World Grand Prix Championship 18 (driver signups)

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World Grand Prix Championship 18 (driver signups)

Postby Liventia » Mon Oct 05, 2020 5:06 am

To sign up a driver, simply fill in the following information in a new post. All drivers will be free agents at the start of the season until signed by a team.
Driver Name:
Driver Nation:
Preferred Car Number:
Reliability (Between 2 and 5):
Aggression (Between 2 and 5):
Technique (Between 2 and 5):
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.

SIGNUP THREAD for drivers, circuits, and tyre manufacturers

Welcome to season 18 of the World Grand Prix Championship, currently in the two-week opening signup phase. (Signups for drivers remain open through the season.)
Signups are open for drivers, circuits, and tyre manufacturers. No team signups are being accepted this year. All teams will be selected through an invitation process based on WGPC/WGP2 RP history.

To signup a driver or a circuit to the coming season, read the information below and fill in one of the signup forms. Everything you need to know is written below. Don't worry if you find anything confusing or unintuitive. You can ask us a question in the discussion thread if you need help.

Every user may sign up a maximum of THREE drivers – no more than TWO per nation. Every driver starts off as a free agent, meaning they are not affiliated to any team. Drivers sign up to teams via roleplay in the RP thread, which will be created soon.

The more RPing you do with your driver, the higher your RP bonus. The higher your RP bonus, the faster your driver is likely to be on the circuit, the safer they are likely to be on the circuit, and the more likely a team is to sign them.

To sign up a driver, fill in the following form:
Driver Name:
Name Trigram:
Nationality Trigram:
Preferred Car Number:
Second Choice Car Number:
Reliability (Between 2 and 5):
Aggression (Between 2 and 5):
Technique (Between 2 and 5):
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Driver's bio:

DRIVER NAME is the full name of the driver.
NAME TRIGRAM is the trigram that usually represents the driver's surname. A trigram is a set of three letters that represent a larger word. For example, a driver named Alexander Lund's trigram could be 'LUN' or 'LND', but probably not 'ALU' or 'ALN' because both of those examples use a letter from the driver's first name. It's the surname which is important. We’ll only allow you to use a letter from the driver’s first name if there are two drivers with the same surname, or if a driver typically goes by three names.
NATIONALITY TRIGRAM should be the trigram for your nation. It should be three letters. This is NOT the trigram for the driver's name.
PREFERRED CAR NUMBER is your driver's preferred car number. This can be any number between 3 and 99. 1 is reserved for the current driver's champion. 2 is only available to the champion's team-mate should they so choose.
SECOND CHOICE CAR NUMBER is your second choice for your driver’s car number. In the event that two drivers choose the same number, the season host will assign car numbers.
RELIABILITY, AGGRESSION and TECHNIQUE: Aggressive drivers are better at overtaking, while technical drivers are better at traversing the multiverse's more difficult circuits. Each attribute should be given a numerical number between 2 and 5 and the three ratings must add up to a maximum of twelve.
BIO is a short biography of your driver. His/her/its age, experience, hopes and aspirations, driving style, favourite sandwich, things like that.

Tyre manufacturer signups are now closed.
New for this season is the ability for a tyre manufacturer from your country to offer its tyres to the teams participating in the Championship. From initial tyre signups, four will be selected for the teams to choose from. Each user may enter up to ONE tyre manufacturer.

To sign up a tyre manufacturer, fill in the following form:
Manufacturer Name:
Manufacturer Nationality Trigram:
Reliability (Between -1 and 1):
Traction (Between -1 and 1):
R & T ratings should add up to no more than 0.
MANUFACTURER NAME is the name of the company producing the tyres (e.g. Bridgestone, Michelin, etc).
MANUFACTURER NATIONALITY TRIGRAM should be the trigram for your nation. It should be three letters.
RELIABILITY and TRACTION determine the characteristics of your tyre, how quickly it may degrade, and how much traction it provides a car. Each attribute must be a number between negative 1 and 1, and the two must add up to a maximum of zero.

Circuit signups are now closed.
Each user may sign up a maximum of TWO grand prix circuits, and no more than one per nation (meaning one circuit from your main nation and one from a puppet is fine). If signing up two circuits, the nation entering the second circuit must have previously participated in the WGPC (not WGP2) with a driver, team, or circuit.

Signing up a circuit is not a guarantee that it will be used in the upcoming WGPC season. Spare circuits may be used for pre-season or in-season testing.

It is customary to provide an image of your circuit (no larger than 900 x 900 pixels, of course). Circuits with no image will not be considered for selection. Ovals and real-life circuits will not be considered for selection.

To sign up a circuit, fill in the following form:
Circuit Name:
Grand Prix Name:
Track Image:
Lap Record (F1/WGPC Car): (min:ss.000)
Track Length (km):
Qualifying Type (Traditional, One-Shot, Elimination or Two-Tiered):
If qualifying is 'Traditional' or 'One-Shot', would you like your race to be considered for the feature/sprint race weekend?: (Y/N)
Chance of rain (1%-20%):
Track aggressiveness (1-10):
Track technicality (1-10):
(Aggressiveness and technicality should add up to 10)
Overtaking Difficulty (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is easy, 5 is difficult):
in for error (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is forgiving, 5 is treacherous):
CIRCUIT NAME is the name of the track, e.g. Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, Monza, Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, or Spa-Francorchamps. You don't have to use a full name.
GRAND PRIX NAME is the name of the race, e.g. Belgian Grand Prix, Singapore Grand Prix, or Gran Premio de España.
TRACK IMAGE is a link to an image of the track, hosted externally on photobucket or imgur or a similar service. Signups with no track image will be invalid.
LAP RECORD is the fastest lap recorded on the circuit in a WGPC (F1)-spec car.
TRACK LENGTH is the length of one lap, in kilometres. Avoid extraordinarily long or short tracks.
QUALIFYING TYPE: There are four choices. TRADITIONAL: 90 minutes long, cars set up to 10 laps with the quickest lap counting. ONE-SHOT: Each car gets one lap, and no more, to set a time. No more than one race will be run using one shot qualifying. ELIMINATION and TWO-TIERED: In both these formats, cars set times over four or two sessions, with the slowest cars after each session taking no further part in qualifying.
FEATURE/SPRINT: Only for events which have selected the Traditional or One-Shot qualifying formats, denoting a "Y" puts you on the list for selection for the event which will be run with two shorter races instead of the standard 305-km race. Only one such event will ultimately be selected.
CHANCE OF RAIN: Percentage chance of an event being wet. This number should be between 1 and 20. 1 means there will be a 1% chance of a wet race and 1.5% chance of a 'changeable' race. 20% means there will be a 20% chance of a wet race and a 30% chance of a 'changeable' race. Use 5% as an average.
TRACK AGGRESSIVENESS/TECHNICALITY: Aggressive circuits are wide with plenty of opportunities to overtake. The second value is Technical Difficulty. A track with a high TD rating suits more technically skilled drivers, and the circuit may be more difficult to overtake on. The numbers should add up to ten.
OVERTAKING DIFFICULTY is how difficult it is for a driver to overtake another on the circuit. A 5 means overtaking is difficult, a 0.1 means overtaking is easy. 2.5 is about average.
MARGIN FOR ERROR denotes how severely mistakes can be punished. A 0.1 means the track is forgiving - a driver won’t lose too much time if they spin. A 5 means mistakes are punished more severely. 2 is average for a regular circuit. A true street circuit would be more technical.
INFO: Track information/description.

Full technical IC rules can be found at the bottom of the first post of the WGPC17 signup thread.

The season will start with the Negotiation and Driver Signing Period which will begin next Monday, 12 October. The first week of the Negotiation and Driver Signing Period will overlap with the second week of Opening Signups. The second week of the Negotiation and Driver Signing Period will overlap with the Pre-Season Testing Period.

Estimated schedule:
*Practice sessions will be scorinated at the same time as qualifying, with the exception of Race Event 5 (qualifying/feature/sprint).

Mon 5 Oct – Sun 18 Oct: Opening Signups (drivers, circuits)
Mon 12 Oct – Mon 26 Oct: Negotiation and Driver Signing (teams must fill all open spots no later than 26 October)
Mon 19 Oct – Tue 20 Oct: Pre-season test 1 x2 sessions
Thu 22 Oct – Fri 23 Oct: Pre-season test 2 x2 sessions
Sun 25 Oct – Mon 26 Oct: Pre-season test 3 x2 sessions
Wed 28 Oct – Thu 29 Oct: Race Event 1
Mon 2 Nov – Tue 3 Nov: Race Event 2
Sat 7 Nov – Sun 8 Nov: Race Event 3
Thu 12 Nov – Fri 13 Nov: Race Event 4
Tue 17 Nov – Thu 19 Nov: Race Event 5
Sun 22 Nov – Mon 23 Nov: Mid-season test 1 x2 sessions
Wed 25 Nov: Mid-season test 2 (single test session)
Sat 28 Nov – Sun 29 Nov: Race Event 6
Thu 3 Dec – Fri 4 Dec: Race Event 7
Tue 8 Dec – Wed 9 Dec: Race Event 8
Sun 13 Dec – Mon 14 Dec: Race Event 9
Fri 18 Dec – Sat 19 Dec: Race Event 10

Driver signups will remain open indefinitely.

Driver Name			DRV	NAT	P#  A#	R    A    T	Notes
Charyseine Valkyria VAL TWI 72 36 3 5 4
Carmichael Fire FIR TWI 12 32 5 2 5
Ryker Lane LAN NIM 94 99 5 4.5 2.5
Olivia Stone STO NIM 85 3 2 5 5
Rustom Ibuna IBU FID 71 99 4.5 2.8 4.7
Barnabas Mate MAT GGY 72 48 4.9 5 2.1 Puppet driver for FID
Niklas Schonbaum SCH STL 37 20 5 3 4
Kinu Luminna LMN AUR 82 84 3.25 4.5 4.25
Lukas Ziuvin ZIU AUR 71 98 3.75 4.25 4
Jean Mercer-Daly JMD ESM 41 21 2.5 4.5 5
Nate Jackson JAC NWK 99 16 3 5 4
Erica Okumura OKU NEK 47 74 3.5 3.5 5
Bob Reynolds REY XAN 40 44 2 5 2 Skill total 9/12
Terho Talvela TAL ABL 1 3.5 4.6 3.9 Defending champion, will use #1 car
Derrick Perkins PER KND 91 4 4 4
Lennie Rogers ROG KND 18 3.5 5 3.5
Alex Dimitrianov DIM MTJ 42 14 4 3 5
Jasmin Kranjska KRA MTJ 22 12 3.5 4 4.5
Adriana Kowalski KOW VEZ 76 40 5 2 5 Full name Zastępca Strażnika Adriana Krystal Desiree “Cudowny Manipulacja Światłem” Venus Kowalski Faith Stanisława Engelse I. Cherise Krystyna Zaborowska Sztormowska Pamela Alina Re. T. Lillian
Rudy Edwards EDW HAP 50 75 4 5 3
Sakinomi Rikikida RIK KYC 4 23 2 5 3 Skill total 10/12
Peregrine Martell MAR ATH 47 3 4 5
Denholm Kingsley KIN ATH 53 4 4 4
Sara Luna LNA DCS 50 28 4 3 5
Aldauren Ginintella GIN DCS 79 53 4.3 3.1 4.6
Athan Lille LIL LIS 9 3.5 3.5 5
Anneliese "Sissie" Devereux DEV LIS 7 4.5 3 4.5
Francesco Scirotto SCI DUK 75 69 3.5 4.5 4
Daryl Mizushima MIZ SQR 63 71 2 5 3 Skill total 10/12
Arvind Venkatesh VEN INS 98 36 3 4 5
William Archer ARC AFT 8 20 3 5 4
Taras Matviyenko MTV PDN 21 31 5 3 4 Puppet driver for AFT
Abdoulaye Goita GTA RCN 77 7 3 4.5 4.5
Kitti Armbruster ARB NPH 41 46 2.5 5 4.5
Jasmine Muscadet MSC NPH 26 28 4.5 2.5 5
Sigur Bjarnason BJA SVJ 14 7 3 4 5
Dom Falepeau FAL TGN 19 7 5 4 3
R.L. Cruisin CRU V&T 51 14 3.64 4.5 3.86
iBen Toralmintii TII V&T 77 78 3.75 3.25 5
Cocaobo #23 C23 CFT 23 2.5 4.5 5 Puppet driver for V&T. Alternate # of 00 is not valid.
Pacston Kola KOA UNT 36 45 3 4 5
Lane Carter CRT TJU 11 64 5 2 5
Sayono Souzare SZR HDR 52 9 3.6 3.9 4.5
Gregori Krupin KRU SOR 25 4 4 4
Dario Nülkeschläger NUL HUL 27 72 4 3 5
Benjamin Talison TAL ETN 77 31 3 5 4
Catherine Toggard TOG ETN 18 24 5 3 4
Maddie Hildren HIL WIL 7 13 2 5 5
Janne Laukkanen LAU ABL 17 19 4 4.6 3.4

