NSSCRA 8- Everything Thread (IC)

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NSSCRA 8- Everything Thread (IC)

Postby Newmanistan » Wed Jun 05, 2019 2:45 pm

Charter Guidelines: (Roleplaying)
New nations will be allowed two charters UNTIL THE MIDWAY POINT of the season. Their third entry will be subject to qualifying in. At the midway point of the season, the level of RP produced by the nation will be considered, and if the new nation has not RP’d, they will lose a guaranteed charter. Also, any new nation that has not roleplayed by the time the chase begins will see all of their entries subject to needing to qualify in. If a new nation has RP’d frequently, they will have preference for a third guaranteed charter that another new nation may lose at the midway point.

Open Charter Usage:
The “open charter” will return. This will be for a nation to potentially enter a fourth driver, or an additional driver. Interest in the open charter for an upcoming race should be provided in the RP immediately preceding the race desired, or by privately telegramming me. In the event I need to choose, first preference is to allow the open charter to a driver racing at their home track. They are not necessarily guaranteed to race at their puppet's track, if they have a puppet, although I will lean in their favor for that. After that, it comes down to number of times the nation has used the open charter, and the amount of RP they have provided.
– If you are going to declare this in a RP, please bold it in your RP, so it is understood that your intention is clear.

The Official Driver List:

Guaranteed Charters (40):
#00 - Ilham Lukas Jenie (Filindostan)
#02 - Kohan The 10th (Newark Aristocracy)
#03 - Mike Reddiër (Caleonia)
#06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire)
#0 - Hana Bhe (Filindostan)
#2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori)
#3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye)
#4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua)
#5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan)
#6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island)
#7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z)
#9 - Lício Granado (Lisander)
#10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria)
#11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua)
#12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria)
#13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund)
#14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori)
#15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z)
#18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye)
#22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island)
#24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan)
#25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland)
#27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua)
#29 - Frank Joy (Caleonia)
#30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund)
#32 - Andrew Holden (Lisander)
#37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper)
#41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori)
#44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire)
#46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye)
#50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland)
#67 - Denny Truex Lenlin (Sedile)
#75 - Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland)
#78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp)
#81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper)
#82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel)
#83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel)
#86 - Bluetarch The 5th (Newark Aristocracy) (Number assigned due to overlap; user may request another available number if preferred)
#88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp)
#94: Daniel Almirola (Sedile)

Must qualify (22) - 5 drivers per race will qualify in
#04 - Phil Urnsen (Svennish Isles)
#05 - Tucker Capps (The Western Carolina Union)
#08 - Jeff Shreeves (The Western Carolina Union)
#8 - Josh Blaney (The Communist Union of B) (Number assigned due to overlap; user may request another available number if preferred)
#16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria)
#21 - Paul Nystrom (New Northwesteros)
#23 - James McCurty (Hampton Island)
#28- Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp)
#31 - Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z)
#33 - Tyler Joy (Caleonia)
#38 - Aaron Gordon (The Communist Union of B)
#48 - Travis Barkley (Newmanistan)
#55 - A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk)
#68 - Brad Koopalowski (The Western Carolina Union)
#69 - Sofia Kerman (Jebslund)
#73 - Chet Byrd (Hapilopper)
#79 - Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire)
#80 - Franklin Egar (Filindostan)
#84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel)
#90 - Blueton the 1st (Newark Aristocracy)
#95 - Robby Gibbs (The Communist Union of B)
#99 - Liuyong Xu (New Northwesteros)

Open Charter Drivers (12):
#09/#89- TBD (The Sherpa Empire)
#1 - Wilhelm Kerman (Jebslund)
#17 - Tyler Abbott (Cassadaigua)
#19 - Sage Caldwell (Saint Kanye)
#26 - Mor Holstein (Lisander)
#34 - TBD (Hampton Island)
#42- Euroli Islander (Tropicorp)
#59 - Ashley Matthews (Newmanistan)
#60 - Rockii Ezis (Vilita and Turori)
#85- TBD (Esmerel)
#92 - Sans the 6th (Newark Aristocracy)
#93- Robbie Moren (Xanneria)
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World Cups qualified for: 46, 48 (R of 16), 49, 50, 54
Hosted: WORLD CUP 49, WB 1, 2, 5, & 35; WBC 8, 11, 14, 19, 38, 44, & 46; CoH 33, 35, & 39; CE 25, WLC 2, 4 & 5; WCoH 10, IBC 24, NSSCRA, Multiple NSCAA Basketball Tournaments, and a horse racing series

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Postby Newmanistan » Wed Jun 05, 2019 2:45 pm

Exhibition (June 11/12)- Exhibition at Tundra Falls Proving Grounds, Newmanistan (Superspeedway)
Race 1 (June 18/19)- Tundra Falls 500, Tundra Falls Proving Grounds, Newmanistan (Superspeedway)
Race 2 (June 22/23)- Grande Mountain Speedway; Grande Mountain, Cassadaigua (Speedway)
Race 3 (June 25/26)- Kobold Tools 300, Starkville Raceway, Starkville, New Northwesteros (Short Track)
Race 4- (July 3**/4)- Leruse International Speedway, New leruse, Sedile (Speedway)
Race 5- (July 6/7)- Cocoabo Preservation 300K, Cocoabo Park Circuit, Tropicorp (Road Course)
Race 6- (July 9/10)- Northwestern Bank of Carolina 400, North Wilkesboro, Western Carolina Union (Speedway)
Race 7 (July 13/14)- Warlock Raceway, Newark Aristocracy (Speedway)
Race 8 (July 16/17)- Yoggy Oval, Yogyakulta, Filindostan (Short Track)
Race 9 (July 20/21)- Kermania Fortress Run, Jebslund (Road Course)
Race 10 (July 23/24)- Lantis Sirenia 300, Sirenia Speedway, Sirenia, Lisander (Speedway)
Race 11 (July 27/28)- Valkyrie Speedway, Valentine Z (Speedway)
Race 12 (July 30/31)- Nürburg Raceway, Caleonia (Superspeedway)
Race 13 (Aug 3/4)- Toys '4' All 500, Lonngeylin Ring, Lonngeylin, Vilita (Short Track)
Race 14 (Aug 7/8) Mercentile Markets Grand Prix, Road Marrieta Raceway, Xanneria (Road Course)
Race 15 (Aug 10/11)-- Golden Bear 400, Stafford City Speedway, Hampton Island (Short Track)
Race 16 (Aug 13/14)- VannAir Blue Coast 400, Sonrise Motorway, Blue Coast, Vangaziland (Speedway)
Race 17 (Aug 17/18)- Tropicorp 500, Tropicoast Beach Course, Tropicorp (Superspeedway)
Race 18 (Aug 21/22)- Jusenkyo Training Ground, Zhangjiajie, Hunan Territory, The Sherpa Empire (Speedway)
Race 19 (Aug 24/25)- Hapilopper Raceway, Hapilopper (Speedway)
Race 20 (Aug 27/28)*****- Pencurve Electronics 500, Jalton Superspeedway, Jalton, Saint Kanye (Superspeedway)

(All drivers continue to participate- Only 16 Advance to Chase.)

Race 21 (Sept 1/2)- Aurora Motorsports Park, Ember Valley, Enera, Esmerel (Speedway)
Race 22 (Sept 3/4)- Vilaye Energy Drink 314, Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course, Vilita (Road Course)
Race 23 (Sept 7/8)- Five Star Mobile 500, Concord Heights Motor Speedway; Cassadaigua (Short Track)


Race 24 (Sept 10/11)- Amazing Delano 420, Delono Provincial Fairgrounds Raceway, Xanneria (Short Track)
Race 25 (Sept 14/15)- Shellshock Batteries 400, Marquette Raceway, Hampton Island (Speedway)
Race 26 (Sept 17/18)- Li River Speedway, Guilin, Guangxi Territory, The Sherpa Empire (Road Course)


Race 27 (Sept 21/22)- Kardashia Chadwick Dealers 400, Kardashia Autoring, Saint Kanye (Speedway)
Race 28 (Sept 24/25)- Die Landschaftlich Schöne Strecke, Jebslund (Road Course)
Race 29 (Sept 28/29)- Gryphon Supermarket 250, Imperial Speedway, South Stead, Vangaziland (Short Track)

(All drivers race in championship- Only Top 4 are eligible for title)

Race 30 (Oct 5/6)- Proving Grounds 500, Tundra Falls Proving Grounds, Newmanistan (Superspeedway)

About This Schedule-
-- When it reads (June 11/12, this means qualifying is the 11th, and the race is the 12th)
– All race dates are subject to change ESPECIALLY ones further out in the future.
– I have abbreviated or left out some details on each race for the purpose of schedule simplification and ease of reading. No need to correct me if I left a part of the location information out, however if I have misclassified your track, please correct me on that.

**- Qualifying will likely be well past the typical 9pm cutoff time.

Cutoffs- 9:00pm EDT
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World Cups qualified for: 46, 48 (R of 16), 49, 50, 54
Hosted: WORLD CUP 49, WB 1, 2, 5, & 35; WBC 8, 11, 14, 19, 38, 44, & 46; CoH 33, 35, & 39; CE 25, WLC 2, 4 & 5; WCoH 10, IBC 24, NSSCRA, Multiple NSCAA Basketball Tournaments, and a horse racing series

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Postby Hapilopper » Wed Jun 05, 2019 5:05 pm

By Darius Buford
Hapilopper Television Network

HAPILOPPER CITY - Team Blue, the dominant force in the HASCAR Challenge Cup, has announced it will skip this year's Challenge Cup to focus instead on the NSSCRA, the international Stock Car championships. The team, which has scored championships most recently with Drake Stevenson, will leave a huge void in the HASCAR world.

Instead, the team will field a three-car team of Preston Skychiefs in the NSSCRA. Holmes, who was signed by Team Blue to replace Drake Stevenson, will drive the primary car, carrying Stevenson's famous #81, for Team Blue's NSSCRA effort. Holmes, 24, will be joined by 39-year old Frank Bronson, who brings sponsorship from Hapilopper Airlines, and 55-year old Chet Byrd, a mainstay in HASCAR racing since the early 1980s, who will drive a yellow #73 with sponsorship from Fat Chuck's Tasty Fried Chicken.

"We're extremely excited about what we'll bring to the NSSCRA table," said Team Blue owner Ken Henson. "We've got three tremendous drivers that can win races for us, and we're convinced that Chris, Frank and Chet will deliver results for us."

Marty Lewis, head of racing operations for the Preston Automobile Company, expressed his excitement over the Skychief cars competing in the NSSCRA, and emphasized the importance of Preston Skychiefs succeeding on either the domestic stage, or the world's stage.

"The Preston Skychief is the flagship of the Preston line," Lewis said. "Every week a Skychief wins in the Challenge Cup, we sell hundreds of these cars the next day in dealerships across Hapilopper. There's an old saying, 'Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday,' and it still rings true for us. The Skychief has consistently been the car to beat in the HASCAR Challenge Cup, and now we'll see how it does on the world stage."

Typically, there are five different makes of cars that compete in the Challenge Cup. There's the Preston Skychief, as well as the Major Excelsior of Major Motors, the Stevens Sentry, built by Stevens Automotive Manufacturing, the Hamilton Privilege of the Hamilton Car Company and the Prime Quest of the Primetime Motorcar Company. NSSCRA, on the other hand, is a different story, as drivers will compete using cars Hapiloppians have never even seen before.

In semi-related news, it was announced that reserve seat tickets have been sold out for the HTN Double 500 weekend at HC Speedway in Hapilopper City. Each of the 115,000 seats have been sold out for two 500-lap races that will be held during the weekend. Saturday will feature the HASCAR Challenge Cup's 500-lapper, while Sunday will feature the NSSCRA's first ever appearance in Hapilopper, as they compete for 500 laps around the one-mile Hapilopper City Speedway. (OOC: If you want this distance reduced, let me know and I can change this.)



