you got lots of stuff in the back, man, like beer and stuff? Agent’s got me on a leash with that, but [burps] you’ve got the stuff.

Ibon: That’s- uh, yes. You’re right. We’ve got beer, provided by Cheruen! This week’s sponsor, Cheruen, the Beer of Astograth! Fine premium lager, perfected by filtering through walnut wood and using only the finest Blue Mountain spring water. It’s what we have in the back, and none other than Baraxil Muhaburu seems to have enjoyed it!

Baraxil: Hell yeah, dude.

Mantzia: So, Baraxil. How are you feeling about Astograth’s chances? We’ve got those big matches coming up, Mriin and Squornshelous, both away.

Baraxil: Yeah, yeah. Uhhh I think we’re going to win. You know? But it really depends on us playing well, but we’ll give it everything we’ve got. You know? But sometimes things just don’t pan out, but we’ll do everything we can.

Mantzia: I see, I see. Any special plans for those matches? No secrets though, we know there’s opponents out there listening.

Baraxil: Uhhh, I meannn. I can’t say for sure what the boss is thinking, you know. Or Thunder either. But I think I should be playing, that’s definitely what we should be doing.

Mantzia: You should be playing instead of who?

Baraxil: Bergara, probably. And I don’t say this to start any beef or anything, we get along great, he’s a great guy, but who is Bergara? Who’s he beaten? I was champion of Farfadillis.

Ibon: Well, he’s champion of Audioslavia now.

Baraxil: Big [bleep]ing deal, titles aren’t everything. It’s all about how you play and how you fit into the formation. For my money, that’s me that should be there.

Ibon: And if you did, we’d win these two matches? They’re really vital to clinching the group.

Baraxil: [Sniffing] No doubt, no doubt. There’s no doubt in my mind.

Mantzia: Interesting. Now, Baraxil, something our listeners wanted to know – what’s it like living in Farfadillis?

Baraxil: It’s cool, pretty cool. My buddies keep saying not to call it Farfadillis, but what do I know.

Mantzia: Right, it’s Ruland actually.

Baraxil: Yeah, yeah, like how Iturributa [bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep]. Can I say that?

Ibon: Ha ha ha no, actually! Our producer’s going to get a call from the Ministry of Interior tomorrow, I think. Sorry, Yeimi. But anyway, Ruland! Some pretty crazy stuff going on there, right? Does it affect you personally?

Baraxil: What do you mean? Cause I’m just focused on my game, man. Just training and uh, light socialising, you know. That’s me. I don’t even watch TV.

Mantzia: Well, there’s- to put it bluntly, there’s a war going on. How does that change things for you?

Baraxil: [Laughs] OK, you’re [bleep]ing with me.

Mantzia: I- no? There’s a war in Ruland right now. Or there was before Lâ Lüs won.

Baraxil: Lâ Lüs didn’t win shit, what are you talking about? They folded, like halfway through the season.

Mantzia: You’ve never heard of a war in Ruland?

Baraxil: No, there is no war in Ruland.

Mantzia: There’s no… distraction? Interruption? Nothing to indicate there’s a war?

Baraxil: Nahhh, man, Lìbêrêtê’s a nice place. You’ve got the sea, which is a cool colour, the ships, the shipwrecks, lots of ancient ruins around to explore. I really only move between my house and the football, though, and like- [burp] light socialising, like I said, but it’s a really cool place to visit for, like, holidays I guess. Only problem is there’s a lot of firecrackers going off, like all the time, but you get used to it. They really love firecrackers.

Mantzia: I… see…

Ibon: Five minute break?

Mantzia: Yeah, we’ll uh- we’ll be right back.

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Postby Tikariot » Fri Jan 22, 2021 2:55 pm


The picture shows the Tikariot Sports TV WC studio, with the usual trio McIntosh, Haldane and Seagrave are huddled together as the title sequence fades away.

Alistair McIntosh: Good evening ladies and gentlemen and I am particularly happy to see you today, as things have been a little, let's call it, odd, with our transmission partially or completely hijacked by this Shadow character, so I apologize in advance, if something similar happens again. So we have reached the halfway point of the WC87 qualifying campaign and have at least planned to take a look back at the first nine games. With me in the studio as usual Duncan Haldane and Martin Seagrave.

