GCF World Twenty20 Championship XII (EVERYTHING thread)

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GCF World Twenty20 Championship XII (EVERYTHING thread)

Postby Liventia » Wed May 29, 2019 5:22 pm

The Liventian Cricket Board of Authority would like to welcome all 20 teams entered in the 12th Global Cricket Federation World Twenty20 Championship to Liventia for what will hopefully be an unforgettable tournament.

The CBA would like to remind participating teams of the format to be used.

The 20 teams were seeded into three pots as follows:
Nations guaranteed to be in Group A (Pot 1): West Phoenicia (1), Elejamie (4), Ko-oren (5), Apox (9), Eastfield Lodge (10), Plough Islands (17), Lisander (21)
Nations guaranteed to be in Group B (Pot 2): Darmen (2), Mattijana (3), Liventia (6), Barunia (8), Busoga Islands (13), Damukuni (16)
Nations with tied ranks or which are unranked and can be drawn into either group (Pot 3): Teusland (=24), Krytenia (=24), Indusse (=24), Tulize (UR), Tornado Queendom (UR), Sajnur (UR), Pratapgadh (UR)

The draw took place under the following circumstances:
Teams will be drawn at random. The order in which a team is drawn out will determine their order in the group (for fixture and scheduling purposes). If a team from Pot 3 is drawn out, the first team out will be assigned the next available spot in Group B, the following team in Group A, and so on. Three teams from Pot 3 will be drawn into Group A, with the remaining four in Group B.

In case of a tie in all games (group stage and knockouts), a super over will be played.
Two points for a win (including by super over), one point for a defeat by super over, and no points for any other loss.
If teams are tied on points, the tiebreakers will be as follows: Wins overall (including by super over), head-to-head points, head-to-head wins (including by super over), head-to-head net run rate, overall net run rate, drawing of lots.

The Decision Review System (third umpire TV review) will be in use. Each team will receive one unsuccessful challenge per innings.


Expected schedule
Scorination will be every other day during the group stage. (Dates are subject to change at short notice.)

Monday, 3 June: 1 v 10, 2 v 9, 3 v 8, 4 v 7, 5 v 6
Wednesday, 5 June: 10 v 6, 7 v 5, 8 v 4, 9 v 3, 1 v 2
Friday, 7 June: 2 v 10, 3 v 1, 4 v 9, 5 v 8, 6 v 7
Sunday, 9 June: 10 v 7, 8 v 6, 9 v 5, 1 v 4, 2 v 3
Tuesday, 11 June: 3 v 10, 4 v 2, 5 v 1, 6 v 9, 7 v 8
Thursday, 13 June: 10 v 8, 9 v 7, 1 v 6, 2 v 5, 3 v 4
Saturday, 15 June: 4 v 10, 5 v 3, 6 v 2, 7 v 1, 8 v 9
Monday, 17 June: 10 v 9, 1 v 8, 2 v 7, 3 v 6, 4 v 5
Wednesday, 19 June: 5 v 10, 6 v 4, 7 v 3, 8 v 2, 9 v 1

The top two teams per group qualify for the quarter-finals.
The next four teams qualify for the elimination play-off.

Friday, 21 June: Elimination playoff (A3 v B6, A4 v B5, B4 v A5, B3 v A6)
Saturday, 22 June: Quarter-finals (A1 v B3/A6, A2 v B4/A5, B1 v A3/B6, B2 v A4/B5)

Monday, 24 June: Semi-finals
Tuesday, 25 June: Third-place playoff and final

Group draw

Group A
Eastfield Lodge (10)
Elejamie (4)
The Plough Islands (17)
Krytenia (24)
Ko-oren (5)
Lisander (21)
Indusse (24)
Apox (9)
West Phoenicia (1)
Tornado Queendom (UR)

Group B
Damukuni (16)
Pratapgadh (UR)
Liventia (6)
Darmen (2)
Busoga Islands (13)
Teusland (24)
Barunia (8)
Tulize (UR)
Sajnur (UR)
Mattijana (3)
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Postby Liventia » Wed May 29, 2019 5:22 pm

Welcome to Liventia.

The WT20 organisers wish to note that Liventia has strict laws when it comes to behaviour; rioting used to carry the death penalty until a moratorium on capital punishment was brought into effect four decades ago. There is a total ban on outdoor public smoking (including e-cigarettes) and outdoor public drinking, including in bars and restaurants in Liventia. Public alcoholism will result in prosecution. The drugs trade is banned, although casual use is not actively policed. The minimum age for smoking and drinking in the country is 17.

Six grounds will host World T20 matches during the tournament. ICly, with 10 games per matchday, games will be spread out over two days per matchday, with two off in between each matchday. (Nations using a real-life calendar may ignore this aspect of fluid time, or opt to have their games 'played' on the scorination off-day.)

The six grounds are, in ascending order of capacity:

Lewes Park, Neverend.
An old club ground that's been upgraded for use in international cricket, Lewes Park is hosting its third World T20 event (after editions six and seven). Situated about 40 minutes from Neverend city centre, shuttle buses will be provided to all ticketholders for matches at Lewes Park from the city's main train station. Capacity: 11,000. End names: Town End, Pavilion End. Will host games in Group B and elimination play-off A3 v B6.

Folenisa Cricket Ground, Folenisa
Probably the Liventian ground which players most enjoy playing at, with both bat and ball able to dominate at times during the long-form games. While the groundstaff have promised pitches better suited to T20 cricket, it remains to be seen how much assistance bowlers will continue to have. Headquarters of the Cricketing Board of Authority, who have chosen not to be based in the grander surrounds of Park Central Oval. Capacity: 25,600. End names: Desert End, Walton Road End. Will host games in Group A, elimination play-off A4 v B5, and quarter-final A2 v B4/A5.

Island Cricket Arena, Schimpol
The only Liventian ground located off the mainland. Friendly to the fast bowlers, thanks to the ground being located just inland from the coast. The sea breeze often picks up, and aids seam and swing – not to mention makes catching high balls slightly tricky. Equally true in T20 cricket as in one-dayers and first-class games. Capacity: 27,500. End names: City End, Mainland End. Will host games in Group B, elimination play-off B4 v A5, and quarter-final A1 v B3/A6.

The Bastion Dover Cricket Ground, Dover
Traditionally the spinners' paradise in Liventia, the Bastion's grounds crew have been working hard to make the pitches more equitable to batsmen. However, spin bowlers should still find plenty of joy at this ground. Capacity: 28,225. End names: Town End, Clock End. Will host games in Group A, elimination play-off B3 v A6, and quarter-final B2 v A4/B5.

National Centre of Excellence Oval, City Centre
The second-largest ground in the country and home to Liventia's national youth academy. Friendly to batsmen. Capacity: 37,000. End names: Pavilion End, Academy End. Will host games in Group A, quarter-final B1 v A3/B6, semi-final 1, and the third-place playoff.

Park Central Oval, Orean
The 'home of Liventian cricket'. A batsman's dream, usually flat as a road in Test cricket. No different in the short-form stuff. It's about limiting the score when you bowl here, rather than trying for wickets. Capacity: 37,500. End names: Lothian End, Poplar End. Will host games in Group B, semi-final 2, and the final.
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Postby Pratapgadh » Wed May 29, 2019 6:34 pm

Pratapgadh National Cricket Team

We are back after the warm-up T20 cup hosted back home, and we are here to improve. There is no major change in the squad, but we have a newcomer which we believe has potential. His name is Divaj Dharel, a 19-year-old born in Nashik, Nashik District, Maratha Pradesa, Pratapgadh. He is an excellent batsman, he takes his time and looks for bad balls and smashes them. But he is also a hitter when it comes to T20. Yashwant Lurka has been dropped from Starting 11 because of his poor performance in the Veergati T20 Cup. Divaj Dharel will be opening with Rajendra Rathore, and that's all.

Captain: Sanjay Gadia
Vice Captain: Rajendra Rathore
Head Coach: Tarun Kanvinde
Batting Coach: Ajeet Kolhe
Bowling Coach: Balaram Acharya
Fielding Coach: Nikhil Patkar

NumberNameAgeBatting StyleBowling StyleT20 InternationalsPlace of Birth
#23Kartik Kakadia25Right-handedRight-arm Pace0Karnavati, Karnavati District, Gujarat, Pratapgadh
#31Abdaal Rahman23Right-handedRight-arm Pace0Ompur, Ompur District, West Punjab, Pratapgadh
#86Pradip Khatmode30Left-handedLeft-arm Orthodox Spin0Mumbai, Mumbai District, Maratha Pradesa, Pratapgadh
#11Neel Karamchand20Right-handedRight-arm Off Spin0Jaisalmer, Jaisalmer District, Rajputana, Pratapgadh

NumberNameAgeBatting StyleT20 InternationalsPlace of Birth
#45Rajendra Rathore23Right-handed0Jaipur, Jaipur District, Rajputana, Pratapgadh
#7Divaj Dharel19Right-handed0Nashik, Nashik District, Maratha Pradesa, Pratapgadh
#20Bipin Parte29Right-handed0Mumbai, Mumbai District, Maratha Pradesa, Pratapgadh
#67Juman Mulani32Right-handed0Kurukshetra, Kurukshetra District, East Punjab, Pratapgadh
#89Farhang Gondalwala24Left-handed0Suryapur, Suryapur District, Gujarat, Pratapgadh

NumberNameAgeBatting StyleBowling StyleT20 InternationalsPlace of Birth
#19Sanjay Gadia28Left-handedLeft-arm Medium Pace0Jodhpur, Jodhpur District, Rajputana, Pratapgadh
#43Sandha Ghalo27Left-handedLeft-arm Medium Pace0Chandigarh, Chandigarh District, East Punjab

NumberNameAgeBatting StyleT20 InternationalsPlace of Birth
#74Javed Kazmi27Right-handed0Omkara, Omkara District, West Punjab, Pratapgadh
#53Ishan Awasthi21Right-handed0Mumbai, Mumbai District, Maratha Pradesa, Pratapgadh

Starting 11
- Abdaal Rahman
- Bipin Parte
- Divaj Dharel
- Farhang Gondalwala
- Javed Kazmi (wk)
- Juman Mulani
- Kartik Kakadia
- Pradip Khatmode
- Rajendra Rathore (vc)
- Sandha Ghalo
- Sanjay Gadia (c)

Batting Order
1. Rajendra Rathore (vc)
2. Divaj Dharel
3. Bipin Parte
4. Juman Mulani
5. Farhang Gondalwala
6. Sanjay Gadia (c)
7. Sandha Ghalo
8. Javed Kazmi (wk)
9. Pradip Khatmode
10. Abdaal Rahman
11. Kartik Kakadia

Batting Order (Reserve Players)
Ishan Awasthi (7th or 8th)
Hari Kapse (4th or 5th)
Neel Karamchand (9th or 10th)
Yashwant Lurka (6th or 7th)

Bowling Order
1. Kartik Kakadia
2. Abdaal Rahman
3. Pradip Khatmode
4. Sanjay Gadia
5. Sandha Ghalo

Bowling Order (Reserve Players)
Neel Karamchand (3rd or 4th)

Nickname: Men In Red & Gold
Association: Pratapgadh Cricket Federation (PCF)
Captain: Sanjay Gadia
Head Coach: Tarun Kavinde
Batting Coach: Ajeet Kolhe
Bowling Coach: Balaram Acharya
Fielding Coach: Nikhil Patkar
T20 Ranking: UR
Number of Matches: 0
Matches Won: 0
Matches Drawn: 0
Matches Lost: 0
First Match: Darmen, Veergati T20 Cup (Hosted In Pratapgadh)
Last Match: Liventia, Veergati T20 Cup (Hosted In Pratapgadh)
World Twenty20 Championship Appearances: 1(First in XII Season)
Best Result: N/A

Match 1: Pratapgadh v Sajnur
Match 2: Damukuni v Pratapgadh
Match 3: Pratapgadh v Mattijana
Match 4: Pratapgadh v Liventia
Match 5: Darmen v Pratapgadh
Match 6: Pratapgadh v Busoga Islands
Match 7: Teusland v Pratapgadh
Match 8: Pratapgadh v Barunia
Match 9: Tulize v Pratapgadh

Just don't kill my players and TG me for permission to injure any of my players, thank you.

