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[Cricket] New Lunenburg tour of Grearia (Closed)

PostPosted: Wed Jun 24, 2020 3:18 am
by The Grearish Union

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All matches will make use of the GCF world rankings in the specific format, with exception to the T20I, where both teams are unranked. The test matches will be scorinated using the Apoxballer, while the limited overs' formats will be scorinated using Xkoranate version 0.3.3. All matches will be scorinated by me (The Grearish Union) as the IC host of the tour. All matches will be scorinated at 2330 hours IST (Indian Standard Time) which is at +5:30 GMT. The window is an hour prior to an hour later, or (2230 to 0030).

Series, Trophies and History
The Pitcher, 2-Match Test Series
It is rumoured that it was a a sunny afternoon in the town of Forsho, when a common Grearish man by the name of Johnny Hales sat down with his own pint of beer as he sat down with his mates in front of the TV to watch the Eastfield Lodge test in the GCF Test Season. Grearia had drawn level in the series at 1-1, and the game was a must win for them to record their first-ever series victory in their first ever competitive international cricket outing. The Grearish did eventually win their match, but just as the jubilation began, a figure appeared from the crowd towards him. He claimed to be a New Lunenburger, and Hales knew they finished ahead in the World Test Championship rankings. He never disclosed his name, but put down a pitcher on the table, and said, "Buy me a beer when you beat us!" Hales could sense a fire ignite in him. Being a Cricket Grearia official, he proposed to name the New Lunenburg Test Series 'The Pitcher' in the spirit of this competition when the tour was announced, with the pitcher as a symbolic trophy. It was duly upheld.

Weaver Trophy, 2-Match ODI Series
The two-match ODI Series has it's trophy donated by Matthew P. Weaver, the Grearish high commissioner to New Lunenburg in Victoria. It is regarded as a gesture of friendship between the two nations upon the declaration of the New Lunenberger tour of Grearia.

Wilcox T20 International, One-Off T20I
The one-off T20I in preparation of the upcoming T20 World Cup for the two unranked nations, will be brough to your by Wilcox International, a sports management brand based in The Grearish Union.

1 1st Test Sun 28 June 2020 Adam Garden, Forsho (+4) The Grearish Union won by 4 wickets
2 2nd Test Sun 5 July 2020 Auburn Hill, Edgenorth (-1) New Lunenburg won by 69 runs
3 1st ODI Thu 16 July 2020 Southgate Park, Plibury The Grearish Union won by 59 runs
4 2nd ODI Fri 17 July 2020 Atheburn Park, Atheburn New Lunenburg win by 6 wickets

5 T20I Sun 19 July 2020 Waterfront Oval, Colk TBA

Adam Garden, Forsho, 60,000
Fairly sunny for most days, it is widely believed be a nice batting surface, with the soil in most of Grearia being clay-like, causing the track to break up later on in the Test matches, assisting the spinners. The 60,000 capacity stadium was filled to the brim with excited and enthusiastic spectators for the nation's first ever international Test match against Eastfield Lodge. It is generally deemed to be the stadium for home series openers in Tests, welcoming the opposition into sheer heritage.

Atheburn Oval, Atheburn, 72,000
The largest dedicated cricket stadium in The Grearish Union is located in the heart of the Grearish capital, Atheburn, and is generally forecasted to see overcast conditions and a slightly chilly breeze at 8° C that flows in from the riverside to the west of the batting crease. While the morning does see some swing support for the pacers, but it is believed to turn into a fairly even batting track as the games progress. This can be attributed mainly to the kind of soil generally available in Grearia, and the fondness the locals have to the art of batting. This 72,000 seater mammoth of a stadium will expect to see a packed house on most match days, with the lush green outfield creating the perfect setting.

Southgate Park, Plibury, 42,000
The Southgate park at Plibury generally is known for fairly sunny skies, a warm weather (which means the jumpers might be left back at the pavillion) and hopefully some gritty cricket for the Black Dolphins. The 24,000 seater had always been hailed as one of the more intense places to play cricket, with one of the more passionate fans, in sharp contrast to Atheburn's sophistication. The stadium has underwent a significant overhaul since the 11th GCF Season, adding 18,000 seats to the audience and the atmosphere. Now seats 42,000.

Auburn Hill, Edgenorth, 30,000
Being the oldest cricket establishment in the nation, Auburn Hill is hallowed among Grearish cricket fans to be the actual home of the nation's cricketing history. It wasn't sanctioned to be available for the international GCF Test Season due to debate amongst the members of the board regarding the safeguarding tof the stadium's heritage. After having reached a consensus on the matter, Auburn HIll has been made available for the 2nd New Lunenburg - Grearia test in the tour.

