Games of the XIII Olympiad Roster Thread

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Games of the XIII Olympiad Roster Thread

Postby Free Republics » Sun Dec 23, 2018 7:38 pm

Games of the XIII Olympiad
Republica, Republica District, Free Republics
Logo created by Anglatia

The purpose of this thread is for posting your rosters for team sports events. This thread is also for any IC information that might not belong in the RP thread, such as national anthems, traditions, flag bearers, officials, judges and other prominent characters from your nation(s) that are not competing as athletes. If you wish, you may link to your signup post.

If your signup has not yet been declared valid or you have not signed up for the Games of the XIII Olympiad, please do not post in this thread.

If you have any questions, you may ask them in the Signup Thread (which will become the OOC thread once signups close).

Regarding team sizes, there is no maximum number of players on any team's roster. You may refer to this post on the signup thread for minimums for sports where they are not obvious (specifically esports team events, dodgeball and cheerleading).

List of Participating Delegations
Altai Almas (ALM)
Amuaplye (AME)
Anollasia (ANL)
APOC Coalition (COA)
Axuva (AXV)
Banija (BNJ)
Baranil (BRN)
Beepee (BPE)
Benjamin Mark (BNM)
Britonisea (BRI)
Cassadaigua (CDG)
Cocoabo Forest (CCB)
Commonwealth of Baker Park (CBP)
Cosumar (COS)
Darkmania (DMN)
Darmen (DAR)
Diarcesia (DCS)
Eastfield Lodge (EFL)
El Chupacabras (ECB)
Electrum (ETM)
Elejamie (EJM)
Équipe nationale du Québec (ENQ)
Eraman (ERM)
Ethane (ETN)
Free Republics (FFR)
Grand Theocratic Empire of Holy Marsh (HMO)
Illahee (ILA)
Indusse (INS)
Ioudaia (IOU)
Kalosia (KLS)
Kelssek (KSK)
Kernovi and Rewgwlas (KRV)
Kevagaria (KVG)
Kriegiersien (KGS)
Krytenia (KRY)
Laeral (LRL)
Liventia (LEN)
Locarian Olympic Team (LOC)
Main Nation Ministry (MNM)
Mattijana (MTJ)
Mitra & Soma (MSM)
Monsa (MON)
Natanians and Nosts (NTN)
Northwest Kalactin (NWK)
New Saria (TSA)
Polkopia (PLK)
Polynesia (PLY)
Porabasta (PBA)
Robostania (RBS)
Sanctaria (SCT)
Santaclausisgodistan (SCG)
Sargossa (SRG)
Sirian (SRN)
Siovanija and Teusland (STL)
South Covello (SCO)
Starblaydia (STB)
Taeshan (TAE)
Teremaran Unified Team (TRM)
  • Arkyatan (AKY)
  • Austrakia (ATK)
  • Falkasia (FLK)
  • Glisandia (GLS)
  • Gragastavia (GRG)
  • Neu Engollon (NEG)
  • Terre Des Gaules (GUL)
  • Yellow Star Republic (YSR)
The Kytler Peninsulae (KYP)
The Sherpa Empire (SHW)
Titaniumland (TTM)
Togonistan (TGN)
Union of Socialist Alpine Republics (UAR)
Vakolicci Haven and Celeria (VKL)
Valanora (VAL)
Vangaziland (VNG)
Vekaiyu (VEK)
Vilitan Union (VLT)
  • Tropicorp (TRP)
  • Turori (TUR)
  • Vilita (VIL)
West Phoenicia (KWP)
Xanneria (XAN)

You may begin posting your rosters.

Please DO NOT reserve posts in this thread or post a "tag".
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Postby Indusse » Mon Dec 24, 2018 8:08 pm


Coach : Martin Sampuela. (Former indussean GK)
Players ::::
No.    Name.   Post.
1. Aaron.H.Dev GK
2. David Mark DF
3. Lalinzuala DF
4. Adikumar DF
5. Kareem khan MD
6. Aaryan Yadav MD
7. Shekhar Gupta DF
8. Bechun Butea FR
9. Beckham FR
10. Akshay MD
11. Baskar (c) FR

DF indicates defenders
MD indicates mid fielders
FR indicates forwards
(C) indicates captain

#forca indusse
#forca football
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Union of Socialist Alpine Republics
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Postby Union of Socialist Alpine Republics » Tue Dec 25, 2018 2:16 pm

Union of Socialist Alpine Republics delegation to the Games of the XIII Olympiad

Whole delegation here

Nation name: Union of Socialist Alpine Republics
Short name: Alpine Union or U.S.A.R.
Demonym: Alpine
Nicknames: Bisons, Reprezentacja Alpejski, Green & White
Trigramme: UAR
National anthem: Back in the U.S.A.R.
Team colors: Green & White
Flag bearer: Darius "Coconut" Riddick.

Coconut Riddick is a gridiron football player, playing at the position of halfback. He's a member of the national gridiron football team since he's 23 years old when the Southern Democratic States defeated Thereisnogodistan in overtime to win the Baptism of Iron. At 26 he won another title to his career when the Alpine Union beat Greater Vakolicci Haven in the final of the World Bowl XXXII (the US.A.R. did a 4 year time jump without players aging). In the following years, the U.S.A.R. failed to repeat, losing two times in a row against Taeshan in the playoffs and once to Abanhfleft. Now at 30 years old, Coconut Riddick recently added another title to his career when his domestic team, the Beardstown Maroons won the Alpine Bowl II against the Charlevoix Bears. Coconut Riddick was named the Alpine Bowl II MVP. He has been added to the Alpine Union gridiron football roster and placed on the injured reserve list depite being 100% healthy. This move is to have him on the team, so the team can benefit from his leadership, but to prevent him from playing because he already played 22 domestic gridiron games (including preseason and playoffs) and more than 10 gridiron games at the World Bowl XXXVI for a total of over 30 gridirion football games in the past 12 months. He is our flag bearer for the opening ceremonies.

Entrance parade uniforms:

Here is a sample of the Union of Socialist Alpine Republics' uniforms to be worn by our athletes at the opening ceremonies. Alpines who visit the Free Republics for the XIII olympiads are encouraged to wear, display and show these clothings all over the Free Republics.

Image Image

Image Image Image

Image Image Image

Female top and cyclist uniform:

Image Image

Thanks to all of our Alpine models, including Kim Kardashian!

And now here's our rosters for every team sports!

Name                    Age     Birthplace
Frederica Pfeiffer 21 Schwarzenbach am Wald, AM
Jennifer Galloway 23 Beachborough, BR
Isabella Ramirez 24 Chupadero, SO
Brooklyn Atkinson 20 Norridgewock, SG
Katya Rozsa 18 Jaszfelsoszentgyörgy, TD
Amelia Olkowska 24 Uszczyn, WP
Cesca Busquets 22 La Selva de Mar, CT
Marion Lepailleur 16 Saint-Georges-Montcoq, AQ
Samantha Garnett 25 Donahue Beach, WA

HC Glenn Hatcher

Pos     Num     Player                  Age             AFLWP Team                      Birthplace
GK 1 Logan Syndergaard 25 Waddington Athletic Club Buffalo Grove, WA
2 Ruben Mejia 31 Los Osos Athletic Club
3 Giovanni Rizzo 30 S.S. Amalfitana
4 Ubaldo Miranda 27 CN Atlètic-Tortelleta Navarro, SO
5 Zac Bradley 33 Legia Puck
6 Rey Santiago 29 Los Osos Athletic Club Port Bolivar, SO
7 T.J. Crockett 32 Oglethorpe Athletic Club

8 Brian Duffy 34 Waddington Athletic Club
9 Corey Middlebrooks 35 Waddington Athletic Club
10 Nico McClellan 22 Waddington Athletic Club Cliffwood Beach, WA
11 Matt Odorizzi 30 Waddington Athletic Club
12 Ivan Vukicevic 21 VK Primorje Crikvenica Krnica, DI
GK 13 Kevin Fontana 28 Los Osos Athletic Club San Jacinto, SO

HC Anne Buchanan

Pos     Num     Player                  Age             AFLWP Team                      Birthplace
GK 1 Mandy Kazmir 29 DAVK Mladost
2 Melanie Jankowski 27 Waddington Athletic Club Moose Lake, WA
3 Zoe Alcantara 28 Los Osos Athletic Club La Florida, SO
4 Jennifer Bowman 30 Oglethorpe Athletic Club Elk Garden, CH
5 Maria Fernanda Ramirez 25 CN Tortella Corralitos, SO
6 Emily Garrett 26 Waddington Athletic Club Bear Valley, WA
7 Victoria Paredes 27 Los Osos Athletic Club Rancho Alegre, SO

8 Sarah Foltynewicz 31 Oglethorpe Athletic Club
9 Patrizia Vigilucci 21 A.S.D. Pro Bocca Marina di San Nicola, AC
10 Kellie de la Rosa 27 Los Osos Athletic Club
11 Megan Morneau 33 VK Jug Osojnik
12 Kelsey Murphy 32 Oglethorpe Athletic Club
GK 13 Michelle Norris 35 Oglethorpe Athletic Club

Head Coach: Robert Joerger
Assistant Coach: Jim Saunders
Assistant Coach: Aleksandar Oreskovic

Pos     Num     Player                  Age     Height  SBA Team                Birthplace              College                         Draft
PG 23 Reggie Thomas 33 6'7'' Bloomingburg Timberwolves Kanawha Falls, CH
SG 9 Shabazz Christmas 27 6'4'' Harwich Zephyrs Cuckoo, CH
PF 11 O.J. Parker 33 6'9'' Muscogee Bulls Happy Valley, CH
SF 33 Bobby McFadden 23 6'7'' Malbork Kings Billy Goat Hill, CH North Chattahoochee Crimson Tide 2019 1.1
C 21 DeMarcus Landry 32 7'0'' Los Osos Grizzlies Port Fourchon, CH

PG 32 Shaquillo Cockfield 22 6'3'' Redington Suns Ducktown, CH Central Chattahoochee Razorbacks 2020 1.2
PG 20 Jalen Foxen 23 6'3'' Zagrad Hawks Port O'Connor, SO Sonoma Longhorns 2019 1.6
SG 12 James Thompson 35 5'11'' Rockingham Celtics Folly Beach, CH
SG 4 Rodrigue Bouteille 29 6'4'' Tavernes Cavaliers Brou, AQ
PF 22 Artavious McKnight 21 6'5'' Malbork Kings Beards Fork, CH Chattahoochee Tigers 2021 1.1
PF 0 Wesley McKennon 23 6'10'' Tavernes Cavaliers Oglethorpe, CH Central Chattahoochee Razorbacks 2019 1.4
SF 8 Aleksandar Zahiragic 32 6'9'' Real Manzanilla Olovo, HZ
C 1 Russ Babbitt 31 7'2'' Pointe-Au-Chien Jazz Stoneham, SO
C/F 10 Zeljko Babic 30 7'2'' Ozorkow Mavericks Vukosavljevica, DI
C/F 44 Edin Tuljkovic 22 6'11'' Beach City Heat Obodnica Gornja, HZ Chattahoochee State Seminoles 2020 1.1

HC	Jennifer Donovan	        48										

Pos Num Player Age Height SBA Team Birthplace College Draft
PG 16 Michelle Cousins 29 5'8'' Harwich Zephyrs El Cerrito, SO
SG 22 LaToya Hawkins-Kimbrough 23 6'0'' Dobravlje Olimpija Shawanee, CH Vander Wal Cavaliers 2019 1.2
PF 1 Brittany Knight 26 6'5'' Bloomingburg Timberwolves Okeechobee, CH
SF 44 Tamika Kidd-Gilchrist 28 6'1'' Pointe-Au-Chien Jazz Braddock, WA
C 23 Breanna Wilcox 31 6'6'' Oglethorpe SuperSonics Port Anderson, CH

PG 11 Monique Augustus 33 5'11'' Pointe-Au-Chien Jazz Kewanna, WA
PG 0 Sandrine Gruszczynski 20 5'9'' Beach City Heat Fontaine-le-Bourg, AQ Chattahoochee State Seminoles 2022 1.1
SG/PG 6 Annamaria Jakovina 30 5'10'' Dobravlje Olimpija Krn, KR
SG 2 Kendasha Biyombo 32 5'9'' Los Osos Grizzlies Floydsburg, CH
PF 12 Sandra Cakic 23 6'1'' Real Manzanilla Smokvica Krmpotska, DI Central Wabash Chippewas 2019 1.5
SF 32 Chantrelle McGee 22 6'5'' Muscogee Bulls Pointe-au-Chien, CH North Chattahoochee Crimson Tide 2020 1.3
SF 34 Layshia Hooper 23 6'4'' Oglethorpe SuperSonics Brownsburg, CH West Chattahoochee Wildcats 2019 1.10
C 21 Luca Vrdoljak 28 6'4'' Zagrad Hawks Kokocak, DI
C 5 Chelsea Perkins 34 6'5'' Bloomingburg Timberwolves Corralitos, SO
C 33 Keisha Parker 23 6'6'' Waddington Bucks Charlevoix, WA Wabash State Cardinals 2019 1.8


Thanks to No Nonsense Sportswear (NNS) for the uniforms!
Home: Green. Away: Grey
Kits designed by No Nonsense Sportswear (NNS) from Filindostan

Head coach: Buck Jennings
Assistant Coach: Branko Stojanovic
Pitching coach: Fred Sweet
Batting coach: Leon Webber
1st base coach: Balazs Radacsi
3rd base coach: Drazen Petrovic

Pitching Rotation:

Pos     #       Name                 Age     Hand  Team                 Birthplace
SP 13 Tyler Floyd 32 RHP Redington Beach Pirates Shaker Heights, WA
SP 34 Rusty Castillo 27 LHP Beardstown Angels Laguna Seca Ranch, SO
SP 43 Alejandro Gonzalez 30 LHP Neoga Indians San Gregorio, SO
SP 38 Zvonimir Hajrovic 27 LHP Crikvenica Reds Gornji Vakuf-Uskoplje, DI
SP 31 Shane Kowalczyk 25 RHP Waddington Cardinals Elk Run Heights, WA


Pos     #       Name                 Age    Hand  Team                  Birthplace                      College                    Draft
MR1 35 Jeff Perry 25 RHP Los Osos Rangers Roaring Creek, CH
MR2 25 Tyler Zastryzny 30 LHP Bloomingburg Tigers Harbor Springs, WA
MR3 33 Garrett Rosenberg 23 RHP Beach City Mariners Olwl's Nest, WA Wabash State Cardinals 2019 2.33
MR4 61 Greg Wloczewski 21 RHP Rockingham Grays Thompsontown, WA South Chattahoochee Bears 2021 1.23
S-Up 56 Nick Olczak 24 LHP Brighton Bulls - ENBL Millersburg, CH
CL 21 Keegan McGranahan 23 RHP Oglethorpe Red Sox Prairie du Sac, WA Wabash Huskies 2019 1.13

Batting Order without the DH:

Pos     #       Name                 Age    Bats  Team                  Birthplace
RF 5 Wilton Jimenez 31 S Beardstown Angels San Miguel, SO
2B 10 Stijn Bolsenbroek 23 S Steendam Brewers Schoondijke, HO Chattahoochee State Seminoles 2019 1.2
3B 1 Kevin McNeill 28 R Neoga Indians Mocking Bird Branch, CH
LF 55 Gustavo Mendoza 23 L Amalfi Fortitudo Los Ranchos, SO Sonoma State Golden Bears 2019 1.1
1B 16 Krunoslav Bogdanovic 32 S San Joaquin Colt .45s Kukljica, DI
SS 11 Zlatan Belec 28 L Dobravlje Blue Sox Krn, KR
CF 14 Bobby Zapata 24 S Beach City Mariners Tularosa, SO
C 6 Nick Riefenhauser 34 R Braddock Athletics Fort Winnebago, WA
P Starting Pitcher

Batting Order with the DH:

Pos     #       Name                 Age    Bats  Team                  Birthplace
RF 5 Wilton Jimenez 31 S Beardstown Angels San Miguel, SO
2B 10 Stijn Bolsenbroek 23 S Steendam Brewers Schoondijke, HO Chattahoochee State Seminoles 2019 1.2
3B 1 Kevin McNeill 28 R Neoga Indians Mocking Bird Branch, CH
LF 55 Gustavo Mendoza 23 L Amalfi Fortitudo Los Ranchos, SO Sonoma State Golden Bears 2019 1.1
1B 16 Krunoslav Bogdanovic 32 S San Joaquin Colt .45s Kukljica, DI
DH 2 Tyson Lindsey 31 L Rockingham Grays Beer Bottle Crossing, OK
SS 11 Zlatan Belec 28 L Dobravlje Blue Sox Krn, KR
CF 14 Bobby Zapata 24 S Beach City Mariners Tularosa, SO
C 6 Nick Riefenhauser 34 R Braddock Athletics Fort Winnebago, WA


Pos     #       Name                 Age    Bats  Team                  Birthplace                      College                     Draft
C 71 Niko Andrijasevic 26 S Ozorkow Mets Crikvenika, DI
DH/1B 2 Tyson Lindsey 31 L Rockingham Grays Beer Bottle Crossing, OK
1B 22 Travis Layne 36 R Nashua Broncos - ENBL Boggstown, WA
3B/2B 24 Garrett Strzelecki 21 R Oglethorpe Red Sox Beaver Crossing, OK Okanogan State Jackrabbits 2021 1.1
SS/2B 15 Keegan McCullough 22 S Beach City Mariners Wiederkehr Village, CH Chattahoochee Tigers 2020 1.2
RF/LF 3 Logan Hamburger 26 R Waddington Cardinals Huntsburg, WA
LF/CF 23 Nate O'Flaherty 36 S Rockingham Grays Laguna Beach, SO


Thanks to No Nonsense Sportswear (NNS) for the uniforms!
Home: Green. Away: Grey
Kits designed by No Nonsense Sportswear (NNS) from Filindostan

Head coach: Michelle Berg
Assistant Coach: Antonija Jelavic
Pitching coach: Victoria Nelson
Batting coach: Karen Harper

The best female baseball players are on baseball roster in demonstration, then left outs are on our softball roster.

Pitching Rotation:

Pos     #       Name                    Age     Hand    Team                    Birthplace              College                      Draft
SP 46 Taylor Wilkerson 30 LHP Potosi Dodgers Portage des Sioux, WA
SP 34 Sandrine Turgeon 23 LHP Rockingham Grays Sainte-Anne-des-Lacs, SG Montmorency Huskies 2019 1.22
SP 17 Fabiola Maldonado 21 RHP Muscogee Southerners Laguna Pueblo, SO Central Sonoma Jayhawks 2021 1.10
SP 33 Cintia Lopez 23 RHP San Joaquin Colt .45s Bombay Beach, SO Okanogan Ducks 2019 1.24
SP 37 Isabela Diaz 22 LHP San Joaquin Colt .45s San Ramon, SO Sonoma State Golden Bears 2020 1.16


Pos     #       Name                    Age     Hand    Team                    Birthplace              College                      Draft
MR1 38 Alexis Jansen 23 RHP Oglethorpe Red Sox Thompsontown, WA West Wabash Badgers 2019 3.61
MR2 26 Valentina Valentic 23 LHP Harwich Giants Visnjevac, DI BK Osojnik 2019 3.63
MR3 36 Rebeca Zamora 22 RHP Puck Royals Mohave City, SO Universidad Nacional Lobos 2020 3.58
MR4 43 Phoebe McClelland 20 LHP Dobravlje Blue Sox Buffalo Junction, CH West Chattahoochee Wildcats 2022 2.40
S-up 51 Evelyn Stankiewicz 23 LHP Zagrad Senators Bacon's Castle, CH West Chattahoochee Wildcats 2019 3.55
CL 32 Catalina Ramirez 20 RHP Clarkston Cubs Paradise Valley, SO Central Sonoma Jayhawks 2022 2.29

Batting Order without the DH:

Pos     #       Name                    Age     Hand    Team                    Birthplace              College                      Draft
CF 19 Madelynn O'Reilly 22 S Beardstown Angels Wellsburg, WA Central Wabash Chippewas 2020 1.14
SS 15 Alexis McWilliams 22 L Neoga Indians Osage Beach, WA North Wabash Redhawks 2020 1.20
3B 11 Faith McCullough 23 S Muscogee Southerners Wiederkehr Village, CH North Chattah. Crimson Tide 2019 1.12
LF 16 Marina Milanovic-Krsnik 22 R Zagrad Senators Okuklje, DI Medvednica 2020 1.9
RF 5 Alejandra Rodriguez 29 R Turakerepes Expos Los Alamos, SO
C 39 Marie-Pier Bigras 21 R Beach City Mariners Saint-Joseph-de-Kamouraska, SG Montmorency Huskies 2021 1.18
2B 2 Miranda Sanchez 23 S Ozorkow Mets Casas Coloradas, SO Central Sonoma Jayhawks 2019 2.30
1B 21 Charlotte McBride 20 S Clarkston Cubs South Cocoa Beach, CH Chattahoochee St. Seminoles 2022 1.7
P Starting Pitcher

Batting Order with the DH:

Pos     #       Name                    Age     Hand    Team                    Birthplace              College                      Draft
CF 19 Madelynn O'Reilly 22 S Beardstown Angels Wellsburg, WA Central Wabash Chippewas 2020 1.14
SS 15 Alexis McWilliams 22 L Neoga Indians Osage Beach, WA North Wabash Redhawks 2020 1.20
3B 11 Faith McCullough 23 S Muscogee Southerners Wiederkehr Village, CH North Chattah. Crimson Tide 2019 1.12
LF 16 Marina Milanovic-Krsnik 22 R Zagrad Senators Okuklje, DI Medvednica 2020 1.9
RF 5 Alejandra Rodriguez 29 R Turakerepes Expos Los Alamos, SO
DH 7 Nancy Torres 21 S Crikvenica Reds El Rio, SO Okanogan Ducks 2021 1.17
C 39 Marie-Pier Bigras 21 R Beach City Mariners Saint-Joseph-de-Kamouraska, SG Montmorency Huskies 2021 1.18
2B 2 Miranda Sanchez 23 S Ozorkow Mets Casas Coloradas, SO Central Sonoma Jayhawks 2019 2.30
1B 21 Charlotte McBride 20 S Clarkston Cubs South Cocoa Beach, CH Chattahoochee St. Seminoles 2022 1.7


Pos     #       Name                    Age     Hand    Team                    Birthplace              College                      Draft
C 9 Maryssa Concannon 21 L Oglethorpe Red Sox Fort Oglethorpe, CH Central Chattah. Razorbacks 2021 2.25
1B/RF 10 Zsofia Borsanyi-Cserepy 21 S Potosi Dodgers Tatarszentgyörgy, TD Tura Sleepwalkers 2021 2.31
2B 41 Audrey McKenzie 22 L Waddington Cardinals Indian Springs, OK Okanogan Ducks 2020 2.31
3B 18 Grace McGinness 21 R Amalfi Fortitudo Foxburg, WA Air Force Falcons 2021 2.28
SS/3B 22 Haylie Chung 31 S Braddock Athletics Los Osos, SO
CF/LF 7 Nancy Torres 21 S Crikvenica Reds El Rio, SO Okanogan Ducks 2021 1.17
CF 1 Julia Szkutnik 20 S Los Osos Rangers Black River Falls, WA Wabash State Cardinals 2022 1.5

Our kits are designed by No Nonsense Sportswear (Thanks to NNS):

Home, Away, Goalkeeper

In Alpine calendar, the games of the XIII Olympiad and the qualifications for the World Cup 82 are played simultaneously. The AFA selected the 27 best women and men for the World Cup 82, therefore here is the best of the rest.

Head Coach: Kazimierz Kowalczyk
Assistant Coach: Fred Groenendijk
Assistant Coach: Michel
*Michel's full name is Jose Miguel Trujillo Hernandez but he goes by the name Michel

Captain: Krzysztof Januszkiewicz
Vice captain: Czeslaw Zurawski
Penalty Taker: Jaroslaw Sobieszczyk
Corners (left): Goran Gregurina
Corner (right): Zdzislaw Czereszewski
Free Kicks: Tobias Götze
Direct Free Kicks: Jaroslaw Sobieszczyk

Formation: 3-5-2

Starting XI in blue
1	GK	Krzysztof Wawszczyk	27	Winchelsea F.C.	        Wadowice, WP
69 GK Bartlomiej Kasprzak 22 Olimpia Szczebrzeszyn Koprzywnica, WP
91 GK Tomasz Mikolajczak 25 Legia Puck Tluszcz, WP

2 SD Radoslaw Pietrzak 28 Real Manzanilla C.F. Pszczyna, WP
4 SD Franciszek Niedzwiecki 20 Olimpia Szczebrzeszyn Niedzwiedzica, WP
6 SD Czeslaw Staszewski 30 Korona Malbork Walcz, WP
32 SD Bojan Babic 26 NK Podvolovljek Zgrabljici, DI

3 CD Krzysztof Januszkiewicz 35 Legia Puck Puszczykowo, WP
15 CD Grzegorz Wieszczycki 25 Olimpia Szczebrzeszyn Czyzew, WP
16 CD/SD Cole Beckerman 26 Real Los Osos Bears Grove, WA
33 CD Tomasz Korczynski 28 Gornik Ozorkow Krzeszowice, WP
82 CD Florian Baumgarten 25 Borussia Ueckermünde Kittendorf, AM

9 SM Szymon Jaroszynski 30 Winchelsea F.C. Malogoszcz, WP
23 SM Nick Warner 32 Borussia Ueckermünde Des Lacs, OK
36 SM Rudolf Güntensperger 20 Borussia Ueckermünde Großröhrsdorf, AM

7 CM Sascha Welzmüller 34 Borussia Ueckermünde Buttstädt, AM
8 CM Goran Gregurina 30 GNK Dinamo Zagrad Uskoplje, DI
10 CM Wlodzimierz Waclawczyk 21 HNK Hajduk Trzeszczyn, WP
11 CM Zdzislaw Czereszewski 29 Celtic F.C. Tyszowce, WP
12 CM Tobias Götze 25 Krisztinavarosi TC Zepelin, AM
22 CM/SM Slawomir Zoledziowski 29 Real Manzanilla C.F. Szonowo Krolewskie, WP

24 CM/SM Keegan Parker 24 MTK Turakerepes Buttzville, WA
28 CM Goran Rahmanovic 30 Rangers F.C. Skakavac, HZ

13 S Maksymilian Kasperkiewicz 33 Celtic F.C. Gluszyca, WP
14 S Czeslaw Zurawski 31 SFC Ajax Myszkow, WP
18 S Przemyslaw Szpakowski 29 Legia Puck Puck, WP
88 S Jaroslaw Sobieszczyk 26 Olimpia Szczebrzeszyn Tluszcz, WP

Our kits are designed by No Nonsense Sportswear (Thanks to NNS):

Home, Away, Goalkeeper

In Alpine calendar, the games of the XIII Olympiad and the qualifications for the World Cup 82 are played simultaneously. The AFA selected the 27 best women and men for the World Cup 82, therefore here is the best of the rest.

Head Coach: Urszula Szczechowicz
Assistant Coach: Natalia Zienczuk
Assistant Coach: Margherita Bortoluzzi

Captain: Krystyna Wisniewska
Vice-captain: Elizabeth McQueen
Penalty Taker: Sandie McCracken
Corners (left): Taylor Zemanski
Corner (right): Elizabeth McQueen
Free Kicks: Alicja Jedrzejczyk
Direct Free Kicks: Alicja Jedrzejczyk or Sandie McCracken

Formation: 3-5-2

Starting XI in blue
1	GK	Anamarija Vucemilovic-Vojkovic 26	GNK Dinamo Zagrad	Gologoricki Dol, DI
26 GK Esmee van den Ouweland 20 Feyenoord Zwaagdijk Hoornsterzwaag, HO
96 GK Malgorzata Jakobczak 22 Gornik Ozorkow Pruszcz Ozorkowski, WP

3 SD Elizabeth McQueen 29 Celtic F.C. Roxburgh, CD
12 SD Urska Miskic 27 NK Olimpija Krka, KR
14 SD Luca Kiss 24 Krisztinavarosi TC Jaszfelsoszentgyörgy, TD
16 SD Zuzanna Trzeciakiewicz 22 Wisla Szczawnica Szczawnica, WP
32 SD/CD Zofia Stolarczyk 31 Olimpia Szczebrzeszyn Pruszkow, WP

5 CD Brittany Winchester 30 Winchelsea F.C. Crackington Haven, BR
13 CD Sara Djevelekaj 27 GNK Dinamo Zagrad Jagodnjak, DI
33 CD Sabrina Hartmann 31 FK Zeljeznicar Schloßböckelheim, AM
36 CD Karolina Zaborowska 20 Korona Malbork Kruszwica, WP

6 SM Emilia Rzezniczak 29 FK Zeljeznicar Zdzieszowice, WP
9 SM Roksana Kolodziejczyk 21 Korona Malbork Dulkowszczyzna, WP
10 SM Katarina Kristic 28 HNK Hajduk Zagvozd, DI
21 SM Winnifred Owens 27 FC Tortella Abergwyngregyn, CA
22 SM/CM Krystyna Wisniewska 32 Krisztinavarosi TC Szczawno-Zdroj, WP
23 SM Klaudia Kamczyk 29 Pogon Miedzyzdroje Miedzywodzie, WP

24 SM/CM Fabiola Gonzalez 28 Real Manzanilla C.F. Santa Maria del Mar, CS
81 SM/CM Taylor Zemanski 30 Twyford F.C. Reedsburg, WA

7 CM Rosenda Bergdorf 30 Shoreham Hotspur F.C. Krausnick-Groß Wasserburg, AM
11 CM Alicja Jedrzejczyk 26 Gornik Ozorkow Ostrzeszow, WP
28 CM Wiktoria Iwanicki 32 Legia Puck Szczuczyn, WP

8 S Sandie McCracken 23 Korona Malbork Linlithgow, CD
18 S Katarzyna Grzywinska 32 GNK Dinamo Zagrad Wladyslawowo, WP

93 S Sofia Kirstein 27 Pogon Miedzyzdroje Friedrichswalde, AM
99 S Maria Kopczynska 29 FK Zeljeznicar Zdzieszowice, WP

Garrett Schwartz	24	Clarkston, OK
Bartlomiej Biedrzycki 27 Puszczykowo, WP
Tyler Crockett 25 Harrington, CH
Grzegorz Milik 23 Krzeszowice, WP
Llewellyn Bale 28 Llanbedr-Dyffryn-Clwyd, CA
Niklas Ekman-Larsson 24 Skateholm, BT

Frederique Esposito	20	Harwich, SG
Alicja Zawistowska 23 Skoczow, WP
Zuzanna Teodorczyk 23 Malbork, WP
Anna Zaza 21 Capopiccolo, AC
Kyra McHugh 18 Fort Shawnee, WA
Seonaid Fletcher 22 Old Kilpatrick, CD

Coach: Boguslaw Suszczyk

Num     Pos     Player                  Age             Team                    Birthplace
16 GK Przemyslaw Zjawinski 29 KPR Szczebrzeszyn Kleszczewo, WP
5 LB Grzegorz Pfaff 31 Füchse Ueckermünde Ueckermünde, AM
28 RB Kamil Wdowczyk 33 Pogon Miedzyzdroje Juszczyna, WP
8 CB Yannick Roßbach 29 VfL Schloßböckelheim Großschönau, AM
21 LW Pawel Szukielowicz 33 MMTS Trzebiegoszcz Trzebiegoszcz, WP
29 RW Tymoteusz Pawlikowski 31 KPR Szczebrzeszyn Nieszczyce, WP
20 P Radoslaw Kwasniewski 31 Gwardia Puck Krzyz Wielkopruski, WP

1 GK Kacper Wilczak 29 MMTS Trzebiegoszcz Kwidzyn, WP
15 LB Krzysztof Bojanowski 32 FC Tortella Skrzeszowice, WP
27 RB Wojciech Tkaczyk 28 Pogon Miedzyzdroje Szprotawa, WP
17 RB/LB Maximilian Klimpke 21 VfL Schloßböckelheim Offenbach, AM
7 CB Valentin Gérard 23 Beaumont-Saint-Gontrand Plouarzel, AQ
13 CB Tim Bender 36 RK Krnica Schönenberg-Kübelberg, AM
22 LW Krzysztof Waszkiewicz 22 Pogon Miedzyzdroje Kamienica Krolewska, WP
11 RW Zlatko Bozic-Sebetic 25 GRK Osojnik Slodobnica, DI
23 P Cédric Omeyer 30 VfL Schloßböckelheim Ham-les-Moines, AM
9 W/P Ricardo Magalhães 21 FC Tortella São Pedro do Esteval, PT

Coach: Zofia Noszczak

Num     Pos     Player                  Age             Team                    Birthplace
12 GK Karolina Brzezina 32 Gornik Ozorkow Pszczyna, WP
10 LB Bernadett Lukacs 23 Krisztinavarosi TC Nagyszakacsi, TD
3 RB Fredericka Krüger 27 Füchse Ueckermünde Schieder-Schwalenberg, AM
66 CB Emilie Gigstad Oftedal 22 Füchse Ueckermünde Kjøllefjord, BT
11 LW Ewelina Wozniak 31 Korona Malbork Malbork, WP
9 RW Zelda Schatzschneider 28 VfL Schloßböckelheim Waldböckelheim, AM
22 P Urszula Ratajkowska 29 Szczakowianka Ozorkow Krzeszowice, WP

16 GK Weronika Kowalkowska 31 Korona Malbork Szczuczyn, WP
6 LB Anna Pakula 35 Szczakowianka Ozorkow Ozorkow, WP
5 RB Wiktoria Grzywacz 30 Gwardia Puck Trzeszczyn, WP
51 LB/RB Cassandra Desgrolard 21 Beaumont-Saint-Gontrand La Chapelle-aux-Choux, AQ
25 CB Agnieszka Paczkowska 31 Korona Malbork Koscierzyna, WP
8 CB Katarzyna Styczynska 34 Wisla Szczawnica Smogorzewiec, WP
15 LW Léa Guigou 30 Füchse Ueckermünde Wintersbourg, AM
14 RW Zuzanna Cybulski 24 Korona Malbork Oleszyce, WP
27 P Malgorzata Chmielowiec 35 Gornik Ozorkow Olszewice, WP
20 W/P Nikolina Jankovic 22 RK Zamet Velika Kosnica, DI

Seamus McShane	        30	Carrick, HY
Eduardo Perez 29 Rockport, SO
Jake Alvarez 26 Parramore Springs, SO
Jakub Krychowiak 27 Kamienica Krolewska, WP
Salvatore Bonucci 27 Amalfi, AC
Cameron Vanderpool-Wallace 29 Port Elizabeth, VI
James Crabbe 27 Rockingham, CH
Goran Medvesek 21 Nakovanj, DI
Derrick O'Neale 22 Mammoth Springs, CH

Wiktoria Jodlowiec	25	Szczebrzeszyn, WP
Emily Wilson 24 Raccoon, WA
Melanie McRae 23 Winterham, CH
Ximena Iniesta 23 San Juan del Puerto, CS
Khloe Schwarber 27 Warrensburg, WA
Karla Eller 26 Vordingborg, SA
Valentina Pellegrini 20 Capaccio, AC
Chelsea McAdam 21 Foxborough, SG
Ealasaid NicIlleRiabhaich 19 Kinloch Rannoch, CD

Designed by Valls Rugby from Lisander

Head Coach: Bruce McPhillips
Assistant Coach: Griogair Mac Íomhair
Assistant Coach: Gianluca Manghi

Num     Pos             Player                  Age     Team                    Birthplace
1 Prop Alasdair MacMhaolChaluim 32 Linlithgow Warriors
2 Hooker Przemyslaw Zblewski 25 Budowlani Ozorkow Kaluszyn, WP
3 Prop Jean-Pierre Cabannes 29 Stade aquitain Beaumont
4 Scrum Half Dubhagan MacDhonnchaidh 27 Saracens F.C. Auchinloch, CD
5 Fly Half Luc Bontemps 28 Stade aquitain Beaumont
6 Center Chungu Kalembo 30 Budowlani Ozorkow Namukumbo, BW
7 Winger Fergus McNally 26 Winchelsea Tigers Ashbourne, BR

8 Prop Wojciech Wisniewski 31 Linlithgow Warriors
9 Hooker/Prop Zach Ashton 31 Stade aquitain Beaumont
10 Half Ruaridh MacMhaolagain 30 Linlithgow Warriors
11 Half/Center Aodhagan Balfour-Mag Uchtre 23 Cwmffrwd Blues Cairngarroch, CD
12 Winger Niall McStravick 32 Cwmffrwd Blues Gargunnock, CD

Hooker/Prop Jaroslaw Gollob 33 Budowlani Ozorkow Krasnystaw, WP
Half Rory Horne 24 Linlithgow Warriors
Center/Winger Harry Selway 27 Saracens F.C. Downderry, BR


Designed by Valls Rugby from Lisander

Head Coach: Eilidh Nic Maoláin
Assistant Coach: Manon Drouin
Assistant Coach: Margaret Thompson

Num     Pos             Player                  Age     Team                    Birthplace
1 Prop Karolina Szczepanska 24 Budowlani Ozorkow Ozorkow, WP
3 Prop Julia Robinson 27 Saracens F.C. Twyford, BR
2 Hooker Dolidh NicRisnidh 28 Saracens F.C. Kinlocharkaig, CD
4 Scrum Half Oighrig NicIll'Fhionndaig 28 Linlithgow Warriors
5 Fly Half Pascale Soulard 32 Stade aquitain Beaumont
6 Center Patricia Ramirez 30 Stade aquitain Beaumont
7 Winger Giorsail Nic an Uidhir 30 Linlithgow Warriors

8 Prop Sarah Newton 26 Saracens F.C. Holybourne, BR
9 Hooker/Prop Amber Taylor 29 Winchelsea Tigers Brockhampton, BR
10 Half Oonagh Ní Fhloinn 24 Cwmffrwd Blues Gillygoolley, HY
11 Half/Center Fionnaghal NicIllOnfhaidh 25 Winchelsea Tigers Brydekirk, CD
12 Winger Gwyndolyn Davies 29 Cwmffrwd Blues Glyndyfrdwy, CA

Hooker/Prop Giorgia Rizzo 33 Cwmffrwd Blues
Half Zoe Shaw 20 Saracens F.C. Radbourne, BR
Center/Winger Margarita Schulze-Martinez 20 Winchelsea Tigers Mönchenholzhausen, AM

HC Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk

1		Wojciech Czarnowski	28
3 Jesus Ramirez 30
4 Przemyslaw Gruszka 32
5 Tymoteusz Dombrowski 31
6 Carson Jaeschke 30
7 Dimitri Lacazette 25

8 Franciszek Olczak 31
9 Sebastian Strassburger 26
10 Jake Anderson 29
12 Kacper Nowakowski 28
13 Ciaran Mag Shamhradrain 22
16 Jakub Schöps 24

Extra players
Stanislaw Zatorski 28
Nick McGough 21

HC Heather Manson

1	Jenn Skinner	        28
2 Alisha Darling 30 Libero
3 Urszula Twardowska 31
4 Roxanne Johansen 27
5 Haylee Shore 30
6 Fryderyka Kakolewska 26

