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A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]


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Postby Sarzonia » Mon Jan 13, 2020 6:16 pm

After the Sarzonian national football team learned their assignments in the Cup of Harmony, it was time for manager Kevin Connelly to take stock in the results.

The Stars were drawn in Group F along with world No. 41 Kelssek, No. 50 Hapilooper, 61st ranked Sajnur, former world champions and 90th ranked Schottia, and TJUN-ia, who come in ranked 121st.

"It's going to be a challenging draw for us, but any draw would be," Connelly told the assembled media. "We're pleased that we've earned the 110th rank, but each team we face except for TJUN-ia are ranked higher than we are."

That may well be, and while only Schottia and Sarzonia are former world champions, no one will bill a match between two teas at equal distance from the 100th spot in the world rankings as a battle of former champions.

For the Stars, their interest also includes the other groups, with former qualifying group mates Terre Septentrionale playing in Group A in Xanneria along with the Bear Belles side that defeated the Stars away in a post qualifying friendly. Another nation that played an important role in football history in years past, Jeruselem headline Group 2 as their highest ranked side at No. 46. Group C see former world champions Pasarga, the highest ranked side in the Cup of Harmony as the standard bearer. Newly-forged arch rivals Squornshelous (who finished with the highest rank among heretofore unranked sides at 102nd in the world after qualifying), also make up Group C. World No. 30 Mercedini lead the way in Group D.

The other groups in Banija feature the 38th ranked team in the world in Brusseldorf, the most recent Baptism of Fire Cup champions Trolleborg, and Newmanistan. Even though the Rockets have the 57th rank as they make their way back into sporting prominence, their status as rivals of Stars teams in other sports give their group a bit more intrigue. In Group C, the Squornshelous Remnant States lead the way. Euran Oceanian Territories also pique interest due to their status as the colony of former world champions Eura.

The Stars aren't necessarily looking for an encore to a memorable second half of the World Cup qualifying campaign, but they say their focus will be on earning as many points as possible and making as much headway as they can.

"We've got what could potentially be a long slog back to where we want to be," midfielder Clayton Wilson said. "This will be another important step on that journey."

For the present, these Stars will lean rather heavily on third choice goalkeeper Carlton Standt, but not necessarily in the starting 11.

"He plays here, and he knows the culture," striker Jake Campos said. "He can recommend restaurants, and he has an in at the bank branch across the street from our hotel," he said with a smirk. "So it shouldn't be too difficult to get shillings when we need them."

While that may be the case, one Stars supporter who made the trip to see his team play in the Cup of Harmony reported that he didn't have to use too many shillings at a bar down the street from the hotel. He wore his Jake Campos jersey to the bar for a watch party for the Stars' away match against Brenecia, a team many of the Kadongu Kamu faithful in attendance were glumly expecting the Patriots to win handily.

"If Sarzonia win this match, I'll buy your next three shots!" one particularly loud supporter boasted.

When the final whistle sounded and Sarzonia walked off the pitch as improbable 3-1 victors over the Patriots, leaving most of the host side's supporters who remained until the final whistle in stunned silence, the navy-clad Stars supporters soon were joined by Kadongu Kamu backers who cheered, jumped, sang, cried, and hugged their sudden Atlantian Oceanian region mates. The Sarzonian supporter at the bar was soon surrounded by Kadongu Kamu supporters who hugged him and bought him drinks and shots.

As for the boastful Kadongu Kamu supporter who offered to buy the next three shots? He settled for paying the Stars supporter's tab up till the final whistle, which worked out to the equivalent of $24 dollars, although it would have been roughly $300 if the drinks and shots bought by the suddenly friendly Banijans were calculated into the total.

It was a moment the Stars faithful would remember for the rest of their lives, especially since as it came on the heels of the Marshall Miracle, the shock 2-0 defeat of The Han Empire in the second match of World Cup qualifying at Bryan Marshall Stadium in Woodstock.

No, there would be no encores this time, but these Stars were determined to enjoy the journey even as they continue to pay homage to the memory of manager Bryan Ostrom.
Apparently the WLC President. Member of the FWC Council.

Championships won: World Cup 22; World Baseball Classic 18; Di Bradini Cup 8 (U21 World Cup 29); World Bowl XI & XIV; FHWC 15 & 18; Quidditch World Cup 9; AOCAF XII & XXIX; 3-time IBC champions; 5-time WLC winners and Scott Cup champions

Plus some stuff I've forgotten and has been lost to history?

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Postby Kelssek » Mon Jan 13, 2020 6:41 pm

Football Kelssek sued by KFL club over international competition entries

Strathcona Internationals Football Club, the Vickery-based champions of the Kelssek Football League’s (KFL) season 60, have filed a lawsuit against Football Kelssek (FK) claiming the failure of the national sport federation to enter it into an international club tournament has financially damaged the club.

The suit claims damages of τ1 million (2.84 million Universal Standard Dollars), calculated based on prize money and additional revenue the club would have received if FK had not failed to ensure it was able to participate in the UICA Champions’ Cup or an equivalent competition, as the KFL’s top four teams are entitled to each season.

The problem came about because of problems at UICA, the Union of International Club Associations, which usually organizes the tournaments but did not do so and has subsequently become defunct. For its part, FK claims it cannot be responsible for UICA’s disappearance and did its due diligence in entering Strathcona Internationals in an equivalent competition, the Dwile Invitational. The organizers of that competition in Apox, however, did not accept Kelssek’s entries.

Lawyers for the club say the dispute comes as a "last resort" after Strathcona was not entered into the new international club competitions that have been established to replace UICA. Strathcona claims that FK had assured them that some accommodation would be found as the club this season finished below the top four league positions that typically entitle teams to international play.

FK has declined to comment due to the launch of legal action. But according to an earlier statement when Strathcona had initially demanded compensation from FK, the association claims it did the best it could.

“The situation with the Dwile Invitational is regrettable but this was out of Football Kelssek’s control. There is also no provision in the IFCF regulations for a team to be entered based on performance in a previous season.”

While three other clubs are also mulling joining the suit, for Strathcona Internationals the issue was particularly fraught because it was the first time that it had qualified for international club tournaments, and considerable investment in foreign signings had been made to bring the club its first league championship.

“UICA puts you on the world stage and our fans were really looking forward to this,” said club director Stephen Pollan. “For Football Kelssek to come back and say, oh no, sorry, we tried to get you into this other thing, too bad they didn’t invite you, that’s just not acceptable.”

Negotiations on a settlement are reportedly continuing ahead of a court date that is expected to be confirmed for ten months from now.



ROUTE ONE: Quick roundup of the latest news

Cup of Harmony squad named
Coaches are always faced with the question of assessing how much of a player's performance is due to their inherent ability or form. Selection for tournaments is just such a crap shoot: go with the tried and tested, or take along someone who's shown a flash of quality recently? What about a player who you know can do great things but is having a tough spell?

Kelssek manager Andrea Crowe's answers to those questions came down to this: underperforming Matt Lister is in, at the expense of the hopeful Seamus Wylten. High-performing Ashley Douglass, the last one cut from the World Cup squad last year, will join the team this time. Midfielder Adam Corvin, despite a good showing in six qualifying campaign appearances, won't.

I’m a footballer, get me out of here
Form for club is one thing but some players might be glad the form of their clubs is apparently not keeping them out of the national team. Kelssekian internationals seem to have ended up with a sinking feeling as Rémy Dionne and Colm Ó Tuathail were both on teams that got relegated this season. And as we all know Matt Lister has been the talking point of CS Saint-Rémy's disastrous year. They did avoid the drop in the end, but it would have probably been the most spectacular pratfall in recent history if it had happened.

And after that, all three are angling to leave the sinking ship. Ó Tuathail probably comes out the best from this; he accepted a move to newly-promoted Issington FC for a bigger role on a lesser team, hoping to lead them to a successful retention of top-flight status. Few blame him for the fact that the defenders behind him were not up to this task. Likewise, most would've said that Rémy Dionne should've left Trenton AC years ago - the club was a shipwreck waiting to happen. Ó Tuathail is supposedly close to a move to Shamrock Cathair in Audioslavia, while Dionne could have his pick from Burnaby SC, Latrobe AFC, and Océanic.

Lister, on the other hand, leaves CSSR under a bit of a cloud as many fans blame his inconsistency for the club's torrid season. He's seemingly failed to impress the new manager Jorge Guardia, and Lister may well be on the move. If he's going to have to establish his place in the team anew, might as well do it in a bigger league and while getting paid more.

That darn capitalism: Coupe des Patriotes gets new sponsor
More reasons to grumble about the death march of late capitalism as the Patriotes Cup announced a new sponsor with the upcoming expiry of the Olympic Mayonnaise sponsorship. Online food delivery service Buy&Munchin will be title sponsor for at least the next five seasons, with sources telling respectable media outlets that the deal is worth τ2 million per year.

“With the Coupe des Patriotes often scheduling two, three, even five televised matches in a row, this deal helps us create the brand awareness that there is no need to leave your home or even your couch to obtain delicious meals. You probably will have to get up once our associate reaches your front door, but this will minimize the effort on the customer’s part,” said a spokesperson for the company.

It was unclear to what extent she was kidding, if at all. But the growing popularity and visibility of football in Kelssek, traditionally far behind hockey and rugby in audience size, is clearly a reason that the national cup’s primary sponsorship became an attractive advertising vehicle. The terms of the Olympic Mayonnaise deal were never officially disclosed, but Football Kelssek did publicly state that Buy&Munchin paid “significantly” more on a per-season basis, and this was of course a good thing.

Is this capitalist desecration of national history by a company known to have a starkly abusive attitude towards its irregular, casual workers the kind of thing the Patriotes would have approved of? Probably not, and probably quite violently not. But they're all dead and the people who might protest this are anarchists. So we should just accept this, apparently.

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Postby Xanneria » Mon Jan 13, 2020 7:20 pm

Familiar faces dot CoH landscape.
By Steve Stevenson

DOMINICA CITY - With the group draws having just recently wrapped up, I suppose its time to right about my takes on this. Anyways we have Xannaria in a group with what I would project are some fairly solid competitors. The Pot 2 team we will face is 58th ranked Terre Septentrionale. The RTS squad has come out of isolation to become the 58th best team in the world. They have a solid lineup and could do some damage. Interestingly the 7 position difference isn't the smallest gap in team positioning between two teams (Jereuselem and New Lusitania from Group B have that distinction). Filinidostan and The Sarian are the Pot Three and Pot Four teams, but it's the pot five and pot six teams that got people in Xannaria a bit nervous. Bears Armed is back! They and everyones favorite little brother are back. Yes those pesky rascals from Razneta are both in Group A. While Razneta was never really in any contention in either game they have a chip on their shoulder and have noticeably raised a fuss when FLOX suggested that due to player safety they should play at a third party site. Meanwhile Bears Armed came in unranked but gave EVERYONE in group 9 fits, especially us as they were involved in a player collision that has effectively ended Mark Hailey's career. Overall I do see that this could be the optimal group for the Maroons though, as aside from Bears Armed could match up well against the other teams. Here's my Predictions for the CoH Group Stages.

1. Xanneria
2. Bears Armed
3. Terre Septentrionale
5. The Sarian
6. Razneta
Xanneria: My main nation
NATIONAL FOOTBALL TEAM: Maroons - Record 40-10-38 (W-D-L) (This may not be 100% accurate)
FIRST CONTEST: Copa Esportiva 23
FIRST GAME: Vangazaland 3-1 Xanneria
FIRST WIN: 5-3 vs Qingland
LARGEST MOV: 5-0 vs Pineapple Porcupines
CHAMPIONSHIPS:Baptism of Fire 69 (Nice!) winner / Group Winner CE24
Non Association Football Stats
NSCF TEAMS: Xannerian Polytechnic
NSSCRA: Cars #10,12,16

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Postby Jeruselem » Mon Jan 13, 2020 9:33 pm

Princess Katherine Annabelle Dallas in Xanneria dressed as Black Widow from Avengers

Hello, this is Princess Katherine Annabelle Dallas for Naked News Jeruselem.
I'm in Xanneria, for the Cup of Harmony 76.
We've never been here before, but hopefully we can stay a while.
Let's have a quick look at the Cup of Harmony groups.
Groups A to D are in Xanneria while cohosts have groups E to G.
There's no Group H by the way. Yes the distribution is not even.

In this format the top 2 make round of 16, but two third placed teams also make it. Which means finishing 3rd won't automatically elimimate you.

Group A has one of the hosts Xanneria rank 51 as top seed.
Then we have Terre Septentrionale rank 58, Filindostan rank 64, The Sarian rank 96.
Lowest ranked teams are Bears Armed who beat us 3-0 in a friendly, yay. Rank 119 and then Razneta rank 154.
Well we have the host and our friends Bears Armed.
i am expecting the hosts to progress from here.
I hope the Bears can progress but just from look the teams, they'll need to play well.

Group B has us in it. I'll cover that one last.

Group C has 28th seed Pasarga. Sure glad we aren't in this one.
Then Timuria rank 59, Ancherion rank 62 and yes our friends Geektopia from the world cup, now ranked 95.
OMG Squornshelous is here but ranked 102 and then Gyatso-Kai 134. Oh yes, Squornshelous Remnant States is not Squornshelous. Different state.
Well, if Pasarga cant progress they sure will be having a bad spell. I have no idea about the others.

Group D. Well top seed is Mercedini ranked 30, we've met them before.
Mattijana ranked 55, Balqia ranked 72, yes that Balqia from the cup. Tamgu rank 85.
Flavovespia rank 119 and Mkabia rank 204 are the lowest seeds.
Can't go past Mercedini and Mattijana here for me.

Group E - in Banija now. Brusseldorf are the top seed 38.
And 2nd seed is Newmanistan! 57th seed. We've got some friends over here.
Busoga Islands rank 60, Trolleborg rank 81. Yes it is TROLLEBORG.
Rounding out is BOLGANO rank 105 and Vdara rank 163.
Well Brusseldorf should make the next round, hopefully Newmanistan too.

Group F - hey it's Kelssek ranked 41 as top seed, but Hapilopper ranked 50 and Sajnur rank 61 here.
Schottia are here, remember them from the cup? Ranked 90.
Well oldtimers Sarzonia rank 110 and yes TJUN-ia from the cup ranked 121.
Geez, a lot of our cup qualification teams are here.
Saying all that I expect two of top three seeds in this group to progress.

