Rugby Union World Cup 29 Everything Thread

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Rugby Union World Cup 29 Everything Thread

Postby Hutanjia » Mon Nov 09, 2020 7:31 pm

Rugby Union World Cup 29


Elejamie (1)
Ko-oren (2)
Abanhfleft (3)
Lisander (5)
Darmen (6)
Alice Bay (7)
Nova Anglicana (8)
Hutanjia (8)

United States of Devonta (10)
Neu Engollon (11)
Kelssek (13)
Busoga Islands (14)
Savojarna (15)
Sajnur (17)
Pratapgadh (17)
Northwest Kalactin (29)

Aji No Moto (40)
Terre Septentrionale (42)
HUElavia (61)
Port Ember (61)
Quebec (UR)
United Hemand Insia (UR)
Hannasea (UR)
Megistos (UR)

Baggieland (UR)
Kriegiersien (UR)
Hebitaka (UR)
Krysha (UR)
Rwekazaland (UR)
Oscioru (UR)
Silvedania (UR)
Quintessence of Dust (UR)

Fancy Bois (UR)
Dursea (UR)
Space (UR)
Sannyamathland (UR)
Saint-Domingues (UR)
Placely Placington (UR)
Port Arthur (UR)
Vdara (UR)


GROUP A (King Otumlo Stadium, Chastille, Nevorn)
Elejamie (1)
United States of Devonta (10)
Aji No Moto (40)
Baggieland (UR)
Fancy Bois (UR)

GROUP B (General Wakala Stadium, Vesselle, Nesselberg)
Ko-oren (2)
Neu Engollon (11)
Terre Septentrionale (42)
Kriegiersien (UR)
Dursea (UR)

GROUP C (Fera Darjugko Stadium, Jotaku, Nevorn)
Abanhfleft (3)
Kelssek (13)
HUElavia (61)
Hebitaka (UR)
Space (UR)

GROUP D (King Popilu I Stadium, Molnitha, Nevorn)
Lisander (5)
Busoga Islands (14)
Port Ember (61)
Krysha (UR)
Sannyamathland (UR)

GROUP E (Awha Arena, Jata, Nevorn)
Darmen (6)
Savojarna (15)
Quebec (UR)
Rwekazaland (UR)
Saint-Domingues (UR)

GROUP F (Kotahi Rau Manu Coliseum, Talibati, Nevorn)
Alice Bay (7)
Sajnur (17)
United Hemand Insia (UR)
Oscioru (UR)
Placely Placington (UR)

GROUP G (Peahi Peita Stadium, Port-au-Rex, Nevorn)
Nova Anglicana (8)
Pratapgadh (17)
Hannasea (UR)
Silvedania (UR)
Port Arthur (UR)

GROUP H (Queen Urtea Sports Complex, Jeanville, Nevorn)
Hutanjia (8)
Northwest Kalactin (29)
Megistos (UR)
Quintessence of Dust (UR)
Vdara (UR)


MD1: 2 v 5, 3 v 4, 1 Bye
MD2: 1 v 2, 3 v 5, 4 Bye
MD3: 1 v 3, 4 v 5, 2 Bye
MD4: 1 v 4, 2 v 3, 5 Bye
MD5: 1 v 5, 2 v 4, 3 Bye

Much as I’d like to give extra time for RP with gap days, it doesn’t seem like that will do much good right now, with all the other tournaments/Cups happening simultaneously across NSS that will still span an expanded schedule. Therefore, we will do a scorination every night starting 12 Nov. Cut off will be 2000 US ET each night, unless otherwise noted in the RUWC 29 Discussion/OOC thread. Knockout stages are single elimination, from Round of 16 on.

Group MD 1: 12 Nov
Group MD 2: 13 Nov
Group MD 3: 14 Nov
Group MD 4: 15 Nov
Group MD 5: 16 Nov
Round of 16: 17 Nov
Quarterfinals: 19 Nov
Semifinals: 20 Nov
Finals: 21 Nov


Rosters will be given considerable weight for RP bonus. It is a courtesy to other players in order for them to craft their RP and goes to the foundation of RP on this site: collaboration and cooperation. Before you put forth any other RP, please really consider putting up a roster. As per usual, quality is always preferred over quantity, and quantity does not suffice in place of quality.

Hutanjia, with the volume of matches to be officiated and a lack of internationally sanctioned officials, flew in all NSRB sanctioned officials with primary and secondary efficiency in the Union code, with all perks due and paid airfare.
Should you be the first, before your opponent, to RP your match, please visit the Match Officials Thread to select which Referee, TMO, and 2 touch judges would have officiated your match. Logically, they would not be from either nation participating in the match.


Points are awarded: win = 4, draw = 2, loss by 7 or less pts = 1, loss by more than 7 pts = 0
1. Overall points
2. Point differential
3. H2H
4. Wins
5. Coin toss

With 40 teams, we will have the top 2 teams from each group, and no others, moving on to the knockout stages, which will start with the Round of 16 (Octofinals). Those who do not make it into the top 2 Group spots will stop their journey in the Cup at Group MD 5.


This is also a must for cooperative RP between you and your fellow competing player/nations. Please put a copy in your roster post with the permissions you will allow.

Code: Select all
[u]RP Permissions[/u]
[b]Choose my scorers:[/b]
[b]Godmod scoring events:[/b]
[b]RP injuries to my players:[/b]
[b]Godmod Injuries to my players:[/b]
[b]Suspend my players:[/b]
[b]Godmod suspension events[/b]:
[b]Godmod other events:[/b]
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Postby Hutanjia » Mon Nov 09, 2020 7:31 pm



The Capital of the Republic is Chastille, on the Northwestern corner of the island of Nevorn.
The second biggest city is Vesselle, the largest metropolis on Nesselberg, the second island of Hutanjia. Molnitha, in Northeastern Nevorn, used to be the second biggest city, but was overtaken in population and metropolitan spread within the last few years.

Nevorn is idyllic with rolling hills, patches of tropical forest and large plantations. There are several cities that have grown around the banana, plantain, and other fruit industries, as well as rice, quinoa, and millet plantations. Fishing has always been a large industry across Hutanjia, as well as most of Wishtonia, and it has remained a strong part of the Hutanjian economy, and almost over-relied on during the War years.

Nesselberg Island consists of Vesselle and suburbs surrounding, as well as cleared areas and Hutanjian Republican military facilities surrounding the civilian areas, including a major air base, naval port, sub pen, and ranger and marine barracks and training areas. The southern two thirds of the island are divided from this northern end by a heavily reinforced wall, minefields, towers, pillboxes, and other fortifications. There are just a few gateways along the Wall. Many in the south demand the Wall come down so they are not separated from the rest of Nesselberg, and Hutanjia

Beyond the wall leading to Southern Nesselberg lies thick jungle with small farming and fishing villages interspersed here and there, firebases and outposts, resource mines, and constantly shifting rebel camps of the UFF insurgency supported by The Cardwith Islands, and the FNM (Free Nesselberg Movement) which opposes both the UFF presence and that of the Hutanjian government. Hutanjian troops, USG Security Corporation contractor teams, and allied special operations forces ‘train’ in this area by hunting and eradicating the insurgent rebels.

Focusing back on the north where the focus should stay, Vesselle is perfectly safe (thanks to the large military presence) and has all the amenities of a major cosmopolitan city with world class restaurants, museums, recreational resorts and sporting stadiums, where rugby is king, and Vessellians bide their time by playing association football and competing in boating races until they can watch or play in their next rugby match. The same could be said for many coastal cities on Nevorn.



President Roderique Hespatu is on his fourth term, third elected. He took over after the King and Queen were regicided in a coup, which he helped to defeat and send the coup leader, Mongoose Atave, fleeing. Rather than reinstall the monarchy with its many problems, he decided to establish the current republic, in a controversial move.

The legislative assembly is the Tangata, a unicameral parliamentary body consisting of 36 Tangatars, led by one Rangatar, who is the second in line to lead the Republic. They convene in the Runanga, which was formerly the old Palace from the days of the Otumlo Dynasty.


Hutanjian society is quite relaxed about many things, but there are some things that are not acceptable and prosecutable by local and national law enforcement.

Marijuana, hashish, and mild hallucinogens are allowed, but regulated, while hard narcotics and opiates are quite illegal. There are no restrictions on alcohol and tobacco.

Since the War, home militias were disbanded and firearms are no longer allowed on public streets, in buildings, or on commercial and retail property. Cities have varying penalties for such violations of open carrying of firearms. After the War, it became tougher to regulate them as returning veterans brought home captured Kalashnikovs and other foreign weapons, along with some ‘losing’ their service rifles and sidearms. However, settling differences with firearms can be a capital offense and crackdowns on heavily armed criminal gangs has been an ongoing and mostly successful effort.

Relations with minors is an executable offense in most instances, especially offenses committed by individuals age 20 or older.

Visitors caught with “Marxist propaganda”, especially items originating from the Cardwith Islands, can face heavy fines. Distributing or posting Marxist propaganda means certain imprisonment.



The majority of Hutanjians are of the Huju tribe, which was a powerful ancient Wishtonian Kingdom for centuries before finally being conquered by Gaul, who then lost the Wishton to their Anglo enemies. They gained independence in 1946 and spent some tumultuous years as the Otumlo dynasty re-established rule after nearly a four century absence.

Hutanjians are generally of the Polynesian ethnicity. There are a few Cardwithians still in Hutanjia despite being heavily persecuted, and they can generally be distinguished by their similar to Melanesian ethnicity. Hutanjians speak English, but many people in rural areas still speak the native Wishtonian tribal languages or a patois mix with some Anglo and French words.

The Tupa is the main currency, but due to fast tracked recovery efforts, NS Dollars are still widely, if not officially, accepted. The current exchange rate is 28 Tupas = 1 NSD. 100 Wohanga = 1 Tupa. Wohanga have not been used, except for banking and government calculations, for a decade due to inflation.

Rum, pulque and cane liquor are very popular choices for drinks. Many international liquors and beers are imported, such as Burgunden Breus

The War was devastating and you will still encounter many veterans trying to reintegrate into civilian life. A lot of them work on the fishing and cargo trawler crews that traverse the ports, work in the foreign mines, or foreign corporate factories that are springing up in the cities. Some are too debilitated and work in more stationary jobs or reside in veteran’s homes. Most of the fighting was over on Southern Nesselberg and the Cardwiths, so you won’t find battlefields on Nevorn, but you will find emotional scarring that affected the last two generations of men and women.