Tyre manufacturers
Tyre Manufacturer Name		NAT	R     T		Notes
In Motion NIM -1 1
Solymok GGY 0.7 -0.7
Pollmächer AG STL 1 -1
Petrovi MTJ -0.25 0.25
Phoenician Tires DCS -0.81 0.81
Stellenbosch LIS -0.9 0.9
Mattinson Tires DUK -0.4 0.4
Rotwheels Tyres INS 0.4 -0.6 Skill total -0.2/0
Tropicorp Racing Supply V&T -0.14 0.14
Isla Tyres UNT -0.5 0.5
Deyoze Tyres HDR 0.35 -0.35
Volkov Tyres SOR 0.44 -0.52 Skill total -0.08/0

Circuit Name					Grand Prix Name				Lap record	Length    QT	F/S	RAIN  A    T    O    E    Track image
M:SS.000 (km/laps)

Raichovsky Circuit Raichovian Grand Prix of Twicetagria 1:31.265 6.082/51 Trad Yes 2% 4.6 5.4 3.6 2.8
Crossbay Circuit Nimban Grand Prix 1:26.018 4.830/64 Elim N/A 16% 6.3 3.7 1.2 3.9
San Marco Street Circuit Grand Prix Filindostan Cepat 1:38.809 4.373/70 Trad Yes 9.9% 2.7 7.3 4.2 4.5 ... nMarco.png
Akresna Circuit Aurun Grand Prix (Sÿrä-prii Auruna) 1:44.713 6.244/49 Trad No 7% 3 7 3.5 4 ... topo-1.png
Forest Cross National Raceway Praesidium Bank Grand Prix of Esmerel 1:45.500 est 7.165/43 Trad No 20% 7 3 3.5 4.5
Autodromo Internazionale del Rivoli Eisborg Gran Premio di Nekoni 1:38.765 5.918/52 Trad Yes 1.8% 4.6 5.4 3.1 2.7
Fjellutfordring Abovian Grand Prix 1:11.927 4.400/70 O-S Yes 6% 6.7 3.3 2.5 3.7
Hapilopper City Grand Prix Circuit Preston Autos Hapiloppian Grand Prix 1:28.535 5.570/55 Elim N/A 15% 6 4 1.5 4
Pryfors Bilar Raceway Pryfurium Circuit Masters Grand Prix 1:13.004 4.190/73 Trad Yes 3% 7.7 2.3 2 2.4
Talbott Autodrome Liventia Airways Grand Prix of Liventia 1:40.071 6.239/49 T-T N/A 1% 3 7 3.5 2
Ljubala InterNazionRing Grand Prix tsa Mattijana 1:35.423 5.980/51 T-T N/A 8% 3.5 6.5 2 3
Kauralahti International Circuit Savojar Grand Prix 1:13.420 5.297/58 T-T N/A 11% 7.8 2.2 2 3
Eelandii Grand Prix Course Grand Prix of Turori 1:22.409 5.190/59 T-T N/A 20% 5 5 3.23 3.77 ... street.png
Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course Vilitan Grand Prix 1:25.440 5.050/61 Trad Yes 14% 7 3 2.14 3.14 ... cmap16.png
Excelsior Resort Myrtle Grand Prix Circuit Grand Prix of Xanneria 1:15.300 4.265/72 O-S No 9% 6 4 2 5
Dashoze Circuit Horikawa Instruments Grand Prix of Hodori 1:20.048 5.013/61 Elim N/A 20% 6.7 3.3 2.5 3
Circuit d'Arès Grand Prix d'Île Saint-Joseph 1:33.312 5.075/61 Trad No 12% 3.8 6.2 3.5 3.5
East Luxutun Circuit Willitya Airlines Willityan Grand Prix 1:49.032 7.090/44 Trad Yes 4% 3.8 6.2 3 2.8

Team Name			NAT	R    A    T	Engine					R     A     T
Schkeska-VSK Viska Racing AUR 5 2.75 4.25 Schkeska Motors (AUR/S) 1 0 -1
Badai Angin Tim Motorsport FID 3.2 4.7 4.1 Badai Angin (FID/B) -0.48 0.75 -0.27
Mattijana Racing Team MTJ 4 4.5 3.5 Nordija (MTJ/N) 0.5 0 -0.5
Preston Autos Grand Prix Racing HAP 2 5 5 Preston Autos (HAP/P) -1 0.75 0.15
Nexus Racing NIM 4 5 3 Nexus Racing (NIM/X) 0 1 -1
Tropicorp Racing Ælund ABL 3.2 4.6 4.2 Tropicorp Engineering (V&T/T) 0.05 0.02 -0.07
Polaris Racing Team NEK 3.6 4.2 4.2 Polaris Trois (NEK/3) 0.2 -0.1 -0.1
TAS Alliance LIS 4 4 4 Harlean (LIS/H) -0.2 0.5 -0.3
SVJ Racing WGPC Team SVJ 3 4 5 Johansborg Motor Collective (SVJ/J) -0.3 0.2 0.1
Race Eelandii V&T GP V&T 4 4.5 3.5 Tropicorp Engineering (V&T/T) 0.05 0.02 -0.07
(Registered team name: iBen Toralmintii's Race Eelandii Vilita & Turori World Grand Prix Motorworks)
Fireline Motorsports ETN 5 3 4 Tropicorp Engineering (V&T/T) 0.05 0.02 -0.07
WGPC Motorworks WGP 3.5 3.5 3.5 WGPC Motorworks Engineering (WGP/W) 0 0 0
Volkov Racing SOR 4 4 4 WGPC Motorworks Engineering (WGP/W) 0 0 0
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Postby Twicetagram and JYPe » Mon Oct 05, 2020 6:42 am

Note: I used to go by the name Strayquestria and the Wolflands, so Carmichael Fire would still represent Twicetagria despite driving for Strayquestria in WGP2.
Also another note: If you’re interested in signing my drivers, please note that Charyseine is more likely to sign for a team because of RP reasons. Carmi is there merely as a secondary character if anyone is interested.
Circuit Name:
Grand Prix Name: The Raichovian Grand Prix of Twicetagria
Track Image: Note: Please discard the fastest lap section. Fastest lap will be given below.
Lap Record (F1/WGPC Car): 1:31:265 (Twicetagrien Premier Racing Series; IC series)
Track Length (km): 6.082 km
Qualifying Type (Traditional, One-Shot, Elimination or Two-Tiered): Traditional
If qualifying is 'Traditional' or 'One-Shot', would you like your race to be considered for the feature/sprint race weekend?: (Y/N)
Chance of rain (1%-20%): 2%
Track aggressiveness (1-10): 4.6
Track technicality (1-10): 5.4
(Aggressiveness and technicality should add up to 10)
Overtaking Difficulty (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is easy, 5 is difficult): 3.6
Margin for error (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is forgiving, 5 is treacherous): 2.8
Raichovskiy Circuit is a racing circuit in the suburbs of the bustling village-city Raichovskiy in the north-east of Twicetagria. Despite having only a grand prix layout, there are plans for NSSCRA and endurance layouts.

While the circuit needs the driver to be aggressive, the driver also needs technique to navigate some of the narrower and sharper corners. The start-finish straight is practically the only straight straight of the circuit. At 1.055 km, the straight gives drivers who haven't made an overtake in the last few corners to easily do so before the first, tight corner. Not necessarily a sharp corner, the driver still has to brake quite a lot after going on the straight. Right after that is a medium-speed left-hander where the pit lane joins the circuit. The driver has to accelerate well after turn 1 to get a good entry into turn 2.

The next corner is a slow speed turn 3 right hander, where the driver has to brake for a 90-degree turn. Right after is turn 4, which drivers are expected to gain speed after that. Next up is arguably the most-renowned corner, the Na Vremya(Hа Bремя) is a high speed corner where drivers go on an almost-360 degree anticlockwise turn, hence the name. Drivers can take it flat, but they generally will brake a while towards the middle of the turn to ensure they don't get caught in the gravel trap. Righty after the turn is the start of sector 2. After that is turn 6, a sharp corner. However, drivers can go on the kerb in the inside of the corner. Then is a relatively high speed turn 7, where drivers have a chance to overtake before the long straight ahead.

Turn 8, a round corner, leads us to the Lezhets(лжец) straight, named because it isn't really a straight, but more curved. Here is where drivers can deploy DRS, one of the only two DRS zones. Turn 9 is a fast corner that quickly precedes turn 10, yet another 180 degree corner.

We enter sector 3, a fast paced one compared to the first two. Turn 11 is a speedy one which gives drivers just a chance of overtaking. Then we have the medium speed turn 12. After that, we have a speedy chain of turns 13-17, where drivers prepare for the straight that comes right after.

Driver Name: Charyseine Valkyria (Харисейны Валкирия)
Name Trigram: VAL
Nationality Trigram: TWI
Preferred Car Number: 72
Second Choice Car Number: 36
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 3
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 5
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Driver's bio: Charyseine is a highly-skilled driver on the rise to become one of Twicetagria’s best motorsport products. Starting off in an already Motorsports family, his father was a rally driver, while his mother was the employee of Adelphia. Growing up, all he knew was cars and cars. He started karting at the ripe age of 5, and by 12 had gone to win various national karting competitions. After trying out some rallying from 11 to 14 years old, he felt that it wasn’t his thing and switched back to single seater racing. He then joined the TPRS, and from there has gone to earn 24 race wins, 37 podiums, and a long string of points finishes.
Charyseine is a highly aggressive driver who likes to go for even the smallest of gaps. Despite his fighting spirit, he can handle the car quite well, and rarely crashes out. In fact, most of his DNFs were because of technical failure.
However, when he executes overtakes it can sometimes go messy, as sometimes he goes for non-existent gaps, commonly leading to him clipping him right wing and torpedoing the target driver. However, with experience comes a better driver, so Tania will make sure not to make such rookie mistakes.

Driver Name: Carmichael Fire
Name Trigram: FIR
Nationality Trigram: TWI
Preferred Car Number: 12
Second Choice Car Number: 32
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 5
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 2
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 5
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Driver's bio: As a young colt-pegasus, Carmichael had always been interested in cars. Even though cars were never the form of transportation in Strayquestria, he still showed great interest in it, as it was the main way to go around in the Wolflands.
Another factor which led him to choose the race driver career was his father, who himself was a racecar driver. Though not internationally prominent, he was a star in Strayquestria racing history, winning various single-seater trophies, while competing in some rallying competitions. Carmichael was born in Cloudsdale, but moved to Canterlot, before making his permanent residence in Ponyville recently. Carmichael is more commonly known as Carmi.
Quick Overview of career:
Assuming calendar used is Gregorian
2006-9: Took on go-Karting, while entering some competitions during the 2008-09 period.
2009: Won first place for the Canterlot Young Drivers Trophy, Division B.
2010/11: Won second and first place for above competition(Division A) respectively.
2011: Joined the Canterlot Racing Academy(not an actual racing team's academy) . Moved to Canterlot for convenience reasons.
2012: Won first place in a go-karting tournament hosted by Canterlot Racing Team. Got a scholarship into the team's youth academy.
2013-2016: Won several single-seater junior competitions
2016: Entered a junior racing season, where he entered 3rd place overall.
2017: He became the team's reserve driver in the WGP3 Strayquestria and the Wolflands. Made his first appearance during testing, landed 12th out of 20.
2018: Due to his consistent performance, they decided to make Carmichael their 2nd driver. Gained 51 points out of 20 races(format close to RL F1, with a few tweaks). He landed 11th place out of 20.
2019: Stayed as 2nd driver, managed to get 53 points, 2 more that last season. He landed 9th place.
2020: Drove a disappointing rookie season for Adelphia in the WGP2.

Carmichael’s driving style is more calm and composed than other drivers, which makes him an easy target for overtakes. He is very technical and reliable, which means he’ll rarely crash on his own. He also has a virtual map of the circuit in his head because of his photographic memory. He knows the exact brake points, overtaking spots and danger zones. However, he isn’t one for being aggressive, so he rarely goes for overtakes unless he’s very sure it’ll stick after the next few corners.
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Postby Former Citizens of the Nimbus System » Mon Oct 05, 2020 6:47 am

Shall we do this thing? Let's do this thing.

NAME: Ryker Lane

Reliability: 5
Aggression: 4.5
Technique: 2.5

BIO: Ryker Lane’s story has thus far been a tale of rise, fall and rise again. Born into the ‘Imageneration’, that group of Nimbans who were young enough at the ignition of the Imagination Nexus to be the first to be educated in its use in formal Nimban schooling, Ryker, despite interests in biology and philosophy, took the path of continuing the Lane family’s tradition of racing success that began in the Nimban origin universe. Success came quickly in his entries into quad bike racing and later in the street-racing series Cityprix, where he met and forged his partnership with race engineer Martin Veri.

After several race wins and sweeping to a stunning rookie championship at 20, Ryker went dark for a good two years, leaving fans to speculate as to his whereabouts. Only his closest confidantes were aware that he had been scouted by Nexus Racing, a top secret ex-military programme that had been retooled as a racing outfit set to enter the WGPC with a radical Imagination-powered vehicle, and was working with them to ready the team for a WGPC 15 debut. That debut turned explosive when Serbian driver Marika Pedanovic (one of Ryker’s long-term idols) won the team’s first ever Grand Prix in Eastfield Lodge in the other car.

Success, however, would not come quite as easily for Ryker. He took twelfth at Mount Salt Raceway due to a clash with Maria Cattaneo, who had previously tried out for the seat that Marika had claimed. He then took second position in Qualifying in San Jose Guayabal, lining up alongside last year’s Drivers’ Champion Terho Talvela, but fell to fourth after a massive lockup at the race start. Frustrated, Ryker began systematising his practices and closing himself off, intending to not let such a mistake happen again.

