GCF World Twenty20 Championship XIII: Everything Thread

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GCF World Twenty20 Championship XIII: Everything Thread

Postby The Grearish Union » Fri Oct 16, 2020 2:43 am

Gruenberg and The Grearish Union (Grearia) proudly welcome you to the lands of the goats and dolphins for the thirteenth edition of the presitigious GCF World Twenty20 Championship! The tournament will see participation from 28 national teams, making it one of the larger cricket tournaments in recent times. The weather is expected to be clement, and the cricket - world class. Welcome, and all the best!

  • Each team will play each other team in their group in a single round-robin of 6 games each.
  • All ties will be resolved by super over.
  • 2 points will be earned for a win, 1 point for a loss in a super over, 0 points for any other loss.
  • The top two teams from each group will proceed to a single-elimination bracket (which will include a 3PPO).
  • The tiebreakers will be, in order: points, wins, net run rate, head to head results, drawing of lots.
  • The Decision Review System (third umpire TV review) will be in use. Each team will receive one unsuccessful challenge per innings.
  • Scorination will use xkoranate 0.3.3 and the modified T20 sport file used in the last tournament, as well as the super over eliminator sport file if necessary.
  • Style modifiers will be ground-based not team-based.
  • Groups A and B will be held in Gruenberg, scorinated by Grearia. Groups B and C will be vice versa.
  • Cutoff timings: Group A-B at 1930 UTC and Group C-D at 2030 UTC. These timings may be altered slightly on matchdays if any unforeseen circumstances occur.
  • Pot 1: West Phoenicia (1), Liventia (2), Mattijana (3), Ko-oren (4)
  • Pot 2: Darmen (5), Elejamie (6), Eastfield Lodge (9), The Plough Islands (10)
  • Pot 3: Busoga Islands (11), Northwest Kalactin (12), Damukuni (14), Krytenia (15)
  • Pot 4: Lisander (16), Indusse (17), Pratapgadh (18), Sajnur (20)
  • Pot 5: Ethane (22), The Sarian (UR), Kriegiersien (UR), Central Shaneville (UR)
  • Pot 6: Rundel (UR), Al Wadiya (UR), Sylestone (UR), The Jovannic (UR)
  • Pot 7: Hebitaka (UR), Greater Kamilistan (UR), The Grearish Union (UR), Gruenberg (UR)
Group A (Gruenberg)
Gruenberg (UR)
Liventia (2)
Rundel (UR)
Northwest Kalactin (12)
Pratapgadh (18)
Elejamie (6)
Hebitaka (UR)

Group B (Gruenberg)
Sajnur (20)
West Phoenicia (1)
Ethane (22)
Kriegiersien (UR)
Darmen (5)
Sylestone (UR)
Krytenia (15)

Group C (Grearia)
The Sarian (UR)
The Grearish Union (UR)
Eastfield Lodge (9)
Mattijana (3)
Al Wadiya (UR)
Indusse (17)
Damukuni (14)

Group D (Grearia)
The Jovannic (UR)
Greater Kamilistan (UR)
The Plough Islands (10)
Lisander (16)
Ko-oren (4)
Central Shaneville (UR)
Busoga Islands (11)

  • Saturday, 24th October: MD1: 2 v 7, 3 v 6, 4 v 5, 1 bye
  • Monday, 26th October: MD2: 6 v 4, 7 v 3, 1 v 2, 5 bye
  • Wednesday, 28th October: MD3: 3 v 1, 4 v 7, 5 v 6, 2 bye
  • Friday, 30th October: MD4: 7 v 5, 1 v 4, 2 v 3, 6 bye
  • Sunday, 1st November: MD5: 4 v 2, 5 v 1, 6 v 7, 3 bye
  • Tuesday, 3rd November: MD6: 1 v 6, 2 v 5, 3 v 4, 7 bye
  • Thursday, 5th November: MD7: 5 v 3, 6 v 2, 7 v 1, 4 bye
  • Saturday, 7th November: MD8: Quarterfinals
  • Monday, 9th November: MD9: Semifinals
  • Wednesday, 11th November: MD10: Final and 3PPO (Third Place Playoff)
RP Permissions
  • You are ecouraged to clarify whether you are comfortable with other RPers choosing your scorecard details or events such as injuries and other storylines.
  • Note on COVID-19: For the purposes of this tournament, the virus is not considered to be present in either host countries and no attempts to RP its introduction to either nation will be permitted.
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IC Name: Grearia, The Grearish Union
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Postby The Grearish Union » Fri Oct 16, 2020 2:44 am


Info and Travel
To be added soon.

  • Group C: On each matchday, the 1st listed match will take place at Adam Garden, the 2nd at Southgate Park, and the 3rd at the Waterfront Oval.
  • Group D: On each matchday, the 1st listed match will take place at the Atheburn Oval, the 2nd at Auburn Hill, and the 3rd at Stade Rose.
Adam Garden, Forsho, 60,000
Fairly sunny for most days, it is widely believed be a nice batting surface, with the soil in most of Grearia being clay-like, causing the track to break up later on in the Test matches, assisting the spinners. The 60,000 capacity stadium was filled to the brim with excited and enthusiastic spectators for the nation's first ever international Test match against Eastfield Lodge. It is generally deemed to be the stadium for home series openers in Tests, welcoming the opposition into sheer heritage.

Atheburn Oval, Atheburn, 72,000
The largest dedicated cricket stadium in The Grearish Union is located in the heart of the Grearish capital, Atheburn, and is generally forecasted to see overcast conditions and a slightly chilly breeze at 8° C that flows in from the riverside to the west of the batting crease. While the morning does see some swing support for the pacers, but it is believed to turn into a fairly even batting track as the games progress. This can be attributed to the kind of soil, and the fondness the locals have to the art of batting. This 72,000 seater mammoth of a stadium will expect to see a packed house on most match days, with the lush green outfield creating the perfect setting.

Southgate Park, Plibury, 42,000
The Southgate park at Plibury generally is known for fairly sunny skies, a warm weather (which means the jumpers might be left back at the pavillion) and hopefully some gritty cricket for the Black Dolphins. The 24,000 seater had always been hailed as one of the more intense, balanced places to play cricket, with one of the more passionate fans, in sharp contrast to Atheburn's sophistication. The stadium has underwent a significant overhaul since the 11th GCF Season, adding 18,000 seats to the audience and the atmosphere. Now seating 42,000, it will be an eye-catcher for the T20 Championships!

Auburn Hill, Edgenorth, 30,000
Being the oldest cricket establishment in the nation, Auburn Hill is hallowed among Grearish cricket fans to be the actual home of the nation's cricketing history. Being firm believers in good cricketing contest, it has always sported a balanced pitch. It wasn't sanctioned to be available for the international GCF Test Season 11 due to debate amongst the members of the board regarding the safeguarding of the stadium's heritage. After having reached a consensus on the matter, Auburn Hill was been made available for the 2nd New Lunenburg - Grearia test in the tour, and now the entirety of the thirteenth T20 World Championship.

Waterfront Oval, Colk, 25,000
The Waterfront Oval is known to be one of the newest cricket stadiums in Grearia, in outskirts of the island city of Colk in the Manta Is. province. The 25,000 seater stadium was deliberately kept low to keep the sea breeze flow undisturbed in the bowl (stadium) itself. This will mean assistance to pacers and the ball will readily nip around for the ones who prefer to swing it - a bowling paradise. The beer here is made in-house and the music is local, but the cricket promises to be world class!

Stade Rose, Urdsall, 25,000
Called one of the legacy arenas for cricket in the country, the Stade Rose is nestled in the Antane mountains. It might get chilly in the morning and in late evenings, and the dew might play a large role in the outcome of the matches: with a pitch that assists the bowling side of things. 25,000 spectators may be seated at once in the stadium, and the atmosphere will be stunning - both in natural beauty audience engagement. You can always go explore the nearby wildlife preserves, hike on mountain trails, raft down rivers when the cricket isn't on!
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IC Name: Grearia, The Grearish Union
Area: 655,436 km2 | Population: 88,636,071 | Pop. Density: 135.23 per km2
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Postby Gruenberg » Fri Oct 16, 2020 2:44 am

Grounds & Travel Information

The Holy Wenaist Sultanate of Gruenberg is a large nation which lies geographically in the Malibu Islands region, but which is politically aligned with the Antarctic Oasis region (the real AO). It forms its own sprawling subcontinent. Gruenberg is probably best known for being the only Wenaist state in the world. Wenaism is a monotheistic religion founded some 750 years ago. Highly hierarchical in structure, Wenaist teachings are handed down through the priesthood, while the state is administered by religious advisors from the Viziery. The Head of State is a hereditary monarch, currently Sultana Jianna Woltzten I, who has reversed some of the foreign policy endeavours of her father after watching far too much Game of Thrones to make her advisors comfortable.

Outsiders tend to focus on Gruenberg’s repressive qualities – its gross social inequality, oppression of women and minorities, its ongoing subjugation of its eastern province, The Gelzien Nub, the public executions and corporal punishments, the fact that listening to Radiohead is a capital offence – but actually the state action has been characterised by the motto of “evolution not revolution” over the past century. Not literally – monkey science is of course not taught in schools – but rather that the Viziery have pushed modest reforms, such as political parties, an elected parliament, an expansion of the suffrage, fairly broad free speech permissions – to prevent the middle classes from rebelling.

Culturally, Gruenberg is best known for its populace’s insane fixation on goats, which are revered as cats once were in Ancient Egypt, and as lolcats are in the contemporary USA. Most Gruenbergers are vegetarians, as meat is expensive, but cheap fast food chains such as Gruenberger Fried Dolphin and JewBurger are gaining in popularity, while the closure of WhaleCo Global Foods was met with violent protests. A staple breakfast consists largely of fruit. Alcohol was illegal until recently, though the relaxation on prohibition hasn’t affected its availability hugely and outside the biggest cities most shops do not stock alcohol; however, most Gruenbergers drink multiple cups of tea throughout the day, as well as an array of cola drinks such as the native Capra Cola and Glow Cola, the imported Blast! and Pink Bunny Cola, and the ever popular GruenChem Mostly Non-Toxic Industrial Syrup Mix #8, with new flavours including Orange Tang!, Summer Fruits!!, and Lead!!!

Cricket is hugely popular and vast crowd attendances should be expected, even for neutral games. Gruenberg’s substantial liberalization over the last few years means the country is a more welcoming place than has previously been. Attitudes to homosexuality and female liberation are becoming more open-minded. Gruenbergers are fiercely protective of their Wenaist traditions and may look down on foreigners, but they won’t burn them at the stake (not that much, anyway).

Group A

On each matchday, the first listed match will take place at the Moroschwegen Arena of Death, the second at The MCG, and the third at The Oval.

Group B

On each matchday, the first listed match will take place at the Silver Crown Ground, the second at the Mire of Goatliness, and the third at MAGECAG.

The Moroschwegen Arena of Death

Ground: Historically the site of gladiatorial combat, as Moroschwegen has abandoned its traditions to become Gruenberg’s largest urban metropolis, so has The Arena of Death been transformed into the country’s largest cricket ground. Arguably one of the most imposing spectacles in the sporting world, it regularly features attendances of over 125,000 and can seat 150,000. Seismic monitoring stations often pick up minor tremors as the result of crowd enthusiasm. Surrounded on all sides by high rise buildings and frequently smogged over in the morning by industrial smoke, what it lacks in glamour it makes up for in sheer awe-inspiring size, as the Vizier said to the actress.

Pitch: The Arena of Death is regarded as a prime location for swing bowling. The buildings surrounding the ground create wind tunnels from the Jailhouse End, while preventing cross-breeze at the Eighth Avenue End. In longer form cricket the ball is known to reverse quite early but that is unlikely to be a factor for all but the most skilled (or ‘creative’) practitioners in T20. The outfield is extremely large, with very long boundaries (but short, fast grass). There has not historically been as much assistance for spinners. Batting can be a difficult experience – but good performances are rewarded with an acclaim heard at virtually no other sporting venue in the world.

Weather: There is frequently cloud cover – or at least, skin-melting smog cover. Cooler than most of the other grounds, temperatures will be tolerable for tourists, but still dry enough for abrasive grass that will scuff the ball.

The Merlefurt Cricket Ground (“The MCG”)

Ground: Merlefurt is Gruenberg’s largest port. In a country not known for its all-embracing cosmopolitanism, Merlefurt is the closest thing to an international city, with the docks, the large university, and the relaxed local governance combining to make it almost legal to be foreign. The semi-legal nightlife is legendary. Merlefurters themselves tend to consider themselves somewhat superior to rural hicks from the rest of Gruenberg, and are more tolerant of deviance from Wenaism’s norms. The Cricket Ground itself is nothing remarkable, but is set in a bustling market district. Fresh sea smells waft in early on, and as the evening draws in, fans will pour out of the stadium and into the street to try imported meats, exotic spices, and mysterious foreign drinks.

Pitch: As the local nickname “The Spin Lab” suggests, the MCG is best known as the haven of Gruenberger spin. It is not uncommon for South West to field three or four spinners or to open the bowling with a spinner, and teams really need to plan with regard to selection of batsmen and even specialist wicket keepers. A conventional seam attack will get little out of a fairly flat track, even once it starts to crack, although there is sometimes reverse swing from the Port Harbour End. From the Dark End, there is really nothing doing unless you take the pace off the ball. Many of Gruenberg’s greatest spinners hail from Merlefurt. With relatively short boundaries it is by no means a batting nightmare – assuming you can get bat on ball in the first place.

Weather: Though the air temperature will be hot, the sea breeze ensures perhaps the most pleasant playing conditions available. There is a brief possibility of monsoon showers, meaning all games are scheduled to start early in the day.

