World Cup 84- RP Thread (IC)

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]


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Postby Kandorith » Mon Dec 16, 2019 2:17 pm

Shinonome Kyoai - International

Another Bid For The World Cup

Group 1
Aimena 0–1 Newmanistan
Joyea 0–3 Kandorith
Acronius 3–0 Brusseldorf
Pius Desurongcrandis 0–2 Greater Cebu
Audioslavia 2–1 Sargossa

Group 1 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Greater Cebu 4 3 1 0 10 4 +6 10
2 Newmanistan 3 3 0 0 8 2 +6 9
3 Sargossa 4 3 0 1 9 6 +3 9
4 Audioslavia 3 3 0 0 4 1 +3 9
5 Brusseldorf 4 3 0 1 7 6 +1 9
6 Kandorith 4 1 2 1 5 3 +2 5
7 Acronius 4 1 0 3 6 7 −1 3
8 Aimena 4 0 1 3 1 5 −4 1
9 Joyea 4 0 1 3 5 11 −6 1
10 Islas Aaland 3 0 1 2 4 10 −6 1
11 Pius Desurongcrandis 3 0 0 3 2 6 −4 0

Tenkyo, A return to an attempt for qualification for the glorious Kandorese team also sees the return of manager Moriyase Saitou. Even though Moriyase's team failed to qualify previously, the football association has found new found trust in the veteran manager. The Kandorese football season has been an extremely turbulent season with plenty of surprises. With FC Tenkyo being denied from the title in the very last round against rivals Imakazawa Ravens, which led to the first championship title in 15 years for the Ravens. Moriyase has always put faith in the Ravens players called up for the national team, which has caused some frowns and confused faces throughout the nation, but after being crowned champion this will be out of the question for the current squad.

Moriyase has not changed a whole lot in the recent call-ups albeit some bench changes. When we asked him for his stance on the state of the team he simple answered: "Previously the team was too inexperienced and perhaps even anxious. This time they have had their share of international football. This time we will be ready to face any nation on the pitch." Even among the players there seems to be a newfound certainty and feeling of possibilities.

Currently Kandorith is on it's lowest ranking since they joined the World Cup, this after a series of disastrous attempts to qualify and turmoil within the country's football association. With the new Imperial rule instated and a clean sweep throughout the entire political system Kandorith hopes to revitalize itself. Spokesperson Hashimete Tonsu had the following to say on the issue: "During the interim period we had no clear vision and no real national dreams. The throne was vacant and the rule of law was in turmoil with ever piling up evidence of corruption and fraud." He continued. "With the new imperial era of Kaito we will establish the nation of old. Every passing day I see that the Kandorese people are no longer afraid to be proud of their heritage and the divine powers we have always cherished throughout our many generations. Our new-found belief in our political system and reforms are not only on the surface but also felt in every bone of our society.
This is why we have the mission of building up our nation from the ground; including our ministries and our sports associations. The Kandorese Football Association will be the main example of this era of rebuilding."

Currently Moriyase has been very favourable within the nation with one of the highest approval rates of any manager to date. The only aim for Kandorith right now is aiming to avoid the disasters of a few previous World Cups, where they dropped the ball once in competition to qualify. Moriyase has ensured this won't happen with the current selection, the team is ready to 'fight to the very end' were his words earlier this week.

Although Kandorith has a very tough group to perform in, Moriyase has full confidence. "Look, there are worse groups out there this is not a group of death by far. However there are some concerns of course." He of course hinted towards Audioslavia, Sargossa and Brusseldorf. "They are far greater football nations currently, but we have the underdog position here and in the past we have always been at our best as the underdog. I have full confidence in this team and we will show the world footbal is a growing sport in our nation." With the upcoming match against Joyea the team seeks to perform at their very best and indeed show what they are made off.
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Postby Wrecker » Mon Dec 16, 2019 2:25 pm

The Government House, Halsted, Wreckeria
Sometime between the Pauh Janggi match and the Juvencus match
When the news broke that members of the Hapiloppian government were incensed over Hapiloppian President William Mathis’s visit to Wreckeria for the match against Pauh Janggi, the reaction in Wreckeria was disappointment, some embarrassment, but no surprise. They figured there would be some pushback from the Hapiloppians, but they didn’t figure it would be as ugly as it turned out to be.

Leonard Wolfe, the head of the Conservative Party of Hapilopper, lost his cool during a session of the Hapiloppian House of Delegates a day or so after Wreckeria’s match with Pauh Janggi at the very idea of President Mathis visiting Wreckeria, much less being friendly with the Wreckerians. In that speech, Wolfe accused Mathis of treason and demanded he resign from office post-haste. When Mathis responded in no uncertain terms that he wouldn’t resign and he would explain his position in the coming days, the Conservatives’ ire raised that much more.

With that in mind, the Wreckerian government – specifically, representatives from both of the nation’s political factions – saw fit to write a joint letter to the Hapiloppians, explaining what had happened. It turned out there had been no shenanigans between the two nations, and Mathis was actually impressed that the Wreckerians had come together for a common cause. But before Mathis would just come to Wreckeria, he had to talk to his counterpart, and the two talked for three hours about how Wreckeria had progressed from war-torn hellhole to rebuilding-from-being-a-hellhole. Mathis was impressed with what he was hearing, and it was time for him to check it out, the letter stated.

When Mathis looked at his schedule, it turned out the only free day he had just so happened to be the day of Wreckeria’s first international sporting event in 54 years. The Wreckerians enthusiastically agreed to letting President Mathis visit the Wreckerians for the Wreckeria-Pauh Janggi match. Mathis was spotted by television cameras, and him appearing on Wreckerian television was almost too much for some of the Hapiloppians to take.

Mathis would explain his side of the story in due time, but to the Wreckerians, it was all about just showing their neighbors that they had changed. That was all. It was about improving relations between the two nations.
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Postby Kelssek » Mon Dec 16, 2019 3:45 pm

McDonagh 18’
Champetier 80’
Lister 87’


St-Louis strikes optimistic tone after first win in third match
by Rory Caldert

Interim national football team manager François Saint-Louis has called for Kelssek’s players to keep focused on the game, not on speculation about who the permanent manager might be.

Questions were flying and many fans were barraging Football Kelssek to make some progress on appointing a new manager, after a 1-0 loss against unranked Razneta seemed to signal a qualification effort already going off the rails at this early stage.

But a big response to convincingly beat Port Ember 3-0 at Stadium Konoha has calmed the waters somewhat, at least as Saint-Louis claims.

“Kirk [McDonagh] suddenly leaving was a bit of a shock, but now that we’ve got a solid win I think the players are going to handle this transition period well. They’ve got to stop focusing on the uncertainty off the field and just play football out there.”

Facing an aggressive, hard-charging team, Kelssek went for patience against Port Ember. Getting the early lead when Blake McDonagh’s free kick cleared the wall by inches and took a delicious dip past Peter Smith certainly helped. A well-organized defensive effort kept the opposition at bay, and after a few false starts with the counter attack, it clicked with devastating force late in the match.

Finally getting a win on the board will definitely calm the nerves for the next set of fixtures, which includes a potentially tricky fixture against Lisander and the highly-anticipated trip to Valanora.

"We remember the stonking they gave us at the last World Cup. But for the players the chance to play one of the multiverse's top teams is always a challenge to relish. Playing in the Hatire Memorial is a privilege, it's a great stadium with a lot of history, you know my kids were excited that I'm going to be coaching a match there because it's one of the stadiums in their video game," said Saint-Louis.

Kelssek (4-4-1-1): Poirier, Liadon, Halliger, Arbour, Douglass, Demetriev, McDonagh (Clinton 73’), Champetier, Lapierre (Greenwood 75’), Lister, Taleb (Tremblay-Fillon 64’)
Port Ember (4-4-2): Smith, Kuhn, Richards, Lee, Pierce, Packard, Reddington, Chamberlain (Carvello 73’), Tosair (Swift 70’), Moult (Bowman 68’), Nicovic.
Player of the match: Ruslan Demetriev (KSK)

Previous match
Razneta 1-0 Kelssek
Kelssek found themselves stymied by a disciplined defensive effort and struggled to create any chances. Razneta's home support erupted as Kiminelo created the game's only goal on the counter-attack, placing a 26-metre through ball that left Mason Curtin stranded and winger Golodiva with an easy finish.

Razneta: Mazioka, Tinavyot, Takarna, Gaganiro, Valiyoda, Kaya, Gelita (Hadsicha 77'), Golodiva, Kiminelo, Tolokvsa (Gonomida 86')
Kelssek: Gallagher, Bowler, Arbour, Curtin, Sostreso, Tremblay-Fillon, Bogdanor (Dionne 45'), Corvin, Canning-Meagher (Ó Tuathil 80'), Lister, Langelier (Taleb 62')
Player of the match: Yetvo Kiminelo (Razneta)

Next match
Lisander (rank: 125; form: WL)
Will the 5-0 loss to Valanora spark them into a bounce-back fight, or have their spirits been crushed irrevocably? Do they really have a team that’s better than their rank suggests, or did missing out on the last cycle set them back at all? Certainly an intriguing contest but one that Kelssek is still expected to take an away win from.
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WC84 MD3

Postby Squornshelan Remnant States » Mon Dec 16, 2019 4:04 pm

Three Things
Stuck in First Gear
Salwan Mynhier

The Black-and-Reds continued to sputter in their matchday three outing, recording their second straight 3-3 draw, further demonstrating that the almost wholly untested roster that Bethany Donnell chose to begin her qualifying effort with is simply not up to the task, even against nominally inferior opposition. The match in Mustardy was a particular embarrassment, with the Black-and-Reds unable to impose their will on the match much at all, only escaping with a point thanks to a (literally) last-second equalizer from Bedesnjak.