Shirt Front View:Image
Shirt Back View:Image
Sweater Front View:Image
Sweater Back View:Image

NOTICE: The Veegati T20 Cup games are not counted because it is just a warm-up tournament.
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  • T20I: 12th (out of 39)
Cricket Stats

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Postby Ko-oren » Thu May 30, 2019 3:29 am

Ko-orenite National Team@World Twenty20 Championships XII

Name Age 1st Class/List-A T20 team Position Bowl Bat Status

Grover Treadway 28 Leeshire Mayara Marauders Opener R med R
Desmond Crawford 23 Greencaster Norille Chevron Vert Opener R fast R
Dallas Welsh 29 West SRB Idyllwild Antlers Batsman R med R
Patrick Willis 26 East SRB Greencaster Bears Batsman R med R
Dennis Stanway 27 Leeshire Mayara Marauders Batsman L orth L
Lester Ahern 20 West SRB Idyllwild Antlers Batsman R med R
Seophyn yMharwn 28 Mawryshire Penstead Pirates All-rounder R fast R
Gilbert Wheelwright30 Greencaster Greencaster Heralds Wicketkeeper - R
Zacharias Fox 26 East SRB Mawrystwyth Mustangs Bowler L fast L
Lachlan Harvey 29 East SRB Eastern Miners Bowler R fast R
Herschel Marsden 31 West SRB Burnet Rubies Bowler R fast R Captain

Finley Meredith 25 Willowbourne Burnet Rubies Wicketkeeper - R
T. Dirhonindhen 19 Leeshire Willowbourne Zenith Batsman L med L
Theophilus Darknoll27 East SRB Eastern Miners All-rounder L unor L
Seymour Bartley 19 West SRB Penstead Pirates Bowler R off R

The Ko-orenite Cricket Board's decisions in selecting this team form somewhat of a change from earlier teams. Instead of a wicket-taking, run-limiting team strong in defence, the team is now much more balanced, capable of outscoring opponents as well as defending targets. Also, the team is much younger than what normally would be selected. Grover Treadway, younger brother to all-rounder Cyril Treadway, has made the team as an opener - yet his older brother has been dropped from the team. There go all the opportunities of finally having two members of the same family on a single team. He will operate next to Crawford, who is quickly becoming an experienced international at 23. Welsh and Ahern are new batsmen. Ahern has had a little ODI/Test experience, Welsh is new to the Green and Blue entirely. Stanway and Willis are the most dangerous batsmen on the team, both talented and experienced, and above all able to deal with the pressure. They will be looked to in terms of stopping an early collapse, or upping the run rate if the openers couldn't exactly get things done. Stanway has the added perk of being left-handed, a rare thing among this Ko-orenite team. yMharwn is another experienced force in the middle, and he should be the batting partner for the entire bottom order. If a lot of wickets are lost and a few runs are needed, expect yMharwn to be put in place to deliver the last needed runs to the team. Wheelwright remains the country's best keeper that can also bat. This is one area where the KCB selects a defensive team: for many, the keeper is just another batsman with extra talents. In Ko-oren, a keeper is just that. Fox is the new bowler, left-handed, and about to hit his prime. Harvey and Marsden shouldn't need introduction: they've been on the national team since Ko-oren was a huge force in cricket. Marsden is the eternal captain, as well.

As extras, we have extra options as left-handers and other bowling types. Dirhonindhen and Bartley can bowl spin, Dirhonindhen and Darknoll are lefties.

The starting XI is nearly entire dependant on fast bowlers, so expect changes to the lineup as the tournament goes on. At least Fox and Harvey have complementing styles: Fox favours cuts, Harvey can bowl swing and seam. Marsden can do both to some extent. All three will have to use everything in their arsenal. yMharwn should also bowl 10 overs every match, and the remaining 10 will be divided among Treadway, Crawford, and Stanway.

The team's jersey for this tournament will be a green-yellow gradient shirt, green at the top and yellow at the bottom. The trousers are a yellow-blue gradient, with yellow at the top and blue at the bottom.

RP Permissions: no deaths or career-ending events.
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Postby Elejamie » Thu May 30, 2019 4:47 am


Elejamian national cricket team
Selección de críquet de Elejamia
Elejam cerikit tim

aka The Greenblacks
Coach: Vijay Dhillon
Style mod: 0

Cricket is a fairly new sport to Elejamie, with the first match on Elejamian soil being played in 1960. However, it wasn't until 1967 that an official national side was formed and 1974 when the first domestic match was played, between Aventry and Surter, with Aventry winning by seven wickets. In 1987, a small limited-overs cricket tournament - the Cross-Tractal Cup - was played, with Wyken winning all of their group games against East Reise, Nuevo Paraíso and Mittedorf before beating Aventry in the semi-final and Autumnia in the final (Autumnia would later go on to win the 1989 edition). Three more editions were played before the tournament was cancelled in 1991 for unknown reasons, with West Reise (who had won the trophy in 1988 and 1990) being allowed to keep it.

However, despite its short run, it still managed to draw a considerable amount of fans and, after plenty of delays, the Elejamian Cricket League - a Twenty20 tournament - was formed in 2005. Beginning on the third Saturday in April, the tournament sees eighteen teams split into two groups of nine depending on whether they're on the Eastern or Western half. After playing each other once, the top four in each group then advance to another two groups (again, depending on whether or not they're on the Eastern or Western sides) where they'll play each other twice, home and away. The winners of each group would then face each other in the Grand Final, whereas both runners-up will compete for the Bronze Cup; both matches are played best of five with a Super Over used to break any ties. Aventry (who plays in the Eastern Group) won the inaugural tournament, losing their first two games but going on to win their series against neighbours Burnett (who play in the Western Group) 3-2; Keene District won the Bronze Cup thanks to a 3-1 series win over Rosetta. Currently, the newly formed Nuevo Paraíso y Valledorado are the ECL champions, having swept Wyken 3-0, whereas Richston beat Rosetta and Elephant Isles 3-1 to take home the Bronze Cup. A women's edition of the tournament began in 2012, with Mittedorf winning the Grand Final, where they swept Birch State, whereas Autumnia beat Swannings 3-2 to win the Bronze Cup; the current EWCL champions are Swannings who managed to win their second title in a row after a 3-2 win over Eastern Elejamie, whereas Aventry are current Bronze Cup holders following a 3-1 series win against Keene District.

Elejamie entered the last tournament in Ko-oren hoping they'd make a return to form. And while they beat Teusland by 43 runs in their first game, their heavy 51 run loss to Liventia put a massive dampnener on things. Fortunately, they managed to regain control with a win over Apox before making it to the top of their table with a hard-fought win against Melbergia, only winning by eight wickets with a few balls to spoare. A final group stage win against Mughals royal secured their spot in the next round, which was a second group stage. There, they beat Mughals royal again (this time by six wickets with more than enough overs to spare) before edging out the Plough Islands in another hard-fought game. However, their good run of form was swiflty blown apart as they were humiliated by Darmen, losing by 85 runs. A ten-run loss to eventual winners West Phoenicia dumped them out of the tournament but a consolation win against group leaders Ko-oren, which they won by 73 runs, was enough to restore some pride. Will they be able to repeat that run of form here? Or will this prove to the press that there's an even number curse with the team? There's only one way to find out...

No.	Name			Initials	Tract	Hand
1 Steve Loughlin (vc) SP SRTR Left
2 Dawoud Halabi D WYKN Right
3 Robert Hamilton RCM ESRE Right
4 Mike Bentley MJ BNTT Left
5 Kelly Entwistle KS ATMN Right
6 Ricardo Montoya RE BIST Left
7 Salman Halabi S KEDS Right
8 Danny Slezinger (c) DJ AVEN Left
9 Lucas Mahler L MTDF Left
10 Arían Rodriguez AG MDLN Right
11 Pablo Novak P NUPA Right

(c) - Captain
(vc) - Vice captain

No	Name			Initials	Tract	Hand	Position
12 Nick Hutcherson NT WERS Left 1-2
13 Dan McCafferty DR ESEL Left 1-3
14 Dave Garner DG SHNR Right 2-5
15 Pael Cetorin P SWNG Right 5-7
16 Frank Kaderabek FSK WRWK Left 8-11
17 Julián Blanco JA RCST Left 9-10
18 Fuad al-Jurjani F ROIY Right 10-11

  1. Robert Hamilton (left-armed fast)
  2. Danny Slezinger (left-armed unorthodox spinner)
  3. Lucas Mahler (left-armed orthodox-spinner)
  4. Arían Rodriguez (right-armed leg-spinner)
  5. Pablo Novak (right-armed fast)

Should they play:

  • Nick Hutcherson (left-armed medium) 1-2
  • Dave Garner (right-armed medium-fast) - 2-3
  • Frank Kaderabek (left-armed unorthodox spinner) - 3-4
  • Julián Blanco (left-armed swinger) - 5

  1. Mike Bentley (main)
  2. Pael Cetorin (first reserve)
  3. Fuad al-Jurjani (second reserve)


Along with some green helmets with a black chin strap and white ear pads. In the event of them playing another team that primarily wears any shade of green, Elejamie will wear an all black kit but with the same helmet. Yes, they will do this even if they are the home side.

Don't kill any of my players. If you do want to injure any of them, then you can only injure one of them per game and they can miss up to two games (meaning you can't do anything career-ending). Other than that, go nuts.

Hopefully this is alright. Any problems with this, please let me know so I can go back and take out, change or put in anything that needs to be done.

Also, full names for most of my players are listed here. Except for those without middle names, the other players' full names are: David George Garner and Franklin Stephen Karel Kaderabek.
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Postby West Phoenicia » Thu May 30, 2019 9:47 am

West Phoenician Lightning Bolts

Governing Body:

West Phoenicia Cricket Federation


• GCF World Twenty20 Championships XI


Mr Edward Mount-Alexander

Assistant Coach:
Duncan O'Toole

Jack Tennessee

* Grey Gryphon (Right-hander)
* James Emanon (Right-hander)
* Jack Tennessee (Right-hander)
* Aaron Shields (Left-hander)
* Bradley Swanston (Right-hander)

All Rounders: 

* Hasaga Kain (Right arm, fast bowling)

Wicket Keepers:
* Ricky Parvati (Left-hand batting)

* Alan Narre (Right-arm seam)
* Priapus Fellachino(Left-arm leg-spin)
* Anh Viet (Right-arm off-spin)
* Daniel Josef (left arm seam)

Batting Order

* Grey Gryphon
* James Emanon
* Jack Tennessee
* Aaron Shields
* Bradley Swanston
* Hasaga Kain
* Alan Narre
* Priapus Fellachino
* Anh Viet
* Daniel Josef
* Ricky Parvati

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Postby Liventia » Fri May 31, 2019 2:18 am

Host announcement: Draw information is now available in the OP and ground information is now available in the second post.

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Postby Siovanija and Teusland » Fri May 31, 2019 3:20 pm

Teusland National Cricket Team

Nation Name: United Republics of Siovanija and Teusland
Demonyms: Teus
Body Represented: Republic of Teusland
Governing Body: Teuslands Kricket-Verband (TKV)
Colours: Black and gold
Anthem: ‘Land of Heavenly Bounty’
Highest Domestic Competition: All-Teusland Cricket Championships/Kricketliga
Nickname: The Edelweiss


Cricket fans in Teusland can be very happy with the development of the sport in the country recently, with national teams competing on the T20, and Test cricket international stages. After a very strong performance at the Veergati T20 Cup, which saw Teusland make a run to the finals before falling at the last to champions Darmen, the TKV are quite optimistic heading into the World Twenty20 Championship, hosted by Liventia. The domestic scene also benefited from Season 1 of the Kricketliga, which featured some players from the national team (although they are still listed by domestic club affiliation), and saw the Nordkuste Narwhals reach the quarterfinals of the Champions' League T20 Competition. Returning to the squad will be August Tausche, the breakout star of the Test season who has spent the last few weeks recovering from injury. He slots back into the number 3 batting spot, with Frank Polzl heading to the reserve squad. In their second appearance at the the World Twenty20 Championship, the Edelweiss are certainly hoping to make an impact on this tournament.