The Flurthwel Oval (“The Oval”)

Ground: Gruenberg’s ‘home ground’ is the famous Flurthwel Oval in the capital city of Flurthwel. Being based in the royal city, The Oval is naturally set in luxurious surroundings mixed with bureaucratic imposition: the North End faces a tree-lined lake, while the Ministry End has a large, windowless building affiliated to the Sub-Viziery for Toes affiliated to it. The crowd will be much more middle class than at the average domestic game, but home support will still be key.

Pitch: The Oval is generally a batting paradise. Most teams winning the toss opt to bat first, and several of Gruenberg’s highest domestic scores have been achieved here – but so have some of their highest successful run chases. The exquisitely prepared pitches can be expected to hold true and do not crack easily, but – especially if left/right combinations are produced to make the most of footmarks – can get a little dusty. It has a lightning quick outfield; being an Oval, it naturally rewards shots square of the wicket.

Weather: Baking heat should be expected which might contribute to the pitch breaking up a little more than would be the case in Tests, when The Oval is usually the first or last game of the summer. Cloud cover is unlikely, so swingers despair.

Silver Crown Ground, Arradan

Ground: Arradan was wrecked by the GruenChem industrial accident a few years ago, but has since rebuilt with a major project of civic reinvestment. The accident, though tragic (some people died or something, whatever) does at least give the city a chance to show off the redeveloped ground with its state of the art facilities and mostly non-toxic drinking water. Security is less stable than in the West, meaning visitors will largely be confined to their hotel, but unless they particularly want a tour of gutted high rises and hospitals brimming with mutated infants and limbless workers, they’re not really missing anything. Arradan is also a relatively culturally conservative city, and has experienced many religious revivals since the accident, meaning foreigners may get short shrift from the locals, but should expect to be welcomed so long as they are respectful of local traditions.

Pitch: Arradan uses a springy soil not found elsewhere in Gruenberg; as such the pitch will offer some serious bounce. Deliveries will tend to hold their true path, but can spring up unexpectedly off a length. Because of this it favours batsmen with quick hands, and those able to move their feet to spinners – get stuck in the crease, or try to play the ball early, and you’re in trouble. The pitch angles slightly, from the Barracks End down to the Hospital For The Blessings Of Savagely Irradiated Mutantspawn End.

Weather: Temperatures here may reach the hottest at any ground. Don’t anticipate any respite from clouds (not counting the odd plume of toxic smoke that will suddenly rain down acid). Fitness is definitely a consideration even in a short 20 over match.

Rajjenkali Mire of Goatliness

Ground: Rajjenkali is a tropical city in Gruenberg’s swampy interior. The Mire of Goatliness is a fairly small ground on a small elevation overlooking the ancient city; the historic city walls actually encircle the ground along one section of the boundary, into which the Pavilion is built; from the opposite end is the Royal Botanical Gardens, with tall trees providing a modicum of shade. One of the more modern grounds in the Gruenberger cricketing establishment the Mire is well equipped and hospitable, and the populace are used to dealing with tourists, thanks to the famous Supremely Goat-Enabled Statues the city boasts.

Pitch: Rajjenkali’s soil is red and contains a lot of clay (which was used to make the Statues); as such, the pitch is flat and bouncy. Spinners need to bowl quickly, but they can get extravagant lift and quick turn if they do; seamers are however shit outta luck. It is more or less a very good batting surface, helped by the short boundaries, and the humidity adds to this, tiring out bowlers and fielders quickly. However, a good spinner can still pick up a hat-full if they can land their deliveries on the right length.

Weather: Rajjenkali’s ambient temperature isn’t as hot as the southerly cities, but it’s a very wet heat with extremely high humidity factors. It can be very difficult to keep the ball in good condition.

Most Augustly Goat-Enabled Cricket Association Ground, Wurtbenn ("MAGECAG")

Ground: The MAGECAG is perhaps the most scenic ground in the country. Set in the Holy Mountains, it has one of the highest elevations of any world cricket ground – it is also by far the most goat-enabled – and is essentially cut into the face of the steep mountains. Gruenberg gets more holy the higher you go; the MAGECAG is surrounded by temples and shrines, while pilgrims to the Holy City will leave religious tokens around the city, lending it a colourful, vibrant feel. Not the most accessible of grounds for tourists, those making the trip will be rewarded by spectactular views, opportunities for mountain climbing, and almost certain intense religious persecution.

Pitch: While the MAGECAG may stand out in many respects, when it comes to the cricket it falls in step with Gruenberger tendencies: flat, easy for scoring, not much for the bowlers. Though conducive to spin and offering a little more swing than other grounds further south, the real kicker is the altitude and short boundaries, which combine to make lofted shots guaranteed run-makers. The ground is at a slight incline – one side is about 8 spontiwuffs higher than the other – which makes the ball naturally tail away from the Most Goat-Enabled End, and tail in from the Only Marginally Less Goat-Enabled End.

Weather: The altitude means that despite baking, blazing sunshine being expected, things can be fairly cool; in winter, the MAGECAG would be under snow. In mid-summer that’s not a threat, but the cable knit sweater isn’t about to go out of style there any time soon.
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Team Hebitaka

Postby Hebitaka » Fri Oct 16, 2020 4:14 am

Team Hebitaka for GCF World T20 XIII


First Team and 12th Man

Ord Name		Age	Pos		Bat	Bowl	T20 Team	FCTeam		note
1 Kailash Nath 31 Bat Left LS Kings Darek Opener
2 Nasako Kim 27 Bat Left LM Royal XI Kiri Opener
3 Debraj Joshi 24 Bat Right OS Maverick Dacina VC
4 David Aron 25 All Right LS Knights Konoha ---------
5 Musfiqur Asif 28 All Left LMF Maverick Kiri Captain
6 Kamado Musako 23 Bat Right RM Challengers Iwa ----------
7 Tanujit Mondal 20 WK Left --- ------------- East DT Keeper
8 Shin Tenzuo 23 All Right LMF Devils Konoha ----------
9 Ryo Hibiki 27 Bowl Right RMF Knights Kumo ----------
10 Bhavesh Gopikrishan 30 Bowl Left OS Lions Rivi ----------
11 Tatsuki Kimano 27 Bowl Right RMF Rifles East DT ----------

12 Ravi Taimur 26 Bat Right LS Devils Konoha 12th

On Bench
Chiku Bhave		22	All		Left	LMF	Knights		East DT		
Mukoto Rasuki 25 Bowl Right LS Panthers Farinoko
Kimito Tinao 24 Bat Left SLA Kings Dacina
Arman Javed 22 Bat Right RM Maverick Kiri

Bowler           overs
Aron 9, 11, 17
Asif 1, 3, 5, 7
Tenzuo 2, 4, 6, 8
Hibiki 10, 12, 19
Bhavesh 13, 15, 18
Kimano 14, 16, 20

Head Coach: Vishal Sherma
Feild Coach Gerard Ruso
Bat Coach Kim Naegi
Bowl Coach David Burner

Role Plays:
Choose my player runs: Yes(Unless I create one myself)
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Godmod other events: No
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Postby Elejamie » Fri Oct 16, 2020 4:17 am


Elejamian national cricket team
Selección de críquet de Elejamia
Elejam cerikit tim

aka The Greenblacks
Coach: Vijay Dhillon
Style mod: 0

Cricket is a fairly new sport to Elejamie, with the first match on Elejamian soil being played in 1960. However, it wasn't until 1967 that an official national side was formed and 1974 when the first domestic match was played, between Aventry and Surter, with Aventry winning by seven wickets. In 1987, a small limited-overs cricket tournament - the Cross-Tractal Cup - was played, with Wyken winning all of their group games against East Reise, Nuevo Paraíso and Mittedorf before beating Aventry in the semi-final and Autumnia in the final (Autumnia would later go on to win the 1989 edition). Three more editions were played before the tournament was cancelled in 1991 for unknown reasons, with West Reise (who had won the trophy in 1988 and 1990) being allowed to keep it.

However, despite its short run, it still managed to draw a considerable amount of fans and, after plenty of delays, the Elejamian Cricket League - a Twenty20 tournament - was formed in 2005. Beginning on the third Saturday in April, the tournament sees eighteen teams split into two groups of nine depending on whether they're on the Eastern or Western half. After playing each other once, the top four in each group then advance to another two groups (again, depending on whether or not they're on the Eastern or Western sides) where they'll play each other twice, home and away. The winners of each group would then face each other in the Grand Final, whereas both runners-up will compete for the Bronze Cup; both matches are played best of five with a Super Over used to break any ties. Aventry (who plays in the Eastern Group) won the inaugural tournament, losing their first two games but going on to win their series against neighbours Burnett (who play in the Western Group) 3-2; Keene District won the Bronze Cup thanks to a 3-1 series win over Rosetta. Currently, the newly formed Nuevo Paraíso y Valledorado are the ECL champions, having swept Wyken 3-0, whereas Richston beat Rosetta and Elephant Isles 3-1 to take home the Bronze Cup. A women's edition of the tournament began in 2012, with Mittedorf winning the Grand Final, where they swept Birch State, whereas Autumnia beat Swannings 3-2 to win the Bronze Cup; the current EWCL champions are Swannings who managed to win their second title in a row after a 3-2 win over Eastern Elejamie, whereas Aventry are current Bronze Cup holders following a 3-1 series win against Keene District.

Elejamie got off to a great start in the last T20 World Championships, winning their first three games (West Phoenicia by five wickets, Eastfield Lodge by four wickets and Tornado Queendom by 20 runs) before going on to lose quite badly to the Plough Islands, failing to meet their 178 run target and instead losing by 20 runs. Fortunately, they bounced back with a six wicket win over Krytenia to remain top of the group. However, their hopes were dashed when Ko-oren easily won their match-up by two wickets to send the Greenblacks down to fifth place. While it seemed to have completely ruined their morale as they lost their next match-up against Lisander by 12 runs, they were able to bounce back with a seven wicket win over Indusse to bump them up to third and a six wicket win over Apox saw them finish in an automatic qualifying spot. They were then up against West Phoenicia, who had beaten Busoga Islands in a play-off game and were looking for revenge, but Elejamie were unable to get the double as they lost by 15 runs in the quarter-finals to the eventual third placers.

No.	Name			Initials	Tract	Hand
1 Steve Loughlin (vc) SP SRTR Left
2 Dawoud Halabi D WYKN Right
3 Robert Hamilton RCM ESRE Right
4 Mike Bentley MJ BNTT Left
5 Kelly Entwistle KS ATMN Right
6 Ricardo Montoya RE BIST Left
7 Salman Halabi S KEDS Right
8 Danny Slezinger (c) DJ AVEN Left
9 Lucas Mahler L MTDF Left
10 Arían Rodriguez AG MDLN Right
11 Pablo Novak P NUPA Right

(c) - Captain
(vc) - Vice captain

No	Name			Initials	Tract	Hand	Position
12 Nick Hutcherson NT WERS Left 1-2
13 Dan McCafferty DR ESEL Left 1-3
14 Dave Garner DG SHNR Right 2-5
15 Pael Cetorin P SWNG Right 5-7
16 Frank Kaderabek FSK WRWK Left 8-11
17 Julián Blanco JA RCST Left 9-10
18 Fuad al-Jurjani F ROIY Right 10-11

  1. Robert Hamilton (left-armed fast)
  2. Danny Slezinger (left-armed unorthodox spinner)
  3. Lucas Mahler (left-armed orthodox-spinner)
  4. Arían Rodriguez (right-armed leg-spinner)
  5. Pablo Novak (right-armed fast)

Should they play:

  • Nick Hutcherson (left-armed medium) 1-2
  • Dave Garner (right-armed medium-fast) - 2-3
  • Frank Kaderabek (left-armed unorthodox spinner) - 3-4
  • Julián Blanco (left-armed swinger) - 5

  1. Mike Bentley (main)
  2. Pael Cetorin (first reserve)
  3. Fuad al-Jurjani (second reserve)


Along with some green helmets with a black chin strap and white ear pads. In the event of them playing another team that primarily wears any shade of green, Elejamie will wear an all black kit but with the same helmet. Yes, they will do this even if they are the home side.

Don't kill any of my players. If you do want to injure any of them, then you can only injure one of them per game and they can miss up to two games (meaning you can't do anything career-ending). Other than that, go nuts.

Hopefully this is alright. Any problems with this, please let me know so I can go back and take out, change or put in anything that needs to be done.

Also, full names for most of my players are listed here. Except for those without middle names, the other players' full names are: David George Garner and Franklin Stephen Karel Kaderabek.
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Postby Ko-oren » Fri Oct 16, 2020 9:26 am

Ko-orenite National Team @ World Twenty20 Championships XII

Despite the rank and the fact that Ko-oren is always among the top cricket nations (yet never the best), this team goes into another T20 World Cup as a favourite. Hold on, favourite? With a team with so many young players, question marks, and gaps? The batting is strong, the wicketkeepers are as good as any, and there are quality players at each 'position' - and yet, Ko-orenites have a hard time seeing this team as a contender. At the same time, it's been a while since the Green and Blue have won a T20 title... so that's what we're here for.

Quarterfinalists at the ODI World Trophy and 4th place at the most recent T20 World Cup (and semifinalists at the T20 World Cup before that), the pressure on this team is huge.

Lisander and especially the Plough Islands are two fixtures that people on the archipelago are looking forward to. Fans expect quite a bit from the Jovannic, but feel like we've dodged several bullets with the other unranked teams. Should the team make to the knockouts, they are most looking forward to beating West Phoenicia (for standing in our way so often) or any of our usual Test foes.

