World Grand Prix Championship 18 [RP/results]

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]


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Postby Vilita and Turori » Wed Dec 09, 2020 1:44 pm


Hapilopper City :: The Tropicorp Racing Supply Team, a primary partner on the Tropicorp Racing Aelund World Grand Prix Championships team have recently taken their recent on track battles into the realm of advertising through a newly released advertising campaign targeted within Atlantian Oceania and featuring the quasi-governmental corporations on-track success in the top-tier motorsports. There has been a heavy focus of the ads to any outlets serving Hapilopper with the upcoming Grand Prix in Hapilopper City as the brand looks to further establish itself as the go-to motorsports supply entity in the multiverse...



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Postby Aboveland » Wed Dec 09, 2020 1:45 pm

Edvin turns to Terho from the pit wall, mouthing go now! at the mechanics surrounding the Abovian's car, his skin pale and the bags under his eyes prominent. The pattering rain outside the garage has settled, somewhat; in sync with iBen's return to the paddock, Terho steers Resilience out of the pitlane and onto the Hapilopper Grand Prix Circuit.

"Ready, Terho?" coughs Edvin onto the radio, as the Abovian navigates--thanks to the standing water, somewhat literally--the Triple Diamond Chicane near the end of his outlap. Terho replies affirmatively, though as he floors the throttle down the final straight a curtain of water falls into his cockpit. His heartbeat rises, and the niggly bug of anxiety above his stomach and beneath his ribcage pokes at his insides.

He flies through the First Right, brakes effectively for the Downhill Pass, and goes without incident past the Slidey Right, but in the corners preceding Oh Crap, There's a Wall, the rain picks up again. He misses the braking point for the square left--the wall having already claimed a victim--, and waddles out towards chicken bone alley. Once he's through the start finish straight again, the pelting sound of the rain against his helmet is stronger.

"P13, P13," communicates Edvin, still sounding weak.

Furiously, Terho remains quiet, while back at the pit wall it's Edvin who's biting his tongue this time. His throat still burns from his bout of food poisoning the night before; an unfortunate distraction making him miss the weather window for Terho's crucial qualifying lap.

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Postby Former Citizens of the Nimbus System » Wed Dec 09, 2020 1:47 pm


Nexus Racing HQ, Crossbay Circuit, Nimbus Bay, the Nexus Wardship of Former Citizens of the Nimbus System
29th of November

Within Conference Room 1, a group of heads turn towards a loud thud on the door. Auburn’s smooth voice cuts through: “Ah! I believe…”

Lucia smiles. Barely perceptibly.

The door itself smoothly glides open, revealing a somewhat dishevelled Gertrude, tablet in hand and puffing for breath. She raises a hand, letting herself calm. “Sorry… Trying to…”

“Attempting too much in too little time.” Karl Rain looks towards Nexus Racing’s Project Manager with an open expression. “You can rely on us, Gertrude.” He glances towards Lucia meaningfully.

“I hear you, I hear you… Thanks, though.” She offers a grin, then steps through into the wider room, shaking her head a touch to centre herself. “Right, then! Shall we get this started?”

Gertrude walks through to take her place at the head of the horseshoe-shaped table, placing her tablet down. Both of her hands fall with a soft thud, one of them onto the button to begin the recording. “This is Gertrude Thompson, Project Manager for Nexus Racing… Beginning this meeting to discuss changes to Nexus Racing’s WGP2 programme for junior driver development.” The button hand rises again, a finger twirling clockwise in the air.

“Karl Rain, Head of Communications and Public Relations for Nexus Racing.” Karl tucks his hands behind his back, posture near-immaculate in his chair.

“Auburn Steel, Head of Legal Engagement for Nexus Racing.” From underneath the table, a quiet, complex rhythm taps out, pen above it twiddling back and forth in time.

“Lucia Vanderbilt, Head Designer for Nexus Racing.” She leans back in her chair, calm eyes occasionally passing between Gertrude and the faces above.

“Antti Harjanne, Race Engineer to Janne Laukkanen.” The Abovian is a comfortable presence in the room, his aura as calming as it should be.

“Janne Laukkanen – ah… Nexus Racing Development Driver?” Beside him, Gertrude nods encouragingly and the young man sits up a touch straighter.

“Right! That’s all of us… And the online gallery?”

There is a moment’s pause.

“Ah, I’ll go first, shall –

“I can –

“Oh, feel free –”

“Sorry, if you want –”

Both halt; then their laughter joins that which has already begun to take root within the physical space. Gertrude grins. “Alright – how about you start, Neil?”

“Sure! Neil Foxtrot, prospective talent scout for Nexus Racing, at your service. Thanks for having me here!” The blond returns the grin, hand passing across the screen in a wave.

The brown-haired, bearded man of middle age with a gentle smile and a focus to his eyes nods from the wall to his right. “And I am Aldin Lane, current liaison and consultant for the WGPi programme. It is good to talk to you all.”

“Us to you both too… Right! With that out of the way, let’s sum up, give everyone some axioms to work with.” Gertrude looks about; a few nods. “Back when we started the WGP2 programme, we had two goals in mind: provide a staging ground for testing design concepts and subsystems for the coming WGPC season and establish a platform to recruit young drivers, acclimatise them to the philosophies behind the team and the UHSGV and prepare them for a future WGPC drive.”

“I think we can broadly agree that the first of those has been successful so far. The WGP2 is a major part of why we’ve been able to outpace the development of the rest of the WGPC field despite our disadvantage in size. Unfortunately…” Gertrude sighs, then looks to her right. “The second hasn’t, not yet.”

“Let’s not bias this with any preconceptions.” Gertrude’s expression reforms itself, taking on a kindly, almost motherly aspect even as the traces of regret remain. “Janne, would it be alright to hear how you think your racing with us has gone so far? No pressure at all, just say it as it was.”
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Postby Hodori Motorsports » Wed Dec 09, 2020 2:00 pm

Image (Ov(Ov(OvO)vO)vO)

See those flocks of birds over there? Channeling my inner bird goddess and trying to get HTN execs' cars covered in bird poop.

#WGPC : #TheyCrashYouWin

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Also the Prestons while we're at it

#WGPC : #TheyCrashYouWin

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Postby Liventia » Wed Dec 09, 2020 2:00 pm

for the Preston Autos Hapiloppian Grand Prix at Hapilopper City Grand Prix Circuit

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Postby Liventia » Wed Dec 09, 2020 2:03 pm

Week 14: Race
Conditions:      	Dry
Laps: 52
Nation: HAP
Circuit: Hapilopper City Grand Prix Circuit
Event: Preston Autos Hapiloppian Grand Prix
Safety Car on Laps:
Cars on Grid: 28

POS  # ▍DRV Name                               Team                               	Time      	Pts	Fastest Lap	
1 28 LNA Sara Luna Volkov Racing 01:24:26.258 25
2 50 EDW Rudy Edwards Preston Autos Grand Prix Racing 00:00:47.995 18
3 51 CRU R.L. Cruisin Race Eelandii V&T GP 00:00:48.207 14
4 11 CRT Lane Carter Race Eelandii V&T GP 00:00:58.098 11
5 22 KRA Jasmin Kranjska Mattijana Racing Team 00:01:21.304 8 + 2 1:32.963
6 56 TAL Terho Talvela Tropicorp Racing Ælund Laps Down: 1 6
7 12 DEV Anneliese Devereux TAS Alliance Racing Laps Down: 1 4
8 7 GTA Abdoulaye Goita Schkeska-VSK Viska Racing Laps Down: 1 3
9 63 MIZ Daryl Mizushima WGPC Motorworks Laps Down: 1 2
10 47 OKU Erica Okumura Polaris Racing Team Laps Down: 1 1
11 25 KRU Gregori Krupin Volkov Racing Laps Down: 1
12 42 DIM Alex Dimitrianov Badai Angin Tim Motorsport Laps Down: 1
13 85 STO Olivia Stone Schkeska-VSK Viska Racing Laps Down: 1
14 19 FAL Dom Falepeau Mattijana Racing Team Laps Down: 1
15 23 C23 Cocoabo #23 Fireline Motorsports Laps Down: 1
16 94 LAN Ryker Lane Nexus Racing Laps Down: 1
17 71 IBU Rustom Ibuna Badai Angin Tim Motorsport Laps Down: 1
18 46 ARB Kitti Armbruster SVJ Racing WGPC Team Laps Down: 1
19 72 VAL Charyseine Valkyria WGPC Motorworks Laps Down: 1
20 76 KOW Adriana Kowalski Fireline Motorsports Laps Down: 1
DNF 37 SCH Niklas Schonbaum TAS Alliance Racing Ret. lap 43
DNF 8 ARC William Archer Preston Autos Grand Prix Racing Ret. lap 40
DNF 14 BJA Sigur Bjarnason SVJ Racing WGPC Team Ret. lap 34
DNF 52 SZR Sayono Souzare Polaris Racing Team Ret. lap 33
DNF 77 TII iBen Toralmintii Tropicorp Racing Ælund Ret. lap 21
DNF 41 JMD Jean Mercer-Daly Nexus Racing Ret. lap 5
DNS 27 NUL Dario Nülkeschläger WGPC Motorworks DNS
DNS 82 LMN Kinu Luminna WGPC Motorworks DNS

Drivers' standings
Pos # ▍DRV Name                                Team [Engine]                                                            Tyres                              Pts
1 77 TII iBen Toralmintii Tropicorp Racing Ælund [Tropicorp Engineering] Tropicorp Racing Supply 91
2 50 EDW Rudy Edwards Preston Autos Grand Prix Racing [Preston Autos] Tropicorp Racing Supply 73
2 56 TAL Terho Talvela Tropicorp Racing Ælund [Tropicorp Engineering] Tropicorp Racing Supply 73
4 28 LNA Sara Luna Volkov Racing [WGPC Motorworks Engineering] Tropicorp Racing Supply 63
5 94 LAN Ryker Lane Nexus Racing [Paragon Warp] In Motion 52
6 51 CRU R.L. Cruisin Race Eelandii V&T GP [Tropicorp Engineering] Tropicorp Racing Supply 40
7 42 DIM Alex Dimitrianov Badai Angin Tim Motorsport [Badai Angin] Solymok 38
8 47 OKU Erica Okumura Polaris Racing Team [Polaris Trois] Deyoze Tires 32
9 41 JMD Jean Mercer-Daly Nexus Racing [Paragon Warp] In Motion 30
10 25 KRU Gregori Krupin Volkov Racing [WGPC Motorworks Engineering] Tropicorp Racing Supply 27
11 11 CRT Lane Carter Race Eelandii V&T GP [Tropicorp Engineering] Tropicorp Racing Supply 26
11 22 KRA Jasmin Kranjska Mattijana Racing Team [Nordija] Tropicorp Racing Supply 26
11 23 C23 Cocoabo #23 Fireline Motorsports [Tropicorp Engineering] Tropicorp Racing Supply 26
11 52 SZR Sayono Souzare Polaris Racing Team [Polaris Trois] Deyoze Tires 26
15 71 IBU Rustom Ibuna Badai Angin Tim Motorsport [Badai Angin] Solymok 25
16 7 GTA Abdoulaye Goita Schkeska-VSK Viska Racing [Schkeska Motors] In Motion 20
17 85 STO Olivia Stone Schkeska-VSK Viska Racing [Schkeska Motors] In Motion 16
18 19 FAL Dom Falepeau Mattijana Racing Team [Nordija] Tropicorp Racing Supply 15
18 27 NUL Dario Nülkeschläger WGPC Motorworks [WGPC Motorworks Engineering] Deyoze Tires 15
20 14 BJA Sigur Bjarnason SVJ Racing WGPC Team [Johansborg Motor Collective] Solymok 14
21 12 DEV Anneliese Devereux TAS Alliance Racing [Harlean 1] Solymok 8
22 8 ARC William Archer Preston Autos Grand Prix Racing [Preston Autos] Tropicorp Racing Supply 4
22 82 LMN Kinu Luminna WGPC Motorworks [WGPC Motorworks Engineering] Deyoze Tires 4
24 46 ARB Kitti Armbruster SVJ Racing WGPC Team [Johansborg Motor Collective] Solymok 3
24 76 KOW Adriana Kowalski Fireline Motorsports [Tropicorp Engineering] Tropicorp Racing Supply 3
26 63 MIZ Daryl Mizushima WGPC Motorworks [WGPC Motorworks Engineering] Deyoze Tires 2

