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The Jovannic Cricket Tour of Sylestone

PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 2020 6:34 pm
by Sylestone
Sylestone and The Jovannic have come to an agreement to play a cricket tour in Sylestone. The tour will be comprised of one test, three ODIs and three T20s. The schedule is below:

Test: July 18, Chamberley Cricket Ground, Chamberley
First ODI: July 22, Bolton Oval, Pesfield
Second ODI: July 25, Capital Stadium, Avondale
Third ODI: July 27, Betham Cricket Ground, Betham
First T20: July 30, Halpenley City Ground, Halpenley
Second T20: August 1, Katham Oval, Chamberley
Third T20: August 5, Cleorough Stadium, Cleorough

More detail about stadiums to come soon!


PostPosted: Mon Jul 13, 2020 3:07 pm
by Sylestone
Chamberley Cricket Ground, Chamberley
Capacity: 86,000
Style Modifier: +5
About: The CCG is one of Sylestone's oldest grounds. It is known for its status as a batting paradise and it probably isn't the best location to hold a test, but it will do. The stadiums usually filled with loud, noisy Sylestonean supporters, determined to see their team win. The temperature there is warm, even in the dry season, like now.
Surroundings: Chamberley is a large, reasonably spatial city on the western coast of Sylestone, near the mainland. It is famous for its beaches and its offshore resort known as Felton Island. Chamberley and its resort are known for their world-class beaches, reefs and rainforests.

Bolton Oval, Pesfield
Capacity: 50,000
Style Modifier: +5
About: Bolton Oval, in the city of Pesfield, is another batting paradise, even more so than the CCG. It can house up to 50,000 people, roughly 6% of the city's population, all of which is required in international matches.
Surroundings: Pesfield, the sixth-largest city in Sylestone, is unarguably the oddest. Located on the north-eastern coast, its one-million inhabitants live in the trees, hence the name of the Crash n' Smash side hailing from there. It is a tradition for the two sides to stay in treetop resorts while staying here. Like Chamberley, the entire city is surrounded and in the middle of a vast rainforest.

Capital Stadium, Avondale
Capacity: 100,000
Style Modifier: +1
About: Capital Stadium was built 20 years ago because Heritage Stadium, Avondale's old ground got too small. Hence the name, the stadium is quite literally located in the middle of the capital city of Avondale. Despite holding a whopping 100 thousand people, there is always a cram for seats and it is not uncommon for tickets to sell out.
Surroundings: Avondale is located on the northwest coast of Sylestone and is the best located for access. It is environmentally the least pleasing city, but it has many great attractions, such as the Sylestone National Zoo, Barella Beach and The Plaza.

Betham Cricket Ground, Betham
Capacity: 43,000
Style Modifier: +1
About: Another famous ground, the BCG is a rather small stadium compared to the city size and it's larger counterparts. However, the atmosphere the people of Betham bring to the ground well and truly makes up for the lack of seats and it is many of Sylestone's international and domestic player's favourite ground.
Surroundings: Betham is a nice, large city with many famous beaches. Although it is the largest city that has no rainforest in proximity, it is still one of Sylestone's major tourist attractions. The Sylestone national side has already booked a hotel near the beach for the days they are spending here.

Halpenley City Oval, Halpenley
Capacity: 35,000
Style Modifier: -2
About: Halpenley City Oval is renowned for being a testing pitch. There are often cracks in the surface, making it hard for the batsmen to judge the ball's direction. However, good, world-class players should find this pitch not a problem at all.
Surroundings: Halpenley is located smack-bang in the centre of Sylestone. It is surrounded by farmland and one of Sylestone's least favourite cities. Certainly one of the poorest.

Katham Oval, Chamberley
Capacity: 13,000
Style Modifier: -4
About: Another sh*thole for batting, Katham Oval is a small ground with only a capacity of 13,000. Anyone who makes a fifty on this pitch is just seen as a batting god and superior. It is a bowlers paradise, especially for the spinners.
Surroundings: Katham Oval is located in the suburb/village of Katham, just outside the city of Chamberley. It is a tourist attraction as many reef tours and boats to Felton Island leave here. Good place to spend a holiday, mark my words.

