Independent Associations Cup 9 (EVERYTHING THREAD)

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Independent Associations Cup 9 (EVERYTHING THREAD)

Postby HUElavia » Fri Mar 20, 2020 1:49 pm


"Four Years" have passed in the NS Multiverse, and once again, the biggest football tournament for National Teams that are not part of the Big 3 Sporting Regions has returned. This time, the tournament gains passionate colors and flair from the host of this tournament, one of the hot prospects of NS Multiverse Football: HUElavia. We look to enjoy the most colorful and passionate tournament yet, in hopes of a grand tournament. The Democracy of HUElavia welcome everyone participating and watching to the 9th edition of the Independent Associations Cup.

1. Drawkland (32)
2. Squornshelan Remnant States (45)
3. Monglechabagd (NR)
4. Trolleborg (70)
5. HUElavia (23)
6. Xannerian Wysterian Territories (NR)
7. Free Republics (14)
8. Fujai (154)
9. Terre Septentrionale (42)
10. Reçueçn (28)
11. Lisander (83)
12. Juvencus (40)
13. Darkmania (64)
14. Space (NR)
15. Imperial Joseon (NR)
16. Ziwana (67)
17. Port Ember (38)
18. TJUN-ia (105)
19. Fleuronordicia (NR)
20. Abanhfleft (51)
21. Poafmersia (PotatoFarmers) (66)
22. Kriegiersien (NR)
23. Silver Beach (NR)
24. Devonta (69)
25. Daskel (NR)
26. Kelssek (35)
27. Zwangzug (31)
28. Sajnur (58)
29. Oceani (NR)
30. Tara and Cambray (137)
31. Omerica (98)
32. New Lusitania and the Algarves (44)

Pot 1- HUElavia (23), Reçueçn (28), Free Republics (14), Zwangzug (31), Drawkland (32), Kelssek (35), Port Ember (38), Juvencus (40)

Pot 2- Terre Septentrionale (42), New Lusitania and the Algarves (44), Squornshelan Remnant States (45), Abanhfleft (51), Sajnur (58), Darkmania (64), Poafmersia (66), Ziwana (67)

Pot 3- Devonta (69), Trolleborg (70), Lisander (83), Omerica (98), TJUN-ia (105), Tara and Cambray (137), Fujai (154), Xannerian Wysterian Territories (NR)

Pot 4- Fleuronordicia (NR), Monglechabagd (NR), Space (NR), Imperial Joseon (NR), Kriegiersien (NR), Silver Beach (NR), Daskel (NR), Oceani (NR)


Group A- HUElavia, Kriegiersien, Omerica, Sajnur

Group B- Free Republics, New Lusitania and the Algarves, Devonta, Daskel

Group C- Kelssek, Fleuronordicia, Fujai, Terre Septentrionale

Group D- Juvencus, Squornshelan Remnant States, TJUN-ia, Space

Group E- Port Ember, Trolleborg, Abanhfleft, Oceani

Group F- Reçueçn, Monglechabagd, Ziwana, Tara and Cambray

Group G- Drawkland, Darkmania, Xannerian Wysterian Territories, Imperial Joseon

Group H- Zwangzug, Silver Beach, Poafmersia, Lisander

EDIT: There was an error with the seeding in the pots with Sajnur, had to redo the draw.
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Postby HUElavia » Fri Mar 20, 2020 1:50 pm

HUElavia Info

History: HUElavia is a nation of over 1.2 Million Square Miles that is home to the Hueti, the native people of the land. The country was colonized in the late 1600s by Portuzians (Portuguese) and Asellians (Spaniards) and was basically split off by both countries for over 200 years. Eventually, immigrants came and decided that the nation needed to get off from Colonial power and the country split into two, East HUElavia and West HUElavia, in 1897. Although, the country merged together into HUElavia in 1900, and the nation saw a massive growth of population from immigrants and a rising birth rate. Many of the immigrants that came included the following: Euskati (Basque), Tallian (Italians), Franc (French), Rus (Russians), Ibo (Nigerians), Tanden (Berber), Yamoto (Japanese), Guang Tzu (Chinese), Cog (Vietnamese), and Pinoy (Filipino). While there has been bouts of Conservative times in the country, HUElavia has been mainly a Liberal society where people are free to do generally whatever they want, and today there is a massive level of scientific and technological advancement in the country that makes things such as transportation very reliable.

Geography and Climate: HUElavia is mainly a country with tropical rainforests, tropical seasonal forests, temperate dedicious forest, or wetlands. 8 of the venues will be played in hot and humid locations, ranging from 77*F to 79*F, while 4 of the venues will be played in more cool areas, where it can be 72*F on average. While the country can have rainy days, the costs tend to get higher rates of precipitation than the inlands areas, therefore expect some matches to be played in the rain.

Culture: HUElavia is mainly influenced by Portuzian and Astellian culture, but there are regions that are their own cultural influence from the large groups of immigrants in that area. English, Portuguese and Spanish are the official languages. Galician serves as the Lingua Franca of the country, with significant populations that speak French, Italian, Russian, Basque, Cantonese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Arabic, Ibo, and Hueti. In terms of dishes, Portuguese and Spanish dishes are mainly eaten, but regional dishes such as French, Italian, Russian, Berber, Nigerian, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino and Vietnamese can be found virtually everywhere. In terms of Religion, Christianity is the majority Religion, with Roman Catholicism being the main form of Christianity, with a sizable portion of Protestantism. Judaism, Islam, Shinto, Buddhism, and Native Religions are also found in the country, and there is virtually a place of worship for many religions. In music, traditional Portuguese, Spanish, and Latin music are popular, but there are high interests in J-Pop, J-Rock, C-Pop, P-Pop, V-Pop, French, Italian, and Russian Hardbass. In terms of clothing, save for those in buisness and politics or those for fancy events, people tend to dress casually with men wearing t-shirts, jeans or shorts, while women may wear t-shirts, jeans or shorts, or dresses or blouses. Swim suits are also worn in the costal areas as well. These clothes are worn to stay cool in the hot and humid temperatures of the country. Although, it is not uncommon to see people go about their day naked due to the heat and humidity (The HUElavian Government recommends to look solely at their face, in order to avoid any accusations of sexual harassment).

People: HUElavians are a very multicultural population, with 50% of the population being of mixed race. While there are people who are fully of a certain ethnic origin, many come from different backgrounds and tend to identify with the culture they look the most like or feel the most attached to. HUElavians tend to be very intelligent with virtually every citizen over the age of 21 having some sort of formal schooling, whether it be from college or from trade school, thus it is not uncommon to hear serious debates as part of "light conversation." HUElavians tend to be very kind, compassionate, and cheerful, being among the best in the multiverse, but they're too honest to a fault, and they can come off rude with their remarks. They're also very healthy, with a very small amount of people suffering from Obesity, and many tend to be either slim, in form, or muscular. The average height for HUElavian Males is 1.78 Meters (5'10"), while the average height for HUElavian Females is 1.58 Meters (5'2").

What to do: HUElavia is a massive country with many things to do. Some of these things to do include: Going to the beach, visiting a national park, going to intellectual parks to discuss a variety of topics, going to parties, going to conventions (from sci-fi, to anime, to gaming), visit cultural centers in different regions to learn firsthand the different cultures of the country, go to libraries, go to restaurants, go to indoor pools, and go to parks to play sports or have a picnic or to skate.

Accomodations: Fans travelling from all over will be able to take plane or ship to the country and arrive to any of the hosting cities. There are hotels available not far from the stadiums, usually either a walk, bus ride, or metro ride will get them to the stadium quick. If coming from a different dimension, we do have aircrafts and busses designed to travel to a different dimension in order to pick up passengers of different varieties (thanks to the advances in HUElavian science and technology). Fans will go to different venues either through Plane, High-Speed Train, or Boat.



Estadio Nacional, Curumba (100,000) (Portuguese/Spanish)
Estadio Salvador, Sao Salvador (85,000) (Portuguese)
Estadio Internacional, San Rafael (82,500) (Spanish)
Estádio Costeiro, HUEsillia (78,000) (Portuguese)
Estadio HUGames, Sega (72,000) (Japanese)
Estadio Acuatico, Bello Mar (67,000) (Spanish)
Estadio Hueti, Jinaqa (63,000) (Hueti)
Estadio Porto, Portimao (60,000) (Portuguese)
Stade de Lourdes, Lourdes (54,000) (French)
San Ignatius, Itio (52,000) (Basque)
Estadio Sino, Bagnano (50,000) (Chinese)
Estadio Bendito, San Franco (50,000) (Spanish)

(For Stadium Images, refer to this: ... /id=523858)
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Postby HUElavia » Fri Mar 20, 2020 1:50 pm

Dates of Tournament:
MD 1- March 23
MD 2- March 25
MD 3- March 27
RO16- March 29
QF- March 31
SF- April 2
3rd Place- April 4
Final-April 5

Cutoff times will be between 12 PM to 3 PM US EST (UTC-5)

Tournament Schedule-

Group Stage:
Group A:
HUElavia vs Kriegiersien (Estadio Nacional, Curumba)
Omerica vs Sajnur (Estadio Porto, Portimao)
HUElavia vs Omerica (Estádio Costeiro, HUEsillia)
Sajnur vs Kriegiersien (Estadio Acuatico, Bello Mar)
Kriegiersien vs Omerica (Stade de Lourdes, Lourdes)
Sajnur vs HUElavia (Estadio Internacional, San Rafael)

Group B:
Free Republics vs New Lusitania and the Algarves (Estadio Internacional, San Rafael)
Devonta vs Daskel (Estadio Hueti, Jinaqa)
Free Republics vs Devonta (Estadio Bendito, San Franco)
Daskel vs New Lusitania and the Algarves (Estadio Salvador, Sao Salvador)
New Lusitania and the Algarves vs Devonta (Estadio Nacional, Curumba)
Daskel vs Free Republics (Estadio Porto, Portimao)

Group C:
Kelssek vs Fleuronordicia (Estádio Costeiro, HUEsillia)
Fujai vs Terre Septentrionale (San Ignatius, Itio)
Kelssek vs Fujai (Stade de Lourdes, Lourdes)
Terre Septentrionale vs Fleuronordicia (Estadio HUGames, Sega)
Fleuronordicia vs Fujai (Estadio Sino, Bacnano)
Terre Septentrionale vs Kelssek (Estadio Hueti, Jinaqa)

Group D:
Juvencus vs Squornshelan Remnant States (Estadio HUGames, Sega)
TJUN-ia vs Space (Estadio Bendito, San Franco)
Juvencus vs TJUN-ia (Estadio Sino, Bacnano)
Space vs Squornshelan Remnant States (Estadio Nacional, Curumba)
Squornshelan Remnant States vs TJUN-ia (San Ignatius, Itio)
Space vs Juvencus (Estadio Porto, Portimao)

Group E:
Port Ember vs Trolleborg (Estadio Salvador, Sao Salvador)
Abanhfleft vs Oceani (Estadio Acuatico, Bello Mar)
Port Ember vs Abanhfleft (Estadio Hueti, Jinaqa)
Oceani vs Trolleborg (San Ignatius, Itio)
Trolleborg vs Abanhfleft (Estadio HUGames, Sega)
Oceani vs Port Ember (Estadio Nacional, Curumba)

Group F:
Reçueçn vs Monglechabagd (Stade de Lourdes, Lourdes)
Ziwana vs Tara and Cambray (Estadio Sino, Bacnano)
Reçueçn vs Ziwana (Estadio Salvador, Sao Salvador)
Tara and Cambray vs Monglechabagd (Estadio Bendito, San Franco)
Monglechabagd vs Ziwana (Estádio Costeiro, HUEsillia)
Tara and Cambray vs Reçueçn (Estadio Acuatico, Bello Mar)

Group G:
Drawkland vs Darkmania (San Ignatius, Itio)
Xannerian Wysterian Territories vs Imperial Joseon (Estadio Internacional, San Rafael)
Drawkland vs Xannerian Wysterian Territories (Estadio HUGames, Sega)
Imperial Joseon vs Darkmania (Estadio Acuatico, Bello Mar)
Darkmania vs Xannerian Wysterian Territories (Estadio Bendito, San Franco)
Imperial Joseon vs Drawkland (Estadio Salvador, Sao Salvador)

Group H:
Zwangzug vs Silver Beach (Estadio Porto, Portimao)
Poafmersia vs Lisander (Estadio Hueti, Jinaqa)
Zwangzug vs Poafmersia (Estádio Costeiro, HUEsillia)
Lisander vs Silver Beach (Estadio Sino, Bacnano)
Silver Beach vs Poafmersia (Stade de Lourdes, Lourdes)
Lisander vs Zwangzug (Estadio Internacional, San Rafael)

A: A1 vs B2 (Estadio Salvador, Sao Salvador)
B: C1 vs D2 (Estadio Hueti, Jinaqa)
C: D1 vs C2 (Estádio Costeiro, HUEsillia)
D: B1 vs A2 (Estadio Acuatico, Bello Mar)
E: E1 vs F2 (Estadio Porto, Portimao)
F: G1 vs H2 (Estadio Nacional, Curumba)
G: H1 vs G2 (Estadio HUGames, Sega)
H: F1 vs E2 (Estadio Internacional, San Rafael)

W: A vs B (Estadio Acuatico, Bello Mar)
X: E vs F (Estadio HUGames, Sega)
Y: C vs D (Estadio Nacional, Curumba)
Z: G vs H (Estádio Costeiro, HUEsillia)

SF 1: W vs X (Estadio Salvador, Sao Salvador)
SF 2: Y vs Z (Estadio Internacional, San Rafael)

3rd Place Match:
Loser SF 1 vs Loser SF 2 (Estadio Hueti, Jinaqa)

The Final:
Winner SF 1 vs Winner SF 2 (Estadio Nacional, Curumba)
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Postby HUElavia » Fri Mar 20, 2020 1:50 pm

HUElavia National Football Team Squad for IAC 9



#1 Jose Antonio LOBATO (21 Years Old) (M)
#13 RICARDO Carreiro-Couto (32 Years Old) (M)
#23 Ana VALLARES (19 Years Old) (F)

#2 Paolo TONI (26 Years Old) (M) (CB)
#3 Ismael HIERRO-Nadal (32 Years Old) (M) (CB) (Captain)
#4 Joao COELHO (19 Years Old) (M) (RB-LB)
#5 Raul AMARU-Dominguez (21 Years Old) (M) (LB-RB)
#12 Kira SMIRNOV (21 Years Old) (F) (CB)
#15 Carolina ACOSTA (18 Years Old) (F) (CB)
#18 Elenor SALGADO-Lemus (19 Years Old) (F) (LB-RB)
#22 Miguel Angel DURAN (22 Years Old) (M) (RB-LB)

#6 Andres GALLEGO-Calderon (28 Years Old) (M) (CDM-CM)
#8 Marc ROCHETEAU-Lacombe (31 Years Old) (M) (CM-AM)
#10 Lionel ROSSI-Rigoni (25 Years Old) (M) (CM-AM)
#14 Natalia RAMIREZ (19 Years Old) (F) (CDM-CM)
#16 Emilia LEBLANC (19 Years Old) (F) (CM-AM)
#19 Rafael ALMEIDA (19 Years Old) (M) (CM-AM)

#7 CRISTIANO Aveiro-Lima (27 Years Old) (M) (LW-RW) (Vice-Captain)
#9 Patrick PETIT (29 Years Old) (M) (ST)
#11 Fernando GONZALEZ-Rios (28 Years Old) (M) (RW-LW)
#17 Marc NAVARRO (18 Years Old) (M) (LW-RW)
#20 Ayuka HAMADA-Fukuda (17 Years Old) (F) (ST)
#21 Samuel SISSOKO (19 Years Old) (M) (RW-LW)

Style Modifier: +1.5
Formation: 4-2-3-1
1 Lobato
22 Duran, 2 Toni, 3 Hierro, 5 Amaru
6 Gallego, 8 Rocheteau
11 Gonzalez, 10 Rossi, 7 Cristiano
9 Petit

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, nothing career-ending
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, but please message who and why
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Postby Monglechabagd » Fri Mar 20, 2020 3:27 pm

Monglechabagd National Football Team

Monglechabagd's national team will compete again at the IAC after their disappointing participation last year with an amateur team that clearly did not help much, this year this new nation that has just been born will finally try to take Monglechabagd to play beyond the First round for the first time in their short history, in addition to entering the future to participate in the World Cup, without a soccer league we will see if this team will go far.

Franz Sokolüb - 20
Hannes Berner - 19
Karl Vosk-Galir - 21

Gerd Themu - 20
Salk Fritz - 23
Thomas Venger - 22
Jean Batie - 22

Kevin Kerter - 23
Davës Kurth - 19
Uri Kurth - 19
Albris Mertens - 18

Lans Veteurkers - 21
Kevin Alsaud - 19
Roger Vilkaum - 24
Perick Luisin - 25

Patrick Perisic - 18
Rug Trug- 19
Xans Voltär - 17
Rui Veltël - 20

Karl Schneider - 19
Ryan Vits - 20

Francis Cuilebard - 23
Gerd Reus - 21
Marcus Müller - 22

Manager: Martin Reiss - 43
Formation: 4-4-2/4-2-2-2
Captain: Perick Luisin
Penalty Kick: Karl Schneider
Corner: (Right) Lans Veteurkers - (Left) Perick Luisin
Style: -3
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Postby Xannerian Wysterian Territories » Fri Mar 20, 2020 4:00 pm

Wsyterian National Team

Formation 4-4-2-1
Style +3

F #10 Mattias Broussard St Croix Lumberjacks
F #15 Elliot Thingle Martinsville United
F #4 Patrick Boyd St Croix Lumberjacks
F #31 Tim Rithbauer Lacshore IFC (Xanneria) (CAPTAIN)
LMF #45 Tim Drew Wysteriana United
LDM #18 Lee Burgeron Wysteriana United
RDM #9 Joe St. Clair Capital City Pulse FC
RMF #3 Benny Rice St Croix Miners FC
D #17 Addison Calvin St Croix Miners FC
D #22 Julian Broussaud St Croix Lumberjacks
GK #1 Harvey Hoyer Christopher Park Rangers (Xanneria)


F #7 Adrian Bartolo St Croix Miners FC
F #41 Frankie Faust Junebug SC
F #22 Alfonso Rodgers Junebug SC
MF #19 Claude Cortland Capital City Pulse FC
MF #35 Lyndyn Branswois Widiner (Smyth)
MF #40 Archer Bonkless St Croix Miners FC
D #4 Junior Boyd III Wysteriana MetroStars FC
D #88 Bryan Harvick Lakeside FC
D #18 Kyle Donovan St Croix Lumberjacks
GK #12 Rhys Burton Jr St Croix Lumberjacks

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Postby Daskel » Fri Mar 20, 2020 5:50 pm

Daskel National Football Team (Daskel Soccer)

Full team name: Daskel National Football Team
Trigramme: DKL
Nicknames: Daskel Soccer, Astrals
Home Stadium: Mautineso National Stadium
Colors: Red, Blue, Athletic Gold and White
DT: Mauricio Galaro
Formation: 4-3-3
Style Modifier: +2
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but I'll decide how bad it was
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, with the exception of Touma and Uedo
Godmod other events: Yes

Mautineso National Stadium
It's Daskel National Football Team's first time in an International event! The country is eager to know how the Astrals will do this year. After a special fund from their Minister of Sports and Athletics, many national sports surged to represent the country. "This is not just a test, but a challenge" told Galaro, DT of the Astrals to the press "We want to succeed and motivate young people to start playing the beautiful game. Kids, you got the talent, now it's your time to shine".