Group G, there's no H. Top seed is Squornshelous Remnant States not to be confused with Squornshelous in Group C, ranked 40.
Yes another qualification team Savojarna rank 54 here.
Then Poafmersia 76, Euran Oceanian Territories 92, Kandorith 97 and Hampton Island 148.
No that's no Eura, different team. Kinda obvious who should progress from this group.

Back to the one that matters to us. Group B.
We're here rank 46 with rank 47 team New Lusitania.
Ziwana 77 and Saintland 77. Yes that Saintland!
Then Lisander 101 and Appalachian Nation 129.
I picking us to make the next round but New Lusitania should prove a real rival.

Given how close the rankings are in this cup, a nominally low ranked team can actually do a lot better.
You never face a team in the top 20, and most teams are ranked under 30. Only two top 30 teams here.
Given the shorter format of this cup, it is far easier for a low ranked team progress as they tend to fade off on the much longer format of the world cup.

Well, that's it from me. I can't wonder here naked like at home so get used to me looking like someone different every game.
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Postby Schottia » Tue Jan 14, 2020 1:39 am

The Wedding

Part Six.

Last Minute Nerves.

‘The doctors said… he said…’ Anna Riquerzes choked back the tears, as she sat by her partner’s bedside at Belker Regional Hospital. ‘…they said another ten minutes in the snow, and he would have been… DEAD!!!’ This was enough for Chad Duquez’ girlfriend, who finally fell into Paul Thompson’s arms, breaking down entirely. She had taken the first flight from Port Christopher upon hearing the news – and never one to avoid an opportunity for drama – was positively wallowing in the attention. In fairness, I couldn’t be easy hearing your partner had had a brush with death; but then again, after dating Duquez for a year and a half, she must have been getting used to it. This certainly wasn’t the first time Duquez had been in a hospital, and it was unlikely to be the last.

Ross Renshaw checked his watch, and then shared a knowing look with Thompson. Both men were already in their wedding attire: kilts, jackets, white shirts and ties. They had just wanted to check in on Chad before they headed to the registrars’ office, and offer Riquerzes a lift. Originally she had feigned reluctance, but after some very gentle persuasion, had conceded that a skin-full of sparkling wine would do her good.

‘Aye, we need to get going Anna…’ Ross said, with all the sensitivity he could muster. ‘Show must go on, as they say.’

‘It’s what Chad would have wanted.’ Thomson agreed, dusting some of her makeup deposits from the lapels of his jacket. ‘He’d want you to have a drink; have a good time and that, eh…’

Riquerzes nodded, dabbing at her eyes with a handkerchief. She was already in full makeup, hair-extensions, and an expensive dress (this being, for her, everyday attire). Despite being dressed to nines, it had still taken Ross and Thompson a full half hour to convince her that she didn’t need to go back to the hotel and change first.

‘Okay, the cars are here.’ Evelyn Conjure, Ross’ former teammate and Best Woman was stood in the doorway, her coat already over the crook of her arm. ‘I don’t think they’ll wait long, they’re parked in the emergency drop off area.’ After much deliberation (and her horror after an internet search of “female kilt equivalent”) Evelyn had opted instead for a black dress. Being “Best Woman” was a little tricky. She wasn’t a Bridesmaid, but at the same time not a Groomsman…

‘Come on.’ Said Thompson, offering Riquerzes an arm. ‘We’ll make our way down slowly.’

‘Well… not too slowly please.’ Evelyn corrected him. ‘We have to be at the town hall by twelve. It’s normally the Bride who gets to be fashionably late.’ She held her arm out, ushering them in the right direction. ‘It’s, like, basically my one job to get the Groom there on time, and I’m not going to fuck that up.’ She grabbed a hold of Ross’ wrist on the way past, checking the time on his watch. ‘Anna, there’s a taxi for waiting for you with fifty pounds in the metre. Just so you know.’

‘Should we not let her ride with us..?’ Ross whispered, as he fell into line alongside Evelyn. ‘It looks a little insensitive, given the circumstances… no..?’

‘The taxi is paid for, it will take her to the correct entrance.’ Evelyn reassured him, with a gentle pat on the small of his back. ‘We have to go in through the side door and sign up with the registrar.’

‘I know, but I’m just…’ Ross, was anxious about being overheard ‘…concerned about how it looks. Her boyfriend almost died on my stag weekend, and I’m sending her in a taxi… What it people thing I’m one of those…’ He grimaced, checking again that no one was in earshot. ‘…conservatives..?’

‘Ross.’ Evelyn looked him in the eye. ‘You’ve got a woman as your Best Man, I don’t think anyone is going to think you’re a conservative.’

The first of the guests would already be starting to arrive at the town hall. There were tables in the foyer with sparkling wine, tea and coffee laid out for them while they waited. Friends and family there would be of course, but teammates and looser acquaintances also. Ross had extended an invite to the entire Schottia team, meaning the paparazzi would likely be having a field day, and the registry staff heart palpitations. She had swithered and swung on the idea of bringing a plus-one. It was kind of awkward with her sat at the bridal table, casting a spotlight on the poor sod. Ross had been very insistent, however, getting paranoid that the table would look unbalanced with an uneven number. In the end she’d invited her Brinemouth teammate, Marcin Close, kind of hoping that he’d say no. However her thinly veiled warnings about Schottic weddings (and culture in general) hadn’t been enough to deter him. He’d probably be standing there now, waiting… Who did he actually know? Poor guy probably had that first day at a new job feeling. With any luck Rian Corello and Kelly McInnes weren’t giving him too hard a time about last season. Actually, that’s exactly what they would be doing, Rian was an arsehole with a glass of prosecco in her.


‘What’s wrong? What have you remembered?!’ Ross blurted his questions, in response to her involuntary profanity. ‘The flowers!? The rings?! It’s the rings?! The rings?! The rings?!’

‘NOOOO…’ Ross was unbearable when he was nervous. ‘The rings are in my bag. I just remembered something, but it doesn’t affect you in any way.’ They had now reached the lift, and with the doors closed, had selected the button for the ground floor.

‘Sorry guys.’ Ross said eventually, gulping down a few deep breaths. ‘I’m just a bit nervous. I just want everything to run smoothly.’

‘It will.’ Evelyn gave his shoulder a squeeze, and looked him straight in the eye. ‘Relax. Enjoy yourself. What could possibly go wrong..?’

Linellie High Street, Linellie, Schottia
‘Very nice, dear.’ Said the elderly shop owner, catching Corinne Martel-Burns by surprise, as she stepped outside the changing room to have a look at the dress in the mirror. Unsure of how to respond, Connie simply stared back, with a look somewhere between disgust and panic. ‘Is it for something special?’ The old woman followed up, unperturbed.

‘A wedding.’ She answered coldly, the frown failing to shift from her face.

‘A wedding!’ The woman - who must have been in her late sixties, and would have looked more at home in a sweetie shop – stepped out excitedly from behind the counter. ‘Are they people you know well?’ She asked with a smile, clasping her hands together in front of her.

Linellie was a small town of around ten thousand people, and it wasn’t exactly renowned as a fashion hotspot. The shop was the only clothing store that Connie had found after pacing the high street back and forth. She imagined most of the town’s young people (if there were any) likely travelled to Lammerton for their fashion needs. There was something about the shopkeeper’s manner that told Connie she didn’t get many customers.

‘My ex-boyfriend and some girl.’ Connie hoped that would be enough to satisfy the woman’s curiosity, as she turned, finally, back towards the mirror. The dress was black, with a pattern that could have either been butterflies or flowers… it was hard to tell. The tailoring was awful, but luckily Connie had a figure that was reasonably forgiving. She gave the neck of the dress a tug, adjusting it slightly. She wasn’t going to be turning any heads, but such was her hatred of shopping, she was likely going to settle.

‘How lovely!’ The woman replied. (How in the Multiverse, you could call an ex’s wedding “lovely” was beyond Connie) ‘If you need help looking anything out, or searching for sizes, just let me know.’

‘How much is this one?’ Connie said, turning side on to the mirror, as if that would somehow make the thing look better.

‘Twenty, darling.’ The old woman replied.

Twenty! Christ, that was cheap. ‘I’ll take it.’ Connie answered, pulling the tag with the barcode off and handing it to the woman, before grabbing her backpack, and slipping her hoody back on. ‘Do you sell shoes too?’

The old woman’s smile slipped for the first time, but she scanned the barcode nonetheless. ‘Yes, but…’

‘Anything.’ Connie cut her off. ‘Literally anything black, and in a size thirty-eight.’ She took her trainers off and placed them inside her bag. They were a little wet from walking through the snow outside, but there wasn’t much else she could do.

‘How about these..?’

‘I’ll take them!’ Connie answered without even looking, accepting them and slipping them on her feet. They were like something her great aunt Delphine would wear. She then reached inside the front pouch of her rucksack and pulled out two hundred-pound-notes and placed it on the counter.

‘Oh, this is too much, dear.’ The woman protested, making to hand one back. ‘You get some change from one.’

‘Keep it.’ Connie answered. ‘Pop the rest in your tip jar.’

Back outside on the high street the wind was biting. It was too cold for fresh snowfall, and what remained had turned to slush and ice, frozen hard in the gutters. Connie zipped her jumper up to her chin, and pulled her hood up; tucking her shoulder length black hair back inside.

She marched back up the street, the clock on the town hall tower informing her that she had just about enough time sling her bag into her hotel room before she had to be there. What sort of lunatic had a wedding in the middle of winter? It was insane. Connie looked down at her shoes, which were already getting splattered with mud and grit salt from the pavements.

When she finally reached her hotel (which was really more of an inn), she reapplied her eyeliner before trying to give her shoes a clean with a bit of dampened toilet paper. She had chosen accommodation that was as close as possible, and as a result, her bedroom looked out across the square towards the town hall. Connie stood for a moment and watched as the first of the guests began to arrive. Some she recognised, but most she didn’t. This was her last chance if she were going to back out. The hotel bar was quiet and well stocked; a couple of drinks would alleviate the guilt…

‘Fuck it!’ She said, finally. Dumping her jumper in the corner and checking her hair in the mirror one last time, before making a dash through the cold.

Schottia 1–2 Balqia @ Harbour Hill Stadium
Line-up: Lorrey, Corello, McGillivray, Hare, Lyndonton, Loweson, Roxel (Bánach), Soria Luna, Cnocstanger (Donaldson), Avelione, Martel-Burns (Jevđenijević)
Goals: Soria Luna

Welzat 3–4 Schottia @
Line-up: Granely, Kierfer, McGillivray, Hare, Koller, Bronte, Roxel, Soria Luna (Loweson), Larsen (Mirka), McInnes, Jevđenijević (Avelione)
Goals: Jevđenijević (2), McInnes, Avelione

Schottia 0–0 Taeshan @ Harbour Hill
Line-up: Lorrey, Corello, McGillivray, Kamara, Koller, Bronte, Bánach (Nicholson), Soria Luna, Cnocstanger (McInnes), Avelione, Martel-Burns (Jevđenijević)

Free Republics 1–0 Schottia @
Line-up: Lorrey, Corello, McGillivray, Hare, Koller, Lowson, Roxel (Doanldson), Soria Luna, Larsen (McInnes), Avelione, Jevđenijević (Martel-Burns)

Schottia 0–1 Nahkistan @ Harbour Hill
Line-up: Lewis, Kiefer, Marham, Hare, Roseroot, Nicholson, Roxel (Still), Bánach, Cnocstanger (Meryani), McInnes, Bestatter (Crowe)

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Postby Bolgano » Tue Jan 14, 2020 2:19 am

CoH 76-Special

Hello to all the participants of the 76th edition of the Cup of Harmony, in this edition 42 teams arrived where only 1 can remain champion, there is a very long way to go, but it is worth reviewing how Bolgano has gone in the past with His next rivals.

Busoga Islands

So, as Bolgano has been against each of these teams in the past, remember that the national team played in Xanneria, a place unknown to them at the moment.

Busoga Islands 0G-0W-0D-0L
They have never faced each other, the Busoga Islands team has never had the opportunity in the past to face us, this will be the first time, but it is a well-known team in the Multiverse where we can work well watching their last games, but football is unpredictable , a very easy game for Busoga will not be.

Vdara 0G-0W-0D-0L
This team is new in the Multiverse, I manage to do more than a battle in the qualifiers but the Cup of Harmony was his destiny, Vdara, a team known for his good game, will be another tough opponent for us, in a team duel almost same level, you have to look for any goal opportunity if you want to win.

Brusseldorf 0G-0W-0D-0L
There is always a first time, Brusseldorf is a team to fear in this group, it is the best ranked team and favorites to win the group although they have Newmanistan behind, with their strong attack, Brusseldorf will be the toothache of group E.

Newmanistan 0G-0W-0D-0L

We have not faced this team either, so that I bother to do this since there is only one first time, Newmanistan, known as one of the strongest, will have a non-stop fight against Busoga Islands and Brusseldorf, the Rockets are another team that does not you have to trust, if you fall asleep, the Rockets will explode before you.

Trolleborg 0G-0W-0D-0L
BoF 71 champions, surpasses us in the ranking, I did not expect that but it happened, Trolleborg will be the second Baptism of Fire champions in which Bolgano faces (in the previous cycle in our group we played Hapilopper) we have never played before this team, but we know that it is strong and we must not trust, another thing is that our record against the champions of the BoF is 1-0-1 where with that we can change it against this strong rival.
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Flavovespia find out opponents for Cup of Harmony 76


Flavovespia have discovered their opponents for the upcoming Cup of Harmony 76. They have been placed into Group D, with group stage matches to be played in Xanneria. It’s 5 new opponents for Flavovespia to face, despite a handful of familiar names in the Pots for this draw. Flavovespia will play the following 5 teams: Mercedini, Tamgu, Mattijana, Mkabia, Balqia. TheFFD looks at the 5 opponents for Flavovespia in the group stage


There were nervous smiles about when Flavovespia were drawn out to play Mercedini first in the group. They are ranked 30th in the KPB rankings, and were 3rd in Group 3 of the Qualifiers, only 4 points off of HUELavia. 38 points in the qualifiers with an 11-5-4 record that includes a 1-2 win against Starblaydia. Any nation with results like that is a formidable threat. Mercedini also have history in the Cup of Harmony, having won the 72nd edition, only a handful of cycles ago, and there are still players in the Mercedini national team from that successful period for the side. The team in their attractive all black kit with teal and goal trim will be Flavovespia’s first and potentially biggest test of the tournament.

