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Elite, Episode 3

Postby Drawkland » Sun Dec 15, 2019 12:55 am

E L I T E ...

If you're not caught up on this whole "Elite Eleven" thing, feel free to read up on the literature ...
A Hint * A Tease * A Story * A Contradiction * A Roster
Episode 1 * Episode 2

I've got a big story to tell you! Are you able to go to the Farfadillis match? We should meet up beforehand. That was the message Cam Cross had received the week before, the day after the qualifying match against Polkopia. It was delightfully cryptic, and Cam had a feeling she knew exactly what it was referring to.

Meet up with you around Jaffro? Sure, I can make that. You said the morning of the match? I'll be there. That was the message Cam had received just a few minutes later after she had asked Sarah Arrowsword to join her and Nicole for the match.

It was now the day of the match against Farfadillis. Cam was in her little house in Jaffro, waiting for Nicole and Sarah to show up. Apparently they'd be meeting at the airport and ridesharing together to her place, so now it was just a waiting game since they both texted her saying they'd landed. She didn't know what to expect. She had a moment wondering what they were really doing. Were the Elite Eleven really in some weird conspiracy? Even if they found out the truth about them, what does it matter? Perhaps Iarocav and Ellzidan were simply pulling the wool over their eyes and playing some trick? They'd been known to do elaborate jokes in the past. Maybe the Elite Eleven are really just normal guys that happen to be really good at sports and avoiding injury.

Knock knock knock! That was Nicole and Sarah at the door, apparently. Cam got up out of her seat and opened it, greeting the pair with enthusiasm.

"Hi there you two! Come on in." Cam said with a grin.

"Heyyy! Thank you!" the other two said, and they walked into the place.

"I'm pretty much ready to go, you guys can just drop off your bags in the guest room here and we can head straight out for the match."

"Sounds good." Nicole walked to the guest room, knowing where it was since she'd stayed at Cam's before. Sarah followed her, being a first-time guest. Soon they'd deposited all the things they didn't need for the match and followed Cam upstairs.*

Cam had a relatively basic house. It was definitely a nice place, but wasn't really indulgent. Cam, despite having several pretty big-money contracts over her career, never really felt comfortable with a decadent lifestyle. After all, she earned her place as a massively successful player through hard work, not being gifted anything. Her parents didn't even care for sports, she got into soccer playing at a summer camp when she was in primary school. Sure her parents supported her, but they never paid for fancy trainers or camps. She got where she was by putting in hard work day in and day out, so even when she got her first big contract with the Lexington Victory in New Gelderland she didn't start spending it right off the bat.

Still though, when they walked into the garage, it was clear Cam was willing to spend at least a little money. She had a very nice car, a luxury sport SUV by Drawkian Motors. It was both practical and good-looking, and if it weren't for the fact that her two guests were also athletes with their own good money, they'd probably be rather impressed. They all got in and Cam punched in the destination: Spartan Veteran Stadium, Sadeg, Drawkland.

As the car whirred to life and lifted up off the surface of the garage floor, the computer indicated it'd be approximately an hour's ride to the destination. The garage door opened and the car drifted through the opening until it was fully outside. Its speed slowly picked up as it began navigating the neighborhood and getting to larger and larger roadways.

"So, we have a little time now!" Cam said with a chuckle, rotating her seat to look at Nicole (who was riding shotgun). Sarah, sitting in the middle seat of the second row, leaned forward to look at Nicole as well. Nicole grinned and rotated her seat around to look at the other two.

"Whatever could you want from me?" Nicole asked playfully. "I've got no idea why you two are looking at me like that!"

"Come on, Nicole, spill the beans," Sarah chided, "You kept me waiting that whole ride to Cam's house. I simply can't wait any longer. What's your story?"

"Okay fineeee," Nicole jokingly surrendered. "I may have done a little intel on our ... 'elite subjects.'"

"Intel? What did you do?" Cam asked. Her suspicions from last week had been confirmed.

Nicole proceeded to explain to the pair what had gone down in the airport in Polkopia.

"Wait, so you went on the plane with them?" Sarah said incredulously.

"Indeed I did."

"That's so strange. They took you to Kayo and everything?" asked Cam.

"Yes. And Mike Rodney even sent me money to make up for my actual flight that I missed before we even got to Avon. They were all really nice. I mean, as nice as those rambunctious guys can be I guess. It was definitely awkward for a lot of it because they have all these inside jokes and would laugh about stuff that was going way over my head. Or like, I'd be telling a story and they'd say something like 'oh that sounds just like that time in Ifferdam Station, remember that?' and they'd all agree and laugh or something."

"You probably should've seen that coming before you even got on the plane with them," said Sarah.

"I did, but honestly it wasn't as bad as I pictured. They didn't leave me out but they also didn't crowd me. It felt really natural and honestly I'm thankful because I felt like it could've gone way worse."

"That's good," Cam replied. "So, you said you got intel though right? Did you ask them anything? Did they get all boozed up or whatever?"

"Well, not really. I tell you, those guys can really handle their alcohol. I had a few and I was starting to get dizzy so I stopped. And they kept drinking after I stopped and they didn't seem to be bothered by the stuff at all, it was so bizarre. They all must still have the metabolism of a college sophomore. So yeah basically the 'get them drunk' strategy wasn't working for me. I just kinda hoped that they were tipsy enough when I asked them stuff."

"So what did you ask? Surely you didn't just go straight out of the gate right?" asked Sarah, furrowing her brow.

"I didn't. I think one of them made a dirty joke and I said the 'how old are you?' line." Nicole continued, "But they said 'Hey, you can't ask that, it's rude! That would be like if we asked you your weight!' and so I responded 'I'm an international athlete, anybody on the internet can look up my weight!' and they just sorta laughed it off. They dodged the question really well, and since it was in a joking context I couldn't really ask again. It'd be too suspicious, y'know?"

"Damn, that's a tough spot." Cam agreed, and Sarah nodded as well.

"So later on in the flight, it might've even been in the second leg, I got them talking about replacing us all as the Kick Corps. Most of them really seemed apologetic and that DISC had pushed for it, but it seemed like they did a lot of things to make DISC want to choose them as our replacement in particular. Really I'm not sure how to feel about it."

"I suppose we probably give them too much undue hate for replacing us when it probably more DISC's fault than anyone else's," replied Cam.

"Exactly! But on the other hand it seems like they went out of their way to make sure they were chosen. It makes me wonder that if they weren't so enthusiastic, maybe DISC would've changed their mind down the line and stuck with us. I don't know, I guess we'll never really know.

"So I got them talking about that and then I asked how they felt about us, like the original members of the Kick Corps. Some it was hot gossip, I gotta tell you. Even though they're all guys and some of it was gross. And not all of them agree with each other, either. I think the hottest debate of that conversation was whether Katie Madison was more hot, annoying, or bitchy."

Sarah scoffed, "Huh, typical."

"Right!" Nicole responded. "But here's the big thing. I asked them how they felt about Ellzidan. And of course they were all like 'oh yeah we have lots of respect for her, she's really skilled and of course a good leader' which, duh. So then I asked if they'd ever met her in-person, since it seemed like they'd met the rest of us. That really stumped them, because they hmm'd and haw'd for a good couple seconds before any responded. Which is definitely suspicious right?"

"For sure. You don't exactly forget if you've met Ellzidan," Cam added.

"Exactly! So after a couple seconds, one of them said 'I think I remember meeting her one time, like didn't we take a trip to Elstrund at some point?' I think it was Dominic that said that. And when he did they almost immediately said he was crazy. 'You must've dreamed that bro, we've never been there!' A few of them shot him weird glances. I'm not sure if they think I noticed their looks at him but I definitely did."

"That is really big evidence of sketchiness right there." Cam looked over at Sarah, who raised her eyebrows and nodded as well.

"Is that all? Were you able to ask anything else?" Sarah asked.

"No, I wasn't able to really ask any questions about them. And I'm not sure I wanted to either, because I was trying to make sure they had a good time with me being there, so that maybe they would invite me to hang out again later. I feel like if I got too pushy they wouldn't want to and we'd lose our shot.

The pair looked at Nicole expectantly. "Sooo ... did they invite you to anything?" said Cam.

Nicole kept a straight face for a moment, before breaking into a grin. "Yes they did! They said they were having a party after the Farfadillis match at their place since it's the home opener."

"You mean ... today? Tonight? Right after the match?!" Cam exclaimed.

"Well, yeah ... I asked them if I could bring anybody along and they said I could bring anyone I wanted. So I hope you don't mind, but I said I'd bring you two along. Sorry for the short notice ..."

Cam and Sarah were stunned. "Of course we want to go! But this is such short notice! What are we gonna ask them? What's our game plan? How are we gonna pull this off??" Cam asked in rapid succession, while Sarah looked deep in thought.

"We have the whole match to figure that out. Mike gave me his number so I'll text them once the game is over to see the exact schedule for tonight," Nicole explained.

"Oh my god ... hopefully they're in a talky mood even if they lose to Farfadillis," Cam wondered.

"You mean WHEN they lose to Farfadillis," Sarah scoffed, then all three of them laughed.

It was going to be a long night.

* So, like many Drawkians with a respectable house, Cam had a double-deckered garage. Since in Drawkland, in its highly advanced state, has both terrestrial cars and flying cars for public use, most families and people getting houses needed two garage spaces, one at ground level for their normal cars, and one a floor higher so they could fly directly into the air from the garage. The double-deckered garage is usually a concrete, metal, or brick box, and is used as a centerpiece or a sidepiece of the house. For the poorer families that can't afford flying cars at all, the top garage is generally used for storage or a workshop type area.

So the question you might be asking now is "If you have the option of a flying car, why on earth Sonnel would buy/sell a car that can't fly? The answer is money and utility. Once the advent of flying cars hit the majority of consumers, terrestrial cars became hugely inexpensive. Getting a ground-only car became a great option for parents getting a car for their teens (both for a financial and safety standpoint), or students/young adults needing a new vehicle but not yet able to splurge on a flyer. Not to mention, ground cars are still slightly more versatile than flyers in some respects.

Flying cars in Drawkland mostly work with energy fields projected over the regular roads. Most flying cars are fitted to only travel effectively within these energy fields, so if you need to go somewhere more rural where the flying fields are scarce? Tough luck. There is still incentive to get flying cars, however, since most are self-driving and it's much faster than going by ground or mass transit in some respects.

TL;DR: Double-deckered garages usually have normal car(s) on the ground floor and flying car(s) on the top level. Flying cars are mainly used for quick travel and to common locations, while ground cars are still around for trips to odd places or for the kids to use.
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Postby Main Nation Ministry » Sun Dec 15, 2019 1:08 am

Hearts of Memories

Chapter 2: Banquet for Morons

Jessica left the apartment, as she took a moment to take a deep breath. She put her hands on the railing that overlooked the parking lot, as she took some time to wonder about him. "Alright.." Jessica regained her state of mind, as she went back downstairs to head to her car.

Oh Jessica.. You been keeping secrets from that girlfriend of yours? Well, as long as that ex of yours Brad knows. But not Colin? I remember why. I guess I can't reveal this right now, but this habit for Jessica, she tends to visit either once a week, month, or when it's a special occasion. Heh.. Haha.. I mean, I have secrets, but I guess we all have our excuses of having them. Mine too. Now, where do I continue this story of ours?


Oh yeah...



Jessica arrived back at her house, where Gerald was trying to get his bass set up for practicing tonight for a chorus. "Need help with the tuning?" Jessica asked, as she checked his bass quick. "Making sure the strings will be good enough. How's Tony and Frank instruments?" Gerald asked, strumming a bit to see how the strings held up. "I gotten no problems from them. We should be good for a quickie tonight."
"Alright, now let's-" It was then that the phone in the house started to ring, where Jessica answered it. "Hello?" Jessica said to the caller, where her neutral grin started to turn into one of extreme disgust and annoyance. The Leader wanted us to do another government gig.

So I had this banquet or party I set up for some of the other head of the Ministries. I brought Jessica over to do another shin-dig, since I needed some extra propaganda help. Even if Jessica didn't want to be propaganda, I can still mess with her music recordings, so they can be cancelled to have another copy of our military marching band finest. I had her come, because she was talking trash to some athletes from a nation I know happily during the last Winter Olympics. So, I wanted to make sure she was bored and annoyed out of her mind.

Jessica was forced to dress in a tight dress, though she didn't mind. It was playing some idiotic ambiance music with her guitar with some brainwashed soldier musicians in a ballroom where a whole bunch of random people who Jessica already knew didn't listen to her music at all. Jessica was using a guitar pick to strum on her guitar, as the Leader was chatting about with typical military talk and events from the World Cup.
"So I heard not a lot of international sports press came to the nation for the first match day, since we were host." a gentlemen said, sipping some champagne. "Scared of our metal detectors?" the Leader said, where him and the crowd next to him started to laugh. Jessica could do nothing, but roll her eyes.

Princess Keller was luckily there, where she checked up on Jessica. "I'll make sure to pay you." Keller whispered, as Jessica didn't even care if she wasn't getting paid by the Leader. "Make it time needed for somewhere else." Jessica whispered back. "At least, my mother didn't listen to the Leader and not ground me for a month."
"He's still pissed over that maid uniform incident?" Jessica said a bit louder, where a musician behind her coughed heavily. "Keller, just let me finish this off for the night. I can handle it."

