IAC-11 :: Havynwilde

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IAC-11 :: Havynwilde

Postby Havynwilde » Thu Nov 19, 2020 10:49 pm

No reservations aside from host info is allowed.

"In one month's time, two teams will battle in the newly-opened Uvenstadion on the main artificial island which will play a key role in the partaking of this tournament, here the finals will be held for the eleventh edition of the IAC. Almost fifty entire teams enter the jockeying round where they'll be fighting it out for pole positions into the knockouts and the road to IAC champions begins right here for all the teams...welcome to Havynwilde!"

"On behalf of 4 million Havyish people, from Havynwilde to its diaspora across the Archipelago, the we in conjunction with the Independents Cup organizing committee are proud to welcome you to the 'Europa of the Archipelago', welcome to Havynwilde - a nation both infused with the culture of our neighbors while maintaining aspects of its roots, deep-seated in the ideals of a Viking civilization. We in Havynwilde too know the ideals we stand for as a nation in the conglomerate of entities comprising of the "Independents", long passed over, we've seen nations rise in fall in this role - from the Schottia's to the Bonesa's even the Huelavia's of the world, proving that a cup to unite the independents as one living-breathing entity, bring together nations across spectrums, regions and worlds for football; once more proves the IAC to be the perennial tournament of the worlds."

As the tournament gets ready to get under way, the boring information: Fifty teams are squared away into ten groups of five, which will be decided by live draw a week out (icly) from the tournament, Havynwilde and IAC defending champions, Poafmersia will be assigned to Pot 1 while Havynwilde is a spot in Group A as A1 on virtue of being the hosts of the competition.

Pots & Groups
Pot 1
Havynwilde [HOST]
Poafmersia [CHAMPIONS]
HUElavia 15.143
New Lusitania 14.151
Drawkland 10.611
Reçueçn 9.929
Squidroidia 9.500
Tequilo 9.000
Port Ember 8.404
Squornshelan Remnant States 8.190
Pot 2
Terre Septentrionale 8.032
TJUN-ia 6.786
Trolleborg 6.537
Abanhfleft 5.842
Omerica 5.801
Kohnhead 5.000
Kriegiersien 3.714
Juvencus 3.661
Silver Beach 3.238
Sajnur 3.141
Pot 3
Indusse 2.797
Sharktail 2.791
Space 2.746
Megistos 2.500
Central Shaneville 1.125
A Flock of Seagulls
Almuzahara -
Choudal -
Daehwi -
Dryicor -
Pot 4
Ginadjkrum -
Hebitaka -
Icecliff -
Muralos -
Murphtannia -
Neo-Futurist Wyoming -
NPC West Florida -
Otksarin -
Ponyvillian Separatists of Twicetagrien Canterlotine Territories -
Pripet Socialist Republic -
Pot 5
Quemorr Isles -
Quintessence of Dust -
Rwekazaland -
Sannyamathland -
Silvedania -
The Fortem -
The Frozen Forest -
Thea Liters -
United Hemand Insia -
Vykta -

A: Havynwilde, Kohnhead, Daehwi, Ponyvillian Separatists of Twicetagrien Canterlotine Territories, The Fortem
B: Port Ember, TJUN-ia, Sharktial, NPC West Florida, Silvedania
C: New Lusitania, Sajnur, Choudal, Muralos, United Hemand Insia
D: HUElavia, Abanhfleft, Indusse, Otksarin, Quemorr Isles
E: Tequilo, Kriegiersien, Space, Neo-Futurist Wyoming, Quintessence of Dust
F: Sqournshelan Remnant States, Silver Beach, Almuzahara, Icecliff, Thea Liters
G: Poafmersia, Terre Septentrionale, Dryicor, Pripet Socialist Republic, Rwekazaland
H: Reçueçn, Juvencus, Megistos, Hebitaka, The Frozen Forest
I: Squidroidia, Omerica, A Flock of Seagulls, Murphtannia, Vykta
J: Drawkland, Trolleborg, Central Shaneville, Ginadjkrum, Sannyamathland

November 23 :: MD1 - 2v5, 3v4
November 25 :: MD2 - 1v2, 3v5
November 27 :: MD3 - 1v3, 4v5
November 29 :: MD4 - 1v4, 2v3
December 01 :: MD4 - 1v5, 2v4

December 3 :: 12F - Play-in round

December 5 :: 8F
December 7 :: QF
December 9 :: 2F
December 10 :: All-Star Game
December 11 :: Finals & 3PPO
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Havynwilde, home of the perennial Melayu Archipelago underachievers

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The ASSOCIATED :: Welcome to Havynwilde

Postby Havynwilde » Thu Nov 19, 2020 10:49 pm


Welcome to Havynwilde! Whether you’re a storied independent nation looking to find success once more in the perennial championship for independent nations or you’re new to the scene looking to establish yourself as a growing power going forward, the Havynwilde Board of Recreation and Tourism alongside the Home Government welcome you to the lands of the north, where the sun never sets and where we call it fooligbol. May your stay in the sun be plentiful, welcome to Havynwilde.


Realizing Havynwilde was a smaller nation, it was decided to bring this tournament to life Havynwilde’s stadiums were to receive extensive upgrades whilst similarly new stadiums were to be built throughout the nation. The flagship project commissioned being the Uvenstadion Super Island which will play host to the final match situated in the sprawling, pristine Gyåfler Lake.


Arriving in Havynwilde, the cold winter air of year-round Havynwilde will greet visitors upon stepping off the plane, into which they’ll be whisked away to a different world, which has grown to be interdependent on its temperature and on its football, which in recent years has taken bounds. Havynwilde is a nation which lives on football, while it’s the most-popular sport, owing to its small population,attendances are relatively-small compared to the rest of the world and the teams operate differently compared to other countries. However, football is the mainstream culture here, from the most popular teams - Avante Leipreachán to the lesser-known Tri-Cities circuit, football or how its known here, fooligbol runs through the veins of millions of Havyish people who’ve seen it pushed to the forefront in recent years.

In a nation some time removed from the post-civil war, the nation has largely left behind its past of strife and is looking to set the tone moving forward as a new nation once more - sure, if you come, you’ll see nods to the brutal war that famished this nation for a generation - graffiti in places, destroyed and bombed out streets and city centers in some places, but, clean-ups and restorations have been a vital part to rebuilding and creating what once was. A nation so dependent on the past has looked to embrace the future, and the feeling as a whole amongst millions of Havyish is desperate for hope in the future. The nation is looking to welcome thousands to Havynwilde and showcase to them a Havynwilde devoid of its shackles, displaying a new entity entirely from their display of football, to the stadiums to even the hotels and hostels that will welcome thousands of foreigners.

Havynwilde is one of the smallest nations in the Melayu Archipelago, located in the far north reaches of the region - the empire of endless winter is a rather desolate piece on the greater landscape of the region, a rare puzzle in the greater region - operating within a winter climate for most of the year. Havynwilde has been the more prolific of the nations in the Melayu Archipelago and is perhaps the most well-known out of the big four in the region - being Eraman, Ziwana, Havynwilde and Sharktail. Originally founded as a trading post between Receucian fur traders from the West Pacific, branching into the archipelago, Havynwilde has flourished in the two-hundred or so years since then, growing into...a miniscule nation. Home to around 4.3 million people, the heartland of the country is the north, situated near the large Linkralldr Riverfields, a crisscrossing frozen-over marsh with rivers running through in which the capital Bellymn lay south of the largest river, River Velma which splits the capital on two sides. Elsewhere, other major towns include Easterbridge - really a great suburb of Bellymn, but don’t tell any Easterbridger that! Hvalltr to the east lies the biggest Scandinavian town in Havynwilde, wit 102,000 people, the second largest city; Baywall sits in the Kierven Fjord region, with 850,000 it is far dwarfed by the capital city, Bellymn wit 3.1 million people. To the south lay a frozen tundra, with little signs of life, although people do live there, transportation and infrastructure to the south lay rather lacking - with much of it left undiscovered, however, it is home to large fauna including the supposed Indomitable Snowmen, leftover relics from the Ice Age. And of course, the legend of the yeti - spotted twice - reigns supreme over the land, it notably prowls the south. Supposedly…


Travel to Havynwilde is relatively expensive given only one airline services the north, being affiniti, the state-sponsored national carrier of Havynwidle, with its fleet of seventeen aircraft, flying to Havynwilde will be a challenge for many. Alternatively, a ferry to Havynwilde will be what many opt to do, arriving in the port of Baywall, situated along the Byovaselva, its the first major city they’ll likely encounter if taking a ferry. Baywall also serves as the second biggest city in Havynwilde and is considered to be the second-city for Havynwilde, traveling here is good option and is slightly cheaper than direct or indirect flights to Bellymn. Baywall is served by a small regional airport north of the city which takes flights from as far as western Acasthana to as far east as Lang Tengah.

By plane, your main option is the civilian airport located across from the Lanogaselva, Henreik Airport is Havynwilde’s only international airport and is thus the hub for affiniti, the carrier of Havynwilde built in ퟔ732 has survived a civil war and years of neglect and currently sits in a largely dilapidated state, but received renovations and a desperately-needed fresh runway ahead of the tournament. Flying to Havynwilde will set you back betweenN$1,700- N$2,000 and that’s if you;re a Melayu Archipelago resident, from amongst the rest of the independent nations, prices can range from N$3,000 to N$9,000+ to reach Havynwilde, with amny requiring a 5-day flight to reach Bellymn. You can purchase tickets at afiniti’s website which will be provided below.

Travel in Havynwilde is an entirely separate beast altogether, while the national railway scheme exists, it only link major cities in the north and doesn’t go to the southernmost city or Ravneclyff - which is Havynwilde’s third biggest city(!) - this created major problems in linking the entirety of the nation and attempts to expand railway access to Ravenclyff have been repeatedly denied by the Ravenclyff local government. However, aside from that, all major cities in Havynwilde are linked by rail, with a hub in Bellymn, cities like Alvland, high up in the mountains are able to be connected to the capital, to the ports and the all-important Easterbridge Corridor, containing the three of the four major cities in Havynwilde. The Havynnationaljernbane operates high-speed rail through the state-owned HVY Rail Company which operates them on the Bellymn to Baywall route and Bellymn to Easterbridge.

Elsewhere conventional rail connects the mountain cities to the cities with considerably less glamour, but with added astounding views of the countryside and the mountains. Alongside this Havynwilde has about 6,000 miles of road mainly in the “line road” which cuts through the center of Havnwilde with off-shoot branches from the west adn east as far as the bases of various mountain regions. Parish roads exit too and are frequently merged with national roads, for various parish roads contact the parish’s DMV for information on different roads and maps. Driving in Havynwilde is considered challenging and rules of the road differ from around the world with the added advent of no traffic-control lights. If you’re driving in the country, please know most locals ignore posted speed limits and drive higher than the speed limit similarly, you’ll need to file for int’l. insurance.


Wydish is the main language of Havynwilde taking its name from the merger of the two former states creating Havynwidle, Haven and Wylde which formed together nearly three-hundred years ago creating the modern nation. Wydish can be best described as a mixture of anglicized moderning speaking dipped in the toes of the Norse language to create the modern language of Wydish. Pangean-Havyish people, particularly in Bellymn and Easter Bridge are known to a typee Wydish popularized amongst the Pangea community as an urbanized version of Wydish referred to simple as Pydish, officially Pangean-Havyish Vernacular Derivative, fully recognized by the state. Along the borders with Springmont and Lang Tengah you will likely run into Havyish who work across the border capable of speaking Wydish and an alternate nation. Similarly, university students are usually capable of speaking an alternate language.


Havynwilde’s population is known to be heavily into recreational drugs, given that things such as marijuana, LSD and mushrooms, ecstasy and other recreational drugs were legitimized and approved by the state through state-sponsored and private dispensaries, the ‘Weed Wave’ has swept through the nation, particularly with zaza which has revolutionized the drug cuisine in Havynwilde. From fresh-cooked sockeye intertwined with melodic samples of smoked Pineapple Sherbert weed strains to other forms of deliteful concoctions, lax drug policies had reframed cuisine and how its consumed in Havynwilde.

If potentially dying isn’t really your cup, Havynwilde’s traditional scene of cuisine flourished and continues to flourish in a modern age - smoked salmon is a staple meal anywhere in Havynwilde, but especially in the Keflavik Islands and Baywall, where it remains a dominant aspect of culture and society as we know it. In the same respects, game is popular in the south, and the heartland, popularized with the industrial city of Ravenclyff and during hunting expeditions in the mountainous towns, polar bears are commonly hunted and slain for their meat and Kienott, a stew made from polar bear meat remains a popular dish in Havynwilde.

Similarly, along the border, international dishes taken from Springmont and Lang Tengah remain extremely popular, but have failed to take home the same amount of prestige that traditional Havyish dishes demand in the country. Similarly, fused dishes have been viewed with less-popularity and are labeled as “non-traditional” - this serves as a warning to anyone who wants people to sample your home cooking, it likely won’t work in Havynwilde.

What does work however are street vendors - there are plenty of those, street vendors, especially in the capital play host to some of the most-colorful food in Havynwilde, taking stride from around the worlds to connect food and cultures together, the street food scene offers some of the best perspective for taste in the country. A cosmopolitan city, Bellymn is the destination for an international plate and you’ll find something for everyone in the capital region.

Prices for food range - from big chains, with affordable healthy meals, a regular meal can run you anywhere between N$12-20 dollars, while fine dining commonly exceeds N$100 on any given occasion. Havyish restaurants and cooks are held to high standards and minor problems can commonly see their licenses to operate invalidated. Freshness is considered key in the Havyish kitchen and a host of quirks come to define eating in Havynwilde: (a) seating yourself is a common occurrence, (b) deferred payment/payment plans, (c) meal plans; and others which have come to make it a unique experience.


