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Astroquantum Football Open Cup

PostPosted: Wed Jul 15, 2020 1:32 am
by Astroquantum
The Astroquantum Football Federatioon organize his world cup

2 nations per team
You must divide the position of team captain or coach
Okay, now it’s nice, but how is this championship going? How to win matches? This is where we will have to be strategic! : o
Basically, I will roll one die for each team for each match that decides the score. But where you are going to have an influence is on the number of sides of the die. The scores may go randomly from 0 to 3 basic (as if we were rolling a 4-sided die: 0, 1, 2 or 3), but your strategic choices between each match may increase (or decrease) the number of faces. At most, you can play with a die ranging from 0 to 13! Nine different events / choices may vary the bonuses / penalties (3 freelancers, 3 at the captain's choice, 3 at the coach's choice).

So how will the number of faces vary? This will be thanks to the choices that the coach and the captain will make between each meeting. It will therefore be between each match that the people concerned send me in MP their choice for the future meeting on all points on which they can influence. In the absence of a choice received before the meeting, they will be considered to have made the wrong choice.

During each meeting, I will of course not reveal the choices of the coaches of each team, otherwise it could ruin any strategy, but I will indicate the total bonus / penalty for each team (in the form of shots on target). This way you will be able to know if you have dominated or not by having made the right choices, whatever the score. And by looking at the bonuses / penalties of the teams you meet, you could perhaps have an idea about their choices ... Only a few events will necessarily be public: a red card obtained, a positive doping control, a suspended coach (basically the actions failed in fact).
COACH'S CHOICE: The coach of each team must send me, between each match, their choices for the future match on three points.

1 / Training: 4-4-2> 3-5-2> 4-5-1> 4-4-2
Basically, 3 possible formations, each one being more or less strong than another. I will look at the formations chosen by the two teams, the one which is superior to the other will grant a +1 bonus to his team.

2 / Tactics: Offensive> Balanced> Defensive> Offensive
As for training, +1 bonus for the team having the tactics superior to the other.

3 / Snooping around in the opposing team: Yes / No
The coach may choose to spy on the opposing team's locker room. If the coach sends me this choice, I will roll a dice 10. If he rolls 1 or 2, he will have immediate access to all the choices of the captain and the opposing coach for this match which I will send him in MP ( knowing that if they send me the choices at the last moment, inevitably, it will limit the action window). Between 1 and 5 the action will be successful and the choice of coach on training for the match will automatically be the right one. If the die rolls on 6 or 7, the coach will be snooping around and making a mistake, he will automatically choose the wrong formation. Between 8 and 10, the coach will be spotted and reported, he will be suspended for the next match and therefore will not be able to send his choices (he will therefore inevitably have the penalty of training and tactics in the next match). If the same player is captain and coach for the party, he will be suspended from both roles in the next game.

CAPTAIN'S CHOICE: The captain of each team must send me, for each match, their choices for the future match on three points.

1 / Aggression during the match: Aggressive> Not aggressive
The captain may choose to play the next game aggressively. In this case, his team will have a +1 bonus. Only, I will roll a dice 10, and if the result is between 7 and 10, this will result in a red card for his team (penalty of -1 in the next match).

2 / Doping: Doped> Not doped
The captain may choose to dope for the next match. In this case, his team will have a bonus of +3. But beware, the captain of the opposing team may request an anti-doping test (see below). If the check is positive, the captain will be excluded and his team will obtain a penalty of -2 (his choice of aggressiveness will however be maintained).

3 / Request a check: Yes / No
The captain, if he suspects that the opposing captain is doped, may request an anti-doping control for the next match. If he is right, the opposing captain will be excluded (see above). If he is wrong, this will destabilize his team which will then have a -1 penalty.


1 / Trust: for all tranches of 5 points in advance, a +1 bonus is given

2 / The quiz: between each match, I will send 10 questions on the subject of football on the discord, the quickest to give the right answer will earn a +1 bonus to his team for the next match. 2 bonus max/team

How to participate ?
Join the Discord Server.
Choose a region.
Complete the form

After, each region will organize qualifications. The best members are qualified for World Cup.
There will be 6 groups of 6 teams(or 12 groups of 4 if many teams).
First case: the 2 first teaams iun each group are qualified for 1/8 Finals. The 3rd teams of each group will play a other group, and the 4 tfirst teams are also qualified.
Second case: The 2 first teams in each group are qualified for 1/16 Finals. The 3rd team in each group will play another group of 3 teams. The 2 first teams are also qualified for 1/16 Finals