Coordination is Key
One constant among the three matches was a lack of coordination and chemistry among the midfielders in particular, and between them and the forwards. There were too many new faces at once, and apparently insufficient time spent working together in the weeks prior to the first matchday. Take the midfield for example. Thiel and Naqvi from Emerald Coast of course have good chemistry, as do Stienno and Eresburg up front, but the crucial player in the middle, whether it was Lomidan or Stolp, was the odd man out of this Emerald Coast club. Likewise, Hocij and Bedesnjak work very well together with Chalesm, but seemed less able to adapt to other styles of play from the players in between them. Over on the right flank, Delu and Zonde worked together well, but you'd expect that, as both have been members of Donnel's national team setup for years. When Thiel or Storsjo was on, the instinctive anticipation so important for playing good overlapping runs was the exception, rather than the norm. When they have thrown the numbers forward and put the focus in to improve their attacking performance, defensive shape and responsibility has too often been lost, leading to the uncharacteristic six goals allowed. On the subject of defense, Ystrad, predictably, accrued his second yellow against Vakolicci Haven and Celeri, and will be unavailable against South Covello.
Donnell's team selections seem a little overexcited in retrospect, and she could be in a tough spot by the end of qualifying if the end result is not what the SCFA hoped. It might have been wiser to bring in at least half of her regulars, especially in the attack. There's a huge difference between a handful of new players slotting into an existing system run by veterans, and a complete hodgepodge of players trying to execute a tactic that's new to them alongside teammates who are just as unfamiliar. The good news, such as it is, is that the rest of Group 8 seems to be having their own troubles in the early going, which brings me to my second point, namely . . .

We're Lucky to still be Close
Group 8 thus far has proven every bit the bloodbath that so many predicted, with upsets aplenty. While four teams remain unbeaten (including the Black-and-Reds oddly enough), none has a perfect record. Ziwana, ranked outside the top-200 are closest to that, with two wins and one draw, giving them 7 points. South Covello and Vakolicci Haven and Celeria round out the top three. Thus, even though the Black-and-Reds sit in a three-way tie for sixth, they are only four points away from the group lead, and only three points away from a qualifying spot. Some of the teams ahead of us are, to put it politely, not ones that we expect to keep up their high level of play throughout their entire qualifying schedule. If Donnell can get the ship righted quickly, the Black-and-Reds should be able to gradually reel teams like Ziwana, Bliuji, and Vakolicci Haven and Celeria back in. The real issue is with Qasden and South Covello both being ahead of us, especially with Qasden's game in hand. These past three matches were an opportunity to start Qualifying strong. That opportunity has been squandered, and now the team has a lot of hard work to do, because . . .

Playtime is Over
In more ways than one. First and foremost, the most difficult stretch of matches in qualifying is coming up next. Away to South Covello in Riverview followed up immediately playing Qasden at home in Traal, and then Filindostan away in San Marco. Third, twenty-third, and fifty-ninth in the multiverse in quick succession, with two of the three matches away from home. Filindostan and Qasden have only played two each, having already had their bye weeks, but have each already won a match. Filindostan trail the Confederacy only on goals scored, while Qasden are a point ahead in fourth. South Covello have won their past two after a surprising opening-day defeat. They look to have all the momentum heading into their matchday four meeting with the Black-and-Reds.
Donnell seems ready to take the gloves off though. Her new list of callups for these next three matches features many more familiar names than the one from the past three. Veteran strikers Ajao, Jzvanic, and Rebljeten will make their first appearances, with Tambura, Takala, Vladcik, and Ruoho will return to the midfield, and Oleb, Dalso, and Ulcviecel join Dzarkhin to defend in front of Krieven. In short, the A Team is here to take care of business. Trouble is, even their prodigious talents may not be enough for the coming slate of fixtures. Against South Covello, a win would be a huge step toward climbing back into the top half of the Group 8 table, but a loss would put the Black-and-Reds in a really tough spot, and make the following match against Qasden practically a must-win.

SRS Callups for MD4-MD6
GK: Stovar Krieven, Argis Ekewakan
LB: Djabgor Dzarkhin, Danin Geladi
RB: Jinkzta Ulcviecel, Jaylene Kazarov
CB: Tervi Oleb, Rudi Dalso, Skumantas Nakhutin, Terun Cadash
LM: Aatu Ruoho, Jzeovak Vladcik
RM: Vrenz Tambura, Meaza Teklu
CM: Iuri Takala, Arlo Damot, Isperia Marrish
ST: Zoban Ajao, Demkjo Jzvanic, Viordar Rebljeten, Kambiz Avagyan

SRS Qualifying Schedule:
MD1:  SRS 0-0 Flavovespia @ Synesoft Arena (cap. 38,600), Syneca, Sivolvia, SRS
MD2: Mustardy 3-3 SRS @ Johann Speck Nationalstadion (cap. 8,923), Héronne, Mustardy
MD3: SRS 3-3 Vakolicci Haven and Celeria @ Pheldagriff Stadium (cap. 45,620), Yassaca, Sivolvia, SRS
MD4: South Covello v SRS @ Revolution Stadium, (cap. 42,000), Riverview, SCO
MD5: SRS v Qasden @ Flanoil Arena (cap. 50,350), Traal, East Flania, SRS
MD6: Filindostan v SRS @ Filindostan National Stadium (cap. 70,000), San Marco, Kabishawan, FID
MD7: SRS v Furby Island @ Ralph Wilson Memorial Stadium (cap. 48,700), Han Dold City, Han Dold, SRS
MD8: Bliuji v SRS @ TBA
MD10: SRS v Ziwana @ Emerald Coast Colosseum (cap. 31,200), Vassilian, Algolia, SRS
MD11: Mitra and Soma v SRS @ TBA
MD12: Flavovespia v SRS @ TBA
MD13: SRS v Mustardy @ Overburg Arena (cap. 46,222), Damogran, Algolia, SRS
MD14: Vakolicci Haven and Celeria v SRS @ TBA
MD15: SRS v South Covello @ Raftel Park (cap. 59,870), Chalesm, Megabrantis, SRS
MD16: Qasden v SRS @ Stade de Solis (cap.70,500), Fyre QAS
MD17: SRS v Filindostan @ Slavnarzeczpospolitastadion (cap. 61,230), Lublova, Molvania, SRS
MD18: Furby Island v SRS @ TBA
MD19: SRS v Bliuji @ Chernov Stadium (cap. 57,600), Viltvodle, Megabrantis, SRS
MD21: Ziwana v SRS Izula National Stadium (cap. 55,750)
MD22: SRS v Mitra and Soma @ Henkmar Field (cap. 29,850), Brasta, Sivolvia, SRS

SRS Qualifying Goalscoring Leaders:
2 - Bedesnjak
1 - Erseburg
1 - Hocij
1 - Petrov
1 - Stolp
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Postby Hapilopper » Mon Dec 16, 2019 4:09 pm

The Team Blue Shop, Hapilopper City
The day of Nate Ellis and Rod Hughes’ dinner meeting
Suffice it to say, it was kind of a surprise for Drake Stevenson to see two of his little brother’s teammates, Nate Ellis and Rod Hughes, coming into his office at the Team Blue Shop, where the team was getting ready for the upcoming NSSCRA season. Drake had been completing some paperwork related to the upcoming season when the two feuding footballers walked into his office.

“Can I help you, gentlemen?” Drake asked.

“Yeah. Stevenson, we’ve got a bit of a problem,” Nate explained. “You see, Rod and I are supposed to go to dinner together. Seeing as he doesn’t want to let me drive, and I don’t want to let him drive, and neither of us want to shell out the money for a rental car, we were wondering if you could help us out a bit. Know if we could borrow someone’s car?”

Drake got up and poked his head out of his office, to see driver Chris Holmes signing a large number of die-cast cars to be sold. He had just come in and had just started signing. Since Chris had moved in with Drake, there had been some tensions over Chris eating all of Drake’s pepperoni, drinking all his beer, and there was the matter of the absurdly-high water bills associated with Chris taking way too long in the shower.

“I think I’ve got a solution,” Drake said with a devious smile on his face.

The three walked over to the room where Chris was signing the hundreds of diecast cars. In several boxes were memorabilia that fans had sent to Chris to sign, so he’d be at the shop all day, signing autographs.

“Hey Holmes? We need to borrow your car, please and thank you,” Drake said.

“Sure, take it,” Chris said, not even looking up. “Make sure it’s got a full tank of gas when it comes back.”

Chris looked up, hurled Drake his keys, and the three were off. Well, specifically, the two footballers were off and Drake was off to get lunch somewhere.

The road between the Team Blue Shop and Craven’s Steakhouse
Ten minutes later
Nate and Rod were sitting next to each other at the exit of the Team Blue Shop. A security guard peered out of his box to see the two staring at each other. He wondered what the two were up to, and probably figured another Team Blue driver was about to race another, like Drake Stevenson and Chet Byrd did that one time many years ago. The guard, realizing it was a bad idea to stay out of their way, lifted both sides of an access gate to the parking lot. That was Nate and Rod’s cue, and they were on.

It was a six mile drive from the shop to Craven’s, one of the finest steakhouses in all of Hapilopper. The two weaved in and out of traffic, taking more than a few opportunities to deliver shots at each other. The two turned left at a stoplight, and one slammed into the other. The two turned right, and vice versa. Both footballers slammed into each other and practically hit everything but the lottery on the way to the restaurant.

If you looked inside both cars, it was clear that both men were clearly enjoying themselves, laying waste to a car apparently belonging to the Hapilopper Football Association and one car belonging to Chris Holmes. It was also clear that whatever issues the two had in the past were starting to get behind them.

Nate made it to Craven’s first, and Rod, driving Chris’s car, forgot to hit his brakes and smashed into the rear of Nate’s car. Both were laughing heavily at this chaos they had caused. Those working as valet parkers for the restaurant gasped at the damage that had been done by the two footballers during their two-man demolition derby.

As they made it in, they were spotted by Dom Probst and Thom Perkins, and neither man looked impressed.

“You’re late,” Dom said.

“Well, we had car trouble. Flat tire, wasn’t it, Rod?” Nate said.

“Yeah, I believe it was,” Rod replied.

Either way, the group had a very nice, but unremarkable dinner, and it was clear that the two footballers had made up and appeared to be on a lot better terms than they had been. All appeared to be well, and both players realized they needed to work together, not against each other, if they were going to have a shot to make it in the World Cup this year.

The Team Blue Shop
Four hours later
Chris Holmes had just finished up his signing of diecast cars and other memorabilia, and was getting ready to head out. That’s when he spotted Nate Ellis and Rod Hughes coming back with the keys to his car. Both had mischievous looks on their faces.

“Thanks for the ride, Holmes,” Rod said with a smile.

“Yeah… why are you two smiling like that?” Chris asked.

“Nothing,” Rod said before cracking up.

“Yeah, nothing, did something happen?” Chris asked, becoming more suspicious by the second.

Both footballers started cracking up. Holmes rushed to his car and the two footballers ran after him. Drake Stevenson, still in his office, stepped out to check out the commotion. When they stepped out, they found two heavily damaged automobiles, and yes, one of them was Chris’s.


“We brought it back with a full tank of gas, just like you asked,” Nate quipped.

“But it’s destroyed! What the hell?”

