Pan-Pacific Cup [Everything In Context]

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]


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Postby Territorio di Nessuno » Mon May 11, 2020 1:41 am


After a year away from the ball, I grigi take to the field again, this time for a double.

It is no secret that the last minute waiver, due to problems within the federation, prevented the team from participating in the inaugural tournament of the Strangereal Cup last year. This time, however, the team will not miss the opportunity and, while waiting, is ready to take to the pitch in the Pacific Cup.

At the first participation in this Cup, the team is certainly no stranger to this kind of competitions, thanks also to its experience gained in the editions of the North Pacific Cup and the FIDAC Cup, where it has twice touched the success (Before losing both times at the hands of the Higtonese national team).
And it is precisely the Higtonese national team that turns its attention, hoping to be able to take away the trophy or at least a victory from they.

The formation against Qvait:

More info about the team here:
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Postby Hertfordshire and Jammbo » Mon May 11, 2020 3:32 am


Pan-Pacific Cup - Matchday 1 - Draw

73rd Legionary Soccer Division 0-0 Häřtferdsierndeambeu Fűtboçil Fedéreisn

First Half - The first match for the HFF was against the 73rd Legionary Soccer Division hailing from Tinfect. The team from the Imperium were utilizing the 4-3-3 formation, while the HFF were using their trusted 3-1-3-1-2 formation. To us, this was a sort of practice match, to test the talents of the opposition and work out just how strong we would have to be in order to go all the way. As for the game itself, well, there is nothing to really say. The match was so dreary that a few supporters of both teams started to actually fall asleep watching us play. That is when you know something has gone wrong. The few shots that actually were taken, because most of the action was in the midfield, were taken by the HFF. Niko Hristov, Mina Paskalev and Lyobimir Robotnik all had chances on goal, but their keeper, Raesev Viraam, had certainly arrived at the match as his performance was what kept the score at 0-0.

Second Half - In the second half, it was becoming clear that the attacking side was not working, so we decided to switch it up. Nagisa Sietnieks moved into an effective midfielder position and the team set up the 3-4-1-2 formation. The manager, Sirdsvaldis Freimanis, knew that this was a great counter to the Imperium's own formation, and would thus give Hertfordshire and Jammbo the edge. That is exactly what happened. "The Mafia" suddenly recieved a new lease of life and started to dominate the Imperium on all areas of the field. Sport runs in the nations blood, and looking at how the Härtferdsierndeambeu Ragbi Junjen had won the West Pacific Rugby World Cup just a few months earlier, the footballing wing of national sports had been preparing to replicate their success. Now when I say that the HFF were dominant in all parts, that wasn't entirely true. No, Raesev Viraam still remained a godsend for the Imperium, saving shot after shot from the likes of Niko Hristov, Keebo Tanev, and even defender Xavier Landmanis. Truly, if anyone was to recieve Man Of The Match, it would have to be him. At the 53rd minute, the HFF made their first substitution. Central midfielder Armando Grūbe was to be replaced by James Mladenov, who seemed to be from the 18th century. James was put on to strengthen the tactics of the midfield, to shut out the Imperium for good. Yet more of the same occurred. 70 minutes gone and another substitution, this time the now rather tired looking Kaiser Melngailis was replaced on the pitch by the overtly aggressive and speedy Jeremy Vanko, whose philosophy is "SPEED AND POWER!". This certainly gave more attacking power, as Jeremy was a man who loved to run up and attack, despite being the main defender. Then again, Hertfordshire and Jammbo do play a high line, so this is to be expected. Just 7 minutes later though, and of all people Benjamin Šīrants was the one to be booked, for a bad tackle against an opposition forward while trying to save the ball. He saved it, but ended up with a yellow card. From this point, not much else happened. And with that, the game ended with a 0-0 draw.

Due to this draw, Hertfordshire and Jammbo are currently 3rd in the table, tied with Tinfect, but ahead either due to the performance or the fact that H comes before T in the alphabet.
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Postby Kandorith » Mon May 11, 2020 4:44 am


Great Empire of Kandorith:
National Football Team

Bushi Narehiko (Lotus Warrior)

Ken Hayabusa, Manager, 42

Toshi Fujiwara, Assistant Manager, 32

1. Hideyo Kiyotada, GK, 29 - Hayazawa Vissel

12. Koide Hikomasa, GK, 32 - Imakazawa Ravens

28. Michinori Tamatsuki, GK, 21 - Higashu Frontale

5. Ando Masatake, CB, 23 - Higaku Antlers

20. Hideyoshi Takahashi, CB, 24 - Hayazawa Vissel

4. Munemori Miyake, L/CB, 24 - Imakazawa Ravens

13. Tetsui Hisagushi, R/CB, 23 - Imakazawa Ravens

6. Fuji Kagetame, CB/DM, 24 - Ginza Victory

29. Mori Takayama, CB, 19 - Imakazawa Ravens

7. Hiro Tanaka, Captain, L/DM, 25 - FC Tenkyo

16. More Tamura, C/D/RM, 24 - Higaku Antlers

8. Hisakane Hayashi, LW/RW, 23 - Hayazawa Vissel

9. Arihiro Hoshi, L/AM, 26 - Imakazawa Ravens

21. Kanetoki Hirano, LM/LW, 21 - Imakazawa Ravens

10. Takamoto Ishibashi, SC/LW, 19 - Higaku Antlers

17. Yori Hisegawa, C/AM, 20 - FC Tenkyo

18. Hideto Muri, RM, 25 - Higashu Frontale

22. Yukitaka Yamaguchi, R/CM, 20 - Ginza Victory

15. Toki Matsuda, SC, 25 - Hayazawa Vissel

11. Masada Katano, SC, 20 - Higashu Frontale

19. Hirohiko Nakajima, SC, 24 - Hayazawa Vissel

24. Sasaki Kiyowara, SC, 25 - Higaku Antlers

23. Takayama Nakajima, SC, 21 - Higashu Frontale

Formation (3-2-3-2), +5 Style Modifier

Home And Away Kits
Under Construction

Home Stadium

"Empress Masumi National Stadium"
Capacity: 73,000

The newly designed and build national stadium is designed as a multi-purpose sports stadium with the possibility of completely changing it's venue layout for the sport being played on match day. Next to being build for large events, concerts and traditional markets the stadium is also the home of Kandorese First Division team FC Tenkyo.

Currently the stadium also houses Ginza Victory awaiting the completion of their own new stadium. During natural disasters the stadium is can be used as a shelter. The Empress Masumi National stadium was named in honour of the coronation of the new Empress of Kandorith and symbolizes a new era of the Kandorese nation and people.

RP Permissions:
Choose scorers
GodMod scoring events
RP injuries to my players
Give Red & Yellow Cards to my players (Within reason; Kandorith encourages fair play.)
Events for humorous intent
Most likely to (in order):

Score goals:
Matsuda, Katano, Hoshi
Take a penalty:
Defend well:
Takahashi, Miyake, Tanaka
Create a moment of magic:
Hoshi, Hayashi, Hirano
Change the game as a sub:
Yamaguchi, Kiyowara
Receive a card:
Tamura, Hirano, Miyake
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Postby Spheric Marble Mallorcan Republic » Mon May 11, 2020 5:07 am

My squad for the competition

Goalkeeper: Snowy Allob

Defense: Smoggy Zera- Hazzy Zera- Mallard Neds- Starry Calme

Middlefielders: Prim Amary- Speedy Aderag (Captain)- Rapidly Aderag- Clutter Sofs

Attackers: Orangin Gerar- Bolt Obret

Stadium: Seven Seas Stadium

Coach: Harmony Hastoc

Reserves: Roj Leruno, Vespa Honter, Razzy Prec-Acers

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Postby HUElavia » Mon May 11, 2020 5:34 am

HUElavia Opens Up the Pan-Pacific Cup with a Tight Victory!

