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Under-18 World Cup 7 - Everything Thread

PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 8:18 pm
by Equestrian States
The Hoofball Association of the Equestrian States presents
In reluctant association with Sporting World:

The Seventh Under-18 World Cup
a.k.a Sporting World Cup 7

The Hoofball Association of the Equestrian States presents, with the contractually-obligated "support" of the less-than-reliable publication known as Sporting World, the seventh edition of this Under-18 international tournament. Please feel free to begin posting your RPs and rosters here in this thread. Please direct any OOC discussion to this thread. Teams have been drawn into 8 groups of 4 and will play each team in their group once, with all games taking place in the Equestrian States.

Under-18 World Cup 1 (Host: Free Republics): Semarland
Under-18 World Cup 2 (Host: Free Republics): Anglatia
Under-18 World Cup 3 (Host: Osarius): Anglatia
Under-18 World Cup 4 (Host: Filindostan): Mercedini
Under-18 World Cup 5 (Host: Abanhfleft): Baker Park
Under-18 World Cup 6 (Host: Free Republics): Razenthuria
Under-18 World Cup 7 (Host: Equestrian States): It could be you!

Group Draw

Group A
Equestrian States
Alpine Union
Oberour Ar Moro

Group B
Competitive Solitaire
Pepsi Governate of Korea

Group C
Free Republics
The Sarian

Group D
Clonka Magnus

Group E
Vakolicci Haven & Celeria

Group F
Baker Park

Group G
Northwest Kalactin

Group H


Games will be scorinated at approximately 11:00 PM-Midnight EST (04:00-05:00 UTC) each day unless otherwise noted. Participants should assume the cutoff will be at the earlier end of that window regardless of the previous day's cutoff time. Should the time frame or schedule need to be changed, I will try to give no less than one day’s warning before this.

Tournament Schedule

Pre-Group Stage
Tuesday, January 15 - Thread Posted; Group Draw Posted; Group Stage Match-Ups Finalized

Group Stage
The group stage will consist of each team playing the others in their group once. All games will be held in the Equestrian States.

Thursday, January 24: Match Day 1 - 1v4, 2v3
Saturday, January 26: Match Day 2 - 4v3, 1v2
Monday, January 28: Match Day 3 - 2v4, 3v1

Knockout Stage
The top two teams from each group will qualify for the knockout rounds. Teams from the same group will not face each other again unless they both reach the Final or Third-Place Playoff.

Wednesday, January 30: Round of 16 - A1vB2, C1vD2, E1vF2, G1vH2, B1vA2, D1vC2, F1vE2, H1vG2
Friday, February 1: Quarterfinals - SR1vSR2, SR3vSR4, SR5vSR6, SR7vSR8
Sunday, February 3: Semifinals - QF1vQF2, QF3vQF4
Tuesday, February 5: Final/3PPO - SF1vSF2

PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 8:20 pm
by Equestrian States
The Approx Guide to the Equestrian States


The Pony Principality of Equestrian States is a diverse country inhabited by dozens of sapient species, each contributing to the nation's proud culture of tolerance and giving the Equestrian States a reputation of compassion and kindness. Tradition and innovation have combined well in this Southwest Atlantian Oceania nation, rapidly bringing it into the modern era after centuries of isolation from the rest of the multiverse. This Lonely Multiverse travel guide is designed to be the ultimate companion for any tourist (regardless of their species) visiting the Equestrian States, and is loaded with every tip and bit of advice one needs to have an safe and enjoyable stay.


Originally colonized by sapient equines (commonly referred to as ponies) from Magical Equestria over 2000 years ago, the Equestrian States was first established as a largely-autonomous overseas territory of its motherland. As a colony, the Equestrian States was fairly prosperous, developing a matriarchal society similar to that of Magical Equestria and other prominent Pony Lands nations. Several decades after the first ponies set hoof on the islands now part of the Equestrian States, however, the rise of a mysterious and chaotic entity known as Discord led to the government of the growing colony to adopt strict isolationist policies to avoid attracting the attention of Discord.

Several centuries later, the anarchic reign of Discord in the Pony Lands came to an end, though the Equestrian States remained firmly entrenched in its isolationist policies. Having formally declared its independence from Magical Equestria during the rule of Discord, the Equestrian States was reluctant to turn away from the policies which had allowed it to escape the turmoil faced by the rest of the region. Yet another cataclysmic event, just over a millennia ago, saw the known world embroiled in conflict with itself and the fledgling former colony sunk deeper into isolation for the next several centuries.

However, about 200 years ago, the long-standing policies separating the Equestrian States from the rest of the region gradually began to erode with the rapid growth of international maritime trade. Though it would take until just 50 years ago for the remaining isolationist policies to be overturned or made obsolete, foreigners began to take note of the Equestrian States and its northern location in the Pony Lands. What finally drove the ponies of the Equestrian States to abandon isolationism entirely was commerce, with the nation's location being perfect as a refueling and stopping point for ships traveling from outside the Pony Lands.

Active membership in the Coalition of Ponyist States (a military, economic, and political alliance famed for its quick, efficient, and merciless dealings with nations actively persecuting sapient equines and other non-humans) gave the Equestrian States reason to become heavily involved in international politics and trade. Within a decade, the Equestrians entered the modern era, utilizing magic in creative ways to avoid industrial pollution wherever possible and speed the nation's development.

Today, the Equestrian States is an advanced country that has successfully merged tradition, magic, and technology. With an economy dominated by tourism, agriculture, and the mining of precious minerals, the Equestrians have found their niche in the international community. Thanks to its location in Atlantian Oceania (after some magical miscues led to the nation relocating from the Pony Lands), the Equestrian States has become a travel hub for many visiting the region from around the world, and the nation is easily among the more prosperous and safe for foreigners to visit.

Geography & Climate

The Equestrian States is best described as an island nation. However, most Equestrians live on the largest island, which is referred to by locals as the mainland, due to its size and role as a population and commercial center for the country.

The mainland is mostly flat grassland and plains, though forests and hilly areas exist and are generally scattered throughout the island. Running north to south are the Harmony Mountains, named for Mt. Harmony near the capital city of Canterlot. The mountain range divides the mainland into eastern and western geographic regions, and was once home to dozens of active volcanoes. However, no eruption has occurred in the Harmony Mountains in over 800 years, and the range is believed to be inactive. The ancient volcanic activity on the mainland (and on many of the Equestrian States' smaller islands, as well) resulted in mineral deposits from which Equestrian miners have extracted gold, silver, and other valuable materials for export.

Two notable exceptions to the mainland's grassy majority are the Everfree Forest and Southern Desert. The Everfree Forest is more of a jungle than a temperate forest, and is widely considered the most dangerous region in the Equestrian States due to its large numbers of wild carnivorous species, some of which would be considered "mythical" by foreigners. Within the Everfree Forest is the city of Everfree, located along the banks of the Stampede River and home to the largest population of non-equines in the nation. A number of more typical temperate forests surround the Everfree Forest itself.

The Southern Desert is (as one might expect) a dry region located in a small pocket of flat land surrounded by the Harmony Mountains near the southern coast. The only major population center in the Southern Desert is the small city of Appleoosa, located in what could be considered by some as a cooler oasis.

But where things begin to get weird for the average tourist is the Equestrian States' weather. Due to the magical nature of many of its inhabitants, the Equestrians are fully capable of creating, manipulating, and otherwise controlling the clouds and weather. This gives them the ability to determine where and when in rains, snows, hails, or any other . The Equestrian government is very actively involved in coordinating the pegasai of the country to generate and control weather patterns favorable to the Equestrian States inhabitants (and its many farmers, in particular). As such, the odds of an Equestrian weatherpony giving an incorrect forecast are almost nonexistent, unless you happen to be in the Everfree Forest (the only region of the Equestrian States where the weather is practically impossible to control due to a prevalence of wild magic).


Travelling to the Equestrian States is generally easy, as most methods of interregional travel are available to visitors from outside Atlantian Oceania. Most international flights to the Equestrian States arrive at Canterlot's Harmony International Airport, but other regularly-used airports such as Manehattan's Royal International and Stalliongrad's Friendship Heights International are easy to find flights to. However, it should be noted that pilots flying to and from the Equestrian States internationally must receive additional certification due to the nature of the Equestrian States and much of the surrounding area. Because of this additional requirement for pilots, some airlines do charge extra to cover the training fees.

Once in the Equestrian States, there are many other options for travel. Rental cars, taxis, and busses are easy to find in the larger cities such as Manehattan, Stalliongrad, and Everfree, though one might notice that most vehicles are electric-powered. But while cars and busses are regularly used in some cities, there are also several in which their use is limited to emergency services (most notably in Ponyville and Canterlot's Old City district) or is totally banned (as is the case in Cloudsdale).

However, the limited use of automobiles is balanced out by the proliferation of trains for travel between and within cities. Some of the more prominent and historical lines (such as the Ponyville-Canterlot Express) still use steam-powered engines or high-speed trains designed to mimic the classical appearance of an Equestrian train. Subways are also a common feature in Equestrian cities, spreading underground to connect many places of interest for foreign tourists. Cloudsdale is the only city where cars, buses, and trains/subways are unavailable.

But in the end, the most common method of travel in the Equestrian States is one's own two feet (or whatever you have to walk on). Few Equestrians drive or use public transportation unless they have to, preferring to take in the clean air on their way from place-to-place.

Culture & Society


Any analysis of Equestrian culture and society must begin with its majority religion and guiding philosophy: Harmonism. A dualistic religion, it revolves around the physical sun and moon deities, Celestia and Luna, as well as the six principles known as the Elements of Harmony. The religion's origins are near-impossible to determination, though it is widely believed to begun shortly after ponykind first encountered Celestia and Luna over two millennia ago. Unlike other religions, Harmonism lacks a written scripture or centralized multiversal organization to create such writings, occasionally resulting in disagreements between Harmonists from different regions. For the sake of brevity, we will only be exploring the most common spiritual and secular beliefs held by those from the Equestrian States.

As stated earlier, the central beliefs of Harmonism include the worship of the Regal Sisters (Celestia and Luna) and adherence to the Elements of Harmony. Immortal and, according to spiritual Harmonists, capable of moving celestial bodies through magic, the two Regal Sisters are worshiped (or at least respected) by ponies throughout the multiverse as living goddesses. Some have recently begun to question the actual power of the Sisters, though it is widely accepted among ponykind that they are the two most powerful magical beings in existence.

The six Elements of Harmony are Honesty, Laughter, Kindness, Generosity, Loyalty, and Magic. These Elements exist both as philosophical concepts as well as physical objects capable of great power that contain the purest magical essence of the aforementioned virtues. The philosophical aspects of the Elements are more central to Harmonist faith as a set of morals to guide one throughout life. They are, for the most part, fairly self-explanatory, except for Magic. The sixth element has been connected not only to the ability of equine Harmonists to use magical spells, but also to the drive for new knowledge or understanding. It also has been connected to the power of friendship, and is mentioned in the most common Harmonist saying: "Friendship is Magic".

However, Harmonism has expanded from its spiritual roots (particularly as more non-equines are exposed to harmonist teachings) to become a secular philosophy as well. Secular Harmonists generally try to follow the virtues of Harmonism, though they generally do not believe that the Regal Sisters are physical goddesses. The expansion of Secular Harmonism has also led to the traditional virtues being adopted and woven into other religions as well, such as Christianity. Excluding the overwhelmingly Spiritual Harmonist equine population of the Equestrian States, the most common religion is Harmonist Christianity, which is especially popular among the human inhabitants of the nation.


Traditionally, ponies have spoken in their native Equestrian tongue; however, since the emergence of the Equestrian States into the international community, laws have been passed requiring citizens to be capable of speaking multiple languages. The most common non-Equestrian language is easily English, which is spoken by approximately two-thirds of the population. It should be noted that some English words have been altered by Equestrians to better fit the equine majority, as the use of "everypony", "anypony", "hoofball", and other such words are modifications of the more standard English words. Mastery of many different languages is especially common among Unicorns, and as they are generally the ones more involved in business, are easy enough to find for foreign visitors. Numerous translating services exist throughout the Equestrian States, and airport bookstores generally contain a plethora of multilingual dictionaries for purchase.


As one might expect from a nation dominated by a species of herbivores, many traditional Equestrian dishes are vegetarian in nature. The proliferation of such food is also furthered by the general lack of agriculture for the purpose of raising up animals for the slaughter. To hurt another living creature is, to many Equestrians, simply unthinkable. However, the Equestrian States is not only inhabited by equines, but also by griffons, dragons, and humans (among others). Restaurants do exist to cater to these non-equine species, and do serve a wide variety of meats imported from outside of the region. That being said, it would be unwise to be seen in public eating a hamburger made from beef or any other meat product as many Equestrians are disgusted by such foods. This can make finding food difficult in smaller cities and in the nicer areas of the larger ones. A general tip would be: if your waiter looks like a herbivore, don't ask them for a cheeseburger or steak. Equestrian cafes are fairly creative with what they can do with non-meat products, and the bread and pastries are oftentimes better than what you might find in other nations.

Drink in the Equestrian States also differs significantly from other nations around the multiverse, as the most common alcoholic beverage is hard cider, which can be found at virtually every bar, pub, and restaurant. Ponies generally refrain from drinking too heavily, but other non-human sapients such as griffons are known to consume vast quantities of alcohol in a single sitting. We advise our human readers to graciously decline any drinking challenges offered, as one is unlikely to win, and drunk griffons can be notoriously temperamental. Beer is a distant second to cider, in terms of both popularity and availability, though bars and eateries which cater to human tourists will often keep domestic Equestrian brands in stock.

Inter-Species Relations

As the Equestrian States is home to a wide range of species, it is practically impossible for any visitor to the country to avoid seeing a member of another species, regardless of where they might be. Unicorns could pull this off in certain neighborhoods of Canterlot, and Earth Ponies could do the same in isolated rural areas, though foreigners will often stumble across other species upon entry into the Equestrian States as customs officials are perhaps the most diverse Equestrian demographic.

Relations between the three major pony races have not always been smooth, and some tensions still exist today despite the educational system's teaching of acceptance and tolerance. However, inter-species violence is very rare within the Equestrian States, as is violence in general, with the possible exceptions coming from dragons, griffons, and other more naturally-aggressive species. Angering a dragon is about as dumb as it sounds, and is not advised unless one has a death wish.

Visitors to the Equestrian States are also advised to avoid appearing speciesist to locals, as Equestrian society could be described as having a herd mentality, where an attack against or insult towards one person might be considered an attack on all those around that person. Thus, some words to avoid using in the Equestrian States are: horse, mule, foal, or donkey. Calling a pony any of those terms is likely to result in a backlash towards the offending individual, as they are considered to be offensive unless one is actually speaking to a sapient horse or donkey, which are both easy to tell apart from ponies through their size and general lack of bright-colored fur or manes.