“Yeah, but the one thing you asked us to do was bring it back with a full tank of gas,” Nate replied with a smile.

“You brought it back DEMOLISHED,” Chris snapped. “The fuel’s the least of my worries when you destroyed my car! I mean, look at this, where’s the front bumper? Why is my car crushed right here? And what did you do to the mirror? Christ, what the hell, guys?”

“You didn’t say anything about that,” Nate said. “The only thing you told us to do was bring it back with a full tank of gas. Plus, you’re sponsored by Preston Autos, I bet they expect you to do stupid shit with your cars all the time like what you do with your boss’s golf cart. They’ll gladly give you a new one.”

Chris wanted to swing at Nate, but Drake Stevenson, behind everyone, started laughing heavily. Chris looked back at Drake, trying to figure out why he thought this was so funny, but the truth was, Drake had already called Preston Autos, expecting this exact thing to happen.

“Look, I knew something was going to happen, Holmes,” Drake said. “Marty Lewis called a few days ago and asked about bringing in some new company cars for the coming year. So I called him today and asked him to bring in a new car for you. If you can quit drinking my beer and eating my pepperoni, and get your own, that new Super Skychief over there is yours.”

Chris looked over to see a brand new 2020 Preston Super Skychief waiting for him. The anger was, for the most part, gone, because he realized that Drake was in on this, and that Drake had only done this because he had something to gift his roommate. The Super Skychief was the street version of the car that the Team Blue drivers would run in the coming NSSCRA season, and all the Team Blue drivers would get one of their own for the next year.

All things told, as the Haps got ready for the next match, everyone won out in the end. Nate Ellis and Rod Hughes had put their differences behind them and grown to become friends, even at the expense of two automobiles. Chris Holmes got a new car. The HFA got a dispute squashed, and Drake Stevenson got quite a laugh at the expense of his roommate.
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Postby Timuria » Mon Dec 16, 2019 4:48 pm


Narrow Defeat For Red Wolves

Polkopia 1-0 Timuria
Krepkov (88)

by Tufan Nursultan

The Red Wolves suffered a narrow and disappointing defeat on an away trip to Polkopia, with a late goal needed to separate the teams. The result leaves the Red Wolves with a win, loss and a draw from their opening three matches, with the national team roughly on course for where many would have expected them to finish in fifth place in the group.

The early stages of the match saw the Red Wolves have two early chances, one falling to Vatan Ercetin whose effort was saved by Villar while Tayyar Ozel's long range effort found its way fizzing past the far post. The hosts would have their first chance of the match with an excellent individual effort from Krepkov leading to Murat Yigithan having to turn the ball wide. The ensuing corner lead to a header from Zupan finding its way into the grateful arms of Murat Yigithan.

The second half began with a penalty for the hosts, with Krepkov's penalty hitting the post before the rebound was cleared into row Z by Metin Boz. The Red Wolves would use all three substitutions bringing on Ismail Burhan, Oztekin Timur and Beyhan Enver. These changes would unfortunately not yield results as the national team failed to produce anything of offensive significance while a critical mistake by Beyhan led to the goal scored in the 88th minute by Krepkov.

The next match for the Red Wolves will be a return home to the Genel Sendika Stadium against Drawkland who sit in third place in the group and are coming off an impressive 4-2 win over group leaders Farfadillis.

What They Said After the Match:

Bekir Altinugnes: "I wish we'd been able to cling on to the point, I don't really know what to say after such a gutting way to lose a match, but I promise fans we'll be back and be stronger than before."
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Postby Zwangzug » Mon Dec 16, 2019 4:51 pm

Kairothletes: the journey continues

So the one patch we have on hand is for WC45', where a multispecies team from Candelaria And Marquez overcome the cavemen of the Holy Empire to win the final. However, none of our characters need that--in fact, Elmo will need the original WC45 timeline. So we can avoid a trip to the early years of the CMSC. Not that it wouldn't have been fun. Did you know Francois St. Louis played with Peter Vanderpent and Matteo Corradini and them and he's still around managing Kelssek? Maybe it's the magic of the cedilla. Although I don't know if he even had it back then...Anyway, discard and redraw.

Wow, interesting shuffle--we now have four inverters that are powerful enough to work on any linchpin, and one that can restore any alternate timeline back to true history. So our choices are wide open, but we don't know what patches we'll be able to play any time soon.

Since we've already started on Raq, let's look at his goal some more. The other patch he'll need is WC13L' (L for Late). Elmo also needs that patch, and nobody needs the original WC13L. And that's the only card that hinges on WC8. So it should be safe to play one of the generic "reverse fate" cards there. Instead of Tanah Burung hosting the Frosty Cup, which would later evolve into the Cup of Harmony, the world says "whatever" as the Frosticans fade from the international scene. This ripples down to WC13, where previously, Kaze Progressa contended with the voodoo dice of Melmond. But now there's no Cup of Harmony, so that doesn't happen. (While we're this far back in the past, wave to the Audioslavian bloke scribbling on his clipboard, I'm...sure he means well.)

Whoa, another linchpin. This is limited-use for "Fix the Match": we can alter the result of any of three specific games listed here. Let's see if any of them will have ramifications that our characters do or don't need...

Jimaddo wants the Forbridge branch of the Eagles' Club to be opened on time in WC79, trelisua does not want that to happen. As I look more closely, trelisua also needs the voodoo dice in play, so maybe it wasn't great flipping that right away. But oh well, we have time!

Saturn wants the alternate WC73' where Krytenia's 1000th match goes unobserved. Nobody else seems to be entangled in that.

Elmo wants the alternate WC13E' where Trevor Belmore chose to play for the Belmore family. Again, nothing else is hinging on that.

Since we're already back in ancient history and I feel like it, let's go ahead and fix the match on a fateful friendly in the WC12 cycle. This time around, NEWI Cefn Druids will, at last, beat an egg.
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Chapter 3.2: MD2, 3

Postby PotatoFarmers » Mon Dec 16, 2019 5:02 pm

Poafmersia 1
Daak Kalson 88'
Aquitlita 1
Player #9 11'

Fiskadaha, Poafmersia
Before the match, Adnan was talking about how Daak Kalson would make a good right midfielder and could compete with Jessie for the position. He never thought Daak would be the saviour for Poafmersia on a day where Poafmersia failed to get many of those precious shot on target.
After the 6-2 defeat of Squornshelous away, Poafmersia came home to play Aquitlita, determined to get all 3 points. The opposition was fellow participants from the BoF, being bottom of Group H. But 11 minutes in, Poafmersia went 1 down with a shot from 30 yards out. Head coach Adnan sighed. Despite doing well, a mistake by the defense saw their lead striker taking the ball and pushing forward to score the goal. That helped set the tune of the match as Poafmersia desperately tried to find the equaliser.
"They played really defensive football, putting 9 men behind the ball and keeping possession to prevent us from taking the ball," said a PFBA commentator. Indeed, nothing was there for us to take the ball, and the unusual cold winds that were blowing in the stadium made the situation worse, as players did not expect for such weather at this time of the year.
Nevertheless, after 3 substitutions and with less than 2 minutes to go, Daak Kalson saves the team by catching a break in the defence and making a long-range shot to score a nice goal. The Fans screamed at that equaliser, knowing how precious it was in saving a point against lower-level opposition and ensuring that Poafmersia remain in contention for the qualification spot.
Head Coach Adnan Suliaha was upset about a point, but said it was better than nothing. "With 4 points, going into our run of fixtures against 5 top-100 opposition, I must say we should do better than that. Nevertheless, I am happy that the players reacted properly and managed to get the point back when all seems lost. Going forward, I think lots of rotation would be required for us to get the points we need and hopefully we can come out of this run in a better position than before. After all, this is a long qualification campaign."

Starting 11
Jabik Henderson (captain);
Alex Pickford, Alex Hoboson, Qetisan Monson, Denise Pickford;
Matthew Tibrise, Stegaj Johnatson, Daak Kalson;
Alexri Timson, Santik Manson, Pete Carisa

Timothy Gausun (RB - replace Denise 55')
Gisiik Moonar (CM - replace Stegaj 67')
Hansel Tang (LM - replace Alexri 81')

The Macabees 2
Player #7 29'
Player #11 62'
Poafmersia 1
Daak Kalson 79'

Mancodas, Poafmersia
"Minister, knowing that Mancodas is more supportive and welcoming of football than Fiskadaha in general, has the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs ever considered proposing to the Football Association to host one or two qualification matches in Mancodas?" asked a member of the state parliament
An unexpected discussion at an unexpected place, but it happened. After the Chief Minister (who represents the state at the upper house) Nasir Widodo got grilled in the state parliament about the lack of national team football matches in Mancodas, Nasir himself decided to invite the Minister herself, Tracy McHenderson, to come and explain.
"I understand how football is something the people of Mancodas is supportive of, and the amount of support the people of the city has given is huge. Mancodas provided 3 elite football clubs to the league system, with 2 taking up the only 2 vacancies allocated to the state in the top tier, while a third team has provided the national team with some players. This is what I understand. However, from the perspective of the PFFA, they have decided to shift the matches which cannot be held at the Libira Stadium to Dreamers Park simply because of logistical issue, about basing the players there instead of around the country."
"Surely a two-hour bus ride to Mancodas would work? League players would have to come down here at least 1 time in their league career yearly, so wouldn't this be okay on their side?"
"You must understand. We have our leagues matches once a week. The players have to play every 3-4 days during the campaign."
"Flying back into Mancodas instead would work, no?"
"On my side, I am definitely supportive of such a plan, but I would have to seek the advice of the PFFA before anything could be done."
Members representing Mancodas are furious. Their people yearned for some football. With FC United of Mancodas, the second tier club, getting matches suspended because of call-ups, and the Premier League not resuming till qualification ends, the people of Mancodas wants to see some live football and hope it would come to them instead of them going to Fiskadaha to see it. When PFFA did not state any hosting locations in Mancodas, but instead listed Dreamers Park as alternative stadium, how can they be not upset?

