NSSCRA 8- Everything Thread (IC)

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Postby The Sherpa Empire » Tue Sep 03, 2019 6:49 am

Dinggu Wang might have gotten a little overconfident. He started well, but he and his crew wound up regretting their decision not to pit during the caution caused by Kevin Cosgrove and Floyd Hackerbee. It was longer than they expected before there was another caution, and that meant Wang had to pit under green for fresh tires and refueling. When he got out of the pits, he found himself stuck in some slower traffic and he had a difficult time extricating himself from it.

He finished 24th, which put him 12th in the Chase standings. Although he was still technically in a position to advance to the next round, his position was much more precarious than he wanted, and the 24th place finish was a disappointment. Lexi Patterson had actually finished the race ahead of him, and it was only the 3 point bonus for his win at Jusenkyo that kept Wang ahead of her in the points. He couldn't afford to lose to her again.... And Kai Qiang's paranoid obsession with the Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course was making Wang nervous about it. Qiang had raced there twice and hadn't done well either time, but his fixation was still a little odd.


Rinzi Zakhilwal had done much better. After talking to a few reporters and telling them he was happy to finish in the top 10, but he wasn't going to get complacent, he went looking for Qiang to "congratulate" him on winning the Stock Car Studs contest. Qiang was in the middle of an interview, talking to a foreign reporter in his ungrammatical and heavily accented English. Zakhilwal walked up behind him, ruffling his hair and interrupting him to say, "Heyyyy, what's up, Mr. Studly!" in Chinese.

"Don't DO that!" Qiang said angrily, also speaking Chinese now. He glared at Zakhilwal as he smoothed his hair out, putting it back the way he wanted it. "What did I tell you about ruffling my hair like that?"

"I'm sorry, I can't resist," Zakhilwal said in a teasing tone. "You're just too irresistibly studly."

Qiang scoffed and shooed him away, then turned back to the reporter he had been talking to, apologized in English for the interruption, and went back to his interview.


Walk Free was a small charity dedicated to providing medical, financial, and legal assistance for victims of Chinese foot-binding. It was run by two women named Qingmiao Shen and Ning Yu, both of whom came from poor rural families in northern Jiangxi Territory and had bound feet.

Shen had really been through hell with overbearing parents and an abusive marriage. Yu was much more fortunate, except for being born into a poor family that still thought foot-binding was socially acceptable. When she took an IQ test in 2nd grade, she scored high enough to get transferred to a boarding school for gifted children in downtown Nanchang. The boarding school changed her life. Yu had a law degree, but not from a highly regarded school. She had to go where she could get a full scholarship, even if it wasn't the best school she could get into.

Walk Free operated on a shoestring budget. Even when they won a lawsuit, there wouldn't be much money in it because foot binding only existed in the most backward backwaters where everyone was poor. The Sherpa authorities had stamped it out in the cities.

Yu handled the money and took care of anything that required a knowledge of the legal system. Shen did a lot of the hands-on work of finding women who needed help and reaching out to them. She didn't have much in the way of useful skills, but she was willing to put in a lot of time and hard work.

Yu was getting ready to go to the courthouse in Pingxiang to file a lawsuit on behalf of a woman from a small village in the surrounding countryside. She had all the paperwork ready to go, but before she submitted it, she needed to double-check that the check for the filing fee wouldn't bounce. When she first opened the online banking page, she didn't understand what she was looking at. Her first thought was that the page had crashed or her browser had glitched. Then she realized that thingmajig stuck between the numbers in the account balance was not just a random character added by a glitch: it was a crore symbol. Her next thought was that the bank had made some mistake, such as mistyping someone's account number, and deposited a large quantity of money in the wrong account. She called the bank to alert them to the mistake, but they insisted that everything was in order. "It's an online donation through your website," the bank representative explained. "The payment already cleared, so that money is yours."

Yu took a closer look at the transaction records from Walk Free's website and found the donation: ₹1.136 crore from a Kai Qiang in Guilin, Guangxi. She didn't follow NSSCRA and although she had heard Qiang's name before, she had never seen it spelled out in Tibetan script, so she didn't recognize the name, and she wound up just staring at the screen wondering who the hell had sent her so much money and what prompted the huge donation. She was totally baffled. It felt a little silly to get so excited about numbers and letters on a screen, but Ning Yu knew it meant so much more than just numbers. She called Qingmiao Shen and she could hardly contain her excitement enough to get the words out. "Sister Shen, you're not going to believe this..."

Now they could focus on their work without worrying about money.
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A letter, in Kermanic runic with Chinese copies enclosed

Postby Jebslund » Tue Sep 03, 2019 4:29 pm

Official Request Form of the Freidlichsheim Council on Lodgings
Request for information on desired qualities of lodging


We are sending this form to you to request information on what needs you have with regards to lodging. While our town has hosted StuG-IIIG's of many descriptions in the past, we are aware that wheeled beings may have different needs than tracked beings, and that the sensibilities and aesthetic needs of a racer differ from those of a hunter-warrior, and we wish your stay to be as comfortable as possible.

With this in mind, we request that you or an agent fill out the enclosed form with any and all requests, then send it back to us so that we may fulfill them to the best of our ability. We would also like to inform you that, should you wish it, you may avail yourself of any of the StuG-IIIG spas free of charge, as a gift from the Büffelfaulenzen army, who have asked that we welcome you on their behalf.

We warmly await your response.
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Postby Hampton Island » Tue Sep 03, 2019 4:50 pm

Setting: Marquette Raceway

Marquette Raceway CEO (MR): Good morning, thanks for coming.

Freestyle Mobility Rep (FM): We had to be here. Now, let’s get started. I have heard that you do not want Freddie Nielson to drive the open charter at the Shellshock Batteries 400.

MR: It is not that we don’t want him to, we are forced to recognize that he is no longer Fast Freddie. There were not many drivers who spoke highly of him after the race.

FM: It was one bad race. He can recover.

MR: I do not feel that it is in our best interest. This is not the Stafford City Speedway. We have higher standards here.

FM: What are you talking about, Stafford City is the best track in the country.

MR: It gives a good race, but we are run to higher standards. Freddie will not be permitted to race here.

FM: Who is going to race then?

MR: Nathan Schuster.

FM: Why? No one wants to see him race.

MR: Maybe you don’t. I want the best driver in Hampton Island not currently in NSSCRA. The best current active driver is Mr. Schuster, so he is going to get the opportunity. No gimmicks. We’re taking the best talent in the country not currently in NSSCRA.

FM: We aren’t sponsoring a 24-year old.

MR: That’s a shame, but he will bring his own sponsor from our own racing series. Island Transit Corporation is willing to come aboard. They were wondering if you would let them be an associate sponsor, but I guess that is not an issue.

FM: Wait, ITC? They’re okay, seniors like them.

MR: It would be a good match. Nathan’s grandparents are still alive. You can figure something out with ITC to make it work together.

FM: We want to still be the primary.

MR: Well, ITC has offered $12 million to be the primary. It will still be #34. In fact, they are also going to sponsor his attempt to serve as the open charter driver in Xanneria in the race before ours. Do I hear 13?

FM: Fine, we’ll be an associate.

MR: Sounds good.

Starlight Suites Hot Knockout Bracket
Stacie Houston (63.2%) def Jenna Logan (36.8%)

Final- Thea Alvarez vs Stacie Houston

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Toys 4 All - RC Wave Five Star Combo 3 - Vilita

Postby Vilita and Turori » Tue Sep 03, 2019 5:35 pm


Toys '4' All Corporate Headquarters, Design & Development Facility, Lopinka, Vilita :: Ellyn Illinoi sat in the great hall at the Toys '4' All Headquarters along with her Racing Collectors product line design and production teams watching the NSSCRA Season 8 Regular Season Finale. Illinoi didn't always take the time out to watch the races live but for this race she actually got the company to pay for a spread of food for the team to enjoy and have a mini watch party. The real purpose wasn't just to have a celebration however, it was to ensure that everyone could get to work immediately when the race was over. As the checkered flag flew at the Pencurve Electronics 500, Ellyn Illinoi's team quickly transitioned from their lounge atmosphere to an all-business all-effort working atmosphere. Two different teams worked on two different sets of Collectible Die-Cast that both needed to get on to the production line as soon as possible. The team working on the NSSCRA Chase Waves had a head start as due to the fact that there were no upset winners at the Jalton Superspeedway, their design work was already done and they could move straight into production.

The Five Star Combo team did have a small victory in the results in that they had already completed the design for Stacie Houston's #27 Five Star Mobile Blaze in the Five Star Combo trim as Houston qualified for the Five Star Five for the second straight event. Three of the Top 5 finishers at the Jalton Superspeedway, however, were first time Five Star Five participants so the Toys '4' All team had to quickly get in communication with the teams to determine what their cars would look like when the NSSCRA circuit rolled into Rockii Coast for the Vilaye Energy Drink 314 at the Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course.

While Skip Stiller and Thea Alvarez would be returning to their normal schemes for the week after back-to-back races in their special edition paint schemes the team was left in the lurch when Team Blue could not be reached immediately for comment. The Hapilopper based team had come under pressure after Chet Byrd ran the entirety of the Pencurve Electronics 500 in a chicken suit resulting in fines from the sanctioning body and backlash for the sponsor Fat Chuck's. The Toys '4' All team proceeded with design and prototype production of the four remaining die-cast including the #48 CoCoCo Rocket of Rockii Ezis - the only Vilita and Turori based driver who will be competing for the Five Star Combo at their 'home' track even if they are driving for the Newmanistan based Rocket Motorsports team.

Image Image Image Image Image

Finally, after having gone forth and completed a hypothetical design for the Fat Chucks Skychief and just waiting for the O.K. from the team, the communication from Team Blue came. Instead of an "O.K." however the communication instead included an attachment with the design of a brand new car with a brand new sponsor, Mark Taylor's Bourbon Whiskey. The Toys '4' All team didn't have time to be annoyed by the change - it was all part of the business of Motorsports Sponsorship. They went back to the drawing board and back to work to finish off the final car in Wave 3 of the Five Star Combo set.

The Five Star Combo is a special program running at Five events on the NSSCRA Season 8 Calendar that awards an increasingly large bonus to any driver who can win multiple of the five events, with a $2,000,000 Bonus for any driver who can with three of the five races, $3,000,000 to a driver who wins four of the five races and a massive bonus of $10,000,000 should any driver claim victory in all 5 Five Star Combo events.

Furthermore, each Five Star Combo event will also produce a 'Five Star Five' - the Top 5 finishers in that event who will then be eligible for a $1,000,000 bonus should they win the next Five Star Combo event on the schedule. In order for fans to more easily determine which drivers are eligible for the Five Star Five or Five Star Combo bonuses, participating drivers will have pink Spoilers, Roof Numbers and a special Five Star Combo overlay on the front windshield of the car.

Luckily for the Toys '4' All team, the next Five Star Combo event was just down the road in Rockii Coast, Vilita so they would have a few extra days to catch up on their production of the #73 Team Blue Skychief collectible after the late start before they needed to stock the shelves for the Challenge at the Rocks race weekend. In the end, however, it was just a dry run for the real scramble which will begin when the Checkered Flag flies at the Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course and the team has to work quickly to get finalized designs and start production off the line within 2 hours of the end of the race in order to make shipping deadlines for the Five Star Combo finale less than one week later at the Concord Heights Speedway in Cassadaigua.


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Postby Newmanistan » Tue Sep 03, 2019 6:01 pm


Race: Vilaye Energy Drink 314 @ Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course, Rockii Coast, Vilita
Track Record: 56.419 seconds (This is what was used last year, despite 60.000 sec in the signup thread)

Qualifying Results:
1 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori)                     56.830
2 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori) 56.833
3 #73 - Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) 56.880
4 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 56.887
5 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 56.935
6 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 56.937
7 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 56.983
8 #31 - Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) 57.038
9 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 57.053
10 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 57.066
11 #79 - Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) 57.081
12 #48 - Rockii Ezis (Newmanistan) 57.163
13 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 57.173
14 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 57.185
15 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 57.205
16 #23 - James McCurty (Hampton Island) 57.223
17 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 57.229
18 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 57.294
19 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 57.366
20 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 57.403
21 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 57.433
22 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori) 57.436
23 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 57.457
24 #69 - Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) 57.573
25 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 57.644
26 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 57.653
27 #49 - Lotara Novorali (Vilita and Turori) 57.740
28 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 57.809
29 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) 57.818
30 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 57.824
31 #28- Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) 58.045
32 #77 - iBen Toralmintii (Vilita and Turori) 58.292
33 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) *Q* 58.299
34 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 58.385
35 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 58.431
36 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 58.581
37 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) 58.782
38 #21 - Paul Nystrom (New Northwesteros) *Q* 58.822
39 #99 - Liuyong Xu (New Northwesteros) *Q* 58.846

40 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 58.868
41 #55 - A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) *Q* 59.004
42 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 59.118
43 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 59.164
44 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 59.255
45 #03 - Mike Reddiër (Caleonia) *Q* 59.701
46 #80 - Franklin Egar (Filindostan) *Q* 59.717

47 #32 - Andrew Holden (Lisander) 59.726
48 #75 - Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 59.890
49 #05 - Tucker Capps (The Western Carolina Union) *Q* 59.898
50 #00 - Ilham Lukas Jenie (Filindostan) *Q* 59.965
51 #08 - Jeff Shreeves (The Western Carolina Union) *Q* 59.968
52 #0 - Hana Bhe (Filindostan) *Q* 59.978
53 #67 - Denny Truex Lenlin (Sedile) *Q* 1:00.109
54 #33 - Tyler Joy (Caleonia) *Q* 1:00.176
55 #29 - Frank Joy (Caleonia) *Q* 1:00.188
56 #94 - Daniel Almirola (Sedile) *Q* 1:00.485
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Postby Hapilopper » Tue Sep 03, 2019 7:04 pm

Drake Stevenson’s Apartment, Hapilopper City
The day after returning from Esmerel
Drake Stevenson walked into his apartment after what had not been the most fun post-race meeting the Team Blue crew had ever had. More specifically, all three drivers, and Drake, had received one hell of a tongue-lashing from team owner Ken Henson concerning the team’s underachieving performance the week before in Esmerel. They had been expected to perform, and they didn’t. There was no other way to put it, and it was a little too much for the team consultant to take. Judging from the ringing of his phone, it was also too much for Chris Holmes to take, too.

“What’s up, Holmes?” Drake said as he answered the phone.

“What are you doing?” Chris responded. “I need to speak to someone.”

“Come on over,” Drake said. “The door’s open.”

Drake turned on the light, turned on his TV, sat at a stool at the counter separating the living room from the kitchen, and looked at a packet that had been handed to him by Team Blue reps. The packet included information on the upcoming race in Vilita, as well as a travel itinerary for Thursday, when the team was expected to travel from Hapilopper City to the Vilita Mountain Challenge Course. Drake started to study the itinerary when his door opened.

“Hey, D, it’s me, Chris,” Chris said as he walked in.

“Come on in, Holmes, I got beer in the fridge if you want one,” Drake responded. “What’s up?”

“I’m just irritated,” Chris said. “You know, we go under a lot of pressure every single week, and even when we race our asses off, it’s not good enough, and when it’s not good enough, we get yelled at. You got yelled at big time today, how are you handling it?”

Drake closed his itinerary and looked at Chris.

“I’m handling it just fucking fine, Holmes,” Drake snapped. “You know, I do this on a race by race basis. I’m not under full time employment to Team Blue anymore. I don’t really get paid all that much by Ken, just paid enough to where I can pay my bills. I don’t do this so I can get ripped a new one because the team didn’t perform on race day. If Ken thinks it’s about us underperforming, that’s fucking fine, but I’m not going to stand for it much longer. He yells at me again and I’m done. Now get me a beer.”

Chris nodded his head, smiled and handed Drake a Paddy’s Smooth Life while getting one for himself. It was actually kind of relieving for Chris to hear that Drake was just as pissed off about what had happened in the meeting.

“You know, Ken said that we didn’t pull our weight around the track,” Chris said. “Does he really think we’re not trying hard enough?”