Simeon Penn (24) - L unorth/L (Linieux Lieutenants)
Ezekiel Stevenson (33) - R leg/R (Willowbourne Zenith)
Reginald Twaddle (24) - R fast/R (Burnet Rubies)

Twaddle has been called as one of Test cricket's most talented openers. Surely his qualities translate to limited overs. Penn is purely a limited overs player and should be one of the two openers 100% of the time. Stevenson is good, experienced, but has lost a tiny bit of power.

Dallas Welsh (30) - R med/R (Idyllwild Antlers)
Herbert Doyle (26) - R off/R (Aubury Maroons)
Judson Windsor (24) - R med/R (Burnet Rubies)
Lucius Letchford (23) - L orth/L (As of yet unsigned)
Sherman Commins (22) - L fast/L (Burnet Rubies)

Welsh has come on to the national scene at a late age, and his development keeps persisting. Right now, he should be one of the better limited overs batsmen after his Test career didn't go as planned. With him is Doyle, as a batsman with plenty of experience that can make a lot happen. Odd shot attempts are more of a Windsor and Commins thing. Letchford has only just made the transition to the professional game, and is still unsigned as a T20 player.

Seophyn yMharwn (29) - R fast/R (Penstead Pirates)
Sundhuril Pandherinthen (27) - L unorth/L (Willowbourne Zenith)
Morton Atkins (24) - R leg/R (Linieux Lieutenants)
Chaddwf yMwffrael (22) - R fast/R (Aubury Maroons)

yMharwn has also lost touch for the longer format, but is a very serviceable batting all-rounder. Pandherinthen and Atkins are limited overs-only and should get plenty of time as well.

Gilbert Wheelwright (31) - R med/R (Greencaster Heralds) (c)
Finley Meredith (27) - R leg/R (Burnet Rubies) (vc)

It's almost like Ko-oren can only produce two wicketkeepers per generation. They've been in all Test and limited overs teams since forever, and only one player might take their place in a while. Butler has not been selected however. Given their experience and respect in the cricketing world, they've been assigned the duty of captain and vice captain - effectively, one of these two will play, and whoever does, is the captain.

Pace Bowlers
Lachlan Harvey (30) - R fast/R (Eastern Miners)
Roman Kinghead (30) - L med/L (Penstead Pirates)
William Thrall (23) - R fast/R (Norille Chevron Vert)
Boyd Jack (20) - R fast/R (As of yet unsigned)
Lesomhof yPipaem (19) - L fast/L (As of yet unsigned)

More righties than lefties, that's one thing. For the rest, these are the better batting bowlers, with only Harvey as someone who can't or won't bat that much. Jack and yPipaem are quite unproven and this will be a risk going forward. Both have just signed a professional contract and will land on a domestic T20 team once the next season starts, like Letchford further up.

Spin Bowlers
Mitchell Enright (20) - R leg/R (Norille Chevron Vert)
Borllog yLellmedd (23) - R off/R (Mayara Marauders)
Lasrewll yChallril (21) - L unorth/L (Aubury Maroons)
Martin Etherington (33) - R leg/R (Idyllwild Antlers)
Paul Brakefield (24) - R leg/R (Penstead Pirates)

You could argue about the merit of spin bowling in T20 all you'd like, it's still part of the Ko-orenite game. Not always a huge part. Given how young some of these players are, it's not yet clear how much the team will rely on them yet. yLellmedd and Etherington lead this group in seniority and will have to lead this group.

Usual starters: Penn, Stevenson/Twaddle, Welsh, Doyle, Windsor/Letchford/Commins, yMharwn/Atkins/Pandherinthen, Wheelwright/Meredith, bowling all-rounder/bowler, yLellmedd/Etherington, Thrall/Kinghead, Harvey.

RP permissions: no deaths, no god-modding cricket-related stuff. Backhanded and obscure tactics encouraged (from both sides), though (but no underarm bowling). This team will be Mankading.
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Central Shaneville
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Postby Central Shaneville » Fri Oct 16, 2020 10:20 am

Cricket is a very new sport in Central Shaneville and this year makes the nation's debut in the sport on an international level making them massive dark horses as well as massive unknowns for the tournament ahead, recently the Shanevillean Sports Association made Cricket part of its domestic sport programme and it was a success so much so that people wanted to see the nation represented internationally, they got their wish.

The team put forward by coach Matt Jackson has a mixture of players but focuses on a more all around kind of play with a variety of bowling and batting skills at the nations disposal should they need it, this team however is very new and the inexperience is likely to cause some issues however the team and coach remain confident that they can put on a good show.

The Team
Coach: Matt Jackson
Style modifier: 0

The following is the starting 11 for the Central Shaneville team, the team itself is very versatile with players taking up both batting and bowling duties due to cricket being such a new sport in Central Shaneville.
1. David Stone - Bat and Bowl - Right handed batter - Right arm Fast bowl
2. Kyle Lancer - Bat and Bowl - Right handed batter - Right arm Fast bowl
3. Darren West - Bat and Bowl - Left handed batter - Left arm unorthodox bowl
4. Jack Loch - Bat and Bowl - Left handed batter - Left arm spinner bowl
5. Codie Pierce - Bat - Right handed batter - Right arm Fast bowl
6. Manav Burrows - Bowl - Right handed batter - Right arm spinner bowl
7. Rowan van Starke - Bowl - Right handed batter - Right arm spinner bowl
8. Taylor Kumar - Bowl - Right handed batter - Right arm unorthodox bowl
9. Diego Rankin - Wicket Keeper - Right handed batter
10. Derrick Neville - Bat and Bowl - Right handed batter - Right arm spinner bowl
11. Alton Wheeler - Bat and Bowl - Left handed batter - Left arm medium-fast bowl

The reserves/players that will be on the bench are as follows (including the 12th man), due to their not being many cricket players in Central Shaneville the nation didnt bring many reserves.
1. Jonas Warner - Bowl - Right handed batter - Right arm medium-fast bowl
2. Tyrone Hawk - Wicket Keeper - Right handed batter
3. Aaron Crawford - Bat and Bowl - Left handed batter - Left arm spinner bowl
4. Elliot Michaels - Bat - Left handed batter - Left handed fast bowl

Role Plays:
Choose my player runs: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes

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Postby Northwest Kalactin » Fri Oct 16, 2020 10:42 am

Northwest Kalactin T20 Cricket Team
History of Cricket in Northwest Kalactin
The sport is relatively new to the area but they found success early. The sport was introduced here by other nations from Atlantian Oceania. The nations cricket board scrambled to put together a team before the 9th T20s, but failed to. They came back as a world power in a very controversial T20 championship win, the team took home the trophy against West Phoenicia. The test and ODI cricket teams however, has not found the same success as the T20s and there are rumors that the test and ODI teams may be dropped entirely. Recently, the entire cricket board was fired for their inability to understand the game correctly. The new cricket board hoped to bring success in the sport back to Northwest Kalactin.

The Kalactanian XI
Craig Campbell: Left Batter, Right Bowler, Off Break Bowling
Gregory Green: Right Batter, Right Bowler, Fast Bowling
Joseph Gonzalez: Right Batter, Wicket Keeper
Sean Adams: Right Batter, Right Bowler, Fast Bowling
Alan Powell: Left Batter, Right Bowler, Off Break Bowling
Justin Griffin: Right Batter, Left Bowler, Off Break Bowling
David Martin: Right Batter, Left Bowler, Unorthodox Bowling
Ralph Wood: Left Batter, Right Bowler, Medium Bowling
Kevin Lopez: Left Batter, Right Bowler, Off Break Bowling
Christopher Thompson: Right Batter, Right Bowler, Medium Fast Bowling
Jesse Brown: Right Batter, Right Bowler, Medium Bowling

The Backups
Carlos Howard: Right Batter, Wicket Keeper
Christopher Wood: Left Batter, Left Bowler, Off Break Bowling
Samuel Lewis: Right Batter, Right Bowler, Medium Fast Bowling
Jimmy Wilson: Left Batter, Right Bowler, Off Break Bowling
Billy Sanders: Right Batter, Right Bowler, Unorthodox Bowling

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Godmod how my players were dismissed: Y
Create a full scorecard for my team: Y (Though if you also indicate “Y”, I will be creating a scorecard for the match unless you tell me that you would like to make the scorecard.)
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Postby West Phoenicia » Sat Oct 17, 2020 4:14 am

The West Phoenician Lightning Bolts is the nations' National CrIcket Team.

The team competes in Test, ODI and Twenty20. However lately the team has focused primarily on the Twenty20.

The Lighting Bolts are back to retain their number one ranking and are hoping to take out another title.

West Phoenician Lightning Bolts


Governing Body:

West Phoenicia Cricket Federation


• GCF World Twenty20 Championships XI


Head Coach: Mr Edward Mount-Alexander
Senior assistant coach: Harry Franklin
Batting Coach: Duncan O'Toole
Bowling Coach: Rajmesh Singh
Fielding Coach: Kian Ngyuen
Performance coach: Oliver Newman
Physiotherapist: Dixie Craven
Team Dietican: Sally Fforde

Captain: Jack Tennessee

Name Age Bats City State Birthplace
Jack Tennessee 34 Right Handed Jackson
Grey Gryphon 30 Right Handed Antebellum Territory
James Emanon 31 Left Handed Agape
Aaron Shields 28 Left Handed Upper West Phoenicia
Samuel Persana 24 Right Handed Jackson

All Rounders: 

Name Age Bats Bowling Style City State Birth place
Hasaga Kain 26 Right Handed Right Arm, Fast Bowling Neo Indus

Wicket Keepers:

Name Age Bats City State Birth place
Ricky Parvarti 28 Right Handed Scarlett Orient Isles
Lucas Greensburg 20 Left Handed Jackson


Name Age Bats Bowling Style City State Birth Place
Alan Narre 32 Right Handed Right Arm Pace Jackson
Priapus Fellachino 25 Left Handed Left Arm Spin New Rome
Anh Viet 27 Right Handed Right Arm Spin Scarlett Orient Isles
Brutus Brinkley 19 Left Handed left-armed unorthodox spinner Oceania District

Batting Order

* Grey Gryphon
* James Emanon
* Jack Tennessee
* Hasaga Kain
* Aaron Shields
* Ricky Parvati
* Samuel Persana
* Alan Narre
* Priapus Fellachino
* Anh Viet
* Brutus Brinkley



RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: Y
RP injuries to my players: n
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Godmod how my players were dismissed: Y
Create a full scorecard for my team: Y
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Postby Sylestone » Sat Oct 17, 2020 1:52 pm

Sylestone has sent a squad of 15 players to Gruenberg and the Grearish Union for the 13th World Twenty20 Championship. Many of them have played before, in either Tests, One-Dayers or against Martune or The Jovannic in series. Sylestone's T20 record is a whopping 5-0-0, winning two against Martune and three against The Jovannic. Hopefully, that record can stay positive after the tournament.

Lachlan Edwards:
Age: 17
Role: RHB Opener, RLS bowler
About: Lachlan Edwards is the youngest player in the Sylestonean team, yet one of the most talented. He is a fluent stroke-player and not someone likely to smash the ball around everywhere. He promises more to come in his senior years. His bowling is unusually accurate for a leg-spinner, but he doesn't have a good wrong'un and the turn produced is generally not too much.

Luke Tiati:
Age: 25
Role: LHB Opener, First-choice wicketkeeper
About: Sylestone's first-choice wicketkeeper is only 25 years of age, yet he is a very good one. Another fluent bat, yet not too powerful, makes up the core of Sylestone's opening partnership.

Lachlan Cocrine:
Age: 22
Role: RHB Top-Middle Order
About: Lachlan Cocrine bats at number 3 in Sylestone's T20 side and is their designated hitter. He can score lots of runs quickly but can keep an innings together when he really needs to. His durability is treasured.

Daniel Fomleya:
Age: 31
Role: Captain, LHB Middle Order, LOS Bowler
About: One of the oldest players in this youthful side, Daniel Fomleya is a veteran who has played many games of cricket. He bats fluently, similar to Edwards and Tiati, but can hit out at times of need. Very strong through the off-side.

Simon Monteane:
Age: 28
Role: RHB Middle-Order, can open
About: Monteane is in between the brute force of Lachlan Cocrine and the stylishness of Luke Tiati. He is very unorthodox and invents shots of his own time and time again.

Liam Afosha:
Age: 26
Role: RHB Middle-Order, ROS Bowler
About: Afosha is Sylestone's designated "finisher". He has a calm head at the crease and consistently gets Sylestone out of bad situations. His bowling is a bit overrated, especially in the shorter formats. But you can't take away from him how much spin he gets.

Jonah Appleby:
Age: 24
Role: Bats anywhere you tell him to, backup keeper
About: Appleby is yet another fluent bat in Sylestone's team and opens at state level. He looks good at the crease but continually makes starts then get out. His keeping skills are adequate.

Zachary Charlton:
Age: 27
Role: LHB Middle-Order
About: Another unorthodox player, Charlton can keep an innings together very well. A rock at the crease. However, he can get bogged down and this will affect his batting.

Peter Lenton:
Age: 30
Role: Bats anywhere, RM bowler
About: Another backup opener, Lenton is more aggressive and counterattacks from his first ball. His bowling is, well, rubbish. Only use him if you have to. Can keep, too.

Zangj Jonjaakh:
Age: 30
Role: RF Bowler, RHB lower-order
About: Jonjaakh is a very fast bowler, often exceeding speeds of 150 km/h. However, he isn't very accurate and often goes for lots of runs. A bit hit and miss really. His batting is the same, he'll hit 30 off 10 balls but then often get a golden.