The Astrals play their home games at the Mautineso National Stadium, named after daskelian famously acclaimed Sport commentator Asaji Mautineso.

Team Uniforms


Full Roster

1	GK	Bruno Touma*	   (29 years old)
12 GK Furan Solis (27 years old)
2 DF Yodai Senda* (27 years old)
3 DF Keran Rosal* (24 years old)
4 DF Sebastien Aos* (26 years old)
5 DF Mikel Rojas* (23 years old)
13 DF Robu Maruchi (26 years old)
14 DF Kousei Obuhura (28 years old)
7 MF Nicoras Alqui* (22 years old)
8 MF Kasso Uedo* (27 years old)
9 MF Roduri Sahzadu* (21 years old)
15 MF Dan Kufulkan (23 years old)
16 MF Emilio Peumo (28 years old)
17 MF Roki Tapirasu (21 years old)
18 MF Mikel Ventura (27 years old)
6 FW Josue Durigan* (25 years old)
10 FW Reo Marukesu* (21 years old)
11 FW Samuer Tama* (27 years old)
19 FW Kenta Osukaro (22 years old)
20 FW Hiro Kulfukan (26 years old)

1. Touma
2. Senda
3. Rosal
4. Aos
5. Rojas
6. Durigan
7. Alqui
8. Uedo
9. Sahzadu
10. Marukesu
11. Tama
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Postby Kriegiersien » Fri Mar 20, 2020 6:02 pm

Kriegiersien National Team (Soccer)

As always playing in black.

Mainly a young team, the Independents Cup is used as inner qualification and preperation for the next Olympics, whenever they will come.


Timon Robert Haudels


Josef Kamber
Nick Janka


Tijmen Vansteenburghe
Stanko Benko
Edward Sobisz
Tim Hackl
Heinrich Breitmayer
Bert Neu
Andreas Goldberg
Heiko Imke


Jian-cheng Xiang
Andreas Kreutzberg
Jung-Mo So
Francesco Frison
Alfred Sommer
Meriç Erken
Syafrudin Khoo


Onoufrios Gentsoglou
Michael Edvrch
Notis Sardzetakis
Erich Traab

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Postby Kelssek » Fri Mar 20, 2020 8:04 pm



Bernard Despatie GK, Burnaby SC, b. Mirabelle, Beaulac (age 30) | With some stellar form for his club, Despatie could earn his first international cap in this tournament.
Marc-Henri Normand GK, Langlois Océanic, b. Outineau-Nord, Beaulac (age 30)
Cathal Gallagher FK Vlaikograd 1896 [STL], b. Tête-Jaune, Konoha (age 23)

Thamior Liadon D L/R, Burnaby SC, b. Firith Forest Elven Territory (age 119) - 50 caps, 6 goals| Marauding full-back who likes to get forward and play the overlap.
Kassel Pokorný D C, Coquitlam United, b. Kirkenes, Noua Cymru (age 28) - 38 caps, 3 goals | Competent and mediocre.
Joseline Fourtin D C, CS Saint-Rémy, b. Neorvins (age 27) | While never really on the national team radar, she's now getting a look after some stellar club form as the first-choice centre back for the best defensive team in the KFL.
Ashley Douglass D/M R, CF Outineau, b. Saint-Rémy, Beaulac (age 27) - 10 caps, 1 goal | Uses her dribbling ability to get forward and make runs into channels.
Martin Green D L, Latrobe AFC, b. Glen Waverly, Etnier (age 25)
Gabriel Farahani D R, ASC Arvika, b. Novonaya, Lupinissa (age 26) - 28 caps, 1 goal
Mason Curtin D C, Kirkenes FC, b. Bramertown, Noua Cymru (age 30) - 20 caps
Ryan Dumont D L, Strathcona Internationals, b. Kirkenes, Noua Cymru (age 29) - 9 caps

Ruslan Demetriev [captain] M C, Workers Union [EUR], b. Glen Eira, Etnier (age 30) - 78 caps, 8 goals | Box-to-box midfielder with an ability to win the ball and keep it moving upfield. Often watched for the strange designs he gets shaved into his hair.
Adrian Tremblay-Fillon M C, 1912 Stellburg [STL], b. Saint-Richard, Beaulac (age 25) - 55 caps, 4 goals | A gangly player with high work-rate, passing and technical skills, loves to play the killer pass.
Rémy Dionne AM L/C, South Laithland [NPH], b. Sainte-Anne-sur-Lichy, Roites (age 26) - 44 caps, 3 goals | A box-to-box dynamo.
Gabriel Lapierre M C, 1093 Club de Atlantea [TAE], b. Laval, Beaulac (age 23) - 50 caps, 11 goals | Exciting, creative midfielder who is already establishing a reputation. A potent attacking threat thanks to his ability to dribble into the channels. Taeshan's current Foreign Player of the Year.
Matts Bogdanor M C, Marketville [EUR], b. East Fallowfield, Etnier (age 22) - 17 caps, 1 goal | No-nonsense ball winning midfielder.
Colm Ó Tuathail M L, Shamrock Cathair [AUD], b. Colwyn, Noua Cymru (age 23) - 21 caps, 5 goals | Has the acceleration and dribbling skill to give defences the literal run-around. Starting to make a name for himself by getting into the first 11 on one of Audioslavia's top clubs.
Cory Greenwood M C, Ulsa Rovers [EUR], b. Natanel, Lupinissa (age 28) - 12 caps, 1 goal | Ball-winning defensive midfielder with above-average athleticism. His game is to win the ball and pass it off to a more creative teammate.
Adam Corvin M C, CF Outineau, b. Mazinaw, Conryia (age 30) - 10 caps, 2 goals
Michael Asano M R/C, Mazinaw Vanorian, b. Sherwood Park, Conryia (age 19)

Brayden Custworth ST, Oldem Mechanical [APX], b. Clayquot, Etnier (age 27) - 51 caps, 21 goals | Deep-lying striker who is as adept in playing in his teammates as shooting the ball. Good vision and awareness and strong technique. KFL Young Player of the Year in his debut season.
Matthew Lister ST, Blue Strike Zoloroni [MRC], b. Vickery, Conryia (age 28) - 46 caps, 19 goals | The archetypal target-man, a prolific scorer when he's on form, but tends to be a streaky player.
Shaheen Taleb AM C/ST, Sleepy Hollow [TAE], b. Mineru, Konoha (age 22) - 30 caps, 15 goals | Can freeze the defence with his excellent close control.
Patrice Langelier ST, Latrobe AFC, b. Langlois, Beaulac (age 31) - 45 caps, 15 goals | Great at link-up play and always seems to be in the right spot to poach a goal.
Arjan Singh ST, Coquitlam United, b. Mission Springs, Konoha (age 24) - 7 caps
Seamus Wylten ST, Clayquot City, b. Brandon, Etnier (age 28)

Manager: Andrea Crowe
The former manager of Ritter Town in Nephara is the first foreign manager of Kelssek.
Preferred formation: 4-4-2

Records and history
Honours: Cup of Harmony 43 champions
2-time Ad'ihan Challenge Trophy winners

Fan culture
Kelssek's national teams are nicknamed the Voyagers in reference to the fact that major international tournaments are practically always in a different region and many time zones away (unless Kelssek is hosting it, of course).
Fans often sing "Maybe Tomorrow" at kickoff:
Voyagers, they keep on calling me
Down the road, that's where I'll always be
Onward Kelssek, the shout from everyone
Step by step, fighting on, till glory's won
Maybe tomorrow, our journey will be done
Until tomorrow, we'll just keep movin' on

Tune: "Maybe Tomorrow" (Littlest Hobo theme song)

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose my scoring events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes but I will determine severity
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Yes
Give Red Cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
Style Modifier: +1
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Postby PotatoFarmers » Sat Mar 21, 2020 12:41 am

Poafmersia's squad for IAC 9

Other name: The Red Panjias (Panjia is the Poafmerian equivalant of a horse)
Kit Colours: Red, Orange

Poafmersia would be fielding a squad of 23 players. This is a largely unchanged from the squad used for the Cup of Harmony 76.
#	Player Name		Age	Position(s)	Sex	Current Club
1 Sandi Jaliaha 25 GK M Fiskadaha FC
12 Jabik Henderson 35 GK M Bikarish
23 Dikash Johikas 29 GK M Mancodas Athletic FC

2 Alex Pickford 28 LB M Mancodas City
3 Denise Pickford 28 RB F Mancodas City
4 Danzik Hoboson 30 CB M Bikarish
5 Pasits Rikachz 29 CB M Bikarish
13 Graciia Warisian 26 LB M Real Didari
14 Timothy Gausun 26 RB M Sochra Mudra FC
15 Alex Hoboson 24 CB M Dury FC
26 Ftiks Wariq 25 CB, DM M Mancodas City

6 Dargis Walshor 23 LM M Sarim Potatoes U23s
8 Jessie Mchargarita 31 RM F Holhot United
10 Gisiik Moonar 24 CM, AM M Fiskadaha FC
17 Goon Figsh 29 CM, DM M Fiskadaha FC
18 Matthew Tibrise 26 LM M Holhot United
29 Daak Kalson 29 RM M Dury FC
31 Daas Taisg 26 CM, AM M Dalaris FC

7 Joel Haodao 24 LW, CF M Tihon (CMT)
9 Shakira Handris 28 CF M 1830 Cathair (AUD)
11 Pete Carisa 25 RW, CF M Mancodas City
22 Santik Manson 35 CF, AM M FC United of Mancodas
33 Bytia Hisel 30 CF F Kistina Galaxy
(First position is main position, other are possible alternatives)

Penalty Taker: Shakira Handris (1st), Joel Haodao (2nd)
Free Kick Taker: Pete Carisa, Joel Haodao
Corner Takers: Alex Pickford (Left), Denise Pickford (Right), or the prevailing LM/RM if the Pickford siblings is not on the field

Head Coach: Adnan Suliaha, 50
General Playing Style: Being a nation which emphasises on fast paced attacking football, Poafmersia would prefer to attack rather then defend. The players can be quite aggressive in getting back the ball, yet they do not keep high amounts of possession and often break on the counter attack.

Formations: 4-3-3 (preferred), 4-1-2-1-2, 3-4-3, 3-5-2
Style Modifier: +2.67
Note: Please refer to preview before match to know the predicted lineup for the day. If one is not posted, you may utilise the last posted lineup, and make any enforced changes as you like. (due to injuries, suspensions, etc.)

International Records
BoF 71: 3rd place, with a W-D-L ratio of 9-0-1, goal record: 34-12
WCQ 84: 3rd place in Group 5, with a W-D-L of 10-4-6, goal record: 45-36
CoH 76: Group Stage (3rd in Group 7), witha W-D-L of 2-1-2, goal record: 14-12
Overall (including friendlies): 22-9-11, goal record of: 108-80

First Match: Poafmersia 8-2 Barfleur, BoF 71 Group Stage Matchday 1 @ Zwangzug
First Win:Poafmersia 8-2 Barfleur, BoF 71 Group Stage Matchday 1 @ Zwangzug
Biggest Win: Poafmersia 8-2 Barfleur, BoF 71 Group Stage Matchday 1 @ Zwangzug
Heaviest Defeat:
Monso 3-0 Poafmersia, World Cup 84 Qualifiers @ Monso
Poafmersia 0-3 Nephara, World Cup 84 Qualifiers @ Poafmersia
Poafmersia 2-8 Commonwealth of Baker Park, International Friendly @ Poafmersia
Highest Scoring:
(Only WCC-sanctioned) Poafmersia 8-2 Barfleur, BoF 71 Group Stage Matchday 1 @ Zwangzug
(Everything else)
Poafmersia 2-8 Commonwealth of Baker Park, International Friendly @ Poafmersia
Qasden 4-6 Poafmersia, International Friendly @ Qasden

Poafmersian fans are crazy about football, and their loud cheers ring about in the stadiums they visit. They are very willing to disturb the peace in the area to celebrate their win after matches, so matches are best held in the afternoon or early evenings. Apart from that, they do pick up after themselves, and prevent causing much trouble apart from celebrating. You can be assured, however, that they would be traveling around to support their team, so do reserve half the spots in stadiums for them because they would pack it to the brim.

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Yes
Godmod scoring events Yes
Roleplay injuries to my players Yes (You determine what happened, I decide the severity)
Godmod injuries to my players Yes (As above)
Hand out yellow cards to my players Yes
Hand out red cards to my players Yes (At most 1 per match, do ask me first)
Godmod other events Yes

If anything, a rule of thumb would be to keep as high realism as far as possible off the pitch.
I am very open to cooperative RPs, such as joint press conferences, match-side drama, out-of field events, etc. Do drop me a Telegram in-game or a DM on Discord (You can find me on the NS Sports Discord - The Setting Sun #7085)

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IC Name: The People's Republic of Poafmersia (Trigram: PFA)
IC Flag: Refer to my flag with my IC nation Poafmersia, though that nation's RP will be done with this account.

David Jossiah Beckingham, Chairman of Poafmersia's World Assembly Board (and officially the main representative to the WA)

Citizen of The North Pacific
Ambassador to Europe.
Speaker, The North Pacific

Sportswire. Achievements: BoF 71 Bronze; IAC X and IAC XI Champions
WCC Football (Post-WC90) - 31st, with 22.89, Style: +3.14159
Get the latest from WCQ91 here:

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Postby Trolleborg » Sat Mar 21, 2020 6:48 am


Trigram: TRL
Nickname: Trolls
Games history +20=3–12
KPB Ranking: 70th (10.44 points).
FA Chief Executive Torben Mortensen.


Morten TROGHIL 53-years old, have a record of building teams at the different places, make them play attractive fast football and won numerous competitions - in his fifteen-years coaching career he capture five championships with a two different teams and five cups with three different teams. He won a Baptism of Fire tournament, led the team during the WCQ tournament, but it is not yet clear how successful the performance of the national team can be considered under his leadership, there is simply nothing to compare. He take to HUElavia almost the same squad as in previous occassions, with only a two or three new players.


1. Tomas Kot Kotsson (27). Flexible and agile, quick-thinking, he, alas, don’t make miracles on either BoF, WCQ or CoH. After impressive last season in the Trolleborg championship It will be seen, how things will looked like in a new tournament.
12. Klemens Gould (25). He joined the team during WCQ and proved to be a reliable goalkeeper, but not much more, and he is not entered field after.
23. Marten Windass (33). He is robust goalkeeper, at the youth he was like a Kot Kotsson, and albeit now he wasn’t so fresh and fast as in his heyday, but he was extremely experienced and knows many secrets of goalkeeper trade. He prove himself in last championship and won a national cup for his team.

2.Nikolaas Laste (29). He was reliable left back, who has a tendency going forward, but in the recent years prefer to concentrate on his defensive duties, which he does very successfully in the local championship, and not so successful in the international games. But he probably learn thing or two about his trade and putting very impressive performance in the last local championship,.
3.Kasper Wolters (26). One of the team brightest stars, he is right back by default, but he is very strong, very fast, have a very good shot and even better crossing skill. Having all this, he very often make a lighting runs to the opposition box and sometime work as a substitute for right midfielder.
4.Torgeir Dushegub (30). Known as a Column, this tall and strong player usually dominates a box both in the air and at the grass. Being always calm and confidence, he projected aura of them around. Albeit in the local championship he often been seen in the opposition box when corner kick is played, in the international football he don’t make any runs forward.
5. Aien Troger (26). He is fast, strongly build and extremely good in tackling. It’s very challenging to move into the box past him. Maybe he will go into pages of history as one of the most brightest defenders of our championship, but his career having taking hit from his unsuccessful marriage bid for Abanhfleft midfielder(there is more about that). He looks like a recovered almost to his usual high level, but who knows.
18. Torben Bagger (25). He was distinguished by composure and the right choice of position in the games of domestic championship, and he was called up to the national team due to the breakdown of the two key defence players, proved to be solid choice, but right now not much more.
14. Heiko Aldekamp (25). Useful addition to the team, can play both right and left defender, preferably first one, moving fast, covering a lot of field and tackling hard.
15. Morten Levenkrans (31). Full left back in the beginning of his career, he than move to the center, having considered almost impassable in both positions. Albeit right now not the fastest man on the field, he is very good man-marker, having excellent header and can be very useful when attacks began. He married recently, and this only enhanced his performance on the field.
18. Brage Arke (25). Long touted for a place in the national team, this robust and stubborn central defender is a master of having putting forwards in disadvantage. But local championship is one thing and international football is completely other.

6. Rolf Valgren (29). Quick-thinking, with a perfect understanding of game, seeing everyone and everything in the field, and with brilliant passing skills, this man can bring ball everywhere he wants. It is very possible, that he will be one of the greatest midfielders in the history of Trolleborg, have he not lacking some technique and speed.
16. Hendrick Groningen (27). The defensive midfielder, probably the best in his generation, joined the team during the tournament and proved himself worthy of a place in the team, caused a lot of problems to the attacking players of the opposing teams, although he still lacks the experience of international matches.
8. Finn Finnsnes (27). He is only one in the whole selected team to play abroad, having spend three seasons at the top team in one of the regional strongest championship and won one bronze and one silver medal. But constantly changing coaches, each with own understanding what to do on the field, pressure of crowd due to the team instability when people expect unbroken strings of victories and adverse climatic conditions compelled him move back at Trolleborg. He was one of the creators of the victory in the BoF, and try to make himself useful in the WCQ, but without much success, albeit he receive some positive mentions in foreign press. Beginning his career as a right midfield\right winger, now he play more like attacking midfielder. He is swift, smart, good dribbler and excelled in set-pieces.
9. Morten Troll (25). He is a brightest star of under 25 in the whole country. Genius of game, with a wonderful dribbling, beautiful technique, excellent pass and extremely good shot, he won many games for his local team single-handedly, but also a great team player. Highly probably, he will be a player of generation, and very probably, best player Trolleborg ever had. He brilliantly justified all the positive reviews of his game on the BoF, helping a team many times in difficult situations with its smart actions, and receiving a good reviews of his game in both WCQ and CoH in the international press
22. Alexander Bornitse Zach “Zhita” (26). Originated from the far-flung north part of the country, not well-known for a excellent players, he was an idol for his compatriots and find a place in the hearts of other fans. Almost devoid of what was known as classical football tecnique, have rather unusual style of play and often creates goal opportunities from nowhere. One example was recent BoF, when his visible insane pass decided the outcome of the game in the quarterfinal. But he played quite pale in the WCQ and having almost no playing time in CoH.
7. Ruud Kolding (27). Left midfielder, covering lot of ground with his unbeliveable stamina, can press forwards or go back as team need. Albeit seen as a substitute, he won the hearts of fans and a strong place in the first team with his perfect game in the BoF matches, having retained it after WCQ and CoH.
19. Brutil Mogrin (28). Can play either in the center or as a right midfielder, with a nerves of steel and cold mind he will continue be a useful backup for any of the midfielders if need arise.