7 Kasandra Dziekiewicz 29
8 Destinee Thorburn 33
9 Sandy Cizikas 25
10 Jelena Veljkovic 27 Libero
15 Rachel Wicks 24
16 Lonneke Koolhaas 21

Extra players
Josefine Jensen 22
Ashley Falk 32



Thanks to No Nonsense Sportswear (NNS) for the uniforms!
Home: Green. Away: Grey
Kits designed by No Nonsense Sportswear (NNS) from Filindostan

Head coach: Heather O'Sullivan
Assistant Coach: Luciana Cordero
Pitching coach: Zdenka Dragovic
Batting coach: Marie-Pier Gélinas

Pitching Rotation:

Pos     #       Name                    Age     Hand    Team                    Birthplace              College                      Draft
SP 33 Kyleigh McLaughlin 22 RHP Bloomingburg Tigers Ashton Corners, WA Wabash State Cardinals 2020 1.3
SP 31 Julija Ljubijankic 25 RHP Dobravlje Blue Sox Nose, KR
SP 35 Frédérique Lafleur 21 LHP Miltonsburg Braves Sainte-Anne-des-Lacs, SG Central Saguenay Black Bears 2021 1.2
SP 39 Amber Thomas 34 RHP Braddock Athletics Glensboro, CH
SP 37 Esperanza Diaz 22 LHP Amalfi Fortitudo San Ramon, SO Sonoma State Golden Bears 2020 1.15


Pos     #       Name                    Age     Hand    Team                    Birthplace              College                      Draft
MR1 22 Lucija Kikanovic 27 LHP Crikvenica Reds Vrnogracka Slapnica, HZ
MR2 61 Zoey Kjerstad 22 RHP Turakerepes Expos Old Landing, CH Central Chattah. Razorbacks 2020 1.21
MR3 47 Kathryn Henderson 31 RHP Beardstown Angels Bear Tavern, WA
MR4 43 Ivana Ercegovic 21 LHP Neoga Indians Otocka, DI BK Vindija 2021 2.45
S-up 36 Zoja Stankovic 31 RHP Puck Royals Podvolovljek, KR
CL 45 Genevieve McGowan 29 LHP San Joaquin Colt .45s Rosewood, WA

Batting Order without the DH:

Pos     #       Name                    Age     Hand    Team                    Birthplace              College                      Draft
CF 88 Esmeralda Sanchez 25 S Potosi Dodgers Ojo Amarillo, SO
SS 13 Britt O'Dowd 24 L Harwich Giants Owltown, CH
1B 12 Szandra Szucsanszki 22 L Los Osos Rangers Hegyhatszentjakab, TD North Chattah. Crimson Tide 2020 1.1
3B 4 Mary Jane Castro 33 R Rockingham Grays La Paz Valley, SO
LF 1 Luca Dzsudzsak 26 S Turakerepes Expos Jaszfelsoszentgyörgy, TD
2B 29 Ashley Kershaw 32 R Redington Beach Pirates Oglethorpe, CH
C 9 Madison O'Keefe 23 R Puck Royals Butts Corner, CH Chattahoochee Tigers 2019 1.3
RF 5 Kendall Ott 22 R Ozorkow Mets Green Harbor, SG West Wabash Badgers 2020 1.4
P Starting Pitcher

Batting Order with the DH:

Pos     #       Name                    Age     Hand    Team                    Birthplace              College                      Draft
CF 88 Esmeralda Sanchez 25 S Potosi Dodgers Ojo Amarillo, SO
SS 13 Britt O'Dowd 24 L Harwich Giants Owltown, CH
1B 12 Szandra Szucsanszki 22 L Los Osos Rangers Hegyhatszentjakab, TD North Chattah. Crimson Tide 2020 1.1
3B 4 Mary Jane Castro 33 R Rockingham Grays La Paz Valley, SO
LF 1 Luca Dzsudzsak 26 S Turakerepes Expos Jaszfelsoszentgyörgy, TD
DH 29 Ashley Kershaw 32 R Redington Beach Pirates Oglethorpe, CH
C 9 Madison O'Keefe 23 R Puck Royals Butts Corner, CH Chattahoochee Tigers 2019 1.3
RF 5 Kendall Ott 22 R Ozorkow Mets Green Harbor, SG West Wabash Badgers 2020 1.4
2B 74 Jessica McSweeney 21 S Puck Royals Logan Elm Village, WA Wabash State Cardinals 2021 1.3


Pos     #       Name                    Age     Hand    Team                    Birthplace              College                      Draft
C 19 Mia Sakic 34 R Zagrad Senators Zagrad, DI
1B 6 Dzemila Kvrzic 23 R Crikvenica Reds Ljeskovica, HZ BK Olovo 2019 1.8
2B 74 Jessica McSweeney 21 S Puck Royals Logan Elm Village, WA Wabash State Cardinals 2021 1.3
3B/2B 44 Zuhra Kvrzic 25 L Springfield Thoroughbreds - ENBL Ljeskovica, HZ
SS 11 Kendall O'Connor 21 S Dobravlje Blue Sox Kanawha City, CH South Chattahoochee Bears 2021 1.8
RF 16 Melanie Wojciechowski 20 L Oglethorpe Red Sox Bear Creek Corners, WA South Wabash Golden Gophers 2022 1.1
LF/CF 15 Summer van der Weide 21 L Clarkston Cubs Loch Sheldrake, WA West Wabash Badgers 2021 1.5

Hurling & Camogie

Because this roster is over the maximum characters allowed (60000), you can view the hurling and camogie roster here

Alessandro Grimaldi
Brandon Appleton
Charlie Zucker
Colton McGinn
Ethan Wilson
Fernando Jimenez
Fred Mullens
LeSean McDermott
Logan Blackburn
Nick Hunter
Nico Ladouceur
Quinton Jackson III
Reynald Potiron
Tyler Bergen
Walker Santana
William McNabb

Agnieszka Pieczynska
Alexis Gibson
Anna Thompson
Ashley Sobotka
Audrey Reilly
Brianna Reynolds
Catherine Ramczyk
Cheyenne Broxton
Destiny Garrison
Elisabeth Kang
Emily O'Neill
Esmeralda Quintana
Fabiola Guzman
Frédérique Di Giuseppe
Jennifer Gilmore
Ka'Liyah McCaffrey
Kayla Walker
Luna McFarland
Madison Gilchrist
Maria Elena Velazquez
Maria Fernanda Ramirez
Mary Lou McNichols
Melanie Aston-Ruhwedel
Melanie Rodrigues
Ny'asia McCray
Olivia Salazar
Roxanne O'Hearn
Sandrine Paquette
Sarah Rodgers
Savannah Trout
Sharon Arroyo
Shelby Colquitt
Tanisha Reddick
Taylor Weeks
Urszula Gladkowska
Zoe Schmaltz

The coaching Staff:
Head coach: Kurt McAdams
Offensive Coordinator: Fred Spencer
Defensive Coordinator: Kevin Foote
Special Teams Coach: Marvin Cunningham

Depth Chart

Gridiron players at the olympiads consists of players who were backups at the World Bowl and some who were left outs. Players who were on the starting formation at the World Bowl aren't on this team because they need some rest.

Starters in bold

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     SFL Team                Birthplace                  College                         Draft
QB 1 Wyatt Schulze-Lichtenberg 22 Oglethorpe Celts Morse Bluff, OK Central Okanogan Grizzlies 2020 1.1
QB 10 Tyler Kruger 30 Charlevoix Bears Lake Koshkonong, WA
QB 5 James Wilson 26 Neoga Jeffersons Bear Creek, CH Chattahoochee State Seminoles
QB 13 Logan Gajcak 23 San Joaquin Cow Boys Hunters Hollow, CH Floydsburg Huskies 2019 1.15

HB 26 Jhavon Diggs 26 Golden Beach Packers Floyd Springs, CH Central Chattahoochee Razorbacks 2016
HB 22 Barkevious Hawkins 28 Oglethorpe Chargers Kitty Hawk, CH

HB 31 Devaughn Flannigan-Morris 23 San Carlos Colts Port Royal, CH West Chattahoochee Wildcats 2019 1.6
HB 32 Quinlan Breaux 25 Neoga Jeffersons Pointe-au-Chien, CH Chattahoochee State Seminoles
HB 34 Don'Kevious Wilson 25 Pointe-au-Chien Browns Floydsburg, CH North Chattahoochee Crimson Tide

FB 44 Hunter McGraw 23 Ozorkow Buffaloes Dogwood Heights, CH Vander Wal Cavaliers 2019 3.88
FB/HB 46 Patrick Roberge 22 Waddington Seahawks Saint-Cléophas, SG Saguenay State Bears 2020 2.59

WR 19 Sheldrick Ferguson-McCloud 22 Ueckermünde Eagles Possum Town, CH South Chattahoochee Bears 2020 1.3
WR 12 Aphonso McCormack 23 Braddock Oilers Kimballton, CH East Chattahoochee Red Wolves 2019 1.18
WR 15 Demarcus Woods 35 Miltonsburg Rams Holly Creek, CH

WR 81 Jamal Duckett 26 Waddington Seahawks Bucksport, CH North Chattahoochee Crimson Tide 2016
WR 85 Marquis Hatwood 34 Beardstown Maroons Bear Creek Springs, CH
WR 86 Przemyslaw Szalachowski 29 Santa Fe 49ers Pszczyna, WP
WR 17 Shaquille O'Reilly IV 23 Bloomingburg Ravens Elk Hills, CH Chattahoochee Tigers 2019 1.23
WR 11 Kentre'vious McCullum 21 Malbork Saints Butts Corner, CH South Chattahoochee Bears 2022 1.3

TE 89 Nick Donald-McIntyre 24 Twyford Titans Squawfield Corners, WA Central Wabash Chippewas
TE 87 Shayne Zimmerman 32 Miltonsburg Rams Seaside, CH
TE 83 Hayden Schultz 25 Rockingham Dolphins Indian River Estates, CH Chattahoochee State Seminoles 2017
TE 88 Stanislaw Krzyzanowski 22 Charlevoix Bears Rybczyzna, WP Chattahoochee State Seminoles 2020 1.21

LT 72 Slawomir Janikowski 26 Palm Beach Cardinals Pruszkow, WP Lowlanders Szczebrzeszyn 2016
RT 65 Dalton O'Halloran 23 Miedzyzdroje Bulldogs York Beach, SG West Wabash Badgers 2019 1.7

LT 76 Kevin Wozniak 25 Clarkston Steelers Netawaka, SO Sonoma State Golden Bears
T 68 Parker Nash 24 Malbork Saints North Redington Beach, CH Chattahoochee State Seminoles
RT 67 Kurt Hohenstein 22 Zagrad Chiefs West Portsmouth, WA Central Wabash Chippewas 2020 1.15
T 66 Abdul-Kamal De Los Santos 21 Twyford Titans Madeira Beach, CH Chattahoochee State Seminoles 2022 1.17

LG 69 Mieczyslaw Laszczak-Janowicz 21 Harwich Yellow Jackets Kluczbork nad Odra, WP Ozorkow Niedzwiedzie 2022 1.2
RG 74 Jake Sanchez 26 Braddock Oilers La Junta, SO USLO Bruins 2016

RG/LG 50 Tyler VandeBerg 23 Twyford Titans Peterstown, WA Army Black Knights 2019 1.19
LG 71 Justin Zajac 25 Beardstown Maroons Waddington, WA East Wabash Spartans
G 73 Krzysztof Walczak 23 Ueckermünde Eagles Skrzeszowice, WP Okanogan Ducks 2019 2.36

C 64 Colton Ballard 26 Twyford Titans Greensburg, WA
C 60 Jordan Sawyer 31 San Joaquin Cow Boys McKnightstown, WA
C 75 Wendell Jovanovic 22 Beardstown Maroons Fort Carson, SO Air Force Falcons 2020 1.13

RE 94 Ryan Ferguson 32 Charlevoix Bears Elk Run Junction, CH
LE 61 Eldrick McLeod 23 Ueckermünde Eagles Yazoo City, CH North Chattahoochee Crimson Tide 2019 1.4

RE 93 Donavaughn Fournette 24 Floydsburg Redskins Pointe-au-Chien, CH East Chattahoochee Red Wolves
DE 63 Brandon Mazgajewski 31 Bloomingburg Ravens Bannack, OK
LE 95 Riley Sorensen 24 Ozorkow Buffaloes Swede Haven, OK Okanogan Ducks
DE 78 Cameron Reilly 31 Golden Beach Packers Southern Shores, CH

NT 99 Nick Wrzuszczak 22 Harwich Yellow Jackets Whiskey Run, WA Wabash Huskies 2020 1.2
DT 70 Blake Steinhaus 23 Ozorkow Panthers Buckinghorse River, OK Okanogan State Jackrabbits 2019 1.9
NT 96 Kellen McGrath 29 Palm Beach Cardinals Madeira Beach, CH
DT 92 Blake Murphy 30 Oglethorpe Chargers South Oxford, SG
NT 97 Rodrick Nash 35 Ozorkow Buffaloes Bear Creek Corners, WA

SLB 57 Jimmy Orr 30 Santa Fe 49ers Sandwich, SG
WLB 56 Kwashaun McFadden 29 Pointe-au-Chien Browns Beach City, SO

WLB 53 Demetrius Robinson 34 Muscogee Raiders Dogwood Heights, CH
SLB 51 Ryan Pietruszewski 23 Mendota Steam Roller Carcajou, WA Wabash Huskies 2019 1.5
SLB 90 Jaxton McFolley 21 Neoga Jeffersons Charlevoix, WA South Wabash Golden Gophers 2022 1.1
WLB 58 Jorge Ramirez 23 Rockingham Dolphins Rio Blanco, SO Universidad Nacional Lobos 2019 1.11

MLB 55 Hayden Ferguson 26 Bloomingburg Ravens Holiday Beach, SO Sonoma Longhorns 2016
MLB 52 Wolfgang Wellenhofer 23 Floydsburg Redskins Deer Grove, WA East Wabash Spartans 2019 1.10

MLB 79 Greg Moller 25 Waddington Seahawks Bear, CH Central Chattahoochee Razorbacks
MLB 54 Jarrod Houston 35 Beardstown Maroons Willacoochee, CH
MLB 59 Kyle Tucker 30 Twyford Titans Millers Falls, SG
MLB 91 Ryan Schimmelpfennig 22 Rockingham Dolphins Heidenheimer, SO Sonoma State Golden Bears 2020 1.7

LCB 21 Ja'Whaun Ezechukwu 23 Oglethorpe Chargers Redington Beach, CH Chattahoochee State Seminoles 2019 1.12
RCB 36 Ja'Kevious O'Reilly 22 Neoga Jeffersons Maringouin, WA North Chattahoochee Crimson Tide 2020 1.6

RCB 33 Kyle Celek 29 San Joaquin Cow Boys Kittaning, WA
CB 29 Jarvis Roberts 34 Potosi Bengals Cloutierville, CH
CB 24 Jontavious McIntosh 25 Malbork Saints Fort Shawnee, WA Wabash State Cardinals
CB 41 Jonathan Clarke 32 Bloomingburg Ravens Lost Mountain, CH
RCB 43 DJ Hamilton 29 Tavernes Vikings Cliffwood, WA

FS 28 Dawson Floyd 25 Miltonsburg Rams Los Fresnos, SO Chattahoochee State Seminoles 2017
SS 27 J.J. Brown 31 San Joaquin Cow Boys Netawaka, SO

FS 20 Kendrick Floyd Jr. 24 Waddington Seahawks Dutchtown, CH North Chattahoochee Crimson Tide
S 35 Kadeem Hickingbottom 25 Bloomingburg Ravens Bienville, CH Chattahoochee State Seminoles
SS 25 Que'shaun Whiterspoon 21 Ueckermünde Eagles McLeods Mill, CH Central Chattahoochee Razorbacks 2022 1.7

K 18 Nick DeLuca 24 Rockingham Dolphins West Nottingham, SG Floydsburg Huskies 2018
K 9 Jordan Lewandowski 23 Miltonsburg Rams Nacogdoches, SO Sonoma Longhorns 2019 3.95

P 4 Nick Larsen 37 Braddock Oilers Indian Harbour Beach, CH
P 14 Lukasz Jodlowski 22 Malbork Saints Szczuczyn, WP Malbork Saints U-20 2020 4.105

KR 81 Jamal Duckett 26 Waddington Seahawks Bucksport, CH
KR 17 Shaquille O'Reilly IV 23 Bloomingburg Ravens Elk Hills, CH Chattahoochee Tigers 2019 1.23
KR 32 Quinlan Breaux 25 Neoga Jeffersons Pointe-au-Chien, CH Chattahoochee State Seminoles

PR 11 Kentre'vious McCullum 21 Malbork Saints Butts Corner, CH South Chattahoochee Bears 2022 1.3
PR 17 Shaquille O'Reilly IV 23 Bloomingburg Ravens Elk Hills, CH Chattahoochee Tigers 2019 1.23

LS 39 Marcus Jefferson 24 Neoga Jeffersons Rockwood, CH Ocean City Warhawks
LS 48 Kevin Beauchamp 36 Clarkston Steelers Saint-Guy, SG

H 10 Tyler Kruger 30 Charlevoix Bears Lake Koshkonong, WA
H 5 James Wilson 26 Neoga Jeffersons Bear Creek, CH Chattahoochee State Seminoles

The coaching Staff:
Head coach: Michelle Schottenheimer
Offensive Coordinator: Kelly McKinney
Defensive Coordinator: Megan O'Hara
Special Teams Coach: Susan Bradley

Depth Chart

Gridiron players at the olympiads consists of players who were backups at the World Bowl and some who were left outs. Players who were on the starting formation at the World Bowl aren't on this team because they need some rest.

Starters in bold

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     SFL Team                Birthplace                  College                         Draft
QB 8 Haylie Woo 24 Miltonsburg Rams Stoneham, SO USLO Bruins 2018 1.1
QB 16 Sharon Vargas-Ramirez 21 Mendota Steam Roller Fort Jones, SO Universidad Nacional Lobos 2022 2.46
QB 2 Alison Keene 22 Oglethorpe Chargers Sunrise Beach, WA East Wabash Spartans 2020 3.80
QB 4 Kayla Zeitler 22 Hamptonburgh SaberCats AFL Old Homestead, SO Central Sonoma Jayhawks

HB 21 Taniyah Hawkins-Henderson 22 Harwich Yellow Jackets Potosi, SO Sonoma State Golden Bears 2020 2.34
HB 25 Za'Niyah McCullers 20 Rockingham Dolphins South Fork, CH Chattahoochee Tigers 2023 1.13

HB 30 Eleesha McCauley 21 Santa Fe 49ers Braddock, WA West Wabash Badgers 2022 2.52
RB/LB 33 Lashanna McPhee 23 Waddington Predators AFL Hunters Hollow, CH South Chattahoochee Bears

FB 45 Alyssa Mayfield 22 Free Agent Elm Grove, WA

WR 89 Agnieszka Wisniewska 32 Miedzyzdroje Bulldogs Rybczyzna, WP
WR 11 Raven McKenzie 24 Miltonsburg Rams Crockett Mills, CH East Chattahoochee Red Wolves
WR 81 Courtney Stenberg 23 Santa Fe 49ers McDougall, CH East Chattahoochee Red Wolves 2019 3.80

WR 85 Weronika Klimkowska 25 Malbork Saints Koprzywnica, WP
WR 87 Ayana McLeod 20 Neoga Jeffersons Stoneham, SO Air Force Falcons 2023 1.30
WR 82 Marie-Louise Lührßen 21 Ueckermünde Eagles Königsbrück, AM Ueckermünde JFT U-21 2022 4.103
WR 86 Kalisha Thompkins 21 Golden Beach Packers Shawanee, CH Floydsburg Huskies 2022 4.121
WR 80 Karissa Walter 22 San Carlos Colts Shawsville, CH South Chattahoochee Bears 2020 4.114
WR 14 Makayla Hicks-Bishop 20 Mendota Steam Roller Fort Adams, CH East Chattahoochee Red Wolves 2023 4.99

TE 88 Joanna Twardowska 22 Tavernes Vikings Pruszkow, WP Szczebrzeszyn Lowlanders U-20 2020 3.96
TE 83 Emily McLune 21 Oglethorpe Celts Rancho Haven, SO Central Sonoma Jayhawks 2022 4.107

LT 77 Evelyn Kallenberger 22 Los Osos Eskimos Beards Fork, CH Floydsburg Huskies 2020 1.8
RT/LT 64 Kaylee Schultz 23 Muscogee Raiders Waylandsburg, CH Chattahoochee Tigers 2019 2.64

RG/RT 65 Bianca Kuzjak 21 Muscogee Raiders Fort Shaw, OK Central Okanogan Grizzlies 2022 3.95
T 62 Victoria Fitzpatrick 21 Free Agent Ocean Bluff, SG

LG 55 Joanna Kolakowska 23 San Joaquin Cow Boys Kamienica Krolewska, WP West Chattahoochee Wildcats 2019 3.79
RG/LG 68 Riley Wilson 23 Harwich Yellow Jackets Oniontown, WA Henry Morris Colonels 2019 2.34

RG/RT 65 Bianca Kuzjak 21 Muscogee Raiders Fort Shaw, OK Central Okanogan Grizzlies 2022 3.95
G 76 Anna Walendziak 20 Tavernes Vikings Miedzyzdroje, WP Miedzyzdroje Rebels U-21 2023 5.137

C 72 Mariana Salazar 22 Clarkston Steelers Port Isabel, SO Universidad Nacional Lobos 2020 3.94
C 74 Alex Lima 20 San Joaquin Cow Boys Aguilar, SO Sonoma Longhorns 2023 5.149

RE 95 Emily Wroblewski 23 Santa Fe 49ers Koshkonong, WA South Wabash Golden Gophers 2019 1.16
LE 96 Melanie Nowakowski 23 Neoga Jeffersons Bear Creek Village, WA Central Wabash Chippewas 2019 1.14

DE 91 Urszula Oliszewska 20 Ozorkow Buffaloes Rybczyzna, WP Puck Angels U-21 2023 1.25
DE 59 Elisabeth Bean 22 Floydsburg Redskins Hollow Creek, CH South Chattahoochee Bears 2020 3.92
OLB/DE 51 Megan Eklund 20 Harwich Yellow Jackets Foxburg, WA Wabash Huskies 2023 3.66
OLB/DE 53 Sarah Kleinberg 20 Malbork Saints Strasburg, WA Wabash Huskies 2023 3.75
DE 93 Julieta Hurtado 20 Rockingham Dolphins Palm Shores, CH Chattahoochee State Seminoles 2023 5.141

NT 99 Karolina Rozwandowicz 24 Bloomingburg Ravens Trzeszczyn, WP Niedzwiedzie Ozorkow
DT 71 Fernanda Zamora 22 Twyford Titans Oceano, SO USLO Bruins 2020 3.78
MLB/DT 97 Oliwia Piatkowska 22 Ueckermünde Eagles Pszczyna, WP Szczawnica Green Ducks U-20 2020 4.99
DT 98 Virginie Fournier 21 San Joaquin Cow Boys Saint-Ferdinand, SG USAM Lions 2022 4.109

SLB 92 Haley McGowan 23 Zagrad Chiefs Rabbit Ridge, CH Floydsburg Huskies 2019 2.35
WLB 94 Madison O'Connor 22 San Carlos Colts Okeechobee, CH Okeechobee Gators 2020 1.18

SLB 44 Elzbieta Klobukowska 21 Ozorkow Buffaloes Pereszczowka, WP Puck Angels U-21 2022 1.18
WLB 56 Roksana Wroblewska 22 Oglethorpe Celts Kamienica Krolewska, WP North Chattahoochee Crimson Tide 2020 2.33
OLB 52 Riley McGowan 20 Ueckermünde Eagles Rabbit Ridge, CH East Chattahoochee Red Wolves 2023 2.59
OLB/DE 51 Megan Eklund 20 Harwich Yellow Jackets Foxburg, WA Wabash Huskies 2023 3.66
OLB/DE 53 Sarah Kleinberg 20 Malbork Saints Strasburg, WA Wabash Huskies 2023 3.75
WLB 50 Olivia Paredes 20 Charlevoix Bears Mesa del Caballo, SO Central Sonoma Jayhawks 2023 4.127
OLB 90 Sarah Pedersen 21 Waddington Predators AFL Bear River City, SO Central Okanogan Grizzlies

MLB 58 Madison Killian 23 Charlevoix Bears Hackettstown, WA Wabash State Cardinals 2019 1.25
MLB 54 Yolanda Scroggins-Dixon 21 Palm Beach Cardinals Pointe-au-Chien, CH North Chattahoochee Crimson Tide 2022 1.28

MLB 57 Elizabeth McMillian 23 San Carlos Colts Ocean Bluff, SG Central Saguenay Black Bears 2019 3.70
MLB 79 Frédérique Pitre 22 Clarkston Steelers Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!, SG Central Saguenay Black Bears 2020 2.62
MLB/DT 97 Oliwia Piatkowska 22 Ueckermünde Eagles Pszczyna, WP Szczawnica Green Ducks U-20 2020 4.99
MLB 78 Jennifer McDermott 21 San Carlos Colts Twin Beach, WA Wabash State Cardinals 2022 4.106
MLB 75 Maria Elena Perez 20 Waddington Seahawks Los Fresnos, SO Sonoma State Golden Bears 2023 4.125

LCB 39 Zuzanna Jankowska 31 Ozorkow Panthers Ozorkow, WP
RCB 27 Kassandra Jimenez 23 Miltonsburg Rams Port Bolivar, SO Sonoma State Golden Bears 2019 1.31

CB 35 Dannisha McMillan 22 Floydsburg Redskins Louisburg, CH West Chattahoochee Wildcats 2020 1.28
CB 24 Kendall McQueen 23 Waddington Seahawks Oglethorpe, CH Central Chattahoochee Razorbacks 2019 2.49
CB 26 Josephine Kruse 24 Tortella Dragons SFL Eurasia Wietzendorf, AM
CB 31 Eleesha O'Neal 20 Floydsburg Redskins Warwick, CH Central Chattahoochee Razorbacks 2023 2.60
RCB 22 Amelia O'Reilly 20 Ozorkow Panthers Hartsgrove, WA Wabash State Cardinals 2023 4.103
CB 46 Mandy Snyder 21 Miedzyzdroje Bulldogs Wabasha, WA Wabash State Cardinals 2022 5.158

FS/SS 36 Rachelle Croteau 23 Beardstown Maroons Petit-Saguenay, SG Montmorency Huskies 2019 1.26
SS 43 Kristina Rodriguez 24 San Joaquin Cow Boys Willcox Playa, SO Central Sonoma Jayhawks 2018

FS 32 Shandee McWilson 21 Ueckermünde Eagles East Rockingham, CH Chattahoochee Tigers 2022 2.39
S 20 Dominique McPherson 22 Miltonsburg Rams Harrisonburg, CH North Chattahoochee Crimson Tide 2020 2.61
FS 28 Alexis Pfeffer-Thompson 20 Harwich Yellow Jackets Grover Beach, SO USLO Bruins 2023 2.34

K 15 Anna Ricci 23 Harwich Yellow Jackets Harwich, SG Oxford Crimson undrafted

P 9 Angelica Ogsbury 21 Potosi Bengals East Bend, WA Air Force Falcons 2022 5.136

KR 81 Courtney Stenberg 23 Santa Fe 49ers McDougall, CH East Chattahoochee Red Wolves 2019 3.80
KR 86 Kalisha Thompkins 21 Golden Beach Packers Shawanee, CH Floydsburg Huskies 2022 4.121
KR 24 Kendall McQueen 23 Waddington Seahawks Oglethorpe, CH Central Chattahoochee Razorbacks 2019 2.49

PR 81 Courtney Stenberg 23 Santa Fe 49ers McDougall, CH East Chattahoochee Red Wolves 2019 3.80
PR 86 Kalisha Thompkins 21 Golden Beach Packers Shawanee, CH Floydsburg Huskies 2022 4.121

LS 70 Kelsey Proehl 24 Free Agent Larson Beach, WA

H 16 Sharon Vargas-Ramirez 21 Mendota Steam Roller Fort Jones, SO Universidad Nacional Lobos 2022 2.46
H 2 Alison Keene 22 Oglethorpe Chargers Sunrise Beach, WA East Wabash Spartans 2020 3.80

Coach: Chuck McGowan
Assistant coach: Jim Blackburn

Starrting X in bold
GK	35	Seth Matheson	27		Hamptonburgh Rock	Norridgewock, SG	
GK 1 Sean Cook 32 Clarkston Knighthawks McDougall, CH
GK 33 Colt Kowalczyk 23 Portsmouth Black Wolves Beaver Springs, WA

D	2	Brandon Hanigan	28		Portsmouth Black Wolves	Fruitland Park, CH
D 21 Keegan MacEachern 22 Portsmouth Black Wolves Onondaga, WA
D 4 Tyler Whiteeagle 30 Saguenay Saints Whapmagoostui, SA

D 5 Chris Jennings 32 Oglethorpe Thunder Grand Chute, WA
D 3 Tyler Pizzano 23 Clarkston Knighthawks Woodbury, SG
D 6 Jeremy Walker 29 Waddington Raiders Kewaunee, WA
D 20 Travis Ludwick 22 Hamptonburgh Rock Harrington, CH

M	61	Mason O'Rourke	26		Oglethorpe Thunder	Upper Holly Creek, CH
M 10 Zach Wilkins 29 Waddington Raiders Buchanan, WA
M 23 Nick Floyd 34 Clarkston Knighthawks Gold Beach, OK

M 18 Rowan McKinney 23 Saguenay Saints Pig, CH
M 11 Ryan Klein 30 Oglethorpe Thunder Dalton Gardens, OK
M 33 Ramon Nuñez 23 Hamptonburgh Rock Hackettstown, WA
M 15 Francis Gagné 22 Saguenay Saints L'Île-du-Grand-Calumet, SG

F	25	Carson Maloney	26		Clarkston Knighthawks	Stonerstown, WA	
F 16 Jake Richards 31 Hamptonburgh Rock Hampton, SG
F 17 Kyle Richards 31 Hamptonburgh Rock Hampton, SG

F 13 Travis Logan 34 Waddington Raiders Jamestown, SO
F 66 Parker Johnston 22 Clarkston Knighthawks Great Bend, SO
F 71 Logan Ottawa 21 Saguenay Saints Lac-Akonapwehikan, SG
F 55 Shane Garrett 20 Portsmouth Black Wolves Upper Woodstock, SG

Coach: Teresa Schneider
Assistant coach: Kimberly Cole

Starrting X in green
GK	35	Sandrine Couturier 26		Saguenay Saints	        Vaudreuil-sur-le-Lac, SG
GK 33 Faith Callahan 22 Oglethorpe Thunder Chickamaw Beach, WA

D	15	Julie Béliveau	25		Saguenay Saints	        Frontenac, SG
D 91 Maria Elena Nuñez 25 Clarkston Knighthawks Hackettstown, WA
D 25 Katherine Hoggarth 24 Hamptonburgh Rock Emerald Beach, WA

D 17 Morgan Mays 31 Oglethorpe Thunder Clermont Harbor, CH
D 22 Grace Nichols 20 Hamptonburgh Rock Deer River, WA

M	8	Melody Hendricks 34		Portsmouth Black Wolves	Rockingham, SG
M 16 Sharon Hidalgo 26 Portsmouth Black Wolves La Selva Beach, SO
M 77 Mélanie Charbonneau 23 Oglethorpe Thunder Rivière-Bleue, SG

M 88 Roxanne Gregerson 20 Waddington Raiders South Beach, OK
M 26 Natalie Schultz 21 Hamptonburgh Rock Pine Island, WA

F	7	Alison Blackwolf 27		Portsmouth Black Wolves	Moose Junction, WA	
F 9 Sarah Davis 29 Oglethorpe Thunder Belle Prairie, WA
F 89 Alyssa Smelker 22 Waddington Raiders Bear Cove, OK

F 51 Taylor Sadkowski 28 Waddington Raiders Pine City, WA
F 11 Laurianne Perron 21 Clarkston Knighthawks Pointe-Calumet, SG

Rugby League Nines

Because this roster is over the maximum characters allowed (60000), you can view the Rugby League Nines roster here
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Hockey: 15th | American Football: 8th | Baseball: 10th | Association Football: 65th | Rugby Union: 23rd

Champions: World Bowl XXXII
Runner Up: WCoH 36
3rd Place:
4th Place: WJHC 12, Independents Cup 4, Handball World Cup 21

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The Sherpa Empire
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Postby The Sherpa Empire » Tue Dec 25, 2018 10:38 pm

The Sherpa Empire's flag bearer is tennis player Lhami Sherpa, who was kidnapped by the Taliban two years ago, but successfully escaped and has recently returned to playing tennis. She is seen as a symbol of Sherpa strength and perseverance, as well as women's empowerment. Not everyone in the Empire is pleased to have a woman as flag bearer, but the Ministry of Culture got approval from the highest authorities to go ahead with their choice.

The Sherpa Empire's delegation will be arriving at the opening ceremonies in traditional Sherpa attire with a blue, red, and gold color scheme.

Uniforms for all events have cobalt blue or brick red as the dominant colors, though they may have a variety of other colors as accents.

Here are the rosters for the team events:

Men's Basketball Team:

SG: Dianqin Wu
SG: Guanwei Zhu
PG: Rensheng Liao
PG: Rui Bei
C: Jinzhao Deng
C: Huan Yao
SF: Dezhi Gao
SF: Kalden He
PF: Thundu Sachar
PF: Qi Long
F: Junliu Hou
G: Yun Lao

Women's Basketball Team:

SG: Tashi Sun
SG: Huijun Yang
PG: Phurwa Xiu
PG: Jiaqian Wang
C: Yunming Liu
C: Yang Sui
SF: Changhua Li
SF: Qing Quan
PF: Cheng Di
PF: Keliang Wen
F: Mendok Bagchi
G: Tsamji Yong

Men's Baseball Team:

Position Players:

C: Tsering Rajesh
C: Jiye Pei
1B: Urkyen Hu
2B: Vishwanathan Manchu
3B: Sridhar Karki
SS: Tukti Hosseini
IF: Omar Zheng
IF: Tenzing Chhetri
IF: Yao Ding
LF: Khalid Divya
RF: Nong Bai
CF: Tandi Patil
OF: Zangbu Marwan
OF: Nuru Sherpa

Starting Rotation:

1. Sonam Chishti
2. Tongkai Chen
3. Yokpu Tayur
4. Prathap Gavaskar
5. Douya Li


*Bang Wei (set-up)
*Pratesh Murthy (closer)
*Rajinder Pilgaonkar (long relief)
*Samde Wu
*Qiaoshu Dong
*Qian Lü

Batting Order:

1. Rajesh
2. Manchu
3. Patil
4. Hosseini
5. Divya
6. Bai
7. Hu
8. Karki
9. Pitcher's slot

Women's Baseball Team:

Position Players:

C: Maryam Aslan
C: Anjali Qiu
1B: Laki Kothari
2B: Sri Nishat
3B: Yanzi Shi
SS: Rehana Madadi
IF: Pasi Singh
IF: Aparna Ramanujan
IF: Yangdu Raja
LF: Tashi Zong
RF: Daki Chandra
CF: Priyanka Zhou
OF: Meng Xiu
OF: Lian Wang

Starting Rotation:

1. Kenchi Sherpa
2. Qiyi Tan
3. Aishwarya Datta
4. Lhamu Qin
5. Adila Ma


*Fatima Haidar(set-up)
*Anya Lu
*Xue Zhu(long relief)
*Piaolan Fan
*Diku Daki Sherpa(closer)
*Khaleda Chauhan

Batting Order:

1. Kothari
2. Shi
3. Madadi
4. Zong
5. Chandra
6. Zhou
7. Nishat
8. Aslan
9. Pitcher's slot

Men's Football Team:


GK: Jamal Salaka
LB: Mohan Tendulkar
CB: Wangdi Soylu
RB: Sunil Bhat
AM: Pasang Shetty
LM: Temba Li
CM: Chengwen Du
RM: Sai Feng
LW: Yulha Lu
CF: Chepal Jones-Dan
RW: Bing Kang


GK: Omar Naqvi
LB: Siddharth Desai
CB: Gyurme Sherpa
RB: Subhas Sapkota
DM: Kumar Wang
LM: Wei Qiao
CM: Mingma Kak
RM: Gunjit Ghosh
LW: Caozheng Xiang
CF: Rajit Srinivasan
RW: Lanye Chen

Women's Football Team:


GK: Sena Yong
LB: Gui Guan
CB: Padma Ghai
RB: Sadiqa Malhotra
DM: Phurba Liu
LM: Pemputi Ismail
CM: Chokpa Bhattarai
RM: Fenhui Li
LW: Meena Shastri
CF: Xun Yang
RW: Yuelian Zhao


GK: Uti Karnik
LB: Pemba Zhang
CB: Fatima Reddy
RB: Ruijin Yi
AM: Chotin Malik
LM: Supriya Sarja
CM: Laxmi Bhattacharyya
RM: Nyimdoma Mittal
LW: Yongmi Sobhan
CF: Nima Chan
RW: Sani Pathak

Men's Hockey Team:


GK: Rajit Patel
DEF: Kyidawa Shenoy
DEF: Ismail Rao
DEF: Sani Sherpa
MID: Avijit Darwish
MID: Ashok Murthy
MID: Xiewu Rong
FOR: Tandi Reddy
FOR: Yihang Fu
FOR: Shu Ye
FOR: Rinzi Maulingkar


GK: Lhakpa Han
DEF: Rashid Lonkar
MID: Juhui Li
FOR: Dorjee Jiu
FOR: Ongchu Misra
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Following new legislation in The Sherpa Empire, life is short but human kindness is endless.
Alternate IC names: Sherpaland, Pharak

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West Phoenicia
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Postby West Phoenicia » Wed Dec 26, 2018 4:28 am


Nation: The Confederate Empire of West Phoenicia

Ruler: Emperor Glenton Gryphon-Bush II
Co Ruler: Empress Angelique Baroda-Gryphon-Bush
Co Ruler: Empress Alotta Diesel Gryphon-Bush.
Co Ruler: Empress Cleopatra-Olympias Gryphon-Bush
Prime Minister: Jimmy Bain
Deputy Prime Minister: Countess Tia High
Religious Leader: Pontifex Angelika I
Pagan Religious Leader: High Priestess Margie Brixton II

Minister of West Phoenician Olympic Sports: Baroness Flora Freeman
Olympic Federation President: Baroness Flora Freeman
Olympic Federation Chairperson: Lord Maximillan Saintè III
Olympic Federation Vice- Chairperson: David Baroda
Selection Committee Head: Lady Giselle Santiago

Flag Bearer: Princess Royal Arsinoe Gryphon-Bush II Philometar 
Team Colours: Purple and Gold
National Anthem: West Phoenicia in our hearts forever

The nations under the Empire of West Phoenicia, will all compete under the KWP banner

• West Phoenicia
• Unicorn Isles
• Protectorate of Independent Phoenicia
• Absolute Monarchy of Ptolemaic Islands
• Theocracy of Annixe Christos
• Duchy of South Phoenicia
• Kingdom of Debney Bay
• Theocracy of Ardon
• Kingdom of Greater Phillistia
• Democratic Kingdom of Antebelluma
• People's Democratic Republics of Hellenestica
• Duchy of Neo-Mythical Districts
• White Rose Confederation



