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Postby Velestria » Wed Feb 13, 2019 10:47 am



#THEROSES sign Dreamplanetian national team goalkeeper @fvaz1
DETAILS at theroses.vlz
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Lig Vezia Series A — 417 Preview (Part 1)

Postby Velestria » Thu Feb 21, 2019 9:30 am


The lights shine bright and Va’xaday is here again football fans, season 16 of LigVezia play is here and all five leagues on the pyramid look stacked ahead of a tough season of play that will play out on the pitch to determine who will be the best of the best in LigVezia. The three top leagues, LigVezia A, LigVezia B and LigVezia National will play out the best 48 teams in the nation, below them are the two lesser leagues, two separate divisions that feed into each other, the National First Division…no one ever comes p from there, so sorry if you’re an AFC Gloucmaster fan! However, below that, football exists in the semi-pro and the Vunday league sides that no one except the companies know about, but football in the nation? That’s a dream come through that we never thought we’d be rewarded with in our lifetime. But, but here, we have a chance to see the best of the best of Velish players who’re going to face a very tough and arguably best season yet of LigVezia.

The league has done so much and is quietly improving unbeknownst to the international community, LigVezia A goes up to be ranked as the 73rd best league in the multiverse after its second season of international play, now a new commissioner has come in as Axle Barrett, the 64 year old former President of the Velish Football Association, Barrett has called for LigVezia to make the big steps it needs to increase the competition and power that LigVezia can play with in the league. Teams contested UICA and have been lowly chipping away at the larger teams, getting better and looking to further contest UICA play and get better in the international scene. With season 16 upon us, the best is yet to come for so many sides, who do you tip your hat to win it all this season?

Enough is enough now, we have a big preview available for all these teams…it is an honour to present the top-flight teams for the next season of LigVezia!


A.C. 317 ROSES
North Hampton, Vledasia
Stadium: Paula Park (31,367)
Titles: 2x Velish Premier Cups (412, 413), 1x LigVezia A title (402), 2x Velish League Cups (412, 413)
Manager: Pete Merlot
Name Reason: Taken from the Rosewood Castle which sits within the storied lands of Vledasia.
Club Info: Last year was definitely a regressing for The Roses and it showed as they lost 12 games on season and ended up falling back from their runners-up finishing of two seasons ago to a fourth-place finishing. Pete Merlot is back on the job for his fourth season as manager and you would think that the seat is beginning to get a big lukewarm in North Hampton, top four finishes for a club that just recently only four seasons ago was a top team is not enough for ownership. Yes, big changes are happening to the club and it started at goalie position as The Roses went out and [i]spent, yes, spent N$9m on Dreamplanetian national team goalkeeper, Filipe Vaz, bringing him in from Liga Dreamplanet champions, Sporting CD. At 26, A.C. 317 Roses prospectively have their goalie of the future for at least four years, he’s signed a two season contract with an N$8m transfer clause if it doesn’t work out, but he’s most definitely a big improvement over Kalston Rose who simply is not the best available. However I believe Mr. Merlot is ignoring the biggest problem with the team…the striker pair of Corey Burge and Patrick Cordham is not a good duo, the two together only managed 17 goals the entire season. With Burge at 30 and Cordham at 28 they’re likely to have hit their peaks, these two players are serviceable, but it’s definitely a time to take a look at either the youth academy or investing in bringing in some foreign talent to shell up the offensive quarters of the team. Solomon Bundy, the Devontan international and the team’s other designated player aside from Vaz has been resigned to another four year contract, simply a maestro at the LW position the team is lucky to have a player of his skill roaming the left side of the field, a quiet master he’ll likely don the captains armband again, Merlot thought good to sign this ace no doubt…A team with a sloppy but decent defense should be able to finish top-4 in the league again, and with the league cups actually meaning something now we might see the best of Merlot and The Roses, however a new core is needed or else A.C. 317 Roses find themselves in the same position as Old Birmingham City.
Last Season: 4th (15-3-12) . Prediction: 5th.
Kits: Home, Away
Notable Transfers In: Filipe Vaz (DRP) (N$9m, Sporting CP [DRP])
Notable Transfers Out: —
Starter XI (3-3-4): Vaz (DRP); Mason, Dering, Bartworth; Coleman, Avery, Lestrange; Bundy (USD) [c], Burge, Corham, Harris
Other Notable Players: Rose (GK)

Keldax, Olde Lowes
Stadium: Avonna Beach Sports Complex (6,000)
Titles: —
Manager: Skole Jennison (caretaker)
Name Reason: Named after the supposed underwater city in the Vledasian kingdom; Aquatarius has been the subject of debate and myth for years, colors pay homage to the original Keldax sports team, the Keldax Tridents of the now-defunct KHL-1.
Club Info: Aquatarius Sports Club was busy this transfer window, very busy indeed; five players were removed from the squad as the team brought in talented players at key positions as it looks to rebound from barely escaping the relegation zone this season. First in at manager position, Skole Jennison, the former Velish player at 44 years old comes in to take over the team as a caretaker manager, the Aquatarius board has said he is also being considered for the job as official manager; he’s sure to be on his best behavior heading into the season. Jennison brings in a 5-4-1 formation and new people on the team. The biggest new member of course is Brenecian national team player, Sharon Kerrigan, the 32 year-old signs a one-year designated player contract with the team and is expected to help shore up one of the worst defenses in the league, Kerrigan comes from Brenecian side Southern Star where she had a quite but illustrious career with the Lions. Aside from her, the addition of a handful of Nepharans in Lars Blacktown and Talisca Sorrell from Southfell United and Coret Hawks respectively drastically change this midfield. And while the board called for youth, having actually experienced and talented backs in the backfield is certainly improvements over listless 30-something year olds roaming the pitch. Ben Thanes the youth academy extraordinaire adds a new light to this team and will receive assistance from Panela who comes in free from LSC Dunelan however don’t expect Panela to take any starting time away from Thanes. A big transfer comes in the form of goalkeeper for the squad, long needing a stable one, Aquatarius go out and acquire Cosumartite shot-stopper Joakim Brankussen, who only gave up 36 goals in play in Legaskari season, he’s already projected as the immediate starter and inks a three season deal until he turns 36. Aside from that, the squad is largely intact, Adonnis Valcutta last season’s captain is back for another four years although I don’t see him extending throughout the entirety of that deal, something tells me he’ll fall apart. This new version of Aquatarius is much improved from last season’s and perhaps they’re a little competitive in the Velish Premier Cup, but they’re not progressing in the LigVezia they’ll avoid relegation, though.
Last Season: 12th (9-8-13) . Prediction: 13th.
Kits: Home, ]Away
Notable Transfers In: Lars Blacktown (NPH) (free, Southfell United [NPH]), Joakim Brankussen (COS) (free, LSC Dunelan [ASU]), Sharon Kerrigan (BRE) (free, Southern Stare [BRE]), Panela (DAI) (free, LSC Dunelan), Talisca Sorrell (NPH) (free, Coret Hawks [NPH]), Ben Thanes (free, Aquatarius Academy), Stefan van Dee (free, Vegai F.C.)
Notable Transfers Out: Abe Denver (waived), Kenneth Dully (waived), Ellis Felton (waived), Thomas Gerard (waived), My'zko Na'Toheko (waived), Vincent Tarley (waived)
Starter XI (5-4-1): [i]Brankussen (COS); Mora, Valcutta, Kerrigan (BRE), Blacktown (NPH), Sorrell (NPH); van Dee, [i]Thanes, Putters, McGrady; Paulton
Other Notable Players: Panela (CM)

Orleans, Knollcrown Lands
Stadium: Yervna Park (5,500)
Titles: 1x LigVezia B title (416)
Manager: Angel Morgan
Name Reason: Avispa Orelans name is taken from the native bee from the area, the Avispa-Bee and the name of the French pioneers of the city, the Orleanians, founded by French expariates.
Club Info: Avispa Orleans are coming off a stunner, winning the league in only their second year of existence — oh wait, you though LigVezia A? No, no, they went out and assured promotion after winning the LiegVezia B title, ahead of Dragonpool and Sporting Illyria, now in the top division, Angel Morgan the manager (and second female manager in LigVezia history!) needs to transform the team and do the same thing she did in LigVezia B against even tougher teams. The team had virtually no money to spend this season with a much smaller budget than most teams, Yervna Park was packed to the brim all season…Now, they’ve found their star Christopher Mason the 19 year old prospect is a clear talent and is rumored to be scouted by big clubs like Azurea and Vegai F.C. Avispa Orelans needs to see Mason step up and do even more for the team, a successful run for the side in which its able to avoid relegation could see the club gain N$5m from the league itself. Avispa Orleans also adds up on the CB position, bringing in Neil Shirtliff,t eh Nepharan as a designated player; he’ll make most of the team’s contract salary, making $2.1m of the $3m cap for Avispa Orleans, he also becomes the team’s captain moving forward. For a team fighting relegation, he has a big role to play, Avispa Orleans also attach a $3m transfer clause to his contract given the relegation battle they’ll play with teams. Coming in alongside him, Aranha comes in from Grigio Calcio from Legaskari, the striker moves into Logan Cook’s former spot as Cook is waived off the team. Don’t expect this team to be great, but a decent run could see some players go to better teams in a season.
Last Season: 1st in LigVezia B (14-7-9) . Prediction: 15th.
Kits: Home, Away
Notable Transfers In: Aranha (DAI) (free, Girgio Calcio [ASU]), Neil Shirtliff (NPH) (free, Scaffield [NPH])
Notable Transfers Out: Riley Clark (waived), Logan Cook (waived)
Starter XI (4-2-4): Whitehead; Parker, [i]Shirtliff (NPH) [c], Gibson, Riley; Wood, Mason; Daniel, Aranha (DAI), Iyyrivia, Brennan
Other Notable Players: —

Stonehenge, Grierwood
Stadium: Michal Donaldson Stadium (29,778)
Titles: 2x Velish Premier Cup (414, 415), 3x LigVezia A titles (414, 415, 416), 1x Velish League Cup (414)
Manager: Christopher Tajo Mendez (USD)
Name Reason: Named after lighthouse situated on beach of Stonehenge, rumored to be haunted and the situation of the main plot of [i]The Awning House Murders teleseires.
Club Info: Azurea has won the league title for the third straight season in a row and the second in a row under Devontan international manager Christopher Tajo Mendez, but Tajo Mendez is on the hot seat and could be on his way out if he can’t guide the team to a UICA group stage berth this time around with the team. Sure, Tajo Mendez has achieved domestic success would a domestic double two seasons ago, winning two straight league titles; but he’s yet to get Azurea into a UICA group stage and despite closing the score against better teams, its clear Azurea still has a long way to go before anything changes. However, Tajo Mendez is beginning to feel the pressure and the need to contribute and it showed with his big move to shell out N$12 million to grab Jelanee Jidefor from Rukuni FC of Banija, a great pick up for Azurea and also their third goalkeeper in as many years, Jidefor comes in on a one season contract and given how well he did at Rukunbi he’ll likely be resigned for another season. Of course, he’s going to have help, the traditional strength of the defense remains as Matt Borell and Viva Avery return to steady the defense. Senior captain Marcus White likely retires after this season, at 31 he’s got one more shot to lead the team, three straight league titles have been nice but of course there’s a bigger question on how he’ll fair in international play. Furusawa Utamara was sold to Johno United for $9m to go join on of Darmen’s giant clubs, in his place Azurea signs the unknown Miguel Benedito from Dreamplanetian side Coerfente FC. Arran Berryman comes into to replace Scott Coleman who’s been sold, Berryman the Brenecian bring a diverse set of skills to the team, this season will be much harder than the previous three with teams getting bigger…Azurea will narrowly win the league and it’s safe to say the dynasty might finally be over.
Last Season: 1st in LigVezia (19-4-7) . Prediction: 1st.
Kits: Home, Away
Notable Transfers In: Miguel Benedito (DRP) (N$1.7m, Coerfente FC [DRP]), Arran Berryman (BRE) (free, North Hall [BRE]), Jelanee Jidefor (BNJ) (N$12m, Rukuni FC [BNJ]),
Notable Transfers Out: Thomas Caroline (retired), Scott Coleman (N$1.5m, Chuckio FC [DAR]), Furusawa Utamara (N$9m, Johno United [DAR])
Starter XI (4-2-4): Jidefor (BNJ); Borell, Blackson, Avery, Bartworth; White [c], Benedito (DRP), Butler Berryman (BRE); Carmen, Traton
Other Notable Players: —

Southampshire, Grierwood
Stadium: The Moor (27,111)
Titles: —
Manager: Al Gunthers
Name Reason: Named after the famed creek where the last battle in the Razen War of the Lotuses were fought.
Club Info: Battlebrook United both fired Karl Warner last season and promoted academy youth director, Al Gunthers to the top of the table making hi the new manager of BBU — nicknamed the Cardinals. Gunthers comes from the youth academy which saw a heavy focus on offensive fire power, thus switching the formation to a 3-5-2 has taken effect in Battlebrook and has saw new players brought in on both sides of the ball. A manager who embraces youth, Gunthers has went out and brought in 5 new players during the transfer window, the biggest of the bunch being Jill Flaxen, the Brenecian who comes in free from Rozelle United. The 28 year old has a tall task of organizing a defense that will look to keep tempo during games, one thing that the Cardinals couldn’t do last season. The Moor also will play a more intimidating factor in games, the stadium size has decreased to around 27,000 people to make it more intimate, already one of the hardest places to play at, and the increased adversity now generated by the stadium will make it even worse for opposing teams. This bodes well for Fraser Pearch the other Brenecian international who is brought in from TakiJump, an Acronian side which never seemed to have used him. Pearch is the first choice keeper for the team and inked a one season contract leading up to him turning 28; at this time Battlebrook United have two keepers on deck Pearch and the 22 year old graduate from Birnin Zana Academy, Carson Tannerson who’s development has been quick and agile many have said. Tannerson could largely play a role in balancing the team’s play in knockout competitions, expect Gunthers to use him wisely. Of course, Tannerson is a big piece for the future, he could possibly be dealt in the next transfer window or remains on. Sean Comen, the able forward has been repurposed to a wing back to make room to bring in Tarquin Ulster, the 32 year old Nepharan forward who bring a calm, steady presence to the starting eleven for Battlebrook United. With large changes like this, Battlebrook United can survive relegation handily, mid-table seems to be their destination.
Last Season: 13th (8-9-13) . Prediction: 10th.
Kits: Home, Away
Notable Transfers In: Patrick Aston (AME) (N$1.7m, Reiges [AME]), Jill Flaxen (BRE) (free, Rozelle United [BRE]), Fraser Pearch (NPH) (free, TakiJump [ACR]), Carson Tannerson (free, Birnin Zana Academy), Tarquin Ulster (NPH) (free, Coret Hawks [NPH])
Notable Transfers Out: Robert Brownsmith (free), William Peabody (waived), Reed Purvoche (waived) Terrence Sherman (waived)
Starter XI (3-5-2): [i]Pearch (BRE); Levell, Aston (AME), Flaxen (BRE); Yates, Chase, Merstun, Gilbert, Comen; Ulster (NPH) [c], Blackfoot
Other Notable Players: Tannerson (GK)

Birnin Zula, Ja’abarilands
Stadium: Sati a’ka Kano Brava Ra’zaza (10,000)
Titles: —
Manager: Voula Logothettis (NPH)
Name Reason: One of the oldest clubs in Velestria, BirninZula was formed by Ja’bari migrant workers in 362 and originally named Ja’bari White Gorillas. The club was then introduced to thenJa’bari chieftain Ka’neva, who changed the team's name to Zulu Warrior, their colours to royal blue and white, and also introduced the shield to their logo.
Club Info: BirninZula FC is coming off a decent mid-table run last season and Harry Illvermorny must be proud of his team in only his first season on the job. Illvermorny was promoted to Director of Football and manager of the team is now Voula Logothettis, 54 year-old Nepharan who comes in with a defensive 4-4-2 set-up, her time from AFC Serpetine has given her a lot to work with. Of course, they’re not the best of teams in LigVezia and it’ll be years before they win a title, but this club has come a long way from the generations of Aretha Parks who used to own the club and field terrible all-female sides. BirninZula FC had to deal with some big changes over the offseason, Carson Mashley is a free transfer departing for Inter Ace overseas, accordingly, Iyoas Raskerin also goes, this time to the Nepharan league and AFC Serpentine where he’s probably looking to revive his career which has fallen under duress in recent years. Raskerin was a big talent when he signed with the club two seasons ago, however his career fizzled out after bad play over the past two seasons. The frontlines are set, Aiden Garret is likely ready to begin shooing more, he’s 26 and he needs to take a bigger leap, especially since he’s going to bare the brunt of the load for goal scoring while Tyleigh Aiden recovers from that unfortunate leg injury she sustained last season. Garrett will be looking to improve on the 12 goals he scored last season, and we might even see him crack 20 this season. This midfield is anchored by the return of Vincent Gerald on another four year deal, the 33 year old has been with the team for the past three years and has emerged as the key leader in the midfield, expect him to guide the team and hold the mid-pitch well. Elliot Kewen arrives from Brenecian side Northern Union to take over for Raskerin’s former spot, and Willy Gilderoy is waived, replaced by a decent back from the BirninZala Academy, Carl Anderson. A big transfer in Keith Carney, it may have been free but he’s a big talent from Brenecian giants Kingsrove and he should be a big asset at the goal-keeping position, he’s going to be a sure shot-stopper for years to come for BirinZula, a four season contract only exemplifies that.
Last Season: 9th in LigVezia (11-8-11) . Prediction: 11th.
Kits: Home, Away
Notable Transfers In: Carl Anderson (free, BirninZala Academy), Keith Carney (BRE) (free, Kingsrove [BRE]), Elliot Kewen (BRE) (free, Northern United [BRE])
Notable Transfers Out: Willy Gilderoy (waived), Carson Mashley (free, Inter Arce [SRA]), Iyoas Raskerin (free, AFC Serpentine [NPH])
Starter XI (3-2-5) [i]Carney (BRE); Walker [c], Kewen (BRE), Anderson; Nottingham, Thomas; Element, Gerald, Foreman, Garret, Aiden
Other Notable Players: —

Birnin Calix, Ja’abarilands
Stadium: Blue Strike Arena (42,959)
Titles: —
Manager: Pierre Denton
Name Reason: Named after Mercedinian international conglomerate, Blue Strike; the name doesn’t hold well with supporters of the original team, Gamba Calix, leading supporters to split and found their own club which competes in the LigVezia Northern Division as SC Birnin Calix, their supporters are nicknamed “the reds” in support of the red kits that were formerly donned by the BS Calix team.
Club Info: Blue Strike Calix. I know, I’m still getting used to this name and that’s what we’re going to have to settle for because Blue Strike went out and bought the former club (known as Gamba Calix) and spent a couple millions on improvements at Blue Strike Park which was renamed from its former name Central Stadium. I guess BS Park has a better ring to it??? The new ownership is proactive though, and they tried hard to shop Josh Reven on the international market, hoping to bring in big money however no one has jumped at the opportunity to get him, so Reven’s probably on for another year where he’ll walk free. Ownership will be mad for that because they won’t be able to get anything this time since his contract will have expired and he’s made it clear he’s not too fond of the new ownership. Ownership is also getting ready to walk Carson Rivers as 21 year old Audioslav, Ben Joes signed a one-season contract which will probably be renewed at this time in a year, Joes has talent and a leg like a cannon so he could see some games this season. Other players signed on too, with the retirement of Bill Kelly (a stalwart back for the team for six years), in his place Moxie Crow is the Nepharan who can get the job done with the backline. Coming from Brinemouth, he’s going to be a big player for the back line, especially because Keyes isn’t a long multi-season solution for Blue Strike. Give Pierre Denton the benefit of the doubt, he can get things done and this is going to be another big season for him. Erik Henriksen, the Audioslav giant in the back of the net is going to become even better and move Calix-associated, signing a four season contract earlier last month after his goalie of the season run.
Last Season: 2nd in LigVezia (16-6-8) . Prediction: 3rd.
Kits: Home, Away
Notable Transfers In: Moxie Crow (NPH) (free, Brinemouth [NPH]), Ben Joes (AUD) (free, Project Olimpo Jutsii [HIN]), Andrei Keyes (NPH) (free, Hytheford Palce [ACR])
Notable Transfers Out: Bill Kelly (retired)
Starter XI (4-4-2): Henriksen (AUD); Audley, [i]Keyes (NPH), Joes (AUD), Crow (NPH); Sa’kiera, Joes, Williams, Terivia; Felix, Crabbleton [c]
Other Notable Players: Reven (CB), Rivers (CB)