Cleorough Stadium, Cleorough
Capacity: 57,500
Style Modifier: 0
About: Like Katham Oval and Halpenley City Oval, Cleorough Stadium has a horrendous pitch. Well not horrendous, and it's a little better than Halpenley City, but it's still pretty bad. However, what makes this a decent pitch is the tiny boundaries. Although Katham is small, it isn't as small as Cleorough Stadium. The longest boundary measures sixty metres, and the shortest forty.
Surroundings: Cleorough is like Chamberley. Surrounded by rainforest and reefs out to sea.

Sylestone Squad

PostPosted: Wed Jul 15, 2020 4:27 pm
by Sylestone
Sylestone ODI rank: #12

XI for first T20:
Luke Tiati
The young, 24-year-old from Pesfield in Northeast Sylestone, has a bright future ahead of him after a good showing in the ODI World Cup. He scored two centuries and forged some good partnerships with fellow opener Lachlan Edwards. He is also the side's first-choice wicketkeeper.

ODI Career:
Matches: 12
Innings: 12
Runs: 589
BF: 679
Not Outs: 1
Average: 53.55
Strike Rate: 86.75
High Score: 167*
100s: 2
50s: 3

Lachlan Edwards
Do you think Luke Tiati is young? Think again. At just the age of sixteen, Lachlan Edwards hit four centuries in the World Cup and is in the form of his short life so far. And he can only get better. He also bowls decent leg-spin, too.

ODI Career:
Matches: 12
Innings: 12
Runs: 834
BF: 858
Not Outs: 2
Average: 83.4
Strike Rate: 97.2
High Score: 154*
100s: 4
50s: 3

Wickets: 3
Overs: 77
Runs: 362
Average: 120.67
Economy: 4.7
Strike Rate: 154
Best Bowling: 1/20
5-fors: 0

Daniel Fomleya (c)
At thirty years of age, Daniel Fomleya is the oldest player in the home squad and the captain too. A lot relies on him and he played an important role in Sylestone's World Cup. Without him, they would not have made it past Group C.

ODI Career:
Matches: 12
innings: 12
Runs: 429
BF: 571
Not Outs: 1
Average: 39
Strike Rate: 75.13
High Score: 110
100s: 2
50s: 1

Zachary Charlton
Zachary Charlton is another top-order dynamo in this Sylestonean side and also played a crucial role in several games during the WC. He is an asset to the team and will have a big role to play if Sylestone is to beat Martune.

ODI Career:
Matches: 12
Innings: 12
Runs: 490
BF: 504
Not Outs: 0
Average: 40.83
Strike Rate: 97.22
High Score: 136
100s: 2
50s: 2

Lachlan Cocrine
Lachlan Cocrine didn't have a brilliant World Cup, but his explosive batting style expects him to be batting at #3 in the T20's. He will be crucial, as Edwards, Tiati, Charlton and Fomleya are all fluent and non-aggressive scorers.

ODI Career:
Matches: 7
Innings: 7
Runs: 169
BF: 193
Not Outs: 2
Average: 33.8
Strike Rate: 87.56
High Score: 45
100s: 0
50s: 0

Liam Afosha
Dubbed the "finisher", he is known for his prowess and "never say die" attitude towards the game and in particular his batting. He nearly stole their final game from Elejamie in the World Cup with a brilliant 119. He will need to make more scores like this if Sylestone is to defeat Martune.

ODI Career:
Matches: 12
Innings: 12
Runs: 377
BF: 339
Not Outs: 2
Average: 37.7
Strike Rate: 111.21
High Score: 119
100s: 1
50s: 1

Wickets: 1
Overs: 65
Runs: 417
Average: 417
Economy: 6.42
Strike Rate: 390
Best Bowling: 1/43
5-fors: 0

Jonah Appleby
To be honest, the number seven position is a bit of a nothing spot in the Sylestonean lineup. it is well and truly after their world-class top-order and there is still more batting to come after it. Jonah Appleby fills this spot and his main contribution is just a second-choice wicketkeeper.

