Pan-Pacific Cup [Everything In Context]

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]
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Pan-Pacific Cup [Everything In Context]

Postby Recuecn » Sun May 10, 2020 7:30 am

Welcome! Welcome to the inaugural Pan-Pacific Cup! Nations from all five feeders will be facing off over the course of Pacific-Con to display their sporting prowess and take home the glory. Each nation has sent its best footballers/soccer players and all that's left is for them to battle it out on the pitch.

Well, not quite. I'm sure you have some questions first. So we'll go over some Out of Context info here first.

This is the IC (In Context) thread, where everything will be happening. If you're looking for info on who you're playing, or posting a roleplay, or looking up your results, all that will be in this thread. If you want to discuss the tournament Out of Context, you can do that on the Pacific-Con discord server, or here, in the OOC thread (where you signed up).

Highton and I will be your hosts. We'll be providing the results using a program called xkoranate. In xkoranate we'll be giving 'roleplay bonuses,' which are little luck boosts you get when you write a good rp. Roleplaying won't guarantee you a win, but it might help tip the odds in your favor. Remember, quality over quantity.

The tournament will begin with a group stage: twelve groups of four. After each group plays a round robin, the top 16 teams will advance to the knockout rounds: the twelve group winners and the four best second-place teams. Each team will play one match each day. I will be scorinating groups A through F, and will post scores around 20:00 or 21:00 UTC each day. Highton will be scorinating groups G through L, and those groups will have a cutoff time around 4:00 UTC.

Group A
The Death Syndicate

Group B
Hertfordshire and Jammbo
Territorio di Nessuno

Group C
The International Knights
Kalactanian Pacific Territories

Group D

Group E
Asya Republic

Group F
Bran Astor

Group G
Gryphonian Alliance

Group H

Group I
The Brands Shaion

Group J

Group K
The Atlae Isles
Spheric Marble Mallorcan Republic
Borneo Darussalam

Group L
Notun Ahom

You may now post roleplays and rosters in this thread. You are highly encouraged to post a roster. Rosters help your opponents know who they're playing against: it's good to include your lineup, any other information about your team or nation that you think may be important, and your rp permissions if you like.

RP permissions are not mandatory, but if you are worried about others doing things with your team or your characters that you won't like, they are a good way to guard against that. Below are some sample RP permissions.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y/N
Injure Players: Y/N
Godmod Injury Events: Y/N
Red Card My Players: Y/N
Yellow Card My Players: Y/N
Godmod Other Events: Y/N

Code: Select all
[floatleft][box]I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Godmod Goalscoring Events:    Y/N
Injure Players:               Y/N
Godmod Injury Events:         Y/N
Red Card My Players:          Y/N
Yellow Card My Players:       Y/N
Godmod Other Events:          Y/N

As always, if you have any other questions, feel free to contact one of the hosts or ask on discord or in the OOC thread. Now... ready, set, roleplay!
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Postby Recuecn » Sun May 10, 2020 7:30 am

Reçueçn IC Info & Roster

Visiting Reçueçn

Reçueçn is a small nation, but it's got a lot to see. If you're visiting for the Pan-Pacific Cup, you may want to extend your stay to see the sights. Most travelers to Reçueçn will fly into Reçueçn city. As the capital and biggest city, it will definitely have the flight connection you need. Genève, the nation's second city, will also accommodate you in this regard, if you want to see some other parts of the country before heading to the capital for the Cup's games. If you are travelling from a nearby country, arriving by rail is also a possibility, and many more Reçueçian cities have international rail connections than have international airports.

For travel within the country, taking the train is probably the way to go. Car rentals are fairly expensive, and many cities restrict downtown access to pedestrians and public transport. When travelling through the countryside, you will find that autoroutes have high tolls, and smaller roads are typically wind annoyingly through steep mountain terrain. However, an extensive rail and tunnel network has been built, and taking the train is fairly cheap between most places in the nation. Bus routes also connect most larger towns. Within cities themselves, public transport is always very high quality and usually very affordable or in some cities, even free. During the Pan-Pacific Cup, there will be free buses between cities with venues in them. Hopefully these travel tips will enable you to explore the country beyond just the soccer matches.

What to See

Presumably if you're reading this, the main attraction that has brought you to Reçueçn is the Pan-Pacific Cup. The games will be played at the stade national in Reçueçn City. But if you want to see a bit more of Reçueçn, consider taking a ride up to a cute alpine village and hiking along a mountain ridge to appreciate the amazing views we have to offer. Or take a swim in a mountain lake and cool off in the shadow of the peaks. If you really are looking to ditch the heat, check out the ice tunnels at the Écho glaciers. Or, if you come back in the winter, you can hit the slopes—Reçueçn is known for its skiing.

If the mountains aren't for you, consider visiting our world-famous cheese museum--free samples! Or visit the Genève Cathedral if the culture you're looking for isn't bacteria. Genève, Reçueçn, Zimmerich each have a beautiful downtown historic district worth the walking tour. Check them out if your idea of a good time means wandering through medieval fortifications or strolling down cobbled alleys. If what's up your alley is shopping, then we've got that too--check out Genève's luxury district for high end jewelry, fashion, watches, and more. Exchanging your money should be no problem: the Reçueçian guilder is very stable (it's worth just over 1.20 NSD).

Where to Stay, What to Eat

If you are on the search for the perfect hotel for your stay in Reçueçn, worry not. Plenty of all kinds abound, whether you're looking for the four star experience, or just want to save a buck. If you'd rather have the personal, local touch, then we've still got you covered: a quick look online will reveal plenty of family-owned bed & breakfasts, as well as short-term rentals with people trying to make some money off the empty spare room one night or week at a time. Hostels are also very popular in Reçueçn, and are a great way to stay near the city center for a very low cost.

What'll you have for dinner? Reçueçn's food is what will make you want to come back for another visit. We love our cheeses, and our national specialty is Raclette, melted cheese scraped over small potatoes, cornichons, and salami. Try it at a restaurant where each table is provided with its own small oven so each diner can melt their own. Another local specialty is Tartiflette, essentially a casserole of potatoes, onions, and lardon (thick-cut bacon) served with a slab of, you guessed it, more melted cheese cooked right over it.

If you find yourself in an alpine pasture hankering for a pique-nique, rather than seated at a fine dining establishment, don't worry, cheese is great for a basket-lunch too. Bring along a baguette and a saucisson, and you've got yourself a meal.

No meal in Reçueçn is complete without a glass of wine, and the local product is certainly worth the connoisseur's time. Reçuecian wine varies immensely depending on whether you're south, west, or north of the Alps, so try a few varieties and pick your favorite. If you need a pairing for your meal, it just so happens that everyone you'll meet on the street is a self-proclaimed expert ready with helpful advice. Just don't stop them on their way home for dinner.

Host Venues

Stade National, Reçueçn
Cap. 30,000

The home of the Unicorns, Reçueçn’s national team, Reçueçn’s national stadium is located in the capital of the nation and has hosted every one of the RNFT’s home games. Stade National was never officially named, and so is referred to as “le stade national” simply because that’s what it is—the national stadium. It is the largest stadium in the country and hosted the IAC 8 final a couple years ago.

Carl III Stadium, Reçueçn
Cap. 28,500

Carl III Stadium is the home stadium of Reçueçn FC, Reçueçn’s biggest and historically most successful soccer team. Also located in the capital city, this stadium is known for its controversial name—Carl III was the first and only king of Reçueçn and was wildly unpopular for having invaded most of the country and ruling it with an iron fist. A rebellion led to his deposition and the creation of the Allied States. Inhabitants of other parts of the country, therefore, disapprove of the name, although those from Reçueçn City still use Carl III as an example of their superiority—on the football pitch.

Stade de la Reformation, Genève
Cap. 27,000

Le Stade de la Reformation is the home stadium of Association Genève, Reçueçn FC’s biggest rival. Located just outside the city up the hill, a gap in the stands at one corner of the field allows a view of gorgeous Lac Genève during day games, and at night, the sparkling lights of the city on its shore.

Siegstadion, Zimmerich
Cap. 25,440

Siegstadion, or, translated, Victory Stadium, has a lot to represent in Reçueçian culture. Zimmerich's eponymous football club is the premier side in the nation with a background from the German-speaking minority. Thus the stadium represents not only the team and the region it comes from, but to some extent, an entire language group in the country (although some German-speakers have their own teams they choose to root for). The stadium is white and in the form of an ellipse, ringed with faux pillars, to conjure up the idea of an ancient Greek temple.

Sporting Field, Renwyll

Sporting Field, also referred to as the Champs du Sport, is in Renwyll, the city, and is home to Renwyll, the football club. Renwyll has surprised people with how well its done for itself in the last couple seasons of league play, as well as international tournaments. Reçuecians hope that success will translate to the national team as they play games here over the course of the tournament.

Stade de l’Alliance, Genève
Cap. 20,000

Another Genevois stadium, Stade de l’Alliance is named for the historical agreement which created Reçueçn as a nation, ensuring that states besides the Duchy of Reçueçn, such as Genève, would have equal footing under the new system of government. Le Stade de l’Alliance is Geneva Lake-Side's home field.

Arena der Alpen, Heldingen
Cap. 20,000

One of only two stadiums hosting games in this tournament which is located in a Germanophone region of the nation, the Arena der Alpen is high in the Reçueçian Alps, and the altitude may pose a small issue for teams not used to playing in similar situations. That said, this is yet another beautiful stadium; Heldingen has great views of the surrounding mountains, and any tourists attending games here may want to schedule a little extra time for a hike.

Chapel-Field House, Reçueçn
Cap. 15,500

The oldest stadium in the nation in continuous professional use, Chapel-Field House gave its name to the team that plays there. Admittedly a small stadium for a tournament of this size, Chapel-Field House is unexpectedly jumping into the limelight during this tournament as normally it and its team are overshadowed by the much bigger Reçueçn FC in the same city. It was chosen to host games during this tournament thanks to its proximity to other stadiums being used in order to cut down on travel time.

National Team Information

The Reçuecian National Team is an up-and-coming one, but if it's known for anything, it's probably for the way it suddenly burst onto the international scene with two consecutive IAC medals and world cup qualifications, despite being unranked. It's also a highly defensive team—probably largely due to the influence of Reçueçn FC—the most popular domestic club in Reçueçn plays about as defensive a game as you can imagine. This is balanced out to some extent by the players from other teams with more attacking philosophies, but the league as a whole tends towards defense, and it shows in the national team. Furthermore, Gerauld Firaut, the team's #1 goalie, is the best player on the team by a solid margin—likely the only truly world class player. He and his defense for the foundation for the team as a whole. The team plays in a 4-3-3 formation, but sometimes the wings drop back, almost making it a 4-5-1. In general, the team's strategy and tactics are solid—Jacques Tremblay, the coach, knows his stuff despite his age. The weakness would be the quality of the talent on the team—Reçueçn has not yet had the opportunity to develop or train true world class talent.

The Reçueçian National Team's mascot is the Unicorn; thus another name for the team is "The Unicorns". The fantastical creature has been a symbol of Reçueçn for almost two millennia and is also the national animal, appearing as the supporters in the national coat of arms.

The team's kit represents the colors of the flag in a quite literal fashion. This kit was first one the Unicorns ever wore, dating back to the 59th Baptism of Fire. Today it is unpopular with fans, who think it is old-fashioned, badly designed, and ugly. Although the RNFA secretly admits that the fans are right and aims to replace the kit soon, they tout it as 'traditional' and promote its value as a connection to the team's past.

All time record: 47-26-27
Name               	#	Pos.	Age	Club                 	TGM	Caps	Goals
Coaching Staff
Jacques Tremblay M Manager 72 National Team
Bonheur Relié AM As.Man. 46 National Team
Gerauld Firaut 1 GK 26 Reçueçn FC RCN 91 43 clean sheets
Emanuele Cutrona 2 CB 22 Mierton Manatees TAE 21 2
Paulin Bourguignon 3 LB 23 Stomford 1904 RCN 22
Lukas Kayserling 4 CB 22 Herzegovina City FC BNJ 28
Oliver Spencer 5 RB 26 Brinemouth NPH 98 1
Raoul Lavigne 6 LM 23 Monmouth Park FC CBP 23 1
Harold Saunders 7 AM 29 Association Genève RCN 75 10
Maynard Hebron 8 RM 27 Assalto Alpino RCN 99 10
Hippolyte Lavigne 9 LW 33 Hawthorne Kickers XAN 98 15
Frank "Franky" Adams 10 CF 21 Association Genève RCN 97 45
Freeman Lebo 11 RW 28 Pelethas United COS 93 21
Estienne de Chefderue 12 GK 22 FC Harrim RCN
Hagen Groos 13 SW 25 Reçueçn FC RCN
Jayson Compton 14 LB 23 Col-de-Môse RCN
Quirino Lucian 15 CB 23 Ville-sur-Rivière RCN
Barnabus Mercer 16 RB 27 Heldingen 1919 RCN
Robert Chéreau 17 LM 22 FC Zimmerich RCN
Grégoire Leclair 18 DM 30 Dynamo Sjoedrhavn SVJ 62 4
Quentin Gouin 19 RM 20 Association Genève RCN
Per Tegeler 20 LW 25 Marketville EUR 40 7
Ly Nasser 21 CF 24 FC Zimmerich RCN 42 8
Jean-Baptiste Brochard 22 RW 28 Lampadaires Associés RCN 36 5
Calanico Di Martino 23 GK 25 Renwyll RCN

Do's and Don't's

Do say "Bonjour" to those you pass, if you're in a small town. Don't block the passageway in the metro if you're in the city. Do take your time to enjoy a meal or a conversation in western Reçueçn. Don't be late in eastern Reçueçn. Do greet people with a kiss on each cheek. Don't actually let your lips touch them. Do cheer loudly for your team! Don't insult the Unicorns in front of their fans. Do take a selfie with your head on the block at execution square in downtown Reçueçn. Don't miss out on your visit because you're on your phone the whole time. Do rent a bike and pedal around to see the sights. Don't be unprepared to parallel park if you've rented a car. Do make eye contact during a conversation. Don't stare at people. Do be ready to share gossip with perfect strangers. Don't expect people to open up to you right away. Do keep your hands above the table at dinner. Don't yawn when someone's talking to you. Do offer to help your host with cleaning up. Don't ask for seconds until offered. Do speak your mind and be straightforward.Don't bank on too much personal space.