Havynwilde’s national currency is the alm (Ⱥ) with N$1 = Ⱥ6.40 being the current exchange rate, however, most Havyish stores in major cities accept standard currency, check with your local city guide for correct info or better yet, walk into the store and ask them, signs will usually be posted for all accepted currency. Similarly, Havynwilde will accept Choudalian Guilder as legal tender with the exchange rate being CG1 = Ⱥ0.32. Be prepared to deposit your currency at the international airport where you will receive credit if you do not have approved currency, your money will be converted to local currency almost entirely or standardized currency and your remaining balance at the end of your stay will not be credited to you as national possessions are declared as devoid of private ownership.


The capital of Havynwilde, the sprawling city is home to 3.1 million people spread out across a large city-scape that combines the areas of Easterbridge and possibly as far north as enroahcing into Briarcliff’s limits. The city is the cultural, political and economic hub of the entire nation, with Unething, the parliament of Havynwilde lying in the city center. Included, northeast Melayu’s largest economic stock exchange is located here, the Bellymn Stock Exchange is one of the oldest-operating stock exchanges in the Archipelago and is one of the most recognizable. Aside from that, the home of the Alderman sits in the city’s main circle, with the Alderman presiding over the country, it’s become the nation’s most famous address; 48 Dors Avenue. In keeping with culture and precedent, the city has a burgeoning music scene, popularized by Okryn drill of the 20s, drill rap still remains popular in Havynwilde and has developed its own sound, popular amongst Pangean-Havyish and shown to the world. Similarly, the arts remain a strong presence, extending from graffiti - which has been popularized and accepted - to formal paintings which adorn the Alderman’s residence. Not surprisingly, football has a dominating aspect on culture, the most well-known team being Avante Leipreachán who hail from north Bellymn. Similarly, other teams in the Tri-Cities have made a name for themselves - Foretham Coven and Bellymn United are two notable amatuer teams which are nodes to the workers of Havynwilde. The city is connected by a vast array of trollies, trams and vehicles all of which are amassed purely for this tournament to connect to and fro. Given the old-Europa style of the city, cobblestone streets, quirky driving laws and shortened roads are the standard, making travel within the city center a challenge. Traffic is a major problem in Bellymn, owing to poor road construction and the style of the town, one of the few cities which see more travellers by car rather than public transportation open to them.

With eight stadiums selected to bring the tournament to Havynwilde, six of them are in and surrounding the capital, owing to the infrastructure already present to see the tournament hosted, with the more-notable ones, Nordstadion and Shamrock Park both receiving extensive upgrades ahead of the tournament. Three new stadiums have been constructed for this tournament, all hailing in the capital as it continually added to the expansive list of stadiums it was to fill for the tournament.

briarcliff manor

Argualbly part of the Bellymn’s metro area its situated north of Bellymn off the Wide-lake as it is called, the city is home to the famous automobile company, Kyler which developed the most-popular electric car in Havynwilde, the Child which is a common sight through Havynwilde. Aside from that, Briarcliff is a sleepy town, with not much going on, it's considered to be a tax haven with low private taxes, it’s seen it grow in recent years, however, the city is on the periphery and it considered to be in the backwater of the north. Its position as a major town only affirmed by the presence of major dams and hydroelectric power generators, the city was transformed by engineering and considered a green city, thriving on natural technology and is where much of the Northern Greens draw much of their base of support from. A left-leaning city for much of its existence, it is also the city with the best ratio of women-to-men employment and salary wages in the Havynwilde and has long been the standard-bearer of good race relations in the region. Culturally, the city has relied upon labeling itself as the “city of goodwill” and has embraced itself as a quiet, sleepy town. In the footblaling landscape, its team, Knights of Briarcliff were a power in LygaHaven in the early years but have largely faded away over the course of history, owing to continued dominance by the Thrice Firm and other runs from lesser teams.

Briarcliff has a stadium, Vibr-brand® Stadion, seating 5,866 people as originally intended, there were plans to make it bigger, but continued delayed by the Havyish government coupled with a city which isn’t exactly on the mind of every tourist when they visit Havynwilde has lead to continued bureaucracy and led to lesser investment. The stadium is an intimate ground, styled in olden-Europa style, large beams still block the stadium scenes and safe-standing isn’t allowed here.


Keflavɨk as part of the northern corridors in the island chain of Eldfell, reclaimed islands from seventy-something years ago that largely have flopped in obscurity, and with a population of only 12,000 people dotting through the entirety of the islands, whoever sat down and decided this was the move was either drunk or an idiot not many people are going to be going to this stadium after the tournament. Keflavɨk is the main city in the first island, which has around 7,000 people, with much of the island inhabited, so the perfect idea for the Uvenstadion Sports Complex is of course to be realized, specialized by the HFF’s plan to move into the sports complex after the game and operate it as a headquarters. The town of Keflavɨk is largely a quiet town, so building a 60,000-seater mammoth of a stadium is largely not needed, but organizing committee is counting deconstructing much of the stadium after the tournament, sending it to nations needing football infrastructure around the Melayu Archipelago and similarly will be looking to develop new generations of talent. Keflavɨk has been known to produce strong fooligbol talent in the past including noone, nobody and absolutely nobody, so this could be a good move. Even we don’t know what people do in this town, one where it snows constantly, it has a tram station and a few paved roads, bur Havynwilde’s government spent billions to bring this town, one it considers to be a model town, up to speed. Guests will be greeted by glistening pavement, beautiful spires and a smell of a city industrializing two-hundred years after the fact, a town which still had horse-and-buggy carts a few months ago now has paved roads and people learning to drive. Welcome to Keflavɨk, the home of the final.

The Uvenstadion project was based in Keflavɨk to be the showcase for the games, and perhaps a nod to the future in which Havynwilde supposedly has registered interest in hosting in Cup of Harmony and the MAC7 in the future, the Uvenstadion could be the first step in mega-projects in which Havynwilde will invest billions for new stadiums.


The national stadium of Havynwilde, Nordstadion has existed since the Twenties and is one of the oldest stadium in existence in Havynwilde, remolded four times in its history, its latest remodeling happened last year with a goal to remove extensive beams and lighting out out the stadium and give it a more-inviting feel while modernizing large aspects of it. THis was completed with the unveiling of new technologies which will be delivered throughout the tournament, it will also serve as the opening ceremony for the IAC and be the main camp for the Havyish national team when not in official IAC11 use. Perfect for an intimate atmosphere, at 32,302, the stadium will feel like a big stadium contained in a small body.

Shamrock Park, the storied home of the most-successful club in LygaHaven, situated in Cowenherd, a suburb of Bellymn, Shamrock Park is the hope of Avante Leipreachán, simply put, Havynwilde’s best team by far over the course of fifty or more years. Shamrock Park was once in its time the biggest stadium in Havynwilde, surpassed by Nordstadion and now the mega-project occurring in the north; however, Shamrock Park is still the most-respected ground in Havynwilde and for good reason. Opposing teams rarely have beat the home team here and it’s hope to a shitton of trophies, now, being used as the ground for the upcoming Independent Associations Championship, Shamrocks fans will home that visitors will treat the hallowed ground gently as it opens to the world and will see extensive use throughout the tournament.

affiniti-arena is sponsored by the national airline of Havynwilde, a newly-built arena, unveiled last year, it hosted the finals of the Pryma5 Premiership in jumpball, its first time being used for football, its hoped that the 17,000 people who’ll descend on the stadium will feel welcome in the environment. Built with largle, sloping terraces, it resembles a castle of old and was built at a lowly price tag of N$170 million. Tickets and pricing for this stadium will be relatively cheap, you’ll find, owing largely thanks to large tax breaks from the state. Bearing the name of the national airline, be sure to see this stadium sponsored heavily by affiniti as it attempts to drum up international interest. Decisions on whether this stadium will be used after the tournament have not been drawn up.

Skarsarek Stadion in the South End Moors is being built as a purpose-built temporary stadia set to be sent to Choudal at the end of the IAC, built at a price of N$100 million, the 11,000-seater shows signs of being a simple cookie cutter stadium designed to expedite the flow of the group stages and allow more teams to take place, the stadium will largely probably receive the lesser teams in the tournament and will probably be phased out by the 12th-finals. Historically, the area it will be in has been a footballing hot bed, so watching national teams take to the field will be an exciting moment for some, and tickets for this stadium are expected to be cheaper.

A stranger undertaking, Court Valhalla was reportedly designed at the behest of the Alderman, perhaps more as a sign of investment from the government, this new 18,000-seater with additional room for 5,000 in standing was built near the heart of the city, across from the Nordstadion. Designed reportedly with ideas disseminating from the Tri-Cities Amteur Circuit concerning using it in the future, Court Valhalla’s catchy name and spires echo towards a stadium that will feature prominently in the future. At N$200 million, a hefty price tag is being placed on this stadium to deliver excitement and to enchant many. Rumored expansions are already ripe for this area with Foretham Coven reportedly in talks to secure a lease and perhaps return to LygaHaven in the future.

Berkewnal Stadion was designed with the goal of exporting after the Independent Associations Championship, with a lackluster design that leaves much to be desired, the stadium’s staple is its heated seats and heated field, iven the plateau its ascents upon. The stadium similarly will be sent to Springmont after the IAC in order to help finance the game and remove extra, unneeded stadium in Havynwilde - especially in Bellymn who’ll be adding three new stadiums to the existing seven. With a size of 4,000, it’s in the backwaters and it is largely seen as unimportant.

Briarcliff Manor’s Vibr-brand® Stadion similarly envelops the larger expansion of Vibr-brand® Stadion to setting upwards of 10,000 for the tournament, the condom-maker, the largest in the nation was given the naming rights tot he stadium to capitalize on the lack of knowledge on the city, hoping to draw interest and pique curiosity for those who visit Briarcliff Manor, Vibr-brand® Stadion was first built as The Vilila in the Thirties, receiving its first remodel last season, the stadium looks cleaner and has added new press and social boxes to allow for more pageantry. Domestically, it serves at home for Knights of Briarcliff and is only the second LygaHaven ground used.

Finally, the hallmark of the competition, the Uvenstadion Superparc in Keflavɨk, leaving some astounded, the new gargantuan facility was built at the cost of N$1.2 billion dollars and is financed at the behest of the HFF. Built not only to host the IAC finale, it envisioned as being the gateway to a slew of international events with exploratory committees priming at Havyish bids for the Cup of Harmony, the CMFA MAC6 and possible IFCF and FFI competitions in the future. While some decry the price tag put on the huge complex, the park was designed not only to host games but will include seven individual training facilities, two underground aquatic centres, offices for the HFF’s new headquarters and a large training facility for the national team.


Printable guide - group stage

Games will be played every other game during the month of Haustmánudr, with the opening game between Havynwilde and Ponyvillian Separatists of Twicetagrien Canterlotine Territories played on 7 Haustmánudr 770, this will cultivate in the finale being played in late-Gormmánudr, on 25 Gormánudr 770. The organizing committee intend to ration venues for the duration of the tournament and will install scheduled offdays to allow arena time to 'reset' and shift focuses to planning for the next stages of competition.

Printable guide - play-in round

All play-in round games (12th-finals) will begin simultaneously at 3:00pm across the tournament, deciding the eight spots available in the 8th-finals. Teams will be seeded by their records from the lowest first place teams to the lowest third place team.

Printable guide - knockout rounds
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Havynwilde, home of the perennial Melayu Archipelago underachievers

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Postby Choudal » Thu Nov 19, 2020 10:53 pm

Choudal Roster

Head Coach: George Clark, Vatukoula United
Assistant Coach: Andrew Schoppen, Nakasi United
Trainer: Timothy Allen
Formation: 3-3-4
Style Mod: +5

Harry Stewart, Savusavu AFC
Chris Walker, Sigatoka FC
Josh Kelly, Sigatoka Reds

Terry Henderson, Nakasi United
Willie Reed, Nakasi United
Adam Long, Vatukoula FC

Dennis Young, Sigatoka FC
Chris Mitchell, Project Choudal
Brian Williams, Savusavu City

Mark Parker, Nakasi Farms
Mark Ramirez, Savusavu City
Randy Griffin, Sigatoka FC

Walter Clark, Vatukoula FC
Gary Jackson, Savusavu AFC
Ben All, Savusavu AFC

Jerry Cook, Vatukoula FC
Greg Cox, Sigatoka FC
Donald Long, Sigatoka Reds
Shawn Smith, Project Choudal

Brandon Garcia, Sigatoka Reds
Howard Turner, Savusavu City
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Inoffensive Centrist Democracy


Postby Drawkland » Thu Nov 19, 2020 11:10 pm


Region: Sonnel
Trigramme: DRK
Leader: Iarocav
Currency: Lolad
Capital City: Metropolon
Largest City: Drawk City

Manager: none
Formation: 3-3-4
Style Mod: +4

Starting Lineup
## Pos Name Age
7 GK Septimus Xander ??
10 LB Elias Keys ??
8 CB Nicholas Kingston ??
16 RB Craig Bakker ??
22 LM Trevor Garnet ??
0 CM Dominic Southers ??
2 RM Richard Hanson ??
17 LF Roger Apollo ??
11 WF Mike Rodney ??
1 RF Jaxon Madison ??
5 CF Ross Hunter ??

  1. It doesn't matter, they're all good at shooting.
  2. Just choose 5 at random.


This is the official roster, featuring the Elite Eleven, an independent squad of Drawkians who have played all sports at a professional level for a confusingly long time. The old Kick Corps has been essentially removed, the players let go, and replaced by this squad of ridiculously skilled, annoyingly arrogant, and possibly immortal sportsmen. Nobody knows where they came from, or why DISC decided to replace the Kick Corps with them, but here they are. Just don't ask the baseball fans about them.
Drawkian soccer, and indeed, sporting in general, is mostly offensive-minded. This is reflected in the style indicator and in the formation. Drawkian soccer has not really been exposed to outside influences, and thus may look or feel strange to those used to "normal" football. Nevertheless, the Eleven are still good at what they do, and prize in an enduring game, moving the ball around nearly constantly and keeping energy going, aiming to tire out the opposing team. Of course, Drawkians aren't humans, but you can read about that elsewhere. Despite the fact that usually soccer is a female-only sport in Drawkland, the Elite Eleven have overturned that caveat as the higher-ups deemed them a suitable replacement in the interim as the real Kick Corps hides away for a few cycles and gets their shit back together.