HUElavia 1–0 Kenaniahistan
(Moutinho 82')

HUElavia once again participates in another tournament, this time in the Pan-Pacific Cup, where eligibility was based on being part of one of the Pacific regions of the Multiverse. HUElavia came in with their same squad from the Wonder Cup that severely underperformed in a Group Stage exit, but the HUElavian Football Association has faith with Head Coach Mendieta, as they view these tournaments as friendly ones. Los Amarillos were placed in Group C with the likes of Spheric Marble Mallorcan Republic, Kalactanian Pacific Territories and Kenaniahistan. Their opening match was against Kenaniahistan in a very Pro-HUElavia crowd.

The match was lackluster for the most part, with Los Amarillos taking shots left and right to no avail, with shots going to the woodwork, the goalies hands, or out of bounds for a goal kick. Substitutions were made halfway into the 2nd half, and it looked as if HUElavia would make another debut ending in 0-0 until a pass from Sakaguchi met the foot of Moutinho, who blasted it past the goalie to open the scoreline at 1-0. Moutinho celebrated with the team while the fans went crazy and their cheering and jumping made the stadium rumble. The goal left Kenaniahistan shocked and they could not make a comeback, as the referee blew the whistle and HUElavia took their first 3 points of the tournament.

The next match is expected to be against Spheric Marble Mallorcan Republic, which it is likely that an entire B-Team will be used for the match, including the likes of Sakaguchi, Conti, Vallares, and Villca among the starters. HUElavia are strong favorites for Group C, and the team and fans feel optimistic that they could have a deep run in this Regional Tournament.

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Postby Recuecn » Mon May 11, 2020 7:10 am

Groups G-L MD 1 Scores

Group G
Recuecn 2–0 Gryphonian Alliance
PotatoFarmers 0–1 Hanguk-Nippon

Group G Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Recuecn 1 1 0 0 2 0 +2 3
2 Hanguk-Nippon 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
3 PotatoFarmers 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0
4 Gryphonian Alliance 1 0 0 1 0 2 −2 0

Group H
Fuentana 3–0 Kapikala
Dalimbar 1–0 Kharangia

Group H Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Fuentana 1 1 0 0 3 0 +3 3
2 Dalimbar 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
3 Kharangia 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0
4 Kapikala 1 0 0 1 0 3 −3 0

Group I
Libterraria 4–2 Daskel
Yerice 0–0 The Brands Shaion

Group I Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Libterraria 1 1 0 0 4 2 +2 3
2 The Brands Shaion 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
Yerice 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
4 Daskel 1 0 0 1 2 4 −2 0

Group J
Artztokzsia 1–3 Irador
Fujai 1–1 Advancia-Sizzletown

Group J Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Irador 1 1 0 0 3 1 +2 3
2 Advancia-Sizzletown 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
Fujai 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
4 Artztokzsia 1 0 0 1 1 3 −2 0

Group K
Necosia 1–0 Borneo Darussalam
The Atlae Isles 2–3 Spheric Marble Mallorcan Republic

Group K Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Spheric Marble Mallorcan Republic 1 1 0 0 3 2 +1 3
2 Necosia 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
3 The Atlae Isles 1 0 0 1 2 3 −1 0
4 Borneo Darussalam 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0

Group L
Sokala 3–1 Polihy
Notun Ahom 2–1 Strala

Group L Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Sokala 1 1 0 0 3 1 +2 3
2 Notun Ahom 1 1 0 0 2 1 +1 3
3 Strala 1 0 0 1 1 2 −1 0
4 Polihy 1 0 0 1 1 3 −2 0
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Postby Polihy » Mon May 11, 2020 9:53 am

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: Y, Not severely, And not the same position twice
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card My Players: Y, Don't put out two players in the same position
Yellow Card My Players: Y, ""
Godmod Other Events: Y, Don't kill anyone

Sorry for not getting here sooner. And man do I feel under prepared, looking at everyone's things. Good job.

Head Coach: Larry Annskuld
Assistant Coach: Tezca Annskuld
National Colors: Blue and Orange, with Yellow Gloves and Boots (Goalkeeper wears all yellow)

Goalkeeper: Harold Atkinnson IV
Sweeper: Barnalby Barnalby
Centre-Back: Count Baron Count
Full-Back: Baron Count Baron
Sweeper: Adam Franklin
Defensive Midfielder: Polik Franklin
Wing-Back: Sarah Franklin
Central midfielder: Barosychus (Barry) Flutthee
Attacking Midfielder: Dominic Brown
Forward: (Wishes to remain anonymous)
Winger: Hulgar Gremble (Team Captain)
Striker: Harold Atkinnson V

Midfielder(s): Wehi Ahly, Anuhea Holoplitzli
Defense (all, except Goalkeeper): JJ Darren, Jeremy Darren, Flick Edwards
Goalkeeper: Harold Atkinnson III
Forward/Winger: Dan Derrell
Striker: Milgar Gremble

go to Sokala 's post for Polihy's first match (Polihy lost *sad face*)

Second match v Strala
This is the events of the second match vs Strala.
Newscaster 1: Strala sure looks menacing as they walk onto the field.
Newscaster 2: Almost like your face when we lost the last match
Both: *Laugh*
Newscaster 1: Anyway, here's our team, marching out onto the field.
N2: With the team captain, Hulgar Gremble, In the lead.
N1: How tall is he, exactly?
N2: Anywhere from 5'5 to 8'
N1: I said exactly
N2: I don't know.
N1: There is the Head coach, Ol' Larry Annskuld, and he's holding the national flag
N2: Is he... is he... wearing clogs?!
N1: And now that you notice, the team captain is, too!
N2: *Unintelligible*
N1: Careful, we're live! Anyway, time for the national anthems of Polihy and Strala. The crowds are cheering.
N2: Isn't this patriotic!
N1: Look, the crowd is spelling out Polihy in big letters.
N2: Ain't that cute.
N1: Now were ready for the tipoff...
N2: And what are the names of the other teams players?
N1: No clue.
N2: And we're off!
*Note: i'm not doing the whole thing, just the important bits.
N1: Gremble gets it off the bat, passes to Atkinnson
N2: The fifth
N1: And he passes it back, and he shoots...!
N2: Blocked by the sweeper. At least we still have the ball.
N1: Not anymore
N2: ...
N1: She passes it back, down the field.
N2: Our defenders would be a lot faster if they didn't wear clogs.
N1: And.... She scores. Darn. Polihy 0, Strala 1.
N2: We're still in it!
N1: Sure.
*A few minutes later*
N2: And Franklin blocks it!
N1: Which Franklin?
N2: One of the boys.
N1:And he passes it upfield, to Baron- to Count- Barry-
N2: They're passing it like lightning!
N1: Barry to Brown, Brown passes back, Barry shoots--
N2: Blocked by the goalie.
Both: *sighs*
N2: And would you look at it, they are already at our goal.
N1: And they shoot-
N2: (downcast) and score
Both: *sigh again*
*15 minutes later
N1: And would you believe it! We have the ball
N2: We've had it before. Anyway, Franklin to Atkinnson, passes to a different Franklin, back to Barnalby, Barnalby down the court,
N1: Barnalby to Flutthee, Flutthee to Gremble
N2: Gremble shoots-
N1: Scores!
Both: Finally!
*15 minutes later*
Both: And Strala scores again... Polihy 1, Strala 3
N1: This is starting to look like last match
*Some amount of time later*
N2: The striker for Strala, going down the field...
N1: Passes to one of the midfielders
N2: And they score... Again
Both: *Unintelligible*
N2: 4-1, Strala
*1 minute left for the game*
N2: Atkinnson the fourth blocks the shot!
N1: Amazing!
N2: Franklin to Barry, Barry to Flutthee, Back to a different Franklin- Polik, I think- down to Gremble,
N1: Down to Brown
N2: Brown shoots-
N1: Right into the top-left corner!
N2: Yessss!
N1: Gooaaaaalllll
N2: We still lose
N1: ....
N1: At least we put up a good fight.
*End of broadcast*