Duncan Haldane: Good evening from me as well. And yes, the first nine games brought us some outstanding football for Tikariot in a group that more than one expert has labelled one of those proverbial "groups of death".

Alistair McIntosh: Looking at the draw, coming in from pot 5 and seeing names such as Vilita, Newmanistan, Tequilo and Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom in the same group, it definitely can put a damper on your hopes.

Martin Seagrave: That is very true, however, some teams rise to the occasion and with their competition, so it does not necessarily have to be something negative. But it definitely is a group that will show, if you've got it or not and so far I'd say that we definitely have it.

Alistair McIntosh: 8 wins and 1 loss is definitely a record that is more than remarkable in a World Cup qualifying campaign that overall has produced a lot more upsets already in its first half than the last one had in its full duration.

Duncan Haldane: Well, if you look at the tables after match day 9, then there are a few names in positions that nobody would really have expected to be where they are right now. Now granted, we are just at halftime and there is still plenty of time for things to even out, but let's have a look at the other groups so far.

Martin Seagrave: Do let's start at the top and group 1 looks somewhat reasonable with Recuecn ahead of Geektopia and Fluvannia, the big surprises here are HUElavia in fourth and Tioguldos in sixth already seven points behind Fluvannia, with their qualification chances at serious peril at this point. Group 2 has Brenecia ahead of Riena, also not the biggest surprises here, even though some people probably would have expected Terre Septentrionale to be placed in second instead of fourth.

Alistair McIntosh: Group 3 also looks fairly much as one would have expected with Cassadaigua leading the way ahead of TJUN-ia and the Busoga Islands. In group 4 we encounter the first bigger anomaly with Vdara sitting in the top spot, two points ahead of the Commonwealth of Baker Park, who after a highly unusual three draws to start their campaign have truly exploded, winning five in a row and collecting 32 goals total in the process. Here seeing Hapilopper in third after missing the WC86 campaign is another surprise, only two points behind Baker Park.

Duncan Haldane: On to group 5, though, is one of the two truly remarkable ones when it comes to upsets, with favourites Zwangzug only in seventh position after three wins, draws and losses apiece. That Savojarna is in the lead in their stead is not a huge surprise in the light of that, a fairly six points ahead of the next team, but who is sitting in second is close to sensational with 269th ranked Saint-Domingue, which is an absolutely outstanding performance.

Martin Seagrave: Group 6, Turori is right where everybody expected them, right on top, but here we get Juvencus in third, Mercedini in fifth and Qasden in sixth, while Gouvanarch are fourth, they are not the talk of the town, but unranked San Ortelio in second, four points ahead of Juvencus, playing an absolutely outstanding campaign with only one loss so far.

Alistair McIntosh: I am happy that we are still online, so to say, so let's continue on with group 7--

At this point the lights briefly flicker and the screen behind the three pundits switches from a list of the teams in group 7 to the pulsating S.


Alistair McIntosh: And there we go again...

The feed stays up, but the screen changes to The Shadow sitting in the centre of what appears to be a circle of fire, his hands in a tent shape.

TS: I am here. I am always here. And I will not go anywhere. But continue, don't let me interrupt you.

Alistair McIntosh: Which you have done plenty. What is your agenda?

TS: My agenda? IS there an agenda?

Alistair McIntosh: Why else would you do all of this?

TS: To be heard. The world is full of the glitz and glamour and even the in-depth analyses barely scratch the surface in something that goes so much deeper than just moving game pieces across the pitch. But as I said, please continue, I find your overview interesting indeed, because a lot of it just confirms what I have been speaking about.

Alistair McIntosh: OK, I guess? So, uh, where were we?

TS: Group 7.

Alistair McIntosh: Thank you. Courtesy of a 5-0 win on match day 9 Farfadillis picked up the place in the sun, one point ahead of Poafmersia and two further ahead of the Squornshelan Remnant States, so fairly business as usual, other than Krytenia only in fifth--

Duncan Haldane: --which some people would almost call business as usual.

