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Postby Mytanija » Wed Jan 13, 2021 2:41 pm

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“Okay, the suspect’s name is Tomica Vjeranovic. He’s a particularly nasty piece of work when you peel back the veneer of being the ‘gentleman burglar’ that he’s tried to conjure up for himself in those bloody letters.” Mirko paused, leafing through the file to find the suspect’s rap sheet. “Possession of firearms, numerous counts of theft, he’s held-up a few banks among other things… All that good stuff, you know, but this is the most high profile thing he’s done and I’m sure you are all absolutely aware why.” Mirko explained.

Things had moved incredibly fast once they had the still image of the suspect walking towards the museum the day of the heist. They had taken photos to the junkies in the Votavova neighbourhood and promised them cash in return for a name and several of them – all unprompted – had decided to give them the name Tomica Vjeranovic. Their desire for a fix outweighed any previous loyalty they may have had to the man. Some told of being friends with him in a previous life and confirmed the details about the squat he had mentioned in the letters he had sent to the Gazeta Mytanija. There had also been some tip-offs which were followed up and shown the still images and they threw up all manner of names too, but one came up time and time again: Tomica Vjeranovic. It had mostly been friends selling him out, Mirko had allowed himself a wry smile when their confirmations of his identity came in. It seemed as if this man had very few people who were prepared to remain loyal to him and keep quiet about his story.

“Where do we think he is guv’?” Came a question from a new face on the task force, Elvir. Elvir had worked in Thessia for years and Mirko knew him well. They had worked together on cracking a big drugs case which spanned four of Mytanija’s seven regions. Mirko had wanted to bring him in earlier, when he had first taken charge of the case, but he had been told to wait until they had a suspect before asking for help from other regions. As soon as they had the footage he had got on the phone to his friend and Elvir had only been too happy to come down the next day. It was a chance to work together again and perhaps more importantly a chance to play a part in the biggest crime story in Mytanija after the fall of Kalinina. Anyone in the Policija worth their salt would have agreed to come on-board in a heartbeat.

“Still in Esca somewhere Elvir.” Mirko replied, rubbing his eyes. “We don’t think he can have left. There’s been no record of him leaving via any airport and same with the ports.”

“Difficult to trust the ports though.” Elvir frowned.

“Aye. We know that all too well.” Mirko said. “But for now we have to assume he’s still here. A few of the junkies said that the last time they had spoken to him he seemed to think he’d be around for a while. Obviously it’s difficult to trust them too, but given what we know I think we have to proceed on the basis that he’s still in Esca.”

“Like a needle in a haystack.” Young Tomas muttered.

“Not quite.” Elvir said confidently. “We’ve found people in Thessia before with less information than this. And I’m sure I don’t need to remind you lot—”

“…that Thessia has a bigger population than Esca, yada yada yada, we know Elvir.” Mirko grinned, rolling his eyes as the task force let out a few well deserved laughs. There hadn’t been much laughter among them ever since they had started this investigation, it had been difficult and had put Dario Lajic out of his job leading it. He was still there, sour despite the recent breakthrough, but they all knew how difficult it had been.

“Look, all I’m saying is that we’ve found people with less information in an even bigger city than Esca.” Elvir smirked, Mirko would let it slide for now, they could all do with having fun made of them given how long it had taken to even get a suspect.

“It’s a good point though. We’ll have to strategize here, the government want the art found but we haven’t got an endless supply of resources to go and do house-to-house searches or anything like that so we need to be precise and work on the information we have to try and work out where he is before we start raiding places and tipping him off that we’re onto him.” Mirko was more serious now.

“I also think it’s really important that in public we don’t say we know who it is.” Dario piped up. Mirko didn’t like the fact he’d have to agree with his old rival, but they both knew that that was what they would have to do. If they gave the game away he’d be on the run and that could make things very difficult. It could make retrieving the artworks actually impossible. Who knew what he might do with them if he thought he was going to be caught.

“Yeah, good point Dario.” Mirko said, smiling warmly to mask the distaste he had towards Dario. “We can’t let this get leaked. The government want the art back and they want it back entirely undamaged. He might react to news of us being onto him by destroying the art, or he might try to sell it. If he goes on the run then we may never catch him, he could end up anywhere. We have to be really careful about all of that.”

“Have you told the airports and ports to be on the lookout for him?” Elvir asked.

“Yeah, we’ve given them orders to not allow him to fly or board any vessels. Naturally we don’t know what he’s going to look like if he tries to get out of the country – given his criminal past it’s likely he’ll know to try and change his appearance – but we’ve given them photos of the CCTV footage and various photos we have of him from previous arrests that we have on the national database.”

“I think it’s useful to remember that he knows Esca well and he seems to really have an affinity with the place because of all the various cultural institutions that are here.” Eva contributed for the first time. “He likes the capital and he’s wanted to be here. I’m not sure if he’ll leave all that easily.”

“Well, he’ll want to get away surely. All criminals want to get away with their crimes.” Tomas said.

“Sure, but he’s said he sees this as not only a criminal act but almost as something performative. We can’t just discount that fact. We know he’s a thief and wants to profit from the paintings but he’s said all along that he’s making a bigger point than just trying to make some money.” Eva replied. A snort of derision emitted from Dario’s direction caused everyone’s eyes to shoot towards him.

“What?” He asked as his face dropped. “We can’t turn this into some sort of psychological bullshit. We have to act on the facts of the case and what we know about this guy. He’s been a thief all his life and he’s evidently profited from it pretty nicely, he goes on about the life he’s had if you want to discuss the stuff he’s said in those letters. All the nice clothing he’s been able to buy. He’ll sell those paintings and the cycle will continue if we let him.”

“I think the ground lies somewhere between those two.” Elvir chirped, just before Mirko was about to dive into the conversation again. Mirko thanked him in his head, he hadn’t wanted to give Dario any credit but they had to proceed on his basis and possibly add Eva’s into the equation later on for the public prosecutor. “We have to be careful that he’s not going to do something in Esca with these paintings, which is why it’s crucial we don’t let it leak that we know who he is. He might not have a plan to do something performative, but we can’t discount the fact he might if he knows we know who he is.”

“Yeah. I also think it’s pretty much certain he’ll be in Esca until either he has a plan on how to get out of the country with the paintings or he doesn’t have them on his person. We have to ascertain who he is working with. There’s no chance he’s doing this all alone, he’ll have to be living somewhere. Even neighbours for wherever he’s staying or somewhere he gets his bloody milk and bread. There’s someone in Esca that knows where this Tomica Vjeranovic is. We’ve got to find out who that is and then hopefully it’ll lead us to him and we can all go home very pleased with ourselves that we’ve finally done the job the Policija hired us to do. I want everyone on that until we’ve got the job done, understood?”

The response he had to that question was much more confident than the dull murmurs he’d received when he had first got on the case and when they were relying purely on tip-offs. There was new-found sense of purpose around the group and it looked like they were heading in the right direction. Tomica Vjeranovic would hopefully be in a cell very soon, Mirko would be a hero. That would be a good day.

“Look Vedran, I just need the things sold mate. I don’t care how you get them sold, but just find a buyer. The cops have me sweating out here, I’m pretty sure they must be onto me, seen loads more flying about Esca these past few days and there’s nothing else going on.” Tomica sounded worried. He was right to sound worried too, but he didn’t know that yet. The extra policemen and women he had seen around Esca were out there for a reason. He had assumed that someone had maybe tipped the Policija off, that they had seen the letters published in Gazeta Mytanija and had given him away. There would be money waiting for them and most of the people who he had been friends with needed money as a matter of urgency for one reason or another. Usually to fuel addiction to drugs, or to pay off a loan shark or some other outstanding debts. Tomica and those he had been friends with were unsavoury characters, or at least they would be to those who made-up ‘normal’ society. But the people who they owed money to or purchased gear off were even worse. They were the ones who usually got away with their crimes too.

“Look Tomica, you know what I said about this heist.” Vedran replied. He didn’t sound worried. But then he wasn’t in Mytanija at all. He was in Prahecq, the francophone country which had been a major site for Mytanar refugees during and after the Mytanar Conflict. Many Mytanars there led relatively normal lives, but others – like Vedran – formed part of that country’s dark criminal underbelly. Vedran acted as a bit of a fence, dealing in illicit items and stolen goods. He’d sell guns to one gang whilst arming the other; he’d put drugs grown in rural Swartaz onto the local Prahecqois market through Mytanar gangs back home; and perhaps most usefully for Tomica he would sell paintings to the rich and famous on the condition that there would be no route back to him once the money had changed hands. It was that kind of expertise and no questions asked attitude which he needed right now. “I said you should try to keep the amateur dramatics to a minimum and yet you have made a big song and dance about it. There’s people all over you there but imagine what the people here are like. They don’t pay that much attention to Mytanar news but snippets about the paintings have filtered through.”

“That’s not finding a solution for me though, Vedran.” Tomica protested.

“I know, but that’s not my problem, it’s yours.” Vedran replied, a harsh tone creeping into his voice. “Look, I agreed to try find a buyer for you. I’m still trying to do that but it’s going to take time. There’s a few who seem promising right now but they could easily back out if they feel the heat is too much on this.” He tried to explain in a calmer manner, but getting the message across to someone who was panicking was never an easy job.

“Come on mate, don’t be like that about it.” Tomica replied. “I know you’re doing all you can and I appreciate you working hard to get it done but you know how much I need the money. It’s double difficult for me to get out of the country when I still have them on my person.”

“All it takes is a politician with a Mytanar cleaner or an actor who gets their hair cut by a Mytanar barber and it falls apart. They either know too much about the origin of the paintings and it scares them off or they’re frightened because there’s a chance someone could see it and wonder how it’s got there. Nobody wants to be caught with those paintings. So it will take however long it takes.” Vedran said, a degree of finality laced across the final phrase.

“Okay man,” Tomica said with disappointment and resignation in his voice in equal measure. “What about getting me out? Have you spoke to those connections you have in shipping over there?”

“Aye. That will be no problem at all when the time comes. Like you say, the money is the key thing here, once they have that they’ll take you with them whenever you need.”

“That’s good. Hopefully the buyers pull their finger out and I can get out of here.”

“Have you given any thought to what you might do once you’re here?” Vedran asked. “You don’t want to get here just to be extradited back once the cops back home realise you’re here.”

“How would they do that? There isn’t any extradition laws between Mytanija and Prahecq.”

“There isn’t.” Vedran replied, chuckling slightly. “But there might be when they realise the guy who has pulled off the greatest heist in Mytanija has got away and is hiding in Prahecq. You know when that new election is finished the new government will want to act on this as best they can, get off to a good start and all that.”

“Aye, it’s a shame I’m looking to get out of Mytanija just as that Ana Mecava-Catic looks to be getting into power mate. She’s going to do a good job I reckon.” Tomica didn’t really deal with the issue. He didn’t want to think about that side of things too much. He was hoping he’d be out of Mytanija sooner rather than later and not have to worry about any reciprocal extradition arrangements at all.

“Ha! We wouldn’t have ended in as much bother as kids if those social programmes she’s talking about were in operation back then.”

“Nah, I’d probably be a doctor and you an engineer or something mate.” Tomica said. “That provisional government didn’t know its arse from its elbow.”

“Amen brother. Anyway, I hear Loronha is nice this time of year. Samba beats and sandy beaches what more could you ask for? Once I’m done with all this business I might move over there. I don’t speak a word of Loronhalense, but how hard can it be? We could retire over there you know.”

“I’ve not thought about it to be honest. Just get me out of Mytanija first eh? Small steps and all that.”

“Aye I know, but nothing wrong with big dreams either is there? What about Éléonore anyway? Would you be bringing her home with you?”

“I don’t know if she wants to go back to Prahecq mate. I suggested it to her and she just said not to make promises I couldn’t keep.” Tomica sighed. “I was being deadly serious though, I’d bring her with me if she wanted to come.”

“Is she still using gear?”


“Fucking hell man.” Vedran replied. “Are you sure you want to be promising stuff like that to her? What about the prostitution? Surely you aren’t sticking with her if she’s carrying on with that.”

“She was still on the game a bit but she’s stopped now.” Tomica explained. “As long as she’s with me she’s no need to be doing that though. I reckon it’d be different if we were out of Mytanija.”

“I don’t know mate. Are you sure she’s not just using you for money? You’ll have to be careful.”

“I’m a big lad mate, I can deal with it. Anyway, I’ve got to go. Keep in touch and let me know what’s happening with those people who are interested. We’ve got to get the paintings shifted as soon as possible.”

“I know mate, I’m trying my best with it. Speak soon.”

Goalkeepers: 1. Pedja Kasun (Ararat Severyan), 12. Lazar Obradovic (Liria Prizren), 23. Zafer Muminovic (Tekstil Ibon)
Defenders: 2. Srdan Vukovic (1896 Ebor), 3. Mojmir Anac (Olympic Thessia), 4. Kamil Jernejec (Olympic Thessia), 5. Petr Isaev (Crvena Zvezda); 13. Tihomir Feric (Atletik Thessia), 14. Niksa Obadko (Liria Prizren), 15. Grigorij Savicevic (Atletik Thessia), 16. Branko Nikolov (Liria Prizren)
Midfielders: 6. Alen Hrdaljko (CDSA), 7. Tahir Fejzuli (Atletik Thessia), 8. Dalibor Vlahovic (Ararat Severyan), 10. Jasno Odonelec (Atletik Thessia), 11. Boris Kalinic (Workers Union [EUR]); 17. Branko Brkljacic (Atletik Thessia), 18. Vilim Kupresak (Olympic Thessia), 32. Mateja Stojkovic (Ararat Severyan), 19. Brajko Gavrilovic (1896 Ebor), 20. Maks Shishkin (Energija-Nuklearna), 36. Kemal Gajic (Arka Snezhnaya)
Forwards: 9. Jezdimir Ocokoljic (Atletik Thessia); 21. Zlatan Andrijasevic (Atletik Thessia); 40. Dejan Zgela (CDSA)
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Postby Gouvanarch » Wed Jan 13, 2021 2:56 pm

OOC Disclaimer: The Monsieurs speak in a mix of Breton and an archaic form of French, for ease of reading and interpretation all dialogue will be provided in English at no extra charge.

A state of the art bus is parked in front of the airport in Cosumar's capital Rasumok. The Gouvanarchais team is busy stowing away their bags and carry-ons into the belly of the bus, casually chatting when the trio of Uenomail de Mesnildo, Yezekaël de Bethencourt and Sulhoiarn de Montchrestien meander out of the symphony of concrete and glass that is the terminal, standing out like a group of three sore thumbs in their long, flowing, medieval robes. Monsieur de Montchrestien is gliding out into the bright sunlight with poise and grace, something that the other two distinguished gentlemen are sorely lacking, who look very pale on the verge of green, seemingly not having taken too well to the flight from Gouvanarch. At the sight of the bus they stop, their eyes going wide and it becomes apparent that neither of them seem to have been traveling much outside of Gouvanarch, if at all, with all the new-fangled inventions of the past 200-300 years a little outlandish for them.

Sulhoiarn de Montchrestien: If you could hasten your steps, we can actually make it to the stadium before the game is over, I am sure the team would appreciate.

Monsieur de Mesnildo is looking very unsure and stops dead in his tracks, while Monsieur de Bethencourt is looking around as wide-eyedly curious as his somewhat unhealthy complexion allows him to. He continues to walk, at first almost falling off the sidewalk and then narrowly avoiding running into the bus, but eventually being guided onto the bus. Monsieur de Mesnildo, however, is a completely different story. Upon laying his eyes on an array of Cosumarite TV cameras covering the arrival of the Gouvanarchais delegation he has frozen up with his almost trademark "deer in the headlights". One hand on a metal railing, his knuckles turning white from the tightness of his grip, sweat is starting to run down his forehead in beads into his long beard. Monsieur de Montchrestien turns towards him, ready to admonish him for his slowness, but when he sees the deathgrip on the railing, he closes his eyes, breathlessly voices a "merde" and walks up to the door of the bus.

Sulhoiarn de Montchrestien: Docteurs, it has happened again.

Within a moment the bus begins to lean towards the right side as the occupants shift over towards the windows to look at Monsieur de Mesnildo while the two doctors shuffle out of the vehicle, rushing towards the frozen up official. Monsieur de Montchrestien is rubbing his temples while casting a pained look at his colleague as three of the players exit the bus and walk over towards the Monsieur, helping the doctors to loosen his grip from the railing and half support, half carry him towards the bus in an attempt to expedite their departure and timely arrival at the stadium.

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Postby Thibaea » Wed Jan 13, 2021 3:26 pm

Thibaean Sports Channel
Providing you the nation's best coverage of the 87th World Cup qualification campaign

Warlocks Open in Stunning Fashion, Upset NLA 4-2

Written By: Vincent Merin, Senior Football Correspondent (TSC)
The Republic's Best Broadcaster, Click Here to Learn More

SAN MIGUEL, NLA - Without a doubt, the most thrilling and excellent way to open up their third bid to advance into the World Cup Finals, the Warlocks faced New Lusitania and the Algarves at Estádio da Ilha Verde in San Miguel and registered their first opening win in a World Cup campaign ever, concluding the 90 minute spectacle with a 4-2 final scoreline, with the Warlocks' scorers being Babin (23', 42'), Delafosse (65'), and Iturburua ('87).