ODI Career:
Matches: 7
Innings: 7
Runs: 111
BF: 153
Not Outs: 5
Average: 55.5
Strike Rate: 72.55
High Score: 32*
100s: 0
50s: 0

Norbert Pistecial
Another teen in Sylestone's lineup, Norbert Pistecial is a quick left-arm swing bowler. He proved himself in the World Cup and in the test series in Ethane and he is looking to cement his spot in the lineup with some good performances against Martune. Certainly, a player to watch.

ODI Career:
Matches: 12
Innings: 5
Runs: 54
BF: 50
Not Outs: 3
Average: 27
Strike Rate: 108
High Score: 21*
100s: 0
50s: 0

Wickets: 14
Overs: 109
Runs: 564
Average: 40.29
Economy: 5.17
Strike Rate: 46.71
Best Bowling: 3/47
5-fors: 0

Sean Polen
He came into the side in the WC in place of Zangj Jonjaakh and set himself up a case there, with a three-for and a 49 against Elejamie. He will be playing in the first match, but whether he can hold that spot, only time will tell.

ODI Career:
Matches: 7
Innings: 1
Runs: 49
BF: 34
Not Outs: 1
Average: N/A
Strike Rate: 144.12
High Score: 49*
100s: 0
50s: 0

Wickets: 5
Overs: 53
Runs: 277
Average: 55.4
Economy: 522.64
Strike Rate: 53.6
Best Bowling: 3/33
5-fors: 0

Broughton Hall
At only 19, Broughton Hall is arguably Sylestone's best bowler and undoubtedly their best spinner. He took a six-for against The Sarian in the World Cup and will be looking for even more against Martune. Definitely one to watch in the coming years.

ODI Career:
Matches: 12
Innings: 2
Runs: 0
BF: 2
Not Outs: 2
Average: N/A
Strike Rate: 0
High Score: 0*
100s: 0
50s: 0

Wickets: 24
Overs: 117
Runs: 578
Average: 24.08
Economy: 4.94
Strike Rate: 29.25
Best Bowling: 6/28
5-fors: 2

Joshua Vilesti
Joshua Vilesti bowls fast, accurate little seamers but occasionally has off days. He is just going into his prime and will be vital over the next few years to Sylestone's success.

ODI Career:
Matches: 12

Wickets: 13
Overs: 105
Runs: 553
Average: 42.54
Economy: 5.27
Strike Rate: 48.46
Best Bowling: 3/56
5-fors: 0

Oliver Edwards
A cousin of Lachlan Edwards, Oliver Edwards made 72 runs on debut against The Booter in the WC but failed in every other innings. If he gets a chance it will be interesting to see whether he will pull out some good performances or just fall right through.

ODI Career:
Matches: 5
Innings: 5
Runs: 116
BF: 97
Not Outs: 0
Average: 23.2
Strike Rate: 119.59
High Score: 72
100s: 0
50s: 1

Wickets: 0
Overs: 2
Runs: 22
Average: N/A
Economy: 11
Strike Rate: N/A
Best Bowling: 0/22
5-fors: 0

Peter Lenton
Peter Lenton made a few runs in the ODI WC, but he didn't really get much of a chance to shine. If he gets the chance, is this his time?

ODI Career:
Matches: 5
Innings: 5
Runs: 65
BF: 46
Not Outs: 2
Average: 22.67
Strike Rate: 141.3
High Score: 17*
100s: 0
50s: 0

Zangj Jonjaakh
Rounding out the 14-man squad, Zangj Jonjaakh had both good games and bad games in the World Cup, but he ultimately got an injury which basically ended his tournament. He can hit a very long ball, so if he gets a bat, it should be interesting to see how he goes.