#81 | CHRIS HOLMES | Age: 24 | Hometown: Buckridge | HASCAR Starts: 26 | HASCAR Wins: 1 | HASCAR Cups: 0

Chris Holmes, at 24, is seen by many pitsiders to be the next Drake Stevenson, the next dominant force in stock car racing in Hapilopper, a nation that holds its stock car racing heritage so near and dear to its heart. Holmes has a tremendous amount of talent, enough to rewrite the HASCAR record books, no less. However, it is feared that while Holmes has a tremendous amount of talent, he has yet to refine that talent into something he can use. In his 26 career HASCAR starts, all made in the last year, Holmes finished 17th in points with a win at the first West Hampton race of the year. Many of his races ended with accidents, most notably one with his predecessor, Drake Stevenson, at the night race on the Surrey half-mile last year, which saw Stevenson's day end upside down. Holmes is also known to have something of an attitude, and unfortunately has gotten himself involved in his fair share of post-race fights, including one in the summer race at HC Raceway when he and Dan Everill collided on the final lap, costing both a victory. Holmes and Everill got into a shoving match on pit road, which turned ugly when Holmes threw a right cross at Everill, the crews got involved, other teams got involved, and eventually the pit lane got tear-gassed after a member of Holmes' pit crew accidentally delivered a knockout punch to a Hapilopper City Police officer.


#37 | FRANK BRONSON | Age: 39 | Hometown: Hapilopper City | HASCAR Starts: 485 | HASCAR Wins: 8 | HASCAR Cups: 1 (2000)

Frank Bronson, one of HASCAR's great journeymen, has found a front-running ride for the first time in a number of years. Bronson has driven for a dozen teams in HASCAR, most notably Ralph Hayes Racing, who Bronson won the 2000 Challenge Cup with on the strength of five wins. That was the last year of Hayes Racing's time in the front of the HASCAR field, and a year later, Bronson had fallen to 25th in points. Since then, he's bounced from ride to ride, winning a handful of races when he's been able to. Bronson is seen as one of the best ambassadors for stock car racing in the Dominion of Hapilopper, and is known for signing autographs for fans, even hours after the races have concluded. His legions of fans typically give Bronson among the loudest cheers during driver introductions, and even if he's not winning races, the fans still stick by him. Bronson is also known for being the face of Hapilopper Airlines, the flag carrier of Hapilopper, and that endorsement deal has enabled Team Blue the opportunity to get free airfare, and cargofare, to the nations that the NSSCRA competes in. Bronson will alternate between Hapilopper Airlines and HA Cargo paint schemes throughout the season.


#73 | CHET BYRD | Age: 55 | Hometown: Hapilopper City | HASCAR Starts: 1,045 | HASCAR Wins: 103 | HASCAR Cups: 5 (1980, 1984, 1985, 1991, 2002) (Will need to qualify his way in)

Chet Byrd, the "Grand Old Man" of HASCAR, announced before the start of this season that this would be his final campaign in the Challenge Cup, after over a 40-year career that started, interestingly, with a rookie campaign at the age of 15 back in 1979. The next year, Byrd became the youngest HASCAR Challenge Cup winner in history at 16. His career has been marked by triumph - five Challenge Cups in a 22-year span and 103 wins - and tragedy, most notably in September of 1989 when his teammate and best friend, Harlan Sessions, was killed in a savage accident in the Buckridge 500. Byrd's attitude went from that of an easy-going, almost happy-go-lucky driver, to cold, aloof and almost anti-social. The fact was, he was afraid of making another friend in racing, lest he lose that one too. That anti-social behavior extended to his attitude on the race track, and Byrd was named "the biggest jackass to race against" nine times between 1997 and 2009. Byrd's demeanor has cooled somewhat since the 2013 birth of his grandson, Patrick, and today is known among non-fans as the straight man to the obnoxious southern drawl of Fat Chuck, of Fat Chuck's Tasty Fried Chicken.

(OOC: A huge thank you to Vilita and Turori and Saint Kanye for some of the decals used in these cars!)
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Postby Saint Kanye » Wed Jun 05, 2019 7:38 pm


Eighth season of international stock car league draws record entry numbers

by the Kibitzer Research Department

Put on your helmet and firesuit and fasten your harness, for it's that time of the year again - the start of another new Nationstates Stock Car Racing Association (NSSCRA) season, its eighth now, and biggest yet. A whopping 73 drivers - seasoned veterans, rising stars and promising new comers alike - representing 23 different countries have signed up for a shot at racing glory, and perhaps a chance of following in the footsteps of Vilita and Turori's River Suzgar and Cassadaigua's Stacie Houston. the past two league champions.

St. Kanye's very own Glorious Free Republic Motorsports, our first featured team for this season's preseason preview, will return for its third season, bringing high hopes of duplicating or even surpassing the success they had in their previous appearances, in which Kanyean racers have been part of the Championship Four. GFR Motorsports will bring back all three of their full-time drivers, as well as one part-timer who saw substantial seat time last season.

Origin: St. Kanye (STK)


Skip Stiller, #3 QED Car Rentals Chadwick

Twii.tur: @SkipStill3r
NSSCRA 6 Regular Season Champion

GFR Motorsports' resident veteran celebrated his 36th birthday three months ago, but he still appears to be in his prime. Stiller continued his winning ways last season, eventually reaching the Round of 8. "I will continue to race hard 'cause that's just my style. When you're at the track, you have to leave all your fears behind and take every chance to get to the front whenever they come", Stiller told the Kibitzer. When asked about his opinion on the huge wave of newcomer drivers and teams, the outspoken driver said "It's good for the sport because people and countries are gaining interest. Let's just hope that they do well enough to show us that they belong in such a high level of competition."


Jeremiah Brooke, #18 Hyde Medical Group Chadwick

Twii.tur: @Jeremiah_B
NSSCRA 6 Championship Four
NSSCRA 7 Regular Season Champion

Brooke, 27, captured the regular season championship and grabbed a Chase spot last season, doing so purely on points and not wins. However. the rising Kanyean star got involved in a scary rollover incident at the Grand Prix of Brycline Harbor, Xanneria, knocking him out of the Chase and rendering him unable to participate in the last four races. Brooke made a quick and full recovery and showed that he's ready to race once more, returning to his usual offseason routine of visiting, racing and winning in tracks throughout St. Kanye, including the newly opened Kardashia Autoring. "I just can't not race for that long", said the famously calm and collected driver. "Racing is in my soul. I feel most at ease when behind the wheel. The speed and the thrill just fuel me." Brooke and reigning champ Houston are expected to continue their fierce rivalry on the track, as well as their close friendship off of it.


Thea Alvarez, #46 Multiversal Automotive Coatings Chadwick

Twii.tur: @Luna_Althea
NSSCRA 6 Championship Four
NSSCRA 7 Championship Four

Two seasons ago, the name Thea Alvarez was only known around the dirt, short and go-kart tracks that she frequents. Now, the 20-year-old has become a national and international celebrity with her success in international stock car competition. Alvarez locked up back to back Championship Four appearances, and though she finished fourth last season, she went home to applause and an increase in respect and fame. Magazine covers, product endorsements, and even guest appearances in television shows and movies all came; there has also been a huge increase of the use of her car number 46 among student athletes, especially girls. However, Alvarez still stays humble, engaging with fans as much as she can. "People look up to me, but that doesn't mean I should look down on them. Part of this fame is from what I do on the track. Part of it is from how they recognize what I do."


Sage Caldwell, #19 Blood Moon Beer Chadwick

Twii.tur: @SageTheRacer

At the conclusion of last season, Philip West, GFR's first part-time driver, announced that he will withdraw from international competition to focus more on making himself better locally. Taking West's seat at the team's fourth car is Sage, 29, who made several appearances late last season. "Limited schedule, so the thing is to make it count. Make the most out of it. I had some great runs last season. I just have to know the track and the drivers well and use them to my advantage." Sage is confirmed to be the open charter user for the Pencurve Electronics 500 and Kardashia Chadwick Dealers 400, both in St. Kanye, and the Kobold Tools 300 in New Northwesteros. GFR will still bring him to all races, as a standby driver in case anything happens to the main three, as well as to study the track and the other drivers well.

Saint Kanye Network (SKYNET) will continue to broadcast all qualifying sessions and races live through SKYNET Sports Channnel 12; the streaming website also remains the same, at nsscra.skynet.stk.

GFR's cars will sport a brand new look this season, due to the changes made by the Chadwick Motor Company to their C-1000 sedan. In line with Stiller's "Blue Trey" and Brooke's "Hyde Ride", Alvarez's car has gained the nickname "Rainbow Cruiser"; Sage, not wanting to be left out, has gone online and asked race fans around the world for their opinion regarding his car's nickname. The cars may be seen in the following pages.

(OOC: One car/five pictures = one newspaper page. The 3 car has a spoiler, it's just hard to see because it's white.)




















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Postby New Northwesteros » Wed Jun 05, 2019 9:17 pm



by Mary Grace Bradford

Image Image

Left: Paul Nystrom. Right: Liuyong Xu. (Source: direwolfautoteam.nnw)

Northwesterosi race fans are marking their calendars for the start of the eighth Nationstates Stock Car Racing Association (NSSCRA) season, and for good reason, as the country will be fielding a team and hosting a race for the international stock car league.

Direwolf Auto Team, formed by seven Norwestie investors half a year ago, has tapped local racer Paul Nystrom and Sherpalander Liuyong Xu to pilot its two cars. The Lannisburg-born Nystrom, 30, competes in St. Kanye's premier stock car league, the Kanyean Unified Racing Tournament (KURT), with 54 wins in 11 seasons driving the #25 Chadwick. However, since that number is taken by the Vannish team in NSSCRA, Nystrom will switch to #21. He will be sponsored by Argo Petrol's motor oil brand, Argoil.

Meanwhile, the 42-year-old Xu was one of the Sherpa Empire's three drivers in the sixth NSSCRA season, winning once and making the Chase. He however fell out of the country's top three driver ranking for the next two seasons, causing him to become a free agent. After much deliberation, Direwolf Auto Team picked Xu over Liangmei Li, who also had a victory and a Chase appearance (but in the seventh season). The reason for this was "not because of sexism, but because we didn't think [Li's] attitude will be a match for our organization", according to a Direwolf spokesperson. Xu, who will receive free lodging and English lessons during his time with the team, will shed his former #47 in favor of a "more marketable" #99 Chadwick; Prime Insurance will be on board.

Kobold Tools is another company that will be involved in New Northwesteros' NSSCRA efforts, as they will host the race at the Starkville Raceway short track, known as the Kobold Tools 300. Tickets are not available for reservation yet, as the season's race schedule has not been finalized.










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Postby Esmerel » Wed Jun 05, 2019 9:33 pm



Opening Remarks
A first look into the NSSCRA, the Verse's premier stock car racing series, its eighth season, and some familiar newcomers
By Cameron Darius

Some readers might even wonder what the point of going around in circles is. And they wouldn't necessarily be wrong in thinking that. Compared to the WGPC, the Verse's top formula racing competition, the NSSCRA is undoubtedly... different. Obviously, the body profiles of the cars are entirely different. Downforce levels on stock cars pale in comparison to formula cars. The circuits, many complain, are just cookie cutter templates sprinkled in locations across the Verse that pay up well (though what's to say the WGPC didn't alienate a lot of its fans with this season's schedule).

So what does the NSSCRA bring to the table? Well, it's something different. Cars are close together all of the time and have little trouble following. Sure, most tracks are just four left turns, but the turns need to be precise over a longer period of time than a tight hairpin, along with balancing the speed trough the corner so as to not hit the wall or another car while keeping up with the pack. Think of it as a marathon and not a sprint, which, is what these races really are. The medium between a 30 minute sprint and a 12 hour endurance race. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but just dismissing the NSSCRA as "just forty-odd cars driving left for three or four hours" is seriously missing out on something.

