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Free Republics
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Postby Free Republics » Sun Jul 19, 2020 9:19 am

All of the time studying film and looking for weaknesses in the Ko-oren defense proved to be for naught once the Republicans actually had to play the Ko-oren defense. Coming out throwing had just led to Aelithage Ecaliris picking off a Dania Sandberg pass intended for Wang Pan and returning it for an early touchdown. The Republican ground game didn't exactly have any more success with the lone field goal for the Republicans coming off of a Spencer Galway fumble. For its part, the Republican defense effectively shut down Ko-oren's offense holding them to just a single 49 yard Abner Bennett field goal. Nothing had worked particularly well for either team on offense.

Fortunately for the Republicans, they still had another chance to beat Ko-oren and take the World Bowl. Their game plan for this game, which would be the true final of the World Bowl, would be to play it safe and hope Ko-oren made a mistake. After their experience against them, that was simply the only thing to do. This would place the game in the hands of Republican punter Jeppe Bak and his Dragonfly equivalent Llanwll yPenmheos. To beat Stij Batterink, Katakin Maier realized she would have to beat him at his own game. There was simply no way around that.

Nova Hellstrom Speech
Consul's Mansion, Republica

Hello, my fellow Republicans. I am joining you tonight to discuss our latest successes at building a Golden Age for our Federation. First off, I want to share some good news I have received from the Joint Committee on Disease Control and Prevention. I am informed that the Sherpa Cold virus has stopped spreading in any kind of significant numbers within our Federation. We appear to have successfully reached herd immunity by just living our lives and being stronger than any virus. This is an accomplishment in which we can take pride. I want to specifically thank Scarlett Nicholls and Kyle Bolton for committing us to this course and the Joint Committee for their efforts in helping to prevent the kind of mass hysteria that has led to ruinous over-reactions in other nations.

However, our economy is still dramatically weakened due to the drying up of our markets overseas. We have, unfortunately, become overly reliant upon unsustainable growth in our foreign markets rather than focusing on sustainable economic growth at home. We have allowed corporations to move our factories overseas in search of the cheapest workers they can find rather than expecting them to be civic-minded and do right by our own people. We have also permitted corporations to monopolize entire industries, depriving us of the blessings of the free market, and we have permitted corporations to abuse contract law to undermine the ability of workers to start new companies. These abuses will be ending under new legislation that I will be signing today. All of this legislation has already been signed by my trusted colleague and good friend Scarlett Nicholls and will become law the moment I sign it.

Firstly, we have the Competitive Markets Act which establishes the new Competitive Market Administration to pursue legal action to break up any monopoly or oligopoly that interferes with the free choice of Republican consumers. This legislation makes it unlawful for any company or tiny group of companies to control over 70% of an industry across the Federation, as judged by total revenue. Local monopolies and oligopolies that do not cross republic lines are still permitted under this legislation as Federation-level legislation may only regulate inter-republic commerce. There is also an exception for "natural monopolies" such as public utilities which are to be regulated by the Competitive Market Administration rather than broken up. Furthermore, I am appointing Nancy Moran to be an administrator of the CMA. The CMA will have 3 administrators. Each consul will appoint one with the right to recall their appointee at any time. The third will be appointed by a vote of all living Senators Emeritus. This is the same administrative structure used by other executive branch agencies such as the Federation Investigation Bureau and the Republican Intelligence Agency. The agreement of 2 of the 3 administrators is required for the CMA to make any decision.

Secondly, I am signing the Freedom to Invent Act which prohibits the use of assignment agreements by employers to claim ownership of inventions created by their employees on their own time with their own resources. This legislation will protect Republican innovation and encourage the most capable among us to start new businesses that will accomplish great things. Thirdly, I am signing the Freedom to Work Act which outlaws the use of non-compete clauses to restrict the mobility of labor and ensures competitiveness in the labor market. These clauses are used at a number of companies to prevent workers from leaving for their competitors which undermines the competitiveness of the labor market and helps keep wages low. The Freedom to Work Act also prohibits the use of contracts that contain financial penalties such as fees for "training" if a worker chooses to quit their job. These are typically used by unscrupulous employers that are ripping off workers so that they can grossly underpay their workers without permitting them to quit their jobs. Next, I am signing the Salary Transparency Act which will make every worker's compensation a matter of public record. This will ensure that every worker knows what he or she is worth and can demand fair market value for his or her labor. This is an essential measure for addressing the pay gap between men and women because a woman can't know that she's underpaid if she doesn't know what her male co-workers are making. It also helps college graduates avoid exploitation. These laws all protect the rights of workers by ensuring that Republican workers will be paid fairly for their work and that they do not forfeit their right to start a company of their own by working for somebody else.

