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Postby Newmanistan » Sun Sep 08, 2019 5:07 pm



by Taylor Larson,

With Rockii Ezis having yet another 20th place finish in his last race, Newmanistanian social media has been firing up with hashtags and other assorted posts saying that Ezis should change his number to the #20. The number is currently available, and is the lowest number, not counting numbers with a zero first, that has not been used in NSSCRA this season. The posts hope that since Ezis can't seem to get away from the #20, it should also be featured on his race car. Maybe if it were then on his race car, he would not be inclined to finishing exactly 20th so often. Rocket Motorsports personnel laughed at the idea, but say that the car number will continue to be #48. The team had shown improvement in recent weeks, and are hoping that will continue into Concord Heights for the upcoming Five Star Mobile 500.
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Cocoabo #78 Looking to continue Strong Short Track Performan

Postby Tropicorp » Sun Sep 08, 2019 5:41 pm


Vilaye Energy Drink 314, Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course, Rockii Coast, Vilita :: With two of their three drivers making their first ever start at the Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course, Team Tropicorp officials were not holding out hope for their teams first ever victory on the tricky course that is also one of the oldest circuits on the NSSCRA calendar. Euroli Islander, who posted the teams best prior finish at the track, had no need to compete in the race weekend having already collected loads of data for the team simulator during last seasons event so the job was left to Team Tropicorp's 3 full time drivers. For Cocoabo #28 and Anavella Ariiki it would be a first ever race on the track with great elevation changes and high bankings unlike any other 'road course' on the circuit.

While Team Tropicorp officials may have been coy about their chances to compete there were still plenty of important folks from Mother Tropicorp in attendance with the event being held just a short trip away on mainland Vilita. As such there were many sponsor appearances and autograph sessions, Cocoabo meet and greets and of course some of them involved World Grand Prix driver iBen Toralmintii who, while competing for Vilita and Turori Motorsports in the Challenge at the Rocks, has long been in the Tropicorp family of drivers being sponsored by the quasi-governmental entity during his championship seasons in the Nationstates Formula Championship circuit and most recently as a successful member of the Tropicorp Racing Aelund team based out of Aboveland on the World Grand Prix Circuit.

Come race day as expected the Tropicorp drivers never seemed to quite have enough speed to challenge for the victory though Cocoabo #28 did at times run fast enough to be in the lead pack. In their debut appearance at the Vilitan Mountain Challenge course Cocoabo #28 drove the #28 twii.tur / Cocoabo Preservation Society Dart to a Top 10 finish just ahead of pole sitter Centur Tiones who finished 11th.

Cocoabo #78 stayed out of trouble all day and ran 19th, one spot worse than they finished in last seasons Vilaye Energy Drink 314. As for the rookie driver Anavella Ariiki who has been on the hotseat as of late due to a string of poor performances, it was a learning experience and an up and down day for the driver of the #88 Tropicorp Dart but she managed to pick up a few spots at the finish to bring home a 24th place finish for Team Tropicorp, her best finish since Round 15 in Hampton Island. Now Team Tropicorp move on to the Concord Heights Motor Speedway for the Five Star Mobile 500 where they will have increased confidence of a strong performance due to Cocoabo #78's strong record at similar tracks in the past season. Cocoabo #78 finished 12th in last seasons Five Star Mobile 500, recorded Top 5 finishes earlier this season at the Grande Mountain Speedway, the Kobold Tools 300 in Starkville and at the Lonngeylin Ring. Coupled with a Top 10 finish in Hampton Island and Cocoabo #78's average finish on the short tracks this season rivals that of any other competitor, a record they will put to the test at the Concord Heights Motor Speedway as Round 1 of the Chase concludes in Cassadaigua.
- Tropicorp -

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Postby Saint Kanye » Sun Sep 08, 2019 5:51 pm


Brooke, Stiller earn top 10s, continue GFR's strong 314 streak

by Ray Wright

ROCKII COAST - Glorious Free Republic Motorsports, St. Kanye's NSSCRA (Nationstates Stock Car Racing Association) team, entered the Vilaye Energy Drink 314 here in Vilita hoping for a good performance, as they showed in their previous visits to the track in the past couple of seasons. In the sixth NSSCRA season (current is the eighth), it was Jeremiah Brooke taking the win by just 0.007 second over Stacie Houston of Team Cassadaigua, effectively erasing the former's bad reputation of underperforming at road courses. A season later, Skip Stiller held off the back to back-seeking Brooke and the revenge-minded Houston to take the checkered flag. This time around, it was Team Jebslund's Eva Kerman winning the "Challenge at the Rocks", but with both Brooke and Stiller finishing inside the top ten, it is safe to say that the Yeezies' streak of good performances at this particular race continues.

Kerman, driving the #13 BDA Lowe, held off Sherpa rookie Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal in the #06 Mayhem AutoModi to lock herself into the next round of the Chase. Third and fourth were a couple of hometown bets in River Suzgar and Yraaga Gilli'i. Fifth was Brooke; the driver of the #18 Hyde Medical Group Chadwick experienced a tight challenge from both Suzgar's #14 Vilaye Energy Drink Dart and Gilli'i's #41 Tropicorp Dart during the final laps of the race. "They [Suzgar and Gilli'i] were racing me hard at the end", said the Kanyean driver. "Hard enough that they were giving me taps and nudges, but not dirty enough to cause me to wreck. It was a tough challenge, but they came out on top. Still held on for a good finish though." Brooke beat Suzgar by just 0.004 second a week prior in Esmerel, and it is likely that the champion from two seasons ago worked with his teammate to prevent a repeat of the same, and at home at that.

Just behind the "Hyde Ride" is the #3 QED Car Rentals Chadwick of Stiller in sixth. "Good race all in all. The hometown drivers put on a show. Eva did well, which is to be expected as her country's just full of them road courses. We did well, but a win could have helped more", said the veteran driver. Seventh is 'Dagan Jenna Logan in the #11 Pink Love Clothing Blaze, the highest-finishing driver not in the Chase, followed by fellow non-Chaser Gwen Tracer Allison of Valentine Z in the #31 T. Racer Holdings Eveline, then Allison's teammate Jolyn Helen Ceeta in the #15 Intermediate Tunings Eveline. Team Tropicorp's Cocoabo #28, driving the Cocoabo Preservation Society Dart of the same number, rounded out the top ten.

Thea Alvarez, the third GFR member, could only get thirteenth. The driver of the #46 Multiversal Automotive Coatings Chadwick is barely out of the bottom four among the sixteen Chase participants, and needs to step up her performance if she hopes to advance, as well as appear in her third Championship Four. "I did well in the regular season, and I believe I can still do well here. I refuse to choke. This team will do everything we can in order to not choke", said the young Yeezie. Among other notable results, Houston settled for seventeenth in her #27 Five Star Mobile Blaze, Sherpa Kai Qiang ended up twenty-seventh after reports of a loose lizard in his #44 Khamdo Electronics Dart caused him to drive erratically, and local WGPC driver iBen Toralmintii of the #77 Twii.tur Dart took thirty-fourth in his annual pilgrimage to the track.

The final race of the Chase's round of sixteen will be next week at Concord Heights, Cassadaigua. The two open charters in the Five Star Mobile 500 will be used by local part-timer Tyler Abbott (#17) and GFR's R&D driver Sage Caldwell (#19), running a setup which, if it gets good results, could be used by the main Kanyean trio for the rest of the Chase. All qualifying sessions and races will be broadcast live on SKYNET (Saint KanYe NETwork) Sports Channel 12, and online at nsscra.skynet.stk.

OFFICIAL STANDINGS - Race 22 of 30 (Rockii Coast)

1. #13 Eva Kerman (JEB)
2. #06 Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (SHW) (Top rookie)
3. #14 River Suzgar (VNT) (Top hometown driver)
4. #41 Yraaga Gilli'i (VNT)
5. #18 Jeremiah Brooke (STK) (Last week's winner; top Kanyean driver)
6. #3 Skip Stiller (STK)
7. #11 Jenna Logan (CDG) (Top non-Chase driver)
11. #2 Centur Tiones (VNT) (Polesitter)
13. #46 Thea Alvarez (STK)
26. #49 Lotara Novorali (VNT) (Open charter user 1)
29. #83 Joseph Rawlings (ESM) (Top unchartered driver)
34. #77 iBen Toralmintii (VNT) (Open charter user 2)


(OOC: I put Alvarez over Wang by virtue of her extra win.)

1. #18 Jeremiah Brooke (STK) - 2095 (2W)
2. #14 River Suzgar (VNT) - 2092 (1W)
3. #13 Eva Kerman (JEB) - 2090 (2W)
4. #3 Skip Stiller (STK) - 2089 (2W)
5. #06 Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (SHW) - 2088 (1W)
6. #41 Yraaga Gilli'i (VNT) - 2081 (3W)
7. #15 Jolyn Helen Ceeta (VEZ) - 2073 (1W)
8. #27 Stacie Houston (CDG) - 2066 (2W)
9. #4 Meghan Sharpe (CDG) - 2065 (1W)
10. #2 Centur Tiones (VNT) - 2061 (1W)
11. #44 Kai Qiang (SHW) - 2058 (1W)
T12. #46 Thea Alvarez (STK) - 2055 (2W)
T12. #79 Dinggu Wang (SHW) - 2055 (1W)
13. #7 Clarissa Alanis Star (VEZ) - 2053 (1W)
14. #81 Chris Holmes (HAP) - 2051 (1W)
15. #30 Lexi Patterson (JEB) - 2050


1. #06 Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (SHW) - 2088 (1W)
2. #15 Jolyn Helen Ceeta (VEZ) - 2073 (1W)
3. #79 Dinggu Wang (SHW) - 2055 (1W)
4. #7 Clarissa Alanis Star (VEZ) - 2053 (1W)
5. #81 Chris Holmes (HAP) - 2051 (1W)


Five Star Mobile 500 @ Concord Heights Motor Speedway, Concord Heights, Cassadaigua

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Postby Newmanistan » Sun Sep 08, 2019 6:03 pm

Race: Five Star Mobile 500, Concord Heights Motor Speedway, Concord Heights, Cassadaigua
Track Record: 16.221 sec.
Minimum Time to Avoid DNF: 18.600 sec.

Segment 1:
1 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp)                          16.552
2 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 16.581
3 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori) 16.594
4 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 16.615
5 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 16.622
6 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 16.622
7 #73 - Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) 16.639
8 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori) 16.650
9 #19 - Sage Caldwell (Saint Kanye) 16.676
10 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori) 16.684
11 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 16.686
12 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 16.700
13 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 16.714
14 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 16.727
15 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 16.753
16 #79 - Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) 16.813
17 #48 - Rockii Ezis (Newmanistan) 16.820
18 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 16.821
19 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 16.894
20 #28- Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) 16.907
21 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 16.909
22 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 16.919
23 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 16.994
24 #31 - Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) 17.000
25 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 17.002
26 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 17.099
27 #17 - Tyler Abbott (Cassadaigua) 17.100
28 #23 - James McCurty (Hampton Island) 17.104
29 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) *Q* 17.160
30 #55 - A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) *Q* 17.161
31 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 17.202
32 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 17.340
33 #69 - Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) 17.361
34 #99 - Liuyong Xu (New Northwesteros) *Q* 17.484
35 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) 17.555
36 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 17.768
37 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 17.874
38 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 17.900
39 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) 17.917
40 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 17.945
41 #21 - Paul Nystrom (New Northwesteros) *Q* 17.977
42 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 18.134
43 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 18.155
44 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 18.269
45 #32 - Andrew Holden (Lisander) 18.334
46 #75 - Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 18.456

Segment 2:
1 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye)                      16.523
2 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori) 16.539
3 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 16.544
4 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 16.558
5 #28- Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) 16.563
6 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 16.564
7 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 16.572
8 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori) 16.583
9 #73 - Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) 16.594
10 #48 - Rockii Ezis (Newmanistan) 16.640
11 #31 - Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) 16.646
12 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 16.716
13 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori) 16.751
14 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 16.810
15 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 16.825
16 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 16.845
17 #19 - Sage Caldwell (Saint Kanye) 16.882
18 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 16.934
19 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 16.940
20 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) *Q* 17.033
21 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 17.077
22 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 17.098
23 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 17.130
24 #23 - James McCurty (Hampton Island) 17.144
25 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) 17.171
26 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 17.227
27 #55 - A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) *Q* 17.282
28 #17 - Tyler Abbott (Cassadaigua) 17.317
29 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 17.405
30 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 17.447
31 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 17.448
32 #99 - Liuyong Xu (New Northwesteros) *Q* 17.448
33 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 17.465
34 #69 - Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) 17.471
35 #79 - Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) 17.578
36 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 17.712
37 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 17.727
38 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 17.786
39 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 18.142
40 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) 18.205
41 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 18.344
42 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 18.376
43 #21 - Paul Nystrom (New Northwesteros) *Q* 18.388
44 #32 - Andrew Holden (Lisander) 18.462
45 #75 - Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 18.660 DNF
46 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 18.663 DNF

Segment 3:
1 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori)                16.482
2 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 16.487
3 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 16.496
4 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 16.531
5 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 16.534
6 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 16.554
7 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 16.586
8 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 16.618
9 #79 - Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) 16.620
10 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 16.630
11 #19 - Sage Caldwell (Saint Kanye) 16.637
12 #28- Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) 16.647
13 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 16.650
14 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 16.705
15 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 16.706
16 #69 - Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) 16.857
17 #73 - Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) 16.862
18 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 16.893
19 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori) 16.943
20 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 17.027
21 #48 - Rockii Ezis (Newmanistan) 17.051
22 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 17.074
23 #23 - James McCurty (Hampton Island) 17.120
24 #55 - A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) *Q* 17.123
25 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 17.130
26 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori) 17.156
27 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 17.228
28 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) *Q* 17.273
29 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 17.391
30 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 17.411
31 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) 17.469
32 #31 - Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) 17.488
33 #21 - Paul Nystrom (New Northwesteros) *Q* 17.633
34 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 17.643
35 #99 - Liuyong Xu (New Northwesteros) *Q* 17.786
36 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 17.790
37 #17 - Tyler Abbott (Cassadaigua) 17.839
38 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) 17.907
39 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 18.029
40 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 18.078
41 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 18.486
42 #32 - Andrew Holden (Lisander) 18.695 DNF
43 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 18.751 DNF
44 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 18.942 DNF

Segment 4:
1 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye)                      16.491
2 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 16.495
3 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori) 16.542
4 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 16.547
5 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 16.577
6 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 16.597
7 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 16.627
8 #31 - Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) 16.637
9 #28- Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) 16.643
10 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 16.651
11 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 16.664
12 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 16.696
13 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 16.762
14 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 16.775
15 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 16.849
16 #19 - Sage Caldwell (Saint Kanye) 16.858
17 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 16.879
18 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 16.893
19 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori) 16.921
20 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 16.955
21 #23 - James McCurty (Hampton Island) 16.963
22 #73 - Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) 17.030
23 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) 17.073
24 #17 - Tyler Abbott (Cassadaigua) 17.073
25 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 17.150
26 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 17.152
27 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 17.160
28 #79 - Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) 17.330
29 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 17.373
30 #48 - Rockii Ezis (Newmanistan) 17.390
31 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori) 17.394
32 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 17.502
33 #99 - Liuyong Xu (New Northwesteros) *Q* 17.539
34 #55 - A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) *Q* 17.729
35 #69 - Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) 17.792
36 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) 17.811
37 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 17.836
38 #21 - Paul Nystrom (New Northwesteros) *Q* 18.187
39 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 18.394
40 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) *Q* 18.769 DNF
41 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 18.898 DNF

Segment 5:
1 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori)                16.543
2 #48 - Rockii Ezis (Newmanistan) 16.586
3 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 16.635
4 #73 - Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) 16.641
5 #28- Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) 16.675
6 #19 - Sage Caldwell (Saint Kanye) 16.701
7 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 16.736
8 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 16.755
9 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 16.759
10 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 16.803
11 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 16.819
12 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 16.858
13 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 16.861
14 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 16.877
15 #31 - Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) 16.920
16 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 16.927
17 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 16.929
18 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori) 16.986
19 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori) 17.044
20 #23 - James McCurty (Hampton Island) 17.044
21 #17 - Tyler Abbott (Cassadaigua) 17.056
22 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 17.061
23 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) 17.107
24 #55 - A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) *Q* 17.140
25 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 17.246
26 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 17.281
27 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 17.331
28 #79 - Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) 17.334
29 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 17.415
30 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 17.624
31 #69 - Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) 17.712
32 #99 - Liuyong Xu (New Northwesteros) *Q* 17.730
33 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 17.797
34 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 17.831
35 #21 - Paul Nystrom (New Northwesteros) *Q* 17.835
36 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 17.937
37 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 18.001
38 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) 18.188
39 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 18.668 DNF

