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The Idiot Project - A YouTube RP

PostPosted: Thu Dec 19, 2019 2:25 pm
by The Idiot Project

The Idiot Project is a YouTube series about NS Sport written and animated by Audioslavian journalist and meme Jeremy Jaffacake.

If you're new to The Idiot Project, start with Episode 3, Chapter 3 and go from there.
There's an uptick in audio/video quality that starts around that time, and Episode Three can be watched in any order

This series is heavily inspired by the works of SBNation's Jon Bois. Particularly the series Chart Party and Pretty Good


For each episode, links and information will be posted here.

All videos will remain Unlisted on YouTube. The only way to find them is through links on the NS Sport forum.

I have not monetised any of The Idiot Project videos. If you see an advert, it is because the series occasionally contains music that is copyrighted, but that the artist/rights owner allows on YouTube in return for videos containing that music to be monetised for their benefit. The Idiot Project is strictly non-profit.

For the sake of keeping the making of The Idiot Project a secret, permission to reproduce works of various NS users was not sought. If you see your own work in a video and would like it blurred out, please get in touch with Audioslavia

The Idiot Project is a personal project by Audio and is not officially affiliated with in any way.

Please do not post spoilers on Discord or the forums.

The Idiot Project's stylesheet consists of the following rules.

  • Be wholesome and positive
  • Do not talk about OOC conflicts or controversies from the past 15 years.
  • The line between IC and OOC may be crossed, but try to keep to the former
  • When doing a feature on a particular nation, it should be on a nation that is not currently active
  • Use 'Forum Time' rather than any in-character system for measuring the passage of time.
  • Credit users for featuring their creative work
  • Use opinions sparingly, and use them to give context to facts, not to replace them.
  • Nothing would make this series more boring than to talk about your own nation for even a second more than once
  • It's absolutely fine if there are writing/research/animation/sound/editing errors or oversights, and it's fine if some parts seem a little amateurishly done, so long as the finished product is something enjoyable

Series 1 - Trailer
Episode 1 - World Cup Scorigami
Chapter 1 narrated by Audioslavia
Chapter 2 narrated by Mriin + cameo from Audioslavia
Chapter 3 narrated by Audioslavia
Chapter 4 narrated by Polar Islandstates
Chapter 5 narrated by Mriin + additional vocals by Maklohi Vai
Chapter 6 narrated by Audioslavia

Episode 2 - The Chronicles of Ridiculousness
Chapter 1 narrated by Audioslavia
Chapter 2 narrated by Audioslavia + cameo from Mriin
Chapter 3 narrated by Audioslavia
Chapter 4 narrated by Bonesea
Chapter 5 narrated by Mriin + cameo from Polar Islandstates, Bonesea and Audioslavia

Series 2 - Trailer
Episode 3 - Stay at Home and Wash your Hands
Chapter 1 narrated by Audioslavia
Chapter 2 narrated by Starblaydia
Chapter 3 narrated by Audioslavia
Chapter 4 narrated by Astograth
Chapter 5 narrated by Audioslavia
Chapter 6 narrated by Mriin

Episode 4 - - The Unofficial World Championship
Chapter 1 narrated by Audioslavia
Chapter 2 narrated by Mriin and Maklohi Vai
Chapter 3 narrated by Mriin
Chapter 4 narrated by Audioslavia
Chapter 5 narrated by Mriin
Chapter 6 narrated by Audioslavia
Chapter 7 narrated by Audioslavia
Chapter 8 narrated by Audioslavia
Chapter 9 narrated by Krytenia

Series 3
Christmas Special
Christmas Special

Episode 5 - - The 'L' Word
Chapter 1 narrated by Nethertopia
Chapter 2 narrated by Audioslavia
Chapter 3 narrated by Nethertopia
Chapter 4 narrated by Mriin
Chapter 5 narrated by Mriin
Chapter 6 narrated by Audioslavia

The Idiot Minute - Mriin's series of stats-themed short videos.
Episode 1
Episode 2
Mriin: A Legacy of Mediocrity

