World Cup 84- RP Thread (IC)

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]


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Postby The Andromeda Island Group » Mon Dec 30, 2019 4:30 am

Andromeda Eagles @ Gor Kebab
Saturday Afternoon

Having just celebrated their first home win in the current round of World Cup Qualifying, the Eagles look to capitalize on their momentum and give it a go against Gor Kebab.

Coach Zimmerman and Coach Hawkins come out with three boxes. Rick Sprinkle helps them with a fourth box. Sprinkle appears to be in on the surprise, which has been hinted at by the Coaching staff for the past week. Coach Zimmerman opens one of the boxes. She pulls out a tie-dyed shirt.


Rick Sprinkle takes off his shirt, quickly replacing it with the tie-dyed shirt.

“The BFC (Buffett Fishing Conglomerate) have donated these shirts for the team to wear tonight. The decision came down from the Sports Commission that we would wear these tonight against the Kebabs.”

“And you agreed to this, Coach Zimmerman?”

“Of course I did. You’ve seen what we’ve had to deal with in some of our games. Some weird hits.”

“And when hits get weird…” Lowenthal says.

“The weird turn pro.” Height finishes a thought often expressed by their political science professor in Todd’s Cove.

Most of the team enthusiastically took off their shirts and put on the new shirts as Coach Zimmerman passed them out. A couple of the female players excused themselves and changed in the back. Meanwhile, DL Dandridge asks Hattie Lowenthal and Erin Height what’s going on.

“This is highly irregular.” Dandridge had a gift for stating the obvious.

“Just wait.” Lowenthal says.

After all the players are changed, Coach Zimmerman asks a random question.

“Williams. What’s 13 + 21?”

“34, coach.” Milynn Williams has no idea where Zimmerman is going with this.

Zimmerman writes the two numbers on a chalk board.

“Right now, we have 13 points. If we win out, we earn 21 points, which is 34 points. That could very well be enough to get us into the World Cup.”

“Coach, we’re in 9th place.”

“Hattie, what was that maneuver you and Heighty did during that game? The one where Erin kicked the ball from midfield and threaded the needle.”

“We call it Threading the Needle, Coach.”

“You did it during our last game against the Yellow Roses.”

“The Yellow Jackets, Coach.”

“Whatever. We did it then. Who’s to say we can’t do it over the course of the next seven games, starting tonight?”

The room is silent.

“Things would have to break just right for this to work,” Brea Young says.

Rachel Medrano & Steve Young, two of the three goalkeepers stand up.

“We’ll do our part, Coach.”

The third goalie, Chris Stonebreaker, and the defensive players all stand up.

“Fk the odds,” Phil McMaster says as he stands up. “We’ll never know if we never try.”

“Freaky Deakey, Coach.”

Rick Sprinkle knew how to speak Zimmerman’s language. “We’ll thread the needle.”

Dolfo Martinez and the offensive players stand up. “This is it. Pray to whatever deity you like, Pump the volume up to eleven and Play the game of our lives.”

“I knew I liked you, Dolfo.” Zimmerman laughs.

“So, who are we,” Zimmerman yells.

“We are Andromeda!”

“Who are we?”

“We are Andromeda!”

“Who are we?”

“We are Andromeda!”

The team runs out to the field, inspired by Coach Zimmerman.

(Note: Style modifier should be boosted to +5 for the remainder of qualifying)

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Postby Ko-oren » Mon Dec 30, 2019 4:31 am

NS World Cup Fantasy Qualification

Going into the final fourth of the qualifying stage, we're all very disappointed at the Greenblues. For most, the only salvation is winning the office Fantasy competition. So far, we see that the Banijans have gotten the game down to a science, who have now eclipsed the Eternal Empire - who in turn have looked untouchable for most of the campaign. Following them is a group of nations that are just too close for comfort, just seven points separating five nations: Recuecn, Poafmersia, Vilita/Turori, Ko-oren, and Eastfield Lodge.

As far as actual in-game results are concerned, I doubt anyone is surprised by the best performers. Eura, Vilita, you name it. Nations that aren't just very good, but also very expensive - so which teams could you have chosen that would give the highest returns for their cost? Or, which teams have gotten the most fantasy points per KPB?

And there is the problem with this - teams with very few KPB points that haven't entirely disappointed in qualification top the table. That's outside of unranked teams, who break the chart as apparently you can't divide by zero, but that never stops me trying. So, without further ado:

1) Guadalajara
Yeah, I didn't see this one coming either. At just 0,11 KPB, Guadalajara are in seventh place behind the likes of Turori, 95X, Sajnur, Cosumar, Saintland, and Devonta. They've taken a point off Turori, beaten Sajnur, and otherwise tied a lot of opponents.

2) Greater Cebu
This one has gotten a little more traction, also in seventh but with more losses than Guadalajara, behind Audioslavia and Newmanistan (among others).

Before we get to the first team that anyone has actually chosen:

10) Ziwana
In second place behind South Covello, six points over third placed Qasden, Ziwana might actually qualify for the World Cup - and apparently that's not good enough to rank in the top few PTS/KPB. Anyhow, Ziwana is good for more than a couple points in Fantasy, coming at the incredibly low cost of 1,80.

And the more I read into the chart, it's effectively the same as sorting the list by KPB but sorting it from low to high. This was a mistake and a waste of time
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Postby Jeruselem » Mon Dec 30, 2019 4:50 am

Princess Katherine Annabelle Dallas and Jeruselem Cersei Lancaster in Galar

Kate: This is Princess Katherine Annabelle Dallas for Naked News Jeruselem. We're in Galar. GALAR not GALAH. Galah is some weird bird native to another country. I'm with one of our forwards Cersei Lancaster.
Cersei: Hello Mum!
Kate: Someone had to say on TV
Cersei: Sorry
Kate: We're in Galar, their team isn't doing very well. It's matchday 15 in qualification and things are pretty tight with the top 2 leading while a bunch of teams chasing hard.
Cersei: Yes we've got a lot work to do just keep our spot

Let's look at the results on Group 11 first.
Free Republics went to Welzat and well won again. 3-0 to the Free Republics, win number 13 out of 14 games.
Nahkistan visited Balqia and got kicked out of the stadium losing 4-1. Balqia are still fighting hard while Nahkistan are trying to avoid being last.
TJUN-ia had a tricky home game, against visitors Savojarna who were improving. They won 3-2 denting the hopes of Savojarna.
Geektopia are fading fast after their loss to Jeruselem and it got worse. They draw 1-1 with Schottia at home when a win was needed. Schottia needed the win but 1 point is still better than nothing.

Cersei: Some interesting results there
Kate: Jeruselem took on Galar in an important away game, and won 3-0. OK it's not like the Savojarna 7-1 win against Galar but it's still 3 points. Actually it could have been a lot better
Cersei: Admittedly, we didn't do want we wanted. We wanted to replicate that 7-1 win to boost our goal difference.
Kate: But another clean slate not conceding goals, which means we might be getting better in defending.
Cersei: Galar's attack was pretty rubbish so we weren't tested in defense
Kate: We wasted an opportunity to score lot more goals

Cersei: Yeah we could have scored a lot more goals given we weren't under pressure to defend
Kate: We're just wasteful scoring under pressure, we have trouble scoring more than 2 goals a game
Cersei: We are getting better in this 2nd half. I hope we can keep this up

The table is very interesting, I'm going to go from the bottom up first today.
Galar are stuck in 11th or last on 8 points.
Nahkistan aren't last in 10th, on 9 points. Conceding 28 goals compared 33 for Galar. They have scored 14 vs 10 goals though.
Welzat seem to be stuck in 9th on 11 points now.
Geektopia who started so well, are back down in 8th. 5 wins but also 8 losses. 16 points but other teams are doing better now.
Savojarna suffered a setback today, 7th spot also on 16 points. They have a positive goal difference!
TJUN-ia in 6th pushed out by Balqia in 5th. Both teams are on 18 points, but Balqia have better goal difference of ... like zero.
Free Republics lead on 39 and Taeshan 2nd on 32. Taeshan had bye today and couldn't do much but watch.
That leaves Schottia still in 3rd on 22 points but Jeruselem are 4th on 21 points with a much better goal difference. Well PROGRESS, we're nearly third.

Cersei: But there's like 11 points between us and Taeshan, 11 points is like 4 wins.
Kate: We have to fight on, we expect the top 2 not to change. But we can fight to keep 3rd spot if we get it.
Cersei: I guess my job is ensure we score enough goals to get the three points, at least keep one point.
Kate: Our problem is we're not in position to challenge the top 2, we're just fighting to keep our spot.
Cersei: I'm not giving up, we shouldn't.
Kate: I like to hear that.

Cersei: That cousin of yours, he's a perv.
Kate: Tell me about it
Cersei: I'm glad I don't live with him
Kate: Ask his wife

Group 11
Welzat 0–3 Free Republics
Balqia 4–1 Nahkistan
TJUN-ia 3–2 Savojarna
Galar 0–3 Jeruselem
Geektopia 1–1 Schottia
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Postby Schottia » Mon Dec 30, 2019 5:08 am

The Wedding

Part Three.


‘OoooAaaah…’ Ross Renshaw groaned and creaked, as he immerged from a world of feverish dreams, and dehydration induced delirium. His tongue felt like it had been used to clean a sofa, his eyeballs felt like arthritic hips moving in their sockets, and his throat and stomach like they had been scrubbed out with a toilet brush. How much had he had to drink? And why hadn’t he made it too his bed? ‘Aaaah.’ He lifted his head from the back of the sofa, the vertebrae in his neck clicking back into place one-by-one. Of course there was an empty whisky bottle sat on the table– ‘Ok fuck!’ –there was a second one. A couple of plates smeared with tomato sauce. Bowls, which had likely contained chips. A pizza crust. Weddding or not, his coaches would not have been happy.

His skull was pounding. He’d head up to his bedroom and sleep this off; it wasn’t like they’d be going anywhere in this weather. The clay pigeon shooting would more than likely be cancelled. Unless the snow stopped, they’d need a plough to him to the church on time. Who’s idea was this anyway..? Oh yeah… his!

‘Help! Help...!’

Up until this point, Ross hadn’t realised that Thompson was sat directly to his right. He limply lifted and hand and tugged at his friend’s sweat-soaked shirt, shaking him awake.

‘Oh… Oh fuck..!’ Thompson slid a hand under his back in a response to what seemed like genuine pain. Ross wasn’t actually sure how old his friend was, but he couldn’t have been far off fifty these days. ‘Jesus Christ..! I just dreamed I was being burned at the stake.’

‘It can’t have felt any worse than this..?’ Ross sat forwards, breathing gently to keep the sickness down.

‘You said it mate.’

‘How did we get so drunk?’

‘I don’t know, I remember getting back from the pub, but that’s about it.’ Thompson tried to sit up but failed. ‘I don’t think Ev is very happy with us…’

‘Oh no…’ Ross put his head in his hands. ‘What did we do..?’

‘It was mostly Chady.’ Thompson frisked his own trouser pockets, locating his cigarettes. ‘He was a bit worse for wear. He was adamant he wanted to go swimming in the loch.’

‘Oh fuck.’

‘Christ..! Ross? You’ve not got a spare stomach on you, by any chance.’ Thompson managed a weary laugh through his clenched teeth. ‘I think mine has packed in.’

‘Has anyone seen Chad?’ Both men turned to see a flustered looking Evelyn stood in the doorway. She looked like she hadn’t been long up. Baggy t-shirt, underpants, and glasses as opposed to her usual contacts. The expression she wore was a stark warning that sarcasm would not be tolerated.

‘I…’ Ross thought for a good long time, but given the fact that he couldn’t even remember the swimming incident, all he could do was answer in the negative. ‘…no, I’ve not. Sorry.’

‘Sorry Ev, no.’ Thompson answered, finally sitting himself forward, his hands shaking as they clutched at his cigarette packet. ‘Is he not in his room..?’

‘No.’ She answered bluntly. ‘I’ve looked in all the rooms.’ She cast her eyes over the slovenly array that lay between them. ‘He was drinking with you pair when Ali and I went to bed around two thirty.’

‘Maybe he’s gone out for a fag.’ Thompson offered, not overly concerned.

‘His cigarettes are on the kitchen table.’ Evelyn answered defiantly.

‘He has a couple of packs on the go at any one time.’ Ross added, looking over to Thompson who nodded his confirmation. ‘That doesn’t mean anything

Alison appeared in the doorway, dressed in her boots and jacket. ‘I can’t see him outside.’ She was slightly out of breath, her face lined with concern. ‘I walked down to the road, and back up past the cars… Nothing!’

‘Okay, okay…’ Thompson gestured for calm. ‘No need to panic, a put a GPS tracking device inside his shoe before we left San Marco.’ The aging chef finally placed his cigarette between his lips – and ignoring Evelyn’s look of disgust – sparked up. ‘Someone get me the wifi password.’ He said, before inhaling deeply. ‘It’s accurate to five metres, we’ll find the cu*t.’

Ten minutes later the group were traipsing across the hillside, following the blip on Thompson’s phone. It seemed to be static, and no one could agree if that was good news or bad news.

‘If he’s…’ Evelyn shook her head furiously. The snow was deep, and they were required to lift their knees to their waists to make any progress. ‘If he’s dead…’

‘He’s not dead…’ Thompson protested, perhaps in a bid to convince himself. He’d seen Duquez in a few tight spots over the last ten years, but this was right up there. ‘His body is so pickled with alcohol, I don’t think it’s possible for him to freeze– ’

‘Chad!’ Ross cut in, bursting ahead of the group, stumbling and falling as he broke into a run.

The others saw it too, a blinking light, just visible above the snow. ‘Christ!’ Thompson also picked up his pace as he rushed to join Ross. ‘CHADY!!! CHADY!!!’

By the time Evelyn and Alison had caught up, the men were on their knees, digging the Blue Coast midfielder from the snow drift. ‘CHAD!’ Ross’ expression was grave, as he uncovered the player’s pale, lifeless face. ‘Ooooh Chad..! Beautiful Chad…’ Ross removed a glove and felt for the pulse on his neck. ‘Does anyone know what to do..?’

Thompson got to his feet and stepped forward decisively, uncovering a wrist, and attempting to take a pulse. ‘Dead!’ He said with a shake of the head. ‘Fucksake!’ He slumped back in the snow and lit a cigarette. Ross was choking back the tears, clutching at Duquez’s lapels in desperation.

‘Stop!’ Said Alison, stepping forward. ‘He’s breathing.’ He placed her pale fingers under his nostrils for conformation, before taking a pulse herself. ‘He’s alive, for fucksake, you idiots!’ She lifted one of his eyelids, but he was clearly still unconscious.

‘CHAD!’ Ross and Thompson sprung back into action, shaking at his shoulders vigorously, trying to stir something in their companion. ‘We need to get him warm!’ Ross shouted urgently, looking around in vain for a solution. First he rubbed his hands together to generate heat, placing them either side of the midfielder’s neck. When that didn’t seem to have the desired effect, he resorted to holding his mouth about a centimetre from Duquez’s face, attempting to breath hot air on him. ‘Haaaaaa. Haaaaaaaaaa. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa.’

‘Get out the way!’ Evelyn couldn’t watch the farce any longer, and pulled Ross to one side. ‘We need to get him inside.’ She said, nudging the others into action. ‘We’ll need to call the emergency services, and see if we can arrange an air ambulance. ‘

‘No, he wouldn’t want a fuss to made on his account.’ Thompson protested, waving away her concerns. ‘We’ll put the fire on in the lounge and let him thaw out there.’ All the while, Ross was still trying desperate to get the Quebecois to open his eyes.

‘He could have been out here for hours!’ Evelyn persisted, angrily. ‘I don’t have a clue how hypothermia affects people. He might be dehydrated, he might be… I don’t fucking know, but we’re getting him to a hospital– ’

‘Aaaargh.’ A sound issued from Duquez’s mouth and the four crowded round, relived to see that he was regaining consciousness.

‘He’s trying to say something..!’ Alison noted.

‘What is Chad?’ Ross spluttered frantically. ‘Are you cold? You’re cold? He’s cold! Wait a second, I’ll breath warm air on you again.’ He was stopped mid action by Evelyn’s open hand, slapping him on the back of the head.

‘He needs a doctor.’ She insisted. ‘Ross, Paul, grab his arms. I’ll grab his legs. Alison, run to the house and call an ambulance.’

Slowly - with more than a few trips and stumbles - the three of them brought Duquez down from the hillside. ‘He’s still trying to say something.’ Ross repeated, with concern. ‘I still think he want’s me to breath on his face again.’

‘Ross, I hope I never need first aid from you.’ Evelyn was grimacing under the strain of carrying Duquez’s sizable bulk. ‘I’d rather die peacefully.’