Alistair McIntosh: Ouch, that was a zinger. In group 8 the lowest ranked pot 1 team, Audioslavia, is in the lead, level on points with what some people have called the dark horse in the group, Northwest Kalactin, especially with Sargossa only in fifth, but Mytanija are the huge surprise in here, just like San Ortelio unranked, they sit in third, which is another one of the miracle stories of the qualifying campaign so far.

Duncan Haldane: Group 9 is the other group with the huge upset so far. Nobody and I mean absolutely nobody would ever have thought that at halftime Nephara would be in fourth position after the first nine matches, worst of all with a 0-2 loss in Sett Forest! South Covello are almost runaway leaders, four points ahead of Græntfjall and then another two to Indusse with Kandorith in fifth as another negative surprise so far, so this is definitely a group to keep an eye on.

Martin Seagrave: In group 10 Drawkland ahead of Chromatika is what was to be expected, the United States of Devonta in third and ZSeparatists in fourth are definitely surprising, sitting ahead of Mavinet in fifth, who a lot of people had slotted in as contenders for a qualification spot this cycle. Group 11 also is more in an area where people had expected it to be, Valanora ahead of Kelssek and Darmen, same for Equestria and Starblaydia leading the way in group 12.

Alistair McIntosh: Onwards to 13, Banija still unbeaten, then New Lusitania and the Algarves, also where they kind of should be, juhst Jeruselem in 5th and Oberour Ar Moro in 7th are not quite where they were expecting to be. In group 14 the three top teams are at the top, with Astograth, Mriin and Squornshelous, but all are even on points, so this is going to be a very interesting one nevertheless.

Duncan Haldane: Almost there - group 15 also has the two favourites ahead with Ko-oren and the Independent Athletes of Quebec, group 16, though, Trolleborg still without dropping a single point are five points ahead of The Holy Empire, so while these two were expected to be in the lead, people had expected them the other way around.

Martin Seagrave: Group 18, Pasarga in the lead, the usual picture, but only seeing Hampton Island in seventh with 4-4 goals in nine games is definitely a big, big surprise, so is Tumbra in 4rd and also the Bluecliff League in 5th, while Valladares is not that uncommon in second. And then group 19, another one with somewhat surprising standings, not that Siovanija & Teusland are upfront, but that Savigliane and Natanians and Nosts currently are eclipsing Eura definitely is.

Alistair McIntosh: So that brings us to group 17 and we don't have a lot of time left here, but seeing Tikariot four points clear of Newmanistan at half time is a beautiful sight.

Duncan Haldane: That it is and they have benefited a lot from the other teams stealing each others' points and themselves only losing to Vilita, who with four draws also do not quite seem themselves so far, but to write them off would be a grave mistake, as would basically writing any of them off yet.

Martin Seagrave: And individually I just have to mention Morris Nighthorse, who is absolutely on point having really found peak form here, ten goals and three assists so far, four goals against Balqia alone, he truly is a class of his own within Tikariot!

Alistair McIntosh: So that brings us to the end of our time and strangely enough, a thank you to The Shadow for actually not hijacking us tonight, even though it feels wrong apologizing to someone for not doing a technically illegal thing, yet here we are. Let's all cross our fingers that the flipside of the campaign will continue to look good for Tikariot, from all of us in the studio, have a good night and stay safe.
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Postby Pasarga » Fri Jan 22, 2021 2:55 pm

Torgos Tribune ~ Here we are?

As we take a reprieve from the rigors of the qualifying and branch out in friendship with a collaboration with the Valanora Times, we get to reflect and think about what is to come. Whether you are a player that is playing in these games, a manager trying to create tactics or pick the right teams to get the results, or just a normal person that is going about there day to day and trying to make it, we all need these times where we are able to take a moment to unwind and let go. Few realize the sort of mental exhaustion that they are carrying on and making do with in just doing their usual routine, it is only when we allow ourselves time to relax and decompress that we really can see the sort of stress or mental fatigue that we have been experiencing. Everyone has to remember to take that times for themselves and to reach out to those around you for the support you need to keep yourself at a healthy level of stress and to take the breaks when needed, letting you come back around the bend as refreshed and renewed, ready to take on the world. That is what the managers will be hoping of there players once the second half begins and we shall now move forward with our half of the group assessment in this partnership with the Valanora Times.