ODI Career:
Matches: 4
Innings: 1
Runs: 4
BF: 4
Not Outs: 0
Average: 4
Strike Rate: 100
High Score: 4
100s: 0
50s: 0

Wickets: 7
Overs: 49
Runs: 311
Average: 44.43
Economy: 6.35
Strike Rate: 42
Best Bowling: 4/56
5-fors: 0

PostPosted: Thu Jul 16, 2020 2:45 am
by The Jovannic
Jovannic Cricket
Cricket is a mildly popular sport, Just Behind Curling as the 14th most popular sport. The sport has gained popular in recent years due to great domestic Bowler Mickey Tastudo. There is Unfortunately still no Domestic League, although there are street leagues and an elite league has been devised and set to be shown in a few years time. Having already played in the GCF ODI World Trophy I, winning in a few good games, this will be good practice for the Jovannic. :clap:

Starting XI
Sale Miski Age:27 Captain All rounder Left Hand
Villi Sanchurros Age: 31 Batsman Left Hand
Marck Janjo Age: 30 Batsman Right Hand
Farigay Harley Age: 22 Batsman Right Hand
Fe Penu Age:19 Batsman Left Hand
Regale Mista Age: 25 Pace Orthodox Bowler Right Hand
Mickey Tastudo Age: 21 Spin Bowler Left Hand
Retwew Sackenew Age: 24 Spin Bowler Left Hand
Hugled Parker Age: 22 Pace Bowler Right Hand
Viso Lim Age: 23 Pace Bowler Left Hand
Geldan Choogan Age: 28 Wicket Keeper Right Hand

Dinel Optisoz Age: 20 All Rounder Right Hand
Mucela Custalos Age: 31 Batsman Right Hand
Marco Tisihirfe Age: 24 Batsman Right Hand
Tanfoga Muichipeach Age: 23 Spin Bowler Left Hand
Salfar Musten Age: 20 Pace Bowler Right Hand
Firtew Lopiak Age: 22 Wicket Keeper Left Hand

U may do everything except for Injuries, Godmod or RP. Pls ask me if I would allow and explain why can. Also Scorecard is good. :clap:

PostPosted: Fri Jul 17, 2020 2:33 pm
by Sylestone
Only Test:
The Jovannic bat first
The Jovannic 327 (98.0 overs), 195 (58.1 overs)
Sylestone 519 (150.0 overs), 8/0 (2.2 overs)
Sylestone win by 10 wickets

Sylestone get huge win in first Jovannic test

PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2020 12:28 am
by Sylestone
Sylestone have managed to grab a massive ten-wicket win against The Jovannic on a batting paradise. Their bowlers shone, dismissing The Jovannic for 327 in the first innings before Sylestone's batsman piled on 519 runs on the back of a 250-run opening stand. It could have been a lot more, but it was enough as Broughton Hall ran through The Jovannic's middle order in their second innings, bowling them out for only 195 in 58 overs. This left Sylestone with a mediocre 4 runs to get to win and despite a cautious start, Luke Tiati finally decided to finish the game off with a massive six on the fourteenth ball of the innings.

Day 1:
On a warm sunny day in the western shore city of Chamberley, Sylestone, The Jovannic won the toss and decided to bat on a batting paradise. It seemed to be a good decision, as the first drinks break came and went without Josh Vilesti Norbert PIstecial or Zangj Jonjaakh being able to break the opening partnership. Enter Broughton Hall in the eighteenth over. The score, once 0/67, went to 2/69 in a matter of an over. With two new batsmen at the crease, things were looking up for Sylestone, and they stayed that way when Norbert Pistecial took another wicket in the 22nd over with the score at 27. The Jovannic's middle order steadied the ship with a solid 63 run partnership for the fourth wicket in 25 overs, but once the no.5 batsman disappeared, so did the sixth and seventh. This left Farigay Harley, The Jovannic's no.4, needing to hold the innings together and try to keep the tail in for as long as possible. With the score 6/155 on a perfect batting pitch, it looked woeful, but still possible. And he proved it to be so. Playing out Zangj Jonjaakh's spell of incredibly quick bowling at head height which had ran through the middle-order, Farigay Harley left it up to himself to get a decent total on the board. He took the bowling to the sword with Retwew Sackenew and put on a brilliant 131-run partnership until Sackenew was finally dismissed at 287 in the 82nd over by Norbert Pistecial with the new ball.
Two more wickets fell in the final eight overs, but neither were Farigay Harley, who remained unbeaten on 119 not out at the end of the day's play. It was almost purely him that got his side from 6/155 to 9/312 in the afternoon.

