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LegaSaari Press Office [The Sarian Domestic Newswire]

PostPosted: Thu Apr 16, 2020 1:10 pm
by The Sarian
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LegaSaari Football Championship Winners:-

269: CvF Bondstad
270: CvF Bondstad (2)
271-2: CvF Bondstad (3)
272-3: De Commons
273-4: Wilaamstad Bondcluub
274-5: De Commons (2)
275-6: CvF Bondstad (4)
276-7: CvF Bondstad (5)
277-8: CvF Bondstad (6)
278-9: CvF Bondstad (7)
279-80: De Commons (3)
280-1: Tocigtuon Taun
281-2: CF Bondstad (8)
282-3: De Commons (4)
283-4: De Commons (5)
284-5: De Commons (6)
285-6: CF Bondstad (9)
286-7: Bondstad Treason

* Wilaamstad Bondcluub now play as Wilaamstad Wrijgers
** CvF Bondstad now play as CF Bondstad

KopaSaari van Fuutbol Champions:-
286: CF Bondstad
287: Tucanviul Tijgers

PostPosted: Thu Apr 16, 2020 1:11 pm
by The Sarian

285-286 LegaSaari Season

Transfer Round-up

Traditionally, the transfer window has been a quiet affair in the LegaSaari. Players mostly left their teams when their contracts were up, and teams were cautious to spend their sides finite resources on acquiring players. Last season saw the first cracks appear in this strategy, with De Commons making a handful of expensive, high-profile signings. And when De Volkentiem easily romped to victory, the floodgates opened. Over twenty million Bondmunt and seventy-six transfers made it the largest turnover in LegaSaari history. To the follower of the international game of big-ticket trading, this may seem like a trivial amount but it nearly quadrupled the previous record. One transfer alone came close to breaking the record - Lach Houten’s eye-watering five million Bondmunt move from Tucanviul to CF Bondstad. All said and done, this could be the transfer window that fundamentally changes the make-up of the league: both in the short term in terms of which teams have built competitive outlets for this season and in the longer term that money now matters. Whether this evolution embolden or threaten the old guard remains to be seen - they could either benefit from a convergence in talent gravitating toward them, or be challenged by a well-funded challenger. Here’s all you need to know about how each team’s stocks have risen or fallen as a result of the first real Saari transfer window.



Mohammad Islam - Tucanviul Tijgers - 2,000,000 bm
Islaa Moeris - Wilaamstad Wrijgers - 750,000 bm
Ulf Svensson - NSA Thorsborg (Savojarna) - Free


Katrien Faanham - Zilverstraat SC - 10,000 bm
Grajs Albryng - Bondstad Kosmopolitisch - 5,000 bm
Coaa Kindvanhenri - CVD Speelvelden Wiclyf - 5,000 bm
Izi Regens - Tucanviul Tijgers - Free

For a club as upwardly mobile as Treason, you wouldn’t be alone if you believed they had been a bit conservative in their approach. But after last season’s achievements of their best ever league finish and a play-off final, it’s not a bad thing that they only need to rejuvenate instead of reinvent. The capture of Mohammad Islam - a break-out player for Tucanviul last season - is a good example of that: the partnership of Izajeu Nej and Ela Klerken was lacking at times. Islam fits the Treason mold - a free-roaming midfielder with an eye for building an attack. Of course, it’s too early to say definitively, but Nej and Klerken look like they could be a great partnership. Ulf Svensson and Islaa Moeris are both brought in to add depth. Svensson, a young keeper, will be competing with Kloui Kindvandavyd to be Besart Schankelen’s understudy -- and long-term replacement. Svensson, who has represented his home-country of Savojarna at an under-18 level, is probably in prime position but that he failed to capture the imagination of a top-club back home will worry the Treason coaches. For someone destined - at least in the short-term - to be confined to the bench, Islaa Moeris may seem a tad overpriced. However, she brings a bunch of potential. Under the tutorship of Walt Beunaad, arguably the best left-back in the league at the moment, she has a potential to really grow and the move was definitely one with the long-term in mind. It’s a risk, but if she does blossom into the next Walt Beunaad then Treason has bagged themselves a bargain. That Treason has managed to hold-on to its stars is perhaps a testament that the management has ingrained the club’s ambition into its players. It would have been easy to imagine a summer where the likes of Beunaad, Kameron Bondstad and Sjors Koken deserted the club to more guaranteed success. That they stayed put should worry their rivals. It sends one big message: Treason are here to stay.



Lach Houten - Tucanviul Tijgers - 5,000,000 bm
Jaci Aleksandeur - Tucanviul Tijgers - 1,500,000 bm
Franc Kindvanlieo - Bondstad Victorie - 100,000
Makoto Honda - Himawari University (Kita-Hinode) - FREE
Cain Woods - Pikemouth (Brenecia) - FREE
Hiro Sarutobi-Zeegelaar - Somei-Yoshino State University (Kita-Hinode) - FREE
Betti Fuulcoe - Universiteit Bondstad - FREE


Majori Aldar - Tocigtuon Taun - 2,000,000 bm
Crystinn Jager - Tocigtuon Taun - 500,000 bm
Mejli Humel - Tucanviul Tijgers - 500,000 bm
Greetje Peri - Oostelund Cavalaars - 350,000 bm
Kam Vandezer - Hertshoorn Staags - 15,000 bm
Karuon Mynyt - Bondstad Victorie - FREE
Theuobauld Wylki - Wilaamstad Wrijgers - FREE
Kori Cauwden - Zilverstraat SC - FREE

It was hard not to start this review without stating the obvious: CF Bondstad won the transfer window. Lach Houten’s transfer fee might be substantial, but he’s the only player who could touch De Commons’s Wera Pauwelz in the last three seasons. If CF Bondstad are going to challenge their rivals once again, he is the player who can do it. Tucanviul extracted the maximum price for him, but if Bondstad can top the Lega it will be money well spent. Jaci Aleksandeur - also from Tucanviul - was the other big expense, perhaps surprisingly as she doesn’t immediately fit into the starting XI. However, she is widely considered to be the best young keep in Saari football so getting her on the roster was a good bit of business. Makoto Honda and Hiro Sarutobi-Zeegelaar join from the Kita-Hinode university system, arguably the best in the multiverse, and will add flair and youth to the CF Bondstad side. Having played at such a competitive level, they will fit right into the Lega - with both hoping to make an immediate impact in the first team. Finally, Cain Woods joins from Pikemouth in Brenecia. Although a reserve option, he’s a reserve option in the A-League and thus brings experience of competition beyond the imagination of most LegaSaari players. His arrival will spark a selection battle between himself and Stela Killam. Given CF Bondstad players have traditionally suffered from a complacency associated with no squad players chomping at their heels, this can only be a good thing. And about those squad players - the fat has been cut. Nine players left - only Majori Aldar a big name. Aldar leaving did raise some eyebrows in Bondstad circles, but in truth it was a mutually beneficial piece of business. Bondstad got rid of the player who would probably have ended as the fourth choice in a two-man defence for a decent chunk of money. Aldar - far too talented to be underutilised in such a way - gets to be a star at an ambitious club. And Tocigtuon get an experienced striker to lead their line. Also leaving of note are Crystinn Jager, Mejli Humel and Greetje Peri - all squad players who will flourish more at their new clubs than they did at CF Bondstad. Overall, the transfer window has shown CF Bondstad wants to break out their recent struggles. The new-look squad reeks of dynamism, renewal and - say it quietly - champions. Whether the pieces can arrange themselves is another matter. But they are there.



Henri Wuud - Tocigtuon Taun - 1,200,000 bm
Aylz Graat - Wilaamstad Wrijgers - 250,000 bm
Alistair Swepstone - Bishop (Nephara) - FREE
Luci Groen - De Commons Akademia - FREE
Byrun Steenhouwer - Universiteit Ghoberg - FREE


Maeri Woetkyns - Pingstrand FC - 1,500,000 bm
Hari Kas - Tocigtuon Taun - 500,000 bm
Caul Hupeu - Oostelund Cavlaars - 250,000 bm
Rudsyn Kindvancaul - CA Marlhuem Paak - FREE
Aaled Trajci - FC Einst van Mei - FREE

The issue, and I use that word loosely, De Commons have is that their first XI is already the best in the LegaSaari. Not only is it packed full of talent in its prime, but the side has a cohesive core which has won it three championships in a row. The last two transfer windows have seen the side consolidate this - bringing in the likes of Wera Pauwelz, Janna Gerrard and Jodi Lauri. But now, the squad is as close to perfect as it could realistically be. Every player is the best in their role in the Lega - or at least close-enough that you could have a good argument about it. De Commons have attempted to square this circle by bringing in some young talent. At just eighteen, Henri Wuud becomes the youngest Saari player to sell for a million Bondmunt whilst Aylz Graat is a comparative steal at 250,000 - though quite why De Commons need another young left-back as a back-up to Edwina Strijd when Trent Kindvanbruux exists remains to be seen. Alistair Swepstone comes in as a number two goalkeeper from Bishop in Nephara - a safe, if unspecial pair of hands. De Commons lacked imagination in a game they invented, but the success comes from retaining many of their rotation options who had the chance to be stars elsewhere. The aforementioned Kindvanbruux - subject to rumours all summer -is the best example of this, but Volken Tiem fans will also be happy that Briutni Kindvanstefan, Bloem Auteberi and Gertrud Metselaar will all also be retaining their green and white jerseys. The departure of Hari Kas is a slight bump, though having played a cumulative ninety-eight minutes of the last season, it wasn’t a fatal bump. Maeri Woetkyns leaves for Pingstrand to be their first choice keeper, but with Oodel Duoztiun still only twenty-four (unbelievably!) and with Swepstone as a reliable back-up most fans are happy to see this as a piece of shrewd financial management. It wasn’t a great transfer window for De Commons, but the side is no weaker than it was beforehand. And it was pretty bloody strong beforehand.



Loerel Haadwaj - Tiugz FC - 500,000 bm
Wiktor Ster - Tocigtuon Taun - 500,000 bm
Greetje Peri - CF Bondstad - 350,000 bm
Lieo Achthoven - CA Marlhuem Paak - 250,000 bm
Caul Hupeu - De Commons - 250,000 bm
Fiona Norval - Coret Hawks (Nephara) - FREE
Paul Leonhardsen - Cranequin Wanderers (Nephara) - FREE
Jodi Croena - De Commons Akademia - FREE
Arjen Myjnaat - FC Einst van Mei - FREE
Lauren Scowcroft - Marque (Brenecia) - FREE
Ruby George - Parrhesia United (Nephara) - FREE
Wil Commons - Universiteit Bondstad - FREE
Wes Znell - Universiteit Bondstad - FREE
Bonita Braziggtuon - Wilaamstad Wrijgers - FREE


Hulf Zeeveur - BSC Kroningdam - 150,000 bm
Raj Berri - CvF Lyntveld - 5,000 bm
Renaj Meeurwisz - CA Marlhuem Paak - FREE
Madi Kindvanwilaam - Bondstad Kosmopolitisch - FREE
Franc Kindvanandeurs - FC Einst van Mei - FREE
Luuc Weinig - Groen Paak Rofeurs - FREE

Oostelund really became a LegaSaari team by accident, or at least through extraordinary good luck. As a result, they’ve had to build a team which can compete at the highest level almost from scratch, and they’ve done… okay? The highlights are Loerel Haadwaj, who easily could have stayed and thrived at Tiugz and Wiktor Ster, a strong rotation effort at his previous club. Greetje Peri is a veteran keeper, who although fell out of favour at CF Bondstad, has lifted the LegaSaari title twice as a first choice keeper. More interesting are the options brought in from overseas - a trio of Nepharans: Ruby George, Paul Leonhardsen and Fiona Norval and a Brenecian: Lauren Scowcroft. None claim to be the best talent that their countries have to offer, but if they can settle into a new side and a new way of playing could be the catalyst to Oostelund defying their expectations. Indeed, that the new LegaSaari clubs were able to utilize the foreign markets whilst the old guard have relied mostly on established Saari talents could be a tale which joins the capitalist love story about down-trodden innovators trail-blazing a new path which destroys the previous order. It seems unlikely, but anything can happen in football.



Maeri Woetkyns - De Commons - 1,500,000 bm
Sigrun Barota - Parrhesia United (Nephara) - FREE


Rajctsal Aalmeurs - CA Marlhuem Paak - FREE

If the move towards a more commercial league was going to produce losers, there is no candidate more obvious than perennial last-placers Pingstrand. With the second smallest stadium in the league, a small fan-base and no competitive triumphs, the side has a serious cash-flow problem. It is surprising, therefore, that they opted to pump their entire transfer budget into one signing. Maeri Woetkyns is a great, young keeper no doubt; and Pingstrand bosses will be hoping they have invested in their first choice keeper for the next decade. But she is young, so will be on a learning curve for the first few seasons. By that point, her contract will be up and another side may nab her for free. That being said, if she can hit the ground running and stop Pingstrand’s leaky defence, she could be worth every penny very quickly. Also joining Pingstrand is Sigrun Barota - the latest Nepharan to make the switch to the Lega. She has had a mixed career thus-far, being a success abroad in Chromatika but struggling when playing in her native league. Pingstrand fans will be hoping the former will prove to be the case - and if she can be a good compliment to Lie Bruux, it could be a really good piece of business. Pingstrand will also benefit from stability - their starting XI will be almost identical to that of last season, meaning they get a gain from familiarity, where rivals like the newly promoted Oostelund and Zilverstraat may struggle. Overall, however, Pingstrand will probably be the go-to case study as to why more money in football is a bad thing. That being said, they were never on that-much of an equal playing field beforehand.



Sergey Lukayev - Partisan Sjoedrhavn (Savojarna) - FREE
Maria Petridis - Corvette Maulers (Nephara) - FREE


Loerel Haadwaj - Oostelund Cavalaars - 500,000 bm
Lon Hoeg - Volken Bondstad - FREE

Tiugz are another side which risks being squeezed if they cannot compete financially. Their stadium, De Huisgrond, houses just 6,000 fans. However, they do benefit from relative success in recent years, reaching the playoffs twice and qualifying for international football. They made just two signings, both internationals at the end of their contracts. Sergey Lukayev looks like he is the perfect fit for Tiugz - they needed a striker, and he is one with a defensive consciousness. He hasn’t always been the most successful scorer in his native Savojarna, but he looks like a brilliant find from the Tiugz scouting department. In the game of horses for courses, it looks like it could be a stroke of genius. Maria Petridis is another smart choice - a direct replacement for the sold Loerel Haadwaj, she is a physical defensive midfielder. At thirty-four, she is perhaps past her best. However, having held her own in the Nepharan First Division, she is more than qualified to be a leading light in the LegaSaari. Perhaps the biggest shock for Tiugz fans is the sale of Loerel Haadwaj. A good, reliable option for her side who made a downward transfer to Oostelund. Perhaps, with her contract expiring at the end of the season, Tiugz made the choice to cash in - but the lack of reinvestment will worry fans. Fans can be excused for thinking Tiugz’s transfer-season was disappointing, but until the team can invest in ways to make more money (such as a bigger stadium, or consistent success to attract sponsors) this is the best they’re going to get: a couple of intelligent signings on the cheap and cashing in on players before they’re out of contract.



Majori Aldar - 2,000,000 bm
Hari Kas - De Commons - 500,000 bm
Crystinn Jager - 500,000 bm


Henri Wuud - De Commons - 1,200,000 bm
Wylfod Klein - Zilverstraat SC - 1,000,000 bm
Wiktor Ster - Oostelund Cavalaars - 500,000 bm

Tocigtuon are in a transition year, many of the players from their more successful years have retired - and the frustration of not being able to revert to this success has begun to sink in. That perhaps explains why they pulled out the check-book for Majori Aldar. Some may say they’ve overpaid, and that might be true, but she is a prolific striker who instantly becomes one of the club’s biggest stars. Hari Kas is another good signing, the left-back was never going to break into the first team at De Commons but was so much better than being a squad player. Some will question the prudence of Crystinn Jager - a player who never realised her potential, and has a reputation for being difficult to work with as a result. Part of the reason that Tocigtuon were able to go on such a spending spree was milking every penny out of their sales. Although Henri Wuud is a great young prospect, Tocigtuon fans quickly dropped their protestations of the sale when they learned how much the side fetched for him. The ageing Wylfod Klein being sold for a million was another great piece of business - especially as the arrival of Aldar would have pushed him out of the first team. Wiktor Ster will be missed, his replacement being the untested Mati Kolen, but overall it’s a transfer window for which the side’s transfer department can pat themselves on the back for.



Mejli Humel - CF Bondstad - 500,000 bm
Tatiana Brandis - Newrock City (Nephara) - FREE
Izi Regens - Bondstad Treason - FREE


Lach Houten - CF Bondstad - 5,000,000 bm
Mohammad Islam - Bondstad Treason - 2,000,000 bm
Jaci Aleksandeur - CF Bondstad - 1,500,000 bm

No transfer window would be complete without a bit of drama, and the resignation of Tijgers manager, Ben Kindvanjodi, was the provider. Reportedly hamstrung by his board, Kindvanjodi watched as his star-players were sold and then was given no funds to reinvest in the side. If we’ve talked about sides like Tiugz and Pingstrand not moving forward, then Tucanviul are definetley the side who moved back. Despite this, we mustn’t lose sight that Mejli Humel is a phenomenal signing for the price the Tijgers paid. Attacking minded, with a phenomenal ability to find her striker, she may be the bargain of the transfer window. And if you want a replacement for Lach Houten, Tatiana Brandis might be the one to do it. At times, Houten carried the Tijgers through sheer force-of-will and frustration that how dare his side lose. Brandis is of the same school of thought: controversial, yes, but really bloody good. However, the elephant in the room is the loss of the side’s best players: Houten and Mohammad Islam. Yes, the side was able to fetch phenomenal prices, but that means nothing without a lack of investment. Tucanviul were denied a play-off space by goal-difference last season. This season, it might be the fault of the accountants.



Walt Iylbuurt - CA Marlhuem Paak - 25,000
Padrig Singh - Universiteit Wilaamstad - FREE
Melodi Vijver - Groen Paak Rofeurs - FREE
Ross Grandstaff - Falkner United (Brenecia) - FREE
Theuobauld Wylki - CF Bondstad - FREE


Islaa Moeris - Bondstad Treason - 750,000 bm
Aylz Graat - De Commons - 500,000 bm
Abigajl Rajneur - Zilverstraat SC - 250,000 bm
Bonita Braziggtuon - Oostelund Cavalaars - FREE
Juan Ghodan - FC Einst van Mei - FREE

Wilaamstad are another side who made a not-insignificant chunk of cash from the sale of their players before spending almost none of it. Despite that, their purchases of players at the end of their contract look really good. More than just an impressive name, Ross Grandstaff comes in as a physical midfielder from Brenecia’s B-League. A squad player for his team, he is a bit of an unknown quantity but all the priors that we do have point to him being a potential star for the Wrijgers. Additionally Padrig Singh impressed at a youth level, and could even make the step up to the first team - if not immediately, then next season. Melodi Vijver is a good, young, squad player with room to grow and Theuobauld Wylki is an absolute steal for the club who could have easily gone to a more successful outlet. As for the sold players, none were high-profile enough to cause much consternation for Wrijger’s fans. Yes, they would have rather Islaa Moeris stayed, and Bonita Braziggtuon finished her long career at the club, but the price got for them is fair and the side’s starting XI certainly looks stronger than last year.



Wylfod Klein - Tocigtuon Taun - 1,000,000 bm
Abigajl Rajneur - Wilaamstad Wrijgers - 250,000 bm
Lizbet Huel - Tiem Nieuwhaven - 150,000 bm
Katrien Faanham - Bondstad Treason - 100,000 bm
Kori Cauwden - CF Bondstad - FREE
Mikal Handschoenen - CvF Lyntveld - FREE
Kylie Kindvankameron - De Commons Akademia - FREE
Andy Cross - Handon United (Schottia) - FREE
Arran Ritchard - Morningstar (Nephara) - FREE
Louise Reed - Snowden River (Brenecia) - FREE


Yosef Boels - Bondstad Kosmopolitisch - 150,000
Myles Kindvanhenri - CA Marlhuem Paak - 125,000 bm
Aalbuurt Veurgo - Groen Paak Rofeurs - 5,000 bm
Jorg Brandwonden - CVD Speelvelden Wiclyf - FREE
Katrina Bondstad - BSC Kroningdam - FREE
Winfrif Huewes - Bondstad Victorie - FREE

Much like Oostelund, Zilverstraat were faced with the unenviable task of turning an above-average, semi-professional development league team into a professional outlet who won’t lose eight-nil every week. And to be fair to them, they haven’t done a bad job. Wylford Klein is the headline purchase, but it’s in the footnotes where the genius can really be found. Mikal Handschoenen and Lizbet Huel were easily two of the best Development Leagues players last season, and deserve the step-up to the LegaSaari. More importantly the crop of players look like they should all fit a certain style of play: sit back, be physical and be clinical in front of goal. They have also retained more players than Oostelund - so it will be interesting to see the two approaches collide. Is the (relative) stability of Zilverstraat, combined with a more clinical approach to the transfer market better? Or is building a fantasy-football-esque team from scratch the better approach? Only time will tell.

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by The Sarian

285-286 LegaSaari Season

A Guide for the Perplexed

Hello visitor, and welcome to the weird and wonderful world of the LegaSaari - the premier football competition in The Sarian. The Lega is a product of its history, which means that a lot of the rules and customs subtly differ from that of other leagues - whether you’re wondering why the team’s manager doesn’t sit on the sideline, what a bonus point is or why everyone hates CF Bondstad, this is the guide to you:

So, how does the league work?

A great first question! And not just because it’s probably the easiest to explain. Ten teams play each other in a double round-robin every weekend, with a brief break in the middle of the season, with the best four qualifying for the Playoffs. Teams get points in two different ways. First, they can win or draw their game to gain match points. It’s pretty simple: four points for a win and two points for a draw. Or they can get bonus points.

Bonus points are probably the most contentious part of the Lega. They were originally started to encourage because people complained the Lega, in its infant days, was boring so it was losing money. Now they’re an important part of the culture of the league - even if the league changes how they’re awarded so often that no-one can keep-up and as a result everyone thinks they’re trying to rig it in favour of a certain club (mostly CF Bondstad; everyone hates those guys).

For the 285-286 season, the rules changed again. Now, clubs can only pick up a maximum of one bonus point per game: to stop the old system where a team winning 6-0 could pick up four points. Points are awarded for three achievements: scoring three goals, winning by three goals (yes, we see the problem too but it was a compromise) or losing by one goal. Technically speaking, the point awarded by narrowly losing it’s game is a match point, not a bonus- it’s detailed in the match points section of the League Charter and pre-dates the bonus point system. However, most media organisations treat them as bonus points, they’re put on the bonus point column and they’re regarded as such in everyday parlance as bonus points.

I only pointed out the technically for one reason - the tiebreakers. The league is sorted first by how many points the teams received in total: match points plus bonus points. In the event of ties, they are sorted solely by match points. If teams are still equal, they are sorted by the number of wins and then by goal difference. The league charter doesn’t actually state what happens next - which is slightly worrying given the 284-285 saw two teams separated by goal difference, the last tie-breaker.

Whilst there is no formal recognition for the winner of the regular season, the positions in the regular season table are used to determine qualification for IFCF and FFI tournaments. League positions also confer great advantage in the Playoffs.

The playoffs?

Yes! The league winner is determined over two (hopefully sunny) weeks and four matches. The first game is played on the first Saturday of the playoffs and is known as ‘the Qualification Game’. It is played between the first and second placed teams in the league, at the home stadium (or, if the home stadium seats less than 20,000 fans a stadium of the host’s choosing - a new rule for the 285-286 season) of the regular season winner. For the winner, they get the joy of progressing straight to the Grand Final, which will be played at their home stadium, whilst the loser must play again to determine their place.

But who do they play? That’s the winner of the ‘Elimination Game’, played on the first Sunday of the Playoffs. This take’s place between the third and fourth placed teams, at the home stadium (assuming it has 20,000 seats) of the third placed side. The winner progresses to the Semi Final - where they will take on the loser of the Qualification Game. And the loser? Well, the clues in the name - their playoff hopes are over.

The Semi Final is played on a Wednesday evening at the home of the loser of the Qualification Game (with the same caveats, I’m sure you’re getting bored of them by now). The game has become known for being a testy affair, not least because it’s where the footballing gods like to sprinkle the drama - the last few seasons have seen the Semi Final be home to bitter city rivalries, team redemption arcs and the odd unbelievable comebacks.

And then there’s the Grand Final. The winner of the Qualification Game (remember them?) plays off against the winner of the Semi Final for the biggest prize in Saari football. A glorious affair broadcast not just on TV, but in public squares up and down the nation - expect fireworks, pop performances and the odd bit of football as well. To add to the chaos - since ditching the idea that the game should be played at a neutral venue, after the neutral venue always turned out to be in Bondstad - there is just eight days for all of these theatrics to be prepared. But don’t let that put you off - at the end of ninety minutes we will know the result of something we’ve dedicated our lives to.

Unless, of course, the game is a draw. In previous years, the league has tried just about every tie-breaker you can think of and it seemed to settle down on the standard thirty minutes of additional play followed by a penalty shoot-out if the game was still equal. But the Lega likes to be different, so this year they’re trialling something new. After ninety minutes, the sides will play in chunks of ten minutes. At the end of the ten minutes, whichever side is leading wins. If the game is still tied, bring on another chunk of ten minutes. Think silver goal, just never ending.

When is all this happening?

The league runs from Winter until Spring - generally starting in late November or December and finishing in May, to avoid the popular domestic cricket season. Last season, the league didn’t start until January - but they still called it the 284-285 season. This season, with the introduction of two new sides and the resurrection of the Saari Open Cup, the first match will take place on the twelfth of November whilst the Playoff Grand Final will be on the first Sunday of June - the latest it’s ever been.

Matches take place on a Saturday and Sunday. On a Saturday, kick-off is at three and five PM, whilst Sunday sees games at one, three and five. This means fans, if they so wish, can watch every single LegaSaari game. This season, there are more rest-weeks after criticism about the strain on professional athletes having to play for ninety minutes once a week!

To be fair, six of the ten LegaSaari sides - (deep breath) De Commons, CF Bondstad, Bondstad Treason, Tiugz FC, Oostelund Cavalaars and Zilverstraat SC - are involved in international football, which adds to the burden. It’s also the source of a great debate within the LegaSaari community - should the season dates be moved? Take last season, for example, the season ended on the 15th of May. De Commons, who played (and won) that match, then had a break of just a month before their Champions’ League 2nd Preliminary Round match, which technically kicked off their new season. With the even later finish this season, that break could be shortened to just a couple of weeks. However, any attempts to move toward a summer-orientated league have met resistance from cricket fans - something heightened by the fact that many teams lower down in the pyramid play their matches at the local cricket over - and the argument that international football runs from June to May, anyway, isn’t unpersuasive. Anyway - expect the start of the league to quietly sneak forward every year, closer to other professional leagues which generally start in August or September. Just don’t tell cricket fans.

Who’s playing in all this?

Footballers, duh!

But more seriously, each side registers twenty-five players at the start of the season - at least three of which must be Saari players under the age of twenty one. Eleven players line-up, seven substitutes sit on a bench, three of them can come on and now you know.

The actual players are mostly Saari, though there has been a growing number of foreign players in recent years. In the modern era, most come through one of the three national sporting academies - Bondstad Akademia, De Commons Akademia,Wilaamstad Akademia - or through accredited university sides - Universiteit Ghoberg, Universiteit Bondstad, Universiteit Wilaamstad. Most sides do not invest heavily in their own youth set-up as a result.

Okay I’ve seen one game and I have one tiny, little question, where is the manager?

Unlike in other leagues, you won’t see the Head Coach on the touchline. Much like cricket - which is getting more air-time in an article about football than anticipated - the team captain leads on match-days whilst the coaching team is confined to the stands. This extends to changing tactics mid-match and the bringing on of substitutes - though the Head Coach (normally in consultation with the Captain) decides the starting eleven and team substitutes. As a result, most Saari stadiums have a pavillion in a similar vein to cricket ovals.

Do you guys use VAR?

Starting this season, yes! After much controversy and discussion, the LegaSaari Management Board finally made a decision - VAR was in. Expect to see everyone contributing their valued and nuanced opinions on it for the next six months.