Game 3 vs Notun Ahom It's something like that name anyway....
N1: Well, its not we have much chance against the top nation in our group, down with no wins here...
N2: And we are bottom of our group.
N3: Well, we're not the worst of the worst, not yet!
N2: Does that really matter?
N3: Probably not.
N1: The crowd's cheering sounds subdued
N2-3: (in unison) no surprise
N1: Well, we have lost every game by 2, so I can't blame 'em
N3: Maybe we'll fare better next time.
N2: We better, or I'm getting a different job!
N1: (sarcastically) ha ha
N2: No, I'm serious!
N3: Well anyway, hear the national anthem.
N2: Doesn'r sound as patriotic as yesterday.
N1: Shove it, [REDACTED]
N3: We're not supposed to say anyone's name online, you know the rules.
N1: Ah well.
N2: Here's the teams, marching out onto the field
N1: And they're wearing clogs
All: Again
N3: There's Gremble in the lead as usual.
N1: He is team captain.
N2: And there is Notom Ahum
N3: I thought it has Nohum Atom?!
N1: And I thought it was something else. We'll just call it NA? All right?
N2: Fine
N3: Do we know their names this time?
N1-2: No
N2: And the Assistant Coach is holding the flag this time. Tezca Annskuld.
N3: The president's here?!
N1: Yeah, you didn't know?
N3: I never really pay attention to the assistant coach
N2: Can't blame ya.
N1: He's here for morale
N3: And we're off! NA gets it right off the bat-
N2: There passing dribbling, down the field
N1: the Franklin's block it
N3: Only for it to be stolen back from the again
N2: And this is why they haven't lost a game
N1: And also our team is wearing clogs
All: *sighs*
*Sometime later*
N3: And Gremble passes it downfield
N2: And accidentally kicks a man's leg
N1: How is that a foul? He practically dived to get kicked
N3: They're targeting him.
N2: They gave him a yellow card. At least he's not kicked out. And here's the penalty kick-
N1: Goal.
N2: Darn
*More time later*
N1: Gremble down the field, down to Brown
N3: Brown passes back, Down to Atkinnson-
N2: Atkinnson shoots-
N1: Wait, they called a yellow card on him
N2-3: What?!
N1: For- excessive celebrating?
N3: That's a thing?
N2: These ref's are rigged.
N3: And they got a goal from their penalty kick. Again.
N2: Now I'm definitely going to quit
*10 minutes later*
N1: Gremble down the field, passes to Atkinnson
N2-3: The fifth
N1:Atkinnson to Brown, Brown back to Flutthee, Flutthee to
N2: Gremble down the field, toward the goal and-
N3: That defender just full kicked Gremble in the stomach! Tell me the ref's see that?
N1: They do!
N2: Red card on him! Yes!
N3: Time for the penalty kick, given to Gremble.
N1: He shoots- he scores!
N2: Yessss
N1: But he doesn't look okay. He'll probably have to sit out the game.
N3: And yes- there is Dan Derrell
N2: This has been a rough game for Gremble. Hopefully we win. So far it's 3-1, NA It's starting to look like last game
N1: You said that last game?
N2: Well yeah, they're all the same
*Some time later*
N1: Good block by Atkinnson
N2-3: The fourth
N2: Down to Franklin, passes to Franklin, passes back to Franklin, Franklin passes to Franklin
N1: That makes it sound like they are dribbling!
N2: *laughs*
N3: uh-oh. Franklin tripped on his clogs and he lost the ball! The striker has it! Oh no
N1: He shoots-
N2: Darn. 4-1, NA
*10 minutes left for the game*
N3: Franklin passes down to Flutthee, Barry goes down the field
N2: Barry passes to Atkinnson
N1: He shoots!
N3: He scores!
N2: We're still in it, folks! We could win this!
(They didn't)
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Polihy loses a heartbreaker!

Postby Polihy » Mon May 11, 2020 10:09 am

Unfortunately for our hastily-assembled team, Polihy has lost. Due to a miracle score halfway through the game, Harold Atkinnson (one of them) scored a goal while still in his own. they still lost though, though fortunately It was a fair game and no one got ejected or got hurt.
Polihy strives to win next time! And also our midfielder's will not be wearing clogs. That might make it a bit better next time.
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Postby Anserisa » Mon May 11, 2020 10:21 am


Anserisa gets its first international point

ALA-Sportem reports
In what was a emotional game for the players as the Força Rubra took the field on its first ever international game which happened against Croblade. Many Anserisan fans made the trip to Reçueçn to cheer for their national team and we had the chance to interview some fans :

It's absolutely fantastic being here, in this beautiful setting, beautiful stadium and watch our team take on their first international game, we made the trip all the way from Céruléa to cheer on all our players but mostly our favourite player, Pétronilla our star player from the Merchants.
-Marcello Constantinum, fan.

A few also noted the presence of Paulina Moussum, Commissioner of External Affairs and the South Pacific of Anserisa, present to cheer on her sister, which is on the starting roster of the Anserisan team.

I am so glad to be here, to support our players, our nation and especially my sister in this most important match and as a representative of our government, I say that it's not just the people here who are behind our player but an entire nation that is supporting them.
-Paulina Moussum, Commissioner of External Affairs and the South Pacific.

Many fans where seen chanting loudly during the singing of Gloria Anserisa, the national anthem of Anserisa, which was also loudly chanted by the players on the field, an emotional moment felt in the Stadium here in Reçueçn.

Anserisa played defensively during the first half of the game, with Croblade being a bit more aggressive but to no avail, with Donatia Daladium solid in front of the net for Anserisa making some key saves against Croblade's attempts. A somehow civil first half where no yellow cards were handed out on both sides. The end of the first half saw a goal almost being scored by Constantina Cornélium but was saved by the goalkeeper of Croblade.

The second half saw the Anserisan being more aggressive with at least three good attempts that unfortunately never saw the inside of the net, thanks again to good goalkeeping from Croblade. With approximately 2 minutes left to play, Croblade almost had the chance to score with the ball hitting the post. Some confusion toward the end of the game resulted in #8 Eustachio Napium receiving a yellow card for delaying the restart of play.

Captain Constantina Cornélium had a few words for the press at the end of the game :

Although I would've loved to receive three points and a win, I believe a draw is still a good result and we have our first point ever in international football and for that I want to thank all my team and our coach, Avilia Camerum, for it's because of them that we were able to achieve such a result. It's not over of course, we still have a lot to do, other matches to play, and we will continue working toward gaining this first win.
-Constantina Cornélium, Captain of the Équipa Nationala do Pespila Anserisana.

