World Grand Prix Championship 17 [DRIVER SIGNUP THREAD]

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World Grand Prix Championship 17 [DRIVER SIGNUP THREAD]

Postby WGPC » Sun Feb 10, 2019 5:58 pm

Quick Driver Signup Form:

Reliability (MAX 5):
Aggression (MAX 5):
Technique (MAX 5):
These three numbers can add up to a maximum of twelve! For example: 4,5,3 or 3,4,5 or 4,4,4 etc

Write something about your driver:

Filled this in? Congratulations! Post it in this thread and you'll be a part of the new season. Check for the RP thread which will appear in late February.


In the real world, the pinnacle of motor-racing is Formula One, a season of races between elite drivers piloting single-seater open-wheel racing cars. It’s a billion-dollar industry where advantages are gained through engineering ingenuity, the influence of world’s best designers, race tacticians and engineers and the best equipment money can buy.

In the Nationstates Multiverse, the World Grand Prix Championship has been the standard-bearer for motor racing on these forums for the last fourteen years.

Since its inception in 2005, the WGPC has followed the general direction of its real-life counter-part, but with some changes aimed at taking full advantage of the fantasy realm we find ourselves in. In general, the WGPC follows reality's example just up to the point where reality becomes a bit boring. F1 banned things like ground effect, active suspension, smoking in the pit garages and a whole host of other things. What’s more, the real world doesn’t have access to the power of the Imagination Forge, doesn’t have the capacity to appreciate the driving skills of gigantic flightless multiversal emus and has never seemed to fully embrace the idea of someone being able to win the World Championship despite never winning a race. Not only is all of the above possible in WGPC, it’s usually unsurprising.

WGPC is an annual cascade of colourfully-drawn inter-woven stories written by a cast of twenty or so users. Every season has its triumphs and disasters, superheroes, supervillains, egotists and underdogs, bravado, bromances and brivalries. To sign up for this, you needn’t have read the above, but you *do* rather need to have read the rest of this post below.

Season 12, Season 13, Season 14, Season 15 and Season 16 have been completed in recent years. Season seventeen is just around the corner.

The WGPC is currently in
The Initial Signup Phase
The Negotiation and Driver Signup Phase
The Regular Season

Each of this season’s 14 teams are now looking to sign drivers to race in the upcoming season. To give your driver the best chance of getting a seat, you can write about them in the Roleplay Thread

To signup a driver or a circuit to the coming season, read the information below and fill in one of the signup forms. Everything you need to know is written below. Don't worry if you find anything confusing or unintuitive. You can ask us a question in the discussion thread if you need help.

For a feel of how this works, have a look at the signup threads for previous WGPC seasons.
Season 16 Signup Thread
Season 15 Signup Thread
Season 14 Signup Thread
Note: Due to Photobucket becoming increasingly unreliable, many images from previous seasons may be broken or altered


Every user may sign up a maximum of TWO drivers. Every driver starts off as a free agent, meaning they are not affiliated to any team. Drivers sign up to teams via roleplay in the RP thread, which will be created soon, though it's not unheard of for users to ask around the users who control racing teams (more on them later) to let them know you're available.

The more RPing you do with your driver, the higher your RP bonus. The higher your RP bonus, the faster your driver is likely to be on the circuit, the safer they are likely to be on the circuit, and the more likely a team is to sign them.

To sign-up a driver, fill in the following form:

Reliability (MAX 5):
Aggression (MAX 5):
Technique (MAX 5):

NAME is the full name of the driver. The driver may be male or female or any kind of sentient being. Want to sign up a pony? Or some kind of sentient wasp? That's fine, but do appreciate that IC regulations on driver safety, car weight, helmet measurements and general aerodynamic ability would have to be factored in. The WGPC reserves the right to punish sentient bees for not wearing the correct safety equipment, even if said safety equipment would make it impossible for said bee to reach the steering wheel.

NAME TRIGRAM is the trigram that usually represents the driver's surname. A trigram is a set of three letters that represent a larger word. For example, a driver named Alexander Lund's trigram could be 'LUN' or 'LND', but probably not 'ALU' or 'ALN' because both of those examples use a letter from the driver's first name. It's the surname which is important. We’ll only allow you to use a letter from the driver’s first name if there are two drivers with the same surname, or if a driver typically goes by three names (Jean Mercer-Daly, for example, typically uses ‘JMD’). A driver with just one name, for example 'Speedyguy', might have the trigram 'SPD' or 'SPE' or 'SPG' or somesuch.

NATIONALITY is the country where the driver comes from. This is your country.

NATIONALITY TRIGRAM should be the trigram for your nation. It should be three letters. This is NOT the trigram for the driver's name.

PREFERRED CAR NUMBER is your driver's preferred car number. This can be any number between 3 and 99. 1 is reserved for the current driver's champion. 2 is only available to the champion's team-mate should they so choose.

SECOND CHOICE CAR NUMBER is your second choice for your driver’s car number. In the event that two drivers choose the same number, first preference will be given to any driver trying to retain a number they used previously. Second preference will be given to the first of these drivers to sign up for a team. You may enter a third or fourth choice car number if you like.

ABILITY is split into THREE sections: RELIABILITY, AGGRESSION and TECHNIQUE. Aggressive drivers are better at overtaking, while technical drivers are better at traversing the multiverse's more difficult circuits. Each attribute should be given a numerical number between 2 and 5 and the three ratings must add up to a maximum of twelve. This is a change from last season.

EXPERIENCE should be a short list of previous WGPO affiliated seasons the driver has taken part in, and their finishing position in the drivers’ championship for that season. By ‘WGPO affiliated’ we mean WGPC, WGP2 and WGP3. For more information on those, consult the WGPO thread. The information here should be OOC. If your driver has never competed in a WGPO season before, leave this blank. The scorinator gives no advantage to experienced drivers. This part merely helps team owners know a little about your driver for the signup period.

You can increase your driver's RAT rating by RPing.

BIO is a short biography of your driver. His/her/its age, experience, hopes and aspirations, driving style, favourite sandwich, things like that.

NAME: Alexander Lund
NATIONALITY: Audioslavian

EXPERIENCE: WGPC16 (7th), WGPC15 (14th), WGPC14 (12th), WGPC13 (3rd), WGPC12 (1st)

BIO: Alec Lund shot to fame in Season 12 of the WGPC. Signed to the notoriously unreliable McPahan team, Lund struggled through accident after accident during the first half of the season, only to put a streak together over the last handful of races and, against all expectation, win the World Driver's Championship on the very final raceday of the season. Lund's form continued in season thirteen, finishing third, while the last two seasons have been unmitigated disasters for him, finishing twelfth in season 14 and fourteenth in season 15.

Alec is a racer at heart: Competitive on the track, if not the best at putting together the greatest qualifying laptime. His ability to race at pace while keeping an eye on his tires is wonderful, but while he shows consistency and bravery he doesn't quite have the raw talent and reaction times of his peers, and that difference has only accentuated with age. At 32 years old, Lund has announced that he will be retiring at the end of the season. He hopes to go out with a bang. Well, okay, not a 'bang', but a series of podium finishes would be nice.


VLT CRU 51 R.L. Cruisin 3.14 5.0 3.86 WGPC x6
STB KRD 33 Jai Kardaeri 4.5 3.0 4.5 WGPC x5 (World Drivers’ Champion, Season 8)
VLT TII 77 iBen Toralmintii 4.0 3.25 4.75 WGPC x5
MTJ DIM 42 Alex Dimitrianov 5.0 3.0 4.0 WGPC x4
HDR SZR 52 Sayono Souzare 3.9 3.7 4.4 WGPC x4
HDR NDK 55 Asao Nadakei 4.2 3.9 3.9 WGPC x4
ETN ELI 7 Ethan Ellis 4.1 3.2 4.7 WGPC x3
KRY GUI 29 Esteban Guilhermez 5.0 2.0 5.0 WGPC x3
ABL TAL 56 Terho Talvela 3.5 4.6 3.9 WGPC x3 (World Drivers’ Champion, Season 14)
VNG FRS 1 Jessica Franssen 3.9 3.6 4.5 WGPC x2 (World Drivers’ Champion, Season 16)
WET SCH 20 Mick Schramm 4.0 4.5 3.5 WGPC x2
MTJ KRA 22 Jasmin Kranjska 3.0 4.0 5.0 WGPC x2
ESM JMD 41 Jean Mercer-Daly 4.0 5.0 3.0 WGPC x2
NIM LAN 94 Ryker Lane 5.0 4.5 2.5 WGPC x2 (World Drivers’ Champion, Season 15)
VNG JNG 13 Xiaopeng Jang 3.8 4.4 3.8 WGPC, WGP2
EFL WTK 31 Cesaro Whittaker 5.0 3.0 4.0 WGPC, WGP2
SVJ BJA 14 Sigur Bjarnason 4.0 3.0 5.0 WGPC
SOR SOK 26 Dmitri Sokolov 3.0 5.0 4.0 WGPC
SOR KRU 27 Gregori Krupin 4.0 4.0 4.0 WGPC
LEN RHJ 27 Ryan Harris-Jones 4.2 2.8 5.0 WGPC
NEK OKU 47 Erica Okumura 4.0 3.25 4.75 WGPC
ETN TAL 49 Benjamin Talison 3.4 3.6 5.0 WGPC
FID IBU 71 Rustom Ibuna 4.5 2.8 4.7 WGPC
TGN FAL 19 Dom Falepeau 5.0 4.0 3.0 WGP2 x2
WET SCH 25 Timo Jänkirinää 4.0 3.0 5.0 WGP2 x2
EFL DHL 63 Dalia Dahl 2.0 5.0 5.0 WGP2 x2
LIS CAS 3 Darius Casellammare 4.0 4.0 4.0 WGP2
FID TAB 48 Tyra Tabuso 4.1 3.4 4.5 WGP2
SVJ ARJ 75 Roman Arjenko 3.0 5.0 4.0 WGP2
SHW TRI 7 Vijay Tripathi 3.0 4.5 4.5 Rookie
XAN BRY 13 Kellen Bryce 5.0 5.0 2.0 Rookie
FLC NVX 15 Tabita ‘Tab’ Novax 2.5 5.0 4.5 Rookie
TKI LOF 16 Andy Loffity 3.0 4.0 5.0 Rookie
DRA CAR 17 Evdaden Carnétier 4.0 4.0 4.0 Rookie
TTI MIJ 18 Carmen I. Mijeres 3.5 4.5 4.0 Rookie
MYT JCS 22 Jelena Colac-Strek 3.0 4.5 4.5 Rookie
CDG BLK 27 Taylor Blake 4.7 2.7 4.6 Rookie
PRT CHA 35 Devendra Chauhan 3.5 4.5 4.0 Rookie
SHW XUL 47 Liuyong Xu 5.0 3.0 4.0 Rookie
VAD DGR 55 Hunter Digri 4.5 4.0 3.5 Rookie
AUD ORK 64 Carsten O’Rourke 4.3 2.9 4.8 Rookie
POI LEL 72 Linus Lessner 5.0 2.0 5.0 Rookie
WLY SVN 76 Marie Svantstron 4.0 3.0 5.0 Rookie
SRA MTG 82 Jacoppo Montaguti 3.4 4.8 3.4 Rookie
NAR KLL 99 Kohan Lee Lindsay 5.0 5.0 2.0 Rookie


Each user may sign up a maximum of TWO grand-prix circuits, and no more than one per nation (meaning one circuit from your main nation and one from a puppet is fine).

Signing up a circuit is not a guarantee that it will be used in the upcoming WGPC season. Spare circuits may be used for pre-season or in-season testing.

It is customary to provide an image of your circuit (no larger than 900 x 900 pixels, of course). Providing an image is mandatory for your circuit to become one of the 12 that will be used for the upcoming season.

To sign up a circuit, fill in the following form.




QUALIFYING TYPE: (Trad / Two-Tier / One-Shot)

IMAGE is a link to the diagram of your circuit. It should be a diagram and not a photograph, unless it's an aerial photograph that is especially clear

NAME OF CIRCUIT is the name of the circuit. To use a real-life example, Spa-Francorchamps is the name of the track used for the Belgian grand-prix.

CITY/TOWN is the name of the place the circuit is in / nearest to. For example, Spa-Francorchamps is situated near the Belgian town of Stavelot, so ‘Stavelot, Belgium’ would be used.

COUNTRY is the nation the circuit is in. Spa Francorchamps is in Belgium.

NAME OF GRAND PRIX is what the grand prix will be called. For example, Grand Prix de Quebec or Audioslavian Grand Prix or Gran Premio de San Jose Guayabal. The F1 Grand Prix at Spa Francorchamps is simply called 'The Belgian Grand Prix'.

TRACK RATING is, like the driver ability rating, comprised of numerical values. The first value is Aggressiveness. Aggressive circuits are wide with plenty of opportunities to overtake. The second value is Technical Difficulty. A track with a high TD rating suits more technically skilled drivers, and the circuit may be more difficult to overtake on. The numbers should add up to ten. (ie 4/6, 7/3, 5/5). The first number is the aggressiveness, the second is the technical difficulty.