Craziness Encouraged - Starblaydia's video RP series, of which Jeremy Jaffacake calls himself 'the executive executive producer'
Craziness Encouraged Thread

Music Playlists
Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Three
Episode Four
Episode Five
The Idiot Project Soundtrack Spotify Playlist

Additional Material
Chapter 4.5 made quickly to acknowledge Banija's 'scorigami'.
The Comet
The Torch
The Follicle
Episode 3 images (warning, very large)

After you've watched an episode your feedback would be much appreciated! If nothing else it helps me flesh out the audience ratings on the NS Sport Wiki
Episode 1 + 2 survey
Episode 1 + 2 Video Ratings
Episode 3 Survey
Episode 4 Survey

PostPosted: Thu Dec 19, 2019 2:28 pm
by The Idiot Project
Episode One, Chapter One [15:59]

Original Script
Episode 1, Chapter 1.1 - Historical Records

If you saw this, you are old. This is the multiverse, eighteen days after its creation. The Idiot Project starts here. in the world of Web 2.0. Nobody here knows what a hashtag is, Flip-phone technology is ‘in’, and all your base belongs to me.

We start with World Cup 1, or what remains of it. The Idiot Project’s database is not entirely complete.

Not every World Cup football match made the journey from history to the record books, which are full of question marks, blank spaces and red text. Although we know that, among the 32 nations in Ariddia, there were teams named Leison, Enodia, Bravlek and ‘The League of 20,000’, nobody knows a single thing about them or what they did in the tournament, other than that they didn’t do enough to reach the knockout stages. They never entered another World Cup. Their story begun and ended in pre-history. A fleck of dust on the front cover of the story of the World Cup.

Only twenty matches from World Cup 1 are recorded, and all twenty games are visible here in the form of the World Cup Scorigami chart.

The format is simple. Along the top row, we have the goals scored by the winning team of any given game. Along the bottom, the goals scored by the losing team. Some matches don’t have winners or losers. Those are recorded too Some columns will remain blank. The one with zero at the top and one on the side will remain blank as, well, you can’t win a game zero one.

There were five one-nothing wins in World Cup 1, a couple of two-nil victories, a sole 2-1 victory and three 3-0 wins. The tournament’s two draws on record are here as well, both two-all ties, including the World Cup 1 final in which Crosshill defeated Europa Britannia on penalties. Penalty shoot-out wins are ignored by the sheet. All we care about is the result after 90 minutes or, in the case of extra time, after 120.

Right now, the highest-scoring game is Ariddia’s 7-3 defeat on their own turf to a team named Livland. The biggest win is Quohog’s 6-1 demolition of Budvar.

All these result stay in the chart as we add scores from later World Cups. We add the seventeen documented games from World Cup 2, and see additions to the 4-0, 5-0, 3-2 and 6-3 columns. Four Scorigamis.

Wait. What *is* Scorigami? What are we doing here exactly?

Scorigami is achieved whenever a team.. or more accurately two teams… achieves a scoreline that has never been done before in the history of the World Cup. When Livland beat Ariddia 7-3, that was scorigami, but then as far as we know, so was Aston Villa’s 2-2 World Cup 1 first-round draw with Derto. If it was the first ever 2-2 draw, it was a Scorigami. If it’s a Scorigami, it’s special.

Scorigami is cheap here in World Cups 1 and 2. With the board filling up, it’ll be harder and harder to get.

Only around half of the total games played between cycles one and three are documented, although the full gamut of World Cup 4’s results are here in full. Already, the gaps have been filled.

The only games present from World Cup 5 are the post-qualifying playoffs and the 64 matches from the finals. As such, it becomes the first tournament to fail to achieve a Scorigami. Poor show, cycle five.

World Cup 6 sees the *total matches* more than double, with a long qualifying campaign followed by a short playoff tournament and the World Cup itself. As such, we see four new Scorigamis in cycle six. Good job, cycle six. From here on out, new Scorigamis will be highlighted in pink. From here, to be the first to uncover a new square on this board, you’ll have to do something special. 6-4, 7-0, even 9-1 if you want to put daylight between you and the rest.