‘Wait, wait, wait.’ Thompson interjected. ‘Stop, stop, stop!’ He put his third of Duquez on the ground briefly, and pulled out his cigarettes. ‘I know what he’s trying to say.’ He removed a cigarette and lit it, taking the first few draws, before forcing in gently between his friend’s lips.

‘What are you?’

Doing, was of course the word Evelyn was looking for, but she cut herself off, as she watched Duquez slowly curl a frozen hand into a loose fist, offering a tired thumbs-up. ‘Okay… whatever.’ She slowly shook her head in disbelief; before they continued on their way, carrying their friend - like the world’s lowest steam train - back to the house.

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Postby HUElavia » Mon Dec 30, 2019 6:30 am


HUElavia came into Matchday 14 looking to make history: Preventing a #2 Seed from gaining 3 points from HUElavia. Traveling to Mercedini, who were significant favorites, Los Amarillos came out with their best squad in hopes of repeating the same result they earned in WC83 Qualifiers. Needless to say, the match was one for the history books.

The first half saw both teams go at it with shots left and right, only to go out wide or be blocked by goalies or defenders. Petit had a chance to open the score with his shot in the 26th minute hitting the bar and going over, while Mercedini had their chance in the 35th minute with a free kick by Dostalok just narrowly being curved out to miss the goal. The half ended 0-0.

The second half saw both teams go at it once again, giving shot after shot after shot. HUElavia had a goal go in in the 63rd minute, but it was called off for offside when it was shown that Petit, the goal scorer, was a fraction offside from Toivonen when Cristiano passed the ball. Mercedini would also come close with another free kick by Dostalok being caught in the hands of Armelino in the 75th minute. The lone goal of the match was scored in the 85th minute, when a free kick by Cristiano dipped past Hosset to make it 0-1. Mercedini tried to respond to no avail, and HUElavia got a vital 3 points.

Los Amarillos celebrated their first ever sweep of a higher seeded team, and brought the message of they mean business for these Qualifiers. With the victory, HUElavia move up to 2nd place with 31 points, while Starblaydia still lead with 32 points after their 5-2 win. The next game is Matchday 15 at home against Tara & Cambray at San Ignatius (52,000) in Itio, looking to maintain a good result, as well as giving the B-Team another game before the big match at Starblaydia for Matchday 16. All of the country is now in full support of the team moving forward.

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Postby Sarzonia » Mon Dec 30, 2019 7:31 am

Travis West decided to take a vacation from his normal duties at The Woodstock Daily Mail and decided to take in a little football.

He made his way into Throckmorton Bridge and sat down among the silver-clad Stars supporters, as most of the section granted to Sarzonia's traveling supporters chose the away kits as opposed to the navy blue of the home kits.

The Stars weren't mathematically eliminated from contention for World Cup 84 qualifying, but most fans were realistic that their chances of making it past the likes of Banija or Brenecia into either Cassadaigua or Baker Park were slim at best. That didn't matter too much to the throng, many of whom were anticipating an upset.

They wouldn't get their wish, but they did get one of Sarzonia's sharpest matches against a quality opponent. The Stars overcame an ugly own goal by team captain Russ Howard, who was trying to head the ball out of danger and missed badly. The ball clipped off his shoulder and bounced innocently past Paolo Gomes into the net for a Fleftic goal in the 33rd minute. They also overcame a controversial penalty call in the 53rd minute that saw defensive midfielder Trisha Collins sent off for a handball, forcing the Stars down a player.

Manager Kevin Connelly sent on defender George Morrison for striker Jake Campos, who'd equalised things for the Stars in the 48th minute with his second tally of the match. He could only watch helplessly as the team would have to play a 4-4-1 without him in the lineup.

This time, unlike their previous draw that saw Campos sit in favour of Gomes when Mateo Sandoval was red carded, the Stars would be rewarded for their efforts with a 79th minute tally from midfielder Clayton Wilson, who found the back of the net with a direct free kick that seemed to catch the Fleftic defenders off guard. A few grumbles in a language most Stars didn't understand followed Wilson's tally, but Morrison's grimace told most Stars faithful what they likely might have suspected.

"They were saying, "what the fuck was that?" he told the rest of the team as they gathered in front of Gomes before the Fleftic kickoff.

The Fleftics counterattack then took over the remainder of the match and Gomes was forced to make two acrobatic saves, including a point blank laser in the first minute of second half stoppage time from substitute forward Annamarie Sabad, sent on in the 82nd minute to attempt to wrest back the three points the Fleftics likely felt they deserved whilst facing an unranked Stars side.

Two minutes later, the sweet sound of the referee's whistle signaling the end of the match sounded through the stadium. Sweet, that is, for a Stars team that likely sent ripples through Group 2 even though they lost a spot in the Group 2 tables and slipped to seventh with their sixth draw of the campaign. They sit with 15 points and a 3-6-5 record, a full 16 points behind world No. 19 and Group 2 second place side Brenecia, who just lost 1-0 away to Banija. The World Cup 80 champions likely enjoyed the surprise result from the long ago world champion Stars, as it meant they only lost one point to the Fleftics for that second and final qualifying position from Group 2. Instead of four points, a difference that might easily be scaled in two matches, the gap between second and third is six points, which would take two matches to equalise.

As somberly as the Fleftic supporters filed out of the stadium in Mereilles, the Stars faithful cheered wildly, with many celebrating in stadium with the Stars players. They may not have gotten the full three points, but they'll take the point and the statement it made.

Sarzonia football may not be all the way back, but they're at least on the road toward being back.

As for Connelly, he caught up with West, whose work covering Sarzonian politics he'd always respected, and invited the reporter for a drink back in his hotel room.

"If you want to give this to your sports section, feel free," he said. "Did you bring a notebook and a recording device?"

"What kind of reporter would I be without those?"

"One on vacation?" West chuckled nervously at the joke from Connelly, then started laughing in earnest when he saw the manager crack up.

"You've only got a few more matches in qualification left," West said. "Any thoughts before you end your tenure as interim manager?"

"I think our team responded well to everything it's faced, all things considered," he said. "Losing Bryan before the start of qualifying, the row with Squornshelous, my own overreactions."

"What overreactions?"

"Benching Charlie, for one thing," he said. "If I had that back, I would have talked to him about being more careful about what he says and when, but if I could do that over again, I wouldn't have benched him."

"Interesting," West said. "Does that have anything to do with [Sarzonian Vice President for Health and Athletics Carter] Marshall's comments?"

"Yes, and no," Connelly said. "Yes in the sense that Vice President Marshall is right in that it sent the wrong message to Squornshelous, but no in the sense that it was my decision and he made it a point to tell me in a phone conversation that he wanted nothing to do with football decisions. My other regret is how I handled the situation with Mateo."

"Have you two made up?"

"We did. Late last night. He'll start against Trolleborg at the Iron Bowl. I still should have given him a chance to cool off before I talked to him about his red card."

"How would you assess your performance as manager?"

"Um," Connelly said, sighing and looking over at the wall for a few moments before returning his gaze to West.

"I think I did pretty well from a football standpoint, but I didn't handle the mental health aspects of the job as well as I could have."

"And what about your own mental health?"

"I"m exhausted," Connelly said, finally admitting something he'd denied again and again. "I'm drained. I feel like the pressure of trying to be strong for these players, many of whom haven't dealt with the kind of grief they're facing now is really getting to me. That's the real reason I'm stepping down, Travis. If we play in the Cup of Harmony, I'll manage the team unless the [Incorporated Football Federation] decides otherwise. But I really don't feel like I'm the right manager to take this team where it needs to go if we're going to continue this football programme."

"And why is that?"

"We need a fresh voice, preferably someone who can relate to these players better than I can. I can deal with tactics and making in-match decisions, but I feel as though I'm not the right manager for this team at this time."

Connelly thought to himself that if he were the manager of a veteran Stars team, especially one that could consistently contend for a World Cup qualifying berth, he might be better equipped to handle those ups and downs. But he knew he needed to rest, and he would do so as soon as his tenure officially came to an end.
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Chapter 4.4: Matchday 15

Postby PotatoFarmers » Mon Dec 30, 2019 8:09 am

Siovanija & Teusland 4
Michael Ribbeck 27', 61'
Krasimir Kynev 40', 83'
Poafmersia 3
Joel Haodao 34'
Pete Carisa 52'
Shakira Handaris 77'

Starting Lineup:
Sandi Jaliaha;
Alex Pickford, Danzik Hoboson (c), Pasits Rikachz, Denise Pickford;
Matthew Tibrise, Gisiik Moonar, Jessie Mchargarita;
Joel Haodao, Shakira Handris, Pete Carisa

Ftiks Wariq (for Pasits Rikachz 61')
Daak Kalson (for Gisiik Moonar 68')
Daas Taisg (for Jessie Mchargarita 83')

Nationalstadion, Stelburg, Siovanija & Teusland - After the match
Shakira was crying on the field as the full time whistle blew. "It is all my fault that we lost this match, why did I miss that penalty?" Fellow teammates like Joel Haodao and Pete Carisa was giving encouragement and telling him that it was not his fault, but he refused to listen and instead drown himself in tears. Adnan and the other coaches looked on from the side, knowing that Shakira has put lots of stress on himself and could not accept the missed penalty. "I know how it feels like when I fail such important goals," said Adnan, a former player himself. "Give them some time, they would have to recover for the next match."
A 7 goal thriller between Poafmersia and Siovanija & Teusland played out here in the Nationalstadion, where both defences could not hold the fort against two potent strike forces. Adnan reverted back to a 4-3-3 which provided more flexibility in midfield, and it proved to help Poafmersia as they managed to keep up with the opponents despite consistently falling behind.
How the goals were scored did not matter. But the defence was attempting to hold the fort and prevent the opponents from opening the floodgates, and they had to resort to weird techniques to defend against the fast and skilful strikers Siovanija & Teusland had. Though they still let in 4, Adnan was still full of praise after the match. "They had certainly done their best. Having learnt from their lesson in the reverse, the defenders learnt how to deal with the different ways they came and score goals. We went to study how Lochario did it, and although we tried to implement it, we did not have that much experience doing so, and therefore we slipped behind in the end."
Adnan also wanted Shakira to forget making such a mistake and recover herself for the next match. "A missed penalty is a missed penalty. Although we could have gotten 1 point and kept closing the gap, we shouldn't be overly sad with making one mistake. Instead, we need to work harder to win the next match and not let our feelings overwhelm us."

Sporting Daily: Live updates to KPB rankings - biggest gains and losses?
Report by Roisig Hansa
With our WCQ84 microsite back up after a brief outage, we have updated the site with various features such as recognising who is mathematically eliminated, as well as a rank change function that tracks the biggest rank movers in the KPB ranking chart. 15 matchdays in, let us find out which teams are the biggest movers, and which teams have moved into the best seats in the rankings, ie. Top 32 teams.
First, we look at our rankings. As you can see in this screenshot below, our nation has jumped from 175th before the qualifiers to 84th place at this moment, jumping by 91 ranks. At 6.90 KPB points, jumping so high in a very congested zone is quite a feat for our new and coming national team. We can also see fellow BoF participant Ziwana ahead of us in 75th. They are in a comfortable position in their group, being 6 points ahead of 3rd placed Qasden having played 1 game more. We can also see BoF winners Trolleborg behind in 87th place.

We then move on to rank 37 to 53. BoF 70 champions Hapilopper is has also made it to rank 48 after jumping 22 ranks, while Brusseldorf and HUElavia are high flying teams that have also made huge improvements. At the top, rank 37 is Chromatika.

This is the next list, with half of the top 32 teams and teams that are just outside. Damukuni and Reçueçn are the last 2 teams at rank 32, followed by Ethane, Juvencus tied at ranked 34. Reçueçn is the biggest mover, moving from Rank 44 to Rank 32 thus far. Surprisingly though, they have the worst point return in this group of teams, apart from Consumar, with 4.80 KPB ranking points (or 24 points, if you like).

The talking Ponies have failed to maintain their momentum with 2 recent loses, allowing Vilita to overtake at the top. With Baker Park and Cassadaigua hosts, their full KPB ranking points have been updated, so they have made a bit of movement. Others, meanwhile, have fallen down. The Group 12 leaders Farfadillis have fallen by 5 ranks to 11th place, giving their top 10 spot to the Group 4 leaders Turori.

We also looked at the biggest movers. Unranked Gopnikea moved to rank 123 from nothing, while Garifunya, who is not participating this Qualifiers, dropped 103 ranks to rank 222.
To find your team's rankings and view the live movement page, you may visit our full stats page,

Sporting Daily: Tour around the world - who is out?
Report by Roisig Hansa
25 teams have officially been eliminated after being unable to reach the amount of points to beat the current 2nd placed team. At this juncture, with 7 more matchdays to go, we look at who is in and who is out, or on the way out.

Group 1
Newmanistan 1–0 Aimena
Kandorith 3–1 Joyea
Brusseldorf 2–0 Acronius
Greater Cebu 1–0 Pius Desurongcrandis
Sargossa 3–2 Audioslavia

Group 1 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Audioslavia 13 11 1 1 30 12 +18 34
2 Newmanistan 13 10 1 2 31 13 +18 31
3 Sargossa 14 10 1 3 39 24 +15 31
4 Brusseldorf 14 8 0 6 19 19 0 24
5 Acronius 14 7 1 6 28 28 0 22
6 Kandorith 14 6 3 5 24 18 +6 21
7 Greater Cebu 14 5 2 7 22 30 −8 17
8 Joyea 14 5 1 8 21 29 −8 16
9 Islas Aaland 13 3 2 8 20 31 −11 11
10 Aimena (E) 14 1 4 9 12 25 −13 7
11 Pius Desurongcrandis (E) 13 1 0 12 14 31 −17 3

Aimena's loss made them the 2nd team to be eliminated, after Pius Desurogcrandis was eliminated at the last matchday. Meanwhile, Audioslavia lost to first seed Sargossa away, giving Newmainstan and Sargossa some space to catch-up with their wins. After that, a 7 point gap between top 3 and 4th place means catching up would be difficult.

Group 2
Trolleborg 1–3 Brigantii
Abanhfleft 2–2 Sarzonia
Banija 1–0 Brenecia
Casta Marina 3–2 The Sherpa Empire
Terre Septentrionale 3–0 Atlantic Republic

Group 2 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Banija 14 12 1 1 50 19 +31 37
2 Brenecia 14 9 4 1 39 17 +22 31
3 Abanhfleft 14 7 4 3 36 27 +9 25
4 Trolleborg 13 6 2 5 25 23 +2 20
5 Terre Septentrionale 14 4 7 3 17 14 +3 19
6 Brigantii 14 5 2 7 20 26 −6 17
7 Sarzonia 14 3 6 5 19 22 −3 15
8 The Sherpa Empire 13 2 6 5 21 24 −3 12
9 Casta Marina (E) 14 3 2 9 18 42 −24 11
10 Crystalline Caverns 13 3 1 9 28 40 −12 10
11 Atlantic Republic 13 3 1 9 18 37 −19 10

Casta Marina's win this week did not save them as they had already ran out of points last matchday. There are a whole bunch of teams from Sarzonia to Atlantic Republic which are getting shown the door soon, with the group literally on lock down with Abanhfleft only having an outside chance of overtaking Brenecia while it is increasingly likely that Cup of Harmony hosts Banija would qualify soon.

Group 3
Starblaydia 5–2 Folmara
Tara & Cambray 2–1 Magnaterrica
Mercedini 0–1 HUElavia
Schiavonia 1–5 Eastfield Lodge
Competitive Solitaire 0–3 The Sarian

Group 3 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Starblaydia 13 10 2 1 42 18 +24 32
2 HUElavia 14 10 1 3 34 25 +9 31
3 Mercedini 14 8 4 2 38 22 +16 28
4 Eastfield Lodge 13 6 3 4 26 16 +10 21
5 Competitive Solitaire 14 3 7 4 24 29 −5 16
6 Tara & Cambray 14 4 3 7 19 21 −2 15
7 The Sarian 13 3 5 5 12 14 −2 14
8 Schiavonia 14 3 5 6 17 30 −13 14
9 Magnaterrica (E) 14 2 6 6 23 32 −9 12
10 Folmara (E) 14 2 5 7 27 37 −10 11
11 The Ross Isles (E) 13 2 3 8 15 33 −18 9

HUElavia got the better of Mercedini, and together with losses from Magnaterrica and Folmara, the bottom 3 were shown the door in a group that is becoming a 3 horse race, between Starblaydia, HUElavia, and Mercedini. Unfortunately, with HUElavia defeating Mercedini, this might prove to be the last straw Mercedini in terms of qualification. Otherwise, there is really nothing much left here.