“I don’t know, but I know that’s horseshit,” Drake said. “You guys have done more with less than I think anyone expected. I feel like y’all underestimated just how serious the challenge would be in the NSSCRA, and you guys have more than made up for that. Sometimes a team just has a bad day, and I’m not going to stand for getting yelled at over a bad day. We’re only human. That’s all we are. That’s all I am. I’ll quit this job if that happens again.”

“So, are you going to Vilita?”

“Honestly, I wouldn’t miss Vilita for the world,” Drake explained. “That place has been good to a lot of us. That’s a great place to visit, and I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror if I snubbed a visit to Vilita over some sort of workplace dispute. You’re going to like it there, and you’re going to like the track. It's fast, it's hilly and it's a hell of a lot of fun.”

The two kept talking about what had gone on in the shop that day, before the topic changed to what was being aired on the local news, which was blaring on Drake’s TV. A Hapilopper City man had been caught trying to smuggle a television out of a Mel’s Ultra-Mart in the southern end of the city. The only problem, is that said TV was an 80 inch HyperTron television set, and well, good luck stealing an 80-inch TV without getting caught.

“What an idiot,” Drake said. “Did he really think he was going to get away with it? They have cameras everywhere there.”

“Well, sometimes those folks are pretty stupid,” Chris said.

“Yeah, you said it.”

That Monday afternoon, the two decided, rather than just agonize over the ass-lashing that Ken had given them, to just enjoy the evening. After having a couple of beers at Drake’s, the two went over to Andrew’s Pub, where the two raked up quite a substantial bar bill, which included a pretty (un)healthy amount of Chet Byrd’s new sponsor, Mark Taylor’s Bourbon. Midway through that visit, they were joined by Frank Bronson, who was just as frustrated over that meeting as Drake and Chris were.

“You know, one moment Ken’s happy, next moment he’s wearing your ass out because you got outraced,” Frank said. “How the hell did you live with it when you drove for him?”

“Barely,” Drake sputtered. “He’d wear our ass out over nothing. That’s why we’d try to win races and all that bullshit. That’s all this is, it’s just a buncha bullshit.”

“Yeah, just a buncha BULLSHIT,” Chris said as he leaned over to Drake. It was obvious the two had been having a rather enjoyable evening, even though they probably would feel the effects the next morning. At that point, Drake and Chris’s memory faded, and the next morning, they had no memory of what had happened for the last few hours of their little binge.

The next morning
Drake woke up around 8 the next morning with one hell of a headache, having felt like he had just been hit with a hammer. It had been some time since he had drank like that, and he had been to some wild parties since the start of the NSSCRA season. He climbed out of bed and stepped on a couple of beer cans that he didn’t realize was there. They hadn’t been there until the night before. After moving those out of the way, he stepped outside into his living room to find Chris Holmes sound asleep on the couch and Frank Bronson sitting on a stool at the counter separating the living room from the kitchen. Frank was reading a newspaper and was drinking from a bottle of water.

“Morning Drake,” Frank muttered.

“Good morning, Frank,” Drake replied. “Holmes moved about yet?”

“Nah,” Frank responded. “Want me to wake him?”

“No,” Drake said. “Let’s wait a bit, then when he wakes up, we’ll go to International House of Flapjacks and get ourselves a hell of a breakfast. I need something. I need eggs and bacon and coffee. Lots of coffee.”

“Yeah, me too. I just wonder how sleeping beauty over here will feel when he wakes up.”


The three wound up having one hell of a breakfast as soon as Chris woke up, and it helped their mindset for the rest of the day and the week. When the Team Blue crew got to Vilita, they felt refreshed and ready to go. It was a place that Team Blue felt they would really do well at.
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Postby Wagensvolk » Tue Sep 03, 2019 10:22 pm

Jebslund wrote:
Official Request Form of the Freidlichsheim Council on Lodgings
Request for information on desired qualities of lodging

A7DXZ5 response:

Thank you for your hospitality. That's really nice of you. It's such a welcome change from the way I've been treated in some countries. Wagensvolk need to be cared for in much the same way as ordinary cars. Having a garage with an automatic door would be appreciated so I don't have to ask for help opening it, but for the most part, my pit crew can attend to my needs.

I would be interested in visiting one of your StuG-IIIG spas. I am overdue for a nice deep cleaning, and I have put it off because we're always so busy and I'm spending so much time in unfamiliar cities where I don't know where the best car wash is. My interior smells like people because it was very hot in Jalton when we raced there, and they would not allow me to leave the track without a person in my driver's seat.

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Rd22 - Vilaye 314 - iBen Toralmintii Stock Car Return

Postby Vilita and Turori » Tue Sep 03, 2019 11:13 pm


Toralmintii to make Season Debut during Challenge at the Rocks Weekend


Nationstates Grand Prix IV - Reserve Driver
NSSCRA Season 4 - Driver - Vilita & Turori Motorsports
NSSCRA Season 5 - Driver - Vilita & Turori Motorsports
WGPC 11 - 18th Place (5 Points) - WGPC Motorsport Works Driver
WGPC 12 - 19th Place (4 Points) - WGPC Motorsport Works Driver

Super Formula Championship 1 - 1st Place (52 Points) Vilita & Turori Motorsports
Super Formula Championship 2 - 1st Place (77 Points) Vilita & Turori Motorsports

WGPC 14 - 2nd Place (128 Points) - Vilita & Turori Motorsports
WGPC 15 - 12th Place (35 Points) - WGPC Eelandii Motorworks

NSSCRA Season 6 - 1 Start (24th place - Vilaye 314)
WGPC 16 - 1 Start; WGPC Eelandii Team Principle
NSSCRA Season 7 - 3 Starts (9th Place - Vilaye 314)
WGPC 17 - 2nd Place (147 Points) - Tropicorp Racing Aelund

NSSCRA Season 8 - 1 Start (TBD - Vilaye 314)



iBen Toralmintii celebrates their record 4th Straight WGPC victory

Vilaye Energy Drink 314, Challenge at the Rocks, Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course, Rockii Coast, Vilita :: Having unofficially retired from Grand Prix driving at the end of World Grand Prix Championships season 15, it was unknown whether the Turorian would ever compete in full time motorsports again having graduated to the role of Team Principle at the WGPC Eelandii Motorworks team on the World Grand Prix Circuit. However the Turorian driver never lost the desire to drive and most certainly didn't lose any of the talent, taking their fire suit and helmet with him to the track each and every week. The itch was perhaps fully scratched during that season when the NSSCRA Stock Car machines were brought out for a showcase during the WGPC's mid-season test weekend at the Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course in Rockii Coast, Vilita. Having gotten a taste of the action once more, Toralmintii would make a one off appearance returning to the stock car ranks for the 15th round of the NSSCRA Season 6 campaign at the Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course qualifying inside the Top 10 before placing 23rd in the event. It was a nostalgic return to their roots for Toralmintii as the Turorian had actually gotten one of their first international breaks in the Stock Car circuit before making the full-time switch to open wheel racing as a Works driver during WGPC Season 11. After having to fight tooth and nail for every position and accruing just 9 points over two seasons as a WGPC Motorworks driver, Toralmintii left the WGPC circuit to perfect his skill in the Nationstates Super Formula Championship series.

In Hodori, Toralmintii put together strong consistent finishes to keep the title race close and remain within striking distance down to the final race where iBen would claim his first Super Formula victory along with the season Championship. Due to the great success, Toralmintii returned for a second season of Super Formula action and started things off the same way winning the opening round before a runner up finish at his home track in Turori. Posting another consistent and smooth season, Toralmintii had all but defended the title heading into the final round but left nothing to chance, claiming their third career Super Formula race victory and second series championship.

Building on the momentum gained as back-to-back Nationstates Super Formula Champion, Toralmintii and the Vilita and Turori Motorsports team made a triumphant return to the World Grand Prix Championship scene during WGPC Season 14 putting up the single most dominating performance by any constructor in a single World Grand Prix Championship season with Toralmintii finishing narrowly behind debutant teammate Terho Talvela for the drivers championship and Vilita and Turori Motorsports claiming the Constructors title by a gap of 143 points to the second placed MRT team; also marking just the second time in WGPC history that two drivers from the same team finished 1-2 in the drivers standing after Team Rolatia did so during WGPC season 2 with drivers Thomas Ragji and William Sralt.

But things turned sour for Vilita & Turori Motorsports and Toralmintii during the off-season as Talvela and the funding from Abovian sponsors Nortec and Arctic Air sought glitz and glamour at the MRT race team sacrificing technical performance and results in the process. Having to get more hands on running the rebranded WGPC Eelandii team to keep things afloat during WGPC Season 15 set Toralmintii up for the transition to the Team Principle role this season overseeing the development of new drivers.

While their lone appearance on the NSSCRA Season 6 circuit may just appear a minor footnote in what was already a successful racing career, it would prove to be so much more for the Turorian who many had thought was on the path to retirement and a second career as a team operator. Instead, after getting their drive back at home in the stock car ranks in Vilita and expanding their interests by competing in three events during the NSSCRA's 7th season recording a Top 10 finish at the Vilaye Energy Drink 314 in Vilita; Toralmintii stunned the World Grand Prix ranks by signing a deal to return to top-level World Grand Prix Championship racing with the newly formed Tropicorp Racing Aelund team based out of Aboveland.

The move re-united Toralmintii with his former Vilita and Turori Motorsports teammate Terho Talvela and while the season got off to a slow start, the duo slowly started to re-gain some of the magic that had seen them combine for the highest points haul in World Grand Prix history during the World Grand Prix's 14th season. Toralmintii's dream of winning the World Grand Prix title was dented by a slow start to the campaign but they secured their place in the conversation of greatest auto racing drivers of all time by finding a new gear as the World Grand Prix circuit hit its Atlantian Oceania swing. Toralmintii piloted the #77 machine to back-to-back-to-back-to-back race victories to become the first driver in World Grand Prix Championship history to win four consecutive races. By seasons end Toralmintii had missed out on the drivers Championship by just five points and the conversation had wholly shifted from whether the Turorian driver would return for one more season behind the wheel to whether or not they would ever lose another race.

While their commitments at the World Grand Prix level prevented Toralmintii from partaking in outside activities such as the NSSCRA Stock Car Circuit while the World Grand Prix season was in force, the schedules aligned in such a way that Toralmintii would be able to participate in the Challenge at the Rocks weekend and the main event the Vilaye Energy Drink 314 at the Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course.


iBen Toralmintii re-familiarizes themselves with Stock Car down force at Rockii Coast driving the brand new #77 Race Eelandii / twii.tur Dart

Without having any time to familiarize themselves with the new Dart NSSCRA Stock Car, it was a slow start to the weekend for the seven time World Grand Prix winner having to re-acclimate to a car with far less down force than what he had been used to driving all season. However no one could doubt Toralmintii's ability to drive the course as the reigning champion of the Vilitan Grand Prix on the World Grand Prix Circuit held at the same Vilitan Mountain Challenge course while having also proven just one season earlier that they could come in cold and finish inside the Top 10 in this very race.

The Turorian brings along sponsorship from their World Grand Prix affiliates including Race Eelandii and the Turorian communications entity twii.tur who will also be sponsoring Team Tropicorp's Cocoabo #28 for the event. During Vilaye Energy Drink Pole Qualifying, Toralmintii and the #77 twii.tur / Race Eelandii Dart team could only find enough speed to secure the 32nd starting position. The Turorian had not started that far back in the field for a race in Rockii Coast since the Challenge at the Rocks during NSSCRA Season 4, Toralmintii's first season on the circuit. Of course, Toralmintii showed no signs of being concerned at their starting position instead focusing on how they might be able to help some of their teammates including #2 Centur Tiones who qualified on Pole Position, #41 Yraaga Gilli'i on the outside pole and Turorian development driver Lotara Novorali who is looking to impress in front of her sponsor Arcticala Electrical in what could be her final start of the NSSCRA Season rolling off just in front of Toralmintii in 27th place. The real excitement for fans of the Turorian driver will be to see if they can re-acclimate to the Stock Car handling in time to challenge for their second consecutive victory in all series at the Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course.


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Postby Hapilopper » Wed Sep 04, 2019 10:38 am

The garage area, Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course
The morning of practice and qualifying
Drake Stevenson and the three Team Blue drivers were getting set to ride around the Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course on a golf cart for a track walk of sorts, when Drake saw someone rather familiar.

“Holy shit, is that iBen Toralmintii?” Drake said. “Stop the cart and go without me, I’m gonna go say hi to iBen! You guys go on without me and take my notes, I got to catch up with him. It’s been a while since I’ve seen him.”

Toralmintii, of course, was the team principal of iBen Toralmintii's Race Eelandii! Vilita & Turori World Grand Prix Motorworks team, a team that Drake had ran four races for in the last World Grand Prix Championship season, with their best run coming at this very circuit, Drake nearly taking a massive upset victory for the team before iBen took advantage of Drake’s inexperience and took a great victory. None of the three Team Blue drivers knew him, so they just went on. Chet Byrd was driving the golf cart, Chris Holmes took Drake’s notes and sat in the passenger seat, while Frank Bronson took the backseat.

Pretty quickly, they realized just how wild the elevation changes were on the circuit. The first corner was moderately banked, almost to the level of some superspeedways that the NSSCRA and HASCAR compete on.

“You know, we could take this turn with just a slight lift off the gas,” Chris said. “This corner looks decently fast.”

“It sure does, I mean, hell, we could draft off this corner- OH SHIT!!!”

Chet slammed on the brakes when he realized just how steep the straight was leading off the first two corners. It was one of the steepest downhill runs he had ever seen, and taking it in the golf cart, to say the least, would not be a wise idea. Frank, looking back and not expecting the sudden stop, jerked forward and bashed heads with Chris in the whiplash.

“Fucking hell, Chet, what’s the problem?” Frank asked.

“You ever driven a golf cart down a hill this steep? I don’t want to.”

The cart had stopped just on the edge of the downhill run. Any further and they’d have to hit the brakes as hard as humanly possible in an attempt to stop impending disaster. Of course, the road flattened out near the next corner, but still, it would be a pretty scary ride, and the three Team Blue drivers had no guarantees they could hit the brakes hard enough to slow the cart before it reached disaster. The three drivers slowly but deliberately climbed out, wondering what their next move would be.

“Look, um, we should probably try to push the cart back and take it back to the pits,” Frank said. “I don’t think I really want to be responsible for that cart getting demolished.”

“Yeah, well, let’s get it pushed,” Chet said, shaking with some fear. “I don’t think it’ll be that bad in our cars. I think Drake said something about really strong brakes to Ken at the team meeting, so we’ll be fine.”

Chris could just look down at the steep hill. Just by eyeballing it, it was clear that the hill would be a daunting one for the drivers to take. He walked over to the cart and put one hand on it just as Chet and Frank were about to push it backward. Unfortunately, that one hand was enough force the cart needed to move forward just a tiny bit, and down the hill. As the cart moved forward, Chris moved with it, and fell on the surface, rolling down the hill before he could get himself stopped.

“Oh, GREAT!” Chet shouted. “That’s Ken’s cart!”

The cart was only going quicker and quicker down the hill between turns two and nine. Chris crawled back up the hill where Frank and Chet could watch in horror as the golf cart approached speeds that the cars from Sedile and Caleonia couldn’t approach before hitting the bottom of the hill and then flying up the banking in turn nine, slamming the outside concrete wall with the kind of force that completely annihilated the cart.

An observer standing on the other side of the wall watched the cart come his way and ducked as the cart, wildly out of control, shot up the banking and hammered the wall. Debris flew all around him, and by the time the smoke cleared, the observer got up, noticed the minefield of mess in the corner, radioed to safety crews, then gestured wildly to the three morons on the top of the hill. The golf cart had disintegrated upon impact with the wall. Several safety crew members jumped over the wall and quickly found the tag “PROPERTY OF KEN HENSON, TEAM BLUE” on the back of the cart.

Meanwhile, back in the garage, Drake was having quite the conversation with iBen, when a voice came over the loudspeaker for everyone to hear.


Drake’s face immediately went pale. He was supposed to be in that golf cart, but obviously, after seeing iBen Toralmintii, he had to catch up and chat. Now that golf cart had been demolished, and he rushed over to the office trailer, where Ken was steaming mad. He saw Drake come in and he wanted to scream at him.

