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Postby The Sherpa Empire » Wed Dec 18, 2019 12:09 am

The Sherpa national football team's loss against Banija wasn't really all that surprising. Banija had been the favorites going in.

Some patriotic and overoptimistic football fans had gotten their hopes up and went blustering around sports bars and twii.tur saying the Sherpas could win. Some of them even put their money where their mouth was and bet on the game, but those people would not be getting their money back from the casinos in Macau.

Somewhere in southern Tibet, in a cave on a remote mountainside, a large dragon whose favorite things in the world were football and curry needed to replace his living room sofa. He had accidentally snorted fire all over it in his frustration when Banija scored for the 4th time, and put a big scaly foot through the scorched wreckage when Banija scored their 5th goal.

But for people who weren't diehard football fans, compulsive gamblers, or eccentric Tibetan dragons, the game wasn't big news.

For most people, the big news this week was the fact that Holy Emperor Karsang III had canceled several upcoming public appearances because he was not feeling well. There were rumors that he was seriously ill. He'd had a few medical appointments lately that the palace staff said were just routine check-ups, but people were beginning to question why there had been so many appointments in such a short period of time.
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Postby Abanhfleft » Wed Dec 18, 2019 1:51 am

DISCLAIMER: Gaelic Gamers is an independents sports blogging website created by four cousins with a common liking and passion for sports of all kinds and is in no way or form affiliated with or organized by any official news organization in the Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft. All statements and opinions posted here are our own and not anyone else's.

Gaelic Gamers

The Football Fallacies
with Graham O'Doherty


Hello guys, and welcome back to another edition of The Football Fallacies with me, your gay Irishman Graham O'Doherty. Well, now this is an interesting development. I can't remember the last time that I saw the national team go on a run of three wins at a time when getting wins was absolutely vital to our cause. The most recent Independents Cup only saw us win two of the five games, and I distinctly remember me saying we needed nine points out of a possible nine if we wanted to advance to the next stage of the IAC. Now in World Cup qualifying we're second in Group 2 after three consecutive wins and an opening day draw against Trolleborg. Where has this team been before?

I don't know. Maybe the win against Crystalline Caverns, when everything seemed like deja vu and we were about to drop points again before Elene Liner made sure we had four goals instead of just three, was the tonic the team needed to get themselves back on track. It was obvious that the girls were lacking quite a bit of confidence (in the national team; when they're all playing for their clubs they're setting everything on fire) in those first two games, but now that they've got that win in Crystalline Caverns in the bag and a few weeks before the next set of qualifiers, seems like they've finally got their confidence back.

Having said that, I also cannot remember the last time we played such a complete game against any sort of opposition. We all expected Brigantii to be tough, no matter which of their squads we ended up facing, but our domination of the other team was still a complete surprise. So dominant were we, in fact, that Fleftic players scored all four goals in the game. Yes, I am fully aware that the score is Abanhfleft 3, Brigantii 1. And unless they don't count own goals in football anymore, Debbie Riddles most definitely found the back of the wrong net while trying to defend a corner from Brigantii-5214. You would have thought that would have given Brigantii-5214 the boost they needed to get back into the game, but you would be wrong. Our ladies closed down any sort of half-chance on Brigantii-5214's part before it could even actually form.

Then against Sarzonia, well, that one wasn't too pretty to look at. We got the result, sure, but we almost didn't. I think we might have used up all of our luck and strength and confidence and whatever against Brigantii, and Sarzonia caught us, if not really with our pants down to our ankles, then on the process of unbuckling the belt. Not a pretty sight if I may say so myself. But here's the thing: this was three wonder strikes in the span of ninety minutes. Kelly McGinnis lashed that ball home with much, much more power than I ever thought I had ever seen her deliver before. And that bicycle kick goal from Jake Campos deserves to be one just for its sheer cheekiness. But I am sure that all of you were caught off guard, as was I, when Britt Hanokssen ended up bagging the winner. By the looks of her face, Britt didn't really look like she was expecting that as well, but as any good football player will do, now that the ball's in the back of the net she's going to claim that that's exactly what she intended to do. But I was ready to groan and facepalm again when it looked like she had missed Kelly dropping a shoulder against Russ Howard. What a madness!

So that's four games done and we are currently second in Group 2 behind Banija. Not a position I had expected us to take, if I'm being honest. Best case scenario for me was third behind a squabbling Banija and Brenecia. But now we're in the shotgun seat of the group. Not the worst place to be in but also not the best. A good run of games on our part and a bad one for Banija could propel us to the top of the group, but if we hit a rough patch then Brenecia and quite possibly a few other teams could leapfrog us. Especially considering that we have Brenecia up next in the next international break. Yeesh. And just as I thought that I was going to enjoy the football again... XOXO from Graham....

RUSEV (11') RIDDLES (73' og)
McGINNIS (26')

CAMPOS (58') McGINNIS (17')
BRITT (86')
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Postby Nephara » Wed Dec 18, 2019 2:29 am

Aquitlita 0 - 2 Nephara
(4-4-2) 1 - Mercator; 18 - Longship (2 - Sanger 76'), 22 - Anderson, 6 - Brosch, 19 - Katarec; 13 - Saroszi, 15 - Rauch, 21 - Moxham (8 - Chalk 65'), 16 - Deventer; 17 - Bastable, 10 - Metzger (22 - Lovelace 54')
Goals: Saroszi 27', Bastable 40'

Lukas Saltor

There were two responses that could have happened in the wake of the draw at home against Bolgano. One was a full-throttle collapse, an implosion, a recursion of Tv*idalen. Something blown horribly out of proportion, the pressure crashing down around their heads. It's happened before, though rarely in qualifying. Just... memorably, when it did.

That didn't happen. A blip against a decent team in the first game of qualifying did not turn into a big deal. Nephara breezed through Monso, followed by fairly comfortable wins over Squornshelous and Aquitlita. Nothing earth-shattering, but there were a lot of earth-shattering big wins immediately before Nephara's worst-ever World Cup performance. This... this feels more like a team just going comfortably through the motions. Second gear is enough.

Now, what's very important and very refreshing in this side is the general aura of calm and competence at the back. This has not been a hallmark of Strauss' Cormorants, who have generally managed to make one of the world's best goalkeepers, centre-halves and defensive midfielders look like idiots exposed by a front-foot system.

Even with changes of personnel, this has held. A composed showing from Fasolt Senninger between the posts impressed against Squornshelous, while Ferena Rauch has been a quietly dominant figure, a very different style to Shone's blood-and-thunder. What's the most obvious thing that's changed? Monica Brightwater, assistant manager, replacing Bryony Johansen, whose brief managerial career was not exactly defined by the tight defences she commanded in her playing days.

Maybe Brightwater's not the busted flush everyone thought. Or maybe a young manager who is still finding her way in the world, has just picked up the biggest job of her career by a wide margin and is trying to deal with the first couple of setbacks in the face of a world of hype. There was a reason for that hype, overblown though it undoubtedly was. Finding Ko-oren a personal kryptonite at bad moments does not make her a bad manager.

Still, after the relatively soft start, it's all business. Macabees, S&T, EOT, Anthor, in immediate succession. S&T away in particular looms as Nephara's most difficult match of the entire qualification. One imagines that the Cormorants will mostly be unchanged from the same key players and tactics Strauss has favoured. Perhaps Valeri Longship has thrown off her callow period to lock down starts, but Rauch isn't yet proven over the more chaotic Shone. She and the marauder Laiota have worked their way into a presumably strongest 23, and that's the first step.

The Macabees have won all their matches but, like Nephara, have enjoyed an easy run of it to date. All but the most recent, 3-0 against Monso - already emerging as the group's whipping boys - were by a single goal. Fine margins, but that five-point lead (Nephara have a game in hand) isn't all it seems. They'll be no pushovers, but a victory here and at least a draw in Siovanija will go a long way to letting the Murder breathe easy and the Godhead smile.

It's just three wins over the ninth- through eleventh-seeded sides, two unranked entirely. Or maybe it's the start of a more subdued, more professional, lower-key Nephara, one stripped of its less productively explosive elements, after the spine of the side was ripped out through age, necessity and circumstance. Maybe, after every manager since Riether talking about building a dynasty, Daniella Strauss can still be the one to achieve it.
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Postby Schottia » Wed Dec 18, 2019 2:33 am

Why I Hate Football

Part Eleven.


The Valley had turned out en masse to witness Madita’s first game. Of course Amanda had come along, but the fleet of bikes setting out from the carpark had also included Joanna, Big Malcolm, Yogic Dave, Olivier and Indigo. Even Old Christophe had braved the hills, and despite one of two wobbly moments, the septuagenarian had made it in one piece. So it was then, that when Madita took the field, she had her own mini fan club stood at the sidelines. Gary had always kept the Newcomers at arm’s length, but Amanda was one of their own, and as a result, so was Madita. While Gary was deeply uncomfortable on their other side of the stream, and the Newcomers deeply unwelcome on his; Madita, by dint of her parentage, was welcome and comfortable in both camps.

She looked completely different in her little black and yellow Kensey Hawks kit, hair tied back neatly, eyes narrowed in a way that said she meant business. He was so used to seeing her in hand-stitched dresses and knitted nordic jumpers, but here, she looked just like any other kid.

‘It’s okay Gary…’ Said Yogic Dave, placing a hand across his shoulder, as the retired yoga instructor mistook the reason for the emotion in Gary’s eyes. ‘It’s okay to be proud. If you need to cry, just let it come.’

‘Thank you Dave.’ Gary answered drolly. As novel as it was to see Madita in a football kit, it was equally unusual to see Dave, in clothes. He had been practicing nudism for years now, and wasn’t normally fazed by the weather conditions.

‘Gary, go and run the rules of this sport by me again.’ Dave asked, apparently embarrassed. ‘I know it involves a ball, and scoring goals, but that’s about it.’ He chuckled quietly.

‘Then you know more than me Dave.’ Gary answered coldly, before inserting his hands into his pockets and taking his leave.

Granton, North Handon, 2005…

‘Come on Gary.’ Darren Hanlon pleaded, as they left through the players’ entrance at the back of Sea Park Stadium. ‘You said, if we won tonight, we’d have a drink to celebrate.’

Gary Corsie and Darren Hanlon were on loan at Granton Vale, from Port Sebastian and Kings Park respectively. A pair of soft, academy trained nineteen-year-olds, they were still adjusting to the cut and thrust of first team football in the second tier. They had been somewhat flung together, sharing a small tiny two bedroom flat, which the club owned on the Granton Road, just above the corner shop. For both of them, it was the first time out from under their parents’ roof, and they were bravely facing the challenges side-by-side. Burnt scrambled eggs, locating fuse boxes, changing vacuum cleaner bags – they hadn’t quite mastered things yet, but they were well on their way.

‘I don’t know Darren…’ Gary pulled his kitbag onto his shoulder. ‘The whole celebration malarkey is a little rich for my blood.’ The young men checked for traffic before crossing the road. ‘Maybe we could have a hot chocolate on the couch..?’ Objectively speaking, there was plenty of cause for celebration. Granton Vale had been riding high in the league, and the win over New Island left them seven points clear.

‘Gary, that’s not celebrating.’ Darren pleaded, as they headed past the supermarket, and onto Granton Road. ‘Even with a shot of Irish cream added.’

Gary already had his keys in his hand, ready to open the door to the stairwell. After dark, the high-street was swarming with groups of teenagers, keeping the two young men on edge. Both of them were well over six foot tall, but all the same, they breathed a collective sigh of relief when they were finally inside.

‘What did you have in mind them?’ Gary asked, as they reached their flat on the second floor, and dumped their bags in the living room/kitchen. ‘Ideally I could be getting on with a bit of painting. I’ve assembled that regiment of halberdiers, and if I want to use them at the next gaming night, I’ll need to get cracking.’

‘Something that young people do!’ Darren threw his arms in the air. ‘Visit a discotheque. Head down to the Quayside and drink expensive drinks. Maybe meet some young ladies…’

‘Oh… I don’t know.’ Gary groaned, making a beeline for the kettle. ‘You know I’m not really into all that modern music or dancing.’ With the kettle filled, Gary flicked the switch and went to fetch a teabag.

‘You’d get into it after a drink or two.’ Darren walked across the floor and turned the kettle back off. ‘Come on, it’s already half nine, if we don’t leave now, we never will.’

Gary dropped the teabag on the kitchen counter in defeat. ‘Fine… On your head be it..?’ He stared at his flatmate with narrowed eyes.

‘On my head be it.’ Darren conceded, looking fit to burst with excitement. Six months living together, and this was the closest he’d got to convincing Gary to leave the flat. ‘I promise you, If anything goes wrong, I’ll do your dishes for a week!’

A small kiosk just behind the clubhouse had been opened up, and Gary had bought himself a filter coffee. He didn’t drink much caffeine these days, but he felt in need of it. He needed an excuse to leave the side of the pitch, and the way he saw it, a coffee was better for him than a bacon roll. He’d taken up a new position a little further down from the others, allowing him to stay in visible support for Madita, while at the same time avoiding any of those pesky conversations.

