AOCAF LVII || Everything Thread

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]
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AOCAF LVII || Everything Thread

Postby Mriin » Thu Nov 15, 2018 11:15 pm

The time has come for the ceremonial kicking of baals. The Mrii National [Football] League is overjoyed to have been given the rights to host the multiverse's most prestigious variation on such tradition, and hopes all involved will come away with a heightened appreciation for the camaraderie inherent to Atlantians or some such nonsense.
Pot 1
Vilita and Turori (1)
Valanora (2)
Farfadillis (3)
Cosumar (5)
Eshan (6)
Equestrian States (7)
Mriin (8) [host]

Pot 2
Starblaydia (9)
Banija (10)
Tropicorp (11)
Qasden (12)
95X (13)
Oontaz Dert Li Ng (14)
Ko-oren (15)

Pot 3
Semarland (16)
Baker Park (18)
Demot (19)
Saltstead (21)
Siovanija and Teusland (22)
Saint Emelie (23)
Audioslavia (24)

Pot 4
Novo Calania (27)
Freeport (31)
Euran Oceania Territories (39)
Geisenfried (39)
Busoga Islands (43)
Northwest Kalactin (UR)
Lochario (UR)

At the end of three matchdays, the top two teams in each group along with the two best third place teams will advance to the knockouts.
Group A
Mriin (8)
Ko-oren (15)
Freeport (31)
Semarland (16)

Group B
Geisenfried (39)
Saint Emelie (23)
Tropicorp (11)
Farfadillis (3)

Group C
Euran Oceania Territories (39)
Demot (19)
Vilita and Turori (1)
Starblaydia (9)

Group D
Baker Park (18)
Eshan (6)
Novo Calania (27)
Qasden (12)

Group E
Equestrian States (7)
Busoga Islands (43)
Siovanija and Teusland (22)
Oontaz Dert Li Ng (14)

Group F
Valanora (2)
Lochario (UR)
Audioslavia (24)
Banija (10)

Group G
Northwest Kalactin (UR)
Saltstead (21)
Cosumar (5)
95X (13)

All cutoffs will happen in the window of 9-10pm EST [UTC-5].
Matchday 1    Saturday, November 24th    1v4  2v3
Matchday 2 Monday, November 26th 4v3 1v2
Matchday 3 Wednesday, November 28th 2v4 3v1
Eighthfinals Friday, November 30th
Quarterfinals Sunday, December 2nd
Semifinals Tuesday, December 4th
Thirdfinals Thursday, December 6th
Finalfinals Friday, December 7th
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Postby Mriin » Thu Nov 15, 2018 11:16 pm


General Information
Mriin is a modern, liberal democratic 'republic'. While a legislature does exist and have power to ensure no part of running the state falls through the cracks, referenda are a part of daily Mrii life and is how most major legislation is decided upon. Also, satyrs (which in practical terms are Humans, But multicolored and with various goatlike features, in all honestly) are the prevalent race, and are known for frolicking in the islands' humid, nigh-tropical weather.

The nation is largely split up along the lines of its three main islands, each with their own distinct demographics and culture--though those lines have been blurring in the internet age. Groups A through D will find themselves on the largest island of Easthold, E and F in the central island of Seastone, and G in one of the few tamed corners of Westhold. Local detail can be found below, and any and all questions about Mrii environments and temperaments are welcomed via TG or Discord.

Maal, seaside || Group A
The ‘old city’ is a Mrii cultural landmark and still one of the most bustling parts of the country. Narrow streets winding through brown stucco neighborhoods are draped with cheap strings of multicolored lights, filled with anything from clubs to traditional restaurants. But the jewel is the bazaar, which dominates miles of the coastline. Independent merchants hawking any goods they can get their hands on from the ships that float by night and day, horrible fried concoctions that’ll shave years off your life, and an endless array of tourist tat.
Haven 65 000 || 1v4, 4v3, 3v1
The MNL’s flagship stadium, hosting all of the national team, perennial contenders in the Angels, and their historic archrivals the Dæmons. The sleek and modern structure was carefully placed so that you could walk in right off the bazaar, to enjoy many amenities hard to find elsewhere in the old city like non-claustrophobic bathrooms.
the Forge 12 000 || 2v3, 1v2, 2v4
At the extreme other end, the Forge is an entirely indoor structure built out of an old warehouse in what remains of Maal’s industrial district. The tight confines make any match into an intense and sweaty affair--make sure to dress appropriately. Home of Weldsmith, a formerly independent team that has been a surprise factor since joining the MNL.

Maal, suburbs || Group B
While the urban sprawl has made telling where one city stops and the next starts difficult, there’s still a strong local pride that keeps things distinct. Andü’s history was shaped by a tremendously wealthy philanthropist, who created an entire system to manage what was--at the time--a crippling abandonment problem in Maal. To this day the foster care headquarters is Andü’s most recognizable landmark, and the city produces a great majority of Mrii politicians that specialize in social welfare. Meanwhile, Kaalen is regarded as the ‘upscale’ (read: uptight) counterpart to the capital, where many of the most successful merchants fled to when their businesses progressed to the point that they didn’t need to be at the docks every day. Being able to afford an apartment there is considered to be both an enormous waste of money and an impressive status symbol.
Public Park 25 000 || 1v4, 4v3, 3v1
Often voted the best place to spend a sunny day, Public Park is an enormous complex Andü puts great effort into maintaining. A dozen pitches for the full range of semi-pro to youth play, track & field provisions, and even one of the few proper baseball fields in Mriin. And in one corner is a very open, low-profile stadium that hosts the Andü Volunteers as they ping pong between the Upper and Lower divisions.
Aerodrome 45 000 || 2v3, 1v2, 2v4
Located just on the Kaalen side of Maal International Airport, which is typically seen as the border between the two cities. The expansive and heady seating is an impressive sight to behold--until you realize it’s largely empty as their second-rate local team can barely fill a fraction of it. Seeing the ‘drome sold out is one of the most anticipated things among Mrii sports nerds, many of whom have never even experienced ‘nosebleed seating’.

the Farmlands || Group C
Taking up much of the northeast quadrant of Easthold are vast plains of wheat and barley, with the occasional town sprinkled in. The area provided much of the food that helped fuel Maal’s meteoric growth, but now the metropolis’ demands outstrip their production. Laws were passed subsidising the import of foodstuffs from elsewhere in AO to disincentivize brutal growing techniques that could damage the island’s ecosystem, so now the farmlands mostly consist of ‘gourmet’ growers catering to city dwellers with more money than they know what to do with. The very most northeastern point features Easthold, one of the three ancient draconic castles that the islands are named after; of which great lengths have been taken to mitigate the echoes of oppression they represent.
Wyvernscrest 35 000 || 1v4, 3v1
Built in the shadow of a redstone ridge important to local folklore--involving the mythical creatures named ‘wyverns’--Wyvernscrest tends to be regarded as the most scenic football stadium among Eastholders. It’s otherwise surrounded by the rolling plains just outside Northbrush, the slightly larger and more prestigious of the two ‘brushes. Their team--also named Wyvernscrest--has continued to rub salt in their rival’s wound by putting up consistently stronger, if still mediocre, results in the MNL.
Wyrmstone 25 000 || 1v2, 2v4
Built around a curious rock structure important to local folklore--involving the mythical creatures named ‘wyrms’--Wyrmstone tends to be regarded as the uneasiest football stadium among Eastholders. Southbrush authorities ensure the eponymous stone is completely secure and that the slight wobbling it seems to do is merely an optical illusion. The rickety wooden stands don’t exactly instill confidence either, but they’ve passed inspection.
Seagate 50 000 || 2v3, 4v3
Not quite built on the castle grounds of Easthold, the imposing tower still looms over the pitch as waves crash into the rocky shore just meters beyond the seaward stands. As the stadium is a wee bit distant from other population centers, taking a trip to Seagate via boat has become a pastime for both the Maal elite--who also enjoy associating themselves with the remnants of the royalty--and the sailing community. But it was the recent construction of a light rail that connects to the ‘brushes that really started filling seats.

Prei, mountainside || Group D
Once upon a time the heights of Prei served as a refuge for enlightened satyrs, with the cold-blooded dragons finding the frigid conditions rather uncomfortable. Thus, two camps formed carved into the rockface: the militaristic sort who used the seclusion to build an anti-draconic militia, and monks who used it to focus solely on their studies without persecution. Today the city that developed around them is fairly sparsely populated because it’s still cold and hard, but still remains culturally important because of those two groups. The modern Mrii military academy leverages the location for high altitude training, and the monks are still seen as kinda weird and thus mostly keep to themselves.
Ritual Theatre 20 000 || 1v4, 4v3, 3v1
A stone-hewed amphitheatre originally built for the monks to put on and study foreign stories, but largely fell into disuse with the development of moving pictures and a theatre district in Maal. When the monks decided to put together a football team for a nascent MNL, astroturf was retrofitted in… though they naturally forgot to make the seating any more inviting. Or they did it to make a killing on selling branded cushions, both equally likely.
Cliffside 25 000 || 2v3, 1v2, 2v4
The primary public face of the Mrii Military Academy, it doesn’t actually sit on the sheer cliff face that frequently has various corp insignias spray painted onto it by insane people. Rather, it’s a short trip away just shy of the gate for the campus proper and a brief light rail ride from Prei itself. The stadium itself is a rather bland affair to match its rather bland team (the Dragonriders), once again using astroturf and featuring row upon row of steel-bar bleachers.

Vidial, campus district || Group E
It’s not a stretch to call Vidial a college city. But while you can’t throw a rock without hitting one, there’s an unusual concentration in the northern section of the city, where several sprawling campuses border and intertwine with each other. The sandstone spires painted in each school’s colors serve as signpoints when navigating the twisting, sometimes incomprehensible roads. And of course, to go with a college town, the tavern scene is thriving--boosted even further by the city’s brewing culture, and the largest gig in town being the University of Alchemy. Don’t go overboard with the potions--or do, just don’t be surprised if you get locked up for the night for disturbing the peace.
Gold Field 60 000 || 1v4, 3v1
A multi-purpose field located in the heart of the University of Alchemy, and a pretty standard one at that--but with an air of no-expenses-spared layered on top. Gourmet vendors, high-brow potions being passed out by roaming vendors, and maroon-and-gold banners draped everywhere. Currently holds the MNL championship trophy, won by the Vidial Alchemists last seaon.
Flâneur 40 000 || 1v2, 2v4
The chic and intricately designed field well represents its alma mater, the University of Architecture. Walkways seamlessly interwoven into the concourse radiate to all parts of the campus and further to some of the students’ favorite dives, and it even sports this crazy retractable roof to selectively keep out the elements.
the Pub 27 000 || 2v3, 4v3
Unsurprisingly, most regular patrons of the Pub aren’t exactly there for the football. An ever-flowing tap of cheap potions helps distract locals from both the wrongs life has beset upon them, and the abjectly terrible football played by Vidial SC. Having real matches there will be a new experience, and we imagine travelling fans may be in for some new ‘experiences’ of their own. Make sure you don’t fall in the bathroom’s piss trough.

Vidial, suburbs || Group F
Bruul and Reyn both started as decent settlements of their own, leveraging Seastone’s only usable lumber reserves and harbor (respectively). But as more and more sulfur mines were discovered and exploited around Vidial proper, the smaller towns found themselves being coerced into supporting the burgeoning “businesses” run by the class of dragons that had renounced royalty and embraced the market. Nowadays Reyn is more or less a ghost town where puppet companies handle supply and export matters for the various major breweries, but Bruul has managed to turn itself into a real city that can stand by itself. A unique butcher’s guild is one of the distinguishing factors, largely taking in livestock raised on Easthold and producing cuts that are a cut above (and also ran a giant racketeering ring, but that’s been busted for a few years now).
Butcher’s Den 45 000 || 1v4, 4v3
Once the headquarters for said racketeering ring, meat mogul Rone Kresh finally bit off more than he could chew when he founded the Bruul Skewers. A shitty football team funded by even more shady deals broke the camel’s back, and he was driven out of town--and the team has dramatically improved since. The Den still holds that sort of shady feel around it, with dark corners and hidden rooms a plenty, but it gets the job done and nobody wants to pay for a new stadium.
Railyard 20 000 || 2v3, 3v1
A bare-bones and minimalist solution for the poor side of town, quite literally on the wrong side of the train tracks--the wind often blows in such a way that a passing locomotive’s smoke drifts onto the pitch. Results of if this is a real health risk for the Centre Bruul players is inconclusive, and generally regarded as a scapegoat for their poor play.
Rolling Stones 33 000 || 1v2, 2v4
The Reyn Wanderers spent decades trying to find a solid place to play when Mrii football was still strictly semi-pro, as Vidial locales were much less welcoming than those in Maal. It was only when a brewing investor was looking for ways to make their workers have a reason to stay in Reyn that they could finally afford a home, but even then it feels a bit flimsy. Hidden away in an odd section of the town not easily accessible from either the docks nor the largest residential districts, and made to a very careful spec that balanced sturdiness with cheapness and disregarded most other qualities.

Hosingr || Group F
The oft-forgotten ‘third city’, Hosingr provides the industrial base that is critical for Maal and Vidial to sustain as much growth as they do. Abnormally low in both non-satyr denizens and income, and having had their own chances to expand resoundly denied as much of the rest of the island are dedicated nature reserves inhabited by the enigmatic dryad people, resentment has been a core part of the Hosingr experience. But they have been gradually opening up as of late, as they quickly latched onto the multiple success stories the MNL has brought, including swallowing the pill that sometimes foreigners can help make things better when applied strategically.
Iron Alley 55 000 || 1v4, 4v3, 3v1
AFC Hosingr’s stomping ground lays smack between the factory district and a residential district, catching those both on the way to and coming from work. Seats are small and crammed together, and those in the rear rows better be pretty tall to see much of value, but the fervent fans always seem to have a good time regardless.
Dockside 31 000 || 2v3, 1v2, 2v4
The only pitch in the MNL that can print two gold stars abreast the centre line, as the sailor’s club of Harbor surprised everyone for not one but back-to-back championships (converting a decent chunk of the city to their side in the process). Only slightly less cramped than Iron Alley, but with a nice ocean view through a sizeable gap in the stands along one touchline. The breezes help out quite a bit.
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Postby Valanora » Thu Nov 15, 2018 11:30 pm

From the Offices of the VSC does the Marauder information come

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players Y (no more than three weeks out)
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players N
Godmod Other Events Y

What is the name of…

…the five time World Cup champions?
Valanora (known prior to World Cup 37 as Elves Security Forces)

...the other nations involved in Valanora?
Sabine and Caddonia,Vyinta, and Dark Templara

…the nation in which this Commonwealth play their home matches?
Elves Security Forces (sometimes ESF in shortphrase)

…people from the Commonwealth?
Vanorians or Vanors

…the person who created this mess?
Elves Security Forces

Style Modifier: +2



Home Away

Tobias Möller Image
Age: 54
While the Pasargan continues to show loyalty, the early elimination in the World Cup does have several groups of supporters concerned if the former striker really has what it takes to take a team to the next level. With his own home national team and now with the Marauders, Möller has shown that he can get a squad to play at a high level but never at a consistent one that a team needs to be a true challenger. While his attacking style certainly is pleasing for the fans, the VSC has to feel some public pressure as does Tobias, and this tournament in Mriin may be a showing that the manager can get the job done instead of having the VSC look for new management before the next Qualifying cycle begins.

Assistant Manager
Wisdom Tracey Image (F)
Age: 36
Tracey is far more defensive minded than what Vanorians are used to and would much prefer to see the side playing in a diamond midfield, but with the VSC saying that she will be considered for the job once Möller resigns from the position, she is content to be patient and help sure up the Marauders notorious backline faults in an attempt to build up her own profile.


1 Sean Smørdal, Starling Image
Age - 24
Sex - M
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 181 lbs
This tall, athletic, and quite physically stunning keeper has played well for large parts for the national team, but there is still a question of whether the move to Nephara was a good choice or not. However the keeper is expected to be moving into the number one shirt at Starling, with a chance to shine in the UICA and one of the most demanding domestic leagues the world has. A launching pad of a good AOCAF performance would do wonders for both the supporters as well as improve the chances of securing that shirt back in Rushmore.


2 Iben Fjørtoft, Raynor City United
Age - 24
Sex - F
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 158 lbs
Iben is a quick defender that typically plays on the right side for her the Rockers but can play more centrally if needed to. She is a quiet force that doesn't like to get forward unless she absolutely needs to, preferring to be that agile cover defender that allows the more offensive minded midfielders to get into the attacking area.

3 Seve Vásquez Image , Mar Sara FC
Age - 28
Sex - M
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 175 lbs
A former Sunrisian, Vásquez has been in Valanora for over five years and was quick to answer the call when the Marauders were in desperate need of professional players for the World Cup Finals after the Calling happened. He has fairly good pace for a man of his size but his main strength is battering opposing attacking players out of the box with the force of a rampaging oxen, though he is not quick to temper, making him well suited to the Marauders' style of play.

4 Lauritz Soltvedt, SC Rinaldi
Age - 28
Sex - M
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 173 lbs
Another one of the stalwart defenders from a long line of them being produced by the Gunners. Soltvedt is deceptively fast for his size and has a good acumen for the game as well, making him a well rounded defender that should do the job quite well when called upon.


21 Espy va Drake, 1830 Cathair Image
Age: 773
Sex - M
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 159 lbs
After becoming a folklore hero for the lower class of the world, va Drake has made himself one of the living legends of the game after help leading the side to a title in World Cup 53. He has traveled far and wide while plying his trade, donning kits for no less than five countries clubs. Seen as the driving force in the middle of the park alongside Hawk, it is up to the opposition to try and figure out how to deal with the brilliance the winger and his other attackers have rather than them to create magic.

6 Yuki Hatsune Image, FC Capri
Age -24
Sex - M
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 147 lbs
This young midfielder was born in the Sunrise Islands but came to Valanora at an early age and has really blossomed over the last three seasons to a versatile midfielder, though he prefers to play a little further up the pitch in a more attacking role. He's got an accurate shot from long range and can mix it up with most other players in the middle in those fifty-fifty balls, though he would prefer to leave that part of the game to the defenders and more defensive minded midfielders.

10 Laborious Hawk, AC Izotz Zubia Image
Age - 737
Sex -M
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 213 lbs
Words do not even begin to define his talent, his talent defines words. He was awarded one of the spots that the Vanorians have in the World Cup Hall of Fame, with it being very well deserved, as he has and continues to earn everything he has been given every single day. Hawk simply strives to be the very best footballer, captain, and teammate that there can be, with the hunger for perfection driving him forth on and off the pitch.

8 Ilglerdiriel Lithvathar, Raynor City United
Age - 743
Sex - F
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 149 lbs
Lithvathar is much like va Drake, a floater who is dynamic in attack but with enough speed and sense of the pitch to make up on any sort of defensive lapse. Yet unlike her flankmate, she is not nearly as skilled, but do not let that fool you, in a moment of magic she can undress an entire backline and set up more prolific scorers with easy chances.

7 Faeron Soldarian, 1830 Cathair Image
Age - 651
Sex - M
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 163 lbs
Soldarian continues to live in the shadow of more well known players both on the national team and with his club. Despite this, Soldarian is seen by all on the squad as the emotional leader and the linchpin the in the middle that allows the more attacking minded midfielders being allowed to play their game.


9 Allandren Fresco, Ibini FC
Age - 526
Sex - M
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 167 lbs
Fresco continues to lead the line of the attack, being the tip of the spear that is the Marauders offensive movement. By now most teams know of the striker's pace and near laser guided shot, however the striker still somehow finds ways to bring in the goals.

11 Marie Skaar, Mar Sara FC
Age - 28
Sex - F
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 148 lbs
A break out season with the Flames, being the third leading scorer in the Premiership as she helped lead them to an unexpected title sees this little lass nab the starting position after not being part of the pool at all two years ago. Her speed and agility is her greater asset, able to both outmanuever and simply run past her defenders with relative ease. What she has in speed though, she lacks in shot power, with the majority of her goals coming from inside the six.

13 GK Brynjar Eide, age 26, Ibini FC
23 GK Jakob Stensrud, age 29, SC Rinaldi
15 LB Aleksandra Landro, age 28, AC Valanari (F)
16 CB Eivind Strømmen, age 23, Eastal Lunar FC Image
17 RB Jouri Salverda, age 24, Mallox Image
18 LW Yusuf Norberg, age 24, Ibini FC
5 RW Caninde Image , age 29, Corinthian Spirits Image
20 MC Leon Berg, age 27, Mar Sara FC
16 MC Gabriel Bakken, age 28, Soldarian FC
22 AMC Mikkel Jønsson, age 23, Raynor City United
14 ST Olivia Nygård, age 24, Cypher Town Image (F)
19 ST Russell McGeouch Image - age 29 - Club ESF


Captain: Laborious Hawk
Set Piece Taker: Laborious Hawk
Penalty Taker: Allandren Fresco
Right Corner: Espy va Drake
Left Corner: Espy va Drake
World Cup 40, 42, 43, 52, & 61 Champions
WC 47, 51 (2nd), WC 34, 38, 39, 41, 44, 45, 53, 60, 67 (3rd), WC 49, 58 (Semifinalist), WC 33, 35-37, 46, 48, 54, 55, 62, 63, 65, 72 (Quarterfinalist)
WCoH VII, VIII, XVII, XXVIII, XXX, XXXII (1st), WCoH I, XXXI (2nd), WCoH II, XXIX (3rd), WCoH XII (4th)
AOCAF 44, 46, 51, & 53 Champions, AOCAF 39 & 43 Runners Up
Co-Hosted: too many events to count

EPL Season 20,073

I am that which I am and choose to be.
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Postby Starblaydia » Fri Nov 16, 2018 7:39 am

Starblaydi RP Permissions Box wrote:OOC Information:

The Starblaydia national football team will tell you more about the team, their style, culture, fans, and history than I can ever write in a simple roster post. Thanks.

I Give My Opponent Permission
(and actively encourage them) To:
Choose My Scorers
GodMod Any Goalscoring Events
Red & Yellow Card Players (Within reason, they're not remotely a dirty side)
GodMod Other Events for Humorous Intent

1) Starblaydia will play an attack-minded game with a +3 style modifier.
2) The best starting eleven are numbered are in bold
3) I actively encourage that if you RP first you pick my scorers (if any).
4) * Denotes female player, denotes elf player, ^ denotes dwarf player.
5) Before each match, in between national anthems and kick-off, the entire 23-man squad will perform the Raiigar, Starblaydia's traditional war-dance (Similar to a New Zealand Haka).


Starblaydia's Team for the 57th AOCAF Cup
Six-time Champions Looking to Build on 3rd Place

Five-time World, six-time Regional, two-time Under-21 and one-time Olympic Men's Football Champions Starblaydia are will line up for their 52nd participation in a the world's premier regional football tournament and will be attempting to improve upon taking 3rd Place in the 56th AOCAF Cup, their best result in many decades which was also their 1,000th victory in international competition.

Starblaydi All-time Cap Winners:
1. Ázëwyn Fëanáro*, 270
2. Dacil Taniquentar, 263
3. Daeron Avathar, 259
4. Valrauncion, 242
5. Soronúmë, 240
6. Carnophin Narquelie, 134
7. Minheled Earisil, 127
8. Brazadar Khurnos^, 126
9. Lucas Cable, 108
10. Sergio Di Bradini, 107

Starblaydi All-time Scorers:
1. Valrauncion, 116
2. Ázëwyn Fëanáro*, 71
3. Lena Kochanska*, 61
4. Jacqueline Maitland*, 59
5. Soronúmë, 57
6. Lubii*, 55
7. Dasha Tolkacheva*, 52
8. Nicole Maitland-Banks*, 47
9. Johan Keifner, 47
10= Simeone Di Bradini, 44
10= Zhorin Tumunzahar^, 44
10= Diamontii Di Bradini*, 44

Demonym: Starblaydi

Key Personnel:
Ázëwyn Fëanáro, Starblaydia's Elven
Manager and record appearance maker,
has led Starblaydia in all tournaments
since the 78th World Cup Qualifiers.

Most likely to (in order):
(Suggestions only, if you're stuck for a
name to go with a particular incident)

Score goals:
Cole, Rayyen, Di Bradini
Take a penalty/free kick:
Di Bradini, Cole
Defend well:
Capodanno, Ryku, Alofa
Create a moment of magic:
Di Bradini, Nauglamír, Cole
Change the game as a sub:
Fujiyama, Kaufman
Receive a card:
Dashwood, Cole

AF. Ázëwyn Fëanáro*, Manager, 4,055
270 Caps, 71 Goals (Uncapped at Under-21 level)
Fëanáro scored the winner in the 47th Final against Valanora, denying them a title on their own turf and lifting Starblaydia to the mantle of all-time greatest team. Known for her excellent attacking play, range of passing and great eye for goal that lifts her to second in the all-time goalscorers list too, by virtue of a nearly 1-in-4 ratio, Ázëwyn Fëanáro is a symbol of grace, power and beauty from Starblaydia's golden age, some hundred and twenty-five years ago when the Cup was in its 40s. It is these qualities that the SFA managed to recapture with Fëanáro at the helm, bringing her trademark poise and piercing yell to the touchlines after more than a decade of national failures. She took her team to two consecutive World Cups after so long without the famous team in white, and on home soil she's aiming for her team to go deep into the knockouts.

JM. Jerzy Makuszewski, Assistant Manager, 65
83 Caps, 0 Goals (6 Caps, 0 Goals at Under-21 level)
Known as "Chef" by those who can pronounce his surname correctly, Makuszewski took up the mantle of "Best in the World" Lucas Cable to become Starblaydia's unassailable number one between the posts and wear the captain's armband. Always a fiery character, he can shift from jovial to furious in moments, and is Fëanáro's 'enforcer', barking out orders and remonstrating with players and officials with equal fervour.

1. Martin Bennet, GK, 30 - Paricone Athletic FC
12. Amari Ollarion*, GK, 26 - Corinthian Spirits
19. Roberto Calligaro, GK, 22 - Zeppelin University (Kita-Hinode)

5. Syku Ryku, CB, 30 - Foxchester Raiders
6. Sami Viipuri, CB, 25 - Hippion Overdrive
14. Tupu Alofa, CB, 29 - Cedrus Soundgardia
2. Garret Allen, R/LB, 30 - Paricone Athletic FC
3. Theodore Sigismund, L/CB, 22 - Cedrus Soundgardia
13. Maria Reyes*, R/CB, 20 - Senso-Shukujo Ladies HS (Kita-Hinode)

4. Viola Capodanno*, L/DM, 22 - Tabeck Cefn Druids
7. Marcello Di Bradini, Captain, L/CM, 32 - Iskara Daii
8. Hanar Nauglamír^, AM, 39 - Karak Ungor Chiefs
11. Austin Dashwood, C/D/RM, 27 - Montepool Waves
22. Kota Sato, L/AM, 25 - Marine Coast United (Vilita)
15. Sterling Renshaw, LW/RW, 29 - Tabeck Cefn Druids
16. Yujiro Fujiyama, AM, 28 - Hallad Reavers
20. Arnold Navarro, CB/DM, 21 - Jhanna City
21. Andrezj Kuche, C/DM, 24 - Jhanna City

9. Aaron Cole, SC, 26 - Corinthian Spirits
10. Mezna Rayyen*, SC/LW, 29 - Foxchester Raiders
17. Mercy Kaufman*, SC, 23 - Beverington Hawks
18. Elianora Mendez*, SC, 22 - Tentai University (Kita-Hinode)
23. Takashi Matsumoto, CF, 20 - TSV Marzig (Siovanija and Teusland)

Formation (4-3-3)

Home And Away Kits
Kits created by:
ediraf once again has innovated beyond all competitors with the Generation Five series of football kits.