To those visitors to Wishtonia who may find themselves with time on their hands either prior to, or after the Cup, a trip to Kenega (approx. 2200 km to the North) is encouraged.
A one island commonwealth of the Anglo Kingdom, Kenega has prospered and seen no war or unrest, unlike most of Wishtonia, over the last half century. To the south, Kenega City and its environs and suburbs have been described as a hedonist paradise where just about anything is legal, including prostitution, gambling and light narcotics, and teaming with resorts, casinos, luxurious hotels, world class restaurants, and art galleries.
To the north lie virtually undisturbed national preserves teaming with wildlife (some of it quite deadly), hiking trails in the mountains, safari tours, and much more tranquil resorts limited to the immediate environs of Ouropeka on the north coast. The Western coast is off limits to visitors, being home to the Anglo/Kenegan Defense joint forces and services base at Faronham. The majority of Kenegans are of native Polynesian/Anglo mixed descent.

The Republic of Hutanjia has encouraged participation in international sport by national teams and individual athletes. Rugby union is probably the most popular sport in the nation, with rugby league, sevens, and football/soccer close behind, along with some boating sports. Hutanjia has been building up and saving for hosting a World Cup class event for a long time and now they have their chance. It cannot be stressed enough how important this is to the Republic of Hutanjia, and to a greater extent, all of Wishtonia, to host this world class sporting event.


General Wakala Stadium Vesselle, Nesselberg; Seats: 56,400

King Otumlo Stadium Chastille, Nevorn; Seats: 87,630

Fera Darjugko Stadium Jotaku, Nevorn; Seats: 52,620

King Popilu I Stadium Molnitha, Nevorn; Seats: 78,210

Awha Arena Jata, Nevorn; Seats: 33,900

Kotahi Rau Manu Coliseum Talibati, Nevorn; Seats: 46,500

Peahi Peita Stadium Port-au-Rex, Nevorn; Seats: 44,340

Queen Urtea Sports Complex Jeanville, Nevorn; Seats: 51,880

King Otumlo Stadium is named for the first historic King of Hutanjia many centuries ago. King Popilu I Stadium and Queen Urtea Sports Complex are named for the last King and Queen of Hutanjia, slain by Milton “The Mongoose” Atave, the state security chief, in an unsuccessful coup mid-Hutanjian War. Their children, nieces and nephews reside and attend school in exile in Neu Engollon, protected by the elite Diplomatic Guard Corps there. General Wakala was a popular Hutanjian general killed in a Cardwithian commando strike. Fera Darjugko was a famous Hutanjian poet who got her start in the 1970’s. The other stadiums have less political and tragic basis, but important historic and poetic reasons for their nomenclature.

For more information, please check the Official Overview Guide of The Hutanjian Republic
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Postby Hutanjia » Mon Nov 09, 2020 7:31 pm




Coach: Jaunders Malaptra
Assistant Coach: Bentley Reraptke
Trainer: Giancarlo Wziputala

First Team
1: Jean-Luc Tarepka - Loosehead Prop
2: Fernand Ranago - Hooker
3: Emmett Jelego - Tighthead Prop
4: Manuel Edeptka - Lock
5: Gregor Demagzu - Lock
6: Rhys Pentagke - Blindside Flanker
7: Townsend Vagatu - Openside Flanker
8: Vladimir Sokota - Number Eight

9: Monterrey Apegku - Scrum Half
10: Manchester Paloktu - Fly Half
11: Mitchell Zangaka - Left Wing
12: Johannes Charopa - Inside Centre
13: Samson Wakala - Outside Centre
14: Janson Paqate - Right Wing
15: Benson Vitagu - Fullback

16: Matthew Pitaga
17: Claude Kartula
18: Henson Imegka
19: Terrence Wegemba

20: Langdon Ubagkvu
21: Cornelius Gavatyo
22: Thompson Bishulo
23: Eamon Hankafa

The Hutanjian kit is provided by Valls Rugby

Style: +1.5

Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: TG me first, please
Hand out yellow cards (sin bin) to my players: Y
Hand out red cards (sending off) to my players: TG me first
Godmod other events: Please TG me first
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Postby Hebitaka » Mon Nov 09, 2020 10:33 pm

Team Hebitaka



Head Coach: Harold Remonik
Asst. Coach: Narayan Gupta

Playing Fifteen


Loosehead Prop: Ram Nandan#1
Hooker: Namako Bakugo#2
Tighthead Prop: Rajesh Choudhary#3
Lock: Tyler Kane#4
Lock: Roger Rave#5
Blindside Flanker: Katsuki Kaneki#6
Openside Flanker: Farid Majid#7
Number Eight: Ron Evillene#8


Scrum Half: Kemono Tatsuya#9
Fly Half: Harui Totuko#10
Left Wing: Brijesh Marath#11
Inside Centre: Flick Ronin#12
Outside Centre: Rahul Roy#13
Right Wing: Giness Flow#14
Full Back: Nomuko Ritono#15



Mathew Naven#16
Rock Lease#17
Hiran Joshi#18
Eeshaan Verma#19


Tanushi Tatsuya#20
Tanaka Roshi#21
Farima Kumika#22
Taturu Ishigaya#23

RP:- Just don't kill or cripple my players



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Port Ember
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Postby Port Ember » Mon Nov 09, 2020 11:09 pm

National Rugby Union Squad of The Republic of
Port Ember
"The Dragons"

Brief Overview of Port Ember

The Republic of Port Ember is a nation comprising a tropical archipelago within the Northern Ocean, and is considered a regional superpower and international economic giant. The tropical nation is governed as a constitutional democracy in the form of a Republic. The nation considers itself a champion for personal liberty and economic freedom, and is seen as one of the most free and wealthiest nations in the world. The two billion citizens are considered to be world wise and innovative, considering the art of world trade & travel, making money and engaging in bar brawls as the foundation of their national culture. The nation also possesses two colonies - Braziliztan and Port Arthur which they gained during bloody wars to uphold international freedom and human rights.

Team History:

Despite Rugby Union being a very popular sport within the Republic, it could never garner the sufficient economical and political support it required in order to compete on the international stage - instead remaining confined to university and local private club level.

Just prior to the commencement of the 28th rendition of the Rugby World Cup, the local and university teams gathered together a ragtag team, and managed to earn an invite to the grandest stage of them all for their sport. As could be expected, it went absolutely terribly. The team played four matches in the group stages - losing all four matches, without picking up a single try.

Despite the utter humiliation that the team, and the entire nation by extension suffered at the hands of the World Cup - it did result in a silver lining. The ruling government realised that there was an ever growing demand for the sport to be taken seriously on a national level - and in reply, the Port Ember Rugby Union (PERU) was established, in an effort to professionalise the sport.

Immediately after its formation, PERU followed the example of the Port Ember Football Association, and established a young international team who consisted of young talent who had zero club affiliations at that moment. The idea was to train up a national team of players, to conform to international standards and skills - who could be assigned to newly established professional clubs, after international exposure and a new fanbase were established, which would raise the standard of the sport throughout the nation.

This project was launched with one Garry Keeves as the head coach, training the team everyday for 4 years. Just prior to the commencement of World Cup 29, Garry left the project, and hired a Neu Engollian in his place, one Alex Renvier, to lead the team to glory and experience.

Thus, despite this being the second World Cup for Port Ember, due to this being the first "unified, professional" attempt, the nation is treating this as their Baptism of Fire for their international showing - hoping to shock the world to attention.

The team is affectionately known as "The Dragons", by their fans and the media - in reference to the team's logo, which itself is based on the nation's national animal - the Komodo Dragon.

Team Roster: Coaching Staff:

Head Coach: Alex Renvier (Neu Engollon).

Assistant Coach: Cam Cook.

Scrum Coach: Eugene Jozefo.

Fitness Coach: Derick Brava.

Technical Coach: Oliver Orabela.

Team Doctor: Dr Rozanne Dezirinda.

Logistics Manager: Malone Ludoviko

Team Roster: Starting XV

Davie Nikolao
Starting Position: Prop || Jersey #: #1 || Age: 22 || Height: || 1.82m Weight: 112Kg || International Caps: 0

Kaden Gaja
Starting Position: Hooker || Jersey #: #2 || Age: 22 || Height: 1.8m || Weight: 108Kg || International Caps: 0 ||

Domenic Amika
Starting Position: Prop || Jersey #: #3 || Age: 22 || Height: 1.81m || Weight: 100Kg || International Caps: 0 ||

Graeme Koralo
Starting Position: Lock || Jersey #: #4 || Age: 22 || Height: 2.2m || Weight: 98Kg || International Caps: 0 ||

Ralph Valora
Starting Position: Lock || Jersey #: #5 || Age: 22 || Height: 2.1m || Weight: 90Kg || International Caps: 0 ||

Goddard Pippa
Starting Position: Flanker || Jersey #: #6 || Age: 22 || Height: 1.8m || Weight: 88Kg || International Caps: 0 ||

Dom Venka
Starting Position: Flanker || Jersey #: #7 || Age: 22 || Height: 1.83m || Weight: 92Kg || International Caps: 0 ||

Kennedy Miéla
Starting Position: Number 8 || Jersey #: #8 || Age: 22 || Height: 1.9m || Weight: 95Kg || International Caps: 0 ||

Archie Fajra (C)
Starting Position: Scrum Half || Jersey #: #9 || Age: 22 || Height: 1.65m || Weight: 80Kg || International Caps: 0 ||

Ryley Mićjo
Starting Position: Flyhalf || Jersey #: #10 || Age: 22 || Height: 1.83m || Weight: 97Kg || International Caps: 0 ||

Steward Rozabela
Starting Position: Winger || Jersey #: #11 || Age: 22 || Height: 1.8m || Weight: 90Kg || International Caps: 0 ||

Darion Antono
Starting Position: Inside Centre || Jersey #: #12 || Age: 22 || Height: 1.85m || Weight: 100Kg || International Caps: 0 ||

Ogden Maraja
Starting Position: Outside Centre || Jersey #: #13 || Age: 22 || Height: 1.88m || Weight: 99Kg || International Caps: 0 ||

Wilfrid Fiéro
Starting Position: Winger || Jersey #: #14 || Age: 22 || Height: 1.88m || Weight: 99Kg || International Caps: 0 ||

Danny Sprita
Starting Position: Fullback || Jersey #: #15 || Age: 22 || Height: 1.79m || Weight: 85Kg || International Caps: 0 ||

Team Roster: Reserves

Jenson Karesinda
Starting Position: Prop/Hooker || Jersey #: #16 || Age: 22 || Height: 1.9m || Weight: 102Kg || International Caps: 0 ||

Jamie Rubena
Starting Position: Prop || Jersey #: #17 || Age: 22 || Height: 1.89m || Weight: 102kg || International Caps: 0 ||

Irving Tondra
Starting Position: Lock || Jersey #: #18 || Age: 22 || Height: 1.92m || Weight: 104Kg || International Caps: 0 ||

Saxon Castilia
Starting Position: Lock || Jersey #: #19 || Age: 22 || Height: 2.2m || Weight: 115Kg || International Caps: 0 ||

Ozzy Mirinda
Starting Position: Flanker/Number 8 || Jersey #: #20 || Age: 22 || Height: 1.82m || Weight: 98Kg || International Caps: 0 ||

Tucker Ćiela
Starting Position: Flanker || Jersey #: #21 || Age: 22 || Height: 1.85m|| Weight: 92Kg || International Caps: 0 ||

Carlyle Adorinda
Starting Position: Center || Jersey #: #22 || Age: 22 || Height: 1.79M || Weight: 91Kg || International Caps: 0 ||

Steven Stelara
Starting Position: Center || Jersey #: #23 || Age: 22 || Height: 1.82m || Weight: 96Kg || International Caps: 0 ||

Typical Playstyle

Port Ember typically plays towards their strengths, which in this case, would be the physical size and strength of their front pack. They will always attempt to play offensive running rugby, attempting to smash through their opponents with brute force. Their secret ingredient seems to be the attempt at maintaining constant pressure on the opposition, in an attempt to tire them out and tear them down physically.