Entering the match, the home defenders New Lusitania and the Algarves certainly were the expected favorites; a Top 50 team in the internationally sanctioned ratings, they have had a bevy of great runs in their time through a collection of WCC appearances, whereas the Warlocks have only appeared in two and played horribly in each; for whatever reason, any semblance of the abject horrible play of seven World Cups ago was completely absent last night as the Warlocks upset the NLA, brought to victory through an incredibly well-executed game plan that allowed all them to dominate possession through all three quadrants of the pitch, and in particular, control the passing throughout most of the game and utilize it to deadly effect. Crosses in particular from Blanc or Leclair in the back to an awaiting forward seemed impossible for NLA to stop, and it rings true in the analysts final entries as each of the four goals had assists; Blanc with two as the byproduct of spectacular forward lobs, Iturburua with a hairline executed cross that let Delafosse drill it under the cross bar, and de'Verley and Chevalier cleverly timed up a series of quick passes to let Babin get in position and then hammer it underneath the keeper for his brace of the evening.

Match Ratings 
GK: #1 Jehanin Bozonnet [6.9]
LB: #4 Euri Leclair [7.1]
CB: #2 Cédric Martin [6.9] (Subbed out at 65')
CB: #16 Ambre Sergine [6.8]
CB: #7 Tristan Gainsbourg [7.5]
RB: #8 Noël Blanc C [8.0] - 2 assists
LMF: #3 Alain Gérin-Lajoie [7.2]
MF: #6 Anton Babin [8.5] - 2 goals
RM:#10 Symon de'Verley [7.8] - 1 assist
LW: #9 Henry Chevalier [7.5] - 1 assist
ST: #12 Roselyne Delafosse [8.2] - 1 goal, 5 shots
RW: #11 Zuriñe Iturburua [8.8] - 1 goal, 1 assist, 3 shots

Despite the high scores mark, which is tied for the club record for most goals (the other time being their away match against Altai Almas in WC81), NLA did not go without a fight and their five player heavy midfield certainly proved a potent opponent and managed to get past the Thibaean defenders twice, once off an elaborate passing play Horta-Vega-Game and then Jorta, and then the second time off of a long sprint from Silveria, who tricked and spun his way past Alain Gérin-Lajoie and Leclair, and simply left defender Martin in the dust as he bet keeper Bozonnet within 30 yards. Manager Maurice Bonhomme was not plussed by the two scores however, stating in a post-match interview that "NLA is an extremely successful team, especially recently to get where they are in the international rankings. That they scored twice, no it doesn't concern me; that will be two wonderful lessons for us to go over in practice in the coming days and weeks, as we prepare for our next, and stronger opponents. I'm only proud that we didn't let two setbacks keep us down, and that the team came together for this victory."

Quite the motivator it would appear Bonhomme is looking to be this campaign; the Warlocks next opponent will have them return home to face off against Stevidia, who was soundly defeated 4-1 by reigning world champion Banija this week; Bonhomme has been apt to point out that his team must be even more at the ready against them when they face, not just to secure a victory in their first home game, but also because Stevidia typically plays an extremely offensive position while on the field, any key to victory will be to stopping that powerful offense before it can even get going, and/or disrupt their primary pieces, like Lucas Cooper, Paul Massey or Andy Johnson. For this match, look to see Bonhomme perhaps stretch out his defensive score, perhaps putting Blanc and Martin on the wider flanks and making them be true wingbacks, directed to counter the Stevidian Musonda and Lee, and leaving any Warlock offense to be mostly carried by the midfielders and forwards.

Immediately afterwards, the Warlocks will be traveling again to face off against fellow international rookie The Belacian States, who failed to score once in their 4 nil defeat against Vangaziland; I would anticipate a significantly altered starters selection for this match, Bonhomme will probably look to rest key starters like striker Roselyne Delafosse, midfielder Alain Gérin-Lajoie, and probably some pieces on the defense as well, rotate in some players from the bench like defender Gérald Favreau.

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Postby HUElavia » Wed Jan 13, 2021 3:38 pm

HUElavia's Shock Defeat results in Garcia Kimura's Sacking and Replacement!

Murphtannia 3-1 HUElavia
(Styler 17', Murphy 40', Saunders 80' | Sissoko 15')
(Murphtannia Stadium, Birmingham)

HUElavia returned into the World Cup Qualifiers at a crossroads. The team came in looking to change things up, especially after their fourth consecutive defeat in the IAC final. Coach Garcia Kimura was on the hot seat and players needed to improve their play in order to rack up points. The opening match was against Murphtannia in a sold-out crowd at Murphtannia Stadium (200,000) in Birmingham. The A-Team was playing in their away uniform with Lobato and goal and Captain.

Both teams went on the offense in the opening minutes with Murphtannia's Cartilidge nearly scoring but Lobato made the stop with ease. The opening goal came in the 15th minute when HUElavia was on a Counterattack and Hamada-Navarro passed it to Sissoko, who went one-on-one with Ball, to put it on the side and blast it into the goal to make it 0-1. Sissoko celebrated with his teammates while the crowd was silenced from the goal. Murphtannia went on the offense and it did not take long to equalize as in the 17th minute, as Pole sent a cross in the box past Amaru, where Styler went up and headed into the bottom right corner of the goal past a diving Lobato to make it 1-1. The Murphtannians went crazy with the celebrations while the HUElavians were frustrated with the conceded goal. Murphtannia kept up with the attack, where HUElavia was pinned to their box, where it would result in a big play. In the 40th minute Jenkins set a pass to an onside Murphy who went one-on-one with Lobato, giving a clean strike to put it into the goal to make it 2-1, making the crowd celebrate with passion while Murphy celebrated with his teammates. At halftime, the score favored the hosts 2-1.

The second half had HUElavia on the offense looking to equalize, and possibly win, the match. Substitutions were made, with Sol, R. Almeida and C. Almeida coming in for Navarro, Sakaguchi and Nazarenko respectively. Despite these changes, the big moment would come in the 80th minute. Corner kick taken by Conti was headed out by Pallett, where he sent it to Elliott, running and dribbling past Mariño, sending a cross in and having Saunders leap up and put a bicycle kick into the goal past Lobato, making it 3-1. The Murphtannian crowd erupted while Saunders was mobbed by his teammates and the bench, all while the HUElavians were stunned and disappointed. At the end, Murphtannia took the 3 points, as HUElavia lost 3-1.

In the return to Curumba, the HUElavian Football Association had a meeting with Coach Garcia Kimura, and informed her she was relieved of her duties. The reason for the sacking was for the poor performances in important matches and for dropping points against another team that should have been an easy victory. Shortly after that announcement, the HFA announced that 51 year old David Illaramendi, the manager of Athletic Club Itio, would be the new manager, due to his strong hand and seriousattitude towards matches made Athletic Itio one of the best teams in the HUElavian Football League. It was also announced that Virginia Moliner (47 years old) and Leonardo Calo (50 years old) will be his assistant coaches. He will debut in Manilla against Silvedania in the home opener and at Geektopia. The B-Team will play against Silvedania with Vannier in goal and Duran as captain, while the A-Team will play against Geektopia with Lobato in goal and Captain. The fans are hopeful this change can bring better results, especially against the next few matches.

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Postby Hapilopper » Wed Jan 13, 2021 3:49 pm

XANAir National Stadium, Dominica City, Xanneria
Match 1 of World Cup 87 Qualifying: Hapilopper v. Xanneria
Hap-Xan was always going to be chippy. It was always going to be a tough, physical contest. Team Hapilopper was a very offensively-minded team, with a premium on an intense style of play. The team from Xanneria, meanwhile, has been likened to an “80s action movie”. Add to that, the years of history between Hapiloppian and Xannerian people, and you were always going to have a wild game.

Some Hapiloppians wondered if the match would turn out like the Sporting World Cup fiasco when Jerold Dickman, a ruthless (and dirty) defenseman, cheap-shotted C.J. Jackson of Xanneria in the 62nd minute, leading to a full-scale brawl and Dickman thrown off the team. With Nathan Ellis on the team, those fears were very real. Nate could pop off at any moment, laying down the most brutal of brutal cheap shots on a Xannerian player, sending the match into a frenzy.

But Nate was determined to behave himself that night. He wanted to make sure he was going to be alright going into Hapilopper’s match with Vdara, and specifically, he wanted to make sure he was on the pitch at the same time as Alexis Fotellis. So he’d be behaving himself as much as he could for these first few matches. There would be a time and a place for his behavior, and now was not it.

In fact, Nate appeared to be in a shockingly pleasant mood, much more so than he had been for other matches. It was a sign that he wasn’t about to do something rash or horrifying during the match, and he wasn’t going to get himself in a lot of trouble. But he also wasn’t going to let himself get pushed around during the match. As he sat in the locker room, he reassured his teammates that his relaxed attitude should not be confused for not caring.

“I’m going to take action if someone gets in my way,” Nate said. “But I’m going to be a good boy for you guys.”

“I’d like it if you could stay a good boy for the whole qualifiers,” head coach Thom Perkins said. “We don’t need that shit of you injuring someone just for the hell of it. Please, for the love of all that is holy, please behave.”

And in the match, Nate did, for the most part, behave. There was nothing that appeared, on the surface, to be really brazen. Nate wasn’t targeting anyone, nor was he really out of control. Even early in the match, when Nate laid down a rather cynical challenge on Xannerian Bray Feltzer, it didn’t seem like the worst tackle Nate had ever laid down. In fact, it didn’t even make the top 10. But it got Feltzer’s attention enough to jaw at him. Nate, not looking to back down from any round of trash-talking, responded by shouting a few expletives at the Xannerian.

And shockingly, the person that really got into the physicality wasn’t Nate. It was Paul Dibble. Feltzer, his eyes focused on Nate, accidentally bumped into Dibble, who had just turned around to see what all the commotion was all about. Feltzer got up and shoved Dibble to the ground. Angered at what he viewed as an unprovoked attack on him, Dibble got up and shoved Feltzer back before members of both teams and the referee stepped in to break the two apart. Feltzer was given a red card while Dibble was given a yellow, something he reacted to by shaking his head and moving on.

And amazingly? Nate didn’t get one all match.

The incident led to Auggie Burton getting a penalty kick, which he handled with perfection, firing one past Markus Portsman, after faking him out a couple of times. When Auggie decided that Portsman had flinched the way he hoped, he kicked it as hard as he could right past the Xannerian keeper.

All things considered, it was a good match for the Haps, and it gave them a point where a lot of people almost expected them to get spanked. It was Hapilopper’s first WCC-sanctioned match since World Cup 85, the team skipping the ensuing Cup of Harmony and the entire World Cup 86 cycle. This was not the same Hapilopper team that played at that time. Sure, it had a lot of the players from those times, but there was a different attitude. A different bit of leadership.

These were players that were much better than their rank would suggest, but this would still be a tough slog ahead. The next match would pit the Haps against Electrum, a nation whose flag – complete with a boot and a bare ass – is more tacky and offensive than any black lines or ripples, as a couple of citizen journalists from “The Turnip” would suggest.

When asked about it, Hapiloppian forward Ernie Stevenson joked it was actually appropriate.

“That flag? It signifies we’ll kick their ass,” he told reporters.

(I'm aware of where that flag came from. It's a damn good Simpsons episode.)
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Postby Netop » Wed Jan 13, 2021 4:11 pm

Netop open qualifiers with a 2-1 win against Ancherion

Netop's second ever qualifying cycle kicked off with a road match in Ancherion that we were not expected to win. Ancherion is a pot 4 side that is ranked 70th in the World plaing at home against us a pot 6 team ranked 133rd in the World. However we got it done with a 2-1 win that puts us in 5th place of Group five although it's obviously still quite early. If this is anything to go off of this will definitely be a much better cycle than the last and only other one we've competed in.

It was the Captain in his first match wearning the Captain's Patch who scored the opening goal to put us up 1-0 against Ancherion. On a corner sent in by Max Holder, Sikim Arts the left back for Ancherion went up for the ball and had it hit him right on the arm leading to a penalty for Netop. Sure a penalty might not be the most stylish of goals but it's still a goal and it still meant that Netop were up 37 minutes in against the 70th ranked team in the World.

Ancherion are ranked this high for a reason though and in the 63rd minute they ater applying pressure for the first 20 minutes of the half would get a goal. Mamadou Kaur would get this goal and new starting Center Back Bertie Gilbert took the blame for this one missing a key tackle just outside of the box although the rest of the defense as a whole could have done better to stop the goal.

Netop did not let that deter us from our goal of getting the now seemingly manageable three points against Ancherion. After a close call where Johnny Howells was forced into making a diving save after Halperin's shot got past the defense but a poorly taken corner was caught by Howells to end the damage. Netop went down the field after this and proceeded to score the winning goal. It would be Savanna Park who is known as our best player off of a Max Holder assist who slammed the winner into the netting in the 86th minute.

Despite Ancherion's best efforts for the next nine or so minutest they couldn't find a goal to give Netop a statement road win to start off the Cycle. Next up Foster Park hosts BOF competitor 238th ranked Chartistan out of pot 7. It's a matchup we are expected to win but Chartistan after losing 2-0 to Abanhfleft will be looking to get their first points ever in a qualifying cycle.
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Postby Kandorith » Wed Jan 13, 2021 4:18 pm


Shinonome Kyoai - International
News From The Empire

First game shows vulnerable Kandorese side

Not the start Hayabusa hope for, but the first points are there. Kandorith faced Græntfjall in a very exiting yet locked up game on the first day of the World Cup Qualifiers. The current Kandorese team is sturdier than before, however small mistakes cost the Lotus Warriors a possibility on a win. In the eyes of the fans the first match wasn't a bad start as they've had to endure far worse opening games. The mission for Hayabusa here though; a far better performance against Pluvia and Garbelia is needed to keep up the Kandorese hopes for the qualification and of course defending the current ranking the team has reached.

"It was a tough match and I believe we rather underestimated our opponent" Hayabusa said. "However, I am not disappointed at all. I think the team played a really proper game of football and we have to keep this level of the game up into the coming matches. I think the upcoming matches will be easier now that we have played our first game and were able to play together as a team for the first time again. Of course there are still some inconsistencies and some small mistakes, but I really believe those will be history when we start our second game. We will also be playing at home which should give us a large advantage as there is no support as proud as the Kandorese home fans in my opinion.

I believe it has been a good result even if we could have gotten more out of it, but these are what-ifs. Overall I am satisfied with how the team played. A few players, like Katano and Honda have shown real promising plays. I think that on individual level we have the best Kandorese team in the history of football on the field right now and we only need to work more as a solid unit right now. With some extra coaching and looking at personal performance individually I think we can put a real show down in the next games. In all honesty, I truly believe that these younger players are exceptional good players and will carry the team towards victory in the next few games. The experience and getting used to international football will be a great factor to see them improve in the upcoming games."

Group 9                                 Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Pluvia and the Saxean Isles 1 1 0 0 6 2 +4 3
2 South Covello 1 1 0 0 5 2 +3 3
3 Indusse 1 1 0 0 3 2 +1 3
Nephara 1 1 0 0 3 2 +1 3
5 Græntfjall 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
Kandorith 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
7 Baggieland 1 0 0 1 2 3 −1 0
Sett Forest 1 0 0 1 2 3 −1 0
9 Quemorr Isles 1 0 0 1 2 5 −3 0
10 Garbelia 1 0 0 1 2 6 −4 0
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BREAKING NEWS: Hiyashi Corporation to unveil strategy for the coming year. ● Winter celebrations in full swing throughout the nation, celebrating the ending of the year and asking the gods for a prosperous 2021.

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Postby Saltstead » Wed Jan 13, 2021 4:56 pm

OOC note: Due to unexpectedly short notice, I’ve moved this up to today. The World Cup of Flags will commence shortly.
The Beet

The Beet Sportsbox: The Official Qualifying Matchday 3 Preview — Saltstead v ▮▮▮▮▮▮
The Stallions’ first home game of the World Cup qualifying campaign will come against a highly-secretive nation which infamously muzzles coverage by foreign journalists

Ashwell — After consecutive away trips to Melbergia and Omerica Oberour Ar Moro, Saltstead’s very own Stallions will finally get their first home game of the qualifying campaign on matchday 3 against none other than ▮▮▮▮▮▮.