Their favoured formation Elidyr Lyndainium is a classic 4-4-2 line up. Their squad contains a real combination of experienced veterans, some from the aforementioned Cup of Harmony 72 winning run, and youthful talent keen to impress. Daniel Hosset looks set to be the man between the posts for Mercedini. A consistent defensive group of players will travel to the Cup of Harmony for Mercedini. The midfield of Mercedini impressed at the Qualifiers and are retained for the Cup of Harmony. In attack, although Sam Billic is not in the squad, many strikers will be vying to take up his mantle, including impressive youngster Feliks Alva.


6th in the Qualifiers in Group 14, with a 6-5-9 record. Tamgu actually played Mattijana in the Qualifiers for this cycle. In the Cup of Harmony 75, Tamgu also played Mattijana, but it was Tamgu who got to the Round of 16 as a best 3rd placed team. Eventual winners Main Nation Ministry however knocked them out in the Round of 16 with a 2-0 win. Tamgu go into the Cup of Harmony in their orange and green kit, with fans hoping to match the Round of 16 placing of last time. Flavovespia’s 3rd match, both sides will see it as one they could potentially win, but at the same time certainly won’t want to lose.

Tamgu are an attacking team, typically playing in a 3-5-2, although a 5-3-2 is sometimes selected by Yann Şannavaro. Acrobatic Sami Felter in goal has a talent for one on ones and penalty stopping. A tough set of centre backs will be the key to trying to avoid conceding goals. The midfield will see the likes of captain Sayken Ilko, precocious teen Yann Ulsima and Tanel Tayman with his impressive dribbling skills on the left. Finally up front usually ambidextrous Ante Nekir lines up next to Paletar Soros, the pair of them a dangerous duo for the opposition.


Ranked only 60th in the world, but 4th in Esportiva, one of the Big 3 sporting regions. 3rd in the qualifiers with 35 points, an 11-2-7 record. Home wins over Zwangzug and Krytenia in the Qualifiers, and their Campionato Esportiva form makes Mattijana a formidable opponent in tournaments. Disappointed to be bottom of their group in Cup of Harmony 75, they will definitely come to Xanneria (and Banija potentially) to make amends. The last Matchday for Flavovespia, in what if things go better than expected for Flavovespia could be a crucial game. Mattijana take to the field in a green kit with some yellow trim and a black collar.

A slightly attacking 4-1-2-3 is what Zala Stefanidi lines up the Mattijana national team in. Lucija Handanovic impresses at club level, and should be the starting keeper. Strong Rikard Illicić and pacey captain Katija Burnisevič are the centre back duo of Mattijana. A strong midfield setup that balances pace, passing and positioning with the likes of Marko Hojbjerg and Jessika Struna key to Mattijana’s potential success. Kara Lorenzič steps up as the centre forward, a relatively new name for Mattijana, and Cup of Harmony 76 is her chance to shine.


Mkabia go into this tournament ranked 204th in the KPB rankings, after finish the Qualifiers of Group 13 bottom on 10 points. However, the team played better than their ranking suggested at times, growing as the qualifiers went on. The fractured side grew together, their teamwork improving with every game, and by the end of the qualifiers, only lost 2-3 to Eura. Some critics see this as the easiest team to draw, but that would be harsh to Mkabia and the work they’ve done recently. Mkabia will bring with them a small number of very devoted and passionate fans to Xanneria, always a highlight of international tournaments. A nation that’s only recently come out of many civil wars, the national football team is one of the unifying forces of the nation, they represent the underdog spirit we love to see in the game. Nevertheless, they are Flavovespia’s second opponents, and Flavovespia must remain professional to go and get a result in a game on paper they should do. Mkabia will usually line up in a yellow shirt with a classic green sash, although the colour palette swap away kit will likely be used against Flavovespia.

Tidjani Kabirou is a surprise and somewhat suspicious appointment of manager for Mkabia. His choice of formation is a 4-3-3, in a somewhat attacking approach to the game. Salim Sankaré in goal will look to provide important defensive cover to the national team. Yaya Ayité and Madou Moutari are solid defenders, but do lack leadership. The full backs are Yves Kouyaté, only 19, and Denké Sesay. In the midfield, Mamadou Zongo will hope to be their main creator of chances. Issa Aduama will also be a goalscoring threat on the left wing. Upfront it’s Mamadouba Diawara, with 8 goals in 16 caps, an impressive tally, and Idrissa Akakpo off the bench with 6 goals in 14 games is also a threat. Mkabia can score goals, but will need their defence to step up to concede less.


Balqia came 5th in Group 11 of the qualifiers, with 30 points; 9 wins, 3 draws, 8 losses. Their results at the Qualifiers largely followed the form guide, a good number of wins against the smaller nations, but not doing enough against the bigger names to make it to the World Cup. This is their third cycle of World Cup qualifiers, and their second appearance at the Cup of Harmony after the appeared in the 74th edition. One point in that edition means they come to Xanneria with a lot to prove. Balqia come into the Cup of Harmony ranked 72nd in the world, on paper good enough to have a good shot at a Round of 16 qualification, but may need results against Mercedini or Mattijana to do that. Lining up in a black shirt with amber trim, they will be the fourth of five opponents for Flavovespia in Group D.

Managed by Aduardus Vaditiq, they typically play with a slightly attacking 4-4-2, although a switch to a 4-3-3 isn’t out of the question. Little of their Cup of Harmony 74 squad remains, only the manager and the kits seem to be the same. Arian Vartag is in goal, ahead of a back 4 of Stanlev Ptolomiq ,Karlus Martioniq, Edmun Aguniq and Ludi Roronis. Matis Pindus is the key central midfielder, likely flanked by Miklos Luqin and Sanzor Orgoniq. 3 strikers are named in the starting XI, so it’s likely one of Petre Luniq, Zigamar Koinoviq or Arnol Orkos drops into the midfield or rotates with a bench player if a 4-4-2 is played.

Analysis of each position for Flavovespia

The FFD will soon continue it’s retrospective series, A History of Football in Flavovespia. For now however, a one-off article looking at each of the main positions, the players who have played there for Flavovespia, and the potential call-ups and future at that position.

David Meehan (29), as it stands looks comfortably the best goalkeeper in Flavovespia. Although he was injured for AOCAF 59, his performances in WCQ 84, especially relative to the other keepers, confirmed his status as the #1 keeper for Flavovespia. At his age, unless another keeper comes through soon with some outstanding performances, he’s likely to still be #1 for at least a few more years, and in contention for a squad spot for a while.

The backup goalkeeper spot is ever tricky for Flavovespia it seems. Robert Jones (25) and Richard Hartwell (25) are currently in that position, at least for COH 76. The question however remains as to how long they can stay there, especially as one would think opportunity will be scarce to get playing time at COH 76. Andrew Bullivant (30) and Nicholas Dobson (25) have taken on that role before, but the former struggled at WCQ 84, even if their AOCAF 59 beforehand were solid. The latter has lacked somewhat in club form recently, and hasn’t shown much internationally either. Conor Harrington (37) was okay in WCQ 83, but at his age, the chances of returning to the national side are minimal.

Lucky Diamond (21) was 3rd choice in AOCAF 59, but wasn’t capped, and as of yet needs to show more at club level to warrant another call up. 2 other young keepers who stand out as having potential to eventually make the national side are John Holmes (21), the starting keeper for St Astons City, and Aarif Muhammad (19), starting keeper for Stanmorn even as a teenager.

Left back is a position that a fair few in Flavovespia is a potential weakness down the line. Ronald Maddox (28) currently occupies that position for the national team. More of a wing back than a full back, he is adaptable enough to play as a left full back internationally, but would be more suited to a left wing back role if the option was presented to him.

Depth at this position seems to be a bit sparse for Flavovespia. Scott Vaughan (27) has been given the nod ahead of Joseph Pitchford (23) to be the rotational choice in this position at CoH 76. Vaughan needs to take the opportunities Pitchford arguably didn’t to stay in the national side. The only other player capped in this position, Patrick Cannon (34) is too old now to realistically get another call up.

With plenty of teams playing 3 at the back now in Flavovespia, options at this position going forward aren’t clear. Short term, left wing backs David Horne (26) and Anthony Barnes (24), of Waldster and Bavingtor respectively could be options, but few would bet on them definitely getting capped one day. Long term options may include young left back for South Maishop Thomas Carr (21), or thinking further ahead, David Lyons (18), a young wing back who has looked strong at youth level, and in a few senior appearances in place of the aforementioned Pitchford.

With their inability to stop conceding in WCQ 84, it’s not hard to see why this is an area of weakness to some. Tony Gardner (24) is probably the strongest player in this position for Flavovespia, but whilst he can be very talented, is prone to petulance still. Mark James (30) is a solid, if not spectacular player who has been in all the Flavovespian squads so far. Neil Wright (24) has also been chosen in every squad, but still hasn’t quite met the consistent standard at international level.

Flavovespia haven’t selected many other centre backs though. Alexander May (26) seemed decent at AOCAF 59, but went off form in WCQ 84, and was subsequently out of the 23 man squad. Mervyn Button (33) got into the AOCAF 59 squad on club form as a rotation player, but that was the peak of his international career. John Calvert (36) was a likeable centre back who did well given his age in WCQ 83, but is likely to hang up his boots soon anyway.

There’s few standout up and coming players in this position for Flavovespia as well. Short term experienced options may include Giles Smith (28) of St Astons City, David Bowley (27) of Loxthorpe Rovers, or Christopher Hemingway (32) of Bavingtor. Alastair Ross (22) of Apsbrooke was an uncapped reserve back in WCQ 83, so he has a good chance of a future call up. Royston Stephens (22) of Waldster and Daniel Lansdell (20) of South Maishop have also caught the eye for impressive performances at their age.

Ian Johnson (27), a defence minded right back who can also play centre back, seems to at least for now be the starting right back for Flavovespia. At his age, with his utility, he’s got a solid chance of being in the squad for a while. David Blythe (21) is a right wing back at Marthorpe City, already drawing comparisons to Maddox. If he reaches that level, he’ll be capped plenty of times. Stephen Shepherd (26) plays with the awareness and intelligence of someone far senior to him. With 2 players ahead of him in the order, staying in the side could be tricky for him, but don’t rule it out.

Stephen Moore (26) of Loxthorpe Rovers was in both the WCQ 83/COH 75 and AOCAF 59 squads. However neither time he particularly excelled, and that’s seen him fall down the depth chart for the national side. He’ll need to up his game to fight his way back into the national picture.

Much like the left back position, the full back/wing back split does exist here to an extent. There’s not a huge number of right full backs in Flavovespia at their peak. Stephen Arthur (25) and Mitul Shah (25) of Sporting Towerhaite and Kings Lunsel are the closest contenders to getting in the national side, but feel a fair way off based on club form. In terms of possible right wing backs, Robert Noe (31) at Hadford Hill may be a short term choice if Blythe isn’t the answer. Long term, Neal Gandhi (21) of Stanmorn looks closest to the level of Blythe, but isn’t quite there yet.

A tricky position to analyse for Flavovespia. The one true left midfielder they’ve had in the national side is Jonathan Feld (25) of Marthorpe City. A player who seemingly to a lot of Flavovespians feels older than he is, he’s always been a dependable player for the national team, if not a star player. He does also play as a left attacking midfielder, or a central midfielder or central attacking midfielder. With many Flavovespians favouring attacking midfielders, some players officially listed as forwards have actually played this position before.

As mentioned in the last chapter, the formations largely used in the national side have precluded the need for a more traditional left midfielder. Steven Millar (32) would provide experience if called up, as that is his club position, however his age means there’s few chances for that. Chester Brooks (22) showed a lot of skill to help Batchingtonwood Rovers win promotion to the Super League, and has since started for Waldster, and could maybe make it to the national side.

The overlap between a left attacking midfielder and a forward at times means it’s hard to draw the line between both. There’s not many starting players in the Super League officially listed as a left attacking midfielder, so Paul Ford (27) may be one of the few Flavovespians in that position with any sort of chance of a call up to the national side, although those odds are slim.

Plenty of players have been called up to play in the centre of the park for Flavovespia, and a few out of position players have even played here from time to time. James King (29) is the most important of those, a crucial part of the midfield with his creative play and leadership in that part of the pitch. Alan Holt (28) sits alongside him, a central defensive midfielder who has done enough in WCQ 84 to be listed as a starter in COH 76. On the bench are the more defensive minded Jordaan Wolfson (32) and the more offensively minded Nigel Humphries (28) none of whom are star players, but okay enough to be rotation options, at least for now.

Henrik Jensen (32) was a staple of the early Flavovespia sides. Quite an aggressive central defensive midfielder, he was key in those games where Flavovespia had to defend. It seems age is the main issue now for him to get back in the team. Charles Winward (26) was an okay rotational midfield option in WCQ 83/ COH 75 and AOCAF 59, but didn’t really show many spectacular skill. Simon Davison (28) was capped 3 times in the first Flavovespia squad, and showed little to warrant another stint in the national side. That said, his performances for Marthorpe City, since a transfer from Waldster, have looked strong.

The line between central defensive midfielder, central midfielder, central attacking midfielder and forward can be blurry. Brian Buttery (27), central midfielder at Waldster and David Clark (22), central defensive midfielder at Sporting Towerhaite have made reserve squad lists before, but not quite the final 23 man squad. Other potential players in the middle who could get a call up in the near future are Neil Ambrose (29), who joined Loxthorpe Rovers from St Astons City, King Lunsel’s Thomas English (24) or Derrick Henry (27) of Sporting Towerhaite. Robert Totten (21) at Binclestead Wood could be a future choice as a dedicated central attacking midfielder. Looking further ahead, at central defensive midfield, Kieron Player (17) was a great youth player at Kings Lunsel and has already impressed in a few senior appearances he’s made.

One man has dominated for Flavovespia in this position, Steven Hall (26). The captain of the side, and one of their star players, it’s almost unthinkable to suggest he won’t be in the side for several more years at the minimum. He can play in the centre as well, but right attacking midfield is his forte.