Is that everything?

But… but, you haven’t asked about the teams!

I asked who played in the bloody thing and you gave a flippant answer about there being eleven players on the pitch!

Well, I’m sorry about that. Can I please tell you about the teams?

Okay, what are the teams?


For the past three years, the title has been won by the mighty De Commons Fuutbol Cluub - albeit one of those titles coming after they finished third in the regular season. People like De Commons, and they have the (self-anointed) nickname of ‘De Volken Tiem’ - which roughly translates into ‘the Peoples’ Team’, though the Saari word ‘Volken’ carries more weight and meaning than the English equivalent.

The side plays in the national colours - white and green hoops, which is useful because they also supply the most players to the national team. Indeed, they probably have the strongest squad of any LegaSaari team. Notable stars include Wera Pauwelz, an intelligent striker who can seem invisible for a whole game and still come out with a goal; Jaxon Pieuz, the national captain and natural born leader; Wictor Buul, who embodies everything you want in an attacking winger; and - cutting myself off before I list all twenty-five players - Oodel Duoztiun, the best Saari keeper of his generation and is stunningly just twenty-four. The side play in a relatively attacking 4-2-3-1 formation, where they look to dominate for much of the match. Under the captaincy of Pieuz, the team has possessed a keen killer instinct - looking to inflict embarrassing score-lines on opponents when the opportunity presents itself.

This season, De Commons will be moving into their stadium - Volkenstadion De Commons - which will be second only to De Stadionnational in terms of capacity. The side hopes the new, modern stadium - designed to scare visiting sides as much as possible - will help them retain their title. Whether they can is another question: they clearly had the best XI last season, but the side has done little to upgrade it in the interim. Meanwhile, CF Bondstad and Bondstad Treason have been preparing to stop De Volken Tiem and take the title back to the capital. That being said, recent history has shown that people who make the ‘De Commons aren’t us good as popular discourse suggests, actually’ have generally looked a bit stupid.


The next team you should know about is CF Bondstad. They’re the most successful team in Lega history and for much of the last season looked like they would do so again. And then they collapsed, finished a disappointing third and were knocked out of the play-offs by rivals Treason. Oh, and everyone hates them. It’s a long story, but very quickly: they changed their name to be more commercial, they’re successful and their supporters are middle class. It all sounds very petty, and it is, but in the age of mega-identities what do you expect?

Playing in white and purple doesn’t help matters - the side is sometimes portrayed as malign, imperial overlords. Though this perhaps reflects what people think of the capital more than anything the side has done. Officially, their nickname is ‘the Citizens’, but most rival fans refer to them as ‘the Bastards’. This may seem a bit tame, but the term is more loaded than in other societies: the national animal of The Sarian is the bustard, so bastard has evolved as a pun to mean someone who is not a real member of the Volken.

One way CF Bondstad manage to silence their haters is on the pitch, and they are a fabulous side. Last year’s player of the season, Maeri Beniut, is the stand-out star and it is through her that is the key to the side’s success. Another star is the team’s shiny, new-thing, Lach Houten. Houten personifies Bondstad - a controversial player who everyone loves to hate until his raw talent shuts them up. Alongside Houten is a range of new talent from abroad, with Kita-Hinode pair Makoto Honda and Hiro Sarutobi-Zeegelaar particularly causing Bondstad fans to salivate. It’s the strongest Bondstad side in many years, though questions about whether this is a ‘growth’ season where the side builds for future success rather than one where they aspire to immediate success seem valid. Either way, Bondstad will be hoping to banish the daemons of last season and there’s no reason to believe they can’t.


Bondstad Treason were one of the two expansion sides - alongside Tucanviul Tijgers - when the league expanded from six to eight teams during the 274-5 season. In that time, they’ve simultaneously been unexpectedly successful whilst also struggling to be taken seriously. Last season could be the turning point - the side finished second in the regular season and defeated CF Bondstad in a dramatic semi-final, the first time Treason had defeated their city rivals in a Playoff game. But at least in the short-term, the so-called ‘asymmetric rivalry’ is probably gonna continue: Treason really care about beating CF Bondstad; CF Bondstad care about beating De Commons.

Regardless of their sometimes mocking ‘De Jonge Broers’ moniker, Treason do have all the trappings of a big team - despite their origins in the working class Wiclyf neighborhood, the team graduated from the decrepit Treason Park and play in De Stadionnational. And despite much being made of it, their turnout is only marginally behind that of CF Bondstad - the stadium's other tenants. They’re also incredibly marketable - the side has an English language name, a great narrative and some exciting players - without the baggage of being seen to do so artificially like CF Bondstad.

And about those players, they play in an attacking 4-2-3-1 formation built up their star: Audoslavian striker, Hilario Nadir. Nadir, who signed for the club on a free transfer two years ago is joined by the likes of Sjors Koken, Zej Saari and Judi Buren in an attacking midfield line-up which sells itself as a personification of the club: young, exciting and dynamic. Kameron Bondstad, Walt Beunaad and new signing, Mohammad Islam add to this image though the side does fail to be as exciting outside of it’s first-choice eleven. Regardless, the team set a high benchmark to meet last season and has made the crucial small, cosmetic changes to its line-up which keep the flavour of the side whilst ironing out the deficiencies. It feels like Treason are on an ascendency storyline, can they seal the finale or is it too soon for De Jonge Broers.


It used to be fashionable to group the so-called ‘four Ts’ - Tiugz, Treason, Tocigtuon and Tucanviul - together as the four middle ranking sides in the Lega, but Tiugz were pretty universally considered the weakest of the bunch. It wasn’t helped by them playing uninspiring, defensive football in an ugly pale yellow kit. But over the last few seasons everything has clicked for them - their defensive play has won plaudits and has taken them to two consecutive playoffs. The fact they’ve never cleared the Elimination Game is a minor hiccup in an otherwise remarkable turn-around.

However, the puzzle pieces that got them there are beginning to become warped out of shape. The side is ageing, the odd player leaving has left gaping gaps in the side which the side hasn’t filled. And with the smallest stadium, the least amount of merchandising sold and over-inflated player budgets the side is too cash-strapped to compete in the emerging transfer-market. They still have some great players, many of whom are some of the best in their position in the league: it’s hard to think of a better defensive line-up than Randoel Raedmaeceu, Cwiuntun Romeijnders,
Moerius Kindvandoenaulld and Crispin Galloway but the price the side have paid to stop them being pinched by other clubs is far in excess of their worth - especially for a side with the financial constraints of Tiugz; the money would have been better spent on expanding their stadium and investing for the future.

The side has adopted a new visual identity in a hope to expand their support base, which includes a new logo and a shade of yellow less reminiscent of your grandmother’s spare bedroom. And a second season in international football could have helped their financial cause if they hadn’t crashed out in the first round they contested. But despite the naysayers, they remain a team with consecutive finishes in the playoffs, a strong set-up which plays to their strengths and a team which knows how to win together. Much of the press has written them off, but don’t be surprised if you see them in the playoffs again.


For those of you that engage in trivia nights about obscure football leagues, the answer in Tocigtuon Taun. No-one can quite remember - or believe - it, but they’re one of just four teams who have won the LegaSaari and were the only team to have ever done so from a fourth place league finish. The periods immediately preceding and succeeding that have been nicknamed the ‘golden age’ for the club - but that era is now well and truly over. The team last reached the play-offs three seasons ago, when they finished in their best ever position of second. The players of the ‘golden age’ have retired, or moved on, and the only legacy is a star on the gareish bright pink kit.

There is a sense that Tocigtuon could start to renew themselves - their squad has changed overnight from one that is on-the-verge of retirement to one of the youngest in the league. And whilst not bursting with the stars which will make pundits drool, it has the err of a side that can come together nicely. Leading lady, Ghini Bondstad, has been joined by Majori Aldar - to my mind one of the best signings of the season - in a front-pairing which could provide plum fruit for the team. But others have been more despondent - exclaiming on every Tocigtuon fan board that the side is made out of De Commons and CF Bondstad rejects. Which is hard to argue against, because it is true - even if the framing is wrong.

The goal for Tocigtuon is pretty simple - get into the Playoffs, or at least make a good enough shot at it that they can do it the season after. Anything else is continuing the slippery slope into mediocrity. But can they do so? That’s a harder question to answer - and may depend on the fortunes of others. It is theoretically possible, and shouldn’t be seen as a shock if it does happen. But would I be prepared to place even a small bet on it? No.


Great things have been predicted in the past for Tucanviul, but they’ve thus-far been seen as a team who have been unable to reach their potential. As an expansion team, they launched with great fanfare and financial backing and they’ve had two ‘generations’ of great players go through the team. But the best they’ve ever managed is a singular play-off final. As such they’ve been, perhaps unfairly, labelled as closer to a domestic cat than the majestic tiger. You can use your imagination as to what the nickname is.

To be fair to Tucanviul’s detractors, the side has got gradually worse as their top players have been lured away - a process exacerbated by the desire to play in international football competitions. Perhaps most painful was this summer which saw the team’s two best players - Mohammad Islam and Lach Houten depart for greener pastures. The side missed out on the playoffs, and international competition, on goal difference so it’s not even fair to say they were fleeing a sinking ship; though the Tijgers failure to find good replacements could leave it as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It might be a bit rude to say, but there is some truth in the claim team’s current first XI does read like a menu from a restaurant you don’t particularly want to eat in: Criuzi Siwaad is a good, if unexceptional defender whilst Tiubi Jacobse was a fantastic right winger in her prime, which was several years ago. That said - they were goal difference off of the play-offs last season - it’s hardly a totally unrealistic expectation that the side will be able to come close again. Doing so without the vision of Islam and the goal machine of Houten makes it harder - but not impossible. Don’t rule them out yet.


I almost envy those who don’t know the torid history of Wilaamstad’s premier football club. The team’s origins, WIlaamstad Bondcluub, were one of the oldest and most successful football teams in the pre-LegaSaari era and whilst they weren’t able to replicate their dominance against CvF Bondstand and the emerging De Commons they were still giants in the early years of the Lega - being one of just four teams to have won the league. But in the pursuit of reviving old glory, they over-extended and went bankrupt - prompting a rise in financial conservatism which still exists in Sari football to this day. They were brought out by the league and controversially reborn by their current title - Wilaamstad Wrijgers.

A phoenix club, Bondcluub Legaat (Bondcluub Legacy) initially was far more popular than the now league-owned Wrijgers and it looked like the league would have to keep pumping money into the side to keep them afloat as attendances at De StadtStadion (now known as Stadion Wrijgers) flatlined. The club had to sell it’s best players, and have flatlined toward the bottom of the table ever since: the great ignamony coming when they finished last in the 283-4 season. Luckily, they have financially rebounded with fans returning (Bondcluub Legaat enjoyed some early success in the Development Leagues, before - hilariously - going bankrupt again. They still exist, but outside the formal pyramid).

After finishing dead last for the past two seasons, Wilaamstad fans will just be hoping that their side can somewhat rebound. The introduction of Zilverstraat and Oostelund Cavalaars should go some way toward keeping them off of last place - and a number of smart signings, as well as young prospects maturing, could lead to even more. It is far too soon to talk about anything close to Wilaamstad reviving the ‘big-three’, but don’t be surprised if they do better than everyone is expecting.


Pingstrand has always been the punchline of Saari football. Perennial last-place finishes made them the punching bag of fans and commentators alike, whilst being based in the exclusive Pingstrand neighbourhood made attracting top players (who got paid peanuts for much of the LegaSaari history) almost impossible. And then the side hired Luc Humel as Head Coach. Make no mistake, they were still a bit crap - but they were now playing entertaining football. People stopped insulting them for being posh and terrible, and started secretly cheering them on.

Still, they remain the least successful team in LegaSaari history by some distance - having finished in the bottom two for all of the last nine(!) seasons. Much like Wilaamstad fans, they will be hoping that the two new expansion teams - Zilverstraat and Oostelund - will finally break the streak. The avoidance of relegation is especially important - plans have already been confirmed for a massive expansion to De Arineu Aanhetstrand next summer and whilst nobody knows exactly how the financial situation in the new LegaSaari 2 will be, it almost certainly won’t be good enough to support a team who has depleted their reserves on tripling stadium capacity.

The side has improved it’s first XI considerably over the last few seasons, but all of their marquee stars are far past their prime - Lie Bruux will be thirty-five when the first ball of the season is kicked whilst Nicau Noriuz tops this at a plum thirty-six. Even their headline summer signing, Sigrun Barota, a Nepharan left-winger, clocks in at thirty-five. No doubt that all these players are talented, but their natural fitness will struggle against teams with a younger XI - and Pingstrand don’t really have the depth to mitigate this. I hate to say it, but Pingstrand fans could be miserable again.



When LegaSaari announced it would be expanding, most assumed it would either pick two successful clubs from the Development Leagues - or simply create two new teams from scratch (with ridiculous ‘marketable’ names, no doubt) as they had done previously. Instead, a competition was hastily launched as a one-time replacement to the Development Leagues that was so popular it launched a formal football pyramid. Que the anguish of every side who stuck their noses up at the competition who are now stuck on the outside peering in. What nobody expected, however, was the two teams who would emerge.

For the past few years, the giants of Development Leagues have been FC Einst van Mei, CA Marlhuem Paak, Groen Paak Rofeurs and Haatveld FC. Everyone expected that two of those four would be successful and gracefully graduate to a professional standard. Whilst Oostelund were okay, they were hardly prolific and Zilverstraat - literally named after the street they play on - had little following at all. Yet through two pool stages and a knockout tournament, two emerged as triumphant.

But this has left the sides having to build professional teams almost from scratch, and they have taken different approaches. Oostelund have gone down the ‘fantasy football’ route of employing no less than fourteen new players - with ten out of the best eleven not from the side. Notable names who have made the trip to the north east are Bonita Braziggtuon, Caul Hupeu and Loerel Haadwaj who were all top players in their heydays (ten years ago). Zilverstraat have gone down the route that their players got them where they are and have built upon that team. They have still brought in a large number of players - ten - but the philosophy is closer to building upon their previous side. The obvious star is Wylfod Klein, signed for a million Bondmunt, who will lead the line whilst Hugo Sint Lo impressed for Zilverstraat on their route to the LegaSaari and will no doubt be a big part in any failure or success.

On that matter, will these sides thrive in the Lega? That remains to be seen. The short-term goal is to avoid going straight down to the LegaSaari 2, but all the smart money is on at least one of the two teams doing just that. The other pitfall is the relegation play-off - where the ninth placed team will play against the second placed team in the LegaSaari 2. The chances of one side, let-alone both, avoiding these slots are low - but they’ve already beaten the odds to get where they are. Don’t discount them entirely yet.

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An extract from De Telegraaf Season Preview
Twii.tur logo used with permission from Vilita

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285-286 LegaSaari Season

Season Results: Part One


De Commons 8-1 Zilverstraat SC
Volkenstadion, De Commons
Referee: Adriaan Tynkeur | Player of the Match: Wera Pauwelz (De Commons)
Wictor Bull '4, Wera Pauwelz '9, Jodi Lauri '12, Wera Pauwelz '26 Wera Pauwelz '55 Wera Pauwelz '59 Byrun Steenhouwer '66 '82 | Lizbet Huel '51


As is tradition, the reigning champions hosted the first game of the season - and it was a massacre. Much has been asked about how the newly promoted sides would be able to cope with the increased quality of LegaSaari football, and De Commons looked willing to settle that debate quickly. The answer is badly. Very badly. Very very badly. De Commons were three-nothing up within twelve minutes: Wictor Bull opened with a placed shot in the left-hand corner after a through ball by Janna Gerrard before Wera Pauwelz repeated the trick; scoring with a placed shot in the right-hand corner after a through ball by Janna Gerrard. Jodi Lauri added the third with a powerful shot from distance before setting up Wera Pauwelz for her second to make it four-nothing. De Commons seemingly pulled the break on for much of the rest of the first half, willing to entertain the crowd with some exquisite passing (at one point their share of the possession was as high as 82%) but placing little threat on the Zilverstraat goal. In the fifty-first minute, however, it was Zilverstraat who scored: Hugo Sint Lo intercepted before playing it forward to Lizbet Huel. Zej Zamuuol slipped on the damp grass whilst in pursuit, leaving Huel all alone to tuck under the advancing body of Oodel Duoztiun. There may have been smiles on the faces of the Zilverstraat players as the goal went it, but De Commons quickly made them pay. Turning the heat up once again, the side scored four goals in sixteen minutes. Pauwelz added her third and fourth: the latter being a stupendous solo effort which saw her take the ball past three Zilverstraat players en-route to converting. Byrun Steenhouwer scored a header on his debut from a Bull corner and then Trent Kindvanbruux ended the rout with a shot from distance which took a deflection on the way in. It was a rude awakening for Zilverstraat - and for De Commons the best possible way to start their title defence.

Tucanviul Tijgers 3-3 Wilaamstad Wrijgers
Stadion van de Oerwoud, Tucanviul
Referee: Luuc Vaan | Player of the Match: Tiubi Jacobse (Tucanviul Tijgers)
Criuzi Siwaad '36 Tatiana Brandis '40 Tiubi Jacobse '47 | Chaz Mueldeur '31 Cnut Zumer '90+2 Cnut Zumer '90+5


The goals were also flowing at Stadion van de Oerwoud in Tucanviul. Both sides were set up to play attacking football, and the result was a six-goal exhibition. Strangely, it took half-an-hour for the first goal to be scored: despite their set-ups, both sides initially looked nervy on the ball. For Tucanviul, this could be attributed to the core of their side - captain Lach Houten and Mohammad Islam being sold over the summer. However, once the sides had found their legs, it was a cracking match: the first goal summed this up - Ross Grandstaff, making his Wilaamstad debut, played a beautiful ball into the Tucanviul box. At first, it looked like Cseralen Zwarte would easily take command of the ball. However, an outrageous flick-on from Hylda Dafyd - sliding to the floor to get a foot to it - left the Tucanviul keeper stranded. Chaz Mueldeur was there to tap it into the Tucanviul net. It wasn’t long before Tucanviul got their revenge, scoring twice in quick succession. Both came from excellent crosses - Criuzi Siwaad heading in from a swinging corner and Tatiana Brandis scoring her first Tucanviul goal with a volley. Tiubi Jacobse went from the architect to the scorer shortly after half-time to put Tucanviul ahead by three goals to one. And as the half went on Tucanviul might have thought they were good for the victory - a number of good Zwarte saves took the wind out of the Wilaamstad attack. However, two stoppage time goals: both efforts from range by Cnut Zumer meant that the sides will be sharing the points.

Bondstad Treason 0-0 Tiugz FC
Stadionnational, Bondstad
Referee: Hektor Beurtis | Player of the Match: Walt Beunaad (Bondstad Treason)


Perhaps the most anticipated match-up of the opening weekend saw Bondstad Treason host Tiugz FC at De Stadionnationaal. Both sides reached the playoffs last season, and the hope was that both sides would start the season with a desire to show they were going to do it again. Instead, spectators were inflicted with a dull match which never really got going. Treason were the better side throughout, but never found the formula needed to break-down the Tiugz defence. Their best opportunity came at the start of the second half - Tiugz looked lethargic coming from the break, and Treason had a couple of good efforts on goal. Hilario Nadir, in particular, will feel unlucky. A powerful shot looked destined to end in the roof of the net, but an unlucky deflection off his own teammate, Sjors Koken, took much of the steam off the goal - allowing Fajtz Ajeuesh to tip it over. Tiugz, for their part, only managed a single shot on target - and even that was an Erna Ootiz long-shot which never had any chance of troubling Besart Schankelen. After all the fanfare before the game, for many it was a relief when Hektor Beurtis blew the final whistle.

CF Bondstad 4-2 Oostelund Cavalaars
Stadionnational, Bondstad
Referee: Egbert Haaglander | Player of the Match: Stela Killam (CF Bondstad)
Lach Houten '23 Stela Killam '24 Luc Bisop '49 (pen) Olaaf Prins '64 | Paul Leonhardsen '22 Lieo Achthoven '82


After seeing fellow promotees being destroyed by De Commons the previous day, Oostelund Cavalaars players could be excused for feeling the pressure as they headed into their first LegaSaari match away at CF Bondstad. However, they started the stronger side against the most successful team in LegaSaari history. Indeed, they got the first goal after twenty-two minutes - a counter-attack caught the CF Bondstad defence napping. Fiona Norval squared it to Paul Leonhardsen around Gerlinde Fabiuon to give the Cavalaars a famous lead. It wouldn’t last. Bondstad took the lead before Oostelund had time to finish celebrating. The first came directly from kick-off, Lach Houten and Stela Killam going on an attack together which resulted in Houten’s first Bondstad goal. Killam would get the second within forty-five second. Pieter Jong picked up the ball almost immediately from the Oostelund restart - a sloppy exchange in passes between Loerel Haadwaj and Leonhardsen being the cause. A perfectly weighted pass found an unmarked Killam - who was always going to tuck home in such a situation. Bondstad’s third came shortly after half-time: Luc Bisop converting from the penalty spot after Caul Hupeu gave away a cheap foul with a shove on Houten. Olaaf Prins came off the bench and almost immediately made it four-one, cutting into the box after receiving the ball from a Makoto Honda throw-in to curl it past Greetje Peri. Oostelund would get a second goal deep into the half - a Loerel Haadwaj freekick was scrambled home by Lieo Achthoven after initially being saved. Oostelund was saved the blushes of a complete demolition - a la De Commons and Zilverstraat - but CF Bondstad were the worthy victors.

Pingstrand FC 2-2 Tocigtuon Taun
Arineu Aanhetstrand, Wilaamstad
Referee: Yasmyn Alteneur | Player of the Match:
Chaz Mueldeur '30 Dora Tollar '41 (o.g) | Majori Aldar '57 Majori Aldar '86


A traffic jam delayed the arrival of the Tocigtuon side to De Arineu Aanhetstrand, and when Pingstrand went two goals ahead the Razzmataz players must have wished they never came. Pingstrand weren’t even particularly good to get their goals - their attack was sloppy and unorganised, surrendering good positions with passes to the Tocigtuon defenders on a number of occasions. But the failure of the Tocigtuon midfield to provide a core to their side was costly - allowing Pingstrand to attack often. The law of averages meant that, no matter how shambolic the Pingstrand attacking unit was, they were eventually going to trouble the Tocigtuon goal. To be fair, Chaz Mueldeur’s opener was a thing of beauty: Lex Horn had punched Adell Alba’s initial effort away but Mueldeur was at the edge of the box, hitting a half volley which rocketed into the net with a little help from the underside of the bar. The second goal was more in-telling with the sloppiness of the start of the game: Horn tried to quickly distribute the ball to Dora Tollar but the defender had her back turned. The ball cannoned off of her and into her own net. However, Tocigtuon came out of the half-time break a different side and quickly turned the knife on Pingstrand. At first, it looked like Pingstrand were able to weather the storm: Maeri Woetkyns made a couple of good saves and Krysten Roeburts was able to mark Majori Aldar out of the game. And then Roeburts went two-footed into the back of Tsaalie Pajn at the edge of the box. Roeburts was immediately sent off - and Aldar was then able to show why Tocigtuon paid two million bondmunt for her services. She scored her first after being found with her back to the goal by Wilaam Kindvanjohan. Two touches, and the ball was buried into the net. With time-running low, she equalised after a great cross from Ghini Bondstad. Taking one touch to control the ball, she flicked it past Woetkyns with her weaker foot. All things considered, a draw was a fair reflection from a classic game of two halves.


Wilaamstad Wrijgers 2-0 Tiugz FC
Stadion Wrijgers, Wilaamstad
Referee: Ron Elmitt | Player of the Match: Cnut Zumer (Wilaamstad Wrijgers)
Cnut Zumer '38 Chaz Mueldeur '76


Tiugz’s defence has traditionally been their safety-blanket, but Wilaamstad made short-order of demolishing it. In a commanding performance, the Warriors dominated throughout and if it were not for a stand-out performance by Fajtz Ajeuesh in the Tiugz goal they could have created a Rugby scoreline. For much of the first thirty-five minutes the match went as follows: the Wilaamstad midfield plays a fantastic couple of balls which go around, over or through the Tiugz defence. The Wilaamstad attack does nothing wrong with the ball, but Ajeuesh somehow manages to turn the ball wide. The frustration clearly started to sink in for the Wilaamstad players, as they started hashing shots from a distance - a usual recourse that Tiugz opponents end up resorting to, usually fruitlessly. However, Cnut Zumer - who had been extremely unlucky not to find himself on the scoreboard earlier - managed to find the shot which beat Ajeuesh. The Tiugz defence gave him space when he received the ball on the right-side of the edge of the box, almost as if inviting him to waste the opportunity with a long shot. Instead, he cut inside and used the time afforded to him to chip the ball into the left-hand corner - a perfect bounce beating Ajeuesh. It would be awhile before Wilaamstad would get lucky again, but Zumer was once again at the centre of the attack - his cross was overhit for Chaz Mueldeur to make good use of it but a hash of a clearance gave Mueldeur a second chance to score - a diving header which was never going to be saved. Wilaamstad kept pushing for a third goal to give them a vital bonus point, but Tiugz were able to hold on. That their defence was able to be so thoroughly dismantled will be a great cause for concern from their fans, however.

Zilverstraat SC 0-4 Tucanviul Tijgers
Zilverstraat, Bondstad
Referee: Jodi Nagaal | Player of the Match: Urzula Klaasen (Tucanviul Tijgers)
Nona Amelsvoort '14 Urzula Klaasen '30 Rynz Bessen '54 Koelin Abes '65


Zilverstraat had another nightmare in their first LegaSaari match at their eponymous Zilverstraat stadium, being humbled four-nil by a Tucanviul side which had rested a number of their first team. Urzula Klaasen led the Tucanviul line, making a strong claim for a more regular place in the first team with one goal and two assists. Her first assist came just fourteen minutes in, finding Nona Amelsvoort in space - who tucked the ball into the net confidentiality. Zilverstraat actually looked the better team for the next fifteen minutes or so, and were unlucky not to score: Wylfod Klein had a shot which hit the post after beating Cseralen Zwarte and Kori Cauwden’s deflected shot was saved by a trailing foot. However, Tucanviul’s second goal, against the run of play and courtesy of Klaasen took all the fight out of the Zilverstraat players. Klaasen set-up Rynz Bessen to cap her wonderful individual performance before Koelin Abes volleyed home from the edge of the box after a poor clearance gifted him the ball. Tucanviul were denied a fifth when Amelsvoort was ruled off-side by VAR, but it ultimately didn’t matter as they strolled to an easy victory.

Oostelund Cavalaars 1-5 Bondstad Treason
Groenpaak, Oostelund
Referee: Nelson Kindvanwilaam | Player of the Match: Hilario Nadir (Bondstad Treason)
Paul Leonhardsen '75 | Zej Saari '9 Hilario Nadir '17 Kameron Bondstad '34 Hilario Nadir '62 Henri Laan '80


Treason might have been frustrated by their inability to defeat Tiugz last week, and they clearly took that frustration out on a helpless Oostelund Cavalaars side. The Treason attack was ruthless, and sustained, and the team took a three-nothing lead within the first half. The first came after Ruby George made a hash of clearing an aimless Walt Beunaad cross. Zej Saari controlled the ball on his chest before striking a powerful ball which even the best keeper in the multiverse would be unable to save. The next two were perhaps less impressive: a Hilario Nadir tap-in and a Kameron Bondstad header from a corner. Perhaps the complacency sunk in a tad, because Treason did lose a slight edge after the break - giving Oostelund a rare period of dominance in the fifteen minutes or-so between the restart and the hour mark. It was Treason, however, who extended their lead in this period; catching Oostelund on the counter-attack with a brilliant move focused on Beunaad and Mohammad Islam which was eventually converted by Nadir. The Cavalaars hard work did pay off, a long-ball from her own half by Bonita Braziggtuon confounded the Treason defence - leaving Paul Leonhardsen the simple job of tapping past his fellow Countryman Besart Schankelen. Treason would get the game’s final goal in the eightieth minute, a Sjors Koken run setting up Henri Laan to tap home.

