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Postby Netop » Tue Jan 19, 2021 4:01 pm

At least we didn't choke it away

Out of nowhere this normally defensively compact and offensively struggling team has had a fire lit under them offensively and defensively have neglected their duties somewhat. It all started with a 5-5 draw against last place side Hafamarimet who currently sit on one point from said draw is not a good look. While the play of Adelle Benton and her pending sentence to the bench seems to have lit a fire under Zoe Kinney as she scored a brace, had an assist, and was a large contributor in the offense the same cannot be said for the defense.

I'll put it this way, in five games Hafamarimet had scored a grand total of one goal. After their 6th game which was against us they had scored six goals, either there was a mistake in their goal count or we just allowed five goals to them. I don't want to hear the excuses of it being a trap game and while the fact that Netop are playing so well and are even in a top four position is amazing it just makes getting the three points against the lower ranked teams more important.

However the more important game and the game I would prefer to talk about is our 4-3 win against Saint-Domingue which was the game after the 5-5 draw that we should never speak of again. In the first half of the game against second place Saint-Domingue the pot 8 side in the group (crazy right?) we appeared to take out our anger from the horrendous 5-5 draw. It was the captain Teddy Riggs who started off the first half bombardment with two goals in the first 12 minutes scoring in the 7th and in the 12th.

While his first goal would be unassisted the second one was off of a Savanna Park pass but the result was the same nonetheless and we were up 2-0 just like that. Not content with just the two goal lead it would be Max Holder who made it 3-0 with the 19 year old making a brillant cut to receive the ball from Kinney who continued her great run of form in this play.

However just a few minutes later we received word that Heather Burrows would have to come out with a knee injury and while it has proved to not be serious (she will play our next match against Sharktail) it still hurt. However we said hey we are up 3-0 even though our best defender is out it won't make too much of a difference; these people looked to be proved correct when Marcus Hussel her replacement scored a header off of Holder's cross in the 43rd minute to give us the stunning 4-0 lead.

Netop just needed to defend well for 45 minutes, we didn't need to even counter up 4-0 and we would get a statement win to put us into second of the Group, right? However The Friends decided it was time to be nice and do what friends do which is give away goals when up 4-0. The half actually started well with a Riggs chance but a good save from Binet denied him. To his credit Binet actually made some good saves and his defense let him down constantly however he could have been better.

It wasn't long after this early chance however that Saint-Domingue started to creep back into the game slowly but surely. Josep Carpeña was the first to make it a still comfortable 4-1 lead in the 53rd and instead of really being upset about it being a closer game Howells was really just upset about his clean sheet going down the drain. A goal from defender Alfredo Cotilla just nine minutes later would worry us some more but we seemed to be doing okay and our defense was cleaner as the game had grown close again.

A Diego Palacio in the 80th minute made it look like our worst fears were coming true but our defense would hold them off after a brillant charge that almost got them a big point. However Netop would hold on to secure a very important three points in our unlikely hunt for qualification.

Group 5                                 Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Savojarna 7 5 1 1 13 6 +7 16
2 Netop 7 4 1 2 19 16 +3 13
3 Saint-Domingue 7 4 0 3 18 12 +6 12
4 Sharktail 7 4 0 3 14 13 +1 12
5 Zwangzug 7 3 2 2 12 9 +3 11
6 Ancherion 7 3 2 2 19 16 +3 11
7 Abanhfleft 7 3 2 2 12 9 +3 11
8 Chartistan 7 2 1 4 8 12 −4 7
9 Koniglich Wasserstein 7 1 2 4 12 20 −8 5
10 Hafamarimet 7 0 1 6 7 21 −14 1

The win puts us into 2nd place just behind pot two team Savojarna who are three points clear. In third is the team we just beat who have been a real surprise from pot seven so far, and behind them are Sharktail who despite a horrid start have rebounded nicely. Next up for us is the red hot Sharktail team and a win or a draw in that match is really what we are looking for.
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Postby Krytenia » Tue Jan 19, 2021 4:03 pm


Piff Paff Poaf
By Rami Niblick in Avidia

IT might be speaking too soon, or tempting fate, but the Dragons are breathing some serious fire in Group Seven at last. Poafmersia came to the New City Stadium on top of the table; they left with their tail between their legs as Krytenia notched up a third convincing victory in a row.

The Red Panjias turned up full of confidence, having won all six of their previous qualifiers; their fans, meanwhile, turned up full in voice, with the nine thousand or so visiting fans giving the notoriously loud Cyan Army a run for their money. With both sides very much proponents of a positive and attacking style of play, it was almost a given that goals would be on the cards, and so it proved. Indeed, the deadlock was lucky to survive the first minute, as the visitors kicked off and immediately pressed forward, stringing passes together and eventually set off Aubrey Meyer, whose shot forced an excellent save from Damien Carpenter. The frenetic pace set the tone for the first half, with breathtaking end-to-end football and chances for both sides. The story of the game, though, would be the difference between the two teams' ability to actually take those chances.

Krytenia were the first to turn chances into a goal, doing so on twenty-one minutes, albeit aided and abetted by a somewhat clumsy foul from Poafmersian defender Mitchel Rosales. Joe Bielsa whipped the free-kick into the box, where Joey Sinton met it with a bullet header that the visiting 'keeper had zero chance of saving. At the other end, Carpenter remained busy if not necessarily stretched as Sinton and Ross Green reduced their opponents to half-chances, with the clearest cut being a shot from Makana Tuft, which beat the Krytenian custodian but flashed wide.

The home side, despite the pressure put on them by their opponents, continued to push for a second goal before half-time, and were duly rewarded for their efforts. This time, it was Cormac O'Neill turning provider, spraying the ball out to Curtis Sunday, who turned inside his marker before smashing the ball past the outstretched hands of Sandi Jaliaha and into the top corner. Even after the goal, though, Poafmersia were still determined to make life as uncomfortable as possible for the Dragons. They were unfortunate not to pull one back before the break, with Meyer cracking a beautiful volley against the post before the ball was cleared by a relieved Green.

If you thought the second half would see the pace of the game, you thought wrong. Poafmersia weren't willing to let up the pace; the problem for them was too many chances either off target or hit too close to Carpenter. Krytenia, meanwhile, were being somewhat more clinical, as they proved when an excellent passing move culminated in Neil Smith's cutback from the bye-line being met by Alun Belmwr for a tap-in.

Poafmersia, to their credit, never dropped their heads, and Meyer finally got the goal she deserved. With Marcus Bellamy conceding a somewhat cheap corner, the Trimidau Rukiya striker ghosted in at the neat post to nod home and make life uncomfortable for the home side. Things got even more squeaky for Krytenia a few minutes later, with the Red Panjias adding a second from a well-struck free-kick which gave Meyer more cause for celebration.

With the game so tightly poised, it would take a moment of genius to turn the tide. Enter everyone's favourite Druidan. Bielsa's lofted pass found Belmwr with his back to goal and Hollis Stephenson in close attention behind. The Mercia striker flicked the ball over Stephenson's head, turned at speed, and volleyed the ball past Jaliaha. The strike finally seemed to break the visitors' resolve, and Neil Smith's stoppage time strike added to the Dragons' goal difference and was, perhaps, a little harsh on Poafmersia.

The result well and truly puts the cat amongst the pigeons at the top of the group, allowing Farfadillis to go top by a single point. It also leaves the Dragons just five points from a potential play-off place, albeit with the SRS acting as a spoiler in third spot. Next up for Krytenia is a double-header that brings the first half of qualifying to a close. West Zirconia are first up, and have only won one of their seven matches in qualifying so far; underestimate them at their peril. That's followed by a home match against Gyatso-kai that the men in sky blue know they need to win to keep their qualifying campaign on track. Onward!

Sinton 21
Sunday 36
Belmwr 59, 86
Smith 90+1

Meyer 70, 74
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Postby South Newlandia » Tue Jan 19, 2021 4:06 pm

Opinion: Elephants can’t get the ball in the net

Not like this, guys
Guys, I don’t know what to do anymore. You have to get the ball in the net. This is slightly embarrassing, honestly. We won’t get anywhere on six goals, the coach out of ideas. How come the changes always work for a bit and then they don’t? The Valladares game was really good, but losing two to nothing at The Gothanita Isles? C’mon, I know playing in that region isn’t fun but we’ve beaten much better teams in AO. Beating Regmotto one to nothing at home isn’t something to be proud of, either. Guys, I know you’re better than this. Can we finish the first half of the qualifiers on a decent note? I guess, on the plus side, the defense is stepping up. This defensive line, even with Gurero benched at the moment, is looking strong. In my opinion, Wolverine made a mistake when he subbed Sloah off in the second half to get a third striker out there. Still no power for the offense, and suddenly, the defense was leaky. Here’s what we should do: Run full defensive monster team. No more strikers. We’re going to focus on what we’re good at, and keep the ball out of both nets at least. Here’s how that might look like:

This is absolutely fool-proof. I wanted to see more of this Walter guy anyway, and not playing Gurero should be a criminal offense. Do I need to explain why I want McMora back? He’s a Walstreim Lion. Also the second-in-line for captain on this team. You better get him back out on the field. Young had, what two good games? McMora has had like 50. This should be a no-brainer. With seven players plus goalkeeper ready to protect the net, this literally cannot go wrong. Certainly no issues with this lineup, anyone loves the ultra-defensive teams anyway. Just punt it upfield literally all the time and let Irving, a South Newlandian hero and legend that you also should bench, sort things out. I have nothing more to say. Get it together, Elephants, I want me some points.

(It should go without saying that this is a non-serious blog-post and that this is not the team that will be fielded.)
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Postby Kandorith » Tue Jan 19, 2021 4:09 pm


Shinonome Kyoai - International

Hayabusa, the rise and fall of a legend
Disgruntled members of the KFA, minister of sports, and the current performance lead to the unthinkable.
By Natsumi Miyasaki
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Ken Hayabusa leaving the field in disappointment

TENKYO, KANYORI — As snow slowly floated towards the busy city centre of the Tenkyo metropolitan area, there was a gloomy atmosphere in the air. After multiple disappointments during the World Cup qualification campaign, which have been perceived as failures, manager Ken Hayabusa arrived for a second time to attend an emergency KFA meeting. The meeting started in the early hours of the day and did not end until the city slowly closed down. During a World Cup campaign, the streets of Tenkyo are busy, crowded and filled with celebrating fans who are mostly happy their team is participating in an attempt to qualify. Something changed in the past years. Kandorith had fought the rankings and started to become a real power in international football and all under the capable leadership of Ken Hayabusa, the legendary coach of the Lotus Warriors who, after today, step down as the longest serving manager of the Kandorese national football team. The man himself has an almost legendary status to the Kandorese football fans, but the answer to who exactly is Ken Hayabusa remains vague.

The young Ken grew up in an impoverished area of the Ginza metropolitan area in the south-western parts of the Kandorese Empire. Born into a family of four with two loving parents who would be the source of his love for sports in general. His father was a salaryman who worked hard for the Hiyashi corporation in Tenkyo; which meant he mostly spend his weekdays away from the family home. His mother was a well-known high-school badminton champion but she dropped pursuing her dream of becoming an international player for Kandorith to start and raise a family together with Naoki Hayabusa. Ken would come into contact with football while he was attending primary school and loved playing football every possible moment of the day. Meanwhile at home, his father urged him to study hard and work for a future in the booming business world of the young Empire. Football during the early days of the Empire was an obscure sport, not practised by many and would not even have an official football association until the late 1980's.

His father's words would however, fall on deaf ears. Even when attending high school, the young Hayabusa would pursue his dream of playing football and sworn to everyone he know he'd make it big in the footballing world and for the Kandorese Empire in general and this attitude would be rewarded after graduating. After he graduated an offer came his way. Ken Hayabusa was asked to try-out for Ginza Frontale, a newly established football formation which would later become Ginza Victory when it entered the First Division. Ken's parents fully supported the man's dreams to play for Ginza Frontale and he spent two seasons playing there after which he eventually quit himself. Hayabusa was quickly to judge himself unable to be a great player on the field and even said to his coach that he would be unable to be as good of a player as the rest of the team. His official reason for leaving was: "the weakest link in the team".

Unbeknown this decision would be the start of his legendary status in Kandorith. Hayabusa would not let go of his love for the beautiful game, after a few weeks he applied to become part of the coaching staff in the youth division of Ginza Frontale and would pass the application without any major problems. During his period as youth coach, some problems started to arise, Hayabusa was deemed too ambitious and too critical of his players and was invited to talk with the director of football at the club. Fearing for his job, Hayabusa already apologized as he came in and swore he would calm down his efforts. Football director Tatsuya Eguchi however would offer him a new job; a chance to become manager of the first time of Ginza Frontale. Hayabusa took the job and would become a name carved in stone. Under the leadership of Hayabusa the club would be crowned champion multiple times and eventually was promoted to the First Division, where Ginza Frontale fuzed with other teams from Ginza and formed the modern day club: Ginza Victory.

After promoting to the First Division, Hayabusa would leave Frontale however. He was assured he had taught both the senior and youth team all he could and decided it was time for another adventure: Imakazawa Ravens. Hayabusa would be the youngest manager at Imakazawa Ravens, but immediately made an impact. The team which was candidate for instant relegation was lifted from the last position into a twelfth place at the end of the season. According to the club, Hayabusa was a "gift from the gods". He would stay with this club until the KFA decided to offer him a position to coach the Kandorese national team after Moriyase decided to step down after failing to qualify for World Cup 84. Hayabusa would take on the position and was thrown into the highly competitive Cup of Harmony 76, where his role would be an outstanding one. Kandorith would get to the quarter-finals for the first time and even the crushing defeat would still feel as a victory. The next years would be tough for Hayabusa's Kandorith; never ending injury woes and infighting of the KFA would once again put Kandorith out of qualification territory. All hope was now fixed on the Cup of Harmony once again. Kandorith would not be impressive as the campaign started, but surely the team would become favourites or even rivals as they chugged through the tournament sometimes only winning by one goal. In the end, scoring one goal more than the opponent is all that is needed. The fans wanted to reach the quarter-finals once again, after all that would be the height of Kandorese football.

Hayabusa broke his previous expectation, Kandorith would be crowned champion in an awe-inspiring match that ended in a five to one scoreline, an absolute slaughter, even for the Cup of Harmony. The Kandorese fans still were having trouble perceiving the fact they had even gotten to the finals and after the first goals they were even starting to doubt their own sanity, but Hayabusa did what he always says he does; improve and build. The next World Cup qualification campaign would be a spectacle too. With the experience of the Cup of Harmony win, Kandorith would finally qualify once again for a World Cup. Although the World Cup dreams would be crushed quite quickly as they stranded in the group phase once again, but the cheerful Kandorese were happy that their team had made it once again. That brings us to the modern day; the Kandorese team heavily under performing and looking nowhere near what they should put on the field.

"Today the dreaded day has come." Hayabusa said to the press. "After reviewing the last matches and speaking to the KFA, I have decided with great pain in my heart, to step down as manager of the Kandorese national football team. I think I can no longer fulfil my duties as I could in the previous campaigns and obviously not only the KFA are sick and tired of bad results. I think that is why I have decided to step down instead of waiting to be fired in the run of the campaign. To save face for not just me but the team I put so much pride and faith in. The team will go on with a man who is more capable than I could ever be, with more experience and a completely different vision and I hope he can pick up the pieces I have left behind.

"From my heart I honestly want to thank the entire nation, the Empress herself, for putting your trust in me and I want to tell you it was an absolute honour to serve the nation as the manager of the most beautiful football team in the world."

Hayabusa's short press conference was concluded with a tearful Hayabusa bowing and leaving the building as he was hugged by the senior staff and stepped into his car to leave for home. Rumour already has it this will not be the end of his managing career, as lots of domestic clubs will surely be interested in having him as their manager, after all his status and results are not a legend after all. Hayabusa's replacement for the coming matches will be Akira Watanabe; an absolute veteran when it comes to managing football. Watanabe has been in charge of the largest and most successful teams in Kandorith. Some of those are Higashu Frontale, FC Tenkyo and Hayazawa Vissel. Under Watanabe's leadership the team will take a different approach he already mentioned as he thinks some critical changes are needed to be successful as a team.

Group 9                                 Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 South Covello 7 6 1 0 17 4 +13 19
2 Indusse 7 5 1 1 19 11 +8 16
Nephara 7 5 1 1 17 9 +8 16
4 Græntfjall 7 4 1 2 10 5 +5 13
5 Kandorith 7 3 3 1 10 9 +1 12
6 Baggieland 7 3 1 3 17 14 +3 10
7 Pluvia and the Saxean Isles 7 2 0 5 13 19 −6 6
8 Garbelia 7 1 1 5 12 24 −12 4
9 Sett Forest 7 0 2 5 7 16 −9 2
10 Quemorr Isles 7 0 1 6 7 18 −11 1
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V. Another paper in the desk

Postby Balqia » Tue Jan 19, 2021 4:15 pm

As the sky became darker and darker the office became more and more silent. Markus always stood in his office, buried in sheets of paper and documents from the entire country and abroad. His predecessors didn’t took the job as serious as him, but Markus didn’t knew that. For him the Ministry was the peak of a mountain, the highest place someone could climb without being burned by the heat of the state.
His secretary waked him. She was wearing her trench-coat and boots, just making sure he was okay before leaving.
— You should go home, boss. — She said with a sweet voice. — Most of these are just things you already know.
— No… I… I must make sure we are alright.
He answered, still half asleep. It took a sip of cold coffee to wake him up properly.
— Of course, but you would do it better if you actually went home and took a shower.
She said already in his office’s door. Markus spent the last days in that little room, only leaving to hoard some food or go to the bathroom.
— I will… as soon as I finish this report by Seroviq.
He lied. Not about the document, of course, but about going home.
— Okay, bye!
She said, waving her hand to him and disappearing in the dark corridor.
After making sure that she left the building, Markus returned to his guilty pleasure: reading reports by his subordinates. It’s an odd habit, sure, but Markus took some pleasure in it. Thinking that he could actually do something relevant in the big picture made him smile and congratulate himself for being actually helping the world. And being able to order people around satisfied his evil side too, but let’s ignore that and focus on the report.
“The matches went better than expected. “ It began, in black roundish letters. “Topolin is increasingly aggressive, I spoke with him about it, but in his head he is ‘the star of the Team’. Really disappointing, but at least Kesgailus is professional enough to listen to me. The mid-fielders are starting to focus on defense, as ordered after the lost matches. Zanos is starting to actually grab the balls during training, but when he is in the match he just goes back to punch them. After a serious talk he told me that grabbing them is hurting his wrists, so he prefers to punch, I ordered him to stop, but the result will only be shown in the next match.
“As for the match against Vilita, it was a really close call. I tried to make them start attacking in the second half, but the morale sunk too quickly. The manager and the Vice told me to try and ‘create a fun environment where everyone has a personal space and feels safe’, to me this is foreign gibberish. Just shouting some incentives worked with the boys back in the day and should work with a professional team in the Cup.
“That’s it for the Team. I was expecting a victory against Khytonya, but in the end their defense was better than I expected. I hope we do better next match, but my hopes for this Cup are the same for my life: they get darker every second passed in this cruel world.”
Markus smiled and put it in the “read” pile, grabbing the next sheet of papers from the smaller “to read”. His hand suddenly stopped, his head turned around and he contemplated the dark night over Orsav, with it’s lights and trees, with the streets still crowded with people going home or getting out with friends. Maybe he should be with them, go home, watch a movie, sleep in a warm bed after eating some home-made food with… with no one. His apartment, big as it was expected from a high-ranking officer, was empty. It’s vastness only helped to make him feel alone.
He sighed, grabbing the next sheet of paper and starting to read, waving away those unproductive thoughts.
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Postby Wrecker » Tue Jan 19, 2021 4:19 pm

The Lower House, Government House of Wreckeria, Halsted
A day before World Cup 87 Qualifying Match 7: Wreckeria v. Icecliff
While fans all across Wreckeria were getting excited for the next match of qualifying for World Cup 87, there was a storm brewing in the Lower House of the Wreckerian parliament, as the fallout from Arnold Martin’s meeting with different elected officials continued to boil over. In that meeting, Arnold, having remembered comments from a man who stood watch over a bombed-out neighborhood in Halsted, expressed the man’s frustrations to members of the True Wreckerians.

