World Cup 87 - RP Thread

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]


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Postby Rangers FC » Sun Jan 17, 2021 6:05 pm


Ahoy there, pals! Sorry for not publishing the last scheduled episode of Life Advice with Broxi the Bear - there were some green-and-white fans outside and I felt the need to go at them with a crowbar. Turns out chasing some random people with a crowbar takes a lot of time, which was time that I couldn’t spend on publishing my famous life advice which you all dearly love. Anyhow, we’ve received some more letters from our foreign friends (and some local ones!), so let’s get cracking! This first letter is from Sylestone:

Dear Broxi,

This is the Toilet from Sylestone, and I have been getting very clogged up and dirty recently. I tried to get some cleaners and plumbers in, but they've all tried to put water down some... odd places for me. What should I do next?

Many poop piles,

Oh dear, this situation sounds most disturbing. I better try and help this poor fella!

Dear Toilet,

It’s no wonder that I could smell a pungent aroma of shit coming from this letter, judging by what you’ve told me. Last I checked, Toilet Grenades are great for unclogging toilets (as the name suggests), so please ingest one of those and report back to me with the results.


I think I need to go wash my hands and dump this letter into the nearest fireplace now, ew! I’ll go rinse my hand with as much soap as possible, and after that we’ll get on to the next letter:

Dear Broxi the Bear,

Due to actions you committed against a group of people a few days ago, you are being asked to pay a fine of £1000, or face 30 hours of community service.

If you do not comply, your fine will increase, or you face the possibility of a seizure of your assets. If you still refuse to comply, you will be arrested. Please pay your fine at the nearest police station.

Glaskopolis Police Service

Oooh, how odd, a letter from our beloved police! I better write them a note of thanks.

Dear The Police,

I have committed many crimes during my time on this Earth, and I shall commit many more. You cannot track me down, and whenever I do, I always evade capture. Those green-and-white fans deserved what was coming to them, and you know it. In the words of a great poet:


Catch me if you can,

Ah, I love the police. They’re always so friendly, aren’t they? Next letter:

Dear Broxi,

Can I ask what you were doing in Xanneria? I heard that you and a couple of the Rangers faithful were there, and I’m wondering if the rumours are true - and if so, why? Please get back to me as urgently as possible, I need to know?

P. J. Paul

Hrm? Xanneria? Where’s that? I’ve never even heard of a Xanneria!

Dear Mr. Paul,

Lies, lies, and more lies. I cannot confirm nor deny that I was in a nation known as Xanneria, and I cannot confirm nor deny that I was ever in this nation known as Xanneria for espionage purposes. I also cannot confirm nor deny that we did this in an attempt to help Vdara, since that would be preposterous.

Don’t be so nosy, otherwise I’ll be coming for you.

Be careful in future,

I’ll need to search up Xanneria one day, because I’ve certainly never heard of it! Anyways, this will be our last letter, so let’s hope it’s a good one!

Dear Broxi,

All my life, I have enjoyed eating kiwis. They have been a delight of my life, and I love their texture, and their sour taste. The insides are just so delicious, and it helps me sleep at night after I’ve eaten a kiwi. Have you ever tried a kiwi? I love kiwis.

P.S. I mean the bird, not the fruit ;)

Kiwi Lover

Erm... I’m not sure how to respond to that.

Dear Kiwi Lover,

You’re a sick fuck, you know that? I mean, I’m not the best example of a person, but come on, man! Kiwis are some of the most beautiful creatures on this earth, you gotta leave them alive!

If you eat one more of those beautiful birds, I am going to find you. I’ll chop you up into little bits, and you’ll be fed to the kiwis that you love to brutally murder, you sicko.


...I don’t even have any more words to say, that was just disgusting. I think I’m going to puke, honestly. We didn’t really have any good letters today, so if any of you guys out there have a letter that I can actually enjoy reading, please send it to 1872 Staunch Avenue, Glaskopolis, R4N6 3RS (or telegram me).

Cheery bye, everyone!
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Postby Vilita » Sun Jan 17, 2021 6:11 pm



Jungle Cats Rebound after Slow Start

Tivali Ring Stadium, Alikki-Corra, Vilita :: After a dismal start to their World Cup 87 Qualifying campaign that saw the Vilita National Team secure just 3 points from a possible 9, the two-match swing against lowly ranked nations Widaya and Khytonya was a welcome reprieve from the string of upset results as the Jungle Cats took multi-goal victories in both matches. Kicking things off at home, the Vilitans exploded for four goals in the final fifteen minutes of the first half to take a 4-1 lead into the half and set the match out of reach. After dropping points in each of their first three matches, the Vilitan Coaching staff wasn't taking many chances and put out a strong lineup to face Widaya with Mako Canopii in net, Nii'arala Milaaso on the attack and a slew of veteran players elsewhere in the starting 11.

Milaaso contributed to the opener in the 27th minute setting up the effort that was pushed aside for a corner kick. Strike FC's Jirak Trikala converted the corner kick to give Vilita the lead. Just 3 minutes later Nii'arala Milaaso doubled the Jungle Cats lead before Polaox Torerun netted a double to close out the opening forty five minutes . The visitors got a single goal in return to make the score 4-1 headed into the half time interval. In the second half it was a dream come true for youngster Trezisi Rokopolis who scored their first career international goal in the 51st minute. It was the fifth of the match for the Jungle Cats who would hold on for a 5-2 victory, their first of the campaign.

In the second of two matches - on the road against Khytonya, the Jungle Cats continued to get an unexpected boost from the seemingly ageless Turoki Tide midfielder Poloax Torerun. Torerun had the winning goal for the Jungle Cats in a 3-1 victory that also saw a goal from Veteran attacker Sipke Tarala. It was also the second consecutive start for the Yeaddin Owls goalkeeper Mako Canopii. The back-to-back victories, the first of the campaign for the Jungle Cats, flip the script on the outlook for the Vilitan Qualification Chances for World Cup 87 as the Jungle Cats have climbed back into the Top 3 of the Group 17 standings and have retaken their destiny into their own hands as they resume their quest to return to the World Cup Finals.

Vilita [5] - [2] Widaya

GOALS: Vilita :: 27' Jirak Trikala:: 30' Nii'arala Milaaso:: 39' Polaox Torerun:: 41' Polaox Torerun:: 51' Trezisi Rokopolis
STATS: Vilita :: Possession: 61%:: Shots: 8:: Corners: 15 Widaya :: Possession: 39%:: Shots: 8:: Corners: 7
Lineup: [GK] Mako Canopii, [D.] Lohani Riiyaaw, [D.] Jirak Trikala, [D.] Inteali Koranjo, [ML] Jurzen Devmiko, [MC] Cywrenta Vlintejni, [MC] Kudii Davasarii, [MC] Jyuola Mtalata, [MR] Polaox Torerun, [FC] Nii'arala Milaaso, [FC] Enzoril Alabonni
Bench: [FC] Tenziki Kulakao, [FC] Berali Tzufarei, [M] Trezisi Rokopolis, [M] Limu Katarakhna, [U ] Tyoasi Klipark, [D] Rojara Tiones, [GK] Striitca Virahat

Vilita [3] - [1] Khytonya

GOALS: Vilita :: 33' Tenziki Kulakao:: 67' Polaox Torerun:: 73' Sipke Tarala
STATS: Vilita :: Possession: 58%:: Shots: 8:: Corners: 15 Khytonya :: Possession: 42%:: Shots: 5:: Corners: 2
Lineup: [GK] Mako Canopii, [D.] Inteali Koranjo, [D.] Rintala Sekagaya, [D.] Monner Vileai, [ML] Jurzen Devmiko, [MC] Limu Katarakhna, [MC] Polaox Torerun, [MR] Jyuola Mtalata, [FC] Clarana Refiami, [FC] Tenziki Kulakao, [FC] Sipke Tarala
Bench: [FC] Enzoril Alabonni, [FC] Fishtii Blikala, [M] Lentali Purama, [M] Kudii Davasarii, [U ] Cywrenta Vlintejni, [D] Rojara Tiones, [GK] Striitca Virahat

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Postby Huayramarca » Sun Jan 17, 2021 6:13 pm


The process continues to gain trust among fans, slow walking, but moving forward.

Written by: Iván Sánchez.
01/03/1982 - 7:00 P.M.

The Condors continue to have a decent beginning during the World Cup 87 Qualifiers, in this window, they managed to get a valuable win at Mytanija and then tying against Ibixa, which was rather unexpected considering the conditions of both teams and also by the fact of playing at the Estadio Nacional, often considered by many on the foreign sports press as a fortress. Despite the tie, Huayramarca is doing a great campaign so far and the fans are trusting more in what Omar Caicedo is doing with the team, still, there’s a lot of road to go and tough opposition is coming.

There was a lot of hype for the Huayramarcan fans in regards of visiting Mytanija, for sure, that was considered as the toughest match so far for the Condors in this path, the Mytanars beat the top dog of the group with a solid 3-1 performance against Audioslavia. That argument, and the atmosphere that the Mytanars impose at home matches, which is intimidating, were enough to say that it would be a complicated match for the Huayramarcans. Worries apart, Kevin Quispe kept talking about the motivational work made in order for that match “Fans are humans, they are some meters away from us, so no reason to feel afraid of them”. Those words weren’t well received by the Mytanar press, who considered that a disrespect to their football hooliganry tradition.

The game was extremely hard at the beginning, the physical display from the home side was enough to keep the Condors limited in their chances, there wasn’t a easy way into their defense, so there was some attempts from Ian Mamani or Gabriel Sayritupac with long range shots, attempts that were worthy of the booing from the stands of Radnika. Mytanija had some chances at the 12th minute, with Jasno Odonelec receiving a ball from Alen Hrdaljko, Odonelec sprinted and took rid from Felipe Fernández’s mark, prepared himself to shoot but Kevin Quispe swept with sweet timing and send the ball to a corner kick. Huayramarca was able to recover the ball and try some chances, at the 17th minute, Abraham Mendoza sent a cross to Bryan Tello, who accommodated himself between Mojmir Anac and Kamil Jernejec, turned his back and pointed to goal, advancing some meters and shooting to the left post of Pedja Kasun, the Mytanar wasn’t able to save the ball and Radnika fell silent with the 0-1 for Huayramarca.

Mytanija was quick to respond against the Huayramarcan goal, Tahir Fejzuli robbed a ball from Orlando Mina at the 24th minute, a swift counter was enough to place himself at the edge of the box, a back pass to Dalibor Vlahovic was enough to see the latter moving into the box and place himself to shoot to the right post of Juan Mamani, Radnika was alive once again as the Mytanars tied the match. Caicedo pushed his pupils to don’t fell apart, instead, asked the players to press more in order to get a second goal for the team, goal that wasn’t that late to arrive… Eight minutes later, Gabriel Sayritupac found enough space to sprint and provide a pass to Bryan Tello, the striker was able to get the ball nicely and shoot without accommodating himself a lot, he sent the ball to the right post and scored the 1-2 for the Condors.

Huayramarca wasn’t having the possession of the ball, the Mytanars were dominating but the Condors were precise with the time they were holding the ball, two goals and enough to end the first half. Starting the second half, at the 53rd minute, Orlando Mina went out and Joshua Quispe entered to the pitch. Boris Kalinic was able to break the Huayramarcan defense at the 65th minute, he received a ball from Jezdimir Ocokoljic, Kalinic found himself in a 1v1 against Juan Mamani, Kalinic sent a strong shot to the goal and the Mytanars equalized for the second time in the match. Right after the goal, Edwin Condori came to the pitch instead of Gabriel Sayritupac, a weird substitution but a key one.

Right after Condori entered into the pitch, Thiago Sepúlveda executed a throw-in and sent the ball to Nicolás Allauca, he nodded the ball and found Edwin Condori, the midfielder found an empty space and decided to shoot from approximately 30 meters, his left leg sent the ball right into the upper left corner of the goal defended by Kasun, a spectacular screamer to break the equalizer, Condori was in ecstasies and ripped his shirt off to wave it like a lasso, something that made him earn an unnecessary yellow card. The Mytanars tried once again to tie the match, but this time, the Huayramarcan defense was applying themselves at 100%, they were able to nullify the Mytanar offensive, being able to move some meters into offensive in order to provide more balls to the Huayramarcan offensive, who was now trying to make another goal to settle the deal.

Eleven minutes later, Abraham Mendoza gave a filtered pass to Joshua Quispe, he was able to dribble and cut inside the area, he posed himself right into the box and scored past Kasun, at the 79th minute, Huayramarca sealed a great win.

Meanwhile, Huayramarca suffered at home against Ibixa, a match that was still hard due to the experience that the islanders have in the international sphere, the Krytenian manager had some advantage due to knowing that Huayramarca does, since he apparently “Saw, at least, five matches of Huayramarca and was knowing what to do”. Carlos Vilca scored from a scramble after a corner kick at the 8th minute, Sergi Soler was able to equalize from a set-pieces for the Ibixans. Juan Mamani was injured at the 22nd minute by Soler himself and had to go out, Janpier Araya entered into the field.
The Ibixans took the edge with a corner kick header by Andréu Valencia at the 27th minute. In the 33rd minute, Ian Mamani took advantage from other set-piece and sent a strong kick into the goal to tie the match.

Omar Caicedo showed himself disgusted by the tie, stating “We weren’t able to take advantage of our home, the plays we created, we have to fix this for the next matches, since we will visit Sargossa (2nd seed) and meet Audioslavia here (top seed), those matches are crucial and will determine if we are capable enough to pose a threat to them, we can either be sent to the middle of the table or consolidate ourselves as a solid team. We aspire to walk step by step in this road, we haven’t won anything and we must go out to grab the bull by the horns, without fear, being humble”.

Right now, Huayramarca sits at the top with North Kalactin, with 13 points each, but Huayramarca having a greater goal differential favoring them, the next match will be against Sargossa at their archipelago and then receiving Audioslavia at the Nacional.

Mytanija 2-4 Huayramarca

0-1 - 17' - Bryan Tello
1-1 - 24' - Dalibor Vlahovic
1-2 - 32' - Bryan Tello
2-2 - 65' - Boris Kalinic
2-3 - 68' - Edwin Condori
2-4 - 79' - Joshua Quispe

Substitutions: 53' - Orlando Mina out, Joshua Quispe in.
53' - Ian Mamani out, Thiago Sepúlveda in.
67' - Gabriel Sayritupac out, Edwin Condori in.

Yellow Cards: Edwin Condori (68').
Red Cards: Not shown.

Radnika, Esca, Mytanija - Attendance: 60,995.

Huayramarca 2-2 Ibixa 

1-0 - 08' - Carlos Vilca
1-1 - 18' - Sergi Soler
1-2 - 27' - Andréu Valencia
2-2 - 33' - Ian Mamani

Substitutions: 23' - Juan Mamani out, Janpier Araya in.
58' - Orlando Mina out, Thiago Sepúlveda in.
82' - Ian Mamani out, Joshua Quispe in.

Yellow Cards: Sergi Soler (21').
Red Cards: Not shown.

Estadio Nacional de Huayramarca, Huayramarca D.M. - Attendance: 45,002.
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Population: 36 million, demonym: Huayramarcan, capital city: Huayramarca D.M. Languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara.

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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Sun Jan 17, 2021 6:15 pm

BP resumes normal service, looks to stay on course
by Oliver Stanley
The Post Soccer Correspondent

When the Commonwealth National Team hosts Quakmybush at Falcon Stadium, it will mark the one third point of this World Cup Qualifying tournament, but the feeling in the dressing room continues to be that neither of the two squads have played a complete 90 minutes through the first five matches.

It will be Jen Prescott's group in the first half of this WCQ doubleheader week, with Ichi Tuzzio's squad making the trip to Norish Jeia Repa on matchday 7; in the home fixture, there will be an emphasis on better continuity between offense & defense, with a shuffling of the lineup from the first two outings of the 'Black' squad.

There is also a push towards ironing out the wrinkles ahead of the final two fixtures of the first half of qualifying, away to Hapilopper and against Xanneria at the BBP Stadium.

lineup vs Quakmybush:
Vickers; O'Connell, Onikambe, Harrison; Rizzo, Nolan, Stone, Ngoba; Sotolongo (C); Laing, Mack

lineup vs Norish Jeia Repa:
Kelly; Bartok, Wiseman, Jordan; Grimaldi, Porter, Taborn (C), Fernandez; LeClair; Simmons, Wadsworth
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Postby Drawkland » Sun Jan 17, 2021 6:17 pm

E X P I R E D ...

If you're not caught up on this whole "Elite Eleven" thing, feel free to read up on the literature ...
A Hint * A Tease * A Story * A Contradiction * A Roster
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Elite 7 * Elite 8 * Elite 9 * Elite 10 * Elite 11
Expired 1

While Nicole Warren had a pleasant weekend at Elstrund, she left no closer to her goal. She had hoped the wise Elf would've given her helpful advice in how to further her ability in starting or completing the Undying Quest, as it was called, but all she had told her was to quit it. It was hard advice, and probably the advice she needed to hear. She wouldn't be discouraged, though. She'd been turning over the options in her head for 4 years now, after all.

If there was a silver lining to the Elstrund trip, it was that she was able to hone her skills a bit more. It had been awhile since she'd played or practiced with the experienced elf; it was almost a feeling of nostalgia as Ellzidan put her and some domestic players that happened to be there through some impromptu drills and scrimmages. It seemed that Ellzidan could sense the cloudy and contorted feelings within Nicole and her desire to escape from them whenever she could. She obliged, and thus the elf drilled her especially hard. It was good. Nicole had been mostly self-disciplined for the last few cycles of her self-imposed harder practice habits, and sometimes she'd lack the edge to really put her over the edge. Having a hard outside influence that knew her limits and potential was fantastic for her.

The weekend ended though, and Nicole said a final goodbye to Ellzidan before heading back to her home in Kayo. Perhaps Ellzidan had a point in trying to convince her away from taking the Quest. It wouldn't stop her from talking to a few more people, though. And there were plenty more people to talk to about it.