Snub Nose 38’s 7-0 defeat of Yatsumica in the qualifiers for World Cup 7 stands as the biggest margin of victory so far, a glorious Scorigami for the home of Margaret. Here’s what the legend himself has to say about it.

1.2 - A Miracle on Cockbill Street

After the chaos of the early World Cups, we move into an era of defensive, prophelactic football pioneered by Rejistania. An era SImeone di Bradini calls the *Rise of Karela*.

For once, Simbernerner di Banana has a point. The amount of 1-0 wins eclipses the total of 2-1 wins at exactly the point Rejistania unleash their brand of football on a football world ill-equipped to deal with it.

Between cycles eight and seventeen, only one Scorigami is attained before di Bradini’s debut World Cup, World Cup 17, where Iansisle would defeat semi-regular entrants Pure Evil 8-0 away from home.

It’s win-margin redord that’s broken one cycle later by a little known team called Vilita as they thrashed Maldunia 9-0 .

As we reach the end of the World Cup’s Halcyon days, it looks like the maximum a World Cup match is capable of is ten goals. Livland’s 7-3 victory still has a place in the record books, alongside two 6-4 away wins. Vilita’s 6-4 win over Lykaia is impressive, but not nearly as much as Belmorian Foxworthia defeat to Tony mag, a match neither side saw fit to write about. Why is this game more impressive? This was our World Cup 11 Scorigami. As such, they are special. They belong here.

A 5-5 draw between Zvarinograd and Slaikau rounds off the four ten-goal scores we’ve had over the first twenty cycles.

Maybe that’s it. Maybe that’s all we’re capable of. Maybe we’ll never get more than ten goals in a match. Perhaps our quest for World Cup Scorigamis is doomed.

Perhaps World Cup 21, held in Cockbill Street and Lethislavania, can help us.

There is a theory that this 8-7 scoreline was actually the result of a ms-print in the official NSWC results list. The game *actually* ended in a score draw that went to penalties, and the goals in the penalty shoot-out where erroneously listed in the final score, where normally they’re put in brackets just after the extra-time score. The theory suggests both teams decided ‘eh, fuck it’, and published fantastical match reports that suggested the game was a fifteen-goal barnstormer.

Is there any evidence proving that theory wrong? No. *Is* it wrong? Let’s just say there’s about seven of us still here who know the truth, and we’re not telling.

Would the football world ever see a fifteen-goal game ever again?


  • The song at the end is Perturbator's Raw Power mixed in with a cello cover of the same song. I did the mixing myself. And not very well.
  • I mean just generally this is a *very* naive video. I didn't have any earthly idea what I was doing. See also: A confusing script that never *really* made it to anything approaching a final draft. The concept of what a Scorigami *is* is never really explained. For the uninitiated, watch Jon Bois's excellent video on it
  • The original version ran to nearer 18 minutes before it was edited properly, and used Mos Def's *Mathematics* as a title theme. This was before my short journey of discovery into the realms of music copyright on the internet.
  • One other Scorigami happened in the 10s, but wasn't mentioned. This isn't on purpose. I just messed up. This gets addressed in E2C5

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by The Idiot Project
Episode One, Chapter Two [12:37]

Original Script
Episode 1, Chapter 2.1 - Chasing the Eights

[Music: ‘Man Next Door’ by Horace Andy. Camera swoops up from somewhere in Audioslavia, revealing that AO has been added to the map. A few swoopy shots round AO (not currently containing Mriin but I could re-shoot that). Camera pans into a stadium and then fades to a slow flyover of AO]

There are three things we learned in Episode One.

First: Scorigami gets harder with time.

Second: It’s the teams lucky enough to attain a Scorigami that are most likely to pretend to ignore it

Third, and most important of all according to your comments:
Nobody can understand an Audioslavian accent.