18-man Roster

Starting XI
# Name Age Hand Position Club

1 Richard REIDER 26 R Batsman Stelburg-Zentrum
2 Konrad von SAUERLAND (C) 32 L All-rounder Kaiserliche
3 August TAUSCHE 25 L Batsman Sankt Kunigunde
4 Silvester BASCH 19 L Batsman Viktoria
5 Frank POLZL 27 R Batsman Kaiserliche
6 Erik BOHLEN (VC) 26 R Batsman Marine
7 Ewald KOHL 25 R All-rounder Marine
8 Leopold MEISSNER 30 R Wicket-keeper St. Jakob Metropolitan
9 Arthur ELSNER 24 L Bowler Sankt Kunigunde
10 Klaus TRAUBE 26 R Bowler Sankt Ludolph
11 Kajetan VALDEN 30 L Bowler Kaiserliche

Bowling Order: Valden (LF), Traube (RF), Elsner (LM), Kohl (LB), von Sauerland (LM)

Name Age Hand Position Club

Andreas WENZ 23 L Batsman Kaiserliche
Michael KOLLECK 20 R Batsman Kaiserliche
Anton ZIPPE 24 L Batsman Traunsee
Niclas VAHLEN 26 L Wicket-keeper Marine
Felix SCHAPER 31 R Bowler Stelburg-Zentrum
Viktor KLOR 22 R Bowler Stelburg-Zentrum
Fabian AIGNER 19 L Bowler St. Jakob Metropolitan

RP Permissions
No deaths/career-ending injuries.

National Kit
Teusland’s main kit is all gold with black sleeves, with an edelweiss flower and the writing ‘TEUSLAND’ underneath on the front.

Group and Schedule

The Edelweiss will play in Group B, which features:

Damukuni (16)
Pratapgadh (UR)
Liventia (6)
Darmen (2)
Busoga Islands (13)
Teusland (24)
Barunia (8)
Tulize (UR)
Sajnur (UR)
Mattijana (3)

Darmen and Damukuni were both opponents of the Edelweiss at the Veergati T20 Cup, while the rematch with hosts Liventia, who the Edelweiss defeated at the last World Championships as unranked debutants, will surely be a good match. Don't expect a repeat of the win, however, as the hosts, 6th in the world, will be looking for revenge. World number 3 Mattijana and number 8 Barunia are also in the group, while the Busoga Islands and Sajnur were both newcomers to the Test circuit at the same time as Teusland last season. Pratapgadh hosted the Veergati T20 Cup, while little is known about the Tulize side. The rematches with Liventia and Darmen, both of which should be challenging for the Edelweiss, come as the final two matches of the group stage on matchdays 8 and 9. The top 2 sides from the 10-team group will qualify for the Quarterfinal, while the next four will qualify for the elimination play-off. The full schedule for matches is:

MD1: Busoga Islands vs Teusland
MD2: Mattijana vs Teusland
MD3: Teusland vs Barunia
MD4: Tulize vs Teusland
MD5: Teusland vs Sajnur
MD6: Damukuni vs Teusland
MD7: Teusland vs Pratapgadh
MD8: Liventia vs Teusland
MD9: Teusland vs Darmen

(OOC Note: New to cricket RP, so if you notice something I could improve on, feel free to TG me or message me on Discord! Thanks.)
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Postby Sajnur » Sat Jun 01, 2019 2:56 am

Sajnur National Cricket Team

Sajnur's cricket team returns to international competition with the arrival of the 12th World Twenty20 Championship. TVs throughout Sajnur saw their first taste of international cricket with the tours of the Busoga Islands and of Pratapgadh, and their first taste of cricketing success with victory in the 2nd test of the Pratapgadh tour. Both these teams will be with Sajnur in Group B, and Pratapgadh will be making its T20 debut with Sajnur in this tournament, along with the hitherto unseen Tulize national side.

Sajnur's batting will rely on Harry Kotte and Darjo Zulje to start the scoring quickly, and both have the power to rack up big scores in little time, with Kotte's 108 (32) this season being a highlight of Magji's T20 season. If one of them leave early, though, it will be the job of Gabby Fiume to shepherd the team through the 20 overs, with her stability freeing up those around her to hit out, although she herself can hit plenty of boundaries when needed. Tomas Piqa can also help steady the team on the rare occasion that Fiume leaves early, and form partnerships with Fiume on the more common occasion that neither opener makes it past ten overs, and the captain can also rack up runs in the later overs. Kaori Jansa is known more as a finisher on the domestic scene with his ability to send balls out of the stadiums with his well muscled arms, but he can also act as a firefighter, staving off top order collapses and seeing off bowlers in the middle overs. Emre Vurda is the first of three non-Test players in the starting XI, wearing the gloves in place of Kinje Surju on the back of several good finishing performances with the bat, while sacrificing nothing with the gloves. Along with Alan Tijer, he terrorises death bowlers and sends even well placed balls past the boundary. Toljo Jorse does offer ability with the bat, but her relative lack of power means her main job with the bat will be to place balls for four and to make sure the tail behind her doesn't get decimated. Elsa Cazla is known as a six hitter, but doesn't often stay around.

With the ball, the job of terrorising the opposing openers falls to Tijer and Nikolas Burovin. The right/left combo of 150km/h missiles can decimate top orders with ease, and Tijer's yorkers will stifle the best of finishers at the death. In the middle overs, Jorse and Cazla form a devastating spin partnership, the former choking batsmen with her pinpoint accuracy, the latter bamboozling them with her wicked spin and variations, once pitching a googly outside off stump and hitting leg. Sirua will be there to help the spinners in the middle overs and to assist Tijer at the death, with their own yorkers trapping batsmen in their creases like a trebuchet sieging a fortress. For part time assistance, Piqa can rip some leggies of his own on spinning pitches and Jansa can send down some seam and swing on pace friendly pitches.

On the bench, Test spinners Karim Haton and Stefan Lulle serve as alternative spin options with many tricks of their own, and Haton can pinch hit at the death too, while Hassu Keruikje serves as a versatile option, her batting useful anywhere in the order and her pace bowling faster than that of many men, including Jansa's. Andre Berrisk is the alternative wicketkeeper, and while not as explosive with the bat as Vurda, his acrobatic keeping will be more than adequate if Vurda is unavailable.


Starting XI
Name Age Bat Role

Harry Kotte 26 L Bat
Darjo Zulje 22 R Bat
Gabriela Fiume (vc) 24 R Bat
Tomas Piqa (c) 26 R Bat, Right leg spin
Kaori Jansa 28 R Bat, Left medium fast
Emre Vurda 31 L Wicketkeeper
Alan Tijer 25 R All-rounder, Right fast
Toljo Jorse 26 R All-rounder, Right off spin
Elsa Cazla 17 L Left unorthodox
Sirua 21 R Right fast medium
Nikolas Burovin 28 R Left fast

Name Age Bat Role

Karim Haton 24 L Left orthodox
Stefan Lulle 27 R Right leg spin
Hassu Keruikje 33 R Bat, left fast medium
Andre Berrisk 19 L Wicketkeeper

Manager: Doir Somaz

RP Permissions: No tournament ending injuries, no particularly stupid dismissals. Otherwise go ham.
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Postby Apox » Sat Jun 01, 2019 7:14 am

Apox Cricket Roster

The coach: Chris Benthron, Aged 58
Style modifier (if applicable): -1

Name                Age  M  I No  Runs Average  HS 50/100| Overs   M   Runs Wkts Average Best 5Wkts
Trajan Muldoney * 30 37 60 5 2411 43.84 224 11/5 | 53.0 5 216 3 72.00 1/11 0
Kyriana Lupiter † 28 9 13 4 371 41.22 89 2/0 |
Nancy Washington 32 33 55 1 2078 38.48 180 10/3 |
Organa Arrowsmith 30 37 57 10 1672 35.57 142 9/2 | 803.4 148 2512 71 35.38 5/26 2
Hamish Gaaraayi 22 11 17 1 556 34.75 91 4/0 |
Oberon Jessop 27 26 36 7 957 33.00 114 4/2 |
Jak Dickson 25 7 13 0 381 29.31 74 2/0 |
Ezra Girard † 32 27 43 7 931 25.86 60 5/0 |
Trinity Southwold 27 7 7 0 171 24.43 53 1/0 |
Rachel Gallegos 28 34 44 11 510 15.45 66 1/0 | 834.5 168 2727 92 29.64 5/51 3
Keswick Dhawa 26 12 9 2 101 14.43 41 0/0 | 276.1 57 895 28 31.96 4/39 0
Richard Barnahage 23 2 3 1 25 12.50 0 0/0 | 73.0 12 193 5 38.60 2/32 0
Tara Kakketa 29 24 34 8 224 8.62 23 0/0 | 566.2 119 1927 55 35.04 5/37 1
Roy Hamilton-Randall 31 33 35 11 140 5.83 15 0/0 | 873.4 194 2971 113 26.29 6/40 5
Polly Brookham 24 0 0 0 0 0.00 0 0/0 |
Maxwell Clerk 25 0 0 0 0 0.00 0 0/0 |

Batting Order
1. Trinity Southwold
2. Hamish Gaaraayi
3. Trajan Muldoney *
4. Nancy Washington
5. Kyriana Lupiter †
6. Organa Arrowsmith
7. Polly Brookham
8. Rachel Gallegos
9. Keswick Dhawa
10. Richard Barnehage
11. Roy Hamilton-Randall

Bowling Order
1. Roy Hamilton-Randall (right-arm swinger)
2. Rachel Gallegos (right-arm seamer)
3. Keswick Dhawa (left-arm swinger)
4. Richard Barnehage (right-arm leg spinner)
5. Organa Arrowsmith (left-arm off spinner)
6. Trajan Muldoney (right-arm medium)

About the team
After a relatively poor GCF Test Season, the national team travel to Liventia in the hopes of finding success in the T20 arena, where they've had success in the past.

Trinity Southwold and her bombastic hitting returns to the team for the limited overs format along with Hamish Gaaraayi, who is really coming on in leaps and bounds for the national team.

The captain, Trajan Muldoney remains at third to anchor down the order a little, ahead of the slightly more mellowed but still aggressively minded Nancy Washington in the order. Kyriana Lupiter returns to take the gloves in the shorter form of the game, with her batting preferred over that of Ezra Girard. Organa Arrowsmith and thev untested Polly Brookham are slightly more balanced players further down the order, who aren't afraid to swing the willow if required, and both excellent technical batters in their own rights.

The tail is really just that, with Rachel Gallegos being the only one who you'd say "could bat a bit", with Keswick Dhawa, Richard Barnehage and Roy Hamilton-Randall all largely being dreadful batters. However, the Apoxian bowling line-up is very strong with them in the team, Hamilton-Randall continuing to be sometimes unplayable with his deliveries, able to swing both ways and not afraid to mix things up a bit.

Elsewhere in the squad, test veterans Oberon Jessop & Jak Dickson offer alternative batting threats, while Tara Kakketa can be called on to bowl her devastating spells as well - she will likely get plenty of game time. Ezra Girard is the best keeper in Apox but his batting talents aren't suited to the faster pace of Twenty20 cricket, so he is the back-up keeper in this squad. Newcomer to the squad Maxwell Clerk will operate as the back-up spinner.
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Postby Alice Bay » Sat Jun 01, 2019 9:54 am


Deep regrets, wounded prides, people and money in opposite sides of the ocean.

There's a lot of bad blood between Lisander and Alice Bay, inside the LCB. And it won't dry easily.

Ideally, merging the LCB with the ACB should be good for both sides. And initially it was. The multinational team made a good first season of Test Cricket and made a fairly decent campaign in the 10th edition of WorldT20. The Linville Lions won the CPLT20. Everything seemed to be moving well. But there was a problem. I mean. Always existed.