And the True Wreckerians felt singled out by the comments. Ever since the meeting, Danny Doyle and Cassandra Newstead, who were there, expressed their concerns with party members, both rank and file members and party leaders. Their response was, unanimously, negative. They hated the fact that Arnold had focused on something they had done in their past while they were trying to work together to better Wreckeria with the Party of Pride. They also felt that Arnold couldn’t possibly be fair with him focusing on what had happened in the past.

And on this day in the Lower House, True Wreckerians were speaking, one by one, demanding a change in the Wreckerian government. Some of the more moderate members of the party were keeping quiet, feeling that if this was going to go wrong, there was nothing to be gained by hitching their wagon to an uprising led by some of the more right-wing members of the uprising, led by right-wing True Wreckerian whip Sally Fortune.

And she was incensed, even more so than usual.

“It comes as no surprise to any of us that actually think about it that Arnold Martin, this neutral Solomonic figure, would show his true colors behind closed doors,” Fortune said. “When the cameras are off, when no members of the media are around to make him look good, his true self comes out. President Arnold Martin, this impartial Solomonic figure that everyone said would help us all out after the war, that’s a load of crap. He tricked two of our party members into a meeting and then tried to make them out to be terrorists. I say to you, my fellow True Wreckerians and my fellow Wreckerians all over, that this crap ends NOW!”

And once again, Fortune called for Arnold’s resignation, a call that was likely to go unheeded.

“It just goes to show you all that this concept of a coalition government is crap,” Fortune spat out. “I don’t see the Party of Pride being called on the carpet for their crimes. And in spite of what they’ll tell you and what the lying Wreckerian media will tell you, their crimes are far worse than anything we could have possibly done during those 54 years of fighting that we did and we’re trying to get away from. We can’t move forward if we’re getting yelled at for things that happened in the past. So if President Martin can’t move forward, maybe he needs to step aside.”

Other members of parliament expressed similar demands. But nobody was wanting to go any further than demand a resignation. For now. All they wanted was for Arnold Martin to step aside, as they felt he could no longer call himself an impartial figure that could get the best from both parties.

Meanwhile, Arnold was reading a variety of briefs in his office. The meeting of Lower House was playing in the background in his office. Probably not the healthiest thing in the world to listen to people talk about how terrible you are while you do work, but elected officials were weird. As he was reading some of the briefs, including potential security risks, things going on in Hapilopper and elsewhere in Atlantian Oceania, an advisor came in the room.

Travis Unser, a security advisor tasked with watching insurgents from the True Wreckerians, came in and spotted the television, where True Wreckerian party members were calling for President Martin’s head. He reached for a remote control and motioned to turn the television off.

“Keep that on,” Arnold spat out. “I want to listen to what’s going on.”

“But how can you listen to that?” Unser asked. “I mean, they’re saying some nasty things about you!”

“Still better I know what they’re saying,” Arnold responded. “This job was never going to be easy. You’re going to piss someone off regardless of what you do. If you can’t take it, you shouldn’t do it. As long as they’re just shooting their mouths off and not shooting missiles, I really don’t care what they say. I’m not going anywhere.”

“Fair point,” Unser replied.

“That said, are they?” Arnold asked, staring a hole through his advisor.

“Not right now,” Unser stated. “But I can’t say they won’t. I want you to look at this.”

Unser handed Arnold a few documents indicating some activity at a True Wreckerian military installation.

“These are satellite photos we received from our friends in the Hapiloppian government,” Unser replied. “They said they’re worried that the True Wreckerians are planning to demonstrate some kind of show of strength sometime in the future, as a call for you to resign, or a call for Atlantian Oceania to respect its might.”

Arnold looked at the documents and studied them closely, while in the background, a far-right True Wreckerian parliament member could be heard stammering about “looking strong in the face of adversity.” It looked like the True Wreckerians were likely going to launch a missile of some sort in the next couple of weeks, most likely as a test.

“What’s your confidence in this missile test happening?” Arnold asked.

“Not 100, but rather high,” Unser replied cautiously. “We can’t say for sure that they’re going to aim at any population centers, or if they’re going to aim it at a body of water. All we know is that they’re planning something and have been since that meeting you guys had.”

“So, like a dead man’s switch then,” Arnold responded. “Timeframe?”

“Within the next two weeks.”

“OK, that’s great. I want updates every day from you and I want to hear more from your source in Hapilopper, make sure they’re not getting targeted either,” Arnold said. “I want them to know that I’ve got their back. I want you to update me every single day on anything new you see from this area or any other areas that might look suspicious. Troop movements, missile site preparations, whatever. If you have it, I want it.”

“10-4, Mr. President,” Unser replied, understanding his marching orders before leaving the room. As he left the room, Arnold reached for his phone to call General Todd Nowell, head of the Wreckerian Army, to ask about any countermeasures the Wreckerian Army could take to intercept such a missile launch.

Gen. Nowell informed Arnold that he would have an answer for him in the next day.
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Postby Mytanija » Tue Jan 19, 2021 4:22 pm



by Nevenka Planinc

Tahir Fejzuli has completed a deadline day move to Farf giants Mâ Âlâmëómë for an undisclosed fee. This is the second occasion the national team midfielder will have played overseas following his spell at Sabrefell Moths, where the high point of a mixed spell was his winning goal in the final UICA Champions’ Cup final against Brenecian side Northern Union. Fejzuli had an inconsistent season back in Mytanija with Atletik Thessia last season as they were pipped to the Top League title by local rivals Olympic. Fejzuli’s itinerant career is perhaps no surprise given his obvious technical ability and the fact the wages in other nations are much higher than are currently available in the Top League. Atletik started a bidding war once the original offer was made by Mâ Âlâmëómë, prompting bids from clubs as far and wide as Tikariot’s Dhun Lagarr, Havynwilde champions Avante Leipreachán and Eastfield Lodge’s Nile Bridge. Various bids were accepted but Fejzuli elected to move to Farfadillis in the end.

It is understood that the fee Mâ Âlâmëómë paid Atletik was more than enough to cover the MC 7.5 million fee that they paid to Crvena Zvezda for Jezdimir Ocokoljic earlier this summer. Fejzuli’s departure is a move that Atletik had hoped they would be able to delay by a year as they look to return to the top of domestic football in the upcoming 28/29 season. Fejzuli was seen as central to their plans to wrest the title back from Olympic Thessia, but given the big move in bringing Mytanija’s top star Jezdimir Ocokoljic to the Novi Atletskistadion the club’s hierarchy saw the benefit in moving the 28 year old Fejzuli on. It is a transfer which could see Jasno Odonelec playing in a deeper position to the attacking midfield role he has performed so well in over the past few years, but it’s something he has done before when he played for Clichy-sous-Bois in Prahecq. Early signs point towards a midfield trio of Branko Brkljacic, Miodrag Andrijasevic and Jasno Odonelec; by no means underpowered by the current standards of the Top League.

Following the disappointment of last season and the subsequent sacking of Adem Fejzic, club legend Robin Hjik has taken the helm as Atletik try to reclaim what they see as their rightful place at the pinnacle of Mytanar football. Hjik had been highly effusive in his praise of Fejzuli’s ability when he gave his first press conference as manager saying that ‘there are few players in the Top League with [Fejzuli’s] ability on-the-ball’. Sources close to the club have reported that whilst disappointed with Fejzuli’s departure Hjik is very pleased that it will create space in the starting line-up for some of the talented young players they have coming through such as Zijad Kurtcehajic and Mehir Altikulac as well as his son Neven Hjik and Damien Gannot (son of Atletik icon Alex Gannot). We may well see a change of formation away from the 4-4-2 diamond/4-3-1-2 that was employed during Fejzic’s final season managing the club, with sources saying Hjik sees a forward-thinking 4-3-3 as this team’s best formation and one which should get them playing the attacking football the Atletik supporters have come to expect.

The main Atletik ultras group, the Kippax Ofras, don’t quite hold Fejzuli in the same regard as some of the club’s other, more prominent legends but were quick to release a statement thanking the midfielder for his services to the club. They noted his outstanding contributions to their 26/27 title win during his first spell at the club (the only trophy he actually won in his two spells with Atletik), as well as his ongoing efforts with the national team where he is on the verge of his 70th cap. Nobody would be surprised to see him top the 100 cap mark with the national team by the end of his career. That would be an achievement which would take him into rarefied air in terms of all-time best Mytanar central midfielders with only Robin Hjik (182 caps, 73 goals); and Dobroslav Stojanovic (164 caps, 47 goals) hitting that mark in the past. Fejzuli is a different player to those two, less box-to-box and all-action and more delicate and creative instead. He’s undoubtedly the best Mytanar central midfielder of this modern era and he has been a key part in 3rd and 4th place finishes at Copa Rushmori 32 and the more general resurgence of the national side following its ban from international competitions.

He joins a Mâ Âlâmëómë side who are rebuilding in a similar way to Atletik, lôs Vhêrdês are starting from a much lower position than Atletik though as they finished a rather shocking 11th place in the inaugural season of the new-fangled Shango-Fogoa Premier League between clubs from Farfadillis, Banija and the Busoga Islands. That left them way out of international competitions contention and they will be looking to battle straight back into the upper echelons of that league next season, the addition of Fejzuli – as well as that of Brenecians Corann Ghillis and Cheney Deal – is a big move towards doing that for a club which won 14 domestic titles in Farfadillis as well as 3 Atlantian Oceania Champions’ Leagues. Fejzuli’s international pedigree – including that winning goal in the final ever UICA Champions’ Cup prior to the switch over to the IFCF system – should help them on their route back to the top.

Rejected bids

This window saw a renewed interest in some of Mytanija’s most high-profile players, the biggest offer of note was a huge undisclosed bid for Jezdimir Ocokoljic from Nepharim side AFC Treason as they looked to build on their 7th place finish last term. Atletik were understood to be very firm in rejecting that bid for two reasons, namely that they had just signed him from Crvena Zvezda for MC 7.5 million and their supporters were expecting to see him pull on the famous sky blue shirt for at least a season; and that they couldn’t lose both Fejzuli and Ocokoljic in the same window. Atletik are known to be extremely optimistic about the current group of youngsters they have coming through at the club though and a source has indicated that they may be open to bids in the future dependent on how quickly some of those young players begin to deliver on their undoubted potential. It is unknown whether Ocokoljic would have been receptive to a return to Nephara, but he is known to be looking forward to be playing for Atletik so it may have been a case of right move at the wrong time for him as well as the club.

There were also bids for two of Mytanija’s brightest young prospects in the form of CDSA’s Dejan Zgela and Energija-Nuklearna’s Maks Shishkin from Farf outfit Rülândéá Kôstä and Taeshani side Fadron Flight respectively. In both those cases it was agreed between player and club that they felt it a little bit too early a stage in their development to move overseas – particularly given Shishkin’s previous ill-fated move to Energia Chernovets in Siovanija and Teusland – although CDSA manager Slavko Jelic has been on record as saying that Zgela will be allowed to move when the time is right and it is expected the attitude of Vasya Kanadin will be the exact same for Shishkin at Energija-Nuklearna.

There is a general realisation within Mytanar football that there isn’t the money to keep players in the Top League when they are in the best years of their careers, despite the obvious quality of the domestic game and the players it is able to produce. This does mean that players will be kept whilst still developing, when both club and player believe they are best served staying in the domestic game where they can cut their teeth, but that there will be some high-profile departures in the coming seasons. The wages on offer in the Mytanar Top League pale in comparison to those available in the leagues which occupy the top 15 spots in the IFCF coefficients and it could lead to a scenario where the Top League – even when its position improves in the coefficients – becomes an elite finishing school for top-class players from Mytanija and other nations before they move on to chase the money, bright lights and endorsement deals available elsewhere.

It’s a future which doesn’t sound that great on paper. Every nation wants to be able to showcase their best players in their domestic league and have the best players from other countries in its league too. However the culture of Mytanar football, constantly opposed to the over-commercialisation of the sport, means that supporters seem relatively content with the idea – particularly if it allows the production line of young talent for the national team to keep rolling unhindered. If that stalls at any point it will be interesting to see how much opinions change on the matter, but expect more moves from Mytanar clubs around the multiverse in future transfer windows.

Goalkeepers: 1. Pedja Kasun (Ararat Severyan), 12. Lazar Obradovic (Liria Prizren), 23. Zafer Muminovic (Tekstil Ibon)
Defenders: 2. Srdan Vukovic (1896 Ebor), 3. Mojmir Anac (Olympic Thessia), 4. Kamil Jernejec (Olympic Thessia), 5. Petr Isaev (Crvena Zvezda); 25. Patrik Odonelec (Atletik Thessia), 27. Osman Muhic (Liria Prizren), 15. Grigorij Savicevic (Atletik Thessia), 16. Branko Nikolov (Liria Prizren)
Midfielders: 6. Alen Hrdaljko (CDSA), 7. Tahir Fejzuli (Mâ Âlâmëómë [FFD]), 8. Dalibor Vlahovic (Ararat Severyan), 10. Jasno Odonelec (Atletik Thessia), 11. Boris Kalinic (Workers Union [EUR]); 29. Predrag Vukomanovic (Energija-Nuklearna), 18. Vilim Kupresak (Olympic Thessia), 33. Sefir Ajanovic (Stade Yvelines [PRH]), 19. Brajko Gavrilovic (1896 Ebor), 20. Maks Shishkin (Energija-Nuklearna), 36. Kemal Gajic (Arka Snezhnaya)
Forwards: 9. Jezdimir Ocokoljic (Atletik Thessia); 21. Zlatan Andrijasevic (Atletik Thessia); 40. Dejan Zgela (CDSA)
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Football’s Heartbeat – Special series: Đại Hòa 1500 – Episode 4
MBC1 channel
Wednesday, 6pm

*Program starts with a scene of celebration by a group of Mavinese fans outside the Thăng Long Stadium after the match against Arklanda. Thousands of people are streaming out across the gates of the stadium. Chants, flags and people jumping up and down with their arms over each other shoulders.*

Thăng Long Stadium, Đại Hòa

Good evening viewers, and welcome back to another episode of Football’s Heartbeat. I am Tô Hoàng Linh, and today we are visiting probably the most popular place for Mavinese football fans in recent years: Thăng Long Stadium, the home ground of the Mavinese national football team. We decided to make this episode on the day our national team play a match in their World Cup qualifying campaign. As you can see right now, the match against Arklanda has just finished, and there are a lot of Mavinese fans outside celebrating a 3-1 victory and the third consecutive win in the World Cup 87 qualifying campaign. Let’s quickly talk to a few of them.

*Hoàng Linh approaches a group of Mavinese fans in national team jerseys chanting and blowing their plastic trumpets.*

Hoàng Linh: “Hi guys. We are from MBC1’s Football’s Heartbeat program, and it looks like everyone is in a good mood. How do you feel about the result just now?”

Fan: “It’s a great win. We are very happy. And more important is WE ARE TOP OF THE GROUP!!” The other fans around him start cheering and blowing the trumpets again. “I don’t know how long that is gonna last, but it’s looking really good. Mavinet are getting better every year. I think we are going to qualify for the World Cup soon, maybe next year. Yeah.”

The other fan: “It’s this World Cup, I tell you. We are gonna beat Chromatika and Drawkland, easy!”

Fan: “Oh shut it. Be optimistic, don’t be crazy. We haven’t even played them before.”

Hoàng Linh: “That’s alright. There is nothing wrong wi–“

The other fan: “You wanna bet? If we don’t qualify this year I’m gonna…gonna…”

Fan: “What you gonna do?”

The other fan: “I’m gonna run around Bạch Điểu Lake naked…”

Fan: “Alright, alright, you said it, yeah. We got you on camera idiot…”

Hoàng Linh: “Thanks for the talk guys. Enjoy your celebration!” The host waves awkwardly at the group of fans, who have already turned to teasing the bold guy, before walking away from them. “That was… interesting. As you see, Mavinese fans are pretty crazy about football and the national team. The focal point for all of that craziness is here, Thăng Long Stadium, where every home games of the national football team is played. The stadium was initially built in the 1999 as a multi-purpose stadium for various sport clubs around the capital. From 2006, it was leased out to TelcomMavi FC as their home ground. The military-owned team played at the stadium for about 10 years and in 2016, they moved to the new TelcomMavi Stadium. Thăng Long Stadium was then brought back into the management of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and was designated as the home ground for the national football team. The original capacity for the stadium was 40,000 seats, but after the national team officially participated in the World Cup Committee’s competitions in 2020, the stadium was renovated to a capacity of 50,000 seats. Equipment and facilities within the stadium were added or upgraded as well to meet the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s Stadium Class 3 category.”