After the band was allowed to finish off, so the room was only filled with the noises of chatter, Jessica went outside on a balcony to take a heavy sigh. That was when she heard someone behind her, but she figured she knew who it was.

"Just fuck off, Leader. You wasted my time enough." Jessica said, annoyed as the Leader crossed his arms behind him, putting himself at ease. "You lucky I stopped planning on killing you and started a riot, since we won that Cup of Harmony."
"Miraculously, no one died."
"Well, you know the press in this nation."
"What is it now?"
"I want to make sure you not giving some of those costumes for any tomfoolery. Keller is a sensible lady who is to not be corrupted by that parasitic lust of yours."
"She was the one who borrowed it!"

"I punished her too!" the Leader said, as he leaned on the railing with Jessica. "You need to understand that I want to make sure our princess isn't a whore like you."
"I'm no whore."
"You think I don't know?"
"...!?! How?!"
"For fuck sake, Jessica! I hadn't seen her too close, but literally all of my subordinates know that you are with that demon! It's so obvious for everyone, I can't believe no one said something, asking the question of you two in the closet!"
"You just have no respect for women like me!"
"Oh come on, Jessica. I kill both men and women equally."
"Ok, you're just a misanthropist then."
"Better term, yes."

Now, Jessica and everyone else didn't know all about my personal life. Nor did they know my wife Daphne, but I can't blame Jessica for being curious. If I told her the truth, she think I'm crazy.

Then I have to forcefully amnestic here, until she gone blue and a vegetable.

But, I was willingly to take to make some lie or approve of one to get her off of my back. Lie or not, I could be telling the truth, since it's been a while.

"...Hey, Leader?"
"What is it?" the Leader, as he looked around at the cityscape. "I know I hadn't seen you with people a lot that I know you frequent. But... are you asexual?" Jessica asked him, where she was simply curious. The Leader didn't know how to respond to his, where he felt the pocket with his locket, before he tried to explain. "And you're asking because..?"
"It's not a negative thing. There isn't anything wrong with it. I'm just wondering, since you don't seem to be interested in having a queen or some shit."

The Leader wanted to get mad, but he could say something to get rid of her. "I prefer to not have people attracted to me, since I look like a child."
"You look like a teenager like Keller."
"Same thing. The point is it gives people the wrong idea, if I try someone."
"Isn't wrong with that."
"Jessica! Look! I can tolerance a hug and stuff, but I had a chance a long time ago and there is stuff that you shouldn't know. Don't think that people would be interested in me, because I look cute. People from outside of the nation have nightmares about me, because they worry about me bursting in to kill their goldfish! I'm not letting people think I'm weak, because I have someone to be attracted to. It's showing weakness by losing things you know the most! People know this already, Jessica! You're 21, yet you still want to be help people, even though people can die at any time! You think it's being shit out of luck? You can just blame the world for being unfair! That's all I can tell you."
"For fuck's sake, you're such a buzzkill now. It's like you're a different person. You know, you sound like a whiny bitch sometimes!" Jessica said, on the verge of provoking the Leader.

"A whiny bitch?" the Leader said, gripping his fist, wanting to punch Jessica. "Just do it, if you hate me so much!" Jessica yelled, until Keller appeared, where she was uncomfortable. "Uhhh..Jessica? Charlie called. She heard you having a long evening tonight, so she wants to help pick you up." Keller said, where the Leader immediately lowered his hand, where he calmed himself. "Just leave, Jessica. I heard enough." the Leader immediately ordered, as both Jessica left with Keller.

Call me a bitch all you want, Jessica. If she was asking for it, I wanted to see what distinguished her from me, if I was a so-called bitch. But I think I ended up jinxing something that might have been jinxed from the very start. Then again, I may have been a villain to everyone, but you know how it is when villains become heroes sometimes.
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Chapter 2b: When you thought you got it

Postby PotatoFarmers » Sun Dec 15, 2019 2:26 am

(OOC: I am backdating some RPs to catch up on what I have missed, thanks.)
Pre - WCQ friendly
Poafmersia 0 - Terre Septentrionale 1

Post-match conference
"Some players don't deserve to wear the shirt," said Poafmersia's head coach Adnan Suliaha. "Really. I don't want players who have abilities but are unwilling to work hard for the team. I just want players who are able to have that work attitude to get the ball and keep possession, defend nicely, and ensure that they can make something out of the match. Even if we lose, if we lose nicely, at least we can tell ourselves we worked hard and they have more experience or skill to win the match. If we win without making any effort, is that a good win? In my opinion, no."
Having announced 30 out of 35 players before the match, they entered a match with few aiming for a space in the World Cup Qualifiers Team. However, if not for Jabik's excellent performance in goal against the 77th ranked Terre Septentrionale, Poafmersia would have lost by many more goals. Getting no goals seems unlike Poafmersia, but the team made it happen. No matter how many changes made, nothing could help Poafmersia get a goal against organised opponents.
Some wonder if this was a reflection on some of the players being fielded today. They assumed the head coach would pick them because of their experience and their skills they shown in the league, but to the head coach, that was nonsense. Non-performance in the last 2 match saw some big names being dropped out of the final squad of 35 players, much to the horror of many fans but other pundits and football experts say that was a good move.
Can it be a good move? Poafmersia could do nothing but wait for the first qualifing match in Squornshelous. This is supposedly a nice test for Poafmersia, with Squornshelous being an unranked side that has not played for years, yet is a former world cup champion approximately 50 cycles ago But Adnan is warning that it could not be a match where Poafmersia just "sit and wait for 3 points". They would be worried of the squad with experience in the international stage, but just failed to participate in the qualifiers cycles ago and decided to come back with a vengeance.
IC Name: The People's Republic of Poafmersia (Trigram: PFA)
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Baptism of Fire 71 Bronze Medalists

KPB Ranking (Mid-WC84): 76th ranked, KPB = 9.50, Style: +2.67

Check out the latest NSS World Cup/Cup of Harmony results here:

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Postby Audioslavia » Sun Dec 15, 2019 2:33 am

Chapters of The Idiot Project will be posted every 2-4 matchdays throughout World Cup 84.

A full script for this video will be posted tomorrow, plus a couple of other things.

Full English subtitles are available via YouTube.

There are occasional errors here and there throughout the series, including a glaring omission in this episode that gets addressed later in the series.

All videos will remain Unlisted on YouTube. The only way to find them is through links on the NS Sport forum.

I have not monetised any of The Idiot Project videos. If you see an advert, it is because YouTube puts adverts on videos with copyrighted music. The Idiot Project is strictly non-profit.

For the sake of keeping the making of The Idiot Project a secret, permission to reproduce works of various NS users was not sought. If you see your own work in a video and would like it blurred out, please get in touch.

The Idiot Project is a personal project by Audio, who is an idiot, and is not officially affiliated with in any way.

The World Cup Scorigami database will be made publicly available after the conclusion of this series.

Please do not post spoilers on Discord or the forums.

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Chapter 3.1: Match 1

Postby PotatoFarmers » Sun Dec 15, 2019 3:01 am

Imperial Arena, Vogsphere, Squornshelous
Squornshelous 2
Vang 33', 38'
Poafmersia 6
Moonar 12'; Haodao 27', 77', 90'; Shakira Handris 49' (pen), 62'

Victory came with the help of the fans, to the extent that the opposition has called our fans "rioters".
At such a large stadium, in such a country, and you expect the match to be easy? Easier said then done. Poafmersia fielded a starting 11 made up of players who played the Baptism of Fire, and they used their experience of modern football to beat the opposition.
Teresa Lagerkron, manager of the opposition, fielded a 4-3-3 formation that played fast flowing attacking football, which was similar to what Poafmersia had played in the friendly against Terre Septentrionale. This team, however, was much more offensive that the previous. They pressed forward with the ball and the midfielders had to deal with constant pressure.
Nevertheless, it was Moonar who opened the scoring with a 12th minute header from a corner. Joel Haodao added the 2nd goal from outside the box 15 minutes later. Vang, the number 9 of the opposition team, scored a brace to keep both teams level going into half time, but 1 change in half time with Pete Carisa getting replaced by Ftiks Wariq saw Poafmersia now dominating the midfield switching to a 4-1-2-1-2, and with Joel and Shakira both getting 2 more goals each (including one penalty which was obtained by Joel and Shakira promptly converting from the spot), Poafmersia got their 6-2 win over Squornshelous.
Could Adnan ask for more? "Some were being substitutes for their first WCC-sanctioned international match. Daak Kalson did well today after showing his abilities against Baker Park in the friendly last week. When Alex came on the both of them synergised really well and I think that should be commended."
"Apart from that, I think this nice little win would boost confidence for us and we would hopefully get the points 3 days later at home against Aquitlita."

Starting 11 for MD1
Jabik Henderson;
Alex Pickford, Danzik Hoboson (captain), Pasits Rikachz, Denise Pickford;
Matthew Tibrise, Gisiik Moonar, Jessie Mchargarita;
Joel Haodao, Shakira Handris, Pete Carisa

Ftiks Wariq (for Pete Carisa 45')
Daak Kalson (for Jessie Mchargarita 68')
Alex Hoboson (for Pasits Rikachz 77')
IC Name: The People's Republic of Poafmersia (Trigram: PFA)
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Postby Nephara » Sun Dec 15, 2019 4:24 am

Monso 0 - 3 Nephara
(4-4-2) 1 - Mercator; 18 - Longship, 5 - Thorn, 6 - Brosch, 3 - Close (c); 7 - Kuepper, 4 - Shone, 21 - Moxham (8 - Chalk 72'), 11 - Strongbow; 9 - Hawke (22 - Lovelace 63'), 10 - Metzger
Goals: Strongbow 12', Moxham 26', Metzger 79'

"... for the unscrupulous Marcher will come from the southeast flatlands, and behold, he will sell his wares or his bow or his body. Dutiful prince, be not beguiled by their passionate aspect, but gird well his treasury, for the Marcher has his eyes only on gold and, once permitted to entrench as a supposed friend, will not be removed without resistance. It matters not who dies, so long as his purse is full..."

Say what you will about her other virtues, Helvetia Muscat had ambition.
32 years ago, she was born in a town that no longer existed, now forgotten, since Corvistone had sprawled over her bones. She had grown up in a Nephara learning to assert itself on the world stage. Nepharim had always been there, one way or another. Marchers dotted the history books, striking out from home to make fortunes abroad. But rarely did the backwater nation itself, low on strategic value, poor farmland and mostly too much trouble to deal with, feature strongly in anyone's thoughts.
Muscat did not remember the days of the Confederacy, let alone anything that came before. She was born and given one of Nephara's first birth certificates, issued Nepharim identification and Nepharim citizenship. Taught a stirring, wordless Nepharim anthem.
It was a country still working itself out, but a confident and assertive people wouldn't take long. And the new generation never had to worry about the old uncertainties, the old rifts, the strained relations with loosely-governed colonies. There was no doubt whether or not the Union of Nephara could stand, unlike all those that had come before. No scepticism in the nation, of the grand project. In short, there was finally the platform to succeed, rather than treading water.
Nephara was still not a truly rich country, but by then there was enough. The government made sure you could get by, UBI and Medicare and interest-free loans for university, thriving mass transit and national broadband. Muscat grew up not having to worry about treading water. But the Nepharim identity was built on struggle. If not for that, what was left?
Being a fundamentally working-class nation, it turned out, had more to do with culture than actual median income. Keep working hard, keep playing hard. The desire remained. Claw your way up in the world.
This was the world of possibility that spawned Helvetia Muscat. By sixteen, she'd relocated with her father after a particularly vicious marital breakup to Crisisbless; by eighteen she lived in a dormitory in Nepharim National University with strict orders that either of her parents be firmly escorted off the property if they came for her.
By twenty-two she had a degree. By twenty-four she had a bigger degree.
She'd ground her way to relevance in the emerging financial sector, growing stronger as Nepharim involvement in the CRC grew, and its natural parochial instinct receded. She'd invested well. She'd got lucky. If she could get one more stroke of good fortune, this investment could wind up the best of them all.
Or it could ruin her. Still, she figured she could work her way back up to the top again if she had to. But bad things didn't happen to Helvetia Muscat.
The opportunity that arose came in the ashen wastes of what was once the nation of Sameba, and what now was... well, ashen wastes. A lot of people were in need of help, and military governance was hardly likely to be sympathetic. The land needed to be set back to order, a desperate people fed and clothed and given some semblance of structure, disputes handled with an iron fist.
And because Helvetia Muscat was, crucially, not a good human being, she saw profit to be made. That was the most important of all; and that was why she rode north to rendezvous with the Topaz Company with hope in her heart and pound-signs in her eyes.