Coverage of this topic has been censored by order of the Vangazi Ministry of Information.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

We can only pray that this match will end quickly. —TB

Also on The Beet
  • Ashwell authorities unveil a new Museum of Incompetence to be located in Thingstead
  • Mass confusion erupts in Omerican airports as the national team gets a home opener for once
  • Banijan footballers announce plans to rip John Nicholas Rosencrants a second butthole
  • World Cup Committee officials request that lighters be left at home for the World Cup finals

The Royal Saltsteadish Football Association
Royal House of Sport, Ashwell

Melbergia 0:1 Saltstead
World Cup 87 qualifying group stage — Matchday 1
Unknown Stadium, Unknown City, Melbergia

Saltstead goalscorers: Mina Ratmaker (75’)
Starting line-up (4–5–1): Robert-Jan van Daal (captain); Micħäl Aurelius, Jan-Pijr Åudenberg, Maxime Crabshaas, Victoria Rothöüf; Mina Ratmaker, Constantijn van Bleck, Aleksa Pascal, Zacharias van den Slåp, Natasħa Aħterop; Reinhard Åubreħtssen
Substitutions: Åudenberg > Pijr Josefssen (61’); Pascal > Haråud Haråudssen (61’); Åubreħtssen > Benni Sħåul (80’)

The Royal Saltsteadish Football Association
Royal House of Sport, Ashwell

Oberour Ar Moro : Saltstead
World Cup 87 qualifying group stage — Matchday 2
Parade Grounds, Regium, Oberour Ar Moro

Starting line-up (4–5–1): Robert-Jan van Daal (captain); Micħäl Aurelius, Jan-Pijr Åudenberg, Maxime Crabshaas, Victoria Rothöüf; Mina Ratmaker, Constantijn van Bleck, Aleksa Pascal, Zacharias van den Slåp, Natasħa Aħterop; Reinhard Åubreħtssen
Substitute bench: Christijn Sänt-Andreas, Marianne Åudershof; Richard Christopħe, Pijr Josefssen, Serena van Middelkamp, Catharine de Vriħt; Nicholas Tiberius, Benni Sħåul, Thomas Lions, Adelaide de Jong, Wim Amistad; Haråud Haråudssen

Saltstead : [REDACTED]
World Cup 87 qualifying group stage — Matchday 3
King William VII National Park, Ashwell, Saltstead

Starting line-up (5–4–1): Julij Kåler; Frans Richard, Sebastien van Can, Anne Hodmaker, Johan van Tilborg, Constantijn Kåler; Johanne Geuberts, Nico Swart (captain), Theodor Felicianus, Aleksa le Duc; Edvard Rothås
Substitute bench: Kathrinita Äsħes, Adam van Middelkamp; Gunner Stepħenssen, Rokus Michahels, Dijter Ackerdiħ, Tobias Thomassen, Yorg Handel; Marina Jager, Violeta Igesleven, Margaretha Wilheumssen, Nico Joxepħssen; Stepħanie Withöüf

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Maybe the real World Cup title was the friends we made along the way.
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Postby San Ortelio » Wed Jan 13, 2021 4:56 pm

In theory, this morning had everything in store to be nearly comically perfect. When he opened the blinds, Enrico Lanzafame saw a warm sun reflecting on the bay and a flock of migratory birds gave the whole scene some extra fanfare. His mother made it of the utmost importance to cook a breakfast that consisted of everything a sportsman shouldn’t eat but wants to and the grin of his father when he placed the Corriere on the dinner table filled the cramped kitchen. Bathing in a smell of eggs and bacon, the opening headline waved towards him.

Lanzafame saves a point for I Spada, to the despair of a dominant Juvencus

In a way, he should feel top of the world as his father couldn’t stop reciting the articles which were positive about De Tane, optimistic about our back five and downright ecstatic about the goalkeeper himself. Everything went perfect but it took someone special to note that something was not as should be.

“You didn’t go for a run this morning?” she inquired nearly carelessly, or at least discrete enough for paps to keep his full focus with the newspaper.
“No, no,” Enrico repeated the lines he rehearsed, “a bit of pain in the calf, probably from that Campana header.”

To emphasise, he emphatically rubbed the spot of which he believed his parents thought it could hurt the most.

“That’s all right, Rico,” his father boasted obliviously, “rest is important, especially for a champ!”
His mother, the kind soul, knew her youngest well enough to figure out that he had his reasons and closed the point by asking, “Why don’t you go over to Gianni’s Taverno? The main crowd will be gone at this hour, but everyone left will be happy you dropped by.”

Before we continue, it is important to acknowledge the importance of a ‘Taverno’ in Ortelian culture. Because it is not just a Taverno. It is your Taverno. The place where you pick up your morning coffee, your cigarettes and your paper, the place where you come to vent after work and meet acquaintances… It defines you as much as your religion, your political affiliation and your sports club. We would even dare to go the other way around, it is your taverno that determines those things in the first place. So if you are a famous person, as Enrico was, it offered an extra slice of pride if you honoured your Taverno with your daily visit. Enrico doubted for a second as, after all, it no longer was his Taverno. He no longer was a staunch, conservative believer, his heart no longer coloured in the black and white of Robur. But because it beat trying to keep up the charade, he agreed.

It seemed like a wise decision at first. Gianni, the innkeeper whose belly made it nearly impossible to make a full turn behind the bar, greeted him warmly - showing no resent over the fact that he barely showed his face around here anymore. Only due to the express refusal from Enrico, the barman limited himself to just a single Monteverdi liquor in his espresso, but he wanted to give the whole bottle at first. As predicted, there were a few people but not that much that it became crowded. It did not stop them from exclaiming their sympathy loudly and colourfully.

“Ah, the pride of the neighbourhood! I told my wife you save more than Jesus!”
“Enrico, il Grande! What a performance!”
“That save on that volley, Enrico! I cried for the whole street but well, everybody was watching!”

Enrico never had considered himself well in small talking, but he appreciated the compliments from people who meant a lot to his parents and vice versa. Cleverly, he shifted the conversation.

“It was a tough game, but the defense stood well. Only that Pereyra, … That’s a future star. To say he’s not even an undisputed starter,” Enrico explained and before he knew it, the regulars were caught up in a discussion about Gli Attacanti, the value of a pesky winger and the transfermarket buzz. As such, Enrico could quietly enjoy his coffee, one arm on the bar, exchanging a smile or a short bon-mot with the innkeep.

Just as he slurped the last drop of his coffee, thinking of a proper final salute before heading home again, he felt a hand resting on his shoulder. It wasn’t a slap or anything and in a split second, he wondered how long it had been hanging there.

“Buongiorno, Lanza,” resounded and no further questions were needed.
“It’s me, Mario,” the new guest did want to underline it. He had exchanged the plucky fisherman’s gear for a light polo shirt and a small cigarette and suddenly looked three inches taller than the other day.
“Hi Mario,” Enrico replied and he couldn’t avoid a small sigh after those words. In the corner of his eye, he noticed that two more men with the same flair and attitude had entered the bar, each casually leaning against the wall next to one of the exits.
“It was an evening of mixed feelings, Enrico,” Mario kicked off a little monologue, “At one hand, it fills you with pride to see an old friend, someone from my very own Taverno shine on an international stage. Even if he rarely shows his face in it anymore.”

Mario paused for a second, ticked his cigarette expressly next to the ashtray whilst staring Gianni in the eye and continued in his monotone voice. With the interlude, Enrico noticed that it was just the barman, them two and the gorilla’s on guard anymore. All others had chosen wisely and gotten on with their day.

“It saddens me, Enrico, that you are not proud of your heritage.”
“Well, I moved but that doesn’t’,” Enrico tried to protest against something he secretly agreed with.
“Tuttuttut, it doesn’t matter. It saddens me, but so is the world. But there is something else which angers me and that,” Mario continued, slowly turning the hand on his arm into a gripping lock, “is a liar. I don’t like liars, Enrico. Do you like liars?”
“No, no, …” Enrico panicked. In his head, everything was rushing. Had he ticked someone off with his post-match interview? He had admitted that luck was on their side but…
“Why do you lie to me, then?”

Only now Mario looked him in the eye. Enrico knew well enough that it was a very bad timing to tell that he’ld never take notice of the dark green pupils of his former friend, so he simply cleared his throat. Suddenly something flashed in his mind.

“The Falkner contract? I know the press says it is still in limbo but it’s as good as signed - just a few stamps and I’m ready to be sent off,” he tried to lighten the mood. Nobody had ever told Enrico that he was funny and there were reasons for that.
“I asked,” Mario suddenly changed his tone from slightly dramatic to deadly serious, whilst indicating with a small gesture to the nearest gorilla to grab Enrico’s other arm, “whether we would lose and you said yes.”
“Well, at the time…”
“I don’t like that, Enrico. I trusted you and I decided to act upon your word. And then… You defy me? You lie to me?”

It sounded absurd to Enrico. He had just played a game of football to the best of his abilities and… He did not know where the knife came from. But he surely knew how close it was to his cheek.

“Over here, there is something we do with liars. We make sure that it is clear to see for everyone that they cannot be trusted… You should know that?”

There was as much terror coming out of his voice as out of the blade. The panic now made Enrico freeze until...

“But you’re lucky. I’m a good soul,” Mario said it with a smile, as if nothing happened before. His arms were released, the trio walked out but just as the door was about to close, Mario turned around one last time.

“Against Mercedini, I want to see three goals. In your net,” before concluding with the most characteristic, “capiche?” Enrico had ever heard. Mario did not await his answer.

“Gianni, you can bring out that bottle now,” Enrico whispered to the pale innkeeper.


In theory, there was little time between the two duels, but as they had taken a couple of long-distance flight in short time for the Mercedini fixture, manager Renato Di Tane considered it wiser to let his players sleep at home for the duel with the Baptism of Fire champions, instead of sending them back to another hotel. The men had replied with relief, as the visit to Mercedini had given them plenty to think about and a night’s sleep in the comfort of their own environment would load up the batteries again. As such, few words had been exchanged on the parking lot as everyone rushed off. Gianmarco Del Prete had thrown his suitcase in the back of his brand new, fiery red Gianculasi. At the intersection he had hesitated for a second but then he rushed off at twice the speed limit to the old fire house compound.

IlRocca was, as usual, filled to the brim but in the lounge, the atmosphere was more lighthearted. Rocco flashed his characteristic grin, the perfect middle between a welcoming smile and the teeth of a predator, when he entered.

“You’re lucky today, sir, she’s in.”

She had been in every time he visited the last few weeks and bar the international travel, both for the national team and contract negotiations, he had not skipped a single night. Antonella was her name, the one with the raven hair and mahogany shoulders, and every night they had talked, whilst the bass resounded in their ears. Usually, he would take girls like this somewhere quiet, to meet and forget them. But this wasn’t usual.

You could say they talked but in all fairness, Gianmarco talked and Antonella replied, remarked, retorted. After the night with the lightshow, he had begged Rocco to introduce her. A request which he, after a quick exchange of glances with the oldest of the Cartola brothers, granted with pleasure, it seemed. Whilst she did not feel any urge to pick the topic of conversation, it did not escape the attention from Gianmarco that these were completely different discussions than with most girls. A decade of people agreeing with every word he uttered made it more remarkable when someone decided to steer against his discourse - but always calm, composed and at times quite witty. Her voice was soft, urging him to listen very carefully in between the attempts of the DJ to blast his own speakers.

For the first time in ages, Gianmarco had to try, to try hard. And he loved it.

“I had not expected you,” she smiled and they both chuckled like high school friends. It was a shared in-joke, a mockery of the contrast to all the other hosts who worked here and who clamped to every new visitor with the words that they had been hoping for his or her visit.
“A bit tired of hanging around at home,” he lied clearly enough for both to see.

And so the conversation spiraled on, sometimes about nothing, often about everything. The feeling of power was the topic discussed that night.

“Look, when you are on that pitch and you can make everyone move into the direction that you determined, just with the power of your passing… Heck, you decide about the whole stadium! If you make the right through pass, all eyes move at the same moment, showing everyone what you’ve observed seconds before. It’s the best feeling in the world, maybe even better than scoring.”
“The best in the world?” she asked playfully.
“The best on the pitch,” he grinned, “it’s a moment of control and… This is going to sound arrogant, I know, but there are players out there who never have that. And I know that at the right time, I can grab that.”
“But you’re always limited, no?” Antonella inquired, “I mean. If the striker doesn’t read your pass, you look like a fool. And if the ref calls it an offside, you’re toast as well.”

Gianmarco paused for a second. It were not necessarily the most complicated remarks she made, but it struck him how often they opened up completely new questions to him.

“Most of the time, yes. But it’s exactly those moments when you take hold and urge the other ones, those are the beautiful ones. When you touch that ball the right way and the attacker simply has to follow through, notwithstanding his level. Sometimes it is just natural.”

A very concrete few of those moments when the stars aligned skipped in front of his eye. All in all, he valued the partnership he had with Garofalo, even if he considered the bulky forward as a bit of an oaf. Years of training had given them that connection and it would cost time to forge that bond again abroad. If it weren’t for… Well, let’s say there were two good arguments. He left Catrallo Calcio these days as a hero, well aware that the fall usually came sooner rather than later. And, honesty abides to say, two divorces and a daughter out of wedlock (and so far still out of the tabloids) make a man a little more focussed on the paycheck.

“I get that… But you can’t control the ref,” she stayed on topic.
“Sometimes you can,” Gianmarco smiled. In all the warmth and honesty they shared, it was hard to shrug of his second nature of boasting, of raising your chest, “Most of the time you can play him like a violin. In some cases, I dictate when the card falls, not him.”
“Hmm… Maybe in San Ortelio, where half of them have your poster in their bedroom. But that trick won’t fly internationally.”
“Sure it does.”
“So if you say - I grab a yellow in minute eighty-eight against Treekidistan… Then it happens?”
“I decide on that, and no one else.”

She halted and looked him up and down - like a bouncer determining if she would allow entrance to a scrappy custodian.

“Ok,” she concluded, “ok, I take you up on that. Minute eighty-eight it is.”

He leaned back with a meagre grin and part of him was just hoping that he would not be too hungover tomorrow morning, so he remembered the details of this conversation. Tomorrow… He didn’t care. He realised how little he cared about the game the day after, despite the exciting opponent. Look at me, he thought, boasting about my powers. But I’m stuck in a rat race, a pace which determines that tomorrow I’ll be playing and then a few days after again, and again, and… Gianmarco tried to regroup his brain. The booze. It was the booze talking now. Deep down, he still was in love with the game itself.

“And you, do you ever have that sensation of power?” he tried to chase the demons in his head with her voice.
“What kind of power,” Antonella smiled with another one of her remarks that opened up a new scala of dilemmas, “the power of control? The lack of fear? The relief of freedom?”

How on earth does she read my mind, Gianmarco thought, but his lips formed a “control, having everything in your grasp.”
“Sometimes I do,” she replied meaningfully.

Gianmarco knew that, but he had no clue how to disentangle the meaning.
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Postby North Japan » Wed Jan 13, 2021 4:58 pm

The Voice of The People

Glorious victory for the Motherland!

North Japan does not yield to opponent

A glorious day for the Motherland as the Kirin was victorious in a very convincing display. Baker Park was no match for the superior Japanese side in the first day of the World Cup Qualifiers and the North Japanese team started their campaign with an amazing victory, scoring two goals against Baker Park's one goal. Baker Park, following capitalistic ideals and individualism was no match for the power of the Motherland, where we value collectivism and building towards success together rather than greed and personal achievements. Once again the ideology Chairwoman Aki Asami has personally written as a gift to all the people of the world has shown to be the road to success.

The fans were stunned as Baker Park scored first after a mistake from Son Jae-Hwa while defendign the midfield, but it is the nature of the beautiful game after all and the worthy opponent would soon be taught a lesson on the field. The North Japanese side quickly recovered and was able to maintain complete dominance over the rest of the game. The newly found confidence of the team would quickly mark the 1 - 1 score on the board and it would not end here. The first half was a slow start for the Kirin but they would show their excellence and class in the second half; where Hwan Kwang-Ho would score two times in the name of the Democratic Republic.

Gyeon Yongsun has shown the Motherland that he is the only choice to be at the front of international football as his team and strict leadership inspire an entire generation back at home. The current generation of footballers is ready to qualify for the World Cup in fantastic fashion and of course they are the favourite to win the World Cup around the world. No matter how many nations tighten their grip on what they call dangerous dissent and ideologies, the true heart of the revolution will always beat within the bodies of the people. From all around the world social media has been filled with photos from foreign nationals showing their support for the North Japanese team and their predictions that they will win the World Cup. The match against Baker Park, was only the beginning of the most talented team in the qualification and surely the best team in group 4.

In the coming days the great patriots will travel to Xanneria and Hapilopper where a warm welcome is expected. The team will surely have a tough match against Xanneria as they are a major player in the world of football but if we believe in the love of Chairwoman Aki Asami nothing can and will stop the wave of patriotism and excellence of the Democratic People's Republic of Japan.
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Postby Vdara » Wed Jan 13, 2021 5:28 pm

Early Days

Well, here we go again. Another cycle of ups and downs is just starting, and what better way to start a World Cup Qualifiers campaign than by playing against the lowest seed in your group, eh? Now, most teams in this tournament would either swap out a few players or just leave their first team on against these lower-ranked sides, but Vdara is not like “most teams” - they do things differently. In fact, Vdara have brought an extra lineup just to play against these sides, and it’s filled to the brim with some absolute stars who are still just a bit young for the first team. Interestingly, the second lineup is managed by one of the players from the first lineup, that being goalkeeper Markos Moustakakos. You’re not here to listen to me rambling about the youth team though, are you? Of course not, you’re here to see how Vdara got on in their game against Norish Jeia Repa! I better crack on, then.

Home Team Dressing Room

Moustakakos: ”Hope you’re ready for some fun, because this game is going to be a big one. Not in terms of our whole group stage performance, but in terms of you lot. You see, foreign clubs like the look of youngsters that do well internationally. Heck, most of you have found that out yourselves, with Themistoklis off to Eura, Andrianos and Trifonas off to Tikariot, et cetera, et cetera. But for the few of you that are yet to find your way into a decent team - this is your opportunity. Put a shift in, help the team towards a result, and you might have some scouts looking at you more closely in future. Anyways, enough about that. We’ve got a game to play, and you don’t play well in a game where you’re not tactically informed. Now, this is slightly hampered by the fact that tonight’s opposition have no information about their players... fuck me, they don’t even have names. How are we supposed to know which tactics to go for if these numpties don’t even have names? We’ll just have to hope that they’ve got names on the back of their shirt, eh? I’ll have better tactical info for you lot when you come back for halftime, but for now you’ll just have to remember the basics: press them hard, press them fast, and attack at every bloody oppportunity. If they have a player that’s threatening the defence and acting like a target man - mark him. In fact, do we even know what genders are in their squad? For all we know, they could be anything! Man, woman, non-binary, pony, et cetera. It doesn’t matter what gender or species they are, though - what matters is that we win! Come on lads, let’s show these, erm... things what we are made of!”