Venues for the 7th Under-18 World Cup

Group A
Royal Equestria Stadium


Location: Canterlot
Capacity: 98,625
Tenants: Equestrian States National Team
Will host:
MD1: A1 vs. A4
MD3: A3 vs. A1
Final: Semifinal 1 Winner vs. Semifinal 2 Winner
Grand Regal Stadium


Location: Canterlot
Capacity: 81,955
Tenants: Canterlot Royals
Will host:
MD2: A1 vs. A2
MD3: A2 vs. A4
Third Place Playoff: Semifinal 1 Loser vs. Semifinal 2 Loser
Star Stadium


Location: Canterlot
Capacity: 59,250
Tenants: Canterlot Stars
Will host:
MD1: A2 vs. A3
MD2: A4 vs. A3
Quarterfinals: Second Round 1 Winner vs. Second Round 2 Winner

Group B
Wild Grounds


Location: Everfree
Capacity: 56,500
Tenants: Everfree Forest HC
Will host:
MD1: B1 vs. B4
MD3: B3 vs. B1
Semifinals: Quarterfinal 3 Winner vs. Quarterfinal 4 Winner
Shady Grove


Location: Whitetail
Capacity: 43,650
Tenants: Whitetail Foresters
Will host:
MD2: B1 vs. B2
MD3: B2 vs. B4
Quarterfinals: Second Round 7 Winner vs. Second Round 8 Winner
Ranger Grounds


Location: Whitetail
Capacity: 28,050
Tenants: Whitetail Rangers
Will host:
MD1: B2 vs. B3
MD2: B4 vs. B3

Group C
Derby Field


Location: Manehattan
Capacity: 65,000
Tenants: Manehattan Dragons
Will host:
MD1: C1 vs. C4
MD3: C3 vs. C1
Round of 16: Group F Winner vs. Group E Runner-up
Filly Financial Stadium


Location: Fillydelphia
Capacity: 47,950
Tenants: Fillydelphia HC
Will host:
MD2: C1 vs. C2
MD3: C2 vs. C4
Manehattan Industrial Park


Location: Manehattan
Capacity: 47,160
Tenants: Manehattan Manticores
Will host:
MD1: C2 vs. C3
MD2: C4 vs. C3
Round of 16: Group G Winner vs. Group H Runner-up

Group D
City of Manechester Stadium
aka First Entertainment Centre


Location: Manechester
Capacity: 47,805
Tenants: Manechester City HC
Will host:
MD1: D1 vs. D4
MD3: D3 vs. D1
Round of 16: Group E Winner vs. Group F Runner-up
HarmonyLink Field


Location: Seaddle
Capacity: 67,800
Tenants: Seaddle Sounders
Will host:
MD2: D1 vs. D2
MD3: D2 vs. D4
Pony Lands Park


Location: Manechester
Capacity: 54,000
Tenants: Manechester United
Will host:
MD1: D2 vs. D3
MD2: D4 vs. D3
Round of 16: Group H Winner vs. Group G Runner-up

Group E
Imperial Arena


Location: Crystopolis, Crystal Empire
Capacity: 69,740
Tenants: Crystopolis City
Will host:
MD1: E1 vs. E4
MD3: E3 vs. E1
Semifinals: Quarterfinal 1 Winner vs. Quarterfinal 2 Winner
Crystopolis Coliseum


Location: Crystopolis, Crystal Empire
Capacity: 35,870
Tenants: Crystal Fair HC
Will host:
MD2: E1 vs. E2
MD3: E2 vs. E4
Quarterfinals: Second Round 3 Winner vs. Second Round 4 Winner
Spire Grounds


Location: Crystopolis, Crystal Empire
Capacity: 31,825
Tenants: North Spire HC
Will host:
MD1: E2 vs. E3
MD2: E4 vs. E3
Round of 16: Group C Winner vs. Group D Runner-up

Group F
Diamond Park


Location: Stalliongrad
Capacity: 75,000
Tenants: Stalliongrad HC
Will host:
MD1: F1 vs. F4
MD3: F3 vs. F1
Quarterfinals: Second Round 3 Winner vs. Second Round 4 Winner
Apple Orchard Park


Location: Appleoosa
Capacity: 52,680
Tenants: Appleoosa HC
Will host:
MD2: F1 vs. F2
MD3: F2 vs. F4
Round of 16: Group D Winner vs. Group C Runner-up
Salt Lick Stadium


Location: Salt Lick City
Capacity: 39,850
Tenants: Salt Lick City HC
Will host:
MD1: F2 vs. F3
MD2: F4 vs. F3

Group G
Elements Stadium


Location: Ponyville
Capacity: 48,750
Tenants: Ponyville United
Will host:
MD1: G1 vs. G4
MD3: G3 vs. G1
Round of 16: Group A Winner vs. Group B Runner-up
Sky-High Coliseum


Location: Cloudsdale
Capacity: 65,000
Tenants: Cloudsdale Flyers
Will host:
MD2: G1 vs. G2
MD3: G2 vs. G4
Quarterfinals: Second Round 5 Winner vs. Second Round 6 Winner
The Observatory


Location: Ponyville
Capacity: 40,650
Tenants: Ponyville Galaxy
Will host:
MD1: G2 vs. G3
MD2: G4 vs. G3

Group H
Trottawa Stadium


Location: Trottawa
Capacity: 54,385
Tenants: Trottawa HC
Will host:
MD1: H1 vs. H4
MD3: H3 vs. H1
Round of 16: Group B Winner vs. Group A Runner-up
Estadio Galactico


Location: Maneapolis
Capacity: 38,650
Tenants: Maneapolis Stars
Will host:
MD2: H1 vs. H2
MD3: H2 vs. H4
Red Park


Location: St. Trottersburg
Capacity: 48,985
Tenants: St. Trottersburg Reds
Will host:
MD1: H2 vs. H3
MD2: H4 vs. H3

Note: If you want more information on the Equestrian States, be it specifics on a stadium or city, hotel names, or anything else that you might need, feel free to send me a TG or contact me on the #nssport IRC or Discord.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 11:23 pm
by Darmen
OOC: The SWC is happening concurrently with the Copa Rushmori & DBC in the Darmeni timeline, August of 2042. Ages correct as of July 29, 2042.

Project Olimpo Darmen
Darmen National U-18 Football Team
presented by the
Darmeni Football Association

Record (since Sporting World Cup 3): 17 matches, 4 wins, 3 draws, 10 losses, 28 GF, 35 GA, .324 Win %
1 Víedharr Svendsen 13
T2 Darnell Halle 11
T2 Godfrey Hutson 11
T2 Bill St. John 11
T2 Ron Hendry 11
T2 Manu Ó Baoghill 11

1 Darnell Halle 6
2 Víedharr Svendsen 5
3 Godfrey Hutson 4
T4 Kristoffer Stevenson 2
T4 Craig Blackwood 2
Coaching Staff
Positions Name Age
Manager Lionel Ottosen 47
Assistant Manager Ya'rah Wood 39

# Name Pos Age Club Caps Goals
1 Sergio Salas GK 18 Project Olimpo Darmen 7 0
2 Cooper Johnson LB 16 Project Olimpo Darmen 0 0
3 Marcelo Alvarez CB 18 Project Olimpo Darmen 0 0
4 Robin Drummond RB 18 Project Olimpo Darmen 0 0
5 Egill Pettersen LM 18 Project Olimpo Darmen 0 0
6 Quique Valdez LCM 18 Project Olimpo Darmen 0 0
7 Ian Wilkinson RCM 16 Project Olimpo Darmen 0 0
8 Konstantin Beatty RM 17 Project Olimpo Darmen 0 0
9 William Rikkard LW 18 Project Olimpo Darmen 0 0
10 Alex Watts RW 18 Project Olimpo Darmen 0 0
11 Darnell Halle CF 18 Atlético Augusta U-19 11 6

12 Tore Delgado GK 18 Johnho United 0 0
13 Pablo Candelaria LB 15 Porject Olimpo Darmen 0 0
14 Marcial Godfrey CB 18 Royal PFC U-19 0 0
15 Neil McCormick RCM 16 Project Olimpo Darmen 0 0
16 Billy-Bob Trudeau LW 16 Project Olimpo Darmen 0 0
17 Inigo Hernandez LW 15 Project Olimpo Darmen 0 0
18 Charles Frederickson CF 16 Springfield United 0 0
19 Manaem Kristoffersen CF 17 Project Olimpo Darmen 0 0
20 Ruben Medrano CF 17 Project Olimpo Darmen 0 0
21 Simon Toro GK 16 Project Olimpo Darmen 0 0

Formation: 3-4-2-1
Style Modifier: +4.5

Team Roles
Captain: Darnell Halle
Vice-Captain: Sergio Salas
Left Corner: Quique Valdez
Right Corner: Quique Valdez
Penalties: Darnell Halle
Free-kicks: Alex Watts

If my opponent role-plays first they may:
Choose my goalscorers: YES PLEASE!
Godmod scoring events: YES
RP injuries to my players: YES, minor only.
Godmod injuries to my players: NO
Hand out yellow cards to my players: YES, within reason. Contact me if you have anything major planned.
Hand out red cards to my players: YES, no more than two. Contact me if you have anything major planned.
Godmod other events: YES. Contact me if you have anything major planned.

Contact me via TG or Discord. TG's are preferred.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 16, 2019 5:14 am
by Kriegiersien
The Ponies of Pony City in the Ponyenclave Ponynesia in Kriegiersien heard of the Sporting World Cup in Equestrian States. They got excited!
So some High Schoolers followed their new dream: Playing in Equestria Hoofball at the World Cup.


A Kickstarter Campaign later they had the money funded and with players from a handful of High School teams in Pony City and other enthusiasts from the street a national team was created, ready to go to the U18 World Cup.
As representative of Ponynesia (and Kriegiersien).

The Kriegiersien U18 team
presented by
The Ponies from Ponynesia

The jerseys were made by freshman in the art classes. Don't ask how they fit into them.

Glitter Starshine
Aurora Fleur

Medical team (and cook)
Bog Witch
Grape Zephyr

Motivational team
Doop Toucan

# Name              Pos Team
1 Twinkletoes GK -
2 Little Hoof GK Unicorn Highschool

3 Dancing Star Def Pegasus Highschool
4 Silver Sunshine Def Unicorn Highschool
5 Fancy Hooves Def Unicorn Highschool
6 Flawless Beat Def Street Dragons
7 Twilight Thunder Def Pegasus Highschool
8 Moonstone Mustang Def Street Dragons

9 Swift Whistle Mid Unicorn Highschool
10 Straight Dash Mid Unicorn Highschool
11 Astral Arrow Mid -
12 Silver Flash Mid Pegasus Highschool
13 Violet Sparkle Mid Pegasus Highschool
14 Emerald Aura Mid Pegasus Highschool

15 Lucky Twirl Att Street Dragons
16 Cinnamon Breeze Att Pegasus Highschool
17 Fluffy Eyes Att Unicorn Highschool
18 River Snow Att Pegasus Highschool

All players are sentient ponies. And they are under 18 years. At least that’s what we were promised.

RP-Permission: if you do horrible things the ponies will be sad, but else knock yourself out. Be creative.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 16, 2019 2:15 pm
by Abristan
Abristan National U-18 Football Team
representing the Abristani Football Association

Recent record: Baptism of Fire 64, Round of 16 and Cup of Harmony 69, Round of 16

This tournament will mark Abristan's long awaited return to the international football scene, with contractual problems with the country's premier football league, the CFL, meaning an Abristani first XI has not played on foreign soil since the 69th Cup of Harmony. As an U-18 tournament it proved easier for the AFA to convince CFL and A League teams to release their players to travel to the Equestrian States, hopeful that the country's recently re-organised youth system could yield tournament success. The team will be coached by Dan Sellers, former top-flight striker and, more recently, unsuccessful manager of Atlas FC in the CFL. The roster boasts a considerable amount of top level experience; just 8 of the 22 man squad are yet to play senior football for their respective clubs, and 2 members of the squad, Sidney Wilson and John Dyer, are regular starters in the CFL.

Position        Name             Age     Club
GK Ayan Francis 18 Florence Park
GK Nicky Morrison 18 Port Harhey U21
GK Jordan Jaffrey 16 Metropolitan U21

LB Sidney Wilson 17 Florence Park
LB Juan Mina 18 National Schools

CB Cameron Obadey 18 AFC Mulvey (Vice-Captain)
CB Mika Hemila 17 Carglass U21
CB Ayden Kirwell 18 Ulvermore
CB Jack Brunt 16 National Schools

RB Denis Camara 17 Ascreavie City U21
RB Jamie Gallagher 17 Peterhill

LM John Dyer 18 Elam County (Captain)
LM Patrick Madding 18 National Schools

CM Matt Early 18 Carglass U21
CM Sammy Vasa 18 Quay Hamlets
CM Izak Abula 18 Ayrton Academy
CM Travis Lane 17 Ulvermore U21

RM Joshua Payne 18 Ulvermore
RM Tom Bess 15 Carglass U21

ST Taj Voreda 18 Ayrton Academy
ST Ben Tinsley 17 National Schools
ST Kelvin Pardon 18 AFC Mulvey U21

If my opponent role-plays first they may:
Choose my goalscorers: YES
Godmod scoring events: YES
RP injuries to my players: YES
Godmod injuries to my players: NO
Hand out yellow cards to my players: YES
Hand out red cards to my players: YES (no more than one per game, unless you have something else planned in which case PM please)
Godmod other events: YES, within reason

PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2019 3:08 pm
by Commonwealth of Baker Park
Football Association of the Commonwealth of Baker Park


The FAC send their Under-18 team to the World Championships for the third time, looking to continue the form that has seen them advance to at least the Final 8 on both previous entries. Will Barnard gets his first opportunity to lead a national side, assisted by Jennifer Prescott, who makes her second appearance as number 2 in this competition.

style modifier--+2.1

Under-18 National Team

Manager—Will Barnard
Assistants—Jennifer Prescott
Ryan Zavaros
Elaine King
Physio—Chris White

1 Zachary Johnston 18 New Bremen FC
21 Ben Kelley 18 Cornell HS, Lima BP
20 Rose McCormick 16 North Park HS, Endborough, EN

3 Victor Onikambe 17 Westwood-Morgan Park HS, Clayton BP
5 Jerome Brooks 17 Eastside HS, Eriquay, EZ
2 Liam Hughes 17 Mooresville Celtic FC
4 Amy Freeman 18 Riverside City Ladies FC
17 Jerrol Allen 16 Montrose HS, Jamestown BP
16 Lucy Hardwick 17 Linden Ladies United FC
12 Susie Knight 17 Broadview-Pleasant Plain HS, Asbury BP

14 Grant Myers 18 Corinthians FC co-captain
8 Marcus Nolan 18 Maritime Athletic FC
11 Travis Grimaldi 17 South Bank HS, Belle Haven
7 Susana Aguilar 17 Middlebourne HS, Middlebourne SL
6 Paige Eichorn 17 Northeastern HS, Oceana OS
15 Christi Vogel 16 Greenfield HS, Newmarket BP
19 Luke Olivera 16 North Royalton Town FC
23 Kelvin Buxton 17 Monmouth Park FC

10 Quinton Harris 17 Upper Endborough HS, EN
9 Alicia Craig 18 Sherwood Forest Ladies FC co-captain
24 Hayley Gibson 18 Todman HS, Castleford EN
18 Chandra Mack 17 City HS, Belle Haven
13 Kyle Baum 16 West Chester HS, OS
22 Tim Cassel 17 Sorenberg Park FC


If my opponent role-plays first they may:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y for duration of match only
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y TG in advance please
Godmod other events: Y

PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2019 4:55 pm
by Equestrian States

The Pony Principality of Equestrian States
National U-18 Hoofball Team - Under-18 World Cup 7 Roster

Quick Facts
Style Modifier: +2.75
Nickname: The Little Ponies
All-Time Record: 0-0-3 (0-0-0 at Under-18 World Cup 7)
Achievements: None


Home - Away - Reverse

The Equestrian States U-18 squad receives its kits from Generosity Sporting Equipment, an Equestrian-based sportswear company that has recently begun to stake a claim on the international hoofball kit market, with clubs in Atlantian Oceania and Esportiva among those to hire their designers. The Equestrian kits were designed to be simple and easy to identify, using the national colors of purple and orange.