“So today will be a little bit different. We are not going to meet a single person, nor are we going to going to a particular aesthetic location here. Instead, we are heading right into the heart of football in the stadium. After all, our mission is to listen to Football’s Heartbeat, isn’t it? There is no other place where you can hear it louder and clearer than the dressing room of the national team. That’s where we are going right now.”

*Hoàng Linh moves through the ticket gate with a special card given to him by the stadium’s management ahead of the program’s filming. The crew walk past groups of jubilant fans and busy employees in the lobby, meet with a security person before being walked through several hallways and doors to finally arrive at the dressing room area, where cheers and laugh can heard coming from inside the home team’s room.*

Hoàng Linh: “Here we are. This is the national team’s dressing room. Usually no one else aside the teams, staff members and authorized media personnel are allowed here, but we were given a special permission to access this area after the match. Sounds like there is a celebration going on in there as well. Let’s move inside.”

*As Hoàng Linh and the camera crew open the door to the dressing room, the players greet them with a loud cheer: “Happy Đại Hòa 1500!” that catches the crew by surprise.*

Hoàng Linh: “Wow… I was caught off-guard. Good evening everyone! Thank you for the greeting. It’s really nice to see everyone here all prepared for my entrance. How is everyone feeling?”

Goalkeeper and captain Nguyễn Hoàng Trung: “It’s our pleasure to welcome Mr. Hoàng Linh and Football’s Heartbeat here today as well. We learned that there will be a special guest today coming to meet with the team at the stadium so we prepared a little greeting for you. It’s even better now after we got a good result. Everyone is feeling very happy.”

Hoàng Linh: “Fantastic. I’m sure the viewers are very familiar with everyone here, but for the sake of clarity, let’s have a round of short introduction.”

*The players, one by one, introduce their names, age and playing position. The players playfully make buildup sound as a player does his introduction, then cheer and clap when he finishes.*

Hoàng Linh: “Thank you everyone. Dear viewers, stay tuned as we take a short break. We will return to Thăng Long Stadium to talk to the players of national team in Football’s Heartbeat.”

*Commercial break*

Hoàng Linh: “Welcome back viewers. We return to Thăng Long Stadium’s dressing room where the national team players are celebrating a resounding 3-1 victory against Arklanda in their World Cup qualifying campaign. It is the third consecutive victory since we started the campaign with a 2-1 win against United States of Devonta, and Mavinet currently lead the group with 9 points. Team, congratulations on the win. With this result, how do you rate the chance of Mavinet making it to the final tournament this time?”

Goalkeeper Hoàng Trung: “As much as I am happy about the result, I don’t want to make any prediction at this point. It’s still very early and we have yet to face the toughest opponents in the group. That is not to say matches like these with lower-ranked teams are sure wins. In fact, everyone has to put extra effort into these matches because we can’t afford to be complacent. Every point we get will be crucial in deciding the final position. To see the wins give us the pole position is particularly pleasing, because we all know Chromatika and Drawkland are the favorites to get the top 2 spots. These early matches give us the chance to establish an advantage before meeting them.”

Midfielder Trần Hoàng Minh: “I agree with the captain and I think everyone is being realistic with the goal of qualifying this cycle. We all want to make it to the final tournament, but there are still a lot of games to play.”

Hoàng Linh: “I understand. It’s not an understatement to say, though, that the way Mavinet have been performing in the past three games really gave fans something to be hopeful about. It seems that after exceeding expectations in the last World Cup qualifying campaign, the team have played with more confidence and stronger intention?”

Goalkeeper Hoàng Trung: “We do feel more confident in our abilities to get good results. I think the feeling has been there even before the last World Cup qualifying campaign, but the results last time really consolidated the beliefs in everyone, the belief that if we play to the best our abilities, we can face any team.”

Winger Hồ Vũ Thanh Hoàng: “I want to add that tactically we have improved as well. This is something I want to credit the coaches, especially Head Coach Minh Quân, for. The tactical instructions and requirements have increased a lot since our early tournaments, and that helps us play in a way that is more flexible against various styles of football.”

Hoàng Linh: “Alright. Now, because our program is dedicated to the 1500th anniversary of the capital, I want to ask about your experience about football in Đại Hòa, whether at club level or at the national level. Do you want to start, Mr. Hoàng Trung?”

Goalkeeper Hoàng Trung: “Sure. I’m playing for LoKa Trung Sơn at the capital, so for me I get to experience football here daily. I have to say the enthusiasm of the fans in the capital is among the top in the country. It’s easy to understand because it is the biggest city, but it is not just about number. The spirit that fans in the capital express is really impressive.”

Midfielder Bùi Thế Hiển: “As someone born and play football in Phúc Châu, I can say away games in Đại Hòa are usually very difficult because on top of the quality of the clubs there, the fans, like Hoàng Trung said, are very passionate. People may not feel much watching through TV, but when you play in an stadium with thousands of people cheering for the opposition, it almost like you have face a tsunami every time the home team attack. That makes it sweeter when we win though, so I guess there is a good side to that.”

Forward Võ Thanh Hải: “Yeah exactly. Football in Đại Hòa is special probably because of the robust and diverse fan communities. Because the city is larger than other cities, there are people from all walks of life supporting different clubs. Each club has their own passionate fanbase who create and develop their identity through activities on the stand, chants, colors, sounds, things like that. So football in the Đại Hòa brings a lot of diversity to the stands. I’m sure other cities have their diversity as well, but the capital has to be the number 1 in terms of that.”

Hoàng Linh: “Really nice answers, everyone. Alright, I now have a series of superlative questions that will help me and the viewers know a bit more about the national team players. Anyone can answer the question, and feel free to answer differently if you think there is someone more fitting. Are you ready?”

All: “Let’s go.”

Hoàng Linh: “OK. Best sense of humor?”

Center back Hà Văn Thao: “Vũ Tiến Linh. He is the joker of the team. Don't be fooled by his shy appearance.”

Midfielder Lâm Trí Thông: “Agree, Tiến Linh for sure.”

Hoàng Linh: “Best fashion?”

Goalkeeper Hoàng Trung: “I think…Trịnh Hoài Linh. His collection of suits is impressive. I don’t think I have ever seen him dressed poorly.”

Midfielder Trịnh Hoài Linh: “Nah, I nonimate Mai Trung Hải. There is always something new with him and they are really wacky but in a fashionable way.”

Hoàng Linh: "We have some differing ideas there. How about best dancer?”

Midfielder Trần Hoàng Minh: “Hồ Hùng Dũng is a great one. This is hard because I don’t think I have seen everyone dance, but I know dancing is one of Dũng’s hobbies when he is not playing football.”

Striker Võ Thanh Hải: “Hùng Dũng got a silver medal from a dance competition years ago, so yeah, at least in terms of achievement, he is the best dancer.”

Hoàng Linh: “Last one: Best singer?”

Right back Trịnh Văn Hậu: “Trần Khang Anh has an amazing voice. I think it’s him.”

Center back Lại Hồng Đăng: “Phạm Thái Gia is a good singer too. Definitely better than me.”

Hoàng Linh: “And that’s all of the questions for today. I know it’s time for the team to head back to their headquarter, so we will wrap up now. Before we end, can we have a group cheer ‘Happy Đại Hòa 1500 again and a group photo? Ready? Three, two, one!”


Hoàng Linh: “Thank you everyone so much. Dear viewers, that’s it for our time today. We hope you enjoyed the visit to Thăng Long Stadium and the talk with our beloved national team players. Don’t forget to tune in to MBC1 on Wednesday, 6pm next week for another episode of Football’s Heartbeat special series. Until then, take care, and celebrate safely and responsibly. I am your host Tô Hoàng Linh and this is Football’s Heartbeat.”


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MD9's lineup against Drawkland:

Hoang Trung (GK) / Phuoc Long (LB), Hung Dung (CB), Van Thao (CB), Van Hau (RB) / Tri Thong (DM), Hoai Linh (CM), Hoang Minh (AM) / Tien Linh (LW), Thanh Hoang (RW) / Thanh Hai (ST).
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The user behind Vdara has an unfortunate habit of not going to bed on time and there are a few of us who are trying to help him get to bed before some ridiculous hour in the morning. Hope you enjoy this song variation.

(to the tune of "Go to Sleep Little Baby" (The Hound + The Fox))

Go to sleep, little Vdara
Go to sleep, a-little Vdara
Magaret’s gonna sway
And your player’s gonna pray
Won't you close your eyes, little Vdara?

Go to sleep, little Vdara
Go to sleep, a-little Vdara
Everybody's gone
Go and sleep, until dawn
Won't you close your eyes, little Vdara?

You're a sweet little Vdara
You're a sweet little Vdara
The scores are gonna rock
But the waking must stop
Gotta sing a little song to our Vdara

Go to sleep, little Vdara
Go to sleep, a-little Vdara
Oi Magoi will gain a gap
but you need to take a nap
Gonna sing a little song to my Vdara

Don't you wake, pretty Vdara
Don't you wake, pretty Vdara
Rangers are gonna win
But there was a discord ping
Now we gotta start over, sleepy Vdara

Go to sleep, little Vdara
Go to sleep, a-little Vdara
So much more to do
And tomorrow's coming soon
Won't you rest 'til then, tired Vdara?

Go to sleep, little Vdara
Go to sleep, a-little Vdara
Close Discord
Go cut the cord
At last, we've got a sleepin' Vdara
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A gust of wind lifted snow from the drifts that had risen on the edge of the practice field, carrying it across the pitch in snaking silver tails that hugged the ground and whipped around the players' legs, making them glad to be wearing thermal leggings and sweatpants. But as the gust was repeated, first once, then again and again, strengthening into a sharp breeze, an extra layer and a windbreaker wasn't going to be enough to keep anyone warm. Yet the players on the field - Reçueçn's national soccer team - kept their cheeks rosy and limbs warm by running. Spurred to activity by the cold, their step seemed more sprightly, a little extra drive highlighted their breakaways, and each tackle belied a desperate energy.

As the team, split into two squads for a scrimmage, battled back and forth, the plumes of powdered snow they threw up with their cleats rose into the air between the gusts of wind and mingled with the players' great clouds of breath that hung shining pink in the silver winter sky, before being driven away again as the wind returned. In the centerfield, Harold Saunders, gloveless, held his hands up to his mouth, huffing on them and striking them together to warm them. Emanuele Cutrona, waiting in the back line for an attack, jogged in place, knees high, as he slowly repositioned himself. Gerauld Firaut danced and ran about before the goal, flapping his arms and shouting at his teammates.

Jacques Tremblay, head coach, watched from the sidelines, motionless. While everyone around him wore windbreakers or jackets marked with the logo of the ÉNRF, he alone was bundled in his own parka, humorously thick, with its large hood wrapped over his head, his arms crossed, and his hands inside the opposite sleeves.
An assistant coach wearing a pair of earmuffs walked up to him. "Sir, we were wondering if we should postpone practice, given the conditions..."
Tremblay did not turn away from the scrimmage, but his voice returned muffled from somewhere within his hood. "You know what the schedule is like; any postponement is a cancellation at this point."

"We thought that maybe with the wind," the assistant tried to yell over it, "it might be wiser for the players' sakes-"

"Oh, they're fine." Tremblay sounded convinced. "They're running around out there; they're staying warm. We have to host a few of our games before it's going to warm up anyway, so this is good practice." He finally turned to the assistant. "If you're cold you can go grab a coat, it's fine."

The assistant coach looked down at his jacket in despair. True, compared to Tremblay's, it wasn't much, but then compared to Tremblay's, not many were. "Very good sir," he replied. "But don't you think, coach," he attempted one last time before he turned to go, "that this is a bit more extreme than anything else the boys are going to face? It won't be nearly so windy when we're inside the stadium. We're too high up in the mountains here, and there's nothing to block the wind."

"No, I really do think this is good practice." Tremblay turned back to face the pitch. It was certainly true that no one would want to come watch a game at this particular field during the winter. Up on the slopes of the western Alps outside Reçueçn City, the deep breaths needed to fill one's lungs at this elevation made the cold air even more painful than normal. On the other hand, no air had ever been clearer, and one could taste the oxygen each time one inhaled. With a sky so clear, one could see for miles, the jagged teeth of the mountains sharply visible even at the horizon. In the summer, it would have been beautiful, the green rolling valleys with their twining rivers cradled between the rocky slopes and their majestic, snow-capped peaks. But only now, in the dead of winter, did the mountains come into their true glory, their glimmering ice crowns stretching out their scepters as the snow ran down the ridges and sweeping their royal capes around them, covering their flanks in white. The midwinter sun shone bright and cold, low in the sky, its light flashing on each stony cliff-face and rocky needle peak and glinting on each snow-blanketed pasture.

Tremblay pulled his hands out of his sleeves, glanced at his watch, and fumbling for something in his coat, blew his whistle. The boys trooped off the field, laughing and babbling loudly, clapping each other's hands and slapping each other's shoulders. Franky rubbed his palms together as he trotted past Tremblay with his head bent down to keep his face in his jacket, but he looked up as he passed his coach.

"That was fun coach!" A chorus of laughter and affirmation seemed to indicate his teammates' agreement. "That was a good scrimmage, I thought. You think we can fit in another one up here before our next game?"

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Postby HUElavia » Tue Jan 19, 2021 5:13 pm

Late Goals gives HUElavia (some) Life!

Rwekazaland 1-1 HUElavia
(REDACTED 40' | Yoshimura-Branco 87')

HUElavia 1-0 Pays den Haut
(Guilbert 90')
(Nouveau Stade de Lourdes, Lourdes)

HUElavia came into Matchdays 6 and 7 needing victories in desperation in order to keep pace in Group 1. Their matches were against the two worst teams in the group, a road game at Rwekazaland and a home game hosting Pays den Haut. Coach Illaramendi was using a mix of the B-Team, C-Team, and D-Team players, looking to give playing minutes to all the players. The team ended up opting to use their Away Uniform and Home Alternative for each game respectively, with Marin in goal at Rwekazaland and Vannier in goal against Pays den Haut. The fans had a lot of anxiety going into this match, hoping for results to start improving.

The first match was one of struggles. HUElavia looked to attack to their best ability, but the performance of REDACTED making saves was frustrating their efforts. The attack of Moutinho-Figo, Braz-Bitencourt, and Gimenes Velho saw their shots being saved. Even passes by Mantovani-Jardim, Colombres and Jiang were intercepted with relative ease and had the team annoyed. The opening goal would come in the 40th minute, when REDACTED was fouled by Di Donato, giving a free kick to Rwekazaland. REDACTED took the free-kick and it went over the defenses as REDACTED headed the ball past a stretching Marin as it went into the goal, making it 1-0 for the hosts. Los Amarillos/Os Amarelos were once again behind and were frustrated at the situation of the matches. The second half saw the players go even more on the offense, pinning Rwekazaland towards their own goal. Different players would take shots, only to be saved or punched out by REDACTED, or one of the defenders would block the shot with their body. HUElavia would get one chance to equalize, towards the 87th minute, when Yoshimura-Branco was looking to get past REDACTED, where she ended up passing it to Tiong Belleza, who in turn passed it back to an open Yoshimura-Branco to chip it over REDACTED and into the goal, making it 1-1. Yoshimura-Branco got the ball and began to run back to the center circle to kick things off, while her teammates gave her a pat and applauded for putting them back in the game. HUElavia got very close during additional time, even having Tiong Belleza scoring what looked like the game-winner, but was ruled offside. The game ended 1-1, and HUElavia had frustration take them over again, this time getting the first draw of their qualifiers.

The second match was another dreadful one that had HUElavians agonizing. Playing in the southeastern city of Lourdes in the recently opened Nouveau Stade de Lourdes, it was mainly a crowd of Franc-HUElavians present in the stadium, even with Coach Illaramendi bringing out players from the region to play as starters. Regardless, the team struggled once more having shots taken by Villca, Maximovna, and Sol go out or be saved with ease by Guerin. Even the midfield with Gagne-Leblanc, Guilbert, and Torrisi also had struggles to get the game going. Francoeur, Chartrand and Lavigne also tried to get a goal in, but Vannier was having none of it and made saves with fury. Time ticked away, more and more time going away for something meaningful to happen. As the 90th minute was arriving, HUElavia went into a strong attack. Savedra dispossessed the ball from Beaudry, and was running by the side, looking to get past Grenier, when he gave a low pass to Guilbert, who came and gave a curving blast that left Guerin standing in his place while the ball blasted into the goal, making a loud sound as it hit the net, nearly breaking it, to make it 1-0. The crowd erupted from the goal, celebrating with passion and joy, jumping and chanting to make the stadium rumble, all while Guilbert was mobbed by his teammates and the bench as they congratulated for him for the goal. A few minutes afterwards, the match ended, and HUElavia had their 2nd victory in the Qualifiers.

With the two matches gone, HUElavia have not had much improvement with the results. The team sits in 7th place with 7 Points, having a record of 2-1-4. The team is now obligated to win their next two matches, with Matchday 8 being at Sajnur in the Niurka Stadium, while Matchday 9 will be a home game hosting Tioguldos in Takoroyama. Certainly, the Yamoto-HUElavians will be playing that match at home. The Home Uniform will be used for both matches, and Patricio-Leite will start in goal the first game, and Rossi in the second game in goal. A mix of players from all four teams will be playing in the matches. Coach Illaramendi needs these victories and anything less can guarantee him on the hot seat. Regardless, there is a Sensation of Love for the team lately from the fans, feeling very empowered after the last gasp winner in Lourdes against Pays den Haut. They continue to flock to religious locations to pray for the team and feel motivated to rally behind the team. The team continues their training, looking to improve, especially with the whole squad receiving support from Sport Psychologists to help them overcome their difficulties in scoring and defending (especially in the latter). With regards to the election, it looks like a close 50-50 amount between Green Party's Pomawari Sihui Michi and Libertarian Party's Juan Carlos Torrente. It may come to a few thousands of votes to decide the election.

