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4th CMFA Melayu Archipelago Cup|Everything Thread (MA Only)

PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2020 9:22 pm
by Soracana Islands

The 4th CMFA Melayu Archipelago Cup

Melayu Archipelago Cup is the regional football competition contested by men's national football team in the region of Melayu Archipelago. The competition is organized by Confederation de Melayu Football Association (CMFA), the regional football governing body in Melayu Archipelago. This time the competition is held for its fourth edition and for this edition, Soracana Islands is selected to host the competition.

Host Selection
During the bidding process for hosting rights, 2 nations came up with their bids. They are Pemecutan and Soracana Islands. The voting were commenced for 3 days before the result was announce by the organizer. Soracana Islands gain larger votes than Pemecutan and the organizer awarding the hosting rights to Soracana Islands.

Sign ups
As the competition is held in the region of Melayu Archipelago, so all nations within the region are eligible to enter the competition. After the end of sign ups time, 12 national teams were expressed their desire and commitment to join in the competition. Most of the entrants have been in the competition before with the longest comeback have to be by Sharktail. The nation only joined the first edition before join back in this edition. There are also newcomer or first timer in this edition. They are Havynwilde, North Quadana and Reksonegoro. The 12 participants are as follows (numbers in parentheses indicate positions in CMFA National Rankings at the time of the tournament);
1. Havynwilde (UR)
2. Ziwana (3)
3. Pemecutan (8)
4. Soracana Islands (4)
5. South East United (29)
6. Southern Palm Islands (27)
7. Sandhora (12)
8. Samudera Darussalam (18)
9. North Quadana (UR)
10. Labuan and Cempaka (11)
11. Sharktail (21)
12. Reksonegoro (UR)

Group Draw
The 12 teams are draw into 4 groups of 3, by selecting one team from the 3 ranked pots. For the draw, teams are allocated into 3 pots based on the CMFA National Rankings. Pot one contain the host, Soracana Islands (which automatically assigned to pot A1) and the best 4 teams. Pot two contained the next best 4 teams and so on. The unranked teams are automatically grouped into Pot 4.
Pot 1Pot 2Pot 3
Soracana Islands (host)
Ziwana (3)
Pemecutan (8)
Labuan and Cempaka (11)
Sandhora (12)
Samudera Darussalam (18)
Sharktail (21)
Southern Palm Islands (27)
South East United (29)
Havynwilde (UR)
North Quadana (UR)
Reksonegoro (UR)

Group Stage
Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
Soracana Islands
North Quadana
Labuan and Cempaka
Samudera Darussalam
Southern Palm Islands
South East United

Venues and Schedule
Soracana Islands Football Association has proposed 6 cities and stadiums as the venues of the 4th Melayu Archipelago Cup. The host cities are; Gato Uyuri, Nilayam, Calu Humang, Halangnehu, Ruacalu and Pasahiranta. For the Group Stage, each Group will be assigned 2 venues for their matches. Opening and Closing ceremony will be held in Gato Uyuri, the capital of Soracana Islands.

Group Stage
Group A
MD 1 Monday, April 13th 2020 Soracana Islands vs Sandhora (Gato City Stadium, Gato Uyuri)
MD 2 Wednesday, April 15th 2020 Sandhora vs North Quadana (Pasahi Arena, Pasahiranta)
MD 3 Friday, April 17th 2020 North Quadana vs Soracana Islands (Gato City Stadium, Gato Uyuri)
Group B
MD 1 Monday, April 13th 2020 Labuan and Cempaka vs Samudera Darussalam (Nilayam Arena, Nilayam)
MD 2 Wednesday, April 15th 2020 Samudera Darussalam vs Reksonegoro (Calu Humang Stadium, Calu Humang)
MD 3 Friday, April 17th 2020 Reksonegoro vs Labuan and Cempaka (Nilayam Arena, Nilayam)
Group C
MD 1 Tuesday, April 14th 2020 Pemecutan vs Southern Palm Islands (Calu Humang Stadium, Calu Humang)
MD 2 Thursday, April 16th 2020 Southern Palm Islands vs South East United (Halangnehu Municipal Arena, Halangnehu)
MD 3 Saturday, April 18th 2020 South East United vs Pemecutan (Calu Humang Stadium, Calu Humang)
Group D
MD 1 Tuesday, April 14th 2020 Ziwana vs Sharktail (Ruacalu Aksa Stadium, Ruacalu)
MD 2 Thursday, April 16th 2020 Sharktail vs Havynwilde (Pasahi Arena, Pasahiranta)
MD 3 Saturday, April 18th 2020 Havynwilde vs Ziwana (Ruacalu Aksa Stadium, Ruacalu)

Knockout Stage
Quarter Final
QF 1 Monday, April 20th 2020 Soracana Islands vs Samudera Darussalam (Gato City Stadium, Gato Uyuri)
QF 2 Monday, April 20th 2020 Reksonegoro vs North Quadana (Nilayam Arena, Nilayam)
QF 3 Tuesday, April 21st 2020 Pemecutan vs Sharktail (Ruacalu Aksa Stadium, Ruacalu)
QF 4 Tuesday, April 21st 2020 Ziwana vs Southern Palm Islands (Calu Humang Stadium, Calu Humang)
Semi Final
SF 1 Thursday, April 23rd 2020 Soracana Islands vs Reksonegoro (Nilayam Arena, Nilayam)
SF 2 Thursday, April 23rd 2020 Pemecutan vs Ziwana (Ruacalu Aksa Stadium, Ruacalu)
Third Place Final
Saturday, April 25th 2020 Reksonegoro vs Pemecutan (Nilayam Arena, Nilayam)
Sunday, April 26th 2020 Soracana Islands vs Ziwana (Gato City Stadium, Gato Uyuri)



PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2020 9:45 pm
by Havynwilde

Composed of the mainland, stretching from the dense forests of Southern Gallo way to the he island archipelago of Kinnland, Havynwilde is a Nordic-styled nation of nearly five million people situated mainly in the northern parts of the nation. A nation with a strong, crazed obsession over football -called fooligbol domestically - Havynwilde is noted for its short-running sports seasons which run from late December through March. Havynwilde makes it debut on an international stage as it looks to conquer the regional CMFA Melayu Archipelago Cup as it looks on towards preparation for the Baptism of Fire. The Havyish national team is looking to set the precedent for future generations of Havyish footballers by paving a way through this first tournament, setting the tone for the international scene.

The Nordslaget has brought together players of both arenas - both domestic and international - for this tournament; wit a focus on expanding the youth structure and of course, the formalizing the starters and key players on the national team ahead of the Baptism of Fire. The national team draws players from many parts of the world, oc course, the LygaHaven has a heavy presence on this roster; however, there are other national leagues with a presence: the Audioslav league, Kelssekian top flight and others all establish a presence here. Domestically, the front runners were of course expected: Avante Leipreachán will represent, as will Advernians, Bawall Athletic and the other favorites.

Quick Facts
  • Nation Name: Dominion of Havynwilde
  • Trigamme: HVY
  • Population: 4,629,301 million
  • Language: Havyish
  • GDP: ҡr89,201 per capita (N$64,027 per capita)
  • Nickname: Nordslaget (The Northerners)

Team Info
Basic info:
  • Preferred formation: 4-3-1-2
  • Style mod: +2.9630
  • Home stadium: Nordstadion - cap. 41,402 (30,000 all-seater) - Formerly called Bellymn Stadium, Nordstadion is one of the oldest stadiums in Havynwilde, built in the capital to host the Kopahaven’s precursor, the Kogenkopa.
  • Manager: Shane Newman (CBP)
  • Coaches: -
Players to watch:
  • Ashton Houston :: The star striker has established herself in the Kelssekian league as being amongst the best in the league, her 22 goals were noted and Shane Newman called her up almost immediately
  • Francis Sutherland :: The oft-overlooked product was shipped to Audioslavia where he took off, growing into being one of the best youth products in the world whislt suiting up for Cazadores Cathair. The 21 year-old certainly is one of the better players out there.
  • Joel Nolans :: Called “The Gatekeeper” at home, he just left Advernians after seven seasons in which he blossomed into one of the best keepers in the domestic scene. He’s proven himself time and time again and was well-rewarded with a move to Baker Park.
  • Gavin Cook :: A well-established set piece specialist, he just completed a championship-winning campaign with Baywall Athletic and will be on the move soon, as for now, he’s proven why he belongs with the national team.
Team Record:
WC:                   	0-0-0 		
Non-WC: 0-0-1
Overall Record: 0-0-1


    1 :: JOEL NOLANS :: 28 y.o., Middlebourne City AFC (CBP) :: 1 cap
    The person we’ve been talking about for so long finally takes the throne, anointed as the national team keeper last year during a match against Reçueçn, he’s since then used the domestic circuit to prove why he’s the natural choice for selection. The figure of Nolans in goal provides an imposing figure to the opposing teams - in his past two seasons with Advernians, he gave up a total of 36 goals (for comparison, league winners, Baywall Athletic gave up 33 goals this entire season). Yes, he’s had help with a stifling defense, but the fact Middlebourne City of Baker Park is taking a chance on the raw talent and bringing him in serves as proof of how good he is; he doesn’t need to do much more to establish himself as the first choice netminder, he just needs to prove he should remain.

    2 :: ROSARIO COURTWOOD :: 25 y.o., ADVERNIANS :: Int’l. Debut
    Rosario Courtwood is who the Shane Newman and the national team hopes can be their answer at leftback. Leftback has never been the best product produced by football in Havynwilde, have a look around the league and you’ll see how new seasons commonly bring new left back and back line pairings all the time. But, Courtwood with Advernians shined - she really did a lot to establish herself this season, setting herself apart from the rest of the leftbacks - aside from maybe Franziska Jaspen. But Jaspen’s Nepharim so that doesn’t count. The point is, Courtwood is the answer that the national team has perhaps been looking for a long time, and, hopefully she’ll have done enough by the end of the tournament to be entrenched into the role.