Group 4
Devonta 1–0 Barsland
Saintland 0–1 95X
Cosumar 1–0 Ynyslas
Benjamin Mark 1–3 Guadalajara
Turori 2–0 Sajnur

Group 4 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Turori 14 11 1 2 41 11 +30 34
2 95X 14 9 2 3 30 22 +8 29
3 Sajnur 13 7 3 3 35 28 +7 24
4 Cosumar 14 7 2 5 27 23 +4 23
5 Saintland 14 6 4 4 10 10 0 22
6 Devonta 13 4 4 5 14 14 0 16
7 Guadalajara 13 4 4 5 30 36 −6 16
8 Ynyslas 14 4 2 8 15 29 −14 14
9 Barsland 14 3 4 7 15 19 −4 13
10 Benjamin Mark (E) 14 2 4 8 18 25 −7 10
11 Pink Floyd FC 13 2 2 9 18 36 −18 8

Okay then. Turori's 2-0 win over Sajnur might be the end of the story for anyone aiming to overhaul 95X and Turori for qualification, as those teams remain strong contenders for qualification. Other than that, nothing much should occur, and no surprises should be expected.

Group 5
Euran Oceania Territories 2–4 Lochario
Siovanija & Teusland 4–3 Poafmersia
The Macabees 0–2 BOLGANO
Aquitlia 2–1 Monso
Squornshelous 2–0 Nephara

Group 5 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Siovanija & Teusland 14 11 0 3 38 21 +17 33
2 Nephara 13 9 2 2 31 14 +17 29
3 The Macabees 14 8 0 6 28 28 0 24
4 Poafmersia 14 6 3 5 30 28 +2 21
5 Squornshelous 14 5 5 4 33 33 0 20
6 Lochario 14 5 5 4 22 22 0 20
7 BOLGANO 14 4 4 6 15 15 0 16
8 Euran Oceania Territories 13 4 3 6 26 27 −1 15
9 Aquitlia 14 4 3 7 22 27 −5 15
10 Anthor 13 3 2 8 15 23 −8 11
11 Monso (E) 13 2 1 10 12 34 −22 7

Poafmersia remain 8 points off the pace despite a loss to Siovanija & Teusland (STL), due to Nephara losing to Squornshelous. That 4-3 loss to STL is for another day, but really this gives us some hope of qualification if other teams can pull down Nephara and we can qualify instead. However, who would beat Nephara and The Macabees and pull them both down? We do not know for now, but for sure we need to try to win every match to see how far can we get.

Group 6
Sultanate of Oontaz 2–2 Vdara
Quakmybush 3–1 Darmen
Kwangtzu Guānnán 1–4 Bongo Johnson
Hapilopper 4–4 Acapais
Equestria 2–3 Darkmania

Group 6 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Equestria 14 11 0 3 49 19 +30 33
2 Hapilopper 14 8 4 2 37 25 +12 28
3 Darmen 14 8 3 3 38 23 +15 27
4 Darkmania 13 8 2 3 29 32 −3 26
5 Bongo Johnson 14 5 3 6 32 33 −1 18
6 Quakmybush 14 4 4 6 23 28 −5 16
7 Kwangtzu Guānnán 14 4 3 7 20 26 −6 15
8 Vdara 14 4 3 7 26 33 −7 15
9 Acapais 13 4 3 6 23 31 −8 15
10 Sultanate of Oontaz 13 2 5 6 15 26 −11 11
11 Nomoterra (E) 13 1 2 10 13 29 −16 5

Equestria lost, but that was not the scoop of the night. Quakmybush defeated Darmen to throw the 2nd spot into disarray, with Hapilopper now in the lead to qualify along side the god ponies of Equestria. Can we say anything more? We cannot tell who is likely to make it out of this mess, but we are rooting for Hapilopper to qualify on 2nd try and hopefully they can make it.

Group 7
Lons 0–1 Northwest Kalactin
Kavagrad 0–1 Chromatika
Mriin 7–4 Petrovsky
Busoga Islands 1–0 Bloing
Main Nation Ministry 3–3 Zealandiana

Group 7 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Mriin 14 10 3 1 50 19 +31 33
2 Chromatika 14 10 2 2 30 19 +11 32
3 Main Nation Ministry 14 9 2 3 38 25 +13 29
4 Busoga Islands 14 8 3 3 19 13 +6 27
5 Kavagrad 14 6 1 7 24 26 −2 19
6 Zealandiana 13 5 3 5 22 23 −1 18
7 Northwest Kalactin 14 5 1 8 18 28 −10 16
8 Lons 13 4 1 8 15 21 −6 13
9 Plane of Possibility 13 3 2 8 24 40 −16 11
10 Petrovsky (E) 14 3 1 10 22 36 −14 10
11 Bloing (E) 13 2 1 10 16 28 −12 7

Unfortunately a really congested battle at the top is playing out after Mriin trashed Petrovsky 7-4, eliminating the latter, while Busoga Islands won 1–0 home to Bloing to eliminate the latter too. Meanwhile, Main Nation Ministry's draw caused them to fall off the pace by another 2 points, in a very tight battle at the top. Chromatika and Mriin is likely to qualify, but with Main Nation Ministry and Busoga Islands chasing them, only time will tell if something else happens.

Group 8
Mitra and Soma 2–2 Mustardy
Ziwana 3–1 Vakolicci Haven and Celeria
Squornshelan Remnant States 0–0 South Covello
Bliuji 1–2 Qasden
Furby Island 0–4 Filindostan

Group 8 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 South Covello 14 10 2 2 30 11 +19 32
2 Ziwana 14 8 5 1 40 29 +11 29
3 Qasden 13 6 5 2 33 28 +5 23
4 Mitra and Soma 13 5 4 4 26 25 +1 19
5 Filindostan 13 4 6 3 22 19 +3 18
6 Bliuji 14 5 3 6 28 30 −2 18
7 Squornshelan Remnant States 14 3 8 3 20 20 0 17
8 Vakolicci Haven and Celeria 14 3 6 5 28 31 −3 15
9 Mustardy 14 2 7 5 27 34 −7 13
10 Flavovespia 13 3 3 7 20 26 −6 12
11 Furby Island (E) 14 0 3 11 20 41 −21 3

Teams are starting to fall off the pace in a very tight group, and a leader has emerged from the previous chaos that came between the 2nd place and the 10th. Surprisingly, it is Ziwana with a 6 point lead over 2nd seeds Qasden, despite playing 1 game more. Having made their World Cup debut this year, the team made a surprise start before reaching this level. Unbelievably, Ziwana might be the first team in a while to qualify straight out of the Baptism of Fire. Others like Qasden, Mitra and Soma, Filindostan, all which played 1 game less, is unlikely to give up without a fight, but this team promises to reach far and wide.

Group 9
Xanneria 0–0 Ethane
Five Cities 1–0 Razneta
Appalachian Nation 1–2 Port Ember
Kelssek 7–1 Lisander
Valanora 2–2 Ouna

Group 9 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Valanora 14 10 2 2 50 18 +32 32
2 Ethane 14 9 3 2 38 23 +15 30
3 Kelssek 14 9 0 5 36 25 +11 27
4 Port Ember 14 8 1 5 28 24 +4 25
5 Bears Armed 13 6 2 5 27 25 +2 20
6 Razneta 14 5 2 7 15 23 −8 17
7 Xanneria 13 5 1 7 27 31 −4 16
8 Lisander 13 4 2 7 25 38 −13 14
9 Ouna 13 3 4 6 15 29 −14 13
10 Five Cities (E) 14 3 2 9 26 42 −16 11
11 Appalachian Nation (E) 14 2 3 9 30 39 −9 9

Someone has to be eliminated first, and it would be Five Cities and Baptism of Fire 71 runners-up Appalachian Nation which falls out of this particularly brutal group. Despite the top 2 teams making a huge lead, the chasing pack has caught up, with sides like Bears Armed, Port Ember, Kelssek, attempting to overhaul Ethan and Valanora for the qualification spots. Kelssek's 7–1 trashing of Lisander, as well as Port Ember's win over Appalachian Nation, showed their calibere. Otherwise, we do not know what is going to happen in this interesting group.

Group 10
The Holy Empire 1–0 Osarius
Kita-Hinode 2–0 Nirvacana
Quincy 3–5 Wreckeria
Juvencus 3–0 Volinovia
Pauh Janggi 1–3 Mareibat

Group 10 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Kita-Hinode 14 11 2 1 41 16 +25 35
2 The Holy Empire 13 11 1 1 51 24 +27 34
3 Juvencus 14 10 1 3 33 22 +11 31
4 Mareibat 13 7 0 6 27 23 +4 21
5 Wreckeria 14 6 2 6 33 36 −3 20
6 Pauh Janggi 14 6 0 8 23 25 −2 18
7 Osarius (E) 14 4 3 7 20 34 −14 15
8 Freeport 13 4 2 7 19 18 +1 14
9 Nirvacana (E) 14 3 4 7 13 23 −10 13
10 Quincy (E) 14 3 3 8 20 39 −19 12
11 Volinovia (E) 13 0 2 11 11 31 −20 2

The race is definitely a three way fight. Kita-Hinode, The Holy Empire, and Juvencus are the only ones in the race after a night where 3 more teams apart from Volinovia got eliminated. Freeport and Pauh Janggi might join them next matchday, and there isn't much hope for Wreckeria and Mareibat under such circumstances. The top 3 will continue winning, and whoever slips up may just be on their way out.

Group 11
Welzat 0–3 Free Republics
Balqia 4–1 Nahkistan
TJUN-ia 3–2 Savojarna
Galar 0–3 Jeruselem
Geektopia 1–1 Schottia

Group 11 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Free Republics 14 13 0 1 42 12 +30 39
2 Taeshan 13 10 2 1 22 6 +16 32
3 Schottia 13 6 4 3 25 23 +2 22
4 Jeruselem 13 5 6 2 25 17 +8 21
5 Balqia 14 5 3 6 26 26 0 18
6 TJUN-ia 14 5 3 6 19 23 −4 18
7 Savojarna 14 4 4 6 32 26 +6 16
8 Geektopia 14 5 1 8 22 32 −10 16
9 Welzat 13 3 2 8 19 30 −11 11
10 Nahkistan (E) 14 2 3 9 14 28 −14 9
11 Galar (E) 14 2 2 10 10 33 −23 8

Free Republics and Taeshan are definitely in now, with 17 points and 10 points respectively between them and 3rd placed Schottia. Any hope? None, in our opinion.
(NOTE: There was an error with 2 results involving Geektopia on the microsite. Unfortunately, this may have caused some Fantasy scores to change. We apologise for the mistake, and would like all players to reconfirm their scores.)

Group 12
Drawkland 1–0 Timuria
Polkopia 1–0 Fujai
Yttribia 1–0 Gyatso-Kai
Pasarga 2–2 Libonesia
Melbergia 0–2 North Eastern Asia

Group 12 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Farfadillis 13 10 1 2 34 8 +26 31
2 Pasarga 14 9 2 3 39 23 +16 29
3 Drawkland 13 8 3 2 24 16 +8 27
4 Polkopia 14 8 2 4 22 16 +6 26
5 Timuria 14 5 4 5 22 27 −5 19
6 Yttribia 14 4 5 5 8 20 −12 17
7 Gyatso-Kai 14 4 4 6 14 22 −8 16
8 Melbergia 14 5 0 9 18 23 −5 15
9 Fujai 14 3 3 8 24 32 −8 12
10 North Eastern Asia 13 3 2 8 15 22 −7 11
11 Libonesia (E) 13 1 4 8 17 28 −11 7

Pasarga drew, while Farfadillis had a bye, causing this group to look really tight at the top. 5 points separate the top 4, meaning a challenge may be coming from Drawkland and Polkopia on Farfadillis and Pasarga. Nothing can really be said at this moment.

Group 13
Noooooooooooo 0–2 Gor Kebab
Togonistan 0–3 Eura
Tornado Queendom 0–0 Reçueçn
Damukuni 2–2 Beepee
Geisenfried 1–1 Mkabia

Group 13 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Eura 14 13 1 0 47 12 +35 40
2 Damukuni 14 8 2 4 31 20 +11 26
3 Reçueçn 14 7 3 4 16 11 +5 24
4 Tornado Queendom 14 6 2 6 25 23 +2 20
5 Beepee 13 6 1 6 18 18 0 19
6 Noooooooooooo 13 5 3 5 26 30 −4 18
7 Togonistan 14 5 3 6 18 24 −6 18
8 Gor Kebab 14 5 2 7 13 21 −8 17
9 Andromeda Island Group 13 3 4 6 20 29 −9 13
10 Geisenfried 14 3 2 9 10 25 −15 11
11 Mkabia 13 2 1 10 16 27 −11 7

Alarmingly, no one is out in this group, yet Eura is runaway leaders in this group where no one is likely to be able to overtake them. Being the only unbeaten side thus far, but with everyone from 2nd to 8th within 9 points of each other, we should wait for more matches to come.

Group 14
Zwangzug 1–0 Alenburg
Fetra 2–3 Hampton Island
Gopnikea 2–0 Ancherion
Mattijana 3–1 Krytenia
Vilita 6–1 Castanya

Group 14 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Vilita 14 12 1 1 58 26 +32 37
2 Mattijana 14 9 2 3 28 18 +10 29
3 Zwangzug 13 8 2 3 19 15 +4 26
4 Gopnikea 14 6 3 5 25 25 0 21
5 Ancherion 14 6 2 6 30 32 −2 20
6 Krytenia 13 5 4 4 28 20 +8 19
7 Hampton Island 14 5 2 7 32 34 −2 17
8 Tamgu 13 4 2 7 23 34 −11 14
9 Alenburg 14 2 6 6 25 31 −6 12
10 Fetra (E) 14 1 6 7 16 25 −9 9
11 Castanya (E) 13 1 2 10 18 42 −24 5

At this point you know the trend. Vilita is going to qualify, being top in the KPB rankings and all, and we are going to see a 2-way fight for 2nd between Mattijana and Zwangzug. Or are we? Zwangzug has been making a few mistakes here and there, but Mattijana has not been spared from them either. However, the last meeting on Matchday 10 ended in a 1-0 win for Mattijana, which was the home side. Unless Zwangzug can win their game in hand, as well as the reverse matchup in Matchday 21, maybe they would narrowly miss out. However, we can see Zwangzug qualifying ahead of Mattijana, as the quality of the Zwangzug team is higher than the latter.

Group 15
Aldaveria 4–2 ZSeparatists
New Lusitania 0–1 Ko-oren
Barfleur 2–2 Tarchusland
Apox 0–1 Grod Island
Eraman 2–1 Indusse

Group 15 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Apox 14 11 2 1 36 17 +19 35
2 Eraman 14 9 2 3 25 14 +11 29
3 Ko-oren 14 8 2 4 17 10 +7 26
4 New Lusitania 14 7 4 3 29 16 +13 25
5 Eshan 13 6 5 2 29 18 +11 23
6 Barfleur 14 5 3 6 13 18 −5 18
7 Grod Island 13 4 3 6 13 19 −6 15
8 Indusse 13 4 2 7 18 26 −8 14
9 Tarchusland (E) 14 2 4 8 22 32 −10 10
10 Aldaveria 13 2 2 9 11 24 −13 8
11 ZSeparatists (E) 14 2 1 11 26 45 −19 7

Plagued by the CTE virus, ZSeparatists have of course been eliminated as the country is in a state of anarchy. Tarchusland joined them with a draw to Barfleur. What is interesting was the state of the race of 2nd place, despite Grod Island's shock victory over Apox the talk of the group. Many thought Ko-oren was favourites to qualify alongside Apox, but 3 straight losses brought others back into the game. With Eshan, Eraman and New Lusitania now in the mix, it might be a game of stamina as they race to the finish.
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Postby Abanhfleft » Mon Dec 30, 2019 8:12 am

DISCLAIMER: Gaelic Gamers is an independents sports blogging website created by four cousins with a common liking and passion for sports of all kinds and is in no way or form affiliated with or organized by any official news organization in the Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft. All statements and opinions posted here are our own and not anyone else's.

Gaelic Gamers

The Football Fallacies
with Graham O'Doherty


Hectic. Frenetic. Frantic. Caustic. Spastic. All the other -ics. Those words alone can be enough to describe the game between Banija and Abanhfleft at the Stadium of the Restoration in Busukuma. Hello guys, and welcome back to another edition of The Football Fallacies with me, your gay Irishman Graham O'Doherty. I think it's safe to say that everyone knew that this match against the Kadongo Kamu was going to be the most important match in Abanhfleft's qualifying cycle. Way more important than the matches against Brenecia or even Terre Septentrionale or the Sherpa Empire. Which makes some sense because Banija are the highest-ranked team in our group even though really we should be focusing on the teams hovering around us like the aforementioned Northerners and Sherpas. But we've had a decent history of results against Banija, back in the days when we were a more consistent challenger for the World Cup finals than we are today and the Banijans were still moving up through the field of football. Now though? Everything is in the air. Nothing is for certain now, that's for sure.