Having spoken to one of the sports-loving Drawkionels, Nicole figured she would try to speak with Iarocav next. After all, it seemed useless to try and gain an audience with Drawkionels that hardly knew of her existence, much less willing to give her advice about how to become immortal. Unfortunately for her, she'd have to do a little more than simply show up in Iarocav's general area to get his attention, unlike Ellzidan.

It would be a month or so before she could find the time or possibility to speak to Iarocav. Fortune would prove to be on her side though. When Nicole went looking for an opportunity to meet with the Supreme Drawkionel, she discovered a fundraiser being held by the Sadeg State athletics department for cancer research. Sadeg State, being one of Iarocav's many alma maters, and a college he personally helped construct and expand, asks him to attend almost every event they hold. Nicole decided to mark her calendar for the event. Ideally there'd be a staging area for the more famous guests of the event, and she could talk to him more personally there. At worst, she could at least get a few words in at the event itself and set up a later date to talk about it.

The latter of the two outcomes ended up being the case for Nicole. There was indeed a small private area for the VIP attendees of the event to have some space alone. Iarocav was a busy man however, and he only stayed at the event for a short time. She was thankfully able to get a word with him right before he left.

"Hey there sir, um, Iarocav," Nicole started, a little awkwardly. Even with her experience speaking with Ellzidan, it was still a weird experience talking to basically a living legend.

"Hello," Iarocav spun around, having nearly left the staging room. "Ah, Nicole Warren! The prolific Drawkian defender. Always a pleasure."

"Thank you," Nicole replied, moving forward to shake the Drawkionel's hand.

"I must say, it's a little weird seeing a player who's spent most her career overseas at a Sadeg State event. What brings you all the way out here?"

"Well, I actually wanted to talk to you about something, if you had the time."

"That's too bad. I have to run for a government errand. Would you be able to talk another time?"

"Uh, sure! What time could I meet with you, if it isn't too much trouble?"

"Let me check real quick," Iarocav replied, pulling out his phone to check his calendar. "Could you meet me next week? At my place in Centivar County, if that wouldn't be too strange for you. I'm not sure if you've been there before."

"I haven't," Nicole replied quickly. You've never forget visiting something as iconic as the Supreme Drawkionel's mansion. "I could make it out there, though."

"Perfect! I have to go now, but I'll look forward to seeing you there! Farewell for now!" he said, and he strode out of the room with purpose. Nicole finally had her chance to talk to the Drawkionel directly, exactly what she wanted. So why was she still feeling anxious about it?

The week came and went. It was the offseason, so Nicole didn't have much to do besides study film and practice physical skills by herself. She put together some notes to rehearse and steer the conversation with. She would probably only have one shot of this, so she had to make it count.

Wanting to stay up north to cut down on travel expenses, Nicole decided to ask Cam Cross if she could stay at her place in Jaffro for the week. Unfortunately Cam was tied up with a retreat for week, but she did give Nicole permission to use her guest bedroom and housesit for the week. The trip to Centivar County wouldn't take as long this way. The day of the appointment, Nicole woke up early and went along the road in silence. She was never the most talkative member of the Corps, but she'd become even more reserved over the past few years.

After grabbing an early lunch in Drawk City, Nicole made her way through the more wooded area south of Drawk City that led to Centivar County. Despite the massive urban sprawl and hyperdevelopment of the high-tech cities across Drawkland, Iarocav and the other Drawkionels always did their best to retain the green spaces in between. Navigating a rather sparse highway led her over one final hill, and when she topped it she could see a small lush valley with a few massive houses dotting the landscape. In the foreground stood Iarocav's Manor, and her destination.

It took a few minutes to go through the security protocols, but thankfully they knew Nicole was coming so the process was much quicker. She brought her car through the driveway and into a garage courtyard she was directed to, and when she had parked, Iarocav was waiting at the door.

"Nicole Warren! Glad you made it here safely!" the Drawkionel proclaimed as she strode his way.

"Iarocav, Supreme Drawkionel, Keeper of the ... something or other." Nicole tried to start with a bit of humor. "How many titles have they given you over the years?"

"Too many," he grinned. "If I didn't write them down I'd have forgotten them all by now. Come in! Have you eaten already?"

"I did. I went through a drive thru in Drawk City on my way in."

"Excellent. If you'd like a drink then simply ask. If not, we can head straight for my office."

The pair traveled through part of the house, and eventually made it to Iarocav's home office. Once Nicole had made herself comfortable, Iarocav began the conversation from his side of his desk.

"I feel rude to rush you all the way here, but I'm sure you aren't around to get a grand tour."

"I would appreciate such an honor, but you're right." Nicole responded quickly.

"Right, so there is something you want to discuss with me, something that's uniquely in my wheelhouse. I know you wouldn't come to me if it weren't necessary. Not many people have the ability to ask for an audience with me, and most that do are too timid to use it. Which is unfortunate, because I love talking to people. It's one of the great things about living so long: I get to talk to so many people, and learn so many things about how people view the world. Before I get off topic though, let's cut to the chase. What do you need from me today?"

"Well, s-sir, I have a few questions about your early history." Nicole started, mentally scrambling to remember the notes she'd written.

"Something you can't read from a history textbook, I presume?" Iarocav leaned forward in his chair with a hint of a smile.

"Yes, sort of. I wanted to ask you ... well, I wanted to know some tips on how to become immortal. Like you, the Drawkionels, or the Eleven."

Iarocav's slight smile disappeared, but he didn't seem to be any more stern. He started rubbing his chin and responded. "That's quite an interesting ask, Nicole. Not something I would expect from you."

"Listen, I know what you're probably thinking," Nicole replied quickly, recalling some of the things she expected him to say. "I'm an athlete in the twilight of my career, I have ties to people who've achieved immortality, and all of that. I promise you that my reasons for asking this aren't so silly or shallow."

"There's only so many reasons one could have to undertake such a perilous quest. Which is it for you?"

"Love." Nicole said breathlessly. The word felt silly almost the moment they escaped her mouth.

"Love?" he replied, seeming a little surprised. "Have you fallen in love with an immortal?"

"Yes. One of the Elite Eleven, ironically enough." She chuckled slightly, and Iarocav followed suit. "Mike Rodney."

"So you were faced with the decision to either give up your love or give up your mortality. And that's led you to me."

"Right. I already went to Ellzidan, and she already told me what I'm sure you're going to tell me, that it's an awful idea, not worth doing, that I'm worth more than this, or something. I came here just in case you were willing to offer me more than that."

"Well you're right about that much. All of those things are true. This is a fool's errand, Nicole."

Nicole stayed silent. She began to feel the dejection she'd felt a month ago at Elstrund. She was about to speak up again and apologize.

"But! That being said," Iarocav continued, "The fact that you've come this far, far enough to request an audience with me of all people, shows me that you're determined about this. This is no impulsive decision."

Nicole looked back up at him, the shock visible on her face.

Iarocav leaned forward with a smile. "I will tell you everything I know."
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Word Count: 1,093. KINKY.

I Run To You

PART 4.1 (44.1) - Green Light (1/2)

Every happy couples are happy for a good reason; every unhappy couples are unhappy for far too many reasons.

A living nightmare was unfolding at Asher and Eileen's suite in The Morehouse Hotel. Eileen had found out that Asher had unintentionally, but definitely fallen into the temptations offered by his friend Marco Hertel, whom she had long heard of his infamies but had never met, and she was going to face him with grim that clearly indicated how hurt she was.

Eileen de Ramaut, in a sweater, and with her washed hair flowing all the way down her shoulders and below, and with her piercing look of disappointment, was playing the grand piano placed in the living room, watching the views of the mighty Fleuve, from which she was reflecting over the songs on her latest album.

Hearing Asher's steps after the door opened, she kept playing the piano, trying not to make much out of it, and did her best to save herself from breaking down. Eileen felt she was afraid of either side breaking down, and was afraid of what she would have to say to him. She was attempting to block what she had heard from the television over past six hours- to pretend that Asher wasn't anywhere near, and that all was well.

Sure all went well- the text conversations between them were more than enough to suggest that he was more than fine, and that our poor boy was going to be fine. Only except that she did know of what was going out there, and all the guitar strumming and piano key tugging were no more than her attempt to ignore the reality behind their relationship. Only two weeks into their six-month sojourn in Jookrimpo, she could not bring herself to do this; but she really held the determination this time as she said to herself, 'He won't get away from this. How could he dare do this to me..' to confront him with what exactly happened, put him to shame, and then place the question marks before themselves again because of the sufferings Asher had once again caused on her. If Eileen de Ramaut were determined enough Asher's sorry ass would be booted from the suite and they would be breaking apart the moment he were to open his mouth, but unfortunately Eileen did not have the heart to do so because both sides still regarded each other as the won-ahng, the symbolic bird of cheonsaeng-yeonboon, and loved each other.

Besides this, Eileen also knew well that Asher's problem definitely went beyond the time they got back together, and that a breakup won't necessarily improve their situation. Having grown up with five siblings, she knew well about people's mindset without them having to tell her- there was something wrong with Asher since they had gotten back together two years ago, and while she wasn't sure on what had turned him into a different shade of man since their breakup seven years ago, this was something that would improve by celibacy. Thus, Eileen was aware that no status change would occur.

Hearing Asher approach towards her, Eileen stopped playing the piano, and only turned around when she was ready to look at him. Her face, the normal product of radiant happiness, gave off absolute suffering, betraying and bewilderment that only those who had been through such situations in their normal lives would understand.

'Oh no..oh no...oh no...I'm so sorry, Eileen!' Asher said in an exhausted, timid voice. He bent his head, trying not to look at her face that he had no privilege to look after a night of shame, and did his best to look as pitiful as possible. But the poor woman knew very much, from the smell of marijuana and alcohol, that his partner had perhaps indulged too much with it, and that even without the absolutely horrible possibility of mixing flesh with somebody else, that was going to require a lot of explanations. But she did want to hear about that? I don't know about that, chief.

Is he truly sorry or happy about doing this? Eileen thought, as he took a look at him once, twice and thrice. I love him for his good nature- for all the goodwill and honesty- and hate him for falling too closely to his pit of honesty. She bit her lips twice, a sole tear formed out of her left eye, and her hands twitching multiple times.

'Why are you here?' Eileen asked, her body quivering and shivering all over, as she struggled to control her voice that was behaving unnaturally. 'You're supposed to be with your friends, your boys, your gangs in the blue...'

'Eileen, it's not what you intended...' he shouted in desperation, hoping that she did not get the wrong idea for what had exactly happened. Of course, us the readers know that he did not commit to mixing flesh with those not named Eileen de Ramaut, for he was a faithful boyfriend in that kind. Unfortunately, the association alone he knew had made the twenty-five year guilty, and there would be no exception for that. 'I wasn't at the nightclub on the news...'

'Does that matter? You came back to me after you hurt me the first time, and this is how you lie to me?' She shouted back, demanding immediate answers.

'No, no, no...that's not what happened...'

'Go away! I don't want to see you!' She shouted, pushing him away from her, as if the pain were directly mauling her as if a physical being, before heading back to their bedroom.

Asher Lundrigan wished he were able to think of anything better, for he was a magician with words, who could very much kill or save a life with what he would write and advise to people, and served the people as asked on The Taegukgi or Landslide International. But there was a limit to the impersonal elements behind the words he would state, and when he saw her suffering from the sheer act he had committed, and how her beautiful features were affected, he couldn't have helped but to look back into the very freshman self of his and stare in the face of despair. As he left the room with a bag of overnight clothes, the very minimum needed for the night, his eyes were filled with tears.

'What have I done? Why am I like this again? Lord, forgive me, for I have sinned-' and he couldn't go on, for his throat was jammed with chockfull of emotions.
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Previously: I * II

Chapter III: The Debut

The time had finally come. 22 men entered the field of the small Abbotsford Sports Park under the persistent rain that had made its presence in Metropolis since the early hours of the day and to the applause of 3,500 spectators who braved the weather to make an appearance on this historic day for Talleres de Ciudad Piar, who were about to play their maiden match in the Metropolis state championship against one of its traditional entertainers, FC Verder Metropolis. The Talleres players, led into the pitch by captain Fabio Baldovino, lined up for the anthems of both Valladares and the District of Metropolis in the northern half of the field, facing the stadium's western stand, with their rivals doing the same in the southern half.

"And here we are at Abbotsford Sports Park for the last match of the first day of action in the state championship of the District of Metropolis, in which newcomers Talleres will have a lofty welcome ahead of them as they face Verder Metropolis in their very first game in the competition! They seem to be well-supported though, since it looks like the entire suburb of Ciudad Piar has flocked into the stadium...and there were even some unfortunate ones who failed to get in! Unfortunately the rain that has been falling for the entire day as well as the previous activity at this place will pose a bigger challenge for the teams than the other team itself, since the pitch is totally bogged down! But this is just another element that makes amateur football so passionate! And just as we said that, the referee blows his whistle, here we go! Talleres and Verder are now closing this day of state championship football!

The match started with both sides struggling to adapt to the conditions of the field, and trying to use aerial play as a resource to counter their inability to transport the ball by ground. However, play in the first minutes was mostly restricted to the middle of the field, and the Verder Metropolis began making use of their physical strength to get the upper hand against the more technical Talleres players. Soon enough, the Talleres red-white shirts became darkened by the mud and Verder were the ones with the initiative to attack, claiming the first real chance to score of the match to their name after 25 minutes of play:

"And there he goes! Rimaldo passes the ball...which loses speed because of the puddles in the field but nevertheless manages to reach Castillo. Verder Metropolis on the offense! Talleres try to retreat, but Castillo finds Silvano Souza alone on the right wing! He throws the ball at him, and Souza positions himself to fire a cross before defender Jefferson Hertel gives him chase....and Souza crosses to find Héctor Rivas' head! BUT HE SLIPS AND CAN'T REACH THE BALL! And it's Louis Masson's turn to kick that ball out of the field to award Verder Metropolis a throw-in! The Greens were close to the opener, and Talleres are safe for now!"

Verder Metropolis enjoyed another chance to score before the halftime whistle, as Rivas went for attempt number two but his shot found Talleres keeper Carlos Asís's left hand and got deflected, giving Verder a chance in a corner kick which did little to unsettle the Ciudad Piar side. And with that, the referee blew his whistle to signal the end of the first half.

"The first half is now over! It's nil-nil here at the last game of the day at Abbotsford as the newcomers to the state championship Talleres de Ciudad Piar stoically resist the bombardment from the more experienced Verder Metropolis side! This match that seemed levelled from the start has been slowly moving in favor of one side as the rain has finally started to subside! However, there are still no goals and forty-five minutes remain to know how this will end up!"

Despite the fact Talleres managed to hold one of the strongest teams of the District of Metropolis state championship scoreless for 45 minutes in their first match in the competition, manager Gilberto Rúa was not quite pleased with what he had seen from the team in the first half, and made his displeasure known to the players during the half-time talk with the team:

"Gentlemen, is this what we have trained for during all this time? Is this what we want to do here? I know that Verder are a strong team and that a draw against them is not a bad result, but we definitely can do better than this! Amateur football must be played with passion, with intensity, with heart...but I haven't seen anything of that today. And I think those 3,500 fans watching at the stands expected a bit more from us! We still have 45 minutes to show that we haven't come to sightsee! We still have 45 minutes to show that passion and intensity this competition will demand from us! And we still have 45 minutes to make sure those fans won't have to make their way home disappointed. Remember that there's an entire town backing us! Let's go, Talleres!"

With the rain having finally ceased, and the pitch finally starting to drain the excess of water on it, both teams as well as the referees returned for the second half, with no substitutions in Verder Metropolis. Gilberto Rúa on the other hand decided to move his team, sending playmaker Anthony Arzura to the field in order to help Talleres gain possession of the ball. From the moment referee Yeimer Lobo signaled the start of the final 45 minutes of play, the "little train" looked entirely different from the poor image left in the first half, with Arzura pulling the strings of the Talleres attack and the improved condition of the field finally helping the team display their style of play. Eventually Arzura's skill made things difficult for Verder and their strategy of repeated fouls didn't work so efficiently as in the first half as the Greens were slowly cornered in their half of the field. The time to celebrate finally came for Talleres, when the clock marked 65 minutes of play:

"Anthony Arzura with the ball, he looks for the perfect space to filter the ball, he manages to get past two Verder Metropolis defenders, turns to elude finds Fabio Baldovino who is face-to-face with the goalie and he shoots...the ball goes to the back of the net! ¡GOOOOOOOL DE TALLERES! The newcomers surprise everyone...well everyone but the fans in attendance here at the stadium...and take the lead! Talleres one, Verder Metropolis nil!"

The goal was the confirmation of the domination exhibited by Talleres in the second half, while also being a punishment for a Verder Metropolis side that failed to failed to impose their experience and turn their chances into goals in the first half. The Ciudad Piar side became more emboldened with this goal and decided to go pushing for another one to deal the final blow to a crumbling Verder side that also found punishment to their excessive rough play as they had defender César Vásquez sent off by the referee. This was in turn capitalized by Talleres, who used the hole left by Vásquez to their advantage for the second goal, five minutes before full time:

"Jhon Baek claims the ball back from a Verder midfielder, he traverses the middle line and finds Arzura...Arzura is now wth the ball and two defenders stand in his way, but he surpasses them with a feint. Baldovino is calling him, Arzura is now against the keeper and he fires....¡GOOOOOOOOOOL DE TALLERES! Anthony Arzura doubles the lead for the Trencito and we can now say this match is over...Talleres two, Verder nil! The Ciudad Piar fans go wild in the stands!"

"And ladies and gentlemen....this match is over! Talleres de Ciudad Piar make an even bigger statement than Central Español by beating Verder Metropolis in a spectacular second-half exhibition by a score of two to nil! The newcomers have managed to pull a massive upset against one of the favourites to win the District championship and earn promotion to the Liga Regional with goals by veteran striker Fabio Baldovino and Anthony Arzura! There's party here in Abbotsford with the 3,500 fans that came from Ciudad Piar to watch their team's debut and victory and party there in the northwestern suburbs!"

Manager Rúa had been clear: "we're not here to sightsee". He now hoped the message had been duly received by the other six rivals of the league.