    3 :: CRAIG HARRIS :: 22 y.o., BOMBARRALENSE (AUD) :: Int’l. Debut
    Moving from Wildeport to one of the best leagues in the world has caused Craig Harris’s career to careen straight up, moving to Bombarralense and the Audioslav National League. This has to be one of the smarter moves in Shane Newman’s construction of a new national team, Harris brought in valuable knowledge spending a season with Bombarralense; and studying a league as complex and difficult as the Audioslav alongside playing at that level of competition has to be incredibly important. Bringing that back and translating that defense and emulating what he learned there to the Melayu Archipelago Cup will be vitally important to constructing the nerve of this defense; Harris more than anyone else on the back line will be the one who can mold this defense into shape for years to come.

    4 :: ZENON-GERAL KAL :: 28 y.o., ADVERNIANS :: 105 caps for Qusmo NT
    Becoming the first Qusmi’y dual national to declare for Havynwilde, the Havish Fooligbol Federation is rumored to spent hundreds of thousands courting Kal and convincing them to transfer allegiances to the Havyish national team. However, the arrival of Kal to the picture strongly solidifies the backline and what they’re aiming to do: Kal bring vast amounts of experience to the national team, from their two World Cup appearances (82 and 83) to a third place finish at Cup of Harmony 73. Domestically, for Advernians, they’ve been the person controlling the back line, and working with Joel Nolans once more should be an easy fit. Kal at 28 is looking for his first regional title, and Havynwilde is looking to explode onto the scene with a bang: here’s both of their opportunities to do it in the CMFA Melayu Archipelago Cup.

    5 :: CASE RUDERBY :: 20 y.o., MANDON UNITED (APX) :: 1 cap
    If you look at the starters for the backline, three of them are products of Advernians: Courtwood’s a youth product, Kal’s played for them the past two years and the latest, Case Ruderby is a former youth product. Ruderby now plays in Apox for Mandon United, the twenty year old had a smooth season, showing that he was worth the move; he wasn’t a flashy star who had exploding tackles, but he’s a safe pick on the back line. Ruderby, who mostly played off the bench, has shown why he’s a step above: his technical skill is something that puts him on a clear pedestal above the other challengers domestically. He’ll be looking to use this as an avenue to improve on his skill, and impress upon his manager in Apox, probably.

    6 :: CANN BAIRD :: 24 y.o., MEGABRANTID SC (SRS) :: 1 cap
    He’s far and away the best left midfielder in the selection pool and the clear-cut starter for a few reasons: a) he was a part of Megabrantid SC’s surprising league-winning season in Squorshelan Remnant States; b) the pool was weakened considerably this year, his best challenger, Milo Simmons-Bradley had a poor campaign; c) the pool of left midfielders is small for some reason in Havywnwilde, as the top flight has a large number of foreign left midfielders. All of these reasons serve to set him as by far being the best LM in the field for the nation team; and winning the league title overseas doesn’t hurt his chances too much. He should set up nicely, pairing with Sutherland and Hayden Welsh. The only thing that differs is that he plays a natural, more defensive role compared to his two counterparts who are considerably more offensively-incline; how they will pair up will be something to watch.

    7 :: FRANCIS SUTHERLAND :: 21 y.o., CAZADORES CATHAIR (AUD) :: Int’l. Debut
    Sutherland is finally here! After a two season wait since he broke on the scene, the long-awaited Havyish star will finally make his debut for the national team; and he’s going to cause quite a stir during the tournament. The N$4 million man went to the Shamrocks and proceeded to take the league by storm: he broke out onto the first team of one of the most historic clubs in IFCF/UICA history. Of course, his season didn’t finish how he wanted it to - the league was shocked to see Cazadores fail in the final hurdle - and taking the international break, he’ll look for a change of scenery; flying back to Melayu Archipelago for the CMFA Cup. What makes him great? His control, his poise, the way he fly onto the ball; the grace he has is something Havyish fooligbol as a whole doesn’t possess. If he can bring his trademark flare and transcend it to the national team, it can change fooligbol domestically.

    8 :: HAYDEN WELSH :: 25 y.o., AVANTE LEIPREACHÁN :: 1 cap
    He’s the best right midfielder in LygaHaven, and two seasons ago, he was cheated out of wining the Fooligboler of the Season award; but that’s neither here nor there, Hayden Welsh is getting ready to transfer abroad and he’ll definitely use this to show off his performance to the suitors who are chasing after him. Welsh is a step above most midfielders, he thinks differently and plays differently compared to most in LygaHaven, it’s crazy to think a few seasons ago he was destined to play in Serien-Three. How times have changed: he’s now considered to be one of the best Havyish players and a top five player in LygaHaven, can he go out with a bang and bring a title to Havynwilde? If he does, he’ll be a legend not only with club, but also wit the nation.

    9 :: ASHTON HOUSTON :: 29 y.o., HAMILTONIAN CAMBRIA (KSK) :: 1 cap
    Domestically, he was awe-inspiring, in LygaHaven-755 he would slot away twenty goals and warranted a N$4 million move abroad. Kelssek’s KFL Championship side, Hamiltonian Cambria was quick to bring in the striker, to the tune of a multi-season contract that saw Houston establish himself as being amongst the best in the league: he made the Team of the Year selection and nabbed 22 goals in the process. Now, Shane Newman who wishes to add Houston and Leon Davis to the roster, has put Ashton Houston as the false 9, and how this will fare is interesting. He’s never played the false 9 role, and this experiment could fail and see major changes before the Baptism of Fire. This changing to the formation, however, might pay off, putting in two talents who have a knack for the net near each other.

    10 :: GAVIN COOK :: 24 y.o., BAYWALL ATHLETIC :: Int'l. Debut
    His club won it all domestically: LygaHaven winners for the first time in six seasons, IFCF Champions League, FFI Liga dos Vencedores and CMFA Champions League berths, and N$10 million in winners’ purse money. As for Cook, he had personal bests for himself, his thirteen goals was a record for a wing player at Baywall Athletic; he also lead the league for wing players in goals and assists this season, notching a solid number of 16 assists. Cook will be set up to feed the ball down the stretch: he’s not going to be the one to score goals, rather he wants to set them up; that’s the role he played (expertly) while with Baywall. He’ll also want to have an amazing run: his contract ran out at the end of the season and he’ll be looking for a new team in a few months.

    11 :: LEON DAVIS :: 26 y.o., BOMBARRALENSE (AUD) :: Int’l. Debut
    Leon Davis has transformed himself from a nobody at Wildeport Wanderers to a national team starter who plays in one of the best leagues in the world: Bombarralense took a best on him, taking him from Wildeport; and they’re largely responsible for his transformation into one of the best strikers in the Havyish pool. But once again, Shane Newman seems to be using this competition to experiment: Leon Davis will display as a left wing as Newman has said that it will be a decision that will be determined before the Baptism of Fire. Leon Davis, on the other hand, has to be looking at this no doubt as a chance to further consolidate himself: if the 4-3-1-2 doesn’t work, the formation reverts to a 4-3-3 and that puts Davis at odds with Ashton Houston at the striker position.

Starting XI
Name Pos. Age Club Nation

Joel Nolans GK 28 Middleboune City AFC CBP
Rosario Courtwood LB 25 Advernians HVY
Craid Harris CB 22 Bombarralense AUD
Zenon-Gerol Kal (c) CB 28 Advernians HVY
Case Ruderby RB 20 Mandon United APX
Cann Baird LM 24 Megabrantid SC SRS
Francis Sutherland CM 21 Cazadores Cathair AUD
Hayden Welsh RM 25 Avante Leipreachán HVY
Ashton Houston SS 29 Hamiltonian Cambria KSK
Gavin Cook LW 24 Baywall Athletic HVY
Leon Davis RW 26 Bombarralesne AUD

Name Pos. Age Club Nation

Myles Connelly GK 29 Latrobe AFC KSK
Blair Young GK 27 Perce Town QUE
Erika Cook LB 25 194 Briarcliff HVY
Zach Park CB 29 Union Kada MKB
Kayden Duffy RB 28 Union Lagauda XAN
Milo Simmons-Bradley LM 27 Union Forge HVY
Mason Thomaston CM 28 1964 Briarcliff HVY
Mai Coraline RM 22 Montreal Impact QUE
Olly Gibson SS 27 Forest Park SC CBP
Rockova Bellymn LW 21 Bellymn United HVY
Iksef Grondt RW 24 Vitel BK HVY

Name Pos. Age Nation Record

Shane Newman Manager 50 CBP 0-0-1

MAC 4 Schedule

RP Permissions

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but nothing career-ending
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, within reason

PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2020 11:57 pm
by Sharktail


Sharktail NT ready to face all the challenger and compete in CMFA Melayu Archipelago Cup 4.The tournament participated by 12 team across Melayu Archipelago.The fierce and entertaining football will be showed and played form all the participant.Melayu Archipelago Cup is the most prestigious competition in Football history of Melayu Archipelago.This is the second time Sharktail joing Melayu Archipelago Cup or before this known as The Malay World Cup.

After the end of the wcq 81,former sharktail NT manager,Luis Philip resign and left the National team.Last month Sahami have been appointed as Sharktail NT manager.The reason SFA choose Sahami because of his achievement.In 3 season he succesfully win 2 league title with Kota Jembal.With not much experience in interantional level,it will take awhile for to adapt and suit with the international level playstyle.






MANAGER:Sahami (43 years old)
ASSISTANT MANAGER :Carrol (37 years old)-u21 NT manager.