Norbert Pistecial:
Age: 20
Role: LFM bowler, LHB lower-order
About: One of Sylestone's premier opening bowlers, young Pistecial is unique as he can swing the ball throughout the entire innings. Isn't the best at the death, so his overs are often used early. His batting is underrated, too, and he can hold up an innings at one end while scoring runs.

Broughton Hall:
Age: 19
Role: Right-Arm Hybrid Spin, RHB tail-ender
About: Hall is a mystery spinner. He bowls offies, leggies, wrong'uns, doosras and any other variation that you can think of. Bowls around 90 km/h, too, so the batters don't have much time to adjust. His batting isn't great, but he can sometimes pull off the goods.

Joshua Vilesti:
Age: 29
Role: RF Bowler, RHB tail-ender
About: A fast and reasonably accurate bowler, Vilesti can also top speeds of 150 km/h. Sylestone's premier opening bowler and he typically can't bat very well. Someone who makes openers giddy.

Sean Polen:
Age: 32
Role: RFM Bowler, RHB lower-order
About: Generally bowls back of a length and often a first-change bowler, Polen is a big, bulky bloke who ofyten bowls around 135-140 km/h. A decent bat, too, and generally a power hitter.

Joshua Swomp:
Age: 36
Role: LOS Bowler, LHB lower-order
About: Rounding out the squad is Swomp, a veteran to the game of cricket. He is Sylestone's second spinner, but prefers to give the young'uns in Afosha, Edwards and Hall a go. Can bat a bit, too.

Predicted XI vs. Ethane
Lachlan Edwards
Luke Tiati
Lachlan Cocrine
Daniel Fomleya
Simon Monteane
Liam Afosha
Peter Lenton
Norbert Pistecial
Zangj Jonjaakh
Broughton Hall
Joshua Vilesti

RP Permissions:
Choose my lineup: Yes, although I would like it if you checked with me beforehand.
RP Injuries to my players: Yes, although I get to decide the length of time.
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, although TG/PM me beforehand.
Suspend my players: Yes, although TG/PM me beforehand.
Godmod other events: Yes
Create my scorecard: Yes
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Postby Darmen » Sat Oct 17, 2020 2:00 pm

Darmeni National Cricket Team
presented by the
Darmeni Cricket Board
The Selection Committee of the Darmeni Cricket Board has announced the fifteen player squad that will contest the thirteenth edition of the GCF World Twenty20 Championship to be held in the Grearish Union and Guenberg. Wait a minute? Guenberg? As in Test season 5 Darmeni tour of Guenberg, Gruenberg? Yup, that's them.

Performances in last year's World Twenty20 Championship, the recently concluded ODI World Trophy and domestic T20 competition were taken under consideration for selection. The most notable absence is Ellar Ready, whose performance in the World Trophy was poor enough for the selection committee to examine other options.

Opening Batsmen
Vinnie Acker - Left-handed Opening Batsman - 28 years old - Chad City Cricket Club
6 matches; 101 runs @ avg. of 16.83, 10 x 4's, 4 x 6's, HS of 38
While he might no longer be an opening batsman for the Test side and his numbers from the last edition of the World T20 aren't very impressive, Acker's performance in the ODI World Trophy a couple of months ago has been enough to keep him in the first XI for the shortest format. He averaged 40.17 in 12 innings before Darmen was knocked out of the competition by Krytenia. There are younger options for the selection committee to consider however, so Acker had better deliver here or he's in real danger of becoming an ODI only player.

Sigmund Winter (Captain) - Right-handed Opening Batsman - 31 years old - Bloomer Cricket Club
10 matches; 212 runs @ avg. of 21.20, 32 x 4's, 5 x 6's, HS of 38
Although he's consistently one of the top producers of runs for Darmen in T20 cricket, he's never been that impressive with the bat compared to openers from other countries in the shortest format. He is however an excellent leader, leading Darmen through an impressive Test season with 11 victories in 14 matches before falling to Teusland in the Test World Championship final as captain.

Máel Sechlainn Brice - Right-handed Top-order Batsman - 25 years old - Vogler City Cricket Club
3 matches; 70 runs @ avg. of 23.33, 11 x 4's, 2 x 6's, HS of 32
"There are younger options for the selection committee to consider however" was what we said and Máel Sechlainn Brice is who we meant. Given the chance, Brice will be slobbering at the chance to make the commentators say, "Acker, the former national teamer." That is if he gets the chance. And scores a whole bunch of runs. In a pinch Brice can also bat in the middle-order, if Darmen finds themselves in a situation where that's absolutely necessary.

Middle-order Batsmen
Winston van der Zee - Right-handed Middle-order Batsman - 26 years old - Hendricks City Cricket Club
10 matches; 337 runs @ avg. of 42.13, 40 x 4's, 13 x 6's, 3 x 50's, HS of 55*
Darmen's one day specialist (although his performances in the most recent Test season seem to suggest he's just really damn good), van der Zee provided just about one-fourth of Darmen's runs in the previous World T20 Championship. He's yet to score a really big total, but he's consistent in scoring double digits and can score boundaries on demand when necessary. Which, this being T20, is all the time, right?

Theudofrid Milligan - Right-handed Middle-order Batsman - 27 years old - Romanopolis Cricket Club
10 matches; 299 runs @ avg. of 37.38, 30 x 4's, 13 x 6's, 1 x 50's, HS of 87
"Patience is a virtue. But this is T20, so screw it, embrace the anarchy!" Or at least that's what we think Milligan's thought process might look like if you could peer inside the mind of a patient Test cricketer forced to score as many runs as possible inside of 20 overs. It didn't seem to stop him from scoring some excellent totals in the 12th edition of the World T20's, including an innings of 87 against hosts Liventia during the group stage.

Kenny O'Callaghan - Right-handed Middle-order Batsman - 22 years old - Bloomer Cricket Club
Yet to make T20 debut
O'Callaghan made his national team debut during the ODI World Trophy, were he did not fail to impress, scoring 196 runs at an average of 98 in four appearances. He made his debut on matchday four against the Plough Islands, scoring 58 off 67 and followed that up with an 88 not out against Lisander. Not bad for your first two appearances in the lineup. He'll be competing for playing time however with the all-rounders, so his chances to duplicate those types of performances will be few.

Domenic Gardenar - Left-handed All-rounder - Bowls slow left-arm orthodox - 29 years old - Chad City Cricket Club
6 matches; 72 runs @ avg. of 24.00, 6 x 4's, 3 x 6's, HS of 26*; 22.5 overs bowled, 4 wickets @ avg. of 49.00
While the Ko-orenite media may have named Gardenar to their Team of the Season during the most recent Test season, in Darmen, he's not revered so highly. All-rounders, for historical reasons, are expected to be the best players on any Darmeni side, which Gardenar isn't. Despite that, he's still one of the best all-rounders in Darmeni domestic cricket and there's no reason to not select him.

Bud Bachmann - Right-handed All-rounder - Bowls right fast - 23 years old - Johnho Cricket Club
Yet to make T20 debut
Bud ticks all the boxes one might want in a Darmeni all-rounder: he bowls fast, he bats well and his fielding ain't too shabby either. There were questions about his batting when he made his debut with the ODI team in Liventia, as his batting ability in domestic cricket had largely depended on whether he was in Johnho or not. But scoring 206 runs at an average of 68.67 in eight matches put those questions to rest. He'll now try to replicate his World Trophy showing in the T20 format.

Adalfuns Armbruster - Left-handed Wicket-keeper - 32 years old - Cosmopolitans
8 matches; 72 runs @ avg. of 18.00, 11 x 4's, 1 x 6's, HS of 24*
Armbruster's days with the national team are numbered. The 32 year old is an excellent wicket-keeper, he makes sure to keep everything in front of him, but his bat rarely ever comes alive. Beckett's been waiting in the wings now for a few years, its only a matter of time before the elder Armbruster is forced to give way to his protégé.

Justin Beckett - Left-handed Wicket-keeper - 23 years old - Romanopolis Cricket Club
2 matches; 32 runs @ avg. of 32.00, 2 x 4's, 2 x 6's, HS of 23*
Although he's not as technically sound as Armbruster behind the stumps, he more than makes up for that with competent batting. With how long he's had to wait behind Armbruster to takeover the starting job, it's entirely possible that Beckett will join Milligan as a patient batsman.

Pace Bowlers
Menashe Wakefield - Right-handed Pace Bowler - Bowls right fast - 32 years old - Romanopolis Cricket Club
5 matches; 19.0 overs bowled, 6 wickets @ avg. of 19.00; 27 runs @ avg. of 27.00, 4 x 4's, HS of 15
Wakefield was just beginning to break into the team at the last World T20, but in the ODI World Trophy he cemented his place in the squad by taking the most wickets for Darmen, 18 in 12 matches, numbers which were matched only by Dorian Myers. His age of 32 years means his categorization as a fast bowler may need to be reconsidered, fast-medium may be more accurate.

Corwin McAlister - Right-handed Pace Bowler - Bowls right fast - 27 years old - Bloomer Cricket Club
10 matches; 37.0 overs bowled, 14 wickets @ avg. of 18.93; 33 runs @ avg. of 8.25, 6 x 4's, HS of 13*
When he's not taking wickets, McAlister leaks runs like an old truck's engine leaks oil. He'll either be assassinating the middle stump and reveling in the sounds of the death rattle, or looking on in horror as he bowls three meters behind the batsman's back and neither the wicket-keeper or first slip can stop the ball from reaching the ropes. At least that's what it seems like, as everything in between is just average run-of-the-mill full length deliveries at speed.

Alf Dickenson - Left-handed Pace Bowler - Bowls left fast-medium - 26 years old - Brham Cricket Club
10 matches; 37.4 overs bowled, 7 wickets @ avg. of 45.14, 1 maiden; 2 runs @ avg. of 1.00, HS of 1
A bowling average of over 45! A batting average of just 1! And yet, Dickenson is still a good bowler, it's just that most of the easy wickets get gobbled up by McAlister, Myers and Wakefield and Dickenson is left with the crumbs. He even had one of Darmen's two maiden overs the whole tournament. As for the batting average, in ten matches, Dickenson took to the crease just twice and faced just seven deliveries.

Kieran Rosenfeld - Right-handed Pace Bowler - Bowls right fast-medium - 25 years old - Romanopolis Cricket Club
9 matches; 32.1 overs bowled, 6 wickets @ avg. of 44.00; 5 runs @ avg. of 5.00, 1 x 4's, HS of 4
Rosenfeld faced the same conundrum as Dickenson: he's not a bad bowler, it's just that by the time it's his turn to bowl, the only thing required of him is to limit runs. With the addition of Bud Bachman to the squad, Rosenfeld's playing time will likely be limited.

Spin Bowlers
Dorian Myers (Vice-Captain) - Right-handed Spin Bowler - Bowls off break - 33 years old - Brady City Cricket Club
10 matches; 37.0 overs bowled, 11 wickets @ avg. of 25.45, 1 maiden; 13 runs @ avg. of 13.00, 1 x 4's, HS of 8
Darmen's preeminent spin bowler, in a team that is otherwise pace heavy, Myers is consistently among the most economical Darmeni bowlers. While his figures from the last T20 World Championships don't match, almost a quarter of the overs he bowled in the ODI World Trophy were maidens (28 of 120). If he even comes close to matching those figures in this competition, Darmen will be much the better for it.

RP Permissions: Please no killing or other serious life altering events. If you create a scorecard for your team, please also create one for mine too. Otherwise, have fun!
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Postby West Phoenicia » Sat Oct 17, 2020 10:18 pm

Grey Gryphon's hopes and aspirations were dashed as Jack Tennessee was awarded Team Captain role in a secret ballot.

After their victory win at the World Twenty20 Championships XI.
The team enjoyed a celebration dinner at the Marmalade Duck. A popular and trendy Asian restaurant in downtown Melbourne-Haven in Jackson, West Phoenicia.

Grey was not a gambling man, nor did he buy into the mumbo jumbo of superstitious nonsense.


His eyes continued to gloss over the fortune cookie that sat so delicately next to his Coconut Tapioca pudding.
He inhaled the sugary vanilla crisp aroma delight. Not a biscuit fan, nonetheless the vanilla scent tingled his taste buds, his mouth watered. Now that the season was over, sugary treats could find their place back on the team menu.
Even the team dietician was gobbling down Egg Custard Tarts as if they were going out of fashion.

If he chose to break open the cookie and eat it. He may as well read the fortune on the paper.
It was silly, but others around the loud boisterous table were getting a kick out of reading their fortunes.

Grey used his first to crack open the cookie.

"Success lies in the hands of those who want it."

So generic! A typical response, Grey thought. Would have been more entertaining for it to have read, a million dollars will be in your account tomorrow.
He rolled up the paper and flicked it onto the table.
It could have been worse, the paper could have read 'Why ask me, I'm just a cookie."

Everyone wanted success, he had worked his butt off since he was a teenager, working his way up through the different leagues. His goal was to always play for the national team.
He missed going out on Friday nights with mates, due to matches the next day, and declined dates with girls as he needed to focus.
He worked very hard for his success, so in a way, the fortune cookie didn't lie.

All the hard work, persistence and perspiration paid off, he made the national team. But there was always more.

The coaching staff and squad raised their voices in loud cheers, they won their first title. Defeating Rooimervania by a run, 129 to 128. With an inning and a half to spare.

It was a deserving victory, after suffering a defeat against Northwest Kalactin at the
World Twenty20 Championship X, where the Lightning failed to reach 146 runs needed, falling 13 runs short, the win was needed to boost morale.