It was getting cold, and the air was a temperature that his father would call nippy. He blew across the surface of his coffee, glad to have it as a hand warmer at any rate. He was genuinely worried about the kids; even with a pair of old tights under her shorts, Madita must have been freezing.

Objectively speaking, he would have said she was doing all right. He watched as intently as he could bear, as the Kensey Hawks seemed to be putting in a decent shift. Madita hadn’t yet mastered the art of passing, but she was good with the ball at her feet, and had a selfishness which (in Gary’s experience), a young player needed.

‘Have you been keeping the score?’ Another man walked up, shoulder-to-shoulder with Gary, clutching a cup of coffee similarly between his gloved hands.

‘Nil-nil, I think.’ Gary answered coolly. ‘Unless there was a goal in the first ten seconds, which I missed.’ He took the man in with a sideways glance. He was dressed smartly, in a long navy-blue jacket, with a woollen scarf knotted tightly under his chin.

‘Yeah, these scorelines can get a bit crazy.’ He laughed. ‘I’ve seen teams go four goals down in less than a minute at this level.’ He took a sip from his coffee. ‘You’ve got a kid playing, I take it..?’

‘Yes.’ Gary pointed her out. ‘Madita, she’s playing for the… Kensey… the yellow and black ones.’

‘The Hawks!’ The man helped him out. ‘My son Rik is in the same team.’ He said, pointing to a boy with a bob of blonde hair. ‘I’m Seb, by the way.’


‘Nice to meet you.’

‘And you.’

‘Corsie, isn’t it?’ Seb asked, confidently enough.

‘Technically no.’ Gary sighed and closed his eyes in anguish. ‘But yes, I am he.’

‘Don’t worry.’ Seb gave him a pat on the arm. ‘I’m not a football fan. I’m only here cause Rik is interested and “I’m the parent…”’ He rolled his yes. ‘I suppose my partner doesn’t get much time to herself, and it’s fair enough though. The hardest thing is pretending I’m remotely interested.’ Seb took a mouthful of coffee, before remembering that he’d got off topic. ‘No, I actually recognised you from an article – years back – about off-the-grid living…’

‘Ah, Okay.’ Gary remembered the article. Journalists had been hanging around for days trying to interview anyone coming and going from the valley. They were itching for an invite to have a look around. At one point Gary had had to hide, crouched in a bush for three hours to avoid them.

‘It really got me thinking.’ Seb added, his head nodding up and down. ‘Yeah… I just sometimes wonder whether we’ve got it all wrong…’

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Postby The Andromeda Island Group » Wed Dec 18, 2019 2:55 am

Gor Kebab National Team @ Andromeda Eagles
Joe Napoli Memorial Stadium
Saturday Afternoon

Unlike their previous home game, today’s game at Joe Napoli Stadium has more of the feel of a home game. The Eagles also enjoyed being home after their first victory in World Cup competition.

The team they’re playing didn’t send much information, so for the purposes of this story, they’ll be referred to as the Kebabs.

The Eagles haven’t been able to capitalize on take advantage of their previous momentum. The Kebabs have played defensively for much of the game, switching to a 2-3-5 set early in the second half. Andromeda currently has an edge in possession, but have been unable to capitalize.

It’s at this point that goalie Steve Young is talking about a conspiracy theory that has spread throughout the conservative media outlets in the Allied States. He presents their “findings” with some of the other reserve players.

“I’m just telling you what THEY’RE saying,” Young emphasizes.

“So, what are THEY saying,” Jackie Bishop asks.

“They’re saying that the tournament is rigged against us.”

“I’ve got to hear this.” Rochelle Wyatt sits down.

“Okay. You know how seven is a lucky number?”

Wyatt raises an eyebrow.

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“Well, we were originally going to be in Group 14.”

“Fourteen isn’t seven,” DL Dandridge points out.

“That’s the thing. It’s seven TIMES two, so we were doubly fortunate… until, out of nowhere, mistakes were made.”

“Doesn’t that sort of thing happen in any tournament this big?”

“Not like this, Miss Dandridge.”

At that moment, Brea Young walks by.

“You’ve been listening to InfoWhores again Steve. I told you about that.”

“Yes, Aunt Brea. I’ve been listening to Alex Holmes.”

Despite being nearly four months younger than Steve, Brea Young is, in fact, his aunt.

“Okay, so after the snafu there, we’re in Group 13.”

“So?” Bishop is unconvinced.

“Thirteen. They might as well put is in Group 666. They got it in for us.”

“Wait a minute,” Wyatt interjects. “That doesn’t make any sense. Two teams from Group 13 will make the World Cup. Why can’t we be one of those two?”

“Because they put us in spot #8.”

“The numerology is hurting my head,” Dandridge says.

“You know what that means?”

“NO. TELL US,” the group says in unison. Young is barely able to keep it together.

“It means we’ll get ate up in…”

Everyone laughs at the explanation, including Steve Young. Coach Zimmerman walks over to the group laughing.

“Guys, take a look at this.”

Zimmerman hands Steve Young her iPhone. She was looking at the standings of Group 13 in real time.

“Look at the number of losses each team has.”

Young looks at the table.

“If the Kebabs keep playing the four corners… then… as far as losses,”

“We’re in third place. We haven’t lost since our first trip down the rabbit hole.”

“What you sayin’ coach?”

“There’s a reason why they haven’t crossed midfield in the past… 15 minutes. They know that once they stop holding the ball, THEY’LL get ate up. We’ve got momentum.”

“Don’t you mean ‘Nooooooooooooooo-mentum, Coach?”

Steve Young gets more laughs from his group.

“That silly spit is why your rasses are riding the bench.”

Young and his group laugh. Even Zimmerman starts to laugh.

“Give me my flippin phone.”

Zimmerman snatches back her iPhone. She lets out a loud laugh as she walks back to the sideline.

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Chapter 3.4: Matchday 5

Postby PotatoFarmers » Wed Dec 18, 2019 3:37 am

Fiskadaha, Poafmersia
There has never been such a big argument. Ever since years back when the football association agreed to build a new National Stadium, Libira, to host large scale events including a possible international football match, no one has ever argued about moving the international games somewhere else. However, with pre-arranged activities at the stadium, moving away from Libira to other places has given the PFFA a headache, because now the opposition parties are now accusing the PFFA of partisanship and want PFFA to host one match in Mancodas.
"Minister, you said that Mancodas deserves to host one match? But our hosting at Dreamers Park is 2 off and we chose there simply because we want it to be contained within Fiskadaha."
"Sure thing there. It cannot be a coincidence that both the matches are big matches, no? One would be the home match against The Macabees next year, the other was the home match against Siovanija & Teusland. Can you explain why?"
"Simply because the stadium is booked on that week. It would be used for the concert of that particular local band on that same weekend..."
"Okay, so why not you move that match over to Mancodas and host it in a local stadium?"
"Camp of Power? The 54000 capacity is similar to Dreamers' Park. Besides, they have agreed to host the match and at least it is better than the artificial turf at Dreamers' Park which hurts people."
Someone calls from outside the room. "Liseng, the match is starting!"
He stares back at the Chief Minister. "Okay then."

Euran Oceania Territories 1
Player #7 34'
Poafmersia 1
Bytia Hisel 50'

Starting 11 against EOT
Jabik Henderson (captain);
Graciia Warisian, Konile Trasa, Ftiks Wariq, Denise Pickford;
Matthew Tibrise, Daas Taisg, Daak Kalson;
Joel Haodao, Bytia Hisel, Nasir Hansir


Euran Oceania Territories
A ranked 82 side that leaves no information.
By no information that includes player roster, manager name, stadium information, or even capacity. All the PFFA officials know was that they were allocated 17k tickets, and they promptly distributed it all.
Wait hold on. 17 thousand tickets?
Yes, the stadium does not look that huge back when the players and coach first saw it. And that was a few hours before, where they were only given 2 hours to train on the turf. Luckily, it was not as different from other stadiums they had visited.
With the match being the first in the entire day (due to differences in time zones), the players was especially excited to play so early in the day. Specifically, Daas Taisg was talking about how he begged Adnan for a starting spot and Adnan promptly given it to him. ("Nonsense", said Adnan. "I just wanted to give Gisiik a rest and decided to field him instead since I trusted him to deliver the goods.")
Joel, however, was really upset. After losing a match which he had started in for the first time in 3 years, he was determined to be more clinical, and practiced shooting together with Bytia, who was trusted to stay in the number 9 spot. Bytia, an injury returnee who has showcased her power in the last Champions Cup by leading Kristina Galaxy to an unbelievable win streak from nothingness, is more experienced that Joel, and she willingly shared her experience with Joel on on-field and off-field issues.
Can there be an upset today? It looked as though Poafmersia was much better and stronger today, presumbly after a nice chit-chat session where the manager sat down and discussed about things with the entire squad, injured or not, and explained his selection choice as well as how to go about getting those results. Indeed, within the second minute, it was Nasir who found the back of the net after a overhead ball from Daas, but the goal got ruled for offside. Poafmersia had many good shots, but the opposition goalkeeper seemed to be on steriods and made many acrobatic saves.
Horrifingly to the away fans, it was Euran who got the first goal through a powerful long-range shot that stunned Jabik. A shot from just after the half-way mark found its way into the goal, which is absolutely shocking to the fans. By half-time no reply came, and Adnan knew what is going on.
In the dressing room, he knew what he was supposed to say. "Has this became the newest trend in our team? Doing very well then giving up when we go down?"
Stunned silence. It was Jabik who spoke up first after a few minutes. "I think the players are just frustrated with the lack of luck in front of goal, and the manner that goal was scored seem to be really gifted to the opposition. Really, I also think that this is a trend that we need to stop having, and we should stay focused to get the necessary results. Forget about that goal, start anew, and we definitely can beat them."
It is always Jabik who says the words that matter most. He continued with an inspiring speech, talking about the Miracle of Sanchez, an event 10 years ago where his team recovered from being 5-1 down at with 30 mins left to stun the opponents 6-5 in the most ridiculous manner possible, including a goal which he scored when he rushed forward to take the corner. "We had to win that match to grab the title from them... And we went from 4 goals down to a win in 30 minutes. We have 45 now, so we can definitely do more to win that match."
Indeed the confidence was well boosted. Bytia found her form again to score 5 minutes from the restart. But the opponents got tough. They made many tough tackles to gain the ball, raking up 7 yellow cards in the process, but the players were even stronger. Feeling that the team was starting to click, Adnan was cautious about making substitutes, and made no substitutes for the entire match, something which was rare by Poafmersia standards. However, the stubborn defence of the opposition failed to give way, resulting in both sides sharing one point apiece.
Adnan was relieved. Though he did not get the win, at least the players were gelling together and coming closer. He hoped the momentum would bring them along to get a nice result when they returned home for their next match against Anthor.
Group 5                         Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 The Macabees 5 5 0 0 10 3 +7 15
2 Siovanija & Teusland 5 4 0 1 12 5 +7 12
3 Nephara 4 3 1 0 8 1 +7 10
4 Aquitlia 5 2 2 1 7 5 +2 8
5 Poafmersia 5 1 2 2 10 9 +1 5
6 Euran Oceania Territories 4 1 2 1 5 5 0 5
7 Lochario 5 1 1 3 3 7 −4 4
8 Squornshelous 4 1 1 2 8 13 −5 4
9 Anthor 4 1 0 3 2 7 −5 3
10 BOLGANO 5 0 2 3 7 10 −3 2
11 Monso 4 0 1 3 3 10 −7 1

They, however, had to be careful. Anthor came off their losing streak to recover with a 1-0 win against Lochario, who would be having a bye next matchday before receiving Poafmersia at home. Adnan know very well about teams who recover from a slump, and he warned about the difficulty to his players. Team selection, however, would be interesting. Poafmersia would be expecting other regulars to start, yet Adnan might be tempted to stick with this starting 11 if all the players are fit enough. With Shakira ruled out till after the bye Matchday (ie. 1 more week), Bytia might keep her starting spot. However, everyone and anyone is up for change, and really, it would not be surprising if Nasir is dropped for a 4-4-2 formation to give the midfield more power. Adnan remained tight-lipped at the post match conference, saying that "they are taking each match seriously and will not rush to make such decisions".
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JUst some dissent