Group 11
Speaking of Valanora, here they are at the top of the group with an impressive nine wins from nine, yet despite a perfect record from the first half, they have not run away with their group as one might have expected. That's because Kelssek has had a nearly unblemished run of their own, bar from the defeat that they had at the hands of the Marauders. Not to be entirely outdone, our regional rivals of Darmen sit just three points behind Kelssek, having only dropped points to the two teams that are above them in the table. Unlike most groups, this is a group that has pretty much run according to its pots, though the battle at the top and if Valanora can keep an unbeaten streak alive will be the most intriguing beats to follow.

Group 12
At the top of group twelve are two Atlantian Oceania teams, with Equestria on an unbeaten seven wins and two draws record, with first seeds Starblaydia only a point behind and rueing their opening matchday defeat. However if Starblaydia can flip the script to begin the second half, they will be in the driver's seat throughout the rest of the second half. Omericia seems to be the only other team within touching distance, sitting four points behind the Starblaydia side, as the rest of the group seems to be cannabalizing itself.

Group 13
It is here in (un)luck group thirteen that we find one of the two other perfect teams, as it is none other than the current holders of the World Cup and number one team in the world, Banija. With a commanding nine point lead in their group, Banija is already on their way to the Finals and even a second half collapse could not keep them from punching their ticket to the Finals. The battle for second is a four team race, with New Lusitania and the Algarves in the command position at the moment, though Saltstead is level with them on points, while Jeruselem and Vangaziland both sit four points behind second. This is Banija's world, everyone else is just living in it and hoping to do better against the rest of the pack.

Group 14
What a crazy three way race that we have going on in this group, as Astograth, Squornshelous, and Mriin all sit on an eight win and one loss record, the trio sitting eight points ahead of fourth placed Rangers FC. It is a group where the top is already decided and each of the top three having beat the other, yet unfortunately it is a battle of three teams for two spots. While Astograth might currently lead the group on tiebreakers, one would think that Mriin and Squornshelous might have the upper hand in the race for the pair of places with a better offensive showing than the current leaders.

Group 15
This is another group where Atlantian Oceania lays claim to, with the defensive powerhouse of Ko-oren holding onto the top spot, while the offensive athletes from Quebec are in second, though both currently have twenty-one points. Fellow Atlantian Oceania nation Blouman Empire sits just a pair of points behind, which if this was thirty editions ago would make a lot more sense, but both Quebec and Blouman are only recently returning to the international game. For that reason, we have to believe that Ko-oren will eventually rise to the top and win the group, though they will definitely have to fight for that spot.

Group 16
This is one of the most surprising of groups, as it is not the Holy Empire that is sitting at the top, it is Trolleborg who is at the top and five points ahead of the former World Cup champions and eleven points ahead of third place Maccian. Trolleborg has been virtually unstoppable in their offensive onslaught against the rest of the group and one that would make the likes of Bettia from the ye olde days proud. The question is can they keep it up and keep the Empire from gaining on them? Their spot in the top two seems assured but like a lot of other surprising leaders at the halfway mark, you have to believe that eventually the better teams will play like better teams and that the Holy Empire will come and grab that automatic spot, as Trolleborg is sure to slip up at least once in the second half.

Group 17
Fellow Rushmoris Tikariot are surprise leaders here, with Newmanistan four points behind them and then Vilita is only a point further behind Newmanistan. The Jungle Cats had a really rough start to their groups but have recovered decently, though they will no doubt be wondering how much better of a position they could be in had they turned one or two of those string of opening draws into a win. Vilita has the pedigree to move back into the top to challenge the others, can Tikariot pull of a repeat performance of the first half where they only dropped points in one game? It is also worth mentioning that Tequilo is only one point behind and not out of the running either, making it a true four team race at the top of this group.