Official Factbook
Pro: Left-Libertarian, Christian Left, Respect of all Religions, Science, US-Cuba Relations, Israel-Palestine Harmony, EU
Anti: Religious Fundamentalism, Christian Right, War, Authoritarian dictatorships, Science Denial, Terrorists of any kind, Euroskeptics
Economic: -2.13, Social: -5.33
ENFJ/Neutral Good
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Maria had rally dilly dallied today. First it was her sister’s science project, then father wanted to take the girls outside of the city to see rocks. Oh yeah, it was grand, but it took hours. Getting home, Maria sort of sat around, her friend Carlos absent all day. Now, the nervous lady was huddled over her desk, eating the finest instant noodles in Zeta Reka, the “E.W. Soy Sause Noodle.” Slurping away, she looked over the role plays from today. The RPs weren’t as interesting as the transfer window sagas going on, what with Platinastigrade signing a major star from Hapilopper, but Maria was hoping for something interesting. She changed pages and kept reading, “newbies would enjoy the info in this one,” she said to herself.

Across the world, our own team, Quizzinovac, were victorious against Dasofylakas after a narrow goal fromm Marc Titusine. Having made h knockout stages last tine, our twenty three patriots are going to do battle next with The Cheesy Union. As the twenty first ranked team in the world, Quizzinovac as a nation represents Sportlich, a strong sporting region. Of course, other regions claim to be stronger, but who really is the best? Of course, to know who is the best, you need first to know who is a candidate. There are as of right now four region of importance.
A massive multi continent region, Acadiana has a strong pedigree in YNW Football as the first region to seriously contest these tournaments. In recent times the region is strong, but they have failed to win the last three Championship finals.

Salamantica Archipelago
A strong region of wealthy (and sometimes impoverished) island nations. The “two chains of Salamantica” are anchored by trading nation Terra Salamantica. Recently the Archipelago created a championship of their own, with a high amount of quality play.

A currently growing region. They have some heavy hitters, but not many. One nation from Sportlich finished third place twice. They also lost a world war.

Transcontinental Raas
A new region formed before the last Championship as a breakaway of Acadiana. It has one or two veteran independents as well, including the champs, Fuoco Della Terra.

Unaffiliated/The Independents
We don’t quite know who these fellows are sometimes. They come from some of the largest regions and bloc in the known world, or sometimes are places all unto themselves.

Four major regions, and a series of teams from other dimensions are represented in the Football Championship ranks. The rankings come from matches in the tournament proper, and are calculated using the “Arnaq-Chaosists” scoring method, named after the hosts of the sixth football championships, where the scoring system made its debut. The formula is as follows. x+y/2+z/4. X is the last tournament (30), Y is th one before that (29) and z is any score collected two cycles ago (28). Who’s at the top?
1. Fuoco Della Terra: 34.86 (TCR)
2. Norris Grrove: 30.84 (ACA)
3. Terra Salamantica: 22.27 (SMA)
4. Ezzellmach: 21.26 (SPT)
5. Ji Hao: 20.24 (ACA)*
6. Lokoko Lanni: 17.25 (SMA)
7. Digital Apocalypse: 15.94 (TCR)
8. Desert Rattlesnakes: 12.21 (IND)
9. Kozumistan: 11.98 (SPT)
10. New Seraphim Republic: 10.96 (SMA)
11. Romanguan: 9.62 (ACA)
12. Montagnard Pas: 8.95 (TCR)
13. Joakimia: 8.29 (SMA)
14. Isle Melphanion: 8.28 (ACA)
15. Tear Island: 7.30 (SPT)
16. Morgex: 6.97 (ACA)
17. Yvon8: 6.31 (SMA)
18. Bah-Shu-Bah: 5.94 (SPT)
18. Loxotxquetox: 5.94 (ACA)
20. Dhino-Daki: 5.66 (SMA)
21. Quizzinovac: 4.98 (SPT)
22. Yombi: 4.62 (SMA)
23. Acadian Rass Realm: 4 (ACA)
23. Burnhaven2: 4 (IND)
23. Senatai Squad Pi: 4 (ACA)
23. New Englesy: 4 (ACA)
27. PLDS Sun Colony: 3.96 (IND)
28. Mantis Shrimp-2: 3.33 (IND)
29. Jrwarkburg: 2 (IND)
30. Antoniograde: 2 (SMA)
31. NattiQex: 1.32 (SMA)
32. Zombie Der Berg: 1 (SPT)
32. 6 Fed. Islands: 1 (TCR)
32. Imperium Terrafaux: 1 (IND)
32. Mongeese (AKA Mongeese of Power): 1 (IND)
32. Alhybad: 1 (SPT)
37. Arnaq Queendom: 0.99 (IND)
37. Clubinozada: 0.99 (IND)
37 Old Vinh Quang: 0.99 (SMA)
40. West Laguardia: 0.33 (ACA)
41. Veti (AKA Refugees of Veti): 0 (ACA)
41. Morgexian Colonies: 0 (SMA)
41. Veil of Kwazton: 0 (SMA)
41. Nomadic Pilots: 0 (SPT)
41. Mutated Rushmore: 0 (IND)
41. Basketballer Kings: 0 (SPT)
*docked seven points due to a series of internal disputes with the Football Championship Committee ruling as an arbiter

Average ranking
Transcontinental Raas: 15.1875
Acadiana: 9.2018181818
Salamantica Archipelago: 6.4890909091
Sportlich: 5.94
Independents: 2.948

A combination of performance and low numbers make the Transcontinental Raas YNWs most powerful region at the moment, however, many of those points were not earned while the nations were in the region. hat being said the lion’s share do come from he last championship, where Fuoco Della Terra was victorious over Norris Grrove in the finals 3-0. Acadiana and the Salamantica Archipelago take a lot of high up slots, owning to their pedigree. A high amount of qualifiers, and a lack of awards for performance outside of the main tournament, causes the later two regions to lower their averages via pointless sides. Sportlich is affected by this quirk as well, but from a lower perch to fall from. Funny how the region with a sport based name is having sports trouble. Ezellmach is a bright spot to be sure. As for the independents, well, they lack a former heavy hitter in Fuoco Della Terra, the three time champions won two titles outside of the major regions, and have won a single championship in the last three cycles as an independent.

Of course, Salamantica Archipelago have their own bragging rights. So far they’ve occupied four of the six finals slots in the new International Club Challenge competition. Twice the New Seraphim Republic’s Roverdale FC has won. First Roverdale beat region mates AC L12 (from Veil of Kwazton), and then against Fuoco Della Terra’s AC Risorgimento. Only Starboard Sailors FC, of Acadiana’s Norris Grrove, has won the ICC without being from the Islands, and they had to face Lokoko Lanni’s Volcano Rock FC from the Salamantica Archipelago. Terra Salamantica also won the 28th championship not too long ago in fantastic style. Has
Acadiana done this? Not yet, but Norris Grrove did lose two finals in a row against Fuoco Della Terra. Worse yet, when Terra Salamantica were victorious, they climbed over a then unbeaten Loxotxquetox with two extra time goals.

What is the superior region? That’s a highly controversial question, given the regions went to war just a few years ago. “We wish to encourage peace between our regions,” the president of the Janijan Advisory Council said in a press release to the world. “Many conflicts have taken place, and our world is hurt by them. This tournament is meant to change the mind set of our world. While competition is the lifeblood of sports, we hope that the spirit of competition on the pitch can also prompt us to feed the spirit of co operation and prosperity.”

Maria knew Janija has written the quotes down, but a good article always quotes the speaker’s words. Too bad only Janija was promoted. Why did Carlos call his nation Janija anyhow? The answer would have to wait, Maria continued to scroll down the RPs. When she noticed she sighed. Her favorite RPers, Norris Grrove and Imperium Terrafaux hadn’t posted anything. Perhaps they would face hard times on the pitch.
Group 1
Gile y Glil 1–1 Cash and Gold
Desert Rattlesnakes 2–0 Battleship K2

Group 1 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Cash and Gold 2 1 1 0 4 2 +2 4
2 Gile y Glil 2 1 1 0 2 1 +1 4
3 Desert Rattlesnakes 1 1 0 0 2 0 +2 3
4 Mongeese 1 0 0 1 1 3 −2 0
5 Battleship K2 2 0 0 2 0 3 −3 0

Group 2
Jrawkburg 0–1 Conservative Fantasyland
BattleDawtNet 1–6 Kozumistan

Group 2 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Kozumistan 2 2 0 0 10 4 +6 6
2 Yannick 1 1 0 0 4 1 +3 3
3 Conservative Fantasyland 2 1 0 1 2 4 −2 3
4 Jrawkburg 2 0 0 2 3 5 −2 0
5 BattleDawtNet 1 0 0 1 1 6 −5 0

Group 3
Cornerian Fleet 0–1 Tear Island
West Laguardia 2–1 NwK 400

Group 3 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Tear Island 2 2 0 0 3 0 +3 6
2 West Laguardia 1 1 0 0 2 1 +1 3
3 Cornerian Fleet 2 1 0 1 1 1 0 3
4 NwK 400 2 0 0 2 1 3 −2 0
5 Brightwitchstan 1 0 0 1 0 2 −2 0

Group 4
PLDS Sun Colony 0–1 Dikilti
Fuoco Della Terra 8–0 Fourth Land of Air

Group 4 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Dikilti 2 1 1 0 2 1 +1 4
2 Fuoco Della Terra 1 1 0 0 8 0 +8 3
3 Fourth Land of Air 2 1 0 1 1 8 −7 3
4 Janijan Sportlich 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
5 PLDS Sun Colony 2 0 0 2 0 2 −2 0

Group 5
Deeeeeeeew 0–1 NattiQex
Morgex 0–1 Oprana and Toypia

Group 5 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 NattiQex 2 2 0 0 4 2 +2 6
2 Deeeeeeeew 2 1 0 1 1 1 0 3
3 Oprana and Toypia 2 1 0 1 1 1 0 3
4 Suprastania 1 0 0 1 2 3 −1 0
5 Morgex 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0

Group 6
Northestania 0–0 Digital Apocalypse
Acadian Raas Realm 3–0 Superterranean Morgex

Group 6 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Northestania 2 1 1 0 3 0 +3 4
2 Digital Apocalypse 2 1 1 0 2 0 +2 4
3 Acadian Raas Realm 1 1 0 0 3 0 +3 3
4 Synthol Users 1 0 0 1 0 2 −2 0
5 Superterranean Morgex 2 0 0 2 0 6 −6 0

Group 7
Dasofylakas 2–0 Troh Strijanoh
Shaunnesey 2–4 Isle Melphanion

Group 7 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Isle Melphanion 2 2 0 0 5 2 +3 6
2 Dasofylakas 2 1 0 1 2 1 +1 3
Old Vinh Quang 1 1 0 0 2 1 +1 3
4 Shaunnesey 1 0 0 1 2 4 −2 0
5 Troh Strijanoh 2 0 0 2 1 4 −3 0

Group 8
Basketballer Kings 0–4 Veil of Kwazton
The Cheesy Union 2–1 Quizzinovac

Group 8 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Tapioca Springs 1 1 0 0 3 0 +3 3
2 Veil of Kwazton 2 1 0 1 4 3 +1 3
3 The Cheesy Union 1 1 0 0 2 1 +1 3
4 Quizzinovac 2 1 0 1 2 2 0 3
5 Basketballer Kings 2 0 0 2 0 5 −5 0

Group 9
Los Quebeccos 1–0 Gulyaz
Romanguan 2–2 Le Chronic

Group 9 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Los Quebeccos 2 1 1 0 2 1 +1 4
2 Imperium Terrafaux 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
3 Le Chronic 2 0 2 0 3 3 0 2
4 Romanguan 1 0 1 0 2 2 0 1
5 Gulyaz 2 0 0 2 0 2 −2 0

Group 10
Leanersfall 2–0 Sullokos
Montagnard Pas 2–1 North Newlandia

Group 10 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Leanersfall 2 1 1 0 3 1 +2 4
2 Montagnard Pas 1 1 0 0 2 1 +1 3
3 Sullokos 2 1 0 1 2 3 −1 3
4 North Newlandia 2 0 1 1 2 3 −1 1
5 Anraq Queendom 1 0 0 1 1 2 −1 0

Group 11
Dhink 1–3 Mutated Rushmore
Boogiestania 2–2 Veti

Group 11 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Mutated Rushmore 2 2 0 0 6 3 +3 6
2 Veti 2 0 2 0 3 3 0 2
3 Boogiestania 1 0 1 0 2 2 0 1
4 Dhink 2 0 1 1 2 4 −2 1
5 Loxotxquetox 1 0 0 1 2 3 −1 0

Group 12
Wulvinnia 1–0 Bluina
Ji Hao 2–1 Burnhaven2

Group 12 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Glem Clana 1 1 0 0 4 0 +4 3
2 Burnhaven2 2 1 0 1 3 2 +1 3
3 Ji Hao 1 1 0 0 2 1 +1 3
4 Wulvinnia 2 1 0 1 1 2 −1 3
5 Bluina 2 0 0 2 0 5 −5 0

Group 13
6. Fed Islands 2–0 Frosts of PIS
Caravan of Joking Elves 0–1 Da Freaking Moon

Group 13 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Da Freaking Moon 2 2 0 0 2 0 +2 6
2 6. Fed Islands 2 1 0 1 2 1 +1 3
3 Bah-Shu-Bah 1 0 1 0 3 3 0 1
4 Frosts of PIS 2 0 1 1 3 5 −2 1
5 Caravan of Joking Elves 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0

Group 14
Abblehafardia 0–2 Nomadic Pilots
Norris Grrove 1–0 New Englesy

Group 14 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Kevinsworld 1 1 0 0 2 0 +2 3
2 New Englesy 2 1 0 1 2 1 +1 3
3 Norris Grrove 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
4 Nomadic Pilots 2 1 0 1 2 2 0 3
5 Abblehafardia 2 0 0 2 0 4 −4 0

Group 15
Crystal Mermaid Islands 3–3 The Secret
New Seraphim Republic 1–1 Sentai Squad Pi

Group 15 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Crystal Mermaid Islands 2 1 1 0 4 3 +1 4
2 The Secret 2 0 2 0 4 4 0 2
3 New Seraphim Republic 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
Nowi-Grade 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
5 Sentai Squad Pi 2 0 1 1 1 2 −1 1

Group 16
Iridium Kingdom 0–0 Terra Salamantica
Knotsian 0–0 Mantis Shrimp-2

Group 16 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Terra Salamantica 2 1 1 0 3 0 +3 4
2 Mantis Shrimp-2 2 1 1 0 3 2 +1 4
3 Knotsian 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
4 Iridium Kingdom 2 0 1 1 2 3 −1 1
5 Reseracher Safe Haven 1 0 0 1 0 3 −3 0
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Postby Oberour Ar Moro » Tue Jan 19, 2021 5:20 pm

He finished the letter with a flourish, signing his name in gold ink: Barnand le Tounelier.

He folded the letter and put it in an envelope, and then summoned a courier to deliver the letter post haste. It would travel the 19 blocks from Regium City Hall to the office of the Chancellor. Barnand le Tounelier, Mayor of Regium, was stepping down.

The letter, going out right before most government offices closed, laid out the end of his tenure, and gave a date he would officially retire. There would be three months between the date the letter was signed and delivered and when le Tounelier would leave City Hall for the last time as Mayor.

Barnand was surprised how buoyant he felt. His Oberour political career had not progressed the way he expected, but Mayor of Regium was an alright position. It's certainly not Chancellor, not even a Minister, but then municipal leadership seemed like a dead-end under the Serapion d'Eaue-Bonne chancellorship. Better to leave with a pension and the promise of corporate Board of Directors and the ability to buy a home on the Vaia.

Barnand put on his coat and gathered his things, while thinking about his career. Every part of the Oberour Ar Moro government went top down from the Chancellor. The Chancellor was the ultimate determiner of thousands upon thousands of positions, from the appointment of captains in the Army, to the Director of Resource Management in the Land Management department of the Ministry of Resources, to the Chief of Police for Pescium, to Mayor of Regium. All these jobs and positions swirl around, men move around, jockey for position, try to climb the greasy pole for a shot at ultimate prize of Chancellor.

At one point Barnand may have thought he had a shot at the post. Serving at a Deputy Minister for Infrastructure, getting appointed to Mayor of Regium was absolutely a step forward. An executive position had to be a positive for a future role. But instead he was stationed in Regium for a decade. Never before had the capital felt so much like a backwater. But it wasn't all bad. He got on well enough, and the overweening ambition faded. So now he was ready to move on.

So he wrote his letter to the Chancellor's office. And this started a clock for Chancellor Serapion d'Eaue-Bonne. Mayor of Oberour Ar Moro's largest city, the hub of all of its businesses and government and power was still a plum role. Once the Chancellor's office opened Mayor le Tounelier's letter, a machinery of vetters and headhunters and self-interest would start to move.

Meanwhile, Barnand le Tounelier was settling in to a seat in a box at the Parade Grounds. A private box at the Parade Grounds was just one of things that made being Mayor pleasant, he would miss that. He gathered his drink and settled in to watch the Dragoons host the Warlocks of Thibaea.
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Postby Saltstead » Tue Jan 19, 2021 5:43 pm

Asħwells Tijden
Vor Saxlandes en Såutsteides Königlikstad

The World Cup of Flags: Qualifying Groups 3, 4 and 5

Annelise Martijns from the Borough of Königsplaas

In celebration of the upcoming football World Cup in Ethane and Taeshan, Asħwells Tijden is running a special series: the World Cup of Flags. Our goal here is to sift through the cruft to find the most brilliant flags in the multiverse. Or at least among footballing nations. We are first winnowing the flags down to 32, with Ethane and Taeshan qualifying for our finals by right.

We are deciding the qualifying groups via five criterion: simplicity, symbolism, colour use, uniqueness and absence of text and seals. A score of zero represents complete failure on a particular criterion. Two represents success: either the criterion is fully met or the criterion is broken in a way that is nonetheless effective. One represents partial success, such as criterion being met in a way that nonetheless compromises the design of the flag. We reserve the right to award half points where we believe a flag to be on the line between two integer scores.

In our first instalment, Reçueçn was proclaimed to have the best flag of Groups 1 and 2, with Riena joining them in the finals of our vexillological tournament. For the runners-up Geektopia and Filindostan, they must wait in the wings to see if they will face our playoff or advance with a wild card. Three more flags will qualify in our second instalment and three more will enter the running for the playoffs.

