[ROSTERS] Games of the XIV Olympiad

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]
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[ROSTERS] Games of the XIV Olympiad

Postby Liventia » Thu Aug 06, 2020 11:40 am

Roster thread

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The purpose of this thread is for posting your rosters for team sports events. This thread is also for any IC information that might not belong in the RP thread, such as national anthems, traditions, flag bearers, officials, judges and other prominent characters from your nation(s) that are not competing as athletes. If you wish, you may link to your signup post.

Remember that there will be two Opening Ceremonies, one in each host city, so you may name flagbearers for each Ceremony.

NOCs signed up
Ancharmunn (ANC)
The Archregimancy (ARC)
Astograth (ASG)
Banija (BNJ)
Benjamin Mark (BNM)
Britonisea (BRI)
Chromatika (CMT)
Cocoabo Forest (CFT)
Commonwealth of Baker Park (CBP)
Commonwealth Union (CWU)
Omerica (OME)
Saltstead (SAL)

Darkmania (DMN)
Darmen (DAR)
Diarcesia unified team (DCS)
Avicia (AVC)
Chiyginia (CHG)
Castamiria (CST)
Hylvoria (HLV)
Losphortoene (LPT)
Odrioya (OWO)
Palaeodiarcesia (PDC)
Wochaystein (WOC)

Electrum (ETM)
Eraman (ERM)
Estogium (RWH)
Farfadillis (FFD)
Fraglia-Cox (FGC)
The Grearish Union (GRU)
Greater Vakolicci Haven (VKL)
Græntfjall (GRÆ)
The Hannasean Federation (HAN)
Hapilopper and Wreckeria (HNW)
Ioudaia (IOU)
Jeckland (JEC)
The Jovannic (JOV)
Kalosia (KLS)
Kelssek (KSK)
Ko-oren (KOR)
Kriegiersien (KGS)
Krytenia (KRY)
Liventia (LEN)
Lovisa (LOV)
Main Nation Ministry (MNM)
Mattijana (MTJ)
Megistos (MEG)
Nagore (NAG)
New Waldensia (NWD)
North Alezia (NAZ)
Northwest Kalactin (NWK)
Npc West Florida (NWF)
Pemecutan (PCU)
People's Republic of Xabia (PRX)
Plane of Possibility (POP)
Pripet Socialist Republic (PSR)
Renzynistan (RZN)
Republic of Pine (ROP)
Royal Kingdom of Quebec (QUE)
Sargossa (SRG)
The Sarian (TSA)
Siovanija and Teusland (STL)
Sirian (SRN)
South Newlandia (SNL)
Springmont (SPM)
Starblaydia (STB)
Sylestone (SYL)
Taeshan (TAE)
Teremaran Unified Team (TRM)
Arkyatan (AKY)
Austrakia (ATK)
Cedecra (CED)
Falkasia (FLK)
Glisandia (GLS)
Gragastavia (GRG)
Gaul (GUL)
Lacetanya (LCT)
Neu Engollon (NEG)
Taranima (TNA)
Yellow Star Republic (YSR)

Terre Septentrionale (RTS)
Tikariot (TKT)
Togonistan (TGN)
Trolleborg (TRL)
Vdara (VDR)
Vekaiyu (VEK)
Vilitan Union (VLT)
Waisnor (WSN)
Welcomzia (WEL)
West Phoenicia (KWP)
Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom (ZRH)
Zhi (ZHI)
ZSeparatists (ZSE)

Please DO NOT reserve posts in this thread or post a "tag".

Recommended team sizes by sport and event are listed below. You may name more players, but the minimum number of athletes should be met.
ARTISTIC SWIMMING: 8 athletes + 1 reserve (minimum 8)
WATER POLO: 13 (7 starting)

Men’s and Women’s: 12 (5 starting)
Men’s 3x3 and Women’s 3x3: 4 (3 starting)

BASEBALL: 24 – 12 pitchers, 12 position players (10 starting, including a DH which is required under Olympic rules)
SOFTBALL: 15 (9 starting)

Men’s and Women’s: 18 (11 starting) + 4 alternates

RHYTHMIC: 5 + 1 alternate

Men’s and Women’s: 14 (7 starting)

Men’s and Women’s: 16 (11 starting) + 3 alternates

Men’s and Women’s Coxed Eights: 9 (8 rowers + 1 cox). No alternates allowed.

Men’s and Women’s: 13 (7 starting)

INDOOR: 12 (6 starting)

Men’s and Women’s: 11 starting, suggested team size 48
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Postby Sirian » Thu Aug 06, 2020 7:36 pm

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Postby Benjamin Mark » Thu Aug 06, 2020 7:40 pm

Flag Bearer: Natalie Potrero
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West Phoenicia
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Postby West Phoenicia » Thu Aug 06, 2020 7:47 pm


Nation: The Empire of West Phoenicia

Ruler: Emperor Glenton Gryphon-Bush II
Co Ruler: Empress Angelique Baroda-Gryphon-Bush
Co Ruler: Empress Alotta Diesel Gryphon-Bush.
Co Ruler: Empress Cleopatra-Olympias Gryphon-Bush
Prime Minister: Countess Tia High

Olympic Federation President: Baroness Flora Freeman
Olympic Federation Chairperson: Lord Maximillan Saintè III
Olympic Federation Vice- Chairperson: David Baroda
Selection Committee Head: Lady Giselle Santiago

Flag Bearer for Istria Opening Ceremony : Missy Whelan

Missy Whelan is a Middleweight boxer who claimed gold at the XIII Republica, The Free Republics Summer Olympics.

Flag Bearer for Orean Opening Ceremony: Christobel Tee

Christobel is one of the younger athletes who is taking part in the Skateboarding event under the Park discipline. Christobel took home the very first gold medal in the event in the sports debut entry at the last Olympics.

Team Colours: Purple and Gold
National Anthem: West Phoenicia in our hearts forever

Team Rosters:

Team name: West Phoenician Hammerhead Sharks

Player                      Age             Home Town
Cedric Westex 28 Jackson
Ivan Columbia 30 Helios Territory
Adam Whithers 18 Neo Australias
Li Wang 23 Jackson
Mason Greene 23 Agape
Igor Rammonv 40 Polytheisa Haven
Wei Peng 32 Scarlett Orient Isles
Mohammad Al Sayed 27 Jackson
Carlos Ducox 31 New Crocodilopolis

Team name: West Phoenician Seashells

Name              Age     Hometown 
Nadia Bosnia 38 New Tudor
Svetlana Carlos 28 Seleucid Dominion
Yvette Davies 25 Passions Territory
Claudia Cooper 21 Westernia Frontier
Ming Le Fleur 30 Jackson
Crystal Montage 34 Jackson
Aimee Hunt 29 Nova Texas
Salome Popadova 40 Nova Texas
Julie Doveton 19 Selene Valley

Team Name: West Phoenician Mermen

Name                Age        Position       Hometown               Club

Judah Craven 24 GK Jackson Jackson Splashes
Sal Crabtree 19 GK St Mary St Mary Saints
Matthew Collis 30 C Jackson Jackson Splashes
Luis Salvador 30 C Upper West Phoenicia New Tudor Stingrays
Aztec Hernandez 19 C Testament Valley Deception Bay Fins
Scott Mare 30 Attack Fantasi Fantasi Orcas
Bastian Alexandre 33 Attack Jackson New Tudor Stingrays
Dillon Franks 19 Attack Yule Island Yule Island Seahorses
Tutakamun Stephens 25 Attack New Egypt St Mary Saints
Mike Lei 35 Defender Scarlett Orient Isles Tallahassee Raindrops
Manpreet Sindhu 19 Defender Titania Tallahassee Raindrops
Moussa Deballas 29 Defender Ptolemaic Haven Jackson Splashes
Cain Vincent 22 Defender Jackson Deception Bay Fins

Team Name: West Phoenician Sea Hags
Name                  Age       Position          Hometown           

Lydia Wales 28 G Autumn Falls
Ginger Carlsson 19 G Jackson
Brandy Matthews 35 Center Tallahassee Central
Priya Young 19 Center Druidia
Alice Wittmore 29 Center Jackson
Lark Volias 23 Attack Selene Valley
Kasey Lei 25 Attack Jackson
Stephanie Wells 30 Attack Agape
Beck L'Orange 19 Attack Bourbon-Versailles
Allison McBride 23 Defender New Tudor
Eve Chi 25 Defender Scarlett Orient Isles
Fortuna Kio 30 Defender Passions Territory
Kellie Flem 19 Defender Unicorn Isles

Team Name: West Phoenician Scorpions

Name                                  Age      Position      Hometown 
#7 Mohammed Al Taqir 30 C Titania
#22 Jordan Tells 19 PF Scarlett Orient Isles
#2 Jasper Gould 28 SF Oceania District
#23 Li Chen Wu 24 SG Scarlett Orient Isles
#13 Conrad Barrow 22 PG Fort Blackfoot
#9 Will Bosscona 24 C Jackson
#21 Hayden Bell 30 C Gospella
#14 Timothy Navy 27 F New Tudor
#3 Pedro Garcia 19 F Helios Territory
#8 Ravi Debeers 25 G Bast County
#19 Pete Irie 31 G Bast County
#27 Thomas Wellington 35 G Deception Bay

Team Name: West Phoenician Black Widows

Name	                 Age      Position   Hometown	              Club
Emma-Louise Alpha 30 PF Jackson Jackson Phillies
Lexie Tyler 21 C Savannah Groves New Dixie Belles
Sofie Swann 32 SG Jackson Titania Titans
Jessika Hanz 25 PG Agape New Dixie Belles
Karen Lei 19 SG Herodian Valley Jackson Phillies
Kerrie Tong 25 C New Eden New Eden Does
Sarah Sun 30 PG Scarlett Orient Isles New Rome Muses
Veronica Breeze 22 SG Druidia New Dixie Belles
Steffy Chapps 23 PG Jackson Gospela Gazelles
Molly Black 18 PF Selene Valley Jackson Phillies
Trisha Goode 25 PF Western Norse Territory East Eden Eves
Pauline Mells 34 SG Scarlett Orient Isles Black Foot Ravens

Name                   Place of Birth
Vlad Blanco Jackson
Caleb Rodgers Titania
Antonius Sevilla Jackson
Jordan Diamond Immaculata

Name                               Place of Birth
Lady India Von Clayton Neo Indus
Prudence Goodwin All Hallows Territory
Trudy Ng Mythologica
Martina White New Tudor

Team Name: West Phoenician Stampedes

Name	                     Position	                Home Town
Daniel Fozter GK Titania
Pedro Rodriguez GK New Tudor
Clayton Danes Left Back New Rome
Gavin Teo Left Back Jackson
Vince Young Center Back Jackson
Marcelo Devier Center Back Savannah Grove
Manpreet Siva Center Back Fantasi
Ron Eccles Right Back Nova Texas
Jefferson La blonc Right Back Jackson
Chandler Goodwin Left Wing East Eden
Ashley Butler Left Wing Jackson
Luiz Cavera Central Midfielder New Rome
Emilo Franz Central Midfielder Druidia
Paris Tomei Central Midfielder Agape
Ricardo Latin Right Wing Selene Valley
Ricardo Guitera Right Wing Jackson
Jason Summer Striker Fort Blackfoot
Wes Shortcrop Striker Lower West Phoenicia
Renaldo Newmano Striker Lower West Phoenicia

Team Name: West Phoenician Violets
Name	       Position	                  Home Town
Felicia Murphy GK Jackson
Kasey Lovell GK Medieval County
Marnie Yacobs Left Back Agape
Zoe DeSchnell Left Back Lower West Phoenicia
Pilar Devilla Center Back Jackson
Mary Goodwine Center Back Titania
Millie Strum Center Back Titania
Thea Moone Right Back Lower West Phoenicia
Victoria Paige Right Back Yule Island
Elke Storme Left Wing Bast County
Linda Teng Left Wing Africana Territory
Moira Lueng Central Midfielder Antebellum Territory
Emily Rosalini Central Midfielder Jackson
Rose Evans Central Midfielder New Dixie
Courtney Cabral Right Wing Acappella Territory
Eliza Mills Right Wing Polytheisa Heaven
India O'Hara Striker St Mary's
Tara Brooks Striker Africana Territory
Carly Perth Striker Neo Australias

Name                     Age                Place of Birth
Jordan Tel 23 Jackson
Nelson Ha 25 Jackson
Daniel Goodrem 21 Lower West Phoenicia
Oliver Towers 20 Passions Territory
Cedric Whyte 30 New Tudor
Yusuf Mahmoud 28 Upper West Phoenicia

Name	                      Age   Place of Birth
Melody Haven 24 Jackson
LaTeisha Johnson 26 Agape
Tara Mitchell 19 New Tudor
Clara Gryphon 19 New Tudor
Delta Sinclair 22 Debney Bay
Donatella Vicage 23 New Egypt

Team Name: West Phoenician Nightshades
Name	                Position	Home Town
#14- Clementine Chiloś GK New Tudor
#12-Gabbi Lilrose GK Jackson
#2- Ellen Francis Left Back Immaculata
#10 Remi Dumont Left Back Gospela
#8- Bonnie Jackson Central Back Immaculata
#11-Liesel Atoms Central Back Olympia Hills
#4- Clarinda Sharma Right Back Deception Bay
#7-Edwina Sea Right Back Autumn Falls
#22- Glenda Perk Right Wing Deception Bay
#15- Audrina Mason Right Wing New Tudor
#3-Jacki Dallas CF Jackson
#9-Mary Dutton CF Jackson
#5-Pria Singh Left Wing Oceania District
#1-Ameila Nightingale Left Wing Jackson

Team Names: West Phoenician Buffalo's

Name	               Position	          Home Town
Loki Bryant GK Scarlett Orient Isles
Mentuhotep Montu GK Seleucid Dominion
James Washington Left Back Immaculata
Gabe Hadrian Left Back Jackson
Henry Tan Central Back King Glenton Bush I Province
Alan Majesta Central Back Jackson
Nicholas Xu Right Back Debney Bay
Douglas Brown Right Back Upper West Phoenicia
Audie Franks Right Wing King Glenton Bush I Province
James Davies Right Wing Agape
Rodney Powell CF Jackson
Don Landon CF King Glenton Bush I Province
Jose Santigo Left Wing Savannah Grove
Lance Plumè Left Wing Scarlett Orient Isles

Team Name: West Phoenician Grasshoppers
Name	 Position	Age	Home Town
Aaron Souther GK 37 Jackson
Conrad Black GK 22 Selene Valley
Brad Santino DEF 25 Nova Texas
Chris Miller DEF 30 New Tudor
Emanuel Santos DEF 25 Titania
Miguel Vega DEF 19 Antebellum Territory
Charlie Desmond DEF 39 Upper West Phoenicia
Ezra Numbers DEF 33 Lower West Phoenicia
Brett Wing MF 32 Africana Territory
Eskiel Flinders MF 25 New Tudor
Roberto Ho MF 19 Nova Texas
Clinton Burrow MF 24 Debney Bay
Con Nicodemus MF 28 Oceania District
Prescott Maye MF 29 Jackson
Zeus Pascoll FW 32 Fantasi
Alex Ridgewood FW 40 Herodian Valley
James Mayberry FW 26 Jackson
Greyson Hobbs FW 19 Agape

Team Name: West Phoenician Wasps
Name	 Position	Age	Home Town
Abigail Watts GK 34 New Tudor
Tina Grey GK 30 Passions Territory
Amber Stewart DEF 28 Jackson
Mercy Puritan DEF 19 Acappella Territory
Africa Hammond DEF 25 Gospela
Cheyenne Sainte DEF 32 New Dixie
Gracie Sing DEF 33 New Crocodilopolis
Angel Black DEF 30 New Dixie
Midge Harper MF 40 Scarlett Orient Isles
Agatha Wyn MF 26 Deception Bay
Roccio Rice MF 19 Brigham Territory
Olive Patterson MF 20 Baal Territory
Bernike Thorne MF 20 Jackson
Demi Pontiac MF 26 Baal Territory
Mary Stevens FW 29 Brigham Territory
Bea Crooke FW 33 Deception Bay
Supreet Nevi FW 30 Neo Aztecayan Province
Rita Mid FW 35 Jackson

Name	       Age	Place of Birth
Garry Pullson * 39 Jackson
Marc Roberts 35 Titania
Ceasar Rodrige 33 Lower West Phoenicia
Manny Ramirez 28 Cluella
Kyle Durban 23 Mythlogica
Allen Smith 19 Jackson
Trevor Gold 28 New Tudor
Cam David 32 Jackson
Adam East 32 Jackson

Name	       Age	Place of Birth
Cindy Byrd* 40 Agape
Penny Brighton 30 Debney Bay
Barbara Gordon 30 Upper West Phoenicia
Hailey Browne 27 Cluella
Kellie Dogg 26 Mythlogica
Kirsten White 24 Jackson
Kristen Moore 24 New Dixie
Mary Godfrey 22 Jackson
Fairy Meadows 18 Passions Territory

Team Name: West Phoenician Cyclones
Name	        Age	Position	Home Town
Carson Devon 36 FW Jackson
Liam White 30 BK Jackson
Paddy Maple 28 BK Deception Bay
Bill Trackery 30 FW Selene Valley
William Belle 26 BK Africana Territory
Chris Lavender 29 FW New Eden
Jacob Lake 22 BK Fort Blackfoot
Hans Frenaldo 24 BK Titania
Ptolemy Evari 19 BK Debney Bay
Adem Dobar 26 BK New Tudor
Pharoah Gurgaon 26 FW Lower West Phoenicia
Sam Devon 27 FW Lower West Phoenicia

Team Name: West Phoenician Phillies
Name	Age	Position	Home Town
Gracie Silver 30 FW Lower West Phoenicia
Claire Byrd 28 BK Jackson
Randi Love 33 BK Druidia
Naomi Moses 18 FW Bast County
Elizabeth Bylor 26 BK Hellenestica
Eliza Dujcan 30 FW Medieval County
Anne Jamieson 23 BK Jackson
Becky Heart 27 BK Medieval County
Zoe Nowell 22 BK Helios Territory
Kim Pak So 30 BK Neo Australis
Johanna Murphy 28 FW Neo Australis
Tangie O'Grady 28 FW Neo Australis

Team Name: The Spikers
Name	        Height	        Age	Home Town
Blake Thomas(C) 6 ft 4 in 38 Jackson
Albie Donns 6 ft 4 in 35 New Tudor
Ali Masoon 5 ft 12 in 33 Immaculata
Argos Xaviers 6 ft 8 in 25 Gospela
Paris Tripolli 6 ft 3 in 19 Bast County
Michael Cooper 6 ft 8 in 45 Olympia Hills
Tommy Dexter 6 ft 2 in 24 Bast County
Billy Treflon 6 ft 29 Upper West Phoenicia
Zach Tonia 6 ft 4 in 25 Immaculata
Stephen Tonia 5 ft 10 in 33 Polytheisa Heaven
Ivan La Goria 6 ft 5 in 18 Westernia Frontier
Richard Donalds 6 ft 5 in 24 King Glenton Bush I Province
Glen Graham 6 ft 3 in 24 King Glenton Bush I Province
Axel Reeding 5 ft 9 in 29 Immaculata

Team Name: The Spikerettes
Name	               Height	       Age	    Home Town
Angel Harlow 6 ft 4 in 30 Tallahassee Central
Sylvia Cruz 5 ft 8 in 19 Tallahassee Central
Barbara Davies 5 ft 12 in 25 Tallahassee Central
Kim Chen 6 ft 26 Jackson
Kimberly Wardson 5 ft 5 in 33 Debney Bay
Melissa Heinrich 5 ft 8 in 33 Jackson
Heather McDuff 6 ft 2 in 19 Agape
Latifa Springs 6 ft 22 Lower West Phoenicia
Maureen Duvall 5 ft 6 in 34 Lower West Phoenicia
Serena Erg 5 ft 10 in 35 Titania
Athaliah East 5 ft 5 in 28 New Dixie
Megan Cooke 5 ft 9 in 28 Jackson
Debbie Weston 6 ft 3 in 19 Jackson
Alexa Wjnoki 5 ft 9 in 20 Yule Island

Team Name: The Confederates
Name	        Age	  Position	 Home Town
Glen Melbourne 35 1st Base Jackson's
Emanuel Army 34 2nd Base Baal Territory
Jack Navy 35 3rd Base Savannah Grove
Kevin Dances 29 SS Jackson
Lukas Towers 36 LF Upper West Phoenicia
Heniel Hewett 28 CF Lower West Phoenicia
Wayne Sorbent 33 RF Titania
Ryan Lunger 25 Catcher New Tudor
Lisa Roma 25 IF Titania
Anton Narre 28 DH* New Dixie
Violet Baroda 30 IF Agape
Calvin Dragg 33 IF Jackson
Thomas Zeal 35 IF Jackson
Ricky Sharma 24 OF Neo Indus
Gavin Tong 19 OF Scarlett Orient Isles
Carson Buren 27 OF Druidia
Mateo Vergas 26 Pitcher-RHP Yule Island
Cliff Samuels 29 Pitcher-LHP New Rome
Carmen Nguyen 21 Pitcher-RHP New Rome
Ashwyn Sid 28 Pitcher-RHP Selene Valkey
Mandeep Singh 30 Pitcher-LHP Agape
David Zealish 30 Pitcher-RP Brigham Territory
Ross Mendez 38 Pitcher-RP Africana Territory
Barry Parry 27 Pitcher-RP Jackson
Tiger Singh 28 Pitcher-CP Immaculata
Pedro Timms 22 Pitcher-CP Bourbon-Versailles
Stephen Ports 19 Catcher Jackson
Abigail Wittman 23 Catcher Immaculata

Line up
1.G. Melbourne
2.J. Navy
5.W. Sorbet
9.A. Narre

Starting Pitcher: C.Samuel

*denotes DH

Team Name: The Mountain Lions
Name	        Age	     Club	        Home Town
Kora Goldsmith 35 Jackson Bells Jackson
Morgan Daly 26 New Egypt Goddesses Helios Territory
Leesa Creme 30 Cluella Cosmos Ptolemaic Haven
Narelle Turner 19 New Tudor Dames St Mary's
Pearl Nguyen 27 Agape Angels Jackson
Bette Grosswald 25 New Egypt Goddesses East Eden
Chiffon DeMac 33 New Tudor Dames Seleucid Dominion
Chastity Mount 36 Jackson Bells Testament Valley
Ann Gardener 24 Titania Comets Neo Australis
Annabel Lei 22 Cluella Cosmos Cluella
Tottie Silver 26 Jackson Bells East Eden
Imelda Sharma 19 Titania Comets Helios Territory
Wendy Fkynn 26 Jackson Bells Ptolemaic Haven
Mary Zorbes 18 Jackson Bells Jackson
Mary Adamstown 33 New Tudor Dames New Tudor

Team Name: The War Dancers

Quarterback: Jake Mars
Quarterback: Marc Okinawa
Halfback: Ryan Adopto
Halfback: Thomas New
Fullback: Brad Hollow
Fullback: Chris De Greene
Wide Receiver: Francisco Deb
Wide Receiver: Matthew Pont
Tight End: Stephen Sylvester
Tight End: Adrian Brown
Left Tackle: Skyler Falls
Left Tackle: Alamain Truman
Left Guard: Jesse Lansano
Left Guard: Barry Sidney
Center: Noah Ponds
Center: Lester Nevero
Right Guard: Heinrich Germania
Right Guard: James Floral
Right Tackle: David De Lucci
Right Tackle/DT: Marcus Bronte

Left End: Kyle Wannamaker
Left End: Daniel Jozefred
Defensive Tackle: Bobby Prince
Defensive Tackle: Kevin Sturgess
Right End: Vic Nalpontaro
Right End: Richard Dye
Left Outside Linebacker: Daniel Schmidt
Left Outside Linebacker: Mal Tutus
Middle Linebacker: Titus le Angelo
Middle Linebacker: Ivan Strauss
Right Outside Linebacker: Matthias Lexington
Right Outside Linebacker: Wyatt Storme
First Safety: Paul Claycourt
First Safety: Evan Diamond
Second Safety: Custer Alamo
Second Safety: Amos Redwing
Cornerback: Josh Tinkler
Cornerback: Cooper Tinkler

Kicker: Ray Piktaro
Kicker: Van Noc
Punter: Ali Mustafa
Returner/RB: Curtis Lemon
Gunner: Guy Guise
Jammer: Saul Rosenberg
Upback: Christian Davies

Quarterback: Tyler Sharpe
Center: Brady McAllister
Wide Receiver: Santino Parvalleo
Wide Receiver: Roberto El Doro
Defensive Tackle: Paul Wisecox
Defensive Tackle: Jefferson Bloomberg
Cornerback: Mason Phillipe
Kicker: Asam Harshem
Punter: Marcello Love
Returner/FB: Justin Bambino

Team Name: The Cupcakes

Quarterback: Tanya Rose-Thorne
Quarterback: Edwina Lawrence
Halfback: Maria Kruger
Halfback: Melissa O'Shea
Fullback: Violetta Atheist
Fullback: Davina Ports
Wide Receiver: Kym Strauss
Wide Receiver: Priyanka Singh
Tight End: Jenni Whittle
Tight End: Xuan Doh
Left Tackle: Golda Berstein
Left Tackle: Mary Addams
Left Guard: Dot Majors
Left Guard: Lucy Greene
Center: Nadine Mason
Center: Cleopatra Du'Whey
Right Guard: Atlanta Bushell
Right Guard: Serena Gold
Right Tackle: Ariana Black
Right Tackle/DT: Rita Dancertelli

Left End: Amber Daen
Left End: Karla Xin
Defensive Tackle: Fatima illbrandi
Defensive Tackle: Rowena High
Right End: Marika Scoffs
Right End: Brenda Beverley
Left Outside Linebacker: Jan O'Sullivan
Left Outside Linebacker: Trisha Wang
Middle Linebacker: Olga Ivankovic
Middle Linebacker: Betsy Myers
Right Outside Linebacker: Tina Avalon
Right Outside Linebacker: Jessica Ryan
First Safety: Yvette Ryan
First Safety: Celeste Duvall
Second Safety: Monique Raven
Second Safety: Rolf Episcopo
Cornerback: Rhinna Downs
Cornerback: Courtney Allcox

Kicker: Dallas Brixham
Kicker: Maria Novatoshi
Punter: Cindi-Lou Hooper
Returner/RB: Traci Duke
Gunner: Elizabeth Manzies
Jammer: Mauren Manzies
Upback: Diana Trout

Quarterback: Suzie McQueen
Center: Catriona Dean
Wide Receiver: Angela Afgan
Wide Receiver: Herodias Waters
Defensive Tackle: Paula Deene
Defensive Tackle: Paula Duncan
Cornerback:Susannah Martinez
Kicker: Babs Marshall
Punter: Gloria Pha
Returner/FB: Kirsty Fairchild

Support Staff & Coaches

* Head of PR & Communications: Leo McCallistia

* Dr Phillipe De'Jour-Team Nutritionist
* Margo Santiago- Head Dietician

* Dr Harrison Paige- Senior Doctor
* Dr Helena Moody- Senior Physician

* Victoria Stawell-Registered Nurse
* Indira Glan- Registered Nurse:

* Dr Alexandria Defsour- Senior Psychologist
* Dr Peter Dunbell- Junior Psychologist
* Pedro Otaro- Physiotherapist
* Lisa Choctow- Physiotherapist
* David Nguyen- Physiotherapist
* Kylie Bradshaw- Physiotherapist

* Alfred Sinclair- Physiologist

* Thuy Tran- Massage Therapist
* Marcus White- Massage Therapist
* Louisa Novak- Massage Therapist
* Allen Chang-Massage Therapist

* Tristan Rhodes- Head of West Phoenicia Olympic Security

* Reverend Mariamne Davies-Chaplain
* Reverend Davidus Ki-Chaplain
* Father Ezekiel Toods- Chaplain
* Father Michael Vikkers- Chaplain

* Antony Middacci- Aide to Chaplains
* Sister Martha Mary Saint- Private Secretary to Chaplains

* Magas, Priest of the goddess Fortuna
* Aurora, Priestess of the goddess Fortuna

* Florence Preet- Head Tarot Reader
* Clive St James- Tarot Reader
* Madam Butterfly-Tarot Reader
* Lady Hathor- Medium
* Miss Aura Whitelight-Medium
* Victory Alamein- Fortune Teller
* Vishnu Sharma-Spiritual Guru
* Harmony Lees- Yoga Instructor
* Gabriella Jook-Angel Intuitive
* Lady Angelique- Astrologer

Aquatics PR: Dawn Australis

Head Coach: Sarah Wick
Assistant Coach: Madame Thea Macedon
Assistant Coach: Mark Marine

Head Coach: Gladys Chen
Manager: Mr Ian Campbell
Assistant Women's Coach: Kristine Tass
Assistant Men's Coach: Andy Launceston
Trainer: Brady Hilmer

-Artistic Swimming
Men’s Head Coach: Ivan Malcovichloc
Men’s Assistant Coach: Michael Woo
Women’s Head Coach: Olga Volondovich
Women's Assistant Coach: Daria Primary
Creative Director: Nadia Flower

-Water Polo
Men's Head Coach: Paul Heavenwood
Men's Assistant Coach: Deshawn Leroy
Men's Assistant Coach: Edith Vega
Men's Manager: Mr Derrick Von Kenta
Men's Trainer: Marcus Bell

Women's Head Coach:Maggie Donovan
Women's Assistant Coach: Arsinoe Bellview
Women's Manager: Myra Chew
Women's Trainer: Lauren Gee