1 - Konrad Matheny (Cranequin Wanderers), 12 - Sigurd Rustwyth (KF Koflir, QUS), 20 - Fasolt Senninger (Creed United)
Defenders: 2 - Anita Sanger (Rammsissil, VIL), 3 - Marcin Close (Brinemouth, c), 5 - Cedella Verlander (Crisisbless United), 6 - Ilyana Brosch (AFC Corvistone), 18 - Valeri Longship (Crisisbless), 19 - Sander Katarec (Vermillion Rage), 22 - Raimund Anderson (North Laithland)
Midfielders: 4 - Tawny Shone (Sabrefell Moths), 7 - Marica Kuepper (Jungle Strike, VIL), 8 - Malachi Chalk (Falourr, EUR), 11 - Marisha Staunton (Crisisbless), 13 - Bryony Westerveld (Sabrefell Athletic), 15 - Ferena Rauch (AFC Treason), 16 - Morena Deventer (Brinemouth), 21 - Swansea Reach (Sabrefell Moths)
Forwards: 9 - Kurtis Laiota (Crisisbless), 10 - Aristide Metzger (AFC Treason), 14 - Lilith Thornwood (North Laithland), 17 - Kurtis Bastable (Hornchurch, EUR), 23 - Konrad Lovelace (Revolutionaries, EUR)

Nephara 1 - 1 Bolgano @ Phoenix Rise (Corvistone)
Monso 0 - 3 Nephara
Nephara vs. Squornshelous @ Ludd's Hammer (Stahlburg)
Aquitlita vs. Nephara
Nephara vs. The Macabees @ The Gauntlet (Treason)
Siovanija & Teusland vs. Nephara
Nephara vs. EOT @ Farham Arena (Sabrefell)
Anthor vs. Nephara
Nephara vs. Lochario @ Godswatch (Crisisbless)
Poafmersia vs. Nephara
Bolgano vs. Nephara
Nephara vs. Monso @ Ebony Lane (Cranequin)
Squornshelous vs. Nephara
Nephara vs. Aquitlita @ The Iron Hill (Vermillion)
The Macabees vs. Nephara
Nephara vs. Siovanija & Teusland @ Farham Arena (Sabrefell)
EOT vs. Nephara
Nephara vs. Anthor @ The Gauntlet (Treason)
Lochario vs. Nephara
Nephara vs. Poafmersia @ Eagle's Club (Brinemouth)
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Postby Jeruselem » Sun Dec 15, 2019 4:31 am

Kate: This is Princess Katherine Annabelle Dallas for Naked News Jeruselem, we're at home! Dazza Dallas Stadium for our first game and first home game. We had a bye on match day 1 so it's match day 2. Today the visitors were Schottia, the first visitors to our upgraded stadium. I'm with former keeper for the Jeruselem, Princess Bianca Dallas and also possible next Queen of Jeruselem. Just ignore the annoying little girl in the background.
Bianca: Hello everyone
Kate: Well, it's here and well ... it could have been better. 1-1 draw, a slow start.
Bianca: Defensively, we've a bit sloppy but it's game 1 for us and half the team got replaced from last cup. So I wasn't expecting a perfect performance first up. We're not the best starters in the cup, sometimes we lose the first game.

Kate: We really should have won this, given the chances we had to score.
Bianca: Scottia had a very similar style of play, they did actually try to attack. I can't say our finishing was that good, messing up when it matters.
Kate: In the end, one of the midfielders ended up scoring.
Bianca: Yes, Daenerys Taragon found a loose ball and tapped in the goal. Well, the keeper was tired and spilled the ball in the first place.
Kate: We have to do better, Schottia are a team we should have beaten at home
Bianca: Yeah, dumbbell wasn't very good today. You know I mean.

Kate: In other Group 11 games, Taeshan beat Balqia 2-1 at home. Their first win after that draw first up.
Bianca: Taeshan really should have won their first game. But yeah
Kate: Free Republics accounted for JUN-ia 2-0 at home so the top 2 seeds win their games this round.
Bianca: A lot of tight games in this group, I don't see score blow outs like in some of the other groups. We get stuck in these type of groups.
Kate: Galar scored a win 1-0 over, away against Nahkistan. Well it's a win, well done.
Bianca: They got more points than us ...

Kate: Geektopia visited higher ranked Savojarna, and beat them 3-2. Well Geektopia are proving strong with two rounds already with two wins.
Bianca: Yes, a strong statement given Savojarna isn't some pushover.
Kate: Funny thing, our home record isn't that great, our away records is better.
Bianca: It used to be the other way round, I don't know why.
Kate: Well, everyone has played a game now. And the table looks ... interesting.
Bianca: Only match day 2, hard to say from here.

Kate: Free Republics is on top, with Geektopia the surprise team 2nd. These teams have not dropped points. Taeshan are 3rd. Welzat and Galar are 4th and 5th due to their single wins. Schottia 6th, Jeruselem 7th having played just one game. Savojarna 8th, pushed down due to goal difference. TJUN-ia 9th. Balqia and Nahkistan have no points.
Bianca: I wouldn't read much into the table as it is.
Kate: Well we got Geektopia showing the big boys they aren't making up numbers
Bianca: Yes the game against them will be interesting. They've scored a lot of goals and conceded a lot.
Kate: Yes, 6 goals in 2 games. More than anyone the group.
Bianca: Whether they can do that for the long term is something else, as they don't seem to defend that well.

Kate: Many have been those Ooshies for sale here. From the sales people, the kids love them. Cheap and they don't trigger alarms at airports.
Bianca: They are just little rubber thingies you stick on your pen.
Kate: We do use non-toxic paints because you do end up with some younger kids sucking on them as they do
Bianca: How come mine looks grumpy?
Kate: Because you're always grumpy
Bianca: I suppose you have a point

Kate: Of course, we'll have full analysis of the game later with highlights at the studio
Bianca: Eh, we should have won.
Kate: Yes but we do this all the time anyway
Bianca: Probably why we have trouble qualifying
Kate: True
Bianca: Yep

Kate: Of course, we'll have full analysis of the game later with highlights at the studio
Bianca: Eh, we should have won.
Kate: Yes but we do this all the time anyway
Bianca: Probably why we have trouble qualifying
Kate: True
Bianca: Yep

Kate: So what you think of the upgrades to the stadium?
Bianca: The corporate box is a lot bigger, it's a lot shadier than before. Cameras everywhere
Kate: Sadly that's needed with bad people trying to touch up the kids
Bianca: Yeah, it's sad we have those people here.
Kate: We've already thrown out some shady people. They are banned from returning.
Bianca: The security guards have an interesting uniform

Kate: If you have people walking around looking like Nazis, you scare people. Well, the cosplay changes things.
Bianca: All women too
Kate: They are professionals, don't worry. You don't want to mess around with those girls.
Bianca: I assume they are armed.
Kate: Of course, it's just not obvious. You can hide all sorts of shit in a cosplay set
Bianca: Oh yes, you're one of them cosplay freaks.

Group 11
Taeshan 2–1 Balqia
Free Republics 2–0 TJUN-ia
Nahkistan 0–1 Galar
Savojarna 2–3 Geektopia
Jeruselem 1–1 Schottia
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Postby Bolgano » Sun Dec 15, 2019 5:15 am

Bolgano 3-3 Squornshelus
@Bolgano Stadium, Bolgano

Match number 2 of the qualifiers on the way to the 84 World Cup, Cassadaigua & BakerPark, our nation, Bolgano faces the new Squornshelus nation that comes from being mocked by Poafmersia with a score of 2-6, on the other hand the Celestes comes to tie against the favorites to win the group, Nephara 1-1.

Early in the morning the periodostas had time to ask the Bolgano players questions, they will play in the new Bolgano Stadium that expanded from 30,000 people to 60,000 where no player wants to waste the work of many people, they will be used twice in the qualifiers next being before Nephara.

Leaving the Notes, the game began with a clear favorite to take the victory but with difficulty, in the first minutes Bolgano sought his goal but defense towards his own, in the 12th minute a center of Daniels Frizzel, but a header from Chaika put it in the goal, goal against and 1-0 in favor of Bolgano, maybe it was the first goal in the history of this new stadium but nobody expected it to be a goal against, following the meeting a few minutes later, Squornshelus got his goal with a header of nothing more and nothing less than Chaika, making a goal against and in favor, Red Nines did not arrive before that header of Chaika in minute 18, another surprise, minute 31 and after a lot of passes the 10th Popov scored his goal and the score 1-2 and a minute later Natalia Berglund scored and placed the score 1-3, but not yet finished, in the 42nd minute, an incleible shot by Tom Evans made his first goal in these qualifiers, and before the close of the prim It was part 44 minutes the player Bryan McShane got his goal and put the score 3-3.

The commentators were surprised to see 6 goals in the first half, those moments people shouted and shouted, but 6 goals, we saw that the defense never existed where both coaches went to look for them defense failures.

Starting the second half a shot from far away from Popov scared us but it was easy for Red Nines, Tom Evans also made a shot but Vogdahl catches it, some plays in the second half were dangerous but nothing, the defense existed more than ever but the referee I whistle and I finish this match with a score of 3-3 one more point for Bolgano and the first point of Squornshelus.
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Postby Ko-oren » Sun Dec 15, 2019 5:26 am

Elections coming up

It's finally here! Next week is the day that all Ko-orenites of age can choose their favourite party for the national parliament. In the current parliament, all interests are represented, but none are overpowering - and this might change in the next election. Calls for a more liberal economy, room for companies to grow and expand their business abroad, as well as finding Ko-oren's place in an interconnected and complex international environment are key to the proceedings of next week.

Currently, the Meritocratic Party holds most seats in parliament - 17 out of 144 - closely followed by Labour (16), the Liberals (16), the Democratic Party (15), the Regional Party (14) and Vert&Bleu (14). The Meritocratic Party, the Regional Party, and Labour have most to lose - only one third of parliament is ever up for re-election - they did very well when this particular 48-seat bunch went up for grabs.

Match Report: Ko-oren vs Apox Powered by Jarongi

Ko-oren Goossen - Dalton, Van Schelven, Mizuno, Lampshire, Hellegeland - Yokota, Janoreirinthen, Longchambon - Vaugrenard, Novoa
Apox Spitfire - Du Plessis, Wallis-Iqbal, Scott, Fox - Drawbridge, Ephraim-Garza, Palmisano, Townsend - Blake-Tatum, Mochan

Jarongi has partnered with KFA to bring you the most important points of the Dragonflies' matches. Not just that, but Jarongi has worked with the Assocation all off-season to map the upcoming Top League season as well! The data revolution is here, and the Top League is part of it!

Goals '34 Blake-Tatum 0-1 / '71 Yokota 1-1
Yellow '45+1 Yokota / '66 Wallis-Iqbal / '81 Lampshire / '84 Hellegeland / '90+1 Drawbridge
Red -
Man of the Match Palmisano: 7 shots, 2 shots on goal, 1 assist, 3 key passes, 77% pass completion

Van Schelven has played a near mistake-free game, a big step up from the Eraman match in which he's caused us to concede. Yokota was put on as a starter, a defensive move by head coach Juliasterinthen. The extra man in front of the back line was much needed to limit Mochan's touches, which effectively put Blake-Tatum on an island up front, hard to reach by Ephraim-Garza and Townsend. Apox still had enough width to cause trouble, and enough confidence in their defence to occasionally attack with five or six. Both teams had some stellar attacks, both put a lot of pressure on the opponent, and yet both teams had more than enough quality to find good solutions under pressure. It took both a while to get used to the speed, and it was clear from the get-go that neither team would be keeping up with the pace by the end of the match. One slow build-up by Apox suddenly sped up a little, then went a bit faster again, until some nine outfield players were passing the ball around on the Ko-orenite half, each time keeping the ball safe but never really finding any kind of penetration. Then they suddenly overloaded the box, put in a cross, and Blake-Tatum got her head against the ball before anyone else could touch it. Goossen was beaten completely, the ball bounced in at the far corner, and Apox was ahead. This was their gameplan: get a goal, play out the match.

For a while, Ko-oren wasn't capable of carrying the ball upfield far enough to trouble Spitfire, and she was tested from afar a few times. Most of these flew wide of the goal, but a couple were on target and sometimes rolled back onto the field for Novoa to try to poach. Just before halftime, the Dragonflies were desperate for a decent attempt at goal and went at it a little more aggressively, giving Yokota Ko-oren's first yellow of the campaign. The second half was more eventful, if only because of a lot of fouls. First Wallis-Iqbal's yellow for time wasting - with over twenty minutes to go! - and a controversial decision by the ref to give it. Ko-oren, however, got closer and closer to goal, and eventually scored in a similar way to the 0-1. The main difference was that it all started on a low cross instead of a lofted one. Yokota kept his eye on the ball, got a foot to it, and it was a rare Yokota goal. He rarely scores, and if he does, it's not pretty - but it might very well be the most important goal of the campaign. Not just so far, but in general. Now it was Ko-oren's turn to waste time, they knew they weren't getting any closer to Spitfire again, and Lampshire and Hellegeland were both booked. Hellegeland was lucky not to injure Ephraim-Garza on the break, and he was lucky the referee didn't count the situation as a 'surefire chance at goal' or he would've been off. Drawbridge was the last recipient of a booking on a careless and aggressive challenge, trying to get the ball back to launch one last attack.

Despite his name not appearing in the report very often, James Palmisano played a great match with very little mistakes. His passes were lateral or forward far more than backwards, still maintained a great record in how often his passes found their goal, and somehow found multiple passing lanes through a crowded Ko-oren defence.
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Postby Geektopia » Sun Dec 15, 2019 5:38 am

*Be cool, be woke.