Lisander is not a Cricket's paradise. People are more interested in other sports. Rugby is the sport of the nation, and there are also Football, Field Hockey, Basketball, Motorsports, Ice Hockey and even Sailing was giving more profits and generating more interest than Cricket recently. The ovals are small and ProHit's Lisanderian teams (except Linville) were much weaker than the Aliceans. ProHit folded after just one season. But it's in Lisander that's the money. The big sponsors that still remain are in the Principality and not in the Commonwealth. On the other side, Alice Bay has the best players. Large and well-organized ovals. An elite structure that costs a lot of money to maintain, which has lost much of the interest of local businesses. It became financially unsustainable without the money coming from the other side of the ocean.

The presentation of the LCB team, to be held tonight in Soria, will be a travesty. A shameful and unworthy cricket event for both nations. Our sources added that it is strictly the same team that disputed the WorldT20 X. The plans to establish a team exclusively of T20 failed. It was to be expected, after last season of Test, the team of the LCB did not dispute a test even.

This so-called national team does not please anyone else. We're going to follow this team, because it's the team we have. But if it continues like this, in some time nor this team we will have more.

Someone save our Cricket, for God's sake!
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Postby Darmen » Sat Jun 01, 2019 10:01 am

Darmen National Cricket Team
presented by the
Darmeni Cricket Board

The Selection Committee of the Darmeni Cricket Board has announced the fifteen player squad that will travel to Liventia to participate in the twelfth edition of the GCF World Twenty20 Championships. Players have been selected base primarily on their performance in either the ODI series with Ko-oren or the inaugural Veergati Cup.

Coaching Staff
Head Coach: Ioannu Faucheux (Romanopolis Cricket Club)
Batting Coach: Ike Hansen (Tilden Cricket Club)
Bowling Coach: Normand Seeger (Bloomer Cricket Club)
Fielding Coach: Crispinus Ross (Tempala Cricket Club)
Fitness Coach: Brynmor Paternoster (Brham Cricket Club)

Starting XI
Vinnie Acker - Left-handed Opening Batsman - 27 years old - Chad City Cricket Club
Friendship Trophy stats: 3 innings (0 not out), 122 runs from 126 balls, 11x4's and 3x6's, 96.83 strike rate, 40.67 average, 1 half-century, high score of 71

Sigmund Winter (Captain) - Right-handed Opening Batsman - 30 years old - Bloomer Cricket Club
Friendship Trophy stats: 3 innings (0 not out), 85 runs from 92 balls, 5x4's and 5x6's, 92.39 strike rate, 28.33 average, high score of 36

Winston van der Zee - Right-handed Middle-order Batsman - 25 years old - Hendricks City Cricket Club
Veergati Cup stats: 5 innings (2 not out), 220 runs from 156 balls, 28x4's and 7x6's, 141.03 strike rate, 73.33 average, 2 half-centuries, high score of 68

Theudofrid Milligan - Right-handed Middle-order Batsman - 26 years old - Romanopolis Cricket Club
Friendship Trophy stats: 3 innings (0 not out), 177 runs from 218 balls, 18x4's and 4x6's, 81.19 strike rate, 59.00 average, 1 half-century and 1 century, high score of 104

Ellar Ready - Right-handed Middle-order Batsman - 26 years old - Sterling City Cricket Club
Friendship Trophy stats: 3 innings (2 not out), 175 runs from 176 balls, 17x4's and 5x6's, 99.43 strike rate, 175.00 average, 2 half-centuries, high score of 81

Domenic Gardenar - Left-handed All-rounder - Bowls slow left-arm orthodox - 28 years old - Chad City Cricket Club
Friendship Trophy stats: 3 innings (1 not out), 121 runs from 133 balls, 12x4's and 5x6's, 90.98 strike rate, 60.50 average, 1 half-century, high score of 56 not out
28 overs bowled (1 maiden), 148 runs at a rate of 5.29 per over, 2 wickets at an average of 74.00, best figures of 1-46

Adalfuns Armbruster - Left-handed Wicket-keeper - 31 years old - Cosmopolitans
Friendship Trophy stats: 3 innings (1 not out), 50 runs from 51 balls, 6x4's and 1x6's, 98.04 strike rate, 25.00 average, high score of 38

Corwin McAlister - Right-handed Pace Bowler - Bowls right fast - 26 years old - Bloomer Cricket Club
Friendship Trophy stats: 2 innings (1 not out), 18 runs from 24 balls, 2x4's, 75.00 strike rate, 18.00 average, high score of 18
29 overs bowled (1 maiden), 155 runs at a rate of 5.34 per over, 5 wickets at an average of 31.00, best figures of 2-55

Kieran Rosenfeld - Right-handed Pace Bowler - Bowls right fast-medium - 24 years old - Romanopolis Cricket Club
Friendship Trophy stats: 1 inning (1 not out), 7 runs from 3 balls, 1x6's, 233.33 strike rate, high score of 7 not out
29 overs bowled (2 maidens), 130 runs at a rate of 4.48 per over, 5 wickets at an average of 26.00, best figures of 3-50

Alf Dickenson - Left-handed Pace Bowler - Bowls left fast-medium - 25 years old - Brham Cricket Club
Friendship Trophy stats: 28 overs bowled (3 maidens), 118 runs at a rate of 4.21 per over, 5 wickets at an average of 23.60, best figures of 2-41

Dorian Myers (Vice-Captain) - Right-handed Spin Bowler - Bowls off break - 32 years old - Brady City Cricket Club
Friendship Trophy stats: 29 overs bowled (2 maidens), 155 runs at a rate of 5.34 per over, 7 wickets at an average of 22.14, best figures of 3-56

Tristram Mac Eanraig - Right-handed Top-order Batsman - 22 years old - Cosmopolitans
Veergati Cup stats: 5 innings (0 not out), 124 runs from 79 balls, 15x4's and 6x6's, 156.96 strike rate, 24.80 average, high score of 39

Máel Sechlainn Brice - Right-handed Top-order Batsman - 24 years old - Vogler City Cricket Club
Veergati Cup stats: 5 innings (0 not out), 102 runs from 74 balls, 12x4's and 4x6's, 137.84 strike rate, 20.40 average, high score of 37

Justin Beckett - Left-handed Wicket-keeper - 22 years old - Romanopolis Cricket Club
Friendship Trophy stats: Did not play

Menashe Wakefield - Right-handed Pace Bowler - Bowls right fast - 31 years old - Romanopolis Cricket Club
Veergati Cup stats: 20 overs bowled (3 maidens), 120 runs at a rate of 6.00 per over, 10 wickets at an average of 12.00, best figures of 3-25

RP Permissions: No killing, or serious life altering events, but otherwise have fun.
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Postby Eastfield Lodge » Sat Jun 01, 2019 1:45 pm

Eastfield Lodge roster for WT20C XII


Name Age M/F Order Batting Club Notes
Abdul Majeed Samsurov 26 M 1-3 Left Norrion
Kemina Clay 29 F 1-4 Right Marepacopolis
Darcelle Uncel 23 F 3-6 Right Westpass
Wajdi Leblanc 29 M 2-5 Right Micronia Captain
Muneeb Fears 31 M 3-6 Left Benopia
Maia Accardi 33 F 1-3 Right Mount Salt City
Farida Akhtar 29 F 2-6 Right Ashkaren


Name Age M/F Bowling Batting Order Club Notes
Wiktor Ben 27 M Left-arm Fast Left 6-9 Textilia
Leandro Salehi 21 M Right-arm Medium-Fast Right 8-11 Farond
Idoia Montana 26 M Right-arm Fast Right 9-11 Lodgertia
Vilhemina Pettreson 24 F Right-arm Leg-Spin Right 8-10 Pontifucia
Kamron Ricketts 32 M Left-arm orthodox Right 7-10 Revisionism City
Courtenay Buck 31 M Right-arm Off-Spin Right 5-9 Ashkaren
Rita Hollis 27 F Right-arm Medium Right 9-11 Seaton Vice Captain


Name Age M/F Bowling Batting Order Club Notes
Yesenia Alder 31 M Right-arm Fast Right 3-6 Mount Salt City
Diallo Khalil-Farran 25 F Right-arm Leg-Spin Right 2-5 Nexusortem
Ingrid Madison 29 F Right-arm Off-Spin Right 3-7 Ashkaren
Saida Lecomte 25 F Left-arm Medium-Fast Left 4-7 Lodgertia

Wicket Keepers

Name Age M/F Batting Order Club Notes
Kasib Forbes 30 M Right 2-4 Westpass Captain
Alfonsa Edge 20 F Right 3-6 Acreville All-Rounder (Right-arm Leg-Spin)
Economic Left/Right: -5.01 (formerly -5.88)
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.31 (formerly 2.36)
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Postby Pratapgadh » Sat Jun 01, 2019 4:41 pm



Pratapgadh To Play Sajnur In Their T20 Championship Debut

Written by Rajeev Chauhan

It is finally here ladies and gentlemen, it's the World Twenty20 Championship! This is Pratapgadh's first season, and the Men In Red & Gold are looking to gain some experience and play some good cricket. Many Pratapgadh fans are already here in Liventia, the excitement is high.

Pratapgadh has a very aggressive batting lineup such as Rajendra Rathore, Divaj Dharel, Bipin Parte, Juman Mulani and Farhang Gondalwala. Pratapgadh also has great captain, Sanjay Gadia, a balanced batsman and an economical bowler. I felt like the bowling part needs improvement. Pratapgadh only has 2 pacers (Kartik and Abdaal), 2 medium pacers (Sanjay and Sandha), and 1 spinner (Pradip). I felt they should have at least have 3 pacers, but that is just my opinion. Overall, the team looks really strong and have lots of confidence.

Pratapgadh will be playing Sajnur in their match of the World Twenty20 Championship. We have played them in our test debut too, and that test series resulted in a draw. So we kind of have a rivalry I guess? Sajnur just has a bit more international experience cause they also played a test series against Busoga Islands. They have some missiles, oh I mean fast bowlers, that are terrorizing. I am sure our batsman can handle them. I had a talk with Sanjay Gadia about this match and this is what he had to say, "This will be interesting, we have played Sajnur before in a test series, but this is T20. So things will be very different. I know the Island Cricket Arena gives an advantage to the bowlers, and the Park Central Oval gives an advantage to the batsmen. So we will be using that advantage. I have nothing much to say, our team's fielding is excellent, we have good bowlers, batsman and really aggressive. We will do our best to win this match."

The person I am more interested in is Divaj Dharel, a young 19-year-old opener. He is really talented, he plays for Nashik Cricket Club and they said this guy is a gem. He is a balanced player when plays 5-day cricket, and a master blaster when it comes to T20. He also announced that he will be playing the Pratapgadh Premier League (PPL). I had a talk with him, asking him about where he lived, where he worked.
This is what he said "I was born on 4 March 2003 in Nashik, Nashik District, Maratha Pradesa, Pratapgadh. I went to the Young Genius Primary School, then went to Ajatashatru Gurukul (Secondary), and then went to Tilak High School. My father's name is Harsh Dharel, my mother's name is Anita Dharel and I have an elder sister who is 3 years older than me, Devika Dharel. I play for the Nashik Cricket Club and my favourite player is Rajendra Rathore, I finally get to open with him now." I asked him about his hobbies, "My hobbies are..... art, card collection and cycling." I asked him about his favourite subjects "Maths, PT, Economics, and Science. In PT we used to usually play kabaddi." That was probably the random interview question I asked him. It wasn't really about his love for cricket or how he played in 5-day cricket but more about knowing him personally.

That is all for today, will be looking forward to seeing you guys at the match. Whatever the result, best of luck Pratapgadh!
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Postby Lisander » Sat Jun 01, 2019 7:15 pm

General Expectations of LCB about Cricket in Lisander (and Alice Bay)
and The World Twenty20 Championship X General Information

LCB, the cricket board ruling the two Imperan main nations, is working on a daily basis to ensure cricket in Lisander and Alice Bay comply required standards for Test status recently acquired. In the last events, there was moderate success, with Linville Lions winning the Champions League T20. The Test season, with variable results against The Kiaser Colonies and Apox, was a vital point to define the policies LCB will enforce in the next seasons. And these policies enter into action starting from WorldT20 X.