Jack Tennessee was at the helm for both competitions, he went on to captain the World Twenty20 Championships XII, where the nation held high hopes for a back to back title but fell short by placing 3rd. Not the title, but still a good result.

Fast forward to the World Twenty20 Championships XIII.

After three championship appearances, Grey wanted his time in the sun.

The captain of the squad was his next evolutionary step in the sport.
Jack seemed to bathe in the glory of the last three appearances, he needed to move aside.
Grey didn't have anything against Jack, they were friends. Both knew each other from different divisions over the years. Jack was a skilled batsman who's stats evenly matched his own. After three championships it was fair to step aside.

Could the Lighting Bolts succeed with him at the helm?

Of course! He had strong rapport with the coaching staff. He got on well with all the team. He was the one to suggest new batsman Samuel Persana join the squad replacing batsman Bradley Swanston.

Grey had worked so hard over the years, it was his turn to lead.
No one knew when one's sporting career ended, he didn't want his career to end with any regrets.

He hinted to some close friends on the team about a desire to lead a squad to the next title win. Many voiced their support, Grey was an experienced batsman with one of the highest run rates. He would be a great pick to lead the team to the next title win.

Others, while admiring the sportsman in him, felt he didn't have the same skills which Jack had to lead. Took more than a good run rate to lead a team to victory.

Grey could be quick to anger, wasn't the best at delegation rather doing it all himself and felt he was more of a show pony who would love the title as team captain but didn't have the substance to pull it off.

A secret ballot was conducted per usual standard once a team announced their decision to play in an international tournament.

Grey calculated the numbers in his mind, he thought he had it.
Even Jack said he could envision Grey in the team captain role. He would support him 100% if the numbers fell his way.

Grey never agreed with the secret ballot. Immaturity arose, as players laughed and shielded their voting paper from each other like the result had to be a big secret until the results were released.

Across the room, wicketkeeper Ricky Parvati flashed a crossed fingers. He had spoken to Ricky last night who had pledged his support.

Coach Edward Mount-Alexander did a circuit of the room, the vote was limited to the main 11 squads. Reserves did not get a vote on the issue.

"Let's get this over and done with and focus on what matters. Practise."

Ricky Parvati did an imaginary drum roll. Grey could feel the tingling nerves shoot throughout his body. He didn't know why he was so nervous.

"Jack Tennessee retains the captain position. With a vote of 7-4. Sorry Grey, better luck next time. Now move your asses, we have training."

"Great job captain," squad members loudly exclaimed, patting Jack on the back.

Grey frowned, he was annoyed. How much longer would he need to wait until he rose to the level of captain. He deserved it! If it wasn't for him, the team wouldn't be as good as it was.

His mind thought back to that damned fortune cookie; "Success lies in the hands of those who want it."

What utter crap, he wanted it. So where was his success?

"I would love it if you were my co-captain," Jack said to Grey. "You have what it takes to one day be captain. I won't be around forever. Who knows this championship may be my last. Then you can rise to the top."

"Sounds great," Grey voiced, struggling not to roll his eyes at what he felt was a backhanded compliment.

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Postby Hebitaka » Sun Oct 18, 2020 12:08 am

The team bus has reached the stop. In front of us is the Moroschwegen Arena of Death. We come down the bus one by one entering the Stadium. There are securuty waiting to check us out before letting in. The ground was quite big.

"Let's start the warmup." said Musfiqur sir, the captain of our team.
We went and started jogging followed by normal warm up. I went up for the bowl first. "That's strange. I thought you did the batting practice first Shin." Mr Burner, the bowling coach, said to me. And he was right. I don't know why I did that. Maybe just like the other bowlers, I wanted to test out Tanujit.

Tanujit Mondal, a complete rookie who hasn't even played in the PCT20, was in the team. the retirement of the previous keeper and the injury of the other keeper led to his selection. He played a marvelous season for the East District in the FC cricket, but selection in the national team just for that is not taken well by many players.

As of the bullies, it is a feast. They do know how to dominate a rookie.

The bowlers first bowled the balls. And unlike what everyone expected, Tanujit showed a great performance.

"That's enough! He is doing great ain't he. Stop joking around and get serious. Show him how his 'Marvelous performance' is nothing in International level." said Javed from the batting nets.
"We are serious. He is doing great." said Ryo.

And soon my turn came. I gave him the best he could expect. But he did really great. He had talent.

Next up came the bat practice. Musfiqur sir was in form. He smashed multiple balls with all he got. It was nighttime when I realized that the water filter in my room was damaged. I went out to complaint when I saw Javed and Chiku in front of Tanujit.

"You think you can do better than Sir Viraj, huh. No matter who says what, Viraj sir is the only one who should keep for us. Not a pest like you!" Javed said with anger.

Chiku smirked, "You think you're better than Viraj sir. Guess what? It's not even April first. Get lost before your dignity is lost as well. Oh sorry, I forgot. How hell can a guy like you have Dignity."

"Listen wimp." Javed charged forward "Get yourself out before the first match. We gonna face a tough team. And I can tolerate anyone but a bimbo like you in the team."

I went down. I was so engulfed in it that I even forgot about the water filter. I went straight to Vishal sir, our head coach.
"Sir You need to do something. Or he might quit out of pressure." I said.

"If he quits, let him be."

"What do you mean Sir. He is being Pressurized-" and before I could say more, Vishal sir spoke up. "You do know the pressure the international players have. If that guy could not take this pressure, I am afraid to say he is ineligible and I was just wrong." sir took the cigarette from his mouth "It is getting late anyways. Let's talk about this sometime later."

I returned to my room. I suddenly remembered about the filter but my body was too weak to help me up. I dozed a few moment in thoughts before my eyes shut down to sleep.
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Postby Rundel » Wed Oct 21, 2020 2:01 pm

Typical batting order:

1. Kenna Muirk - bats right
2. Robley Pauxten - bats left
3. Abeneg Hurnamb - bats right
4. Callo Kemdawn - all-around, right [captain]
5. Zhobie Bostwa - wicketkeeper, left
6. Dreen Perra - all-around, right
7. Wilk Eutaw - all-around, right
8. Throll Kentocks - bowls left
9. Sippel Angacos - bowls left [vice-captain]
10. Flark Balgula - bowls right
11. Frencka Obsing - bowls right

Typical bowling order:
1/3/5/7: Obsing
2/4/6/8: Balgula
9/12/15/18: Angacos
10/13/16/19: Kentocks
11/14: Eutaw
17/20: Perra

Balgula is the fastest bowler on the team and he will usually alternate with Obsing for the first few overs. Beyond him, however, most Rundler bowlers would be considered spin bowlers by international standards; they are used to taking advantage of poor-condition pitches. If neither Bostwa or Dellus are available, Eutaw is most likely to fill in as backup wicketkeeper.

Loran Dellus - wicketkeeper, right
Sahana Rosalni - all-around, left
Rikkel Doudie - all-around, right
Dennie Worsam - bats right
Snita Massoin - bowls left

About Rundel: Rundel is a dreary and dour marshland. Although its democratic institutions are fairly robust, the country's citizens tend to be conservative and suspicious of change. The local religion is responsible for many self-flagellating attitudes (mostly metaphorical). If there is one point of pride in society, it is their bell towers, which although secular institutions fulfill many of the social and cultural functions that said religion tends to fail at. Even small villages will boast of their tower and perform complicated patterns to signal far and wide.

If you RP first:
-choose my players' statistics and scorecards: allowed and encouraged
-slightly alter given batting and bowling orders: yes
-dramatically turn upside-down given batting and bowling orders: not without in-character justification
-roleplay injuries: yes
-do statistically implausible things: yes
-roleplay my characters' dialogue/reactions to things outside the match: no (or ask first)
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Postby Gruenberg » Thu Oct 22, 2020 9:52 am

Nation: The Holy Wenaist Sultanate of Gruenberg
Trigram: None. Abbreviating "Gruenberg" is sacrilegious
Demonym: Gruenberger
Kit: Gruenberger pyjama kit is dark green with a purple star pattern on the front; helmets are golden

Squad: EME Broimbles (RHB, OB, c), VW Chuffles (RHB, WK), PPPPPPP Fizbin (RHB, RFM), OKSPLUUSOTA Fydoscog (RHB), BPGV Grovan (LHB, RFM), ZVEU Hengtridan Jr. (RHB, WK), K Ke (LHB, LF), EP Otterbiscuits (LHB, SLA), HHH Qeftidjil (RHB, RM), SIT Qilairana (LHB, OB), BGF Rirfin (LHB), QD Skejjibox (RHB, OB), JNT Tyrkkekkekklukkekklukekk (LHB, LBG), HAYW Tumcoweiss (LHB, SLA), LCAS Yowoax (LHB, SLA)

Opening the batting will be two spinning all-rounders with international experience, Eightyseven Otterbiscuits and Salajaff Qilairana. A compact, punchy opening batsman who muscled his way to an international T20 century and tournament all-star status when Gruenberg won the 5th World T20, Otterbiscuits’s form has since been patchy and inconsistent and he failed to establish himself in 50 over cricket. Still a dangerous hitter and purveyor of waspish side-armed left arm “spin”. Qilairana is, somewhat disturbingly, the most experienced batsman in the side. Played a season of Test cricket and scored a century. Though picked as a bowler it was his aggressive batting that stood out and here he’ll be given a chance up the order. His quick arm action means he doesn’t extract a huge amount of turn but he has a decent topspinner in his arsenal. Owner of the most lustrous and goat-enabled beard in the team.

Ettexinor Broimbles is the team captain with arguably the hardest job in world cricket: no, not captaining the side, that’s just the second hardest. The hardest is living up to the legacy of Benny Enchante at number 3. A Merlefurt street kid who grew up playing alley cricket like his idol, Broimbles hasn’t hugely impressed in the several chances he’s been given at Test and international level. A young man with a couple of fifties in Test cricket will now be expected to fill in for Gruenberg’s greatest cricketer of all time, or die trying. Literally. A decent fielder – one of the few in the team – and can bowl a little off-spin, though doesn’t turn it much.

The remaining batting position will begin in the hands of Ofrana Fydoscog. A nuggety player who’s willing to play with a bit more invention than the mainly classically-minded young Gruenberger batsmen. Has the scoop, lap sweep, reverse sweep, switch hit – now he just needs to master the “not immediately getting bowled by international quality bowling” shot down in order to complete his arsenal. Fit, hard runner between the wickets, good fielder … are we sure he’s really a Gruenberger? He’ll be listed at 4 on the team sheet but might float down the order depending on how the innings is going, if a power hitter is needed at the crease.

Bbqsauce Rirfin is a very young and raw prospect who’s unlikely to see much playing time. Cynics might suggest he’s included mainly as he’s an above average fielder, noting Gruenberg’s past abuse of the 12th man to sub in better fielders whenever possible. Little tested in international cricket but has the kind of classic technique that Gruenberger fans love. Contemptuously dismissive of spinners, running down to smack them into the stands (or get duly stumped). Very, very suspect against the short ball.

Gruenberg has always struggled with its wicket-keeping position in the short form. In Tests, the reliance on spinners means they’ve tended to field specialist glovemen for whom runs aren’t a priority. In shorter forms, attempts at finding someone with bat and gloves have generally foundered on players who seem to have neither. Of the two selected here, Vumtyhop Chuffles is more of a keeper-batsman, with silky hands standing up; as a batsman he’s more a nurdler than a biffer. Zambuimmi Hengtridan Jr. (son of Gruenberg’s greatest Test captain) is by contrast mainly a talented young batsman who can keep wicket in a pinch. He’s not an absolute iron gloves but he won’t be pulling off any slick moves off the spinners. Good, organized batting technique with a very upright stance and exceptional fast hands. He’s more aggressive than his father (who never played T20) but some old Liventian and Darmeni eyes might see a trace of familiarity in those cover drives and short-arm pulls. Chuffles will be the man in possession of the gloves and float anywhere from 5 to 8 in the order; Hengtridan Jr. might get a game as a specialist batsman.

By tradition every Gruenberger squad seems to include the type of player who’d have gone wildly out of fashion in other countries: all-rounders who double as agricultural middle order pinch hitters and dobbing medium pacers. Hrakkanord Qeftidjil is one such. Packs a punch with his batting and has blazed some spectacular innings in the short form, but he’s very reliant on leg-side hoicks and can be easily contained by wide yorkers as he doesn’t enough have a rounded enough game to adapt. His bowling is lethal on green wickets and cannon fodder anywhere else. He’s a luxury pick, to be used as a blasting finisher or floating up to pinch-hit, but liable to be dropped if extra bowling is needed.

If you had to pick the ‘stereotypical’ Gruenberger player, they’d be a spinning all-rounder. Gruenberg has fielded dozens of the fuckers, with highly varying levels of success. This squad is no exception and is absolutely replete with dual bat-spin options. Aside from the openers, two more are likely to be picked in the lower middle order: Hraffinthroquadilamjamhampamsamtamrambamattawakkipurrheliomansthophthanes Tumcoweiss and Jett Tyrkkekkekklukkekklukekk. Tumcoweiss is talented enough to earn a call-up at the tender age of 19, another in the long line of Gruenberger left arm spinners. Decent bat and already has first-class and List A hundreds to his name. Spinning all-rounders have flattered to deceive for Gruenberg so there’ll be scepticism about whether he can deliver. Fairly classical action with a high arm, relying more on variations of pace and length than on any particular mystery balls. It’s been one of the paradoxes of Gruenberg’s international cricket history that a country that sees itself as the home of mystery spin has generally had more success with orthodox finger spinners. So Tyrkkekkekklukkekklukekk comes with a lot of hype – and a lot of hesitation. His best ball is a massive googly, but he doesn’t have full control of his flipper yet. He can definitely turn the ball a long way but the control isn’t there yet. A batsman of spirit and adventure, with a better technique than his record would suggest.