Aquatics- Diving- Women's Synchronized 10 m Platform- Rochelle Queen/Rosie Pinkerton (XIII)
Aquatics-Swimming Women's 200m Freestyle-Davina Auckland (XIII)
Aquatics- Swimming Women's 200m Butterfly-Charis Load (XIII)
Aquatics- Swimming Women's 100m Freestyle- Melanie Power (XIII)
Archery - Women's Individual Archery-Ameila Defence (XII)
Archery- Men's Team Archery (XIII)
Athletics- Men’s Long Jump- Guy Bush (XII)
Athletics - Women’s Heptathlon- Natanya Sydney (XII)
Athletics - Women’s 800 m- Lisa Italia (XII)
Athletics - Women’s Discus Throw- Casey Moonee (XII)
Badminton - Men’s singles-Toan Le (XII)
Badminton - Women’s singles- Thuy Le’Cell (XII)
Boxing - Men’s Bantamweight-Titus Angel(XII)
Cycling - Men’s Individual Time Trial- Aaron Townsville (XII)
Equestrian- Team Jumping-West Phoenicia (XIII)
Fencing - Women’s Individual Épée-Allison St James (XII)
Fencing- Women's Individual Èpèè-Duchess Margaret Iris (XIII)
Fencing- Men's Individual Èpèè-Scott Cumberland (XIII)
Fencing- Women's Team Èpèè- Duchess Margaret Iris/Priya Salmat/Lady Tottie James (XIII)
Fencing- Women's Team Sabre- Lynda Iran/Sherry Tyre/Marchioness Linda Lebanon (XIII)
Gymnastics- Pommel Horse- Daniel Israeli (XI)
Judo- Mens 100kgs- Manny Florida (XIII)
Judo- Men's Over 100kgs- Trevor Rushworth
Modern Pentathlon-Hieu High- (XII)
Rowing - Men’s Lightweight Double Sculls-Captain Derreck Kentley/Lieutenant Colin Kentley (XII)
Rowing - Women’s Lightweight Double Sculls-Alice Mohican/Cora Mohican (XII)
Rowing- Men's Coxed Eights (XIII)
Sailing - Women’s Sailboard-Roccio Salvador (XII)
Sailing- Women's One person Dighny-Wen-Lee Cell (XIII)
Sailing-Women's Two-Person Dinghy- Susana Salvador/Yael Israel (XIII)
Shooting - Men's 10 m air rifle-Duke Attalus Dundas V (XII)
Shooting - Women’s 25 m Rapid Fire Pistol-Lady Ptolemais Dundas (XII)
Shooting- Men's 10m Air Pistol- Daniel Crotia (XIII)
Shooting- Women's Skeet- Princess Rhea Gryphon (XIII)
Skateboarding-Women's Park- Christobel Tee (XIII)
Table Tennis- Women's Individual-Princess Candace Bush-Sunbury (XIII)
Table Tennis- Women's Team- Princess Candace Bush-Sunbury/Carol Nguyen/Apama Nguyen (XIII)
Tennis - Men’s Singles-Kamal Dallas (XII)
Tennis- Men's Singles- Kamal Dallas (XIII)
Tennis-me Women's Singles- Renee Richardson (XIII)
Weightlifting - Men's 56 kg-Ali Dallas (XII)
Weightlifting- Men's 56kg- Ali Dallas (XIII)
Weightlifting-Women’s 63 kg- Michelle Dallas (XII)
Weightlifting- Men's 69kg-Gold-Abbas Dallas (XIII)
Wrestling - Freestyle Men’s 65 kg- Michael Vassell (XII)
Wrestling - Freestyle Women’s 63 kg- Mandy Tan (XII)
Wrestling-Greco-Roman Men's 59kgs-Ashywn Colt (XIII)

Aquatics- Diving- Women's 3m Springboard- Sandy Chang (XIII)
Aquatics- Swimming- Men's 200m Butterfly-Allan Komad (XI)
Aquatics- Swimming - Women’s 400 m Individual Medley-Rowena Roxborough (XII)
Aquatics -Swimming-Women’s 400 m Freestyle-Kylie Stuart (XII)
Aquatics- Swimming-Men’s 200 m Individual Medley-Tom Zealand (XII)
Aquatics- Swimming- Men's 200m Individual Medley- Tom Zealand (XIII)
Aquatics-Swimming- Men's 100m Butterfly-Allan Komad (XIII)
Aquatics-Swimming- Women's 200m Backstroke- Melissa Thomasi (XIII)
Aquatics- Swimming- Women's 4x100 m Medley Relay- Doreen Phee/Margie Brixton/Rowena Roxborough/Rachel Cinnamon(XIII)
Archery Men’s Individual-Pete Long (XII)
Archery Women's Individual-Amelia Defence (XIII)
Athletics-Women’s 3000 m Steeplechase-Susan Tasman (XII)
Athletics- Men's 20km Walk-Xander Summers (XIII)
Athletics-Women's 20km Walk-Michelle Tyler
Badminton - Men’s doubles-Toan Le/Nathan Tomica (XII)
Badminton - Women’s doubles-Qi Dai/Cheryl Pisaccio (XII)
Boxing - Women’s Middleweight- Missy Wheelan (XII)
Boxing - Women’s Super Heavyweight-Diane Monk (XII)
Cycling - Women’s Mountain Bike-Emma Jade (XII)
Cycling- Men's Maddison- Tim Bainwater/Jimmy Bainwater (XIII)
Fencing - Men’s Individual Foil-Merry-Pippin Baroda (XII)
Fencing- Women's Individual Epee-Thessalonike Ptolemy (XIII)
Gymnastics - Men’s Individual All-Around-Jimmy Saigon (XII)
Gymnastics - Rhythmic women’s individual-Sun-Hi Malvern (XII)
Karate- Women's Kumite 55kgs- Countess Annie Lei (XIII)
Rowing-Men’s Lightweight Double Sculls-Captain Derreck Kentley/Lieutenant Colin Kentley (XIII)
Rowing - Women’s Lightweight Double Sculls-Alice Mohican/Cora Mohican (XIII)
Rowing- Women's Single Sculls- Whitey Tea Awe (XIII)
Rugby sevens - Men’s- West Phoenicia (XII)
Sailing -Women’s Sailboard- Roccio Salvador (XI)
Sailing-Mens Windsurfer-Alan Anton (XIII)
Sailing- Men's Heavyweight Dinghy-Lord Diodotus Dundas (XIII)
Shooting - Men’s Skeet-Prince Jericho Bush (XII)
Shooting - Women’s 50 m Rifle Prone-Sapphira True-Path (XII)
Shooting- Women's 10m Air Pistol-Amber Dances (XIII)
Weightlifting- Women's75kgs- Duchess Donna Gryphon (XIII)


Aquatics-Diving - Women’s Synchronized 3 m Springboard-Sarah Wick / Leah Wick (XII)
Aquatics- Diving-Women’s 3 m Springboard-Leah Wick (XII)
Aquatics- Diving-Women’s 10 m Platform-Sarah Wick (XII)
Aquatics-Diving-Diving-Men's Synchronized 10 m Platform-Chang Wei/Peter Peng (XIII)
Aquatics -Swimming-Men’s 4×100 m Freestyle Relay-West Phoenicia (XII)
Aquatics-Swimming- Men's 50m Freestyle-Lord Austin Von Dixie (XII)
Aquatics- Swimming- Men's 800m Freestyle-Joshua Von Queens (XIII)
Aquatics-Swimming- Men's 200m Breaststroke-Murat Tunn (XIII)
Aquatics- Synchronized Swimming-Nadia Bosnia and Daria Primary (XI)
Archery- Women's Team Archery (XIII)
Athletics- Women's 10000m- Belinda Fingeria (XIII)
Boxing - Women’s Lightweight-Zara Maso (XII)
Boxing- Women's Lightweight- Zara Maso (XIII)
Boxing - Women’s Light Welterweight-Becca Moodie (XII)
Boxing - Men’s Middleweight- Mirwais Hobson (XII)
Canoeing - Sprint Men’s K-1 200 m-Andy Tasman (XII)
Canoeing - Sprint Women’s C-1 200 m-Inga Horn (XII)
Cycling - Women's individual sprint-Eve Central (XII)
Gymnastics-Men's Trampoline-Prince Matthias Bush (XII)
Gymnastics-Women's Trampoline-Babs Abbou (XII)
Judo-Men's 100kg -Manny Florida (XII)
Judo- Women's 48kgs- Janice Morris (XIII)
Judo- Women's 63kgs- Fardous Cinnamon (XIII)
Modern Pentathlon-Hieu High (XI)
Sailing - Women’s One-Person Dinghy-Wen-Lee Cell (XII)
Sailing- Women's Windsurfer-Lady Tryphaena Ptolemy (XIII)
Sailing- Women's Heavyweight Dinghy- Yael Israel (XIII)
Shooting- 50m Pistol-Prince Glenton Gryphon-Bush III (XI)
Shooting-Women’s 10 m Air Pistol-Amber Dances (XII)
Shooting- Mixed Trap Team- Sapphira True-Path/Prince Glenton Bush III (XIII)
Shooting- Mixed Rifle Team- Osiris Atin/Madame. Philia Dundas (XIII)
Skateboarding- Men's Street- Hank Do (XIII)
Table Tennis - Women’s Team - Princess Candace Bush-Sunbury/Carol Nguyen/Do Nguyen (XII)
Taekwondo - Women’s 49 kg-Jin Swannie (XII)
Tennis -Men's Doubles-Kamal Dallas/ Wissam Dallas (XII)
Tennis- Men's Doubles-Kamal Dallas/Wissam Dallas (XIII)
Tennis - Women’s Doubles-Tiffany Love/ Staci Harris (XII)
Weightlifting - Women's 48 kg-Trish Soong (XII)
Weightlifting-Men’s 62 kg-Bassam Dallas (XII)
Weightlifting-Men's 84kgs-Issam Dallas (XIII)
Wrestling-Freestyle Wrestling-63kgs-Mandy Tan (XI)
Wrestling - Freestyle Women’s 48 kg- Cherrie Cult (XII)
Wrestling-Greco-Roman Wrestling-69kgs-Lady Tanashay Zimbabwe (XI)
Wrestling - Greco-Roman Women's 69kgs- Lady Tana-shay Zimbabwe (XIII)
Wrestling - Greco-Roman Men's 98 kg-Dave Colt (XII)
Wrestling - Greco-Roman Men's 130 kg-Gregory Ascot (XII)
Wrestling- Greco-Roman Women's 75kgs- Liesel Von Lichtenstein (XIII)
Wrestling- Greco-Roman Women's 53kgs- Lady Bernike Ptolemy III (XIII)
Wrestling-Greco-Roman Men's 75kgs-Barry Colt (XIII)
Wrestling- Greco-Roman Men's 130kgs-Gregory Ascot (XIII)

Demonstration Events:

Baseball -Men's- West Phoenicia (XI)
Cricket- Women's-West Phoenicia (XII)
Esports- Men's Moba-West Phoenicia (XIII)
Horse Racing-4 year old fillies-Lady Greensleeves (XIII)
Mixed Martial Arts-Men's Straw Weight-Zack Goodall (XIII)
Mixed Martial Arts- Women's Middleweight-Callie Rook (XIII)
Performance Wrestling- Men's Tag Team-Nathan Knight/Justus Knight/Roger Hammersmith/Mike Hammersmith (XIII)
Traditional Pentalon- Princess Katherine-Margaruite Bush (XIII)


Esports- Women's Moba-West Phoenicia (XIII)
Softball-Women’s- West Phoenicia (XII)
Horse Racing- 4 year old Fillies-Mysteria (XIII)
Mixed Martial Arts- Men's Mddleweight-Apollo Marsh (XIII)
Mixed Martial Arts- Women's Lightweight Heavyweight- Mary-Louise Devon (XIII)
Mixed Martial Arts- Women's Super Heavyweight- Lady Ariel Glout (XIII)

Cheerleading-Mens Cheerleading (XIII)
Martial Arts- Men's Flyweight- Caleb Lew (XIII)
Mixed Martial Arts- Women's Welterweight-India Von Velle (XIII)
Mixed Martial Arts- Men's Welterweight-Clint Elwood (XIII)
Performance Wrestling- Women's Tag Team- Morgan the Strange/Whiplash/Delta Phi/Ruby Wild (XIII)

Team Rosters:

Team name: West Phoenician Hammerhead Sharks

* Cedric Westex
* Ivan Columbia
* Adam Whithers
* Li Wang
* Mason Greene
* Igor Rammonv
* Wei Peng
* Mohammad Al Sayed
* Carlos Ducox

Team name: West Phoenician Seashells

* Nadia Bosnia
* Svetlana Spitonov
* Yvette Davies
* Claudia Cooper
* Ming Le Fleur
* Crystal Montage
* Aimee Hunt
* Salome Popadova
* Olga St Jude

Team Name: West Phoenician Mermen

* Goal Keepers:
*Josiah Gryphon
*Symon Brisbane

*Matthew Collis
*Luis Salvador
*Adam Coxer

* Attack
*Scott Mare
*Bastian Alexandre
*John Howie
*David Alcatraz

*Mike Lei
*Kamal Singh
*Moussa Deballas
*Roberto Calbney

Team Name: West Phoenician Sea Hags

* Goalkeepers:
* Lydia Wales
* Sonya DeGradie

* Brandy Matthews
* Rani Shandra
* Lady Alice Winterland

* Louisa Wells
* Harmony Bowmount
* Stephanie Wells
* Becky Sinclair

* Allison McBride
* Eve Chi
* Fortuna Kio
* Juliet Addams

Team Name: West Phoenician Scorpions

Starting Lineup
C #7 Mohammed Al Taqir
PF #11 Ezekiel Lucknow
SF #2 Jasper Gould
SG #23 Li Chen Wu
PG #13 Nelson Do

Center #5 Aaron Airè
Center #21 Hayden Bell
Forward #14 Timothy Navy
Forward #3 Pedro Garcia
Guard #8 Glenton Christ
Guard #1 Pete Irie
Guard #27 Thomas Wellington

Team Name: West Phoenician Black Widows

Starting Lineup

PF: Emma-Louise Alpha
C: Bernie Church
SG: Sofie Swan
PG: Anna Hoke
SG: Karen Lei


C: Kerrie Tan
PG:Saran Sun
SG: Veronica Breeze
PG: Steffy Chaps
PF: Melly Jones
PF: Trisha Goode
SG: Paula Spockavic


Mens 3×3 Basketball

• Jordan McDiamond
• Vlad Blanco
• Caleb Rodgers
• Antonius Sevilla[/pre]

Womens 3×3 Basketball

• Lady India Von Clayton
• Prudence Goodwin
• Trudy Ng
• Martina White

Team Name: West Phoenician Stampedes

Daniel Fozter
Pedro Rodriguez

Left Backs
Clayton Danes

Center Backs
Vince Young
Marcelo Devier
Manpreet Siva

Right Backs
Ron Eccles
Count Jefferson La blonc

Left Wings
Chandler Goodwin
Ashley Butler

Center Midfielders
Luiz Cavera
Emilo Franz
Paris Tomei

Right Wings
Ricardo Latin
Ricardo Guitera

Jason Summer
Wes Shortcrop
Renaldo Newmano


Team Name: West Phoenician Violets

Felicia Murphy
Kasey Lovell

Left Backs
Marnie Yacobs

Center Backs
Pilar Devilla
Mary Goodwine
Millie Strum

Right Backs
Cassandra de Canta
Victoria Paige

Left Wings
Elke Storme
Linda Teng

Center Midfielders
Moira Lueng
Emily Rosalini
Rose Evans

Right Wings
Courtney Cabral
Elizabeth Millerson

India O'Hara
Chloe Belmonte
Carly Perth


Jordan Tel
Nelson Ha
Daniel Goodrem
Oliver Towers
Cedric Whyte
Yusuf Mahmoud

Melody Haven
LaTeisha Johnson
Tara Mitchell
Countess Clara Gryphon
Delta Sinclair
Donatella Vicage

Team Name: West Phoenician Nightshades


#14- Clementine Chiloś
#12-Gabbi Lilrose

Left Back:

#2- Ellen Francis
#10 Remi Dumont

Central Back:

#8- Bonnie Jackson
#11-Liesel Atoms

Right Back:

#4- Clarinda Sharma
#7-Edwina Sea

Right Wing:

#2- Glenda Perk
#15- Audrina Mason


#3-Jacki Dallas
#9-Mary Dutton

Left Wing:

#5-Pria Singh
#1-Ameila Nightingale


Team Names: West Phoenician Buffalo's


#14- Matty Haye
#12-Preben Defence

Left Back:

#2- Allan Tower
#10 Ricky Leahy

Central Back:

#8- Marquise Harbour Bush-Bishop
#11-Nelson Pah

Right Back:

#4- Ricky India
#7-Edmund Roxborough

Right Wing:

#2- Glen Park
#15- Audie True-Path


#3-Jake Prospect
#9-James Aviation

Left Wing:

#5-Ravi Singh
#1-Amos Springvale


Team Name: West Phoenician Grasshoppers

Starting 11:
GK Aaron Souther
DDEF Brian Butters
DEF Brad Santino
DEF Christian Miller
MID Miguel Vega
MID Charles Desmond
MID Baron Ezra Numbers
ATT Eskiel Flinders
ATT Con Nicodemus
ATT Prescott Mayberry
ATT Greyson Hobbs

GK Conrad Black
DEF Emanuel de Santos
MID Brett Wing
ATT Robert Ho
ATT Donovan Rangers


Team Name: West Phoenician Wasps

Starting 11:
GK Abigail Watts
DEF Mercy Puritan
DEF Africa Hammond
DEF Cheyenne Sainte
MID Midge Harper
MID Agatha Wyn
MID Roccio Rice
ATT Olive Patterson
ATT Courtney Pontiac
ATT Rita Med
ATT Demitria Soulaopolous

GK Tina Grey
DEF Amber Stewart
MID Lucy Cretana
ATT Supreet Nevi
ATT Bea Crooke


Coxswain: Garry Pullson
Marc Roberts
Ceasar Rodriguez
Manny Ramirez
Kyle Durban
Allen Smith
Trevor Goldford
Cam Davidson
Adam East

Coxswain: Cindy Byrd
Penny Brighton
Barbara Gordon
Hailey Browne
Kellie Dogg
Kirsten White
Kristen Mooreloo
Mary Godfrey
Fairy Meadows

Team Name: West Phoenician Cyclones

Carson Devon (C)
Liam White
Paddy Maple
William Trackery
William Belle
Chris Lavender
Jacob Lake
Hans Frenaldo
Adam Dickerson
Adem Dobar
Pharoah Gurgaon
Mitch Hayspeck


Team Name: West Phoenician Phillies

Gracie Silver (C)
Claire Byrd
Randi Love
Naomi Moses
Elizabeth Bylor
Eliza Dujcan
Anne Jamieson
Becky Heart
Zoe Nowell
Kim Pak So
Johanna Murphy
Tangie O'Grady


Team Name: The Spikers

Blake Thomas(C)
Albie Donnors
Ali Masoon
Clark Zenith
Murat Ankara
Michael Cooper
Mike Confederate
Billy Treflon
Zach Tonia
Stephen Tonia
Ivan La Goria
Richard Donalds


Team Name: The Spikerettes

Angel Harlow (C)
Sylvia Cruz
Bethany Leland
Kim Chen
Kimberly Wardson
Melissa Heinrich
Meg Warden
Latifa Springs
Maureen Duvall
Serena Erg
Athaliah East
Megan Cooke


Team Name: The Confederates

* C Jacob Texas
* 1B Glen Melbourne
* 2B Emanuel Army
* 3B Jack Navy
* SS Kevin Dances
* LF Lukas Towers
* CF Heniel Hewett
* RF Jimmy Geelong
* DH Carson Van Buren


* C Ryan Lunger
* IF Scottie Blues
* IF Anton Narre
* IF Wayne Sorbent
* IF Calvin Dragg
* IF Thomas Zeal
* OF Ricky Sharma
* OF Gavin Tong
* OF Arron Queens


* RRHP Jordan Thomas
* LHP Cliff Samuels
* RHP Hieu Phan
* RHP Ashwyn Sid
* LHP Mandeep Singh
* RP David Zealish
* RP Ross Mendez
* RP Barry Parry
* CP Roberto Debney
* CP Pedro Timms


* Ryan Lunger
* Jacob Texas
* Conrad Greecì

Team Name: The Blue Belles

* C Holly Malone
* 1B Hope Zealson
* 2B Trisha Sung
* 3B Anthea Odetta
* SS Dani Odetta
* LF Gail Broad
* CF Carin Minister
* RF Charli Banks
* DH Julie Bass


* C Gloria Kim
* IF Mia Oaks
* IF Jordana Craig
* IF Angela Strutt
* IF Daphne Swann
* IF Toni Short
* OF Ada Nguyen
* OF Ana Christ
* OF Charis Freemont


* RRHP Priya Santi
* LHP Xuan Doh
* RHP Joyce Bute
* RHP Penny English
* LHP Ingrid Storm
* RP Mary Camp
* RP Mary Maso
* RP Zara Customs
* CP Angelika Storm
* CP Brownie Douglas


* Holly Malone
* Gloria Kim
* Desiree Le'Dove

Team Name: The Mountain Lions

1.Kora Goldsmith-Pitcher
2.Louise De Vey- Catcher
3. Leesa Cremeworth-IB
4.Narelle El'Brandi-2B
5.Coral Islam-3B
6. Lizzie Tyler-SS
7.Montana Bushe -LF
8. Chastity Mount-CF
9. Ann Gardener-RF
10. Sonya Chow-Extra Fielder.

Tottie Silversmith
Meg Baker
Denise Blumshell
Martina Wigg
Mary Adamstown

[b]Men's Softball

Team Name: The Windmills

1.Harrison Solo-Pitcher
2.Peeta Le'Bloc- Catcher
3.Jester Patterson-IB
4.Bruno Nixon-2B
5.Samir Aly-3B
6. Kamal Blake-SS
7. Jason Belmont -LF
8. Baron Gustav Freedom-CF
9. Franco Miloc-RF
10. Timothy Chou-Extra Fielder.

Jack Gillies
Glenton Young
Brigham Von Wilk
Caleb Dew

Team Name:

1 Goalkeeper: Baron Malachi Regal
2 Right corner back : Judah Doyle
3 Full back: Matthias Horne
4 Left corner back: E.J Carpenter
5 Right half back: Jamie Rift
6 Centre half back: Anh Trang
7 Left half back: Donald Clinton
8 Midfielder: Lukas Milos
9 Midfielder: Ba'al Hassam
10 Right half forward: Poseidon Strauss
11 Centre half forward: Connor Blakewood
12 Left half forward: Scotty Palms
13 Right corner forward: Adam Westex
14 Full forward: Jacob Sydney
15 Left corner forward: Vince Montello
16 Substitutes:
Symon Evergreen
Tan Nguyen
Michael Lee
Raj Dolta
Christian Bavaria

Womens Caid

Team Name: The Lullabies

1 Goalkeeper: Lady Artakama Persia
2 Right corner back : Eurydice Macedon
3 Full back: Berenice Soter
4 Left corner back: Ptolemais Macedon
5 Right half back: Lysandra Macedon
6 Centre half back: Arsinoe Twoo
7 Left half back: Antigone Epirus
8 Midfielder: Theoxena Syracuse
9 Midfielder: Lanassa Pyrrhus
10 Right half forward: Philotera Safaga
11 Centre half forward: Thais Ptolemi
12 Left half forward: Cleopatra Syra
13 Right corner forward: Thea Syra
14 Full forward: Tryphaena Syra
15 Left corner forward: Cleopatra-Selene Sun
16 Substitutes:
Laodice Sel
Apama Nicator
Stratonice Syr
Phila Syr

Mens Cheerleading

Cheerleading Captain: Zeke Tysell
Cheerleading Co-Captain: Perseus Xu

• Cooper Alamain
• Ali Buchanan
• Chad Frank's
• Mike Daly
• Amyntas Thebes III
• James Pinks
• Gary Houston
• Samuel Meeks

Womens Cheerleading

Cheerleading Captain: Gwendolyn Fraser
Cheerleading Co-Captain: Deidamia Epirus

• Rowena Parker
• Tanya Samuels
• Babs Thorton
• Sattiya Thai
• Lara Poles
• Casey Towers
• Susana Els
• Jocelyn Debbs
• Hailey Parks
• Mona Baye
• Grace Sing
• Lydia Ngyuen
• Sophia Helga
• Angelika Alexander
• Jess Geldon

Mens Dodgeball

Team Name: Artful Dodgers

1.Bartam Possum
2. Brad Blackbird
3. Willie Bird
4. Charlie Bird
5. Glippy
6. Flick Baroda

1. Eddie Bird
2. Chipper Monk
3. Maximillan Curran
4. Ming Curran

Womens Dodgeball

Team Name: Lucky Ladies

1.Martina-Rose White
2. Moon Butterfly
3. Lily Butterfly
4. Bianca Ratt
5. Roberta Turtle
6. Pox Green

1. Josie Moth
2. Violet Moth
3. Mollie Fly
4. Dolly Ethiopia

Mens Footy

Team Name: The Falcons

back pocket: Trevor North
fullback: Eddie Queens
back pocket: Normie Broadie

half-back flank: Rayford Ti
centre half-back: Thomas Dillard
half-back flank: Merlin Di Salvo

wing: Cooper Alamein
centre: Lord Franklin Rose
wing: Samuel Ford

half-forward flank : Matty Croft
centre half-forward: Milton Herman
half-forward flank: Count Vlad Randall

forward pocket: Heart Berger
full-forward: Cliff Baxton
forward pocket: Jann Shiloh

ruckman: Allan Polaki
ruck rover: Benjamin Samoa
rover: Reed Sly

interchange bench: Dominic Grassi
interchange bench: Alfred Han
interchange bench: Audie Green
interchange bench: Murphy Browne

Womens Footy

Team Name: The Nightshades

back pocket: Philadelphia Griffin
fullback: Isabella Winter
back pocket: Lateisha Baroda

half-back flank: Lark O'Dere
centre half-back: Marie-Elena Doh
half-back flank: Brittany Zyan

wing: Lady Victoria Godsend
centre: Lady Veronica Godsend
wing: Veda Ree

half-forward flank : Gypsy-Rose Birch
centre half-forward: Acacia Shetland
half-forward flank: Arden Pollok

forward pocket : Baroness Clytemnestra Lords
full-forward: Athena Valor
forward pocket : Deinera Fragg

ruckman: Carol St John
ruck rover: Tara St Claire
rover: Vicki Del Luca

interchange bench: Hera Casstillo
interchange bench: Selene Casstilo
interchange bench: Africa Montague
interchange bench: Alice Lurch

Mens Gridiron

Team Name: The War Dancers

Quarterback: Jake Mars
Quarterback: Marc Okinawa
Halfback: Ryan Adopto
Halfback: Thomas New
Fullback: Brad Hollow
Fullback: Chris De Greene
Wide Receiver: Francisco Deb
Wide Receiver: Matthew Pont
Tight End: Stephen Sylvester
Tight End: Adrian Brown
Left Tackle: Skyler Falls
Left Tackle: Alamain Truman
Left Guard: Jesse Lansano
Left Guard: Barry Sidney
Center: Noah Ponds
Center: Lester Nevero
Right Guard: Heinrich Germania
Right Guard: James Floral
Right Tackle: David De Lucci
Right Tackle/DT: Marcus Bronte

Left End: Kyle Wannamaker
Left End: Daniel Jozefred
Defensive Tackle: Bobby Prince
Defensive Tackle: Kevin Sturgess
Right End: Vic Nalpontaro
Right End: Richard Dye
Left Outside Linebacker: Daniel Schmidt
Left Outside Linebacker: Mal Tutus
Middle Linebacker: Titus le Angelo
Middle Linebacker: Ivan Strauss
Right Outside Linebacker: Matthias Lexington
Right Outside Linebacker: Wyatt Storme
First Safety: Paul Claycourt
First Safety: Evan Diamond
Second Safety: Custer Alamo
Second Safety: Amos Redwing
Cornerback: Josh Tinkler
Cornerback: Cooper Tinkler

Kicker: Ray Piktaro
Kicker: Van Noc 
Punter: Ali Mustafa
Returner/RB: Curtis Lemon
Gunner: Guy Guise
Jammer: Saul Rosenberg
Upback: Christian Davies

Quarterback: Tyler Sharpe
Center: Brady McAllister
Wide Receiver: Santino Parvalleo
Wide Receiver: Roberto El Doro
Defensive Tackle: Paul Wisecox
Defensive Tackle: Jefferson Bloomberg
Cornerback: Mason Phillipe
Kicker: Asam Harshem
Punter: Marcello Love
Returner/FB: Justin Bambino

Womens Gridiron

Team Name: The Cupcakes

Quarterback: Tanya Rose-Thorne
Quarterback: Edwina Lawrence
Halfback: Maria Kruger
Halfback: Melissa O'Shea
Fullback: Violetta Atheist
Fullback: Davina Ports
Wide Receiver: Kym Strauss
Wide Receiver: Priyanka Singh
Tight End: Jenni Whittle
Tight End: Xuan Doh
Left Tackle: Golda Berstein
Left Tackle: Mary Addams
Left Guard: Dot Majors
Left Guard: Lucy Greene
Center: Nadine Mason
Center: Cleopatra Du'Whey
Right Guard: Atlanta Bushell
Right Guard: Serena Gold
Right Tackle: Ariana Black
Right Tackle/DT: Rita Dancertelli

Left End: Amber Daen
Left End: Karla Xin
Defensive Tackle: Fatima illbrandi
Defensive Tackle: Rowena High
Right End: Marika Scoffs
Right End: Brenda Beverley
Left Outside Linebacker: Jan O'Sullivan
Left Outside Linebacker: Trisha Wang
Middle Linebacker: Olga Ivankovic
Middle Linebacker: Betsy Myers
Right Outside Linebacker: Tina Avalon
Right Outside Linebacker: Jessica Ryan
First Safety: Yvette Ryan
First Safety: Celeste Duvall
Second Safety: Monique Raven
Second Safety: Rolf Episcopo
Cornerback: Rhinna Downs
Cornerback: Courtney Allcox

Kicker: Dallas Brixham
Kicker: Maria Novatoshi
Punter: Cindi-Lou Hooper
Returner/RB: Traci Duke
Gunner: Elizabeth Manzies
Jammer: Mauren Manzies
Upback: Diana Trout

Quarterback: Suzie McQueen
Center: Catriona Dean
Wide Receiver: Angela Afgan
Wide Receiver: Herodias Waters
Defensive Tackle: Paula Deene
Defensive Tackle: Paula Duncan
Cornerback:Susannah Martinez
Kicker: Babs Marshall
Punter: Gloria Pha
Returner/FB: Kirsty Fairchild

Mens Hurling

Team Name: The Typhoons

1 Goalkeeper: Ceasar Le'Rogue
2 Right corner back : Cooper Ng
3 Full back: Alistair Monjoe
4 Left corner back: Peter Mells
5 Right half back: Billy Parker
6 Centre half back: Jake Campbell
7 Left half back: Michael Minx
8 Midfielder: Michael Jax
9 Midfielder: Craig Melrose
10 Right half forward: Kyle Braxter
11 Centre half forward: Luiz Mellentaro
12 Left half forward: Stephen Winds
13 Right corner forward: Ayden Cox
14 Full forward: Raj Blair
15 Left corner forward: Harper Char
16 Substitutes:

Womens Camogie
1 Goalkeeper: Glaphyra Cappadocia
2 Right corner back : Doris Judah
3 Full back: Malthace Sama
4 Left corner back: Mariamne Haddassian
5 Right half back: Lady Drusilla Whyte
6 Centre half back: Salome Chillers
7 Left half back: Salampsio Phaseal
8 Midfielder: Cypros Herodian
9 Midfielder: Alexandra Agrippa
10 Right half forward: Lady Berenice Aristo
11 Centre half forward: Elpis Herodian
12 Left half forward: Cleopatra Jeru
13 Right corner forward: Pallas Herodian
14 Full forward:  Phaidra Herodian
15 Left corner forward: Livia Rush
16 Substitutes:

1. Victoria Royale
2. James Von Tye
3. Mary English
4. Henry Rose
5. Anne Cleveland
6. Richard Drake
7. Elizabeth Mounthorne
8. Phillipe Overton

Mens Netball
1. Goalkeeper: Gavin Wyn
2. Goal Defence: Bradley Dunn
3. Wing Defence: Tyson Moore
4.Centre: Samuel Groves
5. Wing Attack: Matthew Percy
6.Goal Attack: Isiah Cooper
7. Goal Shooter:Tham Nguyen

Kyle Lancaster
Cooper Mancini
Brandon Elvin
Toby Doh

Womens Netball

1. Goalkeeper: Opal Swann
2. Goal Defence: Gillian St Marsh
3. Wing Defence: Tania Lye
4.Centre: Dragana Whee
5. Wing Attack: Aphrodite Squire
6.Goal Attack: Cate Smyth
7. Goal Shooter: Katherine Gellar

Mary-Beth Gallahad
Peggy Burton
Sally Fox
Brenda Fox

Mens Lacrosse

Team Nickname: The Daredevils

Starting X

# - Prince Jericho Bush - Goalkeeper 
# - Luiz Debney - Defender 
# - Scott Mare - Defender 
# - Jake Prospect - Defender 
# - Ryan Marine - Midfielder 
# - Ben Ascot - Midfielder 
# - Stephen Di Mateo - Midfielder 
# - Audie Cult - Forward 
# - Colin King - Forward 
# - Daniel Joseph - Forward 


# - Skipper Brisbane- Goalkeeper 
# - Joshua Indi - Defender 
# - Rhett English - Midfielder 
# - Matt de Chapps - Midfielder 
# - Raj Kik- Forward

Womens Lacrosse

Starting X

# - Louisa Prime- Goalkeeper 
# - Jessica Tomm- Defender 
# - Scarlett Davis - Defender 
# - Melinda Woo - Defender 
# - Courtney Ryan - Midfielder 
# - Persephone Chad - Midfielder 
# - Asia Wong - Midfielder 
# - Hannah Gilchrist - Forward 
# - Beth Gilchrist- Forward 
# - Daphne Sharma - Forward 


# - Mellie Potts- Goalkeeper 
# - Pandora Jacobson - Defender 
# - Rita Coxx - Midfielder 
# - Amanda Patel - Midfielder 
# - Regina Croft- Forward

Mens Rugby League Nines
1. Innocent Sallani
2. Jayson Smith
3. Ian Coco
4. Pete Trent
5. Jack Christian
6. David Wong
7. Frank Ng
8. Evan Tee Walli
9. Reggie Tee Walli

1 Scott Brooks
2. Vinnie Capulet
3. Marc Chan
4. Billy Mells
5. Nathan Gorton
6. Silas Carpenter

Womens Rugby League Nines

1. Satyra Pergamon
2. Antiochis Soter
3. Stratonice Pergamon
4. Lady Apollonis Attalid
5. Violetta Davis
6. Wendy Chew
7. Jewel Keto
8. Vashti Sands
9. Madonna Starr

1. Kym Walker
2. Valetine Ninnovich
3. Michelle Cruz
4. Naomi Bentley
5. Gemma Alamain
6.Lady Poppaea

Mens Sevenball
* Chris Euro
* Jack Porter
* Trey Stonewall
* Callum Scots
* Henry Du'Pant
* Sayid Khartoum
* Franco Messelini

Womens Sevenball
* Elsie De'Moore
* Caroline Dempsey
* Mary Sutton
* Mari Twain
* Selma Gonzales
* Bertha Booker
* Maddison Lei

Mens Ultimate
1. Kevin Dance
2. Andy Youngblood
3. Abel Yik
4. Clarke Forest
5. Zach Tan
6. Mohit Sharma
7. Judas Gold

1.Indiana Dukes
2. Justus Myer
3. Polycarp Christos
4. Flynn Eng
5. Josh Wesley

Womens Ultimate

1. Chiffon DuVall
2. Ronnette Bebe
3. Crystal LaRoche
4. Martha Supreme
5. Diana Vandella
6. Dinah Wong
7. Lateesha Wiggs

1. Ronnie Christian
2. Daisy Dei
3. Ruby Mendez
4. Evelyn Parks
5. Rosa Tilly

Mens Underwater Hockey

FW Salem Roberts
FW Nicolai Spetoski
MF Dylan Murphy
MF Freddie Cassala
B Oliver Redy
B Stefano Miltok

FW Matthew Editar
FW Alex Sappas
MF Dallas Greene
MF Ivan Xotus
B Helios Wesley
B Douglas Chen

Womens Underwater Hockey

FW Macy Vanderbloom
FW Jenny Strauss
MF Olive Nugent
MF Isadora Phan
B Mikayla Boxx
B Josie Grubb

FW Sally O'Hare
FW Diamond Jefferies
MF Daisy Clark
MF Sonia Franks
B Deborah Franks
B Belle Sproutt

Support Staff & Coaches

* Head of PR & Communications: Helena Antonius

* Dr Phillipe De'Jour-Team Nutrionist
* Margo Santiago- Head Dietician

* Dr Harrison Paige- Senior Doctor
* Dr Helena Moody- Senior Physician
* Dr Sofia Black- Junior Doctor

* Victoria Stawell-Registered Nurse
* Donnie Parcell-Registered Nurse:
* Flo Medico-Registered Nurse:
* Indira Glan- Registered Nurse:

* Dr Alexandria Defsour- Senior Psychologist
* Dr Peter Dunbell- Junior Psychologist
* Pedro Otaro- Physiotherapist
* Lisa Choctow- Physiotherapist
* David Nguyen- Physiotherapist
* Kylie Bradshaw- Physiotherapist

* Alfred Sinclair- Physiologist

* Thuy Tran- Massage Therapist
* Marcus White- Massage Therapist
* Louisa Novak- Massage Therapist
* Allen Chang-Massage Therapist
* Steffi Gilchrist-Massage Therapist

* Tristan Rhodes- Head of West Phoenicia Olympic Security

* Reverend Robert Kellog-Chaplain
* Reverend Mariamne Davies-Chaplain
* Reverend Davidus Ki-Chaplain
* Father Peter Rook-Chaplain
* Father Ezekiel Toods- Chaplain
* Father Michael Vikkers- Chaplain

* Antony Middacci- Aide to Chaplains
* Sister Martha Mary Saint- Private Secretary to Chaplains

* Magas, Priest of the goddess Fortuna
* Aurora, Priestess of the goddess Fortuna

* Florence Preet- Head Tarot Reader
* Pearl -Tarot Reader
* Clive St James- Tarot Reader
* Madam Butterfly-Tarot Reader
* Lady Hathor- Medium
* Miss Teak-Medium
* Victory Alamein- Fortune Teller
* Vishnu Sharma-Spiritual Guru
* Harmony Lees- Yoga Instructor
* Gabriella Jook-Angel Intruitive
* Sabre- Astrologer
* Lady Angelique- Astrologer

Aquatics PR: Dawn Australis

Head Coach: Sarah Wick
Assistant Coach: Madame Thea Macedon
Assistant Coach: Mark Marine
Manager: West Phoenicia Diving Association