Game Report and Manager Interview
Image|3| - |2|Image
1': YC for #4 Joonas Andersson, #18 Perttu Karjanen, #2 Lars Jensen, #6 Niklas Hoyberg (SAV) YC for Pentacthulitercubor (GEE)
2': Substitution: #10 Jesper Groen -- replaces -> #2 Lars Jensen (SAV)
3': YC for #19 Krister Voynov (SAV)
6': Goal for Googoldeciplexithrong (GEE)
27': ⚽ Goal for Krister Voynov (SAV)
Assisted by #11 Freya Sigurdsdottir
42': Substitution: #5 Matts Pederson -- replaces -> #19 Krister Voynov
[HT] 1-1 [HT]
49': YC for #11 Freya Sigurdsdottir (SAV)
76': Goal for Pentacthulteron-turreted-horriocterated Pentacthuldekon (GEE)
Assisted by Pentacthulteron-turreted-horriocterated Pentacthuldekon
86': ⚽ Goal for #3 Simon Omark (SAV)
Assisted by #4 Joonas Andersson
88': Goal for Googolplexidudexithrex (GEE)
[FT] 3-2 [FT]

A Meeting with the Gaffer
G. - Hey all, this is interviewer Googolhemstwort coming to the away stadium live

G. - So you prefer your name not to be said, or..?

() - Yeah, yeah, that shit's personal. One thing I ask of you is to never give out my name or any other personal details, and if so, do it in a whispered tone. If you knew what those Aimenans can do, you'd make the right choice as well.

G. - So, you want to Sk1pe, then?

() - Yeah.

G. - And we're online! How was the game against Savojarna, and how do you intend to stay up on the table as well?

() - Well, it's no easy task, of course. Our boys can't get too cocky, as from Matchday 10, 11, 20, and 22 they'll have to play football on the hardest soil, but we're taking significant steps to become the best in front of our contenders.

G. - So you really think you have a chance?

() - Sure, I do. If a tie or a win is needed for qualification, the Greens will see to it immediately. They've massive work ethic on the field but the defense is all in the demise of the team. I can't tell you how many times Hecta-ennaxis has scuffed the ball from his feet to get it stolen at the death of it. Defense has been our issue from 2 World Cups ago, and it's what made us bottom of the table from the first qualifiers. I, in part, am to blame for this.

G. - Oh? Why do you think so?

() - I forgot to tell the management we need substitutes. This is partly why our team has match day exhaustion. But, as always, they're Geektopian born and bred, so they play the ball brilliantly. That can be the only explanation!

G. - You do have a tough match-up in the form of Jeruselem ahead, what would you have to say about that?

() - As always, I bid good luck to the other team. A very interesting side with the veteranship of knowing what a World Cup feels like, and I feel like this is a hard one to pull out of the hat as compared to them, we've sub-par defense, no substitutes to kick the ball and swap out in case of player exhaustion, and Jeruselem might be the young, brilliant squad that seeps through the cracks to qualify, and make a run similar to that of Ajax in last year's Champions League.

G. - Wait, you watch the UCL apart from me?!

() - Yes, although it's very hard to find in this multiverse. I have some pirated footage of the group stage and I think I'm having a fond liking for Liverpool. They surely couldn't have won the whole thing though, right?
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Postby Brenecia » Sun Dec 15, 2019 5:46 am

Atlantic Republic 1 - 3 Brenecia
(4-3-3) 12 - Cairncross; 18 - Lonergan, 22 - Beath, 6 - Mathers, 19 - Tambor; 8 - Matheson, 23 - Fallon, 14 - Ruskin (c); 7 - Cheney (15 - Coghlan 57'), 17 - Lindauer (9 - White 70'), 11 - Keynes
Goals: Ruskin 36', Lonergan 66', White 79'

Brenecia 1 - 1 Terre Septentrionale
(4-3-3) 1 - Farrell; 2 - Broxham, 5 - Horgan, 6 - Mathers, 3 - Quill (c); 8 - Matheson (21 - Parker 71'), 4 - Locke (23 - Fallon 76'), 13 - Wheeler; 7 - Cheney, 10 - Ciogach, 16 - Fletcher (11 - Keynes 61')
Goal: Ciogach 38'

Okay, seriously, what happens after Horgan retires?
Annette Brisbane

Svante Whitfield's callup to the Eastfield Lodge national team should not have sparked a panic-spiral in the Brenecian football fandom. And yet, here we are.

For a nation full of large thugs, with a brutal, agricultural league, Brenecia has often found itself short in the centre of defence. We are a nation whose defensive heart was dominated by Bradden and Scrivener for basically as long as either of them could still walk. We handed 89 caps to Cheney Heneghan, a middling Goldleague defender, and 60 to Gareth Mortlock. 24 to Mark Graves. Any at all to Gretchen Colback.

Now, Cralt-Nirlo Fox has forged a relatively solid foundation in Keane Mathers and Garrett Horgan, backed up by World Cup winner Chadwick Beath. Past there, the depth gets a bit sketchy, but the likes of Ava Ramsay and Rosena Grayndler are decent players who have forged good A-League careers. Past that, and... uhh...

Upon even a cursory glance, most of the centre-halves getting regular minutes in the Brenecian top flight this season are in their late 20s or older, or they're foreign. Rozelle United's favoured defence, for example, is typical; two from Gamble (30), Kerrigan (32) or Moran (32), all of whom are solid and reliable players who've been around the block and maybe could have had a shot at an international callup in a different time. There's actually been a glut of capable Brenecian defenders in the 28+ age bracket, with late-blooming panel-beater Horgan undoubtedly the finest. But after that... ?

Markus Costello is 25, and might have what it takes, looking composed in the heart of Twin Saints' defence and often entrusted with taking the ball forward. Beyond him, Svante Whitfield was the next great hope. And he isn't Brenecian. He is eligible for citizenship, and has applied, after spending five years in the country; he's been reared by Marque since he was a teenager. And he is good at football. But when forced to pick between his true home and his adoptive land, he plumped for the Lodge, and it's difficult to begrudge him. Many twii.tur users are having difficulty accepting that, predictably.

The issue here is just the issue with the A-League in general; due to the paucity of options and just 32 professional clubs across two tiers to draw on, there's a lot of capable 6/10 players holding down comfortable places. Southern Star's Atha Troy (30) is not great, and yet he has not missed a minute for Star as they chase the top seven. He's backed up by a 32-year old and partnered by a Nepharim. They could fling him for some bright young thing from the B-League, but why risk it for a player who will probably be worse? And are bright young things even coming from the second tier? Not really in terms of defenders!

This has been an issue for ages, but there's usually been someone who could break through, and a capable backup, at any given moment. Brenecia's goalkeeper crisis never quite materialised, despite a terrifying lack of quality local goalkeepers in the A-League, because Woodgate was smoothly succeeded by Calhoun who was smoothly succeeded by Farrell and none of them were injured for long stretches. Things have been infamously dicey in defensive midfield, but it's no travesty that the nation had to turn to the brutal Catsidhe Alweather so often; she is a fine player, worthy of the shirt. No Catherine Gryphon, but who is? Even now, the situation is limping along, as Locke can do the job and Newrook City midfielder Ronan Fallon has shown early promise in the navy and white.

But what of defence? No central defender younger than 27 appears to genuinely be in the reckoning for selection. Who is really going to step forward in five, even three years and raise their hands? Finbar Stalwarts have a vaguely youngish defender in Wulfric Pearce. Constance Levy is yet to get into a Northern Union matchday squad, but isn't thought to be too far off. Evander Bowerman of Guilder is attracting some top-flight attention, and hopes are turning to Marque once again, whose 19-year old product Finn Leadbetter is said to have top-class potential.

But the truth of the matter is that there's a generational gap here. That will cost the Patriots, and that should cause some soul-searching. If the A-League isn't developing talent for the benefit of the national team, then what is it for? Then again, the national team of Eastfield Lodge will figure it's doing the job just fine.

1 - Cass Farrell (Northern Union), 12 - Opal Cairncross (Marketville, EUR), 20 - Scanlan Pritchard (Marque)
Defenders: 2 - Keziah Broxham (Mallox, COS), 3 - Gethin Quill (Revolutionaries, EUR), 5 - Garrett Horgan (Northern Union), 6 - Keane Mathers (Northern Stallions), 18 - Sorcha Lonergan (Northern Union), 19 - Eliwulf Tambor (Northern Union), 22 - Chadwick Beath (CA Paulinthal, PAS)
Midfielders: 4 - Keziah Locke (Duke of the North, PAS), 8 - Elysse Matheson (Hornchurch, EUR), 13 - Corby Wheeler (Goldstaff City, COS), 14 - Claire Ruskin (Kingsgrove), 21 - Riona Parker (Rozelle United), 23 - Ronan Fallon (Newrook City, NPH)
Forwards: 7 - Lauren Cheney (Kingsgrove), 9 - Mhacha White (Centre for Excellence, APX), 10 - Kara Ciogach (Southern Star), 11 - Cathal Keynes (Lajuno, EUR), 15 - Cail Coghlan (Pikemouth), 16 - Ceridwen Fletcher (North Hall), 17 - Creidne Lindauer (Kingsgrove)

Atlantic Republic 1 - 3 Brenecia
Brenecia 1 - 1 Terre Septentrionale
Casta Marina vs. Brenecia
Brenecia vs. Banija
Abanhfleft vs. Brenecia
Brenecia vs. Trolleborg
Crystalline Caverns vs. Brenecia
Brenecia vs. Brigantii
Sarzonia vs. Brenecia
Brenecia vs. Sherpa Empire
Brenecia vs. Atlantic Republic
Terre Septentrionale vs. Brenecia
Brenecia vs. Casta Marina
Banija vs. Brenecia
Brenecia vs. Abanhfleft
Trolleborg vs. Brenecia
Brenecia vs. Crystalline Caverns
Brigantii vs. Brenecia
Brenecia vs. Sarzonia
Sherpa Empire vs. Brenecia
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Postby Apox » Sun Dec 15, 2019 5:47 am


606 Election Results

by Camille Victoire | 15/03/606

Total Pop: 19,846,324
Total 18+ Pop: 15,658,750
Turnout: 72.92
Seats: 200
Political Party Votes % Seats Chng S Chng
ANP 4,455,839 39.02 81 9.17 21
Green Party 3,465,798 30.35 64 -5.00 -10
Free Party 2,556,359 22.39 46 -3.75 -9
FREEDOM.apx 381,977 3.35 5 0.41 1
New Dawn 309,499 2.71 3 -0.38 -2
ONP 94,636 0.83 1 -0.12 -1
Independent 63,838 0.56 0 N/A 0
Free North 50,090 0.44 0 -0.04 0
Christian Union 21,966 0.19 0 -0.05 0
Environmentals 18,054 0.16 0 -0.10 0
TOTALS 11,418,056 200

The results of the 606 election are in an it is Daramie Jenkins party who have performed the best, earning nearly 40% of the vote and becoming the largest party in Government House by quite a margin, this was mainly at the expense of the Green Party who did exceptionally well at the polls last time around but they also drew a significant amount of votes away from the Free Party who continued to struggle electorally. The progressive agenda pushed by Jenkins and the ANP throughout campaigning seems to have resonated with voters, making gains in a number of unexpected places. Some of the key battlegrounds will be represented and discussed below, with the ANP polling even more strongly then usual in the city regions but also making headway in the rural centre and north, traditionally Green heartlands as well as the rural south which has usually provided good numbers for the Free Party.

Battleground 1 - Dwile
REGION	Dwile				
Total Pop: 4,649,177
Seats: 47
Political Party Votes % Seats Chng S Chng
ANP 1,386,576 49.25 23 9.47 10
Green Party 694,085 24.65 12 -1.92 3
Free Party 548,704 19.49 9 -6.18 1
FREEDOM.apx 95,599 3.40 2 -0.82 1
New Dawn 60,499 2.15 1 -0.49 0
Christian Union 13,998 0.50 0 0.00 0
Independent 8,954 0.32 0 -0.05 0
Environmentals 3,336 0.12 0 -0.05 0
Independent 2,098 0.07 0 -0.03 0
Independent 1,801 0.06 0 0.06 0
TOTAL 2,815,650 100.00 47

The capital has much more representation in Government House now, thanks to the Proportional Votes Act in 605, seeing the number of seats in the capital jump from 32 to 47 in line with the percentage of the Apoxian population resident there. The ANP have always polled very strongly in Dwile, but this in particular shows how well they've campaigned there, earning nearly half of the vote - boosting their seat count by 10. This may partly be down to their proposals for more green spaces in the capital as well as the proposed urban regeneration of the Docklands region, large swathes of which have been under invested in for years. The home seat of both Daramie Jenkins for the ANP and Artur Winklebottom for the Free Party, the region is one of vital significance for any party wishing to perform well electorally.