What's up for this season?

This NSSCRA season, the eighth of its history, numerous drivers will be looking to clinch glory. Reigning champion Stacie Houston of Cassadaigua will aim to keep her reputation going. Always-bridesmaid Thea Alvarez of Saint Kanye will be looking to finally make it to the top after two straight seasons in the final round of the championship while failing to win it. Further down in the field, countless drivers both old and new will be left to fight for glories of their own choosing, whether it be comeback stories, historic first wins, or just trying not to crash, whether it be by themselves or the big one.

Team In Focus: Phoenician Racing

One new entry into the field this year (among others) is the small Phoenician Racing team. Out of motorsport giants Esmerel, the plucky organization will be looking to impress despite their minuscule budget. With Esmerelian government funding for motorsports all going towards the WGPC program, Phoenician were left on their own to give stock car racing a try. With their sponsors being limited to themselves and being forced to enter races by paying out of their own pockets (though those pockets are not small) it'll be exciting to see where they end up and if they can even make it through the challenges the NSSCRA season will ultimately present them.

As with other newcomer nations, Phoenician have been limited to two charters, with a third driver reliant on qualifying time to start a race. Let's go ahead and meet them.

David Rockingham
#82 Phoenician Racing Pontiac
AGE 28yrs | HEIGHT 188cm | HOMETOWN Vauxhall, Rosetta, Esmerel

David Rockingham tests the #82 at Aurora Motorsports Park

Phoenician's star driver is undoubtedly the #82, David Rockingham. While Esmerel's stock car program is limited in scope, there are a few individuals keen on taking it to the next level, Rockingham being one of them. Pioneering the construction of the Aurora Motorsports Park for a high-quality Esmerelian superspeedway, and aiding in the creation of Phoenician, he'll be the one to look out for on race day more than the other drivers. "I was born and raised in Esmerel, where GT racing is king," said Rockingham in a recent interview. "Then when Mercer-Daly went and took on WGPC, it brought formula racing into the domestic spotlight. Considering the love of oval racing in the nation to the west of us, I thought I'd try and do the same thing with stock cars. Really excited to get out onto the track and drive this thing. And, yes, we're using old Pontiacs rather than make our own model. I always loved them when I was a kid, and it was surprisingly easy to get hold of a few models and equipment."


Joseph Rawlings
#83 Phoenician Racing Pontiac
AGE 35yrs | HEIGHT 161cm | HOMETOWN Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Joseph Rawlings tests the #83 at Raleigh Raceway

While Joseph Rawlings might not be a star driver as Rockingham is, he's still a very important asset to the team as a whole. Having grown up as a repairman in his home town of Halifax, Rawlings learned the ropes of the business and now knows every part of a stock car inside and out. Some say his feedback in testing is invaluable and his car setups even more so. Rawlings has a patient demeanor on the track and will spend upwards of three minutes carefully analyzing his opponents before making any moves. When asked on his character, he had this to comment: "Do we Canadians say 'sorry' a lot of the time? I wouldn't speak for all of Canada, but it's not entirely impossible that it's true. In my case, anyways, I'll be saying it a lot out on track to my competitors. Not seriously, though. It'll be sarcastic."


Ben Carpenter
#84 Phoenician Racing Pontiac (Must qualify)
AGE 21yrs | HEIGHT 177cm | HOMETOWN Sherston, Almada, Esterlon

Ben Carpenter tests the #84 at the famed Scarlet Colosseum

Out of the Phoenician drivers, more have complaints to make about Ben Carpenter than the other drivers. He's an heir of sorts to the powerful Atlas Corporation back in Esterlon, and has been given a ride in the #84 for the money he and his family bring to the team, though no sponsorship deal has been made. "I know it looks bad, and in a way, it is kinda bad," Carpenter replied earlier when asked about his pay driver status somewhat infecting the NSSCRA. "But the deal is at least beneficial to all parties involved. Phoenician gets the money they need to race, I get to race in the first place, and my family gets some fame. Besides, I'm raring to prove all of my detractors wrong. Pay drivers in any sport can actually be good drivers, and I'll prove it this season."

That's all we have for the moment. An exhibition race at Newmanistan's Tundra Falls race track is scheduled to take place one week from now, with points races soon to follow.
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Postby Xanneria » Wed Jun 05, 2019 9:34 pm

by Lee Iyokoka

It's that time again guys! Time for international racing to hit the shores of Xanneria, Esportiva and the world. A huge success last year, it saw Xannerian cars compete against the world and run competitively in doing so. Once again Knox will take center stage as the Xannerian representative with the KRD Team Iona Cars once again leading the Xannerian charge. As for drivers, we'll once again see Eddie Walters Jr lead the team into battle. Walters is the son of Eddie Walters, a driver whose hard charging style and workmen like approach to fans made him royalty in Xannerian sports. His son Eddie Jr did pretty well for himself last season. He over came a slow start last season to produce some consistent results and in turn became our strongest river towards the end. Joining him is "Golden Boy" Gwinnett, Roman as he usually goes by gained his nickname by being the chosen one in a private test for the Knox Motor Company,Thus allowing him to survive with out need of outside funding. Finally we have the newcomer to the team, well sort of newcomer. Gordon Orton raced the one KRD Development car last year in both XCAR (Xanneria's domestic league) and the Big Six Racing League (A competition between me and my puppets). Orton finished fifth in the Big Six league with one victory, but concerns grow given how he seemed to lack the pace of the 4 best teams in that series. Also to compound matters there's been a limit to the charters given out as the commissioners of the series have capped the limit to 40 total. This effects Xanneria because they were only given two charters to work with. This means Orton will have to time his way in.

Funding for the team is changing from last year. On the cars last year was the logos of Dillard Cigarettes, but after more and more issues with getting the logos on cars due to restrictive tobacco advertising policies in many of the countries the NSSCRA raced at, Dillard packed bags and left. In their place is Ben Fosters Farm Fresh Diners. Ben Fosters is the largest chain of sit down restaurants and also offers a line of frozen foods, sold at several different chains of grocery stores in multiple nations across the multiverse. Also joining is Xanneria's fourth largest Big Box Chain store, "Best".

There will be a second Knox team to compete in NSSCRA. Knox will be sending it's Mercado brand into the NSSCRA wars with the Trubador. These cars will be piloted by a team run by Xannerian Business man Spencer Murray. Murray is the owner of Budget airline "EsportivAir". An airline known for its cost cutting practices that make the airline popular but have also lead to it garnering some controversy due to policies that shortcut maintenance. At the behest of Knox, Tucker Capps will be piloting the teams primary car,which will run the #05, Jeff Shreeves will return after the collapse of his home country, and will be driving a second entry in car 08 and lastly A Mushroom Kingdom native named Brad Koopalowski will run the third car, but with some recent issues cropping up regarding a sponsor and the ties they carry its unsure what is going to go down with that team.

It will be a fun races as the next week is pre-season testing culminating in a preseason exhibition in Newmanistan.
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Tropicorp Tyres

Postby Tropicorp » Thu Jun 06, 2019 12:00 am


Tropicorp Racing Supply Get Big Commits for NSSCRA 8

Tropicorp Racing Supply, Tropicoast, Tropicorp :: Tropicorp Racing Supply have already secured full season commitments from a number of NSSCRA teams to be the exclusive or preferred tire supplier for the NSSCRA 8 campaign. Tropicorp Racing Supply will be bringing truckloads of their Sifaka branded motorsport tyres to each NSSCRA event regardless of the number of hard commitments they have from teams, as they will also have more than enough tires on hand to support any teams that are not weekly Tropicorp customers who wish to switch their tyre allegiances on race weekend. Tropicorp engineers will have three primary slick variants with a Super Speedway tire with an inner liner, an intermediate and a thick-walled tire with no inner liner to be used at Short Tracks and high impact road course events. Additionally, Tropicorp will bring its newly developed 'Storm' variant tyre to select road course events where the sanctioning body could decide to attempt racing in the Wet if desired. This new derivative of the Tropicorp Racing Supply Tyre line and may represent a crossover into the personnel transport market through the "Storm" branding which replaces the Sifaka wordmark on the wet tyres only.


:: Tropicorp Racing Supply

Tropicorp is a quasi-governmental corporation created to conduct Research, Development and Production activities primarily on behalf of the Tropics of Vilita. One of the byproducts of Tropicorps development in a remote location on the Calanian mainland has been the removal of native and wild tree species to make way for development space. Tropicorp engineers discovered a dense grove of Calanian rubber trees.

Tropicorp Engineering developed the special Calanian rubber to create high performance racing tyres for testing purposes. After the tests proved successful, It wasn't long before the tooling was done and Racing Tyres were popping out on an hourly basis from the workshop and Tropicorp Racing Supply was born. Everything on Tropicorp Racing Supply's standard product line from Crew Uniforms to Composite-Material suspension parts will be on offer. - even the potential for advanced product opportunities through Tropicorp Engineering to include Chassis and Hybrid Power systems.

Tropicorp Racing Supply will accept any requests for teams to align themselves with the Sifaka tyre for the NSSCRA 8 season. Teams do not have to get pre-approval to use the Tropicorp Sifaka tyre and can either submit an intent to purchase letter to get priority pick up on race days or simply send a pit crew member early to get in line and buy tyres off the rack at the truck. Teams wishing for new Tropicorp Sifaka tyres for testing purchases can contact Tropicorp Racing Supply for special orders.

Tropicorp have already received soft commitments from a number of teams that are expected to utilize the championship caliber Sifaka tyre during the NSSCRA season including Glorious Free Republics Motorsports, Vilita and Turori Motorsports, the debutant Team Blue from Hapilopper, the Northwesterosi Direwolf Auto Team, the Xannerian team and of course, Team Tropicorp.

While it is likely that even more teams ultimately commit to using the Tropicorp Tyre once the Raceweeks in Tundra Falls kick off, Tropicorp Racing Supply officials still expect at least a few holdouts who will be looking to use tyres other than their Sifaka branded rubber on race days.
- Tropicorp -

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The Sherpa Empire
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Postby The Sherpa Empire » Fri Jun 07, 2019 1:03 am

Two years ago, in the capital of the Sherpa Empire, a bureaucrat named Namri Tobgay rubber stamped a proposal without reading it properly. Little did he know that his carelessness with a rubber stamp would result in the founding of a national stock car racing league -- the Independent Racing Association of the Chinese Territories, or IRACT -- and launch a handful of drivers to international stardom.

Since IRACT was only founded a little over a year ago, it is still very chaotic, with many logistical, organizational, and financial snafus still being worked out -- but their popularity has grown rapidly thanks to their success in NSSCRA 7 and their predecessors' success in NSSCRA 6. IRACT was not built from the ground up. Instead it is a network of local racing clubs that banded together, and some of the individual racing clubs still have their own agendas and rivalries. Their efforts in NSSCRA Season 7 were marred by an ugly feud between Liangmei Li and Kai Qiang, which was partly fueled by a rivalry between the Chengdu Racing Club and Guilin Racing Club.

Despite doing well in NSSCRA 7, Liangmei Li has not been able to secure a charter for season 8. This is primarily due to the way IRACT assigns charters. In the spring, during the NSSCRA offseason, IRACT hosts a series of races that act as qualifiers for NSSCRA. A veteran driver who has a slump during IRACT's spring season may find themselves without a charter, and an upstart who gets hot at the right time may find themselves stumbling into international racing. Liangmei Li finished the spring season 4th in the overall standings, and IRACT gave their three charters to the three men who finished ahead of her.

Those men are...

#06 Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal
age 28 from Dali, Yunnan
Sponsors: AutoModi, Wolf Totem Carpets, Grassland Restaurant, Highland Tire
Car: AutoModi 378

Because IRACT is in its early years, it still has some very underfunded and amateurish teams that haven't been crowded out yet. Among the most notorious were a pair of Muslim drivers nicknamed "Captain Kebab and the Carpet Khan" because one was sponsored by a kebab restaurant and the other was sponsored by a small chain of carpet shops. They would often miss races because they didn't have the means to travel all over the country with their cars and pit crews. When they did show up, they were taken out of the race with mechanical problems as often as not.