Generation Five brings it all back to the beginning with Starblaydia's iconic, traditional and ubiquitous all-white Home kit, and the all-purple Away kit, both with five gold stars - representing their record-setting five World Championships - above the Starblaydi Football Association logo.
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Six-Time World Cup Committee President (WCs 25-33, 46-51 & 82*)
Co-host of World Cups 20, 40 & 80 • Di Bradini Cup Organiser
World Cups 30, 63 & 83 Runner-Up • World Cup 27 Third Place • 25th Baptism of Fire Runner-Up
Six-Time AOCAF Cup Champions • Two-time U21, One-Time U18 WC Champions • Men's Football Olympic Champions, Ashford Games
Five-Time Cherry Cup Champions • 1st Quidditch World Cup Champions • WGPC8 Drivers' Champion
The Protectorate of Starblaydia
Commended by WA Security Council Resolution #40
Five-Time NS World Cup Champions (WCs 25, 28, 41, 44 & 47)


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Postby Ko-oren » Sat Nov 17, 2018 7:15 am

Ko-oren - Ko-orenite National Association Football Team
Home - Away - Alternate/GK

Nickname Dragonflies
Region Atlantian Oceania
Head Coach Katanmak Juliasterinthen
Assistant Coach Katherine Davenport
Trigramme KOR
Colours Green, blue, (yellow)
World Cup
Appearances: 10x - 64-66, 69-72, 74, 75, 81
Best Result: 6x Ro16 - 66, 69, 70, 74, 75, 81
World Cup qualification
Appearances: 24x - 55, 57-75, 78-81
Cup of Harmony
Appearances: 9x - 50, 51, 53-55, 60, 65, 71, 72
Best Result: 1st, Cup of Harmony 65
Atlantian Oceania - AOCAF
Appearances: 13x - 40-51, 55-57
Best Result: 2nd, AOCAF 50

1. Larut Theshendan (26y) - ImageMaethoru SC
12. Wellington Doolan (24y) - ImageBruncester United AFC
23. Perry Cholmondeley (24y) - ImageMaynard AFC

2. Lionel Dalton, RB (29y) - Chenoworth Harriers, NPH
3. Kenneth Spillett, CB (20y) - ImageCirelbourne United
4. Minne van Schelven, CB (20y) - ImageStraudum
5. Exidio Varela, CB (33y) - ImageMiradela GD
6. Alan Brogley, LB (31y) - ImageBruncester United AFC
13. Ézo Gicquel, RB (19y) - ImageBruncester United AFC
14. Hikomoto Mizuno, CB (19y) - ImageKatashi-Kanatsu
15. Griffith Bing, CB (23y) - ImageBruncester United AFC
16. Obadiah Parrott, CB (24y) - No Club
17. Emmé Escoffier, LB (25y) - North Spire HC, CRY

7. Reizo Yokota, DM (27y) - ImageKatashi-Kanatsu
8. Calros Mira, CM (30y) - Royal Crystal Palace, CRY
10. Maximilien Longchambon, AM (21y) - ImageTanques AOE
18. Saushilu Janoreirinthen, CM (22y) - ImageMaethoru SC
19. Cy de Villepin, AM (29y) - ImageBranvón CD
20. Jean-Michel Dominique, DM (20y) - ImageAminey CS

9. Mata Vaugrenard, SS (22y) - ImageMaethoru SC
11. Tsuki Tsuchida, S (30y) - ImageAdvance Alara
21. Linus Throgmorton, SS (19y) - Rakun Biological Institute, HIN
22. Lew Turner, S (21y) - ImageCirelbourne United

Starting lineup usually consists of numbers 1-11.

Style mod -5
RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: No

1 ) Simon Everest - Scored the first official goal
2 ) Alizarin Lelantos - Coached the team to the first Cup of Harmony
3 ) Haki Asgard - Record holder for most matches played for the national team
4 ) Koyane Shiribeshi - Record holder for most goals scored for the national team
5 ) Pet Rilasthaunden - Most games as coach, introduced the defensive scheme
6 ) Xi Shang - Captain during the formative years
7 ) Sobek Dehenat - Celebrated defender of the formative years
8 ) Fin Fenner - Dynamic midfielder, third-most appearances for the national team
9 ) Katanmak Juliasterinthen - Celebrated defender and captain of the most successful campaigns
10 ) Katherine Davenport - Long time captain
11 ) Storm Enshadilsa - Second-most capped player, most clean sheets for the national team
12 ) Bogdan Antonescu - Only non-Ko-orenite in the HoF, coached the team to most of its World Cup qualifications
13 ) Naemasu Tokachi - Fourth-most capped player, most assists, many goals
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Trigramme: KOR - Demonym: Ko-orenite - Population: 27.270.096
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Champions 1x CoH - 1x WBC - 2x World Bowl - 1x IBC - 1x T20 WC - 3x RUWC - 1x RLWC - 1x HWC - 1x Beach Cup
Runners-up 1x AOCAF - 1x WBC - 2x World Bowl - 4x IBC - 1x AOHC - 1x GCF Test Cricket - 2x RUWC - 1x WLC - 1x WCFH
Hosts 1x World Bowl - 1x WCOH - 1x T20 WC - 1x RUWC

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Saint Emelie
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Postby Saint Emelie » Sat Nov 17, 2018 12:32 pm

Saint Émelie Roster For AOCAF LVII

Following respectable showings at AOCAF LVI and World Cup 81, Saint Émelie are back to try and improve on their first cycle in international football.
Les Insulaires narrowly missed out on making the knockout stages of the AOCAF last time out. Despite a win against South Toronto and a heroic 4-3 win against Vilita & Turori in their first ever international, a 2-0 loss to this year's hosts Mriin condemned them to third in the group on head to head record.
Amélie Martín returns to manage the team whilst Florian Bastereud, the match winner in that epic opener, regains his captaincy.

Team Information:

Style Mod: +2
Nickname: Les Insulaires
Team Colours: Blue and white
Captain: Florian Bastereud
Formation: 4-4-2 (diamond)

The Team:

Head Coach: Amélie Martín

46 year old Amélie Martín was the lady tasked with managing the team for their world cup debut and still has a tough job on her hands. She now has the experience of an AOCAF, Baptism of Fire and World Cup qualifying cycle to call upon, but the squad is still lacking in game time compared to most of the region and the Ligue D'Ile is no suitable preparation for a tournament alongside some of the world's best.
Martín played for around 15 years in that league before making the switch to management. The Saint Émelie FA believes that she is therefore the person with the most thorough understanding of football on the island and is as good a person as any to continue the island's progression.

Assistant Coach: Jacques Barre

Alongside Martín will be the experienced head of Jacques Barre. The 58 year old also once played in the Ligue d'Ile, but finished early due to injury and 'not being able to run like he used to.' Since then, he has managed 3 of the island's teams, getting to know many of Saint Émelie's best players in the process.
Despite his increased experience relative to Martín, Barre lacks the dynamic approach to management preferred by the island's footballing authorities. His tactical mind will however provide a calm word in Martín's ear when needed.

Team Doctor and Physio: Antonin Gardinier

Gardinier has little to no experience with sports injuries or fitness management, but as the island's best general doctor, was picked to make the trip to the Equestrian States as he would 'have to do.' He has a fairly hands on approach to medicine and players will probably be hoping they remain injury-free throughout the tournament due to fear of a good prodding and Gardinier's tendency to opt for surgery when possible rather than when necessary.


#1-Hubért Joubert-age 32-Stade Barbotteau
#12-Caroline Chapelle-age 24-CA Le Goutiér
#23-Robin Patenaude-age 27-Racing Montmirail

The experienced Joubert will be Saint Émelie's number one throughout the cycle. The 32 year old has established a reputation as the best all-round goalkeeper on the island and has particularly impressive distribution with his range of kicks and throws. He is also solid with crosses, but his shot-stopping skills will recieve more of an examination against international opposition compared to at home.
Caroline Chapelle is very much the understudy in the team. The 24 year old is an excellent shot stopper, but is less experieced and ultimately deficient in the areas where Joubert is strong. This may keep her out of the starting lineup for now, but she is here to learn and will almost certainly take over the starting role one day.
Robin Patenaude is decent by island standards, but is really only in the squad as injury cover and to have a nice time. If Saint Émelie actually end up playing him, they will be desparate and will probably lose.

Wide Defenders:

#2-RB-Charléne Forestier-age 23-CA Le Goutier
#5-LB-Max Lestiénne-age 28-CF Savenay
#13-RB-Paul Gasquet-age 25-Stade Barbotteau
#16-LB-Chloé Travert-age 21-Stade de Saint Marie

Saint Émelie's selection of full-backs is also a mixed bag. Max Lestiénne is the only player over 25 of the four players chosen, but the additional domestic experience will probably count for nothing in the international arena.
Saint Émelie's teams generally try to play with quick full-backs, using them to push up the pitch and provide an additional option for attacking players. This usually requires high fitness levels and will be even more testing for the players against better-quality opposition.
This is provided by a youthful lineup that includes up-and-coming Le Goutier player Charléne Forestier as well as 21 year old Chloé Travert, who despite her young age has already become one of the talents in the Saint Émelie league to watch in the coming months and years.
Rather like Robin Patenaude, Paul Gasquet is very much just along for the ride, but will provide reasonably coherent cover if needed.

Central Defenders:

#3-Daniel Bouchard-age 32-CF Duport
#4-Mignon Laureille-age 29-Stade Barbotteau
#14-Emeli Pied-age 27-CF Soufriére
#15-Claude Leclerc-age 24-CA Le Goutier

Saint Émeli's central defenders are the polar opposites to their wide counterparts. Big, powerful and not afraid to put in a strong tackle, they are certainly up to the physical challenge posed by any opposition, even internationally.
Daniel Bouchard and Mignon Laureille, who is anything but sweet, are the epitomy of this and despite their lack of pace, sitting deep and heading stuff out of the danger zone has become a common practice.
Their slowness will almost certainly be exposed by stronger opposition, but their prescence may frustrate, for a little while at least.


CDM-#6-Florian Bastereud-age 32-CF Dupont
RM-#7-Florence Caseille-age 24-CF Savenay
CAM-#8-Simon Pelletier-age 30-CF Soufriére
LM-#9-Mathilde Laurent-age 26-CF Riviera
CM-#17-Laurent Michaud-age 25-Stade de Saint Marie
RW-#18-Emeli Fontaine-age 28-Stade Barbotteau
LW-#19-Tomas Cousineau-age 20-Racing Montmirail
CAM-#20-Jadine Dupont-age 26-CF Le Goutier

The midfield diamond is probably the most experienced of the Saint Émelie setup, although everything is of course relative. Florian Bastereud is the key component, with the 32 year old both the team's captain and midfield enforcer. The wings are also important however. Play in Saint Émelie requires fast movement of the ball to negate some fairly rustic pitches and will often be fed out to the wide players. Florence Caseille is a massive talent on the right whilst Mathilde Laurent is now an established name on the island and can deliver a fantastic set piece.

Simon Pelletier is often the intermediate between defense and attack, but has a keen eye for a through ball, both over the top and through the middle of a defense. He is probably the team's best chance of scoring from distance as well. The 30 year old has scored many times in the Ligue d'Île from outside of the penalty area and will look to notch a few more in the coming international season.


#10-Marine Fouché-age 29-CF Savenay
#11-Dominic Trion-age 25-Stade Barbotteau
#21-Marizanne Proliné-age 23-CF Riviera
#22-Sara Katjanović-age 28-FK SavaFluss (in Mattijana)

Sara Katjanović is very much the star player in this Saint Émelie side and is also the only player operating outside of Saint Émelie. The third-choice Savafluss striker has a Mattijanan father and a mother from the island and fortunately, can handle both the Mattijanan and French languages.

As a player, she is a real poacher. Diminutive in stature, the 28 year old knows how to find the back of the net and knows where to position herself to do it, complementing the pace and crossing style from the wingers.

Dominic Trion joins Katjanović up top and brings a very different skill set. Big, tall and handy in the air, he is much clumsier than his more agile partner, but even though opponents may know his game, dealing with it could be more of a challenge.

Tactical Notes:

Saint Émelie's isolation means that the style of football has deviated rather a lot compared to the rest of the world. It is in fact rather agricultural, with a lot of physical challenges and strong aerial play.
This means that the team will inevitably pick up cards. No malice is meant, but the physicality of the team will mean that injuries may occur.

Otherwise, Saint Émelie's style of football is actually fairly easy on the eye. Quick passing from front to back as well as movement on the wings is the game-plan and when it pays off, it looks great.
When it doesn't, it looks like an incoherent mess and if fans wish to be realistic, this is probably what they will get for the most part against some high-class defenses.

Recent Results:
Saint Émelie 4-2 South Toronto (AOCAF)
Saint Emelie 0-2 Mriin (AOCAF)
Saint Émelie 4-3 Vilita and Turori (AOCAF)
RP Permissions:

Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Yellow card my players: Y
Red card my players: Y
Injure my players: Y
Godmod injuries: Y
Godmod other events: Y

Starting Lineup:

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Postby Audioslavia » Sun Nov 18, 2018 5:56 am






The Infra-Dimensional Alt-Reality
National Football Team

Badge re-design courtesy of Starblaydia

## Pos Name Age Club
1 GK Harrison Bird ??? ???
2 RB Morrissey Hook ??? ???
3 LB Akira Suzuki ??? ???
4 CM Rick Slater ??? ???
5 CB Arnie Hueso ??? ???
6 CB Tetsuo Miyazaki ??? ???
7 RM Ettore Ciccone ??? ???
8 CM Jack Knight ??? ???
9 CF Gaspard Kavinsky ??? ???
10 CF Tyson Pliskin ??? ???
11 LM Stallone Moroder ??? ???
12 CF Renegade Lambert. ??? ???
13 LB Jack Segal ??? ???
14 RM ‘Magic’ Gibson ??? ???
15 CB Marty Van Damme ??? ???
16 CB Rick Steel ??? ???
17 CM Ripley Deckard ??? ???
18 LM Guy-Manuel Piquet ??? ???
19 CF Roy Gray ??? ???
20 GK China Rothrock ??? ???
21 RB Luther Voight-Kampff ??? ???
22 GK Walter Preud’homme ??? ???
23 CM Ayrton Gretzky ??? ???

Formation: 4-4-2

1; 3, 5, 6, 2; 11, 4, 8, 7; 9, 10

Kit courtesy of Ediraf

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Commonwealth of Baker Park
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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Mon Nov 19, 2018 11:24 pm


Football Association of the Commonwealth of Baker Park

The FAC was founded in 1901 and currently has 124 full member clubs, 307 associate member clubs and approximately 21,000 registered players--male & female--between the ages of 11 to 65+ as well as approximately 3,100 registered officials, both male & female. It sponsors competitions across all age groups, genders and ability levels, including 12 National Championships and 6 domestic cup competitions for men and women.

Major Multiverse Honors
Baptism of Fire 67 Runners-up
SWC 5 Under-18 Champions
DiBradini Cup 42/63 Quarterfinalists
DiBradini Cup 43/64 Round of 16
World Cup Banija/FFR81 Round of 16
World Cup EqueStar80 Group Stage

All time match record—215 wins, 178 losses, 81 draws (current through WC 81)
National Anthem--"Hear Our Voices Commonwealth"

Region—Atlantian Oceana

Nickname--since the end of the 1960's the National Team has been known as "The Bees", a period when the team's uniforms consisted of alternating black and gold hoops. While the bee is an element on the coat of arms of the Commonwealth—a long accepted heraldic symbol of industriousness--the association was actually a reference made in an Italian newspaper game story when the senior team was wearing the hooped shirts, referring to the BP team as il Bombi (the bumblebees) for their perseverance and swarming tactical play.

Colors--Black & Gold (while they are just 2 of the 5 main colors on the flag of Baker Park--Blue, Red and White are the others--black & gold have been closely associated in the nation's consciousness as representative of the country since its founding.)

KPB—26.04 (23th, current to post WC 81)
AOCAF—9.95 (18th, current to beginning of AOCAF LVII)

The Commonwealth National Team makes its second appearance at the regional championships, hoping for a bit more luck on their side than they had in the previous iteration. The Black & Gold missed out on advancing through to the knockout stage as a result of -1 goal difference, although this time around the margin for error is not as slim; the two best third-place group sides will join the group winners & runners up.
Pam Scott returns to lead the team for the AOCAF, where the previous experience served as the springboard for the unprecedented success through the subsequent Qualifying and Finals of World Cup 81; Baker Park has won 17 and drawn 8 against only 4 losses since they kicked off against Demot in Ponyville, Equestria.
This squad mixes experience and youth in equal measure--veterans Ian Coverstone and Kris Day both missed out on the final 23 for the Free Republics, and there are 3 players who be looking to earn their first cap.

Manager—Pam Scott (13-3-2 as manager of mixed sex teams)
Asst Manager—Kate DiMarini
Coaches—Lawrence Bell
Will Barnard
Physio--Valerie Pisarczack

GK			age	club			caps
1 Caroline Gordon 28 Brentford Ladies SC 13
20 Jared Wyatt 24 Fairport City FC 3

3 Kris Day 33 Corinthians FC 30
5 Logan Ramsey 26 Middlebourne City AFC 7
4 Terrence Stephens 24 North Royalton Town FC 8
16 Devin McMahon 27 Ezriquay United FC 11
2 Sarah Foreman 28 Shirley Metros Women 12
18 Leslie Monaghan 23 Brentford Ladies FC 4
17 Derion Hutchins 22 Coolville United FC 0

11 Trent Yeomans 23 Victoria & Albert FC 8
14 Sunish Ismail 26 Mansfield C&W FC 15
6 Declan Mason 24 Newport City FC 12
8 Antonio Sotolongo 22 Learfield FC 6
12 Scott Miller 22 Clayton City FC 0
7 Veronica Navarro 23 Hamilton Wanderers Ladies 14
15 Daisy Callum 26 Broadview AFC Ladies 8
19 Amanda Hayes 25 Lady Crusaders FC 17

10 Tyrek Jones 23 St Warren City FC 11
9 Ian Coverstone 32 Newmarket Saxons FC 41
22 Eddie Wagner 27 New Bremen FC 10
13 Sabrina Patton 25 Llewellyn Turnpike Ladies 16
21 Jessica LeClair 22 Haskins Blues Ladies 0



RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes (only for duration of match)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes (TG appreciated)
Godmod Other Events: No
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Soccer--Under-18 World Cup (SWC 5) Champions
Baptism of Fire 67 Runner-Up
AOCAF LVIII Third Place (co-hosts)
World Cup 81/82/83 Round of 16
World Cup 80 Group Stage
Football--NSCF 18 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff quarterfinalist
NSCF 19 & 20 Mineral Conference Champions

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Cosumar AOCAF 57 Roster

Postby Cosumar » Tue Nov 20, 2018 2:33 pm

Cosumar National Team

National Information

Name: The Fiefdom of Cosumar

Government: Cosumar is divided by 21 historical 'fiefs' that now function as provinces. We are an executive constitutional monarchy, which means the crown does wield significant governing power but is limited therein by a constitution. Cosumarite society believes strongly in complete civil freedoms, respect for all life forms, scientific discovery, space exploration and preserving nature. Cosumar has the highest HDI in AO according to the WA, and is in Top 1% of world's Most Cultured and Intelligent.

Region: Atlantian Oceania (Northeast)

Nicknames: Vanquishers (since WC 72) or, traditionally, Azure Dragons

Stadium: Farris Crowley Memorial World Cup Stadium at The Royal Palace (capacity 105,000)
The shiny behemoth was built specifically to host the WC78 Final. Mouthful of a name aside (just call it "Crowley Memorial"), the stadium is a beacon of Cosumarite design. Sleek and simple, bathed in gold to match the King's own palace just a block away. The regular tenants are the club King James owns: four-time HL champions OAS Royal FC. Namesake Farris Crowley managed the national team for 40 years, took Cosumar to its first seven WCs and died just before its completion.

Ramusok itself? It's the capital city. Home of the royal family, King's Congress and 14 million others. Ramusok is our crown jewel, the pinnacle of 1000 years of Cosumarite civilization. Epicenter of historic dynasties. Bastion of knowledge and creativity. Young and eccentric, yet clean and elegant. Ancient libraries & museums everywhere, coexisting with stunning modern architecture in harmonic balance. Nightlife is extravagant thanks to a "hip" population (Ramusok Capital University contributes). Make sure to catch some live music - venues dedicated to genres ranging from black metal to indie folk to jazz-funk. People and species of all kinds congregate here, though Ramusok does retain a Swedish component leftover from the Albertsson dynasty, evident in many place names. Generally pleasant and moderate climate, with four distinct seasons.

FA: Fiefdom Soccer Federation (FSF). HQ in Kaldukosic. President Tomás Navarro (89).

Team History

Snapshot: Cosumar debuted in WC 51 and first qualified in WC 54. In WC 73, new manager Gethin Ramsey built on momentum from winning the preceding Cup of Harmony to qualify Cosumar for the first time since WC 62, ending a miserable 20-year drought. Since, the Vanquishers had advanced to seven consecutive WC knockout rounds (including four Quarterfinals) until the streak was snapped at WC 81. Cosumar is firmly re-established, but the unbridled optimism from Alexander Pearce's early tenure (hosting World Cup 78, nearly making our first semifinal, and then winning AOCAF 54 and the Eagle's Cup) has subsided, casting doubt over whether this team is still heading in the right direction.

Expanded History: Cosumar qualified for six consecutive WCs (54-59) in its original "golden age", going out four times in the Round of 16. After WC 59, Cosumar reached a peak ranking of #7. The National Team began a gradual decline in WCs 60 & 61, eliminated in the Qualification Playoffs despite strong campaigns. They would qualify once again for WC 62, but the downward trajectory had already set in. WCs 64-66 were particularly bleak and our once-elite ranking dipped as low as the 80s. But the FSF stuck with Farris Crowley, manager since WC54, and Cosumar re-emerged around WC 68. A crop of talent (Sur Arora, Alexander Pearce, etc) now lovingly referred to as the "Renaissance Generation" started to make waves. They led increasingly competitive Qualifying and CoH campaigns...though never did manage to return to the biggest stage. The generation's swansong ended up being 3rd place at CoH 62. The next Qualifying, WC 72, was a rough transition, however. The worst campaign since Cosumar's debut, it saw EIGHT draws against low-ranked minnows. Crowley was finally sacked after 40 years and the momentum that had been building seemed eviscerated. Nephara legend Gethin Ramsey stepped in, salvaging Cosumar's dignity by winning the subsequent CoH. Ramsey then continued his savior's work up to his death, leading his "Vanquishers" to five consecutive WC Finals (73-77), including our best-ever finish (QFs)... thrice. The Cosumarite game grew more in Ramsey's wake. For the first time, Cosumar won the right to host (WC78) and new manager Pearce led the team, again, to the Quarterfinals. With a talent pool deeper than ever thanks to a burgeoning Harlighet Ligan, Pearce was then able to break Cosumar's curse in regional competition by winning AOCAF LIV. The only thing left is to finally make a WC semifinal. However, Cosumar have been disappointing in the last couple World Cup propers, warming Pearce's seat despite another AOCAF medal sandwiched in between.

Recent Results:
WC 77 Qualifying: 2nd in Group 11 (13-4-1)
WC 77: 2nd in Group F (1-2-0), eliminated by Quebec in Ro16
AOCAF 53: 2nd in Island Group (4-1-1), eliminated in Play-in Round

WC 78 Qualifying: Host Exemption
WC 78: 2nd in Group A (1-2-0), eliminated by Schottia in Quarterfinals
AOCAF 54: 1st in Group 1 (4-2-1), Champions
Eagle's Cup VII: 1st in Group B (5-3-1), Champions

WC 79 Qualifying: 1st in Group 9 (13-2-3)
WC 79: 1st in Group A (1-1-1), eliminated by Pasarga in Ro16
AOCAF 55: 1st in Group D (6-0-1), 3rd Place

WC 80 Qualifying: 1st in Group 15 (11-3-4)
WC 80: 2nd in Group F (1-1-1), eliminated by Vilita in Ro16
AOCAF 56: 1st in Group 2 (2-0-1), eliminated by Vilita in Ro16

WC 81 Qualifying: 1st in Group 2 (16-1-1)
WC 81: 4th in Group H (1-0-2)
AOCAF 57: _____???

All-time Record: 415-148-195

First International Match: Cosumar 0-0 Krytenia (WC 51 Qualifiers MD1)
First win: Cosumar 4-3 The Ursine Northlands (WC 51 Qualifiers MD3)
First WC match: Akbarabad 3-0 Cosumar (WC 54, MD1)
First WC win: Cosumar 2-1 Al Mumtaz (WC 55, MD2)

Largest win: Hladio Huggers 0-7 Cosumar (WC 57 Qualifiers, MD12)
Largest defeat: Cosumar 0-9 Valanora (WC 55 Qualifiers, MD11)

Most glorious moments:
Cosumar 1-0 Cotdelapoms - CoH 45 3rd Place Playoff - Late Rikki Varshney winner for our first medal.
Cosumar 4-0 Haginonia - WC 54 Interzonal - Showdown on the final day of Qualifying with both sides' first WC berth at stake.
Cosumar 1-0 Sarzonia - WC57 MD3 - Cosumar advances to its first Round of 16 at Sarzonia's expense.
Cosumar 7-3 Kagdazka & Pazhujebu - WC 60 Qual. Playoff - Revenge against K&P for ousting us on penalties in the Round of 16 last WC.
Cosumar 5-1 The Sarian - CoH 64 Final - Ramsey's newly-christened "Vanquishers" propel Cosumar to a first WCC title.
Valanora 2–2 Cosumar (3–3 AET) (7–8 pen.) - WC 73 Ro16 - After splitting the series in group play, we triumphed over the Elves to claim our first Quarterfinal.
Cosumar 2-2 Eshan (2-2 AET) (6-5 pen.) - AOCAF LIV Final - After three consecutive ET games, we win that elusive regional trophy with another helping of late drama.

Most heartbreaking moments:
Cosumar 1-1 (1-1 AET, 3-4 PKs) Churchma - CoH 45 Semifinal - Losing on penalties hurts, especially when it's to your first rival deep in a tourney.
Cosumar 0-3 Sorthern Northland - WC 55 MD3 - It came down to this for our first Ro16, and we got our asses kicked.
Cosumar 2-4 Sorthern Northland - WC 56 Ro16 - We finally make it to the knockout rounds just to be humbled by these guys again.
Cosumar 1-4 Jeru FC - WC 57 Ro16 - Another drubbing to fall short of Quarterfinals. This team had such potential...
Cosumar 0-4 The Babbage Islands - WC 58 Ro16 - New Cup, same story. Cosumar fall apart in the knockouts.
Cosumar 3-3 (3-3 AET, 2-4 PKs) Kagdazka & Pazhujebu - WC 59 Ro16 - THE match that haunts the dreams of every Cosumarite to this day. We'd rolled through our Qualifying and WC groups completely undefeated. It was a historic Cosumarite team, destined for new heights. We led the Urchins 3-0 late. The Ro16 curse seemed broken - celebrations had begun. But Chalia Sajid scored an unlikely hat trick in final 15 minutes. In the eventual shootout, we choked - missing the target twice. Numbing. Many wondered if Cosumar would EVER recover. It took nearly 30 years.
Cosumar 0-0 (0-2 AET) Unified Sunrise Islands - WC 75 Quarterfinal - Sunk by a Stabb ET brace on the brink of sealing the chance to play for a WC medal for the first time.
Cosumar 2-2 (2-3 AET) Chromatika - WC 76 Quarterfinal - Agonizingly close to semifinals again. We gave up two leads and fell in ET despite Chromatika going down to ten men and infamously moving a star attacker to goalkeeper in desperation. This match made Chromatika our biggest rival today.

Most Goals: 104 - Sur Arora (WC 63-72)
Most Assists: 77 - Irvinn Rincon (WC 51-56)
Most Caps: 228 - Jakk Winterfyll (WC 70-80)

Cap/goal tallies and more records HERE



Designed by Meski Sports for the WC 75 cycle, our WCC 50th anniversary. The design improved on the Meski kits that served us from WC 71-74, while staying true to the spirit of the beloved 54-69 classic kit. Both feature the famous Cosumarite Azure Dragon. The goalkeeper kit hints at the royal family's colors: green & gold.

Team & Tactical Information

Going into his fifth cycle, Alexander Pearce scales back the aggressive possession-based attacking approach that he initiated in the victorious AOCAF LIV but that backfired in the most recent World Cup, going from his trademark wide 4-1-3-2 to a 4-2-2-2 with a bit more meat in front of the back line. This will be a bit of an experimental team, with several notable veterans missing (Svensson, Jorgensen, Serafino, Ruhl...) in lieu of debutants that Pearce believes may fit a new-look Cosumarite side going into the next cycle. Only one player over 30 and a back line full of 23 and 24-year olds as a response to the much-maligned defensive performance at WC81.