Final Results:
| Pos | Driver | Avg. |
| 1 | #11 Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) | 16.671 | WINNER
| 2 | #2 Centur Tiones (Vilita & Turori) | 16.686 |
| 3 | #28 Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) | 16.687 |
| 4 | #81 Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) | 16.711 |
| 5 | #27 Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) | 16.736 |
| 6 | #19 Sage Caldwell (Saint Kanye) | 16.751 |
| 7 | #73 Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) | 16.753 |
| 8 | #18 Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) | 16.785 |
| 9 | #14 River 'Shark' Suzgar II (Vilita & Turori) | 16.826 |
| 10 | #5 Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) | 16.836 |
| 11 | #46 Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) | 16.850 |
| 12 | #41 Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita & Turori) | 16.851 |
| 13 | #13 Oberst Eva Kerman (Jebslund) | 16.858 |
| 14 | #44 Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) | 16.889 |
| 15 | #48 Rockii Ezis (Newmanistan) | 16.897 |
| 16 | #15 Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) | 16.914 |
| 17 | #31 Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) | 16.938 |
| 18 | #30 Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) | 16.945 |
| 19 | #22 Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) | 16.968 |
| 20 | #06 Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) | 16.976 |
| 21 | #78 Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) | 16.988 |
| 22 | #4 Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) | 17.017 |
| 23 | #3 Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) | 17.044 |
| 24 | #23 James McCurty (Hampton Island) | 17.075 |
| 25 | #79 Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) | 17.135 |
| 26 | #7 Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) | 17.213 |
| 27 | #24 Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) | 17.222 |
| 28 | #37 Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) | 17.223 |
| 29 | #84 Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) | 17.275 |
| 30 | #17 Tyler Abbott (Cassadaigua) | 17.277 |
| 31 | #55 A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) | 17.287 |
| 32 | #69 Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) | 17.439 |
| 33 | #6 Alex Knight (Hampton Island) | 17.459 |
| 34 | #99 Liuyong Xu (New Northwesteros) | 17.597 |
| 35 | #12 Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) | 17.817 |
| 36 | #21 Paul Nystrom (New Northwesteros) | 18.004 |
| 37 | #16 Gordon Orton (Xanneria) | 18.006 |
| 38 | #25 Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) | 18.146 |
| 39 | #88 Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) | DNF |
| 40 | #83 Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) | DNF |
| 41 | #9 Lício Granado (Lisander) | DNF |
| 42 | #32 Andrew Holden (Lisander) | DNF |
| 43 | #82 David Rockingham (Esmerel) | DNF |
| 44 | #10 Eddie Walters Jr (Xanneria) | DNF |
| 45 | #75 Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) | DNF |
| 46 | #50 Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) | DNF |

Point Standings: (Top 12 drivers will have 3000 points entering the next round)
| Pos | Driver | Points |
| 1 | #18 Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye)** | 2134 |
| 2 | #14 River 'Shark' Suzgar II (Vilita & Turori)* | 2130 |
| 3 | #13 Oberst Eva Kerman (Jebslund)** | 2124 |
| 4 | #41 Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita & Turori)*** | 2116 |
| 5 | #06 Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire)* | 2115 |
| 6 | #3 Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye)** | 2113 |
| 7 | #27 Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua)** | 2109 |
| 8 | #2 Centur Tiones (Vilita & Turori)* | 2106 |
| 9 | #15 Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z)* | 2104 |
| 10 | #81 Chris Holmes (Hapilopper)* | 2094 |
| 11 | #44 Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire)* | 2091 |
| 12 | #46 Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye)** | 2091 |

| 13 | #4 Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua)* | 2090 |
| 14 | #30 Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) | 2079 |
| 15 | #79 Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire)* | 2077 |
| 16 | #7 Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z)* | 2074 |

| 17 | #11 Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua)* | 720 |
| 18 | #78 Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) | 675 |
| 19 | #28 Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) | 620 |
| 20 | #12 Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) | 607 |
| 21 | #5 Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) | 597 |
| 22 | #37 Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) | 596 |
| 23 | #73 Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) | 595 |
| 24 | #31 Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) | 594 |
| 25 | #6 Alex Knight (Hampton Island) | 515 |
| 26 | #88 Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) | 495 |
| 27 | #22 Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) | 483 |
| 28 | #10 Eddie Walters Jr (Xanneria) | 468 |
| 29 | #69 Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) | 465 |
| 30 | #23 James McCurty (Hampton Island) | 429 |
| 31 | #24 Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) | 399 |
| 32 | #82 David Rockingham (Esmerel) | 387 |
| 33 | #48 Rockii Ezis (Newmanistan) | 385 |
| 34 | #16 Gordon Orton (Xanneria) | 382 |
| 35 | #84 Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) | 376 |
| 36 | #25 Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) | 308 |
| 37 | #75 Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) | 253 |
| 38 | #50 Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) | 240 |
| 39 | #9 Lício Granado (Lisander) | 221 |
| 40 | #83 Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) | 195 |
| 41 | #32 Andrew Holden (Lisander) | 182 |
| 42 | #55 A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) | 169 |
| 43 | #21 Paul Nystrom (New Northwesteros) | 137 |
| 44 | #19 Sage Caldwell (Saint Kanye) | 131 |
| 45 | #99 Liuyong Xu (New Northwesteros) | 117 |
| 46 | #86 Bluetarch The 5th (Newark Aristocracy) | 85 |
| 47 | #67 Denny Truex Lenlin (Sedile) | 80 |
| 48 | #17 Tyler Abbott (Cassadaigua) | 80 |
| 49 | #02 Kohan The 10th (Newark Aristocracy) | 76 |
| 50 | #0 Hana Bhe (Filindostan) | 74 |
| 51 | #49 Lotara Novorali (Vilita & Turori) | 71 |
| 52 | #03 Mike Reddiër (Caleonia) | 61 |
| 53 | #1 Vanda Rosa Cordeiro Kerman (Jebslund) | 56 |
| 54 | #89 Liangmei Li (The Sherpa Empire) | 43 |
| 55 | #94 Daniel Almirola (Sedile) | 34 |
| 56 | #48 Travis Barkley (Newmanistan) | 31 |
| 57 | #63 Marcus Alan Ariel Baptiste (Valentine Z) | 30 |
| 58 | #00 Ilham Lukas Jenie (Filindostan) | 30 |
| 59 | #29 Frank Joy (Caleonia) | 28 |
| 60 | #93 Robbie Moren (Xanneria) | 25 |
| 61 | #05 Tucker Capps (Western Carolina Union) | 25 |
| 62 | #71 Drake Stevenson (Hapilopper) | 24 |
| 63 | #98 Jixaka Motoai (Tropicorp) | 16 |
| 64 | #42 Euroli Islander (Vilita & Turori) | 14 |
| 65 | #85 Elio Aaron (Esmerel) | 14 |
| 66 | #77 iBen Toralmintii (Vilita & Turori) | 13 |
| 67 | #80 Franklin Egar (Filindostan) | 11 |
| 68 | #26 Mor Holstein (Lisander) | 9 |
| 69 | #33 Tyler Joy (Caleonia) | 8 |
| 70 | #08 Jeff Shreeves (Western Carolina Union) | 7 |
| 71 | #34 Freddie Nielson (Hampton Island) | 6 |
| 72 | #59 Ashley Matthews (Newmanistan) | 4 |
| 73 | #09 Tsering Chu (The Sherpa Empire) | 4 |

Next Race: Race 24 (Sept 10/11)- Amazing Delano 420, Delono Provincial Fairgrounds Raceway, Xanneria (Short Track)
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Postby The Sherpa Empire » Sun Sep 08, 2019 9:18 pm

People drawing ridiculous images of Kai Qiang was not a new phenomenon. In the Sherpa Empire, it had become almost a national pastime -- not quite as universally popular as baseball and mountain climbing, but still very widespread. Qiang was still a little confused as to why there was a sudden fad for them in Jebslund, and why the people were so fascinated with Chinese puns. He wasn't that impressed with the wordplay -- the prevalence of homophones in Chinese was old news to him -- but some of the images were comical on their own even if you didn't care about the puns. There was something inherently funny about a scrawny little guy like Qiang trying to look strong and militaristic. Qiang's personal favorite was a caricature of him looking especially skinny and childishly cute, dressed like a knight in armor so bulky it looked like he was about to collapse under the weight of it.

Qiang and his crew were not great artists, but that didn't stop them from making their own contribution to the fad. Houzhi Chang took a picture of Qiang struggling to open a jar of pickles and they posted it with the caption "强凯强开罐" -- which reads phonetically as "Qiang Kai qiang kai guan" and means "Kai Qiang trying to open a jar." It was silly, but it didn't take that long, and maybe someone would like it. After the picture was posted, Qiang handed the jar to Chang and said, "Okay, now can you open this for me? I really can't open it."
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Postby Saint Kanye » Mon Sep 09, 2019 6:37 pm


Logan wins, but Sharpe gets eliminated; R&D driver tops all Kanyeans

by Kelsey Ratzenberger

CONCORD HEIGHTS - The NSSCRA (Nationstates Stock Car Racing Association)'s first visit to Cassadaigua this season was five months ago, for the Tiara Investments 350 at Grande Mountain Speedway. The hometown drivers impressed in that race, finishing 1-2 with Meghan Sharpe and Stacie Houston, respectively. This race weekend, the series is back in the country of girl power, but in the Concord Heights Motor Speedway for the Five Star Mobile 500. Both Sharpe and Houston are part of the sixteen-driver Chase, and are aiming to be the one to sweep both races at home. In the end, there was a sweep, though neither of them won. It was teammate Jenna Logan, who's not part of the playoffs, getting first place.

Vilita & Turori Motorsports' Centur Tiones was #2, both in car number and position. He put his Tiones Lumber Dart just behind the #11 Pink Love Clothing Blaze of Logan, who has been doing pretty well for a non-Chaser, finishing fourth and seventh in the last two events. Third is Team Tropicorp's Cocoabo #28 in the Cocoabo Preservation Dart of the same number. Rookie Chris Holmes, driver of the #81 factory-sponsored Preston, saved himself from elimination with a fourth-place finish; fifth is Houston, the polesitter, in the #27 Five Star Mobile Blaze.

The sixth place driver is a member of St. Kanye's Glorious Free Republic Motorsports. But surprisingly, it wasn't one of the full-timers, all of which are part of the Chase, but their R&D entry, Sage Caldwell. The driver of the #19 Blood Moon Beer Chadwick told reporters, "Well, I made some moves at the start and was soon running up front, and I tried to see if it will hold, and it did. I wasn't even thinking of who's up ahead at times, just that I seemed to be having a good race. Even though I didn't really win, it's kind of a little victory for me, finishing ahead of my teammates despite me just being R&D."

Seventh was Holmes' teammate Chet Byrd in the #73 Mark Taylor's Bourbon Preston, while eighth is GFR's Jeremiah Brooke in the #18 Hyde Medical Group Chadwick. Brooke spoke, "Team Cassadaigua did a nice job at defending their home track today. Congratulations to Jenna, even if she didn't make the Chase, she isn't going to finish this season winless. As for me, I think it was a good race, got another top ten, but as I'm always gunning for wins, could be better. Even though Sage beat me and the rest of GFR, there's some good out of that. It shows that the R&D program isn't falling behind the main drivers, and we can gain a lot of data from how he ran and use that data to make us better." Completing the top ten are VTM's River Suzgar in the #14 Toys 4 All Dart and Newmanistani Bryan Harrison in the #5 factory-sponsored Rocket.

With her eleventh-place result, Thea Alvarez, teammate of Sage and Brooke, was able to sneak into the round of twelve despite being in danger of elimination early. The young driver of the #46 Multiversal Automotive Coatings Chadwick had a lot to be happy about - she was also announced as the winner of the Starlight Hot Knockout driver popularity contest just days prior. "As much as I'm delighted to be able to continue my quest to return to the Championship Four, I do feel sorry for the drivers that got eliminated. They were all good drivers, and their qualification into the Chase showed that. There's always next season, it's a long time away, still lots of time to improve." Alvarez was referring to Valentian Clarissa Alanis Star (#7), Sherpa Dinggu Wang (#79), Hampton Island-born Team Jebslund driver Lexi Patterson (#30), as well as hometown bet Meghan Sharpe, whose twenty-second place finish in the #4 Spacebook Blaze led her to fall short of the cutoff line by one point. For the charity that Starlight Suites will donate NS$100,000 to as part of her Hot Knockout prize, the Kanyean chose the Khaleesi Foundation, based in both St. Kanye and New Northwesteros, which teaches life skills and sports to young girls.

Just one place behind Sharpe, but still part of the next round, is GFR's Skip Stiller in the #3 QED Car Rentals Chadwick. Early in the race, Stiller was running sixth when the lapped #75 car of Vannish Floyd Hackerbee hit him in the rear. This caused the Kanyean veteran to lose positions and eventually come in to pit under green; Hackerbee later had to retire due to extensive front end damage. "It's really frustrating when such a thing happens, but that's racing, and that's life. This is why those other good finishes are important. If I didn't do well in the other two Chase races, I could have been booted out today." Stiller then switched topics to Houston, giving a rather humorous analysis of her performance. "Five Star Five Hundred. Part of the Five Star Combo [a set of races with cash incentives for the top five]. Car also sponsored by Five Star. Fifth place finish. Yo, Bryan [Harrison], maybe you should swap car numbers with Stacie?" This isn't the first time that the correlation between NSSCRA numbers and finishing order have been joked about, with Sherpa Kai Qiang saying in interviews that since his #44 has been finishing fourth a lot, he should switch to #11, and more recently, Rocket Motorsports dismissing the idea that Rockii Ezis would switch from #48 to #20 due to the number of twentieth place finishes he has gotten.

The second round of the Chase kicks off next week in Xanneria. The name of the race is the Amazing Delano 420, held at the state of Delano, but the name of the track is spelled Delono Provincial Fairgrounds Raceway. Sage Caldwell has again expressed interest in one of the open charters, saying that he wants to capitalize on the momentum of his top ten finish. All qualifying sessions and races will be broadcast live on SKYNET (Saint KanYe NETwork) Sports Channel 12, and online at nsscra.skynet.stk.

OFFICIAL STANDINGS - Race 23 of 30 (Concord Heights)

1. #11 Jenna Logan (CDG) (Top hometown driver; top non-Chase driver)
2. #2 Centur Tiones (VNT)
3. #28 Cocoabo #28 (TRP)
4. #81 Chris Holmes (HAP) (Top rookie)
5. #27 Stacie Houston (CDG) (Polesitter)
6. #19 Sage Caldwell (STK) (Top Kanyean driver; open charter user 1)
8. #18 Jeremiah Brooke (STK)
11. #46 Thea Alvarez (STK)
13. #13 Eva Kerman (JEB) (Last week's winner)
23. #3 Skip Stiller (STK)
30. #17 Tyler Abbott (CDG) (Open charter user 2)
31. #55 A7DXZ5 (WAG) (Top unchartered driver)


1. #18 Jeremiah Brooke (STK) - 2134 (2W)
2. #14 River Suzgar (VNT) - 2130 (1W)
3. #13 Eva Kerman (JEB) - 2124 (2W)
4. #41 Yraaga Gilli'i (VNT) - 2116 (3W)
5. #06 Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (SHW) - 2115 (1W)
6. #3 Skip Stiller (STK) - 2113 (2W)
7. #27 Stacie Houston (CDG) - 2109 (2W)
8. #2 Centur Tiones (VNT) - 2106 (1W)
9. #15 Jolyn Helen Ceeta (VEZ) - 2104 (1W)
10. #81 Chris Holmes (HAP) - 2094 (1W)
T11. #46 Thea Alvarez (STK) - 2091 (2W)
T11. #44 Kai Qiang (SHW) - 2091 (1W)
12. #4 Meghan Sharpe (CDG) - 2090 (1W)
13. #30 Lexi Patterson (JEB) - 2079
14. #79 Dinggu Wang (SHW) - 2077 (1W)
15. #7 Clarissa Alanis Star (VEZ) - 2074 (1W)


1. #06 Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (SHW) - 2115 (1W)
2. #15 Jolyn Helen Ceeta (VEZ) - 2104 (1W)
3. #81 Chris Holmes (HAP) - 2094 (1W)
4. #30 Lexi Patterson (JEB) - 2079
5. #79 Dinggu Wang (SHW) - 2077 (1W)


Amazing Delano 420 @ Delono Provincial Fairgrounds Raceway, Burns, Xanneria
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Postby Hapilopper » Mon Sep 09, 2019 7:18 pm

Drake Stevenson’s Apartment, Hapilopper City
A few days after returning from Cassadaigua
For the first time in several days, Chris Holmes was feeling some level of stress. His good run in the recent Five Star Mobile 500 meant he had advanced to the next round of the NSSCRA Chase. Even more importantly, Kai Qiang advanced too, which meant that Chris Holmes would not be killed to death after the race for that moronic iguana stunt. He had felt like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders, and after that good run, the whole team had saluted his excellent run on the flight home. But now here he was, arriving at Drake Stevenson’s apartment to do a little dog-sitting as Drake went out with that lady from the animal shelter.