Among the specialist bowlers, the most experienced player in the side is Lemonzesty Yowoax. He was the first nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnGut Hills tribesman to play for Gruenberg, and has been a more or less consistent left-arm spin option, offering good control but never quite the wickets needed to excel. He was superb on debut in Liventia but proved less inspiring on Gruenberg’s flat wickets at home. Here’s hoping a little time away from international cricket will have renewed his bite. He’ll earn the starting nod as lead spinner ahead of Quouodan Skejjibox, a talented young off-spinner. Critics of Gruenberg’s approach to lax enforcement of throwing regulations might, with good cause, note that Skejjibox’s rather jerky delivery arm is obscured by long sleeves, even in the most sweltering heat. He’s very young and raw and not all his mystery deliveries land on the same pitch he’s bowling them at. Might get a game at Merlefurt, otherwise likely to miss out.

There’s an argument that Uglaxx’s absence will be felt even more keenly than Enchante’s. Gruenberg’s all-time leading wicket-taker is gone to be replaced by iiPiqup Fizbin – another tall Gelzien seamer who’ll be discriminated against by his team-mates but might just outplay them all. Fizbin has a rail-thin physique, testament to growing up in an impoverished refugee camp (as opposed to all those really rich refugee camps…) but can generate excellent pace and steepling bounce. Because he’s so tall his yorker can be a bit erratic. Doesn’t swing it much but his habitual back-of-a-length ball doesn’t need to, and he has a good off-cutter on dry pitches. He'll partner Ke Ke, who has struggled with injuries thanks to his unorthodox action, which puts a lot of strain on his back: at point of delivery, he’s bent almost in half. His arm comes through 270 degrees to generate a lot of pace on the ball and he can extract wicked late swing, but the action doesn’t lend itself to bowling a consistent line-and-length – and it means he’s as likely to pick up a stress fracture as he is a wicket. Not the most skilful of bowlers and hasn’t got a great slower ball, though his bouncer is vicious.Brigveger Grovan is a traditional Gruenberger seamer who’s adapted well to white ball cricket, adding an array of yorkers, slower balls, and deceptive bouncers to his stock delivery. His mastery of reverse swing is unlikely to feature in T20 (particularly with neutral umpires overseeing the condition of the ball) and so he’s unlikely to be picked unless the pitch seriously favors seam.

Therefore, the most likely starting XI is:

1. Otterbiscuits
2. Qilairana
3. Broimbles (c)
4. Fydoscog
5. Chuffles (wk)
6. Qeftidjil
7. Tumcoweiss
8. Tyrkkekkekklukkekklukekk
9. Yowoax
10. Ke
11. Fizbin

However, you have my permission to deviate from this lineup and order if it makes sense given conditions and bios.

Tactically, Gruenberg are leaning heavily on spin, albeit not quite to the “20 overs of spin” tactic that they employed when they won their only world title. In terms of bowlers to be used, a spinner (usually Qilairana) is likely to open the bowling and the seamers will mainly be reserved for death overs; it’ll be solid spin from both ends in the middle overs. Otterbiscuits, Qeftidjil and Broimbles will only bowl if needed.

Gruenberger players tend to be poor fielders and lack international standards of fitness, with a few exceptions.

Additional RP permissions:
  • You may assign stats and scorecards to my players.
  • You may godmode cricket-related events.
  • Please don’t injure my players.
  • If you use unphotoshopped photographs, please don’t say they’re my players without asking permission.
  • In general I’m open to any RP angles so long as you check first.
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Postby Krytenia » Thu Oct 22, 2020 2:35 pm


Having finished as runners-up in the inaugural GCF ODI World Trophy, the Stars of Krytenia return to the game's express format. Can they repeat their Liventian heroics? These gentlemen will be doing their damnedest to!

1. Shelton SCHNELLER (SV Schneller)
Batsman : Right-handed
Age: 28
State Team: Sothis Stallions

Schneller is an excellent one-day opener, able to settle quickly into his stride and stroke the ball all over the pitch. Can be a little too exuberant though, and too often loses his wicket trying to turn a sprinting start into a fast fifty.

4. Ryan WATLING (RJ Watling)
Batsman : Left-handed
Age: 26
State Team: Central Mercia Scholars

What Watling lacks in finesse and shot selection, he makes up for in sheer brute force. He cleaves at the ball like he's brandishing a broadsword, and especially loves to thump shorter deliveries into the stands. Not the best player of spin, though.

12. Edward FENN (EL Fenn)
Batsman : Right-handed
Age: 21
State Team: West Mercia Sabres

The World ODI Trophy was Ed Fenn's breakout tournament. Unburdened by the disappointments of age, Fenn loves his cricket. He's a supreme technician, preferring placement and accuracy to pure arm strength, looking to punish any gaps in the field. Also a top-notch fielder.

13. Diego AQUINO (DAR Aquino)
Batsman : Left-handed
Age: 23
State Team: Avide-Dioro Rivermen

Dreamed of a baseball career as a youngster, before switching to cricket thanks to Krytenia's lack of infrastructure in his preferred sport. His shot selection is somewhat rudimentary, but he makes up for this with excellent timing.

6. Gavin UDALL (GM Udall)
All-rounder : Right-handed : Right arm pace
Age: 28
State Team: Overa Warriors

An aggressive talent with either bat or ball in hand, Udall is sure to create excitement of some description, whether that be bowling 90mph artillery shells down the track or crunching a misplaced delivery into the stands.

7. Lynton SAXON (LR Saxon)
All-rounder : Rght-handed : Right arm pace
Age: 31
State Team: Emberton Lions

Has a cricketing brain to be feared; sometimes gives off an air of being "surrounded by idiots" when field placements don't work the way he intends. Saxon's batting style leans towards keeping the ball low, looking to make the fielders work to prevent the four. With the ball, Saxon leans towards inviting the edge, tending to bowl a little short of length.

6. Bradley GRAFTON (BH Grafton)
Wicket-keeper : Left-handed
Age: 30
State Team : Yardley Lumberjacks

Relaible as an atomic clock behind the wickets; entertainingly crazy in front of them. There's a good chance Grafton will lose his wicket trying one slog too many.

16. Odell LOVATOVIC (OP Lovatovic)
Bowler : Right-handed : Right arm swing
Age: 22
State Team: Newland Bears

Lovatovic loves nothing more than a cloudy day and a white ball in his hand. Excels at getting the ball to move both ways. Batting isn't his strong suit, but then again that's not why he's in the team.

18. Gordon MAGUIRE (GS Maguire)
Bowler : Left-handed : Left arm swing
Age : 25
State Team: Abbia Mersa Crusaders

A newcomer to the international scene, Maguire's fast-medium inswingers have been a reliable dismisser of batsmen in the State Championship for the last couple of seasons. Has a few useful shots in the locker with the bat, though does have a tendency to lose his wicket cheaply.

19. Martyn MIRANDINO (MJL Mirandino)
Bowler : Right-handed : Finger (off) spin
Age: 24
State Team: Overa Warriors

Mirandino is a spin bowler who can actually bat a little, and at a reasonable rate too (Graham Monciestri, take note). Has a nasty turn to his off-break, though bowls deliveries that feel slow even for spin.

10. Brigham HILL (BY Hill)
Bowler : Left-handed : Wrist (leg) spin
Age: 24
State Team : Atrebla Cowboys

Potentially GCF's best Mormon. Hill is an absolute spin demon, foxing some of the world's best in the World Trophy. Unfortunately, he can't bat for toffee.

20. Andrew TAYLOR (ARD Taylor) - Batsman : Right-handed - 25 - East Mercia Red Caps
21. Marcus MORGAN (MD Morgan) - Batsman : Right-handed - 23 - Druida Dragons
14. Wesley KOSTA (WS Kosta) - Wicket-keeper : Right-handed - 28 - Emberton Lions
8. Barry MAHLER (BG Mahler) - Bowler : Right-handed : Right arm swing - 32 - Beck Admirals
11. William DE TONG (WJ de Tong) - Bowler : Right-handed : Finger (off) spin - 24 - Aigea Cormorants
22. Roger BUSH (RC Bush) - Bowler : Right-handed : Right arm pace - 20 - Central Mercia Scholars

KRYTENIA: RIP "Losing in semi-finals" meme. 2004-2020.
Capital: Emberton ⍟ RP Population: ~180,000,000 ⍟ Trigram: KRY ⍟ iTLD: .kt ⍟ Demonym: Krytenian, Krytie (inf.)
Languages: English (de jure), Spanish, French, Welsh (official regional only)

Hosts: Cup of Harmony VII, AOCAF I, Cup of Harmony XV, World Cup XXIV, AOCAF XIII, World Cup XXIX, AOCAF XVII, AOCAF XXIII, World Cup XL, Cup of Harmony XXXII, Baptism of Fire XXXII, AOCAF XXVII, Baptism of Fire XXXVI, World Cup L, Baptism of Fire XL, Cup of Harmony LXIV, AOCAF XLVIII, World Cup LXXV, AOCAF LX
Champions: AOCAF LII, Cup of Harmony LXXVIII
Runner-Up: AOCAF VII, World Cup LVIII
Creator, AOCAF & Cygnus Cup - Host, VI Winter Olympics (Ashton) & VII Summer Olympics (Emberton)

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Postby Hebitaka » Thu Oct 22, 2020 10:52 pm

Sports News daily

PCT20 to stop

The Premier cup is to stop in a halt in the midseason. This is because of the GCF world T20. Most of the Star Players who are watched in this game is to leave for the World T20 either for Hebitaka or their own national teams. This has lead to multiple overseas to leave as well. They are not to return anytime before the cup ends and hence the League will resume on 7th November.

Hebitaka out of IFC

The first International football tournament for Hebitaka did not prove to be good. The team lost two games and drew one, finishing in the bottom of the table with no win at all and only a single scored goal. The 6-1 loss against Takariot was expected but Hurting. With this the team was out of the tournament with a sad but expected result.

GCF T20 to start with Hebitaka

The highest level of international T20 cup, the GCF world T20 is to begin a day later. The first game will be between the Hebitaka and Liventia. It is goin to be a very one sided as the team Hebitaka is unranked while the team Liventia has a world rank of 2!! "We can't assure a victory but we will try to play our best" said coach Sherma.
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Postby The Plough Islands » Fri Oct 23, 2020 10:16 am

The Plough Islander team for this competition consists entirely of players under the age of 20, and is properly referred to as the Young Foxes In addition, the Plough Islands will not make use of the Decision Review System.
The above aside, my intention is to be a bit more hands-off with this tournament, given the general state of, well, everything - I will be posting scorecards for each match (and XIs for the next one) but I'm happy to let my opponents come up with details first if they so choose, do as they see fit with the Young Foxes - although please do consult me if you're planning on injuring or humiliating anyone - and leave my RP till closer to the cutoff to allow for this where possible. I can always be reached via telegram, or on discord as joey_picus#2168, and I'm more than happy to give advice on which players are and aren't likely to do well or on any other aspect of roleplay (or, more likely, bemoaning Zimbabwe's chances in the upcoming series against Pakistan).
For everyone in the tournament, but especially my opponents in Group D - good luck, and have fun :3


The Commonwealth of the Plough Islands, located in the distant reaches of the Celestial Ocean, has been sending cricket teams - through the Plough Islands Cricket Association, a full member of the Global Cricket Federation - to multiversal competition for several years, most recently reaching the semi-finals of the inaugural GCF World Trophy. On the occasion of their entry to what the Association still insistently refers to as the "20-over World Championships", the Ministry of Defence and Foreign Affairs of the Plough Islands has, as an alternative to the usual description, prepared the following wordsearch in order to elucidate the history and character of the country to the wider multiverse;


Words may be hidden horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, and may be written forwards or backwards. Any reader finding more than sixteen is invited to write to Cde Stephanie Martin OP, the Minister for Defence and Foreign Affairs of the Plough Islands, in order to claim an exciting prize!


The Association has, as with the last 20-over World Championships in Liventia, chosen to send a youth team; past experience with the 20-over format has been mixed, with ideological purists considering it to be unacceptably warped by greed, capitalism, and inherent corruption, and cricketing purists considering it to be unacceptably distorted by its length (or lack thereof) and a poor experience with the senior team in Ko-oren in 2018 where the Foxes were dogged by injuries and a punishing schedule. The Young Foxes acquitted themselves well in the 2019 championships despite the unfamiliar format, overcoming poor early form and a mid-competition reshuffle following a majority of the squad disapproving in the captaincy of Barnaby Weiss; the newly re-oriented Young Foxes overcame Pratapgadh in a play-off to qualify for the quarter finals, where they fell to a full-strength senior team from old friends Ko-oren.
This year's Young Foxes, selected partially on the basis of performance in the Association's annual summer club competitions and open training camps, are a broad mix of ages; a cutoff date of the 1st of October 2020, with players under 20 years old as of that date eligible for selection, allows five players who competed in last year's championships in Liventia to return and provide experience, while at the other extreme fifteen-year-old batsman Reuben Cartwright makes his first Young Foxes squad after strong performances for the Red Star Academy team in the Sutton & Avalon junior leagues.