CHANCE OF RAIN is the percentage chance that an event, whether practice, qualifying or the full race, will be run under wet or damp conditions. If you’re not sure, just put 3%. 3% is the norm. The maximum percentage allowable is 18%.

OVERTAKING DIFFICULTY is how difficult it is for one driver to overtake another on the circuit. A ‘5’ means overtaking is difficult, a ‘1’ means overtaking is easy. 2.5 is about average.

The MARGIN FOR ERROR metric denotes how severely mistakes can be punished. A 1 means the track is forgiving - a driver won’t lose too much time if they spin. A 5 means mistakes are punished more severely. 2 is average for a regular cicuit. A street circuit’s average would be nearer 4.5

QUALIFYING TYPE was a new addition for season 14.
A single ninety-minute free-for-all in which every driver gets ten laps in which to record the fastest lap-time possible is known as the Traditional qualifying type, and if you would like your grand prix to use this qualifying type, say so in this field.

Two-tier is similar to what is currently used in formula one. In the first, fifty-minute session the drivers record up to six flying laps. The ten fastest go on to tier two, the slower ones drop out and will line up in positions 11 to 24 on race-day. In the second session, the ten fastest drivers record up to three flying laps over a twenty-five minute period. The driver with the slowest time of this period will start 10th, the second-slowest 9th and so on.

One-Shot is a new addition for season seventeen. In this format, every driver has one lap, and one lap only, to record a fast time. A maximum of two Grands Prix will be allowed to use One-Shot qualifying. Should more than two circuit submissions that denote one-shot qualifying be selected, one or more may be changed to Traditional qualifying at the WGPC’s discretion.

LAP RECORD is the fastest any grand prix driver has driven the track before.

LENGTH OF ONE LAP should be measured in kilometres. Tracks that are too long or too short won't be considered when it comes to selecting places for the racing season. Over 7km would probably be too long. Under 3km would be too short.

BIO is a short description of the track. You can provide the track's history and/or give a description of one lap around the circuit.

Oh, and remember the two usual rules: NO OVALS, and NO REAL LIFE CIRCUITS.

NAME OF CIRCUIT: Crossport Raceway
CITY/TOWN: Crossport
COUNTRY: Audioslavia
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Grand Prix of Audioslavia
QUALIFYING: Traditional
LAP RECORD: 1m 30.929s (R.L. Cruisin', Frontiere Racing, WGPC13)

The Crossport Raceway, Audioslavia's most modern grand prix circuit, has a long straight down to turn one, the so called 'turn of the century', a mid-length left-hander just deep enough to whittle a pack of 24 roaring cars to single file.

Approaching turn one at speed, the first corner can be coasted, with the ideal line being to kiss the camber on the inside before accelerating downhill and through Turn 2 before braking hard for the tightening right hander that ends with the 'Hammerhead' turn - a sharp right onto a long straight. The g-force from this can affect less experienced, or less fit, drivers

The corner opens out into the straight, up a shallow incline which levels out into a 10-degree left, followed by a hard, hard braking zone which puts extra pressure on the driver's neck. The car will judder to an almost standstill before it's fed through the turn as.

Knock corner hones into view through which most drivers will be able to coast without pumping the brakes too hard. Feeding the car through Hold and Loose without losing momentum takes some skill, before accelerating up Lund Hill. A big, steep climb with a slight right-hand lilt. The straight levels out for a few hundred metres before starting the descent down Bunn Straight - named after former McPahan Racing driver Roger Bunn.

Perhaps the most dangerous part of any circuit on the current WGPC calendar is the so-called 'Rail Tunnel'. It isn't technically a rail tunnel any more, and more a bridge. The track had originally been built to end just before it, but problems with the steep descent down Bunn hill meant that either the track had to wind back out and in again to negate the steep clim, or be extended just a little past the original boundaries. The edges of the bridge no longer pose the enormous safety hazard they used to, but the presence of a close wall at the far end of the corner still renders the corner extremely hazardous, especially coming just after the quickest part of the circuit. The wall would give an out-of-control car a long, grinding slide rather than a head-on crash, but it's a wall nonetheless, and even clipping a tire in the wrong place could spell the end of one's race.

Two slow right-handers come before embarking on the main straight. Cars should reach maximum speed (as they have already on Bunn Hill) before getting to the Turn of the Century once again
The following applications have been received. Only twelve will be selected for the Grand Prix season. Extra circuits may be used for pre/mid season testing.

Circuit NAT Grand Prix Name Qual. A / T Region Image link

Koplov Internazionring MTJ Grand Prix tsa Mattijana TT 4.0/6.0 Esportiva
Yogyakulta International Circuit FID Grand Prix Filindostan Cepat OS 6.2/3.8 Esportiva ... akulta.png
Drosopol Circuit VNG Vannish Grand Prix Trad 4.0/6.0 Esportiva
Autodromo Inter. del Rivoli NEK NEXPRO Gran Premio di Nekoni Trad 4.0/6.0 Esportiva
Broadway Casino Circuit XAN Broadway GP of Xanneria TT 2.0/5.0 Esportiva
Circuit Grandeville LIS Grand Prix EON de Lisander Trad 5.6/4.4 Other
Crossbay Circuit NIM Nimban Grand Prix TT 6.3/3.7 Other
Forest Cross Raceway ESM SHADOWWORKS Esmerelian GP TT 6.7/3.3 Other
Insocima International TKI Grand Prix at The Krainin Isles TT 4.0/6.0 Other
Darjengo Circuit SAJ Sajnuran Grand Prix TT 6.0/4.0 Other
Facsgend Grand Prix Circuit DRA The Royal GP of Fascgend TT 6.0/4.0 Other
Dashoze Circuit HDR IZAYOI Grand Prix of Hodori TT 6.7/3.3 Other
Lintulahti International Circuit ABL Abovian Grand Prix OS 7.0/3.0 Other
Pryfors Bilar Raceway DIA Pryfurium Circuit Masters GP TT 7.7/2.3 Other
Somos City Circuit JNI JNI GP OS 2.0/8.0 Other ... height=376
Yarkovo International Circuit SVJ Grand Prix of Sarvojana TT 7.0/3.0 Rushmore
Talbott Autodrome LEN Grand Prix of Liventia Trad 3.0/7.0 Rushmore
Nacionalni Autodrom Rebecna MTJ Kikinda Mytanar Grand Prix TT 5.0/5.0 Rushmore
Mount Salt Raceway EFL GP of the Imperial Commonwealth TT 5.0/5.0 Rushmore ... aceway.png
Highpoint Raceway FLC The GP of the Free Kingdom Trad 4.0/6.0 AO
Azure Harbour Circuit STB Starblaydi Grand Prix TT 4.0/6.0 AO
Crossport International Raceway AUD The Hygolje Audioslavian GP Trad 6.5/3.5 AO
Vilitan Mountain Challenge VIL Vilitan Grand Prix Trad 7.0/3.0 AO ... cmap16.png
Eelandii Grand Prix Course TUR Grand Prix of Turori TT 5.0/5.0 AO ... street.png
Argentring KRY Grand Prix of Krytenia TT 5.0/5.0 AO ... xykhil.png


For WGPC17, team signups have been done via invitation. If you have not received an invitation it could be for two reasons: Either there are users ahead of you in what is a very long queue this season, or you have not been put into consideration this season. Further team invitations may be sent out in the near future.

Selection is based on the hosts' preference. Please also note that, unlike some previous iterations, there will be no test-driver slots.

Why so strict? The onus is on teams to RP well, for enjoyments sake as well as to reap the benefits of a decent RP bonus. Running a team in the WGPC is a large responsibility.

Users that RP well will find not only that their drivers go faster, but their teams perform better too. The combination of a well-RP'd driver racing for a well RP'd team will make for a very competitive team, though its worth stressing that, due to the random nature of scorinators, RPing well is not a guarantee of success, it merely improves your chances.

There is the possibility to remove teams during the season and replace them with a backup team, if there is little or no activity from the user. All changes are at the discretion of the World Grand Prix Organization.


Mattijana Racing Team

E - WGPC16 (1st), WGPC15 (3rd), WGPC14 (2nd)

The Mattijana Racing Team (MRT) made their debut back in WGPC 14, where an inspired Jessica Franssen lifted them to second in the constructor's standings despite a mediocre start. WGPC 15 promised a lot, but failed to deliver at the death, however WGPC 16 was finally the team's year as consistent points from Sigur Bjarnason and Rustom Ibuna ifted them to a maiden title.

Team principal Johan Struna is also back after some time off, joined once again by deputy Maria Jamasova. There are rumours that the team will seek to re-sign Sigur Bjarnason, their top driver from last season, but these are yet to be confirmed.


Vannish Motors Racing

E - WGPC16 (2nd), WGP2s2 (1st), WGP2s1 (1st)

VMR started with a title at the Cross Rally Championships. The company followed up by entering WGPO competition. VMR won consecutive team & driver titles in WGP2 I & II. VMR also notched the WGPC 16 drivers' title. Vannish Motors Racing competes in disciplines ranging from NSSCRA stock cars to HRC rally sport. An aggressive media presence covers the team.


Omni Racing

E - WGPC16 (3rd)

Following the success of West-East Timorian Katara Racing team in the inaugural WGP2 season, Omni Racing was founded by wealthy businessman Nick Newman for WGPC16 in cooperation with national endurance racing team Omni Racing, as well as car manufacturers WETmotors and WETtech. Under team principal Linus Anthonson and with drivers Mick Schramm and Jang Xiaopeng, Omni Racing finished third in their first WGPC season, a rather successful result as well, and returns hoping to achieve even more in their second season.


Nexus Racing

E - WGPC16 (4th), WGP2s2 (2nd), WGPC15 (2nd), WGP2s1 (10th)

 Originally an unsuccessful endeavour to overhaul the Nimban military’s multi-purpose armoured buggy, what was ‘Project Overdrive’ was reborn when the Ministers for Sport and Science and Technology took an interest in the WGPC and set its staff to designing an Imagination-powered car for the competition. Delivering Ryker Lane to a Drivers’ Championship in their inaugural year, the team have since been dogged by misfortune and barely missed further accolades. With the UHSGV-3 their most advanced and radical Chase Cutter yet and having definitively put a series of debilitating hacks to rest, momentum is perhaps finally returning to Nexus Racing.


Tropicorp Racing Ælund

E - WGPC16 (=5th)

Following a modest debut season, Vilitan-Abovian outfit Tropicorp Racing Ælund returns to WGPC hungrily chasing a world championship title in their second run for glory. The team is now essentially an Abovian branch of WGPC 14-dominating Tropicorp, administered from and based at their headquarters in Lintulahti but with nearly all of its technical developments conceived by the Vilitan group. After an exhausting winter testing program spearheaded by local hero Terho Talvela, TRÆ (née Project AGP) now feels truly ready to mount a serious title campaign against the sports' strongest teams.



WGPC Motorworks: McPahan

E - WGPC16 (=5th), WGPC15 (12th), WGPC14 (8th), WGPC13 (3rd), WGPC12 (2nd) - (as McPahan Racing

Some racing teams have multi-millionaire backing, while others get by on sponsorship and a lot of hard work. McPahan Racing has always been in the latter category, and loss of key sponsorship has forced the Audioslavian team to surrender their license to race as a private team in the coming WGPC season. To save cash, the team have allowed the WGPC to appropriate its facilities to form this season’s motorworks team.

The running centrally owned WGPC Motorworks franchise is a long-standing tradition in WGPC. It typically gives seats to drivers that are unfancied by other teams. Perhaps tomorrow’s World Champion can find their feet racing in the famous white and blue colours of McPahan this season?


Badai Angin Tim Motorsport

E - WGPC16 (7th) (as Kissan Motorsport

Badai Angin TM is a newly-formed motorsport team founded by the Petrofilindo Corporation. Acquiring the assets of the defunct Kissan Motorsport and its WGPC entry, the marque merged its operations with the WGP2 team Ibuna-Gambal Racing and hands its operations with Rudolf Ibuna to be the team's first team principal. Calling the Yogyakulta International Circuit their home, the team hopes to get their BAP001 chassis running well and get the team's first win.


Polaris Racing Team

E - WGPC16 (8th) (as Polaris), WGPC15 (13th), WGPC14 (9th), WGPC13 (1st) (as Scuderia Fuoco e Ghiaccio)

The reskinned SFeG had a stable, if inconsistent maiden year under the new branding. The first year was always meant to be a proof-of-concept, and, with one race win under its belt already, as well as an increasingly strong link to the national racing leagues, this is the year that Polaris gets to show what it can do when it really can get its foot down.


Arada PrismRiver Motorsport

E - WGPC16 (9th), WGPC15 (6th)

A powerhouse in Hodoran GT and open-wheel, Arada Motorsport has so far been unable to translate their domestic successes into similar performance in the WGPC. From a management perspective the team is largely the same as the one that made its debut in the 13th WGPC as ENSADRINK GP Team Dekijika-Tarogama. On the technical side, the team has been under the care of Arada and its parent company Dekijika Automotive from the 15th WGPC onwards.


iBen Toralmintii's Race Eelandii Vilita & Turori World Grand Prix Motorworks

E - WGPC16 (11th), WGPC15 (10th) (as WGPC Motorworks: Eelandii)

iBen Toralmintii's WGPC team can trace its lineage back to the former WGPC Motorworks team as well as the famous VTM WGPC14 Constructors Champions. Toralmintii acquired assets from both as they suspended operations to form WGPC Eelandii as a Works team during the 15th World Grand Prix Championships. While much of the primary engineering from the VTM are integrated at Tropicorp Racing Aelund, Eelandii VTGP have retained enough expertise to engineer their own evolution on the WGP14 era models they had fielded for the past two seasons as a Works team. While it is not clear how independent the Eelandii VTGP team will operate, it is clear that with Toralmintii at the helm as Team Principle they won't be lacking a desire to compete.