Please note that both the logo and the kit was designed by the amazingly talented - saint of a man - Lisander


Due to the fact that this will be the first showing of the national team as an organised, united and professional team, it has not yet managed to build a large base of dedicated fans. However, due to the recent surge in popularity of sports in general within the nation - a small yet rowdy fanbase is expected to follow their team as they take on the world.

The official fanclub of the squad is known as "The Traveling Buccaneers", and can be identified at the games due to being painted completely blue with body paint, and some wielding trumpets.

OOC: RP Specifics


Nation Name: Republic of Port Ember

Trig: PE

Official Team Name: Port Ember National Rugby Team

Team Nickname: The Dragons.

Controlling Authority: Port Ember Rugby Union (PERU)

Style Modifier: +3

RP Permissions

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Godmod scoring events:
Aye, within reason. I live in a MT non scifi/fantasy setting.

RP injuries to my players: Aye but gimme a heads up.

Godmod injuries to my players:
Aye - within reason.

Give yellow cards to my players:
Please do!

Give red cards to my players:
Please do!

Godmod other events:
As long as it makes me laugh!
(Ps no pandemic play for me)
♤ And my proudest work - Hydra Industries - I created all my own military equipment.
♤ A great RP resource -The Average Port Emberian
Port Emberian Embassy Program
♤ My Discord Channel -
However only for members of the GFTC

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Northwest Kalactin
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Postby Northwest Kalactin » Mon Nov 09, 2020 11:28 pm

Nortwestern Kalactin Uniforms were produced by Valls Rugby.

Style modifier: +5

RP info
choose my point scores:Yes
choose my lineup :no
godmode scoring events :no
rp injuries to my players:yes
eject my players:no
godmode other events No

Head coach: Frank Miller
Asst coach: Walter Cox

Darrell Barnes
Marshal Rogers

James Reynolds
Lamar West

Trevor Carson
Grant Banks

Number 8
Martin Delgado
Adam Cannon

Tomas McCarthy
Devin Hart

Scrum Half
Levi Collin
Taylor Carter

Fly Half
Drew Nelson
Troy Walker

Max Mills
Wayne Dunn

Jason Hall
Sam Alexander

Keith Rivera
Harold Washington
AO Lacrosse Invitational 2 Champions
World Twenty20 Championship X Champion
RP population: 23 million
All India Cup 1
MAC 5&6
Gold Coast Basketball Tournament 1
World Lacrosse Championships XXXV
NSCF Mineral Conference
Coffs 7’s I
Call me NK
I don’t use NS stats
Kalactinator 1.00

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Baggieland Roster

Postby Baggieland » Mon Nov 09, 2020 11:29 pm

The Throstles.

Home Ground:
Birches Park, Bunn’s Field (capacity: 89,476).


Yes, we do the Haka:

Billy Wilkinson.

Starting XV:
1. Barney Rose (prop).
2. Gary Hearn (hooker).
3. Henry Holland (prop).
4. Gary Auld (lock).
5. Russell Chorley (lock).
6. Alan Watts (flanker).
7. Alex Smith (flanker).
8. John Allen (number eight).
9. James Harwood (scrum half).
10. John Pilkington (fly half).
11. David Davies (wing).
12. Alex Sherman (centre).
13. Henry Blackstone (centre).
14. David Gunn (wing).
15. Vincent Tank (full back).

16. Ed Turner (hooker).
17. Jimmy Robinson (hooker).
18. Arthur Bailey (prop).
19. Bill Carter (prop).
20. Sam Jones (lock).
21. Jack Evans (lock).
22. George Fowler (flanker).
23. Bob Dunkley (flanker).
24. George Everett (number eight).
25. Thomas Gibbs (scrum half).
26. James Adams (fly half).
27. Allen Cook (centre).
28. Joe Fox (centre).
29. Peter Massingham (wing).
30. George Lawson (wing).
31. Roger Tooney (full back).

First ever game:
Baggieland 6 – 0 Heemstra.

Biggest win:
Baggieland 6 – 0 Heemstra.

Biggest defeat:
Baggieland 0 – 20 Northwest Kalactin.

If my opponents RP first:
Choose my scorers: Y.
Godmod scoring events: Y.
RP injuries to my players: Y.
Godmod injuries to my players: Y.
Suspend my players: Y.
Godmod suspension events: Y.
Godmod other events: Y.
*Nothing ridiculous please.
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Postby Ko-oren » Tue Nov 10, 2020 2:04 am

RUWC 29 - Ko-orenite National Team


Among the backs, Ewell is a star of the game despite his young age. As a member of the Greencaster Galaxy, he's already won a title once. Bebenna is also a RUWC veteran at the age of 21, a physically perfect centre. A new generation of players is taking over, which can be seen from the wingers, with just Alardice over the age of 22. The Alardice-yHardyllyn combination can be one to watch as well.

Sinclair Ewell (22) - Greencaster Galaxy
Kagageerra Bilaranora (26) - Tarrashall Travellers

Tei Warmeling (20) - Mayara Wanderers-Vulpecula
Jacob Alardice (23) - Idyllwild Coronae
Morton Carson (21) - Mawrystwyth Phoenix

Burrula Bebenna (21) - Tarrashall Travellers
Careis yHardyllyn (26) - Mawrystwyth Phoenix
Cecil Grain (30) - Ansonville Comets

These positions are generally fairly rigid in their execution. The fly half is the tactician, the kicker, and one to stay out of mauls and rucks. The scrum half does some more dirty work, can kick in a pinch, but otherwise is there to direct the ball around as far as the fly half lets him. French isn't an all-time great in the Ko-orenite league but has done the job for his team and for Gehrenna for over a decade now. yTebetwd and Ballesdens are both creative and energetic, and yTebetwd especially represents a large Mawrystwyth Phoenix contingent.

Linwood French (32) - Aubury Swans
Jinnamoora Amaranga (29) - Tarrashall Travellers

Lichmal yTebetwd (22) - Mawrystwyth Phoenix
Va Ballesdens (21) - Idyllwild Coronae

The tendency for the team to rely on its forwards has waned. It's all about the centres and wingers now. Even so, the forwards harbour some incredible and unexpected talent. Some of these players are quicker than you'd give them credit for, and have a strong scoring drive. Grootemarsink, Weddall, Holden, and yTewnchaeg are among the absolute all-time greats our league has ever seen.

Number 8
Bayou Grootemarsink (21) - Tarrashall Travellers

Merrill Connor (23) - Willowbourne Foxes
Joseph Meahon (28) - Idyllwild Coronae
Neiran yGhearyc (23) - Mawrystwyth Phoenix

Gene Weddall (22) - Idyllwild Coronae
Bulya Nichols (32) - Mayara Wanderers-Vulpecula
Llafawm yMhalmawm (25) - Llandy Bulls

Cowan Holden (23) - Mayara Wanderers-Vulpecula
Willoughby Zephyr (28) - Greencaster Galaxy
Cicero Moore (27) - Ansonville Comets

Riyu Iwayama (22) - Mawrystwyth Phoenix
Newddlawdd yTewnchaeg (31) - Llandy Bulls

Style mod: -5. Ko-oren plays an extremely risk-averse style with an emphasis on kicking (both defensively and offensively).

RP Permissions
Choose My Scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
Injure my players: Yes
Godmod injuries: No
Sin Bin my players: Yes
Red Card my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
Trigramme: KOR - Demonym: Ko-orenite - Population: 27.270.096
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Busoga Islands
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Postby Busoga Islands » Tue Nov 10, 2020 7:58 am

Busoga Islands National Rugby Team

The Busoga Islands Rugby Federation are entering a squad to the Rugby Union World Cup for the thirdtime as an independent nation. Formerly a part of the Kingdom of Banija, this has long been a stronghold for rugby, and that has only been amplified since independence. There are three primary sports in the country- rugby, cricket, and soccer(not in that order), and the country is excited to play in the World Cup as an independent nation. Having participated in the last three Rugby Union World Cups, they will look for further success at this tournament.

Head Coach: Shahram Diba. 68 years old.
Assistant Coach: Sasan Kasebi Sr. 58 years old.
Kicker: Habib Sehat.
Captain: Kadir Koz.
Style Modifier: +3.5

Players who are receiving their first call-up are italicized. All players are male.

Starting Lineup
1 L. Prop - Ibezimako Obi. 24 years old.
2 Hooker - Heydar Vahdat. 31 years old.
3 T. Prop - Esit Babacan. 21 years old.
4 Lock - Nuri Atalay. 23 years old.
5 Lock - Habib Sehat. 33 years old. Captain.
6 Flanker - Udo Oluchi. 24 years old.
7 Flanker - Ilgi Saylan. 25 years old.
8 Number 8 - Enver Asani. 27 years old.
9 Scrum Half - Kadir Kaz. 20 years old.
10 Fly Half - Latif Torabi. 31 years old.
11 Left Wing - Latif Hamzah. 33 years old.
12 Ins. Center - Ferdous Kashkouli. 34 years old.
13 Outs. Center - Orkut Cevahir. 25 years old.
14 Right Wing - Beyar Zaybek. 26 years old.
15 Fullback - Jallal Meskini. 30 years old.

RP Permissions
Yes to everything besides injuries/deaths. As you see, I don't have the largest playerbase, so I can't exactly replace people on the fly... But as long as nobody gets hurt, do whatever the heck you well please. Creative imaginations are a good thing.