Day 2:
Farigay Harley was finally dismissed at the end of the 98th over, 8 overs into the day after only managing to compile fifteen runs to get his side to 327. It was a poor result, but it could have been much, much worse. He was clapped off the pitch by the crowd and both teams.

Joshua Vilesti          18  2  1-56
Norbert Pistecial 23 6 2-49
Zangj Jonjaakh 15 1 3-70
Broughton Hall 33 4 3-101
Lachlan Edwards 9 0 1-34

Extras: 26 (4B, 13LB, 9WD)
Total: 327 (98.0 overs)

With 78 overs still left in the day, Luke Tiati and Lachlan Edwards went out there with their heads set on being their overnight. They weren't far off it. They batted at a reasonable run rate hovering around three an over for the next 45-or-so overs until tea, then started to up it afterwards. They each passed their respective centuries, but finally, with just 7 overs left in the day, Lachlan Edwards fell for a brilliant 111 to Retwew Sackenew. Fomleya and Tiati played out the remaining overs for no more loss of wickets.

Day 3:
With the score 1/253 overnight, Sylestone were only 74 runs behind The Jovannic and looking in a superior position heading into day three. Fomleya and Tiati were hoping to keep the ball rolling with another high-scoring partnership, but it wasn't to be. Fomleya fell two overs and three balls into the day, in the first over with the new ball to a beauty. Zachary Charlton and Jonah Appleby followed suit, leaving Sean Lake and Luke Tiati with a bit of work on their hands with the score at 4/275. They rescued the innings before Tiati finally fell for 177 with the score at 334. He received a standing ovation from the 63,000-strong crowd and was embraced in the changing rooms. Simon Monteane joined Sean Lake until the latter departed for 61. Jonjaakh, Pistecial and Hall fell in the next 15 overs, which brought 50 runs and such a promising start fell to a not-so-good 9/445 after 138 overs.
Josh Vilesti, being a tail-ender, has the mindset of "go hard or go home." Today, He managed to do the former, hitting a quickfire 48 runs to take the total to 519, being dismissed on the final ball of the 150th over. Monteane remained unbeaten and was the main saviour of the innings.

Luke Tiati               177  312
Lachlan Edwards 111 229
Daniel Fomleya 12 19
Zachary Charlton 5 12
Jonah Appleby 3 20
Sean Lake 61 96
Simon Monteane 63 134 (Not Out)
Norbert Pistecial 13 24
Zangj Jonjaakh 15 15
Broughton Hall 1 5
Joshua Vilesti 48 34

Extras: 10 (2B, 7LB, 1WD)
Total: 519 (150.0 overs)

With only 12 overs remaining in the day, Vilesti was fired up after his brilliant batting performance and took three wickets in the first five overs. At 3/9, it got even worse in the final over of the day when Broughton Hall took the crucial wicket of Farigay Harley for just 6. The score at the end of day three was 4/27, The Jovannic still 165 runs behind Sylestone.

Day Four:
The final day of the test match. The Jovannic's middle-order managed to rally and took the score from 4/27 to 5/165 in a matter of 37 overs and 2 and a half hours. They looked prime to setting Sylestone a small, but tough target. That went out the window with Broughton Hall, with two wickets already under his belt when he was introduced. He took apart the middle-lower order and bowled The Jovannic out for 198, finishing with the brilliant figures of 6/65 from 21 overs. He was clapped from the field.