Group TBD
Image Equestrian States

Tournament Schedule

Group Stage - Group TBD
Schedule TBD


GK - #1 - Milana Glas (Nekojin - Female) - 18 - Image Ponyville United (UHA United League)
GK - #25 - Neon Shimmer (Thestral - Female) - 18 - Image Everfree Forest HC (UHA United League)
GK - #21 - Selena (Pegasus - Female) - 17 - Image Cloudsdale Flyers (UHA United League)

LB - #3 - Melodic Ward (Unicorn - Female) - 18 - Image Canterlot Royals (UHA United League)
CB - #5 - Melon Frost (Pegasus - Female) - 18 - Image Cloudsdale Flyers (UHA United League)
CB - #4 - Faraday (Crystal Pony - Male) - 18 - Image North Spire HC (UHA Second League)
RB - #2 - Malena (Crystal Pony - Female) - 18 - Image Crystal Fair HC (UHA United League)
CB - #17 - Juliette Séverin (Kitsune - Female) - 17 - [TAE] Sleepy Hollow (Taeshan Premier League)
RB - #24 - Vanilla Sweets (Earth Pony - Female) - 18 - Image Canterlot Royals (UHA United League)
LB - #15 - Starsong (Pegasus - Female) - 18 - Image Cloudsdale Flyers (UHA United League)
CB - #13 - Clarence Beeftank (Human - Male) - 17 - Image Manechester City HC (UHA United League)

CM - #11 - Laureline Forestier (Human - Female) - 17 - [NPH] Southfell United (NFA Premiership)
CM - #6 - Light Aurora (Unicorn - Female) - 17 - Image Ponyville Galaxy (UHA United League)
LM - #8 - Reyna Best (Human - Female) - 18 - [VIL] Tropicorp FC (V-League Déclassé Division) - -VC-
AM - #10 - Sunny Day (Unicorn - Female) - 18 - Image Canterlot Royals (UHA United League) - -C-
RM - #7 - Storm (Gryphon - Male) - 18 - Image Appleoosa HC (UHA United League)
LM - #19 - Jacqueline Mynatt (Human - Female) - 16 - Image Canterlot Royals (UHA United League)
DM - #12 - Rozalin Meynard (Nekojin - Female) - 18 - [KOR] Maynard AFC (Ko-orenite Top League)
CM - #22 - Michel Mynatt (Human - Male) - 17 - Image Canterlot Royals (UHA United League)
RM - #14 - Forest Spirit (Earth Pony - Female) - 18 - Image Whitetail Rangers (UHA United League)
CM - #26 - Winterspear (Pegasus - Female) - 16 - Image Cloudsdale Flyers (UHA United League)

ST - #20 - Triss Merigold (Human - Female) - 18 - Image Everfree Forest HC (UHA United League)
ST - #9 - Twinkleshine (Unicorn - Female) - 18 - Image Canterlot Royals (UHA United League)
ST - #16 - Lindsey Christiansen (Human - Female) - 18 - Image Appleoosa HC (UHA United League)
ST - #23 - Cloud Skipper (Pegasus - Male) - 17 - Image Crystal Fair HC (UHA United League)
ST - #18 - Krysaline (Crystal Pony - Female) - 17 - Image Crystal City United (UHA United League)

Head Coach - Image Lunar Dusk (Bat Pony - Female) - 44
Assistant Coach - Image Starburst (Crystal Pony - Female) - 45
Assistant Coach - Image Dusklight (Pegasus - Female) - 42
Goalkeeping Coach - Image Sliding Stop (Crystal Pony - Female) - 49
Scout - Image Diamond Star (Unicorn - Female) - 50
Scout - Image Golden Hooves (Earth Pony - Female) - 61
Fitness Coach - Image Pinkheart (Earth Pony - Female) - 41

On Species and Equestrian Hoofball
The Equestrian States is a nation of incredible diversity. When many countries make this kind of statement, they are referring only to racial matters dealing with differences in skin color or culture. But the Equestrian States takes diversity to a whole new level, with dozens of sapient species living alongside each other in harmony. From pegasai to griffons, and humans to dragons, the Equestrian States is among the most diverse nations known to exist. But diversity has also had a unique and intriguing impact on the playing of sports in the Equestrian States, and hoofball is no exception. In the following paragraphs, the natural strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies of each prominent species in the Equestrian States will be explored, offering those unfamiliar with the Equestrian States a chance to explore the wonderful diversity that makes the Equestrian States a great country and gives our beloved national hoofball team a versatility that few others can hope to match.

For the full article (written during WC65, and a highly-recommended read for my opponents), please click here.

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: No, but permission may be granted if requested via TG or IRC
Godmod other events: Yes, but please TG me ahead of time if you want to do anything really unusual
Other Notes: Please feel free to TG me if you have any questions regarding my RPs or requests for more information on the Equestrian States or my team.

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by Cosumar
Cosumar U18 National Team
U18 World Cup 7


Team Information

Nation: The Fiefdom of Cosumar

Government: Cosumar is a Fiefdom, comprised of 21 ancient fiefs (which now function as provinces) as well as seven extraterrestrial colonies across our galactic neighborhood. Cosumar is a constitutional monarchy with King James II and the King's Congress in Ramusok at its head. The pillars of long-term sustainability, scientific advancement, reverence for nature, respect for all cultures, complete personal freedoms and the exploration of space are held dear.

Region: Atlantian Oceania

Nickname: Wyrmlings

Colors: Royal Blue, Silver, Navy, White

Team: In the image of the senior Cosumar team, Hadassah Zepećky's U18 squad plays a balanced game, using high pressure to force mistakes and capitalizing on them with quick, up-tempo passing. This generation of young Cosumarite talent includes players already playing prominent roles in the Härlighet Ligan and abroad. The roster consists of 23 players, 21 of whom are standard unmodified humans (homo sapiens). The remaining two, strikers Vir Vu'Zago and Baylo Na'Bukanm, are Vloo (homo cosumarensis) - a sentient species native to Cosumar. Vloo are humanoid and slightly taller on average, with pale blue skin and a pair of small horns. Their range of athleticism is similar to that of humans. You can recognize Vloo by their surnames: which begin with the clan prefixes Na'-, Vu'- or Va'-.

Style Modifier: +2

Formation: 4-4-2



Donning the uniform of the senior National Team is a prestigious honor (one that must be earned), so our youth teams do not use the same one. Our U18 team wears the old NT kits that were used in World Cup 70 and decommissioned prior to World Cup 71. Courtesy of Meski Sports. The home (left) and away (middle) kits feature the iconic Azure Dragon that resides in Cosumar's northern peninsula wilderness. The goalkeeper kit (right) is swathed in green and gold - the colors of the royal family.

The Starting XI
*Returning player from last U18WC
All clubs/schools based in Cosumar unless marked with trigramme

Goalkeeper - Judik Kallundy - 18M - Askfjord Ungdomfotballakademi

Left Back - Emily Seewöster - 18F - Cassandra City

Center Back - Rochelle Sinema - 16F - Treftadaeth Alliance

Center Back - Mati Flakk - 18M - Rocinante Prep. School

Right Back - Zora Gates - 18F - Treftadaeth Alliance

Left Midfielder - Tom Mammes - 18M - Stoneshore United

Defensive Center Mid - Harlan Sheriff* - 18M - OAS Royal FC - CAPTAIN

Attacking Center Mid - Henry Hollifield - 18M - Klyde

Right Midfielder - Raúl Akkad - 17M - Cloudsdale Flyers (EQS)

Striker - Villanelle Rizzari - 18F - Centre For Excellence (MRC)

Striker - Vir Vu'Zago* - 18M - Mallox



GK - D.J. Kvennit - 18M - Gorgoroth

LB - Juliana Vaultman - 16F - Riverside Secondary School (Cassandra)

CB - Daisy Redmin - 17F - Mirague Lunar Academy

CB - Hub Milleken - 17M - Crawford Sharks SC

RB - Edgerron Spring - 18M - Askfjord Ungdomfotballakademi

DM - Savina Lousignont - 16F - Bjarnum West High School

LM - Joyner Wallace - 18M - Coppell City FC

CM - Jarek Nerkko - 17M - Centre For Excellence (MRC)

CM - Krisztian Kemény - 17M - Fevelo Colony

RM - Szafira Lousignont - 17F - Bjarnum West High School

SS - Baylo Na'Bukanm - 16M - Pelethas United

ST - Apolonia Olonniquin - 18F - Real Azuris


Manager: Hadassah Zepećky

Assistant Manager: Abdiel Assad

Goalkeepers Coach: Alvar Hodson

Defenders Coach: Jari Otoopää

Midfielders Coach: Chihiro Onaka

Forwards Coach: Shaheed Ali-Duverne

Head Trainer: Meghan Almeida

PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2019 7:32 am
by Starblaydia
Starblaydi RP Permissions Box wrote:OOC Information:

The Starblaydia national football team will tell you more about the team, their style, culture, fans, and history than I can ever write in a simple roster post. Thanks.

I Give My Opponent Permission
(and actively encourage them) To:
Choose My Scorers
GodMod Any Goalscoring Events
Red & Yellow Card Players (Within reason, they're not remotely a dirty side)
GodMod Other Events for Humorous Intent

1) Starblaydia with play an attack-minded game with a +2 style modifier.
2) I actively encourage that if you RP first you pick my scorers (if any).
3) Before each match, in between national anthems and kick-off, the entire 23-man squad will perform the Raiigar, Starblaydia's traditional war-dance (Similar to a New Zealand Haka).
4) * denotes female player, denotes elven player, ^ denotes dwarven player


Starblaydia Turning to the Teenagers
Lining up for their debut in the U18WC

Starblaydi All-time
Junior Cap Winners:

1. Nunzio Gre, 23
2. Gbenga Ogunniya, 23
3. Itechton Matranga, 21
4. Juan Santiago, 21
5. Jikiri Fuinbar, 21
6. Christian Macia, 21
7. Nelson de Montford, 21
8= Zhorin Tumunzahar^, 18
8= Jae Chang-hwa*, 18
8= Cherry Garcia*, 18
8= Surachai Buathiang, 18
8= Danzir Garahildim^, 18
8= Florencio Zaragoza, 18

Starblaydi All-time Junior Scorers:
1. Zhorin Tumunzahar^, 18
2. Darius Belizaire, 15
3= Stefan Hinkonnen, 13
3= Giovanni Lopez, 13
5. Marco Del Blanco, 12
6= Mercutio, 9
6= Eomer Hall, 9
6= Alfonso Di Angelo, 9
9= Lubii*, 8
9= Nicole Maitland-Banks*, 8
9= Tarquin Fullbright, 8
9= Jeremy Anselm, 8
9= Stephen Landsberg, 8

Demonym: Starblaydi

Key Personnel:
Ázëwyn Fëanáro, Starblaydia's
Manager at both Under-21
and senior level

Most likely to (in order):
(Suggestions only, if you're stuck for a
name to go with a particular incident)

Score goals:
McCloud, Apelles, Eccleston
Take a penalty:
McCloud, Krakowski
Defend well:
Leopoldi, Kaumolainen, Escerra
Create a moment of magic:
Apelles, McCloud, Yamaguchi
Receive a card:
Chakraborty, Eccleston

Starblaydia enters the Under-18 World Cup for the first time, perhaps as much as a pointer of building for the future as it is a reaction to a steadily decreasing level of senior team performance since the Third Place at the 56th Atlantian Oceania Confederation of Association Football Cup, the world's premier regional football tournament. Since that relative high, they've been dumped out of the Group Stage of World Cup 82 despite a victory over The Holy Empire, failed to win a game at the 44th Di Bradini Cup and 57th AOCAF Cup, as well as tragic under-performances for both Men's and Women's teams at the 13th Olympiad.

It's not putting any major pressure on Ázëwyn Fëanáro quite yet, however, as there are plenty of fans who remember just quite how badly it was all going before she took over. The general grumblings of Starblaydi fans are getting a little louder, though, as that's now three tournaments in three years where the national team has been under-performing, to put it mildly. Giving some of the potential stars of the future a little more exposure to the international game is one of Makuszewski's suggestions, and so Starblaydia send their first team to the Under-18 World Cup.

There are a few bright sparks of hope in this side, certainly, for fans of the future to look forward to seeing at senior level. By allowing them to pull on the iconic white shirts are we getting a glimpse of future champions, perhaps? Let's take a look at the team, and some of the top youngsters in the nation.