At The Macabees
The players were not at their best.
That is what Adnan told the reporters after losing to second-seeds The Macabees 1-2 in their qualification match away from home.
"They did okay, but were a bit off sometimes. From my perspective, it seems that the players could catch up with the way the match was played, and were on par most of the time, but when their concentration lapsed, it would cause an issue. It also did not help that Shakira got injured and left the match 25 minutes in."
It was horrific. Player selection was a little surprising, with Daas not kept in the starting 11, while Joel Haodao was not seen anywhere, including on the bench. Though Shakira and Pete continued in front with Alexri, and Gisiik back in the starting 11, something seems to have disappeared and the gel that made midfield and the strikers click was... gone.
If not for Daas' consolation at the end, Poafmersia would have had a poor performance today, similar to that when playing agianst Baker Park, one of the co-host of the World Cup. However, could it be more wrong? The players certainly have learnt from that lesson and improved, but were still not playing football at that level. A nice learning experience playing a nice team away from home, but if this is how they perform for the next 4 matches then there is no way Poafmersia is qualifying for the Cup.

Starting 11
Sandi Jaliaha;
Alex Pickford, Danzik Hoboson (captain), Pasits Rikachz, Denise Pickford;
Matthew Tibrise, Gisiik Moonar, Jessie Mchargarita;
Alexri Timson, Shakira Handris, Pete Carisa

Santik Mason (CF - replace Shakira 26')
Daak Kalson (RM - replace Jessie 65')
Timothy Gausun (RB - replace Denise 75')

Joel would come back for the next match, assured an official, while Daas would probably start. In Center-Forward, someone else would play as Shakira would miss the next 2 matches at the very least. Hansel or Bytia, probably, but not confirmed which one would it be. What is for sure is that Pete is making way for Nasir Hansir in a rotation measure.
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Postby New Lusitania and the Algarves » Mon Dec 16, 2019 5:12 pm

STL|Serviços de Transmissão Lusitana
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World Cup 84

Double Bill

New Lusitania 2-1 ZSeperatists
@Estádio do Conquistador, Guimarães (Att: 38 738)

Back home after the disaster that was the trip to Eshan, the Selecção headed to the opposite side of the country to Guimarães where they'd play the ZSeperatists. Patríce would make his first appearence of the campaign with Leiteiro coming in for Carriça. Reversion back to 3-4-1-2 meant Jota was back in action as Nevais left once more. There are currently rumours of an eventual switch to a new more modern style consisting of a 3-5-2 or 4-4-2 but none have appeared in the statting lineup so far. For the Seperatists only half the team was ever published. We know that it was a 3-4-3 but we only know that Oneal, Metzger, Gaston and Stiles played in the middle of the park and that Oliver, Adam and Tipton played up front.
Due to the lack of funds on the away side (meaning they only have the one red kit), New Lusitania played this match in their third, black kit as Olympia decided against new kits for 84, though new kits may be announced for matchdays six onwards with a press release coming in through the next few days.
Now to the game itself. Guimarães hosted an almost full venue which promised on the level of support. The first major chance was credited to Mário who hit the post. The first goal wouldn't take much time to appear though, appearing on the twenty-fifth minute of the game. Fernando with a through-ball onto Silveira that simply put it away. Later on, past half-time, New Lusitania sprung back into the score sheet as Mário crossed it in, with Gama doing the honour of heading it into the back of the net. On eighty-seven minute though, despite New Lusitania's clutch on the game, the away side managed to score and put some last minute dreams back into reality. Metzger was the one to credit, although his shot came off the rebound of Tipton's original attempt. It wasn't meant to be though and the Selecção managed their second win in two home games. Victor Santa Cruz was pleased with the outcome summarising with the remark "It was a major improvement on our last match" which went without saying. Mário, elected man of the match added that this game "helped in many ways" and that "they were looking forward for the next game". The next one is, of course one for the diaries, as New Lusitania travels to the Dragonfly Nation, Ko-oren on official business. On this captain, Fernando said they're "taking it one game at a time and all points are crucial but this game could be pivotal for group proceedings". The seed of hope is planted and we can only hope for the best. FULL TIME: 2-1

Around the Grounds
Eshan's away victory at Aldaveria by 0-3 meant they now sat contently at the top of the table with three victories. Group favourites Apox and Ko-oren sit behind by two points after wins against Tarchusland (3-1) and at Barfleur (0-1) respectively. Eraman's victory to Grod Island meant that they are ahead of the Selecção on Goal difference following a 2-0 victory. Indusse took the day off today.

Around the other groups there are a few to highlight. Sargossa struggled with Pius Deusrongcrandis (a mouthful indeed) beating them by 3-2 maintaining their lead of Group 1 as Brusseldorf kept the pressure on (3-2, H, Joyea). Banija, Brenecia and Abanhfleft are the leaders of Group Two and there there are no surprises.Trolleborg are living the dream as they are fighting for qualifications quite robustly after a victory to the Crystalline Caverns (3-2) as the Sherpas drew with the Septentrionales in a goalless fashion.
Group 3 is also fairly standard with Starblaydia already tearing 5-0 victories in their campaign. However, Mercedini on the other hand have shown their first slip-up in a well contested draw with Magnaterrica (2-2). Group 4 feature Cosumar's defeat to 95X where the latter took the group's reins as Turori lost in a previous matchday.
Skipping a few, in Group 8, Ziwana, whose rank is 208th is currently leading the group with South Covello behind. The S.R.S. drew with Vakolicci Haven and Celeria (3-3) in a great feature match. In Group 9 meanwhile fellow IDU nation Bears Armed has shown their capability with the ursine nation beating Xanneria 3-4 away in a stellar performance.
Finally in Group 14 Vilita drew their match losing their first points after a two all draw with Krytenia at home. Mattijana bested Ancherion 2-1 at the same time as Gopinkea takes second behind the Vilitans following their home victory to Hampton Island (2-1)
So immediately we see some fairytale stories, some stories of despair. Dreams, nightmares, drama and passion - the established, the giant killers, the surprises, the stars. It just wouldn't be a World Cup path without it, now would it?

GOALS: Silveira, Veiga, Gui. Paciência, Gama
ASSISTS: Fernando (2), Gama, Mário
CARDS: Guerreiros, Fernando,
INJURIES: None to Report


World Cup 83 Quals
Top Goalscorers: Silveira (11)
Assists: Fernando (8)
Matchday: Internationals
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World Cup 84
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Postby Taeshan » Mon Dec 16, 2019 5:14 pm

"Miles a more respectable result in Welzat ahead of your buy week. A big win before the bye, and I believe a friendly in Baker Park. What was different about this game than the game in TJUN-ia."

"I'd say the nerves are a little bit gone. But the boys still haven't had a clean sheet. Listen we let in 3 goals all of qualifying last term, we have now let in more in 3 games than the whole 12 last season. That is something we need to work on."

"What are you looking to do before the big matchup with Free Republics"?

"Well we scheduled the match in Baker Park. They're 9th in the world. Even better than the group leaders. We need to go out there and remember what Taeshani defense is all about. Clean sheets and 1-0 victories. We can focus on scoring all we want, but what got us there...It wasn't me scoring goals off the bench, it was an immovable object in the back."

"Larson back on the field after failing to see action in front of the home fans, what was it like scoring your first international goal"?

"It was an unreal feeling. All the credit to the coach as he's really been using me. We're a young squad and in a 1-1 tie many times you look to some veteran leadership on the road to get a win, or maybe hold for the tie but Snaves has been pushing so far for the victories and it's nice to see."

"Any further comment on a potential move to Bayern"?

"If I find out i'll let you know."

"Xavier, three matches in and you're the only field player in the 24 man qualifying roster yet to earn a cap. Does that worry you"?

"No, like the rest of the squad I think the manager is really pushing us. There are no off days and you have to play the best players when possible. I'm out there earning reps, but so are these guys. Only 14 players can play a night, and if I'm not the right one, i'd rather qualify for the World Cup than earn personal glory."

"Do you expect to see the field in Baker Park"?

"I'm always prepared to see the field, but do I expect to...I'd say so. Everyone goes into each match hoping there number in the Starting XI. Everyone hopes if not they'll come on and score the winner. No one is going, I just want to play golf, and this is what I'm good at. It's Taeshan, Lwanga that order."

"Geoffrey a real Captain's goal tonight to give the side a much needed 1-1 scoreline going into the half, what really pushed you."

"After the first road failure to win, tonight it was about just clawing our way to victory and we managed it. I may have scored the first, but it was total team effort."

"How do you feel about moving to Right Back"?

"I've always had the ability to defend a lot, and it is prolonging my career. I don't plan on playing forever, but you have to feed the family, and while i've made a lot of money will it be enough? I don't want to find out in 30 years I didn't earn enough, I didn't save enough...Got to push as long as I can."
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Postby Vdara » Mon Dec 16, 2019 5:15 pm

VdarArena Training Centre, Chania

After a bit of rest from their great win against Qwakmybush, the National team are back in training, with results being promising.
Since the start of the World Cup, left wing-back Tryfon Vlahiades has increased his already fast running speed by a further 2km/h, bringing his actual running speed up to 27.21km/h, by far the fastest in the team.

Manager and Head Coach Iosif Sideropoulos was there to push Vlahiades further.
“Come on Tryfon! You can do it, push yourself!” he shouted. “Lift those legs, lean forward, and swing those arms! By the end of the day, you could be a further 0.1km/h faster!”

“Boss, does that little of a difference even matter?” Tryfon added, sweating like mad.

“Of course it matters! It means you’re further on the way to leaving defenders in the dirt! Plus, the more you run, the better your stamina will get!”

“What makes you say that?”

“Tryfon, you know I was Vdara’s best player. I zipped past defenders with elegance and speed, without breaking too much of a sweat. But, you see, I’m old now. I’ve been retired for a while. I may not be remembered well by younger lads like you, but you should at least take my advice and take it well.”

“Ok, boss...”

At around that moment, Vdaran goalkeeper Markos Moustakakos walked in, stumbling, with bags under his eyes. Iosif was furious.

“Where have you been, Markos? You’re late for training!”

“S-s-sorry... boss... I had a... few... drinks last night.”

“How many is ‘a few’, Markos, huh?”

At that point, Vlahiades had completed another lap of the ground, and came over to Iosif and Markos.
“Too many to count, eh, Markos?” Vlahiades said, ruffling Markos’ hair and giving him a playful punch.

“Ugh... shut up Tryfon... look, boss, I made a massive mistake last... night, so can I just please, just this once... not play the next game?”

Iosif was furious, and he looked like he was about to burst, before Vlahiades calmed him down with a sentence that made both Markos and Iosif happy.
“You know, boss, you could always play Serapheim. He’s been on the bench every single game, so playing him would be a fitness booster for drunkard over here and a big confidence booster for Serapheim.”

Iosif, now calming down, replies to Vlahiades with,
“You’re right. Markos, go back home. You can get your wish. Just don’t make this mistake again, ok? I want you in tip top shape by Matchday 5, you hear?”