The Stone Forest 300 looked like it was going to be business as usual when "Carpet Khan" Rinzi Zakhilwal started having engine trouble, but he stubbornly decided to limp through the last few laps and try to finish the race anyway. He had been in 2nd place when the car started acting up, and he just didn't want to give up after fighting so hard to get into the lead group. The winding track and some impressive defensive maneuvers made it difficult for anyone to get past him, and soon there was a traffic jam piled up on his tail. After two laps tailing Zakhilwal and cussing in twenty languages about how annoying it was to be stuck behind such a slow car, Kai Qiang slipped past him and went speeding off into the distance, but Zakhilwal still managed to hold off the rest of the mob that had piled up behind him.

A corporate executive from AutoModi, one of the Sherpa Empire's top car manufacturers, saw the footage and decided he wanted to see what Zakhilwal could do with a car that wasn't a hunk of junk. For the last few races of the spring season, Zakhilwal kicked ass and took names in his new AutoModi 378, ultimately climbing to the top of IRACT's standings, claiming the first of three NSSCRA charters, and leaving everyone who had mocked him dumbfounded.

#44 Kai Qiang (强凯)
age 26 from Guilin, Guangxi
Sponsors: Khamdo Electronics, Guilin Tourism Board, Flying Fish Taxi, TMW, Highland Tire, Auntie Shang's Fish Cakes
Car: TMW Phoenix

This is Kai Qiang's 3rd season in NSSCRA. In both seasons 6 and 7, he qualified for the Chase, but was knocked out before the season finale. Despite Rinzi Zakhilwal's recent blaze of glory, Qiang is still widely regarded as the Sherpa Empire's top stock car driver.

Qiang is originally from a poor farming family, and he still feels a little uncomfortable with his own fame and fortune. He didn't have the means to travel overseas for NSSCRA 6, but Lakpa Fang, the closing pitcher for the Guilin Pangolins who also dabbles in motorsports, provided a car for him and helped pay his travel expenses because he knew how talented Qiang was and he saw it as a matter of national pride that the Guilin Racing Club should send the best drivers they had. The number #44 and the nickname "Flying Fish" originally belonged to Lakpa Fang, whose car was decorated with a fish-scale pattern -- but Qiang inherited both the number and the nickname when he borrowed Fang's car. The current paint job on Qiang's car makes a nod to the fish-scale design, but it has been modified to incorporate Khamdo Electronics' corporate colors and provide a cleaner background for the sponsor names on the back part of the car.

Qiang has had a wild off-and-on relationship with a college student named Mendok Sherpa, who is very aggressive in the bedroom and very bad at keeping her voice down in public. (She was born deaf, and her hearing is not the best even with a hearing aid, so she doesn't always realize how loud she's being.) This caused them both a lot of embarrassment when her aggressive sexual advances were caught on camera and the footage was widely circulated. They have a daughter on the way.

#79 Dinggu Wang (王顶嘏)
age 53 from Nanchang, Jiangxi
Sponsors: Chirpy Chhurpi, Nanchang Beer, Highland Tire
Car: TMW Phoenix

Dinggu Wang will probably not have a long career because he got off to a late start. He's always been passionate about racing, but he didn't have any professional-level competition to race against in his native Nanchang. He was able to enter a few races in NSSCRA 7, using the open charter once and replacing Tsering Chu after she dropped out to focus on her education, but NSSCRA 8 will be his first full season.

Wang is disappointed that he didn't get his career off the ground sooner, and he sometimes gets jealous of the younger drivers that still have long careers to look forward to -- but at the same time, he is eager to get the most out of what little time he has to compete at this level.
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Postby Wagensvolk » Sat Jun 08, 2019 8:41 pm

For a brief time in the aftermath of WWII, the Sherpa Empire occupied all of China. After the North was returned to Chinese self-rule, a few Sherpalanders remained behind to help rebuild, assist the Chinese authorities maintaining order, or simply to pursue their own business interests. In 1946, TMW opened a factory in a small town in Inner Mongolia, which employed several Mongols from the surrounding region. The factory operated without incident until 1951, when a factory worker died under suspicious circumstances, and because the factory was Sherpalander-owned, a Sherpa shaman was sent to assist with the investigation. The shaman was caught in a dust storm while driving across the steppe and he drove into a ditch. When he attempted to use his magic to stop his car from rolling into the ditch, the spell went wrong. Instead of pushing his car back onto the road, he gave it a soul. The effects of the spell spread throughout the region, bringing vehicles to life and giving them the ability to speak German.

Soon the cars asserted their independence, and founded the nation of Wagensvolk. During the process, they ran over some people who offended them, including a Tibetan foreman from the TMW factory. TMW abandoned the factory and some Mongolian families moved away because they did not want to be ruled over by their cars. However, the cars soon realized that it would be difficult for them if they did not have people to care for them -- pumping gas, changing tires, making repairs, and such -- so they allowed a small human population to stay. They asked the remaining human population to bring the factory back online so they could build more cars from time to time as well as produce spare parts.

The equipment in the factory has been updated since 1951 to keep it from getting too obsolete, but since it is no longer being managed by TMW, the updates at the Wagensvolk factory have been different from the ones at the main factory in Shigatse. After decades of evolving separately, Wagensvolk and TMWs are not very much alike, even though both still use the same logo:


In Wagensvolk, license plate numbers are used as names. Even though they have declared their independence and speak German as their primary language, most license plates still begin with the Chinese character 蒙, which appears on Inner Mongolian license plates. It is pronounced "Meng," but it is only used in extremely formal settings. A handful of vintage 1940s cars still have license plates from other provinces or countries, and a few modern cars have adopted alternative naming conventions which do not include the character 蒙.

The Wagensvolk dialect of German has many Asian loanwords that are not used in other German-speaking countries, but it is still essentially a dialect of German. Some human residents still speak Mongolian or Chinese at home, and many of the intellectual elite (both cars and humans) learn Sherpa and Tibetan as 2nd languages so they can read TMW's technical manuals and company records.

Wagensvolk is very isolated because they are creeped out by cars that do not have free will, in much the same way that humans are creeped out by zombies. They also are deeply uncomfortable with societies that view cars as property.

Most cars in Wagensvolk would not go anywhere near NSSCRA because they essentially view the drivers as slave-owners -- and like any civilized nation, they find slavery repulsive. However, there is one car named 蒙A7DXZ5 that has decided to enter the 8th season of NSSCRA so she can demonstrate the superiority of free cars over human-driven ones. Her friends back home are not sure whether to admire her courage or fear for her safety.

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Postby Newmanistan » Tue Jun 11, 2019 6:52 pm

Exhibition Qualifying @ Tundra Falls Proving Grounds
Lap Record: 56.342

Drivers In Green needed to qualify in, and did.
Drivers In red needed to qualify in, and did not. There is no open charter for the exhibition, so there are six spots for needing to qualify drivers.

1 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire)                           56.749
2 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 56.752
3 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 56.846
4 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 56.870
5 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 57.020
6 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori) 57.060
7 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 57.109
8 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori) 57.112
9 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 57.125
10 #28- Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) *Q* 57.194
11 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 57.218
12 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 57.229
13 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 57.260
14 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 57.260
15 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 57.292
16 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) *Q* 57.323
17 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 57.344
18 #80 - Franklin Egar (Filindostan) *Q* 57.347
19 #48 - Travis Barkley (Newmanistan) *Q* 57.510
20 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) *Q* 57.600

21 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 57.632
22 #32 - Andrew Holden (Lisander) 57.638
23 #0 - Hana Bhe (Filindostan) 57.679
24 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 57.772
25 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 57.870
26 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 57.911
27 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 57.911
28 #55 - A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) *Q* 57.927
29 #75 - Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 57.934
30 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 57.953
31 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 58.051
32 #79 - Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) *Q* 58.065
33 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 58.160
34 #23 - James McCurty (Hampton Island) *Q* 58.232
35 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 58.317
36 #69 - Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) *Q* 58.513
37 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 58.562
38 #00 - Ilham Lukas Jenie (Filindostan) 58.626
39 #21 - Paul Nystrom (New Northwesteros) *Q* 58.698
40 #73 - Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) *Q* 58.736
41 #38 - Aaron Gordon (The Communist Union of B) *Q* 58.913
42 #08 - Jeff Shreeves (The Western Carolina Union) *Q* 58.946
43 #33 - Tyler Joy (Caleonia) *Q* 58.949
44 #90 - Blueton the 1st (Newark Aristocracy) *Q* 58.996

45 #29 - Frank Joy (Caleonia) 59.007
46 #02 - Kohan The 10th (Newark Aristocracy) 59.011
47 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori) 59.043
48 #95 - Robby Gibbs (The Communist Union of B) *Q* 59.063
49 #04 - Phil Urnsen (Svennish Isles) *Q* 59.076
50 #05 - Tucker Capps (The Western Carolina Union) *Q* 59.087

51 #67 - Denny Truex Lenlin (Sedile) 59.161
52 #03 - Mike Reddiër (Caleonia) 59.180
53 #94 - Daniel Almirola (Sedile) 59.244
54 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 59.268
55 #8 - Josh Blaney (The Communist Union of B) *Q* 59.345
56 #31 - Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) *Q* 59.387

57 #86 - Bluetarch The 5th (Newark Aristocracy) 59.422
58 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 59.470
59 #68 - Brad Koopalowski (The Western Carolina Union) *Q* 59.601
60 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 59.744
61 #99 - Liuyong Xu (New Northwesteros) *Q* 59.835
62 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) 1:00.215
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Postby Wagensvolk » Wed Jun 12, 2019 1:06 am

After her first time out on the track at Tundra Falls, A7DXZ5 realized it was going to be an uphill battle to prove anything to the humans. She barely qualified for the next day's race, and she certainly hadn't proven anything to Kai Qiang, Jeremiah Brooke, or the ladies from Cassadaigua.

Before she decided to compete in NSSCRA, her only experience with human drivers was once when she drove into Hohhot to take a sick girl to a hospital. The traffic was clumsy with lots of unnecessary stopping and honking because the human drivers handled their cars awkwardly. The drivers on the streets of Tundra Falls were just as clumsy, though the roads were better, and having enough room for everyone meant the Newmanistanian street traffic did not honk as much.

So it came as a real shock to find that there were human drivers who could handle their cars with more dexterity than A7DXZ5 handled herself.

Her assistants (i.e. the pit crew) did not know how to help. They were bewildered at all the unfamiliar sights and sounds around them, and they had the expression of deer caught in the headlights.

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Postby Jebslund » Wed Jun 12, 2019 1:27 am

In a small cafe near the track, Lexi Patterson, Oberst Eva Kerman, and Eva Kerman (of Die Sportler fame) were having coffee post-qualifier as a small reward for the clear progress Lexi had shown so far. While Eva had a bit of a slip, in her eyes, qualifying 5th in the exhibition qualifier, Lexi had gone from finishing in 15th to qualifying 7th in a field that included most of the previous season's Chase participants. And beating most of them. That, in all three books present, was cause for celebration. Both Evas knew that, between NSSCRA 7 and 8, Lexi had been put through her paces in Jebslund's domestic racing leagues, with Oberst Eva Kerman having participated in a few of those races, to the point that several commercial shoots had been rescheduled or even cancelled to allow more time for development.