Finally, I am taking action to bring factories back to the Free Republics. The Fair Pay for Foreign Factory Workers Act requires that Republican companies pay a "fair market rate" to all workers at their factories regardless of where in the multiverse the factory is located. This "fair market rate" is defined as the prevailing wage for factory workers within the territory of the Free Republics. Furthermore, the Protect Republican Jobs Act imposes a cool new kind of tax that I call a "protective tariff" on all imported goods. From now on, there will be a 10% Federation-level sales tax on all goods that were imported into the Free Republics except for goods originating in nations that sign free trade agreements with the Free Republics. I have also signed the Buy Republican Act which requires that all Federation government agencies and contractors buy Republican-made goods from Republican companies wherever possible. The days of foreigners taking advantage of us by dumping cheap crap on our markets are over. The days of corporations taking advantage of us by sending jobs overseas to be made for a thaler a day by glorified slave labor are over.

I anticipate that I will be ready to sign the Help Elderly Republicans Retire Act tomorrow. The Senate will be voting on it tonight and I am informed that it will probably pass. The days of Do Nothing Government are over. Now, the government actually gets things done. I turn the floor over to the press for questions...

Senator Emeritus Robert Nicholls was increasingly frustrated as he went to visit his daughter Scarlett in the hospital. The younger Nicholls kept signing on to whatever extremist legislation Nova Hellstrom came up with and this was not good for the bottom line of Nicholls Enterprises. Yet, no matter how many times he asked Scarlett to actually read the legislation she was signing, she didn't listen. Mr. Nicholls walked into his daughter's room to visit her.

Scarlett Nicholls - Hi Dad. I'm glad you came to visit again!

Robert Nicholls - Scarlett, its good to see you. How are you doing?

Scarlett Nicholls - I'm feeling better. I'm supposed to start physical therapy tomorrow.

Robert Nicholls - That's good.

Scarlett Nicholls - I hope to be back in the Consul's Mansion soon taking a more active role in the government of our Federation.

Robert Nicholls - That's actually why I came here to see you today. Scarlett, do you realize what you've been signing?

Scarlett Nicholls - Whatever it is, I'm just signing it so Nova doesn't have to waste too much of her time here. She has a country to run, you know!

Robert Nicholls - That's precisely the problem, Scarlett. Today, Nova just implemented a wave of new anti-business legislation including an "anti-monopoly" law that could easily be used to break our company up.

Scarlett Nicholls - That's not good.

Robert Nicholls - Whatever you do, don't appoint an administrator of the Competitive Market Administration. The law requires that 2 administrators must agree with the organization to act and it can't function if we can keep 2 out of 3 administrator seats vacant.

Scarlett Nicholls - You mean you're not planning on appointing an administrator for it?

Robert Nicholls - Of course not. Kyle Bolton doesn't bother voting in the Senate so the Senator Emeritus one is basically my choice. The other is your choice.

Scarlett Nicholls - But doesn't it look bad if we create an agency and don't staff it?

Robert Nicholls - Yes but the agency threatens Nicholls Enterprises.

Scarlett Nicholls - Then can't we just pick a couple executives from the company who are loyal to us to help run it? Maybe they can break up some of our competitors for us.

Robert Nicholls - That's actually not a bad idea but please wait until you're out of the hospital to help me implement it.

Scarlett Nicholls - I will.

Hours later, Scarlett Nicholls would, under the influence of heavy painkillers, sign a document drawn up by Nova Hellstrom-Hancock appointing Elise Collier to administer the CMA...
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Postby Delaclava » Sun Jul 19, 2020 8:05 pm

Weeks ago, we presented you with an exciting double elimination format that would give a handful of teams a second chance at glory, and ensure that the winner would have truly earned their championship. The double elimination stage has now become single elimination - one game, winner-take-all, and whether it's Free Republics or Ko-oren, the winner will have truly earned it. Forty-eight teams entered with title aspirations. In the 263rd and final game of the tournament, who will finally emerge triumphant?

Championship Cutoff!

World Bowl XXXIX Championship (Game 2)
Free Republics 6–10
@ Royster Field (110,000), National Athletic Complex, Catherina

Congratulations to Ko-oren, the World Bowl XXXIX champions! Congratulations are also due to Free Republics for their performance, and a big thank you to all forty-eight teams and the sixteen squads who made the trip to Delaclava. It has been a pleasure to serve as your host, and I hope all of you will return for the milestone World Bowl XL!
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Main Nation Ministry
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Postby Main Nation Ministry » Sun Jul 19, 2020 10:27 pm

Somewhere in a snowy and ice land far far from Main Nation Ministry...