Camden Automobile Racing

E - WGPC16 (13th), WGPC15 (4th) (both as Bitten Heroes Grand Prix Engineering)

Camden Automobile is the largest car company in Lisander, and also the biggest winner in local motorsport. The company leased, for at least one season, the Lisander Autosports Board superlicense that belongs to Bitten Heroes GPE.


Brutus Tyres Obey Sport Grand Prix

E - WGP2s2 (7th), WGP2s1 (7th)

While an Esmerelian team, the name, rights, and funding come from a foreign auto company known for incredible performance at less-than-supercar prices, as well as a very successful rally and touring car program. After 2 seasons of WGP2 with moderate results, the team has finally decided to reach for the top.


SinVal Motor Racing

E - WGPC16 (10th), WGPC15 (8th), WGPC14 (3rd) (all as engine-manufacturer for MSA SinVal)

SinVal are an one of the major car manufacturers in EFL, reknowned mainly for their work under the hood, so to speak. After many years of supplying engines to the joint MSA-SinVal ventures in both the WGPC and the inaugural WGP2 series with little success, the EAMR stripped that joint venture of its international licencing and gave it to SinVal's solo venture. Of the joint venture, only team principal Tadeo Durand remains, although mostly in an advisory role on race strategy. Alaina Navarro is the new team principal, and will oversee the team's operations with a brand new hybrid race engine, which was designed brand new for the SinVal cars that help Dalia Dahl to an Olympic victory in the recent Republica Games.


Fireline Independent Racing Association

E - WGPC15 (7th)

Fireline is a racing team founded out of a consortium of companies in Ethane because of the popularity of the WGPC series. Because of this, Fireline are currently a well-funded team, and undergo a lot of development on the car. However, the team has very little long-term funding due to its lack of sponsors, so is looking to earn some sponsors across the season.

The team first entered into the 15th WGPC, in which they finished 7th in the constructors championship on 62 points. Their strongest performing driver, Alex Dimitrianov, finished in 11th on 37 points. They were also intending to compete in WGPC 16, but didn't get in and so are looking to make a significant comeback in the 17th WGPC.


Mirrors-HMC Racing

E - WGPC9 (10th), WGPC8 (3rd)

The team built by former racer José "Mirrors" Miranda debuted in WGPC8 and brought Jai Kardaeri to fame as he won the Drivers' Championship at the first attempt, going on to forge a career as one of the most successful drivers of all time. Now the Starblaydi team have returned to compete among the world’s best once more. Sleek design principles give them, as always, a great looking car, but having been out of the top levels of racing for so many editions, can they step up to the organisational tactical and engineering levels required to keep the pace?

Hodori has opted to be put on the list of backup teams.
Liventia will be entering a back-up team for mid-season.
Savojarna have declined their invitation


The following is not an extensive list of instructions. The WGPC reserves the right to demand changes to any proposed car.

Size and shape
WGPC cars must be similar in size and shape to RL formula one cars. The definition of 'formula one car' is a vehicle that competed in RL Formula One any time after 1970.
Maximum length of a car is 5.3m
Maximum width of a car is 2.3m
Maximum height of a car is 1.2m (not including on-board camera)
Minimum weight is a car is 600kg

Electric engines are permitted.
Nuclear-powered engines are not permitted unless it can be proven (in safe conditions) that a catastrophic crash would not result in the circuit being unusable for the next four hundred thousand years.

Air may be used to aspirate engines, but the WGPC reserves the right to ban cars that attempt to use sails to take advantage of windy circuits.

Power may be provided by animals, but only if they satisfy at least one of the following conditions:
They have been extinct for millions of years and have been turned into oil by natural processes.
The animal may not currently be on the WWF's list of endangered species.
The animal must not be harmed or stressed by the ordeal.
The animal must be on the inside of the car.

There must be at least 30 centimetres between the driver's feet and the front of the car.

The design of the car must ensure that, if it were to be put upside-down, the driver's head would not touch the floor. The inclusion of an air intake behind and above the driver, coupled with a strong fin on the bonnet of the car in front of the driver, should be enough to accomplish this. The driver's head must not be the tallest thing in the car (not including wings)

All cars must include a seat-belt. The seat-belt must be able to be easily removed by a driver within two seconds.

All cars must include a removable steering wheel. The driver should be able to remove it manually within two seconds.

No part of the car may be wider than the wheelbase.

There must be no sharp objects on the outside of the car. Wings should be at least one centimetre thick.

The season runs, ICly, from spring to autumn.

25 points are awarded for a win.
18 for second.
14 for third.
10 for fourth.
8 for fifth.
6 for sixth.
4 for seventh.
3 for eighth.
2 for ninth.
1 for tenth.

The team with the most points, at the end of the season, will be the Constructors Champion.

The driver with the most points, at the end of the season, will be the Driver's Champion.

Teams may be added or removed during the season.

Teams may sign a maximum of two drivers.

A driver may not drive for more than one team during the season, with one exception: If his/her former team is removed, he may drive for the team that replaces the removed team.

Race length is between 295km and 305km.

Pole position will be on the inside lane of the track.

Intentional attempts to crash into other cars will result in a penalty for the driver.

Team instructions to intentionally cause accidents will result in a penalty for the team.

Pit Stops
Refueling is permitted during the race. This is a change from last season

Changes to the car are permitted during the race. EG: Changing tyres or parts of the bodywork.

The above rules are not extensive. Anyone who would like further clarification should send a TG to the WGPC nation. Official rules and regulations have been missing in recent seasons, so we're looking to build a working set of rules over time.
The roleplay bonus system will not be made public to ensure there are no attempts to game the system. We're happy to divulge the following information:

* RP bonus degrades over time. An excellent RP made before race two will earn a large bonus for race two, but a slightly smaller bonus for race three, smaller again for race four etc. The bonus doesn't degrade to zero, though, so an RP will always have a positive effect for all future races.

* Roleplays will be graded on the user's effort, creativity and editing skills. In short: Quality over quantity, and show us you're having fun.

* Due to the nature of the sport, there are no RP permissions in WGPC. You should expect your drivers and/or teams to be mentioned by other players. You may even expect other users to mention things your driver has said. HOWEVER:
* In contrast to, say, war RPing, where a user decides which/how many losses to take after an attack, in WGPC a user decides how much blame or responsibility to take after an accident. You may RP that your driver caused an accident through their own poor or overly aggressive driving, but you may not write that another user's driver was at fault for an accident unless you have their permission. In general, making another character look stupid is not usually acceptable. If a driver is in their first season, it's probably acceptable to call them a rookie, or inexperienced, or possibly even naive if you're sufficiently careful, but refrain from calling another driver reckless or stupid or unskilled unless it's clear from the other user's RPs that this is the case.
* If you're going to RP a conversation between your driver and another driver, try to keep to the other driver's established characteristics.
* If another user mentions an action of your driver, or mentions something that happened to your driver, before you have the chance to RP, you may either reinterpret their interpretation of events or, if you really feel you wanted the story to go in a different direction, you may change the events that happened. For example, you had your heart set on RPing your driver as having had a particularly violent and explosive accident, but another user decides that your driver retired in the pits due to engine failure, you may write your own version and ask that the previous RPer makes the appropriate change to their RP.

* Teams which contain drivers of two different users will be given a small bonus.

The season will start with the Negotiation Period which will commence on or around February 23rd.

Driver signups will remain open indefinitely.

Circuit signups will close on March 5th

We aim to have one or two scorinated pre-season tests by mid-March, and are aiming for a late-March start to the season.
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Postby Newark Aristocracy » Sun Feb 10, 2019 6:04 pm

NAME:Kohan Lee Lindsey
NATIONALITY: Newark Aristocracy
Reliability (MAX 5): 5
Aggression (MAX 5): 5
Technique (MAX 5): 2
BIO: Born in the last 3 years of the Monarch Republic,he has seen fire and flame,shots fired at Civilians,and more.
He has suffered PTSD as a result and often is mad.
He joined the series with 1 goal:Get a win.
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Postby WGPC » Sun Feb 10, 2019 6:25 pm

Thank you for the signup, Newark Aristocracy, but your signup is inelligible for three reasons.

I've copied part of the instructions here and highlighted the parts where you've made mistakes in blue

WGPC wrote:NAME TRIGRAM is the trigram that usually represents the driver's surname. A trigram is a set of three letters that represent a larger word. For example, a driver named Alexander Lund's trigram could be 'LUN' or 'LND', but probably not 'ALU' or 'ALN' because both of those examples use a letter from the driver's first name. It's the surname which is important. We’ll only allow you to use a letter from the driver’s first name if there are two drivers with the same surname, or if a driver typically goes by three names (John Mercer-Daly, for example, typically uses ‘JMD’). A driver with just one name, for example 'Speedyguy', might have the trigram 'SPD' or 'SPE' or 'SPG' or somesuch.

PREFERRED CAR NUMBER is your driver's preferred car number. This can be any number between 3 and 99. 1 is reserved for the current driver's champion. 2 is only available to the champion's team-mate should they so choose.

ABILITY is split into THREE sections: RELIABILITY, AGGRESSION and TECHNIQUE. Aggressive drivers are better at overtaking, while technical drivers are better at traversing the multiverse's more difficult circuits. Each attribute should be given a numerical number between 2 and 5 and the three ratings must add up to a maximum of twelve. This is a change from last season.

Please edit your post with the required changes.

For everyone else reading this thread: Please read the instructions before signing up.

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Postby Xanneria » Sun Feb 10, 2019 7:10 pm



NAME OF CIRCUIT: Broadway Casino Circut
CITY/TOWN: Palace City, West Troy (Province)
COUNTRY: Xanneria
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Broadway GP of Xanneria


LAP RECORD: 1:11:700
LENGTH OF ONE LAP: 4.202 KM 2.6 miles
BIO:This track is the brainchild of Palace City businessman Marvin Spicer. Many people may know Spicer as a colorful personality who runs a a regional airline known as EsportivAir. With building his empire he was able to to become friends with several Casino owners in the area. With his tour packages bringing the world to Palace City he's becoming quite the local hero. A year after entering the NSSCRA he brings he next great idea. A track based around the parking lot of his casino buddy's Broadway Casino. The track is a technical and fits as much as space as it can into a Casino parking lot. Spicer also plans to to host an NSSCRA race on the same weekend as the preliminary race to the WGPC.

NAME: Kellen Bryce
Reliability (MAX 5): 5
Aggression (MAX 5): 5
Technique (MAX 5): 2
BIO: Bryce's background is rather unique. While most guys in WGPC come from road racing open wheel background, but thats not Bryce. Bryce was a leading talent in Xannerian dirt and pavement sprint cars. After coming up through the ranks in those series he got a ride in Xannerian Champ Car series. This gave him the experience on road races and needless to say he loved it. In XCC he gained experience and eventually he decided he wanted to declare for WGPC free-agency. While a driver with his background doesn't sound like an attractive prospect, he does have an ace up his sleeve. He has personall funding from Members Warehouse, a large membership based wholesaler, thats popular in Xanneria. They are willing to fund any team that signs Bryce to a deal
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Postby Lisander » Sun Feb 10, 2019 9:45 pm

Circuit Signup

NAME OF CIRCUIT: Circuit Grandeville
CITY/TOWN: Grandeville
COUNTRY: Lisander
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Grand Prix EON de Lisander

TRACK RATING: (Ag: 5,6 / Tc: 4,4)

LAP RECORD: 1:29.443

BIO:Grandeville is a city in the mountain. Down the mountain, near River Grand, in the outskirts of Grandeville Commune, the Circuit Grandeville is the last thing you see before that road sign "You are leaving Grandeville".

CG, as commonly called, is a circuit known for its contrasts. Long straights and gentle curves like 5 6 and 9 come as a prize to brave ones who endure the hards 3 and 4, square 6 and closed 7. It runs counter-clockwise. Circuit de Grandeville was completely remodeled with funds from EON, the major technology enterprise of Lisander, and will serve as Base to the lisanderian WGPC team.

Start/Finish line is in the main straight, the Grandstand. In the remodel, the grandstand and Paddock changed places. The first turn, to the left, is still easy. After it, the cars pass under a suspended walkway where people can see it with a beautiful angle. The second turn is the opposite of the first and leads to first braking point, the turn 3. After it, the turn 4 keep the engines low before turn 5 and the Reta Oposta (Opposite Straight).

Reta oposta isn't a straight, but a easy and long turn, allowing even turnovers and battle for positions. A long dive to square 6, a turn composed of three small turns, make cars get together again. The turn 7 brings a slight climb, and again a long curve appears. The 8 is for keep the pace and get in the right way. No one wants problems to itself in the inclined 9. Turn 9 differs from the Reta Oposta, because the terrain is inclined, making cars pass in opposite stand inclined by near 8°. G-Force is strong in this point and any misposition can cost a race or even more.