WC Sanctioned: 103-40-43
Non-WCC: 50-22-21

First Match: Drawkland 3-3 Averyickan City
First Win: Capital District, Ward 1 4-6 Drawkland
First Loss: Great Caledonia and North Hybernia 2-2 Drawkland (2-2 AET) [3-1 PKs]
Highest Score: Capital District, Ward 1 4-6 Drawkland
Lowest Score: Drawkland 0-0 Ko-oren (0-0 AET) (1-3 pen.)
Best Win: Drawkland 5-0 Sharktail
Worst Loss: Farfadillis 6-1 Drawkland
Most Important: Drawkland 2-2 Omerica (2-2 AET) [4-3 PKs]
Best End Result: 1st Place (Independents Cup 6)
Here is a quick list of the tournaments Drawkland has been in, their group stage record and goal differential, and their final result.

Global Cup of Soccer 1: 1-2-0, +2, Third Place loss to Free Republics
Independents Cup 1: 1-0-2, -4, Round of 16 loss to Flardania
Baptism of Fire 64: 1-2-0, +3, Third Placed win over Great Caledonia and North Hybernia
World Cup 77 Qualifying: 11-5-2, +14, Qualified
World Cup 77: 0-1-2, -3, Group Stage Elimination
Independents Cup 2: 2-1-0, +6, Quarterfinal loss to Flardania
World Cup 78 Qualifying: 11-2-3, +16, Qualified
World Cup 78: 1-0-2, -8, Group Stage Elimination
Independents Cup 3: 2-0-1, +3, Round of 16 loss to Kel Assuk
World Cup 79: 1-1-1, -1, Group Stage Elimination
Independents Cup 4: 2-0-1, +2, Final loss to Free Republics
World Cup 80 Qualifying: 11-4-3, +16, Qualified
World Cup 80: 0-2-1, -1, Group Stage Elimination
Independents Cup 5: 3-1-0, +6, Final loss to Mercedini
World Cup 81 Qualifying: 14-1-3, +39, Playoff loss to Saltstead
Independents Cup 6: 2-1-0, +9, Final win over Omerica
World Cup 82 Qualifying: 8-6-4, +7, Did Not Qualify
Cup of Harmony 74: 3-0-0, +8, QF loss to Ko-oren
Independents Cup 7: 3-0-0, +8, Final loss to Omerica
World Cup Qualifiers 83: 5-4-3, +6, Did Not Qualify
Cup of Harmony 75: 3-1-0, +8, Ro16 loss to Port Ember
Independents Cup 8: 4-1-0, +13, 3PPO loss to Squornshelan Remnant States
World Cup Qualifiers 84: 13-4-3, +17, Qualified
World Cup 84: 0-0-3, -5, Group Stage Elimination
Independents Cup 9: 2-1-0, +3, Ro16 loss to Poafmersia
World Cup Qualifiers 85: 14-3-7, +13, Qualified
World Cup 85: 1-0-2, -2, Group Stage Elimination
Independents Cup X: 3-1-0, +6, QF loss to Tequilo
World Cup 85: 1-2-0, +2, Ro16 loss to Vilita

Beautifully Crafted by ediraf.
From Left to Right: Home, Away, Goalkeeper.


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes
Yellow Card my Players: Yes
Red Card my Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes
As far as these go, I'm fair game for anything. You should know what is and isn't drastic RP, and if you think your RP is on the drastic side, TG me first. But I'm still basically up for anything.
I'd like to request that injuries or cards don't do anything outside of the scope of a single game or maybe 2. Don't want anything tournament or cycle-ending. Red cards should be limited to late knockout stages, and I'd probably think that there should be no more than 2 players red carded per tournament.
The Elite Eleven are sorta oddballs. I mean, they're a group of 11 dudebros, but they're supposedly immortal or something. Keep that in mind.

Disclaimers of various sorts:
I don't know very much about soccer. If I RP something weird, it's because I have little to no experience with this sport. But whatever.
If you have any questions about anything involving me, this team, my nation, this competition, life, etc., feel free to telegram me.
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Postby Indusse » Thu Nov 19, 2020 11:54 pm


Manager/Coach: Joseph Mouteudi
Sponsors: Fiarti Automobiles
Trigamme: INS
Players in camp: 18


GK 1 Steve leghourn *
GK 34 Akbar ali
DF 6 Sampath Singh Aksinwala *
DF 13 Mathias Paulson *
DF 4 Aaron Mcmuller *
DF 86 George Horsehood
DF 69 Sadin-al-kharushi
MD 16 Xing-hong-taw
MD 9 Alexis Budtedjson *
MD 14 Djetson Hasle*
MD 13 Raman Sreevastva
FD 10 Baskar H Kumar (c) *
FD 7 Bechun butea *
FD 11 Antonio Mersias *
FD Kishen Rajpoot
MD 99 Rana Mrityunjai Singh
FD/MD 100 Goblin Grundjee *
MD 8 Abdul Khaseem
DF 41 Gregor Tempetson

* An Asterisk indicates the playing 11.

Image Image Image

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No

New Arrivals!
Goblin Grundjee from the U-18 Squad has been recruited into the national team. Goblin Grundjee is a goblin created by a group of scientists and belong to the grundjee species of goblin.

NS Sports
Conflict of Interests
Issue Author: #1428
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Postby Somehow Related to Rarity » Fri Nov 20, 2020 3:36 am

PSTCT Roster
Manager: Ryder the Rider
His Wife: Katie Babie
Staff: Snoop Pawg, Snoop Pog, Snoop Dawg

Painbow Bruh
Twilight the vampire
Alppe Slow
Pinkie Blue
Based Chase
Skye High
Thick Everest
Tracker ‘El cartel de la droga’
Rubble Double
Zuma W E T
Daddy Rocky
Marshal Marshall

There isn’t any actual position because they’re all talented.
When picking the Starting XI you’ll see there are some extras; they’re the substitutes.
If all other options fail, you can use a clone of any of the players as a substitute.

RP Permissions
RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose my scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Not too serious
Godmod Injuries to my players: Y
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Y
Give Red Cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y
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Postby Squidroidia » Fri Nov 20, 2020 6:20 am

So this is where it all began. 2 years ago in Omerica, Squidroidia made their 2nd ever tournament in international football at the Independent Association Championships. They were entirely new to the wider world of football besides their own region, and as such were not really suited for any sort of success in such a wild country.

We all knew what happened next. Squidroidia's wonder manager Ryūzaki Mito proved that the first game for Squidroidia, a 3-1 win over Sharktail, wasn't a fluke. Undefeated in their group and beating the eventual champions Poafmersia along the way, they got to their first ever Semi-Final, before HUElavian hearts rose and the Squidroidian ones sank. Ever since then Squidroidia has been a team punching above their weight, having gotten to 3 Semi-Finals (And 3 3rd place finishes), a Round of 16 at the Cup of Harmony and a decent finish in their maiden World Cup qualification campaign.

Now a new generation of Squidroidians is rising, aided by the Squidroidian Super League and high-profile transfers, including getting a player to a top Audioslavian club. With captain Itoh Hoshi also aging, the reigns will be passed from generation to generation, players like Hideo, Itō, Brooks, Bertolini and others waiting for their chance to guide Squidroidia to greater heights in the near future.

The 90s could be the 10 World Cups of Squidroidia, but that, like the IAC, is not certain.

Squidroidia Inklings

National football team for the 11th Independent Associations Championship


Squidroidia's kits for this tournament made by Mako Designs

Manager: Ryūzaki Mito
From: Inkopolis, Squidroidia
Record: 35 wins, 10 draws, 21 losses, Round of 16 of Cup of Harmony and 3rd place in Twicetagrien Football Invitational and International Football Cup

NOTE: All starters are highlighted in bold

Takemoto Shingen, #1, human, 31 y/o, Real Squidroid CF (SQR) goalkeeper
Hiryama Shunji, #11, human, 28 y/o, Zenit Attawapiskat (QUE) goalkeeper
Shota Abe, #21, human, 28 y/o, Tractor Club Sawayama (SQR) goalkeeper,

Yoichi Shigeko, #2, human, 29 y/o, Real Squidroid CF (SQR) leftback
Umezaki Moronobu, #3, human, 25 y/o, FC Squidroidia Squidbreak (SQR) centerback
Muto Toki, #4, human, 22 y/o, Octo Valley FC (SQR) centerback
Toujou Shihei, #5, human, 30 y/o, Draspa Moipas (TIO) rightback
Baldric Bertolini, #15, Inkling boy, 18 y/o, Tractor Club Sawyama U19 (SQR) centerback
Ryou Minami, #99, human, 25 y/o, Pmig Enako (TIO) centerback
Tomatsu Kane, #14, human, 28 y/o, Inkopolis FC (SQR) rightback
Florianne Meeuwessen, #60, Inkling girl, 19 y/o, Inkopolis FC (SQR) leftback

Jo Jun, #8, human, 31 y/o, Inkopolis FC (SQR) defensive midfielder
Kabuto Tadataka, #7, human, 25 y/o. Kinetic Islanders (SNL) defensive midfielder
Yoneda Toshikuni, #20, 28 y/o, Dhun Lagarr FC (TIK) midfielder
Shoji Shiko, #10, human, 32 y/o, Tractor Club Sawayama (SQR) midfielder
Charlie Colbert, #22, Inkling boy, 19 y/o, FC Squidroidia Squidbreak (SQR) midfielder
Henriette Brooks, #73, Inkling girl, 21 y/o, Calamari Wanderers CFC (SQR) midfielder

Itoh Hoshi, #9, human, 32 y/o, Shorterville AC (XAN) striker
Ohashi Kiichi, #16, human, 27 y/o, Sporting Iturributa (AST) left winger
Makino Hideo, #11, human, 23 y/o, Villa (MUR) striker/attacking midfielder, converted to right winger for NT use
Ira Alting, #26, Inkling boy, 19 y/o, Real Squidroid CF (SQR) left winger
Sho Itō, #24, human, 20 y/o, Shamrock Cathair (AUD) right winger
Amagawa Katsuyoshi, #33, human, 26 y/o, Real Squidroid CF (SQR) striker

Style Mod -  +1
RP Permissions - I will allow the person who RPs my match before I can to:
Choose my goalscorers - Yes
Godmod scoring events - Please TG me beforehand
RP injuries to my players - Yes, only minor
Godmod injuries to my players - Yes, no career ending, please TG me beforehand
Hand out yellow cards to my players - Yes
Hand out red cards to my players - Yes, once or twice per match
Godmod other events - Please TG me beforehand

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Postby Megistos » Fri Nov 20, 2020 8:05 am


STYLE:: -3

MANAGER:: Jason Michels
FITNESS COACH:: Huxley Goodwin
GOALKEEPER COACH:: Haiden Hamilton

Elijah BECKS • GK • 31 APPS • 19 Y/O
Becks is a very quick goalkeeper with great reflexes. He likes to come out a lot, and similarily to Blackwell, likes to shut down shot or pass options for opposition players.

Justin MEADOWS • LB • 4 APPS • 17 Y/O
A attacking player, after playing well for the Sunshine Twilight he has been picked up by the national team. He is quick to the ball and a great dribbler, but goes down often.

Nicolas AVILA • CB • 7 APPS • 17 Y/O
Avila has always been a good player with a family history of sports; but not one of them had visited football, and he had done just that now. Avila is a sturdy and tall defender, who often gets the point of the card directed at him.

Tyler-Jay MCCAFFREY • CB • 8 APPS • 18 Y/O
McCaffrey is the oldest player on the Starting 11. Reaching only 5' 9", he isn't the most tallest defender, but he is surely one of the quickest to get back. He is good in 1v2 situations, blocking down many routes to team up with Blackwell.

Kenzo FRAN • RB • 5 APPS • 17 Y/O
A nice player good with corners, Fran has a delicate and nice foot that can easily set up a beautiful chance.

Daniel LUKOVIC • LM • 34 APPS • 18 Y/O
The type of player who'll run down the sideline with the ball, getting past everyone and then sending in a beautiful cross, Lukovic is quick and great with his feet. Now also playing for the national team, his schedule is packed up with World Cup 87 coming soon.

HOWARD Mitchell • LCM • 26 APPS • 18 Y/O
The strong player in the midfield, together with Vo and Jorgenson create the backbone in the midfield. He is more of a defensive player, but can be creative in the attack whenever he sees a chance.

Dylan VO • CM • 8 APPS • 15 Y/O
The youngest player on the squad, Vo looks forward to being a starter on the team. With his defensive style combined with his attacking gears, Vo can be a threat in any situation.

Roberto JORGENSON • RCM • 39 APPS • 18 Y/O
The captain of the team, Jorgenson is barely under 19, with only a few weeks to go till his birthday. His confidence combined with his quickness of play makes him a great captain.

Ben ROBERTSON • ST • 39 APPS • 18 Y/O
The star of the team, Robertson is a great goalscorer, setting a name for himself in many nations close to Megistos. His quick and powerful foot is also very skillful, and he sometimes puts up a show of goals which could entertain anyone.

Wilson BLACKWELL • GK • 14 APPS • 16 Y/O
The new U-18 goalkeeper after Becks hit 19 years of age, Blackwell has been doing consistently well, well enough to secure a place in the starting 11. Blackwell tends to focus on positioning and cracking down on opposition's shot options, which means that he comes out a lot. It's dangerous, but he's almost always secure on it.

JOSEFF Quintero • RB • 5 APPS • 17 Y/O
Joseff is a player great suited for free kicks and assisting moments. Blessed with a delicate yet sturdy and strong foot, Joseff is also amazing in corners, which he likes to either curve them in the net or go over the keepers head and cause chaos.

Alberto CALIBER • RM • 3 APPS • 17 Y/O
A quick but strong player, Caliber sets a goal for himself. The quick and strong Charonian will be looking to impress teams who are in a race for him in the Liga Interstellar.