Pure right midfielders have never really been a staple of the Flavovespia setup, and if ever needed, Hall normally fills that positions. If one were ever to be called up, it’s likely Christopher Ace (23), who has impressed both at Binclestead Wood and then St Astons City would be first in line for a call up, despite his relatively young age. Gideon Amos (23) whilst also young, could also fill that niche.

Right attacking midfield is a position used often in the national team, but is normally filled by Hall or a player listed as a forward. However, depth in this position across the nation is low, and there’s few realistic options beyond Steven Hall in that position. It’s a position likely to be filled by a forward or a right midfielder.

If there’s one thing Flavovespian managers seem to love, it’s their attackers. Although David Michael (28) is likely to play left attacking midfielder, he is officially a forward. Scott Coleman (23) has proven to be the key goalscorer for Flavovespia, and hopefully if he keeps it up, will enjoy a long and fulfilling international career. Terence Daley (28) is the current #9, but will have to work hard to stay there. Good club form is how Edward Barkes (28) and Andrew Mason (28) make the national side, but must prove themselves if they are to have anything more than a few more brief outings as rotation players. Marc Sharratt (22) is one to watch, already in the national team with a few goals, he could have potential to be a perennial starting contender.

Guoliang Fu (30) although listed as a forward, has evolved to playing out wide now. Out of the national team setup, if he can impress for Xannerian club United Marrietta, either as a forward or a winger, he may yet get called up again. Ramon Martin (30) is going strong for Langmere Green Rovers, but just didn’t get it to click internationally. Thomas McDonald (35) had 3 caps and a goal in WCQ 83/ COH 75, but his call up felt more sentimental than due to talent at the time, and he’s not even starting at Waldster anymore.

Plenty of forwards in Flavovespia feel they could be called up if needed. Victor Adeyemo (31) and Morten Christensen (20) both joined Kings Lunsel recently, and have got a good collection of goals each. Despite his age, Keith Murray (32) is still clinical upfront for Sporting Towerhaite. Mark Paul (21) of Bavingtor and Gary Carr (21) of Loxthorpe Rovers are still young, but starters and scoring in the Super League, and may yet reach international level. Finally, 3 teenagers have already began to start in the Super League and have shown potential at youth and senior level. Anthony Hannigan (19) of Hadford Hill, Adrian Jones (18) of Langmere Green Rovers and the son of former Flavovespia national team manager Nick Cole, Michael Cole (17) of Waldster.
Formerly the Republic of Greater Waldster, internationally known as Greater Watford. IC It's a long story (OOC I didn't like using real place names)

Credit to for many of the logo templates used

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They had pushed the decision ahead time and time again, with one waving away the urgency and the other painstakingly putting it back on the agenda with each new opportunity. In fact, it told you all you need to know about the two involved men. Tidjani Kabirou secretly hoped that the problem would resolve itself. An impeccable run larded with goals would move the balance one way or another – and if it didn’t happen that way, a nasty injury would even have sufficed for him. His assistant, Kei Tankary, at the other hand, suffered daily and blamed the growing wrinkles on his brow on this matter alone. Now they had qualified Mkabia for their first tournament, a final conclusion no longer could be avoided.

No one fully understood how or why Mkabia qualified - and some claimed it was just to make up numbers – but it had kept the managing duo in the saddle after what was, at first glance, an abysmal qualifying run. A meagre ten points ranked them far below any other competitor to this Cup, but nonetheless, here they were, sitting in a hotel room in Xanneria. The nation seemed to be painted maroon for the occasion and the yellow-and-green seemed tucked away in a little corner as the Mkabia FA had been characteristically late in booking their hotel rooms.

Nonetheless, there was room for two comfortable launch chairs, in fashionable maroon, and Tidjani and Kei had placed the two bedside stands in between them for a makeshift table. After all these weeks, they had become a married couple. Positivists would say that they had embraced one another’s weaknesses and discovered their strengths – the two of them probably would say that they had accepted that the annoyances of the other had to be accepted if you were on the road that much. Kabirou despised Tankary’s lack of spine and confidence – the other way around, Kei criticized the recklessness and lack of preparation of the head manager, but never out loud.

“Isn’t there some number we can blame?” Kabirou tried to play a card which would usually be played by Tankary.
“Difficult…” Tankary admitted. “Mamadouba netted eight goals in these qualifiers, compared to the six of Idrissa.”
“Aha! That’s a diff-“
“However, Mamadouba Diawara played in sixteen games, compared to the fourteen of Idrissa.”

Tidjani slightly paused but tried again, “so one in two is better than six out of f-“
“However… If we compare this to minutes played, Diawara played 1045 minutes and Akakpo 782. This means that if you go for minutes per goal they are on 131 and 130 respectively.”
“It’s a small difference but…” Kabirou already paused, well aware that his assistant would have a response.
“The only gap is in rounding – the difference is 17 seconds. We cannot choose our starting striker solely based on a 17 second difference in that stat.”
“If only one of them would pull a hamstring or fracture an ankle or something,” Kabirou mumbled to himself.
“No, no, nothing.”

It fell quite unrealistic. The whole campaign, they had suffered from a lack of quality whilst knowing that their standout player of the run had been the goalkeeper – quite a feat knowing that that poor Salim Sankaré had taken in no less than 45 goals over the course of the qualifiers. Nonetheless, the nation was split over the choice between two strikers. Things would have been easy if there were different profiles but both were young, fast, lanky and dangerous in the box, even against more reputable opponents. In fact, the biggest thing that separated the two was their club and their attitude off the pitch, both considered as proverbial for one another.

Mamadouba Diawara played for Stade Djalenga, the team from the capital that didn’t hesitate to claim a special position in the Mkabian football firmament. Matching to his goal tally, Diawara boasted a slightly arrogant attitude which some would consider self-awareness. It must be said that whilst he talked the talk, he wouldn’t hesitate to walk the walk either, working hard in the gym to make the extra mile. Idrissa Akakpo, on the other hand, rarely appeared as the first one on the training pitch. Some called him frivolous, other forgetful. Playing for the new national champions Dragons de Massagui, he had quickly gathered a cult status in the coastal city which heralded its own status as the alternative to the capital or business city Garo – Massagans saw their home city as the one with style, culture, swagger. And Akakpo, with his goofy goal celebrations and laidback interviews, suited that club perfectly.

“Maybe, we can say that Akakpo is too relaxed and…”
“… then everyone will claim that Diawara is too focused,” Tankary completed.

During the qualifiers, they eventually had settled on staging Akakpo during away games and his adversary at home – especially as these matches were played in his River Stadium where he had celebrated his successes with Stade Djalenga. A tactic that had an expiration date and today, they were there.

“Can’t we blame…” Kabirou hesitated. They seemed to have run out of excuses for their own indecisiveness by now, “… the opposition?”
“What do you mean?” Tankary riposted.
“The other teams. It’s perfect! The newspapers can splash away against them and we don’t care.”
Tankary had his reservations about that – the media rarely followed the tinfoil-hat thoughts of the gaffer – but decided to focus on another question. “How?”
“We’ll let it depend upon the gameplay of the other team. They cannot blame us for that, can’t they? If we simply can pair off the tactics from the others, we assign a striker to each and… Pa-dah!”
“So, let’s see. Mattijana in the opener, that’s a 4-4-1-1. Combination of a powerhouse and a skillful element in the back, eager to break out as a team. An intriguing 4-2-2-2 by Crawford for Flavovespia, not a lot of star quality in that back four but they look like a unit. Then Balqia, a classic 4-3-3. That could a number of ways but they look more focused on attack. Powerhouse and former winner Mercedini with a 4-4-2, with a young and reliable duo in the heart of defense and last but not least, Tamgu with the 3-5-2. Teilar, Postas and Konar look hard as nails trio, if you ask me.”

With a sigh, Tankary tossed the tactical reports in front of his manager.

“Ok… Ok,” the latter responded, “all we need to do now is to split it logically.”
“On what? Number of guys up front, or focus quality of the defensive core, overall tactic of the team and I haven’t even gotten into the details in regards to the goalkeepers,” Tankary hesitated. He was well aware that whichever would get chosen, he would have to do the brunt of the hard work.
“There must be one that separates it nicely,” Kabirou asked, nearly desparate.
“Yeah but…”
“But what.”
“Even if we find one, how do we decide which side suits which striker? They’re both very-“
“Very much alike in skills,” Kabirou grunted, feeling like it was his time to cut off the other one.

A silence returned to the hotel room.
“You’re carrying any money, Tankary?” the manager asked. They could have grown accustomed to one another, but it would take more to get on a first-name basis.
“Some hundred Xannerian Roundels, for in case of emergency, all in notes.” Kei Tankary responded rather flabbergasted. “We’re not going to let them pay for…”
“What? Don’t be an idiot. Not a franc in your pocket?”

Slowly, Tankary went through his stuff and eventually unearthed the change of his cab ride to the airport from his jacket. Without asking, Kabirou took a piece of one franc and ogled it as if it the was the first piece of silverware he had ever seen before.

“Say hello to the newest member of our technical staff,” Kabirou smiled.
“How do you mean?”
“Mister Franc Strikerpicker here,” as he winked to the coin, “will do an impeccable job, I’m sure. So, heads is Diawara, all right?”

And without awaiting the response, he tossed the coin into the air. Franc Strikerpicker made a classy loop before landing on the bed, managing to get stuck right between the two mattresses. The side of the coin sticking up stood out like a middle finger.

“Seems like Franc Strikerpicker is as undecided as us,” Tankary attempted to lighten the mood.
“Undecided, undecided… Incapable,” Kabirou groaned.

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The Busoga Chronicle
The Islands #1 News Source!

All the pressure is on Starfire as the Busoga Islands prepare for their third Cup of Harmony

Busoga Islander fans at a home game during World Cup Qualifying

RUKUNBI, ISTRIA, MORAVICA- As expected, the Busoga Islands Soccer Association has accepted their invitation to the Cup of Harmony, and they will prepare to play in what will be seen as a crucial Cup of Harmony. This is the 3rd consecutive time that we've entered the Cup of Harmony, and we haven't had much history of success at this tournament. In the 74th Cup of Harmony, our first effort after our 2nd ever Qualifying campaign, we sprang an upset victory over the Sherpa Empire, but were put down by a tough Omerica side in the final group stage game, which doubled as the final international of Delbin Kasekende's career. In the last Cup of Harmony, coming off of a high of our World Cup 83 Qualification campaign, where we finished second in our Qualification group, and came just a goal away from making it to the Finals, it started the slide of the national team since then. We didn't adjust and refocus well after that disappointment, and we were easily swept aside in Coh 75, as we only earned 1 point across 4 games, 3 losses and a draw. A poor AOCAF LVIII showing as well is what has piled pressure onto Starfire today.

She is managing for her job, isn't she? It is the first time BISA(Busoga Islands Soccer Association) has allowed her to get this close to contract expiration, usually deciding to extend her before they get close to the deadline. Of course, they won't be conducting contract negotiations during the tournament, and with no extension, her contract expires shortly after the World Cup Final. While BISA has always maintained that they have full confidence in her, it is the actions that are speaking louder than the words. Starfire, for one, doesn't feel the pressure as furor is added to the debate on whether she should stay, or she should go. "This is international football- the length of your contract doesn't really matter all that much." She told reporters. "No matter how long your contract is, it's always year by year, it's always about continued development, and the margins are always slim. Anyone can get fired at any time if they don't meet expectations. In that sense, I'm always managing for my contract, so no, I don't feel any pressure just because it's coming close to expiration." She also talked about how she 'expects' to continue to manage this team in the long-term.

Starfire was hired as the first ever national team manager by BISA, and has a mixed bag of results. Of course, the difficulty in her job has to be appreciated- create something from essentially, taking a small and freshly independent nation and navigating the challenges of big-time international football. Competing for players, as plenty of players eligible to play for the Busoga Islands are also eligible to play for Banija. A country with only 6 professional sides, all playing in a foreign country, and only one of those sides at the top flight level. It's not an easy task, and she has done an admirable job. There were high expectations going into that first Baptism of Fire, as they dominated group play, but an extremely early exit in the Round of 32 dashed early dreams of glory. Since then, it has been a slog. The World Cup 83 Qualifying campaign was the high point, when the Busoga Islands were a goal away from knocking off Chromatika and qualify to their first ever World Cup Finals.

But we all know what's happened since then. While it's tough to get ahead of BISA's thinking, many think that Starfire has grown stale. "She is a quality manager, and we can thank her that we're raising expectations beyond showing up." Said a commentator on PUblic Television. "But we need to think bigger. If you keep the same approach for too long, then making the Finals will be impossible. A lot of people think that we are a tough out, and don't get us wrong, that is complimentary. We've played the best of the best extremely tough over the years on a consistent basis, including Vilita, Mriin, and Chromatika. But we want to be more than a tough out- we want to do some damage in these tournaments. Now, don't get me wrong- the expectation to win a World Cup or something would be absolute madness. But can we continue to take the next step? There's enough talent here to get to the knockout stages even in a group with teams like Brusseldorf, BoF champions Trolleborg, and Newmanistan. Is that a reasonable bar? It'll show that we are capable of taking the next step in major tournaments, and if she can pull that off, she should be able to get that contract extension from BISA."

So what is ahead for the Busoga Islands? It is interesting- the national team will be playing in Banija for the first time since independence for the Busoga Islands. Of course, BISA and the RBSA have gotten along fairly well since independence, with a quick deal struck in order to allow the Islander's professional clubs to keep playing in Banija. But there has not been much cooperation at the national team level- the two sides, maybe surprisingly, have never played a friendly against each other. Seemingly, there isn't much interest in doing so on the Banijan side, although it would be quite a lucrative friendly for both sides, considering the historical connections between the two nations. Therefore, the national team hasn't played in this country. Relations between the two nations are... Cordial, but it will be interesting to see how Banijan fans react to the Busoga Islands.

The Islanders could either be the best supported team by locals, or the least supported. OF course, for the two games in Istria, they will certainly be the best supported- there is a large Busoga Islander population in Istria, and their fans are expected to turnout to both matches in Istria. It is their three matches elsewhere where who will be the crowd favorite is in question. Going out to the eastern part of Banija, to Mynda and Lwanga, will likely see a lot of Banijans who dislike the Busoga Islands. The country has generally accepted our independence, of course- it is established fact, it is recognized among governments, and our current arrangements have been going on long enough where not even the most foolish would make a claim that we should belong to anybody but ourselves. But those are smaller, more conservative regions where ethnic discrimination is known to happen against Busogans. We won't be a fan favorite over there. And then, in Busukuma, it's truly a tossup. Our final group stage game, against Newmanistan, will be at the Stadium of the Restoration, and could see all sorts of reactions. It's a gargantuan stadium, and it's clear the RBSA tried to put the biggest game on each matchday at the stadium.