Head Coach: Harrison Archer
Assistant Coach: Pete Long
Trainer: Jacob Munguia
Archery PR: Odette Le'Tangie
Priestess of Artemis: Agrotera
Priest of Apollo: Phoebus
Personal Attendant: Lady Ruby Mali
Personal Attendant: Lady Ivy O'Seely
Personal Attendant: Augustus Bloom

Head Coach: Connor Saint Claire
Assistant Coach-Relays and Sprints: Natasha True
Assistant Coach-Distance Men's: Marcel Rigorio
Assistant Coach-Distance Women's: Kimberly Goddard
Assistant Coach-Field: Stewart Shiloh
Manager: Genesis Groover
Manager: Taylor Melrose
Trainer: Latonya Veerlotti
Trainer: Avi Sherlock
PR: Viscount Edmund James


Head Coach: Sarah Poh
Trainer: Chen Nguyen


Manager: Desmond Parker
Head Coach: Jacob Prosper.
Assistant Coach: Normie Broad
Assistant Coach: Eddie Meadows
Team Physician: Mark English
Team Dietitian: Dr Melody Cross


Men's Manager: Michael Amman
Assistant Manager: Nat Montgomery
Team Coach: Mr Edgar Marcus
Offensive Trainer: Symon Priapus
Defensive Trainer: Jimmy Navy
Physical Trainer: Axel D'Doya
Diet Advisor: Melissa Whelcott
Physiotherapist: Kerry Swann

Women's Manager: Kylie Fox
Assistant Manager: Caesar Rhodes
Team Coach: Tuesday Nightingale
Offensive Trainer: Dani Sydi
Defensive Trainer: Marc Logan
Physical Trainer: Storm Forest

Head Coach: Bucky Houston
Head Trainer: Van Houston

Head Coach: Norman Rhodes
Assistant Coach: Virginia Sunset
Trainer: Caleb Blake

Cycling Manager: Ashwyn Worth
Cycling PR: Mercedes Smythe
Trainer: Mike Rose
Trainer: Deborah Ming
Mechanic: Brandon Lewis
Mechanic: Astrid Lovewell

Head Coach: Pete Turner

Head Coach: Count Demetrius Blanche II

Head Coach Men's: Miles Wileboom
Head Coach Women's: Carolyn Dryad

Head Coach: Mal Swan
Assistant Coach: Janet Debbs

Head Coach: Melody Love
Assistant Coach: Apollonis Attalid
Stablehand: Tyler Greene
Stablehand: Naomi Deeks

Head Coach Men’s: Patrick Newman
Head Coach Women’s: Madonna LeVey
Assistant Coach: Colin McQueen
Assistant Coach: Beth McQueen
Trainer: Lazarus Sharma
Trainer: Lizzie Whyte

Head Coach: Baron Cooper Alphington

Head Coach: Raj Patel
Assistant Coach: Yasmin Delcosti

Head Coach Men's: Nicolai Mustaff
Head Coach Women's: Bella Wu
Assistant Coach Women's: Melissa Getty
Trainer: Perseus Macedon
Trainer: Jenny Newman
Artistic Director: Val Upton

Men's Head Coach: Marcus Rigby
Women's Head Coach: Olivia Murphy

Men's Head Coach: Jeremy Prosper
Women’s Head Coach: Felicity Shagg

Head Coach: Haru Shimato
Assistant Coach: Kaito Nimosaki
Assistant Coach: Itsuki Totonki
Assistant Female Coach: Akari Teo

Head Coach: Hieu High

Head Coach Men’s: Ali Sharifa
Head Coach Women’s: Bernice Cross

Head Coach Men’s: Griffin Ascot
Head Coach Women's: Abbey Dowager

Head Coach: Sir Pietre Frederico

Head Coach: Lord Ashwell Blackthorne

Manager: Vanessa Tamworth
Head Coach: Shawn McIntyre
Assistant Coach: Truman Salvador
Assistant Coach: Thomas Wilder
Team Physician: Jessika Munday

-Table Tennis:
Head Coach: Lei Wei
Assistant Coach: Lotus Chen

Head Coach: Shawn Browne
Assistant Coach:Zhang Wei
Assistant Coach: Wang Xiu Ying

Head Coach: Marquise Hamish Crampton
Trainer: Frankie Drewey

Head Coach: Aidan Beck
Assistant Coach: Miriam Trueblood
Trainer: Evie Donovan
Mechanic: Gregory Montgomery

Head Coach Men's: Gavin Angelhands
Head Coach Women's: Isabel Birch
Assistant Coach: Ewan Roberts
Trainer: Svetlana Urka

-Beach Volleyball
Head Coach Men’s: Boyd Syd
Head Coach Women’s: Olympias Dallas

Head Coach: Henry Potterville
Assistant Coach: Thomas Roek
Trainer: Chad Pike

Head Coach: Attalus Attalid III
Assistant Coach: Philetaerus Attalid
Trainer: Lady Philetaerus Attalid


-Jacob Navy- Official
-Leah Wick- Judge


-Adriana Paige-Judge
-Gable Greenwuld-Official

Aquatics- Artistic Swimming

-Doris Haidem-Judge
-Laura Parks- Music Master

Aquatics-Water Polo

-Constatine Dorcalopalus- Referee


-Eartha Springwood- Archery's Technical Official

-Atlas Davidson- Field Judge
- Sally-Ann Bowles Track Judge
-Paul Bancraft (Field Judge)
- James Khan (Offical-Timekeeper)
-Chloe Devon - (Official-Starter)
-Guy Bush (Field Judge)
- Victoria Hughes (Official Timekeeper)
-Simon Klemphart; 2nd Count of Cimmerian Bosporus Valley- (Referee)

-Canary Ngyuen -Line Judge
-Lei Toan- Umpire

-Mia Hobson- Referee
-Lucky Alberts-Referee

-Cameron Young - (Baseball)- Umpire
-Eliza Doggall- (Softball) -Umpire

-Titus Angel-Referee
-Becca Moodie-Referee
-Mohammad Tunisiaa-Judge

-Claudius Riveria - Technical Official
-Kelly Fox- Canoe Official

-Ann-Marie Barr- Commissaire
-Ingrid Alexander- Commissaire
-Jason Gay- Commissaire
-William Smyth- Commissaire

-Emily Woods- Official
-Armadeus Singh, 1st Earl of Oceania Territory -Judge

-Francisco Debbs-Referee
-Melanie Kings- Referee

-Janet Harvey- Referee
-Zach Teetonka- Referee

-Melissa Mathers- Referee

-Angel Ascott (Rhythmic)
-Kendall Dances (Artistic)
-Svetlana Parkitish (Trampoline)
-Gary Duelson (Artistic)
-Adem Nabil (Trampoline)
-Mary McDonald (Rhythmic)

-Jackson Willis-Referee
-Samuel Darcy- Referee

-Michael Gellar- Referee
-Stephanie Nieecè- Judge Offical.

-Wendy Kwong-Judge
-Chi Dao-Referee
-Harry Ngyuen-Referee

-Sakura Yamamoto- Judge
-Ben Nakamura- Referee

Modern Pentathlon
-Denise Yukon- Official

-Payton Sinclair- Official
-Desmond Burton- Official

Rugby Sevens
-Marc Fitts- Referee
-Dolly Hammond- Referee

-Porsha Allendrino- Technical Delegate
-Lady Cynthia Mount-Kirkpatrick- International Jury Member
-Sven Nelson- Technical Delegate

-Rachel Baroda-Judge
-Rhett Knox- Official
-Pandora Franks- Official
-Russell Vagner- Official

-Kirsty X- Judge
-Blake DeCombs- Technical Official

Sports Climbing
-Levi Snodgettenburg- Technical Official

-Tiffany Chen- Judge
-Paul Innaro- Official

Table Tennis
-Melody Xu- Umpire
-Patrick Muniga-Umpire

-Narelle Butler- Umpire
-Hank Romano-Judge

-Xavier Manly- Umpire
-Angie Black-Umpire
-Thomas Tunnis-Official

-Billie Hampton-Official
- Buttons Zahil- Official

-Oliver Ridgewood (Indoor)- Referee
-Sabrina Soong (Indoor)-Official
-Jacqui Davis (Beach)- Referee

-Mustafa Adel- Judge
- Michelle Dallas-Judge

-Chad Murriot (Freestyle)- Judge
-Carmen Ellis (Greco-Roman)-Judge
-Vivian Tao (Freestyle)-Referee
-Glenton Dupree (Greco-Roman)-Referee

American Football

-Jacob Brady- Referee
-Linda Ng- Referee







Field Hockey:



Rugby Sevens:







Indoor Volleyball:


Official Media Conglomerate: West Phoenician Combined Press
Official TV Channel: Purple & Gold (Live coverage, with repeats at night)
Official Digital Magazine: WP Sports
Official Gossip Magazine: The Cat's Meow (Norma Mansfield)

RP Permissions:

* Use commonsense, when in doubt tg me.
* Do not kill or injure my delegation
* Ensure your rp reflects the results from the hosts. Aside from that, if you post first write as you wish.
* Trash talk, false allegations, comments from journalists are fine. #fakemedia
* Officials are added to give you extra RP material if needed.
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Postby Waisnor » Thu Aug 06, 2020 11:52 pm

Team Name: Waisnor Herons

Name                                  Age      Position      Hometown 
#1 David Saveliev 20 C Budslavsky
#5 Alexander Kotovich 31 PF Lida
#11 Yuri Tarasenko 28 SF Ruzhany
#14 Sergey Bobrov 29 SG Braslav
#24 Ivan Dyagolchenko 27 PG Skidel
#8 Oleg Topinka 24 C Grodno
#4 Valery Klimov 18 C Novogrudok
#12 Roman Grigoryan 31 F Lida
#2 Andrey Shilovsky 22 F Novogrudok
#13 Igor Pinchura 21 G Vileika
#7 Ivan Emkov 23 G Volkovysk
#9 Sergey Dubrovin 32 G Grodno

Flag Bearer (Orean): Lyudmila Tatarevich
Flag Bearer (Istria): Andrey Bagaev
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81 = 18th/34
82 = 22nd/31
83 = 27th/41
84 = 15th/27
85 = 20th/28
86 = 14th/32
87 = 14th/36
88 = 24th/32
89 = 16th/37

51 = 10th/20
52 = 19th/24
53 = 11th in the semifinal/33

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Postby Springmont » Fri Aug 07, 2020 3:23 am

The delegation of Springmont (SPM) to the Games of the XIV Olympiad

Chief de Mission: Dr. Charles Wilson, Chair, Commission on Presidential Scholarship
Deputy Chief de Mission: Dr. Basil Cagnon, President, Springmont Football Association
Flag Bearer: Danika Badenhorst

Manager: Ryan Glantianus
Head Coach: Joe Hawksley
Men’s Singles
Phillippus Jonker
Frederich Van Der Linde

Women’s Singles
Danika Badenhorst

Manager: Kristofer Donatis
Head Coach: Brooks Thurmond
Coach: Rueben Alzaga
Name	          Position	    Club
Salton Kingbury GK South Winbridge FC
Armando Auwaerter GK Danford FC
Wilfred Coe GK Ashburn United FC
Carmelo Heckbert (C) DEF South Winbridge FC
Igor Krepanovic DEF Hearthbury High FC
Dominic Wingstrom DEF South Winbridge FC
Ralf Mourningforest DEF Danford FC
Rick Fogdream DEF Hearthbury High FC
Rex Farrowshard DEF SC Rinaldi
Brook Bronzestride MID Port Yumrise FC
Mark Fjetland MID South Winbridge FC
Tray Mohaupt MID Bombarralense
Jonathan McColsom MID Hearthbury High FC
Tom Ravenbluff MID Danford FC
Noah Crownfish FWD Chan City
Eric Clawblight FWD Danford FC
Ambrose Kapetanos FWD Hearthbury High FC
Adam M. Durham FWD Clovercrest Condor FC

4 - 3 - 3
Krepanovic, Heckbert (C), Mourningforest, Farrowshard
Fjetland, McColsom, Mohaupt
Clawblight, Crownfish, Kapetanos

Head Coach : Edwin Leafmark
Assistant : Bob Willowcreek
Assistant : Albert Grassfeather
1 James Bronzehair Prop
2 Lee Cloudgleam Hooker
3 Wikus Van Den Berg Prop
4 Christiaan Leafmark Scrum-half
5 Zandre De Jager Fly-half
6 Matthius Langenhoven (C) Centre
7 Rob Rautenbach Wing
8 Aaron Grobbelaar Prop
9 Henrico Hertzog Hooker
10 Fred Van Deventer Prop
11 Norm Scheepers Scrum-half
12 Sebastian Engelbrecht Fly-half
13 Lando Van Schoor Centre
14 Kim Van Jaarsveld Wing
15 Peter Van Ryneveld Prop
16 Andries Breytenbach Hooker

Manager : Roland Ghaffur
Coach : Agus Sanjaya
Men’s Singles
Carlos Thirdspade

Men’s Doubles
Jo Royalwood/ Bob Lighford

Women’s Singles
Maria Crown;SPM

Head Coach Willem Bronkhorst
Assistant : Art Coetzee
Assistant : Willem Fortuin
1 Aitan Fouché Middle Blocker
2 Leo Van Der Sandt Outside Hitter
3 Samuel Liebenberg (C) Setter
4 Owen Van Schoor Middle Blocker
5 Gerhardus Adriaans Opposite
6 Phillippus Scheepers Libero
7 Piet Van Der Sandt Outside Hitter
8 Ricus Bernstein Setter
9 Anton Opperman Outside Hitter
10 Gary Darkwinds Opposite
11 Alf Woodendancer Middle Blocker
12 Ralf Lightstrider Middle Blocker
13 Joe Blackdust Libero
14 Stan Meadowspark Outside Hitter
15 Croft Lionclaw Setter
16 Kennedy Blackgrain Outside Hitter
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National Team: style +1.33 | Project Lion (Youth Team): style +1.56 | I scorinate Sepak Takraw using Badminton game

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Postby The Archregimancy » Fri Aug 07, 2020 4:57 am

The Monastic Olympic Committee notes the following information for the benefit of other participating nations:

1) The Archregimancy is a nation of Eastern Orthodox Monks.

2) Archregimancy athletes typically only participate in selected non-violent men's events; usually (with a few exceptions) those that involve some sort of travelling from point A to B.

3) Monastic athletes participate while wearing full Orthodox monastic robes.


4) The National Anthem of the Monastic Republic is the full Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom; which lasts between 90 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the version used. The Monastic Olympic Committee expects it to be played in full should any monk win a gold medal, and will complain vigorously [IC'ly] about any attempt to subvert this. However, they don't particularly mind which language is used.

5) The Archregimancy used to be a major force in the NS World Cup, but haven't entered a football team in any international sporting event for some [subjective] time. They are no longer particularly good, and the skill ranking reflects this. The Olympic squad consists of:

GK: Fr. Michael the Generous
DEF: Fr. Polythemius of the Far Caves
DEF: Fr. Polyeuctus the Staunch
DEF: Fr. Joasaph the Trustworthy
DEF: Fr. Laurence the Fool for Christ
MID: Fr. Euplus the Euphoric
MID: Fr. Basil the Humble [CAP]
MID: Fr. Theodore of the Cliffs
MID: Fr. Theodosius the Venerable
FOR: Fr. Niphon the Ascetic
FOR: Fr. Passarion the Forager

GK - Fr. Anicletus Who Is Humbly Satisfied to Be A Substitute
DEF - Fr. Photius the Wise
MID - Fr. Alexander the Lowly
FOR - Fr. Gerontius the Young
Utility sub - Fr. Pamphilus the Flexible

[for IC reasons, the team is unusually small for an international football squad; this is deliberate]

The team uses an orthodox 4-4-2 formation, neither overtly attacking nor defensive [where style modifiers are a factor, they use a +0 modifier].

6) Opponents will likely be variously accused of being heretics or of trying too hard to win; long-time Olympic participants usually don't take it personally.

7) While always slightly embarrassed when they win something, the Archregimancy has a particularly fine Olympic tradition in the Men's Steeplechase and individual sailing events.

OOC: Please do not have any members of the Archregimancy delegation engage in behaviour that would be out of character for an Orthodox monk; while I often play them for comedy, I also try to be respectful. Note that I am Orthodox in RL.
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Postby Cocoabo Forest » Fri Aug 07, 2020 9:17 am


Cocoabo Forest: Olympic Games Kit


Cocoabo Forest: Mens Football


Projected Starting Lineup:
Pos :: Identification : Home
GK :: ( Cocoabo #87 ) : Cocoabo Forest
DEF :: ( Cocoabo #59 ) : Cocoabo Forest
DEF :: ( Cocoabo #57 ) : Cocoabo Forest
DEF :: ( Cocoabo #53 ) : Cocoabo Forest
MID :: ( Cocoabo #61 ) : Cocoabo Forest
MID :: ( Cocoabo #63 ) : Cocoabo Forest
MID :: ( Cocoabo #65 ) : Cocoabo Forest
MID :: ( Cocoabo #67 ) : Cocoabo Forest
AMC :: ( Cocoabo #71 ) : Cocoabo Forest
FOR :: ( Cocoabo #91 ) : Cocoabo Forest
FOR :: ( Cocoabo #99 ) : Cocoabo Forest

Cocoabo Forest: Womens Football


Projected Starting Lineup:
Pos :: Identification : Home
GK :: ( Cocoabo #86 ) : Cocoabo Forest
DEF :: ( Cocoabo #58 ) : Cocoabo Forest
DEF :: ( Cocoabo #56 ) : Cocoabo Forest
DEF :: ( Cocoabo #54 ) : Cocoabo Forest
MID :: ( Cocoabo #60 ) : Cocoabo Forest
MID :: ( Cocoabo #62 ) : Cocoabo Forest
MID :: ( Cocoabo #64 ) : Cocoabo Forest
MID :: ( Cocoabo #66 ) : Cocoabo Forest
AMC :: ( Cocoabo #72 ) : Cocoabo Forest
FOR :: ( Cocoabo #94 ) : Cocoabo Forest
FOR :: ( Cocoabo #98 ) : Cocoabo Forest

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Postby Northwest Kalactin » Fri Aug 07, 2020 10:08 am

Northwest Kalactin Delegation to the XIV Olympiad
Flag Bearer: Tim Diaz-Mens Marathon


Damon Carr
Marcus Porter


Henry Turner
Billy Jones
Wayne Anderson


Johnny Barnes
Louis Ross
Alan Howard
Terry Adams


Kevin Sanders
Russel Thomas
Raymond Reed
Roy Jenkins


Head coach- Jack Washington
Head trainer- Aaron Bennett
Asst coach- Douglas Miller

Point Guard
Josh Abbott, Murwelldobah, 6-3, 194, 32 PPG, 2 RPG, 7 APG, 3 point shooter
Steven Stewart, Purple Town, 6-0, 170, 27 PPG, 1.8 RPG, 11 APG, Basketball IQ
Jose Perry, Yamba, 6-4, 187, 24 PPG, 4 RPG, 8 APG, Ball Handler

Shooting Guard
Ricky Garza, Murwelldobah, 6-5, 205, 24 PPG, 5 RPG, 6 APG, Defender
Paul Morgan, Lismore, 6-6, 221, 26 PPG, 7 RPG, 3 APG, Shooter
Andrew Clark, Ballina, 6-5, 215, 23 PPG, 6 RPG, 7 APG, Athletic Defender

Small Forward
Charlie Larson, Ballina, 6-8, 245, 30 PPG, 8 RPG, 4 APG, Shooter
Billy Bell, Gold Coast, 6-7, 239, 19 PPG, 11 RPG, 5 APG, Rebound Chaser
Harold Adams, Coffs, 6-8, 249, 23 PPG, 7 RPG, 3 APG, Athletic Defender

Power Forward
Jorge Sutton, Yamba, 6-10, 260, 31 PPG, 10 RPG, 2 APG, Athletic Finisher
Chris Parker, Coffs, 6-11, 23 PPG, 7 RPG, 6 APG, Do-everything Big Man

Michael Hughes, Coffs, 7-1, 290, 33 PPG, 12 RPG, 4 APG, 4 BPG, Paint Finisher
Roy Carter, Gold Coast, 7-0, 255, 21 PPG, 13 RPG, 1 APG, Back to the Basket Center

G: Joe Green
F: Knox Blythe
C: Parker Brown
Bench: Jesse Williams


C: Adam Felix, Ryan Price
1B: Wendell Barkley, Louis Hamilton
2B: Bobby Williams, Tim Barry
SS: Raymond Bailey, Russell Jackson
3B: Terry Long, Tom Norris
OF: Nate Johnson, Mike Harnabo, Adam Torres, Steven Thomas
DH: Brandon Lee

SP: Joe Kenton, Josh Perez, Michael Wright, Robert Lewis, Anthony Williams
MR: Ben Jenson, Keith Rodriguez, Marcus T. Hamilton, Michael Lewis
SU: Joseph Torres, Tom Jenkins
CL: Steven Brown

HC: Joe Douglas
3B: Dak Williamson
1B: John Smith
OF: Śende Áctson

Pitching Order: Kenton, Wright, Lewis, Williams, Perez

Batting Order:
1. Williams
2. Johnson
3. Torres
4. Barkley
5. Bailey
6. Long
7. Harnabo
8. Felix
9. Lee

Kalactin U-18 Football Team
Coach: Keith Richardson (Taking over from Johnathan Rose)
Formation: 4-2-4
Style Mod: +5
Tactics: High Defensive Line, Play Through Bennett, Create Chances on The Box

The Team
William Bennett, Regional Academy in Banija
Jimmy Foster, Fountain of Youth International
Brian Green, Lutka Juniors
Mark Reed, Ballina FC U-18

Support Strikers
Craig Washington, Kempsey United U-18
Howard Cox, Fountain of Youth Gold Coast

Christopher Wright, Murwelldobah Juniors
Billy Ward, Fointain of Youth Coffs Harbour
Eugene Moore, Purple Town U-18
Sean Rivera, Fountain of Youth Coffs Harbour

Louis Baker, Murwelldobah Juniors
Christopher Wright, Coffs Harbour FC
Patrick Kelly, Toureres U-18
Juan Phillips, Griffin U-18
Roy Carter, Fountain of Youth Gold Coast
Ernest Anderson, Fountain of Youth International
Earl Watson, Coffs Harbour FC

Howard Collins, Fountain of Youth International
Adam Foster, Fountain of Youth Gold Coast

Northwest Kalactin

Head Coach: Adam Johnson
Asst coach: Clarance Clark
Trainer: Joe Clark

Goalkeppers: Anthony Taylor
Wayne Perez

Backs: Frank Torres
Gary Gonzales
John Garcia
Russell Smith
James Wilson
Johnny Peterson

Forwards: Harry Russell
Benjamin Ward
Kevin Wright
Howard Williams
Louis Walker
Mark Gonzalez
William White

Goalkeeper: Gerald Long
Willie Adams
Randy Sanders
Harry Peterson
Roy Brooks
Eugene Wright
Stephen Rivera
Joshua Russell
Jeremy Perez
Ryan Sanchez
Daniel Cooper

Adam Perry
Bobby Davis
Carl Richardson
Joe Henderson

Ronald Parker
Martin Reed
Gregory James
Raymond Washington
Mark Collins
Matthew Thompson
Aaron Jackson
Steve Gonzalez
Cox: Fred Evans

Northwest Kalactin rugby team
Coach-Bobby Wright
Prop-Shawn Butler
Hooker-Billy Long
Prop-Todd Bell
Scrum Half-Nick Long
Flyball-Ryan Ward
Centre-Bobby Washington
Wing- Johnny Ramsey

Eric Johnson
Albert White
Paul Price
Henry Garcia
Harold Russell
Jeffrey Bryant
Thomas Edwards

Coach: Sam Brown

Outside: Charles Barnes
Carlos Brown
Setter: Samuel Powell
Opposite: Harry Wood
Blocker: Joe Rodriguez
Libero: Paul Phillips

Scott Wood
Fred Brown
Chris Campbell
Carl Jackson
Patrick Gray

Coach: Gloria Powell
Outside: Ashley Gray
Libero: Theresa Rivera
Setter: Kelly Brown
Blocker: Nicole Nelson
Opposite: Amanda Thomas
Jacqueline Sanders

Virginia Harris
Sandra Bell
Shirley James
Heather Martin

Head coach: Fred smith
Offensive Coordinator: Sean Rodriguez
Defensive Coordinator: Roy Grey
The coaching team likes offense, a lot. They play a very offensive game. Expect the, to throw the ball a lot all the time. They believe a lead is never safe and you should always try to stack up the points. Fred Smit(, recently took the job at the very successful Akers State. As far as the Coordinators go, they are both coaches at the college level, who specialize in their selective categories.

Offensive Formation: Shotgun, Singleback
Offensive style of play: Run and Shoot
Defensive Formation: 4-3, 4-2-5

The Offense

Jack Nelson
David Morrison
Jack, the most well known quarterback in Northwest Kalactin, has a big arm and can heave the ball downfield very well. He is considered on of the smartest quarterbacks to ever play the game, and attended Akers State University. David is a much more mobile quarterback, and looks to ran the ball rather than pass.

Running Backs
James Gilbert
Jordan Green
Gane Dobson
Many running backs from the country tend to be ones that can catch the ball also, because of the nations emphasis on passing. Gilbert and Green definitely follow that model of player, being speedy backs that will catch the ball out of the backfield. Dobson however, likes to focus on overpowering his opponents, he is stronger than many defensive players and also attended Akers State.

Jordan Williams
Devin Reece
Kevin brooks
Andrew Walters
Aaron hepp
Jack Milas
Jordan houge
Robert Rivera
The WR is sometimes considered one of the, if not most important player on the field in Northwest Kalactin. Most of them are speedy red zone threats, that can burn you over the top. Kalactanian WRs try to create big plays on the field, however, they do run many high risk routes that can result in quite a few interceptions.

Tight Ends
Sam Bruner
Dylan curry
Teddy Wilson
Everyone knew that something was special about Sam Bruner from when he was little. He was always the strongest, fastest, biggest and tallest player on the field. He could play almost any position and excel at it. Bruner is a 6-6 tight end that is possibly a top 3 player on this offense. He is a great receiver, blocker and athlete. Most TEs try to help put with the passing attack in Kalactin, but with Bruner, you can do really anything.

Offensive Line:
Steven Bell
Drake Miller
Alex Coty
Dustin Cole
Steve Johnson
Christopher Torres
Grant Williams
Jeremiah Harvey
Malik King
The offensive line has one of the most important jobs in football, in Northwest Kalactin the main job for them is protecting the quarterback. The offensive line of the Kalactanians is a very large one, with their smallest lineman being the 6-2, 300 pound Malik King.]

The Defense
Peter Angeh (Edge Rusher)
Robby mills (Edge Rusher)
Blake Lucas (Tackle)
Trey seals (Edge Rusher)
Travis Reynolds (Edge Rusher)
Matt sparks (Tackle)
Gus smith (Tackle)
TJ Taylor (Tackle)
Tony Reid (Edge Rusher)
The D-line for the Kalactanians is considered the most important part of the field on defense. Nothing makes the coaches of the team happier than watching an opposing quarterback get sacked. Blake Lucas is the best defensive lineman in the history of the nation, and is entering his last cycle with the team.

Zack Swartz (Outside/EDGE)
Kaleb Patterson (MLB)
Birson Brown (Outside/DB)
Sam Martin (MLB)
DJ Hunter (Outside/EDGE)
Devon Johnson (MLB)
AJ Tyler (Outside/DB)
Davonte Allen (Outside/DB)
Many of the linebackers here, such as Davonte Allen, can also play at defensive back. Most linebackers from Kalactin are smaller than the ones from other nations, this is mainly because the Kalactanians try to prevent an air attach. The best players from this group are Zack Schwartz and Davonte Allen.

Defensive Back:
Cooper Selby (Free Safety)
Darios Johnson (Strong Safety)
Trey wafford (Nickel Back)
Shane tucker (Strong Safety)
Sean Wick (Dime Back)
Austin Louis (Free Safety)
Zack Rogers (CB)
DJ Harvey (CB)
The defensive backs of Northwest Kalactin are usually small, athletic ones. Cooper Selby, probably the best defensive player on the team, is the main Free Safety for the Kalactanians. Most of the players in this category are built to defend passes by interrupting the receiver, not the pass.