AF. Ázëwyn Fëanáro*, Manager, 4,056
270 Caps, 71 Goals (Uncapped at Under-21 level)
Fëanáro scored the winner in the 47th Final against Valanora, denying them a title on their own turf and lifting Starblaydia to the mantle of all-time greatest team. Known for her excellent attacking play, range of passing and great eye for goal that lifts her to second in the all-time goalscorers list too, by virtue of a nearly 1-in-4 ratio, Ázëwyn Fëanáro is a symbol of grace, power and beauty from Starblaydia's golden age, some hundred and twenty-five years ago when the Cup was in its 40s. It is these qualities that the SFA managed to recapture with Fëanáro at the helm for the 78th World Cup Qaulifiers, bringing her trademark poise and piercing yell to the touchlines after more than a decade of national failures. Considered to be by far the most successful and beloved manager in Starblaydia's recent past, and at this point may well be the manager for eternity.

JM. Jerzy Makuszewski, Assistant Manager, 66
83 Caps, 0 Goals (6 Caps, 0 Goals at Under-21 level)
Known as "Chef" by those who can pronounce his surname correctly, Makuszewski took up the mantle of "Best in the World" Lucas Cable to become Starblaydia's unassailable number one between the posts and wear the captain's armband. Always a fiery character, he can shift from jovial to furious in moments, and is Fëanáro's 'enforcer', barking out orders and remonstrating with players and officials with equal fervour. Age has not wearied his inimitable growling on the sidelines by even a little bit.

Team Listing
1. Cosmo Leopoldi, GK, 18 - Colonial Sile (Vilita)
1 Cap, 0 Goals (1 Cap, 0 Goals at Under-21 level)
A single substitute appearance in the Under-21 World Cup two years ago, followed by being selected as the #1 for the Men's Olympic team, the first game against Indusse was his only appearance thanks to a painful-looking collision with Starblaydi defender Arnold Navarro at a corner. Cosmo looks like he as everything to succeed as Starblaydia's leading goalie in the future.

2. Imane Al-Hashem*, RB, 16 - Paricone Athletic FC
3 Caps, 0 Goals (Uncapped at Under-21 level)
The youngest member of the Starting XI at just sixteen, Al-Hashem is a slightly-built full-back who brings a solid defensive game to her vital position. Though she's fast enough to scamper down the pitch into dangerous positions, she excels at keeping tabs on even the swiftest and trickiest of strikers. In training sessions she's even been able to largely neutralise the threat of teammate Arkady Krakowski, and if she can do that then there's barely a wide player in the game that Starblaydia need fear too much.

3. Ursula Naaman*, LB, 18 - Vecchio Victors
3 Caps, 0 Goals (1 Cap, 0 Goals at Under-21 level)
A player who seems to run endlessly without stopping, Naaman's constant high-speed sprinting is a vital asset on both attack and defence, as the constant shuttle runs up and down the left flank to take advantage, or negate the advantage, of any broken play attest to. Never count her out, as she's always likely to pop up as the last defender, or the extra attacker needed in any situation.

4. Gabriel Escerra, DM, 17 - FC Farça
Uncapped (Uncapped at Under-21 level)
This little midfield dynamo seems to be both nowhere and everywhere at once. Easy to miss but hard to get the ball past, he's a rock in the midfield. A short rock, but a rock nonetheless. If you're someone who has to chase the endless short, triangle-based passing of FC Farça in training all day, no wonder he's good at it.

5. Manish Chakraborty, CB, 18 - Montepool Waves
3 Caps, 0 Goals (3 Caps, 0 Goals at Under-21 level)
A lanky defender who's good in the air and a physically imposing presence to anchor the back four. Although he sometimes a little too physical, as his natural size and strength makes it easy for attackers to draw fouls from him.

6. Falka Kaumolainen*, CB, 17 - Hallad Reavers
3 Caps, 0 Goals (Uncapped at Under-21 level)
Positionally excellent, using her brain to be one step ahead of the play for a crucial interception, clearance or well-timed tackle, the platinum blonde ponytail of Kaumolainen is becoming quite the spectacle at the Reavers, now that she's been brought into the first team to bolster their defence.

7. Arkady Krakowski, Captain, LM/LW, 18 - Hippion Overdrive
3 Caps, 1 Goal (4 Caps, 0 Goals at Under-21 level)
The wing wizard, a blur of bright orange boots and so often sprinting down the touchline or cutting inside to head for goal, the Overdrive youngster is given the captain's armband for the one extra appearance he's made for the senior side than anyone else, a simplistic way of sorting out the seniority amongst a group of teenager. With this, Ázëwyn Fëanáro surely hopes Krakowski will not play his usual solo game and, instead, be a key and skilled component among a greater whole.

8. Calindra Apelles*, C/AM, 17 - Ionia United
3 Caps, 1 Goal (Uncapped at Under-21 level)
She's the string-puller, the rhythm-setter and playmaker in the heart of midfield, but she's just as likely to ghost into the box and rifle the ball into the back of the net. Though defending is not her strong suit, Apelles has an arsenal of clever plays at her command already and is sure to use them to confound defender and stadium cameraman alike.

9. Alan Eccleston, SC, 18 - Unattached
Uncapped (3 Caps, 0 Goals at Under-21 level)
Some strikers don't need to score hatfuls of goals, because they cause so much disruption and create chances and open up opportunities for others to score, and Eccleston is one of those. Not through trickery or guile, but through sheer presence and physical bloody-mindedness, he draws players and often requires two markers, shrugging off weak challenges as he does. A smashmouth style means he commits fouls almost as often as he draws them, however.

10. Sutter McCloud, SC, 18 - Foxchester Raiders
3 Caps, 3 Goals (3 Caps, 1 Goal at Under-21 level)
Already announced himself on the world stage with a hat-trick at the Olympics against Polynesia, McCloud is fast, strong and has a great left foot to strike from all distances and angles. The sky's the limit with this kid and as long as he stays committed, healthy and out of trouble he's fully expected to be the next golden boy of Starblaydi football.

11. Kaori Yamaguchi*, R/CM, 18 - Foxchester Raiders
3 Caps, 0 Goals (Uncapped at Under-21 level)
A hell of a youth academy at Foxchester Raiders over the last few years, producing the likes of Syku Ryku and Mezna Rayyen, along with McCloud and Yamaguchi. This all-round midfielder plays confidently with her head up, always looking for the incisive pass or the quick dribble to gain ground and take defenders out of the game with dynamic passing and movement.


Home And Away Kits
Kits created by:
ediraf once again has innovated beyond all competitors with the Generation Five series of football kits.

Generation Five brings it all back to the beginning with Starblaydia's iconic, traditional and ubiquitous all-white Home kit, and the all-purple Away kit, both with five gold stars - representing their record-setting five World Championships - above the Starblaydi Football Association logo.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2019 1:21 pm
by Union of Socialist Alpine Republics
Union of Socialist Alpine Republics U-18 National Football Team

U-18 Reprezentacja Alpejski w Pilka Nozna

Unija Socijalističke Alpske Republike U-18 Nacionalna Nogomet Momcad

Selección U-18 de fútbol de Unión de Repúblicas Socialistas Alpinas

Équipe U-18 d'Union des Républiques Socialistes Alpines de Football

U-18 Alpischen Fußball Nationalgemischtschaft

U-18 Sgioba Nàiseanta Ball-coise na Aonadh Sòisealach Ailpeach Poblachdan

Full nation name: Union of Socialist Alpine Republics
Short nation name: Alpine Union
Trigramme: UAR
Demonym: Alpine
Nicknames: Bisons, Reprezentacja Alpejski, Green & white
Team Colors: Green and white
Formation: 4-1-2-1-2
Style modifier: -1

Kits: The kits are designed by No Nonsense Sportswear (Thanks):

Home, Away, Goalkeeper

In Apine calendar, the Under-18 World Cup is played simultaneously with a domestic competition, which means Alessandro Mastroianni won't be available for the tournament and Ryan Kendall-Cochrane is a late call up. Its also played simultaneously with the Independents Cup, Copa Rushmori, Campionato Esportiva and Atlantian Oceania's Cup.

Head Coach: Miroslaw Zielinski
Assistant Coach: Wolfgang Frühwirth
Assistant Coach: Katarzyna Jaroszewska

Captain: A.J. Woszczynski
Penalty Taker: Zvonimir Kordic
Corners (left): Jack O'Keefe
Corner (right): Jack O'Keefe
Free Kicks: A.J. Woszczynski
Direct Free Kicks: Zvonimir Kordic


GK-----------------------NIG FHIONNGHAILE--------------------------

Num	Pos	Player	                Age	Team	                Birthplace
1 GK Caitriona Nig Fhionnghaile 17 Heart of Kinross F.C. Strathkinness, CD
12 GK Hunter Fitzgerald 18 Waddington Crew SC Norridgewock, SG
85 GK Krzysztof Mystkowski 18 Puszcza Puszczykowo Wereszczyn, WP

6 SD Agnieszka Stanislawska 18 Legia Puck Szczuczyn, WP
21 SD Dzsenifer Szenteleki-Csoka 16 Krisztinavarosi TC Szentgyörgyvölgy, TD
23 SD Sharon LaBonta 17 Real Los Osos Serena Del Mar, SO
96 SD Kacper Pietrzkiewicz 18 Pogon Miedzyzdroje Miedzywodzie, WP

2 CD Grzegorz Krzywicki 18 KSZT Trzebiegoszcz Trzebiegoszcz, WP
4 CD Alessandro Mastroianni 17 A.C. Punta Prosciutto Marina San Gregorio, AC
5 CD Katja Dzuzdanovic 18 Twyford F.C. Zgornji Velovlek, KR
44 CD Vaclav Zahradnicek 18 FC Slovan Horni Police Horní Police, BS
66 CD Niclas Kühne-Schmidt 18 VfL Schloßböckelheim Großsteinhausen, AM
99 CD Arkadiusz Krzykowski 17 Korona Malbork Ostroszowice, WP
16 SD Ryan Kendall-Cochrane 18 Sporting Beach City Port Bolivar, SO

13 SM Nico Windmüller 18 Borussia Ueckermünde Großschönau-Hainewald, AM
15 SM Elizabeta Krsmanovic 18 FK Zeljeznicar Ljeskovica, HZ
78 SM Patrycja Juraszczyk 18 Gornik Ozorkow Skrzeszowice, WP
94 SM Slawomir Skrzypinski 17 Pogon Miedzyzdroje Piotrkow Pruski, WP

9 CM A.J. Woszczynski 18 Real Manzanilla C.F. Kickapoo, WA
11 CM Jack O'Keefe 18 Twyford F.C. Kingskerswell, BR

14 CM Luca Szécsi 18 Krisztinavarosi TC Pusztaszentlaszlo, TD
17 CM Eoghann Mac'Ill'Fhinnein 18 Celtic F.C. Bunnahabhain, CD
22 CM Krasnodar Schildenfeld 17 NK Podcrkavlje Podcrkavlje, DI
75 CM Knowledge Mukombwe 18 Pogon Miedzyzdroje Mutawatawa, BW

8 S Zvonimir Kordic 18 GNK Dinamo Zagrad Kukljica, DI
10 S Krystyna Walczykiewicz 17 Gornik Mszczonow Trzeszczyn, WP

18 S Chantal Carducci 18 Harwich United Harwich, SG
25 S Slawomir Wolniewicz 18 Olimpia Szczebrzeszyn Niedzwiedzica, WP

AC: Amalfitan Coast
AM: Alsace-Mecklenburg
AQ: Aquitaine-Languedoc
BR: Britannia
BS: Bohemia and Silesia
BW: Bangweulu Wetlands
CD: Caledonia
CH: Chattahoochee
CS: Castilla
DI: Dalmatia and Istria
HO: Hollandia
HY: Hybernia
HZ: Herzegovina
KR: Carniola
SG: Saguenay
SO: Sonoma
SW: Schwarzwald (Black Forest)
TD: Transdanubia
WA: Wabash
WP: Wschodnioprusy (Prussia East)

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Yes
Injure Players: Yes
Godmod Injury Events: No
Red Card Players: Yes
Yellow Card Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes

PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2019 5:59 pm
by Cassadaigua
Team Cassadaigua
Sporting World Cup 7

Coach- Stephanie Sweeney (51)

Starters In Green
Subs In Blue
Reserves In Red

#20- Livia Richardson (18)- Sub SWC 6
#30- Gabriella Menendez (18)- Reserve SWC 6
#31- Mikayla Dickson (16)- International Debut

#2- Sarah Fulton (17)- International Debut
#3- Robert Janssen (17)- International Debut
#6- Nicole Blaney (18)- Sub SWC 6
#4- Paige Kelleher (18)- Starter SWC 6

#21- Octavio Cardoza (18)- Sub SWC 6
#24- Sierra Caylor (16)- International Debut

#28- Devon Daniels (17)- Reserve SWC 6
#29- Sydney Gelinas (16)- International Debut

#8- Brittney Morris (16)- International Debut
#12- Christine Deveraux (18)- Reserve SWC 6
#16- Meghan Wolcott (18)- Starter SWC 6, Substitute WC 81 *Team Captain*
#9- Matthew Stravolo (17)- International Debut

#22- Kevin Kennedy (17)- International Debut
#25- Katie Augustus (16)- International Debut

#26- Ashley Calhoun (15)- International Debut
#32- Danielle Porter (15)- International Debut

#71-Rachel Schanke (18) (Granddaughter of Jessica Schanke, who #17 is retired for, hence the 71)- Starter SWC 6, Reserve WC 81
#19- Madison McClain (16)- International Debut

#23- Scott Bridgewater (18)- Sub SWC 6
#27- Mallory Servello (16)- International Debut

#33- Breanne Volchek (16)- International Debut
#34- Tyler Mitchell (15)- International Debut

Retired Kit numbers (these numbers are retired in international soccer at all levels)
#1 is retired in honor of Allison Salamida
#5 is retired in honor of Michelle Fuller
#7 is retired in honor of Shannon Myers
#10 is retired in honor of Brittany Lawton
#11 is retired in honor of Courtney Ferguson
#13 is retired in honor of Meaghan Bateman
#14 is retired in honor of Stacie Kerrigan-Fraser
#15 is retired in honor of Erica Lambert
#17 is retired in honor of Jessica Schanke
#18 is retired in honor of Taylor Connolly

RP Permissions:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes but only say they hurt
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, no more then one more then you give yourself.
Godmod other events: TG idea first. If it fits the theme of my team, I probably will allow it.

Style Mod: +2

PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2019 6:00 pm
by Cassadaigua
CASE To Focus On Sporting World Cup,
by Chelsea Dufresne, Concord Heights Times

As the 7th Sporting World Cup gets set to begin, which is a U-18 tournament, and the Di Bradini Cup, a U-21 tournament closes with little to be excited about for Cassadagans, the President of CASE (Cassadagan Association for Soccer Excellence) made a mildly surprising announcement, which some may see a bit strong.