Style Modifier: +1.75

Pre-WC81 Ranking: #15 (KPB 30.88)

Usual Formation: 4-2-2-2 (see graphics below for other possibilities)

Tactical Breakdown: The play flows narrow through this formation, with chances being worked through the center rather than just channeling it wide and pumping in crosses. This is ideal because of Sibučić's instincts pulling strings. Top striker Valgard is also much better finishing with his feet than in the air, although VZR and Ruhl are strong headers. After the ball is won in the defensive half by the "magic box" formed by the two CBs and two defensive midfielders in front of them, this formation then places the onus on the two attacking midfielders to flow freely in tandem across the width of the pitch to provide most of the creativity and chance-creation for the two strikers. They must be alert and mobile enough to fulfill multiple roles on the pitch... as inverted wingers, as support strikers, and as conduits of defensive pressure. This could work since that "middle 2" will be Cosumar's best two players... Isla Sibucic and Bryger Tidesson. Both are dynamic attacking players that should thrive with this freedom, responsibility and license to play off each other. One of the defensive midfielders, especially Mokumdarian, is someone who can also drive forward to provide additional attacking support if necessary, restoring the 4-1-3-2 look for limited spells.

Note on Vloo: 21 of the 24 squad members are human. The other three (defenders Va'Afaja and Na'Duha and keeper Na’Kefir) are of the Vloo people (homo cosumarensis), a humanoid race native to Cosumar. Vloo are, on average, two inches taller than humans, and must use different footwear and handwear. Vloo have a pale-blue tint to their skin, two small black horns protruding from their foreheads, and spiky spines visible on the back of their neck. They are distinguished by their surnames, which typically begin with clan prefixes Na', Va' or Vu'. Since WC51, there has usually been at least one Vloo player in the squad, but never over four.

Abbreviated Roster

GK 	Shjegrzh Na’Kefir	28m	Crisisbless	        [NPH]
GK Hansi Weschler 27m Crawford City FC [COS]
LB Berk Lechjakr 27m Ausharmuj Marusi [FFD]
LB Q'orianka Va'Afaja 24f Cassandra City [COS]
CB Kadija Na'Duha 26f Aries Chariots [NPH]
CB Horatius Chaumancer 23m Centralis Heart [ETM]
CB Alfred Tidesson 24m Real Azuris [COS]
CB Eero Solari 23m Bastion [EUR]
RB Thomas Uribe 26m Spartangrad [EUR]
RB Ville Pakkanen 29m Newrook City [NPH]
DM Stig Söderquist 31m Brinemouth [NPH]
DM Viablaine 29f Rozelle [BRE]
CM Kai-Kai Mokumdarian 23m Jungle Strike FC [VIL]
CM Dexter Tricklebank 24m Falourr [EUR]
CM/AM Hidalgo Antúnes 26m Real Azuris [COS]
LW Olvir Texström 29m Falourr [EUR]
LW/AM Zoë Aedelbrandt 25m Sabrefell Moths [NPH]
RW/AM Bryger Tidesson 25m Brinemouth [NPH]
RW/CM Hakki Ojala 27m Sabrefell Athletic [NPH]
AM Isla Sibučić 25f Cednia Beach AFC [TUR]
ST Romikk Valgard 30m Ulsa [EUR]
ST Vega Zeale-Riddick 27f Cassandra City [COS]
ST Aron Riise 24m Oakstone [EUR]
ST Arden Lemons 23f Hondo FC [VAL]


1ST FROM TOP LEFT: Highly attacking lineup
This 3-3-1-3 is likely to be used against lower-quality and defensively vulnerable opponents, or when behind. It gets all of our best attacking options on the pitch at the same time, with pacy wingers out wide and the ability to still carve through the middle with Isla playing into the feet of Valgard. The two shuttlers in the diamond also can push forward to get involved in the attack. The high back three can also play a distribution role with Solari's passing range and Na'Duha's ease on the ball.

2ND FROM TOP LEFT: Moderately attacking lineup
This 4-2-2-2 is the default formation. Tidesson in more of a do-it-all role, two holding midfielders, and actual fullbacks to defend the flanks. There's still plenty of attacking firepower though, including two out-and-out strikers.

3RD FROM TOP LEFT: Defensive lineup
This 4-5-1 is used against elite attacking opponents, or when protecting a narrow lead is prioritized. The fullbacks stay back, numbers are loaded into the midfield, leaving a lone striker to apply pressure.

Player Bios - Ideal First XI

Goalkeeper - Shjegrzh Na’Kefir - 28 - Image Crisisbless Image
With his catlike reflexes, this Vloo became Keenan Athletic's first-choice goalkeeper as a mere 18-year-old. In the decade since, he has lived up to that initial promise and accomplished much. With his nimble leaps and strong hands, he guided the Checkers to promotion, top half of the Härlighet Ligan and even the SBCC Final. This earned him a move to Handon United, where he continued his noteworthy performances in the Schottic capital for one of the world's top Champions' Cup clubs at the time. Now, he has arrived in the Nepharim Premiership at the peak of his powers with title contenders Crisisbless. Already safely the best Vloo goalkeeper yet in the modern era, Na'Kefir won the race to replace Jakk Winterfyll as Cosumar's #1 after the latter's WC 79 swansong. His #1 place isn't cemented beyond doubt, however, due to a shake World Cup 80 Finals and a stable of other Cosumarite goalkeepers also playing at a high level. His pet peeve is mispronunciation of his first name. He once slapped a teammate who forgot the g mid-match.

Left Back - Berk Lechjakr - 27 - Ausharmuj Marusi Image
Long jokingly chided as the second-best Cosumarite fullback in Farfadillis, Lechjakr now gets the chance, here in this defensively experimental AOCAF, to prove he can be the best. With all-time great Bacary Na'Kale given the tournament break off (along with other established veterans such as Svensson, Jorgensen and Serafino), the opportunity is there for his longtime understudy to lay claim to the first-choice spot for the World Cup 82 cycle. Few saw Berk reaching this level when he departed the collegiate circuit as a raw prospect: a physical, classically athletic, hard-nosed defender. He still possesses those traits, but the Farf league dramatically sharpened his attacking technique beyond imagination. With his prototypical fullback's frame, he now gets up and down the pitch and makes expert use of his powerful and accurate left boot. He somehow seems to be getting faster by osmosis in Farfadillis too. Might an upward club move follow his first tournament as Cosumar's starter?

Center Back - Horatius Chaumancer - 23 - Centralis Heart Image
Chaumancer's solid spot minutes were a silver lining of the defensive meltdown at World Cup 81, and now the well-muscled former DBC captain is poised to establish himself as a leader on the senior team for the next decade. He will be the anchor of this young, experimental back line here in Mriin. Only 23 but already deferred to by those around him due to his unerringly direct personality - he says what he means and what needs to be said, even when unpopular or uncomfortable. Just like how he does what needs to be done on the pitch, never one to shy away from a tackle. Cosumar scouts were already salivating over Chaumancer's physique and fierce mentality when he was a dominant defender in Sekundar Ligan at age 17. Now that he has been blooded at the World Cup and stars for the Terranean champions in Electrum... it would be foolish not to give him a chance to truly take the reins in this AOCAF. If he struggles with the burden, well, veterans like Svensson and Jorgensen can come back in and help him out in WC 82 Qualifying.

Center Back - Kadija Na'Duha - 26 - Image Aries Chariots Image
Na'Duha has emerged as one of the best young(ish) defenders in the Premiership under Cosumarite manager Isla Safarova -- the Vloo's development mirroring the Chariots' ascending prominence lately. In a handful of Qualifying caps last cycle, Na'Duha displayed her knack for anticipating attacking movements before they develop. With pace, quickness and skill on the ball (perhaps Cosumar's most comfortable defender in possession now), she's a modern defender who can slot into any defensive system. Her skill set is a big reason why Pearce may experiment with a three-man backline in this AOCAF for the first time. And she's Vloo, so she's tall. Sorry, that was speciesist. The only thing still questioned is her physicality.

Right Back - Thomas Uribe - 26 - Image Spartangrad Image
Former FC Kaldukosic youth product Uribe, receiving his first senior call-up, has come out of nowhere to land on Pearce's first-choice team sheet without a cap to his name. When Spartangrad scooped him up as a youngster and he didn't immediately make it in Eura, most Cosumarite tab-keepers assumed he'd stay lost in the shuffle at Olympic Stadium and probably return to Sekundar Ligan or something in a few years. But no! Uribe kept his head down working hard, and last season emerged as the first-choice right back for the defending Euran champions. He earned Walter Crasder's trust primarily with his lockdown defensive instincts. There's not a left winger left in Eura that he hasn't frustrated. A little undersized and not particularly fast either, but his mechanics while defending one-on-one are foolproof. In contrast to Pakkanen, Uribe is hardly an attacking option due to his conservative defense-first mindset, but he is nevertheless an extraordinarily technical dribbler for a fullback. He mainly uses this to keep possession and squirm free from tough spots. It will be fascinating to watch "safe option" Uribe and "Pacy Pakkanen" jockey for pecking order at RB in this AOCAF. Uribe's defensively-sound approach is what fans want after the irresponsible performance by the aggressive wingbacks at WC 81, but both will surely get chances depending on opponent.

Center Midfielder - Stig Söderquist - 31 - CAPTAIN - Image Brinemouth Image
"Mr. Reliable" is back as an every-match starter. Many fans pointed at his diminished role as a reason for the undisciplined defense in the World Cup 81 Finals. A sharp box-to-box midfielder, Stig's best role - especially now that he's not quite as fast as he was a few years ago - is to cover for and feed a more attack-focused partner (Mokumdarian). Perhaps not the most athletic, but makes up for it with work rate and grit. He doesn't do much that pops off your screen, but he does all the little things that help a team succeed. Easy to take for granted, as Pearce learned the hard way last cycle. Always finishes with extremely high pass completion and ratio of successful tackles in midfield. Stig is a native of Azuris who joined Real's "El Faro" academy at age 11 and gradually worked his way through all the ranks. With Söderquist efficient beyond his years as the beating pulse in midfield, a Real Azuris dynasty swept the rest of the HL aside for several trophies (and two UICA titles). He then joined the gradual exodus of that dynasty to Brinemouth, along with manager Lujendra Mescalin and now Bryger Tidesson, where he plays in perhaps the world's best midfield at the club level. As tidy midfielders go, Söderquist is a rockstar now. A quietly superb player that any coach would love to have. The oldest player on this young, experimental AOCAF roster, he will take up the armband for the first time.

Center Midfielder - Kai-Kai Mokumdarian - 23 - Image Jungle Strike FC Image
A center mid distinctly unlike the traditional Cosumarite mold (see: Söderquist, Tricklebank), Double-K is tall, elegant, supremely fast, two-footed... not to mention his ridiculously elaborate and stylish haircuts. Mokumdarian is at his best winning the ball in the air and surging up through the middle at pace with the ball to set things in motion. He set Port Christopher alight after arriving as a touted prospect from Rexnor Colony, earning honors both domestic and international (Galactico Junior runner-up) and a move to Schottic giant Cornellians. However, he hasn't quite settled into life as a top-tier international footballer yet. Turmoil at Cornellians has seen him move clubs again and his World Cup 81 cycle as a starter was an up-and-down one full of growing pains. This will be a big tournament for him to prove that he IS really Cosumar's future at center midfield.

Attacking Midfielder - Bryger Tidesson - 25 - Image Brinemouth Image
Now famously branded as the most expensive Cosumarite ever following "The Move" (to Nephara for an eye-watering NSD $65 million), Bryger Tidesson takes the AOCAF stage ready to shine as perhaps (perhaps) the best overall player Cosumar has ever produced. As he enters his prime, the eldest Tidesson's accolades are already too numerous to list, from his record for youngest Champions' Cup goalscorer (at 16) to his Boldsport Young Galactico award to his domestic prowess (HL PoTY recognition and near-automatic for double-digit goals AND assists). He has everything you want in a winger. He's fearless, creative, physically gifted to a rare degree, and has an eye for goal to boot. He even runs and works hard defensively for the national team, which he wasn't asked to do much for Azuris. The only question is which half of Cosumar's celebrated 25-year-old tandem will ultimately have the better career, him or Isla. The Tidesson train has taken off, and one gets the sense it hasn't quite reached top speed yet either. He is still honing the fine details of his technical skills. He could really explode globally if he can take his level up just one more small notch. Like, say, a massive season to lead Brinemouth to a title...

Attacking Midfielder - Isla Sibučić - 25 - Image Cednia Beach AFC Image
Take a look at this name and the one above. Tidesson-Sibučić will likely be Cosumar's creative engine for the foreseeable future. Sibučić is a petite lil' thing, but is a gifted playmaker... proof size matters not in football. It's a wonder to watch her small blonde head zip around the pitch and bring a defense to its knees. Sure, she's staggeringly quick, but the main way she makes up for her lack of physical prowess is by simply being a one-in-a-million technical prodigy. Whether it's free kicks, dribbles fit for a circus, you-name-it... she's wondrous with the ball. It's tied to her sock. All of that promise, forged in the rocky tunnel streets of Fevelo, has translated against the odds into on-field production under the brightest Multiverse spotlights. Beyond her wildest dreams. First with Schottic giants Cornellians, where she was a title-winning inspiration for them and scored 25 goals in her best season. One Golden Boot, please. Then with the Vanquishers, where she really came into her own as a consistent star on this team last cycle with 8 goals and 5 assists. And, now, with Cednia Beach AFC - having just led the Turorian club to the AOCL title. Hailing from the dark subterranean colony of Fevelo, Sibučić has very pale skin as well as rare purple eyes. She's part of an emerging trend of extraterrestrial-born players making bigger impacts in Cosumarite sport and idolizes former Cosumar captain Paaron Petrov - hitherto the only capped Fevelian.

Striker - Romikk Valgard - 30 - Ulsa Image
Valgard is Cosumar's most complete striker. He can thrive maneuvering himself a window on goal in tight spaces, or run into open space with bursting acceleration and finish in a variety of ways. He's weak in the air for someone of his height though - factored into the narrow tactics. In this AOCAF, he will line up as the more mobile second striker playing off of target forward Zeale-Riddick. Arguably Cosumar's most visible star ever since he willed us to the AOCAF 54 trophy, Valgard's rate of development was dizzying. The lad was scooped up from obscurity by West Gundar, and his goal rate increased exponentially each of his three seasons there. Valgard then announced his ability to the whole multiverse during the WC 77 cycle. In six substitute appearances, he scored five late goals -- most dramatic winners! Instant phenomenon! Many thought Ulsa would be too big of a jump from lower-table HL, but he found his footing at the Euran superclub thanks to a rare mentor in Kris Campbell. Valgard notched double-digit goals in his first season at Troutbridge, proving he was more than a hype-fueled oddity from Qualifying. Now a 27-goal man and EFA Golden Boot winner, Valgard has developed the touch, composure, two-footed ability (and ego) of an elite striker. His quick-burst speed and change-of-direction, meanwhile, was always first-rate. His newfound ego subsided with the humbling experience of a yearlong injury recovery two years ago. Valgard is the first (and only) player from extraterrestrial colony Kalloroda to play for the NT. He also has a thing for bananas.

Striker - Vega Zeale-Riddick - 27 - Image Cassandra City Image
The woman known as The Princess of the Plains, VZR, or even just "V" deserves her copyrighted nicknames. With 124 goals in five HL seasons as a starter, Vega has already made her mark on the history books. Most notably, she broke Anders Engström's record for goals in a Härlighet Ligan season with 32 and then broke her own record with 33 a season ago en route to her first HL championship -- also setting a new points record in doing so. Vega will never be a flashy technician, but she is extremely good at what she does. Towering over most players and with springs for legs, she fits the mold of a prototypical target forward. She is a naturally gifted first-time finisher with head or foot. Don't dare stereotype her though. Vega is very nimble for her height and deceptively clever with ball underfoot in the box. In City's high-press, she has shown she can run and defend too. That said, Alexander Pearce will primarily use her alone up top when he wants to adjust to more direct tactics. As for the rest of the time, she has shown she can partner amicably with Valgard, which is part of why she will be playing and rival Airik Ruhl is conspicuously missing (again). Valgard-VZR was the partnership used for most of the AOCAF 54 title run, after all. The public image of VZR is that she's something of a "spoiled princess"... but in an endearing way. Off the pitch, she's into fashion design and recently launched her own "VZR" brand in the Cassandra runway circuit.

Player Bios - Rest of Squad

GK - Hansi Weschler - 27 - Image Crawford City FC Image
Weschler is a very vocal goalkeeper who can organize a defense well, but his best attribute is his natural ability to always be light on his toes and get down instantly to block low shots. Confidence in coming out to claim aerial balls is occasionally an issue. Weschler is a one-club man, coming up through the CCFC academy as a prized prospect and earning the trust of decorated Nepharim manager Amethyst Fegelein when she arrived at Orangi Stadium five years ago. He's coming off of his best season yet in which he played well on a deep Champions' Cup run and would like to use this camp to challenge Na'Kefir for the #1 shirt. Plays bass guitar as a side hobby, playing in a jazz-funk cover band during his off-seasons that can occasionally be seen out jamming on the Crawford night circuit.

LB - Q'orianka Va'Afaja - 24 - Image Cassandra City Image
Technically-adept Vloo defender who has been starting in the HL since she was 17. Not one of those flashy modern fullbacks, but quietly effective. Gets stuck in and makes the responsible decision without fail. So quietly effective, in fact, that it took her starting all 34 games as Cassandra City smashed the points record last season for her to finally get her first senior call-up at this AOCAF. Despite being involved with the national team at multiple youth levels. With Cosumar crying out for an overhaul of the back line and more defensive solidity, these first caps could be her springboard to a regular place in Alexander Pearce's team. Almost as quiet off the pitch as on it. In fact, some Cassandra City fans half-jokingly speculate that she might be a mute.

CB - Eero Solari - 23 - Image Bastion Image
Tall, athletic, composed on the ball and has the DNA of a natural leader if he can just gain a little more top-level confidence and experience. Earned the captaincy at fourth-tier Somberlain FC at only 17 and anchored their defense to promotion. Snapped up by Bastion after subsequent exposure in the U18 WC. After a couple seasons bouncing between their reserve team and the first team bench, he gradually carved out a regular role for himself and is now a regular starter at one of Eura's biggest clubs. With all of his intangibles and technique, there's not really a limit to his potential. Still raw, but growing before our eyes with every match at Bastion.

CB - Alfred Tidesson - 24 - Image Real Azuris Image
The younger brother of Bryger Tidesson has arguably surpassed former Galctico finalist Kurt Wolff as the best defender for Real Azuris, so it makes sense that he has now supplanted Wolff here too. After all, Wolff was part of the Defense That Failed at World Cup 81. Alfred is known for being fiercely competitive, even to a fault. Product of growing up in the shadow of a perfect brother like Bryger and not having Bryger's effortless athleticism. Sometimes his aggressiveness gets him in trouble, as he'll rack up vengeful yellow cards or overcommit on developing attacks. But more often than not, his fiery drive serves him well, getting in opponents' heads and allowing him to make some spectacular defensive plays. Like Solari, an uncapped young raw talent that Pearce is hoping might coagulate into a mainstay for cycles to come here in Mriin.

RB - Ville Pakkanen - 29 - Image Newrook City Image
"Pacy Pakkanen" blazed up and down the right for FC Kaldukosic for practically his whole life up until age 25. Started out as a traditional right back, but was gradually utilized further and further forward until he basically became a full-fledged winger. Can now play anywhere on the right side. He loved playing in Cosumar's biggest city and the lifestyle that it entailed (he's still a big partier), but FC Kal's repeated near-misses on getting back to the top flight (where he had already impressed as a teenager) eventually pushed him to move in the interests of his career ...To Newrook City, where he has been a core - leading even - part of their transformation into a UICA contender under Cosumarite manager Andreu Bartolnicci. His club success was rewarded with first-choice status throughout the last World Cup cycle. He had a spectacular Qualifying, registering the second-most assists on the team and providing constant danger on the overlap, but was exploited defensively in the actual World Cup proper. Alexander Pearce is under immense pressure to restore defensive solidity in the wake of those much-maligned group stage performances, casting Pakkanen's unquestioned starting place very much into question. Whether Pearce opts for Uribe or Pakkanen at this position will likely be day-to-day and match-up-dependent. It's Cosumar's most wide-open position battle.

DM - Viablaine - 29 - Image Rozelle Image
Spunky defensive midfielder who plays with an attitude. Lives to hound attackers, win the ball back and send her team going in the other direction. Broke out with Pelethas on their team that initially earned promotion and took the HL by storm, but saw her career stagnate somewhat after what was *supposed* to be an upward-move to Ramusok United. Until two years ago! Jock Sonny's arrival in Ramusok rejuvenated Viablaine and produced her best season since Pelethas, robust and energetic at the base of a diamond. Then she moved to Rozelle, where she continued her ascendant form and became an A-League champion. Now she's back as a national team regular after making a few key substitute appearances in World Cup 81. Her primary role with the team is to come on late and help kill games off when we have a lead.

CM - Dexter Tricklebank - 24 - Falourr Image
Lithe midfielder who excels passing and moving in fast combinations but can also play a nice long ball. Never stops running. Is it a coincidence that Tricklebank's first season as a starter for Eastweald produced their first HL championship? He buried himself in the heart of the midfield and did all the connective work up and down the pitch (with such zeal!) that allowed Jo de Marisco and Mina Mordini to flex their creative muscles. Not the biggest or strongest (he's actually quite small), but excellent positional understanding and closing speed. Relentless. A very capable dribbler and creator too when he wants to be. Now with Euran champs Falourr, positive AOCAF showings could see Tricklebank establish himself as a NT regular for years to come. Hails from the quaint oceanside town of Corrian in Hvalsey Fief. Easily the most prominent footballer with ties to tiny Hvalsey Fief since Brian Emerson, one of the original Golden Generation greats. Funny... Tricklebank's feisty yet smooth game eerily resembles Emerson's.

CM/AM - Hidalgo Antúnes - 26 - Image Real Azuris Image
Overshadowed due to being in the same Real Azuris academy class as Bryger Tidesson, Hidalgo hasn't gotten nearly enough recognition from anyone outside the Azurian supporters' groups. They have a special love for the lad because he's actually a fifth-generation Azuris native (unlike the Tidessons, who just moved there as teens). Antúnes has become every bit as much of a lock in the Breakers' XI as Bryger over the last couple years and has played a key role in many of Real's recent successes. From his fluid position as an advanced central midfielder or slightly withdrawn #10, Antúnes is coming off the most productive season of his career. He's undeniably skilled with the ball and has a certain... ingenuity. He tries things, even if they don't always work. Some criticize his turnover volume though, and say Hidalgo is merely a medium talent who has benefited from playing in world-class teams. Others sing his praise and believe him ready to step into the limelight should Bryger move on from Azuris. He'll have a chance to do just that in this upcoming HL season, and a strong AOCAF would be a great start to follow-up on his promising spot appearances in World Cup Qualifying.

RW/CM - Hakki Ojala - 27 - Image Sabrefell Athletic Image
Once a young superstar for the Anglatia NT, Hakki naturalized as Cosumarite after several productive seasons as a starter at Real Azuris. Härlighet Ligan, Champions' Cup and Cygnus Cup champion. His subsequent move to Sabrefell Athletic has paid off too. He has had a good few seasons as a regular in one of Nephara's top teams. Hakki is a very skilled and versatile player who can play anywhere across a midfield at the highest levels. A true utility guy for Pearce. Played most often as a left winger for Real Azuris, as more of a classic winger who can beat people one-on-one rather than a modern passing winger, but plays on the right for Athletic. Despite his intimidating 6"4 size, Hakki is an emotionally sensitive person and who can get distraught if things don't go his way. Not angry or violent, just... sad and unstable.

LW/AM - Zoë Aedelbrandt - 25 - Image Sabrefell Moths Image
Extremely lively presence on the left wing who never stops running and trying to make things happen. Zoe's boundless energy and audacity to Try Things has the potential to turn a game on its head, which makes her an ideal super-sub here since she also tends to disappear sometimes when playing full 90s. Sometimes her first touch lets her down too... but her last touch usually makes up for it. This woman fires a cracker of a shot. Also develops really good chemistry with the players around her and plays a mean one-two, like OAS Royal fans saw countless times with her best friend Sen Marsteller for the last few years at OAS Royal. Now she's at Moths, hand-picked by Sur Arora, who was her mentor and advocate as a youth at Royal. She may be in the team instead of, say, AFC Treason's Lorelei Neptune simply because it's an experimental AOCAF to try out new pieces, but that doesn't make this chance any less valuable.

LW - Olvir Texström - 29 - Falourr Image
Pace for days! Texström is usually the fastest player on the pitch. And he actually has end-product to match. 26 goals in 66 breakout appearances at Keenan Athletic and then similar record in two very good years at Dwile Warriors. Ever onwards and upwards, he then moved to Euraleague and helped turn Falourr into title-winners last season. If you're a difference-maker on the best team in the #1-ranked league.... yeah, you're gonna get a call-up. In fact, he might've just leap-frogged the field to become Cosumar's first-choice on the left. When Pearce feels need for a pure beat-you-on-the-dribble winger, he'll call Olvir's number first. Oh yeah, and PACE. Not really great at crossing, passing or defending, but who needs those luxuries when you can rust past everybody and score?

ST - Aron Riise - 24 - Oakstone Image
He's not the fastest nor strongest nor most technically skilled, but what the golden-haired poster-boy of Helfin Fief IS is a clinical finisher. Point out a specific patch of net and, given a window, he'll hit it. Decent in the air and with his head, but he's most effective with the ball played in front of him to shoot. He's the 2x HL Young Player of the Year with back-to-back 17 goal seasons on a bad team. Imagine what he can do with real top players creating for him! We may not have to imagine anymore this season, as Oakstone is a definite upgrade following Fief's relegation. He caught the eyes of Euran scouts with his breakout performances at the end of World Cup Qualifying, finally getting his chance and seizing it with 2 goals and 2 assists in 2 appearances. The Cosumarite public are hungry to see more of him in the Dragonshirt.

ST - Arden Lemons - 23 - Image Hondo FC Image
Arden Lemons has arrived. We'd heard good things about "this girl from CCFC's academy" for years, but the last HL season was the first time the masses saw her quality shine at the senior level. And what an impact it made. In the mix of 19 substitute appearances and rotational starts that Amethyst Fegelein gave her, Lemons scored 8 goals and at times looked like their most dangerous striker. Moreso than World Cup champions Hannah Alcouin and Kevin Stabb. Yet, unable to promise her the starting role she desired with Pasarga star Alexander Karpaty arriving, the Elephants then sold her to Hondo FC. She has immediately thrived in Valanora, helping Hondo to success in the Premiership AND a Globe Cup title. An AOCAF call-up was wholly unexpected a few months ago, but is well-deserved. Lemons is a smooth, two-footed finisher. Not someone who will create her own chances with the ball, but she makes great runs. If you can find them, she'll usually find a way to maneuver something on-frame.


Manager: Alexander Pearce Image
Alexander Pearce, 55, is a Cosumarite legend in defense, and the 5th person to manage the NT - the first former player to do so. He has large legacies to live up to. Before him, Nepharim icon Gethin Ramsey made five WC knockouts and won a CoH. Before that, Farris Crowley held the post for decades and took Cosumar to its first seven WCs. What will Pearce's legacy be? Well, he's already quite gifted at building legacies. Just look at what he did with Cornellians: overseeing the club's transition from the MPL to SPL and dominating Schottia with five consecutive titles. No one expects him to win five WCs, but it's reasonable to expect great things - especially after winning AOCAF LIV and Eagle Cup in one cycle. Pearce possesses a well-rounded managerial skillset: studious tactical acumen, eye for new talent, elegant motivational speaking, effective org management and even shrewd with finances. Known for his ability to coordinate and command others without condescension or volume. Pearce comes from a family with deep roots in the sport and takes great pride in representing his name and country. In his playing days, a rangy, mobile defender at center or left back for OAS Royal and Cornellians. Also ruggedly handsome. Full bio.

Assistant Manager: Casey Brind Image
Pearce brought his Cornellians assistant and ex-teammate with him. Casey Brind, now 47 years old, was a well-traveled midfielder, including stops at Iron City, Vermillion Rage and others, ending at Cornellians. Pearce/Brind is a well-oiled machine, proven through their glories at Cornellians. Brind will be hoping that the success translates to the international level, inspired by filling the void of Nepharim legend Ramsey. Maybe she'll have a storied managerial career of her own.