At the exit of the curve, full throttle again over the open curve 10, until the last close curve. You can make it going to boxes or to the Grandstand again, to complete one of the 54 laps of the race.

Driver Signup
NAME: Darius Castellammare
Reliability (MAX 5): 4
Aggression (MAX 5): 4
Technique (MAX 5): 4
Experience: WGP2 II runner-up
BIO: Aged 30, Darius Castellammare was thought too old for the Superlicense, but due to the hard times Lisanderian Autosports keep facing, he was selected in the very last moment for the last WGP2. With one race less than the others, he still managed to finish second in the season. By then, Darius had been Camden's second driver in the local categories. But he became the first now and secured his place in the WGPC. It is virtually 100% guaranteed that he will be in the blue and black car of the lisanderian team.

EDIT: 1000th post. Yay!
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Postby The Sherpa Empire » Sun Feb 10, 2019 11:46 pm

NAME: Liuyong Xu (徐留勇)
NAME TRIGRAM: XU (If using his two-letter surname instead of a trigram is not allowed, this should be XLY, which is his initials if you follow the Chinese rule of putting the surname first)
NATIONALITY TRIGRAM: SHW (this is from "Sherwa," an alternate spelling of "Sherpa.")
Reliability (MAX 5): 5
Aggression (MAX 5): 3
Technique (MAX 5): 4
BIO: Most of Xu's racing experience has been in the informal racing clubs of the Chinese Territories, which are very rough-and-tumble and do not have the highly-engineered cars that one would find in WGPC. His only international racing experience came when a clerical error allowed him and two other drivers from the Guilin Racing Club to compete in NSSCRA 6. Although he got respectable results, he was not able to return for NSSCRA 7 because the development of a national stock car racing league and the competition from drivers from other cities left him without a charter. As a result he has spent the last year or so in an administrative role at the Guilin Racing Club. He has found a few opportunities to get back behind the wheel, but it's become increasingly apparent that competing against the likes of Kai Qiang, Liangmei Li, and Dinggu Wang for a shot at NSSCRA is not a reliable way to build a career. At first, he thought it wouldn't be so bad to stay home and have a quiet career in an administrative role. It meant he wouldn't have to uproot his family or be away from them. But sometimes it's been hard for Xu watching other people's rise to fame while he was left watching from the sidelines.

There was some chatter about a possible collaboration between VMR and Sherpa automaker TMW. Xu was one of the drivers whose names came up. It was not clear whether they would sign him or go with someone else that had more of a background in open-wheel racing, but Xu still was tempted by the prospect of racing in WGPC. It reminded him how much he missed being behind the wheel, so he's now enlisted the help of hapless-doofus-with-an-inexplicable-talent-for-forien-languages Arjun Bhandari to help him look around for career opportunities that would put him back on the race track.

NAME: Vijay Tripathi
Reliability (MAX 5): 3
Aggression (MAX 5): 4.5
Technique (MAX 5): 4.5
BIO: Vijay Tripathi is one of the biggest stars in the Sherpa Empire's domestic open wheel racing league, SIMS (Sherpa Imperial Motorsports), but is new to WGPC. He is highly competitive by nature, and he became annoyed when he discovered that the Sherpa Empire's NSSCRA drivers were more internationally famous than he was. He was particularly offended that VMR contacted the Guilin Racing Club and not SIMS about the proposed collaboration with TMW. He felt like he had something to prove. He tried to prove his superiority by competing in the Guangxi Telecom 400, an NSSCRA race that was hosted in the Sherpa Empire, but he had trouble adjusting the different racing style and got a mediocre result. Due to his competitive nature, he refuses to believe that he is not the best driver in the Sherpa Empire. Since he wasn't able to prove it at the Guangxi Telecom 400, he's going to try to prove it somewhere else. He is very fixated on proving he is the best.
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Postby Third Asopia » Mon Feb 11, 2019 4:02 am

NAME: Evdaden Carnétier(Efdëdan Kärnétier)
NATIONALITY: Dritten Asopin
Reliability (MAX 5):4
Aggression (MAX 5):4
Technique (MAX 5):4
1st, 2nd, 1st and 1st in Youth Gokarting Championship Thainggam during 2013-17 respectively
1st in Dritten Asopie Grand Prixe 2018

BIO: Born to a foreign father, Evdaden was not thinking of naming himself an Asopin. But it was the country where he was cultivated, so he opted to represent her. His dad, Marcus Carnétier, was a successful race driver, so Evdaden wanted to follow in his footsteps, much to the delight of his father. He began training at 5,taking up gokarting. His coaches saw a star in him instantly, so they signed him up for competitions. And when the major teams scouted him they knew he was the boy they were looking for. At that time Carnétier Racing wasn't a thing. Hence, he joined Thainggam Racing Team, the best in the Dritten Asopie Grand Prixe. They signed him up for youth leagues, being successful in each of them. Then, they signed him up for the Dritten Asopie Grand Prixe, with him winning the last championship before it closed down due to the Kurgon Rebellion. Evdaden wants to continue his successful racing stint, though he know the chances of winning is low.
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Postby Former Citizens of the Nimbus System » Mon Feb 11, 2019 7:15 am

NAME: Ryker Lane
Reliability: 5
Aggression: 4.5
Technique: 2.5
Experience: WGPC 15 (Drivers’ Champion), WGPC 16 (14th)
BIO: Ryker Lane’s story may be described as a classic tale of ‘rise and fall’. Born into the ‘Imageneration’, that group of Nimbans who were young enough at the ignition of the Imagination Nexus to be the first to be educated in its use in formal Nimban schooling, Ryker, despite interests in biology and philosophy, took the path of continuing the Lane family’s tradition of racing success that began in the Nimban origin universe. Success came quickly in his entries into quad bike racing and later in the street-racing series Cityprix, where he met and forged his partnership with race engineer Martin Veri.

After several race wins and sweeping to a stunning rookie championship at 20, Ryker went dark for a good two years, leaving fans to speculate as to his whereabouts. Only his closest confidantes were aware that he had been scouted by Nexus Racing, a top secret ex-military programme that had been retooled as a racing outfit set to enter the WGPC with a radical Imagination-powered vehicle, and was working with them to ready the team for a WGPC 15 debut. That debut turned explosive when Serbian driver Marika Pedanovic (one of Ryker’s long-term idols) won the team’s first ever Grand Prix in Eastfield Lodge in the other car.

Success, however, would not come quite as easily for Ryker. He took twelfth at Mount Salt Raceway due to a clash with Maria Cattaneo, who had previously tried out for the seat that Marika had claimed. He then took second position in Qualifying in San Jose Guayabal, lining up alongside last year’s Drivers’ Champion Terho Talvela, but fell to fourth after a massive lockup at the race start. Frustrated, Ryker began systematising his practices and closing himself off, intending to not let such a mistake happen again.

He might have continued that way were it not for Cattaneo’s intervention. After a hug on the podium of the next race, Ryker realised that he was developing romantic feelings for the Redvali and, after she revealed various personal difficulties that she was facing, he resolved to support her through them. Used to the openness and value placed on shared strength in Nimban culture, however, he had not counted on her being adverse to the prospect of receiving such support in the first place. Thus, even as his healthier state of mind began to pay dividends on track, with the Nimban driver out of the points only once more over the season’s course and beginning to challenge for the Drivers’ Championship, he began to clumsily pivot back and forth between letting Maria unpick her problems on her own, a task which she could not successfully surmount, and trying to help in some way, which she did not want.

All of this came to a head at the final race in Audioslavia, where the two cut ties. Resolving to learn from his experiences, Ryker subsequently affirmed his fundamental belief in the need for and desirability of united diversity – that, even if he hadn’t always gone about it well, people are far stronger when they build on one another and help others to build on them – and named his car ‘Coalescence’, a decision that he had put off all season. That affirmation took him from a sixteenth place start to a third place finish and, after Terho clashed with Jean Mercer-Daly, the Esmerelian driver who was already set to take Marika’s seat next season, to victory in the Drivers’ Championship.

Ryker had, to some degree, found apotheosis. That said, he needed time to recover after his emotional travails, taking the off-season to settle himself. Seemingly, this worked and, coming into WGPC 16, he was considered one of four people – himself, Franssen, Mercer-Daly and Talvela – considered most likely to take the drivers’ title. Though mechanical problems (including one of his wheels coming off) crippled his first and third races, he still appeared somewhat capable and even bolstered his reputation as one of the most pleasant drivers on the grid, forging a tentative friendship with Terho after their rivalry last season. Nonetheless, something was clearly lost from that year – and after second place in his home Grand Prix and third in Aboveland whatever form he had vanished. He practiced, meditated, clung to his ideals; nothing worked. The above three finished first, second and third in the Drivers’ Championship. Ryker finished fourteenth.

All of that left the Nimban driver with some serious soul-searching to do in the off-season. Salvation came in the form of one Victoria Light, Nexus Racing’s Head Programmer, who decided to help him in much the same way that he had committed to helping Maria. The difference was that he was receptive to such help and, gradually, the two began to dig into the issue. They rapidly discovered that Ryker had become so focussed on his ideals that they had eclipsed the people to which they pertained; not only that, he had become sufficiently absorbed as to tie his self-worth to others in its entirety, depleting his own confidence as a result. Beyond those, Ryker was determined not to fall into the same traps that Maria had and so was immensely forgiving when Victoria revealed that she had been using the whole process to distract herself from her own problems – and more than willing to reciprocate in her support for him.

Ryker is thus perhaps more well-rounded than at any point in his history. Compassionate but no longer as self-destructively so, kind but strong, quiet and thoughtful but passionate and determined, he has rebuilt the foundation for the dynamic consistency that served him so well in WGPC and incorporated into it the wisdom and motivation that he has learned along the way.

He’s also gunning for that elusive first race win. Still hasn’t got that yet.



NAME OF CIRCUIT: Crossbay Circuit
CITY/TOWN: Nimbus Bay
COUNTRY: The Nexus Wardship of Former Citizens of the Nimbus System
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Nimban Grand Prix

TRACK RATING: (Ag) 6.3 / 3.7 (Tc)

LAP RECORD: 1:26.018 (Ryker Lane, Nexus Racing UHSGV-1)
LENGTH OF ONE LAP (km): 4.83

BIO: With the success of Nexus Racing apparent from the very beginning of the WGPC 15 season after Marika Pedanovic won the first race and champion-to-be Ryker Lane achieved fourth in the second along with a clear public interest from high native viewing figures, Jacob Gibbons, Nimban Minister for Sport, saw immediately an opportunity for the Nexus Wardship of Former Citizens of the Nimbus System to carve out a place for itself in worldwide motor racing. Thus, Crossbay Circuit, the first purpose-built racetrack in the Wardship and the world’s first track with significant underground and water-crossing sections, was born.

The people of the Nimban origin universe have a long and proud tradition of constructing race circuits in areas of astounding natural beauty; Crossbay Circuit continues this tradition, running across, through and below the stark dolomite rock cliffs of Nimbus Bay and, in parts, above its sparkling waters. The circuit itself was pulled together from parts of three of the Nimban origin universe’s most famous tracks, Vertigo Loop Racetrack, Keelhaul Canyon Raceway and Dragonmaw Chasm Raceway. It has so far played host to three races, one in WGP2 1, won in dominant fashion by Nexus Racing’s Rebecca Darlington, another in WGPC 16 in which home favourite and World Champion Ryker Lane dominated even more mightily all weekend before being beaten in the closing stages of the race by the charging Polaris of Erica Okumura and a final one in WGP2 2 where victory was claimed by Timo Jänkirinää of Omni-Katoa after a chaotic wet race, winning praise across all three for its swift-flowing design and dramatic elevation changes, and has been home to the headquarters of Nexus Racing since after the end of the WGP2 1 season. Interestingly, due to poor weather in both Practice and Qualifying sessions of the WGPC race, the course’s lap record remains that set by Ryker Lane on his ceremonial lap to open the circuit in his Drivers’ Championship-winning UHSGV-1.

Crossbay Circuit is also run through with the latest advances in Nimban technology. Roman-style concrete has been used for its hydraulic properties and decreased environmental footprint to construct the bridges for the over-water sections of the track. In terms of Imagitech, a large Imagikinetic force field, permeable to nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen but impermeable to all else, overtops the course and divides spectators from the cars, both keeping pollutants sealed in where they are scrubbed from the air by industrial-scale machinery underneath the track and serving as nigh-on unbreakable protection for fans from rogue car parts; a more recent innovation has been the addition of Imagikinetic convertors to remove debris or damaged cars from the track. More traditional belt-and-tyre barriers line the bottom of the circuit or, where they exist, its runoff areas.

A lap of the track begins in Sector 1 with a short run down the end of the start/finish straight to Turn 1, a long and smooth left-hander that is deceptively tight in the middle of the turn, as well as descending by a few metres over its course. From Turn 1 a tiny straight leads into the gentle Turn 2 before the car enters the first of the two tunnels on the course, heading rapidly into an underground stadium section featuring the moderately tight Turn 3 and the hairpin of Turn 4, both taken as the track plunges downwards. It then passes under itself before shooting down and out of the cliffs into the water-crossing Sector 2.