10. Stuart Kerr (29). Best sniper of the last three championship, quick, brave, skillful, and having ability shot from everywhere in the box right despite defenders best efforts. Brilliantly confirmed his reputation as a prolific scorer, winning a prize for the topgoalscorer of BoF and add to his tally not a few goals in the WCQ and CoH.
11. Torfinn Skaloed (28). Intelligent forward as it was, he can move very quickly, constantly ahead of the defenders, successfully escapes from markers, and in case of need he often going back and successfully acquire ball here to begin attacks. In the BoF games, he was, though, play mainly in the role of power forward, not quite familiar to him, and it was not his best games and he is completely out of the game in the WCQ.
17. Tom Gulbranden (29). Build like a very tall stone wall, he easily can tramp defenders if he wish to do so, but his strong leg shot, without any preparation at all, give him other opportunity to have a points of popularity with fans. It is looked impossible, that a man of such a stature can bring himself in the air at all, but nevertheless he is – strongly jumping and struck the ball by the head with deadly precision. This is what he prove in the BoF games four time, but WCQ campaign was much less successfull for him.
21. Karsten Severin (24). This fast forward, who can conjured goal from nothing, are quite impressive in the last three seasons, and he has not scored less than 12 goals in any of them, but, apparently, in this tournament he will mainly be a substitute.

Trolleborg put almost the same squad in the BoF, WCQ and CoH, these players seen a highs like won in the BoF and lows like a string of loses in the WCQ and CoH, and it’s seen how it will affect team performance.
It is widely understood that our team will play fast attacking football with a strong teamwork and apply pressing whatever on the field when ball is not on our side. Having slapped by both strong and weak teams in the qualifying tournament and missed playoff stage of CoH due to an unfortunate combination of circumstances, Trolleborg team is hoping to put decent performance.

It’s already known, that we will play in the Group E, with a following opponents: Port Ember (38th with rating 17), Abanhfleft (51th with rating 13.88) and Oceani (non-ranked).
We began this tournament as a 70th country in the world with a rating 10.44


Fans is a pride of Trolleborg and almost part of the team. Having already earning themselves a name and a good reputation everywhere team ever play, from wastelands of Taeshan to the surreal Crystalline Caverns, they, of course, will flock to the tournament. And, of course, intend to spend time as usual with a pastimes like marching with songs, waving flags, try local cuisines, offer their own to the locals, putting cultural performances and trying involve everyone around in all of this. As already become tradition, we ask host countries to allow a parade of fans with a live music before each game and a places for series of exhibitions devoted to gastronomy, culture and national traditions of our country. We prepare huge camp for the fans and cultural exhibitions, complete with a 500-seats amphiteatre for a 3D translation of games and small field for a “WCQ84” immersional videogame. Also we ask allocate us some space in the hosting cities to make an exhibition of our cultural heritage and traditions with some traditional sport contests for a local citizens.


Games will be covered by Trolleborg TV (TTV). It was expected, that TTV will show the best moments of matches with the participation of the Trolleborg team in 3D format and feeding highlights into the multiverse TV nets. Our team will play
vs Port Ember at Estadio Salvador, Sao Salvador (85,000)
vs Oceaniat at San Ignatius, Itio (52,000)
vs Abanhfleft at Estadio HUGames, Sega (70,000).

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events N
Roleplay injuries to my players Y, but only a slight one
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y, albeit no more than three
Hand out red cards to my players – generally N, but send me a message if you have something special in the mind
Godmod other events - N

Style modifier +2
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Postby Space » Sat Mar 21, 2020 8:14 am




The Starting Players for Space Team
GK: The Keeper of the Milky Way
D: The Defender of Orion's Belt
D: The Defender of Outpost Beta
D: The Defender of Mars
D: The Defender of Alpha Centauri

M: The Protector of Polaris
M: The Guardian of Ursa Minor
M: The Transporter of Pluto
M: The Big Bang of Boötes

F: The Explosion of the Pinwheel Galaxy
F: Saturnia

The Space Team compete usually in the Independant Cup and is happy to return. After the cup terminates we are happy to welcome back our friends for a match of enjoyment IN SPACE! The Academy of Space is home to a fully enclosed, gravity containing event facility known as the "Extraterrestrial Dome of Sport". The dome is constructed of clear plasticized glass allowing a clear view of the stars and planets above. The dome rotates with respect to its surroundings during matches for enhanced viewing, though any nearby stars (Stars within 2 or fewer Astronomical Units) will remain on the backside of the playing field to prevent glaring and temperature control. The Dome of Sport also serves as the official training facility for Team Space Team in preparation for international competition and away games.

Uniform: Image Image

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players Y
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y
Godmod other events Y

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TJUN-ia Update: The Copa Rushmori isn't an invitational!

Postby TJUN-ia » Sat Mar 21, 2020 8:30 am

Name: TJUN-ia
Trigramme: TJN
Nickname: Jaguars/Jags/Blue and Orange

Time has passed since CoH76. We became an International Community over a Commonwealth. We started new teams in Gridiron, Rugby, NSSCRA and Ice Hockey. We have a driver in WGP2 and a new Baseball team ready for the WBC.

But now is finally the time to return to the sport we started with: Association Football. FA-TJUN-ia is back, looking for improvement on the road to get to a World Cup. The IAC, a tournament for FAs not part of the Big 3 Regions (Atlantian Oceania, Esportiva and Rushmore), is the first step in that mission.


David Seems, the first team manager of the Jaguars, will not travel to HUElavia for IAC9. He is currently in TJUN-ia City, drawing up tactics for WC85. Instead one of his staff, a lady from the CEA Zone by the name of Li Xiu Ying, has been named Assistant Manager. Her first task is to lead the team for this tournament with Seems' usual staff, gather data on the team and their progress and then report back to David once TJUN-ia's participation ends.

As for the team itself, not much has changed since the "absorption" of the Galarians into the set-up. However, 2 players have had more playing time than others. No.1 GK Harold Gylfisson and team captain Jeff Donaldson have been in Schottia for the SPL. Donaldson helped push the newly-promoted Royals into 9th whlie Harold's Seasiders secured IFCC football with 5th. FA-TJUN-ia hope that these can be the start of player development for the 105th ranked nation in NS Football, and hopes other football league keep notice on the Jags.


Assistant Manager: Li Xiu Ying
Formation: 4-3-3
Style Modifier: +1
Postion: Name (Number, Age, Current Region of Residence, Club Side [if applicable])

GK: Harold Gylfisson (#1, 23, NAU, Port James Athletic (Schottia))
LB: Aron McKenna (#2, 22, UO)
CB: Mohammad Kallah (#3, 23, ArU)
CB: Nicolas Umkala (#13, 22, AU)
RB: Jeff Donaldson (#4, 25, JB TJUN-ia, King's Park (Schottia)) (C)
LM: Pedro Vasquez (#7, 24, UAC)
CAM: Peliniho (#8, 23, UAS)
RM: David Johnson (#9, 21, CU)
ST: Vladimir Podolov (#10, 22, CSTO)
ST: Joe Green (#11, 22, NAU)
ST: Kepo Ulawaya (#18, 22, AU)


GK: David N'kude (#12, 20, AU)
GK: Maximilian Robertson (#19, 19, JB TJUN-ia)
RB: Orion Reynolds (#20, 20, NAU)
CB: Nico Aquinio (#14, 23, UAC)
CB: Axel Pearson (#21, 21, JB TJUN-ia)
CB: Percy Pearson (#22, 21, JB TJUN-ia)
LB: Leighton Labe (#23, 21, JB TJUN-ia)
LM: Marshall Barry (#24, 21, AU)
LM: Preston Chapman (#26, 21, NAU)
RM: Ruben Gibson (#25, 21, UO)
RM: Mason Watts (#27, 22, NAU)
CM: Pedro dos Santos (#15, 23, UAS)
CM: Nick James (#16, 24, JB TJUN-ia)
CM: Vijay Palalele (#5, 23, UO)
CM: Kim Won-an (#6, 22, CEA)
CAM: Prince Carter (#28, 20, JB TJUN-ia)
ST: Carlos Pique (#17, 21, NAU)
ST: Archer Andrews (#29, 20, JB TJUN-ia)

Visual Lineup:


MD1: vs Space (UR) @Estadio Bendito, San Franco
MD2: vs Juvencus (40) @Estadio Sino, Bacnano
MD3: vs Squornshelan Remnant States (45) @San Ignatius, Itio

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
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1st: ECC4
2nd: NSCF24, ARWC4, WC:TOTS, IBC34, NSCF26, IBS17
3rd: ARWC3, IBC32, ECC3
4th: WBC50, IBC31, WBC52, IBC33, RLWC20
T1: #07 Michael Stefan (6W)/#64 Alfonso Mercado (1W)/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champion/1W-T1/3W-T2)
T2: #97 Robin Dragonovic [SNL] (3W [2 @JR])/#96 Alice Jepkosgei (2W)/#70 Gongming Gao [NCR] (2W)

WGPO: #11 Lane Carter (1W)/ #9 Batu Tüvshinbayar (WGP2 S5 Champion/1W)
NSTT: 3 S-Titles (3 RU)/2 D-Titles (2 RU)

UN - U1
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Postby HUElavia » Sat Mar 21, 2020 8:35 am


The groups have been redone, so please view the new groups and refer to them in your RPs. Also when doing the RPs for the matches, refer to the location the matches are played in (MDs 2 and 3 may be switched up during the scorination).
Official Factbook
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Postby Space » Sat Mar 21, 2020 8:55 am


SPACE receives NO RESPECT in associations cup

The Vast emptiness of Space are the consistent team that have a original status in the independent associations. Let us take one look at the Academy of Space in the Independents Cup

Independents cup 1
Space loses in Round of 16 against Revolutionary Nordskania 4-2

Independents cup II
Space loses in group stage with 3 points in 3rd place

Independents cup III
Space loses in group stage H with 4 points in 3rd place due to goal difference

Independents cup 4
Space loses in group stage C with 3 points in 3rd place

Independents cup 5
Space loses in Round of 16 against Flardania 4-2

Independents cup 6
Space loses in Round of 16 against Kavagrad 1-0

Independents cup 7
Space was not included in the group draw but was available for matches at the dome of sport

Independent Associations Championship 8
Space loses in Round of 16 against Squornshelan Remnant States 1-0 after extra time

Perhaps it is true the team from Space is not the best. It can be difficult to become the best when the training takes artificial gravity to consideration. It is also true that Space is not the worst and it is the record that shows this. SPACE has participate in every time the Independents cup presents itself and never once has Space finish last in the group placement. in half of Independent cups SPACE qualify for the round of 16 and each match is better and better for Space because a 4-2 defeat and a 4-2 defeat and a 1-0 defeat then a 0-0 result in the most recent losing in only extra time to the confederacy of Squornshelan Remnant States.

SPACE is ready to contend. Unfortunately Space gets No Respect from the Independent Associations who wish to make only the most difficult group for Space to play. In this most recent competition SPACE has been place in Pot 4 of the Group draw with (NR) next to the name to indicate (No Respect) that is given to the team.

It is a surprise decision for all of Space that they were chosen with no respect to be in bottom of a Pot while this team called the Xannerian Wysterian Territories that never before compete in the competition and has a (NR) status equal to Space is granted status in Pot 3. This team with birds larger than their trees is given special consideration for a reason that is not known.

SPACE will overcome. While Squornshelan Remnant States and Space battle in Round of 16 with equal territory in the 8th Cup, now it is the Squornshelan Remnant States who have high status as a Pot 2 entry while Space is behind the bottom. SPACE receives No Respect and as always will have to earn the respect again from nothing. This will be the challenge and SPACE will prevail.

Go Astronauts!

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IAC9 Roster

Postby Squornshelan Remnant States » Sat Mar 21, 2020 8:59 am

Squornshelan Remnant States Black-and-Reds Roster

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose my scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod Injuries to my players: Y
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Y
Give Red Cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y
Please don't kill any of my players without talking to me first
Other than that, anything goes
Style Modifier: +1.5

Independent Associations Championship 9 Roster

Stovar Krieven - North Laithland (NPH) - 30y/o - 34 caps - Male
Of the many Confederates who have taken their talents abroad, Krieven is definitely one of the success stories. Leaping from floundering Interblag to the Nepharim Premiership, he spent two years with Bishop, being relegated the first, and earned himself an offer from North Laithland, who have established themselves as a solid, mid-table club of late. As a keeper, he is known for his athleticism and, increasingly, his *ahem* enthusiastic and outspoken communication with his defense. If nothing else, the back line will be very clear on what his expectations of them are.
Kinner Mustahil - Chalesm FC - 32 y/o - 8 caps - Male
Mustahil seems to have finally rediscovered his form of years ago, helping to spur a rebirth at Chalesm. On the field, he's a player who beats shooters with positioning and anticipation, rather than brute athleticism. Making that transition these past few years was a hard process for him, but he looks better than ever. He won't make as many eye-popping saves as Krieven, but he also won't blister his fullbacks' ears in quite the same way.
Kulap Erer - Emerald Coast - 32 y/o - 2 caps - Male
Erer is a bit of a sweeper keeper sometimes, and chemistry with his back line will be important for overall defensive play in any caps he gets. Defintely a third option though.

Left Backs
Djabgor Dzarkhin - Foxchester Raiders (STB) - 30 y/o - 69 caps - Male
Dependable, no-nonsense defensive fullback. Darkhin isn't going to score many goals, he's not going to thread pinpoint crosses in to your target man. What he's going to do is make life hell for your opposing right wing.
Gisa Tuvas - Emerald Coast - 25 y/o - 6 caps - Female
Tuvas is much more well-rounded than either of the men ahead of her on the depth chart. She'll be trying to make the case that she's the best option going forward, and that the Boys' Club days of the Black-and-Reds defense should end.

Right Backs
Jinkzta Ulcviecel - Jinja City (BNJ) - 33 y/o - 77 caps - Male
BFA champion with Jinja City, Ulcviecel is without a doubt the most successful Confederate to take his talents abroad. Jinja already had a stellar record of success before his arrival, and together with his teammates, he has helped the club continue its unbroken streak of top-3 finishes. His trademark speed has started to wane with age, but he's still a very capable player.
Janar Delu - Algolia AC - 30 y/o - 42 caps - Male
Despite Algolia's failure of late to win the second league title they so desperately want, Delu has remained a solid contributor, and important part of the defense.

Center Backs
Tervi Oleb - Traal Athletics - 33 y/o - 81 caps - Male
Elder statesman, team captain, all-time caps leader, Oleb is a complete center back, even with his steadily advancing age. He sees the flow of the game as few players can, and actively takes charge of his back line. He and Krieven have had some apparently heated on field discussions, particularly during the team's worse losses over the past year, but both maintain that they have a good working relationship.
Skumantas Nakhutin - Gladerial United (VAL) - 30 y/o - 17 caps - Male
Taking a chance by leaving Traal to play in the Eternal Empire Nakhutin is an ambitious player, and wants to get proper playing time with the Black-and-Reds before age takes too much of a toll. Gladerial had a respctable season in his first year, if not quite one up to their historical standards, and the back line he helped to center was the club's strength.
Rudi Dalso - Jaglan Royals - 29 y/o - 43 caps - Male
Dalso seems like he's having to single-handedly hold Royals' defense together these days, and doing a decent job of it. He'll likely welcome a little international play. The opposition may be tougher, but the players on either side of him will be a bit more dependable.
Roffen Ritschl - Vilitan Declasse (VIL) - 26 y/o - 6 caps - Male
Ritschl also took a chance, leaving Algolia for playing time in the Vilitan Declasse. Funny thing is, no one I talked to at Algolia seems to know exactly which club he was sold to. Ritschl's towering frame is a manager's dream, but whether he will fully grow into it with regard to his instincts and positioning remains to be seen.

Wing Midfielders
Jzeovak Vladcik - 25 y/0 - Admiral Storevik (SVJ) - 70 caps - Male
After a few disappointing seasons at Lublova, matched by lackluster performance for the national team, Vladcik saw his playing time wane significantly during WC84 qualifying, and was not invited to the Cup of Harmony. Hoping to reinvigorate his career, he sought a change of scenery during the last window. It has paid off. He's put together a very strong year with Admiral, and seems to have found his attacking game again.
Meaza Teklu - Megabrantid SC - 28 y/o - 9 caps - Female
Teklu is definitely a capable midfielder, but needs to prove that she is something more than the person who plays out right next to Takala at MSC. She's more of an assist-getter than goal scorer, but if she could bring a little more of the latter, it would go a long way toward earning her some more playing time.
Izoni Hocij - Chalesm - 26 y/o - 10 caps - Female
Hocij was a revelation with Chalesm, scoring at a pace no one expected. Able to play the ball with either foot, she is dangerous both when cutting inside to shoot or going wide around defenders. most comfortable on the left side, MANAGER has reportedly been experimenting with playing her on the right, due to the team's glut of talent on the left. She has a habit of giving away free kicks after losing the ball, overzealously trying to win it back.
Vrenz Tambura - Deprí Lanar (CMT) - 30 y/o - 54 caps - Male
Tambura is most at home out right, but has plenty of experience on the left as well, and will readily range back and forth across the field as needed. A true swiss-army-knife of a player, he may also find himself filling in at center mid if necessary. While he would like to see himself as still worthy of the first team, currently he is seen as something of a super sub. On the field, he seems to find himself in the right place at the right time again and again.
Aatu Ruoho - Brantisvogan - 27 y/o - 34 caps - Male
Ruoho and Brantisvogan have struggled of late, and his showings for the national team have not been particularly impressive either. Combine that with ascendant performances from others in the player pool, and you have the reason for his slide down the depth chart. He was a favorite during Zaman's brief time in charge, having been recruited and trained at Brantisvogan by the attacking-minded manager, but under MANAGER he'll need to do a little more to prove himself if he wants to get back into the first team.
Lavanya Naqvi - Emerald Coast - 26 y/o - 12 caps - Female
Naqvi is probably the best pure technician the Black-and-Reds have available, and a consistent assist-getter for Emerald Coast. Her own goalscoring still comes in fits and starts though, and she will probably spend a majority of her time on the bench behind more complete left midfielders.