With this draw, Anserisa receives one point and his tied with Croblade for the second position in Group D, just two points behind Syrixia.
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Fuentana National: A Surprising Start

Postby Fuentana » Mon May 11, 2020 11:56 am

Recuecn wrote:
Groups G-L MD 1 Scores

Group H
Fuentana 3–0 Kapikala
Dalimbar 1–0 Kalactanian Pacific Territories

Group H Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Fuentana 1 1 0 0 3 0 +3 3
2 Dalimbar 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
3 Kalactanian Pacific Territories 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0
4 Kapikala 1 0 0 1 0 3 −3 0


Fuentana National: A Surprising Start

The upstart Fuentana National Team had a surprising opening to group play, winning 3-0 against offensive-minded Kapikala BT. To counter Kapikala head coach Harry Farren's style of play, Fuentana coach Brooks Herbert deployed a stifling 5-4-1 formation. This worked quite effectively in this initial game, as the dense defensive line stymied Kapikala's creative forwards who thrive off a 4-1-2-1-2 structure.

Especially notable were Fuentana's youth movement, led by identical twins Tom and Tim Ruel. This dynamic duo held the midfield and accounted for some spectacular possession and passing, setting up goals by Reggie Quezon 12 and 18 minutes into the match. Accounting for the third goal was 19-year-old left wing back Bradley Martino, who headed a beautiful feed off of a right corner kick in the 70th minute.

The game was not without some controversy for Fuentana, as fiery team captain and defender Jack Btongo received a yellow card that, truth be told, could have easily been a red after a hard and not-so-legal tackle against Kapikala forward John Dart. Btongo spent the rest of the game jawing at Kapikala's forwards, and could have easily been carded for his antics. But just when the game might have gotten out of hand, Herbert subbed Btongo and forward Antony Milagros in favor of decorated veterans Lando Brando (a center back) and Danil Nurosovic, a former CAM who reinvented himself as a defensive midfielder after some serious injuries sustained four years ago.

Fuentana seems optimistic for a strong showing in this Pan-Pacific Cup. But only time will tell if their youth movement, led by the Ruel twins and versatile wing backs like Martino, will be able to handle the grind of a tournament filled with renowned talent and experienced national teams.
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Postby Territorio di Nessuno » Mon May 11, 2020 12:36 pm

Recuecn wrote:
Groups A-F Matchday 1 Scores

Group B
Qvait 3–3 Territorio di Nessuno
Tinfect 0–0 Hertfordshire and Jammbo

Group B Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Qvait 1 0 1 0 3 3 0 1
Territorio di Nessuno 1 0 1 0 3 3 0 1
3 Hertfordshire and Jammbo 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
Tinfect 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1

Eventful start for the lost team, at the first participation in the Pan-Pacific Cup.

After an enthralling 3-3 game against Qvait, the team prepares to take the field against their next opponent in what seems to have become the most difficult Group in the entire competition.

None of the 4 teams has managed to prevail over the others so far and only today's games can prove otherwise.

The formation for today's game:

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Postby Recuecn » Mon May 11, 2020 1:00 pm

Groups A-F MD 2 Scores

Group A
The Death Syndicate 1–2 Nieubasria
Highton 2–1 Kartujia

Group A Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Highton 2 2 0 0 5 2 +3 6
2 Nieubasria 2 1 1 0 2 1 +1 4
3 Kartujia 2 0 1 1 1 2 −1 1
4 The Death Syndicate 2 0 0 2 2 5 −3 0

Group B
Territorio di Nessuno 3–2 Hertfordshire and Jammbo
Qvait 3–3 Tinfect

Group B Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Territorio di Nessuno 2 1 1 0 6 5 +1 4
2 Qvait 2 0 2 0 6 6 0 2
3 Tinfect 2 0 2 0 3 3 0 2
4 Hertfordshire and Jammbo 2 0 1 1 2 3 −1 1

Group C
Kenaniahistan 1–1 Kalactanian Pacific Territories
HUElavia 2–1 The International Knights

Group C Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 HUElavia 2 2 0 0 3 1 +2 6
2 The International Knights 2 1 0 1 2 2 0 3
3 Kalactanian Pacific Territories 2 0 1 1 1 2 −1 1
Kenaniahistan 2 0 1 1 1 2 −1 1

Group D
Kandorith 0–1 Anserisa
Syrixia 1–0 Croblade

Group D Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Syrixia 2 2 0 0 2 0 +2 6
2 Anserisa 2 1 1 0 1 0 +1 4
3 Croblade 2 0 1 1 0 1 −1 1
4 Kandorith 2 0 0 2 0 2 −2 0

Group E
Asya Republic 0–0 Obernmolsen
Giovanniland 1–1 Puelo

Group E Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Asya Republic 2 1 1 0 2 1 +1 4
Puelo 2 1 1 0 2 1 +1 4
3 Giovanniland 2 0 1 1 2 3 −1 1
4 Obernmolsen 2 0 1 1 0 1 −1 1

Group F
GI-Land 3–4 Arnic
Bran Astor 0–0 Trolleborg

Group F Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Trolleborg 2 1 1 0 3 2 +1 4
2 Arnic 2 1 0 1 6 6 0 3
3 Bran Astor 2 0 2 0 3 3 0 2
4 GI-Land 2 0 1 1 6 7 −1 1
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The Kapikala Kronicler: A Poor Start

Postby Kapikala » Mon May 11, 2020 1:46 pm

In their first competitive international football match, Kapikala BT had a 3-0 defeat handed to them by Fuentana National. "This is obviously not the kind of start we wanted," said Coach Farren in a post-match interview "but this is as good a time as any to realize this competition will be filled with only the best of the best from each country." The Kronicler's sports analyst Paul Seitz was in attendance at the match, and when asked about the match he had this to say: "Kapikala's attack heavy 4-1-2-1-2 was hindered ineffective against the rigid defense structure of Fuentana's 5-4-1 and the counter-attacks broke through the high press of the Kapikalan defense." The game's scorers were Reggie Quezon, walking away with a brace from goals scored in the 12th and 18th minute, and the young Bradley Martino off of a corner kick in the 70th minute. Despite this, the player or players who shined the brightest were Fuentana's Ruel twins working the middle of the field and defending against Kapikala's downfield attempts. The two early goals of Quezon really woke up the Kapikalan defense, all too late, however. "It was as if we were asleep for the first twenty minutes," defender Mitchell Thomas admitted, "but those goals really kicked us in the head and brought our senses back to us." A shot from Kapikala's Kai Kaʻanāʻanā at the 41st minute almost brought the score to 2-1 before halftime but a brilliant save by goalkeeper Miguel Fichter made sure that wouldn't be the case. Amongst a mounting attack near the start of the 2nd half, forward John Dart was viciously tackled by Fuentana's Jack Bogtono resulting in a yellow card for the firey team captain. This may have lead to a retaliation by Charles Garza against Anthony Milagros, tripping him while both were chasing the ball, resulting in a yellow for Garza as well. Tensions seemed to be rising but were calmed down a bit after both Coaches had a similar idea, substituting their carded players before things got too heated. Despite what the scoreline may say, Kapikala's captain and goalkeeper, Robert C. Richardson, had a very good game. Many of the attacks were halted by excellent saves from Richardson. Eventually, his backline woke up and started to do their job on the field, but the (relatively) low score can very easily be attributed to Richardson's efforts. The Kapikalan team is beat but not disheartened. If our leader's grandfather can make a tank jump 42 meters then, the Kapikalan team can win some football matches. Be sure to tune in for the rest of the games in this cup on KTV for the following days.

-Article written by Mary Whinbeckett for the May 11th, 2020 edition of The Kapikala Kronicler in association with KTV broadcasting

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Postby Anserisa » Mon May 11, 2020 4:35 pm


Crowds gather in the streets in Anserisa to celebrate the first international win

ALA-Sportem reports
Thousands have gathered in each islands major cities, especially at Princio-Stéphano I Park in downtown Brantavilla, the capital, to celebrate the news of their national team's first victory in international football. In an exciting game against Kandorith, Anserisa was able to score the only goal of the match and take the victory.