Goalkeepers Coach: Anders Videfors

Defenders Coach: Artis Thomas

Midfielders Coach: Vareza Na'Noni

Forwards Coach: Vladimir Lewin

Head Trainer: Yvette Carson

RP Permissions
I Give To My Opponent The Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: Y
Godmod Injury Events: Y
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: TG first.
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Siovanija and Teusland national football team


Nation Name: United Republics of Siovanija and Teusland
Short Names: Siovanija and Teusland, the United Republics
Demonyms: Siovanijan, Teuslander/Teus
FA: Siovanija and Teusland Football Association (STFA)
Colours: Blue and gold
Anthem: ‘High Mountain Skies’
Highest Domestic League: Republikaliga
Nicknames: The Goldhorns
Style Modifier: +2.5

Coaching Staff
Manager: Gavin Hughes (APX)

Yes, that’s right, there’s a new man in charge of the Siovanija and Teusland national football team. Apoxian Gavin Hughes was officially named as manager of the Goldhorns following the resignation of Alan Dzekov after the Cup of Harmony. Dzekov, upon resignation, cited a desire to continue learning in his managerial career, and he hoped to one day return to manage the Goldhorns. Hughes holds the record for most games managed for the Apoxian national team over two spells, and also spent time at the club level with Urbanista and Mandon United. Desiring a new challenge, Hughes was happy to accept the STFA’s offer, and takes over as national team manager. Hughes is known as a thoughtful character who is incredibly analytical in his preparations for matchday, and his experience at the highest levels will surely be a major help to the Goldhorns. For the AOCAF, he will be using a 4-4-2 system with Siovanija and Teusland, and the overall tactics will remain offensive in nature, but much less so than under Manevski and Dzekov.

23-man Squad

Statistics are up to date as of the end of Cup of Harmony 73. The AOCAF takes place in the summer following the Republikaliga’s fourth season.

GK -- Viktor VENEV -- #1 -- 33y/o -- FK Metropola Borograd -- 36 caps, 7 clean sheets
GK -- Julian FEHR -- #12 -- 32y/o -- FC Teussen Stelburg -- 10 caps, 1 clean sheet
GK -- Yanko ZHELYASKOV -- #23 -- 23y/o -- Olympia Borograd -- 7 caps, 2 clean sheets

Viktor Venev is still the Goldhorns’ number one, but this AOCAF may be the last time he claims the starting role. Venev is still a strong goalkeeper, however he is getting older and may soon be replaced by younger blood. Julian Fehr still hopes to break through and make the number one spot his own, but time is running out: he’s only 1 year younger than Venev. Then, Yanko Zhelyaskov, who has had a wonderful career so far with club and country, believes now is his time to secure the starting spot that he will likely hold for the rest of his career. Zhelyaskov is a sweeper-style keeper, willing to take risks to secure the ball. He’s also known for his distribution of the ball, and is highly competent in commanding his back line.

Left Back
LB -- Lyubomir DIMITROV -- #3 -- 25y/o -- FK Metropola Borograd -- 17 caps, 1 assist
LB -- Dietmar KLEINMANN -- #13 -- 28y/o -- FC Teussen Stelburg -- 44 caps, 2 assists

Lyubomir Dimitrov has earned the number 3 shirt on this team, taking it away for the first time in his career from Dietmar Kleinmann. Clearly, Gavin Hughes likes something about the Metropola left back, who had been making more and more first team appearances throughout World Cup 81’s Qualification campaign. Dietmar Kleinmann’s poor performance at the Cup of Harmony seems to have relegated him to back-up duty, however he’ll certainly be given his chance to win back the spot.

Centre Back
CB -- Raphael KLOPFER -- #4 -- 28y/o -- 1912 Stelburg -- 49 caps, 2 goals, 2 assists
CB -- Nikola KARAPETROV -- #5 -- 27y/o -- Olympia Borograd -- 20 caps, 1 goal
CB -- Karl-Heinz JAGER -- #14 -- 19y/o -- FC Teussen Stelburg -- Uncapped
CB -- Erich THIERSE -- #15 -- 25y/o -- FC Rotmunde 1932 -- 9 caps

It’s an exciting time for Siovanija and Teusland at centre back. Raphael Klopfer has been perhaps the best defender for the national team throughout his career, and continues to be a solid presence at the back and a leader for the team. Nikola Karapetrov stays beside him, the Olympia Borograd defender having earned his 20th cap at the Cup of Harmony. Next in line, however, is perhaps the most talked about wonderkid in the history of this country: Karl-Heinz Jager. Jager has broken into the FC Teussen Stelburg senior team, and led the youth team to the best defensive record in the J. Republikaliga. His positioning, timing and passing skills are all of the highest quality, and by the end of this tournament it’s entirely likely that Jager has broken into the starting XI. Erich Thierse is another centre back coming along to Mriin, and he has been strong on each of his 9 caps so far. Competing with Jager for minutes, however, means that Thierse may not be called upon too much this AOCAF.

Right Back
RB -- Lutz DASCHNER -- #2 -- 31y/o -- 1912 Stelburg -- 49 caps, 1 assist
RB -- Thorsten HELMKE -- #16 -- 26y/o -- FC Felsenkirchen 1879 -- 21 caps, 3 assists

Lutz Daschner has been one of the Goldhorns’ most important players in all aspects of the game, with his pace launching many a probe forward. He’s also an accomplished crosser of the ball, and thus plays an integral role in the national team’s system. Backing him up is Thorsten Helmke, a positionally sound defender who is slightly more cautious than Daschner.

Central Midfield
CM -- Thorsten KRAMER -- #6 -- 22y/o -- FC Teussen Stelburg -- 56 caps, 11 goals, 18 assists
CM -- Vladimir KOSTOV -- #8 -- 32y/o -- Olympia Borograd -- 38 caps, 2 goals, 3 assists
CM -- Dennis BROTZMANN -- #17 -- 28y/o -- Herzegovina City FC (Banija) -- 34 caps

There’s much more competition in this spot now, as assuming Viktor Dimitrov will keep the number 10 role there’s only one other spot in central midfield. The obvious choice is Thorsten Kramer, who has come to define the spirit of the national team across his 56 caps. Kramer gets forward and can move the ball well, and is incredibly valuable to this team. Vladimir Kostov is certainly a choice Gavin Hughes will have to consider for matches that will require a little extra edge to them, or for the Goldhorns to take on a more balanced style. Dennis Brotzmann, who just completed a transfer to Banijan club Herzegovina City FC, will also be an option and has been solid on each of his 34 appearances.

Left Wing
LW -- Paulus LEISTNER -- #7 -- 29y/o -- FC Kaiserhaven -- 39 caps, 5 goals, 9 assists
LW -- Lutz VON BERGEN -- #21 -- 27y/o -- SW Stahlberg -- 16 caps, 3 goals, 4 assists

Paulus Leistner is the trusted man on the left side of midfield, and has been for the majority of his career. Leistner has scored some of the more important goals in national team history, and has always been able to be involved no matter what with key passages of play. Lutz von Bergen is relatively new to the national set-up in comparison, but brings with him lots of pace which he is able to beat defenders with and bring the ball forward.

Central Attacking Midfield
CAM -- Viktor DIMITROV -- #10 -- 27y/o -- Energija Chernovets -- 53 caps, 3 goals, 28 assists
CAM -- Jurgen STERN -- #19 -- 29y/o -- FC Brimstone (Apox) -- 16 caps, 2 goals, 2 assists

We’ve listed these two as CAM even though it is unlikely that that position will remain in existence with the new-look Goldhorns formation. However, of all the midfielders available to play in the centre, Dimitrov and Stern are the ones who play the furthest forward. Dimitrov is the heartbeat of this team, and is often cited by the players around him as the most important player on the team. Jurgen Stern is a very able deputy who appears to be getting a second chance with the national team after his move to FC Brimstone in the Apoxian league.

Right Wing
RW -- Ivo ROMANOV -- #11 -- 27y/o -- Rozelle (Brenecia) -- 53 caps, 16 goals, 14 assists
RW -- Leo HEIDEN -- #20 -- 23y/o -- FC St. Jakob -- 7 caps, 2 assists

Ivo Romanov is the man Siovanija and Teusland can count on anytime. Need a goal? Romanov’s got it. A player who never seems to have an off night, even if he can’t contribute on the scoresheet, Romanov is incredibly important to this national team. He is also fresh off earning a transfer to Brenecian league champions Rozelle, and will surely be hoping to impress his new fans and coaches with a strong performance at this tournament. Leo Heiden has been integrated into the squad gradually, as to be expected when backing up a player of Romanov’s calibre. Still, he’s looked up to the task whenever called upon, and Heiden will be a key member of this team going forward.

Centre Forward
CF -- Krasimir KYNEV -- #9 -- 24y/o -- Olympia Borograd -- 23 caps, 12 goals
CF -- Michael RIBBECK -- #18 -- 21y/o -- SW Stahlberg -- 12 caps, 7 goals, 1 assist
CF -- Miroslav DINEV -- #22 -- 32y/o -- Energija Chernovets -- 38 caps, 21 goals, 1 assist

So much potential here. With two forwards up front, think of all the combinations Hughes has to work with here. Krasimir Kynev and Michael Ribbeck, the future of the nation’s attack, playing off one another up front. Miroslav Dinev, the legend and leader of this team, playing with either one of them. Siovanija and Teusland’s offence stopped firing during the end of World Cup Qualifiers and the Cup of Harmony, with the team scoring just 9 goals during the 10 game winless run. If Michael Ribbeck can recapture his form from the last AOCAF tournament, where he really broke out scoring 3 goals in 3 appearances, then that problem should be solved. Kynev and Dinev are also proven goalscorers for the national team, and the expectation amongst fans is that the scoring problem will be resolved as quickly as possible.

Set Pieces
Left Corners: Lyubomir Dimitrov
Right Corners: Ivo Romanov
Free Kicks: Thorsten Kramer, Viktor Dimitrov, Ivo Romanov
Penalties: Krasimir Kynev, Michael Ribbeck, Ivo Romanov, Thorsten Kramer, Viktor Dimitrov

The official captain of the team is Miroslav Dinev. As he will not be starting the majority of matches, however, Raphael Klopfer will usually wear the armband. If Klopfer does not play, it will pass to Lutz Daschner or Viktor Venev.


Siovanija and Teusland will continue to use the kits debuted in World Cup 81 Qualifiers for the AOCAF. The crest, circular, features an edelweiss in the middle with blue and gold colour around it. The home kit is coloured mainly gold, with blue highlights. In addition, a blue stripe is in the middle of the kit, with the crest inside. Gold shorts and blue socks round out the home design. The away kit is coloured mainly blue, with gold highlights and a gold stripe. Blue shorts and gold socks complete the design. The blue and gold here come from the flag of the country. The goalkeeper kit, not pictured, is fully green. Green was both the colour of the House of Stajovic, Siovanija’s old imperial family, and the colour of the uniforms of many Knights from Teusland during several historical conflicts. The national team’s uniforms truly are able to represent the entire nation.

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, I determine length/severity
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: No

Group and Schedule

The Goldhorns have been drawn into Group E for the AOCAF LVII tournament in Mriin. The group contains, with rankings in brackets:

Equestrian States (7)
Oontaz Dert Li Ng (14)
Siovanija and Teusland (22)
Busoga Islands (43)

The group contains possibility for some very interesting matches. Three teams hailing from Southwestern Atlantian Oceania, including Equestrian States, Busoga Islands and, of course, the Goldhorns. Thus, not only qualification is on the line in this group, and subregional bragging rights are available as well. What are the Goldhorns’ chances of reaching the play-off rounds? The top two teams advance from each group, and one must predict that Equestrian States will make up one of those spots. Oontaz Dert Li Ng and the Busoga Islands are each capable opponents for the Goldhorns, and thus it will be a tough task for Gavin Hughes’ men to qualify. One benefit may be that in addition to the two highest finishers in the group, the two best third place teams in the tournament will also qualify. Of course, however, the Goldhorns will not want to leave any hopes of qualifying up to fate in such a way.


Matchday 1: Busoga Islands vs Siovanija and Teusland
Matchday 2: Oontaz Dert Li Ng vs Siovanija and Teusland
Matchday 3: Siovanija and Teusland vs Equestrian States

So, the Goldhorns kick off the schedule against Busoga Islands, the lowest ranked team in the group. Hughes and the Goldhorns will certainly be wanting to set the tone for this tournament in the opener, and a win would be a solid result on all levels. The second match sees the Goldhorns play Oontaz Dert Li Ng, perhaps the most important match of the group stage. A win here would put Siovanija and Teusland into very solid positioning, but even a draw would mean the team have played well. On the final matchday is the toughest match of the group stage, as the Goldhorns take on the Equestrian States, ranked 7th in the region. Hopefully, the Equestrians will not be needing a result in that match and perhaps the Goldhorns, who may be needing a result, can steal a point or more.

The AOCAF returns, and we’ll be here to cover all of the best regional football on display as Atlantian Oceanian nations compete for victory.
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La Poste D'Émelie

AOCAF 57: Can Saint Émelie improve on debut tournament?

Another year has passed, but this year was a little different to the rest, at least for those of a sporting disposition. That was because for the first time, Saint Émelie had a national football team competing amongst the world's best.

They didn't do too badly either. For a side made up of one proper footballer (albeit a fairly mediocre one by most nation's standards) and a lot of people who just run around trying to kick the ball, a win against Vilita & Turori, a showing in the knockouts of the Baptism of Fire and a 6th-place finish in a competitive World Cup Qualifying group has to be a decent showing.

The real question is not whether Saint Émelie can mix it with the world's best, but whether they can start beating them.

A last-gasp 4-3 victory against the region's top-ranked side is certainly a good place to start, but does unfortunately have to be treated as a statistical outlier. The good news is we will soon find out if the hard work during the international off-season has paid off because Les Insulaire's AOCAF 57 group is a toughie.

Amélie Martín's team will face 3rd seeds Farfadillis, 11th-ranked Tropicorp and Geisenfried in group B, the latter being the only team ranked lower than 23rd seeds Saint Émelie at 39th in the region.
In fairness, given that Saint Émelie have only been on the scene for one cycle, it is no surprise that on paper, they are underdogs. However they do have some history with the group favourites after the Baptism of Fire last year, held in guess where? Farfadillis.

Following a report during the tournament questioning the choice of venues selected by the host nation, the FFFF (Fastidiously Farcical Football Federation, or something like that) decided to move Saint Émelie's final group match to the notoriously dangerous state of Rulund at highly short notice. The team battled to a 2-1 win against Czarna Gora, but the move may well have taken it's toll on the round of 32 fixture with Saint Émelie slumping to an unexpected 4-3 loss to Shofercia.

Fortunately, the FFFF have nothing to do with the organisation of this tournament, but their fans will be at the tournament in numbers and may have something to say. Farve fans can often be fanatical and given Saint Émelie's often defensive route against high-quality teams, they may resort to violence for multiple reasons. Farve fans are also well-known for their affinity to firearms, making tight-stewardship a must for hosts Mriin.

In terms of both off and on-pitch danger, Farfadillis certainly present the greatest risk, but there is some threat from elsewhere in the group as well, mainly in the form of Tropicorp.

Tropicorp call themselves a quasi government entity and that seems to sum them up nicely, however they found time to stop whatever they were doing and play some football, making their AOCAF debut in the 49th edition, making it as far as the semi-finals in the 54th.
The team have evolved from those beginnings though, becoming an integral part of the training and integration of cocoabo into the Turori national team. The team also consists of 'techies', who presumably do engineery things, although possibly not during the match. Given that Les Insulaires get their campaign underway against Tropicorp, the game will be the first chance to see what advances Tropicorp have made since last year's tournament, something that will be fascinating for the whole region.
Perhaps understandably, little is known of this year's team, although if it goes anything like last year, we'll be facing an entire defence of Cocoabo, which might work in our favour, who knows?

Geisenfried are the other team to grace the group. The 39th-ranked team are returning from fairly lengthy break and will therefore either be incredibly rusty and beatable or surprisingly competent. Hopefully for us, it's the former of those two options, but the fact that Martín and her team once again have no information to work with is once again a complicating factor. Hopefully they'll have forgotton what a goal looks like and will be 3 easy points.

Saint Émelie get their campaign underway on Saturday at the Aerodrome in the suburbs of Maal in Mriin. You'll probably hear about the result a few days later I guess.
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OOC: Well, ****. I'm not actually trying to usurp Lochario's place here, this is just a bit of tongue-in-cheek humour regarding the AOCAF founder completely missing signups.

"What do you mean, you forgot to send it? This is unacceptable! The AOCAF Cup is our baby!"
"Ah well, it's not like we ever win it anyway."
"...cock. Anything we can do?"
"Nope, the cutoff for entries is long past...although...there my be a way."
"Right, I'm sending a wire right now protesting Lochario's entry and demanding we take their place."
"Ooh, ballsy. But won't they hate us for it?"
"Meh, we're Krytenia. It's not like we're well loved anyway."
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Banija National Team- The Kadongo Kamu

Country code: BNJ
Denonym: Banijan(s)
Association: Royal Banijan Soccer Association(RBSA)
Nickname: The Kadongo Kamu
Manager: Marcus Waters, 49 years old, native of the Equestrian States. Took over the interim manager role after Matchday 9 of World Cup 80 Qualifying; became the full-time manager at the end of that World Cup Qualification campaign.
Senior Assistant Manager: Sarh Sane, 70 years old. Took over the role after Marcus Waters was named the manager. Manager for 16 seasons at Busukuma Athletic Club.
Captain: Chibuzo Afolayan
Alternate Captain: Abate Brehanu
Home Kits: Green
Away Kits: White
Alternate: Orange

Brief National Team History
The Kadongo Kamu have played in exactly 183 games, as of the end of the 81st World Cup. The national team has participated in 7 World Cup Qualification campaigns(WCQ73, WCQ74, WCQ75, WCQ76, WCQ77, WCQ79, WCQ80) and played in two World Cups- World Cup 80 and World Cup 81, which we did not have to participate in qualification for since we hosted the tournament. We have also participated in Baptism of Fire 60, and been a participant in three different Cup of Harmonies(CoH 66, CoH 67, and CoH 71). In three Cup of Harmonies, Banija has never once moved past the group stage in the competition, and in their lone Baptism of Fire, they earned a lone point. In World Cup 80, Banija was eliminated in the group stages, though in World Cup 81, Banija won Group A and went to the Round of 16.

The team has been on its best run in the last three World Cup cycles. A shocking World Cup 79 Qualification campaign saw them on the brink of qualifying, but the team simply ran out of gas and lost 4 of their final 5 matches to not make it to Ceni/Drawkland. Since then, the U21 team got 3rd place at the 42nd Di Bradini Cup, and the national team advanced to the quarterfinals of AOCAF LV and AOCAF LVI, establishing themselves as a strong regional side, falling to the eventual champs in AOCAF LVI. They stunningly qualified for World Cup 80, after starting poorly by losing 5 of their first 9, to going unbeaten in the second half of qualifying, where they won 7 of those games. In the World Cup 80 Qualification playoffs, a 3-0 first leg victory in Montreal, Royal Kingdom of Quebec, powered the team through to their first ever appearance in the World Cup Finals, advancing to sport's pre-eminent competition 5-3 on aggregate over Mercedini. While a pair of one goal losses saw them eliminated after two games, they earned their first ever victory at the World Cup Finals in a 2-0 win over New Gazi in their final group stage game. As they hosted World Cup 81, they went directly to the tournament, and went to their first ever knockout stages, winning Group A before falling, 1-1(2-1 AET) to Turori in the Round of 16.

The team's trophy cabinet is bare, having never won any international competition- though the national team won bronze medals earned at the United Valhaven Regional Football Championships on home soil, before their move to Atlantian Oceania. They come to this competition with high ambitions- two previous regional tournaments ended in quarterfinal appearances, and have ambitions to do one better in Mriin.They come to the tournament adjusting to a new reality, their first tournament in a long time without their most capped player, Isaac Georgiadis, or their anchor on the back line, Wasa Jawo, who both decided to retire from national team duties after World Cup 81.

All-Time Record: 74-84-25(W-L-D)
All-Time Winning Percentage: 40.44% (Wins over total games played)
All-Time Points Percentage: 44.99% (Wins plus 1/3rd of draws over total games played)
Current KPB Rank: #21(20.44 KPB points)
Top 5 All-Time Leading Goal Scorers:
1. Kiggwe Mavuto(43 goals)
2. Toyuwa Okafor(36 goals)
3. Chibuzo Afolayan(33 goals)
4. Isaac Georgiadis(27 goals)
5. Gitonga Kahara(24 goals)
World Cup Apperances: 2- World Cup 80 & World Cup 81

List of National Team managers
1. Kizza Kabila(Banija). Manager for Baptism of Fire 60 and the World Cup 73 Qualification Campaign. Overall record of 0-14-1(W-L-D).

Kizza Kabila is the only Banijan to have ever managed the national team. Hired for Banija's first foray onto the international scene in this sport, his reign was universally derided as a disaster. Managing 15 games, he drew his first game in the Baptism of Fire, and not only lost the next two, he then lost ever single match in the 12 game World Cup Qualification campaign for World Cup 73, with the side only scoring 5 goals across the entire campaign. Unceremoniously fired after becoming one of few managers to go through an entire World Cup Qualification campaign without earning a single point, he, alongside the entire board of the RBSA, resigned after the last game. He was disgraced in the sport after the campaign, and, to this point, has never returned to top-level soccer.

2.Jan Cassallerus(San Llera): Hired before the start of the World Cup 74 Qualification Campaign, managed through the World Cup 77 Qualification Campaign. Overall Record of 27-32-16(W-L-D).

Banija put its eyes abroad, searching for a foreign manager before the World Cup 74 Qualification campaign, and found Jan Cassallerus. He is Banija's longest ever serving manager, being at the helm for four entire World Cup cycles, and being at the helm for 75 total games, a kind of longevity unheard of in the modern game, especially managing the national team. He started winning a game at the Coupe D'Esquarium, in what was known as the group of death. He was largely celebrated for bringing the team into relevancy. The expectations were through the floor, following Kizza Kabila, but he brought the team to Cup of Harmony 66 and Cup of Harmony 67, as well as advancing in Olympic Qualifying and getting third place at the United Valhaven Regional Football Championships. He was forced into retirement after the World Cup 77 Qualification campaign, when the RBSA declared bankruptcy, and could not participate in the World Cup 78 Qualification Campaign due to their inability to compensate players and staff.

3. Randolf Cherry(Drawkland): Hired before the start of the World Cup 79 Qualification Campaign. Overall Record of 20-25-2(W-L-D)

Randolf Cherry, after the RBSA got its act together, was hired- controversially- as the manager of the national team. Not that his own hire was controversial, it was applauded across the sports spectrum here at home. He was given a 3 cycle contract, and everyone knew what the goal was- to make the World Cup Finals at least once over the course of the contract. They understood that it would take time to climb the rankings, and they were willing to give him the leash. However, he came in a very awkward situation. Adama Sowe, the Chairman of the RBSA, allegedly first offered the job to Sarah Owens, out of the Equestrian States. Of course, it is illegal in Banija for women to coach men's professional teams, and that caused controversy. And yet, here he was- the manager of the national team.

His own home country of Drawkland is, of course, very progressive in that area, where the sport is dominated by the ladies. Regardless, he had an excellent start to his reign as a manger, and was initially extremely popular. He won his first game, in a special Eagles Club match, against Aggrey-Fynn Land. He lost his first few qualifiers, but he went on a dear through the middle of qualifying, which included a 7 game winning streak on home soil. Big wins against then 4th ranked Chromatika at home and then 32nd ranked Eshan, put them in the conversation of World Cup Qualification, though they were simply not strong enough.

The Cup of Harmony was considered a disaster, finishing in dead last in their group. The competition maybe simply isn't for the Banijans, eh? But they were strong throughout the offseason, making a surprising quarterfinal run in AOCAF LV and bringing high hopes to the squad going into World Cup 80 Qualification. Hopes were through the roof for the national team, maybe even bordering unrealistic. They struggled, and the campaign got worse as the pressure built, as the squad lost their final four qualifiers of the first half of qualifying. With the campaign seemingly in free-fall, he was fired, as the RBSA said they wanted time to conduct "an open, thorough, search."

4. Marcus Waters(Equestrian States): Hired after the 1st half of World Cup 80 Qualifying, present manager of the national team. Overall record of 27-14-6(W-L-D).

Marcus Waters was the national team's assistant manager with Randolf Cherry above him, and the manager of the youth national teams. He first gained notoreity in Banija after successfully leading the U21 team to a 3rd place finish at the 42nd Di Bradini Cup. With his abilities clear, it made sense to move onto him as the interim manager as they searched for a permanent manager ahead of the second half of World Cup Qualifying. However, he was able to complete a stunning turnaround of this team. His first game in charge, he changed nearly the entire backline, and had a massive upset, away to Qasden, by a score of 3-2. A 3-0 victory over Razenthuria in the other mid-qualifying friendly got high hopes for him.

Marcus Waters went out with an intent to keep his team focused, despite everything going on at home. He has proven adept at navigating the political minefield that is this job, especially with his own country of origin essentially at war with Banija. He didn't lose a single game in the second half of qualifying, winning 7 games to get to the playoffs, including when the team was forced to play home games in Montreal due to ongoing violence within Banija. He was widely applauded for getting the team ready to play in Montreal, and winning 1-0 against Turori, the group's top seeded squad, and a 3-0 win in Montreal in the Qualification playoffs. While the RBSA interviewed four other candidates, his successful push through the World Cup Qualification playoffs and into Banija's first-ever World Cup Finals essentially clinched the job for him, as he put pen to paper to take the interim tag off of his title ahead of the 80th World Cup Finals.

Since then, of course, he has done a lot to garner the confidence of the higher-ups, and of the fans. A competitive push in AOCAF LVI, a trip to the quarterfinals, only falling to the eventual champs, was seen as a positive. As well as, of course, a surprising Fourth Place finish in the Cup of Champions Six, highlighted by a surprising point earned in their matchup against Nephara, while also pushing through to the Round of 16 of World Cup 81, pleasing the home fans. A popular figure within Banija as the team has continually been on the rise since he took over, he has job security unlike any other in international management.

Full credit to Filindostan for the design and production of these jersies. Thank you very much!

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
RP Injuries to my players: Yes(please state what injury they have suffered and how many games they will miss).
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes(please state what injury they have suffered and how many games they will miss).
Godmod other events: Yes
Style modifier: +1

Do whatever you want besides godmodding the actual goals(I prefer the actual goals to be real). If anybody dies, please TG me who so I can replace them.

Roster for AOCAF LVII

Starters: 4-2-1-3
Players who are based in a foreign league are bolded.
Players who have their first ever competitive callup in this tournament are italicized.
BSL = Banijan Soccer League, Banija's only national professional soccer league.
GK #13 Assefa Berhane. Age 32. Plays for Umbazi Metropolitan SC in the BSL.
RB #2 Obey Chidiebere. Age 26. Plays for Bunyoro RSC in the BSL.
CB #3 Jalang Ba. Age 26. Plays for Umbazi Metropolitan SC in the BSL.
CB #5 Abate Brehanu. Age 31. Plays for the Busembe Timberwolves in the BSL.
LB #13 Ensa Camara. Age 27. Plays for the Zakhora Aces in the Härlighet Ligan in Cosumar.
RCM #6 Ablie Kah. Age 23. Plays for Istria City FC in the BSL.
LCM #8 Phumelele Stofile. Age 27. Plays for Busukuma AC in the BSL.
CAM #10 Okonkwo Okparro. Age 26. Plays for Makosile United in the Vilitan League.
RW #7 Chibuzo Afolayan. Age 32. Plays for AFC Corvistone in the Nepharim Premiership. Captain.
LW #11 Gitonga Kahara. Age 24. Plays for OAS Royal FC in the Härlighet Ligan in Cosumar.
ST #9 Toyuwa Okafor. Age 33. Plays for Avenida Neal in the Freitball Liga in Farfadillis.