Center Midfielders
Jirar Lomidan - Ibini FC (VAL) - 29 y/o - 9 caps - Male
After limited opportunities during WC84 qualifying, and being left off the roster for CoH 76, Lomidan has been out to prove himself. Truth be told, his work leading Ibini shoudl have already done that. In his first season they improved from twelfth to second, and he earned a spot in the team of the season for his efforts. In his second season with the club, he proved that was no fluke. Ibini finished third in a closely fought season and Lomidan made his second straight team of the season appearance. Finally, the SCFA seems to have taken notice.
Iuri Takala - Megabrantid SC - 26 y/o - 29 caps - Male
Takala, hailed just a year or two ago as the true successor to Arlo Damot at center mid, has become a more polarizing figure of late. Many fans and analysts have laid a significant portion of the blame for the team's failures in WC84 qualifying and the ensuing Cup of Harmony at his feet.
Viordar Rebljeten - Algolia AC - 27 y/o - 28 caps - Male
Rebljeten is an attacker. Call it attacking midfield, center forward, deep lying striker, whatever you like. He is most at home at the center of the attack, firing shots from medium range when he is given the space to do so, and distributing the ball to open players when he is not. He's been a bit spoiled in his club ball lately, as he gets to play behind Sigrid Eisenhauer, who is probably the most skilled striker in the Superleague.

Lyzolda Petrov - Southfell United (NPH) - 26 y/o - 13 caps - Female
Petrov had a monster season practically out of nowhere playing alongside Mikhulat (who has retired from international football) for Syneca. She earned a big payday for her club and for herself moving to Southfell, and hit the ground running. While the Tanners had a bit of an up and down year, they finished strong, and naysayers who sneered at the five million they spent on here were largely silenced Petrov is at her best in tight spaces, making small precise moves on the ball to open space for a shot where none existed a moment ago, and tends to be very accurate, making the goalkeeper work with a majority of her shots.
Zoban Ajao - Unioneers (EUR) - 28 y/o - 71 caps - Male
Ajao has certainly found a rhythm in the stable of strikers at Unioneers. With the Black-and-Reds he plays mostly as a target man, more often than not dropped the ball off or flicking it on to a teammate. With Petrov now as his main partner up front, the contrast in their styles of play should produce real challenges to opposing defensive tactics. As one would expect with his massive frame, he's also deadly dangerous on set pieces.
Demkjo Jzvanic - 1912 Stelburg (STL) - 33 y/o - 70 caps - Male
Jzvanic seems determined to play into his forties. Making the move to Siovanija and Teusland after the insolvency of the Mytanijan league, Jzvanic certainly does not have the endurance he did in his 20's, but he'll always be a dangerous shooter from almost anywhere within 30 yards of goal. For the national team, he'll take on the same "super sub" type of role that he has embraced so effectively in Stelburg. He is constantly in motion off the ball, making sure defenders are paying close attention to him. Coming on late as a substitute when the Black-and-Reds need a goal, his fresh legs will be a challenge to handle for many defenders.
Jurzse Bedesnjak - Chalesm FC - 31 y/o - 9 caps - Male
Like Petrov, Bedesnjak came almost out of nowhere to take the Superleague by storm. Apparently a change of scenery from HDC was all he needed to unlock his potential. He hasn't quite taken to national team play as well as Petrov, and has seen a bit of a reversion to the mean in his numbers. Still, Chalesm's attack has been capable, and he is no small part of that.

Formation: 4-3-1-2
Long Form Name: The Confederacy of Squornshelan Remnant States
Short Form Names: Squornshelan Confederacy, The Confederacy
If You Don't Mind Losing Some Teeth: West Squornshelous
Demonyms: Confederate (political); Squornshelan (cultural, not always PC)
Ethnicites in the Confederacy include Squornshelan, Molvanian, Brantid, Algolian, Sivolvian, Han, and Flanian, if you are curious about a particular player's ethnicity you can send me a TG or message me on discord
Team Nickname: Black-and-Reds (never Red-and-Blacks)
Team Colors: Squornshelan Red (#BF0000) and Black (#000000)
Trigram: SRS
Manager: Kornelie Tamela (57 y/o)
With longtime manager Bethany Donnell sacked roughly a third of the way into World Cup 84, and replacement Heldir Zaman let go following the disaster that was Cup of Harmony 76, the Black-and Reds were in need of a new manager, and without any compelling candidates. The domestic options were, well, all available for good reasons, and inaction early on in the transfer window meant that most of the compelling foreign options had already accepted offers before the SCFA had thought to make any. With few real options remaining (no offense to Bøb Übermanager), the SCFA turned inward, appointing board member Kornelie Tamela. Tamela has had extensive managerial experience in the Brantid Women's Football League before moving to the administrative side of things. While serving as manager, she has temporarily recused herself from all board votes. The SCFA has not made any definitive statement about the duration of her term as manager, but the rumor is that they will seek a to hire a permanent candidate prior to World Cup 85 qualifying.

Tactics: ... 2e24af2fe8

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The Confederacy of Squornshelan Remnant States
Successor State to the Imperium of Squornshelous
Trigram: SRS
KPB Ranking: 26.65 (24th)
World Cup 31 Champions
World Cup:
2nd: 15, 38
3rd: 20, 25
SF: 18, 27
QF: 5, 11, 12, 22, 30, 32, 33, 34, 40
Ro16: 6, 7, 9, 16, 21, 23, 24, 28, 36, 37, 39, 90
Group Stage: 8, 10, 13, 17, 19, 26, 29, 35, 41, 88, 91
DNQ: 14, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 89
Cup of Harmony:
QF: 6, 73, 75, 81
Ro16: 74
Ro32: 79
Group Stage: 76, 77
2nd: AOCAF65
3rd: IAC8
2nd Round: IAC6, IAC7, IAC12
1st Round: IAC9, IAC11
BoF68 QF

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Postby Abanhfleft » Sat Mar 21, 2020 11:29 pm


These are tough times for Fleftic football. After having experienced the rise of a so-called "golden generation" of players at right around the same time that Abanhfleft finally joined the greater multiverse, everyone is seemingly losing their heads now that the Fleftic teams are just losing left and right. Rebuilding is the word that everyone knows is being thought but not said, but even that is encountering problems seeing as even Abanhfleft's youth teams are doing very poorly in their competitions. The danger of overperforming in the early years has seemingly finally caught up with the Democratic Republic, and now the Samahang Futbol ng Abanhfleft is having to do everything in its power to reverse a troubling trend and finally get this sports-obsessed nation back on the right track. But is the Independents Cup the right place to do that? There is, as always, only one way to find out.

Name of nation: Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Demonym: Fleftic
Team colors: Blue, orange, and green
Style modifier: +2 (a slightly less attacking playing style for the Independents Cup)
Formation: 4-2-3-1
Manager: Ginny Katesmar (50 y/o, North Prarie)

GK: Stephanie BRYAN 35 y/o, Antslinngs Islands Ladies Image
Stephanie Bryan finally gets to represent the blue, orange, and green once again after over four years of sitting out due to a new reliance on the likes of Yannie Redborne and Yelena Valinovskaya to ride the bench while Victoria Carter is on form, but with Redborne now retiring from international footie and Valinovskaya recovering from ligament repair surgery, Steph will now get the chance to be seen riding the Fleftic bench once again. But whether she will be the long-term replacement for Carter and the rest is still up in the air as there are more promising keepers out there, at least according to Holly Jonasson. Finally gets a run out as the starter for the women's national team, at least for the 5th Independents Cup.

RB: Queen YARNALL 21 y/o, Admiral Porcusces Women Image
A quiet and sturdy defender who for her age is already making waves not only in the youth leagues but also in her handful of appearances for the Admiral Porcusces Women senior team. Still needs some work obviously but she could have a very high ceiling indeed.

RCB: Christy SHEPLEY 25 y/o, Rosenpfelblatz City Ladies Image
At 6 feet 2 inches, Christy is already one of the tallest 17-year-old Fleftic central defenders ever in the Democratic Republic and its sphere of influence. Coupled with a supernatural defensive ability, it's a wonder why she's still on the bench and not starting, until one realizes that Christy is quite the thin and willowy girl. She's a good defender and good in aerial and dead-ball situations, there's no doubt about that, but she has to bulk up and get stronger if she is to become one of Abanhfleft's best defenders. She remains on the bench to make way for Miranda Sullins and Catarina Soler in this Independents Cup squad.

LCB: Miranda SULLINS 28 y/o, Sporting Ceneisis Women Image
An exciting prospect if only for the fact that she had gotten herself noticed through the Sporting Ceneisis youth academy, which had been a bit neglected by Artemio Peres in favor of getting players both locally and abroad for as much as his team's Bellinsgauzenian boss is willing to let him spend. Still, it wouldn't do to take away from the fact that she is indeed a good defender, if a bit raw even for the standards of the under-21 teams. And an international call-up such as thing can do no harm to her career. Right?

LB: Deborah RIDDLES 26 y/o, Keephall Valkyries Image
Right now, she's a left back, but Deborah is a natural wing-back who has the potential to develop into an out-and-out winger. Deborah is currently playing with the defense, but only because that is her best footballing position at the moment. Still loves to throw in a cross and will often clog up the left side of the field alongside the team's out-and-out left wingers.

RM: Stephanie WINTER-SLAUGHTER 27 y/o, Marinos Thimpodopoulos Women Image (Fhulghamous Peninsula, playing in the Fleftic Women's Premier League)
Winter-Slaughter's surname sounds rather weird when you consider her biggest asset is an unprecedented sense of justice, but it really is. Winter-Slaughter, while a competent midfielder with enough room to grow, became much more notorious for her actions both in and outside of the field, often helping opponents and team-mates at distress from injuries or pretty much anything else. Conquered some hearts for her kindness, funnily enough. Stephanie was given Fleftic citizenship on the recommendation of Heinrich Wurzmann after the disappearance of the Unified Sunrise Islands so that Abanhfleft could take advantage of her talents.

LM: ERIN Jensdottir-Jennings 30 y/o, Rosenpfelblatz City Ladies Image
We finally come to one of the most controversial additions to Abanhfleft's Independents Cup squad yet. Not a person living in Abanhfleft hasn't heard of the story of Erin Jensdottir and her friend Britt Hanokssen. The two of them had gotten in trouble with an Anglatian gang and their friend Bisera Haralampieva, of Rosen City Ladies and Pridnestrovia women's national team fame, called on another friend of hers to get Erin and Britt out of trouble. They did so by faking Erin and Britt's deaths and substituting them for two dead bodies. Britt and Erin had ended up playing for FC United of Riuwiee in the seventh tier of Fleftic football before they finally came clean about their status, resulting in the biggest ever points deduction in Fleftic football history and a massive settlement package with Hunsen Loggers from United of Riuwiee for both Erin and Britt. Erin is described as the complete playmaker able to operate from deep or right in front with the forwards, which is why Heinrich Wurzmann recommended her naturalization in time for the Independents Cup.

RW: Elene LINER 24 y/o, Sarvusdalamoive Ladies Image
Even at her young age, Elene already has the look of a future fantastic keeper. Well, what else can be said about the Sarvusdalamoive Football Academy, which has turned out great Fleftic keepers like Maksim Varamoninov and Victoria Carter? Unfortunately, she's slipped down the pecking order, but only because Brook Arzate deserves the chance to start this time. She had a lot to make up for after that emotionally devastating penalty shootout loss against Schottia in the 9th Under-15 World Cup and she ended up not having the mental strength to get over the disappointment of the shootout so she decided to become a striker instead. This way she hopes to emulate some of Abanhfleft's star forwards like Matthew Cave and Ruud Akinfenyor who started off as goalkeepers and then decided to make the move up to the top of the pitch.

CAM: Prudence WOODWARD 24 y/o, Duhblakk Aztecs Image
Prudence Woodward is the third and final player of Panemian descent to represent the blue, orange, and green for the Sporting World Cup. She is the younger sister of Julius Woodward and her future appears to be in central attacking midfield. Prudence is already displaying a taste for clever through-balls and occupying pockets of space in which she could create chances and even score a few goals herself. Prudence has also been rumored to be displaying more than just friendly attention and camaraderie with the team's resident lesbian Poppaea Fleet-Street but that's hardly important to the conversation. But although nothing has been confirmed yet, it could be said that it won't be much of a surprise if Prudence came out and admitted that she has a relationship with Poppaea. Also already a mother after an argument with Prudence led to a one-night stand with fellow under-18 teammate Prince William Luckless.

LW: Amelie RUSEV 24 y/o, Ludogorets Markovsky Ladies Image
Amelie Rusev is the best player on current Fleftic under-18 team after Gareth Williamson. At just 18 years old, she's already looking like the complete winger package. Not only is she both quick and light on her feet and strong in the air and during challenges, she is ambidextrous, able to use both feet to send in long balls and crosses into the box when she wants. With that added crossing ability, Amelie is already on her way to the first team of Ludogorets Markovsky Ladies at such a tender age. Kasper Molak will surely look to make Amelie the successor to Raisa Korovina as the next Miss Ludogorets.

ST: Kelly McGINNIS 24 y/o, Hoventon & Corlington Town Image (Mercedini)
Kelly McGinnis could very well be the next Chelsea Stuart. Lord knows she's got the raw talent in her veins and her feet. Her only problem is in getting out of Besanza to continue her development and make sure that it's on the right track to actually making her the next Chelsea Stuart. Kelly wants to move abroad to develop herself in a world-class side, and she believes that the Sporting World Cup is her way to gaining that attention and getting that move abroad. She did well in her first stint abroad, winning a domestic cup with Mercedini's Hoventon & Corlington Town, but another potential loan move to the Gallian Union fell through and she's had to stay with Airbus Besanza for this season. This could very well change though as another opportunity could be opening up for her, but it's going to take her much farther away from the Fhulghamous than just Mercedini...

GK: Ursula QATINTIKI 32 y/o, Crisisbless Athletic Image (Nephara)
Qatintiki is a ferocious keeper who believes herself to be a good sweeper but unfortunately doesn't have all the necessary skills to be an actual sweeper keeper. Fortunately for her, she's managed to keep 10 clean sheets in the Premier Development League (Ladies' Division) for Sarvusdalamoive Ladies. Unfortunately for her, this performance hasn't carried to her first international call-up in the Sporting World Cup, where she conceded a total of 14 goals in the tournament. But the presence of an experienced back four in front of her could help her concede less in this tournament. Despite being a rapidly rising star in Sarvusdalamoive, Qatintiki opted to cut her contract and sign up for the Pridnestrovian Volunteer Legions in ESTORVIPA. She could actually be charged with treason for fighting for another sovereign nation but the SFA has pulled favors with the Ministry of Justice to delay her trial until the end of the Independents Cup.

GK: Bronwyn CHURCHILL 24 y/o, Rosenpfelblatz City Ladies Image
Bronwyn is the daughter of Rosenpfelblatz City's new manager Joseph "Joe" Churchill, one of the most decorated managers in the sport within the Fleftic sphere of influence. Bronwyn came with her dad to Rosenpfelblatz and immediately settled in well with the Lady Sky Blues' academy. She is a traditional keeper who prefers to keep close to goal and catch or slap away shots from that position, although she is learning to become a more athletic keeper now that she's training with the likes of Yannie Redborne, Marfa Kirilenko, and Blaze Chrzanowska. It should be noted that Joe Churchill would have liked it more if his daughter had not wanted to be a goalkeeper, but at least he as a father won't worry about where she's been before, during, and after training because they're always in close proximity to each other.

RB: Colleen ADAMS 28 y/o, Sporting Ceneisis Women Image
There was a time when people wondered what Colleen can offer to the national side. Seven years on and now we know what it is: defensive solidity in the back four. What more can a team ask for then? Well, maybe less yellow and red cards from Colleen. She's had her fair share of those at club level and the SFA is not really keen on her starting up a new account with the referees at the Independents Cup.

CB: Shabeeba AL-NAQVI 20 y/o, Marinos Thimpodopoulos Women Image (Fhulghamous Peninsula, playing in the Fleftic Women's Premier League)

CB: Tiera WALRATH 23 y/o, Ogovlich Medusas Image
One quarter of the Ogovlich backline that won them the Youth Premier League title this season. Like Wilton Kaba beside her in the under-18 team, Tiera's main purpose is to win balls inside the box and then kick it right out of the danger area. Accuracy needs a bit of work though.

LB: Tien GOODLETT 22 y/o, Ogovlich Medusas Image
The second quarter of the Ogovlich backline that won the Youth Premier League. Tien is more of an attacking fullback who likes to maraud further up the pitch and assist in the attack. She still gets back in defense more times than not but a particularly quick counterattack could still leave her stranded where she can be of no help to her fellow defenders.

RM: SIBUSIZWE Kiggwancha 22 y/o, Athletic Motonou Image
SIbusizwe's greatest strength lies in the fact that she can win the ball in midfield more times than not. Of course, most of this is against girls and boys on or nearly the same age as she is, but when she turned out for Athletic Motonou's senior side in the last few matchdays of the Ladies' Third Division season (with the title already wrapped up for Motonou) Sibusizwe looked capable of doing much the same thing against players who were much older and much more experienced than her. Sibusizwe won't have to do that against older and experienced players from other national teams just yet, but she will have to do it against her fellow under-18s from other countries starting from this tournament.

CM: Abigail PAPADIAMANTOPOULOS 31 y/o, All-Inclusive Haranguer Image
Abigail is the tallest player in this roster at 6 feet 8 inches, taller than even her supposed lookalike Stephanie Bryan. Abigail used to play Sunday league with Anglatia's Ross Port Rangers before Fleftic scouts noticed her during the 38th Di Bradini Cup and she signed a contract with Wallace Partridge's All-Inclusive Haranguer. Partridge chose to sign Abigail due to her size and her playstyle which is very much reminiscent of one of the most famous (if not the best) players to put on the black-and-amber shirt in Sutalen "The Beast of Copper Cuprum" Desoka. Despite helping All-Inclusive Haranguer to a fifth-place finish in the 2022-23 season, she was never called up for Anglatia's national team, and with the country now returning to its policy of total isolation, Abigail was given Fleftic citizenship on the recommendation of Heinrich Wurzmann so the SFA could take advantage of her skills on the pitch.