Before he could say anything, Markos fainted and fell asleep on the ground.

“Shall I go get Serapheim over for you, boss?”

“You know, Tryfon, you always know what I need.”

“So, yes, then?”


At that point, Vlahiades sprinted over to the substitute goalkeeper, Serapheim Metrakis, and told him that he was starting the next match. His face lit up with glee.

“You’re kidding!”


“You mean that the boss has actually started me in place of Markos?”

“Well, I mean...” Vlahiades gestured over towards Moustakakos, who was still asleep on the ground.

“Oh, I see, I see! Excited after the big win, eh!”

“A little too excited, Serapheim, just a little.”

“So, er... what now, Tryfon?”

“The boss wants to talk to you about the next match. Get your tactical skills up and the like, the usual. I’d go over and see him.”

“Alright, then! See you at the match!”

2 minutes later

Metrakis finally found Iosif, who was waiting for him.

“So, er, boss, I hear you’re starting me next game?”

Iosif turned around, with a happy look on his face.

“Yep, that I am, Serapheim.”

“Great! This will be the first time I have a proper start! Thank you so much, boss!”

“You’re welcome. Now, go over to Andreas over there, he’ll show you our next opponent’s usual tactics and the like.”

In case you’re wondering, Moustakakos was not spared from punishment. The tabloids ripped into him as soon as they found out that he was hungover and unable to start the next match.

The Chania Sun
Vdaran international goalkeeper Markos Moustakakos was caught NAPPING at the training ground after a booze-fest! Eyewitnesses reported hearing that he won’t start the next game, and that the substitute, Serapheim Metrakis, will start instead! What an absolute plonker!
Vdaran head coach Iosif Sideropoulos has this to say when asked by one of our journalists:
“Markos was a bit too celebratory after our 3-1 win. I gave him a stern talking to and told him that actions like this won’t make him popular with me. He seemed to take it well, and then he took a nap, right there on the pitch. I’m not too angry at him, I’m just more disappointed that he wasn’t able to get to sleep at a good time and that he drunk so much. But, that’s life as a footballer. Popularity and alcohol. I should know, I was one.”

Vdara’s predicted squad for Matchday 4:
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Postby Timuria » Mon Dec 16, 2019 5:17 pm


Government Extends Lead

by Yilmaz Ibrahim

With the election getting nearer, mere months away now, the government has got some good news in the latest opinion polls, with TIOC extending their lead marginally over their main opposition rivals. This has come mostly at the expense of the floundering TKP, who have seen their brief spike in the polls get demolished under an effective squeeze from TIOC. The government has been helped by the national team's decent, if unspectacular form in the World Cup Qualifiers, with Bekir Altingunes' connections to the ruling party well known by all, it cannot however be put all down to that.

Underlying factors are indicated in the Two Party Preference poll, with TIOC now 4.2% ahead of their rivals in most seats, OK. The public are warming yet again to TIOC in comparison to OK, meaning that under the instant runoff system TIOC take a lot of seats. The slight uptick in the economy has come at almost the perfect time for the party leader Sabuktigin Imamoglu before the first debate of this campaigning period, with opposition parties keen to square off against him after their privately held debate which led to the rise of Rahim Muhadow.

Sabuktigin Imamoglu remains the most popular party leader, with his lead increasing over both his main rivals, Rahim Muhadow whose rise has stalled recently with little in the way of significant interventions, while Naz Dogancay will be relieved she's drawn level amid demands from her party grassroots that she step aside if her personal ratings fail to improve. The leaders of the other three parties that are projected to enter parliament have fallen, with Ulku Guzelhayat the biggest victim as her party actually increased its popularity amid her controversial comments about minority groups, with many accusing her of being a racist. Kemal Macaoglu's popularity dropped slightly, due primarily to his comments regarding the role of women in society, his suggestion of women only sections on public transport enraging many. Finally Alparslan Timurtas appears to have really suffered, with his primarily support base in Uryan reaping the benefits of new infrastructural projects, rendering him impotent against TIOC and OK advances into the party's one heartland.

On the current polls, TIOC is set to win a large majority of 74 and increase their seat total by 27 a remarkable feat for a party of government. While OK are projected to make some progress, they will still be almost 200 seats behind their main rival, whose dominance looks set to continue for a long time. BAHP will more than double their representation on current polls, a magnificent achievement for their leader Rahim Muhadow. The TKP is set to double its MP count with its gains coming in Uryan at the expense of the SC. The SC meanwhile will fall a crushing 92 seats with their brand of hardcore nationalism and command economics no longer cutting through during a period of relatively stable prosperity. ALTI will gain 15 seats, despite the leader's troubles in recent weeks. With the debates coming and many months to go it is still very much all to play for.

First Preference Voting Intention:

TIOC 34% (+0.9%)
OK 26.9% (+0.6%)
ALTI 12.2% (+0.9%)
TKP 9.4% (-1%)
BAHP 9.3% (nc)
SC 5.2% (-0.5%)
Oth 3%

Two Party Preference Poll:

TIOC 52.2% (+0.8%)
OK 47.8% (-0.8%)

Preference for Prime Minister:
Sabuktigin Imamoglu 30% (+1%)
Rahim Muhadow 22% (nc)
Naz Dogancay 22% (+1%)
Ulku Guzelhayat 7% (-3%)
Kemal Macaoglu 5% (-2%)
Alparslan Timurtas 5% (-1%)
None of these/Other 9%

Current projected Parliament (Changes with last election):
TIOC 312 (+27)
OK 139 (+17)
BAHP 43 (+26)
TKP 18 (+9)
SC 15 (-92)
ALTI 23 (+15)

Changes with the last election.

TIOC Majority of 74

(For a guide on the political parties of Timuria click here.)
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Postby Hampton Island » Mon Dec 16, 2019 5:23 pm

Scene: Stafford City Stadium
(Track CEO and stadium CEO is same guy): CEO chats with 19-year old manager Hannah Sanders.

Sanders: Boss, I am having a problem.

CEO: What is it, sweetheart?

Sanders: A couple guys on the team are being pretty disrespectful of me. They don’t think I am qualified to be a coach of the team just because I am nineteen years old and have never played professional soccer.

CEO: Yes but you were an AAU soccer star and played one year of college soccer before you decided to take on this job. Who is giving you a problem?

Samders: Cameron Allwine. Like, I think he is the ringleader, and he doesn’t like the models we have on the team, either the female or the male ones.

CEO: Dismiss him from the team.

Sanders: Just like that? I mean, like, he is pretty good.

CEO: He must respect your authority. Wannabe national soccer team players are a dime a dozen. We’ll just add some other schmuck or another model.

Sanders: Well, like, there are players that believe he is right. So if I, like, get rid of him then there will be, like, other players who follow him. Like, you know what I mean?

CEO: They can speak with me. You are a historic figure in this World Cup. I don’t know how many other teams have nineteen year old coaches or even younger. So many of them are old and gray. By the way, you can wear shorter skirts.

Sanders: Oh I can? That would be awesome!

CEO: There is no dress code on the sideline.

Sanders: Back to Cameron. Like, I wasn’t going to want to dismiss him but I was like, thinking that we could create some sort of scandal surrounding him?

CEO: Create a phony scandal you say? Now I know why I made you a coach. Genius idea!

Sanders: Well, like, you told me to think like you sometimes!

CEO: Very good. It makes me feel better over that loss. We really could have beaten Gopnikea. That was winnable.

Sanders: Yeah, like, I thought so too. So, like, I didn’t study any game film of them.

CEO: I see. Well hopefully you still had fun. What kind of scandal on Cameron? Sexual scandal?

Sanders: No, like, that will get people all bent out of shape. Like, maybe planting illegal drugs in his locker. Like, some sort of performance enhancing drug.

CEO: Brilliant! I’ll get on that!

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Postby Bliuji » Mon Dec 16, 2019 5:56 pm

December 16th, Prussia State Hospital

Having been out for the first three matches of the qualifiers from being stabbed repeatedly in the chest, Gabriel was ready to get back on the field.

Erik: "Knock knock"

Gabriel: "Come in"

Gabriel: "Oh boy look who it is, the man the myth the meme Erik Belov"

Erik: haha

Erik: "How are you feeling"

Gabriel: "A lot better man, but this medical bill really fucked me"

Erik: "God damn how much was it"

Gabriel: "fourteen thousand"

Erik: "Eh that's not too bad"

Gabriel: "Erik I don't think you know how much fourteen thousand means to me"

Erik: "That's pocket change my dude"

Gabriel: "Yea for rich footballers like you"

Erik: "What do you want me to do pay your medical bills"

Gabriel: "That's cool man"

Erik: "What?"

Gabriel: "Anyways, I heard the first few games of the qualifiers had been rough for you guys"

Erik: "It's all right, we are 5th in group 8 with a 1-1-1 reccord"

Gabriel: "That's not too bad compared to last qualifier"

Erik: "Yea but it's probably going to be 1-1-2 tonight"

Gabriel: "Who are you guys up against tonight"

Erik: "We are going up against Qasden"

Gabriel: "Ah shit well that's a loss"

Erik: "Yep"

Erik: "So are you coming tonight"

Gabriel: "Yea I thought you knew"

Erik: "You never told me..."

Erik: "Well if you are we have to leave the hospital now we have a game to play"

Gabriel: "Lets go"

Being in the hospital for multiple day's star Bliujian midfielder Gabriel Kolesnikov was unable to contribute to the team. And with a tough 1-0 loss against South Covello yesterday, and a hard game today against Qasden at home - they needed him more than ever. Substitute Nikon Kotov has permanently shown that he is not a good replacement. Regardless Bliuji is expecting another loss tonight. But will Gabriel Kolesnikov be a difference maker.

Domitia stadium, 30 minutes before the game

Erik: Hey

Andriy Shevchenko: Erik where the hell were you. I am expecting everyone to be here two hours prior to the start of the match.

Erik: You'll never guess who I brought with me.

Andriy Shevchenko: Gabriel!

*entire team cheers*

Daniel: Gabriel the man who got stabbed and didn't play football for three matches.

Gabriel: Yeah that Gabriel.

Daniel: Let's go

Andriy Voronin: Alright no more fucken around, we got a serious game tonight against a very good team. We are glad to have you back Gabriel.

*You could hear the cheers of the 19,000 fans at Domitia stadium.*

Andriy Shevchenko: Everyone take a seat.