It's quite possible that we'll be playing Newmanistan for a spot in the knockouts on that day, which is why it probably got the national stadium assignment. Newmanistan fans are known to travel, and it is said that RBSA fans are conscious of complaints from Newmanistan media and fans after the World Cup 83 Qualification Playoffs, where they consistently got the smaller stadium in all 3 of their matches in Silver Beach. While stadium assignments for that were not the RBSA's, the RBSA was responsible ultimately, as they gave the decision-making to Silverian authorities in the first place. Regardless, we'll see what kind of fan turnout we have in the Banijan capitol. Another thing to make note of, is that this is an unbalanced tournament in terms of host groups. Banija will be hosting 3 groups, while Xanneria will be hosting four- although the Final will be held in Banija. So we'll see how we can compete on the smaller side of the tournament.

It will be important to get off to a fast start. Our opener in Istria will be crucial. We're playing Trolleborg. This will be one of the most energetic games of the tournament, at least in the stands. Of course, Busoga Islanders will be making the short flight from Dukuma and Lakiska, and the plenty of Islanders in the city will turn out, even those without tickets. Trolleborg fans regularly make plans for marches before their games, and their request, of course, has been accommodated by Istria police. It will certainly be a challenge- a large number of fans for the Busoga Islands expected to show up, both from abroad and from within the city, while Trolleborg fans are already preparing. Istria Police have confirmed that they have mapped out a route that should avoid large contingents of Islander fans for a Trolleborg fan march, though of course we'll see if that comes true. Istria City College is hosting a Trolleborg fan exhibition, and plans are being made with local bars to 'limit alcohol intake' of fans before this big game. Expect all sorts of sparks. This is Rukunbi- all the crazy fans are here, right? We've all seen Lakiska SC play in Rukunbi. The police will certainly have their hands full. However, Trolleborg fans, while energetic and loud, are certainly well-behaved, so we'll see what happens to the leadup of this match.

But what can happen on the field? Well, these two teams play very different styles. The Busoga Islands are more defensive minded, while their counterparts like to attack the goal. What does that mean, functionally? Expect Trolleborg to have the lion's share of possession- around 60%. But what they do with that possession, will be key. IT seems as if the Islanders strategy will be similar to the strategy used against teams like Chromatika- sit back, absorb pressure, and counter-attack with precision and power. Of course, Trolleborg is not as talented as a Chromatika or a Mriin, so they should be able to have some success with that. With Marie Sonko anchoring the back line, the Islanders should be able to make a positive impact on this game. Our score prediction is 1-1, with both goals in the first half- both teams will have chances to win it in the second half, but neither will quite be able to overtake the other. With that prediction, you guys all know who are rooting interest is for. As always, go Busoga!

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Postby Timuria » Tue Jan 14, 2020 12:19 pm


Government Forms At Last

by Tumer Sahin

Timuria at last has a functioning majority government following weeks of uncertainty and a delaying of calling a snap general election by the incumbent Vizier on the insistence of Prime Minister Sabuktigin Imamoglu after he claimed he could form a government and the parliament could elect a speaker. They have managed to do both today leading to speculation about who the next Vizier will be and Mr Imamoglu's long term future in his role as leader of his party with speculation building that he may continue as Prime Minister despite not being leader of his party.

In a tight vote with almost every party group initially nominating, the GMVs eventually settled upon a compromise candidate for speaker indicating that if TIOC wanted to govern that even parties nominally aligned to it would be willing to throw their weight around in an uncommon moment of weakness for the usually dominant party. The original nominee from TIOC withdrew in favour of a joint BAHP-TIOC backed independent the GMV for Gorevlik the only GMV to win his seat without needing any preferences distributed to them. The new speaker Faruk Yoldas stated that he "Would be a unifying speaker that allowed every party and GMV, no matter their status in this body to have a fair chance to scruitinise and examine the work of the government."

The new government that was sworn in today bu the incumbent Vizier Ibrahim Karaman, is a minority TIOC government, that won a confidence vote with the help of TKP GMVs and the symbolic abstension of BAHP GMVs whose leader Rahim Muhadow said that they would "never stand in the way of progressive, democratic governance." Amid rumours about his political future, with many seeing him as the most credible leader in the country following the election results. The TKP issued a statement saying "We will continue this arrangement of national solidarity so long as there is a credible TIOC leader who adheres the terms of our agreement and does not deviate from the terms set out in the publicly available document of our confidence and supply arrangement."

On the topic of the leaderships of the major parties, ALTI will be electing a new leader from its 7 GMVs all of which are in their first term, while OK will be looking to replace Naz Dogancay, though she has not ruled out running again for leader. The more interesting race is the TIOC leadership, with Mr Imamoglu still not finalising his date of departure, making some members of his party nervous that he does not intend to stand down, potentially leading some to ponder a direct challenge to him. No GMV commands the intra-party support he does and he is still Prime Minister affording him legitimacy, but he will not find it easy to cling on if he intends to do so.

With the Vizier's term coming to a close, the parliament must now select a new Vizier. Many names have been floated with some even jokingly suggesting national football team manager and former agriculture minister Bekir Altingunes for the role. Though it seems that in exchange of BAHP cooperation on legislation that the TKP will not support as part of the confidence and supply agreement that Rahim Muhadow may be the join nominee of both TIOC and BAHP, meaning he would be the first LGBTQ+ and Shia Vizier in the nation's history. The parties are said to be negotiating this with the first round of votes, where any candidate must win a majority of GMVs which TIOC and BAHP would command will be elevated to the role of Vizier. The parliament has a maximum of one month or five votes to come to a decision or else a snap election is automatically called.
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Postby Hapilopper » Tue Jan 14, 2020 12:31 pm

Andrew’s Pub, Hapilopper City
About an hour or so after the group draw for the Cup of Harmony
Dominic Probst, the president of the Hapilopper Football Association, shifted around on his stool as he drank from his seventh Good Times Pilsner beer. He had spent most of the day at home, opting to take a day off from work, not even remembering the fact that this day just so happened to be the day of the group draw for the coming Cup of Harmony tournament. He had claimed to be sick, and asked whoever was there to call in and give some remarks about Hapilopper’s chances for the upcoming tournament. So Thom Perkins and Ernie Stevenson, who had come in to meet about possible tactical changes, gave some brief remarks at the draw.

The fact was, however, was that Probst was in a pretty dark mood. He had wondered about what the future of the Hapilopper National Football Team would look like if the team just kept going down this path of failing to qualify for World Cup tournaments. That was the reason he had been loudly claiming his team would just skip the Cup of Harmony before massive internal pressure within the HNFT, not to mention complaints from other national associations, led him to back down. It didn’t stop him, however, from feeling some twinge of misery about what the HNFT would become if they kept going down this path. That “golden age” of Hapiloppian sport looked like it wasn’t going to last long.

Dom looked over towards the door to find one of the team’s players and the older brother of another player walking in. Claire Randall, the backup striker for the HNFT came in with her boyfriend, NSSCRA driver Chris Holmes and roommate Drake Stevenson, the older brother of Ernie. They had watched the group draw in their apartment and had heard that Dom had called in sick, so to see him on a barstool drinking a beer was a little interesting. What they didn’t get, however, was why he looked so miserable. After all, the Haps had gotten off pretty well in the group draw, hadn’t they?

First off, the Haps would play their group stage matches in Banija, a nation not too far from the Dominion. The close distance meant that Hapiloppians would be able to travel en masse to the Kingdom of Banija for matches, and there had already been talk of Hapilopper Airlines setting up special flights to the nation for the tournament. Their opponents were pretty much closely enough ranked to them for Hapilopper to be considered a favorite in their group.

Throughout the group stage, the Haps would take on Kelssek, the winner of the 43rd Cup of Harmony; Sajnur, Schottia, the winner of the 79th World Cup; Sarzonia, the winner of the 22nd World Cup, the 10th Cup of Harmony and the 3rd Baptism of Fire, and TJUN-ia, a newcomer to the world of international football. It would be a very hard-fought group, in all probability, and whoever made it to the knockout stages would certainly have earned it. Experts knew that the ranks would deceive the fact that Hapilopper had some very strong competition ahead of them.

But that didn’t stop Dom from being in a funk. He had been depressed for several weeks, since Hapilopper had been eliminated from qualifying for the 84th World Cup. The rest of the HNFT were looking forward to the tournament, but Dom wasn’t. It didn’t matter that they were going to Banija, a land close to the Dominion, and it didn’t matter that thousands of Hapiloppian fans were going to make the trip. It mattered that they weren’t in the World Cup. That was it.

The bartender walked over to Dom, who asked for another round. The bartender hesitated for a moment, then asked Dom if he was sure.

“You know, you’ve been here drinking for an hour and you’ve had a lot already,” the bartender said. “I don’t want to let you have another one unless I know you’re alright. I’ll get you a glass of water, and I’d really recommend you order some food, because otherwise it’s not going to be pleasant.”

“GET ME ANOTHER BEER, YOU JERK!” Dom slurred loudly. “I don’t want your crap. Just get me a beer and I’ll be fine.”

Not far away, Drake, Chris and Claire were sitting in a booth, having just ordered some drinks and dinner for the evening. Drake and Chris had been regulars at Andrew’s for some time, dating back to their time competing in the HASCAR Challenge Cup, so they knew all the staff and proprietor Andrew McPherson, himself a former race car driver. Since Claire and Chris had started dating, she had started coming to the pub whenever she was in the area and not in Baker Park competing for the Clayton City Ladies FC team she played for there. Drake got up and walked over to Dom, in an attempt to play peacekeeper.

“You OK, Probst?” Drake asked. “Drew, get him a King Burger and ultra-cheesy fries, it might help him out a bit. It’s gonna be on our tab.”

The King Burger was one of the more decadent items on Andrew’s food menu – a two-third pound beef patty, a fried egg and cheese, as well as lettuce and tomato, onion and sriracha mayonnaise. It was tasty as hell and it was easy to see why it was so popular. Dom looked over at Drake and nodded his head as the racing driver sat down next to him.

“You OK?” Drake asked again.

“I don’t know,” Dom replied. “You know, we were going to do so well in the World Cup and we just blew it, you know? I’m scared we’re going to be mired in Cup of Harmony Hell for years to come and we’ll never make it to the World Cup, much less win it. I’ve got a dream of your little brother scoring the winning goal to win the World Cup, and I just feel like it’ll never happen, you know?”

“Sure it can,” Drake said. “You know, not a lot of people thought we’d beat Equestria, but we did. Not a lot of people thought we’d go there, face the defending World Cup champs and kick their asses, but we did. We’ll make it next year. Trust me on this. Now, have some faith in your boys. They can do some incredible things in this upcoming tournament, and considering how close we are to Banija, it’ll be like a bunch of home games. We’re gonna kick ass.”

Dom smiled and nodded his head. He had been upset because he had put so much on this qualifying that he had lost sight of what was ahead. He had lost sight of what could happen and feared the worst when the team failed to qualify for the World Cup. Things were going to be just fine, and so were the Hapiloppians.
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Postby Sarzonia » Tue Jan 14, 2020 5:40 pm

With the schedule officially announced, the Sarzonian national football team began its final preparations for the team's first match of the Cup of Harmony, which will take place Thursday.

The Stars took a look at the Stadium of the Restoration and looked at the impressive and massive structure that would host their opening match against Hapilopper on Thursday night.

Even though the building was by now familiar to the Stars, having played there during World Cup qualifying against the Kadongu Kamu, the fact that the Stars would be facing a regional rival and the second highest ranked side in Group F was cause for tension to begin growing a little bit.

More than one player's reverie was broken by a sudden and sharply-spoken sentence from among their ranks.

"Right this way."

Carlton Sandt made a motion for his teammates to follow him into the stadium itself. The team was being given a formal tour of the stadium after Hapilooper's tour had ended and that team's players, management, and other assorted team personnel had finished theirs.

"I know you don't actually need my services," the graying, middle-aged, uniformed employee told Sandt in Olusanke, "but we're required by custom to do this."

"I know," Sandt replied in Olusanke, "but there are a few things I need to mention to the rest of the team that won't be included in the formal tour."

Namely this conversation, Sandt thought, giving the gentleman a quick look of what striker Jake Campos could immediately detect was disapproval. The guide apparently did so as well before clearing his throat and continuing in English.

"Gentlemen," he said before catching a glare from reserve defender Carmela Bowen, "and lady, uh, ladies. Right this way. Please."

The players followed with some giving each other looks. Sandt looked back and saw the looks and understood that the tour guide wasn't exactly endearing himself to his compatriots.

Guys, be patient, he thought, looking back. Sandt knew there was a bit more to explain, like the reason there wasn't a coffeemaker in the dressing room, and why he had to pull a few strings to get an ATM installed in the away team's dressing room.

After the tour guide finished the formal tour and saw himself out with a sheepish look on his face, Sandt held court.

"Listen, team," he began. "I know we all only got a small taste of Banijan culture from our away match here during World Cup qualifying, but there are a few things I need to explain."

As the lone Sarzonian national team player who plies his trade abroad, and as the lone Sarzonian who earned ample exposure to Banijan life, he served in the unofficial role of cultural liaison between the locals and the Sarzonians. As such, he was giving his teammates an education in customs. After about 10 minutes of Sandt fielding questions and answering them, an alarm went off on manager Kevin Connelly's phone.

"We'll be late to dinner," he said. "We've gotta get going. The bus will leave any minute." The other players began rustling for their equipment to gather it and take it to the bus, but Sandt calmly looked at his mobile phone and tapped it a few times.

"Relax," he said. "The bus hasn't arrived yet. We'll have plenty of time to get outside before it gets here."

"How do you know that?"

"I've got the transit app for Busukuma's mass transit service," he said. "The bus should be here in about 10 minutes."

Emphasis on should, Sandt thought. That was another thing he explained to his teammates: Banijan culture was relaxed about time, almost too much so. The bus theoretically should have pulled off by now and taken the team back to the hotel they'd chosen about 10 minutes away from the Stadium of the Restoration. They knew Hapilooper played an attacking style that was almost Bettian takilan in its aggressiveness. They knew they had to rely on their defence to keep the Thrashers off the score sheet.