And the practice had, thus far, paid off. Hugely. While there would be time later devoted to mastering the track, snacks and coffee were the regimen for the moment in celebration of a job well done and a qualifier well run. The three chatted about nearly everything from current events in their respective homelands to relationships to strategy for this NSSCRA season, with the three swapping plenty of stories and the two Kerbals sharing advice, both racing and romantic. After the celebrations came to a close, and before putting in the practice laps scheduled by Sie Nah Fleet Systems (a rather excessive amount, given her qualifying run, but par for the course as she'd learned racing in Jebslund.), Lexi put in a call to James McCurty, mostly to let him know how she was doing (and see how he was), and partly to brag about her improvement. After their talk, though, it was track time, then analysis time. Lexi was expected to constantly strive for improvement. She expected herself to win, or place appreciably well trying, and there were six racers standing in the way of that at the moment.

Not at the cafe was Oberfeldwebel Sofia Kerman, who had failed to qualify for the Exhibition race by a little over half a second. She was to be found in her quarters the entire time, studying her own qualifier, as well as those of as many others as she could get her hands on, to see what she would need to do to improve and if she could pick up tricks from the other drivers in the meantime. Because she had failed to qualify, Sofia hadn't been permitted to run any practice laps post-qualifier, so she would need to substitute the lack of practice with a more in-depth analysis, even going so far as to reach out to other racers she knew for advice.

Of the Jebslunden drivers and crew, only Lexi found the idea of a living car being amongst the competition to be strange. Eva and Sofia had lived in a country with living tanks their entire lives, and had even hunted a few in their time (StuG-IIIG hunting was a popular sport amongst both species involved, one which dated back to before the dawn of written history, its customs codified as a subset of contract law and tantamount to ritual at this point). Lexi, however, had not, and her time in Jebslund had not gotten her used to the idea enough to avoid the strangeness of racing against a car one could converse with. Even AIs using vehicular mobile platforms as bodies slightly unnerved her (the flight to Jebslund had been a fun one.).
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Postby Cassadaigua » Wed Jun 12, 2019 5:00 am

Back At It,
by Stacie Houston

The off-season is over and it’s time to begin the next season of NSSCRA. Last year was a great one for us obviously in the #27 Five Star Mobile machine, and we could not have done it will all the great help and support that we get from our sponsors. My crew and everyone that works in the shop did not have their name in lights when we won the title in the same way that I did, but they played a major role and likewise it would not have happened without them.

As we start this season, I have to say the most exciting thing happening is the return of Jeremiah Brooke for Saint Kanye. We all remember the terrible wreck that he was in while racing in Xanneria, and it cost him the rest of his season. I am so glad that he has had a full recovery and is able to return for the start of the season. He is one of the best drivers in this series, and is a respectful competitor. It’s nice to see many of the people again, we all go our separate ways after the season, but as many of us prepare for our third season of racing against one another, we pretty much know what to expect out of everyone on the race track.

Qualifying for the exhibition went well for us, as a nation, but on this track, it does not mean all that much. I’ll be starting right behind Lexi Patterson, of Jebslund and I am really proud of her. As I have written about before, her and I met prior to her first race in Hampton Island, her native nation, and all I saw was a young girl who seemed to be into something over her head but at the same time was very eager to learn and wanted to do it the right way. She was screwed over royally by those running her race team in the long run, but she obviously showed that same eagerness to learn as she went to Jebslund and put forth a great qualifying effort. The front of the field in qualifying will see mostly familiar faces. I look forward to defending my title against them. Let’s race!
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Postby Hapilopper » Wed Jun 12, 2019 6:47 am

Tundra Falls Proving Grounds, Newmanistan
Right after qualifying

“Hell with this, I’m going home.”

Chet Byrd had been watching other cars taking runs on the gargantuan Tundra Falls Proving Grounds racing track, and had been very unhappy with his own run with a fast lap of 58.736. Sofia Kerman turned a 58.513. Gordon Orton ran a 57.323. Travis Barkley turned a 57.510. Cocoabo 28’s time was a 57.194. Dinggu Wang’s best lap, a 58.065. A7DXZ5 turned a 57.927 lap. Chet would not be racing this weekend. There were more cars and drivers to qualify, but Chet really didn’t care to see the rest of it. He pulled out a cigar from his firesuit pocket, lit it, and walked away from pit road. Following him was Darius Buford, the Hapilopper Television Network’s intrepid stock car reporter, trying to get some comment from Chet as to what went wrong during qualifying. True to form, Chet gave about the most brutally honest answer he could have given him.

“What went wrong, Darius, is I wasn’t fast enough and other drivers ran faster than I did,” Chet responded matter-of-factly.

When Darius responded that one of the cars that outqualified him, A7DXZ5, didn’t even have a driver, and was instead an autonomous automobile, Chet chuckled.

“That literally has no bearing on the fact it outqualified me,” Chet said. “The fact is, I wasn’t fast enough. I’m not going to make excuses. I’m going to go back to my motorcoach, watch some old movies and relax.”

And that’s exactly what Chet Byrd did. At 55 years old, he was looking forward to retirement. For the rest of the day, Byrd watched a couple of old war movies from the 1960s, enjoyed some whiskey and a couple of cigars, and really didn’t want to be bothered with anybody else. So of course a couple of underlings from Preston Autos knocked on the door of Byrd’s motorcoach, with no other purpose than to get a quote from him concerning his failure to make the exhibition race. These underlings, two college interns, hadn’t really been made familiar with Chet and his demeanor when things went wrong.

Just doing their job, they knocked on the door. Chet opened the door, and smoke from his cigar poured out of the motorcoach.

“Is there something I can help you with?” Chet said, holding a cigar in one hand and a glass of whiskey in the other. He was still wearing his firesuit and was visibly annoyed with having to interrupt his movie. “If you’re some autograph seeker, piss off, I’ll be back next week.”

“We’re with Preston Autos and we wanted to get a quote about qualifying,” said one of the underlings. “We wanted you to comment…”

“No.” Chet slammed the door in their faces and went back to his movie. The underlings were annoyed, and thought about knocking on the door again, but the fact was, it was probably in their best interest that Chet’s comment was limited to a simple, curt “no”, because it’s plenty possible they could have gotten much, much worse from the senior driver on the Team Blue staff, known for his battery-acid tongue and general poor treatment of people he didn’t really know. If a reporter shoved a microphone in his face, Chet’s response would generally be somewhat unprintable. Darius, on the other hand, knew how to approach the “Grand Old Man” and didn’t make those kind of mistakes. Chet respected that and was more than happy to give him a comment when asked.

While Chet was sulking in his motorcoach, Frank Bronson was doing his usual bit, staying in front of cameras, talking to reporters and explaining to them what went comparatively right. He was the fastest of the Team Blue drivers at 31st quickest overall, and would have a ways to go to get to the front of the field on race day. Bronson had been known for being one of the more personable drivers in HASCAR, and he hoped he could turn that into something in the NSSCRA. The odd thing was, it was kind of working.

Reporters from all over were making their way to Bronson, who was giving a hilariously vivid description of a two-lap qualifying run around one of the NSSCRA’s largest racing circuits, and comparing that to flying a Hapilopper Airlines jumbo jet, making quite sure to mention that organization, his sponsor, was mentioned more than sufficiently. “They flew us here out of the goodness of their hearts, and they’ll fly us to such exotic locales like Xanneria, the Sherpa Empire and Vilita. They’re some of the most wonderful people in air travel and they’ll be able to fly you anywhere.”

Buford, at the front of the reporter’s scrum, looked at some of the other reporters and smirked. Bronson was infamous around Hapilopper for sponsor plugs that bordered on the nauseating. Hapiloppian reporters grew tired of it, but it kept Bronson’s teams sponsored and kept him on the track, so obviously it was working. Other reporters from different nations, however, had not been warned of Bronson’s sponsor whoring and were incredulous at this plug, which was now entering its sixth minute.

“How much do they pay this guy?” a Newmanistani reporter asked Buford.

“Plenty,” Buford responded quietly. “That’s why he does this. It’s obnoxious, but people always remember him and his sponsors. He considered changing his name once a few years ago to represent one of his sponsors but got stopped once the name change appeared in the legal notices of the local newspaper.”

That story was true. Several years before, when he was sponsored by Newbury Heating and Air, Bronson went through the legal measures of officially changing his name from “Frank Douglas Bronson” to “Newbury HVAC Bronson.” When the name change was advertised in the legal notices of Hapilopper City’s legal organ, the Hapilopper City Herald, the city government, who was responsible for name changes, received torrents of objections from all walks of life – including Bronson’s own wife, parents, and Tom Newbury, president of Newbury Heating and Air, who told his driver that, yes, he had gone a step too far.

“Wait, somebody married this guy?” the Newmanistani reporter asked Buford.

Buford chuckled.

While Frank Bronson’s sponsor whoring was bordering on the level of becoming a self-parody, Chris Holmes was walking back to his motorcoach. Bronson’s sponsor plugging had given Holmes an opportunity. Reporters were crowding Bronson, who was reveling in the attention, and nobody had seen Holmes sneak out and away from the spotlight. This was a good thing. Holmes was 60th quickest out of 62 drivers that turned a lap. He really didn’t want to have to explain this failure to reporters, or to crew chief Lawrence Malloy. It wasn’t as if the ride was bad, this was Drake Stevenson’s car, and he had won the last two HASCAR Challenge Cups. The fact was, Chris Holmes screwed the pooch.

Nobody even noticed him as he made the long walk back to the motorcoach. He was going back to spend the rest of the evening playing on his computer, not even giving a fiddler’s fuzz about anything. This was a good thing, as he’d need to clear his head before the first race of the season, even if it was just an exhibition race. It was extremely important to get his season off on the right foot.
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Postby The Western Carolina Union » Wed Jun 12, 2019 7:30 am

Newmanistan Race marred by controversy and slow speeds for Carolina based team
By Dale Gordon

NEWMANISTAN - With a team based out of Western Carolina competing internationally, it seemed that the small country could finally lay claim to some form of International success. But the debut race in Newmanistan, a non-points tuneup event at the track that will host the first and last races of the year. Three entries from Xannerian businessman Marvin Spicer were entered, and none of them had the speed to make it. While Spicer does have a team based out of Western Carolina, many rumors and rumblings have spread that Spicer being a Xannerian has caused the NSSCRA to consider the team nothing more than a second Xannerian team and thus not grant the team a charter. Also Spicer has been dealing with critics in Newmanistan as his dicount airline EspotivAir, has been critically panned after reports of the airline's maintenance practices came to light and that there's a corporate culture of short cutting and cheap tactics. And as if matters for the team couldn't get any worse, one of the teams drivers had a major sponsorship deal fall apart. Larry Koopalowski, a prominent go-kart and open wheel star from A Mushroom Kingdom brought a sponsor called the "Bowsetta International Group Leaders In Engineering". While the sponsor is apparently legit, the terrifying bit is the discovery that the company has ties to "Cackaletta Army", a militant front of the notorious "Sons of Bowsers Minions" group. This left the team scrambling days before the start of the event and it showed as Koopalowski was fourth slowest at a time of 59.601. Koopalowski's car was visibly ill-handling and nearly smacked the wall in both turn two and turn three. The only three drivers behind, had suffered similar fates themselves.