Jeremy Jaffacake has gone back where he belongs - behind a computer, typing. He even typed this, which I’m reading now. And this. And this too. And me just going ‘mbleh’ here. He even spelled out the word ‘mbleh’. Krytenia is a stupid country. Simeone di Bradini <pronounce in stupid way> is dumb.

OK. Enough of that.

Here’s the state of affairs. The Scorigami chart at World Cup 21.

First of all, we’ve gone the way of R.L. States’s Jon Bois and blacked out the squares that are impossible to get.

The single square in the zero column is full. The one column is full, as are the two, three, four and five columns. From there, we taper back down in a pleasing ‘V’ formation up until the eights column, highlighted here, which contains only two Scorigamis - Eight-Nil and Eight-Seven.

Let’s fill that column up as best we can.

[camera moves from football stadium to nearby airport runway. There are graphs and forum snippets all over the runway. The next bit involves the camera moving a bit like a helicopter. I might add a helicopter sound effect. Or that might be shit.]

We get our first hit at cycle 24. There goes the 8-1 slot as Clavis <insert whatever colloquial adverb you use to mean ‘beat’ e.g. ‘scunner’, ‘skelp’, ‘shellack’, ‘thrash’ etc> Zanziik by the score in qualifying.

Hold up, though. There’s some consternation as to whether or not this is Amoral Scorigami. According to hosts Druida, Clavis may have been under the influence of ‘Taquil’, a noted attack-enhancing drug. We’re not sure what brownies Zanziik were eating, they’re just listed as ‘old recipe brownies’. Either way, if you’re an international football team and you’re eating brownies as a pre-match meal that is *not* a good sign.

We’re not about to suggest Clavis had an unnatural advantage in this game, but their next encounter was a 3-0 loss to a team called ‘Fart Islands’. Make up your own minds.

Either way: Scorigami is not a measure of talent.

World Cup 27 is our first two-Scorigami tournament in twenty-one cycles.

Priggdom are one of our heroes, etched into Scorigami history forever for allowing themselves to lose to Oliverry by a hockey score.

And here’s to Liventia, or Liverpool England as they once called themselves, 8-3 winners over Milchama in the first round. A Scorigami for both teams, although only one seemed excited about it.

Congratulations, Liventia. It would have been the highest scoring match in World Cup history, but Bedistan beat you. Also, you almost won the World Cup that year, but Bedistan beat you. Sorry. Scorigami is not a measure of talent.

There are no new Scorigamis before cycle thirty, but that’s all right. We’d tasked the 20s with giving us an eights column that we can brag about to other multiversal football tournaments, and it did us proud. How do you like them apples, CyberNations dot net?

[focus on graphs from WC20, then 30, then 40]
The 20s gave us four Scorigamis. Can the 30s top that?

[reveal of a lot of pink squares]

Oh <insert surprised swearword here>

2.2 - The Day it Rained Goals

A Krytenian once dubbed the first matchday of qualifiers for World Cup 40 ‘The Day it Rained Goals’. The name would, in fact, have been more accurate twenty-three cycles previously, for Matchday Eight of World Cup 13.

[scroll through ridiculous scorelines]

Wait.. why doesn’t the Scorigami chart reflect these scorelines?

[zoom on date of post: April 1st 2004]

Here’s Rejistania with the answer.

The Idiot Project contains every score ever published in a World Cup Scores Thread, but these scores aren’t entered manually. A quick select-all -> copy -> paste into a word processor and a couple of find/replace algorithms later, all scores appear in the database. So, for a while, the Scorigami chart looked this *this*

[insane Scorigami chart reflecting the fake scores from that day]

Eventually, our team of researchers - Sober Jeremy, Drunk Jeremy and Very Drunk Jeremy - figured out what had happened.

[chart fades to real WC13 scorigami chart]

It’s an April Fool’s Day joke that tricked an algorithm fifteen years later. The mark of a good joke.

Before we get to the Actual Day it Rained Goals, though, we really need to catch up with our Scorigamis from cycles 30 to 39….