When Chris arrived, Drake’s date had already arrived, and the two were getting ready to take in a baseball game at Capital Stadium.

“Hey Holmes, just be sure to keep the dog fed,” Drake said. “I’ve got some dog food in the pantry. Help yourself to the liquor cabinet, within reason, make sure to take him out a couple of times so he doesn’t crap all over my floor, and just enjoy yourself. We should be a few hours, hopefully the game won’t go extra innings, but you never know.”

“And if it does go extra innings?”

“I’ve got to work in the morning, Chris,” replied Drake’s date, Shirley. “I would like to get home at a decent hour.”

As the two headed off to Capital Stadium, Chris stared down Drake’s dog Jack. Drake had adopted the dog a week before, and given the dog the name “Qiang,” after Kai Qiang, the driver from the Sherpa Empire. At the request of at least two dozen crew members at Team Blue, Drake had changed the dog’s name after crew members became rather disgusted hearing Drake “sounding so lovey-dovey to someone named for somebody that we race against every week,” as Chet Byrd put it.

Jack stared Chris down quizzically and went over to play with a few toys that Drake had gotten him. Almost relieved that the dog didn’t take aim at him, Chris went to the fridge, helped himself to a beer, went back to the living room and turned on the baseball game that Drake and Shirley were going to. The Hapilopper City Nationals were taking on the Surrey Wolves in the last game of the regular season before the playoffs got started. The Nationals had been in first place for most of the season before Leroy Hunnisett resigned from the team.

Unfortunately, this one wasn’t going to be pretty. The Nationals had fallen to third place after being as much as eleven games up several months before the Hunnisett incident. The fans weren’t too thrilled with the collapse, and wanted change in the front office. They also wanted Leroy back. Fortunately, Drake and Shirley were in a luxury box so if any crap got hurled on the field, at least they weren’t in a splash zone of sorts.

In the first inning, Surrey went to town, teeing off on pitcher Victor Foster, scoring six runs in the first inning and batting around. In the second inning, it got worse, when the pitcher, Aaron Armstrong blasted a grand slam home run, and the fans went into a frenzy. So did Foster, who walked off the field in frustration, telling the manager, in no uncertain terms that he was done. Chris was watching this unfortunate scene in disbelief when, all of a sudden, it seemed like everything slowed down to a crawl.

Chris looked over to the right to see Jack in mid-air, coming at him at all due speed. His first reflex was to get up as quickly as he could and run like hell. The dog landed on the sofa, then launched itself again towards its target, unfortunately knocking over that can of beer and spilling it onto a pile of documents. The chase was on. Bar stools were knocked over. Food was spilled. Drinks were spilled. A door was dented when Chris accidentally ran full-force into it as he was trying to avoid getting pounced on by this dog, who, for all intents and purposes, thought Chris was just playing around with him.

Nearly an hour later, Chris, sitting on top of the kitchen counter in an attempt to keep away from this energetic and athletic dog, looked towards the door in horror as the knob started turning, and the door cracked open. Drake had come home quite early from his date. It hadn’t gone well, and his evening was about to get a little more infuriating.

All Drake could do was look around at his apartment. It had been utterly trashed by this confrontation between man and dog.

“Holmes?” Drake called out.

“Drake?” Chris replied, poking his head out between the cabinet and the counter.

“What the HELL happened?!” Drake asked. “This place was relatively clean when I left it!”

“Uh, yeah, that dog tried to kill me again,” Chris said sheepishly. “I had to run for my life.”

“What did you do to it?!” Drake asked. “Where is he?”

Chris pointed towards the master bedroom, where Jack the dog was very comfortably resting on the bed. There had been some things jostled in there, but there was no damage. Jack looked up and jumped at Drake. The two were enormously happy to see each other. Just seeing his dog was enough to calm Drake down and make him not want to backhand Chris right in the mouth.

“How is it that he gets along with you but he wants to kill me?” Chris asked.

“He doesn’t want to kill you,” Drake said, his voice turning really, really sweet for a second as he addressed his dog. “He’s a sweetheart. Aren’t you, Jack? Aren’t you? He just wants some loving. That’s all.”

“I guess, it just kind of unnerves me though.”

“So you’re skittish around dogs. You get one and you’ll be just fine.”

“I guess so… by the way, what happened to the date? That was a very quick date.”

“Well…” Drake started. “I’ll start this off by stating that the game turned out to be a fiasco. The Nationals got spanked, so Shirley and I decided to head out. And that’s when it all fell apart.”

“What, you put the moves on her too early?”

“No, as a matter of fact,” Drake continued. “I asked if she wanted to get a steak. That was my fatal mistake.”

Drake started chuckling, while Chris had no idea how that would have been a deal-breaker.

“You see, Holmes,” Drake explained. “I found out right then and there that Shirley is a vegan. I asked her if she wanted to go get a steak at one of the finest steakhouses in Hapilopper City and she got offended. She got pissed off and asked if I had any conscience about eating an animal’s flesh. I didn’t know what to say. She told me to get the hell away from her, I got a ride home, and here I am, looking at a house that could use some cleaning thanks to you and your skittishness.”


“It’s fine. Let’s go get some tacos and some drinks. The night’s young. We’ll clean this shit tomorrow.”

Drake made sure Jack’s food and water bowls were full, and the two headed off to Taco World for some dinner before making their way to Andrew’s Pub for an evening of fun. This wasn’t the first time that plans gone wrong had led to the two getting drunk at Andrew’s, and it wouldn’t be the last. While the date had ended abruptly and very quickly, the Drake Stevenson-Chris Holmes friendship was blossoming.
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Postby Valentine Z » Mon Sep 09, 2019 10:09 pm

The Valentians – Qualifications @ Five Star Mobile 500, Concord Heights Motor Speedway, Concord Heights, Cassadaigua

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Well, this is the place! The Concord Heights Motor Speedway… Okay, it’s not exactly a speedway, it’s a short track. So… what do you guys think?

Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Hepburn: Crap, a short track again? You know what happened to me last time, right?

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Yeah, I know… but we cannot just cling on to the past experiences. I mean, I’m the one to talk when it comes to road courses, but… it will be fine, I promise!

Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Hepburn: Well, I better unpack my stuff, and hit the simulations once again, hm?

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Sounds like a plan to me!

The Valentians then hopped onto the provided simulation cabinets and tried out the short track – first with just them on the track, and soon after, they added AI drivers into the mix. For the most parts, it went rather well, but the addition of AI drivers proved to be rather difficult. Throughout perhaps an hour of practice, Gwen had 2 DNFs, while Jolyn and Clarissa each have 1 DNF.

Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Hepburn: The track itself seems fine enough, but the problem is…

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: The other racers, yeah. We really have to do well for the qualifications, lest we get some place in the back and keeps getting hit on a constant basis.

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: Should I go out and check the track for any data that I could use, maybe before the qualifications and the race?

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Well, it’s up to you, really! I personally think that you will be fine. I mean, the qualifications are important, sure, but I think you can just take a break for today and maybe gather track data along the way?

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: Sounds like a plan!

And with that, come the next day, the Valentian trio went for their qualifications – Clarissa and Gwen placed 7th and 4th respectively, while Jolyn got the bad end of the bargain and ended up last.

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: I don’t understand… what seriously went wrong? Was I… I don’t remember hitting or scratching anything.

Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Hepburn: Did you break too much at the turns?

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: … I guess so. You know, I’m quite paranoid about these kind of things.

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: Well, Jolyn! I mean, I understand you being careful, but… my analysis of the track and your race data… shows that you were just being a little too careful!

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: What are you saying, Clarissa?

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: Don’t break too much, and you will be fine! The breaking is good, by comparison, but it’s… unnecessary!

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Yeah, I guess you are right. Well, the qualifications are over, so… you guys want to hit the simulation again, or maybe go out and have some dinner?

Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Hepburn: I think I will go out for dinner, haha!

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: Me too, me too!

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Sigh, guess I will, too!

Jenny Claudia Sombra Linette Hoshiko: Haha, peer pressure, Jolyn?

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: That, and I think I should just give my head a break.

The Valentians – Interactions with Cassadaigua

But first, they figured that they wanted to meet someone else. The Valentian trio wanted to meet the other racers. Specifically, Stacie Houston, driving the #27. It was not exactly because of any other choies, other than convenience; the Valentians found it convenient for them to meet up with the driver at her booth, since that was the only timeslot that they would be free for the time being.

Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Hepburn: Well, I ticked off all the options, and it would seem that we only have time to meet Stacie. Before we go off for dinner, and sleep off later.

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Sounds like a plan! So… where is she?

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: Ohh, over there! Right there with her… big crowd, and big line of people.

Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Hepburn: Well, drat. Guess we just have to power it through and wait!

As the Valentians walked towards the booth, they nearly got their heads caught by the tents, but they simply ducked under it and started queuing with the rest of the people, who in turn gave them all meaningful looks. Some of them started asking a few questions – some to themselves or to each other, while others are more towards the Valentians.

Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Hepburn: Haha, hello, everyone! My name’s Gwen!

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Ugh, this is so awkward!

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: Haha, just act natural, Jolyn! They are probably just curious about our heights!

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Err, haha! Hello there, people! I am err… Jolyn, and this blue robot here is, Clarissa!

The wait was around 20 mins, but they power it through thanks to the power of conversations and socialising. Eventually, they came across Stacie. Just immediately out of the track, they have nothing to give to her, but perhaps the greetings and perhaps a photo opportunity.

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Well, err, hello there, Ms. Houston! I am Jolyn, #15, and these are #7 Clarissa, and #31 Gwen! So… we are just here to say hi and our greetings, and we wish you all the best with the upcoming race tomorrow!

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: Oooh, can we take a photo with you? I’m sure that it will make for a lovely souvenir for both you and us! ^^

Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Hepburn: Well, she’s at the booth, so I’m sure that we can take it, but… yeah, good to ask, I suppose!

And after asking permission, the Valentians would get their photos taken with Stacie – one by one, of course. They would seemingly take turns, taking pictures for one another. Instead of using her own eyes, Clarissa materialised a small little digital camera, made of the “liquid metal” that Clarissa herself was made out of. This camera would be shared around, taking 3200 MP shots for all three instances of Clarissa, Jolyn, and Gwen respectively.

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: Well, that will be all, Miss, haha! My friend, it’s such a pleasure to meet you! So err… se you around, and once again, all the best!

Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Hepburn: Follow me on my social network!

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Ahaha, ahh Gwen, let’s go.

The Valentians – Girls’ Nights Out @ Cassadaigua

Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Hepburn: So… what do you think we should do for tonight?

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: Ooooh, dinner! How’s that sound?

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Yeah, but delivery, or are you talking about eating outside?

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: I’m thinking of Concord Heights, the city itself, you know? Look what I pulled up!

Clarissa downloaded a webpage from another instance, from another site that provided tourist information for the visitors. It reads as follows (some parts are snipped off for brevity):

Cassadaigua wrote:

Are you coming to Cassadaigua to enjoy the Cup of Harmony? Great! Here’s what you will need to know.

1) Where is Cassadaigua? How do I get there?

Cassadaigua is located in the region of Rushmore, and more specifically south-central Rushmore.

The best recommendation to get here is to fly in, although if you are nearby, you may just want to drive or take a train. All Cassadagan cities have a major airport, and the nation has an advanced rail system as well. If you insisted on traveling by sea, there are some easily attainable port cities to make it very convenient, but we suggest flying in.

2) Will I be safe? What is crime like?

Cassadaigua is no more or no less safe then any other nation. Some consider our crime rates to be a little high, but law enforcement and a general security presence will be very apparent and will protect you. Things still get seedy in the Grande Mountain area from time to time, but our security will try their best to keep the men's rights protests to a minimum. Lately, since the Queen has been more pro-active in regards to Men’s rights, such protests have not been occurring.

3) Tell me more about your female-dominated society. Are male tourists safe?

Cassadaigua’s society is different then what is seen throughout most of the world. In our nation, the female is the dominant gender and is superior to the male. This should not be surprising if you have followed our own national sport teams in even the slightest of ways. There are some groups who feel that men are greatly oppressed in our nation, but that is not really the case. If you are a man, and you are visiting Cassadaigua, as long as you are aware of our somewhat different culture, you should not have a tough time fitting in. After all, Cassadagan men that play by the rules here and respect their role can be very successful themselves. As long as you respect our culture, you should be fine while you are here. If you act disrespectful, then don’t be surprised if you are soon put in your place. You are expected to follow all Cassadagan laws, even if it is not a law in your own country,

4) I’ve been to nations that have talking ponies, or banned cars, or taxes on every little thing. Should I expect anything like this?

Cassadagans love horses, but there are no talking ponies here. At least not that we know of. If we have any sentient immigrants from nations like Equestrian States, they keep a very low profile. Cars are very much a way of life, and our taxes aren’t anything out of the ordinary, and if anything are a little lower then average. Cassadaigua is modern, economic powerhouse. There are no unusual factors associated with the country, other then the gender differences.

Socially, Cassadaigua is open to members of all faiths, and we respect your right to worship your respective deity in the way you see fit; or to not worship one at all. Homosexuality is accepted in the country, though we can’t promise that some random drunk in the stands or on the streets won’t make offensive comments.

As far as drinking is concerned, the legal age is 18, though many get away with underage drinking as it is not as aggressively policed as it may be in other lands. However, do not drink and drive. If you are caught, you will have a greater jail sentence then you might be expecting, and if you kill anyone by drunk driving, you will receive the death penalty.

Smoking anywhere in public is banned, but legal in your own home. This applies to both cigarettes and marijuana. All other recreational drugs are banned.

5) Where will the games be? Tell me about the cities, please.

Concord Heights- This is the nation capital, and the city has hosted many international championships before. You’ll find the city in northeast Cassadaigua, and there are plenty of things to do while here. We won’t get into all of them, because if its on your mind, simply put, its in Concord Heights. Within the city, you will find the most traditional Cassadagan citizens; the ones least likely to be listening to MEN (Male Equality Now) or any other of men’s rights messages. The University of Concord Heights is the nation’s most accredited higher learning institution, but if you want to leave Cassadaigua looking better to impress people at home, check out Concord Heights Beauty School for all kind of tips on looking your best, and museums dedicated specifically to the ultimate in vanity.

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Cup of Harmony? That was…. I don’t know when it was, but it seemed like it was about the events from a while back.

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: Yeah, but I’m assuming that the laws won’t change too much, right?

Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Hepburn: “Do not drink and drive…” ok, that bit is obvious enough. Not that I would, anyway, because we got our big day tomorrow!

For the dinner, while the other Valentian crews went off on their own accord for something else, the Valentian trio took the train to a nearby city and checked out their options.

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Well, so many, many choices, I must say! I fancy myself going to that little restaurant! I heard that they sell pretty good Slavic cuisine!

Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Hepburn: I’m kinda thinking of that place too, but… that pizza place is pretty fooking good, I heard!

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Well, we can only have one choice, so… we gotta pick one! Clarissa, what do you think?

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: Hmm, I don’t know. Pizza sounds pretty delicious to me at the moment!

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: We had frozen pizza for supper yesterday! It was awful, Clarissa, and you want to eat pizza again?

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: Well, I mean… it IS going to be fresh out of the oven this time!

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: That’s true, I will give it that. So… pizza, then? I guess I can have a go at the restaurant after the race!

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: Sounds good!

Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Hepburn: Awesome, thanks, Loves! So… let’s go, then!

The three of them had a scrumptious meal at the pizza diner. Clarissa and Gwen went for the classic cheesy pizza, while Jolyn went for the one with a mixture of some mushrooms and pepperoni. Jolyn doesn’t exactly mind pizza for dinner, and she certainly is not a picky person; she simply is craving for a bit of fine dining. Maybe next time, she thought to herself. They would think about the night life for some other time, since for the time being, they have a race the very next day.

