IAX: Independent Associations Championship 10 [EVERYTHING]

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]
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IAX: Independent Associations Championship 10 [EVERYTHING]

Postby Omerica » Thu Jul 30, 2020 10:05 am

La Fédération républiques-unienne de soccer vous accueille à l’historique dixième édition du Championnat des associations indépendantes. The United Republican Soccer Federation welcomes you to the landmark tenth edition of the Independent Associations Championship, where forty nations who didn’t get invitations to the AOCAF Cup, Copa Rushmori or Coppa Esportiva will compete to be crowned the “champions of the rest of us”.

The participating nations will be divided into eight groups of five and will play every other nation in their group once, with matches taking place throughout the United Republics of Omerica. At the conclusion of the group stage, the winners and runners-up of each group will advance to the knockout stage to determine the Independent Associations Champions.

For nations who have signed up, this thread is the place to place your rosters, roleplays and other IC information. If you are not competing in the tournament (or performing modly duties), please refrain from posting here. Please do not reserve posts and please direct OOC comments/questions to the signup thread.

Note: Three unranked nations were moved into Pot 4 by random draw, conducted using RANDOM.ORG’s List Randomizer. Hosts Omerica and titleholders New Lusitania automatically occupied the top two spots in the seeding, per the provisions of the host bid.
Pot 1
Omerica [host nation]
New Lusitania [titleholders]
HUElavia [14.286]
Reçueçn [11.143]
Drawkland [10.793]
Port Ember [9.810]
Poafmersia [9.143]
Squornshelan Remnant States [7.095]

Pot 2
Terre Septentrionale [6.857]
Abanhfleft [5.842]
Darkmania [5.762]
Trolleborg [4.617]
TJUN-ia [4.571]
Fujai [4.064]
Devonta [4.000]
Juvencus [3.874]

Pot 3
Sajnur [3.667]
Kohnhead [3.540]
Tequilo [3.524]
Space [3.492]
Kriegiersien [3.429]
Sharktail [2.873]
Silver Beach [2.476]
Indusse [1.787]

Pot 4
Schottia [1.397]
Havynwilde [1.263]
Fleuronordicia [1.111]
Sylestone [1.017]
Hot Skitty on Wailord Action [0.571]
Hopal [unranked*]
The Calculator [unranked*]
Squidroidia [unranked*]

Pot 5
Kayangan [unranked]
Blotropolis [unranked]
Hwiccemark [unranked]
Megistos [unranked]
Gekkeom [unranked]
Natanya [unranked]
Woryand [unranked]
Nacrad [unranked]
IAX Groups
Group A
Hwiccemark [unranked]
Omerica [7.317]
Space [3.492]
TJUN-ia [4.571]
Schottia [1.397]

Group B
Tequilo [3.524]
Hot Skitty on Wailord Action [0.571]
HUElavia [14.286]
Natanya [unranked]
Terre Septentrionale [6.857]

Group C
Havynwilde [1.263]
Sharktail [2.873]
New Lusitania [14.730]
Trolleborg [4.617]
Nacrad [unranked]

Group D
Gekkeom [unranked]
Silver Beach [2.476]
Drawkland [10.793]
Darkmania [5.762]
Sylestone [1.017]

Group E
Sajnur [3.667]
Squidroidia [unranked]
Poafmersia [9.143]
Abanhfleft [5.842]
Kayangan [unranked]

Group F
Port Ember [9.810]
Blotropolis [unranked]
Kohnhead [3.540]
Juvencus [3.874]
Fleuronordicia [1.111]

Group G
Squornshelan Remnant States [7.095]
Devonta [4.000]
Woryand [unranked]
The Calculator [unranked]
Kriegiersien [3.429]

Group H
Megistos [unranked]
Hopal [unranked]
Indusse [1.787]
Reçueçn [11.143]
Fujai [4.064]
The Schedule
Cut-offs will be around 21:00-23:00 Eastern Daylight Time (01:00-03:00 UTC next day), with results following shortly after. Any changes in the schedule will be posted in advance in the OOC thread.

Group stage
Friday, 7 August: MD1 — 2 v 5, 3 v 4 (1 off)
Sunday, 9 August: MD2 — 5 v 3, 1 v 2 (4 off)
Tuesday, 11 August: MD3 — 3 v 1, 4 v 5 (2 off)
Thursday, 13 August: MD4 — 1 v 4, 2 v 3 (5 off)
Saturday, 15 August: MD5 — 4 v 2, 5 v 1 (3 off)

Knockout stage
Tuesday, 18 August: Octofinals — 1A v 2B, 1C v 2D, 1E v 2F, 1G v 2H, 1B v 2A, 1D v 2C, 1F v 2E, 1H v 2G
Thursday, 20 August: Quarterfinals — O1 v O2, O3 v O4, O5 v O6, O7 v O8
Saturday, 22 August: Semifinals — Q1 v Q2, Q3 v Q4
Monday, 24 August: Third Place Match and Grand Final
Edit history
30 July: Highlighting reserve post prohibition.
1 August: Finalising participants and seeding.
2 August: Adding the group stage draw and spoilering seeding.
5 August: Linking new rosters; adding seeding to groups for easy reference.
9 August: Linking (more) new rosters.
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Omerica – 27/09/2017
Any further and our feet will probably be in our stomachs
Kanoria - 27/09/2017
I for one love the reflux uniquely generated by self-gluttony of limbs, where the flesh meets the acid
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IAX Host Information

Postby Omerica » Thu Jul 30, 2020 10:05 am

Host permissions: Please refrain from roleplaying any terrorist incidents, military attacks or other tragedies in the host nation and from introducing any epi-/pandemics such as COVID-19 or fictional equivalents to the host nation. Please notify me by telegram or Discord DM (TheKitKatProject#5422) before RPing riots or other destructive acts in the host nation.
Un guide touristique d’Omerique · A tourist’s guide to Omerica
pour le 10ᵉ Championnat des associations indépendantes · for the 10th Independent Associations Championship

Quick facts
Languages: Anglian, Gallic
Currency: florin (ORF, ƒ)
Emergency: 112
Electricity: 230V/50Hz
Plug type: Type C (Europlug)
Country code: OME
Internet TLD: .or
Driving side: left
The United Republics of Omerica [/ˌɒməˈri(ː)kə, ˌoʊ-/ ᴏ(ʜ)-mə-ʀᴇᴇ-kə] is, shockingly, a bunch of republics that are united.

L’Omerique is a land of contradiction, proudly juxtaposing unity and diversity. Each of the nation’s twenty-five republics have the same prerogatives and the same prestige in Omerica’s federal system of governance, yet no two of them are alike, each demographically and culturally unique and providing a never-ending world of discovery for eager travellers. “[T]he refuge of every scoundrel and heretic known to mankind,” Omerica is home to a plethora of traditions, all united by a common radical and revolutionary ethos; Omerica is a civic nation, bound by its values of egalitarianism, direct democracy and social solidarity.

“Omerica” is a relatively recent concept, historically-speaking. For most of recorded history, what is now the United Republics was controlled by a series of petty kingdoms, principalities and duchies, many of whose borders can still be seen hiding in the complex geography of Omerica to this day. Over time, the various realms coalesced into eight major realms, known in modern Omerican historiography as the Octarchy (L’Octarchie): the Provence, Altomare, Bridgecastle, Great Arden, Silverforce, the Grand Palatinate, Avon and Calaverde. These realms, united under a common monarch, would come to fall under the dominion of the Saltsteadish crown in the 16th century, setting the course for the revolutionary wars that radically transformed Omerican society. The Omerican realms remained loyal to the Crown in the Second Saltsteadish Civil War, providing haven for the (briefly) deposed royal family and sparking the Omerican War of Independence between the newly-established Republic of Saltstead and the newly-declared Omerican Confederation.

The Confederal forces won a decisive victory at the Battle of Ville-Noël, leading to the Republic’s surrender in Romainbourg, an event which is still celebrated to this day. The War provided the first instance of a common Omerican institution binding the people of the Eight Realms together, birthing Omerica’s modern identity. But the impotence of Royalist governments would plague the sovereign Confederation; the inability (or unwillingness, depending on who you ask) of the Confederation to deal with the rampant piracy and constant crop failures of the early 18th century precipitated riots and demonstrations across the country, culminating in the Siege of Falconbarrow, where 108 protesters were massacred by Crown forces. This sparked Omerica’s own civil war, which overthrew the Crown and instituted the modern United Republics.

While the events of the two Omerican Revolutions have radically transformed the nation’s politics and culture, the Octarchy, Saltsteadish dominion and Confederation have still left lasting marks on Omerican society. While some places were rechristened in the aftermath of the Civil War—most notably the Grand Palatinate as the Free State—, numerous places throughout Omerica have names that honour the old antebellum royalty. The Sublime Union and the Omerican Gryphon meld the heraldic devices of the old kingdoms and the eight-pronged Confederation Star recalls the eight realms of the Octarchy. The motto “Concordia Universalis” (“universal harmony”) originated as a royal device, but has been co-opted by Omerican republicans and federalists as a succinct distillation of the Omerican ethos.

Entrer et contourner · Get in and around
Omerica has comparatively few restrictions for visiting travellers. Fans coming from member-states of the Social Liberal Union, the International Democratic Union and most of the Pacifics (among other regions) are eligible to visit Omerica visa-free for up to 90 days and visitors from most other countries can apply for tourist visas upon arrival in the country. The exception to this rule is for nations ruled by fascist or other far-right regimes, whose citizens will need to apply for visas in advance and, if they are associated with the ruling regime in some way, demonstrate a need to enter the country. In any case, be sure that you arrive with a return ticket if you are coming in on a non-immigrant visa or through the visa-waiver program, lest you be denied entry to the country.

Omerica is a vast, but well-connected nation. The United Republics has numerous international airports: Christiana Stephen Reading Memorial Airport in Mespalia, Aéroport Charlescourt–Just-Cartier in western Bridgecastle, Aéroport Romainbourg–Haut-Mer in Altomare and Nassau–Port-des-Saints International Airport in the eastern Free State are some of the most prominent. Teams and fans are well advised to price shop for the best deal and travel within the country to their ultimate destination. Airlines are required by Omerican federal law to include all fees and taxes, including the federally-collected landing fee and carbon tax, in their listed ticket prices, so you’ll know the full cost of your flight before you even get to the airport.

When entering the country, be advised that it’s easier to bring cocaine than cantaloupe into Omerica. Possession of recreational drugs is decriminalised in Omerica, but they could cost you a hefty sou in customs duties if you bring them in large enough quantities; likewise, any cash or fixed-value instruments are fine to bring in, but must be declared at customs if they total over ƒ50,000 (10,000 USD). Food, on the other hand, is notoriously difficult to bring into the country due to the Union’s interest in protecting local ecology: live animals and plant products such as fruits, vegetables and grains must be precleared to enter the country.

Before entering the country, it’s advisable to exchange your local money for florins, the national currency of the United Republics; a universal standard dollar will buy you five florins on the average day, which may make prices in Omerica look high to a surprisingly large number of people. Omerica in large part remains a cash society and as a consequence, Omerican banknotes and coins are designed to be user-friendly and accessible to visually-impaired people. Banknotes are printed to accommodate both hand-counting and wallets and increase in length with value, while coins are of different shapes to aid sightless identification—the 10c and 20c coins have holes, the 50c and ƒ1 coins are solid round discs and the ƒ2 and ƒ5 have scalloped shapes.

Domestically, the Omerican carbon tax makes regular automobile use economically impractical for most people; the proceeds from the tax are directed to subsidise the federally-operated United Rail Network (Réseau uni ferroviaire) and republican-operated public transport systems. Cities and towns are generally expected to maintain a comprehensive cycle road network, which are developed to the point that visitors relying entirely on automobiles will find much of the city inaccessible; parking around stadiums is scarce and generally reserved exclusively for staff. Teams will be able to use buses to move around town on matchdays (and between cities during the group stage) and are advised to make use of train and aeroplane services for longer distance travel in the knockout stage.

Respecter · Respect
While notoriously brash and short-tempered, Omericans are on the whole friendly and compassionate—so long as you don’t go out of your way to test their patience. Omericans prize their “culture solidaire” or “solidarity culture” and will generally do what they can to help someone in need. It’s considered immensely pretentious and rude to refuse an offer of help or a gesture of hospitality and it is always better to meet offers of assistance with sincere thanks and a handshake than with money. Tipping is considered the height of disrespect in Omerica, as it is considered tantamount to bribery; stories of restaurant servers chasing down foreigners to return their money and yell at them for tipping are not unheard of.

Omerica has a reputation for being a nation of bellyachers and it is not entirely unfair: as the saying goes, “there’s always a vote in Omerica.” Omerica’s tradition of direct democracy has resulted in a culture where people openly talk about the problems facing their country, their republic and their community. However, the wounds of foreign dominion have given rise to a resentment of even the perception of foreign meddling in Omerican political life and it is consequently a bad idea to get involved in political discussions unless you have an intimate understanding of Omerican politics.

Though it is no longer the most prominent cleavage in Omerican society, Omerica has had a long history of religious pillarisation dating back to the Dominion era. A number of republics were founded due to religious conflict and Omerica’s laicist tradition (at least at the federal level) originates from the desire to avoid exacerbating the tensions between denominations. Most republics have secularised over the past few decades; while it continues to play an important role in the lives of many Omericans, religion is considered a private and intimate matter in modern Omerica and to ask a stranger about their religion or to proselytise is considered impolite.

Finally, when travelling in Romanique, locals always appreciate visitors who make an effort to speak Gallic. Most Gallophones have at least some Anglian competence and the fluently bilingual will readily switch languages if they notice you struggling. If you’re learning Gallic, southern Omerica is a great place to practice; if you’re from somewhere like Reçueçn or Terre Septentrionale, you may find yourself right at home!

While Omericans might come off as rude or obnoxious at first glance, with a little understanding, you’ll find a sincere and welcoming nation. With a little understanding and a little time, you can find some lifelong friends in the United Republics.
Villes et stades hôtes · Host cities and venues
pour le 10ᵉ Championnat des associations indépendantes · of the 10th Independent Associations Championship

The sixteen IAX host cities. Cities in red are majority Anglophone; cities in blue are majority Gallophone.

Groupe A · Group A
Revolution Park, Falconbarrow, Republic of Strathavon | Capacity: 41,000 | Tenants: Falcon United
Matches: Omerica v Schottia [MD1], Schottia v Space [MD2], Space v Hwiccemark [MD3], Hwiccemark v TJUN-ia [MD4], TJUN-ia v Omerica [MD5], Group A winners v Group B runners-up [Octofinal 1]

Stade Saint-André, Brétolles, Republic of Westavon | Capacity: 50,000 | Tenants: Andreaskruis
Matches: Space v TJUN-ia [MD1], Hwiccemark v Omerica [MD2], TJUN-ia v Schottia [MD3], Omerica v Space [MD4], Schottia v Hwiccemark [MD5], Octofinal 1 winners v Octofinal 2 winners [Quarterfinal 1]

Groupe B · Group B
Stadium of the Occident, Westhaven, Republic of West Calaverde | Capacity: 48,000 | Tenants: Williamsburg SC
Matches: Hot Skitty on Wailord Action v Terre Septentrionale [MD1], Terre Septentrionale v HUElavia [MD2], HUElavia v Tequilo [MD3], Tequilo v Natanya [MD4], Natanya v Hot Skitty on Wailord Action [MD5], Group B winners v Group A runners-up [Octofinal 5]

Seafoam Athletic Park, Saint Anne, Republic of the Seafoam Islands | Capacity: 66,000 | Tenants: Saint Anne Athletic
Matches: HUElavia v Natanya [MD1], Tequilo v Hot Skitty on Wailord Action [MD2], Natanya v Terre Septentrionale [MD3], Hot Skitty on Wailord Action v HUElavia [MD4], Terre Septentrionale v Tequilo [MD5], Octofinal 5 winners v Octofinal 6 winners [Quarterfinal 3]

Groupe C · Group C
Stade Just-Cartier, Republic of the City of Charlescourt | Capacity: 40,000 | Tenants: Athlétique Trois-Fleuves
Matches: Sharktail v Nacrad [MD1], Nacrad v New Lusitania [MD2], New Lusitania v Havynwilde [MD3], Havynwilde v Trolleborg [MD4], Trolleborg v Sharktail [MD5], Group C winners v Group D runners-up [Octofinal 2]

Stade de l’Indépendance, Saint-Christophe, Republic of East Calaverde | Capacity: 51,000 | Tenants: Club de 28 Mars
Matches: New Lusitania v Trolleborg [MD1], Havynwilde v Sharktail [MD2], Trolleborg v Nacrad [MD3], Sharktail v New Lusitania [MD4], Nacrad v Havynwilde [MD5], Quarterfinal 1 winners v Quarterfinal 2 winners [Semifinal 1]

Groupe D · Group D
Stade Rue de la Victoire, Éternare, Most Serene Republic of Alleos | Capacity: 55,000 | Tenants: Ever Grande
Matches: Silver Beach v Sylestone [MD1], Sylestone v Drawkland [MD2], Drawkland v Gekkeom [MD3], Gekkeom v Darkmania [MD4], Darkmania v Silver Beach [MD5], Group D winners v Group C runners-up [Octofinal 6]