Although the first goal did not arrive until the second half, the first half provided for an interesting, almost even contest between the two teams facing with many opportunities by both Toki Matsuda and Masada Katano of Kandorith and Constantina Cornélium of Anserisa. Only one yellow cards was awarded during this first half, on the Anserisan side with Ferrutio Tallérium receiving one after 5 minutes of play for delaying the restart of the play mere minutes after awarding a free kick to Kandorith, which was saved by Anserisan goalkeeper, Donatio Daladium.

The second half saw a yellow card awarded on the Kandorith side at the 47 minute mark to More Tamura for diving. A mistake on the Kandorith side led to a direct free kick being awarded to Anserisa at the 81 minute mark which resulted in the only goal of the game, scored by Mélania Plessium of the Regina Royals. As the goal was scored, Anserisan fans in the stadium erupted of joy and footage in many pubs and local restaurants in Anserisa have shown the people on their feet and chanting spontaneously patriotic songs, mostly the national anthem. The rest of the game was covered by the cheers of the Anserisan fans in the stadium which saw the Anserisan trying to score a second but all attempts were denied by Kandorith's goalkeeper, Hideyo Kiyotada.

At the end of the game, the Anserisan bench emptied on the field with higher management coming on the field to celebrate the first ever international victory for the nation.

I'd like to thank my teammates, the fans, the management and everyone who worked to make this game happening, I am proud of course to be the first Anserisan to score a goal in international football and I'd like to dedicate this goal to the people of my hometown of Préceptuma and of course the fans of the Regina Royals who have stood behind me so far. Gloria Anserisa !
-Mélania Plessium, goalscorer of the game.

With this win, Anserisa receives three points and maintains its second position in the group D, just one point behind Syrixia.
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Postby Recuecn » Mon May 11, 2020 6:38 pm

Reçueçn has started things off strong at the Pan-Pacific Cup with a two-nil win over region mates The Gryphonian Alliance. Reçueçn's strong defense helped goalkeeper Gerauld Firaut put up yet another clean sheet and shut out the Gryphonian attack.

"I'm feeling good about it," said septuagenarian coach Jacques Tremblay after the match, when asked for his thoughts on Reçueçn's place in Group G. "We're off to a strong spot, tied for the lead, so if we can keep that up, then off course we'll go through easily to the knockout rounds."

"How easy will it be to keep it up? asked the reporter?"

"Well, it's hard to say. Obviously you don't really know what to expect when playing teams you've never competed against before, from far off countries in places like other Pacifics in directions other than West. But I do know what to expect from my players, and I know that they're going to put everything they've got into every game like they always do, so I'm very confident."

"Does the fact that you get to play your games at home play into that?"

"Of course. There's nothing to get the team going like a cheering, sold-out crowd, and since we get to play all our games here at home, we've got that at every match. What they say about the twelfth man is really true, so it's as if we outnumber our opponents every time we get on the field."

"That's wonderful. You've only got two games left in the group stage; for fans who want to watch more games, are there any matchups you'd recommend keeping an eye on?"

"Goodness, how could I pick just one!? Every team in this tournament has a chance to win it and every game is going to be full of action. A real paradise for football fans."

"Thanks for your time, and congratulations again!"

"Thank you!"

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Postby PotatoFarmers » Mon May 11, 2020 8:02 pm

Poafmersia 0
Hanguk-Nippon 1
Chiru Kai 40'

First 11: Jaliaha; A. Pickford, D. Hoboson (captain), Rikachz, D. Pickford; Walshor, Moonar, Trasa; Haodao, Handris, Carisa
Substitutes: A. Hoboson (A. Pickford 45'); Figsh (D. Pickford 45'); Tang (Walshor 84')

Somehow, the players could not find their scoring boots throughout the match.
A 1-0 loss to Hanguk-Nippon from The South Pacific was not the result the players wanted, considering that every point is important in such a brutal competition format such as this one. One less point, one less goal scored, one more conceded, and you are out, because only the group winners and 4 best runners-up among the 48 teams qualify for the knockout stages.
Head Coach Adnan Suliaha came into the match at a loss. Having played much weirder teams in his career, such as the ponies from Equestria or the "divine beings" of the Plane of Possibility, he was not expected to not know what to do against more normal teams like this one. However, looking at the opposition team sheet, Adnan did not expect a team playing a more attacking formation than Xanneria (which, to Poafmersian standards, is already ridiculous). A 4-1-4-1 on paper looked more like a 4-1-5, considering that the 4 attacking midfielders were labelled as "forwards" while the sole defensive midfielder came from the group of "midfielders" listed in their team sheet. Indeed, during the match, they were playing like such. The 5 players in front were reliant on the sole midfielder in the middle to pass them the ball, and all the attacks came through the midfielder. So the marking contest begun. Danzik Hoboson and Pasits Rikachz came forward to hold the fort, preventing the ball from going through. For the first 20 minutes or so, it worked quite well, and Poafmersia had quite a few attempts on goal. However, the opposition soon realised what our team was doing, and so the "forwards" moved backwards in an attempt to dominate the midfield. That overwhelmed our 3-man midfield, and it disrupted the tempo of our game. The defenders tried to move up in an attempt to boost the midfield, and what resulted was that the opposition was able to race forward when they get the ball, allowing Chiru Kai to score in the 40th minute.
The first whistle could not have come earlier, after a 2 minute stoppage time period. Adnan agreed that an additional man in midfield was necessary, and switched to a 3-4-3 formation, plucking out the Pickford siblings and putting in Goon Figsh and Alex Hoboson. Alex Hoboson's presence was to provide additional pace to the side so that the team could score on the counter-attack instead. However, what proved to be the problem was the lack of goals coming from the strikers, which was a problem that had cropped up in recent matches. Although they made 12 shots on target, many lacked the power, while others were easily parried out by the goalkeeper Shu-Sora Kang. The good thing is that the players were able to stop Hanguk-Nippon from scoring, preventing an increase in deficit.
After the match, many Poafmersian fans had left the game dejected. Some of the fans who spoke to the waiting reporters pointed out that the players seem to be lacking confidence after falling behind, and that the loud cheers they had made did not help them to find their goal. "The players cannot have such low morale. They may have hit a bottleneck in the international matches, but the next match would be very important, playing the hosts in front of the home crowd. They would need to get their morale high so that we are able to snag a win and have a chance of making it into the knockout stages, where we perform better on average," said one fan.
With that 0-1 loss behind them, the players head to the next training sessions prepared to practice on shooting. The next match was against Reçueçn, a familiar opponent from their previous exchanges at the club-level. The match is a do or die for the Poafmersian team, who needs a win to have any chance of staying in the competition. A loss would mean goodbye, while a draw is unlikely to be enough considering that only the 4 best runners-up qualify for the next round, and that from the second round matches held yesterday for Group A to F, many second-placed teams had 3 or 4 points. Katiri Hedge, the assistant head coach, told the reporters that the team morale would definitely have to be boosted, and that the team would work on the mistakes and things which the players are lacking, such as scoring from set-pieces like corners, as well as finishing.
IC Name: The People's Republic of Poafmersia (Trigram: PFA)
IC Flag: Refer to my flag with my IC nation Poafmersia, though that nation's RP will be done with this account.
Citizen of The North Pacific (and also other regions)
Ambassador of The North Pacific to Europe and Thalassia
Minister of Communications, The North Pacific