Do have the time of your life.
Essential Information
RP Permissions

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, nothing career-ending
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, but never
Firaut, Saunders, or Kayserling
Godmod other events: Yes
Style Modifier: -2.75 | Trigram: RCN
Quick Facts
Capital: Reçueçn
Official Languages: French, German, Italian
Non-official Languages: Arpitan
Demonym: Reçuecian
Population: 5,252,000 (regional censuses 1999-2011)
Area: 43,116 sq km
GDP: $340,000,000,000 (2019 Estimate)
Currency: Guilder
All photos taken by me in locations that would be in IC Reçueçn.
All logos and graphics created by me.
Starting XI
1 - GK - Gerauld Firaut
2 - SW - Emanuele Cutrona
3 - LB - Paulin Bourguignon
4 - CB - Lukas Kayserling
5 - RB - Oliver Spencer
6 - LM - Raoul Lavigne
18 - DM - Harold Saunders
8 - RM - Maynard Hebron
9 - LW - Hippolyte Lavigne
10 - CF - Franky Adams
11 - RW - Freeman Lebo
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Postby Highton Islands » Sun May 10, 2020 8:18 am

Team Highton
Nickname: The Blue Cocos
Colors: Blue and Gold
CEFA World Cups won: 4
CEFA World Ranking: 3
Head coach: Sebastian Brooks
Captain: Alexís

#NamePositionPlace of BirthAgeClub
1John CheckerGKJefferson, Pobfénix37Capital FC
2Francis JúniorRBVictoria, Reyterra25Trier FC
3Jordaan BrownLBHighton City, North Highton26Highton City FC
4Mario Küpfer (VC)CBEssen, Aleman28Trier FC
5Thomas MännCBTrier, Aleman24Trier FC
6Franz MüllerCMDuisburg, Aleman21Highton City FC
7Iago CornesLWEle, North Highton31Haslantestone (ULS)
8Fernando RossiCMSoanborg, Talanskland31Capital FC
9Jonas LettmanSTTrier, Aleman21Trier FC
10Alexís (C)RWEssen, Aleman32Highton City FC
11Matija PaunovićSTIzhevsk, Pobfénix22Neu Club Trier
12Alex WeisskopfRWMinheim, Aleman18Highton City FC
13Arthur ThielLWBad Bertrich, Aleman22Capital FC
14Timothee BarnettCMLincoln Park, Aleman26Lincoln Park Town
15Emil GaletaCBGlöckenkirchen, Aleman18Glöckenkirchen Union
16Thomas ElsnerCBKalety, Syrixia23Midland FT (PRY)
17Karl WenzelCMTrier, Aleman22Capital FC
18Anthony HeathGKHighton City, North Highton30Trier FC
19Helmut VogtGKHighton City, North Highton31Highton City FC
20Julien SantanaRBJacksonville, Cojedes18Trier FC
21Lorenz LobsenzLBIzhevsk, Pobfénix26Aleman FC
22Marko MertzCBAachen, Aleman24Trier FC
23Mario RydzLWLincoln Park, Aleman21Neu Club Trier

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: N
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card My Players: N
Yellow Card My Players: N
Godmod Other Events: N
Please ask my permission.
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Postby PotatoFarmers » Sun May 10, 2020 8:40 am

PotatoFarmers (Poafmersia) team for Pan-Pacific Cup

Other name: The Red Panjias (Panjia is the Poafmerian equivalant of a horse)
Kit Colours: Red, Orange

Num	Player Name		Age	Pos(s)		Sex
1 Sandi Jaliaha 26 GK M
12 Dikash Johikas 30 GK M
23 Nicole Potts 18 GK F
2 Alex Pickford 29 LB M
3 Denise Pickford 29 RB F
4 Danzik Hoboson 31 CB M
5 Pasits Rikachz 30 CB M
13 Graciia Warisian 27 LB M
14 Timothy Gausun 27 RB M
15 Alex Hoboson 25 CB M
16 Konile Trasa 26 CB M
6 Dargis Walshor 24 LM M
8 Jessie Mchargarita 32 RM F
10 Gisiik Moonar 25 CM, AM M
17 Goon Figsh 30 CM, DM M
18 Matthew Tibrise 27 LM M
19 Danill Trasa 32 RM M
7 Joel Haodao 25 LW, CF M
9 Shakira Handris 29 CF M
11 Pete Carisa 26 RW, CF M
20 Matea Idowu 19 LW F
21 Hansel Tang 26 CF, LW, LM F
22 Bytia Hisel 31 CF F

Formation: 4-3-3 (default), 4-1-2-1-2, 3-4-3
Style Modifier: +1.637
Captain: Danzik Hoboson
Vice-Captain: Shakira Handris, Joel Haodao

Penalty Taker: Shakira Handris
Freekick Taker: Pete Carisa
Corner Taker: Alex Pickford (Left), Denise Pickford (Right)

Head Coach: Adnan Suliaha, 50
Assistant Head Coach: Katiri Hedge, 55
General Playing Style: Being a nation which emphasises on fast paced attacking football, Poafmersia would prefer to attack rather then defend. The players can be quite aggressive in getting back the ball, yet they do not keep high amounts of possession and often break on the counter attack.

Poafmersian fans are crazy about football, and their loud cheers ring about in the stadiums they visit. They are very willing to disturb the peace in the area to celebrate their win after matches, so matches are best held in the afternoon or early evenings. Apart from that, they do pick up after themselves, and prevent causing much trouble apart from celebrating. You can be assured, however, that they would be travelling around to support their team, so do reserve half the spots in stadiums for them because they would pack it to the brim.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: You describe what happened, I decide the severity
Godmod Injury Events: As Above
Red Card My Players: Y, limited to 1 per game
Yellow Card My Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y

The team I would be using here would be based off my NS Sports (NSS) national team. If you have seen my sports RP in other places, and see similar names, please do understand that it is because all my nations are the same OOCly, but follow different timelines and develop differently ICly.
As this event is considered non-cannon in my NSS RP timeline, I would make scant reference to their domestic performances/performances in other international competitions. If you are interested to find out more, you are welcome to refer to my RPs that I have made for the past NSS World Cup cycle. The linked page refers to the roster list, which also lists out my RPs for that competition.
Baptism of Fire 71
World Cup 84 Qualifiers
Cup of Harmony 76
If you need more information, the link to my sports newswire is in my signature.

Coming soon.
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IC Name: The People's Republic of Poafmersia (Trigram: PFA)
IC Flag: Refer to my flag with my IC nation Poafmersia, though that nation's RP will be done with this account.
Citizen of The North Pacific (and also other regions)
Ambassador of The North Pacific to Europe and Thalassia
Minister of Communications, The North Pacific

Sportswire. Achievements: BoF 71 Bronze; IAC X and IAC XI Champions
WCC Football (Pre-WC87) - 48th, KPB=17.74, Style: +2.781

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Pan-Pacific Cup [Everything In Context]

Postby Highton Islands » Sun May 10, 2020 9:04 am

Head coach Brooks names young roster for the tournament
New Club starlet Mario Rydz will be making his competitive debut

HIGHTON CITY, NH -- Sebastian Brooks has announced the Hightonian roster ahead of a new international event named the Pan-Pacific Cup in which Highton will face off against nations from other regions. After a quarterfinal shootout exit at the hands of Andrenne in the last CEFA World Cup, this is an opportunity for Highton to make a good run into the latter stages of the tournament. There are little surprises in the 23-man roster, with the young Matija Paunović and Jonas Lettman tipping Joseph Vard's experience to make the final roster. Paunović, Santana, Rydz, Barnett, Halter, and Lobsenz are all new to the team having not played in the World Cup last summer. Highton has been drawn into a group with Kartujia, Nieubasria, and The Death Syndicate.

Brooks is expected to employ a 5-2-3 with wingbacks, similar to what was used by Eric Wehr near the end of his time as head coach. As the captain and a star of Eras football, Alexís will carry the burden on the wings and either go for goal himself or set up Lettman. Meanwhile Küpfer will be the rock at the back, patrolling the defense from the middle of the back three. Jordaan Brown and Francis Júnior will fill the roles of explosive wingbacks, providing assistance for Alexís and Rydz out wide in the attacking third. Emil Galeta will be expected to step up as a defensive midfielder if the team needs to go more attacking, and can easily transition into a 4-3-3.

Please note that the news posts might not look as nice as they would on the normal TNP forum because of the way that this forum operates.
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Postby Fujai » Sun May 10, 2020 9:39 am


Fujai (fu:'jaɪ, foo-yEYE) is a small archipelagic nation of just over 7 million residents, located in the north of the Polarii continent in The West Pacific. While it has a long history of domestic football, it never has been a substantial player on the international scale. The Independents' Cup 8 was Fujai's first international football competition, where the Landslag made it to the Round of 16 before being knocked by Drawkland out in a high pitched match ending 5-4 AET. In the short time since then, the team has made it to the Round of 16 at the Baptism of Fire 71, played in its first World Cup Qualifiers, and returned for IAC 9.

The Landslag is made up of the finest players in Fujai, though few would be considered of truly international quality. It is sponsored by Fujais Fotbollforbund (FjFF), a member of Fujais Idrottsforbund (Fujansk Sports Union). Most Landslag players come from Fujai's top league, Fyrstserien, though a few come from the second division, Annarserien, and one comes from a university team. While Fujansk clubs are more equal in skill than the average league, the four most dominant teams, the Store Fyra, are Solbakken IL and Bruland IF from the capital of Keiserholde, Trondsnes FF from Strafsund, and Almoren IL from Almoren in the north.

Fujais Idrottsforbund is the federation of labor unions representing all sports players and workers in sports-associated industries. It is separate from the Fujansk government, but receives accreditation and financial and infrastructural support from it through the Kulturdirektarat of the Kulturministerjon. Its structure includes clubs at the local level (e.g. a local sports club), which are constituents of fylke organizations, which are a part of the larger federation representing specific sports (e.g. Fujais Fotbollforbund for football), which are then members of FIF. FIF is a member of the Rhodoniad and OCTWPUS (Olympic Council of The West Pacific Union of Sports), and is Fujai's representative to the Olympic Council.

Fujais Fotbollforbund is the governing labor union of football in Fujai and represents all players, related workers, and clubs in the country. It governs Fujai's league system, consisting of Fyrstserien, Annarserien, Tredjeserien, and the landsdel leagues. Fylke leagues and lower are organized by the the fylke organizations.

Editor's note on gender: Fujansk culture historically recognizes 4 main genders, though in the last century, gender has been used as a continuum without specific categories (though there are some general categories of expression). Since the Fujansk language does not have gendered pronouns, most Fujar choose choose to use gender-neutral pronouns, such as they/them when interacting in the common tongue. All players on the Landslag use they/them pronouns.

Translator's note: Landslaget translates to "The National Team," while Landslag translates to "National Team." In the common tongue, one would say "the Landslag did well" or "Landslaget did well," not "the Landslaget did well." This is because the Fujansk language uses suffixes to create definite nouns instead of articles. See Den Fujanske Ordboken (The Fujansk Dictionary) for more information.


Quick Facts

  • Trigram: FJA
  • Adjective: Fujansk
  • Demonym: Fujar
  • Plural: Fujar
  • Language: Fujansk
  • Population: 7,294,825 (~RL Paraguay/Washington state)
  • Area: 521,912 km2 (Øyen: 131,016 km2, Hasmark: 390,896 km2) (~RL Nicaragua+Zimbabwe/Alabama+Montana)
  • GDP (PPP) per capita: 1,760,000 kronar, 71,535 international monetary units
  • Capital: Keiserholde, Keiserholde fylke

Note: My current flag is not the flag of Fujai. The proper flag may be found here


Team Info

Basic info:
  • Preferred formation: 4-3-1-2 or 4-3-3
  • Style mod: +2.2
  • Home stadium: Nykanalstadion, Keiserholde (cap. 48,300 (34,680 standing, 13,620 seated))
    Known commonly as Nykanalen, the stadium is located in Nykanalparken, a park built on the former fortifications that surround Keiserholde's city center. Nykanalen is the largest stadium in the nation, and serves as the home stadium for the Landslag. Like most stadiums in Fujai, it includes large standing areas to increase capacity, lower costs, and help people stay warm by standing instead of sitting in the country's famously cold weather. Nykanalen also recently hosted the second edition of the FFI Liga dos Vencedores.
  • Managers: Systa Hendsal, Iren Sattar
  • Coaches: Eirdis Overby, Lasse Lillegård
Players to watch:
  • Arin Salberg - Captain and star striker of Solbakken IL, one of the winningest teams in recent Fujansk history—has led the team in scores at every competition.
  • Solfrid Hellem - Shadow striker, them and Salberg have made a daring duo the past two years of being together on the national team
  • Erna Höss - A star from Annarserien's Hal Stor IK, until this year they were only starter from the second division, but two high profile relegations meant they were joined by many others.
  • Anton Felland - A master of footwork, they can take the ball even from the most experienced players if given the chance

Team Record:

WC:                   	10-4-13 		
Non-WC: 3-3-4
Overall Record: 13-7-17

First International: Fujai 0-4 Reçueçn
First Win: Fujai 1-0 Britonisea
First Loss: Fujai 0-4 Reçueçn
Biggest Win: Fujai 3-1 Kavagrad
Biggest Defeat: Fujai 0-4 Reçueçn
Highest Scoring: Fujai 4-5 AET Drawkland
Lowest Scoring: Fujai 1-0 Britonisea
Most Crucial Win: Fujai 3-1 Kavagrad
Most Crucial Loss: Fujai 4-5 AET Drawkland
Best Result: Ro16, Independents' Cup 8; Ro16, BoF 71; Group Stage, WC 84

Team Roster:


Starting 11

Name                		Pos.	Club                 	City          	Age	League     	Goals (total)