Constructors' standings
Pos NAT ▍Team [Engine]                                                            Tyres                              Pts
1 ABL Tropicorp Racing Ælund [Tropicorp Engineering] Tropicorp Racing Supply 164
2 SOR Volkov Racing [WGPC Motorworks Engineering] Tropicorp Racing Supply 90
3 NIM Nexus Racing [Paragon Warp] In Motion 82
4 HAP Preston Autos Grand Prix Racing [Preston Autos] Tropicorp Racing Supply 77
5 V&T Race Eelandii V&T GP [Tropicorp Engineering] Tropicorp Racing Supply 66
6 FID Badai Angin Tim Motorsport [Badai Angin] Solymok 63
7 NEK Polaris Racing Team [Polaris Trois] Deyoze Tires 58
8 MTJ Mattijana Racing Team [Nordija] Tropicorp Racing Supply 41
9 AUR Schkeska-VSK Viska Racing [Schkeska Motors] In Motion 36
10 ETN Fireline Motorsports [Tropicorp Engineering] Tropicorp Racing Supply 29
11 WGP WGPC Motorworks [WGPC Motorworks Engineering] Deyoze Tires 21
12 SVJ SVJ Racing WGPC Team [Johansborg Motor Collective] Solymok 17
13 LIS TAS Alliance Racing [Harlean 1] Solymok 8

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Postby Nephara » Wed Dec 09, 2020 5:30 pm

There had to be room for localisation. Nepharim would never be caught dead using a second-tier profanity like 'crap'. So, for instance;
"Oh, shit, there's a wall?!"
That out of the way, another mediocre non-result, another mediocre drive. Armbruster had, by and large, avoided retirement over the course of what now looked like her sole WGPC1 season. She was desperately unhappy, chafing under the technocracy she found herself in, defensive of her own errors...
Sometimes it really wasn't her, it really was the car. It was, like her, a beautiful, mercurial, snarling beast. She was deeply, deeply fond of it. The skill ceiling was perhaps higher than any other car on the circuit and, two or three times a race, she'd reach it, finally getting a tune out of the thing, scything through corners, hunting down competitors. If she could pull together a good run, she knew - she knew! - there was another points finish in her.
Other times...
"Fuck me, why the fuck is there a fucking wall in the fucking--"
She would finish P18. She would remain on her three, hard-won points, crawling along at the bottom of the standings.

"Yeah, I know I--"
"It's the--"
She used to fight back at meetings. Now she just wanted them over, let the words and feedback wash over her. She'd figured going in she had the racing mindset. Competitive, ambitious, eager for glory. She didn't realise how much else went into it, the scrutiny, the training, hell, dealing with the press. Every second of her life was micromanaged and she just. Couldn't. Cope, anymore.
Projections for next season already had her in a WCGP2 seat. A hot commodity! One to watch! Potential for the top! Nah. This was as far as she was gonna get, while still being herself. What was the point in the second tier if she never intended to go back to the first?
That night, she wrote a terrible poem about wild stallions, and then tore it to shreds. Nothing she could commit to paper was more important than the reality of the situation, and the simple number at the heart of it. Just two more races.
Just two more.
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Postby Sorlovia » Thu Dec 10, 2020 2:31 am

Hapilopper Gran Prix Circuit

Gregori saw nothing but the track in front of him. He was aware of the cars around him but paid little attention unless they threatened his hold on his position. The Hapilopper track was a track type that should’ve favoured him and his racing style but it was proving to be more challenging than he’d first thought. The gentle arcing corners and long straights were a domain where he thrived. The corners let him exploit his Slingshot Technique and the straights gave him valuable opportunities to make the most of turbo-accelerated bursts of speed. But by the forty third lap it’d become clear that he would be a bitterly fought contest with Erica Okumura, Jean Mercer-Daly and Lane Carter. The three of them provided an enjoyable challenge and opportunities to test himself.

Gregori eased back on the accelerator on the approach to the McLaughlin’s corner using the speed he’d built up and the momentum to carry him past Erica Okumura as they jostled for position through the Slidey Right. But despite his best efforts at fending her off she crept past him on the Flat Left and screamed off down the straight towards the Flat Right. Jean flashed past him on the corner and Lane pushed close behind him as they arced through the corner onto Chicken Bone Alley. That long portion of track and the Final Straight had quickly become his two most favourite parts of the track. The long straights were the natural habit of the Volkov Mark II and he savoured the gliding feel of tearing down them at break-neck speed.

“Oh no you don’t Lane,” Gregori chuckled catching sight of the car behind him “you didn’t think that I was going to go easy on you did you?”

Gregori drifted his car from side-to-side blocking Lane’s attempt at passing as they shot towards the Triple Diamond Chicane. He’d quickly taken a liking to Lane. The man was impressively skilled and highly competitive. Perhaps one day they would race together as teammates rather than rivals. There had been a lot of new talent in WGPC18 and the fresh batch of rookies had left him surprised and pleased. Not that Ryker was a rookie by any means. He was a legacy. The son of a very well-known racing family and a racer you had to take seriously. He’d already proven that he had the skill to compete with the most seasoned racers and the drive to do well.

As he opened up on the throttle to tear down the opening straight Gregori could a glimpse of a very familiar sight behind him. It seemed Alex Dimitrianov and Olivia Stone had crept up the pack behind him when he’d been focused on the cars in front of him. Alex, a fellow Slavic racer, was close behind him with Olivia close behind him in turn. Gregori leaned his car into the outer edge of the corner on the Downhill Pass and blocked Alex’s attempt at a strategic pass. Alex remained close behind him as they McLaughlin’s and they jostled for position on the approach to the Slidey Right. Erica continued to defy his attempts at a pass just as he blocked Alex who by now was putting him under pressure.

“Driving like a true Slav there Alex,” Gregori said to himself with a smile “let’s show everyone what a Slav can do shall we?”

Alex and Gregori remained tightly locked together through the Flat Left, the Flat Right and well onto Chicken Bone Alley. His fellow Slav wasn’t giving him even a single second’s reprieve and he in turn wasn’t making it easy on Alex. They might share ethnic brotherhood but both of them wanted to do as well as they could. Gregori had taken notice of Alex's surname. There were few surnames quite as quintessentially Slavic as Dimitrianov. He'd immediately developed a respect for him by virtue of their shared ethnic background. Not to mention Alex's skill and confidence out on the track.

"Let's do this brother," Gregori added lapsing into his native Slavic tongue "shall we give them a show?"
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Postby Cocoabo Forest » Thu Dec 10, 2020 9:04 am


TRS Secures Top Spot in Supplier Performance Standings


WGPC18 Supplier Performance Standings

[1] - 194 :: Tropicorp Racing Supply
[2] - 93 :: InMotion
[3] - 66 :: Deyoze
[4] - 62 :: Solymok
After a two-race stretch where Tropicorp Racing Supply drivers failed to secure fastest lap and even walked away with just 2 points total at the Abovian Sprint, the return to action for the second half of the World Grand Prix Championship season has been a positive one for Tropicorp partners. With iBen Toralmintii's victory in Filindostan coupled with the fastest lap turned by Race Eelandii V&T Grand Prix's Lane Carter, Tropicorp Racing Supplier secured maximum points in a race for the first time since the Round 4 Aurun Grand Prix which was also the previous race victory for Tropicorp Racing Aelund. It would also be the best performance of the season for the Fireline-Tropicorp team with both Cocoabo #23 and the Valkyrie driver Adriana Kowalski finishing inside the points positions. It was the first points finish of the season for Kowalski and as a second victory, a strong display where she was able to finish ahead of her Cocoabo teammate in the points for the first time. It was even more of a statement of accomplish for Kowalski in the fact that Cocoabo #23 had sat on pole for the Grand Prix Filindostan Cepat and was clearly - at least on the short run - one of the faster cars on the track.

The podium sweep put Tropicorp Racing Supply on the verge of clinching the suppliers championship so long as they could secure points in the Preston Autos Hapiloppian Grand Prix. With Preston Autos being one of the teams with the most momentum on the World Grand Prix circuit after their domination of the mid-season non-championship events, many expected that the team and one of its drivers - Rudy Edwards or William Archer - would easily secure victory at the teams home track. Instead, it was another driver - Sara Luna, who dominated the affair and drove off to a victory by a margin of over 40 seconds over the Hapiloppian Edwards.

While it was not a win for the home team it was still a win for Tropicorp Racing Supply and, in fact, it was the most dominating performance by any supplier on the season as Tropicorp Racing Supply outfitted the Top 6 finishers in the race with their high performance Tropicorp Sifaka Racing Slicks. It was nearly a clean sweep for Tropicorp in the points leaving only the scraps behind for their competitors. It was an opportunity lost for the Hodori outfit Deyoze who had been building momentum and recently overtaking Solymok in the Supplier Performance Standings. A strong performance could have put either Solymok or Deyoze within reach of InMotion tyres who have secured just four points in the previous two events. Instead, Solymok's 7th place finish through Anneliese Devereux of the TAS Alliance was enough for them to gain a single point on InMotion and two on Deyoze as the battle to avoid the last spot in the standings seems assured to go through to the final round.

Of course, by securing the podium for the second straight race and the top 6 spots for the first time ever, Tropicorp Racing Supply have also secured the WGPC18 Supplier Performance Championship. With just two races left in the season and 54 possible points on the board, the 101 point advantage they have opened atop the standings over InMotion brand tyres is now insurmountable regardless of the outcome in the final two events of the WGPC 18 campaign.