Head Coach: Gladys Chen
Manager: Mr Ian Campbell
Assistant Women's Coach: Kristine Tass
Assistant Men's Coach: Andy Launceston
Trainer: Brady Hilmer

-Artistic Swimming
Men’s Head Coach: Ivan Malcovichloc
Men’s Assistant Coach: Michael Woo
Women’s Head Coach: Olga Volondovich
Women's Assistant Coach: Daria Primary
Creative Director: Nadia Flower

-Water Polo
Men's Head Coach: Paul Heavenwood
Men's Assistant Coach: Deshawn Leroy
Men's Assistant Coach: Edith Vega
Men's Manager: Mr Derrick Von Kenta
Men's Trainer: Marcus Bell

Women's Head Coach:Maggie Donovan
Women's Assistant Coach: Arsinoe Bellview
Women's Manager: Myra Chew
Women's Trainer: Lauren Gee

Head Coach: Harrison Archer
Trainer: Jacob Munguia
Archery PR: Odette Le'Tangie
Priestess of Artemis: Agrotera
Priest of Apollo: Phoebus
Personal Attendant: Lady Ruby Mali
Personal Attendant: Lady Ivy O'Seely
Personal Attendant: Augustus Bloom

Head Coach: Connor Saint Claire
Assistant Coach-Relays and Sprints: Natasha True
Assistant Coach-Distance Men's: Marcel Rigorio
Assistant Coach-Distance Women's: Kimberly Goddard
Assistant Coach-Field: Stewart Shiloh
Manager:  Genesis Groover
Manager: Taylor Melrose
Trainer: Latonya Veerlotti
Trainer: Avi Sherlock
PR: Viscount Edmund James


Head Coach: Sarah Poh
Trainer: Chen Nguyen


Manager: Desmond Parker
Head Coach: Jacob Prosper.
Assistant Coach: Normie Broad
Assistant Coach: Eddie Meadows
Team Physician: Mark English
Team Dietitian: Dr Melody Cross
Women's Manager: Carolyn Mercedes
Head Coach: Elaine Towers
Assistant Coach: Vic Petrello


Men's Manager: Michael Amman
Assistant Manager: Nat Montgomery
Team Coach: Mr Edgar Marcus
Offensive Trainer: Symon Priapus
Defensive Trainer: Jimmy Navy
Physical Trainer: Axel D'Doya
Diet Advisor: Melissa Whelcott
Physiotherapist: Kerry Swann

Women's Manager: Kylie Fox
Assistant Manager: Ceasar Rhodes
Team Coach: Tuesday Nightingale
Offensive Trainer: Dani Sydi
Defensive Trainer: Marc Logan
Physical Trainer: Storm Forest

Head Coach: Bucky Houston
Trainer: Van Houston

Head Coach Men's: Tyler Pickett
Head Coach Women's: Agrippina Young

Head Coach: Rita St Clair

Head Coach: Norman Rhodes
Assistant Coach: Virginia Sunset
Trainer: Caleb Blake

Head Coach Men's: Jefferson Todd
Head Coach Women’s:Patrice Whyte
Artistic Director: Lady Zipporah Tanner

Cycling Manager: Ashwyn Worth
Cycling PR: Mercedes Smythe
Trainer: Mike Rose
Trainer: Deborah Ming
Mechanic: Brandon Lewis
Mechanic: Astrid Lovewell

Head Coach: Pete Turner

Head Coach: Count Demetrius Blanche II

Head Coach Men's: Miles Wileboom
Head Coach Women's: Carolyn Dryad

Head Coach: Mal Swan
Assistant Coach: Janet Debbs

Head Coach Men's: Vic Godfrey
Head Coach Women’s: Lily Butler

Head Coach: Melody Love
Assistant Coach: Apollonis Attalid
Stablehand: Tyler Greene

Head Coach Men’s: Patrick Newman
Head Coach Women’s: Madonna LeVey
Assistant Coach: Colin McQueen
Assistant Coach: Beth McQueen
Trainer: Lazarus Sharma
Trainer: Lizzie Whyte

Head Coach Men's: Eddie Spry
Head Coach Women's: Lynn Zhu

Head Coach: Baron Cooper Alphington

Head Coach: Raj Patel
Assistant Coach: Yasmin Delcosti

Head Coach Men's: Salvador Di Monti
Offensive Coordinator: Adam Newport
Defensive Coordinator: Simon Ford
Special Teams Coordinator: Christopher Wilkins
Head Trainer: Adam North

Head Coach Women’s: Sally Ford
Offensive Coordinator: Richard Nickleson
Defensive Coordinator: Henri Du'Pone
Special Teams Coordinator: Lesley Downs
Head Trainer: Steffi Cooper

Head Coach Men's: Nicolai Mustaff
Head Coach Women's: Bella Wu
Assistant Coach Women's: Melissa Getty
Trainer: Perseus Macedon
Trainer: Jenny Newman
Artistic Director: Madam Lola Sincovick

Men's Head Coach: Marcus Rigby
Women's Head Coach: Olivia Murphy

Men's Head Coach: Jeremy Prosper
Women’s Head Coach: Felicity Shagg

Head Coach Men's: David Mitchell

Head Coach: Haru Shimato
Assistant Coach: Kaito Nimosaki
Assistant Coach: Itsuki Totonki
Assistant Female Coach: Akari Teo

Head Coach: Diamond Millerson

Head Coach Men's:Roberto Taylor
Assistant Coach: Helena Bryce
Head Coach Women's: Selene Franks

Head Coach Men's: Roger McFarland
Head Coach Women's: Sydney Woodward

Head Coach: Hieu High

Head Coach Men’s: Ali Sharifa
Head Coach Women’s: Bernice Cross

-Rugby League Nines
Head Coach Men's: Octavian Bellacourt
Head Coach Women's: Drusilla Juliei

Head Coach Men’s: Griffin Ascot
Head Coach Women's: Abby Dowager

Head Coach: Sir Pietre Frederico

Head Coach:Xavier Chen

Head Coach: Lord Ashwell Blackthorne

Manager: Vanessa Tamworth
Head Coach: Shawn McIntyre
Assistant Coach: Truman Salvador
Assistant Coach: Thomas Wilder
Team Physician: Jessika Munday

Men's Manager:
Men's Head Coach: Joseph Nguyen
Assistant Coach: Thomas Rosetta
Assistant Coach: Henry Delport
Team Physician: Marion Davenport

-Table Tennis:
Head Coach: Lei Wei
Assistant Coach: Lotus Chen

Head Coach: Shawn Browne
Assistant Coach:Zhang Wei
Assistant Coach: Wang Xiu Ying

Head Coach: Marquise Hamish Crampton
Trainer: Frankie Drewey

Head Coach: Aidan Beck
Assistant Coach: Miriam Trueblood
Trainer: Evie Donovan
Mechanic: Gregory Montgomery

Head Coach Men's: Germanicus Franco
Head Coach Women's: Serena Marrs

Head Coach Men's: Gavin Angelhands
Head Coach Women's: Isabel Birch
Assistant Coach: Ewan Roberts
Trainer: Svetlana Urka

-Beach Volleyball
Head Coach Men’s: Boyd Syd
Head Coach Women’s: Olympias Dallas

Head Coach: Henry Potterville
Assistant Coach: Thomas Roek
Trainer: Chad Pike

Head Coach: Attalus Attalid III
Assistant Coach:  Philetaerus Attalid
Trainer: Lady Philetaerus Attalid

Official Media Conglomerate: West Phoenician Combined Press
Official Newspaper: West Phoenicia Times,
Official TV Channel: West Phoenicia Sports 1. WP1 (Live coverage, with repeats at night)
Official Magazine: WP Sports
Offical Gossip Magazine: The Cat's Meow (Norma Mansfield)
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Postby Kelssek » Wed Dec 26, 2018 9:59 pm

Kelssek Olympic Committee | Comité olympique kelssekien
Opening ceremony flagbearer: Ariane Lebœuf (soccer)
Chef-de-mission: Joshua Welch
National broadcasting rights: Kelssek Broadcasting Corporation / Société Radio-Kelssek

Water polo is a major sport in Kelssek and matches for both genders will be keenly watched.

1 - Paul Dewdney (Breton Mooseheads) gk
13 - Trey Faulkner (Redswyth Marlins) gk
2 - Luke Warrener (Kirkenes Blues)
3 - Nathan Frolík (Burnaby Thunderbirds)
4 - Callum Devine (Wynleth Avengers)
5 - Pierre Lacousteau (Vickery Tsunami) hole set
6 - Raïf Gerzhaen-Charbon (Dollard-des-Ormeaux)
7 - Angelo Dossena (Kirkenes Jets)
8 - Eamon Ó Conaill (Latrobe Dolphins) hole set
9 - Nathan Cavendish (Latrobe Dolphins) [captain]
10 - Aguri Tetsu (Kraken d'Outineau)
11 - Harry Sponner (Burnaby Thunderbirds)
12 - Gaétan Houle (Club aquatique de Langlois)

Head coach: Martin Hosster

XII Novonaya & Provinsk - Gold
XI Aeropag - Gold
X Centralis & Nassau Bay - R16
IX Zube & Kytler Bay City - Bronze
VIII Orean - Gold
VII Emberton - Group stage
VI Lasft - Bronze
V Outineau - Gold
IV Aeropag - Bronze
III Columbia - Group stage
II Querzakhi - Gold

1 - Amelia Bright (Kirkenes Blues) GK
13 - Corrine Carbonneau (Lakeland Storm)
2 - Inni Raida (Dollard-des-Ormeaux)
3 - Kayley Hatter (Dynamo Lupinissia) hole set
4 - Alejandra Sanchez (Redswyth)
5 - Lindsey Mueller (Emerald City)
6 - Rachel McTavish (Lakeland Storm)
7 - Amber Linsdale (Emerald City) [captain]
8 - Béatrice Lapine (Dollard-des-Ormeaux)
9 - Alice Ching (Burnaby Thunderbirds)
10 - Taylor Rust (Kirkenes Jets)
11 - Stéfanie Beaudoin (Kraken d'Outineau)
12 - Annisa Huey (Burnaby Thunderbirds)

Head coach: Jean-François Trepannier

XII Novonaya & Provinsk - Gold
XI Aeropag - Silver
X Centralis & Nassau Bay - Group stage
IX Zube & Kytler Bay City - 4th
VIII Orean - QF
VII Emberton - bronze
VI Lasft - gold
V Outineau - R16
IV Aeropag - group stage
III Columbia - bronze
II Querzakhi - QF

Holly Bourque - C
Rebecca Darden - F
Céline Primeau - F
Christine MacMillan - G
Lisbeth Grigrynchuk - G

Katheryn Taft-Smith - F
Laura Hilmstra - C
Judith Plunkett - G
Lauren Selinger - G
Katrina Potter - G
Shania Cluckston - F
Kelly Ormond - F

Kerry Barker - C
Jeremy Peterson - F
Mark Aryde - F
Gary Seaworth - G
Jeff Lai - G

Evan Symonds - F
Cory Sewell - F
Kevin McCarthy - G
Aaron Lewes - C
Giuseppe Avella - G
Aaron Marino - F
Brandon Trotter - C


Xavier Corriveau
Michael Hardy
Étienne Larouche (gk)
Gilles-Simon Thibault
Alexis Aubin
Éric Graveline
Salman Devaraj
Roland Richer
Campbell Twernde
Kenny Sawan
Victor Turner
Damien York
Jack Topper
Charles Whelan (gk)
Jason O'Byrne
Marcus Tay

Julia Bailey (gk)
Gina Ramsey
Nancy Stafford
Angéline Lachance
Hannah Brynden
Kristen Nolan
Gillian Townsend
Kathryn Wilson
Lakeïta Rosières
Alexa Panchyshyn
Kathryn Reese
Jeanne Vézeau
Natalie Lai
Anabelle Durivage
Cara Gallimh
Alisha McKay


Kevin Cannon (Point Grey & Kitsilano)
Brian Pool (Coquitlam United)
Cathal Gallagher (FK Vlaikograd 1896 [SVO])

Antoine Boucher (Redswyth Red Stars)*
Olivier Poulain (Burnaby SC)
Carey Mason (Shearwater FC)
Damien Halliger (Holdenberg City [EUR])
Terrance Foley (CS Saint-Rémy)
Brayden Welland (Latrobe AFC)

Gregor MacLean (AS Dieppe)
Rémy Dionne (Burnaby SC)
Patrick Croteau (Burnaby SC)
Patrice Champetier (Castors d'Outineau)
Andrey Yusupov (Strathcona Internationals)*
Raïf Ducharne (Latrobe AFC U-23s)
Matts Bogdanor (Clayquot City)
Colm Ó Tuathail (Oldem Knights [APX])

Louis Kuelvic (Kirkenes FC)*
Gabriel Lapierre (1093 Club de Atlantea [TAE]) captain
Tyrone Russell (Langlois Océanic)
Shaheen Taleb (Sleepy Hollow [TAE])

*over-23 players


Ariane Lebœuf (Castors d'Outineau)
Juliette Palmer (Kirkenes FC)
Louise Martin (ASC Arvika)

Sarah Cowan (Burnaby SC)
Taryn Foster (CF Outineau)
Danielle Balth (Kingstown Athletic)
Cathy Marshall (Clayquot City)
Maresa Saint-Jean (Burnaby SC)
Kristian Calendin (CS Saint-Rémy)

Lana Pavelic (CF Outineau)
Andrea Cook (AS Concordia-Montérégie)
Janine Walter (Burnaby SC)
Raphaëlle Champetier (Castors d'Outineau)
Delia Groton (Strathcona Internationals)
Laure Bédard-Messager (Langlois Océanic)
Sarah Sawyer (Clayquot City)

Lisa Armstrong (Kirkenes FC)
Robyn Kagawa (Colwynian Vale)
Hannah Price (Fyrír Gimli)
Angela Charren (Coquitlam United)

Dennis O'Connor
Jean-François Gauthier
Adrian Kavenda
Christophe Burdet
John Philcoat
Kevin Fielding
Shawn Namaire
Justin Ming
Stéphane Jasquet
Antonio Stewart
Caleb Jackson (gk)
Michael White
James Miller
Antonio Palmer
Lyle Erringdale (gk)

Katherine O'Grady (gk)
Sarafine Aubin
Clarissa Woolhead
Justine Gillet
Andrea Pointer
Megan Griemos
Rachel Woods
Denise McGrath
Lexi Hudon-Baynes
Shelia Greenwood
Angela Woodward
Pauline Overton
Gabrielle Foster (gk)
Sydney Brunette

Jean-Claude Denoir / L
Yun Lee / OH
Nathan Weekes / R
Pierre-Marc Jourdain / S
Samuel Cartwright / M
Shawn Knight / M
Andre Courrivé / OH
Joseph Kubine / L
Mark Parsons / R
Evgeni Porshiev / OH
Derrick Purser / S

Arienne Lavallée / OH
Sara Burns / L
Alex Stansfield / S
Kristine Brewer / OH
Amèlie Duchesne / M
Geneviève Dutoit / R
Brianne Paterson / S
Sophie Grenette / R
Jane Barton / M
Virginia Lee / L
Karen Tanner / R


1. Miles Peterson
2. Logan Delaney
3. Phillippe Lapointe-Moreau
4. Rémond Demur
5. Mason Ó Maoilriain
6. Xaiver Émond
7. Cole Vasterás

8. Mike Gilardino
9. Blaine McTavish
10. Patrice Henein
11. Séan Ó Connaigha
12. Martin Tang

1. Cassie Bràigheach
2. Noemie Pastel
3. Pamela Anderson
4. Ciara anDeòir
5. Béatrice Louvain
6. Rachel Markey
7. Annabelle Leonart

8. Jordan Whitfield-Harper
9. Caleigh Trussler
10. Rowan Callahan
11. Aleka Rosen
12. Heather Brockson

Men's Eights
Ryan Pender
François Coulerier
Alexis Ziakos
Bernard Boucher
Thomas Kwong
Muiris Deegan
Eoin McBrearty
Leigh Crosby
Kyle Mooney (coxswain)

Women's Eights
Patricia Lenton
Teàrlag MacGuinty
Margaret Riley
Norah Adamidis
Jeanne-Louise Bédard
Nicola Fisher
Rachel Rooney
Elise Audette-Fortin
Maiya Anton (coxswain)


National anthem: The Maple Leaf Forever/Toujours la feuille d'érable
O land of blue unending skies,
Mountains strong and sparkling snow
A scent of freedom in the wind
O'er the emerald fields below

Et tant des braves de tout couleurs
Reposent ici ensemble
De noble sang, de tant de neige
Est née la feuille d'érable

Long may it wave and grace our own,
Blue skies and stormy weather,
Within my heart, above my home,
The Maple Leaf forever!

A more useful image of Kelssek's flag than what I have over to the left

RP permissions
If you RP a team event first, you have permission to:
Choose goalscorers and RP match events
Godmod events with humorous intent
If you RP an injury occurring I will determine severity
Please consult with me for anything that adversely impacts my athletes, or involving them in any kind of violent/political storyline.
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Postby Kriegiersien » Thu Dec 27, 2018 5:49 am

The Kriegiersien(KGS) delegation to the Games of the XIII Olympiad


Chef de Mission: Llywelyn Rose (known muscleman and hater of unmanly sports)

The Kriegiersien delegation starts as always in their dark jerseys. They are this time mandatory for everyone, even the Ponies have fitting versions.


As flag bearer Mystic Fighter was elected, last time Triathlon gold medal winner.

Things happened in Kriegiersien since the last Olympics. While still being mostly silent in conversation with the outside world, fallow land was acquired by force and colonization to further increase the colourfulness of the land.

With it came new regions where games were held, bringing the best of the best to the table. Especially in athletics new Stars have risen, better than everything what Kriegiersien had to offer before.
But thanks to the special sport politics in Kriegiersien, often only one of these extraordinary athletes could qualify for the Olympics, even so many more could have taken part, based on skill.

Instead again other athletes of the Kriegiersien Amateur Sports Union (KASU) got further spots, to fill up the team.

A few Zombiebots and Cyborgs, results of experiments after the recurring Zombie Invasions, even though often “outdated”, likewise got starting places as reward for their success in the past to rebuild Kriegiersien sport.

Let’s take a look at the athletes and teams:

In Swimming came the greatest split.
With Alf Swimtob and Nova Swimtob two new Superhuman Androids were created, who were especially bred for swimming competitions and are not distinguishable from old-fashioned humans. After that the Kriegiersien Swimming Federation refused to send any athletes to the qualification games, calling that a further “travesty” and the “final blow to sportsmanship”.

So now the Vault Dwellers from the Wastelands, who had survived a nuclear bombing on Halloween some years ago, rebuild these huge devastated parts of Kriegiersien and had gotten the opportunity to represent Kriegiersien in the last Olympics in Kelssek and Vekaiyu, were again allowed to grasp some spots, this time for the Olympics in Republica. Even though most of these athletes are now in terrible to worst shape, possibly because of radiation problems.
Alf and Nova Swimtob will start in every swimming competition.

In Athletics most representatives come from the so called Stolen Lands and Tiers, new, wild regions of the Empire. Accompanied by Zombiebots, who are happy to help out as pacemaker, carrier, drink holder or as one of them stated: “Meeeheem.”

In all contests on the Water the disciplines have been taken over by a big family named Pirate.
These water rats are well known for cruising the sea around Kriegiersien and it’s new colonized isles, allowed to make their own thing, as long as they respect the Kriegiersien authority.
After they got the order to pep up the weak Kriegiersien fleet, they took the Olympic qualification in their own hands and every Top athlete not already in their family was kidnapped … married into it.

Pretty much the same goes for the Family Pi, who are building all sorts of bicycles and have a monopoly here. So it is no wonder that they dominate the local competition, that is fairly ignored by the Kriegiersien NOC.

In Equestrian as always the Ponies from the enclave of Ponynesia are sending all their well known medal winners from past times again. These creatures don’t seem to age.

Gymnastic sees a new generation on the rise. Often the children of former Stars, Kriegiersien has now fresh pools of hard working, tormented, scrawny, ripped young world class athletes.

In Boxing a surprising low has struck Kriegiersien. Two time heavyweight Gold medal winner Brie von Zart had been begged to return one last time by the President himself. In the end she started training even harder for a comeback. A last one. Really.
All Fighting Sports, like Karate, Kung-Fu, Judo, Wrestling or Fencing face the same problem as Boxing. Only a few Top Athletes, but most are average at best.

Different from that is shooting, were after years of distress, now many Top athletes have found back their way to hitting, instead of missing.
The army was further adapted on light weapons, to be able to train for the Olympics and on every Christmas and Birthday Kids find weapons and shooting games in their presents.

In Weightlifting the Kriegiersien Drug Department still tries to find a way to Excelsior.

All efforts to build up a better player base in Table Tennis, Tennis and Badminton haven’t brought a wider success, even though experts value the overall quality as better than ever before. Legend and Silver medal winner in Table Tennis, Esther Ada, even switches between Tennis and Table Tennis, like some others.


In the ball team sports the biggest hopes go to the men’s Volleyball team, which has developed rapidly in secret.
As always the Rugby teams, beloved sport of the Army, have high hopes for a medal.
In Football the competition is, even without most of the outstanding teams in the Multiverse, who prefer playing in the World Cup or other Premium tournaments, still extremely difficult and high level, but the Kriegiersien squads are not to underestimate.
We shouldn’t forget the Hockey team, the female Handball team, the Softball team and the women’s Basketball teams. Latter got second in a small Nations Cup before the Olympics on home soil and the 3vs3 team is gigantic.
Last but not least the female Water Polo Team, only medal winner in team ball sport, now with even many own Kriegiersien born talents and trained by the legendary Anita Waterfall, who also coaches the men’s team.

Many consider Golf, Climbing, Skateboarding and other sports as Fun or Upper class sports, but being an Olympic contest now, they got much more endorsement from the government than the local WA-Members. After a short while good talents had been discovered and developed, ready for winning medals.

There are also participants in the demonstration events. Even though not supported by the government, some found their way in on own account.

Famous chess-master Hubertus Schimmel and his protégé and teammate Olivia Queen will start in chess. She paid for the travel. Schimmel also entered in a Computer Card Game.
Some famous E-Sport Stars could count on their fanbase or personal wealth to be able to participate.

The men’s baseball team will start in softball, the women’s softball team in Baseball.
The dodgeball teams will consist out of players from mainly Handball, Rugby and other sports, the Korfball team out of Basketball players. The Rugby Seven teams will likewise start in Rugby Nines.
Brie von Zart will also start in Mixed Martial Arts and two Showman found their way into the Wrestling Performance.

Of course there are many more people in the background and all the players in the Team sports have names (or do they?). But for now they are like the tree that falls down in the forest without someone seeing it. It makes no sound (or does it?). Surely names out of these faceless masses will show up when they do something special, important, extraordinary.
Meanwhile just see them as what they are. Team Kriegiersien.

RP: Everything goes if its cool. You really have to be a mean, tasteless bastard to make me not only cringe, but also reject an RP. 8)
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Winner: Championnat du monde de bandy, NS Arena Bowl, Sepak Takraw World Cup I, World Cup of Masters II
Second: World Cup of Masters I
3rd of the Maple Leaf Bowl I, Quidditch World Cup 5

Olympic Medals:
VIII Summer Orean: 2-6-10
IX Summer Zube Kytler Bay City: 6-4-15
X Summer Centralis & Nassau Bay 7-5-12
XI Summer Aeropag 0-2-4
XII Summer Novonaya & Provinsk 9-1-7
XIII Summer Republica 13-16-16
XIV Summer Orean/Istria 22-16-18

IX Winter Olympics Arcon: 2-5-3
X Winter Baseton 1-2-2
XI Winter Prescott 3-8-7
XII Winter Prescott 1-4-5
XIII Winter Prescott 4-5-4
XIV Winter Neverend & Yeaddin 6-9-7
XV Winter Clayquot 2-2-8
Overall 78-75-118

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Postby Elejamie » Fri Dec 28, 2018 8:56 pm


Elejamian Olympic Committee (ES: Comité Olímpico Elejamia; IY: Elejam Olimpic Comiti)

Chef de Mission: Alonso Alonso Cortez (yes, that's really his name)
Flag bearer: Jorge García (one half of the mixed doubles team) - Opening Ceremony
Pauline "Paul" Dresdner (other half of the mixed doubles team and wife of Jorge García) - Closing Ceremony
Trigram: EJM
National anthem: A Hymn for Elejamie (Himno del Elejamia; Elejam Him)

Don't go nuts with the injuries or suspensions. No more than two injuries per day and the longest a person can sit out is one game. Deaths are definitely out.

Head coach: Alan Mankiewicz (58)
Assistant coaches: Harry Landon (40); Donald Atterberry (47); Patricio del Granado (53)
Captain: Kris Reece


Pos. No. Name Age Height Club
PG 3 Roger Malone 32 6’ 9” Coventry Nets
SG 11 Kris Reece 33 7’ 1” Avon Saints
SF 7 Gregorio Estrada 27 6’ 10” Tigres de la Playa de Rocas
PF 4 Mical Meloten 29 6’ 4” Rosetta Devils
C 12 Jon Kaltenbrunner 26 6’ 8” Mainsborough Guardians


Pos. No. Name Age Height Club
PG/SG 9 Jimmy Gledjevich 29 6’7” Avon Saints
PG 5 Antonio Figueras 34 6’ 9.5” Berlin Crusaders
SG 1 Andre Patton 31 6’ 6” Tigres de la Playa de Rocas
SF 10 Stewart Montclair 26 7’ 2” Iceland Fire
PF 2 Pé Grande 28 6’ 5” Edgebaston Snakes
SF/PF 6 Julio Herrera 34 6’ 8” Renford Lions
C 8 Paul Duke 29 6’ 11” Barr Dragons

Pé Grande - Marcelo Santos de Lima

Head coach: Gina Mauro (42)
Assistant coaches: Tom York (38); Liz Grant (46); Aren Maelorit (45)
Captain: Andrea Maldonado


Pos. No. Name Age Height Club
PG 1 Sharon Williams 32 6’ 6” Cross Plaza Heat
SG 10 Simone Williams 32 6’ 6” Cross Plaza Heat
SF 5 Marina Dimas 23 6’ 8” Shiner Beach Rays
PF 3 Gracie Monroe 22 6’ 10” Avon Meteors
C 8 Andrea Maldonado 28 7’ 0” Guerreras de Navelgas


Pos. No Name Age Height Club
PG 6 Aren Meloten 31 6’ 5” Rosetta Blues
SG 9 Michelle Ryan 21 6’ 6” Davenport University Reds
SG/SF 12 Katherine Voskanyan 29 6’ 9” Coventry Queens
SF 7 Dana Healey 33 6’ 10” Avon Meteors
SF/PF 4 Anabel Rojas 27 6’ 10” Leonas de la Playa de Rocas
PF 11 Hiroko Aragaki 29 7’ 0” Coventry Queens
C 2 Fernanda Rodríguez 22 7’ 2” Leonas de la Playa de Rocas

Manager: Raymond Hillesley (60)
Assistant manager: Mark Campion (48)
Captain: Mark Wagner

No.	Pos.	Name				Age	Club
1 GK Rico Martos 22 University of Avon Cats
2 DF Alejandro Herrera 21 Universidad de la Playa de Rocas
3 DF Mark Wagner 21 Davenport University Reds
4 DF Mical Raeforin 21 Aloc FT
5 DF Sataeveni Morilon 22 Rosetta University Flash
6 MF Ryan Richter 21 Steelwater FC
7 MF Guillermo Cruz Gracián 25 Playa de Rocas CF
8 MF Miguel Morano 20 Universidad de la Playa de Rocas
9 MF Dan Hadek 29 Lake Autumn FC
10 ST Ryan Travis 22 University of Elejamie Dynamos
11 ST Phil Carey 21 Davenport University Reds


No. Pos. Name Age Club
12 GK Patrick Bressanutti 20 Rosetta University Flag
13 DF Alan Kang 22 University of Avon Cats
14 DF Danny Codenys 22 Steelwater FC
15 MF Cristóbal 21 Edgebaston Wild
16 MF Jorge Peguero 21 Universidad de la Playa de Rocas
17 ST Alan Bockarie 28 Rosetta Strikers
18 ST Yoni Relaeminor 21 Aloc FT

Rick - Henrique Rodrigo Mendes de Freitas
Cristóbal - Cristóbal Javier José Cartagena Ruiz

Manager: Toni Paulsen (46)
Assistant manager: Natalie Romano (37)
Captain: Elan Raemalin

No.	Pos.	Name				Age	Club
1 GK Andrea Herrera 21 Universidad de la Playa de Rocas
2 DF Jordan Griffin 28 Aldenport LFC
3 DF Antonia Castillo 22 Universidad de la Playa de Rocas
4 DF Rachel Anthony 21 Davenport University Lady Reds
5 DF Joanie Frazier 20 Rosetta Strikers Ladies
6 MF Elan Raemalin 31 Aloc FFT
7 MF Jenny Quinn 19 University of Elejamie Lady Dynamos
8 MF Lisa Bartels 22 University of Avon Lady Cats
9 MF Amili Tolocir 21 Rosetta University Flash
10 ST Roberta Adams 20 Midland University Clovettes
11 ST Alejandra Soriano 29 Pikestown Twins LFC


No. Pos. Name Age Club
12 GK Denise Mortenson 21 University of Avon Lady Cats
13 DF Ariana Falcón 22 Playa de Rocas Femenino
14 DF Rachael Pittman 20 Lake Autumn LFC
15 MF Fernanda Villanueva 22 University of Avon Lady Cats
16 MF Courtney Burkes 21 Universidad de la Playa de Rocas
17 ST Pauline Molina 29 Pikestown Twins LFC
18 ST River McFayden 19 Midland University Clovettes

No.	Pos.		Name				Age	Club
1 GK Ryan Valance * 26 Blackport Raiders
3 FB Richard Miller * 27 Pikestown Panthers
4 SW Donald Miller * 22 University of Elejamie Dynamos
7 FB Tom Durante * 29 Pikestown Panthers
8 MF Tony Mouton * 22 Bombaderos de la Playa del Oitura
10 MF Domingo Meranges 21 Universidad de la Playa de Rocas
11 MF Thomas Boothby 22 University of Avon Cats
14 MF Ethan Wray 21 University of Elejamie Dynamos
17 LW Jon Tucker * 23 Fort Checkers Elites
19 IN Miguel Domínguez * 33 Renford Armageddon
20 IN Hayden Fitzgerald * 22 Aloc IT
26 RW Dan Schofield (C) * 27 Green Hills Stoners


No. Pos. Name Age Club
2 GK Veni Motorin * 30 Aloc IT
5 FB Javier Flores * 28 Bombarderos de la Playa del Oitura
6 SW Tony Dorsey 20 Davenport University Reds
9 MF John Dorsey 20 Davenport University Reds
12 LW/RW Eduardo Garcíá 22 Universidad de la Playa de Rocas
15 IN Emilio Florán * 33 Auckhampton Fathers

Players marked with a * are converted ice hockey players

No.	Pos.		Name				Age	Club
1 GK Diane McAvoy* 23 Avon Thunder
2 FB Michaela Florey * 27 Davenport Dames
3 SW Alicia Gutiérrez 22 Universidad de la Playa de Rocas
5 FB Hannah MacArthur * 30 Coventry Penguins
7 MF Isabel Sandoval 21 University of Avon Lady Cats
8 MF Michelle Roper (C) 22 University of Elejamie Dynamos
10 MF Meredith Valentine 20 Davenport University Lady Reds
12 LW Hillary Batchelor 21 Midland University Clovettes
13 IN Laura Barkley * 33 Avon Thunder
15 IN Kathleen Everhart 20 Rosetta University Flash
17 RW Emi Naemoril * 28 Rosetta Aces


No. Pos. Name Age Club
4 GK Maria Serrano * 35 Ángeles de la Playa de Rocas (F)
6 FB Silvia García 20 Universidad de la Playa de Rocas
9 SW Lisa Miller 21 University of Avon Lady Cats
11 MF Jeanette Lillis * 21 University of Avon Ice Cats
14 LW/RW Isabella Rocha Castro * 22 Midland University Ice Clovettes
16 IN Natalie Toscani 22 Davenport University Lady Reds

Players marked with a * are converted ice hockey players

Coach: Aaron Kim
Vice coach: Kevin Gabriel
Captain: Diego Molina
Vice-captain: David Kramer


No. Name Age Position Club
1 Marcus Ruiz 30 P Coventry Wyverns
2 Mike Decker 33 P Avon Knights
4 Diego Molina 26 H Auckhampton Birch Trees


No. Name Age Position Club
3 David Kramer 31 SH Auckhampton Birch Trees
5 Gary Toda 29 FH Davenport Commandos
6 Paul Koppel 23 C Iceland Panthers
7 Adam McCracken 28 W/FB Murgon Bullfrogs


No. Name Age Position Club
8 Riley Kroger 25 P Avon Knights
9 Tom Correy 31 P/H Davenport Commandos
10 Tim Crespin 24 SH/FH Edgebaston Warriors
11 Patrick Hayden 28 C Elejamie City Eagles
12 Adam Gates 25 W/FB Iceland Panthers

P - Prop
H - Hooker
SH - Scrum half
FH - Fly-half
C - Centre
W/FB - Winger/Fullback

Coach: Alex Brittany
Captain: Daniella Lombroso
Vice-captain: Grace Dabrowski


No. Name Age Position Club
1 Daniella Lombroso 32 P Avon Sphinx
2 Michelle Ortega 25 P Elejamie City Eagles
4 Kerin AEfomar 32 H Rosetta Islanders


No. Name Age Position Club
3 Grace Dabrowski 29 SH Coventry Flyers
5 Raquel Cárdenas 35 FH Lirios de la Playa de Rocas
6 Nathalie Moresco 26 C Davenport Phoenix
7 Olivia Mortensen 22 W/FB Blackport Tridents


No. Name Age Position Club
8 Rachel Berry 26 P Avon Sphinx
9 Angelica Santiago 31 P/H Davenport Phoenix
10 Jenni Taurula 22 SH/FH Rosetta Islanders
11 Mariela Chesney 29 C Coventry Flyers
12 Maria Reyes 28 W/FB Elejamie City Eagles

No.	Name			Age	Position	Club
1 Jason Saunders 28 FB Crown Manor Princes
2 Paul Webber 28 W Murgon Power
3 Ryan Pritchard 26 C Aldenport Vikings
4 Paete AEtomir 29 SOH Eden Rock Red Vees
5 Raul de Vargas 27 HB Coventry Saviours
6 Brad Clement 26 H Edgebaston Chariots
7 José Díaz Escobar 25 P Davenport Blades
8 Chris Broadrick 30 SR Edgebaston Chariots
9 Nico Eberhardt 25 LF Aldenport Vikings

Starting interchanges

No. Name Age Position Club
10 Gregory Payne 22 FB/W/C Newford Comets
11 Mical Etane 28 SOH/HB Aloc RLT
12 Vítinho 32 P/H Berlin Blue Bolts
13 Greg Navratil 29 SR/LF Coventry Saviours


14 Nathaniel Morrissey 23 BACK Iceland Foxes
15 Roger Dawson 30 FWD Alvis Mechanics

Vítinho - Vítor Daniel Magalhães da Luz

No.	Name			Age	Position	Club
1 Lulabella 24 FB Davenport Lady Blades
2 Denise Shepard 29 W Murgon Power Women
3 Emily Morrigan 25 C Crown Manor Princesses
4 Jennifer Gordon 29 SOH Edgebaston Chariots Women
5 Emilia Bermudez 30 HB Coventry Saviours Women
6 Biela Santos 22 H Edgebaston Chariots Women
7 Juanita Escobar 29 P Davenport Lady Blades
8 Alison Richter 27 SR Edgebaston Chariots Women
9 Christine McCormack 24 LF Iceland Vixens

Starting interchanges

No. Name Age Position Club
10 Erica Morrissey 26 FB/W/C Davenport Lady Blades
11 Nadine Spitzenberger 31 SOH/HB Murgon Power Women
12 Cheryl Nathan 32 P/H Portham Islanders
13 Emi Faeroman 25 SR/LF Coventry Saviours Women


14 Isabella Ferrera 28 BACK Iceland Vixens
15 Lindsay Graham 21 FWD Edgebaston Chariots Women

Lulabella - Lucia Lana Bellisario Lavalle
Biela Santos - Gabriela Juliana Maria Oliveria dos Santos

Rugby Sevens: Home (top). Away (bottom). Though bear in mind that the actual Elejamian Olympic rugby sevens kit uses the Olympic Logo at the top of this post as opposed to my union/sevens nation teams' logo.

Soccer/Football: Home (top), Away (middle), Goalkeeper (bottom). Home team has green socks with two white stripes at the top, away team has white socks with two green stripes at the top and goalie has all blue socks.

Basketball: Home (top), Away (bottom). And yes, I know I should've made the home kit the away kit and a brand new all-black away kit but I completely forgot to make an Olympic logo where the writing's in white.

Rugby league nines: Home (top), Away (bottom). Much like the sevens one, just picture the Olympic Council logo instead of the national RL team logo

Yevgeni Kolyanov: Yevgeni Kolyanov has roughly twenty years of experience under his belt, making his big break in the 1997 ERC semi-final game between the Alvis Rams and the Murgon Bullfrogs at the age of 20. He knows the laws of rugby like the back of his hands and, although he takes his job and rugby very seriously, he's not afraid to make a joke every now and then or address the players as "my friend/s". The only downside is that he tends to be a little bit iffy with off-sides, only calling it 75% of the time. He's normally a union referee, although he does ref sevens games (including all of the Saturday games in the inaugural ERC 7s).

Yannick Pedersen: A rising university basketball star in the late 90s before an off-season injury ended his career early, Yannick Pedersen instead trained to be an umpire, eventually becoming one at the start of the 2001 basketball season. Known for being a stern but fair referee, Yannick isn't afraid to stop play whenever someone travels, goaltends or any other infraction, treating the player with respect as he explains what they did wrong. He isn't afraid, however, to eject players should they act rude and/or aggressive towards him.

  • Sorry about the ages being weird from the last time I entered the Olympiad. This was partially because I wanted to keep players, got a bit lazy or just wasn't really sure on how to age them. Granted it's been over a year since the last one and such it's not worth fretting over but still.
  • Both rugby league nines squads will be added tomorrow. Partially because of a combination of procrastination and working on other things. And there we have our nines squads. I couldn't find any information on positions, only how many players each squad should have, so I decided to have five backs and four forwards.
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Siovanija and Teusland Olympic Committee Official Media Guide for the Games of the XIII Olympiad

Nation Facts

Nation Name: United Republics of Siovanija and Teusland
Short Names: Siovanija and Teusland, the United Republics
Capital: Borograd
Head of State: President Joachim Fleiss
Head of Government: Chancellor Kiril Rysinov
Major Cities: Stelburg, St. Jakob, Vlaikograd, Felsenkirchen
Demonyms: Siovanijan, Teuslander/Teus
Association: Siovanija and Teusland Olympic Committee (STOC)
STOC Leader: President Milan Vranchev
National Anthem: ‘High Mountain Skies’
Colours: Blue and gold
Nickname: The Goldhorns
Athletes: 106 (across 40 events)
Country Code: STL
Flag Bearer: Helmut Langschreiner (Boxing, Men’s Heavyweight)

Team Event Rosters

Men’s Indoor Volleyball

Coach: Lazar Tanev

#1 -- Ventsislav BOICHEV -- 28y/o
#2 -- Yavor CHERGANSKI -- 25y/o (Libero)
#3 -- Kubrat STOEV -- 30y/o (Captain)
#4 -- Itzo TODOROV -- 23y/o
#5 -- Dragan ALEXOV -- 26y/o
#6 -- Milosh VASEV -- 28y/o
#7 -- Sharo SOTIROV -- 26y/o
#8 -- Kamen TSVETKOV -- 24y/o
#9 -- Demitar HADJEV -- 25y/o
#10 -- Vezenko ILEV -- 28y/o
#11 -- Valko NAKOV -- 22y/o
#12 -- Ivan BOGOMILOV -- 19y/o

Players numbered 1-6 are the usual starters.