LM: Charlene WILLIAMSON 25 y/o, Admiral Porcusces Women Image
Charlene Williamson is the overlooked twin sister of Gareth Williamson. The reasons why she's been overlooked is because her main assets in football are mostly pace, acceleration, physicality, and a good long ball. Charlene can also run with the ball or chase it for 90 minutes and anyone stupid enough to try to take the ball away from her would find themselves on the ground almost immediately. Strangely though, Charlene's physicality tends to vanish during set pieces and Charlene could now count herself lucky if she doesn't end up kissing the grass while trying to get a touch on a corner or a free kick. Perhaps that's why Sporting Ceneisis allowed her to go to their provincial rivals Admiral Porcusces.

CAM: BRITT Hanokssen-Hanks 27 y/o, Rosenpfelblatz City Ladies Image
Erin Jensdottir's best friend and girlfriend, Britt has been called "too ambitious for her own good" by the man who would eventually recommend bringing Britt over to Rosenpfelblatz, Matthew Cave. Britt isn't exactly the best, most mobile, most skillful, fastest, or most accurate player available for the Independents Cup, but she makes up for it in her sheer never-say-die attitude. Other things that other players might consider lost causes are just more challenges for Britt to overcome. That being said, if Britt does end up making an appearance for Abanhfleft, it's probably more out of desperation than anything else. But still, no one knows. Maybe this is the tournament where Britt finally shines bright.

FW: Annamarie SABADO 29 y/o, Arsenal de Releinthi Ladies Image
LS: Annamarie SABADO 21 y/o, Arsenal de Releinthi Ladies Image, female
Sabado has the makings of being "the next Fleftic super-sub." No less a footballing authority than Arsenal de Releinthi manager Godric Wexler said so after Sabado had scored the game-winning goal against Lutine to give Abanhfleft a ticket to the Sporting World Cup final. And, judging from her inclusion into the Independents Cup, Heinrich Wurzmann and Miriam Whitaker look to do the same with her for the coming tournament.

FW: Irina BABARUSHCHIK 34 y/o, Dynamo Shebchetsik Image (Mercedini)
Babarushchik used to be in (friendly) competition with Annamarie Sabado for the position of Arsenal de Releinthi Ladies U-21s' starting striker, but Sabado ended up being the winner in the long run as Babarushchik couldn't wait for Chelsea Stuart to retire (which is still a long time coming anyway) and the half-Pridnestrovian striker struck out for greener pastures in the form of Mercedini's Dynamo Shebchetsik. Now, as both Irina and Annamarie return to the Fleftic national team setup for the Independents Cup, they are once again back to competing with each other for the honor of being the next Fleftic super-sub.

KITS (by Adidulas)

IMPORTANT STATISTICS (for Independents Cup only)
Win-loss record:
21-5-6 (penalty shootouts are counted as draws)
First Independents Cup match: VS Kaboomlandia (L 0-1)
First Independents Cup win: VS Prusy Krolewskie (W 5-2)
First Independents Cup loss: VS Kaboomlandia (L 0-1)
Biggest Independents Cup win: VS Spaam (W 6-3)
Biggest Independents Cup loss: VS Veldgouwen (L 2-4)

IC1: 4-1-2 (won third place against Barunia)
IC2: 3-1-1 (eliminated in quarterfinals by Bonesea)
IC3: 4-0-1 (eliminated in quarterfinals by Schottia)
IC4: 2-1-1 (eliminated in Round of 16 by Alpine Union)
IC5: 5-0-1 (eliminated in quarterfinals by Mercedini)
IC6: 3-2-0 (eliminated in quarterfinals on penalties by Kavagrad)
IC7: 2-0-2 (eliminated in Round of 12 by Free Republics)
IC8: 2-1-2 (4th place in group stage)

To be edited...
The Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Leader: President Rako Novoire

Territories and dependencies:
Trans-Dniesters (Client state)
Oontaz Dert Li Ng
Copper Cuprum
Economic Left/Right: -1.72
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.88
Second place winner in the International Baseball Slam VI
Third place winner in the World Lacrosse Championship XIX
Winner of the Baptism of Iron XVI!
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Postby Port Ember » Sun Mar 22, 2020 7:07 am


Republic of Port Ember
National Football Team
Independent Associations Cup 9

The Republic of Port Ember Announces Its National Football Team For The Independent Associations Cup 9!

Team History

The Port Emberian Football Team is unique in its history and situation compared to other nations. Due to the fact that Port Ember has not yet competed on the international level in football prior to the World Cup 83 Cycle, the Port Ember Football Association (PEFA) made a controversial decision by not picking established club players for the first international team.

Instead, a Youth Program was launched, forming a large group of school children from the age of 14, whom underwent a 4 year training regimen under the tutorship of renowned international coaching staff. Four years later and the result was a young passionate team trained to international standards, instead of the internationally untested Port Emberian methods.

The aim of this enthuisiastic program was twofold:

- Create from scratch a young, energetic and passionate team to international standards, uninfluenced by the decaying and untested Port Emberian football standards, allowing them to grow in the intetnational scene, for many years to come due to their young age, maintaining consistency, team spirit and constant growth and development.

- Allow these young players to form part of the national clubs after their initial training and baptised world tournaments, allowing their experience and skills rub off on the new local talent, which in turn will transform the entire football industry for Port Ember in the long term.

Team History - World Cup 83 Cycle

The first ever international Port Emberian team entered the spot light as they were finally ready to face the world, in time for the World Cup 83 Cycle.

They entered their first ever international tournament - the Baptism of Fire 70 tournament, and reached third place overall.

They continued to partake in a gruelling qualifier run, but failed to qualify for the World Cup. They did however make a name for thenselves as they were invited to partake in the Cup of Harmony 75 tournament.

The Cup of Harmony 75 saw Port Ember struggle to snatch victories, drawing most of their matches, but they did make it to the quarterfinals before being knocked from the league.

They team has managed to build a massive and passionate supporter base during the cycle and have brought massive support to the sport as a whole within Port Ember.

Team History - Aftermath of the World Cup 83 Cycle

Once the Cycle was concluded the players were allowed to be bought by the local Port Ember Premier Football League Clubs, whom then continued ploughing back and shared their skills and experience with other young players, increasing the number of talented players within the nation. Bolstered with the 'Returning Hero's', the Port Emberian Premier league had its greatest season in its history, with thousands of new players and fans flocking towards the stadiums - rocking the very foundation of football in Port Ember.

Team History - The World Cup 84 Cycle

The underdog team entered the World Cup 84 Qualifiers with the entire world firmly believing that they were just easy points for the footballing giants in there group - and it seemed to be true as the team suffered loss after loss in their opening stages. Yet, somehow the team revovered and transformed into a shockingly brilliant team, causing upset after upset, layig waste to their opponents and winning 11 games in a row, narrowly grabbing a qualification seat to the ultimate tournament - The World Cup 84. Unfortunately the young Dragons hopes and dreams were smashed as they were knocked out in the group stages. Although this upset occurred, it was clear that this team were no longer the 'new guys'on the block, but a fresh and talented name posing a serious threat to the existing old guard of the sport.

Team History - Leadup to the IAC9

After an extremely exciting, successfull and profitable Premier League Season, PEFA invited scores of potentiol players to its second ever Selection Camp, nicknamed the Tendaro Infero (Camp Hell). After a very successfull and promising camp, the National Team was chosen.

Team Stats
Nation Name: Republic of Port Ember

Trigramme: PE

Nickname: The Dragons

Team Kit - Primary


Team Kit - Secondary


Logo & Kit supplied by the awesome Brusseldorf.

Formation: 4-4-2

Style Modifier: +3

Backroom Staff

Team Manager: Stuart Baker.

Stuart Baker is appointed as the Team Manager / Head Coach, who was in charge of the Youth Program since its inception, and led the young team during the World Cup 83 Cycle. Before this appointment, he was the national coach for Braziliztan for 4 years, which is now a colony of Port Ember. He is passionate about the sport and even more so about his young team, refering to them as "his kids". He was critized by the media during the Baptism of Fire 70 Tournament for his perceived arrogance during Pre-Match Interviews, however he did apologise for this and appeared more humble during the remaining cycle. He was praised alongside his staff and team to have ushered in a 'Social Revolution' which have caused the birth of Football Passion within Port Ember.

Assistant Head Coach: Connor Davies.

Connor Davies worked as the assistant head coach for Braziliztan for four years under Coach Stuart Baker, before moving over to the Port Ember Youth Program alongside Stuart Baker. He is a very technical coach, regarding the sport as a science instead of a sport. During the World Cup 83 Cycle, the importance of bench players was realised, therefore Connor focuses mainly on developing the bench players during training days, while still filfulling his traditional assistant coach duties.

Defensive Coach: Daryl House.

Daryl House was the previous Head Coach of the Port Emberian club 'Waterstad Pirates', (prior to PE turning international), before joining the youth program in 2014. Before the commencement of the World Cup 83 Cycle, many sports publications praised his technical knowledge as a defensive coach, and many believed he was in line to become the next possible future head coach, due to his keen eye and attention to detail. However as Port Ember's defence has beem criticised as being the weaklink of the team, this is no longer the case. In fact many has openly questioned why he was not replaced for the upcoming IAC Cycle.

Attacking Coach: George SinClaire.

George was the previous Head Coach of the Port Emberian club 'Gold Coast Raiders', (prior to the World Cup 83 Cycle), before joining the youth program in 2014. Many sports publications have praised his technical knowledge as a attacking coach, and is well known for his passion and short temper, on and off the training field, regularly landing him in trouble with the law.

Goalkeeping Coach: Jonathan Peters.

Jonathan was the previous Head Goalkeeper (player) of the Port Emberian club 'Gold Coast Raiders', before joining the youth program in 2014. Many sports publications have praised his newly found talent as a coach instead of a player, allowing his students to gain valuable skills. He has received much acclaim due to the great performance that the team's goalkeepers have displayed in the World Cup 83 & 84 Cycles.

Fitness Coach: Neil Strauss.

Neil Strauss was a former Mixed Martial Arts Sensei who have trained a dozen champions before joining the youth program in 2014. Many sports publications have praised his vast knowledge regarding human physiology, which he uses to optimise the fitness levels of his players, to almost miracle like levels. The Port Emberian side was clearly one of the fittest teams in the World Cup 83 & 84 cycles, and Neil has received much acclaim for it. He is the 'Most wanted for an interview' in the fitness media at the moment.

Team Doctor: Dr Toby Curtiss.

Doctor Curtiss is a qualified medical doctor who specialises in sports injuries. He has vast medical experience, which he gained as a truama surgeon during his service with the Port Emberian Special Forces. He is well known as a brilliant doctor and as a 'no nonsense hardass' when it comes to his work.

Massage Therapist: Sally Jones.

Sally Jones is a young and passionate massuese who is well known for posessing 'Magical Hands'. She has been with the team since the inception of the youth program and have been with the team during the World Cup 83 & 84 Cycles, keeping the players fresh and ready for their games on such a tight schedule.

Physiotherapist: Dr Jolene Michels.

Dr Michels is an experienced Physiotherapist known to be extremely caring of the players in the teams, sometimes described as a 'real life empath'. She owned her own practice before joining the youth program at its inception. She worked hard during the World Cup 83 & 84 Cycles to ensure her players did not succumb from minor injuries, and kept them fit and healthy.

Team Roster - Starting Squad


Goalkeeper (GK)(#1): Peter Smith.
Age: 21
Height: 1.8m
Weight: 98kg
Caps: 51
Goals: 0

This player was part of the Youth Program since its inception in 2014. Peter proved his worth during the last two World Cup Cycls and has an impressive 87% goal stoppage rate. He has also received several Man of The Match Awards. He also re-proved his talent and worth during the last Premier League and the Selection Camp. He is considered a 'Star Player'.

Center Back (CB)(#2): Josh Richards.

Age: 21
Height: 1.82m
Weight: 102kg
Caps: 51
Goals: 0

This player was part of the Youth Program since its inception in 2014. A big and strong young man who is more physical in play than technical. His physical and fit performances during the last two World Cup Cycles allowed him and the rest of the backline to form the 'Iron Wall of defence' as the media dubbed it, and allowed amazing team defence plays. He also re-proved his talent and worth during the last Premier League and the Selection Camp.

Center Back (CB)(#3): Jason Lee.

Age: 21
Height: 1.78m
Weight: 94kg
Caps: 51
Goals: 0

This player was part of the Youth Program since its inception in 2014. He is a pretty big and strong lad, however is more technical than the other defenders on the team. His keen eye and agility makes him a utility player, as he is just as comfortable in the midfield. His excellent defensive skills alongside his ability to rally the rest of the backline has earned him the nickname 'Prince of Defence'. He has received several Man of The Match Awards. He also re-proved his talent and worth during the last Premier League and the Selection Camp. He is considered a 'Star Player'.

Full Back (LB)(#4): Alex Kuhn.

Age: 21
Height: 1.83m
Weight: 104kg
Caps: 51
Goals: 0

This player was part of the Youth Program since its inception in 2014. A big and strong young man who is more physical in play than technical. He is dangerous in defence, due to his combined speed, strength and aggression. He also re-proved his talent and worth during the last Premier League and the Selection Camp.

Full Back (RB)(#5): Russel Pierce.

Age: 21
Height: 1.84m
Weight: 102kg
Caps: 51
Goals: 0

This player was part of the Youth Program since its inception in 2014. A big and strong young man who is more physical in play than technical. He is dangerous in defence, due to his combined speed, strength and aggression. His physical and fit performances during the last two World Cup Cycles allowed him and the rest of the backline to form the 'Iron Wall of defence' as the media dubbed it, and allowed amazing team defence plays. He also re-proved his talent and worth during the last Premier League and the Selection Camp.


Attacking Midfield (AM)(#10): Ray Reddington.

Age: 21
Height: 1.8m
Weight: 94kg
Caps: 51
Goals: 3

This player was part of the Youth Program since its inception in 2014. The captain and possibly the best player in the team. He is a true playmaker, creating gaps for his strikers, and a defensive organiser - aggressively fighting for possession while organising his defensive line. He is also a great utility player, being able to perform well in defence, midfield and even as a competent striker. He was a massive fan favourite during the last two World Cup Cycles for his consistent excellent performances on the field. The media and fans lovingly chants "Red" loudly during matches. Has received many Man of the Match Awards. He also re-proved his talent and worth during the last Premier League and the Selection Camp.

Defensive Midfield (DM)(#6): Steven Packard.

Age: 21
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 97kg
Caps: 51
Goals: 1

This player was part of the Youth Program since its inception in 2014. A strong and fast player, excelling well in the midfield. He is good at pressuring his opponents, competent at stealing the ball, and has a good eye to open gaps for his strikers. He has become well known for his physical take-downs in both the last two World Cup Cycles. He also re-proved his talent and worth during the last Premier League and the Selection Camp.

Wide Midfield (LM)(#8): Jason Chamberlain

Age: 20
Height: 1.76m
Weight: 96kg
Caps: 51
Goals: 1

This player was part of the Youth Program since its inception in 2014. A strong and fast player, excelling well in the midfield. He is good at pressuring his opponents, competent at stealing the ball, and has a good eye to open gaps for his strikers. He has displayed good chemistry and understanding of link-up play with the center midfielders and strikers during his time in the last two World Cup Cycles. He also re-proved his talent and worth during the last Premier League and the Selection Camp.

Wide Midfield (RM)(#11): Eric Tosaír of the Tribe of Waterford

Age: 20
Height: 1.78m
Weight: 94kg
Caps: 23
Goals: 5

This player is a newcomer to the National Team, as he did not form part of the Youth Program, or partook in the World Cup 83 Cycle, but he did perform absolutely brilliantly in the World Cup 84 Cycle. He was chosen to replace Steve Rogers in this position due to Steve's knee injury obtained during the Premier League just before World Cup 84, and his performances have managed to ensure him replacing Steven for good. This young talent managed to make a good name for himself during the Premier League and last World Cup and quickly became a fan favourite. He has proven to be a strong and fast player, excelling well in the midfield. He is good at pressuring his opponents, competent at stealing the ball, and has a good eye to open gaps for his strikers. He has displayed great bursts of speed and agility which can easily catch his opponents off guard.

Interesting to note is that he is a Half Selkie (Selkie Father, Port Emberian Mother), but born in Port Ember. This has made him a bit of an outsider and not a very social person. His great skills and talent compsensates well for this however.


Central Forward (CF)(#7): Leon Moult.

Age: 21
Height: 1.73m
Weight: 91kg
Caps: 51
Goals: 27

This player was part of the Youth Program since its inception in 2014. A fast and energetic player with excellent dribbling skills. He normally plays only one half of the game due to his intensity when on the field. He plays his heart out when given the ball and is a very clinical striker when a scoring oppertunity arises. He has earned the reputation of stealing goals at the last minute, snatching victory for his team. He also re-proved his talent and worth during the last Premier League and the Selection Camp.

Central Forward (CF)(#9): Danny Nicovic.

Age: 21
Height: 1.73m
Weight: 90kg
Caps: 51
Goals: 58

This player was part of the Youth Program since its inception in 2014. A fast and energetic player with excellent dribbling skills. He plays his heart out when given the ball and is a very clinical striker when a scoring oppertunity arises. He is considered a 'Star Player and Hero' due to his intense scoring capabilities. He has earned the nickname 'Golden Child' and has reveived many Man of the Match Awards. He also re-proved his talent and worth during the last Premier League and the Selection Camp.

Team Roster - Reserve Squad


Goalkeeper (GK)(#12): Jack Allwick.

Age: 21
Height: 1.8m
Weight: 96kg
Caps: 51
Goals: 0

This player was part of the Youth Program since its inception in 2014. A solid ball stopper in the making. He still has lots of skills to learn and experience to gain, but is showing excellent promise at his ripe young age.

Goalkeeper (GK)(#13): Trevor Carson.

Age: 21
Height: 1.82m
Weight: 100kg
Caps: 51
Goals: 0

This player was part of the Youth Program since its inception in 2014. A solid ball stopper in the making. He still has lots of skills to learn and experience to gain, but is showing excellent promise at his ripe young age.

Center Back (CB)(#14): Bruno Martins.

Age: 21
Height: 1.83m
Weight: 104kg
Caps: 51
Goals: 0

This player was part of the Youth Program since its inception in 2014. A solid defender in the making. He still has lots of skills to learn and experience to gain, but is showing excellent promise at his ripe young age.

Center Back (CB)(#15): Victor White.

Age: 21
Height: 1.81m
Weight: 99kg
Caps: 51
Goals: 0

This player was part of the Youth Program since its inception in 2014. A solid defender in the making. He still has lots of skills to learn and experience to gain, but is showing excellent promise at his ripe young age.

Full Back (LB)(#16): Theo Hermandez.

Age: 21
Height: 1.83m
Weight: 104kg
Caps: 51
Goals: 0

This player was part of the Youth Program since its inception in 2014. A solid defender in the making. He still has lots of skills to learn and experience to gain, but is showing excellent promise at his ripe young age.