“What the hell happened?” Ken said to Drake.

“I don’t know, I’ve been talking to iBen Toralmintii the whole time,” Drake responded. “Anybody know if they’re OK?”

“Yeah, according to an observer, nobody was in the cart, but somebody pushed the cart down the hill, and that’s what led to the crash,” an official said.

“SOMEBODY PUSHED THE CART? THEY DID IT INTENTIONALLY?!” Ken was about to go apoplectic at this point and stormed out of the office trailer. Drake shrugged and followed Ken out of the trailer. When they returned to the Team Blue Center, Chet, Chris and Frank were returning, shaking at the horror of what they had just seen.

“Do any of you guys know what the hell happened to my golf cart?” Ken asked them, unaware that they had been the ones that had destroyed it.

The three drivers looked around very shiftily, wondering what kind of excuse to give off this time.

“Yeah, um, we were going for a track walk in your cart, and we didn’t realize how steep the hill would be,” Chet said sheepishly. “We were trying to push it back, but we accidentally pushed it forward.”

You could see the steam rising off of Ken’s forehead. He was terminally angry. That cart had been a gift from his friends at the Happy Palms Country Club, where he regularly played golf. Now the cart had been obliterated at the hands of three dumbasses who probably couldn’t be trusted with heavier machinery in a lighthearted setting, let alone in anger. Drake, meanwhile, couldn’t hold his laughter in and started cracking up.

“YOU PUSHED THE CART DOWN THE HILL?!” Ken screamed. Everyone in the Team Blue Center – and for that matter, those from other teams – could hear him screaming. Ken turned around and saw Drake laughing, first a mild crackup, then a full-fledged belly laugh as he pictured the three shoving the cart down as some kind of joke. “YOU MORONS!”

“Hey, look, I know first hand that if someone demolishes someone else’s equipment, they pay for it,” Drake said as he chortled along the way. “Frank and Chris destroyed my golf clubs, so they bought me a new set. You will get a new golf cart, and it will be a good one. Trust me.”

That evening
Fortunately, Ken’s anger had subsided, in large part due to the fantastic performance from the team in qualifying. Chet was 3rd quickest. Chris was 6th. Frank was 7th. Their runs in practice and qualifying had shown that Team Blue would be a force to be reckoned with on race day.

In the lounge of the Team Blue Center, Drake and Ken were going through an online catalog of some of the finest golf carts in Hapilopper.

“This one’s got AM/FM radio, an online music player, it’s got five cupholders, and it’s climate controlled,” Drake said. “I could get that one for you.”

“You’re not paying for this,” Ken said, looking at Drake strangely. “Those idiots are.”

“Those Idiots,” of course, referenced the three Team Blue drivers, who were yukking it up over dinner and some beers with members of the pit crews. It was obvious the crew and the drivers were enjoying themselves recalling stories from that day – the golf cart, the very well set-up cars, the quick speeds, there was a level of confidence that was rarely seen among the Team Blue drivers and crew.

“YOU HEAR ME?” Ken shouted. “Y’all are paying for that golf cart!”

“Yeah, whatever,” Chris said dismissively. “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it!”

“Assholes,” Ken said under his breath. Drake cracked up.

“You know, I’ve got to get back at them,” Ken said. “How do you think I should get back at them?”

“I’ll call up Marty Lewis, he knows how to prank someone,” Drake replied. “I wonder where he’s been lately.”

“Probably in jail,” Ken said. “He probably did something terminally stupid at the HNE.”
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The Sherpalanders spent the day before qualifying at Rockii Coast schmoozing with NSSCRA fans and taking in the scenery. All of them found the time to climb down to the shore and enjoy the water.

Kai Qiang and Liuyong Xu went around dawn, when most people were still asleep and they had better chances of slipping away unnoticed. Even though it was quiet, Qiang still checked to make sure no paparazzi were following him down to the shore. He didn't want them snapping pictures of him in his swim trunks. Last year, there had been a fad for obscene drawings of him, and he didn't want to provide new reference materials for the people that drew such things. He also didn't want people to notice the scars on his back and start speculating about where they came from. He was sure people would blame Mendok, even though it actually had nothing to do with her.

Xu enjoyed his privacy too, though he wasn't quite as picky about it. Returning to this familiar track brought back memories of NSSCRA Season 6, and Xu and Qiang talked for a while about the old days. They talked about Jia Huang, about the constant financial worries that had plagued them through their first season of NSSCRA, how they had spent the days between races scrambling to come up with funding for the rest of the season. They talked about not being able to keep their winnings because they needed the money to pay off their debts from earlier races, and the uncertainty whether the Ministry of Culture would allow them to come back for another season or if NSSCRA 6 would be the only chance they got. It had been stressful and crazy, but it had also been wonderfully exciting. Having feisty old Jia Huang along for the ride had been an entertaining experience. She had sometimes been irresponsible and too aggressive for her own good, but they still missed her.

Zakhilwal didn't mind if the paparazzi wanted shirtless pictures of him. He thought it was funny. He recognized one of the places where Liangmei Li had been photographed in her bikini during NSSCRA 7 and purposely went over to mock her poses, which looked much stupider when a man posed like that. Zakhilwal knew he looked stupid, but he also knew that some people liked stupid.

Wang went down to the water in the evening. He didn't go swimming or wading because he saw a jellyfish and became convinced that if he went in the water he would get stung. He stood on the shore for a little while, watching the sunset, listening to the sound of the waves, and enjoying the breeze on his face -- then turned around and climbed back up the cliffs.

The next day, they all arrived at the Mountain Challenge Course bright and early to get in some practice before the qualifying session in the afternoon.

Qiang seemed unusually nervous. He was acting like a rookie not yet accustomed to the pressure of racing in NSSCRA. Zakhilwal petted him like a dog when they crossed paths in the garage area. "Relax, little dude. It's just another race, haha!"

Qiang looked more annoyed than reassured.

Wang seemed nervous too. He was trying to hide it more, but it still showed. Zakhilwal didn't try to pet him since he wasn't as cute as Qiang and he could probably hit harder if he got mad enough to throw a punch.

As Zakhilwal was tootling off to get ready for his own practice laps, the morning was disrupted by a runaway golf cart and some kind of commotion among the Hapiloppians. He laughed. If there was anybody that knew how to be even stupider than Zakhilwal and even more embarrassing than Kai Qiang, it was the drivers from Team Blue.

Qualifying itself was not terribly remarkable. Wang was the best of the Sherpalanders with a lap time of 57.081, 11th fastest overall. Qiang was 14th and Zakhilwal 23rd. They all talked it over with their crews, to figure out if there was anything on the cars that could be improved before race day.

Then they went to try the Tiones Lumberjack Challenge. Being Sherpalanders, they took the climbing zone a little too seriously. Climbing sports were a national obsession and people often turned any sort of climbing contest into a question of manly pride and honor. The fact that they were climbing a log rather than a cliff face didn't matter. Climbing was still a matter of honor. Qiang and Zakhilwal were both among the fastest climbers who had tried it that day. After Qiang was declared the winner, Zakhilwal spent some time rattling on about close it had been.

"How does it feel to lose to a flatlander?" Qiang teased him, getting a little revenge for all the times Zakhilwal had obnoxiously ruffled his hair.

"Guilin's not flat," Zakhilwal said defensively. "It's, like, the opposite of flat."

Qiang laughed at his defensiveness. "Yeah, but we all live on the flat part at the bottom of the cliffs. I don't live up in the hills."

Wang had been much slower than either of them and he decided it was best to just keep his mouth shut.

Zakhilwal demanded a rematch against Qiang, this time with Liuyong Xu as the 3rd climber, since Wang didn't want to embarrass himself again -- but the results weren't much different. Qiang narrowly won again, with Zakhilwal a very close 2nd, and Xu the slowest of the three.

Zakhilwal did his best to redeem his macho pride by kicking ass at the chopping challenges. Qiang declined to compete with him, saying he had his fill of chopping wood during his farming days before he got into NSSCRA, he didn't want to tire himself out before the race, and he wouldn't be as fast as Zakhilwal anyway. He knew how to use an axe if he needed to, but he didn't have the strength and stamina to work as fast as Zakhilwal was doing.

When they tried the log rolling, Zakhilwal made a fool of himself falling off the 3rd log -- twice. The others had a good laugh, but Zakhilwal insisted it was harder than it looked and challenged them to try it so they could see for themselves. Qiang, Wang, and Xu all accepted the challenge, and they all made it across the pool without falling in.

"Yeah, well, at least I'm not the one who smashed a golf cart into the wall," Zakhilwal said.

"You're also not wearing a chicken costume," Qiang said.

"Yes, praise Allah!"
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by the Kibitzer Research Department

From all those seventy-odd entries that signed up for the eighth season of the NSSCRA (Nationstates Stock Car Racing Association), these sixteen drivers emerged as the best. Let's get to know the ones who will be competing for the championship. and why they deserve your attention (and support).

#2 CENTUR TIONES (VNT) - The Vilita and Turori-based driver fell short in his goals during the past couple of seasons, only contenting himself with the role of "playoff picture spoiler", but that changed during this season as he took the checkered flag at Starkville, New Northwesteros to punch himself a playoff ticket. Could this be Tiones' chance to step out of the shadow of his more successful teammates?

#3 SKIP STILLER (STK) - The veteran Kanyean has developed a taste for major races, winning the Tundra Falls 500 and Pencurve Electronics 500 to start and end the regular season. With his hard-charging tactics, Stiller is a solid choice for those who want an entertaining driver who's willing to take risks..... and those who consider stock car racing a contact sport.

#4 MEGHAN SHARPE (CDG) - Sharpe could well be a "sleeper choice", silent through the regular season, but could heat up when it matters. This gal is out to prove that teammate Stacie Houston is not the only Cassadagan to watch out for in the field. Also, her car's got a cool space-themed paintjob. That's gotta count for something.

#06 RINZI AOGAR ZAKHILWAL (SHW) - Proud owner of the most fabulous mustache in the league (not that there's a lot of competition), Zakhilwal is looking for success in the international stage after he's done so in the Sherpa domestic series. He initially had sponsorship problems, with only small family businesses having their logos on his car, but he's done well enough to attract bigger companies from around the world. If Mayhem and CoCoCo were impressed by his abilities, so will you.

#7 CLARISSA ALANIS STAR (VEZ) - When people hear of big hulking robots, they usually think of ruthless killing machines who would either shower you with bullets or crush your skull with a metal fist. Not this one, though - she's a total sweetheart. One of Valentine Z's hopes for a title, Star will hope to shine as bright as her namesake during the Chase.

#13 EVA KERMAN (JEB) - Precision. Efficiency. Buzzwords. The Kerbal takes a very strict, almost militaristic approach to training for races. We'd tell her to loosen up a bit, like when a race car can't turn corners well, but she seems to be getting some good out of her routine, so to each their own, we guess. Eva doesn't care about the fame or the thrill; all she wants to do is win, and that's perfectly fine by us.

#14 RIVER SUZGAR (VNT) - When the competition gets tougher, the Shark gets going, running for a potential second title, that is. Whether he's protecting a lead or trying to move away from the rear pack, Suzgar is as dangerous as the animal he took as his nickname, having established himself and shedding the underdog image that he had during his run to the championship two seasons ago.

#15 JOLYN HELEN CEETA (VEZ) - Some of you fans might be wondering just where the Valentian was during the last few races. Don't worry, she's just traded in her usual green and gold paintjob for a new silver/gray one. Hopefully the switch brings success to Jolyn, the season's first rookie winner and a strong contender for ROTY honors.

#18 JEREMIAH BROOKE (STK) - Last season's injury didn't seem to have a negative impact on Brooke's performance. The Yeezie came out stronger than ever, grabbing a win at Caleon, among several other good performances. With that, his continuous drive (pun intended) to improve himself, his friendly attitude toward drivers and fans alike, and his sponsor's charitable efforts, how could you not root for this guy?

#27 STACIE HOUSTON (CDG) - There is absolutely no reason to count the 'Dagan out. Sure, she may have the occasional bad run, but when she doesn't, and she finds herself in front, it would be very difficult to get rid of her there. That "Houston is always second" meme? Well, it's definitely died out, crushed under the weight of last season's series championship and this season's regular season award.

#30 LEXI PATTERSON (JEB) - The only Chaser to not win a race during the regular season, she is the ultimate underdog. Scouted by her home country's Hampton Island Racing, unceremoniously dumped by said team, picked up and trained by Team Jebslund, all while dodging all kinds of controversy thrown her way, Patterson's life is an interesting story, and It's up to her to determine how the next chapter will go.

#41 YRAAGA GILLI'I (VNT) - This guy is severely underrated. While everyone else is debating about who's popular, who's a knockout and who's a stud, he silently piled up three regular season victories, a modern era record. Of course, driving for the richest team in the league and being sponsored by a huge conglomerate didn't hurt. Anyway, the Yraaga Gilli'i bandwagon is here, and you better jump on now before everyone else does.

#44 KAI QIANG (SHW) - Qiang is the only driver who has remained in the Sherpa roster for each of their three seasons in the league, and it's likely for good reason. The guy got the job done when his team was underfunded, and even more so when the resources and sponsorship started pouring in. Who would have thought that what was once a simple farmer would turn into one of the Empire's finest, as well as one of the most popular NSSCRA drivers of the Chase era?

#46 THEA ALVAREZ (STK) - Don't let the innocent appearance and rainbow-colored car fool you, the young Yeezie is one of the top threats on track. Alvarez is known for putting together nail-biting wins, such as in last season's Gryphon Supermarket 250, as well as this season's races at North Wilkesboro and Blue Coast. She has become a role model for girls in St. Kanye and elsewhere, but who says guys can't cheer for her too?

#79 DINGGU WANG (SHW) - What Alvarez and the 'Dagans are doing for gender, this Sherpa veteran is doing for age. The fifty-three-year old Wang has initially failed to qualify for races, then ran well enough to deserve a charter. and then became an NSSCRA winner, putting all his years of experience to good use when he won the Lao Long 380 on home asphalt. Now he's in the Chase, and he's out to school the "young bloods" out there.

#81 CHRIS HOLMES (HAP) - As his country's only playoff driver, Holmes would do well not to let the pressure get to him. Luckily, he's got Drake Stevenson, WGPC driver and domestic stock car champion, teaching him the ropes. Well, it's just the start of this Hapiloppian rookie's career, and with the great potential that he's shown, there'll be nowhere for him to go but up.

All qualifying sessions and races will be broadcast live on SKYNET (Saint KanYe NETwork) Sports Channel 12, and online at nsscra.skynet.stk.
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Race: Vilaye Energy Drink 314 @ Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course, Rockii Coast, Vilita
Lap Record: 56.419 seconds
Minimum Time to Avoid DNF: 1:00.300 sec.