Sportswire. Achievements: BoF 71 Bronze; IAC X and IAC XI Champions
WCC Football (Pre-WC87) - 48th, KPB=17.74, Style: +2.781

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Postby Highton Islands » Mon May 11, 2020 8:24 pm

Groups G-L MD 2 Scores

Group G
Gryphonian Alliance 0–5 Hanguk-Nippon
Recuecn 0–1 PotatoFarmers

Group G Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Hanguk-Nippon 2 2 0 0 6 0 +6 6
2 Recuecn 2 1 0 1 2 1 +1 3
3 PotatoFarmers 2 1 0 1 1 1 0 3
4 Gryphonian Alliance 2 0 0 2 0 7 −7 0

Group H
Kapikala 1–1 Kharangia
Fuentana 1–0 Dalimbar

Group H Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Fuentana 2 2 0 0 4 0 +4 6
2 Dalimbar 2 1 0 1 1 1 0 3
3 Kharangia 2 0 1 1 1 2 −1 1
4 Kapikala 2 0 1 1 1 4 −3 1

Group I
Daskel 1–1 The Brands Shaion
Libterraria 0–1 Yerice

Group I Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Yerice 2 1 1 0 1 0 +1 4
2 Libterraria 2 1 0 1 4 3 +1 3
3 The Brands Shaion 2 0 2 0 1 1 0 2
4 Daskel 2 0 1 1 3 5 −2 1

Group J
Irador 2–2 Advancia-Sizzletown
Artztokzsia 0–2 Fujai

Group J Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Irador 2 1 1 0 5 3 +2 4
2 Fujai 2 1 1 0 3 1 +2 4
3 Advancia-Sizzletown 2 0 2 0 3 3 0 2
4 Artztokzsia 2 0 0 2 1 5 −4 0

Group K
Borneo Darussalam 0–2 Spheric Marble Mallorcan Republic
Necosia 3–4 The Atlae Isles

Group K Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Spheric Marble Mallorcan Republic 2 2 0 0 5 2 +3 6
2 The Atlae Isles 2 1 0 1 6 6 0 3
3 Necosia 2 1 0 1 4 4 0 3
4 Borneo Darussalam 2 0 0 2 0 3 −3 0

Group L
Polihy 2–4 Strala
Sokala 0–2 Notun Ahom

Group L Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Notun Ahom 2 2 0 0 4 1 +3 6
2 Strala 2 1 0 1 5 4 +1 3
3 Sokala 2 1 0 1 3 3 0 3
4 Polihy 2 0 0 2 3 7 −4 0
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Postby Libterraria » Tue May 12, 2020 4:30 am

Libterraria 4–2 Daskel Match Statistics

12' Daskel scores
17' Rehn gets a yellow card
29' Fornberg scores, assisted by Söderholm
46' Lindgren scores, assisted by Fornberg
57' Daskel scores
60' Rehn scores
78' Lindgren scores, assisted by Otto Carlsson

Match StatisticsLibterrariaDaskel
On target128
Yellow Cards10
Red Cards00

Libterraria 0–1 Yerice Match Statistics

33' Yerice scores
55' Geijer gets a yellow card
66' Yerice gets a yellow card

Match StatisticsLibterrariaYerice
On target79
Yellow Cards10
Red Cards00
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I guess Polihy is just bad.

Postby Polihy » Tue May 12, 2020 5:40 am

I hope Gremble recovers from stepping on a previously unactivated landmine!
EDIT: He is fine, he refused to not wear clogs, and they were made of Doonium! Who knew. Still doesn't help if we've lost both our games, though...
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Postby Hertfordshire and Jammbo » Tue May 12, 2020 5:42 am


Pan-Pacific Cup - Matchday 2 - Loss

Federazione Dispersa Giuoco Calcio 3-2 Häřtferdsierndeambeu Fűtboçil Fedéreisn

TDN Goals: Vert (38'), Zayd (49'), Vert (84')
HAJ Goals: Ongo Vidopliassova (21'), James Mladenov (60') [Assist: Richard Cīrulis]

First Half: The FDGC was lining up a 4-1-2N-1-2 formation to battle against the HFF, who were using a 3W-1-3W-1-2 formation. These formations could not really counter the other. The match between Territorio di Nessuno and Hertfordshire and Jammbo was certainly an eventful one, and saw both teams arguably at their very best in what turned out to be an incredibly close and well-fought game. Right from the off, both teams scrambled for a ball that appeared to change hands more times than a pass-the-parcel game. Both goalkeepers, Benjamin Šīrants for the HFF and the FDGC keeper (probably Thasaikas) had tons of work to do aswell, both needing their A-game for this day. It was in the 21st minute that the HFF finally broke the deadlock, with left defender Ongo Vidopliassova storming up the left wing of field and sneaking into the 6 yard box unmarked, where it was the case of a simple volley into the top-right corner of the opposition net. Don't be fooled, it was a brilliant play and now Hertfordshire and Jammbo were in the lead. Even though it was now advantage H&J, we did not really begin to dominate the game. Sure, the HFF had the upper hand in the performance, but Territorio di Nessuno were still very much in the game and still threatened the net of the ex-pallbearer. Eventually, after many instances of end-to-end football, the Federazione managed to break through the Meridian's defence and now Benjamin Šīrants was all that stood in the way of an equaliser. This was the 38th minute, and half time was not long away, so this was a good time to score, which Vert promptly did, a neat tuck in just to the left of Šīrants. Benjamin did not have time to react as the shot was from up close, and the scores were level. It began to die down a bit approaching half-time as both teams wished to conserve their energy for what was to be an equally close-fought second half. With that, the first-half was over. A thriller, but somehow with a distinct lack of injuries or cards.