[Qazox 10 Assegai Developments 0, World Cup 31]
… I mean just look at the time! It’s ten past Assegai Developments!

Let’s move to World Cup 32 and, oh wow, Krytenia are looking to get in on the action. They’re 8-1 up at home to Commerce Heights. One more goal… just one more goal and they can make it 9-1 and that’d be a first Scorigami for the Krytenians

..Let’s watch this one live

[incredibly clever cut to stadium scene from ‘El Secreto De Sus Ojos’]

Ooh, so close to a first appearance for Krytenia. No prizes for Eight-One any more. It's official, Krytenia are worse than Clavis. We move on to Cycle 33

[Jeruselem 10 Colonie 1, World Cup 33]
<For the next bit, just do your part. I'll add in my bits. Or I'll just cut it if it doesn't work>
Mriin: Hey, Jeremy
Audio:… yeah
Mriin: Knock knock
Audio: ..come in?
Mriin: No, do it properly
Audio: *audible sigh* who’s there?
Mriin: Colonie
Audio: Colonie who?
Mriin: Colonie one you want, nobody’ll help you now you’ve just been beat down by Jeruselem

<alternative take>
Colonie lose 10-1 to Jeruselem, but win their way into our hearts by getting a Scorigami.

[Comments about Errinundera 10 - Tolvarus 2, World Cup 35 AND Valanora 11 Keyne Island 0 - Done on the same day of World Cup 35]

Teninundera Two-lvarus is a wonderful result. I’d rate it as the second best Scorigami of that particular day.

Valanora, still known as Elves Security Forces back then, has the final say. Eleven Nil is the biggest margin of victory we’ve seen up to this point.

All four teams got their Scorigami on the same matchday. Do you like Double-Scorigami matchdays? Here’s another one. We return to World Cup 40 and “The Day it Rained Goals”

[pan over WC40 MD1 results]
Bazalonia’s 9-1 win is the Scorigami that Krytenia so desperately wanted, and comes at the expense of Kose and the Turkomans, who are either a terrible football team of a 70s funk band. Or, according to the pleasing mental image I just got, both.

The Algorithm insists Yafalonia and Bazor’s 22-1 win over Lethislavania is a Scorigami. At least it used to before a long evening rooting out the problems caused by teams named Snub Nose 38, Stalag 5 and Yafor 2. Not to mention the havoc created by Dance 2 Revolution. Yafalonia and Bazor 2: Two. Lethilavania: One. Nationstates: One, Algorithm: Nil.

Milchama join Vilita in having attained Scorigamis on both the winning and losing side. Like Vilita, they don’t seem to believe a record win earns a mention, but their incredible form has everyone else talking.

A fantastic day of football includes results that are pleasing yet inconsequential to our quest. Sorthern Northland winning 5-1 away, 7-4 for Commerce Heights, although this comes after nation is split into two. Squornshelous EIght, Diojoi Two would have been a Scorigami before the 20s swallowed up the 8s column.

The Day it Rained Goals: A fitting way to end Part Two of our series on World Cup Scorigami.

[shots of the final ‘reveal’ scene from The Usual Suspects interspersed with a zoom of the date of WC40 MD1: April 1st 2008]

  • The long intro is supposed to show off the big map of AO, which I was pretty proud of. To make this, I took a screenshot of the sea on Google Earth, cut out an outline of Atlantian Oceania's coastlines to create basically amounts to a picture of the sea with the shapes of AO's islands cut out, and pasted that on top of Africa on Google Earth.
  • Shot on location in Montevideo and Buenos Aires.
  • The script contained even more jokes and one-liners than appeared in the video. Many of them don't land. It's not an easy medium to be properly funny in.
  • The section with the April Fools Day results has some pretty distorted music. Again. Learning curve.
  • You should watch the film El Secreto de sus Ojos, it's great.
  • The episode suffers from the same problem as most of the first season: Lots of things happen, and they happen quickly. Had this been made in 2021 instead of 2019, it'd be the same length but the script would have been cut in half.