Immediately drivers are forced to deal with the esses of Turns 5, 6 and 7. While 5 does demand something of a decrease in speed, the latter two can be taken surprisingly quickly; the measure of a good driver here will be how much momentum they can retain into the straight leading up to the nudge that is Turn 8 and the sweeping, ever so slightly banked Turn 9. After Turn 9 the chicane of Turns 10 and 11 provides another momentum-holding test into Turn 12, which technically begins immediately after Turn 11 but really comprises the mid-speed corner at the very end of the sector.

Sector 3 is by far the fastest of the sectors. Drivers dart into the cliff tunnel after 12 to face a long, climbing straight broken only by Turn 13, a left-hander whose core difficulty is its obstruction of a driver’s vision leading up to Turn 14, a slightly tighter but still fast right-hand turn at the tunnel’s exit made far trickier by the sudden reduction in downforce that comes with the levelling gradient. A straight section leads to Turn 15, probably the sector’s slowest part; from there another small straight and the chicane of 16 and 17 brings drivers back to the far end of the start/finish straight and, through that, the finish line.
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Postby Esmerel » Mon Feb 11, 2019 8:30 am

here we go

NAME: Jean Mercer-Daly

Reliability (MAX 5): 4
Aggression (MAX 5): 5
Technique (MAX 5): 3

Participated: 8 of 12 races
4 top 10s
4 podiums
3 wins
Final result: 5th, 89 points, Constructors' Champion

Participated: 14 of 14 races
7 top 10s
4 podiums
2 wins
Final result: 2nd, 98 points

By this point in time, anyone who's been involved in the WGPC has heard of Jean Mercer-Daly. The man who came out of nowhere from a domestic GT series to give the fastest drivers in the multiverse a run for their money. So far scoring 187 points and 5 race wins, there's no sign of him stopping anytime soon.

Born on May 9, 1982, Jean grew up in rural Rochester, in the Enera province of Esmerel. His father, Christopher, was easily the more well-known of his parents, as an expert on racing vehicles of all kinds- from classic hot rods to hypercars, or karts to open-wheel formula cars. This included 4 years of racing in the WGPC's predecessor, whose name will not be mentioned for various reasons.

Jean hadn't actually intended to follow in his father's footsteps, but when Christopher suffered a career-ending crash in 2003, Jean changed his mind. Starting not in karting but in banger races, Jean developed a careful yet aggrevating driving style, knowing when to attack and when not to. In 2010 Jean moved up to the ESTL series of GT racing (now the EGTC) with then-tiny Team Obey.

It wasn't long before Jean developed a stong affinity with driving on smoother surfaces. Occasional points finishes turned into regular ones, which turned into top 5s, which turned into podiums and wins, which ultimately led to Obey's dominance in the league and 2 drivers' and constructors' championships. Jean was even gunning for a third one of each when something happened.

At the very top of the racing world, team Kjeligsted WGPC, later Red Lion Racing, were being forced to let go of a driver- racer Ilyas Nurilbaev. Looking for a driver- any driver, they sent messages through back channels. Eventually, Jean stepped up. He scored a shock podium in Mattijana, before spending the next four races finishing 17th, then not finishing at all 3 times in a row. Yet Jean would come back stronger, scoring an incredible 3 race wins in a row in the final 3 races of the season- something no WGPC driver had ever done before.

Jean would be picked up by the Nexus Racing team of the Nexus Wardship for WGPC16. In Hodori and Aiji no Moto Jean scored a respectable 6th and 7th in incredibly wet conditions, before winning at Mount Salt Raceway, defending the team's dominance of the track in the WGPC.

Jean and teammate Ryker would unfortunately spend the next 7 races of the season in relative obscurity, scoring little to no points outside of a podium in Aboveland. Jean would then win again in the first Esmerelian Grand Prix by an incredible margin, before holding his own in the next two races, ending up second behind points leader Jessica Franssen of Vangaziland with just the finale at Crossport left to go.

However, not only would Jean fail to overtake Franssen at the last moment, he nearly lost his life in the process. A Nimban cyberterrorist shut down his machine while moving at over 350 km/h, sending him flying into the barrier at Turn 1 and forcing an amputation of his left arm and leg above the joints, and later his left eye. Yet it is arguable that Jean is only stronger because of the incident- intense therapy and training with new cybernetic replacements for his limbs and eye has left him more than just another human.

With the start of WGPC17 nearly here, Jean will stop at nothing to win the championship this time around.


NAME OF CIRCUIT: Forest Cross Raceway (Hyperion Circuit)
CITY/TOWN: Vertress
COUNTRY: Esmerel

TRACK RATING (Ag/Tc): 6.7/3.3

LAP RECORD: (Expected 1:46.000)

The Forest Cross Raceway, Esmerel's oldest purpose-built racing facility, has hosted races since 1980 and also held the first ever Esmerelian Grand Prix during the WGPC's 16th season. After the results of the race, the track has seen another renovation and extension to the circuit to create a better racing invironment for WGPC-spec vehicles.

A Lap of the Hyperion Circuit

Beginning the lap, the run up to turn 1 has been slightly extended and the pit lane no longer skips the corner, as the track now curves to the left through the forest and around to a short straight before rejoining the standard circuit at turn 4. Turns 5 and 6 are unchanged from the previous year, but the track no longer uses the exceptionally tight Pin of Bravery and instead goes along the fast Backroad to turn 10.

Following Terho Talvela's horrifying accident at last year's Grand Prix, the turn 11 area has been completely rebuilt from a left-right-left kink to a fast left-hander. Drivers will maintain this speed through turn 12, the new alternate pit stretch and the new Serpent's Fork: a slow hairpin, more challenging than the previous iteration.

Aside from a minor size adjustment the road to turn 19 is identical, while turn 19 itself has been changed from a simple right-hander to a double chicane. Another new addition to this year's circuit is Spoon-21, an awkward hairpin designed after a popular East Asian circuit. The spoon leads back to the old Gigaspoon, now renamed Centrifuge.

This section and the Blast Zone remain identical, though drivers will now take the chicane at the end of the zone, to reduce the risk of incidents entering the dangerous Balcony. The Grant Ridge Tunnel has also been changed: drivers will veer to the right and drive along the Outcrop, before returning to the main circuit to complete the lap.

The new circuit is designed to remove the most dangerous aspects of driving the circuit without reducing its difficulty or unique challenge.
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Postby Mattijana » Mon Feb 11, 2019 9:19 am

The defending constructor's champions are back!

NAME: Alex Dimitrianov
Reliability (MAX 5): 5
Aggression (MAX 5): 3
Technique (MAX 5): 4
-WGPC 16: 8th
-WGPC 15: 11th
-WGPC 14: 14th
-WGPC 13: 9th

Alex Dimitrianov has gone from being a fresh-faced rookie to one of the war-horses of the WGPC. The now-31 year-old has 4 seasons of top tier racing under his belt now and is seeking a drive for his fifth consecutive series.
Despite his increasing age and experience, Dimitrianov enjoyed his best finishing position yet in his most recent season, in which he raced for Audioslavian outfit McPahan. Dimitrianov has typically raced for teams confined to mid-grid mediocrity, but has three race victories to his name during his career.
The north-Mattijanan is renowned for his conservative and consistent approach to driving and is seen as the sort of driver who will bring you regular points, whilst not wasting any of your team's finances on new bodywork. He's not one for setting the track on fire, but that won't stop him from quietly trying to improve on his 8th place from last season.

NAME: Jasmin Kranjska
Reliability (MAX 5): 3
Aggression (MAX 5): 4
Technique (MAX 5): 5
-WGPC 16: 11th, from half the season.
-WGPC 15: Unused


The younger and more enigmatic of Mattijana's top two drivers, 23 year-old Kranjska looked good when she finally got her chance in the big-time last season. Drafted in to Kissan Motorsport halfway through the season, the Puljankan secured two podiums on her way to 11th in the final table.
Had she been given a full season in a better car, Kranjska could arguably have troubled the title contenders. What isn't in doubt is that she has plenty of potential and plenty of years left in the tank.
Kranjska's driving style is much more aggressive than Dimitrianov's, but she is also one of a crop of very technically gifted drivers to come out of the country of late, perhaps because of their association with the technique-focussed MRT. Consistency is more of a concern, but that is something that many feel she will learn with age and race experience.

IMAGE: Image
NAME OF CIRCUIT: Kopylov InternazionRing
CITY/TOWN: Kranjagrad
COUNTRY: Mattijana
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Grand Prix tsa Mattijana


LAP RECORD: 1:35.244


The Kopylov circuit is Mattijana's oldest purpose-built racing circuit and the second oldest layout used for competitive racing behind the Petrovijanka street circuit. Built near the village of Kranjagrad in the outskirts of Mattijana's second city, Burges, the track is well-connected to train and bus routes and is not far from Burges' international airport. The track is located where the large Burges flat joins the small group of hills known as the Rekvadas collection meaning the first half of the lap slopes upwards before turning back downhill leading into the final corner and the flat pit straight.

Despite more recent safety upgrades and renovations, the centre has retained most of its original stands, which offer superb views of the circuit, especially due to the inclines around the circuit offering natural banks to place stands on. The pit building has also been retained with a fresh coat of paint and a spruced up interior making it a suitable contrast between nostalgia and modern practicality.

It's mixture of straights, twisty sections and more sweeping turns means it tests all parts of a car and makes car setup an interesting dilemma come race day whilst the steep slopes and inclines also play their part in interfering with the car's balance during a lap.

Run off generally depends on slope with uphill sections having largely tarmac runoff with small gravel traps close to the barrier whilst downhill sections have a smaller amount of tarmac and large gravel traps to slow cars with more momentum in smaller spaces. The only tight barrier is on the exit if turn 13, but is a well-engineered absorption barrier and should protect drivers if needed, which it probably will be. In fact, despite a total of well over 150 collisions with this wall, the most serious injury ever sustained was a broken elbow.

The lap begins with a long run down to the breaking zone at the Čaluka hairpin which represents the main overtaking opportunity on the circuit. After exiting, the drivers must negotiate a left hand kink and drive steeply uphill around one of the Rekvadas before the track flattens out and goes into a tight left-right chicane. After that, the track continues upwards towards turn 5, a 90° right hander that immediately leads into another looser right hander.
A good exit from that section is key as the track immediately goes downhill for a longer period of time towards the multi-apex Hollesbirjke turn, named due to it's similarity to a turn at the country's main alpine sliding centre. This turn is a big test of both a driver and a car's turning ability and once again, exit speed is key as the track once again slopes upwards towards turn 8, another long and flowing hairpin.
Another long downhill section leads into another very good overtaking opportunity into the 9/10 chicane which continues down into a tighter hairpin at turn 11. Any indication of the track slowing down is however vanquished, as drivers are encouraged to drive flat out through a high speed chicane with a barrier tight to the exit.
The track then goes into the slowest corner on the track-a tight right hand hairpin before a straight and than a flowing right hander to finish the lap.

Full list of corner names:
1: Čaluka hairpin (named after the hill it's situated under).
2: Čaluka sling (commonly known as the sling).
3/4: Vischkolcha (Fishook chicane).
5: De Šumma (The summit, named because it is the highest point on the circuit).
6: Da Ausfleck (literally translates as 'the flick out').
7: Hollesbirjke (named after Mattijana's famous alpine sliding centre).
8-9: De Sava (the river: named due to it's flowing nature).
10: Erstglaub (named as it is the first time cars can be seen from the pit straight after turn 2).
11: Ezelhöchlas (cliffhanger, named as it's run off is on an artificial platform to deal with the steep slope).
12/13: Wasserkirjke (The waterslide).
14: Da Lebjalupa (survival loop, named as it comes after the most risky turn on the circuit at turn 13).
15: Kranjagrad (named after the village this part of the circuit is closest to).
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Postby Filindostan » Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:25 am

NAME: Rustom Ibuna
NATIONALITY: Filindostani
Reliability (MAX 5): 4.5
Aggression (MAX 5): 2.8
Technique (MAX 5): 4.7
Experience: WGPC16 - 5th
BIO: Son of IGR and Badai Angin team principal Rudolf Ibuna, Rusty, as he's known in the paddock, won his first race at Serizawa, and helped Mattijanan team MRT win the constructors' championship last season in his season debut. With some backing of Filindostani petrol giants Petrofilindo, who also happen to own the Badai Angin team, he aims to secure a seat at a top team, even hoping to keep the one of the MRT seats his, to launch a genuine title challenge come this season.

NAME: Tyra Tabuso
NATIONALITY: Filindostani
Reliability (MAX 5): 4.1
Aggression (MAX 5): 3.4
Technique (MAX 5): 4.5
Experience: WGP2s2 - 15th
BIO: Debuting at the second season of the WGP2, the daughter of the late Tyrone Tabuso had a difficult season with the uncompetitive IGR car after Kissan stopped developing their engines. Despite the struggles of not scoring in all but one round of the championship, she managed to score the team's only win of the season. With that, she was given full sponsorship by Grupo Venividicci ahead of Ajian drivers Chiemi Hino and Kyoko Fujisaki, lobbying her to a driver spot for the new Badai Angin marque, though it remains to be seen if they will also target a foreign team this season, like Rusty.