Joshua Vilesti        12  4  3-30
Norbert Pistecial 8 3 0-20
Zangj Jonjaakh 13 0 1-63
Broughton Hall 21 3 6-65
Lachlan Edwards 4 0 0-17

Extras: 5 (4WD, 1NB)
Total: 195 (58.0 overs)

Tiati and Edwards went out to bat in the fourth innings needing a whopping whole FOUR RUNS to get. They made it look quite tough, surviving the first two overs by the skin of their teeth, with both being maidens. However, Tiati had had enough, cutting the first ball of the third over for two and smacking the second back over the bowler's head for six, wrapping up proceedings. It was an important win for Sylestone, but errors were still seen, so it will be interesting to see what will come of the ODIs.

Luke Tiati          8  8 (Not Out)
Lachlan Edwards 0 6 (Not Out)

Extras: 0
Total: 0/8 (2.2 overs)

PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2020 2:38 am
by The Jovannic
Farigay Harley stars in Jovannic Loss against Sylestone

Farigay Harley and Retwew Sackenew were the lone stars in a otherwise dull display. The first days were dominated by Farigay Harley's amazing bowling display, getting The Jovannic from 6/155 to 9/312, but was unfortunately dismissed in the 2nd day. Sylestone dominated the game, but they made some crucial mistakes, which will be important as we look towards the ODI. " We haven't played in a long time, this is a wake up call for us, we must improve our game." Mickey Tastudo said after the match. "Sylestone is a tough opponent, it will be a good test." We will hope so.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2020 10:46 pm
by Sylestone
First ODI
Sylestone 322 (48.5 overs)
The Jovannic 206 (48 overs)

Sylestone get another big win in first ODI

PostPosted: Fri Jul 24, 2020 2:54 pm
by Sylestone
Zachary Charlton, Lachlan Edwards and Joshua Vilesti have performed well in yet another large win against a weak-looking Jovannic side. It seems as though they aren't quite yet up to scratch and Sylestone are. We will wait and see what happens in a few matches time once they have their mojo back. Charlton's century and Edwards's 90 took Sylestone to 322, only wasting 7 deliveries as a lower-order collapse spelled the end of their innings. Vilesti bowled with some of his classic economy and accuracy, snagging 4/29 from 10 overs and helping bowl out The Jovannic for 206 after 48 overs, leaving them still well short of their target.

Tiati went out to bat all guns blazing, rapidly going to 35 in just the 11th over before he was caught at midwicket with the score on 57. Fomleya came and went for 10 and with the score 2/75 in the 15th over Charlton and Edwards came together, Edwards on 31 and Charlton on nothing yet. Edwards remained calm for the entirety of his innings, scoring at a steady rate, but Charlton took to the bowling. Cover drives, hooks, pulls and cuts were all displayed and he only started to stagnate a little bit when Edwards was dismissed at 233 in the 38th over. It was a brilliant partnership of 158 and Charlton, on 90, was still going. Unfortunately, over the next four overs, neither Cocrine nor Charlton could find the middle of the bat, but finally, at the end of the 42nd over, Charlton flat-batted a straight drive back over the bowler's head to reach his century. The crowd loved it. Cocrine was dismissed the next over and all of a sudden, the innings turned into complete mayhem, as the next 30 balls brought 66 runs for the loss of six wickets. It was described by Daniel Fomleya as a "clusterfuck", and it certainly was.

Luke Tiati              35  31
Lachlan Edwards 90 114
Daniel Fomleya 10 12
Zachary Charlton 119 101
Lachlan Cocrine 8 13
Liam Afosha 5 3
Jonah Appleby 8 5
Zangj Jonjaakh 14 6
Norbert Pistecial 10 3
Broughton Hall 6 4
Joshua Vilesti 2 2

Extras: 15 (10LB, 4WD, 1NB)
Total: 322 (48.5 overs)