It's all back and forth action. Try and make sense of it all? Be prepared to suffer the mother of all headaches. Many people will like this game; many will hate it, and not just because of the scores. Everyone's running around the pitch, going back and forth, and just generally turning everyone dizzy. People always complain about motorsports being boring because it's just people and machines going round and round in circles, but when you think about it and boil everything down to the bare bones, all sports is basically running around in circles. Football, basketball, hockey (both ice and field), even baseball; it's all just running around in circles and doing some other stuff in between. Now I'm sure that some people will take issue with my distilling of the games they love into something so basic, but I stand by it. Would you believe that I came up with all of this while taking a shower? Yes, that little tiled room in the house is always the greatest repository for some of the weirdest thoughts of the human brain, but some of those thoughts often lead to things much greater than any of us could comprehend. Sometimes it's just a matter of developing said thoughts into something more coherent and... sensible.

So why did I elect to go down this path of exploring shower thoughts? I'd rather much discuss those than the match. Or any of the other matches, really. At least we finally got a clean sheet, again, against Casta Marina. But then I think back to the moments when we were all thinking and maybe hoping that maybe we can get something out of our visit to the Stadium of the Restoration, but alas. A classic Fleftic howler, an overall team collapse, every player seemingly playing a role in our own downfall, and then Nwabudike Ugonna was already wheeling away to celebrate the game winner at the corner flag. After the final whistle, there were no boos from the Fleftic fans who had made the long, long trip to Atlantian Oceania, something that we all didn't expect. We've been used to our fellows voicing their displeasure as loudly as possible, so this was an unexpected change in tack. But in the place of the boos was the shared look of expected disappointment, like they all knew that this was going to happen anyway.

Streaks are such dangerous forbidden fruit. The Fleftic people are used to being disappointed, so when our team finally began stringing along results that were most definitely beneficial to us, we latched on to it. We all began to believe, perhaps the worst thing we can all do because we all know how believing in our national team ends, in bitter disappointment and angry tears. Yet we never seem to learn. As soon as a team starts doing well we all start believing and maybe even hallucinating about obtaining future successes. And the fall back down to earth always gets harder because our arses pack the dirt beneath us ever tighter.

I really should put an end to this now because I believe I've started to ramble once again. And when I ramble I tend to say things that I end up regretting in the near future. Oh, well. Such is the life of a Fleftic football fan. XOXO from Graham....
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Port Ember Times
Sports Journal

Four In a Row For Our Dragons!

Port Ember 2 - 1 Appalachian Nation

By Erica Davies - Port Ember Times Sports Section

The Port Emberian Dragons pulled off yet another consecutive victory in the second half of the World Cup 84 Qualification Season, when they defeated the Appalachian NationNational Team in an away match this past Match Day 14.

The second half of the qualifier season sees Port Ember facing off against all the teams they have allready faced in the first half, allowing the oppertunity to exact revenge on lost matches - or reprove themselves. This second match against Appalachia was a chance for oir young team to prove to themselves and the world that it was not luck that brought them their previous 1-0 victory.

This win has resulted in firmly anchoring Port Ember in the fourth place on the group table. Altough qualifying is still an unrealistic dream, this result is sure to sooth the pride of the team and the nation alike.

This win now sets our national team on an impressive four game winstreak.

This home match was played at a fully packed Appalachia Capital International Stadium, situated in the capital city of the Appalachian Nation.

The Game - Summary

This match marked the fourth match of the second half of the qualifier season, following the Holiday Break. Port Ember entered this match as the favourites, and expected a victory for the young team - however the passionate Hillbillies ensured that the Dragons work very hard to gain that honor.

Port Ember once again switched their playstyle during this match, reverting back to their traditional "Bait Ambush" style, as the Hillbilllies launched a legion of energetic and high octane attacks upon the Port Emberian defences from the moment the derby commenced. The thundering pressure asserted from the Appalachians seemed to overwhelm the Port Emberian defences and seemingly caught them sleeping, as Appalachian striker William Robert used this confusion to slot the ball home in minute 12. This bode an early poor omen for the young Dragons.

Luckily for Port Ember, both the midfield and backline managed to regain composure immediately following this opening shock and started putting their gameplan and skills to use. Whilst the Hillbillies continued their relentless assualts, the Port Emberian defences held firm. The midfield abd backline worked together like a well oiled footballing machine, constantly shutting down attacks, stealing posession and forcing the opponents to work hard to regain it. The first half ended with this tactics taking place till the whistle blew, and no further goals being scored.

Once the second half commenced it was clear that the Port Emberian play had worked - the opposition was exhuasted and frustrated. The Port Emberians immediately went to task to capitalise on this oppertunity, and started launching a barrage of attacks of their own. Striker Leon Moult and winger Eric Tosaír blasted through deep down in the right flank, culminating in a Moult goal in minute 66.

The final game ending goal was achieved by a beautifull link up play between captain Ray Reddington and star striker Danny Nicovic - ending with Nicovic making the ball sing its victory song in minute 82.

The Fans

The 10 000 Port Emberian fans in attendance were back to their standard noisy and passionate antics, cheering and energising their young team.

Port Emberian Player Scores

Goalkeeper (GK)(#1): Peter Smith - 7/10. The 'Rock' had a busy day between the sticks, working overtime to overcome to hyper attacks at goal, stopping 4 of 5 shots at goal.

Center Back (CB)(#2): Josh Richards - 7/10. Josh was a solid defender, executing brilliant tackles when required for the full 90 minutes. Although not the most technical player, his physical strength and fitness got the job done in a manner which could inspire many future footballers.

Center Back (CB)(#3): Jason Lee. 8/10. 'The Backline Prince' did what he does best for the full 90 minutes - organise and rally the backline. Surely responsible for assisting his side in keeping the opposing score low.

Full Back (LB)(#4): Alex Kuhn - 6/10. The opposition mostly avoided the left backline for most of the match, giving Alex a peacefull match, which was not his mistake. When shots were taken into his reach, Alex managed to hold up his own.

Full Back (RB)(#5): Russel Pierce - 7/10. Was a solid defender, executing brilliant tackles when required for the full 90 minutes. Although not the most technical player, his physical strength and fitness got the job done in a manner which could inspire many future footballers.

Attacking Midfield (AM)(#10): Ray Reddington - 9/10. Brilliant day for the Captain on the field. Never failed to exploit potentiol gaps during offences and managed to create gaps when there was none.

Defensive Midfield (DM)(#6): Steven Packard - 9/10. Great day for Steven as he worked hard, and managed to link up well with Reddington to create counter attack oppertunities. Well deserved Man of the Match Award for his solid work put in.

Wide Midfield (LM)(#8): Jason Chamberlain - 6/10. Had a peacefull day as his flank was mostly left untested. The few chances he got to prove himself, he displayed solid passion and skill.

Wide Midfield (RM)(#11): Eric Tosaír of the Tribe of Waterford - 7/10. Had a excellent field day and proved his worth as the newcomer to the team. Assisted in an excellent goal due to good midfield-striker chenistry.

Central Forward (CF)(#7): Leon Moult - 7/10. Seemed to be back to his normal and brilliant form as he posed constant threats to the opposition defence. Scored an excellent goal.

Central Forward (CF)(#9): Danny Nicovic 8/10. Seemed to be back to his normal and brilliant form as he posed constant threats to the opposition defence. Scored an excellent goal.

Match Stats

Match: Port Ember Vs Appalachian Nation

Location: Republic of Port Ember

Result: 2 - 1 Win for Port Ember

Goals - Port Ember: Danny Nicovic; Leon Moult

Goals - Kelssek: William Robert

Man of the Match - Port Ember: Steven Packard

Aftermatch word from the Coach

"Whilst its true that I expected and demanded a win from the lads today, one must never underestimate the Appalachian lads. I do not care how strong/weak analysts claims they are on paper - or even what their game stats say - these lads posseses some of biggest hearts and passion I have ever encountered. It was an absolute pleasure to go to war against them." Coach Baxter

Article by Erica Davies
Port Ember Times
Sports Journal

Port Ember Times
Sports Journal

The Port Emberian Dragons prepares to face off against Five Cities as part of the World Cup 84 Qualifier Season!

Pre Match Analysis & Interview

By Erica Davies - Port Ember Times Sports Journal

The road to World Cup 84 Qualifiers is in full swing as Match Day 16 is upon the Port Emberian side.

Port Ember's national team will square off against Five Cities in their fithteenth match of the World Cup 84 Qualification Season, to be played at the Waterstad International Stadium, - the traditional home of the Port Emberian National Team, located in the Waterstad Borough of the capital - Port Ember Megalopolis of The Republic of Port Ember.

This match marks the second time that these two teams will meet on the football field, Port Ember having won their first encounter earlier this season with a narrow 4-3 score.

The eyes of the world will be upon this match, as the first encounter caused much contraversy, with dirty and physical play - and a full scale pitch & stands brawl errupted. The Port Emberian Football Association has warned that the entire national team will be disbanded with immediate effect of such an event should reoccur in the upcoming match.

Team Stats Analysis

Five Cities:

This team is currently ranked as the 269th best team in the world on the international ranking system, and posesses a decent footballing history and a strong and developed football culture and infrastructure. Sadly however, due to serious civil problems, it appears that their government had collapsed.

This team is currently placed in position 10 of 11 on the qualifier table - with 11 points ammassed so far, with 3 wins, 2 draws and 9 losses, scoring a total of 26 goals while allowing 42 goals to be scored against them.

Port Ember:

This team is ranked as the 86th best team in the world currently and has proven to be a formiddable and adaptable new team on the international field prior to the start of this season.

This is only the second international season in which Port Ember is partaking, and they have managed to jump to their current ranking in only that short period. The international sports media have regularly called this team the 'Dark Horse' of the group due to them making a name for themselves so quickly.

Even though the team has struggled to find their rhytm in the first half of the qualifier season, it appears that their old and dangerous form had reappeared after the Holiday Break, as they now are on a 4 game winning streak.

This team is currently placed in position 4 of 11 on the qualifier table - with 25 points ammassed so far, scoring a total of 28 goals while allowing 24 goals to be scored against them.

From a pure statistics point of view, analysts have deemed that Port Ember is the solid and absolute match favourites.

Team Analysis - Port Ember


This team is known for their highly aggressive offences and legendary counter attacks, with world class strikers. The striker duo also seems on excellent form lately.


Traditionally the strongest component of this team, under command of the amazing Reddington. The midfield is a dangerous element to its oponents, acting as an attacking defence and sets up the front line well with attacking oppertunities.


The backline is displaying a better form than normal, yet is still not its strongest compoment, focussing more on fluid attacks and counter attacks.


Analysts have nothing but praise for Peter Smith the starting goalie. The young man is a legend in the making.


The team has a impressive line-up of substitutes, whom have received field time recently, adding possible depth to the team when needed. The extra attention they have received from the assistant coach is sure to play a important role as well.

Team Morale & Cohesion:

This team seems to have regained their composure and morale, standing united against any opposition. Their previous four wins in a row, two of those against much stronger opononents, have boosted morale immensely.

Current Form:


This team is on a current 4 game winning streak, and has the looks of a champion team at the moment.

Typical Gameplan: Their typical system of tiring out and frustrating their opponents in an attempt to pull their 'Bait Ambush' is a risky play which can easily go wrong and concede a goal. However when it works, it is highly effective.

Team Analysis - Five Cities


This team has a sensible equal focus on offense and defence, systimatically defending their half of the pitch whilst slowly pushing forward on the offence. This slow but deliberate play can pose a problem for Port Ember as they rely on baiting over extended attacks, which this team rarely does.


This team's midfield is solid and supports the front and backlines with decent technical skills.


This team has a sensible equal focus on offense and defence, systimatically defending their half of the pitch whilst slowly pushing forward on the offence. This slow but deliberate play can pose a problem for Port Ember as they rely on baiting over extended attacks, which this team rarely does.


Analysts have nothing but praise for the starting goalie, and have proven to be a goalkeeping machine between the sticks.


The team has a impressive line-up of substitutes, whom have received field time recently, adding possible depth to the team when needed.

Team Morale & Cohesion:

This team has had a difficult season with many setbacks, yet they seem to remain positive and united on the field, having been able to cause some shocking upsets at times.

Current Form:


Clearly this team has had a struggling season as can be seen from the stats above. This could either finally have broken their spirit - or motivate them to a legendary comeback.

Typical Gameplan:

Deliberate and systematic balanced gameplay.

Starting Line-Ups

Port Ember

Goalkeeper (GK)(#1): Peter Smith.

Center Back (CB)(#2): Josh Richards.

Center Back (CB)(#3): Jason Lee.

Full Back (LB)(#4): Alex Kuhn.

Full Back (RB)(#5): Russel Pierce.

Attacking Midfield (AM)(#10): Ray Reddington.

Defensive Midfield (DM)(#6): Steven Packard.

Wide Midfield (LM)(#8): Jason Chamberlain.

Wide Midfield (RM)(#11): Eric Tosaír of the Tribe of Waterford

Central Forward (CF)(#7): Leon Moult.

Central Forward (CF)(#9): Danny Nicovic.

Five Cities

Starting Line Up not released

Team Kit

Port Ember have announced that they will play with their primary kit in their upcoming match.


Pre Match Interview with Coach Stuart Baxter:

Erica Davies: Coach, first off, congratulations are in order - the hard fought for victory over Appalchian Nation is the talk of the entire nation!

Coach Baxter: Thank you Erica! It was a good match, as was our last encounter. That team truly always brings forth a big and hard fight, and our young team is forced to be at their best in order to bring back the rum!

Erica Davies: Thanks for that Coach! So does this amazing 4 game winning streak change your opinion on the possibility of qualifying for the World Cup Proper?

Coach Baxter: Sadly it does not Erica. My views on the qualification campaign remains realistic. One epic victory in no ways garauntees follow up victories. My original goal of growing as a team whilst obtaining experience, remains just that.

Erica Davies: So coach, Five Cities is next. How are you feeling?

Coach Baxter: I feel good! I will be honest here, we are expected by the fans and analysts alike to emerge victorious, as we are a better team on paper - and offcourse we won our previous encounter. And - I too am expecting and demanding a victorious outcome from our lads. But we should remain calm and prepared for this upcoming match - our opponents are indeed having a struggling season, but they are not harmless. They have a tendency to rock the foundation of norms at certain days.

Erica Davies: Well said coach! Well thats all for today - and we as a nation hope you all the luck and fortune for tomorow!

Article by Erica Davies
Port Ember Times
Sports Journal

Port Ember Times
Sports Journal

The World Cup 84 Qualification Season

A Closer Look at Group 9 Results

By Gerhard Black - Port Ember Times Sports Journal

This article aims to take a closer look into the broader events and results relating to our opposition whom also forms part of Group 9 of the World Cup 84 Qualification Season.

Match Day 15 Results & Analytical Opinion

Xanneria 0–0 Ethane

An suprising and fun result for Xanneria, as Ethane was seen as the match favourites. This result is sure to help the struggling but strong Xanneria team, and hinder the 2nd strongest team in the group (Ethane), who is starting to jeapordise their qualification dreams.

Five Cities 1–0 Razneta

Another surprising result as Razneta was predicted to maul the struggling Five Cities side, yet the victorious side has shown that they can become extremely dangerous when uderestimated.

Appalachian Nation 1–2 Port Ember

Finally an predicted end result match. Although a win for Port Ember was expected, the Hillbillies put up an excellent fight.

Kelssek 7–1 Lisander

Although Kelssek was expected to bring home the bacon, no one expected such a thrashing! This team seems to have taken out all of their frustration of their loss against us on Lisander, who was clearly not prepared for a bullfight.

Valanora 2–2 Ouna

Most shocking result of the week, as everyone expected more from the strongest teams vs one of the weakest. That rumour of Port Ember breaking the fighting spirit of Valanora just sprung to mind...

(Nations listed first was the host of the specific match)

An Analysts opinions on Each Team After Match Day 15


This truly legendary team dominated this group before the Holiday Break, yet is currently stuggling in the second half. Their loss against Port Ember was followed with 2 consecutive draws. Even though they are going through a rough patch, I am confident that they will recover and will still end this season on top. Its simple providence.


Another legendary team who steamrolled in the first half of the season, whom has started to struggle in the second half. One or two more poor results may even start risking their qualification spot againt Kelssek of even Port Ember.


They started off slow but have gained massive momentum and is looking dangerous. They have become a very real threat to unseat Ethane from that second qualification seat. Their previous 7-1 win against Lisander was the stuff which inspires ballads.

Port Ember

Our young Dragons do not have a true hope of actually reaching a qualification spot, although with a perfect combination of the right blessings & curses it might even happen. But this aside, our national team is on theor best ever form, and is making our nation pride.

Bears Armed

A team who is making waves and causing some brilliant upsets. Definitely a side to keep an close eye on.


No longer has a chance to qualify, yet has proven to be still dangerous. An exciting team delivering exciting matches.


One of the strongest teams having a terrible season. They have the potentiol to still make some absolute and awesome comebacks.