Segment 1:
1 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua)                    56.881
2 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 56.882
3 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 56.928
4 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori) 56.943
5 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 56.949
6 #79 - Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) 56.957
7 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 56.986
8 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 56.996
9 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori) 57.010
10 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 57.020
11 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 57.084
12 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 57.146
13 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 57.166
14 #31 - Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) 57.228
15 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori) 57.300
16 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 57.305
17 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 57.308
18 #69 - Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) 57.346
19 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 57.420
20 #48 - Rockii Ezis (Newmanistan) 57.570
21 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 57.592
22 #73 - Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) 57.739
23 #77 - iBen Toralmintii (Vilita and Turori) 57.886
24 #55 - A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) *Q* 57.946
25 #23 - James McCurty (Hampton Island) 58.027
26 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 58.042
27 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) 58.125
28 #28- Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) 58.130
29 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 58.191
30 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 58.280
31 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 58.291
32 #49 - Lotara Novorali (Vilita and Turori) 58.335
33 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 58.379
34 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 58.516
35 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) *Q* 58.545
36 #99 - Liuyong Xu (New Northwesteros) *Q* 58.611
37 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 58.682
38 #21 - Paul Nystrom (New Northwesteros) *Q* 59.040
39 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 59.048
40 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) 59.052
41 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 59.196
42 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 59.256
43 #75 - Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 59.296
44 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 59.336
45 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 59.453
46 #32 - Andrew Holden (Lisander) 1:00.054

Segment 2:
1 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye)                       56.831
2 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 56.891
3 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 56.901
4 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori) 56.913
5 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 56.935
6 #31 - Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) 56.953
7 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 56.959
8 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 56.993
9 #48 - Rockii Ezis (Newmanistan) 57.027
10 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 57.050
11 #79 - Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) 57.060
12 #28- Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) 57.085
13 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 57.095
14 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 57.145
15 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 57.156
16 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori) 57.185
17 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 57.190
18 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 57.209
19 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 57.221
20 #69 - Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) 57.231
21 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 57.387
22 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 57.448
23 #23 - James McCurty (Hampton Island) 57.485
24 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 57.579
25 #49 - Lotara Novorali (Vilita and Turori) 57.669
26 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori) 57.710
27 #77 - iBen Toralmintii (Vilita and Turori) 57.762
28 #55 - A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) *Q* 57.766
29 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 57.811
30 #73 - Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) 57.825
31 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 57.980
32 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) *Q* 57.990
33 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 57.994
34 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 58.062
35 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) 58.325
36 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 58.547
37 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 58.554
38 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 58.595
39 #21 - Paul Nystrom (New Northwesteros) *Q* 59.068
40 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) 59.206
41 #75 - Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 59.301
42 #99 - Liuyong Xu (New Northwesteros) *Q* 59.479
43 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 59.806
44 #32 - Andrew Holden (Lisander) 59.839
45 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 1:00.192
46 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 1:00.355 DNF

Segment 3:
1 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye)                   56.902
2 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori) 56.926
3 #73 - Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) 56.994
4 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 57.007
5 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 57.032
6 #28- Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) 57.038
7 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 57.040
8 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 57.159
9 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 57.192
10 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori) 57.214
11 #31 - Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) 57.285
12 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 57.292
13 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 57.292
14 #49 - Lotara Novorali (Vilita and Turori) 57.325
15 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 57.351
16 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori) 57.383
17 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 57.406
18 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 57.417
19 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 57.455
20 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 57.618
21 #69 - Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) 57.627
22 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) *Q* 57.660
23 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 57.685
24 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 57.742
25 #48 - Rockii Ezis (Newmanistan) 57.865
26 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 57.965
27 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) 57.987
28 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 58.039
29 #55 - A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) *Q* 58.075
30 #77 - iBen Toralmintii (Vilita and Turori) 58.199
31 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 58.200
32 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 58.339
33 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 58.385
34 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 58.502
35 #99 - Liuyong Xu (New Northwesteros) *Q* 58.577
36 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 58.602
37 #23 - James McCurty (Hampton Island) 58.757
38 #21 - Paul Nystrom (New Northwesteros) *Q* 58.848
39 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 58.897
40 #79 - Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) 59.353
41 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) 59.419
42 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 59.465
43 #75 - Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 59.806
44 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 59.823
45 #32 - Andrew Holden (Lisander) 1:00.434 DNF

Segment 4:
1 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori)                56.822
2 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 56.909
3 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 56.928
4 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 56.970
5 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 56.977
6 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 56.997
7 #28- Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) 57.058
8 #79 - Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) 57.111
9 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 57.114
10 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 57.118
11 #48 - Rockii Ezis (Newmanistan) 57.137
12 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 57.296
13 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 57.306
14 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 57.327
15 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 57.395
16 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 57.430
17 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori) 57.504
18 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 57.645
19 #73 - Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) 57.675
20 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori) 57.683
21 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 57.822
22 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 57.832
23 #31 - Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) 57.902
24 #49 - Lotara Novorali (Vilita and Turori) 57.938
25 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 57.963
26 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) 58.063
27 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 58.217
28 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 58.245
29 #69 - Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) 58.298
30 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 58.334
31 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) *Q* 58.559
32 #55 - A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) *Q* 58.559
33 #99 - Liuyong Xu (New Northwesteros) *Q* 58.688
34 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 58.747
35 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) 58.757
36 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 59.197
37 #23 - James McCurty (Hampton Island) 59.313
38 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 59.395
39 #77 - iBen Toralmintii (Vilita and Turori) 59.701
40 #75 - Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 59.985
41 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 1:00.160
42 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 1:00.356 DNF
43 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 1:00.667 DNF
44 #21 - Paul Nystrom (New Northwesteros) *Q* 1:01.376 DNF

Segment 5:
1 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye)                       56.813
2 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori) 56.828
3 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 56.870
4 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 56.948
5 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 57.021
6 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 57.029
7 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 57.056
8 #31 - Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) 57.084
9 #79 - Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) 57.084
10 #73 - Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) 57.118
11 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 57.171
12 #28- Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) 57.181
13 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 57.232
14 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 57.271
15 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori) 57.305
16 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 57.307
17 #23 - James McCurty (Hampton Island) 57.412
18 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 57.465
19 #77 - iBen Toralmintii (Vilita and Turori) 57.522
20 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 57.571
21 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori) 57.595
22 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) *Q* 57.672
23 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 57.824
24 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 57.843
25 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 57.905
26 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) 58.034
27 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 58.088
28 #48 - Rockii Ezis (Newmanistan) 58.122
29 #69 - Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) 58.165
30 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 58.275
31 #49 - Lotara Novorali (Vilita and Turori) 58.280
32 #55 - A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) *Q* 58.299
33 #99 - Liuyong Xu (New Northwesteros) *Q* 58.354
34 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 58.440
35 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 58.591
36 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) 58.708
37 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 59.027
38 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 59.066
39 #75 - Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 59.460
40 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 59.824
41 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 59.971

| Pos | Driver | Avg. |
| 1 | #13 Oberst Eva Kerman (Jebslund) | 56.948 | WINNER
| 2 | #06 Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) | 57.081 |
| 3 | #14 River 'Shark' Suzgar II (Vilita & Turori) | 57.148 |
| 4 | #41 Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita & Turori) | 57.154 |
| 5 | #18 Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) | 57.156 |
| 6 | #3 Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) | 57.172 |
| 7 | #11 Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) | 57.260 |
| 8 | #31 Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) | 57.290 |
| 9 | #15 Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) | 57.295 |
| 10 | #28 Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) | 57.298 |
| 11 | #2 Centur Tiones (Vilita & Turori) | 57.362 |
| 12 | #6 Alex Knight (Hampton Island) | 57.398 |
| 13 | #46 Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) | 57.405 |
| 14 | #22 Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) | 57.410 |
| 15 | #81 Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) | 57.438 |
| 16 | #73 Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) | 57.470 |
| 17 | #27 Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) | 57.473 |
| 18 | #79 Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) | 57.513 |
| 19 | #78 Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) | 57.522 |
| 20 | #48 Rockii Ezis (Newmanistan) | 57.544 |
| 21 | #4 Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) | 57.554 |
| 22 | #30 Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) | 57.586 |
| 23 | #69 Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) | 57.733 |
| 24 | #88 Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) | 57.797 |
| 25 | #37 Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) | 57.872 |
| 26 | #49 Lotara Novorali (Vilita & Turori) | 57.909 |
| 27 | #44 Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) | 57.992 |
| 28 | #5 Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) | 58.024 |
| 29 | #83 Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) | 58.085 |
| 30 | #84 Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) | 58.107 |
| 31 | #55 A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) | 58.129 |
| 32 | #82 David Rockingham (Esmerel) | 58.175 |
| 33 | #23 James McCurty (Hampton Island) | 58.199 |
| 34 | #77 iBen Toralmintii (Vilita & Turori) | 58.214 |
| 35 | #7 Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) | 58.288 |
| 36 | #12 Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) | 58.598 |
| 37 | #99 Liuyong Xu (New Northwesteros) | 58.742 |
| 38 | #10 Eddie Walters Jr (Xanneria) | 58.787 |
| 39 | #16 Gordon Orton (Xanneria) | 59.028 |
| 40 | #50 Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) | 59.552 |
| 41 | #75 Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) | 59.570 |
| 42 | #9 Lício Granado (Lisander) | DNF |
| 43 | #24 Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) | DNF |
| 44 | #21 Paul Nystrom (New Northwesteros) | DNF |
| 45 | #32 Andrew Holden (Lisander) | DNF |
| 46 | #25 Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) | DNF |

Point Standings:
| Pos | Driver | Points |
| 1 | #18 Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye)** | 2095 |
| 2 | #14 River 'Shark' Suzgar II (Vilita & Turori)* | 2092 |
| 3 | #13 Oberst Eva Kerman (Jebslund)** | 2090 |
| 4 | #3 Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye)** | 2089 |
| 5 | #06 Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire)* | 2088 |
| 6 | #41 Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita & Turori)*** | 2081 |
| 7 | #15 Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z)* | 2073 |
| 8 | #27 Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua)** | 2066 |
| 9 | #4 Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua)* | 2065 |
| 10 | #2 Centur Tiones (Vilita & Turori)* | 2061 |
| 11 | #44 Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire)* | 2058 |
| 12 | #79 Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire)* | 2055 |
| 13 | #46 Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye)** | 2055 |
| 14 | #7 Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z)* | 2053 |
| 15 | #81 Chris Holmes (Hapilopper)* | 2051 |
| 16 | #30 Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) | 2050 |
| 17 | #11 Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) | 670 |
| 18 | #78 Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) | 649 |
| 19 | #12 Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) | 595 |
| 20 | #37 Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) | 577 |
| 21 | #28 Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) | 576 |
| 22 | #31 Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) | 564 |
| 23 | #5 Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) | 560 |
| 24 | #73 Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) | 555 |
| 25 | #6 Alex Knight (Hampton Island) | 501 |
| 26 | #88 Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) | 487 |
| 27 | #10 Eddie Walters Jr (Xanneria) | 465 |
| 28 | #22 Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) | 455 |
| 29 | #69 Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) | 450 |
| 30 | #23 James McCurty (Hampton Island) | 406 |
| 31 | #82 David Rockingham (Esmerel) | 383 |
| 32 | #24 Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) | 379 |
| 33 | #16 Gordon Orton (Xanneria) | 372 |
| 34 | #84 Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) | 358 |
| 35 | #48 Rockii Ezis (Newmanistan) | 353 |
| 36 | #25 Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) | 299 |
| 37 | #75 Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) | 251 |
| 38 | #50 Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) | 239 |
| 39 | #9 Lício Granado (Lisander) | 215 |
| 40 | #83 Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) | 188 |
| 41 | #32 Andrew Holden (Lisander) | 177 |
| 42 | #55 A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) | 153 |
| 43 | #21 Paul Nystrom (New Northwesteros) | 126 |
| 44 | #99 Liuyong Xu (New Northwesteros) | 104 |
| 45 | #19 Sage Caldwell (Saint Kanye) | 90 |
| 46 | #86 Bluetarch The 5th (Newark Aristocracy) | 85 |
| 47 | #67 Denny Truex Lenlin (Sedile) | 80 |
| 48 | #02 Kohan The 10th (Newark Aristocracy) | 76 |
| 49 | #0 Hana Bhe (Filindostan) | 74 |
| 50 | #49 Lotara Novorali (Vilita & Turori) | 71 |
| 51 | #17 Tyler Abbott (Cassadaigua) | 63 |
| 52 | #03 Mike Reddiër (Caleonia) | 61 |
| 53 | #1 Vanda Rosa Cordeiro Kerman (Jebslund) | 56 |
| 54 | #89 Liangmei Li (The Sherpa Empire) | 43 |
| 55 | #94 Daniel Almirola (Sedile) | 34 |
| 56 | #48 Travis Barkley (Newmanistan) | 31 |
| 57 | #63 Marcus Alan Ariel Baptiste (Valentine Z) | 30 |
| 58 | #00 Ilham Lukas Jenie (Filindostan) | 30 |
| 59 | #29 Frank Joy (Caleonia) | 28 |
| 60 | #93 Robbie Moren (Xanneria) | 25 |
| 61 | #05 Tucker Capps (Western Carolina Union) | 25 |
| 62 | #71 Drake Stevenson (Hapilopper) | 24 |
| 63 | #98 Jixaka Motoai (Tropicorp) | 16 |
| 64 | #42 Euroli Islander (Vilita & Turori) | 14 |
| 65 | #85 Elio Aaron (Esmerel) | 14 |
| 66 | #77 iBen Toralmintii (Vilita & Turori) | 13 |
| 67 | #80 Franklin Egar (Filindostan) | 11 |
| 68 | #26 Mor Holstein (Lisander) | 9 |
| 69 | #33 Tyler Joy (Caleonia) | 8 |
| 70 | #08 Jeff Shreeves (Western Carolina Union) | 7 |
| 71 | #34 Freddie Nielson (Hampton Island) | 6 |
| 72 | #59 Ashley Matthews (Newmanistan) | 4 |
| 73 | #09 Tsering Chu (The Sherpa Empire) | 4 |

Next Race: Race 23 (Sept 7/8)- Five Star Mobile 500, Concord Heights Motor Speedway; Cassadaigua (Short Track)
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Postby Valentine Z » Thu Sep 05, 2019 9:07 pm

The Valentians - Actual Race @ Atlas 799K, Aurora Motorsports Park, Ember Valley, Enera, Esmerel

It was yet another ordinary race for the Valentians. This time, they didn’t seem to have much in the way of mess-ups, and all three of them, in the end, managed to keep their end of the promise and perform well accordingly to their set expectations. A victory would not be necessarily needed, but at the very least, they were happy that they managed to keep their positions.


Segment 1: Clarissa: 07 // Jolyn: 08 // Gwen: 10
Segment 2: Clarissa: 05 // Jolyn: 24 // Gwen: 21
Segment 3: Clarissa: 16 // Jolyn: 31 // Gwen: 28
Segment 4: Clarissa: 12 // Jolyn: 01 // Gwen: 03
Segment 5: Clarissa: 24 // Jolyn: 18 // Gwen: 20
Segment 6: Clarissa: 09 // Jolyn: 15 // Gwen: 13

Highlights of the Race:

Segment 1 went swimmingly well for all the three Valentians, placing in Top 10 at the end of the last lap of the segment. Clarissa cited some mechanical problem with her vehicle, but a quick OTG (on-the-go) fix managed to solve the issue. Clarissa later commented that it was her vehicle was giving false readings, but was attributed to the weather conditions that were giving some sort of a parallax error.

For Segments 2 and 3, while Clarissa was able to keep her position more or less the same, and in fact even gaining two positions ahead, Jolyn and Gwen fell back considerably to 20th - 30th positions. They attributed this to the high-performance nature of the drivers all around them, since neither accidents nor car issues were present for the both of them. It was simply that they got bested.

And this shows in the next segment when Jolyn and Gwen gained back to a staggering 1st and 3rd, leading the pack for a good tens of laps. Clarissa was taking it easily, while Jolyn and Gwen would be found pushing their vehicles to the limits, as well as trying out routes that were high-risk and high-rewards, i.e. they would accelerate on the straight paths, right until the near end whereby they would slam onto the brakes hard and even would try sliding moves. Due to the risky nature of it, Jolyn and Gwen only did it a few times, taking care to ensure that there were no other vehicles around them.

The fifth segment ends with some mechanical failures and stunts for all the three Valentians, though fortunately, they were easily fixed at the pit stop. There were no major accidents yet again and instead, they only suffered through a few hits to their lap timings.

The race concluded with Clarissa at 9th, Gwen at 13th, and Jolyn, living up to her car number, ending at #15.

The Valentians - After Race @ Atlas 799K, Aurora Motorsports Park, Ember Valley, Enera, Esmerel

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: To be honest… it could have been better, but hey, it’s a normal race, haha! Nothing eventful today!

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Yeah, I know. It’s pretty strange, isn’t it? I mean, you can hear more cheers all around you, and this being post-regular season, there should have been more commotion going on and about.

Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Hepburn: I agree! Mind you, it’s not because the place is boring, or anything like that. But… you know, it’s just a normal and ordinary race, and there was nothing much to talk about. Maybe some action would be nice.

Jenny Claudia Sombra Linette Hoshiko: Haha, and you guys are damn well going to get that! Next race… road course!

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Sigh, here we go again, huh?

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: And this time, we have to be very, very careful, Jolyn! >< I have read and analysed a bit of the track data, and it would seem that there are going to be elevation changes and sharp corners! This is less of the typical NSSCRA race course, and seems like it was meant for some other category of motorsports!