They came back, slightly exhausted, around 10.30 pm. The walk between the city and the lounge took around 20-30 mins with the Valentians’ pace, but they have little to no trouble with it, especially Clarissa, given her status as a robot. In fact, she grew to a big 20 feet and carried Gwen and Jolyn, each sitting on her shoulder.

Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Hepburn: Wow, that meal was fantastic!

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Hehe, I have to admit… it was pretty delicious! So… I guess we just rest for tonight? And thanks for the ride, Clarissa!

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: Haha, anything for my little friends!
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Dinggu Wang could tell pretty early that the Five Star Mobile 500 wasn't going to be a good race for him. Lately he'd settled into a routine of being aggressive off the start, then playing defense later in the race. That wasn't happening today. Wang wasn't the only Chaser who knew his chance to advance was on the line. His rivals were racing hard, and Wang found it difficult to fight his way through the crowd.

It didn't get better as the race went on. Wang knew a mid-pack finish wouldn't be good enough to keep him in the Chase, but no matter how desperately he tried to find his way up the field, it just wasn't happening. It seemed like there was always someone in his way, or someone else whose car was running just a little faster. Every lap that went by and found him still in 20th or 30th place felt like he was taking a step toward the gallows -- and yet there was nothing he could do about it.

With two laps to go, Wang's spotter told him Kai Qiang and Clarissa Alanis Star we coming up on his right and he should try to get between them and ride Qiang's air. "But I need to beat Qiang!" Wang protested.

"I'm a lap ahead of you, grandpa!" Qiang said over the radio. "Get behind me before the big blue woman passes you too!" Wang fell in behind Qiang like the spotter had told him, feeling very helpless and dejected. He was too far behind, and with only two laps to go -- or one lap to go for Qiang -- there wasn't enough time to catch up. After Qiang finished, he ran an unusually fast "cooldown" lap so he could continue clearing the way for Wang; but it didn't matter. Wang was out of the Chase anyway.

When it was over, he felt numb. No angry tantrums, just sadness. In post-race interviews, he spoke quietly with downcast eyes. "Of course, I'm disappointed," he said. "But there's nothing I can do. The dream's over; back to reality..."


As things were winding down after the race in Concord Heights, Rinzi Zakhilwal called up the AutoModi marketing rep who had introduced him to Tashi Chokpa Sherpa and asked if they could do a promotional event at the Delono Provinical Fairgrounds similar to what they'd done in Concord Heights. "With me and Tashi," he clarified.

The marketing rep was not sure why Zakhilwal was so enthusiastic -- he hadn't figured out that Zakhilwal was looking for an excuse to spend more time with Tashi -- but it didn't sound like a terrible idea. "You want to do a promotional event in Xanneria before the race?" he said.

"Yeah!" Zakhilwal said eagerly.

"Okay, let me see what I can do."
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The Valentians – Actual Race @ Five Star Mobile 500, Concord Heights Motor Speedway, Concord Heights, Cassadaigua

(Note to self: I need to get other nation's drivers involved as well; usually I just talk about car's mechanical problems, or in some cases, the Valentian trio hitting each other by accident). :P

Race Data
OOC Info: Segment 0 represents the starting qualification positions, and Segment 6, which is the average of Segments 1-5, are considered as the final position of the race.
Segment 0: Clarissa: 07 // Jolyn: 46 // Gwen: 04
Segment 1: Clarissa: 32 // Jolyn: 11 // Gwen: 24
Segment 2: Clarissa: 33 // Jolyn: 12 // Gwen: 11
Segment 3: Clarissa: 25 // Jolyn: 34 // Gwen: 32
Segment 4: Clarissa: 29 // Jolyn: 06 // Gwen: 08
Segment 5: Clarissa: 08 // Jolyn: 17 // Gwen: 15
Segment 6: Clarissa: 26 // Jolyn: 16 // Gwen: 17


The Valentians – Highlights of the Race

Clarissa once again had some difficulties as she pulled around the laps. This time, she would cite that it was not exactly because of her, but it was because of the crowded nature of having a lot of vehicles in a very small course. She did better and better as the segments go, but overall, her finish of 26th was not enough, and she got bested by the better drivers. As a result, she lost the Chase status, and was a little devastated for the duration of 3 hours.

Exuberant Superintendent T-1000/2904 Surveillant Clarissa Alanis Star Breya « La Amoureux Chéri » Millie Taissa Butterfly Mélody Coraline Jolijn Trini Clementine Hollie Samantha Zeta Harumi: For this time, the better bit would be that with the recent restart of my systems, I was able to have the race data give me the edge that I really need! Unfortunately, this course is a little too tedious – the roads are fine, like I said, but the idea of having so many cars in a small space, as well as having bested by everyone else around me? Yeah, that would be the reason why I didn’t really do too well. Do I regret that? Well, erm… I just hope that Lhotse Love won’t be too disappointed, though from what I have heard, they were pretty fine with it? Anyway, I am just happy with myself that I have made it this far, and that I would still be able to go for more races even if I am out of the Chase. It’s not always about winning races! ^^


Jolyn, on the other hand, also suffered slightly, having the most difficulty at the first few segments, worst at Segment 3 due to a tire malfunction, but eventually, she pulled through and was able to finish 16th, one place behind Gwen.

Vice Foresittend Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Moira “Неуловимый, Женщина-шпион” Marlene Wendy Lucille Lapis Jill Khorosheva Vin. Zolina łnt. Natasha Vasilisa Helen Ceeta Tescelyn Maximovna: I have to be honest… I didn’t know that I would get that far from starting at the very, very last. Segment 3 was… horrible, I went outside and scratched the walls, because I was honestly a little too afraid that I would have hit the other cars. So many DNFs, and I’m just glad that Gwen wasn’t one of them. Eventually, after Segment 3, I got better, went up to 6th, but I have to admit that the others are a lot better than me, so… finishing at 16th wasn’t that much of a bad thing, to be honest. I felt sorry for Clarissa, though; I have heard of her troubles. On the other hand, I am glad that Gwen was very helpful in bumper drafting me! I helped her the first time, so, I didn’t ask for it. I’m glad that she helps me back in times of need!


Gwen dropped dramatically from 4th to 24th for the first segment, then after that, she stayed close to Jolyn for the rest of the positions, and helped her out if needed… including scratching and hitting a wall.

Chief Aviator Gwen Tracer Hepburn “Fate of Existence and the Omniverse” Ellen Trixie Caitlin Foxworthy Avril Verlene Eveline Celinda Sammy Doris Wit. Oxton Arielle Lindall Leslie Vitesse Allison: So… it went slightly well. I mean, it was slightly worse than my performance for the previous race, but at the same time, it’s… okay, considering that I did not DNF! I also turned and hit the wall, just like Jolyn, coincidentally, but I only dropped to 32nd while Jolyn went to 34th. However, for the most parts, I stayed close to her, and was helping her out with bump drafting! I wish I can help Clarissa as well, but... she told me to just focus on Jolyn. Maybe she just wants to try her best alone, but I am not sure anymore. I mean… she ended 26th, and she got out of the Chase, so… I felt rather bad about it. I guess I will have to console her, if she is mad again. I hope she is not mad though!

The Valentians – After Race @ Five Star Mobile 500, Concord Heights Motor Speedway, Concord Heights, Cassadaigua

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: So… Clarissa… I’m sorry to hear about the news!

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: Haha, ahh, that’s fine! I mean, for now, I am actually happy that I made it this far, considering that we are dealing with the veterans of the race!

Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Hepburn: Still, on the bright side, you are just out of the Chase, but you are still able to race with us, so… that’s the slightly more positive news for you and us!

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: Haha, yes, indeed! So, I am still feeling happiness over it, you know?

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: That’s the spirit, Clarissa! Always with that positive thought of yours!

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: Hm hm, thank you very much! So… what do you think they are feeling?

Marcus Alan Ariel Baptiste Reynolds: Ahh, the who?

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: Oh, Lhotse Love! I heard that they are more or less fine with us, but… you know, I just want to ask.

Jared Kev Jensen Benedict Angus: Oh and see whether or not they can open up in Valentine Z!

Jenny Claudia Sombra Linette Hoshiko: Oh yeah, Jolyn! Please help us do that! Their food is awesome, and we would love it here in our country too!

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: Ahhh, them… well, I’m the one who can talk to them, so… let me give them a call.

Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa: Woo hoo, thanks, Jolyn!

The Valentians – Interactions with The Sherpa Empire

Lhotse Love, and to the extension, the Sherpa people, have been nothing but hospitable to the Valentians, and they have been appreciative of it. It also helps that the contract meant for Clarissa was more or less laxed, with them happy that they at least get to display their logo on Clarissa’s car. Sure, Clarissa is not exactly the best driver, especially considering all the veterans and other factors that are involved, but she was told that they didn’t exactly mind. With that said and done, it was time for Jolyn to send an email to Lhotse Love, supposed that she got the necessary contact from the previous interactions with the Sherpa people. She composed an email in Traditional Chinese. Of course, before all of this, she talked to Valentijn about the matter, who in turn gave a full-on approval on the matter of Lhotse Love expanding to Valentine Z.

From: Jolyn Helen Ceeta (
To: Lhotse Love Trade Representative / Enquiries
CC: Valentijn Samantha Maxwell Constantine (
BCC: Clarissa Alanis Star Coraline Taissa, Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Hepburn, Marcus Alan Ariel Baptiste Reynolds, Jamie Izabella Æstriðr Clementine Eirian, Germaine Athena Angelina Mercy Sylvi, Adriana Krystal Desiree Kowalski Faith Stanisława, Kendrick Elliott Quinton Øistein Andres

Subject: Lhotse Love for Valentine Z – The Two Hearts.
Priority: Normal
Secrecy: Low-Medium


I am Jolyn Helen Ceeta, one of the current racers, of NSSCRA 8, and you may have recently heard about Clarissa (#7) having a sponsorship/display of your brand on her car’s hood, after signing the contract a month ago or so. With that said, I would like to ask if we can negotiate and propose for Lhotse Love to expand to Valentine Z and its autonomous nations? We find your food excellent in terms of quality, and your people hospitable, and thus would like to have you all in Valentine Z.

You can find more about our humble nation here: ... /id=701792. We guarantee that you as a franchise will feel safe knowing that Valentine Z has one of the lowest crime rates, as well as having equal wages, accepting people of any nationality or any ethnicity, and that we hire through merit. We also guarantee that despite our Limited Capitalism policy, this will not hurt the franchises and business such as you; these laws are only in-place in order to protect both the businesses and the customers, and to prevent formation of monopolies. Rivalry and corporate warfare is non-existent, and you can indeed open Lhotse Love, for example, right beside a few other fast food chains, and these are normal sights.

Though, I figured that it would be good to mention and give a heads-up that we as a nation have an average height of 240 centimetres (7’ 10.5”), and as a result of that, everything in Valentine Z is elevated a little higher. As another notice, Valentijn, the person in the CC field, is the leader in charge of the entirety of Valentine Z, and he fully approves of your people and the franchise opening up Lhotse Love here.

We hope to hear back from you!

Yours Sincerely,
- Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Moira “Неуловимый, Женщина-шпион” Marlene Wendy Lucille Lapis Jill Khorosheva Vin. Zolina łnt. Natasha Vasilisa Helen Ceeta Tescelyn Maximovna

Jolyn Helen Maxine Caulfield Ceeta: And done! Now all we have to do is… to wait, haha! Don’t worry, I will be looking at this closely!

Jenny Claudia Sombra Linette Hoshiko: Much better than rioting and declaring war, that’s for sure!

Marcus Alan Ariel Baptiste Reynolds: Haha, you got that right!
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Rd23 - twii.tur Rockii Ezis #20

Postby Vilita and Turori » Tue Sep 10, 2019 1:41 am


:: twii.tur Trending ::

twii.tur is a short message communication service that originated from Turori and allowed users to exchange content of 140 characters. The service was conceived as a way to allow officials to receive alerts and key information such as incoming weather notifications, major events and the ability to stay coordinated during a time of crisis but was under-utilized and doubts were raised as to whether the overhead of the infrastructure was worthwhile to maintain. As capabilities of interconnected and handheld communication devices improved, the Turorian Weather & Information Interchange (Twii) was adapted into a public facing service where users could sign up to create their own twii nodes where users would sign up to a twii group to receive all the twii messages delivered by members of that group. Ultimately, as demand grew, a fully public release of twii came at the connected location twii.tur where all users can participate in the public twii, selecting which messages to receive by adding individual users, groups or topics to their twii.tur feed. More recent developments and additions to twii.tur included the introduction of quick bangs, images, emotitags and users with high overall ratings can even post video of 30 seconds or less onto their twii feed.

Image Just sketched this up. Re-twii if you think @rockii60 should change his number #NSSCRA #CoCoCo

Image If he gonna to change just make it 60 so I can keep my old hat. #Rocket

Image How about just the 0 to match his career win count?

:: Behind the twii ::
Despite having never driven a full NSSCRA Season from start to finish, Rockii Ezis had along the way picked up a small following of loyal and dedicated fans who regularly followed the Vilita and Turori Motorsports driver on social channels such as twii.tur. After 27 starts across three seasons for Vilita and Turori Motorsports, Ezis would move on and take the CoCoCo sponsorship with him to Rocket Motorsports where the drivers dedicated followers hoped that the consistency of guaranteed weekly racing would see a turnaround in the drivers numbers. Things got off to a slow start for Ezis with a pair of 27th place finishes. Soon after the driver of the #48 CoCoCo Rocket would string together a series of 20th place finishes which included having both started and finished in the 20th position at the Golden Bear 400 in Stafford City, Hampton Island.

After three straight Top 10 runs it seemed that Rockii Ezis had finally shaking it up a bit Ezis landed right back in the 20th position at the Vilitan Mountain Challenge course. The return to that familiar finishing position had fans wondering what Ezis could do to ensure finishing anywhere but 20th and at least one well supported suggestion was for the team to actually change Ezis's car number. The number 48 was a number that Ezis was assigned after replacing Travis Barkely earlier in the season.

Image Cocoabo #78 had a big impact in unexpected way for #NSSCRA chase knocking out @msharpe4

:: Behind the twii ::
It was yet another banner day for Team Cassadaigua at their home race the Five Star Mobile 500 at the Concord Heights Motor Speedway. However somewhat lost in the excitement of seeing two of their drivers in contention for the race victory was the fact that Meghan Sharpe in the #4 Spacebook Blaze had slipped through the field outside the top 20 and was in danger of failing to advance to the next round. Sharpe managed to run ahead of Skip Stiller, the Glorious Free Republics Motorsports team car to the #46 Multiversal Automotive Coatings Chadwick of Thea Alvarez that Sharpe was chasing for the last playoff spot, but could not get past Cocoabo #78 on the final lap. It was a disappointing day for the Cocoabo who had posted Top 10 finishes in all of the seasons previous Short Track races as well as for another Short Track specialist Yraaga Gilli'i who finished the race side by side with Alvarez for 10th place but it was the GFR driver who took the spot enabling her to join Gilli'i and 10 other drivers in Round 2 of the NSSCRA Chase.

Image My buddy works for @VTM_NSSCRA and says he saw @37jamz in the shop getting fitted up

Image You think @TeamBlue is going to give up car #37 for this dude? no way

Image pics or it didnt happen

:: Behind the twii ::
Jama'obo Pegasii is widely regarded as one of the most talented race car drivers from Vilita and Turori but the journeyman driver has always sought out the thrill of something new and never stayed in any single division for long enough to become a big name star at any level. From Stock Cars, to Formula Cars to the World Grand Prix 2 circuit where Pegasii most recently drove for Savojar Motorsports, Pegasii has piloted all types of racing machines all over the multiverse. As a member of the Vilaye Energy Drink Racing Family, Pegasii typically brings sponsorship from the Vilisorma Beverage Company wherever they land which in the past has even included the NSSCRA. Pegasii drove in a part time status for seven races during NSSCRA Season 6 and is credited with bringing the Vilaye Energy Drink sponsorship to the sport. While Pegasii moved on to other racing series at the end of NSSCRA Season 6, the Vilaye Energy Drink sponsorship remained becoming a primary sponsor on the #14 Vilita and Turori Motorsports Dart of River 'Shark' Suzgar II and also the title sponsor of the weekly NSSCRA Pole Award.