A team who has once shown potentiol of greatness, but keeps having nasty setbacks. Their last 7-1 loss against Kelssek could possibly have broken their will.


A weak side whom is known to cause huge upsets when unprepared for, but its too late to do anything meaningfull this season.

Five Cities

A weak side whom is known to cause huge upsets when unprepared for, but its too late to do anything meaningfull this season.

Appalachian Nation

A side whom does not belong in last place. I habe watched both games between them and our own national team, and they play their absolute hearts out. Someone needas to fix what ever is broken and fast - such talent and latent potentiol is too good to throw away.

Current Group Standings

Group 9                         Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Valanora 14 10 2 2 50 18 +32 32
2 Ethane 14 9 3 2 38 23 +15 30
3 Kelssek 14 9 0 5 36 25 +11 27
4 Port Ember 14 8 1 5 28 24 +4 25
5 Bears Armed 13 6 2 5 27 25 +2 20
6 Razneta 14 5 2 7 15 23 −8 17
7 Xanneria 13 5 1 7 27 31 −4 16
8 Lisander 13 4 2 7 25 38 −13 14
9 Ouna 13 3 4 6 15 29 −14 13
10 Five Cities 14 3 2 9 26 42 −16 11
11 Appalachian Nation 14 2 3 9 30 39 −9 9

Article by Gerhard Black
Port Ember Times
Sports Journal

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Postby Kelssek » Mon Dec 30, 2019 9:00 am


Lights out at Kingswharf
SPORTS > SOCCER | by Martin McBride

Lapierre 5'
Pokorný 40'
Custworth 51', 54', 81'
Taleb 68'
Wylten 87'

Heretier 14'
Haligonian Hydro crews worked feverishly to restore power to the Kingswharf stadium in time for an international match the day after 120 km/h winds downed power lines throughout metropolitan Breton. But then it was Kelssek who played a lights-out performance as they thumped seven goals past Lisander to move within three points of second place and qualification for the World Cup finals.

The form guide and the betting line warned the 125th-ranked visitors had every chance of getting a result. Lisander were coming off an excellent match in which they held Valanora to a 1-1 draw, while Kelssek were coming off a torrid loss in Port Ember that saw first-choice central defender Damien Halliger ruled out with concussion and Patrice Champetier unable to finish the match after suffering an unspecified leg injury.

Kelssek manager Andrea Crowe seemed in a much better mood after the match than before, as she credited the players for responding to the setback in their previous match. "No one was happy about how that match against Port Ember went, and neither should we have been. We know there's no margin for error in the race for the qualification spot. I laid down the challenge for the players and you've all seen the response," she said.

Brayden Custworth was clinical and thoroughly deserved his hat-trick. His finishing netted two goals in five minutes, turning a 2-1 advantage at half time into a 4-1 lead that left the surging comeback attempt by the visitors dead before it could really get going. But credit should also go to Gabriel Lapierre, whose passing carved up Lisander like a Christmas turkey and who opened the scoring early with a howitzer of a strike from 35 yards in the fifth minute of play.

Lisander struck back and actually got the better of the first half, with Afonso Heretier levelling the score off a well-worked passing move that saw Lisander make good use of their extra man through the middle. But Kelssek took the lead again when defender Kassel Pokorný nabbed an opportunistic goal as the ball fell to his feet after an aerial contest in the penalty box. Everything was still to play for at half time, but then it was time for Custworth to shine. Lapierre was popping up all over the midfield, laying on the through balls that Custworth converted and sending Shaheen Taleb through on goal where the Sleepy Hollow forward danced around Anders Michaelichen to make it 5-1.

Kelssek were merciless knowing that goal difference could well be vital. Custworth capped off his hat-trick when sloppy defending at a corner left him with a free header in the six-yard box, and Seamus Wylten was left with a tap-in after Luis Rosell's scuffed backpass wrong-footed his own goalkeeper. The scoreline brought Kelssek to +11, with every chance of catching Ethane who have a +15 goal difference and both with six matches left to play.

The result is Kelssek's biggest winning margin of the present generation of players, and in terms of goals scored beats out the 6-3 win against Five Cities earlier this cycle as well as a 6-2 scoreline away to Tarper in qualification for cycle 81.

Kelssek: Normand, Liadon, Pokorny, Arbour, Douglass, Lapierre, Demetriev (Corvin 60'), Tremblay-Fillon (Dionne 71'), Custworth, Taleb (Wylten 77')
Lisander: Michaelichen, Kaplanoski, Rosell, Varden, Lasses, Heretier, Ávila (Garmin 62'), Camden, Potenza (T. Walker 65'), Amati, Somerville
Player of the match: Gabriel Lapierre
Attendance: 39,994
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Postby Banija » Mon Dec 30, 2019 10:12 am

Setting is at the Stadium of the Restoration during the Banija v. Brenecia World Cup Qualifier..

Gitonga Kahara was walking back up the pitch. It was 80 minutes into the match, and he was starting to feel tired. This was never an easy sport energy wise, and especially on this day- this game against Brenecia was absolutely draining. The two best teams in the group, going toe to toe at a packed house here in Busukuma, meant for quite the match. Like their first match, when the Banijans were able to race out to a 2-0 lead, the Kadongo Kamu really tried to take the game to the Patriots. Kahara, in particular, had shown quite a bit of energy for most of this match. Just in the 7th minute, the captain had a golden opportunity for his side to take an early lead over the Patriots. He had been able to get one onto his left foot, take a step, and launch a shot towards goal. A leaping save from Cass Farrell showed that the Brenecian goalkeeper was almost certainly going to be on top of his game.

The Brenecians were not a team that would try to chase the game. They'd let the game come to them. The Stadium of the Restoration was quickly becoming a classic venue in the sport- and it was certainly an intimidating venue. The fans made plenty of noise, and the S&T engineers that built this stadium ensured that the noise in here was amplified. It always had the potential to be quite a frenzy when the national team played here, and every single one of the 91,835 seats in this stadium was filled. And with an opponent that has the prestige and power of Brenecia, it just added that much to the atmosphere. It had been a frenzy for the entire day here in Busukuma. Flags flying everywhere he turned. Drums echoing throughout the stadium. It was probably the loudest anthem he had heard since he was here for the World Cup 83 Semifinal, before the team faced Starblaydia in that match.

And even with that energy behind the Banijans, it was a very different game than what they played at the Kingsgarden in the first half of Qualifying. That game, the Banijan attack, at least in the first half, was able to find space and truly challenge Cass Farrell. The goalkeeper got a lot of deserved credit for keeping the Patriots in the game, and the Banijans were having quite a few chances. Time and time again, it would be down to Farrell. But teams as good as Brenecia did not get good because they allow the same team to attack them repeatedly in the same way. That type of game is not a sustainable path to victory. So coming out for this second match, Brelk-Xeral Erv shored up his team in the back. They were playing much tighter against the Banijans. And after Banija's early spell, culminating in Farrell's save to deny the Banijan captain, there had been almost no room to operate.

Defenders were sticking to Kahara like a glove. He could not get open. He could not get free. No matter what he did, he was absolutely bottled up. He had no idea what his stats were for this match. But he knew that they must have looked pretty rough. Keziah Broxham, in particular, was providing Kahara with quite the battle. Broxham was sticking to Kahara like a glove- being picked up almost immediately as the Banijans went into the final third. The space to get the ball was small, the ability to actually do anything with the ball was less. And the amount of the Banijans reliance on their star player was immediately exposed. Was this a path to truly smother the Banijan national team? While there was talent across the pitch, as Ilman Jawara and Kawesa were also particularly capable, it was through Kahara that the offense would be generated. And the Banijans had been struggling for much of the game as he had essentially been taken out of it. He could not get open, he could not find space, and they were paying the price.

That's why, in the 80th minute, he walked over to the touchline to have a conversation with his manager while trainers tended to Nwabudike Ugonna, who had received a slight knock.

"Gitonga," Started Marcus Waters. "We're still 0-0 here. They could easily score here and steal this one. This is a win that we want, badly. You know the stakes. We're going to have to be inventive here."

"Inventive?" Replied Gitonga Kahara. "What do you mean?"

"We're going to do some rotation. We're going to bring Sia Fall into the match. However, you know his versatility. We'll put him at your spot. We'll put you on the other side of the pitch, playing in Ugonna's spot."

"Ugonna?" Replied Kahara. "Why take him off? He looks fine to me- just a knock, right?"

"Well, I had been considering it." Replied the manager. "But now, of course, Ugonna has his knock. He'll have to come off at least momentarily. Let's let him get healthy. Let's get some fresh legs in there. We've never beaten Brenecia, and a win against them would be absolutely massive. Let's do whatever it takes. Are you in?"

"Of course!" Replied Kahara. "Let's get it done." The manager brought Sia Fall over, and then gave him his instructions. About a minute later, Ugonna was taken off the pitch, and the sideline assistant referee raised the subsitutes board. Sia Fall was coming in. Kahara switched his side of the field. And then, when the came went back on, he suddenly found that he was having a better time. Tactically, the move was brilliant. Sia Fall was a different kind of player, and Kahara had a fresh burst of energy after the small break granted by Ugonna's injury. It would not be long before he could get behind the Brenecian defense. Getting the ball around 30 yards from goal, he dribbled down the sideline, towards the corner flag. Taking on Keziah Locke, he beat her on the dribble and whipped in a gorgeous cross. A cross that, of course, connected with the head of Kizza Okafor, who buried the ball into the back of the net.

The crowd went wild. Kahara jumped up and pumped his fist into the air, hearing the roar of the crowd at the Stadium of the Restoration. Kizza Okafor ran towards Kahara, and jumped into his arms. 83 minutes of Brenecian resistance, and finally, the goal was scored. The Banijans defended like crazy for the remainder of the match, and their hands went into the air. It was a big win. This put them 6 points clear of Brenecia, and 12 points clear of third place Abanhfleft, which was the first elimination spot. This put the Banijans in serious pole position to not only qualify for the Finals directly, but their 6 point spread against Brenecia put them in position to also win a World Cup Qualification group for the first time ever.

A solid day. Three points. And now, he would go to the ice baths. That was an exhausting game. And a trip to the Sherpa Empire lay ahead...

Starters: 4-2-1-3
Players who are based in a foreign league are bolded.
Players who have their first ever competitive callup in this tournament are italicized.
BSL = Banijan Soccer League, Banija's only national professional soccer league.
GK #1 Lemuel Bereket. Age 33. Plays for Exton FC in the Apox National League.
RB #2 Ephrem Selassiee. Age 31. Plays for Sterling City United in Darmen.
CB #20 Kawsu Kaba. Age 27. Plays for the Hoima Warriors in the BSL. Captained Di Bradini Cup 44 side.
CB #3 Kuma Bultum. Age 23. Plays for Raynor City United in Valanora.
LB #13 Fekati Abdi. Age 27. Plays for the Herzegovina Phoenix in the BSL.
RCM #6 Mzukisi Nzo. Age 21. Plays for the Hoima Warriors in the BSL. Starter on the U18 Sporting World Cup 8 championship squad.
LCM #8 Kizza Okafor. Age 29. Plays for Lakiska Sporting Club in the BSL.
CAM #10 Namakula Kawesa. Age 26. (Female). Plays for Gwinevra Barbarians in the Apox National League.
LW #11 Gitonga Kahara. Age 30. Plays for OAS Royal FC in the Härlighet Ligan in Cosumar. Team's regular captain.
RW #18 Alanso Tamba. Age 31. Plays for Crisisbless United in the Nepharim Premiership.
ST #17 Ilman Jawara. Age 26. Plays for Soldarian FC in Valanora.

GK #23 Jumu Sanneh. Age 33. Plays for Turoki United in the Vilitan League's Declasse Division.
GK #35 François Tantoh. Age 26. Plays for Herzegovina City FC in the BSL.
RB #27 Uzoma Iruka. Age 23(Female). Plays for Lakiska Sporting Club in the BSL.
CB #5 Demba Kinteh. Age 20. Plays for Port Sebastian in Schottia. Captain of the U18 Sporting World Cup 8 championship squad.
LB #4 Daluxolo Matshikiza. Age 33. Plays for the Hoima Warriors in the BSL. Captain for Matchday 12 only.
CM #14 Ablie Kah. Age 29. Plays for Istria City FC in the BSL.
CM #15 Enyinnaya Jideofor. Age 24. Plays for Igulu City FC in the BSL.
CAM #21 Sia Fall. Age 35. Plays for Jinja City FC in the BSL.
LW/RW #12 Nwabudike Ugonna. Age 27. Plays for FC Rotmunde 1932 in the Republikaliga in Siovanija & Teusland.
LW/RW #22 Madu Okparra. Age 23. Plays for Kitara AA in the BSL.
ST #24 Kabir Jobateh. Age 30. Plays for FC Kaiserhaven in the Republikaliga in Siovanija & Teusland. Starter on the bronze medal 42nd Di Bradini Cup squad.
ST #19 Idai Uster. Age 20(Female). Plays for the Willox Street Pirates in Schottia.
Reigning World Cup champions. Vice President of the World Cup Committee. President of the World Cup of Hockey Federation. Reigning IBC Winners. Map of Banija.
Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports
NSCF 14 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 17 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 19 CHAMPIONS(Northern Moravica), NSCF 21 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria)
Sporting World Cup 8. World Baseball Classic 47. Di Bradini Cup 47. World Cup 86. IBC 30. National Trophy Cabinet.
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CoCoCo Stadium, New City, Orlandiana

A capacity crowd of 151,732 Republicans had arrived for the long-anticipated revenge match against Taeshan. Soccer General Rule Theriault was taking no chances for this match as he penciled his best 11 into the starting lineup. The fact that the Republicans would almost certainly qualify regardless of the outcome of this match was immaterial at this moment. Taeshan had beaten them convincingly in the away leg for the only blemish on their otherwise perfect qualifying record thus far. This did not sit well with Rule Theriault, who addressed his team before the match:

Rule Theriault - Ladies and gentlemen, today we face Taeshan in the largest stadium in the Federation of Free Republics. Today, a capacity crowd will look on as we seek to prove to all that our lone defeat was nothing more than a fluke. Today, we face Taeshan. They are a good team, one that will likely be headed to the World Cup. However, we are supposed to be a great team.

Koby Theodore - Like the first generation of Republican National Soccer Team stars, your generation reached the semifinals of your 4th World Cup cycle, which was held on home soil. The previous generation of Republican soccer stars, my generation, also reached the semifinals in our 7th World Cup cycle. Based on the way our team has played in qualifying, even though we have played our B squad in the majority of matches, we expect great things from you this year.

Rule Theriault - And those great things should begin with a convincing victory today. Failure is not an option. Treat this match as if it were a World Cup knockout round match. Show me why you are part of our first eleven and why you should keep that spot despite the strong performances in qualifying by your backups.

Koby Theodore - While you are probably too young to remember this, I was originally picked as a backup for the first generation and had to earn my spot in the starting lineup.

Rule Theriault - And you were a big part of why we reached the second semifinal thirteen years ago.

Koby Theodore - Your record in qualification over the past 6 years is extremely impressive. When you clinch qualification, your generation will have officially qualified for more World Cups than our generation did. However, you have never played in a World Cup final and have only reached a single semifinal thus far.

Rule Theriault - Last year, I guaranteed on numerous occasions that we would win the World Cup. I did so because I believe you have the talent to do exactly that. Its time to prove it. If we can't even beat a gatekeeper team like Taeshan, how can we expect to beat the best of the best and win the World Cup?

Rule Theriault finished with those words. Now the next couple hours would tell him whether this team was who he thought they were...
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Bears Armed vs. Xanneria
Venue: Wimbley Stadium.
Score: 1-0.

Bears Armed (1): O Sarndale (#5) @ 12’ (penalty).
Xanneria (0): (none)

Red Cards
Bears Armed (0): (none)
Xanneria (0): (none)

Substitutions due to Injury
Bears Armed (0): (none)
Xanneria (1): Mark Hailey [#32] @ 84’ (concussion).