Women’s Indoor Volleyball

Coach: Miladin Todorov

#1 -- Astrid FELLNER -- 26y/o
#2 -- Michelle PREISNER -- 24y/o
#3 -- Stoyanka KRNEVA -- 22y/o
#4 -- Zhivka POPOVA -- 27y/o (Captain)
#5 -- Kitka IVANOVA -- 22y/o (Libero)
#6 -- Kosena VELIKOVA -- 27y/o
#7 -- Sofia RYSINOVA -- 28y/o
#8 -- Inge KISLING -- 25y/o
#9 -- Mina SAVOVA -- 27y/o
#10 -- Grozdana SPASOVA -- 23y/o
#11 -- Denitsa POPOVA -- 22y/o
#12 -- Dana PETKOVA -- 29y/o

Players numbered 1-6 are the usual starters.

Men’s Football

Squad chosen from players under the age of 23, with 3 overage players allowed.

Manager: Richard Kruger

GK -- Yanko ZHELYASKOV -- #1 -- 22y/o -- Olympia Borograd
GK -- Wilfried ROMBERG -- #12 -- 22y/o -- FC Felsenkirchen 1879
GK -- Ewald HEUSER -- #23 -- 19y/o -- FC Teussen Stelburg

Right Back
RB -- Lutz DASCHNER -- #2 -- 31y/o (OA) -- 1912 Stelburg
RB -- Luka AMBROZ -- #16 -- 20y/o -- FK Metropola Borograd

Centre Back
CB -- Karl-Heinz JAGER -- #4 -- 19y/o -- FC Teussen Stelburg
CB -- Lozen PIRONEV -- #5 -- 21y/o -- Wye United (Apox)
CB -- Kasper MARTZ -- #14 -- 19y/o -- TSV Marzig
CB -- Anton HAERING -- #15 -- 20y/o -- FC St. Jakob

Left Back
LB -- Roland PLESSNER -- #3 -- 22y/o -- FC Einheit Marnau
LB -- Edgar STEIMLE -- #13 -- 20y/o -- 1912 Stelburg
Centre Midfield
CM -- Varban SPASOV -- #6 -- 22y/o -- Turoki United (Vilita)
CM -- Thorsten KRAMER -- #8 -- 22y/o -- FC Teussen Stelburg
CM -- Borislav GEORGIEV -- #22 -- 20y/o -- Olympia Borograd

Right Wing
RW -- Leo HEIDEN -- #7 -- 22y/o -- FC St. Jakob
RW -- Vidyo AVRAMOV -- #20 -- 20y/o -- Herzegovina Phoenix FC (Banija)

Centre Attacking Midfield
CAM -- Evgeni BAKALOV -- #10 -- 22y/o -- Rudar Trkev
CAM -- Kurt WITZEL -- #19 -- 19y/o -- TSV Marzig

Left Wing
LW -- Linus SEGERT -- #11 -- 20y/o -- FC Einheit Marnau
LW -- Alexander GESCHKE -- #17 -- 30y/o (OA) -- FC Teussen Stelburg

Centre Forward
CF -- Anton DIMITROV -- #9 -- 24y/o (OA) -- FK Metropola Borograd
CF -- Erwin BAHNSEN -- #18 -- 20y/o -- FC St. Jakob
CF -- Horst HACKL -- #21 -- 19y/o -- TSV Marzig

Formation: 4-2-3-1
Captain: Lutz Daschner
Style Modifier: +2.5

Women’s Football

Manager: Georg Hersching

GK -- Larissa SCHAUER -- #1 -- 26y/o -- FC Teussen Stelburg
GK -- Nedelya NANKOVA -- #12 -- 25y/o -- Olympia Borograd
GK -- Marina DIMITROVA -- #23 -- 28y/o -- FK Metropola Borograd

Right Back
RB -- Trude SPITZ -- #2 -- 22y/o -- FC Teussen Stelburg
RB -- Genoveva TANEVA -- #16 -- 25y/o -- Olympia Borograd

Centre Back
CB -- Eliza STOEVA -- #4 -- 24y/o -- Olympia Borograd
CB -- Ann-Katrin FINCKE -- #5 -- 26y/o -- FC Teussen Stelburg
CB -- Dina VASEVA -- #14 -- 28y/o -- Olympia Borograd
CB -- Gabriella FILIPOVA -- #15 -- 25y/o -- Energija Chernovets

Left Back
LB -- Stefanie VOIGHT -- #3 -- 31y/o -- FC Teussen Stelburg
LB -- Nicola BUSCH -- #13 -- 26y/o -- 1912 Stelburg

Centre Midfield
CM -- Erika GRENDEL -- #6 -- 21y/o -- SW Stahlberg
CM -- Alexandra BOICHEVA -- #8 -- 25y/o -- FK Metropola Borograd
CM -- Tsveta DOBLINA -- #17 -- 33y/o -- Olympia Borograd

Right Wing
RW -- Ivonne EICHINGER -- #7 -- 27y/o -- FC Teussen Stelburg
RW -- Ana TODOROVA -- #22 -- 24y/o -- Olympia Borograd

Centre Attacking Midfield
CAM -- Lala ZHELYAVA -- #10 -- 22y/o -- Olympia Borograd
CAM -- Kapka SOTIROVA -- #21 -- 25y/o -- Energija Chernovets

Left Wing
LW -- Sylvia BODEKER -- #11 -- 23y/o -- FC Teussen Stelburg
LW -- Cathrin HAUER -- #19 -- 25y/o -- FC St. Jakob

Centre Forward
CF -- Isabelle KRUGER -- #10 -- 22y/o -- FC Teussen Stelburg
CF -- Magdalena ILIEVA -- #18 -- 26y/o -- Olympia Borograd
CF -- Victoria SAVOVA -- #20 -- 30y/o -- FK Metropola Borograd

Formation: 4-2-3-1
Captain: Larissa Schauer
Style Modifier: +4

The STOC, and all Siovanijan and Teus athletes, are eagerly awaiting the beginning of the Games of the XIII Olympiad, and look forward to meeting the great athletes of the world in competition.
The United Republics of Siovanija & Teusland
Capital: Borograd | Population: 74,245,000 | Demonyms: Siovanijan, Teus | Country Code: STL

World Cup of Hockey 40 & 41 Champions ⋆ World Junior Hockey Championship 14 Champions

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Nation Name: Vekaiyu (VEK)
Flag Bearer: Ikrisia Sulevire (Swimming)
Anthem: Eternal Vekaiyu

Useful Links:

Past Performances:

Sport Uniforms
Vekaiyu prides itself in its technological, and sometimes bizarre, uniforms. Due the the unusual and often smaller structures of the vulpine people, as well as their religious practices, uniforms are slightly different than normal human-based nations. This guide highlights several of the more common Vekaiyun sport uniforms, including the speed swimsuit, worn by swimmers representing Vekaiyu.

Water Polo
Ever since Vekaiyu joined international competition with their first appearance at the Fifth Summer Olympiad, both the mens and womens squads have shown an acumen for the sport. It may seem odd for a vulpine of all creatures to be so good when it comes to aquatics, but many vulpine swimmers will have their tails cut off at an early age and southern variant vulpines (which make up the vast majority of vulpines in Vekaiyu) have a shorter, oily coat that provide a benefit in the pool. One point of caution: Vekaiyun ear guards are designed to house their triangular ears. While no one to date has been injured by their guards, it does remain a possibility.
Water Polo - Men's
#2 G Reko Severu
#43 C Todd Agivesi
#80 LW Vinsent Vibisistre
#24 RW Yamano Hukeru
#13 LD Levo Nikaru
#15 RD Ehjy Kirveli
#77 P Ehjy Lipistre
#90 D Kero Livekari
#7 G Dazso Telikro
#33 W Todd Juveri
#81 U Viktor Suvalri
#29 U Yeri Besaliste
#22 C Yiisu Kamariseri
#29 U Yeri Besaliste
#22 C Yiisu Kamariseri

Water Polo - Women's
#3 G Ikrisia Voleru
#14 C Rin Kesuru
#18 RW Selvala Useveli
#41 LW Livikia Naseri
#39 RD Ivia Kamariseri
#59 LD Sayli Lupestre
#20 P Ileena Mikra
#6 G Yva Sukari
#71 W Ankya Sipari
#79 D Leina Viseliri
#60 U Xa Revesasistre
#35 U Ika Camari
#15 U Kiri Nevikalistre

Synchronized Swimming
Routines are expected to be dynamic and full of energy. Vulpines are smaller than humans on average; therefore, it is not uncommon for teams to have multiple fliers to go with one to two bases. Vekaiyun numbers tend to feature classical songs from their home country, and the teams typically are devoid of eye makeup so common among human competitors, but will use traditional waterproof dyes in order to add a certain unique flair to their routines.
Sync. Swimming, Men's
Yamano Istroveri
Pitur Eraseru
Ehjy Nalikastre
Nyo Volistre
Yorev Venisloviyey
Yuso Relsateru
Ives Islatera
Javo Ulekari
Yoshuo Veslaslori

Sync. Swimming, Women's
Ankya Nilu
Ikrisia Sibaki
Iva Sivili
Sayli Deseristre
Sera Mivileru
Riyna Alikastre
Sisani Remleseru
Floria Iblistravi
Aksynia Bolateru

Rhythmic Gymnastics
As with synchronized swimming, Vekaiyun gymnastics is all about displaying the vulpine physique. Nearly all athletes have retained their tails (which are being increasingly cut off due to many parents wanting to keep their children open to aquatic sports and due to it culturally being deemed vestigial), and nearly all will use it in their routine, no matter what kind of controversy it may cause (like what occurred in the Eighth Summer Olympiad).
Rhythmic Gymnastics - Men's 
Yero Sakaneski
Viktor Erasavri
Daszo Ikni'istro
Lso Relikaseri
Ilo Evastroviyey
Erulo Levinavi

Rhythmic Gymnastics - Women's
Ankya Ivinari
Mayri Erasu
Sisani Retruviya
Ika Solepise
Yva Solakuv
Riyna Bolisavo

The more Vekaiyu competes internationally in this sport, the more defensive their style of play becomes. This could simply be due to philosophical differences and different styles of play, but it could also be due to difficulties in scoring. A vulpine-team attack is usually haphazard and relies on deception.
Soccer - Men's 
GK 1 Ilo Kuseri
LB 7 Enlil Vivisistre
CB 5 Vanyo Suberi
CB 2 Kevo Nebisastre
RB 4 Viktor Irevi
LCM 18 Yamano Siri
RCM 19 Yiisu Kuverle
LF 27 Stapen Libesistre
RF 22 Yamano Ulevistre
ST 20 Vinsent Keperi
GK 9 Lso Beselari
CB 6 Erulo Sakaponi
CB 3 Herul Nedishevi
LBRB 8 Reko Eviri
F 12 Nyl Ulesistre
ST 29 Nyl Isleverisiri
CDM 23 Ehjy Luvensku
CM 24 Reko Misire

Soccer, Women's
GK 2 Sayli Nulivesu
LB 5 Ankya Soviseli
CB 8 Eri Uvesi
CB 16 Ikrisia Sicari
RB 8 Ivia Mikari
LCM 14 Ankya Erulisistre
RCM 19 Isala Nubistru
LF 21 Eleena Zekasu
RF 29 Elana Pivaristre
ST 20 Yva Sekastre
GK 3 Ika Bolsesiste
CB 6 Leina Huseri
CB 9 Ileena Kepali
LBRB 7 Rin Wesela
F 11 Ivalsa Nikaliste
ST 13 Lisa Kapalistre
CDM 28 Riyna Evisi
CM 26 Xa Vevikari

Vekaiyu lacks many facilities converted for handball use, hence players from both squads are more familiar with field or Czech handball. Consequently, their games typically show a lack of dribbling, as handball fields are typically not well-suited for such tasks. Expect a strong passing game from these squads.
Handball, Men's
8 Levo Tipinastre
14 Todd Vanistero
17 Seri Akivaru
13 Kirin Yiveristre
28 Yamano Iverliri
34 Vanyo Weslaviri
37 Isoli Zaveru
77 Stapen Evaseru
61 Yeri Sobonistre
64 Yiisu Caveristre
52 Frankyo Yiseru
25 Erulo Niveri
91 Frankyo Soveli
80 Reko Vaseru

Handball, Women's
7 Sayli Veverisistre
82 Rin Sikevistre
16 Visela Usiveri
44 Kiiya Meseveri
50 Sera Ikari
15 Ankya Kivisestre
76 Lipia Sovale
41 Yva Lekesero
40 Kekteremia Liveristre
31 Nii Epilera
27 Ika Feseristre
22 Liviala Novileri
24 Lina Reperi
93 Yalela Piriseru

Unlike the teams sported by the first few delegations from Vekaiyu, basketball is mostly dominated by Vekaiyun humans. The reason is simple - lack of brawn from vulpine bodies, and lack of height. Rims are positioned lower in Vekaiyu, but their teams abide by Olympic rules in international competition. One should likely expect a rather lopsided affair when playing Vekaiyu - a team with shorter players, on average, are at a disadvantage when it comes to defense and offense.
Basketball, Men's
C 15 Yiisu Fivaleri
SF 47 Yamano Biseri
PF 34 Herul Siviniste
SG 37 Yeri Lisesistre
PG 12 Reko Rivali
C 8 Reko Sobenistre
SF 26 Mikil Kivali
PF 24 Levo Disialu
SG 74 Yuko Hisieru
PG 63 Erulo Zerisaru
G 68 Dazso Tiveru
F 18 Viktor Desiliru

Basketball, Women's
C 17 Ikari Subenistre
SF 9 Kekteremia Sikaski
PF 23 Yva Noveru
SG 27 Sayli Nivikasi
PG 11 Xa Vivinisu
C 14 Ivalsa Pikaseru
SF 44 Iva Resteristre
PF 59 Ika Nokevistre
SG 90 Ankya Siveri
PG 13 Selvala Misestru
G 66 Sisani Ilevu
F 81 Sera Likistra

Underwater Hockey
Underwater hockey remains the premier sport in Vekaiyu - practically every child has at least a few sportscards from the Pro League Underwater Hockey Circuit, and there are who days devoted to a litany of matches to keep fans entertained, along with various pundits with their own agendas. UWH in Vekaiyu is played in 15 minute quarters; UWH elsewhere is played in two 15 minute halves. This was a bit of a concern during the last games, but both squads took home the gold, though this could be due to playing in home arenas. Vekaiyu likens itself to a "cut above the rest" when it comes to UWH.

Both squads are all-vulpine. UWH in Vekaiyu is almost completely dominated by vulpines, save for a few teams who have employed human Vekaiyuns as "enforcers" who are more able to muscle through a group of opponents. UWH for vulpines is a balance between finesse and brawn, and most squads opt for the finesse approach.
Underwater Hockey, Men's
#01 FW Salvatoro Struyise
#44 FW Eri Longori
#28 MF Vanyo Iskateru
#32 MF Stapen Ruyesi
#08 B Levo Ristostroviyey
#11 B Fransis Kektraveli
#31 FW Seri Kalaseru
#50 FW Kirin Lostravise
#19 MF Reko Imlastrovi
#67 MF Vanyo Ulyatelu
#28 B Yorev Kiktaveryi
#49 B Yensey Sibikaso

Underwater Hockey, Women's
#07 FW Sayli Relasessi
#34 FW Rin Slakevi
#29 FW Ivalsa Oyestero
#04 MF Riyna Velestruviye
#06 B Sisilia Leminu
#15 B Sera Alvessi
#41 FW Selvala Ermesu
#55 FW Vesilia Alvessi
#14 MF Yulie Eskatero
#64 MF Riyna Seritrovi
#22 B Xa Releteru
#91 MF Ankya Ibikastre

Baseball / Softball
How does a vulpine play baseball? It's simple, actually. Due to having less brawn than humans, one can expect these sports to be more of a defensive affair. It's very much "small-ball" oriented, with pinch running, bunting, squeeze plays, and so on often trumping the standard "modern day" home run ball. Expect these teams to be pitching-heavy, where the longer vulpine fingers tend to favor more movement on the ball, though with movement it often depends on humidity.
Position Players
C Reko Sobokinari
C Dazso Novinistre
1b Vinsent Moviyey
2b Tomasu Imligavi
2b Irvo Levinistre
SS Ehjy Tobiseru
3b Herul Fevikaro
IF Frankyo Yilislevi
LF Javo Imliseru
CF Fransis Savinestru
RF Eselo Oblervi
OF Lso Reveseru
UT Temotu Stavinessi

SP Vanyo Imlaslossi
SP Salvatoro Berasestru
SP Seri Kimlavenyu
SP Yavo Nibikanero
RP Yeri Straveru
RP Enlil Laverno
RP Yamano Omleseru
RP Yero Longovi
LR Kiveli Iklagoveri
LR Kirin Nevikaseru
SU Stapen Emlevessi
CL Yensey Neliva

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
Roleplay injuries to my players Y (Don't kill them or paralyze them plz.)
Godmod injuries to my players Y
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y
Godmod other events Y
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Beepee's Olympics Team Sports Rosters
And miscellaneous information

Chef De mission: Theodore (Ted) Wong
Flag Bearer: Ivo Dhjukharevic, Tennis

[spoiler=Men's Football]

The 24 man squad comprises the best up an coming talent in Beepee.

Head Coach: Uppan Atom

Name / Age / Position / Club

James Bourke, 20, GK, Sepe Region
Ted Wong, 18, GK, Grevillia Flame
Mario Rider, 20, GK, Banskia Utd
Zareek Reich, 18, GK, Smithy

Anders Bucke, 20, DL, Esrille Town
Iain Hutt, 18, DC, Mela Leuca
Tyler St. John, 20, DC, Banksia Utd
Mike Langdon, 20, DR, Banksia Utd

Michael Maiden, 19, DL, Sepe Region
Ivo Liaw, 18, DC, Phafjord

Defensive Midfielders
Dean Heinamaki, 19, DMC, Catenham State University

William Poston, 20, ML, Esrille Town
Phil Bonac, 20, MC, Esrille Town
Xander Askwith, 16, MC, Banksia Utd
Ryan Park, 20, MLR, Sepe Region

Darrell Mattos, 16, MC, Mela Leuca
Marcus Bailey, 20, MC, Mela Leuca

Attacking Midfielders
Hamish Macaulay, 18, AMC, Norfolk Pinewoods

Anders Jung, 20, ST, Mela Leuca
Tony Wolf, 20, ST, Esrille Town

Logan Constance, 20, ST, Golden Wattle Bay
Josh Friedrich, 20, ST, Esrille Town
Jeremy Tomlinson, 18, ST, Grevillia Flame
Dwayne Ramsay, 20, ST, Phafjord


Beepee play a traditional 4-4-2 formation which can be seen here.

Those in bold above indicate the starting preferred starters.

Anders Jung has been selected as captain, with Iain Hurt as vice captain


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

RP Permissions
Choose my lineup: Yes - preferred shown
Choose my scorers:  Yes
Choose my scoring events:  Yes
Godmod scoring events:   Yes
RP injuries to my players:   Yes but no deaths please
Godmod Injuries to my players:  Yes but no deaths please
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Yes
Give Red Cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes

Kit and Colours

First Kit:
Second Kit:

[spoiler=Men's Baseball]


Preferred starting line up indicated

Manager - Homer Unn

Homer Unn is Beepee's loveable yet incredibly stupid manager. He is incredibly well versed and knowledgeable on Baseball strategy, but oft puts suffers from foot-in-mouth-itis.

* 01 Bowie Baysocks, 26, GWB Pelicans, LH
62 Roger Mulla, 33, Isring Forest Bears, RH
   21 Ali Mohammed, 28, CSU Tigers, RH
   17 Dhiraj Jevtar, 24, Catenham WS, RH

Bowie Baysocks is Beepee's most consistent Catcher and has a decent understanding the pressures on pitchers.

In the recent Beepeean Baseball League season, Roger Mulla performed well pushing Baysocks for player of the year. This competition is likely to be Mulla's last international tournament,and he is keen to go out on a high".

1B 04 Casey Thorlibin, 27, GWB Pelicans RH
2B 09 Sean Balwearie, 29, CSU Tigers RH
3B 12 Christian Mitchell, 34, GWB Pelicans RH
SS 07 Bruce Labare, 30, CSU Tigers RH
      35 Sung Jun-Ho, 23, Phafjord Pack RH

short stop Bruce Labare is also the captain of the Beepeean side and their best player.

Christian Mitchell has become a must stronger hitter over the past year and recently won a home run competition at the Sub

LF 05 Tua Keeti, 25, GWB Pelicans RH
CF 03 Kody Pombo, 28, CSU Tigers LH
RF 02 Chris Maino, 29, CSU Tigers RH
      25 John Maier, 27, Phafjord Pack LH
      18 Alexander Abraham, 18, Sepe Soldiers RH

Chris Maino is hitting his peak and has had an excellent pre-tournament training session.

John Maier is expected to push Tua Keeti for a starting position in the coming tournament, given Keeti's poor run of form.

Alexander Abraham is a new addition the squad this year. He performed well and outplayed other more established players in the recent Beepeean league.

Designated hitter 
99 Denis Derriux, 31, GWB Pelicans, LH

SP1 76 Josef Artemovich, 30, GWB Pelicans RH
SP2 72 Taylor Keith, 28, GWB Pelicans RH
SP3 81 Dan McManus, 33, CSU Tigers RH
SP4 73 Leslie Wheeler, 26, CSU Tigers LH
SP5 74 Martin Clemens, 29, Phafjord Pack LH
CP 75 Allan Hampton, 28, Catenham WS RH
RP 80 Jeremy Miller, 22, Sepe Soldiers RH
RP 78 Keith McConnell, 26, CSU Tigers RH
RP 77 Darius Duffy, 34, Isring Forest Bears LH
RP 79 Justin Holman, 31, Isring Forest Bears RH

Josef Artemovich will be the opening pitcher in the first match, and the above running order 1-5. Artemovich has the quickest fastball of all the Beepeean players. Whereas Dan McManus has the widest range of accurate throws.



My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: Yes
Follow my pitching rotation: Not if you don't want to
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Eject my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes


[spoiler=Men's Volleyball (Indoor)[/spoiler]

Head Coach: Zenaib Zamel

No. Name
Date of birth

2. Manny Koalcak
10 November 1993
1.95 m (6 ft 5 in)
82 kg (181 lb)
345 cm (11 ft 4 in)
330 cm (10 ft 10 in)
4 Al Ispetin
14 November 1988
1.93 m (6 ft 4 in)
80 kg (180 lb)
339 cm (11 ft 1 in)
310 cm (10 ft 2 in)

5 George Govats
10 October 1994
1.90 m (6 ft 3 in)
85 kg (187 lb)
340 cm (11 ft 2 in)
305 cm (10 ft 0 in)

7 Benji Loafie
10 November 1993
1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)
72 kg (159 lb)
310 cm (10 ft 2 in)
300 cm (9 ft 10 in)

8 Jazz Hameed
7 July 1994
1.93 m (6 ft 4 in)
74 kg (163 lb)
338 cm (11 ft 1 in)
306 cm (10 ft 0 in)
9 Rip Anakle
7 February 1988
1.88 m (6 ft 2 in)
73 kg (161 lb)
320 cm (10 ft 6 in)
311 cm (10 ft 2 in)

10 Andre Boutros
9 July 1994
2.02 m (6 ft 8 in)
110 kg (240 lb)
335 cm (11 ft 0 in)
345 cm (11 ft 4 in)

11 Harry O'Michael
3 December 1990
2.04 m (6 ft 8 in)
81 kg (179 lb)
345 cm (11 ft 4 in)
355 cm (11 ft 8 in)

12 Sean O'Porter
16 October 1991
1.82 m (6 ft 0 in)
73 kg (161 lb)
310 cm (10 ft 2 in)
300 cm (9 ft 10 in)

14 Gatlin McCafe
30 July 1988
1.72 m (5 ft 8 in)
72 kg (159 lb)
316 cm (10 ft 4 in)
308 cm (10 ft 1 in)

17 Timothy Maloney
17 September 1990
2.02 m (6 ft 8 in)
87 kg (192 lb)
350 cm (11 ft 6 in)
335 cm (11 ft 0 in)

19 Chakib Lawani (Capt.)
20 November 1989
1.67 m (5 ft 6 in)
70 kg (150 lb)
311 cm (10 ft 2 in)
281 cm (9 ft 3 in)


[spoiler=Men's (Australian Rules) Footy]

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Commonwealth of Baker Park Olympic Committee

Team for the XII Summer Games in the Federation of the Free Republics

Region—Atlantian Oceana

National Anthem--"Hear Our Voices Commonwealth" Gordon Skinner wrote the words as a poem, and later it was set to a musical accompaniment by Robin Alsop-Mills, based broadly on an interpretation of a part of J.S. Bach's Prelude & Fugue in E Flat major (BWV 552) also known as St Anne's. Alsop-Mills admitted that he was inspired by the hymn "O God Our Help in Ages Past", which has a similar melody. The anthem is correctly attributed to Skinner/Evers & Alsop-Mills/J.S. Bach

Nickname/Demonyms--the country's name doesn't lend itself to easy self-identity for citizens, but nevertheless there are familiar references that people learn from an early age; Parker's is the obvious one, while BPer's is also generally used. One of the elements on the Coat of Arms is the Bee, which is a heraldic symbol for industriousness, and when certain sport teams competed in other countries, black & gold uniforms sometimes were similar to the markings on bumblebees. In 1969, the national soccer team played in Italy and a local newspaper bestowed the moniker il Bombi (the Bumblebees) on them. The use of that nickname has grown ever since.

National Colors--Red, White, Blue, Black, & Gold.
From its founding in 1892, Baker Park's flag was a variation on the White Ensign of the Royal Navy. In addition to the red cross on white background, two other crosses were added soon after the nation was established--a traditional blue outside of the red cross, representing the Duchy of Oldenburg, where the first Head of State Prince Frederick had been born, and a gold on black cross outside of it, representing St David, the patron saint of Wales.

Upon the 75th Anniversary of the nation's founding, a contest was held to design a new flag; the winning entry incorporated the motif of the original flag and added the element of the constellation Andromeda on the light blue sky from the Great Seal of the Commonwealth. Occasionally, the Arms of State, which form the reverse of the Great Seal, are used in the lower right corner (this had been a later addition to the original flag as well, dating from the 1940's).

Official Broadcaster of the Olympics in the Commonwealth of Baker Park is CBC, the oldest and largest over-the-air TV network.
The following personnel are covering the games from Republica:
Ian Zimmerman--daytime studio host [BP Standard Time] (CBC network news anchor)
Leslie Van Horn--evening studio host [BPST] (National Radio Corporation talk host)
Chris Gibbons--weekend daytime studio host (CBC network sports host)
Michael Banford--weekend evening studio host (National Radio sports anchor)
David Blake--weekend overnight host/basketball play-by-play commentary (CBC network sports host)
Frieda Bledsoe--weeknight overnight host/general reporter (National Radio news reader)
Tiffany Sweeney--Track & Field reporter (National Radio news reader)
Kevin Ellis--basketball color commentary (National Radio sports anchor)
Gary Sexton--general reporter (National Radio talk host)
Leanne King--general reporter (National Radio sports reporter)

Opening Ceremony flagbearer--CPL Drake Anderson, National Guard of the Commonwealth (Boxing)
Total number of participants in delegation=145

Coaching staffs, team sport rosters, other officials

Boxing Governing body--BP Boxing Federation
Head Coach: Richard Anglin
Assistants: Frank Villareal (Alvarez)
Tony Ernst (Porter)
Matt Lockhart (Anderson/Crawford)
cornermen: Bob Tipton
Greg Jefferson
Doctor: Edward Danbury, M.D.

Welterweight--Peter Alvarez age 22 (12-2/ 6 KO)
Middleweight--Drake Anderson age 23 (14-1/ 11 KO)
Lt Heavyweight--David Porter age 24 (18-4/ 14 KO)
Heavyweight--Lucius Crawford age 24 (17-5/ 12 KO)
records are for all amateur bouts fought

Swimming Governing body--Universities Athletic Coalition (UAC)
Head Coach: Dan Ingram (University of Ezra head coach)
Assistants: Lydia Moore (University of Coolville head coach)
John Seaver (University of Baker Park head coach)
Physio: Deanna Knorr

Sebastian Young--M 50 free, 100 free, 4x100 free age 23
Rick Riley--50 free, 200 free, 4x100 free age 22
Michael Zeller--100 free, 200 free, 4x100 free age 23
Aiden Harris--400 IM, 4x100 free age 24

Lorelei Friemark--W 100 free, 200 free, 4x100 free age 23
Melanie Lauterback--100 free, 400 free, 4x100 free age 21
Iris Gorman--200 free, 4x100 free age 22
Wendy Oliver--400 free, 4x100 free age 22

Track/Field Governing body--Athletics Committee of the Commonwealth
Head Coach: Omar Haskins (field events, jumps)
Assistants: Bryan Oliver (M sprinters/relays)
Jane Kelsey (W sprinters/relays)
David Foreman (field events, throws)
Hannah Parker (mid/long distance)
Physios: Don Stanley
Cindi Quinn
Doctor: Maggie Robinson, D.O.

Leon Hall--100, long jump, 4x100 relay age 28
Derek Powell--100, 200, 4x100 relay age 25
Kevin Duffy--100, 200, high jump age 26
Rob Kline--200, 400, 4x400 relay age 24
Adam Snelling--400, 800, 4x400 relay age 26
Jonathan Day--800, 1500, 4x400 relay age 30
Rashard Morningstard--110 hurdles, 4x100 relay age 24
Everitt James--110 hurdles, 4x100 relay age 27
Gregory Stephens--400 hurdles, high jump, 4x400 relay
Kyle McCleod--shot put/discus age 29
Charles Atkinson--discus/hammer throw age 26

Monique Prince--100, 200, long jump, 4x100 relay age 29
Maggie Yates--100, 200, 4x100 relay age 25
Lianna Watts--400, 800, 4x400 relay age 28
Joanna Turner--400, 400 hurdles, 4x400 relay age 24
Marina Bartone--800, 1500, 4x400 relay age 27
Amanda McBride--4x100 relay, 4x400 relay age 22
Elissa Davis--5000 age 26
Emma Coyle--100 hurdles, 4x100 relay age 25
Addison O'Neal--high jump age 21
Claudia Ashworth--shot/discus age 28
Kay Murphy--Heptathlon age 27


Women's Basketball Governing body--BP Basketball
POS     Age  Team
3 Alanna Kessler G 20 University of Ezra
11 Tara Mackenzie F 21 St Warren State University
4 Marissa Irvin G 20 University of Osheana
14 Krysten Poynter G 21 Endborough Collegel
21 Elissa Bradley F 19 University of Endover
45 Faith Duffy C 21 University of Baker Park
5 Nevaeh Jackson G 21 Endborough College
20 Maddie Hart F 19 Northern Baker Park State University
24 Christa Vuckovic F 21 University of Oceana
33 Bethany Novak F/C 20 University of the Commonwealth
30 Katie Rinaldi F 21 Coolville State University
41 Diana Unger C 21 University of Belle Haven
Coach: Jackie Callaway (Northern Baker Park State Univ head coach)
Assts: Audrey Snider (University of Baker Park head coach)
Caren Hunter (Endborough College head coach)
Paul Whitman (Northern Baker Park State U asst coach)
Manager: Donna Collier
Physio: Josie Hanrahan

home uniform

away uniform

Lacrosse Governing body--UAC
3  Shaye Jenrich          22   DF      University of Endborough	
4 Mary McEnerney 21 AT University of Endborough
6 Riley Etterman 20 AT Endborough College
7 Sydney Moyer 21 AT Oceana City College
10 Jordan Anderson 20 MF Endover State University
11 Morgan Bohmenstiehl 21 AT Oceana City College
13 Melissa Farenby 21 MF Belle Haven State University
14 Hayley Magditch 20 AT Kellerville State University
18 Paige Reiter 20 DF University of St Leon
19 Megan Ostrander 22 DF Belle Haven State University
20 Madison Schulte 21 DF University of Baker Park
26 Teresa Petruccelli 21 GK University of Belle Haven
1 Alexis Haney 23 MF Osheana Capital University
5 Kellyann Poseluzny 22 AT University of Belle Haven
17 Shannon Fries 23 DF University of Endborough
15 Cierra Burries 22 DF University of Oceana
12 Chiara Petruccelli 23 MF University of Belle Haven
8 Kasie Nielson 23 MF University of Ezra
24 Andrea Middleton 20 GK University of St Leon
2 Danielle Manning 22 MF Kellerville State University

Head Coach: Brittaney Franklin (University of Endborough head coach)
Assistant Coaches: Crystal Bernal (University of Endborough asst coach)
Jacie Wilson (Oceana City College head coach)
Hal Covington (Osheana Capital University head coach)
Rob Petruccelli (University of Belle Haven head coach)
Physio: Samantha Barnes


Men's Soccer Governing body--Football Association of the Commonwealth (FAC)

David Elliot 20 Victoria & Albert FC
Grant Coffey 22 Hamilton Wanderers FC
Andy Lomax 20 Endover State University

Tim Overmans 20 Baker Park A&M University
Erik Sherkel 21 ROCK United FC
JC Bartok 23 Westwood Sprites FC
Brandon Poncsak 23 Mansfield C&W FC
Brian Sanders 23 Midtown AC
Caleb Brightwell 22 Richmond Station FC
Derion Hutchins 22 Coolville United FC

Rey Guitierrez 20 Oceana City College
Evan Canderas 21 U of Belle Haven
Joe Ware 21 Dalton Station AC
Marcus Milton 21 N Baker Park State U
Scott Miller 22 Clayton City FC
Austin Labus 22 Fairport City FC
Lorenzo Taborn 23 Westwood Sprites FC

Tyler King 21 Sanborn Borough SC
DeAngelo Simmons 20 U of St Leon
David Konowalski 22 Southend AC
Tim Blair 22 Richmond Station FC
Piet Van den Bloom 23 FC Twente Einscheide

Manager--Liam Sullivan
Assistants--Darren Kirby
Lawrence Bell
George Prather
Physio—David Hulme
Team Physician—Robert Vernon, M.D.

Style modifier +2.1
numerical roster
1 Coffey
2 Bartok
3 Hutchins
4 Ponscsak
5 Canderas
6 Milton
7 Guitierrez
8 Taborn
9 Simmons
10 King
11 Miller
12 Van den Bloom
13 Labus
14 Ware
15 Sanders
16 Sherkel
17 Overmans
18 Konwalski
19 Brightwell
20 Elliot
21 Blair
22 Lomax

home uniforms
away uniform

RP Permissions (universal for all sports as apply)
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose my scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y (duration of match only)
Godmod Injuries to my players: Y
Punish my players with warnings/DQ: Y (TG in advance please)
Godmod other events: Yes


Alan Brewer
Monica Herzog
Anne Trammel

Rob Phelps
Larry Nelson

Simon Harris
Kevin Lattimer

Emily Sparkman

track & field
Peter Bellows
Nancy Long
Stewart Armstrong
Linda McCowan

Tim Hudson
Ryan O'Malley
Katrina Fuller
Steve Glanford

Tim Lincoln
Amanda Schultz
Frank Young
timer/alternate official
Kelly Fogle
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Baptism of Fire 67 Runner-Up
AOCAF LVIII (co-hosts), LX Third Place
World Cup 85 Fourth Place
World Cup 84 Co-hosts
World Cup 81/82/83/84/86 Round of 16
World Cup 80 Group Stage
AOBC 5 Champions
NSCF 21 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff semi-finalists
NSCF 18 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff quarterfinalist
NSCF 19 & 20 Mineral Conference Champions

WLC Vice President
WLC 34 Fourth Place
WLC 30/31(host)/32/33/35 Quarterfinal
WLC 29 Playoff Round

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Empire Of Vangaziland
Trigram: VNG
Imperial Colors: Indigo, Red, Black
Flag Bearers
Opening: Jessica Franssen | Closing: M.C. Ristoff
Entrance Parade Uniform: Shiny Purple Blazer, White Shirt, Purple/Red/Black Tie or Scarf, White Shorts or Skirt, White Retro Tennis Shoes
*Wardrobe sponsored by Royal Clothing Company

Auto Racing Vangaziland
Chassis: VM33 (Tested During Championship Run in WGP2 II)
Powerplant: Twin Turbo, 'Vannish Motors' V8, WGPC Spec
Suspension: Vannish Motors GPC2250
Proving Grounds: South Stead Testing Facility - VMR HQ

Jessica Franssen(C) - WGPC 16 Drivers Champion, Cross Rally Championships Winner, WGPC 14 Top 5, 2 x WGP2 Award Winning Principal
Karli Schmitt - WGP2 II Drivers Champion, WGP2 II Constructors Champion
Jenna Vandersen - WGP2 I - Constructors Champion, WGP2 I Top 5
Ellie Lindskog - NSSCRA Driver

Jang Xiaopeng - WGP2 I Drivers Champion, WGP2 I Constructors Champion, WGPC 16 Top 5
Ade Imoju - WGP2 II Top 5
Kev Schorebrook - NSSCRA6 Top 5, HGTC GT2 Driver
Floyd Hackerbee - NSSCRA6 Top 10, Former Cross Country Trucker

Kev Schorebrook seen in team race suit...