(Starter in bold)

AGE:27 | NT CAPS:6

AGE:30 | NT CAPS:0
AGE:23 | NT CAPS:0 (U21:4 CAPS)

AGE:24 | NT CAPS:0

AGE:25 | NT CAPS:0



AGE:24 | NT CAPS:0 (U18:2 CAPS)
AGE:20 | NT CAPS:0 (U21:1 CAPS)
AGE:24 | NT CAPS:0
AGE:23 | NT CAPS:0 (U21:3 CAPS,U18:7 CAPS)

AGE:25 | NT CAPS:0


AGE:24 | NT CAPS:5 CAPS (U18:10 CAPS)

AGE:24 | NT CAPS:0

AGE:24 | NT CAPS:0
AGE:29 | NT CAPS:0
AGE:20 | NT CAPS:0 (U21:1 CAPS)
AGE:28 | NT CAP:0


AGE:28 | NT CAPS:0

AGE:32 | NT CAPS:0
AGE:28 | NT CAPS:0

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes,
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, but no death



MD 1 Tuesday, April 14th 2020 Ziwana vs Sharktail (Ruacalu Aksa Stadium, Ruacalu)
MD 2 Thursday, April 16th 2020 Sharktail vs Havynwilde (Pasahi Arena, Pasahiranta)

PostPosted: Thu Apr 09, 2020 12:46 am
by North Quadana
North Quadana National Football Team

National Team Info:
Formation: 4-1-3-2
Style mod: +2,3
Home Stadium: Arhundrede Stadion (57,819, all-seater)
Manager: Jonas Hellink


Starting XI
No. Name Pos. Age Club Nation

1 Marteen Hazenkamp GK 26 FC Hantumhuizen NQU
23 Jannik Coessens LB 26 Djalenga Foot MKB
20 Zeroen Endemans CB 28 Blauwhuis City NQU
4 Lennaert Hintendorf CB 29 Hengvoorde Lippendam NQU
5 Martijn Zonnebelt RB 22 Club Warder NQU
29 Marcel Wietmarschen DM 27 Belgenhoek NQU
17 Jasper Mannessen LM 20 Hengvoorde Lippendam NQU
6 Kevin Baumeester CM 31 Neersteind Voetbalclub NQU
7 Luuk Bloemhof RM 24 Fjoedels Ketting NQU
10 Oliver Dhondt ST 28 Pikveld Rangers NQU
17 Willem Westerwaard ST 19 Club Warder NQU

No. Name Pos. Age Club Nation

13 Thomas Lemaire GK 24 Fjoedels Ketting NQU
22 Jens Oberhust GK 30 Club Warder NQU
25 Mart Pluimers LB 27 FC Hantumhuizen NQU
3 Patrik Wennemars CB 21 FC Hantumhuizen NQU
15 Nathan Tammerweld RB 26 Hengvoorde Lippendam NQU
27 Justin Cillehorf LM 25 Meerkerk NQU
29 Donny Meulenbelt CM 28 Pikveld Rangers NQU
16 Quinten Eckwielens CM 29 Wagedaal FC NQU
21 Youri Dusselman CM 20 Club Warder NQU
19 Hans Kormelink RM 26 Pikveld Rangers NQU
24 Jeroen Pasterkamp ST 30 Valkenburg NQU
12 David Schalenburg ST 29 Otterlo United NQU

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes

PostPosted: Thu Apr 09, 2020 6:49 am
by Pemecutan




Management Team:
Manager: Agung Suryanantha
Head Coach: Surya Agung Pramana
Assistant Coach: Eka Putra Pradnyana
Goalkeeper Coach: Damar Wedanta
Medic Head: Dwi Natha Wijaya
Style Modifier: +2.17
Formation: 5-3-2

Main Lineup
No  Pos   Name                   Age   Club
1 GK Jaya Adiguna 31 Pesebal Balun
2 DF Dwi Putra Kusuma 24 Perscam Campuhan
3 DF Surya Brata Wijaya 23 Pesetih Titih
4 DF Putra Eka Laksana 22 Persepad Padangsambian
5 DF Satya Putra Laksamana 27 Persub Ubung
6 DF Dwi Rangga Putra 22 Pesetih Titih
7 MF Agus Kusumawijaya 23 Percam Campuhan
8 MF Rama Karyadi 22 Persub Ubung
9 MF Bayu Hermawan 25 Pesetih Titih
10 FW Pandu Oka Jaya 23 Pesetih Titih
11 FW Surya Dwipayana 21 Perscam Campuhan

Reserve Team
No  Pos   Name                 Age   Club
12 GK Herman Putrawan 32 Pesepad Padangsambian
23 GK Adi Putrawan 33 Pesub Ubung
13 DF Panca Suputra 21 Pesedilan Pemedilan
14 DF Krisna Artha Guna 23 Pesepoh Pohgading
15 DF Agung Darma Putra 27 Pescam Campuhan
16 DF Chandra Wibawa 22 PSMG Merta Gangga
18 MF Bayu Cipta Wijaya 23 Persedilan Pemedilan
19 MF Yahya Krisna Putra 24 Pesepoh Pohgading
20 MF Agus Setiahadi 21 Persub Ubung
21 MF Yudi Pramana Putra 23 Pesepad Padangsambian
17 FW Putra Adi Nantha 23 Perscam Campuhan
22 FW Wisnu Pramana 22 Pesub Ubung

RP Permission
Opponent may do the following if they RP first
Choose my scorer: Y
Choose Scoring Events: Y
Godmod Scoring Events: Y
RP Injuries to My Players: Y (No career-ending)
Yellow Card My Player: Y (max. 3 players per match)
Red Card My Player: Y (max. 1 player per match)
Godmod Other Events: N

FIRST90 Presents - A Perspective on Sutherland

PostPosted: Thu Apr 09, 2020 8:19 pm
by Havynwilde

    ҡr4.85 :: Bellymn, HAVYNWILDE
Cazadores Cathair has found a gem in Francis Sutherland, the 21 year-old is among other things, a jester, a student of Rook Cathar and the face of the Havyish national team.

Francis Sutherland got his taste of glory Cathair derby in a shell-shacking 2-a-piece draw with Shamrock Cathair. For the young Havyish midfielder, this draw stung, and hurt Cazadores’s clear chance to leapfrog the dreaded rivals. “It’s a match I thing both the club and I are disappointed in, really,” said Sutherland after the match; this vital game denied hair club a chance to finish above 1830 Cathair and snatch the league title away on the last match day. “For me, I think I left it all out on the field - really, the whole team did - but we couldn’t get it done.” Sutherland was available for brief commentary, mostly speaking on missed chances and blown opportunities: describing how Cazadores were unable to match the tempo they had set early and needed to rely on chance towards the tail end of the game; “Yes, we’re happy we stole the title away from Shamrock - but at the same time - we left so much out there, and it came back to bite us in the ass.” Had Cazadores won the game, Francis Sutherland would have gone two consecutive seasons as a league winner; last season, he won in Havynwilde’s domestic circuit with Avante Leipreachán, running away with the YV::755 league title domestically. With the introduction to the Audioslav league, Francis Sutherland has seen his play only improve; the now-21 year old wunderkid who transferred on N$4 million a cycle ago opted to test his luck wit big-named club, Cazadores Cathair and has succeeded.

Sutherland had a successful season for Cazadores - he played on a team that finished 4rd in the notorious Audioslav league - he was almost immediately a starter too. Going from a nineteen year old prospect to starter in one of the best leagues in the world is no easy feat: and he proved he had what it took to run in the league from day 1, finding an assist in the opening game of the season for the Cazadores side. Referring to Rook Cathar as a general, Sutherland has this to say on the legendary Audioslav manager: “he really invested in me, he’s pushed me since I arrive here, and really shown that be believes in me. I find that to be a blessing for sure, he’s pushing me and this team to be the best it can be and there’s plenty of reason to be behind that.” Sutherland has seemingly developed a strong relationship with Cathar, in playback of game videos, we see him commonly seeking advice from Cathar and speaking while pacing the bench; Cathair is almost as responsible for his development as Ethan Stevenson was with the Shamrock Club...maybe even more-so. Cathar took a bet on a young kid out of an unproven league and has created a player who has really come to be the voice of Havyish football. Now, according to Audioslav papers worth well over N$10 million, Sutherland is a textbook definition of what happens when you believe in a player.

For one thing, its clear that Sutherland is the future of the national team now: the twenty-one year-old was one of the few players who Shane Newman told media, “was an easy pick for me,” and there’s little reason to argue against that: one-time Youth Fooligboler of the Season in LygaHaven, 16 goals scored in his only season domestically, plays in one of the most-competitive, high-stakes leagues in the world, starter for Cazadores Cathair, clear IFCF and AOCAF experience and being tutored under the leadership of Rook Cathar. What more could you want from a youth player? At his age, he’s clearly established himself as amongst the best in the world and looking back, there’s a clear reason why Avante was so desperate to keep him: had he stayed, he would’ve been a star domestically, but would have he developed? That lies the question: its doubtful, though, LygaHaven continues to improve exponentially, but there’s a clear reason he made the jump to the Audioslav top flight as compared to playing domestically. But, the question lies in what made Cazadores take the jump on Sutherland; better yet, what could make other big leagues and teams take a jump on Havyish talent. “We’re a developing nation in fooligbol: I think we’re in a good place for the Baptism of Fire, the Melayu Cup, and of course we’re looking towards World Cup qualifying too,” Shane Newman spoke with HBC Sports, telling them on “k0pa90” that he was sure “foreign teams should look to the Melayu Cup for a display of Havynwilde and the progress it’s made in football here in a short time.”

Francis Sutherland of Cazadores does battle with Shamrock Cathair player, Crewe.


PostPosted: Fri Apr 10, 2020 3:38 am
by North Quadana

A Brief Introduction

By Erlend Herning

With North Quadana participating in their first CMFA Melayu Cup, it would be a good idea to take a look at the 23 players who will travel to the Soracana Islands.