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Postby Aji No Moto » Tue Nov 10, 2020 8:07 am

National Rugby Union Team
Ajinomoto no ragubīyunionchīmu
Rugby Union World Cup 29

COACH: Yayoi Mushanaokoji (F, 50)
ASSISTANT: Chōei Hiro (M, 71)

Style modifier: -1
Playing Squad

No   Position         Name                  S   Age   Hometown
1 Loosehead Prop Shunkichi Akamatsu M 26 Kyouka
2 Hooker Chie Takishita F 21 Serizawa
3 Tighthead Prop Mimori Ayugai F 34 Joshuyo
4 Lock Tatsuyuki Yamagata M 23 Yokai
5 Lock Toshiharu Takahashi M 23 Joshuyo
6 Flanker Reiko Ki F 26 Yokai
7 Flanker Kesao Oinuma M 37 Harajuku
8 Number 8 Madoka Etsuko F 35 Yokai
9 Scrum-Half Eiko Takaki F 27 Joshuyo
10 Fly-Half Sumiko Fukunaka F 34 Serizawa
11 Left-Wing Makiko Matokai F 23 Sankyoku
12 Inside-Center Ryūsei Itagaki M 27 Yokai
13 Outside-Center Naoki Kagabu M 24 Asawa
14 Right-Wing Mitsuhira Kunikida M 36 Kyouka
15 Fullback Yoritsugu Tansho M 39 Joshuyo
16 Prop Sachie Watnabe F 25 Serizawa
17 Hooker/Prop Gen'ichi Anami M 27 Serizawa
18 Lock Masataka Shibasaki M 28 Joshuyo
19 Flanker Mayako Kudara F 38 Sankyoku
20 Half Issei Kyubei M 23 Kyouka
21 Center Akari Kitao F 25 Asawa
22 Wing/Fullback Michitarou Katsura M 26 Yokai
23 Wing/Fullback Einosuke Takimoto M 20 Joshuyo

Kits courtesy of Filindostan's No Nonsense. (L-R; Primary, Change)

Team RP and Permissions

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes - I'll determine the severity.
Godmod injuries to my players: No - Absolutely no death here please.
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
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Postby Saint-Domingues » Tue Nov 10, 2020 10:21 am


Saint-Dominguan national rugby union team
Équipe nationale de Saint-Domingue de Rugby à XV (French)
Equipo nacional de rugby de Santo Domingo (Spanish)
Ekip nasyonal rugbi Santo Domingo (Creole)

The Saint-Domingue national rugby union team (French: Équipe nationale de Saint-Domingue de Rugby à XV) represents Saint-Domingue in men's international rugby union and it is administered by the Saint-Domingue Rugby Football Union (SDRFU). They traditionally play in orange shirts, with white shorts and orange socks; thus they are commonly referred to as Les Oranges. The team is coached by Hervé Lejeune.

Head Coach: Hervé Lejeune
Captain: Steven Lefèvre
Nickname: Les hommes de Noël/Les Oranges.
Style: +2

Jean-Louis AmalfitanoProp260Artibonite
Kylian MontanierHooker230Le Cap Université
Thibaud FouchéProp250Milot
Jacques LambertLock310Milot
Olivier CrépinLock290Tortuga
Gaël OnanaBackrow240Le Cap Université
Thomas RouxBackrow250Artibonite
Charles GardeBackrow290Jacmel
Jean BonnetScrum-half300Tortuga
Christiaan CocuFly-half220Milot
Valérien KyunguCentre210Abricots
Claude FournierCentre310Jacmel
Steven LefèvreOutside-half330Fort-Liberté
Raúl LeRoyWinger260Unión SD
Willy ClichyFull-back290Abricots
Samuel NkonkoHooker270Dahaboon
Alexandre Saint-YvesProp280Jean-Rabel
Séverin BessonProp340Dahaboon
Florentin LortieLock250Racing Ouanaminthe
Silvain NaudéLock290Beaumont
Louis AllaisBackrow310Marchand-Dessalines
Denis BélangerScrum-half240Delmas
Étienne HauetCentre260Artibonite

Expected XV for matchday one:

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod Injuries to my players: Y
Suspend my players: Y
Godmod suspension events: Y
Godmod other events: Y (no death)
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Postby Elejamie » Tue Nov 10, 2020 11:00 am

Elejamian national rugby union team
Selección de rugby de Elejamia
Elejam rubi tim

Style mod: 0

Rugby is the third most popular sport in Elejamie, behind ice hockey and football. While rugby league has a small but loyal fanbase and the ERC Sevens (held before the start of the ERC season) is a massive success, it's rugby union that reigns supreme in Elejamie. With the ERC being very successful since its inaugural season in 1978/79, the ERC Grand Final being one of the most-watched sporting events in the country and the Elejamian Universities XV (an all-star team made up of the best players from universities around the country) having an annual tour that tends to sell very well, as well as a plethora of talent over the years, it's safe to say that rugby union will be popular in Elejamie for years to come.

In the last tournament, Elejamie went into the contest as the reigning champions and were also a slight favourites to get the double. And, indeed, they showed that they still had it when they got a 15-3 opening win against Port Ember and they shut out Aimena 19-0 to retain the group lead. Due to their bye day they slipped down to second. They'd remain second even after beating hosts Kelssek 7-0 before grabbing a 22-3 win over the Ross Isles to finish as group leaders. Afterwards, they beat Apox 30-6 in the Round of 16 and then beat Hutanjia 25-10 to set up a rematch against Abanhfleft in the semi-finals. They won that match 30-15 and set up a date for the final, where they had a rematch against Ko-oren. Unfortunately, the Dragonflies would end up being the victors as they won the match 9-0 to grab their third trophy.

And now they're back. With the same team as last time, including Bruce Hernández who's planning to retire from both domestic and international rugby at the end of the season, they're hoping to avenge their loss and bring home their second piece of silverware. Will they be able to achieve their goal? Will they end up falling short again? And if they do make it to the final, will they face someone else for a change or will they have to take on Ko-oren a third time (much like how there was Elejamie vs Valanora for three straight WCoHs)? I'm not sure either but it should be fun.



Kits and logo designed by the former Red Blackiland of Meski

Head Coach: Pablo Cartagena (50)
Assistant Coach: Robert Mackay (39)
Physio: Adam Mulhavey (29)

Captain: Bruce Hernández
Vice-captain: Armando Tavarez

No.	Name				Age	Position	Club
1 Enzo 25 P Auckhampton Birch Trees
2 Dan Mitchell 31 H Murgon Bullfrogs
3 Dominic Devries 27 P Elejamie City Eagles
4 Logan Mankiewicz 24 L Davenport Commandos
5 George Finney 26 L Avon Knights
6 Bruce Hernández 35 F Coventry Wyverns
7 David White 31 F Alvis Rams
8 Cerin Saetilor 27 8M Rosetta Sparrows

9 Jorge Torres 23 SH Murgon Bullfrogs
10 Paul Debenham 31 FH Coventry Wyverns
11 Armando Tavarez 26 W Auckhampton Birch Trees
12 Brandão 26 C Davenport Commandos
13 Eddie Campbell 30 C Rosetta Sparrows
14 Diego Peguero 31 W Auckhampton Birch Trees
15 Adam Gates 21 FB Iceland Panthers


No. Name Age Pos Club
16 Marcel Blanchet 25 H/P Alvis Rams
17 Ryan Morris 28 P Murgon Bullfrogs
18 Adrian Drew-Ciobanu 26 P Avon Knights
19 Arturo Cortes 24 L/F RC Los Reyes
20 Joey Viljoen 26 8M Edgebaston Warriors
21 Guinho 25 SH/FH Rosetta Sparrows
22 Johnny Pernet 24 C/W/FB Iceland Panthers
23 Terry Huang 25 FB Elejamie City Eagles

Enzo - Lorenzo Gabriel Hernández Koszewski
Brandão - Brandão Guerreiro Barros
Guinho - Tiago Sebastião Mendonça Álvarez

P - Prop
H - Hooker
L - Lock
F - Flanker
8M - Number eight (or “eightman” as they’re called in Elejamie)
SH - Scrum-half
FH - Fly-half
W - Winger
C - Centre
FB - Fullback

(NB: I'm fully aware I'm not hosting anything. Just think of this as me giving some more info on my national team)

Laneriti Stadium, Coventry, AVEN

Home to the national football team and the national rugby union team, Laneriti Stadium was built in 1955 after the Elejamian FA decided on a permanent ground for the national football team. After narrowing down 400 options down to three, they eventually decided to name it after Arik Lanerit (aka Laneriti, d. 1915), a famous Iyilim politician who helped shape this country just as it was getting started. Originally designed to fit 60,000 people, it was expanded in the mid-90s to accomodate 82,500, which has remained the official capacity ever since. It has hosted every single Cup of Elejamie final since 2000 (as well as 23 previous cup finals before that) and all but one ERC (Elejamian Rugby Championship) Grand Final since the play-offs were introduced in time for the start of the 1990-91 ERC season; due to scheduling conflictments, the 2011 Grand Final was played at the Edgebaston Dome, with the Murgon Bullfrogs beating the Auckhampton Birch Trees 20-15 in extra time.

The stadium in the background is the Starmath Den, home ground of the Starmath Rovers football team in League Two and Coventry Jesters rugby union team, which play in the Elejamian Rugby Championship, having been promoted at the end of the last season. It's also used as the training ground for the national football/soccer team, with the national rugby (both codes) team having its own training ground outside of Coventry. It can also hold up to 15,000 people.

Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y (longest they can be out is two games. No deaths and nothing career-ending. One injury per game)
Godmod injuries to my players: Y (same as above)
Sin bin my players: Y (one per match, although you can double yellow card a player)
Send my players off: Y (again, one per match even if it's a double yellow. Longest they can be out is one game.)
Godmod other events: Y (although I recommend TGing me first)

  • None of my players will be celebrating their birthday around the tournament.
  • If you're interested in having any of my players playing for any of your clubs, send me a TG and hopefully we should be able to sort things out.
  • Adam Gates (FB) can also play on the wing, David White (L) can also be a Number 8/Eightman (much like when he was a substitute) and Adrian Drew-Ciobanu can either be a loosehead or a tighthead prop.
  • Despite having the same surname in both their names, lock Bruce Hernández and loosehead prop Enzo aren't related
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Placely Placington
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Postby Placely Placington » Tue Nov 10, 2020 4:59 pm

Placely Placington rugby league union team something or other

Style Mod: +5
Colours: Black and white

Placely Placington are a somewhat familiar name to those who participate in the WorldVision Song Contest. From humble beginnings when their chief scientist Dave the Hobo interrupted his entry midway to get a drink from a vending machine backstage to their entrant from the most recently completed contest not only crying so hard his eyes fell out but his backing band had to bail on him because they just couldn't take him seriously, they are considered to be one of the most existent nations taking part in the contest. And, in an attempt to gain more money to pay off that crippling debt they got from banning their economy, they've decided to repeat what they did some time ago with a different code and enter the Rugby Union World Cup. After all, they somehow made it to the Rugby League World Cup Round of 16 so they clearly did something right.