GK #19 Lemuel Bereket. Age 26. Plays for Exton FC in the Apox National League.
GK #35 Jumu Sanneh. Age 26. Plays for Turoki United in the Vilitan League.
RB #27 Berihu Temesgen. Age 30. Plays for the Busembe Timberwolves in the BSL.
CB #20 Noah Geteye. Age 31. Plays for Istria City FC in the BSL.
LB #4 Gugulethu Feza. Age 27. Plays for Bunyoro RSC in the BSL.
CM #15 Samba Ndaw. Age 30. Plays for the Hoima Warriors in the BSL.
CAM/CM #14 Nweke Obasee. Age 23. Plays for Aissa United in the BSL.
CAM #21 Marbue Owusu. Age 30. Plays for Hoima Warriors in the BSL.
LW/RW #12 Nwabudike Ugonna. Age 20. Plays for FC Rotmunde 1932 in the Republikaliga in Siovanija & Teusland.
LW/RW #18 Alanso Tamba. Age 27. Plays for Busukuma AC in the BSL.
ST #24 Kabir Jobateh. Age. 26. Plays for FC Kaiserhaven in the Republikaliga in Siovanija & Teusland. Starter on the bronze medal 42nd Di Bradini Cup squad.
ST #17 Assefa Yitebarke. Age 28. Plays for Istria City FC in the BSL.

- Our free kicks are taken by Chibuzo Afolayan. Our corner kicks are taken by Gitonga Kahara.
- Our penalty kicks are taken by Toyuwa Okafor.
- In terms of substitutions, anybody is OK to substitute off the pitch besides Afolayan. He plays 90 minutes in every match, unless he gets a red card or is injured.
- The vast majority of goals will come from the three-headed trio at the top- Afolayan, Okafor, and Kahara.

Matchday 1: Valanora v. Banija @ Butcher's Den, Suburban Vidal, Mriin
Matchday 2: Banija vs. Audioslavia @ Butcher's Den, Suburban Vidal, Mriin
Matchday 3: Lochario vs. Banija @ Rolling Stones, Suburban Vidal, Mriin

Select Player Biographies

1. RW Chibuzo Afolayan

Where do we start with Chibuzo Afolayan? He holds the transfer record for any Banijan- selling a few windows ago for $5.5 million NSDs to AFC Corvistone, then in the Nepharim First Division, and now in the Nepharim Premiership. And, for those who follow the league, that sale is one that Askatasuna FC, even with all those riches, has rued ever since. Why? Well, for their two seasons with Afolayan, they were competing for the top 4 and even won a RBSA Cup. But since they sold him? He has helped AFC Corvistone finish their miraculous rise up the Nepharim pyramid, and achieve their first-ever promotion to the Nepharim Premiership, where they finished as a solid mid-table side.

The winger holds the distinction of the first Banijan to ever play in a top 5 league- playing a season in the Nepharim Premiership as a starter, in the physically demanding Nepharim Premiership, currently ranked as the world's top league. His spot in that league naturally lends pressure to him to preform for the national team, especially in big moments. With Banijan legend Kiggwe Mavuto retiring after World Cup 80, Afolayan was awarded the armband. He played well in World Cup 80, and he is moving up the all-time scoring charts. Can he lead his nation to glory in what is his second, and likely his last, run with the armband?

2. ST Toyuwa Okafor

Toyuwa Okafor won the fierce, three-way battle for the right to wear the #9 jersey for the national team throughout World Cup 79 Qualifying. He split time with Nega Bazin and Matthias Muhumuza throughout that campaign, with each man competing for their chance to start for the national team. It can be said that Okafor clearly won the battle- Muhumuza ended up retiring from the national team and joining the Whitetail Rangers in the Equestrian States, while Nega Bazin ended up joining the Chenoworth Rovers in the Nepharim First Division, where a loss on the final day saw them miss out on promotion to the Nepharim Premiership.

This time around, Okafor has had a firm grip on the #9 jersey for a while- and he goes into the tournament second all-time on the Banijan scoring charts, just 7 goals behind national team legend Kiggwe Mavuto. Assuming he stays healthy, he is expected to break it during World Cup 82 Qualifying- but will his body hold? He is getting older, of course, and players like Assefa Yitebarke and Kabir Jobateh are chomping at his heels, trying to hit the field during their prime. WE'll see if the Avenida Neal striker can hold off the emerging youngsters.

3. LW Gitonga Kahara

He is the true budding superstar of the Kadongo Kamu, and has long been hailed as the savior of the sport in this country. That tells you everything you need to know about the Boy Wonder's meteoric rise through Banijan soccer. He has been given lots of nicknames- the Boy Wonder, Banija's Football Savior, the Deliverer, etc... And he has never played a professional game on Banijan soil. When he was just 16 years old, he moved to Project Olimpo in Kita-Hinode, and starred in their youth league, one of the world's best. Project Olimpo won a league title, and Gitonga Kahara was the star of the team, winning the Golden Boot that season. He then, of course, went to the U21 World Cup as the player everybody had their eyes on- was he the real deal?

The answer was an emphatic yes. Gitonga Kahara, and the team in general, simply could not stop scoring in Valanora. He scored a stunning 10 goals at the Di Bradini Cup- taking the tournament by storm, and being not only the best player on the pitch for the Banijans, but arguably the best player on the pitch at the tournament in general. His value, and name, exploded on the international scene. Randolf Cherry, much to the chagrin of Project Olimpo officials, was pushing him to leave before the window- see what he'd do in a top-flight league, while his value was high with the memory of the Di Bradini Cup fresh. Of course, during the window, he'd be able to probably get a better deal. But the fact of the matter was this- a move was better for his immediate career prospects, even if it was a serious question mark for his long-term career prospects.

He went to Polaris, in the Terranean League East. He helped lead his team earn the Pablito Numede Trophy, and, with a third place finish, finish with a berth in the Champions Cup. He looked likely to be a star in that league for a long, long time to come- and then, it came crashing down, as the Terrenean League East has faltered. After this tournament, he will go to OAS Royal FC in Cosumar, for a fee of $10 million NSDs- the new transfer record for any Banijan, breaking Afolayan's record that was $5 million NSDs all those windows ago, when he made his own big money

After the big money move, the pressure is piling on- can Banija's superstar help lead the team to glory in Mriin? Because of his age and his past tournament performances, his legacy will be defined much differently than Mavuto's, Afolayan's, or even Okafor's- he needs to win an international trophy to truly take his place among the legends. Of course, he's only 24- he has plenty of time to do that. But it needs to be done, however fairly or unfairly, to say that he truly reached his potential with the Kadongo Kamu. He has all the talent in the world, and the expectations for this Banijan team are to make a deep run here- a pair of quarterfinals runs in their previous two appearances in this tournament have raised the bar. Can he meet it?
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Reigning Bronze medalist of the WBC, IBCs, WLCs, and the World Cup. The Semifinal is where Banijan dreams go to die. Vice President of the World Baseball Council.
Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports
NSCF 14 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 17 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 19 CHAMPIONS(Northern Moravica)
Sporting World Cup 8. World Baseball Classic 47. National Trophy Cabinet.
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Banija prepare for AOCAF Group Of Death with championship aspirations on their minds

Banijan fan holds up a chicken at a watch party for a World Cup match

VIDAL, MRIIN- When the group draw came for the AOCAFs, this certainly wasn't what Marcus Waters was hoping for. What exactly he was hoping for, we will never know, but it certainly was not the draw that came out. As the 10th ranked team in the tournament, they were the 2nd highest ranked team in pot 2, which always puts you in a tough spot- meaning, of course, that you want the gap between you and the team from pot 1 to be as small as possible, to maximize your possibilities of winning the group. But the draw, nor the scheduling Gods, did Banija any favors- they drew the #2 team in the region, Valanora, as well as drawing Audioslavia, a sporting legend. Let's not kid ourselves here- both nations have much more of an international pedigree than Banija.

These pair of nations are sporting legends, having competed on the international stage for generations, and each having played actual thousands of games over their nation's histories. And it shows in the trophy cabinets- Audioslavia have won the AOCAFs three times and won the World Cup twice, winning both World Cup 63 and World Cup 64. They were a World Cup Nations Hall of Fame Inductee after World Cup 18, which is 55 tournaments before Banija even started showing up. One of the most legendary names in international sport that is still around today, this is a nation that has high expectations, and this is a team that is certainly expected to meet those expectations.

And then, of course, there's Valanora. They are arguably the most decorated team in the history of international soccer, with only Starblaydia on the same level. They have qualified for 42 World Cups, most among any active nation. They have hoisted the World Cup 5 times, and have won this tournament four times, most recently lifting AOCAF LIII. They are, of course, a subregional rival, as a fellow member of the Glorious Southwest, and that makes this game all that much bigger. Because of that history, because of the five stars on their jersey, any game with Valanora playing in it is always going to be a big fixture.

To have both teams in your group is stunning. That Valanora v. Audioslavia game, on the 3rd matchday of the group, is going to get all kinds of TV ratings. When asked about the challenge that this group presents, two highly decorated nations, the manager, Marcus Waters, said the following. "As the saying goes, if you want to be the best, then you have to beat the best. This group is certainly going to be a challenging one- you don't get opponents such as Valanora and Audioslavia, and ever expect it to be a walk in the park. This is going to challenge us in ways that we haven't been challenged before. When you have that kind of history, you don't feel pressure in the group stages- the nerves are different. We're going to have to rise to that challenge- Valanora and Audioslavia expect to win because they have before. Our time on the international stage has not been long, especially compared to these two."

The captain, Chibuzo Afolayan, elaborated on the opportunity to play against Valanora and Audioslavia. "These are the games that you get up for." He told us. "How do we get better, how do we take our place among nations like Valanora and Audioslavia? We step up here. How do we get the respect that we feel that we deserve? By winning these kind of games. The energy in that stadium is going to be incredible- our own fans are going to be lining up at the door, trying to buy tickets to watch us play these teams for the first time. And even the huge contingent of Banijans who live here already, I imagine, many of them will make the trip to watch us play Valanora and Audioslavia. This'll be a fun tournament."

An opportunity, of course. And a challenge. The schedulers didn't do the Banijans any favors either. Their first game is against #2 Valanora, at the Butcher's Den. And their second, is against Audioslavia. Their final match, of course, is against first time entrants Lochario- a game that the Banijans will be heavily favored to win. But the Banijans have made two trips to the quarterfinals in two previous editions of this tournament, and their fanbase, despite the challenges posed by this group, are expecting a third. To be assured of that, be assured of a place in the knockout stages that is, they must, at the very least, take points in a minimum of one of those first two games- either against Valanora, or Audioslavia. Or else, they could be already eliminated by the time they face Lochario in that last game. And with two quarterfinal appearances preceding this tournament, that would be a massive disappointment for many Banijan fans.

Can they earn points against Valanora on Matchay 1? Well, they certainly can, if they are the underdogs. Even without the long-term pedigree, the Banijans are no pushovers, either. We are ranked 10th in the AO rankings, and 21st on the global stage- certainly both good places to be, in the grand scheme of things. We aren't Valanora, however. Upsets, of course, are always possible. Will it happen here? The opening match for both teams, and strange things can happen. If the Banijans can stay disciplined, if the defense can hold, can hold steady for 90 minutes, and the midfield can prevent the Vanorian midfield from controlling the game- well, then they have as good of a chance as anyone.

Ultimately, that task has gotten much tougher since Wasa Jawo and Isaac Georgiadis both decided to hang up their boots after the 81st World Cup. Both long-time legends, especially with Wasa Jawo's big money contract in Petroslovania, and Isaac Georgiadis, who is Banija's only 100 capped player, as well as Banija's first national team player to play abroad, playing in Abahnfleft. Their shoes will be tough to fill. And with Waters roster moves, the midfield is seeing a complete makeover, as Ablie Kah and Phumelele Stofile are both projected to make their first competitive starts in the central midfield for the national team at this tournament, even though they were both on the World Cup roster(though, of course, they did not play in any World Cup matches).

Can the new pairing be effective? Valanora will certainly attack them- neither of them have ever played in a tournament such as this one, though Ablie Kah got some big minutes at Istria City FC. But we certainly expect Valanora to test the midfielders, and try to control the game through the middle of the pitch. It will be hard to see how they combine in the midfield- that is the biggest question. Of course, there is a question on what will happen on the back line, but Jalang Ba is expected to step in for Wasa Jawo just fine, and pair well with Afate Berhanu. But it is the central midfield, with the two new players starting there, that will be the biggest question mark for this Banijan team. Will that pairing succeed, and get Banija out of this challenging group? Or will they succumb to what Audioslavia and Valanora throw at them, on their way to an early exit?

We'll see as the tournament goes along. It will be a fun one in Vidal.
Reigning Bronze medalist of the WBC, IBCs, WLCs, and the World Cup. The Semifinal is where Banijan dreams go to die. Vice President of the World Baseball Council.
Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports
NSCF 14 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 17 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 19 CHAMPIONS(Northern Moravica)
Sporting World Cup 8. World Baseball Classic 47. National Trophy Cabinet.
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The Pony Principality of Equestrian States
National Hoofball Team - AOCAF Cup 57 Roster

The Equestrian States enters the 57th AOCAF Cup with one simple goal: to win it all. After four quarterfinals appearances and one second round appearance in their five most recent major competitions, there's no doubt that the Ponies have what it takes to be competitive in the multiverse's top hoofball tournaments. Expectations for the national team are higher than ever before as the Equestrians chase their first major senior-level title, and the Ponies' purple-clad supporters are expected to descend on Mriin by the tens of thousands in the coming weeks for a chance to see their beloved team in-person. However, with heightened expectations also comes increased pressure, so perhaps the Ponies are fortunate that the Equestrian States will not be hosting this edition of the AOCAF Cup and thus will avoid the intense early spotlight which tends to follow hosts' teams. Of course, if the Equestrians perform as expected, the hoofball fans throughout the multiverse will be focusing their attention on the Ponies sooner than later.

In their last two AOCAF appearances, the Ponies have been perfect in group play: six wins, no draws, and no losses, outscoring opponents by a ridiculous 23-4 margin in those matches. Though that nearly-flawless record was accomplished on home soil - an advantage the Ponies won't have this time around - the Equestrians are going to be the obvious overwhelming favorites to advance to the knockout stage from Group E, even if they don't keep their group stage winning streak intact. Anything less than a knockout berth would be viewed as a total disaster and even a second round exit would probably be considered a huge disappointment, as the Ponies' elimination on penalties by 27th-ranked Ko-oren last cycle was perceived by supporters. While Equestrian hoofball fans are dying for the Ponies to deliver a long-awaited major title at the 57th AOCAF Cup and will likely be at least a little disappointed with anything less than that, neutrals might consider a semifinals appearance a far more realistic objective for the Equestrian States, a stage the Ponies have never reached in any major tournament.

Manager Pearly White, however, has her sights squarely set on reaching the AOCAF Final at Haven in Maal and winning it, adamantly stating that to aim for anything less would be an insult to what is widely considered the best hoofball team the Equestrian States has ever fielded. To deliver the Ponies to that final game at Haven, Pearly White has selected a 23-player squad with just two changes from her World Cup 81 team that reached the quarterfinals before being edged out by eventual finalists South Covello. The superstars are all back and hungrier than ever; national team veterans like Gentle Breeze, Pristina Shine, Brix Hamilton, Cloudchaser, Rainbow Blitz, and Andrea Molovi eager to supplement their bulging trophy cases with a regional title, while younger stars such as Luminesce, Apple Cobbler, Rumble, and Midnight Strike eye the AOCAF Cup as a springboard for future glory. The Equestrian States' golden generation is finally fulfilling its potential as a superpower in the world of hoofball, but the Ponies will hope to stand atop the multiverse's most famous sporting region before making a run at their true ultimate goal: a World Cup title.

Quick Facts
AOCAF Ranking: 7th (21.69 pts.)
Style Modifier: -1.25
Nickname: The Ponies
All-Time Record: 296-112-83 (3-2-1 at AOCAF Cup 57)
Achievements: Champions (Runner Cup 3, Market Cup 5); Runners-up (Equestria Cup 2); Third Place (Equestria Cup 1, Market Cup 6); Semifinals (AOCAF Cup 57, Cup of Champions 4); Quarterfinals (World Cup 80, World Cup 81, Cup of Harmony 71, AOCAF Cup 55, VIII Olympiad Women, VIII Olympiad Men); Round of 16 (World Cup 67, World Cup 70, World Cup 72, Cup of Harmony 51, Cup of Harmony 53, Cup of Harmony 60, AOCAF Cup 56); Qualified (World Cup 64, World Cup 65, World Cup 66, World Cup 71, World Cup 73, Cup of Harmony 52, Cup of Harmony 54, Cup of Harmony 55)


Home - Away - Reverse

The national team receives its kits from two different companies, though the design for each is the same. Kits for the humanoid players (see above) are provided by Kirola Sportswear of Audioslavia, while those for equine and other non-humanoid players are provided by Generosity Sporting Equipment. The Equestrian kits were designed to be simple and easy to identify, using the national colors of purple and orange.

Group E
#7 - Image Equestrian States (21.69 pts.)
#14 - Image Sultantate of Oontaz (12.57 pts.)
#22 - Image Siovanija & Teusland (7.78 pts.)
#43 - Image Busoga Islands (1.64 pts.)

Tournament Schedule

Group Stage - Group E
MD1: Equestrian States 1-1 Sultantate of Oontaz at Gold Field (cap. 60,000) in Vidial, Mriin (Draw)
MD2: Equestrian States 0-0 Busoga Islands at Flâneur (cap. 40,000) in Vidial, Mriin (Draw)
MD3: Siovanija & Teusland 2-3 Equestrian States at Gold Field (cap. 60,000) in Vidial, Mriin (Win)

Knockout Stage
Round of 16: Equestrian States 2-1 Semarland (AET) at Butcher's Den (cap. 45,000) in Bruul, Mriin (Win)
Quarterfinals: Baker Park 0-2 Equestrian States at Gold Field (cap. 60,000) in Vidial, Mriin (Win)

Semifinals: Equestrian States 1-2 Cosumar (AET) at Iron Alley (cap. 55,000) in Hosingr, Mriin (Loss)
Third Place Playoff: Valanora vs. Equestrian States at Iron Alley (cap. 55,000) in Hosingr, Mriin


The Equestrian States is renowned throughout the multiverse for producing exceptional goalkeepers, but nobody has yet come close to dethroning Gentle Breeze as the top Equestrian keeper, universally regarded as one of the best goalkeepers in the world and easily one of the best ever players to call Equestria her homeland. It's unlikely that anyone other than Gentle Breeze will start a match in goal for the Ponies at the AOCAF Cup unless the Equestrians have already clinched a spot in the next round, and even then Pearly White might just stick with her world-class superstar. Backups Marilyn Peterson and Silver Charm are both excellent goalkeepers who could easily win the starting job for almost any other national team, but with Gentle Breeze on the roster they're rarely given the chance to shine on the international stage.

#1 - Gentle Breeze (Pegasus - Female)
Position: Goalkeeper | Age: 30 | Debut: vs. Image Qazox (WC62 Qualifying)
Club: Image Celtic Noviodunim | League: Image COTEFA Terranean League West
International Caps: 157 | Assists: 1 | Goals: 1
Dubbed "the Goddess of Goalkeeping" by some of her more devoted supporters, Gentle Breeze is widely considered one of the multiverse's top hoofballers, and while fans often boast of their respective national teams' supposed world-class players, Gentle Breeze also frequently earns praise as an elite superstar beyond Equestria's borders. With a trophy room bursting from the seams with hardware, it's not hard to see why her services are frequently in demand from some of the multiverse's top clubs, having played for teams in the Northern Sunrise Islands, Astograth, Polar Islandstates, Apox, and - most recently - Ceni over the years. Gentle Breeze made her international debut at age 18, forcing long-time Ponies keeper High Soarin into retirement within a couple years. Ever since, the pegasus has been the Ponies' undisputed go-to goalkeeper and is showing no sign of slowing down any time soon. Gentle Breeze's ambitions of becoming enshrined as an all-time World Cup legend will be decided by her ability to succeed on the multiverse's grandest stage; but when it comes to talent, there's no doubting that the potential is all there. An all-around world-class goalkeeper who is almost unnaturally dominant in the air and boasts lightning-quick reflexes, if Gentle Breeze is in the net, even the toughest opponents will have a difficult time beating the Ponies.

#21 - Marilyn Peterson (Human - Female)
Position: Goalkeeper | Age: 26 | Debut: vs. Image Urain (VIII Olympiad)
Club: Image Kings Park | League: Image Schottic Premier League
International Caps: 30 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0
Marilyn Peterson is often overlooked by foreign neutrals when assessing the Ponies' strengths, an unfortunate side effect of Gentle Breeze's fame as a world-class goalkeeper, but Equestrian supporters will often point to Peterson as one of the hidden gems in the team. Marilyn's career has seen her succeed in two of the multiverse's top leagues, the NFA Premiership and Schottic Premier League, helping lead Nephara's Sabrefell Moths to the league title and an NFA Cup win. Marilyn Peterson is currently considered the Ponies' second-choice goalkeeper, but if she'd been born somewhere other than the Equestrian States, odds are she would be a starter for their national team, her talent and track record certainly support that claim. Though Peterson is an excellent all-around keeper, her anticipation and reflexes are undeniably her strongest points, making her exceptionally gifted at dealing with penalties and free kicks.

#24 - Silver Charm (Pegasus - Female)
Position: Goalkeeper | Age: 23 | Debut: vs. Image Crystal Empire (Post-WC70 Friendly)
Club: Image Manechester City HC | League: Image United League
International Caps: 11 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0
A recent graduate of the Equestrian States' under-21 national team, Silver Charm has quickly established herself as one of the top Equestrian goalkeepers and earned herself a regular spot in the senior team's roster after a particularly impressive series of appearances in the Ponies' pre-World Cup friendlies. Silver Charm has already proven herself at the club level with Manechester City over the last few seasons, keeping the Citizens competitive and recently leading them to a United League title despite receiving little to no support from her defenders with manager Val Kylx choosing to focus on outscoring opponents instead of keeping them out of his own goal. The young pegasi's handling and ability in the air are frequently cited as her greatest strengths. Her command of area could use some minor improvement, but she's showing signs of getting better at it thanks to spending more time with the national team, her role with Manechester City having set her development back a bit in that area.

Any team with a legendary goalkeeper like Gentle Breeze isn't going to give up many goals, but the Equestrian States not only boasts arguably the multiverse's best goalkeeper, but also some of its top defenders. Brix Hamilton, Andrea Molovi, Krysia Bailey, Rumble, Flitter: all world-class defenders with experience playing in some of the multiverse's most prestigious leagues and a tight-knit chemistry that few teams at the international level can compare with. Together with Gentle Breeze, the Equestrian defensive corps conceded just seven goals (four of which came against bogey team East Belzaria) in 18 matches during World Cup 81 qualifying, the fourth-fewest out of 190 participants. There haven't been many changes in Pearly White's preferred back line in her time as national team manager, though Rumble recently took over Flitter's starting center-back job as the latter moves towards retirement from international play. The versatile Rose Petal has also at least temporarily seized Nightshade's spot on the 23-player roster thanks to her excellent performance last season with Ponyville United.

#12 - Brix Hamilton (Human - Female)
Position: Defender (LB/CB) | Age: 30 | Debut: vs. Image Argo Islands (WC63 Qualifying)
Club: Image Handon United | League: Image Schottic Premier League
International Caps: 131 | Assists: 15 | Goals: 4

#8 - Andrea Molovi (Human - Female)
Position: Defender (CB) | Age: 33 | Debut: vs. Image Euskirribakondara (WC61 Qualifying)
Club: Image Crisisbless | League: Image NFA Premiership
International Caps: 223 | Assists: 6 | Goals: 3

#4 - Rumble (Pegasus - Male)
Position: Defender (CB/DM) | Age: 24 | Debut: vs. Image Jeckland (Pre-WC68 Friendly)
Club: Image Cloudsdale Flyers | League: Image United League
International Caps: 73 | Assists: 4 | Goals: 0

#19 - Krysia Bailey (Human - Female)
Position: Defender (RB/CB/DM) | Age: 25 | Debut: vs. Image Iturributa (WC68 Qualifying)
Club: Image Avenida Leal | League: Image FARF Freitball Ligá
International Caps: 87 | Assists: 12 | Goals: 1

#3 - Flitter (Pegasus - Female)
Position: Defender (CB/DM) | Age: 34 | Debut: vs. Image Waspeaters (WC60 Qualifying)
Club: Image Crystopolis City | League: Image United League
International Caps: 258 | Assists: 19 | Goals: 10

#20 - Arctic Lily (Crystal Pony - Female)
Position: Defender (CB) | Age: 28 | Debut: vs. Image Darmen (Pre-WC80 Friendly)
Club: Image Ponyville United | League: Image United League
International Caps: 6 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0

#14 - Sunlight (Unicorn - Female)
Position: Defender (RB/CB) | Age: 26 | Debut: vs. Image Saint James Islands (Pre-WC69 Friendly)
Club: Image Ponyville United | League: Image United League
International Caps: 42 | Assists: 1 | Goals: 1

#27 - Rose Petal (Pegasus - Female)
Position: Defender (LB/LM/DM) | Age: 21 | Debut: vs. Image Estope (WC63 Qualifying)
Club: Image Ponyville United | League: Image United League
International Caps: 17 | Assists: 4 | Goals: 1

As always, the Equestrian States is bringing a world-class corps of midfielders to Mriin for the AOCAF Cup. The midfield provides the heart and soul of every Ponies team and is historically where the best Equestrian hoofballers ply their trade, dominating the middle of the pitch through speed, stamina, agility, and precision. Cloudchaser might be getting a bit, but she's yet to show any signs of slowing down and remains one of the smartest hoofball players around, her leadership in the midfield crucial to the Ponies' recent resurgence. Rainbow Blitz is still the same terrifyingly-fast and creative midfielder that he's been since joining the senior team as a teenager; Luminesce and Apple Cobbler are young but have more international and top-level competitive experience than nearly anyone their age; and Aarón Aiza is finally into the national team's starting lineup after reviving his stagnant career with Herzegovina City. Rosie Tyler, Elaine Everdeen, Lunar Shadow, and Krystal are all top midfield talents, with no shortage of experience or success.

#2 - Cloudchaser (Pegasus - Female) - CAPTAIN
Position: Midfielder (CM/AM) | Age: 34 | Debut: vs. Image Khytenna (Pre-WC60 Friendly)
Club: Image Mallox | League: Image FSF Härlighet Ligan
International Caps: 282 | Assists: 110 | Goals: 62

#9 - Rainbow Blitz (Pegasus - Male) - VICE-CAPTAIN
Position: Midfielder (AM/ST) | Age: 30 | Debut: vs. Image Slembana (Pre-WC63 Friendly)
Club: Image Makosile United | League: Image V-League Declasse Division
International Caps: 214 | Assists: 90 | Goals: 82

#16 - Luminesce (Unicorn - Female)
Position: Midfielder (CM/LM) | Age: 22 | Debut: vs. Image Bears Armed (Equine-Ursine Cup 12)
Club: Image Lexington Victory | League: Image COTEFA Terranean League West
International Caps: 59 | Assists: 15 | Goals: 6

#5 - Apple Cobbler (Earth Pony - Female)
Position: Midfielder (AM/RM/CM) | Age: 24 | Debut: vs. Image United Gordonopia (VIII Olympiad)
Club: Image Jungle Strike FC | League: Image V-League Stellar Division
International Caps: 122 | Assists: 47 | Goals: 14

#25 - Aarón Aiza (Human - Male)
Position: Midfielder (RM/AM/CM) | Age: 28 | Debut: vs. Image Osarius (Pre-WC69 Friendly)
Club: Image Herzegovina City FC | League: Image Banijan Soccer League
International Caps: 41 | Assists: 12 | Goals: 4

#17 - Rosie Tyler (Human - Female)
Position: Midfielder (CM/DM/LM) | Age: 26 | Debut: vs. Image Colombian Britannia (Pre-WC66 Friendly)
Club: Image Willox Street Pirates | League: Image Christopheran Super-League
International Caps: 89 | Assists: 18 | Goals: 11

#15 - Elaine Everdeen (Human - Female)
Position: Midfielder (AM/LM) | Age: 30 | Debut: vs. Image The Inevitable Syndicate (WC65 Qualifying)
Club: Image Anomalies FC | League: Image Chromatik Premier Division
International Caps: 92 | Assists: 13 | Goals: 7

#33 - Lunar Shadow (Bat Pony - Female)
Position: Midfielder (CM/AM) | Age: 23 | Debut: vs. Image Devonta (Pre-WC70 Friendly)
Club: Image Eastal Lunar | League: Image V-League Stellar Division
International Caps: 13 | Assists: 2 | Goals: 2

#11 - Krystal (Unicorn - Female)
Position: Midfielder (CM/LM/AM) | Age: 29 | Debut: vs. Image Manetreal (Equestria Cup 4)
Club: Image Crystopolis City | League: Image United League
International Caps: 132 | Assists: 27 | Goals: 15

When it comes to depth, the Equestrians have never been great at pumping out large numbers of top strikers, but when the Ponies do strike gold, they strike it rich. Pristina Shine, like all-time top-scoring Equestrian forward Fire Dash before her, has an uncanny ability to finish nearly any scoring chance that presents itself to her or to create one if necessary. Rosewing, while not the big name striker she might deserve to be, is a top forward as well, her success in the Terranean League propelling her towards potential greatness. Midnight Strike rounds out the roster, a lethal threat off the bench for the Ponies and a proven talent for Vilita's famous Jungle Strike FC.