Tocigtuon Taun 0-1 De Commons
Grajsstraat, Tocigtuon
Referee: Hektor Beurtis | Player of the Match: Lex Horn (Tocigtuon Taun)
Winona Tolbert '78


Lex Horn put in the game of her life to prevent a lively De Commons team from running roughshod over their side. The first indication of things to come was in the third minute, an incisive break-away led by Lizett Aucs and Briutni Kindvanstefan fell to Wera Pauwelz. In every other game, Pauwelz would have buried it in the back of the next but Horn was quick off of their line, piled the pressure, narrowed the angle and saw the shot go wide. De Commons continued to attack, and Horn continued to stop them. Indeed, for much of the middle period it began to look like it would be Tocigtuon who would ultimately walk out as victors: the Razzmatazz were quick on the counter-attack and Ghini Bondstad kept losing her marker but the goal never came. Indeed, when a goal finally came - in the seventy-eighth minute - it was a tad underwhelming. Wictor Buul whipped in a cross from a corner which was headed on by Zej Zamuuol. A scramble in the six-yard area saw the ball poked across the line, followed by several minutes of anticlimactic looking at the VAR to determine who scored the goal - and whether or not they were offside. Eventually, it was determined that the ball came off of Winona Tolbert - who was onside - and the goal was allowed to stand. De Commons continued to look for a second goal, but eventually had to settle for a one-nil away victory.

Pingstrand FC 2-3 CF Bondstad
Arineu Aanhetstrand, Wilaamstad
Referee: Adriaan Tynkeur | Player of the Match: Nicau Noriuz (Pingstrand FC)
Elma Kindvanantz '45+1 Daryn Asselman '58 | Maeri Beniut '71 Lach Houten '85 Henri Brejzun '90+3


Strangely, Pingstrand have become a bit of a bogey team for CF Bondstad over the last couple of seasons - with ignominious defeats by the Seasiders being used to characterise Bondstad collapses. For much of the match at De Arineu Aanhetstrand, it looked like history was repeating itself. Bondstad were poor: their attack lacked any sense of urgency, they were sloppy in possession and the home side were making them pay for it. Pingstrand, by contrast, didn’t see much of the ball but used it well. And they were rewarded for it: seventy minutes in and they were two-nil up. Neither goal was anything to write home about - two tap ins by Elma Kindvanantz and Daryn Asselman, respectively. But the Citizens never looked like gaining anything back - Bondstad were still sloppy and their attacks without potency. And then Maeri Beniut produced a bit of magic: picking up the ball deep in her own half, she took it past half of the Pingstrand team. At first, it looked like she might have an angle too narrow to cap off the move with a goal, but a beautiful curl took it into the goal. Pingstrand looked shell-shocked, and tried to move into a more defensive formation to hang onto the lead. Ultimately, this would prove a mistake: without Pingstrand pressing with a high-line and looking to nick the ball, Bondstad’s midfield sloppiness became less of an achilles heel. So when Piteur Jong played through Lach Houten, who equalised with a simple chip over the head of Maeri Woetkyns, it seemed inevitable. Whether Bondstad could grab a winner was another matter - time was against them and Pingstrand had parked the bus. Ultimately, it would be a corner in the ninety-third minute that would give Bondstad the victory: Henri Brejzun towered above everyone to convert in-front of the devastated home fans. For twenty-minutes, Bondstad played like champions. Their mission is to do that for ninety.


Wilaamstad Wrijgers 0-2 Bondstad Treason
Stadion Wrijgers, Wilaamstad
Referee: Nelson Kindvanwilaam | Player of the Match: Zej Saari (Bondstad Treason)
Zej Saari '26 (pen) Hilario Nadir '68


Hot off a victory against Tiugz, Wilaamstad Wrijgers lined up confidently at home to Treason. But Treason too looked good, and the combination set off an excellent football match despite the awful weather. Wilaamstad had the first real opportunity: Hylda Dafyd played a wonderful cross into the path of Cnut Zumer - which was denied only by the trailing leg of Besart Schankelen after the keeper had misjudged the curve. But Treason were the better side at converting their possession into chances, and Csaen Ziumun’s goal was constantly under siege. Sjors Koken, Hilario Nadir and Zej Saari were all unlucky not to score. It was arguably a bit of luck which would give Treason the lead: the slippery surface made Esher Lynwuud’s tackle into the back of Judi Buren look exponentially worse than it worse - and even then it was a cheap penalty. Zej Saari was never going to miss from twelve yards - and he sent Ziumun the wrong way to give Treason the lead. Wilaamstad were unlucky not to grab an equaliser, Dafyd did all the hard-work but Ross Grandstaff’s shot cannoned off the inside of the post into Schankelen’s grateful arms. Hilario Nadir then doubled Treason’s lead with a powerful shot from just-inside in the box. Wilaamstad kept fighting, but the rain in their faces and a leading performance by Kameron Bondstad kept the hosts at bay.

Tiugz FC 0-2 CF Bondstad
De Huisgrond, Bondstad
Referee: Hektor Beurtis| Player of the Match: Maeri Beniut (CF Bondstad)
Lach Houten '19 Lach Houten '58


After a disappointing start to the season, Tiugz were hoping that their defensive tactics - usually the best way to best Bondstad - would pay fruit. But the rain pounding down at De Huisgrond set the mood for a gloomy day for Tiugz fans. Utterly outclassed by CF Bondstad, Tiugz at times looked like a team of rank-amateurs. If it were not for the rain taking the sting out of the Bondstad attack, it could have been even more embarrassing for Tiugz. Maeri Beniut particularly impressed for the Citizens, constantly working her way past the Tiugz defence and threatening the line at every opportunity. Indeed, she was responsible for both the Bondstad goals. The first came after just twenty minutes. She weaved past Randoel Raedmaeceu, Moerius Kindvandoenaulld and Crispin Galloway - previously considered the best defence in the league - before squaring to Lach Houten who drove it into the roof of the net. Bondstad’s next goal was perhaps more lucky - Beniut made a great run down the right hand side, crossing a low ball to Houten. The Tiugz defence crowded him, and looked like they would be able to snuff the chance out - but Galloway slipped in the mud. This gave Houten a slight opening - and he took it without hesitation. In truth, Fajtz Ajeuesh could have perhaps dealt with it better but it was a great finish by Houten. The slight concern for Bondstad was Tansi Kindvanjodi having to go off with an injury - but it hopefully didn’t look too serious. Regardless, the fans will go home happy after such a dominating performance.

Oostelund Cavalaars 1-3 Tocigtuon Taun
Groenpaak, Oostelund
Referee: Jodi Nagaal | Player of the Match: Wilaam Kindvanjohan (Tocigtuon Taun)
Fiona Norval '65 | Wilaam Kindvanjohan '10 Majori Aldar '52 Diemer Hajwuud '74


The rain also affected Oostelund hosting Tocigtuon - the game was initially delayed by fifteen minutes as the referee inspected the pitch and the number of Oostelund fans who had braved the journey to Groenpaak was below even their average turnout in the development leagues. Those that did show up saw their sides best performance to date, albeit on the wrong side of a three-one scoreline. Tocigtuon opened the scoring after just ten minutes: a Wilaam Kindvanjohan volley following a punch away by Greetje Peri. But Oostelund recovered well and settled into a game which was surprisingly even. What differentiated the sides was a bit of luck and more clinical finishing - Tocigtuon’s goals coming from Majori Aldar and Diemer Hajwuud. Both were cheap for Oostelund to give away - tap ins from within the box but last-ditch defending was admittedly more difficult given the surface conditions. Sandwiched between these two was Oostelund getting a goal of their own - an intelligent header from Fiona Norval after a searching free-kick from Oostelund’s own half. The rain dampened the ground, but both sides were able to go home in relatively good spirits.

Zilverstraat SC 2-1 Pingstrand FC
Zilverstraat, Bondstad
Referee: Ron Elmitt | Player of the Match: Wylfod Klein (Zilverstraat SC)
Wylfod Klein '5 Louise Reed '70| Nicau Noriuz '43


It hasn’t been the most successful start to their LegaSaari for Zilverstraat. Having conceded twelve goals in two games, the attacking minded Pingstrand FC must have been licking their lips. But when the final whistle went, it was their wounds that were being licked. To be fair to Pingstrand, they were the better side and attacking in the torrential rain isn’t easy. But Zilverstraat got an early goal and the side’s resolve hardened as a result. It was a soft goal for Pingstrand to concede - Hugo Sint Lo made a low shot which was parried away by Maeri Woetkyns into the path of Wylfod Klein who had the simple task of passing it into the net. Pingstrand equalised on the brink of half-time with a Nicau Noriuz shot from distance, but Zilverstraat refused to crumble as they had at the start of the season. Arran Ritchard and Wilaam Braanviul put in a great shift to keep the Pingstrand attack at bay whilst Sint Lo led from the midfield. A mistake by Caara Jeniguun gave Zilverstraat their chance to once again take the lead - her pass back to Woetkyns was poor and Klein seized on it. Woetkyns did a good job with an initial save with her feet, but Louise Reed hit the rebound to give Zilverstraat their first victory as a professional club.

Tucanviul Tijgers 2-1 De Commons
Stadion van de Oerwoud, Tucanviul
Referee: Luuc Vaan | Player of the Match: Diemer Haum (De Commons)
Tatiana Brandis '31 Nona Amelsvoort '54 | Jaxon Pieuz '88


De Commons faced their first real test of their title defence away at Stadion van de Oerwoud, and were stunned by a fantastic Tucanviul performance. Tucanviul lined up in a defensive 4-4-2 performance, and initially looked like they were lacking intensity. Usually, allowing De Commons space on the ball is a bad idea: their midfield is great at finding that killer pass and Wera Pauwelz always manages to find space. But for Tucanviul, it seemed to work: a low defensive line frustrated De Common’s usual tactical drive and De Volken Tiem was left to pass aimlessly in their opponent’s side of the pitch. Still, when Tucanviul took the lead at the half-hour mark it was against the run of play - indeed, it was their first shot on goal. Tiubi Jacobse found Tatiana Brandis who had been left acres of space by the De Commons defence. Oodel Duoztiun came rushing out, but the ball was slipped down his left stream and into the net. De Commons continued to dominate possession, without much to show for it: Wictor Buul and Jodi Lauri kept trying from distance but the magic they can sometimes produce never materialised. It was in this context that Tucanviul scored their second: Xandra Jenrik intercepted an overhit pass by Winona Tolbert and played a long ball foward - flicked on by Mejli Humel - found its way to Nona Amelsvoort. Amelsvoort cut inside and curled it into the left-hand corner. Even at two goals down, De Commons continued to dominate possession but were tactically outclassed. Ironically, when their goal did come - in the game’s closing moments - it wasn’t the attacking might of De Volken Tiem but the head of Jaxon Pieuz. The defender had come forward for a Buul freekick and rose above everyone else to power his header into the net. However: it was too little, too late.


De Commons 1-3 Wilaamstad Wrijgers
Volkenstadion, De Commons
Referee: Hektor Beurtis | Player of the Match: Ross Grandstaff (Wilaamstad Wrijgers)
Chaz Mueldeur '29 Chaz Mueldeur '40 Ross Grandstaff '61|Briutni Kindvanstefan '80


Things have gone from bad to worse for De Commons and their title defence. Losing away at Tucanviul was understandable, if undesirable; losing at home to Wilaamstad is bordering on catastrophe. The sad thing is, De Commons weren’t even that bad: Wilaamstad were just better. Adell Alba and Ross Grandstaff controlled the midfield much better than Winona Tolbert and Jodi Lauri. Cnut Zumer had more pace than Wictor Buul. Chaz Mueldeur was more clinical than Wera Pauwelz. Csaen Ziumun outperformed Oodel Duoztiun between the sticks. It might have been a bit like something from the ‘twilight zone’ - but when Wilaamstad built a deserved three goal lead - two first half strikes by Mueldeur and an effort from range by Ross Grandstaff, no-one could argue it wasn’t entirely down to Wilaamstad’s efforts. Briutni Kindvanstefan, on as a substitute, did get a consolation in the eightieth minute for De Volken Tiem; but the final result was the reigning champions being utterly out-classed by last season’s wooden spoons in front of their own fans.

CF Bondstad 0-2 Bondstad Treason
Stadionnational, Bondstad
Referee: Nelson Kindvanwilaam | Player of the Match: Kameron Bondstad (Bondstad Treason)
Bruux Ziebruux '33 Zej Saari '52


In recent years, the Bondstad derby has gone from a ritual slaughter by CF Bondstad to their smaller neighbours to one of the most highly anticipated in the league. And after the dramatics of last season’s playoff semi final - where Treason made the final for the first time with a 4-3 victory over the Citizens - this was perhaps the hottest anticipated derby yet. Both teams came in with fine form, but it was only Treason who carried it with them onto the pitch. Looking confident, they managed to get the ball in the back of the CF Bondstad net within six minutes. Although Sjors Koken’s effort was ruled out by VAR, it was a sign of things to come. By contrast, CF Bondstad looked nervy: and a few early mistakes by the likes of Luc Bisop and Cserize Apeldoorn did nothing to settle the side down. So, in the end, it was an easy victory for De Jonge Broers, scoring goals either side of half time. Bruux Ziebruux slotted a half-volley home after CF Bondstad made a hash of clearing a corner before Zej Saari powered an effort past Gerlinde Fabiuon. CF never looked in danger of responding.

Pingstrand FC 3-6 Tucanviul Tijgers
Arineu Aanhetstrand, Wilaamstad
Referee: Adriaan Tynkeur | Player of the Match: Tatiana Brandis (Tucanviul Tijgers)
Lie Bruux '9 Lie Bruux '29 Lie Bruux '40 | Tatiana Brandis '8 Tatiana Brandis '24 Luci Berenhaad '26 Tatiana Brandis '31 Tatiana Brandis '55 Tiubi Jacobse '60 Nona Amelsvoort '71


The reason everyone had time for Pingstrand when they were a bit crap was that they were an attacking team who made games look interesting. Fans will be glad that they haven’t abandoned that philosophy. And as for Tucanviul? Lach Houten, who? Tatiana Brandis continued her excellent start in the striped Tijgers shirt by scoring four of her team's goals - three of which came in a twenty-three minute spell in the first half. And she wasn’t the only hattrick hero - Lie Bruux scored all three of his side’s goals, all of which came in the first half. The score after forty-five minutes was 4-3 (Luci Berenhaad also found herself on the scoreboard for the Tijgers) and the game looked tight. The second half was completely in the domain of the visitors, however, with Tiubi Jacobse dominating play. After setting up Brandis’s fourth she went on a magnificent solo run ending in a goal. Finally, her cross found the head of Nona Amelsvoort to end a truly bonkers afternoon of football.

Tocigtuon Taun 3-0 Tiugz FC
Grajsstraat, Tocigtuon
Referee: Jodi Nagaal | Player of the Match: Ghini Bondstad (Tocigtuon Taun)
Majori Aldar '3 Ghini Bondstad '32 Wilaam Kindvanjohan '65


Tiugz’s season seems to be falling apart before it has really had a chance to begin. In the past, a team had to nail the tactical element and hope for a bit of luck to get such a result. And yet Tocigtuon weren’t even at their best to secure a blowout. The scoring was opened after just three minutes: Ghini Bondstad splaying a ball to Majori Aldar who was completely unmarked. Still, Fajtz Ajeuesh might have had a chance to close the shot down but timidly stuck on her line. Alder probably couldn’t believe her luck as she slotted it home. After the exciting beginning, the rest of the game was a rather quiet affair: Bondstad got a goal of her own after half an hour and Wilaam Kindvanjohan found the net midway through the second half. Neither goal was all the remarkable - but neither were either of the teams. Still, Tocigtuon got a bonus-point victory whilst Tiugz were left wondering where it all went wrong.

Oostelund Cavalaars 0-4 Zilverstraat SC
Groenpaak, Oostelund
Referee: Yasmyn Alteneur | Player of the Match: Hugo Sint Lo (Zilverstraat SC)
Lizbett Huel '24 Lizbett Huel '27 Wylfod Klein '46 Hugo Sint Lo '82


After three weeks of hell, Oostelund might have hoped that a home game against fellow promotees, Zilverstraat SC, might have been better. They were wrong. Zilverstraat - still basking in the glow of their victory over Pingstrand last week - utterly outclassed the home-side. In a game billed as a crucial decider for the relegation battle, Zilverstraat left no-one in any doubt as to who had the upper hand. Most of that was due to the dynamic duo of Hugo Sint Lo and Lizbett Huel. The midfielder and striker seemed to have an almost telepathic bond, cutting up the Oostelund defence easily. It was thus no surprise when Huel scored two - both assisted by Sint Lo - in quick succession. The first, after twenty four minutes, saw her receive the ball with her back to goal, turn quickly and fire into the back of the net. The second, just three minutes later, saw her control a long pass perfectly and use the time afforded to her by a lacklustre Oostelund defence to beat Greetje Peri in her near side. Wylfod Klein added a third for the away side just seconds after the sides emerged from the half-time break before Sint Lo rounded off the evening with a goal of his own to pour salt in the Oostelund wound.


Wilaamstad Wrijgers 2-3 CF Bondstad
Stadion Wrijgers, Wilaamstad
Referee: Hektor Beurtis | Player of the Match: Maeri Beniut (CF Bondstad)
Cnut Zumer '10 (pen) Hylda Dafyd '16 | Lach Houten '54 Makoto Honda '62 Lach Houten '73


For a second, it looked like Wilaamstad would do to Bondstad what they did to De Commons last week. They were two-nothing up after just sixteen minutes - thanks to a Cnut Zumer penalty and Hylda Dafyd volley - and were riding high. The Wrijgers managed to weather an almighty storm by Bondstad in the last fifteen minutes of the first half, and it wasn’t immediately obvious to pundits at half-time how CF Bondstad would be able to come away with any points. Up-stepped Maeri Beniut to answer the question. Frankly, everyone knows Beniut is a fantastic player - she won the player of the season award last year for a reason - but her second half performance was something else. Unstoppable is the only word. Wilaamstad players never even came close to dispossessing her: she assisted all three of the Bondstad goals: two by Lach Houten and one by Makoto Honda. Wilaamstad didn’t know what hit them.

De Commons 4-2 Pingstrand FC
Volkenstadion, De Commons
Referee: Yasmyn Alteneur | Player of the Match: Winona Tolbert (De Commons)
Wera Pauwelz '8 Sieger Coeman '22 Wictor Buul '38 (pen) Lizett Aucs '65| Daryn Asselman '61 Elma Kindvanantz '77


For a game with six goals, there was surprisingly little action. Indeed, those six goals represented three-quarters of the shots on target - which chalks it down to a pair of bad goalkeeping performances rather than a goal with much attacking flare. De Commons went into the break three goals ahead thanks to Wera Pauwelz, Sieger Coeman and a Wictor Buul penalty. And then they seemed to switch off, not really looking to expand on their lead. Pingstand got one back through Daryn Asselman before Lizett Aucs added a fourth for De Commons. Pingstrand would get another back from Elma Kindvanantz. However, The Waddlers attack was no match for the De Commons defence - who were happy to sit back and take a late Pingstrand attack, which never threatened to turn into anything interesting.

Bondstad Treason 3-0 Tocigtuon Taun
Stadionnational, Bondstad
Referee: Luuc Vaan | Player of the Match: Mohammad Islam (Bondstad Treason)
Sjors Koken '35 Sjors Koken '58 Judi Buren '62


Tocigtuon were on the receiving end of the result they handed out to Tiugz last week. And Bondstad thoroughly deserved their win. It’s becoming a bit of a cliché to write at this point, but Treason were bright, positive and played with the energy of a team unit. Tocigtuon’s midfield were able to snuffle out De Jonge Broers for the first twenty minutes or so, but the trio of Izajeu Nej, Mohammad Islam and Zej Saari were soon able to adapt. And this is where Treason built their attacks from. Islam was as prolific as usual: firing killer balls left, right and centre, allowing Sjors Koken to do what he does best: pick them up and score. The first was in the thirty-fifth minute, and the second just under an hour. Judi Buren was the other name on the scoresheet, sliding a loose ball in just minutes after Koken’s second. With De Commons slipping and the side’s convincing victory over CF Bondstad, some are starting to quietly speculate as to whether this could be Treason’s season. And if performances like this continue, that speculation is only going to grow.

Tucanviul Tijgers 2-2 Oostelund Cavalaars
Stadion van de Oerwoud, Tucanviul
Referee: Egbert Haaglander | Player of the Match: Mejli Humel (Tucanviul Tijgers)
Mejli Humel '28 Tatiana Brandis '43| Loerel Haadwaj '88 (pen) Loerel Haadwaj '90+2


It has taken five weeks, but Oostelund have finally secured their first points in the LegaSaari. That said, even their most zealous supporters aren’t entirely sure how it happened. The first eight-eight minutes of the game went exactly how everyone expected: Tucanviul dominated, got two goals (through Mejli Humel and Tatiana Brandis) and could have got more. Oostlelund had failed to net a single shot on target. And then, in a frankly half-arsed attack, Fleur Rietdekker’s cross hit Opreur Tzburn’s arm. Penalty; duly converted by Loerel Haadwaj. This quickened the pace of the Oostelund attack up and then Paul Leonhardsen was dragged down. Another penalty. Another conversion. Two-two. Should it have been? Well, to answer the question factually: no. Tucanviul were the better side throughout and seemed to resist digging the knife in only out of politeness (or, resting legs ahead of the Tiugz game next week). And, if VAR had been consulted it would have found that Leonhardsen was a toe off-side when he was brought down. Still, judging by the pandemonium in the away stand on final whistle, I don’t think the visiting Oostelund fans minded.

Tiugz FC 1-2 Zilverstraat SC
De Huisgrond, Bondstad
Referee: Nelson Kindvanwilaam | Player of the Match: Hugo Sint Lo (Zilverstraat SC)
Erna Ootiz '33 | Hugo Sint Lo '31 Maci Kammen '42


Another week, another win for Zilverstraat. Much doom was written before the season - and enforced by their opening day massacre by the hands of De Commons -, but the team seem to be settling into the league. The Hugo Sint Lo - Lizbett Huel bond was again the bringer of good fortunes and provided the team’s first goal. In a reverse of roles, it was Huel who assisted Sint Lo - exchanging a one-two which allowed the midfielder space to plant his shot into the roof of the Tiugz goal. Tiugz fought back almost immediately: Erna Ootiz caught Nephran keeper, Arran Ritchard, off his line with a shot not far from the half-way line. It was an aberration in an otherwise commanding Zilverstraat performance, however. A Maci Kammen header put the visitors back in front nine minutes later and that sealed the result. Tiugz have never looked comfortable attacking, and they weren’t about to learn: they looked content to stop Zilverstraat increasing their lead and not much else. The small solace for Tiugz fans was that the bonus point was enough to keep them off of the bottom.



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by The Sarian

285-286 LegaSaari Season

Season Results: Part Two


Pingstrand FC 4-7 Wilaamstad Wrijgers
Arineu Aanhetstrand, Wilaamstad
Referee: Yasmyn Alteneur | Player of the Match: Cnut Zumer (Wilaamstad Wrijgers)
Sigrun Barota '41 Ceut Dyzni '45+2 Nicau Noriuz '62 Sigrun Barota '76 | Cnut Zumer '32 Chaz Mueldeur '39 Cnut Zumer '47 Ross Grandstaff '50 Jodie Dempen '54 Cnut Zumer '67 (pen) Hylda Dafyd '85


What is defence? If you’re looking for the answer to that question, you might want to avoid watching repeats of Wilaamstad’s visit to De Arineu Aanhetstrand. Though, to be fair, there wasn’t a goal for the first thirty minutes - which only makes the later craziness even more bonkers. In the fifteen minutes before halftime - four goals were scored: two apiece. Cnut Zumer and Chaz Mueldeur got the first two, both for the Wrijgers before Sigrun Barota and Ceut Dyzni levelled the scores. Pingstrand had momentum, and if it were not for the half-time whistle going, might’ve converted this into a commanding lead. As it was, Wilaamstad limped into the break and then came out fighting - scoring three goals in less than ten minutes to make the score five two. Zumer got his second, Ross Grandstaff his first and Jodie Dempen her first ever. Pingstrand got one back through Nicau Noriuz before Zumer completed his hat trick from the spot. Sigrun Barota got her second for Pingstrand to make it six-four, before Hylda Dafyd got the pick of the goals with a scissor kick at the edge of the box. Not a good day for defenders, but neutrals didn’t mind!

Tocigtuon Taun 2-2 CF Bondstad
Grajsstraat, Tocigtuon
Referee: Luuc Vaan | Player of the Match: Ghini Bondstad (Tocigtuon Taun)
Ghini Bondstad '34 Ghini Bondstad '67| Piteur Jong '41 Lach Houten '73


Much has been made of the disappointing start to the season which De Commons have had, but CF Bondstad’s draw away at Tocigtuon (combined with De Volken Tiem’s victory over Oostelund later in the day) actually puts the Citizen’s behind De Commons in a disappointing fourth. It’s hard to put a finger on what isn’t going right for CF Bondstad: their top players are in good form and the tactics seem to be working; yet the results just aren’t there. Bondstad Treason fans like to say it’s a lack of fire, but they do so with a little wink to suggest it’s little more than the musings of mischievous rivals. Alas, the game wasn’t really worth watching: Tocigtuon twice took the lead through Ghini Bondstad, only to be pegged back within ten minutes both times. Other than that, Bondstad weren’t especially dynamic on the attack and Tocigtuon struggled to break the high attacking line of the visitors. A disappointing game for everyone involved.

Oostelund Cavalaars 0-5 De Commons
Groenpaak, Oostelund
Referee: Jodi Nagaal | Player of the Match: Trent Kindvanbruux (De Commons)
Briutni Kindvanstefan '22 Sieger Coeman '39 Bloem Auteberi '44 Jaxon Pieuz '69 Alexaandeur Teunizen '87


The ecstasy of the first LegaSaari points didn’t last long for Oostelund as De Commons cruelly brought them back to earth. What made it even more insulting was that De Commons weren’t even playing their first eleven. Promising young prospect Trent Kindvanbruux was the pick of the De Commons’ side, getting two assists from full back - including an inch-perfect cross to Briutni Kindvanstefan which opened the scoring. Kindvanstefan was also involved in the second goal, setting up Sieger Coeman before Bloem Auteberi added a third. The second half was more of the same - captain Jaxon Pieuz headed home his side’s fourth before seventeen year old Alexaandeur Teunizen completed the rout.

Zilverstraat SC 1-2 Bondstad Treason
Zilverstraat, Bondstad
Referee: Hektor Beurtis | Player of the Match: Mohammad Islam (Bondstad Treason)
Katrien Faanham '72 | Hilario Nadir '37 Sjors Koken '50


Zilverstraat and Treason have both been in exciting form for the last few weeks, so this was billed as a must-view match. And it didn’t disappoint: Hugo Sint Lo and Mohammad Islam, arguably the best two midfielders in the league right now both formed the spines of their teams; and the mini-battle between them was fabulous to see. It was Islam who drew first blood, finding Hilario Nadir was a pass which hooked over the Zilverstraat defence. Treason would double their lead after half-time, Nadir squaring the ball to Sjors Koken to slot into an empty net. But Zilverstraat refused to give up the fight, weathering a Treason storm to get one back on the counter-attack. Naturally, it was Sint Lo who formed the back-bone of this counter attack, but it was Katrien Faanham who found herself on the scoresheet. Zilverstraat never looked in danger of equalising, however, with Treason the most likely to score again. In the end, they didn’t manage - but it was a good victory which increased their lead at the top of the table.

Tiugz FC 0-4 Tucanviul Tijgers
De Huisgrond, Bondstad
Referee: Egbert Haaglander | Player of the Match: Tiubi Jacobse (Tucanviul Tijgers)
Tiubi Jacobse '41 Tatiana Brandis '49 Criuzi Siwaad '67 Tiubi Jacobse '84


Tiugz never used to lose like this - even before they started becoming a recurring fixture in the Playoffs, their losses were normally tight - the result of a team who built their core on defence. And those players are still there; so the collapse is almost incomprehensible. This is to take nothing away from Tucanviul - they used the memory of last week’s draw to Oostelund to motivate an excellent performance. Tiubi Jacobse particularly impressed - scoring two and assisting another whilst Urzula Klaasen staked a claim for a more regular place with a good performance off the bench.