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: It’s one thing to have a road course, but… the topological changes and all that? We just better hope that we don’t have trouble with our cars scratching the roads due to the inclinations!

Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Hepburn: Maybe it won’t be that dramatic. I mean, at least I hope so! The data that Clarissa got about the road course is good enough, but we don’t know the minute details as of now.

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Yeah, you’re right. Maybe I am too anxious, after all.

Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Hepburn: So…. What do you guys have in mind for tonight’s dinner, before we go off to the next country?

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Maybe that little restaurant I found along the coach ride. It looks pretty cosy, though I’m not sure about the food prices.

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: I would love some instant noodle from the nearby convenient store! I mean, they are just so very delicious to me, haha!

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Junk food again, Clarissa?

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: Well, I’m a robot, haha!

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Oh yeah, point taken. So… I mean, if you guys don’t mind, we can eat there for dinner, then Clarissa can have her instant noodle for supper.

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: Yay, sounds good! ^^

Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Hepburn: I’m all right with that! So, let’s get to it, then!
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The morning before the Vilaye Energy Drink 314, Kai Qiang and Houzhi Chang took a walk along the cliffs to admire the view. They saw a few iguanas sunning themselves on the rocks, basking in the slanting rays of the morning light. Qiang liked the iguanas. They gave the place character and made the land feel more alive. They turned their heads to watch the men pass, but other than that, they didn't move. "Sometimes, I don't know how to feel about this place," Qiang said as he locked eyes with an especially large iguana that was sunning itself close to the path. "It's such a beautiful place, but that track always gives me so much trouble."

"It's just another race," said Chang. "Rinzi's a doofus, but a stopped clock is right twice a day, and he's right that you need to stop getting so worked up about this track."

"It's part of the Chase, and I always fuck it up," said Qiang.

Chang shrugged. "You haven't done that great at Li River either, and that's a track you know like the back of your hand."

When they returned to the track, they bought chicken soup from the Poultry Shack for brunch, and they talked over their plans for the day. The Poultry Shack was just starting up for the day and hadn't attracted a crowd yet.

And then it was time to start putting their plans into action. Even though Qiang had done more to prepare for this race than perhaps any other, he still didn't feel entirely ready for it. His lackluster results at this track for the past two seasons had really gotten under his skin. But the race was here, whether he was ready or not.

Once he was actually suited up and seated in his car, Qiang felt a little more normal. The car was comfortably familiar. There was something different today, which would turn out to be important later, but Qiang hadn't noticed it yet. He just saw the familiar controls, the well-worn black seat, the rugged framework to reinforce the structure of the car in case of a crash. He checked the radio, which was working fine. The race started and the cars roared to life. Wang started aggressively charging up the field, as usual, but Qiang was more patient. Also as usual, Wang couldn't maintain such an aggressive pace for the whole race. Qiang was among the people who passed him while he was in the pits getting new tires. More than a hundred laps into the race, Qiang was running well and it looked like he was in position to finish in the top 10. He wasn't leading, but he was doing better than he had done at the Mountain Challenge Course for the last two seasons.

Then Qiang felt something brushing against his thigh. At first he ignored it, thinking it was just an awkward wrinkle in his firesuit. But as he came out of turn 2, he felt something pressing on his leg with more weight behind it. He looked down to see what it was and found a pair of reptilian eyes staring up at him. Qiang cried out in surprise and nearly barreled into the back of Paul Nystrom as they came down the long slope where the Hapiloppians had wrecked their golf cart the day before. He swerved just in time, missing Nystrom's rear bumper by mere inches as he put the Northwesterosi driver a lap down and went careening wildly down the hill, cussing up a storm in several languages. Nystrom came dangerously close to the wall as he tried to get out of the way.

"CHANG!!! THERE'S A FUCKING IGUANA IN MY CAR!!!" Qiang yelled over the radio in a panic.


Chang not only had no idea how to handle an iguana getting loose in a car in the middle of a race; he also had no idea what Qiang was saying. They both spoke a hodge-podge of Mandarin, Cantonese, and Zhuang; but they didn't both speak exactly the same hodge-podge. Chang used more Cantonese; Qiang used more Zhuang -- and even when they used the same basic vocabulary, they had different accents. Usually they understood each other without any trouble -- but when Qiang was in a panic stumbling over his words and using words like "iguana" that Chang didn't hear every day, it was hard to follow.

"THERE'S A FUCKING IGUANA!!!" Qiang repeated.

"What's an 'iguana'?"


"What do you mean there's a meter-long lizard in the car???"

Qiang whipped around turn 9 dangerously fast, braking late because he was distracted by the iguana, swinging way up to the top of the banking and startling Kevin Daniels with his uncharacteristically reckless driving. "Whagh!!! Sorry, Bryan!" he said, misremembering which Newmanistanian driver drove which car. The iguana started scrabbling around, spooked by the way Qiang was throwing the car around. He grabbed it and threw it across the car to get it off him, and nearly ran over Licio Granada as he came around turn 12. The iguana was angry at being thrown across the car, and it charged at Qiang, clawing at him and scratching up his racing suit while he tried to slap it away. (Thankfully, the think material of the suit offered some protection from the iguana's claws.) Meghan Sharpe had no way of knowing why Qiang was suddenly driving like crap, but she still took advantage of his sloppy cornering to pass him. Qiang came barging into the pits fast and sloppy, racking up a penalty for speeding on the pit road. He stopped the car and tried to grab the iguana, but it ducked out of his grasp. Qiang spluttered out a few Bengali obscenities.

Then the iguana had a brilliant flash of inspiration -- or at least it thought it was brilliant. I know where I can hide that he'll never catch me! it thought in its little lizard brain. The iguana ducked behind Qiang's seat, clambered up the side of the car, and climbed out the window, out of his reach.

"Thank Heaven!" Qiang exclaimed. He was about to go tearing out of the pits and return to the race, but Chang and the track staff were clamoring for him to wait. "What...?"

"You got a penalty for speeding," Chang reminded him.

"Oh, scheiße!"

A couple of people tried to catch the iguana so they could remove it from the premises, and everyone else in the pit area was babbling in surprise and exchanging confused looks. "How did a lizard get in the car?" one of Qiang's crew asked.

"I don't know how it got there, but you can bet I'm going to be asking the Hapiloppians!" Qiang fumed.

He was given the okay to return to the race, and he pulled out of the pits, still fuming mad. "It could be a wild lizard that climbed in your car on it's own," Chang pointed out over the radio.

"Or it could have been the Hapiloppians and one of their stupid stunts!" Qiang retorted.

"Why would they put a lizard in your car? I don't think any of them have a problem with you..."

"Why would they crash a golf cart down the hill?" Qiang asked angrily. "Why did one of them drive a whole race in a chicken costume, even though he had a place in the Chase on the line? Why did they throw golf clubs all over the track at Cocoabo Park?"

Qiang finished the race without further incident, but after the race he made good on his threat to confront the Hapiloppians. Qiang himself was too small and effeminate to be very intimidating, but he brought along his crew chief, who was about six inches taller and 100 pounds heavier. They barged into the Team Blue Center and Qiang asked angrily in heavily accented English, "Hey, you guys know anything, why I have a lizard in my car?"
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The Team Blue Center, Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course
Right after the Vilaye Energy Drink 314

Ken Henson had just walked out into the main room of the Team Blue Center when Kai Qiang and his crew chief arrived, and judging from their mannerisms, they were not in a great mood. The two were demanding answers as to why a lizard had shown up in the 44 car during the Vilaye Energy Drink 314, and the first guess, and a logical guess at that, was that it had to have been someone from Team Blue. It made perfect sense, too. Nobody else had been pulling off consistently stupid stunts like the Hapiloppians had, but they typically didn’t pull stupid stunts on other drivers from other nations. That unwritten rule appeared to have been breached, and Ken Henson wanted answers.

Drake Stevenson came out of his office carrying a handful of documents concerning data from the race that had just completed. Drake went over to say hello to Kai and his crew chief before it became evident to him that, no, they were not in a very positive mood.

“Stevenson, Mr. Kai Qiang and his crew chief want to know who’s responsible for the lizard that showed up in his car during the race,” Ken said sternly. “Apparently it gave him some serious fits during the race, and apparently his first instinct is that it had to be someone from this team. Now tell me, Stevenson, why don’t I have a hard time believing that?”

Drake had no response, except to look back towards his office, where the three drivers had been meeting to review that post-race data.

“I don’t know, but I think I’m going to find out who’s responsible,” Drake slowly replied.

“Well, do it now, because I’d like to know who’s guilty and who’s not guilty before our friends here have to leave.”

As Drake walked back to his office, Ken tried to smooth things over with the Sherpalanders.

“Look, I’m really, really sorry about what happened,” Ken said in an apologetic tone. “If one of our guys is the guilty party, I promise you we will make this one right for you. I don’t know how, but we will make this right.”

Drake, meanwhile, stormed back to the office and demanded all three drivers come out.

“Alright, look, gang, we got a pissed-off Kai Qiang in the center, and he wants to know who put the lizard in his car,” Drake said. “Now, his first instinct is that one of you three is responsible, and I don’t have a hard time believing that. All three of you, come out right now.”

As the three came out to meet the two suspicious Sherpalanders, one of the three acted a little more shifty than the others, and it was clear that that one driver might have been responsible.

At that very moment, Marty Lewis just happened to walk in. There had been rumors he had been arrested at the Hapiloppian National Exhibition for commandeering the “Technology of Tomorrow” exhibit to display a lewd message concerning Frank Bronson, but he was simply let off with a warning. Nobody from Team Blue had seen him all weekend, primarily because he had been elsewhere in Vilita, trying to work behind the scenes deals concerning the new Preston Super Skychief.

“Marty Lewis,” Ken announced. “Marty, we haven’t seen you all weekend. What do you know about a lizard thrown inside someone’s race car?”

Marty just looked at everyone. Logically, he was the kind of person that would do such a stunt. He was known for rigging in-car drink systems to spray other things, like spray cheese and mayonnaise, at drivers before races. He had put a live tiger in Chet Byrd’s hotel room the weekend of a race in Garvinson back in 2003. He had rigged a card stunt before a race in Surrey to spell out the message “MAJOR MOTORS SUCKS!” rather than the originally-intended “HAPILOPPIAN PRIDE.” So, naturally, if anyone was guilty, it had to be him.

“Someone put a lizard in someone else’s car?” Marty said. “I wish I would have thought of that. Who’s car had the lizard?”

Marty looked over at Kai, who was still not in a very pleasant mood. He put two and two together pretty quickly.

“No, that’s not me, man,” Marty said. “If I would have put something like that in a car, it would have been one of your own. I don’t mess with other teams and other nations. I think we were told something about not causing an ‘international incident’ before the start of the season.”

But then, stupidly, Chris Holmes decided to speak up. You know the old saying about "better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt"? Well, that old saying was lost on Chris Holmes, the dumb fool, and it was obvious from the moment he started speaking.

“Look, I heard someone put a blue iguana in your car,” Chris said. “Now, I don’t know who’s responsible for it, and I don’t know who would do such a thing, but I sure hope y’all get to the bottom of it. It was probably Marty Lewis, the auto racing guy from Preston Autos. He always does stupid things like that. Remember the time he put a live tiger in Chet Byrd’s hotel room?”

Chris was going to go on, but everybody picked up on something.

“Chris, nobody said anything about a blue iguana,” Ken said suspiciously. “Kai never said anything about a blue iguana, and neither did his crew chief. How do you know it was a blue iguana?”

“Well, um, I…” Chris started sputtering badly. He had accidentally implicated himself. “Well, see the truth is… uh… um… Marty Lewis… he had this idea… oh fuck.”
Marty, standing right there, was almost offended.

“Wait. You’re going to pin this one on me?” Marty asked. “I’ve been trying to sell the Super Skychief to race teams all weekend! I haven’t had any time to do something like this!”

It was true. Nobody had seen Marty all weekend because he honestly did not have time to visit and say hello. He had been hawking the Super Skychief to race teams all weekend and hadn’t even been out on pit road until about midway through the race.

“Holmes, you’re going to apologize to the Sherpalanders right now,” Ken said. “And you’re also going to apologize to Marty for trying to stooge him off on something he didn’t do. And I’d like to know what the hell you were thinking doing something like that to a poor defenseless creature.”

“Look, I don’t think that Kai Qiang is defenseless…”

“ENOUGH!!!” Ken roared. “I don’t want to hear your wisecracking right now. I want to hear an explanation.”

“Well, I was walking around an area near the track and I just had some goofball idea,” Chris said. “I wanted to put it in Chet’s car, but people were standing around his car, and time was drawing near, so I just hurled it in the first car I could find and hoped for the best. I’m sorry, Kai. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

As sorry as he was, the fact was, Chris would be in serious hot water by the time he came back. Darius Buford, the stock car reporter for the Hapilopper Television Network, was standing outside the center, as were about a dozen reporters, wondering if a fight was about to break out between a couple of drivers. Instead, they had gotten a story of animal cruelty, Hapiloppian style.

The next day, as the Team Blue faithful showed up for the weekly team meeting in Hapilopper City, several news organizations had written stories about Chris Holmes taking a blue iguana and carelessly throwing it in the car. The fact was, nothing about the story was false, so Ken had to take action. This meant community service.

“What I mean is, Holmes, is that if you want to keep your job, you’ll be volunteering at Lake Eclipse Animal Shelter for two days every week for the rest of the season,” Ken said. “I’ve got someone there that will be keeping tabs on what you do, so don’t be an idiot.”

“Yes, sir,” Chris quietly muttered.
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Houzhi Chang's English wasn't good enough to follow the whole conversation, but he was pretty good at reading body language. Qiang looked like he was getting ready to punch Holmes. Holmes mostly looked nervous and embarrassed, not like he was ready to start a fist fight. Chang grabbed Qiang before he could start a fight. Qiang tried to squirm out of Chang's grasp, but he gave up pretty quick when it didn't work.

It wasn't the first time Qiang had ever lost his temper and Chang had to physically restrain him to stop him from getting in a fight with another driver. They both knew the drill by now. Qiang wasn't strong enough to escape from his crew chief's grasp if Chang really wanted to hold him back, and once he calmed down, he would usually agree that Chang had been right to hold him back.

Qiang was still furious, though. "If I get eliminate from Chase because you put that lizard in my car, I kill you!" he told Holmes, and he looked angry enough to actually kill someone.

"Don't get in a fist fight," Chang said to Qiang in Chinese. "It looks bad if you throw the first punch. If he put the lizard in your car, we can take it up with NSSCRA."
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The Valentians - Qualifications @ Vilaye Energy Drink 314, Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course, Vilita

Touching down from the airport the next day, the Valentians prepared for potentially the most difficult track that they have ever seen, perhaps even surpassing the Tropicorp road course. Clarissa and Gwen were sightseeing as usual, while Jolyn was reading a bigger map of the race course in detail, her eyes darting around the map. Clarissa and Gwen took notice of their friend.

Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Hepburn: Jolyn? You all right?

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Ahh, what? Ahh yeah, I’m fine, don’t worry about it. Just… just worried about this race, that’s all!

Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Hepburn: Nothing makes Jolyn more paranoid than a road course!

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Yeah, that’s true. Hey, can’t help it, and can’t really hurt to be careful!

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: Yeah but Jolyn, you have to relax a little, and maybe just look around and enjoy the scenery! Maybe it will help you out!

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: I might just do that. Thanks for the concern, guys.

Jolyn quickly folded back her large map, shifting her eyes to the surrounding and the people around her. It seemed to be a rather quiet afternoon, perhaps due to the people working at the moment, i.e. off-peak. Anyone else who were around have their eyes fixated at the Valentians. It was definitely due to the heights.

Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Hepburn: [Quietly towards the two others] Not gonna lie, I quite like the attention I am getting, haha!

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: [Quietly back at Gwen] Yeah, compared to the other kind of attention that we could get, this is welcomed, to be honest.

Fast forward to the lounge, and the Valentians hit the simulations; well, Jolyn and Gwen did, but Clarissa went out on her own to the road course. Clarissa, after seeking permission from the officials and making sure that there are no cars driving around for practice, walked and surveyed the road course, detailing and marking every nook and canny, as she always did. It was certainly going to be a very hard course, she thought to herself.