He might have continued that way were it not for Cattaneo’s intervention. After a hug on the podium of the next race, Ryker realised that he was developing romantic feelings for the Redvali and, after she revealed various personal difficulties that she was facing, he resolved to support her through them. Used to the openness and value placed on shared strength in Nimban culture, however, he had not counted on her being adverse to the prospect of receiving such support in the first place. Thus, even as his healthier state of mind began to pay dividends on track, with the Nimban driver out of the points only once more over the season’s course and beginning to challenge for the Drivers’ Championship, he began to clumsily pivot back and forth between letting Maria unpick her problems on her own, a task which she could not successfully surmount, and trying to help in some way, which she did not want.

All of this came to a head at the final race in Audioslavia, where the two cut ties. Resolving to learn from his experiences, Ryker subsequently affirmed his fundamental belief in the need for and desirability of united diversity – that, even if he hadn’t always gone about it well, people are far stronger when they build on one another and help others to build on them – and named his car ‘Coalescence’, a decision that he had put off all season. That affirmation took him from a sixteenth place start to a third place finish and, after Terho clashed with Jean Mercer-Daly, the Esmerelian driver who was already set to take Marika’s seat next season, to victory in the Drivers’ Championship.

Ryker had, to some degree, found apotheosis. That said, he needed time to recover after his emotional travails, taking the off-season to settle himself. Seemingly, this worked and, coming into WGPC 16, he was one of four people – himself, Franssen, Mercer-Daly and Talvela – considered most likely to take the drivers’ title. Though mechanical problems (including one of his wheels coming off) crippled his first and third races, he still appeared somewhat capable and even bolstered his reputation as one of the most pleasant drivers on the grid, forging a tentative friendship with Terho after their rivalry last season. Nonetheless, something was clearly lost from that year and after second place in his home Grand Prix and third in Aboveland whatever form he had vanished. He practiced, meditated, clung to his ideals; nothing worked. The above three finished first, second and third in the Drivers’ Championship. Ryker finished fourteenth.

All of that left the Nimban driver with some serious soul-searching to do in the off-season. Salvation came in the form of one Victoria Light, Nexus Racing’s Head Programmer, who decided to help him in much the same way that he had committed to helping Maria. The difference was that he was receptive to such help and, gradually, the two began to dig into the issue. They rapidly discovered that Ryker had become so focussed on his ideals that they had eclipsed the people to which they pertained; not only that, he had become sufficiently absorbed as to tie his self-worth to others in its entirety, depleting his own confidence as a result. Beyond those, Ryker was determined not to fall into the same traps that Maria had and so was immensely forgiving when Victoria revealed that she had been using the whole process to distract herself from her own problems – and more than willing to reciprocate in her support for him.

Ryker, then, entered WGPC 17 more well-rounded than at any point in his history. He and his team started the season vowing to learn from their experiences in their last, and he to bind and reshape those experiences within himself rather than letting them come to dominate him. That dedication paid off little at first, the Nimban largely scrapping for points towards the back of the top ten; Filindostan, however, marked a turning point. After chasing down Terho Talvela’s dominant TRÆ, holding him off for a dozen laps and coming within centimetres of a first race victory, an errant shard of carbon fibre on track shredded his tyre. Being so close to that success both bolstered his determination and subjected him to wracking hurt – and it was precisely that hurt that his bond with Victoria was able to soothe, one which they confirmed as a romantic relationship in the coming days. With all that propelling him forward, Ryker Lane came to Aboveland and, for the first time ever, won. Then he followed up with a second in Vangaziland, an admittedly disappointing sixth at home, fifth in Vilita, third in Falcania and fifth in the final race in Aboveland, in a remarkable restoration of the consistency of WGPC 15.

Ryker came out of that season confident and happy – exactly what his team needed in testing the temperamental, highly experimental UHSGV-4. With all of the improvements that the team has made since then and the forward-looking Gertrude Thompson now at Nexus Racing’s helm, Ryker looks to the coming season as his best chance to clinch the Drivers’ title in potentially his entire career, actual Championship season included. Should he retain his momentum and focus, he has as a good a chance as anyone. The rise may yet continue.
NAME: Olivia Stone

Reliability: 2
Aggression: 5
Technique: 5

BIO: Olivia Stone is something of a prodigy. Of course, almost every successful racing driver is a prodigy to an extent but, even among them, she is exceptionally talented. Driving in the Nimban Junior Quad Bike Leagues, a ruthlessly meritocratic system of promotion and relegation that has made as many dreams as it has shattered, Olivia was given the perfect opportunity to prove that talent. It was this process that brought up Ryker Lane; even he, however, did not rise through the ranks as quickly as Olivia did, entering at eleven and quickly gaining a reputation as a raw driver capable of utter dynamism, both a brilliant attacker and a genius in defence when in her flow. She reached the highest League at fourteen and, from there, launched an uncompromising assault on its top spot. That assault worked – she claimed it three times over.

Throughout all of this, of course, she was also going through Nimban secondary school. She wasn’t an exceptional student by any means (whether that was down to her total focus on her racing or a lack of ability will perhaps never be known) but she did decide to go on to take a place at the University of the Second City, the far newer and more maverick of the two Nimban universities. This would seem like an odd choice for her but for the fact that she was more than aware of its upcoming entry to the WGPi, the Nimban WGP3 regional competition. Indeed, she and Baxen Aurora, a fellow Leagues graduate, joined the university together, the two having become somewhat close (him being the highly relative calm to her all-consuming fire), with the express purpose of joining the USC’s team as drivers; after all, it would be more of an endeavour to find success with them, in presumed contrast with the team of the established University of the First City.

This they managed. Then, with all of her dynamism to aid her, Olivia spearheaded the team into the inaugural WGPi season. It took a little time for her to get going – her fragility proved costly in the opening rounds – but, after a double victory on the banks of the Shimmerstream and a decisive win at the New Nexus Tower Run, she emerged champion and her team victorious. The next step was fairly obvious and, with the University of the Second City in support, she and Baxen sought seats at a team in the WGP2 III. It was a seller’s market that season and, unsurprisingly, the two found themselves in demand; in the end, under Baxen’s guidance (he having become something of an agent for the pair), they both signed seats with the up-and-coming Schkeska-VSK Viska Racing, satisfying Olivia’s desire that the two remain together.

Like in WGPi, Olivia took a little time to find her feet in the WGP2, struggling with the unfamiliar characteristics of an internal combustion engined car after driving exclusively electricity- and hydrogen-powered vehicles throughout her career. When she did, however, she shone – her first win at Viska’s home race in Auruna heralded a charge to the top of the Drivers’ Championship, followed by another in the Cocoabo Forest and a second place in Île Saint-Joseph. That hardly eased her emotional state, however, increasingly disquieted by her teammate and friend’s lacklustre performances and apparent desire to take on second driver status. Matters reached breaking point when Olivia confronted Baxen after a race in Eastfield Lodge where he, starting third to her twenty-first, attempted to hold back the entire field for her on a one-stop strategy. In answer, Baxen pointed out what she had tried not to think about all along: that the Wardship, with Ryker Lane as a fixture, had only one WGPC licence left. She was the one with the inborn talent; anything to solidify her own cause was now the priority.

It wouldn’t prove enough. From leading the Drivers’ Championship, Olivia would spin at her home race in attempting to gain the fastest lap that she needed to safeguard it, letting Abdoulaye Goita snatch it from her palms. Still, her reputation as a stunningly quick driver on her day was secure, as was her relationship with the second team she had helped to build from the ground up, and with Baxen Aurora now taking the typical Nimban role of her career race engineer the Olivia Stone entering the WGPC is perhaps even more of a juggernaut than she was before. Beyond herself, it is difficult to see what manner of immovable object might stand a chance of stopping her.


Reliability: -1
Traction: 1

BIO: Nimban culture places heavy emphasis on experimentation and innovation as a source of success; to this In Motion are no exception. The First City start-up was founded by spousal team Celia and Grace Speck, former pupils of the Kelthari materials scientist Vertilan Nas, after they realised the potential that molecular rearrangement by Imagination convertor had for synthetic rubbers, noted the gap in the market for high quality domestic tyre production and jumped at the opportunity. Since then, their team has grown to around a dozen people (including one Petra Nikolic, formerly of Tigar Tyres) and profoundly bucked the trend of stiff, unyielding Nimban tyres.

All of this made In Motion ideal partners for Nexus Racing; their agility and innovation served as a natural counterpart to Esmerelian giant Brutus Tyres’ traditional knowledge and, with additional Imagikinetic convertors provided by the racing team, the two companies worked together to produce tyres for Nexus Racing from WGPC 16. Brutus Tyres withdrawing from international motorsport alongside Esmerelian team Obey Sport in the WGPC put an end to that partnership at the close of WGPC 17, leaving In Motion a tiny entity with the sole responsibility of tyre manufacture for a racing team at the forefront of the national consciousness and high on the international stage. Fortunately, Celia, Grace and their colleagues had used their time wisely and gained valuable experience learning from their more established partners and, better yet, were now free from any constraints on design. As such, they set about creating a tyre fundamentally intertwined with the substance of Nexus Racing’s new, radical Chase Cutter, intended to take advantage of all of its driving characteristics and make a few of its own.

And yet it was not Nexus Racing that proved their greatest success in WGP2 III, for the design philosophy required for the eight-wheeled UHSGV-4 proved equally suited to the four-wheeled VL-01A of Schkeska-VSK Viska. In the end, it was the team that requested their tyres out of the blue and which they only barely agreed to supply, not the team for whom those tyres had been constructed in the first place, which ended up second in the Constructors’ Championship and, with Nimban Olivia Stone, third in the Drivers’. That surprise has granted In Motion greater renown in international motorsport and greater openness to other supply deals and, given the limit on the number of tyre suppliers in the upcoming season, those things may stand them in good stead.

In Motion’s offering in WGPC 18 is fundamentally a refinement of that supplied for WGP2 III. Their tyres are slightly smaller than a typical WGPC tyre, at a diameter of 595 mm on the outer edge which, beyond being able to fit four of them on one side of a car, offers improved acceleration, nimbleness, aerodynamics and weight at a cost in top speed and increased wear. This, however, is not their most unique property; In Motion’s tyres are trapezoidal in cross-section, narrowing at a 5-degree angle towards the car to create a constant toe-in effect and substantially improve cornering, among other positive effects. In Motion plan to manufacture two variants of these tyres: one with a massively hardened outer sidewall, designed to let the UHSGV-4’s variable-camber suspension system ride up on the tyres’ edge to reduce friction along the straights; and one with an only slightly hardened outer sidewall, which should balance the outside’s increased wear from the tyre’s intrinsic camber while being more suited to a typical WGPC car’s characteristics. Teams are free to request either type.

CIRCUIT NAME: Crossbay Circuit
GRAND PRIX NAME: Nimban Grand Prix

LAP RECORD (WGPC Car): 1:26.018 (Ryker Lane, Nexus Racing UHSGV-1)
TRACK LENGTH (km): 4.83
QUALIFYING TYPE (Traditional, One-Shot, Elimination or Two-Tiered): Elimination

CHANCE OF RAIN (1%-20%): 16%
Aggressiveness: 6.3
Technicality: 3.7
MARGIN FOR ERROR (0.1 - 5): 3.9

BIO: With the success of Nexus Racing apparent from the very beginning of the WGPC 15 season after Marika Pedanovic won the first race and champion-to-be Ryker Lane achieved fourth in the second along with a clear public interest from high native viewing figures, Jacob Gibbons, Nimban Minister for Sport, saw immediately an opportunity for the Nexus Wardship of Former Citizens of the Nimbus System to carve out a place for itself in worldwide motor racing. Thus, Crossbay Circuit, the first purpose-built racetrack in the Wardship and the world’s first track with significant underground and water-crossing sections, was born.

The people of the Nimban origin universe have a long and proud tradition of constructing race circuits in areas of astounding natural beauty; Crossbay Circuit continues this tradition, running across, through and below the stark dolomite rock cliffs of Nimbus Bay and, in parts, above its sparkling waters. The circuit itself was pulled together from parts of three of the Nimban origin universe’s most famous tracks, Vertigo Loop Racetrack, Keelhaul Canyon Raceway and Dragonmaw Chasm Raceway. It has so far played host to five WGPO international races, two in the WGPC and three in the WGP2. The course’s lap record remains that set by Ryker Lane on his ceremonial lap to open the circuit in his Drivers’ Championship-winning UHSGV-1.

Crossbay Circuit is also run through with the latest advances in Nimban technology. Roman-style concrete has been used for its hydraulic properties and decreased environmental footprint to construct the bridges for the over-water sections of the track. In terms of Imagitech, a large Imagikinetic force field, permeable to nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen but impermeable to all else, overtops the course and divides spectators from the cars, both keeping pollutants sealed in where they are scrubbed from the air by industrial-scale machinery underneath the track and serving as nigh-on unbreakable protection for fans from rogue car parts; a more recent innovation has been the addition of Imagikinetic convertors to remove debris or damaged cars from the track. Traditional belt-and-tyre barriers guard the clifftop section of the circuit and, where they exist, its runoff areas.