Vannish Olympiad Baseball


63 Del Bjornberg SP R R 29 6-4 225
51 Rich Kendrix SP L L 30 6-1 215
52 Orlando Encarnación SP L L 19 6-0 200
30 Nate Henli SP R R 27 6-2 225
25 Jamaal Edlund SP R 22 5'11 185
44 Juan Secada RP R R 25 5-10 175
33 Khris Olaf RP R R 23 5-10 178
23 Daniel Cortez RP R R 25 5-11 192
65 Manny Mathissen RP R R 23 5-10 190

15 Braden Okogan C L R 33 6-0 205
29 Dave Trancer C R R 28 6-1 210

14 Pete Kelderssen 2B R R 27 6-3 220
23 Tom Davison 1B L L 30 5-9 208
18 Chuck Endo SS L R 27 6-0 205
12 Pat Evenson 3B B R 33 6-2 215
38 Robin Heathersen 1B R R 26 6-0 200
17 Kyle Garon 3B R R 24 5-10 175

36 Carlos Hernandez RF B R 40 6-1 213
22 Jacob Sren CF L L 33 5-10 192
11 Mack Akoye LF L L 33 5-11 199
31 Aaron Hicks RF B R 27 6-0 202

Pitching Rotation
1. 63 Del Bjornberg
2. 51 Rich Kendrix
3. 54 Orlando Encarnación
4. 30 Nate Henli
5. 25 Jamaal Edlund

Batting Rotation
1. 14 Pete Kelderssen 2B
2. 23 Tom Davison 1B
3. 22 Jacob Sren CF
4. 18 Chuck Endo SS
5. Pitcher/DH
6. 36 Carlos Hernandez RF
7. 12 Pat Evenson 3B
8. 15 Braden Okogan C
9. 11 Mack Akoye LF

Head Coach: Don Haverly
Pitching Coach: Juan Manuel Sanchez
Batting Coach: Ivarr Farnson

Vangaziland Olympiad Basketball Team

C - #40 - Art Vesuvian - 7'2 - Outside Touch - University of Esportivan Vangaziland
PF - #32 - Juell Sampsen - 6'10 - Post Scorer - Overglade University
SF - #30 -Edward Sparv- 6'7 - St. Joseph's College
SG - #20 - Allan Clark - 6'5 - Smart Shot Selection - Blue Coast University
PG - #2 - Steven Eaglesen - 6'2 - Floor General - Overglade University (C)

C - #32 - Roland Simonsson - 7'0 - Shot Blocker - Blue Coast University
PF - #44 - Darius Styles - 6'10 - Post Scoring Threat - College of the Air Force
F - #25 - Anthony Hintersen - 6'7 - Quick First Step - College of the Air Force
F - #27 - Trey Swanson - 6'8 - Mid-range Shooter - Overglade University
PG - #1 Wang Xiaopeng - 6'1 - Fancy Passer & Dribbler - Emperor State University
SG - #22 - Tom Galversen - 6'5 - Shooter - Imeprial Military Academy
SG - #11 - Jay Tullet - 6'6 - Spot-up Shooter - Overglade University

Head Coach - Fred Vanners
Assistant Coach - Karl Limmerick

3 x 3 Squad - Mens
G - #1 Hectare Yulssen - 6'2 - Captain of IBC Team
F - #25 Mark Ewingson - 6'6 - Leading Scorer IBC Team
C - #40 Art Vesuvian - 7'2 Outside Touch

G - #3 Jake Frost - 6'5 - Shooter
F/C - #32 Christopher Ironwrought 6'8 - Scorer

Vangaziland Olympiad Basketball Team - Women's

C - Greta Daggersdottir #33 - 6'10" - post player
PF - Melissa Zinzaized #00 - 6'7" - rookie star
SF - Inene Ronday #40 - 6'6" - mid-range shooter
SG - Sarah Overson #11 - 6'4" - fancy passer & dribbler (C)
PG - Jiao Xiaopeng #1 - 5'9" - facilitator

C - Arlene Deet #32 - 6'8" - quick first step
F - Tienna Harrisen #30 - 6'7" - post player
F - Miranda Kanter #34 - 6'6" - post player
F - Bianca Fynchere #24 - 6'5" - defensive presence
G - Farah Wilsen #14 - 6'0 - Track Star Speed
G - Sierra Pinsen #3 - 6'3" - three-point specialist
G - Vivia Bronck #25 - 6'2" - spot up shooter

Head Coach - Kate Foyelson
Assistant Coach - Deena Randssen

3x3 Squad - Women's
G - #11 Sarah Overson - IBC Reserve PG, Flashy Passer
C - #33 Greta Daggerdottir - 6'10
F - #00 Melissa Zinzaized - 6'7

G - #14 Farah Wilsen - 6'0 - Track Star Speed
F/C - #32 Arlene Deet - 6'8"

Vannish Men's Lacrosse

Head Coach: Larry Hootsen
Assistant Coach: Jon Vennet
Personal Trainer: Sheila Hancourt

G - #3 - Peter Strom - 5'10 -178 lbs. - Northton Merchant Marines (Long Range Passing)
D - #25 - Gary Reef - 6'0 - 210 lbs - Blue Coast Blacksharks
D - #66 - Lars Swenson - 6'6 - 255 lbs. - Northton Merchant Marines (Enforcer)
D - #41 - Mike Swythe - 6'2 - 235 lbs. - South Stead Wagoneers
M - #21 - Rico Wikström - 6'3 - 180 lbs - Overglade University* (Facilitator)
M - #7 - Taye James - 6'1 - 180 lbs - Northton Merchant Marines (Speed)
M - #16 - Theo Scandrix - 5'7 - 170 lbs. - Blue Coast Blacksharks (C)
A - #1 - Scott McLaughlin -5'6 - 200 lbs. - Northton Merchant Marines (Shot Accuracy)
A - #8 - Glover Webb - 6'2 - 175 lbs - Southline Sauropods (Shot Accuracy)
A - #15 - James Brick - 5'11 - 182 lbs. - Dirktown Miners


G - #18 Marvin Anderssen - 175 lbs. - College of the Air Force*

D - #45 - Andrew Lotson - 6'0 - 200 lbs. - South Stead Wagoneers
D - #33 - Ricky Druthers - 5'11 - 180 lbs - St. Joesph's College*
D - #35 - Freddie Tentson - 6'2 - 211 lbs. - Dirktown Miners

M - #27 - Derrick Kensite - 5'11 - 180 lbs. - South Stead Wagoneers.
M - #7 - Stevie Williams - 5'9 - 170 lbs. - Northton Merchant Marines
M - #10 -Gee Zawrite - 5'7 -170 lbs. - Blue Coast University*

A - #9 - Jimmy Lattersen - 5'6 - 165 lbs. - Blue Coast Blacksharks
A - #13 - Samuel Perry - 5'10 - 170 lbs. (left handed) - Auster Storm
A - #00 - Goda Masashi - 5'10 - 170 lbs. - Tainese Megalodon

Vannish Field Hockey

Formation: 5-3-2-1 Lineup

RF- #00 - Silvia Alfursdottir - 5'7 - Accuracy (C)
RI- #2 - Hakonia Kristfinsdottir - 5'9 Shot Power
CF- #9 - Anna Jógvansson - 5'7 - Smart Play & Tactics
LI- #3 - Krista Gulbrandssen - 6'0 - Passing
LF- #7 - Filippa Larasdottir - 5'10 - Speed
RM- #21 - Fjóla Aagard - 5'8 - Passing
CM- #20 - Annabella Marsdottir - 5'5 - Speed
LM- #25 - Emilý Dahl - 6'1 - Shot Power
RD- #33 - Sunniva Bertelsdottir - 5'11 - Strength
LD- #35 - Doris Reistrup - 6'0 - Smart Play & Tactics
GK- #50 - Janita Ólavsson - 5'7 - Quick Reactions

F - #1 - Nora Brestisson - 5'7 - Shot Power
M - #28 - Inga Hammershaimb - 5'6 - Speed
M - #24 - Unna Viggosdottir - 5'9 - Strength
D - #31 - Sarita Svabo - Passing
GK- #42 - Blida Asbjoernsdottir - Quick Reactions

Head Coach - Mina Addiesdottir


Spirit Vangaziland
National Cheer Team - Women's
Stina Karlsson - Team Captain

Name - College | Height | Hair | Eyes | Complexion

Stina Karlsson - Blue Coast University | 5'6 | Dark Blonde | Violet | Tan (C)
Raychelle Millward - Imperial Military Academy | 5'9 | Black | Light Brown | Dark (Co-Captain)
Teana Lord - Blue Coast University | 5'7 | Brown | Green | Tan
Kira Moller - University of Auster | 5'9 | Red | Brown | Freckled
Britt-Marie Symon - Blue Coast University | 5'5 | Black | Brown | Light Brown
Liz Marsden - University of Auster | 4'11 | Platinum Blonde | Cobalt Blue | Fair
Davina Arnell - College of Naval Warfare | 5'11 | Black | Black | Light Brown
Gunhild Palmcrantz - North Vangaziland College | 5'5 | Black | Golden Brown | Dark
Eva Cszonka - University of Esportivan Vangaziland | 5'6 | Strawberry Blonde | Dark Green | Tan
Isabelle Hagelin - University of Auster | 5'7 | Brown | Brown | Fair
Vilma Hagerström Blue Coast University | - 6'0 | Ash Blonde | Pale Green | Ruddy Fair
Taira Yuuko - St. Joseph's College | 5'3 | Black | Black | Fair

Vangaziland Olympiad Soccer Team - Men's

CF - #10 - Filip Odenberg - 6'1 - Shooter
ST - #1 - Bodi Harryssen - 5'11 - Dribbler
RM - #22 - Ed Hjoerleif - 5'8 - Facilitator (C)
CM - #11 - Matty Tuusen - 6'0 - Shooter
CM - #15 -Philip Forsman - 5'10 - Defensive
LM - #20- Patrick Marklund - 5'11 - Facilitator
RB - #30 - Danny Parkerson -6'2 - Speed
CB - #42 - Lukas Sundstrom - 6'0 - Enforcer
CB - #40 - Peter Dreson -6'1 - Strength
LB - #33 - Theodor Jonason - 5'10 - Clearing
GK - #9 - Michael Ossler - 5'9 - Quick Reactions

ST - #14 -Grant Hjaltisson - 6'0 - Shooter
LW - #3 - Tom Gurson - 5'10 - Passing
MF - #11 - Aron Almisson - 5'9 - Facilitator
MF - #23 - Anthony Kristthorsson - 6'0 - Shooter
MF - #27 - Gerry Bjoernolf- 6'1 - Physical
CB - #44 - Jamaal Oddfreyrsson- 6'4 - Enforcer
GK - #8 - Jak Kolursson - 5'10 - Smart Play & Tactics

Derrick Fallsmythe - Head Coach
Marcus Ndebele - Assistant Coach

Vangaziland Olympiad Soccer Team - Women's

CF - #9 - Ismi Vantu - 6'0 - Shooter
RW - #12 - Mary Sander - 5'9 - Facilitator
LW - #28 - Katie Lafeson - 5'9 - Dribbler
RM - #16 - Jill Anlensen - 5'8 - Shooter
CM - #18 - Carmen Jarlsdottir - 5'11 - Dribbler, Freestyler (C)
CM - #35 - Annie Rutherton - 5'6 - Sprinter
LM - #26 - Elyssa Banders -5'8 - Facilitator
RB - #44 - Claire Cruger - 6'0 - Enforcer
CB - #45 - Laura Ashton - 5'10 - Agile
LB - #32 - Elle Icemen - 5'11 - Speed
GK - #5 - Teri Chambersen - 5'10 - Leaper

ST - #10 -Kenzie Rodriguez - 6'2 - Shooter
LW - #20 - Denika Lee - 5'6 - Dribbler
MF - #34 - Nuanny Okundo - 5'9 - Defensive Middie
MF - #29 - Erica Cataldo - 6'0 - Physical
CB - #50 - Olive Jansen - 5'11 - Clearing
FB - #40 - Cari Hanssen - 6'1 - Smart Defender
GK - #1 - Renae Stellar - 5'9 - Fast Off The Line

Head Coach: Janna Bairns
Assistant Coach: Nicole Furthermore

Vangaziland Olympiad Volleyball Team

13 Tasha Adeni - 6'2 - Middle Blocker
8 Immie Anasen - 6'1 - Middle Blocker
18 Kennedy Arundel - 5'8 - Defensive Specialist
2 Danielle Cabe - 6'2 - Outside Hitter
7 Kendra Cason - 5'11 - Outside Hitter
14 Hayley Maelstrom - 6'2 - Middle Blocker
9 Camille Evelle - 6'0 - Outside Hitter
1 Elizabeth Klinler - 5'6 - Libero/Defensive Specialist
12 Jessika Longssen - 5'9 - Setter RS
15 Ilda Lafeson - 5'11 - Outside Hitter
16 Becca Ryvver - 5'7 - Setter
5 Jade Bohan - 5'11 - Outside Hitter (C)
11 Erika Thomassen - 6'3 - Middle Blocker/Right
4 Emma Turbin - 5'10 - Setter
6 Kayla Wilsen - 5'9 - Outside Hitter

Kristine Grungersen - Head Coach
Ellen Herlit - Assistant Coach

Diving & Swim Team of Vangaziland - 36 Total Athletes

Key Athletes
Swimming, Women’s 10 km Marathon - Shara Carden (C)
Swimming, Women's 200 m Individual Medley - Lara Luckerbjorn

Vannish Olympiad Track & Field -

Key Athletes
Men’s 100 m - M.C. Ristoff
Men’s 400 m Hurdles - Ed Labradorite

Women's 100 m - Yvonne Vasquez
Women’s 200 m - Mariah Beyonto
Women's 400 m Hurdles - Karla Asi
Women's Shot Put - Shara Carden

Vangaziland National Boxing

Key Fighters
Men's Super Heavyweight - Otto Bjorn
Women's Lightweight - Linda Henshmen
Women's Light Heavyweight - Abigail Kaldwell

Other Vannish Delegations
Auto Racing Vangaziland
Vangaziland Olympiad Archery
Cycling Vangaziland Olympiad
Vangaziland Golf, Individual Association
Gymnastics Vangaziland
Judo Vangaziland
Rowing Olympiad Vangaziland
Vannish Olympiad Sailing
Vangaziland National Shooting Team
Vannish Karate Team
MMA Delegation Unit
Vangaziland Trialthlon
Taekwondo Vangaziland
Olympiad Tennis Vangaziland
Olympic Hockey Vangaziland
Water Polo Vannish Olympiad Team - Men's
Water Polo Vannish Olympiad Team- Women's
Wrestling Vangaziland

Notable Athletes - (Not Listed On Rosters)

Archery, Men's Individual - Runolf Swift
Archery, Women's Individual - Elissa Hill
BMX, Men's - Rick Rose
BMX, Women's - Anne Benlap
Cycling, Mountain Biking Men's - Moe Steel
Cycling, Mountain Biking Women's - Sanne van Zone
Golf, Men's Individual - Lyon Metals
Kata, Men's Individual - Marcus Frankerssen
Sailing, Men's Windsurfer - Cyrus Williams
Sailing, Women's One-Person Dinghy - Ellen Chamberlain
Shooting, Men's 10 m Air Pistol - Marquise Patterson
Shooting, Men's 25 m Rapid Fire Pistol - Joey Giangiulio
Shooting, Men's Skeet - Charlie Chappelle
Skateboarding, Men's Park - Vince Tagge
Skateboarding, Women's Park - Becca Benssen
Surfing, Men's Shortboard - Brash Stevens
Surfing, Women's Shortboard - Yuliet Velocidad
Triathlon, Men's - Gabe Rowan
Triathlon, Women's - Sara Sandstom

Style Mod: Assume +5 For every sport unless listed different in roster.
RP Permissions: I will choose my goal/run/point scorers. You can godmod events and scenarios throughout the events. No injuries or suspensions. Random collaborative incidents are still encouraged.
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Postby Anollasia » Mon Dec 31, 2018 9:45 pm

Anollasian Olympic Committee / Anolasya Olimpiyat Komitesi / Anolasian Olimpic Komittee
Roster for Anollasia (ANL) at the Games of the XIII Olympiad

Full nation name: The Peaceful Republic of Anollasia
Short nation name: Anollasia
Trigram: ANL
Demonym: Anollasian
National anthem: "Peace on This Land of Glory" (Turkish: "Barış Bu Şanlı Toprağın Üzerine"; Anollasian: "Bareace Üston Buthis Topand ıof Şanlory")
Team colours: Light blue and white
Flag bearer: Mehmet Demirel (tennis)
Official broadcaster: NATV (National Anollasian Television)
President of the Olympic Committee: George Wilcox
Secretary General of the Olympic Committee: Hannah Woo
Chief physician: Dr. Hikmet Erol


Luca Prinko
Gordon Marton
Emre Korur
Gabriel Puertas
François Montel
James Sanchez
George Dover
Cory Baxter
Jared Leeroy


Lilly Strachan
Christina Elgar
Pelin Aktay
Celina Hahn
Tracy Mills
Alyssa Barnaby
Elif Kareli
Canan Tüzel
Natali Keresteciyan



PG: Gregory Smith
SG: Joe Fry
SF: Xavier Tan
PF: Orhan Hamurcu
C: Dmitri Portnoy


PG: Deshawn Hunt
SG: Abbas Farooqi
SF: Len Kennard
PF: Bob Rocher
C: Musa Topçu
PG: Mesut Öngören
SG: Kamal Bukhari



PG: Karen Hutchley
SG: Anisha Porter
SF: Yeliz Bozyük
PF: Jasmine Bonavista
C: Tiara Fenley


PG: Noor Al-Husni
SG: Keera Shane
SF: Rana Karaceylan
PF: Janice Truman
C: Dilan Merdan
PG: Ezgi Yüksek
SG: Dora Killarney



GK: Emre Demirboğa
CB: John Williker
CB: Erol Akça
RB: Ahmad Karimov
CM: Jeremy McBain
CM: Burak Akdağ
LM: Mikhail Antonin
RM: George Stanley
CF: Ali Karow
CF: Yunus Terry


GK: Andrew Simpson
CB: Ferhat Atabey
CB: Robert Henley
LB: Patrick Lonny
RB: Michele Rossi
CM: François Berneuil
CM: Fritz Janssen
LM: Ruel Velazquez
RM: Halil Bayrak
CF: Gregory Turner
CF: Mehmet Karasaç



GK: Courtney Valdor
CB: Michaela Torna
CB: Eylül Ereğli
LB: Gülçin Stanford
RB: Selma Ayaz
CM: Julia Rogobete
CM: Lana Borghese
LM: Henrietta Parkley
RM: Semra Ryder
CF: Abigail Braun
CF: Jessica Schumacher


GK: Serenaya Krishna
CB: Olivia Terrence
CB: Zeynep Bozok
LB: Maddie Summers
RB: Stephanie Hobart
CM: Bethany Cartwright
CM: Nora Nazari
LM: Becca Burry
LM: Shayla Demron
RM: Gülten Babacan
CF: Vera Senton
CF: Dilara Kuzgun



GK: Stuart Küçük
C: Ayhan Korabay
LB: Rufus Reyes
RB: Mark Franco
CR: Mert Kocayürek
LW: Donald Allanson
RW: Viktor Novak


GK: Erkan Jonson
C: Credence Açıksu
LB: David Tomoli
RB: Selim Taraklı
CR: Michael Kasabian
LW: Brett Stephenson
RW: Lucien Lachaise



GK: Ayşe Keskin
C: Melis Serinkaya
LB: Janina Keremovic
RB: Justine Power
CR: Rachelle Soucy
LW: Louisa Monte
RW: Ellen Carter


GK: Miranda Barclay
C: Halime Ortalı
LB: Suzan Belkız
RB: Carin Huff
CR: Sara Hosanna
LW: Danielle Brightman
RW: Farida Bhopal



Outside hitter: Yahya Ermiş
Right side hitter: Ömer Alpkaya
Opposite hitter: Denzel Ashton
Setter: Steven Seneca
Middle blocker: Frederick Bowman
Libero: Rowan McGowan


Outside hitter: Tolga Aktaş
Right side hitter: Carey Harrison
Opposite hitter: Volkan Tennison
Setter: Ben Lebrun
Middle blocker: Ferhat Taner
Libero: Lorenzo Romano



Outside hitter: Genevieve Corson
Right side hitter: Derya Saygun
Opposite hitter: Leda Smart
Setter: Angel Henson
Middle blocker: Dana Limonjian
Libero: Aysel Gruber


Outside hitter: Deniz Jeffer
Right side hitter: Kelly Jamieson
Opposite hitter: Prudence White
Setter: Nil Akşen
Middle blocker: Kuri Alben
Libero: Leah Spartek


Chris Young
Okan Kayalı
Pierre Beauvoix
Jonathan Crowley
Brent Toole
Barış Evren


Beatrice Langley
Laura Heartfield
Zehra Sönmez
Helen Branson
Kathy-Anne Friesen
Sarah Güzyaprak

Men's coxed eights

Nathaniel Langdon
Christopher Peasley
Yusuf Meriç
Nigel English
Henry Swanley
Lyle Burke
Carl Dover
John Appleton
William Partridge

Women's coxed eights

Elizabeth Johnson
Alice Ross
Mary Turner
Prunella Ayr
Valerie Timothys
Augustina Pellegrino
Nancy Aston
Hanife Tuncel
Samantha Underwood

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Postby Starblaydia » Tue Jan 01, 2019 5:32 am

Starblaydi RP Permissions Box wrote:OOC Information:

The Starblaydia national football team will tell you more about the team, their style, culture, fans, and history than I can ever write in a simple roster post. Thanks.

I Give My Opponent Permission
(and actively encourage them) To:
Choose My Scorers
GodMod Any Goalscoring Events
Red & Yellow Card Players (Within reason, they're not remotely a dirty side)
GodMod Other Events for Humorous Intent

1) Starblaydia with play an attack-minded game with a +2 style modifier.
2) I actively encourage that if you RP first you pick my scorers (if any).
3) Before each match, in between national anthems and kick-off, the entire 23-man squad will perform the Raiigar, Starblaydia's traditional war-dance (Similar to a New Zealand Haka).

and the



Starblaydia's Men's and Women's Football teams
Former Men's Champions looking to make it to the medals

Five-time World, six-time Regional, two-time Under-21 and one-time Olympic Men's Football Champions Starblaydia are will line up for their 61st participation in a World Cup campaign (15-34, 38-56 and 61-Present) and will be attempting to make the finals for the 47th time. They begin their Qualifying campaign off the back of taking 3rd Place in the 56th AOCAF Cup, their best result in many decades, which was also their 1,000th victory in international competition.

Starblaydi All-time Cap Winners:
1. Ázëwyn Fëanáro*, 270
2. Dacil Taniquentar, 263
3. Daeron Avathar, 259
4. Valrauncion, 242
5. Soronúmë, 240
6. Carnophin Narquelie, 134
7. Minheled Earisil, 127
8. Brazadar Khurnos^, 126
9. Lucas Cable, 108
10. Sergio Di Bradini, 107

Starblaydi All-time Scorers:
1. Valrauncion, 116
2. Ázëwyn Fëanáro*, 71
3. Lena Kochanska*, 61
4. Jacqueline Maitland*, 59
5. Soronúmë, 57
6. Lubii*, 55
7. Dasha Tolkacheva*, 52
8. Nicole Maitland-Banks*, 47
9. Johan Keifner, 47
10= Simeone Di Bradini, 44
10= Zhorin Tumunzahar^, 44
10= Diamontii Di Bradini*, 44

Demonym: Starblaydi

Key Personnel:
Ázëwyn Fëanáro, Starblaydia's Elven
Manager and record appearance maker,
leads Starblaydia for a fourth
Qualifying campaign.

AF. Ázëwyn Fëanáro*, Manager, 4,053
270 Caps, 71 Goals (Uncapped at Under-21 level)
Fëanáro scored the winner in the 47th Final against Valanora, denying them a title on their own turf and lifting Starblaydia to the mantle of all-time greatest team. Known for her excellent attacking play, range of passing and great eye for goal that lifts her to second in the all-time goalscorers list too, by virtue of a nearly 1-in-4 ratio, Ázëwyn Fëanáro is a symbol of grace, power and beauty from Starblaydia's golden age, some hundred and twenty-five years ago when the Cup was in its 40s. It is these qualities that the SFA managed to recapture with Fëanáro at the helm, bringing her trademark poise and piercing yell to the touchlines after more than a decade of national failures. She took her team to two consecutive World Cups after so long without the famous team in white, and on home soil she's aiming for her team to go deep into the knockouts.

JM. Jerzy Makuszewski, Assistant Manager, 63
83 Caps, 0 Goals (6 Caps, 0 Goals at Under-21 level)
Known as "Chef" by those who can pronounce his surname correctly, Makuszewski took up the mantle of "Best in the World" Lucas Cable to become Starblaydia's unassailable number one between the posts and wear the captain's armband. Always a fiery character, he can shift from jovial to furious in moments, and is Fëanáro's 'enforcer', barking out orders and remonstrating with players and officials with equal fervour.

1. Cosmo Leopoldi, GK, 19 - Colonial Sile (Vilita)
2. Manish Chakraborty, CB, 19 - Montepool Waves
3. Theodore Sigismund, L/CB, 23 - Cedrus Soundgardia
4. Arnold Navarro, CB/DM, 22 - Jhanna City
5. Giorgos Dimitriou, C/AM, 22 - FC St. Jakob (Siovanija and Teusland)
6. Glauco Vega, R/DM, 21 - Koshu Dragon Guard HS (Kita-Hinode)
7. Arkady Krakowski, LM/LW, 19 - Hippion Overdrive
8. Kota Sato, L/AM, 26 - Marine Coast United (Vilita)
9. Aaron Cole, Captain, SC, 27 - Corinthian Spirits
10. Takashi Matsumoto, CF, 21 - TSV Marzig (Siovanija and Teusland)
11. Sutter McCloud, SC, 18 - Foxchester Raiders
12. Roberto Calligaro, GK 23 - Zeppelin University (Kita-Hinode)

1. Amari Ollarion, GK, 27 - Corinthian Spirits
2. Maria Reyes, R/CB, 21 - Senso-Shukujo Ladies HS (Kita-Hinode)
3. Ursula Naaman, LB, 19 - Vecchio Victors
4. Viola Capodanno, Captain, L/DM, 23 - Tabeck Cefn Druids
5. Imane Al-Hashem, RB, 16 - Paricone Athletic FC
6. Kaori Yamaguchi, R/CM, 18 - Foxchester Raiders
7. Carlotta Beretano, RM, 27 - Tabeck Cefn Druids
8. Calindra Apelles, C/AM, 17 - Ionia United
9. Mercy Kaufman, SC, 23 - Beverington Hawks
10. Mezna Rayyen, SC/LW, 30 - Foxchester Raiders
11. Elianora Mendez, SC, 23 - Tentai University (Kita-Hinode)

Home And Away Kits
Kits created by:
ediraf once again has innovated beyond all competitors with the Generation Five series of football kits.

Generation Five brings it all back to the beginning with Starblaydia's iconic, traditional and ubiquitous all-white Home kit, and the all-purple Away kit, both with five gold stars - representing their record-setting five World Championships - above the Starblaydi Football Association logo.
Six-Time World Cup Committee President (WCs 25-33, 46-51 & 82*)
Co-host of World Cups 20, 40 & 80 • Di Bradini Cup Organiser
World Cups 30, 63 & 83 Runner-Up • World Cup 27 Third Place • 25th Baptism of Fire Runner-Up
Seven-Time AOCAF Cup Champions • Two-time U21, One-Time U18 WC Champions • Men's Football Olympic Champions, Ashford Games
Five-Time Cherry Cup Champions • 1st Quidditch World Cup Champions • WGPC8 Drivers' Champion
The Protectorate of Starblaydia
Commended by WA Security Council Resolution #40
Five-Time NS World Cup Champions (WCs 25, 28, 41, 44 & 47)

Crazinesss Encouraged - An Unofficial History of the NationStates World Cup

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Postby The Authoritarian Republic of Lochario » Tue Jan 01, 2019 1:59 pm


Nation Name: The Authoritarian Republic of Lochario
Trigramme : LOC
Nickname : Ginger Tigers
National Anthem : The tank drivers song
Flag Bearer: Kamil Ghittin (Men's Football)
Leader of the Olympic Comitee: Gayitar Fagush


Water Polo
GK. Fattar Gurutt
Def. Gol Foiyi
Def. Tugur Salt
Mid. Solon Esessit
Mid. Foriut Drikhi
Att. Oil Fli
Att. Dasi Fugg

Men's Basketball
Coming Soon

Men's Football

Rugby Sevens
Coming Soon
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Postby Darmen » Tue Jan 01, 2019 2:02 pm

Darmeni National Olympic Committee
Rosters & Other Information

Chief Committee Representative: Gaius Mac Thaidhg, DNOC Vice President of External Affairs
Opening Ceremony Flag Bearer: Felix Lucanus (Men's Football)
Closing Ceremony Flag Bearer: Evaline Lucas (Women's Gymnastics-Trampoline)
National Anthem: The Black Bear

Men's Water Polo
Head Coach: Inge Ó Coileáin (52)

No Name Pos Age
1 Andreas Sitz GK 34
2 Jarod Raskoph CB 33
3 Hubert Shaw D 30
4 Alfwin Langlois D 29
5 Wilmaer Spooner D 25
6 Rainer Watson D 31
7 Dagr Sanford CF 30
8 Ciríaco McLeod CB 25
9 Dauid Bunker D 31
10 Lochlann Gilliam D 25
11 Grady Browne D 23
12 Gordon Joubert CF 25
13 Seneca Villeneuve GK 26

Women's Water Polo
Head Coach: Talulla School (61)

No Name Pos Age
1 Magali Arthur GK 24
2 Liesel Sokolof CB 32
3 Marisol Paternoster D 27
4 Marie Skinner D 29
5 Emelia Dempsey D 25
6 Flossie Moray D 31
7 Belén Martinson CF 22
8 Sacha McIver CB 21
9 Annie Riese D 24
10 Martirio Truman D 20
11 Alannis San Nicolas D 27
12 Shulamite Heinrichs CF 21
13 Emmaline Schreier GK 36
Men's Basketball
Head Coach: Arnfried McNab (60, Leicester Square Riders)

Pos # Name Age Ht. Club
C 1 Wilfred Waterman 23 7'1" Scott City Phoenix
PF 2 Yesha'yahu Trent 32 6'10" Leicester Square Riders
SF 3 Jovian Vargas 22 6'8" Eau Claire Wolves
SG 4 Baruch Foster 26 6'5" Scott City Phoenix
PG 5 Yarden Tennfjord 28 6'2" Rogerton Sharks
C 6 Ciríaco Batts 21 7'0" Leicester Square Riders
PF 7 Casey Simons 32 6'9" Chuckio Raiders
SF 8 Jaffe Hertz 27 6'7" Scott City Phoenix
SG 9 Florus Wang 29 6'4" Romanopolis United
PG 10 Hagano Reece 32 6'1" Eau Claire Wolves
F 11 Rufino Jarvis 26 6'8" Scott City Phoenix
G 12 Fulgencio Emerson 27 6'3" Tim City Giants

Women's Basketball
Head Coach: Eibhlín Mac Cormaic (63)

Pos # Name Age Ht.
C 1 Bláithín Reuter 27 6'9"
PF 2 Marguerite Kneib 29 6'6"
SF 3 Madyson Connor 27 6'5"
SG 4 Raven Forestier 27 6'2"
PG 5 Cécile Kendrick 28 5'11"
C 6 Nóra Quinn 25 6'8"
PF 7 Tammi Solomon 25 6'4"
SF 8 Thomasina Sampson 30 6'3"
SG 9 Jayden Hartmann 19 6'3"
PG 10 Goldie Adams 25 5'10"
PF 11 Merry Nixon 24 6'4"
SG 12 Sadhbh Ritter 23 6'0"

Men's 3x3 Basketball
Head Coach: Ionathan Burns (42)

Pos Name Age Height Club
F Dayton Jundt 26 6'7" Chuckio Raiders
G Tighearnach Ó Luain 24 6'4" Leicester Square Riders
G Yitzhak Gutermuth 23 6'1" Eau Claire Wolves

G Ty Del Bosque 26 6'8" Scott City Phoenix

Women's 3x3 Basketball
Head Coach: Isobel Holme (46)

Pos Name Age Height
F Graciana Haugen 24 6'6"
G Madeline Stoddard 28 6'2"
G Sylvie Timberlake 23 5'11"

G 'Avigayil Vipond 23 6'0"
Position                        Name                 Age Team
Manager Sawyer Pratt 61 Scott City Blue Jays
Pitching Coach Comgal Mac Cnáimhín 52 Tilden Islanders
Hiting Coach Maddox Lesauvage 41 Eau Claire Barons
Bench Coach Davie McCrory 61 Scott City Blue Jays
1st Base Coach Oscar Mendelsohn 54 Royal BC
3rd Base Coach Dorian Hierro 49 Eau Claire Barons
Infielders Coach Jon Ramsay 55 Menomonie Eagles
Outfielders Coach Darius Henryson 67 Augusta Athletics
Catchers Coach/Bullpen Catcher Valentine Sullivan 46 Scott City Blue Jays
Strength and Conditioning Coach Ithiel Millhouse 42 Royal BC
Trainer Yehoshua Arreola 36 Eau Claire Barons

Postition Name Age Team Bats Throws
LHP Marc Moore 32 Scott City Blue Jays L L
LHP Reto Ó Cochláin 23 Eau Claire Barons S L
LHP Henrik Hendry 21 Chippewa Falls Lumberjacks S L
LHP Jonathan Kevins 28 Tim City Athletics L L
RHP Mathis Langley 26 Eau Claire Barons R R
RHP Halstein Byrnes 33 Eau Claire Barons R R
RHP Clemente Lewin 29 Royal BC R R
RHP Raymond Gagneux 23 Scott City Blue Jays S R
RHP Haydn Fishman 31 Hallie Eagles R R
RHP Yorick George 24 Tilden Islanders R R
AMP Merit Olhouser 33 Menomonie Eagles R Both

C Murrough Thayer 30 Scott City Blue Jays R R
C Gabby Cobb 29 Cadott Red Sox R R
1B Micheal Favager 25 Scott City Blue Jays S R
1B/3B Cherokee O'Malley 22 Scott City Blue Jays S R
2B Philemon Hartmann 26 Darmen City White Sox L L
2B/SS Hughie Herman 31 Brady City Braves R R
SS Rodge Walterson 36 Stanley Loggers R R
3B Toviyyah Sherman 33 Bloomer Woodticks R R
LF Anthony Crawford 35 Eau Claire Barons L L
CF Gregor Maçon 27 Eau Claire Barons L L
RF Manu Corey 29 Scott City Blue Jays R R
OF Uri Reagan 24 Scott City Blue Jays S R
OF Dietfried Akers 27 Tilden Islanders R R

Pitching Rotation & Batting Order
1-Marc Moore
2-Merit Olhouser
3-Clemente Lewin
4-Raymond Gagneux
All other pitchers are part of the bullpen, Halstein Byrnes will serve as closer.

1-Murrough Thayer
2-Rodge Walterson
3-Micheal Favager
4-Anthony Crawford
5-Manu Corey
6-Gregor Maçon
7-Toviyyah Sherman
9-Philemon Hartmann
Darmen will not make use of the DH at any point in the tournament.

Head Coach: Addie Karl (59)

# Pos Name Age Bats Throws
1 SP Missy Bruhn 34 R R
2 SP Piedad Tanzer 27 R R
3 SP Rosamond Gardener 26 R R
4 SP Derorit Moore 31 L L
5 MRP Godeliva Hardy 27 R R
6 MRP Jena McKay 28 L L
7 MRP Edna Gerver 32 R R
8 LRP Elise McNeal 29 R R
9 SU Derval Browne 28 L L
10 CL Lyric Regenbogen 31 R R
11 C Cherilyn Schmeling 28 R R
12 1B Aeliana Reuter 26 R R
13 2B Kaitlynn Brady 30 R R
14 SS Trudi Benjaminson 33 L L
15 3B Kristie Großer 27 R R
16 LF Gwenneth Richard 26 R R
17 CF Ermingard Hall 32 L L
18 RF Dionne McGill 27 R R
19 C Avital Romilly 28 L L
20 INF Annemarie Trent 35 R R
21 INF Annabeth Parish 27 R R
22 INF Emalee Dougherty 25 L L
23 OF Marina Arreola 23 L L
24 OF Nanna Sommer 32 R R
Rider                 Horse
Derek Maradona Wonderkid
Torstein Rennell Ole Gunnar
Jeff Cocks Major Hazard
Reinhard Deasmhumhain Colonel Controversy

All horses provided by the du Pont Stable.
OOC: The 13th Summer Olympics will occur in August, 2043 in the Darmeni timeline. Ages correct as of July 25, 2043.
Men's U-23 Football
Coaching Staff
Position Name Age
Manager Isaiah Atwater 51
Assistant Manager Lucien Brant 40

# Name Pos Age Club Caps Goals
1 Hyman Campo GK 23 Scott City FC 9 0
2 Anastasio Wilkie LB 23 Chippewa Valley United FC 9 0
3 Cormac Krämer CB 23 Atlético Augusta 2 0
4 Klopas Maddox RB 29* Atlético Augusta 0 0
5 Avidan Tobias DM 22 Chippewa Valley United FC 9 2
6 Bernhard Amador LM 20 Romanopolis United 0 0
7 Víedharr Svendsen LCM 20 Tempala United Saints 0 0
8 Nataniel Herschel RCM 21 Chippewa Valley United FC 0 0
9 Aquila Freud RM 22 Sleepy Hollow (Taeshan) 9 0
10 Felix Lucanus LF 32* Sterling City United 0 0
11 Colin Russell RF 31* Scott City FC 0 0

12 Daniel Abram GK 23 Royal PFC 2 0
13 Feliciano Espinosa LB 21 Romanopolis United 0 0
14 Cyrus Spalding RB 22 Scott City FC 9 0
15 Joel Good DM 21 Atlético Augusta 0 0
16 Jupiter Greer LM 21 Atlético Augusta 0 0
17 Bill St. John RM 19 MTK Kingsville 0 0
18 Hughie Rowe LF 20 Rogerton Valladar CF 0 0

Injury Replacements
19 Johanan Strobel GK 21 Sportklub Palerma 0 0
20 Leopoldo Dominguez CB 21 RB Maidenhead 0 0
21 Manuel Aston LCM 21 Tempala United Saints 0 0
22 Ivan Borde RF 21 Darmen City United 0 0
*Overage Player

Formation: 3-1-4-2
Darmen will alternate between the counter-attack and possession oriented football. When counter-attacking, play will likely begin with the defensive-midfielder winning the ball and making an outlet pass to one of the outside midfielders. While not out-and-out wingers, they have many of the same qualities and will use their pace to make their way down the touch-lines before crossing into the box. The strike partnership will always be defined as having one target man and one poacher. Atypically, it is the target man who will score the majority of goals, while the poacher and potentially a midfielder will take shots should any subsequent chances present themselves. However, if either of the outside midfielders are stopped before they can make their crosses, Darmen's chances of attacking will disappear for the near future as the team regroups into its defensive formation.

When playing with possession, it is the goal of the Darmeni midfield to lull their opponents to sleep by stringing together large sums of passes. Against highly ranked sides, sequences of 20-30 passes being strung together before the ball even enters the final third are common. Against lesser ranked opponents, its not unheard of for the team to string together 40-50 passes before going forward to attack the goal. Additionally, any of the Darmeni midfielders may choose to show off an individual skill, for instance they might hold the ball loosely in front of them, inviting an opposing player to make a tackle, before attempting to nutmeg that player as they arrive. Such antics are rare however when facing tougher opponents. While dominating the possession can often frustrate the opposition and cause them to lose concentration, it can just as easily make the All Greens fall asleep themselves and become vulnerable to the counter-attack. Either way, it is almost a certainty that one of the goalkeepers will be called into action, it's only a question of which one.

Defensively, man-to-man marking of the main attacking opponents is the preferred method of limiting the amount of saves the Goalkeeper is needed to make. The defensive-midfielder operates almost like a sweeper, only located in front of the back line rather than behind it. On corners and free-kicks, Darmen will exclusively mark their opponents man-to-man, zonal marking is considered too unreliable.