Wilaamstad Wrijgers 4-2 Tocigtuon Taun
Stadion Wrijgers, Wilaamstad
Referee: Ron Elmitt | Player of the Match: Hylda Dafyd (Wilaamstad Wrijgers)
Chaz Mueldeur '27 Hylda Dafyd '35 Hylda Dafyd '37 Cnut Zumer '90+1| Crystinn Jager '59 Aliuz Kapitein '66


Wilaamstad continued their transformation into playoff contenders with a commanding victory over Tocigtuon. It was actually Tocigtuon who started off strongest - putting in a number of good shots to Csaen Ziumun, which came to nothing. So when Wilaamstad took the lead just under the half-hour mark, it was against the run of play. Adell Alba had picked the ball up deep into her own half, and moved forward unchallenged for far too long. Splaying it wide to Cnut Zumer, the winger had time to cut inside before finding an unmarked Chaz Mueldeur who converted. It was a litany of defensive errors for Tocigtuon, which quickly changed the balance of the match. Wilaamstad had a second and a third in quick succession - both from the left foot of Hylda Dafyd. Tocigtuon didn’t go down without a fight - a Crystinn Jager header and a Aliuz Kapitein freekick provided some hope of a comeback, but an incisive breakaway by Cnut Zumer sealed the deal for the Warriors at the death.

Pingstrand FC 3-4 Oostelund Cavalaars
Arineu Aanhetstrand, Wilaamstad
Referee: Adriaan Tynkeur | Player of the Match: Fleur Rietdekker (Oostelund Cavalaars)
Lie Bruux '42 Daryn Asselman '53 Sigrun Barota '79 | Fleur Rietdekker '5 Fleur Rietdekker '17 Paul Leonhardsen '28 Sigrun Barota '84


We really need something to say about Pingstrand other than they play fun games with lots of goals. The problem is: what else is there to say? Another week, another fun game with lots of goals. Sorry - it’s true. I suppose we could highlight that it is Oostelund’s first ever LegaSaari win! And boy did they make it harder than they needed to. The Cavalaars were three goals up within twenty-eight minutes - in total and utter dream land. Fleur Rietdekker got two, both very similar efforts from thirty yards or so and Paul Leonhardsen got the other with a tap in after Maeri Woetkyns struggled to control the ball. And then Oostelund did their darndest to screw it up - Caul Hupeu made one of the stupidest tackles in LegaSaari history - practically wrestle slamming Lie Bruux to the group to get himself sent off and grant Pingstrand an easy penalty, which Bruux converted before a mix up in communication between Bonita Braziggtuon and Greetje Peri gifted Daryn Asselman a goal. Pingstrand got a third, which they actually had to work for, through Sigrun Barota. So it looked like Oostelund would have to wait for their win - until a long goal kick bounced over the heads of all the Pingstrand defenders to pick Fiona Norval out. Oostelund fan’s hearts were in their mouths when he initial effort was parried by the foot of Woetkyns, but Norval hit the follow-up into the back of the net to secure a famous victory.

CF Bondstad 2-2 Zilverstraat SC
Stadionnational, Bondstad
Referee: Jodi Nagaal | Player of the Match: Hiro Sarutobi-Zeegelaar (CF Bondstad)
Makoto Honda '45+3 Stela Killam '65 | Wylfod Klein '77 Louise Reed '84


If you didn’t know - on account of one of the teams literally being named after a street (and not even an important one, it’s literally a semi-suburban cul-de-sac) - this was technically a derby game; and CF Bondstad fans approached it in the exact same way they used to approach games against Bondstad Treason a few years ago: an excuse to get a few drinks in and laugh at neighbours who supported the wrong team. With that in mind, it’s quite funny to think of their expressions when CF Bondstad dropped a two goal lead in the final fifteen minutes. It was a close game - CF Bondstad took their chances better for most of it, giving them that two goal advantage. Makoto Honda, quickly becoming a fan favourite, and Stela Killam being the goal scorers. But Zilverstraat kept working, and it paid fruit. Wylfod Klein got the first goal back before a wonderful half-volley from Brenecian Louise Reed sealed the draw.

De Commons 1-0 Tiugz FC
Volkenstadion, De Commons
Referee: Luuc Vaan | Player of the Match: Randoel Raedmaeceu (Tiugz FC)
Jodi Lauri '41


This was more like a classic Tiugz game - digging in and giving little ground; forcing a team to do all the work if they wanted to come away with anything. As it is, De Commons are a good team and managed to do so - but it was much tougher than they might have expected given Tiugz’s recent drubbings. Jodi Lauri got a rare goal to secure the victory for his side - and it was a beauty. Janna Gerrard had fired a cross in, but Wera Pauwelz was beaten on the header by Moerius Kindvandoenaulld. Lauri latched onto the ball, firing a volley from the side of his boot which spun into the bottom corner. It would be the game’s only goal: but it was a bloody good one.

Bondstad Treason 3-3 Tucanviul Tijgers
Stadionnational, Bondstad
Referee: Egbert Haaglander | Player of the Match: Sjors Koken (Bondstad Treason)
Hilario Nadir '16 Sjors Koken '36 Maarli Asweurth '79 | Tatiana Brandis '52 Tatiana Brandis '64 Ceutiz Maazden '71


Someone seriously needs to teach LegaSaari defenders how to do their job. That said, it makes for entertaining telly. Treason started off the best team and went into the break two goals up thanks to Hilario Nadir and Sjors Koken. Tucanviul came out of halftime a changed team; for the first time this season, Treason looked like they were in trouble. For a while, Tucanviul struggled to convert past Besart Schankelen but then the floodgates opened: Tatiana Brandis scored twice in twelve minutes, before Ceutiz Maazden added a third. Treason got lucky with a goal completely against the run of play - via Maarli Asweurth - to end the game tied. The result left Treason first place, and elevated Tucanviul - who many predicted to struggle this season - into second.


Oostelund Cavalaars 2-5 Wilaamstad Wrijgers
Groenpaak, Oostelund
Referee: Nelson Kindvanwilaam | Player of the Match: Cnut Zumer (Wilaamstad Wrijgers)
Chaz Mueldeur '5 Ross Grandstaff '9 Cnut Zumer '19 Ross Grandstaff '30 (pen) Cnut Zumer '42 | Fiona Norval '75 Loerel Haadwaj '90+1


Wilaamstad continued their surprisingly good form, defeating Oostelund by five goals to two. Although the better side throughout the whole match, all five of Wilaamstad’s goals came in a dominant first half. Cnut Zumer continued to be the star player for the Wrijgers - and found a way to be involved in all five goals. For the first, he played Hylda Dafyd through - who passed the ball to Chaz Mueldeur to convert. For the second, he held up play and tapped a cheeky back-pass to Ross Grandstaff who scored from range. Then he got a goal of his own, an easy tap-in from the six yard box. He was brought down by Wiktor Ster to win his side a penalty, which Grandstaaf converted for Wilaamstad’s fourth before Zumer got his second with a freekick from the edge of the box. Wilaamstad - and Zumer - were still magnificent in the second half, but Oostelund did manage to find two goals. The first saw Fiona Norval capitalise on Esher Lynwuud misjudging a clearance, whilst Loerel Haadwaj added another at the death. Despite the Oostelund goals, Wilaamstad were clearly the better team and deserved winners.

Zilverstraat SC 1-0 Tocigtuon Taun
Zilverstraat, Bondstad
Referee: Jodi Nagaal | Player of the Match: Wilaam Braanviul (Zilverstraat SC)
Mikal Handschoenen '55


Tocigtuon slipped further down the table after defeat by a Zilverstraat team who have confounded all pre-season expectations. In truth, it was a low-key affair - Tocigtuon were successful in breaking up Zilverstraat’s preferred style of play: giving the midfield little time on the ball and pressing quickly when Zilverstraat went on the attack. But they were less successful in building their own attacks: Ghini Bondstad was often left stranded and the midfield seemed unable to form a convincing attacking unit in the same manner that they formed a disciplined defensive one. In the end, it would be a Mikal Handschoenen who broke the deadlock - latching onto Kori Cauwden’s freekick with a diving header on the hour mark. Tocigtuon made a few meek attempts to draw level, but Arran Ritchard never looked too under pressure and the hosts came away with the victory.

Tiugz FC 2-1 Pingstrand FC
De Huisgrond, Bondstad
Referee: Yasmyn Alteneur | Player of the Match: Randoel Raedmaeceu (Tiugz FC)
Crispin Galloway '39 Maria Petridis '73 | Daryn Asselman '80


Pingstrand dropped to the familiar position of last after Tiugz’s victory - the side’s first in the season - allowed them to leapfrog the visitors in the table. It marks a turnaround in form for Tiugz, who had hoped to once again qualify for playoffs and international competition but instead find themselves in a scrap at the bottom of the table. It did feel a lot like the old Tiugz - Pingstrand kept up a constant attack throughout, but failed to ever penetrate. Randoel Raedmaeceu particularly impressed in this regard. Both Tiugz goals came from corners - the first, an inswinger from the right, was converted by the head of Crispin Galloway whilst Maria Petridis vollied home from the left side of the box after Kajli Kindvanjens’s corner went over everyone’s head. Pingstrand did manage to grab a goal through Daryn Asselman but it proved no more than a consolation in a disappointing game for the Seasiders.

Tucanviul Tijgers 0-2 CF Bondstad
Stadion van de Oerwoud, Tucanviul
Referee: Adriaan Tynkeur | Player of the Match: Makoto Honda (CF Bondstad)
Lach Houten 45+3 Piteur Jong '73


The race for playoff positions got exciting as CF Bondstad defeated Tucanviul away. The result leaves CF Bondstad - who have had a disappointing start to the season - just one point off of the Playoffs and just three points separate first and fifth. Tucanviul were off their usual best and struggled to make any meaningful chances for much of a rather dull first half. CF went into the break with a lead based on a stoppage time Lach Houten goal. This seemed to inspire confidence, and their second-half display was notably more high-tempo. Makoto Honda had his best game in a CF Bondstad shirt yet, dictating pace and combining nicely with Maeri Beniut and Tansi Kindvanjodi. This would be the formula which got Bondstad their second goal - Honda found Beniut on the right, who took it past three defenders before squaring to Piteur Jong to convert. With the new found tightness at the top of the Lega, it’s a result which could prove crucial.

De Commons 3 -1 Bondstad Treason
Volkenstadion, De Commons
Referee: Egbert Haaglander | Player of the Match: Lizett Aucs (De Commons)
Wera Pauwelz '19 Wera Pauwelz '32 Wictor Buul '62 | Hilario Nadir '47


De Commons reminded a visiting Treason side that they are just pretenders to the throne with a dominant performance at De Volkenstadion. It was actually Treason who started off the most positive, but were unable to convert it into anything which troubled Oodel Duoztiun in the De Commons net. De Commons then settled into their usual hegemonic position and, thanks to two goals from Wera Pauwelz, went into the break ahead. Treason got one back early in the second half after a magnificent solo run by Sjors Koken set-up Hilario Nadir, and it looked like we had a game. Indeed, the next fifteen minutes was exciting, end-to-end football between two fantastic teams. But when Wictor Buul curled in a beautiful shot from range, it was curtains for Treason. It was a performance worthy of a team who had been champions thrice-in-a-row, and will buoy De Volken Tiem onto the crunch match away at CF Bondstad next week.


Wilaamstad Wrijgers 3-1 Zilverstraat SC
Stadion Wrijgers, Wilaamstad
Referee: Egbert Haaglander | Player of the Match: Hugo Sint Lo (Zilverstraat SC)
Adell Alba '59 Chaz Mueldeur '61 Padrig Singh '74 | Wylfod Klein '55


Wilaamstad and Zilverstraat are two teams who are exceeding their pre-season expectations, and the rain couldn’t stop a cracking match. Normally, a game going into half-time tied would suggest a nervy start where neither team has quite hit fifth gear. Instead, we saw a great half of end-to-end football inspired by the likes of Cnut Zumer, Hugo Sint Lo and Ross Grandstaff - all players playing some of the best football in the Lega thusfar. Zilverstraat were the first to score after the break, Louise Reed chipping the ball beautifully to Wylfod Klein - who turned and scored before Wrijgers keeper, Csaen Ziumun, had a chance to react. But Wilaamstad were level within four minutes and ahead within six. Adell Alba scored the first, a powerful effort after a poor clearance before Chaz Mueldeur got the better of Arran Ritchard in a one-on-one. It would continue to be a tight game, but Wilaamstad took their chances better and were rewarded with a third. A rare stray pass by Sint Lo allowed Padrig Singh to pounce, covering almost the full length of the field enroute to a fabulous solo effort. The win means that Wilaamstad finish the first half of the season in third place - which would see the side’s first playoff appearance since adopting the Wrijgers name.

Oostelund Cavalaars 2-0 Tiugz FC
Groenpaak, Oostelund
Referee: Hektor Beurtis | Player of the Match: Fleur Rietdekker (Oostelund Cavalaars)
Paul Leonhardsen '32 Fiona Norval '66


A battle at the bottom end of the table saw Oostelund comfortable in a two-nil victory over Tiugz. After a noble loss to De Commons and victory over Pingstrand, Tiugz fans had hoped they were on the start of a rejuvenation. Instead, the team looked as flat and insipid as ever; struggling to muster a single shot on target all game. Oostelund weren’t even particularly good - wasteful in possession and lacking a killer instinct. Still, they came away with a two goal victory margin thanks to a goal apiece by Nephran duo Fiona Norval and Paul Leonhardsen. Attacking midfielder, Fleur Rietdekker was the pick of the Oostelund players - assisting both goals and being a general menace to the Tiugz defence throughout. With the Lega now at the halfway stage, both teams are in trouble: Tiugz sit in the relegation playoff spot with Oostelund just two points ahead.

Tocigtuon Taun 3-3 Tucanviul Tijgers
Grajsstraat, Tocigtuon
Referee: Ron Elmitt | Player of the Match: Tatiana Brandis (Tucanviul Tijgers)
Majori Aldar '7 Ghini Bondstad '68 Aydan Klei '82 | Tatiana Brandis '23 Tiubi Jacobse '54 Tatiana Brandis '59


Tucanviul fans will be getting flashbacks to last season when they look at the table. Their away draw with Tocigtuon means that the side is now in fifth place - equal in total points, match points and bonus points with De Commons but behind on goal difference. The side only has itself to blame - throwing away a two goal lead for the second time in four matches. Tocigtuon got the first goal just seven minutes in - Tsaalie Pajn feeding Majori Aldar in to tap past Cseralen Zwarte. But Tucanviul dominated the next hour of play - Tatiana Brandis scored either side of a fabulous Tiubi Jacobse goal to give the Tijgers a 3-1 lead. A stray kick from Cseralen Zwarte allowed Ghini Bondstad to score before Aydan Klei headed a corner into his own net to seal the comeback for Tocigtuon.

Pingstrand FC 1-6 Bondstad Treason
Arineu Aanhetstrand, Wilaamstad
Referee: Luuc Vaan | Player of the Match: Mohammad Islam (Bondstad Treason)
Daryn Asselman '30 | Hilario Nadir '8 Mohammad Islam '23 (pen) Sjors Koken '24 Mohammad Islam '62 (pen) Hilario Nadir '71 Sjors Koken '78


Pingstrand fans had hoped this was the season where things started to go a little better. Instead, they find themselves in a familiar bottom and at the wrong end of a 6-1 scoreline. To be fair, Treason looked unbeatable - perhaps spurred on by last week’s loss to De Commons. Within ten minutes, the side were ahead - a beautiful effort from Hilario Nadir which saw him muscle past Krysten Roeburts before sliding it into the net. Bondstad were playing with energy, and Maeri Woetkyns’ performance was better than the six-goal deficit might suggest - keeping out a number of shots. Mohammad Islam added to the Treason tally from the penatly spot after twenty-three minutes before Sjors Koken added another moments later. Pingstrand got a goal back against the run of play thanks to Daryn Asselman and then briefly looked to be putting Treason on the back-foot. However, a second penalty - which saw Anghi Matheus sent off - from Islam made the score 4-1 and reinvigorated Treason. Nadir and Koken got a second goal each to put Treason back atop the league in style.

CF Bondstad 3-0 De Commons
Stadionnational, Bondstad
Referee: Nelson Kindvanwilaam | Player of the Match: Luc Bisop (CF Bondstad)
Lach Houten '27 Stela Killam '37 Piteur Jong '89


No-one quite expected this result. The consensus was that it was going to be a tight game, with De Commons coming into the fixture with a better record. Instead, CF Bondstad came out with their best performance in many years to smash their rivals. Bondstad made their intentions clear early on - testing Oodel Duoztiun with an attack straight from kick-off. This pressure would eventually pay off - a searching long-ball forward by Makoto Honda was misjudged by Zej Zamuuol, setting Lach Houten free to open the scoring. Houten would then go on to assist Stela Killam to double Bondstad’s lead. De Commons did start to create a tonne of chances, but Bondstad’s back three put in a fantastic performance to keep them at bay. De Common’s day went from bad to worse Edwina Strijd saw red in the closing minutes for a second yellow for persistent fouling; allowing Piteur Jong to score the resulting free-kick. The result makes the Playoff fight even closer - two teams (CF Bondstad and Wilaamstad Wrijgers) are tied on twenty nine points in 2nd and 3rd with another two (De Commons and Tucanviul Tijgers) tied on twenty-seven.



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285-286 LegaSaari Season

Season Results: Part Three


Tiugz FC 0-2 Wilaamstad Wrijgers
De Huisgrond, Bondstad
Referee: Egbert Haaglander | Player of the Match: Chaz Mueldeur (Wilaamstad Wrijgers)
Hylda Dafyd '41 Chaz Mueldeur '77


If Tiugz fans were hoping that their team would use the break to regroup and put their disastrous first half of the season behind them, they were sadly mistaken. However, it is Wilaamstad fans who will come from the game the angrier fans - two players, Cnut Zumer and Adell Alba left the pitch via stretcher. Both look set to miss a significant part of the rest of the season. Zumer was off after just twelve minutes - going down to a late challenge by Moerius Kindvandoenaulld. Alba was stretchered off toward the end, after putting in a scorcher of a performance with seemingly every ball finding a gap in the Tiugz defence. It’s the kind of football that Hylda Dafyd and Chaz Mueldeur love to play, and both managed to get goals - one either side of halftime. It was a victory for Wilaamstad - but at what cost?

Tucanviul Tijgers 4-4 Zilverstraat SC
Stadion van de Oerwoud, Tucanviul
Referee: Nelson Kindvanwilaam | Player of the Match: Katrien Faanham (Zilverstraat SC)
Tiubi Jacobse '20 Criuzi Siwaad '40 Mejli Humel '56 (pen) Urzula Klaasen '86 | Kori Cauwden '19 Katrien Faanham '45+1 Hugo Sint Lo '59 Katrien Faanham '72


The LegaSaari wouldn’t be back if there wasn’t a ridiculous game with far too many goals in. Tucanviul and Zilverstraat were happy to fill that vacancy. In a ping-pong game, every time a team went ahead they were pegged back within fifteen minutes. Zilverstraat opened the scoring with a beautiful Kori Cauwden shot from distance, only for the Tijgers to score with their first attack from kick-off: Nona Amelsvoort finding Tiubi Jacobse on the overlap to chip it above the head of Arran Ritchard. Tucanviul then took the lead in the fortieth minute with a Criuzi Siwaad header, but Katrien Faanham equalised in the stoppage time at the end of the half. A Mejli Humel penalty put Tucanviul back ahead, after Maci Kammen was judged to have handled the ball but Zilverstraat hitback through Hugo Sint Lo. Faanham got her second goal to put Zilverstraat 4-3 ahead and they held onto that lead for fourteen minutes - the longest spell a team had been ahead in the game. However, substitute Urzula Klaasen netted in the eighty-sixth minute to secure a draw which neither side will complain as being unfair.

Bondstad Treason 6-2 Oostelund Cavalaars
Stadionnational, Bondstad
Referee: Luuc Vaan | Player of the Match: Mohammad Islam (Bondstad Treason)
Hilario Nadir '4 Mohammad Islam '9 Hilario Nadir '18 Sjors Koken '51 Judi Buren '56 Bruux Ziebruux '85 | Fiona Norval '35 Lauren Scowcrof '78


Eight goals were also scored at De Stadionnational - though it was a less closely fought affair. Treason were three goal ahead within twenty minutes, thanks to two goals from Hilario Nadir and a Mohammad Islam scorcher. Oostelund did get one back - against the run of play - after a fantastic counter attack led by Bonita Braziggtuon and Loerel Haadwaj was converted by Fiona Norval. Sjors Koken added a fourth before setting up Judi Buren for a fifth. Oostelund got another back through Lauren Scowcrof, but a Bruux Ziebruux header completed the game for Treason - giving vital momentum into the second half of the season.

De Commons 1-2 Tocigtuon Taun
Volkenstadion, De Commons
Referee: Adriaan Tynkeur | Player of the Match: Ghini Bondstad (Tocigtuon Taun)
Lizett Aucs '70 | Ghini Bondstad '23 Majori Aldar '58


The nervous jitters around De Commons are getting louder thanks to a home loss to Tocigtuon. With it so tight at the top of the league, there are even some suggestions that the side could miss the Playoffs all together if they don’t recover their mojo. That might be unfair - Tocigtuon played a good game and were deserved winners. Before the season, much was said about Ghini Bondstad and Majori Aldar’s potential to be a fantastic front-partnership. And whilst there have been hints of it, this was the game that this finally came to fruition. Troubling the De Commons defence, they got a goal each to put Tocigtuon two-nil up in the first hour. De Commons looked better in the final thirty minutes, but it was a lot to overcome. Lizett Aucs did manage to clip a ball into the net to give some hope, but Tocigtuon dug in and Lex Horn put in a great performance to give the Razzmataz a great victory.

CF Bondstad 2-0 Pingstrand FC
Stadionnational, Bondstad
Referee: Yasmyn Alteneur | Player of the Match: Hiro Sarutobi-Zeegelaar (CF Bondstad)
Maeri Beniut '33 Cain Woods '69


CF Bondstad put in a complete performance to defeat Pingstrand, stopping the Seasiders from scoring - a rare occurrence against the attacking minded side. The standout performer for CF Bondstad was Hiro Sarutobi-Zeegelaar - the defender-cum-midfielder from Kita-Hinode - who bossed the defence whilst also being an integral part of the attack. After half an hour of absorbing Pingstrand attacks, Bondstad took the lead with a fantastic counter-attack. Sarutobi-Zeegelaar led the movement - intercepting the ball then taking it forward, exchanging passes with fellow countryman Makoto Honda before finding Maeri Beniut who converted. Pingstrand would keep up the attack, but Bondstad were more than a match for it - and were more than happy to control the possession through their midfield trio. Bondstad got slightly lucky with their second goal - an awry pass between Maeri Woetkyns and Rita Daele was latched onto by Brenecian striker, Cain Woods - to seal a good win at De Stadionnational.


Wilaamstad Wrijgers 2-4 Tucanviul Tijgers
Stadion Wrijgers, Wilaamstad
Referee: Ron Elmitt | Player of the Match: Mejli Humel (Tucanviul Tijgers)
Hylda Dafyd '29 Ross Grandstaff '35 | Theuobauld Wylki '46 (o.g) Luci Berenhaad '50 Tatiana Brandis '71 Nona Amelsvoort '90+1


Wilaamstad and Tucanviul probably weren’t expecting to be duking it out at the top of the table at the start of the season, but the quality of performance which both sides put in showed just why they were there. Wilaamstad were without Cnut Zumer and Adell Alba, but still looked good as they raced to a two-nil lead in the first half; courtesy of Hylda Dafyd and Ross Grandstaff. The Tijgers might have felt hard done - the game was well-balanced, and they had a fair share of chances that just weren’t connecting. And then the luck reversed - the second half was still well-balanced but Tucanviul ran riot. It started with a Theuobauld Wylki own goal, followed swiftly by a Luci Berenhaad free-kick to equalise. For much of the next twenty minutes, it looked like Wilaamstad would get the next goal - but Cseralen Zwarte put in a good innings to keep the scores tied before Tatiana Brandis capitalised on a disorganised defensive line to score from a counter attack. Nona Amelsvoort added salt to the Wilaamstad wound with a late goal to make the top of the table even tighter.

Tiugz FC 0-2 Bondstad Treason
De Huisgrond, Bondstad
Referee: Yasmyn Alteneur | Player of the Match: Bruux Ziebruux (Bondstad Treason)
Walt Beunaad '18 Sjors Koken '25


Another disappointing loss saw Tiugz move down to ninth in the table - a humiliating result for a team which hoped to make the playoffs for the third consecutive season. There were almost no redeeming features for the Tiugz performance - the defence was sleeping, midfield sloppy in possession and the attack didn’t manage a single shot on target. Treason weren’t particularly interesting to watch - getting two early goals before being content to control possession in a way which exerted the least amount of effort. If it weren’t for the forty-five yard scorcher by Walt Beunaad, there would have been nothing really to celebrate about the game, but Treason will be happy to continue their reign at the top of the league; and for asking little of their player’s legs to do so.

Zilverstraat SC 1-1 De Commons
Zilverstraat, Bondstad
Referee: Luuc Vaan | Player of the Match: Mikal Handschoenen (Zilverstraat SC)
Mikal Handschoenen '43 | Jodi Lauri '80 (pen)


De Commons dropped more points in a difficult away game at Zilverstraat. Despite being the better team throughout, Zilverstraat played a good, defensive game to keep De Volken Tiem at bay. Zilverstraat actually opened the scoring with a Mikal Handschoenen header from a corner at the nick of half-time - a deserved goal for the player behind the magnificent Zilverstraat defensive display. As chance after chance was successfully kept at bay, it was beginning to look like it wasn’t De Common’s day. Then they got a bit of luck after Janna Gerrard was brought down in the box - it took a bit of time for VAR to confirm it, but once the penalty was given Jodi Lauri’s was never going to miss. The draw leaves De Commons three points adrift of the playoffs.

Oostelund Cavalaars 0-2 CF Bondstad
Groenpaak, Oostelund
Referee: Egbert Haaglander | Player of the Match: Luc Bisop (CF Bondstad)
Franc Tucanviul '39 Cain Woods '62


CF Bondstad came into the match on a high after their midweek win in the FFI Taca das Confederacoes Semi Final, and a rotated side used that momentum to secure an easy victory over Oostelund. Franc Tucanviul opened the scoring with his first CF Bondstad goal in two years - a stabbed effort from inside the box which Greetje Peri didn’t react to until it was too late whilst Cain Woods scored (via a massive deflection) on the other side of half-time to seal the victory. It was nothing flashy, but a good victory for a CF Bondstad side which are looking increasingly impressive in the second half of the season.

Tocigtuon Taun 4-1 Pingstrand FC
Grajsstraat, Tocigtuon
Referee: Hektor Beurtis | Player of the Match: Majori Aldar (Tocigtuon Taun)
Ghini Bondstad '8 Majori Aldar '21 Ghini Bondstad '28 Dora Tolar '42 | Lie Bruux '48


Following their performance at De Commons was never going to be easy for Tocigtuon Taun, but a commanding first half performance granted them an easy victory at Grajsstraat. With all four of the side’s goal coming in the first half, Tocigtuon beat Pingstrand at their own attacking game. Ghini Bondstad and Majori Aldar continued to be a formidable partnership, scoring three between them - and setting up each other’s goals. A Dora Tolar goal - flicking on a freekick - added a fourth to take the side into the break with a formidable lead. Visiting Pingstrand fans sat up in their seats when Lie Bruux converted for the Seasiders three minutes into the second half, but Pingstrand weren’t able to capture any momentum and it proved to be an aberration rather than the start of a comeback. The result means Pingstrand are still without a win this season.


Bondstad Treason 4-0 Wilaamstad Wrijgers
Stadionnational, Bondstad
Referee: Hektor Beurtis | Player of the Match: Mohammad Islam (Bondstad Treason)
Hilario Nadir '18 Ela Klerken '42 Hilario Nadir '49 Lonau Puotnaam '64


Wilaamstad’s playoff hopes took another hit with their third consecutive defeat. It is hard to pinpoint whether it was a poor showing by the Wrijgers or if anyone could have emerged unscathed from that Bondstad Treason performance. Mohammad Islam played the part of conductor - and was unstoppable in the role: setting up two and scoring one other. Hilario Nadir also played fantastically - getting a good brace before going off with a bruised ankle in the sixtieth minute. With twelve matchdays down and the side still top of the league, performances like this are only going to intensify the feelings that this could be Treason’s season.