And now, live coverage from Vai Sports 1! But first, a party political broadcast from the Honest Conservatives.

*soothing music, played by a saxophone*
There’s a man in a suit on screen. He’s looking directly into the camera. He starts speaking.

“Do you ever feel like the government doesn’t do enough for you? Do you find yourself feeling let down by everything that’s going on in life? Do you also happen to find yourself feeling extremely lazy, with no sense of purpose or desire?”

The camera zooms into the man’s face.

“If any or all this applies to you, then I hope it stays that way. You deserve all of this. You’re not good enough for society and you know it, you unwealthy fucknugget. Get a job.”

A narrator begins speaking. There’s a phone number and a website at the bottom of the screen.

“For more information about the Honest Conservatives, dial 0118-999-88199-9119-725-3, or visit our website at http://www.honestconservatives.vd.”

The match report is as follows:

1: Well, here we go! It’s the first match in Vdara’s inevitable path to victory! That is, if you consider third place victory. Anyway, the game’s kicked off now.
5: Muleas is running out wide with the ball, but he’s being blocked by a defender. He feints left, he faints right, but in the end he’s nutmegged the defender, and he’s tried to cross the ball in towards Andrianos Petras... who scores with a lovely chested volley! The first goal of the match has come extremely early, a fantastic start for Vdara!
11: Tantalopoulos has managed to intercept a pass from an unnamed defender, and I think he’s going to try and start an attacking move with this... well, he certainly looked like he was going to, but he’s been dispossessed by a sliding tackle and the ball is back with the opposition.
12: Tantalopoulos is still in pain following that challenge, and the referee has stopped play. He’s apparently going to check the VAR monitor for a possible yellow card offence... he’s zooming in on the tackle, and damn that looks worse than I thought. Looks like it’s a yellow card for Norish Jeia Repa’s #10.
19: The ball has been passed back to Frangoglou, who’s chosen to punt it straight up the field. Scafididis looks ready to receive it, and he manages to chest it down on to the ground... only to be dispossessed by the defender accompanying him.
22: Norish Jeia Repa’s #9 has got the ball out wide, and it looks like he’s going to try and cut inside to get into the box. He’s managed to do so, this move looks quite dangerous, he’s one-on-one with Zaharias Frangoglou... oh my word, what a save from close range! Norish Jeia Repa looked destined for an equaliser, but the young shot stopper has kept Vdara ahead with an astonishing save.
25: It’s a free kick for Vdara following a foul on the edge of the box by Norish Jeia Repa’s #3. Scafididis looks set to take the shot, as he goes for the long run-up... but it’s turned onto the crossbar by the goalkeeper. Corner to Vdara.
26: Scafididis will be looking to make up for that free kick with a cross, it looks like. He whips the ball into the box... only to have it headed away by Norish Jeia Repa’s #3.
37: Penalty to Vdara! A foul in the box by Norish Jeia Repa’s #5 has led to the referee pointing straight towards the spot - definite penalty.
38: Tantalopoulos steps up to take this penalty. If his form in the South Newlandian League is anything to go by, he should be able to score this. Can he continue his goal scoring form in the World Cup... yes he can! He’s blasted it straight into the top right corner, calm as you like! The keeper went the right way, but there was no way in hell that he was catching that. 2-0 to Vdara!
45: The referee has blown his whistle - its halftime here at the VdarArena, and the home side lead by two goals.

With the sides back in the dressing room, Moustakakos took this opportunity to try and have a more strategic approach to the second half.
Moustakakos: ”Well done so far, lads. You seemed to have total control of the match out there, so I’m wanting you to keep that up. What I don’t want you to keep up, however, is letting their attackers in so easily. I know we’re an attacking side, but for crying out loud - you can’t be letting their #10 fly past you at every opportunity, you have to be marking them more often. Specifically you, Trifonas. You’ll be tasked with keeping the #10 from being a goal threat. As for you, Stamatios: keep #9 from getting their crosses into the box. Block them at every opportunity. Stick a leg out, block it with your side, et cetera. As for you guys in midfield, keep it up. Your positioning has been good, your passing has been good, everything’s been good. Attackers - just keep getting in there and firing towards their goal. It’s bound to work at some point. Right, does everybody know what they’re doing then? Fantastic. Let’s make this second half even better, make our home fans proud!”

46: Welcome back. The halftime break is over, and the second half has begun. Norish Jeia Repa seem to be set up in a more defensive formation, whereas Vdara have stuck to their usual and came back out the same way as they went in.
57: Vdara are finding it extremely hard to get past the new formation, the opposition are playing super-defensively right now.
66: It’s a corner for Vdara, who’ve had a shot blocked by one of the defenders after Tantalopoulos attempted a shot from range.
67: Scafididis has stepped up to take this corner, and he’s passed it to a nearby teammate, who tries to cross it towards Akakios Demotis... who misses the header and lets the ball trundle out for a goal kick.
76: This new formation from Norish Jeia Repa really has managed to nullify any attacking prowess that Vdara had before. It’s quite impressive, honestly - perhaps if they played like this from the start they wouldn’t be two goals down, though.
87: There seems to be one more chance in this game for Vdara, as Petras has managed to dispossess one of the defenders and is sprinting towards the goal at full speed... only to have the ball swiped from his feet by another defender.
90: Well, despite the boredom of the second half, the game is over! Vdara have earned themselves a victory, but it really has been a game of two halves, in both excitement and performance.

Andrianos Petras 5’
Lambros Tantalopoulos (P) 38’


With the team now back in the dressing room, Moustakakos had little to say about the second half.

Moustakakos: ”Jeeeeeeesus Christ, they went full-on defensive, didn’t they? I mean, every attacking move we made was simply nullified by their defenders at every single opportunity! Ah well, them’s the breaks - we still got the victory and claimed all three points. I would tell you all how important our next two matches are, but you won’t be the ones playing. In fact, I’ll be the one playing in goals on Matchdays 2 and 3, so I hope you lot will be there to cheer me on, eh? Anyways, you guys have done all you need to do for now, since you won’t be playing until Matchday 4. Go back home and relax, you’ve earned it.”

Moustakakos wasn’t joking about the cheering on bit, just so you know. He knew that he’d need every bit of moral support possible in order to keep the next two sides at bay, especially since they were the top 2 teams in the croup - Xanneria and Baker Park. These matches were crucial if Vdara really wanted to qualify for their first World Cup, and while qualification still seems impossible, Vdara can dare to dream. For now, however, the players aren’t dreaming. In fact, they’re Dancing In The Moonlight.
The Republic of Vdara
An idyllic archipelago situated in the Mediterranean Sea consisting of the islands of Malta, Cyprus, Crete, Karpathos, Rhodes, Thera, and Kasos.

Factbook | Vdaran Airlines | National Anthem | Royal Family (dead) | Political Parties | Vai News 24
World Cup:
WC84: 7th in qualifying
WC85: 5th in qualifying
WC86: 4th in qualifying
WC87: 1st in qualifying, 4th (last) in group stage

Cup of Harmony:
CoH 76: 6th (last) in group stage
CoH 77: Round of 16
CoH 78: Quarter-finals

U-18 World Cup
U-18 WC10: 4th (last) in group stage
U-18 WC11: CHAMPIONS (1st ever title)

Campionato Esportiva:
CE27: Quarter-finals (lost 2-0 to Esportivan Darmen)
CE28: can’t be arsed checking (lost to Esportivan Darmen)


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Postby South Newlandia » Wed Jan 13, 2021 5:30 pm

Elephants hold Golden Bears to a scoreless tie

South Newlandia was able to start their World Cup Qualifiers campaign with a strong game, holding the Campionato Esportiva champions from Hampton Island scoreless. The game was dominated by the defensive approach of both teams with few shots taken overall. What remained was mostly handled easily by Mikhail Trischuk for the Elephants and Alexander Watson on the other side. The two very similar 4-4-2 schemes gridlocked for most of the match, with the South Newlandian defense around Tommy Anderson and the defense of Hampton Island around Paulick and Brody able to keep the ball away from both goals most of the time.
The only real chances to get goals came in the last third of the game. By then, Brandon Irving was on the field for the Elephants, and while he was able to spark things a little bit, it remained too little to actually get on the scoreboard. One corner in the 71st minute contained the best opportunity for the Elephants, as Patrick McMora, the star of the team in midfield, was able to get the ball to Simon McCabe; but his header narrowly went above the crossbar. On the other side, Hampton Island was able to get a few chances throughout the game, but Mikhail Trischuk stopped most of what needed to be stopped, including a dangerous shot from a distance in the 38th minute brought by Daquan Perlino.
In the end, both sides had to settle on a draw, and while the home team had undoubtably been the stronger one in this match, the South Newlandian defense was able to grab an important point. Next, the team travels home to face the mighty Wanderers, who started their campaign with a win at the newcomers from Tumbra. After that game, they will be travelling to de Dolfijnen from Garifunya, another likely difficult match.
We will take a look at Pasarga first. They are a team not completely unfamiliar to the Elephants, as they were also drawn together four years ago, but the matchup has drastically changed then since. While the Elephants are still starting eight of the eleven starters of the time [Trischuk, Roy, Anderson, Mohamed, Green, McMora, Wallis, McCabe], they have improved from 228th to 63rd in the World ranks. Meanwhile, the Wanderers are also starting eight players that played at the time [Galambos, Ács, Meier, Szöllössy, Csikós, Vöröss, S. Földessy, Müller], they have changed far less in their World ranking (25th -> 18th). Some things have not changed at all; the coaches for the teams remained Robert Wolverine for the Elephants and Brenecian Meriadoc Griffiths for the Wanderers; and the stadium remained unchanged as well, with the two sides playing in the Elephant Dome, where the Wanderes defeated the Elephants 5-2 at the time. Then and today, the key to stopping Pasarga is to slow down Júlia Müller, but that is easier said than done. Trischuk in the goal will likely have another busy day (no team has scored more goals in regular time on South Newlandia than Pasarga has with eight), but the weight will be on Anderson and Mike Sloah, hoping to get Müller covered. Many teams have tried that, and just as many have failed; and as unlikely a good result against Pasarga is, as huge would it be for the Elephants.
Next, the team will travel to Garifunya. Ranked 112th, they aren’t too far away with South Newlandia, and will want to try everything to cause an upset; and they surely have a chance to do that. A key matchup will be Boudewijn van der Weide against Filip Barker, as the South Newlandian will have to stop the most talented Garifunyan in what will be only his 3rd start for the team. The team managed by Ton Olofsen will be looking to be an obstacle for the Elephants, and the team needs to deliver here, while a defeat against Pasarga would shock nobody.

South Newlandian stars rumoured to move to Taeshan
Jecken Newport has reportedly been visited by Taeshani scouts looking to sign more South Newlandian players. After Finnley Wallis joined the Taeshan City Miners, more players might be following; specifically Bishop, Cohen and Green. Current reports are unconfirmed, but especially Lancaster and Cohen may look to join the 12th best league in the world, with a starting spot in the national team to gain.
Not a native speaker, but you probably noticed that already
NS Stats apply (except for population) | Trigramme: SNL | Nickname: Elephants | Proud member of Esportiva
WORLD CUP 87 PARTICIPANT (went 1-0-2, last in group)
Hosted: IBS12 (with Tikariot), CE28
2nd place: IBS13
Semifinals: IBS11 (4th place)
Quarterfinals: BoF72
Round of 16: WBC48, WBC49, WBC50, CE27, CE28, CoH78
Current rankings: KPB 31st | Baseball 11th

Sports Newswire

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Postby Fluvannia » Wed Jan 13, 2021 5:47 pm

Lightgarden Stadium, New Gardenalia, Silvedania


Fluvannian soccer team head coach Warren Richards brought up the rear as the squad retreated to the locker room at the half. He clapped his hands several times to help maintain the "pumped up" attitude the team had generated for themselves prior to the match. "Alright, lads -- a good half all around. Let's not let up -- just keep playing our game the way we play it, control the pace, and we'll be alright. Dan --" he said, pointing at Daniel Vaudois, "-- good shot on that one earlier. More dekes like that and you'll continue to fool goalies." Born Fluvannians all, and growing up in a country where ice hockey was king, the entire team was unfazed by Richards' use of the hockey term for what in other nations might be called a feint or dummy.

"Coach," began Vilppu Lattiniemi, his Winnebago accent drawing out the o, "about earlier --"

"Just don't let it happen again," said Richards, waving his hand. Lattiniemi, one of the defenders, had himself been crossed up by Silvedanian wing Cinnam Onerj, so badly he tripped. "It happened, but nothing came of it, so stewing over it will only make similar mistakes more likely moving forward." Despite his diminutive stature, Richards was known for his almost paternal manner with his players, and they seemed to respond well to it. "Asahiko was able to make the save, in part because Howard was able to force the man over to a bad angle." Tadamori Asahiko -- Asahiko being his given name -- was the lanky Fluvannian keeper. Sort of a quiet type, but friendly. Unlike in some Fluvannian professional sports, collegiate sports under the FIAA practiced promotion and relegation. Tadamori had helped lead Scottsville Polytechnic University all the way from the middle of the Division II pack to the Division I national title over his four-year collegiate career, a path that made his name big in the small world of Fluvannian soccer.

After drawing up a few set plays for the second half, Richards had a good feeling about this game. The Blueshirts were still fairly small fish in a large pond of international soccer, but since they were returning the roster from World Cup 86, the experience was there to make a bigger impact than the first time around. He followed his men back out to the pitch, barely concealing a confident grin. His guys had what it took to start off strong this time.

World Cup 87 - Match 1
Lightgarden Stadium (New Gardenalia, Silvedania)

Silvedania 0 - 2 Fluvannia

Vaudois 28'
Huursonen 73'
Former President, Republic of Conservative Nations | Recipient, Order of the Republic
Fmr. President, Federation of Conservative Nations
Pop. 19,415,000 | GDP $1.371 T | Area 485,237 sq. mi. (1,256,757 sq. km) | Demonym Fluvannian
Nat'l Structure Federated Principality | Gov't Type Executive Constitutional Monarchy | Monarch Crown Prince Michael
Sports Trigram FLV
A 16 civilization, according to this index. (Tech 6, Arcane 0, Influence 5)
"Greenness" Score: 0.0592
Int'l Hockey Ranks: T-19th (Sr.), 3rd (Jr.)
Silver Medal, World Jr. Hockey Championship 15
Host, WJHC 15
NS World Cup Rank: 156th

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Postby Audioslavia » Wed Jan 13, 2021 5:50 pm

Rohan Cammers off to Winning Start
And we still can't believe we gave him the job

It's not as if Audioslavia has never had a foreign manager before. From Helmut Vilkaous to Tarturo Magasara to Powell Pieran and Lee Sharp, Starship Bull has often had an outlander at the helm.
It's not as if we've never had an Apoxian take charge either. Before Sean Patterick's chaotic reign, 1830 Cathair legend Wilfred Lidgley had taken the reigns for all of one hundred and five games.
It's not as if we've never had a complete git manage our nation's football team. William Branstone. Jeremy Jaffacake. Dragan Kryznjak. Jeremy Jaffacake. Txo Morea. Jeremy Jaffacake.

It's just that we've never had a foreign, Apoxian arsehole as the big man before. And 'big man' doesn't quite cut it.

If you look at his lithe frame, though a little softer around the belly these days, it's difficult to imagine that Rohan Cammers was ever a force to be reckoned with. Over the course of a long career that took him from hometown club Egloskerry to a sophomoric 1830 Cathair for two tumultuous seasons, then on to Belight Wanderers, Wrexton City and Equestrians Manechester City before arriving at Cazadores Cathair alongside future managerial rival Rook Cathar, then on to Gentleman's Club and finally Egloskerry before hanging up his boots and becoming manager of his local team. As boss, he'd get banned from every stadium in Mareibat, get fired, sneak back into the stadium to steal the match-ball and leave the country in a huff before, somehow, earning the job as manager of Shamrock Cathair, becoming the only player ever to have been on the books at all three (okay, four now Union Cathair have been promoted) Catharan teams.

His spell at Shamrock was supposed to be a disaster, but a league championship, a number or runners-up finishes, an appearance in the Champions League final (lost to Directus, managed by former 1830 Cathair and Audioslavia manager Dragan Kryznjak) and a Kirola Cup has earned Rohan Cammers the job vacated by Sean Patterick after a hectic AOCAF Cup run.

There has proven to be no place in the squad for any of Cammers's Audioslavians at Shamrock Cathair, but for spots for two of the MacCowan brothers, signed on the eve of his departure for the national team. He has left Shamrock in good stead - one of the favourites for the league title alongside the big two, with fellow Apoxian Alexander Crewe moving up to the manager's job and Finn Townsend, a decidedly Cammersian player (except better) expected to continue his explosive form at his new club.