Group 3
In what the editors acknowledge is likely to be a controversial call, we have to shame the flag of Muralos as the worst in Group 3. Bad flags are not unique in this group, Acronius, but Muralos had so little to say about their nation that they simply stuck a map on a piece of cloth and called it a day. We are ruling the map a seal violation, so Muralos only get (barely) credit for the colours and a generous point for simplicity—map flags are a simple idea, after all, but not simple to execute—for a grand total of 3 out of 10.

We know that one of the rules is to not use text on a flag, but the initials on the flag of Cassadaigua almost work. They will be incomprehensible on the other side, but at least the matriarchal state did not simply slap the name “Cassadaigua” onto a pink field and call it a day. We are taking off half a point for the “CD” not being centred and we have picked the simplicity score as the place to do it, so Cassadaigua finishes with an 8½. And we had to take off that half-point lest Cassadaigua beat…

Havynwilde, who we have scored a 9 out of 10. The editors greatly appreciate the pouncing cat design. We are not quite sure what the flag is supposed to represent (probably the majestic wildlife of Havynwilde?), so that was a point taken off, but otherwise, we have no complaints about the design. So for everyone who thought all the designs the Asħwells Tijdens editors would submit to readers would be simple crosses: no they will not.

That being said, the winning design in Group 3 is unlikely to shock anyone: Flavovespia. Going into the historical archives, Flavovespia was once known as “Hornet Land”, which can be seen on the flag of the modern country. The colours are derived from bees and the black bands are in the shape of chevrons instead of just straight lines, which remind us of the Vs in “Flavovespia”. All said, Flavovespia gets a perfect 10 of 10.

Group 4
The flag of Vdara gets a 10 out of 10 for the cheek alone. What other nation on God’s green earth would think to put a bird on a tree branch and fly it as a flag? No one. The colours are absolutely perfect, they have not put a seal on the branch (pun very much intended) and you can botch drawing the Vdara flag significantly, yet still have it be recognisable. Vdara very much earns a perfect score.

Conversely, we must point out that the flag of Baker Park is an absolute monstrosity on every conceivable level. Baker Park has slapped more crosses on top of each other than a fanatical Omerican fundamentalist Christian and added seven stars—all of different colours!—to make matters even worse. White next to gold, red next to blue, green on sky blue, our eyes are ready to bleed buckets. Any symbolism Baker Park’s flag has is so diluted to the point where we have to score it 2 out of 10.

Bonbokh u Piche get an honourable mention as our third place flag. We are not quite sold on the effectiveness of the sun symbol with the hammer and sickle as the central design element, but the design of the flag overall is one of the best in the group and a reminder that vexillography is not a dead art. Solid 8 out of 10 material.

If Hapilopper and Quakmybush had not given their flags soil baths, they would have been tied for second place in this group, having lost just a single point each before their Ripple Penalties. Fortunately, that means that we can award second place to Electrum alone. While the canton is bizarre and too reminiscent of Murphtannia, the boot and butt is perfectly symbolic of Electrum’s football prowess. It is a worthy flag for a World Cup winning nation and we score it 9 out of 10.

Group 5
They make for serviceable flags, but there’s one problem with tricolour designs: they get very same-y if you do not have some unique arrangment of colours or additional symbol. Saint-Domingue, Abanhfleft and Hafamarimët all run into this very common problem and are thus not winning this group. Hafamarimët, however, takes the tricolour and stinks it up by choosing three totally indistinguishable colours and is thus the worst of the three.

And good luck drawing a good representation of the flag of Zwangzug. Zwangzug still rates highly, however, as the collapsing chessboard pattern is the perfect representation of both the nation’s unhealthy infatuation with chess and the nagging sense of ennui one develops when thinking about chess. You can probably (but not definitely) get away with any old shattered chessboard as a scrawled representation, so we rate Zwangzug a solid 9½ out of 10.

Also, to confirm that we are not going to totally leave cross flags out of the finals, we are awarding Savojarna our gold star: 10 out 10. We would knock off a tenth of a point for the fact that the red star—a symbol of Savojarna’s constitutional status as a socialist state—is not properly centred in the canton, but alas, a 9.9 is not a permissible score in our rules. Snowy Savojarna is a perfect example of how to design a flag and thus makes our shortlist.

We will end by giving a shout out to Sharktail, whose trigramme lovingly implies that they are SH*T. Alas, their flag is most certainly not sh*t and is one of the most interesting in the group. Nevertheless, what stops Sharktail from scoring higher than an 8 of 10 is the three-dimensional effect on the centre star, which would never been seen properly even on a clear day. It is a solid idea for a national seal, but not so great for a flag.

Flavovespia, Vdara and Savojarna have officially joined Reçueçn in the exclusive club of flags to receive perfect scores and have therefore advanced to our fluttering-cloth finals. Filindostan and Zwangzug currently lead our runner-up table, with Geektopia, Havynwilde and Electrum sitting on the bubble. Our commiserations go to Cassadaigua for just missing out.

Next time in our World Cup of Flags series, we will rank the flags of qualifying groups 6, 7 and 8. ⁕
In other news:
  • Football: New Lusitania roll out of Ashwell with a well-deserved three points and leave Saltstead six points adrift
  • Cersehorst Tofu Exposition organisers plan to roll out tofu expositions across Saltstead after a thunderous success
  • Ritheburger couple who saved a young Ashweller boy from drowning are honoured by the capital’s Lord Mayor

The Royal Saltsteadish Football Association
Royal House of Sport, Ashwell

Stevidia : Saltstead
World Cup 87 qualifying group stage — Matchday 8
Unknown Stadium, Unknown City, Stevidia

Starting line-up (4–5–1): Marianne Åudershof (captain); Richard Christopħe, Pijr Josefssen, Serena van Middelkamp, Catharine de Vriħt; Nicholas Tiberius, Benni Sħåul, Thomas Lions, Adelaide de Jong, Wim Amistad; Haråud Haråudssen
Substitute bench: Robert-Jan van Daal, Christijn Sänt-Andreas; Micħäl Aurelius, Jan-Pijr Åudenberg, Maxime Crabshaas, Victoria Rothöüf; Mina Ratmaker, Constantijn van Bleck, Aleksa Pascal, Zacharias van den Slåp, Natasħa Aħterop; Reinhard Åubreħtssen

Saltstead : Belac
World Cup 87 qualifying group stage — Matchday 9
King William VII National Park, Ashwell, Saltstead

Starting line-up (5–4–1): Julij Kåler (captain); Frans Richard, Sebastien van Can, Anne Hodmaker, Johan van Tilborg, Constantijn Kåler; Johanne Geuberts, Nico Swart, Theodor Felicianus, Aleksa le Duc; Edvard Rothås
Substitute bench: Kathrinita Äsħes, Adam van Middelkamp; Gunner Stepħenssen, Rokus Michahels, Dijter Ackerdiħ, Tobias Thomassen, Yorg Handel; Marina Jager, Violeta Igesleven, Margaretha Wilheumssen, Nico Joxepħssen; Stepħanie Withöüf

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Qusmo - 06/08/2019

Maybe the real World Cup title was the friends we made along the way.
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Postby Omerica » Tue Jan 19, 2021 5:51 pm

DISCLAIMER: This is non-canonical outside the alternate timeline of regional qualifiers. Do not try this at home.

Alternate timeline
All the football news that’s fit to print!
“Omerica of the Saint James Islands”? It’s the nation that replaced the United Republics in the regional qualifiers
By Jacques van der Zee

No Sublime Unions, no beltings of l’Avonnaise, no silly gryphon hats and no “OME SWEET OME” scarves. Instead, a small archipelagic nation is getting its moment in the sun as part of the indie section of the World Cup qualifiers while the United Republics’ divorce from the independent associations works its way through the procedural channels.

The United Republican Soccer Federation has reportedly accelerated its timeline for leaving indie football after the rights to organise World Cup qualifying for the independent associations was awarded to the so-called “Independent Football Federation”, an organisation which Omericans broadly believe considers the United Republics to be a second-class association. Instead, a little-known nation is filling Omerica’s big shoes in World Cup qualifying: instead of flying to the United Republics, nations have been heading out to an island nation just north east of Esportiva.

On the back of the Incorrigibles’ performances, “Omerica” were seeded in pot 2 for the indie section of the qualifiers, but the untested Omerica of the Saint James Islands have predictably struggled immensely, getting just three points in five games thus far. Nevertheless, the constitutionally monolingual nation—which insistently demands to be referred to by its Lusitanian name “Omérica das Ilhas de Santiago”—is a perfect fit for the indies for one simple reason: complete and total delusion.

We firmly believe that we will live up to the high standard that our inherited place in the rankings indicate for us,” SJIFA President David Pereira told the blog. “We are looking forward to taking part in this competition.

They have done nothing of the sort, instead floundering hopelessly outside their lone wins against unfavoured Frezza and Rwekazaland. Their performances are really the perfect depiction of indie football, scoring a success once in a blue moon, but ultimately being dishevelled and hopeless on balance.

The United Republican Soccer Federation has been incredibly tight-lipped in regards to the entire situation, with one of their few comments on the farce being to call the entry of the little island nation that couldn’t “a clerical error”. A spokesperson for URSF Executive Director Catriona Immaculata cryptically told the blog that “[w]e are currently going through the process of finding a new confederation to take part in, one where we are accorded equal status in all respects.”

The Federation deny having ever actually entered the regionalised World Cup qualifiers, claiming that it was the island nation that applied and that they were mistakenly attributed the United Republics’ ranking, but a low-effort investigation by the blog indicates that the claim is a bold-faced lie. Regardless of the veracity of the Federation’s claim and no matter what chicanery happens in subsequent cycles, one thing we can say for certain is that the United Republics of Omerica is officially done as an independent association and likely for good. ◇
Other Football News:
• Premier Division: AS Républicains storm out into the lead on their quest to mount the first top-flight title defence in OPSL history
• Third Division: Força Lisboa are expelled from the OPSL after officially declaring insolvency in the Great Arden Court of Assizes
• WCQ 87: Sack the utter morons who decided that regional qualification—and qualifiers organised by the FFl—was a good idea

United Republican Soccer Federation
6 Jacques la Rouge Road
Port Alexandre, MS 18-A40

Omerica v Lorrana
World Cup 87 qualification — Matchday Eight
Stade International, Bayonnette, New Vaucluse

— and —
Yuezhou v Omerica
World Cup 87 qualification — Matchday Nine
Yincheng National Stadium, Yincheng, Yuezhou

Omerica lineup (4–3–3): Antoine Vicario; Anna Charles, Darcy Francis, Raphaël Martin, Lauren Kerry; Maxime Fournier, Paige Boyce, Nadiya al-Hashim (captain); Maïa Bustos, Jean-François Fernand, Wesley Sawyer
Substitutes: Valentine Augustin, Annelise Betancourt; Alphonse Notley, Charity Kayode, Justin Thyme, Sacha Sepulveda; Red Bolton, Soraya Archambault, Thom Magalhaes; Jessie Beckett, Alexis Chrysanthos, Jamal Ahmad

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Omerica – 27/09/2017
Any further and our feet will probably be in our stomachs
Kanoria - 27/09/2017
I for one love the reflux uniquely generated by self-gluttony of limbs, where the flesh meets the acid
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Postby Astograth » Tue Jan 19, 2021 5:51 pm

Amuarraina Errege presents…

The no. 1 cult footballing podcast in Astograth, with your hosts Ibon and Mantzia
Originally dedicated to the Audioslavian National League, then it spiralled out of control

Transcribed and translated by Transkribia, sign up at Transkribia.asg/DSG for the full script and a 30-day free trial

Mantzia: It’s quite incredible, isn’t it?

Ibon: I’m speechless. It’s taking the competition to a whole new level. We’re not a backwater anymore, can you believe it?

Mantzia: Eh, I’d be cautious about that. We’re still-

Ibon: Nonsense, Mantzia. They’re two players still at their peak. Kawesa’s a defending World Cup winner! In Astograth! Unbelievable. The last time that happened has to have been…?

Mantzia: World Cup 67, the Polarians. Bjerregaard, Salo, Zeljeznicar… Illich-Svitych!

Ibon: Nordenberg…

Mantzia: Nordenberg… who else. Oh, Alexis Sand, he was the second keeper! And Wolff, Torsten Wolff, I didn’t realise he was there.

Ibon: Yeah he was, in the semifinal with Valladares he missed several goals. Man, World Cup 67.

Mantzia: First World Cup I remember.

Ibon: Really?

Mantzia: Yep. 4 years old. I remember my parents on the sofa, so happy, and then Valladares started scoring and we were out, haha. But it’s a nice memory. Can’t recall anything else, I assume we watched the final though.

Ibon: Wow. No, I only remember stuff from afterwards, like World Cup 68. Anyway! The Astograthian First Division’s getting not one, but TWO World Cup winners. That’s right. We thought Namakula Kawesa was already an earthquake, folks, but now it’s official: Pristina Shine, yes, that Pristina Shine, is coming back to Iturributa United.

Mantzia: Technically, her first time playing in Astograth.

Ibon: Correct. Though she was one-time Top Scorer in the Iturributan Premier Division. How do you think the news is going down in Iturributa?

Mantzia: I mean, I’m scrolling through my feed and United fans are just going nuts right now. They can sell out Old City just for her presentation.

Ibon: Is it one-upsmanship, you think?

Mantzia: Because of Kawesa? I mean… yeah, I think that might’ve pushed United over the edge. It’s certainly not the most fiscally responsible move – you don’t just go and recoup 3 and a half million diru off one player. And the salary, that’ll be the real kicker.

Ibon: Unless she wins them the title.

Mantzia: Yeah, unless. And this makes them big candidates, I’ve got to say.

Ibon: Can Vauxhall cope? He’s never managed anyone this big.

Mantzia: [scoffs] Has Aluztiza? He’s-

Ibon: Servet Misidjan is a huge player for this league. And all those Polarians we mentioned, Aluztiza was in the thick of it with them.

Mantzia: True. But Kawesa and Shine are still a big leap for everyone.

Ibon: A big leap, almost as big as the one I’ll take now in presenting this week’s sponsor: Amu! Amu! Amu! Amu-a-rrai-na E-rre-ge! Amu-a-rrai-na E-rre-ge! It’s Amuarraina Errege, folks, with your favourite line of freshly canned fish and seafood, responsibly sourced from the waters of our very own Modraine Sea. You know, Mantzia, after a hard day of work at the podcast factory, there’s nothing I like better than getting home and opening up a can of Amuarraina Errege canned tuna, packaged in Astograthian extra virgin olive oil. Delicious! You can order directly from amuerrege dot asg with the code DSG for a 10% discount.

Mantzia: That was an impressive leap.

Ibon: Thank you. Now, there’s been a lot of high-profile signings this season. Urbizania Wanderers spent a lot of money and got Julian Mann out of Port James Athletic in Schottia, which we thought was going to be the biggest news this season. Then Royal Rumiatzi spent big to lure Victoire de Saint-Pierre from Chromatika’s Tihon, then the big news was that Xander McDrew got Daigo Coshan to un-retire for Blue Mountain Range, and he’s a massive player for a league like ours and made us big news in Taeshan. Those matches against Hirahito’s Wanderers are going to be something.

And then suddenly BAM! The coup of the season, Sporting Iturributa sign Namakula Kawesa from Tanrısal. A World Cup champion with Banija, vice-captain of the Kadongo Kamu, on our very shores.

Mantzia: Truly shocking. I don’t know how Sporting pulled it off, to be honest.

Ibon: Sporting fans don’t either, judging from the replies we’ve gotten. They’ve had a great no. 10 in Ximun Blacksdove-Beukers for a while now, but it was absolute mayhem when Kawesa got announced.

Mantzia: Will he surrender the shirt, you think?

Ibon: You have to imagine he would. And after Kawesa, it seems like someone opened a line to 1830 Cathair, which, in general: yuck. Who wants some Teatimer slop. Turns out we do, and big helpings of it! Because first Royal Rumiatzi got Lee Sharp’s grandkid Alex on loan, then Ituraitz FC signed Puristina Shinra – not a mistake, as we’ve confirmed – and then suddenly BAM again! Pristina Shine! The Equestrian one, no the Hinodejin one! Iturributa United’s prodigal daughter returned to the fold. I’m the furthest thing from a fan of either side, but you’ve got to admit that derby’s going to be dynamite.

Mantzia: There hasn’t been one with this much talent since the Premier Division days, that’s for sure. And it’s definitely getting back to that level.
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Postby Vdara » Tue Jan 19, 2021 5:55 pm

I Would 8-2 Be Cascadia

Another week, another game for Lineup 1. With the senior squad managing to overcome Hapilopper by a margin of 3 goals to 2, it was time for them to go on a 2-match break and let the youngsters deal with the next few opponents. This would allow the seniors to have an extra few weeks of rest and training, which would help them stay in perfect physical condition for the crucial match against Electrum on Matchday 8. With Cascadia on a decent run of form, and the youngsters winning game after games me, this match was bound to be an interesting one. What nobody knew, however, is just how interesting it would be.

Home Team Dressing Room,

So far, Moustakakos has been involved in every match Vdara has played, either as a goalkeeper or a manager. Today would be no different, as Moustakakos would be at the sidelines during the match, attempting to perform some sort of managerial masterclass... or whatever tactics he’ll be able to come up with after a night of binge drinking.

Moustakakos: ”Alrighty then, lads! Anybody up for some football? Glad to hear it, because we’re gonna football the shit out of this! I don’t have a specific thing like ambition or determination to rant to you about, since I think you all know what mindset to have drilled into you, so I’ll just remind you: be ambitious! Be determined! Be ambitermined... that’s not a word, is it? Ah, who cares - let’s chat about tactics! So, we’re going with the exact same lineup as last time - the old faithful - the 3-2-5. You’ve all been told what to do before, so just keep doing that. Their keeper does seem quite weak, though - take as many shots as you can. In the box? Shoot. At the near post? Shoot. Outside the box? Shoot. At the... I could go on, but I won’t, for your sake. Do what you usually do, do what you need to do, and do whatever the fuck you want - let’s win this thing!”