The downside? There were no rugby union players in Placely Placington. There were still no rugby players in Placely Placington, full stop. There was still a soccer player, who plays in all the positions for both of the country's teams, but he definitely wouldn't have an idea of how to play this sport. So naturally Chief President Man Dave McDaverson and his cabinet decided to repeat what they did with the rugby league tem. They cloned a whole bunch of Test Subjects, the grunts of the entire nation. The sorts who literally power the nation by pushing this big wheel with spokes that generates electricity. Sure they break down and die a lot, even by Placingtonian standards, but they can always clone some more. Sure they were rank outsiders to the point where they'll need three digit scoreboards to truly convey how badly they got beaten but they could always defy the odds. Maybe miracles can happen again.



Team kit made by me in about a minute or two thanks to me still having PP's league kit saved onto my computer and Pixlr E. They are supposed to look that terrible.

Head Coach: A Different Coach Man Blokey Thing Person Man Thing Man Persony Person Bloke

Captain: Test Subject (#10)
Vice-captain: Test Subject (#1)

No.	Name				Age	Position	Club
1 Test Subject IM P N/A
2 Test Subject IM H N/A
3 Test Subject IM P N/A
4 Test Subject IM L N/A
5 Test Subject IM L N/A
6 Test Subject IM F N/A
7 Test Subject IM F N/A
8 Test Subject IM 8M N/A

9 Test Subject IM SH N/A
10 Test Subject IM FH N/A
11 Test Subject IM W N/A
12 Test Subject IM C N/A
13 Test Subject IM C N/A
14 Test Subject IM W N/A
15 Test Subject IM FB N/A


No. Name Age Pos Club
16 Test Subject IM H/P N/A
17 Test Subject IM P N/A
18 Test Subject IM P N/A
19 Test Subject IM L/F N/A
20 Test Subject IM 8M N/A
21 Test Subject IM SH/FH N/A
22 Test Subject IM C/W/FB N/A
23 Test Subject IM FB N/A

To make things easier, feel free to use Test Subject (or merely just Subject) followed by either their number or position, much like what I've did with the Captain/Vice-captain thing. They may all be clones but they're still technically different people.

Choose my pointscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y. Go nuts.
Godmod injuries to my players: Y. Deaths are not just allowed but also encouraged due to the nature of Placely Placington. Just as long as you don't make it too gory (just to avoid moderator intervention) you can kill off as many Test Subjects as you want however you want. Bonus points if you try and be as creative or as ludicrous (i.e. one of the Test Subjects having a bizarrely fatal allergy to air) as possible. Besides, the Clonomat's been brought over so they can easily bring back a new player as if nothing's happened.
Hand out yellow cards (sin bin) to my players: Y. No limits.
Hand out red cards (sending off) to my players: Y. Also no limits.
Godmod other events: Anything's allowed up to the dissolution of Placely Placington. Much like its denizens, Placely Placington can never truly die, it just dies for a little bit then comes back as if nothing's happened.

  • Because everyone in Placely Placington is an idiot, the Test Subjects themselves no exception, you're more than welcome to have any of the Test Subjects completely mess up the laws. Such as spiking the ball when they make it past the try line instead of putting it down for a try.
  • There is no IC link between Elejamie (my main) and Placely Placington, just to let everyone know.
  • This nation is a joke nation that was entered solely as a numbers puppet. I do not care how well it does.
  • In the event that I RP with this nation, I'd like all of my RP bonus to go directly towards my main nation (Elejamie) instead of this one. If this is not allowed, I'll delete this list point.
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Postby Kriegiersien » Tue Nov 10, 2020 5:45 pm

Kriegiersien Rugby Union National team

Sadly the last flops in sport lead to a problem. The Rugby Union team didn’t get a budget to go to Hutanjia. So once more the beer barons who finance the beer league had to jump in for a Rugby contest.

The barons decided to start with a team consisting out of the mascots of their breweries and amateur players who would change their name to beer products.


But they not only sponsored the travel, board and lodging they even invested in own jerseys. Through a misunderstanding the requested logo of a cold beer on the shirt became a cold bear.



Head Coach: Baron Bert Beer III
Assistant Coach: Jared Beer
Medical: Dr. Gluck

Knock yourself out.

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Postby Sajnur » Wed Nov 11, 2020 12:48 am

Sajnur National Rugby Team

The Sajnuran Rugby Union has sent a team to the 29th Rugby Union World Cup for the country's third attempt at rugby success. The SRU has largely kept the core of players that have turned up to the previous two tournaments, though some changes to the travelling party have been made. The big change, however, is the non-return of Kersudin, the manager from the first two World Cup teams. In his place is Evarista, and with them comes dedicated coaches for the forwards and backs in the form of Trevor Jafari and Zenayda Selasi. The added expertise is hoped to improve the form of the 17th ranked nation and potentially secure a knockout berth for the first time.

Making such a feat more plausible is the tournament format. A record forty teams have turned up, organised into eight groups of five, and the top two from each group go to the round of sixteen. A whopping twenty of those teams, or half the competition, are unranked. This allowed Sajnur to secure a spot in Pot Two for the group draw, and the Pot Three side drawn with them in Group F is the unranked United Hemand Insia. The only other ranked team in the group is Alice Bay, and two ranked teams fighting for two spots out of the group stage makes this a golden opportunity for Sajnur. There's no guarantee that it will be taken advantage of, but there is promise. To take advantage of that promise, Evarista has insisted on a more offensive setup than that of Kersudin, and it is hoped that the maximum attack approach will secure bonus points for the team.

Starting XV

Loosehead Prop: Zain Galil
Hooker: Teodor Nazarov
Tighthead Prop: Kallason
Lock: Madiro Haja
Lock: Haris Sa'ar
Blindside Flanker: Ali Kharaq
Openside Flanker: Kublai Syrceva
Number 8: Dalnjor

Scrum Half: Nikola Meretuil
Fly Half: Alexis Ngakue
Left Wing: Simaror
Inside Centre: Lesieri
Outside Centre: Jordan Kabora
Right Wing: Josefin Parjolta
Fullback: Sion Kurba


Simon "Rhino" Gauron (Hook)
Aras Zaraya (Hook)
Mateu Borga (Loosehead Prop)
Alisius (Tighthead Prop)
Tenga Baradunu (Prop)
Walter Rusu (Lock)
Avilja (Lock)
Sanna Kiral-Matore (Loose Forward)
Mustafa Jini (Loose Forward)

Tora Maric (Scrum Half)
Gheorghe Juricev (Fly Half)
Ursjun (Half)
Tim Hudar (Centre)
Ahmed Gallu (Centre/Wing)
Brian Elaron (Wing/Fullback)
Ahmed Eluram (Fullback/Centre)

Manager: Evarista
Forwards Coach: Trevor Jafari
Backs Coach: Zenayda Selasi
Goal Kicks: Lesieri, Jordan Kabora, Sion Kurba


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes, but nothing stupid
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes, but I decide severity
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes, but I decide severity
Godmod Other Events: Yes
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Postby Neu Engollon » Wed Nov 11, 2020 11:04 am



Coach: Rolf Mertzen
Assistant Coach: Jean Semmes
Trainer: Antonia Pfelger

First Team
1: Louis Katz-Savrin - Loosehead Prop (Enbrun Saisers)
2: Rocco Gondino - Hooker (San Remo Ospreys)
3: Andino Paticci - Tighthead Prop (San Remo Ospreys)
4: Marius Joos - Lock (Burgunden Brawlers)
5: Dino Sobaccia - Lock (Fram Kallsmudden, Buyan)
6: Marcel Donette - Blindside Flanker (Northern Urbanista, Apox)
7: Guillaume Venmont - Openside Flanker (Genève Gargoyles)
8: Silvio Usadino - Eight Man (Ciavno Alpenhawks)

9: Johann Dorff - Scrum Half (Burgunden Brawlers)
10: Wilhelm Hoerner - Fly Half (Sept-Iles Chanteclairs, Nova Anglicana)
11: Giannaro Caravolo - Left Wing (Panoli Dockers)
12: Carsten Lichtmann - Inside Center (Ludenthal Wolves)
13: Hugo Koernsoff - Outside Center (Schwartzgarten Warriors)
14: Andre Callenzo - Right Wing (Menton Crushers)
15: Marino Riazzi - Fullback (Panoli Dockers)

16: Sebastian Gault (Genève Gargoyles)
17: Tobias Wallach (Ludenthal Wolves)
18: Arvin Frankenheim - (Enbrun Saisers)
19: Henri Veillon (Konstanz Owls)

20: Alessandro Burgami (Konstanz Owls)
21: Jean Hercule Reis (Menton Crushers)
22: Izzy Parsignolo (Torino Terrors)
23: Nino Colianti (Ciavno Alpenhawks)


Produced for the Goats by Meski

Group B
(General Wakala Stadium, Vesselle, Nesselberg)

Ko-oren (2)
Neu Engollon (11)
Terre Septentrionale (42)
Kriegiersien (UR)
Dursea (UR)


MD1: Neu Engollon v Dursea
MD2: Ko-oren v Neu Engollon
MD3: Neu Engollon has a bye
MD4: Neu Engollon v Terre Septentrionale
MD5: Neu Engollon v Kriegiersien

Style Modifier: +2

RP Permissions:
Please don’t kill my players, end their careers or do anything else super ridiculous without checking with me first. Thanks.
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Postby Nova Anglicana » Wed Nov 11, 2020 11:13 am

Nova Anglicana Rugby Union World Cup 29 Roster

Nickname: Lions
Head Coach: Errol Anderson

Starting XV

1. Michael Pearson, loosehead prop, 29
2. Matt Tyler, hooker, 26
3. Guy Dupont, 30, tighthead prop
4. Cal Kennedy, 29, lock
5. Aaron McLaughlin, 25, lock
6. Nathan Boone, 24, blindside flanker
7. Kerry Warner, openside flanker, 28
8. Ben Cummings, eight-man, 27
9. Gabe Lambert, scrum half, 30
10. Brendan McKinney, fly half, 30, captain
11. Tim Haynes, weak-side (left) wing, 29
12. Bobby Manning, inside centre, 30
13. Emmanuel Laurin, outside centre, 28
14. Thomas Dupuis, strong-side (right) wing, 27
15. Darren James, fullback, 29


16. Teddy Westfall, wing, 23
17. Bo Thornhill, half, 26
18. Clement Langlois, centre, 24
19. Ben Gordon, fullback, 25
20. Casey Fowler, tighthead prop, 27
21. Armand Cloutier, second row/loose forward
22. Bobby O'Shea, second row, 32
23. Kelly Young, first row, 24