Special Teams
Jason sanders
Josh Willsonton

Jack Mackenzie
John Wilkins


———————— ———————————————————— Russell————Gilbert —————

Harvey —————— Mills—Lucas—Taylor- Reynolds —————— Rogers
—————— ——————Swartz— Patterson—Allen ——————— ————
—————— ——————Selby———————Johnson —————— ——————
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Postby Diarcesia » Fri Aug 07, 2020 4:03 pm

sends a unified delegation alongside sub-delegations from certain diereses that seek to represent their particular countries

DCS: Diarcesia (Team Diarcesian; unified)
PDC: Palaeodiarcesia
AVC: Avicia
HLV: Hylvoria
CST: Castamiria
LPT: Losphortoene
OWO: Odrioya
CHG: Chiyginia
WOC: Wochaystein

RP Permissions, Should Opponent Post First
Choose Lineup: Yes
Choose Goalscorers: Yes
RP Match Events: Yes
Penalties: Yes, if no fines or suspensions are involved. Otherwise, consult. Notify me if penalties are made against my players.
Godmod for Comedy: Yes
Godmod for Tragedy: Yes for injuries that last for the event being played. Otherwise, consult.
Godmod other events: Yes
Storyline-Related RP: Consult

Full Nation Name: Monarchia Diarcesium (The Monarchy Diarcesian)
Trigram: DCS
Chrysolyncophori (Flagbearers):
Princess Lilli Garver of Wochaystein (Women's Windsurfer and Multihull Sailing) at Orean, Liventia
Cepheus of Arkess (Men's Paul Vault and Triple Jump) at Istria, Banija
Anthem: Diarcesians Here, Now, and Forever (lyricless)
Monarch: Phlegomy
Archon of Sports (de facto): Adrast, King of Chiyginia and Heptarch Diarcesian
Head of the Olympic Committee: Henry Gorch
Debut Appearance: Summer XIII Olympiad

ARTISTIC SWIMMING: 8 athletes + 1 reserve ( minimum 8 )
Esa Arechavaleta
Yannis Stodromum
Kevin Rivera
Bartholomew Munson
Ralmhal Girothren
Stan Papas
Robert Tepes
Gebahard Atsma
Isret B'ecter (reserve)

Imogen Stewart
Stela Basilisca
Mastica Basilisca
Kohaku Kolarich
Guanyu Antetithemena
Relaenys Nimpewë
Hendrikje Antrope
Thais Petran
Helen Chorarch (reserve)

WATER POLO: 13 (7 starting)
[GK] Polytim Nirwo
[GK] Clayton Richarding
[C] Ratnam Ceratum
[C] Lan Chai
[C] Samuel Alpin
[Attack] Oļegs Armando
[Attack] Matthew Dardan
[Attack] Raelor Osto
[Attack] Ansobert Combs
[Defender] Sans Hawking
[Defender] Cobrand Beck
[Defender] Kasey Adam
[Defender] Boitumelo Caphet

[GK] Amber Angelline
[GK] Vivi Johnston
[C] Malinda Eldred
[C] Tia Wolfland
[C] Daesanne Ráciel
[Attack] Kalyani Metaxas
[Attack] Talthybia Bäcker
[Attack] Beyza Giugovaz
[Attack] Emma Moore
[Defender] Erranalda Hendunarisse
[Defender] Urška Harmaajärvi
[Defender] Spyridula Hylvoronicid
[Defender] Alexandra Yiucko

Men’s and Women’s: 12 (5 starting)
[C] Phigaley Buchholz
[PF] Heng Lam
[SF] Khalil Lafitte
[SG] Guilbert Thomas
[PG] Gaemion Sardadil
[C] Nanadal Miri
[C] Simonu Albert
[F] Sophus Cosmimatiscus
[F] Hippocrat Spire
[G] Sora Curio
[G] Wei Yu
[G] Monim Stan

[C] Alda Rybář
[PF] Kaylee Mercia
[SF] Maga Floshe
[SG] Rosalie Ordives
[PG] Koleslava Leifsdottir
[C] Emily Dasus
[C] Silvija Chvátal
[F] Heconie Simon
[F] Edburg Gully
[G] Wídwyn Thomas
[G] Mary Dorma
[G] Alexandra Albertisca

Men’s 3x3 and Women’s 3x3: 4 (3 starting)
Shurvel Selaleno
Alfred Von
Srekislas Photenicardia
Frank Lyon

Megan Ligocorax
Marina Driscoll
Jennifer Rodriguez
Enona Philliping

BASEBALL: 24 – 12 pitchers, 12 position players (10 starting, including a DH which is required under Olympic rules)
[First Base] Joss Ingham
[Second Base] Erle Avery
[Third Base] Ning Guan
[SS] Su Hekkitsowe
[LF] Atlantes Voldemort
[CF] Harper Yumizuka
[RF] Sujay Vinković
[Catcher] Michael Sepperin
[IF] Cuthbert Ivanoff
[DH] Joseph Lancaster
[IF] Marc Pellé
[IF] Avidan of Metanoea
[IF] Theuth Megalus
[OF] Parmenio Rading
[OF] Nystul Alfaro
[OF] Kewasaron Ajam
[Pitcher-RHP] 'Isam Piendoxa
[Pitcher-LHP] Europe Justice
[Pitcher-RHP] Athanass McCauley
[Pitcher-RHP] Madrdel Nyrmalvel
[Pitcher-LHP] Zedong Jia
[Pitcher-RP] Cobrand Armistead
[Pitcher-RP] Modesto Cynigemat
[Pitcher-RP] Om Massey
[Pitcher-CP] Ninoslas Chorvatski
[Pitcher-CP] Santiago Ammonite
[Catcher] Kalyan Papke
[Catcher] Cobrand Ferwin

Starting Lineup
1. J. Ingham
2. E. Avery
3. N. Guan
4. H. Yumizuka
5. S. Vinković
6. C. Ivanoff
7. S. Hekkitsowe
8. A. Voldemort
9. J. Lancaster
Starting Pitcher: 'I. Piendoxa

SOFTBALL: 15 (9 starting)
Shprintza Jardine
Anthemie Babineaux
Tiffany Lewis
Laura Appelhof
Callixena Michelack
Ella Crafter
Dalia Anytack
Floretta Christiansdaughter
Amun Aido
Valeria Tzucesca
Egla Sidirurge
Sorceress Duncan
Tamzen Pearce
Roxane Chauvin
Delia Migemare

Men’s and Women’s: 18 (11 starting) + 4 alternates
[GK] Ju Kuai
[GK] Montjoy Bates
[Left Back] César Rousseau
[Center Back] Vanarr Hyarna
[Center Back] Taliesyn Viserys
[Center Back] Cleopas Alfreding
[Right Back] Aristodemus Stan
[Right Back] Taecenys Carnon
[Left Wing] Thomas Mandril
[Left Wing] Leopold Foster
[Central Midfielder] Beauden Danell
[Central Midfielder] Arnwulf Bebread
[Central Midfielder] Jaereron Mindonwë
[Right Wing] Lonnie Beckham
[Right Wing] Constantine Kędzierski
[Striker] Milo Enemaus
[Striker] Elfric Holland
[Striker] Elatus Skorzeny

[GK] Séverine Krückel
[GK] Arianna Hyde
[Left Back] Bodehasa Onmom
[Center Back] Corina Constantinisca
[Center Back] Lauren Williams
[Center Back] Thrasia Pesaresi
[Right Back] Harris Ventress
[Right Back] Yoana Patrick
[Left Wing] Alexis Mahto
[Left Wing] Apollonia Coccinus
[Central Midfielder] Maria Vittoria McCormick
[Central Midfielder] Jessica John
[Central Midfielder] Charis Giannopulus
[Right Wing] Wídwyn Elder
[Right Wing] Ramatka Tilki
[Striker] Azzurra Sobol
[Striker] Adriarulia Sacagrius
[Striker] Albany Lewis

RHYTHMIC: 5 + 1 alternate
Terentius Maddox
Jason Michelack
Kevin Cladestelechus
Hipólito Purcell
Almisivan Gaziam
Devdas Mishra

Delia Gytridozome
Ginette Fontaine
Charissa Rose
Karin Bloodriver
Amelia Vancan
Dany Fay

Men’s and Women’s: 14 (7 starting)
[GK] Protep Howe
[GK] Alfred Araragi
[Left Back] Amphimac Ray
[Left Back] Yoann Faucheux
[Central Back] Sami Robining
[Central Back] Langdon Dickens
[Right Back] Kiran Kinnaird
[Right Back] Aetes Chow
[Right Wing] Pascal Nicolas
[Right Wing] Hector Almsivault
[CF] Success Davis
[CF] Andrew Paleo
[Left Wing] Jake Walindon
[Left Wing] Zhou Song

[GK] Valli Silveira
[GK] Andy Alger
[Left Back] Bronimira Donaldsdaughter
[Left Back] Lema Matheing
[Central Back] Maya Mukherjee
[Central Back] Agrippina Johnet
[Right Back] Tyrell Flute
[Right Back] Zosima Gorpta
[Right Wing] Lu'da Sharme
[Right Wing] Flore Géroux
[CF] Sofija Braxton
[CF] Bernadette Corwin
[Left Wing] Ksenia Pokorný
[Left Wing] Imogen Mikaelson

Men’s and Women’s: 16 (11 starting) + 3 alternates
[GK] Zdeno Jehlitski
[GK] Xanthip Antoniscus
[DEF] Hypsip Smedley
[DEF] Teby Williams
[DEF] Zhong Guan
[DEF] Álmos Moloney
[DEF] Brian Amaral
[DEF] Prabodh Emerson
[MF] Matéo Durand
[MF] Larbi Hussain
[MF] Ning Man
[MF] Ru Synorum
[MF] Callixen Clement
[MF] Theodote Lyncid
[FW] Ah Xun
[FW] Marquise Arachnia
[FW] Nayden Hansen
[FW] Baesedor Felyaquen

[GK] Laura Minato
[GK] Min Pan
[DEF] Kaylyn Meryalu
[DEF] Edburg Jutska
[DEF] Drahuše Warner
[DEF] Lor Martining
[DEF] Léonne Félix
[DEF] Nita Jacobing
[MF] Bonnie Lyon
[MF] Dolores Tudor
[MF] Irma Saller
[MF] Deb Verity
[MF] Phigalea Pagbkawk
[MF] Carolina Lupeing
[FW] Arkonesh Modugno
[FW] Amelia Sanders
[FW] Masca Ruby-Midwinter
[FW] Nicea Lupeing

Men’s and Women’s Coxed Eights: 9 (8 rowers + 1 cox). No alternates allowed.
Christian Metaxas
Bisalt Johniscus
Christian Minato
Vavthyr Nerobar
Brunello Hyacinthus
Ethelred Wulf
Trasnuddin Tapia
Herodote Stankevich
Shelsek Cyalpin (cox)

Protepia Witherspoon
Leoceda Aufip
Pika Pulkrábek
Laurel Mochizuki
Sita Pataki
Yawen Fan
Coline Delacroix
Jennifer Cutler
Basira Kazlauskas (cox)

Men’s and Women’s: 13 (7 starting)
[Prop] Daniel Johnson
[Hooker] Page Ayers
[Prop] Hilmar Årud
[Scrum-half] Sławomir Łaska
[Fly-half] Ru Liu
[Center] Ernest Fitzjean
[Wing] Rory Rivera
[Prop] Nico Wochegen
[Hooker] Kelsey Rodgers
[Prop] Max Jones
[Scrum-half] Mansur Silverstein
[Fly-half] Stephen Purl
[Center] Jens Tchaikovsky
[Wing] Qiu of Hewe
[Prop] James Cole
[Hooker] Nicodem Basiliscus

[Prop] Thrasia O'Murray
[Hooker] Mavis Tsichla
[Prop] Adevia Andrés
[Scrum-half] Shayndel Armster
[Fly-half] Adelaide Ebner
[Center] Wei Chan
[Wing] Theano Newlin
[Prop] Adrica Cuphus
[Hooker] Evelien Polemonet
[Prop] Kintyra of Bruma
[Scrum-half] Rosamund Jacksdaughter
[Fly-half] Inez Firbrand
[Center] Beatrice Techolasp
[Wing] Nomusa Hersch
[Prop] Gwenivere Georgeaux
[Hooker] Felicitas Vanaltena

INDOOR: 12 (6 starting)
Qimiryan Spencer
Rian l'Anson
Shane Windsor
Louis Travert
Watson Drab
Jezza Readinley
Stanislas Brož
Nicholas Spyrus
Jayme Courtney
Kyle Axridford
Barclay Nicholson
Hellad Colón

Eleanor Bates
Bara Parent
Su Lu
Adriarulia Chai
Sorvana Lewis
Azaria Horvatinčić
Sheila Ammonite
Alexandra Ivarsdottir
Diana Drake
Lívia Ngô
Adriana Gilliam
Barbe Lémieux

Men’s and Women’s: 11 starting, suggested team size 48
[Quarterback] Bonifack Vávra
[Quarterback] Harry Kendell
[Halfback] Kun Wang
[Halfback] Matthew Juciscus
[Fullback] Stesilas van Agthoven
[Fullback] Shaun Mastrano
[Wide Receiver] Akhat Rughtca
[Wide Receiver] Guanting Shunguo
[Tight End] Jason Andreas
[Tight End] Guanyu Shan
[Left Tackle] Abdul Doctor
[Left Tackle] Desmond Bloxham
[Left Guard] Basil Luping
[Left Guard] Jiang Kwan
[Center] Dāvids Rao
[Center] Peter Eros
[Right Guard] Prasad Aliberti
[Right Guard] Joshua of Sartoriana
[Right Tackle] Mars Gratian Agamemno
[Right Tackle/DT] Arthur Stafford

[Left End] Thomas Damianoff
[Left End] Leucochrys Tower
[Defensive Tackle] Sandi Donati
[Defensive Tackle] Fernand Bouchard
[Right End] Revydral Eldrralas
[Right End] Periare Royer
[Left Outside Linebacker] Jiahao Li
[Left Outside Linebacker] David Shuzen
[Middle Linebacker] Franny Zino
[Middle Linebacker] Neclord Oberon
[Right Outside Linebacker] Eletrayni Oretendas
[Right Outside Linebacker] Demir Leworęczny
[First Safety] Mustafa Ka Kayastha
[First Safety] Vahaenyx Lustamuinon
[Second Safety] Andreas Constantine
[Second Safety] Phigaley Chagten
[Cornerback] Eugen Hügel

Special Teams
[Kicker] Aaron Salvatore
[Kicker] Winifrid Underwood
[Punter] Laurentine Brutus Pamphilus
[Returner/RB] Chen Man
[Gunner] Nathan Salazar
[Jammer] Rafaël Coumans
[Upback] Marlon Ashley

[Quarterback] Thomas Knazion
[Center] Yaser Župan
[Wide Receiver] Alex Probatopaltum
[Wide Receiver] Mercinas Nychtosagum
[Defensive Tackle] Besnik Khan
[Defensive Tackle] Oliver Marshall
[Cornerback] Damian Nicoliscus
[Kicker] Dustin Powers
[Punter] Jinod Usi
[Returner/FB] Justin St. Martin

[Quarterback] Pomare Shvets
[Quarterback] Julie Jewel
[Halfback] Ludwiga Matheing
[Halfback] Diana Johnisca
[Fullback] Xiu Man
[Fullback] Guanyu Hsu
[Wide Receiver] Bliss Basilissa
[Wide Receiver] Amalia Papas
[Tight End] Osanna Thompkins
[Tight End] Bodhi The
[Left Tackle] Vita Domitia Berenica
[Left Tackle] Ljubinka Wynne
[Left Guard] Anaëlle Simon
[Left Guard] Actea Von
[Center] Hui Sung
[Center] Aelia Europa Universalis
[Right Guard] Anzhelika Beatty
[Right Guard] Ellis Mercia
[Right Tackle] Thais Phlor
[Right Tackle/DT] Juliana Tertia Chariclea

[Left End] Tatiana Slovák
[Left End] Agnes Kawle
[Defensive Tackle] Wídwyn of Wolfbridge
[Defensive Tackle] Placida Rask
[Right End] Christine Early
[Right End] Closima Staur
[Left Outside Linebacker] Anyta Xanthia
[Left Outside Linebacker] Aamina Fisker
[Middle Linebacker] Mary Ellioting
[Middle Linebacker] Kiran Ishikawa
[Right Outside Linebacker] Astera Adam
[Right Outside Linebacker] Jessica Maslin
[First Safety] Manii C'astja
[First Safety] Keara Ahearne
[Second Safety] Domille Mairdrn
[Second Safety] Kirine Charmchi
[Cornerback] Maleati Ghusem

Special Teams
[Kicker] Jachesis Demetriing
[Kicker] Phanias Marining
[Punter] Zenobia Basilisca
[Returner/RB] Jan Balliol
[Gunner] Heptagora Botterill
[Jammer] Xun Mah
[Upback] Cytherea O'Brian

[Quarterback] Jaya Cade
[Center] Castamira Elvis
[Wide Receiver] Rebekka Protogening
[Wide Receiver] Nerissa Sebastian
[Defensive Tackle] Dubravka O'Shea
[Defensive Tackle] Serene Nona
[Cornerback] Natalia Chevalier
[Kicker] Ana Lynx
[Punter] Ishani Csorba
[Returner/FB] Meridel Rachimova
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Postby Kelssek » Fri Aug 07, 2020 4:20 pm

Kelssek Olympic Committee | Comité olympique kelssekien
Opening ceremony flagbearers: Orean - Miru Ekatiwa (gymnastics); Istria - Chad Alexander (swimming)
Chef-de-mission: Aerona Christensen
National broadcasting rights: Kelssek Broadcasting Corporation / Société Radio-Kelssek

Water polo is a major sport in Kelssek and matches for both genders will be keenly watched. Team records and history.

1 - Paul Dewdney (Kraken d’Outineau) gk
13 - Trey Faulkner (Redswyth Marlins) gk
2 - Trent Hakemi (Dynamo Lupinissia)
3 - Nathan Frolík (Burnaby Thunderbirds)
4 - Emmanouil Dostidis (Kirkenes Blues)
5 - Pierre Lacousteau (Vickery Tsunami) hole set
6 - Raïf Gerzhaen-Charbon (Daudard-des-Oiseaux)
7 - Angelo Dossena (Kirkenes Jets)
8 - Eamon Ó Conaill (Daudard-des-Oiseaux) hole set
9 - Nathan Cavendish (Redswyth Marlins) [captain]
10 - Aguri Tetsu (Lakeland Storm)
11 - Harry Sponner (Burnaby Thunderbirds)
12 - Sehaivir Dubé (CA Langlois)

Head coach: Martin Hosster

1 - Amelia Bright (Kirkenes Blues) gk
13 - Corrine Carbonneau (Lakeland Storm) gk
2 - Inni Raida (Daudard-des-Oiseaux)
3 - Kayley Hatter (Dynamo Lupinissia) hole set
4 - Alejandra Sanchez (Redswyth Marlins)
5 - Lindsey Mueller (Emerald City)
6 - Rachel McTavish (Lakeland Storm)
7 - Avril O’Shea (Redswyth Marlins)
8 - Marilou Torche (CA Langlois)
9 - Emma Davies (Clayquot Neptunes) [captain]
10 - Taylor Rust (Kirkenes Jets) hole set
11 - Stéfanie Beaudoin (Kraken d'Outineau)
12 - Annisa Huey (Burnaby Thunderbirds)

Head coach: Jean-François Trepannier

Laura Hilmstra - C
Rebecca Darden - F
Céline Primeau - F
Judith Plunkett - G
Lauren Selinger - G

Katheryn Taft-Smith - F
Holly Bourque - C
Katrina Potter - G
Shania Cluckston - F
Kelly Ormond - F
Maria Gaetani - G
Annabel Howard - G

Kerry Barker - C
Evan Symonds - F
Mark Aryde - F
Kevin McCarthy - G
Jeff Lai - G

Cory Sewell - F
Aaron Lewes - C
Giuseppe Avella - G
Aaron Marino - F
Jaren Griffiths - F
Marc Gordan - C
Peter Anderton - G

Men's 3x3
Julian Martel
Félix Ouellet
Leigh Chan
Guilliame Gilchrist

Women's 3x3
Sophie Miller
Karen Kotka
Alexandra Wright
Cathy McFaul

Xavier Corriveau
Michael Hardy
Étienne Larouche (gk)
Gilles-Simon Thibault
Alexis Aubin
Éric Graveline
Salman Devaraj
Mavrik Christensen
Tristian Kardos
Porter Dollinger
Victor Turner
Damien York
Jack Topper
Arawn Efimov (gk)
Jason O'Byrne
Marcus Tay
Tristian Kardos
Trent Tsacheilidis

Julia Bailey (gk)
Gina Ramsey
Nancy Stafford
Angéline Lachance
Hannah Brynden
Kristen Nolan
Gillian Townsend
Kathryn Wilson
Lakeïta Rosières
Alexa Panchyshyn
Kathryn Reese
Jeanne Vézeau
Natalie Lai
Anabelle Durivage
Cara Gallimh
Alisha McKay
Isabelle Boughton
Estelle Owen (gk)

Pietro Salinas (Burnaby SC)
Cathal Gallagher (FC Rotmunde 1932 Image)*
Brian Pool (Hamiltonian Cambria)

Alexandre von Mertens [D C] (CF St-Richard)
Terrance Foley [D C] (CS Saint-Rémy)
Brayden Welland (Latrobe AFC)
Lewis Brockton [D LR] (Kingstown Athletic)
Cormac Ó Conneely [D R] (Latrobe AFC)
Bertrand Paré [D RC] (Mazinaw Vanorian)
Teadgh Brewer [D C] (Strathcona Internationals)

Issac Lafrenière [M LC] (Kiaono Locals Image)
Êsêkïl dí Völará [M C] (Association Ariddienne)
Connor Macdonald [DM] (Iturributa United Image)*
Nacuémiró Buené [AM L] (Burnaby SC)
Raïf Ducharne [M C] (Latrobe AFC)
Maxime Deschamps [M C] (CS St-Rémy)
Oliver Amhill [M R] (Langlois Océanic)
Bryan Hartpoach [M L] (Strathcona Internationals)

Loïc Maçon-Petrault (Unioneers Image) [captain]
Thor Ibrahim Ahmad (Hornchurch Image)
Seamus Wylten (Clayquot City)
Jourdain Dupuis (Langlois Océanic)

*over-23 players

Kendra Millaerl (Kirkenes FC)
Hildur Eiríksdóttir (Torbay Thunder)
Scotia MacDonald (Langlois Océanic)

Joseline Fourtin [D C] (Felswyr Image)
Lily Marshall [D C] (Foxhampton Image)
Melanie Fowler [D RC] (CF St-Richard)
Cathy Hanselmann [D LC] (St. Felix Image)
Kathy Franklin [D RC] (Hamiltonian Cambria)
Caleigh Smith [D C] (Coquitlam United)
Sarah Cowan [D C] (Burnaby SC)

Danielle Cordelier [M C] (Falkner United Image)
Amber Docherty [M R] (AC Olarria Image)
Giorsal Ó Connaíl [M C] (Traal Athletics Image)
Annabel Curtis [M C] (Coquitlam United)
Julia Bradford [M L] (FC Novonaya)
Lindsey Cowan [M R] (Langlois Océanic)
Lana Pavelic [M LC] (CF Outineau)
Kathy Eowins [DM C] (Langlois Océanic)

Eva Karven (Kirkenes FC)
Laura Millclef (Strathcona Internationals)
Cassie Silverton (Mazinaw Vanorian)
Catherine Wells (Hamiltonian Cambria)

Women's Rhythmic
Sara GilleEasbuigh
Sasha Moore
Fionna Hampton
Erin Bélanger
Rachel Louw

Dennis O'Connor
Jean-François Gauthier
Adrian Kavenda
Christophe Burdet
John Philcoat
Kevin Fielding
Shawn Namaire
Justin Ming
Stéphane Jasquet
Antonio Stewart
Caleb Jackson (gk)
Michael White
James Miller
Antonio Palmer
Lyle Erringdale (gk)

Katherine O'Grady (gk)
Sarafine Aubin
Clarissa Woolhead
Justine Gillet
Andrea Pointer
Megan Griemos
Rachel Woods
Denise McGrath
Lexi Hudon-Baynes
Shelia Greenwood
Angela Woodward
Pauline Overton
Gabrielle Foster (gk)
Sydney Brunette

Oregon Markowski [RF]
Leina Kotka [DP]
Jamie O'Malley [SS]
Isabelle Dupuis [CF]
Marie-Louise Gagnon [LF]
Margaux Vigvari [1B]
Josie Courtemanche [3B]
Sydney Sahlberg [2B]
Daphne Subotic [C]
Brienne Dubé [C]
Marilou Gauvreau [pitcher]
Ariana Paquin [infield]
Irène Weatherby [infield]
Jennifer Chin [outfield]
Angela MacGhlais [outfield]

Jean-Claude Denoir / L
Luke Thiel / OH
Robert St-Germain / R
Pierre-Marc Jourdain / S
Samuel Cartwright / M
Hugh dos Santos / M
Aengus Cheah / OH
Peadar Deckert / L
Mark Parsons / R
Evgeni Porshiev / OH
Derrick Purser / S

Arienne Lavallée / OH
Sara Burns / L
Alex Stansfield / S
Kristine Brewer / OH
Jade Bowen / M
Denise Hain / R
Brianne Paterson / S
Sophie Grenette / R
Melissa Richards / M
Lara Batori / L
Karen Tanner / R

1. Miles Peterson
2. Logan Delaney
3. Phillippe Lapointe-Moreau
4. Rémond Demur
5. Blaine McTavish
6. Martin Tang
7. Cole Vasterás

8. Mike Gilardino
9. Jeremy O’Shea
10. Patrice Henein
11. Séan Ó Connaigha
12. Derrick Younes

1. Caleigh Trussler
2. Jordan Whitfield-Harper
3. Pamela Anderson
4. Ciara anDeòir
5. Béatrice Louvain
6. Jennifer Cole
7. Annabelle Leonart

8. Katie Tirado
9. Fionna Jenkins
10. Rowan Callahan
11. Nicki Rose
12. Heather Brockson

Men's Eights
Ryan Pender
François Coulerier
Alexis Ziakos
Bernard Boucher
Thomas Kwong
Laird Wrede
Jordan Ciogach
Eoin McBrearty
Kyle Mooney (coxswain)

Women's Eights
Sophia Lundberg
Teàrlag MacGuinty
Margaret Riley
Norah Adamidis
Jeanne-Louise Bédard
Nicola Fisher
Rachel Rooney
Elise Audette-Fortin
Maiya Anton (coxswain)

National anthem: The Maple Leaf Forever/Toujours la feuille d'érable
O land of blue unending skies,
Mountains strong and sparkling snow
A scent of freedom in the wind
O'er the emerald fields below

Et tant des braves de tout couleurs
Reposent ici ensemble
De noble sang, de tant de neige
Est née la feuille d'érable

Long may it wave and grace our own,
Blue skies and stormy weather,
Within my heart, above my home,
The Maple Leaf forever!

A more useful image of Kelssek's flag than what I have over to the left

RP permissions
If you RP a team event first, you have permission to choose goalscorers and RP match events
If you RP an injury occurring I will determine severity
I’m generally open to all kinds of ideas that involve my athletes, but only if I am consulted first.
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Postby Kriegiersien » Fri Aug 07, 2020 5:01 pm

The delegation of Kriegiersien (KGS) for the Games of the XIV Olympiad (Team Sports and officials)

For a nation where nudity is mandatory, clothes are always a nice surprise. Kriegiersien comes as always in their black Olympic rags.. jerseys.

Head of Mission: Atlanta Johnson

Flag Bearer:
Istria: Alf Swimtob (Swimmer)
Orean: Jacqueline Schuckster (Skateboarding)

Doc Groooom
Dr. Frank Stein
Milli Fatbemme
Dr. Seltsam Strangelove
Gru Minion
Charly Nilsson
Armin Trashtaste
Paul Frederiks
Paula Frederiks

With Atlanta Johnson the first time a great former athlete, a legend, medal winner over 200 m and jack of all trades has become chief of mission.

The staff is still small, mainly doctors and technicians who look after the sorrows of the often ‘technically enhanced’ athletes.
There is big criticism that many team sports don’t have enough reserve players and no own staff. Coaches and other support are missing, following the mantra ‘the athletes are adults, heroes, they are able to and have to look for themselves’.

With the biggest team the American Football squad is, even though playing only a demonstration contest, under big pressure to show at least some results. Many players are playing at the Arena Bowl while the Olympics are already starting.
Men‘s team

Head coach:
Tushar Jean-Claude



David Chippendale
Alexander Alexios
Running back:
Jack Roadrunner
Jack Fat
Wide receiver:
Jack White
Whitey Whiteman
Tight end:
Left guard and right guard:
Liam Left
Roger Right
Left tackle and right tackle:
Dan Droit
Greg Gauche

Defensive tackle:
Defensive end:
Fostrorlim Caskbelt
Gostrarlug Merrysunder
Turfuil Barrelgrip

Women‘s team

Head coach:
Levan Hershel


Agatha Raisin
Sera David
Running back:
Mel Di Brandini
Dora Dumpling
Wide receiver:
Wanya Wide
Christina Conman
Gora Gonzales
Tight end:
Left guard and right guard:
Lila Links
Rwanda Rechts
Left tackle and right tackle:
Dora Droit
Gina Gauche

Defensive tackle:

Defensive end:
Lolulynn Beasttank
Hewiline Opaltank
Gruzmaerika Coincoat

The men’s team is still playing at the Independent Associations Championship, all players coming from the national series champion Timesteam.
The women‘s team consist mostly out of daughters of the clones from Simeone Di Bradini, who were created and played for the Kriegiersien U21 Team long ago.

Men‘s team
Coach: Jobst Haudels
Josef Kamber
Roland Roś

John Schäfer
Zhu Ming
Dietrich Stahlecker
Ewan Cutts
Stanko Benko
Bert Stickl

Jung-Mo So
Renke Heidenfelder
Alemayehe Ngum
Milo Vasdekis
Alfred Sommer
Richard Gerste
Meriç Erken
Christoph Langer

Mark Alsman
Gerben Wilschut
Michael Edvrch
Notis Sardzetakis

Women‘s team
Coach: Otto Hippo

Olivia Di Bradini
Joanne Di Brandini
Monica Di Bradini
Jessica Di Bradini
Mel Di Bradini
Victoria Di Bradini
Emma Di Bradini
Geraldine Di Bradini
Barbie Di Bradini
Melanie Di Bradini
Geri Di Bradini
Janina Corner
Tonya Haudels

After failing in the last Volleyball World Expo, the men’s team coach was beh… replaced. Starting as a mixed team at this World Cup event, that played mediocre at best there and didn't reach the playoffs, they now get a further chance to show progress at the Olympics in their respective competitions.