The heart of this team is the unexpected star in Willem Westerwaard, a 19 year old striker who set the Bigbank Kampioenschap on fire last season as he torched defence after defence on Club Warder's way to the title on the inaugural season of the Bigbank Kampioenschap. There is no doubt that most of the play will go through this youngster, who undoubtedly is this generation's greatest Quadanese talent on the pitch.

Westerwaard isn't the only youngster on the national team this tournament, as two of the most promising young midfielders in Quadana will also be traveling to Soracana. Jasper Mannessen is only 20, but he is already playing a big role in Hengvoorde Lippendam's midfield. The youngster has reportedly secured himself a spot in the starting lineup for the tournament, and rightfully so. The second youngster on the roster is none other than Youri Dusselman, who has now become Westerwaard's teammate, as Club Warder purchased him from Urkhoven in a record deal for 1.8 million. The midfielder has shown signs of greatness, as he is in large part one of the only reasons why Urkhoven managed to retain their spot in the Quadanese top flight. If this isn't enough, the Quadanese manager Jonas Hellink has also brought in some youth talent in the defensive line, as Martijn Zonnebelt and Patrik Wennemars are also on the 23-man squad. Zonnebelt showed some great attacking prowess in his wing back role this season, as he netted 6 goals for Warder, while his FC Hantumhuizen counterpart Patrik Wennemars stood tall in the Hantumhuizen back line, one of the reasons why Hantumhuizen ended the season with the best defensive record.

There is also some much needed experience on this squad, as Baumeester, Oberhust and Pasterkamp bring some old age wisdom to the table in an otherwise young team. Kevin Baumeester dictated the Neersteind midfield last season, as most of the attacks went through him, his efforts helping Neersteind secure a place in the IFCF Challengers Cup. Jens Oberhust will be the 3rd option in between the posts at this tournament, as Hazenkamp and Lemaire take the first two spots, while Jeroen Pasterkamp is the only player on this squad who won't play in the top tier next season, as Valkenburg crashed and burned to a 16th place finish and a trip down to the Eerste Liga.

All in all, the Quadanese have got enough firepower on their squad to make a real challenge for the title, but only time will tell how our players do in the tournament.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 10, 2020 5:02 am
by Sharktail

Sharktail NT players begin their training at the training field Ruacalu.All the players are eager to play in the prestigious tournament in Malay Archipelago.It is the second time the tournament ini.The Sharktail first time they joined is the first edition held in Zeniyadh.A total of 23 players will face challenges in this tournament.This team led by Sahami will try to give their best performance and give a challenge to all the competitior.

In this edition, 12 teams will compete for the championship title CMFA Malay Archipelago Cup 4.The 12 teams are divided into 4 groups with 3 teams each group.Sharktail found its tough way into the tournament this time when it was voted one group with Ziwana and Havynwilde.Ziwana has a good record in the past competition while Havynwilde cannot be overlooked.Despite their lack of experience on the international stage, they already have their own structure and their own project.They have been prepared to shake up the international stage.Experience will be the ultimate weapon of Sharktail to compete with this two team and all players need to remember no matter what level you are standing, never look easy on any team.

The first task of managing the National squad, Sahami admits he is excited and thrilled. He said even with his succesfull record in domestic, he warned everyone not make international level and domestic level look same.In the domestic stage, you know about every team.Even they change their player, they will still maintain the same pattern.But internationally, all teams always come with new players, new talents and new strategies.The domestic level of all countries is really different. The domestic league plays an important role in the football development.Sahami admit that this team is also in top form.The friendly series organize by SFA as the part of this team preparation show a good result.Sharktail no match against world rank 23 HUElavia after loss 3-0.But this team suprisingly win against rank 50 Filindostan 2-0.It may be a luck but they deserve the praise.

An important player for Sharktail at the tournament led to the attack of Gaby and Virman.Gaby, the top scorer of the national squad will have to be in his good form.Poor performance over the past few seasons has been a bit of a problem for Sahami.This year his performance has not been good but he is still top among the strikers in the league.He once again will given a role to lead this team and bring this team far and maybe challenge for the title.Virman, the Sharktail Super league top scorer should be at the same level as he is with Kota Jembal FC.His performance in the friendly match with 2 caps and 1 goal show he is in good form.But he has to know the defender will focus on him and not let him pass easily.He will have to make his own startegy and tactic to get rid of the defender and score as many goals as he can.When the focus is more focused on the forward part there is one more player who plays an important role in the team.Sharktail NT starting keeper, Ahmad face the biggest challenge to block and stop all the attacking from Ziwana and Havynwilde.All the team have a good goal record so he have more work to do to make sure he not make a mistake.He will be helled by his club teammate Maxi and Azmi.The understanding among them is important to keep the defence area from dangerous situation.

Sharktaill start the competition against Ziwana in Ruacalu Aksa stadium in Ruacalu before depart to Pasahiranta for a match against Havynwilde.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 10, 2020 5:10 am
by Soracana Islands


Management Team
Manager: Aksabasu Milajading
Head Coach: Yuhabani Padangadak
Assistant Coach: Rustijana Sambaul
Goalkeeper Coach: Agibani Canaduhi
Medic Head: Maragi Duhisani
Style Modifier: +1.78
Formation: 4-3-2-1

Main Lineup
No   Pos   Name                Age   Club
1 GK Aksabasu Padurjana 29 Gato Uyuri
2 DF Basuri Kasipadan 24 Nilayam
3 DF Agibasu Anarjangga 29 Abayantasi
4 DF Aksabani Sorakasi 26 Ruacalu
5 DF Basubani Canabaksa 24 Calukanta
6 MF Jandigi Gadakmara 27 Gato Uyuri
7 MF Soragi Humanjar 26 Calugida (C)
8 MF Yuhagi Dusisani 23 Ruacalu
9 FW Jandiyuha Sadakarsi 22 Nilayam
10 FW Yuhabasu Kamraja 23 Ruacalu
11 FW Agisa Janabandar 21 Nilayam

Reserve Team
No   Pos   Name                 Age   Club
12 GK Aksayuha Sudajana 31 Ruacalu
13 GK Yuhagi Sanijading 27 Calugida
17 DF Yuhabani Bansamara 27 Nilayam
18 DF Aksabasu Kasijangga 28 Gato Uyuri
19 DF Basuri Uyurida 24 Abayantasi
24 DF Jandiyuha Marajangga 28 Ruacalu
25 DF Soragi Ambaraja 21 Calu Humang
15 MF Yuhagi Maraduhi 24 Calugida
16 MF Agisa Pakeluntar 25 Nilayam
21 MF Yuhaksa Banarusti 23 Abayantasi
22 MF Agibani Yuhajangga 19 Calu Humang
23 MF Basubani Ranggida 18 Gato Uyuri
14 FW Aksayuha Marakalam 21 Gato Uyuri
20 FW Yuhabasu Rantabaha 19 Calugida

RP Permission
If my opponent RP first, they may do the following:
Choose my scorer: Yes
Choose Scoring events: Yes
God-mod Scoring event: Yes
RP injuries to my Players: Yes (no career-ending/max. 1 per match)
God-mod injuries to my Player: No
Yellow Card my Players: Yes (max. 3 player per match)
Red Card my Player: No
God-mod Other Events: No


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by Havynwilde

Hub for all information on sports related to Havynwilde with other contributing information

I want to thank you for opening the latest edition of The Assoicated, for years we've found pride in providing you, the viewer with the most in-depth analysis of sports in Havynwilde, ranging from Lygahaven play and also into other amateur sports that shine bright in our small nation. The time has come to bring The Assocciated to the world, of course that means Havynsmen and women and the Havyish sporting culture are brought to the world, its our pleasure to unveil to our viewers our new website, www.theassociated.hyn, featuring articles, visuals and videos on the latest and greatest of sports here in Havynwilde. Thank you for giving us the chance to serve you,
Kitchie Simmons

PAGE 16 :: Nordslaget manager Newman refuses to cater to fooligbol critics

To put things in perspetive: Nothing fazes Shane Newman. The fifty year-old Baker Park native lets that be known to all who question his methods.

He’s developed something of a head-strong streak, for more detailed, look at his adventures in managing KF Poldanz, the Baker Park national team and how he made his start to managing on the the scene. A person who brought his headstrong playing days and transformed it into the manager we see before us, his transition has left some with an uneasy feeling about his teachings, playing and style. He made his name with the Baker Park national team, integral part of their meteoric rise to a top 25 position within their national team rankings; and was a key person in their route to a slue of World Cup finals appearances. He then took some time off before making the jump to KF Poldanz in the Qusma league, “I wanted a new experience,” he told the Havyish media during his introduction. His short-lived time with KF Poldanz were much more mixed: spending two seasons with one of the most well-known sides in the nation; his best finish with the Qusma club was a 4th place finish, something he said “is behind me, I’ve come to terms with what I did and didn’t accomplish.” In that response lies the main thesis of the type of person Newman is: his filtered responses to any attempts to rile or haggle him have resulted in a flat response from him each time; he’s demonstrated multiple times that he doesn’t get angry or find reason to lash out against the media. And because of this, the Havyish media hates him.

When he announced to coach the Nordslaget, he promsied to lay the foundations for the national team, promising to be a “ally of national talent” amongst his other phrases. Since then, he’s fielded a team with eight foreign-based players on it. In the most egregious of happenings, he’s taken to discussions with Qusmi’y players who now base themselves in Havnywilde; recruiting to make one-time transfers and declare for the Havyish Nordslaget. Said Newman, “Selecting the best player for this team means I have to make connections with the best players available, and if that means convincing others to change allegiances, then I do it as the best interest for the team.” Newman sat down with us for a discussion of some his recent choices ahead of the CMFA Melau Cup: detailing his wishes to build the national team up, win the Baptism of Fire and Melayu Cup, and more importantly qualify for the World Cup. Calling it a “possibility,” he urged Havyish people to believe and “bet on us.” But the more alarming thing to shine on is his inability, or rather disregard, for domestic talent; this can be analyzed in his responses to our questions as to the lack of Havyish domestic players on the Nordslaget: “Painting this in the simplest of terms, Havyish players are not up to par for international level,” he said. But this remark paints a bigger question: does Shane Newman believe in the Nordslaget? Does he believe in the national team? Was the HFF’s best decision made here?

