Liventia-Banija Bid for the Games of the XIV Olympiad

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Liventia-Banija Bid for the Games of the XIV Olympiad

Postby Banija » Tue Jun 16, 2020 1:06 pm

Candidate Cities for the Games of the XIV Olympiad

The Liventia Olympic Association, joined by the Olympic Committee of Banija, are officially submitting their bid to the Olympic Council for Orean and Istria to co-host the Games of the XIV Olympiad.

Orean information
Orean is the capital city of Liventia and has been since the Liventia Act was passed, founding the modern republic. It is technically sited within the Great Folenisa Desert according to government legislation, but as it sits right on the outer boundary of it, daytime temperatures in summer rarely exceed 33°C.

It was the host city of the Games of the VIII Olympiad, and has also hosted two Cycling World Championships, a Summer Paralympics, and a football World Cup Final. It was also a host city for qualifying events in rugby sevens and volleyball ahead of the Games of the XI Olympiad in Aeropag.

There is a 144-station metropolitan railway system to help fans get around. Spectators will fly into Orean Airport, which handily sits at the eastern end of the Central Line. Alternatively, they can fly into any of Liventia's other major cities, from where they will be able to catch National Rail trains to Great Cross, Salisbury or City Hall.

Public transport on the Metro, National Rail and buses within Orean city limits will be free of charge to all ticketholders, athletes and officials during the Games. All public transport is fully accessible and wheelchair-friendly.

Traffic in Orean will be congestion-controlled during the Games, with specially-designed 'Games Lanes' in operation at certain hours of the day to ensure speedy movement for officials and athletes.

There is a total ban on outdoor public smoking and outdoor public drinking. The ban on public smoking extends to bars and restaurants. Sporting events are not classed as “outdoor” and therefore drinking is allowed, although smoking remains banned. The drugs trade is banned, although casual use is not actively policed. The minimum age for smoking and drinking in the country is 17. Firearms are banned, although athletes requiring the use of firearms for shooting and modern pentathlon events are granted a waiver to carry and import their weapons.

Istria information

The City of Istria is far and away Banija’s biggest city, at 3 million strong. It is considered the economic epicenter of the country, as many big Banijan businesses are headquartered in this city. It is in the southern part of the Moravica Region, which lies in the Northwestern part of the country.

It is one of the country’s oldest cities. Being conquered by the Kasanke tribe(the predecessors to the Banijan state) almost 600 years ago, it has a long history as an important city in Banijan politics. It was briefly the Banijan capital around 400 years ago, as the capital moved from further north to Istria, before it moved all the way south to Busukuma.

Public transportation is A-grade in this city, ran by the Regional Transit Corporation, the country’s largest corporate sponsor for these games. While there will be no ability for foreign fans and athletes to earn a temporary driver’s license and drive themselves around, an extensive subway and bus system will help people get around the city. Boda Bodas will also be available throughout the city.

This is Banija’s premier transportation hub, as the country’s busiest airport is the Istria International Airport. The city itself has played host to numerous major international sporting events, including the most recent NSCAA 11 Final Four, as well as a pair of NSCF championship games. It is a major sporting city itself, especially college sports, as the University of Loyola-Istria, the city’s major university, is the most popular sports team in the city. Other major sports team are the Istria Black Mambas, who have won a Champions Bowl, and Istria City FC, who regularly compete for IFCF berths in the Banijan Soccer League.

There are many reasons why the City of Istria is bidding. For The Olympic Committee of Banija, alongside his Majesty Kabaka Mwanga, they had a desire to improve Banija’s standing when it comes to the Olympic Games. Chronic Olympic underperformers, an Olympiad on home soil would surely do a lot to help Banija climb the ladder. The Kabaka, specifically, wants the Games for his own legacy. His father, Albert III, helped secure his legacy by discovering oil and bringing the World Cup to Banija twice. Mwanga wants to secure his own by bringing the only sporting event that could match the World Cup, which would be the Summer Olympics.

And then, of course, for the City of Istria. The OCB ran a secretive selection process for bid cities, and Istria beat out Herzegovina City and Busukuma. With recent development thanks to oil discoveries out east, Istria wants to establish itself as one of Atlantian Oceania’s major cities. A great place to do business, a gateway to Banija. What better platform is there to showcase your city than the Olympic Games? Istria officials have also traditionally said that they have gotten the short end of the stick in major competitions before, with tournament Finals being played in Busukuma rather than Istria, and fear that cities like Herzegovina City and Busukuma are more well known than Banija’s biggest city. Istria sees this as a chance to firmly and permanently place itself, in the eyes of both the country and the world, as Banija’s premier city.