#1 P Hodgeson (c) LHB SLC
#2 DV Andreyev RHB RFM
#3 WC Barrett (w) RHB
#4 R Cartwright RHB RLB
#5 TSF Gibbs RHB RLB
#6 A Halasz RHB RLB
#7 SP Houghton RHB ROB
#8 CAV McCulloch RHB ROB
#9 RG Piper LHB LMD
#10 JC Morris RHB RLB
#11 LM Scott LHB SLA
#12 LE Tarasov (w) RHB
#13 ADM Tyrie RHB RLB
#14 RG Vowles LHB SLA
#15 PEJ Weaver RHB ROB
#16 RA Williams LHB LFM


The team will be led by left-handed Southport Athletic Club all-rounder Peter Hodgeson, one of the five with previous international experience, and Young Foxes head coach Catherine Chambers; unlike the previous championships in Liventia, senior head coach Lourens Hendricks will not be travelling to Liventia with the Young Foxes as he is preoccupied with preparations for a series to be held in December in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the independence of the Plough Islands. Accompanying Chambers will be former Redcliff captain and Plough Islands Test batsman Paul Donaghy, who has been working with the youth representative teams and the Association since the start of the year, and team manager Andrew Milroy.


As with the senior team, the Young Foxes wear the national colours of green and amber for limited-overs matches; an alternate kit in red is available for matches against teams that also wear green. Both kits are made at the Red Flag factory in Redcliff city alongside those of the senior team and other high-performance artificial textiles needed on the islands; both green and red kits are worn with amber helmets and pads, accompanied by attached fox ears and tails on the helmet and trousers in what has become something of a Foxes, and Young Foxes, tradition in this extremely short format of the game.
The paw-print crest of the Young Foxes is worn on the left side of the shirts, above the Plough Islands Cricket Association coat of arms.

Plough Islands Test/first-class (left) and One Day International/limited overs (centre/right) kits, made at the Red Flag Textile Co-operative.

Crest of the Young Foxes

on the 17th October 2020, the Plough Islands Gazette wrote:
by Caroline Iddon, Additional Sporting Correspondent, in Sutton

Though it feels as if decades have passed, it has only been sixteen months since the last World 20-over Championships took place in Liventia, and after a relatively peaceful excursion from which the team representing the Plough Islands returned with a quarter final finish and relatively few injuries - and relatively little damage from exposure to this compressed, debased format of the game - the Plough Islands Cricket Association has opted to once again send a youth team to compete in the 2020 edition. In advance of the first match at Auburn Hill in Edgenorth next week, Young Foxes head coach Catherine Chambers and former Plough Islands wicketkeeper Paul Donaghy have compiled the following introduction to the players who will be representing the Plough Islands in Grearia and Gruenberg for the Gazette;

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleRole
Peter Hodgeson 25th October 2000, Southport Left-hand bat ,Slow left-arm unorthodox Batting all-rounder (4-6)

Chambers: "Peter's batting ability has only improved since the last tournament - he has become slightly more conventional in his shot selection but still pulls out a lot of surprises. Where he really has improved though is his tactical ability - he adapts his style and everyone around him to cope no matter what the game situation demands, and he was a virtually unanimous choice for captain from among his comrades - he has taken to the role well and without complaint!"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleRole
Dimitry Vladimirovich Andreyev 14th July 2002, Redcliff Right-hand bat Right-arm fast-medium Bowling all-rounder (6-8)

Donaghy: "Dimitry came through the Redcliff youth system as a batsman but the pitches up there are quite hard and if you can bowl quickly, you end up being a useful tactical option to have, and he has ended up being quite effective for the under-18s and even the second XI! He has a good, very technically correct action, bowls a great yorker, and he knows his way around the crease with the bat as well, especially in a difficult situation even though that has ended up not being his focus for the last few years"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleRole
Whitney Catherine Barrett3rd September 2003, Marsh Right-hand bat Wicket-keeper Wicket-keeper (5-8)

Donaghy: "When Whitney first came to a Redcliff youth session she was this little slight, fragile thing with a beautiful wristy batting action but in desperate need of bulking up; she managed that, more than enough, she grew muscles out of nowhere a few years later and ended up keeping wicket because she was the tallest one on the pitch! She still has her very natural batting instinct though, only now backed with experience and an awful lot of arm and upper body power - she may well end up in the side on that alone"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleRole
Reuben Cartwright 10th July 2005, Arcturus Right-hand bat Right-arm leg break Top order batter (3-4)

Chambers: "He may only be fifteen but Reuben can more than stand his ground against full-strength bowling - he also runs competitively and is extremely quick between the wickets, and has the strength and vision to face down fast bowling well. We are trying to work on his tactical awareness and help him to be able to second guess opposing captains and field placements - and avoid running his teammates out! - and once he can do that he has the physical ability and talent to go far"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleRole
Terry Stephen Frederick Gibbs 17th November 2001, Sutton Right-hand bat Right-arm leg break Tail-end bowler (10-11)

Chambers: "I was a little surprised when Lourens and the senior team took Terry to Liventia for the World Trophy, and he had maybe one good game [taking 2-49 against Lisander] but the tournament experience was really good for him and his confidence and happiness have been off the dial since he returned. He still has his bad days, but on his good days, he can lead the attack with confidence, and with an ball with a bit of wear on it he can get incredible amounts of turn"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleRole
Amanda Halasz 25th May 2003, Sutton Right-hand bat Right-arm leg break Opener (1-2)

Chambers: "Amanda is not from a traditional cricketing background - she is a Naval Force cadet - and we ended up coming across her by accident a few years ago at a summer course in Southport, but she took to batting quite naturally. Her stance in the crease is still a bit unusual, and she sometimes struggles to generate enough power, but she finds a way to play balls that most players would leave, and she thinks in terms of the game situation more than any opener I have previously worked with - she has a very analytical mind and finds the right shot for most situations"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleRole
Susan Phoebe Houghton 9th August 2002, Foxdale Right-hand bat Right-arm off break Bowler (7-10)

Chambers: "'Off spin' is almost a misnomer, Susan actually bowls quite fast for a spinner, about ten or twenty kilometres an hour quicker than normal, and she uses variations in flight as much as she uses turn to take wickets. It is not a technique you see all that often - she started out as a pace bowler and developed it in the board youth leagues in Bradford - but it does work well for her, especially in limited overs where the batters are a lot less cautious and get caught out easier. She is not too bad with the bat either - she has made a century before in under-eighteen competition"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleRole
Charlotte Anne Valentina McCulloch 1st November 2003, Sutton Right-hand bat Right-arm off break Middle-order batter (4-7)

Chambers: "Charlotte's father and older half-sister are both cricketers, and her uncle is Sutton & Avalon captain Robin McCulloch, so Charlotte has grown up even deeper in the sport than most Islanders. She was an all-rounder but, unfortunately, had a bad accident at school when she was twelve and lost a finger and knuckle on her right hand, so she could not grip the ball properly and had to reinvent herself as a batter - which she has done well, there are some shots she has trouble with but she handles spin very well and almost plays better when put under pressure"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleRole
Richard Gabriel Piper 6th January 2004, PIA Ishtar Left-hand bat Left-arm medium Opener (1-2)

Chambers: "If the truth be told, Richard is better suited to the longer form of the game than something like this - he digs in and builds a total and exploits gaps left in the fielding rather than scoring high and often. However he is such a thoughtful, sunny person and lifts the spirit of the team - and me! - so much we had to bring him along for that reason, if no other - and you need to have all tactical options open to you in sport, no matter if it is ten overs or fifty or five hundred"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleRole
Jonathan Colin Morris 20th November 2004, Foxdale Right-hand bat Right-arm leg break Opener (1-2)

Donaghy: "Jonathan is confidence embodied - not to say he is not humble and eager to learn, but he always picks it up at the first attempt and is extremely forward-thinking in how he plays his cricket. He can bat very aggressively - occasionally a bit too much! He can occasionally be too confident for his own good but more often than not he does not go quietly or lose his wicket cheaply...definitely someone to watch in limited overs formats, and certainly a player capable of surprising"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleRole
Laura Muriel Scott 12th September 2001, Redcliff Left-hand bat Slow left-arm orthodox Middle-order batter (4-7)

Donaghy: "Laura is not exactly a flair player or someone who will pull out an unusual shot or moment of genius to keep bowlers guessing - she just plays very solid, uncomplicated cricket, but does it very well and time and again, against pace or spin. She is also rarely phased by big occasions or difficult situations, within or without the crease; she just does whatever is needed, no more, no less, which can be either a great aid in a match or a frustration!"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleRole
Leigh Elizabeth Tarasov 8th June 2002, Highrock Right-hand bat wicket-keeper Wicket-keeper (5-8)

Donaghy: "It always seems to come down to a choice between a wicket-keeper and a batsman who can keep wicket, in every team I have captained - and I was normally the latter! Leigh is most definitely the former though, she can hold the line with the bat but is far better served holding down one end of the wicket in a partnership. With the gloves though, she is absolutely brilliant - almost flamboyantly acrobatic and with a great vision and ability to predict where the ball is going to go. When you factor in her experience as well, I think it will be a difficult choice to make in Grearia"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleRole
Arnold David MacManus Tyrie 29th January 2002, Highrock Right-hand bat Right-arm leg break Top-order batter (3-4)

Donaghy: "I seem to have played against Arnold a lot - New Dalmatia have brought through a lot of youth players recently, and Arnold was notable mainly as he stood very close to the wicket when batting and rarely used his feet. He keeps clear of his stumps easily though and is very difficult to bowl out, and his arms do most of the work for him - he can loft the ball for years and years, and despite his glasses he can spot a gap in coverage at the boundary immediately. When given the chance, he is also a more than acceptable bowler, with a wicked googly when he bowls it correctly"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleRole
Robin Gabriel Vowles 26th February 2001, Sutton Left-hand bat Slow left-arm orthodox Bowler (7-10)

Chambers: "Robin was definitely one of our more consistent bowlers last year, although he was not rewarded so much in terms of wickets, and he has put in lots of practice since, around his studies - he was using the facilities up at the University to try and simulate the sorts of harder pitches we are likely to get in Grearia so he can adapt to them. I think he will be leading our attack more often than not, and he remains an extremely useful lower-order batsman as well"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleRole
Peter Earnest Jaures Weaver 30th January 2001, Gloucester Right-hand bat Right-arm off break Batting all-rounder (4-6)

Chambers: "In Liventia, Peter was used more as a bowler than a batsman and he struggled with the conditions a little bit, and with everything that went on he unfortunately only played two games. He has since had a lot more game time, he moved out of the University system, changed clubs and actually ended up bowling a bit less, and his batting has made great strides - he is confident against the new ball and builds scores really well once he is settled. I think he will get more than two games this year"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleRole
Raymond Andrew Williams 25th October 2001, Alioth Left-hand bat Left-arm fast-medium Tail-end bowler (10-11)

Chambers: "Raymond is another player who might be better suited to red-ball cricket with his natural game, but he brings an option we rarely have in that he bowls a very good line and length and keeps things consistent...and, domestically at least, hard to score against. He can swing the ball in a little which is something he works at very well, but he is still developing variations, and in this format I do worry he might struggle for wickets somewhat. With that being sad, he is also an excellent fielder - he manages to be economical even when not bowling! - and there are many other ways he can contribute"
National team
Test rank: 6th
ODI rank: 3rd
T20 rank: 5th
Commonwealth of the Plough IslandsPopulation: 139,550Golden age, revealed today
See also: overview factbook, national map, domestic sports

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Postby The Sarian » Fri Oct 23, 2020 11:00 am


The Sarian Cricket Team

i. Squad & Batting Order

S/N Name               Pronouns Age Role        Bat Bowling Style         Club
#3 Grajs Vioolspeler she/her 28 All-rounder RHB Right-arm fast-medium Haaglanden
#8 Wilfrid Hendriks he/him 26 All-rounder LHB Left-arm fast-medium Ghoberg
#19 Flynn Pembeurtuon he/him 35 WK-batsman RHB — Bondstad (w.k)
#20 Max Pym he/him 24 Batsman RHB Right-arm leg spin Haaglanden
#25 Filip Stormdoop he/him 19 Bowler RHB Right-arm medium Wilaamstad
#27 Jon Sloote he/him 29 Bowler RHB Right-arm fast Ghoberg
#34 Luuc Ouder he/him 30 Batsman RHB Right-arm off spin Haaglanden
#41 Anders Ruitdekker he/him 29 Batsman RHB Right-arm off spin Kroningdam (c)
#46 Jodi Zwarte he/him 21 All-rounder RHB Right-arm fast-medium Bondstad
#57 Lucie Snaijer she/her 22 Batsman RHB Left-arm fast-medium Ghoberg
#67 Lizbet Kindvanjodi she/her 26 All-rounder RHB Right-arm medium-fast Bondstad
#71 Marscha DeSaari she/her 28 WK-batsman RHB — Kroningdam
#81 Katelyn Daalmans she/her 23 All-rounder RHB Right-arm leg spin Haaglanden
#89 Martine Kloeten she/her 17 Bowler RHB Right-arm fast Wilaamstad
#95 Winie Smit she/her 18 Bowler LHB Left-arm off spin Kroningdam

Preferred Batting Order

O: ADJ Ruitdekker (c)
O: ML Pym
3: GA Vioolspeler
4: MM DeSaari (wk)
5: LT Ouder
6: LM Snaijer
7: JE Zwarte
8: LW Kindvanjodi
9: WH Hendriks
10: FA Stormdoop
11: JR Sloote

ii. Kits & Permissions


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, though no injury exceeding the length of the match (without prior permission)
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, though no injury exceeding the length of the match (without prior permission)
Godmod how my players were dismissed: Yes
Create a full scorecard for my team: Yes
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Postby Sylestone » Fri Oct 23, 2020 1:44 pm

The Sylestone national cricket team has been drawn into Group B, a relatively hard group with some well-known names. These include the likes of West Phoenicia, Darmen, Krytenia and Ethane. With only the top two able to progress to the quarter-finals, Sylestone are faced with a very tough draw and an almost certainty of group stage elimination, but they believe they can. We will be going over the road forward for the Sylestoneans today and their six opponents.