De Commons 0-1 Tucanviul Tijgers
Volkenstadion, De Commons
Referee: Nelson Kindvanwilaam | Player of the Match: Criuzi Siwaad (Tucanviul Tijgers)
Tatiana Brandis '12


As for last season's champions, their place in the playoffs is currently looking tenuous. Another loss leaves them just outside, in fifth place, with no obvious excuses as to why: key players are all fighting fit and little has changed personnel-wise from the side which stormed to the title last year. Tucanviul dealt them their third straight loss, with Tatiana Brandis getting the game’s only goal after just twelve minutes. It could have been a lot worse: Oodel Duotzin put in a characteristically good performance to keep the deficit low, and De Common’s fans will be glad of the bonus point which allowed them to marginally narrow the gap between themselves and fourth placed Wilaamstad.

CF Bondstad 2-0 Tiugz FC
Stadionnational, Bondstad
Referee: Jodi Nagaal | Player of the Match: Randoel Raedmaeceu (Tiugz FC)
Piteur Jong '58 Lach Houten '62


Treason weren’t the only team from the capital to put in a wonderful display, after CF Bondstad continued their good run of form with a 2-0 victory over Tiugz. Although Tiugz made them work for it, there was never any doubt who would come out on top in a game where CF Bondstad controlled nearly 65% of the possession. The Tiugz defensive wall was hard to break, but a Piteur Jong shot cannoned in off the crossbar was swiftly followed by a Lach Houten tap-in just over the hour mark to cement CF Bondstad in second place - hot on the tails of their city rivals.

Pingstrand FC 5-2 Zilverstraat SC
Arineu Aanhetstrand, Pingstrand
Referee: Yasmyn Alteneur | Player of the Match: Daryn Asselman (Pingstrand FC)
Daryn Asselman '2 Vemi Vergusen '7 Nicau Noriuz '49 Wilaam Braanviul '60 (o.g) Sigrun Barota '68| Lizbet Huel '43 Timon Admiraal '82


Pingstrand finally won, knocking five past Zilverstraat. Looking lively throughout, two of Pingstrand’s goals came in a five minute spell at the start of the match: Daryn Asselman netting the first before assisting Vemi Vergusen to make it two-nil. Zilverstraat got one back on the stroke of halftime through Lizbet Huel but Pingstrand came out of the break the strongest and expanded their lead almost immediately through Nicau Noriuz. A Wilaam Braanviul own-goal compounded Zilverstraats worries before Nephran winger Sigrun Barota added a fifth for the home side. Timon Admiraal punished Maeri Woetkyns for lingering in possession to take some shine off the Pingstrand win, but the Seasiders will be elated with their victory.

Tocigtuon Taun 6-0 Oostelund Cavalaars
Grajsstraat, Tocigtuon
Referee: Ron Elmitt | Player of the Match: Ghini Bondstad (Tocigtuon Taun)
Tsaalie Pajn '4 Ghini Bondstad '31 Ghini Bondstad '40 Majori Aldar '48 Hari Kas '66 Ghini Bondstad '83


Tocigtuon Taun are continuing to put themselves in playoff contention with a blow-out of Oostelund Cavalaars. Once again, it was the partnership of Ghini Bondstad and Majori Aldar which proved the Razzmattaz’s silver bullet - the two strikers combined perfectly and … well, you can see the result. Tsaalie Pajn opened the scoring within five minutes, latching onto a Aliuz Kapitein through-ball before rounding Greetje Peri. Bondstad added a second and third for Tocigtuon to round off the first half, before setting up Aldar in the early moments of the second half. Hari Kas got his first goal in a Tocigtuon shirt to make it five, before Bondstad completed her hat trick to round off the evening. Tocigtuon are now level on points with De Commons in fifth place - just two points off the playoffs.


Wilaamstad Wrijgers 2-7 De Commons
Stadion Wrijgers, Wilaamstad
Referee: Jodi Nagaal | Player of the Match: Wictor Buul (De Commons)
Robyn Amsigg '20 Zie Held '50| Wera Pauwelz ‘8 Wictor Buul '32 Wera Pauwelz '36 Lizett Aucs '41 Jodi Lauri '79 (pen) Janna Gerrard '84 Janna Gerrard '90+0


In a battle between two sides out of form, De Commons very much came out on top. In a high-scoring encounter, De Volken Tiem showed off their attacking credentials against a very poor Wilaamstad attack. The first goal came within just eight minutes: a chipped shot by Wera Pauwelz after she was set free by Trent Kindvanbruux. Robyn Amsigg equalised for Wilaamstad, but three goals in nine minutes - thanks to Wictor Buul, Pauwelz and Lizett Aucs - put De Commons in control of the game. Wilaamstad got a goal back after half-time through Zie Held. But a late tackle from Theuobauld Wylki saw him get a stupid red card, and allowed Jodi Lauri to score from the spot. A player up, De Commons ran riot for the final ten minutes - scoring two further goals: both from Janna Gerrard. In truth, it could have been many more. De Commons will be hoping it’s a result that will bring them their mojo back; at the very least, it has put them back in the playoff spots - albeit on goal difference.

Bondstad Treason 1-5 CF Bondstad
Stadionnational, Bondstad
Referee: Egbert Haaglander | Player of the Match: Maeri Beniut (CF Bondstad)
Bruux Ziebruux '66 | Lach Houten '21 Maeri Beniut '48 Makoto Honda '52 Lach Houten '75 Cain Woods '85


It was a battle between first and second place. You wouldn’t have known it. CF Bondstad dished up a cruel defeat on their city rivals to leapfrog them in the table: but the real punishment came in how they did it. All season, Treason have been playing exciting, attacking football; CF Bondstad took all the shine out of it. Marking Mohammad Islam out the game, Treason looked lost and their only goal - a sixty-sixth minute header from a corner - will be little consolation after their defense was ripped to shreds by Maeri Beniut. Maeri is a player who loves the big games, and she showed why she is the best player of her generation - teeing up Lach Houten twice whilst also getting her name on the scoresheet. Also scoring for the Citizens were Makoto Honda with a wonderful, curling effort whilst Cain Woods came off the bench to score a solo strike toward the end. It could be a season defining moment for both teams.

Tucanviul Tijgers 5-5 Pingstrand FC
Stadion van de Oerwoud, Tucanviul
Referee: Adriaan Tynkeur | Player of the Match: (Team)
Tiubi Jacobse '19 Tatiana Brandis '25 Tatiana Brandis '36 Tiubi Jacobse '42 Urzula Klaasen '67| Nicau Noriuz '11 Vemi Vergusen '59 Sigrun Barota '63 Aydan Klei '69 (o.g) Wes Wuudham '90+4


Okay, it’s getting a bit ridiculous now. We only wanted ten goals isn’t supposed to be taken literally. But, it’s entertaining I guess. Tucanviul fans will probably be the most annoyed with the result - throwing away a three goal lead which they secured in the first half. Pingstrand opened the scoring through Nicau Noriuz, but two goals apiece from Tiubi Jacobse and Tatiana Brandis put Tucanviul very much in charge. Tucanviul clearly had tired legs in the second half, because Pingstrand’s attacks began to break down the defence much easier - leading to goals from Vemi Vergusen and Sigrun Barota. Urzula Klaasen made it 5-3 to Tucanviul, but an Aydan Klei own goal almost immediately brought it back to 5-4. Pingstrand wouldn’t get their equaliser until the fourth minute of stoppage time - Pingstrand youngster Wes Wuudham being the first to react to the ball cannoning off the post to score. The match is yet another example of Tucanviul dropping points after leading by two goals, a daemon they have been unable to slay all season.

Tiugz FC 1-4 Tocigtuon Taun
De Huisgrond, Bondstad
Referee: Yasmyn Alteneur | Player of the Match: Ghini Bondstad (Tocigtuon Taun)
Lieo Rygbi '6 | Tsaalie Pajn '15 Ghini Bondstad '39 Ghini Bondstad '60 Dora Tolar '78


Tocigtuon Taun really want that playoff place. Since it started coming into contention, the team has been stronger, more united and playing with a clear passion. Tiugz never stood a chance at De Huisgrond, despite taking an early lead - albeit in slightly flukey circumstances. Lieo Rygbi’s shot was covered comfortably by Lex Horn, but it took a freak deflection off a piece of debris which had been thrown into the six yard box from the stands to give the homeside a freak lead. It wouldn’t last. Tocigtuon were level within ten minutes: a curling effort from distance by Tsaalie Pajn. Ghini Bondstad continued her good run of form with two more goals: one with each foot before Dora Tolar rounded off the display by tapping in a rebound. After De Commons also secured a big win in their match, Tocigtuon are still fifth on goal difference.

Zilverstraat SC 6-3 Oostelund Cavalaars
Zilverstraat, Bondstad
Referee: Luuc Vaan | Player of the Match: Lizbet Huel (Zilverstraat SC)
Wylfod Klein '20 Lizbet Huel '28 Katrien Faanham '36 Louise Reed '41 Lizbet Huel '66 Mikal Handschoenen '75 | Fleur Rietdekker '39 Bonita Braziggtuon '47 Fiona Norval '50


After the ten goal thriller at Arineu Aanhetstrand, fans of Zilverstraat and Oostelund Cavalaars might have felt a little short-changed. They shouldn’t - a fantastic game between two promoted teams who have seen very different fortunes in their maiden LegaSaari seasons. Zilverstraat controlled the first half, going into the break four-one ahead. Zilverstraat’s goal showed that their strategy of building from the back still has potency, and were converted by Wylfod Klein, Lizbet Huel, Katrien Faanham and Louise Reed; Oostelund’s goal came from Fleur Rietdekker. Coming out of half-time, Oostlelund got two quick goals through Bonita Braziggtuon and Fiona Norval but the equaliser never looked forthcoming. Hugo Sint Lo set Huel up for her second to give Zilverstraat a cushion before Mikal Handschoenen headed up to make it six.


CF Bondstad 8-0 Wilaamstad Wrijgers
Stadionnational, Bondstad
Referee: Nelson Kindvanwilaam | Player of the Match: Lach Houten (CF Bondstad)
Lach Houten '23 Lach Houten '34 Stella Killam '36 Maeri Beniut '59 Lach Houten '62 (pen) Luc Bisop '70 Lach Houten '73


Wilaamstad’s playoff hopes seem to be over as they reverted to the mean following an excellent first half of the season. CF Bondstad ran wild - showing the class which has elevated them to the top of the league, the FFI Taca das Confederacoes final and the KopaSaari semi-finals. Lach Houten scored four of the Citizen’s goals: two either side of half time, including a penalty, in a performance which displayed his killer instinct in front of goal. Maeri Beniut and Luc Bisop also got their name on the scoresheet, but the pick of the goals went to Stella Killam. Beniut sent in a high cross, which Csaen Ziumun came out to punch away. Killam was waiting at the edge of the box, executing a perfectly-timed overhead kick into the top left-hand corner. It was a magnificent goal, and a magnificent performance for CF Bondstad who have taken a five point lead at the top of the table.

Pingstrand FC 1-3 De Commons
Arineu Aanhetstrand, Pingstrand
Referee: Jodi Nagaal | Player of the Match: Winona Tolbert (De Commons)
Lie Bruux '63 | Wictor Buul '35 Jaxon Pieuz '51 Briutni Kindvanstefan '71


Pingstrand have been involved in some pretty ridiculous score-lines of late, but De Commons brought it back down to earth with a more reasonable 3-1 win. Wictor Buul opened the scoring on the thirty-five minute mark, cutting inside before hitting it past Maeri Woetkyns. De Commons got their second shortly after half-time - Jaxon Pieuz converting with his head from a in-swinging Janna Gerrard corner. Pingstrand’s attacks finally paid fruit when Lie Bruux scored against his old team to make it 2-1, but Briutni Kindvanstefan’s goal just minutes later ensured that De Commons ran out victors.

Tocigtuon Taun 1-0 Bondstad Treason
Grajsstraat, Tocigtuon
Referee: Egbert Haaglander | Player of the Match: Lex Horn (Tocigtuon Taun)
Ghini Bondstad '72


You have to feel for Tocigtuon - they got another impressive win, but are still consigned to fifth on goal difference. Still, they’re doing all the right things as shown by beating an excellent Bondstad Treason side. Both sides played energetic, possession-based football - enabled by strong midfielders. If it wasn’t was for a fantastic performance by both sets of goalkeepers, it could have been a repeat of Tucanviul-Pingstrand. Alas, Tocigtuon got the game’s only goal - a well worked effort which was converted by Ghini Bondstad. Majori Aldar missed a sitter to sow the game up in the final minutes, but in the end it didn’t matter as the Razzmatazz finished as victors.

Oostelund Cavalaars 2-3 Tucanviul Tijgers
Groenpaak, Oostelund
Referee: Hektor Beurtis | Player of the Match: Xandra Jenrik (Tucanviul Tijgers)
Paul Leonhardsen '45+1 Paul Leonhardsen '45+3 | Tatiana Brandis '55 Luci Berenhaad '63 Poeli Maandag '82


For a team which has given away so many two goal leads this season, it must have been nice for Tucanviul to be the ones on the other side of that scenario for a change. To be fair, Oostelund’s lead was as fleeting as it was unexpected. After a slow start from both teams, Paul Leonhardsen scored twice - both as a result of corners - in the stoppage time of the first half to give his side the lead. But two goals in eight minutes levelled the scores for Tucanviul - Tatiana Brandis and Luci Berenhaad being the scorers. For a while, it looked like Tucanviul weren’t able to grab the winner - a series of good saves and two goals being ruled out by VAR kept them at bay. When it did finally come, it was from the most unlikely place: substitute defender Poeli Maandag scrapping the ball in. With the playoff race so tight, it was a vital win for Tucanviul as they look to cement their place.

Zilverstraat SC 4-1 Tiugz FC
Zilverstraat, Bondstad
Referee: Adriaan Tynkeur | Player of the Match: Hugo Sint Lo (Zilverstraat SC)
Lizbet Huel '34 Wylford Klein '63 Lizbet Huel '69 Maarta Denell '77 | Erna Ootiz '82


Zilverstraat piled the misery on Tiugz with a big win at home. In a game dominated by the vision and piercing accuracy of Hugo Sint Lo - quickly building a reputation as the midfielder in the league - Tiugz’s usual defensiveness came unstuck. The prime benefactor of Sint Lo’s balls was Lizbet Huel, who scored once either side of half time. Wylford Klein and Maarta Denell also scored for Zilverstraat, whilst Erna Ootiz got a consolation goal for Tiugz in the eighty-second minute. It marks another defeat for Tiugz, who have had to trade their playoff hopes for a scrap to stay in the league; so far, it isn’t working.


Wilaamstad Wrijgers 3-3 Pingstrand FC
Stadion Wrijgers, Wilaamstad
Referee: Jodi Nagaal | Player of the Match: Ross Grandstaff (Wilaamstad Wrijgers)
Ross Grandstaff '36 Kajli Heuvel '71 (og) Hylda Dafyd '77| Sigrun Barota '18 Maarlin Aatinc '23 Lie Bruux '62


Wilaamstad made it five games in a row without victory with an eventful tie against Pingstrand. Both teams ended the game with nine players, after a scrap towards the end which saw Nicau Noriuz, Zie Held and Dani Vultuon all sent for an early bath. Pingstrand’s Krysten Roeburts was sent off for two yellow cards shortly after this. Amazingly, all six goals came prior to the sendings off - Pingstrand rushing to two goal lead through Sigrun Barota and Maarlin Aatinc. Wilaamstad got one back through Ross Grandstaff before Lie Bruux made it 3-1 to the Seasiders. An own goal by Kajli Heuvel was swiftly followed by an equaliser for Hylda Dafyd. Despite the sendings off opening up the game, it would be the last goal of the game.

CF Bondstad 4-2 Tocigtuon Taun
Stadionnational, Bondstad
Referee: Yasmyn Alteneur | Player of the Match: Lach Houten (CF Bondstad)
Tansi Kindvanjodi '26 Lach Houten '46 Piteur Jong '49 Cain Woods '78| Wilaam Kindvanjohan '35 Majori Aldar '69


It was a clash between the two teams in the best form, so fans were right to expect a cracker: it didn’t disappoint. In an end-to-end first half, both teams put constant pressure on their opponents attack: CF Bondstad getting the first goal through Tansi Kindvanjodi before Tocigtuon responded with Wilaam Kindvanjohan. In a manic period at the start of the second half, CF Bondstad went two goals up - Lach Houten converting with a left-footed volley before squaring it to Piteur Jong who tapped it in. Tocigtuon did get a goal back through Majori Aldar but Cain Woods once again came off the bench and scored to give Bondstad the win.

De Commons 3-0 Oostelund Cavalaars
Volkenstadion, De Commons
Referee: Adriaan Tynkeur | Player of the Match: Wera Pauwelz (De Commons)
Wera Pauwelz '34 Wera Pauwelz '67 Wictor Buul '78


De Commons seized on Tocigtuon’s loss to consolidate their playoff spot with a three-nil win over Oostelund. It was a vintage De Commons performance - dominate possession, push forward and suffocate the opponents until a goal comes. Wera Pauwelz was back in good form, scoring two goal and assisting Wictor Buul for another. Such was the dominance of De Commons that Oostelund managed just one goal on target - which prompted a fantastic save from Oodel Duotzin. The De Commons keeper looked to be covering the ball as it went wide, but an awkward bounce on the beaten up pitch sent it spinning the other way. Duotzin was quick to respond, using all his agility to turn quickly and flick it above the bar. It was a good weekend from a De Commons perspective - the teams immediately ahead and behind of them dropping points, although De Volken Tiem remain in fourth.

Bondstad Treason 1-1 Zilverstraat SC
Stadionnational, Bondstad
Referee: Egbert Haaglander | Player of the Match: Besart Schankelen (Bondstad Treason)
Mohammad Islam '62 |Katrien Faanham '77


The shockwaves of the 5-1 loss to CF Bondstad still seem to be radiating throughout the Treason team - the confidence and swagger which led them to lead the league through much of the season seems to be gone and they put in another muted performance against Zilverstraat SC. In truth, they should be thankful for the draw, Zilverstraat were the better team but a good performance in goal by Besart Schankelen limited the damage. Mohammad Islam netted the first goal of them game for Treason, a powerful drive but Zilverstraat’s hard work paid off when Katrien Faanham converted with thirteen minutes left to go.

Tucanviul Tijgers 0-1 Tiugz FC
Stadion van de Oerwoud, Tucanviul
Referee: Hektor Beurtis | Player of the Match: Maria Petridis (Tiugz FC)
Kajli Kindvanjens '77


Tiugz moved off bottom with a shock win over Tucanviul - just their second of the season. It was perhaps unfair, Tucanviul were the better side but were unable to break down the Tiugz defence - holding midfielder Maria Petridis particularly impressed for the visitors. The sole goal of the game came in the seventy-seventh minute - a good counter attack set three Tiugz attackers against just Criuzi Siwaad of Tucanviul, with Kajli Kindvanjens eventually converting. Whilst any hopes of playoffs have long been extinguished, Tiugz fans will be hoping this is a win which can provide momentum for a face-saving end to the season.


Tocigtuon Taun 2-3 Wilaamstad Wrijgers
Grajsstraat, Tocigtuon
Referee: Yasmyn Alteneur | Player of the Match: (Team)
Ghini Bondstad '15 Melizeur Timerman '78 | Jeni Recht '18 Padrig Singh '31 Ross Grandstaff '67 (pen)


Tocigtuon looked heartbroken as defeat seemed to put an end to their playoff hopes. Against torrid weather conditions, both teams struggled defensively with Wilaamstad further hamstrung by the absence of Zie Held, Dani Vultuon, Adell Alba and Cnut Zumer through suspensions and injuries. Ghini Bondstad opened the scoring, but Tocigtuon were quickly pegged back by Jeni Recht of Wilaamstad. Wilaamstad then took the lead thanks to Padrig Singh prodding the ball in from a corner, and added a third from the penalty spot. Tocigtuon had a late resurgence - Melizeur Timerman coming off the bench to score, but the side left it too late. They now sit six points adrift of De Commons - missing the chance to capitalise on De Volken Tiem’s shock draw at Tiugz.

Oostelund Cavalaars 2-4 Pingstrand FC
Groenpaak, Oostelund
Referee: Jodi Nagaal | Player of the Match: Ceut Dyzni (Pingstrand FC)
Lieo Achthoven '9 Fiona Norval '85 | Wes Wuudham '52 Lie Bruux '61 Sigrun Barota '63 Daryn Asselman '68


The battle at the bottom of the table continues to be interesting - especially with the spectre of relegation hanging over teams for the first time. Pingstrand took the opportunity to give themselves a good advantage with a convincing victory over Oostelund. Despite the home side taking the lead early on through Lieo Achthoven, Pingstrand controlled the game - having 61% of the possession and frequently putting Oostelund’s defence to the sword. The goals took a bit of a while to come, but they flowed quickly when they did: Wes Wuudham, Lie Bruux, Sigrun Barota and Daryn Asselman all finding themselves on the scoresheet. Fiona Norval got a cheap goal after Pingstrand were napping in the end, but it took nothing off the dominant performance.

Zilverstraat SC 0-3 CF Bondstad
Zilverstraat, Bondstad
Referee: Hektor Beurtis | Player of the Match: (Team)


As every other team in the top five dropped points, CF Bondstad extended their lead: and with a thirteen point lead over third, will enter the Playoffs in the Qualifying Game. And at ten points ahead of Bondstad Treason in second, their Champions League qualification is all but guaranteed. CF Bondstad left it to the second half to score all their goals - but were dominant throughout. The breakthrough came after Hiro Sarutobi-Zeegelaar made an incisive run from defense, it looked like he was going to tee up Lach Houten but instead fired a shot into the top corner. It was a fantastic run and a fantastic goal: a contender for goal of the season. Tansi Kindvanjodi added a second, albeit not on purpose: an inswinging cross was picked up by no-one and nestled it’s way into the net. Lach Houten completed the match with a simple goal, giving CF Bondstad a clear 3-0 victory.

Tiugz FC 0-0 De Commons
De Huisgrond, Bondstad
Referee: Nelson Kindvanwilaam | Player of the Match: Crispin Galloway (Tiugz FC)


De Commons were held to a frustrating draw as Tiugz got a vital two points in the fight to remain in the Lega next season. Now three points clear of Oostelund Cavalaars - with easier games against Pingstrand and Oostelund remaining, there is a tepid confidence around De Huisgrond that Tiugz should survive. In truth, it was a dull game: Tiugz parked the bus and De Commons were relaxed about tackling that - confident that their time would come. It didn’t, and the teams finished deadlocked. A snore draw.

Tucanviul Tijgers 1-1 Bondstad Treason
Stadion van de Oerwoud, Tucanviul
Referee: Ron Elmitt | Player of the Match: Criuzi Siwaad (Tucanviul Tijgers)
Tatiana Brandis '42 | Sjors Koken '83


Both Treason and Tucanviul had difficult results last week, and would have wanted a win to give them some momentum going into the final two matchdays (and, with all likelihood, the Playoffs). Neither got their wish, but it was a cracking match from a neutral perspective - both teams playing some good football, with a real sense of stakes between them. It was nervy at times, but both teams displayed great midfielding prowess - moving the ball forward and drawing the defence to them. Tucanviul drew first blood, Mejli Humel playing a great ball through the defence which was latched onto by the always-amazing Tatiana Brandis. And it looked for a while like they could hold onto that lead: Treason’s attacks kept petering out, and the ones that got through were kept out by Cseralen Zwarte. But a missed interception by Aydan Klei put Sjors Koken free on goal. Koken almost couldn’t believe it as he tucked it into the corner to level. Both sides remain in the Playoff spots - Tucanviul three points behind Treason, who are second.


Wilaamstad Wrijgers 1-2 Oostelund Cavalaars
Stadion Wrijgers, Wilaamstad
Referee: Adriaan Tynkeur | Player of the Match: Fleur Rietdekker (Oostelund Cavalaars)
Chaz Mueldeur '67 | Fleur Rietdekker '55 Ruby George '81


Wilaamstad’s poor second half on the season continued in front of an empty stadium, as punishment for the on-pitch scrap in their game against Pingstrand a fortnight ago. It might have been because of the eerie silence, but it wasn’t a fun game to watch; neither side got into any rhythm and a series of fouls meant the game was very stop-start. All three goals came in a twenty minute spell in the second half - Oostelund took the lead with a Fleur Rietdekker freekick, Wilaamstad pegged them back with a Chaz Mueldeur tap-in and Oostelund took the lead back thanks to a Ruby George header. It was a vital win for Oostelund - they go into the final matchday against Tiugz with a one point advantage over their opponents, meaning a draw will see them avoid automatic relegation.

Tocigtuon Taun 0-2 Zilverstraat SC
Grajsstraat, Tocigtuon
Referee: Jodi Nagaal | Player of the Match: Hugo Sint Lo (Zilverstraat SC)
Lizbet Huel '21 Louise Reed '83


Tocigtuon’s denied fans an exciting climax to the regular season as their narrow route to the Playoffs finally closed. A home defeat to Zilverstraat did the damage, despite Tocigtuon arguably being the better side. The difference was that Zilverstraat took their chances - the first saw the familiar tale of Hugo Sint Lo finding Lizbet Huel with a perfect ball for Huel to put into the net. And for the next hour, it was nervy: you could feel the tension as Tocigtuon got increasingly desperate in their hunt for a win. The gaps got bigger, the legs tireder and Zilverstraat capitalised: Louise Reed getting the goal. You could see what it meant to the devastated Tocigtuon team, who now face a dead rubber against Tucanviul next week. If they had won, it would have been a deciding game for the final playoff place.

Pingstrand FC 2-0 Tiugz FC
Arineu Aanhetstrand, Pingstrand
Referee: Yasmyn Alteneur | Player of the Match: Nicau Noriuz (Pingstrand FC)
Lie Bruux '13 Rita Daele '64


Tiugz are in trouble. With one game to go, they’re in last place. The small solace is that their next opponents are the team in ninth - Oostelund Cavalaars. It wasn’t supposed to be like that - they had stolen some difficult points from Tucanviul and De Commons and were supposed to bring their campaign home with wins against Pingstrand and Oostelund Cavalaars. It wasn’t ideal - the team had high hopes for their season, but at least they would be able to regroup next year in the top division. Now, the best case scenario is finishing in the Relegation Playoff against the LegaSaari 2 runner-up. Conversely, Pingstrand’s place in the league is now guaranteed - with goals by Lie Bruux and Rita Daele being the cause. It was a great moment, albeit one which would have been sweeter if Pingstrand weren’t playing in front of an empty stadium. Alas, I don’t think the fans watching at home will mind: Pingstrand are safe.

CF Bondstad 4-2 Tucanviul Tijgers
Stadionnational, Bondstad
Referee: Luuc Vaan | Player of the Match: Lach Houten (CF Bondstad)
Lach Houten '52 Piteur Jong '57 Lach Houten '64 Makoto Honda '81 | Tatiana Brandis '36 Nona Amelsvoort '70


CF Bondstad have won the regular season. It’s a small trophy, but it means that they will go into the Playoffs with a home draw against the fourth placed team - and have qualified for the Champions League for the first time. The side has gone thirteen league games without a loss, made it to the final of the FFI Taca das Confederacoes and are in the Semi Finals of the KopaSaari - a remarkable turnaround from the embarrassment of last season. Despite the loss, Tucanviul also had reason to celebrate: they will be returning to the Playoff after a long absence - a feat which few expected them to do at the start of the season. One of the reasons for this is Nepharan striker, Tatiana Brandis who opened the scoring. CF Bondstad got the next three goals: two by Lach Houten and one from Piteur Jong before Nona Amelsvoort got one back for the Tijgers. Makoto Honda rounded off the Bondstad win, to the joy of everyone in De Stadionnational.

Bondstad Treason 1-2 De Commons
Stadionnational, Bondstad
Referee: Ron Elmitt | Player of the Match: Jodi Lauri (De Commons)
Hilario Nadir '81| Jaxon Pieuz '29 Trent Kindvanbruux '58


Both teams having already qualified for the playoffs, this was a match with the main focus of deciding in which game they would play in - the Qualifying Game, which would give them two bites of the cherry, or the Eliminator Game - a much harder route. Added to that is the chance to show off and gain some momentum - and it was De Commons who did just that. Both of De Commons’s goals came from corners, the first being headed home by captain Jaxon Pieuz and the second being prodded into the net by Trent Kindvanbruux. Treason got a goal late in the day thanks to Hilario Nadir, but it wasn’t enough to catch De Volken Tiem. The two sides now sit level on points - with just one goal separating them in the table. Treason have the easier game, at home to Pingstrand whilst De Commons will host CF Bondstad at De Stadionnational.