Venue information
Ten main venues in Orean and 14 in Istria will be used for the Games, in addition to venues outside Orean and Istria for certain sports. There will be two Opening and Closing Ceremonies, one each in each host city respectively. In Liventia, Grovers Olympic Park – host stadium in the Games of the VIII Olympiad – will serve this purpose. The new Istria Olympic Stadium will host the Banijan ceremonies.

Grovers Olympic Park stadium (ceremonies)
Orean Olympic Aquatics Centre (artistic swimming, diving, modern pentathlon - swimming)
Orean Olympic Velodrome (track cycling)
National Indoor Convention Centre (artistic gymnastics, taekwondo, wrestling, modern pentathlon - fencing)
Orean Great Hall (rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline, judo, karate)
National Cycling Centre (BMX cycling)
Widmore Artificial Lake (canoe sprint, rowing)
Langdon Barracks (shooting, modern pentathlon - laser run)
Polarian Gardens (equestrian, modern pentathlon - jumping)
Urban Sports Arena [temporary] (skateboarding, speed climbing)

Outside Orean:
City Centre (road cycling)
Madford (mountain bike, canoe slalom)
Schimpol (sailing, surfing)

Albert III Aquatics Center (swimming)
Istria City College Aquatics Center (water polo)
Rukunbi Shooting Range (archery)
Istria Olympic Stadium (ceremonies, athletics, football, rugby)
Loyola-Istria MBA College (badminton)
Caribou Arena (basketball, handball)
Istria City Baseball Diamond (baseball/softball)
Cobo Convention Center (boxing, fencing)
Istria Lighting Yard (American football demonstration event)
Museveni Country Club (golf)
Rukunbi Sporting Gymnasium (table tennis)
Kisangara Tennis Club (tennis)
Royal Banijan Naval Academy (triathlon, beach volleyball)
South Istria Gymnasium (indoor volleyball, weightlifting)

Outside Istria:
Preliminary round matches in team sports


We intend to hold the Games beginning in mid- to late-July, running for around a month to five weeks depending on the number of signups.

Scorination will happen daily at a time to be announced by the hosts. There will be only one RP cutoff per day, by the first host to scorinate. All RPs after the cutoff will count towards the next day’s scorination, with the second host to scorinate using the bonus calculations from when the cutoff was made.

There will be numerous off-days built in to the scorination schedule to allow for contingencies.

Scorination/RP Bonus

The latest version of xkoranate, as of the opening ceremony, will be used for all events. Files will also be created as needed in order to reflect current RL Olympic formats and judging, etc.

A min-max avoidance bonus (MMAB) will be used and will be count for 25% percent of the total RP bonus. The MMAB will be based upon the standard deviation of a delegation's skill modifiers and the size of the delegation.

1–30 entries: Full MMAB for any STDEV
31–80 entries: Full MMAB for STDEV of 35 or less
81–175 entries: Full MMAB for STDEV of 30 or less
176–300 entries: Full MMAB for STDEV of 25 or less
301+ entries: Full MMAB for STDEV of 20 or less

The other 75% of the RP bonus will be both cumulative and degrading. More recent RPs posted will weigh more than earlier RPs. Rosters will be counted as part of the RP bonus for the first cutoff after they are posted – there will not be a standalone roster bonus. The host delegations will receive its MMAB per the same formula as every other delegation and receive RP bonus for any RPs posted by the hosts, plus 75% of the day's highest RP bonus to mirror the 'host effect'. RP bonuses will be calculated using a spreadsheet before being entered into xkoranate. This spreadsheet will be based on the one used during the last Winter Games.

While exact RP bonus details will not be revealed, result regurgitation in the form of text will not score highly. The hosts expect thought-out RPs, even if it is in the form of reporting the results. Simple running through of your own scores (e.g., “in sport A, athlete B scored result C and qualified for the next round. In sport D, athlete E recorded time F and did not qualify”) should not be expected to receive a high bonus.

Event List
The full base list and extended list will be contested as medal events, with full gender equality. Entry limits for certain events will likely be modified in accordance with the reduction in real-life quotas for certain sports.

A demonstration event will be contested in American football (gridiron), using the existing xkoranate file. No other demonstration events will be run.