The Audioslavia side Cammers has inherited are one perhaps not quite suited to Cammers's brand of they-don't-like-it-up-'em blood and thunderball, and so it's no surprise that he's built the team not around diminutive playmaker Eurica da Rosa, but Moreazerua's human trebuchet Koenraad Rijsbergen. Eurico's flair made way for Kyran Knudsen's directness against Critical Operations as Audioslavia lined up 4-5-1, with all of the five trying to make space and chances for the 1. Oteiza, Moxey, Deschapelles, Knudsen and Spijkers are all players who love to get forward, but Cammers has at least made them communicate with one another, making sure nothing is left to chance with regards to their opponents counter-attacking.

If Cammers wants to teach his new flock the ways of The Rohan, he has to do it quickly: Mytanija are coming up next, and if there's any team that can out-bullshit the Bulls it's the Mytanars. They are not quite the force they were when they battered Txo Morea's Audioslavia 5-1 in World Cup 62's qualifiers, but they are still more than capable of acting as a spoiler. For Rohan Cammers, he'd probably wish this game were coming later in the campaign, after he's had the opportunity to make his mark on the squad.

Mytanija, after all, are quite a Cammersian team themselves.

Audioslavia cruised to a two-nothing win over their matchday one, with Rijsbergen clinching both goals. They same wouldn't go amiss here.

Unofficial Delight for Thorsten

1830 Cathair hero Thorsten Kramer, known to fans as T.F.K. lifted the Unofficial World Championship on matchday one, guiding his team to victory over emeritus champions Al-Qurija, possibly the most famous un-ranked nobodies in history, thanks to Jeremy Jaffacake's error-ridden, meandering, self-indulgent documentary melodrama The Idiot Project. Natanians and Nosts and Eura (those are two teams, not three) await the Goldhorns in the next round of matches, and it's unlikely the boys in gold will be able to carry it all the way to the finals without it being taken from them, but it's another trophy (albeit an imaginary one) for Kramer to put onto his mantlepiece.

Elsewhere, Baker Park defended the Interim Unofficial World Championship in an away draw with a game North Japan. Both belts have a ways to go until we can think about the possibility of two UWC belts being unified for only the third time in history.

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Postby New Lusitania and the Algarves » Wed Jan 13, 2021 5:52 pm

STL - Serviços de Transmissão Lusitana

World Cup 87 Qualifiers Preview

87 – the tenth attempt. This time Taeshan and Ethane hope to light up what they hope to be the Multiverse’s biggest World Cup yet. As the road begins this month, the stage is set for what will be another gruelling campaign for the Lusitanians. Francisco Grilo is at the helm for his second running after a moderately successful first period in office, albeit somehow still disappointing. The team found themselves in fourth at the end of qualifying behind Mavinet by a small two-point margin - thanks to a last-match draw at home to Unimon - but also just seven off Terre Septentrionale, who travelled to the Play-Off. In the Cup of Harmony, the journey finished in the knockout stages, an improvement from the embarrassing group stage exit before that. The IAC has handed a Quarter-Final and Third-Place finish, always giving plenty of hope for the coming World Cup Cycle, but is it finally the Selecção’s time?
The perpetual transition continues and now only four players from the original lineup remain (though António Lopes was also called-up at an extremely young age at the time), Patríce looking to leave after the cycle’s end. The team now count with two players acting outside of the country – rising stars Palhagueira and Ferradura, who should both make the line-up after stellar showings in Tikariot, for Valnohar Rovers and champions Tikariot City, respectively, transfers done after impressed scouts in the friendly between New Lusitania and Tikariot. Also making debuts and hoping to impress are such figures as Paulo Gonçalves but also returning prospects such as João Cabral. The team’s tactics consist more on attack than defence keeping their already known 3-5-2 system, though now with two central midfielders. The flanks are useful to carry the ball and sometimes divert attention to the centre, as well as the odd-cross from the wingers, meaning there’s, as always, plenty of threat there.
The cycle itself is tough with eighteen matchdays, nineteen groups of ten. The group winners progress, along with the three best runners-up, a much-coveted positions beneath the behemoths of Multiversal football, joining the two hosts to make it twenty-four. The remaining runners-up with battle it out in the two-legged playoffs to make the final cut, or, possibly make be invited to the Cup of Harmony, a prestigious honour that is an afterthought at the beginning of such a trek.
New Lusitania have the bit between their teeth this time as their top-seed is none other than the rankings’ number one – Banija, the Worlds’ Champion after beating Nephara 3-2 in Newmanistan last time out and third in the 62nd AOCAF. No one really expects much other than their complete domination of the group and the team will probably fight for survival in the two matches, the home one being at the magnificent bowl of the Jamor. The Selecção somehow made it to Pot Two meaning their next highest opponent is in pot three – however, New Lusitania being the worst team in that pot, means it isn’t by much – enter Jeruselem, ever present, ever a threat and a team which has never been beaten by the Lusitanians in three matches, even though two were in a primordial phase of the Selecção’s World Cup history, meaning this heavily contested match at the city of Sevilha will be one to watch.
Further down the pecking order, there are some interesting names – Oberour Ar Moro, Saltstead, Vangaziland. Names which have caused plenty of trouble in the past – and still can, though the latter is lower than they used to be. The group is complete by the presence of other teams such as Stevedia, Belac, Melbergia and the first matchday opponent, Thibaea, at the Ilha Verde, São Miguel.
“I’m confident we can do a good World Cup qualifying road, good enough to be in contention for an eventual position in the finals, which is, of course, our objective, but we must pace ourselves and of course concentrate at the task at hand.” Said Francisco Grilo at the Pre-Qualifiers Interviews before flying over to the Green Island. Whether a group numbered thirteen will be lucky or not is yet to be seen.

New Lusitania 2-4 Thibaea
@Estádio Ilha Verde, São Miguel, Açores (Att: 27 502)

The first stop would be in the islands, as minnow Thibaea was met in São Miguel for the Qualifiers opener. Whether the tune from before remained was yet to be seen, but considering the team, most expected a clear-cut win at the venue. However, the Warlocks had other wishes. The standard Starting 11 kicked us off – Patríce, Vinagrete, Ferradura, Cancela, Palhagueira, Fernando, Horta, Gama, Jota and Silveira. In the end though, what to say in defence of what transpired?
For the most part, the Selecção were completely outplayed, particularly on the flanks from where the balls flew into the box regularly. The first goal was a real stunner in more ways the one, Babin receiving the ball from the wide extremities of the pitch in a curved lob that can only be considered a beauty - one the forward will be pleased with and will not be forgetting soon. “A lucky shot” some might say, but just before halftime he had returned to prove them all wrong. Another great cross provided the canvas for a great lob that defeated Patríce completely. In added time, Jota managed to find a way to pull one back as Fernando and Palhagueira began a great counter-attack that carried on with Veiga, Horta and Gama into the final third, the assist would be credited to Veiga however and the OF Académica forward would put it in stylishly with a shot into the top corner. As the teams left for the dressing rooms in what started to be a rainy São Miguel, the Selecção found themselves trailing by one.
As the teams returned for the second half, the side strangely stayed the same with no changes in either side at the mid-way point. As New Lusitania was raring to go and Palhagueira hit the post in the opening minutes, the Warlocks have to retribute. Delafosse had been very near several times already but in the 62nd the goal finally arrived as she put slightly under the crossbar by the smallest of margins – 3-1. Silveira managed to get New Lusitania back into the swing of things with a long sprint which gave Fernando an assist. The now-Sevilha FC player had a great run and manage to fool two of the adversary’s defenders in what was certainly the highlight of the evening for the home side. As the forwards attempted to salvage at least a draw from what had been one of the more mediocre showings in the team’s recent history, certainly in Grilo’s tenure, with Silveira getting two great shots and Gama a great cross in. The unthinkable happened though and on the 87th minute of play the fourth goal for the away side in what constituted a comedy of errors. A brace for Babin was the clean kill as the ball hit the lower side of Patríce’s body and went in, brushing past him and the line. Grilo, evidently furious with his team was seen storming off to the dressing rooms and was only seen returning in the dying minutes of the goal. During that time regardless, the team attempted to get something, at least another goal, but to no avail.
A calmer coach on the outside shook hands with the opposing team but was clearly still not pleased with the result at full time and was severely late to his post-match press meeting to the point where some were convinced he wasn’t going to show up. In the end, what journalists got was an apology to the nation: “In the name of the Selecção, I apologise not only to all Lusitanians and fans, this was a game like no other. We honestly have a lot of work to do until the next rounds in October because we can’t go on in this shape. Thibaea studied the team well and exploited a lot of weak spots, we made a lot of errors in the defensive-midfield and we have to review everything, learn from it and hopefully we’ll come back stronger”. The coach wasn’t looking for many follow-up questions and so it was a short meeting, but the tardiness still awarded the federation a fine for time compliances for interviews. In Group 13, everything went as planned in the remaining matches. Banija got a 1-4 win in Stevidia, Jeruselem got a hard-earned victory against Oberour Ar Moro, and Vangaziland made a 0-4 away statement in The Belacian States, as Saltstead also took their expected victory in Melbergia. The team better be ready for the decisive October matches with a travel to Jeruselem for the first match and then back home for the Oberour Ar Moro match in Porto. Courage Selecção, there’s still plenty to go.
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Postby Independent Athletes from Quebec » Wed Jan 13, 2021 5:57 pm

I Run To You

PART 2.1 (42.1) - Beans and Lean

The next thing Asher remembered was….saliva. He knew it wasn’t water because of how slimy it was, and he also knew it wasn’t energy drink by the smell of it. It felt like, well, saliva. Asher was getting licked at by a gigantic creature that he could not identify while his eyes were closed. That alone it was evident enough to our poor protagonist anyway. Asher wasn’t sure how to react, as he decided to lie low, pretend to be dead, and hope that this thing would get away from it. He just hoped that the bear would go away.

The next thing he remembered, however, would have him realise that something’s wrong, and it’s not just the presence of this mysterious bear.

“You there, who are you?” Sebastien Petit asked in his highly accented English, as he noticed the bear licking his colleague. Standing beside him was Amadou Secka, who took over for the celebrations while Marco Hertel was busy into his labour of babymaking with the young Twicetagrien. Secka noticed who that stranger was, but didn’t say anything, for he was too busy noticing Asher in his drunken form and was wondering what to do with the young’un wet with bear saliva.

“Um….is this l’Alliance nightclub right? With Marco Hertel as the Man of the Night?” The stranger asked, the vagueness of his words adding further confusion to the partiers.

“Yes, but you aren’t one of the guests I believe not...” Ryan Keating responded, the (in-)famous Delaclav footballer unable to comprehend how in the world the security at this nightclub got breached so easily. A longtime guest to nightclubs, he knew very much about the importance of the club. “But you will be the one on top aren’t running away.”

“No, no, no. Not yet.” responded Gregory Reynolds-Walusimbi, the Grim Reapers and Kingston Blue Jays’ starting shortstop, him winking at Ryan twice with particular enthusiasm and heightened sense of readiness. “But I feel like we could beat a stranger up, and welcome! It’s time for us to fuck his bear!”

Sooner than later they seized the stranger by his arms, but he was so slippery from the days of exposure to his friend’s bear that anybody who tried to touch him was regretting the very next moment.

“No, that’s not how you do it,” said Asher, slowly lifting himself up as he caught some breath. Not surprised one bit at him becoming part of this situation, he decided may as well add some personal contribution, a first to the matter. “We are gonna do experiments with that bear! SPYRO WILL FUCK THAT BEAR and we’ll laugh our way into the night! You heard me?”
“Alright, I guess,” said Ryan. “Let’s go boys! Achtung!”
And then the boys caught the bear, tranquilised the QFL kicker, lifted the bear and then brought it to the purple, brooding dragon on the other side of their executive chamber.

Ten minutes later…

“Alright, so what exactly brought you here?” Asher paused, still drying his hair with towel after coming out of shower booth. “I mean I know who you are, because you are Rodrigue Yao-Shcherbatsky, the famous Argos kicker! I see that you weren’t added to the WhatsUp app and I doubt Marco invited you to the party how did you find your ways into the nightclub….not that they let the guests in with their animals.” Asher raised his eyebrows, while trying his best to connect the dots, and hoped that his crew did not make a critical mistake by beating up the professional gridiron placekicker.

Since the arrival of the placekicker, the pace and the mood of the orgy had turned entirely different from what the partygoers had originally imagined. After beating Rodrigue up like a merciless brute’s bullying of the neighbourhood kids in the old schoolyard, they had decided to take all forms of pleasures with the grizzly bear. Long influenced by their drunken stupor and excessive enthusiasm in bodies touching, their desire to recreate an unit from secondary school biology class outweighed the basic moral decency expected of a human being.

Of course, some of them knew of what kind of legal troubles this would cause, while others also knew professional repercussions this would cause. There had been several words going around the RQFA circles, for example, about their disappointments with Marco Hertel’s incessant behaviour both on- and off-turf. Of course, not much is expected to be done with it until after the end of the World Cup in Drawkland and Newmanistan, given Marco’s importance to the Grim Reapers. Still, it is just as silly to prolong the inevitable just because you wanted to recreate your boyhood fantasies, and that was the risk they were running under.

“So, I know everybody else is busy with a bear and a dragon mating on the corner, but I came to warn you guys.” Rodrigue said in utter calmness, peeking twice as he heard moans on one ear and the growls on the other ear. It was clear from the sounds of mating calls by the deprived creatures of the night that the world of us, however prosperous and peaceful, stood bits of its soul shattered and broken off. Rodrigue noticed that, and so did Asher.

In curiosity, Asher asked the very reason behind such a word. “What would be such a warning?” The possible warning may have come at the best time possible since he had arrived here. Of course, this did not absolve Asher of sin nor guilt, and he knew that too well. Still, Asher decided that the timing could not have been perfect if he wanted to get out before it’s too late, and Eileen would start asking questions.

“So, we need to get out before the police, and all I’m saying is that six-nine dead.” Rodrigue said, emphasising pronunciation in the dead part of the last three words.

“Soixante-neuf died? How? That rapper rarely frequents Quebec City unless really necessary, and he shouldn’t be travelling anyway, especially if he doesn’t want the Huayramarcan-, oh.” Then Asher, having realised what may have happened, dropped his jaw. He could imply what may have happened, especially after the release of 6oixan9euf’s latest EP that had songs advocating for mass violence against 400-thousand something Huayramarcans living in Quebec. Of course, something had to happen elsewhere in the city and we better run now. Asher thought to himself.

“Yes, and the police will soon be coming to all the nearby nightclubs to look for possible eyewitnesses, suspects, et cetera, now that the body’s turned into charcoals and Marijuana squirrel also severely hospitalised.” Rodrigue solemnly nodded. Asher and Rodrigue knew that they had to evacuate the crew before it’s too late, and they had to think quickly for possible evacuation options. Some would have to go to Amadou’s mansion in Jookrimpo, while others would have better luck Marco Hertel’s Playtoy Mansion.

It was then that Asher asked for specific details. "What exactly happened there though? Quite impressive of you to bring 6oixan9euf's live bear to here instead of calling ambulance." Asher asked.
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Postby Squornshelous » Wed Jan 13, 2021 6:03 pm

Central Department of Information Management
Vogsphere, Squornshelous

For Immediate Release:
Regarding the Public Disturbance taking place earlier today in Vogsphere

It is the deep regret of the office of Information Management to officially announce that earlier today, a group of anti-government actors assembled unlawfully in the streets of Vogsphere near the Ministry of Security. This group was of significant size; estimates range from the high hundreds to low thousands, and was apparently organized by the terrorist organization, NewCon. Among those arrested at the scene are several known NewCon associates and sympathizers. The Department of Information Management is seeking any who have further details about the participants of the act of terror. It is the patriotic duty of all citizens to report anything they know to the Department of Information Management as soon as possible.

The Department, in the name of the Emperor and on behalf of the Imperium as a whole, would like to thank our valiant and faithful law enforcement officers for their service in quelling this riot. Further, it would like to reassure all Squornshelans, and foreign visitors, in the strongest possible terms, that this event shall not affect the World Cup Qualifying match tomorrow between Squornshelous and the United Australasian Commonwealth. All necessary security measures have and will be taken, and matchgoers should have no concern but enjoying themselves to the fullest.
The Imperium of Squornshelous
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WC87Q - MD1 v Tequilo (1-1)

Postby Vilita » Wed Jan 13, 2021 6:05 pm



Jungle Cats Fall Back to Opening Matchday Blues under Tequilo Sunset

Arenamoto; Tirinto, Maranco, Tequilo :: "At least we didn't lose, thats a pretty good start" said one supporter of the Vilita National Team, following the Jungle Cats 1-1 draw on the opening match day of World Cup 87 Qualifying in Tequilo.

"No Giant Birds, No Crazy Nacho men. Just a good old fashioned footy match" was another comment, praising the patience of the opposition who were technically under matched by 47 places in the World Cup Committee Rankings.

Of course, on the opening matchday of World Cup Qualifying, the odds of the Vilita National Team securing three points are unnaturally low.

Of course the most famous such occurance came during the qualifications for World Cup 60. Vilita were fresh off hosting World Cup 59 and were back in the Qualifications for the first time since World Cup 58. Perhaps there was a little bit of rust to be expected from the Jungle Cats having skipped the World Cup 59 Qualification grind, but certainly no one was expecting what happened on that day.

That was the day that the Vilita Jungle Cats showed up along with a referee from Ipeland to an empty stadium in an unknown nation. When the opponents failed to arrive, the Jungle Cats expected to be awarded a walkover by the Ipelandish referee. However, with the world of footsport opening up to be accepting of all participants, the Ipeland official blew to start the match. With no roster provided it was possible that the home side were an invisible species that communicated in a frequency inaudible to both the referee and the Vilitan players. He decided, with little information to build on, that it would be best to proceed with the match as if the other team were on the pitch.