Team Roles
Captain: Felix Lucanus
Vice Captain: Klopas Maddox
Left Corner: Nataniel Herschel
Right Corner: Nataniel Herschel
Penalties: Felix Lucanus
Free-kicks: Nataniel Herschel

Team Personality
The Darmeni team will never argue with the referee. Indeed, if anything needs to be brought to the attention of the referee it will be done by either the Captain or Vice-Captain in a respectful manner (or to the fourth-official by the Manager). With regards to foul/dirty play, the Darmeni team will not provoke, or retaliate against any opposition player. Darmeni's expect each team to keep to itself and deal with its own trouble makers; any opposition player who attempts to prevent a conflict by pushing or pulling a Darmeni away from the scene will be promptly told off, as that is the duty of the Darmeni Captain.

Nonetheless, Darmen will play in a relatively aggressive manner. Tackles will be conducted in a way which ensures the opponent ends up on the ground, but causing injury will be avoided as much as possible. On set pieces, Darmenis will stand their ground and will not be easily pushed around, they will not however engage in hugging. In fact, if any opposing player tries to push past them, it is not uncommon for the Darmeni player to feign resistance before simply stepping aside and watching as the opposing player stumbles past on their way to ground. This occasionally backfires however, as the referee may mistake the incidence as having been a foul in the box.

Women's Football
Manager: Zelpha Elliston (Scott City FC Women)
Assistant Manager: Morwenna Addison (Upper Township FC Women)
Formation: 4-4-2

Pos Name Age Club
GK Toril Goffe 35 Ajax Pisuvar FC Women
LB Hanna Millard 19 Scott City FC Women
LCB Shavonne Rutherford 25 Upper Township FC Women
RCB Jessamine McNeal 24 Huntington Yorkers FC Women
RB Kerrie Bader 32 Ajax Pisuvar FC Women CAPTAIN
LM Elle Jacobs 30 Upper Township FC Women
LCM Aileen Norwood 27 Chippewa Valley United FC Women
RCM Joanna Sepúlveda 27 Upper Township FC Women
RM Clarisse MacDaniel 24 Johnho United Women
LF Borghildr Campana 25 Berbari FC Women
RF Ariel Vonnegut 30 IFK Liverpool United Women

GK Freja Pearce 26 Rogerton United Women
CB Allana Ledford 26 Scott City FC Women
LM Olga Patterson 19 Upper Township FC Women
CM Fawn Jepson 23 Scott City FC Women
RM Kaylynn Plourde 27 Huntington Yorkers FC Women
LF Cassandra Madison 28 Upper Township FC Women
RF Lora Gage 32 Huntington Yorkers FC Women
Men's Handball
Head Coach: Louis Dreher (65)

# Pos Name Age
1 GK Bernie Mitchell 20
2 LB Gautier Ó hEaghra 20
3 CB Shamgar Falk 24
4 RB Boniface Mould 24
5 LW Helmut McNeil 25
6 RW Maria Ó Buachalla 28
7 P Aemilius Crouch 27
8 GK Narcissus Bruce 22
9 LB Kaspar Dougherty 23
10 CB Héctor Ó Síoda 20
11 RB Dan Amador 27
12 LW Sixte Beckert 21
13 RW Isa Langer 26
14 P Waldemar Moores 33

Women's Handball
Head Coach: Jaylene Ingham (68)

# Pos Name Age
1 GK Orla Alger 34
2 LB Estelle Gottlieb 34
3 CB Glukel Quirke 33
4 RB Aoibheann Zimmermann 33
5 LW Rosalinda Murdoch 32
6 RW Mikhal Harrison 33
7 P Tatienne Patton 25
8 GK Fionnghuala Patrickson 30
9 LB Kallie Bonheur 28
10 CB Raisa Ramsey 33
11 RB Azura Oppenheimer 19
12 LW Fidela McDaniel 23
13 RW Lorayne Samuel 25
14 P Kine Robertson 32
Men's Field Hockey
Head Coach: Ricohard Frank (55)

# Pos Name Age
1 GK Birgir Böhmer 25
2 DEF Logan Bentley 31
3 DEF Aelfric Solomon 34
4 DEF Petter Pocock 28
5 MID Deiniol Fenstermacher 34
6 MID Issy Mac Neachtain 33
7 MID Gert Roldán 32
8 FOR Mabon Fay 33
9 FOR Andrew Kitchens 34
10 FOR Folke Oquendo 33
11 FOR Clarence Spellmeyer 24
12 GK Johanan Ó Scolaidhe 30
13 DEF Caradoc Bannister 33
14 MID Alexis Hochberg 27
15 FOR Ionathan Jeanes 30
16 FOR Lughaidh Borchardt 26

IR DEF Cowal Echevarría 27
IR MID Salomo MacKay 26

Women's Field Hockey
Head Coach: Agathe Morce (54)

# Pos Name Age
1 GK Charlotte Germain 31
2 DEF Claudette Brun 32
3 DEF Éabha Lehrer 32
4 DEF Lora Mac Niadh 32
5 MID Ninon Devin 25
6 MID Gisela Abraham 29
7 MID Gervaise Roach 30
8 FOR Fedelmid Beck 31
9 FOR Cori Hepburn 26
10 FOR Stephanie Lémieux 26
11 FOR Jenny Brassington 29
12 GK Lynette McCoy 24
13 DEF Tamela Morel 25
14 MID Shaye Whitaker 19
15 FOR Susann Ó Manacháin 23
16 FOR Basia Steele 29

IR DEF Armida Schultes 27
IR MID Kailyn Beck 21
Men's Eights
Coxswain: Aviv Killough (32)

Name Age
Moysei Garland 35
Jadon Graner 32
Brian Blakesley 35
Sinjin Pierce 30
Wenzel Wilson 25
Nicodemus Langley 24
Hugh Queen 28
Lawson Breiner 25

Women's Eights
Coxswain: Lillian Brisbois (35)

Name Age
Melba Hunnisett 30
Kyra Gerig 30
Vivienne Flynn 34
Linnet Estévez 30
Luitgard Parish 35
Aracelis Strange 30
Fauna Hudnall 30
Vickie Kundert 30
Men's Rugby Sevens
Head Coach: Arn Bonnay (53)

# Pos Name Age NRC Franchise
1 LP Tranter Evelyn 30 Southwestern Blue Tigers
2 HK Cooper Grossman 25 Brham Titans
3 TP Sly Townsend 21 Northwestern RFU CAPTAIN
4 SH Rupert Davies 26 Brham Titans
5 FH Hirsh Halloran 30 Southwestern Blue Tigers
6 C Stian Ellis 29 East Coast Black Knights
7 W Fiete Giles 30 Metropolitan RFU

8 P Calum Ó hEidirsceóil 22 Johnho RFU
9 SH Abimael Leonard 27 Liverpool RFU
10 FH Gladwin Schreier 21 Menomonie RFU
11 C Connell Alfredson 26 Springfield RFU
12 W Gonzalo Hafner 25 Rogerton Blues

Women's Rugby Sevens
Head Coach: Drorit Lawerenz (62)

# Pos Name Age
1 LP Kayley Chambers 31
2 HK Birgit Zapatero 25
3 TP Winona Riese 26
4 SH Montana Courtenay 32
5 FH Cari Varley 28
6 C Ariadna Garnet 35
7 W Cecilia Kennedy 34
8 P Joss Baier 30
9 SH Margot Lund 26
10 FH Permelia Berg 32
11 C Stacie Barr 33
12 W Osanne Gagnier 27
Men's Volleyball
Head Coach: Ellanher Burton (56)

# Name Age
1 Kendrick Steinmann 32
2 Donald Morel 27
3 Nerva Harley 29
4 Áedh Addison 29
5 Kevin Harmon 30 (L)
6 Fedelmid Knopp 27
7 Mor Queen 27
8 Alexis Braband 28
9 Jemmy Steffen 28
10 Westley Albrecht 26
11 Rhisiart Bowman 31
12 Amyas Griffin 29

Women's Volleyball
Head Coach: Madalyn Greenberg (51)

# Name Age
1 Anastacia Chevalier 23
2 Aliza Meier 31 (L)
3 Petula Müller 25
4 Zelda Drechsler 33
5 Aurora Paris 25
6 Magnolia Cole 23
7 Nadine Gabler 26
8 Ragnbjörg Fuchs 33
9 Alastríona Schulze 25
10 Sonja Kavanagh 26
11 Janine Frank 27
12 Antonia Keegan 30
All drivers and pit crew/support staff provided by Ilgana Automotive.  Conway Gerhard serves as Team Principal and General Director.
Men's Gaelic Football
Bainisteoir: Elroy O'Hannegan (62)

Pos Name Age
GK Stone Ó Ruaidh 25
RCB Jax Irving 30
FB Guy May 34
LCB Laoghaire Gore 25
RHB Ethan Ivers 31
CHB Andre Monday 29
LHB Napier Strickland 22
RM Delroy MacCrumb 32
LM Ivor Mounce 24
RHF Crawford Downer 23
CHF Howard Westcott 24
LHF Tel Simonson 27
RCF Ralph Hargrave 22
CF Carran Boon 27
LCF Berny Lewin 28

GK Conleth Teel 33
RCB Vincent Calhoun 30
FB Darrin Ó Cochláin 32
LCB Bearach Ó hEaghra 26
RHB Forest Savage 27
CHB Schuyler Freeman 33
LHB Tyler Britton 20
RM Dunstan Walsh 28
LM Driskoll Tracy 29
RHF Merlin Beake 22
CHF Ceallagh Alden 24
LHF Max McKay 24
RCF Bairre Collingwood 25
CF Ceallagh Ó Conaill 34
LCF Upton Abrahams 29

Women's Gaelic Football
Bainisteoir: Jaime Daubney (63)

Pos Name Age
GK Sorrel Archer 22
RCB Lyda Whinery 22
FB Debbi Banks 23
LCB Marianne Revie 29
RHB Addison Abrams 34
CHB Bryanne Carran 29
LHB Lula Jeanes 33
RM Sydney Danniel 25
LM Katherine Eason 31
RHF Casey Foss 32
CHF Maddie Sudworth 25
LHF Cece Tyson 24
RCF Demelza Finn 21
CF Nonie Hewitt 33
LCF Adaline Freeman 20

GK Christmas Ó hAnnagáin 22
RCB Michayla Hodson 34
FB Genie Cullen 30
LCB Titty Newton 30
RHB Lianne Mac Cába 29
CHB Maurine Powers 30
LHB Darla Thurstan 22
RM Coral Wolf 31
LM Alastríona Sidney 33
RHF Fortune Sidney 28
CHF Evangeline McClellan 34
LHF Tarah Rutherford 33
RCF Trish Tatum 24
CF Eireann McRae 33
LCF Lana McPhee 30
Men's Hurling
Bainisteoir: Noah Byrne (48)

Pos Name Age
GK Brendon Wallis 32
RCB Talon Harper 22
FB Ocean Dodge 26
LCB Woodrow McCabe 25
RHB Archer McGuinness 27
CHB Críostóir Hunnicutt 27
LHB Augustine Kerry 23
RM Caden Ó Dubhshláin 23
LM Braden Mag Aonghuis 23
RHF Mackenzie MacWilliam 23
CHF Christie Easton 30
LHF Chase Moriarty 24
RCF York Power 24
CF Douglas Abbott 32
LCF Roswell Moore 28

GK Owen Ormonde 22
RCB Rafferty Thrussell 21
FB Tierney Vernon 22
LCB Vic Beck 21
RHB Tyron Oliver 30
CHB Walton Grieve 21
LHB Monroe Park 26
RM Manley Fitzroy 27
LM Kayden Smedley 26
RHF Rodge Lennon 22
CHF Murray Hunnisett 29
LHF Washington Willard 20
RCF Rupert Winston 26
CF Alistair Ó Caoindealbháin 31
LCF River Ó Buachalla 25

Women's Camogie
Bainisteoir: Alice Lindsey (50)

Pos Name Age
GK Gypsy Lyne 26
RCB Deitra McLain 32
FB Moyna Proudfoot 26
LCB Virgee Ó Nualláin 23
RHB Nicola Marsden 20
CHB Alysia Walters 32
LHB Ronnie Scott 32
RM Jeannine Ó Cuidighthigh 25
LM Neassa Tasker 29
RHF Emery Wilton 29
CHF Effie Mac Alastair 23
LHF Muirenn Mac Coluim 28
RCF Jennie Sheppard 29
CF Leilah Ó Séaghdha 27
LCF Harriett Giles 28

GK Deanna MacAngus 32
RCB Edweena Backus 20
FB Staci Tipton 20
LCB Bella Walsh 23
RHB Suzanna Mag Raith 25
CHB Finnguala Combs 27
LHB Destinee Tatham 22
RM Liza MacKenna 25
LM Lillias Payne 25
RHF Vera Brittain 25
CHF Janet Aston 24
LHF Fiona Paris 32
RCF Vianne Myles 31
CF Jacinth Albinson 32
LCF Kinley Mac Pharlain 25
Men's Battle Royale
Leon Sartre
Damon Puga
Kurt Romero
Finnegan Sieger

Men's First Person Shooter
Harlan Sweet
Flannery Cameron
Tadg Marquering
Tex Montagne
Ripley Rose
Jordán Hayter
Bryan Alan
Devyn Mac Pharlain
Abdiou Gass
Meino Márquez
Percy Ó Máille
Fechín Mayer

Men's Vehicular Soccer
Zerah Karl
Tadeo Ikin
Brady Christian
Kay Marquardt

Women's Battle Royale
Patricia Groves
Fortune Carman
Mitzi MacLean
Corina Quickley

Women's First Person Shooter
Fran Paulis
Kaja Hanson
Judith Magorian
Nohemi Coleman
Pauline McNiall
Shaelyn Noyer
Peronel Irwin
Evita Guinness
Jeannette McAfee
Lorraine Wehunt
Heilwig Reier
Braelyn McGee

Women's Vehicular Soccer
Murna Harland
Marianne Kalb
Cheyanne Pettigrew
Marion Blau
Men's Australian Football
Head Coach: Scottie Bird (47)

# Pos Name Age
1 LBP Scottie Bird 28
2 FB Travis Morison 28
3 RBP Dex Lithgow 32
4 LHB Enosh Summerfield 20
5 CHB Coleman Foerstner 25
6 RHB 'Avima'el Tupper 26
7 LW Georg Riese 20
8 C Jeriah Cox 26
9 RW Albino Forest 32
10 LHF Eduard Emerson 33
11 CHF Loup Cloutier 30
12 RHF Jadyn Ó Catháin 28
13 LFP Oscar Hart 33
14 FF Myles Seymour 27
15 RFP Mahali Randell 33
16 RCK Murdoch Ellis 31
17 RUR Elmo Hughes 26
18 ROV Simon Wehunt 27

19 BCK Rehav'am Lindsay 29
20 CEN Reinhold Brooke 29
21 FOR Cavan Fournier 21
22 FOL Haydn Ware 25

Women's Australian Football
Head Coach: Sousanna Beck (53)

# Pos Name Age
1 LBP Lisa Romilly 20
2 FB Christy Cabello 33
3 RBP Christie Maier 26
4 LHB Dixie Bullock 21
5 CHB Sue Katz 27
6 RHB Ainoa Waltz 32
7 LW Isebella Ó Deoráin 25
8 C Celinda Ó Dubhshláin 19
9 RW Liliana Pressley 24
10 LHF Émeline Jans 24
11 CHF Jördis Meinhardt 27
12 RHF Clodagh Robert 25
13 LFP Naamah Coutts 23
14 FF Esther Quick 23
15 RFP Estela Boon 34
16 RCK Hiezabel Habich 25
17 RUR Jude Ó Maoil Riain 24
18 ROV Kreszenz Porcher 24

19 BCK Dorothea Papke 23
20 CEN Lallie Robson 22
21 FOR Fallon Summers 28
22 FOL Harrietta Johannessen 27
Men's Gridiron Football
Head Coach: Alfie Ivers (Rogerton FC '13 - 55)
Offensive Coordinator: Glaw Dickman (Rogerton FC '13 - 50)
Defensive Coordinator: Rodger van Andel (Darmen City All*Stars - 42)
Offensive Formations: Wishbone, Flexbone, Power I, T Formation
Defensive Formations: 5-2 (1st Down), 4-4 (2nd & 3rd Downs), 46 (occasionally)

Pos # Name Age Ht. Wt. Team
QB 15 Prudencio Parent 25 6'3" 228 Chuckio Colts
QB 8 Barnabas Mooney 29 6'4" 220 Eau Claire Crush
HB 23 Emmanouel Göbel 22 5'11" 205 Rogerton FC '13
HB 44 Bran Arechavaleta 24 6'2" 218 Darmen City All*Stars
HB 30 Anah Huddleston 27 6'1" 212 Romanopolis Romans
HB 28 Fintan Travere 25 6'3" 215 Scott City Metropolitans
FB 33 Oscar MacConnell 23 6'2" 235 Rogerton FC '13
FB 35 Gideon Long 30 6'1" 228 Darmen City All*Stars
WR 80 Kev Miles 33 6'6" 207 Darmen City All*Stars
WR 88 Talon Armbruster 24 6'7" 216 Eau Claire Crush
WR 83 Braden O'Reilly 27 6'3" 198 Chuckio Colts
TE 85 Rodrigue Fierro 25 6'8" 267 Darmen City All*Stars
TE 81 Angus Stieber 23 6'6" 271 Rogerton FC '13
TE 84 Marius Große 33 6'4" 280 Scott City Metropolitans
TE 87 Dillon Peláez 33 6'7" 244 Tim City Shepherds
LT 66 Iosifu Axelsen 29 6'5" 309 Darmen City All*Stars
LT 65 Pat Rendón 30 6'9" 303 Chuckio Colts
LG 61 Kieran Skinner 22 6'10" 304 Rogerton FC '13
LG 69 Albrecht Nilsen 24 6'8" 301 Romanopolis Romans
C 60 Sinjin Wilkinson 30 6'5" 295 Romanopolis Romans
C 58 Messiah Sweet 21 6'8" 290 Pisuvar Eagles
RG 68 Fion Page 26 6'9" 302 Rogerton FC '13
RG 63 Bartholomew Davies 31 6'8" 299 Darmen City All*Stars
RT 67 Joram Sauvage 31 6'6" 312 Chuckio Colts
RT 62 Søren Davids 32 6'8" 313 Pisuvar Eagles

LDE 90 Alaois Eberhardt 28 6'3" 286 Tim City Shepherds
LDE 92 Holden Dieter 27 6'2" 293 Eau Claire Crush
LDT 99 Reed Seymour 25 6'2" 298 Darmen City All*Stars
LDT 91 Aindriú Ó Donndubháin 33 6'1" 295 Romanopolis Romans
NT 98 Jehoshaphat Pérez 23 6'4" 307 Nauti Nighthawks
NT 99 Adolfo Vela 24 6'6" 302 Darmen City All*Stars
RDT 97 Barthélémy Milburn 22 6'5" 295 Nauti Nighthawks
RDT 94 Caiaphas O'Hannagain 25 6'2" 295 Eau Claire Crush
RDE 93 Kirby Connell 30 6'3" 290 Darmen City All*Stars
RDE 96 Colin Jeanes 29 6'1" 284 Tim City Shepherds
LOLB 48 Jervis Ó Frighil 30 6'3" 249 Tim City Shepherds
LOLB 50 Jabin Koch 27 6'3" 254 Nauti Nighthawks
MLB 59 Bran Schuchardt 23 6'5" 253 Darmen City All*Stars
MLB 53 Burchard Caulfield 30 6'6" 248 Tim City Shepherds
MLB 55 Arden Carmody 27 6'4" 258 Nauti Nighthawks
MLB 52 Gid'on Travers 24 6'3" 252 Eau Claire Crush
ROLB 47 Samson Sánchez 22 6'3" 238 Rogerton FC '13
ROLB 57 Zander McPhee 31 6'2" 249 Darmen City All*Stars
LCB 22 Miguelito Jervis 23 6'3" 220 Tim City Shepherds
LCB 29 Narcissus Sims 33 6'2" 218 Eau Claire Crush
RCB 38 Adolfito Rivero 22 6'2" 216 Darmen City All*Stars
RCB 27 Eachann Jewell 31 6'1" 220 Nauti Nighthawks
S 25 Uilleag Graeme 33 6'5" 235 Darmen City All*Stars
S 39 Constantin McKowen 29 6'5" 217 Rogerton FC '13
S 31 Devereux Porter 23 6'2" 225 Tim City Shepherds

K 2 Pharamond May 32 5'10" 187 Rogerton FC '13
P 4 Reimund Anthonsen 27 6'2" 236 Rogerton FC '13
LS 54 Neacel Vela 21 6'3" 256 Rogerton FC '13

Women's Gridiron Football
Head Coach: Elisa Gärtner
Offesnive Coordinator: Celestina Moores
Defensive Coordinator: Ruth Sandoval
Offensive Formations: Single Back, I Formation
Defensive Formations: 3-4

Pos # Name Age
QB 12 Torbjørg Simen 25
QB 11 Brynn Hennessy 26
HB 22 Filomena Wakefield 31
HB 44 Esther Alfredson 21
FB 33 Giselle Herberts 23
FB 30 Flossie Mag Aonghuis 22
WR 80 Indigo Mac Neachtain 21
WR 88 Christiana Bullock 22
WR 82 Janette St Pierre 21
WR 84 Luanna Geier 31
WR 85 Isaura Wilkinson 24
TE 86 Nelda Ó Maoláin 31
TE 81 Emery McClelland 23
TE 89 Rosaline Herbertson 25
LT 62 Ethelyn Pierson 31
LT 65 Lianne Schlosser 22
LG 60 Kirsten Starrett 26
LG 63 Margit Lebeau 25
C 58 Colene Abraham 32
C 55 Berniece Jordan 26
RG 67 Lynne Walther 25
RG 64 Cecelia Whitney 24
RT 66 Esther Sniders 21
RT 59 Zelma Snell 27

LDE 93 Modesta Melsbach 22
LDE 97 Gaila Rennoll 20
DT 91 Lylou Heffernan 28
DT 90 Anita McCracken 33
RDE 98 Katheryn Dufort 32
RDE 96 Sibylla Sowards 32
LOLB 51 Carolina Banderas 29
LOLB 56 Irene Lacy 28
MLB 48 Vi Mercer 25
MLB 52 Franny Brownlow 32
MLB 57 Mackenzie Toft 23
ROLB 50 Phebe Derrick 22
ROLB 53 Lark Brandon 31
LCB 27 Ina Snyders 24
LCB 23 Oriane Dickenson 32
RCB 38 Erle MacCailín 33
RCB 29 Bailey Whelan 27
FS 34 Berta Oliver 33
FS 39 Gabriele Dean 21
SS 37 Janna Ó Rabhartaigh 29
SS 24 Tameka Stacks 31

K 3 Lotte Teague 30
P 5 Mable Newell 32
LS 54 Genevieve Mac Niadh 26
National Thoroughbred Association Representative: Marcus Comstock
Chief Trainer: Byron Cunningham
Vetrenarian: Silas Albrecht
Jockey's Representative: Marcellin Mag Aonghuis

2 Year Old Colts
Horse Jockey Trainer Stable
Deputy Tibby Breckenridge Rafa Devlin Al Maktoum Racing
Antar Zackery Matthewson Lonny Parsons du Pont Stable
Goblin Aydan Thorburn Tacito Scheer Vanderbilt Stable

2 Year Old Fillies
Horse Jockey Trainer Stable
Caramella Jock Merchant Sage Vicario Al Maktoum Racing
Inkie Pie Zackery McFee Karl Mac Giolla Eoin du Pont Stable
Ladyfinger Elmer Harford Shelby Adkins Shannon-Taylor Stable

3 Year Old Stallions
Horse Jockey Trainer Stable
Streamer Fingall Fenn Albin Stuber du Pont Stable
Mantis Arvid Lange Hadley Broadbent Shannon-Taylor Stable
Black Blade Ariel Mag Raith Elton Vogt Vanderbilt Stable

3 Year Old Fillies
Horse Jockey Trainer Stable
Lightfoot Urijah Carlyle Simonu Alden Shannon-Taylor Stable
Grapevine Claud Quinones Denis Gibb Vanderbilt Stable
Beauty Alf Dalton Stafford Guinness Al Maktoum Racing

4+ Year Old Stallions
Horse Jockey Trainer Stable
Grape Crush Shaun Knef Laurits Foster du Pont Stable
Dashing Fire Peter Cannon Ralphie Durand Al Maktoum Racing
Sun Dancer Fran Ó Meadhra Simon Acosta Combs Stable

4+ Year Old Mares
Horse Jockey Trainer Stable
Goldwing Asher Perrault Grant O'Hannagain du Pont Stable
Wind Dancer Quentin Mag Raith Léonard Cornett Shannon-Taylor Stable
Chanta Logan Traver Suibhne Rowe Combs Stable
Men's Lacrosse
Heach Coach: Brody Wieck (Johnho LC - 43)

Pos Name Age Club
GK Kim Quirk 35 Johnho LC
LD Jessé Castro 29 Liverpool LC
CD Moshe Vincent 25 Johnho LC
RD Ronnie MacClelland 31 Johnho LC
LM Newton Bieber 19 Rogerton LC
LSM Matusalemme Devine 23 Liverpool LC
RM Paul Vela 25 Rogerton LC
LA Alasdair Dougherty 33 Brady City LC
CA Dáire Paul 20 Johnho LC
RA Silver Coburn 25 Brady City LC

GK Titos Clarke 32 Rogerton LC
LD Raphael Parish 27 Johnho LC
CD Ephraim Mondy 25 Romanopolis LC
RD Tiernan Garner 29 Liverpool LC
LM Rudy Feld 32 Scott City LC
LSM Darion Niven 31 Eau Claire LC
RM Lane Süß 24 Chuckio LC
LA Leighton Michaud 23 Tilden LC
CA Chikere Adebayo 32 New Istria Lions
RA Brigham Jardine 29 Tim City LC

Women's Lacrosse
Head Coach: Leesa O'Hannagain (55)

Pos Name Age
GK Andrea Hale 33
LD Easter Rayne 23
CD Libby Tailor 27
RD Nereida Sonnen 21
LM Kennedy Thomas 32
LSM Monday Henryson 26
RM Hilary Steffen 19
LA Nieves Blanc 23
CA Leni Pawlitzki 19
RA Murna Peyton 25

GK Sonia Victors 26
LD Jasmin Mynatt 32
CD Imogene Ludwig 28
RD Kamryn Jenkins 26
LM Martine McLain 34
LSM Ruthie Abel 28
RM Eavan Summers 22
LA Tatum Mac Neachtain 30
CA Irene Washington 30
RA Ermintrude Brock 29
Women's Netball
Head Coach: Veronika Angus (46)

Pos Name Age
GS Francine Heinrichs 33
GA Anelie McQueen 24
WA Stefani Seward 25
C Bev Ó hAllmhuráin 27
WD Treasa Königsmann 28
GD Kaycee Cock 21
GK Sophie Daley 20

GS Nicolasa Bellamy 22
GA Océane Quigley 21
WA Effie McDermott 23
C Regula Maus 34
WD Maren Abeln 29
GD Berta McDaniel 25
GK Kristi Morales 21
Men's Rugby League
Manager: Buz Newton (Brham Broncos - 62)
Assistant Manager: Filippu Morgan (Romanopolis Warriors - 57)

Pos Name Age Club
LP Caiden Mac Giolla Fhaoláin 20 Tim City Tigers
HK Rein Ó Fearghail 31 Liverpool Wolves
RP Arthur Molloy 30 Romanopolis Warriors
FR Hrœrekr Haas 33 Scott City Bulls
SH Oliver McDougall 32 Romanopolis Warriors
LW Andrei Knutsen 26 Johnho RLFC
CN Javan Schmidt 21 Tim City Tigers
RW Ørjan Longstaff 27 Darmen City FC
FB Neemias Cavanaugh 28 Liverpool Wolves

FR Silvanus Deschamps 21 Scott City Bulls
FR Alexandros Beasley 28 Romanopolis Warriors
BK Lacy Boatwright 32 Romanopolis Warriors
BK Alex Milburn 32 Romanopolis Warriors
BK Joseph Monday 30 Brham Broncos

Women's Rugby League
Manager: Lisha Cocks (50)

Pos Name Age
LP Alesha Kay 28
HK Reinhild Delaney 32
RP Embla Landau 23
FR Capricia Everhart 30
SH Heidi Bowman 20
LW Aubree Glen 32
CN Claudette Schlösser 23
RW Carrie Moulin 23
FB Marlis Zavala 32

FR Kerensa Essert 22
FR Maricruz Lucas 28
BK Tuva Carroll 24
BK Becky Cavanagh 29
BK Caitlin Biermann 21
Men's Ultimate
Head Coach: Nikolaus Ó Maonaigh (62)

Pos Name Age
CUT Alister Abt 28
CUT Teódulo Tyler 26
CUT Ammiel Lyon 29
CUT Lorcán MacClellan 28
CUT Basilio Ureña 32
HAN Raphael Higgins 29
HAN Earnest Ramsey 29

CUT Alfred Porcher 22
CUT Erskine Sowards 26
CUT Kodey Aylmer 30
CUT Edwin MacGowan 22
CUT Delbert Laurenz 32
HAN Naomhán Lichtenberg 33
HAN Percival Gaspar 31

Women's Ultimate
Head Coach: Marci Farrell (59)

Pos Name Age
CUT Aracelis Baardsen 28
CUT Timotha Basurto 20
CUT Deborah Gilbert 28
CUT Mélodie Stuart 29
CUT Else Kruse 32
HAN Annabel Schultes 32
HAN Konstanze Connelly 28

CUT Sierra Schenk 30
CUT Aran Eilerts 26
CUT Dory Mac Fhionnlaigh 28
CUT Atarah Geiszler 25
CUT Ena Owston 23
HAN Maura Holgersen 26
HAN Emilie Mayer 30
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Postby Ioudaia » Tue Jan 01, 2019 5:30 pm

Ioudaia Olympic Committee
List of Important People Attending
the Games of the XIII Olympiad

Flagbearer: Atrometos ben Or Li 69

Three years ago, Atrometos suffered a serious ankle injury in a pile-up at the Ioudaian Invitational Tour. His doctors expected he wouldn't compete again, and feared that he might even walk with a limp for the rest of his life. But with the support of his family and teammates, Atromenes diligently worked through rehabilitation and two surgeries to reconstruct his damaged ankle tendons, overcame a setback after slipping in a race, and returned to competitive form. He continued to improve through this year's races, and his determination inspires not only his team, but all of Ioudaia's Olympians.

Atrometos was far and away the most favored Ioudaia Olympic Team nominee for flagbearer. The Olympic Committee follwed their recommendation, choosing him to lead our team's entry into its first Summer Games.

Key Attendees:

King Zamir Eumenes ben Yisge

The Ioudaia Olympic Committee delighted that King Zamir Eumenes will attend the games. Zamir Eumenes is the most recently elected of the Six Kings, and the youngest ever at 39 years. Based on our strong showing at the Winter Games, he hopes to personally welcome our first Olympic gold medalist.

King Zamir Eumenes is an accomplished marathoner, but has demurred from competition in this year's Olympiad in favor of Ioudaia's other athletes.

Tamid ben Ebron
Assistant Minister for Public Outreach
Ioudaia Ministry of Sport

The Ioudaia Olympic Committee is pleased that Minister Tamid will attend the games. Tamid has been instrumental in raising both funding for Ioudaia's Olympic athletes and in raising public interest in and appreciation of Ioudaia's participation in international athletic competition. Tamid was previously a member of the Assembly, but resigned that position when offered the public outreach portfolio in the current royal government.

Tamid ben Ebron competed in the previous Winter Games, finishing as high as 6th place in the giant slalom. He balances his ministerial duties with training for the next Winter Games

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Postby Eraman » Wed Jan 02, 2019 12:43 am


Nation: The Constitutional Monarchy of Eraman
Trigram: ERM
Demonym: Eramanian
National Anthem: Lands of Kings, Land By The Sea
Official Broadcaster: Radio Television Eraman
Flag Bearer: Rawa Aksara (Aquatic, Canoeing, Sailing)

Men's (1 team)

PG: Belalang Hitam, 26
SG: Hyang Punta, 29
SF: Nasa Jaya, 31
PF: Bala Nusa, 29
C: Dharma Kirti, 30

PG: Samara Wira, 24
SG: Vamsa Tilaka, 27
SF: Pramoda Wardani, 29
PF: Chaya Sindok, 29
C: Cudaman Cura, 32

Women's (1 team)

PG: Cempaka Wikra, 28
SG: Dara Aspura, 28
SF: Mawar Akin, 30
PF: Embun Badul, 27
C: Patma Sari, 26

PG: Putih Asmara, 25
SG: Dahlia Dana, 26
SF: Madu Pelita, 28
PF: Restu Cakra, 27
C: Dewi Piara, 26

Men's Baseball (1 team)

1. Marwi Basar | Right-handed
2. Polo Mindana | Left-handed
3. Cerdas Wira | Right-handed
4. Rana Surya | Left-handed
5. Ula Bandini | Right-handed

1. Bari Kencana | Left field | R/S
2. Widya Sapura | Third base | L/L
3. Wikra Khazanah | Shortstop | R/R
4. Andi Perwira | First base | L/S
5. Waja Sentosa | Catcher | R/S
6. Kali Perdana | Center field | R/S
7. Indira Putra | Second base | R/S
8. Pitcher
9. Sawi Serawi | Right field | R/S

Sudi Biara | Long relief | L/L
Budi Kesuma | Medium relief | R/R
Rimau Cengkerang | Short relief | L/L
Yula Kondi | Setup | R/S
Bintang Surya | Setup | L/L
Putih Sentari | Closer | L/L

Men's (1 team)

GK: Yuyi Dunya, 21, Royal Cittapura (c)
DR: Mardi Selamat, 21, Royal Daulapura
DC: Ramelan Perdana, 20, Royal Vidyapura
DC: Tabu Nawai, 21, Anara
DL: Dimsa Pulang, 20, Anara
DMC: Lami Koloa, 20, Damaisari
MC: Milo Kaulawi, 19, Royal Daulapura
MC: Alang Alang, 21, Anara
AMR: Bhaga Datta, 21, Galra
AML: Gagak Hitam, 21, Royal Puncakpura
ST: Adiputra Surya, 19, Damaisari

GK: Pazhani Nainoa, 20, Royal Pasirpura
DR: Warma Dewa, 20, Galra
DC: Gajah Radu, 20, Royal Puncakpura
DL: Rudra Vikra, 20, Malkan
MC: Sueto Bebas, 21, Royal Baktipura
AML: Cuda Mani, 21, Malkan
ST: Dava Kudrat, 21, Royal Arupura

Choose My Scorers: Yes.
Choose Scoring Events: Yes.
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes.
RP Injuries to My Players: Yes.
Godmod Injuries to My Players: Yes.
Godmod Other Events: Yes.
Trigramme: ERM | Demonym: Eramanian | Population: 14,753,910
Info: Wiki | Sports: Liga Eraman

Daulapura Daily
- based in Daulapura, the royal capital
- government-owned and ruling party propaganda
- support Royal Daulapura FC
Eraman Journal
- based in Anara, the capital city
- by the peasants, for the peasants
- support Anara FC

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Postby Liventia » Thu Jan 03, 2019 5:37 am

Delegation: Republic of Liventia (République liventienne)
Sporting code: LEN
Delegation anthem: Liventia, Land of Hope (Liventie, la terre d'espoir)
Chef de mission: Javier Rosario (Olympic champion speed skater)
Opening Ceremony flagbearer: Didier Moreau (boxing, men's light heavyweight)
Women's team
Harper Fulton
Crystal Newman
Joanne Herbert
Esther Brunelle
Caryl Tucker
Cerys Whitfield
Lisa Rowe
Odette Beaufoy
Gwendolyn Owens (reserve)
Men's team
Dennis Quentin (Goalkeeper)
Stephen Harley (CF)
Marco Goodman (Wing)
Nicolas Gignac (Wing)
Benjamin Hawking (Flat; captain)
Felix Nelson (Flat)
Henry Watkins (Point)
Édouard Theriault (Goalkeeper)
Phil Pratt (CF)
Hugo Gervais (Wing)
Noël du Toit (Wing)
Pierre-Antoine Girard (Flat)
Phil Shaw (Flat)
Clément Durand (Point)

Women's team
Marguerite Dujardin (Goalkeeper)
Marie Bechard (CF)
Françoise Laurent (Wing)
Elizabeth McCormick (Wing)
Sabine Chevrier (Flat)
Sylvie Boulet (Flat)
Samantha George (Point; captain)
Susanna Andersen (Goalkeeper)
Leigh Cox (CF)
Caryl Ward (Wing)
Sandra Brown (Wing)
Mhairi Gates (Flat)
Eleanor Young (Flat)
Julie Jeffries (Point)
Men's team
Gaëtan Boulet (SG)
Archie Bennett (PG)
Adam Wilkins (F/C)
Winston Atkinson (SF)
Benedict Davidson (G)
Bill Browne (G/F)
Charlie Knox (F/C)
Rhion Roberts (G)
Bruno Fisher (C)
Thibaut Chevrier (F/C)
Collin Cooper (PF)
Jonny Morse (PG)

Women's team
Leslie Plouffe (PG)
Samantha Davenport (SF)
Donna Whelan (G)
Martha Larsen (F/C)
Amélie Beaufils (SF)
Jillian Gordon (PG)
Susan O'Connor (PF)
Juliette Browne (G)
Samantha Trevor (PF)
Rhonwen Howells (SF)
Jocelyn Shawcross (C)
Sandra Cooper (C)

Men's 3x3
Finlay Danvers
Martin Tavernier
Liam Riley
Mike Clayton (reserve)

Women's 3x3
Louisa Fisher
Sarah Petersen
Felicity Herbert
Jessica Daley (reserve)
The Baseball Federation of Liventia proudly announces its 24-man roster for the Games of the XIII Olympiad, as baseball makes its return to the Olympic Games. It is unchanged from the WBC44 roster, with the exception of regular closer Aiden Horne, who has declined the call-up for family reasons.

Choose my run-scorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: *Please follow my line-ups below unless one of my players has been RPed as injured, in which case you may select a replacement player if I have not already designated one.
Follow my Pitching Rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes – please, no tournament- or career-ending injuries.
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Eject my players: Yes – but only if you eject one or more from your own team.
Godmod other events: Yes
Other info: The team will rely on sabermetric splits and substitutions, especially in innings 7 to 9 (or if behind early). As per Olympic Games rules, Liventia will play with the DH.

Starting Rotation
1. Tyler Newitt (#15), age 31, throws left, bats left. Throws 90–93 mph. Pitches: Changeup, curveball, four-seamer
2. Francis Delamere (#81), age 25, throws left, bats left. Throws: Two-seamer, splitter, slurve
3. Fraser Mansell (#27), age 21, throws right, bats left. Throws 91–94 mph. Pitches: Changeup, four-seamer, slider
4. Tony Metson (#22), age 33, throws right, bats right. Throws 93–96 mph. Pitches: Changeup, cutter, four-seamer, two-seamer
5. Reece Robertshaw (#23), age 19, throws right, bats right. Throws 95–98 mph. Pitches: Four-seamer, slider, changeup, forkball, splitter

Damien Strawson (long relief #6), age 19, throws right, bats right. Throws 95-101 mph. Pitches: Splitter, cutter, curveball, changeup, circle changeup
Callum Nottingham (long relief #32), age 33, throws right, bats left. Throws in the 90–93 mph range. Pitches: Splitter, cutter, slider
Gary Hale (long/middle relief #35), age 33, throws right, bats right. Throws 91-94 mph. Throws: Four-seamer, two-seamer, splitter
Mason Duce (middle relief # 28), age 32, throws left, bats switch. Throws 97–99 mph. Relies heavily on a four-seamer, with a secondary slider and third changeup. The go-to LOOGY
Ross Randolf (middle relief/set-up #10), age 30, throws right, bats right. Throws 96–98 mph. Pitches: Four-seamer, slider, curveball
Jacob Else (closer #21), age 30, throws right, bats right. Throws 94-96 mph. Pitches: Four-seamer, two-seamer, curveball.