Group 18
Here we have our own group, with the Wanderers having had a good start to the qualifying campaign but seemed to waffle slightly with dropping points in two of their last three games, with both of those games somehow coming at the Stade de Torgos. They have a five point lead over second place South Newlandia, who will be visiting Stade de Torgos to open up the second half, being the second game of the international. If we win that match, as well as the Tumbra match in the Stade de Torgos, then the side could feel a lot more secure at the top heading into the final stretch of the qualifiers. South Newlandia is currently in second but there are four teams within two points of them, with regional rivals Valladares as well as newcomers Bluecliff League, with Tumbra and The Gothanita Isles in that mix. The first two matches of the second half will look to separate the pretenders from the contenders for the group, and we can only hope that the friendly confines of the Stade de Torgos will be the needed edge in such close encounters.

Group 19
The last group but far from the least interesting, as our friend and allies of Eura are somehow in fourth in this group despite being the first seeds. Much like Nephara, they seem to have gotten off to a poor start, letting Atlantian Oceania side Siovanija & Teusland to claw themselves up to the pinnacle of the table, while Savigliane as well as Natanians and Nosts sitting above them in the table. Fortunately for Eura, there is only a four point gap between them and the leaders and in a bot of a moral victory, they are the current holders of one of the two Unofficial World Championship belts, having won it off of Pemecutan, who had nicked it off of Siovanija & Teusland, who had gotten the belt after the holders of Al Qurija reentered international play and were bested by the AO side on the first matchday. Eura should have the quality and depth to climb back up, while Siovanija & Tuesland looks to be the best of the rest, though how that plays out over the second half will be quite the story.

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Fresto Sports - 22 January 2021

Postby Frestovenia » Fri Jan 22, 2021 2:57 pm


Short recap of the first half of qualifying matches

Halfway through in the 87th World Cup qualifiers campaign. Frestovenia stands in eighth place in group 11 with 9 points. Three wins and six losses complete the first half of this qualifying campaign for the Frestovenians. The team of head coach Alrik Valatanen kicked off this campaign with two remarkable victories over the Tornado Queendom and Icecliff. Starting with that first nation, the Tornado Queendom was the first opponent in Frestovenia's first official match. The match was won by two goals to null in favor of the Frestovenians. Against Icecliff the biggest victory was achieved. In Asvard the match ended in an 8-2 win. With 6 points out of two matches, the team saw themselves in first place in the group. The first serious opponent came right after the high scoring match, Barunia was the opponent in an away match. This time the first defeat for the Frestovenians was a fact. Frestovenia scored three against Barunia, but it was not enough to take a result. Barunia won 6-3. In the matches that followed, Frestovenia lost another four matches with minimal differences. Kelssek, Squidroidia, Wreckeria, and Darmen all scored one or two more goals than the Frestovenians did. Margins were small, but the difference in quality was big on the pitch. After four losses in a row, the team of topscorer Olaf Artvikker won its third match against Jabal Akhdar at home. Frestovenia outclassed the "Green Falcons" and won 4-1, thanks to two goals by Olaf Artvikker. In match number nine, Valanora was the last opponent before the short qualifiers break. The absolute favorites to qualify for the World Cup in this group had no problems and beat Frestovenia 3-1. Frestovenia will start the second round of qualifiers against the Tornado Queendom (away) and Icecliff (away).

Frestovenia 4 - 1 Jabal Akhdar
@Asvard Stadium, Asvard

Goals: Kanaan 5' Artvikker 28' (pen.) 68' Norvatse 53' Kotvanur 82'
Cards: X Hakimi 54' X al-Zaki 77' '

Valanora 3 - 1 Frestovenia
@Hatire Memorial, Capri

Goals: Hawk 11' (pen.) Saxtrom 19' Ludwig 34' Artvikker 58'
Cards: X Bedere 29' X Palrikken 49' '