Applegate City, Lotus Isles
Stadium: Saints Park (16,269)
Titles: 1x LigVezia B title (415)
Manager: Cornelius Armstrong
Name Reason: Doverhampton Wanderers, nicknamed the Doves are named after the northernmost ward of Applegate City, Doverhampton; interestingly enough, they play in the ward of Old Torchmaine rather than Doverhampton although a new stadium is rumored to be under consideration. Additionally they’re the most popular club in the Lotus Isles.
Club Info: The Doverhampton Wanderers are back in the top flight too after a sturdy first campaign where they avoided relegation and finished high midtable, even qualifying for this season’s Avonna Invitational. An overall good season in the top flight for Cornelius Armstrong’s first team, Armstrong is entering his 6th season with the club and its rumored that a few teams including perennial fourth place finishers in LigVezia B, Rasen Remus are chasing after him hoping to bring him in to rectify their club. However that’s not the big thing we noticed, Diamond Gregory is no longer the goalkeeper for Doverhampton, she sold to KF Pldanz of Qusmo for a bid of N$3m, in her place, Doverhampton has recruited Jasper Kirkland on a free transfer from Aries Chariots of Nephara, a one season contract but he’s expected to have a large amount of responsibilities with the squad. Much of the team is unchanged and given Armstonrg has been criticized for not looking at change for the team, Will Aiden is once more back on the team, Aiden is 32 and arguably past his prime however he’s back with the team now.Charlie Angel…she’s got to get it done at the front of the net, she had the most misses in the season and she doesn’t have the first touch in the league she once had. Look at [b]John Reid for the most-interesting plays on the team, he’s definitely the most-improved player on the team and has 13 goals last season, he’s got two more seasons on the team to improve, I see Reid stepping up big this season. This team will regress because they don’t have Gregory in net, but Kirkland is coming from a top 5 league; give him a year to adjust and they’ll be fine.
Last Season: 7th in LigVezia (11-10-9) . Prediction: 9th.
Kits: Home, Away
Notable Transfers In: Jasper Kirkland (NPH) (free, Aries Chariots [NPH])
Notable Transfers Out: Diamond Gregory (N$3.2m, KF Poldanz [QUS])
Starter XI (3-5-2): [i]Kirkland (NPH) [c]; Thomas, Larson, Batho; Alliston, Keith, Aden, Brooks, Reid; Angel Reid
Other Notable Players: —
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Sporting World Cup 6 champion
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Lig Vezia Series A — 417 Preview (Part 2)

Postby Velestria » Thu Feb 21, 2019 12:39 pm

Dragonpoolborough, Knpllcrown Lands
Stadium: Riverwood Stadium (34,500)
Titles: —
Manager: Tyler Lewis
Name Reason: Representing the big-named city if Dragonpoolborough, Dragonpool — yes, just Dragonpool has a huge footballing culture as clearly seen playing in a 34,500 seater in the second division of football.
Club Info: After sixteen years of worrying and harsh fighting, Dragonpool is finally in the top division of Velish football! Oh what a ride it’s been, and it’s been tough for the twelve different managers who’ve been stuck with this team, however, Tyler Lewis was the one who could finally get it done, Lewis was a mediocre player for Old Birmingham City for six years, however he’s found his calling as a manager and is definitely one of the nation’s bright spots at the manager position, he’s a bright spot for the future of managers in the nation. Dragonpool lost their most promising player, Haroni Beaver goes to Ethane’s best club, Letson Town for N$3.2m, a record for a Velish lower league player, his replacement is the Audioslav Ulf Hustedt who performed well in a few seasons in Legaskari with Hussards. Hustedt is known as a tough, hard player, a brawler in the backfield, he’ll need to tone down his harshness a little bit if he hopes to succeed and exceed expectations at the club. The backline has a ton of new talent coming in from the Academy of Dragonpool, Daniel Grays is a big talent at 21 he’s going to be a special player that we’re going to watch develop for a few years. Morelock Guardington; he’s a definite future star and I don’t see him staying long with Dragonpool especially because Dragonpool is NOT a star club, they’re not a blueblood quality team. Finally, inserting Jennifer Gleeson, she’s a good player and she’s got an upside, projected to be a free transfer next season so she won’t be around long.
Last Season: 2nd in LigVezia (13-10-7) . Prediction: 14th.
Kits: Home, Away
Notable Transfers In: Jenifer Gleeson (free, Academy of Dragonpool) Daniel Gray, (free, Academy of Dragonpool), Morelock Guardington (free, Academy of Dragonpool), Ulf Hustedt (AUD) (free, Hussards [ASU]),
Notable Transfers Out: Haroni Beaver (N$3.2m, Letson Town [ETN])
Starter XI (3-5-2): Smart; [i]Grays, Hustedt (AUD), Guardington[/b], [i]Gleeson; Morgan [c], Bailey; Ware, Davis, Anderson, Cooper
Other Notable Players:—

Birmingham City, Olde Lowes
Stadium: Birmingham-Park (54,057)
Titles: 2x VFL Premier Cup (412, 413), 1x LigVezia A title (412), 2x VFA League Cup (410, 413)
Manager: Vraxl-Ucyxi Lec (QUS)
Name Reason: Formed in 1899, Old Birmingham City takes name after the city (duh…), one of the more-notable clubs in Velestria, they’re a big club.
Club Info: What even in the hell is this team? Old BIrmignham City has been a dumpster fire for the past two seasons, and finally Ike Xavier, known as [i]the professor was shown to the door after a failure to improve the team, yes they went mid-table, but they weren’t that good at all. No worries for Xaveier, he’ll definitely find another job and is reportedly be courted by four possible teams looking for promotion to LigVezia A (notably Vissel Ayeni, the club where he built his career at). In his place? Vraxl-Ucyxi Lec, they’re coming from KF Poldanz of Qusmo and are a hot commodity, it was rumored that both Azurea and Old Birmingham were both competition for their services. Lex comes to the team promising to take the team to a title soon, and Lec has the power to do that, Lec in only one month has went out and signed seven players. The biggest one we need to look at and perhaps turn our heads at is the signing at goalkeeper, Reed Purvoche can seriously not be getting these many chances? We know he’s terrible...he’s been tossed around by three teams in two years, Purvoche is somehow going to be yet again a team’s first choice goalkeeper going into an exhausting season, even with Lec’s other additional talents I cannot see them being able to compete with this disappointment with the ball at his feet. Or at his hands. What can he do right? What did Lec see in him enough to bring him around for another season? The first year is going to no doubt be a disaster, but that’s just because Lec is inhering a terrible team, Old Birmingham fans? Wait one more season while Lec rebuilds this train wreck.
Last Season: 8th in LigVezia (11-8-11) . Prediction: 12th.
Kits: Home, Away
Notable Transfers In: Adonnin Battlenburg (free, OBC Academy), June Leabers (N$.4m, AFC Querjiban), Reed Purvoche (free, Battlebrook United), Samson Turnbull (free, Artesia Highland [ACR]), Cliff Valley (free, OBC Academy), Omari Venters (free, OBC Academy), Charity Williams (free, Vegai F.C.)
Notable Transfers Out: Peter Borough (waived), Christian Durmont (waived), Karlson Eugene (waived), Roger Fuster (AUD) (waived), Audrey Lawnder (waived), Glenn Preston (free, Pyracantha), Kennedy Walker (waived)
Starter XI (3-4-3): Purvoche; Valley, Williams [c], Turnbull; Bawlex, Bradley, Durmont, Eugene; Venters[/b], [i]Leabers, Battlenburg
Other Notable Players:—

Reading-upon-Wychester, Knollcrown Lands
Stadium: Stadium of Vonna (32,900)
Titles: —
Manager: Charles Courtney
Name Reason: Named after city of Reading-upon-Wychester, obviously shortened because that's a mouthful to say whenever your player scores.
Club Info: Olympic Reading is back for another year in the top flight, and that’s great news for all two of their fans (averaged 6,000 people attending in a 32,000+-seater stadium), Olympic Reading is operating in the red and is having a very tough time currently, with players all making bare minimum contracts. However, Charles Courtney has brought a smile to the face of many of Olympic Reading fans, they’re heading to the CedC which will be a good experience for their players. Reading is set to operate well in the top league of Velish football for years to come but I don’t see Courtney staying, he’s likely to leave for a bigger LigVezia job that opens up because Olympic Reading cannot pay this man anything. Courtney has largely been the reason for success with Reading and we can see them going up, even more (do I smell fourth place????). Reading is going to see a few players leave the club next season, while the team has no central star, Courtney has been able to show that despite that the team is able to shine and still succeed in any way as possible. Olympic Reading needs to do well in the CedC though and we can definitely see them succeeding. However, the biggest thing the club needs to worry about is getting more money to fund the club, the club is slowly sinking and such a historic club like this will be saddened if it is lost.
Last Season: 5th in LigVezia (15-2-13) . Prediction: 4th.
Kits: Home, Away
Notable Transfers In: Keeghan Gallagher (N$.2m, Navalia)
Notable Transfers Out: Thomas Bishop (waived)
Starter XI (2-3-5-1): Barker; Woodhil, Cousins; Barkers, Williamson, Angelwood; Mark, [i]Gallagher, Willie, Dominson; Clark [c]
Other Notable Players: —

Peachtree City, Vledasia
Stadium: Parc at Peachtree (5,000)
Titles: —
Manager: Pudwig Tonks
Name Reason: A locally-owned club, Peachtree City F.C. is named after the city of Peachtree; and their shield is amazing!
Club Info: Peachtree City F.C. has much improved now going into their third season in the top flight and I could honestly see them push this season to improve and snipe at the Champions Cup and actually compete for UICA play, crazy right? Peachtree City already has gotten themselves into contention for the Avonna Invitational between them and five other sides from the Velish Realms; and winning that would put them in contention to compete for the Velish Supercup, it’s a big chance for the team! Peachtree City has their manager in Pudwig Tonks, Tonks has his midfielder sitting pretty high and have used it to develop a lot of chances and is known for getting the defenders forwards. Ashley Palace, that’s the big player to look at for Velestria, she’s known for getting forward and moving quick along the wings although a true back. Tonks is going to come in looking to fix the defensive problems the team has, and Tonks addressed that bringin in Dainerian Talitha from Chaolan Zaibatsu FC (HIN), we’ve seen film Talitha and that’s a bona fide star in play if some small things can be addressed. Talitha could be the player that Peachtree chooses to build around, another guy is Antonio Luis the 22 year old striker from Adina CF of Dreamplanet, he’s looking like a rock star who’ll be looking to transfer his skillset to a tougher league with Velestria. Now, another big piece is national team fringe goalkeeper, Chris Banker, Banker is going to have to be better and navigate when to come off his line better, he’s back for another two seasons so clearly there’s a trust in him.
Last Season: 6th in LigVezia (13-6-11) . Prediction: 6th.
Kits: Home, Away
Notable Transfers In: Antonio Luis (DRP) (free, Adina CF [DRP]), Talitha (DAI) (free, Chaolan Zaibatsu FC [HIN]), Shane Walters (free, Peachtree Academy)
Notable Transfers Out: Corey Aonen (free, AS Macardia [AUD]), Christian Deveon (free, Gonen’s Bridge [NPH]), Misker Williams (waived)
Starter XI (4-3-3): Banker; Walters, Campbell, Palace [i]Talitha (DAI); Singleson [c], Kaiser, Geonfel; Sunshield, Luis (DRP), Kalbum
Other Notable Players: —

Christcastle, Knollcrown Lands
Stadium: Banc of Knollcrown Field (12,000)
Titles: —
Manager: Gordon Heyward
Name Reason: Takes name from the famed Pyracanthian Mines of Knollcrown, based in city of Christcastle, has hit hard times in recent years but has been on the rebound. Commonly considered the club of the poor and draws huge support throughout the nation despite smaller stadium.
Club Info: Gordon Heyward has found a comfortable roll with the team as manager, certainly better than his management at other clubs, Heyward comes back bringing Pyracantha and this time they’re aiming for better, management has set hopes at a 7th place finish, imagine how big that would be for the team??? However, Heyward has a long road out for the next year, Brick Eden arrives from Vegai F.C. on a free transfer, the former Velish international is going to be big move for Pyrcantha and has so much potential with this team now finally in his own element, a big player his 6’8 frame is going to be a challenge to deal with by defenses all over in LigVezia. Another key transfer is Maggie Livia, she’s not talked about much in press but the Drawkian can definitely her own, coming from Lesgarki’s Sainati Bohemian, I don’t see Livia staying around now however, she’s going to dance through the league and would most likely get transferred out for a pile of cash by the organization. Pyracantha had a quiet offseason, they haven’t really done much to attract talent, but they’ve went out and acquired talent to build the team up for the future. Management defeintly wants a new stadium and has called on the city of Christcastle to fund a new stadium in the city’s center, however there’s been a big a big pushback from the city and there’s bound to be a public spat that could distract people from the season.
Last Season: 10th in LigVezia (11-6-13) . Prediction: 8th.
Kits: Home, Away
Notable Transfers In: Christian Bentley (N$.8m, Elcmester AC) Brick Eden (free, Vegai F.C.), Maggie Livia (DRK) (free, Sainati Bohemian [ASU]), Glenn Preston (free, Old Birmingham City)
Notable Transfers Out: Peter Borgan (waived), Charlied Felix (waived), Adam Rivera (waived), Robin Seuss (ACR) (waived)
Starter XI (3-2-5): Hughes; [i]Preston, Bogman, Brown; Bently, Forest; Williams, Eden, Ha'Kaen, Fa'Zenke Livia (DRK) [c]
Other Notable Players: —

Fullham, Knollcrown Lands
Stadium: Klyde Stadium (50, 817)
Titles: 1 Velish Premier Cup (406), 4x Lig Vezia A title (404, 407, 409, 410), 1x Velish League Cup (409)
Manager: Gunther Shallowford (caretaker)
Name Reason: Zoogle the 260 Park Rovers, the defenders of Fullham during the Razen War, the team honors them by giving a nod to the warriors, the team plays in the Klyde district of Fullham, hence their stadium name.
Club Info: Rovers F.C. and the entire LigVezia mourns the loss of longtime manager, Peter Fermen who succumbed to his battle with cancer after ten years on the job at the head of the Rovers. The Fermen effect on the team is staggering, three league titles, a Velish League Cup and two straight UICA qualifications; his assistant, Gunther Shallowford has come to take over the team while the team shops for a permanent replacement to Fermen. Losing Fermen is a [i]huge hole in the team for the Rovers which really, really built its identity around Fermen and his leadership. The transfer market is stacked with potential Brenecian and Qusma managers who all could easily slot into the hole and fill it for the team. Shallowford went ahead and made some quiet moves over the offseason, he has made it clear Thorn Rivers is not the goalie going forward, quietly going out and grabbing the Nepharan, [b]Marcia Folkhard from the Corvette Maulers, she’s predicted to be one of the top 5 goalies this season in LigVezia. Folkhard was recruited heavily to come to Fullham, and signed a 4 season contract which likely means that the team will move on from Rivers in the next transfer window, notably they’ve resigned Rivers for whatever that’s worth. The team still looks to compete as evident by these transfers, but to put I simply I just don’t see the teams being able to win or get it done quite the same like Fermen and what he did. There simply is a big gap for the team to fill with the loss of Fermen, we’ll pray for the best for this team, they should regress heavily.
Last Season: 3rd in LigVezia (13-10-7) . Prediction: 7th.
Kits: Home, Away
Notable Transfers In: Marcia Folkhard (free, Corvette Maulers [NPH]), Aaron Hunngar (N$7m, FC Libon [DRP])
Notable Transfers Out: Peter Borgan (waived), Charlied Felix (waived), Adam Rivera (waived), Robin Seuss (ACR) (waived)
Starter XI (3-2-5): Folkhard (NPH); Clark, Barber, Fedbourne; Kelly, Ingles [c]; Hungar (DRP), Charlie, Rivers, Thirdgray, Veners
Other Notable Players: Rivers (GK)

Southampshire, Grierwood Kingdom
Stadium: Oakikikos Stadium (32,115)
Titles: —
Manager: Marshall Gavins
Name Reason: Illyria is a cool name that sounded cool so children who played RealLifeStates found this name from a weird-sounding nation named ‘Greece’ and decided to base the team off an ancient Greece city. Yep, a team founded by children.
Club Info: Sporting Illyrius, fourth in LigVezia B and promoted because of Astoriya Park Celtic’s financial irregularities, who knows what this team is, for one it’s not good.
Don’t expect much from this team, although they added Zinnah Ndiaye (BNJ) who could help the team compete against some opponents. However, we should hope that their fans enjoy their one time stay in the top league, they’re not going to remain here any longer. Its cool for them but the team isn’t/ doesn’t have the potential to actually fight in the top league, they’re not a good side.
Relegated first season.
Last Season: 4th in LigVezia B (12-11-7) . Prediction: 16th.
Kits: Home, Away
Notable Transfers In: Zinnah Ndiaye (BNJ) (free, Mynda Electrica [BNJ])
Notable Transfers Out: —
Starter XI (3-2-5): [i]Ndiaye[/b] (BNJ) [c]; Marshall, Dawson, Webb, White; Dixon, Bass; Sanders, Lamb, Whitehead, Snow
Other Notable Players: —

[i] Image
Cloudshire, Knollcrown Lands
Stadium: Vegai Park (60,411)
Titles: 7x Velish Premier Cup (402, 403, 404, 405, 407, 414), 4x LigVezia titles (402, 403, 405, 408)
Manager: Ella Kabeya (STB)
Name Reason: A club created by Starblaydi immigrants in 278, they’re the richest club in Velestria.
Club Info: After years of dormancy, Vegai F.C. have come alive, first it was firing Victor Kingsley, blaming him for an awful campaign last season, then they brought in Ella Kabeya the famed Starbalydi striker who honed her talent in the World Cup; then it was Kabeya herself, stepping in and blaming failures of last season on Easton Thomas and his bad locker room culture. Thomas departed to South Saints of Ethane on loan. In his place, Kabeya touted the youth player, Thunder Sanai as the next goalie for the team, she also went forth and spent N$15m on Sam Viipiri who’s likely to wear the captain’s armband for the team. Kabya has made it clear her goal is to win the league in her first year with the club, quoted as saying, “Vegai has long been wallowing in mediocre play, and the biggest club in Velestria with the most international name recognition needs to bet back on the right track.” Kabeya has the power to do that too, she’s been give the title of Director of Football too and has wasted no time in beginning to build this lineup, bringing in new players as she shifts and molds the team into her own, expect the team to be more competitive and push for a league title, they’re going to gun it on league play but probably step off the gas in regular cup play.
Last Season: 11th in LigVezia B (11-6-13) . Prediction: 2nd
Kits: Home, Away
Notable Transfers In: Denielson Ares (free, Gallagher United), Gilbert Jennifers (free, Birnin Zana Academy), Arturo Jiminez (SLL) (free, SSC Honeur [ASU]), Cyan Keylor (NPH) (free, Lionsgate Nacional [ACR]), Thunder Sanai (free, Vegai F.C. Academy) Adeline Scoutman (free, Vegai F.C. Academy), Sam Viipuri (STB) (N$15, Hippion Override [STB]), Carlson Wheeler (free, Vegai F.C. Academy)
Notable Transfers Out: Stefan van Dee (waived), Brick Eden (free, Pyracantha) Ian Hornley (waived), Pete Merlot (waived), Roy Norwood (waived), Easton Thomas (loan, South Saints [ETN]), Charity Williams (waived)
Starter XI (3-2-5): [i]Sanai; Tyndall, Keylor (NPH), Viipuri (STB) [c], Na’verii; Jiminez (SLL), van Dijk, Kirkman; Ares; Scoutman, Wheeler
Other Notable Players: Jennifers (CM)
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Lig Vezia Series B — 417 Preview (Part 3)

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(Series B team info)


(Series B team info)
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YEAR 417
Part 1/6

UICA Champions Cup Second Prelim. Round — Juzi 8
Football action kicked off for Velish football clubs with the start of UICA competitions, particularly for one club, being Azurea; the league champion in LigVezia A. The season opened up on the away leg as Azurea went to Cobrio to battle Cobrion league champions, Keysburgo del Sur, del Sur came to play in the first leg as Azurea was down a man following Jeremy Blackson receiving a red card following a booking in the 34th minute. Despite disputes from Tajo Mendez and the bench, Azurea finished the rest of the game a man down in del Sur’s stadium, losing on a 103rd minute goal from Cobiro’s midfielder, the ball splitting past reserve keeper Junther Crawford’s hands. After the game, the cleary fury could be seen on the eyes of Tajo Mendez who ordered the scouting department to begin looking for a suitable goalkeeper in the wake of the retirement of Thomas Caroline from Azurea.
Keysburgo del Sur 1–0 Azurea

UICA Champions Cup Second Prelim. Round — Juzi 15
The return leg in Azurea’s Michal Donaldson Stadium, it’s clearly an electric atmosphere as the teams assemble for the opening bells of both nation’s national anthems, the UICA patches on the jerseys look larger than ever as Azurea needs a win to progress to the next stage, and a big win too, they need at least 2 to assure automatic qualification. And two they indeed get, goals from Thomas Traton on a PK conversion in the 50th minutes followed by Matt Borrell’s 40 yard strike sends Keysburgo del Sur spiraling out of the competition, leaving Azurea in the best of places to move forth; Tajo Mendez’s men play a strong defense against a relatively week squad and any could see the drive at which Mendez’s men played at was unmatched by del Sur. Del Sur had a good run, but it was not to be as they walk of the field having failed to progress to the next stage, meanwhile, bigger things await for Azurea, Qastyr, Qusmo’s champion lay in wait for the team.
Azurea 2–0 Keysburgo del Sur

LigVezia A MD1 — Augustine 12
LigVezia is back! Our league, our football! And we’ve got an exciting opening weekend throughout the nation, today as we need every team compete in hopes of lifting the shining trophy at the end of the season. Blue Strike Calix had said their goal this season was to compete for the title and win LigVezia A, however, a game into the season, it looks as if that doesn’t have a chance in hell of happening, 3-0 beat down at the hands of Old Birmingham City must have left a sour taste in the mouth of many BS Calix players. Vraxl-Ucyxi Lec, the new manager at Old Birmingham from Qusmo will have a field day trying to implement the new attacking system he brings to the club, and Red Purvoche did in fact have a decent game at the goalkeepers spot, having four saves on 6 shots. Elsewhere, in Keldax Aquatarius S.C. defeated newcomers, Sporting Illyrius off a goal from Joseph Paulton, Paulton’s attack will definitely need to improve as the season goes on however; terrible first touches left the team wanting more. In another marquee match, Battlebrook United was unable to defeat Peachtree City F.C. who are able to defeat Battlebrook thanks to a chip from Antonio Luis, the Dreamplanetian is having an immediate impact on the game so it seems.
AC 317 Roses 1–0 Vegai F.C.
Aquatarius S.C. 1–0 Sporting Illyrius
Avispa Orleans 1–3 Rovers F.C.
Azurea 2–2 Pyracantha
Battlebrook United 0–1 Peachtree City F.C.
BirninZula F.C. 1–2 Olympic Reading
Blue Strike Calix 0–3 Old Birmingham City
Doverhampton Wanderers 3–1 Dragonpool

LigVezia A MD2 — Augustine 19
Vegai F.C. may need to tweak its defence early on if its wanting to follow up on their manager’s promise of “Champions Cup or bust” during opening weak press conferences, giving up a 3-nil lead to draw with Dragonpool 4–4 must be frustrating, especially after all those new, shiny pieces we saw added to the team in the offseason. Ella Kabeya, the Staryblaydi great got her first job in an interesting hire by the team, adding a manager with no formal experienced in…well…managing for the first time. However, if Kabeya can produce and do well, she might have a good future or even better, a career with a future team. Kabeya certainly brings new things to Vegai F.C., the most popular team in Velestria they’re certainly one of the more known clubs in the multiverse, together with them and Azurea, they have the biggest brand exposure from Velestria in the multiverse. It’s been years of darkness for them in recent times and the new Kabeya era hopes to revive that. Elsewhere, Peachtree City F.C. quietly overtook BirninZula F.C., Keith Carney, coming from Brenecian giant, Kingsgrove must be much disappointed with a failed start to the season with his play in net, and he gave up 4 against Peachtree’s subpar attack. Elliot Kewen the other Brenecian needs to direct the defense better and help form a defensive shell that’ll help deal with minimizing goals as Carney adjusts to a new team. Meanwhile, Battlebrook United dismantles Pyracantha on the road to the tune of a 4-1 thumping. Defending champions, Azurea gets a narrow 1-nil victory over Rovers F.C.
Vegai F.C. 4–4 Dragonpool
Old Birmingham City 2–2 Doverhampton Wanderers
Olympic Reading 0–1 Blue Strike Calix
Peachtree City F.C. 4–2 BirninZula F.C.
Pyracantha 1–4 Battlebrook United
Rovers F.C. 0–1 Azurea
Sporting Illyrius 1–1 Avispa Orleans
AC 317 Roses 2–0 Aquatarius S.C.