One driver who did smack the wall was Tucker Capps, the son of famous driver Roy Capps, Tucker was essential traded from KRD Team Iona, to help build up the new team and to help Knox Motoring Company develop their new Mercado Trubadors. Capps had run decent practice times, as fast as a 57.810, which would have qualified him into the show, but the a handling issue in turn two cause him to seriously graze the wall and he could only muster a lap that put him 50th. Of the Carolina entries the best was hapless Jeff Shreeves. Shreeves whose in his second year is running the second car and has seen a bit of improvement over last years disaster fro the Central Shansville team that ran itself bankrupt last year. Although he time was a second off of the experimental remote control car from the Sherpa Empire. Next week is the Points paying race at this track in which the teams will have had one week to improve on their cars and we will see if the WCU team can rise to the top on this occasion.
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Postby Xanneria » Wed Jun 12, 2019 9:15 am

Xannerian quick in Newmanistan
By Lee Iyocoka

NEWMANISTAN - The KRD Team Iona cars took to the tricky Triangle at Newmanistan's "Tundra Falls Proving Grounds" like a drop of water does to a lake. The Xannerian team has already looked faster than it did last year with blazing times set by Roman Gwinnet and newcomer Gordon Orton could mean with even more development this year that the team could break into the Vilita/Kanye/Cassadaigua triumvirate that has had a chokehold on top the last year or so. Gwinnet and Orton, who was deemed as having to qualify on time, due to issues with a larger field than in past years made it in 16th, second fastest of the non chartered drivers. Eddie Walters on the other did what several other teams have been doing and used the exhibition race as a test for race setups for the opener next week. Eddie's lap was only 33rd fastest and since only one non-chartered car ahead of him missed the show, he will start 32nd. But one thing going for Walters is his race pace. In practice he was 12th and 8th on the 10 and 15 lap averages. Walter could be a threat Sunday. Another story was the lack of speed some of the returning teams from last year had. Sofia Kerman failed to qualify and River Suzgar had the worst time of any driver who competed last year, with the exception of Tucker Capps. Speaking of Capps, his team had a tumultuous time in Newmanistan, with a recent expose coming out that his airline had been short cutting maintenance and a sponsor controversy over an engineering firm that had ties to militants. He did find some outside help from a producer producer in Kong Island named Kroc.

I'd say one of the biggest surprises was the ADVX program from the Sherpa Empire. This new program from the Intermongal region of Sherpa has produced a competitive autonomous car, in fact the machine which had no charter qualified for the race as the last non-charter entry, beating out teammate Dinggu Wang by 1/10th of a seconed. The race this Sunday is a non-points race but will provide NSSCRA fans with the first look at all the fun and adventures this season has to offer. There will be two events in Xanneria one at the Anderscorggin Fairgrounds in Burns, the home of the automotive industry in Xanneria and a second at the road course in Road Marrieta, home of the traditional Galliburton All-Day 1000km.
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Postby Vilita and Turori » Wed Jun 12, 2019 11:06 am





Tundra Falls Proving Grounds, Tundra Falls, Newmanistan :: Officials from CoCoCo were on hand at the Tundra Falls Proving Grounds in Newmanistan as the NSSCRA circuit kicked things off for the Pre-Season Exhibition where teams and drivers - many first-time entrants to the NSSCRA, would have the opportunity to demonstrate their speed - or lack their of to their competitors. It wasn't just a chance for teams to tweak their cars for the upcoming season which will kick off just one week later with the Tundra Falls 500 in Newmanistan, but also a chance for potential corporate sponsors such as CoCoCo assess new teams and drivers that they may want to partner with for the upcoming season.

Stood up after the fall of the reign of Lord Gregory, Turorian company CoCoCo established a footprint inside South Covello and established itself as a primary supplier of core goods and services. Internally the goods were used to provide essential raw materials and goods to Turorian shops such as Cocoa-bo that had opened a presence in country. Soon after, however, central public distribution locations were also established.

One of the most prominent is Coco-mart, the big box store primarily found in South Covello. Coco-marts were stood up throughout South Covello to serve as an interface between CocCoCo and the public offering excess goods to the citizens of South Covello and somewhat reasonable prices compared with what it would have taken for a citizen to acquire similar goods during the reign of Lord Gregory.

The CoCoCo have established a headquarters on a collection of Islands off the coast of South Covello where raw goods are imported, sorted and redistributed to the mainland. Other major public-facing CoCoCo entities stood up in South Covello include Cocogas and CoCoLectric. CoCoCo also has sustained presence in the Free Republics.

CoCoCo have been heavy investors in the sports advertising market having been an official partner of World Cup 81 in Banija and the Free Republics and naming rights sponsor of the CoCoCo Stadium which hosted the World Cup 81 Final. CoCoCo are also a partner on iBen Toralmintii's Race Eelandii! Vilita and Turori World Grand Prix Motorworks team on the World Grand Prix Championship circuit and have for the past two seasons been an associate sponsor of Vilita and Turori Motorsports in the NSSCRA including primary sponsorship of Rockii Ezis and the #60 CoCoCo Dart.

Unfortunately, Ezis' performance in the #60 have yet to see the developmental driver promoted to a full charter slot and now, after two seasons of waiting for their driver to blossom, CoCoCo are ready to move their funding elsewhere if the right partnership can be found.

CoCoCo would be open to focusing their funding to sponsor a single driver or even to sponsoring an entire team with its different such as brands CoCo-Gas, CoCo-Lectric and CoCo-Mart. Not unexpectedly, many of the cars at the top of the standings in the Exhibition Qualifying session were fully sponsored cars including those from Cassadaigua, Saint Kanye and the Sherpa Empire. However, David Rockingham of Esmerel posted a strong run in 17th while teammate Ben Caprenter made the Exhibition on time to also impress in a largely un-sponsored ride. While The Phoenician Racing teammate #83 Joseph Rawlings was the slowest car in the field, Officials from CoCoCo determined it was worth a conversation with the team from Esmerel to determine where they stood on sponsorship.

The CoCoCo team would be on site all week in Tundra Falls to assess other potential partnerships for its numerous brands on the NSSCRA 8 circuit and welcomed any inquiries from teams that have creative proposal for the company.

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Postby The Sherpa Empire » Wed Jun 12, 2019 1:11 pm

Kai Qiang was tied up in a hotel room in Nanjing. It was shortly before he was due to leave for Tundra Falls to start the new season of NSSCRA and his captor was a college student who had become sexually obsessed with him. She was kneeling over him brandishing a knife. "Tell me you love me," she said.

Qiang instinctively pulled away from the blade, but he couldn't move much. "Mendok, put the knife down!" he whimpered.

"Say you love me!"

"I love you, but I'm serious -- put the knife down!" he said, more forcefully this time.

She leaned closer and whispered in his ear, "Say you'll marry me."

"I'm not going to marry you, Mendok! PUT THE DAMN KNIFE DOWN! It's not funny!"

Mendok sat back and grinned. "It's funny to me," she said. "You know I'm just teasing." She ruffled his hair affectionately, but Qiang still looked pissed off.

"I'd be screaming for help if I thought you were going to kill me, but it still makes me nervous when you do crap like this," he said. "Put the knife away."

Mendok put the knife down on the nightstand beside the bed and pouted, "You never let me do anything fun!" The bed springs squeaked loudly as she bounced back onto the bed.

"I think we have different definitions of fun," said Qiang.

Mendok grabbed Qiang and pulled him close to her. "So what's your definition of fun?"


In the next room, an aging couple whose sex life was not what it used to be were sitting side by side in their bed, both staring straight ahead with dour scowls on their faces. "We should call the police," the woman said.

"Why?" said the man. He added bitterly, "Let them have their fun. At least someone is getting some action..."

"She just threatened him with a knife!" the woman protested.

"So? It's just a roleplay," said the man. "Just because you never want to do anything doesn't mean you need to kink-shame everyone else."

"Threatening someone with a knife is not just a kink," the woman insisted in a scolding tone.

"Maybe not to you, but obviously it is to them," the man said.

"What if she stabs him? Threatening someone with a knife is not..." She was interrupted by the sound of creaking bedsprings. "Oh, Holy Mother!" There were more noises, and she grabbed a pillow and pressed it over her ears to block out the sound. "Oh, Holy Mother, whyyyyyy???"

The man rolled his eyes. Between the noise and the lack of affection in his own room, it was going to be a looooong night.


‭The Li River Speedway was closed for renovations. They were adjusting some of the more awkward corners to improve safety, and putting up new cameras and press boxes. IRACT had not used it for their spring season because the track was all torn up, but a few Guilin-based drivers were still using the garage to store their cars and tools. Kai Qiang's crew were in the garage packing up their gear when Liuyong Xu, came in. At first, Qiang's crew chief thought Xu was there to talk to him about Qiang's personal life. Recently, Xu had been urging Qiang to marry Mendok and adopt a more conservative Confucian lifestyle, with traditional gender roles and absolutely no crossdressing or bondage games. Qiang's crew chief agreed that the bondage games were not healthy, but he did not want to serve as Xu's mouthpiece and did not really want to talk to him.

‭It was a relief when Bo Zhang came into the garage after Xu and it turned out they were just there to gather up their own things to go to New Northwesteros because Xu had been recruited by Direwolf Auto Team.


‭Kai Qiang was happy to see Tundra Falls again, especially now that he had adequate funds to go there without worrying about the expense. There were places he could stay or eat that were still out of his price range, but his tastes didn't run toward that sort of extravagance. He was not the type of person that would spend money on ridiculous things just for the sake of flaunting his wealth. He just liked having a nice comfy room that someone else was responsible for cleaning and tasty food that someone was responsible for cooking. And it was nice to have a couple of days of peace and quiet, away from his sister and Mendok, before the NSSCRA season got going. He cared for his sister and Mendok, but sometimes the noise and fuss around them was too much.

‭He wasn't so happy to see Lexi Patterson and a self-driving car at the track, but whatever. He would just have to beat them. Despite the Northern license plate, he was suspicious that ‬A7DXZ5 might be a TMW prototype that they wanted to test without putting their name on it yet. The Xannerians seemed to have similar suspicions, but it was hard to be sure. There was no actual proof.

As everyone was getting ready for qualifying, Qiang went to say hi to Jeremiah Brooke and tell him that the offer to show him around the scenic sights around Guilin was still on the table this year, since Brooke's injuries had preventing him doing it last year. It was nice to see Brooke again, even if he seemed to have aged some and did not look quite the way Qiang remembered him.

‭IRACT's system of making people compete for NSSCRA charters every year was a hassle, but the good thing about it was that it meant Qiang and his crew had not been idle enough to get rusty and lazy in the offseason. It showed in qualifying, and Qiang had the fastest lap.


‭It was a slap in the face when Dinggu Wang found out he hadn't qualified for the race. Even if it was just an exhibition race, it was still a wake up call. If he was going to make a name for himself, he needed to get on it before he got any older. He did not have time to dally around sitting out races because he was too slow in qualifying.

‭As he stood around thinking about his next steps, he noticed Zakhilwal and Qiang teasing each other. Zakhilwal playfully ruffled Qiang's hair and said, "Congratulations, little dude," which sparked off a minor spat because Qiang thought it was condescending, but neither of them was really that upset. Even if Zakhilwal was a little obnoxious, they both had every reason to feel like they were in a good place to start the season. Wang couldn't say the same about himself. It hurt to think that after all the years he'd poured his heart and soul into racing, he still couldn't keep up with them.

‭He answered a few questions from reporters, stating the obvious that he was disappointed not to qualify, and then he went off to nurse his emotional wounds.