While Vilita and Turori Motorsports are thought to be high on the future potential of development driver Lotara Novorali, the youngsters performances failing to crack the Top 25 in any event outside of Vilita hasn't done her any favors in attracting the sponsorship to get another crack at an open charter slot. While a twii.tur campaign to get Novorali sponsorship to apply for the open charter slot at the Shellshock Batteries 400 in Hampton Island is gaining traction it remains to be seen if enough will be raised for twii.tur to reprise its role in funding the Turorian driver or if another sponsor, perhaps even Shellshock Batteries themselves could be interested. Regardless of whether Novorali is behind the wheel, however, Vilita and Turori Motorsports is sure to want to keep their Development team fresh and will want to get back on the track for at least a couple more races and Pegasii's rumored appearance at the VTM shop will certainly increase the rumor mill on the possibility of seeing Pegasii in a Vilita and Tuorri Motorsports Dart before seasons end. With a career best finish of 5th coming at the Imperial Speedway in Vangaziland during NSSCRA Season 6, the Open Charter for the Gryphon Supermarket 250 would seem an obvious event for either Novorali or Pegasii to compete in. Others however have suggested that there is no way Pegasii would drive a car not numbered 37 with Hapilopper's Team Blue taking both 37 through Frank Bronson and 73 through Chet Byrd.


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Postby The Sherpa Empire » Tue Sep 10, 2019 12:30 pm

IRACT had put off sending invitations to compete for the 2nd open charter in Guilin longer than they intended. They were being disorganized, as usual, and now they were scrambling to play catch-up. They sent the following invitation to Philip West, Ashley Matthews, Sage Caldwell, Drake Stevenson, Tyler Abbott, and iBen Toralmintii:

The weekend before the Guangxi Telecom 400, the Li River Speedway will host an exciting new event called the Rumble in the Rice Fields. On Saturday evening, Sherpa Imperial Motorsports, the Sherpa Empire's open wheel racing league, will be holding their first-ever race in the Chinese Territories; and on Sunday afternoon, there will be a 250 mile stock car race under the auspices of IRACT's Guilin Racing Club. In addition to cash prizes, the winner of Sunday's race will also win a charter to compete in the Guangxi Telecom 400.

You are invited to compete in either race, or both. However, please keep in mind this is the same weekend as the Shellshock Batteries 400 and it will not be possible to participate in both events.

Please RSVP at your earliest convenience.

Best regards,
Guilin Racing Club

(OOC: IRACT is planning to send a couple of other invitations, but they haven't got them out yet because they're disorganized.)
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Postby Saint Kanye » Tue Sep 10, 2019 5:34 pm


GFR driver to also use second spot at Kardashia

by Dante Dinkley

KARDASHIA - The Independent Racing Association of the Chinese Territories, stock car racing's sanctioning body in the Sherpa Empire, has sent several part-time NSSCRA (Nationstates Stock Car Racing Association) drivers an invitation to challenge for one of the open charter spots in the Guangxi Telecom 400 to be held in Guilin in two and a half weeks. Among those contacted are Kanyeans Philip West and Sage Caldwell, Newmanistani Ashley Matthews, Cassadagan Tyler Abbott, Hapiloppian Drake Stevenson and Vilita and Turori-based iBen Toralmintii.

However, the format for this battle is different from the one used at the Pencurve Electronics 500 in Jalton, wherein the driver to get in was simply the fastest qualifier among those invited (in that case, Abbott). There will be a qualifying race at Li River Speedway the week before the 400, in which the winner gets the spot. However, it will take place in the same day as the Shellshock Batteries 400 NSSCRA race in Marquette, Hampton Island, meaning that the invitees cannot appear in both.

Neither Caldwell nor West had expressed interest in running the Hampton Island race, meaning that they are both eligible to take part in the Sherpa race qualifiers. The two Yeezies sent emails to IRACT, but with different content - the former has respectfully declined, but the latter has said that he wants to compete in NSSCRA a few more times before retiring at the end of the current season to focus on racing domestically. Both will be back for the Kardashia Chadwick Dealers 400, however. As Sage has already taken his former #19, West will take to both the Sherpa qualifier and the Kardashia race in a factory-sponsored #01 Chadwick.
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Postby Newmanistan » Tue Sep 10, 2019 6:36 pm


Race: Amazing Delano 420 presented by Knox Motor Company, Delono Provincial Fairgrounds Raceway, Burns, Delano, Xanneria
Track Record: 19.520 sec.

Qualifying Results:
1 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye)                           19.826
2 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 19.841
3 #79 - Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) 19.843
4 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 19.855
5 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 19.862
6 #28- Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) 19.879
7 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 19.893
8 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 19.923
9 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 19.940
10 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 19.960
11 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 19.979
12 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori) 19.982
13 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 19.984
14 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 19.991
15 #48 - Rockii Ezis (Newmanistan) 19.996
16 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 20.004
17 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori) 20.041
18 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 20.042
19 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 20.057
20 #31 - Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) 20.117
21 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 20.204
22 #23 - James McCurty (Hampton Island) 20.238
23 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori) 20.249
24 #69 - Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) 20.273
25 #34 - Nathan Schuster (Hampton Island) 20.297
26 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 20.321
27 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 20.336
28 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 20.421
29 #19 - Sage Caldwell (Saint Kanye) 20.469
30 #55 - A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) *Q* 20.543
31 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) *Q* 20.622

32 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) 20.658
33 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 20.710
34 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 20.752
35 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 20.754
36 #73 - Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) 20.781
37 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) 20.874
38 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 20.904
39 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 20.954
40 #21 - Paul Nystrom (New Northwesteros) *Q* 20.954
41 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 21.107
42 #33 - Tyler Joy (Caleonia) *Q* 21.113
43 #99 - Liuyong Xu (New Northwesteros) *Q* 21.211
44 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 21.443
45 #75 - Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 21.581
46 #32 - Andrew Holden (Lisander) 21.673
47 #80 - Franklin Egar (Filindostan) *Q* 21.747
48 #08 - Jeff Shreeves (The Western Carolina Union) *Q* 21.776
49 #29 - Frank Joy (Caleonia) *Q* 21.801
50 #00 - Ilham Lukas Jenie (Filindostan) *Q* 21.808
51 #67 - Denny Truex Lenlin (Sedile) *Q* 21.817

52 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 21.824
53 #03 - Mike Reddiër (Caleonia) *Q* 21.837
54 #94 - Daniel Almirola (Sedile) *Q* 21.941
55 #05 - Tucker Capps (The Western Carolina Union) *Q* 22.046
56 #0 - Hana Bhe (Filindostan) *Q* 22.201
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Postby The Sherpa Empire » Wed Sep 11, 2019 12:07 am

Guilin Racing Club has sent this to the HQ of the Cocoabo Enrichment and Enhancement Project:

Since Cocoabo #28 and Cocoabo #78 joined NSSCRA, CEEP's research has captured the imaginations of many racing fans around the world. Guilin Racing Club and Sherpa Imerpial Motorsports would like to extend an invitation to expand on that research by testing the ability of racing cocoabo to adapt their skills across different racing disciplines. The weekend before the Guangxi Telecom 400, we are hosting an event called Rumble in the Rice Fields, which includes both open wheel and stock car races. Cocoabo #23 is invited to compete in either race, or both, but we would be especially interested to see how he adapts to stock cars.

The winner of the Rumble in the Rice Fields stock car race will receive a charter to race at the Guangxi Telecom 400.

Please RSVP at your earliest convenience.

Best regards,
Guilin Racing Club

It went out a little after the first batch of invitations because IRACT officials were quibbling over the wording.
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Rd 23 - Five Star Cup Results

Postby Vilita and Turori » Wed Sep 11, 2019 7:53 am

OOC: This is a cross from the World Cup due to Cassadaigua's Five Star Cup Contest as announced here: viewtopic.php?p=36199440#p36199440


Five Star Mobile 500, Concord Heights Motor Speedway, Concord Heights, Cassadaigua The Yuritzi'ayuro family watched nervously during the Five Star Mobile 500 at the Concord Heights Motor Speedway as Stacie Houston was passed by Vilita and Turori Motorsports driver Yraaga Gilli'i and Team Tropicorp driver Cocoabo #78. Niriki Yuritzi'ayuro had been assigned the #23 in the Five Star Cup competition which would award large cash prizes if Stacie Houston or any of Team Cassadaigua's NSSCRA Stock Car drivers could lead any of the first 90 laps of the Five Star Mobile 500 at the Concord Heights Motor Speedway. Niriki Yuritzi'ayuro's lap was 23. However, after starting from Pole Position, Stacie Houston - who led the first eight laps of the race, had now fallen back to fourth place and the battle for the lead was between Yraaga Gilli'i in the #41 Tropicorp Racing Supply Dart and Cocoabo #78 in the Cocoabo Park Dart of the same number. While the a mother of three who moved to Starskville, Cassadaigua as an employee of Cocoa-bo when they expanded to the region had missed out on her chance to collect a cash prize on the day, her son, Mitimi, was also a finalist in the competition and had been assigned the number 77.

It was her son, Mitimi, who first learned of the contest and encouraged the entire family to enter. Mitimi is a big motorsports fan whose favorite driver is naturally Turori's famous World Grand Prix driver iBen Toralmintii and ironically was assigned Toralmintii's standard racing number as his number in the competition. The nervousness among the family increased as lap 77 approached and none of Team Cassadaigua's drivers were in competition for the lead. As lap 77 came and went, they Yuritzi'ayuro had officially missed out on the day though there was still plenty of race left to enjoy in Concord Heights.

While Team Cassadaigua's drivers did not deliver for Niriki or Mitimi Yuritzi'ayuro when they needed them the most in the first 90 laps, they would eventually deliver for Mitimi's younger sister at races end as having been raised in Cassadaigua the previous years, she was a big fan of Team Cassadaigua driver Jenna Logan. After a slow start to the race, Logan progressed through the field to claim her first race victory much to the delight of the youngest Yuritzi'ayuro and as a result putting a smile on the whole families even if they didn't win any cash prizes on the day.

There was still a second chance for Niriki and Mitimi Yuritzi'ayuro, however, as the second part of the Five Star Cup contest would come during Cassadaigua's opening World Cup 83 Finals match in Equestria against Chromatika. While a lap led for Stacie Houston at the Five Star Mobile 500 would be worth $27,000 in cash prizes to the contestant with that assigned number, a goal scored by the Cassadaigua National Team in that minute of their opening World Cup Match would be worth $50,000 to the fan. The Yuritzi'ayuro family watched the game from their home in Starksville and once again watched with excitement as Cassadaigua showed attacking prowess early in the game. Unfortunately for the family Cassadaigua's opening goal came in the 20th minute - three minutes too early for Niriki Yuritzi'ayuro to take home the cash prize which instead when to Meghan Tyler of Brattleboro.

Cassadaigua scored again in the 31st minute with the two goals sandwiching Niriki Yuritzi'ayuro's assigned number 23. It seemed as if the family had missed their chance with Cassadaigua leading comfortably 3-1. But then as the match seemed to be out of reach already for Chromatika, the fresh legs of Rachel Brenner created a chance for Caitlyn Mayer finished for Cassadaigua's fourth goal of the game. Mitimi Yuritzi'ayuro jumped in exhilaration but then the family realized they weren't sure what minute it was in the match. Was it the 76th minute? Was it the 77th minute? They waited nervously until the graphic appeared on the screen: MAYER 77'. As the graphic came up the whole family cheered in excitement. Shortly after they got the call from the Five Star Mobile representatives confirming they had won. In speaking about their win, Mitimi Yuritzi'ayuro who was born in Turori expressed how grateful he was to Caitlyn Mayer for being in the right place at the right time and while Yuritzi'ayuro is still rooting for the Turori National Team in the World Cup 83 finals, he certainly wouldn't mind seeing a Cassadaigua v. Turori matchup at the Royal Equestria Stadium in Canterlot.

At the end of the Five Star Mobile 500, long after the chance to win cash prizes had bypassed them, the Yuritzi'ayuro's had evolved from a lovable family cheering for each others success to the greatest of rivals. While the matriarch Niriki was just enjoying the moment, her children were rubbing elbows as their drivers fought it out for victory in Concord Heights. At days end it was double disappointment for Mitimi Yuritzi'ayuro as their favorite full time driver, Centur Tiones of Vilita and Turori Motorsports, was bested by the local driver Jenna Logan. Yuritzi'ayuro was a fan on an Island as the majority of the local fans were supporting Logan and Houston at races end while Yuritzi'ayuro cheered as Tiones got close to Logan's bumper. As for Mitimi's little sister, she has already insisted that her brother use some of the cash winnings to buy her a brand new "Race Winner" T-shirt featuring Jenna Logan and the #11 Pink Love Blaze. While the Yuritzi'ayuro's didn't end up winning any prizes as a result of Team Cassadaigua's performances in the Five Star Mobile 500 in Concord Heights, it was Yuritzi'ayuro's interest in the stock car racing series that got them enrolled to begin with so perhaps Mitimi was willing to make a small concession out of their winnings to help his little sister celebrate Logan's triumph in Cassadaigua.


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Postby Tropicorp » Wed Sep 11, 2019 8:10 am


Five Star Mobile 500, Concord Heights Motor Speedway, Concord Heights, Cassadaigua :: Team Tropicorp was well prepared to celebrate a strong finish on the tight corners of the Concord Heights Motor Speedway at the conclusion of the Five Star Mobile 500 but the source of their celebrations was perhaps a surprise all around for the team.

With Cocoabo #78 being the teams star driver throughout the season having placed inside the Top 10 at each of the circuits Short Track events thus far, Team Tropicorp were hopeful of a strong Top 5 run or perhaps even a first ever Points Paying victory for the Team at the end of the day in Concord Heights. With Cocoabo #78 rolling off the grid in 5th place the team was even more optimistic and their optimism was perhaps proven when Cocoabo #78 passed Stacie Houston and battled for the lead with last seasons Five Star Mobile 500 winner Yraaga Gilli'i early in the race.

However, as the race moved on Cocoabo #78 slipped back through the field. Anavella Ariiki, Team Tropicorp's under-performing but consistent rookie driver had been involved in an accident that would result in her first career DNF. Yet there was still hope. Cocoabo #28 was moving up. And up. And up.

When the checkered flag fell, Cocoabo #28 had moved alongside Vilita and Turori Motorsports driver Centur Tiones. Another few laps and the Cocoabo might have passed the #2 Tiones Lumber Dart to move into second place which would have been Team Tropicorp's best ever points paying result.

Still, it was the teams fifth 3rd-placed finish of the season and a massive springboard as the time presses forward for its first ever victory. With two Cocoabo on track challenging for wins some wonder if its only a matte of time before one finds its way to victory lane.

However, there is a possibility of a third Cocoabo being added to the mix before seasons end, and no it won't be in place of Team Tropicorp's rookie driver Anavella Ariiki. Cocoabo #23, Tropicorp Engineering's successful World Grand Prix 2 level driver has been invited to compete in the Rumble in the Rice Fields event which will include Open Wheel and Stock Car races. While Cocoabo #23 was never trained in Stock Car driving they are planning to accept the invitation which coincides with the NSSCRA's Shellshock Batteries 400 race weekend. Other internationstatal drivers expected to participate include a pair of World Grand Prix Championship drivers in Hapiloppers Drake Stevenson and Turorian iBen Toralmintii who has won four consecutive World Grand Prix events. While other names continue to filter through, one rumored to be Vilaye Energy Drink backed World Grand Prix 2 driver Jama'obo Pegasii, the Rice Field event will be a good litmus test for Cocoabo #23 to compete on the same level as drivers from the series above them as well as a first attempt at driving a Stock Car in a competitive event.
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Postby Hapilopper » Wed Sep 11, 2019 10:30 am

(OOC: Drake has accepted the IRACT invitation, but it took some hand-wringing from the Team Blue team owner to allow it.)

The Team Blue Center, Delano Provincial Fairgrounds Raceway, Burns, Delano, Xanneria
The day of qualifying
Drake Stevenson was reading through an invitation that had been sent to him by IRACT, the sanctioning body overseeing motorsport events in the Sherpa Empire. The invitation was for him to take part in an invitational 250-mile race at the Li River Speedway for the second open charter spot for the Guangxi Telecom 400 to be held the next week. Of course, if he were to make an attempt at the second open charter, it would mean he would forego a trip with the rest of the Team Blue crew to Hampton Island, but it would also mean he would be racing again. So, understandably, Drake was in a dilemma.

“Hey yo, Ken, you got a minute?” Drake called out to team owner Ken Henson, who was walking by Drake’s office.

“What do you need?”

“Come on in, I got to ask you something,” Drake replied. “So, I have been invited by IRACT to compete in an event the week before the rest of y’all come over for the NSSCRA race. The event is to determine the second open charter. Do you think I should compete in the race?”