Full Back (RB)(#17): George Lindsey.

Age: 20
Height: 1.79m
Weight: 97kg
Caps: 51
Goals: 0

This player was part of the Youth Program since its inception in 2014. A solid defender in the making. He still has lots of skills to learn and experience to gain, but is showing excellent promise at his ripe young age.


Attacking Midfield (AM)(#18): William Carvello.

Age: 21
Height: 1.8m
Weight: 95kg
Caps: 51
Goals: 4

This player was part of the Youth Program since its inception in 2014. A solid midfielder in the making. He still has lots of skills to learn and experience to gain, but is showing excellent promise at his ripe young age. He stood in for Captain Reddington during the WCQ when the latter was injured, and brought an amazing attacking play style to the team.

Defensive Midfield (DM)(#19): Liam Grimshaw.

Age: 21
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 91kg
Caps: 51
Goals: 0

This player was part of the Youth Program since its inception in 2014. A solid midfielder in the making. He still has lots of skills to learn and experience to gain, but is showing excellent promise at his ripe young age.

Wide Midfield (LM)(#20): Fraser Murray.

Age: 21
Height: 1.77m
Weight: 88kg
Caps: 51
Goals: 2

This player was part of the Youth Program since its inception in 2014. A solid midfielder in the making. He still has lots of skills to learn and experience to gain, but is showing excellent promise at his ripe young age.

Wide Midfield (RM)(#21): John Swift.

Age: 20
Height: 1.78m
Weight: 88kg
Caps: 51
Goals: 3

This player was part of the Youth Program since its inception in 2014. A solid midfielder in the making. He still has lots of skills to learn and experience to gain, but is showing excellent promise at his ripe young age.


Central Forward (CF)(#22): Ryan Bowman.

Age: 21
Height: 1.74m
Weight: 92kg
Caps: 51
Goals: 10

This player was part of the Youth Program since its inception in 2014. A fast and energetic player with excellent dribbling skills. He normally plays only one half of the game due to his intensity when on the field. He plays his heart out when given the ball and is a very clinical striker when a scoring oppertunity arises.

Central Forward (CF)(#23): Jason Status.

Age: 20
Height: 1.69m
Weight: 89kg
Caps: 51
Goals: 5

This player was part of the Youth Program since its inception in 2014. A fast and energetic player with excellent dribbling skills. He normally plays only one half of the game due to his intensity when on the field. He plays his heart out when given the ball and is a very clinical striker when a scoring oppertunity arises.

Special Roles

Captain: #10 Raymond Reddington.

Penalty Kicker: #9 Danny Nicovic

Free Kick Taker: #10 Raymond Reddington.

Left Corner Kicker: #8 Jason Chamberlain

Right Corner Kicker: #11 Eric Tosaír of the Tribe of Waterford

Star Talent

#1 Peter Smith (Goalkeeper)

#3 Jason Lee (Defence)

#10 Raymond Reddington (Captain / Midfield)

#9 Danny Nicovic (Striker)

Team Tactics

Prefered Formation: 4-4-2

Style Modifier: +3

The team has quite an unique playstyle, reflecting much on the genetics of the average Port Emberian. They prefer a fast, aggressive and hard game, playing to their benefits of being a athletic and powerfull race.

Their 'Signature Play' is an interesting one, which can almost be seen as a gamble. A possibly effective gamble however. They would bait the opposition to push far ahead to their goal area hard, to lure most opponent players into their half of the field. Thereafter the strong and aggressive defence would steal the possession from the opponents, and powerfully kick the ball deep to the other side of the field, where the Port Emberian strikers would use their athletisicm to chase down the ball in a counter attack, outrunning the majority of the opponents, and pushing hard until a goal is scored. It is due to this playstyle that the local sportswires have dubbed it a "Aggressive Counter Attack Style".

RP Permissions

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes Within Reason
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes Within Reason
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes Within Reason
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Postby Zwangzug » Sun Mar 22, 2020 10:02 am

Style: -2

Manager: Abigail Chatelenas. Known for steering the University of Homler to several domestic finals as well as taking second in the IUCC, Chatelenas was nevertheless a surprise appointment and is seen by many to be a de facto interim. As this is the same roster from WC84, she is expected to mostly give the former benchwarmers a chance, but who knows--success here might enable her to take the reins long-term.

1. Joel McJakill (Keppal Cosmos) (m) (first tournament: WC80 Q)
12. Paige Daunten (North Sabrefell, Nephara) (f) (first tournament: WC82 Q)
23. Laurel Tinker-Witt (Dwile Warriors, Apox) (f) (first tournament: WC84 Q)

2. Randall Saitta (Bassabook Old Boys) (m) (4 goals) (first tournament: WC83 Q)
3. Chevanthi Arokiaraj (Namiri Forest) (f) (2 goals) (first tournament: CoH 72)
4. Sydney Stefred (Arlington City) (f) (2 goals) (first tournament: CoH 74)
5. Kurt Uehara (FC Soessch, Schottia) (m) (1 goal) (first tournament: CoH 74)
13. Allison Levi-Gold (Sporting Esper) (f) (1 goal) (first tournament: WC82 Q)
14. Tova Miovuku (Trebuchet Cham) (f) (first tournament: WC84 Q)
15. Akhil Sibal (Stade Djalenga, Mkabia) (m) (first tournament: WC84 Q)
16. Subroto Parida (Namiri Indepedent) (m) (first tournament: WC80 Q)

6. Lucas Kukiseso (Spenson Suburbia) (m) (8 goals) (first tournament: WC80 Q) (captain)
7. Joshua Twoni (Arlington City) (m) (16 goals) (first tournament: WC82 Q)
8. Marlon Sayle-Bren (Sporting Esper) (m) (17 goals) (first tournament: CoH 72)
9. Satenik Banach (Keppal Cosmos) (f) (5 goals) (first tournament: WC82 Q)
10. Jonah McCollins (Bassabook Old Boys) (m) (12 goals) (first tournament: WC83 Q)
11. Ione Friede (Canbix Muses) (f) (6 goals) (first tournament: WC82 Q)
17. Riley Kivrin (Arlington City) (f) (first tournament: WC83 Q)
18. Micah Angier (Eintracht Trink) (m) (5 goals) (first tournament: WC82 Q)
19. Edwin Cherenkov-Nguyen (Trebuchet Cham) (m) (9 goals) (first tournament: WC83 Q)
20. Amos Noile-Murne (Bassabook Old Boys) (m) (2 goals) (first tournament: WC84 Q)
21. Jaclyn Burkhart (Ephesian FC) (f) (2 goals) (first tournament: WC84 Q)
22. Sophie Munshi (Namiri Independent) (f) (2 goals) (first tournament: WC83 Q)

During WC84 numbers 1-11 were more likely to start; it is expected that Chatelenas will take the opposite approach this time as this is more of an experimental stage, but who really knows.

The parliamentary republic of Zwangzug, an antisocial social democracy, has a long and--dare we say it--checkered history. The original national team competed through World Cup (qualifying campaign)s 33 through 42; a successor team participated in 64 through 69. After a hiatus caused by the country's sudden and devastating retreat into isolationism, a temporary recovery was made, and the national league (the 1./) which had emerged with the second iteration of the NT resumed play. Since World Cup 69, their involvement in the international world has been erratic; they won the 6th Eagle's Cup, and also participated in the seventh edition, where several of these players made their debut. They also participated in the WC80 cycle but were absent for 81, and re-resumed in 82, qualifying for WC83 and 84.

We finally have up-to-date factbooks with information about our players! And some more in-depth biographies!

Colors: White with black stripes. Or black with white stripes. We go for the basics.

If RPing first, please feel free to name goalscorers, injure, and distribute cards to my players at will! You can also godmod events, though I'd appreciate advance warning if you want to take narrative liberties that I couldn't just as easily do to your team (due to being, e.g., an MT, mostly-human country). Put another way, metaphorical "godmodding" is welcome if clever, but I'd avoid the literal sense.
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Postby Terre Septentrionale » Sun Mar 22, 2020 11:26 am

Équipe nationale de soccer de Terre Septentrionale

Reprezentacja Nordycki w Pilka Nozna

Northern Land National Soccer Team

Nation Name in French: République laïque de Terre Septentrionale
Nation name in Polish: Rzeczpospolita Polnocna
Nation Name in English Secular Republic of Northern Land
Short Nation names: Terre Septentrionale / Ziemia Polnocna / Northern Land
Trigramme: RTS
Demonym: Septentrional (plural: Septentrionaux)
Nicknames: Nordiques, Reprezentacja Nordycki, Northmen
Team colors at home: Red and white
Team colors on the road: Green and white

Style Mod: +2


Overall Record: 30-13-19
124 goals scored, 113 goals against

Baptism of Fire 70: 5-1-2 (Loss in quarterfinals against Hapilopper)
WC 83 qualifications: 6-0-6 (3rd place in group W)
Cup of Harmony 75: 3-0-2 (Loss in round of 16)
Independents Cup 8: 1-3-1 (3rd place in group)
WC 84 qualifications: 7-7-6 (6th place in group 2)
Cup of Harmony 76: 6-1-2 (2nd place, loss in final vs Pasarga)
Friendlies: 2-1-0

First game: 6-2 win vs Lashnakia
First win: 6-2 win vs Lashnakia
First draw: 1-1 draw vs Amuaplye
First loss: 4-2 loss vs Hapilopper
Biggest win: 6-2 win vs Lashnakia
Biggest loss: 8-2 loss vs Hapilopper
First goal scored: Fryderyka Cwierczakiewiczowa vs Lashnakia @ Baptism of Fire 70
100th goal scored: Fryderyka Cwierczakiewiczowa vs The Sarian @ Cup of Harmony 76

Most caps

1- Zdzislaw Brzezanczyk - 62
1- Fryderyka Cwierczakiewiczowa - 62
3- Yannick Ksiezniakiewicz - 61
4- Slawomir Skrzeszewski - 60
5- Zofia Kwietniewska - 58

Most goals scored

1- Fryderyka Cwierczakiewiczowa - 50
2- Zbigniew Zajaczkowski - 12
3- Amelia Zalwowska - 10
4- Sandrine Fontaine - 8
5- Yannick Ksiezniakiewicz - 7

Most assists

1- Amelia Zalwowska - 15
2- Pawel Wawrzynkiewicz - 12
2- Sandrine Fontaine - 12
4- Roksana Kolodziejczyk - 11
5- Yannick Ksiezniakiewicz - 9

Most clean sheets

1- Zofia Kwietniewska - 14
2- Jennifer O'Byrne - 1
2- Georges-Kévin Vainqueur - 1

About Terre Septentrionale:



Fujai vs Terre Septentrionale (San Ignatius, Itio) - Starting GK: Georges-Kévin Vainqueur
Terre Septentrionale vs Fleuronordicia (Estadio HUGames, Sega) - Starting GK: Bartlomiej Kasprzak
Terre Septentrionale vs Kelssek (Estadio Hueti, Jinaqa) - Starting GK: Jennifer O'Byrne


Manager: Slawomir Wyrzykowski, 49 years old.
Ass. Coach: Martine Latreille, 46 years old.
Ass. Coach: Boguslawa Orlikowska, 60 years old.
GK Coach: J.R. McGregor, 51 years old.
Physio: Urszula Skoraczynska, 43 years old.
Psychologist: Marie-Josée Péloquin, 47 years old.


Captains: Amelia Zalwowska and Yannick Ksiezniakiewicz
Penalty Taker: Fryderyka Cwierczakiewiczowa
Corners (left): Pawel Wawrzynkiewicz
Corner (right): Yannick Ksiezniakiewicz
Free Kicks: Yannick Ksiezniakiewicz
Direct Free Kicks: Roksana Kolodziejczyk

Penalties (AET)

1. Sandrine Fontaine
2. Roksana Kolodziejczyk (or another SM if she subs out)
3. Fryderyka Cwierczakiewiczowa
4. Sandie McCracken (or either a S or an ACM if she subs out)
5. Yannick Ksiezniakiewicz

Fryderyka Cwierczakiewiczowa almost never misses a penalty shot.

Formation (3-5-2):


Team Roster (starting XI in blue)

Note: These players have the same name as players from the Alpine Union but they aren't the same players! They all made their international debut in the Baptism of Fire 70.

Note: Instead of a single goalkeeper starting all games, coach Wyrzykowski decided to go with a rotation for the group stage (similar to baseball). The one with the best results (hopefully a clean sheet) will start all playoff games.

#       Pos     Name                    Age     Team                            Birthplace                    Depth Chart

20 GK Georges-Kévin Vainqueur 23 Szczakowianka Trzebiegoszcz Prévost, CN Starts MD1 vs Fujai
41 GK Bartlomiej Kasprzak 25 Ursus Trzeszczyn Koprzywnica, MA Starts MD2 vs Fleuronordicia
88 GK Jennifer O'Byrne 31 Dynamo de Jacques-Cartier Beach City, TX Starts MD3 vs Kelssek

4 SD Franciszek Niedzwiecki 23 KS Ursus Trzeszczyn Niedzwiedzica, MA SD #1
32 CD/SD Slawomir Skrzeszewski 28 En avant Prévost Trzebiegoszcz, PO SD #1

5 SD Przemyslaw Zawistowski 34 Gornik Ostrzeszow Brzeszcze, PO SD #3
28 SD Weronika Zubrowska 29 KS Ursus Trzeszczyn Szczebrzeszyn, MA SD #4
47 SD Zeljko Zizic 27 NK Lokomotiva Kukljica Okuklje, DA SD #5
12 SD Slawomir Wieczerzak 24 Impact de Jacques-Cartier Skorogoszcz, MA SD #6

95 CD Zdzislaw Brzezanczyk 24 Szczakowianka Trzebiegoszcz Rzodkiewnica, KZ CD #1
2 CD Charlie MacEachern 32 El Perro United F.C. Ayer's Cliff, CS CD #2
24 CD Krzysztof Blaszczykowski 26 Gornik Ostrzeszow Mszczonow, LU CD #3
23 CD Kazimierz Wieszczycki 25 KS Ursus Trzeszczyn Tluszcz, LU CD #4

14 DCM Élisabeth Normandin 25 A.S. Baie-Sainte-Catherine Baie-Sainte-Catherine, CH DCM #1
17 ACM Sandrine Fontaine 22 Dynamo de Jacques-Cartier Yamaska, HY ACM #1
77 DCM Yannick Ksiezniakiewicz 30 Szczakowianka Trzebiegoszcz Trzebiegoszcz, PO DCM #1

22 ACM Tymoteusz Swierczewski 26 KKS Wlokniarz 1925 Krzczonow Krzczonow, MA ACM #2
10 ACM Amelia Zalwowska 33 Gornik Ostrzeszow Wloszczowa, PO ACM #3 DCM #6
97 CM Przemyslaw Tkocz 28 Szczakowianka Trzebiegoszcz Proszkow, PO DCM #3 ACM #4
81 CM/SM Alicja Jedrzejczyk 29 KS Ursus Trzeszczyn Ostrzeszow, SL DCM #4 ACM #5

9 SM Roksana Kolodziejczyk 24 Klub Turystow Rzodkiewnica Dulkowszczyzna, CA SM #1
16 SM Jedrzej Kosciukiewicz 32 NK Lokomotiva Kukljica Szczawnica, CA SM #1

50 CM/SM Wlodzimierz Waclawczyk 24 DNK Hajduk Vukosavljevica Trzeszczyn, LU SM #3 DCM #5 ACM#5
26 SM Krzysztof Pajaczkowski 30 Gornik Ostrzeszow Krzeszowice, PO SM #4
7 SM Pawel Wawrzynkiewicz 34 KKS Wlokniarz 1925 Krzczonow Zlotow, CA SM #5
36 SM Rodolphe Giroux 23 A.S. Baie-Sainte-Catherine Fournier-sur-Mer, CH SM #6

8 S Fryderyka Cwierczakiewiczowa 24 KKS Wlokniarz 1925 Krzczonow Kuznica Zdzieszowicka, PO S #1
18 S Sandie McCracken 26 Klub Turystow Rzodkiewnica El Perro, TX S #1

15 S Jean-François Kleineheismann 33 A.S. Baie-Sainte-Catherine Portneuf-sur-Mer, CH S #3
40 S Kévin Maillé-Chicoine 31 Impact de Jacques-Cartier Ville Jacques-Cartier, DC S #4

BA	Baranie (Baranya)	                KA	Kamouraska
CA Cachoubie (Kaszuby) LU Lusatie (Łużyce)
KR Carniole (Kranjska) MA Mazovie (Mazowsze)
CN Catherine du nord MT Montérégie
CS Catherine du sud NI Nitassinan
KZ Catherine-Ouest (Katarzyna Zachodnie) PA Papineau
CH Charlevoix PO Poméranie (Pomorze)
DA Dalmatie (Dalmacija) SH Shelburne
DC District de Cartier SL Silésie (Śląsk)
FR Frontenac TX Texas
HY Haute-Yamaska

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Yes
Injure Players: Yes
Godmod Injury Events: No
Red Card Players: Yes
Yellow Card Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes
Nation name: République de Terre Septentrionale | Trigramme: RTS | Capital: Ville Jacques-Cartier | Maps
Ranks: Hockey: 20th | American Football: 7th | Baseball: 17th | Association Football: 23rd | Rugby Union: 21st
Runner Up: Cup of Harmony 76, International Baseball Slam XI
3rd Place: World Volleyball Expo X, International Baseball Slam XII, World Lacrosse Championship XXXV
4th Place: Arena Bowl VI
World Cup participations: WC 85 (3rd place in group), WC 86 (3rd place in group)

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Selecção A

9ª Taça das Associações Independentes
9th Independent Associations Cup

Style: +1.5

GK Rui Patríce (Sporting CL)
GK António Lopes (Belém)
GK José Virgínia (CD Marítimo)
LB Rafa Guerreiros (Sevilha)*
LB Rúben Vinagrete (Académica)
CB Diogo Leiteiro (Porto)*
CB José Nogueira (Porto/Beira-Ria)
CB Fernão Ferradura (Bemfica)
RB João Cancela (Sevilha)*
RB Ricardo Peralva (Vitória Guimarães)
CDM Rúben Nevais (A.Académica)*
CDM Sérgio Azinheira (Porto)
LM Jorge Mário (Sporting CL)*
LM Rui Horta (Bracarense)
CM Bruno Fernando (C) (Sporting CL)*
CM André Moreira (Elvas)
RM Francisco Gama (Sevilha)*
RM João Luz (Belém)
CAM Bernardo Veiga (Sevilha)*
ST André Silveira (Sevilha)*
ST Daniel Jota (Porto)*
ST Guilherme Paciência (Vitória Guimarães)
ST Fernando Trincão (SC Braga)

GK Cláudio Rocha (Vitória Guimarães)
DEF Armando Nogueira (Elvas)
MID Rodrigo Matias (Flaviense)
CAM Domingos Armilar (Marítimo)
FWD Ivo Cavalariça (Académica)

Coach: Victor Santa Cruz

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose my scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: N
RP injuries to my players: Y, moderately
Godmod Injuries to my players: N
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Y, moderately
Give Red Cards to my players: Y, moderately
Godmod other events: N

STL - Sport Supplement

Part One - New Lusitania

New Lusitania will no doubt be a competitive nation, but finds itself at a very delicate time in its Selecção's history. Every two years*, the Lusitanian side resurfaces to compete in World Cup Qualifying and whilst they're getting closer to that elusive presence in the finals, they seem to be at a breaking point. A young promising team first made its way into the international scene between World Cups 79 and 80 which puts the average age of the team at 29, meaning this team is reaching the end of an era. They will play their hearts out in the next few cycles as the team enters a transition phase.
Focusing on the now though, New Lusitania seem to have the start of that transition with a team that has plenty of experienced lads such as Patríce or Mário with younger players in the mix such as Leiteiro. The defence is the youngest part of the team with players coming in around World Cup 84 meaning it's still in development.
The opposition will have trouble with the midfield but the defence although strong still has work to do even if Patríce still has some tricks up his sleeve. Tactically the diamond has worked well although we've seen glimpses of a 4-3-3 in recent times coming up, the team has some troubles in counter-attacking situations and when teams rapidly change flanks, which Victor Santa Cruz, long-standing boss of the side has said should be solved during the tournament.
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Champions! of IAC9
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Champions of IAC9, 3rd IAC6
3G, 2S, 2B at the IDU Olympics'19
Semi-finalist of the WPIC 3 [Water Polo]
Almost made it to World Cup 80 (3rd in Group) as well as World Cup 81 (lost playoff)

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Hope City Herald: Hanna's Hot Hits

-Opinions were divided in the federation about whether Zwangzug should pursue the Independent Associations' Cup. Some saw a chance to resurrect an ancient "rivalry" (not really) against Kelssek or be beguiled by Reçueçn's cedillas, while others saw it as overtaxing players already stretched thin by the gauntlet of domestic club competitions. Ironically, success here might not even bolster the former's case; they could be better off in the long run treating this as a showcase for a developmental or "B" team. Or maybe not, since we're allegedly top seeds based on the full side's World Cup experience.