Postby Balqia » Wed Dec 18, 2019 4:02 am

The room was silent, the players looked around, sometimes staring each other. Finally the coach arrived, his angry blue eyes reading theirs expressions, his lips compressed, he was still angry. Everyone feared what he had to say, no one knew each other very well, so the thoughts of each other was a mystery to every one.
-Congratulations, we won our first match.
Mark spoke with his deep voice. Everyone relaxed a bit, even his secretary, that accompanied him everywhere, apparently even she wasn’t sure about his reaction.
-However, you must do better than this, this can be your first World Cup, but you all are professionals.
That was true, since Laqlo E. Mus became the Sports Minister he revamped football in Balqia, most cities and states had their own team, and a National Cup happened every year since the last World Cup, however, the army’s team was still the best in the country, followed by the navy’s and by Orsav’s.
The players came all around he country, most of them didn’t knew each other very well, and only heard of his teammates from the news or from matches where they were rivals. Only two of them came from the same team, Arnol Orkos and Miklos Luqin played for the army until their convocation for the Cup.
-Our current goal is simple, rise to the top. We had a bad beginning, but with some luck, and mostly important, skill, we can rise to the top three. I hope this victory gave you some moral, because you will need it. I am expecting three good matches from you to compensate this disastrous beginning.
The start of the Cup was a shame, the team barely knew each other, and only played together in the few training matches, they had no chemistry or knowledge about each other. The Sports Ministry was heavily criticized for creating a “Selection of Newbies and Kids” as the Official Newspaper described the team.
-In our next match I expect some more action, Medoviq, you will play in Nonoms place. Ptolomiq, I am expecting some more action from you and Martioniq, two potato’s sack could e put in your place and they would play even better than you two. Oh, and Luqin, Don’t be afraid of the ball, it will not bite you. - The coach take a break from his speech and look at some papers. -Okay, that was all for today, someone want to say something?
No one did, and with that he left the team alone. Life returned to the locker room, however only a few words were being pronounced, most of them polite requests for the deodorant. Everyone was preparing to leave, but for some reason Vartag, the goalkeeper climbed on the bench, attracting everyone’s eyes towards him.
-Okay guys, listen. -Everyone did so. -We can not stay like this. We only won by chance there, our team is in a terrible condition, if we want to do better than the last National Team we should start getting along and creating bonds! Let’s all go to a Pub or watch a movie together, we must be friends, and not teammates!
The room stood in silence, everyone just looked at him, even the security that accompanied the team around seemed interested in what he had to say. Tatariq seemed ready to leave, but then a voice raised from the crowd.
-I think that training is better than lazying around together to be honest. -It was Roronis, he was the older player in the Team, with thirty one years of life. -This isn’t some book or movie where the power of friends and some other cheesy thing will make us instantly better at playing football, this is real life, and you improve your skills by practicing them. We should take a bath, eat healthy food and took a good night of sleep, so we can train and play better.
Some whispers of approval echoed through the room, but Vartag replied, he wasn’t discouraged after all.
- Yeah, we have been doing so until now, and we lost anyway. In fact this is what we have been doing since we entered in the sports industry, but we lost to other teams that have a less strict discipline than us! We should change things if we want to reach their level.
Some players seemed to agree, discipline is something enforced since childhood, and it only increases over the years, most people that do Sports for a living have a hard time coping with life, they spent most of their time training and doings tests of physical fitness. Even their free time must be spent in something authorized by their physician.
-They are better – spoke Roronis. -because they are professional teams that are far high in the ranks than us. If you expected easy victories in the first matches you were being delusional. We must train harder, only then we can think of winning against Taeshan or the Free Republics.
-We have lost against Welzat!
The goalkeeper replied almost instantly, and unfortunately that was true, the first match was expected to be an easy victory, but in the end the other team came victorious and the entire nation was ashamed. “New National Team embarrasses the nation in World Cup” was the title of the article in the newspaper, Sport Report mocked the Team by interviewing a group of babies in the team’s uniform, an Internet meme of Vartag with a confused face vitalized in the nation’s social media and Laqlo’s shouts were heard until the next game, when they turned in roars.
-It was beginners luck, our team had that in the Baptism of Fire too.
That lame excuse was enough to convince some of the players, but the goalkeeper seemed to be encouraged.
-Beginners luck? I call that being able to go to the bathroom without a soldier by my side. Or being able to drink something other than water and juice! For God’s sake, we must have some freedom and relax a bit if we want to win something!
That was enough to the security disband the team and send everyone to their rooms. Complaining about the way things work is something done normally, but when you have a crowd around you it became specially dangerous, in the last times it is even more of a sensible topic because of the liberalization of some sites of the Internet, an innocent action of the government to encourage interaction with the international community that caused an unexpected reaction among the population. The National Team shouldn’t be influenced by this sort of thing, and the security personal was aware of it.
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Another victory for the underdogs!

Group 6
Hapilopper 0–1 Darkmania
Kwangtzu Guānnán 4–5 Acapais
Quakmybush 4–3 Bongo Johnson
Sultanate of Oontaz 2–4 Darmen
Nomoterra 2–3 Vdara

Group 6 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Equestria 4 4 0 0 19 5 +14 12
2 Quakmybush 5 3 1 1 12 9 +3 10
3 Darmen 5 3 1 1 11 9 +2 10
4 Vdara 5 2 1 2 8 8 0 7
5 Hapilopper 5 2 1 2 7 8 −1 7
6 Darkmania 4 2 1 1 9 12 −3 7
7 Kwangtzu Guānnán 5 2 0 3 8 8 0 6
8 Sultanate of Oontaz 4 1 1 2 5 8 −3 4
9 Nomoterra 4 1 0 3 6 9 −3 3
10 Acapais 4 1 0 3 10 16 −6 3
11 Bongo Johnson 5 0 2 3 8 11 −3

Vdara sits fourth in the table after stunning Nomoterran fans to win 3-2 on their home turf!
Markos Moustakakos, back after a drunken escapade, showed his class as he made multiple saves to keep Vdara in the match!

The match report is as follows:

4: Daniel Brewer puts it in the net for Nomoterra! An early move led to a shot that flew into the underside of the crossbar and in! 1-0 to Nomoterra!
8: Brewer’s scored it again! A great curved shot from outside the box goes into the top left hand corner and shocks the Vdaran fans! 2-0!
14: Nomoterra could go 3 up here, they’re making a nice move, Affen shoots... and it hits the bar!
19: Nomoterra are still pushing for that third goal, Brewer’s through... and it’s saved by the safe hands of Markos Moustakakos!
22: Fotellis is through here, he’s passed the entire Nomoterran defence, and his shot is saved by Mike Donnawell! It’s out for a corner.
23: Vlahiades takes the corner, it’s heading for Fotellis... it’s over Fotellis... AND IT’S INTO THE NET! DONNAWELL CAN’T QUITE BELIEVE WHAT HE’S JUST SEEN, AND NEITHER CAN VLAHIADES! 2-1 to Nomoterra! Vlahiades is on the score sheet and Vdara is back into the game!
27: Barnett is through here, but he’s had the ball taken off him by Zervopoulos, who’s kicked it upfield.
34: Athanas has passed the Nomoterran defence, he’s through here, but his cross has went out for a goal kick. Head in his hands here, he’s disappointed.
36: Donnawell is out of his box here, my god, he’s all the way up at the other end... and his shot has flown over the net and into the stands! Atrocious shot from the Nomoterran goalkeeper.
39: Brewer is through here again... and Athanas has taken the ball off him.
42: Vlahiades is making a run from his own half, he’s skilled past Newman and Belser... and he’s curved it past Donnawell! From 2-0 down to 2-2 by the 45th minute!


46: The second half has commenced, it’s 2-2. Hang on a minute, they’ve passed it to Vlahiades and he’s making a run for it, he’s passed one, he’s nutmegged the next, he’s sent the goalkeeper the wrong way and his shot has went in! Vdara has made it 3-2 in the 46th minute! The Vdaran fans are going wild! It’s a hat trick for Tryfon Vlahiades, the Vdaran Stallion!
54: Vdara are taking shot after shot here, but Donnawell is playing well today.
57: Mavroglou is making a run for it here, he’s passed it through to Lazelis... and he’s hit the crossbar. Back into play.
59: It’s Stamatelis through here, but the ball has come off his foot strangely and it’s out. Goal kick.
61: Nomoterra are falling apart here, Vdara are making good move after good move, and Nomoterra look like headless chickens.
63: Vdara are through, yet again. They should be around 5-2 up by now, but their shot to goal ratio is shoddy.
73: The Captain has come out from defence, Pardakis puts it through to Lazelis... who puts it in the net! But wait, the flags up! He’s offside! No goal.
79: A bad tackle and a yellow card for Athanas.
84: Nomoterra are through here, they’ve taken battering after battering. They’ve taken a shot, but it’s saved by Moustakakos.
85: Daniel Brewer has got a yellow card. A bad gesture made towards Moustakakos has the referee angry at him.
90: And the referee has blown for full time! Nomoterra have been humbled by the scoreline, but they really need to work on their defence.

After the match, Moustakakos had this to say:
“You know, I’m sorry for my actions. I really should’ve watched my drinking that night, but the victory was just too exciting, you know? Come on Vdara!”

On their departure from Nomoterra, Vdaran fans chanted the National team into the airport and gave them a serenade as they left, singing the anthem, with instruments and all.

Left wing-back Tryfon Vlahiades, who scored all 3 goals against Nomoterra, was reportedly teary when the anthem was sung. He had this to say upon landing in Chania Daskalogiannis Airport:
“It’s just so beautiful, you know? We’re an unranked team, we’re one of the underdogs in this tournament, and yet we power on with strength and spirit! Bring on Matchday 6!”
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Postby Bolgano » Wed Dec 18, 2019 4:08 am

Sliovanija & Tesusland 3-2 Bolgano

We have to play against a team from the top, of those struggling to play the World Cup, Sliovanija & Teusland is one of the least desired rivals of this group with the undefeated The Macabees, and the surprise that is not in The ranking positions, Nephara, on the other hand, Bolgano is in the area below with Monso since Anthor won his game.

The referee blows the whistle and starts another game, in the first minutes S&T had a very clear one that was saved if it wasn't for Red Nines, with difficulty, in the 14th minute, Victor Mellin, 33, gets to kick the ball and leaving it impossible for Ewald Heuser, GOOOOL, 0-1 in favor of the Blues and Whites, Mellin becomes the oldest player in the history of Bolgano turning goal, although then they focused on defending, the national team managed to find the second goal, Louis Merts sought to make that goal but Heuser stopped him, in that counterattack Edgar Straimle ran for his band, where he made a center to the penalty area, Red Nines jumps and the same Michael Ribbek, who manages to get the rebound was Nines but a shot from Reichwein while Nines was not in his position for goalkeeper, GOOOOL, 1-1 and S&T tied the score and so I finished the first half, when re-comparing, S&T kept looking for a goal but the defense blocked, minute 54, After a collective action S&T vat managed to get Ribbek, he profiled himself to kick, he didn't get any space until he kicked ... GOOOOL, 2-1, a few minutes later, minute 60, Rebbek himself manages to place the ball at the bottom of the arch and 3-1, Daniels Frizzel did not forget and managed to make 3-2 in the 74th minute, despite the fight for a draw, the score was 3-2 and S&T won this match.
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Driscoll Huerta, gasping for air after 14 prolonged seconds of glass-breaking hollers, could not have yelled it any better.

Tryouts for the revamped national football team were through, and he was one of the 23 members picked to represent the nation on a multiversal level.

He was wondering why he, of all people, got called up to the national team. I mean, he's shorter than typical winger, who are typically short as is. He's a slow runner, but good (at his own admission) when it comes to being deceitful, but there were tons of other players who could fill the right wing position better than him.

"Am I the sort of player The Showrunner wants in the team to try and become a face for the roster," Driscoll asked, flipping through previous factbooks regarding the Yttribian national team. "Or am I actually good enough to be on this team?"

It's a bit of both, to be honest.

Driscoll is a good enough player where his sluggish pace can be made up for with the fact he can somehow figure out a way to outwit the opposition.

But the beauty of writing, and especially trying to implement yourself as a sort of Kurt Vonnegut into your story is that you get to pick some of the heroes who embody you. Driscoll Huerta is one of those instances where I'm going to dash a bit of myself into a totally fictional character.

I mean, really, who isn't scared when it comes to being considered "good enough" for anything? Applying to jobs and internships in order to be able to have a roof above your head and to show that you are good enough for whatever it is you want to do, building friendships and romantic connections just to fulfill that prospect of not ending up alone or even stressing fake players out about whether they'll make it on a fake football team for a fake nation on a website dedicated to fake nation-building.

It's this fear that I live with on a day-to-day basis of eternally being "almost good enough." The eternal bridesmaid. Red ribbon collector. A 1990s Buffalo Bills fan. They're all descriptors and comparisons that I try to shake off with each waking day. But no matter how hard I try, that's what is etched into me, and every single thing I think about when it comes to myself:

Almost. Was. Good. Enough.

And that fear mentioned above is what I'm etching into Driscoll.

The main difference between me and Driscoll, however, is that he's going to eventually realize that he is good enough to be on this team. Yes: the roster says that Aled Kató, his substitute, is too talented to not notice. Eventually, Kató will rise and put Driscoll onto the bench — it's how football and life work. Someone is always better than you, and they're going to one-up you. And that is perfectly fine.