Arena la Rouge, Port Alexandre, Free State of Mespalia | Capacity: 70,000 | Tenants: United Philibiscostal
Matches: Drawkland v Darkmania [MD1], Gekkeom v Silver Beach [MD2], Darkmania v Sylestone [MD3], Silver Beach v Drawkland [MD4], Sylestone v Gekkeom [MD5], Quarterfinal 3 winners v Quarterfinal 4 winners [Semifinal 2]

Groupe E · Group E
Stade International, Bayonnette, Republic of New Vaucluse | Capacity: 41,000 | Tenants: Inter Bayonnette
Matches: Squidroidia v Kayangan [MD1], Kayangan v Poafmersia [MD2], Poafmersia v Sajnur [MD3], Sajnur v Abanhfleft [MD4], Abanhfleft v Squidroidia [MD5], Group E winners v Group F runners-up [Octofinal 3]

Stade Olympique, Syracuse, Republic of South Provence | Capacity: 49,000 | Tenants: Olympique Provençal
Matches: Poafmersia v Abanhfleft [MD1], Sajnur v Squidroidia [MD2], Abanhfleft v Kayangan [MD3], Squidroidia v Poafmersia [MD4], Kayangan v Sajnur [MD5], Octofinal 3 winners v Octofinal 4 winners [Quarterfinal 2]

Groupe F · Group F
Stadium of Great Arden, Lisbon, Republic of Great Arden | Capacity: 41,000 | Tenants: Força Lisboa
Matches: Blotropolis v Fleuronordicia [MD1], Fleuronordicia v Kohnhead [MD2], Kohnhead v Port Ember [MD3], Port Ember v Juvencus [MD4], Juvencus v Blotropolis [MD5], Group F winners v Group E runners-up [Octofinal 7]

Londonderry Court, Londonderry, Commonwealth of Coleraine | Capacity: 52,000 | Tenants: Londonderry FC
Matches: Kohnhead v Juvencus [MD1], Port Ember v Blotropolis [MD2], Juvencus v Fleuronordicia [MD3], Blotropolis v Kohnhead [MD4], Fleuronordicia v Port Ember [MD5], Octofinal 7 winners v Octofinal 8 winners [Quarterfinal 4]

Groupe G · Group G
Trailblazer Park, Sassari, Most Serene Brigantine Republic | Capacity: 60,000 | Tenants: Sassari Trailblazers
Matches: Devonta v Kriegiersien [MD1], Kriegiersien v Woryand [MD2], Woryand v Squornshelan Remnant States [MD3], Squornshelan Remnant States v the Calculator [MD4], the Calculator v Devonta [MD5], Group G winners v Group H runners-up [Octofinal 4]

Stade de la République, Republic of the City of Romainbourg | Capacity: 73,000 | Tenants: AS Républicains
Matches: Woryand v the Calculator [MD1], Squornshelan Remnant States v Devonta [MD2], the Calculator v Kriegiersien [MD3], Devonta v Woryand [MD4], Kriegiersien v Squornshelan Remnant States [MD5], Semifinal 1 winners v Semifinal 2 winners [IAX Grand Final]

Groupe H · Group H
Azure Stadium, Nassau, Republic of the Free State | Capacity: 59,000 | Tenants: Nassau FC
Matches: Hopal v Fujai [MD1], Fujai v Indusse [MD2], Indusse v Megistos [MD3], Megistos v Reçueçn [MD4], Reçueçn v Hopal [MD5], Group H winners v Group G runners-up [Octofinal 8]

RS Amphitheatre, Republic of the City of Port-des-Saints | Capacity: 54,000 | Tenants: Capital Dragons
Matches: Indusse v Reçueçn [MD1], Megistos v Hopal [MD2], Reçueçn v Fujai [MD3], Hopal v Indusse [MD4], Fujai v Megistos [MD5], Semifinal 1 losers v Semifinal 2 losers [Third-Place Match]
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Discontinue use if rash develops
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Omerica – 27/09/2017
Any further and our feet will probably be in our stomachs
Kanoria - 27/09/2017
I for one love the reflux uniquely generated by self-gluttony of limbs, where the flesh meets the acid
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Postby HUElavia » Thu Jul 30, 2020 10:14 am

HUElavia National Football Team

Style: +1.5


Starting XI:
1 Lobato
4 Salgado 2 Smirnov 3 Fernandez 5 Amaru
8 Ramirez
6 Gallego 10 Rossi
11 Navarro 9 Hamada 7 Cristiano

Captain: Cristiano
Vice-Captain: Rossi
Free-Kicks: Cristiano, Rossi, Navarro
Penalties: Hamada, Navarro
Corners: Gallego, Ramirez

Head Coach:
Ivan Mendieta-Martinez (41 Years Old)

Assistant Coaches:
Hugo Silveira (39 Years Old), Victoria Alameda (38 Years Old)

(For B-Team squad, switch all players with their back up counterpart)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
RP scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y, but nothing too serious
Give red cards to my players: Y, but please send me a TG or message via discord about what it is
Godmod other events: Y
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Postby Megistos » Thu Jul 30, 2020 10:16 am

Style Mod: Whatever the opponents skill mod is. If you won't take that for an answer, then set it to -3
Captain: Jorgenson
Average Age: 19.94
Nickname (Call my team this): The Teens

Starting XI

Robertson (ST)
This player is the most likely to get goals, he can always get open and have a clear scoring chance. Robertson has scored the most goals for the Megistian squad, despite being 17.

Lukovic (LAM)
Another youngster, the LM is a fast player who can zoom past and unravel defense as easily as saying 'GOAL!'.

Howard (CM)
The center mid has turned 19, and he is a great playmaker. He often goes into the shadows, but that just makes it more easier for him to get open.

Lam (CDM)
The backbone of the squad, the 31 year old would often be considered as aging. He is, but he's good at everything

Jorgenson (CM)
The captain of the team, Jorgenson is a defensive minded player who roams and can find the ball into the back of the net from a far distance

Cringan (RAM)
A speedy player, he can easily win the game by himself and score.

Kellingrad (LB)
Another attacking player, Kellingrad leaves his spot open for opponents to get open, but he's another man to the attack

Callimolo (CB)
He often gets cards, and you can expect him to do stuff for the team, including getting a red card to save the day

Fri (CB)
Fri is in the shadows a lot, but he can make excellent clearances that can cause the counter and goal. He can also be a backup goalie (not literally. He makes goalline clearances a lot. Maybe twice every match)

Williams (RB)
A passing minded player, he is often to set up amazing plays and crosses. He is also a speedy player, and can easily turn into a winger if Cringan is injured

Becks (GK)
The goalkeeper for the team, he is excellent in goalkeeping, making amazing saves and well-timed runs to clear.

Upecanet (CM)
A talented youngster, Upecanet is only on the bench because he isn't 100% fit. When he is, though, expect him to always stay back and make the goalline clearances.

Scufflese (GK)
The backup goalkeeper for Megistos, Scufflese is a speedy player that has great reflexes, but is a little short, so players can chip him.

Smith (ST)
Smith has a strong leg; in fact, he would have won the MegaBoot if he hadn't gotten injured for a long time - never fear, though, because he's fine now

Sweese (LM)
Sweese is a pacey player that switches the field. He is a great crosser, and as a result, is 1. Probably going to be subbed in 2. The Backup non-direct freekick taker

Asterlo (CM)
Asterlo is a defensive minded player, he'll roam and act like a 5th defender

Qualifnet (CB)
Qualifnet is a sturdy and bulky player; he is very difficult to get past, so as a result opponents shoot from range

Best (LB)
Best is a attack minded player; as a result, he has many chances. Watch out, he's the fastest player on the squad.

Kits (Home/Away/Third)

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
RP injuries to my players Y, let me decide length
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y (Red Cards You Get + 1 is the maximum red cards you can give, e.g if I get 2 red cards you have to get 1 red, if I get 1 red card you don't even have to get a red card)
Godmod other events Y (as long as it isn't stuff like the universe explodes.)
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Postby Space » Thu Jul 30, 2020 10:51 am




The Starting Players for Space Team
GK: The Keeper of the Milky Way
D: The Defender of Orion's Belt
D: The Defender of Outpost Beta
D: The Defender of Mars
D: The Defender of Alpha Centauri

M: The Protector of Polaris
M: The Guardian of Ursa Minor
M: The Transporter of Pluto
M: The Big Bang of Boötes

F: The Explosion of the Pinwheel Galaxy
F: Saturnia

The Space Team compete usually in the Independant Cup and is happy to return. After the cup terminates we are happy to welcome back our friends for a match of enjoyment IN SPACE! The Academy of Space is home to a fully enclosed, gravity containing event facility known as the "Extraterrestrial Dome of Sport". The dome is constructed of clear plasticized glass allowing a clear view of the stars and planets above. The dome rotates with respect to its surroundings during matches for enhanced viewing, though any nearby stars (Stars within 2 or fewer Astronomical Units) will remain on the backside of the playing field to prevent glaring and temperature control. The Dome of Sport also serves as the official training facility for Team Space Team in preparation for international competition and away games.

Uniform: Image Image

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players Y
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y
Godmod other events Y

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Postby Kohnhead » Thu Jul 30, 2020 11:13 am


Nation Name: The Galactic Empire of Kohnhead
Shorter Name: Kohnhead
Nation Trigramme: KND
Record: 30-7-13 (W-D-L)
WCC Record: 21-6-11 (W-D-L)
Inaugural Match: Starcom Racing 3 - 1 Kohnhead
Achievements: Winning the 2nd Wonder Cup, round of 16 at 72nd BOF, 5th place in group 2 of WC85 qualfiers, round of 16 at 77th Cup of Harmony

The official roster of the KNFT consists of the following players for the Mike Sarzo Memorial Trophy. This is a pretty new and expanded roster from what the team used during the WCC cylce. The team listed is their club team in the Kohnhead Futbol League (KFL) and it also has one college player.
Starting XI
***Forward: Aaron Korkson #91 (M) Age: 23 Team: Kohnhead City FC
The 23 year old captain played very well at the Baptism of Fire before their loss in the round of 16. He also was one of the main reasons they were able to do so well in qualifiers. He's a strong leader and is able to score goals pretty easily. He and Maltos are the stars on Kohnhead City FC and on national team. He hasn't even reached his prime yet, and when he does he will be a machine.

Forward: Erin Maltos #10 (F) Age: 23 Team: Kohnhead City FC
Maltos is the best player on the team hands down. Korkson is the better leader but there's a reason Maltos got the number 10 jersey. She at points during the BOF would really put the team on her back and she has very good footwork. The qualifiers saw her disappear in Korkson's shadown at points but she played very well in most games although her scoring numbers were a bit off. Together with Maltos and Korkson up top Kohnhead should have no problems scoring.

Central Attacking Mid: Audrey Henderson #9 (F) Age: 22 FC Kohnface City
Henderson has played well when given the opportunity the coaching staff just feels Cogginter had played better. That is what kept the young Henderson out of a starting role for so long. But the good news for all Audrey Henderson supporters now is that Christopher Kohnhead is finally giving her the starting role and not because of injury.

Center Mid: Linus Rallyton #11 (M) Age: 25 Team: FC Yassaca (SRS)
One of the surprising things that happened during the BOF was the emergence of the midfield trio of Rallyton, Cogginter, and Laker. Rallyton is the team's corner taker and the person who takes the free kicks. He plays on the center of the pitch and is able to be everyone on the pitch playing great defense and offense. During the qualifiers he was by far the best midfielder and is one of the best players on the team. Rallyton was recently sold to FC Yassaca in Squornshelan Remnant States where he will look to take that team to the next level.

Right Mid: Ida Cogginter #41 (F) Age: 28 Team: Kohnhead City FC
Heading into the BOF many thought Audrey Henderson the young 21 year old would have this spot. Cogginter proved those doubters wrong and had a fantastic tournament. She really is a big part in the flow of the offense and has great skills as a passer. Cogginter plays second fiddle on Kohnhead City to Korkson and Maltos but she really played well in the BOF and some claim her injury was the reason Kohnhead didn't make it to the quarters. The qualifiers were a different story as Cogginter in her first game back got injured and missed all of the first round of games. She looked great on her return and solidified her spot in the starting XI. The COH just proved how well she can play when completely healthy as she looked great.

Left Mid: Charles Laker #54 (M) Age: 20 Team: Barnley FC
Laker had some up and down games in the BOF and didn't play very well in the friendly versus Riena just before the BOF. He's quite young and has a very high upside as his talent is undeniable and he is a playmaker when he has the ball. He will be a mainstay on this team for many years and the BOF proved that. His BOF was better than the qualifiers but he has shown a lot and is a worthy starter. He also played quite well in the Wonder Cup.

Right Back: Caroline Prius-Lenoard #76 (F) Age: 32 Team: Barnley FC
Prius-Leonard has had a poor COF just like the entire defense with the exception of Radison. She had some okay games in the group stage but was constantly struggling in many games. She has suffered through injuries and gone through grueling rehab to get here, but her athleticism is nowhere near its peak form. In qualifiers CPL was one of the strengths of the defense and really bounced back.

Center Back: Miranda Atkinson #51 (F) Age: 19 Barnley FC
Atkinson is the youngest member of the starting team and wasn't even a starter at the BOF until the 6th game for Kohnhead replacing Dylan Vargas. She didn't do terrible and compared to Vargas she looks amazing. Atkinson is young and her best days are ahead of her. After the COH, she has compltelty solidified her spot and she also is the reigning MVP in the league for Barnley.

Center Back: Claire Corton #24 (F) Age: 26 Team: Swisston City FC
Corton had a rough start to the BoF, with some saying her and Vargas were the major problem with the team. She stepped it up a bit later in the tournament but overall had a rough BOF. We will see if she can turn it around as Vargas wants a starting spot back. Corton was playing the best football of her life but an injury cut her qualifiers short. She was still injured and missed all of the COH. Hopefully she will be at full strength in her return as she is better than Porsha.

Left Back: Nicholas Radison #14 (M) Age: 24 Team: FC Kohnface City
Radison has been the best defender by far. He has the pace to run up and down the wings which is something you always look for in a wing back. Radison has consistently been the lone saving grace of the defense but now the defense is much improved which will take the burden off of his back especially with the emergence of Atkinson.

Goalkeeper: Bertha Sanders #1 Age: 21 (F) Team: Philtront Pioneers
After starting for Kohnhead at the U-21 World Cup/DBC, Sanders in a surprise move has been named the National Team starter over Madison Richards. Richards will continue to be on the bench as Sanders who looked good at the DBC will take over for the star that was Jackson Newcastle. There are some good young keepers in Kohnhead but Sanders is at the front of the pack and should be the starter for like the next 15 years at the position.

Captain: Korkson
Left Free Kick: Rallyton
Right Free Kick: Rallyton
Right Corner: Rallyton
Left Corner: Rallyton
Penalties: Korkson or Maltos

Formation: 4-3-1-2. It has two center backs, two full backs,, three midfielders, a central attacking midfielder and two strikers.

Coach: Christopher Kohnhead (M) Age: 53 Colanso City (JEC)

Forward: Griffin Phoenix-Anderson #68 (M) Age: 34 Nickelson FC
Pheonix-Anderson got some playing time early in the BOF as a substitute for Richman but with the formation change I don't expect him to get any more barring injury. He looked fine for a sub in those games. He played a grand total of 9 minutes in the game Richman was forced into starting due to Korkson's suspension against Kita-Hinode.

Goalkeeper: Madison Richards #72 (F) Age: 31 Nickelson FC
Richards is the backup goalkeeper, and is 31 years old. What more can be said? She did not impress in her games started but wasn't a major liability.

Defensive Mid: Hannah Horsford #2 (F) Age: 30 Team: Philtront Pioneers
Horsford got into the starting XI due to a formation change which removed Harry Richman from the striker during the BOF and added her as a defensive midfielder. Overall I thought she was pretty eh and this is evidenced by the fact that the team allowed 5 goals to Maccian. She settled down against The Grearish Union though. After starting all throughout qualifying, and the COH the coaching staff are finally giving Audrey Henderson her time to shine.

Forward: Thomas Stratford #12 (M) Age: 20 Nickelson FC
Stratford has barely played for the National team but with both Griffin Pheonix-Anderson and Harry Richman getting on with age he could pass them and become the best striker on the bench. He graduated from University last year and now returns to his club of Nickelson to pair with GPA and Madison Richards. Considering this is the IAC, I am doubtful he gets playing time.

Back: Callie Porsha #42 (F) Age: 19 Kohnhead City University
Porsha is the first choice defender off the bench with Vargas having played so poorly, Porsha is ahead of him. The main benefit of her is she can play center back, full back, and wing back. Vargas doesn't have that capability as he is only a center back. She started in Corton's spot in the COH and later parts of qualifying due to her injury and she looked pretty good.

Forward: Harry Richman #77 (M) Age: 32 Team: Barnley FC
Harry Richman has come in clutch for this team. He plays 65 minutes a game when he starts yet is ready to come off the bench and give this team a spark whenever necessary. He has come off the bench before and performed extremely well.