LigVezia A MD3 — Augustine 26
A.C. 317 Roses welcome Avispa Orleans to the league to the tune of a 4-nil thumping at Yervna Park in Orelans; Solomon Bundy gets a hat trick off a thriller od three beautiful volleys he get behind to sling away in the 32nd, 48th and 67th minutes. The Roses, oh, by the way have yet to concede a goal; was Dreamplanetian international Filipe Vaz really a huge signing? If the season as three games then we’d definitely be telling you that…but well, its been three games and this unknown offense is really looking Vaz look good. Pete Merlot is suddenly an offensive maestro, he’s figured out how to unlock the Cordham-Harris pairing which for years had bothered him, it seems as if the two players have gelled into their own as the raze through the final offensive third getting large opportunities. Solomon Bundy, the star that game in last year on a designated player contract was bustling around the field showing that he’s a large workhorse and has what it takes to finish games. The Roses are in good position, but do we see them going far in the league? Unlikely, the defense still had quite a few mishaps and Merlot could be looking to address those issues later in the season. BirninZula F.C. similarly handed Pyracantha a 5-1 loss, Aiden Garrett is going to be a huge piece if they’re going to challenge for finishing in the upper echelons of the midtable rankings. Elsewhere, Old Birmingham City has pushed Dragonpool’s goals against to double-digits with a 3-1 away road win over Dragoonpool, it’s going to be a rough season for promoted teams it looks like, this season.
Aquatarius S.C. 1–0 Vegai F.C.
Avispa Orleans 0–4 AC 317 Roses
Azurea 2–1 Sporting Illyrius
Battlebrook United 3–0 Rovers F.C.
BirninZula F.C. 5–1 Pyracantha
Blue Strike Calix 0–0 Peachtree City F.C.
Doverhampton Wanderers 1–1 Olympic Reading
Dragonpool 1–3 Old Birmingham City

UICA Champions Cup Third Prelim. Round — Augustine 28
If it was up to the Velish gods, this should’ve been a win for Azurea in a battle of two teams where on paper Quastyr was clearly the better team but in the actual game, it was a harsh one in which Azurea really challenge and pushed the Qusma champions to the edge. In fact, the only reason an L rang in the column was due to a 30 yard strike from Swanhilda Berisha and a conversion from the spot in an ill-advised penalty by Forzu-Ralox Kal. Azurea fought their way back into the game later with an 80th minute header from Azurea’s Arran Berryman, putting hope back into the hearts of many, but it was not to be as the team would head into the break down with an unfortunate ways to go 2-1 on aggregate. Christopher Tajo Mendez in the press conference afterwards was visibly shaken, speaking on his team, “…out there we looked like we lost spirit, we lost the drive we needed to win the game…”, however, management seemed quiet and all signed look as if Tajo Mendez was on his way out of the team, however no firings were made.
Azurea 1–2 Quastyr (QUS)

LigVezia A MD4 — Sevestre 2
Down 2-nil at the half, Avispa Orleans fought their way back to draw 2-a-piece with Aquatarius S.C. at Avonna Beach Sports Complex in the beautiful Avonna Beach; and suddenly, there’s hope in Orleans for Avispa Orleans who obviously will be dogged by looking to avoid relegation all this season. Aquatarius S.C. meanwhile is in 8th place and has thus far succeeded with little, right now the goal needs to be seeing the team compete in the long haul, i.e., their goals should be quietly attempting to compete for the various league cups as its obvious the team is going to fade eventually in LigVezia A play. But things are interesting, especially interesting in Christcastle; simply, what is wrong with Gordon Heyward’s Pyracantha? They were picked to finish eight and 1/6th of the way through the season they can’t even win a single game and it’s clear that this team is nothing like the example that was set for last year’s team. It’s going to be a long overhaul this offseason if Pyracantha shits way what was supposed to look like a promising season. Another team to be concerned about, BS Calix — Blue Strike Calix has not meshed yet, it’s still a team adjusting to all these new pieces, their still trying to find their identity right now! They’re a work in progress, I don’t know if they’re deep enough or if they’re coming together fast enough for a run down through the season, Pierre Denton has a lot of money floating around and he could force the team to make some midseason trades to bring in some big weapons who could effectively rescue this team.
Vegai F.C. 2–0 Old Birmingham City
Olympic Reading 2–1 Dragonpool
Peachtree City F.C. 0–3 Doverhampton Wanderers
Pyracantha 0–1 [b]Blue Strike Calix
Rovers F.C.[/b] 3–1 BirninZula F.C.
Sporting Illyrius 0–0 Battlebrook United
AC 317 Roses 0–1 Azurea
Aquatarius S.C. 2–2 Avispa Orleans

UICA Champions Cup Third Prelim. Round — Sevestre 5
Back at home it looked as if Azurea had the chance to win, Michal Donaldson Stadium is packed and the city of Stonehenge sits in anticipation, hoping to see the team bring home a big win over the the Qusma champions from Qusmo, being Quastyr. To progress to the group stages, Azurea needed to win and hold Quastyr to less than two goals from their goal tally, unfortunately they were unable to do that. We don’t have rights to the production of the game, to see a review please go to UICA’s official website.
Quastyr (QUS) 2–2 Azurea

LigVezia A MD5 — Sevestre 9
One-sixth of the way through the season, we have no idea who’s really going to win the league, the first place team is only one point ahead of teams two thru seventh while the eighth place A.C. 317 Roses are only two points behind the best team in the league. Oh, and if we’re really trying Vegai F.C. and Old Birmingham City are four points behind, jockeying for position; oh this season is going to be a blood bath from the early looks we’ve got on the season, it’s going to be a huge blood bath. Azurea falls to Aquatarius S.C. 5 days after their loss to Quastyr and you can see Mr. Mendez’s club is exhausted, tired and falling apart, the team simply can’t figure out what to do; Thomas Traton was not the striker the team was hoping he could be thus far. Is Traton going to remain or is Mendez going to splurge for a new one from the youth academy? Another big game, Chris Banker and Peachtree City F.C. blanket Dragonpool in a 3-nil victory; its clear Banker is making a case to be first choice keeper in the wide open battle for the first goalkeeper during World Cup 81 qualifiers as Easton Thomas has announced plans to resign from international play. Another big game as Olympic Reading sweeps Old Birmingham City, powered by goals from Augusta Clark and Keeghan Gallagher. It looks as if Reading is beginning to make a move to clamp down on the top position, fielding its best players in the upcoming matches as manager, Charles Courtney told the press he would field a B team and add academy players for their matches in the upcoming league cup.
Avispa Orleans 0–1 Vegai F.C.
Azurea 0–1 Aquatarius S.C.
Battlebrook United 1–0 AC 317 Roses
BirninZula F.C. 2–2 Sporting Illyrius
Blue Strike Calix 1–0 Rovers F.C.
Doverhampton Wanderers 2–1 Pyracantha
Dragonpool 0–3 Peachtree City F.C.
Old Birmingham City 0–3 Olympic Reading


xxxLigVezia Series A           Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
1 Doverhampton Wanderers 5 3 2 0 11 5 +6 11
2 Battlebrook United 5 3 1 1 8 2 +6 10
3 Olympic Reading 5 3 1 1 8 4 +4 10
4 Peachtree City F.C. 5 3 1 1 8 5 +3 10
5 Azurea 5 3 1 1 6 4 +2 10
6 Aquatarius S.C. 5 3 1 1 5 4 +1 10
7 Blue Strike Calix 5 3 1 1 3 3 0 10
8 AC 317 Roses 5 3 0 2 7 2 +5 9
9 Vegai F.C. 5 2 1 2 7 6 +1 7
10 Old Birmingham City 5 2 1 2 8 8 0 7
11 Rovers F.C. 5 2 0 3 6 7 −1 6
12 BirninZula F.C. 5 1 1 3 11 12 −1 4
13 Sporting Illyrius 5 0 3 2 4 6 −2 3
14 Avispa Orleans 5 0 2 3 4 11 −7 2
15 Dragonpool 5 0 1 4 7 15 −8 1
16 Pyracantha 5 0 1 4 5 14 −9 1


xxxLigVezia Series B           Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
1 Astoriya Park Celtics 5 5 0 0 10 2 +8 15
2 Rasen Remus 5 5 0 0 8 1 +7 15
3 Blue Coast 381 5 4 0 1 15 3 +12 12
4 F.C. Clearwater 5 3 0 2 7 5 +2 9
5 Clube de Calix 5 2 2 1 9 6 +3 8
6 Elcmester A.C. 5 2 2 1 3 4 −1 8
7 Crystal Fern Rovers 5 2 1 2 7 6 +1 7
8 Cerezo Plymouth 5 2 1 2 2 2 0 7
9 Haverpool Chiefs 5 2 1 2 4 5 −1 7
10 Vissel Ayeni 5 2 0 3 7 7 0 6
11 North Hathmond 5 1 3 1 4 4 0 6
12 Ventforet Reaven 5 1 1 3 3 8 −5 4
13 A.C. Buckingstone 5 1 1 3 3 9 −6 4
14 Renofa Grandmore 5 0 3 2 3 6 −3 3
15 Mount Gazania 5 0 1 4 1 9 −8 1
16 Triton Valley 5 0 0 5 3 12 −9 0


xxxLigVezia Series C           Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
1 Crownian Royale 5 5 0 0 14 2 +12 15
2 Warshire United F.C. 5 4 0 1 12 6 +6 12
3 Harthtown United F.C. 5 3 2 0 14 1 +13 11
4 AFC Querjiban 5 3 1 1 8 3 +5 10
5 F.C. Willmark Falls 5 3 0 2 8 2 +6 9
6 ZK Oakia 5 3 0 2 6 4 +2 9
7 Old York FC 5 2 2 1 5 7 −2 8
8 Navalia 5 1 4 0 5 2 +3 7
9 Eventry 5 2 0 3 6 6 0 6
10 Calix Club 5 2 0 3 5 7 −2 6
11 Petertown City 5 2 0 3 4 8 −4 6
12 Oakham City 5 1 2 2 6 4 +2 5
13 Illvermorny Pudwgees 5 1 1 3 6 11 −5 4
14 Freston F.C. 5 1 0 4 2 9 −7 3
15 Rivernest City 5 1 0 4 1 11 −10 3
16 Calix United 5 0 0 5 1 20 −19 0


Division represented in parenthesis.
LVA = LigVezia Series A (1st tier)
LVB = LigVezia Series B (2nd tier)
LVC = LigVezia Series C (3rd tier)
FD1 = First Division 1 (4th tier regional division)
FD2 = First Division 2 (5th tier regional division)

Major upsets, high-profile fixtures and/or derbies are bolded.
First Round
Foxbridge Wanderers (FD1) 1–2 Calix Club (LVC)
North Pong Anchorers F.C. (FD2) 0–1 Cerezo Plymouth (LVB)
Dragonpool (LVA) 0–0 Ventforet Reaven (LVB) (1–1 AET) (4–2 pen.)
Astoriya Park Celtics (LVB) 1–11 AFC Querjiban (LVC)
North Hampton (FD1) 0–0 Trenchmont Landing (FD2) (0–0 AET) (4–3 pen.)
Azurea (LVA) 3–0 Vissel Ayeni (LVB)
Horsbrook Patties (FD2) 3–0 AFC Yorkcaster (FD1)
Angels of Rockdover (FD1) 1–0 Aquatarius S.C. (LVA)
Mount Gazania (LVB) 0–0 Firewall (FD2) (0–1 AET)
Doverhampton Wanderers (LVA) 1–1 Blue Coast 381 (LVB) (1–1 AET) (2–3 pen.)
Triton Valley (LVB) 0–0 S.C. Richwood (FD1) (0–0 AET) (4–5 pen.)
F.C. Dursley (FD2) 0–0 Sornell (FD2) (0–0 AET) (4–3 pen.)
North Hathmond (LVB) 0–2 Renofa Grandmore (LVB)
Litchmont Road (FD1) 1–1 Harthtown United F.C. (LVC) (1–1 AET) (4–5 pen.)
Olympic Reading (LVA) 0–1 Blue Strike Calix (LVA)
Haverpool Chiefs (LVB) 0–1 Navalia (LVC)
Sabrook City F.C. (FD1) 2–0 Oakham City (LVC)
Islingwood United (FD2) 1–2 Clube de Calix (LVB)
Rivernest City (LVC) 1–0 A.C. 317 Roses (LVA)
A.C. Buckingstone (LVB) 0–1 Calix United (LVC)
A.C. Gloucaster (FD2) 1–2 Allerminister (FD1)
Athletic Calix (FD1) 0–2 Copeland County (FD2)
City of Hampdover (FD2) 0–0 Qurengard City (FD2) (0–0 AET) (4–3 pen.)
BirninZula F.C. (LVA) 2–0 Crystal Fern Rovers (LVB)
Avispa Orleans (LVA) 2–1 Illvermorny Pudwugees (LVC)
Vegai F.C. (LVA) 0–1 Peachtree City F.C. (LVA)
Petertown City (LVC) 0–0 Ravencourt Pillagers (FD1) (0–0 AET) (3–2 pen.)
East Road F.C. (FD1) 2–1 F.C. Ellingvern (FD1)
Islingwood City (FD1) 1–4 Rasen Remus (LVB)
Greengate F.C. (FD2) 1–4 Pyracantha (LVA)
Elcmester A.C. (LVB) 0–0 ZK Oakia (LVC) (0–1 AET)
Old York FC (LVC) 2–2 F.C. Clearwater (LVB) (3–3 AET) (4–5 pen.)
Limingshire Fire (FD1) 0–0 Eventry (LVC) (0–0 AET) (4–1 pen.)
Old Birmingham City (LVA) 2–2 Keenlin City (FD2) (3–2 AET)
Everdeen Tynedale (FD2) 0–2 F.C. Willmark Falls (LVC)
Quinerva (FD1) 1–1 Sporting Illyrius (LVA) (1–2 AET)
Montedio Azona (FD1) 0–1 Crownian Royale (LVC)
Readsent City (FD2) 0–2 Freston F.C. (LVC)
Battlebrook United (LVA) 2–1 Bridgeberry United (FD2)
Rovers F.C. (LVA) 1–0 Warshire United F.C. (LVC)

Second Round
Firewall (FD2) 1–1 North Hampton (FD1) (1–1 AET) (3–4 pen.)
Blue Coast 381 (LVB) 0–0 F.C. Willmark Falls (LVC) (1–0 AET)
Pyracantha (LVA) 1–3 Peachtree City F.C. (LVA)
Clube de Calix (LVB) 2–7 Blue Strike Calix (LVA)
Rovers F.C. (LVA) 5–1 AFC Querjiban (LVC)
Sabrook City F.C. (FD1) 0–0 Sporting Illyrius (LVA) (1–0 AET)
F.C. Dursley (FD2) 0–0 Copeland County (FD2) (0–0 AET) (4–2 pen.)
Freston F.C. (LVC) 1–1 Harthtown United F.C. (LVC) (1–1 AET) (3–4 pen.)
Calix Club (LVC) 2–1 Calix United (LVC)
Allerminister (FD1) 2–1 Navalia (LVC)
East Road F.C. (FD1) 2–1 F.C. Clearwater (LVB)
Petertown City (LVC) 1–0 S.C. Richwood (FD1)
Old Birmingham City (LVA) 4–1 Rasen Remus (LVB)
Angels of Rockdover (FD1) 1–0 Renofa Grandmore (LVB)
Limingshire Fire (FD1) 0–6 Dragonpool (LVA)
City of Hampdover (FD2) 0–1 BirninZula F.C. (LVA)
Battlebrook United (LVA) 0–0 Azurea (LVA) (0–0 AET) (3–4 pen.)
Horsbrook Patties (FD2) 1–0 ZK Oakia (LVC)
Rivernest City (LVC) 2–2 Crownian Royale (LVC) (3–2 AET)
Cerezo Plymouth (LVB) 2–0 Avispa Orleans (LVA)
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YEAR 417
Part 2/6

LigVezia A MD6 — Sevestre 16
There is a problem in Cloudshire and Ella Kabeya must find a way to fix is or Vegai F.C. will continue to see itself plummet out of comepeition in Series A, this time around the Tibbys dropped points in an embarrassing 3-nil loss to Olympic Reading who seem to be playing some of their best football early on in the season. This is a testament to the ill-prepared game of Vegai, Sami Viipuri has been the only bright spot in the team thus far; and well, he can only do so much in ordering the backline. Early on we’ve seen Thunder Sanai while a talented youth piece is not yet ready to make the big step from academy profile to first team starter while he’s only given up a respectable nine goals; those goals have come at the worst possible time for the team, and now; with the team having fallen to 11th place, it wouldn’t be a good start to have the team lower midtable as we get into the heat of the season. Olympic Reading on the other hands is in a good position as Charles Courtney’s side looks to be in prime position to widen their lead at the top of the table. Augusta Clark’s 4 goals thus far in the season have caused the opposition boundless amounts of trouble and the team is going to face a hard decision once Transfer Window 25 opens at the conclusion of the season; its either going to have to be let her go or continually develop her and face risking her prime. An excellent game in goal for Kellyn Barker, he was left off the 23 selected for World Cup qualifying and he’s done his best to ball out and attract attention. Meanwhile, a nil-nil draw between Peachtree City F.C. and Old Birmingham as national team goalie Chris Banker prepares to start his World Cup qualifying leg next week; league lay-lowers, Pyracantha and Dragonpool trade points. Meanwhile in the biggest news, Rovers F.C. have confirmed the hiring of Felipa Medina, coming in from Southfell United of the Nepharim Premiership, she brings a similar formation to Pete Fermen’s 4-3-3, it should hopefully be a smooth transition for the Rovers as the look to gun back into competition. BS Calix gets the win, while A.C. 317 Roses let out their anger from being eliminated in the first round of the Velish Premier with a 4-nil destruction of Birnin Zula. Aquatarius with a surprise victory and Azuea quietly trying to get back into the top spot as they battle at the top tied on points with four clubs.
Vegai F.C. 0–3 Olympic Reading
Peachtree City F.C. 0–0 Old Birmingham City
Pyracantha 1–1 Dragonpool
Rovers F.C. 4–2 Doverhampton Wanderers
Sporting Illyrius 0–1 Blue Strike Calix
AC 317 Roses 4–0 BirninZula F.C.
Aquatarius S.C. 1–0 Battlebrook United
Avispa Orleans 1–2 Azurea

LigVezia A MD7 — Sevestre 23
A quiet matchday across the league, its clear Peachtree City F.C. is reeling without the assistance of Chris Banker in net as they start no. 12, Morgan Saint and lose 2-nil. The debut of Felipa Medina-managed Rovers F.C. was a quiet, listless 1-1 draw against cellar-dweller Dragonpool, but it showed to be an interesting game with plenty of missed opportunities on both sides of the ball. However, the marquee game opened up late on Va’xaday, pitting Azurea against Vegai F.C. in the Merseyside River Derby, perhaps the biggest derby in the nation, Vegai F.C. comes up victorious in a gutting 1-nil victory on a 40 yard free kick fron Cyan Keylor; the ball curling into the back of the net past Jidefor’s outstretched arms. This pushed Vegai up the table as they quietly and quickly push up to the tenth spot on ten points; Vegai still are two games out of first place in this parity-driven league which sees the top ten teams all within two games of one another. Ella Kabeya also spoke on not having Sam Viipuri who is on assignment with the Starblaydi national team; “not having any player on your team always hurts, and a player like Viipuri brings a level of excellence that all teams in this nation should strive to achieve. This team is talented and we’ll find someone, whether it’s from our keen reserves who’re waiting to be capped or from our youth side who can be slotted into the spot temporarily. I expect to see Cyan Keylor step up into the role of captain of the team while we work with the absences throughout qualification of Sam Viipuri.” On the other side of the field, Azurea might have a tough thing coming for them as we’re very likely to see a few of their players gone for the majority of the first half of the season due to World Cup qualifiers, Christoper Tajo Mendez; the manager also manages the Velestrian national team meaning he’ll be splitting his time between the league and also the world cup qualifications in which Velestria has been drawn in the group of death as predicted by many notable WCC World Cup pundits. Across the league, Avispa Orelans got a surprise and big 1-nil victory over Battlebrook United. The Roses gun past BS Calix with goals from Cordham and Avery. Doverhampton Wanderers look to react and get a positive if nerve-shaking tense 1-nil victory over Sporting Illyrius with Tristian Keith getting the goal in the thirty-fourth minute off a set piece. Old Birmingham avoids a scare equalising in the 76th minute off the foot of Samson Turnbull.
Azurea 0–1 Vegai F.C.
Battlebrook United 0–1 Avispa Orleans
BirninZula F.C. 1–0 Aquatarius S.C.
Blue Strike Calix 0–2 AC 317 Roses
Doverhampton Wanderers 1–0 Sporting Illyrius
Dragonpool 1–1 Rovers F.C.
Old Birmingham City 1–1 Pyracantha
Olympic Reading 2–0 Peachtree City F.C.