A lap of the track begins in Sector 1 with a short run down the end of the start/finish straight to Turn 1, a long and smooth left-hander that is deceptively tight in the middle of the turn, as well as descending by a few metres over its course. From Turn 1 a short straight leads into the gentle Turn 2 before the car enters the first of the two tunnels on the course. This downward plunge, where the track meets the pit exit (redesigned before WGP2 III to make pitting less of a delay compared to a normal lap and thereby encourage more varied and daring strategies), transitions rapidly into an underground stadium section featuring the moderately tight Turn 3 and the hairpin of Turn 4, both taken as the track plunges downwards. It then passes under itself before shooting down and out of the cliffs into the water-crossing Sector 2.

Immediately drivers are forced to deal with the esses of Turns 5, 6 and 7. While 5 does demand something of a decrease in speed, the latter two can be taken surprisingly quickly; the measure of a good driver here will be how much momentum they can retain into the straight leading up to the nudge that is Turn 8 and the sweeping, ever so slightly banked Turn 9. After Turn 9 the chicane of Turns 10 and 11 provides another momentum-holding test into Turn 12, which technically begins immediately after Turn 11 but really comprises the mid-speed corner at the very end of the sector.

Sector 3 is by far the fastest of the sectors. Drivers dart into the cliff tunnel after 12 to face a long, climbing straight broken only by Turn 13, a left-hander whose core difficulty is its obstruction of a driver’s vision leading up to Turn 14, a slightly tighter but still fast right-hand turn at the tunnel’s exit made far trickier by the sudden reduction in downforce that comes with the levelling gradient. A straight section leads to Turn 15, probably the sector’s slowest part; from there another small straight and the chicane of 16 and 17 brings drivers back to the far end of the start/finish straight and, through that, the finish line.
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Postby Filindostan » Mon Oct 05, 2020 6:52 am

Driver Name: Rustom Ibuna
Name Trigram: IBU
Nationality Trigram: FID
Preferred Car Number: 71
Second Choice Car Number: 99

Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 4.5
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 2.8
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4.7

Driver's bio: Son of IGR and Badai Angin team principal Rudolf Ibuna, Rusty, as he's known in the paddock, won his first race at Serizawa, and helped Mattijanan team MRT win the constructors' championship in season 16 in his first season. Despite this, he was replaced at the team by Gregori Krupin, and went to Eelandii VTGP. While he had a great start with the team with top 5 finishes in the first two races, he struggled to get points in the coming rounds, eventually finishing 10th in the championship. With a backing from Petrofilindo and inspired with ex WGPC racer Kyoko Fujisaki at his side, he will look to make waves again in the coming season.

Circuit Name: San Marco Street Circuit
Grand Prix Name: Grand Prix Filindostan Cepat

Track Image: Image

Lap Record (F1/WGPC Car): 1:38.809 (projected for WGPC-spec cars) (min:ss.000)

Track Length (km): 4.373
Qualifying Type (Traditional, One-Shot, Elimination or Two-Tiered): Traditional
If qualifying is 'Traditional' or 'One-Shot', would you like your race to be considered for the feature/sprint race weekend?: (Y/N) Y

Chance of rain (1%-20%): 9.9%
Track aggressiveness (1-10): 2.7
Track technicality (1-10): 7.3

Overtaking Difficulty (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is easy, 5 is difficult): 4.2
Margin for error (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is forgiving, 5 is treacherous): 4.5

Info: The motorsports authority of Filindostan have submitted a bid to the WGPO organizing committee for the streets of San Marco to host a round of the WGP2, and another round of the WGPC this year. This season's Grand Prix Filindostan, sponsored by Cepat, is planned to be held in the San Marco Street Circuit near the Filindostan National Stadium, with the start/finish line being the stretch of Calle Sturiaga.

The narrow streets of San Marco, despite having numerous bends and straights, require technical skill from the drivers to negotiate, and a tiniest bit of mistake can cost a driver their race. The first part of the circuit is a sequence of straights and bends in a downward slope from Calle Sturiaga (between turns 1-3), before negotiating a flat portion of the track known as the 'Rotonda'. After negotiating turn 4 from the Rotonda, a sequence of twisty corners will need to be negotiated, starting with the X-chicane followed by a hairpin at turn 8. Car speeds are expected to be slow from turns 8 and 9 up to 17, when an uphill bend leads to a treacherous turn 18, a high speed bend with a blind spot, just before hitting the brakes on turn 19, and turning right to turn 20 that leads back to the length of Calle Sturiaga.

Preconfirming Gergary as puppet (driver and tyre supplier entries to follow)
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Postby Gergary » Mon Oct 05, 2020 7:26 am

Filindostan wrote:Preconfirming Gergary as puppet (driver and tyre supplier entries to follow)


Driver Name: Barnabas Mate
Name Trigram: MAT
Nationality Trigram: GGY
Preferred Car Number: 72
Second Choice Car Number: 48

Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 4.9
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 5
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 2.1

Driver's bio: Barnabas hails from the Gergarian capital, Ingbert-Borbely, where he was exposed to motorsports watching Alexander Lund winning the WGPC 12 and Alexandra Mayari winning next season. He raced go-karts at the age of 10, and was discovered by DMR's scout Ferko Koos, and signed him to a long term developmental contract to the team. Winning a number of local championships in Gergary, Koos gave him a seat in the Solymok-funded DMR team to compete in the WGP3 Filindostan, and led much of the time in the Drivers' championship, before losing the title to Rod Gozum in the final race of the season.

His aggression while keeping his tyres intact for much of the race piqued the interest of tyre supplier Solymok, which signed him in a sponsorship contract to be one of their tyre testers.

Manufacturer Name: Solymok
Manufacturer Nationality Trigram: GGY
Reliability (Between -1 and 1): 0.7
Traction (Between -1 and 1): -0.7
Bio: Known for its tyre longetivity compared to other tyre suppliers, Solymok, based in Gergary, has been Badai Angin's official tyre supplier for last season, in addition to the contract signed with Ethanian team Fireline. In WGP2 they also supply three teams - Badai Angin-IGR, Kaylan Racing Team, and SVJ Racing, which won the drivers' and constructors' championship in the third season of WGP2.

They also provide the tyres for Badai Angin's NSSCRA team until the 9th NSSCRA season, in which they will focus on supplying the open wheel teams thereafter. The company is represented by Friedrich Lux, its CEO, and Kristian Szusza, its CMO.
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Postby Siovanija and Teusland » Mon Oct 05, 2020 7:59 am

Driver Name: Niklas Schonbaum
Name Trigram: SCH
Nationality Trigram: STL
Preferred Car Number: 37
Second Choice Car Number: 20
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 5
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 3
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Driver's bio: Born in the city of Stelburg, Teusland, Niklas Schonbaum always had his eyes firmly focused on the future. He was a young prodigy in local karting circuits, and was quickly signed to the driving academy of Teussische Motoren Werke (TMW), the best-known and most-successful racing team in the country. Upon joining TMW, Schonbaum quickly made a name for himself as a driver of the future, winning several titles in various disciplines. Recognizing his great skill, Schonbaum was given a full-time ride in the National Grand Prix Championship (also known as ‘Formula ST’) at the age of 18. He finished third in the drivers’ standings, and earned his first win at his home race, the Grosser Preis von Stelburg at the Stelburgring street circuit. His second year, Schonbaum would win his first NGPC championship with TMW, and the success would continue, as he won championships in both his 3rd and 4th years with the team. It’s clear that Schonbaum is the best driver in Siovanija & Teusland - and he feels the time has now come for him to test his skills on the world stage.

Schonbaum is a calm and very cerebral driver, rarely letting his emotions get the best of him. For this reason, like many athletes from Siovanija & Teusland, he has been described as ‘cold’. However, with teammates and friends, Schonbaum is quite open and warm. His nickname in home media is ‘die maschine’ - the machine. He’s well known for getting the best out of his car, and being able to pull off great moves on the track. He has been praised for his fitness regimen, which led to vast changes in how drivers in Siovanija & Teusland handle themselves. One area of his game he would like to improve is aggression - Schonbaum often finds himself not as willing to take risks as some other drivers, and it has cost him positions back home on the domestic circuit.

Schonbaum’s entrance into the WGPC will surely be welcomed by all in Siovanija & Teusland who will now have a driver to follow. In addition, it is part of a grander plan to develop their worldwide brand by TMW, who will be financially backing Schonbaum in this endeavour. Sponsors of Schonbaum include Adler Sportswear, TeusBank, and Teussische Vermögensberatung AG (Teus financial advisors). Eager to become the first Teus driver on the international stage, Niklas Schonbaum is prepared for all that he will face on the road to WGPC glory.

Manufacturer Name: Pollmächer AG
Manufacturer Nationality Trigram: STL
Reliability (Between -1 and 1): 1
Traction (Between -1 and 1): -1
R & T ratings should add up to no more than 0.
Bio: Pollmächer AG, founded by Leopold Pollmächer as a rubber manufacturer in 1866, has grown to become the largest tyre and automotive parts supplier in Siovanija & Teusland, and is well-known as the most reliable producer in the country. Headquartered in the city of St. Jakob, the company is listed on the TAX (Teus Stock Exchange) and is one of the best-known companies in the country. After a brief interruption during the Great War, during which Pollmächer made goods for the Teus Army, the company have been leading producers of tyres within Siovanija & Teusland. The Pollmächer Racing Division have been a supplier of the National Grand Prix Championship for many years, and their partnership with leading team Teussische Motoren Werke has led to numerous drivers’ and constructors’ titles, including in the most recent season as TMW captured both. Known for their durability and reliability, Pollmächer are excited to be in the running to possibly be a tyre supplier for the upcoming WGPC season. Trust Pollmächer to make you a winner. With a name like ‘pole-maker’, is there really any other?

As a long-time observer, excited for my first go in WGPC - anyone interested in the background of grand prix racing in Siovanija & Teusland should check this post for the most recent season.
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Postby Auruna » Mon Oct 05, 2020 8:25 am

Ah, here we go.

Driver Name: Kinu Luminna
Name Trigram: LMN / LUM
Nationality Trigram: AUR
Preferred Car Number: 82
Second Choice Car Number: 84
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 3.25
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 4.5
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4.25

Driver's bio:
A relatively new Aurun driver, he's one of Viska's drivers who quickly got into the top levels of racing. He started racing at 14 in the locat karting championships, after winning races there, he was recruited by Viska and got to race in the VJF. He had tough competition among the likes of Laura Haukanna, Rauhi Alto, and Mika Aurinen. His first season ended with him winning the championship by half a point after an intense final round in Livonsk where he did a great recovery drive to secure 5th in the race. After three years of racing in the VJF, he raced for VIska in the AEC-J, and eventually joining Aurun endurance legend, Artur Iljakov, in his debut season at the AEC. With a remarkable drive at the 24 Hours of Livonsk, the Viska trio of Artur Iljakov, Kai Ekeränna, and Kinu Luminna wins the race and the championship. He continues racing in the AEC until his accident at the 2018 8 Hours of Akresna. He spent two years recovering and now he's back and ready to race.

Only raced on AEC (Aurun Endurance Championship) previously, he chose to try out international racing. It will be his first time if he's able to get a seat and when he does, he's there to prove his skills outside of Auruna. He might need a bit of time in testing before he can push himself and the car to and past the limits.

Driver Name: Lukas Ziuvin
Name Trigram: ZIU / ZVN
Nationality Trigram: AUR
Preferred Car Number: 71
Second Choice Car Number: 98
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 3.75
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 4.25
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4

Driver's bio:
Regarded as one of Auruna's best drivers, he drove for VSK in the AEC in his first few seasons before moving to F1 with Sauber. Started racing a bit later than average at 16 years old but he was no match at the junior racing series. He didn't win any races but it still got him noticed by the Aurun teams, especially VSK where he was chosen to be one of their endurance drivers at the AEC-J and then the main AEC. After a few successful years, he was told that he's F1 material and he can race there. He got an international racing license from the MNA and started racing for Sauber in F1. His skills are great and he proved it in both racing series where he was successful and he even won most of the races in the 2009 to 2012 AEC seasons. His Formula 1 career only consists of a few podiums and consistent points scoring. He's still closely associated with the MNA since the start of his career in racing and now wants to race in another international series. After witnessing the Aurun WGP2 race at Akresna, he decided to race at the WGPC.

His driving style suits a car with high downforce and a stable rear end. He's known to be great to fight on-track with and his overtakes are clearly one to look forward to.

(So both Aurun drivers were formerly endurance racers, just noticed that)

Circuit Name: Akresna Circuit
Grand Prix Name: Aurun Grand Prix (Aurun: Sÿrä-prii Auruna)
Track Image:
Lap Record (F1/WGPC Car): 1:44.713 (new estimate) | 1:42.211 (AtMA, 1997)
Track Length (km): 6.244 km
Qualifying Type (Traditional, One-Shot, Elimination or Two-Tiered): Traditional
If qualifying is 'Traditional' or 'One-Shot', would you like your race to be considered for the feature/sprint race weekend?: (Y/N) N
Chance of rain (1%-20%): 7%
Track aggressiveness (1-10): 3
Track technicality (1-10): 7
Overtaking Difficulty (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is easy, 5 is difficult): 3.5
Margin for error (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is forgiving, 5 is treacherous): 4

Located at the Aurun hills, near the city of Akresna just north of Veratuna, is the most popular, successful, and challenging Akresna Circuit. With an altitude of about 1,350 m above sea level, the circuit is both challenging for both the drivers and cars. After the formation of the Mötoraaroitu Nazyonalla Auruna (MNA), this is one of the circuits that are now government owned and it was saved from closure by the MNA and it is one of the Viska Racing test tracks due to a partnership with Schkeska Motors. First built in 1956, the track features a wide variety of elevation changes and corners, also featuring the Akresna Tunnel that goes down though a hill (Although it is not used in the International Layout). With decent run-off areas and one of the best facilities in Auruna, the circuit is one of the best in Auruna and is a part of the Aurun Trinity Circuits.