*Due to the spread of Mieca0 in Megistos, we will only allow 3 subs.


Choose my goalscorer: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: TG
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Give red cards to my players: TG
Godmod other events: N
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Postby Kriegiersien » Fri Nov 20, 2020 11:16 am

After the men's team didn't do as expected in the last Olympics and IAC, instead the women's Olympic team, which reached the quarterfinal only losing by a hair's breadth 0-1 against the Teremaran Unified Team, will get the chance to prove themselves.
Most players are daugthers of clones from Simeone Di Bradini.

As always playing in their black Olympic jerseys.

Otto Hippo

Medical team
Witch Doctor Doloroes

Olivia Di Bradini

Joanne Di Brandini
Monica Di Bradini
Jessica Di Bradini
Mel Di Bradini
Victoria Di Bradini

Emma Di Bradini
Geraldine Di Bradini
Barbie Di Bradini
Melanie Di Bradini
Geri Di Bradini

Janina Corner
Tonya Haudels
Parminder Beckham

Everything allowed what it is not total game breaking

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Postby HUElavia » Fri Nov 20, 2020 2:10 pm

HUElavia National Football Team

Style: +1.5

#1: Jose Antionio Lobato (29 Years Old) (1.85 m)
#12: Ana Ramos (27 Years Old) (1.78 m)
#23: Gabriel Vannier (22 Years Old) (1.86 m)

#2: Kira Nazarenko (29 Years Old) (1.80 m) (CB)
#3: Jean Fernandez-Roux (26 Years Old) (1.85 m) (CB)
#4: Elenor Mariño (27 Years Old) (1.63 m) (LB-RB)
#5 Raul Amaru-Dominguez (29 Years Old) (1.78 m) (RB-LB)
#12: Chiyun Pae (21 Years Old) (1.65 m) (LB-RB)
#15: Manuel Mendieta (24 Years Old) (1.80 m) (CB)
#18 Helena Castro Bitencourt (24 Years Old) (1.75 m) (CB)
#22: Miguel Angel Duran (30 Years Old) (1.83 m) (RB-LB)

#6: Aurora Conti-Esposito (27 Years Old) (1.76 m) (DM-CM)
#8: Natalia Duran (27 Years Old) (1.63 m) (DM-CM)
#10: Lionel Rossi-Rigoni (33 Years Old) (1.70 m) (CM-AM)
#14: Maria Sakaguchi (27 Years Old) (1.64 m) (CM-AM)
#16 Mathieu Guilbert (21 Years Old) (1.78 m) (DM-CM-AM)
#19 Emilia Gagne-Leblanc (26 Years Old) (1.60 m) (DM-CM-AM)

#7: Cristiano Aveiro-Lima (35 Years Old) (1.85 m) (LW-RW)
#9: Ayuka Hamada-Navarro (25 Years Old) (1.57 m) (ST-CF)
#11: Marc Navarro (26 Years Old) (1.80 m) (RW-LW)
#17: Rosario Villca (25 Years Old) (1.60 m) (LW-RW)
#20 Melissa Reveles (30 Years Old) (1.65 m) (CF-ST)
#21: Woo-Jin Sol (18 Years Old) (1.80 m) (RW-LW)


Starting XI:
1 Lobato
5 Amaru, 2 Nazarenko, 3 Fernandez, 4 Mariño
6 Conti, 8 Duran
11 Navarro, 10 Rossi, 7 Cristiano
9 Hamada

Captain: Cristiano
Vice-Captain: Rossi
Free-Kicks: Rossi, Cristiano, Navarro
Penalties: Navarro, Cristiano
Corners: Esposito, Duran

Head Coach:
Estela Garcia Kimura (40 Years Old)

Assistant Coaches:
Diana Zanetti Linhares (41 Years Old), Gilbert Guilbert (43 Years Old)

(For B-Team squad, switch all players with their back up counterpart)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
RP scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y, but nothing too serious
Give red cards to my players: Y, but please send me a TG or message via discord about what it is
Godmod other events: Y
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Postby Vykta » Fri Nov 20, 2020 5:14 pm

The United Socialist States of Vykta
Roster for the 11th Independent Associations Cup in Hayvnwilde

About Vykta
Vykta is a relatively small nation of 24 million people residing over the entirety a well populated Pangea-like continent of a gas giant's moon orbiting two G-Class binary stars, aptly named Surta A and B, the moon being termed Surta IVb. The society is considered to have Post-Modern Technology representing the theorised 2030s era in the popular massively multiplayer online video game IRLstates. The nation is led not by a single person, but a council of leaders elected from the six major settlements and their surrounding rural areas. Each settlement elects 48 councilors by voting for one party to elect proportionally from a closed list, with 12 councilors total being reserved for the rural areas, who vote in their own list as well as the statewide list. Vykta is also a direct democracy with a very socialist bent, although more focused on the Nordic system than any other, however post-scarcity has almost been achieved due to massive strides in Artificial Intelligence that may take the nation deep into Science Fantasy Technology.

Vyktan Culture
Vykta is a nation founded by lost colonists from a planet only remembered by the name Solar Three, though such name has been corrupted by the millennia that have passed since the ark ship crashed on the surface of Vykta, forcing the 100,000 surviving colonists, that is... 10% of the original ark fleet to start again from essentially the stone age. Their culture essentially blossomed from the diversity and camaraderie shown during those early years from that catastrophic event, and as the world was become theirs, they still remembered the extreme climate heating that destroyed their home planet. Though Vykta's citizens are certainly humanoid in appearance, the 10,000 years of evolution on a planet where reptilians had dominated for æons had made them much more resemble horned and scaly reptilians themselves, than their old softer skinned forms with hair on their heads.

Vyktan Sports
Vyktans however, never truly forgot the rules of the three main sports on their home planet, though they had evolved somewhat in the playing skills, the rules had been pretty much set in stone to multiverse standards from the outset after the discovery of the multiverse portal system soon after the formation of the national government. The three sports are Kickball (aka Soccer), Hoopball (aka Basketball) and Gridball (American football). These sports have regular national tournaments, though recent history is unavailable as the national leagues are currently under extensive redevelopment.

Vykan Settlements
All settlements are around the same 4 million population as remote extranet work and replication technology make physical location a non-issue. This also means there is no set national capital.
  • Niu Bayxin
  • Nova Rohma
  • Nu Zeelant
  • Neo Tohkio
  • Nue Burlyn
  • New Sidny

IAC 11 Roster
Due to an error in our multiversal portal, our U21 team has been sent instead of our national team. They have all also forgotten their names, so will be using their numbers as surnames and their positions as given names.
(OOC: I hope to make some RP around the above at some point, but IRL has me in a bind, so to speak. This is also why I did this weird setup, to have future RP lines and also to delay name generation for a little bit.)

#1 - Keeper One (GK)
#2 - Leftback Two (DL)
#3 - CleftBack Three (DCL)
#4 - CrightBack Four (DCR)
#5 - RightBack Five (DR)
#6 - DefMid Six (DMC)
#7 - CleftMid Seven (MCL)
#8 - CrightMid Eight (MCR)
#9 - LeftAtt Nine (FL)
#10 - Striker Ten (ST)
#11 - RightAtt Eleven (FR)

#12 - KeepSub Twelve
#13 - DefSub Thirteen
#14 - DefSub Fourteen
#15 - MidSub Fifteen
#16 - MidSub Sixteen
#17 - AttSub Seventeen
#18 - AttSub Eighteen

Captain: Keeper One
Vice Captain: Striker Ten
Manager: Mx. Manager

Code: Select all
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
RP scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y but make it believable.
RP injuries to my players: Y but I determine length, assume the default is the rest of the game.
Godmod injuries to my players: Y but make it look minor, any more info will be given via RP if not default assumption, also TG me about it.
Give red cards to my players: N, we stay on feet and are averse to contact. Clawed feet don't do tackles well in football.
Godmod other events: Y but only at the football match, nothing outside the stadium, and no permanent effects to anything related to our team or our our nation. Also TG me about it.
Last edited by Vykta on Fri Nov 20, 2020 5:16 pm, edited 2 times in total.
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I do not use NS Stats in RP. I purely use it for leaderboards. They also do not reflect my political views.
My RPs are my own and any similarity to past nations or roleplayers is entirely coincidental.


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Postby Kohnhead » Fri Nov 20, 2020 6:26 pm


Nation Name: The Galactic Empire of Kohnhead
Shorter Name: Kohnhead
Nation Trigramme: KND
Record: 44-18-27 (W-D-L)
WCC Record: 28-13-21 (W-D-L)
Inaugural Match: Kohnhead 2 - 2 Riena
Biggest Win: Orion Islands 1 - 4 Kohnhead
Biggest Loss: Geektopia 6 - 2 Kohnhead
Achievements: First Place at the 2nd Wonder Cup, Round of 16 at the 72nd Baptism of Fire, 5th place in group 2 of WC85 qualfiers, Round of 16 at the 77th Cup of Harmony, Round of 16 at the 10th IAC, Round of 32 at the 78th Cup of Harmony
Top Scorer: Aaron Korkson (43)
Most Assists: Linus Rallyton (25)
Most Caps: Charles Laker (88)

Team Info: The Brains surpassed all expectations and turned many heads at their original attempt at qualifying as we came in 6th in our group but that doesn't tell the whole story. We were in it until the second to last match where Drawkland eliminated us by winning 5-4. We have also impressed in virtually every other competition we have been in except for last qualifiers where we did extremely poorly (but don't talk about it). The Michael White era has started off pretty well for Kohnhead with good results at the Twicetagria Football Invitational. Last time we made it to the Round of 16 before losing to the eventual champions Poafmersia 3-2 (we tend to do that a lot).

The official roster of the KNFT consists of the following players for the Independent Associations Championship. It has players from the KFA (Kohnhead Football Association), as well as some who play on teams abroad.

Starting XI
(C) Forward: Aaron Korkson #91 (M) Age: 24 Team: Kohnhead City FC
Caps: 83 Goals: 43 Assists: 20
The 24 year old captain played very well at the Baptism of Fire before their loss in the round of 16. He also was one of the main reasons they were able to do so well in the World Cup 85 qualifiers. He's a strong leader and is able to score goals pretty easily. He and Maltos are the stars on Kohnhead City FC and on national team. He will be entering his prime soon and leads the squad in goals by a large amount. He did poorly during qualifying and if we want to get back to our peak he needs to play well.

Forward: Erin Maltos #10 (F) Age: 24 Team: Kohnhead City FC
Caps: 83 Goals: 30 Assists: 19
Erin Maltos is very good. While Korkson may have 13 more goals, the impact she has on the game when she's plays cannot be understated and although there are times and there are some games where she may disappear into the shadow of other stars, she has the best footwork on the team and a deadly shot. She like Korkson will be reaching her prime soon and it will be good to see.

Central Attacking Midfielder: Sophie Johnson #7 (F) Age: 20 Team: Kohnhead City FC
Caps: 11 Goals: 2 Assists: 1
While Sophie Johnson was buried on the depth chart at the Cup of Harmony a great run of form in the KFA Premier League so far (this comes at the early season International break) and Michael White's approval during training has earned her this spot away from Audrey Henderson. It's a bold move however so if she fails to play well she will lose her starting spot to Suzanna Barter or Audrey Henderson.

Right Mid: Ida Cogginter #41 (F) Age: 29 Team: Kohnhead City FC
Caps: 65 Goals: 11 Assists: 13
Two years ago before our BOF many thought Audrey Henderson the then young 21 year old would have her spot. Cogginter proved those doubters wrong and had a fantastic tournament. She really is a big part in the flow of the offense and has great skills as a passer. Cogginter plays second fiddle on Kohnhead City to Korkson and Maltos but she really played well in the BOF and some claim her injury was the reason Kohnhead didn't make it to the quarters. Despite her injury troubles in the qualifiers for World Cup 85 she has returned as good as ever in the Cup of Harmony and in the IAC. It was a bold move to give her the starting spot originally and it was a bold move to give it back to her upon her return to injury but she has deserved it both times. More questions surround her as she reaches 30 and with lots of competition in the midfield it seems unlikely she will keep this spot for much longer although one should never doubt her.

Center Mid: Linus Rallyton #11 (M) Age: 26 Team: FC Yassaca (Squornshelean Remnant States)
Caps: 82 Goals: 13 Assists: 25
It didn't take long for Linus Rallyton to show that he was the best player in Kohnhead and it happened during our Baptism of Fire as he looked dominant. He is our all time leader in assists with 18 and he controls the game from the center of the field as that guy. Last offseason he completed a massive move to FC Yassaca in the Squornshelan Remnant States and they finished in second place after failing to get a victory in their final match which would have sealed it. Despite this it was a great season being named the second best signing, the fourth best midfielder, and the fourth best foreign player.

Left Mid: Charles Laker #54 (M) Age: 21 Team: Barnley FC
Caps: 88 Goals: 20 Assists: 13
In the two years since our Baptism of Fire we have seen the emergence of Charles Laker on the left side of this midfield. His talent, skills, and maturity level have grown exponentially and he will keep getting better in the years ahead. Laker is the only player to have played (he has started them all) in every single game in Kohnhead's brief history, and he has played every minute of every game showing just how much of an ironman he has been. The one good thing to come out of qualifiers was Laker ascending to a superstar and possibly overtaking Rallyton in terms of skill.

Right Back: Taylor Rodar #15 (F) Age: 21 Team: New Capetown Falcons (Taeshan)
Caps: 14 Goals: 1 Assists: 0
Rodar after leaving Bingham City was called up to the National team as possibly the second center back off of the bench behind Porsha. Rodar didn't play too well at the DBC and Bingham City were awful during their relegation year however she was given a shot at the Cup of Harmony and played well, Michael White really likes her skill set. She currently is the starter at right back for mid table Taeshan side New Capetown Falcons and her best days are ahead of her.