As for the team's schedule, they now knew their second match would be Friday night against Group F's highest-ranked side, No. 41 Kelssek at Star Field in Herzegovina City in Moravica. The name gave the Stars players a smile. The Stars knew realistically they might not be able to get a psychological edge on the Voyagers, but it was fun to dream.

Next up on the schedule was the lone Group F side ranked lower than Sarzonia's 110th position in the KPB rankings, TJUN-ia. The Stars were still assembling their scouting reports on the Jaguars and expected to finalise them before they faced each other on Saturday at Eastern Stadium in Istria.

They would get a quick upgrade in skill level for Sunday afternoon's match against Sajnur at BCEL Stadium in Jinja City before wrapping up the group stage against former World Cup champions Schottia at Tiones Lumber Field at the Wolf's Den in Busembe.

For now, the Stars were still navigating the need to convert Sarzonian dollars to Banijan schillings and relying on Sandt's relative comfort level at speaking Olusanke with some of the populace who might have been somewhat self-conscious in speaking English. Even with the ones who spoke the Sarzonian official language fluently, the most astute Sarzonian observers could quickly pick up flashes of delight in hearing Sandt speak their language.

All of it was a welcome distraction from all the difficulties of managing the team's ongoing grief over the suicide of their manager and the rumblings of geopolitical controversy between Sarzonia and Squornshelous.

As the team began to turn in, Sandt heard a knock on the door. It was reserve goalkeeper Paolo Gomes, who sheepishly asked for help with the DVD he'd brought with him to help him learn English.

"Sure, no problem," Sandt replied in Portuguese, drawing the widest smile Gomes had since the Stars pulled off what some Stars backers were calling the Brenecia Beatdown. The two would stay up past the midnight curfew Connelly imposed on the team, but as long as the players were in a hotel room, even if it weren't their own, he wasn't going to enforce it. Especially since he could almost physically see the bond between the two reserve goalkeepers strengthen as they worked together.
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Postby Newmanistan » Tue Jan 14, 2020 6:23 pm



by Brianne Henry,

For sixteen games during World Cup qualifying, Newmanistan was a major spoiler, looking like a very serious threat to upend either Audioslavia or Sargossa for one of the top two spots in the group. Then, for the final four games, Newmanistan limped home, not winning another game. They would still finish third in the group, but the distance to the top two was not really indicative with how close the group had been pretty much the whole way. The end result is that the Rockets will be finding their way to Cup of Harmony 76, the tournament that we expected to play in, but were hoping to go to the bigger party.

It is easy to find out where things went wrong for this team, and that is when goalkeeper Ryan McNamara sustained an injury in a match against Pius Delongname that he tried to play through, and that injury becoming much worse in the opening minutes against Audioslavia when he tried to play hurt. With McNamara on the sidelines, and unable to return to action during this cycle, the Rockets have pinned their hopes on North Charlotte’s Aaron Scarpa, and the 31-year old has yet to pick up a win in any of the games that he has started. It seems as though McNamara may have been that good, after all, he only allowed 15 games through 15 games, and we’re not one of those defensive minded teams. McNamara conceded four in his 16th game, the game in which he got hurt. In the final three games, Scarpa conceded eleven. That’s right, 11. Some feel that the team should go with third stringer Jesse Gallant due to Scarpa’s poor play, and there seems to be a strong possibility that will happen. Manager Miguel Hernandez told me that, “I know that Aaron struggled in the games that he played, and I have put some thought into playing Jesse. I understand where those opinions are coming from. The way I see it is that this becomes Aaron’s tournament. He can have a chance to redeem himself here, and show us what kind of goalkeeper he can really be. Let us also not give a free pass to the defense and the full team for the amount of goals we gave up in the final games. This is a team game, and there are more people out there to be held accountable for how we faded so badly at the very end of the campaign. When you factor all of that in, Aaron gets another chance, but this is not a free ride, either. Changes will be made if I feel that they should be. Everyone will have to earn their playing time.”

As we prepare for the Cup of Harmony, we have seen the mathematicians generate the number “57" for us as our new rank. That’s a nice climb, and something we might do further with this tournament as long as we have a respectable showing. A strong showing will certainly see much more progress like that, and nations near our ranking are all playing for the right to be “pot 3 team” in most draw formats for World Cup 85, instead of being a “pot 4" team. Being in the upper 50's, you’re right on the bubble of that, so every point can matter now. This tournament is being co-hosted by Banija and Xanneria, the latter of which was our fellow co-host for the most recent Campinato Espotiva. Newmanistan, however, will not be able to stay in Esportiva for the tournament, and our fans will have to travel to Atlantian Oceania, and the nation of Banija instead. It’s a nation that I have only been to a couple times, so I am excited about heading out there for my coverage of this tournament. Everyone likes to call their group the group of death, but I’ll put Group E up against any of them for that honor. Brusseldorf is a familiar foe from World Cup qualifying, but we will also have to deal with Busoga Islands and reigning Baptism of Fire champion, Trolleborg. BOLGANO, and yes, you must type that in all capitals (I’ll take that over having to type out “Desurongcrandis” a bunch of times) is a good looking up and coming nation that should not be taken lightly. Vdara rounds out the group, and will be able to play every game with nothing to lose.

Vdara will also be the our first opponent, taking place at Star Field in Herzegovina City. It has a large seating capacity of 70,000, so I am hoping to see a lot of fans repping the sky blue in attendance at the game. If we lose this game with a poor defensive effort, I would not be surprised at all if Jesse Gallant was in goal for the second game.

If you haven’t made plans to go to Banija yet, the Rocket Report will be giving a way, in a separate raffle for each game, an all-expense paid trip for four to our games. To be entered in the raffle, you must like and share this article and using the hashtag #CoH76RocketPower in comments.
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Postby PotatoFarmers » Tue Jan 14, 2020 8:31 pm

[FYI: For a complete list of RPs for the CoH, you could refer to my roster page for details. 1 year would have passed between WCQ/BoF and CoH in our calendar.]

Fiskadaha, Poafmersia
The assembled team was at the Poafmersian Football Association building, waiting for the final luggage checks before they go to the airport. They charted a bus for the send-off crowd and the team of 35 people flying to Banija for the Cup of Harmony, which included the squad of 23 players, as well as the 5 coaches, 2 physiotherapists, 1 nutritionist, 2 chefs, as well as 2 accompanying journalists from the PFBC and the Sporting Daily. The team had gathered here 2 weeks ago to watch the live draw, and played 4 friendlies against opponents of varying levels before embarking on their journey to Banija.
As compared to 15 months ago when the team was leaving for Zwangzug for the Baptism of Fire, the atmosphere was much lighter, and the players were brimming with more confidence. Many senior players were left out of the squad, as Adnan chose to pick the younger players from the Qualifiers. The oldest would be Santik Mason, the striker, as well as Jabik Henderson, the vice-captain and goalkeeper. Adnan had wanted to pick fresh faces, but decided they would be kept for the next qualification cycle and decided their debut can come in the Independents' Cup next year.
Some of the players would have raked up more experience in the IFCF club competitions. FC United of Mancodas defied expectations to advance into the group stage of the Liga B Champions' Trophy, while Shakira Handaris made a loan move to Audioslavian club 1830 Cathair, and experienced top tier of football which IFCF Champions' League participation and a competitive league there. So did Joel Haodao, who got a transfer move into Chromatikan side Tihon after the club agreed that Joel could have some experience elsewhere. At an age of 23 Joel could take a few years overseas before moving back, and he promised everyone at the club that he would return to Sarim Potatoes when he moves bacl. Meanwhile, the local players had a nice domestic season, which was really nail-biting and exciting as the title race came down to the wire. Many of them have been asking Shakira and Joel about their experience playing overseas, and they was sharing some of the tips he had learnt from overseas.
Wherever the players were, they now have one target - the Cup of Harmony. Adnan Suliaha had commented that the group was "manageable" and he hopes that the Red Panjias would advance into the knockout stages. Theoretically, they have a probable chance, with the team being a third seed. Realistically, the chance would be quite high if the team could capture their performance from the second half of the World Cup Qualifiers last year and replicate it.
Replicating the success of their microsite last year, the PFBC called on the Poafmer Times, and Sporting Daily to come together and come up with a microsite ( featuring the things happening in Xanneria and Banija, as well as the main Cup over in Cassadaigua and Baker Park. Things would be slightly different this time round, with visitors to the site able to watch live broadcast of selected matches in both the World Cup and the Cup of Harmony, while there was a "pick the winner" game for the World Cup. One thing that would not change would be the KPB rankings preview, a feature well liked by many local and foreign readers from the previous microsite.
The Football teams at the Sporting Daily and the Poafmer Times came together to produce an analysis of the 6 teams in Group H, and it was a well deserved read:
Pot 1: Squornshelan Remnant States (Rank: 40)
WCQ84 Performance: W-D-L of 7-9-4, goal ratio of 37-26
Performance at the WC83/CoH75: CoH 75, Quarter-finals
The Black-and-Reds did not have a good run at the qualifiers. Having sacked a manager mid-way through the qualification campaign, the team was not doing so well in Group 8, placing themselves fourth, behind South Covello, Qasden and BoF 71 quarter-finalists Ziwana. Ziwana, as many people would have known, was our quarter-final opponents during the Baptism of Fire, and they put up a really strong fight against our team. To prove their mantle, Ziwana managed to come up third in a very tight group, only letting Qasden through on Matchday 20. This Squornshelan Remnant States team had drawn with Ziwana twice in the qualifiers, and that could inspire Poafmersia to commit to a similar gameplan to stop this team. The Black-and-Reds should not be underestimated, as they were bronze medalists at the last Independents' Cup. A team with a similar playing style to our Poafmersian team should prove to be an interesting opponent when we first meet. An interesting note was that Poafmersia played Squornshelous, a nation which exerts some claim over their territories in the qualifiers.

Previous Meetings: none
Fixture between Poafmersia and this side: Matchday 4, at the Albert III Stadium, Dodoma.

Pot 2: Savojarna (Rank: 54)
WCQ84 Performance: W-D-L of 6-6-8, goal ratio of 46-39
Performance at the WC83/CoH75: 3rd in play-offs group for WCQ83, did not participate in CoH
The team did not get a good run at the World Cup Qualifiers this time round, falling to 7th place in Group 11. The side is, in our opinion, rather defensive, despite the new manager adding a bit of attacking flavour to the team. Nevertheless, their international experience would allow them to gain an advantage over our side, as seen by their past WCQ records. Narrowly missing out on the World Cup in the WCQ82 cycle and failing to get out of the play-off group in WCQ83 would provide a much more accurate picture of how strong the team could be. Though they may not be doing well this cycle, the team definitely packs a punch, and should be another of those favourites for the knockout stages.
Previous Meetings: none
Fixture between Poafmersia and this side: Matchday 2, at the Eastern Stadium, Istria.

Pot 3: Poafmersia (Rank: 76)
WCQ84 Performance: W-D-L of 10-4-6, goal ratio of 45-36
Performance at the WC83/CoH75: none
The Red Panjias are into their first cycle, and a late rally in the World Cup Qualifiers showed the team's capabilities at their peak. Interestingly, many have noted that Poafmersia got drawn into a rather easy group, with some of the previously top 100 teams on their decline, save for the top 2 seeds. Having got out of that group in 3rd place, Poafmersia should not expect a group which is as simple as that for the Cup of Harmony. However, with the players having grown from their experience of playing strong sides, in friendlies and in the qualifiers, they have a good chance of advancing down the knockout stages.

Pot 4: Euran Oceanian Territories (Rank: 92)
WCQ84 Performance: W-D-L of 5-5-10, goal ratio of 40-48
Performance at the WC83/CoH75: 3rd in play-offs group for WCQ83, did not participate in CoH
The Expats, as the team is known, is a team from the overseas territories of Eura. Eura ran riot during their World Cup Qualifiers campaign, ending the 20 match qualification campaign unbeaten, with 18 wins and 2 draws. However, the same could not be said for the Euran Oceanian Territories. The team has a really strong focus on offense, as proven by their previous 2 meetings with Poafmersia. However, there are concerns that the team was on a decline, as seen by their poor performance in the World Cup Qualifiers. Our unbeaten record against this side may prove to provide a psychological advantage over them.
Previous Meetings: W-D-L of 1-1-0. Last meeting in WCQ84, Poafmersia 4-1 Euran Oceanian Territories
Fixture between Poafmersia and this side: Matchday 3, at the Star Field, Herzegovina City.

Pot 5: Kandorith (Rank: 97)
WCQ84 Performance: W-D-L of 8-6-6, goal ratio of 39-31
Performance at the WC83/CoH75: none
Bushi Narehiko, or the Lotus Warriors, are a side that are returning to international football after skipping the previous cycle. The side caught the eyes of the Poafmersian coaches with its performance in Group 1, but otherwise they are just one of those nations with a rich history of international football. Having considered themselves to have underperformed in a group, with the team experiencing a tough time of change, they would surely be expecting a nice run of results here in Banija. The Matchday 1 fixture between Poafmersia and Kandorith would be an interesting test for both sides either ways, and should be a nice match to watch.
Previous Meetings: none
Fixture between Poafmersia and this side: Matchday 1, at the Lwanga City Arena, Lwanga.

Pot 6: Hampton Island (Rank: 148)
WCQ84 Performance: W-D-L of 6-3-11, goal ratio of 39-45
Performance at the WC83/CoH75: none
When we first researched on the team we had a shock. Their manager is younger than half the team, and they do not even have a professional league back at home. Football (or soccer in their language) is deep down in the pecking order of sports in their country, and they are not really an excellent side in particular. They seemed to be unable to find their footballing identity, despite getting a decent result for an unranked team at the Qualifiers. It would be interesting to see how they play football, as their players are well known to be aggressive attackers and divers.
Previous Meetings: none
Fixture between Poafmersia and this side: Matchday 5, at the Star Field, Herzegovina City.