UICA Globe Cup Second Prelim. Round— Sevestre 30
No LigVezia play this week, however there was action in the national First Divisions if you were interested in travelling to the small towns and counties and sitting in a 300-capacity high school sports field. However, there was UICA play for our clubs as we saw Rovers F.C. lead in their first UICA foray under Felipa Medina battle with Zwangzung’s Arlington City at home in the Klyde at Klyde Stadium. Good play and a goal each from Arles Veners and Pierre Rivers alongside excellent goal-keeping including a penalty save from Marcia Folkhard set the team up nicely for the return leg in Zwangzug. Meanwhile similarly, nice things happened for Blue Strike Calix, relying on a full-capacity crowd at Blue Strike Arena to bring out a positive 2-nil victory, big goals contributed from Kelly Joes and Moxie Crow, the Nepharan dynamite who’s exploded onto the scene for this team. Continually, Series A’s goalkeeper of the season, Erik Henrisksen continues to succeed for the Rovers as he kept a clean sheet. Finally, and unfortunately, the A.C. 317 Roses suffered an embarrassing loss at home at the hands of Avenida Leal, losing 3-nil at Paula Park. Filipe Vaz looked shaken in his first international domestic game and he couldn’t get into a groove for the rest of the game. He certainly was not helped by a defense which couldn’t seem to organize itself as the team faced an upward battle on the return leg.
Rovers F.C. 2–0 Arlington City (ZWZ)
Blue Strike Calix 2–0 Cinébuti Monsu (HIN)
A.C. 317 Roses 0–3 Avenida Leal (FFD)

LigVezia A MD8 — Ocvecti 7
Sporting Illyrius picks up its first win of the season with a 3-1 dismantling of Dragonpool at home at Oakikikos Stadium in the nation’s capital, it’s a big victory for the club which so far has drawn or lost each of their first seven games; goals coming in from Matthew Snow and Esteban Bass. Continually, Zinniah Ndiaye is providing relief in net for the team, despite being in 13th place, the club has only allowed 7 goals on the season with Ndiaye at the helm, it wouldn’t be any sort of a surprise if we were to see the club push for a permanent transfer for Ndiaye; even then, Ndiaye isn’t a long-term solution at goal-keeper for the side, especially next season, don’t expect to see him around probably. However, that can’t take away from the large victory the club achieved today as it push to remain above the relegation zone; theirs optimism with the goalkeeping from Ndiaye that the club can perhaps sneak out and provide some top level competition against some other teams. It’s clear the team needs to focus on adding offensive firepower to the line-up, it might be a good idea to have the team go out and bring in some youth products to test at the front and see if they can quietly amass some forward power for the club. It’s a good day for Vegai F.C. who wins again against Peachtree City, Chris Banker was unable to stop a penalty spot goal from Sam Viipuri which heralds Vegai up into the 7th spot, with cut-offs for the Velish League Cup only 7 games out, teams are beginning to jockey for position, especially with a N$30 million dollar prize on the line for the winner. Cellar dwellers Pyracantha are incredibly upset with the season and the start to it, expect Gordon Heyward to be shown to the door soon, Maggie Livia has done her best with a bad squad and has scored all goals thus far for the team as it draws nil-nil with first place Olympic Reading. Rovers get another good result with a 1-nil victory over Old Birmignham, Medina is proving to be a help to the players, utilizing some of his bench players to get a result and push the team up. The Roses, coming off a disappointing result in the first leg of UICA Globe Cup play looked to get back on the right track, but a costly goal allowed by Felipe Vaz allowed for only a 1-a-piece draw with the Doverhampton Wanderers. Blue Strike Calix is able to get a tough win out of Aquatarius and carry it home, Aquatarius is beginning to slip down the league table. Avispa Orleans is able to hold BirninZula to a 1-1 draw, and similarly, Battlebrook United’s late equalizer drops Azurea and allows for a 1-a-piece draw.
Vegai F.C. 1–0 Peachtree City F.C.
Pyracantha 0–0 Olympic Reading
Rovers F.C. 1–0 Old Birmingham City
Sporting Illyrius 3–1 Dragonpool
AC 317 Roses 1–1 Doverhampton Wanderers
Aquatarius S.C. 0–1 Blue Strike Calix
Avispa Orleans 1–1 BirninZula F.C.
Azurea 1–1 Battlebrook United

UICA Globe Cup Second Prelim. Round— Octevi 14
The return legs in the second preliminary round for Velestria’s UICA Globe Cup participants ended mostly in favour of the Velestrian clubs, we got underway arly at 8am due to time difference in Arlington City, Zwangzug as Medina’s squad gains two goals more with a volley flying into the net with the help of Aaron Hungar and an own goal conceded by the Arlington City goal-keeper allowed the Rovers plenty of time to relax and slow down the game, however they did give up a goal to Arlington City’s Joshua Twoni in late stoppage time, however it was the end of the road for Arlington City as the final bell rang loud a few seconds later. Similarly, it was the end of the road for Cinébuti Monsu whose attack was overwhelmed by a stifling defense from Blue Strike Calix which only allowed one goal to be taken by Monsu. A goal also came in from Moxie Crow ten minutes later as BS Calix shifted into a defensive formation and protected the close draw from then on out, it was a good result for the club who got its first aggregate victory in UICA play. Meanwhile, Avenida Leal took to the field on their home leg looking to blanket and destroy A.C. 317 Roses, as they seemingly were doing for the first twenty minutes of the game wit six shots on goal, however, Felipa Vaz is able to organize his backline as the final score reads 1-1. While the Roses were eliminated, this proved to allow the Roses to focus on the tough domestic season which lay ahead.
Arlington City (ZWZ) 1–4 Rovers F.C.
Cinébuti Monsu (HIN) 1–3 Blue Strike Calix
Avenida Leal (FFD) 4–1 A.C. 317 Roses

LigVezia A MD9 — Ocvecti 21
Pete Merlot livid after Dragonpool blankets the Roses 4-1 in a game many had predicted a wipe-out would ensue with the frontline from the Roses; Filipe Vaz looked listless and had no energy as the game went on and this bad play slips the Roses down the ladder as they continue to trail Olympic Reading and Azurea. The goal-scoring opened up in the 3rd minute, almost immediately following a counterstrike from Blake Cooper whose left foot curl went pass the extended fingertips of Vaz early. It would happen again as Cooper poached a goal and simply tucked it pass Vaz who was far out of position later on in the 37th minute. Soon, the Roses would score in the 54th minute, taking an expertly placed header from Solomon Bundy to get back into form, but yet again, the 58th minute, Blake Cooper had his hat trick off a penalty which he easily converted, and tucking it passed a diving Filipe Vaz who picked the wrong side of the pipes to jump to. In stoppage time, Benneth Davis got on the board for Dragonpool too, adding his own goal with a 30 yard clinically placed rocket which screamed pass Felipa Vaz, absolutely no chance here for him to stop it. Vaz indeed looked annoyed and visibly shaken after the game, refusing to speak through his translator to the media; the Dreamplanetian international had been signed for record money in the transfer window and had underperformed expectations early on. Dragonpool on the other hand had a hard-fought first win in the back, and it seemed their supporters were joyous, celebrating the occasion. Around the league, Vegai F.C. feels the burdens of not having Sam Viipuri, dropping a game against Battlebrook 2-nil, Azurea escaped with a tense 1-nil victory over BirninZula F.C. 1 –nil and in the game we’re not talking about, Blue Strike Calix has elevated themselves to first place with a 1-nil victory over Avispa Orleans. BS Calix into first place must be a good feeling for Pierre Denton who took over the team last season and since then has presided over a meteoric rise and a change of events for the side. Doverhampton Wanderers and Aquatarius S.C. draw nil-nil in a game filled with 4 red cards, Old Birmingham City gets a tense 1-nil victory over Sporting Illyrius. Olympic Reading drops a spot as it drew with Rovers. Meanwhile Pyracantha gets a win? And Chris Banker can’t stop two against them.
Battlebrook United 2–0 Vegai F.C.
BirninZula F.C. 0–1 Azurea
Blue Strike Calix 1–0 Avispa Orleans
Doverhampton Wanderers 0–0 Aquatarius S.C.
Dragonpool 4–1 AC 317 Roses
Old Birmingham City 1–0 Sporting Illyrius
Olympic Reading 0–0 Rovers F.C.
Peachtree City F.C. 1–2 Pyracantha

LigVezia A MD10 — Ocvecti 21
Something is not right in Birnin Zula as BirninZula F.C.’s atrocious defense drops more points as Keith Carney continues to get more frustrated coming off a 4-nil loss to Battlebrook United. Carney was brought in as a saving grace, considered when he came to be better than long time goalkeeper, Carson Mashely; but now, the 28 year-old finds himself between a rock and a hard place as his team is flouting. And the defense he’s been armed with hasn’t been much better or any more convicing than it has been thus far; Elliot Kewen is not translating to the successes he was predicted to have. This team is still too much influenced by the playing styles of Harry Illvermorny, and try as she might, Voula Logothettis still has awhile till her approach is implemented on the team but thus far the start has not been pretty in any stretch of the imagination, there’s certainly going to need to be some major changes in the approach to the team this season. On the other hand, Battlebrook United’s introduction to management under Al Gunthers thus far has been quite beneficial for the young squads and we’re liking what we’re seeing, sure it’s going to be awhile before he’s really left his implemented approach on the squad but 6th place through the first ten games of the season is certainly respectable, admirable and welcomed. He has plenty of time to manage this team, 1/3rd of the way through this season, and his management and philosophies can only improve as the year goes on, he certainly has what it takes to lead the team. Throughout the league, it was a volatile match week, Vegai drew with Pyracantha in a surprising 1-1 draw, I’m sure Ella Kabeya will be alright with that however; what’s going on with Rovers? Rovers drop points against Peachtree City Antonio Luis records his first goal of the season for Peachtree as it continues to gun for top 6. Olympic Reading blanket the Sporting Illyrius in the nation’s capital with a 3-1 victory in Southampshire, the same scoreline is recorded with the Roses defeating Old Birmingham. Dragonpool gets another win, this time over Aquatarius S.C. and Doverhampton Wanderers will be pleased to have escaped Orleans with a tense 1-nil win. Azurea draws with BS Calix as Blue Strike is no longer in first place.
Vegai F.C. 1–1 Pyracantha
Rovers F.C. 0–1 Peachtree City F.C.
Sporting Illyrius 1–3 Olympic Reading
AC 317 Roses 3–1 Old Birmingham City
Aquatarius S.C. 0–1 Dragonpool
Avispa Orleans 0–1 Doverhampton Wanderers
Azurea 1–1 Blue Strike Calix
Battlebrook United 4–0 BirninZula F.C.


xxxLigVezia Series A           Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
1 Olympic Reading 10 6 3 1 16 5 +11 21
2 Blue Strike Calix 10 6 2 2 7 6 +1 20
3 AC 317 Roses 10 6 1 3 18 8 +10 19
4 Doverhampton Wanderers 10 5 4 1 16 10 +6 19
5 Azurea 10 5 3 2 11 8 +3 18
6 Battlebrook United 10 5 2 3 15 5 +10 17
7 Rovers F.C. 10 4 2 4 12 11 +1 14
8 Peachtree City F.C. 10 4 2 4 10 10 0 14
9 Aquatarius S.C. 10 4 2 4 6 7 −1 14
10 Vegai F.C. 10 4 2 4 10 12 −2 14
11 Old Birmingham City 10 3 3 4 11 13 −2 12
12 Dragonpool 10 2 3 5 15 21 −6 9
13 Pyracantha 10 1 5 4 10 18 −8 8
14 BirninZula F.C. 10 2 2 6 13 22 −9 8
15 Sporting Illyrius 10 1 3 6 8 13 −5 6
16 Avispa Orleans 10 1 3 6 7 16 −9 6


xxxLigVezia Series B           Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
1 Blue Coast 381 10 7 2 1 27 6 +21 23
2 Astoriya Park Celtics 10 7 1 2 14 5 +9 22
3 Rasen Remus 10 7 1 2 16 8 +8 22
4 Vissel Ayeni 10 6 1 3 15 7 +8 19
5 Crystal Fern Rovers 10 5 2 3 18 12 +6 17
6 Haverpool Chiefs 10 5 2 3 9 7 +2 17
7 Cerezo Plymouth 10 3 4 3 5 5 0 13
8 Ventforet Reaven 10 3 4 3 8 10 −2 13
9 Mount Gazania 10 4 1 5 11 14 −3 13
10 North Hathmond 10 2 6 2 8 8 0 12
11 Clube de Calix 10 3 3 4 11 14 −3 12
12 Elcmester A.C. 10 3 3 4 4 9 −5 12
13 F.C. Clearwater 10 3 2 5 8 12 −4 11
14 A.C. Buckingstone 10 3 1 6 8 17 −9 10
15 Renofa Grandmore 10 0 4 6 5 19 −14 4
16 Triton Valley 10 0 1 9 5 19 −14 1


xxxLigVezia Series C           Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
1 Crownian Royale 10 9 0 1 20 4 +16 27
2 F.C. Willmark Falls 10 7 0 3 16 4 +12 21
3 Navalia 10 5 4 1 13 5 +8 19
4 AFC Querjiban 10 6 1 3 15 8 +7 19
5 Harthtown United F.C. 10 5 3 2 23 6 +17 18
6 Oakham City 10 5 3 2 14 8 +6 18
7 ZK Oakia 10 5 2 3 9 6 +3 17
8 Warshire United F.C. 10 5 1 4 17 19 −2 16
9 Petertown City 10 4 1 5 12 14 −2 13
10 Illvermorny Pudwgees 10 4 1 5 12 14 −2 13
11 Old York FC 10 3 3 4 10 15 −5 12
12 Eventry 10 3 1 6 11 11 0 10
13 Calix Club 10 3 1 6 13 14 −1 10
14 Freston F.C. 10 3 1 6 7 16 −9 10
15 Rivernest City 10 1 1 8 4 21 −17 4
16 Calix United 10 0 1 9 3 34 −31 1


Division represented in parenthesis.
LVA = LigVezia Series A (1st tier)
LVB = LigVezia Series B (2nd tier)
LVC = LigVezia Series C (3rd tier)
FD1 = First Division 1 (4th tier regional division)
FD2 = First Division 2 (5th tier regional division)

Major upsets, high-profile fixtures and/or derbies are bolded.
Third Round
Blue Strike Calix (LVA) 0–0 Rivernest City (LVC) (3–0 AET)
Old Birmingham City (LVA) 3–2 Calix Club (LVC)
Cerezo Plymouth (LVB) 0–0 North Hampton (FD1) (1–0 AET)
East Road F.C. (FD1) 0–2 Sabrook City F.C. (FD1)
Petertown City (LVC) 1–6 Rovers F.C. (LVA)
Harthtown United F.C. (LVC) 1–0 F.C. Dursley (FD2)
Blue Coast 381 (LVB) 0–0 BirninZula F.C. (LVA) (1–4 AET)
Azurea (LVA) 1–0 Dragonpool (LVA)
Allerminister (FD1) 1–1 Angels of Rockdover (FD1) (1–1 AET) (9–10 pen.)
Horsbrook Patties (FD2) 0–1 Peachtree City F.C. (LVA)
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YEAR 417
Part 3

LigVezia A MD11 — Ocvecti 28
Rovers F.C. finally looked like a good squad today on Kevenaoday as they under a good strategy from Felipa Medina came through big with a 3-nil victory over a struggling Pyracantha who was unable to do much else in a game where Rovers came through and thoroughly dominated, Marcia Folkhard was barely troubled the entire game for Rovers as she mostly strayed away from her goal as Medina’s men and women scored early, in the seventh minute as Vronin Ingles buried a header past Pyracantha’s Tyson Hughes with an exciting goal early on. The goal fest continued for the team as in the twenty0thirdf minute, as Pyracantha was beginning to look dangerous and perhaps attack at the net, Kerry Fedbourne headed away a shot at goal, setting up a streaking Henderson Kelly who alleviated the ball to Evans Thirdgray as his burners sped down the field, curling the ball past the top post into the back of the net for Rovers. Another goal would be scored, again by Thirdgray in the 68th minute as the team easily put the game away and set up a defensive formation for the rest of the match, riding their nice 3-nil cushion into the end of the game. Speaking after the game to the press, Felipa Medina spoke of the team’s strong effort, through his interpreter, “we looked like a good team out there.” Rovers F.C. who many pundits have expected to freefall in the post-Pete Fermen era following the death of the late manager to cancer have been under the management of Medina since matchday 3 and while clearly adjustments are still being made to the team, it looked as if the team had started to begin coming together as a new ideology and new tactics mesh with leadership. It’s clear the team is doing somethings right as many Rovers player have been called up by Christopher Tajo Mendez, national team skipper who also serves as manager of Azurea in Series A. Meanwhile around the league, Vegai F.C. is struggling as it drops appoints against BirninZula F.C. who desperately needs to get things back in order, Voula Logothettis certainly has to be weary right now; Blue Strike Calix has two goals recalled as it is unlucky and draws with Battlebrook United. The Wanderers put one past Azurea through a dazzling header and Dragonpool and Avispa combine for seven goals throughout the game as Dragonpool manages to scrape past them thanks to the goal-keeping of Smart. Meanwhile Old Birmingham City continue to struggle in net as Reed Purvoche gives up two goals in the final twenty as Birmingham loses 3-1, the Roses down Olympic Reading by the same scoreline and Peachtree City escapes with a tense 1-nil victory.
BirninZula F.C. 2–1 Vegai F.C.
Blue Strike Calix 0–0 Battlebrook United
Doverhampton Wanderers 1–0 Azurea
Dragonpool 4–3 Avispa Orleans
Old Birmingham City 1–3 Aquatarius S.C.
Olympic Reading 1–3 AC 317 Roses
Peachtree City F.C. 1–0 Sporting Illyrius
Pyracantha 0–3 Rovers F.C.