The first step is: Forget completely the fiasco in the last edition. The players who went on strike (even being amateurs) was expelled from the national team, that was completely reset back to 1904. The names you will see in the field are the recently LCB-contracted players for Test and Limited Overs (Numbers 105 to 120, view note below), as previously defined by the LCB. These guys will enter the Banijan fields with the duty of at least winning more than losing, even with the season wear.


Resetting the cricket back to 1904 (immediately before the Alicean Declaration of Sovereignity) Before the independence of Alice Bay, Alicean-born players like Adam Hilliard (#36) Gregory Cumberbatch (#73), Brandon Stoker (#94) made history playing for Lisander. The last player awarded a cap by the Board before Alicean Declaration of Sovereignity was Julio Gassi (played June 1904 Test against Ariannin). In posterior research, was noticed that Gassi were the 104th player representing Lisander in a Test. And with the return of Alice Bay to LCB, the numbers come back to count from 105 with the team that disputed to GCF Test Season 8.


The list of central contracts for the season features the sixteen names entered for GCF Test Season 8, which will also be the team for 10th GCF World Twenty20. For the next season of contracts, LCB intends to split the Test contracts from the T20 contracts for a specialization.
#	Nat.	Name			Age	Position	Bowls	Bats
112 Image Martin Hery * 32 All rounder RF Right
118 Image Lincoln Porteous ** 35 Bowler LMF Left
111 Image Lício Hagen 28 Batsmen Left
108 Image Eden Dorne 21 Batsmen Left
119 Image Dídac Sclia 30 Wicket-Keeper Right
117 Image Mason Mustar 30 Bowler RF Right
113 Image Leo Joris 22 All rounder RMF Right
116 Image Blake Lihou 23 Batsmen Right
120 Image Yoann Zaid 31 Bowler LF Left
106 Image Lucas Bejah 28 Wicket-Keeper Left
107 Image Aidan Boulger 25 Bowler Right
105 Image Saulo D'Amisso 28 Batsmen Left
109 Image Ali Farnell 34 Batsmen Right
110 Image Idário Florian 23 Bowler OB Right
114 Image Liam Keenan 26 Batsmen Left
115 Image Zoran Kendall 30 Bowler SLA Left

217¹ Image Spencer Laurie 59 Head Coach

* is for captain, ** is for vice-captain. ¹ Number for Coach Laurie refers to its test number in former ACB.


LCB signed a deal with Neo to produce its new uniforms, replacing green (for Lisander) and Blue (for Alice Bay) for teal, the color inbetween. Neo is a local brand that also supplied the lisanderian olympic team. LCB T20 uniforms are expected to be light teal, and are yet to present.


Batting Order				Bowling Order		
1 A Farnell Opener L Porteous
2 L Keenan Opener M Hery
3 S D'Amisso Top Y Zaid
4 B Lihou Top M Mustar
5 L Hagen Middle Z Kendall
6 M Hery* Middle
7 L Bejah† Middle
8 Y Zaid Middle
9 L Porteous Lower
10 M Mustar Lower
11 Z Kendall Lower


If you post before me:
No Deaths and No Career-ending injuries. Otherwise than it, feel free to do whatever you want. And If you make a Scorecard, please make one for me too, since I'm not a cricket specialist.

Yes, I know this is the World T20 X roster. Yeah, that's intentional. It should generate a revamp in Lisanderian/Alicean cricket during the WorldT20. Politics, financing, I'll have something new, working perfectly (at least until my next time shortage)
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Postby The Plough Islands » Sun Jun 02, 2019 1:29 am

The Plough Islander team for this competition consists entirely of players under the age of 20, and is properly referred to as the Young Foxes.
XIs for each game will be posted in advance of scorination. Please do not inflict any injuries or godmod anything without consulting with me first - I can be reached via telegram or on discord as joey_picus#2168.
Please also note that the Plough Islands will not make use of the Decision Review System.
Otherwise, have fun - good luck to everyone, and feel free to get in touch if you need any more information :3


The Commonwealth of the Plough Islands, composed of seven main conifer-clad granite islands in the northern Celestial Ocean, were first colonised in 1650 by British settlers, starting what has been at times an uneasy history, particularly since a peaceful, if reluctant, transition to independence in 1960 was followed by an often turbulent decade as the government in Sutton sought to walk an independent, egalitarian, socialist and at times idiosyncratic path. Today, though, the hundred and forty thousand or so islanders - almost all of whom are of settler descent, although with a small Soviet and Eastern European minority - enjoy a relatively comfortable life, observing the rest of the multiverse with open eyes and ears but a strong feeling of detachment from it and of belonging to their small country, after all it has been through.

Cricket, a willingly and enthusiastically adopted legacy of British colonisation, is by some distance the most popular pastime on the islands, with the Plough Islands Cricket Association reporting over fifteen thousand registered players in its member clubs and the national team having competed in Global Cricket Federation competition since 2018. The Foxes have competed in the 2018 and 2019 Test seasons, winning six tests this year as they finished with the best record of any Full Member, but their forays into white ball cricket have been mixed. A domestic limited overs competition, the Sutcliffe Shield, has run successfully since the 1971 season and a recent limited overs series against Ko-oren was played before capacity crowds, but both the Association and the wider sporting public on the islands have been cool at best about the 20-over format, deemed too compressed to provide for proper play and, on the ideological side, bearing the permanent stain of exploitative, race to the bottom capitalism.

In spite of this, the Foxes sent a near-full strength team to last year's competition, but although their achievement in reaching the second group stage in Ko-oren was recieved with pride and some enthusiasm back home, some of the events of that tournament - faceless, unknown teams edging out those that played good cricket, incidents of crowd trouble from some foreign fans, and the gruelling schedule leaving the 15-player squad increasingly threadbare - seem to have only reinforced domestic opinion about the format, and this has resulted in the decision to send a junior representative team to Liventia for this edition.


The Association only organises national competition at under-20 and under-17 level, but cricket is widely taught in schools - the country's first Premier, Cde Gabriel Sutcliffe, once remarked, only partly in jest, that the three things desired most of a young Plough Islander were "a strong commitment to equality and social justice, a keen awareness of our place in the world, and a good leg break technique", and these instructions have been carried out dutifully for generations since - and every club in the country runs age group sides, in formal and informal competition, starting almost as soon as the players are physically capable of holding a bat.

The core of this particular Young Foxes side is drawn from players involved in under-20 development courses over the winter, although availability has been affected by the current domestic cricket season and the fact that many of the University of the Plough Islands side that took part in those sessions have moved on and entered the "real world". Three players - offspinner Emily Bailey, legspinner Terry Gibbs, and wicketkeeper Leigh Tarasov - are drawn from under-17 competition, with support being provided by senior head coach Lourens Hendricks alongside regular Young Foxes mentor Catherine Chambers and team manager Andrew Milroy. Very few have played much 20-over cricket, and only one of the side - batsman Rory Aliyev, 20 this August, who played for the senior side in Ko-oren last year and has one Test cap - has any tournament experience.


#1 BJ Weiss (c) LHB
#2 RP Aliyev RHB
#3 E Bailey RHB ROB
#4 G Forrester LHB
#5 TSF Gibbs RHB RLB
#7 AJ Hendricks RHB RLB
#8 P Hodgeson LHB SLC
#9 ES Nasrullin LHB
#10 J Scott (w) RHB
#11 HD Smith RHB
#12 FA Somerton RHB
#13 LE Tarasov (w) RHB
#14 RG Vowles LHB SLA
#15 ANL Weaver RHB
#16 PEJ Weaver RHB ROB


The Young Foxes wear the colours of the senior team; for limited overs matches, these are in the national colours of of dark green shirts (with a shadow print of a stylised fox) and trousers with amber accents, pads, and helmets - the Plough Islands Cricket Association having postponed the introduction of new kits until after the tournament. These are worn with red fox ears and tails, as they were during the last 20-over tournament, and though this may have initially been taken as a sign of frivolity, they have been enthusiastically adopted by the modest band of travelling Plough Islanders. The Association coat of arms on the shirts is worn combined with the pawprint emblem of the Young Foxes.

Plough Islands Test/first-class (left) and One Day International/limited overs (right) kits, made at the Red Flag Textile Co-operative.

Crest of the Young Foxes

on the 30th May 2019, the Plough Islands Gazette wrote:
by Caroline Iddon, Additional Sporting Correspondent, in Sutton

The twelfth 20-over World Championship gets underway on Monday, and, with the senior national team players being preoccupied with the playing of full-format cricket, it will be a Young Foxes team that gains valuable experience competing with the rest of the multiverse. Here in these pages, Catherine Chambers, Head Coach of the under-20 branch of the Young Foxes at the Plough Islands Cricket Association, and senior head coach and former youth coach, Lourens Hendricks, give their assessment of the players who will be competing in Liventia over the course of this next month.

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleClub team
Barnaby Joseph Weiss (captain) 7th September 1999, Sutton Left-hand bat Slow left-arm orthodox University of the Plough Islands Cricket Association

Chambers: "Barnaby just knows so much about the history of cricket - he can tell me more about my own career than I have forgotten! He can hold down the top of the order well and tries to lead from the front as captain - he is certainly tactically astute, although he has a tendency to micromanage field placings and bowling rotations. His natural charisma serves him well with his teammates at any level; I would not be surprised if he made a success of academia or politics, which he certainly has the ambition to handle"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleClub team
Rory Peter Aliyev 16th August 1999, Highrock Right-hand bat Right-arm leg break Highrock Athletic Club, Highrock

Hendricks: "Ag, Rory probably isn't in need of an introduction! Played eight out of ten games at last year's tournament, did pretty okay for a teenager...experience...doesn't my phone radio in the Ko-oren series...ja, no, he's Rory"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleClub team
Emily Bailey 31st October 2001, Crossroads Right-hand bat Right-arm off break Engels Cricket Club, Foxdale

Hendricks: "She's had some trouble with her bowling action, ja, but Emily's managed to refine it into a nice delivery with good flight and turn. She's tended to be good in the death overs, and wherever you need to keep the rate down - ja, no, if we can sort her consistency out she'll be one to watch for sure, if she sticks with the game"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleClub team
Gabriel Forrester 23rd June 2000, Redcliff Left-hand bat Slow left-arm orthodox Miners' Welfare Athletic Club, Redcliff

Chambers: "He is always the first one in the nets every morning - if anything, Gabriel spends a bit too much time in there, he is quite dedicated to the game! He has a bit of a height disadvantage compared to most openers, but he plays with freedom and uses his feet well to get under shots and find gaps in the field. Definitely one to watch for the senior team in a few years"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleClub team
Terry Stephen Frederick Gibbs 17th November 2001, Sutton Right-hand bat Right-arm leg break Red Star Academy, Sutton

Hendricks: "Terry's mature for his age but can be a little moody, y'know, although with his upbringing he shouldn't have a problem handling himself! He bowls legspin, he hasn't quite got as many variations as some players do but he knows when to use 'em. He's got a good judgment on length and height and I think will be an important part of the bowling attack - just, ag, a bit down the order with the bat"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleClub team
Jennifer Kimberley Inessa Hart 3rd January 2000, Lainemouth Left-hand bat Left-arm fast-medium Carnegie Cricket Club, Lainemouth

Chambers: "Jennifer started out as a spinner, but at about 16 she found she was getting more from getting the ball to swing and started to bowl with a bit more pace, so she is a late bloomer in that respect but she definitely has a talent for quicker bowling. She is handy with the bat as well - not necessarily in that she scores highly, but she sticks at the crease and holds the tail end down for grim death"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleClub team
Arnoldus Jan Hendricks 19th August 1999, Knysna, South Africa Right-hand bat Right-arm leg break University of the Plough Islands Cricket Association

Hendricks: "Ag, man, I can't, the boy's gonna read this!"