Lineup and bench
1. SS Kian Sergeant (#18), age 30, throws right, bats right; also plays 1B, 2B, 3B.
2. RF Noël Grosjean (#5), age 25, throws right, bats switch; also plays CF.
3. CF Kane Catlow (#24), age 28, throws left, bats left; also plays LF and RF.
4. DH Dermot Rowntree (#57), age 20, throws right, bats right; plays CF if needed.
5. LF Ryan Farquharson (#30), age 36, throws right, bats right; can also play RF.
6. 3B Alan Heygate (#19), age 32, throws right, bats right.
7. C Oscar Gauntlett (#12), age 28, throws right, bats left.
8. 2B Steve Connibeer (#30), age 30, throws right, bats right.
9. 1B Simon Hext (#43), age 30, throws right, bats right; can also play 2B, 3B, SS.
DH/1B Devin James (#3), age 30, throws right, bats left; plays 1B if needed
LF Danny Hugill (#12), age 20, throws left, bats left
C Oliver Tredgett (#34), age 31, throws right, bats right.
1B/INF Cedric Sherman (#52), age 35, throws right, bats right.

Coaching staff
Manager: Adam Darwin
Bench coach: Dylan Darroch
Pitching coach: Thomas McMillan
Hitting coach: Tobias Henshaw

In non-DH scenarios, the following apply:
Dermot Rowntree plays centre field; Kane Catlow sits; Alan Heygate bats at 3 instead of 6; Oscar Gauntlett, Steve Connibeer and Simon Hext each move up a spot.
The Baseball Federation of Liventia, which also oversees softball in the country, has named its 18-player squad for the Olympic tournament.

Pitchers (throws/bats)
Abigail Gallagher (L/L)
Gaby Trevor (R/S)
Pat Whitfield (R/R)
Stephanie Wilson (L/S)
Ceri Lowe (R/R)
Annabelle Johnson (R/R)
Hannah Paxman (L/R)
Charl McCall (R/S)

Position players (Pos/bats)
Holly Steele (C/R)
Ashley O'Brien (C UTIL/R)
Bailey Smith (INF/S)
Amber Burton (INF/L)
Vanessa Davis (INF/R)
Fioled Livingston (INF/R)
Sabrina Gagnon (OF/R)
Josie McCarthy (OF/S)
Hollie Price (OF/L)
Gabrielle Livingston (OF/R)
The Football Association of Liventia is pleased to announce its first international squad since World Cup 65. The 18-man squad is made up only of under-25 players. The women's squad of 18 has no selection restrictions.

Men's team
Scott Hamilton (starting GK)
Jimmy James
Jordan Bevan

Jonathan Thomas (starting D L)
Blake Simpson (starting D C; captain)
Dex Mayer (starting D C)
Stephen Gough (starting D R)
Zach Huws (D LR)
Alexander Stevenson (D/DM/M C)

Charlie O'Keefe (starting M C)
Danny Reid (starting M C)
Vince Wilkinson (starting AM C)
Bill Paxman (M/AM RC)
Rhion Burke (M/AM LRC)

Robert Danvers (starting F C)
Robert Day (starting F C)
Frank Kemble (starting ST)
Alex Herbert (ST)

Women's team
Gabrielle Livingston (starting GK)
Lottie Weekes
Virginie Collard

Ceciliane Deschanel (starting DC)
Perrine Roussel (starting DC)
Jo Nash (starting DC)
Patricia Guyon (D C)
Isabel Harte (D C)

Angelina Lambert (starting WB L/M L)
Francesca Bexley (starting WB R/M R)
Zoe Appleton (starting M C)
Annabelle Johnson (starting M C; captain)
Cate Lowe (starting AM C)
Julie Bell (M RLC)
Claudine Cohen (AM RLC)

Lauren Fisher (starting ST)
Sarah Robichaud (starting ST)
Josephina Knowles (F C/ST)
Women's group all-around
Angharad Samuel
Holly Wilson
Karren Westwood
Karren Lambert
Katy Rowlands
Men's team
Charlie O'Keefe (GK)
Danny Reid (GK)
Vince Wilkinson (LB)
Bill Paxman (LB)
Rhion Burke (CB)
Robert Danvers (CB)
Robert Day (RB)
Frank Kemble (RB; captain)
Howard Sharpe (LW)
Huw Millington (LW)
Dexter Bentley (RW)
Carl Harte (RW)
Lawrence Wallace (P)
Léo Lefrançois (P)

Women's team
Molly Sweeney (GK)
Gaby Paxman (GK)
Sandy Harris (LB)
Zara Redmond (LB)
Mara Davenport (CB)
Elaine Porter (CB)
Shannon Maddock (RB)
Ingrid Lavigne (RB)
Catherine McCormick (LW; captain)
Gwen Campbell (LW)
Zoé Mignard (RW)
Hortense Joubert (RW)
Liz Ramsey (P)
Bethany Foster (P)
Men's team
Andrew Windsor (GK)
Alex Weaver
Cecil Goodman
Keegan Mann
Brice Beaufort
Michel Theriault
Max Bidault (captain)
Devon Kirkpatrick
Omer Lafaille
Kian Stuart-Lane
Tristan Goodman
Stephen Wilkins
Frederick Francis
Tommy Larsen
Dominic Gardener
Joe Howell
Michel Bidault
Luis Gardner
Bénédict Chardin

Women's team
Bethany Foster (GK)
Odette Beaufort
Charlie Bexley
Taylor Thomson
Mia Watson
Molly McCarthy
Elaine O'Keefe
Annabelle Herbert
Eugénie Bruxelles
Ivy Mosley (captain)
Joanna Gray
Bethany Perry
Cerys Morgan
Patty O'Keefe
Angelina Ward
Carol Brennan
Emilia O'Donnell
Sienna Pennington
Paige Hall
Gwendolyn Blackwell
Men's coxed eights
Benjamin Moores (cox)
Theo Rowlands
Osian Vaughan
Christophe Cochet
Tyler Peck
Noah Hunt
Sam Jenkins
Philip Wright
Isaac Millington
Martin Brosseau
Geoffrey Rush
Anthony Cooper

Women's coxed eights
Sandra Flynn (cox)
Olive Barry
Erin Davidson
Vicky Davidson
Gwenith Kemp
Vanessa Andrews
Joanne Coombes
Dani Rowe
Maria Goudreau
Caty Hughes
Emily Harper
Annie Plouffe
Men's team
Lewis Davies (back)
Callum Harte (back)
Chase Blackwood (back; captain)
Armand Béchard (back)
Harry Palmer (forward)
Brice Ménard (forward)
Nathan Weekes (forward)
Joshua Keller (back)
Steve Simpson (back)
Daniel Riggs (back)
Brendon Sparks (forward)
Isaac Gordon (forward)

Women's team
Freya Carter (back)
Robin Stokes (back)
Angharad Sharp (back)
Aurélie Chauveau (back)
Sandy Danvers (forward)
Bernadette Lièvremont (forward; captain)
Eliza Trevor (forward)
Mollie Hunt (back)
Marie Hayes (back)
Lottie Abbott (back)
Eliza Roderick (forward)
Joanna Lee (forward)
Men's indoor
Kieran Gates
Romain Bertrand
Arnaud Gervais
Bobby Hughes (captain)
Marc Sharpe
Pierre-Antoine Tavernier (libero)
Leonard Seller
Rickie Owen
Freddie Simpson
William Wellington
Matthew Barker
Gary Kennedy

Women's indoor
Anne Sparks
Esther Beauchamp
Jessie Lucas
Ashlee Jeffries
Sue Price
Crystal Holmes
Gwen Ball
Victoria Fulton (captain)
Sienna Reed (libero)
Sabine Girard
Dani Hayes
Juliet Atkinson
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Postby Laeral » Sat Jan 05, 2019 8:25 am

Laeralian Olympic Delegation: General Information

Full Athletic Roster
Nation: Laeral
Demonym: Laeralite
Trigram: LRL
National Anthem: The Laeralite's Song
Team Colors: Dark blue, bronze
National Committee: Laeralian Olympic Committee (Part of the Ministry of Culture)
Flag Bearer: Esther Lim (Opening Ceremony), Undecided (Closing Ceremony)
Esther Lim is an Olympic fencer who will compete in the Women's Individual Foil and Women's Team Foil events. Her selection as the flag-bearer for the Opening Ceremony came as a surprise to many; it has been speculated that the decision to name her as flag-bearer was motivated by the need to give the Laeralian Olympic delegation a suitably attractive face.
The position of flag-bearer for the closing ceremony will be decided by the Laeralian Olympic Committee, presumably based on performance.

Laeralian Men's Football Roster

The team being sent to the Olympic Games has been suddenly changed from the previous roster, which was the Laeralian men's football team which failed to advance in the 2018 International Democratic Union Football Championships (IDUFC), hosted in Laeral. This was doubly embarrassing to the Laeralites, who were hosting the IDUFC. Changes to the roster include the replacement of goalkeeper Benjamin Germain with rookie Alexandre Menestrel, center-back Victor Song with Gerard Luo, right-back Tom Levy with Emmanuel Salan, and right midfielder Moon Cheng-han with Valentin Lagarde, a talented young player also from the club Hanshui. Football is the most popular sport in Laeral, so the team's performance will be closely watched, especially as Laeral traditionally forgoes the World Cup.
Starting Eleven
GK: Alexandre Menestrel (Laeralsford AC)
LB: Mathieu Guo (Lushui FC)
CB: Fan Jihai (AS Lyrene)
CB: Gerard Luo (Rilos FC)
RB: Emmanuel Salan (Olympique Auvergne)

LM: Jules Song (Ville Laeralsford)
CM: Alejandro de Armas (Althea FC)
CM: Wen Guanyu (Hanshui)
RM: Valentin Lagarde (Hanshui)

LW: Aurélien Launay (Althea FC)
CF: Hao Jiang (Laeralsford AC)
RW: Thomas Zhao (Hanshui)

Laeralian Women's Football Roster

In Laeral, women's football is managed under the Ligue Féminine 1, associated with the (male) Ligue 1. Many of the teams which play for the women's league are associated with Ligue 1 teams.
Starting Eleven
GK: Morena Jin (AS Lyrene)
LB: Emma Wang (Althea FC)
CB: Manon Carre (St. Cyr FC)
CB: Adrienne Li (AS Lyrene)
RB: Jiang Bao (University of Harcour)

LM: Geneviève Bouvier (University of Laeralsford)
CM: Liu Shufen (Gaolan AC)
CM: Aubrey Millet-Hamon (Ville Laeralsford)
RM: Caroline Yu (St. Cyr FC)

LW: Eva Yeoh (Hanshui)
CF: Clara Lebreton (Emil and Adrienne University)
RW: Laurene Hui (Ville Laeralsford)

Roleplay Permissions:
Should you roleplay an event before me, you may:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose my scoring events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No (but TG beforehand; maybe we can set up something)

How to Roleplay Laeralites: On the field, Laeralian athletes will play hard. They yearn to prove themselves internationally, and are almost uniformly incredibly excited to be at the Olympics. They work well in groups, typically showing disciplined play. They may argue with the referee, but only in groups and only if the team captain is in favor of it. Otherwise, they will generally try to avoid losing face by being argumentative in public.
Off the field, Laeralites will speak up for their teammates, and they don't take criticism of their teammates well. They tend to be scrupulously modest, giving credit to their coaches and teammates over themselves. They do, however, see themselves as more deserving of a place at the Olympics than wealthier or more populous nation, but they're of course too polite to admit it. Most Laeralites fancy themselves as an intellectual, and will know at least several smart-sounding phrases and theories in a certain field, such as philosophy, art criticism, music, or history, which they will pull out to impress foreigners. Most Laeralites also like to think of themselves as a romantic or at least a flirt, if not God's gift to (wo)men. Many Laeralites of Rén (Laeralian Chinese) origin don't drink for religious reasons.
Second Allied Provinces of Laeral: A Chinese-inspired nation, grappling with the legacy of French colonial rule.
Author of Issue #808, Big Trouble in Little Dàguó, and Issue #971, Ambassadors Inextraordinary

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Postby Porabasta » Sat Jan 05, 2019 12:41 pm

The Porabasta delegation to the Games of the XIII Olympiad

Nation Full Name: The Republic of Porabasta
Short Name: Porabasta
Trigram: PBA
Demonym: Porabastian
Head of State: President Sergio Navas
Association: Porabastian Olympic Committee (POC)
Head of POC: Xavier Rui
Language: English and Spanish
Capital City: San Hacota
Colours: Blue and Red
Flag Bearer: Thiago Ocampos (Men's Cycling)

Individual Sports:

One of Porabasta's stronger sports, the country is home to many fine swimmers. Perhaps most notably Fabio Sanchez who'll compete in an impressive 11 events, his strongest undoubtedly the 100m and 200m butterfly where he'll fancy his chances at gold. Ciera Santos is the strongest female swimmer. She'll compete in the 100 and 200m freestyle as well as the freestyle relay team. Porabasta tend to struggle with long distance swimming, but are expected to do well in the shorter events.

Kesara Torres will be Porabasta's strongest medal shout for diving. The 33 year old veteran who will be participating in the 3m springboard has always dreamt of participating in the Olympics and this'll be her first and most likely last attempt. Amazingly she has a 15 year old nephew named Jacinto Torres competing in the men's 3m springboard. He's seen as a great prospect for the future but is unlikely to challenge for a medal this time around

There are number of promising athletes competing in the short distance athletics events. Maxi Rojas holds the mens all time national 100m and 200m records and the 26 year old will be a formidable force at the Olympic games. Porabasta also boast incredible talent in the women's 100m and it's not unreasonable to predict that all three of Lola Gracia, Jasmin Espinar and Regina de la Cruz will reach the final. The three will combine with Cristiana Montes to form a formidable 4x100m relay team. Gracia in particular will fancy her chances at 100m gold. Thiago Montes will be a strong contender in the men's 110m hurdles as will Friera Cabrera in the women's 110m hurdles and Ellie Sanchez in the women's 400m. Overall it's a very strong group of athletes, but similar to aquatics, Porabasta are predicted to struggle in the longer distance events.

Boxing is one of Porabasta's biggest sports, so much so that repsentation in other fighting sports is basically non existent. 18 year old Thiago Barrios is a very exciting prospect and is expected to challenge for a medal in the men's light flyweight. On the other end of the spectrum, Ivan Reyes is expected to be a strong contender in the men's heavyweight. The 35 year old is a late bloomer and hasn't been defeated in an incredible 8 years. His trademark uppercut will be a nightmare for opponents. Men's middleweight champion Juan Sebastian Palacio was involved in a car accident just months before the Olympics but has thankfully returned to full fitness in time for the games. Meanwhile Valarie Montenegro is one of the favourites in the women's heavyweight. Boxing is probably Porabasta's strongest sport and it'll be followed closely back home.

Considering that cars are banned in Porabasta it's no wonder the country has a number of strong cyclists. Flagbearer Thiago Ocampos will fancy his chances in both the road race and time trial. He's pledged to auction off any medals he wins and give the money to childrens foundations. Ernesto Quesada is also predicted to do well in the men's road race. As is Juliana Berganza in the women's road race, however she's arguably better at the time trial. Indoor cycling isn't very common in Porabasta, so they'll only be entering athletes in outdoor events.

Javi Valerio and Alejandro Martinez will be an extremely strong force in the men's doubles, and are predicted to go far. The two will also compete in the men's singles, although they are much stronger as a pair. Meanwhile for the women Sophie Villa will be hoping for a gold medal in the women's singles. The 30 year old comes from a strong sporting family, with her father being a champion singles player and her sister Natalie Villa, who's also her doubles partner, dominating the women's game for several years. Natalie Villa, now 37, has decided not to compete in the singles event in order to give younger players a chance.

A lot of Olympic sports are underdeloped in Porabasta, something that'll hopefully change with the recognition they'll get in their Olympics debut. The Mastache brothers are well liked actors back home and have also dominated fencing over the last decade. However they'll be underdogs at the Olympics and aren't expected to go far. Surfing is very popular in Porabasta however it's mainly just a casual and fun hobby rather than a professional sport. This is something Eric de la Cavalleria is trying to change, as he attempts to kick start competitive surfing with a strong Olympics performance. The inspirational women's golfer Juantina Bienvenida, is a cancer survivor and national hero who has taken her game to a new level over the last couple of years. Even if their sport isn't very popular, every athlete will be guaranteed lots of support and admiration from the Porabastian citizens over the coming weeks.

Team Sports:


Coach: Jesus Fernandino

Mateo Lain (keeper)
Isidoro Marquez
Justin Noboa
Eduardo Semprin
Sebastian Montoya (captain)
Jose Tasis
Edgar Gaos

Vicente Lecada (keeper)
Juan Martín Guillén
Edmundo Pomar
Alonso Sainz
Guillermo Sainz
Mariano Ruiz


Coach: Ana Herrera

Valery Venegas (keeper) (captain)
Irene Chicote
Martina Cotilla
Perla Urena
Paulin Barrios
Laura Yvonne Gilabert
Alicia Lopez

Valery Curbelo (keeper)
Emanuella Gutierrez
Andrea Venegas
Valerie Galán
Julieta Figueroa
Daniela Rodriguez


Coach: Javier Dominguez

C: Diego Alejandro Carballo
PF: Bruno Fernandez
SF: Christian Morillo (captain)
SG: Enrique Valverde
PG: Franco Santos

C: Nico Diego Gayoso Rodriguez
PF: Ander Silva
SF: Juan Jose Pliego
SG: Felipe Hernandez
PG: Joel Valcarce
SF: Emmanuel Medina
PG: Pedro Alvarez


Coach: Stephanie Valencia

C: Laura Saul (captain)
PF: Viviana Costa
SF: Maria Alejandra Dallo
SG: Alexis del Moral
PG: Zoe Sanz

C: Luana Higino
PF: Angelina Nacho
SF: Micaela Elgezabal
SG: Brenda Fontirroig
PG: Maria Valcarce
PF: Gabriella Nores
SG: Bella Silva


Coach: Jose Correa

GK: David Saelices
DEF: Valentino Ocampo
DEF: Juan Carlos (captain)
DEF: Javi Maroto
MID: Alex Garcia
MID: Moises Martin
MID: Pedro Ramos
FOR: Andres Fernandez
FOR: Lorenzo Villa
FOR: Miguel Rusa
FOR: Manuel Lozano

GK: Billy Perez
DEF: Aaron Miralles
MID: Edgar Saelices
FOR: Macos Leoz
FOR: Tomas Martinez


Coach: Sofi Fernan

GK: Natalie Alcocer
DEF: Sofia Aguinaldo
DEF: Lucía Dominguez
DEF: Sabrina Monreal
MID: Emanuella Arboleda
MID: Alana Mina
MID: Samantha Rodriguez (captain)
FOR: Catalina Fernán
FOR: Alva Luque
FOR: Maria Pareja
FOR: Alexis Pareja

GK: Candela Carvallo
DEF: Alicia Semprún
MID: Ángela Vera
FOR: Sabrina Rouco
FOR: Martina Vela

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Postby Togonistan » Sat Jan 05, 2019 9:09 pm

Togonistan (TGN) in Games of the XIII Olympiad

Football (Men's)
Home kit - Away kit

Head coach: Jason Kaloros
Captain: Luca Faleta
Home stadium: Tushlark Stadium
Home colors: Yellow
Away colors: Red

Formation: 5-3-2
Style: -3


#	Pos	Name	       Age	        Home Club
1 GK Fujima Sumiteru 25 ImageFC Tushlark Elks
20 GK Tariua Asiata 24 ImageFC Power
21 GK Abel Teaej 25 ImageFC Hawkston
2 DF Romy Hunda 28 ImageIncendia United
3 DF Luca Faleta (c) 26 ImageTushlark Superstars
4 DF Iosefa Manaia 33 ImageFC Hawkston
5 DF Jeb Delafi 25 ImageFC Power
6 DF Haunui Etera 27 ImageIncendia United
7 DF Kahue Laka 29 ImageCorona Centaurs
8 DF Edi Oceania 29 ImageFC Hawkston
9 MF Bennet Van Dien 34 ImageTushlark Superstars
10 MF James Lantana 28 ImageTushlark Superstars
11 MF Auri Variatoa 30 ImageTushlark Superstars
12 MF Laran Makula 25 ImageTushlark Superstars
13 MF Loi Laguna 26 ImageFC Power
14 MF Henri Toelau 26 ImageFC Hawkston
15 MF Martin Tui 18 ImageAFK Perman-Ziga
16 MF Elea Busar 25 ImageHwoarang Shoguns
17 MF Pita Loferi 21 ImageIFK Anderstad
18 FW Greg Kanufatu 26 ImageTushlark Superstars
19 FW Lev Mafati 24 ImageTushlark Superstars
22 FW Ku Do-Hyeon 25 ImageFC Tushlark Elks
23 FW Karol Niue 26 ImageCorona Centaurs

Football (Women's)
Home kit - Away kit

Head coach: Lalo Tupua
Captain: Nafanua Timu
Home stadium: Tushlark Stadium
Home colors: Yellow
Away colors: Red

Formation: 5-3-2
Style: +1


#	Pos	Name	       Age	        Home Club
1 GK Ituau Levaopolo 25 ImageFC Tushlark Elks F
20 GK Seine Asoau 25 ImageFC Tushlark Elks F
21 GK Kalautia Tautu 23 ImageSC 1994
2 DF Tupuasa Suega 24 ImageIncendia United F
3 DF Nafanua Timu(c) 23 ImageIncendia United F
4 DF Litia Tufele 27 ImageSC 1994
5 DF Ali'tasi Faatasi 21 ImageAprox Sports Club
6 DF Iuni Lavea 18 ImageIncendia United F
7 DF Ana Le'au 19 ImageFC Tushlark Elks F
8 DF Lalago Fanene 22 ImageAprox Sports Club
9 MF Ituau Asau 35 ImageSC 1994
10 MF Alofa Pelesa 18 ImageSC 1994
11 MF Atalia Faraimo 22 ImageIncendia United F
12 MF Iulia Fainu'u 22 ImageSC 1994
13 MF Masina Kuresa 28 ImageAprox Sports Club
14 MF Etena Fuima 26 ImageIncendia United F
15 MF Allie Manaia 18 ImageSC 1994
16 MF Apikaila Manaia 29 ImageAprox Sports Club
17 MF Mara Uta'i 22 ImageFC Tushlark Elks F
18 FW Wiki Pule 21 ImageTribu FC F
19 FW Malie Tuala 24 ImageTribu FC F
22 FW Masina Taualai 24 ImageIncendia United F
23 FW Nafanua Fanaafi 27 ImageAprox Sports Club

Dodgeball (Men's)
Coach: Isaako Savea

Players (starting 6):
Tolani Silao
Tamati Foai
Isaia Falagi
Isaiah Anae
Aron Fuima
Eric Lotomau

Tanielu Esera
Tanielu Lapua
Enos Savali

Dodgeball (Women's)
Coach: Mariota Leniu

Players (starting 6):
Marion Ramsey-Niko
Eunike Toleafoa
Lucy Speed
Lelei Kirk
Eunike Fuga
Lisa Sapani

Erica Sapani
Monica Sapani
Elei Tufele
Tina Tameifuna

Men's Battle Royale
Players (4):
Aleki ''Shankzy'' Seko
Omeri ''Omen41'' Asau
Martin ''Sc0p3R'' Sinapi
Tanielu ''TanVav'' Vavau

Women's Battle Royale
Players (4):
Moana ''Mondor'' Alofipo
Kaila ''Kaylz'' Lea
Ellie ''E11i3'' Feresa
Lucien ''SnJ'' Lapua

Men's First Person Shooter
Players (12):
Toa ''Puppet'' Ierome
Tevon ''TN1'' Niko
Aleki ''Shankzy'' Seko
Peniamina ''Bengun'' Faraimo
Patrick ''PatTrick'' Faiivae
Anis ''EightyThree'' Fatare
Amosa ''Ameno'' Feresa
Aperamo ''AP3T'' Tufele
Tasura ''Frontliner'' Foai
Sione ''Silya'' Latu
Kevin ''Luminescent'' Taupo
Andrew ''Awo'' Lake

Pat ''Nebula'' Salesa
Mario ''Yari'' Leapama
Esekielu ''Scapy'' Timu
Marcus ''Mac5'' Safenu

Women's First Person Shooter
Players (12):
Teuila ''PixiePoison'' Faatasi
Silvya ''Silvyan'' Malemo
Fiafia ''Fifi'' Kuresa
Ioana ''TogoniK'' Tuigamala
Lidya ''Edusun'' Foai
Allie ''A-L-S'' Siosifa
Iutita ''ItzIutita'' Tilo
Atalia ''Attie'' Tau
Aperila ''AprilMoon'' Kuresa
Elei ''El5a'' Seuava
Agelu ''Malice'' Nanai
Lele ''Sandbug'' Sativaa


Naomi ''Nutterbutter'' Tui
Kiki ''K1cK'' Tufele
Molly ''Pacifico'' Pule

Men's MOBA
Players (5):
Isaiah ''Isah'' Sifu
Tan ''Tactician'' Manatuva
Timoteo ''Timhu'' Faiivae
Artur ''Artzy'' Savea
Mario ''Martyr'' Savea

Pule ''Myriad'' Talatonu
Henare ''Phalanx'' Lavea

Women's MOBA
Players (5):
Loi ''Jaenelle'' Seiuli
Faigofie ''Mayfare'' Maugatai
Ata ''CrimsonMoon'' Maiava
Vanessa ''Vessu'' Siosifa
Emere ''Emmy-T'' Taalitua

Lisa ''Mal_Lissy'' Malaitai
Ioana ''ISK-12'' Sale

Women's Vehicular Soccer
Players (4):
Felesita ''Felicity'' Fa'amoe
Apikaila ''Aevangel'' Maugatai
Mareta ''M2RRy'' Tuitama
Kenese ''Kyris'' Fepuleai

Elisapeta ''Giana'' Taupo

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Teremaran Olympics Delegation
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Postby Teremaran Olympics Delegation » Sun Jan 06, 2019 7:36 pm

Teremaran Unified Delegation
To The XIII Summer Olympics

Trigram Key:
TRM: Teremaran Unified Team (Teremara)
AKY: Arkyatan
ATK: Austrakia
FLK: Falkasia
GLS: Glisandia
GRG: Gragastavia
GUL: Terre Des Gaules (Gaul)
NEG: Neu Engollon
YSR: Yellow Star Republic

Flag Bearer

Tum Trejan, Arkyatani chess player

Regional Anthem

All Over The World
By Electric Light Orchestra

The XIII Winter Olympics will have media coverage across the region from some of the following major Teremaran Networks:

Ekaterine Television, Falkasian National Media Network

Al-Duhaba Press, Gragastavian National Media Network

The Primary Neu Engollian National Network Sports Channel, National Media Network

The Secondary Neu Engollian National Network Sports Channel, National Media Network

Gauloise Télévision Nationale, Gaulic National Media Network

Austrakisch Bundesfernsehen, Austrak Federal Television Network

Coach: Alois Fehrleich (ATK)
Assistant: Ali Ghiyath Al-Din (GRG)
Trainer: Harald Stadnyk (YSR)

Center: Édouard Bechtler (NEG)
PF: Dietrich Prinz (ATK)
SF: Astvar Ranvarssen (YSR)
SG: Hashim Adham (GRG)
PG: Georgy Yakovic (FLK)

Forward: Kadir Al-Balushi (GRG)
Forward: Martin Braun (NEG)
Forward: Stanislaus Larionovich (FLK)
Guard: Galdur Stagzylski (GLS)
Guard: Guillaume Duoc Wong (GUL)

Coach: Ute Fandavo (NEG)
Assistant: Sahara Hamradin (GRG)
Trainer: Aneta Gyrtumdottir (GLS)

Center: Lina Gudleikursdottir (GLS)
PF: Layla Augsberger (FLK)
SF: Amira Handal (GRG)
SG: Bergfridur Egilsdottir (YSR)
PG: Madiha Mahmoudi (GRG)

Forward: Janette Guo (GUL)
Forward: Briet Klimczak (GLS)
Forward: Felicia Stenmark (FLK)
Guard: Genieva St. Luciena (GUL)
Guard: Yana Fritello (NEG)
Guard: Brigit Werstaller (ATK)

Coach: Zoran Kostic (NEG)
Assistant Coach: Jamal Bouazizi (GRG)
Trainer: Tomas Fiorelli (NEG)


GK: Basri Marwan (GRG)
LB: Habib Osman (GRG)
CB: Konstantin Gagarin (FLK)
RB: Gabriel LeCuyer (NEG)

LM: Vasiliy Prijic (FLK)
CM: Hakim Sahrawi (GRG)
CM: Joachim Brenz (NEG)
RM: Steinar Humissen (YSR)

ST: Hallmarr Toszevetski (GLS)
ST: Abdul Mukhtar (GRG)
ST: Erich Siebech (NEG)

GK: Abdul Hussein Halabi (GRG)
GK: Oskar Flegzut (NEG)

LB: Helmut Mueller (ATK)
CB: Jean-Paul Al-Farid (GUL)
RB: Muhammad Al-Din (GRG)

LM: Ibrahim Massad (GRG)
CM: Faris Boulos (GRG)
RM: Muhammed Atambayev-Al-Musra (FLK)
RM: Boutros Al-Mardini (GRG)

Coach: Hans Dettmann (NEG)
Assistant Coach: Elsa Heisendorf (ATK)
Trainer: Dima Hergisdottir (YSR)


GK: Klaudia Hoch (FLK)
LB: Michelle Cazal (NEG)
CB: Sölvína Kláusdottir (YSR)
RB: Serafina Baume (NEG)

LM: Auriane Boutet (GUL)
CM: Habiba Al-Farsi (GRG)
CM: Cerise Hardy (GUL)
RM: Rabia Bakur (GRG)

ST: Emilie Guderian (FLK)
ST: Ersilia Salvino (NEG)
ST: Alberta Gunnólfursdottir (YSR)

GK: Solène LaFontaine (GUL)

LB: Fatima Al-Rashid (GRG)
CB: Désiré Urxkul (GUL)
RB: Maja Hannesdottir (GLS)

LM: Karla Magnier (NEG)
CM: Ewelina Klemowczka (GLS)
RM: Roseline Hitzig (NEG)

Coach: Giuseppe Cosento
Assistant Coach: Rolf Mertzen

Loosehead Prop: Bartolomeo Fendini
Hooker: Rocco Gondino
Tighthead Prop: Conrad Gemmel

Scrum Half: Horst Emmett
Flyhalf: Wilhelm Hoerner
Center: Alexander Renvier
Winger: Marino Riazzi

Tighthead Prop: Felix Marten
Loosehead Prop: Bartolomeo Fendini

Flyhalf: Ernst Urbach
Prop: Andino Paticci
Prop: Silvio Usadino
Scrum Half: Guillaume Venmont

Center: Johann Dorff
Winger: Giannaro Caravolo
Winger: Hugo Koernsoff

Coach: Ileanna Wegener
Assistant Coach: Maria Paticci

Loosehead Prop: Beate Krauser
Hooker: Amina Keuchler
Tighthead Prop: Ingerlise Amante

Scrum Half: Helene Renvier
Fly Half: Hulda De Roma
Center: Sauvanne Delisle
Winger: Olivia Ferber

Anna Braunlich
Vivienne Schulteweis

Éloïse Valotton
Tatiana Urbach
Giuliana Trosquet

Ingried Botrel
Sara-Louise Martogioro

Coxswain: Zacharias Eich (ATK)
Bruno Weissel (ATK)
Sigbert Gautrekursson (GLS)
Felix Hordalzulski (GLS)
Osman Mubarak (GRG)
Samuil Al-Razi (GRG)
Johann Schilder (ATK)
Mikhail Nasrallah (GRG)
Eggbert Tozlawski (GLS)

Coxswain: Juliette Natanielle (GUL)
Heidi Emiskein (NEG)
Gauja Hlégestursdottir (YSR)
Jóhanna Geirleifursdottir (YSR)
Amý Davíðsdottir (YSR)
Elíngunnur Kristinnsdottir (YSR)
Anne-Claire Jauffret (GUL)
Ophélie Eshbaugh (NEG)
Rosalie Zovjerski (GLS)

Coach: Andino Ribiero
Assistant Coach/Trainer: Hugo Sãobar

CB: Gianni Larue
LB: Salvatore Reichmann
LW: Jean Berrault
CF: Marcus D’Astani
RW: Eugène Detmann
RB: Clovis Faragamo
GK: Armand Toller

Antonio Pretre
Gerhard Costino
Jean Hertung
Bertolemeo Roleux

Coach: Yvonne Desroches (GUL)
Assistant Coach/Trainer: Gajlina Varmarsdottir

CB: Tirsa Dworaczyk
LB: Steina Kjaransdottir
LW: Sabina Bialeczki
CF: Janina Torgursdottir
RW: Oliwia Varmarsdottir
RB: Mariola Dworaczyk
GK: Hana Wasza

Jadwina Evaldsdottir
Birglar Szyvkowska

Gata Vernirsdottir
Lina Pawvlawzcka

Coach: Yvette Boucher
Assistant Coach: Annette Thelioux

FW: Jeanette Roux
FW: Margaux Loupon
FW: Jocelyn Delacroix
FW: Bélise Cerver
HB: Danielle Talbert
HB: Helene Harrill
HB: Brigitte Chaupais
FB: Lorraine Desmarais
FB: Angelique Tureaud
FB: Héloïse Larousse
GK: Céline Niel

Anastasia Delavoy
Claudette Vidaux
Paulina Delisle
Catherine Namieu

Coach: Ali Al-Hazmi (GRG)
Assistant Coach: Daniel Reichtlin (NEG)
Trainer: Deborah Cassel (NEG)

Starting Lineup
Right Setter: Ricardo Mostroni (NEG)
Right Hitter (C): Hermundur Didrikssen (YSR)
Middle Hitter: Bruno Eisenberg (NEG)
Left Hitter: Maximillian Trondle (ATK)
Left Setter: Jean-Paul Heissen (NEG)
Libero: Samuel St. Vincent (NEG)

Setter: Guillaume Feinstein (NEG)
Setter: Kristof Kolb (ATK)
Setter: Vidar Hilgadarski (GLS)
Hitter: Alan Goerdel (NEG)
Hitter: Tomas Romazzio (NEG)
Hitter: Julien Levan (GUL)
Libero: Jurundur Aldarssen (GLS)

Coach: Niko Goranovic (NEG)
Trainer: Deborah Cassel (NEG)

Right Setter: Bryndis Sozowlski (GLS)
Right Hitter: Solonge Fenlier (NEG)
Middle Hitter: Asgerdur Hjoertursdottir (YSR)
Left Hitter: Jillian Sarpietro (NEG)
Left Setter: Jana Halmeier (ATK)
Libero: Marie DiBrizio (NEG)

Setter: Allia Jovolic (NEG)
Setter: Mey Ernstsdottir (YSR)
Hitter: Metta Grankellsdottir (YSR)
Hitter: Ursula De Billiere (NEG)
Hitter: Auriane Boutet (GUL)
Libero: Dagmara Billsdottir (GLS)

Farouk Bukhari (GRG)
Jaromir Glogowski (GLS)
Gjaldar Hallbergsson (YSR)
Maciej Evaldsson (GLS)
Stancek Rodlorsson (YSR)
Mathieu Ralon (GUL)
Ricardo Galdano (NEG)
Teppo Holmqvist (FLK)
Aimo Palo (FLK)

Samar Boustani (GRG)
Jadwiga Fylkirsdottir (GLS)
Nafisa Al-Hazmi (GRG)
Helena Urmler (ATK)
Anja Solarzka (GLS)
Jin Li Descart (GUL)
Emilie Budreaux (GUL)
Saija Peltola (FLK)
Maren Rue (FLK)

GK: Georges Endargarro
L Wing: Maximillian Dufour
Hole Set: Gerhard Taralano
R Wing: Otto Hertelmann
L Flat: Kazper Hainirsson
Point: Helmut Bianchi
R Flat: Alain Becker

FW: Mateo Brodeur

FW: Tomas Krüger
FW: Hugo Chevran
DF: Andre Gospelleti
DF: Arnaud Alfonsi
DF: Fernando Babineaux

Coach: Juliette Chao
Trainer: Alija Al-Yazim

GK: Gabbie Dechamps
L Wing: Hee Van Fuo
Hole Set: Hamsa Al-Farab
R Wing: Anne Coutrier
L Flat: Margot Sharpe
Point: Do Tong Saunier
R Flat: Rashida Al-Raheb

FW: Ameline Derosiers
FW: Odette Yu Wen
DF: Haritha Al-Hudeen
DF: Marie Bisconte
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Postby Cocoabo Forest » Tue Jan 08, 2019 4:56 am


Cocoabo Forest: Olympic Games Kit


Cocoabo Forest: Mens Football


Projected Starting Lineup:
Pos :: Identification : Home
GK :: ( Cocoabo #87 ) : Cocoabo Forest
DEF :: ( Cocoabo #59 ) : Cocoabo Forest
DEF :: ( Cocoabo #57 ) : Cocoabo Forest
DEF :: ( Cocoabo #53 ) : Cocoabo Forest
MID :: ( Cocoabo #61 ) : Cocoabo Forest
MID :: ( Cocoabo #63 ) : Cocoabo Forest
MID :: ( Cocoabo #65 ) : Cocoabo Forest
MID :: ( Cocoabo #67 ) : Cocoabo Forest
AMC :: ( Cocoabo #71 ) : Cocoabo Forest
FOR :: ( Cocoabo #91 ) : Cocoabo Forest
FOR :: ( Cocoabo #99 ) : Cocoabo Forest

Cocoabo Forest: Womens Football


Projected Starting Lineup:
Pos :: Identification : Home
GK :: ( Cocoabo #86 ) : Cocoabo Forest
DEF :: ( Cocoabo #58 ) : Cocoabo Forest
DEF :: ( Cocoabo #56 ) : Cocoabo Forest
DEF :: ( Cocoabo #54 ) : Cocoabo Forest
MID :: ( Cocoabo #60 ) : Cocoabo Forest
MID :: ( Cocoabo #62 ) : Cocoabo Forest
MID :: ( Cocoabo #64 ) : Cocoabo Forest
MID :: ( Cocoabo #66 ) : Cocoabo Forest
AMC :: ( Cocoabo #72 ) : Cocoabo Forest
FOR :: ( Cocoabo #94 ) : Cocoabo Forest
FOR :: ( Cocoabo #98 ) : Cocoabo Forest
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