South Newlandia 3-2 Valladares
(Irving 19', 43', 54' (pen.); Benezet 4', Benítez 87')

Valladares: Gaviria - Romero, Delgado, Vargas - Castillo, O'Brien (Martins 64'), Lachlant, Durmisi - Benítez - Baume (Fortin 56'), Benezet (Germain 73')
Manager: Jessica Curran (Cassadaigua)

Valladares 5-1 Regmotto
(Germain 5', 64', Betancourt 37', Fortin 56', Benezet 83'; unknown scorer 66')

Valladares: Gaviria - Romero, Delgado, Vargas - Castillo, O'Brien, Betancourt, Durmisi (Balboa 57') - Benítez (Trolli 85') - Fortin, Germain (Benezet 69')
Manager: Jessica Curran (Cassadaigua)

Stadium: Alexander I National Stadium, Swangard, District of Metropolis
Attendance: 83,722
Weather: 21°C, clear

1 - Paulo Gaviria (Nacional), 12 - Lucien Chamoun (Crisisbless, NPH), 23 - Danilo Araúz (AD Cerro)
Defenders: 2 - Jonás Romero (AS Bezieres), 3 - Martín Delgado (Herzegovina City, BNJ), 4 - Jorge Vargas (Tannenberg FC), 13 - Daniel Brown (Bohemians Metropolis), 14 - Nicholas Hossiner (Rolalas FC, VAL), 15 - Jason Fletcher (AS Bezieres)
Midfielders: 5 - Bryan Castillo (Hondo FC, VAL), 6 - Christian O'Brien (Tanrısal, PAS), 7 - Daniel Lachlant (Club Stein-los, PAS), 8 - Alexis Durmisi (Urbizania Wanderers, ASG), 10 - Cristian Benítez (Cazadores Cathair, AUD), 16 - Leandro Martelli (Avenida Principal, FFD), 17 - Kevin Martins (Fontvielle Impact), 18 - Fabio Betancourt (Hondo FC, VAL), 19 - Ariel Balboa (Slateport Bulls), 21 - Adrien Trolli (Tanrısal, PAS)
Forwards: 9 - Wilfried Baume (AC Izotz Zubia, AUD), 11 - Thibault Benezet (Sabrefell Athletic, NPH), 20 - Pierre Vasseur (Burnaby FC, KSK), 22 - Valentin Germain (Crisisbless, NPH)

(OOC: Players 1-11 are starters; 12-23 bench/reserves)
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Sloppy finish dooms Maroons to a 1 point day
article taken from http://www.xtrasports.xan/nationalteam.htm

XANNERIA - Playing in a foggy mid day misty rain,akin to the homelands of Cascadia, the newcomers from the Cascadia region continued to be the amazing pain in the rear-end to the qualification teams in World Cup Qualifying Group #4. Cascadia took multiple advantages of the novice backside of the Xannerian XI and tied the game 2-2. This has kept the Maroons in contention but splitting points in this series is not that favorable given the circumstances of two teams ahead of them. Cascadia lead by striker usually seen as a reserve came in and stole two from the Maroons. Dax Espinoza is a usual reserve on the team but in the 88th minute a corner kick by Benjamin Rees. Rees had also garnered the prior assist on the first goal too. Cascadia had got the lead about the time the game was going on into halftime, a pass from Franchesca Bonchek to fellow middie Doby Bunkirk went fully awry when it was intercepted by a surging Cascadian defender Finley MacDonald. MacDonald the star of the Cascadian defense, then passed it over to his midfield mate Callan Battle who sent it to a primly placed striker in the form of Cody Chambers. Chambers goal made the game 1-0, but when Xanneria hit two quick strikes in the 70-80minute mark, momentum had shifted. Kyle Falcon took the wind into account with a tricky to defend hook shot from a fairly decent distance, It could be one of the best shots of the whole qualifying tournament. It looked even more of a Xannerian momentum shift when Cody Chambers,the Cascadian star pulled up limping on a dive, and thankfully, the Cascadian team had one whole substitution left int heir pocket. A gimp Cody Chambers was out and the healthy reserve Dax Espinoza was in. Espinoza was then the dagger in the heart of a 3 point day for Xanneria. In the end thankfully the game only had two additional minutes of injury time and Xanneria went into a game of keep away to avoid any further damage. It's still a point for the Maroons though as they are in a good spot only three points off of the 2nd place team, yet mired in mid pack 6th. Next game up is against Bonbohk u Piche.

Cascadia Empire - 2
Chambers 43'
Espinoza 88'

Xanneria - 2
Falcon 68'
Feltzer 77'

Maroons get scare but not really.
article taken from http://www.xtrasports.xan/nationalteam.htm

BONBOHK U PICHE - Playing against a team very little was known about them aside from the roster they had presented in the Baptism of Fire last year. Their enigmatic striker Tunase Kereldulo was to lead the team in battle in a mostly partisan stadium full of about 12,000 fans. A far call from the inevitably full stadium of 65,000 plus that will great the Pichian team in the future when they come to play against us at home. THe game got started with the first half being fully in the control of the Maroons. A true throttling as in the first two minutes Andrew Gasey who got the start as many starters were sat or substituted early, went all out and explodded out of the gate to get the first goal of the game. Gasey and Old Man Jim Hallett were given playing time as the Feltzer and Falcon duo were to only come in if needed. This turned into the Carlton Brower show as all the remaining goals were from a hat trick he garnered. But ther ein lay the issue, with several players out, the reserves ended up nearly botching this game. The score did end 4-3 after all, as most should note. It started in the 80th minute when Kereldulo got in the first goal from a Pichian player to make the game 3-1. The hat trick took place mere minutes later only for two absolutely bizarre goals nearly junked the chances of a victory for the Maroons. 7 minutes of injury time were given by the refs and at the 92nd minute Fasul Bomoi made a weird but enticing horizontal header past Mookie Danube, and then in the 97th minute Danube made an additional clerical error when he let a slow rolling ball from a Kereldulo get by him as he had apparently thought the match was over. Up next are two of the tougher opponents, and two of the weaker ones. Baker Park and Electrum are a hard to beat teams, with Baker Park in 6th int he world and Electrum being ranked lower not do to the team but for the Footballing Association being apparently somewhat inept and missing occasional qualifiers. One the other hand Norish Jeia Repa is a weak team and Quakmybush is Electrums issues on steroids.

Bonbohk u Pichie - 3
Kereludo 80' 97'
Bomoi 91'

Xanneria - 4
Gasey 2'
Brower 31' 67' 82'
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A field in Eura
Many years ago

Knee length grass tickled at the messenger’s leg as he clawed his way over the thicket, his destination in sight. There they were on the ridge. Rows of the Lord’s Own, their red tunics standing out as if they were flowers among the blades of pale green pasture, were waiting for his return. ‘You! Identify yourself.’
‘Poulter, sir! I’ve come with a message, from Hartson. I’ve been on horseback all night but I fell at the crossroads by Smithwick. I’m sorry sir.’
‘Alright, no matter, just get up the line - do not delay.’ The wall of muskets and rifles parted so that the messenger could pass. He scurried along the ridge between the formations of infantrymen for minutes. The extent of their number seemed endless. Finally he saw the intended recipient of his message, atop that easily recognisable chestnut steed. As the messenger got closer he found himself at the end of a bayonet. ‘Stop, who-‘
‘Message for Lord Baker, its urgent, from Hartson.’ An officer swept way the rifle holding him up. ‘For goodness sake man, let him pass. Hurry!’

Lord Baker turned to his right to see a rough looking man in a tardy uniform collapse at the knees of his horse. It was quite the contrast to Baker. What commotion is this? he thought with an eyebrow raised. ‘Lord…Lord…’ The man was out of breath, so much so that Baker feared he might vomit. But he did recognise him. ‘Corporal Poulter, how lovely to have you with us again. You’ve arrived just in the time for the big performance.’
‘Performance, sir?’ Baker nodded forward and the messenger turned to face in the same direction, at which point his eyes widened. Beyond the next field, spread over a huge area, was the most awful thing he had seen in his short life. If Baker’s army was a wall of red, this was a flood of black and grey and white uniforms, banners and flags, stretching back onto the next highest ridge line and perhaps beyond it. ‘My God, sir.’
‘Indeed. Give me the message Corporal.’ Baker took the bit of paper and quickly brought it before his gaze.


Whipple has given way at Running Bridge, a rout. You were right. I am coming to your position but will be at least a day. You must hold. All depends on it.

Hartson, O.

It wasn’t the news he had wanted. ‘Well then. General Williams?’ A broad shouldered officer rode up beside Baker. ‘News from Hartson?’ grunted the dour General. They were an odd pairing; Baker, the Directus aristocrat and gentleman, brother in arms with Williams, the Farrenton giant who had once tended a pub before becoming a revolutionary. ‘Yes. It appears that, as suspected, our old friend is running a day late. Which means we have, as the saying goes, run out of road, have we not?’
‘Maybe. We could divert them through Pooltree, meet Hartson to the east.’
‘And be pushed towards the Endemian Ocean by the end of the week? No, it won’t do. We have dragged them far enough. This is it, General. It is here that we will make them play our game.’
‘They outnumber us two to one today, and have a further eight times our number in reserve, Baker. I am not fond of the idea of martyrdom.’ There was a time when a man of Baker’s position would scold the General for neglecting his title. Not now, and not today of all days. ‘That they do, I admit. Then again…’ Baker tugged at the reins of his horse and rotated around, getting a panoramic view of his army. ‘…they are a good lot, these. I cannot ask them to march further. Be honest with me. If you think it is hopeless, I promise you, we will find another way.’

Williams narrowed his eyes and looked out at the vast force about to fall upon them. He considered his thoughts for a few moments before speaking again. ‘Good weather though, isn’t it?’ Baker said nothing, betraying his thoughts only with a wry smile. Williams spun around himself and addressed the other officers. ‘Oldney, Carter, first and ranks are to advance and settle, ten paces!’
‘Wait! Hold on a moment. Give me that, won’t you dear boy?’ Williams lent Baker his handheld telescope, a little brass trinket that looked more suited to an antiquities shop than the battlefield. ‘That’s him, isn’t it? Ranger.’ Williams snatched the telescope back and squinted through it himself. There was no mistake; Field Marshal Maximillian Ranger, Baker’s opposite number who had perused them across the country, was riding out ahead of his own lines. Alone. ‘I’m going to meet him.’
‘That is a very poor idea.’
‘This entire affair is a poor idea, General. If I do not take a moment to try and stop it, I am no longer myself and you should not follow me. I am going.’ Baker stirred his horse, and rode out to meet their enemy.

When he got there, Ranger was exactly as Baker had expected him to be. Severity in his eyes. Features like a hawk. About as untrustworthy as any scoundrel you could possibly meet. ‘Ranger.’
‘Lord Baker! How lovely to see you in the flesh again. It has been some time hasn’t it? How is Directus these days? Rotting a bit, but you didn’t hear it from me.’ Ranger ignored the jibe at his home city. The blackshirts had broken its walls once, and it was Baker’s greatest moment of shame. He would resolve to avenge it through action, not talk. So he stayed on point. ‘I am here to offer you terms.’ Ranger let out a belly laugh, so loud his own troops hundreds of metres away might hear it. ‘You, offering me terms? Now, do not forget Lord, I do respect you, admire you in some ways. But even you must see this situation is hopeless?’ Baker peered over his opponent’s shoulder. ‘I see a few thugs. Nothing we have not dealt with before.’ Ranger’s smile vanished. The “stubborn bastard” had come out quickly.

These men were the icons of a struggle that was increasingly defining these lands that some called Eura. Ranger was, for want of a better word, a fascist. Formerly a respected figure of the sprawling Euran aristocracy, Ranger had fallen into disgrace, only to be thrust back into glory by a series of military victories in foreign campaigns for the Kingdom of Bastion. Since the Marshals had taken power and the royalty had been subsumed by their will, Ranger had become perhaps the most powerful man in this vast territory, and the emblem of the growing tyranny of Bastonian fascism. Sadly they were winning. Cities had been sacked. The impure purged. Bigots, theocrats and profiteers revelled in the slaughter, and the nations surrounding the historically chaos-ridden Euran states trembled at the thought that Bastion may come for them next. Eura, it seemed, would be united truly for the first time not by a shared sense of common good and understanding, but instead by the virus of supremacism, the iron boot of totalitarian ideology, and the notion that individual might should trump all.

Baker represented something very different. He was once a member of the elite of the Reach Principality, Eura’s vast eastern state ruled from Directus, and like Ranger one of a class that had dominated society for a very long time. He suffered no great calamity to his own status. Instead, Baker had deliberately chosen a path different from what had been destined for him. When Bastion marched on Directus and demanded surrender, Baker and a handful of other leaders fought back. At first they were winning battles, before suffering a series of disastrous defeats and the ravaging of Directus itself. To avoid further bloodshed, the rulers of Eura’s provinces increasingly caved to the menace at the heart of the country. Baker did not yield. He gave up his titles and fled, taking with him the few that remained who had the spine to continue the struggle. Baker travelled far and wide, building alliances and forging a coalition that had never been seen in Eura before. More morally concerned nobles, liberal reformers, religious and ethnic minority groups, trade unionists and socialists, embattled city leaders, revolutionaries, and even the Sameban’s when it suited. The "Lords Own" that were assembled with him today were what remained of the Army of the Reach, still sporting their distinctive red colour scheme. None of these factions fully agreed what Eura's future should hold, only that there should probably be a Eura, and it should not be in the clutches of men like Ranger.

They had done their best to hold back the tide, and infuriated the Bastonian leadership. Ranger had set out a year ago to find Baker and crush him – preferably through submission rather than taking him to the gallows, to further divide his opponents. Now, the “blackshirts” (as Baker and many others of the era had referred to them) and their Great Army numbered a million men. By the standards of the era, it was a force that should have been invincible. And yet here was the former Lord Baker, stripped of his gold and silver, facing off this juggernaut at the end of the longest of retreats. There had been a plan; his allies would come to the aid of Baker and the men of Directus somewhere near here, where the Great Army could not be reinforced. Hartson was the leader of forces from Brigham in the south, social democrats and liberals mainly calling themselves “Federalists”, and the biggest contributor to the alliance, but he had been cut off and was now a day away. Baker had nowhere to run, and though his hundred thousand men were nothing to sniff at, they were no match alone for Ranger and his legions. In the era of cannon, cavalry and musket (or early rifles) the fascists could not field their million all at once, but they couldn’t run out of soldiers.

Although he had a position on higher ground atop the ridge, there was no hiding the discrepancy in forces brought to bear. ‘Lord Baker, do not tell me you have taken such leave of your senses and natural loyalties that you cannot, will not, accept reality? Behind me are the finest of the glorious Great Army of Bastion. These men have won every battle they have taken on. Brigham, Holdenberg, Ulsa, Farrenton, your own Directus, all of these great cities, all of them fought well…and lost. You will lose too.’
‘Those were not battles,’ Baker scoffed, ‘they were massacres. Burning towns when they have surrendered and stringing up those brave enough to challenge your inhumanity? Those are not victories to be proud of.’
‘Oh, do not bore me with such whining! It is beneath a man of your stature.’
‘I would rather be a bore than a mass murderer Ranger.’ The Field Marshall chuckled to himself at Baker’s moralism, and took his own peek at the forces of the anti-Bastonian coalition.

‘What do you have, fifty thousand?’
‘Twice that and more.’
‘My, twice that and more? I did not take you for a liar Baker. I thought you were a man of his convictions. The honest and good Lord Baker, of all people!’
‘I am tired of your goading, Ranger. As I said, I offer you terms.’ Ranger ignored him and continued on his menacing series of jabs. ‘No, I don’t think that’s more than eighty thousand men, maybe ninety if my maps are right about where the field ends and the woods start. So I could waste every single body behind me today and have another army the same size here by sundown. Not that I will need them, of course. Is it all your lot? Red jackets?’
‘There’s a gun in that army from every village, hamlet and town in the land. And that is why I am offering you the opportunity to go home, without a shot fired. Withdraw your army, and liberate the cities.’
‘That is a laughable suggestion and you are well aware of the fact. Let me offer you something; the lives of your people. Why put them through such bloodshed when your situation is futile? If you agree to stand down now, and disarm your troops, I will allow your army safe passage to their homes. Bar any undesirables, of course. And you…you can return to your own, and, with a bit of adjustment to the new order…I do not see why you could not be Lord of Directus itself.’

Plausibly Baker could accept the offer and see most of his army escape unharmed. Many lives would be spared – for now. What of the contingent of his army that was not the “right sort”? And what of the millions who would find their hopes broken by surrender before another great force, the Army of the Coalition, could assemble? ‘I know, Ranger. You are used to dominating people. Bending them to your will. You could put a bullet in me now, were you minded, and it would not make a difference. These people behind me…they are not my people. They are the people. Every bloody inch of them, from the mountains in the west to the ocean in the east. And they are not here today to make grubby deals with you. They are here in the cause of freedom. They are free people. And you will not take it from them while they breathe.’

A dreadful silence had descended upon them as the two armies sat and waited, unable to hear the dialogue between the two men. No-one was close enough to see Ranger’s gaze burrow deep into Baker’s in a venomous sneer. ‘I really am disappointed in you. I expected you to be a greater man, a noble man. And yet you seem to have been softened by these ludicrous fantasies your allies indulge. Remember your station, Baker. Remember who you are. What kind of human drudgery have you brought to fight alongside you, a man of the Reach and of good, honest, blood? When I cut through the heart of your army, what will I find; a bayoneted socialist here, a trampled Sammie* there? I hear you have Nepharan’s too, Marcher’s, in your number. Among other savages of course. If we had it your way it will be Euran women spoiling their dignity in combat before long.’
‘Your bile would be better saved for your rank and file, Ranger. I will not hear it. I am my own man.’

* “Sammie” is a historical pejorative term for ethnic Samebans.