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A Curious Case Of A 3-4 And An Email

Postby TJUN-ia » Thu Dec 10, 2020 11:19 am

Sunday - Race
The sun rose and Race Day arrived in Hapilopper City. All of the multiverse prepared for the 3rd-from-last race of the season, and so did TJUN-ia's and Galar's Lane Carter. He didn't expect to be up here again, starting in P3, but that was where he was. The last time he started P3, he would end up finishing in the Top 10, but he knew that today, he could do better than that. He could see the First Right ahead of him, as well as Row 1 with Sara Luna and William Archer. He shared Row 2 with Anneliese Devereux, with both Rudy Edwards and Daryl Mizushima behind. R.L. Cruisin a row back in 7th. If there was anyone Carter hoped would have a good race, other than himself, it would be his teammate and his friend. R.L. certainly was a good driver and Lane hoped he would bolster the Galrain and produce a double points finish. The meeting he had with Daryl was a blast and he hoped that good karma would come the Inkhallen's way as well. The five lights came on and away everyone went.

Luna bolted away from the start and it was chaotic behind the chasing pack. Jean Mercer-Daly was an early casualty on Lap 5 and the racing was tight around this track. Carter would be trying to keep up with Archer's rear for most of this race while the chaos went down behind him. iBen Toralmintii retired on Lap 21, a crucial moment for the championship. Sayono Souzare and Sigur Bjarnason did the same at around the same time. Carter was just doing his thing all the while, keeping Archer in his sights for as long as he could and trying to keep his dreams of a great finish alive.

Then, on lap 40, Archer had to retire. The Galarian was miles behind Luna but was in P2 nonetheless. But then Rudy Edwards arrived and, as Niklas Schonbaum retired, the Hapiloppan would get past the Galarian and roll off into the remaining few laps. R.L. Cruisin would follow not that much later and it would be a 10-second gap that would open up as the chequered flag fell. Carter finished a strong P4, only 10 seconds behind his teammate, and although he was denied a podium finish, a 3-4 was something to celebrate.
RE: Brilliant drive, Lane! P4, P4! That's a 3-4, well done!
LC: WOOHOO! Nice! Thank you, guys! This car was ON FIRE out there!
RE: Podium is Luna, Edwards and Cruisin. Cruisin 10 seconds up the road, only 3-tenths behind Rudy.
LC: Oof, that sounds tight!
RE: Do you want to hear Top 10?
LC: Go on! I'm curious here, man!
RE: Top 10 was Luna, Edwards, Cruisin, yourself, Kranjska (with the fastest lap), Talvela, Devereux, Goita, Mizushima and Okumura.
RE: I knew you were going to do that...

iBen still led the standings but now, it was Edwards and Telvela tied for 2nd 18 points back. A good day for Race Eelandii meant that Cruisin jumped up to 6th while Carter was now involved in a 4-way tie for 11th, with the team climbing back up to 5th in the Constructors. The faith V&T had put into the Galarian was finally being repaid and Lane felt good about it all. He felt he had some momentum and heading into the race in Liventia, he knew he may have a chance of something there.

Speaking of Liventia....Lane had an email to send.

To: dmizushima@squidmail.sqr
Subject: RE(13): Letter

Hello once again! Sorry for not replying for a while but other business took precedent. ;) We had a good weekend, didn't we? I definitely wasn't expecting P4 at all but that is just how it is sometimes. And how about you, "Mr WGPC-Pointscorer"? I would've found you and congratulated you in person, but I didn't want to crash your party. But well done, honestly, for a great drive out there. It only proves what I said yesterday was correct: Daryl Mizushima isn't a joke in the WGPC. Not at all. You, my friend, deserve to be here. Period.

Sorry if I went a bit overboard yesterday with the hugs and the talking. I was just really excited to see you again and after that great qualifying, I guess my nervousness just went away. I hope you enjoyed yourself and if I was a bit too much, then I'm sorry and I will try to be a bit more reserved for Round 3 (if there is one, of course).

Anyways, that's all for now. I know you'll be busy with the "home" race for the Motorworks in Liventia and I need to get some shut-eye. I hope you are doing OK and I hope to speak with you again soon!

Kind Regards,

Lane Carter
Happy for his friend x
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Postby Squidroidia » Fri Dec 11, 2020 3:08 pm

When he got into his #63 Motorworks car for the Hapiloppian Grand Prix, Daryl Mizushima was seemingly the best he ever was. The Squidroidian had finally qualified for a WGPC event for the first time since Dashoze, and in his 2nd ever start an entire nation was on him. Was all that qualifying malarkey in the rain a fluke for the Squidroidian? Would he get a race win under his belt? Would he score points?

With the lights out, nothing was certain. The only thing that was certain was that Sara Luna was eating the competition for breakfast. The Volkov driver couldn't be outmatched on the circuit, and that left everyone on a slope to nowhere. It was her show today, and there was nothing to do about it.

The race became a race between 2 different camps - Get Good and Get Fast. R.L. Cruisin versus Rudy Edwards, the latter in his home race here in Hap City. Lane Carter was backing up the effort for Race Eelandii, but for purpose's sake it was Cruisin versus Edwards for that 2nd place finish. All the while Daryl was chilling.

In the points.

He was being passed by a ton of guys, yes, but he was in the freaking points in his 2nd ever race. His best partner Lane was in 4th at the moment, but all he needed to do was to keep this up and earn his Motorworks team something that TAS hasn't really been able to do... Points.

This might be Preston's home race in their first season in the WGPC, but the flag flying on top of the podium is anything but that of Hapilopper! SARA LUNA WINS THE HAPILOPPIAN GRAND PRIX IN DOMINATING FASHION!

Then the rest came in slowly. Edwards got 2nd, putting an end to the Get Good versus Get Fast debate. R.L. Crusin would round out the podium just behind him, followed by Lane Carter 10 seconds later. The last car on the lead lap was the #22 MRT of Jasmin Kranjska, who also got the fastest lap of the race. With Toralmintii crashing out early, Terho Tavela knew that this race could reignite the championship battle, but a 6th place finish meant that he was tied with Edwards in points. TAS Alliance would end up doubling their points when Devereux got 7th, with Togonistan's Abdoulaye Goita in 8th. And then, of course, there was Daryl, the first Squidroidian to score points in the WGPC. 9th place, 2 points. Better than nothing as they say.

Was he happy? Of course he is. He might as well be drinking soda out of his left glove! All of that work, all of the frustration from Eelandii to San Marco seemed to go away. He had scored points. Not a lot of points, not a serious podium, but some points. P9 was just as good as any points-paying position. With happiness coming through his mind, Daryl had an email to write.

To: Lane Carter
From: dmizushima@squidmail.sqr
Subject: RE(14): Letter

What is good looking Apple Man? Heh, sorry about that, just got excited. I GOT POINTS! Not a whole lot, if I were to maintain my qualifying position I would have gotten 6 points instead of 2, but what's a little bit of points going to do to ya? Make you the Hapiloppest man in the garage? Sorry for the pun, but goodness me that was a beauty of a race, even though Sara flat out dominated in Hap City. I'm not a joke anymore!

Hey, it's fine that you wanted to speak your heart out. To be fair I was more excited that I made the race than you getting P3, even though that was a great effort you had in qualifying. Nervousness going away is a sign that we are really friends you know. Actually, I was thinking about meeting again after qualifying in Ljubala. Not sure about Talbott since it is my "home" race, so the final round should be good for one final chat before you (And I, if I qualify of course) hit the track for the final time this season.

The reason why I'm not going with Talbott for our chat is that I don't really know my schedule there. iBen's Race of Stars is coming there before the Grand Prix and I don't really know the host entry for Liventia. It could very well be a legendary Liventian driver but for some reason I think that one of us Motorworks guys will get that host entry seat due to the Motorworks deal with FCR. Whether it is Nülkeschläger or I remains to be seen, but it is a long shot to be sure. I don't know why I'm thinking about iROS so early, I should be doing my race prep!

Anyways, I hope you're doing okay Lane. Until next time, keep it easy!

-Daryl Mizushima
#63 WGPC Motorworks driver
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Postby Liventia » Fri Dec 11, 2020 4:11 pm

Matthew Portland

Hometown: Orean, Liventia :: Seasons in Motorsport: 7

Biography: Matthew Portland is one of the most recognisable faces on the motor-racing circuit. Six seasons in the World Grand Prix Championship (WGPC7–12) including two world drivers' titles for JGV International Motorsports (WGPC9, WGPC10), and the inaugural season of the NS Stock Car Racing Association, ensured that Portland's name will always be associated with the cream of the crop in the sport.

He began his career in WGPC7, finishing second at his home race on the streets of Folenisa before winning the season's penultimate Grand Prix d'Ad’ihan. InfoInternet Racing – later to become Carvenlo – were never quite able to provide him with a good enough car to challenge for honours, however, and he left, perhaps somewhat controversially, for JGV International. He would win his first world title in WGPC9, perhaps helped by the rather miserly allocation of points that season as second-placed André Luis Caconde – one point behind him – had two more race wins, and successfully defend it the following season.

A return to Carvenlo beckoned for WGPC11, where he was outperformed by his teammate and WGPC legend Jai Kardaeri as the team claimed its first constructors' title since WGPC8. However, a third place finish in the drivers standings saw him leave once again, this time for Licentian outfit WM Barton. A difficult season for the team saw Portland decide to retire having finished his last season in WGPC in 10th.

Portland also took part in the inaugural NSSCRA season shortly after the conclusion of WGPC7, winning the Chronowire Communications 400 in The Babbage Islands and the DuPont 600 in Jeffgordonville, both on road courses. He also claimed six other top-three finishes and two pole positions in his one and only NSSCRA season, finishing 12th of 47 drivers in the standings.

Since then, Portland – now in his 40s, but wanting to take part in iROS to show he still has what it takes – has taken on a multitude of roles, including working as a driver agent for Ryan Harris-Jones, and a consultant for WGPC Motorworks.

Matthew Portland will represent Liventia as the host nation driver during the second iROS.
Host nation driver

  • 5 WGPC Grand Prix race wins
  • 22 WGPC Grand Prix podiums
  • WGPC 9 champion
  • WGPC 10 champion
  • 2 NSSCRA race wins
  • 8 NSSCRA podiums

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Postby Auruna » Sat Dec 12, 2020 12:46 am

Hapilopper City Grand Prix Circuit

Bad luck got to them at qualifying. It resulted in Goita starting P15 and Olivia, from the pit lane due to a rebuild of her car after her Q1 crash. At least she got new parts. They don't have much good luck left for the race and this is a street circuit where Viska's luck goes deep into the red. For now, they got nothing to lose.

Jöna, as usual, delivered a pre-race speech, which is starting to turn into a tradition. "Great drivers, show them your skill around this street circuit where the cars are tempted by the false embrace of the walls and thus are fated to DNF." A short pause before Jöna goes back to normal. "So, how's that? Heh, anyway, good luck and don't fall prey to the walls. Täitä hevä, täitä etteremät!" After that message, the formation lap ends, everyone lines up at the grid, one by one. Except for the last one which is Olivia, she had to start from the pit lane after that significant event in qualifying. She enters the pit lane then stops at the pit exit.

The lights are out, everyone was off the line quick. There are a few minor incidents in the first couple of corners, fortunately both Viskas manage to avoid hitting anything, especially the walls. Olivia is still running last but her car is still complete.

A few laps later, we get our first DNF. There was a brief yellow flag but it was nothing crazy. Olivia and Goita are slowly moving up the order and it was looking great for them. Both drivers were put on aggressive strategies, it should be beneficial in their current condition. They were free to change their strategies if they want to but they usually follow Artur's recommendations.