-What to make of Abigail Chatelenas jumping straight from university management into the big time? Her detractors claim that the federation hasn't gotten around to appointing a permanent manager yet, and activity during the domestic transfer window could well bolster this claim. On the other hand, the University of Homler Peacocks did pretty well in her tenure.

-Akhil Sibal hopes to see more playing time after his transfer to Stade Djalenga in Mkabia. Bandwagon fans who want to support them should take note, however; their crosstown rivals, Djalenga Foot, play in black and white and are called the Zebras. Tough call.

-Chatelenas or her successor is likely going to face a selection dilemma for the World Cup as regards goalkeepers. Not that kind of selection dilemma, mind you; we're probably going to call one up. Well, three, most likely. But the current options are uninspiring. Joel McJakill, despite his brave but futile efforts in the near-simultaneous WC84 group stage and interdomestic semifinals, is all but certain to hang up his cleats before the next qualifying run. Paige Daunten's North Sabrefell were relegated after finishing second-to-last in the Nepharim Premiership, albeit on a four-way tie. And Laurel Tinker-Witt, who was hoping to gain some experience with a move to Dwile, is instead hoping to escape Apox before the multiverse's latest irregularly-timed cataclysm engulfs that league. Domestic alternatives include Itzhak Canterbury of Spenson Suburbia and...that's about it, really; Hallam Vengor (Rovers United) and Celeste Fahrenthold (Arlington City) have moments of brilliance, but lack consistency.

-The federation has not responded to rumors of [redacted] with [redacted] in the [redacted], however, sources close to [redacted] report that [redacted] may [redacted].
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Reçueçn Roster & National Information
~ read sections one at a time ~
Sporting History
Roster & Team Info
Culture and History of Reçueçn
Only recently has Reçueçn become a recognizable name in international competition. The nation has had but a few opportunities to make forays into the world of international football. Reçueçn debuted in the 59th Baptism of fire, where they made it to the quarterfinals. In their last game of that tournament, they took Panem, the eventual winners, all the way to kicks from the mark, coming the closest to defeating the champions-to-be out of any nation in that Baptism of Fire class. Since then, Reçueçn has taken part in only a few international tournaments. Immediately following the Baptism of Fire, Reçueçn played a friendly against United RussoAsia in "Le 1er Annuel Tournoi Teikei," which they handily won, 3-1. Afterwards, the nation attempted twice, back-to-back, to qualify for the world cup, both times unsuccessfully. Following the first attempt, during World Cup 72 qualifiers, Reçueçn was invited to the 64th Cup of Harmony, where two draws in the group stage proved not to be enough to advance.

After Reçueçn's abortive attempt to qualify for the 73rd World Cup, the nation ceased entering international tournaments for a long period. During this phase, domestic sport in Reçueçn fell into disarray as well. Only last year did things change, when a young legislative staffer named Jean-Luc Lassalle began an initiative to resurrect organized sport in the country with the government's assistance. The result of his push was the creation of the brand new Reçuecian Ministry of Sport, which promptly reorganized domestic association football leagues throughout the country and got things moving once more. Lassalle himself became the new Minister of Sport, despite his young age.

For the national team, this meant involvement once more in international competition. Reçueçn's first chance to declare its return came at the 7th Independent Associations' Championship. To the surprise of everyone, including its own fans, the unranked Reçuecian national team managed to win 3rd place, taking home its first silverware of any kind. The team itself largely consisted of the same squad that had partaken in the Baptism of Fire and World Cup qualifiers all of 10 World Cup cycles ago.

The team has struggled in the past, due to the rivalries within Reçuecian domestic football. During the Baptism of Fire and first international competitions for the national team, the players did not really have enough experience playing with each other to have developed the necessary camaraderie or team spirit. Hopes were high that the creation of the Ministry of Sport would herald in a new era. Since the team was largely the same, some of the rivalries came back at first, but the team's performance at IAC 7 smoothed over its troubles and the team seems to have gelled.

Riding high on their latest achievement the team headed into qualifiers for World Cup 83 full of confidence, and it showed: Reçueçn qualified for the world cup finals and even made it to the round of sixteen, where they were eliminated by Cassadaigua. Since the 84th World Cup, Reçueçn has won every single one of its games, taking home the trophy for the eighth IAC--although 'taking home' isn't quite apt, since the tournament was hosted in the country.

In qualifiers for the 84th World Cup, Reçueçn once more squeaked by on the last matchday, to the delight of the nation's fans. However this time the team was unable to make it out of the group stage, losing two of its games and only coming away with three points. After the tournament, however, the team played several nations in a campaign the FNRF called the "First Friendlies". The performance here was much better than the World Cup group stage, and Reçueçn emerged undefeated, even defeating multiverse #3 Banija. Now, to see whether the team can take that momentum back into the IAC...

All time record: 31-18-20
The Équipe Nationale de Reçueçn de Football is a relative unknown, but if it's known for anything, it would be for its defensive style. This is partly due to the large influence of Reçueçn FC on the team—the most popular domestic club in Reçueçn plays about as defensive a game as you can imagine. This is balanced out to some extent by the players from other teams with more attacking philosophies, but the league as a whole tends towards defense, and it shows in the national team. Furthermore, Gerauld Firaut, the team's #1 goalie, is the best player on the team by a solid margin--likely the only truly world class player. He and his defense form the foundation for the whole team. The team plays in a 4-3-3 formation, but sometimes the wings drop back, almost making it a 4-5-1. In general, the team's strategy and tactics are solid--Jacques Tremblay, the coach, knows his stuff despite his age. The weakness would be the quality of the talent on the team—Reçueçn has not yet had the opportunity to develop or train true world class talent.

The ENRF's mascot is the Unicorn; thus another name for the team is "les licornes" ("The Unicorns"). The fantastical creature has been a symbol of Reçueçn for almost two millennia and is also the national animal, appearing as the supporters in the national coat of arms.

The team's kit represents the colors of the flag in a quite literal fashion. This kit was first one les licornes ever wore, dating back to the 59th Baptism of Fire. Today it is unpopular with fans, who think it is old-fashioned, badly designed, and ugly. Although the FNRF secretly admits that the fans are right and aims to replace the kit soon, they tout it as 'traditional' and promote its value as a connection to the team's past.

Reçueçn has only one stadium in which its national team plays, located in the capital city (also named Reçueçn). Never having been given an official title, the national stadium is usually simply referred to just that: The National Stadium. Capacity: 30,000.


Jacques Tremblay
Manager, 71 years old.
Old and wise, and known for his eternal ability to surprise and innovate, Jacques Tremblay is often seen as the father of modern Reçuecian football. He was once the coach of Associated Savoie, and during that period they performed much better than they had before or than they have since. His new method brought great players to the team, and when he retired, it hurt the team greatly. Despite his retirement, when asked to coach the national team for the Baptism of fire, did not refuse. He and Gerauld Firaut hold together the national team, oft riven with tension. Really, Tremblay is too old to still be coaching a soccer team, especially at the international level. Yet his players still hold a lot of respect for him, both as the Reçuecian footballing legend that he is, but also now as a coach and mentor--even if sometimes they wish he'd let them unwind a little more.

Bonheur Relié
Assistant Manager, 45 years old.
The only new face on this roster, this cycle marks the first time the ENRF has published the name of any of its assistant coaches with its roster. Relié is fierce and passionate, and acts as a bit of a foil to the older, more reserved Tremblay.


Gerauld Firaut
Goalkeeper, 25 years old. Team captain. Jersey #1. Plays for Reçueçn FC.
Responsible and mature for his age, Firaut is widely considered the best player in Reçeuçn. His star status does not extend outside the country as of yet, however. Of course, as a goalie, it may be hard to compete with the international fame that strikers often achieve. His goal-tending skill, however, is unparalleled. When he's not putting up a wall in the net, Firaut acts as his team's moral compass off the pitch. Level-headed and perceptive, Firaut is a wonderful leader for the team, both in and outside the game. His tactical instincts are not bad, and it's not uncommon to hear him yelling instructions to his defense. Firaut is happily married and has a three-year-old daughter.

Leo Beck
Sweeper, 29 years old. Jersey #2. Plays for Reçueçn FC.
During the regular season, Beck plays on the same team as his goalkeeper, Gerauld Firaut. Thus on the national team as well, they work well together. Although older than Firaut, he looks up to him as a leader, and is very protective of him, as well as Reçueçn FC's reputation. Beck is a stellar player and helps fill out his team's defensive capabilities.

Ägidius Heissler
Left back, 35 years old. Jersey #3. Plays for Itrino.
Heissler is getting a bit older, but he can always find a way to trap an attack in the corner, and then win the goal kick. A very tall man, he's come in useful for les licornes in many a set piece where he's headed away a dangerous corner kick or free kick. His phlegmatic personality is an asset to a team largely full of high-strung starlets fighting for attention.

Norman Bright
Center back, 33 years old. Jersey #4. Plays for Renwyll.
Bright was widely credited for Renwyll's high performance in the Globe Cup 56. He has good spacial awareness and an ability to control the center of the box without letting his mark slip. When paired with a strong goalie, Bright really shines, and has the potential to turn that pair into a duo to be reckoned with.

Oliver Spencer
Right back, 25 years old. Jersey #5. Plays for Brinemouth [NPH].
Sold by Reçueçn FC for 8M to Brinemouth. After one season, Brinemouth says: 'Nobody really expected Oliver Spencer to hit the ground running, despite a chunky fee. And in fairness, he took some time to acclimatise to the physicality and stamina required of him. He spent a little time around midseason hovering in and out of the team, but it did not pass unnoticed that they always suffered without him, and by the final stretch Blackthorn had declared to hell with easing him in. He played every minute of the last fifteen league games, and the Dwile Invitational knockouts.'

Luc Pélissier
Left midfielder, 31 years old. Jersey #6. Plays for Heldingen 1919.
With Clint Soto's retirement before IAC 7, Pélissier was promoted to a starting position for the team. Although his spot as a national team starter isn't undeserved, he doesn't have quite the same level of talent as some of the other stars.

Grégoire Leclair
Defensive midfielder, 29 years old. Jersey #18. Plays for Association Genève.
A while back Leclair began seeing more playing time as Tremblay switched him onto the starting list for Saunders. This was seen as a shift towards defense, as Saunders plays in more of an attacking role than Leclair does. But in training leading up to qualifiers, it seems that Tremblay is doubling down on this strategy and leaning on Leclair in particular.

Maynard Hebron
Right midfielder, 26 years old. Jersey #8. Plays for Assalto Alpino.
The unsung hero of Assalto Alpino (one of the lowest ranked teams in domestic competition in Reçueçn), Hebron is a great proponent of football development across the nation, especially on behalf of smaller amateur teams who want to join the LNRF. This has lead in the past to a resentful attitude on his part towards some of the larger clubs--clubs who provide most of the players on the national team. Hebron's sports activism, however, is smiled upon by most people in Reçueçn, and with the advent of the new Ministry of Sport, he hopes for more opportunities for him to promote soccer throughout the country. World cup qualifications are a wonderful stage on which he can gain visibility.

Hippolyte Lavigne
Left wing, 32 years old. Jersey #9. Plays for Hawthorne Kickers [XAN].
Lavigne can make great crosses, but can tense up under pressure if he has to score himself. His best skill is his ability to take the ball from the midfielders, get deep into attacking territory, and feed it to a striker. Lavigne is very tall, which is probably what is responsible for his position as a leading figure on and off the field.

Frank "Franky" Adams
Center forward, 20 years old. Jersey #10. Plays for Association Genève.
Young, extremely talented, and rather cocky, Franky, who plays for Association Genève in the LNRF, really makes their team. When he has a bad shooting streak, his team has a losing streak, and vice versa. Franky knows this. At Association Genève, the team and the fans love him. At the national team, they tolerate him--his rivalries with Reçueçn FC's players have caused tension in the past, putting more responsibility on Tremblay to defuse the situation. Tremblay, incidentally, thinks Franky is a bit conceited, but is also keenly aware of his talent. Franky is the national team's all-time leading scorer (33 goals in 67 games). Still a teenager, it looks like he will be one of the faces of Reçuecian football for a while, and he's couldn't be more thrilled about it--if anything's bigger than his talent, it's his personality. Besides Firaut, he is probably the most well-known player on the team. The recent run of relative success les licornes have had allowed him to overcome some of his rivalries with his teammates, but it doesn't look like he'll ever settle down to become the sort of spiritual leader a player like Firaut is. He will probably continue to clown around for years.

Freeman Lebo
Right wing, 27 years old. Jersey #11. Plays for Pelethas United [COS].
Lebo can score goals, is highly motivated, and persevering. Like some others, however, he is a bit high-strung. He was happy to go his own way and become one of the first Reçuecian players who played abroad. Lebo found a spot playing for Cosumar's Klyde FC for a few seasons, making a few decent globe cup runs along the way. He's now very happy to have found another Cosumarite club in Pelethas United. He hasn't been home for Christmas in a few years.


Jannick Bechtholdt
Goalkeeper, 32 years old. Jersey #12. Plays for Association Genève.
Association Genève's starting keeper has to alternately put up with being a goalie on a team where it's all about the attack, and being goalie on the national team where he is constantly outclassed by Gerald Firaut. Often ignored, he is still a great player.

Emanuele Cutrona
Sweeper, 21 years old. Jersey # 13. Plays for FC Harrim.
Cutrona is one of the two latest callups for the national team, first playing during IAC 7. He is the only Italian-speaking player on the team (although others are from Italian-speaking clubs). He is the second youngest player on the squad, besides the precocious Franky. He and Franky, of course, get along pretty well, constantly joking around and pulling pranks. Sometimes next to Franky, even Cutrona seems older and more mature. But Franky has also been on the team for years, so sometimes it's obvious that he's the one who knows the ropes--even if he doesn't always respect the rules.

Paulin Bourguignon
Left back, 22 years old. Jersey #14. Plays for Stomford 1904.
Bourguignon is the kind of defensive player who is always trying to clear the ball by booting it up the field as hard as he can. That is, at least, when he's not in the opponents' box on a corner kick trying to score. Big on counter-attacks, he sometimes outpaces the mid-fielders, usually to his coach's dismay.

Lukas Kayserling
Center back, 21 years old. Jersey #15. Plays for Herzegovina City FC [BNJ].
Kayserling sometimes has difficulty communicating as he doesn't speak English or French as well as most of the other team members, and most of them don't speak German. However, at press conferences, he's great at sitting there and looking somber. A tall, intimidating figure, he takes his job very seriously; he takes everything seriously.

Klaus Klemm
Right back, 29 years old. Jersey #16. Plays for Hôtel Chapelle-Pré.
Plays defense, but as if he were a mid-fielder. He plays for Hôtel Chapelle-Pré, a team from the same city as Reçueçn FC, but with a much smaller fan-base. This bothers Klemm. Since the national team games are played in the capital too, he's always insisting that it's his turf and that he won't be made a second-class citizen. Nobody else thinks he is; he's a solid player.

Raoul Lavigne
Left midfielder, 22 years old. Jersey #17. Plays for Monmouth Park [CBP].
No relation of the slightly more well-known Hippolyte Lavigne who starts for the team, Raoul is the other of les licornes' two latest callups besides Emanuele Cutrona. He caught the NT's scouts' eyes after helping Bonneville Sporting to a couple good seasons. Still a newcomer on the team, he hasn't perhaps 'clicked' yet, but given the chance to play, should be able to distinguish himself.

Harold Saunders
Attacking midfielder, 28 years old. Jersey #7. Plays for Association Genève.
Saunders is synonymous with an aggressive style of play, especially in the midfield. He seems to always be able to find a way to give the ball to Franky. One of the leaders of the team, he is emotionally well-balanced on and off the field. He plays less often now that the team is shifting even further towards defense.

Thomas Büchel
Right midfielder, 31 years old. Jersey #19. Plays for Reçueçn FC.
Büchel is a very fluid player, who doesn't let himself get locked into the same rut. His best trait is his situational ability, which, when coupled with his dribbling and passing skills, makes him a formidable force when trying to maintain possession or get the ball forward.

Per Tegeler
Left wing, 24 years old. Jersey #20. Plays for Marketville [EUR].
Good at receiving the ball from the defense or mid-field, trapping it in general, and taking it into the 18-yard box and shooting. A possible weakness of Tegeler's is passing: either he doesn't, or it's long air balls.