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Episode One, Chapter Three. Part One [06:58]
Episode One, Chapter Three. Part Two [06:07]

Due to a disagreement with UMG, this chapter appears only on Streamable, which may cause some slower load-times. Please be patient.

The link mentioned at the end of the video: scroll to the bottom

Original Script
Episode 1, Chapter 3.1: I shall not allow anything like this to happen ever ever ever again

Jolt, noun. An aggressive movement with an abrupt end. Or a cola for geeks. A decade ago, it had a third meaning. A shit forum.

History hasn’t been kind to Jolt. Mention its name and old folk will start to get angry. They’ll complain about how Jolt imposed adverts on each thread. They’ll talk of greed, of forcing people to shift multiverses for a quick buck. They’ll also be oddly specific about syphilitic penises. Takes all kinds.

By midway through World Cup 46, the sporting world would abandon Jolt. Jolt had become a farce. A directionless enterprise obsessed by its own bottom line, scrambling for pennies from the pockets of an ever dwindling user base. What it became was unforgivable, but let’s not forget that this place, for six years, was home.

Jolt was initially a saviour. The original Nationstates forums suffered long periods of down-time, constantly caused double, triple posts or even sextuple posts, and would cause chaos if you ever tried to delete them. In 2004, we needed Jolt.

The switch was not a seamless one. World Cup 15’s first round was delayed by over two weeks between matchdays one and two, but in all, the early days were a success. The Jolt forums were dependable. The article you’d just spent an hour writing, it appeared on the forum when you clicked ‘submit’, and it appeared once. Not six times, not zero times, once.

It had its advantages even over the current forum. A direct link to the most recent post, the ability to preview threads, and more. Plus, through a failed attempt at a second Multiverse, we got the inspiration for the NS Sport forum called ‘The Colosseum’, even if its attempts at creating its own World Cup and stealing ours, were both failures. The contents of these threads has long been lost to time. From memory, the consist entirely of people shouting at the OP.

By the time of its closure in 2012, Jolt’s reputation was in tatters. Aye. But I’m one of many with fond memories of it. I want Jolt to have a send-off. I want Jolt to show us that, despite the mistakes of its final months, it still loved us. It still cared, and I believe Jolt still wants to give us what we crave the most. A Scorigami.

The World Cup Discussion thread goes live on the new Nationstates forums on May 23rd 2009, just before the finals tournament for World Cup 46. This event signals the migration of the World Cup to the new forums and, with it, the death of NS Sport on Jolt.

From where we are now, World Cup 40, there are fourteen months, a little under six cycles and only 3,667 games to go until this date. Until the end.

That is more than enough time to secure a final Scorigami for the Jolt forums, is it not?

25,440 International football matches have been played as of the end of World Cup 40. 43 Scorigamis have been found, which makes for a rate of one every 578 games, or a little over one Scorigami per tournament.

Wait. That’s not exactly accurate. More than 1 Scorigami per cup? Does that sound right, given what we’ve been flying over together?

Sure, it’s one Scorigami per cup if you include World Cups one to four, which averaged about six each. Displaying them like this, we can see that they’ve become more intermittent in later years. The trendline sweeps dangerously close to zero.

For the sake of optimism, let’s keep that 1 in 578 figure. With 3,667 games to go, we have a 6% chance of success. I confess I’m not sure if the maths here is correct, but you get the impression. It’s a long shot, but I have faith.

Good luck, old friend.

Chapter 3.2 - Ain’t No Sunshine

[scrolling through the scores]

I’ve linked Candelaria and Marquez’s roleplay in the description. It’s possibly the most accomplished roleplay ever written, and it, along with our Scorigami, heroically won by the combined forces of The Bear Islands and Kagdazka, is a fitting send off for the era.

C+M’s post, however, it not the final one sent by the NS Sport community to Jolt. Krytenia, you get to end yet another video.