_______________________________________ _______________________________________

It is eleven days after the match reported above, and the Bear-Belles are on their way to Ethane’s capital city of New Sarum for their return game against that nation’s own team. Despite having lost the first match-up between the two sides by two goals to none, at home, the Belles do not seem outwardly worried by the prospect of facing those ‘Red Kites’ again. After all, although the absolute difference in points gained has widened since that previous meeting, the relative difference in Ethane’s favour has narrowed from 2:1 to 3:2 despite those rivals having played one game more than the Belles, and the Kites’ recent performance has seen them manage just three draws and a loss (with the latter being, admittedly, to next-highest seed Kelssek rather than to a much more lowly-ranked side) since the mid-qualifiers break as against the Belles’ trio of wins… and the teams that the Belles have beaten during this period are the same ones against whom Ethane’s players could only draw. This isn’t to say that either the Belles’ players or their management & coaching staff are over-confident about their prospects of victory in the ‘Edward IV Stadium’, but winning there wouldn’t surprise most of them…
As is usual when the Belles travels by air, the players and staff have been split fairly evenly between two separate planes and sorted for this so that each of those contingents is capable of fielding a full line-up of starting players — plus a number of potential substitutes, and at least couple of members from the coaching crew — just in case. However, given that Ethane seems a safer (and less “weird”) destination than some of the other nations which the team has visited during this campaign, the pair of Army Air Force Dakotas used on some previous occasions have been replaced by a pair of commercial jet airliners from the national airline of the Bears’ [IC] neighbour Mikitivity and these are carrying not only the team & its associated personnel but also some journalist and fans as well… while quite a few other Bear fans are making the journey aboard other aircraft, too. (1)


(Aboard one of these aircraft…)

(Urrsarra Northgate [manager/chief coach) “And that’s that.
“Hrright, hwhaht’s the latest news about Xanneria’s injured player
‘Hailey’: Did anything more come in before we left?”

(Helene Bosanquet [routemaster]) “Yes, zhe International Press Agency reports that he is definitely suffering the after-effects of concussion, and that sources within Xanneria’s football authorities are doubtful about whether he will be able to play for them again. ”

(Urrsarra) “Urrgah! Humans are so fragile… No insult intended, Helene.” (2)

(Helene) “And no insult taken: Me, I would not like to bump heads with a big Bear like your semi-namesake when we were both going for the ball, neither.” (3)

(Urrsarra) “Hokay. Hr’rmm, I remember reading that hwhen one of the Belles badly injured an opposing player in one match back in “the old days” our girrls’ manager at that time sent across a large jar of medicinal honey to help speed the invalid’s hrrecovery: Maybeso we should do that thistime, too?”

(Krystal Bruin [chief physiotherapist]) “Not for a concussion, no, in my professional opinion. You can double-check with Doctor Redwood-of-Thramms once we meet up again on the grround, of course, but I’m furrly sure that she will agree with me: Adding the potential hallucinogenic side-effects from the Solace Chamomile nectar on which the bees involved after a head injury? Not a good idea, for true.” (4)

(Urrsarra) “Ouch! You’re hrright, I can smell that. Hokay, I’ll just get the press office to help me draft a formal apology and best wishes for Hailey’s rrecovery, and so on, instead.”

(Freeda Urrlafh’s-dottir [goalkeeping coach) “On the brright side, at least the hrreferee only gave Shipbear a yellowcard for that accident hrrather than a rrredone.”
(She notices the looks on some of her colleagues’ faces.)
[/size](Freeda) “Hwhat? Don’t tell me that you weren’t thinking that too…”
“Southlanders, for true…” (5)


(Meanwhile, in the other plane that’s carrying team members…)

Lurrsee Fane, who is still on maternity leave from the squad but was invited along on this trip anyway, is sitting down and nursing her baby daughter Errisabearrh while she chats with her closest friends from the team. Jammy Urrsen, the child’s father, has given up his seat to one of those friends, and has gone further back into the compartment to help new sportswriter Teddo Harrih’fhach — who, like him, works for that famous publication ‘The Bear Necessities’ — interview the accompanying staff.
Errisabearrh has light brown fur, mostly, but with a ginger-red ‘collar & bib’ on her neck & upper chest… and, as Lurrsee now reveals to her friends, has sprouted a pair of WINGS since the last time that any of them saw here… which, because of the quite intensive programme of training & scheduled rests to which they have been subjected in the run-up to this game, was nearly a week ago. These are just quite stubby wings at present, and are covered only with down [in a lighter & blonder shade than her body-fur] rather than with ‘flight’ feathers, but Lurrsee is openly pleased.

(Lurrsee) “Obviously I was already carrying her hwhen we flew to Valanora, even though I didn’t find out about the pregnancy until a few days after ourr return home from there. She must have been changed hwhen I was, and the rrest of you were, and—for some rreason — not turned fully back again afterwarrds like the rest of urrs. Anyhows, the medicos and mysticos have given her a clean bill of health… although they couldn’t say yet hwhether the wings will ever become fully functional…”

(Steffannee Bruin) “You’ll believe a Bear can fly.” (6)

(Lurrsee, whistfully) “Flying… Even though I could only do that for less than a full day, I still miss being able to fly, and the feeling of frreedom that it gave me…”

(Karra) “Ur’rmm… You aren’t thinking of doing anything hrrisky to get that ability back, I hope: Not trying to make a deal with some supernatural entity, for example? I fully understand how much you enjoyed flying — believe me, so did I — but any beings hwho could and would give you back your wings are probably too tricksy to trrrust about something so important…. Especially now that you’ve got thislittle lovely to be concerned for, as well as yourself, now.”

(Lurrsee) “No, don’t worry, I do rrealise that. Flying is fun, but Errisabearrh matters more — much more — and I wouldn’t rrisk anything that might harm her, or leave her motherless. I promise you this, I swear it by ‘The Seven Holy Helpers’… for true!” (7)

(Steffannee) “And you alrready made that promise to Sermharn the Wanderer, too, hrright?”

(Lurrsee) “Ayyuh, I did… but how did you know that?”

[/size](Steffannee) “Ur’rmm.
“I overheard him talking to Mum about the situation, a couple of evenings ago, hokay? I was in the next room washing up my and mum’s dinner things hwhen he turned up to collect her because they were going out together that evening, and they were talking about it quite openly hwhile she finished getting rrready…”

(Harroya O Sarrndale) “Your mum is dating Sermharn?!

(Steffannee) “Ayyuh. Well, sort-of, at least: They went to a concert by the ‘Bernie Goodbear Memorial Orchestra’ together that night, and mum even took her dancing shoes along — hwhich she hasn’t done on a date for years, not that she’s ever dated much anyhows hrright tfrom hwhen my father left urrs, and she came home quite late and quite happy-sounding… but she did come home, and alone, and that wasn’t lonng into the early hours…. But hwhether she hopes that this is going anyhwhwere, she didn’t say….” (8)

(Karra) “Ur’rmm.”

(Steffannee) “I know, hrright? I mean, I love Mum, but she’s just my mum — hokay, and the Belles’ chief phsyio hwhen she’s at work — hwhereas Sermharn is legendary for doing all that stuff with wizards and heroes and Starbears and so on…” (9)

(Karra) “Hrrright….
“Anyhows, change of subject: Errisabearrh: She’s feeding hokay, and sleeping hokay, ayuh?”

(Lurrsee) “Ayyuh, except that she woke up crying hwhen her wings were coming thrrough and couldn’t get back to sleep until they’d stopped at their current size, hwhich took a couple of watches. But she’s fine now….”
(She lowers her face, and kisses the baby gently on the top of its head.
“Ayyuh, aren’t you fine now, mummy’s little angel?”

(Your view of this discussion, as an observer from beyond the ‘Fourth Wall’, fades to black…)


OOC Footnotes

1. Dakotas were used instead of commercial jets for the pre-break trip to valanora, despite that nation being “safe” and not (at least by the Bears’ standards) “weird”, because somebody whose opinions the authorities take seriously had a premonition that something odd might happen along the way…

2. Helene Bosanquet is from ‘Clan Calvin’, a community of humans whose founders chose Bears Armed as a safe refuge from persecution several centuries ago: They were Huguenots (i.e. Protestant Christians from France).

3. “your semi-namesake” = Urrsarra Shipbear [#16], a defensive player who had been substituted in by that stage of the game.

4. ‘Solace Chamomile’ & its potential hallucinatory effects were added to the IDU’s canon by the player behind Mikitivity, long ago. The idea of developing a medicine from the honey produced by bees that had fed on it was mine, but agreed as reasonable [i]by Mik. The foreign player to whom some was sent in my earlier RP was from The Babbage Islands and had, IIRC, an injured leg.

5. Freeda might be playing deliberately to the “tough, bluntly-spoken Northlander” stereotype… or she might be serious about this. Who knows?

6. For the information of any of you who are too young to remember: ”You’ll believe a man can fly” was an advertising catchphrase used in RL for the 1978 film ‘Superman’… Evidently there was, IC, a comparable film & catchphrase for ‘SuperBear’;)

7. ‘The Seven Holy Helpers’ are a set of seven powerful spirits whom many of the Bears (especially those who follow the ‘One Plus Seven’ creed, of course) believe ‘The Great Bear’ [i.e. God-the-Creator] sent to advise Bearkind: ‘Little Bear’, ‘Pig’ (who is often depicted, especially when — as is often the case — he appears in conjunction with Little Bear, as a piglet rather than as an adult…), ‘Owl’,’ ‘Donkey’, ‘Rabbit, ‘Tiger’, and ‘The Strangers’ (counting as a single “helper”, but manifesting in two bodies as a mother & child from a type of animal that was otherwise unknown to the Bears until they quite recently began interacting with the outside world…). Can you identify the OOC source for this selection? ;)

8. Bernie GoodBear was basically the Bear’s IC counterpart to RL’s Benny Goodman. This ‘tribute act’ was authorised by his heirs and has already appeared in my RP at least once before this although that was several years ago: It was one of the bands that played at an International Scouting Festival which the Bears hosted (and to which two other players also sent nations, with one of them — the player behind The Babbage Islands’ — scorinating some sporting contests for the attendees….)[/i] during the second half of qualifiers for an earlier World Cup.

9. 'StarBears' = the Bears' counterparts to Tolkien's 'Valar', i.e. basically Angels... unless the sceptics are right, and they're just Bears from elsewhere who have "sufficiently advanced technology" and perhaps some genetic alterations...
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Jessica Siafik: Cosumar Crush

“Okay, what is happening here, Taulant?”
“Tidesson has found open space on the wing and is in position to cross with plenty of time.”
“What must you do to stop this?”
“Jockey him so that he cannot receive the ball in space and don’t get caught upfield.”

Jessica Siafik, captain of the Sajnuran football team, was watching her manager, Eliseo Marinon, point out tactics and mistakes in clips of Cosumar matches. It was the day before the Queen Haqla Stadium would be hosting them, and Sajnur needed to be prepared tactically as well as physically. Jessica, usually with either unfaltering calm or joyous jest, was unusually worked up. The Azure Dragons were 18th in the world, 58 spots ahead of Sajnur, and were widely expected to win, even despite Sajnur taking four points from their matches in qualifying for World Cup 82. It wasn’t the Cosumarite team making her tense, though. At least, not all of it.

“Now, watch Isla Sibucic and how she scythes through the defenders.”

The attacking midfielder was on screen, receiving the ball about 35 yards from goal and carrying it immediately past a hapless midfielder, before entering space patrolled by four defenders. Isla waltzes past all of them with pace, as if she were dancing to a mazurek, and Jessica was staring at the screen, her breathing getting heavier as Isla sent a shot past the flailing goalkeeper into the back of the net. The defenders discussed how to properly mark Isla, and another video of her bamboozling opponents came on screen, the diminutive blonde seen rouletting past one, sprinting past another, and then rainbow flicking the ball over a third. Jessica’s eyes were now fixed on the Cosumar player, her legs were pressed together, and she was starting to feel warm. Another video now came on, and Jessica became wide eyed in shock. She herself was in it, and Isla was hurtling toward her with the ball. Isla went one way, then the other, trying to throw past Jessica off, and Jessica lunged a leg toward her. Present Jessica blushed in the knowledge of what happened next, and could only watch as Isla nutmegged past her and scampered off into the distance. In the room, the captain now blushed copiously, and she crossed her legs tightly as if she was trying to focus all of her tension into them. Videos of several Cosumarites, including Isla again, followed, and the team got to enjoy clips of them doing things right, including Jessica nutmegging Isla. Indeed, Jessica had done all of the tricks Isla had been shown doing many times throughout her career, but seeing the Cosumar midfielder do them sent her mind into a frenzy.
The learning session soon ended, and Jessica walked outside the training ground and lit a joint.

“Hey, Jessy!”
“Kahala! Hi!”
“So, you think we can beat Cosumar tomorrow?”
“I don’t know, Kahala.”
“We’ve done it before, Jess. We can do it again, right?”
“Y-yeah, of course.”
“You okay? You seem jittery.”
“I’m nervous about tomorrow, and this joint isn’t helping.”
“It must be bad if you’re nervous.”
“Yeah. Can you drive? I don’t think I can drive in this state.”


“I don’t want to embarrass myself tomorrow, but it’s not all the fans I’m worried about.”
“Who are you afraid of being embarrassed in front of?”

Jessica blushed in anticipation of her admission.

“I have a crush on Isla Sibucic.”
“Yeah. I have the best girlfriend in Gabby! She’s so sweet and funny and caring, and so hot! God, she’s hot. But remember how you felt when you first met me?”
“Yeah. I was unbelievably nervous, and I was so madly in love with you!”
“Yep, and a few weeks later I kissed you on international television!”

Both girls blushed with the thought back to that moment of pure joy.

“That was against Cosumar too!”
“Yeah! Anyway, I kinda felt that when we went to Cosumar to face them. Like I remember that moment when she nutmegged me. I wanted to be mad so much! But I couldn’t be mad at her! All I could do was blush because I was so embarrassed. When I kept trying to dribble past people and make really long passes, I wasn’t trying to get back at her, I was trying to impress her! But I was off my game, and it was because she had a spell on me! Remember when we collided in that aerial challenge, and the ball just rolled away until Zain took it?”
“Yeah, I saw that. Looked kinda painful.”
“Yeah. It wasn’t painful at all, actually. But when I sat up, I looked into her eyes and just got trapped. Those purple orbs and that pale face. I just wanted to kiss her so bad! My face must have been red as hell.”
“Aw, Jessy! Does Gabby know?”
“Yeah, Gabby knows. How am I going to cope? How am I going to play with her on the field?”
“You’ll find a way. You always find a way. You’re our captain!”
“What if she nutmegs me again? At home?”
“Then nutmeg her back! Just like in the videos!”
“Yeah. Just nutmeg her back. Just like before! Thanks, Kahala!”

Jessica went to hug Kahala, but Kahala palmed her away.

“Hey! I’m driving, here!”
“Oh, sorry.”

Jessica blushed furiously. Despite her best efforts and Kahala’s assuring words, thoughts of Isla embarrassing her continued to flood her mind, and by the time they arrived at Kahala’s house, which Jessica and her girlfriend Gabby were staying at, Jessica was rocking in her seat. She grabbed her kit bag from the back seat, and then rushed inside the house, where Gabby was waiting for her.

“Gabby. Bedroom. Now,” Jessica panted out.
“Why? Now?”
“Can’t explain now. Too needy.”


“Morning Jessy. Wakey wakey.”
“Morning Gabby.”

Gabby swept the hair from Jessica’s face and kissed her as she groggily became aware of her surroundings.

“Today’s the big day. Cosumar is waiting.”

Jessica shot up in bed.

“Oh my god, don’t remind me.”
“Come on, you beat them last time.”
“No, last time we drew nil-all.”
“Last time they came to Sajnur, silly. You’ll have fifty thousand people cheering you on. Besides, nil-all is still a point, and they haven’t beaten you yet.
“I guess you’re right. I just don’t want to look stupid.”
“You never look stupid! The fans will be too mesmerised by you that they won’t notice!”
“It’s not the fans that I’m worried about. It’s not Kahala, either.”
“Who is it, then?”
“You know very well who I’m nervous about!”

Gabby embraced her, and Jessica’s head was laid on Gabby’s shoulder.

“Shh, it’s gunna be okay, Jessy.”
“I know, I know. It’s just that I’m never nervous! But I’m nervous, and we just drew against Benjamin Mark! Who even is Benjamin Mark? I don’t even know who their players are!”
Jessica panted as she tried to rein in her emotions, and it was several minutes before her head was completely clear.
“Let’s have breakfast now, Jess. It’s almost ten. You want pancakes and bacon?”


All I have to do is send my passes on point and shoot on target. Just keep the ball away from the blue and grey. Keep the ball away from Isla. Keep the ball away from that cute blonde hair, and those shiny purple eyes, and those lips… Damn it. Go away, Isla! But I don’t want you to go away! I want you on my lips! Damn it!

“Jessica, are you alright?”
“No, I’m not alright, Kahala. I’m a mess. I can’t stop thinking about Isla, and I don’t know why. I mean, I know exactly why, but you’re right here, and you’re so much better, but Isla… Agh!”
“Come here, Jessy. Let me hug you. I’ll tackle Isla for you. I’ll help you, and we will win this match!”

Kahala held Jessica for several seconds, before kissing the captain as the team got ready to walk out onto the field of Queen Haqla Stadium, and for those seconds, Jessica forgot about the Cosumar midfielder who had been consuming her thoughts for the past few days.