Back: Dylan Vargas #23 (M) Age: 30 Team: Swisston City FC
Vargas what a disgrace. A starter who was so bad he was moved to the last spot on the bench and may never see playing time again for Kohnhead that's how bad he was. I don't want to talk about him. I don't understand why he is still on the team but perhaps the coaching staff sees something in him.

Mid: Al Torgan #21 (M) Age: 27 Team: Capital FC (SYL)
Torgan was a new addition to the squad for the World cup qualifiers as the team needed more midfielders considering four are starters. Torgan has never been that flashy of a player but was just sold to Capital FC in Sylestone.

Mid: Suzanna Barter #60 (F) Age: 18 Team: Real Dawson
Barter is replacing Balmer on the squad as they like the upside that Barter offers more than they like Balmer's as Barter is only 18. Suzanna really emerged last season but will have to try and get past a crowded midfield room.

Mid: Sophie Johnson #7 (F) Age: 19 Team: Kohnhead City FC
The story for Johnson is the same as the story for Barter. Both have lots of talent but may never see serious playing time for the National team with Rallyton, Laker, Cogginter, Henderson, possibly Horsford, and possibly Torgan in front of them.

Back: Taylor Rodar #15 (F) Age: 20 Team: New Capetown Falcons (TAE)
Rodar after leaving Bingham City has been called up to the National team as possibly the second center back off of the bench behind Porsha. Rodar didn't play too well at the DBC and Bingham City were awful last year but they know her skill level and everyone knows a new team in the New Capetown Falcons could mean wonders for her career.



Massive shoutout to Filindostan and No Nonsense Sportswear for making these awesome kits

Style Mod: +2
RP Permissions: Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Just TG me to let me know what it is. I will probably allow almost all.
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Trigramme: KHD
Pop: 25 million
Football: 64th
Gridiron: 24th
Baseball: 15th
Basketball: 2nd
Volleyball: 2nd
Wonder Cup 2 - Champions
Di Bradini Cup 48 / U21WC 69 - 4th place

6 Ethanian Open - Winner (Doubles)
7 Steinigestrasse Open - Winner (Doubles)
7 Britonish Open - Winner (Doubles)

NSCF 22 - Semifinals (Kohnhead City University)
NSCF 24 - Semifinals (Kohnhead City University)

Gold Coast Basketball Tournament - 2nd place

International Baseball Series 12 - 4th place

Volleyball World Expo 11 - 3rd place
Volleyball World Expo 12 - 4th place

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Postby Squidroidia » Thu Jul 30, 2020 11:36 am

When the Squidroidian national team departed Eurasies after the Euro Cup, Europe's regional football tournament, the 23 men who formed their bond with each other after winning against Sharktail in their first ever national team game went home with their own stories against their European rivals. None of them would end up making the trip to Omerica for the IAC 10 but one of them, the host country that held Squidroidia's first competitive fixtures as a nation, signed up to be in the upcoming World Cup. Between there and now, however, is the Independent Associations Championship, held between Squidroidia and 39 other nations from regions outside of the big 3 - Rushmore, Esportiva and Atlantian Oceania.

A lot had happened in Squidroidia after the 85th World Cup concluded. Not going over the tragic tale of the Free Republics, Squidroidian sports rebounded drastically after the national team's brave performance in the 34th World Lacrosse Championships. Although they didn't make the knockouts in Jeckland, won by the underdog story of HUElavia who will also compete in this tournament, the culture of sports has increased drastically, culminating in a wild journey by domestic football league champions Calamari Wanderers in which they made the IFCF Challengers Cup group stage. This, combined with the minority of Inklings in this country finally being able to play sports professionally alongside the human countrymen, has allowed for Squidroidian manager Ryūzaki Mito to experiment with his team in preparation for the Baptism of Fire and World Cup Qualifiers. Talking to SBN News, the news arm of the Squidroidian Broadcasting Network which has a monopoly on public television in the country, he had this to say.

"As far as we know, the Squidroidian national team is ready for the journey that awaits us in Omerica. I know the results we had in Eurasies for the Euro Cup were decent for the time being but we had made some changes since then especially with the Inklings coming through Squidroidian academies. This will be their proving ground, hopefully they'll get some caps and quality game time for the road ahead."

And so the journey awaits for 23 players, 20 of them carryovers from the Euro Cup squad that drew 2 games and lost 1, and 3 young Inkling prospects hoping to gel in time for their big debuts in the Squidroidian national team in the near future. There are legends out there on the field from the likes of Fujai, Megistos, the defending champions New Lusitania, Terre Septentrionale, Tequilo and the hosts Omerica. Others, like Space, Silver Beach, The Calculator and (Much to the ire of the FC Squidroidia Squidbreak fanbase that had to see their club knocked out of FFI competitions to a team from them) Hot Skitty on Wailord Action, are out here to at least do some damage as their runs could be over as soon as they began. With that all set, let the journey of the Squidroidia Inklings begin.

Squidroidia Inklings

National football team for the 10th Independent Associations Championship


From left: Squidroidia's specially made IAC 10 home kit, the traditional Squidroidian goalkeeper kit, Squidroidia's specially made IAC 10 away kit

Manager: Ryūzaki Mito
From: Inkopolis, Squidroidia
Record with National Team: 1 win, 3 draws, 3 losses, 4th place in Group A of Euro Cup

NOTE: All players bolded going forward are starters
Go Kyushichi, human, #1, 34 y/o, Inkopolis FC (SQR) goalkeeper
Takemoto Shingen #11, human, 28 y/o, Real Squidroid CF (SQR) goalkeeper
Hirayama Shunji, #19, human, 25 y/o, Calamari Wanderers CFC (SQR) backup goalkeeper

Yoichi Shigeko, human, 26 y/o, Real Squidroid CF (SQR) leftback
Umezaki Moronobu, human, 22 y/o, FC Squidroidia Squidbreak (SQR) centerback
Ogasawara Arinori, human, 31 y/o, Midnight Soccer Club, (SQR) centerback
Toujou Shihei, human, 28 y/o, FC Squidroidia Squidbreak (SQR) rightback
Miyagawa Momoru, human, 32 y/o, Tractor Club Sawayama (SQR) centerback
Muto Toki, human, 19 y/o, Octo Valley FC (SQR) centerback
Saeki Eisuke, human, 35 y/o, Starlight Boulevard FC (SQR) rightback
Florianne Meeuwessen, Inkling girl, 16 y/o, Inkopolis FC Junior Team (SQR) leftback, chosen from the local academies

Jo Jun, human, 28 y/o, Inkopolis FC (SQR) defensive midfielder
Shoji Shiko, human, 29 y/o, Tractor Club Sawayama (SQR) midfielder
Yoneda Toshikuni, 25 y/o, Tyranny Sports Club (SQR) midfielder
Kabuto Tadataka, human, 22 y/o. Midnight Soccer Club (SQR) defensive midfielder
Kuroda Ryu, human, 31 y/o, Inkopolis FC (SQR) reserve midfielder
Henriette Brooks, Inkling girl, 18 y/o, Calamari Wanderers County Academy (SQR) midfielder, chosen from the local academies

Itoh Hoshi, human, 29 y/o, Shorterville AC (XAN) striker
Morihei Nariaki, human 32 y/o. Inkopolis FC (SQR) left winger
Makino Hideo, human, 20 y/o, Walstreim Lions (SNL) striker, converted to right winger for NT use
Suda Kuma, human, 33 y/o, FC Squidroidia Squidbreak (SQR) right winger
Amagawa Katsuyoshi, human, 23 y/o, Real Squidroid CF (SQR) striker
Ira Alting, Inkling boy, 16 y/o, Real Squidroid Caos Joven (SQR) left winger, chosen from the local academies

Style Mod -  +1
RP Permissions - I will allow the person who RPs my match before I can to:
Choose my goalscorers - Yes
Godmod scoring events - Please TG me beforehand
RP injuries to my players - Yes, only minor
Godmod injuries to my players - Yes, no career ending, please TG me beforehand
Hand out yellow cards to my players - Yes
Hand out red cards to my players - Yes, once or twice per match
Godmod other events - Please TG me beforehand

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Postby Kriegiersien » Thu Jul 30, 2020 11:41 am

Before the Olympics start, the Kriegiersien Olympic team does a last test. The Independent Cup is seen as preperation for the most important competition for a Kriegiersien athlete.
All players are from the Kriegiersien champion and dominating club in Kriegiersien sport, Timesteam, which is heavily supported by its benelovent leader.

As always playing in their black Olympic jerseys.


Josef Kamber
Roland Roś
Arnold Alig


Henry Allman
John Schäfer
Zhu Ming
Dietrich Stahlecker
Ewan Cutts
Stanko Benko
Bert Stickl


Jung-Mo So
Renke Heidenfelder
Alemayehe Ngum
Milo Vasdekis
Alfred Sommer
Richard Gerste
Meriç Erken
Christoph Langer
Karl Münz


Mark Alsman
Gerben Wilschut (replaced by Imogen Wu after matchday two)
Michael Edvrch
Notis Sardzetakis

Everything allowed what it is not total game breaking and contrary
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IAC10 Roster

Postby Squornshelan Remnant States » Thu Jul 30, 2020 1:43 pm

Squornshelan Remnant States Black-and-Reds Roster
and shiny new uniforms!

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose my scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod Injuries to my players: Y
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Y
Give Red Cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y
Please don't kill any of my players without talking to me first, anything else is fair game
I will not be RPing anything pandemic-related. I come here to get away from the real world.
Style Modifier: +1

Trigram: SRS
Captain: Jirar Lomidan
Vice Captain: Rudi Dalso
Manager: Anne-Sophie Groothuis (OME)
Groothuis is no stranger to success at the IAC. She and her Incorrigibles teams reached the final of IAC6, losing to Drawkland on penalties. One cycle later, they returned, and won IAC7, again facing the Kick Corps in the final. After failing to earn qualification for World Cup 83, she led Omerica into Cup of Harmony 75, where they won a few close knockout matches (including a quarterfinal against Bethany Donnell's SRS squad) before being ousted in the semi by eventual champions, Main Nation Ministry. Feeling deeply dissatisfied with her performance, Groothuis resigned, feeling that she had taken the team as far as she could. While she never managed to get Omerica to the World Cup finals, something the SCFA would dearly like to see her accomplish with the Black-and-Reds, even merely raising them to the level that she reached with Omerica would be a welcome change from the disorder and decline the team has gone through under Zaman and Tamela. A flexible and disciplined tactician, Anne-Sophie is known to favor a moderately attack-minded approach, but is unafraid to mix things up from time to time in order to keep opponents guessing.
Long Form Name: The Confederacy of Squornshelan Remnant States
Short Form Names: Squornshelan Confederacy, The Confederacy
If You Don't Mind Losing Some Teeth: West Squornshelous
Demonyms: Confederate (political); Squornshelan (cultural, not always PC)
Ethnicites in the Confederacy include Squornshelan, Molvanian, Brantid, Algolian, Sivolvian, and Han. If you are curious about a particular player's ethnicity you can send me a TG or message me on discord
Team Nickname: Black-and-Reds (never Red-and-Blacks)
Team Colors: Confederate Red (#EE0000) and Black (#000000)
Lomidan and Hashemi may line up either at DM or AM, Takala will primarily be an AM in his appearances, Tabur and Hagaz are primarily DMs

Independent Associations Championship 10, 23-Player Roster
(players listed first in each category are more likely to start)

Stovar Krieven - ImageNorth Laithland - 31 y/o - 58 caps - Male
Of the many Confederates who have taken their talents abroad, Krieven is definitely one of the success stories. Leaping from floundering Interblag to the Nepharim Premiership, he spent two years with Bishop, being relegated the first, and earned himself an offer from North Laithland, who have established themselves as a consistently mid-table club of late. As a keeper, he is known for his athleticism and, increasingly, his *ahem* enthusiastic and outspoken communication with his defense. If nothing else, the back line will be very clear on what his expectations of them are.

Helaia Sivitri - ImageArkintoofle United - 28 y/o - 2 caps - Female
The fabled goalkeeper-under-thirty has finally been found (though she won't be under thirty for too much longer). On an Arkintoofle United team with some definite gaps in the back line, Sivitri took firm hold of the starting position, and acquitted herself well, despite the team's unspectacular goals against figure. It's not the same sort of challenge as some of the other keepers available have faced, but the Black-and-Reds can't ride on Stovar Krieven's shoulders forever.

Marzanna Furnadjiev - ImageInterblag FC - 24 y/o - 0 caps - Female
Furnadjiev has been a big part of Interblag's recent resurgence, and Groothuis looks to be trying her out as a potential goalkeeper of the future for the national team. It seems unlikely she'll actually see the field during this tournament, but one can hope her career might follow a similar trajectory to that of her fellow Interblag product, Krieven.

Left Backs
Jaylene Kazarov - ImageSyneca AC - 24 y/o - 7 caps - Female
Kazarov is a strong wingback with an excellent workrate. After helping Syneca follow up their shocking Superleague title with a third place finish in Season 5, she gets the callup to the national team. She put up enough of a showing in qualifying despite limited opportunities to justify being named to the CoH roster, though she will likely spend the majority of her time on the bench.

Jirar Malgos - ImageGalatica - 22 y/o - 0 caps - Male
One of a cadre of talented defense prospects to come out of Brantisvogan's academy in recent years. Malgos has developed into a solid fullback, and only just missed out on IFCF qualification with Galatica this past season.

Right Backs
Janar Delu - ImageSyneca AC - 31 y/o - 54 caps - Male
Hoping to reinvent himself somewhat after his move from Algolia to Syneca, Delu returns to the national team to lend some experience to the back line among the many new faces. He is primarily a defensive player, all the more so as his speed slowly fades.

Reuter Storsjo - ImageTraal Athletics - 26 y/o - 8 caps - Male
Storsjo, unlike a series of center backs, has stuck around at Traal, and now into his prime, will be an excellent option for the national team Delu continues to age. He is a two-way player, but tends slightly conservative, careful to get back and defend when necessary. His performance was one of the bright spots during WC85 qualifying, earning him a spot on the CoH77 roster, and his continued good form since then sees him return for IAC10.

Center Backs
Rudi Dalso - ImageJaglan Royals - 30 y/o - 65 caps - Male
One of a growing number of bright spots on a Royals team that has been mired in mediocrity for years, Dalso has also been a steady contributor for the national team for some time now, supplanting Zemen Ystrad and Dymek Raktsov as the successor to Tervi Oleb on the back line. He is a prototypical, if unimaginative, center back, though his briefly undisputed reign as best Confederate defender has been challenged by Harkhan.

Walda Harkhan - ImageYassaca - 23 y/o - 20 caps - Female
SCFA Season 5's Defender of the Year, and a runner up for the awared in Season 6, Harkhan (not to be confused with her twin sister Valda, who plays for Brasta), enjoyed a strong debut campaign through qualifying, despite the team falling short of their ultimate goal. Harkhan is a complete defender, wise beyond her years, with a strength on and off the ball that belies her small stature. Her vertical leap leaves taller players astonished. If she can be faulted for anything, it's being a bit overeager on challenges and too hopeful on outlet passes trying to launch counterattacks. She looks to be a fixture on the Black-and-Reds backline for years to come.

Zemen Ystrad - ImageParrhesia United (NPH) - 32 y/o - 36 caps - Male
Ystrad has been around the national team pool for a good long while now. He has abundant experience, albeit a lot of it has been with frustrating results. Twice relegated from the Premiership in Nephara he helped Parrhesia earn their promotion back to the Premiership in spectacular fashion, earning himself a spot on the First Division team of the seasons for the second time in his career (the first was in Season 73 with Diamondqueen). He is a physical player, unafraid to pick up a card if it's what his team needs in the moment.

Svenja Baste - ImageCreed United - 24 y/o - 0 caps - Female
Right alongside Ystrad on the First Division team of the season, Baste was also a key player on a promoted side, second place Creed. Her club turned in a 100-point season that probably would have been good for the top spot any other year.

Center Midfielders
Jirar Lomidan - ImageIbini FC - 31 y/o - 34 caps - Male
Another player, like Vladcik, highly regarded in the infancy of the Confederate international program. Lomidan also had to look abroad for an opportunity to prove his quality. Establishing oneself as top-choice center mid anywhere is difficult, but Lomidan managed to do so in the Eternal Empire no less. While Ibini suffered some setbacks in their most recent season, Lomidan's proven ability to lead a team at a high level has finally seen him get the recognition he richly deserved from his home country.

Iuri Takala - ImageMegabrantid SC - 27 y/o - 46 caps - Male
While Takala now has considerable competition for the title of best center mid in the SCFA, his main rivals for that title are not in the running to play for the Black-and-Reds. He is primarily an attacking-minded player, and figures to be one of the favored players to fill the spot just behind the striker in the new formation implemented by Groothuis.

Shrike Hagaz - ImageAFC Westpike - 30 y/o - 15 caps - Male
Hagaz has not appeared for the Black-and-Reds since World Cup 83 Qualifying. An unapologetic midfield enforcer, his style of play, though it served him well in Westpike's midfield setup, did not suit the more fluid 4-3-3 that manager at the time Bethany Donnell employed, nor those of her successors. With the shift to Groothuis's favored 4-2-3-1, however, Hagaz's skills are needed once again.