Center Back: Miranda Atkinson #51 (F) Age: 20 Barnley FC
Caps: 72 Goals: 2 Assists: 5
Miranda Atkinson has been the second best player on the defense since she became a starter midway through the Baptism of Fire, two years ago. Since then she has improved, just reached, 20, and not to mention won the MVP with Barnley FC in season 1 of the KFA. She like a lot of this team has her best days ahead of her and will be the starter for a long time.

Center Back: Claire Corton #24 (F) Age: 27 Team: Swisston City FC
Caps: 64 Goals: 2 Assists: 4
Corton had a rough start to the BoF, with some saying her and Vargas were the major problem with the team. She stepped it up a bit later in the tournament but overall had a rough BOF. Since then she has been a real redemption story playing extremely well, a lot better than when Callie Porsha had to step in as her replacement. Corton is still in the prime of her career, but she was injured midway through last 85's qualifiers causing her to miss the entire Cup of Harmony. Hopefully she can put those injury questions behind her.

Left Back: Nicholas Radison #14 (M) Age: 25 Team: Port Tacassam FC (Tikariot)
Caps: 87 Goals: 6 Assists: 5
Radison has been the best defender by far. He has the pace to run up and down the wings which is something you always look for in a wing back. Radison has consistently been the lone saving grace of the defense but now the defense is much improved which will take the burden off of his back especially with the emergence of Atkinson, from Claire Corton. Radison is just entering his prime at age 25. He has also been asked to play more of a role in the offense with his speed down the wings. Last offseason he completed a transfer from FC Kohnface City to Tikariotan side Port Tacassam FC
who are surprisingly in a title race that Radison has contributed to.

Goalkeeper: Bertha Sanders #1 Age: 22 (F) Team: Philtront Pioneers
Caps: 37 Goals: 0 Assists: 0
After starting for Kohnhead at the most recent U-21 World Cup/DBC, Sanders in a surprise move was named the National Team starter over Madison Richards for the IAC. Richards continued to be on the bench as Sanders who looked good at the DBC took over for the legend that was Jackson Newcastle. Newcastle has also returned to and will be a member of the coaching staff and will especially be helping Sanders. It appears as if Coach Kohnhead made another smart move as she looked great at the IAC and could be the starter for the next 15 years. Qualifiers were more difficult for her but she should bounce back here at the CoH. White is keeping her as the starter after a good Cup of Harmony.


Captain: Korkson
Left Free Kick: Rallyton
Right Free Kick: Rallyton
Right Corner: Rallyton
Left Corner: Rallyton
Penalties: Korkson or Maltos

Formation: 4-3-1-2. It has two center backs, two full backs, three midfielders, a central attacking midfielder and two strikers.

Coach: Michael White (M) (South Newlandia)

Forward: John Smith #19 (M) Age: 22 South Saints (Ethane)
Caps: 0 Goals: 0 Assists: 0
Smith played for Barnley in season one but transferred to the reigning champs of Ethane (The South Saints) in that offseason where he helped them reach third place in the league to go back to IFCF competitions. He will be replacing Griffin Phoenix-Anderson and while he might not be as good he's young like the majority of the team and played quite well last season.

Goalkeeper: Madison Richards #72 (F) Age: 32 Nickelson FC
Caps: 5 Goals: 0 Assists: 0
Richards proved to be a suitable backup in the 3 games that she started last time in place of Jackson Newcastle as she despite some nerves in the first one settled down. At age 32, she will probably remain the backup for the rest of her career as Bertha Sanders has looked very good so far.

Defensive Mid: Rodriguez Sporet #2 (M) Age: 32 FC Rüsselsheim (South Newlandia)
Caps: 0 Goals: 0 Assists: 0
Sporet will be replacing the forgettable Hannah Horsford as he makes his debut call-up to the National Team. While he is 32 and never once impressed in the KFA playing for the Dawson Diamonds in season 1 (again there were seasons before this) a free transfer to FC Rüsselsheim in South Newlandia changed his career. He was arguably their best player and was named the second best defender in South Newlandia helping them avoid relegation and make it to the Challenger's Cup by way of the Cup. While he probably won't play much and was a surprise call-up it's good to see Michael White using his South Newlandian connections.

Forward: Thomas Stratford #12 (M) Age: 21 Nickelson FC
Caps: 8 Goals: 3 Assists: 0
Stratford has barely played for the National team but with Griffin Pheonix-Anderson retiring and Harry Richman getting on with age he has moved up to the first choice striker on the bench. He recently graduated from University and succesfully returned to his club of Nickelson to pair with GPA and Madison Richards helping lead them to a second place finish in the league. He has seen a small dip in form this season but played very well in Twicetagria scoring twice.

Forward: Harry Richman #77 (M) Age: 33 Team: Barnley FC
Caps: 42 Goals: 12 Assists: 5
Harry Richman has come in clutch for this team. He plays 65 minutes a game when he starts yet is ready to come off the bench and give this team a spark whenever necessary. He has come off the bench before and performed extremely well when needed however he has now moved below Stratford on the depth chart. He still enjoys domestic success though as this was a very successful performance in the Challenger's Cup by Barnley making it to the Group Stage and captured his second KFA title last year.

Back: Arnold Donaldson #23 (M) Age: 24 Team: Vidal Alchemists (Mriin)
Caps: 0 Goals: 0 Assists: 0
Donaldson will be the third new player added to the roster for the IAC after a good debut season in Mriin playing for the Vidal Alcehmists. While he's by no means the best player on the team, Mriin teams are a lot better than Kohnheadian teams and the fact that he's starting says a lot. He is replacing Vargas but is probably the last defender on the depth chart.

Mid: Al Torgan #21 (M) Age: 28 Team: Capital FC (Sylestone)
Caps: 37 Goals: 3 Assists: 3
Al Torgan is the second choice midfielder off the bench ahead of both Barter but behind Henderson and he showed this in the last IAC. He scored twice in that tournament including the winner against Port Ember while he played in place of the injured Linus Rallyton. While he isn't as talented as Rallyton he played his best and turned many heads.

Mid: Suzanna Barter #60 (F) Age: 19 Team: Kingston FC (Quebec)
Caps: 5 Goals: 1 Assists: 1
Barter replaced Balmer on the squad as they like the upside that Barter offers more than they like Balmer's as Barter is only 19. Suzanna really emerged in season 1 of the the KFL on a surprise Real Dawson squad that made the Challengers. Barter got her only cap (it was a start) in the match against Delaclava which was a friendly and she record an assist. Sophie Johnson was named the starter and she is pretty far down on a loaded midfield depth chart, as the new Kingston FC player who moved there for a massive 4.75 million dollars last summer continues her climb.

Right Back: Caroline Prius-Lenoard #76 (F) Age: 33 Team: Sporting Kohnhead City
Caps: 66 Goals: 1 Assists: 5
Prius-Leonard didn't start out too well as the entire defense struggled during our Baptism of Fire but since then she has been a constant at right back and has really turned her game around. CPL is getting up there in age and while she has missed only three games as part of the team she has a bad injury history and at 33 many people are worried how much longer she can keep playing at a high level as she has publicly flirted with retiring before this domestic league season and is now on a new team in SKC. CPL looked old, slow, and fatigued during qualifers with resulted in her being benched for the first time. Rodar is now ahead of her on the depth chart as is Porsha.

Mid: Audrey Henderson #9 (F) Age: 23 FC Kohnface City
Caps: 64 Goals: 12 Assists: 10
For the longest time, Henderson was our top sub off of the bench especially in the midfield and she stepped up big time when Cogginter went down early on during the qualifiers at World Cup 85. Despite this it seemed that the young Henderson may never be given a spot to start until finally before our inaugural IAC, Coach Kohnhead decided to give her the starting spot in for Hannah Horsford as we transitioned to a 4-3-1-2. Henderson played extremely well at said IAC but struggled in both the 86 qualifiers as well as the following Cup of Harmony prompting a benching as Michael White made his first big move. Henderson will be the top midfield sub off the bench once again and is hoping to regain her starting spot.

Back: Callie Porsha #42 (F) Age: 20 FC Kohnface City
Caps: 52 Goals: 2 Assists: 3
Porsha following CPL's well documented struggles took over the starting right back spot as Coach White eventually benched her in favor of Taylor Rodar. She recently graduate to join FC Kohnface City and is currently the top defender off of the bench.


Massive shoutout to Filindostan and No Nonsense Sportswear for making these awesome kits

Style Mod: -2 (New coach, new style mod)
RP Permissions: Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Just TG me to let me know what it is. I will probably allow almost all.
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6 Ethanian Open - Winner (Doubles)
7 Steinigestrasse Open - Winner (Doubles)
7 Britonish Open - Winner (Doubles)

NSCF 22 - Semifinals (Kohnhead City University)
NSCF 24 - Semifinals (Kohnhead City University)

Gold Coast Basketball Tournament - 2nd place

International Baseball Series 12 - 4th place

Volleyball World Expo 11 - 3rd place
Volleyball World Expo 12 - 4th place

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Postby Almuzahara » Fri Nov 20, 2020 8:18 pm


Manager: Yusuf ALAOUI - 56
Style Mod: +2.5
Formation: 4-3-3
Nickname: The Panthers
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: TG for Permission
RP injuries to my players: Yes, I determine severity
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, TG for Permission if more than one
Godmod other events: TG for Permission


Starting Eleven

The Panthers are famed for their constant energy. Without possession, they aggressively press, closing out on poor passers and players in vulnerable positions - especially on the flanks - as soon as the ball is lost. When the ball is won back, they push forwards, emphasizing verticality, quick movement, and teamwork over individual flair. It's an attractive style of football, but it is also a bit naïve, as they tend to wear down late in games and are a bit sloppy in the back.

The key players in the system are Tariq Ben Labrat, not a big goalscorer but a dynamite presser with a deft touch, and Khalid Elias, whose endless stamina will make him the team's defensive anchor, especially late in matches. There isn't much of an emphasis on width, enabling Fernandez and Alami to cut inside and make plays in the box - most of Almuzahara's goals will come from one devastating long-ball right after regaining possession, followed by a series of deft interplays in the box to stymie the defense with rapid passing before a shot opens up.


GK - 01. Abdel BEKKAYE - 24 - 0 caps, 0 clean sheets
LB - 02. Ibrahim DELGADO - 27 - 0 caps, 0 goals
CB - 07. Yussuf BENDAHAN (C) - 31 - 0 caps, 0 goals
CB - 03. Abbas OSMAN - 26 - 0 caps, 0 goals
RB - 04. Hassan BOUMEDIENE - 25 - 0 caps, 0 goals
CM - 05. Rashid AVERROES - 23 - 0 caps, 0 goals
DM - 08. Khalid ELIAS (VC) - 31 - 0 caps, 0 goals
CM/AM - 10. Ali AL-QUSHAYRI -28 - 0 caps, 0 goals
LW - 06. Ahmed FERNANDEZ (VC) - 29 - 0 caps, 0 goals
ST - 09. Tariq BEN LABRAT - 26 - 0 caps, 0 goals
RW - 11. Amir ALAMI - 24 - 0 caps, 0 goals


GK - 12. Said ABDULRAHMAN - 21 - 0 caps, 0 clean sheets
GK - 13. Mohamed AL-HARRAK - 23 - 0 caps, 0 clean sheets
LB - 14. Mohamed TAMAZIYT - 30 - 0 caps, 0 goals
CB - 15. Abdul AIT - 26 - 0 caps, 0 goals
CB - 16. Rafik TOLOSA - 25 - 0 caps, 0 goals
RB - 17. Karim ALAMI - 24 - 0 caps, 0 goals
CM - 18. Saad BENNANI - 29 - 0 caps, 0 goals
DM - 19. Abu MANSUR - 21 - 0 caps, 0 goals
AM - 20. Mahmoud CASABLANCA - 34 - 0 caps, 0 goals
LW/RW - 21. Araz FERNANDEZ - 26 - 0 caps, 0 goals
ST - 22. Omar TILIMSAN - 24 - 0 caps, 0 goals
FW - 23. Youssef BLANCO - 22 - 0 caps, 0 goals
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Postby Muralos » Fri Nov 20, 2020 11:09 pm

About Muralos
Muralos is a cosmopolitan collection of islands located in the corner of the Far East: RL’s Sakhalin and Kuril Islands. It is home to a population of Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and indigenous (Ainu and Nivkh) origins. The official language of Muralos is Esperanto- a language designed to be universal and easy to learn- but the population is exceptionally multilingual, with each citizen knowing an average of 4 languages.

The Muralosian National Football Team
(also known as the Hawks, after Muralos’ national animal, the Muralosian Hawk)

The Muralosian national soccer team represents Muralos in association football (or soccer, as it is called in Muralos’ former region Asian Archipelago). It is controlled by the Muralosian Soccer Association, the governing body for soccer in Muralos. Muralos' home ground is the Komcatt Arena in the capital city of Urbego, and its current coach is Jozefo Koltakov, former striker for CSKA Urbego and later Muralosian national team captain.

Unusually, the Muralosian national football team elects to use one kit with the national colors of Muralos.

Diagram of player positions for reference

The Muralosian roster has not changed in the past four years, save for the addition of reserves. The starting players were quite young when they joined the roster in 2016. Now, they are tried-and-true forces, having won the Second International Football Cup in Squidroidia this year after 4 years of not facing competition.