Akresna Circuit was chosen to host a WGP2 race as it is one of the closest to the capital and the Veratuna Circuit has a busy schedule hosting AtMA, Endurance, and Time Attack events. This is the first time Auruna is hosting an international motorsport for decades. If the race is successful and proved to be popular, it may pave the way for Auruna hosting for the next season and potentially the next WGPC season.

Akresna starts off with the start/finish straight followed by a heavy braking zone to Turn 1, Valantov, then a fast Turn 2 that goes uphill. Turns 3 continues the uphill climb where Sector 2 starts at the exit of Turn 4. Sector 2, also called the "Hill Run", starts with a short straight to Turn 5 then followed by a slightly downhill straight then to a heavy braking zone to Turn 6 that goes back uphill to a kink, where an old bunker is next to, then Turn 7 which heads to the Akresna Sun section where most of the pictures of the track are taken, usually at sunset and during endurance races. At Turn 8, Politov, the Akresna Tunnel is located, it is unused in the international layout. What follows is a series of uphill-downhill corners ending with Turn 12, this is the most challenging part of the circuit where oversteer and understeer are prevalent and demands good throttle control by the drivers if they make a small mistake in this section, they will end up in the barriers. Still going downhill, a straight leads on to Turn 13, Veren Ukä, which starts Sector 3, the fastest sector. The fast corners and chicanes of Turns 15, 16, 17, and 18. Cars go though this section flat-out and at this area is where most of the grandstands are located. Drivers usually get caught out at Turns 17 and 18 where they can oversteer into the barriers and ending their race. A final heavy braking zone to the Turn 19, Kaulinta. Another fast straight followed by a fast Turn 20, Entenalla (Similar to Parabolica of Monza) that leads to the start/finish straight which then completes a lap.

After the success at the WGP2 with Viska's win here, the MNA decided to fund the circuits for the Aurun WGPC project. The MNA held a bid for the MNA International Circuit License where Akresna was chosen at the end over Livonsk and Veratuna. The MNA decided to stick with the International layout used in the WGP2 but there were rumours about using the AtMA or the K1 layouts. There were a lot of upgrades to the infrastructure of the circuit to better suit WGPC. There was a planned revision of the International layout but it was cancelled until next year due to a certain pandemic problem. The MNA hopes that this circuit would still be successful in international racing.

(Edit: Apparently NS doesn't like Discord images now, didn't notice it until I tried to put an image for Akresna.)
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Postby Esmerel » Mon Oct 05, 2020 8:39 am

This was never a comeback. Just a continuation.

NAME: Jean Mercer-Daly
NUMBER: 41 (previously used in S17)
DATE OF BIRTH: 09/05/1982
AVG. START: 8.86
AVG. FINISH: 10.06

BIO: Approaching his fourth year of WGPC competition, Jean Mercer-Daly is a man who has seen the highs and lows of a career in motorsport. After years of various series, such as local banger racing and street GT, his interest was piqued into joining the WGPC to replace the withdrawing UIK driver Ilyas Nurilbaev, for the works Kjeligsted team.


His first race in Mattijana, for round 5 of the season 15 championship, scored him a resounding third place amongst the monsoon conditions. Moving forward through the rest of the season, with a vastly unreliable car, made more unstable by the team transitioning to Redvali ownership, Jean was forced to accept a 17th place finish in Nekoni, and three retirements in a row due to various car failures in Minori, Eelandii, and Aboveland.

Serious upgrades in time for the Krytenian round led Jean to take his first career race victory, leading his teammate to a 1-2 finish. His form would go on in the final two rounds in Vilita and Audioslavia, winning both those races as well to become the first driver in the WGPC to secure a hat-trick chain of wins. Despite only partaking in 8 of the season’s 12 races, Jean scored 89 points in total- just 27 back from championship victor Ryker Lane. His effort also aided his team in securing the WGPC Constructors’ Championship in their only year of competition.


For the next season, with his participation in almost no doubt, Jean signed for the Nimban team Nexus Racing, the same team who had led Ryker Lane to the championship without a race win- and the man who was now his teammate and ally. Despite tire troubles in the pre-season, Jean secured both his and the team’s first pole position at the opening round in Hodori, albeit struggling in the rain during the race. Over the course of the season, Jean overall proved himself to be faster than his teammate, scoring a solid victory in Eastfield Lodge and another in an utterly dominant performance at his home race in Esmerel, the first of what would hopefully be many. Going into the final round in Audioslavia, the championship would be left to just Jean and Vangazi superstar Jessica Franssen, who had performed much like he had in her opening season.

Unfortunately for Jean, a championship would not yet be his. A Nimban cyberterrorist gained access to his car during the final race, crashing it into a perpendicular wall at over 330 km/h. Jean would be airlifted to Esmerel in record time, and awake to find himself an amputee of both the arm and leg- the internal bleeding had been catastrophic.

Soon enough, Jean would receive high-tech, government-sponsored prosthetics allowing him to continue his life as he had, and most importantly, return to try again for the championship.


Season 17 was an odd blur for Jean. It had been his first winless season, albeit still scoring a couple of podiums, and he had not been able to battle for the title in comparison to a dominant Terho Talvela, who was crowned with races still remaining in the season, a rarity in the WGPC. At the same time, Jean had been taking excursions outside of the WGPC to rekindle a long lost brotherhood with his brother Evyn, who had grown to be good with the wheel as well- in illegal street racing. Since the end of the previous season, Jean has not often been seen in public, though whether it is due to actions involving his brother or the recent virus outbreak isn’t perfectly defined.


Jean comes from a well-respected lineage. His father Christopher had for four seasons participated in the WGPC’s unnamed predecessor, scoring points in underperforming machinery and even scoring a rare win, before a career-ending GT crash in 2003. Because of that, Jean has sought to be as good as his father in the field- he doesn’t care about being better, just enough to not set the family bar lower. However, his times in years recent have changed his driving style, willing to take more and more risks in pursuit of victory- and push his famer to new, greater heights, even if it means sacrifices. As season 18 finally approaches, Jean and the world fully anticipate his continuation of the Nexus contract- but once the races begin, he’ll have a new question to answer.

Is the best of his career behind him, or yet to come?

NAME: Forest Cross National Raceway
GP NAME: Praesidium Bank Grand Prix of Esmerel



LAP RECORD: ~1:45.500
QUAL. TYPE: Traditional
No feature/sprint race consideration.
LOCATION: Vertress, Rainier Province, Esmerel, New Hyperion
DATE OF COMPLETION: 20/08/1980 (original), 19/12/2019 (current)
RACE LAPS (305KM): 43
INFO: Forest Cross is Esmerel's oldest dedicated motorsports circuit, having been completed in its original incarnation in 1980, comprising of only the first and latter half of the third sector, or roughly 3.5km. Even in its young state, the track proved to be a successful investment, drawing enough fans to sell out tickets to most major events at the circuit. Particular fan favorites included the tight Pin of Bravery, the circuit's only tight section, the Double Shift, a dangerous kink approaching the back straight, and the Grant Ridge Tunnel, which took a flat-out approach at over 300km/h out into the sunlight and directly approaching a heavy left-hander.

Further investment in 1996 saw the circuit expand more than twofold as a large eastern section was constructed to lengthen the circuit to 7 kilometers, adding the Serpent's Fork to confuse drivers, the overwhelming Gigaspoon, a seemingly endless left-hander, and the Blast Zone, a record-breaking long straight and a nightmare for incapable engines, as it led right to another flat-out section of the course. Aside from minor changes to the original West circuit over the years, this was the form that the track took as it hosted its first international event, the Esmerelian Grand Prix, during WGPC's sixteenth season.

The events of the race, including home hero Jean Mercer-Daly dominating outright and a red flag caused by a life-threatening crash by Terho Talvela at the Double Shift, spurred track engineers to reinvent the circuit, citing "it needs to contest good racing, not look like it could," in addition to safety concerns brought on by the track's aging design and calls to add moments of reprieve between the straights.

The circuit was relegated to preseason testing in WGPC17 to allow construction to begin and complete before the next season of motorsport began in 2020 - and perhaps crucially before a global virus outbreak forced the public on lockdown.

Redesigns to the circuit included a banked turn 1 and a more complex first sector, leading to a safer left hander to the next section of track, named Talvela in honor of the world champion who had crashed there and lived, a new left-right-left at the Serpent's Fork, and another double chicane at the new Rebirth paying homage to an old fan favorite at another circuit. In addition, the old Gigaspoon was scrapped in favor of a smaller variant called the Centrifuge, and two new chicanes, Brynhildr and The Readjustment, cut apart the third sector's massive engine bias. These were the circuit's most contentious changes, with fans rapidly missing the old form of the circuit - though an interim GT race at the new circuit in August calmed their cries somewhat, with the cars proving to provide great racing despite the changes - if not because of them.

The circuit now stands ready to return to the WGPC calendar outright as a race, and with Esmerel's safe handling of the virus outbreak a limited attendance of fans will be permitted to attend; ticket pre-sales have already skyrocketed. Will JMD dominate again at this changed venue, or will someone else step up to the top? It's about time to figure that out.
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Postby Northwest Kalactin » Mon Oct 05, 2020 8:48 am

Driver Name: Nate Jackson
Name Trigram: JAC
Nationality Trigram: NWK
Preferred Car Number: 99
Second Choice Car Number: 16
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 3
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 5
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Driver's bio: Yes that Nate Jackson. The TIF 13 Jackson. There is much of a story to his career which includes, WGPC, the Olympics, and Racing at WGP3 Circuits on the International Level. Nate got his first breakthrough in the Kalactanian Racing Circuit, where he managed to come out as a 20 year old, and upset star driver Randy Neilson, who was the best driver in Northwest Kalactin at the time. He would go onto finish first that season, but that wasn’t all that Nate would have in his career. After 2 more successful seasons where he topped the drivers championship and led Mountain Racing to another Constructors Cup, he would take a leap to the next stage.

Nate would put his name out there for the 16th season of the WGPC. He would end up signing with the WGP Motorsports Team, Team India Force 13, while the Kalactanian nation affiliated with many nations from India. He and Ranveer Singh would come over much scrutiny from seasoned WGPC officials due to the extremely poor media coverage surrounding both drivers. Both Ranveer and Nate would go onto have relatively poor seasons at the Championship, so much so that Ranveer was replaced mid season by North Prariean driver Luc Kennedy. TIF 13 would go onto finish with one of the lowest scores in the Constructors Championship, tying for last with Bitten Heroes.

That wouldn’t be the end of Nate’s racing career though, as Open Wheel Racing was announced as a Demonstration Event at the Games of The XIII Olympiad, hosted in Republica, Free Republics. Nate was not allowed to have a car made by any of his previous manufacturers, but rather have one made by the NKOC, which didn’t care much about Racing. He would end up with multiple DNFs throughout the Olympics at the Republica Speedway, but that didn’t bring him down. He would end up signing with a team in Mattijana, and would come in during the last few races, and would put some impressive times up, but due to his late coming, would finish 13th. He is now looking for potential teams in the 18th Season of WGPC, look out for Nate Jackson.
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Postby Valentine Z » Mon Oct 05, 2020 8:56 am

I'm not sure if I should or would be advised to sign up, given the less-than-stellar performance of the Valentians for WGP2. I might put this on hold.

I would just like to sign up a single driver, no circuits from me.
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Postby Nekoni » Mon Oct 05, 2020 9:06 am

Circuit Name: Autodromo Internazionale del Rivoli
Grand Prix Name: Eisborg Gran Premio di Nekoni
Track Image:
Lap Record (F1/WGPC Car): 1:38.765
Track Length (km): 5.918km
Qualifying Type (Traditional, One-Shot, Elimination or Two-Tiered): Traditional
If qualifying is 'Traditional' or 'One-Shot', would you like your race to be considered for the feature/sprint race weekend?: Y
Chance of rain (1%-20%): 1.8
Track aggressiveness (1-10): 4.6
Track technicality (1-10): 5.4
Overtaking Difficulty (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is easy, 5 is difficult): 3.1
Margin for error (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is forgiving, 5 is treacherous): 2.7
Info: Nekoni's current main circuit has undergone a minor transformation from when we last saw it. In the downtime over the last season, changes have been made to it for the first time since its inception in 1990. Whilst these additions may make the track faster, and in some ways, easier to drive, any attempt to underestimate the sting of Rivoli will almost certainly still result in the dolomite walls of the valleys claiming a wing or a wheel. Built into a natural ridge, the circuit has kept largely the shape of the mountain road that formerly occupied it, and the reprofiling means over the 52 laps, the drivers have potential to drive even faster than the playboys of the 60s who lived fast and died young on it.