‘Of course you won’t. Because you have the malign whisper of impurity in your ear, be it whatever childlike assortment of races and pagans have dragged you into this escapade, no doubt unable to master the skills of war themselves.’
‘You have lost your wits, Ranger, if you ever had them. There is no hierarchy of understanding here, of politics or war or anything else. As I said, you can kill me if you wish. But we are more than any one individual. Be they a working man or woman or foreign friend you despise for no reason other than your own pitiful ignorance, there are many here who could be speaking to you instead of me. This is a coalition of right minded people from all corners of this nation, and when you run from the field in a little while, you will start to wonder if that might be a strength rather than a weakness.’
‘Listen to yourself! What you have contracted is a sickness of the mind. It is a corruption. And I will root it out, one way or the other, from you and other tearful worthie in this blasted backwater. If this country is to be as great as it is destined to be, it means ending this barbarism you have become aligned to. So allow me to reiterate in simpler terms to understand; you will surrender within the hour. You will send good stock home. You will leave every wretched snake, whore and wrong-breed to us. Do that, and save your army.’

Baker was no saint, but it did not take any kind of radical thinking to know that there could never be any reasoning with these psychopaths, and he had no pity or sympathy for those who had wrung their hands and given in to the march of fascism that had swept across much of Eura. There was no revolutionary radical bogeyman hiding under the bed that could justify this madness. Every word of poison dripping from Ranger’s mouth reaffirmed Baker’s conviction that this bastard and his mass of butchers had to be stopped here and rolled back across the country; he had told Williams he intended to avert battle, but in truth Baker was paying lip service to the idea, if only to reassure the troops that he had tried the peaceful option. The only question was now how to win a battle from what appeared to be an impossible position. Baker processed these thoughts with his head ever so slightly tilted to the side, not speaking a word as Ranger rattled off his vitriolic rant. General Williams words rang in his head.

Good weather though, isn’t it?
‘Answer me then, Baker. I do not believe in taking the luxury of sitting around all day!’ Baker smiled at Ranger for the first time. Maybe he really was being a suicidal fool, but it felt like there was something in the air today. The time for running had come and gone. If the allies didn’t show up now, when would they ever? ‘Baker!’
‘Very soon, Ranger, you will have your answer. I expect you will be able to hear it loud and clear.’ Baker turned and rode back to his lines at a relaxed canter, leaving Ranger alone. For only a moment the leader of the Great Army of Bastion, feared across Terranea, was made to look uncertain. He shook himself out of his stupor and galloped back to his vast ranks. By the time he had found his way back to the command tent and was able to survey the battlefield, Baker was barely visible on the fringe of the ridge looking back across the gap between the two sides. In a final act of solemn prayer, Baker quietly set out his argument for some urgently required divine intervention. Then, he acted. ‘General Williams, I think we ought to serve an entrée to our esteemed guests, don’t you?’
‘Too bloody right, comrade.’

On these unremarkable few acres of turf south of the market town of Pooltree, an episode of Euran history more sung of and celebrated than almost any other began with the sound of fifty cannon of the Reach, opening up on the amassed ranks of the Great Army from the edge of their range. The weather did look rather good, after all.
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Whenever I get depressed, like today, and then forget that my niece's Birthday party is happening so i'm late to that, and then i'm late to this...It's always nice to remember the bright side of life.
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Monday, 18 January 2021 (Soma Wage Wuku Dukut, Pawukon 1780)

A Roller coaster Journey

Pemecutan Puri - 87th World Cup is the second edition of Pemecutan in the competition. In the last edition, the country went very bad that they were finished at the bottom of their Group. Entering this edition, Pemecutan don't set anygoal and try to play more focus but still without any burden.

"A good run in Group Stage will be our main goal for this edition. We don't want to be always at the bottom," says Agung Pramana, Pemecutan Head Coach.

Drawn into Pot 19, Pemecutan is starting the competition in a clumsy way. They were defeated by Savigliane in their first match at their home based. This loss was a huge upset by the fans as they thought that the team could get some points as they were playing at home ground. They then got their first point when they were heading to Port Ember. Playing a tight match which ended in a nil goal, they grab their 1 point. But the luck went away after they were hosting the match between Mapletish. Though their playing style can be proud of as they were able to hold their goal with only 1 goal lost. But with the result, their position in the Group table was dropping 2 places into 9th position.

A shocking result comes in the fourth match. Going to Siovanija&Teusland, the team is ready to lose against the giant. But the luck seems to be leaning towards them. After scoring a 2-2 goals, Arya Tungga Wijaya successfully scored the winning goal in the last minute of the match. This is their first win in this edition of World Cup. But they are only up 1 position in the scoreboard. They are then entertain Natanians and Nots in their home based Tegeh Kori National Stadium. Playing very relax, they are able to holding up against the guest team. And even surprised the guest with a winning goal scored by Wisnu Pramana. The fans are screaming happily after the win in their home ground. The result make them raise another place into 7th place.

"I hope that our kids could maintain their performance. These two wins against giant teams are a big boost for them," says Agung Suryanantha, Pemecutan Manager.

After the match against Natanians & Nots, their next stop is another giant team, Eura. Playing away match will give a harder pressure towards the players. But hopefully they can holding up and keep the winning strikes. After that they will entertain Al Qurija at home. For this match, the organizer will choose Ubung Arena as the match place.

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Postby Transvolcanic » Sun Jan 17, 2021 9:59 pm

Calcio Fútbol
“And it happened, Koralski resigns after a 3-0 defeat to Omerica”
It isn’t a surprise to say that that the Transvolcanic National Team has been in the worst of its worst moments in its short history as a professional national team, after the draw against Beepee the team lost 3-0 at home, which has made several people angry with Pablo Colín, Keinri Öctagôn, and most specially, Teofilo Koralski, after this “humiliation” it happened the first official post match conference and the last in the national team for Teófilo:
“I... I failed to you all, I just understood that I can’t manage a national team... like this one, I am so sorry and... I... resign oficially, I don’t want to make even more damage, if I return one day it shall be when I am prepared to manage this team, sorry to all a nation... “
He didn’t even answer questions, as no one even ask

Some minutes later, the TFA (AFT or Asociación de Fútbol Transvolcanica) confirmed in Twitcher, Feetbook and on its official page, that Teófilo Koralski resigned and in his place, Sergio Bautista, the manager of Club Arsénico, will also manage the national team, another surprise also fell, hours later Ron Medehlfeller resigned as well from his position as vice-president of the TFA, which is for now vacant, and tomorrow it is expected for the comitee to take a final decision of what will happen in that vacancy:

Selección Nacional Transvolcánica @AFTNacional - 4h ago
“We are confirming as of now to all the people that Teófilo Koralski resigned, we wish him good luck in his next projects as a manager and a person” [insert an image of him] ~”Gracias Teófilo por dirigir a la selección” (thanks Teofilo for managing the national team)
#ConHonoryEntrega #VamosConTodo

Selección Nacional Transvolcánica @AFTNacional - 3h ago
“The next manager for the national team will be... Sergio Bautista, check his first words in this video!” [insert video]
#ConHonoryEntrega #VamosConTodo

What Bautista said on the video:
“Hello my compatriots and all viewers, I am Sergio Bautista, and I am another cat from the thousands of this beautiful nation, I promise that the team will play to compete and win, even in the worst cases, I will always make the team rise up again from its ashes, this team needs a better position, needs to show what it really is and I will give all from me to achieve this, see you in the field! WE ARE GOING WITH EVERYTHING!”

Bautista will make his debut in the match against Lorrana on the matchday 5 of the World Cup Qualifiers

Will Sergio Bautista rise up the national team again?
- Yes he will - 31%
- No, he isn’t the right manager - 49%
- We need to see - 20%
1,917,002 people have voted! Thanks!

Other interesting news:
-Bautista: It is hard, but we can’t surrender still
-two robbers enter into Öctagôn’s sister house
-Football in The South Pacific: here’s what you need to know

Lineups and goals:
Transvolcanic - Colín, Medina, Faibermann, Rivera, Ponte, Van de Nainssen (Takegomi 80’), Rojos, Pelatto, Bovier, San Marcos, Öctagôn (Volodov 61’)
Omerica - Augustin, Notley, Kayode, Charles, Kerry, Bolton, Fontaine, Magalhaes, Bustos (Beckett 61’), Fernand (Babineaux 88’), Ahmad

- Omerica: Fernand 23’, 65’, Ahmad 39’

Matchday 5 and 6 soon!
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Expired, Episode 3

Postby Drawkland » Sun Jan 17, 2021 11:17 pm

E X P I R E D ...

If you're not caught up on this whole "Elite Eleven" thing, feel free to read up on the literature ...
A Hint * A Tease * A Story * A Contradiction * A Roster
Elite 1 * Elite 2 * Elite 3 * Elite 4 * Elite 5 * Elite 6
Elite 7 * Elite 8 * Elite 9 * Elite 10 * Elite 11
Expired 1 * Expired 2

When Nicole had arrived at Iarocav's Manor, the sun was high in the sky and the light shone bright through the office window. By the time Iarocav was done recounting his advice to Nicole, the sun had sunk behind the hills and the sky was starting to redden for sundown.

"I have to admit, a lot of the advice I've told you today is probably extraneous. The big things you have to remember are how to get to the maze, the kind of dangers you'll face within, and how to finish the job. I actually have a little notebook I've compiled with the essential information somewhere in my library, if you're interested."

"That would actually be perfect!" Nicole said, having already written several pages of notes from what Iarocav had told her over the past few hours.

"Alright, well come along then. My library is in the next room." The Drawkionel stood up from his chair, stretched, and walked to a side door.

Nicole followed suit, and Iarocav opened the door to reveal a two-story room filled end-to-end and top-to-bottom with bookshelves. The second level featured a balcony which also had bookshelves covering nearly all the walls. He closed the door behind them, and when he turned back around he started a bit. Somebody else was already in the library.

"Lerocav! What are you doing here?" Iarocav asked, clearly bewildered. After all, his son had his own home and family. It's not everyday he'd frequent his father's manor.

"What does it look like?" Lerocav responded, gesturing to the thick volume in his hands. "I'm reading something. I was looking for that one book about the MadManian drug trade, found it here."

"So you just barge into my home uninvited? At least drop me a text." Iarocav started walking to a specific bookcase and rifled through the shelves.

"You think I want to be here either? Smells like old man in here." Lerocav sniffed for effect.

"Maybe if your book collection wasn't in such a shoddy state you wouldn't have to bum off of your 'old man's' collection. Especially because this seems like a subject that'd be right up your alley."

"Listen, you loan one book to a friend, then you forget about it, then they die, and boom! The book's gone in an estate sale, nowhere to be found. By then it's out of print because it's already 200 years old."

"All you're doing right now is giving me more reasons to kick you out of my library!"

Nicole, having never met the Drawkionel's eldest son before, and also being thoroughly out of the league of having centuries-old book collections, simply stood awkwardly at the door. Lerocav had run out of comebacks for the moment though, and returned to his book with a shake of his head. He looked up suddenly, having only just noticed Nicole's presence.

"Oh! Who is this?" Lerocav asked, putting his book down. "Wait, don't tell me. It's on the tip of my tongue. You're .... hold on, starts with an N, right?"

Nicole nodded slightly, rocking on her heels and absently thumbing the pages of her notebook.

"Nnnnn ... Nicole! Nicole Warren!" Lerocav snapped his fingers when he got it. "One of the old Corps defenders, right?"

"Yup, that's me." Nicole replied, still feeling a bit out of place.

"Cool to have you here! What's going on? Some sort of meetup I wasn't told about?" Lerocav looked back over his shoulder at his father, who had just found the book he was looking for. Rather, the secret lever he was looking for. He pulled at a specific book, and suddenly the entire bookshelf slid outwards and sideways to reveal a secret bookshelf behind it.

"Oooooh, he's broken into the secret bookshelf. You must be talking TiSoFaH," Lerocav deduced. "Or some kind of magical wackiness. Don't just stand there, come on and check it out!" He beckoned Nicole to come closer, standing up from the chair he'd been lounging in.

"I have to say, having a literal secret bookshelf in your mansion library seems really cliche." Nicole mused as she reluctantly came closer.

"Cliche indeed!" Iarocav laughed. "I always say, what's the point of having a library in your mansion if you don't have at least one secret bookshelf in it? Also son, you've appeared to have forgotten your manners."

"What do you- oh yeah, you're right." Lerocav groaned in understanding. He turned over to Nicole. "My dearest apologies, but my father seems to forgotten to introduce me, the fantastic host he is."

"You're technically intruding on my house right now, so really you should've been introducing yourself to me as well."

"Stuff it, grandpa!" Lerocav shot back, before turning to Nicole again and giving a sympathetic smile. "I'm Lerocav, the First Child of Drawkland, or something like that. I assume I was a multiple choice test question on a middle school history test for you." He offered a hand to shake.

Nicole accepted the shake and offered a half-genuine smile in return. "I'm Nicole, but I guess you already figured out who I am."

"Of course, we both figured each other out. Then some stuffy old guy wanted to make me look dumb, so he insisted on this formality. And now we're all caught up!"

"Aren't you also, like ..." Nicole paused a moment to think. "A thousand years old? I'd say you're also really old."

"I was afraid you'd say that. You insult me!" Lerocav responded with joking bravado. "Now I must defend my honor. Father, are duels still legal?"

"Duels were outlawed at least 50 years before you were even born." Iarocav shot back, finally selecting a couple worn-looking books from a bottom shelf. "Try again."

"Drat, I suppose I'll just have to accept this heinous roast and go on with my life!" Lerocav dramatically wiped his brow, before looking back to see what books Iarocav was holding. "Oh. That's the dangerous book. Just what are you up to, Nicole Warren of the Kick Corps?"

"I'm going on the Undying Quest." Nicole said firmly. "Thinking about it, at least."

"How irresponsible!" Lerocav put his hands on his hips. "I'll have you know that I would never do something so stupid."

"Yes, instead you became immortal by virtue of being the first fruit of my loins!" Iarocav said, giving him a playful punch on the shoulder.

"Dad, that is horrendously inappropriate. There is a proper lady in our presence!"

"Back in my day, we had to EARN our immortality by going on a life-threatening quest and facing perils unknown to mortal men!" Iarocav responded, in a fake grandpa voice. "Now these young whippersnappers like you get immortality thrust upon them without even trying. What has this world come to?"

"I'd say if this world has come to anything, it's on you, man. You've been in charge the entire time."

"Fair point. Now, enough jawing, I can tell Nicole is feeling more and more alienated every time you open your mouth." Iarocav put an end to the quipping and turned back to Nicole. "Here, take this book. It's a copy of the abridged notebook I wrote after my second time going through the Quest. I have plenty of copies, so don't worry about returning it. I would ask that you not let anybody else see it unless you're taking them with you."

"Of course." Nicole said immediately, reaching to accept the book.

"I'm putting a great deal of trust in you right now." Iarocav put the book in Nicole's hands, but didn't let go of it. "A lot of this information is dangerous in the wrong hands. You have to be incredibly careful, no matter what you do from now on. Not to mention, your intent to take this Quest should remain confidential. Need to know basis."

Nicole nodded solemnly, swallowing the lump in her throat. "I understand."

Iarocav raised his chin to look at Nicole a moment longer, then nodded and let go of the book. "Good, then. Now, what are the things I told you to do before going on the Quest?"

"Um, I need to be in top physical condition." Nicole started, and the two men nodded.

"Good. And what else?"

"I need to learn physical combat. Electronics don't work in the realm, so only the most basic firearms are even functional."

"Correct. I'd say you need to find someone to teach you hand-to-hand and handheld weapon combat, but you already know the best one in the world. You've got dozens of caps with her, after all." Iarocav winked at that last sentence.

"Wow, you're really going to say Ellzidan is the best at hand-to-hand combat? Not yours truly? I'm truly insulted, father."

"Of course. What's your all-time head-to-head sparring record against the Elf again? I've seemed to forgotten in my old age."

Lerocav muttered something, but didn't speak up.

"That's what I thought. Now, what else, Nicole?"

"I also need to learn magic, if it's possible." Nicole opened her notebook to see what else she wrote.

"Yes. Most people don't have the genetic ability to wield arcane power, but if you have even a little bit, a good protection or harming spell can go a long way. Though I'm not sure if there's anybody I can recommend that wouldn't be a little suspicious as to the intent of your training."

"Hm. Don't you play for the Queens? The Kayo Queens?" Lerocav asked, brows furrowed.

"I have for the past few seasons, yes." Nicole replied.

"Couldn't she just ask Kanyo then?" Lerocav turned to his father. "Kanyo doesn't care that much about sports, but Nicole is a star player who's been there for a few seasons. Surely Kanyo knows of her, if not actually met her before?"

"Of course!" Iarocav exclaimed. "I can't believe I didn't realize that already. Lero is right. I can talk to Kanyo in arranging a training session or retreat with you. That will solve all of your problems here. Plus, you can get even more advice about immortality and the Quest itself. It's always good to get more points of view, especially if one of us forgets something about it. It has been a long time since we've been there, after all."

"He's right about that. Do you know the Elite Eleven?" Lerocav asked.

Nicole laughed. "Yes, I know them quite well. One of them is the entire reason I'm doing this, actually."

"No shit!" Lerocav gaped. "Who?! Spill the tea!"

"Mike Rodney. We've been sorta dating for like 5 years."

"That's crazy! Is he going to do it with you to help? Like a chaperone?"

"No, actually." Nicole shifted uncomfortably. "He doesn't know that I'm doing this at all. I haven't told anybody."

"I don't think I like that." Lerocav shook his head incredulously. "He oughta be helping you. Kind of a dick move to force you into doing something awful like this and leaving you out to dry."

"He's not making me do anything." Nicole insisted. "I realized a few years ago that I would have to either give him up, or resign myself to slowly dying while he lives on. I didn't like either of those options. I'm ... in love with him, and I don't want to lose him."

"True love, eh?" Lerocav replied after a quiet moment. "Well there's one person that would be excellent to talk to about that. Isn't that right, dad?"

"Oh, you're absolutely right." Iarocav nodded in understanding.

"Who do you mean?" Nicole asked, grabbing her notebook again.