On the other hand, Gwen and Jolyn weren’t doing too well even on the simulations. They took a couple of tries to make sure that they got every single turn right, but this was easier said than done. Several crashes all around the course, especially for Jolyn, while Gwen was able to get the turns just right; she had her moments of scratching onto walls, but she didn’t have a lot of disasters like Jolyn did.

An hour has passed, and while Gwen took a break for her eyes, Jolyn was still seen trying and tinkering out on the simulator. She was picking the best possible tunings for her simulated vehicle, as well as trying different degrees of turning and banking… she was basically trying everything she could in order to make sure that she will not crash head-first into a wall.


The actual day for qualifications came, and the results were rather surprising despite the opinions that the trio have on the course. Gwen placed 8th, Jolyn placed 19th, and for Clarissa? She placed 40th, unfortunately.

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: This is really polarizing! I thought I would be a lot worse, but… Clarissa, I am so sorry to hear that. What on Earth happened?

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: I really don’t know myself, Jolyn! It’s just… I have looked through and surveyed the place as thoroughly as possible, and there are still problems with me gathering the exact data that I need!

Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Hepburn: I shouldn’t really say so much, but other than… all the best, you guys! I just hope that we can make it through this race!

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: I hope so too, Gwen! And Clarissa… don’t be too down, all right? I am sure that you can do it. All the best!

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: Aww, thank you, you guys! ^^

The Valentians - Actual Race @ Vilaye Energy Drink 314, Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course, Vilita

The actual race came soon enough, and the Valentians prayed and hoped for the best. Jolyn was happy about her qualification results, but she was still on her own nerves on whether or not she will flop or do well for this. Gwen, on the other hand, was confident… perhaps too confident, but she was very certain that she was going to make this road course work for her. After all, the qualifications didn’t speak for the actual race, but the starting position should assist her in some way, she thought to herself.

Clarissa, on the other hand, still kept her hopes up, but she was still anxious about the whole ordeal. The qualifications were bad enough for her, so… what would happen if she flopped this one? Why is she struggling so hard with her races once again, from once winning a race? So many questions filled her mind, but she still was not very certain. Starting from the back of the race would make overtaking difficult, and it did not help that the road course was something that they are not looking forward to.

Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Hepburn: Well guys, all the best! Don’t worry, we will pull off this one!

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: Thanks, Gwen! Good luck to you all as well!

In the meantime, Jolyn was quickly asking Jared for some adjustments to her vehicle.

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: -and yeah, I think it would be good if the wheels are adjusted a little to the left. I tried it in a simulation and it worked for me.

Jared Kev Jensen Benedict Angus: Sure thing, Jolyn! I mean, as long as it works for you, of course. And hey, best of luck!

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Thanks, Jared!

And after some preliminary preparation, they were away once again!


Segment 1: Clarissa: 37 // Jolyn: 30 // Gwen: 14
Segment 2: Clarissa: 33 // Jolyn: 15 // Gwen: 06
Segment 3: Clarissa: 24 // Jolyn: 05 // Gwen: 11
Segment 4: Clarissa: 34 // Jolyn: 05 // Gwen: 23
Segment 5: Clarissa: 30 // Jolyn: 06 // Gwen: 08
Segment 6: Clarissa: 35 // Jolyn: 09 // Gwen: 08


The Valentians - Highlights of the Race (HOTR) @ Vilaye Energy Drink 314, Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course, Vilita

Jolyn Helen Ceeta:

From their starting places, at the end of the first segment, Jolyn dropped down considerably hard, due to her vehicle not as performing well as she thought it would be. It would appear that the physics in a simulation can work a little differently from the real world physics.

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: [Radio] Not too good, Jared. I made a mistake in my assumptions and now the vehicle is not exactly performing its best.

Jared Kev Jensen Benedict Angus: [Radio] No worries, Jolyn. Just hang in there, we will fix it back at the next pit stop. Can you hold on for the time being?

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: [Radio] I will do my best, thanks, Jared!

Jared Kev Jensen Benedict Angus: [Radio] No problem! 15 more laps until pit stop, you got this!

After reaching the 2nd segment and getting her vehicle fixed and tuned in accordingly to Jared’s recommendations, Jolyn was back in the race and stronger than ever. Taking the shortest possible routes while avoiding the onslaught of other racers, she managed to gain 15 positions by the end of the 2nd segment, gaining to 15th. And this was further improved by her gaining to 5th, then falling back to 9th by the end of the race.

Vice Foresittend Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Moira “Неуловимый, Женщина-шпион” Marlene Wendy Lucille Lapis Jill Khorosheva Vin. Zolina łnt. Natasha Vasilisa Helen Ceeta Tescelyn Maximovna: I’m going to attribute this to my carefulness, perhaps. I don’t know… I actually was not expecting this kind of a finish in my career, especially when it comes to road courses, but lo and behold, I have done it! For the last few laps, I admit, I was getting a little weary of the race and the turns, and my performance took a slight hit. And that slight hit… was more than enough to lose a few places. Still, it was fine with me, because I managed to help Gwen do a bumper draft and let her finish some place ahead of me. All things considered, it went well for myself!


Gwen Tracer Allison:

It would seem and appear that Gwen has her reasons to be rather confident with her races. She was not a fan of road courses, just like the other two, but she knew that she can still do it as well as with the other races. After all, she actually managed to finish rather strongly in that Tropicorp track, only because a small cocoabo bothered her and and caused her to lose precious seconds trying to steer herself back. For this race, there were moments when she dropped back as far as 23rd, but just as easily as she lost those places… she gained them back very, very quickly; during the fifth segment, selecting the best routes and like Jolyn, she managed to avoid a swarm of vehicles and possible pile-up areas and as a result, Gwen placed 8th consistently for the entire duration. For the last 5 laps, she was helped out by her own friend; Jolyn was bumper-pushing Gwen all the way, knowing that cooperating with one another would help them from falling even further behind.

Chief Aviator Gwen Tracer Hepburn “Fate of Existence and the Omniverse” Ellen Trixie Caitlin Foxworthy Avril Verlene Eveline Celinda Sammy Doris Wit. Oxton Arielle Lindall Leslie Vitesse Allison: There was no way I was going to gain another position from 8th. It was simply impossible to bridge the gap in that short timespan. So… Jolyn and I radioed one another and she proposed that she would push my car up after she gained back to 9th. She did, and helped me with a bumper draft. It was very nice of her, I said to myself, to help a fellow friend in trade of losing. I guess she also knows that she was not going to push too hard in a road course, given that this is her weak spot. Thanks, Jolyn! ^^


Clarissa Alanis Star:

Things didn’t look so well for Clarissa as soon as the race started. First off, she was in a place that had little to no room for improvement, and she was struggling extremely hard with that. To top it all off, despite the data that she was gathering, she was unable to use it to her fullest advantage, with the data and calculations hindering her rather than helping her. She grew increasingly frustrated and midway, she had a conversation with Jenny and Jared.

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: [Radio] Things aren’t looking too good, guys! I cannot get my readings to work properly!

Jared Kev Jensen Benedict Angus: [Radio] I’m sorry to hear that, Clarissa! Jenny and I can’t do anything from here. Was there something amiss when you are going through the qualifications?

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: [Radio] I don’t know! >< I remembered that it was difficult for me because, all the data was overwhelming, and I never had that happen before, except…. Gasppp!

Jenny Claudia Sombra Linette Hoshiko: [Radio] That race! You have not been restarting your computational mind! You are suffering from another data overload!

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: [Radio] Am I seriously for real right now?!

Jared Kev Jensen Benedict Angus: [Radio] Whoa hey, calm down there, Clarissa! Accidents and mistakes happen! For the time being, I think you can work with your human consciousness!

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: [Radio] I’m doing just that for the next pit stop. Ugh, I can’t believe I have been forgetting the most simplest of things!

Jenny Claudia Sombra Linette Hoshiko: [Radio] Hey, at least it could have been worse… couldn’t be worse than those dudes that damaged a golf cart!

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: [Radio] How can I be this careless and forgetful?! Ugh, I’m so mad at myself!

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Clarissa, I know it doesn’t help to tell someone to calm down, but… please take a few breaths and think about kittens!

And for the rest of the race, Clarissa was stuck in the 30-40 positions, occasionally going up to 20th, but it was not enough and she was constantly losing focus.

Exuberant Superintendent T-1000/2904 Surveillant Clarissa Alanis Star Breya « La Amoureux Chéri » Millie Taissa Butterfly Mélody Coraline Jolijn Trini Clementine Hollie Samantha Zeta Harumi: This was seriously awful! So first I have problems with the road course itself, followed by my mind not doing exactly as instructed. Well, okay, it does its job, but I couldn’t help it that my CPU mind was clogging up, and I didn’t take note of it sooner or later. To be honest, never have I been so mad with anyone else, and I am actually increasingly mad about myself at the moment! I will be going off to a park as of now.

The Valentians - After Race @ Vilaye Energy Drink 314, Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course, Vilita

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Hey, has anyone seen Clarissa lately? I seriously don’t know where she went to!
Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Hepburn: Oh yeah, something about her going off to a park… Maybe she just need to unwind, you know?
Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Ahh, right…

Jenny Claudia Sombra Linette Hoshiko: It was that problem again, it would seem.
Jared Kev Jensen Benedict Angus: I don’t exactly blame her, to be honest. Maybe her human mind was just doing the sleep normally, and the CPU took it as Hibernation/Sleep, not a shut down.
Jenny Claudia Sombra Linette Hoshiko: I think it will be better if we help her out along the way.
Jared Kev Jensen Benedict Angus: Yeah, that will be good. Jolyn, can you do that?

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Oh yeah, sure thing! So… just make her restart every now and then, and watch her, right?
Jenny Claudia Sombra Linette Hoshiko: Yep! Nothing else to it. Most of the time, she will do a restart by herself.
Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: “Most of the time”?
Jenny Claudia Sombra Linette Hoshiko: Haha, don’t worry, she can take care of herself. I will be there as well! But just keep tabs that she will need a restart.
Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Hepburn: All right, then! Well, shall we go and find her?


After a few minutes of searching, they finally found Clarissa nearby in a local park. With a… rather stern face on her.


Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Hepburn: Err, Clarissa? What happened? Why are you so… mad?

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: I’m just tired of myself lately, guys. I mean… I know it’s just a race, and a minor mistake, but… why am I so careless with this kind of thing? Ugh!

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Clarissa, I know.. it’s about your Chase results and all, but… we still have a lot more races! I mean, we can do it!

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: That’s what they say, Jolyn! I know, I know, I’m getting too worked up, and I’m sorry, but they kept reassuring me that it will be fine, but… I have to accept that there are just those that are way better than me!

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: I know. They are better than you, but no one is as determined and optimistic as you, Clarissa! You got this, please do keep it in your heart!

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: Well… that is true.

Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Hepburn: Sometimes, it helps that you took time to reflect yourself, but… this is just a minor mistake. I know you got a lower score from this race, but it could have been a lot worse. It could have been much more disastrous, and you could have been hitting some other people, but no, you drive clean, Clarissa! You might not have the best scores, but you have a determined and optimistic mind! I mean, not saying that other racers are cheaters, but you have the happiest mind out of all three!

Just then, Jenny walked towards the trio, with a cat in her hands. It’s an orange-and-white tabby, Clarissa’s favorite.

Jenny Claudia Sombra Linette Hoshiko: That’s right! And hey, look who I got!

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: Awww kitty! Mewww, haha! Where did you get him?

Jenny Claudia Sombra Linette Hoshiko: Ohh I borrowed one from a local! They were pretty okay with that!

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: You can borrow a cat?

Jenny Claudia Sombra Linette Hoshiko: Might be that this guy apparently knows who Clarissa is, and he was absolutely happy with the cat being held by you!

The cat was carried carefully by Clarissa, with the man taking a picture of Clarissa with the cat being held. The cat, in turn, purred contently upon being carried by Clarissa, with little to no hostile intent.

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: Awww, thank you very much, guys! You guys definitely know how to make me happy! :3

Clarissa gently put the cat back on the ground, which then slowly walked towards back the owner. The owner, in turn, took a shot of Clarissa and showed it to her.


Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: Oooh, amazing! Thanks for the cool shot and sharing the photo with us!

Clarissa waved at the man and the cat, and after a while, she was happy once again. Then she went back to her lounge and restarted herself, with Jenny, Jolyn, and Gwen around her. It went well, though Clarissa took slightly longer to boot up, by around a few seconds.

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: Sorry I took a while! Dumping a crapton of stuff from my RAM to the storage!

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Err… how much, may I ask.

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: 800 TB.

Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Hepburn: Goodness gracious, Clarissa… you will fit right in with other data hoarders!
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Postby Cassadaigua » Sat Sep 07, 2019 4:06 pm

Guide to the Five Star Mobile 500!

NSSCRA is back! Welcome to the Concord Heights Motor Speedway for this weekend’s running of the Five Star Mobile 500. It’s a race in the Five Star Clash/Combo, but it is also is an elimination race, as the Chase field will be cut from sixteen to twelve. I can’t wait until the cars hit the track, but let’s take a look at some of the things that will be going on at the track.

Qualifying Day:

– Get here early! The cars will be out there qualifying at 1pm, but that does not mean that is the time to target for your arrival. Gates open at 8:00am, and of course the parking lot is already open for any kind of overnight tailgaiting if you want to get here really early. Tickets are sold out, but if you have anything waiting at will call, those booths will open up at 7:00am. Don’t worry if that’s too early, because there will be two pop-up Dagan Donuts restaurants popping up on each side of the track. All of their normal selections will be available, including and especially offering the famous Pumpkin Spice blend!

At 9:00 am, the first on track activities will take place as members of the Cassadagan National Guard will perform some entertainment routines, including their own marching band. If you want to go into the garage area, and have purchased the proper hot pass credentials to do so, then this is the time where that will open up for you. Cold pit passes are also a very good value, and allow you to get into any driver appearances that may be scheduled.

At the hospitality tent, the following driver appearances will take place:
9:00-10:00am: Jenna Logan
10:00am-11:00am: Meghan Sharpe
3:30pm-4:00pm: Tyler Abbott (who will be using the open charter)
4:00pm-5:00pm: Stacie Houston

Drivers from other countries are also welcome to have their own appearances, check on their websites for more details.

Back on the track now, once the CNG is done performing, there will be a 45 minute concert, likely beginning around 10:00am, featuring Sierra Stevens and Melody Myers, two up and coming singers that you won’t want to miss!

At 11:00 am, we have even more entertainment as the nationally famous Pink Angels will put on a special airshow for everyone in attendance over the speedway. This will be viewable from anywhere on the track, but we suggest going out trackside to see the show. That should end around 11:45, and at the time, the focus will become getting the cars ready for qualifying. Qualifying begins at 1pm.

Once qualifying is over, there will be fan activities all over. All companies that sponsor any NSSCRA race team, or any race, regardless of where they are from, are allowed to showcase their products and services in the fan center in the east parking lot. There will be plenty of confirmed giveaway from Five Star Mobile and Pink Love, as well as SubHouse, but also it is likely that other sponsors will capitalize on this opportunity. It will be an evening of fun.

At about 7:00pm, the lights on the track will be on and the young starts of Cassadaigua will take to the track in a 100-lap race. This is known as the Development Series of Cassadagan Racing (DELCAR). Drivers are between 15 (the legal age a Cassadagan can start driving) and 20, and this will be the first time they race here the night before a NSSCRA race. Jenna Logan will be the honorary grand marshall.

Race day:
On race day gates open at 7:00am. Dagan Donuts will still have two restaurants opened up along the perimeter of the race track so there will be no excuse to not head out to track in the early morning. At this time, fans can walk (no cars) around the track for as long as they want until 8:30am.

At 9:00am, Sierra Stevens will perform again, as well as hard rock band, One Salamida. The name of course is an honor of Cassadaigua’s two-time World Cup winning goalkeeper Allison Salamida, who wore #1. This should go until about 10:30am. The garage area will be open again for the appropriate credential holders. The fan fair area will have a plethora of games and activities for all fans, and once again all NSSCRA car sponsors or race sponsors are invited to promote their line of products and have any sort of promotional activity they wish.