The Green Party have always failed to resonate with large numbers of voters in Dwile, although they remain the highest polling party in the Greenwick and Egloskerry districts in the west of the city, and so only saw minor regressions on their 604 vote. The Free Party suffered much more, their more hardline stance on defense and law and order spending failing to win over many in the liberal and affluent capital region and seeing them punished as a result, losing six percent of the vote and only gaining one extra seat in the boosted seat numbers. What is particularly shocking is their slipping to second place behind the ANP in Issington and Metro districts, normally stronghold areas for them.

Battleground 2 - Northern Conurbation
REGION	Northern Conurbation				
Total Pop: 1,738,097
Seats: 18
Political Party Votes % Seats Chng S Chng
ANP 512,975 50.14 9 13.39 4
Green Party 215,887 21.10 4 -8.22 0
Free Party 198,443 19.40 3 -4.46 0
New Dawn 40,192 3.93 1 0.06 0
FREEDOM.apx 34,887 3.41 1 -0.31 0
Free North 13,874 1.36 0 -0.39 0
Independent 5,840 0.57 0 0.13 0
Independent 1,008 0.10 0 -0.20 0
TOTAL 1,023,106 100.00 18

The Northern Conurbation, centred around the cities of Barbury and Wrexton swung even more heavily toward the ANP, with just over half of all votes in the region going to the party. This has always been a stronghold for the party (they haven't come lower than first in the region in living memory), but even so this was a particularly impressive result for the party, up over 13 percentage points. This increase can probably be well explained by the ANP's proposed plan to "Renew the North", particularly centred around some of the poorer districts in the region such as Hovingstone and Godstone (both of which had over 60% of the vote going to the ANP). After clawing back some ground on the ANP in 604, the Green Party will be particularly discouraged to lose eight percent of the vote and end up with a similar vote total to the Free Party who have always struggled in the Northern Conurbation.

Interestingly, both New Dawn and FREEDOM.apx held onto seats in the region, showing that even in a region as starkly behind one party as this, there is still appetite for a variety of parties to achieve representation. It will be interesting to see if the Northern Conurbation follows Dwile's lead to establish a regional assembly (there are strong rumours that that might be the case) and if so what sort of representation will occur.

Battleground 3 - Border
REGION	Border				
Total Pop: 770,815
Seats: 8
Political Party Votes % Seats Chng S Chng
ANP 167,983 37.71 3 4.53 -1
Green Party 138,821 31.16 2 -5.38 -2
Free Party 89,807 20.16 2 -2.77 -1
FREEDOM.apx 32,193 7.23 1 3.74 1
Independent 6,948 1.56 0 0.26 0
New Dawn 4,076 0.91 0 0.18 0
ONP 4,008 0.90 0 0.14 0
Christian Union 1,087 0.24 0 -0.39 0
Environmentals 576 0.13 0 -0.31 0
TOTAL 445,499 100.00 8

Border has traditionally been one of the bigger swing regions, and tends to mimic the general opinions of the nation in terms of voting patterns. The 606 election was no exception, with the previously narrow victory here for the Green Party becoming a six point lead for the ANP. The region has lost three of its seats due to the reapportioning of votes, so the real loser here this time was the Green Party, who lost two seats to fall to due two representatives for the area. Border has undergone some changes in recent years, with the previously small town of Wofford growing to become the fifth biggest city in the country and becoming its own region in the process. This has brought investment to the area but much of it has gone to the city itself, with the traditional capital of Wye losing out - the city already falling in the city indices due to lack of funding in recent times (M6 motorway aside).

The Free Party also gained about the national share of the vote in the region, largely centred around the rural regions around Wye, but it is interesting to note the doubling of FREEDOM.apx's vote here, predominantly younger voters in Wye - a demographic which traditionally votes either Green or ANP, showing that ANP could've registered an even bigger win here in normal circumstances.

These are just some of the stories which can be told from yet another very important election for Apox - now that they are the largest party, it will be interesting to see how the ANP plan out their strategy for the next governmental period.
The History of Modern NSSports internationalpost.apx (Newswire) The Apoxian Compendium
Winners: Campionato Esportiva IV, V & XVI, World T20 Championships VI, Imperial Chap Olympiad
Runners-up: CoH 58, World T20 Championships V, Campionato Esportiva XII
Third: Campionato Esportiva XIII
Fourth: Campionato Esportiva VII & XV
Baptism of Fire 50, Cup of Harmony 56, World Cup 69, World Cup 73, World Cup 82
Friendly Cups 2 & 6, World T20 Championships II, Campionato Esportiva IV, VIII, XII & XXIII, GCF Season 4, 8 & 10

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Togonistan Yellow Warriors @ Andromeda Eagles
Andromeda National Stadium
Andromeda City
Saturday Afternoon of Mike Knox Weekend.

Chinese New Year is celebrated in three of the westernmost States in the Andromeda Archipelago. The rest of the country also celebrates an informal holiday known as “Mike Knox Day” in honor of former President Mike Knox.

Today is a special day. Leonard Lawrence, the President of the Allied States, gave a brief talk to the team before their pre-game warmup. The Eagles would also wear their brand-new home uniforms, which are white with red trim.

Today is also the first game to ever be played at the newly dedicated Andromeda National Stadium. Much of the nation is tuned in to watch the Andromeda Eagles face the Yellow Warriors of Togonistan on this Holiday Weekend.


After an unusually long pre-game ceremony, the two teams played what seemed to be an unusually long first half. Neither team has had much success beyond the midfield. The Yellow Warriors had a negligible advantage as far as possession time, but the Eagles had more clear shots on goal. The game was scoreless at the half.

In the second half, Dora Banner sits on the bench. Because the game has been close throughout, the backfield lineup hasn’t changed much. Steve Young went in for Rachel Medrano, but other than that, not much is going on in the backfield.

Banner had been recruited by the University of Joppa, Todd’s Cove and the Naval Academy. Since joining the Joppa squad, Banner helped the Jaguars win their third collegiate title. But Banner herself admits that she wasn’t at her best last fall.

Banner was at her best during her senior season at Central High School in Angeles City. There, she played alongside fellow defender Harper Thomas, a junior. Thomas knew how to motivate her. They fed off of each other, helping each other become better players. Banner did well enough to make the national team, but it’s not like it was when she played alongside Thomas.

Banner looks up and sees a group of Eagle fans holding up a sign. “AC Central in the House!” She stood up and saw that Harper Thomas was among the group. Her phone starts to vibrate. She looks at the text.

Tell Coach to put #34 in. – HT

Banner smiles. She gets another text.

Candy Apple Red. – HT

Banner’s face is flush. It turns from white to a bright red. She realizes that her feelings for Thomas are much more than comradery. She also realizes that he feels the same way.

At that precise moment, Coach Jones feels compelled to put Banner in to sub for Abby Salliewhite.

“Banner. Go in for Salliewhite.”

Banner goes in and replaces Abby Salliewhite just as Oona Kerry misses the Eagles’ best chance for a goal. The ball bounces off of the top bar of the goal.

For the rest of the game, the Yellow Warriors avoid the part of their front line where Dora Banner stood. After stealing the ball from both Lev Mafati and Aleki Siosifa, few of the Yellow Warriors came within three yards of Banner. The Yellow Warriors only managed two shots on goal in the second half. Neither shot connected.

Unfortunately, the home crowd still has yet to see the first goal scored at their new National Stadium. Despite this, Dora Banner runs into the locker room as if the Eagles had won. She will spend the evening with the one guy who always makes her feel like a winner. She will also find out if Harper Thomas will join her at the University of Joppa next year.

FINAL SCORE: Andromeda 0, Togonistan 0
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Vdara 0–2 Kwangtzu Guānnán

It was a warm, not rainy day at the VdarArena. Fans chanting for their respective sides, Vdaran fans blowing vuvuzelas to up the spirits of the Vdaran team. Sadly, their support would be useless today.

7’: Alexis Fotellis runs down the wing and into the box and shoots towards the goal. It's on target, but it’s saved by the Kwangtzu Guānnán keeper.
8’: Karalas has made it up to the right wing, and crosses it into Lazelis, who attempts an overhead kick that flies over the net.
10’: Mavroglou lobs a pass over the Guānnán defence, but it goes over his own players and the touch line as well, so it’s a goal kick.
12’: Kwangtzu Guānnán scores! The scorer was number 6.
13’: Mavroglou is on goal, but his shot flies over the top of the goal and into the crowd, knocking someone’s drink over.
19’: Lazelis beats the keeper, but doesn’t beat the crossbar as the ball is launched back into play after a long effort.
21’: Athanas is a long way off of his position, but his speed is electrifying. He crosses the ball into the box, but the Kwangtzu Guānnán keeper saves it.
22’: Guānnán players rush to score, but their shot is saved by the safe hands of Markos Moustakakos.
38’: The Guānnán keeper launches the ball out of his penalty box, and it goes over Moustakakos, who’s standing too far out, and into the net! Guānnán has made it 2-0!
39’: Lazelis shoots, and the shot lands in row Z. That’s amore!
45’: Guānnán has a clear shot on goal, no defenders, and Moustakakos is far out of his box. They shoot, and miss.
45’+1’: The referee blows for half time, at 45+1 mins.
50’: Guānnán has been stunning since the restart, and they get a shot on goal here... and hit the crossbar.
61’: Guānnán are forward again. They’re getting ever close to scoring a third. They shoot, beat Moustakakos’ hands, but the shot is saved by his left foot.
64’: Mavroglou is through yet again, but his shot flies to the left and goes out for a goal kick.
68’: Vdara are slamming Guānnán here, but can’t get a shot on target as Lazelis slips over while trying to recieve a pass from Karalas.
75’: Guānnán are still looking for that elusive third goal. Their forward evades Athanas, evades the 3 centrebacks, and hits the post with his effort.
77’: A Guānnán defender takes down Lazelis. Free kick given.
80’: Fotellis shoots, but the shot slams into the crossbar.
82’: Guānnán have a clear opportunity on goal, but a clumsy tackle by Athanas gains him a yellow card. Free kick given.
83’: Guānnán’s free kick taker shoots... and misses.
90’+4’: The referee blows the whistle for full time. Boos from the Vdaran fans trounce the cheers of Guānnán fans. They’re not happy.

As the match kicked off, something didn’t appear right with the Vdaran squad. They all seemed drained, tired, and not the Vdaran side that had lost 2-1 against a Hapilopper that could’ve beat them by a lot more had the team not showed how fantastic they were.

As the match played on, and finally finished after a gruelling 90 minutes, the fans and players started to realise that Vdara had been drubbed 2-0 at home.

The dressing room after the match was so silent that you could hear a pin drop. Tensions were high. Moustakakos blamed his defence. The defence blamed Moustakakos. Midfield blamed the strikers for not taking enough opportunities. The strikers blamed midfield for not passing the ball forward often enough. The silence continuted until Vdaran head coach and manager Iosif Sideropoulos walked in and stood in front of the players, his face flushed with anger.

“Well done boys,” Sideropoulos started, “You have successfully set a Vdaran record for the highest loss we’ve had in international football.”

“This is only our second match as a team though, boss!” Central-midfielder Kimon Karalas piped in, “This is our second match, and we’ve had 2 losses due to incompetence from Fotellis and Lazelis!”

“Stop blaming each other!” Sideropoulos screamed, silencing the dressing room.
“You’ll only create tension between yous. Grab a drink, get some sleep, and get training. We have a lot to do before the next game.”
The Kingdom of Vdara
A unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy situated in the Mediterranean Sea consisting of the islands of Malta, Cyprus, Crete, Karpathos, Rhodes, Thera, and Kasos.

Factbook | Vdaran Airlines | National Anthem | Royal Family | Political Parties | Vai News 24

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Why I Hate Football

Part Eight.

Feeder Club.

This post makes reference to an earlier piece by Nephara.

… Gary ran up his garden path almost falling flat on his face, as in his haste, he struggled to keep his footing. His hut was still there. Thank god. He headed along to the goats, relieved to see Margery and John still munching away happily on some dandelions. Next a head count of the hens was required – all present and correct. Gary spun slowly on the spot, casting his eyes over the valley, looking for any signs of interference. In the time he’d lived there, he could have counted on one hand the number of vehicles he’d passed on the road leaving the valley. He wasn’t expecting any deliveries, and worse still, he didn’t like the look of the driver one little bit. No one, who clamped a cigarette between their teeth like that, was ever up to anything wholesome.

‘Bastards.’ Gary spat. Most people would have given up at this stage, but former Chatswood midfielder was like hound on the scent. Someone had been up to something and Gary was going to get to the bottom of it. He walked up to his hut and shoved the door open, scanning the interior.

‘Hey..!’ His wife, Amanda, said in way of a friendly greeting. Gary ignored her, heading straight back into the valley. ‘Gary, what’s wrong?’ He was on a mission, making a bee-line straight for the crossing to the Newcomers village. ‘How did training go? Gary where is Madita?’

‘She’s making her way down from the car park.’ Gary shouted back, their daughter’s whereabouts had slipped down his priority list. His brows were gathered like a thunderstorm, as he took the crossing at the stream in a single leap. Something, somewhere, had to be amiss.

‘Gary wait.’ Amanda sounded desperate, her face etched with real concern. ‘There’s something you need to know…’

It was the way she said it – her intonation - that told Gary he was not going to like what he was about to hear.