The snow blew at harsh speeds as the icy hellish landscape loomed further and further beyond. On the edge of it all was an endless ocean, where a lone base camp rested on a chunk of show. Inside of a large tent, two people suited up and nearly dying of heat exhaustion were trying to loosen up a bit, before they were planning on returning outside. "Blizzard is going to last forever in the morning. We should still have flares on backup." a large muscular man said, as he was adjusting his headlight on his helmet. "I asked the head of the base camp. They hadn't been able to reach any of the further camps, due to how strong the interference is with the radios." the other, who was letting his black hair out, where his voice was almost muffled due to the heavy cloth covering his nose and mouth.
"We're supposed to be getting those tourists from Fauntenheddo?"
"Hard to tell. Some ship did come, but they appeared to be from some undeclared nations or regions or whatever. Technically, multi-verse drifters."

"Figures.. Make sure to do the introduction. We aren't getting paid enough for this gig."

At the meeting tent, where several strangers from around the multiverse were all next to each other in, both men entered the tent, where they stood at the front to address the new team. "Welcome to the expedition! My name is Niote and I will be one of your guides. You have come to the far reaches on this planet for an adventure as explained by some of our informants. Some of you will die horribly, due to the conditions that are of this cold environment. And we are not responsible for said deaths or injuries that can happen during this expedition. We don't sign waivers, but you can't sue us at all." Niote explained to the group, as some looked nervous, while some didn't really care. "Now, my pal Louis will also be the guide for some. The whole trip to the thermal baths. Whatever tourist trap you people think is worth going to."

Niote checked in with the amount of people who were planning on following him to the "divide", as he counted the number of people. A lot from them were already not wearing proper gear. Some without protection from the harsh cold climate, while some had what looked like homemade tools that could break instantly. There was one person who Niote noted seemed to be more aware of what they were getting into. They were wearing some sort of high-tech suit with a helmet and mask, though for some reason, Niote couldn't tell if the person was on what looked like stilts, since he can tell that the boots they wore, looked a bit empty. "Is this everyone? We need you to have oxygen tanks, water, and energy before we go. It's going to be a long lonesome road ahead."

Outside in the wastes of the cold, Niote was leading the group on the expedition towards the deepest parts of the snow and ice. Within the group, several rafts were carried by people for the expedition. As the group of people followed Niote, with their headlights on, Niote directed them towards an ice shelf, where loose parts of ice was drifting further into the mainland. "Alright, 4 of you need to get in a raft. The stream will take us to the ridge, where we are able to climb safely. There is no base camps within miles and the only way we can have shelter is at the end of the river. If you fall in, you have to save yourself. The waters are enough to give you frostbite, unless you have proper protection. There's lifesavers if you're off the raft, but your legs are probably going to be still frozen solid."

Niote gotten in a raft with some inexperienced looking people, while the people followed behind. The icy winds still were above, where they were controlling the currents. The rafts were going down at a modest pace, where Niote was leading the group. "Steady..steady now..." The rafts were starting to pick up speed, as the currents was taking it's course. However, the currents were about to take a rough turn, when the rivers started to go down at an angle. "We're now in the thick of it!" Niote yelled at the group, as people tried to hang on to the edges of the rafts. With a sharp wave on one end, a raft got overturned, where those onboard were thrust into the icy waters.

On another raft, the stranger that Niote noticed, appears to be aware of the impeding danger, where they immediately make sure that the raft doesn't trip over. At another raft, someone had fallen into the waters, but not before grabbing a lifesavers to hold onto. "Waterfall!" someone screamed, as Niote looked forward. And then gave a smirk. They already forgotten about this part it looks like.

Soon, everyone who hasn't turned into a popsicle ended up over the edge...and fell over into the water down.

In a daze, Niote was within the water. He was struggling to get up to the surface, but he managed to get some air. Resurfacing, Niote felt the water within the river. Not cold, but rather warm. Despite the snow around them, there was signs of plant life. Several large lilypads were floating in the river now. Niote swam towards one of them to get on top of. They were now near the base camp, but everyone else was drowning in the river from the impact of the fall. They could help themselves, Niote thought. He wasn't paid enough for this. However, within the few survivors, they all caught up to Niote. "You bastard! You expect us to have training floaties, than trying to save us?!" one of the expeditioners yelled, as they got to another lily pad, that was drifting lazely in the river, as the speed was now slow. "So what the hell do we do now?" another said, as some flat land was ahead.

"We're arrived at the camp."