But that isn't going to happen just yet.

There needs to be this sort of arc that continues and builds up through to have Driscoll realize that he is good enough for this team, and good enough as a whole. Maybe it's also meant to serve me a reminder that I am good enough for a lot of things. I am good enough to be able to accomplish whatever I try to set my heart out, even if it seems to be out of reach right now. I am good enough.

But right now, that's not happening for me. Not yet, at least.

Fears of truly accepting that, and making myself believe that before I stymie myself with some irrelevant thing that won't matter in years' time are what keep me from achieving this goal. I get closer and closer each day for it to unravel in my face, putting me back to square one.

And Driscoll has this same problem I do.

The training regimens of trying to build up his speed to become an unstoppable player who might be able to rejuvenate a team, only for it to falter in front of a home crowd in the first match back.

Nil goals to their seven.

Four of those goals were entirely Driscoll's fault, and he acknowledged that as he wept in the post-match press conference. Farf players went over to him after the match to console him, which was noted because Farfadillis hosted Yttribia when they made their first foray into multiversal football. The country, finally having gotten working television service and Internet connectivity again after relocating to Atlantian Oceania, felt his pain deeply. Getting subbed off in the first half killed his mental psyche, and I feel bad for exposing him out there as responsible for the thrashing.

To be quite honest, why wouldn't I? I'm exposing my fears of always failing and projecting them onto a fictional footballer, of course I feel bad.

"What's the point?"

It's a question both he and I share. Why even try when you live with the fear of the phrase "almost was good enough" being etched onto every damn thing you do?

Well, there's no point in trying to deal with this fear for so long that you have to just accept the fact that there's nothing you can do about whatever happens. C'est la vie, as the cliché saying goes. So it goes, to channel my inner Vonnegut. "Go out and do your best to be good enough" is what I want to tell myself, but can't find the confidence to do just yet.

But Driscoll will soon be told that phrase.

Team efforts are playing up to see unexpected points come up. A 1-1 draw away against Timuria, where he made a key assist to help get a lone goal. The deception and thievery against the Red Wolves drew him many fouls as a result. Slow as hell, but a damn magician who could make your fastest player go at his tempo.

A home win against Fujai saw Driscoll do his job well enough and ensure a relatively fine upset considering the circumstances. The newly inhabited Yttribian island, off the coast of the New Montreal States and Bettia, went raucous because of that win. Watching Blasé flank up the pitch to set it in for Giselle van Ophoven.

64 minutes in and the country cried tears of joy for a chip-in. Driscoll Huerta was one of those crying as well. He's a crier, what can I say?

Scoreless draws against Gyatso-kai and Libonesia—better than the thrashings that were to be expected. Better than any sort of loss, really.

For once, hope of being capable enough filled the mind. It was flourishing with ideas of optimism and general success.

Winter weather kicked in where I am. But for once, I've been enjoying the presence of the cold and rain coming along with it. Droplets of water coming down at calming speeds, washing away some of my old fears that I've been trying to get rid of for so long. The rain isn't pouring at a fast enough rate to wash away all those fears, but that's okay: It's a start.

Yttribia is enjoying their ability to produce results they shouldn't be producing. Four points out of a qualifying position? This won't last, but damn does it feel good to hope again. 23 players, Driscoll included, have found some forms of joy in football again. It's the beautiful game for a reason.

A feeling of positive ideation, shared by myself in the real world and Driscoll Huerta in the fake multiverse, was eloquently sung by one of my favorite musicians. The song, eluding too grim of a feeling for a positive message, still has a bleak message of optimism that I want to subscribe to, and Driscoll has begun to finally understand:

"A new season has to begin."
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Postby Jeruselem » Wed Dec 18, 2019 5:27 am

In TJUN-ia, where Jeruselem beat the local team 1-0. Two sisters Arya Starc (defender) and Sansa Starc (striker) having chat.

Arya: Well, looks like things are looking pretty good far sis.
Sansa: Yes, we're actually scoring goals and not conceding a lot of them. And we're winning
Arya: Mind you we can't be complacent, the big teams are winning their games too.
Sansa: I guess we'll find out how good we are when we meet them
Arya: Yes, I guess we need to be tested.
Sansa: We're doing a lot better than the last cup

Arya: Dunno, we weren't in the team then
Sansa: Put it this way, we never got in the top 2 in qualification last cup.
Arya: We won't be last in this group for sure
Sansa: I think our preparation was lot better this time round
Arya: Say heard from Mum yet
Sansa: I forgot to charge my phone

Arya: Apparently her back operation is about now
Sansa: You rang her?
Arya: No answer, she's forgetful so she might have forgotten to ring us.
Sansa: Damn it, I'll have to ring the hospital.
Arya: I guess one doesn't move very well after a back operation
Sansa: I imagine so

Arya: Her back has never been good since the car crash that killed Dad
Sansa: I guess we're lucky we're not orphans either
Arya: Yeah I guess
Sansa: Actually I need to go replace the battery in my phone
Arya: Mine's nearly flat
Kate: Hello starcs. Need any help?

Arya: Haven't heard from Mum after her back operation.
Kate: Which hospital
Arya: I think the Queen Katherine one ... yes one of your hospitals
Kate: I'm not Queen yet, heh heh
Arya: You know which one I mean.
Kate: I'll be right back ...


Sansa: Well?
Kate: Good news! She isn't dead or disabled. She's well and alive. Just unable to function due to all the drugs she took.
Arya: Good, hopefully her back isn't so shit now.
Sansa: Yeah, and she cans stop taking those toxic painkillers.
Kate: Yeah, opiates aren't good for you.
Arya: Um, why are you dressed like Hatsune Miku?

Kate: Oh that, I can't wonder around naked like I do at home.
Arya: Oh yes ...
Sansa: We forgot about that.
Kate: It also gets people's attention
Arya: Sure does
Sansa: Yep
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Postby Trolleborg » Wed Dec 18, 2019 5:42 am



Our team won, albeit doubts not dispelled.


Trolleborg: Kotsson, Levenkrands, Troger, Dushegub (Tro, 46), Wolters, Kolding, Valgren (Mogrin,61), Troll, Finnsnes, Gulbranden (Skaloed,77), Kerr.
Finnsnes,4 (1-0). Kerr,25 (2-0). Wolters,77(3-0).

It should be noted that our team, in general, redeemed its insulting defeat in the previous round, and for the second time in its history managed to save its own net from goals.
The game began hopefully for us – after a corner kick, the visitors knocked the ball to the center of the field, but Finnsnes arrived first to him, dribble out the defender and shot into the bottom corner. Soon after, the guests could even the score, but Kotsson dealt with the insidious long-range strike, and then parried a dangerous free kick from the guests captain. And in the 25th minute, our team doubled the score, after a mighty hit by Gulbranden the goalkeeper of the guests throwed ball our with his fingertips, but Kerr figured out the situation before everyone else, calculated the rebound and scored a goal. Both teams had the opportunity to score more, and the judge could well have given a penalty kick in the goal of our team in the second half, but in the end the guests who were on the attack missed a quick counterattack, Troll and Mogrin beautifully played the ball between them in the area between the center of the field and the penalty area and Wolters completed their efforts with a powerful kick from the penalty. Despite the big score, it should be noted that the game of our team still lacks freshness - apparently, a tight schedule is affecting, and we need to think about the future of advance preparation for such long tournaments.

Having scored 7 points in four matches, our team takes fourth place in the group.

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Postby Free Republics » Wed Dec 18, 2019 5:59 am

OOC: ICly, Gossip Magazine is roughly equivalent to the National Enquirer in terms of credibility. This article is fake news and the video is a forgery by Gossip Magazine.

Gossip Magazine

Video emerges of BDSM session involving Scarlett Nicholls and The Leader
by: Etoile Quenneville

Many people were wondering why Consul Scarlett Nicholls would cover up the crimes of the Main Nation Ministry's Leader. Well, it turns out that Gossip Magazine's team of investigative journalists have uncovered the answer to that question. Gossip Magazine has obtained and verified the accuracy of a sex tape featuring the two national leaders getting it on in some hot, female-dominant, BDSM sex.

The extremely graphic tape, which we have published on Wanktube, the official sex tape partner of Gossip Magazine, features Scarlett Nicholls tying The Leader to a hotel room bed and penetrating him through his backside. If you want further details, you will have to watch the tape which is the latest in a series of sex tapes involving depraved wealthy, powerful and famous people.

This new tape is likely to have reverberations around the multiverse as it shows 2 national leaders carrying on an affair with one another. While the fact that Scarlett Nicholls is a harlot who will sleep with just about any man not named Kyle Bolton is not news to anybody paying attention to Republican politics, the Leader was widely assumed to be a closeted homosexual as there was no evidence that he was attracted to women. At least we know he's straight though who would have known that he's more submissive in bed than a Cassadagan man?

Gossip Magazine has also obtained and will soon publish a lesbian sex tape involving Princess Keller and Jessica Madden both of the Main Nation Ministry and an additional tape of people having sex on the streets of various Main Nation Ministry cities to celebrate their Cup of Harmony victory last year. While the Ministry appear to be repressed outwardly, they are secretly having more sex than we are! That's not right so please consider having casual sex with some stranger you meet today. We must protect our reputation as the sex capital of the multiverse afterall!

Etoile Quenneville is a reporter for Gossip Magazine who normally focuses on foreign celebrities. A graduate of 11th Street High School in Republica, Etoile was hired straight out of school by Gossip Magazine. She likes cats, partying and using desperate men for free dinner dates.

Scarlett Nicholls Speech

Hello, my fellow Republicans. After last night's rather unfortunate World Cup match against Taeshan, I had no choice but to delay my speech because there's no way I could speak to the Federation after that loss. I think Soccer General Theriault is taking qualifying a bit too lightly this year. While that might be fine against the minnows, Taeshan are not an easy out and it was folly to expect that we could roll through them. Nonetheless, although I've had my political disagreements with General Theriault in the past, I respect his talent as a soccer coach and like most Republicans, I fully support his team. We should never forget that, regardless of our political differences, we are all Republicans and we all share common values that made our Federation the greatest nation in the multiverse and will, with assistance from the deities, continue to do so in the future.

Recently, a publication called Gossip Magazine published a story claiming that I was behind a cover-up of the O'Reilly Tower fire from last year. They also published conclusive proof that the official story of an accident was false. I want to apologize to the Republican people for permitting the FIB to cover up the truth about this incident. I agreed to the cover-up because I wish, above all else, to keep us out of war. I have no desire to see Republican boys dying to "liberate" a dictatorship from an angry dictator infuriated by some classic Gossip Magazine forgeries. Now that the truth is out, I want to tell The Leader of the Ministry very firmly: Do not burn down a building in my country ever again. If you do, I will likely be unable to silence the calls for war next time around.

With regard to whether or not the government approves of the stories publishes by our press or even whether we can stop them from publishing a story, I should make it clear to everybody from outside of the Free Republics that we have freedom of the press in this country. The press is free to report whatever they want and the government is not permitted to say any different. If we think a story is false, that's not something we can do anything whatsoever about. There is a constitutional right in this country to publish fake news because it is dangerous to allow a political figure the authority to determine what news is real and what news is fake. The press will report whatever they want and it is up to you to decide what you think of their reporting. If you feel a media outlet is reckless with the truth, please stop purchasing their newspapers and magazines, please stop watching their TV network and please stop visiting their web site. By voting with your time and your wallet, you can starve the lying press of oxygen and leave the honest press as the only media outlets. I would certainly recommend that people stop reading Gossip Magazine or giving them any attention because almost everything they publish is a lie.

...(OOC: Scarlett also spoke on a number of other topics of purely local interest.)
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Postby Mkabia » Wed Dec 18, 2019 6:08 am

“You are a bunch of cockroaches. Despicable.”

Mamatou Dindane did not spoke these words, he spit them. Tankary and Kabirou stood there as punished schoolboys, contemplating whether spelling out the dire circumstances of their qualifying run would better or worsen the situation.

“You’ve ever heard of Volinovia?”

Attracted by the sudden calm in the voice of the Marshall, Kabirou dared to respond, “Aren’t they in group 10?”

“No one ever heard of them,” Dindane returned to thunderous shouting whilst Kabirou reminded himself of the existence of the rhetorical question, “They’re nothing, nobody… And the only country in the multiverse doing worse than us.”
“Well, we’ve gotten a difficu-” Tankary made the horrible decision to speak up out of tune.

The words reverberated against the marble walls until the room was completely sound-free. In that dangerous tranquility, Dindane continued.

“You’ll play this team,” he handed a piece of paper to Kabirou, “and you’ll win us points.”

Kabirou nor his assistant even considered warning about Tornado Queendom and their two-win streak. Within seconds, the two were escorted out the door and walked to the exit. Silently, Kabirou ogled the eleven names on the scrap of paper, the hasty handwritten letters not looking well-thought of. The absence of Stade Djalenga players, with most notably Diawara being replaced by Idrissa Akakpo immediately caught the eye. It was a switch that had been contemplated before by the coaching staff, but they would rather protect the Massagui player by pitching him in an away home - away from the Djalenga home crowd which wouldn’t appreciate seeing their big star benched and be critical on each and every one of his moves.