NAME OF CIRCUIT: Yogyakulta International Circuit
CITY/TOWN: Yogyakulta
COUNTRY: Filindostan
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Grand Prix Filindostan Cepat

TRACK RATING: (Ag/Tc) 6.2/3.8

QUALIFYING TYPE: (Trad / Two-Tier / One-Shot) One-Shot
LAP RECORD: ( 1:32:000
LENGTH OF ONE LAP: (km) 5.961 km
BIO: Yogyakulta International Circuit is a permanent racing facility located in Yogyakulta, Pelita Raya, Filindostan. Owned by the local petroleum giant Petrofilindo, the 5.961 km circuit is a mixture of straights and bends that will put the engines of the racing cars to their test, and narrow corners that drivers must negotiate without making too much mistakes. The track itself is challenging - lots of gravel traps to alert the drivers from going too fast and shortage of run-off areas, which can punish drivers who are too aggresive. The width of the circuit is narrower than usual, making the circuit a little bit difficult to make overtakes.

The start/finish straight is a downhill with a 35 degree left turn, with full throttle going to the Kotyog Complex, which starts going uphill with a small degree turn 4, with foot on the throttle up to the first of the two Nordus Bends, then going full throttle going to the tightest corner of the circuit, The Hairpin. A series of downhill turns from Turn 7 to Turn 1 plus 1 (11) completes the second sector. From the second Nordus Bend, the track goes gradually uphill until the Unlucky Turn, which elevates steeply going to a flat Turn 14 and going abruptly downhill in the Petrofilindo Complex. Another steep uphill curve, the Yoggy Bend, sends the cars to the start/finish straight.

The track hopes to host its first Grand Prix, as they planned to host a WGP2 race, but lack of sponsorship funds derailed these plans.
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Postby Falcania » Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:43 am

NAME: Tabita “Tab” Novax

NATIONALITY: Free Kingdom of Falcania
Reliability (MAX 5): 2.5
Aggression (MAX 5): 5
Technique (MAX 5): 4.5
Experience: N/A
Tab Novax has recently been released from her commission as a Flight Lieutenant in the Sky Control Force. With no real pedigree in motorsport , the 28-year-old nevertheless brings a keen enthusiasm for speed and competition, the reflexes and instincts of a fighter pilot, and a suspiciously robust level of undisclosed corporate funding, plus sponsorship from controversial private police corporation Morningstar Civil Defence, and the popular alcoholic beverage brand Glowsnap.


NAME OF CIRCUIT: Highpoint Raceway
CITY/TOWN: Highpoint
COUNTRY: Free Kingdom of Falcania
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: The Grand Prix of the Free Kingdom


LAP RECORD: 1:24.984
BIO: The Highpoint Raceway was designed and constructed by Sengrate Intarte at the abandoned Highpoint Aerodrome. The mountain village of Highpoint was mainly notable for the large solar collector farm built by energy giant Goldmund-Teller. The corporation built the airport as a staging ground for the huge industrial undertaking, and abandoned it soon after. It was converted into a race circuit for WGPC13, when Goldmund-Teller entered an ill-fated race team with then-champion driver Stang Crax. Tragedy struck when an explosion (variously attributed to industrial accident or terror plot) tore through the pits, killing Linco McPahan. Goldmund-Teller were criticised for their handling of the incident, which led to the collapse of the motorsport branch of the corporation, and Highpoint was once again abandoned. It is being reopened for the upcoming WGPC, and once again will hold the world record for the highest grand prix circuit, at over two kilometres above sea level.

The starting grid sits just after the halfway point of Switchback (1), the twin straights joined by a hairpin bend, overseen by the Royal Stand. Heading around the first corner, Dagger (2) and onto the Runway (3), drivers have a prime opportunity to overtake and jockey for position before they slow down into the tight corners at the North Terminal Stands (4).

The next straight snaps around a marooned Starling airliner at Crookshanks (5), before sweeping towards the infamous Control Tower (6), a tight loop with very little room between the crash barriers and the circular tower wall. Urban legend has it that Souths (7) was designed to mimic Crookshanks, but with a much tighter turn disguised by the perspective, which was intended to catch out unwary drivers. The Hangar Stands (8) converted from the old hangar, overlook another series of square bends, and still offer a good view of Wiggle (9), a gentle chicane which daring drivers can take at full speed. The penultimate corner (until the hairpin of Switchback) is Radar (10), a demanding bend with a fine margin of error between slowing dramatically and crashing.
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Postby Nekoni » Mon Feb 11, 2019 4:40 pm

NAME OF CIRCUIT: Autodromo Internazionale del Rivoli
CITY/TOWN: Val de Rivoli
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: NEXPRO Gran Premio di Nekoni
RAIN: 1.8%
LAP RECORD: 1'41.489
LENGTH OF ONE LAP: 5,968m | 3.708mi
BIO: Nekoni's current flagship circuit in the picturesque valleys of the country's southwest is a brutal mix of narrow tight corners and tricky elevation changes. Whilst the scenery may look fantastic, any time spent idly gazing at the surrounding vista will probably end up with the car in a wall or a gravel trap. The middle half was itself part of one of the most infamous driving roads in the country; in its prime in the mid 60s it wouldn't be uncommon to see a Grand Prix driver throw his car around its ribbon-like turns...and also not uncommon to see them never make it out the other side. Although care has been taken to make the track less deadly then the pass was before its closure in 1971, it is no less difficult to drive. At just over a kilometre, the pit straight is plenty enough room to hit full throttle, but the twisty nature of the track requires a compex, balanced setup.

From the beginning left-right chicane, drivers build their speed with a long, sweeping, ascending right over the blind apex of Turn 3, the entire section decked with Armco barriers on its right to prevent a long drop. The next turn, a tight-second gear right-hander, begins a dramatic descent. After straightening out through Turn 5, a short straightaway leads to a deceptively simple right, which tightens into the kink at Turn 7. Precise braking control will be required to give drivers the best possible attack point for Turn 8, the most infamous point of the circuit. Named 'The Carousel', this hard left is banked slightly, allowing those who can get the angle precise can minimise their speed loss for the next stage of the lap. Those who overshoot risk running afoul of the surprisingly short gravel trap, and may well find their car to be rapidly introduced to Rivoli's scenic rock formations!

Handling the Carousel well may still not save the driver from being dashed against the rock, as the following straight section has a cliff running all across the right-hand side, making what would have been two straightforward right kinks noticeably more risky given the lack of margin for error outside of the kerbs. Mercifullly, Turn 11 has a grassy runoff added, a much safer prospect than the steep drop that awaited those in the past who misjudged their speed here!

From Turn 11 we continue deep in the valley, with a short, yet narrow straight section. The next slow right is set at the opening of the valley,
which makes it a prime point for spectators, and from here, we begin the climb back up to the finish. The complex from 13 to 18 is a fairly simple section, which makes the exit from Turn 12 crucial. The hill peaks at Turn 16, minorly dips in the following straight, before ascending again through the next two turns.

The final two corners are as tricky as they look. With the lack of space between the track and the pit straight, Turn 19 is almost completely flanked on the right by a thick tyre wall, to trap those who were lulled into a false sense of security by the preceding section. The final hairpin,
a tight right, is made slightly simpler by its proximity to the previous corner, but can still pack a nasty punch. Following that, it's a half-mile blast up the hill along the straight to complete your lap.

NAME: Erica Okumura
GENDER: Female, feline-humanoid cross
ABILITY: R4/A3.25/C4.75
EXPERIENCE: WGPC16 (Polaris, 9th)
BIO: Erica's first year under the WGPC was a mixed one, one which critics may argue peaked too soon. Whilst she was able to consistently score points, really, the one race of hers that people will remember is the clinic she put at Crossbay Circuit, winning only her fourth ever race at this level by nearly half a minute. It's clear that she has the skills to perform well, and over the off-season, her racing has gotten smoother and quicker than ever before.

At 22, Okumura's got a long career ahead of her, and even in her short time so far, the accolades have been many. Only two seasons ago, she took the inaugural SuperFormula Nekoni season by storm, winning over half of the races in one season, including the daunting 200km finale through the streets of Varea, Nekoni's capital. Unfortunately for her, the Nekonian track on offer for her last year was a new challenge, and despite gaining a superbly fast pole position, her nerves got to her and she finished 7th. Ever since then, she has been determined to prove that she has the sang-froid to claim her place at the front of the pack.
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Postby Krainin » Mon Feb 11, 2019 7:23 pm

After some debating, I've decided to not bring Jennifer Johnson back for another season.

NAME: Andy Loffity
NATIONALITY: The Krainin Isles
Reliability (MAX 5): 3
Aggression (MAX 5): 4
Technique (MAX 5): 5
Experience: none
BIO: Andy Loffity, age 18, was born in Saphire, Ashos, on 14 August 2000. He started racing karts when he was five years old. In his teens, he switched to offroad racing. In 2017 he joined the F4 Empire series. In the 12 race season, he got 2 poles, 3 wins, and won the championship. Instead of moving up through Krainin's Formula Racing Series, he's decided to take his talents international.

IMAGE: Image
NAME OF CIRCUIT: Insocima International
CITY/TOWN: Fredricksville, Ashos
COUNTRY: The Krainin Isles
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Grand Prix at The Krainin Isles

CHANCE OF RAIN: (%) 5.3%
MARGIN FOR ERROR: (1-5) 2.35

QUALIFYING TYPE: (Trad / Two-Tier / One-Shot) Two-Tier
LAP RECORD: ( 1:12:270 (2018)
LENGTH OF ONE LAP: (km) 3.61 km
BIO: Insocima International was built to replace the aging Vern Isles Speedway. The first race took place in 1986.
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Postby Starblaydia » Tue Feb 12, 2019 10:33 am

NAME: Jai Kardaeri
SECOND CHOICE CAR NUMBER: 3, something ending in 3.

EXPERIENCE: WGPC8 (1st), WGPC9 (13th), WGPC10 (2nd), WGPC11 (2nd, Constructor 1st) WGPC12 (5th, Constructor 1st)

BIO: The numbers don't lie, and the ice-cool Jai Kardaeri is back in the pool for a drive in World Grand Prix Championship 17, after a five year break from the sport. He's still on the leaderboard in essentially every category and leads the multiverse in Most Points, Most Podiums and Most Top Tens, as well as holding the Lap Record at the Eelandii Grand Prix Course in Turori. It's ten years since his incredible debut season with Mirrors F1, and since then he's driven for the biggest and best teams in the WGPC. The unflappable and experienced former champion brings with him personal sponsorship from a number of Starblaydi companies, including Ozuwara and Orcinus.

Jai Kardaeri (KRD) WGPC History:
Driver Constructor
Season Team Points Position Points Position

WGPC8 Mirrors F1 98 1st 139 3rd
WGPC9 Mirrors F1 19 13th 24 10th
WGPC10 Velog 88 2nd 158 2nd
WGPC11 Carvenlo 121 2nd 214 1st
WGPC12 Carvenlo 88 5th 199 1st


NAME OF CIRCUIT: Azure Harbour Circuit
COUNTRY: Starblaydia
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Starblaydi Grand Prix


LAP RECORD: (1:21.323, WGPC8)
BIO: Starblaydia's finest top-level racing track, despite plans in motion for a new design elsewhere, is situated around the beautiful blue waters of the large lake on the outskirts of Starblaydia's capital, Jhanna. The Azure Harbour Circuit has 15 corners, with turns 5 through 10 darting through the Marina and by the waterfront area before shooting through the forest at Intermediate 2.
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Postby Cassadaigua » Tue Feb 12, 2019 11:06 am

NAME: Taylor Blake
NATIONALITY: Cassadaigua
Reliability (MAX 5): 4.7
Aggression (MAX 5): 2.7
Technique (MAX 5): 4.6
Experience: WGPC Rookie, Four-Time Open Wheel Champion in Cassadaigua
The 30-year old from the suburbs of Brattleboro has been chosen to represent Cassadaigua in the WGPC due to her dominance at home. There is hope that she will adapt well to this series, and that our open wheel program at the international level can be as good as our stock car program was. She will frequently seek the advice of Stacie Houston, the reigning NSSCRA champion on adapting to this level.
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Postby Audioslavia » Wed Feb 13, 2019 6:08 pm

IMAGE: Image
NAME OF CIRCUIT: Crossport International Raceway
CITY/TOWN: Crossport
COUNTRY: Audioslavia
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: The Hygolje Audioslavian Grand Prix

TRACK RATING: 6.5 / 3.5

LAP RECORD: 1'31.800

BIO: The old Railway Tunnel right-hander claimed the career of former WGPC pilot Maxwell Song in season thirteen on WGPC, and has been responsible for various injuries from crashes every since. Why, then, had it taken CIRG, the owners of the circuit, so long to make the required changes?


For seasons fourteen to sixteen, WGPC’s Audioslavian owners positioned the Audioslavian Grand Prix as the final race of the season, and the circuit has become an iconic fixture in the season. Why wouldn’t CIRG do anything about its circuit’s deathtrap corner? Well what were the WGPC going to do? *Not* have Crossport as the last race of the season?