Second Half: What seemed like no time at all, but actually was, was the half-time break. The second half started with a substitution. Lyobimir Robotnik was being called off and replaced by Richard Cīrulis, to re-invigorate the twam and regain the lead. Just 3 minutes later, the exact opposite of that happened, Territorio di Nessuno launching a cross from the right hand side that caught the HFF defence off guard, including the normally über-reliable Kaiser Melngailis. A powerful but accurate shot from closs range by Zayd into the top-left corner finally pushed the FDGC into the lead. This made manager Sirdsvaldis Freimanis very unpleased, and he instructed the team to turn up the wig. Furthermore, he made a rather odd decision. The manager instructed Niko Hristov to leave the pitch and moved attacking midfielder Keebo Tanev up to striker position. He then brought on midfielder James Mladenov to be inserted into the attacking midfield. With Hristov off and Mladenov on, there was potential for the game to devolve into a Mladenov vs. Mladenov scenario. The HFF players began to tackle more aggressively and take more risks, which would have paid off, if the FDGC didn't start to slowly become the superior performers. Still, at least there were no cards on our part. When I say that the Federazione started to become the superior performers, I meant they done that for all of 10 minutes, with the Meridian still refusing to give an inch for their opponents. Minute 60 arrived, and James Mladenov scored a goal that was worthy for a 'Goal of the Season' award. An angled volley from 25-35 yards out stormed straight into the left-centre of the net. The FDGC goalie managed to get his hands on it, but not enough, and the shot went in anyway. Now you know what a bad loser is? Well, Richard Cīrulis is what's called a bad winner. He provided the assist for James' incredible shot, and so was in mood to shout "YEEEESSSSS!!" in the opposition keeper's (Thasaikas?) face. Teammates rolled their eyes and broke into laughter over this rather out-there display by the midget midfielder. It seemed to the fans of both teams that Mladenov had justed fired a Tryzub out of a cannon, and the stadium fell into a half-and-half split of exuberant cheering by the fans of the West Pacifican outfit and stunned near-silence by the fans of the North Pacific outfit. 5 minutes later and Freimanis made the final substitution on his team. Right defender Xavier Landmanis had been targeted repeatedly by the FDGC and while he was holding out well, it was clear that fatigue was getting to him. The manager decided more aggressiveness and speed was needed, and so brought on Jeremy Vanko in Xavier's place. This served to up the anti even more and both teams became arguably the most evenly matched squads in the entire tournament so far and possibly even in the entire cup. For the next 20 minutes, neither side gave even a millimetre to the other and tackles and shots galore took over. It was even beginning to affect the referee, who was struggling to keep up with the plays. By the time the 82nd minute arrived, Hertfordshire and Jammbo looked like they were going to break the deadlock. Jeremy Vanko had stormed up the field without warning and recieved the ball from Mina Paskalev. Now, he was one-on-one with the Nessuno keeper (Thasaikas, probably). Jeremy was feared by opposition fans of any team thanks to his immense power and suprisingly adept strategy. But Thasaikas/other wasn't afraid at all. He couldn't afford to be. In a game as tight as this, the next goal scored would almost certainly be the winner. Vanko screamed "POWEEEEEERRRRRR!!!" and unleashed the best shot he could from roughly 5-10 yards out. It soared over the head of the Federazione goalkeeper and looked to be storming into the net and on the path to a victory for the HFF. Only somehow, it actually clipped the underside of the crossbar and landed on the line, where the opposition keeper desperately cleared the ball off the pitch. Goal line technology was promptly deployed and to the relief of Nessuno fans everywhere, the ball had not completely crossed the line. A mere fraction of the ball was still on the line, but it was enough. Game still on. Now, the Federazione were on the counter attack. The Häřtferdsierndeambeu Fűtboçil Fedéreisn players were prepared for this and the two teams squared up. Just to highlight the importance of this specific play, the FDGC goalkeeper had run up to the field. An extremely risky move, if this chance wasn't taken, it was lights out for Territorio di Nessuno's hopes of even a single point. The ball was moved into the box and an insane scramble took place, both teams piling on top of each other. To those who were watching, the match had just turned into a game of rugby. Eventually, after many attempted shots and blocks, Ongo Vidopliassova, the first goalscorer of the entire match, finally managed to clear the ball in a split-second gap between enemy lines. The beginning of a counter-attack of our own? If only! A miracle saw a opposition attacking midfielder catch the ball and deliver a cross from long range, and the scramble commenced once more, only this time it had a bad ending for the HFF. After such spirited and desperate defending, the Meridian had finally been broken through and at long last, Territorio di Nessuno owned the lead thanks to a second goal from Vert. For the rest of the game, it was completely even, and no more chances were taken by either side. Not because it suddenly became a borefest, but because the match was so tight neither team really had a glimmer of a chance to break through the other. The final whistle blew after a stint of injury time and it was all over. Territorio di Nessuno had won a match that was surely a contender for the closest and greatest so far. Devastation reigned over Hertfordshire and Jammbo, and even Prime Minister Clarkov, who had attended, was in shock over what he had just seen. Freimanis lectured his team on how despite the loss, they still put in an ideal performance and should be proud of it. The managers shaked hands and both teams were led down the tunnel. With that, the end was here. What. A. Game.

Following this result, Hertfordshire and Jammbo are currently on the bottom of the table, and need to defeat Qvait to have a chance of going through to the next round. If we do win, we must hope that Territorio di Nessuno, our worthy opponents, defeat or draw against Tinfect. Even if all this happens, due to the structure of how teams qualify past the group stage, and how Group B looks right now, it would take little short of a miracle for Hertfordshire and Jammbo to progress. Finishing first is impossible, but second place is still very much possible. Onwards, to the next match!

This report was provided by the Häřtferdsierndeambeu Fűtboçil Fedéreisn and is not connected in any way to the Federazione Dispersa Giuoco Calcio.

Statistics (as recorded by the HFF):
Possession - Territorio di Nessuno: 49%, Hertfordshire and Jammbo: 51%
Shots - Territorio di Nessuno: 15, Hertfordshire and Jammbo: 16
Shots on target - Territorio di Nessuno: 10, Hertfordshire and Jammbo: 9
Fouls - Territorio di Nessuno: 4, Hertfordshire and Jammbo: 4
Corners - Territorio di Nessuno: 5, Hertfordshire and Jammbo: 4
Free kicks - Territorio di Nessuno: 0, Hertfordshire and Jammbo: 0
Offsides - Territorio di Nessuno: 1, Hertfordshire and Jammbo: 1
Yellow Cards: Territorio di Nessuno: 0, Hertfordshire and Jammbo: 0
Red Cards: Territorio di Nessuno: 0, Hertfordshire and Jammbo: 0
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Postby Artztokzsia » Tue May 12, 2020 5:46 am

Goalkeeper: Bengoran Gorban

Defense: James Harrison-Robbie Robinson-Benjamin Cane- Sarie Calm

Middlefielders: Kyle Arsson- Adrean Monas (Captain)- Lawerence Arab- Violet Mendos

Attackers: Andrew Kyle-Harley Abonson

Stadium: Shining Seas Stadium

Coach: Harvey Hacostoc

Reserves: Kane Lee-Ralph Yusuf-Daniel Theo-Calvin Gelthin-Simon Dewey-Kirya Taylor-Brandon Declan-Edwin Milo-Miles Hasan-Darren Chester

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: N
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card My Players: Y only once
Yellow Card My Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: N

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Postby HUElavia » Tue May 12, 2020 9:22 am

HUElavia Puts One Foot Into Knockouts with Victory!

HUElavia 2-1 Spheric Marble Mallorcan Republic
(Leblanc 18', Villca 58' | Obret 89')

HUElavia, coming off their 1-0 victory over Kenaniahistan and the group lead, once again had another match to play, this time against the Spheric Marble Mallorcan Republic, who were in 2nd place after their own 1-0 victory over the Kalactanian Pacific Territories. For this match, Los Amarillos fielded a B-Team, with notably 8 of the players being Female, the most ever put on a field in the history of HUElavian football team. The stadium was once again sold out, with an overwhelming amount of HUElavians and Pro-HUElavian fans present in the stadium.

HUElavia had pure domination throughout the match, as they had good possession during the first half. This possession lead to a pass from Alejo to Leblanc, who slotted it between the legs of Allob to make it 1-0. Leblanc did a "calm down" celebration to the small group of supporters for the SMMR, and HUElavia felt confident with the match, especially with the crowd going crazy with celebrations. A few more shots were taken but the first half ended 1-0. The second half picked up where the match was left off, and the second goal came in the 58th minute, with a pass from Conti meeting the left foot of Villca, who blasted it into the top left corner past Allob to make it 2-0. Villca celebrated with her teammates in her first international goal, while the crowd went crazy and made the stadium rumble from the celebrations. HUElavia took a bit of their foot off the pedal, and it costed them as a corner kick from Honter met the head of Obret to make it 2-1. The SMMR tried to come back to tie the match but it was too little, too late as HUElavia had full control of Group C with a game left to play.

With the victory, HUElavia has full control over Group C with 6 points (2-0-0 Record), and a +2 goal difference. Their next match will be against the Kalactanian Pacific Territories, where a single point will guarantee 1st Place in the group. Los Amarillos know how difficult the 3rd match has been, earning a bit of a reputation that they cannot do a perfect sweep in the Group Stage, but the team is looking to get the monkey off their back and get their 3rd ever 1st Place in a Group Stage for the Football Team. A mix of starters and backups will be used, as Lobato will be the starting goalie for the match. All HUElavia can do is hope, pray and play well to have a strong run in the Pan-Pacific Cup.