“What are we going to do with it?” Kei posed.
“What do you do with a direct command?” Kabirou replied, indicating he started to master the rhetorical question now - a bit too late.

Tankary knew there were no other options, but it didn’t sit well. Just as they left the front gate, the first drops of a thunderstorm started to crash on them. The rain season was about to start and whilst the circumstances for the upcoming game were still acceptable, they would turn worse sooner or later and give the last home games a peculiar surface to play and battle on.

“Forgot my coat,” Kei realised, “I’ll catch a later ride to the training centre.”

He turned back and tried to walk back to the main office of Marshall Dindane, trying to fit in with the groups of military personnel that populated this place. Doubting whether to knock or not, as the door was slightly ajar, he halted, just to hear a familiar voice.

“They made it easier than I expected - what a bunch of amateurs. It will be a slaughter.”

Kei left swiftly, without a jacket but with a lot of questions.

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Postby Flavovespia » Wed Dec 18, 2019 7:05 am


Nick Cole Sacked

In a statement released this morning following yesterday’s game, Stephen Harley, the FFA head, announced the departure of Nick Cole as the Flavovespia national team manager. The statement said that the FFA were thankful in the role that Nick Cole had played in being the first manager for the national team, and how the team performed at AOCAF Cup 59 in particular. However they felt the past performance at Cup of Harmony 75 and the failure to win any of their last 3 games against lower ranked opposition was unfortunately too much to overlook. 50 year old Marcus McCormick, the assistant to Nick Cole, will remain with the Flavovespia side as interim manager in the near future.

With Nick Cole gone, FFD looks at the early front 5 in the running order to take over from Nick Cole:

Richard Crawford, 46, Manager of Stanmorn

Crawford was appointed manager of Stanmorn at the start of 25AU. Immediately there was improvement, as he took the mid-table side firstly to 3rd, then in 26AU to their first ever Super League title. 4th in 27AU was a little bit of a let-down, but Crawford is still seen as one of the finest managers in Flavovespia. Many speculate that he is currently the favourite to be given the nod to take over the national side. The fact several Stanmorn players have been in the national side, including important figures such as James King and Scott Coleman could play a role.

Carter Cromwell, 55, Manager of Hadford Hill

Crowell is also being touted by many, due to his squad building at Hadford Hill, which has seen the fallen giants seemingly come back on a road to recovery. Taking over in 25AU, the team have come 9th, 7th and 6th under his watch. Not spectacular results by any means for one of the big names in the nation, but he’s kept the club out of any real danger, and placated a quite twitchy board and fans. Some see him as possibly a “safe pick”, and being the manager of Flavovespia captain Steven Hall and surprise figure Edward Barkes could help his case.

Albert Henderson, 70, Retired, previously manager of Kings Lunsel

Henderson retired last year from management, after taking Kings Lunsel to another Flavovespia Gold Cup victory, but this hasn’t meant he’s ruled out of taking the Flavovespia job, and there’s not been a denial yet. He was always seen as something of a journeyman manager, he was the one who took Hadford Hill out of the Challenge League in 20AU, although was sacked by them in 22AU. The same season he’d go on and join Kings Lunsel. His first full season saw them go from 11th previously to 3rd in the standings. He’d follow up with 4th and then a Super League title. 2 8th places in a row were compensated by 2 consecutive Gold Cup wins. Some think he may have the experience and killer edge needed in tournaments.

Ezra Badger, 42, Manager of Apsbrooke

If a conventional choice isn’t the option of the FFA, then Badger could be their choice. At 42, his only club so far in management has been Apsbrooke. After their Challenge League title in 23AU, he guided them to safety twice, before an impressive 5th place. Seen as a manager who can work wonders on a low budget and prone to causing upsets, there’s talk he could be the man, although age and lack of experience could be an issue.

Marcus McCormick, 50, Interim Manager of Flavovespia

The interim manager, but still considered in the running for the top job. Many feel Cole did a decent job of building up the sides, but he wasn’t the man to keep going. Not a huge amount of management experience, he was mainly the reserve and youth manager at Waldster, until Nick Cole called him into the national team as his assistant. If stability and consistency from the Cole regime are what the team are looking for, McCormick could be the man, and he’ll have games coming up to prove it.

Nobody knows which of the 5, if any of the 5, will be the one to get the nod to take over from Nick Cole in the coming weeks, as Flavovespia look to try and reboot their qualifying campaign, to try and make it at least to the Cup of Harmony 76, and then to build up towards AOCAF Cup 60.

Flavovespia 3–3 Mustardy

In what would be Nick Cole’s last game for Flavovespia, once again a mixture of emotions were on display, with many twists and turns. Flavovespia’s qualifying campaign if nothing else had been entertaining for the neutral fans, that is for sure.

The game was hosted in the capital Waldster, the first of 2 games this campaign there. Flavovespia lined up in their usual home kits, with visitors Mustardy in an all white away kit. Mustardy were one of 4 teams, Flavovespia included, yet to take a win in the group. Flavovespia wanted to be quietly confident against a nation smaller than the population of the smallest region of Flavovespia, Boll Lake. Indeed, the entire population of Mustardy could have fitted in the Hornet’s Nest, with plenty of room to spare. However, without a win, there was a real sense this game should have been a must win.

Flavovespia were back in a 5-3-2, in a bid to change things up. Despite the changes, the attackers were familiar names. They were the ones pushing on early in the game, with Maddox and Johnson providing down the wings. Both Daley and Barkes had good efforts saved by the part-time keeper Hervé Groben of Mustardy. It did seem Flavovespia might finally get going this tournament.

Sadly in the 26th minute, maybe against the run of play to some, Mustardy took the lead. Jacquet Nee played Stan Dereumaux behind the back line of Flavovespia. His shot was Mustardy’s first on target, and although it didn’t look like a thing of beauty, Bullivant wasn’t able to keep it out. 0-1 to the visitors, and there was serious frustration once again the defence and goalkeeper had failed.

Flavovespia tried to kick on, but it seemed like Mustardy had the bit between their teeth. They seemed comfortable on the ball for the rest of the first half, and successfully kept out the Flavovespian attack, even fashioning a few more half-chances and shot on targets for themselves. At half-time it was 0-1, and chants of “You don’t know what you’re doing!” and boos rang around the stadium.

Flavovespia came out of the second half looking stronger. Alan Holt was replaced with Henrik Jensen, and the team reverted to their 4-2-3-1, with Pitchford off for Jonathon Feld to go out on the left-wing, with Daley ahead of Barkes in the centre and Hall on the right wing. This seemed to liven things up, and the change of shape was an issue for Mustardy.

The equaliser came in the 59th minute. Maddox had broken past Gieffrin Baillairgé on the wing. He played it inwards to Feld, who then played it back into the path of his club teammate. Maddox in stride hit a strong shot that beat Groben and shot into the opposite corner of the net, making 1-1. A rare goal for the defender, and Flavovespia looked to be back in it.

Unfortunately it only took 6 minutes for their optimism to fade. Martin Ménétries hit a cross from the deep into the box. Guy Vérany didn’t even let the ball drop as he hit it on the volley, and connected perfectly. Bullivant dived in vain for it, but the ball ended up in the back of the net, and Mustardy had their lead back. Flavovespia had it all to do again.

The last throw of the dice saw Ian Johnson come off, with David Blythe making his debut at right back for Flavovespia. It was a surprise move, as some wanted to see Sharratt or a more attacking option come off the bench, and felt Blythe was being thrown to the wolves to make his debut in such a situation.

Despite the desperate situation, Flavovespia found another equaliser with just 10 minutes to do. Edward Barkes received the ball on the edge of the box, and a quick bit of skill took him past Willy Kahnt and substitute Yann Bogaert. One on one, his accurate finish left Groben with no chance, and Flavovespia were back equal with their opponents.

Into injury time, and the most dramatic minutes of the game happened. Maddox hit a cross into the box, with Kahnt trying to head it away. However Hall kept it in on the right hand side, and his ball back in found Daley, who headed it down beyond the reach of Groben and into the goal, making it 3-2. Ecstatic celebrations followed, as Flavovespia celebrated what they hoped was the winning goal.

In the 93rd minute however, everything changed. A long ball from Jaquob Delannoy could only be put out for a corner by Alexander May. Everyone except corner taker Jacquet Nee was in the box. The ball was seemingly cleared by Henrik Jensen, as a whistle went. Flavovespia thought they had won, but it was for a VAR check. Agonising moments followed as the referee looked closely, first at a shirt pull by Blythe on Ménétries. That wasn’t called a foul, but May was spotted to have leant too hard on Stan Dereumaux who had gone tumbling in the box. The referee ran back on the pitch after viewing the evidence, and pointed to the spot.

After clearing away the protesting players, Stan Dereumaux lined up against Andrew Bullivant to give his side an equaliser. Dereumaux went no nonsense with his penalty, hitting it straight down the right hand side, true and low. Bullivant dived the wrong way, but even if he went the right way, it’s hard to see him getting it. A match Flavovespia were so close to winning, but it ended in disappointment and dismay.
After the final whistle, there was anger and annoyance all over the pitch. Henrik Jensen and Alexander May managed to get yellows at the final whistle for dissent towards the referee. Several players did little more than the customary post-match handshakes and walked straight off. Hall consoled Barkes and Daley, who were devastated their late goals didn’t result in a win. Of course 24 hours later, everyone would know the outcome for Nick Cole; he was no longer the national team manager.

Marcus McCormick will take over, at least as the interim, for the next game away at Vakolicci Haven and Celeria. Pot 5, but down in 6th in the group at the moment, on paper this looks very much like it could be another draw given both teams records. After that is a gauntlet of South Covello (H), Qasden (A) and Filindostan (H). These next 4 games are looking tough on paper, and for a team already underperforming their last world cup cycle and FFA expectations, a tough few matchdays lie ahead.

A History of Football in Flavovespia

Part 4

74BU was the year that the Gold Cup saw one of the most captivating results in its history. The early rounds had followed their usual pattern, with a fair number of high scoring games, not least when the Big 3 showed up. 9-0, 13-0 and 17-0 were the first round results for St Astons City, Waldster and Hadford Hill. In the Quarter Finals, Hadford Hill won 0-13 against Yellowfields, in a result that seemed to show just how dominant outside of the Tri Series they were. Waldster took an 8-0 home victory over Watchers Associates, who had looked pretty impressive in the earlier rounds, according to reporters. Meanwhile St Astons City needed penalties to overcome Galling Football Association (the predecessor to Galling Rangers), in what was nearly a big upset. The final semi finalist was Denman Factory, a strong factory side, who were punching above their weight.

Waldster would host St Astons City in the first semi final. In the other, Hadford Hill would travel to Waldster to face Denman Factory. Waldster vs St Astons City seemed a finely balanced game on paper, and it resulted in a good display for the hosts, as they came out 4-2 winners, and reached the final for the first time since 77BU. The other match, however, was where the real excitement was.

Denman Factory usually had an attendance of a few hundred, yet it seemed like at least a few thousand had lined the edges of the ground to watch this game. Hadford Hill lined up in their traditional red, with Denman Factory in a navy blue shirt with white shorts and navy socks. Denman Factory were one of the first teams wearing shorts, as opposed to the more traditional trousers Hadford Hill were wearing. The visitors were confident, and began the game playing with ease, waiting for an opportunity to score. However, Denman Factory weren’t opening up at all. Then, the shock happened. With Hadford Hill flying forward, Denman Factory hit them on the counter. Horace Richardson ran clear, and with only the keeper to beat, finished the move in style. 1-0 to the hosts. This shocked Hadford Hill, who got an equaliser just 2 minutes later, but it was still 1-1 at half time.