#10 - Pristina Shine (Unicorn - Female)
Position: Forward (ST) | Age: 27 | Debut: vs. Image Footballand (VIII Olympiad)
Club: Image 1830 Cathair FC | League: Image National League Division 1
International Caps: 133 | Assists: 21 | Goals: 93

#7 - Rosewing (Pegasus - Female)
Position: Forward (ST) | Age: 26 | Debut: vs. Image Laiyenda (WC69 Qualifying)
Club: Image Tir Snake Strike | League: Image COTEFA Terranean League East
International Caps: 30 | Assists: 2 | Goals: 15

#13 - Midnight Strike (Bat Pony - Male)
Position: Forward (ST) | Age: 21 | Debut: vs. Image Matthewsiania (WC71 Qualifying)
Club: Image Jungle Strike FC | League: Image V-League Stellar Division
International Caps: 10 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 8

In addition to her 23-player roster, Pearly White has also named a 12 players to her reserve list who would join the team should one of the players on the roster suffer a tournament-ending injury. The list is largely composed of reliable veterans with international experience and youngsters who are likely to make the final cut in future tournaments and will benefit from training with the senior team. Particularly notable inclusions are: defender Nightshade, midfielders Stardust and Sunny Day, and forwards Wither and Decima.

#58 - Mac Stevenson (Human - Male)
Position: Goalkeeper | Age: 32 | Debut: vs. Image Jeptier (WC61 Qualifying)
Club: Image Norrion Rovers | League: Image ICEL Premier Division
International Caps: 12 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0
Mac Stevenson was once considered the Equestrian States' future starting goalkeeper before a nightmarish debut during the World Cup 61 qualifying campaign saw his stock plummet, opening the door for a teenage Gentle Breeze to make the senior team the following cycle. Since then, Stevenson has been trying to make his way back to the national team, plying his trade in several foreign leagues before being signed by Eastfield Lodge's Norrion Rovers. After an impressive season with the Rovers in the ICEL Premier Division, Ponies manager Pearly White has seen fit to invite him back into the squad, at least for the World Cup 81 qualifying campaign. Stevenson won't be expected to make the final team barring a series of injuries similar to the one which saw him make his premature international debut, but he will have the chance to redeem himself in the eyes of Equestrian hoofball supporters, which is all he's really wanted.

#23 - Nightshade (Bat Pony - Female)
Position: Defender (LB) | Age: 21 | Debut: vs. Image Estenia (WC71 Qualifying)
Club: Image Oldem Knights | League: Image Apox National League
International Caps: 16 | Assists: 2 | Goals: 1

#56 - Ironhoof (Unicorn - Male)
Position: Defender (CB/RB) | Age: 21 | Debut: vs. Image N/A (Uncapped)
Club: Image Canterlot Royals | League: Image United League
International Caps: 0 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0

#29 - Erauso Iburrusteta (Human - Male)
Position: Defender (CB) | Age: 24 | Debut: vs. Image Osarius (Pre-WC69 Friendly)
Club: Image Santos Luega | League: Image SuperLiga
International Caps: 46 | Assists: 1 | Goals: 0

#18 - Stardust (Pegasus - Female)
Position: Midfielder (RM/CM/AM) | Age: 29 | Debut: vs. Image Blouman Empire (WC63 Qualifying)
Club: Image Whitetail Foresters | League: Image United League
International Caps: 115 | Assists: 23 | Goals: 11

#41 - Sapphire Rose (Crystal Pony - Female)
Position: Midfielder (CM/LM) | Age: 30 | Debut: vs. Image Baker Park (Pre-WC80 Friendly)
Club: Image Cloudsdale Flyers | League: Image United League
International Caps: 2 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0

#28 - Sparrow Body (Human - Male)
Position: Midfielder (RM/CM/AM) | Age: 24 | Debut: vs. Image Gloriax (Pre-WC69 Friendly)
Club: Image Ramusok United | League: Image FSF Härlighet Ligan
International Caps: 30 | Assists: 3 | Goals: 1

#46 - Sunny Day (Unicorn - Female)
Position: Midfielder (CM/AM) | Age: 17 | Debut: vs. Image N/A (Uncapped)
Club: Image Canterlot Royals | League: Image United League
International Caps: 0 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0

#39 - Fleur de Verre (Crystal Pony - Female)
Position: Midfielder (CM/LM) | Age: 29 | Debut: vs. Image Darmen (Pre-WC80 Friendly)
Club: Image Ponyville United | League: Image United League
International Caps: 3 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0

#55 - Josef Lawerenz (Human - Male)
Position: Midfielder (RM/RW) | Age: 19 | Debut: vs. Image Baker Park (Pre-WC80 Friendly)
Club: Image Herzegovina Phoenix | League: Image Banijan Soccer League
International Caps: 1 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0

#6 - Wither (Bat Pony - Female)
Position: Forward (ST) | Age: 30 | Debut: vs. Image The Pazhujeb Islands (WC63 Qualifying)
Club: Image Whitetail Foresters | League: Image United League
International Caps: 74 | Assists: 6 | Goals: 36

#26 - Decima (Sphinx - Female)
Position: Forward (ST/AM) | Age: 22 | Debut: vs. Image Osarius (Pre-WC69 Friendly)
Club: Image Ponyville United | League: Image United League
International Caps: 21 | Assists: 2 | Goals: 8

Coaches & Staff
Manager - Image Pearly White (Earth Pony - Female) - 47
Appointed interim manager of the national team by the Hoofball Association following the resignation of Twilight Striker - the Ponies' long-time boss of some 12 World Cup campaigns - Pearly White secured the position on a permanent basis with a number of impressive performances against higher-ranked opposition in her first games at the helm, including a stunning upset of then-defending world champions Vilita in the 3rd Cup of Champions. Since then, Pearly White has done nothing to give her employers any doubts that she's the best pony for the job, leading the Equestrian States on a Runner Cup title run without dropping a single point and reaching the 4th Cup of Champions semifinals before capping it all off with a second round appearance at the World Cup finals.

Assistant Manager - Image Dreamy Skies (Pegasus - Female) - 43
Not very long ago, Dreamy Skies was a rookie manager taking the reins of Second League club Whitetail Foresters. Her arrival had a near-instant impact on the club's fortunes as they were promoted to the United League the following season and now regularly contend for UICA berths, an incredible improvement in such a short period of time for a team once known largely for producing talent which was then poached by bigger clubs, at the Foresters' expense. When Pearly White first took charge of the Equestrian senior team, she managed to convince the HA that the still-young pegasus would be a strong addition to the Ponies' coaching staff, and thus far it has paid-off spectacularly. Players routinely praise Dreamy Skies for her enthusiastic optimism and superb work ethic which makes her a popular figure in the locker room and on the practice field.

Assistant Manager - Image Lunar Dusk (Bat Pony - Female) - 43
The newest addition to the national team staff is Lunar Dusk, somepony few Equestrian hoofball fans were aware of just a few years ago but is today one of the best-known coaching talents in the Pony Lands. Like Dreamy Skies, Lunar Dusk's managerial career started in the second tier with Crystal Fair HC, a previously unremarkable side from the Crystal Empire which she transformed into a legitimate force within a few seasons thanks to a focus on quickly developing the Grounders' budding young stars into hoofballers capable of hanging with the best. After shattering numerous Second League records and earning promotion, Crystal Fair survived a relegation battle in their first ever United League campaign, broke into the top half the following season, and last year defied all expectations to come within a tiebreaker playoff of ending Crystopolis City's previously unchallenged monopoly on the Crystal Empire's Champions' Cup berth. With Lunar Dusk's undeniable talent for inspiring young players alone makes her a valuable addition to the staff, but her brilliant tactical mind makes her appointment by Pearly White a no-brainer.

Goalkeeping Coach - Image Fire Blossom (Unicorn - Male) - 52
Responsible for training the Ponies' goalkeepers is Fire Blossom, whose exploits as a keeper in the old Equestrian Premier League earned him much respect amongst early Equestrian hoofball fans and eventually a job with the national team. Fire Blossom's prophetic praise of a teenage prospect named Gentle Breeze and his subsequent push for her initial selection to the senior team for World Cup 62 qualifying have since earned him a reputation as a natural judge of potential, not to mention a considerable amount of credit for Gentle Breeze's many successes.

Scout - Image Diamond Star (Unicorn - Female) - 50
Originally chief scout under Twilight Striker with the Canterlot Royals, Diamond Star was later hired for the national team by the Royals' and Ponies' manager to help identify young Equestrian players with international potential, and the unicorn scout did not fail in her task. Among the current national team stars first scouted by Diamond Star are Thunderlane, Cloudchaser, Rainbow Blitz, and Pristina Shine. Now the manager of Stalliongrad HC, Diamond Star has seen her national team role diminished, though she still provides valuable advice to Pearly White regarding her observations of potential internationals within the United League.

Scout - Image Golden Hooves (Earth Pony - Female) - 61
A veteran member of the Equestrian States staff, Golden Hooves has been around the national team for what seems like forever, her longevity speaking to her performance as a reliable scout. While fellow Ponies scout Diamond Star's focus lies primarily upon United League players and her evaluation of their potential with regards to the senior team, Golden Hooves is responsible mostly for scouting Equestrians on foreign clubs and assessing the Ponies' opponents and how their players compare with those available to the Ponies.

Fitness Coach - Image Craig Jackson (Human - Male) - 50
Hired in the midst of the injury plague which characterized the Ponies' World Cup 63 qualifying campaign, Craig Jackson was the first human member of the Ponies' staff and has done well to keep Equestrian players' injuries minimal in the years since then. While fitness coaches generally don't get much respect or attention from the press, Jackson's gift for keeping players of various biologically-diverse species in near-perfect health throughout grueling tournament schedules which can push them above and beyond their limits is certainly nothing to be dismissed as trivial.

Team Strategy

Note: Players' names and numbers may not be updated, see roster for details.

The Ponies' most-used formation is the slightly modified 3-5-2, preferred by former manager Twilight Striker because of the strength and dominance of the Equestrian midfielders. Thanks to the versatility of the Equestrian States' players, the formation gives the Ponies the ability to shift quickly from the offense to the defense and vice-versa. More recently, however, the Equestrians have begun to shy away from the 3-5-2 in favor of the 4-2-3-1 in order to strengthen the back line and keep their opponents guessing. Aside from the formations themselves, the Equestrians have a number of definitive strengths and weaknesses.

First, the Ponies are among the world's fastest and most durable teams, using their natural advantages to tire out opponents. With those two traits as the defining characteristics of the Equestrian style of play, the squad excels at producing chances in the latter stages of the match. But while the attack dominates the second half, opposing squads have occasionally found success going all-out at the start of the match in an attempt to build an insurmountable lead.

Another area in which the Equestrian States has traditionally dominated is in the aerial battles for headers. While the Ponies are generally shorter than their opponents, the team is often credited with impressive leaping abilities (particularly among the pegasai players). Controlling headers makes the team lethal on corner kicks, and opponents looking to defeat the Equestrians must limit the number conceded to the Ponies or else face a barrage of dangerous short-range shots from the Ponies' attackers.

On Species and Equestrian Hoofball
The Equestrian States is a nation of incredible diversity. When many countries make this kind of statement, they are referring only to racial matters dealing with differences in skin color or culture. But the Equestrian States takes diversity to a whole new level, with dozens of sapient species living alongside each other in harmony. From pegasai to griffons, and humans to dragons, the Equestrian States is among the most diverse nations known to exist. But diversity has also had a unique and intriguing impact on the playing of sports in the Equestrian States, and hoofball is no exception. In the following paragraphs, the natural strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies of each prominent species in the Equestrian States will be explored, offering those unfamiliar with the Equestrian States a chance to explore the wonderful diversity that makes the Equestrian States a great country and gives our beloved national hoofball team a versatility that few others can hope to match.

For the full article (written during WC65, and a highly-recommended read for my opponents), please click here.

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes - Only that the player was injured and how they were injured, I will determine actual severity
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes - Same restrictions as above apply
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes - Limited to one per match, player info and species sections give hints on likely candidates
Godmod other events: Yes
Other Notes: Please feel free to contact me via TG or on the #nssport IRC or Discord channels if you have any questions regarding my RPs, requests for more information on the Equestrian States, or requests for exemptions from my RP restrictions. I also strongly encourage my opponents to read through my roster's section on team strategy and the linked article on species to get a better idea of the team's strengths and weaknesses. Please note that Equestrian records do not officially include matches played from WCs 72-78, but achievements from that time period are included for the sake of completeness. Player statistics are updated through the conclusion of AOCAF Cup 56.
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This is the sixth time that Oontaz Dert Li Ng will be participating in the AOCAF. Oontaz got through undefeated in the group stage of the Baptism of Fire 61 but was knocked out in the round of 16 by Arioslavia. The nation is a mix of Muslims and Catholics, with the Mohammedans concentrated in the northern part of the country and the Christians living mostly in the southern islands. Despite a turbulent early history which saw both religious groups fighting constant wars and rebellions, by the time Abanhfleft came and "occupied" the nation in 1921, a general "peace" had settled between the two groups, and today both are content to consider each other as Oontazniks. Despite being a sultanate, the freedom of religion is valued by the nation, although it would be good advice to say that while the Catholics and Christians might be welcoming, even accommodating, to foreigners of strange new religions, the Muslims might not be so welcoming.

Name of nation: Sultanate of Oontaz Dert Li Ng
Demonym: Oontaznik
Nickname: Lions of Sand and Sea
Team colors: Green and white
Style modifier: -2.0 (Defensive this time around)
Formation: 4-2-3-1
Head coach: Juan Dominador "Ador" Macaspac (42 y/o, Oontaz Dert Li Ng)

GK: Karim ANSARIFARID 36 y/o, Pasargad Manitogoro Image, captain
In the old days, Karim Ansarifarid was Mr. Oontaz. These were the days when Karim was the first choice keeper of Riuwiee United and Georges Leblanc. And then Karim was surprisingly sold back to his old Oontaznik club Pasargad Manitogoro and while Karim's goalkeeping skills didn't diminish, going back to his homeland seemed to have made Emir Usamah (the old manager of the team) forget all about Karim and his contributions to the Oontaznik national team during their historic run to the Coalition Cup (an informal tournament held between the national teams of Abanhfleft, Pridnestrovia, Oontaz, and Copper Cuprum). Following Oontaz's (unsurprising) exit in the Round of 16 of AOCAF 52 to Osarius, Ador Macaspac remembered that Karim still exists and called him back up to the squad.

RB: Marcus Oliver "Marco" PORTENCIO 26 y/o, Electric Yugal Image (Abanhfleft)
Marco Portencio is one of the new faces on the Oontaznik national football team following the sacking of Emir Usamah and the elevation of Ador Macaspac from star striker to new team manager. Marco is a quality right back who is already showing flashes of world-class brilliance, kind of like a cheap Oontaznik version of Hector Bellerin. He has pace in buckets, and he is also good for scoring a goal or two per season.

RCB: Jericson SARIMANOK 27 y/o, Gryphons Nubalochi Image
Sturdy defensive minded player who can play anywhere across the defensive line. He used to be stuck on the Oontaznik bench when Emir Usamah was still the coach because of clan rivalries between the Emir's clan and Jeric's, and then when Ador Macaspac took over the team, Makhdoum Macaraig resurrected his defensive career to become another mainstay in the starting eleven, but with Makhdoum finally retiring from international duties after AOCAF LV, Jeric finally gets elevated to the starting eleven.

LCB: Honesto CAMPANILLA 30 y/o, Gryphons Nubalochi Image
Sometimes it is lamentable that in a competition where experience and leadership would be most valuable in a back line, all that could be scraped up was a single slow defender who somehow made it big in Abanhfleft's top flight, and a bunch of young talent that could make it or break it at any day. Campanilla, or Estong as he likes to be called, has slightly more potential than the other defenders in the team, and he also has a slightly higher chance of being an actually good player than the others. Sure, he slide-tackles at every opportunity, and it is easy for an experienced forward or even midfielder to get him booked, but Estong only has to learn to not swing himself around like a mace and he could make it big like his big partner in the center, Makhdoum Macaraig.

LB: Martin OPULENCIA 27 y/o, Real Mikkaleth Image (Abanhfleft)
Another new face from Ador Macaspac's new look Oontaznik team. Martin is a resolute left back who doesn't shrink away from making any challenges, even against players normally acknowledged as "untouchable" by other teams' defenses. He is content to remain at the back, defending his goal when needed, but sometimes he might be commanded to come up for an attack, and he doesn't shrink away from scoring a goal or two per season either.

DM: Timothy SAN MARCELINO 31 y/o, General Santos FC Image
Of course it wouldn't be a real Oontaznik football team if a Santos player wasn't there. And in this part of the team, it looks as if Emir Usamah has finally assembled a team capable of making it through the World Cup qualifiers with at least a few draws and maybe a win or two. SanMar, as he's called by Oontaz fans, is, as his position states, a defensive midfielder, meaning that his main purpose is to break up any attacks attempted by the opponents before they reach the pitiful defense and the sadly shocking goalkeeper. It's a job that he does well enough that he's earned a starting spot in the most prestigious team in Oontaz Dert Li Ng.

CM: ABU NAYEF Ismailuddin 31 y/o, Pasargad Manitogoro Image
No one really thought much of Abu Nayef's inclusion to the national team since he was one of those players who was good enough in the league to get a spot in the national team, but not good enough to get a starting spot. But he's starting to earn a spot in Emir Usamah's team sheet, since he's turned out to be one of the surprise players of Oontaz's World Cup qualifying campaign. By now, he's a shoo-in for a spot on the bench, and if the going gets tough, he can handle a starting spot.
IMPORTANT: This player should be always referred to as Abu Nayef since Ismailuddin is a patronym.

RM: Haider ZULFIKAR 33 y/o, Riuwiee United Image (Abanhfleft)
Sometimes it can be such a shame when a good and promising player like Zulfikar ends up rotting on the bench, being unable to help his team even though he knows that he just might be the final piece of the puzzle that rescues a league campaign gone horribly wrong. Zulfikar was a member of the infamous Riuwiee United team that blew an eight-point lead at the summit of the Fleftic Premier League and turned it into an insurmountable five-point gap between first and third, where the Blue Tribesmen ended up to allow their rivals Arsenal de Releinthi to claim the title. Now, with the likes of Shinji Ikeda and Hamengkubuwono sold off or relegated to the bench, Zulfikar now has to show that he could be the change that Riuwiee and Oontaz Dert Li Ng needs.

CAM: Karimabdul DIMAINTINDIHAN 32 y/o, Thereisnogodistan FC Image (playing in the Fleftic Premier League)
Karimabdul became a rising star within both Abanhfleft and Oontaz when he scored a number of brilliant goals for Thereisnogodistan in the now-defunct Multiverse Premier League. His stock only rose up even further with his contributions to helping Thereisnogodistan get promoted to the Fleftic Premier League. He is the playmaking kind of attacking midfielder, setting up his teammates in scoring positions and holding up the ball if necessary. If he has a weakness, though, it's that sometimes he waits until he's crowded by the defense before making a pass. He's also making his first appearance for the national team since Magomedun Mangudadatu broke his leg in three places in an undislosed accident outside of the pitch.

LM: ZULFIQLI bin Alisher 30 y/o, Union Rheinburg Image (Pridnestrovia)
Sometimes, there comes a time that a team becomes so full of talent in the midfield that someone has to be dropped for the sake of the other players. Zulfiqli was... someone who had this happen to him. Everyone knows of Godric Wexler's reputation for finding and producing world class players from relative unknowns. He had done much the same with Zulfiqli, but unfortunately for the Oontaznik, his quality only appeared when Wexler had finally fixed his problems in his midfield. He knew that Zulfiqli would need starting minutes if he was to keep his spot in the starting eleven of the Oontaz national team, and that's why he was loaned to Pridnestrovia's Union Rheinburg. And now Zulfiqli's a vital component to the Eisern Union's surprise title challenge in the Pridnestrovian Super League.
IMPORTANT: This player should always be referred to as Zulfiqli since bin Alisher is a patronym.

FW: Eduardo ESTEVEZ 30 y/o, FK Torpedo Telgrad Image (Arioslavia)
Eduardo is a decent striker for his age, and there's definitely room for him to grow and take up Ador Macaspac's mantle when Oontaz Dert Li Ng's star striker finally decides to hang up his boots. But it looks like this won't be the case, as Teofisto Abcede surprised everyone else and took over Estevez's spot as Macaspac's backup striker option. Still, there's no denying that Eduardo can become one of Oontaz's best strikers after the age of Dominador Macaspac draws to a close, but it's up to him to realize that potential. Santos FC sold him to Arioslavia's FK Torpedo Telgrad in exchange for Alexey Bulganin. Now starting in place of the retired Ador Macaspac, who has become the new team manager after Emir Usamah was sacked.

GK: Septimio BARRANQUILLANO 34 y/o, Botafogo de Maranao Image, alternate captain
Maranao is renowned in Oontaz as being one of the best football academies, if not the best, in the country. It also has a reputation of producing good goalkeepers from its ranks. Unfortunately, Septimio is not one of those good keepers. Sure, he's decent, and can pull off a save that could be considered world-class, but for all intents and purposes, if he really was one of the good keepers, he would not be playing in Oontaz anymore, especially not for a mid-table side like Botafogo.

GK: Usamah ROBERTS-INGLES 26 y/o, Botafogo de Maranao Image
At least Botafogo's goalkeeper academy produced another good one. Unfortunately for him, he's both too young to be the national team's starting keeper, and he's also the son of a marriage between an Oontaznik and a foreigner, so discrimination is coming into play in here. But not by much, because he's so good and the other keepers are so... crap that Emir Usamah had no choice but to call him up even though both of them know that goalie Usamah won't get to play while Emir Usamah's the manager.

DEF: Alimuddin DIMAGIBA 37 y/o, Deportivo Mangudadatu Image
Alimuddin is probably the only reason why Deportivo Mangudadatu is still in the National League even though the team is basically relegation material. He's the only player on that team who looks like he still gives a f--- if the team wins or loses. All of the other players around him is his club look like they don't even care anymore, and it's a wonder why he hasn't asked to be transferred to another team. Maybe because he knows that only Mangudadatu's rivals, Racing Al-Ampatuan, would be willing to buy him for the inflated price that he knows that Deportivo will attach to him. If he has any fault in him, it's that he's too loyal to something and would not, could not let go even given time.

DEF: Zenofilo BATOBALANI 31 y/o, Racing Al-Ampatuan Image
It's not a real Oontaznik national football team if there isn't any player from Racing Al-Ampatuan in the roster, and Batobalani fits that role nicely. Al-Ampatuan used to be one of the biggest teams in Oontaz, constantly competing with Santos and Botafogo for titles and cups, but lately they've been on a bit of a decline, and now they're considered relegation fodder just like their traditional rivals, Deportivo Mangudadatu. Batobalani once had a future of being one of the greatest Oontaznik defenders of all time, and not just the present time but of all time. But instead of moving on to more prestigious teams and letting his talent get noticed, he decided to stick it out with the constant relegation scraps between Mangudadatu and Al-Ampatuan. Perhaps it would be prudent not to mention the loaded contract that he was given by the team owners, who have been accused of masterminding one of the greatest massacres in recent history, and also one of the biggest benefactors of the nation's endemic corruption culture...

DEF: Albert James DIMACATARUNGAN 33 y/o, Gryphons Nubalochi Image
Dimacatarungan's surname means "unfair" in the Mayin language, but this time, there's nothing unfair about his being on the bench. Dimacatarungan shouldn't even be anywhere near the Oontaz national team, but since he's a member of Clan Dimacatarungan, he gets a spot in the final roster. At least Emir Usamah isn't stupid enough to choose him over Estong Campanilla who, as said before, has, at least, a definite chance of becoming an actual quality player instead of Dimacatarungan, who is just plain shit. Strange to see him still in the team now that Emir Usamah is gone...

DEF: Noah CALANOY 31 y/o, Malabon SC Image (Abanhfleft)
Malabon may not have had the best of seasons in the FPL but Noah Calanoy stepped up and became one of the few bright spots in the Magpies' season as he stepped up to replace the likes of Redwood Simpson and Setrak Abrahamyan in an effort to plug Malabon's defensive leaks. It may not have worked out in the end for Malabon but Calanoy showed enough quality in defense to warrant his first ever international call-up for the Oontaznik national team.

MID: Ronson "Ronnie" RAMIREZ 29 y/o, Revanigruud Riversharks Image (Cosumar)
Georges Leblanc spent 5 million new penenks to get Ramirez from Real Altamarino to the May 26 Memorial, but it seems a little bit too soon to say if he's had any impact in the Blue Tribesmen, and Leblanc has seen it fit to loan Ramirez out to Real Mikkaleth, who will be making to make yet another promotion push next season. Ronnie is more of a winger than a proper midfielder, but since Oontazniks never really believed in investing in proper wingers, Ronnie can fill in for that central midfield role, but not as well as when he's deployed as a real winger. Still, at least he's got a chance of breaking through and becoming a good and decent player, unlike the majority of the rest of his teammates.

MID: Macario "Mac-Mac" CORTES 30 y/o, Easthaven Centurion Image (Super-Llamaland)
Yet another promising Oontaznik youngster lured away from his home by the prestige and glamour of the Fleftic Premier League. The good thing is that Emir Usamah is setting up the team for the future, meaning that he's getting the most promising young Oontaznik players and getting them playing time with the senior team, which he knows will eventually be replaced by the youngsters once the veteran players grow old and retire. At least his reasons for being on the bench are much more justified than the others: he's still a little bit too young to be playing in the first team, and Magomedun Mangudadatu is still the best in the game in his position as CAM, which is also Mac-Mac's favored playing position. At least he gets to learn from one of the best.

MID: Josef "Joey Boy" MACALACAN 33 y/o, Union Rheinburg Image (Pridnestrovia)
Joey Boy is the classic box-to-box midfielder, balancing offensive and defensive duties and covering as much of the pitch as possible. Unfortunately, he has a tendency to focus on one specific duty for too long, and by the duty he could mentally shift himself from being an attacking player to a defensive player or vice versa, it's often too late, and the defense had been overrun by a competent opponent.

FW: Felix NAVIDAD 26 y/o, RCD Baler Image
Out of the surprise team of the season is the Young Player of the Season of the 2023-24 Oontaznik First Division. Felix is all about pace, pace, and more pace. He also makes use of his ability to turn on a dime to roam all over the pitch and distract defenders. Yes, this does mean that he doesn't score a lot of goals himself for a forward player but does it count when it's his ability to pull defenders away that results in his teammates scoring anyway?

FW: MARCRIS Mas 26 y/o, Sportif Ab Gon Image (Copper Cuprum)
Now here is a player whom no one was expecting to be anywhere near a football team, let alone the Oontaznik national team. Marcris was born Maricris Mas, a woman, and had actually participated in the women's teams of Vigan Athletic and then Botafogo de Maranao before undergoing sexual reassignment surgery and revealing himself as a transgender man just about two years ago. His uncertain status has forced him out of Oontaznik clubs but he has found a new home in Ab Gon in Copper Cuprum. His main assets are strength and hold-up play but he also has a beautiful flick that looks absolutely fine when it connects with another teammate. But when said flick ends up sending the ball straight to the opposition, it's a wasteful and needless tactic.

FW: Arthur SUPRATNO 22 y/o, Malabon SC Image (Abanhfleft)
Supratno is in very much the same situation as his FPL teammate Noah Calanoy. Supratno did his best to back up Kevin Kelvin in terms of scoring goals but in the end, Malabon still fell short of getting back into at least the Globe Cup places despite his twelve goals in all competitions. But Supratno is young, and some experience in an international tournament can't do him any harm whatsoever.