Lineup Image:

The match report is as follows:

1: The game has kicked off here at the VdarArena, and the atmosphere is electric. Who will come out on top? Find out in around 1 hour and 45 minutes!
4: It’s a yellow card for Julian Wood, who’s been booked for accidentally elbowing Akakios Demotis in the face.
12: Muleas has received a pass from Tantalopoulos, and he’s about to take a shot from the edge of the box... the shot’s missed, but he’s been taken down at the edge of the box by Julian Wood! Vdara have a free kick, but Julian Wood has received a second yellow card, and hence he is OFF!
13: Tantalopoulos is stepping up to take this free kick, and this free kick isn’t exactly far from goal. Tantalopoulos runs up and takes the shot... and it’s curved over the wall and into the top left corner! Cascadia are down to ten men, and Vdara have a 1-0 lead thanks to a fantastic free kick from Lambros Tantalopoulos, the captain!
15: Manolakis has the ball on the left wing, and it looks like he’s going to cross the ball towards Scafididis... who heads the ball past Paul Wellington! it’s 2 goals in 3 minutes for Vdara, who double their lead in fantastic fashion!
19: It’s a corner for Vdara, and it’s going to be taken by Scafididis. Scafididis whips the ball into the box... but Tantalopoulos heads the ball wide, and it’s a goal kick for Cascadia.
25: Cody Chambers has managed to get past Zerveas, and he’s through on goal! Chambers strikes the ball with power... and it’s hit the post and gone into the net! Cascadia have got themselves a route back into this game, it’s 2-1!
27: Cascadia are really gunning for this equaliser now, they’re holding onto the ball well despite their lack of manpower.
33: Scafididis has the ball out wide, and he’s cut inside to avoid Finley Macdonald. He’s one-on-one with the goalkeeper now, and he’s going to take a shot... which trundles past Wellington and into the goal! That’s 3-1 now, and Vdara look to be running away with this game!
40: Logan Fessenden has brought down Makrotsis from behind, and the referee has pointed to the spot for a penalty! Fessenden looks to be pleading with the referee, but the ref is having none of it and has pulled out a straight red card! It’s a penalty for Vdara, and Cascadia now have only 9 men on the pitch!
41: It’s going to be Andrianos Petras who steps up to take this penalty, can he increase Vdara’s lead by even more? Petras tiptoes his way to the ball... he’s still tiptoeing... he’s still going... oh, come on, just take the shot already... and he’s blasted it straight into the top right corner to make it 4-1 to Vdara! What a game this is turning out to be, eh?
45: It’s halftime at the VdarArena, and the home side have a massive lead!

Going inside for halftime, Moustakakos was really pleased. His side were scoring goal after goal, and they didn’t seem like they would be stopping anytime soon.

Moustakakos: ”You guys are doing amazing, for real. If I had any advice to give you, I’d have told you, but I honestly don’t. Just keep doing what you’re doing, and stay determined!”

46: The second half has kicked off, and the Cascadians will have a lot of work to do if they want to try and get a result from this!
58: Andrianos Petras is working his way past the (lack of) Cascadian defenders, and he’s through on goal! Petras rainbow flicks the ball up into the air and goes for the back heel volley... which goes into the net! It’s 5-1, and with only 9 men I can’t see Cascadia being able to take a single point from this game.
60: Vdara don’t look to be taking their foot off the gas pedal yet - they’re still going for as many goals as they can!
65: Petras looks to be through on goal, and- oh my! That’s a bad tackle in the box, and it’s a red card for Fabian Gonzalez! A penalty has been awarded to Vdara, and Cascadia have a third player sent off!
66: The captain will be the one to take this penalty, but can he increase Vdara’s goalscoring advantage by even further? It’s time to find out, as Tantalopoulos wastes no time in blasting the ball... straight down the middle! The goalkeeper dived to the right, which was the completely wrong direction.
70: Ben Lewis is trying to run down the wing, and he’s trying to get past Anargyros Zerveas... who tackles him, sending the ball towards Tolakis in the process.
74: It’s a corner for Cascadia, and Finley Macdonald will be the one to take it. Macdonald tries to swing it in towards one of his attackers... but it’s gone into the net instead! It may not count for much, but Finley Macdonald can be pleased with that!
77: Demotis has got the ball in midfield, and he’s launched it towards Muleas... who slips, allowing the ball to roll out of play for a Cascadian goal kick.
80: Tolakis passes the ball back towards Frangoglou, who kicks the ball upfield towards the attackers. The ball sails over the Cascadians and lands at the feet of Andrianos Petras, who’s turned around and is rushing towards the goal! He doesn’t have anybody around him to contend with, and he looks like he’s about to score... which he does! It’s 7-2, and the Cascadian fans will be glad that this game is nearly over.
83: It’s a corner to Vdara, and Scafididis is going to take it. Scafididis tries to imitate Macdonald’s earlier gosl.... but it hits the crossbar and goes out for a goal kick. What a waste of a corner, eh?
87: Makrotsis has the ball out wide on the right side, and it looks like he might be attempting to run into the box himself. He seemingly can’t get past the remaining Cascadian defender, so he’s instead chosen to cross the ball into the box... and it’s volleyed in by Muleas! It’s his first goal of the match, but it’s Vdara’s eighth! What a game, honestly!
90: Well, this rollercoaster of a match is finally over, and the home fans will be really pleased with that result! The game has finished 8-2, and the travelling fans do not look pleased, to put it lightly.

Lambros Tantalopoulos 13’, 66’(P)
Manousos Scafididis 15’, 33’
Andrianos Petras 41’(P), 58’, 80’
Themistoklis Muleas 87’

Cody Chambers 26’
Finley Macdonald 74’

When the full time whistle blew, the players were shocked, yet delighted. Andrianos Petras went to collect the match ball for his hat trick, while Zaharias Frangoglou went to console the. opposition goalkeeper. Once everyone had arrived back in the dressing room, an ecstatic Moustakakos congratulated the players.

Moustakakos: ”Well fucking done, lads! With that result, we’ve beaten our previous winning record! This result is literally our biggest win, it’s mad! Everybody made a massive impact on this match, though. You all seemed to work together perfectly, and you truly showed what you were made of. If you can replicate those performances again and again, I think it would be safe to say that Væñøœrëñbérghüïś might let us play more games, against Pot 5 sides and the like, y’know? Enough theorising, though - what matters is that you lot have bumped up our goal difference by a metric fuckton. That’ll help us in the long run, so every single one of you should give yourselves a pat on the back, because you’ve earned it. Now, we’ve got the game against Bonbokh u Piche coming up soon - so make sure you all keep yourself fit for that match. Not that I doubt you will, just making sure you’re all reminded of that.”

And keep themselves fit they did, with the youngsters managing to beat Bonbokh u Piche 4-2. However, the next two matches would see the senior squad playing - and these two matches would be extremely crucial to Vdara’s potential qualification efforts. With Electrum only two points off of Vdara, and Qwakmybush being a difficult side for Vdara to play against in the past, these matches were definitely not going to be easy - but if you think the Vdarans won’t try their absolute best against these sides, then you’re wrong. The managers of both lineups have made sure that the players go onto a pitch with a winning mindset, and Vdara’s recent form suggests that they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.
The Republic of Vdara
An idyllic archipelago situated in the Mediterranean Sea consisting of the islands of Malta, Cyprus, Crete, Karpathos, Rhodes, Thera, and Kasos.

Factbook | Vdaran Airlines | National Anthem | Royal Family (dead) | Political Parties | Vai News 24
World Cup:
WC84: 7th in qualifying
WC85: 5th in qualifying
WC86: 4th in qualifying
WC87: 1st in qualifying, 4th (last) in group stage

Cup of Harmony:
CoH 76: 6th (last) in group stage
CoH 77: Round of 16
CoH 78: Quarter-finals

U-18 World Cup
U-18 WC10: 4th (last) in group stage
U-18 WC11: CHAMPIONS (1st ever title)

Campionato Esportiva:
CE27: Quarter-finals (lost 2-0 to Esportivan Darmen)
CE28: can’t be arsed checking (lost to Esportivan Darmen)


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WC87 - Recycle Time - No I've Never!

Postby Vilita » Tue Jan 19, 2021 5:59 pm


No I've Never!

So Last time we had a look at the start of the Jungle Cats World Cup 87 Campaign. We decided we wanted to see how bad it was really and came up with a few litmus test's to compare it against a few different things. Firstly, the curse of the Giant Bird of Lymantatia - or more specifically, the theory that the Jungle Cats must always drop points at the start of a World Cup campaign, especially if they are facing low-ranked opposition. Secondly, we just looked across the whole known history of the Vilita National Team to see if there was a comparable occurrence at any point in the history of Footsport in Vilita of the same thing happening at any other point.

The easiest place to start was of course with the opening matchday itself. The Jungle Cats failed to win on the first matchday of World Cup 87 Qualifications and of course its not the first time they've ever dropped points on the opening matchday. There certainly couldn't be a perceived curse surrounding the Vilitan's inability to secure victories against low-ranked opposition at the start of World Cup Qualifying if they had never before failed to be victorious in such a match. What perhaps came as a surprise, however, is just how long it had been since the Jungle Cats last lost their opening match of World Cup Qualifying. There was a time when the Vilita National Team was running at a rate of about 50% - dropping points in half of their World Cup Campaign openers on a rolling average basis. That all changed - and many say the curse lifted during the World Cup 77 campaign that not only saw the Vilita National Team victorious on the opening matchday but would ultimately see the team steamroll through to the World Cup title. For ten cycles, the curse was merely an afterthought as the Jungle Cats continued their unprecedented run of victories in World Cup Qualifying opening matches. In fact, the run from World Cup 76 through World Cup 86 could have, on its own, made for a great statistical anecdote should it have been applicable to the current campaign. But it wasn't. They didn't win the opening match of World Cup 87 Qualifying. Of course they didn't win the opening match of World Cup 76 Qualifying - nor of countless other World Cup cycle before that. Not so special.

Failing to score a goal in two straight games like the Jungle Cats did on Matchday two and Matchday three? Not so common for such a high intensity team as the Vilitan's - even at their prime the Jungle Cats struggle to keep the ball out of their own net almost as much as their opponents struggle to keep the Vilitans from scoring against them. It has happened, though, and the most recent exemplar was the famous defeat in World Cup 82 Qualifying when the Busoga Islands were 1-0 victors in Vilita to mark a landmark accomplishment for the tiny Islanders taking the result from the reigning World Cup Champions. It was the start of a 180+ minute clean sheet against the Jungle Cats who were held in their next match against Savojarna - the most recent time that Vilita were held without a goal in two straight matches... until World Cup 87 Qualifying. Once again. Notable, rare but ultimately it's happened before and the Jungle Cats have recovered from it. Not so special.

A team so bad that they could drop points to a team nearly 300 places lower than them in the World Rankings? Is that something that the Jungle Cats could recover from? The 0-0 draw with Hebitaka on Matchday 3 was notable in that the Jungle Cats dropped points to a team 283 places lower than them in the World Cup Committee's Rankings. An occasion even more rare than the previous two, for sure. Once again, however, it was not without precedent. The most recent example came 20 cycles prior during the Qualification for World Cup 67. The Jungle Cats opened that campaign up with a 1-1 draw against 311th ranked nation 'Bonny' - a nation over 300 places behind the Vilita National Team in the World Cup Committee Rankings. Despite the set back, the Vilitan's survived. They would recover from the dropped points and advance through to the World Cup Finals before being eliminated by Valanora in the Quarter Finals. Perhaps one of the rarest of the occurrences - but still one that happened before and still one the Jungle Cats recovered from. Not so special.

So while the Jungle Cats struggles in the first three matches of the World Cup 87 Qualifying cycle may seem unprecedented, it seems for the most part that they are... with precedent. Or are they? Lets raise the bar a little and check three final Litmus Tests - just to see if we can find something that justifies all the doom and gloom the Jungle Cats fanbase is feeling right now.

Litmus Test #4: Six Points Dropped to Start a Qualifying Campaign:

World Cup 87: (MD1) Vilita 1-1 Tequilo [-2 pts]; (MD2) Vilita 0-0 Newmanistan [-2 pts]; (MD3) Vilita 0-0 Hebitaka [-2 pts]

Last Time it Happened:
WC60Q	The Kytler Peninsulae	H	0	0	D
WC60Q Lymantatia A 1 2 L
WC60Q Lavonian Islands H 0 2 L

Curse Worthy?: Yes
Have You Ever?: Yes

Six dropped points to start off the World Cup Qualifying Campaign is certainly curse worthy and over the course of recorded history, you won't find many instances where as a top ranked side the Jungle Cats failed to secure points in so many consecutive matches. It has happened before, however, and it has happened in the modern era. Specifically, the famous World Cup 60 Qualifying campaign saw the Vilitan National Team drop points in each of its first three matches which included two defeats for a total of 8 points dropped out of 9. This stretch included the famed incident with the Giant Bird of Lymantatia but even this the Jungle Cats were able to overcome. Vilita would rally to advance to a rare playoff pod final where they were victorious over Ko-oren and Cosumar to advance to the World Cup 60 Finals. While they did not make the most of their opportunity - getting eliminated in the World Cup 60 Group Stage, it still counts as having recovered from their inept start to World Cup Qualifying. 27 cycles is about as far as the modern era stretches but the record is still there. Six points dropped in three matches to start off World Cup 60 Qualifying is nothing compared to the Eight points they dropped to start the World Cup 60 Campaign.

Litmus Test #5: Three Consecutive Draws:

World Cup 87: (MD1) Vilita 1-1 Tequilo; (MD2) Vilita 0-0 Newmanistan; (MD3) Vilita 0-0 Hebitaka

Last Time it Happened:
WC80Q	A	54	Savojarna	1	1	D
WC80Q H 206 Sevmenika 1 1 D
WC80Q H 21 Abanhfleft 2 2 D

Another Relevant Time it Happened:
WC77Q	A		Schutzenphalia and West Ruhntuhnkuhnland	0	0	D
WC77Q A Collatis 2 2 D
WC77Q H Kernovi 0 0 D

Yet Another Relevant Time it Happened:
WC61Q	Sanian Confederacy	A	2	2	D
WC61Q Bergnovania A 0 0 D
WC61Q Octinstine A 1 1 D

Curse Worthy?: Yes
Have You Ever?: Not to start a campaign!
But otherwise, Have You Ever?: Yes

Sure, the Jungle Cats may have actually done worse than three consecutive draws to start a World Cup Qualifying Campaign - but one thing they've never actually done is start the campaign off with three straight draws. Not dropping six points through two losses and a win in 3 matches. Not dropping more than six points via some mixture of draws and losses. Just three draws. In a row. To start the campaign. Has it ever happened before World Cup 87 Qualifying? No. It hasn't.

However, since we are looking at this from a standpoint of what implications it has on the Jungle Cats chances to Qualify for the World Cup Finals - does it matter? Well who knows. They've started off worse before and recovered from it. It does bring up an interesting question however. Have the Jungle Cats ever had three consecutive draws... at all?

Most notably during World Cup 61 Qualifiers, the Jungle Cats drew on Matchday 2, 3 and 4 - all three on the road - the closest they have ever come to drawing three straight matches to start a campaign and most certainly "Curse Worthy" in that instance as well due to being within the first three games of the cycle. The most recent time that Vilita drew three consecutive matches prior to their World Cup 87 Qualifying kick off, however, was during the Qualifiers for World Cup 80. a pair of 1-1 draws against Savojarna and 206th ranked Sevmenika - nearly 200 places lower than the Jungle Cats in the rankings at the time, were followed by a 2-2 draw with Qualification challengers Abanhfleft. Three straight draws just 7 cycles prior. In fact, an even more relevant exemplar came during Qualifications for World Cup 77 Qualifying as in the match against its longest name opposition in history, Schutzenphalia and West Ruhntuhnkuhnland, the Jungle Cats were held 0-0. Over that three match stretch - a 2-2 draw with Collatis was followed by another goalless draw against Kernovi. Three straight draws with two of them being goalless in nature. During World Cup 77 Qualifying. A cycle which the Jungle Cats would not only recover, but would ultimately win the World Cup.

If that doesn't turn the frowns of the Jungle Cat faithful around, nothing will. Certainly not this next stat.

Litmus Test #6: Two consecutive Goalless Draws (0-0 Result):

World Cup 87: (MD2) Vilita 0-0 Newmanistan; (MD3) Vilita 0-0 Hebitaka

Last Time it Happened:

Curse Worthy?: Yes
Have You Ever?: No, I've Never!

That's right. The Jungle Cats have done a lot of things during their history in the World Cup and World Cup Qualifications. Of course there are many things they haven't done. One of them is hit double digits. Despite being one of the first teams in history to put through 9 goals in a single match, the Jungle Cats have still never been able to find that 10th goal in a World Cup Qualifying or Finals match. One thing, however, can be crossed off that list.

While the Jungle Cats have certainly gone two or more consecutive matches without scoring a goal for themselves - as we proved in one of our first three litmus test examples, Litmus Test #5 raises an interesting question. While they did have two goalless draws in three games during the World Cup 77 Qualification cycle - have they ever had two goalless draws in... two games?

Naturally, the first place to look would be the Jungle Cats inaugural campaign. World Cup 13. Over the 18 match qualification cycle, the Jungle Cats scored a goal in just fourteen of those games. No goals at all in the first seven. But did they have two goalless draws in a row?

The Lowlands Clans		H	0	4	L
Snub Nose 38 A 0 1 L
Warnocks Wizards H 0 1 L
Lovebug A 0 1 L
The Belmore Family H 0 1 L
Dance2Revolution A 0 0 D
Lovisa H 0 1 L
Compound Interest H 2 1 W
Aserjin A 1 1 D
The Lowlands Clans A 0 2 L
Snub Nose 38 H 0 3 L
Warnocks Wizards A 0 2 L
Lovebug H 1 0 W
The Belmore Family A 0 2 L
Dance2Revolution H 0 1 L
Lovisa A 0 2 L
Compound Interest A 0 1 L
Aserjin H 4 2 W

The answer is No, No they didn't. Five losses, a goalless draw and another loss to set a record that will almost certainly never be broken in the modern era - or any era, seven straight Goalless matches to start a World Cup Qualifying campaign. Among them, however, no two consecutive matches were both goalless draws.

Incredibly, heading into the World Cup 87 Qualification cycle, the Vilita National Team had just as many consecutive results of 9-0, 8-7, 7-5 and 6-4 as they had on their record of 0-0. One. One in a row. Statistically, they were more likely to have consecutive results of 4-2 than of 0-0 - or even 5-1 as they had done for consecutive matches against Vartugia and Mattijana as recently as World Cup 83 Qualifying.