Zhuge Sjoodge (new, men’s team)
Maria Tristan

Men’s team

Amiran Vimal Setter
Iairos Norman Middle Blocker
Kyran Lucius Middle Blocker
Teshub Chinonso Outside Hitter
Abhishek Bakhtiyar Opposite Hitter
Ross Mealor Outside Hitter
Xanti Lóegaire Setter
Julian Mahdi Middle Blocker
Dragomir Mark Middle Blocker
Stefanu Arash Outside Hitter
Vijaya Erkin Opposite Hitter
Alexander Garcia Outside Hitter

Women’s team

Araceli Erminlinda Setter
Sylvie Eulalia Libero
Shanta Chae-Yeong Outside Hitter
Lexie Cintia Outside Hitter
Dalila Melanija Opposite Hitter
Kim Anime Middle Blocker
Christin Jaslyn Setter
Marina Florina Middle Blocker
Éva Mikhal Middle Blocker
Ilona Candi Outside Hitter
Christa Eoforhild Outside Hitter
Twilight Pop Opposite Hitter

At the last Basketball World Championship the women showed promise, beating the title defender. But, as the men, weren’t playing very consistent. The 3vs3 Basketball teams (the women won bronze at the last Olympics), are having more hopes for medals.

Johanna Laetitia
Arvid Florine

Men’s team

PG – Point Guard
Frits Michał BC Schoenwetter
Benedict Sloan Last Harbor Pirates
SG – Shooting Guard
Pascal Donat BC Schoenwetter
Johnathon Val Last Harbor Pirates
SF – Small Forward
Anakoni Corbinian BC Schoenwetter
Ferdi Ysbrand Timesteam
PF – Power Forward
Bogdan Vivien BC Schoenwetter
Wayne Scot Timesteam
C - Center
Allen 'Hunter' Snape Last Harbor Pirates
Bugezog Ancient Tomb

Women’s team

PG – Point Guard
Latoya Moyses Timesteam
Ivory Fire Pony City
SG – Shooting Guard
Yessenia Anaitis Last Harbor Pirates
Christin Justinas Muhr Rivermermaids
SF – Small Forward
Murbol Ancient Tomb
Cecilia Robyn Timesteam
PF – Power Forward
Ashryn Faran Ancient Tomb
Alvoho Yilroru Ancient Tomb
C - Center
Rogbut Ancient Tomb
Ivana Condor Scorpion City Scorpions

Men’s 3vs3
Anakoni Corbinian
Bogdan Vivien

Wayne Scot

Women’s 3vs3
Latoya Moyses
Ivory Fire


The men are still reigning Olympic champions, but the last two tournaments were a disaster. The most loved sport in Kriegiersien (after soccer maybe) is always seen as a medal contender in both women and men’s competition.

Sgt. Hammond Hammerstein
Lt. Amanda Ant

Men’s team

• Forwards
◦ 1 – Prop Theodore Hernandez
◦ 2 – Hooker Saoul Bastian
◦ 3 – Prop Phelix Yuda

• Backs
◦ 4 – Scrum-half Yukko Kiivraz jr.
◦ 5 – Fly-half Damian Druid
◦ 6 – Centre Wolfgang Betracci
◦ 7 – Wing Barney Stealson


Chris Brew
Bernhard Beer
Vladimir Vodka
Malz Hopfen
Hop Sing
Ethan Whole

Women’s team
• Forwards
◦ 1 – Prop Major Jutta Jürgenwürgen
◦ 2 – Hooker Barbara Bonebraker
◦ 3 – Prop Kara Kent

• Backs
◦ 4 – Scrum-half Charlene Chocolate
◦ 5 – Fly-half Dora Druid
◦ 6 – Centre Dulug Toothdrawer
◦ 7 – Wing Glob

Olivia Ockenheimer-Bursara
Barbara Bursara
Monica Microwave
Karla Kevin
Gina Gras
Ornella Mutti

Waterpolo got a huge boost after Waterkillerball became a hit in Kriegiersien. The violent game brought many players to Water Polo and now these man and woman are expected to take medals at the Games.
The women already got a bronze medal and are current World Champion.
Coach of the men’s and women’s team is legendary Ex-Player and now coach Antia Waterfall.

Coach: Anita Waterfall

Men’s team
Amal Collins
Jessie Parry
Field Players
Olsen Spartakus
Yasir Whiteley
Kaci Gaines
Jean Bender
Brodie Kay
Aaron Warner
Jimmy Weber
Augustus Taylor
Kiaan Alexander

Women’s team
Melissai Honey
Field Players
Selena Waterfall
Roberta Windsong
Rama Rainbow 
Lila Amin
Kacey Ryder
Jamie-Leigh Burch
Frankie English
Ella-Mai Ramsay
Gracie Swan

Both the men’s and women’s team are expected to not do terrible.

Men’s team
Coach: Raldaf Fire
Tsolias Tzaziki
Field Players
Koenraad Gunnar
Roger Percy
Ewart Brent
Andrew Karlheinz
Gray Damiaan
Virgil Ernie
Allison Gerolt
Finlay Alwin
Austen Joep
Trueman Kodey
Melvyn Athelstan
Craig Tom
Roland Gerd
Weldon Baptist
Maximillian Hugo

Women’s team
Coach: Gena Neric
Lisa Simpson
Field Players
Lorene Rosmarie
Kristina Maria
Ashlie Hillevi
Alina Jodene
Francene Trixie
Robina Faithe
Caleigh Drina
Liana Sonje
Hayley Judy
Brandee Henrietta
Dani Madyson
Leslie Regan
Thomasina Lina
Petal Sharron
Adalynn Elspeth

The women are the Gold medal winners of the XIII Olympics. Even so few players of the winning squad are left, the rejuvenated team is expected to achieve great things.
And the men’s team is present, too.

Men’s team
Egbert Esel
David Donkey
Left and right wingman
Carlos Catz
Dagobert Dog
Left and right backcourt
Calvin Cock
Robert Rooster
Centre backcourt
Ludwig Lion

Gregor Gorilla
Dundee Crocodile
Garfield Gazelle
Gregory Greyhound
Robert Rhino
Wisbert Whale
Orang Utan
Tobias Tiger

Women’s team
Flavia Flöt
Moe Edna
Kassy Ivy
Left and right wingman
Edith Ash
Maris Jolana
Left and right backcourt
Jaya Gail
Ayaka Aniya
Centre backcourt
Swapna Wassa
Todorka Doireann
Johanneke Maisie
Addison Nikkole
Isabel Kaylie
Flick Reanna
Tatianna Francis
Magdalena Pamella
Kelia Ernestine

The men’s Baseball team played a good season in the World Baseball Classics, without being able to reach the play-offs. Most of the players are from city rivals Schoenwetter BC, Giants and Scorpions.
The women are former cricket players, believed to be male, who were unmasked (by themselves) to be female. They were able to beat the best Kriegiersien female Baseball and Softball team and by that earned the place to represent Kriegiersien in the Softball tournament.

Men’s Baseball

Captain Steve Rogers Manager
Bernd Bucky Assistant Coach
Player Position Team
Firat Hawes Outfield Schoenwetter Giants
Lexi Beasley Infield Schoenwetter Scorpions
Can Alford Infield Schoenwetter Giants
Ronny Easton Infield Schoenwetter BC
Umair Cameron Outfield Schoenwetter Giants
James Schroeder Pitcher Schoenwetter BC
Kiah Lee Catcher Schoenwetter Giants
Nora Hilton Pitcher Timesteam
Whitney Preston Pitcher Schoenwetter Scorpions
Raphael Harding Outfield Schoenwetter Scorpions
Gianni Hall Outfield Schoenwetter Giants
Prince Leon Outfield Timesteam
Timothy Salas Pitcher Timesteam
Cordelia Barrera Catcher Schoenwetter BC
Arron Franks Outfield Schoenwetter Giants
Giles Butt Pitcher Schoenwetter Giants
Ianis Allman Pitcher Schoenwetter Scorpions
Dhruv Stein Infield Timesteam
Phillip Weeks Pitcher Schoenwetter BC
Sam Thomas Infield Schoenwetter Giants
Cassius Mckinney Pitcher Schoenwetter Scorpions
Dewey Sanchez Pitcher Schoenwetter Giants
Zishan Horn Pitcher Schoenwetter Giants
Daniel Livingston Pitcher Schoenwetter Giants
Rhian Delacruz Pitcher Schoenwetter Giants
Shea Dowling Pitcher Schoenwetter BC
Subhaan Rice Pitcher Schoenwetter Scorpions
Wilhelm Maurice Pitcher Schoenwetter Scorpions

Women’s Softball
Coach: Colonel Samanthal von Schneider

Major Evelyn Pennywise
Major Alberta Cheese
Major Jane Palin
Major Michael Idle
Captain Charly Longbottom
Captain Francine Cothelstone
Captain Graham Jones
Captain Paulina Posh
Captain Martina Winterbottom

Captain Rachel Shortshanks
Lieutnant Marcella Longbottom

For the team event, one seasoned veteran each team helps the young guard out.

Men's Group
Chan Hase
Chris Twelfchen
Tobias Zah
Charly Mantis

Women's Group
Thalia Twelchen
Niau Batur
Cat Lady
Chris Cross

While the men are the Kriegiersien flagship and boosted pride of the rowing team, the women's Coxed eight is boarded by mediocre contestants.

Men’s Coxed Eight
Michael Booman
Lars Braggart
Max Maus
Max Musterman
Lars Icebear
Otto Muskel
Charles Champion
John Miller
Thin Boi

Women’s Coxed Eight
Mazoga Ork
Arrrnita Pirate
Marianne Muskelprotz
Sandra Slave
Marrrgery Pirate
Parrrmela Pirate
Serrrena Pirate
Sarrrah Pirate
Bernadette Boulimia

Both women and men of this beautiful sport of grinning elegance in the water, have as much grace as their makeup and swimsuits can provide. Very limited..

Men's ensemble
Beau Beautiful
Nikki Notnude
Sergei Lafemme
Clark Clickbait
Quark Kent
Arthur Adonis
David Goliath
Marquis Warren

The women's hateful eight
Abigail Geil
Caroline Calosit
Vera Virginia
Paula Pork
Femke Fatal
Sonja Harding
Barbara Bodypaint
Daisy Domergue

RP-Permissions: Everything that is not breaking the game
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Imagine the most obnoxiously huge and unnecessary logo is embedded here

Nation name: The White Winter Queendom of Græntfjall
Trigram: GRÆ
Demonym: Græntfjaller
National anthem: Hjálparleysi Blús
National Organizing Committee: Ólympíusamband Græntfjalls / Græntfjaller Olympic Association
Chef de mission: Göpf Vernerisson
Full delegation list: Link
Opening ceremony flag bearers: Jónbjörn Bjarnfreðursson (Orean) and Samantha Viktorsdóttir (Istria)
Media: GTV (television), GBC (radio), GNB (interpretive dance)

Græntfjall, sometimes transliterated as Graintfjall (but never Graentfjall) is a small, inconsequental, suspiciously new nation located in the ‘Rushmori Alps’, though pinning down its exact location might tax cartographers at the moment. But it is still fielding a good-sized Olympic team, as a country with significant investment in sport. Græntfjall operates a ‘multi-sports-club’ model, with city and town sports clubs operating teams in multiple different sports.

More Græntfjaller tourists are expected to travel to Orean than to Istria, but no doubt there will be a few blue flags flying in the stands in both cities. Græntfjaller fans are expected to be particularly drawn to team sports events (handball, hockey, water polo), and to canoeing and cycling events. Should you encounter Græntfjaller tourists, they will probably be polite and enthusiastic, if struggling with the heat.

Græntfjaller athletes will typically compete in blue, or blue with white-trim. Alternate strips in team sports will generally be the reverse i.e. white with blue-trim. Almost all Græntfjaller names are patronymic (or occasionally matronymic) and thus athlete IDs may sometimes be by their first name and initial rather than by surname.

General RP permissions:
  • Sport-specific permissions, such as picking goal scorers, are listed under the drop-downs along with squad details.
  • You may RP my athletes, staff, officials and fans as you wish, but please do not have them involved in cheating (things like DSQs for lane violations are fine) or doping.
  • Absolutely no violence of any kind by or to my characters.
  • I would request, though not insist, that if you use non-photoshopped RL photographs, you don’t say they represent my characters or nation.
  • Despite the frosty tone of the above, I like Olympic RPing a lot and am open to any collaborative storylines. These could sporting (domestic league transfers, acquiring broadcast rights), political (developing relationships between Græntfjall and YN), or personal (individual athletes or other characters, though I am not interested in romance plots).
Boxing: Thorleif Leonzson (referee)
Canoeing – slalom: Fold Nikolaisdóttir (gate judge)
Cycling – track: Hástein Knutsson (medical official)
Equestrian – jumping: Sigvarður Siglaugursson (ground jury)
Gymnastics – artistic: Rebecca Millisdóttir (women’s competition judge)
Handball: Anja Högnisdóttir and Ísgerður Friðvinsdóttir (umpires)
Hockey: Line Jorgesdóttir (appeal jury)
Rowing: Oddný Lennysdóttir (technical official)
Shooting: Oleana Franssdóttir (pistol jury)
Table tennis: Emeli Lennysdóttir (umpire)
Tennis: Engilbjartur Sæmundsson (review official)
Weightlifting: Britta Jacoposdóttir (jury member)

RP permissions: I’ve included these to add color. You can reference my officials in your RP if you like, or you can ignore my claims to have sent officials entirely. If you do use my officials at all, please don’t have them be egregiously incompetent or biased.

Men’s team

Head coach: Leonard Sebastiansson
Assistant coaches: Viktor Gjermundsson, Svanhólm Isaksson
Conditioning trainer: Rune Benónísson

№	Name			Pos.	Height	Age	Club
4 Tom Farmansson PG 1.98 m 20 free agent
5 Nick Philipsson SG/SF 1.99 m 21 Image Aigsvinger
6 Krister Mariasson PG 1.85 m 27 Image Laitwinkl
7 Noel Skíðisson (c) SG 1.98 m 23 Image Kyrkdorf
8 Tore Ernstsson SF 2.03 m 23 Image Laitwinkl
9 Lucas Akusson PF 2.02 m 24 Image Haderhavn
10 Sven Geirröðursson SF 1.99 m 21 free agent
11 Verneri Gerisson PG/SG 1.92 m 27 Image Gründorf
12 Auðunar Kristdórsson PF/C 2.11 m 24 Image Kyrkdorf
13 Benjamin Iirosson C 2.13 m 18 Image Ostholm
14 Janus Norbertsson C 2.08 m 23 Image Haderhavn
15 Michael Matheosson C 2.13 m 27 Image Lengschach

In common with other Græntfjaller teams, the Super Wolves have size and strength – but not pace or skill. Basketball doesn’t have a strong tradition in Græntfjall, although it is one of most popular sports among younger generations and while the Græntfjall Super League doesn’t perform strongly in TV ratings, there’s an appetite for higher quality foreign basketball.

The team’s offense is run through Noel Skíðisson, who led Kyrkdorf to an improbable Cinderella semi-final run in the recent IUBC; an ephemeral shoot-first-ask-questions-later combo guard. His backcourt partner Tom Farmasson looks to have a more limited offensive set but shoots 90% from the line and is an excellent perimeter defender with great size for his position. Tore Ernstsson is a sniper but surprisingly poor on D despite his size; Auðunar Kristdórsson and the exciting young talent Benjamin Iirosson are defensive stalwarts but offensively limited, while Auðunar would be vulnerable to hack-a-Shaq if anyone could figure out a word to rhyme with his name. Bench talent are mixture of 3 point specialists and defenders.

If you RP first, you may…
Pick my scorers and score breakdown: Y
Assign statistics: Y
Assign technical fouls and ejections: N
Injure my players: N

Other considerations: While not a collectively strong team and unlikely to progress in the tournament, I’m open to any of my players being signed by foreign teams, and doing same for foreign players who attract notice at the Olympics, as well as acquiring foreign coaches for the GSL and broadcasting rights to foreign leagues. My next GSL season will be scorinated and RPed in rather greater detail than the first one.

Rider			Horse
Ebba Þjálfisdóttir Nyelecca
Kristin Eliasdóttir Belan
Ingemar Matteosson Alder
Gunnvaldur Asbjørnsson Jinx
Lukas Karlsson Duke
Elsa Friðlaugursdóttir Baidhroch
Alina Laurinsdóttir Cenost
Liam Logisson Misfit
Jack Ingemarsson Swiþmod

Men’s team

Coach: Sölvar Tobiassson

№	Pos.	Name				Age	Caps	Goals	Club
1 GK Björnólfur Ernestisson 18 0 0 [ZRH] AK Stanimir
2 DF Ernst Steinfinnursson 21 0 0 Image Kuodorf
3 DF Linus Robertsson 19 0 0 [JOV] Nationale Jovannica
4 DF Hjörleifur Reynarsson* 24 0 0 Image Steinaux
5 DF Jostein Damonsson 21 0 0 Image Steinaux
6 MF Gabríel Svennsson 22 1 0 Image Gunzlach
7 MF Kauko Arvidsson 20 0 0 Image Stonebrack
8 MF Matthias Raphaelsson (c) 20 6 1 [SYL] Avondale Beach SC
9 FW Jason Þórhallursson 20 6 1 Image Gunzlach
10 FW Nicholas Siriusson 19 0 0 Image Mühlrich
11 MF Álfar Ásvaldursson* 24 6 0 Image Mühlrich
12 FW Eelis Mikaelsson 18 0 0 [GLZ] Partick & Broomhill
14 DF Helge Persson* 24 0 0 Image Oost-Hartburg
15 MF Felix Adamsson 18 0 0 Image College of Twake
16 FW Ásvarður Bergmundursson 21 0 0 Image Steinaux
17 MF Tinni Grímólfursson 18 0 0 [TEQ] Atlás Ciuredor
18 GK Philip Börkursson 21 0 0 Image Mühlrich
21 MF Reidar Rögnvaldursson 18 0 0 free agent
* Older dispensation player

Women’s team

Coach: Mona Axelsdóttir

№	Pos.	Name				Age	Caps	Goals	Club
1 GK Ásdís Hjalmarsdóttir 33 0 0 Image Mühlrich
2 DF Eir Bjarnfinnursdóttir 23 0 0 Image Korsbach
3 DF Else Svennsdóttir 25 6 0 Image Gunzlach
4 DF Arinbjörg Björnsdóttir 27 0 0 Image Gunzlach
5 DF Emeli Vilbertsdóttir 22 5 0 Image Folte
6 MF Bríana Noahsdóttir 22 6 1 Image Steinaux
7 MF Amanda Guttisdóttir 20 6 0 Image Old Boys Club
8 MF Ketilbjörg Aunosdóttir (c) 31 3 1 free agent
9 MF Sara Kristoffersdóttir 16 2 0 Image Fliserboding
10 FW Justiina Dannysdóttir 25 3 0 free agent
11 FW Lara Auðunsdóttir 20 0 0 Image Folte
12 FW Viktoria Öndesdóttir 25 0 0 Image Molding
13 FW Mæja Allansdóttir 22 0 0 Image Hofvinger
14 MF Hanna Nicosdóttir 26 0 0 Image Altendalur
15 DF Mjalldís Bóassdóttir 24 0 0 Image Gunzlach
16 DF Karoline Vernerisdóttir 28 1 0 Image Molding
17 MF Lana Mensdóttir 31 0 0 Image Gunzlach
18 GK Livia Bergmundursdóttir 24 0 0 Image Hofvinger

The Snow Wolves have a limited competitive record and modest experience. The Græntfjall Premier League is at present probably the weakest competitive ‘top’ league in all of world football, although there are hopes of a revival as foreign players enter and internationals gain more experience. Those players with caps participated in the recent Copa Rushmori, reaching the Round of 16 with a highly defensive – not to say negative – style of play.

Here they should be a little more expansive, though possibly less successful. By default they will play a 4-4-1-1 style: Álfar Ásvaldursson will play a more forward role than he does for the national team in the center of midfield. Jason Þórhallursson is probably the team’s best player but a mercurial talent heavily dependent on good service. The team is led by Matthias Raphaelsson, the closest thing to a breakout star from the recent Copa showing; a left-sided midfield who likes to cut in (and thus contribute further to the crowd in the center!) he will take set pieces.

The Snow She-Wolves also have several national team players, most notably midfield dynamo Amanda Guttisdóttir. (In Græntfjall, football is a mixed sport outside of Olympic competition.) During the Copa Rushmori she played a subdued role, having to play deeper than her preferred attacking midfield role; here, with Ketilbjörg Aunosdóttir anchoring the defensive midfield, she should be able to press forward more. Exciting young talent Sara Kristoffersdóttir is slated to start on the left but could play anywhere; Lara Auðunsdóttir is a true striker ahead of Justiina Dannysdóttir, while Bríana Noahsdóttir’s excellent crosses and set-pieces attracted attention at the Copa.

The team’s defense is weaker. Emeli and Else are both national team full-backs, but could be exposed against bigger players, while Eir and Arinbjörg are both tall but lack any international experience. Two novice center-backs against international strikers could be messy. Despite her age Ásdís Hjalmarsdóttir also has no international experience, so it’s a very untested back line. By default the team will play 4-4-2 but expect some changes in midfield to allow Amanda, Sara and Justiina to take a variety of attacking positions.

If you RP first, you may…
Pick my scorers: Y
Pick my penalty takers: N, please use Jason/Amanda for in-game penalties, and in the highly unlikely event we reach the knockout stage I will post an order for shoot-outs
Assign yellow cards: Y
Assign red cards: N
Injure my players: N

Other considerations: Unlike with most other sports, I am not interested in doing domestic transfers for football as I will handle those through the centralized transfer window. However, I am open to other storylines regarding the growth of football in Græntfjall, such as the acquistion of broadcast rights for foreign leagues, or investment in club sponsorship.

Men’s team

Coaches: Marís Nikolaisson and Annes Sigvarðursson

№	Pos.	Name			Age	Height	Club
1 GK Ásmóður Kennsson 27 1.93 m Image Þingsnitz
3 RB Michael Larsson 30 1.96 m Image Hintersfjörður
5 CB Leonhard Ahtosson 23 1.89 m Image Steinaux
11 LW Isak Göpfsson 20 1.86 m Image Þingsnitz
13 LB Jack Jockisson 19 1.94 m Image Steinaux
15 P Finngeir Lucasson 27 1.98 m Image Gunzlach
18 RB Ósvald Fabiansson 29 1.96 m Image Lehberg
19 P Guðleikur Xylonsson 32 1.99 m Image Reschensreppur
22 LB Karsten Kjartansson 26 1.96 m Image Haafberg
23 P Peter Viðarsson 32 2.00 m Image Tuldam
24 LW Auðunn Marvinsson 24 1.88 m Image Lehberg
25 CB Elias Ilíasson 25 1.84 m Image Gunzlach
32 RW Benedikt Persson 26 1.82 m Image Þingsnitz
90 GK Klængur Álfarsson 26 1.93 m Image Steinaux

Women’s team

Coach: Valentin Arentsson

№	Pos.	Name			Age	Height	Club
1 GK Michelle Taistosdóttir 26 1.78 m Image Reschensreppur
2 LB Pilvi Lorenzdóttir 25 1.79 m Image Væggerfried
3 CB Margaux Albinsdóttir 22 1.80 m Image Schudvík
5 LB Emelie Kamilussdóttir 26 1.76 m Image Lengschach
6 P Birgit Kjartansdóttir 26 1.75 m Image Reschensreppur
7 P Kimberly Fabiansdóttir 25 1.79 m Image Lengschach
8 LB Kerttu Gilmarsdóttir 25 1.72 m Image Haafberg
9 RB Kristen Matthiasdóttir 22 1.77 m Image Hintersfjörður
10 CB Yuna Vilhelmsdóttir 26 1.80 m Image Haafberg
14 GK Mirjam Kennsdóttir 29 1.74 m Image Haafberg
18 RW Ótta Oliversdóttir 26 1.74 m Image Paschvík
21 LW Josefine Sverkersdóttir 23 1.73 m Image Pichika
22 RW Valkyrja Ingimundsdóttir 25 1.69 m Image Steinaux
24 LW Luna Janusdóttir 23 1.78 m Image Laitwinkl

Handball is a popular sport in Græntfjall, but the teams enter short on practice; the GHF’s original plan for the team to practice at the Handball World Cup fell through, so now they will be playing in their first Olympics totally untested. As such, previous high hopes have been moderated with an understanding they will need to gain international experience.

The Bouncy Wolves’ best player and main goal-scoring threat is Ósvald Fabiansson, with a killer jump and powerful release. Young emerging talents Isak Göpfsson and Jack Jockisson could be the mainstays of the team in years to come but at present are a touch green for international exposure. Ásmóður Kennsson is a good shot-stopper and was GHL MVP last season.

The Bouncy She-Wolves have a lower profile but are also packed with some bright prospects. They frequently play two-pivot sets with Birgit Kjartansdóttir and Kimberly Fabiansdóttir doubling up; Margaux Albinsdóttir has a remarkably calm head and good distributional awareness for her years; Valkyrja Ingimundsdóttir is a high-energy presence bursting onto the scene.

If you RP first, you may…
Pick my scorers: Y
Assign penalties: Y
Assign ejections: Y
Assign serious, violent incidents that would lead to multiple-game suspensions: N
Injure my players: N

Other considerations: Handball is a major sport Græntfjall so I’m up for anything to develop its profile, whether that’s domestic transfers, sponsorships, broadcast deals, or RP storylines leading into the Handball World Cup. I haven’t yet decided whether to RP the Cup happening alongside the Olympics or send a back-up team. I am happy to accept foreign players into the next GHL; next season will be scorinated and RPed in greater detail.

Men’s team

Coach: Throst Juliansson

№	Pos	Name				Age	Club
1 GK Philip Eldonsson 29 Image Kochhavn
4 DF Hartmann Reginnsson 28 Image Maigburg
6 FW Leopold Terjesson 28 Image Putzendorf
7 MF Petri Mikaelsson 32 Image Reschensreppur
8 MF Øystein Kjeldsson 26 Image Putzendorf
9 MF Anton Leonhardsson 29 Image Gramar
10 MF Johannes Urbansson 24 Image Putzendorf
11 DF Kristo Geirröðursson (C) 29 Image Maigburg
12 FW Oliver Nicksson 28 Image Gramar
13 DF Móri Asmosson 27 Image Putzendorf
14 DF Björnólfur Raunisson 22 Image Putzendorf
15 FW Valto Asvardsson 26 Image Molding
19 FW Adrian Iivosson 28 Image Lammedal
21 DF Sulevi Leonardsson 28 Image Kochhavn
22 FW Ben Bernhardinsson 23 Image Lammedal
29 DF Samuele Filipsson 30 Image Schwakirchen
A GK Oddfinnur Freymarsson 26 Image Paschvík
A DF/MF Lukas Salvarsson 19 Image Putzendorf
A MF/FW Frank Ásvaldursson 27 Image Lammedal

Women’s team

Coach: Vera Villysdóttir

№	Pos	Name				Age	Club
1 MF Asía Aðalnjörnsdóttir (C) 27 Image Reschensreppur
3 FW Katharina Gautisdóttir 22 Image Maigburg
4 FW Kristen Noelsdóttir 28 Image Molding
6 MF Kristina Kallesdóttir 28 Image Putzendorf
7 DF Tía Torsteinsdóttir 26 Image Maigburg
8 GK Raja Ennosdóttir 23 Image Putzendorf
9 DF Veronika Ørjansdóttir 25 Image Gramar
10 FW Sofia Josdóttir 24 Image Molding
11 MF Katja Leosdóttir 23 Image Reschensreppur
12 MF Helen Chrisdóttir 26 Image Lammedal
13 DF Charlotte Floriansdóttir 27 Image Pichika
16 DF Beatriz Sæmundsdóttir 26 Image Molding
17 FW Jasmin Noelsdóttir 27 Image Maigburg
18 MF Hannah Alposdóttir 28 Image Goesberg
23 DF Tone Raphaëlsdóttir 25 Image Notschach
24 FW Maj-Britt Kristosdóttir 27 Image Lohrreith
A GK Ronja Hervarðursdóttir 25 Image Gramar
A DF/MF Saimi Theodorsdóttir 20 Image Putzendorf
A MF/FW Christina Viktorsdóttir 21 Image Maigburg

Field hockey has grown in popularity in Græntfjall since the advent of artificial pitches, as the frozen soil didn’t lend itself to flat playing surfaces before. The Græntfjaller Main Class is a popular top-level competition and is probably the biggest second-tier sport. While social equality reigns supreme in other sports, though, in field hockey there are traces of prejudice, with the game being seen as metropolitan/urban dominated and inaccessible to rural outlanders and mountainfolk.

Hoping to put such preconceptions to right are the Turf Wolves. Petri Mikaelsson is the best all-round player, leading things from the center of midfield, while Leopold Terjesson is a reliable threat to lead the scoring charts as a born poacher in front of goal. The team’s true weapon, though, is Johannes Urbansson, a deadly penalty-corner specialist with one of the fastest drag-flicks in world hockey; Björnólfur Raunisson is emerging as a very potent second option. Philip Eldonsson is an experienced goalie.