“We will no longer be participating in the Di Bradini Cup. Our vision for what the tournament should be, a focus on player development, and what it actually is for most nations, just another Cup to win, are not in alignment. The fundamental purpose of these junior tournaments is to develop young players, and many nations get away from that. It’s a tournament for second tier nations, once that aren’t able to win the World Cup, to shoot for bragging rights. You don’t see the great soccer nations playing in that tournament. Many good ones, some up and comers and those who were good in the past, for sure, but for it to be considered a developmental tournament, no. No, it isn’t.

Therefore, Cassadaigua and CASE itself is not going spend time providing funding for that tournament, which could in the long run do more harm them good for our young talent. For CASE, it’s not about winning or losing, it is about developing players, and we feel that a U-18 tournament will properly focus on that. Instead of reading clips from other sources that sound the same as their senior team would be covered, we will see more of a focus on youth, and young players. That’s what it is supposed to be.

The Sporting World Cup is a newer tournament, and last time was our first time participating in it. It fits all the needs for CASE’s youth development. We could still do both, but don’t want to lose our focus. Perhaps this tournament doesn’t have the prestige of the Di Bradini Cup, but once again, it’s not about prestige.”

PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 8:44 am
by Ko-oren
Ko-orenite National U-18 Team
Trigramme: KOR
Team style: -5
Formation: 5-3-2
Starting XI: any
Nickname: Dragonflies, Butterflies, Greenblues, any other flying insect is fine too
Home - Away - Alternate/GK

While the U-21 is solely for University league players, the U-18 team is open to everyone (including those in foreign academies). The team will be wearing the 'yellow sash' jerseys like the national XI.

Heiko Heijting - 18 - GK - Technische Universiteit Sterrenwolde
Takehide Shibata - 17 - GK - Katashi Keizai Daigaku

Ennosuke Aki - 16 - DEF - RB - Katashi Ika Daigaku
Thaddeus Rampton - 18 - DEF - CB - Centre for Excellence, Apox
Cees Draaier - 17 - DEF - CB - Schemerdrechtuniversiteit
Elmer Collins - 17 - DEF - CB - National University of Willowbourne
Valle Borggreve - 18 - DEF - LB - Technische Universiteit Sterrenwolde
Bart Gottemaker - 16 - DEF - LB - Schemerdrechtuniversiteit
Reau Martin - 18 - DEF - RB - Université de la Côte Austral
Pendirmuskun Kibisaunthen - 17 - DEF - CB - National University of Willowbourne
Serdhelanu Nutisthaungun - 18 - DEF - CB - Maethoru National University
Cornelius Willoby - 16 - DEF - CB - Technische Universiteit Sterrenwolde

Taisho Nishihara - 16 - MID - DM - Katashi Ika Daigaku
Maik Immens - 16 - MID - CM - Technische Universiteit Sterrenwolde
Edwin Odonaghue - 17 - MID - AM - Willowbourne Institute of Humanities
Raskasseu Torsatherinthen - 17 - MID - LM - Maethoru National University
Si Garnier - 18 - MID - DM - Université de la Côte Austral
Zelgiloskun Lerzutindhen - 17 - MID - CM - Maethoru National University

Tobias Killand - 17 - STR - S - Sudaefjolluniversitet
Steef Kisjeswant - 18 - STR - SS - Technische Universiteit Sterrenwolde
Yohachi Okumura - 18 - STR - S - Katashi Yoshima Daigaku
Mau van Vreden - 16 - STR - SS - Schemerdrechtuniversiteit

RP: no killing, no godmodding, but life-altering events are encouraged.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 4:10 pm
by Mercedini
Mercedini U18 National Team: The Young Eaglets

Manager: Image Alistair Devidov • Formation: 4-4-2

Mercedini are back for another crack at the U18 Sporting World Cup hosted in the Equestrian States for it's seventh edition, hoping to give another good performances following repeated advancements to the knockout stages. The Young Eaglets will once again return as former champions following their triumph in the fourth edition of the tournament, hosted in Filindostan which result in a narrow 3-0 win on penalties following a goalless two hours against Gallian Union. Mercedini have faltered in recent editions, which culminated in a disappointing show in the Free Republics last time round, where they exited at the Round of 16 stage to eventual champions Razenthuria. In that tournament, Mercedini managed to sweep the group which consisted of Cosumar, Nagore and Abanhfleft, with fans hoping to do the same this time against the big names of the sporting world. Devidov remains at the helm for a fifth campaign, with rumours he may accept a job in the MPL or abroad once his long tenure are U18 gaffer comes to an end. He has picked another squad consisting of young hopfuls instead of big names, with team spirit the aim of the game this time round.

The big guns of Chillotov and Karlovic have long since moved onto greener pastures in the senior national team and big clubs abroad, but that wont stop the listed names trying to put themselves out there and into the footballing ether, small names have been attracted by larger clubs and transformed into the footballing juggernauts they are today, so who's to say that wont happen to someone in this roster following this tournament. The lower leagues are further represented in this tournament as bigger clubs opt for tried-and-tested foreigners abroad instead of training up players in their academy. Whether the youth players of today can live up to the furore and clinicality of players of yesteryear remain to be seen, but without the experience of playing on the world stage, many of these players could fall flat in front of the hundreds of thousands watching in the stadium and at home. It could either be a big success or an embarrassing flop for the national team system if the latest instalments of Mercedinian youth products fall flat at the group stages for the first time in the national team's history. Instead of what would potentially go wrong, let's see who lines up for the U18 side in this tournament.

GK Mario Merlo 18 Image Etruria-Sul-Mare
GK Florian Trachello 18 Image St. Austell Town
GK Riccardo Cataldo 17 Image Zoloroni Park

Three goalkeepers to choose from in this tournament but only one with any previous experience in this type of tournament, with St. Austell's Florian Trachello present at the previous tournament without playing any games. 18-year-old Mario Merlo has earned the #1 shirt for this tournament after earning promotion to National League 2 with Etruria in the league's final season before rebranding and expanding to what it is today. They will be at the forefront of the action with U18 action notoriously free-flowing and open, because of the natural attacking nature and stretched formations. Shots will be flying in from left and right, so goalkeepers must have their wits about them to either keep their team in the match or to maintain a good position by the players up the field. Cataldo makes up the final position in the three-player goalkeeping roster, with the Zoloroni Park second-choice likely to come on late in the game or as the choice during easier or beached games, where Mercedini has nothing to play for.

LB Brando Meucci 16 Image Moorland & Tersham
LB Gianluca Alia 17 Image Dorchester United

CB Ally Dandic 18 Image Sutsik Chernomorets
CB Nico Petrosino 17 Image Zoloroni Park
CB Alistair Slaborodina 18 Image FC Carshalton
CB Giorgi Kespa 17 Image Exton Oilers

RB Gregory Colineri 17 Image Ali Mercedes Carassai
RB Enrino Scordo 17 Image Zoloroni Sports City Youth Academy

Plenty of changes in the defending roster with only three surviving players from the previous tournament, all in the centre-back position as Petrosino comes in as the second Zoloroni Park addition to the roster. Plenty of competition in both the left and right-back positions has left Devidov spoiled for choice at this tournament, with Brando Meucci and Gregory Colineri the two first choice full-backs, both with pace and strength to push forward or fall back at a moments notice. Those positions have been key to Mercedini's success as a footballing nation, providing assistance to the wingers and strikers to secure great results in previous tournaments. The centre back position will have the most experience on the pitch with three out of the four listed players present in the pervious tournament in the Free Republics. Dandic and Petrosino will carry the fate of the team on their backs as they attempt to shut-out their opponents and put the result and the tournament on a plate for the strikers. A defence that could get stronger as the tournament goes on, these players could be the ones to watch as Mercedini recovers from their defensive crisis from a couple of cycles ago.

LM Jackson Eureska 18 Image Sanzana Celtic
LM Romeo Gualtieri 16 Image Zoloroni Metropolitan

CM Gonzalo Lorano 17 Image Centre for Excellence
CM Sonny Ognibene 16 Image Velvyn Garden City
CM Raffaele Campanaro 18 Image Lena Brava
CM Kristjan Kadilyik 18 Image Inablidak

RM Kyle Pisar 16 Image Centre for Excellence
RM Zia Nesci 17 Image Moorland & Tersham

The midfield roster is where we begin to see the Mercedinian branch of the Centre of Excellence being seen, with two players from the Apox-owned institution included in this tournament's roster. Kyle Pisar jumps straight in as the first choice right back, the sixteen year-old just pipping Nesci to the starting position in a strong duo competing for the position. Meanwhile, Gonzalo Lorano will be the second player from the CfE included in proceedings, he will likely start from the bench in the team's opening match due to a thigh strain during training, however is set to play the final two games including what could be a group defining match against Starblaydia in the final match of the group. Kristjan Kadilyik is the only big name in the midfield roster to survive the rotation and remain as the first choice starter for the team, with Sanzana Celtic's Jackson Eureska making up the final position on the left to round out an experimental midfield eight. The midfield roster for more senior national teams is severely competitive, so these players must make themselves heard if they want to push the case for inclusion in further tournaments as they get older

ST Christian Vacek Jr 18 Image Rosenpfelblatz North End
ST Jean-Luc Estograd 18 Image Acoflosa United
ST Ricardo Spadenza 18 Image Acton Town
ST Vitale Arrighi 16 Image RFK Ogdenagorv

Mercedini has always been known for it's attacking prowess and producing quality strikers for some of the multiverse's clubs, so it's no surprise that the roster biggest names come from the strikers section. Anglatin-born, Mercedinian-citizen Christian Vacek Jr is added to the roster once again in what could be his final appearance at the Sporting World Cup, with mixed results as a player. Vacek Jr currently plays for Fleftic team Rosenpfelblatz North End where he seems to be making an impression in the league with numerous goals scored for the team, and could make his way to pastures new should his international career kick off in the coming weeks. Estograd and Spadenza return for another crack at the SWC title, with Ogdenagorv product Vitale Arrighi the final addition to the roster to round out who is being sent to the Equestrian States to fly the Mercedinian flag at the U18 Sporting World Cup.

Vakolicci Haven & Celeria

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
Injuries to my players: Yes*
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes*
Godmod other events: Yes
*just let me know what you've done so I can factor that into the tournament schedule


PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 10:05 pm
by Free Republics
Republican National Soccer Team, LLC U-18 Squad


Formation: 3-1-2-1-3
Style Modifier: +4.5
Colors: Blue and White
Manager: Sir Koby Theodore
Honorary Assistant Coach: Consul Kyle Bolton

Roster (age in parentheses)

Starting Lineup

GK: #1 Jaroslaw Nowicki (18)
RB: #2 Ignacy Wozniak (16)
CB: #3 Tim Freeh (18)
LB: #4 Brooke Shaw (14)
CDM: #5 Logistilla Bellemare (16)
LM: #6 Alik Khadzhiyev (18)
RM: #7 Denes Polak (17)
CAM: #8 Archie White (15)
ST: #9 Norman Casares (17)
ST: #10 Love Holm (17)
ST: #11 Andreas Hansen (18)


GK: #12 Alexis Campbell (14)
DEF: #13 Maurelle Allain (14)
DEF: #14 Edmondo Lucchesi (13)
DEF: #15 Risae Kan (13)
MID: #16 Christine Eichel (14)
MID: #17 Cataldo Padovesi (14)
MID: #18 Amadeus Haugen (14)
MID: #19 Albano Loggia (15)
ST: #20 Amy Ashbolt (14)
ST: #21 Steven Bosters (15)
ST: #22 Faith Marshall (13)

Kits (made by Kirola Sports)


Cheerleading Squad (age in parentheses)

Coach - Nova Hellstrom-Hancock

#1 - Minka Sasa (21)
#2 - Fabienne Casares (18)
#3 - Elsa Suutari (19)
#4 - Anisa Kazantseva (21)
#5 - Michele van Roijen (22)
#6 - Kathrin Unger (18)
#7 - Helena Kucerova (19)
#8 - Zakia Zwarthoed (18)
#9 - Katie Hoysted (18)
#10 - Aubrey Desroches (21)
#11 - Miluse Vilkova (18)
#12 - Morana Tomic (21)
#13 - Rukiyat Ibragimov (19)
#14 - Beatrycze Piotrowska (22)
#15 - Leona Henriksson (20)
#16 - Lalita Bazhaev (22)
#17 - Sonya Wynne (22)
#18 - Ruzena Chlupova (20)
#19 - Sarah Miller (20)
#20 - Leokadia Olszewska (19)
#21 - Olivia Henderson (22)
#22 - Taymaskha Batukayev (21)
#23 - Patricia Knatchbull (19)
#24 - Hilda Sigurvaldadottir (20)
#25 - Ktisztina Dudas (18)
#26 - Mia Espenes (21)
#27 - Bethany Nunan (19)
#28 - Julitta Zawadzka (18)
#29 - Kamilla Sultes (20)
#30 - Summer Bradford (18)
#31 - Jodi Marshall (21)
#32 - Kriszta Goloncser (18)
#33 - Frederique Vaillancour (20)
#34 - Anni Salonen (18)
#35 - Deidamia Batista (19)
#36 - Claribel Fuentes (19)
#37 - Thyra Strom (21)
#38 - Ester Udinese (19)
#39 - Alma Jessen (21)
#40 - Veronica Biryukova (19)
#41 - Edda Palsdottir (22)
#42 - Klaudia Makay (18)
#43 - Candelaria Jaquez (21)
#44 - Judit Forgach (21)
#45 - Rosaura De Luca (20)
#46 - Elina Ek (18)
#47 - Matilda Todd (19)
#48 - Zuzana Tomankova (21)
#49 - Fabienne Jolicoeur (22)
#50 - Katrina Sigmund (21)
#51 - Beatrice van Sluijs (19)
#52 - Mikaela Lindberg (19)
#53 - Zana Kurunic (18)
#54 - Hana Vidakovic (19)
#55 - Victoria Allan (19)
#56 - Ursy Almonte (22)
#57 - Tahlia Lew (18)
#58 - Fiona Soderstrom (21)
#59 - Yisa Vedzizhev (20)
#60 - Sonay Meilink (18)
#61 - Bojana Matic (21)
#62 - Liliana Boni (20)
#63 - Julia Schroder (22)
#64 - Vera Dilday (21)
#65 - Sanja Barisic (21)
#66 - Elise Reinikainen (19)
#67 - Kristal Lendvay (21)
#68 - Claudia Vasilyeva (19)
#69 - Sophie Burrows (13)
#70 - Hua Ko (16)
#71 - Wakaba Chikafuji (13)
#72 - Karen Mathisen (13)
#73 - Greta Yermolayeva (16)
#74 - Ellen Black (15)
#75 - Chloe Kitamura (16)
#76 - Johanna Klein (15)
#77 - Leah Austerlitz (14)
#78 - Liane Lamare (15)
#79 - Ninette Labrosse (13)
#80 - Daphne Pinto (15)
#81 - Teresa Lucchese (13)

RP Permissions

I give my opponent permission to:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Give my players yellow cards: Y
Give my players red cards: Y
Give injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y

PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 1:56 am
by Abanhfleft

This is the seventh time that Abanhfleft will be participating in an international under-18 football competition. After the absolute disaster that was the 6th Under-18 World Cup in the Free Republics, everything about the Fleftic under-18 team has been dismantled. Few if any players from the team that failed to make it out of the group stage of the previous tournament. The manager, long-time servant that he was and having led Abanhfleft to four out of five finals, has been sacked for ignoring the warning signs showing that this was a team beginning to fall apart. Anyone who returns from the previous Under-18 World Cup roster is either very lucky or very talented, talented enough to not warrant an exclusion from the team. Fresh new team, fresh start, right?