September’s rumours of a deal between the WGPC and the city of Zijweg in central Audioslavia to use Tweesprong as WGPC17’s finale propelled CIRG into action. A winter’s worth of work has resulted in the handle end of the hammer adopting a flap in the form of a long, looping right hander the other side of the old tunnel that continues up to a final chicane.

These adjustments, plus the addition of some longer run-off areas, has convinced the WGPC to take Crossport, and not Tweesprong, as the Audioslavian circuit entry for WGPC 17.

A car starting the Audioslavian Grand Prix from the rear of the grid would find themselves a little further back than they’d ordinarily expect, starting just on the trailing edge of the track’s final corner. From there comes a long straight famous for being a little concave, meaning the start-finish line is at a lower elevation than the corners preceding and succeeding it, allowing for some evocative camera work. Turn one, dubbed the Turn of the Century due to its having been completed in the year 2200, is an unpredictable corner to take. Some drivers prefer a traditional line, hitting the apex early and trying to keep on the power on the outside of the circuit, whereas other drivers prefer going into the corner later and wider and turning a little earlier, allowing a straighter exit with fewer adjustments so as to maximise acceleration at the expense of losing a little speed on the way in.

Turn 2 used to be called, simply, ‘turn two’, before CIRG decided to name the corner after the Johanson racing family, who run a team in WGP3 and whose patriarch, Johan Johanson, is a well respected member of the racing community. After the fast right-banking corner comes Hammerhead, for which the drivers have to slow right down. A long down-hill section follows, with the cars breaking just before the left-kink known as Hygolje for advertising purposes and into Talon at the very apex of the corner, assuming they’ve braked at the right place.

After Talon comes Knock, Hold and Loose, the famous triple chicane, before embarking up Lund Hill and hitting top speed before descending Bunn Hill. Here, instead of running the risk of hitting the wall at the bottom of the hill, the cars go through a short tunnel and into a long, looping right-hander, the first part of which is called, simply, ‘Rail Tunnel’, the second part is called Hurrah, another year, surely this one will be better than the last. The inexorable march of progress will lead us all to happiness. Because why not. After that comes the turn three chicane (or the pit-lane if you’re not concentrating properly) before the final turn, simply titled GO
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Postby Vangaziland » Fri Feb 15, 2019 1:55 am

NAME: Jessica Franssen
Reliability (MAX 5): 3.9
Aggression (MAX 5): 3.6
Technique (MAX 5): 4.5
Experience: Several disciplines, starting with WGPC 14 and the Cross Rally Championships.
Jess started racing open-wheel, modified carts in a Vannish travelling league at age 16. Over the years, she moved onto Vangaziland's top tier T1 league. She drove in a touring car league during T1 off-seasons. She finally secured a superlicense to compete in the WGPC. Jess also had a limited role in NSSCRA 7, where she made use of the guest charter. The dark-haired Vangazi was also selected to

Jessica is a patient driver who focuses on her lines, making sure to hit every turn carefully. This means she can be a bit hesitant to pass if it deviates too far from her path. She has a good crew behind her with VMR. She saw reliability issues early in WGPC 16, but turned things around towards the end.

She looks forward to another season behind the team's wheel.

NAME: Jang Xiaopeng
Reliability (MAX 5): 3.8
Aggression (MAX 5): 4.4
Technique (MAX 5): 3.8
Experience: WGP2 I, WGPC 16
Jang earned an early reputation by street racing on both sides of the law. He has participated in sanctioned street circuits, as well as underground road races that Vangaziland has been hesitant to crack down on. The car modification scene is big business in the Empire and Jang helps sell that lifestyle.

VMR first signed him during the inaugural season of the WGP2. After catching a teammate who led the standings, Xiaopeng led for the remainder of the season. He guided VMR to Drivers and Constructors Championships. Jessica Franssen mentored Jang here as acting principal of the team's WGP2 outfit. Xiaopeng followed up with a 4th place WGPC 16 campaign. The Tainese-Vangazi helped Omni Racing finish 3rd behind MRT and VMR in team standings.

His sights are set high for WGPC 17.

NAME OF CIRCUIT: Drosopol Circuit
CITY/TOWN: Drosopol
COUNTRY: Esportivan Vangaziland
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Vannish Grand Prix


LAP RECORD: 1.35:19
In 2004, Barisee Design contracted engineers from Nekoni to help design a circuit in Esportivan Vangaziland. The state of the art track would be built in the northern area of the territory, under 40 minutes from the Vannish border with Nekoni. Drosopol Circuit has run Vannish T1 racing since 2009. It was built for an Esportivan touring car series and a small, domestic open-wheel league. The course is located within a stadium on the outskirts of the industrial city of Drosopol. City officials campaigned dilligently to bring the WGPC to their small town.

Drosopol Circuit is designed for the fan experience. Indigo and red curbing lines each turn. The stadium is filled with gift shops, restaurants and two pubs. Drosopol is not as polished of a city as Emeros. The area around the track is hoping increased revenue from the WGPC will help improve the neighborhood.

Named Features
Esportivan Run (main straight) - The main straightaway measures out to 1,360m. This allows for top speeds surpassing 230 mph. A large grandstand looks down on most of the stretch. This should make for high speed finishes on a track where cars will top NSSCRA speeds. A special area for victory ceremonies is located off the center point of the straightaway.

Diamond Top (turns 4a-7) - After coming out of a U-shaped nook, the course turns north before jutting northeast. One short straight leads to a wide hairpin, before shooting back out on a nearly identical arm. The technical feature will create visual distortions for the drivers, who may not see as well from the hairpin. A retainer wall lining the feature makes sneaking a glance before the turn difficult.

The Back Straight (between turns 7-8) - This nickname is based on a horse racing term. The smaller straightaway measures at 558m. Drivers enter the feature out of an almost 90 degree turn. A tight hairpin waits at the end of the stretch. A smaller grandstand, along with an outdoor seated bar line the tarmac behind barrier fencing.

Raptor's Beak (turn 11) - Several drivers and crews have seen similarities between a bird of prey in the track's layout over the years. The two technical sections could almost be seen as wings, or even the outstretched arms of a velociraptor. Turn 11 would be the raptor's beak in such a scenario. The turn is a fairly wide hairpin that leads into another short straight. As the widest angled hairpin on the course, it will provide visibility issues going into its apex. As the turn rounds towards the exit, the next leg comes into view.

Nook Check (turns 16-18b) - Turn 17 brings an interesting exit angle down a short straight. There isn't much time to pass, since things slow into the 'Z' of turns 18a-18b.

The Roundabout (turn 21) - More visibility issues will be presented on the lead into the Esportivan run. This turn is tighter than the Raptor's Beak and needs a tighter exit angle. With the speed of the exit, this turn might provide some of the highest G-forces the drivers will experience at Drosopol. Camera crews stack heavily to film from the inside of the turn. There is some runoff area, but it's more limited here than many other places on the course.
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Postby Savojarna » Fri Feb 15, 2019 6:20 am

NAME: Sigur Bjarnason
GENDER: Male (human)
Reliability (MAX 5): 4
Aggression (MAX 5): 3
Technique (MAX 5): 5
Experience: WGPC 16
BIO: Sigur Bjarnason, aged 24, has grown up on the island of Ejana, but moved to Vestrholm early on, where he started karting with six years. Early on, he proved to be one of the biggest talents in the sport, and as usual in Savojarna, his first contact with car racing was rallye. He drove through the Sumanen forests with 15, when he won the Savojar Junior Rallye Championships. Shortly before he was set to compete for the defense of his title as the favourite to win another Junior Championship, one of the leading teams of the nation contacted him to drive the Rallye Norderholmen, with the big guys. Bjarnason replaced the injured former champion Kari Pakarinen, who saw his talent and kept coaching him when he was fit again, and with age 18 he was the youngest driver in history to stand on the podium at the Savojar National Rallye Championships in Sumanen. In the following season, Sigur won his first top tier event when he beat his mentor Pakarinen in the Rallye of North Sumanen. His to-day biggest success was the victory at the Rallye Ejana, one of the four traditional Major Events of Savojar Racing. When the Savojar racing association decided to enter a driver into international Grand Prix racing, they invited the best drivers from all kinds of racing, and Sigur Bjarnason proved to be the best. His technique is very good thanks to the tough rallye school he had gone through, but there used to be questions whether or not he can deal with the change from a rallye environment to GP racing.

With this pedigree, and a heavy sponsorship of the Savojar authorities behind him, Sigur was rumoured to be a candidate for multiple teams, including VMR of future World Champion Jess Franssen, but was ultimately signed somewhat surprisingly as a Nr. 1 driver with MRT. Following a difficult start where he struggled to get accustomed to the ricks of GP racing, he had his breakout in the Grand Prix of Eastfield Lodge, where he came third behind Jean Mercer-Daly and his teammate Rustom Ibuna. In round 5, the Grand Prix of Vulkanas, Bjarnason declassed the rest of the field in pouring rain on a street circuit and celebrated his first WGPC victory as well as taking the lead in the Driver's Championship for the first time. In Rivoli, he won a second race, but ultimately failed to contest the driver's championship because of a series of DNF's in Vangaziland and Mattijana, the latter occuring after he led his team's home race for the biggest part before he was stopped by engine damage. Ultimately, Sigur finished his debut season in sixth place, contributing 83 points to his team's constructor championship title. He has confirmed to stay with MRT for WGPC 17 and will look to make a championship run.

Driver Name: Roman Arjenko
Name Trigram: ARJ
Nationality Trigram: SVJ
Preferred Number: 75
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 3
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 5
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4
Experience: WGP2 Season 2
BIO: Arjenko is a young driver that was born in the south of Russica, quite close to Yarkovo, where the Savojar Grand Prix is located. The 22 year old is in the Savojarna Racing Development Program that has pushed Sigur Bjarnason to the WGPC, and following in the footsteps of his idol is Roman's biggest dream. Unlike most Savojar drivers, he has no rallye experience but drove kart races and closed-wheel series before the expansion of open-wheel racing. His biggest triumph was the victory over his idol Bjarnason in the Savojar Youth Racing Championship, where the WGPC driver joined as a star guest. Arjenko is an aggressive and audacious driver who always pursues victory at all costs. Off the track, he is rather impulsive and extremely driven to the point of obsession with little details if he believes they make him win. An extremely competitive driver, most of his actions are driven by the question of "does this make me win?" He has participated in the latest WGP2 edition in the SVJ Racing car. While he showed a promising start, budgetary reasons forced SVJ to almost completely end development of the car throughout the season, leaving Arjenko hardly competitive by the end of the year. As SVJ are not competing in this season, Arjenko has been freed up by the program in order to try his luck in the highest tier.


NAME OF CIRCUIT: Yarkovo International Circuit
CITY/TOWN: Yarkovo (ca. 75 km southeast of Novaya Russica)
COUNTRY: Savojarna
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Grand Prix of Savojarna
LAP RECORD: 01:15.856 - set by Jean Mercer-Daly in the WGPC 16 test session
BIO: Savojarna decided to accompany its debut in the WGPC with a new, purpose-built race track in the fields outside the small town of Yarkovo, southeast of Novaya Russica. The areal is highly modern and planned by the best race-track designer of Savojarna, Lauris Peramäki. Peramäki has been the chief track designer of the Savojar Automobile Racing Association for over 15 years, being in charge of the national championships in both rallye and road racing. The SARA has designed the track together with engineers of the Technical University of Pawlograd, in order to provide a safe and spectacular racing experience. The track does offer good opportunities to overtake thanks to its high speed layout broken by tight corners which provide possibilities for attacks. It tests technical ability of drivers through its corners, their bravery and skill through its high-speed nature and the limits of brakes and aerodynamics through the highspeed corners of sector 3.

The start of the track is located on the main straight, and cars enter a slightly over 90°-Turn after the main straight. This is a prime opportunity for overtaking as the cars need to lose a large amount of speed to turn around T1 with 100-110 km/h. Following it, there is a combination of three fast turns that provide a challenge to drivers as they are challenged with finding the ideal speed for these corners. The cars then speed up again as they leave Sector 1, approaching the first of two challenging chicanes. The combination of turn 5-7 is another point where drivers have to break heavily and turn through three difficult corners, offering drivers good opportunities to overtake "on the brake". Rushing down towards Turn 8, the cars pass the first DRS detection line to brake hard again, slowing to ca. 130 km/h for Turn 8. Following T8, there is the longest full-speed part of the track. Turn 9 offers a special challenge to the driver's audacity. The kink is usually passable in full speed if the weather is good, but the fact that there are walls only 1.5m next to the track leaves almost no margin for error at this point. At the exit of Sector 2, the combination of turns 10 to 12 offers yet another good opportunity for overtaking. The track is wide there, but the corners are tight, so that skilled pilots will be able to pass their opponents as they have to brake from over 300 km/h, the course's top speed, to around 100 km/h for Turn 10. The wavy lines of sector 3 then offer a challenge to the cars aerodynamics, as only those with the best downforce will be able to pass this highspeed section with maximum power. Turn 15 and 16 finally offer yet another challenge that forces drivers to brake quickly, opening gaps for others to overtake them.
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Postby Audioslavia » Sat Feb 16, 2019 6:32 pm

Here’s how McPahan looked in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017

WGPC unveil new McPahan racecar

Audioslavia’s McPahan Racing yesterday became the first WGPC constructor to unveil their new livery for the coming season, but the sleek McPahan FSM17 wasn’t the only part of the team to look streamlined at launch.