"Only the greatest woman I know." Iarocav said with grin. He shook his finger at Nicole getting her notebook, then checked his watch. "You won't need to make an appointment. It's nearly 8pm, so she's finished her evening workout and gotten out of her post workout shower. She should be looking for me right now. In fact, she'll probably be here any second ..."

Right on cue, it seemed, a woman will dark cinnamon-colored hair strode through the doorway and into the library.
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Continued from here :

"Jaz! I hope you're calling to say you're gonna come with?"

Jasmine had gotten to know Cheri Huong fairly early into her assignment in Quebec City; a young professionals networking Happy Hour brought the light complexioned Black woman with a
untamed head of hair in contact with the petite Korean-Quebecois that happened to share a similar dress sense.

"Yah, of course. Are we gonna be OK with this crowd? Who's makin' the scene?"

Huong was actually not much more than a lucky pawn in the bigger picture of the "heavy" Quebec City celeb circuit; she knew the right people, who knew the real 'right people', and had never tried to abuse privileges or sell access. She only wanted to have fun, preferably on someone else's tab, and to include her small circle of friends in the deal.

"We'll be fine. It's going down at l'Alliance, with Gregory Reynolds-Walusimbi, who's the shortstop at Kingston and for the Reapers, as one of the confirmed VIP's".

Jasmine was scribbling all of these details on a notepad in her own unique shorthand, while gathering info online and listening to Cheri's description on her phone via earbuds.

"So when should we pre-game? Who else do you have?"

By the time the women rang off 5 minutes later, the wheels were in motion for a limited information gathering operation (LINGO), which was the most basic CIS level of foreign service intel collection.
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Postby Nephara » Mon Jan 18, 2021 3:00 am

Nephara 2 - 3 Kandorith
(4-4-2 -> 4-4-1) 1 - Provost; 2 - Stride, 5 - Thorn (c), 6 - Verlander, 3 - Muscadin; 7 - Koerner, 4 - Shone (s/o 76'), 8 - Cromwell (17 - Flaxwood 84'), 13 - Belgrade (11 - Caracole 63'); 9 - Bastable, 10 - Lovelace (15 - Horvath 77')
Goals: Bastable 18', Lovelace 45+1'

South Covello 1 - 1 Nephara
(4-4-2) 1 - Provost; 2 - Stride, 5 - Thorn (c), 6 - Verlander, 3 - Muscadin; 7 - Koerner (23 - Sauthier 78'), 15 - Horvath, 8 - Cromwell (14 - Fletcher 67'), 13 - Belgrade; 9 - Bastable, 10 - Lovelace (21 - Basilisk 78')
Goal: Bastable 71'

There were good moments.
The sweet crack of the ball as it cracked off Bastable's forehead, following a perfect leap inside Takahashi, angling perfectly into the bottom corner. Konrad Lovelace almost casually whipping an injury-time strike into the top corner from the corner of the box. The moment of beautiful hope as, at the death, Roxelana Thorn rose highest in search of Caracole's corner and crashed her header into the crossbar. The deft assist from Janna Sauthier with her first touch that helped Basilisk drive home with her first touch, ruined only by Sauthier narrowly straying offside. A brilliant save from Provost at the feet of the the substitute Gomez, as she became an instant hero with the people as she came away, bleeding from the cheek as his studs had inadvertently raked across her as she rose, looking for the next pass, having seemingly saved a clean sheet and three invaluable points for the Cormorants.
None of those moments would be the ones people would remember, as Nephara took one point from six in the most important matches it had.

The second half against Kandorith would be remembered.
2-1 down in Sabrefell, playing well but not well enough, the under-pressure Ken Hayabusa knew he was already under pressure for a poor start to the campaign and could well be sunk by defeat here. None of the Nepharim knew what he told his team in the tunnel, but judging by the way the Lotus Warriors came out, it must have been something special.
They came out and battled with a fervour the Cormorants hadn't seen from them, their fluid midfield dancing around what seemed suddenly like the clunky, static green shirts. They were not going to compromise. Early on, Masada Katano forced a sharp save from Provost, the Holdenberg keeper getting down quickly, looking up, side-to-side, as if to ask: is anyone else hearing this? Is anyone else prepared to take this seriously?
Perhaps not. She threw the ball to Stride, Stride passed to Shone who immediately tried to turn into trouble and lost possesion to Tanaka. The home crowd rose to their feet. Foul, surely! A purely partisan urge; Tanaka had taken the ball crisply and neatly, almost in disbelief at how easily. He passed to Kaba, who smashed an excellent first-time hit across the face of goal; sliding in, somehow, was the nominal defender Miyake, driving home at the far post with a pure expression of Hayabusa's 'total football' philosophy.
Nephara rallied. Well, most of them did. Bastable forced Kiyotada into a couple of routine saves, Koerner missed a presentable chance from the edge of the box. But it was to Tawny Shone that Strauss looked; a player prone to frustration, who hadn't been playing well. Was it time for Rashica Horvath to come on, she wondered, precisely one passage of play too late.
A bad and callous tackle saw Hisegawa buckle to his knees. A second caution for Shone, who made matters worse by... well, by telling the referee what she thought of him, only to be yanked away by the collar by the captain Thorn.
Horvath came on, but this time for Konrad Lovelace, who looked faintly outraged and didn't do much of a job of keeping a lid on it.
Something felt predictable when Kanetoki Hirano came on to drive home a late winner. A killer substitute to provide the cutting edge. A wonderful day for Ken Hayabusa. Not so, Strauss.

Things were little better in South Covello.
Yes, they got an away point, and not even a strictly bad one to take. South Covello had been a big deal not so long ago, and their well-drilled defence had barely conceded to this point. Nephara spent over an hour knocking on the door, calmly passing the ball around midfield, confident on away soil. Rashica Horvath was arguably the best of all of them, fiercely seizing her moment in the spotlight.
Kurtis Bastable, naturally, carved the way through through sheer force, practically ripping off Yachtwood's arm for the temerity to try and mark him before dragging a scruffy, efficient finish past the indomitable Tyler, who ended the day on eight saves. One goal, but you really always needed two.
Naturally, Rivers showed why with a peerless, flawless free kick late on. Provost's fearless save at Gomez's feet was forgotten, at least for the time being, though doubtless it would make its way onto retrospectives of her career and online highlight reels and somesuch. What mattered were the two dropped points. The five dropped points. And the direct rivals they'd dropped them to.
There was no time to sit around and feel sorry. Four dropped points were not the end of the world, but more could be a disaster. Indusse, certainly would need to be put to the sword.
Would these dropped matches be forgotten in time? Or would they be the catalyst for a cataclysmic failure to defend their back-to-back World Cup Finals?

1 - Aranea Provost (Holdenberg, EUR), 12 - Raluca Garamond (Sabrefell Athletic), 20 - Fasolt Senninger (Aries Chariots)
Defenders: 2 - Rovena Stride (AFC Treason), 3 - Vivica Muscadin (Sabrefell Moths), 5 - Roxelana Thorn (Revolutionaries, EUR, c), 6 - Cedella Verlander (AFC Corvistone), 18 - Linde Rostock (Stahlburg City), 19 - Miska Brabanzon (Sabrefell Moths), 22 - Reniira Clevinger (Sabrefell Athletic)
Midfielders: 4 - Rook Timekeeper (Sabrefell Moths), 7 - Anselm Koerner (1830 Cathair, AUD), 8 - Lothaire Cromwell (AC Izotz Zubia, AUD), 11 - Rasmus Caracole (Cazadores Cathair, AUD), 13 - Ysabet Belgrade (Sabrefell Moths), 14 - Exene Fletcher (Hellinic Rouge, PAS), 15 - Rashica Horvath (La Nueva Avenida, FFD), 17 - Leif Flaxwood (Starling), 23 - Janna Sauthier (CASK Thorsborg, SVJ)
Forwards: 9 - Kurtis Bastable (Ulsa, EUR), 10 - Konrad Lovelace (Revolutionaries, EUR), 16 - Voska Avetisyan (Istria City, BNJ), 21 - Latona Basilisk (Mâ Âlâmëómë, FFD)

Baggieland 2 - 3 Nephara
Nephara 4
- 1 Quemorr Isles @ The Iron Hill (Vermillion)
Græntfjall 0 - 1 Nephara
Nephara 2
- 0 Pluvia @ Ludd's Hammer (Stahlburg)
Garbelia 2 - 4 - Nephara
Nephara 2 - 3 Kandorith @ Farham Arena (Sabrefell)
South Covello 1 - 1 Nephara
Sett Forest vs. Nephara
Nephara vs. Indusse @ Farham Arena (Sabrefell)
Nephara vs. Baggieland @ The Gauntlet (Treason)
Quemorr Isles vs. Nephara
Nephara vs. Græntfjall @ Phoenix Rise (Corvistone)
Pluvia vs. Nephara
Nephara vs. Garbelia @ Eagle's Club (Brinemouth)
Kandorith vs. Nephara
Nephara vs. South Covello @ Eagle's Club (Brinemouth)
Nephara vs. Sett Forest @ The Gauntlet (Treason)
Indusse vs. Nephara
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Postby Indusse » Mon Jan 18, 2021 3:13 am

Tough Luck

Indusse 4–1 Garbelia
Kandorith 1–1 Indusse

Group 9 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 South Covello 7 6 1 0 17 4 +13 19
2 Indusse 7 5 1 1 19 11 +8 16
Nephara 7 5 1 1 17 9 +8 16
4 Græntfjall 7 4 1 2 10 5 +5 13
5 Kandorith 7 3 3 1 10 9 +1 12
6 Baggieland 7 3 1 3 17 14 +3 10
7 Pluvia and the Saxean Isles 7 2 0 5 13 19 −6 6
8 Garbelia 7 1 1 5 12 24 −12 4
9 Sett Forest 7 0 2 5 7 16 −9 2
10 Quemorr Isles 7 0 1 6 7 18 −11 1

Seven Matchdays over and Indusse struggling to reach the second position without sharing with Nephara. The first Matchday was against Garbelia who's eight in position in the group. Indusse faced the Garbelians and defeated them for a score of four against one. It was a easy win for the team, Indusse who's trying their best to qualify for the WorldCup is slowly struggling to go more forward. With the former champions and finalists in their group, Indusse is trying to climb a steep hill without ropes. In the match against Garbelia, Indusse started scoring goals in the seventh minute, it was a easy run through between the defenders. Mersiás sprinted in and easily kicked the ball into the goal post. Poor people, the Garbelian goal keeper was just watching by. After some minutes, Indusse scored their second goal through a unstable defence. The Garbelian Defense was just in shatters. They couldn't communicate between each other and was trying to pass bluntly like someone instructing a blind man to close a highway without help. Again it was Mersiás coming through the defenders after a weak defence from the Garbelian Side. Another goal was in and Indusse leads two against none. The game went by, Garbelians couldnt even surpass the Indussean Defence. Indusse continued to attack, where as Garbelian defence continued to fail. In the thirty nineth minute of the game, Garbelian defence fouled Mersiás in the penalty box. It's a penalty and Mersiás came to take the kick. He was sure he will do it, his slow kick made the goalie to think as a strong one. The goalie leaped and the ball went easily into the goal post. Goal!!! Indusse three against none of Garbelia. Mersiás gets his hat trick. The first Indussean hattrick in the eighty seventh Nationstates WorldCup. It's half time now, both the teams retreated to their dressing rooms. Half time break over, everyone assembled back in the ground. The game continued... " I think Garbelians drunk some magic potion in the half time, they are now stable!" said Joseph Moteudi, coach of the national team. Yes! The Garbelians improved their system. Total Defence is their new policy. But, now for the first time in the whole match Garbelians tried shooting a goal. But, that wasn't enough. The game continued high and low. In between the match Garbelians as well as Indusseans were pressurised. Some of them lost their temper, pushing down others, cracking dirty jokes etc. The game continued, this time in the Seventy sixty minute Baskar H Kumar drifted along the central field, passed the ball to Goblin Grundjee and he chipped into the penalty spot. Butea ran in took the ball in their legs and shot it in, Goal!! Indusse four against none Garbelia. Total Football, that's what we saw there. Garbelia was crushed, but Garbelians continued to attack they weren't ready to lose. The game continued and in the eighty sixth minute, that happened. Garbelians atlast destroyed the defensive lock. They sprinted as a gang and created confusion and got their ball in. It's a goal! That's the end of the match. Indusse 4-1 Garbelia.

Matchday seven, Against Kandorith. Kandorith in their previous match crushed Nephara and brought up another rival for Indusse. Everyone thought Indusse would lose, but something else happened. The game started with the Kandorith Supremacy. They scored their first Goal in the twelfth minute in their first shot on target. That's quick and clever. The game continued, Kandorith wasn't allowing indusse to get in to their post. All the defenders from Kandorith were well communicated. The team spirit eas in its heights. Unlike Garbelia, Kandorith was having a total Defence. The Indussean strikers and even defenders tried breaking the defensive lock. But, none of them were able to do it. With the strong defense and the twelfth minute goal, Kandorith could easily survive with the one goal lead. Indusse soon started attacking like Bulls but nothing was happening. Their goalkeeper was unbeatable. How can they be beatable, first of all the striker has to get the ball into their half then surpass all the " Burj Khalifas " defenders and at last their was a boss, The striker should use all his skills to defeat the boss in the Boss Fight to save their prestige. Prestige was too far, it wasn't easy to get it. Kandorith survived easily with their strong defence in the first half. Quick end, no more happenings. That was the end of the first half. The second half started, both the team looked refreshed. Indusse started the next half with a totalitarian counter attacks back to back without allowing any of the Kandorith players to touch the ball. The counter Attacks were thrilling but wasn't able to surpass the goal keeper. The Goalkeeper stood like a giant tree with all its branches across the goal posts. Wherever they kicked the ball was saved. "This guy seems awesome!" said the coach after seeing the Goal Keeper of Kandorith national team. The game went by now indusse lost possession. Kandorith can up with Counter Attacks. We also have a good goalie, Stevie is and will be always a wonder to Indusse. Stevie also stood like a wall, saving all the shots so that the margin won't rise. Stevie was the saver. He did his best. The game was full of attacks, atlast in the eightieth minute, Indusse led another counter attack. The sprint of Baskar Kumar into the penalty box suddenly created comossion between the Kandorith Defenders. The kick from Baskar was saved by the goalie. But the deflected Ball came back to Baskar which helped him to score the equilizer. Wow! It's a goal!!! The game continued, both the teams struggled for another goal but nevertheless nothing happened. The game ended in a draw after a long time.

The next match is against Nephara, Nephara has always been a threat to their opponents. But this time, there may be something else that's going to happen. Let us see what's happening the next day, will Nephara and South Covello crush Indusse pushing indusse back to the depths of darkness? Let us wait and watch!

Indusse 4-1 Garbelia
Mersiás 7', 13', 34'
Baskar H Kumar 64'

MVP: Mersiás [INS]

Want to know more about the Indussean Passports? Stay Tuned. (GFXRP)
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Postby Brenecia » Mon Jan 18, 2021 3:28 am

Ranoria 0 - 1 Brenecia
(4-2-3-1) 1 - Wright; 17 - Shepherd, 5 - Leadbetter, 18 - Giltanan, 3 - Roscommon; 4 - Townsend (c), 14 - Caitiff (13 - Deal 71'); 22 - Waters (9 - White 79'), 10 - Parrish, 16 - Fletcher; 7 - Cheney
Goals: Waters 32'

Brenecia 3 - 0 Trigel
(4-2-3-1) 1 - Wright; 2 - Bravender, 6 - Ford, 18 - Giltanan, 3 - Roscommon; 23 - Schofield, 14 - Caitiff; 15 - Fife, 10 - Parrish (21 - Archer 72'), 16 - Fletcher (11 - Pace 72'); 9 - White
Goals: Fife 52', White 65', Caitiff 68'

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Brenecia and RCU star Scathach Wright
Annette Brisbane

While previous Brenecia sides have often been praised more for their attacking weapons, the defence this cycle has a pleasingly old-schol look to it. With Raynor City United goalkeeper Wright finding peerless form between the posts, Brenecia look in imperious form with the crunch match against Riena coming up. With Wright still in town for the day after the Trigel match, we take the opportunity to catch up in a Rozelle cafe.

AB: Thanks for taking the time to meet with me, Scathach.

SW: It's pronounced Scathach. People get it wrong constantly.

AB: Oh. I'm sorry. Scathach?

SW: Scathach.

AB: Scathach.

SW: Got it. Anyway, yeah, look, it's fine. It's Rozelle, I mean, being here's hardly much of a burden, right? Was different if we still gave games to North Hall, I mean, you know, the place is a fucking shithole.

AB: No arguments here, Scathach. So, with you between the posts, Brenecia have kept five straight clean sheets and conceded just one goal, and just two across all of qualifying; that's the equal-best defensive record across all of qualifying, equalled only by Ko-oren. What's your secret?

SW: Well, honestly? Honestly, I credit the fact I'm so damn good.

AB: ... Could you perhaps elaborate?

SW: Well, people try to put shots past me. But I see right through them. I know exactly where it's going and I stop it happening. Okay, granted, we have guys like Finn [Townsend] and uh, the other Finn [Leadbetter] to break anyone's legs that get past halfway, so sometimes I don't have a lot of shit to do. Times like that you just gotta stay alert and be ready for whatever comes, so you don't look like a fucking idiot when you get chipped from halfway by some plumber.

AB: What do you say to those who compare your run of form to Franca Connell (who was between the posts when Brenecia were the last nation in qualifying to concede a goal)?

SW: Who?

AB: The goalkeeper who--

SW: Oh, her. Yeah, i've seen old footage. God, we were shit back then, weren't we? God, it was grim. Bunch of lugs who felt scared if they had to pass a ball along the ground. No wonder they didn't qualify in the end, eh. Anyway, point is, we've got far better players in every position. We can't be compared to them, because, not least, we will qualify. Easily.

AB: You're confident of a result against Riena, then.

SW: Oh, yeah, we'll smash 'em. We'll smash everyone. The result against the Plane, well, that was a fluke, and they aren't a real country, anyway. Trust me, some of the shit I saw there, you wouldn't believe it if you saw it.