Selvala Tabur - ImageTorpedo Pavlograd - 24 y/o - 0 caps - Female
Like Hagaz, Tabur is most at home in a holding role. Unlike his brute force approach to the position, Tabur plays with finesse, making containing and dispossessing opponents into something more like a ballet step than a tackle. Don't get things wrong though, she's no pushover, and can bring the physicality when needed.

Mithya Hashemi - ImageAnomalies - 20 y/o - 0 caps - Female
Hashemi was regarded as a good prospect coming out of Jaglan, but not a world beater. She surprised a lot of people by putting in a very classy performance with Anomalies, winning the Red League, and being named a runner up for both Young Player of the Year, and outright Player of the Year. That kind of performance from someone yet to see her 20th birthday promises great things to come.

Left Midfielders
Jzeovak Vladcik - ImageAdmiral Storevik - 27 y/o - 88 caps - Male
Also comfortable playing at left forward or striker, Vladcik is enjoying a career renaissance of sorts. Having won the SFS with Admiral, he's back in vogue with the national team, and still has many years of football ahead of him. He scores goals and crosses in the air or along the ground. The main thing he doesn't do as well is defend.

Izoni Hocij - ImageChalesm FC - 26 y/o - 23 caps - Female
Hocij continues to pressure Vladcik for the starting spot at left mid, leading her team to a surprise Superleague championship and earning SCFA midfielder of the year honors in the process. She is an increasingly shifty player, equally comfortable making runs into the box when given space, or finding targets for backpasses and crosses when she is closed down.

Right Midfielders
Lavanya Naqvi - ImageMâ Âlâmëómë - 27 y/o - 25 caps - Female
A natural left midfielder, Naqvi is being pressed into service on the right due to a perceived paucity of capable right wings, and the glut of talent at her natural position. She's a superb technician, but perhaps hangs on to the ball a little too long, for Confederate tastes, something her new club don't mind in the slightest. So far, playing out right has been a mixed bag for Naqvi, but as a player who's always been comfortable ranging inside from the wing, there's no reason why Naqvi can't excel on either flank.

Oliwer Starosta - ImageDamogran FC - 25 y/o - 0 caps - Male
Born in Soute, Starosta did not come to the Confederacy until the age of 22, when he joined Damogran for a then SCFA record fee of 5 million. Since his arrival, he has been a scoring machine for the Eagles, and has made their attack one of the most dangerous in the league year after year. While IFCF football has eluded them, Starosta's completion of his naturalization process will finally allow him to compete internationally, giving some badly needed star power to the right midfield position.

Zoban Ajao - ImageUnioneers - 30 y/o - 98 caps - Male
Ajao is a seasoned international veteran, having played through times of plenty and lean years both. His imposing presence at the center of the attack, coupled with the experience to use height and strength effectively, are something that opposing defenses will ignore to their peril. His stats in WC85 qualifying were his best yet, though his high shooting percentage suggests that his goalscoring numbers are not sustainable in the long term and he, along with the rest of the team, was much quieter in the Cup of Harmony.

Lyzolda Petrov - ImageSouthfell United - 26 y/o - 36 caps - Female
Petrov is a complete striker with no major weaknesses, unless one were to fault her on a possible lack of sheer physical bulk.

Kaalia Gerstlauer - ImageBlacklake Blues - 25 y/o - 24 caps - Female
Falling out of national team consideration after being mired mid-table with Royals, Gerstlauer's star is back on the rise after establishing herself as a reliable goalscorer with freewheeling Blacklake. In that striker's paradise, Gerstlauer has been able to refine her dribble-heavy style quite a bit, and is definitely a much more well-rounded player than when she first came on the scene at the tender age of 19.
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The Confederacy of Squornshelan Remnant States
Successor State to the Imperium of Squornshelous
Trigram: SRS
KPB Ranking: 26.65 (24th)
World Cup 31 Champions
World Cup:
2nd: 15, 38
3rd: 20, 25
SF: 18, 27
QF: 5, 11, 12, 22, 30, 32, 33, 34, 40
Ro16: 6, 7, 9, 16, 21, 23, 24, 28, 36, 37, 39, 90
Group Stage: 8, 10, 13, 17, 19, 26, 29, 35, 41, 88, 91
DNQ: 14, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 89
Cup of Harmony:
QF: 6, 73, 75, 81
Ro16: 74
Ro32: 79
Group Stage: 76, 77
2nd: AOCAF65
3rd: IAC8
2nd Round: IAC6, IAC7, IAC12
1st Round: IAC9, IAC11
BoF68 QF

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Postby Hopal » Thu Jul 30, 2020 2:55 pm

Hopal National Team

Nickname: The Suns


Head Coach: David Stoyers 54 M
Tactician: Robert De Ville 52 M
Goalkeeping Coach: Helen De Retna 42 F
Defensive Coach: Allison Woodville 37 F
Offensive Coach: John Monteville 46 M
Physiotherapist: Dr. Liam Samuelson


Style Mod: 2.6

Starting 11
GK Adrian Turcotte 26 M
CB Henry Gowen 24 M
CB Helen Briere 28 F
CB Mark Crawford 32 M
DMF Garret Golden 26 M
DMF Kay Redford 28 F
WB Justin Sanchez 24 M
WB Justin Gubre 24 M
OMF Jake Gonchar 25 M
OMF Don Duble 22 M
CF Tommy Sanchez 24 M

Captain Tommy Sanchez
Assistant Captain Mark Crawford, Justin Sanchez
Penalty Kick Tommy Sanchez, Don Duble
Free Kick Jake Gonchar, Ugan Dua
Corner Kick Jake Gonchar, Henry Gowen

GK Alex Gargin 22 M
GK Henrietta Duval 28 F
DF Lucy Anderson 26 F
DF James Gordon 38 M
DF Ugan Dua 22 M
MID Helen Hernandez 27 F
MID Joseph Anderson 28 M
MID John Whitney 36 M
MID Kevin Bird 17 M
AT Kelly Hart 23 F
AT Peter Fikudal 24 M

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Give red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
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Postby Sylestone » Thu Jul 30, 2020 3:15 pm

Style Modifier: -4
Formation: 5-3-2
RP allowances: Go ahead, do whatever you want. No more than two red cards or three yellows.

Brick Wall
Position: Goalkeeper
About: The Brick Wall is quite literally a Brick Wall in the goals, stopping almost every shot. However, his dimensions are far off the dimensions of a soccer goal, so goals still go in as he shuffled around.
Dirty Tactics: Ramming into the occasional striker who dribbles the ball towards him instead of just shooting.

Ironing Board
Position: Defender
About: The Ironing Board is well known across Sylestone for his brilliant defence and his ability to stop almost every dribbling striker in their tracks.
Dirty Tactics: Used his flexible legs to stop the ball from passing through the defence and uses his iron to warn off opposing strikers with its heat.

Position: Defender
About: The Dishwasher is an interesting character in the Sylestonean defence. His large body stops a lot of balls from going into the goalmouth.
Dirty Tactics: Speed water everywhere in the defence, especially in the second half, which bogs the playing field, stopping many offensive moves in their tracks.

Tumble Dryer
Position: Striker
About: One of Sylestone’s main two strikers, the Tumble Dryer is a brilliant but inaccurate goal scorer for the Sylestonean side. One to watch.
Dirty Tactics: Spins the ball around in his Dryer and flings it at the goal. Also shuts the machine and carries the ball inside it.

Washing Machine
Position: Defender
About: Another large sentient object in the defence, the Washing Machine is once again, another player who stops many offensives with his large body.
Dirty Tactics: Is basically a combination of the Dishwasher and Tumble Dryer. Spews water everywhere and flings the ball out of himself at odd angles.

Position: Defender
About: Sylestone's defence is full of their largest sentient athletes and the Sofa is the largest of them. His defence has been the best all tournament and he runs the backline. A lot will be reliant on him if Sylestone are to get a respectable result in the CoH.
Dirty Tactics: Can speak into the minds of opposition, giving them a feeling of wanting to sit down and relax.

Position: Midfielder
About: Another large object, but this time it is located in Sylestone's midfield. He is the king of dirty tactics and runs opponents down with his buff body. Easily the most laughable of all of the Sylestonean Appliances.
Dirty Tactics: Has many of them, most of which can't be named. His main one is shutting his door and running towards the goal with the ball inside. Others include his super-appliance jumping skills and cold breath.

Bar Stool
Position: Midfielder
About: If the Fridge is the dirtiest, the Bar Stool is the cheekiest. He doesn't have any of his own dirty tactics, but he "allies" with another object and uses them to perform his own. Definitely an unpredictable character and one to watch out for.
Dirty Tactics: One of his tactics is to be the one who kicks the ball inside the Fridge when he goes off on his run. He also stands on other objects to reach high balls.

Position: Defender
About: One of Sylestone's lesser defenders, the Drawer is quite a stationary object in the defence. He stands in your road and doesn't let you past and is more of a sweeper. Still, a force to be reckoned with, though.
Dirty Tactics: Keeps the ball in one of his chests when they are doing well so the opposition has a lesser chance of scoring.

Position: Midfielder
About: I always thought a Stove without pots and pans would be useless, but it isn't so. This stove has a couple of sneaky tricks up his sleeve and is certainly one of the Sylestonean players the opposition midfielders need to deal with sooner rather than later.
Dirty Tactics: Makes the air really hot around him, as opposed to the Fridge.

Position: Striker
About: Arguably Sylestone's most valuable player, the Mixer is a star dribbler and striker. His goal scoring ratio isn't so great and that is mainly the Tumble Dryer's job, but he is the one that actually gets the ball to that point. However, he is quite unpredictable and sometimes his dribbling skills go horribly wrong, especially considering the ball is about the size of his body.
Dirty Tactics:
Weaves in and out of defenders with his tiny size and amazing dribbling skills. Gets unplugged a bit too often, though.

Table - Goalkeeper
Spiderwebs - Midfielder
President of Aussie Rules (WC)
Football: CoH 78 third place
Aussie Rules: ARWC II champions, ARWC III finalists, ARWC I semifinalists
Cricket: ODI WT II semifinalists, EspoT20 I&II champions
BoF 74, CoH 78, CoH 81, ARWC II&III, WLC 36, HWC 24, EspoT20 I

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Postby Terre Septentrionale » Thu Jul 30, 2020 6:47 pm

Équipe nationale de soccer de Terre Septentrionale

Reprezentacja Nordycki w Pilka Nozna

Northern Land National Soccer Team

Nation Name in French: République laïque de Terre Septentrionale
Nation name in Polish: Rzeczpospolita Polnocna
Nation Name in English Secular Republic of Northern Land
Short Nation names: Terre Septentrionale / Ziemia Polnocna / Northern Land
Trigramme: RTS
Demonym: Septentrional (plural: Septentrionaux)
Nicknames: Nordiques, Reprezentacja Nordycki, Northmen
Team colors at home: Red and white
Team colors on the road: Green and white

Style Mod: +2


Home - Away -

Thanks to No Nonsense Sportswear from Filindostan

Image Image Image


Overall Record: 46-23-28
200 goals scored, 184 goals against

Baptism of Fire 70: 5-1-2 (Loss in quarterfinals against Hapilopper)
WC 83 qualifications: 6-0-6 (3rd place in group W)
Cup of Harmony 75: 3-0-2 (Loss in round of 16)
Independents Cup 8: 1-3-1 (3rd place in group)
WC 84 qualifications: 7-7-6 (6th place in group 2)
Cup of Harmony 76: 6-1-2 (2nd place, loss in final vs Pasarga)
Independent Associations Cup 9: 1-2-1 (Loss in round of 16)
WC 85 qualifications: 12-7-5 (2nd place in group 3, qualified)
World Cup 85: 1-1-1 (3rd place in group G)
Friendlies: 4-1-2

First game: 6-2 win vs Lashnakia
First win: 6-2 win vs Lashnakia
First draw: 1-1 draw vs Amuaplye
First loss: 4-2 loss vs Hapilopper
Biggest win: 6-2 win vs Lashnakia
Biggest loss: 8-2 loss vs Hapilopper
First goal scored: Fryderyka Cwierczakiewiczowa vs Lashnakia @ Baptism of Fire 70
100th goal scored: Fryderyka Cwierczakiewiczowa vs The Sarian @ Cup of Harmony 76

Most caps

1- Zdzislaw Brzezanczyk - 95
2- Yannick Ksiezniakiewicz - 93
3- Fryderyka Cwierczakiewiczowa - 92
4- Slawomir Skrzeszewski - 89
5- Élisabeth Normandin - 87

Most goals scored

1- Fryderyka Cwierczakiewiczowa - 68
2- Sandrine Fontaine - 24
3- Sandie McCracken - 19
4- Roksana Kolodziejczyk - 15
5- Zbigniew Zajaczkowski - 12
5- Yannick Ksiezniakiewicz - 12

Most assists

1- Sandrine Fontaine - 30
2- Roksana Kolodziejczyk - 24
3- Amelia Zalwowska - 15
4- Pawel Wawrzynkiewicz - 12
5- Yannick Ksiezniakiewicz - 12

Most clean sheets

1- Zofia Kwietniewska - 14
2- Georges-Kévin Vainqueur - 9
3- Jennifer O'Byrne - 1



Manager: Slawomir Wyrzykowski, 50 years old.
Ass. Coach: Martine Latreille, 47 years old.
Ass. Coach: Boguslawa Orlikowska, 61 years old.
GK Coach: J.R. McGregor, 52 years old.
Physio: Urszula Skoraczynska, 44 years old.
Psychologist: Marie-Josée Péloquin, 48 years old.


Captain: Yannick Ksiezniakiewicz
Penalty Taker: Fryderyka Cwierczakiewiczowa
Corners (left): Élisabeth Normandin
Corner (right): Yannick Ksiezniakiewicz
Free Kicks: Yannick Ksiezniakiewicz
Direct Free Kicks: Roksana Kolodziejczyk

Formation (3-5-2):


Team Roster (starting XI in blue)

#       Pos     Name                    Age     Team                            Birthplace                    Depth Chart

1 GK Georges-Kévin Vainqueur 24 Szczakowianka Trzebiegoszcz Prévost, CN GK #1
88 GK Jennifer O'Byrne 32 Dynamo de Jacques-Cartier Beach City, TX GK #2
41 GK Bartlomiej Kasprzak 26 Ursus Trzeszczyn Koprzywnica, MA GK #3

4 SD Franciszek Niedzwiecki 24 KS Ursus Trzeszczyn Niedzwiedzica, MA SD #1
32 CD/SD Slawomir Skrzeszewski 29 En avant Prévost Trzebiegoszcz, PO SD #1

96 SD Kacper Pietrzkiewicz 22 Szczakowianka Trzebiegoszcz Myszkow, PO SD #3
28 SD Weronika Zubrowska 30 KS Ursus Trzeszczyn Szczebrzeszyn, MA SD #4
47 SD Zeljko Zizic 28 NK Lokomotiva Kukljica Okuklje, DA SD #5
12 SD Slawomir Wieczerzak 25 Impact de Jacques-Cartier Skorogoszcz, MA SD #6

5 CD Zdzislaw Brzezanczyk 25 Szczakowianka Trzebiegoszcz Rzodkiewnica, KZ CD #1
66 CD Karolina Zaborowska 24 Klub Turystow Rzodkiewnica Kruszwica, CA CD #2
24 CD Krzysztof Blaszczykowski 27 Gornik Ostrzeszow Mszczonow, LU CD #3
14 CD/SD Ballou Béland-Hamel 23 U.S. Oujé-Bougoumou Cacouna, KA CD #4

6 DCM Élisabeth Normandin 26 A.S. Baie-Sainte-Catherine Baie-Sainte-Catherine, CH DCM #1
7 ACM Sandrine Fontaine 23 Dynamo de Jacques-Cartier Yamaska, HY ACM #1
77 DCM Yannick Ksiezniakiewicz 31 Szczakowianka Trzebiegoszcz Trzebiegoszcz, PO DCM #1

22 ACM Tymoteusz Swierczewski 27 KKS Wlokniarz 1925 Krzczonow Krzczonow, MA ACM #2
10 ACM Amelia Zalwowska 34 DNK Hajduk Vukosavljevica Wloszczowa, PO ACM #3 DCM #6
97 CM Przemyslaw Tkocz 29 Szczakowianka Trzebiegoszcz Proszkow, PO DCM #3 ACM #4
81 CM/SM Alicja Jedrzejczyk 30 KS Ursus Trzeszczyn Ostrzeszow, SL DCM #4 ACM #6 SM #6
21 CM Thomas Gosselin 29 ÉTK Szentgyörgyvölgy Yamachiche, CN DCM #5 ACM #5

9 SM Roksana Kolodziejczyk 25 Klub Turystow Rzodkiewnica Dulkowszczyzna, CA SM #1
50 CM/SM Wlodzimierz Waclawczyk 25 DNK Hajduk Vukosavljevica Trzeszczyn, LU SM #1