From the beginning left-right chicane, drivers build their speed with the newly designated turn 3, and continue along a long, sweeping, ascending right over the blind apex of Turn 3, the entire section decked with Armco barriers on its right to prevent a long drop. The next turn, a tight-second gear right-hander, begins a dramatic descent. Turn 5, for an increased challenge, as been tightened for an actual turn 6 left hander to begin the heavy reduction in gradient. Skilful drivers can use this gradient to potentially go round it in full throttle, setting up for a difficult right hand sweeper, past the much-simplified kink into Turn 8, the most infamous point of the circuit. Named 'The Carousel', this hard left is banked slightly, allowing those who can get the angle precise can minimise their speed loss for the next stage of the lap. Of course, with the extra speed, care must be taken here. It's a much shorter gravel trap than one would expect, and failure to brake in time may lead into a hard and painful end to your day.

Where we once continued along the valley's rocky wall into a mid-speed complex, this season we reach new horizons. The Bowl, Turn 9 of the circuit, is a 10-degree banked left-hander. This bypasses the valley section of last year, is much wider than before, and allows a full-throttle ascent into Turn 10's slow right, which thanks to the greater speeds, is now a much more considerable overtaking opportunity, and a better spectator spot than ever before.

The ascent begins in the final third of the lap, with the speed being gradually built through the simple lefts of 11 and 12, before the hill appears to crest at the double-apex turn 13, which makes the bend blind, and much more difficult than it appears. However, the next two turns continue the ascent up the hill, and, in a change to proceedings, the circuit continues westwards at Turn 16. The lap concludes with the new final turn 18: following a simple right, the DRS detection zone marks the braking point for a tight left. Naturally, the better the turn is performed, the better in shape the driver is for the long 1200m blast uphill to complete the lap.

Driver Name: Erica Okumura
Name Trigram:
Nationality Trigram: NEK
Preferred Car Number: 47
Second Choice Car Number: 74
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 3.5
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 3.5
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 5
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Driver's bio: It's fair to say that Erica didn't play her best hand in season 17. A 23rd place after starting 9th wasn't the most ideal season finale: despite having strong performances in the raceday, yet again her qualifying has let her down, and the initial spark seems to be a whole lot cooler than it was last two seasons ago. However, at 23, there's fight in her yet. With Polaris Racing Team being financially up against the wall, she may be finding her luck in some other team. Would a potential change of scenery cause a turnaround in her fortunes? It certainly worked before: in the off-season she partnered with her PRT teammate Sayono Souzare to finish third overall (with a second place for constructors) in Hodori's national Formula series, but it's time to show the world that she can take it beyond one country again.
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Postby Xanneria » Mon Oct 05, 2020 9:09 am

Driver Submission (Is it ok to send an intentional backmarker in?)

Driver Name: Dr Bob Reynolds
Name Trigram: BOB
Nationality Trigram: XAN
Preferred Car Number: 40
Second Choice Car Number: 44
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 2
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 5
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 2
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Driver's bio: Doctor Robert Avery Reynolds is known to most as Dr Bob. But on the weekends Dr. Bob is a professional race car driver. A bad pro racer. Dr Bob is widely the laughing stock of Xannerian motorsport, sadly his favorite customer is John Calhoun, CEO of Southern Health Chem, manufacturer or AquaGlaze Toothpaste and a company that has support to the graons of many Dr. Bob's racing career. If you need money he's your driver, if you need talent look elsewhere.
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Postby Aboveland » Mon Oct 05, 2020 11:34 am

Ah, silly season, my favorite season!

Driver Name: Terho Talvela
Name Trigram: TAL
Nationality Trigram: ABL
Preferred Car Number: 1
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 3.5
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 4.6
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 3.9

Driver's bio: Local hero and two-time World Drivers' Champion Terho Talvela returns to the international stage for his fifth shot at the WGPC. The 30-year-old's innate driving skill surfaced at the age of 14 on the dirt backroads of his Abovian hometown; after snatching the driver's title in the short-lived Nordic Rally Championship in 2014, and with no prior circuit experience bar brief spells of folkrace as a teenager, Talvela scored a last-minute signing for last-minute entrants V+T Motorsports after impressing on his debut test session, ending the season with the driver's championship title. A shock team change for season 15 proved fruitful but insufficient for his title defense, and since season 16 he has spearheaded the efforts of joint Abovian/Vilita and Turorian outfit Tropicorp Racing Ælund, clinching both championships for a second time, with the help of his season 14 teammate iBen Toralmintii, for both Vilita and Turori Motorsports and himself.

In his illustrous four-year career, Talvela has become the most successful driver in history in terms of points and podiums per race, and is just five points shy of equalling Jai Kardaeri's maximum points tally. Though his current standings are a prime opportunity to bow out successfully, his passion for racing still burns steadily, and he's prepared to tackle his title defense.

Circuit Name: Fjellutfordring
Grand Prix Name: Abovian Grand Prix
Track Image:
Lap Record (F1/WGPC Car): 1:11.927
Track Length (km): 4.4km
Qualifying Type : One-Shot (alternatively, Traditional)
If qualifying is 'Traditional' or 'One-Shot', would you like your race to be considered for the feature/sprint race weekend?: Y
Chance of rain (1%-20%): 6%
Track aggressiveness (1-10): 6.7
Track technicality (1-10): 3.3
Overtaking Difficulty (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is easy, 5 is difficult): 2.5
Margin for error (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is forgiving, 5 is treacherous): 3.7

Info: [The] Fjellutfordring, located in the remote yet populous city of Avsidesliggendevuoret (home to forgotten Guayabalense outfit Telaris Racing's Axel Novikov) marks the return of circuit racing to Aboveland's core provinces near Terho Talvela's hometown of Tetrislop, a few hundred kilometers to the west.

The simple, 11-turn circuit lies nestled in the undulating rocky landscape of the central Abovian city, carved into the bedrock with little space to spare. Despite its relative simplicity, the design of the runoff areas of the circuit, its short length, and the slight elevation changes make for a thrilling ride.

The circuit widens as the start/finish straight leads into turn one, a prime overtaking spot with a safe tarmac runoff area to prevent first lap pileups. Drivers must get a good exit for the quick turn two, and be weary of the wall outside of turn three before launching off towards turn four over a wide stretch of undulating bumpy tarmac. The braking point, while wide, demands precision as the track limits become grass and gravel and the road narrows; after navigating turns five, six and seven, the track opens up again leading into an ascending, sweeping right hander lined with grass, a crest on the apex, before tightening for the narrow turn nine and descending to the lowest point of the circuit at turn 10, where the track widens once more and where the runoff is a solid wall against the rocky base of the terrain. Turn 11 opens up once more to finish the lap.

The Fjellutfordring's first appearance in an international competition was as a test venue for WGP2. The organizers, and surely Terho Talvela himself, are hoping for the circuit to host a WGPC event as per usual for Aboveland.
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Postby Kohnhead » Mon Oct 05, 2020 11:48 am

Driver 1
Driver Name: Derrick Perkins

Driver Nation: Kohnhead
Preferred Car Number: 91
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 4
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 4
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Bio: Perkins is regarded as the best driver in Kohnhead and is excited for the upcoming season. The 31 year old has a lot more experience racing on the streets of Kohnhead City since his youth. He has no stats in this as it's the first time Kohnheadians will be competing.

Driver 2
Driver Name: Lennie Rogers
Driver Nation: Kohnhead
Preferred Car Number: 18
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 3.5
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 5
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 3.5
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Bio: The 21 is overly aggressive and has a flair for the dramatics often getting into altercations. He is expected to not be as good as Perkins but could put something great together in the future.
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Postby Mattijana » Mon Oct 05, 2020 1:07 pm

Driver Name: Alex Dimitrianov
Name Trigram: DIM
Nationality Trigram: MTJ
Preferred Car Number: 42
Second Choice Car Number: 14
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 4
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 3
Technique (Between 2 and 5):5
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Driver's bio: Alex Dimitrianov has gone from being a fresh-faced rookie to one of the war-horses of the WGPC. The now-33 year-old has 5 seasons of top tier racing under his belt now and is seeking a drive for his sixth consecutive series.
Despite his increasing age and experience, Dimitrianov enjoyed his best finishing position yet in his most recent season, in which he raced for Filindostani outfit Badai Angin. Third was the eventual prize for a season in which he was best of the rest behind the dominant TRAE team, comprehensively outraced rookie teammate Carsten O'Rourke and picked up the fourth win of his career in Liventia.
The north-Mattijanan is renowned for his conservative and consistent approach to driving and is seen as the sort of driver who will bring you regular points, whilst not wasting any of your team's finances on new bodywork. He's not one for setting the track on fire, but that won't stop him from quietly trying to improve on that position from last season. Rumours have suggested he may re-sign for Badai Angin, but in an ever-unpredictable drivers' market, who knows if they will prove correct.

Driver Name: Jasmin Kranjska
Name Trigram: KRA
Nationality Trigram: MTJ
Preferred Car Number: 22
Second Choice Car Number: 12
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 3.5
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 4
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4.5
Driver's bio: A product of MRT's young driver programme, Jasmin Kranjska is only 25, but feels like she has been part of the WGPC for longer than her one and a half seasons. The Puljankan impressed at Badai Angin in her first few races, before landing a seat in an unexpectedly dog-ish SinVal car last season. Despite the sub-standard machinery, Kranjska dragged the car onto the podium twice and thrashed teammate Dahlia Dahl 36-7 in the head to head record.
With a full season behind her, Kranjska will be looking for a competitive seat in the coming season, whether that comes at her home team or elsewhere on the grid.

Manufacturer Name: Petrovi
Manufacturer Nationality Trigram: MTJ
Reliability (Between -1 and 1): -0.25
Traction (Between -1 and 1): 0.25

Independent Petrovijanka-based outfit Petrovi made their debut alongside MRT back in WGPC 14 and have a constructor's title to their name courtesy of the team's run in WGPC16. It was last season where they really made their mark as a multi-team supplier however. Alongside MRT, Petrovi also supplied tyres to VMR after a switch midway through the season, contributing to an upturn in form for the Vannish outfit late in the season that earned praise from the team's owners and drivers. Despite only having two teams on the books for a portion of the season, Petrovi also finished in the top 4 of Tropicorp's unofficial tyre rankings.
This year's compound offers a balanced setup between traction and degradation and have a shape and size that makes them effective with any setup. They offer a solid choice for any team, quietly doing their job and allowing the car to do the talking. If chosen as an official WGPC supplier, they Petrovi will be looking to take on Tropicorp - and other major suppliers - for the unofficial crown of multiverse's top rubber.
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Postby Valentine Z » Mon Oct 05, 2020 1:21 pm

I am only signing up one driver.

Driver Name: Zastępca Strażnika Adriana Krystal Desiree “Cudowny Manipulacja Światłem” Venus Kowalski Faith Stanisława Engelse I. Cherise Krystyna Zaborowska Sztormowska Pamela Alina Re. T. Lillian, or Adriana Kowalski.
Name Trigram: AKS
Nationality Trigram: VEZ
Preferred Car Number: 76
Second Choice Car Number: 40
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 5
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 2
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 5
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Driver's bio: Her non-NSS related bios can be found here. A Valentian that has seen her mix of success and setbacks in WGP2, Adriana plans to bring the Valentian expertise and friendliness into the world of WGPC, trying her hand at the challenges that awaits her. Not the one for fan of aggression, but more than makes up for it with her reliable systems and techniques.

Has a height of 22 feet out of race, but in a race car, she will be 6.25 feet tall to ensure safety! Her robotic offensives will NOT be applied to the race course, knowing full-well that the Valentians are never going to cause a war or a fight.


Past Experience / RP on WGP2 can be found here.
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Postby Hapilopper » Mon Oct 05, 2020 2:25 pm

Driver Name: Rudy Edwards
Name Trigram: EDW
Nationality Trigram: HAP
Preferred Car Number: 50
Second Choice Car Number: 75
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 4
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 5
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 3

Driver's bio:
A strong competitor in the Hapilopper Championship Series, the Dominion of Hapilopper's top open-wheel single seater series, Rudy Edwards is aggressive, tough and gung-ho about what he does for a living. And he does it well, too, winning the HCS Championship the last two years. At only 23 years of age, many suggest that Rudy's best years are still ahead of him, and he could be on his way to being one of the all-time greats in Hapiloppian racing, if he could just keep his cool.

But that could wind up being Rudy's biggest downfall. Rudy is just as much of a hothead as he is a fast driver. Sometimes, when faced with adversity, Rudy responds by letting his anger get the best of him. Those listening to his radio during a race have been subjected to some of the worst language heard in any environment. Rudy is an extremely intense individual, and that intensity can be seen anywhere - in his interviews, in public appearances, on the race track. Sometimes this intensity can be a good thing, but sometimes he gets a little ahead of himself.

Rudy has support from the Preston Automobile Company, not dissimilar to the way Drake Stevenson was in his run in WGPC. There are rumors that Rudy could wind up driving for a Preston Autos works team, which is reportedly based out of the Team Blue shop in Hapilopper City. How a new team and a new driver work together in the World Grand Prix Championship remain to be seen, but if anyone have the ability to get the job done, it's Rudy Edwards and Preston Autos.