Though the press event in Grand Forum, Cathair made very little mention of it, this season’s McPahan team are technically distinct from the team that ran in WGPC throughout seasons twelve to sixteen. That McPahan actually declared themselves unable to renew their license for the new season, citing a lack of funding due to the increased financial pressures of the sport. Not wanting the championships to be without one of their most iconic teams, the WGPC have stepped in to temporarily acquire McPahan’s assets to form WGPC Motorworks: McPahan for the upcoming season.

The change sees team owner Stan McPahan relegated to a role as race strategist as James Whiteyard, previously head of marketing at the World Grand Prix Organization, takes over the day to day running of the team. Also answering to Whiteyard will be rookie engineer Brice McPahan, twenty-seven year-old son of deceased Linco McPahan, who has lead a team that has worked intensely winter to reconfigure last year’s car to compete in WGPC17. The decision to have both men answer to Whiteyard, and not have Stan put above Brice in the pecking order, has reportedly drawn criticism from some members of the team. Brice is supposedly very much in the Linco McPahan mould - concerned with speed and handling over all else, including the safety of the drivers. It remains to be seen whether the older cousin’s input into the running of the team will be enough to quell Brice’s more Linconian ideas.

With Alexander Lund having retired from WGPC last season, there are reportedly zero Audioslavian drivers signed up for the new season. The ghost of McPahan will be the only claret and green presence this season. A nation’s eyes will be upon them.

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Postby Newark Aristocracy » Sat Feb 16, 2019 8:07 pm


NAME OF CIRCUIT: Berknau Raceway
CITY/TOWN: Berknaution
COUNTRY: Newark Aristocracy
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Grand Prix of The Newark Aristocracy


LAP RECORD 12:06.900 (
BIO: The track was created in 1898 when a bunch of car owners at the time wanted a place to race. Since then, some of the most well-known races in the country have been held here. A lap here starts off by you going into the right-hander that is turn one,following this you'll be on a straight towards turn 2, coming into turn 2 is like coming into sharp turn in a fighter jet, after this is the gentle s curve known as turn 3 which causes you to turn left, after this you enter turn 4, 1 of the most well-known turns on this track, which happens to be a sharp left hand turn, then turn 5 is like tar one except it's the opposite, after that turn 6 a left hand turn just like turning five, after that turn 7 a large and long s curve known for the many crashes that happen here every year, turn 8 is turn 7's opposite but much faster, after this expect to enter turn 9 one of the slowest corners on this entire track, a slow left-hander, after this turn 10 is the final turn on this track being a quick s turn, turning 90 degrees to align with the front stretch.
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WGPC 17 Signups

Postby Vilita and Turori » Sun Feb 17, 2019 1:14 am

NAME: R.L. Cruisin
  • Reliability (MAX 5): 3.14
  • Aggression (MAX 5): 5
  • Technique (MAX 5): 3.86
Experience: WGPC x6
BIO: R.L. Cruisin is an experienced WGPC veteran looking to enter his 7th WGPC season. Cruisin famously got their start at the top level of World Grand Prix motorsports on the Vilita & Turori Motorsports team as the 'other' car during Stang Crax World Grand Prix title season during WGPC 11. While Cruisin would claim their share of podium finishes during the season, it was Crax who would take home the title for Vilita & Turori. Cruisin was elevated to the primary seat during WGPC 12 as Crax left the team, but suffered a drop in the standings, from 4th down to 9th place and a best finish of 3rd place at the Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course before the team went on a hiatus from WGPC vehicle production and its older vehicles fell out of spec. Cruisin became a journeyman driver joining forces with teams such as Frontiere Racing, Carvenlo-Franklin racing, Arada GP and most recently MSA-SinVal. During six prior seasons of competition, Cruisin has recorded four victories, thirteen podium finishes and collected points in 33 events.

Many expected WGPC 16 to be Cruisin's final season behind the wheel with the Vilitan Cove nations grooming a flock of Cocoabo in the WGP2 and NSSCRA with a likely view to promoting them to the drivers seat. However, after failing to win any races during WGPC 15 with Arada GP, Cruisin stunned the racing world by taking the Checkered flag at the Grand Prix of Turori in the penultimate round of WGPC 16 in a woefully under-powered MSA-SinVal machine. It is believed that the victory has restored sponsors confidence in one of the most recognizable names on the World Grand Prix Circuit as well as inspiring Cruisin to take one more run at a Drivers Championship. Cruisin has a strong following in Vilita and is likely able to attract corporate support from a vast number of Vilitan affiliated entities.

Reliability (MAX 5): 2.5
Aggression (MAX 5): 4.6
Technique (MAX 5): 4.9

NAME OF CIRCUIT: Eelandii Grand Prix Course

CITY/TOWN: Eelandii
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Grand Prix of Turori
MARGIN FOR ERROR: (3.77) Medium-High

LAP RECORD: 1:22.409 (Jai Kardaeri, WGPC 12)

BIO: The Eelandii Grand Prix was held for the first time during WGPC 13. The Eelandii Grand Prix Course opened just prior to WGPC 12 and held an official test session during WGPC 12 that served as a predecessor the the courses inclusion on the official schedule one season later. The venue has see-sawed between a sanctioned race weekend and a mid-season test event. The Grand Prix of Turori returned to the World Grand Prix Championship schedule for its 16th season.

Eelandii, an officially unrecognized city according to the official map of Turori, is located between the capital of Almintora and the center of sport in Cednia. The city was stood up prior to the World Cup 63 Finals hosted in Turori with the creation of a brand new state of the art sporting complex for football and athletics known as Eels Park. Looking to expand Eelandii's reputation as a 'center of sport' for the Island Emirate, the Eelandii Grand Prix circuit broke ground following the completion of the World Cup 63 finals in the shadows of Eels Park, the home of the Turori National Association Football team. The racing surface transitions from Street to purpose-built racing track to tarmac as drivers navigate the center of Eelandii.

NAME OF CIRCUIT: Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course

CITY/TOWN: Rockii Coast
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Vilitan Grand Prix


LAP RECORD: 1:25.440 (Stang Crax, WGPC 11)

BIO: Located in the picturesque region of Vilitan right overlooking the waters of Atlantian Oceania, the Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course was carved out of the Rocks on Vilita's Rockii Coast and offers a unique challenge to all drivers. Originally more of a wide-open high intensity speed park, The Grand Prix modification of the Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course was a new addition to the facility in preparation for its inclusion in World Grand Prix Championship 11. While Acceleration and Mechanical Power will be a great equalizer on much of the course, the Grand Prix boot designed by Turorian legend iBen Toralmintii mid-way through the course gives those with the ability to make maneuvers in tight spaces a chance to shine as well. The course has long been a fixture on the World Grand Prix circuit and has additionally hosted an event during the Inaugural World Grand Prix 2 competition. While the Vilitan Grand Prix was not contested during WGPC 16, the Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course was an official mid-season testing venue.


[/floatright]NAME: iBen Toralmintii
ABILITY: 3.75/3.25/5.00
Experience: WGPC X5
BIO: Turori's most famed motorsports personality, Toralmintii has been out of the seat for nearly a season, serving as the Team Principle of WGPC Eelandii Motorworks throughout the course of the 16th World Grand Prix Championship season. Previously, riding the wave of popularity following his triumph as champion of the International Super Formula Championship, Toralmintii was instrumental in getting the Eelandii Grand Prix Circuit added to the World Grand Prix Championship calendar. Toralmintii, who designed the course as well as the Grand Prix modifications to the Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course in Vilita, the legendary Turorian had a career defining season during World Grand Prix Championship 14 and came home second in the final driver standings behind only his Vilita & Turori Motorsports teammate Terho Talvela. Toralmintii made a surprise return to the drivers seat in the finale of WGPC 16 picking up an impressive 4th place result for Tropicorp Racing Aelund.

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Postby Lisander » Sun Feb 17, 2019 6:46 am


Camden Racing challenger hits the tarmac in Circuit de Sirenia!


WGPC Preseason started in full throttle this weekend. Yesterday, we had the presentation of the striking livery of McPahan, now rebranded as WGPC Motorworks team. And today, just one day after the presentation in Cathair, the second car came up to be seen. Darius Castellammare entered the cockpit of the yet unnamed challenger to his first laps around Circuit de Sirenia. The shakedown of Camden Racing was part of a filming session. Lots of important people were there, between them the new Lisander Autosports Board President, Andrea Lanza, and the LAB volunteer development director Juliano Lemos. Retired broadcaster John Haines, as well as Athena Haines, his daughter and rider in the planned Imperan Superbike League, were among the notable guests.

Team Principal, Tiago Camden-Mott, showed contempt with the first testing day:

"We had a nice session today. We'll work now to fix any minor problem. Darius is very confident since he joined the project in very early stages. He said the car felt good and he looks excited to the WGPC testing sessions."

The car that hit the road today looked pretty simple. Apart from the company new branding, the design is somewhat similar to Pre-WGPO Camden F3 Liveries, with a Pegasus (the symbol of the brand) in the engine cover. According to who accompanied the session closely, the vehicle does not seem to have received the definitive paint, and all details applied to the bodywork were plastic vinyl stickers. It is expected that the lisanderian team will still present another sponsor, who will likely come to occupy one of the vacant seats on the livery. This sponsor should come with the second driver.

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Postby West-East Timor » Sun Feb 17, 2019 7:24 am

NAME: Mick Schramm
NATIONALITY: West-East Timor
Reliability (MAX 5): 4
Aggression (MAX 5): 4.5
Technique (MAX 5): 3.5
Experience: WGPC15: 9th WGPC16: 12th
BIO: After winning the national West-East Timorian Formula WET1 several times, Mick Schramm started his international career racing for Bitten Heroes in the 15th season of WGPC, finishing the driver's championship in 9th position. The following year, he joined newly founded West-East Timorian team Omni Racing for a season that could be considered rather disappointing for him personally, finishing only 12th, while his Vannish teammate Jang Xiaopeng finished the season in 4th.

NAME: Timo Jänkirinää
NATIONALITY: West-East Timor
Reliability (MAX 5): 4
Aggression (MAX 5): 3
Technique (MAX 5): 5
Experience: WGP2 I: 8th WGP2 II: 7th
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Postby Filindostan » Sun Feb 17, 2019 8:07 am


Badai Angin launches WGPO and FH challengers for this season

The Badai Angin BAP001 which will be entered for WGPC 17

The Badai Angin KS01X which will be the base car for WGP3 Filindostan

The Badai Angin IGR Tarogama FH170T which is currently raced in Formula Hodori

YOGYAKULTA - Badai Angin is ready to enter multiversal racing.

In a sunny afternoon here at the Yogyakulta International Circuit, Badai Angin announced the livery for the their three racing cars that will compete in different open wheel series this season. Apart from the already announced FH170T chassis powered by Hodoran engine manufacturer, Tarogama, the two other cars were revealed to the public eyes as well - the BAP001, which will be the Filindostani company's first WGPC challenger since they acquired Kissan Motorsport (KISMO)'s assets and WGPC entry at the end of the WGP2 season.

The company colors for Badai Angin graced the BAP001 chassis, with aqua blue the majority of the chassis, and a slightly darker shade of red coloring the wingtips, barge boards, mirrors, the intake and fins. There are currently aren't much sponsors placed in the car, but Gergarian tyre supplier Solymok with its X variant of the Megfogo GT being used by the car, as well as the website for Badai Angin, and Cepat, Petrofilindo's premium motor oil also present in the car. When asked, team principal Rudolf Ibuna said that they intended to keep some spots open for additional sponsorship, though it remains to be seen if any other sponsorship can be found aside from the existing ones.

As Badai Angin's driver lineup is not decided yet, Rudolf took the car's first installation laps at the Yogyakulta International Circuit, which is part of a Filindostani bid for hosting a round of the WGPC this season. This sparked rumors about his potential entry in the Hodori GT All Star Challenge, though he did not answer any questions related to it and instead focused on the WGPC team's efforts for the coming season.

When asked on potential drivers he wish to sign, he just said that there are plans in place, but he would not reveal any names for now.

Also present in the launch are the Joko Ajartambun, CEO of Petrofilindo, who majority owns the Badai Angin marque, and their Academy drivers, Chiemi Hino, Eiji Ibi, and Alvis Kalvin Lacsamana. The first two, along with Formula Hodori driver Kyoko Fujisaki were recently issued racing licenses by the Filindostani Motorsports Authority, and thus will represent FIlindostan moving forward. Hino put some laps on the KS01X, a slimmed down version of the KISMO chassis used last WGPC season, which will be used in the inaugural WGP3 Filindostan series this year.

Fujisaki was not present in the launch, as she was currently based in Hodori and is currently participating in the Formula Hodori Touring Series. The FH chassis remained on display for the duration of the week for the public eye to see.

Badai Angin is the third WGPC team to supposedly reveal their colors for the upcoming season, after McPahan and Camden already revealed their initial liveries for the upcoming season.

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