Perhaps even more popular than their male counterparts are the Turf She-Wolves. Raja Ennosdóttir’s heroics in goal captured the national title for Putzendorf, and of course they are no slouches at penalty corners either, with Beatriz Sæmundsdóttir, Hannah Alposdóttir, and Jasmin Noelsdóttir rotating options to drag-flick. Hannah is an inspirational midfield dynamo, and Kristen Noelsdóttir a sniping threat to score from every tricky angle.

If you RP first, you may…
Pick my scorers: Y
Pick my penalty corner takers: N, see notes above
Pick my penalty stroke takers: N, use Hartmann/Kristen
Assign green/yellow cards: Y
Assign red cards: N
Injure my players: N

Other considerations: Much as I love field hockey it doesn’t make sense for Græntfjall to be a world power given the climate and history, but I’m open to domestic transfers. Also, I really would prefer the majority of my team’s goals come through penalty corners.

Men’s eight			Women’s eight
B: Skúli Stefansson Sæfríður Eliassdóttir
2: Jonas Allansson Viðja Kiliansdóttir
3: Tór Svanisson Hellen Leosdóttir
4: Pascal Jóannsson Fabienne Andreassdóttir
5: Nils Manuelsson Gerd Philipsdóttir
6: Ogmund Arvidsson Marie Gustavsdóttir
7: Seifur Alexandersson Eevi Ninosdóttir
S: Johannes Alexandersson Isabel Philippsdóttir
c: Robin Johannesson Carina Huugosdóttir

Women’s team

Coach: Nico Ensiosson

№	Name				Height	Age	Club
1 Stefanie Henriksdóttir 1.88 m 23 Image Ostholm
2 Laura Ramonsdóttir 1.92 m 25 Image Haderhavn
3 Christina Hugosdóttir 1.88 m 24 Image Laafjörður
4 Ormheiður Búisdóttir 1.89 m 25 Image Ostholm
5 Stefanie Fróðarsdóttir (c) 1.85 m 31 Image Hintersfjörður
6 Stina Bjarkisdóttir 1.86 m 28 Image Notschach
8 Veronika Annesdóttir (L) 1.79 m 26 Image Kuodorf
9 Adelgunde Valentinsdóttir 1.90 m 30 Image Akurgarten
10 Giorgia Gustavsdóttir 1.93 m 23 Image Væggerfried
11 Heba Aagesdóttir 1.92 m 24 Image Ilsburg
12 Helga Gillsdóttir 1.81 m 28 Image Laitwinkl
16 Julia Hartmannsdóttir 1.89 m 19 Image Lohrreith

Volleyball has a much lower profile in Græntfjall than most other Olympic team sports. There’s competition from basketball and handball, and the domestic league doesn’t have a TV rights deal meaning multi-sports-clubs haven’t prioritized it. That doesn’t mean the Net Wolves are a bunch of bumbling incompetents, but expectations – or even awareness of their existence – aren’t high. Despite her size, the team’s star player is libero Veronika Annesdóttir [while Græntfjall wears blue she will wear green].

If you RP first, you may…
Do pretty much anything: Y, except…
Injure my players: N

Other considerations: I don’t RP a domestic volleyball league so I have less interest here in ongoing storylines, but if you want to sign one of my players feel free.

Men’s team

Coach: Linus Andreasson

№	Name			Pos.	Height	Age	Club
1 Þjóðvarður Jockysson GK 1.96 m 32 Image Mühlrich
2 Edgar Allansson D 1.97 m 23 Image Hofvinger
3 Oskar Eltonsson D 1.89 m 27 Image Voleln
4 Noah Ratosson CF 1.95 m 25 Image Reschensreppur
5 Ísarr Arinbjörnsson D 1.95 m 24 Image Hofvinger
6 Michael Andreasson CB 1.94 m 32 Image Reschensreppur
7 Maximilian Vígþórsson D 2.00 m 33 Image Mühlrich
8 Alpo Kolskeggursson CB 1.93 m 32 Image Haafberg
9 Alfred Lukasson CF 1.99 m 26 Image Edlidolz
10 Segol Tellsson (c) D 1.95 m 29 Image Edlidolz
11 Alexander Oliversson D 1.91 m 31 Image Edlidolz
12 Adam Hólmarsson CB 1.99 m 29 Image Gramar
13 Leo Marcusson GK 1.99 m 29 Image Gramar

Women’s team

Coach: Arnstein Bertisson

№	Name				Pos.	Height	Age	Club
1 Aslaug Øysteinsdóttir GK 1.80 m 25 Image Mühlrich
2 Drótt Gunnersdóttir D 1.74 m 22 Image Voleln
3 Anna-Lena Herfinnursdóttir D 1.69 m 24 Image Edlidolz
4 Abeline Persdóttir CB 1.70 m 25 Image Voleln
5 Arngerður Léosdóttir D 1.76 m 27 Image Laafjörður
6 Fia Christiansdóttir (c) D 1.81 m 29 Image Mühlrich
7 Celine Oredsdóttir CB 1.74 m 33 Image Frederiksfahrn
8 Angelina Lorenzosdóttir CF 1.77 m 25 Image Frederiksfahrn
9 Jóa Skúlisdóttir CF 1.73 m 26 Image Wimhavn
10 Nicole Jonathansdóttir CF 1.73 m 26 Image Waltenberg
11 Rosemarie Jalmarisdóttir CB 1.71 m 27 Image Kyrkdorf
12 Stephanie Felixsdóttir CB 1.74 m 26 Image Edlidolz
13 Edit Runesdóttir GK 1.81 m 26 Image Frederiksfahrn

The fall of communism didn’t mean the fall of water polo’s popularity in Græntfjall, with the Championship and Cup going from strength to strength. The Aqua Wolves and their Aqua She-Wolves counterparts are among the most popular national teams and most recognizable faces on TV, not to mention advertising. There’ll be more than a few cereal boxes flying off the shelves if they do well in this tournament.

For the men, Michael Andreasson is the stand-out talent (literally, with his powerful egg-beater). Edgar Allansson and Oskar Eltonsson form an exciting partnership with captain Segol Tellsson and Þjóðvarður Jockysson is pretty solid. Look out for Noah Ratosson to lead the scoring. For the women, Aslaug Øysteinsdóttir isn’t the most dependable goalie, but has good support from Rosemarie Jalmarisdóttir, while Jóa Skúlisdóttir is the main goal-scoring threat.

If you RP first, you may…
Pick my scorers: Y
Assign ordinary/major fouls: Y
Assign brutality/misconduct fouls: N
Injure my players: N

Other considerations: The Græntfjall Championship will be scorinated/RPed in greater detail next season, so if you want to send over some players, or take some of mine, feel free. Water polo has a great history on NS Sport and I’d love to be involved more. Note that water polo has no intense political rivalries associated with it in Græntfjall and there’ll be no blood in the water games regardless of any other storylines involving my nation.

Flag credits: Many thanks to Equestrian States for the mini-flags.
Puppet note: Although Hannasea is my puppet, the two nations have no IC connection.
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Nation: Tikariot
Trigramme: TKT

Team colours: Black and Purple
Team name: Tikariot Thunderforge
National anthem: Wield Lightning to Split the Sun (Primordial)

Leader of Olympic Delegation: Bartholomew Carlson

Flagbearer Liventia: Spencer Buitimea (Cycling - road race)
Flagbearer Banija: Roibéard Dhomhnaigh (100 m/200 m sprint)

Official Olympic Delegation:

Aram Crutchfield
Raymond St. Clair
Stephen Vinion

Clarissa Hampstead
Virginia Cassovalo
Elsie Stewart

Jonathan Currie
Daniel Morrison
Winston Hendersley
Craig McLachlan
Raphael Ladouceur
Steven Grimmett
Ffion Prothro
Thomas Oldham
Skyler Griffiths
Yahir Ramanah
Connor Goodwin
Padraig Flaherty
Baldwin Geddes
Francis O'Tavish
Frankie Sembello
Michael Wilson
Malachai Morgenstern
Phil McConnell
Graham Millier
Ramon Ybarra
Damian Philipson
Michael Voss
Walt Hinkley
Lucky Smithson

Lavinia Franchitti
Sarah Brixton
Zoe Dixon
Patricia Sherwin
Sheila McDermott
Sharon MacAdam
Michaela Burgess
Edwinia Ali
Fiona Clinton
Gracelyn Adams
Kirsty Chandler
Paulette Leeming
Rosa Packwood
Angela Thorne
Angela Thorne
Irene Holmes
Amanda Winters
Suzanne Townsley
Bethany Ahearn
Rosie Bowler
Simona Lenzini
Nicole Slawan
Anna Kirch
Sherry Barrat

Dwayne Holston
Ronald Dumbreck

Nina Crandall
Simone Crandall

G Lenny Parvato
G Owen Leggett
G Willard Scaffey
C Luke Diagarra
C Niall Breel
C Santiago Moretti
D Romain Labret
D Peter Havertz
D Drew Smith
D Aaron Waldon
A Martin Chen
A Thor Hellstrom
A Colton Mareen
A Tyson Ontrell

G Shelby Mannersheim
G Cecilia Rotherham
G Henriette Valora
C Sonia Farsmore
C Sylvie Carremont
C Kayana Prosser
D Vana Cooper
D Estelle St-Outard
D Gina Savina
D Alexandra Walker
A Sharon Horn
A Lydia Parrish
A Martina Lomax
A Nelly Verhoeven

Lennox Armstrong
Robert Madill
Martin Whitehead

Julia Rose
Theresa Johnstone
Myfanwy verch Owain

Roibéard Dhomhnaigh
Grayson Harridan
Thomas Hulse
Geoffrey Untrim
Stuart Hammarskjold
Nico Onovetti
Greg Mansfield
Leonard Oakley
Warren Smith
Hendrick Vrankenvoord
Sam Moffat
Patrick Zanatta
Steven Murdoch
Finn Kerr
Anthony Muirhead
Ryan Docherty
Adama Traore
Dan Scullion
Bradley Brownlie
Blair Renfrew
Charles Beauclair
Emerson Bennington
Peter Archibald
Derek Auld
David Easton
William Britton
Duncan McParland
Sam Kingsley-Smith
Demby Wague
Harrison Borges
Idrus Taleb
Nathaniel Brillante
Adrian Good
Stephen Noone
Mitchell Jamieson
Tom Galloway
Connor Delbridge
Sebastien Pelletier
Bernard Luna
Patrick Mombaerts
Josh Kisnorbo
Brad Patrillo
Brandon Lauriaitis
Joshua Carrigan
Louis Broxham
Storm Kirdar
Josh Nabbout
Palmer Stoddard
Julio Escobar
Kenneth O'Ryan
Stu Plamondon
Rich Phillips
Sammy Polautua
Gregory Swann
Kirk Sorfield
Les Sheppard
Shay O'Leary
Constantin Valatyev
Jerome Archambault
Edgar Cummings
Etienne Marais
William McAllister
Yan Faraday

Philomena Bizcourt
Sandy Willings
Jamie Cuthbertson
Rhonda Wolseley
Becky van Straten
Maria Allport
Constance Wallinheimo
Edrika Rhys
Michaela Ronstad
Cayley Roosevelt
Eleanor Valleyfield
Rosalind Salaberry
Anika Yamamoto
Philippa Gull
Amy Mason
Brenda Jonker
Catalina Ramirez
Louisa Kaspersky
Barb Rosehouse
Lily Buonocalco
Emily Rozan
Nikita Prokofyev
Rina Stormcloud
Petra Walkers
Carola Hennessey
Cindy Rhyne
Leonetta Consiglia
Tammy Vaughn
Roberta Smallstone
Lara Nolvern
Sophie Vaillancourt
Deborah Solomon
Kayleigh Sparks
Belinda Collingwood
Fanny Finlayson
Stephanie Leshnak
Crystal Hamilton
Lynn McDonald
Jessica Williams
Lauren Speck
Meredith Spetsmark
Paulina Vallow
Susie Yallop
Rhona McCullough
Trina Cavanagh
Carin Thackeray
Halley Apperson
Emma Wilson
Amy di Angelo
Brooke Greco
Samantha Eastwood
Elaine Cronin
Brianna Martinez
Hayley Bolden
Megan McLaughlin
Kelly Perram
Isobel Steadman
Michelle Stefan
Simona Dureau
Larana Hofer
Crysta Delorme
Johanna Cicel
Caitlyn Pruitt
Simone Brondberg
Emily Benning

Kent Davidson
Luke Ashton
Kai Ciona
Conner Jereon
Natasha Rybinski
Lucinda Williams
Mekai Bateman
Ina Kubicek

PG Raymond Zuniga
F Frank Leyland
C Marco Plantz
PG Kaz Nemaina
PF Kamala Luyumanga
C Johnson Boyer
SG Ludovic St-Mart
G/F Rory O'Toole
PG Clayton Marcus
SF Sean Carnigan
SF Emmett Carnegie

PG Cordula Manthey
F June Cordova
C Ella Hainsley
PG Cora Dunbar
PF Micaela Monahan
C Calnora Willingsley
SG Billie Owen
G/F Ciara Flanagan
PG Lorna Petersen
SF Henrietta Cogan
SF Crystal de Haan

Greg Leukefeld
Anthony Currie
Don Swarovski

Anatiya Francisco
Leona Roberts
Gemma Ratawski

C: William Carruthers, Rutger Heidenfeld
1B: Bronson Ghiradello, Hamish Shawcross
2B: Blair Consigliere, Vincent Pelmore
3B: Foster Fleming, Stuart Hernandez
SS: Carlton Baines, Sharn Vagliaro
LF: Michael Romanov
RF: Yosvani Fernandez
CF: JJ Bernardetti
OF: Kieran Fletcher, Søren Christensen, Domenico Carsullo
DH: Steven Marangoudakis

SP: De'Andre Stevens, Patrick Lundgren, Graham Pettersson, Garrett Yarbrough, Jayson Carfield
R: Anthony Garcia, Santiago Mantillo, Randall McCarthy, Devon Cargill
SU: Flint Carmona, Cyrus Chaisson
CL: Rory McElhinney

Batting order:
1) Romanov
2) Ghirardello
3) Fernandez
4) Fleming
5) Consigliere
6) Baines
7) Bernardetti
8) Marangoudakis
9) Carruthers

C: Simona Vazquez, Charla Moran
1B: Seraphina Jackson, Leyla Nixon
2B: Barb Hencemore, Gilia Farnsworth
3B: Lina Browns, Ahina Donnelly
SS: Leigh Sulton, Sandra Johns
LF: Velenia Garner
RF: Ashley Canales
CF: Gloria Mason
OF: Shirley Carter, Jacqueline Hanson-Smith, Danielle Reeves
DH: Marella Sebastiani

SP: Karissa Speers, Jennifer Rumph, Larissa Jenkins, Kenzie Rackel, Victoria Gilbert
R: Stephanie Tsikronis, Madeline Welch, Nicole Whitefield, Chelsea Lack
SU: Emily Thomas, Taylor Cervantes
CL: Jade Gonzalez

Batting order:
1) Garner
2) Vazquez
3) Sulton
4) Browns
5) Mason
6) Hencemore
7) Jackson
8) Sebastiani
9) Canales

Charlie Read
Harry Burton
Hymus Hymas
Andy McDonough
Gord Stainsbury
Lamar Wright
Phil Radford
Jack Bingham

Lizzie Foster
Billie Goulding
Nicole Saran
Michelle Boam
Gigi Goodall
Andrea Jobey
Felicia Hickling
Siren Abercrombie

Micah Gottfried
Jared Gervais
Braydon Wiles
Brandon Atchison
Tyson Follock
Luke Larson
Dom Porter
Greg Reller
Eli Clark

Polly Donohoe
Brenda Gross
Regan Ginnell
Roberta Goring
Giovanna LaBarbera
Giorgina Vasparo
Elaine Carter
Danielle Desmarais

Brent Cisar
Jamie Ganchar
Steve Wakaluk
Tyler Bailey
Justin Rossiter

Valeria Maxwell
Linda Komarniski
Elayne Sawyer
Antonia Fulton
Patricia Bets

Justin Ricumstrict
Kellen Corbett
Meitim Sheraqi

Andromeda Sparks
Anna Brady
Laura Mraz

Spencer Buitimea
Darwin Garcia
Chandler Drullard
Cameron Sanburd
Sanford Thivault
Mitchell Cora
Duke Buckner

Andrea Yakama
Pia Camilli
Marcella Istur
Yana Fisher
Delphine Yseault
Kelly Fransoso

Pashtan Marte
Lavar Kirby
Morris Bayless
Kipper Kaleiwahea
Mick Westberg
Lorne Nunez
Bryan Gladfelter
Brennan Bins

Virginie Dureau
Carla Casetta
Traya Stroud
Lorelei Aisua
Jordan Dilone
Jay Del Bonta/Ricarda Galvez
Michelle Jaconda
Yorinda Enck

Elnora Sappanta
Lorraine Gray
Aliya Quijada
Lucian Torrealba
Jeffrey Sappanta
Eve Hatch
Samson Engels
Luke Bayeen
Gundula Schunk

Roderick Spurgeon
Kenneth Shaw
Bill Lorian
Foster Grimmock
Drew Bennett
MacKinley Robinson
Bruce Lockwood
Julian Wilkinson
Ramon Gonzaga

Villiana Corteau
Sabina Muran
Stania Golovina
Ivana Francia
Novena Cruz
Louise Rohloff
Gemma Sakata
Romina Canario
Stella Scott

G Stephen Heinrich
G Winston Ahlgren
D Keith Farnham
D Randy Kovalchuk
D James Coronello
D Vincent Liniack
D Damian Hernandez
D Aaron Jovanovski
D Clement McIlroy
D Rohan Vance
M Nick Goulan
M Rory McNair
M Giovanni Vacarese
M Marvin Thorniley
M Jenson McTierney
M Travis Chalbaud
M Lloyd Cumbernauld
F Tristan Nancarrow
F Graydon Sheffield
F Nathan Ekpetita
F Gaizka Iribarren
F Iain Aspinall
F Jesse Liljestrand
F Morris Nighthorse

G Becky Boureille
G Emily Charles
D Kelli Seiler
D Gabrielle Westphal
D Kat Marshall
D Emilia van Hollen
D Jessica Nadim
D Lindsey McDonald
D Meleana Long
D Megan Brooks
M Rebecca Huerta
M Jasmyne Betos
M Nicole Hedge
M Kasey Ashton
M Clemence George
M Carrie Leman
M Adrienne Benstiti
F Celeste Lussi
F Danielle Sinclair
F Brynn Hendrix
F Jenna Collins
F Natalie Bledsoe
F Kaiva Lavelle
F Tegan McClure

Benson Hedges
Enoch Houghtby
Lewis Wyatt

Livina Amorio
Keyo Franks
Justina Parra

Filmore Kenyon
Basil Notbone
Becker Bolivar
Jason Gehmel
Joe Schierholtz
Lenny Ishinori
Stewart Pelovan
Stephane Barbe

Nina Alderete
Petra Burriss
Gia Vogelsang
Bryna Lince
Velma Horwitz
Natasha Crawford
Savina Berroa
Rumina Sanchez

GK Nicholas Hansen
RB Adrien Cassard
LW Paul Steward
LW Edward Simmons
CB Lucas Baranau
P Steven Flemming
P Daniel Herburger
GK Roman Dostoyevski
RW Eugene Hoffmeyer
P Fabian Bittner
LB Patrick Drax
CB Ilan Versteijnen
LB Jeffrey Reimer
RW Ico Richardson
LB Cedric Tournier
LB Alexander Bergerud
CB Edgar Saldatsenka

GK Henrika Kassoma
RB Alex Rosabal
LW Laura Wester
LW Stina Hogedal
CB Jovana Hodgson
P Eleonora Stanko
P Mona Vernay
GK Rosalie Fitzgerald
RW Brianna McAfee
P Theresa de Paula
LB Patricia Bitolo
CB Gabrielle Cotanea
LB Amelie Sohaan
RW Ina Kleber
LB Annika Martins
LB Tatyana Dumanska
CB Raissa Arderius

G Tian Cross
G Will Tirpic
Samuel Morgan
Lucas Myler
Rhodri Davies
Jonathan Dirksen
George Cracknell
Thomas Philips
Ifan Anscombe
Cameron Thomas
Andrew Grabham
Harrison Griffiths
Anson Cambriani
Caine James
Richie Temlett
Richard Strong

G Irene Svoboda
G Alysha Kaljuvee
Olivia Alarie
Marie-Pier Tessier
Paige Forteza
Lori Corrigan
Fabiola Swift
Gillian Farries
Selica Nelson
Toka Ngata-Aerengamate
Chelsea Saili
Eloise Wickliffe
Leila Cocksedge
Marcelle Demant
Krysten Alley
Arihiana McMenamin

Clay Nishimoto
Frankie Killian
Jack Morales
Gorm Keating
Sauma Kalaihea
Naori Fukuoka
Nick Feliz

Nathalie Blanchard
Corina Homza
Domenica Acevedo
Gabriela Gatewood
Henrietta Hatchwick
Pandora DiSabatino
Wanda Melean

Shun Otsuki
Akihiro Kushibiki
Atsutaka Miki
Junya Sato

Mei Iwabuchi
Moeno Ushijama
Aya Sakaguchi
Fukina Sameshima

Jonathan Coyle
Anthony Coulthard

Janine Chabot
Sylvie Bergeron

Christopher Veleno
Nathan Thomas
Mathieu Durepos
Lucien Beaulieu
Michael Coughlin
Juraj Sekeras
Aaron Kaminsky
Aaron Labanc
Brian Treville
Andre Savorneau

Men's Eights: Hugh McFinn/Donovan Huxley/Brian O'Fay/Hunter Caldwell/Henry Owens/Steve Preston/Hank Berry/Charles Preston/Vernon Doncaster

MacKenzie Little
Anne Keefe
Leona Ekblad
Cathy Finley
Nona Clifford
Paula Cowan
Clemence Farningham
Carey Della Rovere
Jana Archibald
Helen Bootland
Cass Rivet

Women's Eights: Nia Carmahula/Mireille Castagnot/Rebecca Hoolihan/Gabby Yellen/Domenica Casullo/Shaya Al-Noor/Aliya Coshan/Delia McCornay/Stella Gallagher

Prop Ian Sapsford
Hooker Andrew Mikkelson
Prop Chris Barden
Scum-half Oliver Mitchell-Harris
Fly-half Alex de Carpentier
Centre Dan Bavadra
Wing Martin Barret
Prop Ben Melphy
Hooker Perry Broselle
Prop Sam Cuthbert
Scum-half Kyle Kennedy
Fly-half Foster Curtis
Centre/Wing Aaron O'Donnell

Prop Stella Fairclough
Hooker Jane Scoop
Prop Donna Collingsworth
Scum-half Tamona Hainslough
Fly-half Gemma Feeley
Centre Sally Gahoney
Wing Monica Milliken
Prop Julia Verano
Hooker Miranda Wooley
Prop Rhonda Myers
Scum-half Phillippa Carney
Fly-half Simone McCollough
Centre/Wing Verena Park

Ludovic Concarneau
Elross Thompson
Lucas Flanagan
Chase Digby
Vincent Lamian
Curtis Clairmont
Benedict Omaga
Benjamina Dotchin
Lou Marciano

Esmeralda Marcin
Cynthia Gaspard
Lorna Smedgley
Verona Gardiner
Hannah Reitz
Yoana Tenute
Donatella Firelli

Dante Franceschini
Rocco Valestero
Stu Hinds
Adam McConachey
Al Plough
Frederick Castlethwaite
Thurston Marsh
Walt Marsh
Clive McRae
Neil Tyldesley
Warrick Tanner
Aldon Coker

Elizabeth Warrington
Peggy Delaney
Ricarda Handsfield
Donna Carter
Sierra Holdsworth
Nona van Vlucht
Carina Thornburgh
Oceanne Maracard
Virginia Lossley
Serena Charest
Kimberly Rentz
Tina Sharkey

Anson Scofield
Virgil Tamanrasset
Chase Williams
Rocky Paramy

Lina Avonford
Ashley Yeung
Carrie Peters
Pat Myers

Russell Sargent
Dick Limner

Christa Longmire
Victoria Garrett

Sid Hynes
Gary Hayes

Fiona Mahone
Stina Angstrom

Larry Moray
Gig Henderson
Wally Fumar

Zina Laxley
Lorna Vandersar
Shelly Goldstein

Stanley Cucci
Billy Park
Hank Sharay
Bubba Sari

Jade Morales
Patricia Hornsby
Lucinda Faraday
Krystal Scarratt

Landon Doyle
Alex Slocombe
John Rawlinson
Dion Osborne
Christian Brooks
Iain Masson
Neal Allsopp

Sarina Bradd
Antonia Iremonger
Catriona Graham
Aidana Fielding
Cassy Law
Danielle Tomlinson

Tyrone Rawson
Alex Limniatis
Noah Menay

Nicola Scamurra
Tyra Sinclair
Diana Beachill

Gavin Chisholm
Ty Romanov
Leyland Sharpe
Cliff Knowles

Carolyn Ceney
Eidora Wight
Rhea Parkes
Giaconda Burroughs

Men’s team
Jay Vigrass
John Sanders
Gordon Sanders
Art DeRocco
Sharone von Doorn
Beau Hodges
Samuel Williams
Trent Sanderson
Brendon Perry
Lamar Carroll
Trent Peason
Paul O'Dea
Jedediah Graham
Naheem Kassam

Women’s team
Diona Smith
Emily Gray
Kiera Niles
Jennifer Bailey
Shayna Beamish
Danielle Richey
Brianna Joseph
Kirsta Gibbemeyer
Kelsey Dixon
Larona Addams
Micha Lloyd
Foruna Courtney
Cleo Robinson
Kelly Larton

Kelly Stark
Gino Moretti
Fuller Canyon
Conn Virdis
Stef Biddulph
Lars Fagerstrom
Tona Shiniki

Beatrice Donderstorm
Elvira Hampton
Virginie Thompson
Callisthena Alexandrou
Miosotis Dominguez
Sirena Ballastra
Veronica Timisi

Victor Andres
Valerio Askariz
Mandou Sylla
Broderick Flynn
Robin Yamashiri
Melvin Court
Panayiotis Stavrou
Anatol Mikhailichenko
Avram Hovsepyan
Perry Flaherty
David Holmes
Zeke Chandler

Valerie Brahar
Karis Hamilton
Sandra Plympton
Barbara Warren
Diana Pelosi
Dorinda Norman
Yorima Hancock
Charlie Allison
Kelly Bannan
Terry Waldon
Donna Sprydon
Branca Condola

Quarterback: Tadhg Barclay
Quarterback: Robin Samarkar
Halfback: John Furlong
Halfback: Conor Cronin
Fullback: Xander Brown
Fullback: Hamish Cummings
Wide Receiver: George Seymour
Wide Receiver: Magnus Reid
Tight End: Finn Kinghorn
Tight End: Ali Blanchet
Left Tackle: Peter Hoyt
Left Tackle: Stuart Kellogg
Left Guard: Andrew Heaton
Left Guard: Matthew Quattrin
Center: Tyler Howard
Center: Quentin Piffero
Right Guard: Johnson Baillie
Right Guard: Evan LeSage
Right Tackle: Theo du Toit
Right Tackle/DT: Shane Hassler

Left End: Theodore Trainor
Left End: Pat Palfrey
Defensive Tackle: Gordon Campton
Defensive Tackle: Jayden Polledri
Right End: Mike Padovani
Right End: Louis van Jaarsveld
Left Outside Linebacker: Nelius Louser
Left Outside Linebacker: Justin Retief
Middle Linebacker: Cody Barrat
Middle Linebacker: Steve Laulala
Right Outside Linebacker: Jack Read
Right Outside Linebacker: Sam Bridgeport
First Safety: Jord Savea
First Safety: Thomas Marx
Second Safety: Franco Kitshoff
Second Safety: Jesse Nkosi
Cornerback: Santiago Leguiz
Cornerback: George Cole

Kicker: Carlton Genge
Kicker: Luke Ludlam-Vunipola
Punter: Kyle Itoje
Returner/RB: Willie Dalon

Quarterback: Joe Youngs
Center: Ruaridh Cokanasiga
Wide Receiver: Bryce Shaw
Wide Receiver: Ben Lasike
Defensive Tackle: Will Al-Jiboori
Defensive Tackle: Ruben Civetta
Cornerback: Nate Wenglewski
Kicker: Phil Germishuys
Punter: Eric Fawsitt
Returner/FB: Olivier Brakeley

Quarterback: Leona Kacharava
Quarterback: Maria Williams
Halfback: Nancy Best
Halfback: Karen Janjies-Cooper
Fullback: Jessica Slooper
Fullback: Carol Jones
Wide Receiver: Michelle Miranda
Wide Receiver: Amanda Hearn
Tight End: Angela Jaunsolo
Tight End: Shirley Alaalatoa
Left Tackle: Stephanie Magno
Left Tackle: Deborah Thompson
Left Guard: Angela Matavao
Left Guard: Rachel Rombys
Center: Katherine Caree
Center: Pamela Buydens
Right Guard: Virginia Vugakoto
Right Guard: Christine Vivas
Right Tackle: Emma van Lill
Right Tackle/DT: Janet Larmour

Left End: Joan Halfpenny
Left End: Evelyn Parkes
Defensive Tackle: Carolyn Patchell
Defensive Tackle: Julie Hadleigh
Right End: Diane Francis
Right End: Frances Davies
Left Outside Linebacker: Hannah Owens
Left Outside Linebacker: Martha Silva
Middle Linebacker: Judith Inciarte
Middle Linebacker: Jean Kessler
Right Outside Linebacker: Ann Saginadze
Right Outside Linebacker: Doris Mata
First Safety: Teresa Beale
First Safety: Grace O'Connor
Second Safety: Judy Genia
Second Safety: Maude Latu
Cornerback: Janice Roddick
Cornerback: Gloria Lasike