Circuit Name: Hapilopper City Grand Prix Circuit
Grand Prix Name: The Preston Autos Hapiloppian Grand Prix
Lap Record (F1/WGPC Car): 1:28.535
Track Length (km): 5.57 km
Qualifying Type (Traditional, One-Shot, Elimination or Two-Tiered): Elimination
Chance of rain (1%-20%): 15%
Track aggressiveness (1-10): 6
Track technicality (1-10): 4
Overtaking Difficulty (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is easy, 5 is difficult): 1.5
Margin for error (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is forgiving, 5 is treacherous): 4

The Hapilopper City Grand Prix Circuit is located on the western outskirts of Hapilopper City, actually located in the nearby suburb of Paulson. The circuit was built back in the late 1990s in an effort to attract international road racing to the Dominion, and an estimated 120,000 fans are expected to fill the circuit grounds for a Grand Prix weekend, should the circuit be granted a Grand Prix. What kind of race the circuit will present depends on the weather. If Hapilopper's notoriously-finicky weather gets involved, mayhem could ensure. If not, many expect a fantastic race anyway with lots of passing opportunities and high speed ruling the day. Below is some information about the corners and portions of the track drivers will encounter.

Your lap starts with First Right, a flat-out right kink leading downhill to Downhill Pass. Typically, it is not considered wise to make a passing move here, unless the trailing car has picked up a huge draft off the leading car. Expect speeds to approach 210 mph past First Right, which should give fans on the pit straight a real thrill as they see cars haul ass at top speed towards Downhill Pass.

Your first real opportunity at passing comes at Downhill Pass, a downhill left hand corner, and a possible trouble spot throughout the race. Drivers in the Hapilopper Championship Series have been known for missing their braking point and hurtling right off the track and into the neighboring sand trap. Behind Downhill Pass, fans will congregate on a viewing area hill, known as "Spectator Hill," which gives fans a great view of Downhill Pass and the McLaughlin's complex. Drivers, marshals and photographers have told stories of watching smoke from barbecues on Spectator Hill wafting across the circuit and becoming momentarily distracted by the scent of barbecue chicken and ribs.

Named for former gentleman driver Peter McLaughlin, who competed in sports car racing across three decades in the Dominion, and the designer of this circuit, the McLaughlin's circuit consists of two uphill corners. The first one comes after a short straight following Downhill Pass, and gives drivers another opportunity to perform overtaking maneuvers. Maybe someone might want to repass whoever got by them at Downhill Pass. A short straight connects the two McLaughlin corners, which leads towards a small almost straight leading to Slidey Right.

This corner gained its name following a rainy day a few years ago when the corner, already slick from a car blowing an engine and oiling down the track, sent car after car off the track due to virtually no traction on the track. Slidey Right is a tough corner on a dry day, a pain in the ass on a rainy day, and a bold place to make a passing move for the braves of drivers. Look for a lot of action here.

An unofficial series of esses, Flat Left and Flat Right, as the name would suggest, are taken at full-throttle as drivers make their way to one of the most interestingly-named sections of the track. Don't expect a lot of passing on Flat Left and Right, unless the drivers involved in such a move are either a.) unspeakably brave or b.) terminally stupid. A handful of drivers have tried making passing moves either leading up to, or in the middle of, Flat Right, which have led to some horrific accidents in the past, most notably during a Hapilopper Championship Series race last season when Leroy Keegan ran over the left-rear of Blake Broadbent, sending him skyward, before tumbling all the way to Oh Crap There's A Wall.

Perhaps the most famous feature of the Hap City Grand Prix Circuit, "Oh Crap There's a Wall" is a sudden left-hand corner accompanied by an unforgiving concrete wall along the track surface. Top WGPC cars will take Flat Right at full-throttle before having to slam on the brakes for the relatively slow Oh Crap There's A Wall, taken at an estimated 80 mph. Drivers in the Hapilopper Championship Series have hit the outside wall on multiple occasions, wrecking their day and leading to increased discussions that maybe there should be a little bit of runoff just the racing surface. Either way, Oh Crap There's A Wall is a great place for a driver to make a balls-to-the-wall passing move on the braking from 180 to 80 - or less.

A number of road circuits across Hapilopper (and yes, they do exist) have named perhaps the most remote part of their circuit "Chicken Bone Alley" for the cheap seats typically located there. Chicken Bone Alley on the Hap City Grand Prix Circuit is the straight between Oh Crap There's A Wall and the Triple Diamond and features grandstands on either side. In last year's Hapilopper City 1000 kilometer race, a handful of drivers complained that fans sitting in these seats threw chicken bones at their cars midrace. No bones were found by corner workers, but the accusation still stands.

The Triple Diamond Complex, at one point, featured a long triple-apex corner leading onto the Final Straight. However, due to concerns that this corner could allow some of the top teams to run somewhere in the neighborhood of three kilometers plus at full throttle, officials with the Grand Prix circuit made the hard decision to install a chicane between the second and third apexes of Triple Diamond. The chicane - a slow right hander in the middle of apex two - slows cars down, and again for the left-right segment leading onto Final Straight.
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Postby Kyoki Chudoku » Mon Oct 05, 2020 3:17 pm

OOC note: I’ve not really done NSS before, so this is my first foot forward into the genre. Kyoki Chudoku is a bit of an eccentric nation to use for something like this, but I’m giving it a shot. I understand if things seem a bit too over the top.

Driver Name: Sakinomi Rikikida (さきのみ りききだ)
Name Trigram: RIK
Nationality Trigram: KYC
Preferred Car Number: 4
Second Choice Car Number: 23
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 2
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 5
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 3
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Driver's bio:

The Supreme Ultimate Country of Kyoki Chudoku is an unlikely place indeed for a driver to originate from, and Rikikida’s circumstances reflect this. She has never taken part in an official racing tournament in her life, for her nation simply does not host such events. Rather than a legacy on the circuit, Rikikda draws upon a different form of experience- flight. A former member of the Kyoki Chudoku no Kugun, she served as a Sentoki-Ichi Fn/Y “Karasu” pilot, commanding the cockpit of a fighter jet in the name of order. Despite a long career, she has only ever taken down a single enemy craft, and her style of flight was noted for unusual recklessness, especially given that her assigned aircraft lacked ejection seats as a cost-cutting measure.

Her fondest hope was to become a Ganseihiro ace- but those dreams would die a shattered death during the Nightmare. Like almost all Chudokurens, the horrors of that calamity weighed heavily upon her. Instead of reigning death from the skies, Rikikida was forced to confront hordes of hostile fanatics with nothing more than pistol and knife. In the aftermath, the entire nation reeled, and many soldiers were discharged with honour to keep the struggling economy from collapsing. Rikikida went about her work diligently, but always kept a desire for the speed and thrill of soaring. She would never grace the air again.

Rikikida turned to a more grounded form of thrill, making the most of the desolated wastes and the rubble-strewn streets of forgotten villages and ghost towns to adjust to a different lifestyle. It began as a stress relief measure and a reminder of all they had lost. It became a passion. Chained to gravity‘s indomitable pull, she nonetheless gained a primal satisfaction as she pushed herself ever further, doing all she could to salvage military detritus and cobble together what could vaguely be called a racing machine. It was only by a small miracle she gained permission from higher authorities to bring herself into the international racing scene at all- and it will be a desperate struggle for one so inexperienced with professional standards and opponents. Rikikida does not expect to win. She does not even expect to do well. But none of that will stop her trying, no matter how aggressive she must be to achieve her ambition.

There is no denying that Rikikida is utterly reckless. She has supreme confidence in her reaction speed and ability to divide attention especially, honed through years of military piloting experience. In her mind, what chance could foreign civilians stand against an ace of the Supreme Ultimate Country? Arrogance is indeed a major downfall of hers, for while she has her merit, there is a gap between the reality of her abilities and her perception of them. Her firm alignment with the tyrannical ideology of her nation is also sure to be a point of controversy, and while not vulgar in the traditional sense, she carries the intensity of a Nightmare veteran in her unrelenting stare- achievements of death etched onto her cheek in the form of twin scars. She looks every part the image of a soul hardened by battle and a fanatic of tyranny, and she intends to show no mercy to her adversaries- she never did on the battlefield and she never will on the racetrack.

In terms of backing, Rikikida has little. The Head of Media and Cultural Affairs has afforded her a generous opportunity by letting her leave the country at all. The most that would accompany her would be a few fellow veterans to serve alongside her and tend to duties such as mechanics- more an ensemble of fish out of water than any semblance of an organised national support base. Some of her closest colleagues back home- pilots, soldiers, what’s left of her family- know of her absence from the nation’s internal affairs. But most from her country will never see her compete due to Chudokuren media censorship. She has been given a chance to prove the value not only of her own skill, but of sporting as a whole to a nation that has little and cares nothing for foreign competitions. This is a personal matter for Rikikida, and though nobody she cares about will likely ever get to see her accomplishments, what matters to her is the moment- the thrill- the ecstasy of surging forth and being taken in by raw, unrelenting adrenaline. For better or for worse, there will be no holding back.
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Postby -Anthor- » Mon Oct 05, 2020 3:20 pm

NAME: Peregrine Martell
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 3
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 4
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 5
BIO: Peregrine has long been a staple on the Anthoran domestic racing scene, having always been a favorite to win it all in the Royal Auto Racing system and had, four times over six years but a series of nagging medical issues over the last four years have led to Martell entering the middle of her career with most of the glory appearing to be behind her, instead of in the front. Despite this, she triumphantly returned to RAR racing last season, and managed to led Hailey Motorworks to a constructor's title and finished just 2 points shy of the best driver of the year, narrowly beaten out by Ivan Elwin. Typically, the RAR champion and runnerup are the representatives to the WGPC but beginning this season, format changes have determined that the two drivers will be determined by player vote - Martell was easily chosen for her unmatched skill in the game, and tenacity to drive the others down with it.

NAME: Denholm Kingsley
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 4
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 4
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4
This will be Denholm's third year in the WGPC, his last entry was an attempt in the 16th edition but he went unselected by any team and thus never participated outside of the initial qualifying events. The drama surrounding him domestically as done little to dissipate as the criminal proceedings against his former team have finally gotten underway, and all throughout the RAR season he looked to put it behind himself as he focused on integrating with his new team Auchenvar - he finished the season with a win at the Ironforge Grand Prix and overall fourth position in the tables which is very respectable for a driver who has been long heralded as the next generational talent in racing but often side railed with inconsistent performance many believe was caused by off-track antics. Hopefully, with the new team and his past finally closing that chapter, Kingsley can score a team and some success in this 18th edition.
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Postby Diarcesia » Mon Oct 05, 2020 4:19 pm

Driver Name: Sara Luna
Name Trigram: LNA
Nationality Trigram: DCS
Preferred Car Number: 50
Second Choice Car Number: 28
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 4.0
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 3.0
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 5.0
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Driver's bio: Sara Luna is a 37-year-old woman who enjoys charity work, walking and bowling. She is kind and careful, but can also be very lazy and a bit grumpy. She is a Christian who defines herself as straight. She didn't finish school. She is allergic to sunlight. She has a severe phobia of stakes, and is obsessed with tank tops and coloring in.

She is average-height with pale skin, white hair and brown eyes, with a birthmark on her left shoulder.

Growing up in a working class neighborhood, her mother left when she was young, leaving her with her father, who was a drunk. Running away from home proved to be a natural pasttime for her. A series of strange coincidental circumstances brought her to the WGP2 under the Adelphia-VMR team. By sheer grit and hard work she somehow became the runner-up in her debut season, earning her the nickname "Luna Wolf". Is her singular focus on racing a way to distract her from her problems? Plus, being outdoors in a fully-enclosed race suit aids her in her sun allergy.

She is currently in a relationship with Tom Tomas Bennett. Tom is 16 years older than her and works as a senior programmer.

Sara has two children with late husband Dana: Violet aged 6 and Zac aged 8.

Driver Name: Aldauren Ginintella
Name Trigram: GNT
Nationality Trigram: DCS
Preferred Car Number: 79
Second Choice Car Number: 53
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 4.3
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 3.1
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4.6
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Driver's bio:

Aldauren Ginintella drives cars for a living. By virtue of his elven lifespan, even if he was the Pryfors Bilar automotive company's very first test driver, he is still in his prime in professional racing. Born and raised in Ald'ruhn in Morrowind, he had been fortunate enough to travel the world and eventually settle in Diarcesia at the dawn of the 20th Century, driving open-wheeled cars in high-performance leagues. There, he met and fell in love with the culture and the people, who in his time were enamored with the horseless carriages. They were quick, agile, and very fast.

His transition to the Diarcesian WGP3 was smooth and successful after he left Pryfors Bilar. In many of his seasons, Ginintella was either the champion or second in the drivers' standings. His aura of ice-cold confidence and sense of humor endeared him to the fans, helping propel him to be one of the celebrities and faces of the WGP3.

After learning of his recent WGP3 rival Sara Luna's success and subsequent announcement of joining the WGPC18, Ginintella set his sights on the same trophy. A part of him is energized that he can do something spectacular to match her and maybe even the established veterans there.

Manufacturer Name: Phoenician Tires
Manufacturer Nationality Trigram: DCS
Reliability (Between -1 and 1): -0.81
Traction (Between -1 and 1): 0.81
R & T ratings should add up to no more than 0.