“Well…” Ken started, hesitating as he thought about his response. “My first reaction is to say no, Stevenson, because we hired you to be a consultant, not a racing driver. You gotta remember something, Stevenson. When we discussed hiring you earlier in the season, you said pretty explicitly that you wouldn’t be competing as a driver. Supposedly you have a World Grand Prix Championship ride lined up, and I don’t want you to get hurt in one of these races and miss it.”


“More to the point, remember that conversation we had a year ago? You know, the one where you said you needed to do something different? I thought you were tired of racing these cars.”


Ken Henson’s Office, the Team Blue Shop, Hapilopper City
September 17, 2018 – a day after returning from a HASCAR race in West Hampton
Ken knew something was up when, during the typical post-race debriefing meeting, Drake Stevenson slipped him a note. The note read “I need to talk to you in private after the meeting.”

Aside from that, everything seemed like it was going as expected. Drake had just won another Challenge Cup race and his teammates Chet Byrd and Kip Battle had also run pretty well. All three had finished in the top ten, and things were looking up for Team Blue. But something seemed wrong with Drake.

So, after the meeting, Drake and Ken sat down for a closed-door meeting to figure out just what the problem was.

“Ken, I can’t keep doing this,” Drake explained. “You know, week in and week out, I keep doing the same god damned thing I’ve been doing for years and years. I just wonder if I could make it doing something else.”

“What do you mean?”

“You ever thought about going for a world championship?” Drake asked. “I’ve been watching the World Grand Prix Championship on television for years, and I wonder if I could have made it. You know, when I started out, I wanted to drive open-wheel champ cars. I wonder if I’ve blown my shot at international glory.”

“I don’t really know if I can answer that question with a simple answer,” Ken attempted to say. “You know, you’re a great racing driver. Probably the best we’ve got in this nation. But you’ve been running stock cars for years now. You try running an open-wheel single seater now, and you’ll be left in the dust in favor that have run those for a lot longer than you have. Plus, we’re working on something that I think you’ll like. I can’t tell you what it is now, but I can tell you that you’d like it.”

“Well, I’d like to know what it is, because I don’t want to spend my whole life driving these cars around in circles when I could have taken a golden opportunity and run the fastest cars in the world in a bid for the World Championship,” Drake said, a touch of emotion running through his voice. “No offense, Ken, but I’m tired of driving these cars, and I’m tired of doing the same thing every single week.”

“Well, can you promise to stick around for one more year? I promise you you’ll like what we’re doing next year.”

“I can’t do that, Ken,” Drake responded. “I just can’t. I don’t want to be in my 50s and some grumpy old curmudgeon like Chet and wonder what could have been. I’m sorry. I’ll see this season out, but after that, I quit.”

“Well,” Ken said softly and sadly, “I don’t have any other choice but to respect your decision. I wish you would reconsider, but you do what you got to.”

“Thank you.”

That afternoon, Team Blue put out a press release that Drake would be out at the end of the season, shocking everyone in Hapilopper. That was the first bombshell. The second bombshell came the next day when the World Grand Prix Organization announced that Drake had registered, albeit a little late, as a competitor in that year’s championship.

Three weeks later, that plan Ken Henson was working on came to fruition. Team Blue would forego the HASCAR Challenge Cup the next year to compete in the NSSCRA, the international stock car championship. In the press room that day in Pinkerton, Ken had some twinge of sadness when he made the announcement, and for two reasons.

Firstly, it would mean that Team Blue would say goodbye to a racing series they had been a part of since the 1950s, when his father started the team. Second, Drake was supposed to lead Team Blue into the NSSCRA as the team’s lead driver.

“I told him a few weeks ago that I was working on something, but I couldn’t tell him exactly, because we hadn’t signed everything yet. There were some things behind the scenes that could have wrecked this whole move if we hadn’t agreed to the terms.”

Among those things: Hapilopper Airlines would sponsor one of the cars, and their preferred driver, Frank Bronson, would join the team. In exchange, the airliner would send the team and its equipment to all of the NSSCRA events, free of charge. It also meant that Kip Battle would be out of a ride. Chris Holmes, meanwhile, an up-and-coming young driver who had run most of the previous season’s events for Team Blue, would be Drake Stevenson’s replacement. But that wasn’t what Ken had wanted to do.

The Team Blue Center, Delano Provincial Fairgrounds Raceway, Burns, Delano, Xanneria
The Present Day
“You see, Stevenson, the original plan was, you would drive the 81. Chet in the 73. Frank in the 37. Holmes would drive one of our cars full-time in HASCAR this year. But you said you didn’t want to do this anymore, so we let you go. So now you’re telling me that you want to drive stock cars again!”

“Look, Ken, things change. I mean…”

“Oh, things change, huh?”
Drake didn’t understand why, but Ken was seething with rage. He was incensed that, after a year of having been told that Drake no longer wanted to drive stock cars around in circles anymore, here was Drake, asking if he could take some of the Team Blue crew and compete for an open charter spot in the Sherpa Empire when the rest of Team Blue were racing in Hampton Island.

“You know something, Stevenson, I really haven’t wanted to field a car for you after what you said last year. I felt disrespected. After I asked you to give me a chance. Just give me a chance, I was asking you to do me a favor. I’ve done a hell of a lot of favors for you in the past. The one time I ask you to do something for me, you turned your back on me. And now you want to come back and say ‘Oh, please, Ken, give me a car to drive.’ No. That’s not happening.”

“So, I’m not going to the Sherp-”

“YOU’RE NOT GOING TO THE GOD DAMNED SHERPA EMPIRE!” Ken roared. The whole Team Blue Center could hear it. It was a good thing Kai Qiang hadn’t barged into the TBC on this occasion. “You know, this whole deal might have been a lot better off if you hadn’t left us like you did. Chris Holmes wasn’t ready to go other places. You’ve seen that all season. You saw that with the golf clubs…”

“Sir, the golf clubs was Frank Bronson’s idea,” Drake interrupted. “Those golf clubs were thrown inside Chris’s car and he had no idea. Remember him getting sick?”

“I’m sorry, the golf cart,” Ken continued. “He wants to play ‘Jackass’ with a golf cart, that’s fine, let him do that in his own time, but then he takes some lizard and stuffs it in someone else’s car? None of that would have happened if we had someone that wasn’t a FUCKING MANCHILD driving that car. That’s why we were going to have him run in HASCAR this year. He would have replaced Chet after he was done this year. Maybe if he grew up. But you had to run off on us.”

“Ken, what is the frequency here?” Drake asked. “Why in the hell are you going off on me? Why is the idea of me driving so offensive to you?”

“Because you said you were done, you left us in a lurch and now you’re coming back once the going’s good,” Ken said. “You were hired to be a consultant as a last-ditch effort to try to improve our run here.”

Ken stood up, grabbed a baseball that was situated on Drake’s desk and hurled it about as hard as he could, blasting a hole right through a wall the office.

“AND YOU SPECIFICALLY SAID YOU COULDN’T DRIVE AND YOU WOULDN’T DRIVE BECAUSE YOU WERE FOCUSED ON SOME WORLD GRAND PRIX CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM!” Ken shouted. “Now tell me something, Stevenson, did you lie to me about that or were you looking for some excuse to not drive for us? Because we would have gone back to the original plan if we knew we could have.”

“No! I didn’t lie to you!” Drake shot back, offended at having been called a liar. “Why the fuck do you think I lied to you?”

“Well, you’ve been in the shop more times than not,” Ken responded. “You’ve been in Hapilopper more times than not, and you’ve come back with us, not one time, not twice, but EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. There is no WGPC team, is there? You’re a liar, Stevenson. I thought you were better than that. You’re a liar.”

“I didn’t ask you to come in here to call me a liar,” Drake snapped, before opening the door to see virtually all of Team Blue crowded around the door of his office. “The fuck are you guys looking at?”

“Everything OK?” Chet sheepishly asked.

“Just peachy, Chet, just fucking peachy!” Drake sarcastically replied.

“Ken, the only reason I asked you to come in was to ask you if I could take an away team to the Sherpa Empire to run in that invitational race. You know, the one IRACT invited us to? So tell me, yes or no?”

Ken folded his arms, sat back in his chair, turned away and shook his head. Then he looked back at Drake and the crowd that had grown around the office.

“I think you should let him,” Chet started. It was obvious he had heard most of the conversation through the paper-thin temporary walls in the Team Blue Center. “You know, without this guy, our morale would have gone in the toilet, and I doubt we’d have a guy going for the championship right now. You can call him a manchild if you want, Henson, but as far as I’m concerned, he’s done a hell of a lot more than you’ve given him credit for. And you should be grateful Stevenson said yes to coming back.”

“Look, Chet, I don’t need you to fight my battles,” Drake quietly said.

“This is our battle,” Chet responded to his teammate. “You know something? Drake gave us guidance from the moment he joined us as a consultant. You know, yeah, he left us last year, but he did so, so he could try to fulfill a lifelong dream. I remember those nights at Andrew’s Pub where Drake would tell me he wondered if he could have ever been a world champion. So it DIDN’T go according to your plan! So what?! He came back to help us!”

Ken looked at Chet like he wanted to shoot him. It was obvious Ken didn’t want to hear this from his senior driver.

“Drake has done more for this team than anyone else,” Chet said. “And for you to go after him like that? And to call him a liar? Are you shitting me? He’s a lot of things, but he’s not a liar. I had to pick something up at his apartment the other day and he was actually talking to that WGPC team. It exists. So I tell you this, Henson. You let him race at the Sherpa Empire in that open charter race, or I quit and I name Drake as my replacement in the 73 car.”

That was it. Ken jumped out of the seat and wanted to fight Chet.

“Who the FUCK do you think you are to tell me what to do?” Ken said. “I’m your boss. You don’t dictate policy to me.”

“Fine. You say no to Drake and you lose half the team,” Chet snapped. “Holmes is sitting in the lounge out front crying his eyes out because of what you said about him. Oh yeah, he heard it. Don’t try to deny it. These walls don’t block a lot of sound. Marty Lewis is out there trying to console him, and he’s pissed too. You say no to Drake and you just keep acting like this and Holmes is gone – that’s a championship contender, by the way – and we might lose Preston Autos, too. So tell me, Henson, what’s it going to be?”

Ken looked around to see a number of individuals staring him down. Drake Stevenson. Chet Byrd. John and Lawrence Malloy. Frank Bronson. A variety of crew members. All of them looked incredibly pissed off at their boss. The only sounds anyone could hear in the TBC was the bawling of Chris Holmes, who had thought he had the endorsement from his boss, only to hear him scream that he was nothing more than a mere manchild who was not ready for prime time.

“Fine, you can race in the Sherpa Empire next weekend in that damn invitational,” Ken said. “But you understand, you’re responsible for getting the crew, you’re responsible for the equipment, and you’re responsible for the travel costs. I’m not covering a damn thing.”

“Fine, Henson, I’ll cover it all,” Drake snapped. “Now get out of my office and apologize to Holmes, or I’ll make you apologize.”

Ken turned around to see Drake giving him a look that would have caused a nuclear holocaust if looks could indeed kill. Saying anything further was futile.
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Postby Cassadaigua » Wed Sep 11, 2019 4:23 pm

Logan Wins, Sharpe Loses,
by Chelsea Dufresne, Concord Heights Times

For the first time this season, Jenna Logan piloted the #11 Pink Love Blaze into victory lane, coming at a race track she is most familiar with, the Concord Heights Motor Speedway. Throughout NSSCRA, drivers would love to pick up wins in front of their home fans, and one of the best part about this series is how other drivers adapt to race tracks so quickly that make them just as good as the hometown drivers. In some cases, they become better then the hometown drivers. In Cassadaigua this year, both races have been won by Cassadagans, and finally Jenna Logan gets the win. She seemed to start out the season very well, but as the year went on, she began to slowly lose contact with those at the top of the point standings. Race after race, others were just a little better. Other national medias probably do see Jenna as our #3 driver, behind reigning series champion Stacie Houston, and the overall consistency of Meghan Sharpe.

After the race, Logan told reporters, “I have to thank everyone that gives me a great car, and to Pink Love for their gracious support of my effort. Without them, I don’t know where I would be. Thank you to Five Star Mobile, too, for sponsoring this great race here at Concord Heights and for all they have done for the sport.” Alright, so once we get past the sponsor plugs, we Logan went on to talk about the race to us, “It is great to win a race at this level again, and to do it right here makes it extra special. Everyone wants to win at their home track, and now I can say that I have. With Meghan winning earlier in Grande Mountain, I am really proud of how us as a team defended our home track.” When asked about being a Chase spoiler, she replied, “I just want to win races. The eleven team is still going out there and trying to win. I do not really think about being a Chase spoiler. I guess that ends up happening when you win a race like this as a non-Chaser, but I do wish that I had been in the Chase to begin with. It was a hard field to make. For me, the goal is to finish 17th. I know there is nothing cool about that spot, really, but it is for the best non-Chaser. It’s something to race for, so why not.” Logan has a 45 point cushion over 18th-place Cocoabo #78, and it’s 55 more points back to 19th, which is the other Cocoabo, #28.

While Jenna Logan celebrates, Meghan Sharpe came up very short. Meghan finishes in 13th, one point behind a tie for 11th between Kai Qiang and Thea Alvarez. A 22nd place finish in this race will leave her quite frustrated, especially after Alvarez was 11th, and Qiang 14th. “We let down Spacebook today,” Sharpe said, “This is not a track we should be finishing so poorly at. What gets me is that there is not really one thing we can point to as the reason for this. That then comes back on the driver. For as good as we are, now it’s only Stacie who has a chance to win the title for Cassadaigua.” Meghan had a disappointed look on her face as she said that, so while we imagine she will still root for Stacie in the long run, at this moment it did not seem like she was ready to become one of her bigger cheerleaders.

Speaking of Stacie Houston, she started on the pole, and led eight laps, before bowing out of the lead. She would continue to run in the top five or ten pretty much all day and finished fifth. After the race, she told us, “I wish I could have led more laps today, but I was not going to fight the 41 needlessly in the early moments. It could have got more awards for fans in the Five Star Cup, and I am so grateful that I have a sponsor like Five Star Mobile that is so eager to give to the fans like this, and not only sponsoring my ride and sponsoring this race. I am proud of Jenna. She battles just as hard as anyone else out there, and has had a better season then it shows in the points. I wish she would have made the Chase, but this race will mean a lot to her. I am sad to see that Meghan will not advance, though.”

The series now shifts to Xanneria for the Amazing Delano 420 from the Delono Fairgrounds Raceway. I didn’t make a typo, they are spelled differently! By the way, I have heard that Tyler Abbott has accepted an invitation to race in a 250-mile race in The Sherpa Empire over the same weekend as the Shellshock Batteries 400. Abbott was not expected to make the trip to Hampton Island, so this will be a great chance for him.

(End Concord Heights Times Article)

Stacie Houston was signing autographs for many fans as she always tries to do before any race. If a track is willing to have other drivers have these sessions, Houston always will make some sort of appearance. When she won her first national series championship within Cassadaigua, she was told right then that being a champion means so much more then what you do on the track, but you also become the most visible figure off the track. With that comes responsibility, and Stacie has always tried to do that.

She was a little surprised at this session to see the three drivers from Valentine Z coming to her and wanting to get their picture taken with her. Stacie had not really had much in the way of interactions with them up to this point, and felt that they were simply shy to approach her. On the track, everything was cordial and friendly, and Stacie had plenty of respect for their ability. She saw them approaching her as the line moved along, and was actually wondering why no one else was asking for their autographs along the way. Houston posed for the pictures, and wrote a personalized note that was given to Jolyn Helen Ceeta, “You can always approach me at any time. You can call me whenever you want (includes phone number). Keep driving like you do, and you can become a champion too.” Stacie also asked for a copy of the photos, because she wanted to “see herself with great drivers, too”.
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Postby Saint Kanye » Wed Sep 11, 2019 5:54 pm


GFR unveils new scheme for West; SKYNET has big plans for Kardashia race

by Francis Ludgate


Philip West's #01 ride. Image taken from GFR's Twii.tur (@GFRMotorsports)

BURNS - Thea Alvarez, driver of the #46 Chadwick for St. Kanye's Glorious Free Republic Motorsports in the NSSCRA (Nationstates Stock Car Racing Association), is in high spirits today after earning the pole for the Amazing Delano 420 here in Xanneria. It is the young driver's third pole of the eighth NSSCRA season, following the ones at the Tundra Falls 500 in Newmanistan and the Valkyrie Run 500 in Valentine Z. She told the Kibitzer, "I hope this good position leads me to a good finish. I'd much rather have that than those lackluster finishes in the previous round [of the Chase]. That was a total nail-biter, how I still got in. I hope I get myself in a comfortable position to advance." Alvarez barely made it to the round of twelve; she and Sherpalander Kai Qiang (#44) were just a point ahead of Cassadagan Meghan Sharpe (#4).