Of course, they weren't. However, shortly after the kick off a Giant Bird did arrive and proved a menace for the Vilitan players. When the giant beast of an aviary specimen flapped onto the pitch it propelled the ball over 50 yards into the Vilitan goal. It was at that moment that Lokri Pederson became one of the most infamous referees in Vilitan history. Pederson awarded a goal to the home side, Lymantatia, and ruled that the giant bird, as a native of Lymantatia, was the rightful representative of the host nation and due to its size, could alone represent the entire Lymantatia National Team on the pitch.

Of course, not a single Vilitan National Team player was willing to go anywhere near the bird fearing for their lives. They stayed mostly clear and uncertain what to do, the Giant Bird would force them out. 90 minute later, Pederson blew the final whistle right on the mark and ruled the home side victorious. The incredulous Vilitan players pleaded their case and appealed to the governing body that a 3-0 Walkover result was the only fair outcome, but it was to no effect. The governing body accepted the referee's official report of the match and recognized the victory for Lymantatia.

Of course, while this is perhaps the single most famous example of the Vilitan National Teams woes to start a World Cup Qualifying Campaign - it didn't actually happen on matchday 1. It was actually Matchday 2 of World Cup 60 Qualifying where the Vilitans were usurped by the Giant Bird of Lymantatia. On the opening matchday the Jungle Cats actually didn't lose but drew 0-0 with the Kytler Peninsulae. While the narrative surrounding the Vilita National Team always tends to surround their dramatic opening matchday defeats, the most common result for the Jungle Cats on the opening matchday of World Cup Qualifying is actually a draw. Like the 0-0 draw to The Kytler Peninsulae in World Cup 60 Qualifying, the 1-1 Draw with Nethertopia or the 2-2 draw with the Ferret Civilization. Dropping points on the opening matchday of World Cup Qualifying had become a rite of passage for the Vilitan National Team. None more famous, however, than the 1-1 draw with Bonny to kick off World Cup 67. H.J. Fulmer is credited with the goal for the Bonny Bonnies just 38 seconds into the match. While Sirkii Molioudo would save a point for Vilita, there wasn't much to be proud of for the Jungle Cats dropping two points to a nation over 300 spots behind them in the World Cup Committee Rankings. Bonny are perhaps the lowest ranked team that the Jungle Cats have ever dropped points to and naturally, it could only happen on Matchday 1.

As time went on, however, the Jungle Cats seemed to shed themselves of their opening matchday fears. After dropping points on average of 50% of opening matchdays during the 60's and 70's, the Jungle Cats triumph in World Cup 77 seemed to not only usher in a new era of Vilitan success - it also seemed to sweep away the opening matchday blues. From World Cup 77 Qualifying through World Cup 86 Qualifying, Vilita had won every single one of their opening matchday fixtures. The streak of 10 consecutive World Cup Qualifying opening matchday victories became the longest in the Nations history. Amidst the run, the reigning World Champion and #1 in the multiverse ranked Jungle Cats absolutely destroyed a littled known nation called Bysantia in an 8-1 rout to kick off the World Cup 82 campaign that would ultimately result in the Jungle Cats second consecutive World Cup title.

But just as things had changed in their favor, the tides would sway away once again. The birds were already chirping ahead of the Jungle Cats World Cup 87 Qualifying opener against Tequilo. A blossoming nation with a lot of potential, the 54th ranked nation in the World Cup Committee Rankings was out-wagered nearly 10 to 1 over the favored Jungle Cats in opening matchday betting. While the result ended up being a push, the 1-1 draw marked a return to starting qualifying behind the 8 ball for the Jungle Cats at a time, with their grasp to the top of the World Rankings and a spot in Pot 1 of the World Cup Finals slipping away, they could afford it the least. While the Jungle Cats got an important goal from Jyuola Mtalata just past the hour mark, all it did was cancel out the earlier goal from Vilca Hualla that had lifted the 77,200 crowd at Arenamoto to their feet. They could sense that the World Cup Finals were more than just a dream. If they could take points from Vilita, they could take points from anyone. They knew it. Now the Jungle Cats knew it too.

Vilita [1] - [1] Tequilo

GOALS: Vilita :: 61' Jyuola Mtalata Tequilo :: 52' Vilca Hualla
STATS: Vilita :: Possession: 65%:: Shots: 6:: Corners: 10 Tequilo :: Possession: 35%:: Shots: 4:: Corners: 5
Lineup: [GK] Mako Canopii, [D.] Jirak Trikala, [D.] Lohani Riiyaaw, [D.] Linkat Cjinder, [ML] Lentali Purama, [MC] Limu Katarakhna, [MC] Kudii Davasarii, [MC] Jyuola Mtalata, [MR] Trezisi Rokopolis, [FC] Nii'arala Milaaso, [FC] Tenziki Kulakao
Bench: [FC] Sipke Tarala, [FC] Enzoril Alabonni, [M] Cywrenta Vlintejni, [M] Jurzen Devmiko, [U ] Intikko Kuhilana, [D] Rojara Tiones, [GK] Striitca Virahat

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Postby Rangers FC » Wed Jan 13, 2021 6:21 pm


Hello there, and welcome to episode two of Life Advice with Broxi the Bear, Glaskopolis’ second favourite advice column (second only to those pricks at ‘Cats of Glaskopolis’)! Last time around, we received letters from such kind fellows as J. C. H. Maboab, Johnny, and Declan. This time around, we’ve received some new letters - and some of them even have foreign looking stamps on them! This could be exciting! Anyways, onto the first letter.

Dear Broxi,

A friend of mine claimed that bears are supposedly not the coolest animal. What do I have to do to punish him?

S. Atterdénite

You know, despite being a bear, I’m not quite fond of bears myself. But this person is asking for advice on punishment - and I have just the idea!

Dear Mr. Atterdénite,

You’ve come to the right place, my friend. Punishment is one of my favourite topics. After all, we learned all about it as kids when our parents would give us a fuckton of discipline for doing even the slightest thing wrong. That’s why I suggest that you replace all the sugar in his house with salt, pour treacle all over his sofa, change the language on his TV to Yiddish, and cover his floor in grease. That ought to teach him.

If none of this seems to change his opinion, then murder may be your only option. ;)


Well, that’s one letter over and done with. Onto the next one, which has a stamp from... Squornshelous.

Dear Broxi,

Your boys got roughed up a bit in their own backyard. What's your preferred coping mechanism?

Huh, odd. They haven’t even bothered to add their name onto the end of this letter. I must respond appropriately.

Dear Unnamed Fella from Squornshelous,

Oh, lah-de-dah, look at you with your talk about “coping mechanisms” and being “roughed up”. If you want to know about being roughed up, come to Stadio Ibrosikis and we’ll have a scrap! Oh wait, you didn’t include a name, did you? I wonder why that was, eh? Too scared that me and my big paws will come and beat your arse to a pulp, is that it? You’re a coward, and not even a good one at that. Sign your name next time and we can maybe “have a wee chat”.

Chat shit, get banged,

Another kind person’s letter dealt with! Those people from other countries are so hospitable at times, I love them to bits! Oooh, this letter looks cool, I wonder what’s inside!

Dear Broxi,

Are you interested in selling your home? We are a young couple looking to buy property in this area and would be interested in hearing from you...

No name on this one either! Huh, odd. They do sound like lovely people, though!

Dear Young Couple,

Is this supposed to be advertising of some sort? I don’t see a business name on your letter, so I suppose not. Anyhow, if you really want to buy my home, you’d have to contact my landlord, and since I’m currently residing in the basement of Stadio Ibrosikis, I’ll have to pass your request onto the club themselves, and they can help you try and find your forever home - whether that’s within the stadium or within the city of Glaskopolis itself. I don’t recommend living in a basement, though - it’s cold, it’s damp, and there’s only one lamp that works consistently. The rest of my lamps turn on at random times, so I can never catch a wink of sleep. Whenever I can’t sleep, I can only suffer. This is when the demons choose to speak to me. The demons of this stadium’s past. They always haunt me, and I hate it.

Moral of the Story: don’t buy haunted stadium basements, find yourself a better home elsewhere.


I’m sure that couple will find their perfect home in due time, and hopefully with less demons! Next letter!

Dear Broxi,

It me again, hello! Ever since your advice, I have training my writing and reading skills. According to teacher, I have since improving my English language knowledge, and I hope you can see my improving. Anyways, how are you? Is life good? Do you want see my drawing? I have another drawing. This time it be Coris Arfieldizkis doing salute, instead of Morelikikis. Enjoy!


Age 5.1

Ah, yes, Johnny! I do remember him, that’s why this letter seemed familiar! His spelling and grammar has definitely improved - good for him!

Dear Johnny,

You’re still shite at drawing and your grammar is still wrong in places. Get good.


Well, that’s another day of letters opened. I really do enjoy these - it helps me to escape from the demons that trapped me in THIS FUCKING SUIT-
Anyways, do remember to send your own questions to 1872 Staunch Avenue, Glaskopolis, R4N6 3R5 (or telegram Rangers FC), and remember to stay staunch, my fellow Gers! Thanks for reading another edition of...

Life Advice with Broxi the Bear!
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Postby Huayramarca » Wed Jan 13, 2021 6:22 pm

Round one, solved.

Written by: Mariana Abanto.
11/02/1982 - 7:38 P.M.

Huayramarca debuted for the World Cup Qualifiers at their home, in Guayaquil, against a Azalean (Cirrus Azale) team that posed a threat during the first half and some glimpses during the second half, but weren't those enough against a series of strikes made by the Condors during the early 60's to solve the match and settle a good start for the Huayramarcan side, a solid one but not enough yet.

Omar Caicedo’s pupils lined as usual, in a 4-2-3-1, with offensive intentions, it didn’t seem as a revolution inside of it as some people were pointing out during the previous days, but, guiding only by the sake of seeing the line-up was something risky. People was eager to see if the team would show something different during the match, something that happened, since the Condors were confident through the match, there wasn’t much signs of the shy team that we knew about the National Team during the last two World Cup Qualifiers, this time, they were eager to seek for a goal as soon as possible and make the people feel satisfied about the performance of the team.

Huayramarca was seeking for dynamic pressure, Cirrus Azale wasn’t able to get out of their half, the Condors were taking advantage of their mistakes due to the nerves of such pressure. Ian Mamani recovered a ball and gave a large cross to Bryan Tello at the 20th minute, Tello wasn’t able to accommodate himself to shoot, instead, he gave a pass to Abraham Mendoza who was roaming alone in the middle of the box, Mendoza shoot but the goalkeeper deflected the ball with a risky diving near the left post. Huayramarca was having control of possession, a hefty 65% of it for them and two shots on target was what they were having at that moment, meanwhile, the Azaleans hadn’t had a chance to approach to the Huayramarcan area.

People was watching how the team was playing a bit more offensively than the last matches, but the last touch was failing on the connections made by Ian Mamani with Gabriel Sayritupac and Abraham Mendoza, the wingers were running smoothly but unable to serve crossings to feed Bryan Tello. The Azaleans took advantage of a mistake caused by a wrong ball delivery attempt from Orlando Mina to Felipe Fernández, a random player from them ran with ease through the midfield and took confidence from within to shoot from 25 meters away from Juan Mamani’s goal, but Santiago Chumacero ran for the ball and swept nicely to take the ball and serve it to Kevin Quispe in order to take danger away from Huayramarcan goal.

Huayramarca kept arriving until the 37th minute, where Mendoza smashed the ball into a defender to gain a corner kick, he took the ball fast and served a cross right into Fernández’s head, who nodded it and sent it into the goal for Huayramarcan pleasure, Guayaquil burst in joy for the first goal. Only 187 seconds later, Gabriel Sayritupac was provided with a ball from Santiago Chumacero, Sayritupac was able to run and dribble past two Azalean defenders, then shot to the left post of their goalkeeper, beating him to settle the two-nil at the Metropolitano.

The Azaleans weren’t badly affected by the couple of goals that Huayramarca put past their goal, instead, they managed to react with a couple of fouls and slow advancing through the rival area, Huayramarca suffered, as always, from aerial game, some random player nodded the ball alone and beat Juan Mamani to get rid of the nil. There was a lot of action during the last ten minutes of the first half, three goals and Azale getting something that might benefit them a lot, since they managed to score before the end of the first half, something that could bring them confidence.

While the first half ended, it was noticeable that the Azaleans decided not to enter to the changing room they were provided by the Huayramarcan Football Federation, they decided to stay on the pitch for unknown reasons, later then, it was notified that a snake was thrown into their room by a fan, something that made them evacuate the room ASAP. Huayramarca didn’t made a substitution, as for now, since Caicedo didn’t deemed necessary to make the substitution.

The second half started with an unexpected equalizer from the Azaleans, a smartly taken throw-in left unmarked their forward, he was able to shoot with ease and beat Juan Mamani, silence was the king at Guayaquil at that moment, it seemed to be like a cold-water bucket dropped on the fans. Caicedo decided to make a substitution, Orlando Mina left the pitch and Jonathan Espinoza entered in order to provide more offensiveness to the Condor side.

An unexpected flurry of goals came from Huayramarca, Sayritupac received a ball from Ian Mamani, Sayritupac ran through the wing without mark, able to get into the box and dribble one defender, then prepared to shoot and sent the ball to the far-left post of the goal, it broke the equalizer. Only some seconds later, Jonathan Espinoza swept and gave the ball to Mendoza, he decided to ran near the box and left the ball to Ian Mamani, he was able to shoot and beat the goalkeeper to set the 4-2 into the scoreboard. The Azaleans put the ball into the mid, played the ball and a missed pass happened, Jonathan Espinoza was able to run through the rival zone, gave some passes in quick succession to Ian Mamani, the latter gave the ball back to Espinoza, who found an empty space to shoot and score the fifth goal for Huayramarca, Guayaquil bursting in happiness.

Huayramarca later scored a goal through Saul Castillo, who entered in a double substitution at the 70th minute, Castillo was given a backwards pass from Mendoza and scored past their goalkeeper, setting a solid 6-2 score that provided the Huayramarcan side the best score they have gotten ever. Definitely, a match that may stay into Huayramarcan conscience for a bit, if there’s not a better score soon.

Omar Caicedo was satisfied at the performance of his pupils, he recognized that “There’s nothing written yet, despite having shown a decent performance in this match”. As he said, it is only round one of eighteen, there’s a lot of room for improvement for the Huayramarcan squad, fixing some mistakes as the goals they got by leaving room for a wisely done throw-in and focusing even more, in order to solve the matches as soon as possible.

Huayramarca 6-2 Cirrus Azale

1-0 - 37' - Felipe Fernández
2-0 - 40' - Gabriel Sayritupac
2-1 - 42' - Randy Domizzi
2-2 - 48' - Some Body
3-2 - 63' - Gabriel Sayritupac
4-2 - 64' - Ian Mamani
5-2 - 65' - Jonathan Espinoza
6-2 - 91' - Saul Castillo

Substitutions: 55' - Orlando Mina out, Jonathan Espinoza in.
70' - Ian Mamani out, Jonathan Espinoza in.
70' - Bryan Tello out, Saul Castillo in.

Yellow Cards: Not shown.
Red Cards: Not shown.

Estadio Metropolitano del Guayas, Guayaquil - 20:30 - Attendance: 60,015.

Population: 36 million, demonym: Huayramarcan, capital city: Huayramarca D.M. Languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara.

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Postby Eura » Wed Jan 13, 2021 6:23 pm

OOC: This is the final entry of my election storyline RPed during the Copa Rushmori, set during the summer of end of Euraleague S45/WC86.

- Liberals breathe sigh of relief after campaign struggles
- Sameba votes for first time but records dismal turnout
- Social make substantial gains as analysis shows close to “tipping point” for victory
- Capital stagnate again; leader Paldrey under pressure to resign
- Social leader Barnham says government “fundamentally weakened” despite result

A late swing to the Liberal Party has won them the Euran general election, meaning that Prime Minister Amy Yarley has won a third consecutive term in office, and her party its fifth.

Yarley, 59, said in her victory speech that she was “delighted to be trusted to lead once more” as the Liberal’s victory was confirmed this morning. The government had been facing the end of its two decade strangehold on power until the final week of the campaign, when a strong final television debate from the PM and late movement in her party’s favour turned the tide. Minister for Foreign Affairs Ian Smith called the result a “vindication” of their record in government, although senior government sources suggest the party is mainly relieved to have saved its majority after losing 323 seats and losing 4.5% of its vote share.

The Liberal’s hit and miss campaign also benefitted from the removal of 250 seats from within the previous borders of Eura, a set of boundary changes that mainly hurt the Capital and Social parties. Instead 250 MP’s were elected in Sameba, with the Liberals sweeping the more Euran-sympathetic south, while the Social Party gained some seats in Sameban cities on an agenda of progressive economic measures to alleviate the region’s massive poverty and fund reconstruction efforts. However, in an election where several attempts at Sameban-centric parties were met with proscription by the Provisional Administration over security concerns, turnout was very low compared to the rest of Eura – just 47.4% on average. This played a significant role in decreasing national turnout from 76% at the last election to less than 70% at this one.