(replace Macaraig with Sarimanok and Godzilla with Estevez)

Official name: Sultan Abubakar International Stadium
Capacity: est. 70,000
Tenant: Pasargad Manitogoro FC

Official name: Emir Nawwaz bin Marwan ibn Baloch Stadium
Capacity: est. 42,000
Tenant: Gryphons Nubalochi FC

Official name: Estadio Honorario General Artemio Espinosa Villavicencio
Capacity: est. 32,000
Tenant: General Santos FC

Official name: Estadio Commemorativo Sargento Primero Leopoldo Mamintas
Capacity: est. 60,000
Tenant: FC Botafogo de Maranao

Win-loss record: 15-7-16 (penalty shootouts counted as draws)
To be edited...

Anything except killing my players is fair game.
The Sultanate of Oontaz Dert Li Ng Oontaz
Leader: Sultan Kudarat Oontaz
Client state of the Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft

What do you get when you put together Saudi Arabia and the Philippines? Why, Oontaz, I hope!
I hear Atlantian Oceania is good this time of the year.

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Postby Freeport Isles » Sat Nov 24, 2018 2:44 pm


The Confederation of Freeport
National Hoofball Team - AOCAF Cup 57 Roster

Quick Facts
AOCAF Ranking: 31st (3.05 pts.)
Style Modifier: +4.0
Nickname: The Condottieri
All-Time Record: 19-12-19 (0-0-0 at AOCAF Cup 57)
Achievements: Semifinals (Baptism of Fire 68), Qualified (Cup of Harmony 73)
AOCAF Cup 56 Friendlies:
Pre-AOCAF I: Freeport 2-1 Busoga Islands at Condottieri Coliseum (cap. 94,925) in Freeport, Freeport (Win)
Pre-AOCAF II: Equestrian States 4-0 Freeport at Derby Field (cap. 65,000) in Manehattan, Equestrian States (Loss)

AOCAF Cup 56: 0-1-2 (4th in Group B)
MD1: Freeport 0-0 Tropicorp at Wild Grounds (cap. 56,500) in Everfree, Equestrian States (Draw)
MD2: Freeport 1-2 Ko-oren at Shady Grove (cap. 43,650) in Whitetail, Equestrian States (Loss)
MD3: Sultanate of Oontaz 3-2 Freeport at Wild Grounds (cap. 56,500) in Everfree, Equestrian States (Loss)

Baptism of Fire 68 Friendlies:
Pre-BoF I: Freeport 0-0 Oscioru at Condottieri Coliseum (cap. 94,925) in Freeport, Freeport (Draw)
Pre-BoF II: Kavagrad 1-1 Freeport at De Leon Stadium (cap. 86,520) in Kava-Neva, Kavagrad (Draw)
Pre-BoF III: Freeport 2-1 Czarna Gora at Condottieri Coliseum (cap. 94,925) in Freeport, Freeport (Win)

Baptism of Fire 68: 5-1-2 (2nd in Group P)
MD1: South Libertopia 4-2 Freeport at Stadion Jansberg (cap. 72,000) in Jansberg, Semarland (Loss)
MD2: Freeport 3-0 Schweiser at Stadion Jansberg (cap. 72,000) in Jansberg, Semarland (Win)
MD3: Miznan 2-3 Freeport at Saint Adren Road (cap. 45,000) in Saint Adrensburg, Semarland (Win)
Round of 32: Busoga Islands 2-3 Freeport at Ján Rülánd Dêrmáá (cap. 10,000) in Ruland, Farfadillis (Win)
Round of 16: Greater Libertania 2-3 Freeport at Ján Rülánd Dêrmáá (cap. 10,000) in Ruland, Farfadillis (Win)
Quarterfinals: Guriguay 0-5 Freeport at Naš Stadion (cap. 32,000) in Karuvis, Farfadillis (Win)

Semifinals: Freeport 1-2 Shofercia at Ján Rülánd Dêrmáá (cap. 10,000) in Ruland, Farfadillis (Loss)
Third Place Playoff: Freeport 3-3 Carloso (3-3 AET) (4-5 pen.) at Natunolstadion (cap. 86,000) in Jansberg, Semarland (Loss)

Baker Park Open Cup: 2-0-3 (3rd in Group A)
MD1: Baker Park 1-0 Freeport at Queen Victoria Stadium (cap. 37,475) in Ezriquay, Baker Park (Loss)
MD2: Freeport 2-1 Free Republics at Jones Stadium (cap. 24,650) in Dalton, Baker Park (Win)
MD3: Cassadaigua 6-3 Freeport at Collins Park (cap. 47,000) in Oceana, Baker Park (Loss)
Classifying Match: Freeport 2-1 Maryloupe at President's Park (cap. 26,115) in Shirley, Baker Park (Win)
Ninth Place Match: Freeport 0-2 Free Republics at Collins Park (cap. 47,000) in Oceana, Baker Park (Loss)

World Cup 81 Friendlies:
Pre-WCQ I: Freeport 4-5 Qasden at Condottieri Coliseum (cap. 94,925) in Freeport, Freeport (Loss)
Pre-WCQ II: Michine 1-1 Freeport at Stade National des Aventuriers (cap. 10,000) in Michine, Michine (Draw)
Pre-WCQ III: Banija 8-0 Freeport at River Corizova Stadium (cap. 8,900) in Corizova, Banija (Loss)
Pre-WCQ IV: Freeport 4-0 Askari Union at Golden Port Park (cap. 35,450) in Porthaven, Freeport (Win)
Mid-WCQ: Busoga Islands 1-1 Freeport at Lakiska City Field (cap. 31,000) in Lakiska, Busoga Islands (Draw)
Post-WCQ I: Freeport 3-3 Acronius at Golden Port Park (cap. 35,450) in Porthaven, Freeport (Draw)
Post-WCQ II: Squornshelous 0-1 Freeport at Emerald Coast Colosseum (cap. 33,400) in Vassilian, Squornshelous (Win)
Post-WCQ III: Freeport 2-3 Juvencus at Condottieri Coliseum (cap. 94,925) in Freeport, Freeport (Loss)

World Cup 81 Qualifying: 8-4-6 (5th in Group 17)
MD1: Freeport 1-2 Baker Park at Condottieri Coliseum (cap. 94,925) in Freeport, Freeport (Loss)
MD2: Kwesiland 2-4 Freeport at Unknown Venue (cap. Unknown) in Unknown City, Kwesiland (Win)
MD3: Freeport 2-4 Darmen at Condottieri Coliseum (cap. 94,925) in Freeport, Freeport (Loss)
MD4: South Caleblan 1-3 Freeport at Unknown Venue (cap. Unknown) in Unknown City, South Caleblan (Win)
MD5: Freeport 0-2 Taeshan at Condottieri Coliseum (cap. 94,925) in Freeport, Freeport (Loss)
MD6: Freeport 5-3 Timmy's Tigers at The Saltbed (cap. 24.715) in Salty Shores, Freeport (Win)
MD7: Innovian Indusse 1-4 Freeport at Unknown Venue (cap. Unknown) in Unknown City, Innovian Indusse (Win)
MD8: Freeport 4-0 St. Saratoga at Golden Port Park (cap. 35,450) in Porthaven, Freeport (Win)

MD9: Coldfield 2-2 Freeport at Crownsville Palace Colossus (cap. 94,000) in Crownsville, Coldfield (Draw)
MD10: Baker Park 4-2 Freeport at Rogers Stadium (cap. 46,800) in Endborough, Baker Park (Loss)
MD11: Freeport 4-2 Kwesiland at The Saltbed (cap. 24.715) in Salty Shores, Freeport (Win)
MD12: Darmen 5-3 Freeport at Tyger Stadium (cap. 40,000) in Darmen City, Darmen (Loss)
MD13: Freeport 3-1 South Caleblan at Golden Port Park (cap. 35,450) in Porthaven, Freeport (Win)
MD14: Taeshan 4-1 Freeport at Unknown Venue (cap. Unknown) in Unknown City, Taeshan (Loss)
MD15: Timmy's Tigers 1-1 Freeport at Unknown Venue (cap. Unknown) in Unknown City, Timmy's Tigers (Draw)
MD16: Freeport 4-0 Innovian Indusse at Golden Port Park (cap. 35,450) in Porthaven, Freeport (Win)
MD17: St. Saratoga 2-2 Freeport at Saints National Stadium (cap. Unknown) in Rogerbei, St. Saratoga (Draw)
MD18: Freeport 1-1 Coldfield at Condottieri Coliseum (cap. 94,925) in Freeport, Freeport (Draw)

Cup of Harmony 73: 0-1-2 (3rd in Group E)
MD1: Freeport 1-4 Kelssek at Victoriaville Stadium (cap. 61,000) in Victoriaville, Cassadaigua (Loss)
MD2: Freeport 1-1 Beepee at New Lakeland Stadium (cap. 91,000) in New Lakeland, Cassadaigua (Draw)
MD3: Tinhampton 1-0 Freeport at New Lakeland Stadium (cap. 91,000) in New Lakeland, Cassadaigua (Loss)

AOCAF Cup 57 Friendlies:
Pre-AOCAF I: Freeport vs. Team TBD at Golden Port Park (cap. 35,450) in Porthaven, Freeport
Pre-AOCAF II: Team TBD vs. Freeport at Venue TBD (cap. Unknown) in City TBD, Nation TBD
Pre-AOCAF III: Freeport vs. Team TBD at Condottieri Coliseum (cap. 94,925) in Freeport, Freeport


Home - Away - Third

The Freeport national hoofball team receives its kits from Generosity Sporting Equipment, an Equestria-based sportswear company that has recently begun to stake a claim on the international hoofball kit market, with teams in Atlantian Oceania and Esportiva among those to hire their designers.

Group A
#8 - Image Mriin (20.30 pts.)
#15 - Image Ko-oren (12.08 pts.)
#16 - Image Semarland (10.85 pts.)
#31 - Image Freeport (3.05 pts.)

Tournament Schedule

Group Stage - Group A
MD1: Ko-oren vs. Freeport at The Forge (cap. 12,000) in Maal, Mriin
MD2: Semarland vs. Freeport at Haven (cap. 65,000) in Maal, Mriin
MD3: Freeport vs. Mriin at Haven (cap. 65,000) in Maal, Mriin


GK - #1 - Kukiri (Zebra - Female) - 28 - Image Klyde (FSF Härlighet Ligan) - 35 caps, 1 assist, 8 clean sheets - -C-
GK - #20 - Night Thunder (Pegasus - Male) - 21 - Image Bruul Skewers (MNL Premier Division) - 5 caps
GK - #23 - Soulful Wish (Pegasus - Female) - 24 - Image Freeport United (UHA United League) - 5 caps

LB - #2 - Spotted Spirit (Pegasus - Male) - 25 - Image Canterlot Stars (UHA United League) - 30 caps, 4 assists
CB - #5 - Bloodblade (Minotaur - Male) - 24 - Image Crawford City FC (FSF Härlighet Ligan) - 29 caps, 1 assist, 2 goals
CB - #4 - Alastair (Griffon - Male) - 20 - Image Manechester City HC (UHA United League) - 28 caps, 2 goals
RB - #19 - Lena Auteberry (Human - Female) - 22 - Image Corvette Maulers (NFA Premiership) - 15 caps, 1 assist, 1 goal
CB - #14 - Flare Eclipse (Unicorn - Male) - 29 - Image Keenan Athletic (FSF Härlighet Ligan) - 23 caps, 1 assist, 1 goal
RB - #3 - Sharp Focus (Pegasus - Female) - 27 - Image Carredington (FAE Flame League) - 28 caps, 1 assist, 1 goal
LB - #17 - Calyx Dawn (Earth Pony - Male) - 25 - Image Freeport United (UHA United League) - 17 caps, 2 assists

DM - #18 - Temptation (Changeling - Female) - 18 - Image Freeport United (UHA United League) - 26 caps, 6 assists, 5 goals
CM - #7 - Storm Chill (Pegasus - Female) - 29 - Image Everfree Forest HC (UHA United League) - 32 caps, 11 assists, 5 goals - -VC-
CM - #9 - Thorn Bristle (Earth Pony - Male) - 25 - Image Crystal Fair HC (UHA United League) - 31 caps, 8 assists, 1 goal
DM - #6 - Eindride Cleary (Human - Male) - 30 - Image Herzegovina Phoenix (Banijan Soccer League) - 26 caps, 2 assists
AM - #12 - Meadow Evergreen (Unicorn - Female) - 18 - Image Bruul Skewers (MNL Premier Division) - 14 caps, 1 assist, 4 goals
RM - #21 - Ivory Feather (Griffon - Female) - 20 - Image Ponyville United (UHA United League) - 17 caps, 5 assists, 1 goal
LM - #22 - Lolicia (Zebra - Female) - 16 - Image Trebuchet Cham (Zwangzug First Division) - 14 caps, 4 assists, 2 goals
CM - #15 - Corsair Gust (Pegasus - Male) - 25 - Image Mallox (FSF Härlighet Ligan) - 11 caps, 1 assist, 2 goals

LW - #8 - Puzzle Piece (Changeling - Male) - 23 - Image Crystal Fair HC (UHA United League) - 33 caps, 10 assists, 12 goals
ST - #10 - Torvald Royle (Human - Male) - 27 - Image Istria City FC (Banijan Soccer League) - 32 caps, 4 assists, 23 goals
RW - #11 - Sonar Amethyst (Bat Pony - Female) - 20 - Image Cassandra City (FSF Härlighet Ligan) - 31 caps, 6 assists, 8 goals
ST - #13 - Brigitte (Griffon - Female) - 25 - Image Freeport United (UHA United League) - 16 caps, 4 assists, 11 goals
ST - #16 - Cerulean Blitz (Pegasus - Male) - 18 - Image Kirota Locals (Tropicorp Lower League) - 20 caps, 3 assists, 5 goals

Coaches & Staff
Manager - Image Mad Dash (Pegasus - Male) - 55
Assistant Manager - Image Jon Merritt (Human - Male) - 57
Assistant Manager - Image Blazing Fire (Griffon - Male) - 37
Goalkeeping Coach - Image Sandy Shores (Unicorn - Female) - 37
Scout - Image Mathias Paulson (Human - Male) - 44
Scout - Image Sipho (Zebra - Male) - 36
Fitness Coach - Image Roughhouse (Pegasus - Male) - 48

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes - Only that the player was injured and how they were injured, I will determine actual severity
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes - Same restrictions as above apply
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes - Within reason, of course, but feel free to be creative
Other Notes: TG me if you have any questions regarding my RPs or requests for more information on Freeport. Player stats updated through Cup of Harmony 73.
The Confederation of Freeport
Capital: Freeport | Demonym: Freeporter | Trigramme: FPT
KPB Ranking (Post-WC83): 67th (11.01 pts.)

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Postby Mriin » Sat Nov 24, 2018 3:08 pm

Mrii National Team

For competition in the 57th AOCAF
Right: An artist's rendition of Solara Vol, star Mriinian striker (in her Sabrefell Moths duds).
Style: 4-3-3, +1.5
Nickname: the Reavers

Note that most players (and the majority of Mrii) are satyrs, as pictured, though with a variety of skins tones--mostly in various shades of blue, purple, and red. They're on average very tall, along the lines of human professional basketball players, and specialize in aerial play thanks to the elevated header control courtesy of their horns. Their stature also lends itself to a fast and aggressive attacking game, leveraging long strides, high stamina, and imposing presence to pressure and wear down the opposition. While there are certain Mrii who show a phenomenal amount of dexterity on the ball, they're generally the strikers; small, quick humans that can "get under" Mrii backs have been a problem spot for the team, as well as a generally weaker grasp of the defensive game.

The team has been performing at a sustained high level for some time now, featuring four consecutive World Cup qualifications--of 5 attempts--and finishing as runners-up in AOCAF 56, wherein they only lost twice--both to Vilita & Turori, once in the group stage and once again in the final. That said, there's still an air of disappointment as the team has yet to break out of the World Cup group stage. The latest instance was especially jarring; despite finally defeating a second seed they capitulated to the fourth seeds instead, throwing away their best chance in years. With the team starting to trend a bit higher in age, this AOCAF will see some shakeup to the starting lineup to see if that hunger for success can be reignited on home soil.


M - 55 - M - ?? - Don Mizzet - Image Vidial Alchemists (note: is a dragon)
AS - 11 - M - 37 - Joren Kreuger - Image Vidial Alchemists

GK - 1 - F - 30 - Mara Solaani - Image Kingsgrove <Captain>
LB - 2 - F - 25 - Pia Levaani - Image Easthold Royals <Corners>
CB - 3 - M - 34 - Geraard Tavol - Image Bruul Skewers
CB - 4 - F - 30 - Reina Kress - Image Marque
RB - 5 - F - 22 - Karii Bruun - Image Crisisbless United
LM - 6 - F - 35 - Malia Polandre - Image Marque <Set Pieces>
CM - 7 - F - 26 - Malia Yonen - Image Wyvernscrest
RM - 8 - F - 24 - Tia Mor - Image Easthold Royals
ST - 9 - M - 31 - Aldo Vocani - Image Barbury Town
ST - 11 - F - ?? - Tali’raia - Image Eastweald (note: is a dryad)
ST - 10 - F - 32 - Solara Vol - Image Sabrefell Moths <Penalties>

GK - 15 - F - 33 - Zilia Hawsorn - Image Maal Angels
GK - 0 - M - 37 - Kostin Bermat - Image AFC Hosingr
LB - 16 - M - 27 - Meryn Valent - Image Maal Angels
CB - 17 - M - 29 - Joraar Sunde - Image Mount Prei
CB - 18 - F - 30 - Kalia Tolsii - Image Harbor
RB - 19 - M - 28 - Vernan Quill - Image Vidial Alchemists
LM - 20 - M - 30 - Balon Yaad - Image Mont Prei
CM - 21 - F - 34 - Ara Klein - Image Vidial Alchemists
RM - 22 - F - 34 - Hilda Iarrow - Image Whitetail Foresters
ST - 12 - M - 28 - Lasser Rei - Image Dynapolis United
ST - 13 - M - 31 - Jorm Vahn - Image Southern Star
ST - 14 - F - 23 - Mako Silanii - Image FC Samotath

Kits fabulously provided by Aer!
Home / Away / Keeper

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes (Silly and/or improbably dramatic goals preferably by Mako Silanii)
RP injuries to my players: Yes (minor, out-for-the-game max)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes (Most card-prone: Karii Bruun, Aldo Vocani, Malia Yonen)
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
Nephara wrote:It's retro as all fuck, and it works like a charm.

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Postby Banija » Sat Nov 24, 2018 5:29 pm

Kabaka - King
Luguba - Queen Consort
Sarauniya - Queen Mother
Isebantu - Crown Prince
Omugabe/Omugaba - Prince/Princess
Omulangira/Kyabazinga - Duke/Duchess
Kagere/Kiweewa - Lord/Lady
Katikkiro - Prime Minister
Waziri - Foreign Minister

This takes place at the Katikkiro's Residence at #9 Mutombo Drive

Kizza Makoni, Banija's Katikkiro, was sitting in his office, with the television on in the background. Banija's sole warmup before the AOCAFs was on- a friendly against Rysania. He had watched early on, but Rysania was clearly overpowered by this Banijan side. It was a road game, Banija's first true away game since the World Cup 80 Qualifying cycle, of course, which is why they played it- a majority of fans weren't guaranteed to be on their side in Mriin, right? He had stopped paying attention when Gitonga Kahara had scored the goal that put Banija up 2-0 within 25 minutes. That game was over before it began.

He was thinking about his next major initiative that he would push. He was in his second year as Katikkiro- and he thought that things were going rather well, considering his party had never been in government before. His government was holding strong, and they were doing a good job of accomplishing their own agenda. While the last government had been outright hostile, to say the least, to the large Banijan emigrant and refugee communities, his government had made it a priority of his to reach out to those communities. The government in Busukuma certainly had better relationships with emigrant community leaders, especially in places like the Equestrian States, Quebec, Cosumar, Mriin, Baker Park, etc... than the previous government did.

In reality, his only major defeat had been one to his larger, richer, and closest neighbor- Geisenfred, Banija's neighbor on her eastern border. They had gotten in a diplomatic spat about bringing back Hatabu Danso and putting him on trial for his involvement in the crimes- as the Deputy Katikkiro and Minister of Defense, he was a big factor in implementing Mutebi's plans. Of course, Geisenfred's generous asylum policies allowed Hatabu Danso to stay there, and while he waged a public affairs campaign to get him extradited to Banija, it was to no avail, and he remained in Geisenfred. Outside of that, they had decent relations- it was frustrating for Makoni, of course, but he was going to let bygones be bygones.

He was in power to challenge the ruling establishment. He knew people turned to his party as a last resort, and he was going to try and reform Banija forever. The establishment was corrupt, and the hard-right had gotten Banija in a foolish war and had lost- destroying nationalism and ripping the country apart in the process, with the Busoga Islands becoming an independent nation. So far, he had remained careful- coming into power when the World Cup was approaching, he didn't want to rock the boat then. Banijans didn't like their traditions being challenged- so while the world was in Banija, he didn't make his challenges too overt. He made challenges, like demanding Danso's extradition, but largely, he had settled.

Now, of course, the World Cup was over and done. The last WCC officials had left, and the team was going to do its normal thing, playing abroad once again. That meant that Banija wouldn't be dominated by sports- they could be dominated, once again, by local issues. And that's why he had ran for office in the first place. To change Banija. He knew his country was a backwards country by international standards, of course. Far too conservative, antiquated in the ways of culture, etc... But that was stuff he could never say publicly. It would be his job to give Banija a nice push towards becoming rational like the rest of the multiverse, but not push so hard to force his government right out of office. A delicate balance.

He had been wondering- how do I make this push? One that would move Banija towards progressiveness and equality, and that would seal his legacy, without overreaching? And the idea had come to him during the last World Cup. He had seen teams like Cassadaigua play, teams like Nephara, like Brenecia- integrated on a gender basis. And he knew how important sports was to this sports-crazed nation. He would be the man to challenge the Law on Gender Separation in Sports- why not? With the World Cup Finals just played on home soil, and Banijans witnessing men and women playing together at the highest level in the country's most popular sport, the time was coming. But when was the right time? What was the right way?

And then, as the Olympic Qualifiers came up, the idea popped into his head like a light bulb. The Banijan Olympic Qualifiers were up- this was really the best time, outside of the BCSG National Championships for Women's Soccer, for female athletes to showcase their own talents and abilities to the country at-large. Professional sports for women in the country was essentially non-existent, a fact that frustrated him. College Soccer, of course, was the biggest it could get for women in Banija- but the best ones did not have the opportunity to play in or for Banija. Instead, they went to the Equestrian States, and never got the opportunity.

He had made his decision already- he was going to announce this in a major speech to the Lukiiko. He was going to propose an amendment to the Banijan Gender Separation Law in Sports. How far was he going to reach? His speech was literally the day after the Banijan opening match against Valanora in the AOCAFs. A massive game, of course, he could not risk his speech being overshadowed by soccer. But the public relations campaign would be tough. The right, right now discredited and disunited, would use this debate as a rallying point. It could be opposition to this law that would rebuild the right. And, of course, it ran a very real risk of getting rejected by the Guardian Council- not to mention, what were the thoughts of the Kabaka?

But as the saying goes- if you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything, right? He knew that he needed to make this stand. He was hoping for a number of things to break his way, to make this PR campaign go. He was hoping, once he pushed for the initiative, that he could get some support. But who could he call on? People like the RBSA Board members weren't going to talk about this- they were in the middle of a race for Chairman, and nobody would damage their electoral chances by coming out so boldly on that topic. Could he drag Banijan female athletes through this, or did he want this to be his fight?

He could count on international support for his move, surely. What other countries had Banija's antiquated laws on gender separation in sports? But how far could he go? As he sat there, staring at the TV screen but not watching the match, he heard a knock on his door.

"Come in." Makoni said, looking at the door. Who could it be?

"Mr. Makoni." Said the Deputy Katikkiro, Wisdom Kamuntu. She was the party's Deputy leader, and as the Deputy Katikkiro, the highest ranking female politician in Banijan history. She wasn't the greatest public figure- she did not have that great popularity, and she certainly wasn't great at speeches. But boy, was she a great legislator. She kept her party in line no matter what. She was the greatest whip that Mr. Makoni, personally, had ever seen. She was great with her fellow legislators, always knowing when to use a carrot and use a stick to get them to vote for a particular bill. A great ally for any Katikkiro to have.

"Wisdom." Makoni replied. "What can I do for you?"

"Kizza, there are... Going to be complications when it comes to passing your plan." Said Kamuntu. "The CRU is mostly behind you- many members say that they want to, at least theoretically, want to see changes to this law. But when it comes to this specific proposal... Making all sports organizations integrate immediately? Many say it is a step too far. You know, of course, that we need 250 votes. Right now, we have 220- though we could probably get to 240 if push really came to shove. But do we have the votes to pass this legislation? I'm not sure."

"Wisdom, do you remember why we're here?" Said Makoni. "I'm sick of always settling for less. I want to do more. I want to do greater. Why did we run that damned campaign anyways, huh? Not to throw another line on my resume so that we can do what every damned right-wing politican does when they retire here, so that we can become executives at RTC. No, we are here to actually move Banija leftward. WE must make this push."

"Sir," She said. She wanted to word this carefully. "Did you ever think... How strong will the opposition here be? Will His Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition actually try to bring down your government? Will they try to attach a confidence measure onto this vote?"

"Let them." Makoni replied. "I'd welcome that. Then we'd be able to keep our own damned party in line. I fear nothing." And that was a blatant lie. Of course, as an elected politician, lies were bound to happen- that simply couldn't be avoided. They went back and forth a few times, before an exasperated Kamuntu left the room. Maybe she thought she'd lose this vote? No matter, thought Makoni. Once he went public, she'd fall in line, like always. This could be legacy defining- he wasn't going to miss this opportunity.

His speech for a few days from now was essentially done being written. He'd wait for the day after the Valanora game- if the announcement was about sports law, it'd make sense to schedule it around a sporting event, right? He glanced at the television again- the score was clearly 4-1, but he didn't see what the time on the clock was. No matter- that game was wrapped up anyways. And he had much bigger worries on his hands than watching a friendly, anyways.

As he always does before big speeches, he stood up in his own office, looked at the mirror, and started practicing giving this speech. This could make or break his own political career- he wanted to get this right. He was speaking as his mind drifted to the Lukiiko, where in just a few days time he would be giving what would certainly be the speech of a lifetime...
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95X AOCAF 57 Roster

Postby 95X » Sat Nov 24, 2018 6:01 pm

95X National Team Roster
Winners of AOCAF 22 and 47

In 95X, AOCAF 57 takes place in 95X Year 78.

Formation: 4-3-3

Style: 0

Key: D-Defender, F-Forward, K-Keeper, M-Midfielder, U-Utility

##   P Name                        M/F Age Club
4 D Samantha Fourfortyfour F 31 University City SC
16 LM Stacey Sunset F 34
17 CF Reynaldo Mallard M 29 Cactus SC
22 RM Darrius Columbine M 33 Samaj FC (COS)
23 RF Larry Lewis M 33 Transit Authority SC
29 D Sophie Riverforest F 28 Twentytwo Cacti
35 K Lacy Onefiftythird F 33 X SC
41 D Chaya Concord-Fourteenth F 30 Pacific City SC
42 D Rhiannon Concord-Fourteenth F 30 Pacific City SC
50 LF Micah Morrison M 28 X SC
70 M Alix Ajax X 22 X SC

50 17 23
16 70 22
29 41 42 04

2 AM Carrie Camassia F 34 University City SC
9 D Houston Nineteenth M 30 Transit Authority SC
15 D Alyssa Sixtwentyeighth F 31 Celtic Noviodunum (NGD)
21 M Megan Twoseventeenth F 31 Millennium City Eagles
25 K Jabari Robertson M 29 University City SC
28 K Krista Till F 33
40 F Alexa Crest F 29 University City SC
53 U Allison Fivethirty F 32 Spatula City Utensils
62 M Lynsey Borland F 30 Transit Authority SC
71 D Savannah Onethirtysix F 22 SC Cascadia
72 D Ebony Deerview F 22 SC Cascadia
Head Coach: Katelynn State, 46

Rest of the Sideline staff exists; named as needed.

One of the four (with the goalkeeper wearing a different uniform):
White with yellow and black diagonal stripes, "NINETYFIVE X" written out in black Impact Font.
Black with white and yellow diagonal stripes, "NINETYFIVE X" written out in yellow Impact Font.
Yellow with black and white diagonal stripes, "NINETYFIVE X" written out in black Impact Font.
Blue with yellow and black diagonal stripes, "NINETYFIVE X" written out in black Impact Font.

