Nice Guys Finish First: Zwangzug BoF 69 bid

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Nice Guys Finish First: Zwangzug BoF 69 bid

Postby Zwangzug » Thu Dec 20, 2018 8:35 pm


xkoranate 0.3.3 will be used with the SQIS formula. RP bonus will be applied directly as a "team rank," accumulating throughout the tournament. Full range of additive style modifiers.


Obviously dependent on signup count and no idea what that will look like for a tournament still probably some distance away, but probably single round-robin before a bracket. Tiebreakers will be goal difference, followed by head-to-head results (or a playoff if necessary). Double round-robin would only be used if groups were of 4, which isn't likely to happen (maybe if it worked out to be 11 groups of 4 or some very prime number).


This user has (co)hosted two World Cups, four Baptisms of Fire, and a Cup of Harmony, plus some other stuff.

IC selling points

Zwangzug is a country "known" for its idiosyncratic approach to football and life, with such "innovations" as goalkeeperless formations, a stadium-less club, overly-involved musical parodies, and bad math jokes, to say nothing of the constant board game allusions (chess related and otherwise). Summaries of the different host cities will be provided, relying less on RL imagery than NS descriptions, in the hopes of fostering RP opportunities for visiting teams.

OOC "selling" points

I'm trying to practice what I preach re: hosting and getting the ball moving on future cycles, but other than "someone competent should do it," I have no strong personal desire to add another notch on my hosting tally. I may withdraw in the event of a future bid; this should not be taken as indicative of my level of interest in WCC events, but rather a desire not to host for the sake of hosting things.

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