August 1999, Dyerton Stadium…

Barry Gorman had his poker face on, as he watched the young trialists being put through their paces. The new intake were nervously glancing in his direction, keen to see what they could glean from his expression.

There were forty-nine of them in total, but only twenty three would make the under-thirteens squad – the first year group that Port Sebastian brought in-house. The rest would be farmed out to local feeder clubs, where tabs would be kept on their progress. After being appointed as youth coach, Gorman’s first move had been to infiltrate as many of the local amateur clubs as possible, placing his stooges in charge of their youth set up. He was in the process of building a network, which would ensure Porty had access to the best youth talent that North Handon had to offer.

Gorman’s had been a career cut short. He’d been twenty-eight when he felt his knee tighten while trotting over to take a corner. At the time he’d thought nothing of it, but a visit to the club doctor the following day had confirmed his playing days were over. Back then there was no chance of retiring early and putting his feet up. As a Schottic player in the pre-UICA era, he was lucky if he cleared three grand a month with bonuses, so there was no choice but to pick himself back up and get on with his coaching badges.

Gorman had always been competitive, with a cavalier attitude when it came to the rules of the game. Shirt-tugging, trash-talking, out-an-out diving to win a freekick – as far as he was concerned, all was fair in love and football. After hanging up his boots, he realised very quickly that his Machiavellian manoeuvring was actually highly conducive to success as a coach. Those shady backroom deals, bypassing players’ agents, and the utter lack of any moral compass, helped him climb the ranks quickly until he reached the position that he currently enjoyed, as youth coordinator.

‘Thanks again Derek.’ He said out the corner of his mouth. ‘I see what you mean.’ The two men – little and large – were stood shoulder to shoulder by the side of the pitch, while Gorman’s assistant, Conner Watts, conducted the training session.

‘It’s funny.’ Mr Hanson tried to keep his deep, gravelly voice as low as he could. ‘I’ve never met a player like him in my life. Couldnae give a flying fu*k.’ He cleared his throat. ‘…but I tell you, he’s got something.’

‘Most certainly.’ Gorman conceded, nibbling on his bottom lip while he gave the proceedings his full concentration. ‘He’ll need to lose a bit of weight, but…’ By contrast, the coordinator’s voice was smooth, charming, applying a coating of honey to every word.


‘But, I’m certainly interested.’ Gorman ran a hand across his stubbly chin. ‘You’ve not let me down Derek, I won’t forget this.’ He said quietly. ‘And a good turn deserves another.’

‘Nae bother, Barry.’ Mr Hanson made a genuine show of shrugging off his gratitude. ‘We’re both Porty boys, no? Blue and white, through and through.’

‘Quite.’ Gorman allowed a smile to creep into the corner of his mouth.’ But, loyalty receives its reward, and you’ll get your dues, my friend.’ A couple of players would be advised to join Livingstone Crescent AFC, as per the understanding, thus ensuring the parent feeder relationship stayed healthy. ‘Say, Derek, how is you’re daughter getting on with her course..?’

‘Claire? Mr Hanson made a show of giving it some thought. ‘Fine. Not that she ever tells me anything.’ He gave a wry chuckle. Now aged nineteen, she was already enrolled at North Handon Career College, working on an introductory sports science certificate.

‘Give her my number.’ Was Gorman’s only answer. Judging by the way Mr Hanson’s chest puffed out, his words had had the desired effect.

Gary was currently sat in the kitchen hut of the Newcomers’ settlement. Big Malcolm had poured him a mug of elderflower wine, and Amanda was trying to unknot some of the tension in his shoulders. ‘I just can’t believe the… the… the barefaced… brazen… unabashed..! ’ Gary shook his head and closed his eyes, breathing deeply as he waited for the latest wave of rage to pass. He was still in a state of shock, and the words weren’t quite there yet.

‘I’m sorry mate.’ Malcolm patted him firmly between the shoulder blades in an attempt at comfort. ‘I just didn’t think…’

‘No, you never do…’ Gary got to his feet, trembling with anger. ‘… … … Judas!!!’

‘Gary!’ Both Amanda and Joanna tried to return him to his stool. ‘Please. Think about your blood pressure!’

‘Don’t either of you give me, Please! That man gave away my boulder!’

‘Oh Gary, that’s not fair!’ Malcolm protested.

‘Fair! I’ll tell you what’s not fair.’ Gary tensed up, letting them know he had no intensions of returning to his stool. ‘Some evil bastard waltzing into my valley, and steeling my Ramsey Boulder. While you!’ He brandished an index finder in the big man’s direction. ‘You! You, my f-f-f-frie…’ He couldn’t bring himself to say the word. ‘…brewing associate, stand by and role out the red carpet…’

‘But Gary, you don’t even like boulders, or Gethin Ramsey.’ Joanna interjected, her tone pleading for reason. ‘And you hate likenesses. Remember the time I served you a slice of bread that resembled Laborious Hawk? You wouldn’t even eat it.’

‘It’s about the principle!’ Gary stamped his foot on the floor like a petulant child. ‘This is my valley. I bought it. And the Ramsey Boulder therefore belongs to me.’

‘Gary, we were chatting in bed, just last night, about how property was theft. Remember?’ Amanda tried again to sooth him, running a hand across the small of this back. ‘You can’t own the ground we walk on…’

‘That was before my Ramsey Boulder was carted off to… god-knows-where!’


‘Aaaaagh…’ Gary dropped to his knees, burying his face in his palms. ‘Of all the places… Oh, Lord. Why is this happening to me...?’

‘Would it make things easier, if I took this opportunity to step down as community liaison?’ Malcolm asked sincerely.

‘Malcolm, don’t be silly…’ Amanda began.

‘Yes! Yes it would.’ Gary cut across her, but a look at his wife’s face would have given him fair warning that her patience was wearing thin. ‘With immediate effect.’

‘It’s done.’ Malcolm conceded, with a symbolic bow of the head.

‘Good.’ Gary found his mug of Elderflower wine and took a drink, his eyes still blazing, as he seemed to be chewing over an idea. ‘Okay, I’ve considered this long and hard, and I think I’ve got a plan. It’s crazy enough that it might just work. Tomorrow we assemble a team – we take Malcolm’s truck - and we go to get the Ramsey Boulder back.’ He suddenly had his mojo back, and was pacing back and forth decisively. ‘We’ll need code-names, disguises, rope, chloroform and several and a piece of cloth…’

‘GARY LET IT GO!’ Amanda screamed with a ferocity caught even her by surprise. ‘Let – it – go…’ She corrected the volume of her voice. ‘Please… It – is – just – a rock.’ Something about the way she said it, ensured she had utter silence to deliver the rest of her speech. ‘I know you like things just so. You’re passionate, it’s why I love you, but…’


‘But if you head off to Corvistone to bring back a fucking boulder that resembles a dead football manager, then… well, don’t expect me to be here when you get back.’ And while she had his full attention. ‘You can stay here in this valley by yourself if you like. Dig a great big bloody moat round it for all I care. You promised me, before we got married: No… more… sneaking..!’

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Six Years Forty Nine Days Ago

Postby Mustardy » Sun Dec 15, 2019 7:25 am

Nothing Out Of The Ordinary Please, We’re Mustardo
III. Agreeing To Play An Amusing Game Of Hide And Seek


Miskatonic University wrote:“Gruelmaker, do you have the shot?”

“Yessum,” said the former Gregistani goalkeeper.

“Then take it, dammit. Before we have any more interruptions.”

Gruelmaker squeezed the trigger on The Weapon.

Aaaaaand… Cut! That’s all for today folks, good job. Well done.

There was a round of applause from the cast, including the audience of hundreds of courtiers who were also, of course, part of the cast. Stella Staff of the First & Last Service Station Café, who had been hired to do the catering, wheeled in a tray full of cups and urns of tea, coffee and hot water. Stella’s assistant Ofra was following behind with biscuits and the players of the Stockett Ensemble gathered round to get themselves some refreshment. Stage assistants hauled off the heads of the six bears so the actors inside could get some air; Homer, Hassan and Gregoire L’Erreur went off stage left to get a good shot at the bar; the Assistant to Mr. Gruelmaker brought over a bucket of antisceptic and began dabbing at his thousand cuts; Nev and Sindy agreed they would do a quick tour of the Granite Halls with some of The Allan Hunter, and Brian Blessed Cloned offered to be their guide; the Real-Lifers Danny ‘Audio’ Byrne, Jimmy, Mono and Orson Worthing decided to head back to the Real-Lifers trailer for a game of cards and invited Pis The Valhallan along, but he spat – p‘tuh! – at Jimmy and headed for the bar.

“These method actors,” said Mono, shaking his head.

Half an hour later, as Audio got a royal flush on Staves and fancied himself to clear out the pot, Homer Simpson put his head around the door.

We’re getting a callback chaps, says Homer, there has been a discussion in the bar and The Director would like to do the final scenes now. She would like you all on set in five.

Soon enough, the cast of The Stockett Ensemble were assembled back in their rightful places, make-up retouched, and, in the case of the bears, heads studded back into place.

Well done all for getting back into character so promptly. Let’s take it from the top of scene fourteen – Season To Taste – and Mr. Gruelmaker, you are about to finally get your shot off at Homer. Alright, is everyone ready? Do you have the shot, Mr. Gruelmaker? Let’s have quiet on the set please… fingers to keyboard… aaannnnnndddd… action…

“Gruelmaker, do you have the shot?”

“Yessum,” said the former Gregistani goalkeeper.

“Then take it, dammit. Before we have any more interruptions.”

Gruelmaker squeezed the trigger on The Weapon.

There was a deep bass rumble, like a gathering storm channeling into a full stop. Everyone looked at the weapon as it discharged… a small flag spring-loaded onto an iron rod. It was the flag of The Holy Empire.

There was a stunned silence in the court. Mono looked upward, to the rough direction he imagined he would be looking at the writer of this farce, huddled over a keyboard in a different dimension. He sighed deeply, as with great frustration.

“Damn it,” he shouted, at the ceiling, and no-one, and me, the author, “I thought we had an agreement! Destroy Wight, you said.”

The House of Daedalus

But, I hear you cry, what of the Real-Lifers that Wight had drawn into their story, Quantum Spaghetti? As we all know, they existed in two places at once, so surely, to send those trapped in NS back to RL will create one of those multiverse-threatening paradoxes all over again? We can’t, I hear you wail, put up with another day of this preposterous nonsense!

It’s alright. To be honest, I couldn’t put up with another day of writing it. Everything is going to be just fine, and there won’t be two Audios, or four Nev and Sindys, or duplicate Valhallans or Orson Worthings. You will recall the House of Daedalus as being an infinitely large multicursal palace in which one might easily become lost and almost certainly never find a way home from. Every door leads to a different world, in a different time-space continuum, and the chances of your finding the right one is slightly less than zero. Now, that cunning bubble universe deity of Wight and his Greek friend Daedalus hatched a plan. And when the Real-Lifers left the court at Granite Spit, following a piece of string apparently back to their own dimensions, they were in fact following the cunning plan. Each one found their string took them to a door in a different part of the granite fortress, and pinned to each door, a photocopy of an A4 sheet on which had been hand written in scratchy writing the letters ‘RL’. On the other side of the door, they would find a corridor, and along that corridor, an infinite number of other doors. If they changed their mind, and turned back, and reopened the door to Granite Spit, they would find it no longer led to Granite Spit but to some other place. And every other door would open into a different world. They had been led into The House of Daedalus – and they would not be coming back to into their own worlds any time soon. Neither would they ever come across one another in that vast house – they were infinitely distant from each other.

Once they had passed into that world, nothing would give them any hope of coming out.


“PIS! Thank the dogs I found you! What the hell is this place?”

“Audio! What a messed up load of nonsense this turned out to be.”

“Right? Shall we go home now?”

* Real Life Time

Mustardy Edition - Sports Section

I Bet No-one Has Used That Pun Before


Our Person in Héronne:
Against an emerging powerhouse of modern football who will be among the favourites for the group, The Red Herrings' first home game so nearly ended with an astonishing shock to give cause for optimism that this World Cup qualifying campaign will at least not end in utter humiliation. A late, late equaliser from Jurzse Bedesnjak put the black and reds on level terms for the first time in the match since Stan Dereumaux's opener for the Red Herrings on the quarter hour mark. A shock second from Guy Vérany after twenty three minutes put the hawk among the kittens and the SRS were chasing the game from then on. Under pressure Brenecian manager Bethany Donnell will not have enjoyed such a humiliating start to the game and despite dominating for most of the following seventy minutes, she could not mastermind a way back until Bedesnjak's well deserved 90+3 get-out-of-jail header that gave them a point. It was a point they certainly deserved, but the real takeaway from this will be the other two they squandered. Debutant Lyzolda Petrov had halved the lead just before the interval and everyone expected that a second half would put things right for the black and reds. Whatever Donnell said during the half time team talk failed to ignite that recovery though, and the visitors were stunned just a minute after restart when Martin Ménétries exploited hesitation at the back to steal in and restore Mustardy's two goal advantage. A shock looked on the cards, even as the SRS upped the ante and forced the Red Herrings into a deep retreat, barely emerging from their own half. Danin Stolp brought the visitors back to within a single goal lead midway through the second half, cueing total dominance, but it looked for all the world like Mustardy would hang on for the win. Bedesnjak had different ideas, hitting the equaliser with virtually the last kick of the game, but is this papering over the cracks? Can Donnell even make it through qualifying after this underwhelming result?