Arin Salberg (C) ST Solbakken IL Keiserholde 24 Fyrstserien 15
Solfrid Hellem SS Hafstrand 07 FF Hafstrand 28 Annarserien 12
Xavier Michaud AM AS Savigny-Bilten Bertranslaug 31 Fyrstserien 9
Maa’ingan Hoven CM Lindskrona IF Lindskrona 27 Fyrstserien 4
Erna Höss LM Hal Stor IK Halfjord 25 Annarserien 3
Jørgen Solstein RM Karlsøra IF Karlsøra 32 Fyrstserien 1
Chibuzo Jorg (AC) LB Jarnfoss IL Jarnfoss 28 Annarserien
Rakel Veberg RB Austvik IL Austvik 30 Annarserien 1
Agnes Hammeren CB Bruland IF Keiserholde 29 Fyrstserien
Anton Felland CB Trondsnes FF Strafsund 24 Fyrstserien
Nehal Parekh GK Almoren IL Almoren 34 Fyrstserien


Name                		Pos.	Club                 	City          	Age	League     	Goals (total)

Min Qian ST Trondsnes FF Strafsund 31 Fyrstserien 4
Tosin Dawar ST Uni. i Strafsund Strafsund 21 Storuniserien 3
Marte Setter AM Ossen BK Kordalant 35 Fyrstserien 2
Peder Kamie AM AS Savigny-Bilten Bertranslaug 26 Fyrstserien 1
Stefan Juel CM Almoren IL Almoren 30 Fyrstserien 1
Pernille Slette CM Solbakken IL Keiserholde 28 Fyrstserien
Torunn Landet (AC) LM Havnarbetars IL Braskvik 26 Fyrstserien 1
Agnar Boken RM Rønnhavn IL Rønnhavn 27 Fyrstserien
Mtuzi Kesane LB FF Skan Fosborg 27 Annarserien
Arni Limensgård LB Bruland IF Keiserholde 25 Fyrstserien
Hildur Buras CB Bruland IF Keiserholde 24 Fyrstserien
Torild Vaness CB Hafstrand 07 FF Hafstrand 30 Annarserien
Finn Åbel GK Karlsøra IF Karlsøra 29 Fyrstserien



Pan-Pacific Cup Schedule (Group J)
Score and group position will be updated after each matchday.

  • MD1 - Fujai vs. Advancia-Sizzletown - 1-1 - tied 2nd
  • MD2 - Fujai vs. Artztokzsia - 2-0 - 2nd
  • MD3 - Fujai vs. Irador - score - position

RP Permissions

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but nothing career-ending
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, within reason
Language note: If I provide a word in Fujansk, please use it as is instead of a translation. If you'd like any additional translations or have a question, feel free to TG me.
Gender note: Pronouns are important, use the right ones.

I don't know too much about football, so I may get something or many somethings wrong.
If you'd like to know something about Fujai that I didn't cover or whatever else, feel free to send me a TG.
All graphics created by myself.
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Postby HUElavia » Sun May 10, 2020 9:48 am

HUElavia National Football Team Squad for the Pan-Pacific Cup



#1 Jose Antonio LOBATO (22 Years Old) (M) (6'1")
#13 Ana VALLARES (20 Years Old) (F) (5'10")
#23 Ricardo PATRICIO-Leite (18 Years Old) (M) (6'0")

#2 Kira SMIRNOV (21 Years Old) (F) (CB) (5'11")
#3 Carolina ACOSTA (18 Years Old) (F) (CB) (5'7")
#4 Joao COELHO (19 Years Old) (M) (RB-LB) (5'9")
#5 Raul AMARU-Dominguez (21 Years Old) (M) (LB-RB) (5'10")
#12 ANGELICA Santos-Reus (22 Years Old) (F) (CB) (5'6")
#15 Manuel MENDIETA (16 Years Old) (M) (CB) (5'10")
#18 Elenor SALGADO-Lemus (19 Years Old) (F) (LB-RB) (5'4")
#22 Miguel Angel DURAN (22 Years Old) (M) (RB-LB) (6'0")

#6 Natalia RAMIREZ (20 Years Old) (F) (CDM-CM) (5'4")
#8 Joao FREITAS (21 Years Old) (M) (CM-AM) (6'2")
#10 Rafael ALMEIDA (20 Years Old) (M) (CM-AM) (6'0")
#14 Aurora CONTI (20 Years Old) (F) (DM-CM) (5'9")
#16 Maria SAKAGUCHI (18 Years Old) (F) (CM-AM) (5'3")
#19 Emilia LEBLANC (20 Years Old) (F) (CM-AM) (5'3")

#7 Marc NAVARRO (19 Years Old) (M) (LW-RW)(5'11")
#9 Ayuka HAMADA-Fukuda (18 Years Old) (F) (ST) (5'2")
#11 Samuel SISSOKO (20 Years Old) (M) (RW-LW) (5'11")
#17 Isabella ALEJO-Cuellar (19 Years Old) (RW-LW) (5'5")
#20 Rosario VILLCA (18 Years Old) (LW-RW) (5'3")
#21 Bruno MOUTINHO-Figo (19 Years Old) (M) (ST-CF) (6'2")

Head Coach: Ivan Mendieta-Martinez
Assistant Coaches: Beatriz España, Rodolfo Caetano

Style Modifier: +1.5
Starting XI:
1 Lobato
4 Coelho 2 Smirnov 3 Acosta 4 Amaru
6 Ramirez
8 Freitas 10 Almeida
11 Sissoko 9 Hamada 7 Navarro

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, nothing career-ending
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, but please message who and why
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Postby Advancia-Sizzletown » Sun May 10, 2020 9:58 am

Roster: Imgur link to it

Team: Sizzlevancian Memerinos

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: Y
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card My Players: Y
Yellow Card My Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y
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Postby Bran Astor » Sun May 10, 2020 10:08 am

Quick post now due to family obligations. Will clean up ASAP.

Trigram: BAS
Formation: 4-2-3-1, 4-4-2
Style Modifer: +1.8
Captain: Taylor Beard

No. Name Position Age
1 Chris Coetzee Goalkeeper 25
2 Bill Shepherd Defender 25
4 Dario Farfan Defender 20
7 Larrys Trierweiler Forward 33
8 Kellen Brown Midfielder 27
9 Siti Metcher Forward 23
10 Adam Pelsner Midfielder 24
11 Jonah Halfpenny Forward 27
12 Dillon Kilifi Goalkeeper 24
13 John Ebobisse Defender 27
14 Olive John Midfielder 22
15 Jeremy Peters Defender 28
17 Blake Brennan Forward 28
18 Andrew Bashar Defender 29
19 Taylor Beard Midfielder 23
21 Cory Tucker Midfielder 28
22 Harry Mabiala Midfielder 20
23 Brian Rowlands Midfielder 34
25 Marco Shingler Defender 30
27 Ross Tuiloma Forward 25
30 Scott Attinella Midfielder 29
31 Liam Turner Goalkeeper 29
32 Josh Hattingh Defender 22
33 Jarrod Dean Defender 23
40 Rhys Cina Midfielder 25
44 Ben Evans Midfielder 30
98 Hadleigh Neal Midfielder 25

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Godmod Goalscoring Events: No
Injure Players: Yes, don't be a dick
Godmod Injury Events: No
Red Card My Players: Yes, one per match
Yellow Card My Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: No
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Postby Tinfect » Sun May 10, 2020 10:12 am



Imperial Division of Foreign Policy and Diplomatic Action,
Foreign Access Information Pamphlet

Imperial Division of Civilian Enrichment and Culture,

73rd Legionary Soccer Division
Loan/Auth. Military Oversight | Diplomatic Oversight

Raesev ViraamRasali1GoalkeeperStarting
Tosran OtrevSavaer2GoalkeeperReserve
Valir MaarRasali3DefenderStarting
Serval RisvaanFiraam4DefenderStarting
Laeral RaliriFiraam5DefenderStarting
Traval AritFiraam6DefenderStarting
Ralas ViraliFiraam7DefenderReserve
Tomun KoturaFiraam8DefenderReserve
Serael IvalanSavaer9DefenderReserve
Orantir KiravSavaer10MidfielderStarting
Mural RasatiSavaer11MidfielderStarting
Koralti SravaSavaer12MidfielderStarting
Illraen VolsirSavaer13MidfielderReserve
Irrael ToliriSavaer14MidfielderReserve
Solavaer IrataenSavaer15MidfielderReserve
Tirvan FerenVaesir16ForwardStarting
Krasal MirakVaesir17ForwardStarting
Laerav SilirVaesir18ForwardStarting
Saval TIraamVaesir19ForwardReserve
Solas RaeviriVaesir20ForwardReserve
Rasim VotralVaesir21ForwardReserve

Assembled by a joint operation of Civil and DIplomatic Oversight, the 73rd Legionary Soccer Division is the first of its kind in the Imperium, consisting of volunteer personnel on loan from the 73rd Legion, trained the highest standards of the Imperium for the purpose. What the team lacks in experience, it makes up for in organization and discipline; they are long experienced with working as a unit with minimal communication, and are trained to operate effectively in stressful situations. The team is expected to utilize the 4-3-3 formation, and aggressive strategy.

As the team is likely to be the first point of contact with the Imperium for many foreigners, each member has had additional specialist training by Diplomatic Oversight, and are certain to act as legitimate representatives of the Imperium of Tinfect. Foreigners are to note that requests regarding the Imperium of Tinfect may not be answered fully or at all due to Information Security standards. Further information can be requested via the Imperial Foreign Representative and Team Overseer Solvan Ivaran.

The Imperium extends its gratitude to the hosts of the event, and to the reader of this pamphlet.

Imperial Diplomatic Overseer,
Elesvanir Marsev

Style Modifier +3. Regarding RP Permissions, Please Ask. This is a collaberative effort, I'm happy to work with y'all. I'm on the Pacific-Con discord if y'all need to contact me.
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Postby Fuentana » Sun May 10, 2020 10:14 am

Fuentana National
Manager: Brooks Herbert
Assistant coach: Bowman Scott
Player coach: Lando Brando
Team doctor: Tom Cutter MD
Chaplain: Bro. Rodrigo

Formation: 5-4-1
Playing style: Defensive, but attempting counterattacks using fit young wing backs and creativity of prodigy twins at center midfield. Manager Brooks Herbert has gained attention for emphasizing fitness and overall team chemistry over sheer talent. The question, however, is whether youth and some old guard players can mesh against a wide field of the best in the game across the Pacifics.

Starting 11
GK Miguel Fichter
CB Roy Admos
CB Jack Btongo
CB Colin Redmond
LWB Bradley Martino
CM Tom Ruel
CM Tim Ruel
RWB Rick von Fontaine
LW Jon Bouchard
CF Antony Milagros
RF Reggie Quezon

GK Zed Birk
GK Aaron de Ocampo
CB Eric Trappister
CB Lando Brando
CB Aziz Mingi
LWB Patrick Evers
LM/CM Greg Gregson
LM/LW Edmir Alverti
CM Danil Nurosovic
CM Doron Dibarto
RM/RWB Vlad Mirov
RM/RW K.R. Blerto

Starting lineup graphic:

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Godmod Goalscoring Events: No
Injure Players: Y
Godmod Injury Events: No
Red Card My Players: Yes, 1 per match
Yellow Card My Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: No
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Postby Trolleborg » Sun May 10, 2020 11:25 am


Trigram: TRL
Nickname: Trolls

Football is a prime sport for a country, with a league having ended 128th season right now. National psyche (and forementioned considerations) tell players to put everything even if odds are heavily against, so almost every match played with high determination. Highly laudable was an example of player, who handball on the line kicking ball out of the empty net, when score was 0-3 with one minute to play, receiving a red card and penalty, but also a possibility to not having fourth goal (in the case opponent’s penalty taker missed the net, albeit it is not known are he does this deliberately).

Team has rather checkered history: team won Baptism of Fire tournament and having a very good press due to quality of game, but make rather unconsequental debute in World Cup Qualifying with some very puzzling results. Then Trolleborg missed playoffs in the Cup of Harmony just by razor-thin margin, but after that was badly and completely inexplicably mauled in IAC and proved to be extremely unconvincing in a series of friendly games, which ended with completely insane results. Although a large group of players which was only counted as candidates to the national team were played in these games, and so their performance can be understandably substandard, the results nonetheless look completely devoid of logic.

After such unconvincing performance, on the eve of the next qualifying round, there was much debate about what should be done, and strong voices were heard about the cancellation of the already submitted application for participation under the pretext that the team acting in this way has no right to dishonor the country's flag in international competitions. The decision to participate in this competition was not easy, FA only after serious deliberations, with only a slight margin and at the last moment give a team a green light.




The team is still coached by Morten TROGHIL – 53 уears old triumphator of the BoF.


Since friendly matches showed that the leaders of the national team did not have any serious reliable backup, it was decided to abandon the rotation of players and the basis of the team consisted of people who had already seen international football with addition of only two players.

1. Tomas Kot Kotsson (28). Flexible and agile, quick-thinking, he, alas, don’t make miracles in the international games. But after robust season in the Trolleborg League he continue to be solid number one.
12. Klemens Gould (26). He joined the team during the qualifying tournament and proved to be a reliable goalkeeper, but not much more.
23. Marten Windass (33). Experienced goalkeeper with a lot of talent. In the time, he was like a Kot Kotsson, and albeit now he wasn’t so fresh and fast as in his heyday, but he knows many secrets of goalkeeper trade.