In the second half, Denman Factory took the lead again, this time from another similar counter attack. Hadford Hill really seemed to be struggling to get to grips with the tactics of Denman Factory. It took some individual brilliance by Maurice Smith to get them another equaliser. Then with mere minutes to go, a corner for Denman Factory saw the ball bundled over the line by Richard Hawksworth. It was 3-2, and Hadford Hill could not muster up another equaliser. The biggest shock of the Gold Cup’s history had occurred, and Denman Factory defeated a Big 3 side to reach the final. It made headline sports news, and captured the attention of the nation. The team were the lovable underdogs, and everyone couldn’t wait to see how they’d fare against Waldster in the final in Hadford Hill.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a fairytale end. Waldster looked more prepared, and won 5-0 in comfortable fashion. Nevertheless, this result forever changed the perception of the Gold Cup, and suddenly all small sides dreamed of causing upsets and going on a good cup run. The proverbial barrier had been broken down, and an exciting era of cup football was developing.
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Postby Savojarna » Wed Dec 18, 2019 7:08 am - inside reports from all Savojarna
Balqia loss seals deal for Jurtanen

The first matches were considered something of a must-score for Savojarna: A string of matches against five teams outside the Top 100, interrupted by one match against the 91st-ranked Balqia, were considered the prime opportunity for some early points before the Northlights have to face the Free Republics, our Northern neighbours Taeshan, and Jeruselem. It turned out notably different as Schottia furthered their move towards becoming a Savojar nemesis by drawing us in their home game, and it got progressively worse as they lost their home game to Geektopia, drew two teams from outside the Top 200, and in what was supposed to be the glorious return of injured superstar Krister Voynov, they lost 3-1 to Balqia. This was the final straw that broke the camel’s back: With the team that got beaten so badly being a side that was essentially projected to be the side that would play in a high-stakes game, the SFFB’s Sporting Board decided to act before it’s too late and sacked Olaf Jurtanen. Their initial announcement was that they had already started communications with the man behind CASK’s three-peat in the SFS, Rune Zackrisson, but then they revised it. According to the second SFFB Press Release, there was not enough time to bring in a new coach for the match against Welzat, which is already coming up this week, and Jurtanen will be replaced by his assistant coach Mikaela Rangren for the match. We are here to answer you the four most pressing questions after the sacking of Jurtanen.

Why did Jurtanen fail to help Savojarna?

Upon arrival, Olaf Jurtanen has been lauded as the man that would bring modern football to Savojarna with his tactically intricate approach. His appointment was expected to vibe well with the skilled wingers Savojarna had in Krister Voynov, Mikhail Jashkin and Irina Jarkasjärvi. The double-striker setup seemed to benefit the team as well, and Jurtanen was known as an obsessive coach that can use the diverse strengths of the Savojar side. Under his guidance, the Northlights did indeed play more offensively and more intricately than under the previous coaches, and of course he will be remembered as the primary reason for why the Savojar integration of football teams happened so quickly. Under Jurtanen, they have reached the quarterfinals of the Copa Rushmori twice and made it to the play-offs for World Cup 83, a solid success but less than the women’s team under Asbeck had managed.

The Mad Professor of Sumanen has been generally considered an alright fit for the team, but there had been some criticism in expert media before: The style of Jurtanen was often fairly reactive, trying to adapt to the opposition to an extent that the Savojars seemed to forget playing to their own strengths. This had often been attributed to Jurtanen’s tendency to over-prepare, and been seen as a reason why they sometimes fell victim to very offensive teams such as the Schottian side in the most recent Copa Rushmori, which scored eight goals in two matches against Savojarna. But more important is that Jurtanen seemingly lost the trust of his team, and his often harsh way of leading the side seems to have led to a break in the dressing room. Anonymous sources claimed that there were leading players, among them defensive anchors Joonas Andersson and Linne Kjaer, who had been opposing Jurtanen, who subsequently benched them. The two did inexplicably not play against TJUN-ia, considered to have contributed to the three goals the Northlights conceded. If Jurtanen indeed lost the locker room, the change in management was inevitable.

Who is the new coach going to be?

The favourite of the media, Copa-winning coach Lise Asbeck, has publicly stated to not want to coach for the SFFB again after the falling out the parties had when she was not integrated into the new unified team coaching staff, and the SFFB had tried to avoid being responsible for her dismissal. With the bridges to the most successful Savojar national team manager burnt, the Board looked to to the most successful Savojar club coach: Rune Zackrisson. The coach from the Bergheim region has coached CASK Thorsborg to a title hattrick in the SFS before suffering from multiple injuries and a very bad season start this year that led to his dismissal halfway through the first round of the SFS. Zackrisson is considered a very strong manager in terms of setting up his team in a solid way, and has proven in the past that he can keep a team together and motivate them. He knows multiple of the players from his CASK days, and is a pretty logical choice. For the next game, Mikaela Rangren is going to be the coach. We can expect her to roughly play a game similar to Jurtanen, although most likely somewhat less intricate.

What can we expect tactically?

In general, the Savojar game is probably going to get more simple. The basics will likely stay the same, but Zackrisson is a manager that is more into pushing his own playstyle onto the opponent compared to the reactive Jurtanen. He is generally known as being a much less authoritarian coach, and will probably try to play to his team a bit more. In this Savojar side, this likely means playing a 4-2-3-1, a favourite of his we have also seen at CASK, and either pull Karjanen back into the midfield or decide between the captain and Freya Sigurdsdottir up front. With the wings largely locked in, the most interesting positions will be the question of whether he plays a more offensive wingback or a traditional fullback, and what his decision on the striker position will be.

In terms of playstyle, Zackrisson’s brand of football is often more direct than the sophisticated passing-based Jurtanen tactics. The CASK team that he led to three championships leveraged physical strength and individual skill into goals out of an extremely solid defence, with the two defensive midfielders playing quite conservatively and keeping the back free for the four offensive players to take aim at the goal. The team will probably keep on pressure especially against lower-ranked opposition, and try to make the game. The centre is usually quite shut down in Zackrisson teams, which limits the risk of the team being broken down too easily and gives the opposing side fewer options.

What can we expect for the rest of the campaign?

The team seems to largely be intact, although it has lost its connection with the coach in command. With that coach gone, chances are that the Savojars can recover reasonably quickly in order to make a turnaround for the World Cup. The decision to quickly pull the plug on Jurtanen could be Savojarna’s saving grace as the side now is not yet in an impossible ditch to recover from. With the next team on the list being low-ranked Welzat, a team not in the Top 300 of the world and currently the one team even below the Savojars in group standings, there is a must-win match coming up, but the truly interesting part of the campaign follows after. With the back-to-back games against Taeshan and the Free Republics being the initial matches of Zackrisson’s tenure, there will be a quick verdict on the new man on the line, and in case of victory, the street towards recovery is still rocky but open. If we fail to beat the heavyweights, Zackrisson’s sight is likely turning to the Cup of Harmony berth.

Prospected lineup vs. Welzat: 4-4-2 flat
Petrova - Jensen, Omark, Forsberg, Nurkanen - Voynov, Maersk, Andersson, Jashkin - Sigurdsdottir, Karjanen.
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Postby Xanneria » Wed Dec 18, 2019 7:15 am

The Score doesn't tell the story
By Steve Stevenson

Dominica City, XCT - With all the babbling Razenta has been doing lately, some pundits were worried the sluggish looking maroons we're ripe for an upset. After all they made a mockery of the Xannerian footballing brand in the prior weeks game versus Ethane. But a 4-3 victory shut up the young team that seemed more bark than bite. Ranka Mazioka had a rough day as three of the goals he gave up were within twenty minutes of each other. One off the foot of Glenn Hailey and two off of Devon'elle Leymore and an additional goal later on from Doby Bunnkirk who had been substituted in as Mark Hailey was suffering an apparent mild concussion from a fall mid game. Glenn Hailey has been quiet most of the qualifiers so far, the man who once famously scored six goals in one game when he single handedly became a deity versus Grod Island 5 years ago. There's been rampant speculation though about the 36 year old Hailey and his brother Mark. Many people seem to think he will retire from international competition after this round of qualifier or whatever tournament Xanneria ends up competing in after the qualifiers. His brother Mark who is 32 has also been rumored to be heading to an early retirement and now after another concussion (third he's suffered) he may be joining Glenn.

As for the game though, we've seen some issues with the Maroons, most circulate around weather Dom Brabham will stay the starting Goalkeeper for much longer for the Maroons. Dom gave up a couple late goals to Razneta that could have been stopped had the team tried, but weather it was Dom's fault or just the team playing soft with a 4-1 lead is up to interpretation of the fans. Coach Amos Alton has said he will keep Brabham in for the next game versus Port Ember, but he conceded that yes he'd be on a tighter leash and would have some special work for him during practice. This is quite a change for the normally reserved Alton who rarely speaks ill of the team in public.

Han Golodiva 37'
Raiko Tolokovsa 74' 81'

Devon'elle Leymore 38' 51'
Glenn Hailey 40'
Doby Bunkirk 65'
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Postby Gopnikea » Wed Dec 18, 2019 7:22 am

Gopnikea 0-2 Krytenia

Gopnikea has suffered a second loss, after a good start of two consecutive wins and a draw. Losing to Ancherion 3-2, the Chimaeras have lost again, this time to Krytenia and scoring no goals. The Chimaeras are starting to go downhill.

Coach: It’s okay Gronthell, you did great, so did the others.

Gronthell: I know, but, I really thought we could have gotten a chance of victory. I guess I underestimated them.

Coach: Well, next time, we’ll be sure to try our very best to beat our next challenger, Castanya.

Gronthell: Yes, we will.

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Postby Sarzonia » Wed Dec 18, 2019 8:14 am

Normally, after a flat 3-0 defeat to a team the Sarzonian national football team showed signs that it might have been able to hold its own against, Kevin Connelly might have ripped any team he managed a new one. Normally, he would have handled it with a key benching or a tirade for the ages.

However, these aren't normal times. It may be a long time before they become normal times.

Connelly stalked the sidelines in front of his team's players bench until he realised he was making his players even more tightly wound than they'd been all tournament. He saw it in the fourth minute goal the Stars conceded to midfielder Finn Finnsnes and in the goal by striker Stuart Kerr in the 25th minute after goalkeeper Mateo Sandoval mishandled a rebound. After that second goal, Connelly turned back toward his players bench with a glare, only to be met by a different kind of glare from assistant manager Kevin Wilson. Connelly saw the look and knew what it meant.

You're pushing. These players know what they're doing. They're facing a lot of pressure that no team should have to.

All of a sudden, the glint of anger that was in Connelly's eyes suddenly disappeared, and reserve midfielder Clayton Wilson noticed straight away. He then noticed Connelly sit down in his seat to the left of his great-uncle and reach for his water bottle.

Connelly soon decided to not even say anything to defender and team captain Russ Howard for taking the free kick instead of midfielder Brady Reynolds, the usual free kick-taker for the Stars. He decided the prospect of surprise was worth the risk of having someone without Reynolds's playmaking abilities handle the task.

The last flash of anger the Stars would see from their manager came when the referee failed to call what Connelly argued was a "bleedingly obvious" penalty call. They would soon see defender Kasper Wolters complete the scoring for the Baptism of Fire Champions from Trolleborg in the 77th minute, providing the final margin.

For Carol Ostrom, the match was a particularly emotional affair, as she sat in the press box at 1st December Stadium in Trolleborg City. She'd otherwise opted not to attend Stars matches, not because she didn't support her late husband's team, but because being around his players and staff was too emotional an experience. However, she was specifically invited to attend this one because the hosts opted to memorialise her husband. She accepted the gift of black lilies for herself and her daughter Mary, whom she cradled in her arms while trying hard to be strong in the wake of intense emotions.

She noted the black armbands on the Trolleborg players with some sadness, mixed with awe at the respect for her husband that the three hosts of Sarzonia's away matches have shown. It wasn't until she returned to her hotel room and put Mary to bed in her makeshift crib that she finally had the chance to sit down and cry and let out the emotions that threatened to swallow her.

She noticed the lack of fireworks and the notice of canceled concert performances prior to the match against the Stars (0-2-3), who now sit 10th in the Group 2 table, ahead of only fellow unranked side Atlantic Republic. The Stars will host the 66th ranked team in the world, Crystalline Caverns, at Mike Sarzo Stadium in Nicksia. Kickoff is set for 7:05 p.m. The game will be broadcast on SSPN and locally on Channel 15.
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Postby Audioslavia » Wed Dec 18, 2019 10:45 am

Script / Extras

Original Script
Episode 1, Chapter 2.1 - Chasing the Eights

[Music: ‘Man Next Door’ by Horace Andy. Camera swoops up from somewhere in Audioslavia, revealing that AO has been added to the map. A few swoopy shots round AO (not currently containing Mriin but I could re-shoot that). Camera pans into a stadium and then fades to a slow flyover of AO]

There are three things we learned in Episode One.

First: Scorigami gets harder with time.

Second: It’s the teams lucky enough to attain a Scorigami that are most likely to pretend to ignore it

Third, and most important of all according to your comments:
Nobody can understand an Audioslavian accent.

Jeremy Jaffacake has gone back where he belongs - behind a computer, typing. He even typed this, which I’m reading now. And this. And this too. And me just going ‘mbleh’ here. He even spelled out the word ‘mbleh’. Krytenia is a stupid country. Simeone di Bradini <pronounce in stupid way> is dumb.

OK. Enough of that.

Here’s the state of affairs. The Scorigami chart at World Cup 21.

First of all, we’ve gone the way of R.L. States’s Jon Bois and blacked out the squares that are impossible to get.

The single square in the zero column is full. The one column is full, as are the two, three, four and five columns. From there, we taper back down in a pleasing ‘V’ formation up until the eights column, highlighted here, which contains only two Scorigamis - Eight-Nil and Eight-Seven.

Let’s fill that column up as best we can.