Pit stops were scheduled at lap 17. Olivia was pitted first and to their luck, no stubborn wheel nuts encountered. The tyre condition was unexpected, the tyres weren't demolished. It was quickly relayed to the race engineers.

"We took a look at Olivia's tyres, you can run longer on those softs. We're going to extend for a few laps." Jan said.

Goita went to work, the tyres weren't seriously harmed for this race. He drove aggressively to take a few more places. Five laps later, he was called in. The softs were acting like mediums with better grip. Then something went a bit wrong with his stop. There were some issues with the rear-left and it was another wheel nut issue. Though the problem quickly fixed, they lost a lot of valuable time in the pits.

A few words from Jan would help. "Apologies for the slow stop, problem with the rear-left. Now, time to get some points, go all out. Let's go!"

It's time to recover from all the bad luck. The two were let loose and they are on the offensive. They are getting more and more aggressive as the laps go by. They were doing well despite their bad luck, hopefully everything will end well today.

The engines are screaming as they reach the redline through the straights. Goita was safely in the top 10 while Olivia is slowly getting close. Then Goita clipped the wall at the Triple Diamond Chicane, losing half of his front wing. He was immediately called in. A quick change to softs and a new front wing, the 5 second pit stop caused them to lose a couple of places but they are encouraged to keep going. Few laps later, Olivia pits for softs. The actual mediums had done their work, they want to finish well. While the podium is far from their reach, their only hope is getting into the top 10 for those points.

Ten laps left, Goita managed to breach the top 10 and is running P8 while Olivia is trying to make her way through the pack to get P10 or above. It started to get a bit difficult.

They did stay out of trouble, resisting the urge to crash or break down unlike 6 others. They were running without any problems.

The chequered flag is waved, The leaders cross the line followed by the rest who are a lap behind. Goita finished P8 and Olivia finished P13. To Jöna, they did well, fighting the bad luck they have for this season. "You two, you were great out there. Well done! We were unfortunate enough to have the most bad luck among the teams here but thanks to both of you, there's a chance to turn things around. Again, great work. We're happy to have really talented drivers here." Then he ends his message there.

They only scored three points but those three points were slightly special. Not like their gain at Akresna but points are points and these were special enough to them.

This weekend has been a rollercoaster for the team, a stressful one but they managed to get through fine.

Viska Factory
Sterlennau, Auruna
A day after the race

Jöna is in his office, scrolling through news feeds and reading emails, like his usual Mondays there. Then his phone rings, it's from Kiiro. He quickly picks it up and answers. "Ah, hei Kiiro."

"Jöna, good news! Talks with Pryfors Bilar continued. Hoping to get everything done by the final race so we can prepare. The sponsorships are left and I'll try to get one of our drivers contracted to them."

"Let me guess, Haukanna?"

"Yep! She wanted to go international after leaving Schkeska. Good thing she signed with us."

"Heh, completely avoided VSK."

"Yeah... right, I'll continue my thing here. Next year is going to be a good one."

"Oh, can we use some of our old cars? We're planning on getting Goita and Olivia to drive them. You know, just let them drive around."

"Sure, when do you need them?"



Call ends.

Those were some big plans. Good thing it started to come together which reminded Jöna. He quickly writes an email then Artur suddenly barges in.

"Jöna, Livonsk has nothing scheduled for this week."

"Ah nice."

"I got us the whole week at Livonsk, I think that's enough time."

"Great work mate. I'll go talk to the two about this."

"Alright, I'll be waiting downstairs."

Artur leaves first. Jöna stares at his computer monitor for a while before clicking send.

To: Abdoulaye Goita, Olivia Stone
From: Jöna Ekeränna
Subject: Contract Extension

He gets up then heads downstairs, looking for Artur and the drivers. He was slightly lost with a lot going on at the factory. Then he later arrive at where the three are, at the drivers' lounge. He sits down then looks at the two drivers.

"Not sure if Artur already told you, we're going to Livonsk not for testing, we're letting you drive around in different Viska cars for this week. Treat it as a stress reliever, as practice, or whatever you want. Just enjoy your time there. How does that sound?"

Note: I don't primarily use NS stats
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Postby Aboveland » Sat Dec 12, 2020 3:00 pm

Nimbus Bay, Nexus Wardship of Former Citizens of the Nimbus System
December 9th

Janne curls up against the armrest of the firm modern couch in his hotel room, bringing his knees to his chest and pulling a blanket up to his neck. Like a turtle seeking refuge in its shell, he crawls his hand out from beneath the sheet along the cushions to grab his phone and beams the Abovian WGPC broadcast onto his TV. He's just in time, as the intro to the program begins with a song usually used for the closing instances of every WGPC season. When the WGPC logo fades to reveal the Hapilopper City Circuit, a whirr resonates against the windows of his room, and a pale cyan glow interrupts the darkness in the living room. Reluctantly, he wraps himself in the blanket and hops to the window to shut the blinds, hiding his view of Nimbus Bay and leaving his TV as the only source of light. He jumps back onto the couch, falling violently on the side opposite the one he'd been sitting on earlier, though the sound of buckling metal stops him cold; then, slowly, he burrows himself between the cushions back in his first spot.

While he waits for the race to start, he pulls his phone out of his pocket and checks his email, catching up on the messages he'd been sent by Nexus Racing, lost in among a plethora of promotions and coupons valid for last week. In the process, he skims by a message from Gertrude Thompson, dated November 29th. As Janne does, rather frequently, and more or less intensely depending on the memory in question, he smiles and buries his face in one of the pillows he's clutching against his chest, controlling his breathing and closing his eyes shut hard. His mind, instantly, wanders, and evokes the moment he's searching for.

“Let’s not bias this with any preconceptions.” Gertrude’s expression reforms itself, taking on a kindly, almost motherly aspect even as the traces of regret remain. “Janne, would it be alright to hear how you think your racing with us has gone so far? No pressure at all, just say it as it was.”

Janne vacillates, sniffling as he looks to his right at Antti, inert and almost unaware of his discomfort. He looks to his left, at Gertrude, and realizes that as he's shifted his gaze in her direction he's now obligated to begin speaking.

"Well," he begins, as he always begins, "I suppose--" he looks back at Antti, then at Karl Rain, then at Neil Foxtrot on the screen before them. "It's no secret our last season together was... difficult." Antti, not quite looking towards him, nods with his eyes closed, as if to himself. "I surely speak for us all in that we expected more, something... akin to our first season." He checks for approval of his words; Gertrude smiles, remembering Nexus', and Janne's, win in the WGP2 season 2 opener, his debut. That season had ended with Janne taking a comfortable third place in the championship, after which things looked up for season 3; a podium at the first race of the season was as good as it'd get.

"I must say, I've felt very supported throughout my time here," he says, smiling genuinely. As he continues the confidence in him starts to build, and his droopy shoulders gradually grow more solid, and his posture straightens up, and his tone of voice turns clear from croaky, and his mouth modulates his sounds more efficiently. "Personally, emotionally..." he pauses. "Last season was difficult."

"To be a teenager!" comments Antti, joyfully, somewhat removed from the atmosphere in the conference room. Janne smiles back.

"And perhaps we'd had unrealistic expectations after the first race, the podium... but in the end we'd simply been testing a prototype, and it's something I understand." He clears his throat before his closing statement. "I could have done more, much more, and after showing the potetnial in the car at the start of the season... I
do place the blame on myself for last season's fluke. I do think, though, that I'm in a better place now.

Even the scent of the conference room has wafted back into his conscience, but his deep reflection session is shattered by the announcers' enthusiastic countdown to the race start. Being the Abovian broadcast, it focuses in on the #56 car, rumbling energetically seven rows behind the Diarcesian pole sitter, Sara Luna. Janne, no hard feelings remaining, grins as he bites down on his bottom lip and presses the pillow he grips between his chin and his chest.

"The Preston Autos Hapiloppian Grand Prix is underway!"

Resilience launches out of thirteenth, as quick as it had the last eight times and hopefully as quick as it will the next two; last season's start woes had all but vanished in WGPC18 for TRÆ, as had AGP002's electrical gremlins. In fact, save for brake failure at Crossbay and Terho's engine failure in FIlindostan, the season had been problem free for the dual nationality squad--and yet, Terho had failed to capitalize. His flunked qualifying session, with Edvin a tad at fault, had further thwarted his chances at a late season charge.

His grit, though, is immortal.

Terho tucks behind the zooming Chase Cutter of Jean Mercer-Daly, its characteristically rapid start sending it flying up the grid. In his former rival's slipstream, he flies past Dom Falpeau, and meets the Badai Angin of Alex Dimitrianov--who he'd feared would be the one to steal his crown--in the fast right and run up to turn two. Dimitrianov, clean and polite as usual, cedes to Terho's aggressive advance through McLaughlin's. Though Mercer-Daly has already met Ryker further up the grid, Terho begins his steady climb up the ranks, and by Slidey Right he's right up against his mentor, turned friend, turned teammate, turned rival, iBen. He follows the sister car down towards Oh Crap, There's a Wall, carefully measuring his braking to not overshoot the corner and end up the reason for some lucky sadist's cash-out, and the two, almost in sync, bypass the dropping Daryl Mizushima in the Works car as they enter Chicken Bone alley. In lieu of attempting his now frequent divebombs, Terho remains patient. He opts, this time, to keep his tyres in good condition. Should the race turn treacherous, he might benefit from survival.

Benefit, he does.

By lap 21, Terho has managed a steady gap to iBen, still in front. The pair, running eighth and ninth, had gained a position each after Mercer-Daly's lap 5 retirement. After the First Right, right as Terho begins to ease off the brakes into turn two, Edvin crackles onto the radio.

"Gap ahead to iBen is..." he lingers, as the last sound of the 'is' trails off before the actual information arrives. His voice, in contrast to how it had been during qualifying, is full and healthy again. "seven tenths. You're steady but if you push you might gain a tenth per lap."

Terho, his frowning eyes fixed on the apex of turn three, throws Resilience into the corner to follow the Turorian closely, going early on the power through the fast kink before the Slidey Right. The live delta on his steering wheel increases; iBen's exit is quicker, but into the braking zone Terho goes marginally longer and makes up time. Carefully modulating the brake pedal, the winglets relaxing and pushing the airflow away from the apex, the brake balance shifting momentarily, almost instantly, to the rear for added bite and turn in, the Abovian closes in on the 77 car. He decides against swerving to keep a safe gap ahead, Resilience' nose cone just inches from the Turorian's diffuser.

Perhaps iBen had been too early into the braking zone, but it enables again a quicker exit; however, Terho's lunge is successful, and the gap between the two falls by a couple tenths of a second. In the pitwall, Edvin's finger twitches over the radio button, unsure whether he should encourage the Abovian to push, congratulate him on his move, warn him about tyre temperatures or keep shut to avoid rupturing his delicate concentration.