2.Nikolaas Laste (29). He was reliable left back, who has a tendency going forward, but in the recent years prefer to concentrate on his defensive duties, which he does very successfully in the local championship, and not so successful in the international games.
3.Kasper Wolters (26). One of the team brightest stars, he is right back by default, but he is very strong, very fast, have a very good shot and even better crossing skill. Having all this, he very often make a lighting runs to the opposition box and sometime substitute right midfielder.
4.Torgeir Dushegub (29). Known as a Column, this tall and strong player usually dominates a box both in the air and at the grass. Being always calm and confidence, he projected aura of them around. Albeit in the local championship he often been seen in the opposition box when corner kick is played, in the international football he don’t make any runs forward.
5. Aien Troger (26). He is fast, strongly build and extremely good in tackling. It’s very challenging to move into the box past him. Maybe he will go into pages of history as one of the most brightest defenders of our championship, but his career having taking hit from his unsuccessful. marriage bid for Abanhfleft midfielder(there is more about that). But now he probably overcome his grief and shock – his last league season is brilliant. Pundits declare, that he added many dimensions to his game
18. Torben Bagger (26). He was distinguished by composure and the right choice of position in the games of domestic championship, and he was called up to the national team due to the breakdown of the two key defence players, proved to be solid choice, but right now not much more.
14. Heiko Aldekamp (26). Useful addition to the team, can play both right and left defender, preferably first one, moving fast and tackling hard.
15. Morten Levenkrans (31). Full left back in the beginning of his career, he than move to the center, having considered almost impassable in both positions. Albeit right now not the fastest man on the field, he is very good man-marker, having excellent header and can be very useful when attacks began. He married recently, and this only enhanced his performance on the field.
23. Morgens Hoyte(25). Recent addition to the squad, robust player with a real big stature due to the height and athletic appearance, he can covered a lot of ground fast and do this consistently. It will be up to the coach where to use him, as defender or defensive midfielder.

6. Rolf Valgren (29). Quick-thinking, with a perfect understanding of game, seeing everyone and everything in the field, and with brilliant passing skills, this man can bring ball everywhere he wants. It is very possible, that he will be one of the greatest midfielders in the history of Trolleborg, have he not lacking some technique and speed.
16. Hendrick Groningen (27). The defensive midfielder, probably the best in his generation, he was not selected to play in BoF and joined team by way, proved himself worthy of a place in the team, caused a lot of problems to the attacking players of the opposing teams.
8. Finn Finnsnes (28). He is only one in the whole selected team ever play abroad. He was one of the creators of the victory in the BoF, and try to make himself useful in the WCQ, but without much success, albeit he receive some positive mentions in foreign press. Beginning his career as a right midfield\right winger, now he play more like attacking midfielder. He is swift, smart, good dribbler and excelled in set-pieces.
9. Morten Troll (25). He is a brightest star amongst midfielders in the whole country. Genius of game, with a wonderful dribbling, beautiful technique, excellent pass and extremely good shot, he won many games for his local team single-handedly, but also a great team player. Highly probably, he will be a player of generation, and very probably, best player Trolleborg ever had. He brilliantly justified all the positive reviews of his game on the BoF, helping a team many times in difficult situations with its smart actions.
7. Ruud Kolding (27). Left midfielder, covering lot of ground with his unbeliveable stamina, can press forwards or go back as team need. Albeit seen as a substitute, he won the hearts of fans and a strong place in the first team with his perfect game in the BoF matches, having retained it after WCQ.
19. Brutil Mogrin (28). Can play either in the center or as a right midfielder, with a nerves of steel and cold mind he will continue be a useful backup for any of the midfielders if need arise.
22. Mortimer Torquelston (25). Another man who managed to get into the team, although experts had questions about his game in friendly matches. Skillful winger, who can play at either right or left flank, very mobile and prove himself as a master in change direction of attacks.

10. Stuart Kerr (29). Best sniper of the two of the last three championship, quick, brave, skillful, and having ability shot from everywhere in the box right despite defenders best efforts. Brilliantly confirmed his reputation as a prolific scorer, winning a prize for the topgoalscorer of BoF and add to his tally not a few goals in the other tournaments. But he missed good part of the last Trolleborg championship due to the trauma in the CoH game with Bolgano and its complications, so it’s not clear is he will play at the new tournament at all.
11. Torfinn Skaloed (27). Intelligent forward as it was, he can move very quickly, constantly ahead of the defenders, successfully escapes from markers, and in case of need he often going back and successfully acquire ball here to begin attacks. In the BoF games, he was, though, play mainly in the role of power forward, not quite familiar to him, and it was not his best games and he is completely out of the game in the WCQ.
17. Tom Gulbranden (28). Build like a very tall stone wall, he easily can tramp defenders if he wish to do so, but his strong leg shot, without any preparation at all, give him other opportunity to have a points of popularity with fans. It is looked impossible, that a man of such a stature can bring himself in the air at all, but nevertheless he is – strongly jumping and struck the ball by the head with deadly precision. This is what he prove in the BoF games four time, but WCQ campaign was much less successfull for him.
21. Karsten Severin (24). This fast forward, who can conjured goal from nothing, are quite impressive in the last four seasons, and he has not scored less than 12 goals in any of them, but it is not yet clear how successfully he will compete with already proven players. Altought due to the Kerr situation and not quite convincing performance of Skaloed his chances are up.

It is widely understood that our team will play fast attacking football with a strong teamwork and apply pressing whatever on the field when ball is not on our side.

Style modificator +3

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events N
Roleplay injuries to my players Y, but only a slight one
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y, albeit no more than three
Hand out red cards to my players – generally N, but send me a message if you have something special in the mind
Godmod other events - N

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Postby Anserisa » Sun May 10, 2020 11:39 am


Anserisa (Anserisan pronunciation: [ɑ̃səʁiza]): Small 3 islands archipelago located in the South Pacific on the western side of the Rainbow Islands. The population is around 460 000 people, does not have a long tradition for association football, the practice of cricket, inline roller hockey and the national sport, the Anserisan Modern Pentathlon being more popular than football. This tournament represents the first international representation of Anserisa in association football.

Équipa Nationala do Pespila Anserisana: Nicknamed the Red Force (Anserisan: Força Rubra), the Anserisan National Football Team is the mixed international team representing the nation for this first competition. It is a fairly defending team composed of the best players from within the Anserisan professional domestic league. Fun fact, the sister of Hortensia Moussum (#3) is Paulina Moussum, the Commissioner of External Affairs and the South Pacific for the Republic of Anserisa, the highest executive position after the President and the Vice-President. The official colours of the ÉNPA are red, white and black, with black being shown prominently on the away uniform.

Federatio do Pespila Anserisana: The Anserisan Football Federation is the national governing body for all association football activities in Anserisa, mostly the domestic leagues and competitions. It was founded in 1913.

Capital: Brantavilla
Demonym: Anserisan
Official language: Anserisan
Area: 5, 664 km2
Population: 459 700 (est : 2020)
Trigram: ANS
More info: Dispatch
TSP Wiki: Anserisa
Style modifier: -2




Media coverage: The Anserisan Broadcasting Administration (Anserisan: Administracio do Locuso Anserisano) (ALA) is the Anserisan public broadcaster and will be in charge of the reports on the tournament in Anserisa, through the ALA-Sportem service.

I don't know all about football technicalities, I know the sport generally and I will try my best though.
If you have any comment, suggestion, ideas, contact me via telegram.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: No
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Don't hesitate to contact me if you want.
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Kapikala BT National Team

Postby Kapikala » Sun May 10, 2020 12:11 pm

In an effort to bolster national pride the Cultural Council has worked with the National Sports Ministry to put a team of football talents from Kapikala on an international stage. Though to call them talents would be a stretch as most were recruited from the Kapikalan Military's football team, and almost all the rest were recruited from the few men's teams scattered around Kapikala. The only players on the team with any football experience before the age of 18 is the Center Forward Kai T. Kaʻanāʻanā and the Goalkeeper Robert C. Richardson. Kaʻanāʻanā comes from the nearby island of Kapikala, which was colonized by Kapikala (confusing I know), where they played a game very similar to football and Kai was said to be the greatest. Richardson had started young and played in highly competitive youth leagues for most of his life, making him the most experienced and thus a great candidate for captain The reason for the severe lack of talent in the realm of sports is mainly because only the upper and upper-middle class are able to start playing young as most of the population 8 and older are sent to work in factories by their families. This, balanced with school, obviously creates a lack of time for youth to participate in sports (and the youth who do participate don't play long, instead leaving to learn management like their fathers and mothers). All this cumulates to the point we are at now, a semi-competent national team derived from a want for a rallying point. The Kapikala National Football Team is sponsored by the Leader of Kapikala James Walter Christie and his Automotive company Christie Automotive Corp.

Team Name: Kapikala BT
Head Coach: Harry S. Farren 56 yrs. old
As. Coach: Carl M. Walker 37 yrs. old
Playing Style: Similar to the intended use of vehicles this team is named after their style is a shoot the gap kind of playing based on playing quick, sending low through balls to the forwards, and exploiting breakdowns, generally attacking through the middle. The defensive line keeps a high press falling to long passes quite easily.



Formation: 4-1-2-1-2 Tight

Style: +3.5

Name age pos num
Robert C. Richardson 30 GK (00) Captain
Kai T. Kaʻanāʻanā 19 CF (11)
John I. Dart 20 CF (25)
Billy D. Lara 22 AM (19)
Michael N. Weiss 21 CM (7)
James R. Deck 26 CM (42)
Boyd S. Vidal 23 DM (29)
Keith E. Arguelles 20 LB (84)
Charles J. Garza 21 CB (74)
Mitchell M. Thomas 22 CB (51)
Osvaldo M. Fontenot 27 RB (45)

Substitutes/ Reserves:
Kenneth I. Parkhill 24 GK (90)
Floyd P. Ferland 23 CF (2)
Jerry A. Nelson 25 CF (56)
Mark L. Ellison 27 AM (72)
Larry M. Elliot 20 CM (69)
Paul J. McPherson 23 CM (41)
Clyde J. Banfield 22 DM (21)
Andrew H. Greer 21 LB (58)
Steven K. Sawyer 19 CB (17)
Kennet I. Parkhill 21 CB (20)
Gregory L. Kent 26 RB (12)

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Godmod Goalscoring Events: (Y)/N
Injure Players: (Y)/N Don't kill them
Godmod Injury Events: Y/(N)
Red Card My Players: (Y)/N 1 a match and not Kaʻanāʻanā
Yellow Card My Players: (Y)/N
Godmod Other Events: (Y)/N

This is my first time guys, been looking at other examples but probs won't be that great in terms of rp and the like. Thanks and hope you have fun.
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Borneo Darussalam National Team
Manchester Utd greatest 11 & subs


Manager - Sir Alex Ferguson
Asst. Manager - Sir Matt Busby

Coaches - Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Mike Phelan, Kieran McKenna, Mark Dempsey
Goalkeeping Coach - Emilio Alvarez Blanco
Chief Analyst - Jim Lawlor, Andrew Meredith
Chief Scout - Marcel Bout
Scouts - Andreas Herrmann, Tommy Möller Nielsen, Thomas Bormann, Armand Benneker, Vasco Noronha, João Ferreira, Roy Beukenkamp, Scott Donnelly
Youth Scout - Rene Moonen
Physiotherapist - Rod Thornley, Jos van Dijk
Sports Scientist - Richard Hawkins
Academy Manager - Nicky Butt
Academy Staff - Les Parry

Starting 11:

Goalkeeper - Peter Schmeichel - Schmeichel isn’t just United’s greatest ever goalkeeper, but one of the greatest goalkeepers the world has ever seen. The Great Dane joined the club from Brøndby in 1991 for £505,000 – a transfer Sir Alex Ferguson would later describe as the “bargain of the century”. He went on to help the club to three Premier League titles, three FA Cups, one League Cup, and the UEFA Champions League before leaving on the greatest of highs immediately following the 1999 Treble season.

Right-Back/Winger - Gary Neville - Easily United’s finest right-back of the Premier League era, Neville was one of the club’s fabled Class of ’92 and made over 600 first-team appearances before hanging up his boots in 2011. His time at the club yielded an incredible 20 major honours, including eight Premier League titles and two Champions Leagues.

Left-back/Winger - Denis Irwin - The £650,000 Sir Alex Ferguson spent on signing Irwin from Oldham in 1990 remains one of the finest pieces of business in United’s history. A consistently excellent full-back who took brilliant penalties AND free-kicks, the Irishman sits just behind Tony Dunne on the club’s list of all-time appearances and his 12 glorious seasons at Old Trafford saw him win seven Premier League titles, three FA Cup winners’ medals and the Champions League.

Centre-back - Gary Pallister - The England international was named PFA Player of the Year in 1992 before going on to win a whopping nine major honours in almost 10 years at the club. He scored some heavy goals for United over the years too, including two against Liverpool in a title decider at Anfield in 1997. They would prove to be his final two goals for the club before his departure in 1998. Some parting gift.

Centre-back – Rio Ferdinand - The fact United paid close to £30m to sign Ferdinand from Leeds in 2003 – a world record fee for a defender which wasn’t topped until many years later – tells you all you need to know about the player they were getting. And if anything, the England defender kept getting better and better over his 12 years at Old Trafford, during which time he won six Premier League titles, two League Cups and the Champions League.

Midfield – Bobby Charlton - Charlton began his career at Old Trafford and went on to make 758 appearances over 17 years, putting him second on the all-time list. A box-to-box midfielder with a fierce shot, he was one of the survivors of the 1958 Munich air disaster. It took great courage to recover from that tragedy and he would go on to win three league titles, the FA Cup and the European Cup with United. Charlton is not just one of United’s best ever but one of the finest footballers of all-time and in 1966 – the year he lifted the World Cup with England – he also won the Ballon d’Or.

Midfield – George Best - The Northern Irishman made his United debut aged 17 and went on to score 179 goals in 11 seasons, winning two league titles and the European Cup along the way. He was quick, he was skilful, he could score and he was drop-dead gorgeous. George had the lot.