Chambers: "Jannie is a wiry legspinner, and takes after his father in that respect; however, you could say they differ in their role in the team - Jannie is more of a genuine all rounder and is really good technically with the bat, particularly in his tactical shot selection batting later in an innings. It would be fair to say he is a quieter presence on the field than his father as well - though with no less a work ethic!"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleClub team
Peter Hodgeson 25th October 2000, Southport Left-hand bat Slow left-arm chinaman Southport Athletic Club, Southport

Chambers: "A stylish left handed batsman with good wrist action, Peter can be a bit unorthodox in his shot selection but this normally works out for him. One of the most dedicated young players I have had the pleasure of coaching, and a great asset to the team at the top of the order - as well as a great fielder in the deep. He has even been known to turn his arm over a little and not do too badly out of it"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleClub team
Ekaterina Sergeievna Nasrullin 7th December 1999, Eleuthera Left-hand bat Slow left-arm orthodox Four Anchors Cricket Club, Sutton

Chambers: "Her height (179cm) is the first thing that strikes you about Catherine, and she is...I think 'robust' is the best adjective, a good strong striker of the ball and plays with very little fear. She comes with a really strong defensive as well - almost a drive, she takes any chance she can get to put runs on the board. Almost an Audrey Leggett who knows where her crease is!"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleClub team
John Scott 28th May 2000, Avalon Right-hand bat wicket-keeper University of the Plough Islands Cricket Association

Chambers: "John is another player who is quite forthright, he knows what he wants and has the confidence to ask for it even with people much older than him - I think he has a tendency towards displacing the actual captain's instructions, especially from behind the wicket. With the bat he plays very well into the leg side and knows where his stumps are, he is difficult to remove when he gets in"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleClub team
Hamilton David Smith 21st December 2000, Waterfalls Right-hand bat Right-arm leg break University of the Plough Islands Cricket Association

Hendricks: "I don't think we're gonna have him much longer, ja, I mean we're lucky to have him at all between the pilot training and university. And it's a shame because he can bat really well - Hamilton has such a deep repertoire of shots and he's got the perfect textbook motion on all of 'em, y'know? He's a joy to work with and he wants to make a success of the tournament, in case it's his last..."

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleClub team
Flora Anya Somerton 17th July 2000, Marsh Right-hand bat Right-arm medium Miners' Welfare Athletic Club, Redcliff

Hendricks: "Flora's a character, y'know? She can be a bit goofy and doesn't take herself too seriously, but she does know how to hold a bat, and has a natural runner's instinct - she plays some good shots too, ja, especially against spin. She tends to play further down the order but I've watched her opening in under-15 teams, she's very versatile and tends to just fit in wherever"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleClub team
Leigh Elizabeth Tarasov 8th June 2002, Highrock Right-hand bat wicket-keeper Janne Elkkonen High School, Highrock

Chambers: "Leigh is the youngest player we are bringing, but one of the brightest; she came from a gymnastic background, like Ilya Lebed, and like him she has the reflexes of a cat and can stop a lot that you would expect to run to the boundary behind the stumps. Her batting is still developing but she has a few favourite shots - especially the reverse sweep which she can be a bit too eager to use!"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleClub team
Robin Gabriel Vowles 26th February 2001, Sutton Left-hand bat Slow left-arm orthodox University of the Plough Islands Cricket Association

Chambers: "Curiously enough, Robin is the only pure left arm spinner I think we have had in a few years at representative level - he plays the role so well though, he has so many variations and mixes over and around the wicket to good effect, where even the adults find him unplayable at times though. He has become a useful, punchy batting tail ender too, he knows his way around the crease from both ends"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleClub team
Andrew Neil Lenin Weaver 12th April 2000, Sutton Right-hand bat Right-arm leg break University of the Plough Islands Cricket Association

Chambers: "Shauna's brother occupies a very different role to her on the field - as a specialist opener Andrew tends to play more aggressively and face more quick bowling, although he shares her calm determination when faced with that. He uses his hands and wrists well when batting, and can play some unexpected shots, although he needs to remember where his off stump is"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleClub team
Peter Earnest Jaures Weaver 30th January 2001, Gloucester Right-hand bat Right-arm off break University of the Plough Islands Cricket Association

Chambers: "Peter is the third facet of this generation of the prolific Weaver gem; at only seventeen he is still maturing and finding his role in a team, but his off breaks are exceptionally accurate already and provide a useful dimension to the bowling attack. He has been in and out of the game, though, and badly needs some more tournament time that is not just watching the family"


#4 G Forrester LHB
#15 ANL Weaver RHB
#1 BJ Weiss (c) LHB
#2 RP Aliyev RHB
#9 ES Nasrullin LHB
#7 AJ Hendricks RHB RLB
#10 J Scott (w) RHB
#16 PEJ Weaver RHB ROB
#14 RG Vowles LHB SLA
#5 TSF Gibbs RHB RLB
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Postby Liventia » Mon Jun 03, 2019 3:22 pm

Matchday 1
Group A
Eastfield Lodge 169/6 (19.1 overs)
Tornado Queendom 167/7 (20 overs)

Elejamie 135/5 (20 overs)
West Phoenicia 134/4 (20 overs)

The Plough Islands 150/7 (20 overs)
Apox 151/7 (19.5 overs)

Krytenia 154/6 (20 overs)
Indusse 157/6 (18.2 overs)

Ko-oren 156/5 (17.4 overs)
Lisander 155/3 (20 overs)

Group B
Damukuni 164/5 (20 overs)
Mattijana 214/3 (20 overs)

Pratapgadh 152/5 (20 overs)
Sajnur 154/4 (19.5 overs)

Liventia 165/7 (16.1 overs)
Tulize 163/5 (20 overs)

Darmen 131/9 (20 overs)
Barunia 132/4 (17.1 overs)

Busoga Islands 155/7 (17.3 overs)
Teusland 153/4 (20 overs)

Group tables
Group A Pld W D L Pts
1 Apox 1 1 0 0 2
Eastfield Lodge 1 1 0 0 2
Elejamie 1 1 0 0 2
Indusse 1 1 0 0 2
Ko-oren 1 1 0 0 2
6 Krytenia 1 0 0 1 0
Lisander 1 0 0 1 0
The Plough Islands 1 0 0 1 0
Tornado Queendom 1 0 0 1 0
West Phoenicia 1 0 0 1 0

Group B Pld W D L Pts
1 Barunia 1 1 0 0 2
Busoga Islands 1 1 0 0 2
Liventia 1 1 0 0 2
Mattijana 1 1 0 0 2
Sajnur 1 1 0 0 2
6 Damukuni 1 0 0 1 0
Darmen 1 0 0 1 0
Pratapgadh 1 0 0 1 0
Teusland 1 0 0 1 0
Tulize 1 0 0 1 0

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Postby West Phoenicia » Mon Jun 03, 2019 8:53 pm


West Phoenician cricket fans were left with a sour taste in their mouths after the first match for the GCF World Twenty20 Championships.

Decked out in the colours of their team The Lighting Bolts, players and fans alike had high hopes of a first match victory.

Their first opponent in the championship was against the Greenblacks from Eljamie, a team ranked 4th in the tournament. Both teams were evenly matched in skill and game play. It was a tight game from the start that had fans from both teams on the edge of their seats.

It was also the first time that the international cricket community got their first glimpse of Hasaga Kain. Hasaga breezed through the selection process and has been hailed as the new face of The Lighting Bolts.

Hasaga who hails from the West Phoenician city-state of Selene Valley in the province of Eos Gardens; the son of a silk merchant and kindergarten teacher. Hasaga had been playing cricket from the time he could walk and had moved up from local league all the way to state while studying Sports Medicine at the University of Selene Valley. At the ripe age of 22, he passed selection to be the knew all rounder for the Lighting Bolts.

Unfortunately his fast bowling skills did not shine today as he only bowled 3 overs but he did manage to take 2 wickets.
The game was close with the Greenblacks finishing on 135 runs. To hear the Lighting Bolts by 1 run.

Team coach Edward Mount-Alexander brushed aside the first loss of the season and has promised the Lighting Bolts will keep fighting in their pursuit of a back to back win.

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Postby Pratapgadh » Mon Jun 03, 2019 11:34 pm



Sajnur Defeats Pratapgadh, The Fans Look Dejected

Written by Rajeev Chauhan

Today is not our day, the fans look really dejected after this match. Pratapgadh performed really well in this match, but Pratapgadh's bowling fell just short against Sajnur's batting. Sajnur won by 6 wickets, and only one ball was left of the innings. That tells us how intense the match was.

Pratapgadh won the toss and chose to bat. Rajendra Rathore was on strike glaring at the ball, [Sajnurian Bowler] comes runs in to deliver the first bowl of the over....... and that's a FOUR! A great off drive from Rajendra, the ball went smoothly towards the boundary. [Sajnurian Bowler] runs in to deliver his second one....... and that is another FOUR! Another off drive from Rajendra and that will be another boundary. He blocked the next ball and then hit the fourth one for a six! He blocked the next two and now it's Divaj's turn to have a go at the ball. He blocks the first ball, he wants to take his time, he hits the next ball for two runs. He hits the third one and takes two runs. The fourth one smashed hard, an on drive from Divaj which whizzed past a Sajnurian player for a boundary. He blocked the next two balls. Rajendra played four balls in the over and was clean bowled on the fifth ball. He made 24 runs off 11 balls, he believes in "Hit Out Or Get Out!". Bipin Parte comes into the play the last ball of the over and he blocks it. Divaj played very well, he made 35 runs and was run out on his 29th ball. Bipin Parte continued to smash the ball whenever he gets an opportunity, making 40 runs off 31 balls. Bipin's 31st ball was caught behind. Juman Mulani is a great batsman, but was only able to play 9 balls and made 15 runs. It wasn't Farhang's day either, who made only 4 runs off 10 balls. Sanjay and Sandha played till the end and the final score is 152 for 5. Sanjay made 20 runs off 13 balls and Sandha made 12 runs off 17 balls.

This is what the commentators said about Pratapgadh's innings. Commentator 1 - "A great innings from the Pratapgadh side, 152 for 5. But I am interested in their bowling attack, I know Kartik and Abdaal are fast and accurate bowlers and Sandha is an economical one. The main person in Pratapgadh's bowling attack is... and this is my opinion, Pradip Khatmode. A great left-arm orthodox spinner who is cunning as hell. In his club cricket career, he is known for his cunningness and his positive attitude. So yeah, there is nothing left for me to say, let us move on."

Sanjur's innings started off well too. Kartik and Abdaal, each of them bowled two overs but haven't got any wickets. Pratapgadh got their wicket in the fifth over when Kartik delivered a yorker which the batsman wasn't able to block. Abdaal picked up 2 wickets in his third over, slowing down Sajnur for a bit. Divaj was the one who took the catch for Abdaal. Pratapgadh wasn't able to get any wickets till Pradip took a wicket in his 4th over, which was the last over of the match. On the fifth ball of the over, [Sajnurian Batsman] smashed the ball towards mid-off, which goes towards the boundary. Game over, Sajnur won by 6 wickets, scoring 154 for 4. The Pratapgadhi looked dejected after the match, it was painful for them to lose their first game.

I finally met Sanjay after winning the brawl against other columnists. I asked him how he felt about the match, he responded "It is very disappointing for us to lose our first game in the tournament, the fans expected a lot from us but we didn't stand up to their expectations. We will do our best in the next match against Damukuni and hopefully, win some games." I tried to meet the Coach, Tarun Kavinde, but this time I wasn't able to win the brawl with the other columnists. Unlucky, but I think I was able to break someone's nose, I know I am strong (Not really).

I also met the fans, and many of them weren't in a good move. Though some were proud of our national team, saying that it is just the beginning, we have lots of opportunities. But I need to say, Pratapgadhi cricket fans are probably the best fans. Even when they are disheartened by a bad performance, they still support our team which makes me happy.