Starting Lineup of the Muralosian National Football Team
  • #1 Rodion Markov - Goalkeeper - as part of the U-20 Muralosian squad, he was nicknamed "the Prophet" for his formidable accuracy in guessing the direction of penalty kicks and capability to pass very wide, "seeing beyond" any obstacles.
  • #2 Ryo Takeda - Right back - the only team member with Ainu ancestry and hailed as a symbol of Muralosian diversity and Esperantism. (Of course, he is also a great player in his own right.)
  • #4 Aleksandro Kim - Center back - born in Kurilo of Korean descent, Kim moved to Urbego at the age of 13 to attend Urbego's Zamenhof High School and was part of the team that won the FIS, Muralos' premier high school championship, in 2008.
  • #5 Rikardo Lei - Center back - his grandparents were Fengjieans who were doctors during the Muralosian Civil War. (Unfortunately, the nation of Fengjie ceased to exist.) Exceptionally strong defender who played a very large role in the Asian Archipelago Regional Cup, most notably in the match against Elbaron in which the Hawks won 2-1.
  • #3 Koralo Petrov - Left back - another player who rose to fame through an FIS championship. Makes very wide passes and is regarded as a good team player.
  • #6 Mikhail Zheng - Left midfield - part of the same FIS-winning team as Aleksandro Kim. Had a brief stint playing in the Premier League of Li Qing (now the Confederation of Australian States) before returning to become a member of the Hawks.
  • #7 Johano Abramovich - Center midfield - Formidable dribbling skills, also the leader in assists during the Asian Archipelago Regional Cup. Jokingly dubbed "the creative type" by coach Koltakov, Abramovich is known for his long-range, curved shots, which proved useful in Muralos' 7-4 victory against Li Qing in early 2016.
  • #8 Nikolaj Granda - Center midfield - No relation to Walter Granda, who represents Muralos in professional tennis. Despite what his last name may suggest, Granda is a rather petite player. At only 5'7", his shorter stature allows him to be more agile and less injury-prone compared to taller opponents.
  • #11 Vilhelmo Lumin - Right midfield - a cum laude graduate of Urbego National University, where he played in the Muralosian University League, Lumin made his first international appearance as a substitute player during the Asian Archipelago Regional Cup. Following the retirement of veteran Klaus Sverov, however, he joined the starting lineup in Muralos' match against New Zhengguo in the Embassy Cup.
  • #9 Rui - Striker - Born Rui Zhang, he changed his name legally to Rui in July 2014. Remarkably fast and shoots penalties with good accuracy. One of the more underrated members of the team.
  • #10 Adamo Brava - Striker - the 25-year-old team captain, widely considered to be the star player of the Muralosian team and an answer to some premier overseas soccer players. Despite his status, however, he is also known for his maturity and humility, often representing the Muralosian team in interviews and awards ceremonies.

Reserves of the Muralosian National Men's Football Team
The reserves of the Muralosian national men's football team are newer to the team, most of them having joined in the summer of this year. This list of players will be updated in due time.
  • #30 Daniel "Lerta" Donaldson - Left midfield - played for Zamenhof High School and made major contributions to their semifinal and runner-up finishes in 2018 and 2019, respectively. In 2019, he enrolled at the Havenurbo Institute of Technology, where he studies mathematics and plays for the soccer team – reigning University League champions. In the summer of 2020, he was invited to practice with the Muralosian national team, becoming the second African-Muralosian player in the team's history and the youngest player on the current squad.
  • #21 Georgo Zhong - Center midfield - a current teammate of Lerta Donaldson at Havenurbo Tech and an economics major there. While a student at Nord-Urbo High School, he scored a hat-trick against Urbego High School, securing Nord-Urbo's first FIS qualification in 10 years.)

Style Modifier and RP Permissions
Style modifier: +2

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
- Choose my goalscorers: Yes
- Godmod scoring events: No
- RP injuries to my players: Yes
- Godmod injuries to my players: No
- Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
- Hand out red cards to my players: Telegram first. (This Muralosian squad isn’t infallible, but they have been pretty sportsmanlike through the years.)
- Godmod other events: No
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Muralos (inspired by Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands; flag is that of Okha, Sakhalin Oblast)
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2nd International Football Cup - Champions
Asian Archipelago Embassy Cup - Quarterfinalists
Asian Archipelago Soccer Cup - Champions

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Postby Icecliff » Sat Nov 21, 2020 2:34 am

Icecliff Football Team

Style Modifier: +5 (I want GOALS dammit :P)


Formation: 4-2-4, but turns into a 2-4-4 when attacking.

GK: Tod Power
Age: 23
A star in the Icecliff Domestic League, Power is known for his athleticism and conservative approach to stopping shots.

LB: Garrett Ware
Age: 25
Ware is an aggressive player, often moving up near the midfielder line. This makes him dangerous, as opponents do not expect an out-of-formation play, and the LCD will cover for him if needed.

CD: Linus Carlsen - Team Captain
Age: 27
Linus is a very smart and sportsmanlike player who always seems to be in the right position at the right time. He is a teammate of Ware's and is used to covering for him; the pair make for a dangerous duo.

CD: Fritjof Gibb
Age: 20
A younger player, Gibb is known for his athleticism, able to head balls away from other players and very good at blocking shots. He is overly physical, though, and often gets into foul trouble.

RB: Katy Steinsson
Age: 19
The only female player on the team, Steinsson is one of the fastest, along with Rowe. This enables her to attack aggressively and get back quickly. She has worked on her stamina a lot over the years, so she can sustain this throughout a game.

LCM: Josef Blake
Age: 24
An aggressive, well-known for his accuracy and power on shots and passes. He should pair well with Rowe.

RCM: Ragnar Wolff - Alternate Captain
Age: 30
The team's old man, Wolff doesn't play like it. An aggressive player, he will pair well with Steinsson as she supports during attack plays.

LW: Hjalmar Rowe
Age: 18
The team's baby, Rowe does not play like it. Coming from an incredible performance in the Sporting World Cup in which he led the U18 team to a Quarterfinals finish in Icecliff's first international appearance, ever, he is sure to perform. Rowe presents an unusual problem for opponents: he is fast enough to get inside the box as a winger and powerful enough to score. This means that, at any one time, Icecliff may effectively have three strikers.

ST: Roland Sanford
Age: 22
Easily the player with the best ability to dribble on the team, Sanford is good at creating and using space and crushing the ball into the net whenever he has the chance.

ST: Zackary Davidson
Age: 21
An athletic player whose job is to get those hard-to-reach balls and make each one count on the scoreboard.

RW: Artturi Leonardson
Age: 24
A celebrated passer who is favored to get the most assists for the team.


GK: Kirby Nordskov
Age: 28
The former No.1 goalkeeper until Power began to develop, now the No. 2 goalkeeper. He uses the favored Icecliffan Keeper style, that of conservative play using athleticism to stop shots, but he is able to come out on close shots and cut down the angles quite well.

B: Lachlan Kaspersen
Age: 21
Unique in that he can use both feet equally powerfully, Kaspersen is best known as a strong passer.

D: Gray Hayden
Age: 19
He likely would've starred in the Sporting World Cup had his birthday been a few days later, but Hayden was too old by five days for Icecliff's inaugural appearance and will "settle" for playing on the top team. A big, physical player, he has a cannon of a kick, but that is not an accurate one.

M: Linton and Roy Burrell
Ages: 18
These twin midfielders played very well in the SWC and have played together all their lives. Their biggest advantage is their ability to sense what the other will do, so they will usually only be subbed in as a unit.

W: Dagur Jokinen
Age: 26
A conventional winger, capable of skilled footwork and pinpoint crosses.

ST: Kresten Winston
Age: 25
A striker with an impressive control of his body that comes from his being a gymnast. He has been known to score while flipping in the air. Unfortunately, this comes as a detriment to his other talents and he is not the greatest football player outside of acrobatics.


Coach: Jonas Wallace
Age: 42
A former football player, Wallace is an impressive strategist who came up with the fluid formation system Icecliff uses.

Trainer: Patrick Albertsson
Age: 33
Albertsson is the team trainer, the best available in Icecliff, who has already developed an impressive resume as a trainer for Icecliff Castle FC, consistently a top team in the Icecliff Domestic League.



My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: N
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Give red cards to my players: N
Godmod other events: N
If you want to do something I don't allow, either telegram me or DM me on Discord, I typically respond within 12 hours but often more on weekends.

RP Suggestions:
Penalty Kick Order:
Blake, Sanford, Davidson, Rowe, Wolff
Most likely to score from close in are Sanford, Davidson, and Rowe, while Leonardson, Blake, and Carlsen are most likely to get assists, and Blake can also snipe. If you want me to score a ridiculous acrobatic goal, sub in Winston.
In manner of scoring, Sanford will look for an opening and shoot through it, using footwork to assist with that. Davidson will get most headers and crosses, one-touching them into the net. Rowe will get a pass while sprinting laterally towards the net, then turn his right foot and kick towards the near post. Blake will snipe.
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Postby Central Shaneville » Sat Nov 21, 2020 4:44 am

Central Shaneville are back at the Independents Cup, last time out for them was all the way back at the Independents Cup 5 where they made the Last 16 at their first attempt at the Independents Cup and with a World Cup campaign looming in the future, the island nation looks to build momentum heading into it.

The Team
Just like with the International Football Cup side, this team remains somewhat unchanged from their Independents Cup 5 campaign from a few years ago however a load of new talent have come through so this side is relatively young but some names remain the same.

The Lineup for Central Shaneville:

GK - James Penford
LB - Lewis Young
CB - Tommy Vance
CB - Anthony Wessels
RB - Brandon Ekins
CM - Danny Staniar
CM - Shane Wray
LW - Spencer Owen
RW - Sam Wray
ST - David Vujanic
ST - Josh Smith

GK - Jordan Berry
D - Zach Demou
D - Jack Lawton
M - Daniel Cutting
M - Olly Kenyon
M - Jeff Shreeves
F - Taylor Anderson
F - Owain Cottam

Only one player makes their football debut for Central Shaneville this time round as Jack Lawton steps onto the pitch for the first time, Jay Bucks handpicked him out of the Central Shaneville Football Academy to be a part of this team saying that "There is promise with him."

Up front, David Vujanic and Josh Smith return - nations that faced Central Shaneville in the Independents Cup a few years ago were always cautious when facing these two men as their attacks can be devastating to an opponent some people even say its what got Central Shaneville out of its group in its first attempt that tournament, Smith is known for his long shots whilst Vujanic prefers a more technical approach this variety is good but can lead to a few arguments sometimes between attackers and defenders.

Now you know the players to a level, the manager Jay Bucks is of Australian decent and this shows as when things dont go the way he likes on the pitch he tends to shout and get fired up on the touchline the Shaneville fans however love his commitment and respect for the nation as his personality on the touchline has gained a cult following in itself.

Now you know the team and the manager, its time to see what this tournament has to offer for Central Shaneville.

RP allowed:
Choose my goal scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No

Style modify:+3
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Postby Juvencus » Sat Nov 21, 2020 8:55 am

Squadra Nazionale di Juvencus


The squad quality and teamwork has dropped significantly over the year. A managerial change to a more offensive manager in Mauro De Casio means the squad is back to full attacking strength. While age may start causing some issues, especially in the backline, the front line strength is full of players near or at the peak of their abilities, which means fast-paced aggressive football won't be much of an issue for them, especially with an experience midfield to support their every step. The coach has decided to put faith in some distinguished youngsters by giving them an elevation to the senior national team squad, whether that decision proves to be fruitful or not is up to the newly-promoted youngsters themselves, as the project starts to gain fruition in the senior levels of the team. The International Associations Cup has always been a tough tournament to play for the gli attaccanti as the team has only managed to get past the group stages only once in its countless participations and they will certainly be looking for title contention and the reemergence of Juvencus as a footballing power.

Starting XI:
GK:Taddeo Bulgari(Age 31)(Tushlark Superstars FC)
CB:Amaury Félix(Age 32)(USC Toro)
CB:Nicolò Bassi(Age 30)(Portsmouth City)(Second captain)
CB:Izotz Ibarra(Age 28)(AC Pomena)
CDM:Nino Russo(Age 31)(Internazionale Serone)
CDM:Clovis Bret(Age 33)(FC Piluzzi)
RM:Ekain Zuñiga(Age 27)(AC Pomenza)
LM:Tore Christian(Age 25)(Toro Calcio)
LF:Joaquim Martell(Age 32)(Ausharmuj Marusi)(Captain)
RF:Patxi Etxeberria(Age 26)(AC Pomena)
CF:Santo Silvestri(Age 27)(Port Tacassam)

GK:Tacito De La Fuente(Age 28)(S.S.C Tipoli)
CB:Carlo Callejon(Age 21)(AC Pomena)
CB:Priscilla Herbert(Age 31)(S.S.C Tipoli)
CDM:Firmino Maçon(Age 25)(AC Herona)
CDM:Mattin Zabala(Age 28)(Porcara FC)
CDM:Félix Sissoko(Age 18)(USC Toro)
RM:Hugo Grec(Age 33)(Carvi Albion)
RM:Júlien Cantù(Age 26)(Bul Khungur Miners FC)
LM:Michelangelo Santini(Age 23)(Baraldhur AFC)
LM:Angelino Alberighi(Age 31)(Plympton Town)
LF:Porfirio Araujo(Age 28)(AC Pomenza)
LF:Edu Coste(Age 18)(AC Pomena)
RF:Demetro Laterza(Age 30)(Umbazi Metropolitan SC)
RF:Matias Nespoli(Age 23)(Villa)
CF:Brunella Tafani(Age 27)(Twin Saints)
CF:Julio Campana(Age 18)(AC Pomena)

Main Coach:Mauro De Casio
Assistant Coach:Calixto Conti
Assistant Coach:Joël Pavia
Team Doctor:Carlo Micheli
Team Doctor:Mathis Rotolo

Thanks Filindo!

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose my scoring events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yea, of course you can, go crazy, make my goalkeeper temporarily blind while you guys are shooting at him or something.
RP injuries to my players: Yea, but nothing too serious.
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Yes, 1 per game, unless I say otherwise in TG
Give Red Cards to my players: Yes, 1 per 2 games, unless I say otherwise in TG
Godmod other events: Yes but don't kill my players
Style Modifier: +5
The Holy Empire of Juvencus

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Postby Squidroidia » Sat Nov 21, 2020 9:00 am

From the Hunted to the Hunter

"Welcome to Bellymn, guys." The Squidroidian manager told his team as the airplane touched down on the runway in Havynwilde's capital. "I know you want to stretch out and see the sights, but you all know that this is the biggest tournament you have participated in, and this could really cost me my job. The 2 invitational tournaments were just warmups for the IAC." Indeed, Ryūzaki Mito knew how big tournaments like the IAC were. Last time they occurred the team reached the Semi-Finals, and that alone secured his job for the World Cup qualification campaign. The Baptism of Fire Semis were just the icing on top of the cake, and the sprinkles were surely their World Cup qualification exploits and the Cup of Harmony run. Now his career as Squidroidia's manager once again rested on the IAC.