Zilverstraat SC 2-2 Wilaamstad Wrijgers
Zilverstraat, Bondstad
Referee: Egbert Haaglander | Player of the Match: Padrig Singh (Wilaamstad Wrijgers)
Lizbet Huel '33 Hugo Sint Lo '72 | Cnut Zumer '39 Padrig Singh '50


It was the final game of the season for both teams. For Zilverstraat, that more than beats their season expectations - their final position of fifth well above the certain doom predicted in the previews. Wilaamstad too have done better than expected, being beaten into fifth by just goal difference. However, after a magnificent start to the season, not being able to make a sustained play for the playoffs will hurt Wilaamstad fans. With the two teams tied on points, this game was a straight playoff for final position - and thus, prize fund. It’s perhaps slightly amusing that the game ended in a draw. Lizbet Huel opened the scoring, as she has done all season, before Wilaamstad were given a cheap equaliser after Cnut Zumer - returning from injury - was left unmarked. Having missed much of the second half of the season, you could see what the goal meant to Zumer. Wilaamstad took the lead shortly after halftime - left-back Padrig Singh cutting inside to score. But Zilverstraat were the stronger side, and kept Wilaamstad’s defence on their toes. It was perhaps fitting that Hugo Sint Lo was the player who got the equaliser. The Zilverstraat captain has been the team’s best player all season, and one of the best in the league. All in all, it was a fair result which - given Tocigtuon’s loss - gives the teams a final finish of fifth and sixth: prime areas to launch into a playoff campaign next season.

Tiugz FC 0-4 Oostelund Cavalaars
De Huisgrond, Bondstad
Referee: Jodi Nagaal | Player of the Match: Fleur Rietdekker (Oostelund Cavalaars)
Moerius Kindvandoenaulld '2 (o.g) Loerel Haadwaj '16 Fiona Norval '59 Fleur Rietdekker '67


Of course, it’s always fun watching LegaSaari football but this was the weekend’s only game with any jeopardy. A straight playoff: the loser relegated, the winner living to fight another day in the relegation playoff versus the LegaSaari 2 runner-up. So, it should have been close. It wasn’t. Disaster befell Tiugz within the first two minutes, Moerius Kindvandoenaulld played a simple back pass to Fajtz Ajeuesh. The Tiugz keeper missed the ball, it ended up in the back of the net and she ended up limping off after twisting her knee in the process. Blood was in the air for Oostelund, and they added a second fourteen minutes later - Loerel Haadwaj hitting one from range. Tiugz heads went down, but they began pushing forward - knowing they needed three to remain in the league. This left them helplessly easy to cut up, and Oostelund punished them with a third and a fourth: Fiona Norval and Fleur Rietdekker being the scorers. The result means something extraordinary when written down: Tiugz will not be playing in the LegaSaari next season. One of the original six teams, their recent years have been the best in that history: reaching the playoffs for consecutive seasons for the past two years. And now, they’re out.

Tucanviul Tijgers 3-1 Tocigtuon Taun
Stadion van de Oerwoud, Tucanviul
Referee: Luuc Vaan | Player of the Match: Luci Berenhaad (Tucanviul Tijgers)
Tiubi Jacobse '43 Tatiana Brandis '45+1 Urzula Klaasen '70 | Majori Aldar '62


This could have been a cracker, if Tocigtuon had won their previous match. Alas, it was still an entertaining - if dead-rubber - game of football. Tucanviul spent much of the first half an hour in control, and were attacking well but unable to convert. But they got a bit of luck, Luci Berenhaad’s cross hit the hand of Crystinn Jager: it was unintentional, but the arm was sufficiently extended to grant the hosts a penalty. Tiubi Jacobse took the shot - hitting it into the net on the rebound after her initial effort was saved. Tucanviul had a second in quick order - Berenhaad crossing it for Tatiana Brandis to convert. Tocigtuon made it 2-1 with a great, team goal: the ball was moved around fluidly, culminating in Ghini Bondstad cutting it back to Majori Aldar to score. Tucanviul remained the best team, however, and added a third to confirm their win: Urzula Klaasen being the scorer. After the heartbreak of just missing out last season, the playoffs await for Tucanviul - even more remarkable given the pre-season predictions of gloom following the departures of Lach Houten and Mohammad Islam. For Tocigtuon, a seventh place will be about par - they will be disappointed to have not finished higher but they kept their playoff challenge going into the penultimate matchday: there is certainly potential for them to go on to a better position next year.

De Commons 2-3 CF Bondstad
Volkenstadion, De Commons
Referee: Hektor Beurtis | Player of the Match: Piteur Jong (CF Bondstad)
Janna Gerrard '38 Lizett Aucs '44 | Lach Houten '28 Piteur Jong '61 Lach Houten '81


There were murmurs of discontent when the schedule came out, with the feeling that De Commons and CF Bondstad playing each other on the final matchday was a bad decision. Indeed, both teams would have played each other again in the Qualifying Match if De Commons had won this game! Alas, a packed Volkenstadion watched a cracking match. It’s not always the easiest stadium for away teams to come to - De Commons fans are loud and ultra-partisan, and the stadium was designed to get them as close to the pitch as possible. It was maybe this which caused CF Bondstad to be uncharacteristically off-pace at the start of the match - allowing De Commons to dominate the midfield and terrorise the Bondstad defence. But it was actually CF Bondstad who were off the mark first - Lach Houten muscling past Zej Zamuuol before converting. This settled Bondstad into the game, but Janna Gerrard and Lizett Aucs scored within six minutes of each other to put De Commons into the break ahead. Still, Bondstad were the better team since their goal and pressed that advantage - Hiro Sarutobi-Zeegelaar pushing into the midfield to add numbers, a tactic which paid off when he played Piteur Jong in to equalise. Houten put his side ahead with nine minutes of play left - sliding in Maeri Beniut’s cross. The result means that De Commons will have a harder route to defending their title, hosting Tucanviul in the Elmination Game before travelling to the capital to face Bondstad Treason or CF Bondstad in the Semi Final.

Bondstad Treason 4-2 Pingstrand FC
Stadionnational, Bondstad
Referee: Nelson Kindvanwilaam | Player of the Match: (Team)
Hilario Nadir '14 Sjors Koken '26 Mohammad Islam '33 Judi Buren '35 | Sammie Aucs '30 Lie Bruux '62


It wouldn’t be a Pingstrand game if it wasn’t the highest scoring of the weekend, and Treason were happy to comply: putting in a thumping first half performance to end the regular season on a high. Treason went into the break 4-1 ahead, with Hilario Nadir, Sjors Koken, Mohammad Islam and Judi Buren all getting goals for the hosts; Sammie Aucs got the sole goal for the visitors. Treason made a few changes at the break, bringing on some youngsters - as used to be tradition in the final game of the LegaSaari - and took a more relaxed approach, saving legs ahead of the playoffs. Pingstrand were, on the whole, unable to capitalise on this. The exception was a Lie Bruux freekick - an excellent, curling effort which Besart Schankelen didn’t see until it was too late. This is Treason’s second consecutive second placed finish, and means they will have two opportunities to qualify for the final. It also means that De Stadionnational will be a busy venue in May - hosting the Qualifying Game, Semi Final and Final of the Playoffs, the KopaSaari Final, the Risings Stars Semi Finals and Final and the Liga B Champions' Trophy Final.



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286 KopaSaari Competion

Round-by-Round Results

Results for Qualifying Rounds not shown

Abbreviations Used

LEGA - LegaSaari
LEG2 - LegaSaari 2
DEVC - Development Leagues Championship
DLAO - Development League A - Ooste
DLAW - Development League A - West
DLBO - Development League B - Ooste
DLBW - Development League B - West
NONL - Not affiliated with any nationally organised league

AET - Match won after extra time played

12 from Fourth Qualifying Round
24 from Development League B - Ooste/West

[DLBW] De Leger 0-5 SS Williamstad [DLBO]
[DLBW] Kataryjn Pottens 3-1 CvF Kraalhuump [NONL]
[DLBW] Sportieve Vrijberg 2-3 FC Chypenberg [DLBW] aet
[DLBO] Tordidou Cluub 1-4 Wilaamstad FC [DLBO]
[DLBO] Nord-Bondstad FC 1-0 VKSC Oorlberg [DLBW]
[DLBO] CvF Sint Markus 4-2 Beetjetuon Wrijgers [NONL]
[DLBW] Manen Eigen FC 3-5 Sportieve Kroningdam [DLBW]
[NONL] Javabrug SC 2-1 Heuvelgalg Bondstad [DLBO]
[NONL] Melklund Buitenlanders 1-3 Wistuon Atletiek [NONL]
[NONL] AC Lesaj 0- 0 Vrijtuon Wrijgers [DLBW]
AC Lesaj win 5-4 on penalties
[NONL] Atletiek Haaglanden 4-2 Oude Jongens [DLBW]
[DLBW] Volkenstad SC 1-0 NFC Tocigtuon [NONL]
[NONL] Brieberg Cavalaars 2-0 Wilaamstad Woolven [NONL]
[DLBO] Nieuwstad Fuutbol 2-3 Bondpaak Cluub [NONL] aet
[DLBO] Nationaal Wilaamstad 3-1 Oorlberg Infanterie [DLBW]
[DLBW] De Nafie 1-1 De Zwoendareurs FC [DLBO]
De Zwoendareurs FC win 3-0 on penalties
[DLBO] Wilaamstad Akademia 2-3 Haalfod Stadt Reuzen [NONL]
[DLBO] AC Groenbuurt 1-0 Bondstad Libiniteit [DLBO] aet

18 from Round One
20 from Development League A - Ooste/West
10 from Development Leagues Championship

[DEVC] Tiem Nieuwhaven 1-3 Universiteit Ghoberg [DEVC]
[DLAO] GSC Prebende Tuinen 0-2 Zwynhuem Kosmos [DLAW]
[DLBW] Kataryjn Pottens 1-2 BFC Oostelund [DLAW]
[DLBO] Nationaal Wilaamstad 4-0 Atletiek Haaglanden [NONL]
[DLAO] Centrum FC 2-0 SS Williamstad [DLBO]
[NONL] Wistuon Atletiek 3-0 Haatveld FC [DEVC]
[DLAW] BG Nootkamp 2-0 Brieberg Cavalaars [NONL]
[DLAW] VKSC Tucanviul 3-3 Volkenstad SC [DLBW]
VKSC Tucanviul win 4-3 on penalties
[DLAW] Ghoberg Uilen 1-3 Niuewgroenlund FC [DEVC]
[NONL] Javabrug SC 1-2 AC Lesaj [NONL]
[DLAO] Universiteit Bondstad 1-0 Bondstad Nieuw Cluub [DEVC]
[NONL] Bondpaak Cluub 0-2 CvF Sint Markus [DLBO]
[DLAW] De Commons Akademia 1-5 VKSC Nationaal Bondstad [DLAO]
[NONL] Haalfod Stadt Reuzen 2-0 De Nafie [DLBW]
[DEVC] Bondstad Akademia 3-1 Universiteit Wilaamstad [DLAO]
[DLAW] Oud Saarum Atletiek 0-5 SS Haaglanden [DEVC]
[DLBW] FC Chypenberg 4-2 CvF Oudhaven [DEVC] aet
[DLBW] Sportieve Kroningdam 2-1 Wilaamstad FC [DLBO] aet
[DLAO] DSCV Wilaamstad 1-0 FC Ghoberg Victorie [DLAW] aet
[DLBO] AC Groenbuurt 2-0 Vrouwen Cluub Bondstad [DLAO]
[DLAO] Internationale Bondstad 3-2 Nord-Bondstad FC [DLBO]
[DEVC] Haarnatuon FC 0-1 Noorstad Bondt [DEVC]
[DLAO] Jodi van Cattenberg Straat FC 3-3 Doekamp Dynamoe [DLAO]
Jodi van Cattenberg Straat win 5-4 on penalties
[DLAW] Defijzez Tuan 0-2 Broegen FC [DLAW]

24 from Round Two

[DLAW] BFC Oostelund 3-1 Universiteit Bondstad [DLAO]
[DEVC] Noorstad Bondt 0-3 Centrum FC [DLAO]
[DEVC] SS Haaglanden 2-0 BG Nootkamp [DLAW]
[DEVC] Niuewgroenlund FC 1-0 DSCV Wilaamstad [DLAO]
[DLAW] Zwynhuem Kosmos 2-2 AC Groenbuurt [DLBO]
AC Groenbuurt win 7-6 on penalties
[NONL] AC Lesaj 1-0 Nationaal Wilaamstad [DLBO]
[DEVC] Universiteit Ghoberg 2-3 Internationale Bondstad [DLAO]
[DLAO] VKSC Nationaal Bondstad 1-0 VKSC Tucanviul [DLAW]
[DLAW] Broegen FC 0-2 Wistuon Atletiek [NONL]
[DLBO] CvF Sint Markus 3-0 FC Chypenberg [DLBW]
[DLAO] Jodi van Cattenberg Straat FC 2-0 Sportieve Kroningdam [DLBW] aet
[DEVC] Bondstad Akademia 6-2 Haalfod Stadt Reuzen [NONL]

12 from Round Three
10 from LegaSaari 2
10 from LegaSaari

[DLAO] Jodi van Cattenberg Straat FC 0-1 Wilaamstad Wrijgers [LEGA]
[LEGA] Zilverstraat SC 0-6 De Commons [LEGA]
[DLBO] AC Groenbuurt 2-0 CVD Speelvelden Wiclyf [LEG2]
[DLAO] Centrum FC 2-0 Niuewgroenlund FC [DEVC]
[LEGA] Tiugz FC 1-0 BFC Oostelund [DLAW] aet
[DLBO] CvF Sint Markus 1-3 Tucanviul Tijgers [LEGA]
[DEVC] SS Haaglanden 1-4 Bondstad Treason [LEGA]
[LEG2] Bondstad Victorie 3-0 Hertshoorn Staags [LEG2]
[LEG2] Groen Paak Rofeurs 1-1 AC Lesaj [NONL]
AC Lesaj win 4-3 on penalties
[LEGA] Oostelund Cavalaars 0-2 CA Marlhuem Paak [LEG2]
[LEG2] Bondstad Kosmopolitisch 3-1 VKSC Nationaal Bondstad [DLAO]
[LEGA] Tocigtuon Taun 3-2 Pingstrand FC [LEGA]
[LEG2] FC Einst van Mei 4-0 Bondstad Akademia [DEVC]
[LEG2] BSC Kroningdam 0-2 CF Bondstad [LEGA]
[NONL] Wistuon Atletiek 0-5 Volken Bondstad [LEG2]
[DLAO] Internationale Bondstad 2-0 CvF Lyntveld [LEG2]


[LEGA] Tocigtuon Taun 4-2 FC Einst van Mei [LEG2]
[LEGA] CF Bondstad 2-0 Tiugz FC [LEGA]
[LEGA] Tucanviul Tijgers 1-0 AC Groenbuurt [DLBO]
[LEG2] Volken Bondstad 2-4 Bondstad Victorie [LEG2] aet
[LEGA] Bondstad Treason 2-0 Wilaamstad Wrijgers [LEGA]
[NONL] AC Lesaj 0-1 Bondstad Kosmopolitisch [LEG2]
[LEG2] CA Marlhuem Paak 3-1 Internationale Bondstad [DLAO]
[LEGA] De Commons 4-0 Centrum FC [DLAO]


[LEG2] Bondstad Victorie 1-3 CF Bondstad [LEGA]
[LEGA] Bondstad Treason 4-2 CA Marlhuem Paak [LEG2]
[LEG2] Bondstad Kosmopolitisch 0-2 Tocigtuon Taun [LEGA]
[LEGA] De Commons 3-1 Tucanviul Tijgers [LEGA]


[LEGA] CF Bondstad 3-2 Bondstad Treason [LEGA]
[LEGA] De Commons 2-2 Tocigtuon Taun [LEGA]
Tocigtuon Taun win 4-3 on penalties


[LEGA] CF Bondstad 2-0 Tocigtuon Taun[LEGA]


CF Bondstad (1st title)

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285-286 LegaSaari Season




Qualifying Game
CF Bondstad 2-0 Bondstad Treason

Elimination Game
De Commons 3-1 Tucanviul Tijgers

Semi Final
Bondstad Treason 3-2 De Commons

CF Bondstad 3-1 Bondstad Treason


CF Bondstad (9th title)

LegaSaari 2


Qualifying Game
FC Einst van Mei 2-2 BSC Kroningdam
FC Einst van Mei win 8-7 on penalties

Elimination Game
CVD Speelvelden Wiclyf 4-1 CA Marlhuem Paak

Semi Final
BSC Kroningdam 1-0 CVD Speelvelden Wiclyf

FC Einst van Mei 0-2 BSC Kroningdam

Promotion Playoff
Oostelund Cavalaars 4-1 FC Einst van Mei


BSC Kroningdam (1st title)

Development Leagues Championship


Qualifying Game
SS Haaglanden 2-0 Noorstad Bondt

Elimination Game
CvF Oudhaven 5-4 Haatveld FC

Semi Final
Noorstad Bondt 0-3 Cvf Oudhaven

SS Haaglanden 1-0 Cvf Oudhaven

Promotion Playoff
Hertshoorn Staags 1-2 Cvf Oudhaven


SS Haaglanden (2nd title)

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285-287 LegaSaari Season

Season Results

Matchday One

CF Bondstad 3 - 1 BSC Kroningdam
De Commons 1 - 1 Zilverstraat SC
Pingstrand FC 2 - 2 Oostelund Cavalaars

As is traditional, the holders hosted the league newcomers in an encounter which was more even than the occasion and scoreline would suggest. Indeed, BSC Kroningdam dominated for much of the first half - giving Mark Romero a baptism of fire in his first CF Bondstad appearance. Alas, it was Bondstad who went into the break ahead - Lach Houten characteristically seizing a goal out of nowhere. A ruthless period shortly after the break destroyed the visitors’ chance of making their way back into the game - Cain Woods of Brenecia tapping in, before Houten headed in his second. A subdued BSC Kroningdam struggled to find their way back into the game; the Bondstad centre-midfield throuple of Luc Bisop, Makoto Honda and Piteur Jong squeezing the life out of any attacks. The visiting northern crowd did have something to celebrate in the dying moments, when Ben Kann - a new signing from Development Leagues outfit, Volken Bondstad - came off of the bench to score his sides first Lega goal.

Elsewhere in Saturday’s games, De Commons were poor in a home draw against Zilverstraat. The visitors, perhaps benefiting from De Volkentiem’s international commitment fatigue, lead for most of the game after Brenecian winger, Louise Reed converted in the fourth minute. The lead would hold for eighty-two minutes, before Maci Kammen brought Cnut Zumer down in the box. Jodi Lauri converted from the box to rescue a point, but the performance will raise questions about whether De Commons can bounce back from last year’s disappointing third. At Arineu Aanhetstrand, Pingstrand and Oostelund Cavalaars battled to an exciting draw: the visitors twice took the lead, thanks to goals from Paul Leonhardsen and Wil Commons. But Pingstrand aren’t a side known for giving up, and pegged the Cavalaars back both times: Daryn Asselman scoring on both occasions.

Tucanviul Tijgers 2 - 0 Bondstad Treason
Wilaamstad Wrijgers 1 - 0 Tocigtuon Taun

This was supposed to be Treason’s season, but they looked far from being a contender away at Tucanviul. Zej Saari and new signing, Philothy Den Uyl continued to look like an clumsy midfield pair - despite having now played a number of games together thanks to Treason’s international run. Tucanviul used this awakardness to their advantage: using the extra few milliseconds to organise their defence effectively, all but cancelling out the threats of Hilario Nadir and Lonau Puotnaam. In turn, the Tucanviul attack looked extremely good - Tiubi Jacobse and Xi Xe added some excellent pace to the attack. This eventually led to the first Tucanviul goal - Urzula Klaasen volleying in from Xi’s cross. The Tijgers doubled their lead within fifteen minutes: Xandra Jenrik punishing the Treason defence for allowing her to have an open header after Diemer Haum’s corner. The result will, perhaps prematurely, dramatically change pre-season expectations for both teams; many questioned whether Tucanviul could match the best teams in the league: they have. Meanwhile Treason will need to improve at the most basic level if they are to finally take home the league title.

In Wilaamstad, the Wrijgers narrowly edged Tocigtuon in a hard-fought encounter. Both sides displayed great midfield prowess, and the revamped Wilaamstad defence plugged the team’s previous glaring weakness. In the end, it was a Ross Grandstaff shot from distance which marked the difference.

Matchday Two

Zilverstraat SC 3 - 1 Tucanviul Tijgers
Tocigtuon Taun 1 - 1 Pingstrand FC
Bondstad Treason 2 - 2 Wilaamstad Wrijgers

By all measures, Zilverstraat aren’t supposed to be this good. Three years ago, few had heard of the club from the Bondstad periphery. Then they came out of nowhere to win the Development Leagues and defied all the odds to finish mid-table in their inaugural LegaSaari season. And now they’ve taken four points from the first two games of their sophomore year, both against last season’s playoff team. And it was a dominating performance: goals from Lizbet Huel and Hugo Sint Lo put the side two-up at half time. Tucanviul could not even manage a shot on target in response. The Zilverstraat pressure on Cseralen Zwarte’s goal would continue - Huel was unlucky not to get a second before Timon Admiraal fluffed a certain goal wide. A stray pass from Kylie Kindvankameron allowed Tucanviul to get a goal back through Urzula Klaasen but the Tijgers never looked like scoring an equaliser; a fact amplified when Wilaam Braanviul headed in his team’s third with fifteen minutes on the clock.

Tocigtuon couldn’t turn their dominance into a win at home to Pingstrand. Despite the homeside controlling possession, it was Pingstrand who led for most of the match after young Hindorian striker Yoshifumi Atsushi scored his first goal for the Seasiders. Tocigtuon did manage to scramble an equaliser: Tsaalie Pajn scoring after two shots had been saved, but their fans will be right to question why they couldn’t have left with a dominant win. Treason were also held to a shock draw against Wilaamstad. Treason twice took the lead, only to see the lead squandered cheaply on both occasions. A mistake by Besart Schankelen allowed Wil De Lang to cancel out Mohammad Islam’s opener, before Hilario Nadir’s effort from range was equalised by a cheap penalty converted by Adell Alba.

CF Bondstad 2 - 0 De Commons
BSC Kroningdam 3 - 2 Oostelund Cavalaars

No game in the Lega provokes bigger emotion than CF Bondstand versus De Commons. The Conurbation versus the Country; The Bastards versus De Volken Tiem. Both sides went into it knowing that it could set the tone for the rest of the season, and it was CF Bondstad who came out on top. De Commons were the strongest team in the first half, but the nervy atmosphere prevented either side from taking advantage. Cnut Zumer, De Commons’ big pre-season signing, came the closest. Controlling a wonderful ball forward from Jodi Lauri, his shot nicked the off-side of the post after beating Mark Romero. It was perhaps a bit of luck which shifted the game in Bondstad’s favour. Jaxon Pieuz, appearing to mistake a whistle from the crowd, paused for a split second. At this level, that is all you need: Maeri Beniut broke the line, squaring the ball to Stela Killam who rolled it into the bottom corner. From that moment, Bondstad were firmly in control of the game: Lach Houten and Piteur Jong both had two fantastic chances, before Tansi Kindvanjodi curled an effort from distance to double the homesides lead. That it wasn’t more was a testament to Oodel Duoztiun in the De Commons goal - who was keeping out efforts into the final minutes.

In the other Sunday fixture, BSC Kroningdam got a vital win in a fixture which could decide who stays up at the end of the season. Twice the homeside went behind - thanks goals from Paul Leonhardsen and Kori Bondstad but a Diana Rodnie hattrick was enough to award BSC Kroningdam a vital three points.

Matchday Three

De Commons 2 - 2 BSC Kroningdam
Oostelund Cavalaars 2 - 1 Tocigtuon Taun
Wilaamstad Wrijgers 1 - 2 Zilverstraat SC
Pingstrand FC 0 - 4 Bondstad Treason

De Commons haven’t had a good start to the season, but when they were leading BSC Kroningdam two-nil with just five minutes left to play, fans could have been forgiven for thinking that it could kickstart a return to winning ways. De Volken Tiem weren’t even at their best to build up a lead - Wera Pauwelz lazily tapped in the first goal after inextricably being left unmarked. Pauwelz was back to set up Fleur Rietdekker - who’s shot from the edge of the area wasn’t particularly special, but still found its way into the Kroningdam net. There were a few more chances - Cnut Zumer looked impressive and Briutni Kindvanstefan nearly scored with her first touch off the bench, but overall De Commons looked happy to retain their two goal lead without adding any additional pressure to the visitors. But a long ball forward from Bruux Porter put that strategy at doubt - Luuc Broen latched onto the ball and chipped it over the head of the on-coming Oodel Duotzin. And then, in the second minute of stoppage time, Kroningdam got their equalizer: Maeri Achteren’s corner went over the heads of almost everyone, but Ben Kann cut inside and hit it into the roof of the next on the half-volley. It was a fantastic goal which silenced De Volkenstadion, giving BSC Kroningdam an unlikely point in the process.

At Groenpaak, Oostelund got their first win of the season against a rotated Tocigtuon side: Nephran striker, Paul Leonhardsen, got the pick of the goals - turning on the volley to rifle his shot into Lex Horn’s top corner. Zilverstraat continued their good start to the season at Wilaamstad; despite a Gertrud Metselaar header putting them behind in the first half. A Maarta Denell penalty and Wylfod Klein tap-in were enough to secure the win, notwithstanding late controversy due to Wilaamstad’s Hylda Dafyd having a goal ruled-out in the final minutes. In the final fixture of the day, a Hilario Nadir hattrick secured a big win away at Pingstrand from Bondstad Treason. All three of Nadir’s goals came in an action packed first half, where - despite the scoreline - both sides had a high number of chances. Jeckland defender Jerrard Lovell, secured the win for Treason with a seventy-second minute header.

Tucanviul Tijgers 0 - 0 CF Bondstad

The sole Sunday game wasn’t one worth missing your roast dinner for: Tucanviul and CF Bondstad playing themselves into a dull nil-nil draw. Tucanviul are perhaps most to blame for this, sucking any life out of the game with a defensive performance reminiscent of the now relegated Tiugz FC’s parked bus strategy. For the first hour or so, CF Bondstad made a few attempted to break down the Tucanviul wall: Maeri Beniut applying pace and skill to coast pass Opreur Tzburn on a number of occasions, only to see all attacking options suffocated by a well organised defence. The end result was a final thirty minutes where neither side really tried - Piteur Jong had an effort from range nearly sneak in after a nasty deflection, but that was the last real chance of a break-through for either side. A bore draw.

Matchday Four

CF Bondstad 2 - 3 Wilaamstad Wrijgers
De Commons 1 - 0 Tucanviul Tijgers
BSC Kroningdam 1 - 1 Tocigtuon Taun
Bondstad Treason 1 - 2 Oostelund Cavalaars
Zilverstraat SC 2 - 3 Pingstrand FC

CF Bondstad received their first defeat in twenty-three domestic games - and their first at home for nearly two years - thanks to a wonderful second half display from Wilaamstad Wrijgers. A Wil De Lang strike put the Wrijgers ahead after twelve minutes, but a solid performance from Bondstad put the homeside ahead at the break: the goals coming from Lach Houten and Cain Woods. A few years ago, Wilaamstad might have keeled over. Instead, it was a determined side who emerged for the second half. For a while, it looked like it would be all energy and no payoff - Hylda Dafyd, De Lang and Adell Alba all had shots which were either agonisingly wide or saved by the acrobatics of Mark Romero. Yet the momentum stayed with the visitors, and a bit of luck got them a well earned equaliser. A low cross from Dadfyd was cheeky but not especially menacing. However, Hiro Sarutobi-Zeegelaar got in a tangle, tapping the ball into their own net. If luck got Wilaamstad the equaliser, it was pure skill which put them ahead: a beautifully worked, team-goal which was converted by Robyn Amsigg. CF Bondstad did attempt to capitalise on the tired Wrijgers legs - Maeri Beniut was unfortunate not to get an equaliser with a curling effort at the death. But it was Wilaamstad’s day, and they furnished their playoff-challenger credentials in style.