26 SM Krzysztof Pajaczkowski 31 Gornik Ostrzeszow Krzeszowice, PO SM #3
36 SM Rodolphe Giroux 24 A.S. Baie-Sainte-Catherine Fournier-sur-Mer, CH SM #4
16 SM Grzegorz Wolsztynski 23 Kaszubia Ostroszowice Uszczyn, LU SM #5

8 S Fryderyka Cwierczakiewiczowa 25 KKS Wlokniarz 1925 Krzczonow Kuznica Zdzieszowicka, PO S #1
18 S Sandie McCracken 27 Klub Turystow Rzodkiewnica El Perro, TX S #1

13 S Zvonimir Kordic 22 NK Lokomotiva Kukljica Kukljica, DA S #3
40 S Kévin Maillé-Chicoine 32 Impact de Jacques-Cartier Ville Jacques-Cartier, DC S #4

BA	Baranie (Baranya)	                KA	Kamouraska
CA Cachoubie (Kaszuby) LU Lusatie (Łużyce)
KR Carniole (Kranjska) MA Mazovie (Mazowsze)
CN Catherine du nord MT Montérégie
CS Catherine du sud NI Nitassinan
KZ Catherine-Ouest (Katarzyna Zachodnie) PA Papineau
CH Charlevoix PO Poméranie (Pomorze)
DA Dalmatie (Dalmacija) SH Shelburne
DC District de Cartier SL Silésie (Śląsk)
FR Frontenac TX Texas
HY Haute-Yamaska

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Yes
Injure Players: Yes
Godmod Injury Events: No
Red Card Players: Yes
Yellow Card Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes *

*Note: Please do not give the coronavirus or any other virus
or illness to my players, coaches, journalists and fans.
And please do not introduce any pandemic to my nation.
Nation name: République de Terre Septentrionale | Trigramme: RTS | Capital: Ville Jacques-Cartier | Maps
Ranks: Hockey: 20th | American Football: 7th | Baseball: 17th | Association Football: 23rd | Rugby Union: 21st
Runner Up: Cup of Harmony 76, International Baseball Slam XI
3rd Place: World Volleyball Expo X, International Baseball Slam XII, World Lacrosse Championship XXXV
4th Place: Arena Bowl VI
World Cup participations: WC 85 (3rd place in group), WC 86 (3rd place in group)

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Postby Kayangan » Thu Jul 30, 2020 7:11 pm


In 2017 and 2018, Kayangan was hit by a series of anti-government protests across the country. To ease the anger of the people, President Dewa Artaruna Raja has launched an initiative known as the Happy People's Initiative. Among the objectives of the initiative is to entertain the people with sports. 2018, the Office of the Sports and Entertainment Commissioner (OSEC) has been created under the Office of the President. The Office of the Sports and Entertainment Commissioner has outlined three major sports that will be launched on a large scale - football, sepaktakraw and rugby. So officially the Liga Bolasepak Kayangan is set up in 2019.

In addition, the Office of the Sports and Entertainment Commissioner has also launched the Pertaruhan Artaruna Raja Corporation, a betting company where it encourages the people of Kayangan to bet on their favorite teams. The Pertaruhan Artaruna Raja Corporation has also been named the main sponsor of the Football Football League, and newly formed Kayangan National Team, Kuda Putih, (The White Horse).

Management List
Nation: Kayangan [KGN]
President, Kayangan Football Association: Putra Iskandar Artaruna Raja
Manager: Sam Moorton (SPM)
Assistant Manager/ Coach: Ribut Semesta
Coach : Sid Wurl (SPM)
Bomoh @Shaman: Dayangku Munah Pendek (President own shaman)
Kapitan @Captain: Putra Bikna Artaruna Raja

Player List
STYLE: - 2.2

Aki Falembang, 23 [Kelasi/ KGN]; Putra Muda Artaruna Raja, 22 [Kota Kiambang/ KGN]; Kulub Miang, 27 [Setanggi/ KGN]

Tuah Perasaan, 22 [Kelasi/ KGN]; Latip Borgiba, 27 [Puncak Persetan/ KGN]; Megat Temiang, 28 [Setanggi/ KGN]

Guruh Sulong, 25 [Kelasi/ KGN]; Palembang Muda, 22 [Puncak Persetan/ KGN]; Imam Surya, 30 [Setanggi/ KGN]

Mendung Gelisah , 29; Cahaya Kiasan, 25 [Kelasi/ KGN]; Putra Bikna Artaruna Raja, 29 [Kota Kiambang/ KGN]; Hebat Pertiwi, 35 [Perlabuhan Suasapura/ KGN]

Petir Sulong, 22 [Kelasi/ KGN]; Surya Muda, 25 [Puncak Persetan/ KGN]; Patik Pacal Hina, 24 [Setanggi/ KGN]

Jitu Waja, 27 [Puncak Persetan/ KGN]; Telunjuk Lurus, 26 [Kota Kiambang/ KGN]; Lembing Purba, 32 [Perlabuhan Suasapura/ KGN]

Tok Ketampi, 31 [Kelasi/ KGN]; Rijal Alam Kukup, 30 [Puncak Persetan/ KGN]; Payung Garang Merbawi, 34 [Kota Kiambang/ KGN]; Agus Rajawali, 26 [Perlabuhan Suasapura/ KGN]

Tuan Pateh Manisan, 31 [Kota Kiambang/ KGN]; Tengkolok Samperan, 27 [Setanggi/ KGN]; Lanti Laanting, 25 [Perlabuhan Suasapura/ KGN]

First Eleven

Official Kits

Group E

Stade International, Bayonnette, Republic of New Vaucluse | Capacity: 41,000
Squidroidia v Kayangan [MD1: Friday, 7 August]
Kayangan v Poafmersia [MD2: Sunday, 9 August]
Stade Olympique, Syracuse, Republic of South Provence | Capacity: 49,000 |
Abanhfleft v Kayangan [MD3: Tuesday, 11 August]
Bye [MD4]
Kayangan v Sajnur [MD5: Saturday, 15 August]

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
RP scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y - light injuries please
Give red cards to my players: N
Godmod other events: N
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Postby Indusse » Thu Jul 30, 2020 10:38 pm


Manager/Coach: Joseph Mouteudi
Sponsors: Fiarti Automobiles
Trigamme: INS
Players in camp: 18


GK 1 Steve leghourn *
GK 34 Akbar ali
DF 6 Sampath Singh Aksinwala *
DF 13 Mathias Paulson *
DF 4 Aaron Mcmuller *
DF 5 Ayuthjeet Singh *
DF 69 Sadin-al-kharushi
MD 16 Xing-hong-taw
MD 9 Alexis Budtedjson *
MD 14 Djetson Hasle*
MD 13 Raman Sreevastva
FD 10 Baskar H Kumar (c) *
FD 7 Bechun butea *
FD 11 Antonio Mersias *
FD Kishen Rajpoot
MD 99 Rana Mrityunjai Singh
MD 8 Abdul Khaseem *
DF 41 Gregor Tempetson

* An Asterisk indicates the playing 11.

Image Image Image

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Postby Darkmania » Sun Aug 02, 2020 3:24 am

The land of lush green forests, diverse climates, many different people calling "Darkmania" their home and questionable taste on their wines, Darkmania are as always prepared to flop.



Ranking: 83rd
Formation: 4-4-2
Nickname: Just "The National Team"
Manager: Däniël Rëspertner
Stylemod: +1

The Squad

(All main players are marked in boldface.)

#1: Ërimär (GK)
#2: Bjørndalsen (GK/sub)
#3: Yürang (Def)
#4: Tërman (Def)
#5: Lërnÿn (Def)
#6: Ërim (Def)

#7: Bernsüng (Def/sub)
#8: Përsater (Mid)
#9: Årdalberg (mid)
#10: Rånde (Mid)
#11: Vërnspern (Mid)

#12: Tÿrn (For)
#13: Mjøe(For) [C]

#14: Änderm (For/sub)
#15 Ødegård (For/sub)

Choose My Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Goalscoring events: Yes, but realistic.
Injure Players: Yes, but no death, career-ending or life-threatening injuries.
Godmod injury event: Yes, but telegram me or DM me on Discord. (DarkNS#2301)
Red card player: No, unless telegrammed/DM`ed. If allowed, only up to 1 player.
Yellow card player: Yes, but not for "stupid reasons" (Defined as either "unrealisitc for the match" or "not normaly issused for normal matches in the RL world". Also, try to be realistic.
Godmod other events: No, unless telegrammed or DM`ed. If allowed, must be realistic.
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Postby Sharktail » Sun Aug 02, 2020 4:56 am



First game:Sharktail 1-0 Maryloupe
First win:Sharktail 1-0 Maryloupe
First Official match:Sharktail 1-1 Krenorus (BoF 68)
First Official Win:Nuadh-Alba 1-2 Sharktail (BoF 68)
Biggest Win:Sharktail 8-1 Adsuri (WCQ 85)
Biggest Lose:Equestrian State 5-0 Sharktail (WCQ 81)
Team Record:(W-D-L)
Total Match:80 INT MATCH
Luis Philip:(8-7-17)

Sharktail NT back in action for international stage. Sahami once again will lead this team in Independant Association Cup10. However, it will not be easy for Sharktail. Alongside Sahami, U-18 and U-21 manager Carroll will help Sahami to manage this team. Carrol may not have good result, getting eliminated in both Sporting World Cup and Di Bradini Cip in group stage. Sharktail cannot look to their past record. This nation may perform well in the past but not now. We can see how the result in the friendly played by Sharktail as the preparation for this cup. Will Sahami found his way back and lead this team to the right path again. With the rebuilding of youth project for Sharktail, we still have a lot of young prospect to be in this team. If the current player not played well, they can consider retired from international football. This is the chance for them to showed themself. It may affect their next call up especially near world cup qualifying 86 campaign. Let go and rise back Sharktail. TGE BLUE PREDATOR.
Gaby name have been popular kately. Maybe because of his superb performance for Sharktail in World Cup Qualification 85. 63 caps, 46 goals, he is on another level than other player. Azaim seem have made his way to become a superb player. With his young age, he can improve more and become a core for Sharktail NT. Not same for Gaby, he nearly reach his 30. Not many player perform well in their 30. Beside, many club prefer yo play youngster than older player. Gaby not have much time left. World Cup Qualification 86 may become his last international appearance. But that doesnt mean that will surely be. If he can perform well, score a goal, no one can take his place. Gaby will lead Sharktail NT once again. Sahamu still believe he is a good leader on the field. He not affected by captain duty and do even more better. He will be Sahami main striker to score as many goal to opponet goal. Let go Gaby. Show everyone how good you are.

MANAGER:Sahami (44 years old)
ASSISTANT MANAGER :Carrol (38 years old)


AGE:28 | NT CAPS:31

AGE:31 | NT CAPS:4

AGE:25 I NT CAP: 3(U18:1 CAPS)

AGE:25 | NT CAPS:31

AGE:21 | NT CAPS:2

AGE:21 | NT CAPS:30 (1 GOAL)(U21:1 CAPS)

AGE:25 | NT CAPS:24 (3 GOAL)

AGE:25 | NT CAPS:7

AGE:29 | NT CAPS:4

AGE:21 | NT CAPS:5

AGE:24 | NT CAPS:21 (U21:3 CAPS,U18:7 CAPS)

AGE:26 | NT CAPS:33 (1 GOAL)


AGE:30 | NT CAPS:24 (4 GOAL)


AGE:21 | NT CAPS: 4

AGE:28 | NT CAPS:4 (3 GOAL)

AGE:21 | NT CAPS:4

AGE:21 | NT CAPS:24 (9 GOAL)(U21:1 CAPS)


AGE:26 | NT CAPS:14 (3 GOAL)

AGE:29 I NT CAPS:24 (7 GOAL)

AGE:21 | NT CAPS:8 (2 GOAL)

We are Blue, We always hunt

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y, absolutely
Godmod scoring events: Y.
RP injuries to my players: Y.
Godmod injuries to my players: Y, but no death ok.I can accept if you want to end my player journey in this tourney but not in his career.
Give red cards to my players: free to do it,but at least let me know.
Godmod other events: Y,but no virus.if it about nature i can accept like earthquake of fire.
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Postby Woryand » Sun Aug 02, 2020 10:50 am

(OOC: I'm new to all of this, so I'll probably need a bunch of hand-holding. Let me know if I'm doing anything wrong.)
(OOC: I'm a boring industrial PT nation, if you're wondering; no fancy FT stuff you need to write into RP's.)
Formation: Flat 5-4-1, Counter-attacking style
Colors: Red primary/Green secondary home, Purple primary/Green secondary away (OOC: I can't seem to upload images properly)
(OOC: Assume that players have moderate flexibility in position changes; e.g. a LWB can play LB decently well, can sort of play CB, and can sort of play LM.)
#1 M. Grēnwā: 32 yo, GK, Duronia City (Captain)
#2 N. Kōwa: 27 yo, LWB, Kesavi Dwellings FC
#3 H.L. Amin: 30 yo, CB, Cauhall FC
#4 L. Saul: 29 yo, CB, Duronia City
#5 J. Şmixit: 33 yo, CB, FC Lakeview
#6 J. Mōrix: 24 yo, RWB, Kesavi Dwellings FC
#7 T. Canīr: 31 yo, LM, Rivton FC
#8 E. Loz: 27 yo, CM, Capitol FC
#9 R. Crōdaru: 26 yo, CM, Iglaphis FC
#10 B. Plançā: 34 yo, RM, Capitol FC (Corner taker)
#11 D. Malyōr: 25 yo, ST, Northlake FC (Penalty taker, Free Kick Taker)
#98 F. Kayer: 39 yo, GK, Iglaphis FC
#99 G. Meçōrā: 25 yo, GK, Kesavi Dwellings FC
#12 U. Trāviār: 25 yo, LWB, Rivton FC
#13 V. Kōraxi: 31 yo, CB, Vilon FC
#14 D. Oragara: 27 yo, CB, Vilon FC
#15 K. Formēans-Tōzatē: 33 yo, CB, Northlake FC
#16 D. Xōrēxē: 31 yo, RWB, Rivton FC
#17 J. Tōlīda: 20 yo, LM, Sivon FC
#18 X. Avera: 27 yo, CM, Osatin Miners FC
#19 K. Yaçenkō: 36 yo, CM, Kesavi Dwellings FC
#20 W. Avarēçā: 30 yo, CM, A.N.E. Gloria [OOC: remove if maximum squad size is 23]
#21 Z. Dazeru: 22 yo, RM, South Central FC
#22 O. Ilōyeru: 31 yo, CAM/ST, Duronia City
#23 I. Ēvōzi: 23 yo, ST, Cauhall FC [OOC: remove if maximum squad size is 23]

Style Mod: -3.50 (I'm the 5 seed after all)

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but within reason and as long as they are not out for more than a few matches (no ACL tears, etc).
Godmod injuries to my players: See RP injuries
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, but no more than one per match.
Godmod other events: Yes, within reason. (and preferably no coronavirus-related stuff, since a lot of other people are specifying that and it doesn't seem fun to have happen)
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Postby Sharktail » Mon Aug 03, 2020 6:15 pm


After long waiting, finally Independent Association Cup 10 will start. What a great opportunity for all the team to test their national team squad as the preparation either developing youth squad, rebuilding project or even as the start of their national team structure. For Sharktail national team, seem like maybe to see who deserve to stay in the roster or to build a good chemistry among them.There are few reason for this.

This tactic can be said as the basic tactic that have been used by many manager. Nit take any risk, putting a balance 4 player in both defend and midfiled with letting two striker to score the goal. Since from the start of this team, this formation seem like to be a tradition for Sharktail national team. Either Luis Philip or Sahami, both like to use this tactic. If we look at our stastic in 6 friendly match we played, from 6 game, we let the opponet score 8 goal. Ahmad, first choice goalkeeper, seem not consistent with his performance now. In world cup qualification 85, Sharktail NT have let 40 goal reach their net. We can say this team look solid in attacking. In 6 friendly match Sharktail played, they have 13 goal. So, from this data, if Sahami choose to drop 1 midlfield spot to defend and use 5-3-2, it may not gove any effect for Sharktail attacking side. Player like Azaim, Gaby, Fikri, Nik Akif and even our young reserve midfield and striker will not have any problem to cause a threat for the opponet defender. As for now, Sharktail have too look at their defensive side.

As far as we know, leader is important on the field. They can be a guide, a model, a supervisor for other player on the field. They not just on the field wearing an armband, motivate the other player. Yeah, that may be some purpose why leader choosen for one team. But their gameplay on the field also can effect the team. For Sharktail, we cannot deny Gaby have suit become a leader. Not sure why, but seem like he not affected much with captain role. He seem relaxed while giving his teammate some motivation, and keep playing the style he always play, play at his best for the team no matter who they faced. However, the real problem for this team not about the captain for team, but the captain or leader for defend. They seem to play on their own and sometime crashed with their own teammate. Quute hard to said, the not communicated much to each other. In world Cup Qualification 85, Sharktail can be glad Azmi still there. Even not much, he still play a good role as the leader in defend. The other player we can said also good leader in defend was like Azmi, Margaro, Karen. Their experience let them know how to handle pressure no matter what situation it is. For current team, Hidawi and Yusri still far to be a leader. The one who may can we recognize as leader in defend was Harold. But he will need some more time. He still sometime make a mistake and lose ball too easily. Sharktail need someone as leader in defence ir their defence will remain like this.