*Andriy Voronin started pacing back and fourth around the locker room*

Andriy Voronin: You hear that guys, that's the sound of our fans. And they don't want to be disappointed tonight, so lets go out there and kick some Qasden ass"

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Postby Bolgano » Mon Dec 16, 2019 5:57 pm

Aquatila1-0 Bolgano

We visited Aquatila, a team that we thought would be easy for us, well you just have to see what would come for this confrontation.

The Bolgano team was ready while they were in a small stadium in Aquatila, the local people cheered their players and shouted like crazy, disadvantage since they are visiting, motivated people and rainy weather, the referee blew his whistle and started this game , the first attacks were from our team, we saw some shots from afar but the defense managed to deflect, they look like walls, Aquatila did not let the Bolgano team follow, Evans frustrated could only say, LET'S MOVE THIS TEAM OF S ** T NO It will stop us, obviously the referee gave him a yellow card while our 10 was more frustrated than some parents with spoiled children, Evans had to calm down but people made noise, each time the court was wet, and that defense, not my friend being I would throw the tualla, oh wait it is true that I am an OOC narrator ignore that, the break came where the players had to discuss how to break that wall (with a kick in the door) where just arguing will save us from a third tie.

Although they thought, Aquatila continued with his great defense and Evans was more frustrated, he does not know what to do, they do not know what to do, there came a time when there was a center where a player deflected him and made a counterattack, "THIS IS A JOKE?" said Evans, where that team showed a speed and a great opportunity, Player # 7 managed to make the goal where Nines would never reach, people celebrated that goal, minute 55 and 1-0 on the scoreboard, 5 minutes later, Tom Evans was looking for another opportunity but a player threw himself to remove the ball and Evans falls on the ground, foul, Evans thought about continuing to play but every step he made, he felt more pain, said no more and had to be replaced, the game ended 1-0 in favor of Aquatila and Bolgano is in ninth place in group 5.
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Postby Terre Septentrionale » Mon Dec 16, 2019 6:04 pm


Gornik Ostrzeszow wins the Coupe Septentrionale IV

Ville Jacques-Cartier, DC - Two of the best teams in the nation, Gornik Ostrzeszow and Szczakowianka Trzebiegoszcz, played each other for the Coupe Septentrionale (Northern Cup) at Stade NordAir in the capital city of Ville Jacques-Cartier. Gornik Ostrzeszow had 13 shots and 8 of them were on target while Szczakowianka Trzebiegoszcz had 15 shots but only 5 of them were on target. Gornik Ostrzeszow attacked at the 18th minute when Krzysztof Pajaczkowski dribbled with the ball and made a short pass to Alicja Jedrzejczyk who made a cross to Fryderyka Cwierczakiewiczowa who shoots and scores! Gornik Ostrzeszow is leading 1-0. Szczakowianka Trzebiegoszcz almost tied the game at the 33rd minute when Przemyslaw Tkocz passed to Sarah Surprenant who dribbled with the ball and made a header pass to Sophie Kingsbury who heads the ball all over the net, it's a goal kick. It's still 1-0 Gornik Ostrzeszow and this is the score at the halftime.

Gornik Ostrzeszow almost increased their lead at the 48th minute when Przemyslaw Zawistowski passed to Krzysztof Pajaczkowski who dribbled and made a cross to Amelia Zalwowska. Zalwowska shoots but Georges-Kévin Vainqueur made a terrific save and the score is still 1-0 Gornik Ostrzeszow. Szczakowianka Trzebiegoszcz attacked at the 66th minute when Yannick Ksiezniakiewicz passed to Przemyslaw Suszczewicz who dribbled with the ball and made a short pass to Zbigniew Zajaczkowski who kicks the ball and it's a goal! The game is tied at 1-1. Gornik Ostrzeszow attacked at the 74th minute when Arkadiusz Drozdowicz passed to Alicja Jedrzejczyk in the penalty area but she's tripped by Kacper Pietrzkiewicz and it's a penalty. Fryderyka Cwierczakiewiczowa takes the penalty, she shoots and the ball is in! Gornik Ostrzeszow is leading 2-1 and this is the final score!


18th minute: Fryderyka Cwierczakiewiczowa assisted by Alicja Jedrzejczyk
66th minute: Zbigniew Zajaczkowski assisted by Przemyslaw Suszczewicz
74th minute: Fryderyka Cwierczakiewiczowa (penalty)


26th minute: Klaudia Kamczyk
39th minute: Krzysztof Blaszczykowski
56th minute: Amelia Zalwowska

74th minute: Kacper Pietrzkiewicz



Fryderyka Cwierczakiewiczowa

Rumors are saying it could be Fryderyka Cwierczakiewiczowa's last game with Gornik Ostrzeszow. Cwierczakiewiczowa's contract is expiring after this season and Gornik Ostrzeszow is in debts, they can't afford the amount she's asking. Teams who could be interested in Fryderyka Cwierczakiewiczowa are A.S. Baie-Sainte-Catherine, KKS Wlokniarz 1925 Krzczonow, U.S. Oujé-Bougoumou, En avant Prévost, Klub Turystow Rzodkiewnica, Shelburne F.C., ÉTK Szentgyörgyvölgy and DNK Hajduk Vukosavljevica. Could she play abroad? It's unlikely. Septentrional players usually prefers to play in their home county.
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Postby Brusseldorf » Mon Dec 16, 2019 6:10 pm


Match Reports

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December 13th

Brusseldorf 2-0 Islas Aaland
Brusseldorf began qualification for the 84th World Cup with a confident display at home. Los Alrededores fans and players will be happy to have broken the Matchday 1 losing spell which beset the team in recent tournaments. With the Fennec Stadia undergoing refurbishment in preparation for its 100th anniversary, the match was moved to Salé’s Mount Complex Stadium.
Brusseldorf built momentum in the opening 30 minutes, with a dominant passing display in the opposition half, punctuated by four shots on target. With the pressure building on the Aaland back line, an opposition striker managed to break away from the play, coming to a one-on-one battle with Brusseldorf’s shot stopper Antony Providence. Providence made an impressive double save, allowing Boronia to make a crunching slide tackle and send the ball out of play. Boronia’s redoubtable efforts gave Los Alrededores the push they needed, with Steyr punching a half-volley into the roof of the goal just before half time.
Teddy Wolfenden restarted the game quickly, with a beautiful individual run, foiling several Aaland players with a skilful display of footwork. Aaland’s goalkeeper, now well out of his box, was able to make a world-class save, though only through the use of his hands. Wolfenden was unable to convert from the spot, sending the ball high over the crossbar. In the 60th minute Andrea Zidane came close to her first assist of the tournament, though substitute Michael Scafford’s eventual goal was ruled offside. Zidane then one-upped her efforts, scoring from an edge-of-the-box free kick to finally seal the game 2-0.
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Postby Audioslavia » Mon Dec 16, 2019 6:12 pm

Script / Extras

Original Script
Episode 1, Chapter 1.1 - Historical Records

If you saw this, you are old. This is the multiverse, eighteen days after its creation. The Idiot Project starts here. in the world of Web 2.0. Nobody here knows what a hashtag is, Flip-phone technology is ‘in’, and all your base belongs to me.

We start with World Cup 1, or what remains of it. The Idiot Project’s database is not entirely complete.

Not every World Cup football match made the journey from history to the record books, which are full of question marks, blank spaces and red text. Although we know that, among the 32 nations in Ariddia, there were teams named Leison, Enodia, Bravlek and ‘The League of 20,000’, nobody knows a single thing about them or what they did in the tournament, other than that they didn’t do enough to reach the knockout stages. They never entered another World Cup. Their story begun and ended in pre-history. A fleck of dust on the front cover of the story of the World Cup.

Only twenty matches from World Cup 1 are recorded, and all twenty games are visible here in the form of the World Cup Scorigami chart.

The format is simple. Along the top row, we have the goals scored by the winning team of any given game. Along the bottom, the goals scored by the losing team. Some matches don’t have winners or losers. Those are recorded too Some columns will remain blank. The one with zero at the top and one on the side will remain blank as, well, you can’t win a game zero one.

There were five one-nothing wins in World Cup 1, a couple of two-nil victories, a sole 2-1 victory and three 3-0 wins. The tournament’s two draws on record are here as well, both two-all ties, including the World Cup 1 final in which Crosshill defeated Europa Britannia on penalties. Penalty shoot-out wins are ignored by the sheet. All we care about is the result after 90 minutes or, in the case of extra time, after 120.

Right now, the highest-scoring game is Ariddia’s 7-3 defeat on their own turf to a team named Livland. The biggest win is Quohog’s 6-1 demolition of Budvar.

All these result stay in the chart as we add scores from later World Cups. We add the seventeen documented games from World Cup 2, and see additions to the 4-0, 5-0, 3-2 and 6-3 columns. Four Scorigamis.

Wait. What *is* Scorigami? What are we doing here exactly?

Scorigami is achieved whenever a team.. or more accurately two teams… achieves a scoreline that has never been done before in the history of the World Cup. When Livland beat Ariddia 7-3, that was scorigami, but then as far as we know, so was Aston Villa’s 2-2 World Cup 1 first-round draw with Derto. If it was the first ever 2-2 draw, it was a Scorigami. If it’s a Scorigami, it’s special.

Scorigami is cheap here in World Cups 1 and 2. With the board filling up, it’ll be harder and harder to get.

Only around half of the total games played between cycles one and three are documented, although the full gamut of World Cup 4’s results are here in full. Already, the gaps have been filled.

The only games present from World Cup 5 are the post-qualifying playoffs and the 64 matches from the finals. As such, it becomes the first tournament to fail to achieve a Scorigami. Poor show, cycle five.

World Cup 6 sees the *total matches* more than double, with a long qualifying campaign followed by a short playoff tournament and the World Cup itself. As such, we see four new Scorigamis in cycle six. Good job, cycle six. From here on out, new Scorigamis will be highlighted in pink. From here, to be the first to uncover a new square on this board, you’ll have to do something special. 6-4, 7-0, even 9-1 if you want to put daylight between you and the rest.

Snub Nose 38’s 7-0 defeat of Yatsumica in the qualifiers for World Cup 7 stands as the biggest margin of victory so far, a glorious Scorigami for the home of Margaret. Here’s what the legend himself has to say about it.

1.2 - A Miracle on Cockbill Street

After the chaos of the early World Cups, we move into an era of defensive, prophelactic football pioneered by Rejistania. An era SImeone di Bradini calls the *Rise of Karela*.

For once, Simbernerner di Banana has a point. The amount of 1-0 wins eclipses the total of 2-1 wins at exactly the point Rejistania unleash their brand of football on a football world ill-equipped to deal with it.