RP Permissions
Yes, the 95X NT is getting old again, and there's a real dearth of current talent to pick from.
RP goal scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP yellow cards: Y
RP red cards: Y
RP injuries: N
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod most other events: Y
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VIlita & Turori AOCAF 57 Roster

Postby Vilita and Turori » Sat Nov 24, 2018 6:05 pm


The coaches will select the squad from the National Player pool. The latest known members of the National Player Pool are listed below, grouped by position and sorted by projection 'Depth Chart' position where the top player listed is most likely to be named the first player selected for that position, and so on. Depth chart positions are determined by performance in pre-cup training sessions, as well as performance and average ratings in the Vilitan League competition and previous appearances for the National Team.

HEAD COACH: Nili Ylimaiina
Was regarded as the 'next great thing' in a long line of Vilitan forwards when he made his debut for Kiiarana City, Ylimaiina would ultimately live up to the billing at the International Level more than just at the domestic level. Playing for Arcticala Inlet, Eastal Lunar, Strike and Colonial Sile; Ylimaiina won 2 Stellar Division titles and scored just over 100 goals. Ylimaiina was born in Vilita but also contains Starblaydi blood on his Mother's side. The striker had great success for the National Team, serving as the primary forward during Vilita & Turori's AOCAF 42 Championship Winning side. Ylimaiina would become a regular in the Jungle Cats roster and was in the starting lineup for the World Cup 68 final, won by Vilita. After finishing out his competitive playing career at Colonial Sile but not wanting to hang up the boots completely, Ylimaiina returned to the capital region and became Player/Manager of Tivali City as well as taking the call to lead the Vilita & Turori Eel-Cat Things in AOCAF 54. Despite an uninspired performance at the helm during AOCAF 55, Ylimaiina returned to lead the Eel-Cat Things for AOCAF 56 in the Equestrian States and the joint Football Association's patience was rewarded as the former Vilitan National Team star led Vilita & Turori for its first AOCAF title in 15 cycles.

Vernasa Sanamun [ - Kiiarana - ]
GK ( AGE: 18 CAPS: 7 :: GOALS:0 )
TROPHIES :: [ : World Cup 81 : ] : Tropicorp Cup :
Sanamun came through the academy at Kiiarana and was promoted to the senior squad at the age of 15 after the departure of Super-Llamaland netminder Lukas Bernholm following the clubs relegation from the Vilitan League. Made two group stage appearances for Vilita & Turori in AOCAF 56 at the age of 17 as the Eel-Cat Things eventually earning first ever regional silverware as a player. The youngster impressed helping Kiiarana City to the Tropicorp Cup title and promotion back to the Vilitan League and became a regular fixture with the Vilitan National Team after making their internationstatal debut in goal for the Jungle Cats as they opened up their World Cup 81 Qualifying campaign against Kernovi and Rewgwlas. Sanamun appeared twice in World Cup 81 Qualifying for the Jungle Cats without conceding a goal earning the young netminder the gloves as Vilita competed in the 7th Cup of Champions competition, ultimately conceding their 1st international goal against in the fourth match of their career, the Cup of Champions semi-final against Banija. The impressive performances however earned Sanamun trust and a place on the team for the World Cup 81 finals. Sanamun would start two matches - a group stage defeat to Cassadaigua and the Round of 16 victory over Sargossa as Vilita would go on to win the World Cup.

Striitca Virahat [ - Alikki-Corra Academy - ]
GK ( AGE: 17 CAPS: 1 :: GOALS:0 )
Virahat is the latest goalkeeping prospect to come out of the Alikki-Corra Academy behind such former Vilitan National Team netminders such as Kalek Intafel. Was part of the roster for Vilita & Turori's AOCAF 56 championship team but did not appear in any matches. Made their internationstatal debut for the Vilitan National Team as a substitute during World Cup 81 Qualifications in a 2-0 victory over Mercedeni.

Timaala Hualtia [ - Inland Peaks FC - ]
GK ( AGE: 17 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS:0 )
Hualtia came through the Eelandii Academy and instantly developed as a future Turori National Team prospect. Played one season for Sporta Eelandii before their relegation from the Vilitan League prompted Hualtia to make a switch to become the starting goalkeeper at Inland Peaks during Season 59.
:: Reserves ::

Jirak Trikala [ - Jungle Strike FC - ]
D C ( AGE: 22 CAPS: 25 :: GOALS:1 )
TROPHIES :: [ : World Cup 81 : ][ : AOCAF 56 : ] : Vilitan Cup : Tropicorp Cup :
Although born in Vilita, Trikala moved to Tropicoast at a young age and could always be found on the footsport pitch. Trained briefly at the Obaiobao Academy on Turoki Isle before returning to Tropicorp and joining Tropicorp FC. Scored 3 goals in Tropicorp's Season 54 Tropicorp Cup Championship campaign. Trikala's first season in the Vilitan League wasn't especially impressive but the defender provided solid performances as Tropicorp finished impressively in 4th place in the Declasse table. These performances caught the eye of the scouts at Jungle Strike FC who snapped up the young defender as part of their rebuilding project after two consecutive finishes outside the top 5. Trikala got their first taste of triumph with Strike FC during Season 57 as Vilitan Cup Champions. Scored the winning goal for Vilita & Turori in the AOCAF 56 final against Mriin.

Lohani Riiyaaw [ - Cassandra City (COS) - ]
D RLC ( AGE: 17 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS:0 )
Riiyaaw was trained at the Tivali City Academy until the age of 16 when they had the opportunity to sign their first professional contract. Instead of staying local with Declasse side Tivali City, Riiyaaw took the opportunity to move internationally. After attracting the attention of foreign bidders, Riiyaaw eventually signed a deal with Internationstatal high-flyers Cassandra City of Cosumar where they earned Runner-Up medals in both the UICA Champions Cup and Atlantian Oceania Champions League in their first season of competition.

Rojara Tiones [ - Yeaddin Owls AFC - ]
D RC ( AGE: 17 CAPS: 2 :: GOALS:0 )
TROPHIES :: [ : World Cup 81 : ][ : AOCAF 56 : ]
Rojara Tiones progressed through the training programme at the Owls Castle Academy before getting a call to train with the senior team at Yeaddin Owls AFC for Vilitan League Season 58.

Inbekira Ajhabekk [ - Iskara Daii (STR) - ]
D C ( AGE: 26 CAPS: 22 :: GOALS:1 )
TROPHIES :: [ : World Cup 81 : ][ : AOCAF 56 : ]
Not much is known about the defender who was born in Vilita to Starblaydi parents. Coming up through the academy system and being capped for the Vilitan National Team, Ajhabekk eventually returned home to Starblaydia when Iskara Daii put out a call of players. Ajhabekk occasionally answers the call to join up with the Vilitan National Team in Alikki-Corra.

Biliki Rona'atu'i [ - Cednia Beach AFC - ]
D LC ( AGE: 19 CAPS: :: GOALS: )
TROPHIES :: [ : AOCAF 56 : ] : AO Champions League : : Vilitan Declasse :
Trained at the Alikki-Corra Academy, Rona'atu'i moved on to Inland Peaks FC during Season 55 and become a crucial part of their Declasse Division record setting championship season resulting in promotion back to the Stellar Division. Signed for Eastal Lunar after arriving in the Stellar Division but only spent one season there before earning a starting position at Colonial Sile for the Season 57 campaign helping Colonial to a third place finish in the League table. After a season and a half in Sile, Rona'atu'i returned to their native Turori by joining Cednia Beach AFC and helping them to the 31st Atlantian Oceania Champions League title.

Lulu Pumaziiri [ - Cednia Beach AFC - ]
D RC ( AGE: 27 CAPS: :: GOALS: )
TROPHIES :: [ : AOCAF 56 : ] : AO Champions League : : Stellar Division : Vilitan Cup :
Pumaziiri was originally signed by Colonial Sile but after a season away from home, returned to Turori to join up with Cednia Beach and was a critical member of their Season 48 campaign that nearly saw the Coconuts return to the top 3, sliding to 5th on the final day of the season. Runner Up in UICA Champions Cup with Cednia Beach AFC. After 5+ Seasons with Cednia Beach AFC Pumaziiri made a high profile switch to Makosile United but would ultimately return to Cednia Beach after Makosile's relegation to the Declasse Division. Won the 31st Atlantian Oceania Champions League title with Cednia Beach AFC.

Amakli Inuro'o [ - Bastion (EUR) - ]
D RLC ( AGE: 16 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS:0 )
Trained by the Inura Forests Academy in Turori, Inuro'o was highly rated when turning professional and attracted the attention of foreign bidders eventually signing a deal with Euran club Bastion.

Moumouni Verre'elali [ - Tropicorp - ]
D RLC ( AGE: 17 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS:0 )
Trained by the Inura Forests Academy in Turori, Inuro'o was highly rated when turning professional and attracted the attention of foreign bidders eventually signing a deal with Internationstatal high-flyers Cassandra City of Cosumar.
:: Reserves ::

Limu Katarakhna [ - Eastal Lunar - ]
M/F ( AGE: 20 CAPS: 24 :: GOALS::SR: 3 )
TROPHIES :: [ : World Cup 81 : ][ : AOCAF 56 : ]
Limu Katarakhna came through the academy system at Colonial Sile and impressed greatly upon making their debut midway through Season 54. After Colonial Sile failed to qualify for UICA competition in Season 56, the young athlete able to step in anywhere on the field made the switch to Eastal Lunar FC. Katarakhna made their international debut during AOCAF 45 for the Eel-Cat Things but did not commit immediately to playing for Vilita or Turori internationally. After the success of the Cocoabo Squad during World Cup 79 however, the highly touted prospect acceped an invitation to be apart of Vilita's World Cup 80 Qualifying playing pool.

Daliora Toru'u [ - Yeaddin Owls - ]
DM C ( AGE: 23 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: )
TROPHIES :: [ : AOCAF 56 : ]
Toru'u made a debut for the Yeaddin Owls at the age of 17 and cracked into the first team immediately with 4 goals and 4 assists in their debut Season 54 campaign.

Kudii Davasarii [ - Cednia Beach AFC - ]
M LC ( AGE: 21 CAPS: 3 :: GOALS::SR: 0 )
TROPHIES :: [ : AOCAF 56 : ] : AO Champions League : : Tropicorp Cup :
Davasarii was one of the first players brought up through the Tropicorp system and helped the club earn their second Tropicorp Cup title and subsequent promotion to the Declasse Division for Season 55. Davasarii's four goals during Season 55 helped the team to an impressive 4th place finish in the table. Davarsarii's strong play earned a transfer to Cednia Beach AFC for Stellar Division season 57. Won the 31st Atlantian Oceania Champions League title with Cednia Beach AFC.

Kiidallen Aeroluzzi [ - Rammsissil - ]
DM C ( AGE: 20 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: )
TROPHIES :: [ : AOCAF 56 : ] : Vilitan Declasse :
Aeroluzzi joined Rammsissil from Surf Jettica at the age of 17 as the eventual Declasse Champions looked to bolster their squad ahead of a season 57 Stellar Division return.

Intikko Kuhilana [ - Makosile - ]
DM C ( AGE: 19 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS::SR: 0 )
TROPHIES :: [ : World Cup 81 : ][ : AOCAF 56 : ]
Kuhilana was perhaps too young when being called into the squad at Jlinal Cove on an emergency basis to cover squad gaps as they struggled to keep fit during Vilitan League Season 55. Strong performances did catch the eye of Makosile United, however, who snapped up the youngster in order to fill their own gaps left by departing players following their relegation from the Stellar Division.

Lati'ala Giaoka [ - Yeaddin Owls - ]
DM C ( AGE: 19 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: )
TROPHIES :: [ : AOCAF 56 : ]
Lati'ala Giaoka impressed from a young age at the Owls Castle Academy and earned their first professional contract with the Yeaddin Owls at the age of 16. During Season 56, Giaoka became the youngest player to appear in a Stellar Division match for the Owls since Mako Canopii made their debut at the age of 16 during Vilitan League Season 50.

Serabi Chamya [ - Colonial Sile - ]
M C ( AGE: 35 CAPS: 77 :: GOALS::SR: 9 )
TROPHIES :: [ : World Cup 68 : World Cup 77 : ] : Vilitan Cup : Vilitan Declasse : Tropical Trophy :
Blood of Bedistan, Chamya was trained up in Lonngeylin before making the move to Jlinal Cove. Despite experiencing success, Chamya was talked into a switch to Arcticala Inlet in the midst of season 44 by the new Electricians Manager and Vilita National Team captain Miiara Makose.

Kentu Umaka'a [ - Eastal Lunar - ]
M RC ( AGE: 27 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: )
TROPHIES :: [ : AOCAF 56 : ] : Vilitan Declasse :
Was brought up through the Rammsissil prospect development system and spent 2 and a half seasons at the big club before transferring to Makosile United. Spent 4 seasons with the Makos but after missing out on UICA competition again during Season, jumped ship and joined Eastal Lunar FC 

Mbdiai Akarenaa [ - Real Azuris (COS) - ]
M LC ( AGE: 27 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: )
TROPHIES :: [ : AOCAF 56 : ]
Akarenaa started out at the Eelandii Academy before signing a professional contract with Cednia Beach AFC during V-League 47. Akarenaa's time in the Vilitan League didn't last long, however, attracting international interest from Exton FC in Apox. After a few seasons in Apox, Akarenaa returned closer to home moving back to Atlantian Oceania to join Cosumarite club Real Azuris.

Saito Koshiki [ - Yeaddin Owls - ]
A MC ( AGE: 29 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: )
TROPHIES :: [ : AOCAF 56 : ]
Koshiki is a naturalized Turorian from the Central Sunrise Islands who appeared in the Under 21 World Cup for the Unified Sunrise Islands as a 17 year old. Koshiki qualified for Turorian naturalization after playing 4 seasons for Sporta Eelandii. Koshiki has since moved on to play for the Yeaddin Owls since Vilitan League Season 53 but maintains a residence in Turori.
:: Reserves ::

Nii'arala Milaaso [ - Eastal Lunar - ]
F C ( AGE: 19 CAPS: 27 :: GOALS::SR: 16 )
TROPHIES :: [ : World Cup 81 : ][ : AOCAF 56 : ]
Born in Vilita to a Turorian and a Starblaydi, Milaaso came through the Eastal Lunar Jr. Academy winning the Tropicorp Youth challenge with the Jr. Astronauts and was adjudged to have the 'DNA of Champions' based on their multi-cultural upbringing. Milaaso had a breakout season during Vilitan League 57 as the 18 year old netted 11 goals in all competitions and was widely regarded as the third best forward in the league behind National Team duo Sipke Tarala and Berali Tzufarei. Miilaaso made their international debut at the end of World Cup 79 qualifying against The Steel Coast, scoring late to net their first international tally on their debut. Was named Galacticos Youth Player of the Season at the age of 18.

Enzoril Alabonni [ - Marine Coast United - ]
D/F C ( AGE: 19 CAPS: 8 :: GOALS::SR: 3 )
TROPHIES :: [ : World Cup 81 : ][ : AOCAF 56 : ]
A young prospect originally from Mavaloiao, Enzoril Alabonni moved with their family to the main Island to be trained by Marine Coast United at the Crosaibi Academy. The Mavaloier has height well above the others in their age group and as such often switches between a center-back role and a role as an aerial target in attack.

Wiztsana Iretziia [ - Galatica (PAS) - ]
F C ( AGE: 26 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: )
TROPHIES :: [ : AOCAF 56 : ]
Iretziia transferred out of the Vilitan League after its 54th season to join famed Pasargan club Galatica.

Linvoi Warazil [ - Raynor City United (VAL) - ]
F C ( AGE: 27 CAPS: 42 :: GOALS::SR: 5 )
TROPHIES :: [ : World Cup 77 : World Cup 81 : ] : Stellar Division : Vilitan Cup :
Warazil was spotted playing at the age of 16 for local side Alona Sissil after having averaged over a goal per game for the team. Was snapped up by Strike FC and quickly became attacking partner to Meldi'ita Mungwaii, eventually being named Vilitan Player of the Season. As Strike's fortunes faded, however, so did Warazil's and while they did lift the Season 57 Vilitan Cup with the club, a disappointing Season 58 campaign left Warazil wanting more and submitting a transfer request to the Lonngeylin based club. The move would eventually see Warazil cross Atlantian Oceania to Valanora to play for one of the regions most decorated sides, Raynor City United.

Mirana Gotuai [ - Iskara Daii (STR) - ]
F C ( AGE: 32 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: )
TROPHIES :: [ : AOCAF 56 : ]
Originally of the Mist City Floatzels in the Sunrise Islands, Gotuai has become a world traveller spending time at Sardin United in Pasarga before completing the three-region trifecta and moving back to Alantian Oceania to play for Iskara Daii of Starblaydia.

Kala'a Yuliizala [ - Inland Peaks FC - ]
F C ( AGE: 16 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: )

Turakia Diijelhma [ - Owls Castle Academy - ]
F C ( AGE: 16 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: )
:: Reserves ::
Nua'oma Aikiki (17 yo) [ - FC Almintora - ] ;;


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Red Card Players: Y (TG After RP is Posted to Inform)
Yellow Card Players: Y
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Postby Tropicorp » Sat Nov 24, 2018 6:12 pm


The quasi-governmental entity of Tropicorp are back again... no really... it's almost as if they aren't going away. And now they seem to just be training Cocoabo. Kind of seems like they are barely Tropicorp anymore.

During AOCAF 50, Tropicorp put out a call amongst a subset of its scientists, researchers and engineers for support on an ongoing project. The project, which required exposure to competitive football, saw Tropicorp scientists, researchers, engineers and other such guinea pigs wearing special fabrics with electronic measuring devices sewn into them in order to aid in their measurements and calculations. The data collected during AOCAF 50 was absolutely invaluable to the project. During the cycle since, Tropicorp Engineers have been putting the data to the test at Tropicorp locations in Tropicoast and also at a new facility at an undisclosed location, also on Calania. During AOCAF 51, the scientists, researchers and engineers returned to collect some final data points to push them towards the final phase of the project. However, a strange thing happened during AOCAF 51 - the Tropicorp Scientists - perhaps a result of their own detailed research of the game, began not only to be competitive, but to win matches. The Techies actually qualified for the Knockout Rounds and stunned many with their performances until ultimately being knocked out by host and eventual champion nation Valanora.

After 4 Campaigns collecting data for their research, the experiment transitioned to reality. Their Cocoabo were ready for action and saw action during World Cup 78 Qualifying for Turori and during the XII Olympiad in Novanaya and Vekaiyu - with the Cocoabo team making it all the way to the Olympic final before losing to Darmen and earning the Silver Medal. Until the Cocoabo lift the NS World Cup trophy, however, the work for the scientists and researchers from Tropicorp and Cocoabo Park will not be done. They will continue tweaking, continue training, and continue CEEPing.

Hybrid Squad Schedule:

Matchday 1:
GK: Hanauma Ranbomahi / Cocoabo
DEF: Cocoabo Only
MID: Techie
FOR: Techie

Matchday 2:
GK: Hanauma Ranbomahi / Cocoabo
DEF: Techie
MID: Cocoabo Only
FOR: Techie

Matchday 3:
GK: Hanauma Ranbomahi / Cocoabo
DEF: Techie
MID: Techie
FOR: Cocoabo Only

Hanauma Ranbomahi is a 20 year old Vilitan Goalkeeper who qualifies to play for the National Team of Tropicorp as an employee of Tropicorp by virtue of playing their club footsport at Tropicorp FC in the Vilitan Declasse division.

Cocoabo Representative(s):
Cocoabo #88
Cocoabo #89

There will be two scientists and two researchers on the field at any given time, with a further 2 scientists and 2 researchers working from the sidelines and prepared to step in if needed.

Cocoabo Representative(s):
Cocoabo #58
Cocoabo #57
Cocoabo #53
Cocoabo #59

As with the defenders, There will be two scientists and two researchers on the field at any given time, with a further 2 scientists and 2 researchers working from the sidelines and prepared to step in if needed. They will alternate between central and wing positions. Former Sunrisean midfielder Hasato Kimiki qualifies to play for the squad as an employee of Tropicorp by virtue of being Tropicorp FC's current Captain and midfielder and may be called upon to participate if Tropicorp reach the knockout rounds.

Cocoabo Representative(s):
Cocoabo #61
Cocoabo #46
Cocoabo #65
Cocoabo #64
Cocoabo #67

There will be one Scientist, and one Researcher working in tandem and one each from the sidelines.

Cocoabo Representative(s):
Cocoabo #91
Cocoabo #99
Cocoabo #98

Team Nickname: the "Techies"

Style: RAND(-5,5)


Invent Names for the Scientists/Researchers/Engineers: Y
Choose Scorers: Y
GodMod Goalscoring Events: Y

Injure Players: Y
GodMod Injury Events Y

Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
GodMod Other Events: Y
- Tropicorp -

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Postby 95X » Sat Nov 24, 2018 7:08 pm

Although most don't notice or realize it, 95X has so little government it's been functioning without a current leader.

Don W. Pushman discovered there was money to be made in building a new stadium, and had one built between Pacific City and University City that would house a few soccer teams and could hold a few other sports if they ever became popular. The stadium was built on relatively inexpensive land and relatively inexpensively with inexpensive labor. Turns out the labor came with an unintended consequence as the contractors Pushman hired to design and build it didn't check to see if the workers were 95Xers.

Pushman, on the way to a leaders conference overseas, landed at the destination airport and was ushered into a room where over two dozen female members of the country's vast army stood at attention, as if they were ready for his arrival. The military leader, herself quite young, held out a badge and ID as she directed the doors closed behind Pushman.

"Don W. Pushman," she said authoritatively yet in a comically high and squeaky voice and a twinkle in her eye, "you are under arrest for one thousand ninety-three counts of international exploitation and forced labor of children. And those are just the cases we have explicit proof of."

Pushman laughed at the charges, which can result in a death sentence in the country he landed in.

"Did my daughter put you up to this?" he responded, thinking the encounter was an elaborate joke.

His face immediately changed from laughter to a pale shock as one of the military members walked forward, and several others forced handcuffs on him.

There, in uniform, was Pushman's daughter. Or so he thought.

"Your daughter died when she was young," the high-pitched military leader explained. "We knew of your exploitation for years, so instead of your knowing your own daughter died from the smoke inhalation from your own factories, she was replaced with one of our most loyal soldiers who looked almost exactly like her."

Pushman was speechless.

"Take him away," the military leader ordered.

As of 95X year 78, that was the last time Don W. Pushman was accounted for.
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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Sat Nov 24, 2018 7:29 pm

© Sporting Times Weekend 2020
National Team to open second AOCAF tourney
by Mindy Cartwright, National Soccer Writer

The Commonwealth National Team are in Mriin for the 57th edition of the AOCAF Regional Championships and will face off against a familiar foe in Qasden right off the bat.

Pam Scott has brought a squad that is a mix of experience levels and she will look to mold a competitive lineup from the talent she has on hand; Ian Coverstone and Kris Day are the highest profile veterans who missed out on the final World Cup roster who will be leading this edition of the team, Devin McMahon and Declan Mason are among those who have been outside of the set-up for awhile and Veronica Navarro, Tyrek Jones and Terrance Stephens are among the up & coming generation who are returnees to this competition and also saw significant playing time during the WC Qualifiers.

Caroline Gordon was a surprise pick to be the number one keeper here, as her club, Brentford Ladies, are preparing to undertake defense of their NSWL Championship as well as representing the FAC in the Series B Challenge Cup. But Scott made it clear that it was Gordon who stepped up to put in a request for a spot.

There are also three players who will be looking towards earning their maiden Senior team cap: Derion Hutchins, Scott Miller and Jessica LeClair.

Scott has made it clear to the squad that even though they didn't advance to the knockout stages in the Equestrian States, the momentum from that time was important in the subsequent WC cycle that followed and she aims to re-start the next phase of the National Team's climb here in Mriin.

The team will play all their Group D matches in Prei, located in the southern part of the largest of the three islands that make up the country. Both venues that will be used have artificial pitches, a factor that will have to measured carefully through the first match day.

Starting Lineup vs Qasden

Gordon; Stephens, Day, Foreman; Yeomans, Hayes, Mason, Navarro; Sotolongo; Jones, Patton
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Postby Mriin » Sat Nov 24, 2018 7:29 pm

"Alright, alright, everyone settled down." Don halfheartedly addressed the rabid crowd in the Haven press room. With a sigh, he glanced to Jezabel on his left and nodded.

The AFC Hosingr owner, and third of the three MNL co-chairs present, gave a wry grin back as she prepared to do what she does best.

The room quickly fell silent, punctuated by someone in the back dropping something made of glass. Their quiet "shit, shit, shit" punctuated Don's deliberately slow shuffling and ordering of the papers set in front of him. Eventually, he started.

"Welcome, friends local and foreign, to the shining city of Maal for a historic day. The Mrii National League is ecstatic to finally host an international competition on our own shores, and before you sits the three chairs that organized the effort. On my right is Vicky Lavoi, owner of the Maal Angels and the head of logistics for Mrii football activities, who will be answering any of your questions regarding the hosting effort. You are all familiar with myself, of course, from my public presence as the manager of the Mrii national team, and I will be handling any questions thereof. And last, but certainly not least, sits Jezabel Cotler--owner of AFC Hosingr, our resident organic megaphone. For the sake of my left ear, please keep this conference civil and orderly. Now, let's begin--I believe a few reporters have been pre-selected to go first?"

The ushers brought forth three specimens, with several others trying to jump in line being pegged back by seething glares courtesy of Jezabel.

"Have you any comment on the criticism that several stadia being used are woefully inadequate for hosting such a high-profile event?"

Vicky raised any eyebrow. "Salient point, though I wonder what the screening process was for if not to start on a softer question. Our stadia are near universally of a capable, if intimate, size. In a world where digital media makes any major event endlessly available, we strongly believe in retaining the integrity of the in-person experience rather than giving way to the monstrous mega-domes other sports are wont to fall victim to. To compensate, however, we've been extra generous with the number of tickets reserved for travelling fans of the teams playing. Nothing could represent our nation better than a widely diverse crowd swearing at each other in a tin can."

The reporter clearly had a follow-up, but was quickly shuffled back into the crowd before any mention of the Forge could happen. The next one stepped up and nodded towards the dragon. "I'm sure we all remember the fantastic run the Reavers had to the AOCAF final last time out. Why the decision to make such a drastic alteration to the lineup that shocked everyone?"

A small puff of smoke preceded his answer. "The passage of time, my friend, the passage of time. The team we fielded then was at its peak stride, but even then couldn't overcome the Cove--in either meeting. When we threw away our best chance at World Cup knockout play by capitulating to Baker Park, I knew something needed to change. When we were so thoroughly routed by Brenecia, being beaten at our own physical, stamina-based game, I knew that change needed to come from the young'ns. Our only goal at this point is nothing less than a championship. Until we build a team that can take out the biggest challenges second place is the best we can hope for. With that second place already achieved, the path forward is refocusing and retraining to aim for the top. It's not like we've completely blown everything up to start over; there's still a plethora of veteran leadership both starting and available to make an impact as games drag on. Many of our brightest young talents have already collected valuable experience playing in cut-throat leagues abroad. Don't think we're letting up on the gas."

This reporter simply nodded and backed off the microphone of their own volition, bringing up the third. "Have you any thoughts on the Group A the Reavers have been placed in?"

"Of course I do," chuckled Don, "that's quite exactly my job. A rematch with the Dragonflies after ending their arguably even more surprising quarterfinal run, the only game where we were forced into extra time, is sure to be interesting--and challenging. They have more than proved that Ko-oren is still no name to take lightly, even after some time away from the international football scene, and breaking down their defense is something Joren and I have spent many hours studying. Semarland are similarly a team that's had a bit of a quiet gap, and I went to great lengths to stress to our players that because we happened to miss their heyday we can't fall victim to underestimating them. And finally, Freeport is as close to an 'expected win' as we can reasonably ask for, but that's not saying much. After the Baker Park incident we're more on guard against fourth place teams than we'll ever be, I daresay. And there will be extra eyes on their games in particular from the local fans, as several of the Freeport players have agreed to contracts with MNL teams--it's certainly an interesting time for Mrii football, no-one can doubt."
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