[camera moves from football stadium to nearby airport runway. There are graphs and forum snippets all over the runway. The next bit involves the camera moving a bit like a helicopter. I might add a helicopter sound effect. Or that might be shit.]

We get our first hit at cycle 24. There goes the 8-1 slot as Clavis <insert whatever colloquial adverb you use to mean ‘beat’ e.g. ‘scunner’, ‘skelp’, ‘shellack’, ‘thrash’ etc> Zanziik by the score in qualifying.

Hold up, though. There’s some consternation as to whether or not this is Amoral Scorigami. According to hosts Druida, Clavis may have been under the influence of ‘Taquil’, a noted attack-enhancing drug. We’re not sure what brownies Zanziik were eating, they’re just listed as ‘old recipe brownies’. Either way, if you’re an international football team and you’re eating brownies as a pre-match meal that is *not* a good sign.

We’re not about to suggest Clavis had an unnatural advantage in this game, but their next encounter was a 3-0 loss to a team called ‘Fart Islands’. Make up your own minds.

Either way: Scorigami is not a measure of talent.

World Cup 27 is our first two-Scorigami tournament in twenty-one cycles.

Priggdom are one of our heroes, etched into Scorigami history forever for allowing themselves to lose to Oliverry by a hockey score.

And here’s to Liventia, or Liverpool England as they once called themselves, 8-3 winners over Milchama in the first round. A Scorigami for both teams, although only one seemed excited about it.

Congratulations, Liventia. It would have been the highest scoring match in World Cup history, but Bedistan beat you. Also, you almost won the World Cup that year, but Bedistan beat you. Sorry. Scorigami is not a measure of talent.

There are no new Scorigamis before cycle thirty, but that’s all right. We’d tasked the 20s with giving us an eights column that we can brag about to other multiversal football tournaments, and it did us proud. How do you like them apples, CyberNations dot net?

[focus on graphs from WC20, then 30, then 40]
The 20s gave us four Scorigamis. Can the 30s top that?

[reveal of a lot of pink squares]

Oh <insert surprised swearword here>

2.2 - The Day it Rained Goals

A Krytenian once dubbed the first matchday of qualifiers for World Cup 40 ‘The Day it Rained Goals’. The name would, in fact, have been more accurate twenty-three cycles previously, for Matchday Eight of World Cup 13.

[scroll through ridiculous scorelines]

Wait.. why doesn’t the Scorigami chart reflect these scorelines?

[zoom on date of post: April 1st 2004]

Here’s Rejistania with the answer.

The Idiot Project contains every score ever published in a World Cup Scores Thread, but these scores aren’t entered manually. A quick select-all -> copy -> paste into a word processor and a couple of find/replace algorithms later, all scores appear in the database. So, for a while, the Scorigami chart looked this *this*

[insane Scorigami chart reflecting the fake scores from that day]

Eventually, our team of researchers - Sober Jeremy, Drunk Jeremy and Very Drunk Jeremy - figured out what had happened.

[chart fades to real WC13 scorigami chart]

It’s an April Fool’s Day joke that tricked an algorithm fifteen years later. The mark of a good joke.

Before we get to the Actual Day it Rained Goals, though, we really need to catch up with our Scorigamis from cycles 30 to 39….

[Qazox 10 Assegai Developments 0, World Cup 31]
… I mean just look at the time! It’s ten past Assegai Developments!

Let’s move to World Cup 32 and, oh wow, Krytenia are looking to get in on the action. They’re 8-1 up at home to Commerce Heights. One more goal… just one more goal and they can make it 9-1 and that’d be a first Scorigami for the Krytenians

..Let’s watch this one live

[incredibly clever cut to stadium scene from ‘El Secreto De Sus Ojos’]

Ooh, so close to a first appearance for Krytenia. No prizes for Eight-One any more. It's official, Krytenia are worse than Clavis. We move on to Cycle 33

[Jeruselem 10 Colonie 1, World Cup 33]
<For the next bit, just do your part. I'll add in my bits. Or I'll just cut it if it doesn't work>
Mriin: Hey, Jeremy
Audio:… yeah
Mriin: Knock knock
Audio: ..come in?
Mriin: No, do it properly
Audio: *audible sigh* who’s there?
Mriin: Colonie
Audio: Colonie who?
Mriin: Colonie one you want, nobody’ll help you now you’ve just been beat down by Jeruselem

<alternative take>
Colonie lose 10-1 to Jeruselem, but win their way into our hearts by getting a Scorigami.

[Comments about Errinundera 10 - Tolvarus 2, World Cup 35 AND Valanora 11 Keyne Island 0 - Done on the same day of World Cup 35]

Teninundera Two-lvarus is a wonderful result. I’d rate it as the second best Scorigami of that particular day.

Valanora, still known as Elves Security Forces back then, has the final say. Eleven Nil is the biggest margin of victory we’ve seen up to this point.

All four teams got their Scorigami on the same matchday. Do you like Double-Scorigami matchdays? Here’s another one. We return to World Cup 40 and “The Day it Rained Goals”

[pan over WC40 MD1 results]
Bazalonia’s 9-1 win is the Scorigami that Krytenia so desperately wanted, and comes at the expense of Kose and the Turkomans, who are either a terrible football team of a 70s funk band. Or, according to the pleasing mental image I just got, both.

The Algorithm insists Yafalonia and Bazor’s 22-1 win over Lethislavania is a Scorigami. At least it used to before a long evening rooting out the problems caused by teams named Snub Nose 38, Stalag 5 and Yafor 2. Not to mention the havoc created by Dance 2 Revolution. Yafalonia and Bazor 2: Two. Lethilavania: One. Nationstates: One, Algorithm: Nil.

Milchama join Vilita in having attained Scorigamis on both the winning and losing side. Like Vilita, they don’t seem to believe a record win earns a mention, but their incredible form has everyone else talking.

A fantastic day of football includes results that are pleasing yet inconsequential to our quest. Sorthern Northland winning 5-1 away, 7-4 for Commerce Heights, although this comes after nation is split into two. Squornshelous EIght, Diojoi Two would have been a Scorigami before the 20s swallowed up the 8s column.

The Day it Rained Goals: A fitting way to end Part Two of our series on World Cup Scorigami.

[shots of the final ‘reveal’ scene from The Usual Suspects interspersed with a zoom of the date of WC40 MD1: April 1st 2008]

Jeremy slapped his forehead at the news.
"What?!" he exclaimed, still obscuring his face with his left hand. His right hand felt in his jacket pocket for a cigarette. A nervous reaction. He'd quit smoking years ago.
"Says right here" said the man. "Errinundera 9-1 Delesa. World Cup 35. The week before they beat Tolvarus 10-2. Two Scorigamis in a row for the same team. I dunno. Seems like the sort of thing you'd mention in a Scorigami video"
"Ugh" said Jeremy. "So Kose and the Turkomans..."
"From five cycles later? They have no business being in the video. Neither do Bazalonia"
"But I've already shot the footage for.."
"Just ignore it" said the man. "I'm sure nobody will notice".
"Ugh" said Jeremy, reaching into his pocket forlornly once more.

Bonus Content
NS World Cup SRS Rankings animated from World Cup 1 to World Cup 83
Made well after the initial work began on The Idiot Project but before I started actually making the video series.

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Postby Bears Armed » Wed Dec 18, 2019 11:03 am

Bears Armed vs. Ethane
Venue: Wimbley Stadium
Score: 0-2.

Bears Armed (0): (none)
Ethane: ???? (#??) @ 52’ (assist: ???? [#??]); NAME (#????) [#??] @ 89’ (assist: ???? [#??]).

Red Cards

Substitutions due to Injury


Location: The office of Urrsarra Northgate, the Belles’ manager & chief coach, “behind the scenes” at Wimbley Stadium.
The time: mid-afternoon, the day after the match that is summarised above.

Dramatis Personae
Urrsarra Northgate (Belles’ manager & chief coach)
Karra’harrna Thunder (Belles’ [other] chief coach)
Marra Urrth’hrra Norr-Vurra (Belles’ attacking coach)
Greenfinch o Barrdenn (Belles’ defending coach)
Freeda Urrlafh’s-dottir (Belles’ goalkeeping coach)
Karramarsar Arrnha (Belles’ physical conditioning coach)
Judith Gold (Belles’ deputy manager [Admin.])
Lierr’hee Redwood-of-Thramms (Belles’ team doctor)
Krrystal Bruin (Belles’ chief physiotherapist)
Marra Moon (Belles’ chaplain ‘One Plus Seven’)
Jharge Potter (Belles’ chaplain, ‘Ursion’)
Major Merrfinh Blonk (Belles’ security chief)
Sarrie White (BAAS, press officer)


(Sarrie White) “Well, that could have gone better…”

(Judith Gold) “Ayyuh.
“But it could maybeso have gone a lot
worse, too, of course. After all, Ethane wouldn’t have reached a rank of fourEights’th in the tables — hwhich is a full threeEights above Xanneria, hwhom our girls only just beat, bear that in mind — hwhithout having something going for them… And they had lost only one out of their four preceding qualifiers during this series, as compared to one out of three for our girls… And just look at our relative goal differences even before that game.”

(Greenfinch o Barrdenn) “Even though they didn't give urrs any inforramtion in advance about their team..."

(Urrsarra Northgate) “Ayyuh. These faceless teams are a bit creepy if you ask me.

(Greenfinch) “For true!""

(Urrsarra) “Ayyuh.
"Anyhows, apparently they're as 'legal' as urrs fielding Bears against so many other nation's Humans is."

(Karra’harrna Thunder) “So, next up. ‘Away’ to Razneta, hhwo are this group’s other ’Unranked’ team… and they’ve won two matches like urrs, but lost three hrrather than — because we already had our ‘bye’ day — two games. Smelling the details of the differences between our two teams’ performances this far, I think that we should have a decent chance of winning if our girrls do their best.”

( Marra Urrth’hrra Norr-Vurra) “Hwhich we can surrely expect of them, unless there’s something sspooky’ involved. On hwhich front, do Your Wisdoms have anything to say?”(10

( Marra Moon ) “No, Razneta seem to be a basic ‘mundane’ nation and team, as far as I’ve been able to learn. ”

( Jharge Potter) “Same here... and at least we have a rroster for them, suggesting that the sort of oddness that we smelled with the team from ‘The Five Cities’ shouldn’t be a factor…”

( Major Merrfinh Blonk) “And the fighting that Razneta was involved in back around the beginning of qualifiers seems to have died down, too, although I’d still advise serious wariness during our visit there. Nobearry wandering around town solo, or hwhithout an escort, and everybearry keeping their noses open. Our transport planes will need to refuel and be checked between arrival and departure, of course, but I’ll have a word with its assigned crews about getting that done as quickly as is safe, and then waiting aboard in case we need to get out of there in a hurry: Hokay?”(2)

( Urratharra Northgate) “Hoaky. Good thinking, major. ‘Make it so!’””
She chuckles.
(Urratharra) “you know, I’ve always wanted an opportunity to say that…”

Several of the other people laugh.

(Your view of this discussion, as an observer from beyond the ‘Fourth Wall’, fades to black…)

[i](Far away from Bears Armed, in fact in another version of Reality altogether, the shadows that a fire is casting on a cave’s walls shift to reveal the silhouette of a figure somewhat resembling an ‘oriental’ dragon…)


OOC Footnotes

1. ‘Your Wisdom’ is the traditional honorific for, among others, any member of One Plus Seven’s clergy. Applying it to an Ursion clergybear like Jharge as well is technically incorrect but widely accepted.

2. The Bears aren’t big on aviation: Not only have they not yet developed a national airline, there are currently strict limits on civilian air-flight across the country for environmental reasons. Consequently, the team will be travelling in a pair of Army Air Force transports, split so that each set of passengers contains a ‘balanced’ set of players [and about half of the team’s travelling staff] in case of any problems en route. Any ‘plane-spotters’ around the airports where they land for their ‘away’ games should therefore be able to tick ‘Dakota’ off of their lists…
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Factbook. We have more than 70 MAPS. Visitors' Guide.
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WC84 MD5

Postby Squornshelan Remnant States » Wed Dec 18, 2019 11:12 am

SRS Callups for MD4-MD6
GK: Stovar Krieven, Argis Ekewakan
LB: Djabgor Dzarkhin, Danin Geladi
RB: Jinkzta Ulcviecel, Jaylene Kazarov
CB: Tervi Oleb, Rudi Dalso, Skumantas Nakhutin, Terun Cadash
LM: Aatu Ruoho, Jzeovak Vladcik
RM: Vrenz Tambura, Meaza Teklu
CM: Iuri Takala, Arlo Damot, Isperia Marrish
ST: Zoban Ajao, Demkjo Jzvanic, Viordar Rebljeten, Kambiz Avagyan

Three Things
I'm Headed for Another Breakdown
Salwan Mynhier

The Black-and-Reds lost at home to Qasden, everything is shit, and my therapist thinks I should take a little step back from analyzing the minutia of these shitshows. She says I have a delusion that my blog posts are somehow conveying some type of help, a bonus if you will, to the actual team. Absurd, I know, but I can't help but feel that each time I crank one of these out, it helps. Yeah, I'm crazy, I know that already.