Jeremiah Brooke was the next fastest Yeezie, putting his #18 ride in fifth. Brooke had the most points of any Chaser in the previous round, gaining a win at the Atlas 799K in Esmerel and following it up with two top tens. After him, it was Skip Stiller (#3) in mid-pack at twenty-sixth, just three spots ahead of R&D driver Sage Caldwell (#19), who requested one of the open charters, hoping to follow up on his performance at the Five Star 500 in Cassadaigua where he came in sixth and ahead of his full-time teammates.

Back in St. Kanye, GFR showed off the paint scheme that will be used by Philip West later in the season. The factory-sponsored Chadwick, numbered #01 after West's old #19 has now been occupied by Sage, is painted in shades of gray and silver, prompting netizens to give the car a nickname: the "Silver Missile". West will run this car both in the qualifiers for the Guangxi Telecom 400 at the Sherpa Empire, as well as the Kardashia Chadwick Dealers 400 in the Kanyean capital.

Regarding the latter race, the first ever to be held in the newly-opened Kardashia Autoring, Saint Kanye Network (SKYNET) has made a proposal to the handlers of Wagensvolk's A7DXZ5 self-driving car. Since A7DXZ5, due to Kanyean laws against autonomous vehicles, will not be allowed to run unless occupied by a person, SKYNET proposes to have one of their reporters, wearing full racing gear, hop inside A7DXZ5 with mounted cameras and report and stream the race in real time. "This will revolutionize race coverage", said Gregor Quill, SKYNET's president for sports. "The reporter will be able to play the role of an actual driver on track without actually driving. He or she will be able to tell the story of the race as it unfolds instead of staying at a studio or trackside. Also, it's better than having a human inside A7DXZ5 do nothing for hours, or a dummy. I would say it's a win-win for all parties involved." SKYNET is still awaiting for a reply from the Wagensvolk camp, who will be paid generously for their cooperation. (OOC: TLDR: SKYNET wants the race to be streamed live by having a reporter inside A7DXZ5.)

All qualifying sessions and races will be broadcast live on SKYNET (Saint KanYe NETwork) Sports Channel 12, and online at nsscra.skynet.stk.
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Postby Newmanistan » Wed Sep 11, 2019 6:00 pm

Race: Amazing Delano 420 presented by Knox Motor Company, Delono Provincial Fairgrounds Raceway, Burns, Delano, Xanneria
Track Record: 19.520 sec.
Minimum Time to Avoid DNF: 22.100 sec.

Segment 1:
1 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua)                    19.805
2 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 19.818
3 #79 - Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) 19.855
4 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori) 19.856
5 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 19.865
6 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 19.873
7 #48 - Rockii Ezis (Newmanistan) 19.899
8 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 19.913
9 #28- Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) 19.916
10 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 19.952
11 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori) 19.988
12 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 20.034
13 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 20.037
14 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 20.040
15 #73 - Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) 20.093
16 #23 - James McCurty (Hampton Island) 20.097
17 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 20.103
18 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 20.145
19 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 20.170
20 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 20.183
21 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 20.222
22 #19 - Sage Caldwell (Saint Kanye) 20.266
23 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 20.296
24 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) *Q* 20.361
25 #34 - Nathan Schuster (Hampton Island) 20.362
26 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 20.363
27 #31 - Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) 20.382
28 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 20.394
29 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 20.457
30 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 20.472
31 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) 20.686
32 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 20.722
33 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 20.794
34 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) 20.829
35 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 20.845
36 #69 - Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) 20.900
37 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori) 20.982
38 #21 - Paul Nystrom (New Northwesteros) *Q* 21.020
39 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 21.095
40 #55 - A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) *Q* 21.129
41 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 21.360
42 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 21.372
43 #75 - Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 21.603
44 #32 - Andrew Holden (Lisander) 21.664
45 #33 - Tyler Joy (Caleonia) *Q* 21.809
46 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 22.011

Segment 2:
1 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye)                       19.800
2 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 19.839
3 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 19.870
4 #31 - Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) 19.871
5 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 19.897
6 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 19.931
7 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 19.940
8 #79 - Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) 19.951
9 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 19.981
10 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 20.001
11 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori) 20.004
12 #28- Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) 20.037
13 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 20.047
14 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 20.052
15 #48 - Rockii Ezis (Newmanistan) 20.056
16 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 20.068
17 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 20.093
18 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori) 20.112
19 #73 - Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) 20.180
20 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 20.204
21 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 20.229
22 #34 - Nathan Schuster (Hampton Island) 20.241
23 #69 - Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) 20.259
24 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 20.266
25 #23 - James McCurty (Hampton Island) 20.291
26 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 20.334
27 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 20.367
28 #19 - Sage Caldwell (Saint Kanye) 20.399
29 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) 20.456
30 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 20.486
31 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 20.532
32 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) 20.629
33 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 20.707
34 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 20.735
35 #55 - A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) *Q* 21.079
36 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 21.090
37 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) *Q* 21.203
38 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 21.232
39 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 21.298
40 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori) 21.379
41 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 21.462
42 #21 - Paul Nystrom (New Northwesteros) *Q* 21.592
43 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 21.595
44 #33 - Tyler Joy (Caleonia) *Q* 21.844
45 #32 - Andrew Holden (Lisander) 21.848
46 #75 - Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 22.203 DNF

Segment 3:
1 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire)                   19.790
2 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 19.814
3 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 19.843
4 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 19.862
5 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 19.865
6 #73 - Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) 19.899
7 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori) 19.962
8 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 19.986
9 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 20.051
10 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 20.058
11 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 20.075
12 #23 - James McCurty (Hampton Island) 20.076
13 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 20.078
14 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 20.080
15 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 20.082
16 #19 - Sage Caldwell (Saint Kanye) 20.176
17 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 20.177
18 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 20.180
19 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 20.207
20 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori) 20.210
21 #69 - Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) 20.256
22 #34 - Nathan Schuster (Hampton Island) 20.395
23 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 20.454
24 #79 - Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) 20.571
25 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 20.592
26 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 20.672
27 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) 20.683
28 #28- Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) 20.708
29 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 20.778
30 #48 - Rockii Ezis (Newmanistan) 20.779
31 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) *Q* 20.827
32 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 20.920
33 #21 - Paul Nystrom (New Northwesteros) *Q* 21.014
34 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori) 21.151
35 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 21.172
36 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 21.230
37 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 21.262
38 #31 - Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) 21.335
39 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) 21.371
40 #55 - A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) *Q* 21.414
41 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 21.426
42 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 21.533
43 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 21.770
44 #32 - Andrew Holden (Lisander) 21.930
45 #33 - Tyler Joy (Caleonia) *Q* 21.960

Segment 4:
1 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori)              19.781
2 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori) 19.831
3 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 19.846
4 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 19.856
5 #79 - Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) 19.856
6 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori) 19.881
7 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 19.882
8 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 19.893
9 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 19.899
10 #31 - Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) 19.942
11 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 19.944
12 #19 - Sage Caldwell (Saint Kanye) 19.944
13 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 19.952
14 #48 - Rockii Ezis (Newmanistan) 19.963
15 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 19.994
16 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 20.005
17 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 20.076
18 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 20.098
19 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 20.128
20 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 20.137
21 #73 - Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) 20.162
22 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 20.205
23 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 20.262
24 #23 - James McCurty (Hampton Island) 20.264
25 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 20.283
26 #28- Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) 20.389
27 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 20.396
28 #34 - Nathan Schuster (Hampton Island) 20.506
29 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) 20.544
30 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) *Q* 20.578
31 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 20.730
32 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 20.765
33 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 20.773
34 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) 20.862
35 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 20.912
36 #69 - Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) 20.914
37 #55 - A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) *Q* 21.302
38 #21 - Paul Nystrom (New Northwesteros) *Q* 21.303
39 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 21.383
40 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 21.471
41 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 21.670
42 #32 - Andrew Holden (Lisander) 21.710
43 #33 - Tyler Joy (Caleonia) *Q* 21.872
44 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 22.185 DNF
45 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 22.389 DNF

Segment 5:
1 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye)                   19.809
2 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 19.814
3 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori) 19.888
4 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 19.917
5 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 19.926
6 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 19.948
7 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 19.977
8 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 19.997
9 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori) 19.998
10 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 20.003
11 #48 - Rockii Ezis (Newmanistan) 20.021
12 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 20.030
13 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 20.047
14 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori) 20.064
15 #19 - Sage Caldwell (Saint Kanye) 20.074
16 #28- Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) 20.086
17 #31 - Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) 20.107
18 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 20.111
19 #69 - Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) 20.263
20 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 20.276
21 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 20.338
22 #23 - James McCurty (Hampton Island) 20.348
23 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 20.361
24 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 20.423
25 #34 - Nathan Schuster (Hampton Island) 20.573
26 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 20.583
27 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) *Q* 20.608
28 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 20.609
29 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 20.682
30 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 20.723
31 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) 20.751
32 #79 - Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) 20.755
33 #55 - A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) *Q* 20.844
34 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) 20.868
35 #21 - Paul Nystrom (New Northwesteros) *Q* 21.069
36 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 21.320
37 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 21.471
38 #73 - Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) 21.490
39 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 21.511
40 #32 - Andrew Holden (Lisander) 21.645
41 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 21.650
42 #33 - Tyler Joy (Caleonia) *Q* 22.007
43 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 22.371 DNF

Final Results:
| Pos | Driver | Avg. |
| 1 | #37 Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) | 19.941 | WINNER
| 2 | #44 Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) | 19.965 |
| 3 | #18 Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) | 19.995 |
| 4 | #3 Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) | 19.998 |
| 5 | #27 Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) | 20.006 |
| 6 | #46 Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) | 20.010 |
| 7 | #4 Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) | 20.026 |
| 8 | #41 Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita & Turori) | 20.031 |
| 9 | #15 Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) | 20.078 |
| 10 | #5 Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) | 20.083 |
| 11 | #48 Rockii Ezis (Newmanistan) | 20.144 |
| 12 | #14 River 'Shark' Suzgar II (Vilita & Turori) | 20.155 |
| 13 | #78 Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) | 20.164 |
| 14 | #19 Sage Caldwell (Saint Kanye) | 20.172 |
| 15 | #11 Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) | 20.188 |
| 16 | #79 Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) | 20.198 |
| 17 | #06 Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) | 20.199 |
| 18 | #23 James McCurty (Hampton Island) | 20.215 |
| 19 | #28 Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) | 20.227 |
| 20 | #81 Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) | 20.252 |
| 21 | #13 Oberst Eva Kerman (Jebslund) | 20.269 |
| 22 | #30 Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) | 20.309 |
| 23 | #31 Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) | 20.327 |
| 24 | #73 Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) | 20.365 |
| 25 | #34 Nathan Schuster (Hampton Island) | 20.415 |
| 26 | #2 Centur Tiones (Vilita & Turori) | 20.431 |
| 27 | #24 Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) | 20.442 |
| 28 | #6 Alex Knight (Hampton Island) | 20.490 |
| 29 | #69 Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) | 20.518 |
| 30 | #88 Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) | 20.562 |
| 31 | #84 Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) | 20.647 |
| 32 | #22 Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) | 20.655 |
| 33 | #83 Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) | 20.715 |
| 34 | #12 Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) | 20.739 |
| 35 | #16 Gordon Orton (Xanneria) | 20.888 |
| 36 | #55 A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) | 21.154 |
| 37 | #21 Paul Nystrom (New Northwesteros) | 21.200 |
| 38 | #25 Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) | 21.318 |
| 39 | #9 Lício Granado (Lisander) | 21.498 |
| 40 | #50 Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) | 21.502 |
| 41 | #32 Andrew Holden (Lisander) | 21.759 |
| 42 | #33 Tyler Joy (Caleonia) | 21.898 |
| 43 | #10 Eddie Walters Jr (Xanneria) | DNF |
| 44 | #7 Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) | DNF |
| 45 | #82 David Rockingham (Esmerel) | DNF |
| 46 | #75 Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) | DNF |

Point Standings:
| Pos | Driver | Points |
| 1 | #44 Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire)* | 3045 |
| 2 | #18 Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye)** | 3044 |
| 3 | #3 Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye)** | 3043 |
| 4 | #46 Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye)** | 3042 |
| 5 | #27 Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua)** | 3042 |
| 6 | #41 Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita & Turori)*** | 3039 |
| 7 | #15 Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z)* | 3038 |
| 8 | #14 River 'Shark' Suzgar II (Vilita & Turori)* | 3035 |
| 9 | #06 Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire)* | 3030 |
| 10 | #81 Chris Holmes (Hapilopper)* | 3027 |
| 11 | #13 Oberst Eva Kerman (Jebslund)** | 3026 |
| 12 | #2 Centur Tiones (Vilita & Turori)* | 3021 |
| 13 | #4 Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua)* | 2130 |
| 14 | #79 Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire)* | 2108 |
| 15 | #30 Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) | 2104 |
| 16 | #7 Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z)* | 2077 |
| 17 | #11 Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua)* | 752 |
| 18 | #78 Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) | 709 |
| 19 | #28 Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) | 648 |
| 20 | #37 Frank Bronson (Hapilopper)* | 646 |
| 21 | #5 Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) | 634 |
| 22 | #12 Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) | 620 |
| 23 | #73 Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) | 618 |
| 24 | #31 Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) | 618 |
| 25 | #6 Alex Knight (Hampton Island) | 534 |
| 26 | #88 Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) | 512 |
| 27 | #22 Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) | 498 |
| 28 | #69 Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) | 483 |
| 29 | #10 Eddie Walters Jr (Xanneria) | 472 |
| 30 | #23 James McCurty (Hampton Island) | 458 |
| 31 | #48 Rockii Ezis (Newmanistan) | 421 |
| 32 | #24 Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) | 419 |
| 33 | #16 Gordon Orton (Xanneria) | 394 |
| 34 | #84 Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) | 392 |
| 35 | #82 David Rockingham (Esmerel) | 389 |
| 36 | #25 Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) | 317 |
| 37 | #75 Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) | 254 |
| 38 | #50 Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) | 247 |
| 39 | #9 Lício Granado (Lisander) | 229 |
| 40 | #83 Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) | 209 |
| 41 | #32 Andrew Holden (Lisander) | 188 |
| 42 | #55 A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) | 180 |
| 43 | #19 Sage Caldwell (Saint Kanye) | 164 |
| 44 | #21 Paul Nystrom (New Northwesteros) | 147 |
| 45 | #99 Liuyong Xu (New Northwesteros) | 117 |
| 46 | #86 Bluetarch The 5th (Newark Aristocracy) | 85 |
| 47 | #67 Denny Truex Lenlin (Sedile) | 80 |
| 48 | #17 Tyler Abbott (Cassadaigua) | 80 |
| 49 | #02 Kohan The 10th (Newark Aristocracy) | 76 |
| 50 | #0 Hana Bhe (Filindostan) | 74 |
| 51 | #49 Lotara Novorali (Vilita & Turori) | 71 |
| 52 | #03 Mike Reddiër (Caleonia) | 61 |
| 53 | #1 Vanda Rosa Cordeiro Kerman (Jebslund) | 56 |
| 54 | #89 Liangmei Li (The Sherpa Empire) | 43 |
| 55 | #94 Daniel Almirola (Sedile) | 34 |
| 56 | #48 Travis Barkley (Newmanistan) | 31 |
| 57 | #63 Marcus Alan Ariel Baptiste (Valentine Z) | 30 |
| 58 | #00 Ilham Lukas Jenie (Filindostan) | 30 |
| 59 | #29 Frank Joy (Caleonia) | 28 |
| 60 | #93 Robbie Moren (Xanneria) | 25 |
| 61 | #05 Tucker Capps (Western Carolina Union) | 25 |
| 62 | #71 Drake Stevenson (Hapilopper) | 24 |
| 63 | #34 Nathan Schuster (Hampton Island) | 22 |
| 64 | #98 Jixaka Motoai (Tropicorp) | 16 |
| 65 | #42 Euroli Islander (Vilita & Turori) | 14 |
| 66 | #85 Elio Aaron (Esmerel) | 14 |
| 67 | #77 iBen Toralmintii (Vilita & Turori) | 13 |
| 68 | #33 Tyler Joy (Caleonia) | 13 |
| 69 | #80 Franklin Egar (Filindostan) | 11 |
| 70 | #26 Mor Holstein (Lisander) | 9 |
| 71 | #08 Jeff Shreeves (Western Carolina Union) | 7 |
| 72 | #34 Freddie Nielson (Hampton Island) | 6 |
| 73 | #09 Tsering Chu (The Sherpa Empire) | 4 |
| 74 | #59 Ashley Matthews (Newmanistan) | 4 |

Next Race: Race 25 (Sept 14/15)- Shellshock Batteries 400, Marquette Raceway, Hampton Island (Speedway)
Note: I could be a little late in the cutoff on the 15th.