Fixture List:
MD1: Kandorith vs Poafmersia - Lwanga City Arena, Lwanga, Buganda (cap 26,500)
MD2: Poafmersia vs Savojarna - Eastern Stadium, Istria, Moravica, Banija (cap 39,000)
MD3: Euran Oceania Territories vs Poafmersia - Star Field, Herzegovina City, Moravica, Banija (cap 70,000)
MD4: Squornshelan Remnant States vs Poafmersia - Albert III Stadium, Dodoma, Bunyoro (cap 48,600)
MD5: Poafmersia vs Hampton Island - Star Field, Herzegovina City, Moravica, Banija (cap 70,000)
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Postby Hampton Island » Wed Jan 15, 2020 5:00 am

Scene: Stafford City Stadium
CEO and manager Hannah Sanders chat about the upcoming Cup of Harmony

Sanders: Boss, like people are telling me that I, like, have to coach in another tournament.

CEO: Yes, you do, we signed up for the Cup of Harmony.

Sanders: Like I thought that like once the qualifying stuff was over and if we didn’t like, qualify, that we would not have any more games. What is this Cup of Harmony? Do I have to sing?

CEO: No, sweetie, you don’t have to sing.

Sanders: Oh thank heavens, like that totally had me worried!

CEO: It’s a tournament for select nations that did not qualify for the World Cup to be able to continue playing. Since the committee was so impressed by your soccer knowledge and tactics on the field, they found us worthy of getting one of those invites. So, thanks to you, I have the opportunity to make some more money, even though none of the games are held here. We will still have viewing parties at the stadium that can generate some income.

Sanders: Oh cool, like will you pay me anything out of that?

CEO: Yeah, sure, we’ll give you something. Don’t worry.

Sanders: Oh thank you!

CEO: You will have to go to Banija now for the entire tournament.

Sanders: Banija? Never heard of it! Like where is it?

CEO: We’ll give you directions. Surely the players who are actually soccer players have heard of it since Banija is good at soccer. But anyway, good luck.

Sanders: Thank you!

CEO: If we could win a game that would be cool. Then we would have more wins then the nation of Xanneria has had in two full NSSCRA seasons.

Sanders: Wait, like that would mean they have zero wins. Like that’s pretty bad.

CEO: I know, and unlike Lexi Patterson who also has zero wins, they have not been close, either.

Sanders: I like Lexi!

CEO: Yes, sweetie, I made her everything she is today. You are on your way, I will take care of you the same way I took care of her.
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Postby Kandorith » Wed Jan 15, 2020 9:09 am

Shinonome Kyoai - International

Baptism of Fire For Hayabusa

Squornshelous Remnant States (40)
Euran Oceanian Territories(92)
Hampton Island(148)

Tenkyo, After failing to place for the World Cup and Moriyase's resignation the Kandorese football is looking forwards to the future. Without any doubt the team has performed very well in the qualification campaign and has received praise from around the nation and abroad. The choice for a new football coach for the Kandorese national team was not a difficult one; Ken Hayabusa of the reigning champions Imakazawa Ravens shall take the helm into the prestigious Cup of Harmony.

For Kandorith this is not the first Cup of Harmony to contend for, yet the group they face might be a tough nut to crack. The largest concerns for Hayabusa will be giving a performance worthy of the fans' expectation, Moriyase left quite a high bar for the team's performance and expectations are high. Even Though Hayabusa is only 41 years of age his record has been outstanding up to today. Managing multiple lower league teams to victory in his early 30's and now leading the Imakazawa Ravens to victory for the first time in 15 years. The question however is, how will he deal with the pressure that has been put on him and will he be able to adhere to team chemistry.

For the Kandorese people there is excitement in wait as they give the new manager their full support and eagerly await the very first game against Poafmersia. Manager Hayabusa was not reachable for an interview or even comments this week as we were told his schedule to get the team up and running was too intensive and time consuming to talk to the media. Hopefully he will address the media after the first match and inform us of his vision for the Lotus Warriors and the upcoming games. Although coaching staff and players have already hinted towards the team playing more of the midfield focussed attacking play they have been oh so comfortable with in the qualification campaign.

The match against Poafmersia will be the first trial of Hayabusa, ranked 76, the two sides have never met before and this should set the stage for an interesting match where both teams will try to find out what either side is about. The expectation here is for Kandorith to play slightly more defensively to wait for a counter-attacking opportunity with plenty of high-paced wing play. None of the teams in the group have been faced by Kandorith before, which might put a little more emphasize on the team searching the styles of their opponent and carefully working out their tactics once on the field. The basic tactics will be known, but the field play has to be high in adaptability to carefully play on top of the game and the opponents.

There are no changes from the qualification squad running up to the Cup of Harmony which already tells us the confidence in this team is as high as it has been. The nation is looking forward to the first match and seeing their football heroes on the field in international matches once again.
Current Happenings:
Kandorese Government On High Alert After Reports of Mysterious Illness Spreading In Northern Province.

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Postby Tamgu » Wed Jan 15, 2020 10:57 am

Health report about player Eren Postas

Professional player of the Tamguna A National Team Eren Postas has been diagnosed with Malaria. It is suspected that he caught the disease in his visit to his grandparents in Galogossia.

His initial report had no sign of disease however the medical team insisted that another check on his health should be made after his body temperature started rising. It was quickly found out that he had caught malaria and he was sent to [hospital] in Xanneria. We thank them again for their hospitality.

The treatment is carried out meticulously, taking into consideration the international treatment protocols determined by our health care team and the [hospital]'s doctors as well as the protocols assigned by the Ministry of Health. The public will be informed about the progress of the disease and the health status of our player.
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    Tamga/USD conversion rate: 1,23
    Largest city: Remeno, 11,950,400 (2019)

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Postby TJUN-ia » Wed Jan 15, 2020 12:52 pm

TJUN-ia Update: Welcome to Banija!

We thought we were done here, but apparently not...

TJUN-ia finished 6th in our WCQ group, and apparently the footballing bodies of Banija and Xanneria have decided that was good enough to send us an invite to CoH 76. Not that we're complaining.

The Jaguars are now ranked 121st in the multiverse, a huge leap from the 295th we were at before the start of WCQ. We were drawn into Group F, but we are the lowest ranked team of the 6.

Here are our Group Stage fixtures, all taking place in Banija:

MD1: vs Sanjur (61) @Electra Stadium, Mynda
MD2: vs Schottia (90) @Tiones Lumber Field at the Wolf's Den, Busembe
MD3: vs Sarzonia (110) @Eastern Stadium, Istria
MD4: vs Kelssek (41) @Lwanga City Arena, Lwanga
MD5: vs Hapilopper (50) @Hangaza Unified Stadium, Aissa

The road may look tough, but The Jaguars will try their hardest, with extra manpower form the deceased Galar. Our first game is in Mynda against Sanjur.
Football: BoF: Round of 16 (71) / WC: Group Stage (Qualifying) (85)/ CoH: Group Stage (76)
Am. Football: WB: 1st Group Stage (XXXVIII)
Ice Hockey: WCoH: ? (39)
NSSCRA - Jaguar Racing: #00 Micheal Stefan (9: ?)/#64 Alfonso Mercado (9: ?)
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Postby Xanneria » Wed Jan 15, 2020 1:19 pm

OOC: Stadium info for for Xanneria has been posted.
Xanneria: My main nation
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FIRST CONTEST: Copa Esportiva 23
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FIRST WIN: 5-3 vs Qingland
LARGEST MOV: 5-0 vs Pineapple Porcupines
CHAMPIONSHIPS:Baptism of Fire 69 (Nice!) winner / Group Winner CE24
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Postby Terre Septentrionale » Wed Jan 15, 2020 1:44 pm


Cup of Harmony 76 preview

Newmarket, Commonwealth of Baker Park - In preparation for the Cup of Harmony, Terre Septentrionale's national team played a friendly in Baker Park and drew 1-1. The game was played at Prince William Stadium in Newmarket, a stadium that will host a group F and a round of 16 match. The only goalscorer for Terre Septentrionale was Sandrine Fontaine.

The team will be boarding a plane from Baker Park to Xanneria tomorrow, just in time for the Cup of Harmony, which is starting next week. While the team was in Baker Park, the group draw for the Cup of Harmony was held and the Nordiques (58) are in group A against the co-hosts Xanneria (51), Filindostan (64), The Sarian (96), Bears Armed (119) and Razneta (154). It's a really tough group and those who think it will be a walk in the park for Terre Septentrionale will be disappointed. Here's a few words about each of our opponents:

Matchday 1 vs The Sarian (96)

Like us, The Sarian had a disappointing World Cup qualifications and finished 8th in group 3,maybe one of the group of death with Starblaydia, HUElavia, Mercedini, Eastfield Lodge, Schiavonia and The Sarian. They will have a chance to prove they're a top team at the Cup of Harmony but they're in our group and it won't be easy. Their offense is led by Wera Pauwelz, who has 6 goals in 18 caps but their strenght is their defense. Oodel Duoztiun will be in goal and Jaxon Pieuz is their leader on defense.

Matchday 2 vs Bears Armed (119)

Then we face some really good team who disappeared and they came back for the World Cup 84. Bears Armed finished in 6th place in group 9, a group that also had Valanora, Port Ember, Ethane, Kelssek and Xanneria. Their top player is probably Karra Brent, who'se quite large and very powerful. She's also fast and fearless.

Matchday 3 vs Filindostan (64)

Filindostan is also a really good team. They finished 5th in group 8, behind South Covello, Qasden, Ziwana and Squornshelan Remnant States. The captain and probably the best player on the tean is His Excellency Tisang and their offense is led by Ina Teterissa, Shaina Louise Escobido and Seto Tuhuteru.

Matchday 4 vs Xanneria (51)

Xanneria are the highest ranked team in the group and also the co-hosts, they will have the home advantage, which makes the the team to beat. They finished 5th in group 9, just ahead of Bears Armed. Xanneria is an all-offense team who rarely cares about their defense, they're starting 5 forwards on the field. Yes 5 forwards! We're not sure if any of these 5 forwards is better than another, but a player who can cause some damage to opposite teams is Glenn Hailey.

Matchday 5 vs Razneta (154)

Lastly, we play against Razneta, a team that we don't know. They're actually new in international football but they weren't in the latest Baptism of Fire, which means they joined the World Cup qualifications without participating in the BoF, which I think it's impressive. They're an upcoming team to watch for the future and we shouldn't take them lightly. They play a defensive style. Their starting goalkeeper in a legend in his country, Ranka Mazioka, who's 39 years old.

Terre Septentrionale will use their red and white uniform for all games. On matchday 3 we're the home team against Filindostan, which will force them to use their black kit.

Wlodzimierz Pietruszewski,
Senior writer, La tribune Septentrionale
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Runner Up: Cup of Harmony 76
3rd Place:
4th Place:

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Postby Trolleborg » Wed Jan 15, 2020 1:59 pm


The Trolleborg team has long arrived in Banija, with the goal of acclimatizing as efficiently as possible, all players from the team’s application are present at the team’s away base, minus Jovan Tro, who, for some reasons that have not been yet announced, is forced to return to the homeland and must join his comrades before the second game. The team will soon hold their first match in Istria. In it, our guys will meet on the field with the Busoga Island team. They will have a difficult duel, in fact, on a away field, since up to a third of the population of the city are immigrants from the islands, and a huge number of them are expected at the match and on the city squares. Our fans also arrived in considerable numbers, setting up a temporary camp in the city center and trying their best to involve both local residents and visitors and fans of the opposing team in cultural and sports entertainment. The atmosphere is calm and friendly, although right now without fraternity and hugs. TTV intends to conduct a 3D broadcast of the most interesting events on and around the field.


Our fans have arrived in Banija in large numbers, and the “Big green man” is already making felt their presence. Several thousand scarves and tens of thousands of flags with the emblem of Trolleborg have already found new owners.


As usual, the fans will head to the match with a three live orchestras, however, taking a rather intricate winding route proposed by the police for security reasons. “But we’ll see the city not only in the central part,” one of the leaders of the Trolleborg fan movement joked.
Of course, testing local spirits is unavoidable, and the famous Banija Waragi liquor was fully appreciated by the fans. “What a pity that in our country it is so rare to find dishes and drinks from other countries. It seems to me that it would be worth to extend our “open door policy” to this area as well”, one of them said.

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Postby Saintland » Wed Jan 15, 2020 5:31 pm

OOC: This is continued from the World Cup. A good deal has happened off-screen because I never got around to RPing it so I'll try to summarize what has changed.

St. Petrus, Saintland

University of Saintland Prep had let out for the year. Over the course of the year, Censorina Tuccius's relationship with Prince Andreas and his circle of friends had... evolved. Prince Andreas, Georgius Lusius and Nicolaus Cosconius, the star soccer players for University of Saintland Prep, had all been held back a year and banned from playing soccer because they were, to put it mildly, a bunch of delinquents who cared not for their studies. At first, Censorina Tuccius, a first year at the top of her class, didn't like them very much. However, the 4 of them all found the idea of being "friends" mutually beneficial. Censorina was secretly an extremely talented hacker who had learned how to hack at a young age from her mother, a long time Feministvs Sanctvsterra member. She wanted connections to the future king. The future king and his slacker friends wanted help cheating their way out of the school.

Remarkably, it had all worked out so far. The 3 young gentlemen were now on track to graduate in March (OOC: Saintland uses an April to March academic year, not the normal August to June.). Outwardly, Prince Andreas and his friends appeared to have become model students. Their test scores were vastly improved now that they had copies of all their tests at least 24 hours in advance. The nuns had noticed young Censorina Tuccius hanging around the 3 of them and had worried about them being bad influences on her but now they were thrilled that she appeared to be a good influence on them. Over the course of the year, their group had grown as they found other students who shared their dislike of the ultra-conservative Sanctii society.

One day during the break, Censorina Tuccius texted all of her friends, suggesting they meet up at her place that afternoon. Eventually, the full group of 13 was assembled.

Censorina Tuccius - I bet all of you guys are wondering why I called you over here today.

Georgius Lusius - Yeah. I was enjoying that uncensored Internet you hooked us all up with.

Censorina Tuccius - Well, first off I want to tell you a story.

Prince Andreas - What kind of story?

Censorina Tuccius - A story about a long time ago in this frozen land. Once upon a time, there was a school. And at this school, students received a high quality education just like they'd get anywhere in the multiverse. They even learned actual science, not myths somebody invented around 3000 or so years ago. Then, one day, this guy called the King put forth a decree. This royal decree appointed the craziest nun in all of the Kingdom as the "High Inquisitor" for this school.

Prince Andreas - Wait, is this a true story?