Sharktail need to look back at their current team. This tournament still important and the main ourpose for this tournament, Sharktail can put it as the place to observe and measure about every player and part of this team. They have to overcome all this witness or they will never make it far no matter what tournament they played. All the best for Sharktail in Independent Associationt Championship 10.

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Postby Sylestone » Tue Aug 04, 2020 1:42 am

Sylestone 0-2 Baker Park
The first of Sylestone’s pre-IAC friendlies, Sylestone hosted Baker Park in Kirkham. They knew this would be the hardest game they have ever played thus far, as Baker Park are in the top ten sides in the world and finished fourth in the 85th edition of the World Cup. Sylestone finished last in their qualifying group and are currently ranked 190th. A mismatch if you ever saw one. But the Appliances looked as though they were a lot better than their rank as the first half and most of the second half passed until Baker Park finally broke through the stocky Sylestonean defence in the 81st minute. Another goal was scored in 90+1, but a 2-0 loss was still spectacular.
Sylestone 0-1 Delaclava
It was quite obvious that Sylestone didn’t play their best in this game. Delaclava is only a little bit better than them, yet they were still bested at home. But experience generally defeats talent, and that happened in this game. Nothing to be too sad about with this result, but they have just got to learn. Sylestone were quite unclear in their defence, letting through a goal in the offside, before the Mixer scored in the 19th, only for it to be called offside. It was their only real chance at goal, too, as both sides played a defensive game and Delaclava was still 1-0 in the lead at the end of the game.
Sylestone 3-2 Sharktail
Sharktail and Sylestone had played one match before this one; of which resulted in a 2-2 draw. This time, though, the Appliances managed to get one over them, with a goal in the 86th minute. However, it looked bleak for the Sylestoneans as they were 2-0 down after 25 minutes. Sharktail looked to be up to their rank with some brilliant offensive manoeuvres. But a goal in the 43rd minute by the Drawer brought Sylestone back into the game at half time. Their hopes were further brought forward with a brilliant, swerving corner into the goal by the Stove in the 68th minute. With both sides going firmly on the attack, no goals were scored during the next 15 minutes as the goalkeepers looked strong in holding the game to a 2-2 draw. In the 86th minute, though, a penalty was awarded as the Tumble Dryer was fouled in the penalty area, and the victim slotted it in. 3-2 victory was something well worth shouting about and Sylestoneans celebrated deep into the night with their success.
Sylestone 1-0 The Jovannic
Another game, another victory. Tne Jovannic isn’t a bad side, either. But yet another win brought Sylestone’s hopes for the IAC over the moon. The Appliances really played quite well and deserved the victory. Both sides played quite defensively, but Sylestone dominated with 63% possession. But only one shot was on target and it just happened to be the one that went in. In the 33rd minute, the Mixer found its way through the Jovannican defence and dribbled the ball past the goalkeeper and into the goal. Despite claims of an offside, the goal was allowed and being 1-0 up, the Appliances went back onto the defence. There were times that every Sylestonean was defending their hearts out, but it simply wasn’t enough. Deep into injury time, the Ironing Board led a slide tackle on a Jovannican striker and sent him down. Being the last play, all the Brick Wall had to do was stop the ball. He didn’t need to. The intensity of the

moment was too much for the opposing striker and he sent the ball way over the top of the goal and into the stunned crowd.
Ethane 3-0 Sylestone
The Sylestonean two-win streak was broken by a brilliant Ethane playing at home. At least it wasn’t to a nobody without a rank. Ethane is good; nearly making the top ten in the world once. They have faltered over the recent years, but still remain in the top fifty and is one of the best nations in Esportiva. Although they have a pretty good defensive lineup, their attack easily overcame Sylestone’s defence to score three times in the first half. Despite nothing in the second half and an improved defence, the score remained a deeply unsatisfying 3-0 at the end of the 90 minutes. They would need to improve for their home leg.
Sylestone 0-1 Ethane
A bit more of a fair game, it was quite clear that Sylestone’s defence got their act together and only conceded one goal. They kept the Ethane forwards at bay until the 71st minute when a corner was slotted in via a very accurate header. It was all Sylestone could do to stop any more goals going in and even the leader of Ethane commended the Appliances of their defensive ability and wished them luck in the IAC.
Sylestone 1-3 Zeta Reka & Hugeltadom
The difference between these two BoF 72 sides could not be more obvious with this result, although Sylestone is clearly starting to get better. Maybe their IAC and WC can bring some success. They were even 1-0 up at the end of the first half, but they got tired and let through three goals in the final 20 minutes. It was a sad end to a good game, but Zeta Reka was just a better side. For now.
Mike Sarzo Memorial Trophy
For more preparation, Sylestone joined the MSMT to provide funding for cancer research. The Appliances were a huge hit. Snd what’s ore they made the final. Against Starblaydia. They knocked out Tequilo on penalties, heavyweights Krytenia on their home ground and Northwest Kalactin to make the finals. What they can do against Starblaydia, one of the best sides in the world remains unseen. But they can hope. They beat Krytenia, so why not Starblaydia?
President of Aussie Rules (WC)
Football: CoH 78 third place
Aussie Rules: ARWC II champions, ARWC III finalists, ARWC I semifinalists
Cricket: ODI WT II semifinalists, EspoT20 I&II champions
BoF 74, CoH 78, CoH 81, ARWC II&III, WLC 36, HWC 24, EspoT20 I

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Postby Schottia » Tue Aug 04, 2020 1:47 am

Schottia Squad
The United Republics of Omerica

Manager: Raven Cullen 68 Image
Assistant: Merry Osbourne 45 Image
First Team Coach: Richard Dachs 43 Image
First Team Coach: Darren Hanlon 48 Image
First Team Coach: Sophie Gilmour 55 Image
Gk Coach: Jeremy McNott 44 Image
Physio: Claire Hanson-Conavacio 50 Image


Style Modifier: +1

In this history of Schottic football, this is going to go down as a very difficult decade. In years to come, they will probably look back on this era and say, thank god for Raven Cullen. A top class international manager, she has steered both Brenecia and Anglatia to the World Cup finals – can she go down in history by pulling it off a third time..?



The kits for this tournament cycle are designed by Schottsport of Schottia

Starting XI


The Squad
Starters in bold
1. GK. Ed Lorrey, 29 | Image Mliona-Lpaka AFC  | Height:190cm Weight:84kg | Caps: 34 Goals: 0[/b]
GK. William Lewis, 30 | Image Holdenberg City | Height:190cm Weight:84kg | Caps: 6 Goals: 0
23. GK. Matti Ketler, 26 | Image Kings Park | Height:189cm Weight:83kg | Caps: 0 Goals: 0
Ed Lorrey and Will Lewis have been battling it out hard for the number one jersey since Schottia returned to the fold five years ago. At the moment, the former seems to have the nod, but that could all change with WCQs just around the corner. Kings Park’s Matti Ketlar remains third choice.

2. RB. Lena Kiefer, 25 Image Handon United Height: 181cm. Weight: 66kg | Caps: 8  Goals: 0[/b]
22. RB. Jack Kildonan, 26 Image Cornellians Height: 184cm. Weight: 72kg | Caps: 1 Goals: 0
3. LB. Bonnie McGillivray, 27 | Image Mliona-Lpaka AFC | Height:175cm Weight:65kg | Caps: 39 Goals: 0 C
15. LB. Katarina Meyer zu Heide, 23 Image Port Sebastian | Height: 179cm. Weight: 61kg | Caps: 3 Goals: 0
4. L/CB. John Hare, 30 | Image Haligonian | Height:187cm Weight:73kg | Caps: 29 Goals: 2
5. CB Michael Koller, 32 | Image Corett Hawks | Height:194cm Weight:83kg | Caps: 26 Goals: 1
14. CB. Michael Christie, 23 | Image AC Izotz Zubia | Height:186cm Weight: 70kg | Caps: 2 Goals: 0
Schottia have struggled a little at the back the post hiatus era. John Hare and Michael Koller seems to be the preferred combination at centre-half, but since his move to Izotz Zubia, former Academy man, Mike Christie has been pushing hard to break that pairing up. Left-back, Bonnie McGillivray, is a natural leader and team captain, while Lena Kiefer has been making the most of her chance at right-back following Rian Corello’s retirement.

21. DM. Colin Loweson 31 | Image Port Sebastian | Height: 186cm. Weight: 74kg | Caps: 9 Goals: 0
21. DM. Madeline Donaldson 24 | Image Handon United | Height: 180cm. Weight: 63kg | Caps: 1 Goals: 0
8. CM. Valentine Roxel, 29 | Image Starling | Height: 188cm. Weight: 73kg | Caps: 27 Goals: 6
19. CM. Rachel Arniston, 22 | Image AFC Corvistone | Height:179cm Weight: 63kg | Caps: 1 Goals: 0
16. CM. Lewis Nicholson, 22 | Image Port Patrick United | Height: 188cm. Weight: 70kg | Caps: 2 Goals: 0
10. AMC. Camila Soria Luna, 31 | Image CA Paulinthal | Height:176cm Weight:65kg | Caps: 114 Goals: 34
11. RWF. Reay Cnocstanger, 26 | Image Marioville | Height:177cm Weight:60kg | Caps: 29 Goals: 6
18. WL. Kelly McInnes, 26 | Image AFC Treason | Height:178cm Weight: 64kg | Caps: 20 Goals: 6
17. WR. Annlaug Larsen, 27 | Image Crisisbless United | Height:169cm Weight: 63kg | Caps: 17 Goals: 3
Schottia have two central midfielders who are playing well right now, in the form of Colin Loweson and Valentine Roxel. Both bring a physicality, which is very much appreciated in this current squad composition. In front of them, Camila Soria Luna is a seasoned veteran, World Cup winner, and top class playmaker. Reay Cnocstanger provides some width, playing as a pseudo forward out wide. Schottia have depth in this department, with Premiership girls, Arniston and McInnes ready to fill in.

7. ST/AMRLC. Jack Avelione, 28 | Image Bastion | Height:188cm Weight:80kg | Caps: 60 Goals: 25
9. FC. Corinne Martel-Burns, 31 | Image Directus | Height:173cm Weight: 65kg | Caps: 140 Goals: 111
ST. Freja Simonsen, 22, | Handon United Image Height: 179cm. Weight: 62kg Caps: 0 Goals: 0
9. FC. Jonte Bestatter, 25 | Image Tanrısal | Height: 187cm. Weight: 74kg | Caps: 6 Goals: 2
Forwards, Martel-Burns and Avelione need to introduction (I hope). Meanwhile, young Handon United striker, Freja Simonsen, looks set to make her debut at some point, with Tanrısal targetman, Jonte Bestatter, providing a hard hitting alternative up front.

Player roles: Captain: Bonnie McGillivray | Vice-Captain: John Hare | Penalties: Corinne Martel-Burns | Free Kicks: Corinne Martel-Burns/Jack Avelione (R) – Bonnie McGillivray (L) | Corners: Raey Cnocstanger (R) – Bonnie McGillivray (L)


Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y*
Roleplay injuries to my players Y (I will decide how long.)*
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players N
Godmod other events Y*

*Please don't kill anyone, or end his or her career.
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Postby PotatoFarmers » Tue Aug 04, 2020 5:27 am

Poafmersia's squad for IAC 10 (IAX)

Other name: The Red Panjias (Panjia is the Poafmerian equivalant of a horse)
Kit Colours: Red, Orange

Poafmersia presents the following 23 players for the 10th Independent Associations Championship, where the team aims to better on their 4th placed performance they obtained last time round.

Num  Player Name      Age Pos(s)      Sex  Current Club          Caps        Goals   Assists
1 Sandi Jaliaha 28 GK M Fiskadaha FC 52 (0) 0 0
12 Dikash Johikas 32 GK M Mancodas Athletic FC 13 (3) 0 0
23 Nicole Potts 20 GK F Mancodas City 4 (0) 0 0
2 Alex Pickford 31 LB M Mancodas City 57 (2) 1 2
3 Denise Pickford 31 RB F Mancodas City 47 (8) 0 0
4 Danzik Hoboson 33 CB M Bikarish 64 (2) 0 0
5 Pasits Rikachz 32 CB M Bikarish 43 (5) 0 0
13 Nasri Sanchez 24 CB, LB, LM M Bikarish 3 (3) 0 0
14 Natalia Abbott 21 RB, DM F Dury FC 0 (0) 0 0
15 Alex Hoboson 27 CB M Dury FC 46 (9) 2 0
16 Konile Trasa 28 CB M Holhot United 21 (2) 0 0
6 Gisiik Moonar 27 CM, AM M Fiskadaha FC 59 (5) 9 18
8 Ftiks Wariq 28 CB, DM M Mancodas City 18 (7) 0 0
10 Daas Taisg 29 CM, AM M Dalaris City 42 (8) 4 8
17 Emma Conner 27 LM, CM, LW F Trimidau Rukiya 0 (0) 0 0
19 Woden Sweet 23 CM, DM F Trimidau Rukiya 0 (0) 0 0
21 Donk Mason 29 CM M Dury FC 19 (6) 0 5
7 Joel Haodao 27 LW, CF M Tihon (CMT) 59 (6) 52 5
9 Shakira Handris 31 CF M 1830 Cathair (AUD) 62 (4) 57 10
11 Pete Carisa 28 RW, CF M Mancodas City 61 (5) 36 15
18 Hansel Tang 29 CF, LW, LM F Advance Alara (KOR) 22 (9) 19 4
20 Makana Tuft 23 CF M Dalaris City 4 (7) 5 0
22 Aubrey Mayer 28 CF, RW, RM F Trimidau Rukiya 2 (1) 2 0

Captain: Danzik Hoboson
Vice-Captains: Shakira Handris, Joel Haodao
Penalty Taker: Shakira Handris (1st), Joel Haodao (2nd)
Free Kick Taker: Pete Carisa, Joel Haodao
Corner Takers: The prevailing LB/RB (in the case of a 4-3-3) or LM/RM (in the case of a 3-4-3)

Head Coach: Adnan Suliaha, 52
Assistant Head Coach: Katiri Hedge, 57
General Playing Style: Being a nation which emphasises on fast paced attacking football, Poafmersia would prefer to attack rather then defend. The players can be quite aggressive in getting back the ball, yet they do not keep high amounts of possession and often break on the counter attack.

Formations: 4-3-3, 3-4-3
Style Modifier: +1.787
Note: Please refer to preview before match to know the predicted lineup for the day. If one is not posted, you may utilise the last posted lineup, and make any enforced changes as you like. (due to injuries, suspensions, etc.)

Recent International Records
BoF 71: 3rd place, with a W-D-L ratio of 9-0-1, GF/GA of 34/12
WCQ 84: 3rd in Group 5, with a W-D-L ratio of 10-4-6, GF/GA of 45/36
CoH 76: Group Stage (3rd in Group 7), with a W-D-L ratio of 2-12, GF/GA of 14/12
IAC 9: 4th place, with a W-D-L ratio of 5-1-1, GF/GA of 22/13
WCQ 85: 5th in Group 15, with a W-D-L ratio of 13-6-5, GF/GA of 62/43
CoH 77: Round of 16, with a W-D-L ratio of 2-2-2, GF/GA of 10/11
Overall (including friendlies): W-D-L ratio of 56-21-30, GF/GA of 274/205

*All player caps/goals excludes 5 friendlies held ICly before the Cup of Harmony 77, and 4 friendlies held ICly before IAX.
*All ages are reflected to reflect player ages during the 4th IFCF domestic cycle.

First Match: Poafmersia 8-2 Barfleur, BoF 71 Group Stage Matchday 1 @ Zwangzug
First Win:Poafmersia 8-2 Barfleur, BoF 71 Group Stage Matchday 1 @ Zwangzug
Biggest Win: Poafmersia 8-2 Barfleur, BoF 71 Group Stage Matchday 1 @ Zwangzug
Heaviest Defeat:
(Only WCC-sanctioned)
Poafmersia 0-3 Nephara, WCQ 84 @ Poafmersia
Monso 3-0 Poafmersia, WCQ 84 @ Monso
(All) Poafmersia 2-8 Commonwealth of Baker Park, International Friendly @ Poafmersia
Highest Scoring:
(Only WCC-sanctioned) Poafmersia 8-2 Barfleur, BoF 71 Group Stage Matchday 1 @ Zwangzug
Shokpos 3-7 Poafmersia, WCQ 85 @ Shokpos
(Everything else)
Poafmersia 2-8 Commonwealth of Baker Park, International Friendly @ Poafmersia
Qasden 4-6 Poafmersia, International Friendly @ Qasden

Poafmersian fans are crazy about football, and their loud cheers ring about in the stadiums they visit. They are very willing to disturb the peace in the area to celebrate their win after matches, so matches are best held in the afternoon or early evenings. Apart from that, they do pick up after themselves, and prevent causing much trouble apart from celebrating. You can be assured, however, that they would be traveling around to support their team, so do reserve half the spots in stadiums for them because they would pack it to the brim.