“For me, the first thing I did was analyze the quality of the league. I think it’s safe to say, the Havyish league is...lacking. To be the best, you have to demonstrate the best football, and how can you be the best when your cup winner is taken apart 6-0 by a team that didn’t even make the top three this year,” he said, referring to Advernians demolition by Viltvodle United of the Remnant States. While we don’t dispute this statement, this does little to ease the fire between Newman and the media and critics: he’s already burned bridges with the fooligbol media, referring to LygaHaven’s diehard supporters as “the scourge of football”, telling First90 “Baywall Athletic wouldn’t last a minute in a quality league” and other statements which have done little to create a bond between the HFF and domestic fooligbol as a whole. Of course, the HFF has attempted to reel in the damage between the two sides - they required him to hire a Havyish assistant, with Layton Henderson - he then reneged on that agreement, sacking Henderson as assistant manager after a 1-nil friendly loss. He’s referred to the changes that have been made by the HFF as “bureaucratic” and calls into question the media as truly valuing the domestic fooligbol scene; he’s made a big deal of showcasing the flaws of Havynwilde’s domestic football and has angered many. He has in no way endeared or bettered relations between the HFF and the media, but he doesn’t seem to wish to change it.

“Clearly, [they] don’t value the the leadership and knowledge he brings. He knows what he wants from us and we’re just trying to realize that.” On the flipside, it seems as though, Havyish players have spoken in support of Shane Newman, Nordslaget defender, Case Ruderby spoke to k0pa90 in analyzing the firrst year of Shane Newman in charge: “”He brings so much to the table, and I feel like some people just don’t want to embrace change and realize we have a chance to do something here. I mean, we really have a chance to win the Melayu Cup - how would that be - and, the Baptism of Fire? If we win that, we’ll really set the tone.” Myles Connelly was more measured in his approach, “Being foreign-based wasn’t the focus of the entire vetting process from what I noticed, to be honest I feel like this is just really be driven out of proportion. If we just sat down together and talk, an agreement or something could be made,” he said on an HFF sponsored video, Connelly notably plays abroad in the Kelssek KFL Championship.

Addressing the biggest flaws of the domestic scene, Shane Newman has outlined a plan to bring in more domestic talent: “the main thing is Di Bradini play, then the U18 World Cup - both of these things we missed the last edition of and, as director of the system - I want us in those editions.”

Developing a strong youth system is something Havynwilde is already focusing on, just look at the foreign exports of Francis Sutherland, Ashton Houston, and more recently, Hayden Welsh who himself just made a big splash abroad with a Quebecois squad.

“And I think, if we have youth ready for development, we need to expand Uvenlyga,” he says, referring to the two-tier Uvenlyga system which is a league for 17-19 aged players, some of which have broken into LygaHaven rosters.

Youth development has been something Shane Newman has looked to focus on as the first national team coach, pledging to manage the U21 team at the Di Bradini Cup and promising to bring more youth to competitions like the Melayu Cup and non-WCC tournaments.

Newman points to the pipeline of Havyish players to foreign leagues as proof that his plan is already in action; pointing to the face of the nation team: Francis Sutherland with Cazadores Cathair, then pointing to Leon Davis with Bombarralense and Ashton Houston with Hamiltonian Cambria in Kelssek.

“The next step will be bringing them all in and creating a system that works for all of them. The key to selection wasn’t the best overall player but the best players who’ll complement the entire team as a whole.”

As for now, the former Learfield skipper will have his hands full, the former lower division manager-turned national team assistant-turned KF Poldanz-turned national team manager.

Training session: Newman with members of the Nordslaget, the national team launched training sessions soon after arriving in the Soaracana Islands

PostPosted: Sat Apr 11, 2020 5:29 pm
by Sharktail

The atmosphere at the Sharktail NT hotel was noisy after most of the player wake up.This is the second day in Soracana Island.Sharktail NT player will start the training after eating the breakfast until noon.Sharktail center back duo,Maxi and Azmi started to prepare for training before going to the dining hall.The two veteran player who listed in last 23 squad wake up a bit early than the other player.After they done,Maxi and Azmi both went to the dining hall.Each player will have 1 table with 6 people.Maxi and Azmi sit down with Ahmad, Chandra, Ashaari before joined by Azaim's who has just arrived at the dining hall.A quiet atmosphere where they enjoy their foods.After done,all the player started back to the room and take their football shoes.The cold with the medium wind really make their body fresh.Maxi and Azmi start warming up with the other player.After done they get around the manager and hear the explanation before starting the training.After the training done,Azmi and Maxi went to the room and bath.

Azmi waiting for maxi and invite hime to the dining room to get something to eat.

Azmi:Maxi, let get something to eat.

Maxi:Sure,lets go.

They two leave the room.After the enter the dining room,they saw a few player sitting together in the corner.They approaching them.

Azmi:Hello guys.

Gaby:Oh hello Azmi,come on join us.

Virman:Do yo come here to grab something to eat?

Azmi:Yeah,we still hungry after the lunch.I see you guys chatting about something.You all look serious.

Gaby:Oh,we just talking about CMFA Melayu Archipelago Cup.We just finished review the game of the team we may face in this tournament.They all really tough opponet.

Chandra:Yeah.We cannot underestimate them after all.They have their strenght.

Maxi:Is there any team that caught your attention.

Gaby:Well,all the team caught my attention but the team that really get my intention is Soracana Island the 3rd edition Runner up.They have a very solid team in all position.I dont no if we will get a chance to play them in this competition.Beside this time they playing in their homeland so they have an advantage.

Virman:Good grief.But we have to focus on our group stage first.The match against Ziwana and Havynwilde.

Azmi:Yes,we cannot ignore them or we will end up losing to them.

Chandra:Ziwana make avood progress in the past few year.Havynwilde we never heard of them in the international stage right.

Maxi:Yes you are right but they have already conquer the domestic side.Who know how the will play in the international stage.they also have sign coach form Baker park Shane Newman.

Azmi:Waah,this will be really a tough way for us.Hope we can pass all our challenge.

Gaby:Yeah i hope so.It almost 4 pm.We have a tactical meeting for a match against Ziwana with coach right now.

Chandra:Yeah we cannot be late.Let go.

They get up and leave the dining room and straight to the hall for the meeting.


PostPosted: Sun Apr 12, 2020 12:15 pm
by Havynwilde

Hub for all information on sports related to Havynwilde with other contributing information

I want to thank you for opening the latest edition of The Assoicated, for years we've found pride in providing you, the viewer with the most in-depth analysis of sports in Havynwilde, ranging from Lygahaven play and also into other amateur sports that shine bright in our small nation. The time has come to bring The Assocciated to the world, of course that means Havynsmen and women and the Havyish sporting culture are brought to the world, its our pleasure to unveil to our viewers our new website, www.theassociated.hyn, featuring articles, visuals and videos on the latest and greatest of sports here in Havynwilde. Thank you for giving us the chance to serve you,
Kitchie Simmons

PAGE 47 :: The Zenon-Geral Kal Interview

“I was able to connect with Havynwilde because, it’s my country.”

Havyish and former Qusmi’y international, Zenon-Geral Kal sat down with Barty Flitcher to discuss tooligbol, playing in Havynwilde and of course, what burned in everyone’s minds: why had they transferred allegiances to Havynwilde?

A player like Kal had had his heyday in the Qusma league in Pug Qusmyra, however, the mass exodus following the closure of the league saw many Qusma players depart from Qusmo, some choosing to forego the chance of representing the Qusmi’y nation in the future - for example, dual-internationals in Xanneria and Havynwilde. However, Zenon-Geral Kal might be the most famous of all - but, they hide in under the facade of quietness - we broke it down for an interview into its inner thinking and feelings on a variety of topics.

A person like them, with its mirrored complexities, one could say, might’ve had problems adapting their play to the rough-and-tumble (but significantly easier) LygaHaven; but, for Kal, they’ve succeeded in every stretch of the word since joining the Ivys on an undisclosed transfer last winter.

Advernians finished the season for a consecutive year as runners-up, five points off league champions, Baywall Athletic; a team that for most of the season had fended off challenges from both the Ivys and earlier the Shamrocks for the league title. Kal was instrumental in helping the club to the second-place finish, serving as a vital member of the backline with his other pairings. He found a perfect balance, working with the likes of Joel Nolans, Emely Towers and other important pieces to power the back line.

“I think, coming to Advernians has allowed me to refine my career and who I am as a player,” says Kal who found a starting position early and maintained it with the club.

“But, it’s something we did together, we as a club set the precedent and set the bar for the teams that’ll follow. I came to this club, a club that was intent on building something, with open arms. The leadership from day one’s been great here - Pakkanen really had an amazing season, Joel Nolans...he’s a lion.”

But, Kal says it all comes to reflect on the management and what Thomas Green has done with the club.
“It starts with the coaching staff really, and for sure its clear Thomas Green has put his mark on this team, sure, we had hiccups this season, but we realized the type of team we were aiming to build and worked from there. One thing I appreciate is his vision, he knows what type of team he’s trying to create here and this leadership really transitions to us.”

However, Advernians did face some problems this season, the biggest amongst them being the extension of the LygaHaven championship drought; for the Ivys, they haven’t won the title in ten seasons: Thomas Green’s been with the club for seven seasons. To add insult to the injury, Advernians biggest rivals, the Pirate won their second league title to equal the LygaHaven titles of Advernians: 2.