Kit (thanks to Fair Republic for link):



Schedule (Group G, Peahi Peita Stadium, Port-au-Rex, Nevorn)


Should my opponent RP first, he/she may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: N
RP injuries to my players: Y, nothing serious
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y, only if you also give a red to one of your players
Godmod other events: N
Currently ranked 2nd (baseball)
Former WBC President (WBC 34-37)

World Baseball Classic 48, IBS XIII, World Junior Hockey Championships VII, URSA 7s I, Port Louis 7s I, Campionato Esportiva 29 (as NAAZE)

IBS III/VIII, Cup of Harmony 65, AVBF 7s II, WBC 39/44/50

3rd Place
WBC 28/32/36, RUWC XXIX, Cup of Harmony 64, IBS V, WJHC V/VIII/XVI, Beltane Cup II, Londinium 7s II

4th Place
WBC 29/38/49, IBS VII, RUWC XXI/XXVI, WJHC IV, Londinium 7s I, WCoH 28, RAHI II

WBC 27/30/31/37/41/43/47, IBS VI, IBC 15/31, WJHC VI/IX/XIV, RAHI I, AVBF Rugby Sevens I, RUWC XXIV/XXV

WBC 31/35, Londinium 7s I/II, IBS IX

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Postby Terre Septentrionale » Wed Nov 11, 2020 1:20 pm

Équipe nationale de rugby à quinze de Terre Septentrionale

Reprezentacja Nordycki w rugby union

Northern Land National Rugby Union Team

Nation Name in French: République de Terre Septentrionale
Nation name in Polish: Rzeczpospolita Polnocna
Nation Name in English Republic of Northern Land
Short Nation names: Terre Septentrionale / Ziemia Polnocna / Northern Land
Trigramme: RTS
Demonym: Septentrional (plural: Septentrionaux)
Nicknames: Nordiques, Reprezentacja Nordycki, Northmen
Team colors at home: Red and white stripes shirt with green short
Team colors on the road: Green and black stripes shirt with black short
Style Mod: +3

3 years have passed in Terre Septentrionale since the last Rugby Union World Cup. We still have the same coaching staff but former captain Serge Dusautoir is now retired from international competition. At 37 years old he's still active in our domestic league, but not for long.




Head Coach	Swietoslaw Orlikowski	51
Ass. Coach Gustave L'Heureux 65
Ass. Coach Gordie McClanahan 59


Captain         Renaldo van der Westhuizen
Kicker Grzegorz Kacprzak-Niedzwiecki

Starting XV

Num     Pos             Player                  Age     LRS Team                Birthplace
1 L. Prop Charles-Édouard Bourguignon 23 U.S. Oujé-Bougoumou Sainte-Ursule, CN
2 Hooker Luke Chisholm 34 Marriot's Rugby Club Knightsville, SH
3 T. Prop Renaldo van der Westhuizen 28 Stade septentrional Ville Jacques-Cartier, DC
4 Lock Alex Wolfe-Homer 26 Port O'Connor Saints Black Bear, TX
5 Lock Krzysztof Szerszenowicz 34 Stade septentrional Szczawnica, CA
6 Flanker Ricky Voisine 27 U.S. Oujé-Bougoumou Oujé-Bougoumou, CN
7 Flanker Florence Gibouleau-Maloney 24 U.S. Oujé-Bougoumou Ville Jacques-Cartier, DC
8 Number 8 Walter Balfour-MacGuire 25 Marriot's Rugby Club Catarina, TX

9 Scrum Half Grzegorz Kacprzak-Niedzwiecki 27 Budowlani Trzebiegoszcz Krzyszkowice, KZ
10 Fly Half Felicia MacLeod 31 Marriot's Rugby Club Irishtown, SH
11 Left Wing Guillaume Robertshaw 27 Marriot's Rugby Club Kent Junction, FR
12 Ins. Center Guillaume Gill-Sénéchal 24 Racing 92 de Prévost Baie-Sainte-Catherine, CH
13 Outs. Center Laurence Corrriveau 26 Racing 92 de Prévost Ange-Gardien, MT
14 Right Wing Mélanie Peyronnet 25 Stade septentrional Cap-Bon-Ami, KA
15 Fullback Przemyslaw Kusznierewicz-Klepacka 25 RzKS Juvenia Trzeszczyn Strzyzow, LU


Num     Pos             Player                  Age     LRS Team                Birthplace
16 Prop Nicolas Lazare 34 Racing 92 de Prévost Portneuf-sur-Mer, CH
17 Hooker/Prop Étienne English 26 Stade septentrional Taschereau, CN
18 Lock Zbigniew Żerkowski 23 Budowlani Trzebiegoszcz Kleszczewo, MA
19 Flanker Fergus McFarlane 32 Marriot's Rugby Club Knightsville, SH
20 Half Sandrine Courtois 26 Stade septentrional Chambly, MT
21 Center Bogusław Pietrzykowski 22 RzKS Juvenia Trzeszczyn Skoczkowo, LU
22 Wing/FB James Higgins-Jones 24 Port O'Connor Saints El Perro, TX
23 Wing Finn MacArthur 34 Racing 92 de Prévost El Perro, TX

Extra players

Num     Pos             Player                  Age     LRS Team                Birthplace
X Prop Fryderyka Kozlowska 32 Budowlani Trzebiegoszcz Niedzwiedzica, MA
X Lock Francis Gilmore 24 Marriot's Rugby Club Caribou Island, SH
X Flanker Raphaël Connelly 35 Abénakis de Yamaska Daveluyville, HY
X Half Laurent Voltaire-Francis 24 Racing 92 de Prévost Saint-Eustache, CN
X Center Olivia Dubois 27 Abénakis de Yamaska Saint-Wenseslas, HY
X Wing/FB Nick Ford-Robinson 35 Marriot's Rugby Club Bear Cove, SH
X Wing Glenn Cracknell 24 Kukljica Bears Caledonia Mountain, SH

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring Events: Yes
Injure Players: Yes
Godmod Injury Events: No
Yellow Card Players: Yes
Red Card Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes*

*Note: Please do not give the coronavirus or any other virus
or illness to my players, coaches, journalists and fans.
And please do not introduce any pandemic to my nation.
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Nation name: République de Terre Septentrionale | Trigramme: RTS | Capital: Ville Jacques-Cartier | Maps
Ranks: Hockey: 20th | American Football: 7th | Baseball: 17th | Association Football: 23rd | Rugby Union: 21st
Runner Up: Cup of Harmony 76, International Baseball Slam XI
3rd Place: World Volleyball Expo X, International Baseball Slam XII, World Lacrosse Championship XXXV
4th Place: Arena Bowl VI
World Cup participations: WC 85 (3rd place in group), WC 86 (3rd place in group)

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Postby Hannasea » Wed Nov 11, 2020 7:35 pm

The Hannasean Hamsters

Rugby union is the most popular winter sport in the Guild Federation, and yet surprisingly the last of the three codes in which the Hamsters are to make their debuts. After relatively unpromising showings at the RLWC and AVBF Sevens could be written as the performances of amateurs or second-raters, this time there are no excuses. Rugby Hannasea has drawn as strong a squad as it can muster from across Ultimate Rugby. Will they work together as a team? Will they be the unranked team that breaks out? Will they surprise everyone with a storming run to the playoffs?



A standard 31-player squad has been selected. Injury replacements will be called up only in the event the player is unable to continue the tournament. Unless otherwise stated, the first, or first two, players listed for each position will start.

Front row

Hooker Sam Connor New Blopping Magic Ants
Hooker Kian Burke Angelwood Electro-Weasels
Hooker Sonny Weaving Silver Creek Jaguars
Loosehead prop Zeke Francis Pearl City Raptors
Loosehead prop Scott Hopkins Oakwood Orcas
Tighthead prop Hunter Bennett (vc) Pintook Super Badgers
Tighthead prop Cooper Hewson Orcas
Tighthead prop Harrison Bell Deer River Pharoahs

Second row

Lock Kaiden Porter Raptors
Lock Nate Hill Jaguars
Lock Coby Ross Coral Coast Werewolves
Lock/flanker Jacob Harvey Super Badgers

Back row

Openside flanker Joe Hunter (c) Jaguars
Flanker/no. 8 Nathan Horne Greenville Mystics
No. 8 Ryan Perry Pearl City Icelandic
No. 8/flanker Owen Moore Kent Dæmons
Blindside flanker/lock Eric Williamson Orcas


Scrum-half Braylen Vargas Magic Ants
Scrum-half Tommy Rhodes Jaguars
Fly-half Tom Pickett Icelandic
Fly-half/inside centre Jayson Parker Icelandic
Fly-half Adam Russell Dæmons


Inside centre Matteo Walsh Pharoahs
Outside centre Ben Campbell Pharoahs
Outside centre Montgomery Moss Raptors
Wing Harley Stevens Magic Ants
Wing Billy Ball Mystics
Wing Ethan Price Raptors
Wing/outside centre Jake Allen Jaguars
Fullback Jack Wright Mystics
Fullback/wing Luke Marsh Werewolves

The Hamsters play a fairly high tempo attacking style low on technical discipline, so expect messy scrums and infringements at the break-down, and flashy passing moves in the backs that sometimes come off, sometimes lead to calamity. Two familiar faces re-appear: Ethan Price could end up representing the Federation in all three codes, having played League as an amateur, tried out Sevens, and now been rushed into the squad after a breakout season with Raptors; and Jayson Parker, Olympic hero, might get his shot at glory. Both start on the bench.

Style modifier: +5

Should my opponent RPs first, they may do the following:
Choose my try scorers: Y
Choose my goal scorers: N, use Pickett for standard kicks and Wright for long penalties, Parker as back-up or with a cheeky droppy
Godmod scoring events: N
RP injuries to my players: N
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Maybe, ask first depending on what you have in mind

Additionally, please don't RP my athletes or supporters being responsible for violence, cheating, or doping; and, if you're using unphotoshopped photo pictures, don't say they're pictures of my athletes or supporters.
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Postby Port Arthur PE » Wed Nov 11, 2020 10:20 pm


National Rugby Union Squad of The Colony of Port Arthur
"The Red Pandas

Brief Overview of Port Arthur

The Colony of Port Arthur is a legal overseas territory of The Republic of Port Ember, situated on the Liaodong Peninsula of China. The Colony of Port Arthur is classified as a Colony, City State and a major Seaport City.

The Colony is unique in terms of its history, situation and governance style - in such a manner that it has become a leading topic of study and debate in academic and political circles. One of the many factors which makes it unique is the fact that the Colony can be considered a "New Land", as The Republic of Port Ember acquired the territory when there were no populace residing in the area - removing the common hatred towards the colonisers which normally festers in a modern colony. Also, another major unique factor is the fact that although the Republic of Port Ember is the technical owners of the Colony, it is governed under a shared governance between The Republic of Port Ember; The Armed Republic of The Chuck and The Free Lands of The Selkie.