Ly Nasser
Center forward, 23 years old. Jersey #21. Plays for FC Zimmerich.
Nasser loves to shoot from far out, and often shoots high. Despite this, he makes up for it with his sheer number of shots. Incredibly aggressive, and loved by Zimmerich fans. Personally, he is of the opinion that he is one of the best strikers in the world. He is certainly an asset to the team, although his attacking style doesn't always mesh well with their more defensive method of play.

Jean-Baptiste Brochard
Right wing, 27 years old. Jersey #22. Plays for Lampadaires Associés.
Brochard is incredibly fast, and having the ball doesn't slow him down hardly at all. Although Brochard is weaker in set pieces and organized attacks, he is strong on the counterattack and the breakaway, where he can outpace the opposing team's defenders.

Helies de Malhortye
Goalkeeper, 35 years old. Jersey #23. Plays for FC Zimmerich.
De Malhortye has noble blood and is rather high-strung--but then, what football player isn't? A lot of other goalies, I guess. De Malhortye is still a solid choice for a back-up goalie, but on a team with Firaut, there's little call for him. His one particular strength is blocking penalties.
The nation of Reçueçn was created in the first half of the XIVth century, when Carl Blancpic, Duke of the Duchy of Reçueçn, launched a breakneck military campaign invading and annexing many of his neighbors to the east. Before this time, Reçueçn had been only a city, built on the heights overlooking the junction of the Rhône and Saône rivers. These heights had been settled by Carl Blancpic's distant ancestor, Ifheda Rcuecn, near the end of the IInd century a.d., and had born his name ever since. The area at that time belonged to the Roman Empire, who had established their regional administrative center, Lugdunum, on the other side of the river.

In 197 a.d., a decisive battle was fought near Lugdunum in one of the civil wars for the throne of the empire. The victor, Septimius Severus, razed the city of Lugdunum and destroyed it, stripping from it all imperial privileges in punishment for supporting his rival. This was the end for Lugdunum, but it was the beginning for Reçueçn. Refugees flocked across the river to join the settlement, and the city of Reçueçn grew to become a smallish regional center. Rcuecn's descendants (who changed the spelling to Reçueçn) maintained control over what became the Duchy of Reçueçn for 700 years, until it was inherited by their cousins the Blancpics who reigned for another 300 years.

At the beginning of the XIVth century, power passed into the hands of Carl Blancpic, who was partially insane and a megalomaniac. Thus he declared his duchy to be a kingdom and singled out weak neighbors who he invaded with audacity. Over an incredibly short period of time beginning in the spring of 1337, he had carved out for himself a sizable dominion.

Carl, who styled himself "Carl III of Reçueçn", was violent, unstable, and petty. He was also wildly unpopular with the populations of the various states he had conquered. Although the central power structure helped the economy of the new Kingdom of Reçueçn to some extent, it did not bring with it all the stability that might have been expected. This was mostly due to the decrees of Carl III, who, among other things, began a campaign to persecute and kill all "heretics" within his new realm. Most historians agree that this was in fact a thinly veiled purge of his political rivals. This and other policies he enacted on his whims finally drove the people into open revolt sometime around 1352.

Carl managed to hold on to power for a couple years by hiring mercenaries, but in 1254 lost two key battles and was captured by the rebels. By this time, the rebellion was led by feudal lords throughout the country who had sided with the people against their tyrant king. Carl III was executed, and the kingdom dissolved into a mess of tiny, independent feudal holdings.

No sooner had the various states that had been in the Kingdom of Reçueçn won their independence, than infighting broke out among them. The feudal lords squabbled over power and influence, trying vainly to imitate Carl's meteoric rise to power. This new violence, combined with the economic downturn associated with the rebellion and the breakup of the nation, clearly displayed how poorly things were turning out. More sensible minds came to the decision that the solution was to once more unify Reçueçn.

On November 19, 1356, therefore, The Allied States of Reçueçn came into being. The leaders of all the petty states, duchies, bishoprics, free cities, etc., came together and signed what are known as "The Treaties of the Alliance," a document just powerful enough to classify Reçueçn as a single nation by most people's definition, rather than a group of independent entities. The treaties also established a rough form of democracy, with each state represented (although typically by its aristocracy). Thus Reçueçn lays claim to being one of the oldest democracies in the world.

The treaties defined much of Reçuecian history to come. Provisions were made to establish freedom of religion, in order to avoid another scenario similar to Carl III's persecution of his opponents. The treaties also gave Reçueçn an isolationist bent. The nation had been burned before, and wouldn't soon try to meddle in external affairs, especially when its composite nature made creating a foreign policy so difficult.

Reçueçn, then, has managed to avoid many of the crises of European history. It's darkest moment came when Napoleon invaded, proclaiming himself emperor (although he allowed Reçueçn's government to continue to function under his reign). The allied states have drawn closer together, although cultural differences remain among them; they don't even all speak the same language.

Reçueçian culture has also been shaped by its location, nestled in the center of the Alps. Although rural communities did center around agriculture--especially dairy production--many Reçuecian were forced by the lack of arable land to find other work. This led to a culture of innovation that continues today: Reçueçn is now known for its luxury products and technological exports. This has additionally led to a focus on science and education. The relatively diverse nature of Reçueçn's culture means that some areas are culturally more time-oriented while others are more task-oriented, but this conjunction has led to some unique things, especially in art. Reçueçn, perhaps thanks to its inland, mountainous location, or the fact that it was never a colonial power, has seen little immigration or emigration. Recently, however, the diversity of language spoken in the country has made it attractive to refugees from other areas where those languages are spoken.

Essential Information
RP Permissions

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, nothing career-ending
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, but not to
Firaut, Heissler, Saunders, or Kayserling
Godmod other events: Yes
Style Modifier: -3.333 | Trigram: RCN
Quick Facts
Capital: Reçueçn
Official Languages: French, German, Italian
Non-official Languages: English, Arpitan
Demonym: Reçuecian
Population: 5,252,000 (regional censuses 1999-2011)
Area: 43,116 sq km
GDP: $340,000,000,000 (2019 Estimate)
Currency: Guilder
All photos mine of places which would be in Reçueçn if it existed irl.
All logos and graphics created by me. (Yes, I know.)
Starting XI
1 - GK - Gerauld Firaut
2 - SW - Leo Beck
3 - LB - Ägidius Heissler
4 - CB - Norman Bright
5 - RB - Oliver Spencer
6 - LM - Luc Pélissier
18 - DM - Grégoire Leclair
8 - RM - Maynard Hebron
9 - LW - Hippolyte Lavigne
10 - CF - Franky Adams
11 - RW - Freeman Lebo

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Postby HUElavia » Sun Mar 22, 2020 7:13 pm

HUElavia excited over hosting IAC 9

After several years of participating in multiple tournaments across the NS Multiverse, HUElavia finally earns the right to host their 3rd ever tournament, and their 1st ever major tournament: The 9th edition of the Independent Associations Cup.

All of the country is excited to see matches all around the land, with HUElavia playing in Curumba, HUEsilia, and San Rafael. Los Amarillos have big expectations headed into this tournament. Many players are returning, along with some new faces. Regardless, this is the time for Los Amarillos to shine and make their name known.

Fans and pundits see Los Amarillos as favorites to advance and make a deep run in the tournament. All of HUElavia have a chance to be proud of their team and make a name for themselves, both team and fans alike, in a massive football tournament. IAC 9 is a chance for HUElavia to put a foot in the multiverse as a major competitor for tournaments to come in the future.

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Postby Port Ember » Mon Mar 23, 2020 5:16 am

Port Ember Times
Sports Journal

The Port Emberian Dragons prepares to storm the Independent Associations Cup 9!

IAC 9 Fever Edition

By Erica Davies - Port Ember Times Sports Journal

The highly anticipated Independent Associations Cup 9 is approaching rapidly, as our national team prepares to stamp their identity upon the world once again. 

About The IAC9:

The Independent Associations Cup is a prestegious and hotly contested soccer tournament open to nations who is not geographically located in one of the "Big Three" sporting regions. This Cup also informally functions as a preparation phase for the upcoming Soccer World Cup, making it all the more important for all teams to get their chemistry in order with their newly formed squads.

This will be the nineth installment of this tournament, to be hosted in full by the Democracy of HUElavia.

About the Hosts:

The Democracy of HUElavia is a large tropical island nation consisting mainly of tropical & seasonal rainforests, temperate dedicious forests and wetlands landscapes, with an obviously accompanying tropical climate - much like our own here in Port Ember.

Port Emberian fans traveling to HUElavia in order to support our team will be pleased to find that this nations shares much familiarity with our own. Much like us, they are a liberal populace firmly believing in personal freedoms. Our own casual wear (and even nudity legality) is practiced here as well, making the blending in process smooth. The multicultural populace is a majority christian nation with the English, Portuguese and Spanish languages being the official languages, defusing the language barrier between us and them.

In between matches there is much to do in the major cities for entertainment, such as visiting the beach, visiting a national park, visiting an intellectual park, visiting cultural centers, visiting one of many libraries, visiting one of many famous restaurants or pubs or even visit a indoor pool.

There are also a legion of hostels, guesthouses and hotels of all budget varieties available all near the stadiums to be used. Also, the nation posesses a very strong and effective transport network to get to the stadium and back easy.

About our Opponents:

There are eight groups of four teams each signed up for the tournament (named group A - H), which will see each team in the group play each other once in the group stages, which will see the top two teams of each group advance to the Round of 16. Port Ember has been drawn into Group E. The teams of Group E includes:

- Port Ember. Our national team is currently ranked as the 38th best team in the world according to international rankings. We posess a experienced yet young and fit team focussed on passionate and high octane offence. Pundits predicts our team to finish on top in the group stage and advance to the Round of 16..

- Abanhfleft. This national team is currently ranked as the 51st best team in the world according to international rankings. They are an technicall skilled and offensive minded team. This team is also veterans of the IAC, having competed in every cup since its inception. Pundits predicts this team to finish second in the group stage and advance to the Round of 16..

- Trolleborg. This national team is currently ranked as the 70th best team in the world according to international rankings. They are an technicall skilled and offensive minded team with great teamwork and chemistry advantages. Pundits predicts this team to finish third in the group stage.

- Oceani. This team is currently unranked on the international rankings, and no team related information is currently unavailable. Pundits predicts this team to finish last (fourth) in the group stage.

The Group E Schedule (For Port Ember):

- Match Day 1: Port Ember vs Trolleborg.

To be played at the Estadio Salvador Stadium, in the city of Sao Salvador.

- Match Day 2: Port Ember vs Abanhfleft

To be played at the Estadio Hueti Stadium, in the city of Jinaqa.

- Match Day 3: Oceani vs Port Ember

To be played at the Estadio Nacional Stadium, in the city of Curumba.

About the Stadiums:

Here follows some details of the stadiums where Port Ember will play at during the Group Stages:

- The Estadio Salvador Stadium, in the city of Sao Salvador (Match Day 1 vs Trolleborg).

This is the third largest stadium in-country and seats 85,000 spectators.

- The Estadio Hueti Stadium, in the city of Jinaqa (Match Day 2 vs Abanhfleft).

This stadium seats 63,000 spectators.

- The Estadio Nacional Stadium, in the city of Curumba (Match Day 3 vs Oceani).

This stadium seats 100,000 spectators and is the largest stadium in country.

Map of The Democracy of HUElavia - Provided by the Government of HUElavia

About our National's Teams Accomodations & Training Facilities

The Port Ember Football Association has announced that our national team will not reside in any local hotel, nor utilise a football field for its training facilities, instead using its unique Floating Football Field Ship - the PEFA Argie SilverPine. This unqiue vessel was constructed specifically to house our entire team in complete luxury, whilst providing a full sized soccer field and other world class training facilities. This will be her maiden voyage and experimental in nature.

Article by Erica Davies
Port Ember Times

Port Ember Times
Sports Journal

The Port Emberian Dragons prepares to face off against Trolleborg as part of the Independent Associations Cup 9!

IAC 9 Fever Edition

Pre Match Analysis & Interview

By Erica Davies - Port Ember Times Sports Journal

The highly anticipated Independent Associations Cup 9 has finally arrived as Match Day 1 is upon the Port Emberian side.

Port Ember's national team will square off against Trolleborg in their opening match of the IAC 9, to be played at the Estadio Salvador Stadium, - situated in the city of Sao Salvador - within our gracious host nation of HUElavia.

This match marks the very first time that these two teams will meet on the football field in history - and our national team is considered to be the match favourites by a small margin for this upcoming match.

Team Stats Analysis


This team is currently ranked as the 70th best team in the world on the international ranking system, and posesses a decently strong footballing history and a strongly developed football culture and infrastructure.

Port Ember:

This team is currently ranked as the 38th best team in the world currently and has proven to be a formiddable and adaptable new team on the international field.

This is only the third international season in which Port Ember is partaking, and they have managed to jump to their current ranking in only that short period. This team managed to rock the foundation of the international football community by qualifying for the last World Cup proper, despite the odds being firmly stacked against them, although they were knocked out in the group stages.

Team Analysis - Port Ember


This team is known for their highly aggressive offences and legendary counter attacks, with world class strikers. The striker duo also seems on excellent form lately.


Traditionally the strongest component of this team, under command of the amazing Reddington. The midfield is a dangerous element to its oponents, acting as an attacking defence and sets up the front line well with attacking oppertunities.


The backline is displaying a better form than normal, yet is still not its strongest component, focussing more on fluid attacks and counter attacks.


Analysts have nothing but praise for Peter Smith the starting goalie. The young man is a legend in the making. 


The team has a impressive line-up of substitutes, whom have received field time recently, adding possible depth to the team when needed. The extra attention they have received from the assistant coach is sure to play a important role as well.

Team Morale & Cohesion:

This team seems to have obtained a legendary level of composure and morale, standing united against any opposition. Their previous qualification to the World Cup proper have boosted morale immensely.

Current Form:

This will be the first international match played after the team temporarily disbanded after the previous World Cup Cycle.

Typical Gameplan: Their typical system of tiring out and frustrating their opponents in an attempt to pull their 'Bait Ambush' is a risky play which can easily go wrong and concede a goal. However when it works, it is highly effective.

Team Analysis - Trolleborg


This team is a offensive orientated team, focussing on fast attacking play and applying pressure when on the defense.


As this team is a highly offensive orientated team - their midfield is basically an extention of their frontline. An impressive fast attacking midfield is fielded in other words .


Much like Port Ember, this team is a highly offensive orientated team, thus is slightly lacking in awnsers when a strong offensive effort is thrown against them.


Analysts have nothing but praise for the starting goalie, and have proven to be a goalkeeping machine between the sticks.


The team has a impressive line-up of substitutes, whom have received field time recently, adding possible depth to the team when needed.

Team Morale & Cohesion:

This team has all the signs of a professional and unified team, and appears extremely motivated.

Current Form:

This will be the first international match played after the team temporarily disbanded after the previous World Cup Cycle.

Typical Gameplan:

Fast Attacking and pressure applying play.

Starting Line-Ups

Port Ember

Goalkeeper (GK)(#1): Peter Smith.

Center Back (CB)(#2): Josh Richards.

Center Back (CB)(#3): Jason Lee.

Full Back (LB)(#4): Alex Kuhn.

Full Back (RB)(#5): Russel Pierce.

Attacking Midfield (AM)(#10): Ray Reddington.

Defensive Midfield (DM)(#6): Steven Packard.

Wide Midfield (LM)(#8): Jason Chamberlain.

Wide Midfield (RM)(#11): Eric Tosaír of the Tribe of Waterford

Central Forward (CF)(#7): Leon Moult.

Central Forward (CF)(#9): Danny Nicovic.


Goalkeeper (GK)(#1): Tomas Kot Kotsson

Left Back (LB)(#2): Nikolaas Laste

Right Back (RB)(#3): Kasper Wolters

Center Back (CB)(#4): Torgeir Dushegub

Centwe Back (CB)(#5): Aien Troger

Attacking Midfield (CAM)(#6): Rolf Valgren

Defensive Midfield (CDM)(#16): Hendrick Groningen

Wide Midfield (RM)(#8): Finn Finnsnes

Wide Midfield (LM)(#9): Morten Troll

Central Forward (RS)(#10): Stuart Kerr

Central Forward (LS)(#11): Torfinn Skaloed

Team Kit

Port Ember have announced that they will play with their primary kit in their upcoming match.


An Analyst's Input - How do we win this one?!?

"Although pundits have marked us as the match favourites, this is not going to be a easy match, not by a long shot. Our opposition is a very technically skilled team with excellent chemistry. They are also a fast moving, hard hitting offensive side. Thus - our team's traditional 'Bait Ambush' play will almost certainly work here. That or our newest strategy of locking down the midfield can also work if we can manage to 'outtechnical' their offense. Simy put, we need to attack more than they do and constantly apply pressure, whilst trying to keep them busy and tired, using our superior youth and fitness to our advantage, for if they can hold on to the ball, their superior technical skills will cause problems." - Gerhard Black, Football Analyst and Journalist for Port Ember Times.

Pre Match Interview with Coach Stuart Baxter:

Erica Davies:

"Coach, its almost unreal, us being here for the actual World Cup when the entire world said we could not..."

Coach Baxter:

"Thank you Erica! It is indeed an unreal feeling. But now the time for celebration and talking has ended, its time once more for our lads to work harder than anyone else and bring home the rum!!"

Erica Davies:

"So coach, Trolleborg's Trolls is the first hurdle in this cup. How are you feeling?"

Coach Baxter:

"Well there will always be a degree of nervousness when it comes to the opening match of any tournament, but all that aside, I'm honestly feeling pretty confident in our team. This is the same team which took us to the last World Cup and shook the core of the old guard. Furthermore each individual had a excellent run at the Premier League, and proved themselves on form during the Selection Camp. Im not taking anything away from our opponents though, as they are a btilliant team, thus we will have to be at our best!"

Erica Davies:

"Well said coach! So, fun fact - we have been deemed to be the group favourites of Group E. Since we have always been the underdogs in every tournament we have ever played in the past, how does this make you and the team feel?"

Coach Baxter:

"Well Erica, believe it or not, its a sttange feeling - but not really a good strange. Its true that we have always been the underdogs, that is our comfort zone. Now all of a sudden we are expected to win, and not just play our hearts out. I am fearing that this feeling might cause our players to grow complacent and get a bit of an ego - and thats exactly the factors which made it possible for us to slay giants in the past. So, its a scary feeling, but its also a nice feeling to finally be recognised for our talents and hard work!"

Erica Davies:

"Well said coach! Well thats all for today - and we as a nation hope you all the luck and fortune for tomorow!"

Article by Erica Davies
Port Ember Times

♤ And my proudest work - Hydra Industries - I created all my own military equipment.
♤ A great RP resource -The Average Port Emberian
Port Emberian Embassy Program
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