“I told them it takes time. Winning championships doesn’t come easy, at the end of the day, I want to win as many titles as the supporters want us to win; but they’ve got to understand that we’re working as hard as we can to bring it home. Hopefully, we as the new generation can put it all together and bring a title to Easter Bridge, the city deserves it, the people want it and we want it too.”

“I don’t think of myself as any different from the players I play with,” Kal says, referring to the many domestic players on Advernians roster, “Being I’m a dual-national, I guess I’m in an interesting situation, but at the end of the day, we’re still gunning for the title.”

“[and] I think Ville also speaks on this and Emely’s the real person to give a final opinion: we’ve got to be patient, we as a team are still gelling, we’ve got a lot of moving parts. Just look at Baywall, 3/4th of their starting eleven is gone from last season; with us, we’re trying to bring in as many new pieces as we can to build something here, it’s just going to take time to bring it all together.

When asked about his Havyish-Qusma dual nationalities and becoming one of the first Qusma players to pledge to another country, Kal wasn’t quick to shy away; instead giving an opinionated answer, serenaded under a thick, native Qusma accent.

“They’ve got to realize they have a choice.” Making a reference to the Qusma players in international leagues, “I was the first because I am willing to bet on the player I am, I know I have the skill to play for a national team. The Havyish nation has willingly accepted me and I am thankful. At the end of the day, my job is to gain new oppurtunities, with all the talent available I am looking to exploit each and every one of them.”

The twenty-eight year-old central defender welcomes the changes that’ve ensued over the past cycle, he found himself looking or a new club following the situations with KF Koflir and the Pug Qusmyra, spending some time before leaving the Qusmo national team and declaring for a transfer. His time was with many highlights, though, with over 100 appearances with the qusma national team before looking for new pastures.

For Kal, this is just the beginning.

Zenon-Geral Kal (right) celebrates following equalizing for Advernians against the Wildeport Wanderers

PostPosted: Mon Apr 13, 2020 5:01 am
by Soracana Islands

PostPosted: Mon Apr 13, 2020 6:18 am
by Soracana Islands

Group A
Monday, 13 April 2020 18:00 EMAT - Gato City Stadium, Gato Uyuri
Soracana Islands 3 - 1 Sandhora
Group A
Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Soracana Islands 1 1 0 0 3 1 +2 3
2 North Quadana 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
3 Sandhora 1 0 0 1 1 3 −2 0

Group B
Monday, 13 April 2020 18:00 EMAT - Nilayam Arena, Nilayam
Labuan and Cempaka 0 - 1 Samudera Darussalam
Group B
Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Samudera Darussalam 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
2 Reksonegoro 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
3 Labuan and Cempaka 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0

Match Day 2, Tuesday, 14 April 2020
Group C

Pemecutan vs Southern Palm Islands (16:00 EMAT - Calu Humang Stadium, Calu Humang)
Group D
Ziwana vs Sharktail (17:00 EMAT - Ruacalu Aksa Stadium, Ruacalu)


PostPosted: Mon Apr 13, 2020 9:45 am
by Sharktail

CMFA Melayu Archipelago Cup 4 started for the first day.2 game involves 4 team from group A and group B have been played.The first match,the first match ot CMFA MA 4 beetween between the host Soracana Island against Sandhora.Soracana Island easily beat Sandhora 3-1.At the same time in Nilayam the single goal from Samudera Darusslam enough to help them win against Labuan and Cempaka.The end of the first day Soracana Island Samudera Darussalam win their first three point,open the competition withthe victory.

Tommorrow Sharktail NT will face Ziwana in Ruacalu Aksa Stadium.The tight match beetween this team.The first three point really needed to book the slot in the next round.Sharktail NT manager Sahamai said all the main player is ready and eager to play tomorrow.With all the starter in good shape,Sahami fell at ease for the first official match."I really excited for my first official match with sharktail NT squad.When i get the report from the physio i really glad all the starter in the good shape.Tommorrow match is an important match and we need to win that match."

Sharktail GK,Ahmad reminded his teammate to stay focus until the end of the game.They cannot lose focus or they may face abitter result."For the match we have to win.Win can improve our mentality.We can get some confidence bosster if we can win tomorrow.So i hope all my teammate will perform same as we perform in the friendly maych before the tournament."

PostPosted: Mon Apr 13, 2020 6:23 pm
by Pemecutan
Pemecutan National Team Arrived at Soracana

Tuesday, April 14 2020

Calu Humang, Soracana Islands - Pemecutan Men's Football National Team finally arrived at Nilayam International Airport on Saturday afternoon to prepare for the 4th Melayu Archipelago Cup. The team was greeted by the host officials before being escorted to their official bus. The journey they take from Nilayam to Calu Humang, their match town, is quite long. Pemecutan in this edition of competition is drawn into Group C, together with Southern Palm Islands and South East United. The manager, Agung Suryanatha, decided to went to Soracana Islands earlier to make a better preparation for their team. Although he doesn't think the weather is very much different with Pemecutan but at least they will be familiarize with the surrounding and the stadium where they will be play.

"We try our best to give the best result for our first match. It is a crucial match as this edition we will only playing twice in the Group Stage. So all the players have to be in their best condition each time they are playing a match," says Agung Suryanatha which was interviewed during the training of the team.

This is the second time Pemecutan entered the competition. They already made a headline after advance into semifinal in last edition even though they have to satisfied being the fourth place after defeated by Ziwana in the 3rd Place match. But it is already a big accomplishment for a newcomer team. Agung Suryanatha stated that he at least trying to make the same footing for his team in this edition. While advance higher than being a semifinalist is a dream for him. The team will be playing against Southern Palm Islands in their first group match which will be held in Calu Humang on April 14.


PostPosted: Tue Apr 14, 2020 1:59 am
by Ziwana

The Ziwani Football National Team to the 4th Melayu Archipelago Cup


Full Name: Ungwazi wa Ziwana
Nickname: Akambuku (Leopards)
Triagramme: ZIW
Formation: 4-3-3
Style Moodifier: +3
Manager: Harry Ngonamo
Assistant Manager: Chisomo Kavinya

Starting Line Up



GK1Jean Kane19Western United
RB13Surinder Fernandes19Fadrön Flight
CB3Yannick Saramandiff29Sandheights City FC
CB4Jonathan Boi20Sandheights City FC
LB5Jonathan Ah Fok19Eshan FC
DM6Issa Swedi19Black leopards FC
CM7Louis Albert15Western United
CM8Joseph Kawoa29Sandheights City FC
LW9Charles Payen22Sandheights City FC
RW10Abdulaziz Haqawi19Al-Quasim Athletic Club
ST11Jean Wilder-Captain29Sandheights City

ST: #24, Joseph Castel(27), Ainheim Dynamos (Debut)
GK: #12, Nicolas Mitraille(29), Black Leopards FC(Debut)
RB: #13, Manu Labonte(26), Birnin Almalaki (Debut)
CB: #14, Jean Sophie(20), Western United (Debut)
CB: #15, Jean Ranaivoson(29), Black leopards FC (Debut)
LB: #16, Louis Citorah(19), Western United
DM: #17, Jean Gopaul(20), Birnin Almalaki
CM: #18, Mohammed Al-Dossari(20), Asghar Athletic Club
CM: #19, Hashaan Casimir(19), Ainheim Dynamos
LW: #20, Jean Aristide(30), Black Leopards
RW: #21, Nicolas Bayaram(29), Black leopards FC
ST: #22, Johan Dimanche(27), Birnin Almalaki (Debut)


Ziwani kits are made by local and world renowned kit makers, Zsports.


Stadium Name: Izula National Stadium
Location: Birnin-Likulu (Capital City)
Capacity: 55750

I give my opponent permission to(that is if they are first to RP):
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Give my players yellow cards: Y
Give my players red cards: Y
Give injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y

PostPosted: Tue Apr 14, 2020 4:04 am
by Ziwana

Ziwani squad arrive at Nandini Hotel after touching down in Ruacalu following their fight to Soracana Islands ahead of the 4th CMFA Cup.

By Chosadziwa Botolo

ZCOMM Sport in Ruacalu, Soracana Islands


Akambuku players disembark from plane in Ruacalu

Ziwana's 23-man squad were given a red carpet welcome following their arrival at their base in Ruacalu for the 4th CMFA Cup. Harry Ngonamo and his boys arrived in Ruacalu today afternoon after depaturing Izula International Airport, friday evening. The Akambuku were welcomed by Ruacalu's mayor and funs. The Ziwani national teams exciting 'umodzi, umodzi' football in the previous CMFA Cup had caught the attention of many football lovers and these Soracanians just wanted to see the players who had caught their hearts. The squad was then invited to the mayor's house for dinner.

The CMFA Cup is set to begin on Monday but Ziwana's first game will be on tuesday against newcomers Sharktail. The Ziwani national team has performed amazingly well in every competition it has played in and ranks 67th in the multiverse and 3rd in the Melayu Archipelago region. However, if the Akambuku are complacent they may be knocked out of in the group stages of the CMFA Cup. This threat of being knocked out in the group stages is very real especially with newcomers Havynwilde in their group. Havynwilde seem to be very ambitious and have players who play in several strong multiverse clubs. Their players are top athletes and if Ziwana is to go through the group stage they must be on their A game. In the CMFA any team, strong or weak can lose or win. Afterall Ziwana in the 3rd CMFA Cup had badly beaten Zeniyadah the previous winners of the competition. Ziwani funs all hope that the Akambuku can improve from their previous semi-final exit and get into the final.