The surrounding lands were a mixture of snow and unearthly plant life. It was like a mixture of a tundra and a marsh. Niote had to get the supplies from those who survived or didn't drift further down the river on how to set up the tents. As Niote was explaining the rules for the next part of the expedition, he noticed that one of the people in the group was drifting up, heading uphill with their own duffle bag of supplies. "Excuse me for a second." Niote said, trying to see how was heading off. "Hey! Where the hell are you going? The fountains are within the forest, but up here. Where are you going?" Niote said, seeing the exact stranger who he was skeptical on.

"I'm on a mission of my own. Even if I nearly die, I will still survive by myself."
"You're going where I think you're going..?"
"...You know about the legend of the Auric Chaser?"
"Anyone who ever gone where you're heading has died. You don't stand a chance."
"Oh don't worry, I have a bit of luck on my side." the stranger said, as they continued uphill on their own, as Niote can only wish death upon them.

It was a long distance, but the stranger walked a while in the environment. There was no animals in sight. Just barren flat land and plains of tundra with grass sticking out. The stranger had heard about research of the Auric Chaser from the Northwest. And they weren't going to let things fall into the wrong hands. It wasn't because he knew someone else was going to use it for no good, but he knew that it was too dangerous to be control by someone lesser than him. There was a small pond that looked good for camping nearby. Some fish were visible, so that was some dinner for tonight. The stranger unbuckled his boots. They served to give him extra height, even though he was short. To avoid the wrong questions.

With unlatching some hinges within his helmet, the stranger took off his helmet, as he felt the cold air. The Leader set his helmet to the side. He sat there, pandering in thought. People were going to start demanding answers at the Ministry, but the Leader will return. He wouldn't give his nation behind. Then again, a vacation would be lovely.

He will return. But he had one goal in mind. The Auric Chaser.
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Postby Ko-oren » Mon Jul 20, 2020 1:22 am

It looked close to over after that Drawkland loss in the quarterfinals.

Then the team rallied around an elite defence, not quite like anything ever showcased in a World Bowl, landing the Dragonflies in the next round. And the next round again, and again, and every single time where you thought we never scored enough points to make it to the next one... they somehow did. "Enjoy it while it lasts, you're not beating Cassadaigua/Drawkland in the second game/the Free Republics twice," was frequently heard around the archipelago.

And that's not only the Golden Bowl, it's also the World Bowl. The second one in three tournaments.

The gameplan seemed so simple. Score a few points, control the clock, and the defence does the rest. As it turned out, the secondary became the turnover generators that we always wanted to see: Mesjathaunden jumped so many routes. Dutertre and Ecaliris rarely left a receiver open, not allowing any separation for a quarterback to exploit, and the safeties just had to dart in and take the ball away. Many thanks to Ahern, Gérald, and Abráldez on collapsing pocket after pocket, too. And the linebackers, too, for being the cement that kept the unit together. Blitzing, stopping runs, and supplying underneath coverage. And thanks to the entire unit, and their coordinator, Jauffret, for being so versatile, keeping the opponents guessing for a long, long tournament.

And then to think we still have such a young team - we should be contending for a few more World Bowls in the immediate future. That is, with the exception of a few.

"I'm so happy to have won my second World Bowl," quarterback Robin Reeman (36) said, "and with that, it's become a little easier to make this decision. It's still the hardest decision I've made in my life, don't get me wrong. This is an exceptional group of players, with a lot of wonderful things in store for them. The Dragonflies will make it far in many World Bowls to come. However, for me it feels like an era has come to an end. I've pondered this decision for a while, and I want to announce that I'm retiring from the national team."

"I will still play in club football, focusing on Sterrenwolde, but leaving the national team in the hands of a lot of capable quarterbacks and coaches for the future."

Reeman, who has played his entire career for Sterrenwolde and its associated lower league teams, has taken the Dragonflies to two World Bowl finals, winning both of them. As the face of the offence, he's had to answer for his unit's poor statistics, but he's also largely seen as the person that has made these deep runs possible in the first place.

"He knows better than anyone what the team as a whole needs, not just the offence. He knows exactly when to hit the gas and when to slam the brakes," left tackle Schooten said. "I've had a rapport with him that I never expected was possible with someone who isn't your club QB," Whitlock said, who appeared alongside Reeman in plenty of tournaments - though Whitlock plays with the Mayara Destroyers. These sentiments were echoed by more receivers who played in multiple World Bowls, from Junstarin, to Aidivan, as well as tight end Suthmeer. Unofficial captain of the defence, middle linebacker Henry Casey, summarised his points: "We'll keep doing what we can to get this team far. I don't think people realise how instrumental Robin has been for this team. A loss for us, but an opportunity to show how versatile and adaptive this team really is. I'll miss him, but I'm already looking forward to sacking him in the league."
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