De Commons will hope that an important win against Tucanviul Tijgers will help them put their rocky start to the season behind them. The side looked strong throughout, and a fine defensive display was more than a match for the Tucanviul attack. The crucial goal came just before the hour mark - Cnut Zumer getting his first goal in a De Commons shirt with a lovely volley into the bottom-left corner. BSC Kroningdam again relied on late dramatics to secure a draw at home to Tocigtuon - Luuc Broen’s eighty-seventh minute goal cancelling out Peri Steen’s early header. At De Stadionnational, Treason went down to a shock defeat to Oostelund Cavalaars. Two goals in just six minutes sealed the win for the visitors - both courtesy of Paul Leonhardsen’s left foot. A fight-back in the second half wasn’t enough for Treason to clawback, despite an cracking Mohammad Islam goal from distance giving Treason hope. Finally, Zilverstraat’s strong start to the season was disrupted by the Quentin de Pena show. The Tequilan striker scored two and set up one to dominate a game which yo-yoed between the two sides.

Matchday Five

Pingstrand FC 0 - 5 CF Bondstad
Tucanviul Tijgers 2 - 0 BSC Kroningdam
Wilaamstad Wrijgers 3 - 1 De Commons
Oostelund Cavalaars 1 - 3 Zilverstraat SC
Tocigtuon Taun 2 - 2 Bondstad Treason

They might not always be the most popular side, but few can help but admire CF Bondstad when they are at their best. And away at De Arineu Aanhetstrand, they were at their best. The 5-0 scoreline struggles to give justice to what a dominating performance it was, though the over 60% share of possession might. Maeri Beniut and Luc Bisop provided the core of the team. Nearly every touch the pair took looked dangerous - Bisop with penetrating passes and Beniut with runs which left the Pingstrand defence in pieces. It was this combination which resulted in the first goal: Bisop sprayed an impossibly good ball to Beinut, who took it passed two defenders en-route to cutting it inside for Stela Killam to convert. Lach Houten got the second ten minutes later, poking Tansi Kindvanjodi’s cross into the net from within the six yard box. Beniut found herself on the scoreboard for the third goal: Pietur Jong chipped a magnificent ball into the box, which Beniut took a touch to control, before burying it into the net. A mix-up between Krysten Roeburts and Franc Kindvanjan allowed Houten to grab his second with ease; seizing on the loose ball and rounding Maeri Woetkyns to convert. The Beniut-Bisop combo rounded out the scoring for CF Bondstad - a brilliant ball from Beniut after a 30 yard run found Bisop at the edge of the box, who played a fabulous through ball to substitute Olaaf Prins. Prins’s initial shot clipped the post, but he seized on the rebound to make it 5-0. If anything, it could have been more.

Elsewhere, two penalties made the difference at Stadion van de Oerwoud. The first, after just four minutes, was awarded after Xi Xe was clumsily brought down by Timo Jong. The next, perhaps less obvious, after Maeri Achteren was judged to have handled the ball in the box. Both were converted by Urzula Klaasen. Wilaamstad once again put in a strong second half performance to beat De Commons - though in a game much closer than the scoreline suggests. De Commons controlled the first half, but couldn’t find a goal and went in behind after a Maarli Asweurth freekick. The failure to make their chances pay soon haunted De Commons further - Wil De Lang and Gertrud Metselaar added two for Wilaamstad in quick succession. Even worse, a great midfielding performance by Adell Alba, Ross Grandstaff and Naldaboa were snuffing out De Volken Tiem’s chances to find their way into the game. The last fifteen minutes were better for De Commons, and Wera Pauwelz did manage to get one back with her head, but the damage was already done. Zilverstraat secured an away win at Oostelund. Lizbet Huel was the star of the show, scoring twice en-route to a comfortable win. And finally, Treason threw away a two-goal lead away at Tocigtuon to add to their woes. De Jonge Broers had to fight hard for their lead, but when Lonau Puotnaam converted the side’s second after fifty-eight minutes, it looked like they had just about done enough. Goals from Tsaalie Pajn and Majori Aldar pulled them back to earth, however. The result leaves the side adrift from the playoffs in sixth place.

Matchday Six

BSC Kroningdam 3 - 0 Bondstad Treason
Zilverstraat SC 0 - 0 Tocigtuon Taun
CF Bondstad 1 - 0 Oostelund Cavalaars
De Commons 4 - 1 Pingstrand FC
Tucanviul Tijgers 3 - 4 Wilaamstad Wrijgers

Oh no! Treason hadn’t had the best start to the season, admittedly, but a thrashing by the side playing their first LegaSaari season? That’s got to hurt. It wasn’t even like Treason were especially bad - Zej Saari and Izajeu Nej moved the ball around well whilst Hilario Nadir looked as threatening as ever. It just didn’t come together. That is to take nothing away from BSC Kroningdam, they worked hard to get their opening goal after thirty minutes. Diana Rodnie finally converted after a full two minutes of the ball being in the Treason box where Kroningdam couldn’t get it into the net and Treason couldn’t get the ball clear. For the rest of the half, and the first ten minutes of the second half, the smart money was on Treason equalising. Nadir came close twice whilst Mohammad Islam was unlucky when a deflection took the power out of a 35 yard shot which looked destined for the back of the net. However, an ill-judged back pass from Bruux Ziebruux set Luuc Broen free to round Besart Schankelen and double the Kroningdam lead. The second goal, and the accompanying cacophony of noise by the home fans, gave Kroningdam a huge burst of confidence. Rodnie and Broen were both unlucky not to get second goals, whilst Timo Jong had the agony of VAR ruling his header out for a toe offside. In the end, it was Ben Kann who got the final goal - clipping Evan Ostin ball into the net in the eighty-second minute. For BSC Kroningdam, it’s the kind of result which could be the catalyst for an unexpectedly high-achieving season. For a shell shocked Treason, the moment where they sink or swim.

There was less excitement when Zilverstraat hosted Tocigtuon. Neither side was able to get going in a match which was marked by a series of fouls, including a red card for Zilverstraat’s Maci Kammen. CF Bondstad relied on a piece of magic from Maeri Beniut in a surprisingly tight fixture against Oostelund. After picking the ball up deep in her own half, Beniut took it passed almost the entirety of the Oostleund side before nut-megging Krisztián Gavreau. At De Volkenstadion, De Commons were back to their best with a convincing thrashing of Pingstrand - Wera Pauwelz getting a hattrick as the side came out as 4-1 victors. It was a seven goal thriller amongst the rain in Tucanviul. Goals from Tatiana Brandis and Tiubi Jacobse put the homeside two goals ahead. However, three quick goals from Wil De Lang, Naldaboa and Maarli Asweurth put the Wrijgers into the break ahead. With the rain intensifying, a slippy pitch led to Padrig Singh bringing down Urzula Klaasen in the box. Klaasen duly converted to equalise. With just ten minutes left on the clock, Jeni Recht came off the bench to finalise the win for Wilaamstad. The win puts Wilaamstad at the top of the table.

Matchday Seven

Bondstad Treason 2 - 2 Zilverstraat SC
Wilaamstad Wrijgers 1 - 2 BSC Kroningdam
Pingstrand FC 1 - 4 Tucanviul Tijgers
Oostelund Cavalaars 0 - 4 De Commons
Tocigtuon Taun 1 - 1 CF Bondstad

If the first half showed why Treason are struggling this season, the second half showed why you cannot possibly count them out. It was forty-five minutes of hell for the first side: amongst torrential rain, the side went into the break two goals - and two players down. The first came after just eight minutes, Jeckish defender Jerrard Lovell clattered into Maarta Denell. The red card was perhaps a little unfair. And salt was added to the wound when the penalty was dutifully converted by Hugo Sint Lo. Treason looked shell-shocked, and the usually reliable midfield were unable to provide anything close to a match to Sint Lo and Denell - who were dominating proceedings. Indeed, that Zilverstraat weren’t unable to press their advantage further will perhaps raise some eyebrows amongst their coaching staff: Lizbet Huel was ineffective when having the ball in the Treason half and Kori Cauwden was silent through-out. That said, Mikal Handschoenen’s headed goal at the half-hour mark and Walt Beunaad’s second yellow card for persistent following meant that Zilverstraat were in a dominating position going into the break. It was a different Treason side which emerged: Mohammad Islam refound his ability to find a killer pass from anywhere whilst Lonau Puotnaam and Sieger Coeman consistently made runs which put the Zilverstraat defence in knots. It would be Coeman who got the first goal: Audoslavian teenager Philothy Den Uyl played a fabulous through-ball to fellow-countryman Hilario Nadir. Nadir turned on a sixpence to round his marker, before dotting the ball to Coeman who slid in the mud to poke it into the net. Treason would continue to dominate - but were unable to find a goal. Nadir came close, Sjors Koken even closer before Kameron Bondstad had his headed effort cleared off the line by the outstretched hand of Mikal Handschoenen. After a period of confusion, Handschoenen saw red. Islam converted the penalty to give Treason an equaliser and reduce Zilverstraat’s man advantage to one. A good performance with the gloves by Arran Ritchard kept the scores level, but Treason fans will know that more performance anything like the quality they put in will be enough to see their team begin to rise up the table again.

League leaders Wilaamstad at home to BSC Kroningam - Mikaal Kok’s first half opener was undone by two quick goals at the hour mark. The first came from Evan Ostin on his 37th birthday before Diana Rodnie added a second two minutes later. Wilaamstad were perhaps the better side but couldn’t find a goal. The result will come as a bitter blow to Pingstrand fans - who had been hoping that the debutants would provide a cushion for their own mediocrity. Alas, Pingstrand went down to a heavy home defeat to Tucanviul - Urzula Klaasen getting a hattrick for the Tijgers. De Commons also had a big away win: knocking four past Oostelund. Fleur Rietdekker was the star of the show - setting up two and getting a goal herself - but the real story was Krisztián Gavreau’s awful day in the net. At least two of the De Common’s goals were easily savable - leaving the young Farf with a lot to prove in the rest of the season. At Grajsstraat, Tocigtuon were fortunate to draw against CF Bondstad. A rotated Bondstad side were by far superior - with the likes of Franc Tucanviul and Matilde Schaap putting in great auditions for a more regular spot. However, a vintage Lex Horn performance in between the sticks was enough for the points to be shared.

Matchday Eight

CF Bondstad 0 - 2 Bondstad Treason
BSC Kroningdam 2 - 0 Zilverstraat SC
De Commons 4 - 0 Tocigtuon Taun
Tucanviul Tijgers 2 - 1 Oostelund Cavalaars
Wilaamstad Wrijgers 6 - 2 Pingstrand FC

The Bondstad Derby is always one of the premier days in the Saari sporting calendar. With both sides coming into the game with lots to prove, there was all the makings of a classic. Unfortunately, it will probably go down as one of the worst intra-capital clashes for a while. Neither side were willing to risk creating any advantage for themselves, and neither was there the drama caused by nervousness. Chances were few and far between: Maeri Beniut came close on one end, and Lonau Puotnaam at the other, but the sides went into the break deadlocked with neither looking likely to break the deadlock. You’ve seen the score: Treason won. But it wasn’t because of any second half heroics. The goals just kinda … happened? The first, in the manner of all goals in boring games, came from a corner. Judi Buren whipped the ball in. Mark Romero punched it away. Bruux Ziebruux headed the punch away into the net. To be fair, Treason’s next goal was a lot better: a good passage of quick passing allowed Ceutiz Maazden to cut in, dummy shot and tap to Hilario Nadir who converted. CF Bondstad never looked likely to get back into the game, whilst Treason looked too nervous to push for a third. A disappointment.

In the other fixtures, Kroningdam moved into the playoff spots with a fine win over Zilverstraat. Both goals - via Luuc Broen and Diana Rodnie - came in an action packed first half, which also saw both sides miss penalties. De Commons got their second 4-0 win in a row, with Wera Pauwelz getting a hat-trick. Eighteen year old Alexaandeur Teunizen came off the bench to get the fourth with a cracking scissor kick at the edge of the box. Despite a good win over Oostelund, Tucanviul fans will be going home slightly concerned after Urzula Klaasen was clutching her hamstring as she substituted off in the dying minutes. Klaasen has been the star of the Tijgers season thus far - including a goal today. Wilaamstad-Pingstrand matches used to be crunch matches for who would finish bottom. But after a 6-2 win, Wilaamstad have cemented their lead at the top of the table. Pingstrand actually started off the more lively side: Quentin de Pena got a well worked goal after fifteen minutes and was unlucky not to get a second. But when Wilaamstad got in their stride, they were unbeatable. Goals from Maarli Asweurth, Ross Grandstaff, Hylda Dafyd and Chaz Mueldeur, as well as a Wil De Lang brace put the side in a commanding position. A late Csaen Ziumun mistake allowed Pingstrand a consolation goal to take it to 6-2, but Wilaamstad’s chances of a first Playoff place in their current Wrijgers iteration is looking increasingly more likely.

Matchday Nine

Pingstrand FC 2 - 0 BSC Kroningdam
Oostelund Cavalaars 2 - 3 Wilaamstad Wrijgers
Tocigtuon Taun 1 - 3 Tucanviul Tijgers
Bondstad Treason 1 - 3 De Commons
Zilverstraat SC 2 - 4 CF Bondstad

Matchday Ten

Oostelund Cavalaars 1 - 1 CF Bondstad
Tocigtuon Taun 1 - 0 Zilverstraat SC
Wilaamstad Wrijgers 2 - 2 Bondstad Treason
BSC Kroningdam 0 - 1 Tucanviul Tijgers
Pingstrand FC 0 - 3 De Commons

Matchday Eleven

De Commons 4 - 1 Oostelund Cavalaars
Tucanviul Tijgers 2 - 0 Pingstrand FC
BSC Kroningdam 1 - 0 Wilaamstad Wrijgers
Bondstad Treason 2 - 0 Tocigtuon Taun
CF Bondstad 1 - 0 Zilverstraat SC

Matchday Twelve

Zilverstraat SC 2 - 0 Oostelund Cavalaars
Bondstad Treason 1 - 0 CF Bondstad
Tocigtuon Taun 0 - 0 BSC Kroningdam
Pingstrand FC 0 - 1 Wilaamstad Wrijgers
Tucanviul Tijgers 2 - 2 De Commons

Matchday Thirteen

Oostelund Cavalaars 1 - 2 Tucanviul Tijgers
De Commons 2 - 0 Wilaamstad Wrijgers
Pingstrand FC 2 - 0 Tocigtuon Taun
BSC Kroningdam 1 - 1 CF Bondstad
Zilverstraat SC 0 - 2 Bondstad Treason

Matchday Fourteen

Oostelund Cavalaars 0 - 1 Bondstad Treason
Zilverstraat SC 3 - 2 BSC Kroningdam
CF Bondstad 3 - 0 Pingstrand FC
Tocigtuon Taun 1 - 2 De Commons
Wilaamstad Wrijgers 2 - 1 Tucanviul Tijgers

Matchday Fifteen

Wilaamstad Wrijgers 2 - 0 Oostelund Cavalaars
Tucanviul Tijgers 0 - 0 Tocigtuon Taun
De Commons 1 - 2 CF Bondstad
Pingstrand FC 0 - 2 Zilverstraat SC
Bondstad Treason 4 - 2 BSC Kroningdam

Matchday Sixteen

Oostelund Cavalaars 2 - 4 BSC Kroningdam
Bondstad Treason 6 - 1 Pingstrand FC
Zilverstraat SC 2 - 0 De Commons
CF Bondstad 1 - 2 Tucanviul Tijgers
Tocigtuon Taun 2 - 0 Wilaamstad Wrijgers

Matchday Seventeen

Tocigtuon Taun 0 - 0 Oostelund Cavalaars
Wilaamstad Wrijgers 2 - 0 CF Bondstad
Tucanviul Tijgers 1 - 1 Zilverstraat SC
De Commons 0 - 2 Bondstad Treason
BSC Kroningdam 1 - 0 Pingstrand FC

Matchday Eighteen

CF Bondstad 2 - 1 Tocigtuon Taun
Bondstad Treason 3 - 0 Tucanviul Tijgers
Zilverstraat SC 4 - 2 Wilaamstad Wrijgers
Oostelund Cavalaars 1 - 0 Pingstrand FC
BSC Kroningdam 1 - 2 De Commons


First Elimination Game: CF Bondstad 2 - 0 Tucanviul Tijgers
Second Elimination Game: Wilaamstad Wrijgers 3 - 0 CF Bondstad
Qualifying Game: Bondstad Treason 2 - 1 De Commons
Semi Final: De Commons 2 - 4 Wilaamstad Wrijgers
Final: Bondstad Treason 2 - 0 Wilaamstad Wrijgers

Relegation Playoff: Oostelund Cavalaars 1 - 0 FC Einst van Mei



[NONL] Muutbek Mijnwerkers 2 - 0 CvF Hoegaarden [NONL]
[DLAE] DSCV Wilaamstad 1 - 4 Noorstad Bondt [DVLC]
[DVBW] Zwynhuem Kosmos 0 - 2 Jacobviul Zions [DLBE]
[NONL] Beetjetuon Wrijgers 0 - 1 CvF Kraalhuump [NONL] aet
[DVBW] BFC Oostelund 0 - 2 Haatveld FC [DVLC]
[DLBE] Tordidou Cluub 0 - 0 Defijzez Taun [DVBW] Defijzez Taun advance 3-0 on penalties
[DVLC] Haarnatuon FC 0 - 2 Tiem Nieuwhaven [DVLC]
[DVLC] Hertshoorn Staags 2 - 4 Caan Taun [NONL]
[DLAE] SS Williamstad 2 - 0 Oude Jongens [NONL]
[NONL] Wilaamstad Woolven 1 - 0 De Zwoendareurs FC [DLBE] aet
[DLAE] GSC Prebende Tuinen 2 - 0 SSB Sportieve Cluub [NONL]
[NONL] Kliftuon Taun 0 - 6 Volken Bondstad [DVLC]
[DLBE] Wilaamstad FC 0 - 2 AC Lesaj [DVBW]
[DVLC] Oud Saarum Atletiek 2 - 0 VKSC Tucanviul [DVBW]
[NONL] NAC Brijviul 0 - 1 Wistuon Atletiek [DVBW]
[DVBW] FC Ghoberg Victorie 2 - 0 VKSC Oorlberg [DVBW]
[DLAE] Internationale Bondstad 4 - 0 Broegen FC [DVBW]
[NONL] Zion Bondstad 6 - 1 Haalfod Stadt Reuzen [NONL]
[DLBE] Jodi van Cattenberg Straat FC 2 - 3 Pymtuon Raadicals [DVBW] aet
[DVLC] Niuewgroenlund FC 2 - 0 Atletiek Haaglanden [NONL]
[NONL] FC Bruenaal 0 - 5 Centrum FC [DVLC]
[DLAE] Vrouwen Cluub Bondstad 4 - 2 Manen Eigen FC [DVBW] aet
[DVBW] FC Chypenberg 0 - 1 VKSC Nationaal Bondstad [DLAE]
[DLBE] Wateurlui Wilaamstad 2 - 0 Kataryjn Pottens [DVBW]
[NONL] Bondstad Cooperatief 0 - 0 Heuvelgalg Bondstad [DLBE] Heuvelgalg Bondstad advance 6-5 on penalties
[DVBW] Oorlberg Infanterie 0 - 2 Bondstad Nieuw Cluub [DLAE]
[DVBW] BG Nootkamp 0 - 4 CvF Sint Markus [DLAE]
[DLBE] Nationaal Wilaamstad 1 - 1 Treason Park Pheonix [NONL] Treason Park Pheonix advance 4-3 on penalties
[DVBW] Sportieve Kroningdam 0 - 3 Nord-Bondstad FC [DLAE]
[DLBE] AC Groenbuurt 2 - 0 Sportieve Vrijberg [DVBW]
[DVBW] Melklund Buitenlanders 2 - 0 CA Hellevoietsluis [NONL]
[DLBE] Bondstad Libiniteit 1 - 0 Tuunvajl AC [NONL] aet
[DVLC] Ghoberg Uilen 3 - 0 Vrijtuon Wrijgers [DVBW]
[DVBW] Volkenstad SC 3 - 2 Doekamp Dynamoe [DLAE]

[DVLC] Noorstad Bondt 4 - 2 Wateurlui Wilaamstad [DLBE]
[DLBE] Jacobviul Zions 0 - 3 CA Marlhuem Paak [LEG2]
[NONL] CvF Kraalhuump 0 - 2 Internationale Bondstad [DLAE]
[DVLC] Haatveld FC 0 - 1 Bondstad Kosmopolitisch [LEG2]
[DVBW] Defijzez Taun 0 - 3 CvF Oudhaven [LEG2]
[DVLC] Tiem Nieuwhaven 2 - 4 Groen Paak Rofeurs [LEG2]
[NONL] Caan Taun 1 - 0 Vrouwen Cluub Bondstad [DLAE] aet
[DVLC] Volken Bondstad 6 - 0 Melklund Buitenlanders [DVBW]
[DVBW] AC Lesaj 2 - 0 GSC Prebende Tuinen [DLAE]
[DVBW] Wistuon Atletiek 3 - 1 Zion Bondstad [NONL]
[DVBW] Pymtuon Raadicals 2 - 0 Ghoberg Uilen [DVLC]
[DVLC] Centrum FC 5 - 1 Muutbek Mijnwerkers [NONL]
[DLAE] VKSC Nationaal Bondstad 3 - 2 AC Groenbuurt [DLBE] aet
[DLBE] Heuvelgalg Bondstad 0 - 2 Oud Saarum Atletiek [DVLC]
[DLAE] Bondstad Nieuw Cluub 3 - 0 Wilaamstad Woolven [NONL]
[DLAE] CvF Sint Markus 3 - 1 Bondstad Libiniteit [DLBE]
[NONL] Treason Park Pheonix 0 - 4 SS Haaglanden [LEG2]
[DLAE] Nord-Bondstad FC 0 - 2 Tiugz FC [LEG2]
[DLAE] SS Williamstad 2 - 4 Niuewgroenlund FC [DVLC]
[DVBW] FC Ghoberg Victorie 2 - 2 CvF Lyntveld [LEG2] Ghoberg Victorie advance 7-6 on penalties
[LEG2] CVD Speelvelden Wiclyf 4 - 0 FC Einst van Mei [LEG2]
[DVBW] Volkenstad SC 0 - 3 Bondstad Victorie [LEG2]

[LEG2] CA Marlhuem Paak 1 - 2 Tucanviul Tijgers [LEGA]
[DLAE] Internationale Bondstad 2 - 0 VKSC Nationaal Bondstad [DLAE]
[LEG2] Bondstad Kosmopolitisch 3 - 1 Wistuon Atletiek [DVBW]
[LEG2] CvF Oudhaven 4 - 0 Caan Taun [NONL]
[LEG2] Groen Paak Rofeurs 2 - 4 Wilaamstad Wrijgers [LEGA]
[DVLC] Oud Saarum Atletiek 0 - 0 CvF Sint Markus [DLAE] CvF Sint Markus advance 2-0 on penalties
[LEG2] SS Haaglanden 0 - 1 Bondstad Treason [LEGA]
[LEG2] Tiugz FC 0 - 0 CVD Speelvelden Wiclyf [LEG2] CVD Speelvelden Wiclyf advance 5-4 on penalties
[DVLC] Niuewgroenlund FC 0 - 3 Pingstrand FC [LEGA]
[LEG2] Bondstad Victorie 4 - 2 FC Ghoberg Victorie [DVBW]
[LEGA] De Commons 1 - 1 Zilverstraat SC [LEGA] De Commons advance 8-7 on penalties
[LEGA] BSC Kroningdam 3 - 0 Volken Bondstad [DVLC]
[DVLC] Centrum FC 1 - 2 CF Bondstad [LEGA]
[DLAE] Bondstad Nieuw Cluub 2 - 4 Noorstad Bondt [DVLC]
[LEGA] Tocigtuon Taun 6 - 2 AC Lesaj [DVBW]
[DVBW] Pymtuon Raadicals 0 - 1 Oostelund Cavalaars [LEGA]

[LEG2] CVD Speelvelden Wiclyf 1 - 2 BSC Kroningdam [LEGA] aet
[LEGA] CF Bondstad 2 - 0 Tocigtuon Taun [LEGA]
[LEGA] Tucanviul Tijgers 4 - 1 CvF Oudhaven [LEG2]
[DLAE] CvF Sint Markus 0 - 3 De Commons [LEGA]
[LEGA] Pingstrand FC 2 - 1 Bondstad Victorie [LEG2]
[LEGA] Wilaamstad Wrijgers 4 - 1 Internationale Bondstad [DLAE]
[LEGA] Bondstad Treason 2 - 0 Oostelund Cavalaars [LEGA] aet
[DVLC] Noorstad Bondt 0 - 1 Bondstad Kosmopolitisch [LEG2]

[LEGA] BSC Kroningdam 2 - 0 Bondstad Treason [LEGA]
[LEGA] De Commons 3 - 1 Pingstrand FC [LEGA]
[LEG2] Bondstad Kosmopolitisch 2 - 3 Tucanviul Tijgers [LEGA] aet
[LEGA] CF Bondstad 3 - 4 Wilaamstad Wrijgers [LEGA]

[LEGA] Tucanviul Tijgers 1 - 1 BSC Kroningdam [LEGA] Tucanviul Tijgers advance 4-2 on penalties
[LEGA] Wilaamstad Wrijgers 2 - 0 De Commons [LEGA]

[LEGA] Wilaamstad Wrijgers 2 - 2 Tucanviul Tijgers [LEGA] Tucanviul Tijgers win 4-3 on penalties

PostPosted: Tue Dec 29, 2020 11:44 am
by The Sarian

287-288 LegaSaari Season

LegaSaari Preview


Full Name: Fuutbol Cluub Bondstad Treason (Football Club Bondstad Treason)
Common Name: Bondstad Treason
Nickname(s): Treason, De Jonge Broers (The Little Brothers)
Youth Side: Jong Treason

Home Stadium: De Stadionnational, Bondstad (Cap: 50,046)

Debut Season: 274-75
Honours: LegaSaari Champions x 1

Last Season:
LegaSaari: First, Playoff Winners
KopaSaari: Quarter Finals
IFCF Challengers Cup: Qualifying Round
FFI Liga dos Vencedores: Quarter Finals

Head Coach: Irina Witt
Captain: Walt Beunaad
Best XI (4-2-3-1): Besart Schankelen / Walt Beunaad, Kameron Bondstad, Jerrard Lovell, Ceutiz Maazden / Zej Saari, Wilaam Kindvanjohan / Lonau Puotnaam, Mohammad Islam, Judi Buren / Hilario Nadir

Full Squad:
Goalkeepers: 1 - Besart Schankelen (NPH), 21 - Ulf Svensson (SVJ), 25 - Wighed Kindvanben*
Defence: 2 - Ceutiz Maazden, 4 - Kameron Bondstad, 5 - Walt Beunaad, 12 - Lunaa Advocaat, 15 - Jerrard Lovell (JEC), 16 - Abigajl Halam, 19 - Islaa Moeris, 20 - Neil Blackwood (CBP)*, 22 - Poeli Rogheurz , 24 - Anwar Bracero (AUD)
Midfield: 3 - Wilaam Kindvanjohan*, 6 - Izajeu Nej, 7 - Lonau Puotnaam, 8 - Mohammad Islam, 10 - Zej Saari, 13 - Judi Buren, 14 - Henri Laan, 17 - Sieger Coeman, 18 - Fleur Baeri, 27 - Gari Ayeurs, 31 - Han Zexian (HIN)
Forwards: 9 - Hilario Nadir (AUD), 11 - Sjors Koken, 23 - Wren Maartel
* New Transfer

Background: The foreplay in the run-up to Bondstad's first ever title was long lasting and exhilarating - season after season of edging, coming closer each time. Young prospects turned into mature stars in front of our eyes and some sensible signings had more of the feel of a good addition to the cast rather than buying success. Heartbreaks, disappointments and near misses littered the history of the maturing club. And then the main event - they commanded the season, looked unstoppable in the Playoffs and won handedly. And.... no-one cared. The national team's qualification for the World Cup had sucked up all the oxygen. For those clued up on late-naughties culture on RealLifeStates, the whole thing was a bit like Lily Allen's Not Fair.