Name of nation: Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Demonym: Fleftic
Team colors: Blue, orange, and green
Style modifier: +3.5
Formation: 4-2-3-1 (This will be standard unless I change it through RPs)
Head coach: Vaughn Palladino (47 y/o, Abanhfleft)

STARTERS (All players are members of their league team's youth squads unless noted otherwise in their bios)
GK: Cadence SCHMITT 18 y/o, Pawwazim Ladies Image, female

RB: Victor DAUER 16 y/o, Szigetszentmiklos Image (Pridnestrovia), male

RCB: Wilton KABA 18 y/o, Sfaxspor Image (Fhulghamous Peninsula), male
Ball-winner and ball-breaker, or so his fellow academy mates in Sfaxspor say. He has an incredible leap for someone who's 5 foot 8, and balls find themselves naturally gravitating to his forehead.

LCB: Maura WEBRE 17 y/o, female

LB: Ghislaine RHAMES 16 y/o, female

RM: Derek NIXON 17 y/o, Sporting Ceneisis Image, male

LM: Katherina Avalos 17 y/o, Vigan Athletic Femenil Image (Sultanate of Oontaz), female

RW: Jaime DEANS 15 y/o, male

CAM: Anderson PERONE 16 y/o, male

LW: Darren RICHARDSON 16 y/o, male

ST: Karamoko BAKAYOKO 17 y/o, Uranium City Radiation Image, male
Supposedly the best striker to ever come out of any Fleftic academy since Kevin Kelvin and Chelsea Stuart. How else can you explain the presence of the 14-year-old in previous Sporting World Cup and Di Bradini Cup squads? But what exactly makes him a good forward? Is it his silky smooth runs, his mad tekkers, or his unbelievable range from almost anywhere in the attacking half of the pitch? Or maybe all of it?

GK: Dennis MULL
15 y/o, male

GK: Demetrice LEHMANN 16 y/o, female

DEF: Rodger HECKEL 14 y/o, male

DEF: Marlen SESSLER 17 y/o, female

DEF: Margaret SLINKARD 16 y/o, female

DEF: Trent KNAUF 17 y/o, male

MID: Stanford RONAN 16 y/o, male

MID: Angeles HUANG 17 y/o, female

MID: Jan McCLOY 16 y/o, male

FW: Katlyn IVERY 15 y/o, female

FW: Janett SOCIA 15 y/o, female

FW: Candace SOUTHER 16 y/o, female.


KITS (by Adidulas)

RECORDS (extra-time wins or losses are counted as such, penalty shootouts are counted as draws)
Overall win-loss record: 25-3-8
SWC 1: 5-1-1 (runners-up, beaten by Semarland in final 5-2)
SWC 2: 6-0-1 (runners-up, beaten by Anglatia in final 1-0)
SWC 3: 5-1-1 (runners-up, beaten by Anglatia in final 4-3)
SWC 4: 4-0-1 (eliminated in quarterfinals by Mercedini 3-1)
SWC 5: 4-1-2 (runners-up, beaten by Baker Park in final 5-2)
SWC 6: 1-0-2 (eliminated in the group stage)
SWC 7: ?????

Everything except killing is fair game.


PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 2:00 am
by Commonwealth of Baker Park
© Sporting Times Weekend 2022
U-18's in Equestria for another Tourney
by Fiona Devlin, Staff Soccer Writer

The Commonwealth Under-18 National Soccer Team have settled in to their hotel and training base in Manechester ahead of the start of the 7th Under-18 World Cup, seeking to earn their second title in three attempts.

The 24 members of the squad (14 men and 10 women) got a chance to see the uniforms they will wear for the opening Group F match against Evaropi when they assembled for the official team photo following their final training session, complete with a small white star embroidered above the FAC crest.

FAC Director of Media Relations Sasha Henderson addressed the issue. "We've won this tournament and feel we have the right to show that on our shirt while we compete here. We didn't do it for the previous tournament in the Free Republics, but we opted to make a low key recognition of our only major tournament trophy by adding a star to the shirt here. We certainly don't equate it with actually winning the World Cup or the AOCAF. It's for the players on this squad, so they can appreciate that they are following in the footsteps of their predecessors."

For most of teenagers on the BP team, the training facilities of Manechester United HC are a far cry from what they are used to back in the Commonwealth.

"The club provided individual nameplates in the dressing room for everyone on the squad", U-18 Assistant Manager Jennifer Prescott said. "We have done training in some extraordinary facilities during my time with various national teams, but no place we've been has provided permanent nameplates for each player on their dressing stall".

Manger Will Barnard--getting his first opportunity to take charge of a side--is optimistic about the squad ahead of the first match. "You always have concerns going into the opening group game in a limited competition. You wonder if the lineup and tactics are right, if you've done enough work in training, if the squad are in the right frame of mind. But I haven't seen anything that's making me lose sleep at night. I think everyone understands the weight of the burden they carry, to live up to the accomplishments of the title winning side. Knowing that opponents will be out to knock off a past champion. I think we are all ready to get into action."

lineup vs Evaropi
Johnston; Onikambe, Freeman, Hughes; Grimaldi, Myers, Eichorn, Aguilar; Nolan; Harris, Craig

PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 5:01 am
by The Authoritarian Republic of Lochario

U-18 ranking : UR
Men's team ranking : 93rd
Nickname : Ginger Tigers
Coach : Jeremy Farash
Assistant Coach : Robert Agunović

Lineup and Squad : ... 2e24acbee2

Formation : 4-4-2 Diamond

Oiki and Soladin are the most experienced players, since they've played for the Locharian National Men's team in AOCAF. The coach Jeremy Farash is the assistant coach in the Men's team and is ready to share his old coaching experience with the youngsters.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 4:14 pm
by Mercedini
Talking Points
@ Centre for Excellence Academy Hall - Zoloroni, Mercedini

It's been a short while since the national team has been in action in any capacity, with Mercedini skipping the Di Bradini Cup in Valanora to focus on the next senior World Cup and focus on other projects. It was a disappointing end to what was, up to that point, a watershed moment for Mercedinian football, being able to hang with the best of them and earn the title as the top scorers throughout the whole qualifying, including several seven and eight-goal thrashings of well-established sides. Alas, the team in blue and black ran into the brick wall of the Cove and the juggernauts of Nephara before being eliminated from proceedings with a game to spare, even a final day consolation game against Nova Anglicana couldn't save the blushes of the Golden Eagles, who went out without a single point to their name.

Now, attention turns to the Sporting World Cup, in it's seventh edition, where Mercedini have started to make a name for themselves in the realm of youth football. Outside investment in the form of Project Olimpo and the recent addition of the Apox-owned Centre for Excellence to the Zoloroni sporting scene has seen youth football explode in the nation, with parks and sports clubs holding regular youth clubs to nurture the emerging talent while it is still fresh. On the domestic level, we have seen major advancements in youth football, which was capped off in the most recent UICA campaign, where Elspachia's U19 side made it all the way to the Youth Cup quarter finals, and narrowly missed out on the final four after falling to Cosumarite side Crawford City FC on penalties.

It is clear that there is an appetite for the sport of football which is steadily growing throughout the youth ranks as more youngsters take up the sport, either as a hobby, for fitness, or as a professional and competitive career. The likes of Chillotov and Karlovic, who were the poster-boys for Mercedinian youth football, will slowly start to age away and become the experienced sages, much like the Tranev's and Billic's of today's generation. The infrastructure is there, the demand is there, but just how much effect will these institutions have on the footballing culture in the nation?

Centre for Excellence & Mercedini's Trajectory in Youth Football


Head Coach: Fran Gracie (APX), Aged 54
Pos. Name Nationality Age
GK Benjamin San Pellegrino Mercedini 17
GK Fiona Hartnett Nephara 17
RD Josher Watson Apox 21
RD LO Fernsplatt Bonesea 18
CD Thibaut Peñarito Mercedini 18
CD EG Slenderbill Bonesea 20
CD Ioghan St Jackson Apox 19
LD Cory Etura Mercedini 17
LD Romeo Halvoso Bonesea 20
DM Celine Valeska Brenecia 17
DM Dulcinia Rixon Apox 17
RM Kyle Pisar Mercedini 16
RM Khloe Guillemot Bonesea 19
CM Imanol Bergara Audioslavia 16
CM Gonzalo Lorano Mercedini 17
CM Rob Isett Apox 18
CM Polla Egloskerry Bonesea 17
CM Jerat-Prant Fox Qusmo 18
CM Jarek Nerkko Cosumar 16
LM Matt Frozzalino Mercedini 19
LW Stephanie Traugott Pasarga 19
CAM Harry Santorna Mercedini 18
ST Terrance Lymaria Mercedini 18
ST Mhacha White Brenecia 17
ST Villanelle Rizzari Cosumar 17
ST Erasmo Baker Mareibat 17
When Zoloroni's bid for the new Centre for Excellence (CfE) branch was successful, many rolled their eyes at the prospect of another club in the capital and another youth academy ready suck the already drying pool of youth talent up, but that all changed with the release of the twenty-six player roster. This wasn't just like any other youth academy, Project Olimpo had the financial backing, and the Sports City Youth Academy had the infrastructure and the local enthusiasm, but the endeavour into Mercedini was set to become something very special for the footballing communities within the city. It wasn't just the old riff-raff of youth products coaxed from clubs down the footballing pyramid, CfE had bought with them the international quality that could project the team to being the top academy in the nation. Young footballers from across the multiverse have moved to Zoloroni to play football for the Centre, with local players joining the academy allowing them to apply their trade to international standards.

The club will begin life as a football club in the fifth tier of Mercedinian football in the Eastern Premier Division as one of the successful nominated clubs to be included in the expansion of the league system. They have already become one of the favourites for promotion into the national league system and into the realm of the professional clubs in Mercedini, where youth academy are already there waiting for them. The Sports City Youth Academy will be waiting for them in the fourth tier, while the most successful academy in Project Olimpo are all the way up in the second tier, and is the only academy to spend a season in the Premier League. Another big opportunity for experience is the MFA Cup which is becoming as unpredictable as ever with shocks here, there and everywhere. All they Centre needs to do is win one qualifying playoff before they are in with the Zoloroni City's ad Elspachia's of the world.

Youth football in Mercedini is becoming one of the more exciting aspects of the sporting culture with many impressive aspects leading to a blossoming youth side on show. Questions will obviously be asked down the line about the viability and sustainability of the youth side as players evolve and move up into the upper echelons of the professional scale. For international experience, tournaments like the Sporting World Cup are great places to start for the fledgling careers of these players, you wont get too many opportunities to play in front of tens of thousands of fans at the ages that these players are.

In conclusion, the national team must work hard if they are to maintain their position as one of the places to be for youth football going forward. Careers can be ignited by performances at these sorts of tournaments, and nothing is a bigger endorsement than a top player growing to conquer after being nurtured and established within your borders. We have already seen players from Cosumar and Ko-oren field players currently at the Centre for Excellence, meaning the widespread prevalence of the academy has already started to bear fruit. All in all, it's one to watch for potential suitors looking for a well of talent to syphon off from.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 7:21 pm
by Oberour Ar Moro
Dominion of Oberour Ar Moro
Under-18 National Football Team


Seventh Under-18 World Cup Roster


Manager: Guénhael Talemeliere, age 53
Assistant Manager: Lorens a l'Eschier, age 44
Assistant Manager: Illec Cercelier, age 30

Starters in bold


1 Reunan Vezelize, GK, age 18 (Naucratis)
12 Jean-Pierre Depascience, GK, age 17 (de la Charite Academy)
24 Clement Acloque, GK, age 17 (Confessor Academy)


2 Andre de Breye, LB, age 17 (Cyrene Bay)
3 Elairan Talemeliere, RB, age 17, CAPTAIN (Saint Louis Academy)
14 Ewen de Marle, LB, age 18 (Hibernus)
15 Perien de Carenton, RB, age 18 (Myrrh-Streamer Academy)


10 Claude du Faut, SW, age 18 (Regium United)
11 Loudiern Debusse, SW, age 18 (Corinthian)
22 Nikolazig Saaciere, SW, age 17 (Meteor)
23 Heranhal Rocque, SW, age 16 (Patrons Academy)


5 Mewen Gatteaux, LM, age 17 (Patrons)
6 Laou la Boutonnier, RM, age 18, (Invicta)
4 Renan Durerie, CM, age 18 (Regium Immortal Academy)
17 Jozeb la Fauconniere, LM, age 18 (Meridian)
18 Celestin Ebrard l'Aisné, RM, age 15 (Cyrene Bay Academy)
16 Mychel d'Aviron, CM, age 17 (Invicta Academy)


7 Gurval la Liniere, LW, age 17 (de la Charite)
8 Astien Le Marinier, RW, age 16 (Patrons)
9 Laouic de l'Amie, ST, age 18 (Altair)
19 Iwen Pavot, LW, age 17 (Confessor)
20 Jacut de Casenove, RW, age 17 (Regium United)
21 Korneli Porteeur de Plastre, ST, age 17 (Aris Academy)

First and Second-Choice Shirts


RP Permissions
If my opponent RPs first, I give him permission to:

Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: TG me first, but Yes
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes
Yellow Card my Players: Yes
Red Card my Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: TG me first, but Yes

Style Modifiers: +5.0

95X U-18 World Cup 7 Roster

PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 9:33 pm
by 95X
95X U18 WC 7 Roster
Taking place in 95X Year 79
4-4-2 Formation

1 F Brad Onethirteen 18 M
2 F Silas Parkandride 18 M
3 M Summer Madison 18 F
4 M Joe Fourfortytwo 18 M
5 M Curt Covington 17 M
6 M Ashli Blaine 18 F
7 D Kristian Twoninetysix 16 M
8 D Jalisa Ninetyfour 18 F
9 D Tommy Ninth 18 M
10 D Emily Detroit 18 F
11 K Lester Stag 18 M

12 M Antara Northtown 15 F
13 M Marion Threenineteen 15 F
14 M Sarah Foureleven 14 F
15 M Nickolas Stephenson 16 M
16 F Carlo Bryant 15 M
17 F Malcolm Junker 17 M
18 D Dusty Ladd 16 M
19 D Max Onesixtysix 15 M
20 D Ellen Second 17 F
21 D Jaime Seventh 15 F
22 K Tad Gray 15 M
23 K Margaret Revol 14 F

One of the four (with the goalkeeper wearing a different uniform):
White with "NINETYFIVE X" written out in black Impact Font.
Black with "NINETYFIVE X" written out in yellow Impact Font.
Yellow with "NINETYFIVE X" written out in black Impact Font.
Blue with "NINETYFIVE X" written out in black Impact Font.