X Frestovenia 2 - 0 Tornado Queendom
X Frestovenia 8 - 2 Icecliff
X Barunia 6 - 3 Frestovenia
X Frestovenia 1 - 2 Kelssek
X Squidroidia 3 - 1 Frestovenia
X Frestovenia 1 - 2 Wreckeria
X Darmen 2 - 0 Frestovenia
X Frestovenia 4 - 1 Jabal Akhdar
X Valanora 3 - 1 Frestovenia
X Tornado Queendom v Frestovenia
X Icecliff v Frestovenia
X Frestovenia v Barunia
X Kelssek v Frestovenia
X Frestovenia v Squidroidia
X Wreckeria v Frestovenia
X Frestovenia v Darmen
X Jabal Akhdar v Frestovenia
X Frestovenia v Valanora
Upcoming matches

Tornado Queendom v Frestovenia
@Unknown, unknown
Icecliff v Frestovenia
@Unknown, unknown

OOC: Busy days for me. I will be back with full match reports in the second half of qualifying matches.
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Postby Kelssek » Fri Jan 22, 2021 3:15 pm


Kelssek finding ways to win as qualifiers reach halfway point

The train to World Cup 87 is still on track for Kelssek as they collected two wins from two in the international break to keep pace with Valanora at the top of their qualification ground. Kelssek turned on the style to beat Squidroidia 4-1 and managed to find a way to win away from home against a resilient Wreckeria team.

Seamus Wylten showed good off-the-ball movement and nabbed a brace against Squidroidia, tormenting whichever defender was supposed to be marking him. It wasn’t clear who it was, which one imagines was a big part of the problem for the Inklings. If Wylten could be faulted it was for failing to complete his hat-trick with a chance from point-blank range on 81 minutes which he directed too close to goalkeeper Takemoto Shingen.

Tyler Shrub, who was first to a loose ball on the right flank and concocted a lovely give-and-go with Gabriel Lapierre, put Kelssek 2-0 ahead as the clock ticked towards the half-hour mark. Kelssek were cruising by the time Gabriel Lapierre put them three goals ahead, and the team responded well to being pegged back from the boot of Makino Hideo to ensure the job got done.

Mason Blueman came off the substitutes bench and struck the crossbar with a 30-yard howitzer with his first touch of the match. Minutes later Seamus Wylten tucked away a cut-back from the right by Andrey Yusupov to put the result beyond doubt.

Wreckeria were true to their nickname and put up dogged defensive resistance, crowding out the midfield and making it hard for Kelssek to do much of anything with their ball possession. A moment of quality and a bit of luck was what it took to break open the vault, with Colm Ó Tuathail threading a 65-yard pass that was deflected into the path of Loïc Maçon-Petrault. The ball might well have fallen favourably for Harold Leslie but instead it dropped at just the right spot for the young forward to volley it with accuracy past the onrushing keeper.

Up next comes Darmen away, which will be a key match that will make a big difference in Kelssek’s qualification fate.

KELSSEK 4 – Wylten (14’, 71’), Shrub (26’), Lapierre (52’)
Shaughlin, Shrub, Fourtin, Lozic, Liadon, Demetriev, Lapierre (Blueman 69’), McDonald, Yusupov (Dionne 73’), Taleb (Torshen 75’), Wylten.
SQUIDROIDIA 1 – Hideo (67’)
Kingswharf, Breton (attendance 39,884)

KELSSEK 1 – Maçon-Petrault (63’)
Poirier, Shrub (Douglass 59’), Lozic, Curtin, Farahani, Blueman, Lapierre, Ó Tuathail (Champetier 74’), McDonald, Maçon-Petrault, Lister (Taleb 70’).

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WC87Q - Second Half Preview - Aquafek Takes the Reigns

Postby Vilita » Fri Jan 22, 2021 3:32 pm



Aquakfek tapped to lead Jungle Cats in Staffing Shake Up

Tivali Ring Stadium, Alikki-Corra, Vilita :: Long Time Vilita National Team midfielder Cavuna Aquafek has been drafted in to take the reigns of the Vilitan National Team for the second half of World Cup 87 Qualifications. The Football Association of Vilita have come to the conclusion that the current coaching staff had "Lost the pulse of the Team" through the first half of World Cup Qualifying which currently sees the Vilita National Team on the outside of places that would see them have a chance to advance to the World Cup 87 Finals. Currently the Jungle Cats sit third in Group 17 behind 96th ranked Tikariot and 21st ranked side Newmanistan. Having already dropped 8 points in the first nine matches the Vilitans are behind even in the slim hopes of advancing to the World Cup Finals as a second-placed team and will likely need to run the table in the second half to re-take the top spot in the group and claim their place in Taeshan and Ethane.