The Social Party remain the official opposition after finishing second by some distance, but have put themselves in their strongest position since the Liberals were last reduced to a minority government three elections ago, increasing their representation in parliament to just short of a thousand seats, seven hundred short of the government – while narrowing the popular vote gap to just four percent. Eura’s most treasured pollster, EurGov, published an exit poll calling the result within the margin of error. Their lead analyst Brian Pride suggested that while the Euran electoral system had delivered a victory for the Liberals, the Social Party would only need a swing of five or six points to trigger an avalanche of gains in cities that would put them in power.

Aside from the battle between the two heavyweights, the Capital Party faces a renewed crisis as it once again won less than 20% of the vote. They have now failed to break that barrier in three consecutive elections, having gone through half a dozen leaders. It has now been over two decades since they were the majority partner in government with the Liberals, until the Askoy Crisis forced the resignation of Prime Minister Crow and eventually an election that would see them devastated by the Liberals – and unlike the Socials, the Capitals have been unable to resolve the inner tensions on the Common Rushmori Community. Applying pressure to it (and increasingly the Social Party in some areas) is the populist Unionist Party, who are now the fourth largest party after winning thirty seats, while the more radical left-wing Civil Federalist Party found itself limited to just a few gains by the recovery of the Socials. Their gains, and the few Capital gains, largely came from crowding out the struggling Euran National Party and Euran Independence Party.

Party – seats (vote share) / Change in seats since last election (change in vote share)

Turnout - 69.59% (down from 76.34%)
LIB – 1608 (37.1%) / -323 (-4.5%)
SCL – 943 (32.1%) / +372 (+9.7%)
CAP – 362 (16.7%) / -28 (-0.6%)
CIF – 41 (4.5%) / +4 (-0.3%)
UNI – 30 (3.8%) / +14 (+1.2%)
ENP - 5 (1.5%) / -20 (-1.6%)
EIP - 3 (1.4%) / -17 (-0.9%)
COM - 2 (0.6%) / +1 (-0.3%)

Independent candidates - 6 (0.8%) / -3 (-0.7%)
Best polling party to win no seats: MIP - 0 (0.4%) / No change (-0.1%)
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Runner up: WC60, WC72, WC78, CR16, CR20, CR32, CoH51, COH79
Host: CR24, CR37, BoF60, CR Under 21's and Under 17's

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Postby Maccian » Wed Jan 13, 2021 6:24 pm

Chapter 1: The Formation

"Respectfully, Your Majesty, your plan is insane. It's bad enough that you're enacting conscription in a peaceful time which will surely not bode well with your subjects, but do you honestly believe I'm training 12-year-olds for your proposed idea?" questioned General Erwin Smith. He glanced over at Ruitawa with his eyes almost pleading him to change King Timofeé's mind. For a moment, King Timofeé pondered General Smith disapproval, before shaking his head.

"No, we're clearly aren't in a peaceful time. Varaka and Khalifa have been stirring up trouble across Maccian. I can already hear my own subjects plotting against me and you expect me to sit idly by whilst they mass up enough people to launch another revolution? Trust me, through doing this I can ensure that Maccian is safe from rebellion whilst also pleasing the citizens. Win-win in my book," replied King Timofeé.

"Your Majesty, I have no qualms about enacting conscription. It will make the next generation strong and healthy to further our kingdom's progress whilst also allowing us to revolutionise the sad state our armed forces are in. Additionally, we would alter the educational system to make skills learnt at school to be transferred to the workplace. This would allow us to designate who goes where depending on a multitude of different factors, so not every conscript will necessarily even be in the armed forces. However, I do have issues with specifically grooming mere children for this new regiment but the decision is all up to you".

"You guys weren't listening to me, were you? I guess I'll have to go over it again. We as a nation are in a very precarious position with Varaka and Khalifa moving across the North and swaying my subjects against me. Those who are impoverished or vengeful of the monarchy will begin to join the Red Cloaks en-masse. Our armed forces are tiny compared to our population, the entire North could lead a coup against us," explained King Timofeé.

"We would not be in this predicament in the first place if you had just listened to the generals instead of your fanatic advisors. Your cabinet fooled you into slaughtering your own citizens and yet now you wonder why some may take up arms against you? I warned you of the implications this 'crusade' against those you consider subhuman, which are again our fellow countrymen. And to top it all off, you want to conscript and indoctrinate children into the armed forces and other forms of national service under the guise of 'toughening' them up. I must say, Your Majesty, doing this would certainly lead to your and Raven's dead bodies being paraded throughout Maccian," ranted General Smith, as he slammed his fist on the table. Ruitawa's eyebrows shot up whilst his mouth lay agape as he slowly turned to King Timofeé. For a moment, he was a statue, not even blinking. King Timofeé stood up and cleared his throat.

"Alrighty, I will tell you all the changes that need to take place. First of all, we are increasing the number of provinces so each province's needs are adequately matched. Secondly, the conscription is still going ahead but some reshuffling of the education system will have to take place. After 4 years of cadet training, graduates will be designated a job in either the military, police, the Medical Corps, the Science Corps or straight onto university based on a number of different factors and assessments they will undertake. It is important that they continue building upon their core skills such as Maths, Science, History, IT throughout the 4 years of cadet training. However, all of these skills should be embedded in preparing for their next step."

"So what exactly would be different in this cadet training of yours? Seems like you just want more propaganda with kids getting the occasional chance to shoot rifles," remarked General Erwin Smith.

"Watch your attitude when addressing His Majesty, no one is exempt from the law in our kingdom no matter how powerful," angrily reprimanded Ruitawa as he glared at General Smith. "We will still go ahead with formal academic examinations when cadets are 16, however, multiple skills will be incorporated such as fitness, marksmanship, first aid, medical and many more. Cadets will be graded on every area and will have their final grade based off of it. Then, they will receive their final grades at the end of their training and will be given options to choose from depending on their overall grade and their strong points and weaknesses are taken into consideration. Only the academically gifted will be allowed into university but those who are incredibly physically fit will have a chance to pursue a career in sports. All of this counts as conscription, so as you can see our plan is not as nefarious as you make it out to be."

"Will there be exceptions? Let's say it's a disabled person, what then?" asked General Smith.

"As I just said, all strengths and weaknesses will be taken into consideration."

"So why am I here?"

King Timofeé chuckled before he beckoned General Smith to come closer. Slowly, he pulled out a file labelled 'TOP SECRET' in a garish crimson and handed it to General Smith. He began to read the contents of the file and gradually his face scrunched up.

"So, Your Majesty. You want me to be in charge of what, your own little spy force or something?"

"I guess you could say that. I'd say it is an elite regiment that is dedicated to combatting traitors, terrorists and all threats both foreign and domestic by using the intel it gathers."

"And it says here that all special forces are transferring to this new regiment along with some forces from the Science Corps. The Science Corps' leader, Hanjie Zoerst would be under my command?"

"Correct, I threw her in there as well because believe me, I've heard of the things you two were capable of. Quite frankly, with her on board, we'll sweep up these insurrectionists in no time whilst also getting to try out new technology"

"I see. Well, it says here that you specifically want 'troubled children'. Is there a particular reason why?"

"You mean murderers right? I'd rather them killing honourably and defending the honour of our great nation then rotting away in a prison cell. I mean, we sent a bunch of 16-year-old criminals to the Baptism of Fire and look at us now, having many of those same people lighting it up on the international scene. Now, I want to sweeten this offer even more for you. Look at the salary section, I think that will be more than enough to provide for your family, right?"

"I must say this is quite a substantial pay increase," remarked General Erwin Smith, astonished. He then regained his stern face and coldly reminded King Timofeé of his views. "You don't endorse families like mine, remember? Before I even consider signing this, [lease tell me why you are concerned with what goes on between two consenting adults?"

"Fine, I can do a policy reversal if you sign on the dotted line," replied King Timofeé, visibly frustrated as he handed General Smith a pen. He took the pen and paused for a moment before he signed it.

"Erwin Smith, I appoint you as the 1st Commander of the Ranger Corps. Any decisions you make regarding this regiment is solely yours to make. Your first mission is to find new recruits. How you will do so, is up to you."
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Postby Taeshan » Wed Jan 13, 2021 6:41 pm

Alright the sun has set on your chances to rp for matchday 2, and with this I am providing yourmatchday 2 and 3 cutoff.
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Postby Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom » Wed Jan 13, 2021 7:12 pm

The evening was tranquil, minus the wind knocking a tree into the apartment flat. Maria looked out her window, which was elevated slightly. Looking up at the moon was a nightly ritual for people like Maria. She saw a place that was different than dreary old Platinastigrade. After some time, the moon was covered by a long chain of clouds. The young lady shrugged her shoulders, looking over to a little trophy on her desk. On the stand stood a woman on one foot, a football tapping her airborne toes. All the while Maria was on Fuwa, the messaging app from a far flung land. The size of scope of the world was massive, far larger than borders of that rusty old city. Of course, there was another world Maria could sink her teeth into. Tonight Janija, or Carlos, was going to post the draws for the Football Championships. Having some spare time, Maria diligently looked over peoples rosters.

The number of rosters was low, so Janija offered to judge each roster, and apply bonus points. The pair were a bit late to start the tournament, perhaps other people had lost track of the time as well. A tradition existed in the community. The first person to upload a roster was, “the green pig,” in dedication to the first ever roster posted. Who were the green pigs this time? Former winners, “The Secret,” took the prize, with their usual roster format. The Secret loved to have scant details players, only giving just enough info to make out their forms. The goalie is usually a robot, and there’s all sorts of misinformation here. What was new?
The Secret
Y.N.W. Soceer Squadron

National Facts
Region: Salamantica Archipelago
Trigramme: SEC
Leader: The Leader
Currency: YourNewWorld Yuan
Capital City/Largest City: Hidden

Team Intel
Manager: Her
Formation: 1-2-2-2-2-2
Style Mod: +3.75

Starting Lineup
## Pos Name Age
01 GK Brick Wall Mk.4 0
02 LB Haborous Lawk Dwarf
03 RB Masked Twin #2 25
15 DM Scholar ???
06 LWB Striker of Ruddhon 26
01 RWB Itl Man of Mystery 30
11 AM Masked Twin #1 25
10 AM Evil Erick (c) 29
09 ST Agent 41 41?
19 ST The Sloth 8


Set peices
Fre Kicker: Striker of Ruddhon first, Brick Wall Last.
Penalty Order: Striker of Ruddhon first, Brick Wall Last.
Corners: Evil Erick first, The Sloth last
Team Updates

1. Brick Wall Mk.4 has been developed with a new hovering drivetrain. A vacuum will attempt to suck up balls, and redistribute them via a baseball pitch machine like system. Organizer approved the design after it was proven that the ball is not removed from Mk.4's possession in just under six seconds.

2. PLACEHOLDER is Xcited to debut for The Secret. He's been at a youth club in the Acadian Rass Realm, where he's picked up a cup championship.

3. Evil Erick replaces CODENAME:IceGirl as the team captain after IceGirl was dealt a career ending leg injury at the Arnaq Invitational.

4. Head Coach Her has her contract extended after the team bounced back from their poor qualifying campaign to finish third in the Arnaq Invitational for a second time.
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No
Card my Players: No
Godmod Other Events: Yes (DM me)

Well, the goalie is a hovercraft now. How suspicious. “Was that up to code,” Maria asked herself with a mumble. Oh well, it was an award well earned for Mister or Missus Secret. The formatting was off though. Maria would've said something, but The Secret never seem to chat with anyone, anything about them was a much of mystery as their work itself. The next nation on the list wasn’t obscure. Terra Salamantica was a three time champion, one of three in the game’s history. His abilities were considered good, but he had some moments of error. Overall the guy could write well enough to get a bonus. Better yet, his content wasn’t as dry as Maria’s, or so she thought.
YNW Football Championship 31 Preview

Roster and strategy


GK: Kap-Hwan van Nistelrooy - M - 37 - Cheongsaeg FC
GK: Adriaan Crusan - M - 19 - Aanvallers
GK: Janusina Bulle - F - 25 - Maynard-Straudum FC
LB: Eun-Jeong Mun - F - 26 - Flying Eagle Noodles FC
RB: Matthijs Jacobs - M - 29 - Starboard Sailors FC (Norris Grrove)
CB: Pil-Hwa Kim - F - M - 28 - Flying Eagle Noodles FC
CB: Bea-Dal van der Loo - M - 30 - AC Lutrinae (Fuoco Della Terra)

LB: Maya Kim - F - 23 - Aanvallers
RB: Suus Koole - F - 25 - Aanvallers
CB: Jeong-Ho Salamantica - M - 25 - First Club (Tear Islands)
CB: Hyun-Joo Choi - F - 23 - Flying Eagle Noodles FC
DM: IJsbrand Appeldoorn - M - 25 - Maynard-Straudum FC
DM: Stef Snijders - M - 30 - Industry City United (Norris Grrove)

DM: Julia Lindit - F - 26 - Maynard-Straudum FC
DM: Hye Han - M - 21 - Flying Eagle Noodles FC
LM: Jordaan Verboom - M - 28 - AC Risorgimento (Fuoco Della Terra)
CAM: Senna van Veen - F - 24 - AFC Bridgewater (Norris Grove)
RM: Yo-Jong Song - F - 27 - FC Shi-Woo

LM: Danny van Ankeren - 26 - FC Shi-Woo
CAM: Maria Addens - F - 29 - Maynard-Straudum FC
RM: Do-Yun Han - M - 23 - Flying Eagle Noodles FC
ST: Sung-Soo Albring - M - 28 - Starboard Sailors FC (Norris Grrove)
ST: Puck Michiels - M - 33 - Aanvallers

Manager: Rodney Corvistone - M - 46
Assistant: Bridget Moon - F - 39
Goalkeeping Coach: Jilius Hoffmann - M - 42
Head of Security: Su-Bin Yi - F - 28

There have been some large shifts since the last championship. Only title winner Kap-Hwan van Nistelrooy remains in the starting line up, the thirty seven year old keeper entering his final world championship cycle. Puck Michiels, who scored in the faithful group stage match against Norris Grrove, is on the bench. Sung-Soo Albring is at the height of his powers, winning the third ever International Club Challenge with Starboard Sailors FC. Albring’s team mate Matthijs Jacobs is also in the starting rotation. Albring and Jacobs stared the team’s playoff loss to Ezellmach in the 30th tournament. The team itself is somewhat changed from then due to a new formation (detailed under “Formation & Tactics”). Four players are out and four more are in the starting lineup, they are Eun-Jeong Mun, IJsbrand Appeldoorn, Stef Snijders, and Senna Van Veen. Appeldoorn was perhaps going to start anyhow, as would Mun and Van Veen. Stef Snijders however was mostly a rotational option, and used in some of these new fangled regional championships.

There’s a lot of hype around the raw but unproven Han brothers, Do-Yun and Hye. Hye is uncapped, while Do-Yun stated friendlies against minnows from Gleim Clana and North Newlandia. Senna van Veen was on fire in her friendlies, almost scoring a hat trick against Gleim Clana. The young van Veen has not played for a club in her homeland since she was seventeen. She’s the most expensive twenty four year old on record, signing for the reindeers. Another player who was at that match was Bea-Dal van der Loo, who’s looking to recover quickly from a bad leg injury that sidelined him during his time with new club Associazione Calcio Lutrinae. The youngest player on the squad is backup goalkeeper Adriaan Crusan at just nineteen.

Formation & Tactics



The great whites of Salamantica are lining up different than in their traditional 4-3-3 formation. New Manager Rodney Corvistone from the New Seraphim Republic is the first foreign manager for the team in over twenty years. With Corvistone comes the Seraphim’s 4-2-3-1. As stated before, some reorganization was in order for this formation to make sense. IJsbrand Appeldoorn and Stef Snijders acting as a double pivot with worlds of potential. Appeldoorn supporting the attack, with Snijders defending as he does for his club in Norris Grrove. In front of the duo is open space, usually filled by either Appeldoorn of Senna van Veen. Beyond them is the striker, who will generally be Sung-Soo Albring. With a lot of midfield skill, and good passing, the former champs aim to monopolize possession, and win solidly.

Across the edges of the pitch the side midfielders will be backed up by two fast fullbacks, who are not prolific attackers. Mun and van der Loo will nether the less play rough with any opposing players they meet. As they play up space will be filled by he trio of Jacobs, Snijders and Kim. Along the wings Verboom and Song will mostly support, though Verboom is a very skilled attacker at the club level. Song himself is also in the starting line up due to his elite corner taking abilities. The corner is a secret weapon for this team that isn’t a secret anymore after they won the last Salamantica Archipelago Championship after five corner related goals.






08/18 Stadium, the national stadium for forty five years.

With over 60,000 seats, the 08/18 Stadium, also known as the Stadium of Republican Restoration, is the largest stadium on the Salamantica Archipelago. The boys in blue and teal tend to play harder in this stadium than in other venues that have been used in the county. A proposal to renovate the stadium is set to be voted on by its owners, the national government.