RP Permissions
RP goal scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP yellow cards: Y
RP red cards: Y
RP injuries: N
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod most other events: Ask first

Note: Antara Northtown, Margaret Revol, and Sarah Foureleven are important to the far future story line. I have plans for them.

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by Equestrian States
Match Day 1 Results

Group A
Equestrian States 4–2 Oberour Ar Moro
95X 0–2 Alpine Union

Group A Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Equestrian States 1 1 0 0 4 2 +2 3
2 Alpine Union 1 1 0 0 2 0 +2 3
3 Oberour Ar Moro 1 0 0 1 2 4 −2 0
4 95X 1 0 0 1 0 2 −2 0

Group B
Competitive Solitaire 2–0 Juvencus
Velestria 1–2 Pepsi Governate of Korea

Group B Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Competitive Solitaire 1 1 0 0 2 0 +2 3
2 Pepsi Governate of Korea 1 1 0 0 2 1 +1 3
3 Velestria 1 0 0 1 1 2 −1 0
4 Juvencus 1 0 0 1 0 2 −2 0

Group C
Ko-oren 1–2 Abristan
Free Republics 5–2 The Sarian

Group C Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Free Republics 1 1 0 0 5 2 +3 3
2 Abristan 1 1 0 0 2 1 +1 3
3 Ko-oren 1 0 0 1 1 2 −1 0
4 The Sarian 1 0 0 1 2 5 −3 0

Group D
Qasden 1–0 Clonka Magnus
Lochario 3–3 Filindostan

Group D Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Qasden 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
2 Filindostan 1 0 1 0 3 3 0 1
Lochario 1 0 1 0 3 3 0 1
4 Clonka Magnus 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0

Group E
Starblaydia 4–1 Vakolicci Haven & Celeria
Sharktail 0–8 Mercedini

Group E Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Mercedini 1 1 0 0 8 0 +8 3
2 Starblaydia 1 1 0 0 4 1 +3 3
3 Vakolicci Haven & Celeria 1 0 0 1 1 4 −3 0
4 Sharktail 1 0 0 1 0 8 −8 0

Group F
Darmen 6–3 Farfadillis
Evaropi 2–2 Baker Park

Group F Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Darmen 1 1 0 0 6 3 +3 3
2 Baker Park 1 0 1 0 2 2 0 1
Evaropi 1 0 1 0 2 2 0 1
4 Farfadillis 1 0 0 1 3 6 −3 0

Group G
Northwest Kalactin 1–1 Libonesia
Cosumar 0–1 Cassadaigua

Group G Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Cassadaigua 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
2 Libonesia 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
Northwest Kalactin 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
4 Cosumar 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0

Group H
Abanhfleft 6–0 Eraman
Kriegiersien 0–0 Freeport

Group H Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Abanhfleft 1 1 0 0 6 0 +6 3
2 Freeport 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
Kriegiersien 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
4 Eraman 1 0 0 1 0 6 −6 0

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by Mercedini
Under-18 World Cup Group Stage MD1 LIVE
Sharktail vs. Mercedini
@ Spire Grounds - Crystopolis, Equestrian States

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the beginning of the 7th edition of the U18 World Cup, this time hosted by the Equestrian States. Mercedini have been drawn in a rather competitive group with senior juggernauts Starblaydia also waiting in the wings on matchday three. They will be playing Vakolicci Haven and Celeria in their first match of the campaign, but we will be focusing on this afternoon's match featuring Mercedini and Sharktail, playing in Crystopolis for their opening group stage match. It is a big opportunity for Mercedini to set their stall out early with this new group of players with plenty of big sporting names in action around the grounds of the Equestrian States. It's expected to be a long slog for the young team who will have to overcome seven games in a fortnight if they are to lift a second Sporting World Cup title in four editions. Alas, everyone has to start somewhere, and Mercedini will begin their campaign at square-one against Sharktail where they hope to kick off their campaign with an early three points. Horses and ponies in the stands isn't something you typically see in Mercedini, so it will be new surroundings for all players involved in the Young Eaglets' run throughout this edition. The stands are beginning to fill up in the Spire Grounds, and we are all set for lift off.

0' - Mercedini begin the campaign with arguable their strongest squad with every player fit and available to be selected by Alistair Devidov. Vacek Jr and Estograd will lead the line for the blues and blacks with their perceived experience of previous tournaments, with no fewer than six players playing their first international match for their country at this tournament. All eyes will be on Mario Merlo though, his first match in front of the sticks will be in front of just less than 30,000 anticipating fans. A sizable block of Mercedinian fans are in the far corner of the stadium waving their flags and giving a great reception for their players as they walk out into the cauldron of the Spire Grounds. Sharktail are the designated home side and are playing in a deep grey, while Mercedini will play in their white and red away strips to avoid a clash that may have come from their home kit. The players and fans are ready, and the referee blows his whistle to start the first half.

4' - (SHK 0-0 MRC) - A rowdy crowd inside the Spire Grounds is creating a great atmosphere for the players and Sharktail pass the ball around the pitch. No major action as such although the opposition has had the one and only pop at goal in this game so far which was safely held by Mario Merlo in the Mercedinian goal. Vacek Jr and Estograd have been relatively isolated from the action as the Sharktail midfield-quad hold firm in the opening moments of the game, stopping any attack from the Mercedinians that come before them. It's a fairly close opening period of play from both teams, Petrosino and Dandic have been busy but are earning their stripes with great form for the team as the try to branch out from their own third. Goalless with less than five minutes on the clock.

8' - (SHK 0-1 MRC) - Image Big chance and a goal at the second time of asking for Mercedini! They have lift off at this tournament with a goal against the run of play, with Anglatian-born Christian Vacek Jr scoring the first Mercedinian goal of the tournament with a break away goal from the break down of possession from the Sharktail midfield. Kyle Pisar intercepted the ball after brilliantly reading the pass from the Sharktail midfield. He struggled to control the ball under pressure but managed to release the ball to Estograd who was making a solid run down the pitch and latched onto the bobbling ball as the noise level was ramped up a notch. It was two-on-one as Vacek entered the picture as the Mercedinians and the lone Sharktail defender entered the box. Estograd probably passed the ball earlier than he should've as the defender managed to close in on Vacek as he took a shot. The first shot was deflected off the thigh of the Sharktail defender, but the striker scooped up the ball to drill a low shot into the net for the opening goal. 1-0, what a start!

12' - (SHK 0-2 MRC) - An absolute calamitous tackle from the Sharktail defender has resulted in a penalty, an injury, a red card and a brawl on the pitch between about five or six of the players on the pitch, this certainly isn't the best way to start the tournament for both teams. Pisar, who did all the work for the first goal, is on the floor following a horrific two footed tackle from a Sharktail defender. The replay doesn't make it any better as the ankle of the Mercedinian midfielder seems to buckle under the studs of the lunging defender. Vacek and Estograd, who were supporting the attack, immediately went to the aid of their teammate before taking their frustration out on the defender, which started a six-player brawl in the penalty area. Thankfully, no further injuries were sustained to any player, but yellow cards were dished out like candy before the offending player was unceremoniously sent down the tunnel for an early bath. Mercedini have been awarded a penalty for their troubles, although there will likely be a lengthy delay while Pisar is taken care of. Image Pisar OFF, Nesci ON

18' - (SHK 0-2 MRC) - Image Vacek steps up... and blasts the penalty into the far corner of the goal to double the lead of the team in blue and black. Hardly any celebration as the team embrace each other, they know the cost that came with that second goal. The Young Eaglets are looking comfortable in this match with less than twenty minutes on the clock, they also have an important man-advantage also. 2-0 and a Vacek Jr, but the cloud of Pisar will be looming over this match with the crowd having it's fire extinguished due to that long delay.

21' - (SHK 0-2 MRC) - It's been one way traffic since that sending off and converted penalty with the eleven in blue and black eager to avenge their fallen friend and put on show for the fans in the corner, they will obviously be concerned about the post-match synopsis as they find out the severity of Pisar's injury. Devidov looks on as Mercedini go close yet again with an Estograd shot from the edge of the box sails wide. The focus remains on the match for the time being with the blue and blacks still in third gear from the opening twenty minutes, Vacek must surely be hungry to complete his hattrick with the start they have had.

27' - (SHK 0-2 MRC) - Despite being a man down, the Sharktail players are giving it a real go as they hit the base of the post with a vicious driving effort from the far corner of the box. The striker controlled it brilliantly as they advanced a well-worked move forward towards the Mercedinian goal, but the shot was marginally wide to preserve the clean sheet for Merlo. Two quality teams in this match as evidenced by the chances both teams are experiencing, Mercedini still two goals to the good, although there still could be a couple more goals in this game yet.

33' - (SHK 0-3 MRC) - Image Sharktail are made to rue that miss earlier in the match as Gonzalo Lorano makes it three for the Young Eaglets as he heads home from close range. Nesci worked his way into the penalty area and towards the by-line as he sent in a cross towards the waiting bodies. Lorano was there to rush in at the near post and flick in a header into the roof of the net from close range. They were queuing up in the box, and the clinical finishing has been the difference in this match. The team run over to the cheering fans in front of them to celebrate with them following that third goal. They have travelled a long way and they patience has been rewarded in Crystopolis. 3-0 with only half an hour on the clock.

35' - (SHK 0-4 MRC) - Image It gets better and better for Dini in their opening match as they begin to run away with the match in the first half. You have to feel for Sharktail but they are the architects of their own downfall in this instance as an attempted back pass goes all wrong. The ball seemed to bobble on a crease on the pitch which slowed the ball, Vacek Jr was switched on enough to pounce on the loose ball and take it forward. The Sharktail goalkeeper came to narrow the angle but with so much space between the two and the retreating defenders, there was plenty of time for Vacek to pick his mark. He did, by rounding the goalkeeper and sprinting towards the goal unopposed and ultimately prodding the ball at close range. That competition in the match looks to have ended a while ago, where to the teams go from here?

39' - (SHK 0-5 MRC) - Image They're queuing up now and its beginning to get ugly in this match as the Young Eaglets run riot in the Spire Grounds. The fifth, scored by Kristjan Kadilyik, was almost a certainty with five Mercedinian players pushing forward against three defenders all trying to hold back the tidal wave in blue and black. Nesci rolled the ball forward Estograd who took a touch back and set the ball up for Kadilyik who simply took a swing and hoped for the best. The goalkeeper got a strong hand to it but it didn't stop the ball from bobbling into net for number five before half time. The U18s are beginning to catch up to the senior team in terms of goal haul, 5-0!

43' - (SHK 0-6 MRC) - Image A certain Simpsons meme comes to mind when thinking of how this game is going. Vacek scores his fourth and Mercedini's sixth, all before half time is a rather remarkable start to the tournament for both sides. This time is come from a set-piece which was conceded after Petrosino was held back. Colineri sent it in towards a bundle of players who were all tracking the ball, Petrosino was in the mix and flicked on the ball to no one in particular, but the ever-present Vacek Jr was there to control the ball and roll the ball into the net for a sixth. The celebrations have gone from ecstatic to ironic at this point as the Mercedinian fans look tired from cheering. Its a half to remember, whether its for good or not depends on which side you're on. National team records could still yet fall in this match, 6-0 as the half draws to a close.

45+8' - (SHK 0-6 MRC) - A long spell of injury time due to Pisar's injury comes to an end and what a half it has been. Mercedini make the man advantage count following Pisar's horrific injury, but that seemed to awaken the proverbial beast in the Mercedinian team as they then went on a rampage in Crystopolis. Vacek Jr, not even born in the country, became the man of the hour as he nets four of the six goals in this first half. You'll be hard pressed to find a better first half display at this tournament. The match looks to have been won already by the team in their red and white away kits. Their focus will likely turn to Starblaydia and VH&C, even with 45 minutes still to play in this match. At half-time it's Sharktail 0, Mercedini 6.

Sharktail 0 - 6 Mercedini

Vacek Jr 8', 18' (P), 35', 43', Lorano 33', Kadilyik 39'

Welcome back to Crystopolis in the Equestrian States, where Mercedini have taken the opening match by storm in the first half of their opening match of the 7th edition of the U18 Sporting World Cup. The Golden Eagles have a massive lead through four Vacek Jr goals plus extra credit from Lorano and Kadilyik to put them up by six at the break, and it's stirring up to be a rather redundant final forty five minutes of the game with Sharktail chasing such a massive deficit. This could be the spark which ignites the campaign of the Golden Eagles for the tournament, with a statement of intent from Crystopolis to the rest of the teams in the group, and indeed the rest of the tournament. The teams are coming out of the tunnel to cheers from the crowds around the stadium, the second half should be upon us shortly at the Spire Grounds in the big EQS.

49' - (SHK 0-6 MRC) - Sharktail have started this second half the much better side as they try to restore a sense of pride in their fans, potentially getting on the scoresheet themselves to wipe away the clean sheet that Merlo has built up so far. He has had to deal with a number of shots in the game but has managed to take all of them with a plomb. Luckily he can afford to let a couple in, but he is still fighting his battle for that clean sheet in the opening game of this tournament, and the minutes are ticking away for him to achieve that. One change since the break for Dini as Vacek Jr is rested by his manager. Arrighi comes on for his tournament debut with the potential to score more goals to flatter the players in red and white even more. Image Vacek Jr OFF, Arrighi ON

57' - (SHK 0-6 MRC) - It's clear that Mercedini have taken their foot off the gas in this match with the man and six-goal advantage from the first half. Devidov has calmed his players as he tries to avoid any more fatigue and injury to his players for that all important second match of the group stage which could put Dini through to the next round is other results go their way. Arrighi looks to be settling in as a shot across the face of goal fizzes wide and out for a goal kick, this is probably the first time many of these players have been in this situation. Still 30 minutes remaining in this game for either team to make late adjustments to the final score line.

