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Postby Furbish Islands » Wed Aug 21, 2019 5:32 am

There was overwhelming support for running two RPs at once in the discord, so here's the planning thread for the next FCN competition. For now it will be used for planning, but host bids are allowed to be posted here as well. Here are a few thoughts I had after doing some basic research into the topic:

  • Unlike the Olympics, skill modifiers won't be much of a thing here. Applying simple requires saying that you want to join, and saying your IC name if it differs from your NS nation name. We have more applicants this way.
  • Puppet entries may be something worth considering. Possibly allowing nations to enter one or two puppets. Perhaps a nation has a separatist movement, or an independent territory within a nation(there is no unified British team, four countries have their own, and US territories also have their own teams), or a separate nation entirely.
  • Another thing to consider is allowing some nations from allied regions. Some of the regional football cups IRL, like the CONCACAF Gold Cup in North America and Copa America in South America, allow teams from outside the region to participate.
  • Another difference from the Olympics is that games are spread out in various stadiums throughout the country, rather than a single host city. The amount of stadiums varies as well. Qatar, which will host thirty-two teams and sixty-four games in 2022, plans to have eight stadiums across five cities. South Korea and Japan, which jointly hosted in 2002, had twenty stadiums across twenty cities, with the same amount of teams. France and South Africa both had ten venues across ten and nine cities respectively. Germany, Brazil, and Russia each had twelve venues, across twelve cities(eleven in Russia). The US, Canada, and Mexico plan to have sixteen stadiums across sixteen cities for their joint bid in 2026, though they will have forty-eight teams and eighty games.
  • Each team also has a stadium as its base camp, which is used in training when they aren't playing. Base camps are near airports which can land large aircraft. They are also nearby the rest of the stadiums.
  • While still on the topic of stadiums, their distribution across the country. In Russia, for example, despite the country's large size, all games and base camps were west of the Urals, with the exception of Yekaterinburg, and in a single time zone, except Kaliningrad and Yekaterinburg. However, the 2026 joint bid has host cities spread thinly throughout all three host countries and across four time zones.
  • Next is the format. Ideally there will be a large amount of applications, requiring qualifying groups(more on that below) and a nice even thirty-two advancing to the main tournament, but perhaps there may be more or less. The men's world cup, with thirty-two teams, has eight groups of four, and the top two advance to the knockout stage. The women's cup has twenty-four teams, split into six groups of four and the top three advance to the knockout. The forty-eight team format in 2026 will have sixteen groups of three, and the top two will advance.
  • The NS world cup splits teams into qualifying groups first. It will be a double round robin, with each team playing a home and away game against every other team, before moving to the main tournament. This is scorinated by the host.
  • Groups are typically chosen by splitting teams into pots based on ranking. In the thirty-two team example, the top seven and the host go to the first pot, the next eight to the second, et cetera to the fourth. Then a random team from each pot is selected for each group. The host always goes to group A. A similar process is repeated for qualifying groups, with the exception of the host, who gets an automatic entry and does not have to go through that phase. As of now we have no rankings, besides the football tournament from the FCN Olympics. That will be used for rankings.
  • When scorinating, unlike the Olympics, every team should have the same skill, and there will be bonuses for RPing and the host.
  • Finally, the threads. I chose to combine the planning and bid threads. The rest will be up to the host, but I suggest doing what I did for the FCN Olympics, making a signup/OOC thread, RP/roster thread, and results. The NS world cup has some other stuff, like a thread for referees, which could go under the RP/roster thread.

Wow, I did not intend to write an entire essay about how the entire tournament should work. But thanks for reading the whole thing if you did.

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Postby Gagium » Thu Aug 22, 2019 4:20 pm

Will update for bid

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Postby Furbish Islands » Tue Aug 27, 2019 5:01 am

I finished the rankings, finally. These results are based off of the FCN Olympics and the one friendly match I played against Rhiney. Spreadsheet with the ranks can be found here.

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Postby Furbish Islands » Mon Sep 09, 2019 5:57 pm

The bidding process will close on the 15th. I believe there has been plenty of time for everyone who is interested to bid.

The Country
Furby Island is a large nation, sitting on an archipelago of tropical islands in the central Pacific ocean, and with a population of two hundred eighty three million. The government has been a federal republic since the formation of the country over two hundred years ago. Citizens of Furby Island enjoy many freedoms, and one of the highest standards of living. Furby Island has also been a popular tourist destination. The country has much to offer, from tropical beaches, to the untouched jungles, and a rich culture from people of various nationalities who settled in the islands over the centuries.