Kicker: Marilyn Scully
Kicker: Abigail McGinty
Punter: Sophia Augspurger
Returner/RB: Beverly de Haas

Quarterback: Brittany Mullen
Center: Natalie Hilterbrand
Wide Receiver: Lori Landry
Wide Receiver: Alexis Lamborn
Defensive Tackle: Kayla Quill
Defensive Tackle: Aliza Morath
Cornerback: Lizzy Barassi
Kicker: Nancy Ollivon
Punter: Margaret Ford
Returner/FB: Linda Vunipola
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Lacrosse (25th): Round of 16 - World Lacrosse Championships 34
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Postby Chromatika » Fri Aug 07, 2020 8:24 pm

Nation: The Chromatik State of Chromatika
Trigramme: CMT
Head of Chromatik Olympic Committee: Vance Christian Anderson
Head of Chromatik Football Federation: Viktor Karras, Jr.
Team Colors: Black and White
Team Name: Chromatik Anomalies
National Anthem: The Song of Chromatiks

Chromatik Lineup

Flagbearer, Liventia: Ji-Soo Chang, Modern Pentathlon
Flagbearer, Banija: Sofia Blackinesz, Archery

Coach Jaden Michelson
G Hanson DeWalt
G Mikhail Deniss
G Isaiah Dimitroff
C Jeremy Gwen
C Andy Bosun
C Drew Aaron
D Wilson Bacon
D Han-Soo Kim
D Taho Bagamachi
D Gavin Mason
A Pierre Wilson
A Elliott Chastain
A Leo Morwen
A Ponce Damon

Coach Brienne Jacqueline-Jones
G Hye-Yeung Jung
G Isabelle Jones
G Cara Mison
C Martha Anderson
C Abigail Thompson
C Leona Hillard
D Hailee Stan
D Ming Nguyen
D Naomi Carson
D Dorothea Handover
A Rowena Gill
A Whitney Hill
A Maya Kohiro
A Yara Imaharo

Coach Jordan Millard
PG Harry Yseult
F Han-In Jung
C Simon Terra
PG Owen Patrick
PF Fred Dottingham
C Edward Carson
SG Wilhelm Anover
G/F Harold Dott
PG Carson Mick
SF Zachary Mo
SF Amos Sill

Coach Juliet Harris
PG Anne Louise
F Allie Mottling
C Pansy Holt
PG Therese Gwen
PF Americe Rail
C Hyo-Ri Park
SG Sara Yahashi
G/F Zara Rweng
PG Candice Lom
SF Molly Gom
SF Li-Yi Shuang

Coach Isaak Krimhilde
1. George Munster
2. Carson Jung
3. Omar Parheim

Coach Beatrice Johnson
1. Edith Ponce
2. Fleur de Ponce
3. Anderwynn Glo

Coach Dwayne Patrick
1. 3B Marcos Andreas
2. SS Rick Young
3. C Kevin Jorwain
4. LF Edward Potts
5. 1B Barry Qarim
6. CF Myung-Hyeun Park
7. 2B Tyro Loem
8. DH Mattieu Gomer
9. RF Isaac Costeau

SP: Patrick Nottingham, Wildred Morn, Jang-Min Lee, Lilliard Drea, Maurice Pim
R: Gavin Neff, Frederick Vonboy, Jong-Hyun Go, Andrew Pio
SU: Teodore Gi, Carson Borealis
CL: William Munston

Coach Karyann Liandros
1. C Nevaeh Cathers
2. 2B Caitlyn Namon
3. CF Maryanne Carson
4. DH Soon-Jung Ga
5. 1B Xarliah Mong
6. LF Gwinerva Alisandra
7. SS Qurena Vax
8. RF Ashleigh Carot
9. 3B Twyla Banks

SP: Agnew Willard, Miley Cunningham, Carrie-Mae Alsott, Bailey Myers
R: Julia Monna, Addison Dwyer, Edith Herrington, Osprey Gill
SU: Ariana Dox, Charlene Hamm
CL: Rowena Eagle

Coach: Kid Drae
GK Gavin Ned
RB Samuel Li
LW Justin Plow
LW Ivan Biggs
CB Wilson Jason
P Martin DeWard
P Carlisle Next
GK Victor Marrow
RW David Rwo
P Amos Sauvignon
LB Samuelson Damon
CB Anderson Scythe
LB Mason Willard
RW Yung-Bin Kim
LB Riley Miles
LB Harold Linn
CB Ji-Pil Lee

Coach: Patty Henson
GK Bee Chee
RB Nora Andora
LW Raina Gwyneth
LW Lana Wilmingham
CB Yi-Ma Jun
P Isla Pontaine
P Cara Kenson
GK Lotti Pickering
RW Taylor Gumsi
P Lilly Potts
LB Ja-Yeon Kim
CB Feng Chi
LB Adriana Kraft
RW Breanne Hearth
LB Juliana Hack
LB Alisandra Killjoy
CB Katrina Allison

Coach Kade Elrick
GK Lyle Jude
DF Karson Mattias
FW Milan Piston
MF Ramon Hillard
MF Ward Gea
MF Drew Hardy
MF Sung-Jin Ka
DF Simon Gant
FW Im-Pil Ga
DF Pierre Wisdom
DF Red Ellington
FW Eduard Pan
FW Dwayne Gill
DF Americo Gant
FW Vicario Guerra
DF Matthew Dellington
GK Ham San
DF/MF Dun Gear
MF/FW Sammy Lava

Coach Kade Elrick
GK Lylia Jude
DF Karasoni Mattias
FW Milan Piston
MF Ramona Hillard
MF Yili Gea
MF Jill Hardy
MF Sung-Jin Ka
DF Simone Gant
FW Im-Pil Ga
DF Pepper Wisdom
DF Red Ellington
FW Eduith Pan
FW Darla Gill
DF Americe Gant
FW Vera Guerra
DF Makayla Dellington
GK Hilary San
DF/MF Dorothea Gear
MF/FW Sam Lava
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Postby The Jovannic » Fri Aug 07, 2020 11:42 pm

Nation name: The Empire of the Jovannic
Trigram: JOV
Demonym: Jovannican/Jovannic
National anthem: All Hail the Jov/ Onward Jovannic
National Organizing Committee: The Jovannic Olympic Association
Opening ceremony flag bearers: Swezia Meroco/ Jovan Ilohil
Sweiza is the OG Water Polo Captain of the Jovannic National Water Polo Team, Making Water Polo the third most popular sport in the Jovannic. He has turned to coaching the current National Team. Jovan Ilohil is the Captain for the Jovannic Football Team.
Media: JoSports (Sports) JNS (Sports shows) JNC (Sports reviews)

Jovannican athletes will typically compete in Red, orange, white or yellow colours.

General RP permissions:
Just don't do anything overly stupid.
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Postby Hannasea » Sat Aug 08, 2020 2:36 pm

NOC: The Hannasean Federation (HAN), also known as Hannasea or The Guild Federation
Demonym/Adjective: Hannasean (pronounced ‘Hanna-seen’)
Flag: JPG
Anthem: Sad Shining Eyes

Formal entry list: Link

Flag bearer (Orean): Lily Brooks (gymnastics)
Flag bearer (Istria): Jack Barrett (swimming)

Men’s water polo

  1. Noah Colling (GK)
  2. Hunter Eaton
  3. Benjamin Morris
  4. Sam O’Brien
  5. Jake Coleman
  6. Oliver Kennedy
  7. Billy Fox
  8. Henry Kelly
  9. Toby Bates
  10. Nathan Lincoln
  11. Brenden Morton – captain
  12. Kyle Smith
  13. Landen Burton (gk)
Men’s 3x3 basketball

  • Will Larkins (G/F)
  • Jack Weaver (G)
  • Joe Parker (G/F)
  • Sam Taylor (F/C)
Women’s softball

  • Kailee Treloar (3B)
  • Esmée Aldridge (P)
  • Cassarah Ibbott (DP)
  • Hailey Jeanes (UT)
  • Briana Honeysett (OF)
  • Haylie Chadwick (C)
  • Natalee Kimberley (SS)
  • Jordyn Swift (RF)
  • Sierra Peter (IF)
  • Daniella Peak (LF)
  • Jamie Stern (P)
  • Tarah Salmon (P)
  • Paige Alan (2B) (FLEX)
  • Jorja Boyce (CF)
  • Sydney Collins (1B)
Women’s football

  1. Sophia Ryan (GK)
  2. Rebecca Morgan (CF)
  3. Jaida Bissette (RM)
  4. Lucy Bell (LB) – captain
  5. Alice Clanton
  6. Lexi Holmes
  7. Libby Stewart
  8. Avery Cohen
  9. Amanda Kemp (RDM)
  10. Ava Lachman (LM)
  11. Brittany Horton (RB)
  12. Nahla Reid
  13. Chelsea Crawford (LDM)
  14. Lauren Philips (AM)
  15. Isabelle Bailey (CB)
  16. Araceli Goff
  17. Lily Jacobs (SS)
  18. Kalysta Judd (gk)
Men’s handball

  1. Luke Pearce (gk)
  2. Peter Lloyd (CB)
  3. Hudson Matthews (RW)
  4. Zac Dawson
  5. Jay Adams
  6. Logan Wilson
  7. Clay Lewis
  8. Aiden O’Brien (RB)
  9. Sam Wall (LW)
  10. Chris Vinson
  11. Kellen Brewster
  12. Flynn Sheehan (LB)
  13. Jesse Kessell (GK)
  14. Colby Read (P)
Women’s handball

  1. Ayla Cameron (GK)
  2. Keira Dixon (gk)
  3. Charli McLean (RW)
  4. Emma Taylor
  5. Millie Kaplan
  6. Carrie Beringer (LB)
  7. Lilly Warren (P)
  8. Sofia Hewson (LW)
  9. Lizzie Moore
  10. Indiana Lachman (RB)
  11. Nicole Hewson
  12. Isabelle Derrick (CB)
  13. Jannah Debenham
  14. Lexy Haward
Men’s hockey

  1. Alex Murray (GK)
  2. Josh Richardson (LF)
  3. Ryan Stewart (RD)
  4. Adam Griffith (CD)
  5. Jack McKenzie
  6. Sam Harvey (RF)
  7. Joe Matthews
  8. Lee Daniels
  9. George Clay (RH) – captain, takes PS
  10. Kolton Albert (RM) – PC specialist
  11. Jason Pickett (LM) – PC specialist
  12. Adam Matthews
  13. Brandon Paxton (CM)
  14. Jack Ward (LH) – PC injection
  15. Brennan Everill (LD)
  16. Nate Kelley
Women’s hockey

  1. Maya Cox (LW)
  2. Addison Stewart (GK)
  3. Mia Harris (RB)
  4. Sarah Tanner
  5. Chloe Ross (CF)
  6. Sofia Weaver
  7. Vanessa Aguirre (LM) – PC specialist, takes PS
  8. Holly George (CM) – PC injection
  9. Danielle Robertson
  10. Jade Elliott (CB)
  11. Emilia Tanner (RW)
  12. Erin Campbell (RM)
  13. Amara Knight
  14. Leila Bronson
  15. Jasmine Dawson (CH) – captain
  16. Kassy Abraham (LB) – PC specialist
Men’s coxed eight

  • Noah Allen (bow)
  • Charlie Thomas
  • Charlie Collins
  • Jesse Wright
  • Noah Watts
  • Harry Allen
  • Chris Wallace
  • Luke Perry
  • Luke Glass (stroke)
  • Bailey Blakeley (cox)
Men’s rugby sevens

  1. Hunter Stevens
  2. Ryan Lincoln (C)
  3. Sam Vinson (THP)
  4. Noah Mitchell
  5. Harry Evans (W)
  6. Hayden Wright
  7. Aaron Fern (H)
  8. Alex Bailey
  9. Sam Poole (SH)
  10. Jayson Parker (SO) – kicker
  11. Kase Taylor
  12. Seth Nielson (LHP) – captain
  13. Noah Huddleson
Women’s indoor volleyball

  1. Paige Wheaton
  2. Samantha Smith
  3. Layla Cooper
  4. Zoey Tran – captain
  5. Abby Tanner
  6. Mikayla Hamilton
  7. Chelsea Graham
  8. Naomi Stevens
  9. Scarlett Robertson
  10. Mya May – libero
  11. Charley Crawford
  12. Natalia Tatton
RP permissions for team sports:
    Pick my scorers? Y
    Give my players green/yellow cards? Y
    Give my players red cards? N
    Injure my players? N
    Violence involving my players? N
General RP permissions:
    Both of these are unenforceable in a group RP, so they're really just guidelines. Nonetheless, I would appreciate it if: you don't RP my athletes or supporters being responsible for violence, cheating, or doping; and, if you're using photo pictures, you don't say they're pictures of my athletes or supporters. Thanks!
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Postby Teremaran Olympics Delegation » Sat Aug 08, 2020 9:54 pm

Teremaran Unified Delegation
To The XIV Summer Olympics

Trigram Key:
TRM: Teremaran Unified Team (Teremara)
AKY: Arkyatan
ATK: Austrakia
CED: Cedecra
FLK: Falkasia
GLS: Glisandia
GRG: Gragastavia
GUL: Terre Des Gaules (Gaul)
LCT: Lacetanya
NEG: Neu Engollon
SRT: San Rosito
TNA: Taranima
YSR: Yellow Star Republic

Delegation Officials

Uhek Vergorr, Arkyatan
Heinz Bruchmeier, Austrakia
TBD, Cedecra
Andro, Falkasia
Alec Beaumont, Gaul
Arnkatla Einarsdottir, Glisandia
Muhammad Al-Fasi, Gragastavia
Mirèio Soler, Lacetanya
Jean-Marc Koepller, Neu Engollon
Colonel Bruno Salamanca de Villalobos, San Rosito
Lady Elisabeta Kosma Ionescu Arano din Olteni, Taranima
Ivar Rolondsson, Yellow Star Republic

Flag Bearers
Ilke Ildev, Taraniman Sport Climber - Orean
Thuan Qui, Gaulic Boxer - Istria

Regional Anthem

All Over The World
By Electric Light Orchestra

The following Teremaran media networks will cover the XIV Summer Olympics across the region:

ASP; Arkyatani Media Network

Austrakische Bundesfernsehen; Austrak Federal Television Network

Ekaterine, Falkasian National Media Network

Gauloise Télévision Nationale; Gaulic National Media Network

Al-Duhaba Press; Gragastavian National Media Network

Televisió de Lacetanya (TVL) and Radio de Lacetanya (RL);
both owned by the Corporació Lacetanya de Mitjans Audiovisuals (CLMA) are the main media networks of Lacetanya

The Primary Neu Engollian Sports Network Channel

The Secondary Neu Engollian Sports Network Channel;
During Olympics time, it shows alternate events not on the primary channel, as well as events that non-Neu Engollian Teremarans are competing in.

The following teams will represent Teremara in the XIV Summer Olympics in Istria and Orean:

Farouk Bukhari (GRG)
Jaromir Glogowski (GLS)
Gjaldar Hallbergsson (YSR)
Maciej Evaldsson (GLS)
Stancek Rodlorsson (YSR)
Mathieu Ralon (GUL)
Ricardo Galdano (NEG)
Teppo Holmqvist (FLK)

Aimo Palo (FLK)

Samar Boustani (GRG)
Jadwiga Fylkirsdottir (GLS)
Nafisa Al-Hazmi (GRG)
Helena Urmler (ATK)
Anja Solarzka (GLS)
Emilie Budreaux (GUL)
Saija Peltola (FLK)
Maren Rue (FLK)

Jin Li Descart (GUL)

GK: Georges Endargarro
L Wing: Maximillian Dufour
Hole Set: Gerhard Taralano
R Wing: Otto Hertelmann
L Flat: Kazper Hainirsson
Point: Helmut Bianchi
R Flat: Alain Becker

FW: Mateo Brodeur
FW: Tomas Krüger
FW: Hugo Chevran
FW: Matteo Cristobal
DF: Andre Gospelleti
DF: Arnaud Alfonsi
DF: Fernando Babineaux

Coach: Juliette Chao
Trainer: Alija Al-Yazim

GK: Gabbie Dechamps
L Wing: Hee Van Fuo
Hole Set: Hamsa Al-Farab
R Wing: Anne Coutrier
L Flat: Margot Sharpe
Point: Do Tong Saunier
R Flat: Rashida Al-Raheb

FW: Ameline Derosiers
FW: Odette Yu Wen
FW: Rashi Wouradienne
DF: Haritha Al-Hudeen
DF: Marie Bisconte
DF: Chantrea Phao Tram

Coach: Mihăiță Albu
Assistant: Maia Albescu

Starting Lineup:
Starting Pitcher: Constantin Albu
Starting 1st Baseman: Vlad Albu
Starting 2nd Baseman: Bartal Szombathy
Starting 3rd Baseman: Gavril Funar
Starting Shortstop: Răzvan Vasilescu
Catcher: Bartal Szombathy
Right Fielder: Vasko Zentai
Center Fielder: Andrei Fehér
Left Fielder: Vasko Vincze
Designated Hitter: Rahat Gunoi

Relief Pitcher: Emil Deniau
Relief 1st Baseman: Roch Pelletier
Relief 2nd Baseman: Martin Budai
Relief 3rd Baseman: Jérémie Pierre
Relief Shortstop: Aurel Barna
Relief Outfielder: Andrei Gros
Relief Outfielder: Csaba Todorov
Relief Catacher: Vladislav Jó
Emergency Relief Pitcher: Gusztáv Dufour

Coach: Johanna Furnadjiev
Assistant: Aglaé Rigó

Starting Lineup:
Starting Pitcher: Rebeka Roux
Starting 1st Baseman: Corinne Szántó
Starting 2nd Baseman: Jessica Forest
Starting 3rd Baseman: Florina Funar
Starting Shortstop: Minodora Radu
Catacher: Sofia Popa
Right Fielder: Enikő Sovány
Center Fielder: Ildi Iliev
Left Fielder: Olimpia Vasilescu

Relief Pitcher: Camille Devereaux
Relief 1st Baseman: Rózsi Mészáros
Relief 2nd Baseman: Félicienne Oliver
Relief 3rd Baseman: Ozana Budai
Relief Shortstop: Rebeka Vincze
Relief Outfielder: Gabriela Porcher
Relief Outfielder: Adela Pascal
Relief Catacher: Olive Ungur
Emergency Relief Pitcher: Marjolaine Kárpáti

Coach: Alois Fehrleich (ATK)
Assistant: Ali Ghiyath Al-Din (GRG)
Trainer: Harald Stadnyk (YSR)

Center: Édouard Bechtler (NEG)
PF: Dietrich Prinz (ATK)
SF: Astvar Ranvarssen (YSR)
SG: Hashim Adham (GRG)
PG: Georgy Yakovic (FLK)

Forward: Kadir Al-Balushi (GRG)
Forward: Martin Braun (NEG)
Forward: Stanislaus Larionovich (FLK)
Guard: Galdur Stagzylski (GLS)
Guard: Guillaume Duoc Wong (GUL)
Guard: Alejandro Caesar Benitez (SRT)

Coach: Ute Fandavo (NEG)
Assistant: Sahara Hamradin (GRG)
Trainer: Aneta Gyrtumdottir (GLS)

Center: Lina Gudleikursdottir (GLS)
PF: Layla Augsberger (FLK)
SF: Amira Handal (GRG)
SG: Bergfridur Egilsdottir (YSR)
PG: Madiha Mahmoudi (GRG)

Forward: Janette Guo (GUL)
Forward: Briet Klimczak (GLS)
Forward: Felicia Stenmark (FLK)
Forward: Beatriz Alicia Alvarez (SRT)
Guard: Genieva St. Luciena (GUL)
Guard: Yana Fritello (NEG)
Guard: Brigit Werstaller (ATK)

Coach: Zoran Kostic (NEG)
Assistant Coach: Jamal Bouazizi (GRG)
Trainer: Tomas Fiorelli (NEG)


GK: Basri Marwan (GRG)
LB: Habib Osman (GRG)
CB: Konstantin Gagarin (FLK)
RB: Gabriel LeCuyer (NEG)

LM: Vasiliy Prijic (FLK)
CM: Hakim Sahrawi (GRG)
CM: Joachim Brenz (NEG)
RM: Steinar Humissen (YSR)

ST: Hallmarr Toszevetski (GLS)
ST: Abdul Mukhtar (GRG)
ST: Erich Siebech (NEG)

GK: Abdul Hussein Halabi (GRG)
GK: Oskar Flegzut (NEG)

LB: Helmut Mueller (ATK)
CB: Jean-Paul Al-Farid (GUL)
RB: Muhammad Al-Din (GRG)

LM: Ibrahim Massad (GRG)
CM: Bernat Jordà (LCT)
CM: Faris Boulos (GRG)
RM: Miguel Juan Varela (SRT)

ST: Boutros Al-Mardini (GRG)
ST: Emilio Dominguez (SRT)
ST: Muhammed Atambayev-Al-Musra (FLK)

Coach: Hans Dettmann (NEG)
Assistant Coach: Elsa Heisendorf (ATK)
Trainer: Dima Hergisdottir (YSR)


GK: Klaudia Hoch (FLK)
LB: Michelle Cazal (NEG)
CB: Sölvína Kláusdottir (YSR)
RB: Serafina Baume (NEG)

LM: Auriane Boutet (GUL)
CM: Habiba Al-Farsi (GRG)
CM: Cerise Hardy (GUL)
RM: Rabia Bakur (GRG)

ST: Emilie Guderian (FLK)
ST: Ersilia Salvino (NEG)
ST: Alberta Gunnólfursdottir (YSR)

GK: Solène LaFontaine (GUL)

LB: Fatima Al-Rashid (GRG)
CB: Désiré Urxkul (GUL)
RB: Maja Hannesdottir (GLS)

LM: Karla Magnier (NEG)
CM: Ewelina Klemowczka (GLS)
RM: Teresa Ramos (SRT)

ST: Antonia Garcia (SRT)
ST: Roseline Hitzig (NEG)

Coach: Andino Ribiero
Assistant Coach/Trainer: Hugo Sãobar

CB: Gianni Larue
LB: Salvatore Reichmann
LW: Jean Berrault
CF: Marcus D’Astani
RW: Eugène Detmann
RB: Clovis Faragamo
GK: Armand Toller

Antonio Pretre
Gerhard Costino
Jean Hertung
Bertolemeo Roleux

Coach: Yvonne Desroches (GUL)
Assistant Coach/Trainer: Gajlina Varmarsdottir

CB: Tirsa Dworaczyk
LB: Steina Kjaransdottir
LW: Sabina Bialeczki
CF: Janina Torgursdottir
RW: Oliwia Varmarsdottir
RB: Mariola Dworaczyk
GK: Hana Wasza

Jadwina Evaldsdottir
Birglar Szyvkowska

Gata Vernirsdottir
Lina Pawvlawzcka

Coach: Yvette Boucher
Assistant Coach: Annette Thelioux

FW: Jeanette Roux
FW: Margaux Loupon
FW: Jocelyn Delacroix
FW: Bélise Cerver
HB: Danielle Talbert
HB: Helene Harrill
HB: Brigitte Chaupais
FB: Lorraine Desmarais
FB: Angelique Tureaud
FB: Héloïse Larousse
GK: Céline Niel

Anastasia Delavoy
Claudette Vidaux
Paulina Delisle
Catherine Namieu

Coxswain: Zacharias Eich (ATK)
Bruno Weissel (ATK)
Sigbert Gautrekursson (GLS)
Felix Barellos (SRT)
Osman Mubarak (GRG)
Samuil Al-Razi (GRG)
Johann Schilder (ATK)
Mikhail Nasrallah (GRG)
Eggbert Tozlawski (GLS)

Coxswain: Juliette Natanielle (GUL)
Heidi Emiskein (NEG)
Gauja Hlégestursdottir (YSR)
Jóhanna Geirleifursdottir (YSR)
Amý Davíðsdottir (YSR)
Maria Soldario (SRT)
Anne-Claire Jauffret (GUL)
Ophélie Eshbaugh (NEG)
Rosalie Zovjerski (GLS)

Coach: Giuseppe Cosento
Assistant Coach: Rolf Mertzen

Loosehead Prop: Bartolomeo Fendini
Hooker: Rocco Gondino
Tighthead Prop: Conrad Gemmel

Scrum Half: Horst Emmett
Flyhalf: Wilhelm Hoerner
Center: Alexander Renvier
Winger: Marino Riazzi

Tighthead Prop: Felix Marten
Loosehead Prop: Bartolomeo Fendini

Flyhalf: Ernst Urbach
Prop: Andino Paticci
Prop: Silvio Usadino
Scrum Half: Guillaume Venmont

Center: Johann Dorff
Winger: Giannaro Caravolo
Winger: Hugo Koernsoff

Coach: Ileanna Wegener
Assistant Coach: Maria Paticci

Loosehead Prop: Beate Krauser
Hooker: Amina Keuchler
Tighthead Prop: Ingerlise Amante

Scrum Half: Helene Renvier
Fly Half: Hulda De Roma
Center: Sauvanne Delisle
Winger: Olivia Ferber

Anna Braunlich
Vivienne Schulteweis
Ingried Botrel

Éloïse Valotton
Tatiana Urbach
Giuliana Trosquet
Sara-Louise Martogioro

Coach: Ali Al-Hazmi (GRG)
Assistant Coach: Daniel Reichtlin (NEG)
Trainer: Deborah Cassel (NEG)

Starting Lineup
Right Setter: Ricardo Mostroni (NEG)
Right Hitter (C): Hermundur Didrikssen (YSR)
Middle Hitter: Bruno Eisenberg (NEG)
Left Hitter: Maximillian Trondle (ATK)
Left Setter: Jean-Paul Heissen (NEG)
Libero: Samuel St. Vincent (NEG)

Setter: Guillaume Feinstein (NEG)
Setter: Kristof Kolb (ATK)
Setter: Vidar Hilgadarski (GLS)
Hitter: Alan Goerdel (NEG)
Hitter: Tomas Romazzio (NEG)
Hitter: Julien Levan (GUL)
Hitter: Marcos Vandallera (SRT)
Libero: Jurundur Aldarssen (GLS)

Coach: Niko Goranovic (NEG)
Trainer: Deborah Cassel (NEG)

Right Setter: Bryndis Sozowlski (GLS)
Right Hitter: Solonge Fenlier (NEG)
Middle Hitter: Asgerdur Hjoertursdottir (YSR)
Left Hitter: Jillian Sarpietro (NEG)
Left Setter: Jana Halmeier (ATK)
Libero: Marie DiBrizio (NEG)

Setter: Allia Jovolic (NEG)
Setter: Mey Ernstsdottir (YSR)
Hitter: Metta Grankellsdottir (YSR)
Hitter: Ursula De Billiere (NEG)
Hitter: Auriane Boutet (GUL)
Libero: Dagmara Billsdottir (GLS)

RP Permissions
Our opponents, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose our goalscorers: Yes.
Godmod scoring events: TG us.
RP injuries to our players: Yes, but not career ending
Godmod injuries to our players: No
Hand out yellow cards to our players: Yes
Hand out red cards to our players: Yes, but don't go overboard
Godmod other events: Contact us first. We'd appreciate a heads up if you're going to do anything to our team directly or indirectly.
We're generally pretty agreeable if it makes for a good story, but making assumptions is a no-go.
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Flag Bearers:
Orean--Jack Walton (Wrestling-125kg)
Istria--Lucius Crawford (Boxing-Super Heavyweight)

The Olympic Committee of the Commonwealth of Baker Park (OCC) is proud to present a delegation for the 14th Summer Games, featuring 155 athletes alongside 130 coaches, officials, & additional personnel.

The following team sport rosters are presented here:

BP Basketball(BPB) is the governing body for the sport in the Commonwealth and has sent men's and women's teams to compete.

Alan Brewer
Monica Herzog
Anne Trammel
Lloyd Warren
Rob Underwood
Cathy Sizemore
Larry Nelson
Barry Vickery
Abigail Chen
Lauren Ryan

POS  	HT      Age    Team
3 Alanna Kessler G 5'7 23 U of Ezra
11 Tara Mackenzie F 6'1 24 St Warren State U
4 Marissa Irvin G 5'10 23 U of Osheana
1 Krysten Poynter G 5'8 24 Endborough College
8 Elissa Bradley F 6'3 22 U of Endover
7 Faith Duffy C 6'5 24 U of Baker Park
5 Nevaeh Jackson G 5'11 24 Endborough College
2 Maddie Hart F 6'1 22 Northern Baker Park Statet U
9 Carlin Fortner F 6'2 24 U of Oceana
6 Bethany Novak F/C 6'4 23 U of Commonwealth
12 Katie Rinaldi F 6'3 24 Coolville State U
10 Diana Unger C 6'4 24 U of Belle Haven

Head Coach: Audrey Snider (U of Baker Park)
Assts: Caren Hunter (Endborough College)
Larry Albert (University of Ezriquay)
Mgr: John Silverman
Physio: Josie Hanrahan

POS	HT	AGE	pro/college team (all in Baker Park)
1 Darrell Hobart G 6'3 27 Hamilton Pirates/University of Osheana
2 Keith Rosario G 6'3 30 Coolville Mavericks/University of Middletown
3 Dennis Carter F 6'8 25 Endborough Triangles/Coolville State University
4 David Ennis F/C 6'9 30 Ezriquay Harriers/University of Oceana
5 Oscar da Silva G/F 6'4 31 Riverside Ravens/University of Belle Haven
6 Keon Dexter G 6'1 24 St Warren Warriors/University of Baker Park
7 Colin Walsh F 6'5 29 Newport Centers/University of Baker Park
8 Joe Foster C 7'0 28 Hamilton Pirates/Ezra State University
9 Terry Flowers F 6'9 29 Coolville Mavericks/Endover State University
10 Quincy Wallace Jr F 6'5 24 Belle Haven Metros/Osheana State University
11 Lamont Clark G 6'2 24 Oceana Blue Devils/Belle Haven State University
12 Andrew Markowitz C 6'11 29 Riverside Ravens/University of Endover

Head Coach—Randy Hollis (Riverside Ravens)
Assistants—Neal Oakley (Coolville Mavericks)
Steve Ames (Hamilton Pirates)
Physio—Greg Connors

Commonwealth Volleyball Association (CVBA) is the official sanctioning organization for the sport within Baker Park. The nation made it's debut at the VWE 9 in Cassadaigua, where they won their group before being eliminated in the Round of 16.