Waterfront Oval, Colk, 25,000
TThe Waterfront Oval is known to be one of the newest cricket stadiums in Grearia, in outskirts of the island city of Colk in the Manta Is. province. The 25,000 seater stadium was deliberately kept low to keep the sea breeze flow undisturbed in the bowl itself. This will mean assistance to pacers and the ball will readily nip around for the ones who prefer to swing it. The beer here is made in-house and the music is local, but the cricket promises to be world class!

PostPosted: Wed Jun 24, 2020 3:18 am
by The Grearish Union
The Black Dolphins

The GU is one of the many sovereign nations of the great sport-loving region of Esportiva, and have recently found out their lineage from the erstwhile Gloriax. The Grearish Union Cricket Team, fondly called the Black Dolphins, is made up of players from local club sides that play at the national venues designated for cricket, as well as in the heaths that surrond the major cities, selected in accordance to the rules of Cricket Grearia and the national contract system applicable for every sport. The board hereby releases the list of players selected to represent the Union in the New Lunenburg tour of Grearia. It hasn't been changed since the GCF Test season, and it a point of contest of the selectors and the media.

Name			Sex		Role		Bat	Position	Bowl		Age
Ronald Potter (c) Male Batting RHB Opener - 25
Rhonda Rhodes (wk) Female Batting/WK RHB Upper Order - 26
Stony Clarkson Male Batting RHB Upper Order Orthodox-R 25
Bush McMurican Male All-rounder RHB Middle Order Slow-R 24
Rowena Ronab Female Bowling RHB Lower Order Fast-R 28
Aamir Khaled Male Batting LHB Opener - 25
Kronos Koron Male Batting/WK LHB Middle Order - 26
Clara Trennor Female Batting RHB Upper Order Medium-R 27
Harold Mendes Male Bowling RHB Lower Order Fast swing-L 28
Lawrence Chalamet Male Batting LHB Middle Order - 22
Christopher Cricks Male Bowling RHB Lower Order Fast-R 29
Portia Downey Female Bowling RHB Lower Order Legspin-R 30
Jimmy Chim Male Batting RHB Opener Slow-R 31
Marilyn Sinatra (vc) Female All-rounder RHB Lower Order Offspin-R 28
Nicholas Stalin Male Bowling LHB Lower Order Fast-L 20

Batting Order for the First Test

Home - Alternate
These limited overs kits were designed with the kind help of the Plough Islands.

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 25, 2020 12:13 am
by New Lunenburg
New Lunenburg Cricket Board

The Selection Committee of the New Lunenburg Cricket Board is proud to announce the 15-man squad chosen to tour Grearia for two Test matches, two One Day Internationals and New Lunenburg's first Twenty20 International. The NLCB hopes that a speedy return to international cricket after success in the ODI World Trophy will keep interest in the game at record highs. The NLCB could have picked no more fitting an opponent for a tour than Grearia, who also outperformed the expectations set for them in the tournament.

Test First XI
# Name Bats Bowls Club
1 Rufus James [RJ] Webber RHB - Clarendon
2 Joseph Peter [JP] Graves LHB - Clarendon
3 Sebastian Elias [SE] Wells RHB - Further Brunswick
4 Nathan Elliot [NE] Stainton (c) RHB OS Clarendon
5 Quentin Alexander [QA] Fitzwilliam LHB - Verulam
6 Andreas [A] Hansen (wk) RHB - Hither Brunswick
7 Adam Benjamin [AB] Lyons LHB SLA Verulam
8 William Stuart [WS] Rose RHB RMF Queen's County
9 James Philip Roger [JPR] Atkinson LHB LMF Montgomery
10 Thomas Tarran [TT] Griffiths RHB RFM Montgomery
11 Konstantin Kaspar [KK] Schneider RHB RFM Hither Brunswick

ODI & T20I First XI
# Name Bats Bowls Club
1 David Johannes [DJ] Klein LHB - Further Brunswick
2 Jordan Charles [JC] Humphreys RHB - Queen's County
3 Rufus James [RJ] Webber RHB - Clarendon
4 Nicholas [N] Fuller LHB - Hither Brunswick
5 Nathan Elliot [NE] Stainton (c) RHB OS Clarendon
6 Andreas [A] Hansen (wk) RHB - Hither Brunswick
7 Adam Benjamin [AB] Lyons LHB SLA Verulam
8 Cian Daniel [CD] Connolly RHB RM Hither Brunswick
9 William Stuart [WS] Rose RHB RMF Queen's County
10 James Philip Roger [JPR] Atkinson LHB LMF Montgomery
11 Konstantin Kaspar [KK] Schneider RHB RFM Hither Brunswick

PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 10:39 am
by The Grearish Union
1ST TEST - Adam Garden, Forsho (+4)

Match Report: New Lunenburg in The Grearish Union

New Lunenburg bat first

The Grearish Union 293 (99.2 overs), 157/6 (45.2 overs)
New Lunenburg 247 (68.5 overs), 201 (55.4 overs)

The Grearish Union win by 4 wickets

PostPosted: Tue Jun 30, 2020 12:25 pm
by New Lunenburg


EDGENORTH, GREARIA - New Lunenburg's cricketers have just a short turnaround before the second test against Grearia at the beautiful Auburn Hill ground. The New Lunenburg Cricket Board has already named an unchanged eleven for the match in Edgenorth, which proved to be a controversial decision given that this was the first New Lunenburg side to lose a match in international competition for quite some time and have just a couple of rest days to recuperate and provide us with a worthy performance come Wednesday. Whereas an extremely batting-friendly surface is usually to be expected at Adam Garden, we were provided with a match where the bowlers were the stars of the show. Many commentators have posited that this could be put down to poor batting rather than an uncharacteristically lively pitch at Adam Garden. In contrast to the typical New Lunenburg bowling attack of four quicks and a spinner, the Grearish side opted for just two pace bowlers, along with two spinners and the slow bowling of all-rounder Bush McMurican. This strategy certainly seemed to work well for the hosts, especially considering that vice-captain Marilyn Sinatra was perhaps their finest bowler of the match, who performed particularly well in the second innings. The New Lunenburg quicks struggled somewhat in Forsho, though will hopefully perform better in what are typically more favourable conditions in Edgenorth. Proving the pitch's preference for spin, Adam Lyons took the most wickets in the match for the tourists (and even the part-time spin bowling of captain Nathan Stainton claimed a couple of Grearish wickets). When it comes to batting and the first test, both sides have much to work on ahead of the next match and the remainder of this tour, debutant batsman Quentin Fitzwilliam failed to show up in his first innings, though showed some promise in making 36 in his second innings when wickets were falling all around him. The opening batsmen failed to fire for New Lunenburg in both innings, leaving the bulk of the run production to the middle order, in particular wicket-keeper Andreas Hansen. Quite the opposite for the hosts, Grearia proved better with the bat than New Lunenburg and captain Ronald Potter's century in the first innings of the match was by far the best batting performance from any of the 22 players on the ground. Getting Potter out early on may well prove to be what turns the match towards the tourists tomorrow and there will surely be many 'sick days' taken off work to watch the action unfold.

Match Summary:
New Lunenburg tour of Grearia: 1st Test 
Ground: Adam Garden. Forsho, Grearia
Toss: New Lunenburg won the toss and decided to bat first

New Lunenburg - 247 (68.5 overs) - 1st innings
Hansen 78 (108) McMurican 3-44
Stainton 67 (112) Sinatra 3-52

The Grearish Union - 293 (99.2 overs) - 1st innings
Potter 116 (196) Atkinson 4-59
Clarkson 55 (114) Lyons 3-48

New Lunenburg - 201 (55.4 overs) - 2nd innings
Fitzwilliam 36 (53) Downey 4-42
Hansen 32 (48) Sinatra 3-46

The Grearish Union - 157/6 (45.2 overs) - 2nd innings
Potter 40 (76) Stainton 2-18
Trennor 29* (46) Lyons 2-32

The Grearish Union win by 4 wickets

PostPosted: Mon Jul 06, 2020 9:49 am
by The Grearish Union
2ND TEST - Auburn Hill, Edgenorth (-1)

Match Report: New Lunenburg in The Grearish Union

New Lunenburg bat first

The Grearish Union 150 (48.3 overs), 231 (55.5 overs)
New Lunenburg 94 (27.2 overs), 356 (128.0 overs)

New Lunenburg win by 69 runs

1. Apologies for the one RL day delay, again. I had intimated the same via TG. The rest of the tour shall be entirely on schedule. Thanks a ton!
2. I shall edit the 1st Test RP into the previous result post.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 07, 2020 3:28 pm
by New Lunenburg