Some of these didn’t make it from the script to the screen, and more still didn’t make the final edit of the ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ scene.

The quotes all come between WC41 and WC46. Most were chosen because they mentioned either history or the future. Starblaydia's line '..a Game of Thrones that would be playing in the future' is from 2008, 3 full years before the HBO series 'Game of Thrones' became a thing. Krytenia wrote 'Make Krytenia Great Again' seven years before Donald Trump adapted the slogan for his RL States political career.

“We find ourselves in an unfamiliar place, and initially we are concerned”
“We find comfort in the knowledge that our surroundings may have changed, but underneath it all, there is nothing new under the sun.
“Stay. We haven't had breakfast yet, and off we go to check out the quality of fare at the local eatery”
:- Snub Nose 38 2004/07/14. World Cup 15 RP Thread. First day of the Jolt Forums.
“’Together, we shall make Krytenia great again.’
Adam Toivonen gave his squad memberes a tatty old sky blue jersey each. He then gave the goalkeepers some black gaffer-tape, and instructed them to cover the Ediraf and West Starblaydi logos.”
:- Krytenia 2008/03/07
World Cup 41 RP Thread
"Knock knock?" the familiar voice of Juan Tzimisces gently pushed open the unlocked front door, "what's my old friend doing inside on a day when his Sky God has displayed for us such a glorious vista?"

"In here, Juan," Simeone called "just continuing my diary, collating the memoirs, that sort of thing. Will there be enough room in my brain to fit all my future memories? I was having enough trouble before with a hundred and twenty years, and you've got at least double that.”

Juan gave his little half-smile and was about to answer, but Simeone stopped him in his tracks.

"If you mention 'plucking Time's arrow' again," he warned, "I'm going to have panna cotta for lunch."

:- Starblaydia 2008/09/07
World Cup 41 RP Thread
“For all of them, there could be no nostalgia, and the disappointments of the past could not be relevant. The golden ages were always ahead.”
Zwangzug 2008/24/09
World Cup 42 RP Thread
“I have not the answer, just the question. So I look to you, my fellow Vanorians, to think about the question, think about who and what we are, and then consider how history should view us. As for me, I will remember it as the two years in which something purely magical happened, where relationships were made where thought not possible, and history could be written. Only the future can ever trully be objective on such matters, but for whatever moment it is that we are now gifted with, rejoice and celebration are to be had at the marvels of life and choice.”
Valanora 2008/25/09
World Cup 42 RP Thread
History? I suppose that far into the future, this day shall be deemed a historical one and I hope that those of the future will appreciate this day as well
Qazox 2008/11/11
World Cup 43 RP Thread
We're looking at a bright future for football internationally - we can only hope that the peoples of the world are as invested in peaceful but competitive contests and perpetuate the feeling of universal harmony and balance in the world.
World Cup 44 RP Thread
“Curzon had the better sense not to be taken in by them, of tales of a Game of Thrones that they would be playing in the future.”
Starblaydia 2009/01/02
Yes. Well, we'll have to work hard to make this history different. In the next cup, the history will be about to be writ again... let's put a good ending on it.
Cafundeu 2009/27/03
World Cup 45 RP Thread
“The three or four of you with the remotest interest would be advised to grab a cocoa and bunker down for the evening. The rest of you can go away now, safe in the knowledge that, so long as I have blood left in my body, I shall not allow anything like this to happen ever ever ever again…”
Candelaria and Marquez 2009/07/06
One of the most accomplished RPs ever written.
Final Roleplay of the Jolt Era.
“So much spam.

*shakes head slowly*

It's all your fault you know.”
:- Krytenia, 2009/06/07

  • Like most of the first season, this was made while I was still figuring out how/what/why to do things. The general format - create the context for a music montage -> finish with a music montage - is still a TIP staple.
  • The first take of the Ain't No Sunshine scene is here.

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Episode Three, Chapter Six [15:26]

If you've watched all of Episode 3 and you have a spare five minutes, it'd be really great if you could have a look at this survey. Thanks very much!

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