Havynwilde was where they were going to stay for this run with the wolves left behind by AO, Rushmore and Esportiva. It was roughly half as big as Squidroidia the country in terms of population, but with 50 teams entering the fray, from defending champions Poafmersia to the Ponyvillian Separatists of Twicetagrien Canterlotine Territories, it was a more crowded field than the 40 that showed up to Omerica for the 10th IAC. The team, the SFA delegates and the broadcasting crew from national television network SBN were all waiting on one thing before preparations for the tournament began - The group draw.

The group draw, unlike that in Omerica, focused on one team from each pot going to their group, then moving on to the other pots to fill out just one group. By the time Group I was reached, the remaining teams looked like this.

Pot 1

Pot 2

Pot 3
A Flock of Seagulls
Central Shaneville

Pot 4

Pot 5

"I'm fine if we get Ginadjkrum and Sannyamathland," said Squidroidian keeper Takemoto Shingen as the national team saw the draw. "As much as I want the team take on Murphtannia again, if we learned anything from the Twicetagrien Football Invitational it is that they can beat us on any given day." He wasn't hard pressed on whether or not they get World Cup 86 participants Trolleborg or previous hosts Omerica in the group, and that was echoed by basically the entire team.

Then the names were called for Group I.


  • Last IAC Appearence - 3rd Place, IAC X
  • Last Tournament Appearance - 3rd Place, IFC 2
  • KPB Ranking - 73rd
  • History Against Squidroidia - N/A
  • Will Play Squidroidia - N/A

This is self-explanatory. This is Squidroidia, 3rd place last IAC, although back then they had I'd say the easiest of knockout stage paths out of the Semi-Finalists. Say what you want about the other surprise of that tournament, Woryand, but they were crossing paths with Squidroidia in that Quarter-Final and one of the surprising teams was ultimately getting a shot to take down either the defending champions or the Inkopolis FC of the IAC. You all know what happened here. At least you aren't...


  • Last IAC Appearence - Group Stage, IAC X
  • Last Tournament Appearance - Round of 32, Cup of Harmony 78
  • KPB Ranking - 63rd
  • History Against Squidroidia - N/A
  • Will Play Squidroidia - Matchday 2

...Last IAC's hosts. You know what happened when they hosted the IAC, they crashed out of their group like a rock. And these were the HOSTS. Sure, they have gotten better since then with a trip to the knockout stages in last edition's Cup of Harmony only to be swept aside by a certain team that a member of this group knows very well, but they really want to avenge their losses back then. They can easily challenge for a group win should the need arise. At least you don't have to worry about TJUN-ia.

A Flock of Seagulls

  • Last IAC Appearence - N/A
  • Last Tournament Appearance - Qualifiers, World Cup 85
  • KPB Ranking - Tied for 232nd
  • History Against Squidroidia - N/A
  • Will Play Squidroidia - Matchday 3

Here's the thing with the draw conducted by Havynwilde. Unlike in the Omerican draw, the unranked teams just spanned an alphabetical list after the last ranked team was placed in their pot. No randomization to fill Pot 3, no open pot for the unranked teams, the As got Pot 3 and Thea Liters got left with Pot 5. And that's how a flock of literal seagulls who last played 2 cycles ago got to our group. They can easily steal the ball though, so I guess the team has to get some air time before...


  • Last IAC Appearence - N/A
  • Last Tournament Appearance - Group Stage, Twicetagrien Football Invitational
  • KPB Ranking - 140th
  • History Against Squidroidia - 1 win, 0 draws, 0 losses (5-1 in Twicetagrien Football Invitational)
  • Will Play Squidroidia - Matchday 4

...Oh. Them. Murphtannia, those guys who did that against Cup of Harmony defending champions Krytenia. Judging from previous experience with them (A 5-1 loss in the TFI) this can get really rough really fast. But then again, Squidroidia were in their position as IAC newcomers last time around and look where they got them. Can this be Murphtannia's first chance at knockout football? Only time will tell.


  • Last IAC Appearence - N/A
  • Last Tournament Appearance - N/A
  • KPB Ranking - N/A
  • History Against Squidroidia - N/A
  • Will Play Squidroidia - Matchday 5

And finally there's Vkyta's U21s. I don't know about you, but this team looks deadly. Keeper One can be a shout for the Golden Glove, that centerback pairing of CleftBack Three and CrightBack Four looks especially good, and Striker Ten might be the best of the lot. Do we have an IAC champion aready? I'm pipping Vkyta to win it all.

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Postby Sharktail » Sat Nov 21, 2020 9:04 am



MANAGER:Sahami (45 years old)
ASSISTANT MANAGER :Carrol (39 years old)





















7-GABY | ZOLORONI CITY(mercedini)






My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y, absolutely
Godmod scoring events: Y.
RP injuries to my players: Y.
Godmod injuries to my players: Y, but no death ok.I can accept if you want to end my player journey in this tourney but not in his career.
Give red cards to my players: free to do it,but at least let me know.
Godmod other events: Y,but no virus.if it about nature i can accept like earthquake or fire.
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Postby Omerica » Sat Nov 21, 2020 10:32 am

Omerica amateur national team
Independent Associations Chalice 11 roster

Mylène Dries
Renaud Pantoja
Brandon Blanchard
Iain Wash
Roxanne de la Fontaine
Boniface Silva
Michael Hopson
Henri Salinas
Séraphine Ceelen
Mariette Clément
Melanie Donne
Laurent Bondesan
Michael Mac Cormaic
Scott Casey
Cameron Fusco
Véronique Lavigne
Keith Kelly
Danique Aloia

RP permissions: don’t kill anyone
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Postby Ginadjkrum » Sat Nov 21, 2020 11:16 am

Ginadjkrum Football Team

Player Roster

08 - Kodiak "k0dAk" Orlov - also serves as player-coach
47 - Valeriy "biAz" Sorokin
52 - Veniamin "Studz Up" Kiselev
01 - Sergei "TopGun" Kuzmin
0 - Thorben "HARSH" Leth
14 - Jorgen "mArgAret" Syverson
7 - Oddvar "S3b3n" Fridell
58 - Arle "xSPOT" Grahn
03 - Joen "Mad0ka" Langerup
13 - Valdemar "Mi1kt3A" Erikson
99 - Stepan "bullet" Alexeev
11 - Vitaliy "viTalz" Zaytsev
43 - Viktor "T4cKL3" Gusev
96 - Duygu "mAjESTiK" Karadere
85 - Emanuel "EmanTzy" Santos
91 - Stig "STICKMAN" Posse
25 - Vilhelm "wagon" Wallin

The above players do not have set positions. Anyone can be at goal, preferably "wagon", "HARSH", or "biAz".
Ginadjkrum are made up of online players, the entire squad are professional e-sport football players so they have some knowledge of the game. Although since they sit on the computer much of the time, they do not play much physically and rely on long balls like what they do in their games. They also play various games in their free time, though they have the tendency of not reacting well to unfavorable calls.

RP Permissions: Anything's fair game except killing.
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Postby Trolleborg » Sat Nov 21, 2020 1:20 pm


Nickname: Trolls
Total official games balance: +56=21–28 231 goals for and 173 against.
Total games in IAC: +4=0–4 10:13
Place in KPB ranking: 32nd

Trolleborg team nearing the end of its third season in the international football. Due to various circumstances of world football, the IAC, which logically must end the national team's calendar, instead of going right after the next world championship, is held almost before the start of the next one, so it actually does not close the third season, but opens the fourth. The Trolleborg public is eagerly awaiting the resumption of international football, although, as always, no one knows how the fate of this or that team will turn out. Moreover, it should be noted that both IACs, in which our players took part, were rather unsuccessful for our team.



Team will play in green, if it’s not possible that in white and sometimes changed to red.


The team is still coached by Morten TROGHIL


Head coach take few new players into the Havynwilde, to put them under pressure of international football and see how they fare before bringing them into the WCQ cycle games.

Tomas Kot Kotsson (29). Flexible and agile, quick-thinking, with good positional sense, precise and competent, he, alas, don’t make miracles in the international games. But nevertheless it’s Kotsson who was No1 when team rise BoF Cup and broke the way to World Cup.
Klemens Gould (27). He is brave, safe goalkeeper, confident in the air. When he was called into the squad year ago, some pundits predicted him moved Kotsson out of net, but he continued to be number two.

Nikolaas Laste (30). He was reliable left back, who has a tendency going forward, but in the recent years prefer to concentrate on his defensive duties, which he does very successfully in the local championship, and only recently began to show something like that in the international games. His forays into the opponents half usually bring with them a lot of danger.
William Schendel(25). Recent addition to the squad, agile fast moving defender known for his skillful positioning and man-marking. Left back of highly attacking nature, who takes advantage of the slightest opportunity to join into attacking moves, but do it in responsible fashion
Morten Levenkrans (31). Full left back in the beginning of his career, he than move to the center, having considered almost impassable in both positions. Albeit right now not the fastest man on the field, he is very good man-marker, having excellent header and can be very useful when attacks began.
Torgeir Dushegub (30). Known as a Column, this tall and strong player usually dominates a box both in the air and at the grass. Being always calm and confident, he projected aura of them around. Albeit in the local championship he often been seen in the opposition box when corner kick is played, in the international football he don’t make any runs forward, altough recently he make a moves into the opposition box, where create a really terrific situations together with Gulbranden on the corner kicks. His play at last three tournaments looked rather paltry, and it will be seen, does he regain composure.
Aien Troger (27). He is fast, strongly build and extremely good in tackling. It’s very challenging to move into the box past him.
Torben Bagger (27). He was distinguished by composure and the right choice of position in the games of domestic championship, and he was called up to the national team due to the breakdown of the two key defence players, proved to be solid choice. He does not appear much in attack, but he covers the gaps left by other teammates very well when they go up to.
Joran Du Riis(25). Recent addition to the squad, fits perfectly into it, showing himself as a cold-blooded fighter, hard, but fair defender. His positional sense is practically prefect, and in addition he is one of the fastest central defenders in the Trolleborg.
Kasper Wolters (27). One of the team brightest stars, he is right back by default, but he is very strong, very fast, have a very good shot and even better crossing skill. Having all this, he very often make a lighting runs to the opposition box and sometime substitute right midfielder.
Sheltern Torquelli(25) Right defender, who due to his great strenght and stamina he can constantly push up and pull back along the touchline.

Rolf Valgren (30). Quick-thinking, with a perfect understanding of game, seeing everyone and everything in the field, and with brilliant passing skills, this man can bring ball everywhere he wants. It is very possible, that he will be one of the greatest midfielders in the history of Trolleborg, have he not lacking some technique and speed.
Hendrick Groningen (29). The defensive midfielder, probably the best in his generation, he was not selected to play in BoF and joined team by way, proved himself worthy of a place in the team, caused a lot of problems to the attacking players of the opposing teams. His talent of intercepting ball in the middle and using every possibility to begin attacks was fully appreciated by everyone – apart, probably, of his opponents.
Finn Finnsnes (30). Beginning his career as a right midfield\right winger, now he play more like attacking midfielder. He is swift, smart, good dribbler and excelled in set-pieces, good distributor of the ball, works hard for the good of the team always pressurising the opponent defence.
Morten Troll (26). Conductor of the Trolleborg team orchestra. He is a brightest star amongst midfielders in the whole country. Genius of game, with a wonderful dribbling, beautiful technique, excellent pass, has a fantastic shot from distance, and also a great team player. Highly probably, he will be a player of generation, and very probably, best player Trolleborg ever had. Won many games for the team by his passing and shooting.
Ruud Kolding (29). Left midfielder, covering lot of ground with his unbeliveable stamina, can press forwards or go back as team need. He has very good technique and is capable of delivering magnificient long passes to his forwards
Brutil Mogrin (29). Can play either in the center or as a right midfielder. With a nerves of steel and cold mind, he works hard for the good of the team always pressurising the opponent defence. He will continue be a useful backup for any of the midfielders if need arise. Usually he was used as a sub for Groningen.
Kenneth Pathmoor (24). Recent addition to the team, Kenneth already play in the WCQ cycle, altought coach don’t selected him for the World Cup itself. But looked like everything is ahead for this versatile and clever midfielder, who can cover a lot of space and conjure goal opportunity from nothing. With his pace, agility and an eye for goal he probably has a bright future

Stuart Kerr (30). Quick, brave, skillful, and having ability shot from everywhere in the box right despite defenders best efforts. Brilliantly confirmed his reputation as a prolific scorer, winning a prize for the topgoalscorer of BoF and add to his tally not a few goals in the other tournaments.
Torfinn Skaloed (28). Intelligent forward as it was, he can move very quickly, constantly ahead of the defenders, successfully escapes from markers, and in case of need he often going back and successfully acquire ball here to begin attacks. But in the international game his performance is not very consistent.
Tom Gulbranden (29). Build like a very tall stone wall, he easily can tramp defenders if he wish to do so, but his strong leg shot, without any preparation at all, give him other opportunity to have a points of popularity with fans. It is looked impossible, that a man of such a stature can bring himself in the air at all, but nevertheless he is – strongly jumping and struck the ball by the head with deadly precision. This is what he prove in the BoF games four time in nine games, but WCQ85 campaign was much less successfull for him, IAC games give us even less joy seeing at his actions, and only at Pan-Pacific Cup did he regularly featured in team squad and find a net often. WCQ85 seen him recovered from misfortunes and seven goals is speaking by themselves.
Torgeir Berglund (24). Another recent addition to the squad, classical power forward. Using his physical attributes to the full


After brief and unlucky flirtation with a defensive tactics team returned to the well-known routine – fast attacking football with a mighty pressure applied when ball is not on our side.