Also: Ashley Matthews has accepted the invitation from IRACT to run in the stock car race, using her #59
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Postby Hapilopper » Wed Sep 11, 2019 8:42 pm

Victory Lane, Delono Provincial Fairgrounds Raceway, Burns, Delano, Xanneria
Right after the race
Frank Bronson had just paraded around the .596 mile high-banked oval waving the checkered flag. For the first time in a few years, he had actually won a race, and he had won one by holding off some of the multiverse’s best stock car drivers. Any question about his on-track abilities had been silenced, and Frank had shown he could win on one of the toughest tracks in the series. The fans in Hapilopper, watching back home, were massively excited. Frank was always one of the fan favorites, and any time he could run well, the fans loved it.

But, while everything seemed great on the surface, there were problems bubbling within Team Blue, and an educated observer could notice a few problems just watching the race, and the post-race aftermath on television. It was clear that things were not entirely right, even if the media, or anyone not connected with the team, had not picked up on the inter-team strife that had built in a huge way that weekend. There were some hints.

1.) Ken Henson did not look entirely pleased in victory lane and kept his distance from some individuals, most notably Drake Stevenson.
Typically, when a Team Blue driver won a race, Ken, the team owner, was about as delighted as could be. He wore his heart on his sleeve at times, and he wouldn’t mind looking overjoyed if one of his drivers had won. For instance, at the Kermania Fortress Run earlier this year, when Chris Holmes pulled off the victory, Ken threw his hat into the air and rushed to embrace his young driver.

On this day, however, Ken gave off the impression that something had happened behind the scenes, even if nobody knew about it or was talking about it. To a man, everyone at the team had given off the impression that all was well. To the media, the fans, fellow drivers and teams, Team Blue had kept up the appearance of a well-oiled machine, trying to prevent any appearance that things were going wrong out there. But that all changed when, uncharacteristically, Ken Henson stood near the back of the car in victory lane, and when the Hapilopper Television Network’s Darius Buford tried to reach in for a comment, Ken declined.

To viewers at home, that was the first sign that something was going wrong.

2.) Chris Holmes’ heart wasn’t in it, and when he climbed out of his car post-race, he made it a point to beat everyone to the airport.
It wasn’t publicly known at the time, but Chris Holmes had been hurt very deeply by Ken the day before, when in a meeting between Ken and team consultant Drake Stevenson, the team owner very loudly called Chris, a 24-year old up-and-coming star, a “manchild.” Yeah, it was true, Chris could stand to grow up a little bit, and he still exhibited an art for the mischievous that was typically reserved for high school students. But the way Ken said it cut deeply on an emotional level.

After the meeting let out, Ken attempted to apologize to Chris for what he had said, but it was clear that his apology wasn’t as sincere as it should have been, and Chris knew it. He had done some dumb things this season, and he had possibly embarrassed Team Blue and Hapilopper on the world’s stage, but he could have done a whole lot worse. At the end of the day, Chris was just a happy-go-lucky idiot. His worst offense was putting an iguana inside another driver’s car because he thought it would be funny. He didn’t go around inciting riots or starting wars. He thought the idea of both of those things made his skin crawl, anyway.

While he had run well for most of the race, it was clear he didn’t want to be there. He had heard his boss trash him behind closed doors, when he had thought that same person had given him a vote of confidence. Now he was thinking about quitting entirely. It just didn’t seem like it was worth it to drive for someone who would rather not have him around, it seemed.

3.) Frank Bronson never mentioned Ken Henson once in his post-race interviews.
Frank had been standing outside Drake’s office the day before, listening to the team owner try to shout down the team consultant and talk about how he had been a liar, how he had messed the team up, and how he had a lot of nerve to come back after saying he was done with stock cars. To say the least, those comments offended Frank, as he felt he had benefitted a great deal from Drake, who came back for the sole purpose of helping out the team.

Typically, Frank would mention Ken, and how he would have whipped the team into shape the week before the race, which was true. Ken’s leadership would help ready the team to kick some ass for race weekend. On this day, however, Frank never mentioned him. When pressed by reporters (specifically Darius Buford), Frank declined to comment, or at least, offered a curt “yeah, he helped too.”

All things considered too, Team Blue typically was a raucous bunch of madmen right after a victory. On the Team Blue Shuttle on the way back from Xanneria, however, everyone was quiet. Nobody said a thing. Ken knew things were wrong, especially when he saw different people look at him, give him a look and then look the other way. Word had gotten out to the rest of the crew about what had happened, but were kindly asked to please keep it to themselves until they got back to Hapilopper so as to not create any rumors among those within the NSSCRA paddock or within the NSSCRA traveling media, who would inevitably have a field day with the story.

Unfortunately, you tell 170 people something, and at least one or two people will spill the beans. A couple of crew members, on condition of anonymity, told reporters from Hapilopper and elsewhere that an ugly incident had occurred the day before in the Team Blue Center, and it had surrounded Drake Stevenson’s request to compete for the second open charter spot the next weekend in the Sherpa Empire. Worse, those crew members told reporters everything. The baseball thrown through the wall. Chris Holmes called a manchild and Marty Lewis of Preston Autos consoling him. Drake Stevenson called a liar. Drake threatening Ken Henson. Chet Byrd threatening a mass walkout of the team. Ken’s half-hearted apology to Chris and Chris’s response, which a crewmember said “consisted of the phrase ‘up yours’ and a middle finger.”

The next day would not be pretty in the Team Blue shop. In fact, things were bound to get really ugly that next day.

The Team Blue Shop, Hapilopper City
The next day
Typically, the post-race debrief meeting in the Team Blue shop was a joyous occasion if a driver had won. The driver would bring in the trophy and deliver some over-dramatic, over-the-top speech about how they had moved heaven and earth to deliver a victory for Team Blue. On this day, however, the feeling of fun and games was completely absent.

The front page of the Hapilopper City Herald contained a 1200-word article headlined “TEAM BLUE IN TURMOIL,” and featured a very accurate, blow-by-blow account of what had happened two days before in Drake’s office. The story, which appeared above the fold, had already led to some chaos that morning on social media. Fans in Hapilopper and elsewhere took to twii.tur and demanded an explanation from the team, from Drake and from Team Blue. The only response before the meeting had come from Drake, and it did nothing to pacify fans. In fact, it only made the situation worse.

“It’s true,” Drake wrote on twii.tur. “All of it. We’ll be addressing it in a meeting very shortly.”

Ken held up the newspaper for everyone to see. The three drivers, their crew chiefs, Drake, the typical attendees of the post-race meeting, looked up at the paper. It was obvious that Ken wanted someone fired for this leaking.

“Anyone in here want to tell me who’s responsible for this?” Ken asked. “I’m pretty sure someone in here leaked this to the media, and I want an explanation! Stevenson, was it you?”

“God damn it, Ken, why are you pointing the finger at me?” Drake asked angrily. “I hardly have time to talk to reporters at the track these days, let alone away from the track. When I’m here, either I’m here in the shop, I’m talking to those with the Grand Prix team or I’m hanging out with friends. I’m not going to sit here and take this from you. Screw you.”

Drake stormed out of the meeting room, slammed the door and made a beeline for his office. He had been in a bad mood all weekend, and this false accusation did nothing to help him out.

“Well, it was someone in here, I know it,” Ken said. “Tell me, Holmes, you leak it? You’ve been pissed at me for two days. How about you, Chet? What about you, Frank? Anyone in here want to say anything?”

The six men on the other side of the room – three drivers and three crew chiefs – stared Ken down. All six men were in a foul mood, and this did nothing to help matters.

“Henson, listen to me and listen to me good,” Chet started. His voice was very quiet, cold and methodical, but it wouldn’t stay that way. “Nobody in here leaked anything. Nobody said a god damn thing to the press about that meeting. But even if they did, you want to tell me why you said what you said?”

“Because I’m tired of being taken advantage of,” Ken replied. “Drake turned his back on us and he came coming back to us when he fell flat on his face. He left us when we needed him the most. You think I should just act as if nothing happened?”

“The problem here,” Chet started again, his voice starting to rise, “is not Drake Stevenson. The problem here is the fact that he asked you a simple request and you shouted him down. You acted as if he turned his back on us, and really, quite frankly, he DIDN’T. None of us had any idea we were running NSSCRA this year. Drake sure in the hell didn’t. If he knew, maybe he would have stayed. But it DOES NOT WARRANT YOU SHOUTING HIM DOWN, CALLING HIM A LIAR AND CALLING CHRIS HOLMES A FUCKING MANCHILD!”

That was it. Chet rose out of his chair and walked towards Ken, who stood up. The two were nose to nose, and it looked like things were going to get out of hand. Exactly what was shouted next wasn’t entirely discernable to the human ear, primarily as the two screamed over each other.

However, Chet told Ken that he had worked for him since 1986 and he couldn’t believe this was the same team owner treating people like crap, and he’d rather go home and drink whiskey by his pool all weekend than have to deal with this. Ken, on the other hand, told Chet that things were getting out of hand, behaviorally, and that he was not going to have three drivers acting like they were on some comedy show. To Ken, Team Blue was becoming a national embarrassment, regardless of how good they were doing on track, and he needed to put his foot down.

Also, he couldn’t justify Drake going to the Sherpa Empire and competing while the rest of Team Blue was racing in Hampton Island. Drake’s job was as a consultant, and racing in the Sherpa Empire, away from the rest of the team, would have taken away from his job. Chet called that a load of crap, saying there were ways Drake could get around it.

While Chet and Ken were shouting out their differences, Drake was working out some deals. Several crew members had agreed to do something covertly in a day or two. He was also working out something that would give him some cargo space on a Hapilopper Airlines flight to the Sherpa Empire, and about 15 plane tickets on a flight in a few days. Ken had told Drake that he wasn’t covering anything, and that Drake would be responsible for the whole trip. He took those comments to heart.

A day and a half later, 3:06 AM
Unfortunately, Drake didn’t have the faintest idea how to drive a transporter. He had tried on a truck simulator on his computer, but the general consensus on that end was that he failed miserably and hilariously. That’s why he hired the help of Mark Lyle, one of Team Blue’s truck drivers, who was more than happy to help.

Several crew members had already loaded the car, which, for this race, would carry Chris Holmes’ paint scheme and number. Well, 81 was Drake Stevenson’s number, but Chris was borrowing it. Drake’s seat had been put in the transporter as well so it would be installed along the way.

Drake and Mark pulled up to the gate of the Team Blue shop, where the night security guard was reading a newspaper and watching the sights and sounds of North Hapilopper City at night. Some people were on the roads, but not many. It was a pretty boring night until Drake showed up.

“Uh, sir, the shop is closed for the evening,” the guard said.

“That’s fine, I need to talk to a sponsor about a deal for next season. They’re based in Jebslund and they’d like to sponsor us, but I only gave them my office number.”

“OK, come on through.”

The guard verified Drake and Mark’s ID cards and waved him on past. That bit about the Jebslund sponsorship was a lie, of course. It was a cover for the two to get into the shop, get the transporter going and out of the shop, and to Hapilopper City Airport before the sun went up.

“Alright, Mark, just take care of what you need to take care of,” Drake said. “Do your thing. If a guard says anything, just tell them we’ve got a test planned in Surrey in the morning and we had to get going. I’ll get going after you leave, but give me the signal for when you leave.”

A half-hour later, the transporter was on its way out of the Team Blue shop, and without incident, was on its way to nearby Conyers, where the Hapilopper City Airport was located. Several minutes later, Drake left the office, and told the guard that the phone call with the sponsor in Jebslund had gone well. Drake was on his way to the airport, where the transporter, a blank white transporter, except for the words “TEAM BLUE” on the front of the trailer, was being loaded in a Hapilopper Airlines cargo plane that would be headed to the Sherpa Empire. By the time the sun had come up, the plane had left Hapilopper, and Drake was sitting in a Hapilopper Airlines jet en route to the Sherpa Empire, with his 15 designated crew members.

By the time Ken Henson arrived at the Team Blue shop two hours later, Drake and the crew members had left the country. The equipment had left the country. All that was left was a note on Ken’s desk.

“I’ve borrowed some equipment. Enclosed is what I believe is a check with what I believe is the fair market value for the crew members and the equipment for the weekend. You didn’t cover a damn thing. All of this is out of my pocket. See you next weekend. We'll talk about this when you get to Sherpa. -Drake”

Ken was furious. He thought about calling the police, but he also saw a pretty figure on that check, and realized he couldn’t have it both ways. Drake had, for all intents and purposes, stolen the equipment and stolen the crew members, but at least he had compensated Ken fairly for it.

Plus, if Ken called the cops on Drake, it only would have made the situation worse.
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Postby Wagensvolk » Wed Sep 11, 2019 10:57 pm

Saint Kanye wrote:(OOC: TLDR: SKYNET wants the race to be streamed live by having a reporter inside A7DXZ5.)

A7DXZ5 was a little wary of letting a stranger ride her, but at the same time, she saw the benefit of appealing to local audiences and it never hurt to have money coming in. All the traveling expenses she'd racked up competing in NSSCRA had really taken a toll on her finances.

It was too late for her to earn people's respect by winning, but maybe she could still make some kind of progress if she got them to like her. She told SKYNET she was considering their proposal, but she would be more comfortable with a female reporter, and she would appreciate if she could meet the reporter in advance to get comfortable with each other.
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Postby The Sherpa Empire » Thu Sep 12, 2019 1:47 am

IRACT didn't intend to wait until the last minute to send invitations to Vanda Rosa Cordeiro Kerman and Wilhelm "Nicht Bill" Kerman, but that was how it turned out. On top of the normal disorganization that was a way of life in the Sherpa Empire, there was some disagreement about how to handle the question of sponsorship. IRACT had not relented in their hostility toward Lexi Patterson and her sponsors. One especially paranoid bureaucrat even thought Lexi had seduced Chris Holmes and gave him the idea to put the iguana in Kai Qiang's car -- though his peers within IRACT dismissed the idea.

Since Jebslund's drivers shared some of the same sponsors, they were all likely to get tripped up by IRACT's sanctions, and that defeated the purpose of inviting them. It took some wrangling before the Guilin Racing Club could come up with a solution they were happy with. Finally, they sent the following:

The Guilin Racing Club and Sherpa Imperial Motorsports would like to invite you to race with us next weekend at the Li River Speedway at a combined stock car and open wheel racing event called Rumble in the Rice Fields. To avoid conflicts with IRACT's sponsorship rules if you accept the invitation, you will be racing under the aegis of Guilin Racing Club with local sponsorships from Wednesday Racing (Dawa), Jiangchuan Snack Co., Beihua Network, Seven Star Chili, and Qianglinan Tools.

In addition to a cash prize, the winner of the Rumble in the Rice Fields will receive a charter to compete in the Guangxi Telecom 400 the following weekend.

We apologize for the short notice. Please RSVP at your earliest convenience.

Best regards,
Guilin Racing Club
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Postby Saint Kanye » Thu Sep 12, 2019 5:46 am

Wagensvolk wrote:She told SKYNET she was considering their proposal, but she would be more comfortable with a female reporter, and she would appreciate if she could meet the reporter in advance to get comfortable with each other.

The higher-ups at SKYNET (who had no idea that the messages they were receiving were from the car itself) decided to send in the 23-year-old Alita Richfield, who usually covers the Kanyean developmental league. Before the Kardashia Chadwick Dealers 400, she is to also enter A7DXZ5 during the car's practice sessions for the next few races, in order to familiarize herself with the inside of an NSSCRA car and the things that happen on track. Richfield will join the rest of SKYNET's team that covers the league as they fly to Hampton Island, and then meet up with the Wagensvolk team.

Cassadaigua wrote:Houston posed for the pictures, and wrote a personalized note that was given to Jolyn Helen Ceeta, “You can always approach me at any time. You can call me whenever you want (includes phone number). Keep driving like you do, and you can become a champion too.” Stacie also asked for a copy of the photos, because she wanted to “see herself with great drivers, too”.

However, a few of the photos contained five great drivers, not just the four made up of Houston and the Valentians.

Brooke happened to pass by during the photoshoot, decided to stand behind his Dagan friend, and made some silly gestures (including the classic bunny ears) before running off.
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