Since winning the league, the discourse has changed for Treason. They are no longer the plucky underdogs trying to win their first league, but embedded members of the national footballing establishment. Whilst they're yet to get an expletive laden nickname, one can't help feel it's only a matter of time. It is perhaps for that reason that the side seems to have forgone improving themselves much over the break. Wilaam Kindvanjohan is a quality signing, yes, but he's the only quality signing. And he fits the 'good, young and relatively cheap' mould rather than an inspiring spark. The transfer made with the head rather than the heart; one where people need their heads in the pub approvingly when they hear it has been finalised but nobody was pumping the air with glee.

That said, there is still much to love about the Treason team: Mohammad Islam continues to lead both the attack and the midfield, staying at the club despite being one of the handful of Saari players who could make a successful career overseas. And for an attacking-minded side, the defence is probably the strongest part of the side: Kameron Bondstad and Jerrard Lovell's partnership last year was the difference between the title and another near-miss season, whilst Walt Beunaad still seems to have a couple of good seasons left in him - his retirement from the national side an extra stroke of good luck for Irina Witt. And Ceutiz Maazden? It's almost becoming unfair to call him a right-back given how much he dominates the entire right side of the field. This is a side that won last year and they would be a good bet to repeat the trick. And this time, people might even sit up and watch.


Full Name: Bondt Sportieve Club van Kroningdam (United Sporting Club of Kroningdam)
Common Name: BSC Kroningdam
Nickname(s): The Mariners, The Northerners
Youth Side: BSC Kroningdam Jeuf

Home Stadium: Drietandgrond, Kroningdam (Cap: 18,500)

Debut Season: 286-7
Honours: LegaSaari 2 Champions x 1

Last Season:
LegaSaari: Seventh
KopaSaari: Semi-final
IFCF Liga B Champions Trophy: Quarter Final

Head Coach: Filip Benjuun
Captain: Maeri Achteren
Best XI (4-5-1): Thomas McGregor / Wu Zexi, Timo Jong, Poeli Nieuwstad, Maeri Achteren / Luuc Broen, Bruux Porter, Bloem Auteberi, Larissa Canales, Yao Xinyue / Diana Rodnie

Full Squad:
Goalkeepers: 1 - Thomas McGregor (AUD), 21 - Jodi Kendryk, 23 - Cwinn Majsi
Defence: 3 - Maeri Ster, 4 - Maeri Achteren, 6 - Rik Beck, 12 - Timo Jong, 13 - Wu Zexi (HIN) 15 - Poeli Nieuwstad, 18 - Wes Dixuun, 19 - Casey Farag (EFL), 22 - Sofia Pek
Midfield: 2- Jon Schutter, 5 - Bloem Auteberi*, 8 - Luuc Thirza, 10 - Larissa Canales (COS), 11 - Luuc Broen, 14 - Lauri Asynk, 16 - Bruux Porter, 17 - Yao Xinyue (HIN), 20 - Hari Karter, 52 - Cryspyn Takkaar
Forwards: 7 - Diana Rodnie, 9 - Ben Kann, 24 - Kam Grijs, 32 - Harrison Reynolds (TKT)*
* New Transfer

Background: Kroningdam is a damp, dreary, industrial city in the far north of The Sarian. No team really wants to travel there, and those that do leave as soon as they can. Yet, out of that steampunk dystopia has risen a half decent football team. Whatever is put in the northern water has created a style of football not really seen in the rest of the league. It isn't pretty, but it's perfectly perfunctory. The hyper-physicality and long punts forward make it seem like it has never come into contact with a book on tactics written in the past forty years. And when you remember that the Head Coach is Filip Benjuun, two time LegaSaari winner with CF Bondstad and their polar opposite style of football, the whole thing is even more bizarre.

Regardless of what you think about how they play, BSC Kroningdam come into their sophomore season with a slight spring in their step. Last season went better than expected: solidly in the bottom half of the table but with no real threat to their league place. Now they want to build on it and, frankly, that seems eminently doable. Bloem Auteberi was the headline purchase - the former De Commons midfielder has gone from squad-player to star of her new side and will seek to remind everyone about all the promise she had as a national side capped teenager. Other than that, the squad's strength is it's cohesiveness - you look at every player to a tee and they just make sense wearing a Kroningdam shirt.

Of course, some stand out more than others: Timo Jong could easily make a living at a larger side, if transfer departments weren't terrified that he would steal their lunch money. Built like a butch rugby prop, the central defender acts as much as a deterrence as anything else. Luuc Broen encapsulates the old-style wide midfielder, negating any style but providing oodles of substance - setting up either Diana Rodnie or Ben Kann to devastating effect. The two contenders for the number 9 shirt couldn't be more different: Rodnie is nimble, slim-built and almost twink-ish, adept at turning any loose ball into something. Kann on the other-hand is a classic bully in the mould of provincial Saari football - Lach Houten on steroids. He throws his weight around, dives like a swallow and will stamp on the foot of any defender that dares to mark him, if he thinks he can get away with it. Rodnie is currently preferred - having made the step-up to the first division much quicker than Kann - but both are fantastic options for the side.


Full Name: Cluub van Fuutbol Bondstad (Club of Football Bondstad)
Common Name: CF Bondstad
Nickname(s): The Citizens, The Bastards
Youth Side: CF Bondstad Jeuf

Home Stadium: De Stadionnational, Bondstad (Cap: 50,046)

Debut Season: 269
Honours: LegaSaari Champions x 9, KopaSaari Champions x 1

Last Season:
LegaSaari: Fourth; Playoff Second Elimination Game
KopaSaari: Quarter Finals
Champions' League: First Preliminary Round
Challengers' Cup: Third Preliminary Round
Cup Winners' Cup: First Round
FFI Liga dos Vencedores: Final

Head Coach: Lonau Pourytt
Captain: Luc Bisop
Best XI (3-5-2): Mark Romero / Hiro Sarutobi-Zeegelaar, Geun Mee-Kyong, Henri Brejzun / Franc Tucanviul, Luc Bisop, Sepp Goldman, Piteur Jong, Maeri Beniut / Lach Houten, Stela Killam

Full Squad:
Goalkeepers: 1 - Mark Romero (NWK), 13 - Waldo Stundmun, 21 - Jaci Aleksandeur, 51 - Nourulue Poname (TIO)*
Defence: 3 - Hiro Sarutobi-Zeegelaar (HIN), 4 - Geun Mee-Kyong (HIN), 5 - Cserize Apeldoorn, 6 - Henri Brejzun, 12 - Wendi Sexton, 19 - Wilford Bas, 24 - Eliot Aarden
Midfield: 2 - Makoto Honda, 7 - Maeri Beniut, 10 - Luc Bisop, 11 - Tansi Kindvanjodi, 14 - Diemer Huunt, 15 - Sepp Goldman (NPH)*, 16 - Franc Tucanviul, 18 - Piteur Jong, 20 - Betti Fuulcoe, 23 - Olaaf Prins
Forwards: 8 - Lach Houten, 9 - Stela Killam, 17 - Cain Woods, 39 - Wes Wuudham*
* New Transfer

Background: Bastards isn't an especially nice word in any language, but it carries extra meaning in The Sarian. The Saari people identify themselves the Bustard - the national animal which came back from near extinction. Bastard is a twist of that, signifying a lack of belonging to the nation; the bastard son of the bustard nation. So why are CF Bondstad routinely called bastards? Well, to start off with: they kinda are. They carry a certain arrogance that comes with being the most successful team in league history, and somehow manage to get unbelievably lucky in the process. If there is an unfair, last minute penalty which settles a hard fought game it always seems to go to CF Bondstad. Secondly, football in The Sarian is traditionally a provincial game: and the provinces hate the capital. CF Bondstad personifies everything de volken hate about the capital - wealthy, cosmopolitan, neoliberal. De Commons banned overseas players, CF Bondstad built a team out of them.

And what a team it is too - the young duo from Kita-Hinode of Hiro Sarutobi-Zeegelaar and Geun Mee-Kyong are expertly joined by Henri Brejzun to make a cracking back three, which in unafraid to break into the midfield in the team's fluid style. Luc Bisop brings experience and ground the midfield whilst Pietr Jong brings the flair of young, attacking potential. Sepp Goldman joins from Brookford Otters in Nephara, built more in the mould of Bisop - not a bad thing in a team full of showboaters. But it is Maeri Beniut and Lach Houten that provide the star attractions. Beniut is the standout player of her generation - infinitely intelligent with the ball whilst still remaining a joy to watch. Houten is the national team forward, and became the most expensive Saari player ever when he made the switch from Tucanviul three years back. He's a bully and a brute, stronger than most who dare to oppose him and with the ability to get a goal when his team needs him. Frankly, he's the most provincial player that Bondstad have yet still manages to characterise everything they hate about the club.

Yet for all this starpower, Bondstad's attempts to defend their ninth LegaSaari title ended in a humiliating fourth. There have been some aborted attempts to make excuses for this: yes, the fatigue of their trio of national team stars - Bisop, Beniut and Houten - being bright lights in the national team's very long qualification campaign didn't help matters. But CF Bondstad weren't alone in being affected by this. Ultimately, other sides learned how to tackle Bondstad better - the gaps left in the defense when Sarutobi-Zeegelaar ventured forward; Tansi Kindvanjodi's poor suitability to doubling as a wing-back when the situation called for it. When you notice the flaws, they become easier to deal with. Bondstad look as sharp as ever, but can they succeed again if the fundamentals of their approach remain stubbornly in place?


Full Name: Club van de Speelvelden Wiclyf (Club from the Wiclyf Playing Fields)
Common Name: CVDS Wiclyf
Nickname(s): The Dragons, Maroon and Gold
Youth Side: CVDS Wiclyf Onder 19

Home Stadium: Nieuwhol, Bondstad (Cap: 12,420)

Debut Season: 287-8
Honours: LegaSaari 2 x 1

Last Season:
LegaSaari 2: Second; Playoff Winner
KopaSaari: Round Four
IFCF Liga B Champions Trophy: First Preliminary Round

Head Coach: Katalin Csech
Captain: Hajli Borst
Best XI (4-4-1-1): Doenald Yda / Montgomerie Blauw, Filip Pajn, Ela Bulle, Marc Merken / Jack Churchfather, Jens Foord, Hajli Borst, Lucie Joy / Timo Apeloe / Sjoren Swidhun

Full Squad:
Goalkeepers: 1 - Doenald Yda, 12 - Conrad Hurst (TKT)*, 21 - Trudie Steenman
Defence: 2 - Marc Merken, 3 - Montgomerie Blauw, 13 - Coaa Kindvanhenri, 15 - Maeri Aiken, 5 - Filip Pajn, 6 - Ela Bulle*, 25 - Aron Sajle, 34 - Freja Aadeon
Midfield: 4 - Gajlen Akkeur, 7 - Lucie Joy*, 8 - Hajli Borst, 10 - Timo Apeloe, 11 - Alaana Franc, 14 - Jon Vrijdwald, 16 - Jens Foord, 17 - Maarlin Aatinc, 18 - Jack Churchfather (NPH)*
Forwards: 9 - Sjoren Swidhun, 19 - Bart Blauw, 24 - Keli Conyt, 27 - Elys Kindvanluuc
* New Transfer

Background: For the last couple of seasons, predictions of a difficult season for the LegaSaari newcomers have been grossly overstated: Oostelund and Zilverstraat remain firmly embedded - with Zilverstraat being credible playoff contenders. And last season, BSC Kroningdam never looked under any threat of going down. And as the length of time that the second division clubs have been professionalised only increases, the two divisions only become closer in quality. So... are Wiclyf out of the words? Probably not. The first couple of seasons of relegation removed some of the chaffe. Tiugz FC played horrifically dated football with a horrifically dated squad. Pingstrand FC came last in the eight team LegaSaari almost always. But there isn't really anyone left. That isn't to say that Wiclyf will be a disaster, just they have a fight on their hands - and will need to overcome some teams that are, on paper, slightly better than them.

Their defence seems up to the task. Montgomerie Blauw adds to the collection of fantastic Saari left-backs. Built in the Walt Beunaad mould, he manages to be five places at once without falling into the trap of being a fullback who's a bit crap at actually defending. Filip Pajn and Ela Bulle - the latter an absolute steal from De Commons - are as good a partnership as any you'll find higher up the league. It is the midfield which could have used some TLC, however. Jens Foord and Hajli Borst are fine, and Timo Apeloe is actually quite good. But they're all extremely onenote. Cornershop coffee in a world of artisan baristas. And to add insult to injury, Sjoren Swidhun remains the inconsistent, blooper reel mess that he's always been. In short, it's all looking very difficult for the newcomers.


Full Name: De Commons Fuutbol Cluub (De Commons Football Club)
Common Name: De Commons
Nickname(s): De Volkentiem (The Peoples’ Team)
Youth Side: Jong De Commons

Home Stadium: Volkenstadion, De Commons (Cap: 36,500)

Debut Season: 269
Honours: LegaSaari x 6

Last Season:
LegaSaari: Second; Playoff Semi Final
KopaSaari: Semi Final
IFCF Challengers' Cup: Group Stage
FFI Taça das Confederações: Eighth-Finals

Head Coach: Greg Nuun
Captain: Jaxon Pieuz
Best XI (4-2-3-1): Oodel Duoztiun / Trent Kindvanbruux, Jaxon Pieuz, Wilaam Braanviul, Dora Jacobs / Jodi Lauri, Winona Tolbert / Wictor Buul, Fleur Rietdekker, Cnut Zumer / Wera Pauwelz

Full Squad:
Goalkeepers: 1 - Oodel Duoztiun, 21 - Jauwst Kuipers, 23 - Tamra Aldenkamp, 30 - Angela Agent
Defence: 2 - Dora Jacobs, 3 - Trent Kindvanbruux, 4 - Wilaam Braanviul*, 5 - Zej Zamuuol, 6 - Jaxon Pieuz, 13 - Oli Desaari, 15 - Byrun Steenhouwer, 22 - Merci Sleutel, 24 - Aylz Graat
Midfield: 8 - Jodi Lauri, 10 - Fleur Rietdekker, 11 - Wictor Buul 14 - Henri Wuud, 17 - Moeris Brazingtuon, 19 - Nykol Buutleur 20 - Winona Tolbert, 44 - Luci Groen
Forwards: 7 - Cnut Zumer, 9 - Briutni Kindvanstefan, 12 - Wera Pauwelz, 25 - Alexaandeur Teunizen
* New Transfer

Background: De Volken Tiem. The people's team. The side the encapsulates the ultra-patriotic, fascist-esque-but-strangely-left-wing culture of Saari football like no other. It has got to the point that foreigners think De Commons refers to 'the people', but instead that's literally just the name of the city. It comes from farming practises several hundred years ago. A trip to De Volkenstadion is one every team fears - the tradition of stamping feet above the opposition's dressing room, the acoustics tuned to make the noise as loud as possible, the partisans in the South Stand. And that's before you go into the team - putting on a De Commons shirt seems to add an extra shot of hunger for every player. With the hoops arrives an expectation - if you succeed, you have a fan base willing to kill for you. There is a reason that the side is unbelievably successful.

There isn't really a part of the side you can fault. Oodel Duoztiun is the best goalkeeper in the league. In defence, Jaxon Pieuz is the longstanding national captain who grew up just 200 yards from the stadium. He is joined by one of either Wilaam Braanviul - a new signing from Zilverstraat, who is part of the reason for the club's successful transition into the LegaSaari over their first two seasons - or Zej Zamuuol, a scrappy yet effective defender who has been Pieuz's partner for club and country for half a decade. And in a nation full of fantastic left backs, Trent Kindvanbruux takes the crown: athletic, intelligent and a better crosser than most wingers. The midfield partnership of Jodi Lauri and Winona Tolbert is even greater than the sum of their (pretty impressive) parts. Tolbert takes the holding position, and has the uncanny talent to turn any opposition attack into a devastating De Commons counter-attack. Jodi Lauri runs more free, always dragging a defender away before finding the clever pass. On the wings, Cnut Zumer and Wictor Buul play with freedom and a touch of sparkle - having an adoring home-crowd cheer on every little trick - their plays finding the ever-talented Fleur Rietdekker and Wera Pauwelz. It's a team that Greg Nuun has spent a decade tweaking and perfecting, and is one of the reasons that the team is so revered.

De Commons fans resent going too long without a trophy, and it has now been two seasons since they last won the Lega. With the side never looking stronger, the desire to win only grows. If you make the trip to De Volkenstadion, you will be able to feel that enormous hunger palpate throughout. Football is the lifeblood of the area, and De Commons know that this could be their year. Will they deliver, or will the pressure get to the team?


Full Name: Oostelund Cavalaars (Oostelund Rangers)
Common Name: Oostelund Cavalaars
Nickname(s): De Cavalaars (The Rangers)
Youth Side: Oostelund Cadetten

Home Stadium: Groenpaak, Oostelund (Cap: 14,020)

Debut Season: 285-286
Honours: None

Last Season:
LegaSaari: Ninth
KopaSaari: Round Four

Head Coach: Markus Saari
Captain: Bonita Braziggtuon
Best XI (5-3-2): Maeri Woetkyns / Bonita Braziggtuon, Ruby George, Wil Commons, Egbert Radclijf, Caarmela Landpunt / Iola Rogevien, Pietr Beurkhaad, Arjen Myjnaat / Paul Leonhardsen, Fiona Norval

Full Squad:
Goalkeepers: 1 - Maeri Woetkyns*, 12 - Elija Kindvanbruux, 21 - Kendreur Veurlejy, 26 - Krisztián Gavreau (FFD)
Defence: 2 - Wiktor Ster, 3 - Bonita Braziggtuon, 5 - Egbert Radclijf, 6 - Ruby George (NPH), 13 - Wil Commons, 15 - Adal Gordijn, 18 - Caarmela Landpunt*, 22 - Tsaarlot Rajn, 23 - Luc Kindvantomas, 24 - Jo Ztricklund, 25 - Wes Znell, 48 - Iqbal Varma*
Midfield: 4 - Iola Rogevien, 7 - Lauren Scowcroft (BRE), 8 - Stajcie Aledia, 10 - Arjen Myjnaat, 14 - Loerel Haadwaj, 20 - Pietr Beurkhaad*, 32 - Benjamin Kieguun
Forwards: 11 - Fiona Norval (NPH), 17 - Paul Leonhardsen (NPH), 19 - Jodi Croena, 29 - Kori Bondstad
* New Transfer

Background: Oostelund have spent three years trying to get people to refer to them solely as De Cavalaars. It has been an endeavor that hasn't really worked, and provides a good metaphor for the side's experience in the LegaSaari thus far - they haven't really gotten anywhere. Though, treading water at one position above the relegation spot for a couple of years is infinitely better than dropping into the relegation spot.

They are the side that has arguably done the best out of the transfer window - Pietr Beurkhaad, Caarmela Landpunt and Maeri Woetkyn all go straight into the first team, and all frankly look like some of the club's future stars. For the last couple of seasons, the Nepharan duo of Fiona Norval and Paul Leonhardsen have been the main attraction. As good as they both are, two ageing, foreign strikers aren't the best foundation to build a football team from. Elsewhere, there are a number of players who were stars a decade ago - Bonita Braziggtuon, the former LegaSaari winner somehow continues into her early forties whilst Wiktor Sterr and Loerel Haadwaj aren't far off. Wil Commons provides the one bit of youth flair. Whilst the Lega season is only 18 games long, they come thick and fast - especially when intercut with the Kopa. We've seen before how sides that got too old failed to keep the pace. There is every risk that Oostelund face the same fate.


Full Name: Tocigtuon Taun Fuutbol Cluub (Tocigtuon Town Football Club)
Common Name: Tocigtuon Taun
Nickname(s): The Razzmatazz
Youth Side: Tocigtuon Jeuf

Home Stadium: Grajsstraat, Tocigtuon (Cap: 12,900)

Debut Season: 269
Honours: LegaSaari x 1

Last Season:
LegaSaari: Eighth
KopaSaari: Round Four

Head Coach: Karol Voeden
Captain: Lex Horn
Best XI (4-4-2): Lex Horn / Hari Kas, Dora Tolar, Peri Steen, Mati Kolen / Diemer Hajwuud, Aliuz Kapitein, Jennigje Houte, Tsaalie Pajn / Ghini Bondstad, Majori Aldar

Full Squad:
Goalkeepers: 1 - Lex Horn, 18 - Augustijn Kindvanevan, 23 - Jarod Peusen, 25 - Lanaa Visser
Defence: 2 - Crystinn Jager, 3 - Mati Kolen, 5 - Dora Tolar, 6 - Peri Steen, 12 - Lyzbet Sneiders, 13 - Hari Kas, 15 - Mel Dexteur, 17 - Jessamyn Sielen, 24 - Paul Brotor (KND)
Midfield: 4 - Jennigje Houte, 8 - Aliuz Kapitein, 10 - Catris Wacsh, 11 - Tsaalie Pajn, 14 - Frank Uptuun, 16 - Luuc Rietdekker, 19 - Diemer Hajwuud, 21 - Hju Miudgh
Forwards: 7 - Ghini Bondstad, 9 - Majori Aldar, 22 - Andrew Gallagher (XAN)*
* New Transfer

Background: Tocigtuon have quickly gone from perennial playoff challengers - even winning the league - to a lower-middle table outfit who somehow manage to be significantly weaker than the sum of their parts. Stemming from as nice a town you can get in De Middlelunds, the team has always struggled to find an identity.


Full Name: Tucanviul Tijgers (Tucanviul Tigers)
Common Name: Tucanviul Tijgers
Nickname(s): The Tijgers, The Tigers
Youth Side: Tucanviul Tijgerwelpen

Home Stadium: Stadion van de Oerwoud (Cap: 19,894)

Debut Season: 274-75
Honours: KopaSaari x 1

Last Season:
LegaSaari: Fifth, Playoff First Elimination Game
KopaSaari: Winner

Head Coach: Maartyn Horwoud
Captain: Criuzi Siwaad
Best XI (4-4-2): Cseralen Zwarte / Opreur Tzburn, Criuzi Siwaad, Makoto Mizoguchi, Diemer Haum / Xi Xe, Xandra Jenrik, Mejli Humel, Tiubi Jacobse / Urzula Klaasen, Tatiana Brandis

Full Squad:
Goalkeepers: 1 - Cseralen Zwarte, 21 - Izi Regens, 51 - Hisako Saito (HIN)
Defence: 2 - Diemer Haum, 3 - Opreur Tzburn, 5 - Aydan Klei, 6 - Criuzi Siwaad, 12 - Makoto Mizoguchi (HIN), 20 - Poeli Maandag, 22 - Fleur Straal, 23 - Kory Middlelund, 31 - Sjorn Tukeur, 33 - Rob Beek
Midfield: 4 - Xandra Jenrik, 7 - Luci Penn, 8 - Mejli Humel, 10 - Xi Xe (CMT), 15 - Ceut Dyzni*, 16 - Byrun Kindvancameurun, 18 - Guus Lajtun, 24 - Alan Roemyli, 25 - Chikako Mori (HIN)
Forwards: 9 - Tiubi Jacobse, 11 - Urzula Klaasen, 13 - Daryn Asselman* 14 - Tatiana Brandis (NPH), 17 - Morgan Nieuwlund, 19 - Graf Bronze (NPH)
* New Transfer



Full Name: De Wilaamstad Wrijgers Sportieve Cluub (The Wilaamstad Warriors Sporting Club)
Common Name: Wilaamstad Wrijgers
Nickname(s): The Wrijgers, The Warriors, Bondcluub
Youth Side: Jong Wrijgers

Home Stadium: Stadion Wrijgers (Cap: 20,010)

Debut Season: 269
Honours: LegaSaari x 1

Last Season:
LegaSaari: Third, Playoff Final
KopaSaari: Final

Head Coach: Dinesh Dhamija
Captain: Adell Alba
Best XI (4-4-2): Max Bul / Padrig Singh, Gila Chen, Gertrud Metselaar, Max Bruin / Luci Berenhaad, Adell Alba, Ross Grandstaff, Maarli Asweurth / Wil De Lang, Mikaal Kok

Full Squad:
Goalkeepers: 1 - Csaen Ziumun, 13 - Max Bul, 29 - Burt Gibis
Defence: 2 - Gila Chen (HIN), 3 - Theuobauld Wylki, 5 - Gertrud Metselaar, 6 - Esher Lynwuud, 14 - Areppo Nemomeru (HIN), 21 - Padrig Singh, 23 - Walt Iylbuurt, 25 - Max Bruin, 26 - Tara Hassett (BRE)*
Midfield: 4 - Robyn Amsigg, 8 - Adell Alba, 10 - Ross Grandstaff (BRE), 12 - Naldaboa (COS), 15 - Arveur Gryvyn, 17 - Luci Berenhaad*, 20 - Wout Saari, 22 - Melodi Vijver 24 - Jodie Dempen
Forwards: 7 - Maarli Asweurth, 9 - Wil De Lang, 11 - Hylda Dafyd, 18 - Jeni Recht, 19 - Mikaal Kok, 63 - Wilaamina Tsarmajn
* New Transfer



Full Name: Zilverstraat Sportieve Cluub (Zilver Street Sporting Club)
Common Name: Zilverstraat SC
Nickname(s): The Cul-de-Sac
Youth Side: Zilverstraat Jeuf

Home Stadium: Zilverstraat, Bondstad (Cap: 12,500)

Debut Season: 285-6
Honours: Development Leagues x 1

Last Season:
LegaSaari: Sixth
KopaSaari: Round Three

Head Coach: Barbara Gibb
Captain: Hugo Sint Lo
Best XI (5-4-1): Arran Ritchard / Randoel Raedmaeceu, Mikal Handschoenen, Maci Kammen, Matilde Schaap, Bendiks Paajar / Kori Cauwden, Hugo Sint Lo, Maarta Denell, Louise Reed / Lizbet Huel

Full Squad:
Goalkeepers: 1 - Arran Ritchard (NPH), 12 - Jon Meeuwis, 21 - Wulfryc Kindvanrod
Defence: 2 - Mikal Handschoenen, 3 - Matilde Schaap*, 5 - Maci Kammen, 6 - Andy Cross (SCT), 14 - Maja Olsman (KOR), 15 - Randoel Raedmaeceu, 18 - Lisanne Witt, 20 - Josh Hall (XAN)*, 23 - Alyzia Goed, 24 - Bendiks Paajar (SRS), 26 - Dei Kaparros (ASG), 27 - Paschal Haag, 28 - Jubenar Mallerbury (KOR)
Midfield: 4 - Maarta Denell, 8 - Hugo Sint Lo, 7 - Louise Reed (BRE), 10 - Kylie Kindvankameron, 11 - Braan Elzstein, 13 - Kori Cauwden, 17 - Penn Smid, 22 - Lizett Kindvanpietr*, 25 - Ootis Rojcz, 42 - Tony Santos (CBP)*
Forwards: 9 - Timon Admiraal, 16 - Katrien Faanham, 19 - Lizbet Huel,
* New Transfer


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by The Sarian

Regular Season Results:


Playoff Results:
Relegation Playoff: Oostelund Cavalaars 4 - 0 CA Marlhuem Paak

First Elimination Game: Zilverstraat SC 0 - 2 Tocigtuon Taun
Qualifying Game: De Commons 2 - 1 CF Bondstad (after extra time)
Second Elimination Game: Wilaamstad Wrijgers 1 - 1 Tocigtuon Taun (Tocigtuon Taun advance 4-1 on penalties)
Semi Final: CF Bondstad 4 - 0 Tocigtuon Taun
Final: De Commons 3 - 1 Wilaamstad Wrijgers


Quarter Finals
[LEGA] De Commons 4 - 2 Pingstrand FC [LEG2]
[LEG2] SS Haaglanden 1 - 2 Tucanviul Tijgers [LEGA] (after extra time)
[LEGA] BSC Kroningdam 2 - 2 CF Bondstad [LEGA] (BSC Kroningdam advance 6-5 on penalties)
[LEGA] Tocigtuon Taun 0 - 2 Wilaamstad Wrijgers[LEGA] (after extra time)

Semi Finals
[LEGA] Wilaamstad Wrijgers 3 - 2 Tucanviul Tijgers [LEGA]
[LEGA] BSC Kroningdam 1 - 2 De Commons [LEGA]

[LEGA] De Commons 5 - 1 Wilaamstad Wrijgers [LEGA]