The stadium was not as big as the National Stadium which hosted their triumph those years earlier, but the fans in Roskjepa made up for it with louder chanting, more instruments, and many flares. The noise was nearly deafening, yet for Jessica it was empowering, and she goaded the crowd into more noise as she walked to the middle of the pitch. However, as she lined up with her team for the national anthems, she locked eyes with her. Her arch nemesis, and yet her heart’s weakness. The sounds around her suddenly became muffled, replaced with the sight of Isla Sibucic. She tried her hardest to put on a straight face, but she couldn’t be sure she wasn’t just staring slack jawed at her. Eventually, the teams took their places in their respective halves, and Andre Naulo kicked off.


“Kahala Murje holds the ball. Recently transferred to OAS Royal of Cosumar, she is here facing players she will have faced in the Harlighet Ligan, so her knowledge will be important if Sajnur is to get a result from this match. Now it’s Kiral with the ball. Siafik. Hasan. Onto a running Tule, but [Q’orianka] Va’Afaja is there, and Tule is forced to pass back to Haji. Now all the way back to Vuierev. Now Siafik again. Murje is advancing forward, and Siafik beats Maia Abylon. She offloads to Murje, who shoots! And Murje has done it again! Just eight minutes in, and Murje has scored a screamer against Cosumar to take the lead for Sajnur!”


Jessica received the ball from Kaori Hajat and sent it onwards to Dario Tule, but Tule was tackled by Va’Afaja. The ball soon made its way to Isla Sibucic, and Jessica could only watch as she proceeded to gap Zain Hasan and break through the Sajnuran defence, and Piotr Laghiev’s dive was not enough to reach Isla’s shot. It was now 2-2.


It was now the second half. Jessica had not heard much of Eliseo Marinon’s half time talk, her mind elsewhere, and Zain Hasan had to fill her in before the second half started.

“Cosumar’s midfield will have gaps in it. If you draw back, you’ll be between the attacking and defensive midfielders and you’ll have ages on the ball. If the holding mids come forward, Andre or a winger can fill that space and you can thread the ball to them or use a wingback as a halfway pass.”

The start of the second half, however, was slow for Jessica, and that midfield gap proved non-existent as Isla had dropped back. Jessica received a pass from Tomasi Vuierev, but she froze as Isla charged at her for a tackle. Jessica tried to step past, but the Cosumarite made contact with a slide, and Jessica was sent tumbling to the floor. She was still on the floor when the ball rolled out for a throw in, and Jessica was staring at Isla as her nemesis-but-not-really approached. The captain then blushed crimson as Isla held out her hand, hesitating before reaching out and being pulled back to her feet. Seeing Isla’s face close up, and holding Isla's hand, only heightened Jessica’s crush and she looked on starry eyed as her opponent jogged away. Sibucic would soon deliver a corner to Vega Zeale-Riddick, who would put Cosumar up 3-2. Jessica’s concentration would continue to be off for some time more until Kahala came up to her and hugged her.

“Come on, Jessy, look! They’re tired. There’s space everywhere! How are you feeling?”
“Fine, I guess.”
“Come on. You’re better than fine! You already have an assist! You can definitely get some more.”

Jessica may have been crushing on her opponent, but her teammate made her smile in genuine joy for the first time in hours.

“I have chocolate cigars,” Kahala cooed. The young defender then kissed her captain, held her cheek, and stuck the cigar into Jessica’s mouth, taking a bite from her own cigar too.

The game seemed to turn on a sixpence after this, and Jessica became unstoppable. She sent a long ball to a sprinting Naulo, the striker running clear of the visiting defence and sending past Shjegrzh Na’Kefir to equalise. The passes flowed like ocean waves, and soon Jessica was even dribbling too. She had Kai-Kai Mokumdarian bamboozled on her way to the penalty box, before rolling a pass to substitute Silja Jorse, who fake shotted Horatius Chaumancer with her left and curled past Na’Kefir with her right to obtain a lead Sajnur would not give up. In the 82nd minute, Jessica had the ball, and once again Isla was preparing to tackle her. This time, though, it was Jessica who was running, and as Isla prepared to lunge, the captain flicked the ball up from behind herself and over the blonde hair of her opponent, like a rainbow. This wouldn’t lead to a goal, but near the end of stoppage time Kahala somehow had the ball well in front of the half way line, and she whipped in a very early cross, which found its way over to Jessica’s outstretched and sliding boot and off into goal. In celebration, Jessica stripped off her shirt and twirled it round in the air, and she and Kahala ran off towards Gabby in the front row, and Jessica and Gabby kissed strongly as the referee blew the final whistle. More than fifty thousand Sajnuran fans erupted in cheers, and Sajnur had somehow beaten Cosumar again.


Naulo: 50' (Haji)
Nazar: 57' (Siafik)
Levici 88' (Jorse)

GK: Khadur
CB: Inatje [Jorse 75']
CB: Jana
CB: Raglan
CDM: Hasan
RM: Haji
CM: Levici
CM: Siafik (c)
LM: Isarghie [Tule 61']
ST: Naulo [Maktar 68']
ST: Nazar


Murje: 8' (Siafik)
Nazar: 29' (Naulo)
Naulo: 66' (Siafik)
Jorse: 75' (Siafik)
Siafik: 90'+5 (Murje)

GK: Laghiev
CB: Vuierev
CB: Hajat
CB: Murje
RM: Haji
CM: Siafik (c)
CM: Hasan [Ocango 77']
LM: Kiral [Jorse 58']
RW: Down [Parjazu 63']
ST: Naulo
LW: Nazar


Tidesson: 23' (Sibucic)
Sibucic: 40' (Va'Afaja)
Zeale-Riddick: 48' (Sibucic)

GK: Na'Kefir
RB: Uribe
CB: Na'Duha
CB: Chaumancer
LB: Va'Afaja
CDM: Abylon [Tricklebank 74']
CDM: Mokumdarian
CAM: Sibucic
CAM: Tidesson [Hollifield 74']
ST: Zeale-Riddick (c) [Turner 70']
ST: Odoma
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Postby TJUN-ia » Mon Dec 30, 2019 11:58 am

More Points!

Add 3 points to board! We beat Savojarna 3-2 in another tight affair, but somehow we won. It was a hat-trick from Kepo Ulawaya (16', 32', 75') that overcame the brace form Perttu Karjanen, captain of the Savojar (45+1',67').

18 points in the bag, tied 5th with Balqia, next the Jaguars travel to Nakhistan. They provided us with our first ever WCQ victory, so we are hoping the away leg can provide similar optimism.

4th: WBC50, IBC31
Quarterfinals: IAC9, ARWC1, RLWC19, IBC30, ARWC2
Ro16: BoF71, CoH77, WBC49, IACX, IAC11, DBC49
Ro32: CoH78, CoH79
Other Achievements: Bowl Winners (AVBF6)/4th (MSMT)
NSSCRA - Jaguar Racing: #07 Michael Stefan (2 Wins)/#64 Alfonso Mercado/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (2 T2 Wins)
WGPC: #11 Lane Carter
NSTT: 2 Singles Titles (2 Singles Runners-up)/1 Doubles Title (1 Doubles Runner-up)

UN - A multinational organisation that focuses on world peace and cooperation (U1)
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Postby Timuria » Mon Dec 30, 2019 12:04 pm


Tough Battle Bears No Fruit

Drawkland 1–0 Timuria
Roger Apollo (85)

by Tufan Nursultan

After an exhausting and intense match for the Red Wovles defensively, they failed to keep out their more athletic and skilled hosts for the whole match despite a strong effort, losing 1-0 to Drawkland who are in the mix for one of the qualification spots for the World Cup.

The first half produced little in the way of notable action for either side, with the Red Wolves putting up a surprisingly solid defence against Drawkland. The best chance would fall, against the run of play to Tekin Yavuz whose shot clipped the bar on its way out of bounds.

The second would also lack essential quality in the offensive offering from the Red Wolves, with almost all the chances falling to the hosts, who were beginning to grind down the resolve of the national team. A chance would fall in the path of Ismail Burhan who was unable to turn it home, shortly after that Drawkland were able to take a late lead, through Roger Apollo's excellent shot from the edge of the box, leaving Murat Yigithan with no chance.

The Red Wolves next match will be a return home, to play against Farfadillis who thumped them 7-0 in their previous meeting. Many will not have high hopes for this match.

What They Said After The Match:

Bekir Altingunes: "As much as the result is disappointing, it's hard to find fault with the effort each and every one of those players put in today. Of course I'd rather be here talking about a win, but I sadly don't have that luxury and today the better team ground us down over the 90 minutes slowly, but this is how we'll get better, by learning from these matches."

Player Ratings:

Murat Yigithan 6/10

Ozbek Sarikaya 6/10

Eyup Mustafa 6/10

Metin Boz 6/10

Gokdeniz Dag 6/10

Atilla Acar 6/10

Yusuf Ihsanoglu 6/10

Tekin Yavuz 6/10

Caner Turan 6/10

Ertan Renda 5/10

Vatan Ercetin 5/10


Metin Aytacoglu 6/10

Ismail Burhan 6/10

Man of the Match: Roger Apollo - In what felt like a pedestrian match, his 85th minute effort really was a worthy match winner.

Schedule and Results:
MD1: @ Pasarga W 2-0
MD2: vs Yttribia D 1-1, Halkın Güneş Çiftliği Stadium
MD3: @ Polkopia L 1-0
MD4 vs Drawkland L 3-0, Genel Sendika Stadium
MD5: @ Farfallidis L 7-0
MD6: Bye
MD7: vs Fujai, Madenci Stadium D 2-2
MD8: @ Gyatso-Kai D 1-1
MD9: vs Libonesia, Dev Halk Stadium W 5-3
MD 10: @ North East Asia W 3-1
MD11: vs Melbergia, Halkın Güneş Çiftliği W 4-3
MD12: vs Pasarga, Dev Halk Stadium W 3-2
MD13: @ Yttribia D 1-1
MD14: vs Polkopia, Genel Sendika Stadium L 1-0
MD15: @Drawkland L 1-0
MD16: vs Farfaillidis, Dev Halk Stadium
MD17: Bye
MD18: @ Fujai
MD19: vs Gyatso-Kai, Madenci Stadium
MD20: @ Libonesia
MD21: vs North East Asia, Madenci Stadium
MD22: @ Melbergia
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Postby Hapilopper » Mon Dec 30, 2019 12:10 pm

Capital Stadium, Hapilopper City
World Cup 84 Qualifying Match 14: Hapilopper v. Acapais
Talk about frustration. Once again, the Haps had done all they could do to succeed, but once again, all they had to show for it was one measly point. One god damned point. Ernie Stevenson had scored twice, in the 24th and the 75th; Murray Hunnisett scored in the 53rd and Nate Ellis, of all people, scored in the 82nd. But Acapais was just as strong, their players not giving up, and the result was a 4-4 tie. Another god damned tie.

But while that was going on, Quakmybush was playing the Darmenis – the second place team in the group. Fans were just as transfixed on the out of town scoreboard at Capital Stadium as they were on the pitch. Even some of the Hapilopper National Football Team was staring up at that out of town scoreboard. Just after the Hapiloppian match ended in a 4-4 tie, the scoreboard was updated with the final score from Quakmybush, and public address announcer Robin Horn gave the announcement.

“Final score from Quakmybush: Quakmybush 3, Darmen 1. Current standings in Group 6: Equestria 33, Hapilopper 28, Darmen 27.”

The crowd went nuclear. The Haps were in second place. They had the transfer position to make it to the 84th World Cup. Sure, they had just ended up with a draw against Acapais, but the important thing was that Hapilopper had taken that second transfer spot.

While the crowd was worked up into a frenzy, Thom Perkins and Dom Probst, both standing on the sideline, stared at the scoreboard stoically. Sure, the team was now second place in Group 6, but it did not mean the team could rest on their laurels. It did not mean the team could just stop now. There were six matches to go, and six possibilities for the Hapiloppians to get tripped up just like the Darmenis had been. That said, though, it was pretty cool to see the Haps possibly in a position to make the World Cup.

The two led the team under the tunnel and towards the locker room. As they walked towards the locker room, they were greeted by a cadre of photographers looking to get the first post-match shot of the Haps. Dom and Thom were walking next to each other, smiles starting to creep over their faces.

“You know, we might just make it,” Thom said to Dom.

“Hell yeah we might,” Dom replied. “We just got to keep working.”
When the team got back to the locker room, Thom started on his post-match speech. It was a speech that emphasized the fact the team had, in fact, drawn even with a team they should have beaten handily, but they needed to keep raising hell.

“I’d be lying if I said I was happy with this performance tonight,” Thom started. “We tied with a team we should have beaten easily. We should have beaten this team 4-1 or 5-1, not tied 4-4. Obviously the defensive corps need to work on stopping goals. Tomorrow, you guys in the back will work on that a little harder.”

Some of the defensemen groaned. They had worked as hard as they humanly could, and Coach Perkins was still asking for more. But the fact was, there was no reason the Haps should have given up four goals to a team like Acapais. They just needed to work a little harder.

So did the midfield. Maybe it was exhaustion, but the midfielders were giving up too many balls to their opponents. It was something that had to stop.

“But one thing I am happy about though, is somehow, we went over a hump today,” Thom continued. “We’re now second place. If we can get back to winning matches, we can qualify for the World Cup. Keep that in mind. Work for it, kick ass, and we’re going to be in the World Cup.”

Those words were enough to encourage players who might have been let down by the 4-4 tie, and the next morning, before the sun even came up, the entire HNFT was at the team center, ready to work towards that goal of qualifying for the 84th World Cup. A year ago, it had been considered “the impossible dream.” Now, it was a dream that seemed kind of realistic.

As the players took part in training the next morning, Dom Probst looked towards that empty hole in the trophy shelf, reserved for Hapilopper’s first World Cup trophy. He gazed at it for a long time, then gazed down towards the team training for their next match against Darkmania. This team was capable of leading Hapilopper down the road to gold, the road to successes aplenty, rather than that other road of Cup of Harmony hell.

There were other trophies in the shelf – the Baptism of Fire 70 trophy, the second place trophy for the last Sporting World Cup and the third place trophy for the last Di Bradini Cup, but all of them paled in comparison to what a World Cup trophy would look like.
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Postby Flavovespia » Mon Dec 30, 2019 12:57 pm


Flavovespia 2–3 Mitra and Soma

Yet more struggles for Flavovespia, as they fell to a home loss to Mitra and Soma. The visitors had been a surprise package in Group 8 of the World Cup Qualifiers, going strongly and still with an outside chance of qualification. However the home supporters at least expected something to come out of this match.

Flavovespia lined up in a new setup, with a fair amount of squad rotation, a 5-2-1-2, favoured by Richard Crawford during his time at Stanmorn. The squad to face Mitra and Soma was as follows:


The initial stages were somewhat tentative from both sides. Flavovespia were looking at how to bed in their new system and get it to work. Mitra and Soma hoped to continue their good form that saw them have an outside shot of World Cup qualification even at this stage of the qualifiers.

The 16th minute saw Flavovespia take the lead. Maddox broke clear down the left wing, and hit a fierce cross into the box. Tausa Afia in goal couldn’t reach it, and Scott Coleman came in to head it home to give Flavovespia a 1-0 lead. 6 from 6 for the Stanmorn striker, he was certainly having a great run.

The lead would only last for 15 minutes. Soloso Lalago played a deep ball into the path of the attack of Mitra and Soma. The ball got between the defensive line and keeper of Flavovespia. Emere Penina got to the ball and volleyed it past David Meehan, to equalise for the visitors. 1-1, and there was all to play for in this game.

Just before the half-time break, Mitra and Soma took the lead. Salama Sina cut inside from deep, and played the ball towards Loto Manaia. Manaia then squared it back to Sina, who was in enough space to pull the trigger, and smash their shot past Meehan and into the goal, giving the visitors a 1-2 lead in the 43rd minute.

It then got worse very quickly. Straight from the kickoff, King uncharacteristically lost the ball with a wayward pass towards Blythe. Salama Sina intercepted, broke clear down the flank and held off Blythe. Sina sent in a cross that Loto Manaia rose to head home, making it 1-3. That would be the score at halftime, and boos echoed around Saints Park.

Crawford had seen enough, and went back to a 4-2-2-2 setup. Tony Gardner was the defender taken off, with Jonathan Feld coming on at left wing to try and salvage the game for the hosts. Nevertheless, the atmosphere in the ground was not positive at all.

Into the second half, and the Flavovespia goal seemed less threatened, although that could be in part due to Mitra and Soma trying to play a more possession based game with a 2 goal lead. There was a frustration with every missed opportunity for the hosts, who were struggling to find a way back into the game, even with a change in setup. Edward Barkes came off for Marc Sharratt, who plays his club football in Saints Park. However his introduction changed little.

In the 76th minute Flavovespia did get their second. It was ultimately a defensive lapse that lead to it. Plating out from the back, Atali Lai tried to play it to Arihi Masina. However the pass was poorly hit and collected by a sprinting Steven Hall. Hall knocked it forward, and one on one with Tausa Afia made no mistake, and buried his shot in the back of the net. 2-3 and there was hope for Flavovespia.