LigVezia A MD12 — Vener 4
For a week, the Roses shot to the top of the table after Olympic Reading had lost its second game of the season, but once more, thanks to acrobatic saves from Kellyn Barker — who all season has been putting on a goal-keepers clinic against teams he’s faced — seemed to rescue Olympic Reading against Aquatarius S.C., Aquatarius’s run has been interesting as they quietly somehow look to remain above the competition level of the relegation zone, at ninth place they’re performing well above expectation while on the other end of the table, Pyracantha continues to slip, in extraordinary fashion quickly, sitting at fifteenth place. Olympic Reading momentarily let lose their hold on the top spot in the league but have regained it once more, Kellyn Barker is looking like a bona fide candidate for goalkeeper of the season and has 418 approaches only two months away, it wouldn’t be a surprise is Barker gets called up for some friendlies during the mid-qualifiers break in June 418, this play we’ve seen from him has been great and his play has to at least be getting some consideration from national team manager, Christopher Tajo Mendez and the goalkeepers staff for the national team. Meanwhile, Olympic Reading’s high octane offense continues to deliver in large portions, mainly thanks to the play up top from Augusta Clark who found a goal in the 17th minute, springing past Adonnis Valcutta of Aquatarius to Joakim Brankussen, the Cosumarite 33 year old. However, Aquatarius struck back themselves, countering with a goal in the 53rd minute by their own Talisca Sorrell with a huge strike coming outside the box, flying past the flailing arms of Kellyn Barker who reacted wrongly to the ball, his foot slipping as Aquatarius celebrated a big equalizer for the team. The 60th minute saw Reading get back on top over Aquatarius and issued a silence to the Avonna Beach Sports Complex as once more Augusta Clark silenced the crowd with a bicycle kick over the defenders to put Reading back up 2-1, coupled with some acrobatic saves from Barker as the game wore on, it was clear that Olympic Reading would continue to hold onto the lead as time expire, giving them a big 2-1 victory. Meanwhile, in the Old Firm, a big derby in Cloudshire as Vegai and Rover drew. Similarly, Azurea is stopped from progressing with a 1-1 draw with Dragonpool.
Vegai F.C. 1–1 Rovers F.C.
Sporting Illyrius 3–1 Pyracantha
AC 317 Roses 1–2 Peachtree City F.C.
Aquatarius S.C. 1–2 Olympic Reading
Avispa Orleans 0–0 Old Birmingham City
Azurea 1–1 Dragonpool
Battlebrook United 1–0 Doverhampton Wanderers
BirninZula F.C. 2–1 Blue Strike Calix

UICA Globe Cup Third Prelim. Round— Vener 11
LigVezia Series A had no games this week, but; that didn’t stop play in the first left of the third preliminary round of the UICA Globe Cup; we saw an energetic game from the Rovers as they were at home against the tough challenge from SC Cascadia, while the game could’ve belonged to the Rovers; a bad defense from the onset of the match doomed them as a they were down 2-nil at the half with bad play on the account of play from Rovers hitting home in a devastating way. The second half got started and saw Felipa Medina’s side attack the net with ferocity, and it clicked for Rovers F.C. as they got two goals in the 71st minute, off a corner kick headed in by Aaron Hungar, the Dreamplanetian is shaping to be an exciting prospect for Rovers. This was later followed up in the 82nd minute as a counterattack yielded a goal from Arles Veners who simply tapped it past the sprawled hands of the SC Cascadia goalkeeper and ran into support at Klyde Stadium, the ovation outstanding as he celebrated with a small group of fans. Meanwhile, in other Globe Cup action for Velestria, Blue Strike Calix took on Keppal Cosmos in Zwangsung and were limited in a disappointing game for Blue Strike as they lost 4-2 in a game in which players looked out of position and didn’t look to really be playing their best football with Ben Joes, the Audioslav mismarking twice and allowing for the game to start 2-nil in favor of the Cosmos early. Of course, they’d fight their way back into the game, but as the first leg had started it was clear damage had already been done.
Rovers F.C. 2–2 S.C. Cascadia (NFX)
Keppal Cosmos (ZWZ) 4–2 Blue Strike Calix

LigVezia A MD13 — Vener 18
Azurea and Old Birmingham City combined for nine big goals at Birmingham-Park in Birmingham City as Azurea despite the adversity it faced came up victorious in a huge 5-4 victory in the stadium off a goal in 90th minute stoppage time from Zaxac-Sylax Alt, the Qusma forward who’s at times struggled this season, but this game he didn’t struggle at all having a goal and two assists as Azurea keeps things interesting as they move through trying to get into the top 4 of the league and force other teams to fall. Right now, Azurea’s continued push at the top of the league able has caused major cause for concern for the top of the table, the spots between eighth and first place have shrunk to four points on the table and Azurea seems to have decided to abandon a push in the Velish Premier Cup instead for a push at winning the league. Goals opened up in the 18th minute off a header from Thomas Traton who put the ball in the back of the net after a beautiful through pass from Miguel Benedito; three minutes later, it was Gareth Carmen who was on the end of a connection form Amen Butler, a diving header scraping past Reed Purvoche who came too far off his line for Old Birmingham City, pushing them back a couple goals 2 down early. However, Old Birmingham began to turn things around as the Boys scored one of their own through a thunderous kick from the spot by Charity Williams in the 32nd minute. This forward momentum was momentarily cancelled by a big goal from Benedito right before the half for Azurea as he scored to make the game 3-1 heading into the tunnels, this was Benedito’s fourth goal on the season. Coming back in from a tough half time, the talk was that the Boys were too far out of this match to make a comeback, however an early goal right out of the game put them back in the game as Kalston Eugene hit crossbar before it was tapped in from up top by June Leabers. 3-2. Then Samson Turnbull finds Durmont streaking down the line and they suck it in the right corner; 3-3 in the 70th minute. Old Birmingham suddenly seems poised to take the lead as Omari Venters out dribbles his defender and seems to have made the game 4-3…and suddenly it looks as if Azurea has shitted away the game. But back comes Azurea with some key goals, Berryman strikes first in the 85th minute then of course; Zaxac-Sylax Alt finds themselves a goal a few seconds before the referee blows his whistle, completing one hell of a game and a big win for Azurea. Certainly not a goalkeeper’s game. Aside from that, Avispa Orleans dismantles Olympic Reading 4-1(???) — What even happened here we have no idea! Rovers picks up a 2-nil victory over Sproting Illyrius notably and the Wanderers have dropped points.
Blue Strike Calix 0–0 Vegai F.C.
Doverhampton Wanderers 1–2 BirninZula F.C.
Dragonpool 0–1 Battlebrook United
Old Birmingham City 4–5 Azurea
Olympic Reading 1–4 Avispa Orleans
Peachtree City F.C. 1–0 Aquatarius S.C.
Pyracantha 0–1 AC 317 Roses
Rovers F.C. 2–0 Sporting Illyrius

UICA Globe Cup Third Prelim. Round— Vener 25
Rovers are counting on big results from their man in goal with Rainard Tatius and are looking from a good display of tactical awareness on the offensive front for this game, really hoping to advance to the next stage of the tournament, however Cascadia’s midfielder strikes in the 28th minute for Cascadia and there seemingly is no answer from Rovers F.C., even as Tatius has himself a game, saving a penalty in the 63rd minute and showing himself to be a top keeper and truly worth of goalkeeper of the year, it’s clear at the end of the game the Rovers have been eliminated from Globe Cup play, thus they’ll now only focus on the domestic season. Meanwhile Birnin Calix is lit up in expectations, this game is a big one, pitting Blue Strike, down 4-2 on aggregate following a 4-2 loss away against Keppal Cosmos against Zwangzung, Blue Strike needs to score four goals to assure a move to the next stage, However, it’s clear that won’t happen today as they only muster two goals, although it’s enough for a win, Erik Henriksen looks disgruntled, still recovering from the four he gave up against Cosmos in the first leg and it’s clear that there’s no getting back into the match for this side.
S.C. Cascadia (NFX) 1–0 Rovers F.C. (3-2 on agg.)
Blue Strike Calix 2–1 Keppal Cosmos (ZWZ) (5-4 on agg.)

LigVezia A MD14 — Christmonth 2
Big whoop for Pyracantha as they leap from the bottom of the pit and win their second game of the season with a dirty and roughly-played 3-2 victory over Aquatarius S.C., Maggie Livia looks like she’s the only good player on this roster and it showed as she scored a hat trick for the visiting side against Aquatarius S.C., goals coming in the 17th, 46th and the 67th minute in the game, coming off out-dribbling and completely outplaying the opponents in Aquatarius S.C. Aquatarius is struggling but it good, somehow managing to stay above the relegation zone, a replay of the game showed that the side from the beginning was truly struggling to contain Maggie Livia, Livia looks like she’s here on a one-season stay with Pyracantha, expect her to be a hot commodity for the team to move in the offseason as teams like Azurea look to be making an offseason move to nab her away, Livia is a gifted player and at 27 has a lot of shelf life left in which she could be a key player for a competing team next season. It looks as if Pyracantha might be able to nab some more wins throughout the season, but the true question has to be what twill happen to Gordon Heyward, as he’s surprisingly been left in control of his job and remains as manager of the team for right now, but his time is coming, that is assured, if things continue the way it’s going right now for the team who’s fans have had to sit through suffering after suffering with this poor side. It’s not entirely the fault of Heyward who entering this season had a decent amount of players to plug into spots and work with, however new players and injuries have essentially decimated this squad and youth has not panned out how things had looked to pan out at the beginning of the season, Hewyard himself is likely to be on his third team in three years too after there are rumours that teams in LigVezia Series B who want him, especially because of his pedigree with lower league teams. For right now, he needs to focus on taking this team to the top after embarrassing play like this, who’s to say what happens to this team in a few season if things continue as they are. Around the league, things look highly volatile, the Roses take a 2-1 victory over Rovers; Battlebrook draws and BirninZula is suddenly catching fire, its looking like Logothettis’s vision is coming to the team? The Wanderers and Blue Strike continually due damage to the tune of a 1-1 draw in Birnin Calix.
Vegai F.C. 1–0 Sporting Illyrius
AC 317 Roses 2–1 Rovers F.C.
Aquatarius S.C. 2–3 Pyracantha
Avispa Orleans 0–0 Peachtree City F.C.
Azurea 0–1 Olympic Reading
Battlebrook United 1–1 Old Birmingham City
BirninZula F.C. 1–0 Dragonpool
Blue Strike Calix 1–1 Doverhampton Wanderers

UICA Globe Cup Play-off Round— Christmonth 9
The final team left in Globe Cup play is Azurea after their loss a few months ago against Qastyr from Qusmo, leaving them needing a victory on aggregate over Crystal Fair HC from the Crystal Empire, a nation loosely affiliated with Equestrian States; Azurea however looks as though they’re pushing for a victory and as the game begins it looks as if things look bad at home at Cloudshire, Crysal Fair HC early in the 13th and 17th minutes convert to penalties from the spot, things are looking very bad for the team, and Tajo Mendez looks livid on the sideline. Also with him is Azye Kaziren, president and chief executive officer of the Azurea club who looks livid. Of course, they’d come back and score two of their own but, things are looking down for Azurea as it travels to the Crystal Empire, rumors have begun to circulate that Azurea is considering sacking Christopher Tajo Mendez if things don’t improve.
Azurea 2–2 Crystal Fair HC

LigVezia A MD15 — Christmonth 16
Cutoff day is here for the Velish League Cup and boy does this look exciting to us, at the top of the table from LigVezia Series A we have A.C. 317 Roses as the top seed in the tournament following a remarkable turn of events in the past five games, trading the lead with Battlebrook United and before that Olympic Reading as they ride a three game win streak entering the halfway point of the season, it looks as if things are looking up for the Roses and goal-keeper Filipe Vaz who’s had a tough go with his team during World Cup qualifers for Dreamplanet, the nation he represents; he’s given up thirteen goals in 6 games under manager Rodrigo Vaz. Next up, contesting the second place slot is Battlebrook United who’s forward surge out of nowhere especially considering they were in 6th place at the end of matchday ten has us surprised, yes they’ll probably settle down and fall a few places back down the table by the end of the season, but by and large, this season has been a huge one for a team like Battlebrook who’s not only adjusted to a new manager beautifully with Al Gunthers leading the charge at the top but has beautiful pieces to build around in the form of Fraser Pearch at goalie, coming in from TakiJump of Acronius, he’s shown and dazzled and also trained and taught the eighteen year old youth prospect, Carson Tannerson a trick or two in play, Tannerson who we only saw during today’s game dazzled in their 1-1 draw with Old Birmingham City, Tannerson might be developed and shipped off in a season or two as Pearch has been identified as the building block for the team right now. Down to third place, Olympic Reading has slumped; but not really, because the teams ahead of them have simply put been on a tear since matchday 10, Olympic Reading is still in an incredibly favouring position and I expect they’ll turn on their A-game shortly, a 1-nil win of an Azurea team that’s still going through aftershocks of a disappointing draw with Crystal Fair HC must certainly be reeling from the recent string of ongoing events in Cloudshire. Olympic Reading however must fix a few things with their backline entering the tournament if they expect to win it, explosive offenses in the Roses and Battlebrook — especially the Roses, my god, 26 goals thus far(???) — stand to really test the teams moving forth in the competition. Finally, rounding out the quartet, Peachtree City F.C. has snuck into the top four, and play from Chris Banker is a large part of that formula, perhaps you forgot this is the man who stops penalties against Cosumar and Qusmo for a living? The team is set to go far if things continue to hold up like they have thus far.
Vegai F.C. 1–0 Sporting Illyrius
AC 317 Roses 2–1 Rovers F.C.
Aquatarius S.C. 2–3 Pyracantha
Avispa Orleans 0–0 Peachtree City F.C.
Azurea 0–1 Olympic Reading
Battlebrook United 1–1 Old Birmingham City
BirninZula F.C. 1–0 Dragonpool
Blue Strike Calix 1–1 Doverhampton Wanderers


xxxLigVezia Series A           Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
1 AC 317 Roses 15 10 1 4 26 12 +14 31
2 Battlebrook United 15 8 4 3 20 7 +13 28
3 Olympic Reading 15 8 3 4 22 15 +7 27
4 Peachtree City F.C. 15 8 3 4 15 11 +4 27
5 Doverhampton Wanderers 15 6 5 4 21 19 +2 23
6 Blue Strike Calix 15 6 5 4 9 10 −1 23
7 Rovers F.C. 15 6 4 5 20 15 +5 22
8 Vegai F.C. 15 6 4 5 18 17 +1 22
9 Azurea 15 6 4 5 17 16 +1 22
10 BirninZula F.C. 15 6 3 6 21 26 −5 21
11 Aquatarius S.C. 15 5 3 7 13 15 −2 18
12 Dragonpool 15 4 4 7 21 27 −6 16
13 Old Birmingham City 15 3 6 6 18 23 −5 15
14 Avispa Orleans 15 3 5 7 21 24 −3 14
15 Pyracantha 15 2 5 8 17 34 −17 11
16 Sporting Illyrius 15 2 3 10 11 19 −8 9


xxxLigVezia Series B           Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
1 Blue Coast 381 15 10 4 1 37 12 +25 34
2 Astoriya Park Celtics 15 11 1 3 25 6 +19 34
3 Rasen Remus 15 10 1 4 27 11 +16 31
4 Vissel Ayeni 15 8 4 3 22 11 +11 28
5 Crystal Fern Rovers 15 8 3 4 24 15 +9 27
6 Cerezo Plymouth 15 6 4 5 9 9 0 22
7 North Hathmond 15 5 6 4 13 12 +1 21
8 Clube de Calix 15 6 3 6 17 18 −1 21
9 Haverpool Chiefs 15 6 3 6 15 16 −1 21
10 Ventforet Reaven 15 4 4 7 10 19 −9 16
11 Mount Gazania 15 5 1 9 15 25 −10 16
12 F.C. Clearwater 15 4 3 8 11 17 −6 15
13 Elcmester A.C. 15 4 3 8 8 17 −9 15
14 Renofa Grandmore 15 3 5 7 11 25 −14 14
15 Triton Valley 15 3 2 10 12 22 −10 11
16 A.C. Buckingstone 15 3 1 11 8 29 −21 10


xxxLigVezia Series C           Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
1 Crownian Royale 15 12 1 2 26 7 +19 37
2 F.C. Willmark Falls 15 11 0 4 26 10 +16 33
3 ZK Oakia 15 9 2 4 15 10 +5 29
4 Harthtown United F.C. 15 8 3 4 35 10 +25 27
5 Oakham City 15 8 3 4 21 11 +10 27
6 AFC Querjiban 15 7 3 5 19 13 +6 24
7 Old York FC 15 7 3 5 21 16 +5 24
8 Navalia 15 6 5 4 26 12 +14 23
9 Calix Club 15 6 2 7 16 15 +1 20
10 Freston F.C. 15 6 1 8 13 24 −11 19
11 Warshire United F.C. 15 5 3 7 18 26 −8 18
12 Eventry 15 5 2 8 21 21 0 17
13 Petertown City 15 5 1 9 17 21 −4 16
14 Illvermorny Pudwgees 15 4 3 8 18 25 −7 15
15 Rivernest City 15 2 4 9 10 27 −17 10
16 Calix United 15 0 2 13 7 61 −54 2
Sporting World Cup 6 champion
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YEAR 418
Part 4

LigVezia A MD16 — Noiryar 6
A new year begins the Close Season of the LigVezia calender officially opened up for all sixteen teams in Series A, and Olympic Reading came back into the season putting on a fancy show, displaying a huge 4-1 victory over the likes of BirninZula F.C., Voula Logothettis certainly will be ill-adjusted to the return of the season, wondering what has gone wrong to open the new year with a huge lost away in Reading. Augusta Clark continues to make her powers known, recording a big hat trick verses a weakened BirninZula who continues to deal with a slew of injuries to the Starting XI, Logothettis’s preferred defensive formations ware going to have to change in order to preserve the starters for the rest of the gruelling season. Meanwhile, Vegai F.C. has positioned themselves in the top 5 after a big, huge 10nil victory coming over the Roses, it’s a big and important victory for Ella Kabeya as she tries to put her imprint on the winningest, most notable team in LigVezia. A goal in the 38th minute coming in from academy graduate, Adeline Scoutman did a big and decisive blow to the Roses as Felipe Vaz’s outstretched hands were not nearly enough to reach the ball, a poor response from the Roses for the rest of the game doomed any chance of coming in to compete more heavily the rest of the match. Vegai sits in an interesting spot for the rest of the season and its going to look to battle for a future spot in the Globe Cup or possible fight for a bid in the Champions Cup depending on if Kabeya and Vegai intend to gun for a LigVezia title. There’s a lot going on in Cloudshire, Vegai F.C. has struggled this season in the first year of a new manager, a new keeper in net and a generally new feel to the team, but it’s certain that there’s still hope for this team and that Kabeya has a job next season. Around the league, Aqatarius S.C. downed Sporting Illyrius, Illyrius is five points below Pyrcantha sitting in last place in LigVezia’s Series A, its no doubt that they’re very likely to be going down at season’s end and will not come back to compete in Series A next season, Aquaarius is meanwhile looking to maneuverer into the midtable tenth place, a comfortable 7 points above the relegation zone. Rovers and Avispa Orleans battled to a staunch nil-nil draw at Klyde, the stadium had a deafening roar twice in fact as two goals were disallowed due to offside coming from Arlen Veners in the 34th minute and Pierre Rivers adding another offside in the 64th. Azurea and Christopher Tajo Mendez continue to suffer heavy damages, this time in a loss to Pyracantha who’s currently likely to be relegated at season’s end, even look at their sloppy play, they were unable to match the skill and prowess which Pyracantha played with, Pyracantha currently lead by interim manager Johnathon Goodlowe. Battlebrook takes a game against Peachtree as they intend to look towards next season, Old Birmingham and Blue Strike Calix combine for six goals as they put up a feast of goals early on, Dragonpool take a big 1-nil win following a strike in the 84th minute from outside the box.
Vegai F.C. 1–0 AC 317 Roses
Sporting Illyrius 0–1 Aquatarius S.C.
Rovers F.C. 0–0 Avispa Orleans
Pyracantha 2–0 Azurea
Peachtree City F.C. 0–1 Battlebrook United
Olympic Reading 4–1 BirninZula F.C.
Old Birmingham City 3–3 Blue Strike Calix
Dragonpool 1–0 Doverhampton Wanderers

LigVezia A MD17 — Noiryar 13
Vegai keeps climbing up this league table this time doing it with a huge 7-4,yes you read that correctly, 7-4 victory over Dragonpool…the two sides combined for an ungodly amount of eleven goals in a game, that’s insane and on any other night against any other team, that should’ve easily been more than enough for Dragonpool to register a victory, but somehow the youthful and mostly unknown attack from Vegai put up a heave push for the win and were able to capitalize on mistakes from Dragonpool late in the game to walk away with a victory. Carson Wheeler and Adeline Scoutman both had a pair of goals before the forty-fifth while Sam Viipuri registered a goal in the 68th minute, Arturo Jiminez in the 75th and Vince Kirkman added to the tally in 90+4 to win a huge game away at Dragonpool, this pushes Vegai into the fourth place slot and Dragonpool after that remains in twelfth place. Pyracantha helped themselves and also the Roses with a 3-nil drubbing of Battlebrook United,, this helped to push Pyracantha out of the relegation zone but also prevented Battlebrook from capitalizing on the Roses nil-nil draw with Aquatarius S.C., however three good goals helped Pyracantha get at least temporary breathing remove as the season continues. Looking on and speaking after the victory, Goodlowe spoke on the “determined team effort I saw out there, we really looked like a unit and like we were ready to do something”, if Pyracantha can continue this trend they might be able to move comfortably out of the last place spot, and stun the league by a huge second half comeback in the season, throughout the game it very much looked like Pyracantha was in control of it and controlled and dictated play over the course of the game. Blue Strike Calix who’s been slipping down the pyramid in recent weeks got the train back on its tracks verses national team keeper Chris Banker and Olympic Reading as they won an integral and important match 2-1, the early on heavyweights when the season had started have all mostly-regressed as the season continued but both look to rebound through the second half of the season. Azurea chokes against Rovers at home, Tajo Mendez has a problem on his hand and Azurea fans not used to losing are certainly concerned over the changing tide right now that is brewing for this team. Also Sporting Illyrius won a game, crazy right?
Dragonpool 4–7 Vegai F.C.
Doverhampton Wanderers 1–1 Old Birmingham City
Blue Strike Calix 2–1 Olympic Reading
BirninZula F.C. 2–2 Peachtree City F.C.
Battlebrook United 0–3 Pyracantha
Azurea 0–1 Rovers F.C.
Avispa Orleans 0–1 Sporting Illyrius
Aquatarius S.C. 0–0 AC 317 Roses

VFL Velish League Cup — Noiryar 16
The Velish League Cup action kicks off today and out of the four teams who qualified from LigVezia Series A, only two played today, as Peachtree City F.C. played a weakened A.C. 317 Roses who was resting a large amount of its regular starters, Peachtree City wins the game 1-nil off a 57th minute penalty put away by Carson Singleson, Singleson was a big part of this game too as he also took three shots on goal which Kalston Rose was able to comfortably block. In other matches, Crownian Royale the leaders in Series C are drowned out suffering a 3-1 loss to Blue Coast 381. The Astoriya Park Celtics absolutely and completely destroy F.C. Willmark Falls of Series B as they run away with a huge 7-1 victory over the Series C side. Finally in a regional league showdown Readsent City in its 500 capacity stadium deliver a 3-1 victory over North Hampton.
Velish League Cup Group A
Blue Coast 381 (B) 3–1 Crownian Royale (C)
F.C. Willmark Falls (C) 1–7 Astoriya Park Celtics (B)