Tina Kennedy
Rich Larsen
Becky Erwin
Lucy Cox

Pos	Age	Club/College
1 Emma Collins M 22 Endborough College
2 Samira Hadjimi M 25 West Oceana AC/University of Ezriquay
3 Carrie Pollard L 26 Broadmoor Sports/University of Belle Haven
4 Davina Kinrose S 26 Pink Panthers VC/Baker Park A&M University
5 Tami Sherwin B 23 Newport Sports Assc./University of Belle Haven
6 Saundra Buckley M 25 Westside Spikers Club/Ezra State University
7 Andrea Quinn L 28 Castleford AC/University of Oceana
8 Shannon Buckley M 25 Westside Spikers Club/Ezra State University
9 Donna Rossellini S 24 North Park Rec Club/Endborough College
10 Kat Isendorf B 30 St Steve's Setters/University of Osheana
11 Juliana Montgomery B 25 Ezriquay City Athletic Club/University of Ezra
12 Deanna Schmidt B 27 Broadmoor Sports/Belle Haven State U,

Coach—Michelle Dawson-Reid
Asst—Charlie Graham
Doreen Patrick
Physio—Gail Evans

The Football Association of the Commonwealth (FAC) is one of the oldest national governing bodies for the sport in history; there are over 22,000 registered players between the ages of 12-70 along with over 3,200 officials and 3,500 licensed coaches.

Ryan O'Malley
Katrina Fuller
Rachel Owens
Steve Glanford

GK				age	club
1 Kelsey Vickers 23 Jaguar Moreda FC (VIL)
22 Rose McCormick 21 University of Endover
4 Nicole Underwood 23 Samaj FC (COS)
5 Emily Bruce 20 Sherwood Forest Ladies FC
18 Lucy Hardwick 21 Linden Ladies United FC
21 Susie Knight 21 Ridge Raiders Ladies FC
2 Julia Edmonds 23 Newmarket Ladies FC
3 Charlotte Bauer 23 Southend Ladies AC
15 Amy Freeman 22 Riverside City Ladies FC
11 Anna Porter 23 Riverside City Ladies FC
19 Susana Aguilar 22 Shirley Metros Ladies FC
12 Nicole D'Amico 23 Hannover United FC
8 Isabelle Wiley 20 Hannover United FC
13 Amber McFairlaine 20 Ridge Raiders Ladies FC
6 Paige Eichorn 23 New Capetown Falcons (TAE)
7 Christa Vuckovic 21 Tropicorp FC (VIL)
17 Amy Reynolds 23 Clayton City Ladies FC
9 Ayana West 23 Sherwood Forest Ladies FC
16 Alicia Craig 22 Sherwood Forest Ladies FC
10 Chandra Mack 21 Jamestown City Ladies FC
14 Karrie Price 20 Shirley Metros Ladies FC
20 Hayley Gibson 22 Brentford Ladies FC

Manager—Hailey Reinhart-Zavakos
Assistant—Darren Kirby
Coaches—Ryan Zavakos
Danielle Harper
Physio—Gina Damicone

The Commonwealth Rugby Union (CRU) has brought 7 a side rugby into the national mainstream over the last 10 years, as an introduction to the sport for both boys & girls, and more recently, as an off-season opportunity for small semi-professional clubs to compete with their professional brethren who compete in the Montieth Shield on a more level footing; the first CRU Sevens Trophy tournament took place during the last summer off-season prior to these Games.

Jason Childers
Calvin Stallworth
Dan Lorenzo
Eddie Carter

1 Ray Dorsey P 28 Endborough City RFC
2 Steven Apolito H 30 Middletown RFC
3 Jack Barry P 27 Stonebridge RFC
4 Chris DeCarlo SH 29 Castleford RFC
5 Lucas Odekume FH 25 West County RFC
6 Tim Knopper C 26 Springfield Maroons RFC
7 Joey Silvera FB 28 York County RFC
8 Brett Sipes P/H 27 Ezriquay City RFC
9 Fabian Dixon C 29 Castleford RFC
10 Myron Graves SH 30 Belle Haven RFC
11 Alex Fields W 26 Center Point RFC
12 Marvin Graves FH 30 Belle Haven RFC
13 Zach Hamilton P 26 Blue Bulls RFC

Head Coach-- James Smylie
Assistants--Gavin Rhodes
Harry Voorhees
Physio--Nelson Parker
Doctor-- Walter Hill, M.D.


Head Coach: John Seaver (University of Baker Park) Emily Sparkman
Assistants: Lydia Moore (University of Coolville) Paula Brinkler
Alex Grant (University of Endborough) Michael George
Patricia Everson (University of Middletown)Thomas Eddy
Brad Anderson [divers] (Osheana Capital University)
Physio: Deanna Knorr

Head Coach: Matt Lockhart referees:
Assistants: Tony Ernst (Porter) Simon Harris
Frank Villareal (Alvarez/Tanner) Donald Schaefer
Harry Jones (Morrissey) Isaac Montgomery
Todd Clark (Crawford/Anderson) judges:
cornermen: Bob Tipton, Greg Jefferson Kevin Lattimer Edward Jervis
Doctor: Edward Danbury, M.D. Oliver Hill

Head Coach: Omar Haskins Peter Bellows
Assistants: Bryan Oliver, Christine Long (sprints/relays) Nancy Long
David Foreman (throws), Sam Nichols (jumps) Stewart Armstrong
Bob Youngblood (long distance), Hannah Parker (mid-distance) Linda McCowan
Physios: Don Stanley, Cindi Quinn Greg Poznicki
Doctor: Patrick Greer, M.D. Barbara Golden

Head Coach: Larry Gallagher Betsy Hall
Assistants: Peter Banks (Avery), Mark Kerans (O'Halloran) Maria Carneselli
Al Sanders (Janikowski), Lee Kim-ji (Tam) Helen Simmons
Kelly Rainier (Miller, Slocum), Jeff O'Meara
Vicky Alexander (Hope), Bob McKinley (Lewis) Tim Reed
Doctor: Adrian Simon, M.D. Mark White

Head Coach: Kyle Henderson referees:
Assistants: Brad Wilson (Colvin), Mark Tyler (McGill) Andy Duggan
Doug Miller (Silverman), Kevin Dyer (Velasquez) Larry Roman
Avery Babcock (Jo.Walton, Ja, Walton) Hank Clinton
Physios: Frank Ickes, Shaun Russell timers:
John Zimmer Chris Fleming

Head Coach: LTN Bryan Westbury, NSC Kenneth Paginini
Assistant: SCPO Annette Baptiste, NSC

Head Coach: Henry Pike Troy Horton

Head Coach: CAP Dennis Jones, CMA Renee Christian
Assistant: SSG Beverly Crossman, CMA
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Nation Name: Vekaiyu (VEK)
Flag Bearer: Kuselo Iglavetho (Athletics - Hurdles)
Anthem: Eternal Vekaiyu

Useful Links:

Past Performances:

Sport Uniforms
Vekaiyu prides itself in its technological, and sometimes bizarre, uniforms. Due the the unusual and often smaller structures of the vulpine people, as well as their religious practices, uniforms are slightly different than normal human-based nations. This guide highlights several of the more common Vekaiyun sport uniforms, including the speed swimsuit, worn by swimmers representing Vekaiyu.

Water Polo
Ever since Vekaiyu joined international competition with their first appearance at the Fifth Summer Olympiad, both the mens and womens squads have shown an acumen for the sport. It may seem odd for a vulpine of all creatures to be so good when it comes to aquatics, but many vulpine swimmers will have their tails cut off at an early age and southern variant vulpines (which make up the vast majority of vulpines in Vekaiyu) have a shorter, oily coat that provide a benefit in the pool. One point of caution: Vekaiyun ear guards are designed to house their triangular ears. While no one to date has been injured by their guards, it does remain a possibility.
Water Polo - Men's
#2 G Reko Severu
#43 C Todd Agivesi
#80 LW Vinsent Vibisistre
#24 RW Yamano Hukeru
#13 LD Levo Nikaru
#15 RD Ehjy Kirveli
#77 P Ehjy Lipistre
#90 D Kero Livekari
#7 G Dazso Telikro
#33 W Todd Juveri
#81 U Viktor Suvalri
#29 U Yeri Besaliste
#22 C Yiisu Kamariseri
#29 U Yeri Besaliste
#22 C Yiisu Kamariseri

Water Polo - Women's
#3 G Ikrisia Voleru
#14 C Rin Kesuru
#18 RW Selvala Useveli
#41 LW Livikia Naseri
#39 RD Ivia Kamariseri
#59 LD Sayli Lupestre
#20 P Ileena Mikra
#6 G Yva Sukari
#71 W Ankya Sipari
#79 D Leina Viseliri
#60 U Xa Revesasistre
#35 U Ika Camari
#15 U Kiri Nevikalistre

Synchronized Swimming
Routines are expected to be dynamic and full of energy. Vulpines are smaller than humans on average; therefore, it is not uncommon for teams to have multiple fliers to go with one to two bases. Vekaiyun numbers tend to feature classical songs from their home country, and the teams typically are devoid of eye makeup so common among human competitors, but will use traditional waterproof dyes in order to add a certain unique flair to their routines.
Sync. Swimming, Men's
Yamano Istroveri
Pitur Eraseru
Ehjy Nalikastre
Nyo Volistre
Yorev Venisloviyey
Yuso Relsateru
Ives Islatera
Javo Ulekari
Yoshuo Veslaslori

Sync. Swimming, Women's
Ankya Nilu
Ikrisia Sibaki
Iva Sivili
Sayli Deseristre
Sera Mivileru
Riyna Alikastre
Sisani Remleseru
Floria Iblistravi
Aksynia Bolateru

Rhythmic Gymnastics
As with synchronized swimming, Vekaiyun gymnastics is all about displaying the vulpine physique. Nearly all athletes have retained their tails (which are being increasingly cut off due to many parents wanting to keep their children open to aquatic sports and due to it culturally being deemed vestigial), and nearly all will use it in their routine, no matter what kind of controversy it may cause (like what occurred in the Eighth Summer Olympiad).
Rhythmic Gymnastics - Men's 
Yero Sakaneski
Viktor Erasavri
Daszo Ikni'istro
Lso Relikaseri
Ilo Evastroviyey
Erulo Levinavi

Rhythmic Gymnastics - Women's
Ankya Ivinari
Mayri Erasu
Sisani Retruviya
Ika Solepise
Yva Solakuv
Riyna Bolisavo

The more Vekaiyu competes internationally in this sport, the more defensive their style of play becomes. This could simply be due to philosophical differences and different styles of play, but it could also be due to difficulties in scoring. A vulpine-team attack is usually haphazard and relies on deception.
Soccer - Men's 
GK 1 Ilo Kuseri
LB 7 Enlil Vivisistre
CB 5 Vanyo Suberi
CB 2 Kevo Nebisastre
RB 4 Viktor Irevi
LCM 18 Yamano Siri
RCM 19 Yiisu Kuverle
LF 27 Stapen Libesistre
RF 22 Yamano Ulevistre
ST 20 Vinsent Keperi
GK 9 Lso Beselari
CB 6 Erulo Sakaponi
CB 3 Herul Nedishevi
LBRB 8 Reko Eviri
F 12 Nyl Ulesistre
ST 29 Nyl Isleverisiri
CDM 23 Ehjy Luvensku
CM 24 Reko Misire

Soccer, Women's
GK 2 Sayli Nulivesu
LB 5 Ankya Soviseli
CB 8 Eri Uvesi
CB 16 Ikrisia Sicari
RB 8 Ivia Mikari
LCM 14 Ankya Erulisistre
RCM 19 Isala Nubistru
LF 21 Eleena Zekasu
RF 29 Elana Pivaristre
ST 20 Yva Sekastre
GK 3 Ika Bolsesiste
CB 6 Leina Huseri
CB 9 Ileena Kepali
LBRB 7 Rin Wesela
F 11 Ivalsa Nikaliste
ST 13 Lisa Kapalistre
CDM 28 Riyna Evisi
CM 26 Xa Vevikari

Vekaiyu lacks many facilities converted for handball use, hence players from both squads are more familiar with field or Czech handball. Consequently, their games typically show a lack of dribbling, as handball fields are typically not well-suited for such tasks. Expect a strong passing game from these squads.
Handball, Men's
8 Levo Tipinastre
14 Todd Vanistero
17 Seri Akivaru
13 Kirin Yiveristre
28 Yamano Iverliri
34 Vanyo Weslaviri
37 Isoli Zaveru
77 Stapen Evaseru
61 Yeri Sobonistre
64 Yiisu Caveristre
52 Frankyo Yiseru
25 Erulo Niveri
91 Frankyo Soveli
80 Reko Vaseru

Handball, Women's
7 Sayli Veverisistre
82 Rin Sikevistre
16 Visela Usiveri
44 Kiiya Meseveri
50 Sera Ikari
15 Ankya Kivisestre
76 Lipia Sovale
41 Yva Lekesero
40 Kekteremia Liveristre
31 Nii Epilera
27 Ika Feseristre
22 Liviala Novileri
24 Lina Reperi
93 Yalela Piriseru

Unlike the teams sported by the first few delegations from Vekaiyu, basketball is mostly dominated by Vekaiyun humans. The reason is simple - lack of brawn from vulpine bodies, and lack of height. Rims are positioned lower in Vekaiyu, but their teams abide by Olympic rules in international competition. One should likely expect a rather lopsided affair when playing Vekaiyu - a team with shorter players, on average, are at a disadvantage when it comes to defense and offense.
Basketball, Men's
C 15 Yiisu Fivaleri
SF 47 Yamano Biseri
PF 34 Herul Siviniste
SG 37 Yeri Lisesistre
PG 12 Reko Rivali
C 8 Reko Sobenistre
SF 26 Mikil Kivali
PF 24 Levo Disialu
SG 74 Yuko Hisieru
PG 63 Erulo Zerisaru
G 68 Dazso Tiveru
F 18 Viktor Desiliru

Basketball, Women's
C 17 Ikari Subenistre
SF 9 Kekteremia Sikaski
PF 23 Yva Noveru
SG 27 Sayli Nivikasi
PG 11 Xa Vivinisu
C 14 Ivalsa Pikaseru
SF 44 Iva Resteristre
PF 59 Ika Nokevistre
SG 90 Ankya Siveri
PG 13 Selvala Misestru
G 66 Sisani Ilevu
F 81 Sera Likistra

Baseball / Softball
How does a vulpine play baseball? It's simple, actually. Due to having less brawn than humans, one can expect these sports to be more of a defensive affair. It's very much "small-ball" oriented, with pinch running, bunting, squeeze plays, and so on often trumping the standard "modern day" home run ball. Expect these teams to be pitching-heavy, where the longer vulpine fingers tend to favor more movement on the ball, though with movement it often depends on humidity.
Position Players
C Reko Sobokinari
C Dazso Novinistre
1b Vinsent Moviyey
2b Tomasu Imligavi
2b Irvo Levinistre
SS Ehjy Tobiseru
3b Herul Fevikaro
IF Frankyo Yilislevi
LF Javo Imliseru
CF Fransis Savinestru
RF Eselo Oblervi
OF Lso Reveseru
UT Temotu Stavinessi

SP Vanyo Imlaslossi
SP Salvatoro Berasestru
SP Seri Kimlavenyu
SP Yavo Nibikanero
RP Yeri Straveru
RP Enlil Laverno
RP Yamano Omleseru
RP Yero Longovi
LR Kiveli Iklagoveri
LR Kirin Nevikaseru
SU Stapen Emlevessi
CL Yensey Neliva

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
Roleplay injuries to my players Y (Don't kill them or paralyze them plz.)
Godmod injuries to my players Y
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y
Godmod other events Y
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Postby Sylestone » Sun Aug 09, 2020 3:19 pm

Flag bearer: Jake Donovan

Goalkeeper: Shane De Villiers
Posts: Luke Bastion, Jake Mortenville, Jeremy Cameron, Mitchell Allen
Wings: Mason Doherty, Jordan Keep, Shiv Singh, Toby Rustecon
Hole Set: Percy Percival, Kieran Shaw
Point: Vincent Steer, Vernon Keith

Goalkeeper: Chloe Shackleton
Posts: Karen Fiedler, Sharon Kemp, Chelsea Thomas, Matilda Hemingway
Wings: Janine Halliday, Emma Hemingway, Elizabeth Steele, Gemma Aberdeen
Hole Set: Peyton Cooper, Harriet Livingstone
Point: Jemima Steyn, Kate Morris

Style Mod: 2
Formation: 4-3-3

Goalkeeper: Saucepan, Aluminium Foil
Defenders: Wok, Frying Pan, Egg Timer, Pot, Sieve, Jug
Midfielders: Knife, Fork, Colander, Kitchen Sink, Container
Forwards: Spoon, Spatula, Computer, Spork, Scissors

Style Mod: -2
Formation: 5-4-1

Goalkeeper: Josephine Charles
Defenders: Jane Campton, Virginia James, Quetzal Shelope, Ariana Moon, Samantha Ferguson, Emily Gabrovok, Emma Campbell
Midfielders: Denise Chambers, Janice Downs, Eva Gregory, Ashlyn Anderson, Elise Woakes, Charlene Cook
Strikers: Anna Sentry, Isobel Ward

Goalkeeper: Eric Rugby
Defenders: Evan Digby, Charles Cooper, Fergus Bell, Guy Montague
Forwards: Jack Cowan, Dinesh Wickremasinghe, Peter Epplett, Cory Nelson

Goalkeeper: Avice Armstrong
Defenders: Deborah Duke, Gertrude Daniels, Bridget Honeysett, Marilyn Humphrey
Forwards: Sunday Gardener, Cherry Lacey, Camilla Christison, Britannia Hobbs

RP allowances:
Anything, no killing.
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Postby Fraglia-Cox » Sun Aug 09, 2020 7:30 pm

Ursula Fionna (Boxing) for the Orean ceremony
Alexandros Felix (Athletics) for the Istria ceremony

Bold indicates starters when applicable

Artistic Swimming (Women's)
  • Julia Italica
  • Natalia Syracusius
  • Graecia Maximilianus
  • Tabitha Neapolitana
  • Luna Styrianos
  • Aurora Nic Ronain
  • Philipa Nordica
  • Saoirse Liventius
  • Iordana Fetfatzidis (reserve)

Water Polo (Men's)
  • Gaius Draconius (#6)
  • Giovanni Decimus (#10)
  • Ernestus Spartanos (#13) (GK)
  • Gaetanus Arabicus (#21)
  • Max Setentrianus (#29)
  • Riordan Miklos (#44)
  • Felipe Columbus (#45)
  • Nathaniel Galeanos (#49)
  • Francis Brittanicus (#57)
  • Victor Spartanos (#61)
  • Hugh Ó Diarmiud (#66)
  • Brutus Velocitus (#80) (GK)
  • Gaius Tyrrenus (#91)

Water Polo (Women's)
  • Gianna Mellita (#4)
  • Brianna Maximina (#6)
  • Victoria Belladonna (#7)
  • Armenia Merula (#11)
  • Bellatrix Virgilianus (#19) (GK)
  • Asia Asellus (#22) (GK)
  • Nicole Claudiana (#28)
  • Brunna Ui Canain (#33)
  • Fiona Mhic Doiridh (#36)
  • Gaia Venusiana (#42)
  • Vittoria Ioulianus (#50)
  • Ursula Martiana (#60)
  • Caledonia Luciana (#99)

Basketball (Men's)
  • C - Marcus Valentinus (#00)
  • F - Felicius Victor (#2)
  • G - Julius Hellenicus (#7)
  • G - Gaius Martinus (#12)
  • G - Brutus Alexandrinus (#17)
  • F/G - Gael Australicus (#25)
  • F - Norbertus Traoré (#29)
  • F - Rex Justinianus (#33)
  • G - Felix Mac Siochain (#40)
  • C - Edson Marianos (#66)
  • C/F - Victor Thracitus (#81)
  • F - Aurelius Gennaros (#90)

Basketball (Women's)
  • G - Lupertia Vallonia (#1)
  • G - Branca Vespasianus (#3)
  • C - Anna-Gaia Merediana (#9)
  • F - Victoria Siciliana (#14)
  • C - Nautica Bernardina (#22)
  • C/F - Cassiopea Belgia (#29)
  • G - Gaia Carthaginesis (#35)
  • F - Nicolea Syrenaica (#44)
  • G - Troia Ultimus (#59)
  • G - Genebra Frisius (#60)
  • F - Atalanta Parisiensis (#77)
  • F/G - Graecia Tebithos (#82)

Baseball (Men's)
    Position players:
  • C - Marius Valentius
  • C - Draco Justus
  • 1B - Andronicus Nebulus
  • 1B - Rector Veneto
  • 2B - Gaellicus Nobatius
  • 2B - Brian O'Driscoll
  • SS - Darius Ioulianus
  • SS - Aurelius Lucanius
  • 3B - Leo Vitruvianus
  • 3B - Nico Sebastianus
  • OF - Gaius Alexios Italicus
  • OF - Leandro Honorius
  • OF - Romulus Greco
  • OF - Julius de Lexia
  • DH - Valerios Felix
  • Renatus Flanagan
  • Flavius Jupiterius
  • Mikael Brest
  • Gabriel Arcticus
  • Roger Alexiopoulos
  • Phillipos Donovan
  • Rex Christianos
  • Gregorios Calabris
  • Aioros Gomes
  • Mateus O'Neil
  • Marius Nikodemos
  • Leandro Trajanos

Softball (Women's)
    Position players:
  • C - Aurea Balkania
  • C - Diana Mitrovic
  • 1B - Gaia-Maria Brasilis
  • 1B - Lorena Francia
  • 2B - Filipa Georgiana
  • 2B - Persia Diamantina
  • SS - Aurora Leta Gama
  • SS - Louisa Justina
  • 3B - Fabiana Alcacer
  • 3B - Maria Craiova
  • OF - Marianna Panonnia
  • OF - Lexa de Grigis
  • OF - Luana Velo
  • OF - Brenda Galvanicus
  • DH - Jessica Oceanicus
  • Nike Jocasta
  • Flaviana Marsilis
  • Milena Gamora
  • Roberta de Barcelona
  • Brianna Catannia
  • Sicilia Filistina
  • Natalia Xena
  • Michaela Hellas
  • Graecia Carpathia
  • Nova Juniana
  • Fabia Marsilis
  • Kiara Esmeraldinia

Football (Men's)
    Formation: 4-3-3
  • GK - Flavius Decimus (#1)
  • DEF - Max Claudios (#2) (C)
  • DEF - Mikkel Ferrara (#3)
  • DEF - Brutus Aurelius (#4)
  • MID - Helios Honorato (#5)
  • DEF - Persius Gallagher (#6)
  • ATA - Filip Gustavic (#7)
  • MID - Hector Octavius (#8)
  • ATA - Victor O'Neil (#9)
  • MID - Rex Syracusae (#10)
  • ATA - Brendan Mitchell (#11)
  • GK - Marius De Lopez (#12)
  • ATA - Trajan Alba (#13)
  • DEF - Gaius Alexios (#14)
  • DEF - Nico Bellum (#15)
  • MID - Julius Icaropoulos (#16)
  • ATA - Augustus Yennaris (#17)
  • MID - Servius Cristalinus (#18)
    Alternate players:
  • GK - Gabriel Franklin
  • DEF - Micael Novartis
  • MID - Antonius Herrera
  • ATA - Darius Gaius Julianus

Football (Women's)
    Formation: 4-2-3-1
  • GK - Chiara Nebula (#1) (C)
  • DEF - Leta Fragliana (#2)
  • DEF - Bella Martennia (#3)
  • DEF - Maximiliana Ioulianus(#4)
  • MID - Francia Politana(#5)
  • DEF - Germana Martius (#6)
  • MID - Glaucia Baptistis(#7)
  • MID - Atalanta Monenvasia(#8)
  • ATA - Jena Kelaris(#9)
  • MID - Mariana Novagaia(#10)
  • ATA - Anna Leandronica (#11)
  • GK - Veronica Matre(#12)
  • DEF - Gabriela Romanica (#13)
  • DEF - Marta Augusta (#14)
  • ATA - Ferdinanda Aoulica (#15)
  • MID - Saoirse Hibernica (#16)
  • MID - Gina Athena (#17)
  • MID - Leandra Suarez (#18)
    Alternate players:
  • GK - Greta Mauretana
  • DEF - Lisbela Neapolitanis
  • MID - Jade Meridith
  • ATA - Niue Hellenica

Rhytmic Gymnastics (Women's):
  • Julia Madeira
  • Kiara Latinus
  • Lucia Novara
  • Ursula Autumnia
  • Ophelia Justiniana
  • Leandronica Viviciana (alternate player)

Handball (Women's):
  • Linda Phoenix (#1) (GK)
  • Penelope Villa (#2)
  • Gaia Antonietta (#3)
  • Viviana Andronica (#4)
  • Marta Andromeda (#5)
  • Lucia Hellas (#6)
  • Graecia Norville (#7)
  • Lucia Lukania (#8)
  • Brianna O'Harisson (#9)
  • Keira Marin (#10) (C)
  • Lois Praetoria (#11)
  • Nike Metis (#12) (GK)
  • Julia Alexianos (#13)
  • Julia Reggia (#14)

Rugby Sevens (Men's)
  • Marcus Borisov (#1)
  • Ericus Martianos (#2)
  • Leo Frings (#3)
  • Marius Aioros (#4)
  • Victor Nobatius (#5)
  • Flavius Jairus (#6)
  • Luc Velo (#7)
  • Maximus Sanchez (#8)
  • Filipe Johnson (#9)
  • Alexios Alexandros (#10)
  • Darius Cyrenaicus (#11)
  • Leonard Constantinus (#12)
  • Lucas Maximilianos (#13)

Rugby Sevens (Women's)
  • Lucia Venetia (#1)
  • Georgia Maxima (#2)
  • Daria Nicodesia (#3)
  • Agatha Michelle (#4)
  • Karla Venusiana (#5)
  • Juno Maltiniana (#6)
  • Frida Eclipse (#7)
  • Victoria Kalil (#8)
  • Lea Maestrini (#9)
  • Alexa Clementia (#10)
  • Joyce Nic Melior (#11)
  • Morgana Leontia (#12)
  • Leticia Lexiopolis (#13)

Volleyball Indoor (Men's):
  • Gaius Alexios (#2) (Libero)
  • Aioros Cristianos (#5)
  • Decimus Kostas (#10)
  • Max Maximilianus (#13)
  • Bruno Millos (#16)
  • Leandro Frisius (#18)
  • Scipius Nomadis (#19)
  • Mikael Andronicus (#20) (Libero)
  • Mic Julianus (#25)
  • Julius Volpi (#27)
  • Carlos Aurelianos (#30)
  • Frank Carelia (#35)

Volleyball Indoor (Women's):
  • Kristina Athanasia (#1)
  • Barbara Australasia (#3)
  • Morgana Realta (#4) (Libero)
  • Michelle Leopoldopoulos (#8)
  • Catalina Dardannia (#11)
  • Nicole Massimo (#12)
  • Dandara Justiniana (#15)
  • Maria Isabella Dalia (#16) (Libero)
  • Brena Maximiliana (#20)
  • Merida Fionna (#23)
  • Bruna Leontia (#26)
  • Mariana Aeternia (#31)

RP Permissions:
  • Do not kill any athlete or delegation member
  • Do not make any athlete or delegation member commit any crime
  • Do not injury any athlete of an individual sport (injuries in collective sports are allowed as long as they're not career ending)
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Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom (ZRH) rosters
Orean: Agatho Bastain (Sport Climbing)
Istra: Mandica Wasilic (Archery)
Team Sport Rosters
3B: Marcel Bottcher, age 20, R/R, Saint John Green Sox (QUE)
SS: Wuk Begić, age 25, R/S, Porto Nowi Pomorac 150
2B: Walter Braun, age 27, R/R, Proud Tigers
1B: Issok Platinasti, age 25, L/L, Proud Tigers
2B/SS: Marko Kraljić, age 31, R/S, Porto Nowi Pomorac 150
LF/CF: Lars Stumpe, age 21, R/R, Proud Tigers
LF: Yaw Barwuah, age 22, L/L, Aleiusia Democracy
CF: Nebojša Wukowić, age 33, R/R, Porto Nowi Pomorac 150
RF: Bogdan Antić, age 29, L/L, Platinastigrade Bergmanns
RF: Wladmir Dimitrijević, age 28, L/S, Porto Nowi Pomorac 150
C: Luka Kewić, age 27, R/R, Aleiusia Democracy
C: Marko Spasojević, age 25, R/R, Proud Tigers