Midfield – Ryan Giggs - He was a winger in his prime who moved into a deeper midfield position later in his career and the fact Giggs holds United’s all-time appearance record with 963 is plenty enough reason for him to be in this team. His astonishing medal collection includes 13 Premier League titles, two Champions Leagues and five FA Cups. As a winger, Giggs was all about speed, stamina, dribbling and finishing, with his famous goal against Arsenal in the 1999 FA Cup semi-final being the epitome of his talent. But his intelligence and commitment to fitness was what enabled him to keep playing at a very high level into his 40s

Forward – Wayne Rooney - Rooney was the hottest prospect in English football when United bought him from Everton as a teenager in 2004. A hat-trick on his debut set the tone and for the next 13 years, it was nothing but net for the Liverpudlian as he went on to become the club’s all-time leading goalscorer with 253 goals in 559 games. Those goals helped United to five Premier League titles, three League Cups, one FA Cup, the Champions League and the Europa League. And one goal, in particular, has gone down as one of the greatest in Premier League history …

Forward – Eric Cantona - Signed from Leeds in 1992, the Frenchman was the catalyst for United’s glorious run of silverware in the early 90s and will be remembered as one of the most iconic players in the club’s history. He scored 81 goals and assisted 61 others in 179 games, winning three Premier League titles and two FA Cups along the way. But Cantona entertained and enthralled Old Trafford with his flair and panache, and even his kung-fu kick on a Crystal Palace supporter – which saw him receive 120 hours community service and an eight-month ban from football – is remembered fondly.

Forward – Cristiano Ronaldo - Sir Alex Ferguson brought Ronaldo to United from Sporting Lisbon for a bargain £12.24m in 2003 and he was immediately bestowed the great honour of wearing the club’s hallowed number 7 shirt. In 2007 he finished second behind Kaká in the running for the Ballon d’Or but the following year, his 31 league goals earned him the Premier League Golden Boot, the European Golden Shoe and the PFA Player of the Year award. Ronaldo eventually left in a world-record transfer to Real Madrid in 2009 having scored 118 times in 292 games for United – goals which helped the club to seven major honours.


Edwin van der Sar, Johnny Carey, Patrice Evra, Jaap Stam, Nemanja Vidic, Roy Keane, Paul Scholes, Michael Carrick, David Beckham, Ruud van Nistelrooy and Robin van Persie

Name of Stadium: Old Trafford
Total capacity: 74.879
Seats: 74.879 including 74.879 covered
Built: 1910
UEFA stadium category: 5 stars
Undersoil heating: Yes
Running track: No
Surface: Hybrid grass
Pitch size: 105m x 68m

Old Trafford
Sir Matt Busby Way, Old Trafford
M16 ORA Manchester

[b]Formation - 4-3-3

- Hard work and discipline coupled with the right personnel can make any formation a success regardless of how we choose to line up.
- Each formation has its own strengths that the team must make the most of while mitigating its weaknesses through tactical awareness and a good understanding of how the opposition may attempt to exploit their game plan.
- With the 4-3-3 formation, we can guarantee an attacking outlook right from the start.
- By controlling the midfield and taking advantage of the flexibility that the line up gives the team’s forwards, the 4-3-3 can overwhelm, confuse, and force the opposition back towards their goal.
- With the pace and movement of the attackers, the supporting fullbacks, and offensive midfielders, a flood of interchanging players can overload the opponent’s defence to great effect.
- This formation can be a massive success since we have the right players to play to its strengths.
- Tactically flexible, the formation allows us to manage the game to great effect by tweaking it to deal with a number of situations.
- We can sit back in an almost 4-5-1 formation and hit the opposition on the counter-attack or push the fullbacks forward and drop the holding midfielder between the centre-backs to form a 3-4-3 formation.
- Designed to be offensive, the 4-3-3 will certainly have the players threatening the opposition and creating goal-scoring opportunities.
- Through the high intensity and off the ball movement that the formation requires, we can force the opposition back by making the most of this aggressive line-up.

- Energy!
- ​Central midfielders who are disciplined and work together well as a trio by controlling possession, supporting the attack, and helping out in defence.
- Athletic fullbacks who support the wide forwards in front of them and don’t neglect their defensive duties. They also need to provide passing options out wide for the central midfielders.
- Good game management of the transitions between defence and attack.
- Good off the ball movement from the team’s forwards.
- Disciplined wide forwards who support the midfield and fullbacks when the opposition are attacking.
- A specialised defensive or holding midfielder who sniffs out danger, covers gaps left by the fullbacks, and helps the team to keep its shape.
- Wide players and forwards who create width and depth to give the central midfielders enough space to influence the game.

- Strength through the middle – With three central midfielders they can protect the defence, control the centre of the pitch, and force the opposition to play out wide.​
- Control possession – The formation works best with technically competent players who pass, move, and recycle the ball around the team. Due to the passing angles it creates, this, in turn, limits the opposition from retrieving the ball.
- Attacking options upfront – With three forwards up front, there will always be attacking options for the team to exploit. Coupled with the fullbacks and midfielders pushing forward, this makes for a potent attacking force.
- Lots of passing options and angles for the player on the ball – Due to the focus on movement and space, the player on the ball should always have a number of options available to them and this, in turn, helps the team to dominate possession.
- Pressure the opposition into mistakes – Due to the high energy nature of the formation and the number of players pushing up the field, it is possible to force the opponents into mistakes by limiting their time on the ball and the space that they receive it in.
- Off-ball movement confuses the opposition – The flexible nature of 4-3-3 formation means that the interchanging forward line up and the different runs that the players make can create havoc amongst the opposition who are then unsure of who to mark.
- Overwhelm the opposition – With a potential seven players rushing forward, the 4-3-3 can be mayhem for the defending team as a stream of people push up the field towards them.
- Disciplined players limit the formation’s weaknesses – If well-drilled and tactically competent, the team can stop the opponent from taking advantage of the 4-3-3 line up by tracking back and supporting their teammates with the defensive work.
- A specialised holding player acts as an insurance at the back – With one of the central midfielders usually dedicated to defensive play, the fullbacks can attack without worrying so much about the gaps they leave behind them.
- Tactical flexibility to change to other formations – From 4-3-3 formation, we can manage the game and counteract the opposition by changing the shape of the team relatively easily.

Teams usually play a standard back four with the two centre-backs being the main defensive specialists in the team. It is their job to protect the goalkeeper behind them and do anything to keep a clean sheet. Physically imposing, strong in the air, and ferocious tacklers, they are the bedrock of the team. In years gone by, the fullbacks were only expected to contribute defensively. Now they are becoming increasingly influential in attack as is evidenced by the astronomical fees paid for fullbacks over the last couple of years. They provide the team with width and passing options out wide and need to be very fit to patrol their side of the pitch. The 4-3-3 enables managers to line up the central midfielders in a number of ways… There is usually one holding midfielder included in the formation, if not two, as this then gives the attacking formation more stability and safety as they can then drop in and cover the fullbacks when they attacking. The three midfielders are usually all comfortable on the ball and need to have good positioning to limit the opposition’s attacking capabilities and initiate their own attacks. Depending on the opposition and how the manager likes to play, one or two of the midfielders is usually offensive-minded and is responsible for a lot of the team’s creativity through the middle. In any case, all three of them need to be very fit as they have to cover a lot of ground throughout the match. The formation again gives the coach a number of ways to organise the front three… The two wide forwards are ideally tricky, speedy players who are comfortable dribbling, attacking the opposition’s fullbacks, and supporting the central striker in scoring the main chunk of the team’s goals. They need to create goal-scoring opportunities for their teammates, open up passing options with their movement, and work well with the fullback behind them to overload the opposition’s defence. Depending on how the team likes to play, the team’s central striker in either a big target man, a quick and mobile striker, or a diminutive, creative false 9 type of player who brings others into play around them. Each type of player obviously brings very different playing options to the team. Positioning and discipline are key to the 4-3-3 formation which can otherwise leave large gaps on the pitch for the opposition to exploit if any player neglects their responsibilities. Although attacking in nature, a well-trained team will naturally limit their opponent’s game with their energy and understanding of how the team functions as a whole. Let us now look at what is expected from each player in their position on the pitch.

With four at the back, the keeper is in theory very well protected. Add in a holding defensive midfielder and it is easy to see how the 4-3-3 formation does not expose itself despite the plethora of attacking players on the pitch. With the fullbacks pushing forwards, however, gaps can appear and the keeper must have good communication skills to highlight danger as it arises and direct the players in front of him to counteract the opposition’s attack. He needs to be constantly talking to his defenders and work well with them as a unit. Obviously, the main role of the keeper is to keep a clean sheet and they must, therefore, do anything possible to prevent the opposition from scoring. In the past, the goalkeeper, like the fullback, was only responsible for defending the goal with their lives. But in today’s game, goalkeepers are increasingly expected to have good footwork so that they keep possession within the team and play accurate long balls forward to instigate attacks. Due to the attacking nature of the formation, the goalkeeper must also advance up the pitch when the defence pushes forwards. They need to act almost as a sweeper and need to be ready to sprint forward to clear any ball that the opposition plays over the defenders standing on the halfway line. In this way, the keeper can stop counterattacks before they even begin. As the 4-3-3 formation traps the opposition in the opposite half of the pitch, the goalkeeper needs to keep their concentration as they will not see the ball for large parts of the game. A good keeper can always be the difference between victory and defeat.

Central Defenders:
In the attack-minded 4-3-3 formation, the centre-backs are the sole true defenders of the team. They need to clearly convey any danger to the rest of the players on the team to ensure they fulfil their defensive duties. They must work well as a unit with the two fullbacks and the defensive holding player in front of them to plug any gaps that the attacking players leave behind them. Strong in the tackle with a good sense of positioning, the centre-backs job is to arrive at the ball before the opposition’s strikers and either pass it to a teammate or clear it away. If second to the ball, they need to hold off the striker, stop them from getting past, and give the rest of the team enough time to get back in position. In the air, they should aim to win most of their headers and stop the opposition’s striker from controlling the ball and bringing their teammates into play. They need to not dive into tackles and make sure they are aware of any space that the striker may try to run into. With balls played into the channel behind the team’s fullbacks, the centre-back needs to come across and stop the opponent’s striker from driving at the defence. The other centre-back then either comes across to cover them or the defensive midfielder drops in and takes up the position. The centre-backs always need to be aware of the movement of the opposition’s forwards and attempt to intercept any passes that are aimed at the space behind them. When playing the offside trap they need to communicate together to know when to step up and when to drop off. In the 4-3-3 formation, there is less of an onus on the centre-backs to be good with the ball at their feet as more of the play will go through other players on the team. Ideally, they’re comfortable on the ball, but their main priority is to put their bodies on the line and limit the opposition’s goal-scoring chances.

Left and Right Fullback:
Although their priority is to defend, offensive fullbacks who are confident on the ball and can deliver a good cross are very important to the 4-3-3 formation. They are responsible for providing the team with width and they also provide the central midfielders with more space within which to operate. They’re also another passing option out on the flank. Without a wide midfielder, it is even more crucial they get forward and support the wide forward in attacking the opposition’s fullback. With the fullback overlapping and running in behind the defence, the wide forward is afforded a lot more space and time to choose what option they think is best. If the ball reaches them behind the opponent’s defence, the fullback should attempt to put in a good cross for the central striker. If the pass does not come, then their decoy run has helped drag the opposition’s defenders out of position. With all this running up and down the pitch, they need to very fit and have an exceptional sense of timing to know exactly when to go forward and when to stay back. The holding midfielder helps in this respect as they can cover the space the fullbacks leave when contributing offensively to the team’s play. The fullback, though, should always attempt to remain goal-side of the opposition’s winger and it is their job to stop crosses into the box and put tackles in to stop the winger from dancing past them. When playing the offside trap alongside the centre-backs, the fullbacks need to communicate well with their teammates and understand exactly when to play it and when to drop off. They also need to make sure that they call the wide forward in front of them back to help out when the opposition are attacking down their wing. If isolated against two players, the fullback must make the best of the situation and slow them down so that one of their teammates can come across and help out. As they are involved further up the field, the fullbacks should be good on the ball and confidently keep the ball in the team’s possession. Their movement is very important in creating passing angles and the triangles that are so prevalent in the 4-3-3 formation.

Central Midfielders:
In a 4-3-3 formation, there are a number of ways that we may decide to line up the midfield depending on the opposition they are facing, the personnel available, and the game plan they wish to follow. One of the trio is usually a specialised holding player and this is integral to the success of the formation due to the balance and security we can provide our teammates with. The holding midfielder is crucial due to the attacking nature of the formation. He must cover the gaps and spaces left by the rest of the team. It is his job to sniff out danger, drop into the fullback positions, and slow down the opposition’s strikers if they are streaming forward. As with all midfielders, we need to be good on the ball, calm in possession and as the deepest midfielder, it is up to us to pick up the ball off of the centre-backs and move it forward. The other two midfield slots can be filled in a variety of ways… Either by another defensive-minded midfielder to further protect the team, a ball-carrying centre mid, or by an offensive-minded attacking midfielder. All of the midfielders, though, should be good on the ball, tactically disciplined, and contribute both offensively and defensively to the team’s shape. It is up to us to decide on the combination in midfield and what type of game plan they want to bring to the opposition. The ball-carrying midfielder should be energetic, constantly searching for the ball, and comfortable dribbling and passing forwards. He can act as a carrier between the lines and push up the field by gliding between the opposition’s players. If he break through the opponent’s midfield, then he can be particularly dangerous running at their defence. Either taking them on or releasing a pass-through to the central striker. He should also look to run past the central striker of the team and help drag the opposition’s team out of shape with their movement. The attacking midfielder has more creative responsibility than the others and should have a high level of technical skills as well as good close ball control as they often operate in small spaces which requires quick decision-making. The attacking midfielder helps to alleviate the creative responsibility of the team’s wide forwards and fullbacks by contributing to attacking play through the centre. He also need to contribute to the team’s goal-scoring and create chances for his teammates. When the ball is delivered from out wide, He should be pushing forward to meet it on the edge of the box. And by making runs forward, they also contribute to opening up space for the rest of the team to play in. The central three midfielders need to communicate well and make sure they do not close down each other’s space. They must not leave too much space behind them and should all be disciplined enough to contribute defensively. With the team often playing in the opposition’s half, they should dominate possession with the defenders effectively trapping the opposition and stopping them from playing out. A well-balanced midfield is essential to the 4-3-3 formation’s success and they must work well together to ensure they fulfil all their responsibilities.