Circuit Name: Pryfors Bilar Raceway
Grand Prix Name: Pryfurium Circuit Masters GP
Track Image: Image
Lap Record (F1/WGPC Car): 1:13.004
Track Length (km): 4.19
Qualifying Type (Traditional, One-Shot, Elimination or Two-Tiered): Traditional
If qualifying is 'Traditional' or 'One-Shot', would you like your race to be considered for the feature/sprint race weekend?: Y
Chance of rain (1%-20%): 3%
Track aggressiveness (1-10): 7.7
Track technicality (1-10): 2.3
(Aggressiveness and technicality should add up to 10)
Overtaking Difficulty (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is easy, 5 is difficult): 2
Margin for error (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is forgiving, 5 is treacherous): 2.4
Info: The wide and free-flowing nature of Diarcesian roads naturally rolls over to this raceway. The dedicated and illustrious test track of the Pryfors Bilar (PB) automotive company was built shortly after its founding, near the original location of its HQ. It has witnessed countless moments of elation, despair, and twisted metal in its many decades of operation. Now, through the tears and grime of times past, it continues to inspire fear and joy in drivers of all abilities. In their campaign of building up recognition, the company has opened the Raceway to international events, starting with the successful WGP2 III.

The competitors and spectators will experience a mix of thrills and pitfalls along the way. They may come across ancient relics of a bygone era, or even find statues of ancient snakes and lizards that have died out altogether.

The start of the track is located at the end of the Grovedoor Straight, and cars enter the sharp and wide turn of the Console-Passant. Cars finishing the previous lap can retain much of their speed entering it and maintain their pace to take advantage of the following still-open stretch, named by Aldauren Ginintella (then PB's test driver) as Memories of Old Run: a hotly-disputed part where the lead can swap hands several times in a lap. Following a forced slow-down on Turn Three, the narrowest segment of the track, the cars go full-speed again in the next couple of smooth turns. However, drivers must be careful: borrowing from poker terminology, the Flop, Turn, and River corners can be unforgiving to those who err.

The second half of the track begins with the lead-up to the Cansay Drift, normally used by PB to highlight their offerings' handling characteristics. Things slow down a bit and the cars pass under a bridge as the elevation increases. Once they reach the apogee at the Crux of Experience (that it's PB's marketing slogan is no coincidence), the drivers go downhill with a mild meandering stretch towards Turn 11. Another hot overtaking spot, the drivers must maintain their momentum here and on the entrance to the Grovedoor Straight if they don't want to be left behind in the dust as the lap finishes.

The fans who make up the bulk of the racing fan base will be happy to hear that the track does indeed have dedicated sections reserved for special events.
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Postby Lisander » Mon Oct 05, 2020 5:14 pm

Driver Name: Athan Lille
Driver Nation: Lisander
Preferred Car Number: 9
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 3.5
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 3.5
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 5
Previous international experience: Formula Endurance (HDR), Season 174, 5th place
Short Bio: A 21yo technical driver, was a Bitten Heroes Academy driver before the team folded. Drove in Formula Endurance (from Hodori) in Season 174, finishing 5th with two Grand Slams (Pole, Win and Fastest Lap) in Soumakuin and Soeshu, and two more pole positions in Dashoze and Tarogama. At the moment, he's unlikely to accept an offer from a Lisanderian team, since he's kind of disappointed with the local motorsport.

Driver Name Anneliese "Sissie" Devereux
Driver Nation: Lisander
Preferred Car Number: 7
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 4.5
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 3
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4.5
Previous international experience: None
Short Bio:This 25 year driver was almost leaving the racing scenario after some bad appearances, but was selected by Harlean Motors to take part on their WGP3 project. With Harlean being confirmed as the engine partner of the new Lisander team, she could be selected by them.

Manufacturer Name: Stellenbosch
Manufacturer Nationality Trigram: LIS
Reliability (Between -1 and 1): -0.9
Traction (Between -1 and 1): 0.9
R & T ratings should add up to no more than 0.

Stellenbosch (aka STB) brings its HS2 for the second season in WGPC. It was slightly updated on the rubber composition, to ensure a little more on reliability, a problem that plagued Lisander drivers in the last two seasons. Stellenbosch is already working with the new lisanderian team on the works, even before official presentation.

Lisander Autosports Board isn't homologating a circuit this season, since Circuit de Grandeville is under renovations.
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Postby The Democratic Unionist Cool Kids » Mon Oct 05, 2020 5:49 pm

Driver Name: Francesco Scirotto
Name Trigram: SCI
Nationality Trigram: DUK
Preferred Car Number: 75
Second Choice Car Number: 69
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 3.5
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 4.5
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4.0
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Driver's bio: Francesco Scitrotto started in karting at the age of 7, and proved quickly throughout the D.U.C.K. karting and junior formula that he was a force to be reckoned with. The 20 year-old won the D.U.C.K. Formula Zimbarli championship with 3 rounds still left to run, and has since been hoping to enter the greatest spectacle in all NS Motorsport. He never competed in WGP2, but has shown tenacity in running rallycross and stock car dirt racing in his free time away from open-wheel motorsport.

He is 6' 1" and has blonde hair and brown eyes. He is caucasian.

He was born into a poor household, and his father Sebastian would work night jobs in order to fund fast Francesco's racing career. He developed his love for racing at age 7, when he first watched WGPC on television and was instantly hooked. He studied every racing line from a young age and begged his parents for his own kart. At age 9 it was given to him, and he did not disappoint. After winning the Toscana Kart championship at age 11, he progressed through more national karting until being given a chance to drive an open-wheel car for the first time when he was 15. He proceeded to join the D.U.C.K. Formula Zimbarli championship and won 7 of the 14 rounds. However, a number of accidents throughout the season (including when he took out another driver after an incident) as well as his gutsy and risky moves, have made him one of the most most eccentric and controversial figures in D.U.C.K. Motorsport.

Francesco is single.

Manufacturer Name: Mattinson Tires
Manufacturer Nationality Trigram: MAT
Reliability (Between -1 and 1): -0.4
Traction (Between -1 and 1): 0.4
R & T ratings should add up to no more than 0.

Circuit Name: Autodromo Zentorno Dilago
Grand Prix Name: Grand Prix Della Zimbarli Liguria (Zimbarli Ligurian Grand Prix)
Lap Record (F1/WGPC Car): 1:24.943
Track Length (km): 3.65
Qualifying Type (Traditional, One-Shot, Elimination or Two-Tiered): Traditional
If qualifying is 'Traditional' or 'One-Shot', would you like your race to be considered for the feature/sprint race weekend?: Y
Chance of rain (1%-20%): 78%
Track aggressiveness (1-10): 5
Track technicality (1-10): 5
(Aggressiveness and technicality should add up to 10)
Overtaking Difficulty (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is easy, 5 is difficult): 1.5
Margin for error (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is forgiving, 5 is treacherous): 3.5
Info: Zentorno Dilago was built in 1985 after a huge need to build a new circuit to serve Liguria. The previous circuit of Zentorno Dilago was a 15.4 mile street circuit composed of mountain roads with little to no run-off area. The current Zentorno Dilago is almost the opposite. Elevation change is still present, but danger isn't nearly a factor as the track has lots of tarmac runoff and gravel traps. In all it's history, Zentorno Dilago has only ever witnessed one driver death. All drivers will complete 68 laps of the circuit and will mix the thrill of racing with the beauty and wonderful views of the D.U.C.K. wine country.

The track begins going up the hill towards the fast and long righthander at turn one, which gradually flattens, and leads into the 45 degree left turn at Vernazza, and exits onto the fast left-right s section which leads down the hill towards Manarola (Turn 6), a long flat-out lefthanderhander which leads onto the Buono Straight. Turn 7 is a 90 degree lefthand hairpin which loops into the chicane extion of the track. Tunrs 8, 9, 10, and 11 are all tight right-left chicanes which lead to the final three corners, Riomaggiore (Turn 12), a 90 degree left hander, Giancarlo (Turn 13) another 90 degree left hander, and Pazzaro (Turn 14), a long sweeping righthander which gives drivers a chance to go flat out and gain a slipstream on another car whilst going back towards the start-finish line on the Dilago Straight.

Fans are required to book tickets in advance and will have the option of grandstand seating. The max. capacity of the circuit is 50,000 people.
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Postby Squidroidia » Mon Oct 05, 2020 6:41 pm

Driver Name: Daryl Mizushima
Name Trigram: MIZ
Nationality Trigram: SQR
Preferred Car Number: 63
Second Choice Car Number: 71
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 2
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 5
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 3
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.

Driver's bio: Daryl Mizushima is an odd type in Squidroidia. A human with an Inkling sounding first name, Daryl is the son of Yusuke Mizushima, the founder of the FunStar media empire. Although for the start of Squidroidia's existence after the Apocalypse the country didn't allow private transportation, Daryl got into this weird Grand Prix thing, watching WGPC events and even taking up karting in foreign lands. He has no WGPT3 experience. He has no WGP2 experience. He has never won a major title in karting. However, he does have Yusuke's FunStar money to get himself a ride in the highest level.

Daryl stands at 5 feet, 8 inches, and weighs a respectable 140 pounds, and has an Asian look. As an 18 year old, he has some rules that he has to learn. Very aggressive on the karting tracks, he might be the type who would intentionally crash out another opponent, no matter the risk. In karting, he also didn't have the best gear. Often at times, Daryl would have his engine or brakes lose the will to live, causing him to be DNFed at most karting events he went to. If he does make it to the finish, however, he will probably do it in a car that's on the edge of breaking apart.

His technique is decent for a driver as well, good on the corners and can pull off some magic given the right equipment. However, he is not a good driver on straights, and he can and will lose positions in this manner. In a karting event, he got last place on the grid - Not because he got a grid penalty, because he was a snail on the straights, although he was a beast on the corners. This can be attributed to him going off the racing line to attempt passes even though there aren't any karts there. He could pull off some magic, but it's going to be rare.

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Postby Indusse » Mon Oct 05, 2020 11:54 pm

Driver Name: Arvind Venkatesh
Name Trigram: ARV
Nationality Trigram: INS (Indusse)
Preferred Car Number: 98
Second Choice Car Number: 36
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 3
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 4
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 5
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Driver's bio: Arvind Venkatesh is having his debut NSGP this season. He is been the champion of various national racing event. He is also a bike racer and monster truck driver. He is 26 years old. Not married and is from a middle class family.

Manufacturer Name: Rotwheels Tyres
Manufacturer Nationality Trigram: INS
Reliability (Between -1 and 1): 0.40
Traction (Between -1 and 1): -0.60
R & T ratings should add up to no more than 0.

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Postby Abanhfleft » Tue Oct 06, 2020 5:44 am

Driver Name: William Archer
Name Trigram: ARC
Nationality Trigram: AFT
Preferred Car Number: 8
Second Choice Car Number: 20
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 3
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 5
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.

Driver's bio:
The son of stock car racer Guillermo Archer. It can be said that motorsports is in William's blood. William was exposed to racing at a very young age, having been brought to his father's races since he was three years old. For all intents and purposes it seemed as if William would follow Guillermo into stock car racing, but a trip to a go-kart racing track when he was 8 years old changed all that. William took to karting like a fish takes to water and began winning trophies in his local races and junior categories. Then, at 16 years old William made the leap into Grand Prix racing, or at least something a little bit close to it. William didn't win the title in his rookie year in the Coalition Grand Prix Racing Association, but placing 8th in a field of 22 drivers is still a very decent performance. And now, with UrGa Motorsports opting to test the waters of truly multiversal racing in the form of WGP2, William now has the chance to cut his teeth at the second-to-the-top level. It's said that he also has an eye on moving up to the WGPC depending on or no matter how his time WGP2 pans out. Just something to keep in mind, especially given that he won the Nimban Deuxieme Prix in what in his own opinion was one of the worst cars on the WGP2 III grid.

Driver Name: Taras Matviyenko
Name Trigram: MTV
Nationality Trigram: PDN
Preferred Car Number: 21
Second Choice Car Number: 31
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 5
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 3
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.

Driver's bio: Taras Gavrilovich Matviyenko has been with UrGa Motorsports for as long as anyone can remember. Drivers and even principals for UrGa might come and go, but Taras remains the only consistent factor on that team. Taras doesn't even have the regular background that one might expect from racecar drivers; he started off as a regular factory floor worker for UrGa before getting "promoted" to being a literal test driver, driving UrGa's automotive offerings across a variety of road and weather conditions and documenting the experiences of the drivers and passengers. When UrGa decided to enter the world of motorsports, they literally threw Taras into the very first chassis they produced with the order "Go as fast as possible." This resulted in him winning the first ever drivers' championship in the Coalition Grand Prix Racing Association in 2021, as well as helping UrGa to their first (and so far only) constructors' title. Then in the next season, Taras was involved in a crash that almost cost him his life, and he has never raced the same after that. Taras never challenged for another drivers' title after that, but yet UrGa kept their faith with him, maybe because he is literally one of them. Taras had a golden opportunity to pick up a 1-2 for UrGa with his teammate Lane Carter were it not for an unfortunate incident that cost both of them the podium, but after that his fortunes have been topsy-turvy; two podiums but no wins. He was told that UrGa would not stand in his way if he decided to take the step up to the WGPC, and it looks like Taras has indeed taken the step up.
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