Between cycles eight and seventeen, only one Scorigami is attained before di Bradini’s debut World Cup, World Cup 17, where Iansisle would defeat semi-regular entrants Pure Evil 8-0 away from home.

It’s win-margin redord that’s broken one cycle later by a little known team called Vilita as they thrashed Maldunia 9-0 .

As we reach the end of the World Cup’s Halcyon days, it looks like the maximum a World Cup match is capable of is ten goals. Livland’s 7-3 victory still has a place in the record books, alongside two 6-4 away wins. Vilita’s 6-4 win over Lykaia is impressive, but not nearly as much as Belmorian Foxworthia defeat to Tony mag, a match neither side saw fit to write about. Why is this game more impressive? This was our World Cup 11 Scorigami. As such, they are special. They belong here.

A 5-5 draw between Zvarinograd and Slaikau rounds off the four ten-goal scores we’ve had over the first twenty cycles.

Maybe that’s it. Maybe that’s all we’re capable of. Maybe we’ll never get more than ten goals in a match. Perhaps our quest for World Cup Scorigamis is doomed.

Perhaps World Cup 21, held in Cockbill Street and Lethislavania, can help us.

There is a theory that this 8-7 scoreline was actually the result of a ms-print in the official NSWC results list. The game *actually* ended in a score draw that went to penalties, and the goals in the penalty shoot-out where erroneously listed in the final score, where normally they’re put in brackets just after the extra-time score. The theory suggests both teams decided ‘eh, fuck it’, and published fantastical match reports that suggested the game was a fifteen-goal barnstormer.

Is there any evidence proving that theory wrong? No. *Is* it wrong? Let’s just say there’s about seven of us still here who know the truth, and we’re not telling.

Would the football world ever see a fifteen-goal game ever again?


"Is this exactly what you said?" asked the man, peering over the top of the sheet of crumpled A4 he was holding. Jeremy Jaffacake frowned at his laptop.
"More or less, aye. Why is this taking so long to upload?"
"It's just that, it's a little bit difficult to figure out... y'know..."
"Figure out what?"
"Figure out what the hell you're saying"
"Oi" exclaimed Jeremy, setting his laptop to one side. "This office has two exits. The window or the door. You mock the Audioslavian accent again and I'll choose one for you"
"Firstly" said the man, "It's not an 'Audioslavian' accent, it's a Ceilerden accent. Your vowels are longer than your mean streaks. Secondly, there are no windows in here. Just a large garage door, the button for which is on the wall behind me. Thirdly, it's a bit rich to call your garage an 'office'. Oh, and fourthly, I assume the fact that we're in your garage is the reason why your wi-fi is slow."
"I'm getting full bars here" said Jeremy.
"Oh" said the man. "How long has it been?"
"Two hours" said Jeremy. "It's saying two more. It's not going to be like this all the time, is it?"
"Bloody hell. How big is the file?"
Jeremy frowned at his computer once again.
"Eleven gigabytes"
"I'm sorry, what did you just say gigabytes?"
"Eleven!" said Jeremy. "One and one."
"You must mean 'two'"
"No, fu... ugh... I mean ten and one. Twelve minus one. Eleven
"Eleven?" said the man, finally. "You're trying to say the word 'eleven'. You see what I mean about that accent? Wait... eleven gigabytes? That's not right. You mean 1.1. You have to mean 1.1"
"Eleven" said Jeremy.
"How on earth is this video eleven gigabytes?"
"Well I don't know" said Jeremy
"Okay" said the man. "When you clicked 'publish', did you hit 'Pro-res?"
"Yes" said Jeremy.
The man laughed.
"I... this video does not need the 'Pro-res' button. It's... I can see some of these pixels. This should be two gigs max. Next time, just hit 'fast'. Honestly.. this isn't a 'pro-res' video"
"Fine" said Jeremy. "And there's nothing wrong with my accent"
"All the same" said the man, "you should take my advice"
"Fine" said Jeremy, who returned to frowning at his laptop. "51%... come on... move"

Bonus Content

Trailer - Original Version. Contains data taken from The Idiot Project spreadsheet before edits were made to merge teams that were ICly the same. As a general caveat, any figure you see in an Idiot Project video should be assumed to be within an error boundary of about 1%. Taking the extra effort to ensure 100% accuracy would necessitate even more work.

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WC84 MD3

Postby Squornshelous » Mon Dec 16, 2019 6:38 pm

Human Nature, Chapter 5
Chapter 1; Chapter 2; Chapter 3; Chapter 4

Practice began late the day after the victory. Everyone had been up late, and some were still yawning as they jogged out onto the field to start warming up. There had been an impromptu parade, with the team riding atop a series of police APCs. The rumble of their engines for once not a cause for panic among those gathered along the streets. Lytti, after adding two more goals, and Ralf, who had notched the winner, had pride of place at the front of the procession. Despite the vigilance of their handlers, a few of them had managed to slip off to a bar not far from the athlete barracks for a celebration of their own. From the faces around her, Lyyti knew that some were definitely feeling the effects of their nightcap.

Sobol, Frisk, and Lagerkron had not yet emerged from their offices, trusting the players to oversee their own stretches. They weren't alone on the field, however.

"You think scraping by against an unranked team means you can go out on the town like a bunch of drunks?"

"We're an unranked team too."

"What you are, Hult, is off this team if you don't shut your mouth and get in line," Holmgren was in full stride, no stopping him now. "You all want to take a good hard look at your contracts. You'll be off this team if you act up too often," he fixed Lyyti with a glare, daring her to speak up in defense of Tyyne, "or if you piss me off. Then everything I did for you and your families goes out the window. No house, no job, no money, just a very angry Markkus Holmgren," He took in a breath and swept his gaze across the rest of the team. "You think about that next time you get any bright ideas about sneaking out."

Before Holmgren's last words had stopped echoing off the empty grandstand, the whine of tubines cut through the chatter. Heads turned to watch as a glossy, black ground effect skimmer glided smoothly around the end of the stands. The driver made a little hop to clear the fence and cruised along the sideline. It slowed and gently settled to a stop on the touchline just about at midfield.

"Fucking hell, what does he want?"

Funny, Holmgren. Lyyti smiled. That's what we all think when you show up. It could be interesting to meet the man that got this reaction from Holmgren.

The skimmer's gull-wing rear door hissed open, and a tall, corpulent man climbed out. His body had gone round and soft with decades of sedentary living, but something about the way he moved made Lyyti suspect he had not always been this way. His black hair was slicked to the side in a slight wave, and a beatific smile was spread across his face. He walked straight over to them, then paused with an expectant look at Holmgren. Looking like he would rather do anything else, Holmgren introduced him. "Team, this is Kiril Melkochuk, Chief Undersecretary of the Squornshelan Football Federation."

"So formal Markkus. I am delighted to finally meet you all, and I insist you call me Kiril." A few mumbled acknowledgements were the only answer, and Melkochuk frowned. "Such long faces here. Is this not the morning after your victory? Why the dampened spirits?"

"I was just speaking to the team about the importance of discipline and punctuality, Chief Undersecretary."

Lyyti decided to be bold, "Lecturing us like schoolchildren, he means."

Melkochuk turned smiling with apparent delight, "Markkus does so love his lectures. He is a very intelligent man you see, and he assumes this must mean everyone else is stupid. But enough about my dear assistant. You, of course, are the celebrated Ms. Vang."

"In the flesh."

"How wonderful," Melkochuk turned to face Lagerkron, who had come out onto the field to investigate the noise. "Ms. Lagerkron, my congratulations to you and your players," he made a broad sweeping gesture to include all those present, "on your historic victory. I apologize for disrupting your practice, truly I do, but I wonder if I might borrow Ms. Vang for just a quick moment. I have so looked forward to meeting her in particular."

Lagerkron shrugged and nodded, moving off to get drills started with the rest of the team. Lyyti found herself following Melkochuk to the skimmer, wondering what exactly she had gotten herself into. The interior was finished in soft a soft suede dyed blood red. It felt expensive. Melkochuk must have noticed her hand running over it; he explained, "The genuine article Ms. Vang, nothing labgrown here."

"Friends call me Lyyti."

"Ah! And I would very much like to be your friend Lyyti. You have made quite a celebrity of yourself. Four goals in three matches, quite remarkable indeed."

Careful Lyyti, she told herself. This man was a million times more subtle than Holmgren, and a million times more dangerous. "Hard to tell who your friends are, crazy situation like this. You say you want to be my friend, but Holmgren out there barking like a mad dog, he's your fixer ain't he?" She took a deep breath, "Ain't you send him out to bully all of us into playin on this team?" She waited for Melkochuk's response, praying she hadn't gone too far.

"My dear, I directed Markkus to assemble a football team. The precise methods I left up to him. Markkus is a most sophisticated instrument. He works best with an objective. Very resourceful. Very creative." He sighed, "But now he seems to think that because he has made this team, it belongs to him. I shall have to disabuse him of the notion. I expect he will take it rather hard."

Lyyti waited as Melkochuk gazed out the window, but he seemed lost in thought. "That'd be a friendly sort of thing to do. Getting him off our backs I mean."

Melkochuk roared with unexpected laughter, "A very friendly thing, oh my dear Lyyti you are quite droll. I believe I shall enjoy being your friend. But Markkus is my friend as well, you must remember. I do hope the two of you can get on better. I shall express my wish to him as well of course. After all, what good is it having friends if you cannot gather them all together?"

You say friend, I hear pet. Lyyti knew she'd gone to far to back out now though. Melkochuk would be a powerful 'friend' to have though.

"I'll do my best to get along with him, if he tries to get along with me."

"Delightful, I do hope you shall always do your best for your new friend Kiril." He took her hand in his and placed a quick peck on her knuckles. "Do run along now though, I wouldn't want to keep you from practice any longer. After all, you have a tough match coming up."

As Lyyti left the skimmer, all she felt was eyes. Melkochuk. Holmgren. Her teammates. Her skin crawled.
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Postby Ziwana » Mon Dec 16, 2019 6:40 pm


Ziwana 3-2 Mustardy: Akambuku Come Out On Top Against Red Herrings


How Akambuku lined up against the Red Herrings

The Akambuku came into this much from playing a difficult match with a higher ranking side in Flavovespia that ended in a 4-4 draw. The game was highly discussed online and the main topic seemed to dwell on the Ziwani defence being too young and manager Ngonamo dropping Jean Kane and Jean Wilder. In the game against Mustardy Ithier was dropped for his subpar preformances and Jean-Marc Mourgine was dropped for Jean Wilder as he was the captain.