The Colony is bordered with China to its north by land; and across the Shandong Peninsula to the southwest across the Bohai Strait and Korea lies across the Yellow Sea to the east.

Team History:

Due to the fact that the Colony was established from the ashes of a destroyed area in 2018, it was repopulated by citizens of Port Ember; The Chuck and The Selkie, as such, the nation had no organised sports of any form since the nation's rebirth.

The Governor of Port Arthur realised that although the main focus of all its citizens are focused upon the rebuilding of the nation, he realised that the establishment of regulated sports would be vital in establishing unity between the three different national groupings - and to establish a unified and unique national culture and identity - instead of the citizenry merely identifying themselves from where they have hailed originally.

It was to this end that the Port Arthur Rugby Union was established, and established a national team which would partake within the upcoming Rugby Union World Cup. The Union realised that the team has zero chances of achieving any meaningful objectives within the sport at this early stage, yet it was a start. And the beginning is always the best place to start.

Due to the fact that no professional club has existed up to this moment, the Union recruited players for the team from any person who seemed fit, willing and displayed an understanding of the game. Garry Keeves, the coach who had established the Rugby Union Youth Program in Port Ember, took up the reins for this hopeless project.

The team is affectionately known as "The Red Pandas", by their fans and the media - in reference to the team's logo, which itself is based on the nation's national animal.

Team Roster: Coaching Staff:

Head Coach: Garry Keeves

Assistant Coach: David Pan

Scrum Coach: Roger Kidd.

Fitness Coach: Gilbert Hills.

Technical Coach: Hunter Page.

Team Doctor: Dr Roxy Killernay.

Logistics Manager: David Gunther.

Team Roster: Starting XV

Steven Nikli
#1; Prop

Carl Gorton
#2; Hooker

Darren Armond
#3; Prop

Patrick Wilkerson
#4; Lock

Samuel Sandohil
#5; Lock

Ceredic Fallohide
#6; Flanker

Darryl Varys
#7; Flanker

Ken Murton
#8; Number 8

Arnold Faku
#9; Scrum Half

Raymond Memeth (C)
#10; Fly Half

Stuart Rockbeare
#11; Winger

Daniel Asaku
#12; Center

Orion Mendula
#13; Centre

William Faanti
#14; Winger

Donald Spenté
#15; Fullback

Team Roster: Reserves

Jacob Carrol
#16; Prop/Hooker

James Ruben
#17; Prop

Irivia Tuckles
#18; Lock

Seth Castle
#19; Lock

Ocky Mayhem
#20; Flanker/Number 8

Terance Cook
#21; Flanker

Canton August
#22; Center/Winger

Varick Stars
#23; Center/Winger/Fly Half

Typical Playstyle

Port Arthur typically plays running rugby, attempting to use their speed to their advantage and attempting to use tactical kicks to open up gaps in the opposition lines.



Please note that both the logo and the kit was designed by the amazingly talented - saint of a man - Lisander


Due to the fact that this will be the first showing of the national team as an organised, united and (un?)professional team, it has not yet managed to build a large base of dedicated fans. The fans coming out however is diverse, hailing from three ethnic groups, alongside their various cultures and religions.

OOC: RP Specifics


Nation Name: Colony of Port Arthur

Trig: PA

Official Team Name: Port Arthur National Rugby Team

Team Nickname: The Red Pandas.

Controlling Authority: Port Arthur Rugby Union (PARU)

Style Modifier: +3

RP Permissions

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Godmod scoring events:
Aye, within reason. I live in a MT non scifi/fantasy setting.

RP injuries to my players: Aye but gimme a heads up.

Godmod injuries to my players:
Aye - within reason.

Give yellow cards to my players:
Please do!

Give red cards to my players:
Please do!

Godmod other events:
As long as it makes me laugh!
(Ps no pandemic play for me)
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Postby Quintessence of Dust » Thu Nov 12, 2020 8:14 am

Nomenclature: Our country is called Quintessence of Dust, commonly shorted to QoD or Quod (but never Dust). Our people are called Quodites or, rarely, Quintessentials (but never Dusties). Our team is called the All Greys.

Kit: Take a wild guess.

Seriously, it’s all grey.

History: Quintessence of Dust have a proud rugby history which includes being former Rugby World Challenge Cup (international club competition) and Six Nations (international invitational) winners, World Cup runners-up, and World Cup and Six Nations hosts. However, we have been absent from the international rugby scene for over 120 years. All previous players can reasonably be expected to have passed away or be living in retirement communities on Mars (advances in 22nd century medical science have extended Quodite lives into the 150+ range, but have done nothing to cure the wear and tear of contact sport).

Domestic popularity: Rugby remains the pre-eminent national sport. It has always been the favoured game of the Anglo-French majority (now a minority); it was never taken up as much by the later waves of Fenno-scandian, Eastern and Central European, and Asian immigrants, despite attempts by sports authorities to encourage integration. Token stars from minority communities still tend to get a lot of focus amid attempts to popularise the game outside its northwest support base. Regardless of Quintessence of Dust’s international absence, the Premier League has been rumbling along happily enough for the past century with a largely unchanging roster of teams. A few players choose to play Ultimate Rugby in the Hannasean Federation in search of better pay, or join the Lunar Leagues in their dotage where light contact rules are in force.

Style of play: The All Greys have always lived up to their name with a conservative, defensive style of play with heavy emphasis on relentless forward play, dogged but unspectacular tackling, and tactical kicking from hand. The line-out team of the All Greys’ heyday was semi-legendary. Back play has generally been more limited, relying on crash centres, powerful wingers, and very little in the way of fluidity. A photograph of the backs successfully connecting three consecutive passes is framed in the National Hall of Fame and is considered a rarer artefact than buried treasure.

RP permissions: I have two strict permissions: no RPing my players being involved in violence (heavy tackling is fine but no touchline brawls); and no using photographs and saying they represent my players. Please respect these absolutely.

I have one additional preference, which is not a demand, but a request. Xkoranate scores can be broken down a number of different ways: a team scoring 15 points could have anything from 3T, 0C, to 5DG. My request is that if you assign my points, you do so in a way that minimises unconverted tries. I would rather my team score 5 penalties and 0 tries than 3 or even 1 unconverted try. Additionally, please limit drop goals, my team will be very conservative on this front and really only drop if it’s an 80th minute, 3 point-difference situation.

Given the above rather stiff permission, I will compensate with laxity on all other fronts. You may choose my scorers and even my lineup, assign yellow and red cards, RP injuries, and generally go nuts. Just leave my poor kicking stats alone!

Roster: Default starting XV is listed, with reserves. Some chopping and changing is to be expected, and some positional flexibility permitted (nothing crazy, but obviously the reserve openside can cover No. 8,a reserve lock play blindside, or the backs switch around).

Loosehead prop: Yoshirou Sugiyama (Highmark Zzubs)
Kyo Kamiya (Albersau), Jónatan Ingólfsson (New Cleethorpes Deathshriek), Axel Beauchêne (Tourseilles)
Hooker: Jean-Luc Bellamy (Tourseilles)
Tony Stack (Toonmar), Alexey Shvets (Combined Veterans)
Tighthead prop: Matthew Bishop (Bumpy Biscuits)
Conall Daugherty (Highmark City Irish), Robert Sherman (Central)
Locks: Johnny Wortham (New Cleethorpes Deathshriek), Chun Zhu (New Cleethorpes Deathshriek)
Jóhann Sigurðsson (Central), Alfred Chevalier (Combined Veterans
Blindside flanker: Santiago Echeverría (Toonmar)
Openside flanker: Simon Feldt (Ballat)
Aaron Ellery (Toonmar)
No. 8: Markus Rosenfeld (Combined Veterans)
Kaleb Jerome (Albersau)
Scrum-half: Jeff London (Highmark Zzubs)
Tristan Guillaume (Ballat)
Stand-off: Nat Lennon (Highmark City Irish)
Ben Dexter (Highmark Zzubs)
Centres: Kaoru Koizumi (New Cleethorpes Deathshriek), Finn McNee (Highmark City Irish)
Bob Snell (Nowy Orpington Cellists), Hrafn Brynjarsson (Priassa)
Wings: Dusty Cockburn (Combined Veterans), Jules St. Martin (Combined Veterans)
Yasha Orlov (Nowy Orpington Cellists), Sam Fox (Bumpy Biscuits), Jón Pétur Kristbjörnsson (Toonmar)
Fullback: Ryuuji Yamada (Priassa)

Note that in Quodite numbering systems, the inside centre wears 13 and outside 12.

Style modifier: -5
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Postby Darmen » Thu Nov 12, 2020 10:59 am

The Darmeni National Rugby Union Team
presented by the
Darmeni Rugby Union

Style Modifier: -5
Tactics: The Darmeni game puts an emphasis on territorial advantage, thereby making the team's kicking game its most important asset. Darmeni teams will go for three points at any chance they get; receiving the resulting kick-off following the score will give them an advantage in possession as well. Scoring actual tries is very much an afterthought.

Head Coach: Marcel MacLeod
Assistant Head Coach: Arn Bonnay
Forwards Coach: Élie Sheach
Backs Coach: Amos Roche
Strength & Conditioning Coach: Wilfrid Weber
Team Doctor: Brian Jewel
Trainer: Gruffydd Arthur

31 Man Roster
# Pos Name Age Franchise
1 LP Narciso Ó Cléirigh 29 Liverpool RFU
2 HK Shane Lebeau 26 Northern Sharks
3 TP Onesiphoros Howard 28 Northern Sharks
4 LL Julian Magorian 28 Northern Sharks
5 RL Theo Scrivener 30 Coastal Golden Chiefs
6 BF Roger Laine 30 Metro Saracens
7 OF Callahan Moles 31 Metro Saracens
8 N8 Raymund Albinson 30 Johnho RFU
9 SH Abimael Leonard 31 Liverpool RFU
10 FH Connie Fitzroy 29 Liverpool RFU CAPTAIN
11 LW Barry Dubois 30 Metro Saracens
12 CN Konrad Mendeleev 23 Coastal Golden Chiefs
13 RW Gonzalo Hafner 29 Rogerton Blues
14 LFB Thomas Rubin 23 Metro Saracens
15 RFB Page Siegel 30 Tempala Harlequins