AB: And what role do you credit [manager] Brelk-Xeral in it all?

SW: Well they're a fucking genius, aren't they? Stuck by me when like half the country said I was overrated, loved talking shit. Hey, all the haters, who's laughing now? It's you, 'cause I'm still here and getting you results, and you love that shit. It's a results business, innit. Anyway, yeah, lucky to have 'em, hope they never leave.

AB: Such confidence! Do you think the Patriots have to be taken seriously as World Cup contenders?

SW: Weeeell, let's not go that far, yeah. Been a while between drinks for us. We just lack that bit of quality, you know, against the top. It's not my fault, obviously, or guys like Finn or Lauren or Finn. It's just guys like Caithe who, love her, but just aren't cut out for the top, top level. You see teams like Nephara, you know, absolute shitheels but they have quality three guys deep in every position. I shouldn't even have to know who Kitty Hazeldean is. With all respect. Love you, Kit.

AB: Well, I think that's about all we need... any last words for our viewers in Rozelle before we go?

SW: Every day, wake up and say thank fuck you don't live anywhere else in the country. We got a bunch of northerners in the squad and hicks like Cheney [Deal], shit sounds fucking grim.

Be sure to tune in to watch as your very own Patriots take on the Coalition before rounding out the first phase of qualifying at home against Riena!

1 - Scathach Wright (Raynor City United, VAL), 12 - Tiarnan Cove (Rozelle), 20 - Cairbre Dundalk (Chenoworth Rovers, NPH)
Defenders: 2 - Clovette Bravender (Ulsa, EUR), 3 - Triss Roscommon (Revolutionaries, EUR), 5 - Finn Leadbetter (Holdenberg, EUR), 6 - Leona Ford (Workers Union, EUR), 17 - Caithe Shepherd (Rozelle), 18 - Casey Giltanan (Workers Union, EUR), 19 - Deimne Watermark (Northern Stallions)
Midfielders: 4 - Finn Townsend (CdF Celtade, AUD, c), 8 - Esther Caitiff (Ulsa, EUR), 10 - Dreigiau Parrish (KT Itzalovalle, AUD), 11 - Tricia Pace (Northern Union), 13 - Cheney Deal (Northern Stallions), 15 - Mathgamain Fife (Rozelle), 16 - Ceridwen Fletcher (Holdenberg, EUR), 21 - Gaheris Archer (North Hall), 22 - Linoan Waters (Istria City, BNJ), 23 - Ronan Schofield (Raynor City United, VAL)
Forwards: 7 - Lauren Cheney (Spartangrad, EUR), 9 - Mhacha White (Farrenton Athletic, EUR), 14 - Kitty Hazeldean (Marque)

Hindu Ram Rajya 1 - 4 Brenecia
Plane of Possibility 1 - 1 Brenecia
Brenecia 3 - 0 Filindostan
West Angola 0 - 3 Brenecia
Brenecia 2
- 0 Terre Septentrionale
Ranoria 0 - 1 Brenecia
Brenecia 3
- 0 Trigel
CRC vs. Brenecia
Brenecia vs. Riena
Brenecia vs. Hindu Ram Rajya
Brenecia vs. Plane of Possibility
Filindostan vs. Brenecia
Brenecia vs. West Angola
Terre Septentrionale vs. Brenecia
Brenecia vs. Ranoria
Trigel vs. Brenecia
Brenecia vs. CRC
Riena vs. Brenecia
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Postby Tequilo » Mon Jan 18, 2021 3:44 am

All Change At The Unión

Part 2/4: Ooóoos Skueri

Part 1 - in which the Presidente of Tequilo apportions consequences for systemic failures at the FA

“Thank you for coming, August,” said the anonymous Man In Blazer, seeing out the candidate at the national team headquarters in the Museo de Pitxi. It was interview day for the Director of Football, the role to oversee everything related to the national team, and part of the shake up at the Unión instigated by the national government. “We’ll be in touch soon - very soon. Don’t go anywhere now!”

The much-loved and genteel old fellow Señor Lepe had recently resigned his post as the President of the Unión de Pitxi - that’s the Tequiloan FA to you and me - following the double scandal of the Kip Debacle in the Land of Gibberish and the lack of progress at the eight-year-old building site that was supposed to be the City of Football - the nation’s development centre toward world domination, and the brand new National Stadium. So far, it was just a field of mud, bricks and bollards. And then there was the travesty of Esâ Neá’s death, drowned in a swimming pool at a secret location, whilst in the throes of Kipolalia, an auto-imitation virus he’d picked up whilst on duty with the national team. He was imitating a crack-addled hairy river dolphin at the time. Under pressure from the government, Señor Lepe had resigned after a personal rebuke from the Presidente, Tzalti Larrosa; and the Director under him responsible for decision-making around the national team’s trip to Gibbertown, not to mention the strategy for the City of Football, Mustardo Dik ten Beuenk, had been unceremoniously fired, ravaged in the press, and sent into hiding. He was probably even now on his way home to Mustardy.

Applications for his job had hardly been overwhelming, and of the two interviews arranged, the applicant from Royal Kingdom of Quebec had failed to turn up. But it didn’t really matter - Juvencan candidate August Toset, two-time Cup of Harmony finalist and one-time winner, had thoroughly impressed the Men In Blazers interview panel with his vision and experience. Clearly he was the man for the job to sort out the mess that was the Tequiloan national team, and they almost told him as much at the end of the interview. One Man In Blazer saw him out, while the other four agreed wholeheartedly that they had done alright. Quite well. Perfectly acceptable. A coup, even.

When the Man In Blazer who had seen August out the building returned to the panel, he was sweating a little. And he had company. Two of the sharpest-dressed devils in all the Wide Enness Ocean, and a besuited fellow with a Greasy Wrestling mask on - a sort of ceremonial mask from a sort of ceremonial sport, that was even more popular in Tequilo than the pitxi.

“Gentleman, a moment of your time,” said one of the finely dressed men - was it Shakemupp or Scapegoat, I do not know for sure - “we present to you, the new Director of the Tequilo National Team and The City of Football, the man who will save your skinny asses and Make Pitxi Great Again!”

“Well,” tempered the other finely dressed man - was it Scapegoat, or was it Shakemupp? “to Make Pitxi Moderately Good For Once would be a start I suppose, but you catch our drift, hmm?”

“Gentlemen, gentlemen!” said the Man In Blazer who had chaired the interview with August, “I am sorry but we have just found the perfect candidate - I am not sure what this is all about, but you are too late!”

“Ah,” said Shakemupp or Scapegoat, with a slightly menacing smile, “but that perfect candidate is not…” - and here he showed his palms toward the man in the mask, who looked, well, nearly as sinister as the Narrative Agents from Wight - “…Ooóoos Skueri! Ooóoos Skueri, Men In Blazers, Ooóoos Skueri! Ooóoos Skueri here before you today, waiting to be directed to his office!”

The man in the mask put up a hand in greeting. “Morning,” he said.

Ooóoos Skueri has no idea just how famous he is in Tequilo. I mean, he probably knows he’s a bit of a big deal most everywhere - capped three times by his country during World Cup 72, the Audioslav played for Tenth Star Hasiera and KT Moreazerua before moving to Raynor City United in The Land of The Pointy-Ears. That is quite a playing CV that any serious football fan in the multiverse would be well aware of and consider something of a big deal. So Ooóoos himself, now 53, wouldn’t be surprised to hear he’s popular in Tequilo - and he probably wouldn’t know where Tequilo was, like many, many nations in the Wide Enness Ocean that come and go on such a frequent basis, if it wasn’t for the business he does there to this day, which is pretty significant - and I’ll come back to that. But Ooóoos Skueri will have no idea - literally no idea - that he is pretty much a legend of unparalled popularity, exceeding by some orders of magnitude the fame and fondness for that other foreign legend, the Farv Râmón Tüjânger. Here are the pedestrian facts about Ooóoos Skueri, in his life after football: after hanging up his boots and heading back to his native Audioslavia, he has made a modest income from making halloween masks which he sells on Etsy under the username ‘Ooh, Scary’. More recently he branched out into wrestlers’ masks, and that is how he will have come to know the name of Tequilo - where the second biggest sport after pitxi is Lucha Grasienta, grease wrestling, a ritualistic sport in which masks are part and parcel of the show. Though most Tequiloa are not aware that Ooóoos Skueri is the man behind the most popular brand of mask in their country, they buy ‘Ooh, Scary’ masks in their hundreds of thousands. And this is how Ooóoos will know about Tequilo, although he has never been there - he uses an Orinoco fulfilment centre to distribute his masks in the country.

Here are the less than pedestrian fictions about his legend status in Tequilo: The Tequiloa can hardly believe the man they call Oooóooos and sometimes Ooooóoooos is even alive. Until very recently, they thought he had self-immolated at a veterans football match, having turned his back on spectators, through a combination of poverty, despair and mental illness. In Tequilo, though he has never been there, he is worshipped as an heroic pitxi-playing champion gifted with a spirit familiar (a cruyff) who had all his powers tragically stolen from him by Valanoros, jealous of his considerable talent. He was considered the embodiment of football, the greatest human to ever play the game, driven to madness because no-one understood him. In many parts of Tequilo, he has been elevated to the status of a patron wight, a guardian spirit to be invoked before football matches. There are thousands of young boys and girls called Oooóooos and Ooooóoooos respectively. The average Tequiloan can hardly believe the real Ooóoos Skueri is alive and well, making masks for a living in his home country, and that he is blithely unaware he is The Greatest Named Player of All Time Ever Anywhere Whose Boots Are Cleaned By Di Bradini - as his entry in the Synaxarion (the Book of Names) goes.

“S… S… Señor Skueri…” said the Chairman In Blazer, extending a hand, “welcome to The Unión… let me show you to your office.”


TAPALUPÉ, Tequilo - World Cup qualification rumbles along! Version 87 is past half way to half way… and we've got your back for all the latest in the biggest and best competition in the multiverse: let the GOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL-a!!! Daily take the strain - all your favourite bits, in brief. All this week: Track & Trace… whatever happened to The Class of 72? Rúi de Las Rovas… season three of the famous old comic book strip rebooted. Logistics Report... how to manage a touring football team without picking up any weird viral infections; and of course, we have mail! You can write in too, if you want to - address your fascinating texts to spamcatcher@gola.teq or drop a letter in the mail to PO Box 654353583.2, Grand Central Post Office, Tapalupé1 But first, El Copametro… how are Los Pitxileros making out in the qualification campaign trail?



Location: Palacios de Cristal; Gardaresso, Antivador
Attendance: 81,000
Scorers: Tlacolotl 47' 49' Huracan 48' | Paul Lombardi 1' 28' Garrett Sarniak 54' Assists: Alexandro Calvoechaeaga 47' 48' 49' | Allister Levy 1' Brian Conlin 28' Paul Lombardi 54'
Booked: Blêxu (1 match ban), Antton Machinena, Alexandro Calvoecheaga, Jaïr Iscla, Emmanuel París | Matthew Costner, Shannon Stefansson, Eric Trotman, Garrett Sarniak, Allister Levy
Injured: José Tavia (severity 1/20), Niño Pinto (10/20)
Tequilo Line-Up: Oscar Bienvenida (C) | Blêxu, Antton Machinena, Huracan, José Tavia (sub: Emmanuel París) | Aleixo Claver | Isidoro Artechevarria (sub: Jaïr Iscla), Niño Pinto (sub: Çenturion), Ricardo Bailén | Tlacolotl (VC), Alexandro Calvoecheaga
Player of the Match: Tlacolotl (Tequilo)



Location: @ undisclosed location
Attendance: Just a few Hebby home fans and the Ultra-Mariachi Band (8 sombreros+dog)
Scorers: Tlacolotl 36' (pen) Çenturion 71' José Tavia 75' Assists: Alexandro Calvoecheaga 75'
Booked: Rohit Talukdar, Baldev Tiltankara, Karan Raziq, Ram Vijay, Hari Sur | Alexandro Calvoecheaga (1 match ban), Tlacolotl, Pedro Rôa
Injured: Pedro Rôa (1/20)
Tequilo Line-Up: Oscar Bienvenida (C) | Ostando Bertendona, Antton Machinena, Huracan, Huachalla (sub: José Tavia) | Ixtub Tün | Vilca Hualla, Çenturion, Ricardo Bailén | Tlacolotl (VC), Alexandro Calvoecheaga (sub: Pedro Rôa - then sub: Jonatan Torrubiano)
Player of the Match: Huracan (Tequilo)

The really-could-do-with-a-win home tie with group powerhouse Newmanistan quickly descended into we-have-to-claw-something-out-of-this as The Rockets raced to into an early lead and looked to have the match nailed down by half time, thanks to a brace and a world class performance from captain fantastic Paul Lombardi. But a mad three minutes at the start of the second half turned things around as a hattrick of assists from Alexandro Calvoecheaga provided for a bizarre set of consecutive almost photo-copy goals, two taken by Tlacolotl - back in red hot form as his injury woes look like a distant and fading nightmare - and one from slight defender Huracan in a 'what was he doing there?' moment. The Agave-Blues could not hold the lead for long, Paul Lombardi battling with both Calvoecheaga and Tlacolotl for the player of the match award to create a quick equaliser for Garett Sarniak. It was as mad a ten minutes of pitxi as you are ever likely to see (Lymantatian dodo-birds scoring against Vilita aside... or anything at any game involving The Holy AsylumEmpire... or, well, you know, it was mad anyway).

Still no home wins in qualifying for Los Pitxileros meant a dominant win in Hebitaka was both appreciated and fairly vital, and Tequilo must not take their eye off the ball now with two 'winnable' ties that really must be won. The concern for the second half of qualifying is that Tequilo play all the good teams away from home next, and failed to beat any of them at home. Perhaps enjoying their travels will yield more points, but this could easily turn into the worst qualifying campaign so far. With indiscipline, suspensions and injuries causing problems for the team under new national head coach Ramiro Paredo, we saw debuts for a number of bright young things over the last two games, with Pedro Rôa, Ostando Bertendona, Jaïr Iscla, Jonatan Torrubiano and Emmanuel París all making their senior debuts and, to be fair, producing encouraging displays. Coach Ramiro developed a reputation of success at SC Pedregal built on bringing through the young ones and he certainly doesn't seem afraid to replicate that here, but he will need some serious results in the second half of qualifying to even match the previous two campaigns under Isaac Martí.

Competition goals: Tlacolotl (5) Çenturion (3) Roxelio Toran, Ricardo Bailén (2) Vilca Hualla, Xaime Medal, Eolo Sorazar, Huracan, José Tavia (1)
Competition assists: Alexandro Calvoecheaga (4) Ecuador (2) Ixtub Tün, Tlacolotl, Huracan, Aleixo Claver, Roxelio Toran, Vilca Hualla (1)
Competition PoMs: Tlacolotl, Eolo Sorazar (2) Huachalla, Blêxu, Huracan (1)
Competition cards: Roxelio Toran (1 red card) Ecuador (2 yellows, 1 red) Vilca Hualla, Çenturion, Ixtub Tün, Huachalla, Blêxu, Alexandro Calvoecheaga (2 yellows) Huracan, Tol Chicote, Ricardo Bailén, Jatsu Cañaverri, Niño Pinto, Antton Machinena, Jaïr Iscla, Emmanuel París, Tlacolotl, Pedro Rôa (1 yellow)

Confirmed Line-Up for TEQUILO vs. Widaya @ Estadio San Raí; Raití, Guastenango (capacity 66,810)
Oscar Bienvenida (VC) | Ostando Bertendona, Antton Machinena, Tol Chicote, José Tavia | Ixtub Tün | Vilca Hualla (C), Çenturion, Ricardo Bailén | Tlacolotl, Ecuador

Probable Line-Up for TEQUILO @ Khytonya @ undisclosed location
Oscar Bienvenida (VC) | Blêxu, Antton Machinena, Huracan, Huachalla | Ixtub Tün | Vilca Hualla (C), Çenturion, Ricardo Bailén | Tlacolotl, Alexandro Calvoecheaga

The things that have really jammed your kip right now

Good morning everyone. We have letters!

For the first time ever, we have a complaint about our famous comic strip reboot, Rúi de Los Rovas, and in particular, the new apocalyptical storyline, ‘Corona & Lymes’. Despairing letter writer Xeneral Desdén of Dolores (“I’m leaving and I won’t be back”, Letters To The Editor, a year ago, “I’m definitely leaving, don’t try to stop me”, six months ago and “I am going. You won’t change that by letting me go” last month) writes: “Before I leave, I just want to say that it’s in very bad taste to do a comic strip about a killer virus when we are in the middle of a Kipolalia outbreak. Extremely poor timing. So little class. It has caused me such despair that I feel I must quit this wretched letters column.”

We look forward to your next instalment, Xeneral. Meanwhile, occasional contributor Presidente Viento of Usorno has asked us for a little help: “Can you help? I seem to have been locked out of my twii.tur account and I need to message my fanbase. Can you tell them to meet me in the car park of the Slim Banana Peek’n’Rub for a homecoming singalong?” Consider it done, Señor Viento. Though we should point out we really don’t think you are the Presidente de Usorno; at least, not any more. But we do like your silly letters.

As always, regular correspondent Rùben Curto of Chanco Cóndor wants to talk about the football, because, after all, he reminds us this is a football magazine: “You know, we could always talk about the football, because, well, you know why. I’m tired of saying it.”

We hear you, Rùben - let’s talk about some intercontinental controversy. Pitxi-Pitxi 77 supporter Furioso de 77o (“Who the hell is doing the administration of football these days?” (yesterday’s letters) is even more furioso today: “Eight legged ties in the Challenge Cup preliminary rounds? Really? First we were clear winners, then we scraped through on away goals, now we’re out! Wait! Now we’re back! I see what they are on about down at Moto now, although it pains me to admit it.”