That is all for today if you are upset after this match, cheer up. We still have 8 more games. And another thing, I know I am probably the most unfunny columnist, but am I still useful? I hope so. Hopefully, Pratapgadh wins the next match against Damukuni and gets back into the tournament. Whatever the result, best of luck Pratapgadh


Pratapgadh Innings
NameRunsBalls4s6sStrike Rate
Rajendra Rathore241132218.18b ????
Divaj Dharel352931120.69Run Out
Bipin Parte403142129.03c Emre Vurda b ????
Juman Mulani15910166.67b ????
Farhang Gondalwala4100040.00b ????
Sanjay Gadia20*1711117.65Not Out
Sandha Ghalo12*131092.31Not Out
Did Not Bat: Javed Kazmi, Pradip Khatmode, Abdaal Rahman, Kartik Kakadia
Extras (2): 2 Wides

Sajnur Innings
Kartik Kakadia380419.50
Abdaal Rahman310427.75
Pradip Khatmode3003.518.57
Sanjay Gadia330408.25
Sandha Ghalo201405.00
Catches(1): Divaj Dharel(1)
Extras(2): 1 Wide, 1 No-ball

Play Like A Warrior
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Postby Ko-oren » Tue Jun 04, 2019 11:29 am

It's uncanny how some teams manage to get both huge bat-and-ball games under control, and how others completely fail to take the other game into account. West Phoenicia is the top ranked team of the T20 World Cup, and we know that they are also invested in that other big multiversal tournament, the World Baseball Classic. We know, because we're invested in both as well. They, however, are second in the multiverse in baseball and first in cricket. We are sixth and fifth, respectively, and yet we feel like a small team compared to them. Liventia are pretty huge in both, as well, though they have the added bonus of being home to probably the most influential cricket board in the multiverse. Pratapgadh are a growing force, who are in our WBC group and we had a 50% chance of also meeting in the T20 group stage - but that coin flip went the other way. The groups weren't entirely drawn via coin flips, but that's beside the point.

Anyhow, let's see how the first match went.

Ko-oren 156/5 (17.4 overs)
Lisander 155/3 (20 overs)

Well, that's pretty good.

Lisander are diversifying from just playing rugby codes, after entering in the Test cricket season and the T20 Champions' League. They've joined forces with Alice Bay, and that's a good thing, because it seems that Lisander has plenty of ideas about batting but none about bowling. At least, from the team sheet it looks like the best bowlers (there were four full-time bowlers starting against us), three out of four are Alicean. There are five batsmen, three of which are Alicean... maybe it's just that Alice Bay apparently produces more quality cricketers. Farnell and Keenan opened quite well, rarely had to turn to defence, kept the scoreboard ticking, and Keenan only submitted to Fox once the opening duo had already put 85 runs on the board. D'Amisso joined Farnell for an over when Harvey ended D'Amisso's nightmare innings, facing four balls and still going for a duck. The biggest weaknesses were now identified, the pitch held fewer and fewer secrets for both the Ko-orenite bowlers and Farnell, and Marsden decided to play around with bowling around the wicket, varying speed, line and length in a desperate attempt to keep the LCB's pride from punishing the predictable bowling. Between Marsden, Harvey, Fox and yMharwn, there is only pace bowling on offer without dipping into the batsmen (some of which can spin!) but luckily there is still a lot to work with with pace bowling alone. Marsden's fielding instructions were phenomenal, and many near-boundaries were kept to twos instead. Another thing that worked in the Greenblues' favour was that Farnell's accompaniment, no matter who it was after Keenan left, couldn't withstand the same pressure. Lihou held up for a little, reached a six and two fours, then went out on a misjudged scoop. The trick shot came from nowhere - which is where you want trick shots to come from - but it was completely unnecessary and Lihou knew that while walking back to the pavilion. Hagen showed up for the final six overs, carrying the majority of the workload as Farnell mostly just scored singles to get Hagen back at bat. Scoring slowed down considerably in the final few balls, where Marsden himself was back to bowl three of the final five overs. Lisander eventually ended on three for 155, Farnell carrying the bat with 91 scored runs on 78 balls. It was his innings, though he relied on his partner too much to come closer to a century.

After a short break, Treadway and Crawford came out for Ko-oren - the former on his international debut. Initial conservative batting meant that Treadway at least didn't disappear for a duck, but there wasn't much of a chase until Crawford decided to speed up a little. It was all pace for Lisander early on, with Porteous, Hery and Zaid all trying their best to bowl seemingly identical balls but offering different lines, lengths, and ways to incorporate the seam. On his debut, Treadway couldn't keep himself from swatting at far too much (edging for boundaries twice just before this), then knocking a thick edge to Bejah. Crawford couldn't hold on much longer, though the scoreboard had serious work to do now. Welsh and Willis tried everything to keep the momentum going, but Willis forced the issue a little too much, hitting straight to long-on without any kind of power to lift for a six. Instead, the lob over the bowler found Lihou for an easy catch. Stanway and Welsh then did the majority of the work, scoring 73 runs between them, and almost getting through the entire match together. There was plenty of time left, Stanway didn't have to try to finish the game early - and then lifted the ball over the infield, but not enough. Zaid got underneath the ball enough, arms outstretched, but cradled the ball enough for it not to hit the ground - wicket. Welsh and Ahern tried to put the pressure back on the bowlers. With two runs left to score, Kendall was brought out to slow down the pace. Spin bowling, and taking a lot of time between deliveries, he frustrated Welsh enough to swing. Everything up until now had decent spin on it, turning into the batsmen after the bounce - good length, so Welsh could see it all - but this one went straight ahead, not near the wicket. Welsh saw an opportunity to hit the ball off his back foot, towards fine leg, but it was a top edge to the wicketkeeper instead. With enough balls left, and less aggressive batting, Ahern and yMharwn saw the end of the innings, scoring singles until the scoreboard finally read 156.

A Farnell  91 78 *
L Keenan 38 30 b Fox c Wheelwright
S D'Amisso 0 4 b Harvey c Stanway
B Lihou 14 5 b Marsden c Wheelwright
L Hagen 5 3 *

3-155 (20). 7 extras.

G Treadway 15 9 b Zaid c Bejah
D Crawford 20 18 b & c Zaid
D Welsh 58 43 b Kendall c Bejah
P Willis 5 3 b Porteous c Lihou
D Stanway 35 23 b Kendall c Zaid
L Ahern 15 7 *
S yMharwn 2 4 *
5-156 (17.5). 6 extras.
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Postby Mattijana » Tue Jun 04, 2019 1:31 pm

Mattijanan Roster For World T20 XII


The Mattijana Cricket Federation (MKB) presents its team for the 12th T20 Championships. The marmots narrowly missed out on a semi-final chance in the most recent championships as West West Phoencia beat surprise package Rooimervania to win. Dominik Maestri's side will therefore hope to reach a stage of the tournament that has eluded them so far in their history, but come into the tournament with their highest ranking yet of 3rd.

Colours: Light green with light yellow trim around lower body and arms.

Cricket In Mattijana:

The sport of cricket (or Krikete in Mattijanan) is a well established favourite in Mattijana, with a variety of leagues, climates and idyllic locations making it a fans' favourite. The vast size and therefore massive range of climates in Mattijana mean all kinds of players can be successfully developed, with the warm and dry south and south-east a spinner's paradise, and the wetter centre North and West a rewarding location for swing and seam bowling.

The Mattijanan league system has three sections: 4-day, one day and Twenty 20 Cricket. The 4-day tournament contains teams named after their region, whilst one day teams are purely city based, but generally use the same stadiums and training facilities as their regional counterparts.

Head Coach: Dominik Maestri
A former batsman for Petrovijanka KK, Dominik Maestri retired at the age of 38 and moved straight into coaching, becoming the batting specialist for the under 21 side at the same club. Following success for the team in the domestic Under 21 T20 championships, Maestri was promoted to batting coach of the first team and then head coach 4 years later. He spent 5 years as head coach of Petrovijanka KB, winning 2 T20 domestic titles as well as a 5 day title.
After finishing his 5th season, he was offered the International job and began his preparation for the 8th T20 championships.


Mattijana has put out a mixture of experience and youth for the competition. Opening batsmen, Julian Illicič and Katarina Sava are old hands in the domestic league whilst the middle order contains some up-and coming powerhouses who are no strangers to hitting the ball high into the stands, or in the case of popular seaside ground Stadijo Ižola, onto the beach.
All rounder, Fredi Gluckspiel is one to watch in the side. When on form, he is virtually unstoppable with both bat and ball, but due to his mercurial nature, he has earned himself the nickname "Glucksmann" (man of luck). In any case, you never know what you're going to get.
The bowling attack is geared mainly towards the lush and temperate climate in most of the country which rewards good swing and seam bowling. Although not in abundance throughout the country, there are sufficient spinners to bolster the attack in drier areas such as Puljanka, and in the pitch in Matbirjke, which is less grown up due to its position in the mountains. Mattias Karamov leads the attack with some good seam variations and swing bowling and is joined by Kasenka Riegler, the zippier of the opening pair. The openers are backed up by some more good variable seam bowling from Daniella Johanovic and off-spin from Mattias Googlov with all rounder Fredi Glukspiel's pace providing another option. In addition, Marko Zackov can provide some part-time leg-spin, but is only called on in the case of injury or abject failure by one of the front-line bowlers.
Unpredictability is the key to the bowling performances from Mattijana. Different seam positions, lengths and paces are used regularly to outfox opposition batters and makes up for a deficiency in outright pace.

Captain: Mattias Karamov (seam bowler).

Player (technical information), age, regional team (4-day championship), one day team

Specialist Batsmen:
Julian Illicič (Right-hander), 31, Petrovijanska, Petrovijanka KK
Katarina Sava (Left-hander), 27, Pulnika, Puljanka KK
Marko Žackov (Right-hander), 29, Istrija, Revinka KK
Alex Postojna (Right-hander), 23, Antaljana, Kranj KK
Jelena Laramazic (Left-hander), 25, Petrovijanska, Petrovijanka KK
Jasmina Benzeni (Right-hander), 23, Moslena, Ramas KK

All Rounders:
Fredi Glukspiel (Left-hand batting+Left-arm seam/pace), 25, Juliana, Burges KK
Dominika Smitek (Right-hand batting+right-arm medium-pace, 24, Strandska, WestStrandt KK

Wicket Keepers:
Ali Makarena (Left-hand batting), 31, Moslena, Ramas KK
Jos Illicič (Right-hand batting), 27, Pulnika, Puljanka KK

Mattias Karamov (Right-arm seam), 30, Juliana, Burges KK
Kasenka Riegler (Left-arm pace), 24, Istrija, Revinka KK
Daniella Johanovic (Right-arm seam), 25, Petrovijanska, Petrovijanka KK
Grigor Turnus (Right-arm leg-spin), 33, Istrija, Revinka KK
Mattias Googlov (Right-arm off-spin),32, Pulnika, Puljanka KK

Starting XI:

1: Julian Illicič
2: Katarina Sava
3: Marko Žackov
4: Jelena Laramazic
5: Jasmina Benzeni
6: Fredi Glukspiel
7: Jos Illicic (WK)
8: Mattias Karamov (C)
9: Kasenka Riegler
10: Daniella Johanovic
11: Mattias Googlov

Bowling Order:

1: Mattias Karamov
2: Kasenka Riegler
3: Daniella Johanovic
4: Mattias Googlov
5: Fredi Glukspiel


No career ending injuries or deaths, otherwise go for it.
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Postby Darmen » Tue Jun 04, 2019 9:22 pm

Early dismissals doom Darmen

Darmen 131/9 (20)-132/4 (17.1) Barunia
Darmen won the toss and chose to bat, Barunia won by six wickets
@ Park Central Oval, Orean, Liventia (attendance 36,329)

First Innings
Name Runs Balls 4's 6's SR
V Acker c ? b ? 1 4 0 0 25.00
S Winter lbw b ? 0 1 0 0 0.00
W van der Zee c ? b ? 52 45 5 2 115.56
T Milligan c ? b ? 18 14 3 0 128.57
E Ready b ? 9 6 1 0 150.00
D Gardenar run-out (?) 5 3 1 0 166.67
A Armbruster not out 24 24 2 1 100.00
C McAlister lbw b ? 7 8 1 0 87.50
K Rosenfeld c ? b ? 4 2 1 0 200.00
A Dickenson c ? b ? 1 3 0 0 33.33
D Myers not out 5 10 0 0 50.00
Extras 5

Second Innings
Name Overs M Runs Wickets Econ.
C McAlister 4.0 0 27 2 6.75
D Myers 3.0 0 19 1 6.33
K Rosenfeld 3.1 0 25 0 7.89
A Dickenson 4.0 0 29 1 7.25
D Gardenar 3.0 0 32 0 10.67
The Barunian bowler who bowled the opening over was awarded Man of the Match for dismissing Darmen's openers inside of the first over. Despite a third wicket partnership between Winston van der Zee and Theudofrid Milligan that flourished for awhile, Darmen never recovered from its first two lost wickets and scored only 131 runs in its innings. van der Zee did not disappoint in his senior debut, scoring a half-century off 45 deliveries.