Aquafek is a long time midfielder for the Turoki Tide where they have earned four Stellar Division Titles and a handful of Vilitan Cup and Tropical Trophy victories as well. Aquafek's longevitity has set many records in Turoki City as well as with the Vilitan National Team where they have long surpassed 100 total appearances for the National Team. While records are not fully complete, Aquafek has appeared over 135 times for Vilita and scored more than 30 goals for the Jungle Cats. On the domestic side, Aquafek is one of the few Vilitan players to have lifted a UICA Trophy having led the Turoki Tide to the 66th Globe Cup Title, the most recent major international competition victory for a Vilitan domestic side.

Of course, Aquafek's crowning career achievement has been with the Jungle Cats as a major piece of the World Cup 77 team and the first choice midfielder for the Vilitan's back-to-back triumphs in World Cup 81 and World Cup 82. While Aquafek is not the only Vilitan played who can claim three World Cup titles, they are the only midfielder who was a Starting 11 player in three separate World Cup winning campaigns.

The decision to move Aquafek to the helm comes ahead of the most important three match stretch of the campaign for the Jungle Cats who struggled to put away lesser ranked opponents during the first half of World Cup 87 Qualifying. Though the Jungle Cats recorded a critical victory over Group leaders Tikariot on Matchday 6, they slipped up on Matchday 8 with a 3-3 draw against Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom after having taken a 3-0 lead into the half time break.

Vilita [2] - [0] Tikariot

GOALS: Vilita :: 29' Limu Katarakhna:: 78' Jurzen Devmiko
STATS: Vilita :: Possession: 57%:: Shots: 7:: Corners: 11 Tikariot :: Possession: 43%:: Shots: 4:: Corners: 5
Lineup: [GK] Mako Canopii, [D.] Lohani Riiyaaw, [D.] Jirak Trikala, [D.] Linkat Cjinder, [ML] Limu Katarakhna, [MC] Kudii Davasarii, [MC] Cywrenta Vlintejni, [MC] Lentali Purama, [MR] Polaox Torerun, [FC] Enzoril Alabonni, [FC] Sipke Tarala
Bench: [FC] Clarana Refiami, [FC] Tenziki Kulakao, [M] Jyuola Mtalata, [M] Jurzen Devmiko, [U ] Trezisi Rokopolis, [D] Rojara Tiones, [GK] Hanauma Ranbomahi

Vilita [4] - [3] Balqia

GOALS: Vilita :: 41' Sipke Tarala:: 48' Kudii Davasarii:: 56' Kudii Davasarii:: 75' Sipke Tarala
STATS: Vilita :: Possession: 57%:: Shots: 9:: Corners: 6 Balqia :: Possession: 43%:: Shots: 7:: Corners: 3
Lineup: [GK] Mako Canopii, [D.] Lohani Riiyaaw, [D.] Inteali Koranjo, [D.] Mileke Drokasorna, [ML] Lentali Purama, [MC] Limu Katarakhna, [MC] Jyuola Mtalata, [MC] Polaox Torerun, [MR] Kudii Davasarii, [FC] Nii'arala Milaaso, [FC] Sipke Tarala
Bench: [FC] Enzoril Alabonni, [FC] Berali Tzufarei, [M] Jurzen Devmiko, [M] Cywrenta Vlintejni, [U ] Va'a-Rio Kiwavn, [D] Rintala Sekagaya, [GK] Striitca Virahat