The race is scheduled to begin at 2:30pm, but at 1:00pm, be sure to be on hand as Queen Cassie II herself will provide a statement and will late give the command to start engines. She will be the honorary grand marshall for the race.

Parking is free, but tipping parking lot attendants in Cassadaigua is typically expected as etiquette. Uniformed and undercover security will be on hand to make sure that the event can be enjoyed peacefully and safely for all. Enjoy the race!
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Toys 4 All - Wave Chase 3

Postby Vilita and Turori » Sat Sep 07, 2019 5:52 pm


Toys '4' All Corporate Headquarters, Design & Development Facility, Lopinka, Vilita :: The Toys '4' All team had the First and Second Wave of NSSCRA Season 8 Chase Edition Racing Collectors die cast on the production line prior to the end of the NSSCRA Regular Season so they had plenty of time to hit the shelves before the Regular Season kicked off in Esmerel for the Atlas 799K. The rest, however, had to wait until the checkered flag came down at the Pencurve Electronics 500 so that the team was protected against any unforeseen changes in the Playoff field. Of course, some of the drivers in Wave 3 were all but assured a place in the Chase and the Toys '4' All design teams had already reached out to those teams to begin working on the NSSCRA 8 Chase Edition designs for eventual production. They were queued up and ready to roll once the checkered flag fell and confirmed the results and the 16 drivers that would compete in the Chase.

As for Wave 4, that design work naturally followed the Wave 3 designs and as literally any driver in the field could have qualified in to become the 16th and final participant in the Chase, there was always the risk that Ellyn Illinoi's team would be starting from scratch on at least one of the four cars in the wave. Luckily for the team, however, there were no upsets at the Jalton Superspeedway confirming Lexi Patterson as the sixteenth and final driver in the chase and solidifying their Racing Collectibles NSSCRA Season 8 Chase Edition lineup.

While only the Wave 1 and Wave 2 Chase editions were through Quality Control and off the production line in time to reach Esmerel for the playoff opening Atlas 799K - and only Chase Wave 1 was available at retail locations at that time, the production had caught up by the team the circuit arrived in Rockii Coast, not far from Toys '4' All's Lopinka headquarters, and Chase Wave 1, Chase Wave 2 and Chase Wave 3 edition collectibles were all available track side and at Toys '4' All locations throughout the Vilitan Cove region. Chase Wave 3 which had only just rolled off the production line was also en route to Toys '4' All affiliates outside of Atlantian Oceania.

Image Image
Image Image

Leading the way in Chase Wave #2 would be local Vilita and Turori Motorsports driver Centur Tiones who finally qualified for the Chase after two seasons of disappointment including the particularly unlucky fashion of Tiones exclusion from the playoffs during NSSCRA Season 7. The driver of the #2 Tiones Lumber Dart had been one of the most consistent drivers through the early part of the NSSCRA 7 Regular Season posting three Top 5's in the opening five events to take an early lead in the standings. Tiones had just one poor finish - a 32nd place at the Ferret National Autodrome to offset a slew of Top 15 finishes that seemed to make Tiones a lock to make the playoffs even without a race victory. That all changed at the Plum Lake Circuit in the Sherpa Empire, however, when Centur Tiones suffered their first retirement of the season in the most inconvenient of circumstances. The result sent Tiones spiraling from safely into the playoffs to right on the bubble. The #2 Tiones Lumber Dart would run consistently in the Top 15 over the final two races of the regular season but in the end it was not enough as Hampton Island driver Alex Knight won the Pencurve Electronics 500 to propel themselves into the 16 team playoff field and bump Tiones out of the Chase despite the fact that the Turori backed driver was among the Top 16 in the standings.

Tiones would record their second career victory and prove one of the strongest drivers throughout the Chase to easily lock up 17th position in the standings and send a message to their competitors that they would be a force to be reckoned with if they could qualify for the playoffs during NSSCRA Season 8. Now, having punched their ticket to the chase with their first ever Regular Season victory at the Kobold Tools 300 at the Starkville Raceway, Tiones will finally get the opportunity to prove their talent against the best drivers in the multiverse in the NSSCRA Season 8 Chase Playoff Round.

While Tiones is making their first appearance after back to back seasons of disappointment, two other drivers in Racing Collectors Chase Wave 3 are also making their debut Chase Appearance - but are doing so as NSSCRA Rookies in their debut season. Rinzi Aogar Zahilwal, the Sherpaland driver who has been perhaps the most colorful driver on circuit this season with at least 5 different paint schemes on the #06 among a slew of various sponsors including an oddly written agreement with the Yeezie men's product line Mayhem that triggered a sponsorship deal in the following race after Zakhilwal posted a Top 15 finish. It perhaps backfired for the company as Rinzi's best results seemed to come in the races where Mayhem was not on the car - perhaps the sponsorship deal motivated the Sherpaland driver more in races where they didn't have sponsorship - and instead it was their own Carpet Company taking the glory. As the rookie points leader, Zakhilwal will be out to prove they are more than just a Rookie Driver and can compete with the best that the NSSCRA Has to offer.

While Team Cassadaigua's Meghan Sharpe will be making a third straight chase appearance it will be another debutant in Jolyn Helen Ceeta of Valentine Z who will be turning heads as she turns her head at interesting angles just to squeeze into the car due to her height. A late season change in her car will see the Valkyries #15 Intermediate Tunings machine in a robotic looking Steel and Gray scheme with a hint of yellow trim.


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Postby Newmanistan » Sat Sep 07, 2019 6:08 pm


Race: Five Star Mobile 500, Concord Heights Motor Speedway, Concord Heights, Cassadaigua
Track Record: 16.221 sec.

Qualifying Results:
1 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua)                         16.483
2 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 16.526
3 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori) 16.534
4 #31 - Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) 16.553
5 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 16.558
6 #79 - Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) 16.561
7 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 16.574
8 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 16.575
9 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 16.593
10 #28- Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) 16.653
11 #73 - Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) 16.665
12 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 16.676
13 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 16.703
14 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 16.716
15 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 16.741
16 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 16.751
17 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 16.795
18 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori) 16.830
19 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 16.844
20 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 16.855
21 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 16.897
22 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 16.923
23 #19 - Sage Caldwell (Saint Kanye) 17.048
24 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori) 17.060
25 #69 - Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) 17.231
26 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) *Q* 17.267
27 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) 17.273
28 #55 - A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) *Q* 17.311
29 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 17.311
30 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 17.367
31 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 17.370
32 #48 - Rockii Ezis (Newmanistan) 17.402
33 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 17.412
34 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 17.515
35 #17 - Tyler Abbott (Cassadaigua) 17.528
36 #23 - James McCurty (Hampton Island) 17.683
37 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 17.702
38 #99 - Liuyong Xu (New Northwesteros) *Q* 17.872
39 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 18.017
40 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 18.055
41 #21 - Paul Nystrom (New Northwesteros) *Q* 18.086
42 #75 - Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 18.192
43 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 18.215
44 #32 - Andrew Holden (Lisander) 18.302
45 #00 - Ilham Lukas Jenie (Filindostan) *Q* 18.398
46 #94 - Daniel Almirola (Sedile) *Q* 18.433
47 #08 - Jeff Shreeves (The Western Carolina Union) *Q* 18.444
48 #80 - Franklin Egar (Filindostan) *Q* 18.492
49 #67 - Denny Truex Lenlin (Sedile) *Q* 18.502
50 #05 - Tucker Capps (The Western Carolina Union) *Q* 18.533

51 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) 18.613
52 #03 - Mike Reddiër (Caleonia) *Q* 18.637
53 #33 - Tyler Joy (Caleonia) *Q* 18.681
54 #0 - Hana Bhe (Filindostan) *Q* 18.687
55 #29 - Frank Joy (Caleonia) *Q* 18.701

56 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 18.808
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Postby Hapilopper » Sat Sep 07, 2019 6:40 pm

Lake Eclipse Animal Shelter, Hapilopper City
A few days after the Iguana Incident in Vilita
Chris Holmes walked into the animal shelter, his community service issued by Team Blue for his role in the iguana incident the week before, where he, for reasons only known to him, he thought it was a fantastic idea to kidnap an iguana and then toss it in the car of Kai Qiang, something that wreaked havoc on his race. Qiang got the idea pretty quickly that it had to have been someone from Hapilopper, and he wasn’t wrong. Unfortunately, Chris, not known to be all that bright, accidentally spilled the beans and admitted to his wrongdoing. Nobody was happy with Chris, and Ken demanded he do some “community service” at the local animal shelter, or he would be out of a job.

Chris, never a pet lover, got a little skittish from the second he got there. So skittish, in fact, that he forgot to lock the door of his car.

“You must be the iguana man,” said Shirley Shishid, the manager of the animal shelter. “Ken Henson called ahead, said you’d be volunteering. Come on in, we’ve got some jobs for you to do.”

Shishid was not particularly a fan of Chris. She had seen the stories of how Chris had smuggled the iguana and put it in a fairly inhospitable environment. Ken had called Shishid beforehand and told her “You need to make him do whatever you want him to do. The nastier, the grosser, the better. He’s got to learn.”

She was more than happy to oblige. She pointed out a few dogs, who were running around and making about as much noise as a racing car. They were howling, jumping around, and oh yeah, they were pooping. Chris’s task for the day was to keep them fed, clean up their waste and to take them out for a walk or two. Easier said than done when you’ve got several dozen dogs, all of them about as rambunctious as ever, and a few dozen other animals, all of them were wanting to get some fresh air and run like hell.

It almost became routine. Chris would come into an enclosure, run like hell as about five or six dogs ran after him, try not to get bit, throw a chew toy or two to the other end, then fill the food dishes and clean up the assorted waste around the enclosures. This happened several times. Amazingly, he only got bit twice.

While Chris was running for his life as several retrievers chased him down, Drake Stevenson and Chet Byrd arrived at the shelter. They had some ideas of their own. Neither of the two were really happy with Chris for the iguana stunt, and Chet was even less happy with Chris after his daughter Hannah called him and told him, for 20 minutes straight, about what a creep Chris really was. Now it was their turn to pull something on Chris.

Drake walked over and, uncharacteristically, put on the charm to Shirley, who was about his age and a pretty attractive one.

“Hey, um, I’ll do something for you if you’ll do something for me,” Drake told Shirley, sounding strangely smooth. “You see, there’s a guy that works for me that’s been doing some volunteering here, and he did something pretty stupid last weekend.”

“You’re talking about Chris Holmes, aren’t you?”

“Yeah. Him. Well, listen, I was wondering if I could borrow one of your babies. I’ll pay you back for this one.”

It should be noted that Drake was not talking about a human baby. Shirley was single and childless. Drake was talking about one of the animals at the shelter, animals that Shirley had been quoted as calling “her babies.” Drake felt he needed to find a way to get back at Chris, and maybe by doing the same thing to Chris that Chris did to Kai Qiang, maybe he could get the idea.

Two hours later
Chris Holmes was leaving the animal shelter, very clearly shaken. He had seen more than enough from the animals at the shelter, and all he wanted to do at this point was get the hell out of dodge, get a long, thorough shower, and get a very strong drink. He had been pooped on. He had been pounced on. He had been bit. He had fallen in the dirt and had dogs run all over him. And you damn bet he had been licked.

He climbed into his car and took a very deep breath. It had been a bad day, and a very humbling one at that. He had pretty much realized that what he had done with the iguana had been a bad move. These were living creatures, and that iguana probably went through some strife when it spent that time inside of Kai Qiang’s car. But his trouble wasn’t done yet.

As soon as Chris had exhaled in relief, he heard a low, almost guttural growl. Then another. And another. Chris slowly turned his head to the right to see a huge, angry-looking pit bull, staring him down. His eyes got real wide, and he looked like he wanted to cry. He had no idea how the dog had gotten in the car, and at this point, he honestly didn’t care. He just wanted to make sure he wouldn’t get mauled.

He fumbled for the seatbelt as the dog started barking again and again and again. Chris was almost certain he was going to get demolished right then and there. Not really caring about decency or what anyone else thought at that point, Chris exploded out of the car.

“MOTHER OF GOD, PLEASE HELP ME!!! HELP, PLEASE!!! I SWEAR I’LL NEVER HURT ANOTHER CREATURE EVER AGAIN!!!!” Chris screamed as he ran from his car about as fast as he could go. The dog was chasing after him with a crusader's zeal.

Meanwhile, Drake Stevenson and Chet Byrd were watching from a few feet away, laughing about as hard as they could.

“Hey Holmes, you met my new dog, Qiang?” Drake asked Chris. Drake hadn’t borrowed the dog, he had adopted it. “Shirley’s a sweetie. I adopted this dog and I’m going to treat him like my little prince. She was so happy to see it go to a loving home. In other news, I have a date next weekend.”


“Ahh, you’ll be fine,” Drake responded, laughing. “He’s probably not that bad once you get to know him. One day I got to buy him a beer and try to get to know him, if I can get past the language barrier.”

The Team Blue Center, Concord Heights Motor Speedway, Concord Heights, Cassadaigua
The day of qualifying
“Stevenson, dammit, quit it. You’re making me uncomfortable.”

Ever since adopting Qiang the dog, Drake had taken to bringing that dog everywhere he went and worse, he had taken to being about as lovey-dovey to that dog as he could. The truth was that Drake had absolutely fallen in love with the dog ever since he first laid eyes on him at the animal shelter.

“Well, he’s my little buddy,” Drake said. “Pit bulls aren’t bad if you don’t treat them bad. They’re just like any other dog.”

“Well, I hope you’re not going to bring that dog with you to the war wagon on race day. Make sure that dog’s in your room when we’re racing. You’re here to do a job.”

“Of course I am. I’m going to get us a win, hopefully.”

“Well, yeah.”

The three drivers had taken to Concord Heights pretty well, as they had with most tracks. Chet qualified 11th, sharing the 6th row with Eva Kerman on race day, Chris qualified 16th, and Frank Bronson qualified 21st.

Frank, of course, had been quiet all week, but that wasn’t exactly the worst thing. It turned out Frank had been taking part in a few commercial shoots all week for Hapilopper Airlines, and some of those commercials were comfortably in post-production by the time he rolled out on the track in Cassadaigua on the first practice day.

Those three drivers were enjoying dinner in the Team Blue Center after qualifying – well, two of them, Drake and his new dog, and Ken Henson. Chris, a little bit skittish, was in the corner, away from everyone and away from the dog.

Ken looked over to see Drake giving the dog some of the table scraps, and it made him rather uncomfortable.

“Drake, you’re going to ruin that dog,” Ken said. “It’s going to be spoiled rotten.”

“And I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Drake said with a smile. “This one’s my little buddy.”

“Oh, brother,” Ken said. “Could you at least give it another name, like Nelson or something? I mean, I’m really uncomfortable you acting all lovey-dovey to something named for another driver that we race with, particularly one that probably wants to kill ol’ Sir Creep-A-Lot back there.”

“Aw, come on!” Chris whimpered. “That’s mean!”

“So was the iguana bit, Holmes,” Ken shot back.

Poor Chris Holmes would be the butt of jokes throughout the week. By the time race day dawned, Drake had thought the better of it and started calling his new dog “Cactus Jack,” or “Jack” for short, after a popular character on TV in Hapilopper. Holmes, on the other hand, lived his weekend in fear of that dog, wondering if it would unleash its wrath on him.
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Toys 4 All - RC Wave Five Star Combo 4 - Cassadaigua

Postby Vilita and Turori » Sun Sep 08, 2019 5:17 am


Toys '4' All Corporate Headquarters, Design & Development Facility, Lopinka, Vilita :: While herds of Vilitan Racing Fans were at one of the biggest Auto Racing events on the Vilitan racing calendar - the Challenge at the Rocks, now known as the Vilaye Energy Drink 314 at the Vilitan Mountain Challenge course, there were a handful of potential attendees who did not make the trip and instead were sitting in a conference room at the Toys '4' All Design and Development Facility just a short drive away in Lopinka, Vilita. Toys '4' All's Racing Collectors line director Ellyn Illinoi was actually at the track as she had commitments to handle from a sponsorship perspective as Toys '4' All needed her there to discuss the future of the Racing Collectors line with some VIPs. It meant the design teams were on their own but they knew what to do. They had been preparing for this moment for a number of weeks with shorter and shorter timelines between race end, identifying which cars needed to be produced, and shipping to the track. This one, however, would be the most stressing of them all. It wasn't just two weeks then get the product a short distance down the road to the local race track. It was half the time and double the distance in regions as not only was there less than one week between the Checkered Flag flying at the Vilaye Energy Drink 314 and the opening of the gates at the Concord Heights Speedway for the Five Star Mobile 500 Weekend but Cassadaigua was over in Rushmore meaning the team didn't even have the luxury of a morning-of delivery.