64' - (SHK 0-6 MRC) - Sharktail squander what could be their biggest chance of the game, they may not get a goal on the board after all on the evidence of this. It came from a corner which had plenty of bodies in the box as the ball was floated in, plenty of jostling in the box meant a couple of players were left on the floor as the ball was headed down. A manic goal mouth scramble ensued with kicks and flicks flying about in any and every direction. The final shot sailed harmlessly over the bar in what was a frustrating end to a dangerous play for the trailing team. Sharktail keep their donut for now, they haven't really got much to lose now in trying for a goal do they?

70' - (SHK 0-7 MRC) - Image Goal. If there was any doubt in the match being over following the end of the first half, there isn't any now as Mercedini enter seventh heaven. Injury substitute Zia Nesci nets his first goal of the campaign in what turned out to be a sublime solo effort from the Moorland & Tersham striker, although the defending was left wanting yet again from Sharktail as they slip further and further behind their opponents. Nesci picked up the ball on the near side, flicked his was past one before having the freedom of the Spire Grounds to weave his way inside and towards the box. A couple of players were calling for it but Nesci took it upon himself to fire low towards the near post and convert from outside the box. The goalkeeper probably could've done better, being beaten from his near post, but the quality was there. It's turning into a pasting on opening night in Crystopolis. 7-0 the score now.

77' - (SHK 0-7 MRC) - The minutes tick away on this game to forget for the opposition with Mercedini clearly out of sight, although Sharktail are continuing to push on which is admirable of them, and some of their fans are still here to watch them play one f their first major tournaments at this age level. Mercedini are looking like the side in their fourth tournament with their experience and knowledge on how to navigate tournaments like these. We don't want to hedge our bets or lose control of ourselves, but the Young Eaglets will almost certainly come out of this match as the team to watch. Not too many teams have scored seven in their opening game, but that's how it stays for the time being.

82' - (SHK 0-7 MRC) - The trailing team are really beginning to take the match to the Young Eaglets as they ease of to conserve energy, and that is inviting pressure from the Sharktail players. It could be considered good preparation for the team when they play more established sides with more pedigree in international sporting tournaments, but the team playing in grey don't seem like they will challenge for the title this time around unfortunately. They seem to have come unstuck against a quality team for the first time, and this could be the wake-up call for them to develop and play with the big boys at tournaments like these. Maybe next time they wont concede seven.

88' - (SHK 0-8 MRC) - Image The U18s have snatched the largest victory margin from the senior team as they push forward to an eight-goal margin in this game. Jean-Luc Estograd finally gets his goal that he's been craving for all this time, and it was a simple tap-in at that to push the score line even further into cricket-score territory. It's Nesci doing all the work once again, he has been a wonder as a substitute in this game after coming on so early. The tired Sharktail legs couldn't keep up with the pace and the trickery of the right-midfielder as a moved towards the side of the penalty area. He directed a low ball towards an arriving Estograd who took a touch back to lose his marker before sliding the ball into the far corner of the net. Simple congratulations from the team now as there's hardly any point in celebrating. The match was won long ago in the eyes of the spectators, an eighth flashes up on the board for Dini, and a first of the tournament for the Acoflosa United striker.

90+1' - (SHK 0-8 MRC) - The referee adds a single minute of stoppage time so not to prolong the agony of the Sharktail fans and players, they are now free to focus on their second game in a couple of days time whereas Mercedini can begin to pinch themselves on the game they have just played. A youth footballing masterclass in many senses of the word with Vacek scoring four, with a number of other players from around the pitch also claiming their solitary goals. It's onto the second match against Vakolicci Haven and Celeria, where the team could secure safe passage through to the knockout rounds if other results go their way as well. Following a romp at the Spire Ground in Crystopolis, it's finished Sharktail 0, Mercedini 8.

Sharktail 0 - 8 Mercedini

Vacek Jr 8', 18' (P), 35', 43', Lorano 33', Kadilyik 39', Nesci 70, Estograd 88'

That's it from us, Mercedini are unsurprisingly top of the table in their group and will move forward to face what could rpove to be a tricky Vakolicci Haven and Celeria side which could see them advance with a comprehensive result against the side which lost 4-1 to debutants Starblaydia today. It will likely be a different environment for the lads as they look to move past their 8-0 thrashing today and prove to themselves that they can crank out consistent results and are not just a one-match wonder. As ever, we will give you the run down of all the action including post match interviews and reactions. However, from us here in Crystopolis, have a safe trip home!

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by Commonwealth of Baker Park
© Sporting Times Weekend 2022
BP held on first Day in U18's
by Fiona Devlin, Staff Soccer Writer

The Baker Park Under-18 team were held to a 2-2 draw by Evaropi on day 1 of the U18 World Cup here at Salt Lick Stadium in front of 30,000.

Goals by Marcus Nolan and Alicia Craig were not enough to see the Commonwealth break into the win column.

It has become something of a trend for teams from the FAC in major tournaments to settle for a lone point from the first match.

"I suppose a draw is better than a loss on the first match day, but we've definitely seen where there is just a little blip out of the gate quite often", manager Will Barnard said after the match. "I liked our tempo throughout the match, I liked some of the ways we were able to exploit areas in the attacking third. If we get some more shots on the target, we'll be OK down the line."

The squad will return here to Salt Lick City from their training base in Manechester for the second match against Farfadillis, who dropped a 6-3 decision to Darmen, and Barnard is confident that even with a shuffle of the starting lineup the side will come through with a positive result. "Of course the squad rotation creates questions, but we have always believed in showing confidence in our players by sticking to the plan we have worked on throughout the lead-up to matches. I have no worries about the second team."

lineup vs Farfadillis:
Kelley; Brooks, Hardwick, Allen; Buxton, Myers, Olivera, Vuckovic; Nolan; Gibson, Cassel

PostPosted: Sun Jan 27, 2019 2:23 am
by Abanhfleft



By Arnold Isaacs

In the first two parts of this article looking into the careers of that historic bronze medal winning team from the 33rd Di Bradini Cup, we have tackled the starting eleven and their careers following that achievement. Now, it's time for us to take a look at the substitutes and how they have fared since this particular game.

Aside from football, Stephanie Bryan is also active in the film and television industry, usually as a bit player and extra during the offseason, but she has also demonstrated bigger acting chops as the lead actress in the limited series Tranquil Fury as a woman who murdered former cult leaders, as shown in this promotional image.

Stephanie Bryan (32, GK, Antslinngs Islands Ladies)
Steph Bryan definitely has what it takes to play in the big leagues. Numerous offers have always come for her every transfer window. And in every transfer window, she always refuses the chances to move to a big club and earn the big bucks. Thus has Stephanie Bryan become the antithesis of the modern footballer. In fact, she feels very much like a remnant of the early days of association football because she has said time and time again that she plays football for the love of the game and not for other reasons. The daughter of Trendstart colonists who were also among the first to settle in the Antslinngs Islands, Bryan was Antslinngs Islander through and through and has never felt the desire to leave her childhood club Antslinngs Islands Ladies even though the club has problems with elevating itself to full professional status. One of Bryan's other dreams is to become an actress, and during her spare time she has achieved some success in that realm as well, playing bit parts in numerous TV shows and movies in genres ranging from sitcoms to murder-mysteries and even melodramatic telenovelas. Perhaps her biggest and most famous role in Abanhfleft (aside from being the custodian of the sticks of the women's football team) was as the lead actress in the limited series Tranquil Fury, based on the story of Leyla Dimasanta, a former member of the deadly Temple of Lightning cult who sought out and murdered the surviving leaders of the disbanded cult following their high-profile mass suicides in the late 1990s.

Samwell Crownover may not have been able to break through to the senior national team but he has been a faithful servant for Thereisnogodistan FC, sticking with the club through thick and thin even as it has yo-yoed between the top two divisions of Abanhfleft football.

Samwell Crownover (31, GK, Thereisnogodistan FC)
Samwell Crownover's footballing resume is the exact opposite of his physical size; meaning to say that his career has been sparse to say the very least. After winning the bronze in the 33rd Di Bradini Cup, Crownover achieved some success serving as Thereisnogodistan's starting goalkeeper in the short-lived Multiverse Premier League, but he was considered as too young and raw for the Fleftic Premier League and was soon relegated to warming the bench for them. This, combined with eating and weight issues, almost put an end to Crownover's footballing career before he finally admitted himself to weight-loss therapy and even had a gastric bypass. After recovering from his surgery and losing over a hundred pounds in weight, Crownover handed in a loan request in order to regain match fitness, and he spent two years on loan with Real Haritzaga before working his way back into the Thereisnogodistan first team. Samwell and Thereisnogodistan have survived their first season back in the FPL, but they still have work to cut out if they hope to survive the next season.

Melisizwe Afolayan started off his international career as a left-sided center back on the bench of Abanhfleft's first ever Di Bradini Cup squad, and then a move to Locomotive Imgortur and a shift of position to right fullback finally unlocked the potential within the youngster and turned him into one of Abanhfleft's best ever defenders.

Melisizwe Afolayan (29, RB, Locomotive Imgortur)
I have mentioned a few times before that many of the current crop of Abanhfleft's starters and stars have come from this particular batch of Di Bradini players, and Melisizwe Afolayan is one of those players. Everyone could see the talent in him as soon as he began playing for the youth academy of Rodrigues FC, but there always seemed to be something that was seemingly holding him back from achieving his full potential. And then some lineup experimentation in the 33rd Di Bradini Cup revealed to Celerino delos Reyes that Afolayan's true position was at right fullback, and soon after that the Rodrigues youngster's career finally took off. However, Rodrigues didn't pay attention to this development and continued playing Afolayan in the middle of the pitch, seemingly stunting his development until Locomotive Imgortur came in and offered to take the youngster under the wing of Charles Amoroso, who was approaching his retirement. Thus when it came time for Afolayan to fill Amoroso's boots, both for Locomotive and for Abanhfleft itself, he filled them very well. So well in fact that he has become undroppable for both the Engineers and the Revolutionaries, and he picked up his first major honors with Locomotive when they won the 2025-26 Fleftic Premier League title in perhaps one of the strangest seasons in the Fleftic top flight.

Catarina Soler's football career is the classic up-and-down story, starting off as a brilliant and highly-touted youth prospect for the Fleftic Air Force football team before dropping off the face of the footballing earth to serve her time in the Air Force itself, and then returning to football and winning titles in Super-Llamaland and Abanhfleft.

Catarina Soler (30, RCB, Keephall Valkyries)
Out of all of the 23 players to participate in the 33rd Di Bradini Cup, I have to admit that the fact that Catarina Soler has managed to find success both abroad and at home was surprising to me. Soler has always been a physical player, and some might even say that she gets away with more fouls than not. I have heard that this is a side effect of her time in the Fleftic Air Force. It may not have the most demanding training out of all of the country's armed forces but Soler has nevertheless felt the need to prove both to herself and to others that she can cut it in the Air Force. After winning the third place playoff against the Free Republics in Di Bradini 33, Soler played in one more Di Bradini Cup before opting to take a break from football and focus on her service with the Air Force. She served three years and reached the rank of technical sergeant before receiving an honorable discharge, at which point Soler decided to take up football once again. To her own shock, she was approached by New Llama Capitals of Super-Llamaland's SuperLleague and signed by the Llamalean club for 500 thousand NSD. Soler made an immediate impact in Super-Llamaland, helping the Capitals to their first ever league title in just her first season. Soler then had a performance to forget in her second season in the SuperLleague as she and her side conceded nine goals (eight of them in the second leg) of their championship playoff against Emerald City Harmony before rebounding in style with the Capitals' second title in three seasons, taking home the trophy with a five-point gap over their New Llama rivals the Stars. Having achieved success abroad, Soler decided that it was now time for her to return home and see how she would do in good ol' Abanhfleft. She signed with Keephall Valkyries, but unlike her first season in Super-Llamaland, Soler's first job was to keep the Valkyries up in the Ladies' Premier League (now the Women's Premier League). But in her second season with the club, Keephall finally won the title, always keeping themselves within touching distance of first place whenever they're not occupying it. For a girl who played for none of the classic big teams, Catarina Soler's trophy cabinet is actually mighty impressive.

Lemuel Fuller impressed scouts at the youth level and was immediately scooped up by Sporting Ceneisis, but after only making a handful of appearances with the Mereilles-based club, he opted out of an extended contract and plied his trade with a number of lower-league clubs before finally finding a niche with Bananas FC.

Lemuel Fuller (28, LB, Bananas FC)
It's easy to say that Lemuel Fuller was just another victim of Sporting Ceneisis' academy system. After all, he was just another highly touted youngster who fell for the promise of Premier League glory with the Blues and, once he finally got out of Throckmorton Bridge, he ended up playing for a bunch of lower league clubs. But that would mean not telling the whole story. Yes, it's true that Fuller had the talent and even the mentality to make it to the top clubs in Abanhfleft, but it's also true that Ceneisis did not give him the playing time that they had promised him when he agreed to sign that four-year contract with an option to extend for one more year. After making only twenty total appearances in the league for Ceneisis in those four years, all of them coming from the bench, Fuller decided that enough was enough. Unfortunately he decided to show his displeasure via nights out on the town and pub crawls through Mereilles, something that was simply disapproved everywhere that he tried to find his next contract. This binge also gave Fuller an alcohol problem that he was not fully able to deal with until very recently, thus why he was only given one-year contracts by clubs such as Porcusces Tsunamis and Verrokib South End. When Fuller was signed by Bananas FC as part of their attempt to regain Premier League status, the club was actually derided for their decision. Who in their right minds would sign a drunkard of a left back to a three-year contract with the hope that he can help the club with promotion? However, after Bananas had made public their trust in him, Fuller finally decided to undergo counseling and therapy for his alcoholism and has become an important squad player since. He also carved out a place in Bananas fans' hearts by scoring the opening goal in the Suwkpel club's eventual 2-0 triumph over Xemlice Rovers in the 2025 SFA Cup Final. He may not be very likely to become teammates with Romikk Valgard but Lemuel Fuller's career appears to have finally gotten back on the right track.

This concludes Part Three of my look into the careers of the 23 players who participated in the 33rd Di Bradini Cup. In Part Four we will take a look at how the substitute midfielders and forwards have fared since winning the third place playoff against the Free Republics in Starblaydia.