That all changed when the final whistle blew against 289th ranked Hebitaka. The Jungle Cats had both failed to score for 180 minutes straight, and, at the same time, shutout their opponents over that same time period. For a team that has rarely gone two matches without scoring a goal in their history, what does this mean for the Jungle Cats? Only time will tell if this string becomes just another footnote that the Jungle Cats ultimately recover from - or a true moment of significance for Jungle Cat Nation.

-¤-¤-¤World Cup 20 Champions¤-¤-¤-¤-¤-¤World Cup 68 Champions¤-¤-¤-
-¤-¤-¤World Cup 77 Champions¤-¤-¤-

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The Condors resisted the high altitude turbulence, soaring quietly.

Written by: Iván Sánchez.
07/03/1982 - 7:02 P.M.

The last window for World Cup Qualifiers was a complicated one for the Condors, that’s why the title means by high altitude, the two top ranked sides in a row for the team. Crunch time! Omar Caicedo was aware of the situation, to the point of mentioning “those matches are crucial and will determine if we are capable enough to pose a threat to them, we can either be sent to the middle of the table or consolidate ourselves as a solid team” First, Sargossa at the road, then receiving footballing-giants Audioslavia at the Estadio Nacional. If Huayramarca wants to win experience and pose themselves as a decent side, this was the time.

The entire team knew what was at stake in Sargossa, a complicated visit to San Márquez’s Estadio Silva, the eclectic neighborhood of San Silva was reminiscent to Huayramarca’s Metropolitan District (except for altitude back at home). Bryan Tello declared to media that “Hard work is our motto, let us demonstrate it at the pitch”. The players lined up for the game with the absence of Juan Mamani due to injury, Janpier Araya was the substitute in line for the match.

The Huayramarcan proposal for the match was about to be offensive, to control the game in the aspects they could, although, Sargossa would attempt to do so, hence, the risk was high but worthy to attempt for Omar Caicedo’s pupils. Sargossa showed their intentions for the match since the 7th minute, César Goyoso recovered a ball from Ian Mamani’s pass intention for Gabriel Sayritupac, Goyoso sent a cross to Agustín Soria, the winger controlled the ball and gave a pass to Diego Alejandro Costa to take the ball while running, Costa dodged Felipe Fernández and faced Araya, the goalkeeper went forward and tackled for the ball, his attempt was a failure and Costa shot, sending it to the crossbar. Araya managed to rescue the ball and fell on the ground in order to kill some seconds while Estadio Silva was in dementia about that missing.

Huayramarca was founding themselves against the ropes, Carlos Vilca was yellow-carded at the 22nd minute, Soria was running deep in the wing and swept in order to send the ball outside the pitch, the referee deemed that it was a reckless foul and carded Vilca. Sargossa took the free kick and it was a missed chance for the Corsairs, Huayramarca was breathing in relief, suffering was the constant denomination of those minutes for the Condors. Soria was enjoying a lot of freedom during the first half, Vilca was carded, hence a swap was made in order to put Felipe Fernández at his side, wing change. After that modification was made, Soria wasn’t that free player on the Corsair attack, Adrián Fonseca decided to swap strategies, now, some attempts for filtered passes straight to Mateo Manzanares in order to leave him in a privileged position to do a 1v1 against Araya, Bryan McAllister was trying to do as much as he can in order to break the zero for the Sargossans.

When Huayramarca seemed so close to receive a goal, at the 43rd minute, Huayramarca managed to have their first incursion into the Sargossan side of the field with enough danger, Orlando Mina gave a pass to Gabriel Sayritupac, the winger ran and found Ian Mamani alone in the midfield, the captain received the ball and moved some meters in order to find himself to shoot, then, he decided to shoot right into Alejandro Martínez’s goal, the captain’s kick found the net and let the Huayramarcans take the advantage on the score despite having few chances in the match.

The Condors were in a right position for the second half, taking the lead and trying to preserve it as much as they could, but that didn’t lasted for long, Abraham Mendoza sent a cross at the 54th minute but Juan Esnáider found the ball and sent it away, right into Manzanares’ feet, the striker was able to run freely since the Huayramarcan defense was almost into the midfield line, then found himself with Araya, Manzanares lofted the ball over the keeper and scored a fantastic goal to equalize the match, Estadio Silva erupted in happiness after an extraordinary goal.

The Sargossans tried to move forward their lines in order to get the advantage, the Huayramarcans were happy with tying at the second seed’s home, but as much as they tried, the Corsairs failed some chances to get the second goal. Saúl Castillo and Joshua Quispe entered in order to provide some fresh air to the squad, a move that turned to be a wise one for the Huayramarcans, at the 68th minute, Saúl Castillo tried a midrange effort which was deflected by Alejandro Martínez, corner kick, Abraham Mendoza kicked it and found Bryan Tello in the air, he nodded the ball with some difficultness but was able to change the ball trajectory, confusing Martínez and scoring the second goal.

Meanwhile, Huayramarca tried to hold the score, basically defending with 8 players near the box, parking the bus as some say. The Condors were able to keep it and getting three valuable points for the slow working plans they try to build. After that, another game against Audioslavia that ended in 0-0 at Estadio Nacional, earning another point that helps the Huayramarcan purpose of doing a decent campaign. Omar Caicedo said “We haven’t won anything, we have to do our job, with calmness and serenity in order to achieve our plans”.

Sargossa 1-2 Huayramarca

0-1 - 43' - Ian Mamani
1-1 - 54' - Mateo Manzanares
1-2 - 68' - Bryan Tello

Substitutions: 47' - Orlando Mina out, Saúl Castilo in.
66' - Ian Mamani out, Joshua Quispe in.
72' - Gabriel Sayritupac out, Edwin Condori in.

Yellow Cards: Carlos Vilca (22'), Nicolás Allauca (84').
Red Cards: Not shown.

Estadio Silva, San Márquez, Sargossa - Attendance: 62,543.

Huayramarca 0-0 Audioslavia 

Substitutions: 49' - Bryan Tello out, Mario Ccahuantico in.
83' - Orlando Mina out, Thiago Sepúlveda in.
87' - Ian Mamani out, Paolo Manco in.

Yellow Cards: Carlos Vilca (48'), Bryan Tello (59'), Thiago Sepúlveda (84')
Red Cards: Not shown.

Estadio Nacional de Huayramarca, Huayramarca D.M. - Attendance: 45,820.

Population: 36 million, demonym: Huayramarcan, capital city: Huayramarca D.M. Languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara.

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I Run To You

PART 4.2 (44.2) - Green Light (2/2)

About an hour after his ejection from the couple's suite, Asher *Chania* Lundrigan, as he specifically mentioned in the Vdaran Student Society, was lying in a guest bedroom of Amadou Secka's maganimous dacha. The clock striking at five-fifty and with sun starting to peek at the still-awake, he rolled around a couple of times on the bed while naked, before finally lying on his back against a comfortable bed in this room. Feeling as if a gigantic bullet has left a hole at the very centre of his being, Asher felt the hollowing winds breeze past him and closed his eyes.

There's nowhere else to hide, if I have to be honest. Asher thought, thinking about what had just happened since the moment he left the nightclub. I knew this was going to happen, the moment I pretended to be strong for those I love...they expect me everything and yes. It's like everybody ask me how I am doing, but I don't really have a lot of answers to give them. Past and present merge where we stand, like Inferno by that philosophe father had mentioned on the other side of the portal (author's note: It's Dante, duh)...and I live in the circles. One moment I lose control, I hurt her like that. Almost as if those decanters at the restaurant tables were us... he thought to himself.

Then, like that, he caught himself trapped into his past, the memories of his senior year of high school. 'No...the gaol...down and deep..the caverns held...the nights of darkness, and how the wolves howled and us chained against the wall...the night is perpetual and eternal on the cells there...' And hearing the sound of his colleagues drinking, playing cards and wearing clothes as a matter of punishment for a game of naked poker, he tried his best to cover his body and twitched back and forth and compared his weakness to that of a little child who was left out in the cold for Christmas. And then, as he used to do back when he was a catcher for both Erskine and St. Croix championship teams, he raised his hands to the sky and pretended to throw a ball as high as possible.

It was then that Asher realised he was the odd one among the six who had escaped to Amadou Secka's mansion from 'the orgy', and felt no comfort from it. He really was a lucky one after all. But then, who are we talking about? Like the initial thoughts of a famous sportsman Gianmarco Del Prete of San Ortelio, Asher always was enamoured into a romantic thought with her, but he was also aware that the promise of happiness would have been an unsuitable one for the man with smurf orgies on one roll of honour and the list of other miscellaneous sins on the other.

Somebody's gonna leave tomorrow, but this time she's pushing me away. With me as the guilty party again..he slurred, trying not to think back to what he had caused her the first time and would dread for its possible return. And again every bit of his mistakes, whether as eighteen or twenty-five year old he had made, would sap his energy away from the corps d'esprit as he accepted the guilt once again, for the five-hundred and fifty-eighth time.
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STL | Serviços de Transmissão Lusitana

New Lusitania 2-0 Melbergia
AlgarveArena (Att: 36 920)

The Selecção would return in the new year recharged and ready to go for another bout in the Qualifiers. The sunny South would provide a nice warm welcome for Melbergia, for what would be another match. The adversary had not started off the best, but New Lusitania has occasionally been the exact place where tides and fortunes turn. After the youngsters’ strong showing last time, a good percentage of the team remained with the only change being the return of Bruno Fernando to midfield, though Veiga lost out on his position to create a different 3-5-2, with three central midfielders, Palhagueira resorting to a more natural, holding position. Forwards remained the same and some questioned if Grilo was treating the game as “low-priority” to which he responded in the pre-game conference as “something out of the question, (New Lusitania) are coming in to play with full force and after previous attempts to do something like is being suggested, it’s unthinkable, so in no way are you seeing that in the near future”.
The ball soon rolled in the Algarve and the team looked to be on good form. Pedro Caldeirão seemed to be adapting to his new role well and did some good interplay with the rest of the team to get the ball forward. The opening goal has a lot of credit given to him as a good counter-attack opportunity sprung and with support he managed to make the run passing to the side to Guerra, who finally got a goal for the national team. The second half would mean a long wait to the second Selecção goal, showing how Melbergia can offer up resistance, more so than some pundits believed. Sixty-fourth minute. Daniel Jota got it in well as the ball curved ever so slightly, following an excellent aerial ball by Gama waiting on the win leaving the keeper stretching for the ball. Another good win for the team kept the form going for now as the shadow of Banija already appeared in the distance, a couple of games away.

Saltstead 0-1 New Lusitania
King William VII National Park, Ashwell (Att: 71 021)

The second match provided a journey to a big name in the sport, one which had sadly been forgotten in recent times. A portion of the team returned because of that, namely Silveira in the forward position and Cancela at right-back; Veiga was back to usual and Horta finally saw the pitch again after a large period on the bench due to Guerra’s form. This was always going to be a match of nerves, a match of big proportions and a match that could indicate who would, eventually, in the end of it all, manage to get the slightest chance of being at the World Cup. So, the match itself was of course going to be more of a war to see who could get to the other side and manage to challenge the keeper. Saltstead would get there first, Haraudsen getting as close as a finger to the goal, before that exact finger saved New Lusitania. The Selecção themselves wouldn’t be too far off and would occasionally try to dance and fight their way across the pitch – Gama had one of his traditional post hits for the national squad, Silveira put a header over during the game for example.
Saltstead actually got it in at one point, the Ship-in-Straxe forward doing it once more, but after the linesman started to wave his flag, the goal was pulled back due to an offside. Upon several replays of trying to find a decent angle, Van Bleck was seemingly off by just a bit, but clear enough to see in the naked eye. A goal would come late, at a point where some would have already convinced themselves that the draw was all that ever was and ever would be, for that matter. Horta showed his usefulness upon his return in stunning fashion as a nice cross of the ball provided Silveira to score one, all that the Selecção needed, on the eighty-fifth minute.
An extremely hard fought battle by the two sides, but in the end the Sevilha player pulled through at just the right time to take another three points. After, seven matches in the group, New Lusitania were second and three points off invict leaders Banija, that early loss to Thibaea being all the difference. The referred’s loss to the leaders meant they were now equal in points with Saltstead, six points behind with the Stallions beating Jeruselem on the sixth game, leaving them a point behind in fifth. Oberour Ar Moro are also two points behind from Saltstead meaning it can all still be easily turned by qualifiers end. New Lusitania though are doing alright for now, but two of the toughest games close their first half and their season in May, with Vangaziland – the one that has come closest to beating Banija – and the World Champions themselves… Banija… closing off the first batch of games. It may be demoralizing for some, but Courage New Lusitnia, the road is long.
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Previous RP (Chapter 3 Part 4)

RP Series: Getting to the top
Chapter 3: New Year, New Goals
Part 5: Elves and Dragons

In short, we got outsmarted by Krytenia's Dragons. Outplayed. Out...whatever.
Honestly against second seeds Krytenia, expecting a good result from the start is just overconfidence on anyone's part. But with the mental determination not to lose heavily, the team went in with just that, aiming to put at least 1 point and open up a gap ahead of the 6 pointer against Farfadillis. Nothing of that sort happened at all, against a determined Krytenia side willing to give 125% just to ensure that they keep pace after their previous loss against the Remnant States. And within the first 40 minutes, 2 goals from the home side already showed the difference. Poafmersia was just unable to react to the first 2 goals properly, as panic endured among the players at the end of the first half. Crucially, it was 2 goals from Aubrey Mayer that attempted to pull the team within 1 difference by the 74th minute, but the team's defence erred as Krytenia just smashed two more to hand Poafmersia their joint-largest defeat once again in a World Cup Qualifier.
Manager Adnan Suliaha was apologetic after the match. "Maybe it was a few tactical mistakes at the front. Our defence is also an issue that we have been unable to fix for some time, and honestly we could have done better to prevent such a trash result. We will have lots of review after this match before we play Farfadillis 6 days later." The players in the defence would likely be swoped little by little, as the team progresses towards the midway mark where Poafmersia would want to maximise the points obtained for now.

Poafmersia 1
Pete Carisa 74'

Socialist New Britain 0

Lineup for Poafmersia (4-3-3): Sandi Jaliaha; Ariel Casey, Alex Hoboson, Mitchel Rosales, Natalia Abbott; Daas Taisg, Woden Sweet, Gisiik Moonar; Hansel Tang, Shakira Handris (c), Pete Carisa
Substitutes: Emma Conner (Tang 59'), Josef Gentry (Abbott 64'), Nero Wood (Taisg 78')

Krytenia 5
Sinton 21
Sunday 36
Belmwr 59, 86
Smith 90+1

Poafmersia 2
Aubrey Mayer 70, 74

Lineup for Poafmersia (4-3-3): Sandi Jaliaha; Nasri Sanchez, Mitchel Rosales, Hollis Stephenson, Josef Gentry; Arnold Shwentin, Woden Sweet, Gisiik Moonar; Joel Haodao (c), Makana Tuft, Aubrey Mayer
Subsitutes: Donk Mason (Shwentin 59'), Shakira Handris (Tuft 68') Ftiks Wariq (Sweet 77')
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A field in Eura
Many years ago

'Come on lads! God is with us!' A hail of musket shot passing narrowly over General Williams' head did not deter him in the slightest. ‘Hold your ground! Do not back away, you are men of the Reach, you are built of sterner stuff than these bastards!’ They were; the “red jackets” of Lord Baker’s army had fought on and off for thirty six hours against an army that outnumbered them two to one, through the night and a rainstorm that morning. The battlefield near Pooltree had already turned into a muddy mess, and was threatening to become a boggy grave outright. Bodies had at first been strewn everywhere, but now they were beginning to gather in stinking heaps, being used as makeshift barriers and cover. The line was barely holding together. Artillery continued to rain down from both directions, even with both lines being engaged in hand to hand combat in some sections. And yet, despite all that, Baker’s army were still holding the ridgeline they had invited the Bastonians to attack the day before.

From his position at the centre, Baker had a good view of the entire line even in the smoke and chaos. Field Marshall Granger had committed thousands of his infantry into a bloodbath through the day and night. Possibly a third of his army was dead or dying. Cavalry had proven useless, cut down against infantry squares and artillery, although Baker had also lost most of his in failed counterattacks. Baker had more guns left but not enough to change the mathematics; his army was losing a man for every two Bastonians, but he had no reinforcements, whereas tens of thousands had joined the ranks of the Great Army’s battlefield formation overnight from its massive reserve camps nearby. He was running out of time to break them – and he would have to, as his army could not survive round two or even three against the rest of the Great Army. His opposite number had reason to be confident, even more so when he witnessed the next development.

‘We’ve got them! They’re breaking on the left. We’ve bloody got them! General Warren, come here.’ One of Granger’s most senior sycophants cantered over. ‘What do you see?’ The General squinted, before eagerly replying like the good little fascist he tried to so hard to be. ‘A big gap emerging sir, that must be a couple of companies that have completely given way. Finally, we have the breakthrough. My Lord, I beg you, give me the opportunity to charge through with my cavalry and finish this battle once and for all.’
‘You have my blessing. Run the filth through!’ Warren roared out to his cavalrymen and had them organised within minutes, a terrifying display of discipline among ten thousand or so riders. Then they set off, galloping up the slope of the ridge across the grasslands that had been scorched and muddied by combat.

It would only be minutes before this battle was over, thought Granger, already picturing his name in the annals of history; the greatest military leader Bastion had ever seen, that all of Eura or even Terranea had ever seen. Could they take Baker alive? It would be immensely satisfying to watch the squeamish turd squirm as his men hacked the rabble of his so-called army to pieces. ‘Field Marshal, my Lord!’
Goodness, just dream of it!
‘To the west, look!’ Granger turned his head to see what his adjutant was referring to, and his jaw dropped the moment he realised what he was seeing.

Baker had a very different reaction, feeling a surge of excitement throughout his body, even as an existentially threatening swarm of elite cavalry from the Bastion Imperial Guard bore down on a massive gap in his front line. He flicked out his little brass telescope and scanned the horizon to see the most beautiful sight he had ever laid eyes upon. ‘Sir, what do you see?’
‘What do I see? That, my dear friend, is salvation.’ It was the army that was promised – General Hartson of the Federalists, who had marched for months from the Great Army’s rear while trying to avoid fighting it alone, had arrived. His infantry still had some marching to do, but his cavalry were making haste for the fight. ‘How many have come Baker?’
‘Hartson promised me a minimum of fifty thousand soldiers, and if I am not mistaken, that is a whole bloody lot more.’