‭As for Zakhilwal, even if he didn't have the best time in qualifying, he was having a blast, and he was confident that he would find his time to shine once the season got rolling.
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Postby Newmanistan » Wed Jun 12, 2019 6:01 pm

Race: Exhibition at the Proving Grounds, Tundra Falls, Newmanistan
Lap Record: 56.342 sec
Minimum Time to avoid DNF: 59.600 sec

Segment 1:
1 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori)                56.690
2 #75 - Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 56.738
3 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 56.764
4 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 56.775
5 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 56.840
6 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 56.849
7 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 56.853
8 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 56.866
9 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori) 56.926
10 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 56.990
11 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 57.050
12 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 57.052
13 #28- Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) *Q* 57.053
14 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) *Q* 57.069
15 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori) 57.097
16 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 57.206
17 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) *Q* 57.354
18 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 57.393
19 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 57.410
20 #48 - Travis Barkley (Newmanistan) *Q* 57.424
21 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 57.448
22 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 57.501
23 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 57.571
24 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 57.650
25 #55 - A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) *Q* 57.681
26 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 57.706
27 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) 57.730
28 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 57.780
29 #0 - Hana Bhe (Filindostan) 57.912
30 #00 - Ilham Lukas Jenie (Filindostan) 57.949
31 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 58.383
32 #32 - Andrew Holden (Lisander) 58.442
33 #86 - Bluetarch The 5th (Newark Aristocracy) 58.608
34 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 58.751
35 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 58.755
36 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 58.764
37 #94 - Daniel Almirola (Sedile) 58.913
38 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 58.925
39 #03 - Mike Reddiër (Caleonia) 58.934
40 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 59.056
41 #67 - Denny Truex Lenlin (Sedile) 59.064
42 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 59.250
43 #02 - Kohan The 10th (Newark Aristocracy) 59.379
44 #29 - Frank Joy (Caleonia) 59.400
45 #80 - Franklin Egar (Filindostan) *Q* 59.512
46 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 59.559

Segment 2:
1 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua)                    56.728
2 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori) 56.830
3 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 56.867
4 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 56.877
5 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 56.930
6 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 56.944
7 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 56.958
8 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 57.003
9 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 57.004
10 #28- Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) *Q* 57.030
11 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori) 57.090
12 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 57.121
13 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 57.208
14 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 57.229
15 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 57.260
16 #48 - Travis Barkley (Newmanistan) *Q* 57.291
17 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 57.468
18 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 57.483
19 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 57.527
20 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 57.582
21 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 57.601
22 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) 57.633
23 #0 - Hana Bhe (Filindostan) 57.685
24 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 57.751
25 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) *Q* 57.769
26 #80 - Franklin Egar (Filindostan) *Q* 57.797
27 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) *Q* 57.844
28 #32 - Andrew Holden (Lisander) 57.958
29 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 57.974
30 #55 - A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) *Q* 57.977
31 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 58.038
32 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori) 58.044
33 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 58.072
34 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 58.169
35 #00 - Ilham Lukas Jenie (Filindostan) 58.179
36 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 58.200
37 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 58.425
38 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 58.430
39 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 58.540
40 #86 - Bluetarch The 5th (Newark Aristocracy) 58.756
41 #67 - Denny Truex Lenlin (Sedile) 59.019
42 #03 - Mike Reddiër (Caleonia) 59.071
43 #02 - Kohan The 10th (Newark Aristocracy) 59.113
44 #94 - Daniel Almirola (Sedile) 59.194
45 #75 - Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 59.330
46 #29 - Frank Joy (Caleonia) 59.627 DNF

Segment 3:
1 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori)                56.697
2 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 56.704
3 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 56.753
4 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 56.812
5 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 56.832
6 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori) 56.870
7 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 56.905
8 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 56.964
9 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 57.014
10 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) *Q* 57.104
11 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 57.141
12 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 57.169
13 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 57.220
14 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 57.229
15 #48 - Travis Barkley (Newmanistan) *Q* 57.236
16 #75 - Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 57.295
17 #28- Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) *Q* 57.313
18 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 57.330
19 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 57.410
20 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 57.422
21 #80 - Franklin Egar (Filindostan) *Q* 57.449
22 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 57.488
23 #32 - Andrew Holden (Lisander) 57.569
24 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) *Q* 57.587
25 #55 - A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) *Q* 57.599
26 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 57.765
27 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 57.865
28 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 57.958
29 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 58.050
30 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 58.055
31 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) 58.110
32 #0 - Hana Bhe (Filindostan) 58.274
33 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 58.276
34 #00 - Ilham Lukas Jenie (Filindostan) 58.388
35 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 58.472
36 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 58.680
37 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 58.691
38 #86 - Bluetarch The 5th (Newark Aristocracy) 58.744
39 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 58.866
40 #67 - Denny Truex Lenlin (Sedile) 58.976
41 #03 - Mike Reddiër (Caleonia) 59.027
42 #94 - Daniel Almirola (Sedile) 59.138
43 #02 - Kohan The 10th (Newark Aristocracy) 59.213
44 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 59.708 DNF
45 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori) 1:00.275 DNF

Segment 4:
1 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye)                       56.716
2 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 56.738
3 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 56.825
4 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 56.832
5 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 56.866
6 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 56.882
7 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 56.916
8 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori) 56.923
9 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 56.924
10 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 56.939
11 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 57.043
12 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) *Q* 57.068
13 #28- Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) *Q* 57.069
14 #75 - Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 57.166
15 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 57.202
16 #48 - Travis Barkley (Newmanistan) *Q* 57.319
17 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 57.391
18 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori) 57.407
19 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 57.455
20 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) *Q* 57.492
21 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 57.506
22 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 57.564
23 #55 - A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) *Q* 57.649
24 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 57.714
25 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 57.747
26 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 57.872
27 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 57.947
28 #32 - Andrew Holden (Lisander) 58.039
29 #0 - Hana Bhe (Filindostan) 58.077
30 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) 58.086
31 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 58.122
32 #80 - Franklin Egar (Filindostan) *Q* 58.257
33 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 58.377
34 #00 - Ilham Lukas Jenie (Filindostan) 58.486
35 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 58.597
36 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 58.635
37 #86 - Bluetarch The 5th (Newark Aristocracy) 58.759
38 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 59.028
39 #67 - Denny Truex Lenlin (Sedile) 59.158
40 #03 - Mike Reddiër (Caleonia) 59.216
41 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 59.243
42 #02 - Kohan The 10th (Newark Aristocracy) 59.456
43 #94 - Daniel Almirola (Sedile) 59.656 DNF

Segment 5:
1 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland)                    56.671
2 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 56.818
3 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 56.837
4 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 56.878
5 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 56.880
6 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 56.890
7 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 56.929
8 #75 - Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 56.938
9 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 56.945
10 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori) 56.956
11 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori) 56.971
12 #28- Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) *Q* 57.114
13 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 57.135
14 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 57.184
15 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 57.206
16 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 57.235
17 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) *Q* 57.247
18 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 57.364
19 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 57.387
20 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 57.575
21 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 57.657
22 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 57.756
23 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) *Q* 57.848
24 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 57.885
25 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 57.894
26 #00 - Ilham Lukas Jenie (Filindostan) 57.952
27 #0 - Hana Bhe (Filindostan) 57.955
28 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 58.005
29 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 58.015
30 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 58.052
31 #32 - Andrew Holden (Lisander) 58.106
32 #80 - Franklin Egar (Filindostan) *Q* 58.110
33 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 58.520
34 #86 - Bluetarch The 5th (Newark Aristocracy) 58.580
35 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 58.599
36 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 58.639
37 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) 58.652
38 #48 - Travis Barkley (Newmanistan) *Q* 58.678
39 #55 - A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) *Q* 59.083
40 #03 - Mike Reddiër (Caleonia) 59.083
41 #67 - Denny Truex Lenlin (Sedile) 59.352
42 #02 - Kohan The 10th (Newark Aristocracy) 59.655 DNF

Final Results:
 1 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp)                          56.926 WINNER
2 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori) 56.971
3 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 56.973
4 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 56.993
5 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 57.082
6 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 57.098
7 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 57.108
8 #28- Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) *Q* 57.116
9 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori) 57.144
10 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 57.157
11 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 57.196
12 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 57.205
13 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) *Q* 57.266
14 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 57.373
15 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 57.395
16 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 57.399
17 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 57.402
18 #75 - Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 57.493
19 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 57.564
20 #48 - Travis Barkley (Newmanistan) *Q* 57.590
21 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) *Q* 57.610
22 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 57.674
23 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 57.686
24 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 57.768
25 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 57.885
26 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 57.928
27 #0 - Hana Bhe (Filindostan) 57.981
28 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 57.985
29 #55 - A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) *Q* 57.998
30 #32 - Andrew Holden (Lisander) 58.023
31 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) 58.042
32 #00 - Ilham Lukas Jenie (Filindostan) 58.191
33 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 58.196
34 #80 - Franklin Egar (Filindostan) *Q* 58.225
35 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 58.304
36 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 58.381
37 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 58.383
38 #86 - Bluetarch The 5th (Newark Aristocracy) 58.492
39 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 58.552
40 #03 - Mike Reddiër (Caleonia) 59.066
41 #67 - Denny Truex Lenlin (Sedile) 59.114
42 #02 - Kohan The 10th (Newark Aristocracy) DNF
43 #94 - Daniel Almirola (Sedile) DNF
44 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) DNF
45 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori) DNF
46 #29 - Frank Joy (Caleonia) DNF
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Postby Saint Kanye » Wed Jun 12, 2019 7:33 pm

(OOC: Well, better late than never.

Also, please inform me of errors in team names and trigrammes.)


The Kibitzer's preseason preview, part deux

by Dante Dinkley and Ray Wright

TUNDRA FALLS - Newmanistan's sports mecca, the Tundra Falls Proving Grounds, is being swarmed by citizens of various countries once more, as for the third consecutive season, the Nationstates Stock Car Racing Association (NSSCRA) kicks things off here with the opening ceremonies, the Exhibition at Tundra Falls, and next week's Tundra Falls 500.

Due to the growing number of willing participants to the world's top stock car league, the field has been expanded to 46 (from 43), in which 40 spots belong to chartered drivers, five to non-chartered drivers, and one for the open charter (except during the Exhibition in Tundra Falls, where there are six spots for non-chartered driver and there is no open charter).

Last issue, we got to know more about Glorious Free Republic Motorsports, St. Kanye's NSSCRA team. Now we look at some of the different teams that Skip Stiller, Jeremiah Brooke, Thea Alvarez and Sage Caldwell will be rubbing elbows - and fenders - with.

Origin: The Sherpa Empire (SHW)

The Sherpa team in NSSCRA isn't a private entity like in many of the other countries, instead, their stock car governing body, the Independent Racing Association of the Chinese Territories (IRACT) sends their top three drivers overseas.

Grabbing first place in the recently concluded IRACT season was Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal, better known as the "Carpet Khan" because of his sponsors, driving the #06 AutoModi. Rinzi aims to turn heads this season, not just because of his sweet mustache, but also because of his abilities.

Even despite his runner-up points finish in the domestic league, Kai Qiang is considered by many Sherpas as their ace stock car driver. As with the GFR trio, among many others, this will be Qiang's third season in NSSCRA. He will look to make the Chase for a third time as well, and try to get further than the Round of 8.

Dinggu Wang, the veteran, has been brought back, but instead of being a part-timer, he will be attempting all races in the #79 TMW. Wang may be in his fifties, but he wants to make a statement, that is, he could still get the job done.

Origin: Abanhfleft Who are we kidding? Of course it's Cassadaigua (CDG)

Home of the defending NSSCRA champion, Team Cassadaigua wants to let the world know just what female drivers can do, as well as the true meaning of girl power. This is a team that the Yeezies have generally good relations with, but pose a very tough challenge to them when it's time for racing.

#4 Meghan Sharpe and #11 Jenna Logan both earned their first career wins last season, and you could expect them to add more to their totals. Meanwhile, #27 Stacie Houston starts her title defense; the outspoken driver, through her blog, has expressed her confidence and excitement at the idea of doing so.

On standby is #17 Tyler Abbott, who remains as Cassadaigua's male driver and part-timer.

Origin: Jebslund (JEB)

This team, backed by the military, has gone from non-factors in the sixth NSSCRA season to taking a driver to the Chase in the seventh. Known worldwide for their work ethic, the Jebslunden delegation are expected to continue in their improvement.

Eva Kerman, the Chaser in question, has tasted some time at the top of the points standings in the early part of last season, and the mission for the #13 driver is to repeat that brilliance and hopefully hold on to it for longer.

Hampton Island native Lexi Patterson, the former kart racer, was signed toward the end of last season, spent some time in the Kermanic domestic league, and seemed to have grown and meshed well with the system of her new team. She will stick to the #30, her old number back at home.

Sofia Kerman may have lost her charter, but given her performance last season, look for the #69 to make the field more often than not.

Meanwhile, Wilhelm Kerman (#1) has been bumped down from full-time to part-time to make room for the new signing of Lexi.