The Akambuku squad sees some changes in its ranks after several players performed badly in the Ziwani domestic league. The Ziwani squad sees the return of Jean Gopaul, the player who had been sent home for fighting with teammate Manu Chundunsing. The Ziwani squad will need to be on their A game but did they bring their A team to the CMFA. Below is a review of Ziwana's defensive players;

Goalkeeper Jean Kane: The Western United goalkeeper really has a bright future ahead of him. He has been the starting keeper for Ziwana in the Baptism of Fire, World Cup Qualifiers and in the previous CMFA Cup. He has shown his brilliance over and over again. In the domestic league he won the golden glove in the previous season and won it again this season after getting 11 clean sheets and conceding the least times, 6 in 15 appearances. Its no lie when he is hailed as the best keeper in Ziwana, he will definately be key in the Akambuku's success in the CMFA Cup.

Right back Surinder Fernandes: Not much is known about this player. However, there were rumours that the players family had paid the Royal Ziwani FA to put him in the squad. The player hasn't featured a lot for Ziwana but he was able to bag a transfer to one of Taeshans prestigious teams, Fadrön Flight. Fadrön Flight won the fair play award although not confirmed, Fernandes' clean defensive style might have helped. If this is true having a level headed right back will decrease the chances of red cards and penalties or free kicks that would cost Ziwana goals.

Center Back Yannick Saramandiff: The 29 year old is going to be having his international debut in this competition. He plays for last season's Liga Malikiy winners Sandheights City FC. The player previously played for Black Leopards FC before being bought for 525,000 Silivas by the Beach Boys. He had 13 starts and came of the bench 3 times for Sandheights and really impressed. Yannick scored 2 goals, assisted in 2 goals,of 293 passes-222 passes succeeded and of 63 of his tackles, 57 were successful. This is a player who fits the national team, he is fast, he scores, assists and is able to push off strikers off the ball.

Center Back Jonathan Boi: The 20 year has appeared for Ziwana previously. The player is the perfect defender, whether he plays on the left, right or center and even the wings. This player had 33 interceptions in 10 games, 80% of his passes were successful, he won 83% of his tackles and had an average rating of 7.03. Looking at Yannick and Jonathan, Ziwana has solid last men at the back.

Left Back Jonathan Ah Fok: Jonathan previous played for Tamaria Football Academy were he helped the club clinch the Liga Kaifa 2 and the FA Cup against a strong Western United. He was sold to Eshan FC for 1.3 million Silivas in January and has only appeared 3 times for his new club. Theirs not a lot to talk about this player considering his domestic stats but he has scored a couple of goals for the national team. A left back who scores and provides width is the perfect player for 'umodzi, umodzi' football.

Defensive Mid Issa Swedi: Issa has played as an anchor man for the national team, connecting the midfield with the defence. He is the heart of 'umodzi, umodzi'. On the domestic scene in Ziwana he plays as a central midfielder and in 18 appearances has scored 4 goals and assisted in 3 goals. His defence attributes allowed him to get 51 interceptions for his team Black Leopards with 7 leading to goals for his team.

A solid defense and anchor are the heart of a team, in previous competitions Ziwana has let in a lot of goals due to how good the opposition strikers were. However, their defense was able to frustrate these strikers and avoid more goals getting in . With this solid defense this time, all Ziwani hope that the back can be tied as the offensive players get goals. The match against Sharktail will live on Zplayer, check out the defensive players on there and watch this space for the review of Ziwana's offensive players.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 14, 2020 5:06 am
by Soracana Islands

PostPosted: Tue Apr 14, 2020 5:58 am
by Soracana Islands

Group C
Tuesday, 14 April 2020 16:00 EMAT - Calu Humang Stadium, Calu Humang
Pemecutan 1 - 0 Southern Palm Islands
Group C
Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Pemecutan 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
2 South East United 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
3 Southern Palm Islands 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0

Group D
Tuesday, 14 April 2020 17:00 EMAT - Ruacalu Aksa Stadium, Ruacalu
Ziwana 3 - 2 Sharktail
Group D
Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Ziwana 1 1 0 0 3 2 +1 3
2 Havynwilde 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
3 Sharktail 1 0 0 1 2 3 −1 0

Match Day 3, Wednesday, 15 April 2020
Group A

Sandhora vs North Quadana (17:00 EMAT - Pasahi Arena, Pasahiranta)
Group B
Samudera Darussalam vs Reksonegoro (16:00 EMAT - Calu Humang Stadium, Calu Humang)



PostPosted: Tue Apr 14, 2020 6:58 pm
by Havynwilde

Hub for all information on sports related to Havynwilde with other contributing information

I want to thank you for opening the latest edition of The Assoicated, for years we've found pride in providing you, the viewer with the most in-depth analysis of sports in Havynwilde, ranging from Lygahaven play and also into other amateur sports that shine bright in our small nation. The time has come to bring The Assocciated to the world, of course that means Havynsmen and women and the Havyish sporting culture are brought to the world, its our pleasure to unveil to our viewers our new website, www.theassociated.hyn, featuring articles, visuals and videos on the latest and greatest of sports here in Havynwilde. Thank you for giving us the chance to serve you,
Kitchie Simmons

PAGE 24 :: Advernians Eyeing Transfer Bid For Avenida Leal Keeper

Advernians have made it clear they’re looking to make huge strides this offseason, looking to retool an aging backline for one last run at the league title, and more importantly, take strides to answer the problem that Joel Nolans has left, a team without a clear, known, first option at the goalkeeper position.

They think they’ve found their answer in Avenida Leal keeper, Noé Perea. The keeper, who’s burst onto the scene as the backup for the Farf national team at World Cup 84; while he found no action, a successful spell with the national team coupled with a brilliant display in the famously-offensive Farf Freitball Ligá meant he was for sure he was a player on the up.

His escapades with the Farf domestic side had earned him some well-deserved evaluations of rank and worth; considering a move to a lesser league would be in his favor as no doubt, he’d be offered a boatload of moeny to come here. Of course, there’s been discourse of Advernians are ready to bring in a player such as Perea; he’d be an immediate enforcer on the backline, and coming from such an offensive league, how would he adjust to playing in a league like Havynwilde’s.

This of course all coming on the heels of Joel Nolans’s divorce from the Ivys at the end of LygaHaven-757, opting to listen to national team manager, Shane Newman’s advice and pivot towards a career abroad; on the other hand, it has lef the position in flux, at least domestically, Ivys side.

On the other hand, the Ivys have seen Perea’s rise and are rumored to be intereted in acquiring the skills and hands of the player, especially with the problems for the side it has faced thus far.

The CMFA Champions League-chasing side has had to deal with the impact of blunder-after-blunder from Flavovespian keeper, Nicholas Dobson; the twenty-six year-old has been frightening in his play this preseason, causing the Ivys front office to completely looks to reevaluate what they were sure was a finished discussion once more.

Advernians has perhaps more infamously attempted to throw cash to tempt stoppers to make the move towards the Ivys, it made bids for Kulap Erer and Laurel Tinker-Wilt, engaged in bidding wars for Cap Nordique’s June Filipovic, and then attempted to bring in journeyman RGS Athletic star, Jason Petratos. Similarly, Brenecia blocked options for Cole Bruin as did Nepharan Jason Petrotas, blocking a club approved move, both players citing their unwillingness to play in an improving Havynwilde.

This lead to Nicholas Dobson - who was the clubs fifth option - being brought in as the starter during the preseason, his time handling the club has been...sloppy - in eight games, Dobson’s given up eleven goals, prompting Advernians to reevaluate their position on the role for the team’s stopper. Formerly in safe hands during Joel Nolans era, the team has broken down - this shown by its shell shackling 4-1 defeat at the hands of AFC Corvistone of Nephara.

Its rumored, simply put, Thomas Green just has no faith early on in Dobson’s ability to guide Advernians through both the CMFA Champions League, but also the FFI competitions and the domestic season and cup which lie ahead; giving up eleven goals including three consecutive beat downs have done little to assure him.

However, Green is trying to juggle multiple positions right now: he’s got the new starlet, James Murdock, who impressed in some preseason friendlies, including two shutouts, he’s expected to resign for an extension at season’s end; so the question becomes, is Perea seen as a stopgap or the clear number one for the following years. Meanwhile, Dobson looks to revive his chances with Advernians, while there are rumors, Wildeport Wanderers are looking to secure his works for a loan, as are Bellymn United.

Perea, who was third-string at World Cup 84 for the Farves, is expected to be a mainstay at Avenida Leal, and prying him away will be no easy task - they’re asking for a large, undisclosed sum to part with him - Advernians is trying to negotiate down on the deal, after bringing in some players of their own.

However, its clear boss Thomas Green is looking to divorce himself from Dobson, and quickly, Dobson was notably left off team rosters for the CMFA Champions League, with Murdock instead expected to be the starter for sometime.

Should Advernians finally find the sweet spot, they’ve found an opportunity to pounce, and given the pure state of the backline, we could expect something to happen soon. Emely Towers and Ville Pakkannen, both players whose words carry immense weight in the locker room have expressed visible frustration with Dobson, however, with the national team competing in the CMFA Melayu Cup, key pieces are gone from the Advernians backline and midfield. This struggle is expected to extend into the first four or five games of the season for the Advernians team who’ll be missing a key players, away with the Nordslaget.

Avenida Leal's Noé Perea is rumored to be the latest goalie on the the Ivys transfer scopes.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 14, 2020 8:30 pm
by Havynwilde

    ҡr4.85 :: Bellymn, HAVYNWILDE

Scenes from Bolgano: Hayden Welsh does battle with a Bolganese defender on the way to a nil-to-nil draw

Looking towards the Baptism of Fire, there’s plenty of animosity between Shane Newman and fooligbol supporters around the nation, and there’s plenty of reason for it - Newman’s hardball policies have thrown off the HFF’s traditionally more relaxed, supporter-friendly opinions.