Defending 322, Sylestone had to be determined they could win, and they were. Three wickets fell in the first ten overs; two to Vilesti and one to Pistecial. 3/35 was hardly promising for The Jovannic, but unfortunately, Jonjaakh let it slip a little bit, going at six an over, albeit getting a wicket too. The introduction of the spinners kept the screws on as Edwards, Afosha and Hall each didn't let the run rate go up. Getting more frustrated, Harley finally broke the shackles, skying the ball into the outfield only to be caught by Pistecial.
Vilesti came back and took two more wickets and although a tail-end rally kept the score ticking along, they still failed to continually find the boundary and when Jonjaakh took the final wicket with the score on 206, they were still 116 runs short of their target. The dominating win sent huge hopes out for beating the better teams, but The Jovannic must not be underestimated and will most likely come back flying.

Joshua Vilesti           10  1  4-29
Norbert Pistecial 9 0 1-42
Zangj Jonjaakh 8 0 2-55
Broughton Hall 10 1 2-39
Lachlan Edwards 7 1 1-20
Liam Afosha 4 0 0-21

Extras: 9 (6LB, 3WD)
Total: 206 (48 overs)

PostPosted: Fri Jul 24, 2020 10:30 pm
by Sylestone
Sylestone 251/8 (50 overs)
The Jovannic 284/7 (50 overs)

PostPosted: Sun Jul 26, 2020 11:50 pm
by Sylestone
OOC: Sorry no RP, been focusing on the IFCF domestic transfers. Should change soon.

Sylestone 227/3 (38.1 overs)
The Jovannic 224/8 (50 overs)

Sylestone bounce back after loss to The Jovannic

PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2020 12:37 am
by Sylestone
Sylestone have bounced back after their shock 23 run loss to The Jovannic with a commanding seven-wicket win. The bowlers bowled absolutely superbly, keeping their opponents to only 224 before chasing it down with 71 balls to go and seven wickets in hand. Lachlan Edwards and Broughton Hall performed well with the ball, taking three wickets each before Luke Tiati anchored the innings with an unbeaten century.

Sylestone won the toss and elected to bowl. The Jovannic started cautiously, only scoring 38 runs from the first ten overs for the loss of no wickets before starting to up the ante. Jonjaakh came in and took a wicket to stagnate the run rate, but it was Edwards' and Hall's interventions that really started to cause the mayhem. They took three wickets apiece and in no time the score was 7/150 after 37 overs. A total below 200 looked likely, but Farigay Harley, surviving the onslaught, took the game to the bowlers and the score rose from 150 to 224 over the next 12 overs. He was run out for 95 on the final ball of the innings, but the momentum had changed, so The Jovannic walked out onto the field looking quite confident. They backed up this by dismissing the dangerous youngster Edwards for just 13, but Fomleya and Tiati steadied the innings before Fomleya was caught for a run-a-ball 49. Charlton joined Tiati, who passed fifty before Charlton was caught behind by an absolute peach. The score was 3/170 after 30 overs and Afosha guided it home with Tiati, who finished on 110 not out. Afosha made 26 from 25 balls and ended the game with a beautiful cover drive for four.

Joshua Vilesti             10  2  0-30
Norbert Pistecial 10 1 0-51
Zangj Jonjaakh 10 0 1-60
Broughton Hall 10 2 3-35
Lachlan Edwards 10 1 3-48

Extras: 4 (2WD, 2NB)
Total: 224 (50 overs)

Luke Tiati             110  118 (not out)
Lachlan Edwards 13 21
Daniel Fomleya 49 48
Zachary Charlton 20 18
Liam Afosha 26 25 (not out)

Extras: 9 (6B, 3LB)
Total: 3/227 (38.1 overs)

PostPosted: Thu Jul 30, 2020 1:06 am
by Sylestone
Sylestone 139/5 (18.4 overs)
The Jovannic 136/9 (20 overs)

PostPosted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 2:25 pm
by Sylestone
Sylestone 182/6 (20 overs)
The Jovannic 118 (16.4 overs)

PostPosted: Mon Aug 03, 2020 12:59 am
by Sylestone
Sylestone 158/6 (20 overs)
The Jovannic 156/5 (20 overs)