Velish League Cup Group B
Readsent City (2) 3–1 North Hampton (1)
A.C. 317 Roses (A) 0–1 Peachtree City F.C. (A)

LigVezia A MD18 — Noiryar 20
The Roses are the top team in Series A right now and they’re choking away their big lead they had, I’m not sure what is going on with the team, but it’s true that the team is struggling right now, Felipe Vaz, their goal-keeper they brought in as the key to their missing puzzle was carted off in the 19th minute with a gruesome injury to his right torso, it looks like Vaz could be out for the rest of the season and if he is, then danger awaits the team as Kalston Rose now steps in as next man up for the team, Rose is a decent and serviceable starter, but his mistakes when he has the ball at his feet and his sticky fingers can spell danger for the team at times, Rose will need to play a big role as Vaz is supposedly out of the picture for the rest of the season it looks like for the Roses. Meanwhile Blue Strike Calix met with Peachtree City in which Chris Banker stopped a penalty in the 7th minute but conceded a fumbled ball in a high shot from Kelly Joes as the BS Calix emerged victors from the high-intensity game, Erik Henriksen the Audioslav youth goalkeeper who emerged last year as one of the best goalkeepers in LigVezia has seven saves and kept the game winnable for Blue Strike who’s looking to climb back up the league pyramid as quickly as possible, “we want to win”, Henriksen spoke through his translator, “we’ve got a big opportunity and it’s important we don’t put that to waste for the players here.” The same can be said for Vegai who continues to push itself up the pyramid, this time it was an emphatic and stunning (surprising) (beautiful) (cool) 2-nil win over Aquatarius with both of its goals coming in stoppage time, Thunder Sanai lead a beautifully placed Carson Wheeler with a kick, as Wheeler would finish it off dribbling past Joakim Brankussen’s feet as the Cosumarite was caught in a bad position as another goal would soon come as Brankussen fumbled the ball in the box, allowing a tap in from Wheeler once more as he gained a brace. Around the league, Azurea finally picks up a win downing Sporting Illyrius 2-nil away, Rovers and Battlebrook drew 1-1, now Battlebrook is tied on points with the Roses entering Matchday 19, what will happen now? Pyracnatha picks up a huge 4-nil win over Voula Logothetti’s man-down squad in BirninZula, Old Birmingham is gaining following dispatching Dragonpool 2-1.
Vegai F.C. 2–0 Aquatarius S.C.
AC 317 Roses 1–3 Avispa Orleans
Sporting Illyrius 0–2 Azurea
Rovers F.C. 1–1 Battlebrook United
Pyracantha 4–0 BirninZula F.C.
Peachtree City F.C. 1–2 Blue Strike Calix
Olympic Reading 3–4 Doverhampton Wanderers
Old Birmingham City 2–1 Dragonpool

UICA Globe Cup Third Prelim. Round — Noiryar 23
Azuera travelled to the home of Crystal Hair HC knowing that they needed to score goals and win, and both of those things they were unable to do despite a big goal in the 17th minute from the boot of Marcus White, however as the game went on Azurea were increasingly expose and it only took till the 36th minute when they cracked and conceded a goal, its been a short journey for Azurea and it certainly as usual leaves the fans wanting more.
Azurea 3–3 (a) Crysyal Hair HC (3-3 on agg., CHHC on away goals)

LigVezia A MD19 — Noiryar 27
BirninZula is suddenly awake and it took well damn, a bit of time to realize that they need to actually attempt to play defence to win games, but at least now it’s kind of clicking for the young team as it finds a way to beat Rovers, in a 4-2 victory that has to leave the manager, Logothettis at lease some form of optimistic that the team ca at least do somethings correctly. Elliot Kewen’s big day out there yielded a hat trick for the team and put them up 3-1 by half time, Rovers did try to climb back in the game but made some crucial mistakes including but not limited to skying a penalty shot high over the crossbar. For now though, it looks as if BirninZula is in a comfortable spot and should avoid relegation at the end of the season, there are of course some sloppy things we see that the team needs to plan around and fix, but for now we’re mildly alright and somewhat appeased by what has been on display for the team thus far. Another big game, Blue Strike Calix puts Pyracantha’s surge on hold with a 2-nil victory at Blue Strike Arena in front of a sell-out crowd, silencing the doubters and putting Pyracantha’s slow climb on hold again, Blue Strike, similarly with Vegai, Peachtree and to a lesser extent, Olympic Reading are all in a spot where challenging the Roses for the crown is possible, but the fourth team battle for the fourth spot is starting to really heat up in earnest and for Blue Strike, the comfortable place where they are right now in third place should be where they aim to be at worse, they’re going to want to build some level of comfort and create a cushion over the fourth place team. Meanwhile Vegai draw with old Birmingham City, leaving them in a four way battle for fourth place, the last spot in qualifiers for a berth in the UICA Globe Cup, especially for a team like Vegai aiming to return to UICA for the first time in a while its important they lock down this place, Olympic Reading, Rovers and Doverhampton all look to be challengers for the foruth spot, and to a lesser extent, Azurea? Its going to be key for Vegai and Ella Kabeya to make room and separate from the troop. Around the league Dragonpool picks up a win with a 1-nil victory over Olympic Reading, Peachtree City takes a similar one-nil victory over Doverhampton, Battlebrook and Sporting Illyrius battle to a draw, the Roses with a victory over Azurea as Kalston Rose has two saves, Aquatarius keeps its small bid for fourth alive with a victory over Avispa Orleans.
Old Birmingham City 1–1 Vegai F.C.
Dragonpool 1–0 Olympic Reading
Doverhampton Wanderers 0–1 Peachtree City F.C.
Blue Strike Calix 2–0 Pyracantha
BirninZula F.C. 4–2 Rovers F.C.
Battlebrook United 0–0 Sporting Illyrius
Azurea 0–1 AC 317 Roses
Avispa Orleans 0–1 Aquatarius S.C.

VFL Velish League Cup — Noiryar 30
The Velish League Cup group stages continue and it opened up big for Olympic Reading on Wednesday who got back to their winning ways as they register an emphatic 4-1 win over Blue Coast 381, the game really shows 381 being exposed on the flanks as Olympic Reading eats up down the middle, for the team, Reading looked like a really complete team out there and had no worries en route to a quick dispatch of Blue Coast. Blue Coast does add a goal to its name however. Now to the interesting group of death which is group B because there are only two spots which qualify teams tot eh League Cup semi-finals…and well there are three Series A teams in Group B, Group B’s work got underway earnest to the tune of a 8-0 drubbing of North Hampton by the Roses, the Roses were clearly the dominant team. Luis Silva scored two braces and adds an assist as they dominated the game and dance over North Hampton all day, this group is going to be brutal to the low division sides and it shows as they’re unable to really bring much to the table in terms of defensive skills. On the other end, Battlebrook comes out, guns blazing as they offer up a 4-1 run down on Readsent City, while the game is not nearly as convincing as the 8-0 thrashing North Hampton receives, it clear that a better team is in Battlebrook, this sets up an interesting battle next week as the teams really are going to be looking to separate themselves as the league cp continues.
Velish League Cup Group A
Crownian Royale (C) 1–1 F.C. Willmark Falls (C)
Olympic Reading (A) 4–1 Blue Coast 381 (B)

Velish League Cup Group B
North Hampton (1) 0–8 A.C. 317 Roses (A)
Battlebrook United (A) 4–1 Readsent City (2)

LigVezia A MD20 — Febraza 3
In the game everyone had circled on their calendars across Velestria, Battlebrook choked. Battlebrook-Roses have always been a rivalry, known to Velish as the Redlands Derby, owing to the frequency in which Battlebrook and the Roses have good seasons at the same time and usually ruin one-another’s party en route to celebration. However, Justin Avery, a long-time member of the Roses told the media today after a big 2-nil victory over Battlebrook, “in order for it to be a rivalry, they have to win, and thy can’t”, and that was the major picture from the game as coupled with a couple of other teams winning Battlebrook slipped from second place all the way down to fifth place, leaving them here to contest for a battle for fourth place with the other teams who all sit below fourth. Battlebrook manager, Al Gunthers spoke also, “Our team came out with a change to move into the top spot in the league and we played bad, we weren’t a unit and the Roses took advantage of it and won, we have ten games left in the season and it should be a now or never thing for the team, something is just not clicking.” And, that is suddenly a big theme from Battlebrook supporters, ‘something is just not clicking’, Gunthers can only do so much for the team with putting them in a good position eventually it just simply has to click for the squad. Aside from that a lot of big changes at the top of the table, Vegai moved into second place coming of a 5-1 thrashing of Avispa Orleans, right now Vegai looks like its inform and has the biggest chance of putting up a formidable run against the Roses, Wheeler moves to 17 goals on the season after adding a brace to his performances, Wheeler looks like he’s going to be locked up a long contract after a great performance out of him this season. Viipuri in the back was also dominate, preventing much from being done as the Starblaydi added an assist to his tally of six thus far. Olympic Reading is propelled into the fourth spot and some say has the easiest schedule down the stretch as they will be looking to out maneuver the remaining teams and find their way to a championship dub, it’s clear that things are looking pretty sunny for the team as a 4-2 victory has to be sitting well for them right now, they’ve got some gruelling play remaining though so it’s not the time to be celebrating too, too early. Around the league, Aquatarius drew with Azurea effectively and likely ending both side’s bid for a 4th place finish, Sporting Illyrius with a big win of BirninZula now sits only a game out of fifteenth place and could find themselves on the better side of the relegation zone, Rovers gets a win but the room for error is closing and they need to fix things now! Doverhampton also wins, but similarly their room for error is so miniscule that it is very unlikely they’ll put something together. Peachtree gets it done quietly at the office to the tune of a 1-nil victory over Dragonpool.
Vegai F.C. 5–1 Avispa Orleans
Aquatarius S.C. 0–0 Azurea
AC 317 Roses 2–0 Battlebrook United
Sporting Illyrius 3–2 BirninZula F.C.
Rovers F.C. 1–0 Blue Strike Calix
Pyracantha 1–3 Doverhampton Wanderers
Peachtree City F.C. 1–0 Dragonpool
Olympic Reading 4–2 Old Birmingham City


xxxLigVezia Series A           Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
1 AC 317 Roses 20 12 2 6 30 16 +14 38
2 Vegai F.C. 20 10 5 5 34 23 +11 35
3 Peachtree City F.C. 20 10 4 6 20 16 +4 34
4 Olympic Reading 20 10 3 7 34 25 +9 33
5 Battlebrook United 20 9 6 5 22 13 +9 33
6 Blue Strike Calix 20 9 6 5 18 16 +2 33
7 Rovers F.C. 20 8 6 6 25 20 +5 30
8 Doverhampton Wanderers 20 8 6 6 29 26 +3 30
9 Azurea 20 7 5 8 19 20 −1 26
10 Aquatarius S.C. 20 7 5 8 15 17 −2 26
11 BirninZula F.C. 20 7 4 9 30 41 −11 25
12 Dragonpool 20 6 4 10 28 37 −9 22
13 Old Birmingham City 20 4 9 7 27 33 −6 21
14 Pyracantha 20 5 5 10 27 39 −12 20
15 Avispa Orleans 20 4 6 10 25 32 −7 18
16 Sporting Illyrius 20 4 4 12 15 24 −9 16


xxxLigVezia Series B          Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
1 Blue Coast 381 20 13 5 2 42 15 +27 44
2 Astoriya Park Celtics 20 13 1 6 32 11 +21 40
3 Rasen Remus 20 13 1 6 33 13 +20 40
4 Crystal Fern Rovers 20 12 4 4 37 19 +18 40
5 Vissel Ayeni 20 12 4 4 28 13 +15 40
6 Cerezo Plymouth 20 10 5 5 17 12 +5 35
7 North Hathmond 20 6 8 6 19 21 −2 26
8 Clube de Calix 20 7 5 8 20 23 −3 26
9 F.C. Clearwater 20 7 4 9 17 22 −5 25
10 Elcmester A.C. 20 7 4 9 14 19 −5 25
11 Haverpool Chiefs 20 7 4 9 19 25 −6 25
12 Mount Gazania 20 7 1 12 23 33 −10 22
13 Ventforet Reaven 20 4 7 9 14 25 −11 19
14 A.C. Buckingstone 20 4 2 14 13 38 −25 14
15 Renofa Grandmore 20 3 5 12 12 38 −26 14
16 Triton Valley 20 3 4 13 15 28 −13 13


xxxLigVezia Series C          Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
1 Crownian Royale 20 14 2 4 31 9 +22 44
2 F.C. Willmark Falls 20 14 0 6 31 14 +17 42
3 ZK Oakia 20 11 3 6 19 15 +4 36
4 Oakham City 20 10 4 6 30 17 +13 34
5 Navalia 20 9 6 5 34 16 +18 33
6 Old York FC 20 9 4 7 26 20 +6 31
7 AFC Querjiban 20 9 4 7 24 19 +5 31
8 Eventry 20 9 2 9 29 25 +4 29
9 Harthtown United F.C. 20 8 4 8 37 17 +20 28
10 Petertown City 20 8 2 10 24 25 −1 26
11 Calix Club 20 6 7 7 17 16 +1 25
12 Illvermorny Pudwgees 20 6 5 9 23 30 −7 23
13 Warshire United F.C. 20 6 5 9 21 30 −9 23
14 Freston F.C. 20 7 2 11 16 35 −19 23
15 Rivernest City 20 5 4 11 23 34 −11 19
16 Calix United 20 1 2 17 9 72 −63 5


Division represented in parenthesis.
LVA = LigVezia Series A (1st tier)
A = LigVezia Series B (2nd tier)
C = LigVezia Series C (3rd tier)
1 = First Division 1 (4th tier regional division)
2 = First Division 2 (5th tier regional division)

Quarterfinals — First Leg
Peachtree City F.C. (A) 1–0 Azurea (A)
Old Birmingham City (A) 1–2 Rovers F.C. (A)
Angels of Rockdover (1) 2–2 Harthtown United F.C. (C)
Sabrook City F.C. (1) 3–1 BirninZula F.C. (A)
Blue Strike Calix (A) 1–0 Cerezo Plymouth (B)


xxxVelish League Cup Group A  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Astoriya Park Celtics 1 1 0 0 7 1 +6 3
2 Olympic Reading 1 1 0 0 4 1 +3 3
3 Blue Coast 381 2 1 0 1 4 5 −1 3
4 Crownian Royale 2 0 1 1 2 4 −2 1
5 F.C. Willmark Falls 2 0 1 1 2 8 −6 1

xxxVelish League Cup Group B  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 A.C. 317 Roses 2 1 0 1 8 1 +7 3
2 Battlebrook United 1 1 0 0 4 1 +3 3
3 Peachtree City F.C. 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
4 Readsent City 2 1 0 1 4 5 −1 3
5 North Hampton 2 0 0 2 1 11 −10 0
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Formation of the VBL: The Teams

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VBL — 418 Preview

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A failed bid for the International Basketball Championship in 320 between Lisander and the newly-founded Basketball Velestria did help to drum up the funds needed to establish a national league which was promised as part as Velestria’s co-bid in which it would promote the sport in the nation. Investors from around the nation have comed together in order to pool resources for the establishment proper of the VBL — the Velish Basketball League which in its inaugural season will premier with twelve different teams from around Velestria, the first season brings forth all new possibilities for all teams involved, what will happen? What will be produced throughout the season? There’s a lot of big questions on the minds of many heading into the first season of professional basketball in Velestria, around the nation venues have been made ready for this first year, the VBL which will look to produce teams for the IUBC at season’s end will open the year with intriguing matchups between the best and most-athletic amateur-turned-professional hoopers in Velestria.

With the opening of the first official season, team players will also be eligible to play in the IBC’s 27th edition which will be held in Filindostan and Abaja, meanwhile Velish players have two years to hone their skills and truly show they’ve got what it takes before they make the grueling transfer to international basketball and represent the nation. There’s a lot riding on this first season to delvier and truly show that basketball in Velestria can take the initial first big step it needs in the direction of creating a well-known league for the multiverse and personally for the Lotish.

And here is a preview of the inaugural season of the Velish Basketball League!

Eventry, Grierwood / The Hex (6,000)
HC: Terrence Lawrence (48)

Starters: Beaver; Bishop, Brendan, Beverly, Kick
PG: Beaver, Ingel
SG: Bishop, Woodson
SF: Brendan, Larson
PF: Beverly, Turner
CE: Kick, Holder

Hartford, Grierwood / Canton Insurance Arena (4,500)
HC: —

Starters: Cooper, Lloyd, James, Lawrence, Owen
PG: Cooper, Hudson
SG: Lloyd, Hernandez
SF: James, Reed
PF: Lawrence, Conley
CE: Owen, Holman

Birnin Zula, Ja'barilands / Vyaza (700)
HC: Derry Wheaton (63)

Starters: Ka'az, Jamari, Wells, Avalochski, Myratson
PG: Ka'az, Petty
SG: Jamari, Boris
SF: Wells, Kindred
PF: Avalockshi, Books
CE: Myratson, Larson

Cloudshire, Knollcrown Lands / Banc of Knollcrown Arena (10,832)
HC: Blake Blair (58)

Starters: Matthews, Jenkins, Jones, Morris, Robertson
PG: Matthews, Compton
SG: Jenkins, Snider
SF: Jones, Rios
PF: Morris, Webster
CE: Robertson, Bright

Grady, Vledasia / Banders Center (7,000)
HC: Alex Morgan (39)

Starters: Nicholson, Ward, Davis, Atkinson, Miller
PG: Nicholson, Heath
SG: Ward, Shields
SF: Davis, Pickett
PF: Atkinson, Salinas
CE: Miller, Sexton

North Hampton, Vledasia / Goddard Bread and Groceries War Memorial Arena (5,000)
HC: -

Starters: James, Bailey, Phillips, Stones, Griffiths
PG: James, Langley
SG: Bailey, Beck
SF: Phillips, Hardy
PF: Stones, Dalton
CE: Griffiths, Robbins

Hartford, Grierwood / River Doyle Coliseum (9,000)
HC: Kyle Williams (53)

Starters: Bailey, Fisher, Collins, Robinson, Hayes
PG: Bailey, Lamb
SG: Fisher, Mills
SF: Collins, Erickson
PF: Robinson, Mcma

Hartford, Grierwood / River Doyle Coliseum (9,000)
HC: Arthur Stevens (44)

Starters: Atkinson, Gordon, Burton, Davidson, Mills
PG: Atkinson, Whitaker
SG: Gordon, Dale
SF: Burton, Jordan
PF: Davidson, Patel
CE: Mills, Blair

Peachtree City, Vledasia / Gray Dove Arena (7,500)
HC: Ellis Burke (42)

Starters: Cole, Lowe, Hall, Stewart, Grant
PG: Cole, Salazar
SG: Lowe, Terrell
SF: Hall, Warner
PF: Stewart, Kemp
CE: Grant, Sims

Birnin Calix, Ja’barilands / A’vaya Forum (3,000)
HC: Owen Stephenson (49)

Starters: Palmer, Harper, Chambers, Gallagher, John
PG: Palmer, Barton
SG: Harper, Burton
SF: Chambers, Skinner
PF: Gallagher, Mcguire
CE: John, Spencer

Warshire, Grierwood / Cobb County Civic Center (2,500)
HC: Dexter Dawson (47)

Starters: Ellis, Wilson, Porter, Sutton, Atkinson
PG: Ellis, Knox
SG: Wilson, Deleon
SF: Porter, Hopkins
PF: Sutton, Jackson
CE: Horn, Atkinson
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Credit Filindostan for template


Season Review
The Velish Basketball League launched in earnest tin 418, heralded by the twelve teams who took part in a long, grueling season, with players transferring to play officially as professionals for Velish basketball, there was a big step to be made entering the new season and it looked from the onset like big things would be changed. The introduction of the official logo for the VBL alongside the unearthing of a fervor throughout the Grierwood Kingdom for basketball truly showed that basketball could truly catch on in the nation.

Given that this was a new league for a new nation in basketball, there was no pre-season play in the IUBC, in fact the only perpetration received would have to be intra-squad preparation and college ball, and for some things didn’t look too god, for example teams like the Battlebrook Vipers were left in the pits after losing early on in small preseason play to the tune of 136-86 and 90-47, leaving many on the team to wonder if they really had made the right choice. Gearing up for the first official season, the Lotish Broadcasting Corp. has agreed to showcase 25 league games across the nation including the finals.
Season Champions, VBL Cup Winners, Qualified

Regular Season
xxxVelish Basketball League    Pld     W    L    Win %     Postseasonxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
1 Hampton Raiders 33 25 8 0.758 Season Champions, Qualified
2 Resurgence Calix 33 25 8 0.758 Qualified
3 Warshire Wolves 33 23 10 0.697 Qualified
4 Cloudshire United 33 22 11 0.667 Qualified
5 Hartford City Royals 33 20 13 0.606 Qualified
6 Grady Roughriders 33 17 16 0.515 Qualified
7 Christire Dragons B.C. 33 15 18 0.455 Qualified
8 1004 Promidea 33 14 19 0.424 Qualified
9 BirninZula B.C. 33 12 21 0.364
10 Hartford Lions 33 10 23 0.303
11 Peachtree Hawks 33 8 25 0.242
12 Battlebrook Vipers 33 7 26 0.212

The Hampton Raiders lead the way en route to finishing the season on 25 wins, right on their tails were Resurgence Calix who fittingly relied on a huge second half of the season to surge back into contention, only missing an inaugural VBL Shield on head-to-head losses with the Hampton Raiders. The other end of the table was filled with mediocrity, 7th and 8th ranked sides, Christire and 1007 Promidea lugged into the playoffs with losing records.