Barunia used the high-scoring pitch of Park Central Oval to their advantage in the chase and won the match with six wickets in hand. Not only were the Darmeni bowlers unable to limit Barunia's scoring rate, but they were also unable to breakup Barunia's final partnership of the day, the two batsman remaining in the middle for the final nine overs of play.

Darmeni captain Sigmund Winter, who fell to a golden duck in the first over, appeared to not be overly concerned about the loss. "We've eight more matches to play. The top six teams from each group move on. We're not worried about failing to advance. We'll do that. What I am worried about is making sure that once we do reach the knockouts, we're firing on all cylinders and can reach the final."

Darmen will face unranked newcomers Tulize in its next match. Winter has stated that he'll use the match against the unheralded Tulize to give playing time to three of Darmen's four reserves. "The long group stage gives us the perfect opportunity to make sure that everyone who made the trip to Liventia gets to see match action," commented Selection Committee chairman Matthew Johnson. Tristram Mac Eanraig will open the batting alongside Winter; Justin Beckett will keep wicket despite Adalfuns Armbruster's 24 not out in the opening match; and Menashe Wakefield will take the place of the wicket-less Kieran Rosenfeld. Darmen's batting order will remain unchanged.
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Postby The Plough Islands » Tue Jun 04, 2019 11:40 pm

Congratulations to Apox! The reports for this World Cup might be a little shorter than the Test season ones, for both OOC (going curling twice a week eats into my time when up against a schedule) and IC (Denis Wormwood is covering the Harrison Cup) reasons. Hopefully they're still acceptable though, and as always, please do correct me where I inevitably mess up!

on the 3rd June 2019, the Plough Islands Gazette wrote:
by Caroline Iddon, Additional Sporting Correspondent, in City Centre

The 20-over world championships began on a painful but ultimately promising note for the Plough Islands Young Foxes today as Barnaby Weiss' team lost - just - by three wickets to old foes Apox on what was a good bowling pitch at Liventia's National Centre of Excellence. Despite an excellent batting performance by Rory Aliyev, and legspinner Terry Gibbs taking three wickets in what was an impressive debut, the Apoxians were able to get within striking distance and reach the target with one delivery to spare.
Weiss opted for his team to bat first, but the Plough Islands stuttered at times on what was generally a bowler friendly pitch as they were unable to keep a partnership going for very long; openers Gabriel Forrester (26) and Andrew Weaver (11) only managed thirty before the latter fell to veteran paceman Roy Hamilton-Randall, and the only other pairings of note were based around the mercurial Aliyev. The New Dalmatian, who carried much of the Young Foxes' innings with Catherine Nasrullin (27) and Jannie Hendricks (10) in support, stormed to an unbeaten 59 and set Apox 151 to win, despite Hamilton-Randall keeping the pressure on with two quick wickets in his last over.
In reply, Apox started confidently, putting on almost seventy runs for the first wicket as Trinity Southwold and Hamish Gaaraayi dug in against Jennifer Hart's pace; it looked as though they would canter to within sight of the total, but Gaaraayi being run out on 33 from an impressive Nasrullin direct hit precipitated something of a collapse. Hart took out captain Muldoney second ball and Nancy Washington two overs later, before Hendricks had wicketkeeper Lupiter caught at slip the next ball as Apox fell to 85 for six and there began whispers in the stands at City Centre about an upset victory.
However, the Young Foxes' momentum was checked by impressive debutant Polly Brookham, who arrested the Apoxian slide and stood her ground before, after Gibbs had Southwold edged to John Scott for 39, taking it upon herself to keep the strike and batter the Plough Islander bowling attack to the four winds. Keswick Dhawa came in and kept the other end secure for the rest of the innings, as Apox reached the threshold of the winning score before Robin Vowles kept them at bay for most of the last over, sending down four dot balls before Dhawa lunged at the fifth and connected sufficiently to see it evade Scott's dive and dribble to fine leg to get the Apoxians over the line.
Though this will hurt the Young Foxes, there was much to admire in what was a valiant and proletarian effort against far more experienced opposition; particularly the performance of 17-year-old Terry Gibbs, who took 3-21 from his four overs and chose his variations well, while Rory Aliyev seemed far more assured than he had done against the same opposition in Ko-oren. Their next game, however, will be far more of a challenge against the reigning champions West Phoenicia; against the senior side last year, this match ended in a field invasion by opposition supporters. It will be up to the Young Foxes to hold their nerve in what will be a cauldron of emotion against a side known for their lack of empathy and nuance.



#4 G Forrester LHB
#15 ANL Weaver RHB
#1 BJ Weiss (c) LHB
#2 RP Aliyev RHB
#8 P Hodgeson LHB SLC
#9 ES Nasrullin LHB
#7 AJ Hendricks RHB RLB
#10 J Scott (w) RHB
#14 RG Vowles LHB SLA
#5 TSF Gibbs RHB RLB
National team
Test rank: 6th
ODI rank: 3rd
T20 rank: 5th
Commonwealth of the Plough IslandsPopulation: 139,550Golden age, revealed today
See also: overview factbook, national map, domestic sports

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Postby Liventia » Wed Jun 05, 2019 2:36 pm

The Liventian Cricketing Board of Authority have announced a 18-man pool of players for the 12th World Twenty20 Championship on home soil. The top line is the announcement of Matthew Geach continues as the team's T20 head coach, with his former bowling attack mate Daniel Quinn joining the backroom staff as lead spin bowling coach and assistant fielding coach.

Dylan Hennessey and Ollie Kerr, now 36 and 35 respectively, are still in the side, but another 35-year-old, James Quinn, has come to the end of his international T20 career, although he remains available for Test selection. Hennessey, for his part, has confirmed his retirement from all first-class and Test cricket in an effort to prolong his career in the shortest form of the game. On the bowling front, both Jonathan Adams and Sean Finney, now 34 and 33, have quit the T20 team as they focus on extending their Test careers.

A number of players in the selection pool have not previously been a part of a World T20 campaign. They include players who received their first international call-ups during the last Test season as the CBA's new selection panel attempted to lower the average age of the squad. The only 'new' face in the side is left-arm medium-pacer JJ Martínez-Jones.

Kerr, who resigned the Test captaincy in favour of Dave Edwards last season, remains in the role in the T20 side with Edwards acting as deputy. Hennessey remains second vice-captain.

Head coach/fast bowling coach: Matthew Geach
Assistant coach: Max Finney
Batting coach: Leo Cartwright
Lead spin bowling coach/assistant fielding coach: Daniel Quinn
Assistant spin bowling coach: Leroy Bérard
Wicketkeeping/Lead fielding coach: Garland Goudreau

Liventia will make use of their single DRS review only in the following circumstances:
- If it is an obvious error by the on-field umpire; or if it is not, the following apply:
- If the batsman involved has scored at least 35; or
- There are fewer than three overs left; or
- If that batsman involved is a recognised batsman and only the tail (de Cerci/Huws) are left.

Dylan Albert (Dylan) DA Hennessey** 36 LEFT OPENER/occasional LEGSPIN (rLS)
Peter Dennis (Peter) PD Finch 26 RIGHT OPENER
John Stephen (John) JS Millbank 33 LEFT TOP ORDER
David Huw Jacob (Dave) DHJ Edwards** 28 RIGHT TOP ORDER

Percéval Jérôme (PJ) PJ Trouvé 21 LEFT MIDDLE ORDER
Edward (Eddie) E Reynolds 30 LEFT BAT ALL-ROUNDER/LEGSPIN (rLS)

Michael Quentin (Mike) MQ Sarrin 33 RIGHT LOWER ORDER/primary WK
Brendon Alexander Radley (Brendon) BAR du Pont 30 RIGHT LOWER ORDER/reserve WK
James Francis Michael (Francis) JFM Kennedy 27 LEFT BOWL ALL-ROUNDER/SLOW LEFT ARM ORTHODOX (SLA)
Mathieu Édouard-Paul (Matt) MEP Goudreau 26 RIGHT BOWL ALL-ROUNDER/LEGSPIN (rLS)/GOOGLY (LBG)
Ryan Pietro Tomas (Ryan) RPT de Cerci 23 LEFT BOWLER/OFFSPIN (rOS)
Gareth Joshua Daniel (Josh) GJD Huws 21 RIGHT BOWLER/RIGHT-ARM MEDIUM-FAST (RMF)

Juan James Andrew (JJ) JJA Martínez-Jones 18 RIGHT BOWLER/LEFT ARM MEDIUM-FAST (LMF)

* Captain
** Vice-captains
Regular starters in italics, batting in the order listed above.
Dave Edwards and Ollie Kerr to be promoted over John Millbank as pinch-hitters with fewer than five overs to go.

Bowling attack, in order of use: BL Kerr, GJD Huws, JFM Kennedy, RPT de Cerci, OH Kerr, E Reynolds, any other all-rounder or bowler playing, DA Hennessey as a last resort; BL Kerr and GJD Huws will both open and act as death bowlers.

If you RP first and create a scorecard, I ask that you also do one for my side. Please don't kill any of my players, and serious injuries should be discussed with me beforehand. Retired hurts are fine, within reason.
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Postby Liventia » Wed Jun 05, 2019 2:50 pm

Matchday 2
Group A
Tornado Queendom 178/4 (20 overs)
Lisander 179/6 (17.4 overs)
Folenisa Cricket Ground

Indusse 155/6 (20 overs)
Ko-oren 177/5 (20 overs)
The Bastion, Dover

Apox 160/3 (20 overs)
Krytenia 174/5 (20 overs)
Folenisa Cricket Ground

West Phoenicia 193/6 (20 overs)
The Plough Islands 159/6 (20 overs)
NCE Oval, City Centre

Eastfield Lodge 143/6 (20 overs)
Elejamie 147/6 (19.2 overs)
NCE Oval, City Centre

Group B
Mattijana 157/6 (20 overs)
Teusland 173/6 (20 overs)
Lewes Park, Neverend

Barunia 158/8 (20 overs)
Busoga Islands 161/3 (19.4 overs)
Island Cricket Arena, Schimpol

Tulize 154/7 (20 overs)
Darmen 149/7 (20 overs)
Park Central Oval, Orean

Sajnur 150/7 (20 overs)
Liventia 151/4 (18 overs)
Island Cricket Arena, Schimpol

Damukuni 163/6 (20 overs)
Pratapgadh 163/5 (20 overs)
Super Over:
Damukuni 9/0 (1 overs)
Pratapgadh 10/0 (0.5 overs)
Park Central Oval, Orean

Group tables
Please note ties in group tables are not currently sorted beyond head-to-head.

Group A Pld W T L Pts
1 Elejamie 2 2 0 0 4
Ko-oren 2 2 0 0 4
3 Indusse 2 1 0 1 2
4 Krytenia 2 1 0 1 2
5 Apox 2 1 0 1 2
Eastfield Lodge 2 1 0 1 2
Lisander 2 1 0 1 2
West Phoenicia 2 1 0 1 2
9 The Plough Islands 2 0 0 2 0
Tornado Queendom 2 0 0 2 0

Group B Pld W T L Pts
1 Busoga Islands 2 2 0 0 4
Liventia 2 2 0 0 4
3 Teusland 2 1 0 1 2
Sajnur 2 1 0 1 2
5 Barunia 2 1 0 1 2
Mattijana 2 1 0 1 2
Pratapgadh 2 1 0 1 2
Tulize 2 1 0 1 2
9 Damukuni 2 0 1 1 1
10 Darmen 2 0 0 2 0
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