Game #1 vs. Ethane (22)
Tell us, who else is going to be playing Sylestone in the first-ever match of their first-ever T20 tournament other than multi-sport rivals Ethane? Sylestone's first cricket games were against them, a test series in Ethane that was lost 2-1. Now they have their chance for revenge. But can they pull it off? It will be extremely tough, but doable. The resilient Sylestonean side is just the team for the job.

Game #2 vs. Kriegiersien (UR)
Sylestone's fellow unranked side in Group B is none other than a side they met in the ODI World Championship, Kriegiersien. A brutal LukeTiati knock drove Sylestone home by four runs in a very tight affair and Kriegiersien will be back for revenge. Whether they will be able to pull it off is yet to be seen. But it cannot be denied that this one will be one hell of a game.

Game #3 vs. Darmen (5)
Sylestone will go head-to-head with the world #5 nation, Darmen, in Matchday Three and it will be a game to savour. Although it is very likely Sylestone will lose, you can never be too sure as they will never go down without a fight. It will undoubtedly be interesting to see how Sylestone handles playing against the best side they have ever played against.

Game #4 vs. Krytenia (15)
If it couldn't get any harder, now it has. Matchday five is against ODI runners-up Krytenia. They are only Pot 3, but that won't stop them from being a very formidable side. But nothing is impossible for the Sylestoneans, who will do their best to take the game right to the wire.

Game #5 vs. Sajnur (20)
Sajnur are Pot 4, but as we found out in the ODIs, they may not be all they are made up to be. But they may be too. Sylestone has played this side once before and a Lachlan Edwards masterclass led to a strong 5 wicket win. Hopefully it will be replicated here.

Game #6 vs. West Phoenicia (1)
Likely the last game of their campaign, Sylestone are up against the world’s no.1 in Matchday 7. This unlucky draw will likely result in a massive slaughtering and a terrible end to the Championship. But the game’s not over until the final ball is bowled, is it?
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Postby Liventia » Fri Oct 23, 2020 3:42 pm

Liventia to renew acquaintances with old foes Gruenberg in World T20
FLURTHWEL— Liventia are set for their first tour to Gruenberg since the sixth Test season when the country, recently returned to international cricket, co-hosts the 13th World Twenty20 Championships.

Six editions after the Gruenbergers nearly won the title on Liventian soil, Liventia hope to repay the favour and go one better by clinching the silverware.

The two teams have been drawn together in Group A, which will mark the first head-to-head between the teams since a 1–1 Test match series draw in Liventia during the seventh Test season.

While many of the Gruenberger team from that era have since retired, Liventian fans will be familiar with names like Eightyseven Otterbiscuits and Salajaff Qilairana in the all-rounder department, captain Ettexinor Broimbles, and bowlers Ke Ke and Lemonzesty Yowoax, all of whom form the backbone of the hosts' side.

Of the Liventian side in that Test series, only three men remain to make the cut for this tournament: 37-year-old opening batsman Dylan Hennessey, who had intended to retire after the inaugural ODI World Trophy but was convinced to reverse his decision following the awarding of the T20 tournament to Gruenberg; all-rounder and captain Ollie Kerr, who at 36 continues to be the senior voice in the team even if he no longer holds the Test or ODI captaincies; and 28-year-old Francis Kennedy, who was only 20 the last time these sides met in GCF competition.

Since the ODI World Trophy, wicketkeeper Michael Sarrin – now 34 – has decided to retire from all forms of international cricket, moving to the backroom staff as the wicketkeeping and assistant fielding coach. He replaces Garland Goudreau, who has been appointed the head coach of The Grearish Union, the other country co-hosting the tournament.

Matt Geach and Max Finney continue in their head coaching roles. Test captain Matt Goudreau would normally only be a reserve spinner for the limited-overs sides, but with Gruenberger pitches known to be spin-friendly, he is expected to play in most games. This gives Liventia potentially four spinners in most matches: leg-spinning all-rounder Eddie Reynolds, Kennedy's slow left-arm deliveries, Goudreau's leg-breaks and occasional googly, and Ryan de Cerci's off-spin.

Liventian squad for the World T20 Championship:

Head coach/fast bowling coach: Matthew Geach
Assistant coach: Max Finney
Batting coach: Leo Cartwright
Spin bowling coach/Fielding coach: Daniel Quinn
Wicketkeeping/Assistant fielding coach: Mike Sarrin

Dylan Albert (Dylan) DA Hennessey 37 LEFT OPENER/occasional LEGSPIN (rLS)
Peter Dennis (Peter) PD Finch 27 RIGHT OPENER
David Huw Jacob (Dave) DHJ Edwards** 29 RIGHT TOP ORDER

Percéval Jérôme (PJ) PJ Trouvé 22 LEFT MIDDLE ORDER
Pierre Guillaume Xavier (Guillaume) PGX Bardet 20 RIGHT MIDDLE ORDER/occasional SLOW LEFT ARM UNORTHODOX (SLC)
Edward (Eddie) E Reynolds 31 LEFT BAT ALL-ROUNDER/LEGSPIN (rLS)

Brendon Alexander Radley (Brendon) BAR du Pont 31 RIGHT LOWER ORDER/primary WK
William Robert Dennis (Will) WRD Daniels 20 RIGHT LOWER ORDER/reserve WK
James Francis Michael (Francis) JFM Kennedy 28 LEFT BOWL ALL-ROUNDER/SLOW LEFT ARM ORTHODOX (SLA)
Mathieu Édouard-Paul (Matt) MEP Goudreau** 27 RIGHT BOWL ALL-ROUNDER/LEGSPIN (rLS)/GOOGLY (LBG)

Ryan Pietro Tomas (Ryan) RPT de Cerci 24 LEFT BOWLER/OFFSPIN (rOS)

Gareth Joshua Daniel (Josh) GJD Huws 22 RIGHT BOWLER/RIGHT-ARM MEDIUM-FAST (RMF)
Juan James Andrew (JJ) JJA Martínez-Jones 19 RIGHT BOWLER/LEFT ARM MEDIUM-FAST (LMF)

* Captain
** Vice-captains

Starting lineup listed in italics, in batting order

OOC permissions: No deaths, no serious injuries, please make a full scorecard if you choose to do a scorecard for your team and RP first. I reserve the right to ignore that scorecard if I find it unrealistic.
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Postby Central Shaneville » Fri Oct 23, 2020 4:46 pm

The World Twenty20 Championships are a new sight for Central Shaneville and its people but the unranked side remains optimistic after being given a somewhat tough group for their debut campaign, there action kicks off tomorrow against The Plough Islands which is due to be a tough game for the Central Shaneville team.

The Team
Coach: Matt Jackson

The following is the starting 11 for the Central Shaneville team, the team itself is very versatile with players taking up both batting and bowling duties due to cricket being such a new sport in Central Shaneville.
1. David Stone - Bat and Bowl - Right handed batter - Right arm Fast bowl
2. Kyle Lancer - Bat and Bowl - Right handed batter - Right arm Fast bowl
3. Darren West - Bat and Bowl - Left handed batter - Left arm unorthodox bowl
4. Jack Loch - Bat and Bowl - Left handed batter - Left arm spinner bowl
5. Codie Pierce - Bat - Right handed batter - Right arm Fast bowl
6. Manav Burrows - Bowl - Right handed batter - Right arm spinner bowl
7. Rowan van Starke - Bowl - Right handed batter - Right arm spinner bowl
8. Taylor Kumar - Bowl - Right handed batter - Right arm unorthodox bowl
9. Diego Rankin - Wicket Keeper - Right handed batter
10. Derrick Neville - Bat and Bowl - Right handed batter - Right arm spinner bowl
11. Alton Wheeler - Bat and Bowl - Left handed batter - Left arm medium-fast bowl

The reserves/players that will be on the bench are as follows (including the 12th man), due to their not being many cricket players in Central Shaneville the nation didnt bring many reserves.
1. Jonas Warner - Bowl - Right handed batter - Right arm medium-fast bowl
2. Tyrone Hawk - Wicket Keeper - Right handed batter
3. Aaron Crawford - Bat and Bowl - Left handed batter - Left arm spinner bowl
4. Elliot Michaels - Bat - Left handed batter - Left handed fast bowl

This inexperienced yet quietly confident team looks to try and at least put on a good performance for this tournament and future cricket tournaments as the fan base for it grows in Central Shaneville.

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Postby Rundel » Fri Oct 23, 2020 6:08 pm

The Annasholm Sentinel:

Give thanks! The folk of our nation, from young to old, have found workarounds for their dastardly and finicky remote controls to navigate their audiovisual devices. Yea, though profit-hungry corporations endeavor to stymie our thrifty and prudent citizenry, by failing to provide adequate technical support to slightly outdated devices, Rundler resourcefulness has triumphed, and we shall remain able to view broadcasts from distant lands.

Such an achievement is particularly timely, because our countrymen are about to participate in the global championship of Twenty20 cricket. They have been drawn in Group A in Gruenberg, and will face stiff competition against the Greenblacks of Elejamie in their opening match in Merlefurt.

In the event that our side springs an unlikely upset, it will presumably be due to our ability to cope with spin-favoring conditions. "I understand that there will be significant pressure on all of us," said Frencka Obsing, who is expected to bowl the first overs. "However, having stared into the darkness of my own soul, I am prepared to face down the Dark End of the MCG."

Sadly, despite our techical aplomb in remedying the remote control problem, it may yet be that some of our younger folk are unable to follow the match in real-time because of the early start time in the Malibu Islands. Fortunately, advanced technology will allow fans to watch what is expected to be a rather brief reel of Rundler highlights, if even T20 is too long for them.
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Postby The Grearish Union » Sat Oct 24, 2020 5:10 am

The Black Dolphins

The GU is one of the many sovereign nations of the great sport-loving region of Esportiva, and have recently found out their lineage from the erstwhile Gloriax. The Grearish Union Cricket Team, fondly called the Black Dolphins, is made up of players from local club sides that play at the national venues designated for cricket, as well as in the heaths that surrond the major cities, selected in accordance to the rules of Cricket Grearia and the national contract system applicable for every sport. The board hereby releases the list of players selected to represent the Union in the home Twenty20 World Championship soon due to be held in Gruenberg and Grearia itself. The has seen zero changes since the GCF Test season, and is a bone of contentiob between the selectors and the media. It is evident that there may be a lack in match sharpness in most players and a dressing room which reeks of complacency is dreaded by the critics. It may be high time that the CG decides to have its own first-class cricket system, and move away from the age-old unofficial heath-scouting techniques. The squad list, as submitted by Garland Goudreau, the newly-appointed Liventian coach of the Black Dolphins, and his countryman Léroy Bérard as assistant-and-spin bowling coach, is as follows.

Name			Sex		Role		Bat	Position	Bowl		Age
Ronald Potter (c) Male Batting RHB Opener - 25
Rhonda Rhodes (wk) Female Batting/WK RHB Upper Order - 26
Stony Clarkson Male Batting RHB Upper Order Orthodox-R 25
Bush McMurican Male All-rounder RHB Middle Order Slow-R 24
Rowena Ronab Female Bowling RHB Lower Order Fast-R 28
Aamir Khaled Male Batting LHB Opener - 25
Kronos Koron Male Batting/WK LHB Middle Order - 26
Clara Trennor Female Batting RHB Upper Order Medium-R 27
Harold Mendes Male Bowling RHB Lower Order Fast swing-L 28
Lawrence Chalamet Male Batting LHB Middle Order - 22
Christopher Cricks Male Bowling RHB Lower Order Fast-R 29
Portia Downey Female Bowling RHB Lower Order Legspin-R 30
Jimmy Chim Male Batting RHB Opener Slow-R 31
Marilyn Sinatra (vc) Female All-rounder RHB Lower Order Offspin-R 28
Nicholas Stalin Male Bowling LHB Lower Order Fast-L 20

Batting Order (unless specified otherwise)

Coach: Image Garland Goudreau
Assistant coach: Image Léroy Bérard
Batting coach: Image Matthew Simkar [Club: ThunderForce]
Spin bowling coach: Image Léroy Bérard
Pace bowling coach: Image Christy Pattinson [Club: Nationals]
Fielding coach: Image Carolyn Wetzel (Female) [Club:ThunderForce]

Home - Alternate
These limited overs kits were designed with the kind help of the Plough Islands.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: N
RP injuries to my players: Y with reservations
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Godmod how my players were dismissed: N TG to make me change my mind
Create a full scorecard for my team: Y
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Civil Rights Lovefest

Postby Sajnur » Sat Oct 24, 2020 5:29 am

Sajnur National Cricket Team


Starting XI
Name Age Bat Role

Harry Kotte 30 L Bat
Darjo Zulje 26 R Bat
Gabriela Fiume (vc) 28 R Bat
Tomas Piqa (c) 30 R Bat, Right leg spin
Kaori Jansa 32 R Bat, Left medium fast
Emre Vurda 35 L Wicketkeeper
Alan Tijer 29 R All-rounder, Right fast
Toljo Jorse 30 R All-rounder, Right off spin
Elsa Cazla 21 L Left unorthodox
Sirua 25 R Right fast medium
Nikolas Burovin 32 R Left fast

Name Age Bat Role

Karim Haton 28 L Left orthodox
Stefan Lulle 31 R Right leg spin
Solomon Tawas 26 L Bat
Andre Berrisk 23 L Wicketkeeper

Manager: Doir Somaz (48)

RP Permissions: No tournament ending injuries, no particularly stupid dismissals. Otherwise go ham.



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