Ahead of a Baptism of Fire, issues such as these have brought up the growing divide between the HFF and the supporter, the people who pushed the HFF to adopt IFCF codes, join the WCC and pushed for its participant in the Baptism of Fire and the WC85 cycle. Angering its core fans has been something that Shane Newman has done with ease, however, being who he is - that’s a World Cup manager who’s found success - there’s reason to take a turn and heed his advice. However, this hasn’t gone over well, particularly the Nordslaget fans in the capital, Bellymn; who consider what he has to say moot and void.

“The way I see it, I’ll only listen to him if he wins us the Melayu Cup and the Baptism of Fire,” said one bystander who reeked of weed.

“Same,” another said, although this one smelt less of weed and more of needing to take a shower.

However, despite all this negativity, there’s reason to trust in Shane Newman, and there’s a lot of work ahead for the Norslaget, but, given the affairs of the team, it has the chance (and power) to do it. Given the problems that’ve plagued the team since its inception, there have been some who have been worried whether or not the national team truly would be able to find its basis and perform, however, there’s reason to believe it will.

With proper planning, our pundits say, the Nordslaget can make Havynwilde relevant on the national yeam scale. Sure, it’ll take work - fucking loads of it - but, Shane Newman was brought on for a four cycle contract, the HFF fully expects he’ll need plenty of time to do something.

    [1]. Support Shane Newman

For some reason, this remains a hot button issue - Shane Newman’s hiring - Havyish domestic coaches seem to have felt slighted. There’s no fucking reason to when the best on the list is Thomas Green: his side just lost 6-1 on aggregated to AFC Corvistone of Nephara, and that’s who you want in charge of the national team?

Public opinion and perception remains strongly against the Newman regime, despite his leadership and expertise he brings to the national team. The major questions have been on his inconsistency: in two games, the Havyish national team has ran four completely different systems, opting to test formations and strategies throughout the game.

If there’s one thing that pundits and critics alike can agree on, its Newman’s possession-based philosophy will take time to get used to. No club in the top two divisions are built on possession - even Advernians and Foretham are not big defensive sides, despite being passed on relatively strong defensive set ups.

“Newman has a style that he wants to bring to the Havyish game: its a more possession-based, more concrete way of playing, and its something that we honestly haven’t seen yet, so rightly there’s a lot of questions,” said HBC Sports pundit, Kellyane Kerry. “The idea here is to have Ashton Houston as the lynchpin of the offense, that’s at least what he’s hoping to produce with the 3-4-1-2, and no team in Havynwilde amongst the top divisions run this.”

“The idea of playing out of the back is a largely foreign concept to the Havyish game,” adds historian, Mark Glongher, “Havyish keepers have been taught to punt it to the best offensive talent and let them be creative,” he continues, “that isn’t sustainable for the game and for creating opportunities.”

However, Chris Carey of The Asssociated counters, “The problem is,” he says, talking from a Twii.tur account, “the team is too inexperienced in this style of play to be transitioning right to it. The 3-4-3 formation has been the staple of the Havyish game for a long time, its what the Havyish teams are most used to.”

Similarly, “Shane wants players playing out of position just to make this work,” The Periodical’s Clark Aseddron says, “He’s betting on Ashton Houston not even playing in her preferred spot for it all to come together, and I don’t think that’s going to work too long.”

In two games, the formation’s produced one draw and one loss - that’s not too bad for an unranked team that’s unheard of, for Shane Newman to be immediately attacked is a little far fetched given the idea he’s developing takes time.

    [2]. Pick Better Squads

This one might need more time to develop, after all, the Havyish first generation for the national team is still not really formed: lots of different players received their call-ups, and we’re not really sure what the final goal is right now. But, the point does remain, the national team needs to be picked properly.

A reluctance to play domestic-based players has seemed to cause a lot of domestic uproar against Newman, despite the fact that...well, according to the IFCF; we suck. Plain and simple, we can’t expect Newman to rely on Havyish players who simply have already proven they can’t compete against foreign sides; how can we expect the same people who lost 4-0 to go out and play for the national team?

Right now, it’s probably completely fair for Newman to do this: he’s picked up on some gems domestically, i.e. Rosario Courtwood and Joel Nolans; the latter of which was convinced by Newman to make the move to Newman’s native country of Baker Park, signing with Middlebourne City.

But, there’s also reason to believe what the pundits say, taking a look at foreigner-based Havyish player who’ve tanked while playing abroad too, says Carey.

“There’s many examples of times when the domestic talent is clearly better than the foreign-based player,” he says, eating a Krinky; “Zack Park for Union Kada is a perfect example, he had a terrible season in Mkabia, a league that’s ranked below Havynwilde too and has made the national team selection over clearly better talent domestically.”

But one could argue that players like Park are simply stopgaps until a new, youthful generation can come, says other pundits.

Richard Spencer with The Periodical stopped by the program, “Park plays the system well, that’s why he’s here,” says Spencer, “he was effective in Mkabia despite being surrounded by absolutely naught while he’s been there, he’s fits well overall into Newman’s plan but he’s not really a long term guy.”

Overall, this highlights that important decisions lay between now and the Baptism of Fire, but there’s clearly also some obvious ones too: the youth are coming up soon and a new crop of selections should be around in a few years.

    [3]. Build Around Sutherland

Francis Sutherland is the best player on the national team, no doubt about it, he’s also twenty-ones and he’s only got two games of experience on the national scale. Sutherland’s won praise both domestically and abroad - the Shamrocks wunderkid has starred in Audioslavia’s annual fooligbol opera - and really has taken the chance to grow from it.

Meanwhile, Shane Newman has praised the entire team for its “tireless defensive effort and spirit,” as he puts it.

While that’s all fine and dandy, Newman must no, the games must go through Sutherland. Sure, Ashton Houston and perhaps Leon Davis are both national team stars in their own right, but the games? They’ve gotta go through Sutherland.

And, Sutherland’s been placed in the best position to make it happen. He’s got a wealth of talent around him, Cann Baird’s on the left flank and has shown how much he developed with Megabrantid SC winning the league title in the Sqornish States. On the other hand, he’ll partner with his former team mate at Avante Leipreachán with Hayden Welsh, the two of these players coupled with Sutherland can be a brutal punch if they navigate the groups safely.

Like it or not, Sutherland is the focal point of this team, he’ll be the one who sets the pace, tempo and all the rest for this team, nothing will happen without him being dictated into the plans. His time pitted with Cazadores Cathair has added to that, he’s emerged more with more knowledge and leadership and really seems to be much more acutely aware of the role he’ll play with the national team.

Sure, Newman will be preaching kumbaya to the supporters and will speak on working with all the players to integrate them with one-another, but at the end of the day, the ball goes through Sutherland. Sutherland is the main person on this national team and he’ll have the most direct say privately on how the game goes except for maybe Joel Nolans.

Newman has a lot of work ahead of him, but it starts with giving the national team something to believe in.

Can they do it? It’d be a nice twopeat, CMFA Melayu Cup and the Baptism of Fire.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2020 1:45 am
by North Quadana
Welcome, you are listening to Qsports Radio 96.4 FM, and today we've got a very special guest in the studio, and it's none other than the 20 year old midfielder who will be representing our nation in the CMFA Cup, Youri Dusselman!

Pleased to be here.

So, how is it being called up to the tournament at such a young age.

It's amazing. For as long as I can remember it has been my dream to play for the national team, and here I am.

Was it a surprise for you to be called to the senior squad considering your young age?

Partially. Me and some other guys from the squad were training with the U21 squad most of the time, but we had noticed the senior manager at our training, so we were pretty sure that someone would get called up, and in the end it was me and Patrik [Wennemars].

But you're not the only youngsters on the team.

No, there's also Willem [Westerwaard] and Jasper [Mannessen], but it was pretty obvious they were going to be here in Soracana, as they had trained with the senior team all offseason.

Talking about Willem Westerwaard, he has recently become your teammate.

Yeah, it was a pretty crazy transfer. I knew there were clubs interested in me, but one day they called me from the Urkhoven front office, and told me "You know, we just got an offer from Club Warder.", and my agent called me just after that to tell me the same news, and I was dumbfounded. That's really a great opportunity for me to show my worth.

How was it switching from one club to another?

I signed the contract knowing that I knew some guys in Warder from the U21 team, for example Willem, he had trained with the U21s when he was 17, he was still in the Warder academy at the time, and all of the guys were laughing about this 17 year old guy who comes in from the academy, but later in the training he proved his worth, and then everyone pretty much treated him normally. Willem has got that spring in his step, really. He just oozes confidence.

How was it moving to Warder, which is definitely a bigger city than Urkhoven?

laughs, you know there is a funny story. Willem was living with his parents, and as soon as he heard the news, I got a call from him, and he goes "you know I haven't got my own place, and property prices are high...", and so we are now roommates.

Must be nice.

He doesn't put the dishes in the dishwasher.laughs

Well thank you for your time, it was nice having you here.

Thank you, goodbye.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2020 5:01 am
by Soracana Islands

PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2020 5:58 am
by Soracana Islands

Group A
Wednesday, 15 April 2020 17:00 EMAT - Pasahi Arena, Pasahiranta
Sandhora 1 - 1 North Quadana
Group A
Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Soracana Islands 1 1 0 0 3 1 +2 3
2 North Quadana 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
3 Sandhora 2 0 1 1 2 4 −2 1

Group B
Wednesday, 15 April 2020 16:00 EMAT - Calu Humang Stadium, Calu Humang
Samudera Darussalam 3 - 4 Reksonegoro
Group B
Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Reksonegoro 1 1 0 0 4 3 +1 3
2 Samudera Darussalam 2 1 0 1 4 4 0 3
3 Labuan and Cempaka 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0

Match Day 4, Thursday, 16 April 2020
Group C

Southern Palm Islands vs South East United (17:00 EMAT - Halangnehu Municipal Arena, Halangnehu)
Group D
Sharktail vs Havynwilde (16:00 EMAT - Pasahi Arena, Pasahiranta)