There are a number of ways that we may decide to organise the team’s front three… Depending on the personnel available to us, we may decide on a flat three, two up front and one behind, a false 9, or one central striker with two number 10s behind them. Such is the beauty of football that an inexhaustible variety of ways to play exist! An attacking formation at heart, the 4-3-3 formation relies on the forwards buzzing around the opposition’s defence and putting pressure on them in the hopes that they make a mistake. Our energy carries the game to the opponent and ensures that we can never relax when in possession. This helps limit our ability to play out from the back. If indeed they do make a mistake, the team’s forwards are now a lot closer to the goal with the majority of the opposition’s team members already behind them. With the three in midfield stopping the opposition’s defenders from passing into their midfielders, the wide forwards coupled with the fullbacks pushing up can effectively completely strangle the opposition and force them to go long. Attack really can be the best form of defence. In this formation, the wide forwards (if this is indeed how the team plays) must be fearless with our creativity and constantly attempting to create goal-scoring opportunities for the central striker. We can do this by overloading the wing alongside the fullback and getting crosses into the box or by using the decoy outside to drive at the opposition’s defence. We can then either get a shot off or attempt to slip someone through behind the opposition’s central defenders. This requires that we’re good at dribbling and have a good shot on them. Defensively, it is important that we track back and support their fullback when the opposition are attacking. The central striker in the 4-3-3 formation can have a variety of strengths though hopefully we would be able to contribute in various ways to the team’s play. As the team’s main goalscorer, he must be a good finisher, have great movement, and be able to anticipate and take any chances that come their way. The opposition’s central defenders will try to stop him in any way possible so it is important for the striker to be tough and make sure they keep the ball despite the defenders’ best efforts. By holding up the ball, he can bring his teammates into play and help the team move up the pitch. As a team playing 4-3-3 will often dominate possession and be playing in the opposition’s half of the pitch, the striker will be surrounded by the opponent’s players and consequently have little time or space in which to operate. Therefore, our one-touch passing must be accurate and our runs in behind the defence are crucial for increasing the space that their teammates can play in. Unlike in other formations where the central striker has few defensive responsibilities, in a 4-3-3, our job is to put the defenders under pressure and stop them playing out from the back.

By defending far up the pitch, our team will force the opposition back, compress their space, and limit their passing options. This ‘defensive’ move is actually very aggressive and sets up the team to attack perfectly if done correctly. With the defence lined up along the halfway line, we trap the opposition and can force them into mistakes or win the ball back higher up the pitch. This wall of players means that we effectively have seven players committed to attacking the opposition. This affords a number of options to take advantage of your opponent and create goalscoring opportunities. On the wing, the wide forward and fullback assisted by an attacking midfielder can overload the opposition’s fullback and either get to the by-line to put in a cross or drive at the defence to create a chance. This stretches the opposition’s defence, forcing them to move over to deal with the threat to their flank and this creates spaces and gaps for the midfielders to move into. Movement is key to attacking play and the players must be constantly on the move, switching positions, and dropping into space. This confuses the opposition who then no longer know who is picking up who. The movement of the players allows for passing angles and triangles to arise all over the pitch and this helps the team to dominate possession. When crosses come into the box, the central striker should be supported by an attacking midfielder or two and the opposite wide forward. This obviously makes defending the cross that much harder for the opposition. The central midfielders should also look to push on past the central striker from deep when possible and they too are expected to contribute to the team’s goal-scoring abilities. By pushing the wide forwards up and wide, it stretches the team, allows space for the midfielders to play or drive into, and creates gaps between the opposition’s defenders for the team to take advantage of. Balls in behind the defence will create confusion and danger and pull the defence out of position. With so many players running forward and so many passing options, chances will inevitably come as the opposition fails to deal with all the space and attacking flexibility that the 4-3-3 formation gives the team.Image

In the 4-3-3 formation, attack really is the best form of defence. Energetic and speedy forwards can quickly close down the opposition and stop them from playing out from the back. With the midfielders pushing up on the opponent’s midfielders and the fullbacks marking their wingers, it is nearly impossible for them to safely pass out of their half. This helps the team to win back possession further up the field and drastically reduces the number of goal-scoring opportunities that the opposition have throughout the match. By pushing up to the halfway line, the team traps the opposition in their own half. The concern here is that they can play balls over the top and into the space behind in an attempt to hit the team on the counterattack. The defenders and defensive midfielder need to be aware of this as does the keeper who must act as a sweeper in this situation and rush out to clear the ball. Relentless pressure upfront forces the opponent back deeper and deeper. The team must cover each other and drop into any gaps that arise to limit the opposition’s playing time and space. By compressing the space, they can win the ball back quicker and easier. Controlling the ball then allows them to play at their speed and force the opposition to chase instead. Consequently, the team needs to operate as a unit and move around the pitch together. One player sprinting around is ineffective while pressing all together can be deadly. The holding midfielder is key to the success of the formation as they must plug any holes that arise behind the fullbacks. They also occupy the hole just before the defence which solidifies the centre and impedes the opposition’s striker from finding any time or space within which to play. The centre-backs, too, must be ready to come across and engage any striker that makes it beyond the press. Vulnerable to play down the flanks, the wide forwards can drop deeper if necessary to effectively form a 4-5-1 formation if the team is under sustained pressure. By doing this, they protect their fullback and force the opposition to attempt to play through the centre which is already filled with the three midfielders patrolling the space. In any case, the wide forward must work hard defensively to limit the opposition’s play out wide. This is important as the central midfielders otherwise risk getting pulled out of position when covering the flank which subsequently leaves space inside for the opponents to attack through. If the opposition does succeed in intercepting the ball, the 4-3-3 formation is also vulnerable to them breaking through the lines and pushing past the central midfielders. The team must be wary of this occurring and stream back into their positions. Hard work, discipline and coordination are the key to a successful defence in the 4-3-3 formation.Image

As mentioned above, the 4-3-3 formation is very flexible depending on the personnel available to us. While the defence largely lines up in the same way with only the instructions to the fullbacks varying depending on how comfortable they are attacking, it is the players in front of them that provide the most variation to the formation. If facing an offensive team, we may include two defensive-minded players in the line-up. If up against a weak opponent, more attacking-minded midfielders can be used. This is the beauty of the formation as the players themselves influence and drastically change its strong points depending on their capabilities. With all the possible midfield line ups, the players still need to know how to work together and coordinate their play. This will always be the key. Upfront, the forwards again offer a number of different playing options depending on the players available… If there is a target man upfront, then we will aim to play more into their feet for them to hold it up and will play higher crosses into the box to take advantage of their aerial prowess. A speedier but smaller striker will instead make more runs in behind the defence and prefer to be on the end of lower crosses. A creative false 9 will aim to influence the play with their dribbling ability and play-making skills by creating goalscoring opportunities out of seemingly nothing. While a formation provides a team with structure, it is the players themselves who impact the result of the game through their individual playing styles and how they fit in and work with the rest of their teammates. Teams must change their approach within the formation to get the best out of the players. It would make no sense, for example, to keep playing balls in behind the defence if the striker was slow and not very mobile. The great thing about 4-3-3 formation is that you can quickly change the attacking and defending outlook of the team with just one quick substitution. For instance, a target man subbed for a speedy striker suddenly changes the whole game plan and forces the opposition to rethink their defensive strategy.Image

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Groups A-F Matchday 1 Scores

Group A
Highton 3–1 The Death Syndicate
Kartujia 0–0 Nieubasria

Group A Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Highton 1 1 0 0 3 1 +2 3
2 Kartujia 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
Nieubasria 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
4 The Death Syndicate 1 0 0 1 1 3 −2 0

Group B
Qvait 3–3 Territorio di Nessuno
Tinfect 0–0 Hertfordshire and Jammbo

Group B Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Qvait 1 0 1 0 3 3 0 1
Territorio di Nessuno 1 0 1 0 3 3 0 1
3 Hertfordshire and Jammbo 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
Tinfect 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1

Group C
HUElavia 1–0 Kenaniahistan
The International Knights 1–0 Kalactanian Pacific Territories

Group C Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 HUElavia 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
The International Knights 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
3 Kalactanian Pacific Territories 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0
Kenaniahistan 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0

Group D
Syrixia 1–0 Kandorith
Croblade 0–0 Anserisa

Group D Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Syrixia 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
2 Anserisa 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
Croblade 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
4 Kandorith 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0

Group E
Giovanniland 1–2 Asya Republic
Puelo 1–0 Obernmolsen

Group E Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Asya Republic 1 1 0 0 2 1 +1 3
2 Puelo 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
3 Giovanniland 1 0 0 1 1 2 −1 0
4 Obernmolsen 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0

Group F
Bran Astor 3–3 GI-Land
Trolleborg 3–2 Arnic

Group F Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Trolleborg 1 1 0 0 3 2 +1 3
2 Bran Astor 1 0 1 0 3 3 0 1
GI-Land 1 0 1 0 3 3 0 1
4 Arnic 1 0 0 1 2 3 −1 0
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Postby Sokala » Sun May 10, 2020 1:36 pm

Bonodc City FC


Club Name: Bondoc City FC
Trigram: BFC


Murakabe AoiImageHead Coach
Oliver YankoImageAssistant Coach
Drew DudleyImageTeam Manager


Antonio GueverraMain Striker17
Juan BagambatForward92
Jess TrinomaAttacking Midfielder69
Gian LopezWinger29
Chris BoofCentral Midfielder81
Ryan CosDefensive Midfielder95
Otto EfreyWing-back85
Jo BarctolomewFull-back8
Dunna FishterbackCentre-back43
Burah Mho MintSweeper26
Joe BurrsGoalkeeper1

Arturo BayerMain Striker
Badpro GatumbaForward6
Bhray KoboAttacking Midfielder5
Sigmund FeudWinger31
Donald AiyesCentral Midfielder58
Chuck HaroldsonDefensive Midfielder9
Joemari BelfWing-back13
Do WelFull-back42
Sonny PennCentre-back53
Sum Ting WongSweeper63
Hosaka ShiriganiGoalkeeper80

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: Y
Godmod Injury Events: Y
Red Card My Players: Y
Yellow Card My Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y

Our Recent Matches
Things were tense for Antonio Gueverra. He's only been in the team for less than a year and he's already a starting player. Sure he was proud to be a starter instead of a bench warmer but it's his first official game as the main striker and it's at Pacific Cup, the god damned Pacific Cup. For Antonio, today was going to be a day of firsts.

Antonio, along with the rest of the team, had just arrived at the soccer stadium and were about to enter the premises when Murakabe Aoi, Bondoc City FC's head coach, called him over.

"Toni" Murakabe said while talking to someone on the phone "There's someone special on the phone for you."

'Who could that be? Papa maybe?' Antonio wonders as he took the call from Murakabe's hand.

"Antonio?" the voice on the phone asks "Are you there?"

"Yeah, I'm here." Antonio replies "Who's this?"

"Why, the president of course!" The voice proclaims "I'm wishing you and the team good luck for our first match at the Pacific Cup."

"Uh...Thank you, Mr. President, sir" Antonio, shocked that he is speaking to President Rolex, tries to speak as calmly as possible "We'll do our best for Sokala!"

"Godspeed Antonio!" Rolex says "Win this for Sokala!"

*The call cuts which leaves Antonio confused*

"He dropped the call, right?" Murakabe said as he approached the very perplexed Antonio "That's the president alright. I've heard he doesn't like saying goodbye."

"That's pretty weird." Antonio says as he hands Murakabe the phone "At least now I can brag I got to talk the President!"

"Only on the phone!" Murakabe says as he grinned widely "Now let's get in! Those bags won't get to your room by itself!"

*Murakabe and Antonio enters the stadium with more confidence, knowing that the president supports them*

The following are the events that occurred during the match
As told in the point of view of the sportscaster

Annnnnnnnnd here we go, the referee signals the start and Gueverra has the ball!

Flutthee tries to divert Gueverra but Guverra passes to Bagambat

Adam tries to block but Bagambat's too smooth

Bagambat racing towards the goal but Count intercepts!

Count passes to Sarah, passes to Brown

Brown looks like he's passing to Anon

Boof come's in to block but OH NO it's a fake by Brown!

Now Gremble has the ball! Oh boy the Sokalan's are now scrambling to get to the left side

Gremble jumps over Barctolomew and passes to Atkinsson, Atkinsson is now dashing towards the goal

He kicks, he scores!

(SOK 0 - 1 POL)

Sokala gets the ball, Trinoma to Lopez

Lopez to Bagambat but Sarah intercepts!

Sarah to Barry, Barry to Brown

Brown dashing through Sokala's defense

Brown passes to Anon, Anon's doing great work so far

Anon to Atkinnson, Atkinnson shoots but Burrs blocks the ball!

Burrs kicks to Cos, Cos to Lopez

Lopez now dueling against Brown, and he lose! Brown takes control of the ball!

Brown passes to Anon

Anon tries to duke Lopez but Lopez steals back the ball!

Lopez to Trinoma and Trinoma back to Lopez

Flying pass to Bagambat

All the Franklins are chasing him now


Lopez now somehow has the ball!

He passes to Gueverra, Gueverra to Bagambat

Bagambat passes it back somehow

Barnalby scrambles to block but Gueverra shoots and scores for the second time!

Unbelievable! Sokala truly is showing up when it matters!

(SOK 2 - 1 POL)

Ball goes to Sokala, Lopez has the ball

Passes to Bagambat

Bagambat sneaks through all the Franklins and passes to Guevarra

Gueverra he's racing through and OH MY GOD HE SCORED FROM THE PENALTY ARC



(SOK 3 - 1 POL)

Bondoc City FC has spent the free time they have practicing right after their win against Polihy. Coach Murakabe's plan to break Strala's famed defense had been in the works way before the Pacific Cup.

"Work on those kicks Gueverra!" Coach shouts "Strala's a hard nut to crack"

"They've got a solid defense so we'll need to find cracks" Coach continues while pacing behind the practicing players "Their offense is weak but their defense is what get's them!"

"Have you heard of Strala?" Gueverra, the striker, asks Lopez, the winger "I don't even know who's their top dog"

"They're a bunch of multos I tell you" Lope responds "No traces of them at all, just that they're one of the most defensive teams in the Pacifics"

"Probably just a very secret FC" Cos, the captain, says, "Coach says they're just keeping up with the FC's tradition of secrecy"

"Whatever it is, we'll win!" Gueverra says "Sokala's counting on us!"