We had plenty of similar letters from Florentino fans along the lines of Sansón of Florenio’s “WE WAS ROBBED!” although the reinstatement of SC Pedregal to the next round has Whistler’s fans in quite a different mood. “You have good days and bad days,” says SC Siempre of Prota, “and sometimes your good ones get swapped out for bad, sometimes the other way. As a dedicated follower of the Olympics, I’m used to enjoying the moment and seeing it wiped out the next morning. Only the Sporting Council of Paripana are perfect but they are just a myth. The rest of us are fallible.”

Talking of mistakes that need correcting - we’ve had a letter from the army! Sergeant Major Disòhaxu yells: “I want to correct a mistake in your column, regarding one García de Corcoles, former goalkeeper and beach bum (“He’s in the army now” - Sylvia Bombarra, yesterday’s letters) - I have checked our recruitment files and I can tell you he most certainly is not in the army now. Let that be an end to it!”

Yessir! Understoodsir!

If you have spotted García, want to disagree with our correspondents or just like to share your opinion on the pitxi, please drop us a line at Letters To The Editor, spamcatcher@gola.teq or slowmail to PO Box 654353583.2, Grand Central Post Office, Tapalupé.1.

The Photocopy Engineers

Continuing our series on the logistics team that keep Los Pitxileros playing, we have a chat with, umm… the photocopy engineers?

I suppose the first question of the day is, why does a football team need to take a pair of - albeit very dapper - photocopy engineers on tour with them?

“To prevent jamming,” says one of the engineers, a Señor Minolta, with a very wide and somewhat disconcerting smile. Or is it Señor Olivetti? For some reason I can never recall which is which.

I have never seen such smart photocopy engineers, my whole life. Now, I’ll readily admit I haven’t met many, and this opinion is mostly formed from an imagined stereotype of the average photocopy engineer, but I am quite certain that in the case of Señors Minolta and Olivetti, I am looking at the most rakish replication mechanics in all the Wide Enness Ocean. With twizzled mustachios, fine tweed coveralls and brown woollen bowler hats, satyr-leather boots of Mrii origin, co-ordinated silk kerchiefs, neckties and other accessories, and monocles on carbon strings, they really don’t look like they have come dressed to save your Xerox from jamming.

They also have the kind of look in their eyes that suggests they haven’t come to save you at all. Quite the opposite. I wonder what is in their toolkit, and I doubt it’s a set of spanners - something wholly sharper and more predatory, I would speculate.

Jamming, Señors Minolta and Olivetti?

“And other unfortunate breakdowns in the narrative,” says Señor Olivetti. Or is it Señor Minolta?

What's coming next with GOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLa!!!

In the next edition of GOLa Extra, we return to our thrilling look back at the Kipolalia Crisis as things take a very dark turn just when you thought it was safe to come out of the closet; PLUS! - in the Daily edition look out for more adventures of fictional comic book legend Rúi de Los Rovas, now into his 140s and running the family agency as he tries to find a new home for 'Lionel Messi', the world's greatest ever tax dodger; there will be our regular letters feature; we talk to more of the logistics team in the World Cup squad about how to manage a campaign of double-matchdays; and of course we'll keep you bang up to date with the progress of Los Pitxileros in World Cup 87...

[1]Or TG Tequilo and we'll be sure to publish you in the next edition of the DAILY!
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Postby San Ortelio » Mon Jan 18, 2021 3:57 am

Wait, who the hell is Valeria? And all those other dudes? If you’re wondering about that, please, go back and read the whole story by typing ‘Lanza’ in the search box of this thread. With the previous four chapters, you get a full image of the Lanza Saga.

The sound of the gurgling water against the marble sides alone made her relax as Valeria Romani slowly soaped her shoulders. She let her fingers slowly slip over the lines of her tattoo, carefully, as if each line was a little string that played a tune to her heart. There were times when she thought that this was her favorite part of all and all rest was simply foreplay, so she wanted to stay in here forever as the steam started to build up. A place with no worries, no plots, no prickled emotions – just the sensation of an embracing warmth around here, one that did not judge. Her daydreaming bubble got splashed by the sound from the adjacent bedroom.

“Valeria, you’re gonna stay in there forever?” resounded, a deep, male voice which spoke in stocky commands due to the force of habit.
“A few more minutes,” she pleaded, but the magic was gone. With a sigh, she turned off the tab and grabbed a towel, knowing that she would have to confront the worries she could not wash away.

As she stepped into the bedroom again, it still looked like the mess she left. He had not even bothered to put on as much as a robe and simply remained entangled in the sheets, staring at the television in the furthest corner.

”A corner kick after only four minutes in the game, it’s ‘La Leggenda’ Del Prete behind the ball. Some pushing and shoving in the box but that’s where it’s going towards and Moscati! Salvatore Moscati manages to get above Savcherenko and heads it home! No Santos Junior in sight and Petrosian, near the post, can’t stop it either, San Ortelio going one ahead already early on. A header from the mighty Moscati silences the Big Bowl for a second but there is no doubt that the courageous Sannyamathans will be pressing from now on, with the support from the home audience.”

“It’s a mistake – I should not have done that,” she tried to address the elephant in the room.

He looked up. There was something in his glance that made you shiver, a certain will of mind that thrived in a world where it was about dominating or being dominated.

“What do you mean,” he replied.
“I should not have involved Francesco. He’s too…” she searched for the right words. He’s too kind were the ones on her mind, but she knew that kindness had long left the conversation, “he’s too dedicated. Ever since the fuck-up at IlRocca, he’s eager to prove me that he is on the right side of the law.”
“Well, so are you,” the man in bed chuckled, something which annoyed Valeria sufficiently to force her voice.
“I am the one playing a dangerous game here, whilst you haven’t done much of use lately,” she exclaimed, “it’s my ass on the line.”
“First of all, I must say that it is a very fine a-“ he grinned, twisting his head for a good look in ignorance of her passion.
“Don’t, jackass,” she threw a pillow in his direction.
“And second of all, what do you want me to do? Go to Brenecia of all places?”
“It would be a start,” she snorted, “you get a nice holiday and I would not mind a few days of rest.”
“A nice holiday in Brenecia – I’ll take my umbrella,” he replied in jest, but a bit more serious, “it could be a good idea nonetheless.”

Whilst Valeria was glad that something started moving at last, it was not the topic she wanted to address the most. It was difficult to feed Francesco just enough to keep him hooked, but not too much so he remained unaware of the bigger picture. One of these days, he was going to go through the odds and the numbers himself and…

”It’s Ivan Sandiev who is through on goal, the brand-new Oljestaden striker with a one-on-one and no! Enrico Lanzafame with the fingertips, he pushes it just out of bounds, another solid save from ‘the Wall’.”

“Goddamned!” the man slammed his hand, which only resulted in a comical sound effect as the mattress squeaked a little, “He’s not listening. Two. Two goals against, I said.”
“Maybe he’s saving some for later in the game,” Valeria suggested but realizing she didn’t feel like comforting him, she added, “or you’ve completely lost control over him.”

That was the tone he could not appreciate and she knew it – but he kept it together and focused on the screen.

“I’ll text Mario – he can book us a couple of tickets.”
“There’s no way you’ll get there before he’s…”
“Are you stupid or what? I didn’t say we would fly tonight,” he fulminated, angered over the amount of sense Valeria made, “besides, when are you going to get some proper results because…”

He halted midway, staring at the screen.

”A throw-in by Del Prete on the left, gets it to Curiale, back to Del Prete who makes the horizontal, trying to find a running man in front of him. Another double pass, back to Del Prete who is being chased by Chubukov all the way to the right… Challenges the Soviet midfielder for a tackle and… Out of bounds on the right hand side. Gianmarco Del Prete is really eager to get the game going, chases away Rota to give the throw-in himself. I think he knows that one goal is not enough, the opponent could score any minute.”

“They… They…” he hackled, “they just made him do a throw-in on both sides in the same minute. The odds on that are…” he scrambled for his phone, muttering something about tens of thousands.

Valeria tried to discharge to the kitchen for a glass of orange juice (officially) and to remain out of his line of fire (actually), but had little success.

“You have not responded, when are you going to get some proper results!” he yelled.
“Soon!” Valeria replied, knowing that it wasn’t even a good lie. She had the numbers, but as long as she could not link Del Prete’s actions to it with concrete evidence, she stood nowhere and the Cartola’s were free to do whatever they wanted.
“I need those Cartola’s quenched,” it nearly telepathically came from the bedroom, “and sooner rather than later. Goddamned, is something going to go according to plan?”
“I said I’m working on it.”
“You better urge that Francesco to get something moving – a house arrest or… Just some action.”

He stood in the doorpost now, eyeing her up and down with an angered face.

“Or are you… And him, behind my back,” he whispered between his lips.
“Jezus Christ, how dare you even suggest that,” she replied with fiery eyes, adding the silly little gesture of putting the orange juice back in the fridge despite a filled and an empty glass, “he’s ten years older, a football dad, a colleague and…”

He’s far too kind to screw his family over like that.

“… just a pawn in our play. And besides, he’s not my type.”

The television in the background started yelling again, indicating a second goal from the Swordfishes. Judged by the boisterous ”buffaloooooo” dominating the cheers, it must have been Garofalo who added another one to his tally.

“I’m…” the man lifted a hand in apology, “I’m just very stressed. We had a perfect plan and it starts to fall apart. If we just make enough, then we head out to some paradise they’ve never heard of us and we just enjoy life and each other. That’s all I want, babe.”

That’s all you want. And what do I want? She nearly panicked at the thought coming up in her head, it was one she hadn’t had before.

“I… I know. But as long as I don’t have a lead, I’m stuck. But I’m trying hard,” she uttered, trying to deflect his attention from the doubt that could be read on her face.
“I know that, Valeria. I love you,” he spoke.
“I love you to, Stefano,” she said – unsure whether she meant it.


*ping* The next flight to Háttmark, flight ZXB023, is going out in thirty minutes. Message to all passengers for flight ZXB023, please report at the check-in desk with the required flight documents on you. *ping*

They looked like a yawning light blue blob, the players of the San Ortelian selection huddled up in the airport hall in Kaustuv San Math City. It had been a fairly short night after all, although it was better than picking up the red-eye which they had done a few times before – it seemed as if the FA was learning something from their mistakes. Still, the atmosphere was a bit upbeat. A fourth victory in six games could be considered as an unexpected success and even if no one dared to dream about a World Cup ticket, managing to qualify for the Cup of Harmony had evolved from an impossible goal into an actual target. On top of that they had had their first win for which they didn’t need to hold on to everything till the last minute, boosting the confidence and the boisterousness.

“Next stop, Freeport victory lane!” Giacomo Favaro exclaimed, jesting about.
“I would hold your horses there for a second,” Mazziero proclaimed, giving everyone the ‘see what I did there’ fingers.

Some chuckled laughter, a few groans. All this time on the road had been new for them and they had certainly bonded over the experience.

“Well, bye guys,” Enrico Lanzafame said to no one in particular as the group slowly made their way to the boot.
“What you mean, bye?” his former Pesari teammate Rota asked.
“I’m having a different flight, to Esportiva and then all the way to Falkner,” he replied, nearly apologetically.
“So, over there and then in three days back to Rushmore for the Freeport game? Someone is looking for some airmiles,” Rota grinned.
“Yeah,” Enrico nodded, “it’s just there’s an important training for the club which I need to attend so… Yeah.”

It had sounded far more confident in his head.

“You’ld almost think you don’t want to be with us in San Ortelio, now you play abroad,” Rota grinned but seeing the hesitant expression on Enrico’s face, he continued, “Don’t sweat it, mate! Sometimes work comes first and well, if you want to make it in the A-League, you better bring your A-game. Good luck.”
And then, yelling to the groups, “hey guys, Enrico is having a different flight so in case of a plane crash, we’ll still keep the nil against Freeport!”

Amidst the laughter and the waved goodbyes, Ciro Donati stepped forwards. Donati, an old friend from De Tano and about as high as wide, acted as the official delegate for the squad. A job which he did with passion and even if he often acted as the butt of a joke, he always took it with the same humor and smile as with which he placed cones on the training field, negotiated with recalcitrant hotel staff or pleaded to illiterate foreign bus drivers.

“Hey ‘Rico,” he said, using a diminutive for about everyone, “I’ve still got your passport!”

Ahead of the game, for the official checks, all had given it along to him so he could pass it on to the referees.

“Let’s see where I’ve got it,” he muttered, scrambling through a pack of vale blue international passes, “Lucarelli, no, Moreschini, no, Pino, definitely not – haha, even I’ve got more hair than Pasquale on that picture, ehm, Rota, Cappa, Lanza, Buglia, Salvat-“
“Yeah, that was the one,” Enrico spoke quietly.
“No, no, that was Diego, here, Diego Buglia, born in San Savo-“
“The one before that,” Enrico insisted.

With a gesture, Ciro Donati flipped open the passport and ogled it slowly.

“Enrico Lanza, hmm…” he looked the goalkeeper up and down, “but that picture is definitely yours. Eyebrows like two dust bunnies, that’s the one,” he added a friendly insult.
“Is that you,” Alessio Rota inquired, having been scanning over Ciro’s shoulder the whole time.
“Yeah, my eyebrows look like someone has painted two clouds black and painted it to my face, I know,” Enrico sighed, getting a bit fed up with the banter.
“The name, idiot,” Rota slighted.
“Hmm… Lanza,” Ciro mused, “that rings a bell. Wasn’t there a Lanza in the news, a year or ten ago?”
“Probably some local politician,” Enrico barked, snapping the passport from his hand and chucking it in his pocket.
“Then why it’s Lanzafame on the shirt,” Rota asked, slightly intrigued by the frustration of his friend.
“Because… Just because,” Enrico lifted his shoulders, “the passport is a clerical error but it’s a lot of paperwork to change that, you know.

The bait worked. Ciro Donati started a long tale about that one time he got caught up in a horrid bit of San Ortelian administrative inadequacy and before he managed to come to a conclusion, Enrico Lanza was seated on a plane which would take him to Falkner, Brenecia.
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Postby Ancherion » Mon Jan 18, 2021 5:25 am

Another World Cup Qualifying campaign, and so comes another disappointing run where we do the unexpected, clapping high ranked teams somehow and then getting clapped by lower ranked teams because there always has to be balance it seems. Ancherion are coming back into the fray after a disappointing run in the 28th edition of Campianato Esportiva where they topped the group stage without dropping points and then losing to Gergary in the Round of 16 is a high scoring match. Bendegúz Gamberlini has not decided to make any squad changes from the tournament or the previous qualifying campaign, we do not know why, but I guess he just wants to go on a ride with these specific 23 people until something happens.Or it is the just the pure fact that him and his team at the Ancherion FA haven't actually been scouting players to pick for the team just for the fact that they are getting old. Defenders Kolos Heynes and Fanchon Tyler who are now 33, should have retired internationally by now but I guess they decided not to after being convinced to stay by the manager. Kolos Heynes being the second most capped player for Ancherion makes sense however Fanchon Tyler, who has been impressive off the bench, should have let the younger generation have a chance. However, after this campaign they have planned to hand up the international boots along fellow players, Courtney Petro (86 apps), Afeefa Colley (86 apps), former captain Fabiano Moon (68 apps), Anelee Mourad (1 app), Eliane Kazmi (7 apps), Zuraara Blackwell (2 apps), Delilah Gibbons (11 apps) and Jaleel Salman (3 apps) as they all currently 32 and are expected to retire. You can tell by the sheer number of people on that list that the team are all very old. Outside of midfielders, Angela Blair (25) and Shukri Nicolas (27), everyone is 29 or older which is not a good sign for what the national team will look like for the next qualifying campaign.

Enough about the team themselves because we already been over them twice before. Let's talk about what is in store in this group, we have been placed in pot 4 as the 70th ranked nation in the world. That means we should finish 4th theoretically, however knowing what happened last cycle, we could be so much better and then not qualify by losing in the final match day to get eliminated from the group and fail to progress. The highest ranked nation is 15th placed Zwangzug, we have encountered them before in qualifying of World Cup 84 where we won both matches and sit at a record of 2-0 after winning 4-0 at home and 4-3 away. For most of the main line up will know and remember these matches as they played in them, which kind of shows you that they have been around for a while (6 years to be precise). The second pot team is 34th ranked Savojarna who we have not played until now as Ancherion, however Boring Paradise played a single match against them back in Cup of Harmony 69 group stage where the Paradisians took the victory with a scoreline of 3-2. Not much else can be said about this but the fans hope we can cause some upsets. After that we have 58th ranked Abanhfleft who we played back in qualifying of 83, eight years ago. Our record against them consists of 2 losses, a 2-3 loss at home and a 3-4 loss away and the same team would remember that match, they definitely sound older by the minute. This is odd as we lose to this team and then the next campaign we do the opposite and win both matches against a big team, hopefully we can have some kind of revenge and get points out of this encounter. In pot 5 we have 98th ranked Sharktail, this is definitely a team we should not underestimate and falter over and we don't know how they play personally as this is the first time the two teams meet. Below that are some teams that we have not played against before, 133rd Netop, 238th Chartistan, 269th Saint-Domingue, 344th Hafamarimet and unranked Koniglich Wasserstein. So we will how well the Ancherion side will do this cycle, hopefully it goes well and maybe this will be first time we qualify for the World Cup.

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Postby Graintfjall » Mon Jan 18, 2021 6:08 am


Snow Wolves condemned to play behind closed doors

Græntfjall recorded a relatively comfortable 2 – 1 win over Sett Forest in the World Cup 87 qualification Group 11, yet captain Hrærekur Jvarsson’s 68th minute winner was met, not with the cheers of a packed Grander International Arena, but near-total silence in the empty Florus Stadion in Altendalur. Græntfjall had been forced to play behind closed doors with no fans permitted in attendance. The World Cup Committee handed down the disciplinary ruling in response to speciesist chanting by Græntfjaller fans who barracked squids, octopi and cuttlefish fans from Quemorr Isles with cephalophobic abuse. Græntfjall won that match 2 – 0 but paid a heavy price for their travelling fans’ behavior. The defense by Knattspyrnusamband Græntfjalls that the fans were merely responding to perceived aggression from Quemorr supporters was rejected, as were the many, many references to the dangers of krakens. “Enough with the fucking krakens already,” said one WCC member who did not wish to be named.