Records and stats


World Football Championship Ranking: 3rd
Salamantica Archipelago Championships: 1st
World Football Championship Perfomances

Championships: 3 (20, 27, 28)
Runners Up: 3 (17, 18, 25)
Third Place: 1 (26)
Fourth Place: 2 (21, 30)
Second Group Stage/Quater Finals: 1 (19)
Top 12: 1 (22)
Group Stage: 3 (13, 15, 16, 24)
Failed to Qualify: 2 (10, 14)
No Entry: 3 (11, 12, 23, 29)
196 Chamionship matches in total

First Match

Terra Salamantica 0-1 Grovehemian Grove
Football Championships 10, Qualification Round 1, match 1

First Win

Terra Salamantica 2-1 Sullokos
Friendly (before Championship 13)

Largest Win

Terra Salamantica 7-0 Morgex
Football Championships 20, Qualifier, match 6

Largest Defeat

Terra Salamantica 1-5 Digital Apocalypse
Friendly (pre Championship 15)
Terra Salamantica 0-4 New Socialist Rejistania
Football Championship 15, Qualifier, match 2
New Seraphim Republic 4-0 Terra Salamantica
Football Championship 26, Second Group Stage, Match 1

Most Caps (in 239 tracked matches)

1. Jeong Kim (GK) (90)
2. Kap-Hwan van Nistelrooy (GK) (88)
3. Sang-Jae Moon (ST) (67)
4. Elze Tuin (DM/CB) (66)
5. Young-Pyo van Creveld (ST) (64)

Most Goals

1. Sang-Jae Moon (ST) (54)
2. Puck Michiels (ST) (47)
2. Lisa van der Veen (ST/CM) (47)
4. Geun-Hye Ha (AM) (45)
5. Young-Pyo van Creveld (ST) (39)

Most Clean Sheets

1. Kap-Hwan van Nistelrooy (37)
2. Jeong Kim (31)
3. Jilius Hoffmann (10)
Style: +2
Choose scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
Injure players/godmod injury events: Yes (I choose the scale of injury)
Card players: Yes (Max three of any type)
Godmod other events: Yes

“Those kits are the same from last time” Maria thought to herself, “I should make him another set.” Maria continued to look though the rosters, seeing much of the same info. Clubs, formations, stadiums, carpentry advice. After three pages, Maria came to one final poster, The Cheesy Union. The nation was a veteran player, who was given pot priority by signing up to two of the last three championships. They didn't RP at all though.
The Rodent Worker’s Cheesy Union
Official Football Championship Qualifying Roster
Num. Name                  Age    Apps.  G/A     CLUB
1 Squeakers 45 03 00+00 Curds United
2 Red Billy 54 02 00+00 Anti Gravity FC
3 Jazzhands McGee 67 01 00+00 Anti Gravity FC
4 The Mouse in 'da House 32 00 00+00 The Mouse House
5 Hideki 48 03 00+00 Curds United
6 Tobi 39 03 01+01 Gala FC (West Laguardia)
7 Andi 43 00 00+00 Curds United
8 Rodnei 36 01 00+00 Anti Gravity FC
9 Robert Joe 34 02 02+00 Anti Gravity FC
10 Hazel the Great 54 02 00+02 AFC Bridgewater (Norris Grove)
11 Mr. Bill 34 01 00+00 Anti Gravity FC

Line up (4-3-3 flat)
GK: Squeakers
DF: Jazzhands McGee, Hideki, The Mouse in 'da House, Red Billy
MF: Tobi, Andi, Rodnei
ST: Mr. Bill, Robert Joe, Hazel the Great

McGee & Billy are the wingbacks. Anti Gravity FC won the first ever Cheesy Championships without many players staffing the width department. Thus, these two are gonna be tough nuts, or cheeses, to crack. Down the middle, Andi will play a key role. She will need to play up and down the field, helping defend and attack. Tobi and Rodnei are mostly told to help build up plays on offense, and cover in some wide areas, but that's situational. Up front Robert Joe is in prime physical form, and he's gonna need to dig into the box. Hazel the Great is aging, but will be a goal scoring wizard. Jazzhands McGee is the oldest rodent player in history, and he’s looking to go out with a bang.

The far away rock of the Cheesy Union is known for its sporting activities. Baseball is most popular sport, with low G action leading to some crazy plays. Football has its role, sure, but it’s been a long time since the world saw The Cheesy Union kick the ball. The multicolored rodents are no strangers to the world and its people, known as “atmospheric beings.” This nation was in the 19th Football Championship, winning a single game again fellow debutants Ji Hao. The next two squads failed to qualify, and then the nation fell apart before the 22nd Championship’s qualifying phase.

You see, a long time ago, the Cheese Companies ruled the roost. The main purpose of the companies is the exports of cheese to their home worlds. The leaders of these corporations were bad men. The evildoers sought more power and money than they already had, and thus created the Cheesy Union. The first union was an independent trading federation, who fought their mother nations off. After winning the brutal pie based war, they again subjected the local multicolored rodent population, beings like me, but eventually we workers overcame the odds! In place of the old Cheesy Union stood a new, creamier, sharper, Rodent Worker’s Cheesy Union!

Rodents of the Cheesy Union are kind, to be sure. However, we are very loud and always super squeaky. We say, “Squeak! SQuangg! SQuOok! SQuangg! SQOoo!” before every game. That means, “Squeak! Have a good game! Have a good luck!” Language is another rabbit hole, or perhaps rodent hole, of the Cheesy Union. Rhyming schemes are the building blocks of the seven official rodent languages. For example, the dibble in, “Libbe dibble twœng!” and the darf in, “Fullœnit, darf larf, kO-rO!?” both refer to the evening. However the former is in future tense (”How contradictory!”), while the later is for the here and now. This language system is considered odd by many atmospheric beings. The common way to make conversation is with binary and prime number based communication systems on small watch sized computers. In addition, English and Latin are taught to aspiring athletes, leaders, and elephant tamers (What? We are mice, no?).
Style: +2.01
Choose my Scorers: Yeah!!!
Choose Scoring Events: Yeah!!!
Godmod Scoring Events: Yeah!!!
RP Injuries to my Players: No!!!
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No!!!
Card my Players: No!!!
Godmod Other Events: Yeah!!!

Those paragraphs sure were paragraphs, a few of them were copy/paste jobs too. Overall Maria couldn’t help but smile at how innocent the whole thing felt. Maria decided to make one last look see of her DMs, having a query for Carlos. Although there were a lot of things to ask that friendly guy.
Heartsinfire18 [Today/22:49:14]: Hey, Carlos. I was talking to Romanguan today, he had a comment about the format.
Heartsinfire18 [Today/22:49:46]: I think we forgot to say that there’s only 30 playoff teams, not 32. I’ll edit the OP.
Janijaisntonline [Today/23:18:22]: You mean 28?
Heartsinfire18 [Today/23:18:24]: Oh
Heartsinfire18 [Today/23:18:29]: I need sleep
Heartsinfire18 [Today/23:18:31]: Thanks
Heartsinfire18 [Today/23:18:57]: I better get to bed now Carlos
Janijaisntonline [Today/23:29:39]: See you later. I’m getting the groups up now, and fixing the OP.
Heartsinfire18 [Today/23:21:03]: Thanks for doing this work for me. You didn’t have to do it all by yourself.
Janijaisntonline [Today/23:21:12]: It’s fine
Janijaisntonline [Today/23:21:19]: Glad I could give you a break
Janijaisntonline [Today/23:21:21]: ;))

Maria leaned back in her chair, opting to stay up and see the draws. Someone had proposed a “live draw” in the Fuwa chat. However, that was only going to be done in the event proper. For now, the stage was about to be set for the largest part of the competition, qualifying. After a few refreshes of the page. All the while Maria had a warm feeling in herself from Carlos' kindness. Seeing the draw, the young lady got up from her chair, and passed out on her bed.
Group 1
Desert Rattlesnakes (8)
Battleship K22 (UR)
Cash and Gold (UR)
Mongeese (32)
Glie y Glil (UR)

Group 2
BattleDawtNet (UR)
Kozumistan (9)
Conservative Fantasyland (UR)
Yannick (UR)
Jrwarkburg (29)

Group 3
West Laguardia (40)
NwK 400 (UR)
Tear Islands (15)
Brightwitchstan (UR)
Cornerian Fleet (UR)

Group 4
Fuoco Della Terra (1)
Fourth Land of Air (UR)
Dikilti (UR)
Janijan Sportlich (UR)
PLDS Sun Colony (27)

Group 5
Morgex (16)
Oprana and Toypia (UR)
NattiQex (31)
Suprastania (UR)
Deeeeeeeew (UR)

Group 6
Acadian Rass Realm (23)
Superterranean Morgex (UR)
Digital Apocalypse (7)
Synthol Users (UR)
Northestania (UR)

Group 7
Shaunnesey (UR)
Isle Melphanion (14)
Troh Strijanoh (UR)
Old Vinh Quang (37)
Dasofylakas (UR)

Group 8
The Cheesy Union (UR)
Quizzinovac (21)
Veil of Kwazton (41)
Tapioca Springs (UR)
Basketballer Kings (41)

Group 9
Romanguan (11)
Le Chronic (UR)
Gulyaz (UR)
Imperium Terrafaux (32)
Los Quebecos (UR)

Group 10
Montagnard Pas (12)
North Newlandia (UR)
Sullokos (UR)
Arnaq Queendom (37)
Leanersfall (UR)

Group 11
Boogiestania (UR)
Veti (41)
Mutated Rushmore (41)
Loxotxquetox (18)
Dhink (UR)

Group 12
Ji Hao (5)
Burnhaven2 (23)
Bluinia (UR)
Gleim Clana (UR)
Wulvinnia (UR)

Group 13
Caravan of Joking Elves (UR)
Da Freaking Moon (UR)
Frosts of PIS (UR)
Bah-Shu-Bah (18)
6 Fed. Islands (32)

Group 14
Norris Grrove (2)
New Englesy (23)
Nomadic Pilots (41)
Kevinsworld (UR)
Abblehafardia (UR)

Group 15
New Seraphim Republic (10)
Senatai Squad Pi (23)
The Secret (UR)
Nowi-Grade (UR)
Crystal Mermaid Islands (UR)

Group 16
Reseracher Safe Haven (UR)
Mantis Shrimp-2 (28)
Terra Salamantica (3)
Knotsian (UR)
Iridium Kingdom (UR)
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MD2: Darkmania 3 - 3 Yuezhou
Lineup: Ruo; Kang (Yao 80'), Ren, Han, Zhu; Chen (Yang 73'), Guo; Liu, Wen, Gu (C) (Li J 61'); Huang
Goals: Han 11', Liu 59', Huang 74'
Through two matches, Yuezhou have conceded seven goals, a major area of concern for Yuan Zilai's defense. Formerly a strength of the side, the back four simply hasn't been getting the job done, and it showed as the Red Dragons thrice allowed equalizers to Darkmania, spoiling what would've been a very nice away victory. Another area of concern is what appears to be a decline in form for captain and key man Gu Zhalei. While Li Jing's introduction livened things back up, it's undeniable that the Steinaux starlet isn't the presser that Gu is, although he looks much more comfortable on the attacking end. One bright side has been the strength of the team's attack, and although Wen Xiaohui couldn't match her three goals of MD1, she could match her two assists, bringing the CASK Thorsborg midfielder to 3 and 4, respectively, these qualifiers.

MD3: Yuezhou 2 - 0 Mexi Catcha
Lineup: Ruo (C); Kang, Ren, Han, Reeve (Zhu 72'); Chen, Guo; Liu, Wen, Li J (Gu 66'); Huang (Yu 81')
Goals: Li Jing 29', Chen 64'
Even against relatively unheralded opposition, a clean sheet is a very good sign. Yuezhou scored once in each half and controlled the flow of the match from start to finish. The debut of Diadora "wait, she's Yue?" Reeve was especially encouraging, as it was the fullback's cross that Chen Xiwei headed home in the sixty-fourth minute to double the Red Dragons' advantage. Li Jing also added his first goal of the qualifying campaign, teeing up for a beautiful long-range strike in the twenty-ninth. While Huang Shedong had a bit of an off day, the midfield scoring spree meant a comfortable Red Dragons win anyways, taking them to the heady heights of second in their group - although Starblaydia will seriously test that.

MD4 Lineup (Grearish Union): Ruo (C); Kang, Yao, Zhu, Reeve; Guo, Chen; Liu, Wen, Li J; Huang
MD5 Lineup (Starblaydia): Ruo; Kang, Ren, Han, Zhu; Guo, Yang; Liu, Wen, Gu (C); Huang

Banyuewan Bay
The Northern Coast of Beiyun, Yuezhou

(3) represents our current setting.

I don’t know who the guy was, how Dong Daiyu knew him, or why we specifically needed to get a boat from him. I honestly don’t, I swear. No, really. But that night, when we pulled onto the highway along Banyuewan Bay, that was the guy we went to see. We rolled into a little parking lot next to a battered shack, its signage feebly advertising boats for hire, and waited for our contact to arrive. It was a pretty tense moment - me, Meng Huizhong, and Dong Daiyu sat in silence, while “Jia Wanghui'' and Liao Weizhe whispered about the Yue Premier League, of all things, in the background. Aside from whatever they were doing, it was just the three of us breathing and the slow, steady lapping of waves onto the shore.

Twenty minutes after we’d pulled in, the man had walked up. “All of you, stay in the car,” Dong said, before pausing and rethinking. “Except you, Meng. You’re coming out with me.” That stung a little at the time, seeing Dong Daiyu leave her second-in-command (me) at the kids’ table like that, but Meng Huizhong’s six-two, muscular frame and intricate knowledge of martial arts was probably going to come in more handy than my comparative literature degree anyway. So the two of them had gotten out, awkwardly embraced the man, and then listened, somewhat uncomfortably, as the man laid his plans out. After a prolonged discussion, Dong had finally agreed to whatever proposition she’d been given, and the man had given her a package and, more importantly, a set of keys.

“What’s in that package he gave you?” I asked when she’d come back in to grab her bags. I’d considered her a pretty open, communicative leader before the trip we took, but she was uncharacteristically quiet on the matter. We all got out of the car, whereupon the man came back to lead us to the docks, where a variety of motorboats bobbed in the moonlight. Dong Daiyu was first onto the ship, and I slipped by Meng Huizhong to board next. Meng came after, then Liao Weizhe, and finally, our hitchhiker in last. At least, in theory. When we’d turned to look for him, he was already gone.

We weren’t particularly worried at first - after all, we literally did just pick him up off the side of the road, and although bringing some politicians’ son home as a goodwill gesture would’ve helped us out in the Nanhai negotiations, it wasn’t like we needed him to get the mission done. But then, Liao had asked if anyone had seen the car keys, and as we all patted our pockets, we heard our car sputter to life. It seemed like Jia Wanghui was starting to make a habit out of stealing vehicles.

Well, yeah, obviously I know who he was now. It’s unfortunate, too, because he really found the perfect lie - I’m not sure how he came up with that. If he’d come up with any other fake identity, we probably would’ve just left him on the side of the road, as soon as the roadblock was out of view. After all, unless we could get something out of bringing him to Nangang with us, then why bother bringing some YFA fugitive along for the ride? But we’d been counting on using that car when we took the boat back to Beiyun, and we were starting to get attached to the idea of heroically rescuing some Nanhai suit’s kid, so we even chased back after him at the time.

Luckily, it turned out he was incredibly bad at stealing vehicles, so bad that I started to question how he broke out of YPA captivity in the first place. When we got back to the vehicle, he was still adjusting the mirrors, for Christ’s sake. Meng Huizhong, burly as ever, tackled him straight into the passenger seat while Liao pried the keys back and I got some rope to tie him up with.

“I don’t want to go to Nangang! I’m not even-” he’d protested as we dragged him ignominiously out of the car. Of course, when presented with the alternative, in the form of a gun being waved vaguely in his direction, he was somewhat more accepting of being tied up and quietly led onto the boat. After that, it was relatively smooth sailing - hey, still got it - as we got everything loaded and ready to go.

“Right, so a few hours to our landing point in Jiangdong, and I’ll let my guy know when we’re thirty minutes out,” said Meng once we’d departed. We would have to refuel and restock before we made it to Nangang, and Meng had some fellow ex-YPAs holed up on the northern coast of Jiangdong that were willing to provide both for anyone fighting back against the National People’s Revolutionary Council. “Besides that, uh, Dong’s driving, I’m navigating, Liao can watch our little politician’s kid, and Chen, uh, sit tight, I guess.” It was hard not to take that last part personally, but I did my best. Dong shot me a sympathetic glance as I took a seat, as if to remind me that I’d still be leading negotiations.

“Anyone heard from HQ lately?” Liao said once we’d gotten going.

“The Yue People’s Army got another seventeen of us, I think. Nobody was super high profile, but the arrests are happening closer and closer to headquarters. They’re thinking about moving out, finding someplace in the Beiyun countryside to hole up.”

“Shit. No point, honestly - we don’t have the manpower to get anything done from there,” Liao pointed out.

“Well, it’s going to happen eventually. Besides, it’s either get nothing done or get nothing done and also everyone gets thrown in a jail cell for twenty years, at that point, so you know.”

“Don’t worry, guys,” chipped in Dong from the captain’s seat. “I’ve heard really good things out of the South. Zheng Zhoulun captured Nantai, and he’s trying to link up with the Jiangdong Republican Army again. It looks like the General’s really pulling back this time - with all the firepower they’re getting, that position seems indefensible.”

“That’s a pretty big river port. You think they’re going upriver?”

“Could really choke up Yincheng’s transportation that way. The blockade’s already hitting them pretty hard,” Meng contributed, surprising because it was, well, Meng, although unsurprising since he tended to chip in more about tactics. “That also gets them into Beiyun, though. Could be good news for us.”

The conversation died down after that. There was just the moonlight reflecting on the Xandrian Sea, and the steady hum of the motor.
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