Humans first settled in Furby Island over a millennium and a half ago. They were Polynesians, who settled throughout the islands. The islands were discovered by Europeans in the mid 1600s, and settled first by the Dutch. The British took over much of the islands a century later, leaving the Dutch in the north. At this time, various European powers had settlements in the islands as well. In 1805, inspired by the American, French, and Haitian Revolutions, The Furbish settlers had their own revolt, where European powers were kicked out and a new republic based on Enlightenment ideas was established. The new republic has a rocky start, but soon grew to become great power on the world stage.

Event Information
Stadiums & Base Camps
Several football stadiums throughout the country have been selected to host the event. The smallest have about fifty-thousand seats. The largest stadium, in Furby City, which will play the opening and final games, has the largest capacity of one hundred thousand. More stadiums from around the country have also been selected as potential base camps for teams to train. The base camps are near luxury hotels, which the teams will stay at.

All base camps, hotels, and stadiums are all within a half an hour drive from the nearest airport. To make travel easier and avoid traffic, all teams, officials, and press will have reserved lanes between all airports, stadiums, base camps, and hotels, and reserved parking spaces near those buildings. Team private jets will be given priority at airports.

Spectators have plenty of options for travelling between the stadiums and their hotels. All stadiums are well connected through each city's public transportation network. As previously mentioned, stadiums are no further than a half an hour's drive from the nearest airport. They are also all within walking distance of intercity train stations, and intercity bus terminals.

Just as with the FCN Olympics, security will once again be the top priority. Federal Security Agency(FSA) Agents will be present at every venue and base camp to ensure the security of all teams and spectators, and will be working with local law enforcement in all cities.

OOC Information
Scorinator Information
As many of you reading this probably know, I have hosted the FCN Olympics, and am very experienced with the software. Xkoranate 0.3.3 will be used, using the NSFS formula and additive style modifiers(ranging from -5 to 5, from extremely defensive to extremely aggressive). There will be an RP and roster bonus, scored similarly to what I did in the FCN Olympics(quality over quantity, 30% current day RP, 30% past three matchdays RP, 20% cumulative), and the host bonus.

If this bid gets selected, I plan to open signups shortly after, and close them on the first of October. I will open up an RP/roster thread sometime in late September, for people to post their rosters and first day RPs. Immediately after signups close, I will begin the first game immediately afterwards. I plan on scorinating every other day, or possibly every third day, depending on how much people end up signing up. My planned cutoff time will be at 4 or 5 PM EDT. The event should finish by the end of October.

I do not expect enough people to join to require qualifying groups. Below is my list of possible formats, depending on how many join. If somehow at least fifty or so nations join, I will put a qualifying groups system in place.
4 - single round robin
6 - Two groups of three, top two advance
8 - Two groups of four, top two advance
10 - Two groups of five, top two advance
12 - Four groups of three, top two advance
14 - Four groups of three/four, top two advance
16 - Four groups of four, top two advance
18 - Four groups of four/five, top two advance
20 - Four groups of five, top two advance
22 - Four groups of four/five, top two advance
24 - Eight groups of three, top two advance
26 - Seven groups of three/four, top two and two wild cards advance
28 - Seven groups of four, top two and two wild cards advance
30 - Six groups of five, top two and four wild cards advance
32 - Eight groups of four, top two advance
34 - Eight groups of four or five, top two advance
36 - Eight groups of four or five, top two advance
38 - Eight groups of four or five, top two advance
40 - Eight groups of five, top two advance
Results in groups will be ordered by the following:
1. Points
2. Goal difference
3. Goals scored
4. Head-to-head points
5. Head-to-head goal difference
6. Head-to-head goals for
7. Presidential coin flip

Other OOC Information
Each nation will be allowed up to one puppet. Puppets must be declared, and confirmed by the main nation. This event will only be open to FCN nations, but I am debating allowing embassy regions to participate as well.

As a final note, I really hate to host the second FCN sports event in a row, but no one else has expressed interest. I strongly encourage other members to submit bids for this.

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Postby Holy Rhinish Islands » Tue Sep 10, 2019 5:07 pm

Reserved for eventual bid

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Postby Furbish Islands » Sun Sep 15, 2019 4:59 am

Furby Island won the bud due to no other applications. Signups thread can be found here.

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