At Banders Center, Grady
The playoffs got started in a big way in the Wild Card Round as the Hampton Raiders stepped over 1004 Promidea lead by a big 34 point night from Jackson James who also added 6 three pointers. Similarly Resurgence Calix with an added home court advantage dominated the Christire Dragons in their bid to get back into contention. The Warshire Wolves similarly continued the lopsided score lines this time delivering a 91-70 walloping of the Grady Roughriders, putting the Roughriders out of the playoffs in a quick down-and-out, the offensive teams we’ve seen have really surprised us early on. The Cloudshire Hartford City game brought the teams both back down to earth, a huge defensive battle between either two teams saw the Hartford City Royals emerge in an upset that wasn’t really an upset in a tight 65-63 victory.

The Hampton Raiders likewise entered the league Fantastic Four needing big victory and their offensive guns game alive in big fashion as the Raiders got it done with an emphatic 100-70 victory over the Hartford City Royals who this time did not receive any help from their defense as they dipped out in the Fantastic Four round, there is hope for them next season, definitely and they should be proud for how far they’ve come.

Meanwhile Resurgence Calix didn’t need over time and beat the Warshire Wolves with a last-second three which went down for big man, Elliot Atkinson, Atkinson the 23 year old freak blossomed into a player of his own and finished with 25 points on the day. The ended in a big way on Finals Day between Resurgence Calix and the Hampton Raiders in which both teams came in looking to utilize their high-paced offenses and dominate the other into submission with quick transition, but it was not to be for the Hampton Raiders despite a gutsy game from point guard Jackson who ended the game with 24 points and 19 from Harvey Bailey, instead, Resurgence Calix pulled away late on the post-scoring from big man, Samuel Gallagher and hoisted the title.

With the first official season in the books, it was a big year for Velish basketball as an inaugural champion was crowned, a clear star of the league is fast emerging in Samuel Gallagher and it should be interesting to see how he will fare in IUBC play, there’s a lot of hope for the development of Velish basketball, especially with the emphatic year we’ve had with all teams this season.

Exciting 8
Hampton Raiders 94–67 1004 Promidea
Resurgence Calix 92–64 Christire Dragons B.C.
Warshire Wolves 91–70 Grady Roughriders
Cloudshire United 63–65 Hartford City Royals

Fantastic Four
Hampton Raiders 100–70 Hartford City Royals
Resurgence Calix 78–75 Warshire Wolves

Championship Game
Hampton Raiders 63–82 Resurgence Calix

VBL League Champions
Resurgence Calix
(1st title)
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Velestria (VLZ) qualifiers
Primary Association
Resurgence Calix
Hampton Raiders
Warshire Wolves
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YEAR 418
Part 5

LigVezia A MD21 — Febraza 10
Does Tyler Lewis have the job at Dragonpool next season? He’s certainly making the case for it, with Dragonpool picking up a momentous 6-3 victory over Pyracantha, incredible performances including two braces each from Payton Anderson his first coming in the 17th minute and then against in the 53rd minute in a beautiful header, a secondary brace with a free kick delivered from captain, Ulf Hustedt in the 24th, the Audioslav wouldn’t have to wait much longer in the 26th delivering a one-timer rocketing past Tyson Hughes, the outmatched Pyracantha goalkeeper who’s defense broke down early in the game. In addition, two more players would add goals of their own, shots fired from Blake Cooper and Jennifer Gleeson were notable achievements for the team as it entered the 90 minutes with a definitive win in their column, that’s their seventh of the season. That also leaves good discussion, does Tyler Lewis return next season? A 42, his contract is on its last season, expiring at the end of the season and he likely has a little leg room to call for a contract extension, but Dragonpool might be looking to fall back into a more comfortable spot and head in a new team direction coming off this season. Meanwhile at the top of the table, the Roses continue to march towards Matchday 30 snatching a win in the final seconds with two goals credited to Solomon Bundy in 90+3’ and another to Luis Silva in 90+6’, sending the team to a key victory in the title race and Silva’s 13th goal on the season campaign thus far, this bodes well for the Roses as they head home in a key game against top-4 challengers, Blue Strike Calix. BS Calix will have a chance to stop the Roses surging play next week and if the wheels fall apart, then what happens to the Roses; a rebuild or try again next season? Vegai and Olympic Reading on a draw with one-a-piece, Thunder Sanai isn’t probably returning to the team next season afterwards? He’s a good youth keeper though and could certainly be rewarded with a big contract with another team who’s loose in the goalkeepers department. Finally, the Doverhampton Wanderers keep their top-4 aspirations alive, hammering Rovers F.C. to the tune of 3-1, Felipa Medina looks exhausted as he yells at his team as the Dragons[ crumble on the field with a poor performance, it’s hard to imagine the same team that finished top-4 last season might not even make the top 10 this season, look for Medina to change hella shit this offseason. Peachtree City quietly drops another win into the column with a 1-nil victory over Old Birmingham City; Blue Strike Calix takes the victory with a 2-1 victory over Sporting Illyrius who’s certainly going down this season. Battlebrook downs Aquatarius and has a lot of room it needs to make up, moving into fourth place, as Azurea and Avispa Orleans draw.
Olympic Reading 1–1 Vegai F.C.
Old Birmingham City 0–1 Peachtree City F.C.
Dragonpool 6–3 Pyracantha
Doverhampton Wanderers 3–1 Rovers F.C.
Blue Strike Calix 2–1 Sporting Illyrius
BirninZula F.C. 0–2 AC 317 Roses
Battlebrook United 1–0 Aquatarius S.C.
Azurea 1–1 Avispa Orleans

LigVezia A MD22 — Febraza 17
Vegai-Azurea. Old-New. Royal-Worker. What more do you want people? The most-emphatic game between the two sides saw Vegai at home and delivering a victory on the back of an intense struggled with rival, Azurea, despite being down a man Vegai was able to find its way to a victory, Adeline Scoutman finds the back of the net in the 84th minute for the Tibs, putting them in the driver’s seat as the stadium erupts into ‘M-O-T-Y’ for Ella Kabeya, the Starblaydi who has thus far in her first managerial season piloted the team into 3rd place and possibly sees a chance to win the title for the team or secure a first UICA berth for the former best team in Velestria. Meanwhile on the other hand of the game sits Azurea who most-certainly are looking gorward to the end of the season, a defense that is mostly non-existent at this point, an offense that can’t generate power? Miguel Benedito is not Furusawa Utamara, Tajo Mendez is not the manager he was the first three seasons, what even is this team? They’re already likely out of a chance of even coming close to qualifying for UICA berth, much less making it into the Champions Cup, talks of repeating for a fourth consecutive time as league champions have for the most part been washed away for the team as announcers now talk on the need for a rehaul of the entire defense for the team and supporters call for Tajo Mendez to be sacked. Thomas Traton’s two goals weren’t enough for the team and we’re sure he wants out right now for this team, there’s too much at stake for him to want to remain, he’s wasting his youth with a team that’s not committed to him as they’ve continually played him less-and-less, there are rumours that Blue Strike Calix might be willing to make an offer for him next season. In other games, Avispa Orleans has downed Battlebrook, a 2-nil victory for the home side will leave Battlebrook stuck in fifth place and one point out of fourth, another game, Birmingham has knocked Pyracantha into the relegation zone, we’ll all be hoping Pyracantha is performing a huge comeback right now as they’re stuck in the relegation zone unless they don’t drastically turn things around, how does Gordon Heyward still have a job?
Vegai F.C. 3–2 Azurea
Avispa Orleans 2–0 Battlebrook United
Aquatarius S.C. 1–1 BirninZula F.C.
AC 317 Roses 1–1 Blue Strike Calix
Sporting Illyrius 1–0 Doverhampton Wanderers
Rovers F.C. 0–0 Dragonpool
Pyracantha 0–2 Old Birmingham City
Peachtree City F.C. 1–0 Olympic Reading

LigVezia A MD23 — Febraza 24
Voula Logothettis’s job is safe according to the front office of BirninZula F.C. who seem to be fine with her mediocre first season with the team, the Nepharan has come forth into the league and mostly after recovering from a rough start and have performed well, a 2-nil victory over Avispa Orleans seemed to confirm that Logothettis has a job another season, Logothettis’s focus on defence will likely be answered in the UICA offseason, mostly because Logothettis came in on the tail end of the season prior to the start of the new season, she’ll now have a chance to formulate what she wants on defence, according to inside sources, Logothettis will have N$12 million to spend on the summer transfer window for the team to go out and get key defensive weapons and of course the biggest question will be who comes in to replace Tracy Powers at goalkeeper, giving up 44 goals even as a 21 year old debutant assures you likely no place on this roster moving forward, there’s no chance she’s a starting keeper for any team in LigVezia and I’m not sure even long term she has a place in LigVezia with the play she’s had this season, sure she’s picked up an extra clean sheet but things need to change. On the other end, Vegai F.C. is probably likely to go out and get a big keeper from the international scene, while I understand Thunder Sanai is a young, extraordinary talent, Vegai and Ella Kabeya have made it clear that a big presence is needed in goal, especially after being forced to go with academy player, Sanai following two failed bids for keepers, her slow start too also lead to early lack of trust from Kabeya even for a short time considered a trade with Sporting Illyrius to acquire the loan rights to Banijan Zinnah Ndiaye who’s largely been a superman for Sporting Illyrius who’s defence has failed to do anything with little to no offensive firepower to help Ndiaye. Speaking of Illyrius, they fell to Dragonpool 2-1 and look likely to sink down back into Series B more so than ever, so Ndiaye will likely be going back sooner so than later. Pyracantha seems determined to not go away completely, a draw with Olympic Reading has put the team on thin ice as it bids to get above the relegation zone. The Roses simply can’t seem to pull away, this time with a 3-3 draw with the Wanderers, when will the Roses gain the points they need to win? Battlebrook notably draws with Azurea, 3 points out of fourth place. The battle for fourth has narrowed down to Blue Strike, Battlebrook and on the far and unlikely outset, the Doverhampton Wanderers, oh boy do big things look likely in the final 6 games of the season.
Peachtree City F.C. 1–3 Vegai F.C.
Olympic Reading 3–3 Pyracantha
Old Birmingham City 4–2 Rovers F.C.
Dragonpool 2–1 Sporting Illyrius
Doverhampton Wanderers 3–3 AC 317 Roses
Blue Strike Calix 1–0 Aquatarius S.C.
BirninZula F.C. 2–0 Avispa Orleans
Battlebrook United 1–1 Azurea

VFL Velish League Cup — Febraza 27
Olympic Reading away at F.C. Willmark Falls in Welmington played a beautiful game as they ran away with a 5-1 victory over the Series C team, the signs are clear from the front end that Series A is clearly going to dominate this competition and the path forward seems incredibly easy for Olympic Reading who sit in second only because the Celtics of Series B are also running away with games, once these two play each other we should see one emerge as the clear class with is almost insanely favoured in Olympic Reading’s favour. F.C. Willmark Falls did get a goal in extra time in 90+3’ if that can do anything to make them feel a little better. Meanwhile the Astoriya Park Celtics who look like favourites to be promoted to LigVezia simply demolished Crownian Royale 5-1, perhaps it just wasn’t Crownian Royale’s day as it was really tossed around. Meanwhile on the other end in Group B, in the clash of titans, the Roses and Battlebrook drew blood again ina 7-5 12-goal thriller as the Roses edged out the goal-happy Battlebrook United side, Kalston Rose who sits in goal for an injured Felipe Vaz of the Roses committed so many mistakes that describing them would be atrocious in nature. That’s to say the same about Battlebrook keeper, Carson Tannerson who reinforced the logic that he will not be the starter any time soon. A 1—1 draw between First Division side North Hampton and Peachtree City might leave some to worry, but it looked fine as Peachtree City mainly started a lot of academy players.
Velish League Cup Group A
F.C. Willmark Falls (C) 1–5 Olympic Reading (A)
Astoriya Park Celtics (B) 5–1 Crownian Royale (C)
Velish League Cup Group B
A.C. 317 Roses (A) 7–5 Battlebrook United (A)
Peachtree City F.C. (A) 1–1 North Hampton (1)

LigVezia A MD24 — Frezha 3
In another big game, Battlebrook United choked when it could’ve moved up, dropping a huge game 5-1 to Vegai F.C., this puts Vegai into first place in LigVezia for the first time in years and puts them in the drivers seat for the rest of the season, coupled with an A.C. 317 Roses loss, Velestria’s richest club suddenly has a chance to win the league title, and to me it looks like they’re most likely to do it, despite giving a a goal early, Vegai looked lik the most complete team and were up 3-1 at half time, it didn’t take long for them to capitalize on key failures from Battlebrook to collapse on the league lead and gun themselves into first, leaving little room for error from other two teams chasing the league title, both Peachtree City F.C. who seem more likely to fade and be content with finishing 3rd and the Roses who seem to in recent weeks be limping forward through the back half of the season. Its clear with the Roses that there’s a problem without Felipa Vaz, and he’s not cleared to play until the summer where he might be ready in time for UICA and preseason competition but its very unlikely, meanwhile the biggest problems we see clearly are with Kalston Rose in net. Rose can save, but thaving the ball at his feet is treacherous and we’re beginning to understand why Vaz was recruited so heavily by the Roses who were looking to minimize the errors committed with a player like that being added, Kalston Rose at this point needs t focus on saving the balls and being ablet o organize his backline more effectively as their chance to clinch the title early slipped away as Vegai won and well…the Roses lost when it could’ve, no should’ve gotten up and taken a quiet, well-earned victory. Peachtree City meanwhile is making a reach and gunning for a Globe Cup berth, this is coming off a 3-nil victory away at Pyracantha, goals each from Ash Sunshield and two from Talitha proved to be more than enough and bring a big victory for Peachtree, are they quietly gunning for a title? Meanwhile, Azurea’s 3-1 victory over BirninZula didn’t really do much but does give them a chance of getting into 8th place as they join the battle for 8th which is a qualification slot for the CEDC Play-off. The battles rage throughout the league right now, playing out like this:
Battle for 4th place
xxxLigVezia Series A           Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
4 Blue Strike Calix 24 11 7 6 22 19 +3 40
5 Olympic Reading 24 11 5 8 39 30 +9 38
6 Doverhampton Wanderers 24 10 7 7 38 32 +6 37
7 Battlebrook United 24 10 7 7 25 21 +4 37

Battle for 8th place
xxxLigVezia Series A           Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
8 Dragonpool 24 9 5 10 38 42 −4 32
9 Rovers F.C. 24 8 7 9 28 28 0 31
10 Azurea 24 8 7 9 26 26 0 31
11 Old Birmingham City 24 7 9 8 35 36 −1 30
12 BirninZula F.C. 24 8 5 11 34 47 −13 29

LigVezia A MD25 — Frezha 10
Rovers F.C. allow Peachtree to stumble with a big 2-nil victory, a big one as it pushes the team to within a point of eight place and a spot in the Velish CEDC qualification play-offs, if Rovers can do at least that in their first season under a new manager I think that Felipa Medina – if he can do that in his first season then Rovers fans should be fine and pleased with his first campaign with the team, in fact they’d need to be more concerned about prepping for next season and the important offseason where he would have a big chance to craft his preferred roster for the team. Meanwhile the battle for fourth saw things shaken up in a big way as Doverhampton and Battlebrook both slipped in major ways, Battlebrook suffered a 5-2 disaster of a loss to BirninZula, pushing them further down and lowering them to seventh place, making it largely unlikely they’ll claw themselves out into a fourth place spot, this is a far nod from MD16 when they say in first place a bit more than halfway through the season, since then the wheels have come off and they look perhaps more likely to be focusing on a berth into the CEDC either through winning the VFL Velish League Cup which may seem for them a highly unlikely possibility or by qualifying through winning the CEDC Playoffs spot, through the 5-8th teams playing each other in a quick roundrobin soon after the end of the league season. For now, big things remain for the team to fix if it hopes either of those avenues work for the team. Olympic Reading kept it goal of fourth alive, sweeping side Sporting Illyrius 3-nil, Augusta Clark with 16 goals thus far should sit well for the home side. Adding victories was Vegai F.C. who took a 2-nil victory over Pyracantha with relative ease, barely struggling as they look poised and hopeful of a league title for the first time in…awhile.
Pyracantha 0–2 Vegai F.C.
Peachtree City F.C. 0–2 Rovers F.C.
Olympic Reading 3–0 Sporting Illyrius
Old Birmingham City 1–5 AC 317 Roses
Dragonpool 1–0 Aquatarius S.C.
Doverhampton Wanderers 1–3 Avispa Orleans
Blue Strike Calix 1–0 Azurea
BirninZula F.C. 5–2 Battlebrook United


xxxLigVezia Series A           Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
1 Vegai F.C. 25 14 6 5 48 28 +20 48
2 AC 317 Roses 25 14 4 7 42 23 +19 46
3 Peachtree City F.C. 25 13 4 8 26 21 +5 43
4 Blue Strike Calix 25 12 7 6 23 19 +4 43
5 Olympic Reading 25 12 5 8 42 30 +12 41
6 Doverhampton Wanderers 25 10 7 8 39 35 +4 37
7 Battlebrook United 25 10 7 8 27 26 +1 37
8 Dragonpool 25 10 5 10 39 42 −3 35
9 Rovers F.C. 25 9 7 9 30 28 +2 34
10 BirninZula F.C. 25 9 5 11 39 49 −10 32
11 Azurea 25 8 7 10 26 27 −1 31
12 Old Birmingham City 25 7 9 9 36 41 −5 30
13 Avispa Orleans 25 7 7 11 32 36 −4 28
14 Aquatarius S.C. 25 7 6 12 17 24 −7 27
15 Pyracantha 25 5 6 14 33 55 −22 21
16 Sporting Illyrius 25 5 4 16 18 33 −15 19


xxxLigVezia Series B          Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
1 Blue Coast 381 25 18 5 2 60 21 +39 59
2 Rasen Remus 25 17 2 6 46 21 +25 53
3 Vissel Ayeni 25 16 4 5 36 16 +20 52
4 Astoriya Park Celtics 25 16 2 7 42 16 +26 50
5 Crystal Fern Rovers 25 15 4 6 43 23 +20 49
6 Cerezo Plymouth 25 12 5 8 22 18 +4 41
7 Haverpool Chiefs 25 10 5 10 27 32 −5 35
8 Mount Gazania 25 10 3 12 34 39 −5 33
9 North Hathmond 25 7 10 8 24 27 −3 31
10 F.C. Clearwater 25 9 4 12 27 32 −5 31
11 Elcmester A.C. 25 8 4 13 17 31 −14 28
12 Clube de Calix 25 7 6 12 23 32 −9 27
13 Ventforet Reaven 25 5 8 12 15 31 −16 23
14 Triton Valley 25 4 5 16 21 38 −17 17
15 A.C. Buckingstone 25 5 2 18 16 46 −30 17
16 Renofa Grandmore 25 3 7 15 21 51 −30 16


xxxLigVezia Series C          Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
1 Crownian Royale 25 18 2 5 40 13 +27 56
2 F.C. Willmark Falls 25 18 0 7 40 20 +20 54
3 ZK Oakia 25 14 5 6 23 16 +7 47
4 Navalia 25 12 7 6 42 20 +22 43
5 Oakham City 25 12 6 7 37 19 +18 42
6 Old York FC 25 11 7 7 29 21 +8 40
7 Harthtown United F.C. 25 10 7 8 42 19 +23 37
8 AFC Querjiban 25 10 5 10 29 25 +4 35
9 Petertown City 25 9 5 11 27 28 −1 32
10 Eventry 25 10 2 13 34 38 −4 32
11 Calix Club 25 7 9 9 25 22 +3 30
12 Freston F.C. 25 9 2 14 22 41 −19 29
13 Warshire United F.C. 25 7 7 11 24 34 −10 28
14 Illvermorny Pudwgees 25 7 6 12 27 37 −10 27
15 Rivernest City 25 6 5 14 28 44 −16 23
16 Calix United 25 1 3 21 10 82 −72 6


Division represented in parenthesis.
LVA = LigVezia Series A (1st tier)
A = LigVezia Series B (2nd tier)
C = LigVezia Series C (3rd tier)
1 = First Division 1 (4th tier regional division)
2 = First Division 2 (5th tier regional division)

Quarterfinals — Second Leg
Azurea (A) 0–1 Peachtree City F.C. (A) (0-2 on agg.)
Rovers F.C. (A) 0–1 Old Birmingham City (A) (2-2 on agg., Rovers F.C. on away goals)
Harthtown United F.C. (C) 1–0 Angels of Rockdover (1) (3-2 on agg.)
BirninZula F.C. (A) 3–0 Sabrook City F.C. (1) (4-3 on agg.)
Cerezo Plymouth (B) 0–1 Blue Strike Calix (A) (0-2 on agg.)


xxxVelish League Cup Group A  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Astoriya Park Celtics 2 2 0 0 12 2 +10 6
2 Olympic Reading 2 2 0 0 9 2 +7 6
3 Blue Coast 381 2 1 0 1 4 5 −1 3
4 Crownian Royale 3 0 1 2 3 9 −6 1
5 F.C. Willmark Falls 3 0 1 2 3 13 −10 1

xxxVelish League Cup Group B  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 A.C. 317 Roses 3 2 0 1 15 6 +9 6
2 Peachtree City F.C. 2 1 1 0 2 1 +1 4
3 Battlebrook United 2 1 0 1 9 8 +1 3
4 Readsent City 2 1 0 1 4 5 −1 3
5 North Hampton 3 0 1 2 2 12 −10 1
Sporting World Cup 6 champion
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YEAR 418
Part 6