Terho pushes left, then right, his body strewn about the monocoque as the two approach Oh Crap, There's a Wall. He glances down at the live delta again, just before the turn in point while they brake almost in sync, but as his eyes drift back upwards his glare is lost in a plume of smoke, some shards of carbon fiber peltering his visor. When he's cautiously out of the cloud, he speeds past a navy and gold blur to his right. Involuntarily, his left thumb has fallen on his radio button, and he gasps audibly, the smell of burnt rubber making its way up his nasal cavity through his mouth.

"iBen out, iBen out," Edvin replies to Terho's shock. He turns the radio off, then smacks his lips and grabs his head; his elbows resting on the pitwall desk, he runs both hands from his forehead to the back of his neck and clasps them together. "Shit," exclaims Terho on the radio, moments later, entering the Chicken Bone Alley. "He's okay, right?"

"Affirmative," assures Edvin. The radio, for the rest of the race, goes quiet.

By the final lap, it's ecstasy for Sara Luna, the Diarcesian driver finally scoring her, and Volkov Racing's, first overdue win in dominant fashion. As for Terho, his strategy pays off in the long run: from thirteenth to sixth, by virtue of his own skill and aided by three retirements further up the order which end up leapfrogging him well into the points.

Despite the positives, however, the mood in the TRÆ paddock is tense, somber, and far from celebratory. Perhaps at some point during the weekend, or maybe even during the race, Edvin had snapped back into barking dog mode. WIth just two races to go in the season, the team had all but secured their constructors' title for the second year running: by scoring just ten points in Liventia, the title would be retained.

The second title race though, perhaps the most prestigious one of the two, and one of the most hotly contested in recent years, had now been thrown another curveball. Terho's six points were points, after all, and a needed boost to his chances at defending his crown, but they were hardly enough to allow for complacency. Though iBen had faltered, for the first time all season, he still held the upper hand going into Liventia and Mattijana for the season enders. Worse still for Terho, what he'd considered to be at least a surefire runner-up spot was now in the sights of Hapilopper's Rudy Edwards, their sensational mid-season-forwards charge having carried Preston to fourth and themselves to second, leading on countback with a victory to Terho's nil, in the drivers' standings.

The TRÆ battalion swiftly packed their things at the end of the race, looking straight on at the next hurdle at Liventia. With iBen in the wall, Terho's title slipping, and the promise of a successful constructors' title defense right within arm's reach, the outfit's performance at Talbott Autodrome would likely be crucial to set the stage favorably for the season finale in Ljubala. Terho though, as anxious as his position makes him, keeps his head high. Though on paper the race at Liventia would be yet again another uphill hike, a race in similar circumstances weeks back in Auruna had produced, in his regard, the highlight of TRÆ's season.

Nothing, nothing at all, suggests the Abovian-Vilita and Turorian outfit couldn't do it again. Resilience, now more than ever, is key.

Home to Terho Talvela, three-time WGPC World Champion

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Postby Diarcesia » Sat Dec 12, 2020 8:25 pm

Preston Autos Hapiloppian Grand Prix

"Let's do this, Sara. I know you're here because you want to. You can do this, even if it will not be easy." Emil's voice was calm and soothing. Soon, the sounds would be drowned by Fitten's WGPC Motorworks engine revving up, but the Sorlovian race engineer's assurances stayed in Sara's mind. It was the voice of one of her trusted professional partners, someone who had believed in her and helped her finish her races so far. It was something that she learned to want to hear over the course of her maiden WGPC season.

"I understand, Emil," Sara replied, this time via the radio. "Thanks for the wonderful job yesterday. I want to add points by the end of this race, so hopefully I would stay in the lead. It's been a great run, and we still have a chance to take as high up a place as possible." She paused to gather her thoughts. "Take advantage of the pole position. I do it right, I'll be rewarded handsomely."

A few moments later, her teammate Gregori made contact using the inter-driver comms. He wanted to talk to her about some last minute items and cheered her for the imminent race. Sara responded in kind.

"Don't worry about that. We look out for each other. And Gregori, you do well out there. We still have a chance to take the team to a constructors' win."

She tried her best to come up with a friendly encouragement for Gregori. Outside the race, they continued to bond well in her opinion. Gregori was in a generally good mood and wished to do his magic again and land a spot in a second consecutive podium. It would be reminiscent of past seasons when he was able to effect amazing recovery drives. It was also great that the two were learning from each other's styles. On Sara's part, she felt a trend that since Aboveland, she was getting more comfortable in less-technical races. Gregori, meanwhile, drove in San Marco in a more typical Sara fashion than Sara herself.

Almost everyone in Volkov Racing was gripped by both anxiousness and excitement in the coming race. Nekoni and Filindostan did not end as well as Sara and Volkov expected, but it was to be a different story in the Hapiloppian Grand Prix. Two races ago, Sara started at pole but a tragic miscalculation denied her a victory and a heavy penalty knocked her out of the podium positions altogether. Compounding her woes at the time was her disappointing showing in the following week. So far, the cards appeared to be stacked in their favor and they were primed for their very first WGPC win. That is, if Sara could restrain herself from hitting something, especially Oh Crap There's a Wall.

Now, a win at the highest level of motorsports would be celebrated as a momentous occasion in the history of Diarcesian sporting. The same could be said to that of Sorlovia in the form of their team entry in the WGPC winning a race for the first time, too. The popularity of open-wheel racing in the two countries would surely spike upwards. Fresh talent would flock to their respective domestic leagues, further increasing the likelihood of more WGPC drivers originating there.

All of that excitement would prove to be justified.

Lap One - Commentary
It's lights-out for the highly-anticipated Happilopian Grand Prix! Luna got away splendidly and so does Archer and Carter as they sail past the First Right. Rudy Edwards and Archer are heavily-favored for a 1-2 finish in their home race. And what do we have here!? Luna had the inside in Downhill Pass and Archer tried to lunge on the outside, his wheels momentarily locking up and was forced to go wide! Lane Carter is hot on his heels. So is Devereux, Edwards, Cruisin, and more. Everyone behind Archer is now in a chaotic scramble: the sharks have smelled blood! Meanwhile, Sara Luna got away from all of this and is already amassing a sizeable margin in front of the pack. Will this be finally Volkov's day to shine? Luna was denied that chance in Nekoni after getting too close to Rudy Edwards. She now has a do-over to show just what her team is capable of, doubly so with pressure from the Preston of Archer gone after a crucial early mistake!

Sara Luna on Oh Crap There's a Wall. Nope, not this time, the corner will have to wait to claim its first victim in this race as she nailed the braking and exited to go full speed ahead towards the Chicken Bone Alley!

Lap 18
Luna was coming in for a pit stop, the driving intention seemingly clear. Her early speed had been impressive, but Fitten's pace is slowing down. The medium tire's life approached its end, and her gap to Lane Carter at P2 is enough such that she wouldn't have to concede her lead. Another flawless tire change thanks to the well-drilled pit crew gave Sara a fresh set of Tropicorp Sifaka hards. With their one-stop strategy, Volkov left nothing to chance.

Lap 21 - Commentary

iBen Toralmintii and Terho Talvela both exit First Right in quick succession. Talvela is thinking of the best way to overtake his teammate here, the gap between the two Ælunds gradually narrows. Talvela's pace is getting quicker as they reach Oh Crap There's a Wall and—

Oh no! A cloud of smoke and what looks like a pivotal moment in this season is unfolding! iBen Toralmintii just crashed and is now out of the race! I don't think there would be a safety car for this one. With this recent development, the other drivers suddenly find their paths to the drivers' championship open up just a little bit more. Talvela appears to have been unscathed, he was caught up in the smoke and he emerged from it one place ahead at P8. iBen appears to be alright and is about to get out of the car, understandably and massively frustrated.

Lap 40
With Sara comfortably at P1, spectator attention is focused on the fight for P2. Lane Carter's early pace was fantastic, but Rudy Edwards set to push faster and challenge Carter's comfort zone, thanks to the remaining Preston's fresh set of tires. Whereas before, Carter remained ahead by a few seconds, Edwards kept his momentum he had after his latest pit stop. When Edwards came within fractions of a second behind Carter in the next DRS zone, he activated the system and Carter had no choice but to give way for the Happilopian. The crowd cheered loudly in approval as he did so.

Lap 52 - Commentary

The checkered flag awaits for Sara Luna as she exits the Final Straight and crosses the finish line to claim the Happilopian Grand Prix! What a performance for the Diarcesian driver and the Sorlovian team! Savor this special moment as you have finally earned your first WGPC win! The home crowd meanwhile is cheering louder than ever: R.L. Cruisin wheel to wheel with Rudy Edwards into the Triple Diamond Chicane. Cruisin goes on the inside to overtake Rudy Edwards in the final corner of the chicane and get second place! Such a close battle, but this is the Final Straight and Rudy Edwards gets to use the DRS! He swerves right to exit the slipstream and overtake Cruisin to reclaim what he just lost! The crowd goes wild as Edwards's DRS expands the gap between him and Cruisin, as if saying, "not today, P2 is mine and stays mine!" It is a very sweet treat for Hapiloppians everywhere as he crosses the finish line as well! Rudy Edwards of Preston racing just punched a ticket to his third consecutive podium appearance and get within striking distance of the drivers' championship!

In a first for WGPC, the anthem of the Monarchy Diarcesian was played. Sara stood atop the podium spot reserved for the race winner, happily holding the Chrysolynx. As Volkov promised, she would keep all of her race winnings for her first win. It took no time to decide that for what would be the team's share, she would donate that amount to a charity of her choosing.


Oh crap, there's a wall.

#WGPC : #HapiloppianGrandPrix


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Museums to visit in Liventia!

Chars: Hey guys! I’m at Liventia for the Liventian Grand Prix. While we’re all waiting, why not visit some cool place in Liventia! I’m sure museums are a top priority for most tourists so I’ll be covering that today!

We appear at Talbott, before teleporting to Folenisa
Chars: Now, Talbott isn’t really that touristy of a place, but it still has some rad museums! One place most of y’all will be interested in is the motorsport museum. This is where Franklin Racing is based. Other Motorsports fans also visit Folenisa, where Carvenlo’s headquarters are based at.

We then head to City Square
Chars: City Square is where the National History Museum is. You can find out all about Liventian history. Even if you’re not a history geek, the interesting and amazing artefacts on display will certainly catch your eye.

We go to Orean next
Chars: Orean is the capital city of Liventia, so there’s bound to be exciting places here. The National Olympics Museum is certainly a place. Liventia is such a huge name in the Olympics world, so at one point there’ll obviously be some place to show that. The museum displays many things, like the history, various sports and it’s definitely a place for the sporty.

Chars: I hope you’ve enjoyed my vlog. Stay tuned for the last race!
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- -@BFReport

There you go @BFReport. A Preston crashing right into OCTAW. You happy now? Youre really lucky William walked away 4m that or else shits goin down

#WGPC18 : #HapiloppanGrandPrix : #BlueFlagReport : #MoreLikeBlueFlagBastards

- -@Pigeon_87

You. Pigeon. You're also on my shitlist.

#WGPC18 : #HapiloppanGrandPrix : #PigeonsAreShit : #DontMessWithAnArcher

Everything had been going so well. There was a very real possibility of Preston getting both of its drivers on the podium at the same time on their home race. It could have even been a 1-2 for Preston were it not for the absolutely insane drive that Sara Luna was doing at the moment. It was a drive so insane Luna was already building up a pit stop's worth of a gap between herself and William. For once, with the race and Hapiloppian racing honor on the line, William's usual strategy of overcutting his opponents was overruled, and he was pulled into the pits at the scheduled time. But despite that, Luna still managed to make it past William before he got out of the pit lane, rendering the whole thing basically moot.