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers - Yes
Godmod scoring events - Yes (So long as it is not something impossible
Roleplay injuries to my players - Yes (You determine what happened, I decide the severity)
Godmod injuries to my players - Yes (As above)
Hand out yellow cards to my players - Yes
Hand out red cards to my players - Yes
RP any pandemic-related events - No pandemic exists in Poafmersia. Empty stadiums or ban on foreign visitors are, however, accepted and will be RPed as such.
Godmod any other events - Yes (Inform me)
Note: If your RP permissions are more restrictive than mine, then I will take your RP permissions. (With the exception about the pandemic events)
I am very open to cooperative RPs, such as joint press conferences, match-side drama, out-of field events, etc. Do drop me a Telegram in-game or a DM on Discord (You can find me on the NS Sports Discord - Freg#7085).

Group Stage - Group E
GS Matchday 1: vs Abanhfleft @ Stade Olympique, Syracuse, Republic of South Provence (49,000) Win (4-1)
GS Matchday 2: vs Kayangan @ Stade International, Bayonnette, Republic of New Vaucluse (41,000) Win (2-0)
GS Matchday 3: vs Sajnur @ Stade International, Bayonnette, Republic of New Vaucluse (41,000) Draw (0-0)
GS Matchday 4: vs Squidroidia @ Stade Olympique, Syracuse, Republic of South Provence (49,000) Loss (1-2)
GS Matchday 5: Bye
Round of 16: vs Kohnhead @ Stadium of Great Arden, Lisbon, Great Arden Win (3-2)
Quarterfinals: vs SRS @ Londonderry Court, Londonderry, Coleraine Win (3-2)
Semifinals: vs Tequilo Win (2-0)
Finals: vs HUElavia Win (2-2, 3-2 aet)

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IC Name: The People's Republic of Poafmersia (Trigram: PFA)
IC Flag: Refer to my flag with my IC nation Poafmersia, though that nation's RP will be done with this account.

David Jossiah Beckingham, Chairman of Poafmersia's World Assembly Board (and officially the main representative to the WA)

Citizen of The North Pacific
Ambassador to Europe.
Speaker, The North Pacific

Sportswire. Achievements: BoF 71 Bronze; IAC X and IAC XI Champions
WCC Football (Post-WC90) - 31st, with 22.89, Style: +3.14159
Get the latest from WCQ91 here:

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Postby Squidroidia » Tue Aug 04, 2020 7:05 am

The road to Romainbourg started right after the Squidroidian team who finished second to last in the Euro Cup landed in Inkopolis. The 23 players, all human, escaped the Squidroidia Air Inklingcraft P100 with at least a shred of dignity - They at least drew with the hosts Eurasies and Poland-Kaliningrad, but a close 2-3 loss against Rivierenland doomed their dreams of making the semis. Of course, that was one step in Squidroidia's preparation for the Independent Associations Championship, as they had 3 friendlies all against independent teams - Those from outside the regions of Atlantian Oceania, Rushmore and Esportiva. Sylestone and their appliances, the force to be reckoned with Megistos, and Independent superpower Poafmersia.

As Europe's only representative in the IAC (Lovisa, Union Europae and the aforementioned Eurasies will compete in World Cup 86 qualifying with them) the Inklings flew the flag of their region high heading into the first of their 3 friendlies, against the Aussie Rules power of Sylestone, known for their team of appliances. Makino Hideo even joked about the defender known as Washing Machine being a dishwasher, much to the anger of Washing Machine. The squad was basically unchanged heading into the game, with superstar Itoh Hoshi only just agreeing to a move to Xanneria for club football at Shorterville.

As the whistle blew in Chamberley, Squidroidia got to work doing what they often did during the Euro Cup, a slight jolt of attack whenever the team felt comfortable. With this team of appliance athletes they weren't very comfortable, and the game devolved into a slugfest before long. In the 22nd minute it was Sylestone who scored first however. Bar Stool kicked the ball into Fridge and his sheer size evaded the Squidroidian defense. The only one left was Squidroidia's #1 Go Kyushichi, and he suffered the cold breath of the Fridge, being stunned just enough to have Fridge blast the ball into the net. It was 1-0 Sylestone.

The Squidroidians would get their hands dirty into the penalty area in the 25th minute as Makino Hideo looked like he was going to challenge the Brick Wall, but his joke against Washing Machine made him pay severely. Spewing water at the penalty box, Hideo slipped and fell and the referees were in no mood to let Sylestone get away with it unlike with Fridge. Yellow Card for Washing Machine as Hoshi stepped up for the penalty. He then did the #1 worst thing to do when taking a penalty against the beast that is Brick Wall - Dribble the ball. Brick Wall rammed into Itoh hard but left an opening for Suda Kuma to stuff that ball into the net. The Sylestoneans were now tied against Squidroidia 1-1.

Nothing much happened for the next 65 minutes, even with stoppage time. Bar Stool won a header with the help of Drawer and Spiderwebs even got tangled up in an incident after he substituted Stove after he had a bad day. The scoreline remained the same as Sylestone and Squidroidia drew 1-1. If Sylestone had invested in a boiler they could have won.
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HUElavia Appears in 3rd Straight IAC Tournament!

The HUElavian National Football Team once again participates in the Independent Associations Championship, their 3rd straight appearance and 5th overall. Despite the short amount of appearances, the team is a massive name within the nations not part of the "Big 3" sporting regions. They're well known due to the fact that they are the reigning back-to-back runners up of the competition. After the 3-1 loss to Rcecuen in IAC 8 and 4-3 loss to New Luisitania in IAC 9, which was hosted by HUElavia, the team is looking to finally break the Glass Ceiling that is holding them back. This time around, Los Amarillos/Os Amarelos will be traveling to Omerica, a nation that the team has faced off in the past two editions of the IAC, and the series is tied at 1 victory each for both teams. A Franc (French) based nation, the Franc-HUElavians visiting will feel right at home traveling to the country.

For the Group Stage, HUElavia (2) will play in Group B, against Tequilo (UR), Hot Skitty on Wailord Action (UR), Natanya (UR), and Terre Septentrionale (12). Aurentine Occidentale/West Aurentina will host the matches for HUElavia, where they will play at Seafoam Athletic Park (66,000) at Saint Anne for their opening match against Natanya in Matchday 1 and their closing Group B match against Hot Skitty on Wailord Action in Matchday 4. Stadium of the Occident (48,000) in Westhaven will host the matches against Terre Septentrionale and Tequillo for Matchdays 2 and 3 respectively. If HUElavia were to win Group B, they would stay in Aurentine Occidentale/West Aurentina for the Round-of-16 and possibly the Quarter-Finals. Fans are already booking their tickets, flights, and lodging to watch the matches in person, in which one endzone will be filled with HUElavians rooting for their team.

Coming into the competition with the new rankings for the IAC, the team is the 2nd best team overall and looking to finally become #1 in the competition. Much of the team has returned from IAC 9, but now they look to achieve glory that has eluded them. For some, this may be their final chance at winning this title. The team is motivated to get a title that has eluded them and feel that this may be their best shot to achieve it. The team will prepare with diligence while the fans in Omerica and back home will be gathering in watch parties to view the match and support the team. It's time to work for our first International Football Title.

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OOC: As most of you will know, I’ve been a bit busy of late - alive, yet busy. Therefore, this is going to be something light-hearted and 100% noncanonical. This story is obviously pure fantasy, so please bear that in mind while you read.

The Very Best

Part One

Auld Handon Gaol

Arms folded on the table in front of him, John Ferguson sat impatiently in the visitation area. The prison guards kept a close eye on proceedings, as the stream of visitors slowly began to filter in. There was always a lot of emotion in the room, which was part of the reason he never normally accepted visits. Seeing their loved ones was the closest the inmates came to a glimmer of sunlight – a breath of the outside air. It did funny things men – captivity – and Ferguson preferred to keep his head down. One of the most demoralising things about Auld Handon Gaol was the view. Sat on a rock just the other side of the peninsula, the exercise yard was afforded stunning panoramics of the city and the surrounding coastline. Some inmates would sit, all day long, staring at the world they had left behind. Listing to the Wingulls circling overhead. Ferguson never gave it a second glance.

He looked up at the wall clock; it wasn’t too late to have one of the guards take him back to his cell. He rubbed a hand over his heavy salt and pepper stubble, his jaw underneath feeling jowly and loose. He’d given up on his general appearance many years ago, long before his incarceration. A grey t-shirt stretched out of all proportions, and a pair of faded black jogging bottoms was all he’d bothered to put on for this meeting with the lawyer.

Another glance at the clock. The internee at the table next to him had just received a visit from a young woman, probably his wife or partner. He watched them embrace briefly before a guard, with an overly forthright Growlithe in tow, prompted them to sit back down.

‘Fuck this.’ Ferguson muttered, spinning in his seat to see if he could catch the eye of one of the guards. He wasn’t an impatient man, but he couldn’t sit through much more of this. The visitors trooping in brought him closer to the outside world than he was confortable being.

‘Sorry about that.’ He turned back in time to see a smartly dressed young woman slide into the seat opposite him. ‘I was randomly selected for an inspection. Are the Growlithes here always so…’


‘That’s… the word I was looking for.’ The lawyer - auburn hair neatly tied back - looked like she meant business, as she placed a bundle of notes on the table and pulled a pen from her bag. ‘Anna Lewis.’ She confirmed her identify, knowing better than to offer a handshake.

‘Ferguson.’ He replied gruffly, before clearing his throat.

‘Shall we get started? I don’t think we have much time left, and we have a lot to get through.’

‘Honestly darling,’ Ferguson cut her off. ‘I was just about to get one of the guards, before you sat your arse down. You’re wasting your time here.’ He ran a hand forcefully through his unwashed greying hair. ‘I’m not interested in appealing, I’m happy to serve my time.’ He made a point of scanning her up and down, taking in her overall appearance. ‘Besides, I can assure you, there’s no way I could afford you.’

‘Well I know the last part is untrue for a start.’ Ferguson made to protest, but Lewis confidently held a hand up, stopping him in his track. ‘However, I intent to work on your case pro-bono. Did my secretary not make that clear in the correspondence?’

‘To be honest, hen, I never read the fucking thing.’ Ferguson sat back, but kept his think, hair covered arms closed tight to his chest. It was difficult to place her age, but she couldn’t have been much older than thirty, and the thought of her already having a secretary at that age… ‘And if I had, I doubt I’d be here. I never trust anyone who’s willing to do something for nothing.’

Lewis placed the end of the pen to her mouth, turning through the notes, her eyes scanning the text. ‘I said for free.’ She said at last, without bothering to look up. ‘I didn’t say for nothing.’

‘Well that’s kind of what it means.’ Ferguson sat back forward, a grin creeping into the corner of his mouth as his interest was suddenly pricked. The movement of his sizable bulk attracted the attention of one of the guards, who took a step closer, no doubt fearing for the woman’s safety.

‘No cash need change hands…’ She closed the folder, placing the pen on top, as she looked him in the eye. ‘Better…?’

‘I’m too fucking old for riddles.’ Ferguson’s countenance contorted into a cross between a snarl and a grin. ‘What possible fucking thing could a highflying young lawyer want from someone like me..?’

‘Who says I’m high-flying?’

‘I’ve done my research.’

‘I though you said you barely read the letter..?’

‘I lied.’

‘Are you a good liar Mr Ferguson.’

‘Fuck, no!’

The corner of her mouth twitched. It was now her turn to do the sizing up. ‘As you say -’ She picked up her notes and returned the pen to her bag. ‘- I’m wasting my time, and my time costs a lot of money.’

‘Hold on!’ Ferguson half rose, placing one of his enormous hands on her forearm to stop her.


One of the prison guards bellowed, alerting the Granbull that stood watch by the door, the Pokémon’s clenched firsts began to glow pink, as it’s eyes narrowed.

Ferguson spread his arms wide in a symbol of surrender, promptly sitting himself back down. Lewis nodded in the guard’s direction, confirming that she was no longer in need of assistance. Reassured now that she had turned the tables on her opponent, she sat back down, happy to move the negotiations along.

‘That Granbull’s always had it in for me.’ Ferguson smiled. ‘I could never be arsed with Fairy types.’

‘Nor I.’ Lewis smiled, watching as the Pokémon powered down its attack. ‘Not a move set I’ve ever been able to get on top of.’

Ferguson knew when he was being taken for a ride. ‘You better spit out whatever game you’re playing.’ His heavy eyes bore into her. ‘Otherwise I’m going back to my cell, and your secretary can shove her further correspondence up her arsehole.’

‘I don’t think you’re going to walk away Mr Ferguson.’ She placed her notes back on the table confidently. ‘I think you’re too curious to see what’s coming next.’ She opened her notes, her pen poised and ready. ‘Shall we make a start then? On the appeal hearing...?’

‘Hold your bloody horses.’ Ferguson did his best to keep his temper in check, he could feel the Granbull’s eyes on him, and he knew he was one outburst away from getting Focus Punched up against the visitation room wall. He continued, barely above a whisper: ‘What – the fuck – do you want in return?’

‘It says here that you’ve more or less kept your nose clean since you’ve been inside.’ Lewis continued, paying no notice. ‘Not a model prisoner, but not too many blots on the copy book– ’

‘My side of the bargain first!’ Ferguson cut in, as calmly as he could manage.

‘You’ll need to start attending counselling for the alcoholism as well– ’

‘Stop!’ Ferguson overstepped the mark, reaching across and grabbing her hand. Straight away he realised his slip, but it was too late.


A guard appeared at either side of him, placing their hands on his shoulders and wrists. ‘Tell me!’ he pleaded through gritted teeth, as he was hauled from his chair.

‘I’ll be in touch Mr Ferguson.’ Lewis calmly stood up, and brushed down her clothing. ‘…when you’re less occupied.’ She bade him farewell with a single nod of the head, before turning towards the exit door.

This move had the desired affect, as Ferguson shrugged off the guards before:


Lewis turned back to see him sprawled out at the back of the room, a broken table lying beneath him. She walked towards him, past the Granbull, who looked as if it’d enjoyed that a little too much. ‘That’s the thing with Granbulls.’ She approached the prone Ferguson with a wry smile. ‘Their bulk gives them access to fighting move sets. Throw in the odd focus punch, brick-break… you can catch the Steel and Dark types of guard.’

‘What do you want from me..?’ Ferguson croaked, as he was pulled back to his feet, ready to be dragged off for a day in solitary.

‘I want you as a mentor.’ Lewis said, catching even the guards by surprise, as they paused momentarily to see how this was going to pan out. ‘We’ll win your appeal, get you back on the outside, and reopen the Gym. You’re the best Pokémon trainer in the Schottia, maybe the only top trainer the country has ever produced.’ She stepped closer, coming almost nose-to-nose. ‘I know how frustrated you were, that none of your Gym Members ever went the distance. They didn’t have the stomach – but I do. I can be your legacy John, not this prison cell.’

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Reçueçn Roster & National Information

Sporting History

Reçueçn is only just now becoming a recognizable name in the sporting world. The nation has had few opportunities to make forays into the world of international football, but those it has had have been quite successful recently. Reçueçn debuted in the 59th Baptism of fire, where they made it to the quarterfinals. In their last game, they took Panem, the eventual winners of that tournament, all the way to penalty kicks, coming the closest to defeating the champions-to-be out of any nation in that Baptism of Fire. Immediately following the Baptism of Fire, Reçueçn played a friendly against United RussoAsia in "Le 1er Annuel Tournoi Teikei," which they handily won, 3-1. The nation followed this up with two back-to-back attempts to qualify for the world cup, both of which were unsuccessful. Following the first attempt, during World Cup 72 qualifiers, Reçueçn was invited to the 64th Cup of Harmony, where two draws in the group stage proved not to be enough to advance.

After Reçueçn's abortive attempt to qualify for the 73rd World Cup, the nation ceased entering international tournaments for a long period. During this phase, domestic sport in Reçueçn fell into disarray as well. Only recently did things change, when a young legislative staffer named Jean-Luc Lassalle began an initiative to resurrect organized sport in the country with the government's assistance. The result of his push was the creation of the brand new Reçuecian Ministry of Sport, which promptly reorganized domestic association football leagues throughout the country and got things moving once more. Lassalle himself became the new Minister of Sport, despite his young age.

For the national team, this meant involvement once more in international competition. Reçueçn's first chance to declare its return came at the 7th Independent Associations' Championship. To the surprise of everyone, including its own fans, the unranked Reçuecian national team managed to win 3rd place, taking home its first silverware of any kind. The team itself largely consisted of the same squad that had partaken in the Baptism of Fire and World Cup qualifiers all of 10 World Cup cycles ago.

The team has struggled in the past, due to the rivalries within Reçuecian domestic football. During the Baptism of Fire and first international competitions for the national team, the players hadn't really had enough experience playing with each other to develop the necessary camaraderie or team spirit. Hopes were high that the creation of the Ministry of Sport would herald in a new era. Since the team was largely the same, some of the rivalries came back at first, but the team's performance at IAC 7 smoothed over its troubles and the team gelled.