Style +2.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but I estimate injury severeness
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes only for a last ditch fouls or two yellows, any other variants must be discussed with me
Godmod other events: No, but if you have something interesting in mind, let me know and we try to find a middle ground.

National psyche tell players to put everything even if odds are heavily against, so almost every match in the league played with high determination, and national team shirt obliged for even more. Unsportsmanlike behavior is highly discouraged even if in the interests of the cause, and national team players are required to meet the highest standards possible, so it is completely impossible to imagine a player of the Trolleborg national team faking injury or begging for a penalty. But players are not easily bullied, though, and more than able to stand up for themselves both as individuals and as a team, and have a strong inclination to go tit-for-tat in case of excessive brutality on the opponent’s part.


Fans is a pride of Trolleborg and almost part of the team. Having already earning themselves a name and a good reputation at every place where national team playing and really hunger for international football they surely descend on Havynwilde in big numbers. Altough this time fans decide not to make usual cultural camp with exhibitions about Trolleborg life and cancel usual marching with live music.

Trolleborg TV try to do it best to provide everyone with a 3D broadcasting of every game, altought you must understood limitations of technology, which was in their first steps. Problems with color shades, difficulties with communication channels and so on are rather often happens. We already see changing the colors of the uniforms, the appearance of the stadium, women on the field replaced by the men and much more. But these are the inevitable costs of implementing such a progressive innovation in the so fast pace.

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Postby Hebitaka » Sun Nov 22, 2020 12:26 am

Hebitaka National Team


The team has send 18 players to Havynwilde and we are hoping a good result.

RP allowed:
Choose my goal scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes(Up to 3)
Godmod other events: No

Style modify:+2

Playing Eleven:


GK: Warren Davis(C)
Age: 33
Team: Blasters
Playstyle: Stay and Keepdown

RB: Farid Farhan
Age: 23
Team: Athletic Club
Playstyle: Traditional Stamina and Power play

CB: Takeshi Kazuto
Age: 20
Team: Demolishers
Playstyle: Speed play and Slide Tackles

CB: Rohit Talukdar
Age: 25
Team: Giants
Playstyle: Highly Disciplined and co ordinated game

LB: Baldev Tiltankara
Age: 27
Team: Athletic Club
Playstyle: Modern skill and Speed play

RM: Nakamura
Age: 29
Team: Blasters
Playstyle: Traditional Stamina conservation play

CM: James Losh
Age: 31
Team: Warriors
Playstyle: Long ball

LM: Krishanu Ramesh Ravi
Age: 29
Team: Daredevils
Playstyle: Moderate passing and Dribble

CF: Nitin Masake
Age: 26
Team: Cheetahs
Playstyle: Stamina and Flank Pass

ST: Ram Vijay
Age: 27
Team: Athletic Club
Playstyle: Skill and Swing Shot

CF: Tarun Masake
Age: 28
Team: Demolishers
Playstyle: Power and Flank Long pass


Jim Roney(ST)
Karan Raziq(RM)
Wazir Fareem(CM)
Chahar Rai(LM)
Hari Sur(RB)
Nasae Matoko(CB)
Ganesh Tinnu(GK)

Coach: Ravi Heera
Manager(Asst.): Hiroshi Sumoto


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Postby Icecliff » Sun Nov 22, 2020 1:22 am

Interview with the Burrell Twins

The Icecliff Daily

With the IAC to begin in days, our field reporter for the cup, Elise Garrett, sat down with the 18-year-old Burrell twins, Linton and Roy, to get their opinions on making the top team this year and other things they've experienced. This is the first of two articles interviewing the U18 players that made the team this year.

EG: Let's start at the beginning. When did you both start playing football, and what was your experience with it at the junior level?

RB: I began to take an interest in football when I was about two years old and spent a lot of time messing around with the ball and such. By the time I reached four years old and joined the local junior club in Drakestone, Dragonslayers FC, Linton was taking an interest as well and we were on the same team that year.

LB: I think it was probably just me wanting to do whatever Roy was doing *laughs* Yeah, being on a team with each other was always enjoyable and allowed us to get used to each others' playstyle. We were both always really dedicated, once we reached the competitive levels at 8 years old, we never missed making the Tier 1 team and being the starting center midfielders.

EG: Let's get on to the U18 World Cup. What was the first game like for you?

RB: It was electric. We've never played with so many people attending, only with like one or two thousand people at the junior games, so obviously this was a huge step up. And then to start off by beating such a storied football-playing nation as Cassadaigua, that was just incredible.

LB: Yeah, pretty much the same as Roy here. That was just a fun game and we played our hearts out.

EG: How was the rest of the group stage, especially approaching those intense last games?

RB: Being a pessimist, once we lost to Sarzonia, I was convinced that we were as good as done from there on out.

LB: After we lost to Sarzonia and beat Tikariot, I was pretty much lost as we were losing and winning against notable football nations left and right, and I decided to just take things one at a time. Those last three games were intense in the extreme. That surreal day when we were in second after beating Terre Semptriontale was pretty awesome, but we knew what was at stake the whole time.

EG: If the group stage was that crazy, how were the playoffs?

RB: Beyond words. The fact that we made it that far in Icecliff's first appearance... just incredible. Winning against Megistos surpassed all of our expectations, and the loss to Hispinas in the QFs didn't hurt much as we looked back on what we'd done.

LB: I loved them. I don't like losing and wanted to go all the way, but I was kind of expecting a loss in that game.

EG: How did you feel when you got the call for the national team?

RB: That was an awesome moment. I actually missed the call sleeping in, then Linton woke me up and told me and I had to call Coach Wallace back, which was all a pretty funny scene. This will be fun, though I do wish some that I could be playing with the rest of the U18 squad in the MAC, but this is an opportunity I can't turn up.

LB: The best part of that is getting to make fun of Roy for sleeping in that day.

*everyone laughs*

EG: What do you expect from this tournament?

RB: I have no expectations. I'm just here to have fun and play some football.

LB: I've heard that this group is the easiest one there is, so I feel quite assured that this will be a huge challenge. In all honesty, I don't care what happens, all I want is a bit of playing time and a good experience.

And that was the interview. Read tomorrow's edition for our interview with Hjalmar Rowe.

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Poafmersia's squad for IAC11

Other name: The Red Panjias (Panjia is the Poafmerian equivalant of a horse)
Kit Colours: Red, Orange

Poafmersia will present the following 23 players for their title defence at the 11th Independent Associations Championships.

Num  Player Name        Age Pos(s)      Sex  Current Club            Caps        Goals   Assists
1 Sandi Jaliaha 30 GK M Fiskadaha FC 66 (0) 0 0
12 Dikash Johikas 34 GK M Mancodas Athletic FC 17 (3) 0 0
24 Suzanne Trengove 25 GK F FC United of Mancodas 2 (0) 0 0

2 Alex Pickford 33 LB M Mancodas City 68 (2) 1 2
3 Denise Pickford 33 RB F Mancodas City 51 (9) 0 0
4 Danzik Hoboson 35 CB M Bikarish 81 (3) 0 0
5 Pasits Rikachz 34 CB M Bikarish 50 (5) 0 0
13 Nasri Sanchez 26 CB, LB, LM M Bikarish 18 (3) 0 0
14 Natalia Abbott 23 RB, DM F Dury FC 14 (0) 0 0
15 Alex Hoboson 29 CB M Dury FC 55 (13) 2 0

6 Gisiik Moonar 29 CM, AM M Fiskadaha FC 73 (6) 9 24
10 Daas Taisg 31 CM, AM M Dalaris City 64 (8) 6 12
19 Woden Sweet 25 CM, DM F Trimidau Rukiya 9 (2) 1 1
16 Dargis Walshor 28 LM M Sarim Potato FC 53 (6) 0 9
32 Arnold Shwentin 27 CM M Dalaris City 3 (0) 0 0
34 Nero Wood 24 CM M Dalaris City 3 (1) 0 0
35 Whitney Rios 27 RM, RW F Fiskadaha FC 7 (4) 0 0

7 Joel Haodao 29 LW, CF M Tihon (CMT) 74 (7) 58 8
9 Shakira Handris 33 CF M 1830 Cathair (AUD) 78 (5) 69 10
11 Pete Carisa 30 RW, CF M Mancodas City 77 (6) 47 16
18 Hansel Tang 31 CF, LW, LM F Advance Alara (KOR) 36 (13) 41 6
20 Makana Tuft 25 CF M Dalaris City 10 (8) 8 1
29 Aleka Dufour 24 CF F Dalaris City 3 (0) 2 0

*Do also understand that goals, caps and player stats have not been updated to include matches from the qualifiers or the CoH
The big players are back to ensure that the IAC title defence is in full swing - with many of the first-generation players playing their last tournament for the competition, before their supposed retirements before the 87th World Cup qualifiers. Some players will never feature together once again, especially the backline of the Pickford siblings, outgoing captain Danzik Hoboson and Pasits Rikachz. They are particularly willing to give it their all, and especially with the reinforced backline that has shown some potential in the Cup of Harmony, anything can really happen.

Captain: Danzik Hoboson
Vice-Captain: Shakira Handris, Joel Haodao
Penalty Taker: Shakira Handris (1st), Joel Haodao (2nd)
Free Kick Taker: Pete Carisa, Aubrey Mayer
Corner Takers: The prevailing LB/RB (in the case of a 4-3-3) or LM/RM (in the case of a 3-4-3)

Head Coach: Adnan Suliaha, 53
Assistant Head Coach: Katiri Hedge, 58
General Playing Style: Being a nation which emphasises on fast paced attacking football, Poafmersia would prefer to attack rather then defend. The players can be quite aggressive in getting back the ball, yet they do not keep high amounts of possession and they are very good at making use of mistakes by the opposition team to punish the opponents. Although this team has a weakness in defending set pieces, they are more fond of scoring through set pieces. Another way of scoring is often pressuring opponents through high defensive lines.

Formations: 3-4-3, 4-3-3
Style Modifier: +1.65
Note: Please refer to preview before match to know the predicted lineup for the day. If one is not posted, you may utilise the last posted lineup, and make any enforced changes as you like. (due to injuries, suspensions, etc.)

Recent International Records
BoF 71: 3rd place, with a W-D-L ratio of 9-0-1, GF/GA of 34/12
WCQ 84: 3rd in Group 5, with a W-D-L ratio of 10-4-6, GF/GA of 45/36
CoH 76: Group Stage (3rd in Group 7), with a W-D-L ratio of 2-12, GF/GA of 14/12
IAC 9: 4th place, with a W-D-L ratio of 5-1-1, GF/GA of 22/13
WCQ 85: 5th in Group 15, with a W-D-L ratio of 13-6-5, GF/GA of 62/43
CoH 77: Round of 16, with a W-D-L ratio of 2-2-2, GF/GA of 10/11
IAC10: Champions, with a W-D-L ratio of 6-1-1, GF/GA of 18/9
Overall (including friendlies): W-D-L ratio of 67-22-35, GF/GA of 306/231

First Match: Poafmersia 8-2 Barfleur, BoF 71 Group Stage Matchday 1 @ Zwangzug
First Win: Poafmersia 8-2 Barfleur, BoF 71 Group Stage Matchday 1 @ Zwangzug
Biggest Win: Poafmersia 8-2 Barfleur, BoF 71 Group Stage Matchday 1 @ Zwangzug
Heaviest Defeat:
(Only WCC-sanctioned)
Poafmersia 0-3 Nephara, WCQ 84 @ Poafmersia
Monso 3-0 Poafmersia, WCQ 84 @ Monso
Poafmersia 2-8 Commonwealth of Baker Park, International Friendly @ Poafmersia
Baker Park 6-0 Poafmersia, International Friendly @ Baker Park
Highest Scoring:
(Only WCC-sanctioned) Poafmersia 8-2 Barfleur, BoF 71 Group Stage Matchday 1 @ Zwangzug
Shokpos 3-7 Poafmersia, WCQ 85 @ Shokpos
(Everything else)
Poafmersia 2-8 Commonwealth of Baker Park, International Friendly @ Poafmersia
Qasden 4-6 Poafmersia, International Friendly @ Qasden

Poafmersian fans are crazy about football, and their loud cheers ring about in the stadiums they visit. They are very willing to disturb the peace in the area to celebrate their win after matches, so matches are best held in the afternoon or early evenings. You can spot Poafmers booking large meeting rooms in hotels, going to bars in groups. Apart from that, they do pick up after themselves, and prevent causing much trouble apart from celebrating. You can be assured, however, that they would be travelling around to support their team, so do reserve half the spots in stadiums for them because they would pack it to the brim.

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers - Yes
Godmod scoring events - Yes (Realistic events, such as long range shots)
Roleplay injuries to my players - Yes (You determine what happened, I decide the severity)
Godmod injuries to my players - Yes (As above)
Hand out yellow cards to my players - Yes
Hand out red cards to my players - Yes (1 more than what you give yourself)
RP any pandemic-related events - No pandemic exists in Poafmersia, or on Poafmers.
Godmod any other events - Yes (Inform me)
Note: If your RP permissions are more restrictive than mine, then I will take your RP permissions. (With the exception about the pandemic events)
I am very open to cooperative RPs, such as joint press conferences, match-side drama, out-of field events, etc. Do drop me a Telegram in-game (to this account or Poafmersia) or a DM on Discord (You can find me on the NS Sports Discord - Freg#7085).
IC Name: The People's Republic of Poafmersia (Trigram: PFA)
IC Flag: Refer to my flag with my IC nation Poafmersia, though that nation's RP will be done with this account.

David Jossiah Beckingham, Chairman of Poafmersia's World Assembly Board (and officially the main representative to the WA)

Citizen of The North Pacific
Ambassador to Europe.
Speaker, The North Pacific

Sportswire. Achievements: BoF 71 Bronze; IAC X and IAC XI Champions
WCC Football (Post-WC90) - 31st, with 22.89, Style: +3.14159
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