And then there was Rudy. Rudy Edwards, William's teammate, the hometown hero (although William didn't know if Rudy was indeed from Hapilopper City or somewhere else), Hapilopper's hope. Rudy had started in P5 but now he was nipping on William's heels. Despite the gap between William and Sara that was slowly beginning to widen once again, the Fleftic driver still believed that he could challenge the Diarcesian. But he also had only 4 points against his name in the drivers' championship, while Rudy had 55. He was also the closest thing anyone had as a challenger for the title alongside the likes of Terho Taivela and iBen Toralmintii. And with Toralmintii bowing out of the race on lap 21, Preston was now seeing their chance to put their boy in as a real challenger for the title.

"William, can you hear me?" the engineer asked. "If you can hear me, confirm that Rudy is faster than you. Did you get that?"

"What?" William shouted back.

"I said, Rudy is faster than you. Can you confirm this? I repeat, Rudy is faster. Can you confirm this, William?"

"Who? Who's faster than me?"

"Rudy. Rudy is faster than you, William," the engineer repeated.

"Ah, shit," William muttered. He thought it was just in his head, but it would turn out that his mike was hot at the time and it picked up his little expletive before what he said next. "All right, I confirm Rudy is faster than me."

"Thank you, William. Just confirming with you that Rudy is faster, that's all. Sorry."

"William, it's Marty," Marty Lewis, team principal of Preston Autos Grand Prix Racing, said as he came on the radio himself. "We'll talk about this after the race. Sorry about that, kid. I just hope you understand that Rudy is faster than you right now."

"Copy, copy," William said. "Don't worry, I understand."

" we have the two Prestons approaching the Triple Diamond Chicane, perhaps this is where Preston have decided that they will make the switch. And there's just a snap of understeer from Archer—whether that's planned or not we can't really be sure—but nevertheless the pass has been made, and Rudy Edwards has now been freed to chase after Sara Luna."

"All right, William, I know that you would've wanted to go for the race win, but as things stand we're still on course for a double podium. We just need to hold off Carter behind you, he is 1.1 seconds behind. Carter behind by 1.1 seconds."

"Copy," William said. Oh well. Time to play the team game and serve as Rudy's rear gunner. It might not be a 1-2 since Sara Luna was already shooting off into the distance, but a double podium was still a decent finish for the home constructor.

There was simply no warning that something was about to go wrong. One moment William was going down the Flat Right keeping Carter just outside of DRS range, and then as he approached Oh Crap There's A Wall, the rear end got away from William. It was just a little bit of rear end loss, but nevertheless it was enough to ruin the whole race for the Fleftic. William tried to drift the car by putting one some opposite lock, but instead of actually turning left the car simply drifted along into the wall at speed.

"You okay, William? Tell me if you're okay or not!" his engineer cried out.

William let out a long breath as he tried to gather himself together before speaking. "Yep, I'm all right, I think," he finally replied. "Brain's still rattling around some, but I think I'm fine. I think."

"Copy that, William. Engine mode zero. Turn off the car if you can."

"Don't know what happened there, man. I just lost the rear. I tried to drift it but it just won't go where I want it to go."

"Understood. We'll go over the data later, see what went wrong."

"I don't wanna speculate," William said, "but I think this might be karma for that 'They Crash, You Win' promo HTN pulled for this race."

"Copy that. We'll talk in the garage later."

As William hopped out of his wrecked car, he felt something smack on the top of his helmet. He looked up and saw nothing, but when he took off his helmet William noticed a foul-smelling white and brown substance right on the crown. "Fucking birds," he muttered before slipping the helmet back on.
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Postby Auruna » Sun Dec 13, 2020 7:07 am

Hapilopper City Grand Prix Circuit
After Qualifying

Another chance to race gone, it continues the string of bad weekends for Kinu. It looks like he will not be racing for the entire second-half of the season. It wasn't going well for the young Aurun. He'd like to turn things around, and it would be difficult but he would still try to do it. He would get two chances to race before the season ends.

Later, he was in an interview with MNA TV, familiar faces. They would usually follow VIska but they sometimes go look for Kinu.

The interview was completely in Aurun, translations will be provided.

"Hei Kinu, hevä naata tu. Kÿrsikäntä kau je oli tu huomee kau?"

"Kÿrsikäntä oli ikjä je eh... ya nie roitu huomee ni ya oliniit miin hoteli hönnesi ta autotailasi, naatanen roitu ta... nÿkkäni."

"Kaasi luoppunen, oli tu jatkai tunne WGPC kärje kau?"

"Uh.. ya, oli oki jatkai miin kärje je lisset roitu. Ya sätö hevä ta sÿrä. Mennä naata."

"Tu oli te. Nÿ, kÿtte tu oli lisse?"

"Nie, hevä, hevä."

"Ketä, kiitan Kinu."
"Hi Kinu, good to see you. How was your qualifying and what will you do tomorrow?"

"Qualifying was bad and eh... I am not racing tomorrow so I would be in my hotel room or at the garage or, watching the race or... sleeping."

"The season is ending, will you continue your WGPC career?"

"Uh.. yes, I will continue my career here and race more. I'll get good or even better. We'll see."

"You'll do well. Now, anything you would like to add?"

"No, all good."

"Alright, thanks Kinu."

It was a quick interview, he probably made it like that. He felt like he hadn't done an interview for a long time. He was nervous but he managed to get through.

Kinu then heads back to his hotel room, he has his mind filled with a long of thoughts and he couldn't clear it. It will be hard to stay positive the whole time. There's nothing much he could do, he was mostly unlucky.

The only thing left to actually do is to try.

He enters his room and quickly drops on the bed, exhausted. "At least I get to see my teammates happy that they could race." His last thoughts before falling asleep.

Note: I don't primarily use NS stats
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Eyes turning to the future

With two races left in the season, WGPC 18 will soon be coming to a close. And it's been an okay season for Fireline Motorsports, but nothing spectacular and definitely not reaching the hopes and dreams from the start of the season. The previous director of the team left half way through after a string of disappointing performances, and the new director did come in and make an immediate difference - a couple of races into his tenure, he led the team to it's first double points finish of the season (both drivers finishing in the points). However, it was clear that the gap to teams above Fireline was likely too great to close, and while Adriana and Cocoabo #23 will keep pushing right to the end of the season, gaining positions in the constructors championship is unlikely.

And Fireline Motorsports could be in for a couple of points finishes if all goes well. The next two tracks have a technical leaning to them, which really suits the car and driving capabilities of Adriana Kowalski. On the last technical track, Fast Cocoabo also qualified on pole position, giving him a points finish at the end of the race - a repeat of this would be great for this struggling team. And Fireline and the team will be working hard to make this happen. But our chances of finishing higher still seem low.

Instead, eyes are turning to the future. To Fireline Motorsports' future. The current team director that came in half way through the season will be staying to lead the team into the future. But significant change behind the scenes can be expected. Shake-ups are likely to occur, especially in the strategic and research and development sections of the team, where Fireline really lacked this season. The lead board will likely see some changes as well, with expectations of some resignations and a handful of retirements. So next time you see Fireline Motorsports on the international scene, expect a fairly different outfit - even if strategies stay similar.

Upcoming competitions will likely play a part in whether Fireline re-enter WGPC next season. Success will need to be found in domestic racing competitions to keep their WGPC spot, as well as consistent performances. The outcome of the WGP2 season will also be crucial - when that comes to an end in a couple of weeks time (they run parallel in Ethane's canon). If Fireline can perform well in that (if they get a spot in the lineup, which we understand may not necessarily happen due to the desire to preference new teams), then more hope can be put on the chances for next season.

The future of the drivers also looks hopeful, but we don't yet know where their future paths lead. All we can say is that in future seasons that Fireline Motorsports compete in, they are welcome to apply for the team, and any applications would be looked upon favourably. Both drivers have put their heart into this season, and shown us that even when the team isn't performing to the level you'd come to expect, they remain committed and dedicated. That attitude is best reflected in Adriana's points finish so late in the season after struggling for so long.
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iROS Round #1 Preview - Talbott Autodrome

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iROS Round 2 Preview: Talbott Autodrome

Liventia Airways Grand Prix of Liventia, Talbott Autodrome, Tablott, Liventia :: As the drivers of the World Grand Prix Circuit arrived in the paddock at the Talbott Autodrome they were, at least temporarily, joined by some extra drivers and cars that had been preparing for their own event on the 6.239km Circuit later that day. It was the day of the second round of iBen Toralmintii's invitational Race of Stars series and drivers from various forms of motorsports across the multiverse had descended on the Talbott Autodrome for the first of three Road Course events on the series' five event calendar. The starting lineup for the iROS Round 2 event in Liventia would be set as an inverse of the finishing order of the first round of the series at the Tundra Falls Proving Grounds in Tundra Falls, Newmanistan with the exception that drivers who did not compete in Tundra Falls will revert to the rear of the grid. The first round in Tundra Falls unsurprisingly saw four NSSCRA drivers finish inside the Top 6 positions but current World Grand Prix Championship leading drivers iBen Toralmintii and Terho Talvela did their best to break up the stock car monopoly up front. Toralmintii would lead 12 of the events 40 laps but would be trailing Hapilopper's Frank Bronson as the race reached its climax. As the field jockied for position on the final lap contact slight between Terho Talvela and River 'Shark' Suzgar II who had been behind Bronson saw the Vilitan driver shuffled high. Talvela lifted out of the throttle slightly, however and the field temporarily stacked up losing their momentum as Bronson drove off into the sunset for the race victory. Toralmintii would lead the pack home in second place with Talvela hanging on for a Top 5 finish.

Image Image

Tropicorp Racing Aelund teammates iBen Toralmintii & Terho Talvela worked together at iRoS Round 1: Tundra Falls with Toralmintii finishing 2nd to Frank Bronson.

At the back of the field, Abdoulaye Goita, Fiona Sunyara and the Kohnhead driver Tim Lateman had backed off in the event that an accident occurred among the leaders but the World Class drivers managed to keep the cars pointed in the right direction and all sixteen competitors completed the full distance with their cars relatively in tact As a result it means that for the second consecutive Race of Stars event the Recuecn driver Abdoulaye Goita will be on pole position while on the outside of Goita will be the NSSCRA driver Centur Tiones. While Tiones may have made a career in a circuit with more Left turns than Right, the Vilita & Turori Motorsports driver will be confident of their chances having previously secured one of their four career NSSCRA Race Victories at Die Landschaftlich Schöne Strecke, a complex Road Course in the nation of Jebslund. While the front row starters will certainly enjoy the clear track ahead of them, it will be the driver starting from Row 2 on the grid that will likely have the most confidence as Mattijana's Alex Dimitrianov

Three of the competitors who ran at the Tundra Falls event will not be at the Talbott Autodrome for the second race of iBen Toralmintii's Race of Stars. Of those, Ashley Matthews the host driver from Newmanistan was the highest finishing driver in 11th position. It has recently been announced that auto racing legend Matthew Portland will by the Host Nation driver from Liventia for the Race of Stars. With Portland's inclusion in the field there will be a total of Six World Grand Prix Championships in the field with Portland and Terho Talvela both having two career World Grand Prix Championship Driver's Titles and fellow competitors Ryker Lane and Jessica Franssen also having won the World Grand Prix Championship Driver's Title in Season 15 and 16 respectively.