At the stadium

"Coach where's the crowd?" Gueverra asks Coach Murakabe "There's absolutely no one here."

"It seems I forgot to tell you," Coach says as he opens the door to the stadium "We're playing crowd less."

The following are the events that occurred during the match
As told in the point of view of the sportscaster

G: "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the exclusive radio coverage of the Strala and Sokala soccer match. I'm your sportscaster, Garry Garrison and I'm here with John Bowtega, how ya doing John?"

J: "I'm doing well, Garry. This match is one of the weirdest, if not, the weirdest match in Pacific's history!"

G: "That's right John. Strala has requested that all their matches be untelevised and strictly for private viewing only!"

J: "Starala has been following of secrecy for 5 decades! All their members are unnamed and unknown until their eventual retirement!"

G: "On the other side of the field, It's Sokala! The new nation stepping it's toes in the Pacific cup!"

J: "Hopes are high for Sokala, especially with their 3-1 win against Polihy last week!"

G: "All right! The match's about to start, buckle in because you're in for one hell of a ride!"

J: "And here we go! Sokala has the ball! Cos to Boof. Boof's getting blocked by Player 1"

G: "Player 1's doing a great job stalling Boof and there it is! Player 1 passes to 2. 2 to 3. 3 back to 2."

J: "2's gonna have a bad time with Efrey here. OH damn 2 just slipped pass Effrey. Effrey's on his tail now!"

G: "2 to 1 and here they come for the goal! And OHHHHH Mint just swept 1 from his feet!"

J: "Mint to Efrey. Efrey to Cos. Everyone's scrambling back to Strala's side!"

G: "5's coming to block Cos but Cos passes to Trinoma. 6 and 7 coming to get the ball but Trinoma's playing them like a fiddle!"

J: "Trinoma, showing off completely, pass to Lopez. Lopez to Bagambat. Sokala's nearing the goal now!"

G: "Bagambat and Gueverra closing in but oh no! 8 sweeps Bagambat from his feet! Ball is still at play!"

J: "6 has the ball now. Trinoma trying to get back the momentum but 6 passes to 4. 4 back to 6. 6 to 3. The balls all over the place!"

G: "3 running past the mid defenders PASSES THE BALL HIGH TO 1 WHAT!"

J: "1 somehow has the ball! We're only 10 mins left on the clock and we're yet to see a team score!"

G: "Oh gosh they're doing it again! 1 loses the ball to Fishterback! Fishterback to Cos. Cos to Trinoma."

J: "Trinoma ducks 7 and 8. Side passes to Lopez. Lopez to Bagumbat, it looks like this is it folks."

G: "Bagumbat running and running passes to Gueverra. Gueverra kicks and scores!"

(SOK 1 - 0 STR)
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Postby Libterraria » Sun May 10, 2020 2:11 pm

The Libterrarian National Football Team

The starting lineup


The players in the starting lineup

NumberNameAgeOriginal TeamPositionGoals Last SeasonOther Details
1Alextater Fornberg27Potadon FCBox to box defensive ball playing playmaker midfielder12Key player known for stealing balls from opposition defense, moving it forward to the midfield and the wings, and acting as a defensive forward during attack. Team captain
3Nilspud Carlsson26Potadon FCLeft center defender0Brothers with Otto Carlsson
4Otto Carlsson28Bayton FCRight center midfield2Brothers with Nilspud Carlsson. Sometimes plays more like a wing
5Allan Geijer28Bayton FCRight defense/wing0Prefers to pass the ball to Otto Carlsson over Alextater Fornberg
7Sebastiyam Skoog26Lakers UnitedCenter left midfield4Only person outside the top 2 teams in Lige Libterraria in the National Team
10Peter Rehn25Potadon FCComplete Forward53Key player known for being able to score from unconfortable angles
13Joakim Söderholm30Potadon FCCrossing right wing6Sometimes plays more like an attacking right midfielder
20Gertorn Lindgren28Potadon FCLeft wing14Key player, uncannily accurate at passing
38Åke Startchsson24Bayton FCDefensive left wing1The youngest player, has a bright future
42Alf Hansson29Potadon FCGoalkeeper21 clean sheetsHas been profesionally playing football for 13 years
70Håkan Lindskog31Potadon FCRight center stopper0Key player knoen for pressuring the opponent forwards into losing the ball


Arendt Ohlsson - GK
Gjohl Holmlund - GK
Elliot Ahlgren - DL
Tron Lindholm - DC
Sten Engdahl - DC
Mikael Dahlberg -DC
Övid Lagerkvist - DR
Robert Olander - ML
Tron Hagström - MC
Casper Fältskog - MR
Gjur Lagerquist - FW
Kent Borgström - FW

Other important people

Theo Axelstato - Manager
Josefine Afzelius - Assistant Manager
Fia Grönberg - Goalkeeping Coach
Leo Torvalds - Chief Analyst
Elsi Holmgren - Fitness Coach
Svea Skarsgård - Conditioning Coach
Elliot Odenberg - Nutritionist
Elise Malmkvist - Physiotherapist
Michelle Ekberg - Masseur
Krister Hagelin - Scout
Signe Edström - Kit Manager

Team uniform



Other and OOC stuff

Style = -0.5

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: Y but ask first
Godmod Injury Events: Y but ask first
Red Card My Players: Y up to 1 per match
Yellow Card My Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y within reason

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Postby Trolleborg » Sun May 10, 2020 3:00 pm

Good evening, dear compatriots, this is TTV from the streets of Reçueçn. We are here with overview of our first 36 hours in the country. Yes, this is a pleasant surprise for our film crew, a sudden trip to an interesting country, where beautiful nature with breathtaking views is interspersed with ancient castles and towers.


It is unfortunate that due to all circumstances, so few of our fans arrive here to share our enthusiasm. For the whole day, we met no more than a hundred people from Trolleborg, and we dare to assume that the total number of fans supporting our team in the first game will not exceed 4-5 thousand


Q: What is your names and where are you from?
A: Keano Janzen (left) from Murnau. Cai Haanraats (right) from Kolen.
Q: Are you seasoned fans already?
KJ: Yes, I am. I visited two away and one home game of the football team and was able to get to basketball in Juvencus. And, of course, I don’t miss home games. I saw all the fights of the University of Murnau in the NSCAA, sorry I couldn’t get on the road.
CH.: I do not, I just went for the company. Actually, I was wondering for a long time so that I could take a chance.
Q: what did you see?
KJ: The bottom of two wine bottles (smiles), the wine is good here.
CH: It’s even amazing how many things you can see in a day when you’re out of home. Whole city center was walked around, two museums visited, made a trip out of town, admired the views from the mountain, carried two wine refueling (laughing). I will certainly go somewhere else abroad, now for a longer period. And I’ll take my girlfriend. True, she does not travel much even in our native country, but in order to see the foreign countries, it is worth changing her habits seriously, it will pay off.

And now to the events of the first game. Our lads begin it with a good attitude, already in the 15th minute the account was opened by Ruud Kolding, having putting himself at the right place after a cross from the flank

Trolleborg team have a clear advantage on the field, and by the end of the first half our footballers score twice in row. After botched attempt of Finnsnes to shot at goal from the distance, Severin managing situation very fast and put the ball into the net.

And then Morten Troll successfully put in third goal after the good cross from Rolf Valgren

The fans went for a break in the excellent mood, and, undoubtedly, expected thing to continue as they already is, but our team, although it continue attacks and created some very dangerous moments at the opponent’s gates, could not score anymore. Instead Arnic found the net in the last minutes two times, and both times after crosses and headshots - clearly our players must make something to disallow such a things in games to come


Fortunately for us, opponents haven’t time to achieve more, and our team chalked up three points. But we will not talk about the chances and opportunities of our team, so as not to jinx it.

That's TTV from the Reçueçn, and we will give you full possible coverage.

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Postby Hertfordshire and Jammbo » Sun May 10, 2020 3:02 pm

Preview of the HFF - All you need to know

Team: Häřtferdsierndeambeu Fűtboçil Fedéreisn
Nickname: The Mafia, The Meridian
Stadium: Męridien Veil (Meridian Vale) - Capacity: 70,050
Location: Great Parndon, Hertfordshire and Jammbo, Andolia, The West Pacific
Established: 1392 SM/1992 AD

This is the post for the roster of the national football team of Hertfordshire and Jammbo, the Häřtferdsierndeambeu Fűtboçil Fedéreisn. Football is the national sport and citizens see HFF as being even better at sport than the HRJ. (The logo and formation/main line up are in this link)

The formation used is a 3-1-3-1-2, known as the Trident Anchor for the teams capabilties in maximising the talents of all three areas, defence, midfield and attack, and for being very nearly unbreakable in terms of stability and positioning. The defence is the strongest point overall, while the best individual player is the forward Mina Paskalev. The weak point (if it can even be called that) is the defensive midfield.

This team is inexperienced on the international level, but they are still a world class team ready to battle for the Pan-Pacific Cup, and are used to being the underdogs.

The fans, passionate as ever, have come in their droves to watch their team play, and will be loyal no matter the scoreline.

Without further ado, here is the line-up for the main team. Substitutes (7/12) will be right after.

Häřtferdsierndeambeu Fűtboçil Fedéreisn/Кхертфордшир и Конфитюр Футбол Федератсия

Benjamin Šīrants - 31 - Goalkeeper - Vasilach
Ongo Vidopliassova - 27 - Left Back - Zhalatsk
Kaiser Melngailis - 34 - Centre Back - Drahichyn
Xavier Landmanis - 26 - Right Back - Kaskavysk
Nagisa Sietnieks - 22 - Defensive Midfielder - Dzyarshniki
Lyobimir Robotnik - 30 - Left Midfielder - Kamyamyany
Armando Grūbe - 18 - Central Midfielder - Myabrowna
Vodka Ostrovskis - 27 - Right Midfielder - Miyoyova
Keebo Tanev - 21 - Offensive Midfielder - Klyesna
Niko Hristov - 32 - Centre Forward/Striker - Svyetlalya
Mina Paskalev - 29 - Centre Forward/Striker - Novolubtsy

Individual Info:

Benjamin Šīrants: A wise commander of the team, this goalkeeping genius used to have a job as a pallbearer at funerals, before entering the world of sport at the age of 21.
Ongo Vidopliassova: Ongo, of national rugby fame, has come to aid the team in defence. He is highly versatile and can switch from defence to attack in an instant.
Kaiser Melngailis: This absolute rock of a man is the country's greatest ever defender. Whichever team he plays for, which is a lot seeing that he is not the most loyal of players to clubs, has never conceded more than 1 goal in a match. He is nicknamed "The Kaiser".
Xavier Landmanis: Just like Ongo, he can switch from defence to attack instantly. He used to be a forward, until he moved back into a position that suited him more.
Nagisa Sietnieks: One of the greatest ever positional players to grace the Pacifics. Despite being the general weak point of the team, Nagisa has a knowledge of positioning unlike any other.
Lyobimir Robotnik: The master tactician of the team, you would think that a man who claims to have an IQ of 300 (It's actually 165) wouldn't choose football, and yet he has. He commands the team as their captain.
Armando Grūbe: The centre of the entire field, a charismatic figure who really cannot be predictable. He has a brilliant relationship with the rest of the team due to his laid-back attitude and quiet determination.
Vodka Ostrovskis: The tough man of the group, the physical strength and stamina on this heavy drinker can knock over most players like pins, so it is no wonder that tackling is this man's speciality.
Keebo Tanev: Extremely flexible, he can play in attack or midfield at a level fit for the tournament. He serves as the lead assister on the team, and is incredible with crosses and corners.
Niko Hristov: A reformed man after a dark past, Niko has the firepower to match the raging spirit that keeps saying "Don't stop until you end the arc!" inside him. Despite not being the oldest, he is actually the most experienced, having played since the age of 8.
Mina Paskalev: Last but not least, the best player on the whole team. The shooting and assisting skill of this player are comparable to those of past legends gone. She can break through almost any defence with her sheer tactical know-how and goalscoring firepower and accuracy.

There are 7 substitutes on the bench, all capable of playing at the same level as the first team

Satan Rubenis - 19 - Goalkeeper - Tutrykaw
Jeremy Vanko - 32 - Defender - Ostratov
Bello Cherganski - 25 - Defender - Bonypolca
Richard Cīrulis - 21 - Midfielder - Toruska
James Mladenov - 33 - Midfielder - Dăbutina
Rococo Rudzītis - 26 - Forward - Narovusy
Ibuki Ivanov - 18 - Forward - Keszrenye

The main strength of our team is the flexibility. With it's unique and sturdy 3-1-3-1-2 formation, the players can easily switch between 3-1-3-1-2, 4-3-1-2, 3-4-1-2, 4-4-2, 3-4-3, 3-5-2, 3-1-4-2 and 3-1-3-3 easily, thus offering a huge range of tactics that make the HFF highly unpredictable. One can never be prepared for this team no matter how hard they try.

The manager, Sirdsvaldis Freimanis, is of the age of 45, and is a veteran of the top leagues in the country. He may be pedantic, and dull, and slow, but he knows the strengths and weaknesses of each player on the team, and can thus get the best out of every player and every performance. At least, that is what usually happens. Shocks do exist, and if this team loses, they will attempt to bounce back at the earliest opportunity.

We at the HFF thank you for taking the time to read this post about our wonderful team.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card My Players: Y
Yellow Card My Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: N

Style Modifier: +3.7 (The team is often nicknamed "The Mafia" because of how it attacks and defends.)
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Postby Arnic » Sun May 10, 2020 4:01 pm

Name: Arnic National FC
Trigram: ANF
Home Stadium: Romanos Stadium (cap. 38,700)
Style Modifier: -3.5

Though American Football is the country's national sport, Association Football is still a cultured and well-respected hobby. The nation's only soccer league, known as "Anik Suprim Liiga", has 25 teams from 22 cities and has attracted 310 million fans. Arnic has participated in a few international sporting events, and they hope to do well in the Pacific-Cup.