EDGENORTH, GREARIA - New Lunenburg's cricketers won an odd match at the historic Auburn Hill ground to draw the test portion of their tour of Grearia. Whilst we were promised conditions more friendly to the pace bowlers, I don't think anyone expected them to be quite as favourable to the bowlers as they proved to be. The tourists suffered an onslaught with the new ball from Nicholas Stalin and Christopher Cricks, who very nearly bowled the entire New Lunenburg XI out as the side slumped to a measly 94 in the first innings. The home side came out to bat after lunch on the first day but did not fare much better, making just 150 and ensuring that the second innings were underway before close of play on the same day. After the innings break, the New Lunenburg side seemed totally different to the one that had batted so poorly the same morning, with Rufus Webber and Joseph Graves refusing to play any risky shots and surviving past stumps (and well into the second day). Indeed, this innings would prove to be the only one of the entire match that could be considered to be somewhat normal in test cricket, as the tourists ambled their way to 356 over the course of days two and four, with rain washing out the third day of play. Whilst the opening partnership was certainly impressive and set the side up for a solid innings, it was the partnership of Sebastian Wells and Nathan Stainton that would endure the longest, as they both reached their half-centuries without great danger, though were both later dismissed agonisingly close to a century by some more superb bowling from Cricks. It must be said that the rain played in the tourists' favour, as it forced Grearia to play with at least some attacking flair should they want to win the match on the final day, though they seem to have taken this as an incentive to practice for the upcoming limited overs matches and this style proved to be too cavalier to chase the target set by the tourists. That being said, the attacking batting of Rhonda Rhodes certainly made for an exciting final day's play, though the Montgomery duo of JPR Atkinson and Thomas Griffiths proved too much for the hosts on a surface that clearly favoured them (perhaps all the rain reminded them of home). After the drawn test series, we move on to the limited overs portion of the tour, starting with the first ODI at Pilbury's Southgate Park.

Match Summary:
New Lunenburg tour of Grearia: 2nd Test
Ground: Auburn Hill. Edgenorth, Grearia
Toss: New Lunenburg won the toss and decided to bat first

New Lunenburg - 94 (27.2 overs) - 1st innings
Wells 24 (67) Cricks 5-22
Lyons 17 (28) Stalin 4-24

The Grearish Union - 150 (48.3 overs) - 2nd innings
Trennor 40 (86) Griffiths 3-32
Chalamet 29 (55) Atkinson 3-36

New Lunenburg - 356 (128.0 overs) - 2nd innings
Wells 93 (182) Cricks 4-67
Stainton 86 (160) Downey 3-59

The Grearish Union - 231 (55.5 overs) - 2nd innings
Rhodes 78 (84) Atkinson 4-48
Chalamet 38 (42) Griffiths 4-51

New Lunenburg win by 69 runs

PostPosted: Thu Jul 16, 2020 11:53 am
by The Grearish Union
1ST ODI - Southgate Park, Plibury

Match Report: New Lunenburg in The Grearish Union

The Grearish Union bat first

The Grearish Union 248/5 (50 overs)
New Lunenburg 189/3 (50 overs)

The Grearish Union win by 59 runs

PostPosted: Fri Jul 17, 2020 12:00 pm
by The Grearish Union
2ND ODI - Atheburn Park, Atheburn

Match Report: New Lunenburg in The Grearish Union

The Grearish Union bat first

The Grearish Union 185 (48.2 overs)
New Lunenburg 188/4 (37.2 overs)

New Lunenburg win by 6 wickets

PostPosted: Sun Jul 19, 2020 10:47 am
by New Lunenburg


ATHEBURN, GREARIA - After two ODI matches New Lunenburg and Grearia are to share the Weaver Trophy, just as the case was with the Pitcher after the two-match test series. This leaves all to play for in the final match of the tour, which will also be the first Twenty20 International for both nations. In the first ODI at Southgate Park in Plibury, the tourists fell to a disappointing defeat in their first limited overs cricket since the victorious World Trophy campaign in Liventia, failing to chase a target of 249 set by the hosts. The New Lunenburg side seemed much more suited to the style of cricket played in the previous two matches of the tour, scoring just 189 but only losing three wickets. Although this would have been a perfectly respectable start to a test match innings, it made for a rather odd and dismaying showing from the number one ranked ODI team in the world, especially one that was in the habit of scoring 300 plus in ODI matches not so long ago. In the second ODI at Atheburn, Grearia batted first once again, yet were bowled out for just 185. This meant that that the pace bowlers had done most of the hard work to win the match and gave the batsmen an easy afternoon at the crease. The New Lunenburg batsmen chased the manageable target in just 37.2 overs, losing only four wickets in the process and drawing the series. After both parts of the tour played thus far have been drawn, all rests on the Twenty20 International to be played at the Waterfront Oval in Colk tonight and both sides are sure to be eager to take the deciding match of this interesting encounter between the two nations.