The first event of the game came in the 9th minute when bold dispatcher, Stan Dereumaux's shot was tipped over the bar to win a corner for Mustardy. Fisherman Jacquet Nee stepped up to take the corner kick and when Jaquob Delannoy tried to head the ball into the Ziwani goal, Jean Kane quickly latched at it and placed it safely onto his chest. This Kane brilliance against Mustardy proves his online fans arguements that he is indeed a better keeper than Ithier. 6 minutes letter after a counter attack, Haqawi found himself completely unmarked 16 yards from the goal and he quickly stole Stan Dereumaux's occupation as a bold dispatcher by dispatching the ball in volley inside the Mustardy net to put Ziwana a goal up.

In the 35th minute Charles Payen played a superb pass to Ziwani Captain Jean Wilder who shot a low accurate strike that alluded Mustardy keeper Augé Lalande to put Akambuku 2 up against the Red Herrings. The first half end on the low for the Ziwani players as Jean Wilder was sent off after bringing down and injuring Guy Vérany 10 yards away from the Ziwani goal. Martin Ménétries stepped up to take a free kick and launched the shot right into the left corner to give the Red Herrings a first half consolation goal.

In the second half, Ziwana first played pooerly as they seemed flusstered after having lost their captain. The poor performance lead to a Mustardy goal in the 60th minute when Martin Ménétries headed home a Jacquet Nee free kick past Akambuku goal keeper Kane. All was not lost when Ziwani manager Harry Ngonamo substituted holding midfielder Swedi for Mourgine and placed him in his striking position. Mourgine did not dissapoint as in the 71st minute he scored a screamer from 30 yards out after picking a Charles Payen pass to give Ziwana the win.

After the game Jean Wilder apologised to Ziwani fans and said he would be relinquishing his captains band for his mistake but his manager assured the public that was not going to happed. Ziwani manager Harry Ngonamo said that incidents like this happen and it is best it happened in the early stages of qualification rather than later. If you want to follow Ziwana's journey to qualification please watch the space at Zcomm.

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Postby Valanora » Mon Dec 16, 2019 6:51 pm

Back to basics some would call it, back to the winning and dominating ways of yesteryear. Hawk saw it not as a way back but a way forward, through the sludge and monotony that qualifying can become once you have reached a certain point in the footballing world. The hardest part is motivating yourself for those games that on paper you should have absolutely no problem dominating, knowing that in a few weeks time you have something that is going to challenge you further. It presents a sort of trap for the teams who get lulled into that false sense of security, of thinking that they are bigger than the occasion, bigger than the slog that marathon like qualification cycles can become. Regardless of the truth or accuracy of that sentiment, for teams that are in that echelon of the footballing world, they are full of professionals who are expected to perform with the same sense of commitment and care when they are playing off against unranked new participants as they are against the top ten of the world in battles for the top of the table or advancement into the next stage of a tournament.

During the World Cup 40s, particularly the early cycles of that decade of editions, the Marauders were relentlessly efficient and took every match that they had a test of their honor and of the commitment that they had to be model professionals, of being that bar and standard that everyone else in the World was struggling to judge themselves against and obtain. Hawk knew there was a bit of pride in that, to know that for eight straight cycles they were among the top three in the tournament and that everyone in the world had wanted to have the same level of dedication and skill that the Marauders had put on display week in and week out. What everyone failed to see was the hours and days and weeks that the team put into their training to maintain that level of skill, to not have the sort of drop off that would come twenty so odd editions later when those who had known the level of dedication needed had slowly been replaced. There was still a few of them in the squad even then, but four or five out of a squad of twenty-three made that level of excellence very hard to maintain and the rest of the world had caught up.

Now though, the side was losing its elven flavor and was being replaced by humans who had to strive to thrive in the moments of eternity that made up their lives, that bit of spark that they could see as their imprint into the world tapestry of time and history. That need to mark their mark was something that Hawk both admired but also felt very uncomfortable about, as it had some humans act quite rashly and not do things after thinking them through but rather on the moment and a whim. These sort of whimsical, not thought out decisions seem to have such disastrous effects, that Hawk wondered why the gods had not seen fit to grant humans longer life, like that which Dwarves, Templara, or Dragon-kin had, at least a few hundred years to mark their mark rather than a mere century. That extra time seemed to temper the same wild fire that raged inside a human spirit when compared to that of their other humanoid kin that had longer lifespans, though elves seemed to always have the most calm and reasoned out approached but that made sense with the entirety of eternity to consider their places and make that mark.

All in all, the Marauders were on the right path and though he had been a bit worried about how the side would handle the departure of Fresco, they seemed to be coming around well. The first match definitely had a few people who were concerned and not entirely sure how to play without that reliable number nine to play through, but the last few games had seen the side come together and really begin to understand how each other played. While it would never be the same as it would be when they had Allendren Fresco leading that line, nor when the side was the dominant power by which all other teams were measured against, progress was progress. This was no going back to what it was, this was forging a new path and a new identity, weaving a new tale into that fabric of history that would encompass all of the Marauders' history and not just the bits where the side was at the apex of the mountain. After all, how could one celebrate and appreciates ones success if they could not look back and see how the bitterness of defeat had spurred them on to reach those greater heights.
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Postby Pasarga » Mon Dec 16, 2019 6:59 pm

How Well Do You Know Pasarga Football? Vol 2

1. Name at least two teams currently playing in the Pasarga SuperLiga that have at one point used the monikor of The Eagles/.

2. Name at least one team besides Everfar FC that plays in the Everfar.

3. What was the nickname given to former national team striker: Ingþór Auðbjörnsson?

4. What youth league is widely regarded as the best youth league in the nation?
A: Central Pargis
B: Peynol
C: Pargis-Peynol
D: South Pargis

5. How many former national team players are currently employed as managers or assistant managers at the time of this publication?

6. Name at least five teams that play in the nations capital.

7. What are the two oldest clubs in Pasarga?

8. When was the first club founded in Pasarga?

9. When was the PFA and the first Pasarga top division formed?

10. Who won the first Pasarga domestic season?

Answers to all these questions will be in tomorrow's issue of The Torgos Tribune.
OOC: Feel free to play along, I will have the answers in my next RP

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Postby Cassadaigua » Mon Dec 16, 2019 7:06 pm

It's the cutoff for matchday 4!
While waiting, enjoy a theme song applicable for what Cassadaigua and others hope to revisit this World Cup!

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Postby Audioslavia » Mon Dec 16, 2019 7:40 pm

I was originally going to post this on Wednesday or Thursday, but seeing as today is the 17th anniversary of Audioslavia's founding, here it is.

Chapters of The Idiot Project will be posted every 2-4 matchdays throughout World Cup 84.

A full script for this video will be posted tomorrow, plus a couple of other things.

Full English subtitles are available via YouTube.

There are occasional errors here and there throughout the series. Naturally, I won't be editing any of these out or making additions, due to how time consuming that'd be, but I'll be happy to put footnotes in the accompanying RP if there's an error you think is important enough. Let me know via TG.

All videos will remain Unlisted on YouTube. The only way to find them is through links on the NS Sport forum.

I have not monetised any of The Idiot Project videos. If you see an advert, it is because YouTube puts adverts on videos with copyrighted music. The Idiot Project is strictly non-profit.

For the sake of keeping the making of The Idiot Project a secret, permission to reproduce works of various NS users was not sought. If you see your own work in a video and would like it blurred out, please get in touch.

The Idiot Project is a personal project by Audio, who is an idiot, and is not officially affiliated with in any way.

The World Cup Scorigami database will be made publicly available after the conclusion of this series.

Please do not post spoilers on Discord or the forums.

Previously, on The Idiot Project
Chapter One

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Qasden 2-3 Bliuji

Postby Bliuji » Mon Dec 16, 2019 8:15 pm

In many ways this result was a microcosm of Erik Belov's career. In his 29th match as the team captain, the 24-year-old had seen his side run ragged by fellow team mates - his efforts in this match were remarkable. Standing out from everyone else on the field it is clear that he is a superior midfielder.

Yet Belov has not been in this game for more than a year without learning a thing or two and it was the visitors who were left hanging on for the loss after Belov's go a head goal – his hat-trick goal in the match – secured Bliuji the third spot in group eight. “It was a wonderful gutsy, resilient, determined performance full of absolute character,” Andriy Voronin said. “The way the game panned out, I think I’ve got to be very satisfied – to be honest it feels like the best victory.”

In the buildup Voronin had described Belov as a “legend” in Bliuji.

The players had shared a handshake and a joke as they emerged from the tunnel, with Belov, who spent a season in charge of Prussia FC before returning home this year with the national team, experiencing his first taste of an unusual enmity that dates back to the personal rivalry between Belov teammates Gabriel Kolesnikov and Daniel Lyskov it's a mutual feeling.

After recovering from quite the injury - Kolesnikovs return was spectacular to say the least. His chemistry with the midfield was out of this world. The passing, creativeness and most importantly communication suffered no downfalls at any point in the match.

Despite the two goals let up, it had been noted that their defense was not the issue this game - the young defense men did a rather good job by only letting in two goals against a team as good as this.

Bliuji's locker room, Domitia stadium

Bliuji a young and somewhat still naive team, just out played and beat one of the best teams in the multiverse - players were thrilled. Now heading back to the locker room they were anxious to see what the coach had to say, have a couple beers and party for the rest of the night.

Andriy: "And you guys thought we were going to loose"

Erik: "It doesn't matter any more man, we made those world class footballers look like ballerina's"

Gabriel: "No no no Erik, it was you who did that. Mr hat trick"

Andriy: "Did you guys see the cute girls in the bleachers"

Gabriel: "Uhh it was probably just the girlfriends of our fans"

Erik: "Andriy we just beat one of the best teams in the world, and you are talking about some girl?"

Andriy: "Are you gay or something"

Erik: "Not at all I just respect women"

Andriy: "Okay buddy really"

*Andriy Voronin walked into the locker room with a smirk on his face*

Andriy V: "All right everyone shut the hell up and sit down"

Andriy V: "Everything went right tonight for us - we passed the ball well, had good communication and our chemistry was unbelievable. You guys should be real proud of yourselves."

*Entire team cheers*

Andriy V: "And especially you Erik, you are the best player this country has ever seen, a hat trick against one of the best teams in the multiverse that's absolutely insane"

Gabriel: "You are definitely getting head after this"

Erik: haha

Andriy V: Now don't party too hard because we have an away game tomorrow against Filindostan.
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