Censorina Tuccius - Let me finish!

Prince Andreas - Go ahead then.

Censorina Tuccius - Suddenly, the students at Progress High School were sad. But there seemed to be little they could do. Until one of them, whose name is lost to history, decided to fight back. Many of the other students agreed and Vindicta Progressvm was born. Vindicta Progressvm worked hand-in-hand with the heroes Feministvs Sanctvsterra to come up with hilarious ways to protest the tyranny of the King and his wicked nun.

Maria Aufidius - You mean to tell me that Vindicta Progressvm was real?

Censorina Tuccius - Yes it was.

Nicolaus Cosconius - And who was this wicked nun?

Censorina Tuccius - None other than the Nuisance of Republica herself, Sister Maria Polus.

Prince Andreas - Wait, just how old is Maria Polus?

Censorina Tuccius - Your majesty, don't tell me you don't know about the time warps?

Prince Andreas - I do but why would she be unaffected?

Censorina Tuccius - Sister Polus was away from Saintland during both time warps so she never aged like others of her generation did. She's currently 59 years old and is likely to continue being a nuisance for decades to come.

Prince Andreas - I don't understand why the Republicans allow the Church to blatantly interfere in their elections.

Censorina Tuccius - They don't care. Besides, their military, their corporate interests and even tourists have a major impact on their elections too. But I didn't call you guys here to talk about Republican politics. I called you here because I want you to help me start a new Vindicta Progressvm!

Prince Andreas - Have you lost your mind? It would be the utmost folly to defy my father in the open.

Censorina Tuccius - Who said anything about it being in the open? I figure we can just hack the Royal Networks broadcast of the Lisander Cup of Harmony match. There's going to be lots of people watching the first Cup of Harmony match so we'll send them into a panic by displaying the Vindicta Progressvm logo and playing a message from us, with our voices distorted of course.

Maria Aufidius - Sounds dangerous.

Nicolaus Cosconius - But its nothing that our Censorina can't pull off!

Prince Andreas - I guess its fine. To minimize suspicion, I think you should plant a virus on the Royal Networks system in advance and we should all be hanging out together watching the Cup of Harmony at the palace.

Censorina Tuccius - Sounds like a plan. I won't be anywhere near a computer when it all goes down!

Georgius Lusius - How about using some of your connections to launch a second hack during the game?

Marcus Caeparius - Maybe you could do one of those hacks that shuts down a web site?

Censorina Tuccius - A Distributed Denial of Service sounds like a plan. I'll see if I can get TwoBags to help me. Might as well make them think its coming from the FFR.

They laughed. The plan was made and now they just needed to execute it...
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Postby Vdara » Wed Jan 15, 2020 5:44 pm

A Well-Recieved Surprise

Vdaran fans were mildly disappointed following their impressive 7th place finish in the WC group stages, but the story does not end there! Following a surprise invite to the internationally revered Cup of Harmony, sports fans of Vdara finally have something to watch on TV until February!

Upon arriving in Herzegovina City, Vai news crews were there to ask them questions about the Cup.
The following conversation was recorded and broadcast live across Vdara on Vai News.

Studio Host: “We now go live to our sports correspondent, who’s currently at Herzegovina City with the national team! Over to you.”
Reporter: “Congratulations to all of you on your invitation to the cup!”
Pardakis: “Thank you, thank you.”
Reporter: “Tell me, what was it like when you found out?”
Vlahiades: “You know, it was absolutely mind-blowing. One minute we’re dumped out of the World Cup, and the next minute we’re cheering our hearts out because we got invited to another tournament!”
Pardakis: “Just goes to show how far the power of teamwork can go, eh?”
Sideropoulos: “I agree. Teamwork will be needed for this tournament. We are the lowest ranked team in our group, but did that stop us last time? No! We shall fight til the end, whether that be finishing 4th in the group stages or whether that be the finals! Forza Vdara!”
Sideropoulos: “Make sure to channel that passion into your game tomorrow, lads!”
Reporter: “Well, thank you for answering the questions with such enthusiasm! Just so you guys at home know, the first match will be broadcast tomorrow on Vai Sports 1, live from the Star Field! Back to the studio. Forza Vdara!”
Studio Host: “Well, you heard it here first, folks. We’re going to win the cup! Heh, bet. We would barely win a game of hook-a-duck, never mind the Cup of Harmony!”

Wherever the players are staying, Herzegovina City

The players were settling in to their rooms, with 2 squad members in each room. It’s like the aesthetic of a school trip, with your mates. Just a fun old time joking around with one another, but with added tactics and ideas for the next game.

Room 103
Xeniadis: “Tryfon, do you think I’ll start?”
Vlahiades: “You never know what the boss is thinking. You’ll get a chance in this cup one way or another, but time will tell.
Xeniadis: “Yeah, fair point.”
*long silence*
Xeniadis: “Wanna play truth or dare?”
Vlahiades: “Aren’t we a little too old for truth or dare?”
Xeniadis: “I’m not.”
Vlahiades: “Well, lets do it then!”

Room 104
Fotellis: “You got your shooting boots ready for tomorrow?”
Lazelis: “You bet I have! I’m ready to score goals like there’s no tomorrow, providing that the Newmanistani defence makes mistakes that allow me through.”
Fotellis: “Just so you know, I’m not a dinosaur. I’m only 35. I’m still clinical with the ball.”
Lazelis: “I never said you were a dinosaur.”
Fotellis: “Oh yeah, neither you did. It was David.”
Lazelis: “Och, don’t worry Alexis, he’s only teasing. Besides, you’re one of our best players! I doubt he really meant to insult you.”
Fotellis: “I guess you’re right. Now get to sleep. It’s an important game.”

Room 105
Karalas: *snore*
Karalas: *snore*
Karalas: *snore*
Mavroglou (whispering): “When will it end? It’s midnight!”

Room 106
Metrakis: “Markos?”
Moustakakos: “Yeah, Serapheim?”
Metrakis: “Good luck out there on the pitch tomorrow. I’ll be cheering you on from the bench!”
Moustakakos: “Heh, thanks!”
The Kingdom of Vdara
A unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy situated in the Mediterranean Sea consisting of the islands of Malta, Cyprus, Crete, Karpathos, Rhodes, Thera, and Kasos.

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Postby Filindostan » Wed Jan 15, 2020 7:28 pm


Tidbits: Few transfer updates, Cup of Harmony, and Campionato Esportiva stuff

Hawthorne, XANNERIA - Weeks before the first matchday of the Cup of Harmony 76 in Xanneria and Banija, we gather all the reports from our correspondents from all over Filindostan for the news tidbits. Today, we bring you news from the transfer window, Cup of Harmony, and Filindostan's preparation for the hosting of the Campionato Esportiva.

Transfer Window: King back to Venividicci, Yakob to Perokotyog, Cahya to Perokojak, and more

As part of Venividicci's plans to strengthen their squad in preparation for this seasons Challengers' League, the club welcomed back His Excellency 'King' Tisang on a free transfer. Last played for multi-time Llamanean champions Llama City Capitals, King returns to a Venividicci side looking for a more stable leadership on the field. He will resume his partnership with Muhammad Safri at Venividicci.

It is unknown though if the Filindostan national team captain would be able to play league matches immediately for the club, as the Filindostan Football Federation (FFF) imposed a suspension on him for unprofessional behavior following his punching of Kalactinian player Hue Grebv during the Baptism of Fire 66 tournament they won. King was able to circumvent the ban by accepting a transfer offer from the club from Super-Llamaland. He has already served his international ban long ago and returned to the team, again, causing stir when the two teams met at the Cup of Harmony 71 in Qasden, when the midfielder refused to shake Grebv's hand in the pre-match ceremonies.

All those shenanigans are already behind him though, with him taking the captaincy role from Dina Satyawan, who had held it since Filindostan's international debut at Campionato Esportiva 20.

Another overseas player returning to Filindostan is Yakob Rivas. The former Perouno midfielder was sold to Marianne's Tout-Puissant Outremont, but after several seasons of his media presence only being in the national team, and the expiration of his contract there, he signed a three year contract with emerging club Perokotyog Yogyakulta. The Yogyakulta club missed out on the Challengers' League group stage but will plan an assault on the league title.

On other international news, two Filindostani players have signed contracts for the Hayvnwilde's LygaHaven clubs. Damaris Cambo, former Perotapam Massakar player signed for Advernians, while ex-Venividicci player Yish Sta. Lucia signed for Union Forge.

At the local scene meanwhile, clubs are signing players who shined on other teams last season. Venividicci triggered a swap deal that brought Kabanalan 004's Chanchan Li to the blue half of San Marco, to provide cover for the oft-injured Mila Khalifa, while sending young player Dolly Datuin on loan the other way around. Venividicci inserted an option for Kabanalan to buy the player during the two-season duration of the loan. Perokotyog further strengthened their potency up front with the signing of Ajij Tam from Peropimen. Tam would not be the only player to leave the Menodo club as Tirta Gunawan also secured a transfer to Perokojak Kota Jakulta. The Lions, who struggled last season, also signed Cahya Kartawijaya from Locomotiva San Marco, as Gerry Nasution has announced his retirement from football.

Filindostan drawn alongside hosts Xanneria in CoH group stage

After the group draw for this year's Cup of Harmony, it was realized that Filindostan will be playing in Xanneria and will be in the hosts' group, including a number of other well-known teams, such as Bears Armed, and The Sarian. Other teams also in Group A are Terre Septentrionale and Razneta, the first opponents for the Baptism of Fire 66 winners.

Unlike in Banija, matches per group in Xanneria will be handled differently, as only one stadium will host all the matches, bar Matchday 5. This means that Krisna Hendra Sudirman's scouting team will have ample time to study their upcoming opponents and formulate a specific plan against the other teams in the group. Filindostan was able to avoid other high rank teams in the draw, giving them a fighting chance to advance to the round of 16, and recover their KPB rank, which plummeted from 59 to 64 due to their poor World Cup 84 qualifying campaign.

Another things to note is that Filindostan have never failed to progress beyond the group stages in their previous Cup of Harmony appearances (3), and Sudirman is running his own tactics and style, after adapting to Xavier Rinoso's tactics for the rest of their campaign after the former manager resigned on Matchday 8.

"We're confident that we'll progress to the knockout stages again. We have prepared the team for their opponents and I think we have a chance against every team in this competition". A confident Sudirman stated during Media day here in Xanneria.

Kabunuklan airports ready for Campionato Esportiva

As Filindostan publicly announced their bid for the hosting of Campionato Esportiva 26, works have been ongoing to rehabilitate two regional airports in Kabunuklan Island in San Rafael and in San Mameng.

San Rafael Airport was renovated with an extended runway length able to cater to narrow-body aircraft, and a reconstructed passenger terminal. The facility was only used recently for military and occasional charter flights. while the San Mameng Airport was heavily renovated for the runway to accommodate regional jets and commercial turboprop aircraft. A previously derelict facility, San Mameng's airport was renovated to further make the municipality open for businesses and tourism, which will pave way for the town to progress their goal of cityhood by 90020.

Filindostani flag carrier Filindair are also planning to add pan-Esportivan routes to the one they currently have as preparation for the Campionato Esportiva. The airline are currently planning to lease several aircraft for the expanded operations while finding a company to supply them with airplanes.

If Filindostan wins the bid for Esportiva's regional tournament, expansion plans for several stadiums around Filindostan will be given a go-signal as well. The bidding committee hopes that the expansion work will be done in time for the tournament.

Written by FSNA Staff.

Schedule - Cup of Harmony 76
MD01: vs Razneta (at City of Hawthrone Stadium, Hawthorne, Xanneria)
MD02: vs The Sarian (at Golden Gopher Casino - Palace City Stadium, Palace City, Xanneria)
MD03: vs Terre Septentrionale (Air Catalina Dwight Stadium, Catalan City, Xanneria)
MD04: vs Bears Armed (at City of Hawthrone Stadium, Hawthorne, Xanneria)
MD05: at Xanneria (Golden Gopher Casino - Palace City Stadium, Palace City, Xanneria)
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Postby Appalachian Nation » Wed Jan 15, 2020 8:38 pm

Group B here we come

XANNERIA - With the invite to the CoH, The Hillbillies were able to finally publicly reveal their draw today. They will partake in group B With five other teams. Those teams are Saintland, a pious, footballing theocracy. Jeruselam, who is Saintland's oppisite. Ziwana, an upstart nation who was in the same BoF as us. The powerful New Lusitania team and old freind Lisander. THis group could be a good test to see the direction of Appalachian Soccer, but it could also be frought with traps and broken dreams. Here's a break down of each game.

Appalachia vs Ziwana - Pfluger Stadium, Austin, Xanneria Ziwana comes in off of a surprising qualifying run and a deep BoF run. Appalachia could match up good versus them, but they could also easily trash us. This is probably our most even opponent SCORE PREDICTION APY 1-0 ZIW

Appalachia vs Lisander - Air Force memorial Stadium Tacoma, Xanneria A fimiliar foe from the WC Qualifiers, Appalachia faced Lisander twice, this should be another opponent that will be easy to take on. But this time a familiarity factor and not team quality should be a determining factor for success. SCORE PREDICTION APY 1-1 LIS

Appalachia vs Jeruselem - Nortonshaw Pro Stadium, Nortonshaw, Xanneria To say this country is eccentric is an understatement. a run by a depot with a harem, full of crazies and downright savage, they are the highest ranked team in our group. SCORE PREDICTION APY 1-4 JER

Appalachia vs Saintland - Pfluger Stadium, Austin, Xanneria. A veteran of the World Cup wars, Saintland hosted last years BoF tournament and they run a tight ship with their team, they are a theocracy after all. Probably a better matchup for victory than Ziwana, but could also crush us if necessary. SCORE PREDICTION APY 2-0 SNT

Appalachia vs New Lusitania - Nortonshaw Pro Stadium, Nortonshaw, Xanneria Ah our final game and by one spot, our second toughest opponent. We will playing our game at the Nortonshaw Stadium in west Hampton. This was a curious choice for a stadium. Primarily a baseball stadium its well known for its terrible sight lines for non baseball. Apparently its large size was to much to resist for the FLOX people and it will be our final CoH qualifier's stadium. SCORE PREDICTION APY 0-3 NLA

SO the prediction for Appalachia is 2-1-2. Can that put us in to the next round? Maybe.



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