It was not to be a comeback story for the ages however. Mitra and Soma closed up, and spent the last 15 or so minutes playing a defensive game, frustrating Flavovespia and the crowd, with tactics aimed to run out the clock and keep the ball, as opposed to making a strong effort to score. They worked though, and at full time it was 2-3, yet another one goal loss for Flavovespia.

Stuck in the bottom 3 of the group, the qualifiers were quickly turning into a calamity for Flavovespia, with a lot of questions to be asked about the whole process. As for Richard Crawford, the match in Mustardy and then the match where Flavovespia host Vakolicci Haven and Celeria are looking like there must be some serious improvement. If not, it’s possible Crawford doesn’t stay in the dugout for the rest of the campaign, let alone AOCAF Cup 60.

Post Match Interviews

Richard Crawford on the change in systems “Look, we lost 2 games with the old system. I felt the time was right to go for a new setup. It wasn’t working, so I changed back. What more can I do?”

Richard Crawford on the squad “Unfortunately not everything clicked today. Again, I’m not pointing the blame at anyone right now, it won’t solve the issue. We need to pick ourselves up and go again.”

Steven Hall on recent results “It’s disappointing for all the lads. I don’t think we are a Bottom 3 team in this group, we’ve just been unfortunate in our losses, and other results haven’t fallen our way.”

Scott Coleman on his form. “Of course I’m happy to get 6 goals so far, even with an injury layoff. But the team comes first, and I can’t take too much pride in this when we’re struggling. Hopefully we turn it around soon.”

Stephen Harley, the FFA head, in a statement regarding job rumours “The FFA is committed to the current Flavovespia National Team manager Richard Crawford. He is contracted to the end of AOCAF Cup 60, and at this time we hope for a successful time with him leading the team at least to that point.”

A History of Football in Flavovespia

Part 13

41BU saw the beginning of the GWNFA Super League. The league itself brought in some new ideas never seen before. Each team had a unique kit colour (much to the chagrin of Loxthorpe Rovers who thus played in orange for a while), and all players had dedicated squad numbers. 2 games per Matchday were broadcast live, something previously only done for cup finals or via special agreements. A Matchday highlights show was broadcast on national TV. All teams had fully seated stadiums with floodlights for night games. It was the beginning of a new era for national club football.

(A note on convention, the “classic era”, so before 0U leagues use the GWNFA identifier, to differentiate them from the “modern era” leagues).

Not surprisingly, the other teams who didn’t make it in didn’t take too kindly to this. Many thought it was completely unfair that only 8 teams got so much attention. A spat between the GCC, ICCF and the GWNFA Super League teams would result in the latter being expelled from all the cup competitions in the nation. This was seen by some as a way to simply try and cripple the GWNFA Super League before it started, as both the Gold Cup and the Inter City Cup, despite the age of the latter showing, were still popular. The Gold Cup format was changed, so that all the other professional league sides would enter in Round 2, and any non-league side who won in Round 1 would be qualified to that Round with a home tie next year.

The first GWNFA Super League saw Waldster win with Hadford Hill and St Astons City 3rd. Despite optimism from neutrals and the other 5 teams, there was still a noticeable gap in quality between the Big 3 and the other 5 teams. In the Gold Cup meanwhile, there was a surprise as the relatively unfancied Sutsyridge, a middling team in the Eastern Alliance went and won it all. Although the absence of the top teams from the later years of these competitions somewhat reduced the prestige of winning them, it didn’t matter to Sutsyridge on that day.

To begin with, there was scepticism over how successful the GWNFA Super League would be. The 4 regional professional leagues enjoyed a lot of support still, not least from fans of the clubs. The Gold Cup saw a small but noticeable resurgence of non-league sides entering and playing impressive matches, with the underdog spirit living on. Additionally, both the Waldster League and Eastern Alliance now had promotion and relegation, so there was a pyramid in those area for sides, and a few new teams made the step up to professionalism to replace the 8 GWNFA teams.

However, the hopes of the regional profession teams that the GWNFA Super League would be a flash in a pan didn’t come to anything. The TV deals and endorsements, not to mention the sizes of the crowds going to games took these clubs to new levels. Players had enjoyed a decent income from professional football prior to this, enough to be well-off, but not super rich. However the GWNFA changed that. Star players of the top teams were becoming celebrities in their own rights, with huge salaries compared to even just a decade ago. There was criticism by the traditionalists that it was spoiling the game, and it was less about the teams but the egos, however the GWNFA Super League, its teams and its players were becoming household names even outside of football. Although there were 8 teams to begin with, it became clear more were looking to get a slice of the pie and join.
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Magazine Part 3.1

Postby Ziwana » Mon Dec 30, 2019 2:11 pm


OOC: To be continued in Mag Part 3.2

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Postby Zwangzug » Mon Dec 30, 2019 3:26 pm

Lucas walked in on several of the team crouched around the clubhouse. Edwin was hunched over a large supply of trading cards, while Tova and Akhil boasted somewhat smaller piles. "What's going on here?" Lucas asked.

"Dreidel," Tova explained without looking up, as the randomization device in question clattered to the floor. Akhil, rolling his eyes, deposited another of his cards on the pile that, Lucas now saw, was at the center of the rough circle.

"Oh," said Lucas. "Is it, uh, Hanukkah already? The international calendar and all, I get confused..."

"It's probably not," Kurt admitted. "But there's never a bad time to spin the dreidel."

"There is," Satenik called over from her bench, "if you've eaten too many chocolate coins."

"So we switched to trading cards," Kurt went on. "They're worthless anyway."

"Speak for yourself," said Edwin. "I like, uh, hexagon-flag-topia or whatever we got here."

"Which is why he takes so long to ante his cards," Tova noted.

"Hey, it's working," Edwin said, then sighed as his roll came up nun.

"Um," said Lucas. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't know..."

"Eight days long?" Tova said. "Yes. We can go again tomorrow, you want in?"

"No thanks. I mean, I don't wanna be impolite, if everyone else is doing it--"

"Everyone else is not doing it," Satenik yelled, "that's too many chocolate coins."

"--What I mean is, aren't there countries where lots of people celebrate Christmas as a secular holiday, not just the Christian baby-Jesus-blah-blah-God stuff?"

"That sounds right," said Micah.

"So, um, in those countries, to the best of my knowledge, Judaism is more of a minority religion, and some Jewish people feel alienated by the observance of a festival that isn't really part of their tradition?"

"I don't see what this has to do with hexagonflagtopia," said Edwin, carefully dividing half of the pot and sliding it towards his own pile.

"Uh, that Hanukkah has taken on prominence as a midwinter festival of lights disproportionate to its theological symbolism?"

"When did you get like this?" Subroto shook his head. "I liked you better when you had that terrible northeastern accent."

"Look, it's my job to ensure I'm not appropriating anyone's cultural--"

"No it bleeping isn't," Sydney yelled.

"Whatever. Last time I checked, Zwangzug was heterogeneous enough that you can have your weird barn-baby-party if you're Christian and miraculous-isthmus-feast if you're Jewish or...uh...river-pollution-cleanup-day if you're Hindu..."

"Close enough," Chevanthi shrugged.

"I don't want to step on anyone's toes, you know? If this is taking away from some more somber ceremonial observance--"

"It sounds like you're just afraid you won't be able to get a good spin going," Tova challenged.

"What? That's not what I said."

"You can try with your non-dominant hand? It works for me sometimes."

"I'd hate to jump in now, Edwin already has a sizable lead, it wouldn't be fair--"

"Rematch tomorrow?" Edwin suggested gamely. "There'll be new flags by then, probably."

"Do we get to burn them when we're done?" Sydney asked. "Because if so, I'm in."

"Sydney!" Lucas hissed.

"Technically," Amos pointed out, "I think the celebration of Hanukkah has to do with, uh, that time there was enough power in the camera to broadcast the Jeruselem games for eight matchdays after they should have run out. So really, any time the Princesses are playing, it's appropriate to observe it."

Lucas blinked. "Okay," he said. "Even I know that can't be it."

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Postby Trolleborg » Mon Dec 30, 2019 4:03 pm


This is difficult days for a national team coach. It is absolutely impossible to understand the essence and meaning of what is happening. We played no worse than in the previous three matches, and the enemy was no stronger than us and absolutely did not put any effort into victory, but nevertheless, our team lost again, and on their own field. Do the guys have no motivation to fight opponent’s of average strength? Have they completely lost their motivation due to neglibility of chances to qualify? Or their physical conditions are too bad, the peak of best form is behind and the guys just can’t move fast enough? Maybe, It would be better to put U21 team on the field, so that even if team lost, its would look fresher, more motivated and youngsters gain experience? So far we have no answer to these questions, and it is unclear whether our head coach has it. With all his experience, merit and amount of trust we had in his abilities, questions to him have accumulated in serious numbers. But we will not ask them until the last game is completed.


Today, our team is sent for another test, a duel with the national team of Sarzonia on its field. Of course, the hosts are eager to take revenge for the defeat in the first round, they had a good last string of matches, and, of course, everyone of us have in our hearts a touch of cold breeze of bad premonitions. The injured Wolters and Aiden Troger, who took longer to recover than expected, will not go with the team on this trip. Our team will have a really serious test in the boiling cauldron of the main stadium of the hosts, and although our fans have arrived enough to form the famous “green river” on the way to the stadium and on its stands, their presence will only partially relieve pressure on the players.

The team will enter the field with mourning ribbons, and if the hosts wish, Trolleborg players will visit the house of the late coach Ostrom to bring their condolences to his widow. The fan sector is supposed to keep silense in the 46th minute in order to honor the memory of coach, as he was 46-years old at the time of his death.
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Postby Taeshan » Mon Dec 30, 2019 4:16 pm

"2-0 loss in a friendly in Cassadaigua. What can you take away from this game"?

"I mean we're scheduling the hosts because they're good teams. Preparing twice for Free Republics with road trips to Baker Park and Cassadaigua is a good choice. The first one we won, this one we lost. If that follows like it did the first time around, and we go to Free Republics and lose, so be it. It's always a good experience to test your mettle against a top 5 squad in the World. You'll lose a lot of the time, but even in meaningless so-called "friendlies" you can learn a lot about yourselves."

"Free Republics press, players, and management seem to be hyping up the revenge idea for this game. They're hosting it in their biggest stadium, and they have it all to play for. Does that change how your staff prepares for this game"?

"I mean we know what it means to them. We played them in our biggest stadium, and embarrassed them. They'll want to do the same to us. Besides qualifying for the last World Cup that is the best we've played in decades. We have to recognize that there could be hell to pay. I think the thing to watch is our mistakes. We've made few, honestly we're only 2 goals away from topping this group. We have a lot to play for, and even after this game. It doesn't get easier. Winner of this game all but wraps up qualification, loser could be in for a battle. Especially with our upcoming gauntlet."

"Is there a possibility you focus more on later games, such as Schottia, or Savojarna."

"No. We need to get all the points we can. Helps our rank, helps us if we qualify. But we also need to qualify. Going after all the points is the best way to do that. Losing games to focus on other games is how you end up not qualifying for half a century."

"What did the decision to start Esteban Foh mean"?

"Not a lot. Florian has let in six goals in 13 matches. That's incredible. He leads qualifying in goals against and clean sheets. Don't think his spot is at jeopardy. The problem is often for good national teams that you have multiple starters at many positions, and this abundance is annoying at keeper. Unlike other positions I won't sub one out, and unlike other positions you don't often switch starters around. Esteban deserved a game, and Florian deserved some rest."

"Alson, rumor is that Jon Fotan may take over Fadrön Flight in the offseason. After a 8th place finish, and continued inability to win the league do you think bringing in the former player from Schottia can help the side out"?

"I mean it can't hurt. It's been a few years since we've really battled for the league, and I remember playing with him when I was younger. He's a good midfielder, had a big impact on the way I played. I was always an attacker, but he had a way of being a part of multiple facets of the game that I really learned from."

"Do you think you guys could contend for a title, given how he coached at Cornellians"?

"4th place is pretty good. I believe they expect to win things. That may be less of a problem in Fadrön. We never expect to win things."

"Have you talked to Yoshimi about the possibilities"?

"Yoshimi doesn't talk much."


"Yeah, bit quite. Only really seems to talk to Nyc, and the other younger guys. And even then just a little."
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Postby Audioslavia » Mon Dec 30, 2019 5:12 pm

Chapter 6 will be posted before the end of qualifying.

The only subtitles for this episode are YouTube's automated ones. We'll change this soon enough.

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The Idiot Project is a personal project by Audio, who is an idiot, and is not officially affiliated with in any way.

The World Cup Scorigami database will be made publicly available after the conclusion of this series.

Please do not post spoilers on Discord or the forums.

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Postby Kita-Hinode » Mon Dec 30, 2019 6:10 pm

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by Brianne Henry,

Field conditions were the biggest story of the match at Keisler Stadium in Southport last night, as three days of steady rain put a heavy burden on the groundskeepers to maintained the field. They did the best they could, but that could only be so much as once again, rain fell from the skies in the well-known baseball city. If it was baseball, obviously, this game would have been a rain out, but in soccer, we keep on playing.

If you don’t follow the World Baseball Classic, my first question is: why the hell not? You are Newmanistanian! Though I know there are many international readers out there who see The Rocket Report come up the newsfeed and scroll past it as quickly as they can. But some people out there might actually decide they are bored and actually read the articles. If that is you, and you don’t follow the World Baseball Classic, but want to understand this submission, know this: Keisler Stadium is named after the great Stacey Keisler, the greatest pitcher of all time. You know how those Starblaydis like to talk about Simeone Di Bradini? Well, Stacey Keisler is the baseball equivalent. No, seriously. At one time, Newmanistan hosted five editions of the Keisler Cup, a U-18 baseball tournament. The last one or two editions of the Keisler Cups also featured U-16 and U-13 editions. That tournament unfortunately ceased operations due to a lack of sustained operations, but see, Di Bradini doesn’t have Keisler beat in youth tournaments named after them, though he does have Keisler beat in that his is still very much active. Stacey is respected throughout the international baseball world. Other World Baseball Classic powerhouses such as Super-Llamaland, Schiltzberg, and Cassadaigua (who is a powerhouse in basically everything they try) have given Keisler her props for what she did on the field, and especially during the playoffs. Stacey had a daughter named Courtney, who became the first person to play in the World Baseball Classic and the World Cup. She was multi-talented, but chose to play soccer instead of baseball as her career went on. However, she did that as a member of The Babbage Islands, after having duel citizenship.

This is Southport. You may remember that we recently talked about the contrast of the cities of Putnam Lake and Southport recently. Nearby Putnam Lake is all about Jeremy McAllister and soccer, but Southport is a baseball town first and foremost. However, these fans have to do more then just watch baseball, so World Cup qualifying soccer sold out quickly too.

The rain would not dampen the spirits and the mood of the fans here at Keisler Stadium in the way that the Cassadagan national team did to the Baker Park national team in what was the debut of the new BBP National Stadium in Belle Haven, Baker Park. That is where the semifinal and the third place match will be taking place, so I was very interested in watching that friendly on TV to see the facility, and I would love to get there sometime. In all seriousness, I am sure their fans had a great time despite the 5-2 Cassadaigua triumph. Here at Keisler Stadium, the stands were still packed with fans trying to make the most of the weather conditions. On the field, however, the quality of play suffered.

Sometimes, you have to win a game ugly, and the Rockets were certainly well-prepared for this right from the announcement of the starting lineup when normal starter Tyrone Vannella would not start. Vannella’s biggest asset is his blazing speed, so these conditions were not best for his playing style. Instead, the gritty Dirk Donato played in his spot. Since Vannella is known to have an attitude problem, there was a lot of question as to whether or not manager Miguel Hernandez was actually punishing Vannella for something. He cleared the air immediately after the game, confirming that, “Tyrone has done a great job for us, but his scratch from the starting lineup was because of the field. We have to put players in the best position for success, and while I know that he still would have given us everything he has, because he has done that so far, this kind of situation was a better fit for Dirk.”

As for the game, the Rockets dominated possession, and Southport’s own, Derek Schaefer, scored the only goal of the match in the 21st minute. Newmanistan was content to prioritize defense thereafter, and the squad from the now 1-4-9 Aimena failed to get anything going of significance.

Elsewhere in group 1, Sargossa scored a huge 3-2 win over Audioslavia which is something we would have preferred see go the other way. This keeps us tied with Sargossa on the table with 31 points, and while we have the game in hand, we still would like to have going to Sargossa not be a must win. However, this team has taken the one game at a time approach, and up next is Joyea. The 31 points by both Newmanistan and Sargossa, whichever nation you put 3rd, is the highest total, shared by Juvencus, of any third place team in any group. Figures, right?
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