The Team watched on in excitement as Toys '4' All sponsored driver River 'Shark' Suzgar II competed for the victory late in the event but were ultimately let down when the #14 Vilaye Energy Drink Dart was beaten to the stripe by the Jebslunder Oberst Eva Kerman who become the first non-Yeezie driver to win the Challenge at the Rocks since NSSCRA Season 4, and the Sherpalander Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal who tightened their grip on the Rookie of the Season honors with a runner up finish. While likely disappointed to have not won the race, Suzgar's 3rd place finish was the best ever finish by a Vilita and Turorian driver in the Vilaye Energy Drink 314 with Suzgar and teammate Yraaga Gilli'i who crossed the line right behind Suzgar becoming just the second and third Vilita and Turorian drivers to post a Top 5 finish in the NSSCRA event at the Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course. During last seasons event, iBen Toralmintii was the best performing Vilita and Turori Motorsports driver in 9th place while during NSSCRA Season 6 it was the development driver Rockii Ezis who was the teams best performer with what was then a career best 4th place finish.

Image Image Image ImageImage

The Five Star Combo is a special program running at Five events on the NSSCRA Season 8 Calendar that awards an increasingly large bonus to any driver who can win multiple of the five events, with a $2,000,000 Bonus for any driver who can with three of the five races, $3,000,000 to a driver who wins four of the five races and a massive bonus of $10,000,000 should any driver claim victory in all 5 Five Star Combo events.

Furthermore, each Five Star Combo event will also produce a 'Five Star Five' - the Top 5 finishers in that event who will then be eligible for a $1,000,000 bonus should they win the next Five Star Combo event on the schedule. In order for fans to more easily determine which drivers are eligible for the Five Star Five or Five Star Combo bonuses, participating drivers will have pink Spoilers, Roof Numbers and a special Five Star Combo overlay on the front windshield of the car.

Ezis had come into the Vilaye Energy Drink 314 as one of the five drivers eligible for the Five Star Five. Now driving the #48 CoCoCo Dart for Rocket Motorsports, Ezis had posted a 5th place finish in the Regular Season ending Pencurve Electronics 500 in order to qualify for the Five Star Five and get a chance at the Five Star Combo. After posting their first career Top 5 at the Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course during NSSCRA Season 6, Ezis had a hard crash in the event during NSSCRA Season 7 and was looking to take advantage of the momentum from three straight Top 10 finishes heading into the event at their home track. A decent 12th place starting position gave Ezis reason for optimism but by races end the streak had ended and the #60 driver had reverted back to their prior form with their fifth 20th-place finish of the season.

#3 Skip Stiller of Glorious Free Republics Motorsports was the highest finishing Five Star Five driver just getting beaten out by teammate Jeremiah Brooke for the 5th and final Five Star Five position for the Five Star Mobile 500. However, there will still be plenty for Stiller to race for as the only driver still eligible for the Five Star Combo bonus having previously won two of the four Five Star Combo events, the Tundra Falls 500 and the Pencurve Electronics 500. Other Five Star Five drivers struggled in Rockii Coast with Five Star Mobile sponsored driver Stacie Houston coming home 17th just behind Chet Byrd and their new sponsor in sixteenth position.

The Five Star Mobile 500 will feature Vilita and Turori Motorsports drivers donning the pink spoiler and Numbers for the first time since the first eligible event as the team failed to put any drivers in the Top 5 for the Tropicorp 500 or the Pencurve Electronics 500. After starting on pole position for the Vilaye Energy Drink 314, Centur Tiones slid back to 11th spot and won't be part of the Five Star Five but still has plenty to be optimistic about heading into Cassadaigua having posted a Top 5 finish at least seasons Five Star Mobile 500. Tiones will need a solid run if they are to make their first ever playoff appearance last longer than single round as the #2 Tiones Lumber Dart team currently sit just six points ahead of the cut line in 10th place. Of course while local driver and defending NSSCRA Series Champion Stacie Houston in the #27 Five Star Mobile Blaze will be the favorite on race day, Yraaga Gilli'i in the #41 Tropicorp Racing Supply Dart will be looking to score the upset victory over their rival driver once more - and this time do so with the Five Star Combo bonus on the line. Widely regarded as one of the top Short Track drivers on circuit, if Gilli'i can stay out of trouble and put together a solid run they should have no problem protecting their 26 point advantage on the cut line as they continue their pursuit of a first ever NSSCRA Title having come just one position shy to rival Houston one season ago.


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Postby The Sherpa Empire » Sun Sep 08, 2019 3:13 pm

A marketing rep from AutoModi asked Rinzi Zakhilwal to meet with him in Concord Heights before the Five Star Mobile 500. Since AutoModi were the ones who made it possible for Rinzi to get his career off the ground, he wasn't about to say no. When he arrived at the tavern where they had agreed to meet, he found a balding Bengali man in one of those dull dark gray suits that businesspeople wore in countries where Sherpa ethnic costume wasn't considered the height of professionalism. Rinzi didn't understand the appeal of those suits, and he had showed up to the meeting up in traditional Sherpa attire. The marketing rep didn't seem to care. He politely introduced himself and shook hands, then led Rinzi to a table where a tall black woman was waiting for them. Rinzi assumed the woman must be a local. She was taller and blacker than most Cassadagans, but she had a toughness and confidence about her that was typical of the local women. Rinzi was taken by surprise when the marketing rep told him, "This is Tashi Chokpa Sherpa. She's going to be doing a marketing event with you," and Tashi greeted him in flawless Sherpa with a posh Nepalese accent.

Rinzi was usually pretty good at talking people, even beautiful women, without getting flustered -- but not this time. He stammered helplessly, "Wait... You're a Sherpa? But you look like..."

Tashi looked like an African warrior-queen with jet black skin, a tall slinky figure, dramatic voluminous hair that puffed out like a lion's mane and hung down to her waist, and a face that was rough enough to have some attitude, but still feminine enough to be pleasant. She laughed at Rinzi's bewildered spluttering. "My mom is Banijan," she explained, "but my father is a Sherpa and I was born in Kathmandu."

"Whoa... You don't look Sherpa at all..."

"That's intentional," the AutoModi marketing guy explained. "We wanted to get a really unique and eye-catching spokeswoman to show that AutoModi isn't afraid of diversity and female empowerment."

"Oh, she's very eye-catching," said Rinzi. He turned his attention back to Tashi and added, "You look amazing, by the way."

Tashi blushed, though it was hard to see the color under the darkness of her skin.

"You two are going to be promoting the AutoModi 431, and the 376, the street version of the car you've been racing," the marketing guy went on, unperturbed by Rinzi's stupefied expression and Tashi's shy blushing. "A lot of people in Cassadaigua aren't familiar with our brand except for seeing your car in the NSSCRA results, so we've brought in a couple of our cars, and you're going tell people about the cars, shake hands, pose for pictures, that kind of thing. Get people thinking of AutoModi cars as a product they can buy, not just something they see on the race track."

"Me and her?" Rinzi said, still looking at Tashi with the same dumbfounded expression on his face.

"Yes, you and Tashi."

Rinzi grinned. He thought Tashi was awe-inspiring, and he was looking forward to anything that would give him an excuse to spend more time with her. "You got it," he said enthusiastically. "It sounds like fun, even."

The promo went reasonably well. The 376 was, like the market rep had said, the street version of Zakhilwal's car. The 431 was a comfy luxury car that came with all sorts of modern features like autopilot and a fancy entertainment system. Tashi Chokpa Sherpa spoke English with the same posh Nepalese accent that she spoke Sherpa -- which actually didn't sound so posh in English -- but nobody cared very much because she was still beautiful, polite, and informative. She had done her homework and learned about the cars before arriving in Concord Heights. Zakhilwal let her do most of the talking because her English was better than his. He just hung around being famous, and chatting with her in the few quiet moments when the fans didn't keep them busy. It turned out she wasn't in a committed relationship, and she agreed to go to dinner with him. Zakhilwal couldn't believe his good luck. He had no idea how AutoModi had found someone that looked so strikingly exotic, but acted and sounded so typically Sherpa -- but he thought it was wonderful.

Tashi seemed confused as to why Zakhilwal was so hot for her. After all, he was the hot new thing in NSSCRA and she was just some no-name model. She could find modeling work because she had an interesting look, but she wasn't a real celebrity. The most high-profile job she'd ever had was hosting a short African news segment on INN, but then INN cancelled it and rolled the African news stories back into their general "World News" coverage, which was hosted by a Nepali woman.

Zakhilwal didn't understand her confusion. He still wasn't used to how famous NSSCRA had made him, and he found it difficult to believe that there were men who had seen Tashi who didn't think she was the hottest thing on two legs. On an intellectual level, he understood there must be some guys who thought she was too black or too intimidating or not busty enough -- but those guys were utter morons and Zakhilwal didn't know how anyone's taste in women could be that WRONG.


Kai Qiang was kind of worried when he saw that the Hapiloppians had acquired a pit bull. He thought it was all too likely to end up in someone's car, splattered across the pavement under someone's wheels, or gnawing on some poor innocent tire changer's leg. (Qiang was blissfully unaware that Drake had named the dog after him, and even if someone had told him the dog's name was "Qiang," he might have assumed they meant one of the other Chinese words like 枪 (Gun) or 蔷 (Rose) that sounded similar to his name.)

He was a little paranoid after the iguana incident. He had complained to NSSCRA officials about it, but there was no word yet what, if anything, they were going to do about it. Either way, he wanted to make sure it didn't happen again. Every time Qiang got in his car, he checked carefully to make sure nobody had tampered with it or put anything in it that didn't belong there. He was in position to advance to the next round of the Chase, but only by a couple of points, so he needed to make sure nothing went wrong at the Five Star Mobile 500.

Khamdo Electronics was hawking home security systems and programmable kitchen gadgets as they had done at the Hapilopper National Exhibition, but with some small adjustments to their sales pitch to suit the local market. They said their slow cookers were a great convenience for men who were expected to cook for their family, but didn't want to spend too much of the day slaving away in the kitchen. They were also offering samples of food that they'd cooked using their gadgets. Qiang put in a brief appearance when he wasn't too busy with practice or qualifying, and he used the opportunity to make a spicy tofu dish that he was homesick for. Some people who tried it thought it was delicious, but others were gasping and turning red from the chili oil. "Uh, yeah, it's a little spicy," Qiang said, handing a glass of water to a fan who was not handling the spice well.

A little way away, Qiang could see Rinzi Zakhilwal and a striking black woman showing off an AutoModi 376 and some newer model that he didn't recognize. He assumed the woman must be a local, and he sort of wondered how AutoModi knew their way around Concord Heights to find such top-notch local talent.


Dinggu Wang was not so worried about animals getting into his car or eating his pit crew -- but he was feeling the pressure knowing that only 12 drivers would advance to the next round of the Chase and he was currently ranked 12th.

He would be starting 6th after a good qualifying lap, but that didn't guarantee anything. Anything could happen on race day.
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Postby Hampton Island » Sun Sep 08, 2019 3:34 pm

From the Starlight Suites website...

All of us at Starlight Suites would like to thank everyone who cast votes for the Starlight Suites Hot Knockout Bracket. It was our pleasure to bring this competition to you as we realize that once in a while you need to take a break from the seriousness of auto racing and appreciate the simpler things in life. A room at the Starlight Suites will accomplish that as well, as one can always afford a break from the rigors of the everyday routine of work or any duty of life, to enjoy a night at the Starlight Suites with that special companion, whether they are special for your whole life, or just for the one night. It is our pleasure to announce that Thea Alvarez edged out Stacie Houston for the crown, getting 55.2% of the vote. The young driver from Saint Kanye can now officially call herself the hottest knockout in all of NSSCRA. We've heard that she is also very good at her day job on the race track as well.

In appreciate of this honor, Starlight Suites will donate $100,000 to a charity of Thea's choice. She will also be able to stay in a Starlight Suites for free, for up to ten nights a year, for the next five years.

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Postby Jebslund » Sun Sep 08, 2019 4:07 pm

As soon as the response from A7DXZ5 was received by the town council, members went to work ensuring that proper lodging would be found. Wilhelm "Landwirt Wil" Kerman had one of the garages he owned in town, big enough for two tractors side-by-side pulling nearly any piece of farming equipment imaginable, fitted with an automatic garage door that would open whenever it sensed the transponder he'd have sent to her moving toward it within one meter of the door. The transponder itself only had a range of one and a half meters, just enough to allow the sensors on and in the door to pick it up, but too short for anyone to copy it unobserved, and the transponder would only turn on if it was within three meters of the door's GPS location. The transponder could be magnetically attached to the vehicle, or it could be plugged in to any port an in-car phone charger could.

Other members of the council made the rounds to the local StuG-IIIG spas, making sure they were told about A7DXZ5 ane what care she would need. Some of them had to order new supplies, being that they were usually frequented by tank-type StuG-IIIG's, by far the most common variant, though some catered to car-types, who took the form of cars as a way of allowing their bodies to reflect their pacifist natures. All of them needed to borrow personnel from car washed for interior detailing, the new employees briefed on when they'd be needed and the fact that they needed to bear in mind they were cleaning inside a person, rather than a machine, and needed to be mindful of that and make sure to ask what she wanted them to do. Most of the employees selected had at least some background in customer service and/or hospitality (most of the locals did at least a couple years in one of the inns, restaurants, or spas in their early work lives).

As part of the preparations, there was also a concerted effort to ensure every road in Freidlichsheim was in top shape, as the roads would be hosting a car that might not be built like a tank, as Kermanic vehicles in general were, and potholes would therefore go from being an unsightly annoyance to a possible injury risk, and any bad bumps might likewise be more than nuisances. There wasn't all that much to do, given that the roads were generally kept in good shape by volunteer crews anyway (it was seen as a good way to build a reputation as a hard worker by career-minded local teens), but it was put at the top of the list of preparations all the same.

As for racing fans, a local artist with a penchant for language study and puns started an Herr Vier thread with a picture of Kai Qiang holding a rose, inviting fellow artists to post their visual puns of the racer. Many, many posters joined in on the meme, posting drawings of Kai Qiang posing with a revolver, showing off his muscles, lifting various heavy objects, walking dejectedly from a small green creature, holding a spear, holding a comically huge check after a race, sitting on a wall, clad in a general's uniform, and many more. The thread was noticed by various sports journalists, who then reported on it in their blogs, magazines, and shows, many of which had international translations on their websites. One such journalist was Eva Kerman der Die Sportler, who included it in an article on Die Sportler, along with a couple of her own takes on the Kai Qiang puns, one of which was a drawing of Kai Qiang tuning a guitar, as well as one of him singing.

Lexi, taking a moment to read the article as she ate her dinner, found that the puns helped ease the tension she felt the night before the race. At rock bottom of the Chase standings, she needed to place well in the race to even have a chance at continuing, and 29th was not where she needed to be to do it. She had her work cut out for her tomorrow, and no room for mistakes. Looking through the thread, Lexi found herself laughing at the puns on display, many of the artists helpfulling providing the variant of "Qiang" they'd used (or, in some cases, "Kai". Lexi found a triple pun image, one of Kai Qiang in the armor of the famous Eisenrosenritter, an order of all-female knights famous as one of the best heavy lance divisions in Königslund, as Jebslund had been known at the time, particularly humorous, and not just because it had involved the uses of "Kai" as "armor" and "iron of high quality" and "Qiang" as "wild rose"), and it was with a much lighter heart than she'd woken up with that she retired to bed that night, promising herself she'd make it to the next round of the Chase.
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