The First Premier Cup
Semifinal Play-in and Semi-final Rounds

Semifinal play-in round
Team listed first played first leg at home.
(LVA)            BirninZula F.C.    2–1    Harthtown United F.C.        (LVC)   1–0   1–1

Team listed first played first leg at home.
(LVA)                 Rovers F.C.    1–4    Blue Strike Calix           (LVA)   0–1   1–3
(LVA) Peachtree City F.C. 5–3 BirninZula F.C. (LVA) 2–3 3–0


The Eighth League Cup
Group Stage

Group winners and runners-up qualified for The League Cup semi-finals

Group A                            Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Olympic Reading LVA 4 4 0 0 19 7 +12 12
2 Blue Coast 381 LVB 4 4 0 0 21 14 +7 12

3 Astoriya Park Celtics LVB 4 3 0 1 18 11 +7 9
4 F.C. Willmark Falls LVC 4 1 1 2 6 17 −11 4
5 Crownian Royale LVC 4 0 2 2 5 20 −15 2

Group B                            Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 A.C. 317 Roses LVA 4 4 0 0 29 12 +17 12
2 Peachtree City F.C. LVA 4 3 0 1 10 5 +5 9

3 Battlebrook United LVA 4 2 0 2 22 14 +8 6
4 Readsent City FD2 4 2 0 2 8 21 −13 6
5 North Hampton FD1 4 0 0 4 9 26 −17 0

Semi-final draw
A.C. 317 Roses (LVA)–Peachtree City F.C. (LVA)
Olympic Reading (LVA)–Blue Coast 381 (LVB)
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Veleish Lower Leagues — 417-18 Results

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   FIRST DIVISION I          Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts
1 North Hampton 30 20 8 2 64 29 +35 68
2 Foxbridge Wonderers 30 16 9 5 43 21 +22 57
3 Limingshire Fire 30 16 6 8 43 23 +20 54
4 Islingwood City 30 16 6 8 35 22 +13 54

5 Montedio Azona 30 14 10 6 50 24 +26 52
6 F.C. Ellingvern 30 12 9 9 34 35 −1 45
7 East Road F.C. 30 11 10 9 40 35 +5 43
8 Angels of Rockdover 30 9 11 10 29 27 +2 38
9 Ravencourt Pillagers 30 8 13 9 31 30 +1 37
10 AFC Yorkcaster 30 9 10 11 29 31 −2 37
11 Sabrook City F.C. 30 11 4 15 29 40 −11 37
12 S.C. Richwood 30 8 6 16 31 46 −15 30
13 Athletic Calix 30 8 5 17 25 53 −28 29
14 Litchmont Road 30 7 6 17 23 48 −25 27
15 Allerminister 30 6 7 17 23 39 −16 25
16 Quinerva 30 5 8 17 30 56 −26 23

North Hampton (1st title)

   FIRST DIVISION II              Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
1 Horsbrook Patties 30 18 7 5 42 23 +19 61
2 Readsent City 30 17 8 5 42 21 +21 59
3 Everdeen Tynedale 30 15 7 8 43 24 +19 52
4 Sornell 30 16 4 10 47 33 +14 52

5 Firewall 30 15 6 9 35 24 +11 51
6 Islingwood United 30 14 7 9 47 28 +19 49
7 Greengate F.C. 30 15 3 12 41 28 +13 48
8 F.C. Dursley 30 14 6 10 36 28 +8 48
9 A.C. Gloucaster 30 13 7 10 33 28 +5 46
10 Qurengard City 30 10 7 13 34 42 −8 37
11 City of Hampdover 30 9 9 12 30 43 −13 36
12 Keenlin City 30 9 6 15 29 38 −9 33
13 Trenchmont Landing 30 7 9 14 30 38 −8 30
14 Copeland County 30 6 9 15 25 41 −16 27
15 Bridgeberry United 30 6 6 18 22 49 −27 24
16 North Pond Anchorers F.C. 30 4 3 23 26 74 −48 15

Horsbrook Patties (1st title)
Sporting World Cup 6 champion
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YEAR 418

It came down to the last day, and it for sure was a brutal ending for some teams and players, but man all I can say is give due props to Vegai F.C. who overcame trials and tribulations enroute to hoisting the title, officially confirmed as season champions on goal difference. Despite a loss on the last day of play against the Doverhampton Wanderers, Vegai’s revamped offense, containing primarily academy starlets showed that it didn’t need the likes of Brick Eden, Pete Merlot and former goalkeeper, Easton Thomas. Their run to the title was incredibly tough, but towards the end it was clear they were pulling away with the league title, Starblaydi defender Sam Viipuri their best player was largely emerging as the best player, clearly five times as better as Roy Norwood, compared to Norwood’s six seasons with the team, Viipuri who took a while to get going was extraordinary and came out as one of the best to where the purple-and-whites for the Tibs. Additionally, Adeline Scoutman, that’s the 25 year old product of the Vegai F.C. Academy, her first season ever and she racked up 13 goals in her first season, but her whopping 19 assists shows just how versatile of a player she is and can continue to be. Sure she s was a quiet presence in the backend, but it was with her that the offense was able to take shape, moving forward, Ella Kabeya needs to bring in offensive studs who can surround her, strong players and big offensive generators who will be fed well by her assists. Arturo Jiminez debuted with 7 goals, not much but at the centremidfielder position, he thrived against the defensive opposition, and also added he himself was able to play out and show incredibly defensive prowess, at 31, he’s not really built for a long term stay with this team and is part of the transitional period, but I could of course see him staying on a few more years as Kabeya will be wanting to really create her future of the team. Carson Wheeler had himself an alright debut, put its clear he’s not what the team needs him to be, 11 goals and 6 assists, it’s alright for a debutant, but Vegai is an offensive team that relies heavily on the counterattack, with as many chances as he had, he should’ve converted at least 22 goals this season. He did though add for himself a small hat trick, he should be proud of himself for that, maybe he comes in and develops into a super sub for Vegai or a piece to move in the transfer window, who knows. Cyan Keylor got added to the fold and the Nepharan continues to forward the notion that Nepharans are gods in Series A play – 9 goals for a defender, and 6 from set pieces of course, coupled with a few assists, he and Sam Viipuri really solidified as a defensive front by matchday 18 when they really were able to start cooking. Denielson Ares was fine, but I don’t think he’s going to return and of course, with N$40 million to spend for Kabeya, she’s going to want to insert a key player into that slot for Velestria to move it forward during both UICA play and next season… Vance Kirkman and van Dijk are both interesting pieces, does Kabeya want to keep them for another run next season? They were fine, but I don’t think there’s much madness if they leave this summer.

It’s kind of had to believe three seasons ago Peachtree City had just been promoted to Series A, they really came out in full force with a mighty defensive effort mustered from national team keeper, Chris Banker, a possession based team, they really only had to rely on a staunch defines and never dropped out of the top 6 throughout the season. It has to really bother them that they only needed a win to win the league as Vegai F.C. lost on the final matchday. First nods have to go of course to the one in the net, Chris Banker who gave up the second lowest amount of goals in the league, 23 goals allowed as the team went on to finish second, his paly was dominating and he’s certainly made a case to go overseas next season, this summer is going to be a taxing one for Peachtree City and they definitely could go out and collect big cash for Banker on the market, but do they want to risk an all-star for money or stay around and compete more for UICA? You’ve got to sign light on this offense too, 20 goals from Terrence Kalbum? A player under Pudwig Tonks who scores more than fifteen goals? I know, its shocking, but Kalbum is one of the more underrated forwards in Series A, and its shows, he’s for years been snuffed from appearances with the national team, everyone should be looking to see how well his season was this year. Peachtree is going to lock him up likely. Antonio Luis, that’s the Dreamplanetian, 7 goals in his first season, 12 assists, he should be pleased, don’t expect him to be the staggering, big signing that other foreigners were but he’s a workhorse and could emerge the focal point of this team in a few years. If only Peachtree wasn’t a small-market team and had money, they’d be a constant power in and out, Pudwig Tonks could be gone, guys.

The Roses…should’ve won the title but they choked…the A.C. 317 Roses lived up to their name of being choke artists, choking away what had been an eight point lead on matchday 24 as Vegai and then Peachtree City eventually rose (ha!) above them, despite all of this the biggest thing for the team was the impact of an injury to big money signing, Filipe Vaz is out for the season, he went out with an injury in matchday 23, the largest problem we saw of course was the impact of the magnitude of his injury, backup, Kalstone Rose reinforced why the Roses went out and shelled big money for Vaz, but you can’t blame the systematic failure entirely on Rose, and there was plenty of good with this team too. Solomon Bundy the Devontan proved he’s one of the best foreigners in the league, putting up 16 goals in the season alongside 9 assists, as the captain, he’s really been forced into a place where he has to grow from, this however might be the right time to put him on the market to get some cash for him, his contract was large, N$9m/season for three seasons when he was signed, in addition to the N$38m the Roses shelled out for Vaz, keeping both of them this season will be impossible. Luis Silva didn’t perform up to expectations, collects a decent 9 goals, actually, that’s a lacklustre tally, but perhaps it’s due to him adapting to playing in a better league in the form of Series a compared to what was then the-125th ranked Dreamplanetian league, but hopefully he takes the next big step next season. This team will likely spend their money trying to add free transfers and find some answers on defence, I have full faith in Pete Merlot, and just some defensive stops are needed.

Gamba Calix...wait they were gobbled up by the Mercedinians right? Blue Strike Calix showed some signs that that offensive needs help, and honestly calling their offense existent is incredibly lacklustre, they only scored 28 goals this entire season there’s some big problems going on. Erik Henriksen really shows that he’s the best keeper in LigVezia with Chris Banker, there might even be a chance the Audioslav gets a crack at the Audidoslavia NT roster for the AOCAF with the way he’s continually been playing, and in addition he’s 63.3% on stopping penalty kicks this season... Most goals came from Victor Felix who lead the team with 16 goals, I think that’s the player you’re going to want to build around for the team alongside the goalkeeper moving forward. Audley, Keyes, River and Crow emerged as the tacticians of the backline, brilliant play from them throughout the season will help with the team moving forward. Josh Reven played some time with Calix before departing for the sister club, Blue Strike Zoloroni, goals in 9 appearances should be alright for him, and of course he was incredibly mad at not being table to start. Dennis Crabbleton has to go, even though he’s the heart of the team on the field he was a large liability.

Olympic Reading was incredibly disappointing for me this season, here was a team that I thought would crack into the top four for the first time ever, but it was same old-same old at the office and reinforced the notion the front office isn’t serious about competing, despite a hot start, the team alongside Doverhampton came back down to earth rapidly, on top of that with the amount of parity this season it’s safe to say there was a huge chance for Reading to swoop in and claim a push for fourth if only things had gone better on the final part of the season. Enough said, an offensive juggernaut, Olympic Reading’s best player was no doubt Augusta Clark, as she racked up 23 goals and 9 assists on the season, the 20 year old member of the national team showed why she was such a clutch steal for the team, cooking in her time as she put 23 in the cage and largely has thus far carried the team into the League Cup with 13 goals in her name if that had counted, that’d be 33 on the season. But aside from her dominance in the field, she also shown bright for the national team during the Cup of Harmony, there is a star here in Olympic Reading and if ownership is looking to one day get to the title, they need to take advantage of her and lock her up this offseason. Keeghan Gallagher’s 9 goals in his debut was good, he’s building something special and as a replacement for Thomas Bishop he looks like he has a great future ahead of him. Kristoff Mark didn’t score often, but he scored when it was needed, alongside Vez Willie who combined put of 6 goals. Some changes will be needed for the defence to help out Kellyn Barker who’s 38 goals given up shows he needs help in the back.

There was a time when Battlebrook United was in the lead for the league and calmly had taken control of first before choking on matchday 20 and losing the lead to the Roses, and then we know how that ended. Meanwhile, since matchday 20, the league has bottled for Battlebrook who somehow managed to scrape into a sixth place ending, they should decently be happy with the paly from Tarquin Ulster, the 32 year-old Nepharan took the team and carried it, especially as it was reeling post-matchday 20. 19 goals from him, he’s really been a steady for the team and should be of help to the team as next season gets underway. River Blackfoot was one of the best players, 13 goals went to him and he was pretty decent for the team, Blackfoot is likely going to begin decrease in usage, he doesn’t accommodate to Al Gunther’s system with the team and things can be don’t to fix his placement. A decent season and showcase for Fraser Pearch and Carson Tannerson, the tandem in goalie, they alternated and were actually a quality pair, Pearch is likely gone through this season, he was a 1 season fix, will Tannerson be the guy they turn to permanently next season? So where does this team go from here? They’re not particularly great, but if anything they’re a team that figured out how to understand each other, with a chance to qualify for the CEdC, can they do it? Doverhampton Wanderers had been at one point leader of the league, of course it had been when only a handful of games had been played, a very solid season in the post-Diamond Gregory era for the Wanderers, I’m pleased with what I’ve seen from them thus far. This offseason will be pivotal for them and they’ll be looking to add some pieces that’ll be able to right the ship for them. Then the big story is Dragonpool, they did show off, finishing in the midtable rankings, checking in at eight place for the side from Dragonpoolborough, apparently which receives sport from people in Ko-oren, Blake Cooper was their best player and showed out by adding 23 goals in his first season, he’s definitely gone this offseason to a team in Series A…or even overseas.

What? I don’t even know what’s going on, but Rovers F.C. had a tough season and of course it’s part of the post-Peter Fermen years, god rest his soul as he died from cancer at the beginning of the season, new manager, Felipa Medina has a lot of work to do over the offseason. Vronin Ingles was there best player and really was the only guy who knew what he was doing while he was out there for much of the season, I’m going to be saying that out on a whim Ingles has played his last season in a uniform with Rovers. Marcia Folkhard was frustrating to watch in net for Rovers, and Thorn Rivers was injured for much of the season, so is it time to move on from the one-season experiment with the tandem and just go with Rivers next season? Well, two seasons ago, Rivers was one of the worst in the league sooooo. Azurea regressed heavily, what in the fuck has happened to this team, Miguel Benedito is no Utamara and we need to move on from him as quick as possible, he’s not going to look to bright, meaning Benedito who struggled heavily this season. Perhaps it’s because he’s o young, but Utamara thrived in his youth here, what’s the problem and why is success not transferring to Benedito? BirninZula struggled through the season, and their mediocre play on defense despite bringing in a “defensive Guru” in Voula Logothettis has some of us debating what’s going on right now. But perhaps there’s an upside for right now, Elliot Kewen was rightfully the best player on the field despite a terrible defense in support. Lets be clear – Aquatarius S.C. is shittttt, but they’re definitely proud of surviving and not being relegated this season in their first season up, however Skole Jennison brought in so many players who were supposed to help them this season.

The first season win Birmingham City with Old Birmingham City has to have been an interesting experience for Vraxl-Ucyxi Lec, if the team adds some defensive power and finds a serviceable keeper, does Birmingham perhaps see themselves finding their way to a new keeper this offseason? However back on the season, Charity Williams was shown out by Ella Kabeya from Vegai F.C., she’s come in with Old Birmingham and was quickly named captain by the qusmi’y manager, she shown well for a player of her age, a former national team player she should be key to building a defence for the team in the future, in addition her three goals she scored herself should be enticing for the future of this team. She’ll be the focal point of the rebuild moving forward.

Avispa Orleans is going right back down, safe to say Aranha who scored 20 of their goals is hitting the market again to escape the sinking ship, his display was really a cut above the rest. Neil Shirtliff was neither good nor bad, a mediocre campaign if anything he’ll be happy to leave the wastelands of Orleans. Pyracantha is a fucking train wreck and they played their final seven games without a manager, and they shouldn’t, shouldn’t be this bad. However, a bright spot for fans in attendance is their 41 goals scored, 24 scored by Maggie Livia who is reportedly being courted by some higher ranked Series A sides. Finally, the award of pure shit is given to pure shit side, Sporting Illyrius who’s best player is their loanee goalkeeper, Zinnah Ndiaye who had a rough season but he’s the best that the team has, he gave up 30 goals in 24 games, but he was such a good staple for the team and is sad that at 33 he’s going out like this. Ndiaye will go back to Banija relieved as Illyrius will need to work on their craft next season in Series B.


xxxLigVezia Series A            Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
--1 Vegai F.C. 29 15 9 5 54 32 +22 54 Champions-----------
--2 Peachtree City F.C. 29 16 4 9 34 23 +11 52 Globe Cup-----------
--3 AC 317 Roses 29 15 6 8 50 32 +18 51 Globe Cup-----------
--4 Blue Strike Calix 29 14 9 6 28 21 +7 51 Globe Cup-----------

--5 Olympic Reading 29 14 6 9 52 38 +14 48 CEdC Playoffs-------
--6 Battlebrook United 29 12 8 9 34 30 +4 44 CEdC Playoffs-------
--7 Doverhampton Wanderers 29 11 10 8 44 39 +5 43 CEdC Playoffs-------
--8 Dragonpool 29 12 6 11 45 45 0 42 CEdC Playoffs-------

- 9 Rovers F.C. 29 11 8 10 39 34 +5 41
-10 Azurea 29 10 9 10 32 30 +2 39
-11 BirninZula F.C. 29 9 5 15 42 58 −16 32
-12 Aquatarius S.C. 29 8 7 14 19 27 −8 31
-13 Old Birmingham City 29 7 10 12 38 49 −11 31
-14 Avispa Orleans 29 7 8 14 37 51 −14 29 Relegated-----------
-15 Pyracantha 29 7 8 14 42 61 −19 29 Relegated-----------
-16 Sporting Illyrius 29 5 5 19 22 42 −20 20 Relegated-----------
The Vegai F.C. (5th title)


xxxLigVezia Series B           Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
--1 Blue Coast 381 30 19 7 4 67 29 +38 64 Champions-----------
--2 Astoriya Park Celtics 30 19 4 7 51 19 +32 61 SBCC----------------
--3 Vissel Ayeni 30 18 7 5 42 17 +25 61 SBCC----------------

- 4 Crystal Fern Rovers 30 18 5 7 55 29 +26 59
- 5 Rasen Remus 30 18 3 9 53 28 +25 57
- 6 Cerezo Plymouth 30 15 6 9 28 21 +7 51
- 7 Haverpool Chiefs 30 12 6 12 32 41 −9 42
- 8 F.C. Clearwater 30 11 5 14 33 37 −4 38
- 9 Mount Gazania 30 11 4 15 40 49 −9 37
-10 North Hathmond 30 8 12 10 27 32 −5 36
-11 Clube de Calix 30 9 8 13 31 38 −7 35
-12 Ventforet Reaven 30 8 10 12 22 32 −10 34
-13 Elcmester A.C. 30 9 5 16 19 38 −19 32
-14 Triton Valley 30 5 7 18 23 44 −21 22 Relegated-----------
-15 A.C. Buckingstone 30 5 5 20 18 53 −35 20 Relegated-----------
-16 Renofa Grandmore 30 3 10 17 24 58 −34 19 Relegated-----------
Blue Coast 381 (1st title)


xxxLigVezia Series C           Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
--1 Crownian Royale 30 22 2 6 50 18 +32 68 Champions-----------
--2 F.C. Willmark Falls 30 22 0 8 50 22 +28 66 Promoted------------
--3 ZK Oakia 30 16 7 7 29 18 +11 55 Promoted------------

- 4 Harthtown United F.C. 30 15 7 8 54 22 +32 52
- 5 Old York FC 30 14 8 8 37 24 +13 50
- 6 Navalia 30 14 7 9 47 27 +20 49
- 7 AFC Querjiban 30 14 6 10 36 25 +11 48
- 8 Oakham City 30 13 8 9 40 22 +18 47
- 9 Petertown City 30 11 6 13 37 35 +2 39
-10 Calix Club 30 9 11 10 32 29 +3 38
-11 Illvermorny Pudwgees 30 10 7 13 35 41 −6 37
-12 Eventry 30 11 2 17 36 47 −11 35
-13 Warshire United F.C. 30 8 8 14 26 43 −17 32 Relegated-----------
-14 Freston F.C. 30 9 2 19 24 51 −27 29 Relegated-----------
-15 Rivernest City 30 6 6 18 32 54 −22 24 Relegated-----------
-16 Calix United 30 1 3 26 11 98 −87 6 Relegated-----------
Crownian Royale (1st title)
Sporting World Cup 6 champion
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Postby Velestria » Fri Jun 07, 2019 1:20 pm


YEAR 419
Part 7


The First Premier Cup

at Hartford Park, Southampshire, Velestria
(LVA)            Blue Strike Calix   3–1    Peachtree City F.C.           (LVA)

Blue Strike Calix wins its first Premier Cup and as such will be Velestria's second participant in the CEDC.


The Eighth League Cup
Semi-Finals & Final

(LVA)        A.C. 317 Roses    1–4    Peachtree City F.C.               (LVA)   1–1   0–3
(LVA) Olympic Reading 3–1 Blue Coast 381 (LVB) 2–1 1–0

at Oakikikos Stadium, Southampshire, Velestria
(LVA)        Olympic Reading    2–4    [b]Peachtree City F.C.               (LVA)

Peachtree City F.C. win its first League Cup and as such will play LigVezia Series A champions for the Velish SuperCup.
Sporting World Cup 6 champion
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Hamilton Ware & Co. GFL Premiership — Season 1

Postby Grierwood » Fri Jun 07, 2019 1:46 pm

[reserved for summary of the Hamilton Ware & Co. GFL Premiership]
Part of the Crown Federation
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