P: Otto Kunac, age 29, R/R, Proud Tigers
P: Barto Lukić, age 21, R/R, Proud Tigers
P: Želmir Nikowić, age 27, L/L, Porto Nowi Pomorac 150
P: Jowan Welkowić, age 25, R/R, Platinastigrade Bergmanns
P: Aleksander Šapić, age 30, R/R, Porto Nowi Pomorac 150
P: Wladmir Pejnowić, age 30, R/R, Proud Tigers
P: Amir Wadi, age 21, L/L, Porto Nowi Pomorac 150
P: Marko Popović, age 30, L/L, Aleiusia Democracy
P: Abdulwahhab “Abdul” Hoffmann, age 24, R/R, Proud Tigers
P: Iwan Raykowić, age 23, R/R, Porto Nowi Pomorac 150
P: Wiktor Heraković, age 37, R/R, Unattached
P: Wladdi Ribarić, age 25, R/R, Ofau 10,000

Coach: Yakow Iwanić, age 60, S/S (using his pen)

Batting Order
1: Wuk Begić (Fast)
2: Bogdan Antić (Lefty)
3: Lars Stumpe (Solid OBP)
4: Issok Platinasti (A fat tank)
5: Wladmir Dimitrijević (DH)
6: Nebojša Wukowić (Skinny but strong)
7: Walter Braun (Swiss cheese strike zone)
8: Luka Kewić (Bad knees)
9: Marcel Bottcher (Has some speed)
Pinch hit picks
Marko Spasojević
Marko Kraljić
Pinch run picks
Marko Kraljić
Yaw Barwuah

Main five
C: Zoran Wasiljewić (4) (age 23) (Astra AK)
PG: Jowan Rottmanner (5) (age 24) (Košarka Matov-Uri)
SG: Iwan Marowić (6) (age 27) (VZRH Matov-Uri)
PF: Luka Vettel (8) (age 29) (AK Stanimir)
SF: Perdrag Milanić (10) (age 25) (Astra AK)
SG: Muhammed al-Hakim (11) (age 22) (AK Stanimir)
PG: Wladmir Benčić (13) (age 29) (Ogroven Sportlich)
PF: Marko Al-Ghumari (16) (age 30) (Košarka Matov-Uri)
C: Ala al-Din Twafiq (19) (age 24) (Hügeltaldom Košarka Klub)
G/F: Wald Lukić (21) (age 26) (Astra AK)
SF: Čadjo Agustyn (26) (age 30) (Proud Tigers)
PG: Luka Djurić (33) (age 36) (Astra AK)
F: Iwan Polić (40) (age 36) (Unattached)
Head Coach: Ofau Bukejlović (age 58)

Men's 3x3
C: Andre Rader (4) (age 17) (Astra AK Jrs)
G/F: Imil Wladmirwić (7) (age 33) (Ogroven Sportlich)
G: Njegoš Bortiwić (18) (age 30) (Beestagrade Košarka)
G: Boris Ratajczak (99) (age 19) (Astra AK U-21)

National U-23/Olympic team
Three overage players bolded
GK: Barto Whal (01) (age 22) (Aleiusia Capital) (1 cap)
LB: Zaur-Luka Igorić (05) (age 19) (Ogroven Vanguardi FK) (1 cap)
CB: Tito Jankoslawić (02) (age 22) (Ming, Chromatika)
CB: Abu-Ali Rasim (03) (age 22) (Preo Team) (1 cap)
RB: Nikolai Raspon (04) (age 25) (Kven FK)
DM: Nikola Branić (06) (age 20) (DD Porto Nowi)
CM/FW: Horst Rhül (07) (age 21) (Coolville United, Baker Park)
CM: Zdeslaw Markowić (10) (age 22) (FKP Ottowić County) (1 cap)
LF/LW: Stojan Heiden (11) (age 24) (AK Stanimir)
FW: Luka Lukić (c) (09) (age 30) (Aleiusia Capital)
RF/RW: Arnald Gal (08) (age 20) (DD Porto Nowi)
GK: Dominik Jošilo (13) (age 20) (Athletik Zanatlija)
GK: Marko Kříž (12) (age 18) (Aleiusia Capital Jrs)
CB: Damjan Protić (14) (age 18) (Platinastigrade) (1 cap)
RB/CB/LM: Hermann Hamppe (15) (age 22) (Aleiusia Capital) (1 cap)
MF: Aga Milić (16) (age 22) (Ogroven Vanguardi FK) (1 cap)
MF: K.A. Stewanowić (17) (age 18) (Winnipeg United, Quebec)
FW: Josip Jorowić (18) (age 21) (Ogroven Vanguardi FK) (1 cap)
FW/LW: Petar Karić (19) (age 18) (Ribar PRD Jrs)
Formation: 4-3-3 or 4-1–4-1
Coach: Miloš Tomašewić (age 35)
GK: Marija Gal (01) (age 23) (Ženski DD Aleiusia)
LB: Sunčica Milojewić (05) (age 32) (ŽFK Porto Nowi)
CB: Lissy Bachman (c) (03) (age 30 (Ženski Ribar PRD)
CB: Marka Krušlin (02) (age 23) (Ženski Ribar PRD)
RB: Maria Maddina (04) (age 30) (ŽFK Porto Nowi)
RM: Bettina Konnikowa (06) (age 23) (Klub20)
CM: Andjelija Prokawić (08) (age 32) (ŽFK Porto Nowi)
CM: Anna Kluge (10) (age 26) (Ogroven Vanguardi ŽFK)
LM: Anja Micić (07) (age 26) (Ženski Platinastigrade)
FW: Hana Wukicawić (11) (age 28) (ŽFK Ofau)
FW: Iwana Radujica (09) (age 17) (Ženski Platinastigrade)
GK: Miljana Paspalj (age 20) (ŽFK Porto Nowi)
DF: Bernadette Trapp (age 36) (Ženski Prvaka Football Klub)
DF: Sojana Menes (age 24) (Ogroven Vanguardi ŽFK)
MF: Newena (age 31) (Ženski Ribar PRD)
MF: Anna Kwesić (age 18) (ŽFK Porto Nowi)
FW: Bernarda Sarkozić (age 25) (Ženski Ribar PRD)
FW: Nelli Lukawić (age 35) (Ženski Platinastigrade)
Formation: 4-4-2
Coach: Jowko Pergradić

Starters bolded
S: Elsie Grün (6)
F: Šasa Hunsdiecker (7)
C: Iwana Burmaz (8)
W: Jindra Jehličkova (9)

S: Nada Jagodić (11)
F: Lukana Nedić (12)
C: Mirjana Warešanowić (13)
W: Nikolina Mladjenović (14)
P: Milijana Purtić (1)
H: Wedrana Ukić (2)
P: Kornelija Petarić (3)

P: Radomira Markowić (4)
P: Jessika Gmehling-Radner (5)
H: Wladia Imilowić (10)
Players were selected from an obscure semi-pro league, mostly from around the Porto Nowi area.
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South Newlandian rosters

Flag bearer for Istria: Fabio Ventura
South Newlandia did not enter any events in Orean.

RP Permissions:

Use common sense, when in doubt tg me or message me on Discord.
Do not kill anyone.

The South Newlandian football team will send the best players possible to the Olympics. After the MSMT and the CE, the football team will try their very best to get as far as possible. All stats are without CE27.

Coaching team:
Head Coach: Robert Wolverine (45)
Assistant Coach: Michael White (39)
Goalkeeper Coach: Matthias Boyle (41)
Athletic Coach: Josef Salazar (26)
All of the above have been on the team for 38 official games.
For all players and coaches, only games from official tournaments (BoF, WCQ, WC, CoH, and CE) are counted, excluding friendly matches.

Starting lineup:

GK: #1 Mikhail Trischuk (27 years old) (35 matches played, 47 conceded goals, 0 assists) Ratzupalfu Rhinos (SNL) CAPTAIN
Mikhail Trischuk is the captain of the team, and he is the reason the team is where they are today. His numerous saves have helped the team countless times, and his abilities as a captain are also in high regard. At 27, he is in the best years of his career, and he can frustrate entire offenses on good days. If you have ever heard of the “Miracle of Capri”, that was mostly due to him.

LB: #2 Dhruv Roy (25 years old) (30 matches played, 5 scored goals, 4 assists) Valley Wanderers (SNL)
Dhruv Roy can often be found in the opponents half. Especially after corners, his heading abilities can be dangerous. His long passes are also strong, but when it comes to pure defending against strong opponents, he isn’t as useful. He is the tallest among the field players, and his stays in the opponent’s box sometimes make the team vulnerable to counter-attacks.

LCB: #17 Jack Schroeder (28 years old) (29 matches played, 1 scored goal, 1 assist) Elephant Valley FC (SNL)
Jack Schroeder debuted in the Baptism of Fire, but he played much better in the World Cup Qualifiers. He is arguably the best defender, and his well-timed tackles have saved the team quite a few times. At 28, he is on the peak of his career.

RCB: #30 Manuel O’Neill (32 years old) (24 matches played, 0 scored goals, 0 assists) Royal Puncakpura (Eraman)
Manuel O’Neill is the oldest player of the squad at 31. He debuted in the World Cup Qualifiers, and he eventually won the battle for the start against Tommy Anderson and Karl Meyer. He directs the defense, but he is often to slow to stop fast strikers. As he is ageing, he will probably retire in the next three years. For now, he is playing for one of the better teams in Eraman to seek new adventures.

RB: #4 Raphael Moreno (31 years old) (27 matches played, 0 scored goals, 1 assist) Ruditown Guards (SNL)
Raphael Moreno has debuted in the World Cup Qualifiers, and he took the start instantly. With his wealth of experience, he has made the right side saver, but he and O’Neill aren’t as fast, as they are getting older. Because of that, the right side has problems against fast players on that side.

DM: #6 Kevin Mohamed (21 years old) (33 matches played, 1 scored goal, 2 assists) Nagelti Rovers (JEC)
Kevin Mohamed is the player in Defensive Midfield for the team. While he isn’t the strongest player on the position, South Newlandia lacks viable alternatives. He is a solid defender, but he isn’t great at developing and starting plays for the offense, often slowing things down. At twenty-one years old, he also still has a lot to learn, and is currently doing that in Jeckland.

LM: #9 Corban Green (20 years old) (28 matches played, 1 scored goal, 12 assists) Jecken Newport (SNL) CORNERS
Corban Green is the youngest player in the starting formation at twenty. His lack of experience is made up with fantastic amounts of talent. His shot isn’t as dangerous, while his flanks and corners are among the strongest ones in the country. Due to problems with his knee, he frequently missed games, but he seems to be fit right now.

RM: #13 Patrick McMora (23 years old) (36 matches played, 4 scored goals, 11 assists) Walstreim Lions (SNL)
Patrick McMora is the player with the most matches for South Newlandia, having missed only two games. Despite being only 23 years old, he is already playing great. His passes and flanks can be deadly. He is one of the players that might be the captain eventually, and he will assume the role of vice-captain for the Olympics.

OM: #7 Finnley Wallis (26 years old) (32 matches played, 9 scored goals, 5 assists) Sophie City Royals (SNL) FREE KICKS
Finnley Wallis is one of the most important players of the team. Depending on the situation, he can act as a third striker or even help out in defense. He debuted in the Baptism of Fire, and he is also responsible for free kicks. At 26 years, Wallis is well in his strongest years, and needs to be defended well.

ST: #50 Michael Glossman (25 years old) (4 matches played, 2 scored goals, 0 assists) Kinjestad Soccer (SNL)
At 25 years old, he is in the prime of his career, but he only got selected for the Cup of Harmony. He came in strong with two goals at the Cup of Harmony, and might replace McCabe one day. Like many other players, he is getting a chance now to prove himself in the first eleven. He is the least experienced player on the team, but with McCabe on his side, he can make it work.

ST: #41 Simon McCabe (30 years old) (20 matches played, 11 scored goals, 3 assists) Elephant Town FC (SNL) PENALTYS
Simon McCabe debuted in the World Cup Qualifiers, and he got a start almost instantly. So far, he is the most efficient striker at 2 goals for three games, on average. He is also responsible for penalties. At 30 years old, he may already be past his strongest days, but he is a force to be dealt with.


GK: #33 Rufus Rigby (21 years old) (4 matches played, 6 conceded goals, 0 assists) Ruditown Guards (SNL)
Rufus Rigby is the main replacement for Mikhail Trischuk. He debuted in the Baptism of Fire, and experience is the only thing separating him from Mikhail Trischuk. As time goes on, he will most likely get to be the main South Newlandian goalkeeper. He started doing that in the CE, but for now, he will have to warm the bench.

GK: #12 Abdullah Rowley (30 years old) (0 matches played) Malta FC (INS)
Despite being on the team since the Baptism of Fire, Abdullah Rowley has never played an international match for the Elephants. Both Trischuk and Rigby are stronger goalkeepers than him, but in an emergency, he will be ready.

LB: #18 Marcos Pit (25 years old) (9 matches played, 0 scored goals, 0 assists) Southwestern Islanders (SNL)
Marcos Pit has joined the team for the World Cup Qualifiers, and he the main replacement for Dhruv Roy. He is a solid defender, but different to Roy, he is neither strong with headers nor long passes. He is, however, slightly better against fast attackers.

LCB: #8 Tommy Anderson (23 years old) (23 matches played, 0 scored goals, 1 assist) Anchors FC (CMT)
Tommy Anderson has been part of the squad since the Baptism of Fire, but he has since lost his starting position. He remains a very possible alternative. His move to Chromatika surprised most, but the restructuring of FC Rüsselsheim made it inevitable.

RCB: #97 Mike Slaoh (23 years old) (0 matches played) Jagomir City (SNL)
Mike Slaoh is a young defender from the second tier side of Jagomir City. He isn’t bad, and probably the best player for Jagomir, but we doubt he can be good enough to play for the national team more often.

RB: #44 Gustafe Wright (28 years old) (1 match played, 0 scored goals, 0 assists) Ineton City (SNL)
Wright is one of the less experienced players on the team with only a single official match played. His club, Ineton City, had been in hot water last year, but managed to hold on. Robert Wolverine seems to stick to his theme of using experienced defenders, as he is 28 years old already.

LM: #19 Donald Lancaster (21 years old) (15 matches played, 0 scored goals, 1 assist) Walstreim Lions (SNL)
Donald Lancaster is one of the players that already played for the Elephants during the Baptism of Fire, and is the main replacement for Corban Green. He has not been very successful so far, and is still waiting for his first international goal.

RM: #24 Jarod Stuart (27 years old) (11 matches played, 0 scored goals, 2 assists) Valley Wanderers (SNL)
Jarod Stuart is the main replacement for Patrick McMora since the World Cup qualifiers. He is frequently subbed in for McMora, but so far, he had little success. Maybe, he can change that eventually.

OM: #16 Abdurahman Bishop (22 years old) (16 matches played, 2 scored goals, 3 assists) Jecken Newport (SNL)
Abdurahman Bishop joined the team for the World Cup Qualifiers, and he fought with Finnley Wallis for the start in offensive midfield. The 22 year old is still lacking experience, but he may be a solid alternative to Finnley Wallis.

OM: #21 Adam Weiss (19 years old) (0 matches played) Keva Rogianel 09 (MAC)
He is the one of youngest players in the squad at nineteen years old, and he is also one of the players currently not playing in South Newlandia. He got drafted in the Maccian Football league, and was selected as the thirteenth pick by Keva Rogianel 09. He will likely not play, as both the left and the offensive midfield are already filled with very skilled players.

ST: #27 Romleb Mada (17 years old) (0 matches played) Project Olimpo Jutsii (HIN)
Mada may be the big hope of the South Newlandian team. The extremely talented striker still has lots to learn, but his recent move into the top youth league of Kita-Hinode may provide him opportunities he wouldn’t have had with the Walstreim Lions. He only got into the team at the last minute, after Bjorn Cohen couldn’t play due to an injury.

ST: #11 Brandon Irving (22 years old) (31 matches played, 12 scored goals, 4 assists) Barnley FC (KND)
Brandon Irving was already part of the squad during the Baptism of Fire, and leads the team in goals at twelve scored goals. Despite his talent, he is largely inconsistent. If he plays well, Irving is hard to stop. He was the other deciding factor at the “Miracle of Capri”.

Coaching team:

Manager/Head Coach: Tobias Sansara (34)
He brought the Elephants into the Round of 16 in Drawkland and Newmanistan, and he will try to repeat this success. He managed to get the government to pay for more staff, and everyone from the coaching staff from WBC49 will be returning.

Hitting coach: Anthony Smith-Miller (34)
ASM is back as the batting coach again. He and Sansara are not only the same age, but they are also good friends, and you can see them working together very well.

Pitching coach: Damian Bolton (38)
Damian Bolton also returns to his old spot. Pitching was the big strength that got South Newlandia into the knockouts in WBC48, but it didn’t go as well in WBC49. Now, it will be crucial again.

Bench Coach: Gabriel Brown (42)
Brown had been Sansara’s right hand at one point, but he likes his new role as the bench coach. “Little work for decent pay” was what he called it in a recent interview.

Bullpen coach: Mohamed Felix (39)
Three years ago, South Newlandia didn’t even have a bullpen, but now, Felix assists Bolton, being responsible for the relief pitchers. Since that was a crucial weak spot for South Newlandia in the IBS and arguably cost them the WBC49 Quarterfinals, his role might become an important one once again.

1st Base Coach: Jakub Mayo (54)
Mayo will be the oldest coach in this year’s staff, and he will be responsible for the 1st base, specifically trying to teach Adam King some better fielding. We strongly advise against making condiment-based jokes in his presence.

3rd Base Coach: Diego Kirk (43)
Two years ago, Kirk was responsible for both bases, but he can focus on third base this time. His job will be taking Ian Pearce under his wing, but he is respected for his baseball experience and valuable for the entire team.


(SP1) Jacob Conroy (24, pitches with his right hand)
Conroy was the most successful pitcher during the 48th and 49th WBC; and his efforts were a big part of the South Newlandian success. He is expected to take a leading role again, but the pressure might start to get to him.

(SP2) Ryan Hunter (22, L)
Ryan Hunter was the only South Newlandian pitcher present in the WBC48, IBS11 and WBC49, and he did a great job especially in the Slam. Important about Hunter might be that he lost both of the very important games he pitched so far, the deciders in the knockouts of the IBS, and he might crumble under pressure again. He recently received help for bear-related trauma.

(SP3) Blake Robbins (26, R)
Robbins was part of the squad for the 48th and 49th WBC, and he did a solid enough job. At 26, he is actually the oldest starting pitcher, but he might need to step up his game too if he wants to stay on the team.

(SP4) Larry Cain (25, R)
Cain played okay in WBC49; apparently okay enough to be back here. He may be the least interesting starting pitcher.

(SP5) Jay Kramer (20, R)
Jay Kramer was the most surprising young player in the IBS and WBC49; allowing fewruns per inning and showing that he can compete with the bigger players. The youngest starting pitcher may struggle against the more intimidating sides; he still has a lot to learn.

(CL1) Barnaby Butt (23, L)
Butt was in the squad for the International Baseball Slam, and he did well there, even though he gave up runs often in critical moments. That was also the theme for him in WBC49, we hope that he can improve there.

(CL2) Fabio Paul (27, R)
Fabio Paul was by far the best pitcher of WBC49 and IBS11, but he basically fumbled the Quarters for the team in Newmanistan. We will see if that was a lasting hit.

(CL3) Marcel Adams (26, R)
Adams played okay in the Classic, but not really great either, to be honest. We are surprised he is still here, but on the other hand, he improved over the last games of the WBC.

(MR) Dennis Miles (26, R)
South Newlandia rarely use their Middle and Long Relievers, but Miles, who did that twice in WBC49, would come in for about 2 or 3 innings, while Miller could be there if things go very wrong.

(LR) Jack Miller (29, R)
Jack Miller was one of the starting pitchers for WBC48, but he has since lost that spot. He will be there if things go horribly wrong, and he can assist the team with general advice.

Starters, in batting order

(CF) Shawn Zimmerman (19, S)
Zimmerman was also among the surprisingly strong players in the IBS and WBC49. After a rocky start, he improved fast, and managed to clinch the starting role in the WBC at only 18 years old, maybe because Jake Davidson decided against playing again.

(2B) Igor White (27, R)
Igor White is returning as well, as he was playing in the WBC48 squad too. He scored 16 runs including two home runs, and he is combining well with David Drum. A knee injury gave him trouble before the tournament, but he seems to be fine now.

(DH) Mike Larsen (20, S)
In the first attempt, South Newlandia played without a designated hitter, but since the team in the IBS and the SNBL use them, Mike Larsen, who played DH in the IBS, will do that for the senior team as well. South Newlandian batters in general are often contact hitters, with home runs being rarer at about one for five-seven runs.

(RF) Fabio Ventura (25, L)
Fabio Ventura was the most important fielder in the squad for WBC48. He scored 25 runs, including three home runs, and recorded even better stats for WBC49. Being left handed has helped him, too. He is also decent at catching and throwing balls, if he needs to.

(LF) Daryl Dunlop (23, R)
Daryl Dunlop wasn’t part of the squad for WBC48, but he pushed George Webber out after a strong performance in the IBS. Similar to Zimmerman, he improved along the way, and he might be an important talent for upcoming classics as well.

(SS) David Drum (21, R)
David Drum was only a substitute in the 48th WBC, scoring four runs including a home run in a few games, but he was able to prove himself in the IBS, scoring the most runs of the team, including quite a few home runs. He is playing very well in synergy with Igor White, getting a ball in between them is a difficult task.

(C) Gregor Garner (25, L)
Gregor Garner is returning after being on the WBC48 squad as well. He did well there, with 15 runs and three home runs. He is a decent catcher, too, and made few errors in the WBC49, but also scored few runs.

(1B) Adam King (23, R)
Adam King was at the IBS too, at one point scoring 11 runs over six games, and he was a starter for the team during WBC48 was well. He scored 19 runs, including five home runs; the most of the team. He could still improve his fielding, but he has time do that.

(3B) Ian Pearce (26, R)
Ian Pearce is also returning from the squad of the 49th WBC. He did surprisingly well for WBC49, but there is still room to improve for him; we will have to see if he can use it.


(C) Fred Burn (19, R)
Fred Burn did well in the IBS, but he isn’t ready for the big stage yet.

(IF) Korban Pitts (24, R)
Pitts is another all new-player, we don’t really know much about him.

(IF) Steve Ruiz (23, L)
Ruiz was a starter in the WBC48, scoring nine runs including 1 homer, but he lost his place to Drum surprisingly.

(OF) George Webber (28, R)
Webber was a fielder during WBC48, but only four runs weren’t near enough to keep his place against Dunlop.

Coaching team:

Responsible Head Coach: Xavier Fraser (26)
Pitching coach: Mathew Plunk (32)
Batting coach: Melinda Li (38)


Starting pitcher 1: Bethany Harrington (24, R)
Starting pitcher 2: Ellen McLellan (20, R)
Starting pitcher 3: Kirstin Xiong (26, R)
Starting pitcher 4: Sarah Giles (27, L)
Closer 1: Chantelle Maynard (23, R)
Closer 2: Eshal Strong (27, R)
Relief Pitcher: Joanne Morrison (25, L)

Starters, in batting order:
Third Base: Lilly Bender (20, R)
First Base: Katrina Paine (21, R)
Shortstop: Sophia-Rose Hopkins (27, R)
Second Base: Sophia Smiths (21, L)
Centre Outfield: Sophie Lawrence (25, R)
Left Outfield: Izabel Weeks (28, R)
Designated Player: Sandra Loving (26, R)
Catcher: Aasiyah Young (25, R)
Right Outfield: Emma Miles (20, L)


Catcher: Zoey Zhang (23, R)
Infield 1: Becky Briggs (22, R)
Infield 2: Ida Vu (27, L)
Outfield: Vicki Shah (29, R)
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Flag Bearers:
Keith Tims (Istria)
Finnsnes the Mesterhammer (Orean)


Coach – Elisabeth Pedre.
Doireann Sodergrejn
Miriam Kerr
Dervla Semper
Astrejd Jonen
Olga Gobben
Alvild Bente
Magnhild Simhall
Gwladys Esylllt
(reserve)Lea Seede


Coach - Fergus Roef
Jesper Ageir
Comgail Hidde
Maarten Greinhard
Vagar Nevijn
Rober Troond
Halfden Ragnval
Talfryn Pelle
Tobern Gearatt


Head coach - Magda Gunborg
Main squad:
(gk) Johanne Rous
Helentjee Neizer
Katharina Kaspers
Mariner Embla
Ingrid Tore
Thora Winhard
Jorunn Sier

(gk)Borghild Twll
Signy Aslaug
Mona Goibnau
Hanne Qin
Eilwen Bodil
Odde Astridur

Mod Style +3


Head coach – Henrik Vidurdal
Starting Lineup
(gk) Llywelyn Ruaidr
Sechnall Gwylinn
Braden Torquels
Kasper Celje
Agnar Frojde
Brammen Olovers
Kay Tjewen

(gk) Ruud Freek
Ronan Kajs
Keenan Ajde
Cowan Halsten
Aamund Oddbjorn
Per Clemens

Style Mod +3


Head Coach - Martha Heidvig
Starting Five:
Aldegonda Aase
Signy Inger
Ingebora Rinjders
Darys Trommen
Maria Luus
Katharina Bronwyn
Dylis Koiwen
Gudruna Eith
Nathaly Georgejn
Irina Berrit
Helen Riajnon
Marta Hegelstrom

Mod Style +4


Coach - Torfinn Hagerstrom
Starting lineup
Rijn Torst
Gudbrand Runders
Henricus Winhard
Bargel Subhain
Martijn Rember

Gerald Rojser
Bjoern Jorngen
Anders Knutte
Torsten Gwynthur
Hendrick Brann
Jorn the Strong
Brogan Ronden

Mod Style +3


Coach – Ingrid Annelein
Starting squad
Frederica Brynhildur
Marta Ensnes
Gwenneth Aslaug
Gwladys Birgritt
Elin Asgerd
Darys Gawen
Lisanne Trojd
Elfa Cecile
Irina Fedelma
Lisa Mairwen
Maria Jennefjord
Julia Ranhild
Linn Troger
Magda Akker
Hjordis Heimla
Irina Finola
Ingebjorg Torquels
Runa Morwejn

Mod Style +3


Coach – Maria Hendricks
Starting Lineup
(gk) Marta Gunbjorn
Amanda Hannes
Ella Bergkam
Maria Brinden
Katherine Godeiliev
Brigitt Kirstendam
Kristina Trintje
Alicia Stremper
Pia Stromnes
Deryn Gwyndelen
Olwen Tojrid
Sibylla Mauden
Henrietta Maw
Martina Esterholm

Mod Style +2


Coach - Keith Lowry
Starting lineup
(gk) Olga Hildersloo
Brigitte Heinte
Hildegard Flortje
Muirgheall Eirstone
Olwen Mikkels
Olga Gertin
Olwejn the Bold
Gwynneth Selmstrem
Rhianon Skert
Magda Torborg
Audhild Fairar

Ranghild Solde
Helene the Dund
Martha Aran
Aslaug Dortein
Morin Lisbjorg

Style Mod +3


Coach - Per Jalens
Starting Lineup
(gk) Brogan Hojr
Tuur Hespen
Marius Jesse
Torstein Haldvard
Ardian Ardhall
Trystan Pejde
Torger Semmer
Orwen Zillejn
Llewelyjn Greifed
Andreas Sondren
Ronnen Pangbern
(gk) Viggen the Stjerk
Hjalmar Hemming
Andreas Gijsbrecht
Hjalmer the Genser
Ralf Corbry
Helge Hijwel

Style Mod +3


Coach - Lisbeth Jorgens
Starting Lineup
Sigrun the Strong
Olga Mellir
Irina the Sly
Darys the Somenvegg
Maria the Slankogrask
Anna the Flytbar
Liza the Rock

Lina Folsom
Leorinn Kaoileann
Felicia Hallgren
Bio the Tegner
Marine the Rood
Olga Magnejsen

Style Mod +5


Coach – Totiane the Vakker
Starting lineup
Anna Ogurk
Gwennyth Strommen
Keelin Zuider
Riona Blenders
Irene Fillis
Anna Seithe

Marijn Tolker
Daria Erthe
Rajmen Fejde
Helen Smedblad
Nejde lidenskapel
Woora Craftejn

Style Mod +3


Coach - Warg Leuwen
Starting lineup
Ingmar Wubbe
Gerhard Talfrynn
Espen Linderhelm
Dagfinn Rede
Llywelyn Toirdhealbhach
Theo Snelders

Henning Holger
Norbert Finnly
Eskil Bjarne
Carsten Halvar
Jacob Troghil
Peter Fingol

Style Mod +3


Coach - Ellinor Loovis
Starting lineup
Hjordis the Sterktak
Denise Storbyst
Keith Lammers
Gisjberta Gorbren
Helene Caoilfhionn
Gunder Bjold
Petra Hekke
Maria Blanid
Birgitt Hejst
Cecilia Jesperbolg
Agnes Rikkens

Mod Style -2


Coach - Coaching Committee
Starting lineup
Lenart Gundevik
Rolf Bledde
Wim Hespers
Ruud Heddwyn
Svende Halvedan
Soren Gundeer
Rolf Finbar
Keane Finly
Bjorn the Bakken
Frederick Sieuwerd
Casper Zielem

Mod Style -4

RP Permissions: You can choice scoring events and scorers, but everything apart from that is must be agreed with me.



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