Vilita [3] - [3] Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom

GOALS: Vilita :: 21' Trezisi Rokopolis:: 28' Berali Tzufarei:: 45' Enzoril Alabonni
STATS: Vilita :: Possession: 55%:: Shots: 8:: Corners: 5 Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom :: Possession: 45%:: Shots: 8:: Corners: 17
Lineup: [GK] Mako Canopii, [D.] Rojara Tiones, [D.] Jirak Trikala, [D.] Mileke Drokasorna, [ML] Jyuola Mtalata, [MC] Limu Katarakhna, [MC] Polaox Torerun, [MC] Kudii Davasarii, [MR] Trezisi Rokopolis, [FC] Enzoril Alabonni, [FC] Berali Tzufarei
Bench: [FC] Nii'arala Milaaso, [FC] Sipke Tarala, [M] Cywrenta Vlintejni, [M] Lentali Purama, [U ] Fishtii Blikala, [D] Rintala Sekagaya, [GK] Striitca Virahat

Vilita [4] - [1] State of Trinity

GOALS: Vilita :: 12' Kudii Davasarii:: 66' Jurzen Devmiko:: 71' Limu Katarakhna:: 79' Tenziki Kulakao
STATS: Vilita :: Possession: 57%:: Shots: 9:: Corners: 7 State of Trinity :: Possession: 43%:: Shots: 4:: Corners: 1
Lineup: [GK] Striitca Virahat, [D.] Rojara Tiones, [D.] Lohani Riiyaaw, [D.] Linkat Cjinder, [ML] Limu Katarakhna, [MC] Jyuola Mtalata, [MC] Cywrenta Vlintejni, [MC] Kudii Davasarii, [MR] Va'a-Rio Kiwavn, [FC] Sipke Tarala, [FC] Tenziki Kulakao
Bench: [FC] Nii'arala Milaaso, [FC] Linvoi Warazil, [M] Jurzen Devmiko, [M] Lentali Purama, [U ] Intikko Kuhilana, [D] Inbekira Ajhabekk, [GK] Mako Canopii

While Cavuna Aquafek is not retiring from the playing squad at this time, the 40 year old midfielder has thus far appeared only once in the Vilita National Team Lineup during the World Cup 87 Qualifiers, as a late substitute in the 0-0 draw against Hebitaka. The Jungle Cats will go into the second half of the campaign with momentum after recording a 4-1 victory at Colonial Park in Sile against the State of Trinity to close out the first half of qualifying. Kudii Davasarii of Rammsissil has stepped into the rule previously filled by Aquafek with great effect scoring three goals in as many games to close out the first half of World Cup 87 Qualifying including the opener against State of Trinity.

While some experts may have expected the Jungle Cats to pin more goals down on a side ranked just 366th in the multiverse, coming just one match after dropping points for the fourth time in eight matches, the Vilitan fanbase would have been happy to just walk away from the match with three comfortable points so they can reset and re-focus on the task at hand.

For the restart of the second half of World Cup 87 Qualifying, that task will be Revenge. The Jungle Cats opened the World Cup 87 campaign with one of their worst starts on record including being held to back-to-back goalless draws for the first time in National history. The task Aquafek will have in front of them will be nothing short of making up for lost points, with three straight victories the expectation from the Vilitan Fanbase starting off with the match against Tequilo at the Tivali Ring Stadium in Alikki-Corra. Some were not surprised that Tequilo nicked a point off the top seeded Jungle Cats when the Vilitan's visited the Arenamoto Stadium in Tirinto, Maranco. Home to Motozintla, the 77,200 capacity stadium was filled and the support urging Tequilo on to one of the great results in the nations history thus far. From there, however, at home to second-seed Newmanistan and on the road to 289th ranked Hebitaka, things were not supposed to be as difficult. Now, the home matches against Tequilo and Hebitaka are seemingly must-win matches for the Jungle Cats who will still have an away day against the Rockets in a match they can not lose to the nation currently one spot clear of them in the Group 17 Table.

On Matchday 10, the new Cavuna Aquafek era of Vilitan Footsport begins.

-¤-¤-¤World Cup 20 Champions¤-¤-¤-¤-¤-¤World Cup 68 Champions¤-¤-¤-
-¤-¤-¤World Cup 77 Champions¤-¤-¤-

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