FC - Zerchén Kolökovski
FC - James Swansani
AM - Lourdes Buengt
MC - Bahkla Duhr
MC - Marcus Polomone
LB - Borg Schmorg
CB - Zechven Bägan
CB - Xia In
CB - Rallando Perez
RB - Jim Bob
GK - Federico "Stoney" Garcia

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Postby Hanguk-Nippon » Sun May 10, 2020 4:54 pm

OOC: Will be updated.

RP Permissions
If my opponent RPs first, he/she can:
Choose my lineup: No
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod goalscoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Give my players yellow cards: Yes
Give my players red cards: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
Style Modifier: +2.00

Trigram: HKN

Head Manager: Taroji "Marshal" Sangju
Assistant Manager: Gyokyo Yeogaru

1-Shu-Sora Kang
5-Seosuke Hyojin
12-Ichigo Hamasu

14-Mito Ayasato-Seong
2-Ken Maekmon
10-Dongjo Kim
9-Hyota Park
3-Tsuyo Nishigi
6-Tomohiro Takeda
20-Byeon-Sei Danhwa

15-Hwang-Sora Yakiju
21-Yoshinobu Han-Sung

4-Dojibun Tadaro
8-Suryaku Aoji
11-Minsho Sanigi
17-Chung-Ho Kisegawa
19-Nanbu Shujinko
23-Taeburo Keijong

22-Chidachi Pyoki
24-Kamiru Yi
25-Hokyo Daedai
13-Kagumo Ssiraiga

16-Chiru Kai

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Postby Borneo Darussalam » Sun May 10, 2020 9:45 pm

Recuecn wrote:
Groups A-F Matchday 1 Scores

Group A
Highton 3–1 The Death Syndicate
Kartujia 0–0 Nieubasria

Group A Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Highton 1 1 0 0 3 1 +2 3
2 Kartujia 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
Nieubasria 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
4 The Death Syndicate 1 0 0 1 1 3 −2 0

Group B
Qvait 3–3 Territorio di Nessuno
Tinfect 0–0 Hertfordshire and Jammbo

Group B Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Qvait 1 0 1 0 3 3 0 1
Territorio di Nessuno 1 0 1 0 3 3 0 1
3 Hertfordshire and Jammbo 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
Tinfect 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1

Group C
HUElavia 1–0 Kenaniahistan
Spheric Marble Mallorcan Republic 1–0 Kalactanian Pacific Territories

Group C Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 HUElavia 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
Spheric Marble Mallorcan Republic 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
3 Kalactanian Pacific Territories 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0
Kenaniahistan 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0

Group D
Syrixia 1–0 Kandorith
Croblade 0–0 Anserisa

Group D Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Syrixia 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
2 Anserisa 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
Croblade 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
4 Kandorith 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0

Group E
Giovanniland 1–2 Asya Republic
Puelo 1–0 Daskel

Group E Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Asya Republic 1 1 0 0 2 1 +1 3
2 Puelo 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
3 Giovanniland 1 0 0 1 1 2 −1 0
4 Daskel 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0

Group F
Bran Astor 3–3 GI-Land
Trolleborg 3–2 Arnic

Group F Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Trolleborg 1 1 0 0 3 2 +1 3
2 Bran Astor 1 0 1 0 3 3 0 1
GI-Land 1 0 1 0 3 3 0 1
4 Arnic 1 0 0 1 2 3 −1 0

From where do you get this?

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Postby Nieubasria » Sun May 10, 2020 10:55 pm


Nieubasria National Football Team
aka "NB Nationals"
Primary Colours: Blue Celeste and White - Secondary Colour: Gold

Patron: Baron-Esquire Máirín Ellise
Head Coach: Eadan Zandbergen
Assistant Coaches: Lisanne Jewele, Bas Rodden
Captain: Earc Velding


  • Trigram: NIU
  • Adjective: Basric/Nieubasric
  • Demonym: Basric Astorian(s) / Nieubasrian(s)
  • Language: Astorian (Basric)
  • Population: 15,470,723
  • Area: 423,563 km2
  • GDP (PPP) per capita: 225,794฿ (Basmarks), 45,800 NSD
  • Capital: Clarendon

Team Info:
Preferred formation: 4–1–2–3 or 4-3-3

Home stadium: Nephele National Pitch, Saint Aiaden (cap. 52,800 (36,960 seated, 15,840 standing))

Known commonly as Nephele Pitch, the stadium is located in a recreational hub built atop reclaimed land on the bay, also home to the Basric Ballet Company's headquarters and the Saint Aiaden Symphony Orchestra. Nephele Pitch is the largest stadium in the nation, and serves as the home stadium for the the National Team and the Saint Aiaden FC.
Managers: Quinten de Klerk. Baron-Esquire Máirín Ellisel

Name / Position / Number / Age / (Starting/Reserve)
Pictured: NB National Team fans cheering during the Preseason Match against the Cambrian National Team
Dalton Fairburne / Keeper / 1 / 29 / (Starting)
Eadwig Stone / Keeper / 12 / 26 / (Reserve)

Nanko Mommens / Defender / 2 / 32 / (Starting)
Holden Sudworthe / Defender / 3 / 27 / (Starting)
Gustaaf Kampmans / Defender / 4 / 30 / (Starting)
Bran Mccracken / Defender / 5 / 25 / (Starting)
Camdyn Akermane / Defender / 14 / 33 / (Reserve)
Tatum Boatwrighte / Defender / 15 / 24 / (Reserve)
Greysen Beverlye / Defender / 16 / 28 / (Reserve)
Adriaan Yzaaks / Defender / 17 / 29 / (Reserve)

Lowie Schovers / Midfielder / 6 / 31 / (Starting)
Huxley Townsende / Midfielder / 7 / 27 / (Starting)
Landan Aylmere / Midfielder / 8 / 26 / (Starting)
Ard Taai / Midfielder / 18 / 25 / (Reserve)
Algar Rhodese / Midfielder / 19 / 25 / (Reserve)
Gerrit Slager / Midfielder / 20 / 28 / (Reserve)

Camdyn Cartwrighte / Forward/ 9 / 32 / (Starting)
Knox Hunte / Forward / 10 / 27 / (Starting)
Edric Graemes / Forward / 11 / 29 / (Starting)
Rikkert Kortier / Forward / 21 / 25/ (Reserve)
Machiel Zieleman / Forward / 22 / 26 / (Reserve)
Truman Hamptone / Forward / 23 / 28 / (Reserve)

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y/No
Injure Players: Y/No unless minor
Godmod Injury Events: Y/No unless realistic
Red Card My Players: Y/No
Yellow Card My Players: Yes/N
Godmod Other Events: Y/No

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Postby PotatoFarmers » Mon May 11, 2020 12:21 am

All you need to know about the team
Special Edition Report written by the Poafmer Times Sports Team
Poafmersia's national head coach Adnan Suliaha has confirmed the national team squad of 23 players that will be playing in the Pan-Pacific Cup. For the players, it represents a totally new experience, playing against teams (beyond the fourth wall) from the different Pacifics around the multiverse. As a member of The North Pacific, regional pride is definitely at stake here as the teams hail from the different pacifics. Here, we present the information about the 23-player sqaud and give our take on the players selected for the national team, as well as more information about Adnan Suliaha, the head coach, especially for the first timers who are following football for the first time.

#1 Sandi Jaliaha, 26 - Male [GK]
Jaliaha's meteroic rise to become his club's number 1 goalkeeper had not gone unnoticed. His play-reading abilities have helped him to stop a number of goals and put out excellent long balls to help the outfield players turn defence into offence.
#12 Dikash Johikas, 30 - Male [GK]
The famous King of Penalties is another of the standard national team goalkeepers. With over 55% of penalties saved, and diving in the correct direction another 28% of the time, he has the record of never losing a penalty shootout for his club. Following the retirement of another senior goalkeeper, Jabik Henderson, Dikash has stepped up to become the second choice in the national team.
#23 Nicole Potts, 18 - Female [GK]
A rare female goalkeeper in Poafmersia, Nicole has stepped up as the first choice goalkeeper for the Under-21 team, and Adnan Suliaha has decided to pick her to integrate her into the main national team since there are not many fantastic goalkeepers in Poafmersia. She has played a few friendlies, and is expected to be a mainstay of the national team for some time.

#2 Alex Pickford, 29 - Male [LB]
#3 Denise Pickford, 29 - Female [RB]
The Pickford twins is one of two sibling pairs in the team. The twins found themselves as natural defenders, with their aggressive ball winning strategies and their ability to clear balls away in a quick and efficient manner.Denise has high stamina and is willing to press forward to irritate the opponents. Alex, on the other hand, is more passive and often chooses to stay back and wait for the opponent players to come. At 1.78m and 1.75m respectively, both Alex and Denise have the aerial reach too. With their aggressive ball-winning techniques, they often find themselves with yellow cards in the earlier stages of their career. However, they have since became more careful and now makes more skilful tackles as compared to before.
#4 Danzik Hoboson, 31 - Male [CB]
#5 Pasits Rikachz, 30 - Male [CB]
The best defensive partnership in club football comes together again to shore up the defence of the national team. In a country where offence is the byword, they have been essential in turning their club to become one of the stingiest defence in the nation. Although they are not a perfect partnership, they were picked as a pair, and their performance for the national team has been quite okay for an offence-oriented team.
#13 Graciia Warisian, 27 - Male [LB]
#14 Timothy Gausun, 27 - Male [RB]
#15 Alex Hoboson, 25 - Male [CB]
#16 Konile Trasa, 26 - Male [CB]
This set of substitutes were the first set of understudies when Poafmersia made their international debut on the multiverse, but some of the players have been competent enough to challenge the regular 4 for a starting position. Alex Hoboson, widely seen as the replacement for Danzik Hoboson (no blood relation), is the most capped player among the list, especially due to his agility.

#6 Dargis Walshor, 24 - Male [LM]
Walshor is a very fast lad who has shown the necessary pace and agility required to compete at the senior level. His work attitude was what made him get his first cap, and he has grown to be a prominent player on the world stage, performing well for his club and the national team.
#8 Jessie Mchargarita, 32 - Female [RM]
Being able to survive in a physically demanding league system is not easy for many male players at her age, but as a female, she manages to do very well. Her ball control techniques and creativity makes her one of the rare shining female players in Poafmersia, and her maturity makes her a "motherly" figure within the team. When the offence is constantly marked, she would step up and take over scoring duties by pushing forward. When the defence is on the weaker side, she would sit deep and help out with the defence, which allows her to be used in all kinds of situation.
#10 Gisiik Moonar, 25 - Male [ACM/CM]
Gisiik's contribution to his club as a central midfielder has made many people like him. He is very good at finding chances and at the senior level, his performance has made him a hot transfer target for many clubs. As another proud academy graduate, Moonar has chosen to serve his hometown club, and many fellow players have talked about the huge contribution he made to a club that has not seen a good creative midfielder for very long.
#17 Goon Figsh, 30 - Male [DCM/CM]
Gisiik's midfield partner in the club is also part of this team, and he is the more standard holding midfielder. He was selected to allow more flexibility within the team, allowing the team to switch to a 4-man midfield against more defensive sides.
#18 Matthew Tikriise, 27 - Male [LM]
Long ball specialist as he loves to pump balls forward and take corners for the team. His inability to score goals is his main weakness, but otherwise he is a good midfielder.
#19 Danill Trasa, 32 - Male [RM]
The older brother of Konide, the centre back, Danille is one of the more senior players in this relatively younger squad. He stands out in the team as he is seen as a more defensive minded midfielder as compared to Jessie. He often stays back to help out with the defense as other players press forward. Although his first few caps was questioned by many pundits, his performances in the national team since has gained fans as he provides the cover the defence whenever Denise Pickford moves up.

#7 Joel Haodao, 25 - Male [LW/CF]
#11 Pete Carisa, 26 - Male [RW/CF]
#9 Shakira Handris, 29 - Male [CF]
Joel's fast pace and ability to run forward with the ball got him selected. Shakira's potency in front of goal, as the 3-time Golden Boot Winner nationwide, makes him a very good #9. Pete Carisa' crossing abilities is unrivaled, and his height at 1.92m makes him good at aerial duels. And their capabilities have not gone unnoticed. Joel and Shakira has been sniped to play for big clubs in other leagues, while Pete has became his club's captain and main player, winning their club's best player of the year for 2 seasons straight.
#20 Matea Idowu, 19 - Female [LW]
Her call-up wasn't a fluke. Despite mainly playing in the left wing, she is starting to learn to play as a standard centre-forward as well, and her crossing abilities is one of the finest among the Under-21 players. She has spent her last season in her club's Under-18 team developing as a player, improving on her finishing apart from being able to make assists. With more playing opportunities and experience against strong sides, she would grow to become a good player and could even challenge Joel's starting position.
#21 Hansel Tang, 26 - Female [CF/LW/LM]
#22 Bytia Hisel, 31 - Female [CF]
The last two players are females...and don't underestimate them. Hansel Tang used to play in the domestic league before she was transferred out due to her team screwing up big time to get themselves relegated. It was not a surprise that she got signed by a foreign club while her teammate Jessie only moved on to a bigger club. Not only does she have time on her side, Being able to play wide, behind and right up in front makes her a perfect utility player. Although she has very few caps due to the presence of a stronger starter in Shakira, when she gets the opportunity, she is able to lead the team and make the necessary goals that gives the team an edge. Bytia Hisel, on the other hand, may not be as talented as Shakira, but she is definitely more hardworking on the field, being willing to move backwards when the team needs her and running forward whenever the team regains possession. Her work attitude has allowed her to fit into the team very well and is a good alternative up front.

Head Coach: Adnan Suliaha, 50
A former player himself, Adnan was the person who campaigned for the league system reformation and the creation of a national team. During his time as a player, he was a creative midfielder, and holds the record for the most assists in his club, Dury FC. His attacking mentality reflects the general football sentiment in Poafmersia, as the country's football league clubs are well known for generating goal scorers but little defenders.

Playing Style
Offence is the team's strength, something which is not surprising. The choice of many players that are young and have good pace also suggests that the team is likely to be looking towards making counter-attacks and out run their opponents. The head coach has however chosen a number of defensive-oriented players, therefore suggesting that they may be more balanced in terms of playing style.
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