Meanwhile, in the streets of Héronne, the Mustardo were singing and drinking long into the night after what they will consider a famous draw. When asked for his assessment of the game, coach Dik ten Beuenk admitted his bunch of amateurs were disappointed not to have taken all three points. "They smashed us off the park really," he said, not hiding from the dominance of the visitors, "but when you sneak a goal or two or three, you've always got a chance."

GOALS: Demeuraux 15' Vérany 23' Petrov 43' // Ménétries 46' Stolp 62' Bedesnjak 90+3'

MUSTARDY line up @ Ziwana: Groben / Delannoy, Baillairgé, Klumper, Khant / Van Caemelbeke, Ménétries, Blendeman, Greiving / Dereumaux, Vérany
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Postby Tamgu » Sun Dec 15, 2019 8:13 am

A short update by Lada Elista

Sigh...Where do I start? Our team is in shambles. The chemistry has evaporated. Tactically we are weaker than ever. I was wrong about the friendlies, too. They were signaling our horrid performance. But I wasn't the only one who was wrong. Every reporter, commentator and old guy at the local coffee place thought we were going to be one of the best in our group, instead, we are second form last with -2 difference. Heck, even Razneta has a damned win but we don't! There is one thing I stand behind however, and that is that Resak is the correct man for the job. His inexperienced-ness is what's holding his talent back. I still believe we will get better towards the last weekdays but it's not an unpopular opinion that our qualification is most likely doomed.

Now see me being wrong again and us playing like a Pot 1 team in the next match...
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    GDP per capita: $32.187,48
    Tamga/USD conversion rate: 1,23
    Largest city: Remeno, 11,950,400 (2019)

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Postby Bears Armed » Sun Dec 15, 2019 8:31 am

Bears Armed vs. The Five Cities
Venue: Wimbley Stadium
Score: 2- 3.

Bears Armed: Brent (#11) @ 42’ (assist: Fane [#12]), o Redbank (#23) @ 52’ (Assist: Russett [#4]).
OPPONENT: ????? @ 88’ (assist: ????); ????? @ 89’ (assist: ????); ????? @ 90’ (assist: ????).

Red Cards

Substitutions due to Injury

The location: the Bear-Belles’ changing room at Wimbley.
The time: just after the match against ‘the Five Cities’.


(Lurrsee Fane) “Urrgah! Fleas-and-fur-loss! How the furless purples did they do that?”(1)

(Karra Brent) “Well, we knew that they were somehow ‘weird’ from the start, because of their players not only being apparently hwithout names or assigned numbers but looking identical into the bargain…”

(Urrma Kuthbearrh) “Just like the team from Qasden did during the last D-B-C…” (2)

(Karra) “Ayyuh, just like that, for true.”

(Lurrsee) “But at least the Qasdenites, even though the fact that we couldn’t tell any one of them — apart from the goalie, because of their different kit, of course — from any of the others made keeping track of hwhich was hwhich very difficult, still crossed the pitch normally… The way in which this latest lost suddenly started disappearing in one place and then re-appearing somehwhere else on the pitch altogether, though: Bear-on-a-stick! There just wasn’t any way that we could cope with that…”

(Harroya o Sarrndale) “For true!
“The only sort-of ‘brright’ side that I can see is that they only started doing that during the verry last few moments of the game… Imagine hwhat the hrrresult might have gone to if they had been doing that hrright from the
start of play!”

(Karra) “Urrgah! That would have…”
(Lurrsee) “Bear-on-splintery-stick!
(Urrma) “Furless purples!”
(Steffannne Bruin) “I suppose that is a bright side… hokay.
“But, hrright,
not a nice possibility to have to think about.”

(Hannorra Scarlett ) “I wonder…”

(Karra) “You wonder hwhat, pray tell?”

(Hannorra) “Smell it, we alrrready considered the possibility that some of the general hard-to-explain stuff going on was due to a ‘cosmic’ event of some kind somehow merging two different versions of Reality together, and maybeso — as the expression goes — “retconning” our history as a side-effect along the way, hrright? ”

(Errinth’hrra Russett) “Ayyuh. And so…?”

( Hannorra) “And so, maybeso, hwhat if the Five Cities players apparently “jumping” from place to place like that was because two different sets of them — from two different Realities’ versions of the match, that is — were suddenly being swapped-over with each other?”

( Karra) “urrgah! That does make sense, if our basic presumption about hwhat was behind things like the change in the dates during hwhich the earlier version of our team used to play is correct…”

(Lurrsee) “Ayyuh, and it might explain something else , hwhich I found out about only yesterday, too…”

(several of the others) “Oh?”

( Lurrsee) “Ayyuh.
“Smell it, we remember the goals in our match against
Appalachian Nation last week as being one for urrs early one, them scoring an equaliser just before half-time, and then me putting urrs back ahead just after the break, hrright? Well, big sister got hold of one of those ‘Hillbillies’ iown newspapers hwhich reported the match, and according to that we went ahead two-to-none early on and maintained the lead almost until the end of play!
“So, maybeso, their newspaper was reporting a different Urrth’s version of the match, hrrather than the version that
we rremember?”(3)

( Steffanne) “That makes sense to me…”

( Karra ) “ayyuh, and to me too… But hwhat does it mean for our future games? Might they get mixed-up like this, as well?”

( Steffanee) “ Prrobably est not to think too much about it, and just play the best that we can, anyhows..”

(Karra ) “Ayyuh.”

( Errinth’hrra ) “Hr’rmm, that ‘cosmic uncertainty’ — or hwhatever — about hwhich Hrrealities’ versions of our opponents we were actually facing might explain hwhy we couldn’t fit individual names or numbers or even features to any of them, as well!”

(Hannorra) “Ayyuh! That does fit the theory, for true.”

( Lurrsee) “Maybeso. Anyhows, don’t know about the rrest of you but I need a drink… and we’ve got tomorrow off for rrecovery from the game, so…”

(Karra ) “So let’s go!”

[i](Your view of this discussion, as an observer from beyond the ‘Fourth Wall’, fades to black…)


OOC Footnotes

1. My bears’ use of “furless” as a swear word I have already explained, and the derivation of “fleas-and-fur-loss” should be obvious; “purples”, in this context, derives from the fact that the [wizard-run] ‘Purple Empire’ were the main “bad guys” in the Bears’ early history and is used as a swear-word not only because of that history but also because that empire’s last ruler summoned (and then lost control of) a horde of demons who devastated the country before they were sent back to wherever they’d come from… Direct references casually to the demons themselves or to their home would be considered highly inauspicious, so “purples” effecttively serves as a euphemistic substitute for it… so “furless purples” = “bloody hell”.

2. That is how I used Qasden’s lack of a roster during that tournament, as well as how I’m treating the The Five Cities’ lack of one here: That time around, I said that if the nation’s player posted an objection I would RP the bears finding out that their opponents weren’t really indistinguishable from each other and the real problem was somebody messing with my own people’s perceptions… This time, as you can see, I’m going for a different explanation instead…

3.i wrote-up & posted my account of the game, but the player behind Appalachian Nation somehow missed that when they checked before doing their own write-up... and when we discovered that this clash of stories had happened I asked them to leave theirs unchanged so that I could use it like this in my RP…
The players behind other teams in this group are therefore perfectly free to post accounts of our games that disagree in details (although not in overall results, of course) from any versions that I have already posted... and to use this explanation for the differences, if any of their own people notice it, as well.
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Postby The Sarian » Sun Dec 15, 2019 8:41 am

Veldiest Loug 1 - 1 De BondSaari
'59 W. Pauwelz (TSA)
'72 U. Nknown (EFL)

The Sarian line-up (5-4-1): O. Duoztiun -- W. Beunaad, M. Kindvandoenaulld (B. Ziebruux, 62), J. Pieuz, Z. Zamuuol, E. Koemanz (C. Kindvanhenri, 76) -- W. Buul, L. Bisop (J. Lauri, 62), L. Aucs, L. Bruux -- W. Pauwelz

The Sarian vs Eastfield Lodge: Top Five Performers

Defence Centre - Zej Zamuuol
Seeing the disjointed defence of the HUElavia game, Miccal Druiven brought Tiugz FC team-mates Moerius Kindvandoenaulld and Zej Zamuuol into the side: a choice that the scoreline largely vindicates. At Tiugz FC, Zej is used to the defensive line-up which the national side lined-up with, and he used that experience to his advantage. Falling behind the defensive line of his team-mates to cover on several occasions, he showed a lot of footballing intelligence and an almost telepathic knowledge of where he was needed.

Midfield Centre - Lizett Aucs
When playing with such a defensive set-up, it can often be hard for other players to carve out a significant role and thrive. Lizett Aucs was perhaps the sole Sari exception to this, adopting a playmaker role which looked to turn every hard-fought defensive win into a counter-attacking opportunity. Her assist for Wera Pauwlz's goal was a particular highlight, jumping on a long Walt Beunaad pass forward to play a quick pass for Pauwlz to seize upon.

Defence Left - Walt Beunaad
There is no doubt about it, Walt Beunaad is more comfortable when supporting an attack than he is as a defender. But that conclusion often leads to people underestimating him as a full-back. All game, he prevented the Eastfield Lodge attack from making any progress down the right hand side - and can probably claim to have the highest work-rate of any player from either side. To top it all off, it was his interception and inch-perfect hollywood pass which kick-started the attack leading to the Sari goal.

Goalkeeper - Oodel Duoztiun
For the second consecutive match, Oodel Duoztiun was the side's saving grace. Although the side was built on a defensive base - and the defence, generally, performed admirably - against a much stronger team, there was always going to be cracks in the wall. And like a master bricksmith, Oodel stopped those cracks from becoming anything more serious. Though he could have perhaps been better positioned to prevent the Eastfield Lodge goal - a looping header from a corner - he was otherwise flawless and continues to strike a claim to be the side's greatest asset.

Defence Centre - Jaxon Pieuz
Winning Player of the Match, Jaxon Pieuz really stepped up after facing criticism for his performance against HUElavia. Leading by example, the team's captain worked tirelessly all game and was responsible for a number of crucial tackles and interceptions which took the wind from the Eastfield Lodge attack. His leadership was also notably more present vis-a-vis the HUElavia game - hopefully suggesting an increased cohesion in the national team.
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Postby Mkabia » Sun Dec 15, 2019 9:24 am

There was a shot. Well obviously, there was a shot, it was a football game after all. But there was also a shot at victory. It had been a strange visit to Beepee, a mysterious place which had earned its stripes in previous campaigns but had started fairly anonymous in this edition. For Mkabia, the first confrontation with the international football world had been a reality check. Franky Adams, the little wonderboy of Reçueçnian football, had made short business of the home team with a brace and even a late score by Akakpo had not brought a spark of believe. It had, however, ignited a spark of discontent in the team as the Dragons striker hadn’t been selected to start but found the net, contrary to Djalenga attacker Diawara.

But the gaffer stood by his belief in the fast forward and Mamadouba Diawara delivered against Beepee with a lightning infiltration and a remarkably subtle touch in the box. Beepee had not only gotten back into it but went up and over Mkabia. But whilst at home, the Leopards had been deprived of the ball and urged to run without getting any chance, they now fought back. They won the duels, pressed when out of possession and gotten what they deserved. When a run from Mlapa got cut short wrongly, Mamadou Zongo painted the ball in the top corner for the equalizer.

And now, now there was a shot.

“Fodé! Fodé!” Kabirou looked like he had lost it, pacing back and forth in front of his dugout, getting in confrontation with the fourth official time and time again. Now he wanted his striker and he wanted him now.

“We’re bringing him,” he yelled to Kei.

In theory, Kei Tankary knew more about football but he could agree on this one as well. Fodé Siry never had been the most technically apt one but compensated that with an impressive physique. Taking a tired Diawara, who had been fighting for 85 minutes now, off for someone who allowed you to toss balls into the box seemed sensible. Beepee was doubting and if there was a shot for a steal…

It was a bit sour that Akakpo, who had ensured that they had something to explain against the Marshall, would stay on the bench all evening long – but he would have his chances soon enough. Kei still trembled at the thought of the hairdryer treatment they had received after the game from the national leader – he hadn’t been joking about wanting to see successes. With the next two teams to visit ranking near or just in the top hundred of the multiverse as well, grabbing something here was advised, Kei knew.

Whilst Siry took off his trainer, by now experienced enough to simply nod at the motivational bullshit Kabirou was spouting (“Try to make a goal, that’s the best plan”), Kei informed the official – number twenty-two for number nine please.

On the next throw-in, the board was lifted and Diawara tried to jog off at a proper pace. The few away fans tried to give him a warm applause and-

“No. No! Kei, what are you doing?” Kabirou darted towards Fodé Siry and the official, nearly slapping the sign out of his hands. “Get back, Mamadouba, get back!”

Turning to Kei, he was visibly fuming, “Yaya must go, we go with four up front!”

Even the official couldn’t suppress a frown – this made no sense.