While Portland will certainly have their work cut out for them starting from near the back of the grid there is plenty of reason to believe that the Liventia driver can impress in front of the home fans. While they made a name for themselves in the open wheel cars of the World Grand Prix Circuit, Portland does have experience in Full Bodied cars having competed in the Inaugural Season of the NSSCRA. During that campaign, Portland demonstrated their skill by winning the two Road Course races as well as claiming six other podium finishes.

The Final row of the grid will be occupied by the Tier 3 / Domestic Fan's Choice winner and the Current leader in the NSSCRA Contender's Series Championship standings. With the conclusion of the NSSCRA's second tier event at the Sun City Speedway in South Newlandia, Cassadaiguan driver Maddie Alexander leads by a single point over TJUN-ia's Maddison Riley-Jones and earns the invitation to join her mentor Stacie Houston in Liventia. Alexander would be assigned to the White #02 iROS machine.


Your #IROS Round 2 Tier 3 Fans Choice driver: @Zaotani_Tegiza! See you in Liventia!

#NSSCRA : #WGPC : #TalbottAutodrome


The weighted choice for Round 2 of the Fan Vote was announced to be Tegiza Zaotani of Hodori. Zaotani is the reigning champion of the famed Formula Hodori circuit and while earning their title Zaotani beat out two current World Grand Prix Championship drivers, Erica Okumura and Sayono Souzare. It also included Vilita & Turori driver Turakki Mayelli who has since moved over to the Everlong Contenders Series of the NSSCRA.

iROS will be utilizing a standing start for Round 2 in Liventia after having used a more Stock-Car Traditional rolling start format in Newmanistan. iROS drivers will have a 30 minute shake down in their Hybrid Dart Sport's prior to the World Grand Prix Championship's open practice session. The Race of Stars feature event will then take place after the WGPC Practice Session. From the standing start the race will be contested over 22 laps of the Talbott Autodrome. The race control will be utilizing a Hybrid system of Local and Full Course yellow flag conditions. Prior to lap 15, if an accident resulting in damage or disablement of a vehicle occurs; or, a vehicle gets stuck in a gravel trap, a Safety Car condition will exist for exactly 1 lap counting against the race total with the field bunched up for the restart as the vehicle or debris is cleared. Spins where a car can resume will result only in a local yellow condition. Following lap 15, Local Yellows will be utilized for minor debris incidents. If a safety car is required after Lap 20, the safety car lap will not be counted against the 22 lap official race distance ensuring that the race should not end under a Safety Car condition. The race distance and tyre compound are designed such that drivers will not be required to make a pit stop for racing purposes. Should a driver's iROS Hybrid Dart Sport suffer damage during the course of the race the shared Dart Pit Crew will attend to the car including the use of tape or saws to adhere or remove bodywork, the replacement of individual tyres affected by Puncture or damage or the investigation of minor drive issues. Any major damage or malfunction will result in the retirement of the vehicle from the event. There will be no 'strategy' pit stops as the drivers will fight for all of their positions on the track.

For a collection of information that has been either confirmed or rumored regarding iBen's Race of Stars, fans and prospective competitors can visit the Race of Stars website.


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Another Week On The Sidelines
(note: I did have the images in this RP unspoilered, but I’ve decided to spoiler them due to them looking a bit large on PC, apparently.)


After the disasterclass that was Q1 for the Hapilopper Grand Prix, Dario was carted back to the paddock with his head in his hands, mulling over his mistake and what might have been if he hadn’t lost focus after hitting the kerb. He had looked so promising in Sector 1, and yet he ended his lap by skelping his car off a wall and leaving debris across the track. Even worse than that was the fact that his anger and frustration was broadcast for the whole world to hear, and he knew fine well that plenty of people would use these words against him for the rest of his life. Once he returned to the paddock, he decided to grab his phone and put a message out on social media.

Thankfully, his fans didn’t seem to care too much about what he said over the radio. At least, not for now, anyway. All he had to do now was sit back, relax, and sink further back into his chair as he watched one of his teammates qualify in P6.


”...shit.” thought Dario, watching the pit wall go crazy for Daryl’s qualifying performance. ”Hopefully this won’t damage my reputation.”


As the cars lined up to start the Preston Autos Hapilopper Grand Prix, Dario was nowhere to be seen. This was, of course, due to the fact that he didn’t manage to qualify ahead of two of his other teammates. However, he wasn’t even seen in the stands for this race. Since there was seemingly zero chance of any odd circumstances that would allow him to be racing, he chose to go for a little venture around Hapilopper City. After all, what else was he going to do?


As Dario ate his pastry and watched the race in a local café, he began to regret that he wasn’t there to watch the race. There were plenty of events during the Grand Prix that made the race even more interesting than anyone had expected, and he even got to watch someone make a mistake that was similar to the one he did in qualifying, without saying anything stupid over the team radio. Speaking of saying stupid stuff over team radio, Dario decided to check and see if there was any actual reaction to what he had said.

While he had certainly angered a select few...


...the majority really didn’t seem to care, and actually seemed to find it funny.


The backlash he was expecting was very minimal, amazingly. In fact, his outburst had become more of a meme than anything, and he had seemingly managed to gain more fans as a result.


With a slight smirk on his face, Dario put his phone down and got back to watching the race on the TV. He couldn’t risk missing any other interesting events, after all. That is, until his phone began to ring.

*brrring brrrring*


“Hiya, son!”

“Oh, hey dad! How’s Emmerich at the moment?”

“It’s pissing it down. Been raining all the damn time, with no reprieve. In fact, there’s so much rain that they may as well build a canal system to hold all this water, heh!”

“Hah, just as I expected. It’s been a long while since we saw sun in the city.”

“Anyhow, I’m just letting you know about what’s in the Hülkenberger Herald today.”

“Does it involve me?”

“Would I be telling you about it if it didn’t?”

“Fair, fair. What are they saying?”

“Well, for one, they were commenting on your crash that had in qualifying. Y’know, talking about how you were on for a good lap and how lucky you were to get out of it safely.”

“That’s nice of them.”

“For two, they were talking about your reaction to said crash, and how hilarious it was...”

“Wait, hilarious?”

“Yep, they absolutely loved it!”

“No backlash from the media?”

“Backlash? Why would there be backlash?”

“Well, y’know... so you’re telling me that the media... LIKED what I said?”

“Well, why wouldn’t they? It’s not every day that you hear someone as popular as you say a thing like that, haha!”

“Wow. Do you think I’d get away with it if I said stuff like that more often?”

“Who knows, son. Who knows.”

“Ah. Anyways, I’ve got to go now. This coffee’s getting lukewarm, and it won’t be drinking itself!”

“Alrighty then, see you!”

“Buh bye!”


Dario couldn’t quite believe it. His silly comments had become more than a meme, and had made it to national news. Maybe he could use this to his advantage, somewhat. Something like putting his comments onto t-shirts, or posters, or other merchandise. Nonetheless, he’d need to improve if he wanted to sell more merchandise - and when would be a better time to improve than the penultimate Grand Prix in Liventia. After all, a good finish would stand him in good stead for the final race, and Dario was always good on racetracks that required a lot of technique. That is, if it isn’t raining.

”I’ll have to check the forecast, won’t I?” thought Dario.
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Postby Siovanija and Teusland » Sun Dec 13, 2020 1:06 pm

“Running well mate, running well”

Words of encouragement over the radio for TAS Alliance driver Niklas Schonbaum, who had done well from a starting position of 24th and was gaining pace as the race went on. The Hapiloppan Grand Prix had seen its fair share of disasters so far - 5 cars had already retired from the race, including some of the top drivers on the grid.

Just 12 more laps to go now, and Schonbaum was feeling confident. He’d been lapped - but so had the majority of cars on the grid, even drivers who were running in the top 10. He thought this was shaping up to be one of his best performances. He felt more comfortable in the car, and he was picking up speed - a suspicion that was confirmed with his teammate Anneliese Devereaux also running an incredible race.

Nothing could harm his race now, he thought. He’d already seen multiple drivers have their days ended by the infamous wall, and he made sure to be extra cautious when going through that sector of the track. He was careful, he was confident, and he was quick - what could go wrong?

It wasn’t that particular wall that did Schonbaum in. Instead, it was a little bit before that - the turn known as ‘slidey right’. Or, in Teus, ‘scheisse right.’ He came into the corner a bit too fast, lost his grip, and went for a spin off the track before coming in up against a wall.

“Niklas, Niklas, you ok?”


It was a disappointing moment for Schonbaum, who was really feeling it this race. He was really frustrated - it felt like nothing could go right at the moment.

“I’m sorry, guys. That’s my fault.”

“It’s alright, Niklas.”

“Let’s just hope that Anneliese can score some points today.”

Luckily for the TAS Alliance team, she would. Devereux finished in 7th, earning the team 4 points in the standings. While again Niklas was happy for her, he wasn’t quite happy with his own disappointing end to the day, and it really came through when he spoke to the assembled media afterwards.

“Niklas, I’m here with the Stelburger Zeitung. Your first DNF in WGPC racing, what’s the feeling like for you?”

“What do you think? It’s not a good feeling.”

“Obviously very disappointing for you, have you been able to see the replay?”

“Don’t have to. I know it was my fault, I was coming in too fast and just slipped off. I just feel bad for everyone back at the factory that works so hard on this car, and for my crew. I thought we had a good race going here, but that’s just the way it ends up sometimes.”

“Your teammate, Anneliese Devereaux, finished in 7th, one of the best results of the year for this team. Are you hoping that you can put in a similar performance in the final few weeks of the season?”

“Well, that’s the goal every week. Obviously I’m beyond thrilled for Anneliese, she works hard and deserves the result. Clearly this car is capable of getting points, but to do that you have to stay on the track. That’s what went wrong today.”

“It was a positive race for you, though, you’d begun to work your way up from P24 before the spin. Can you take some of that with you into the last two weeks of the season?”

“Hopefully. I just have to keep my head down, and not get too downtrodden from this result. Like you said, I’m pretty upset now, but when we reflect on the race there will definitely be some positives.”

“Two races left, in Liventia and Mattijana. What are you looking for out of yourself in these last two races after what’s been a tough rookie season for you?”

“I think that the competitiveness - the fight - never goes away, no matter what. So we have two more races to fight, and hopefully take some better results out of. I’m always excited to get out on the track and work hard, and that’s the mentality that I’m going to have.”