The scorination split will be as follows:
Banija will scorinate (and ICly host) 176 events in aquatics (swimming and water polo), athletics, badminton, basketball, baseball/softball, boxing, fencing, football, golf, handball, (field) hockey, rugby sevens, table tennis, tennis, triathlon, volleyball (beach and indoor), and weightlifting. Banija will also scorinate (and ICly host) the one demonstration event in American football.
Liventia will scorinate (and ICly host) 181 events in aquatics (artistic swimming and diving), canoe/kayak, cycling, equestrian, gymnastics, judo, karate, modern pentathlon, rowing, sailing, shooting, skateboarding, sport climbing, surfing, taekwondo, and wrestling.

Signups and entry limits
Only signups in the xkoranate input file format (semicolon-delimited) will be accepted. The standard skill modifiers consisting of all whole numbers from 0 to 100 will be used, with the standard average skill limit of 50.

The entry limit will be a maximum of 600 entries and two (2) delegations per user. If a user is entering as part of a combined delegation, that will count as one of two delegations, even if the user’s contribution to that delegation is a single entry. (For comparison, the entry limits in the last few Games were: X Olympiad 600, XI Olympiad 700, XII Olympiad 700, XIII Olympiad 800). We feel returning to a limit of 600 is a fair balance between allowing a user to enter every event and keeping total entry numbers manageable, given we are expecting higher-than-normal interest in the Games due to coronavirus restrictions this year.

Demonstration event signups do not count towards the entry limit, and demonstration event skill modifier averages will be considered separately from medal event averages. The average skill of all medal event entries and the average skill of demonstration event entries must both be 50 or less. All puppet entries must be declared.

Puppets will be treated as separate entities for RP bonus purposes.

Combined delegations, consisting of more than one nation/entity competing as a single delegation, will be treated as a single delegation for RP bonus purposes, with RPs by any of their component entities counting toward their team bonus (individual nations/entities also receive their own bonus, if applicable).

For the purposes of the medal table and team events, athletes from Unified Teams will be permitted to participate as a team even if they are from different nations.
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Postby Northwest Kalactin » Tue Jun 16, 2020 1:17 pm

Aye, I am in full support of this bid, and I pledge my vote for it.

A few questions though.

1. One of my favorite things that I have seen in a games bid is a problem and alerts thread, which helps the participants report problems without cluttering up the OOC theread. If you’re bid I’d elected do you plan on using one?

2. Classically MMAB is weighted at 20%. Is there a reason for slightly higher MMAB?

3. If there are any events that need to use input files that are not in Xkoranate, do you plan in making them available to the public?
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Postby Liventia » Tue Jun 16, 2020 1:21 pm

Northwest Kalactin wrote:1. One of my favorite things that I have seen in a games bid is a problem and alerts thread, which helps the participants report problems without cluttering up the OOC theread. If you’re bid I’d elected do you plan on using one?

I don't see there being any issue with cluttering the OOC thread once the Games start. I don't believe an extra thread is needed – both hosts are reachable by telegram or Discord in case of emergencies.

2. Classically MMAB is weighted at 20%. Is there a reason for slightly higher MMAB?

"Classically", there wasn't even such a thing as MMAB. I'm a big fan of the idea that users shouldn't be able to min-max their way to medals, and experimenting with a higher weightage for MMAB is something I've had on my radar for a while.

3. If there are any events that need to use input files that are not in Xkoranate, do you plan in making them available to the public?

A majority of these files are already public, thanks to Free Republics using them for the last Summer Olympics. If there are any additional files not already public, obviously we will make them public.

In addition to the above: I shall assume the role of President of the Olympic Council should this bid be successful and we complete the Games. In the event that the current amendment proposal passes, Vilita will become VP and Banija the presidential pick for the Executive Committee; otherwise Vilita will be the presidential pick for the EC and Banija the presidential nominee as successor.
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Postby Free Republics » Tue Jun 16, 2020 8:26 pm

If anybody's looking for the files from the last Olympics, you can find them here and you can find many of them here as well. The first link also has the code for my signup checker program (which likely needs significant changes to be usable), the source for the latest version of Must10inator (which, afaik, was never released as a Windows executable) and the 3x3 basketball scorinator (which, other than the score generating code, is virtually identical to Baseinator). Some of the new xkoranate sports files I used last year were made by Liventia.

I'm fully confident in the ability of both bidders to pull off the Olympics and I say that as somebody who has co-hosted a World Cup with Banija.
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