Riding high on their third place finish in the IAC, the Reçuecians launched into their first qualification attempt since World Cup 73. This time, things were different: still officially unranked, Reçueçn miraculously managed to qualify for the world cup in its first attempt, even making it as far as the Round of 16. The nation returned to the IAC even stronger and more confident; this time they knew what they were capable of, and they were hosting to boot. In its second IAC, Reçueçn got everything it could want: victory at home.

Back in world cup qualifiers, the Reçuecians earned a spot in World Cup 84, making their qualification record two for two since their return. They were less successful in the world cup itself this time around, proving unable to make it out of the group stage, but having only been ranked 44th going into qualifiers, were happy to make it as far as they did.

At the last IAC, however, Reçueçn went home earlier than they might have hoped, finding their earliest ever exit in the Round of Sixteen. This was followed by an appearance at the Eagles Cup where Reçueçn failed to make the knockout rounds. Fortunately neither of these performances seemed to be indicative of the nation's performance in the eighty-fifth world cup, where les licornes once again made it to the second round.

All time record: 70-34-34

National Team Information

L'Équipe Nationale de Reçueçn de Football is still in the process of making a name for itself, but if it's known for anything, it would be for its defensive style. This is partly due to the large influence of Reçueçn FC on the team—the most popular domestic club in Reçueçn plays about as defensive a game as you can imagine. This is balanced out to some extent by the players from other teams with more attacking philosophies, but the league as a whole tends towards defense, and it shows in the national team. Furthermore, Gerauld Firaut, the team's #1 goalie, is the best player on the team by a solid margin—without a doubt, Reçueçn's first world-class player. He and his defense form the foundation for the team as a whole.

National Team Logo
The team plays in a 4-3-3 formation, but sometimes the wings drop back, almost making it a 4-5-1. In general, the team's strategy and tactics are solid—Jacques Tremblay, the coach, knows his stuff despite his age. Last world cup, amid rising concerns over Tremblay's health, the team signed an official assistant manager for the first time in Bonheur Relié, whose fiery personality contrasts Tremblay's gentler wisdom. The team's weakness would be a possible lack of talent—Reçueçn has not yet had the opportunity to develop or train true world-class quality players.

The Reçueçian National Team's mascot is the unicorn; thus another name for the team is "les licornes". The fantastical creature has been a symbol of Reçueçn for almost two millennia and is also the national animal, appearing as the supporters in the national coat of arms.

The team's kit represents the colors of the flag in a quite literal fashion. The jersey was recently redesigned, replacing the first one the Unicorns ever wore, dating back to the 59th Baptism of Fire. Fans who thought the old outfit ugly are excited to see the team play wearing its new uniforms, and feel that they are now represented much more professionally.

Reçueçn has only one stadium in which its national team plays, located in the capital city (also named Reçueçn). Never having been given an official title, the national stadium is usually simply referred to just that: The National Stadium, or in French, the local language, the Stade Nationale. Capacity: 30,000.

Name               	#	Pos.	Age	Club                 	TGM	Caps	Goals
Coaching Staff
Jacques Tremblay M Manager 73 National Team
Bonheur Relié AM As.Man. 47 National Team
Gerauld Firaut 1 GK 27 Reçueçn FC RCN 129 58 clean sheets
Emanuele Cutrona 2 CB 23 Mierton Manatees TAE 59 3
Paulin Bourguignon 3 LB 24 Stomford 1904 RCN 61
Lukas Kayserling 4 CB 23 Herzegovina City FC BNJ 66 2
Oliver Spencer 5 RB 27 Brinemouth NPH 136 1
Raoul Lavigne 6 LM 24 Monmouth Park FC CBP 61 5
Harold Saunders 7 AM 30 Association Genève RCN 113 13
Maynard Hebron 8 RM 28 Assalto Alpino RCN 137 13
Per Tegeler 9 LW 26 Marketville EUR 58 12
Frank "Franky" Adams 10 CF 22 Association Genève RCN 129 54
Freeman Lebo 11 RW 29 Pelethas United COS 131 30
Estienne de Chefderue 12 GK 23 FC Harrim RCN 4 1 clean sheet
Hagen Groos 13 SW 26 Reçueçn FC RCN 16 1
Jayson Compton 14 LB 24 Col-de-Môse RCN 9 1
Quirino Lucian 15 CB 24 Ville-sur-Rivière RCN 14 1
Barnabus Mercer 16 RB 28 Heldingen 1919 RCN 9 1
Robert Chéreau 17 LM 23 FC Zimmerich RCN 6 4
Grégoire Leclair 18 DM 31 Dynamo Sjoedrhavn SVJ 68 5
Quentin Gouin 19 RM 21 Association Genève RCN 9 2
Marc Schöner 20 LW 25 Stomford 1904 RCN
Ly Nasser 21 CF 25 FC Zimmerich RCN 58 12
Jean-Baptiste Brochard 22 RW 29 Lampadaires Associés RCN 48 5
Calanico Di Martino 23 GK 26 Renwyll RCN 2

Coaching Staff
Jacques Tremblay: Old and wise, Jacques Tremblay is often seen as the father of modern Reçuecian football, known for his eternal ability to innovate and surprise. He had retired, but when asked to coach the national team, did not refuse. He, along with Gerauld Firaut, holds together the national team. Reçuecians tend to forget how ridiculously old he is, and anyway, he's all they've got.

Bonheur Relié: Passionate and motivated, Relié has all the youthful energy you'd hope for in the assistant coach of a side whose manager is pushing three quarters of a century. Sometimes his energy can be a bit much and he's had some friction with the players in the past.

Gerauld Firaut: The face of Reçuecian football. Mature, talented, humble. Firaut, team captain, provides the leadership on the pitch that les licornes need, and the fact that he's such a nice guy when he's not playing soccer helps cement him as the nation's favored son. As some of his Reçueçn FC have retired or not been called up for this tournament, his exceptional goal-tending skills combined with Tremblay's strategy has preserved the team's defensive nature.

Emanuele Cutrona: Cutrona was in the first batch of call-ups for the National Team after the original Baptism of Fire squad, and he's still one of the youngest on the team. Until Di Martino's call-up, he was the only Italian-speaking player on the team (although others are from Italian-speaking clubs). He's developed a strong friendship with Franky Adams, which often leads to the pair of them getting in trouble.

Paulin Bourguignon: Bourguignon is the kind of defensive player who is always trying to clear the ball with long shots and score goals at corner kicks. Big on counter-attacks, he sometimes outpaces the mid-fielders, usually to his coach's dismay.

Lukas Kayserling: Very tall. Calm and controlled. Sometimes has difficulty communicating as he doesn't speak English or French as well as most of the other team members.

Oliver Spencer: Annother star defensive player from Reçueçn FC, Spencer is often outshone by Firaut, and for a long time Spencer couldn't decide whether the rivalry he thought they had was more important than team spirit or not. By now he has found his groove as part of the all-important back line.

Raoul Lavigne: No relation of the slightly more well-known Hippolyte Lavigne, Raoul is the second sophomore of the team: not one of the original squad but not a brand-new call-up either. He caught the NT's scouts' eyes after helping Bonneville Sportif to a couple good seasons. (He now plays in Baker Park.) Playing outside the nation has given him new things to worry about, namely, if his teammates leave him out of things since he's not a 'local' anymore. He doesn't realize how ridiculous his fears are, but fortunately they push him to prove himself every time he steps onto the field.

Harold Saunders: Saunders is synonymous with an aggressive style of play, especially in the midfield. He seems to always be able to find a way to give the ball to Franky. On and off the field he is emotionally well-balanced, usually rather stoic and unmoved.

Maynard Hebron: The unsung hero of the Assalto Alpino, Hebron is a great proponent of football development across Recuecn, especially on behalf of the smaller amateur teams that have recently joined the FNRF. Hebron often gets lucky with long shots from the edge of the box when the strikers are unable to really get open right in front of goal.

Per Tegeler: Good at receiving the ball from the defense or mid-field, trapping it in general, and taking it into the 18-yard box and shooting. Possible weakness is passing: either he doesn't, or it's long air balls. Per is the big change to the line-up since the world cup—the aging Hippolyte Lavigne was not called up again, and so now Tegeler is starting.

Frank "Franky" Adams: Young, extremely talented, and rather cocky, Franky, who plays for Association Genève in the LNRF, really makes their team. When he has a bad shooting streak, his team has a losing streak, and vice versa, and he knows it. At Association Genève, the team and the fans love him. At the national team, they tolerate him—his rivalries with Reçueçn FC's players cause tension which Coach Tremblay must try to defuse. Tremblay, incidentally, thinks Franky is a bit conceited, although he is still one of the most aware of his talent. Franky is definitely the second most famous player on the team, at least to Reçueians. His role up front helps with that, obviously.

Freeman Lebo: Lebo can score goals, is highly motivated, and persevering. He's comfortable in the striker role. However, he is high-strung and not too difficult to offend, traits which, when combined with his overestimation of his own skill, can make him difficult to get along with. Has lots of potential when a manager can get him to swallow his pride, and Tremblay usually can. Lebo and Franky got off to a rocky start but since then they've really meshed well, and they give each other great service often leading to one of them scoring.

Estienne de Chefderue: Both of les licornes' reserve goalies were recently replaced, and de Chefderue got the number one number two spot. Last season at FC Harrim he did well, and he got some practice in the Eagles Cup when Tremblay subbed him into a lot of matches. It remains to be seen how he'll fare in a tournament that means a bit more.

Hagen Groos: A Reçueçn FC representative, yet again: Groos is sweeper for the club, which is supposedly the best in the country. It's probably confusing for him then why the starting sweeper position is handed to the younger Cutrona rather than him.

Jayson Compton: Not a ton to say about Jayson Compton. He's a mysterious fellow and we don't quite know what he's up to ourselves.

Quirino Lucian: Lucian has the look of a rugby player, and he'll take all the intimidation he can get from that: he needs people to know he's not afraid to muscle them down as they approach his goal—because he's not. He'll mess you up.

Barnabus Mercer: Called up for the first time at twenty-seven years old after doing very well in le championnat, some people questioned this decision of Tremblay's. Certainly it was the strongest on paper, so we'll see how it pans out. If you can believe it, Mercer played for a San Lleran club team more than ten world cups ago.

Robert Chéreau: Chéreau's biggest issue is that he tends to drift toward the center when he shouldn't, yet he ironically seems to have a very good idea of space and where to be in it, which is good for a player in his position.

Grégoire Leclair: Leclair almost never plays at the same time as Saunders. Usually, one is subbed for the other depending on whether more defensive or offensive tactics are called for at the moment. Leclair's specialty is going back and clearing the ball in difficult situations. There were thoughts Leclair wouldn't be called up this year, which would've been major news, but I guess he's been doing well enough in Savojarna for Tremblay.

Quentin Gouin: The team's new youngest player, he has breath and speed and agility. The stamina is sometimes lacking.

Marc Schöner: Schöner is the latest call-up, replacing Tegeler on the bench now that Tegeler is starting. He's fresh from winning le championnat with his club (Stomford 1904), so he's got all the energy and drive you could ask for, along with all the pride and self-assuredness.

Ly Nasser: Loves to shoot from far out, and often shoots high. Despite this, he makes up for it with his sheer number of shots. Incredibly aggressive, and loved by Zimmerich fans. Thinks he is one of the best strikers in the world, and he certainly is a good player. Weirdly he gets put on the Reçuecian reserves, you'd expect him to be playing with Lebo and Franky.

Jean-Baptiste Brochard: Immensely fast, especially with the ball, Brochard is weaker in set pieces and organized attacks. His strength is the counter-attack and the breakaway.

Calanico Di Martino: Unfortunately Di Martino's given name doesn't quite just mean 'soccer,' although it is close. His parents must have known there was something special about him. He has a toe that moves with wings.
Reçuecian History and Culture

The nation of Reçueçn was created in the first half of the XIVth century, when Carl Blancpic, Duke of the Duchy of Reçueçn, launched a breakneck military campaign invading and annexing many of his neighbors to the east. Before this time, Reçueçn had been only a city, built on the heights overlooking the junction of the Rhône and Saône rivers. These heights had been settled by Carl Blancpic's distant ancestor, Ifheda Rcuecn, near the end of the IInd century a.d., and had born his name ever since. The area at that time belonged to the Roman Empire, who had established their regional administrative center, Lugdunum, on the other side of the river.

In 197 a.d., a decisive battle was fought near Lugdunum in one of the civil wars for the throne of the empire. The victor, Septimius Severus, razed the city of Lugdunum and destroyed it, stripping from it all imperial privileges in punishment for supporting his rival. This was the end for Lugdunum, but it was the beginning for Reçueçn. Refugees flocked across the river to join the settlement, and the city of Reçueçn grew to become a smallish regional center. Rcuecn's descendants (who changed the spelling to Reçueçn) maintained control over what became the Duchy of Reçueçn for 700 years, until it was inherited by their cousins the Blancpics who reigned for another 300 years.

At the beginning of the XIVth century, power passed into the hands of Carl Blancpic, who was partially insane and a megalomaniac. Thus he declared his duchy to be a kingdom and singled out weak neighbors who he invaded with audacity. Over an incredibly short period of time beginning in the spring of 1337, he had carved out for himself a sizable dominion.

Carl, who styled himself "Carl III of Reçueçn", was violent, unstable, and petty. He was also wildly unpopular with the populations of the various states he had conquered. Although the central power structure helped the economy of the new Kingdom of Reçueçn to some extent, it did not bring with it all the stability that might have been expected. This was mostly due to the decrees of Carl III, who, among other things, began a campaign to persecute and kill all "heretics" within his new realm. Most historians agree that this was in fact a thinly veiled purge of his political rivals. This and other policies he enacted on his whims finally drove the people into open revolt sometime around 1352.

Carl managed to hold on to power for a couple years by hiring mercenaries, but in 1254 lost two key battles and was captured by the rebels. By this time, the rebellion was led by feudal lords throughout the country who had sided with the people against their tyrant king. Carl III was executed, and the kingdom dissolved into a mess of tiny, independent feudal holdings.

No sooner had the various states that had been in the Kingdom of Reçueçn won their independence, than infighting broke out among them. The feudal lords squabbled over power and influence, trying vainly to imitate Carl's meteoric rise to power. This new violence, combined with the economic downturn associated with the rebellion and the breakup of the nation, clearly displayed how poorly things were turning out. More sensible minds came to the decision that the solution was to once more unify Reçueçn.

On November 19, 1356, therefore, The Allied States of Reçueçn came into being. The leaders of all the petty states, duchies, bishoprics, free cities, etc., came together and signed what are known as "The Treaties of the Alliance," a document just powerful enough to classify Reçueçn as a single nation by most people's definition, rather than a group of independent entities. The treaties also established a rough form of democracy, with each state represented (although typically by its aristocracy). Thus Reçueçn lays claim to being one of the oldest democracies in the world.

The treaties defined much of Reçuecian history to come. Provisions were made to establish freedom of religion, in order to avoid another scenario similar to Carl III's persecution of his opponents. The treaties also gave Reçueçn an isolationist bent. The nation had been burned before, and wouldn't soon try to meddle in external affairs, especially when its composite nature made creating a foreign policy so difficult.

Reçueçn, then, has managed to avoid many of the crises of European history. It's darkest moment came when Napoleon invaded, proclaiming himself emperor (although he allowed Reçueçn's government to continue to function under his reign). The allied states have drawn closer together, although cultural differences remain among them; they don't even all speak the same language.

Reçueçian culture has also been shaped by its location, nestled in the center of the Alps. Although rural communities did center around agriculture--especially dairy production--many Reçuecian were forced by the lack of arable land to find other work. This led to a culture of innovation that continues today: Reçueçn is now known for its luxury products and technological exports. This has additionally led to a focus on science and education. The relatively diverse nature of Reçueçn's culture means that some areas are culturally more time-oriented while others are more task-oriented, but this conjunction has led to some unique things, especially in art. Reçueçn, perhaps thanks to its inland, mountainous location, or the fact that it was never a colonial power, has seen little immigration or emigration. Recently, however, the diversity of language spoken in the country has made it attractive to refugees from other areas where those languages are spoken.
Essential Information
RP Permissions

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, nothing career-ending
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, but never
Firaut, Saunders, or Kayserling
Godmod other events: Yes
Style Modifier: -π | Trigram: RCN
Quick Facts
Capital: Reçueçn
Official Languages: French, German, Italian
Non-official Languages: Arpitan
Demonym: Reçuecian
Population: 5,252,000 (regional censuses 1999-2011)
Area: 43,116 sq km
GDP: $340,000,000,000 (2019 Estimate)
Currency: Guilder
All photos taken by me in locations that would be in IC Reçueçn.
All logos and graphics created by me.
Starting XI
1 - GK - Gerauld Firaut
2 - SW - Emanuele Cutrona
3 - LB - Paulin Bourguignon
4 - CB - Lukas Kayserling
5 - RB - Oliver Spencer
6 - LM - Raoul Lavigne
18 - DM - Harold Saunders
8 - RM - Maynard Hebron
9 - LW - Per Tegeler
10 - CF - Franky Adams
11 - RW - Freeman Lebo



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