16 LP Alexander Broadside 27 Coastal Golden Chiefs
17 HK Talmai Bambach 30 Western Border Warriors
18 TP Pete McAlpin 24 Coastal Golden Chiefs
19 LL Lee Utopia 30 Metro Saracens
20 RL Klaus Jones 31 Metro Saracens
21 BF Daniel Frederickson 24 Coastal Golden Chiefs
22 OF Jean-Paul Cheswick 30 Northern Sharks
23 N8 Gabriel Stone 28 Rogerton Blues
24 SH Ninian Weiss 28 Northern Sharks
25 FH Buffy Suzuki 24 Coastal Golden Chiefs
26 LW Samuel Samson 29 Northern Sharks
27 CN Bart Blackman 26 Northern Sharks
28 RW Pete Delauter 27 Coastal Golden Chiefs
29 LFB Clint Han 27 Southwestern Blue Tigers
30 RFB Valentin Abrego 25 Aylesbury RFU
31 FH Santiago Franco 25 Brham Titans

RP Permissions: Whatever you like, just no killing or other serious life altering events please. Have fun!
The Republic of Darmen
President: Joshua Rademacher (LIB) | Capital: Scott City | Population: 8.6 mil | Demonym: Darmeni | Trigramme: DAR
Factbook (WIP) | Encylopedia | Domestic Sports Newswire
Champions: CoH 51, CR 13, GCF Test 9, WBC 25, QWC 7 Runners-up: CoH 53, CR 10, GCF Test 11, T20C 2, T20C 4, RLWC 10, WBC 42
Third: CR 20, T20C 10, R7WC 4, WBC 21, BC 6 Host: CR 9, RUWC 18, RUWC 26, RLWC 12, RLWC 18, BC 6, BC 10, WVE 4

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Postby Hannasea » Thu Nov 12, 2020 4:28 pm

Posted on the Analysis section of the SuperSport website.
    Front row

    This is probably going to be the Hamsters’ weakness, and potentially a fatal one. De-emphasizing scrums in Ultimate Rugby to speed up games and produce more open, attacking football has led to a drop-off in technical skills that could be exposed under the more austere eye of international officiation. It doesn’t help that players from seven different franchises have been selected – the only teammates are Orcas pair Scott Hopkins and Cooper Hewson. But with Hunter Bennett named vice-captain, he’s probable to start at tighthead, with Zeke Francis at loosehead. Both are taller than average for the position. Sam Connor will probably win the selection battle for hooker based on his superior ball skills, but Kian Burke is unquestionably a better line-out thrower, so selection could depend on how that part of the game works out for the Hamsters.

    Second row

    Nate Hill is an obvious choice to start at right lock after his superb season with the Jaguars. Kaiden Porter will probably get the jump for the other position, jump being the key word. At 6’10” there’ll be few capable of challenging his line-out game, but his skills in open play and at the breakdown aren’t as strong as Ross’s. Jacob Harvey is a pretty exciting, but pretty raw, young talent who might spend a lot of time riding the bench.

    Back row

    It’s a perplexing decision to bring a 31-man squad that doesn’t include a single specialist blindside flanker. It’s not a completely stupid one, though: positional specificity among loose forwards is pretty old-fashioned, and Joe Hunter and Nathan Horne are clearly the best two flankers in the Federation. The logic seems to be that it’s better to have Horne on the field, slightly out of position. Eric Williamson is too limited a player – he plays his club rugby at lock, even if he was listed as a flanker in the squad selection. At 8 the selection logic seems straightforward, with Perry an automatic choice, and Moore able to fill in any back row role off the bench.


    Every Hamsters side seems to need a selection controversy in the half-backs. This time the scrum-half choices are straightforward: Braylen Vargas will start and Tommy Rhodes come off the bench. This suits their style of play: Vargas a methodical, relentless distributor, sometimes criticized as a little lacking in invention but never likely to miss a tackle; Rhodes a sparkplug who can provide late impetus with some creative box-kicking but who’s a less capable game manager over 80 minutes. He’ll have few complaints about sitting as replacement. No, the real questions come at 10. What adds spice is that Tom Pickett and Jayson Parker play for the same Ultimate Rugby club – for the moment. Parker was a utility back riding the bench when he was vaulted into prominence with the Sevens team. His touchline conversion to win the gold medal was voted Best Olympic Moment by Hannasean fans, and suddenly Icelandic were looking for a way to get him more playing time, not entirely to the pleasure of the hitherto reliable Pickett. A similar problem now confronts the national team. In Pickett’s favor: he’s a much more reliable goal-kicker and a proven, capable 10. In Parker’s favor: his tricks and feints, and brutal tackling. There’s some talk of trying to get them both in the team, with Parker at 12. Of course, the two of them playing for a place for club and country could work to the Hamsters’ advantage, if it spurs them on to greatness – or lead to acrimony on and off the pitch. As for Russell – uh, who is this guy?


    In keeping with the generally fluid shape of Ultimate Rugby back lines, there’s a lot of utility backs jostling for position here, most capable of filling wing, centre or fullback alike (and plenty with experience at half, for their clubs, too, as if more uncertainty weren’t needed there!). The Pharoahs’ centre pairing of Matteo Walsh, a straight-up crash centre, and Ben Campbell, who’s played everywhere but brings reliable tackling and not a little flair at 13, seems a good bet to start. On the wing the speedy Stevens and Ball will probably be picked ahead of Price, but if he can bring the storming form he’s shown this season after converting from League it’ll be difficult to keep him out of the team. Wright is a lock at full-back and might slot a long penalty or two.


    No one really knows how the Hamsters will go. Showings in League and Sevens haven’t really been representative of a country with a strong Union preference. But Ultimate Rugby has little interaction with the wider world of rugby, and there’s questions about how players will adapt to international rules and stricter officiation. The team could play well if they can dominate the breakdown, set up their fast wingers, and land their kicks. They could struggle if the game gets bogged down in technical scrums and slows down their back lines. Either way, there’ll be many Federation citizens watching rapt from the stands, and many more back home watching on TV.

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Postby Kelssek » Thu Nov 12, 2020 6:57 pm

Kelssek Rugby Federation | Féderation kelssekienne de rugby

1. Théo Gregoire (Redswyth Rebels)
2. Tyler Matthews (Outineau Nordiques)
3. Miles Peterson (Neorvins Armada)
4. Paul Davitt (Wynleth Cambria)
5. Jourdain Boules-Bédard (Redswyth Rebels)
6. Julian Grenn (Wynleth Cambria)
7. Simon Taylor (Latrobe AFC)
8. Hayden Dennelin (Kirkenes Crusaders)
9. Rémond Demur (Vickery RFC)
10. Lucas Grennick (Burnaby Lions)
11. Xaiver Émond (Redswyth Rebels) [preferred kicker]
12. Martin Tang (Mazinaw Stallions) [captain]
13. Kieran Piersaigh (Kirkenes Crusaders)
14. Christian Welland (Latrobe AFC)
15. Mikkon Bradley (Hamilton Highlanders)

Aidan Smither (Vickery RFC) - prop
Blaine McTavish (Mazinaw Stallions) - hooker
Aston Gortlad (Hamilton Highlanders) - hooker
Séan Ó Connaigha (Clayquot Reds) - right wing
Arthur Aburiya (Burnaby Lions) - full back
Bruno Lelgontin (Alouettes de Champjaune) - flanker
Kevin Schweller (Rotor Novonaya) - centre
Dennis Howards (Neorvins Armada) - second row
Simon Teufitt (Alouettes de Champjaune) - prop
Taylor Jensen (Neorvins Armada) - centre
Alexandre Thomas (Redswyth Rebels) - flanker
Awstin Stafford (Kirkenes Crusaders) - wing
Daffyd Latrille (Clayquot Reds) - scrum half
Luca Niemi (Nordiques) - second row

Manager: Leigh Kirwan

Should my opponent RP first, he/she may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Ask first

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Postby Hutanjia » Thu Nov 12, 2020 9:45 pm




2 (United States of Devonta) 24–7 5 (Fancy Bois)
3 (Aji No Moto) 21–0 4 (Baggieland)

Pld W D L PF PA PD Pts
1 3 1 1 0 0 21 0 +21 4
2 2 1 1 0 0 24 7 +17 4
3 5 1 0 0 1 7 24 −17 0
4 4 1 0 0 1 0 21 −21 0


2 (Neu Engollon) 17–5 5 (Dursea)
3 (Terre Septentrionale) 17–10 4 (Kriegiersien)

Pld W D L PF PA PD Pts
1 2 1 1 0 0 17 5 +12 4
2 3 1 1 0 0 17 10 +7 4
3 4 1 0 0 1 10 17 −7 1
4 5 1 0 0 1 5 17 −12 0


2 (Kelssek) 21–0 5 (Space)
3 (HUElavia) 7–7 4 (Hebitaka)

Pld W D L PF PA PD Pts
1 2 1 1 0 0 21 0 +21 4
2 3 1 0 1 0 7 7 0 2
4 1 0 1 0 7 7 0 2
4 5 1 0 0 1 0 21 −21 0


2 (Busoga Islands) 13–5 5 (Sannyamathland)
3 (Port Ember) 33–20 4 (Krysha)

Pld W D L PF PA PD Pts
1 3 1 1 0 0 33 20 +13 4
2 2 1 1 0 0 13 5 +8 4
3 5 1 0 0 1 5 13 −8 0
4 4 1 0 0 1 20 33 −13 0


3 (Quebec) 5–30 2 (Savojarna)
4 (Rwekazaland) 3–16 5 (Saint-Domingues)

Pld W D L PF PA PD Pts
1 2 1 1 0 0 30 5 +25 4
2 5 1 1 0 0 16 3 +13 4
3 4 1 0 0 1 3 16 −13 0
4 3 1 0 0 1 5 30 −25 0


4 (Oscioru) 0–17 3 (United Hemand Insia)
5 (Placely Placington) 3–21 2 (Sajnur)

Pld W D L PF PA PD Pts
1 2 1 1 0 0 21 3 +18 4
2 3 1 1 0 0 17 0 +17 4
3 4 1 0 0 1 0 17 −17 0
4 5 1 0 0 1 3 21 −18 0


2 (Pratapgadh) 3–7 5 (Port Arthur)
3 (Hannasea) 19–6 4 (Silvedania)

Pld W D L PF PA PD Pts
1 3 1 1 0 0 19 6 +13 4
2 5 1 1 0 0 7 3 +4 4
3 2 1 0 0 1 3 7 −4 1
4 4 1 0 0 1 6 19 −13 0


2 (Northwest Kalactin) 14–11 5 (Vdara)
3 (Megistos) 7–9 4 (Quintessence of Dust)

Pld W D L PF PA PD Pts
1 2 1 1 0 0 14 11 +3 4
2 4 1 1 0 0 9 7 +2 4
3 3 1 0 0 1 7 9 −2 1
4 5 1 0 0 1 11 14 −3 1

* How to read the tables/results: Your group # is first, with your nation (team) name in parenthesis in the match results; In the table, your current group ranking is first, with your group # as listed, second.
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