‘No! What are they doing?’ Granger clutched his hair so hard he almost pulled it out as the Imperial Guard cavalry, having just spotted what was coming, swerved off their charge and cut across their own infantry to get back to their own lines before they were flanked. ‘No, get them to stop! Baker is beaten!’ Granger’s panicked aides and other officers were frozen to the spot. ‘Did you hear me?’
‘Sir, we should pull the men back, we need-‘
‘No we will fucking not! Look at that front, look at it. Baker is beaten! His line is blown away. They’ll collapse any moment. I want my cavalry to engage them, and my infantry to follow them in. Ramsdale!’ Normally one of the cockiest of the bunch, Ramsdale was now shivering with fear. ‘Get out there with your dragoons and get that fucking coward to re-engage.’
‘Just get out there!’

Over the course of the next half an hour, utter chaos unfolded for the Great Army due to a combination of shock, battle fatigue and confusion. The Imperial Guard’s manoeuvre was a disaster as they found themselves targeted by the remaining artillery on the ridge, decimated before they could retreat and left struggling to get back as the Federalist cavalry stormed the battlefield. Further reinforcements were now arriving as the Callodownians and a small army of Samebans, the Archduke of Borkin’s men, had turned up to reinforce the rear. Granger’s worst nightmares, which had been deeply suppressed in his triumphalist, arrogant mind-set, were suddenly coming to fruition all at once. His own infantry, the “blackshirts”, the core to all of his battle plans, had stopped advancing just short of Baker’s lines and were now being gunned down amidst their hesitation. Then, in disarray, they began to fall back, but with so many men behind them and heaps of bodies to pass, they had nowhere to go.

Despite everything standing in their way, the alliance had come through, and now the unthinkable had become very possible; Great Army of the Kingdom of Bastion was about to lose a battle and quite possibly a war. From a position of strength, with two hundred thousand troops on the field and four times that in reserve not too far behind, they were facing a remarkable defeat. But those reserves, while not the elite, were just as much a problem, which is why this victory for the allies had to be an utterly crushing one. Baker knew, and yet he felt convinced it would happen as General Hartson reached his position, Federalist blue banners with a gold star right behind him. ‘Baker! It’s damned good to see you still in the fight sir.’
‘I fear we might not have been in it for very long if you had not arrived. Look at this.’ Baker pointed ahead to the masses of black uniformed infantry panicking a few hundred metres away, slowly falling back down the ridge against a tide of gunfire from reinvigorated allied lines. The gaps were gone now and every salvo was being fired in total harmony.

‘The Great Army, allegedly.’
‘Indeed. It seems they are there for the taking.’
‘That they are. Williams!’ Baker’s most reliable commander was dirty and blood stained but back with the command group, taking his opportunity to get back once the blackshirts had begun to fall back. ‘How are the men?’
‘Firing into the crowd Baker – we’ll be out of range after a few more paces.’
‘Well, we did not come here just to hold on to a hill. General…’ Baker cracked a smile and popped away his telescope with a smug grin. ‘…I think we ought to advance, don’t you?’
‘I agree. Alright, officers, with me.’ Williams rode forward to the front of the infantry line and dismounted his horse. There was no circumstance under which he would not be following his men into the next round of battle. ‘Army of the allies, hear me loud and clear. This is the hour. This is the day. Fix bayonets!’

Across the ridge the refreshed wall of red, now dotted with a collection of blue, purple and darker crimson uniforms, began a slow but confident advance down the ridge, bayonets gleaming in the sun. The blackshirts struggled to bring themselves together into hastily assembled lines, their command structure having fallen apart, and the poor visibility from the bottom of the topography limiting their awareness of the attacking enemy. When they did a deathly crescendo of gunfire and cannon shot rang across the valley, as Baker’s army tried its hardest to kick their enemy while it was down. After only a couple of salvoes being exchanged, the lines of black uniforms melted away and scarpered, desperately retreating, routed decisively. Granger was facing a defeat, but there was a risk of an actual disaster now. Thanks to the confines of his ideology, the most infamous Euran fascist in history was about to guarantee it.

‘Get them back in amongst us and reorganise a line, three ranks all around, and get the cavalry out to the right away from the Federalist scum. We’ll let Baker come down this ridge, let him think he has us beaten, then attack him from behind.’
‘Lord, I’m not sure we have much cavalry left to speak of.’
‘Then bloody find me some! Where is Ramsdale, why hasn’t he returned?’
‘He fell Field Marshal, along with the rest of them.’
‘Fucking hell! Fuck!’ Granger had lost the battle and his most senior officers were beginning to think he’d lost himself. Their illustrious leader threw his fist down on a map table, having long dismounted before he could resist the urge to join the fighting himself. ‘General Potter, how many guns do we have?’
‘Barely thirty. Sir, I must insist we move you from the battlefield; we don’t have the means to reverse this situation. Let’s get out now and make use of the rest of the forces we have available.’

Potter waited a while for a response from his infuriated commander. Out of nowhere, Granger withdrew a pistol and shot the General in the chest. Even amidst the overwhelming sound of battle, the shot made every single one of the command group skip a heartbeat. ‘Do any more of Bastion’s esteemed officer corps wish to betray their oath, and betray their country? Speak then, please do.’ There was complete silence. ‘The cowardice of this man. Does he not believe in me? Do you not believe in me? Remember, I have been in worse situations than this, and I have won! We shall stay here, and we shall turn this battle on its head. We are men of a greater class, a superior disposition, and I will not countenance us running for the hills! No. We have Baker beaten. We just need to get behind him. Baron Phales, take the rest of your cavalry and lancers, and attack Baker’s infantry from the right.’
‘That is madness, Granger. Call the retreat or I will.’
‘I will allow you that one turn of insolence Baron, but no more. Go on the attack now.’ Baron Phales was no yes man and could see the writing on the wall. Nevertheless, like the rest of them, he’d bend when pushed hard enough. He moved to carry out the order.

It would prove to be an unmitigated disaster for them. The remaining mounted units of the Great Army on the field that day swung around the massive infantry formations at the centre to attack the allied infantry. To their misfortune, Baker’s remaining cavalry were ready to intercept along with the virtually untouched Federalist riders, who were high on confidence after ravaging the disorganised blackshirts since their arrival. After an initial volley of gunfire from the rear and middle ranks of Baker’s infantry and some sporadic artillery bombardment, the allied cavalry smashed into their fascist opponents on the move, and quickly cut them to ribbons, as Granger and his remaining officers watched with disbelief. Suddenly, they and tens of thousands of their infantry were stuck at the bottom of a nearly flat but nevertheless inclined valley, on boggy ground, with barely a horse between them and a handful of field guns left.

The Federalist infantry had now arrived as well, meaning the fascists were outnumbered almost two to one and flanked on both sides. Confident now that their moment had come, Baker allowed Hartson to take control of the final stage of the battle. He allowed himself to advance on horseback to the ridgeline for the first time since the first shots of the battle to watch Hartson’s finishing move. Baker had become a spectator, but he had already done enough to be remembered as the figurehead of the allies triumph. At the bottom of the valley, Granger had only just begun to stir from his rage-induced blindness to the truth of the situation. ‘The infantry will make a final stand here. Are Potter’s guns still firing? They will have to cover our retreat, get us horses-‘ He was interrupted by a bloodied Lieutenant collapsing to his knees in front of him. ‘Lord, you must leave! They’re encircling us!’ It was true; the allied cavalry had rounded them and cut off the gap to the south, warming themselves up by tearing apart the rear supply wagons.

After a couple of hours of increasingly catastrophic developments, the great Field Marshall Granger finally gave in to fear of mortality and discarded his misguided, supremacist self-belief in him and his army. As the encirclement tightened, small gaps were appearing where allied troops had broken formation to engage in brutal hand to hand fighting with their beleaguered enemy. The Lieutenant had found one of these gaps for his commander, a small nearby wood to the southeast; Granger mounted up with his guard unit of twenty men and a select few officers and moved to retreat into it, hoping to come out of the other side undetected due to the haze of smoke and late afternoon mist covering the battlefield. Neither Baker nor Hartson (or any other allied commander present) had the slightest idea their enemy was making his exit, having assumed he had already done so and that they would need to fight and beat him again in just a few days’ time.

Before Granger and his entourage could reach the wood the path of events took one final, decisive turn. A Reach infantryman, unknown to history other than as one of the brave few who had fought under Baker for a day and a half at Pooltree, spotted the familiar outlines of Bastonian officers on horseback ahead of him. Not knowing who they were exactly but fancying himself a medal and being in possession of one of the few rifles available in this era, the unidentifiable lone soldier took a hopeful shot through the smoky haze. One figure went down and the soldier, buoyed by his luck, continued on fighting in the knowledge he’d at least made one other bastard die before he could. What he could not have known was that his bullet didn’t hit just any old blackshirt; it struck Granger, the “Butcher of Directus”, the biggest individual threat to a free Eura among its hundreds of millions of citizens and the glue that held the Great Army together as a fighting force.

It was a bullet with Granger’s name on it. It cut through his chest just below the left shoulder and sent him tumbling off his horse at speed. Unnoticed by all but one of the riders racing to apparent safety, Granger lay dying in the mud. The one man to stay behind, his personal messenger, rolled Granger over and watched the light leave his eyes, without any famous last words to report. A few days later, that messenger would be found himself among the wreckage of battle lying on top of the downed Field Marshal. Rumours were already spreading that Granger had not returned with his guard to the massive reserve armies. The discovery of his body by the allies was a moment to savour; they sent messengers out to every town and city in a day’s riding distance, and made sure at least one would be intercepted by their enemy. His death and the undeniable massacre of so many Bastonians in one engagement sent shockwaves through the Great Army, leading to many thousands of desertions. Its only major weaknesses - reliance on one strong leader and his core shock troops, and numbers inflated by unreliable conscripts – had been laid bare by defeat.

Within a week, Lord Baker, General Williams and General Hartson would lead the allied army to a less famous but actually more numerically astonishing victory, killing well over a hundred thousand Bastonians and crucially capturing a similar amount at the massive Battle of the Golden Fields. It was, at that stage, the largest land battle ever fought in Euran history to be over in a single day. By the end of that month, the allies would retake Directus without a shot being fired, having essentially demolished the Great Army. They would formally unite as one force for the first time – the Four Star Alliance – and hoist the first purpose designed all-Euran flag. An iteration of the existing Federalist Army flag, it was blue, with four gold stars arranged over an outline of Eura’s borders of that era. An unprecedented situation had developed where a multi-factional alliance of Euran states and organisations had unified under one formal, equal banner, and with the express purpose of forming a united Euran nation state. The leaders of the various Sameban microstates were invited to join as one entity, but they fatefully decided to decline.

A catastrophe had unfolded for the Kingdom of Bastion and its tyrannical project. But for Eura as a whole, this was a miracle. The future United Federation of Eura, still an idea on the drawing board when Lord Baker and his hundred thousand decided to make their stand at Pooltree, was now becoming a reality.
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Postby Muralos » Tue Jan 19, 2021 6:21 pm

La Gazeto de Sportatoj
Muralosian National Soccer Team Wins 5-4, Loses 4-5
Player Profile (First Installment): #20 Valora Lin
By Jiazheng Fan

On Sunday, the Muralosian national soccer team played two World Cup qualifying matches, one against Havynwilde and the other against TJUN-ia. The Hawks were no stranger to either national team, as Havynwilde had hosted the recent 11th Independent Associations' Championship, in which the former Muralosian men's soccer team reached the eighth-final before a 1-2 loss to New Lusitania and the Algarves. TJUN-ia had reached the eighth-final of the IAC-11 as well, before a 3-6 loss to Megistos.

Still, Sunday's matches marked the Hawks' first time facing Havynwilde and TJUN-ia directly.

The Havynwilde and TJUN-ia squads of the IAC-11 were nothing like their present form in the World Cup qualifiers. Both are considerably stronger in form than they were last year. To most Muralosian sports analysts, as well as members of the Hawks, Havynwilde's improvement makes sense: while the nation drafted a groupof youth players to compete in the IAC-11, their World Cup roster is more evenly split between seasoned players and the youthful IAC-11 squad members. This arrangement has translated into a respectable showing for the Hayvish national team, who are now fifth in qualifying group 3 with a 3-1-3 record.

TJUN-ia, however, remains somewhat of an enigma. Their roster has not changed since the IAC-11, but the difference between their spotty IAC run and their World Cup qualifier run is stark. With a 5-0-2 record in the World Cup qualifiers, the TJUN-ian team is second in qualifying group 3 with the same number of wins as Cassadaigua, whose squad boasts a 5-2-0 record. This result represents a huge turnaround from TJUN-ia's IAC-11 campaign. Perhaps it can be explained by the squad's world ranking at no. 56. No way can a squad be amongst the top 20% of ranked international teams without tough, cooperative, and resilient members with plenty of experience to boot.

According to multiple members of the Muralosian national soccer team, the Muralos-Havynwilde match was more nerve-racking due to Havynwilde's new roster, while the Muralos-TJUN-ia match would be one of the few "known quantities" in the Hawks' road to the World Cup. While the Hawks were right about Havynwilde's squad being a potential dark horse, their prediction about TJUN-ia was wildly inaccurate. Both Havynwilde and TJUN-ia have formidable teams, and both teams gave the Hawks a hard time.

Against Havynwilde in Urbego's Komcatt Arena, the Hawks managed to win 5-4. Havynwilde's play reminded many commentators of the style of play that the former Muralosian men's team encountered at the IAC-11: an aggressive, attacking style in which every player could be a scoring threat.

"I remember thinking about this when the men's Hawks were playing in Havynwilde, how important it would be to expect the unexpected: a defender scoring a goal from range, players just going for goal without any sort of elaborate setting-up. It seems like we're going to see this again today with the IAC-11 hosts themselves," Radio Muralana-Sportema's Kirill Chen declared while commenting on the match.

Within the first 30 minutes of the Muralos-Havynwilde match, Havynwilde's midfielder Bennie Cox and striker Taran Tinó brought their team up to a 2-0 lead. The anxieties of Muralosian fans were quelled somewhat in the 32nd minute, when Muralosian midfielder Galina Shchedrina delivered a cross from the right of the pitch to striker Valora Lin, who headed the ball over Havynwilde's goalkeeper Michael Nicholson.

Still, at the half, Muralos trailed Havynwilde 1-2. When asked about the Hawks' performance during half-time, Muralosian head coach Jozefo Koltakov told La Gazeto that "I believe in our Hawks' ability to keep possession and take chances; we may very well be able to turn this game around."

Koltakov's prediction was accurate, but the Muralosian comeback would not be as simple as most sports analysts imagined it. Indeed, it seemed at first that Koltakov had missed the mark entirely; Havynwilde's Cox scored another goal in the 50th minute, and winger Darien Vaughen followed in the 57th minute. The score was now 4-1 in favor of Havynwilde.

Soon, however, it became clear to the Hawks that they would need to beat Havynwilde at their own game. Muralos' midfielders Vilhelmo Lumin and Nikolaj Granda scored high-flying goals in minutes 61 and 69, respectively. Off of a corner kick, Valora Lin delivered another header in the 75th minute; with that, the score was tied.

It was not until 2 minutes before stoppage time that the Hawks' victory would be assured. As Havynwilde's back four attempted to mount a last-ditch counterattack, Muralosian striker Rui found the ball and passed it to Adamo Brava, who managed to dribble past Havynwilde's Anthony Jones and score.

Muralos 5 - 4 Havynwilde

Komcatt Arena, Urbego, Muralos
Lin 32', Lumin 61', Granda 69', Lin 75', Brava 88' | Cox 9', Tinó 24', Cox 50', Vaughen 57'

Valora Lin, the 24 year-old striker for the Muralosian national soccer team and the CSKA Urbego women's team, is one of Muralos' most notable soccer players to date. She was born in the Muralosian capital Urbego to parents of Chinese heritage (though they hailed from Li Qing, which is now the Confederation of Indigenous Australian States). Her father was a long-time employee of the Muralosian enterprise Komcatt, joining the company in its fledgling days as a manufacturer of unwieldy, brick-like cell phones. Her mother teaches Chinese at Urbego's Zamenhof High School. Lin also has a younger brother, Ludovico, who shows much promise as a basketball player.

Lin grew up in Urbego, attending the city's Félicien de Ménil Elementary School, Central Urbego Middle School, and Zamenhof High School. In these years, she took an interest in mathematics as well as soccer, taking great interest in the Muralosian Mathematic Association problem-solving contests for youth. Her dedication to math paid off as much as her dedication to sport. Having completed most of Zamenhof High School's math sequence by the end of middle school, she graduated from the school in two-and-a-half years instead of the usual four. While the girl's soccer of Zamenhof High School had a spotty record, they recorded a stunning 3-1 victory against the boy's soccer team of Nord-Urbo High School in a rare friendly match. Lin was one of the goalscorers for Zamenhof High.

Instead of a University League powerhouse, Lin chose to attend Nord-Urbo Women's College and obtain a two-year associates' degree, which she was able to complete in one year. With Lin's presence on NUWC's University League team, NUWC advanced to their first University League final in the school's 40-year history. That same year, Lin received her first call-up to the CSKA Urbego women's team, as well as the former Muralosian national women's soccer team.

Against TJUN-ia, the tables turned for the Hawks, though the first half of the match was rather favorable, ending 2-2. Unfortunately, the late goalscorer this time around was a player for TJUN-ia, substitute player Preston Chapman.

Muralos 4 - 5 TJUN-ia

Tiankong Stadium, Tiankong, TJUN-ia
Rui 35', Brava 42', Lumin 63', 70' | Podolov 3', 8'; Ulawaya 50', 53'; Chapman 86'

The Muralosian national team next faces Busoga Islands and Hispinas on Tuesday.
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11th Independent Associations Championship - Eighth-finalists (round of 16)
2nd International Football Cup - Champions
Asian Archipelago Embassy Cup - Quarterfinalists
Asian Archipelago Soccer Cup - Champions

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Postby Taeshan » Tue Jan 19, 2021 6:24 pm

And just like that, we're half way there.
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