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Postby Fujai » Tue May 12, 2020 11:47 am


DU-UKH, UUK – Keiserholde, Fujai — Hej there folks, this is Berit here coming to you from DU-UKH, Den Blå Duken, UiKeiserholde's officially unofficial student radio. As you know, exams have put our show schedule on an every other day basis, so for today's Idrottsminutt, we'll be covering the first two matches of the Pan-Pacific Cup! The Landslag is off to a pretty good start, but they really need to pull out a win against Irador if we want to make it past the group stage.

The first game in Highton was against relative unknowns, Advancia-Sizzletown. The match started off quite slowly for both sides, with the only play of note being a particularly close shot on goal by Solfrid Hellem, after being passed the ball by Michaud. Swerving around von Strolheim, they kicked, only to have the shot blocked by the goalkeeper, Stanel. The second half kicked off with a sudden rush by the Sizzlevancians and a goal that slipped right through Parekh's fingers. It wasn't until minute 82 that the Landslag got themselves together to match that thrust, and after a lightning pass from Hoven to Hellem to Salberg, they finally equalized the score. They managed to keep on the offensive the rest of the game, but the Sizzlevancians staved them off from gaining a lead, ending with a 1-1 draw.

Going into the second match, we spoke with Assistant Captain Chibuzo Jorg. [after some shuffling in the background, a sound bite is played]

Berit: Hej Chibuzo! Thanks for talking with us!
Chibuzo: No problem, I'm glad I could hang out with you for a bit!
B: Aww thanks, so how've you been enjoying the Cup so far?
C: It's been a blast, to be honest! We've been interacting with so many folks from other places, and it's been especially nice to catch up with some of our Western friends, with one notable exception of course.
B: Of course, and what have the Inntrengjar been up to?
C: Nothing out of the ordinary, including losing matches. Fuentana managed to beat them and keep them from a goal, and you bet we were in the stands cheering!
B: Oh good! Maybe they'll sizzle down by the time the Olympics come around. And speaking of sizzle, what are your thoughts on the match against Advancia-Sizzletown?
C: Ah, we certainly didn't do our worst, but we could've done better. We just didn't have our usual drive, I don't think, it's been a pretty harsh training season and we may have overdone it a little.
B: It seems like you have a pretty good handle on things, though?
C: Yeah, I think we'll shape up a bit as the group stage goes on and get back into the swing of things, after all the World Cup is coming real soon.
B: Do you have any hopes for that?
C: Haha, I mean we all hope we'll qualify, but really we'll just be happy to have played. Winning is one thing, but playing with some of the greatest folks in the multiverse is a treat that few things can match.
B: Our thoughts exactly at Den Blå Duken. I'm glad we got the chance to talk to you today, and we wish you and the Landslag luck in the next few games!
Thanks Berit, I'll tell the folks you said that!

[contended sigh] Everyone on the Landslag is so gracious, it's wonderful talking to them. Anyway, Chibuzo was right, and the Landslag did indeed shape up for yesterday's match against our southern friends, Artztokzsia. One goal from Salberg at minute 22 put us ahead, and the defense warmed up real quick, easily blocking an attack from Kyle and Abonson immediately after. The second half started off quick again with another goal by Salberg at minute 51, putting us ahead by two! The defense kept playing hard, blocking three more close pushes by the Artztokzsians and keeping them from a single goal.

Looking ahead to today's game, it seems like the Landslag needs to pull out a win against Irador to advance to the knockout stage. We're currently sitting in second, tied with Irador in points and goal difference, but 2 behind in goals for. If we don't pull out a win, we'll at least need a draw to maybe be one of the four second placers that moves on. Right now we're sitting in that spot with three other second placers at four points, but it'll all depend on how they perform.

Here at Den Blå Duken, we're optimistic that the Landslag can pull it off, but as Chibuzo said, it's far more important to play than to win. We'll catch you the day after tomorrow for the aftermath. Thanks for listening, and see you later!
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Postby Hanguk-Nippon » Tue May 12, 2020 11:49 am

Hanguk-Nippon Advances | The Ssimaroki Shimbokido - 씨麿き 新보聞도
The Gryphonian Alliance 0-5 Hanguk-Nippon

Hanguk-Nippon has won its match against PotatoFarmers yesterday, and the Gryphonian Alliance today. The Gryphonians faced off anaginst Hanguk-Nippon in a match that one could describe as a "wash". The offensive was described as "solid" by Head Manager Taroji "Marshal" Sangju. He remarked that he was proud of the players, but that it was merely the beginning of a long and difficult road to success. Dojibun Tadaro quickly took to getting the ball firmly in the hands of the Hanguk-Nipponese team. Chiru Kai made three goals out of the five, with some assistance from both Hokyo Daedai and Chidachi Pyoki. Hanguk-Nipponese fans were chanting "manzai" for their players on the field. Many flags were waved when Kai scored his third goal, with fans from all corners of the nation holding up their banners and signs to cheer on the players. The goalkeeper, Shu-Sora Kang, also played a decisive role in the game with his strong defense of the goal and repeated saves on incoming balls, putting several attempts for a score on the Hanguk-Nipponese at a standstill. In the end, Hanguk-Nippon earned itself a second significant victory in its group, putting the country at the top.

"What can I say? I'm feeling quite enthusiastic about our current prospects. I understand that every nation competing is putting their best up on the field, and we have done just the same. I won't let this turn into the last regional tournament we've entered. No,no. I'll be sure to not let such slip-ups occur again", says Sangju. "Every single one of the people on the field knows what they're doing. I know that much".

Hanguk-Nipponese fans say they're ecstatic that their country is doing well thus far. They hope that this early start can unfold into a prosperous lead for both the players and their people. Social media has been the most active in supporting the players. A very large amount of Hanguk-Nipponese internet users brought together pictures, drawings, and signs to form collages for the national team. One user by the name of "5세歳 (/゚Д゚)/" said "the memories of your friends, family, brothers, and sisters shall always be with you. Your fellow Hanguk-Nipponese shall cheer you on no matter what happens! Manzai! Go and make us proud! ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑"

Many others have posted similar things on Hanguk-Nippon's few dominant media outlets and forums.
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Postby Territorio di Nessuno » Tue May 12, 2020 12:55 pm

Recuecn wrote:
Groups A-F MD 2 Scores

Group B
Territorio di Nessuno 3–2 Hertfordshire and Jammbo
Qvait 3–3 Tinfect

Group B Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Territorio di Nessuno 2 1 1 0 6 5 +1 4
2 Qvait 2 0 2 0 6 6 0 2
3 Tinfect 2 0 2 0 3 3 0 2
4 Hertfordshire and Jammbo 2 0 1 1 2 3 −1 1

In the streets of Territorio di Nessuno the long-awaited news has finally come, the team got it's first victory in the competition after the difficult start against Qvait.

A very hard match, the Disperso national team went immediately after Ongo Vidopliassova's goal at 21'. However, the draw was not long in and at 38' Vert thought about rebalancing the game. Four minutes after the break, the Dispersi finally take the lead thanks to the goal of Zayd, for which however the James Mladenov's goal at the 60' brought the situation in a draw once again.
When the game now seemed to be destined to end in yet another draw, the arrival of Vert, once again, 6 minutes from the end to guarantee the long-awaited success for the Disperso national team.

Charged with this success, the team is now waiting for the next game against Tinfect to take home the qualification to the next phase of the Tournament.



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