The embarrassing punishment came on top of the relocation of the match for safety reasons. The policing of both major Háttmark stadiums was considered too resource-intensive, with stretched capital authorities already struggling to deal with the mass street protests that have spread from the port city of Laafjörður. Calm prevails in the west, and on a warm summer night Altendalur was a picture of quiet as it hosted the national team for the first time. “It’s mixed feelings,” admitted Altendalur chairman Dorri Sigdórsson. “We’re very proud to get a home international, but not having fans here ruins the whole atmosphere.” He said he was looking forward to the Pluvia match which he expects to be “well attended”, while urging Snow Wolf Pack fans to consider the impact of their behavior. “The thoughtless actions of a tiny minority out of a vast majority of mostly good-natured fans who simply want to cheer on their national team have caused this problem,” he said. “The cephalopods of Quemorr Isles deserve to be treated with respect and Altendalur will have zero tolerance for any abuse directed at any tentacled beings.”

Playing in front of an empty stadium did at least permit Kang Guilin to rest some of his key players without incurring the wrath of angry fans who might have felt short-changed for their tickets. Amanda Guttisdóttir, Jason Þórhallursson and Álfar Ásvaldursson spent the evening on the bench, giving Johanna Álvgeirsdóttir a chance at starting and Tom Ernestisson a test at defensive midfield as Kang switched to a 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 formation. The game did not start to plan: after just 8 minutes Hanne Heikkisdóttir was taken off, dizzy from an elbow to the head, and when Hilmar Farmansson, back in the starting XI, brought down a Sett Forest player in the penalty box three minutes later, Kang might have had cause to regret his overconfidence and bring on some of his high-profile subs. Instead he stuck to his game plan and was rewarded with another sterling performance from his captain. Jvarsson led the team from the front; alongside a manful defensive effort, he bossed his central midfield role, and scored both goals, the first a routine header from a Lana Mensdóttir cross, the second a sharply taken solo effort after winning back possession and firing home from 21 yards.

“Hrærekur played exceptionally well,” said former Steinaux teammate Bríana Noahsdóttir, who is expected to be able to return from her knee injury in place of Mensdóttir. “He put the team on his back, and when he plays like that he inspires us all. But I know he was very angry about the WCC decision and doesn’t agree with what happened at all.” Jvarsson himself refused to condemn the fans who chanted anti-kraken slurs at the Quemorr squids. The other changes to Kang’s team appear to have been more about ruling out certain players than giving them a shot at a starting role: both Farmansson and Justiina Dannysdóttir are dropped from the squad altogether for the coming brace of games. Eiríka Jonathansdóttir, who earned her debut cap off the bench, retains her place among the substitutes, Emeli Vilbertsdóttir is fit again to play ahead of Ásgautur Johannesson, while the long-awaited call-up of Jade Miansdóttir suggests something of a lack of confidence in Álvgeirsdóttir, who struggled in the unfamiliar deep-lying role in her starting opportunity.

The Pluvia game, a rematch from the 78th Cup of Harmony group stages, will take place in Altendalur as tensions continue to grip the capital. What began as peaceful community protests in Laafjörður about police violence in response to the arrest of young immigrant workers in the factory district over alleged drug charges has turned into weeks of protracted violence. Anti-immigrant counter-protestors, including supporters of the National Democratic Front, have laid the blame for much of the violence on radical leftist infiltrators. City officials have called for peace on all sides, but while Laafjörður has been under curfew for over a week, Háttmark City Hall is reluctant to impose similar measures. “None of it is a very good look for Græntfjall,” admitted tourism analyst Barbára Sighvatsdóttir. “The World Cup is meant to be about friendly competition and an opportunity for foreign fans to learn about each other’s culture. Right now, all people are learning about Græntfjall is that there are some very nasty xenophobic streaks running through us.”

Also in the paper:
  • NEWS: Armed police patrol Háttmark slums on dragon-back as another night of riots feared
  • EDITORIAL: Leftist provocateurs to blame for days of rage
  • WEATHER: Could unusually hot summer explain the anger on the streets?
  • BUSINESS: Asteroid mining IPO – what investors should know
  • SPORT: Final final final selections for Olympic delegation finally announced, finally

Quemorr Isles – 0 (0)
B. Whale; W. Shark, Barramundi, Tuna Image (31’), R. Shark; B. Shark Image (73’ Clownfish Image), Jellyfish Image (47’); G.W. Shark Image (50’ Swordfish Image), Piranha Image (85’), Sailfish, Ray

Græntfjall – 2 (1)
Jorgesson; Johannesson, Reynarsson, Ernestisson, Lúthersdóttir; Ásvaldursson Image (14’) Image (36’) Image (84’ Álvgeirsdóttir Image), Jvarsson; Heikkisdóttir, Guttisdóttir Image (47’) Image (72’ Dannysdóttir Image), Mensdóttir; Þórhallursson Image (53’ Farmansson Image)

Græntfjall – 2 (1)
Jorgesson; Johannesson, Reynarsson, Farmansson Image (57’ Kristersson Image), Lúthersdóttir Image (90+1’); Álvgeirsdóttir, Jvarsson Image Image (16’, 68’), Ernestisson; Heikkisdóttir Image (8’ Snæþórsson Image), Mensdóttir Image (52’); Dannysdóttir Image (58’ Jonathansdóttir Image)

Sett Forest – 1 (1)
unknown Image (11’ pen.) Image Image Image (8’, 77’, 86’)
Solo: IBC30, WCoH42
Co-host: CR36, BoF74
Champions: BoF73
Runners-up: DBC49
The White Winter Queendom of Græntfjall
GS SuperSports+

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Postby Baggieland » Mon Jan 18, 2021 6:12 am


Defeatless Double Header

Baggieland picked up four points from the latest double header to consolidate their current sixth place and to hopefully push on and mount a challenge for the second half of this qualifying tournament.

Baggieland 4 – 1 Pluvia and the Saxean Isles

In the first game the Throstles were home to Pluvia and the Saxean Isles, running out with a comfortable 4 – 1 win. This game was quite notable for the fact that it was the entire back-four who got themselves on the score sheet. McAuley and Moore both scored with headers after they had moved upfield to attack the corners in the first half. The second half saw Pennington run with the ball the entire length of the pitch. Starting from his left-back position, he took the ball forward while the Pluvian players decided to stand off him. He got all the way to the left side of the penalty box where he unleashed a sublime effort that sailed into the bottom left corner. Our final goal came from Dawson, who played a wonderful one-two with Regis on the right wing, which enabled Dawson to plough on into the penalty box and score from close range. The Magpies managed a consolation goal in the dying minutes of the game, a game which the home side had totally dominated.

Garbelia 4 – 4 Baggieland

In the second game, the Throstles travelled to the impressive Hive stadium in Garbelia. The Garbelians have been struggling at the foot of the table and Baggies everywhere would have been hopeful of coming away with all three points. It wasn't to be though, albeit in a highly entertaining game that gave us eight goals. In a match that yo-yoed from start to finish, it was Baggieland who opened the scoring when Richardson scored his fifth goal of the tournament. Bassett then put the Throstles two – nil up to the delight of the travelling support. The home team then pulled a goal back just before half time.

After the break Garbelia came out all guns blazing and scored two goals in quick succession to put them three – two up. In a topsy-turvy game it was then Baggieland that came back with a wonderful shot from distance from Livermore. However, Garbelia then took the lead again and were hoping for a much needed home win. Then the Garbelian players took their eyes off the game and allowed the away side a last minute equaliser with another goal from the dependable Richardson.

"I'm with our loyal fan, Vinny again, as we make our way home from the game in Garbelia. What are your thoughts Vinny?"

"Well four points and eight goals is a pretty good return from the two games."

"How has the team been looking from your point of view?"

"They've been playing really well, 17 goals from seven games is really entertaining stuff."

"How do you think the next two games will go?"

"We've got two really tough games against top sides coming up. South Covello will be by the far the toughest, hopefully we can nick something in that game. Kandorith will be tough as well, however, they aren't having as good as a tournament as they would have hoped for. With any luck we can cause a bit of an upset against them."
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Postby Murphtannia » Mon Jan 18, 2021 6:19 am

Murphtannian winless run continues as fans start to lose hope

It’s been a rough few match days for Murphtannia, now 6 games without a win, the players are starting to look void of confidence. For now the manager is avoiding pressure, we are still not even in the top 100, despite what initial form and the fans would have you believe, qualifying for the world cup was always a long shot.

Still performances haven’t been good enough. When the defence plays well the attack flops, and when the attack plays well the defence flops. In the 0-0 draw to Silvedania the defence was solid. Sam Hogan was brought in to replace Banks and it worked well, although that could have been due to the very negative style of football Silvedania played. However that game ended up being one of the most boring in Murphtannian history, literally nothing happened. Silvedania kept a tight lock on any attacking threat posed by the attack, with Murphy being closed down and trapped all game and Boland just being unable to beat Matthias Bassot.

But at the same time Murphtannia kept a tight lock on any attacking threat Silvedania might have had, not that there was much with their team staying in their own half most of the game, not even playing a registered striker, which has to be said, confused managers and pundits across Murphtannia, on Ground Sports the commentators kind of just sat there, for 15 minutes, just trying to figure out why.

Of course in the next game the defence and attack swapped places. Alex Saunders finally made his full debut, and he impressed massively. When he scored the opening goal on the 30th minute mark the crowd went wild, they thought another upset was incoming. That was until Foletta scored in the 32nd minute and 35th minute, Sam Hogan just couldn’t keep up and Foletta had 2 easy 1 on 1’s.

In the 60th minute Murphtannian’s had reason to cheer again as Saunders played in a through ball to Murph, who hit home a tidy finish to make it 2-2. But again Geektopia piled on the misery as Swenty got their brace in the 65th and 70th minutes. This time it was Ball who was at fault, coming to collect the ball but failing to catch it and giving Swenty an easy tap-in, before Swenty chipped him as Ball went to ground to try and pick up the ball.

By the end of the game the fans were booing, the players looked devoid of hope, only Murph and Saunders had done enough that game to hold up their heads. Everyone is now looking to Murphy the Manager. Can he use his man management skills to lift up the team and carry them to a heroic qualification, or the more likely scenario of more winless runs and a mid table finish. It remains to be seen.

This was Bill from Ground Sports, if you want more free newsletters then feel free to subscribe to Ground Sports, and if you would rather have a newsletter from the Murphtannian times, go screw yourself.

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View from Venjolath Road: Ep. 9: Mixed. Very mixed.

Postby Garbelia » Mon Jan 18, 2021 6:30 am

Results are in: Indusse 4 - 0 Garbelia
Garbelia 4 - 4

By Norvis FC legend, Edward Ottero

Highlights of today's game:
GOAL! Mersiás, INDUSSE (7) Long dribble, and smashed into the corner. 13', 34'
GOAL! Mersiás, INDUSSE, (13) Cutback curled around the keeper
HUGE CHANCE! Arthur Goodotter shoots from distance, and smacks the post with the goalkeeper completely beaten (16)
GOAL! Mersiás, INDUSSE, (34pen) Penalty rolled into the corner
SUBSTITUTION! Lonivan Blisset on for Miaow Lutrini (45)
HUGE CHANCE! A mazy dribble from Blisset, but the shot is blocked and the rebound falls to Otter, who hits the post. (51)
YELLOW CARD! Lonivan Blisset (61)
SUBSTITUTION! Lutra Scratchington on for Ottery Ottoerson (60)
GOAL! Baskar H Kumar, INDUSSE, (64) One-two and chips over the keeper
HUGE CHANCE! Scratchington does well to dribble round the entire Indusse defence, including the goalkeeper, but their defender gets back just in time. (62)
GOAL! Arthur Goodotter, GAB (86) The Garbelia team surprised the Indusse players by all shielding Goodotter as he glided forward, before the herd being separated, and Goodotter chipping the ball over the entire Indusse team, watching it curl, and drop into the top corner.

Player Ratings for Garbelia:

Arthur Goodotter 6/10
Lutra Scratchington 5/10
Ottery Ottoerson 4/10
Bob McOtterson 4/10
James Lutrison 4/10
Lonivan Blisset 4/10
Lefiné Avianuin 4/10
Miaow Lutrini 4/10
Marge Findus 3.5/10
Otto Johnson 3/10
Ottery McOtterface 3/10
Otter McCat 3/10

Garbelery Star Player: ARTHUR GOODOTTER
Overall Star Player: Mersiás

Despite what foreign press may have you believe, this was actually a reasonably good game for Garbelia. The defence looked much better than in previous games, and the team worked better as a 4-5-1. In the end, it was a game of individuals, not the team, as 4 stunning individual goals and a penalty were tucked home. It was quite a good game, but improvement is still needed. Goodotter looks very good as a lone striker.

Highlights of today's game:
GOAL! RICHARDSON, BAG, (1) Quick break, slotted home.
GOAL! BASSET, BAG, (16) Richardson spins, and smashed it into the top corner.
GOAL! Goodotter, GAB (33) A corner headed home with ease.
SUBSTITUTION! Lonivan Blisset on for Miaow Lutrini (45)
GOAL! Goodotter (50pen) Goodotter spins before he hits it, and the result is a backheel into top corner.
YELLOW CARD! Richardson (64)
GOAL! Otter, GAB, (65) Otter sends the free kick under the wall.
GOAL! Livermore, BAG, (69) Livermore strikes a goal from distance into the top corner
GOAL! Goodotter (90) Goodotter volleys a cross home.
GOAL! Richardson, BAG, (90+12) Richardson hoofs the ball up pitch in desparation, with seconds to go, and Basset does some suspicious blocking, but the referee lets it stand.

Player Ratings for Garbelia:

Arthur Goodotter 10/10
Otto Otter 9/10
Ottery McOtterface 8/10
Otto Johnson 7.5/10
James Lutrison 7/10
Miaow Lutrini 7/10
Otter McCat 7/10
Bob McOtterson 6/10
Marge Findus 6/10
Lonivan Blisset 5.5/10
Lefiné Avianuin 5.5/10
Ottery Ottoerson 5.5/10

Garbelery Star Player: ARTHUR GOODOTTER
Overall Star Player: ARTHUR GOODOTTER

Wow. Definitely Garbelia's best game of the tournament so far. We were 3-0 down at half time, and heads were dropping, but whatever GT said to the players: it worked. Goodotter went crazy, scoring 2 beautiful goals before Otto Otter sent a free kick under the wall. In the 90th minute, Goodotter thought he'd won it with a lovely volley, but in the 12th minute of injury time, Richardson did some very suspicious blocking, stopping the goalkeeper from reaching a shot from the half way line. The Otters will feel cheated out of an impossible win, but happy to get a draw. The last 20 minutes of reaction to the match had to all be censored by PGBS, as the volume of abuse towards the referee was so deafening. One interview showed a 5-year-old in tears leaving the stadium. Let's just say that it is unlikely Baggieland and Garbelia will forge any alliance any time soon.


View from Venjolath Road will be broadcast on both radio and television daily until the end of the WC Qualifiers, and will be available as a podcast afterwards. Tomorrow, we bring you previews for our next two games.[/quote]
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Postby Chartistan » Mon Jan 18, 2021 6:31 am

As the final whistle blew at Old Town Park, nobody hardly believed what they had just witnessed. Chartistan 1... Zwangzug 1. The wits of Doctor Combbrush were enough to salvage a draw from a seemingly unwinnable game against one of the best teams in the world. Thanks, Ivan Door, your 74th minute strike was more than worth it. Johan Idmar 66th minute goal aside, a game like this calls for an impromptu song parody or 2 at the locker room...

Parody of Holiday by Lil Nas X

Chartistan, Zwangzug 1-1, ayy

[Little Exnash]
Ayy, it's a draw today
We got goal and goal the crowd's out of control, yeah
Ayy, it's another point
All the players on go and I hope that you know that
I can't look without surprise
And I don't know why, guess I don't like reprisals
I can't even stay away from the game that we play
Zwangzug knew us today

[Adult Royce]
Hey, can I top this?
It might be the biggest performance my life's ever got me
Switch up tackles on Cherenkov, get a card in (Yellow)
I got the biggest studs right here, screw Tatertot Cra, zy I'm so done
They wanna know if we'll be at sea
Even if we lose the game we'll be still there to plea
Popping up to Old Town Park, we aren't here to get three
Hee hee, we scored 'gainst Fedya Troy-Vee
Dun dun dun

[Air Latte]
Ayy, it's a draw today
We got goal and goal the crowd's out of control, yeah
Ayy, it's another point
All the players on go and I hope that you know that
I can't look without surprise
And I don't know why, guess I don't like reprisals
I can't even stay away from the game that we play
Zwangzug knew us today

[Ivan Door]
Man I'm always in a mood, now I act brand new
Started doing keepie-uppies now I'm pink and blue
No one tried to let me score, defense held the doors
The ball kicked the players down, there was no more choice
Dun dun dun
They tried to trip me, ayy, first Sibal, see
Ayy, no flex, but I sneaked up, gave him a tease
Get past Crain see, Fedya Troy-Vee
Low shot, but the ball's in, players decree

[Little Exnash]
They wanna know if we'll be at sea
Even if we lose the game we'll be still there to plea
Popping up to Old Town Park, we aren't here to get three
Hee hee, we scored 'gainst Fedya Troy-Vee
Dun dun dun

[Little Exnash, Air Latte, Ivan Door]
Ayy, it's a draw today (Draw today)
We got goal and goal the crowd's out of control, yeah
Ayy, it's another point ('Nother point)
All the players on go and I hope that you know that (That you know that)
I can't look without surprise
And I don't know why, guess I don't like reprisals
I can't even stay away from the game that we play
Zwangzug knew us today

[Adult Royce]
Combbrush, we got ourselves a point!

Chartistan, Zwangzug 1-1, ayy

OOC: You want a song parody, Zwang, so you shall recieve! Again, you may not like a parody of a 2020 pop song that didn't do much on the charts, but a parody is a parody, and hey, if we get a result again away, I am sure to do another one!



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