Anyway, if my analysis was helping anyone we wouldn't be tenth in the damn group, so screw it. No three things today, no analysis. Instead, a plea for help to the only one who can, Margaret.

To the tune of Maggie May
Help us, Maggie, I think we've done something to anger you
It's matchday six and we really shouldn't be in tenth
I don't know if you're amused, but our team is being abused
Oh, Maggie, please don't let us lose, again

Now we've even lost at home, can't get by on draws alone
We're a Pot 3 team, and that's what really hurts

Our first callups, when they hit the field really didn't work
And it worries me now that everyone thinks Donnell's a jerk
She'll probably get the sack, if the top two we can't crack
Oh, Maggie, we really need to try some more

We even drew with Mustardy, can't believe we conceded three
This team just sucks, and that's a pain I can do without

All we needed were some wins to get us on our feet
But South Covello was a mother, and then Qasden was another they just wore us out
Now our qualifying hopes seem dead, and it's driving me outta my head
Oh, Maggie, I just can't try anymore

Rubber chickens are in short supply, we're fresh out and I don't know why
You stole my hope, couldn't find it though I've tried.

I suppose we could all grab sticks and join those hockey fools
Or sign up for the IBC and learn to shoot some hoops.
We could start ourselves a racing team, join the World Bowl or the WBC
But Maggie I don't want all that, can't you see?

You're ruining our KPB
Headed for the Cup of Harmony
You broke my heart, but I love this anyway
Maggie, please help us in this qualifying race
We'll get back in one of these days

SRS Qualifying Schedule:
MD1:  SRS 0-0 Flavovespia @ Synesoft Arena (cap. 38,600), Syneca, Sivolvia, SRS
MD2: Mustardy 3-3 SRS @ Johann Speck Nationalstadion (cap. 8,923), Héronne, Mustardy
MD3: SRS 3-3 Vakolicci Haven and Celeria @ Pheldagriff Stadium (cap. 45,620), Yassaca, Sivolvia, SRS
MD4: South Covello 2-1 SRS @ Revolution Stadium, (cap. 42,000), Riverview, SCO
MD5: SRS 0-1 Qasden @ Flanoil Arena (cap. 50,350), Traal, East Flania, SRS
MD6: Filindostan v SRS @ Filindostan National Stadium (cap. 70,000), San Marco, Kabishawan, FID
MD7: SRS v Furby Island @ Ralph Wilson Memorial Stadium (cap. 48,700), Han Dold City, Han Dold, SRS
MD8: Bliuji v SRS @ TBA
MD10: SRS v Ziwana @ Emerald Coast Colosseum (cap. 31,200), Vassilian, Algolia, SRS
MD11: Mitra and Soma v SRS @ TBA
MD12: Flavovespia v SRS @ TBA
MD13: SRS v Mustardy @ Overburg Arena (cap. 46,222), Damogran, Algolia, SRS
MD14: Vakolicci Haven and Celeria v SRS @ TBA
MD15: SRS v South Covello @ Raftel Park (cap. 59,870), Chalesm, Megabrantis, SRS
MD16: Qasden v SRS @ Stade de Solis (cap.70,500), Fyre QAS
MD17: SRS v Filindostan @ Slavnarzeczpospolitastadion (cap. 61,230), Lublova, Molvania, SRS
MD18: Furby Island v SRS @ TBA
MD19: SRS v Bliuji @ Chernov Stadium (cap. 57,600), Viltvodle, Megabrantis, SRS
MD21: Ziwana v SRS Izula National Stadium (cap. 55,750)
MD22: SRS v Mitra and Soma @ Henkmar Field (cap. 29,850), Brasta, Sivolvia, SRS

SRS Qualifying Goalscoring Leaders:
2 - Bedesnjak
1 - Erseburg
1 - Hocij
1 - Petrov
1 - Ruoho
1 - Stolp
0 - Way too many assholes
The Confederacy of Squornshelan Remnant States
True Democratic Successor to the nation of Squornshelous
Trigram: SRS
KPB Ranking: 15.25 (45th)
World Cup:
Did not Qualify: WC81, WC82, WC83, WC84
Cup of Harmony:
Quarterfinalist: CoH73, CoH75
Second Round: CoH74
First Round: CoH76
Third Place: IAC8
Second Round: IAC6, IAC7
BoF68 Quarterfinalist

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Postby Ko-oren » Wed Dec 18, 2019 11:35 am

We're back. We've never really left, either. We were here during the qualification of World Cup 83, we even qualified for the main event, and through two wins in the group stage, we even went to the knockouts. So far, it might seem like it's not much to celebrate being 'back'. But oh boy, so much has changed in the meantime. Awaiting the upcoming elections, the government has already decided to take some measures that have been much requested, hoping to take away the momentum from several fast-growing fringe parties. The biggest one of these has freed a lot of money into a somewhat freer market - only some of the profits have to flow back into the local community. Ko-orenite companies have never been larger, steadier, and more profitable. Still, no expenses are spared in nipping greed in the bud. There's money for all kinds of programmes now. The Loro Language Schools have expanded into other Atlantian Oceanian nations, and they haven't stopped there, opening dozens - maybe hundreds - of schools all over the multiverse. Galbécran are sponsoring a stadium in Banija. Maynard AFC's owner has famously bought a team in the Ounaian league.

All while retaining that quiet and green Ko-orenite background noise. Environmental protection (and partially its 'exploitation' by tourism) is a priority in every policy. National airlines Manavis and Greenjay have been given more space to manoeuver, but no extra flights or airfields will be opened. Trains are the way to go, and they have been for a long time. A high-speed line will be established from the four capital cities, to Aminey, Willowbourne, its international airport, and Greencaster. As always, sports teams (which do a bulk of the long-distance traveling in Ko-oren) have their own train cars to travel in, getting them to their destination well-rested and with space to prepare. There's team meetings, massages, and other preparation on the go now.

Since that knockout defeat, there's been two tournaments. Two, you say? Not just the AOCAF?

Ah, the AOCAF. Let's be honest, Ko-oren has never been one of the few most prolific teams in the region. Among the well-established, the legendary, the multi-champions, the recognisable, there's always been the small northeastern archipelago. But we're making noise. We've made the AOCAF semifinals on five occasions now (which sounds a lot better than 'we've lost a final once'), and the Dragonflies have even picked up some silverware made of bronze following finally, a win over Cosumar. In that tournament, the well-known XI have made a case for them starting in World Cup 84's qualification, again.

In between the AOCAF and the current qualification cycle we've also had the Wonder Cup, a nice distraction in a calendar that's already too full of games, but a great way to check out the players that are 20th-43rd in the pecking order. Standout professionals, all of them, but fighting for a handful of roster spots. What's more, it was a friendly tournament like Ko-oren hasn't played in decades, reminiscent of the Market Cup of old. The best feature was probably the custom away jersey, featuring the green-blue sash over a galaxy - and we all hoped it would be a recurring future, having a special away jersey for every tournament. And then the KFA ruined that by announcing the boring old green-blue on black. From that tournament, we've had more changes to the roster than anyone may have expected, actually.

Theshendan finally lost his job as the starting goalie. Following big mistakes in the last few qualification cycles, as well as poor moments in AOCAF, his position was under pressure for a while. Finally, however, Barre Goossen has been given the go-ahead to defend the net from now on. Wellington Doolan has risen to second goalkeeper as well. For those that had expected Doolan to take over: he has yet to play in Mriin, and Juliasterinthen isn't too keen on selecting those that he can't watch week in, week out in the league.

It's actually been a reversal in defence. After lots of experiments with the three centre backs, we're back to Van Schelven, Mizuno, and Lampshire, with Dalton and Hellegeland on the flanks. Parrott seems a regular member of the Dragonflies now, with his move to Busukuma.

Always the line with the biggest changes. Yokota, ever the captain, was put on the bench in favour of a slightly more creative midfield trio, in Batchelor, Janoreirinthen, and Eura's Revolutionaries' Longchambon. Batchelor is quick, Janoreirinthen has a flawless pass, and Longchambon is the key to scoring goals with a team this defensive. On the bench: Ulysse, about as fast as Batchelor but without the crossing ability. Yokota is still on the team, but is on the bench now, the one defensive option for subbing on to hold on to a 1-0 lead late in the game. De Villepin is also back on the team, having moved to Cosumar and still a player to fear.

Goal-scoring statistics once again skewed the selections for the forwards, with Vaugrenard, Novoa and Noya as three out of four attacking roster spots. Vaugrenard is hard to pass on, but Novoa and Noya are aided by their club's systems so much that you could argue there are bigger talents on the various teams of the archipelago. Olio is a nice change, the Katashi-Kanatsu striker may not score all that often, but it's ridiculous how often he got his teammates to score for him.

NS World Cup Fantasy Qualification

And another update from the Fantasy department, some 25% into the campaign! The Eternal Empire seems to have hit on the best teams, with a score that's definitely beatable, but with some cushion over the majority. They have 151 points, with the bulk of users around 120. South Covello has made some good choices as well, at 141. Mriin has fallen back a bit, while Chromatika has joined the top group after a few decent days. At the bottom, we find Flavovespia and Darmen who have yet to break the 100 point threshold - but things are definitely closer than some might have expected. Yours truly, then, is at 9th with 124 points.
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Postby TJUN-ia » Wed Dec 18, 2019 11:46 am

TJUN-ia Update: Drawing and Losing Against The Best: The Jaguar Way!

The "5 Games Of Death" (as TJUN-ian media had called MD1-5) are complete, and here are the results of the last 2 games:

Savojarna 3–3 TJUN-ia

TJUN-ia surley loves a good draw, doesn't it? But this one was on of the most spectacular The Jaguars have ever taken part in. Savojarna, ranked 43rd in the multiverse, were the better side in the first half with Victoria Maersk and Niklas Hoyberg putting the Savojars 2-0 up going into the break.

But then momentum swung towards The Jaguars. Two quickfire goals from Vladimir Podolov of all people made this game a contest again. Arvid Jotansson put the Savojars back in front in the 55th, but the game looked to be slipping from their fingertips. And indeed it did as substitute Carlos Pique's 77th minute equaliser was enough to seal our first away point of the campaign.

TJUN-ia 0–1 Jeruselem

After our first away point came our first home defeat, 1-0 to the Princesses of Jerusalem. Ranked 54th, a similar ranking Savojarna was at, many thought The Jaguars could use the game before as experience. And it was, to an effect as both side struggled to get anything going offensively all game. The goal came from our opposition, Reece Banister in the 62nd minute to be exact, and TJUN-ia came away from the game with nagging thought that they could have won it.

During the "5 Games of Death", we played 4 teams in the Top 100 and unranked Nakhistan. We managed to beat Nakhistan 1-0 and draw twice against Top 100 competition (home vs Taeshan and @Savojarna). This leaves TJUN-ia 5th place in Group 11, 5 points behind 2nd place Jerusalem and Taeshan.

The final 5 games before the Christmas break have weaker opposition overall, but no one should be underestimated. The Jaguars' next game is away vs 158th ranked Schottia at the Harbour Hill Stadium in Handon. The nation is best known for its apathy by certain members of the community against the sport.
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Rugby: Sevens WC: ? (5)
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Postby HUElavia » Wed Dec 18, 2019 11:47 am

HUElavia keeps win streak going!

HUElavia continues their good form in the qualifiers after visiting Tara & Cambray for Matchday 5, as they gave an impressive 1-3 victory to add another 3 points to their name. The match surprisingly saw a notable crowd of HUElavians visiting for the game. The "B-Team" had their run and gave themselves a good match to build confidence and experience.

The first half was total domination of Los Amarillos, as they took an early 3rd Minute lead, when a corner kick taken by Suzuki met the head of Smirnov, who scored her first international goal for the team, making it 0-1. In the 18th minute, a cross from Navarro met the head of Almeida, who headed it in to make it 0-2. Then, in additional time of 45+3', an error from a defender allowed Eduardo to slide it past the goalie in an open net to make it 0-3 as the half ended.

The second half saw HUElavia put less pressure and pass the ball, which eventually culminated with Tara & Cambray scoring a goal in the 90th minute from a corner kick scored by a midfielder, where it passed by Lobato to end the game at 1-3.

With the victory, HUElavia keep pace with Starblaydia, where HUElavia will host them in Matchday , in Sao Salvador. Starblaydia are the favorites for the match, but with HUElavia's upset victory against Mercedini in Matchday 4, Los Amarillos have faith they can also cause trouble for Starblaydia. This upcoming match is for 1st Place in the Group, but regardless the result, neither HUElavia or Starblaydia will fall out of the Top 2, the two positions giving direct qualification to World Cup 84.

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