With that, Niklas Schonbaum disappeared back into the paddock and shifted his focus to the Grand Prix of Liventia.
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Postby Hapilopper » Sun Dec 13, 2020 1:12 pm

Hapilopper City Grand Prix Circuit, Hapilopper City
Just after the Hapiloppian Grand Prix
Rudy Edwards climbed out of his Preston PGP-01 after the Hapiloppian Grand Prix and, while pleased with how his race had gone, was also massively disappointed by not placing one spot better. The truth of the matter, though, was that Sara Luna was in an entirely different world during the race, winning by an astounding 48 seconds over Rudy, and over R.L. Cruisin, who Rudy overtook late in the race for 2nd place. The late pass put Rudy in second in the WGPC Driver’s standings, on a tie with Terho Talvela, a spot that just several races ago, Rudy couldn’t have dreamed of.

But the fact was, was that both Rudy and Preston Autos had gotten their act together following the midseason break. The team had slowly developed their car into one of the fastest cars in the World Grand Prix Championship, while Rudy had developed more confidence in himself in becoming one of the multiverse’s elite drivers. The fact that Rudy had been so massively disappointed with a second place finish had shown how far Preston Autos had come, and how far he had come. A few months before, Rudy would have been happy with just a points finish. Now, he was wanting nothing less than race victory.

As he wrapped up with his media obligations after the Grand Prix, he spotted his parents. Charles Edwards, his father, had worked as a software developer for Hydensoft, which made the popular HydenWorks collection of office software. Any time someone asked Rudy what his parents did for a living, Rudy would tell them “my dad works on word processors and spreadsheets.” His mother, Petra Edwards, had been a copywriter for the same company, working on the programs’ instruction manuals. To say they were proud of their son was something of an understatement.

“You did damn good, Rudy,” Charles said, embracing his son. “You’re gonna be a world champion someday.”

“I sure hope so, pops,” Rudy replied. “I just wish I could have had something for Sara.”

“Well, you’ll get ‘em again soon,” Charles said. “Where are you guys at next? Liventia?”

“Yeah, Liventia. I think we can do something great there too.”

While all that was going on, a fan, having spent the day at the spectator area at McLaughlin’s, was going berserk. A staffer from the Hapilopper Television Network had called them up, informing them that they had won a free trip to a WGPC or NSSCRA race of their choice next season in Atlantian Oceania, after the driver they had picked had nailed the wall at “Oh Crap There’s A Wall” during the race. The fan was advised that they’d be able to choose the race after the WGPC 19 and NSSCRA 11 schedules were announced, but HTN would keep in touch with them.

A number of fans, still lingering after the race, enjoying some dinner and a few cold beverages, went over to congratulate the fan. Over 750,000 fans across Hapilopper entered the contest, and there had been a huge buzz across the Dominion for just who would smack the wall at “Oh Crap There’s a Wall.” But the drivers and teams were not pleased about it at all.

After the race, Marty Lewis, Preston Autos team principal, confronted HTN executives about the contest.

“You’re damn lucky nobody got hurt,” Marty said. “Otherwise we’d be raising some hell right about now.”

“Look, a lot of people were interested in the contest,” one executive said. “I mean, we had…”

“I don’t care!” Marty snapped. “The whole thing was tasteless and we caught hell from a few guys because of that dipshit stunt of yours! The next time you guys try something like this, let us know so I’ll tell my guys to not talk to ANY of you for the rest of the season!”
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Postby Filindostan » Sun Dec 13, 2020 1:16 pm

Commercial Flight to Talbott, Liventia

It has been an up-and-down season for the Badai Angin Tim Motorsport. After the announcement that Grupo Varadi, a group of investors from Hispinas, have bought the majority shares of the motorsports program, Rudolf has been under fire for the under-performing of the car for the past three races that put them down to sixth in the constructors championship, and both drivers' title challenge effectively over. In the past three races, there has been only one points finish for the team in Filindostan, while other teams like Volkov and Preston have found race wins under their belt.

There are 32 points separating second from seventh in the constructors' championship, and while Badai Angin is on a downward spiral, only five points ahead of Polaris Racing in seventh, Rudolf hopes that the race in Liventia would be a repeat of last season where the team got its first double podium, with Alex Dimitrianov taking the team's first and only race win so far, with Carsten O'Rourke finishing third in a topsy-turvy race in Talbott Autodrome.

While in the plane, the three head honchos were discussing team matters when they saw an article in Fayeski on the rumors swirling on the future of the trio:

Change in BA Tim leadership to be announced in Liventia? - Insider sources in the Grupo Varadi camp say that investment group will announce a change in leadership structure that will happen in the offseason leading to the WGPC 19 season. Sources are pointing to a Hispinian executive of the Itzal automotive company to be installed as team principal to replace Rudolf Ibuna next season. Badai Angin's WGPC operation has been struggling since mid-season and has fallen to 6th in the constructors' standings coming into the race in Liventia, which prompted the newly installed majority owners to make necessary changes. Also, the NSSCRA operation will be affected as...

"Such irresponsible journalism, is it Dolf?" Eko muttered while they were sitting in business class.

"Don't make too much noise, we can discuss this once we land in Talbott." Rudolf reminded their technical director that they are in a public place and should not discuss private team matters in the plane to avoid further fueling the rumors about their impending departure from the team. It was Ilona, Varadi's Hispano-Gergarian representative who broke the news to Rudolf days after the Hapiloppian Grand Prix, and it will be officially announced post-race in Liventia as it is the only remaining Rushmori race in the schedule. Ilona though has reiterated that the team structure will remain the same the next season, with the team retaining its Filindostani racing license as well as the team base in Yogyakulta, but a satellite office is planned to be built in Vallezul, where the shop of the current Itzal Lasterketa is located.

She discussed what will happen to the NSSCRA operations as well as a conflict of interest will inevitably happen between the two teams, which may involve the Hispinian NSSCRA team switching to Badai Angin and taking current BA Tim driver Fiona Sunarya or Hana Bhe in their chartered ride, but Rudolf told her to 'tell that to Werner Ragos as I do not control the team as much as I want'.

On another commercial flight, Rusty was with Ilona, who will be there as part of the initial announcement. He has heard little from the management as what they are planning to do with the driver lineup next season as he stumbled down in the driver's championship anew after another finish outside the points that brought him down to 15th in the standings, and is in his worst position in his three seasons in WGPC.

"Hey Rusty, the bosses at Hispinas is asking if you could transition to a team principal role, he wants your Rusty Motorsport team to take over Badai Angin Tim's NSSCRA operations." She asked the Filindo driver with a straight face.

"You guys asking me to retire from the WGPC/ Ridiculous. I have three or more seasons in me." Rusty ridiculed what Ilona told him right now in the plane.

"I was just kidding. Although it was discussed in our last meeting. They ultimately decided to keep the current setup in the NSSCRA operations but will make major shakeups in the driver lineup. The Ajian driver? Most likely out by Race 10."

"You mean Shigeru ?"

"Yeah, that kid."

"Tough for him."

"Season's tough for you right?"

"Don't change the topic back to my performance. I was assured by management to have a place in the next season regardless of result, and..."

"You do know people can suddenly change decisions, right? They were planning to replace both drivers next season, but we insisted to keep you for the Filindo representation, now that the three guys at the top would be on their way out of the team next season."

"You've got to keep that promise."

"You should promise also to grab points for Badai Angin and beat your teammate in the standings right? Both of you are out of title contention and you are just eight points behind him"

"I should do."

"Yeah, do it and that seat next season is yours."
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Postby Former Citizens of the Nimbus System » Sun Dec 13, 2020 2:06 pm


Nexus Racing HQ, Crossbay Circuit, Nimbus Bay, the Nexus Wardship of Former Citizens of the Nimbus System
29th of November

Gertrude nods. “That’s good to hear… I should be clear, Janne, that none of us place the blame for last season on you. We entered with a car that by its nature was unreliable and that we knew would be unreliable.” She looks to one side, then meets the young driver’s gaze again. “I know what it feels like to lose without knowing how to do better – it being entirely out of your control must be worse.”

“We ought to clarify our intentions.” Auburn’s voice parts the room once more. “We want the WGP2 to be a platform for drivers in its own right, rather than just a stepping stone to the WGPC, correct?”

Lucia leans forward a little. “It seems to me that that is the heart of things; fundamentally, the more untested the cars that we enter into the WGP2 are, the less we can guarantee our drivers the results that they earn. If we want that, we may need to go some way beyond what you –” she glances to Gertrude – “initially proposed.”

“Not forgetting the emotional cost.” Gertrude purses her lips. “I discussed this back with Timothy ages ago… We don’t want to lose out on the prototyping – that’s critical to our innovation cycle.” She inclines her head towards Lucia, who nods in answer. “But I agree, Auburn, we do want to be successful in WGP2 as its own competition. It’s those two things we need to reconcile.” She claps her hands, then spreads them. “Ideas welcome!”

There is a moment of silence.

Karl frowns. “Might it be possible to take the WGPC car of the prior year, outfit it with a few of the WGP2 upgrades and enter the result in a few races?”

“Making the different subsystems mesh would be difficult,” Lucia offers, pressing a thumb and forefinger to her chin. “Not impossible, but it would likely require an entirely different approach to our design – more modular, less internally integrated.”

“And that leaves less room for radical improvement, which is what’s keeping us in the competition in the first place.” Gertrude concludes, earning a nod in answer. “Still the compromise…”

“We might table it for now, perhaps; leave our minds to consider this for a few minutes.” Karl Rain’s suggestion is met with a few affirmatory murmurings. “As for the original consideration of Gertrude’s proposals, perhaps you could offer some insight, Neil?”

“Yes! Certainly!” Neil raises a hand. “So, obviously, we’re looking at WGP3 – there are plenty of young drivers who we could look to for signing into the programme, people like Ekaterina Julic, Martin Eklund, the pair from UFC… Nexus Racing would be in a position to offer them financial backing, training at our headquarters and trials in modern Chase Cutters to acclimatise them.” His expression opens up. “Gertrude, you proposed psychological support as well?”

“That would be the plan, yes. Finally getting some proper therapists and psychologists in here,” she mutters, “doesn’t make sense not to extend that as far as we can.”

“That sounds fairly… Hands-off, no?” Auburn asks. “You mentioned WGPi – Olivia Stone slipped entirely through our fingers last season because we lacked a place in our programme. What’s to say that that won’t happen again?”

Neil shakes his head. “Nothing, I’m afraid; that’s how this tends to work. Unless you can find a place in different series for all of your drivers, they might well seek opportunity elsewhere. It makes sense.”

“Hmm. Perhaps…” Aldin Lane frowns, then lifts his head to look into his webcam. “At risk of competing with my own employers, perhaps you could create those places yourself. Your manufactory in the First City has swift, efficient chassis construction honed, correct?”

Gertrude raises her eyebrows. “We get through enough Imagination convertors too – and with Dr Calin’s improvements…”

“Perhaps in the winter or early spring, when there is less racing, you might run a miniature competition with Chase Cutters after the previous WGPC’s model, to acclimatise the drivers to your design philosophy. You have Crossbay Circuit at your disposal for most of the year.”

“That…” Auburn looks up, respect glinting in her eyes. “That is genuinely brilliant.”

“And we would have reliability concerns largely resolved by that point. It answers our prior concerns very neatly,” Lucia adds.

Gertrude turns suddenly. “Janne, you’re still our best window into this – what do you think? Would this have been helpful for you, before coming into WGP2 with us?”
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