Origin: Vilita and Turori (VNT)

Hailing from a motorsports hotbed, and arguably possessing the deepest pockets among all NSSCRA teams, VTM has no problems spending gold when it comes to earning gold, and they will continue to make their presence felt in more ways than one.

#2 Centur Tiones seemed to do well late in both the sixth and seventh seasons, well after he has failed to make the Chase. Will he break the trend this time, and actually have a shot at the trophy, or will he keep on being the poster child of the saying "too little, too late"?

If there are love triangles, there is also a "rivalry triangle" in NSSCRA. Brooke and Houston's friendly rivalry is well-documented, but the 'Dagan also has another fierce competitor in Yraaga Gilli'i of the #41 Dart, who is looking to crack the Championship Four once again.

Despite Gilli'i's recent success, #14 River Suzgar is looking to prove that he's still the top dog, or rather Shark, at VTM. The champion two seasons ago is known to be dangerous whatever starting spot you put him, much like GFR's Stiller, who considers Suzgar one of his toughest competitors and rivals.

Aside from the main three, VTM will also enter Rockii Ezis and the #60 vehicle in select races this season; the young driver is being groomed to take over a full-time spot in the future. (OOC: V&T told me so)

Origin: Tropicorp (TRP)

The business giant's Cocoabo driver experiment returns for another season, with Cocoabo #78 leading the way in the same-numbered car, with human handler Anavella Ariiki in the team's second charter. Ariiki will be driving the #88 car, a number last used by Sherpalander Liangmei Li last season. In the must qualify position is the other bird, Cocoabo #28, back after last season's injury; Euroli Islander (#42) drops to part-time.

Obviously, that's not all. Check back next issue for more profiles of NSSCRA teams new and old, established and rising.

All qualifying sessions and races will be broadcast live on SKYNET (Saint KanYe NETwork) Sports Channel 12, and online at nsscra.skynet.stk.
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Postby Hapilopper » Thu Jun 13, 2019 6:26 am

Pit Road, The Proving Grounds, Tundra Falls, Newmanistan

Chris Holmes and Frank Bronson, Team Blue’s two representatives in their first NSSCRA race, couldn’t have had two different races if they had tried. One driver was looking for another to thank for a great battle, while another driver was having to explain his way out of some kind of incident that took one of Sedile’s drivers out of the race. What the two had in common, however, was neither were really all that successful in their post-race pursuit.

For most of the race, Holmes had enjoyed a knock-down, drag-out brawl with A7DXZ5 of Wagensvolk for position. The two battled hard, but clean. Never mind the fact it was for a midpack position most of the way. Holmes was clearly enjoying himself as he battled with A7DXZ5 for position, and it looked like his new rival was enjoying itself as well. The two, having developed some sort of trust for each other on the race track, were taking some real chances on the track as they battled each other. There were divebomb moves, slidejobs, slingshot passes and moments where one used a lapped car as a pick, and vice versa. Holmes had finished 24th, but that wasn’t entirely something that bothered him. He was looking for A7DXZ5 to thank for what had been an awesome battle for position.

Holmes made his way to the Wagensvolk garage to find a cadre of crew members debriefing with their car, but no driver. This bewildered him somewhat, and it also worried him. Maybe the driver was sick. After all, he hadn’t seen a driver in the pre-race driver’s meeting or driver introductions. He had been in situations before where he had to be excused from both due to illness.

“Hey, I was wondering, is y’all’s driver OK? I wanted to come over and thank…”

Holmes trailed off as soon as he saw the Wagensvolk crew looking at him in pure bewilderment, almost as if he was asking them to jump off a cliff.

“Driver?” One of the Wagensvolk crew asked Holmes.

The others weren’t entirely sure what was going on. The Wagensvolk crew didn’t speak English, for the most part, and Holmes didn’t speak Mongolian, so there was a massive language barrier between the two.

While Chris Holmes was running head-on into the reality that he might need an interpreter for post-race conversations in the future, Frank Bronson was facing the reality that you just couldn’t knock a fellow driver from a foreign land out of the way and get away with it, even if it wasn’t his fault.

Early on in the race, Bronson, trying to move his way up through the field, hooked Daniel Almirola into a spin going into the second turn. The video showed that Almirola, slower and a lap down, had moved into Bronson’s lane as he was battling with Meghan Sharpe of Cassadaigua. Rather than slowing down and giving Sharpe the position, fearing he wouldn’t get it back, Bronson booted Almirola out of the way. Almirola spun right into the outside wall and blasted it head-on. It was fortunate that nobody else had gotten collected in the mess, but Almirola was quite displeased with Bronson.

When Bronson drove back to the garage, he found Almirola, and several Sedile crew members waiting for him, to demand an explanation for the incident. Bronson tried to defuse the situation with his quick wit, but that would only go so far. Almirola wanted blood, and so did the Sedile crew members. “Is there something I can help you with?” Bronson said, almost trying to play dumb.

“Shut the hell up, you know damn good and well why I’m here,” Almirola barked. “You took me out. Instead of just getting behind me or going to the outside, you dumped me.”

The two argued for a brief moment before Team Blue officials ran in to get their driver away. Bronson later said he had no idea what Almirola had been talking about.

“I honestly don’t know what was going on,” Bronson said with some frustration. “He came down into my lane and he took himself out. Just one of those deals, you know? There was honestly nothing I could have done. If he stayed high out of the way, none of us would have collided.”

Typically, the Team Blue drivers would have raced each other in an effort to get to the airport and get home post-haste. With the next race at the Proving Grounds a week away, the idea of making the long trip to and from Hapilopper and Newmanistan seemed a little silly. Team Blue and their three drivers, consequently, made the conscious decision to stay in Tundra Falls and prepare for the season opener in just a few days.
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Postby Xanneria » Thu Jun 13, 2019 6:55 am

It was a race, I guess
By Lee Iyokokoa

NEWMANISTAN - The NSSCRA season got underway in Newmanistan with the Tundra Falls Exhibition race. While just an exhibition race, it was a great way to show off new cars and to give one last test before that start of the season so thats the kinks could be ironed out. There were no kinks needing to be ironed out for the Xannerian KRD team as the team had two top-15 finishes with Gordon Orton leading the charge in 13th. Walters was one spot behind and Gwinnett probably would have been up there had problems beyond his control, not arisen.

The race got started with the Sherpa entry of Kai Qiang leading the way but he would soon fade. The dominate cars of the early stage were Tropicorp car of Cocoabo #78 and Floyd Hackerbee in the VMC, but towards the end of the first stage River Suzgar pulled away. Eddie Walters meanwhile was cutting through the field, the plan to start on a race setup rather than a qualifying setup, which they would have been forced to use due to impounding rules helped Walter out immensely as he was able to reach the top-10. Orton also stayed up near the front but Gwinnett ran into the first of many issues he'd suffer all day. A cut tire after contact with the lapped car of Denny Truex Lenlin sent him into the pits and he nearly went a lap down as he was only able to stay ahead of the leaders. He got lucky when a caution for Frank Joy stalling out in turn two let him get back on the lead lap. he worked his way up slightly as traffic was still thick, but his luck would again run out as during segment three a battle for a top-10 spot sent Centur Tiones into a spin, Gwinnett was behind enough and checked up but the car of Frank Bronson didn't slow down enough and ran into the back of the Golden Boy who would spin into Tiones. While this damage was fairly minor for Gwinnett, he struck Tiones directly in the wheel and cause serious damage to the suspension of the VTM driver. While he was able to soldier on to a 26th place finish he was three laps down in the end and wasn't able to push into a top-15 like his teammates. In the end Cocoabo #28 snuck a victory with a late pass over the most dominant driver of the day, River Suzgar. Following the pair were THe Alvarez and a bit surprising name in Alex Knight. Eva Kerman rounded out the top-5.
There increasing optimism with the KRD team, loftier goals could be attainable this year and we have a small chance at even seeing a chase birth for a Xannerian driver. Coming up next week is the start of the season, Hope it's a good season! This writer wants no more than the best for his local team!
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Postby Jebslund » Thu Jun 13, 2019 8:40 am

Schnellezeichnung 5th, Lexi Patterson 16th in NSSCRA Exhibition
Not a bad start for Patterson, but there's room to improve.

Well, folks, here we are for another season of NSSCRA! While last season saw Jebslund with three guaranteed drivers in each race, the international stock car racing event's growth in popularity has seen an increase of nations sending teams to compete, and, with that growth, a reduction in the number of guaranteed spots in each race. As a result, Oberfeldwebel Sofia Kerman had to sit the exhibition race out due to not running a fast enough qualifier to earn a spot in the race. She and her crew have been hard at work since the qualifier, so, naturally, they haven't been available for comment.

And here I thought the Leopard was supposed to be fast

Also unavailable for comment is Lexi Patterson. Now, most of you who read my articles will probably remember her from last season's scandal involving her exploitation by a couple of unscrupulous companies better left unnamed and best forgotten. Sie Nah Fleet Systems picked her up and started running her ragged getting her ready for this season, and, so far, it's been paying off. 16th might not seem all that great, and it kind of isn't, objectively, but, for a rookie who hadn't even been in a racing stock car this time last year competing against seasoned veterans and pros, that's pretty good, and, from what I've heard, she's putting in the hours to get even better. I'm looking forward to seeing how this season goes for her.

Lexi Patterson's #30 Bartpinguin

Finishing 5th in the exhibition was my girl Schnellezeichnung, who I have it on good authority is not only looking to get back on top this season, but also make up for last year's crash and burn in the Chase (the figurative one, mind you. Though she is hoping to avoid repeating the literal one, too.). Given who you're up against, you've got a long fight ahead of you, Schnellezeichnung, but, if last season is anything to go by, you got this! This time last year, you were sitting at 8th, so just keep on doing you and you'll be fine.

Oberst Eva Kerman rocking the Löwe

Today's featured Imbissmeister is also very fine! Feinere Pralinen von Fein Howard Kerman makes simply divine chocolates and chocolate-related candies, and has been since the First Big One [Editor's note: World War 1]! Feinere Pralinen von Fein Howard Kerman is a mouthful to be sure, but so are their Schokoladendorfrations (and everything-else-ful at that. Definitely not for the solo snacker.), and their Pralinenschnappen have that perfect cracking sound when you break them up to share (or, perhaps, to eat some now and have some later. Who said you couldn't have your snack and eat it too?). My favorite, though? Their Pralinenkartoffelchips. Sweet, salty, and crunchy, and, like all their chocolates, the smell when you open the bag? Absolutely heavenly! They deliver and are approved for export, so you readers out there in the multiverse can try them, too!

Writing for the Sportler, this has been Eva Kerman wishing you a lucky season!
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Postby Cassadaigua » Thu Jun 13, 2019 9:10 am

Better To Wreck Now Then Later?
By Stacie Houston

Things were going great for my Five Star Mobile macine, we had a good start and I was in front of the pack as we were starting to get near the halfway point. Centur Tiones was right behind me in the outside line and things were going routinely for a restrictor plate race. Then, it happened and without warning. My right rear exploded, causing me to spin out. That’s an awful feeling on this type of track because you know there is a lot of track behind you. Tiones had no time to react, and got into me, causing me to get into the wall, making pretty hard contact with the right front. His car also hit the wall, and we were each done for the day.

Thankfully, it is just an exhibition race. The real season begins next week here at the Proving Grounds, and while each of us have extra work to do to prepare for it now, it doesn’t have any impact on the points. DNF’s are a fact of life for a race car driver. You just have to avoid getting to many of them. Fortunately, we don’t tend to have a lot of them. Hopefully when it counts, that will continue but you also have to hope that this does not become a trend.

I have no idea why my tire exploded suddenly. I asked Centur if he noticed anything with it while he was riding behind me prior to spinning out and he said he did not. Congratulations to Cocoabo #78 on the win, they have always been a great driver and while they will want to win while it counts, it is the first such victory for Tropicorp.
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