“But, we’ll be with three in the back,” Kei tried to protest but he knew that his words would fall in deaf ears.

“That’s the whole point!” As the official, trying to explain that it couldn’t be reversed, got an earful, defender Yaya Ayité walked off and Fodé Siry sprinted on.

And then there was a shot. Zongo, powerful all evening long, tried it from far out and the Beepee keeper pushed it into the air. Fodé Siry dueled his way to the ball and as Kabirou lifted his arms already, a soft ‘toink’ of the outside of the post ruined all dreams. The six green-and-yellow inside the box attempted to get it first but a home defender smashed it forward. In a matter of seconds, three Beepee attackers gained possession and sprinted across the halfway line with only Moutari and Sankaré between them.

A simple doublepass disposed them of the central defender and even a skilled goalie such as Salim Sankaré can’t make a difference when three opposing players are running towards him.


There was a shot and now it was gone.

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Postby HUElavia » Sun Dec 15, 2019 9:45 am

HUElavia struggles and loses home opener in WC84 Qualifiers!

HUElavia came into Matchday 2 sitting in 4th place with optimism that they could win their home opener. After all, it was against their Pot 5 opponent Competitive Solitaire who was ranked 81 in the World. The venue was a Estadio Acuatico, in Bello Mar, in the Northeast of the country, first time hosting a WC Qualifiers match. HUElavia came into the match as favorites by a few points.

The first half was an affair of a see-saw match, with HUElavia scoring and Solitaire having to respond. The goals were all headers from corners by Gallego, who met the heads of Rossi, Cristiano and Petit in the 13', 25', and 37' minutes, with Solitaire equalizing each time with massive blasts by van de Laar, Daniel, and Graaf in the 17', 30' and 43' minutes. The first half ended at a 3-3 draw, which had the crowd very anxious.

The second half would be brutal though, as two quick lapses by the HUElavian defense, especially with Hierro and Salgado being dispossessed both times by Graaf, who set up passes to Lucassen and Kurz ehich both scored with their right foot in the 48' and 52' minute to make the scoreline read 3-5. HUElavia then played the rest of the game giving shot after shot, only to be blocked by Waltz or all four defenders, as well as going out wide or hitting the bars. The game ended on that bitter note, giving HUElavia a dose of reality: No game is to be taken for granted, and having home advantage for the match is not a big guarantee to win games.

Fortunately for Los Amarillos, the other group favorites struggled, with Mercedini and Eastfield Lodge getting draws, while Starblaydia had a draw. Therefore, despite being in 5th place, HUElavia are just one point off from first place, and a win in their next match will possibly put them into a direct qualification spot. For now, the team must improve, especially facing off in a group that involves a team they defeated in WC83 Qualifiers, Mercedini, and going against an opponent that is only 2 spots above them in the rankings, Eastfield Lodge. The road will be tough, but HUElavians everywhere have optimism that the team can turn things around.

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Postby TJUN-ia » Sun Dec 15, 2019 10:03 am

TJUN-ia Update: Latroit A Slap Back To Reality

We knew this tournament would be difficult, and this game showed it as TJUN-ia tasted a 2-0 defeat at the hands of the Free Republics.

With a mixed up squad it was the Andreas Hansen show in Latroit, as he provided both goals in the first half to seal this game early for the 17th ranked FR. The Jaguars had their chances, but couldn't get past the iron gloves of Taras Sergeyev.

Manager David Seems was disappointed at the result, but knew it was inevitable. "When we're playing against a team of that stature, it was always going to be difficult to overcome them. However, we held them to only two. That can be seen as a positive, as we held Taeshan to 2 as well!"

The Jaguars now find themselves 9th in Group 11 after 2 games. It is back to TJUN-ia City tonight against unranked Nakhistan, who are yet to score a point so far.
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Postby Trolleborg » Sun Dec 15, 2019 10:33 am



So, it’s our first home game, at the “1st December” stadium. This is also first ever our official game at home in the Trolleborg history. 100 thousand people will see game at the stadium itself, 8 to 10 thousand in the Ice Arena of the capital in three-dimensional format and an innumerable number of fans throughout the country and in the country where it is possible to look at the events with all possible comfort and a variety of entertainments. Sales of related products have already boost GDP this week.


Only a few minutes remain before the start of the game. A magnificent firework in honor of such an event as our first match on the home field has already thundered out in the skies. Fans greet the teams with a friendly roar and chants. Opposite the exit from the stands, the giant flag of Trolleborg is unfurled and two more travel through the stands from left and right. When the country’s anthem began to play, the fans in the main stands all together raised the signs that formed the image of a flying red dragon. The national leader and royal family is present at the stadium personally.

At first glance, the task of our team looks quite simple. The team we will play against has not scored points yet, but it’s worth considering that they lost both games to the group’s leaders, world-class teams, with a minimum score. But not forget, please, that they are 66th in the KPB ranks. And, keeping in mind our defeat from North East Asia at the Bof, with which everyone so impressed with, it’s extremely unwise add three points, and even one point, to our tally in advance.

The team will try to get result in the following line-up:


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Postby Squornshelous » Sun Dec 15, 2019 11:25 am

Human Nature, Chapter 4
Chapter 1; Chapter 2; Chapter 3

The room Holmgren found himself in was not large, but it boasted intact walls and the glass in its windows was only cracked, not shattered. All things considered it was probably one of the best rooms in the building, best being very much a relative term. Holmgren had no desire to conduct any survey of the building to determine the accuracy of that assessment though. Under the windows were sleeping mats, neatly rolled and stood in a row. The bare concrete floor, though pitted and cracked with age and hard use, was freshly swept. A straw broom rested in a corner. The walls were patched and re-patched, but clean. To the left of the entry a truly ancient couch, upholstery too faded to make out what pattern it had once borne, slouched against the wall. On the couch, Mr. and Mrs. Vang, August and Birgette Holmgren remembered. August looked frightened, his arm around his wife's shoulders more for his own comfort than hers. Birgette leaned forward, tense, glaring at Holmgren. Directly ahead of the door, stood Lyyti. Tall and lanky with straw-colored hair chopped short just below her ears. Arms crossed and hip cocked, her glance took in Holmgren and his escorts, silent on either side of the door. Holmgren grimaced inwardly, hands clasped at the small of his back. It was going to go exactly as he'd expected.

"Ms. Vang, by now you know who I am and you can probably guess why I'm here."

"I don't give a shit who you are, I'm only talking to you to get you to leave."

"I'm here to recruit you to play for the national team Ms. Vang, so when I leave, you'll be coming with me."

"The hell I will."

"You'll be paid a retainer of five million credits over the duration of the qualifying tournament. Performance bonuses also apply, government housing will be supplied for you and your family, we can go over the details of the contract back at the Ministry."

"Fuck you and your government paycheck."

"Also," Holmgren continued, "your participation will earn you a number of very influential friends at the Ministry. Friends who can open doors for you, your family and friends."

Lyyti threw back her head and laughed. "You think I want some Ministry desk job? You're insane, stupid or both, and you're wasting your time here." She stepped closer, and Holmgren had to tilt his head back slightly to look her in the eye. "There, I listened your offer, I don't want any part of it, now get out."

"Don't be naive. I prefer the carrot to the stick Ms. Vang, but I'll use whatever tools necessary to do my job."

"Ooh, you gonna have your thugs beat me up if I won't come with you."

"Nothing so crude Ms. Vang. I want you to play football, remember? You can't do that from a hospital bed."

"You oughta know that the hallway you came here from is full of my friends by now, so you can leave here the easy way or the hard way." Lyyti uncrossed her arms and held her hands out to her sides palms up, smiling.

Holmgren had no smile in return. "Dieter," he met Lyyti's gaze, "no permanent injuries please." His face an impassive mask, Holmgren held the eye contact as one of his guards slipped out the door. A few seconds and several fleshy impacts later he returned, idly examining the knuckles on his left hand. Lyyti's smile vanished. On the couch, Birgette pulled a necklace from beneath her shirt to clutch the simple ring hanging from it. "Abomination." Holmgren kept any reaction to her Luddite sensibilities from reaching his face.

"Let me be clear Ms. Vang. You are not capable of threatening me."

"You bastard-"

"Your friends will be fine," he waved her insult away, "provided you don't make any more stupid, useless gestures." Holmgren unclasped his hands and gestured at his escort. "Vlad and Dieter could kill everyone in this building without unholstering their weapons. I don't want that, and neither do you." Holmgren steepled his hands, the thumbs against his collarbone, the forefingers just touching his chin, "I am here to recruit you. If necessary, I will have Dieter incapacitate you and carry you out, but I would prefer that you walk. I could threaten to have your parents killed in front of you, I could threaten to have them assigned to a labor camp," he paused for a breath, "It is important that you understand something Ms. Vang. I am empowered to do anything I deem necessary to recruit the players I want for this team." Holmgren watched as Lyyti's shoulders sagged, her arms now hanging at her sides. The confident smirk she'd worn when he entered was long gone.

"Why the hell do you want me?" There was only confusion on Lyyti's face now, "Why not have Vlad and Dickwad play, if they're so great."

"That's not important," Holmgren was almost finished.

"What is important is that I have decided that the national team needs you, Lyyti. Accordingly, If you do not come willingly, now, if you do not cooperate with team management and their training schedule, this is what will happen. Tomorrow, your twin sister, Lilja will be arrested." Holmgren took no satisfaction in the sudden widening of Lyyti's eyes. Too late to stop now, time to be done with it. "She will be taken to Vogsphere Central Medical Center, where she will have a neural override chip implanted. It is difficult to force someone's brain to think and do things it does not want to, but it is not impossible. There is, however, a high risk of psychosis. The technology has not yet been perfected, unfortunately." Holmgren paused to gauge the reaction before continuing. Three matching, gape-mouthed expressions of horror stared back at him. "The procedure will also damage her memory. Our neurotherapists will help her to remember her oppressive religious upbringing, and how she ran away from home to live a normal life. How her parents disowned her when they learned she had gotten implants to correct a simple birth defect in her heart. She will live a normal, if somewhat lonely life as a loyal Imperial citizen. That is if you, Lyyti, start cooperating. If not there will be further consequences." One final pause for emphasis. When no interruption claim Holmgren knew he had won.

"Either way, none of you will ever see her again unless Lyyti follows me out this door, right now."

Holmgren turned to leave.

- - - - - - Present Day - - - - - -

Lyyti felt guilty about the smile on her face.

She couldn't shake the sense that she ought to be miserable, and that participating in the dressing room celebration that followed a surprising away draw at Bolgano was a betrayal of her family, of her principles, of everything she was. Everything I've done since I followed that bastard out the door has been wrong. She could see it in the faces of the politicians and bureaucrats who came by practices to have their hands shaken and their asses kissed. She could see it in the fanatical crowds of technologists who screamed and chanted at matches. Every goal I score, every pass I make just boosts those fuckers who run this country further up above everyone else. They had taken the Ring on a chain her mother had given her. Allowing an important symbol, she knew they didn't think of her as a person, to display a Luddite emblem would not be allowed. She could not deny that she was being used, and she knew she should hate every moment of it.

But these are my friends now. She looked around the room. Each of them, Alla with her easy laugh and broad smiles, Iosif who always tried so hard to find the silver lining in every cloud, Eerika the self-appointed morale officer, always checking up on her teammates. Each of them had a story just like hers, and that made them more than friends. They were brothers and sisters, and she couldn't help but take pride in their achievements. She couldn't help but smile.


A shout from the door broke her away from her introspection. She turned to see her sister running toward her, braced just in time to absorb the flying hug. "Lilja! I wasn't sure they'd let you come."

"They took my Ring," Lilja frowned.

"Mine too, but nevermind that, I haven't seen you in almost a month. How are you, how are Ma and Da?"

"We're all still getting settled. Da's trying to start a garden out back of the new place," Lilja finally released Lyyti and stepped back. "They miss you. So do I."

"I miss you too. I wish I could sneak off to visit but they schedule our days down to the second, and security never lets us out of their sight."

"Don't do anything crazy Lyyti."

"Fine, but only because you said so," Lyyti put her arm around Lilja's shoulder and maneuvered her out into the room, "C'mon, I'll introduce you around."
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Postby Valanora » Sun Dec 15, 2019 11:45 am


I dreamed a dream of a sky painted navy and purple
A sparkle of green and blue
Stripes of scarlet and gold across a setting sky
The shadows cast from twin peaks
And the parties attempting to scale
Even the cloud of breath escaping from them
Not deterring them from moving on, to refusing to fail.

Sixteen stars adorn the sky
As day makes it end and gives way to night
Night has passed but stands ever still and present
Like a blade in the hand of a holy protector
Whose edge the fabrications of reality do balance
Fortunes that rise and fall like the well of hot springs
And a force who some would call the puppet master
All pulling the strings.

Battle way battle way all
Interns scatter to and fro
Keeping safe the gold from shattering so
Swells of laughter and glee
Heroes battle amongst the clatter
A battleground for the immortals
Tales of history that will remembered ever after.

A storm does force back the peril
Its mauve shadowed glove holding back disaster
Titans of lore and myth
From ever after will be the measuring stick.
Battle the way for eternity
A display for all who bask in their brilliance.
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