World Cup 81: Concert Thread

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World Cup 81: Concert Thread

Postby Free Republics » Mon Oct 01, 2018 8:37 am

World Cup 81 Concert

Designed by 3WD of Vilita

13 World Cups ago, the Free Republics hosted the World Cup for the first time. One of the events surrounding World Cup 68 was the World Cup Concert. While the original only included songs of Republican origin, the Joint Legislative Committee for Major International Events of the Federation of Free Republics (JLCMIEFFR) has elected to bring back the World Cup Concert while opening it up to participation from the other 31 World Cup finalists and the 160 nations that unsuccessfully attempted to qualify for this World Cup. So, taking place ICly at the Gem of the Oceans Stadium in Republica, on the eve of the opening match on the Free Republics side between the Free Republics and their long-time rivals the Equestrian States, this is the World Cup Concert.

This post will contain links to all songs posted in this thread. We'll accept songs through the end of the group stage (currently scheduled for the night of October 7th North America time, which is the early morning of October 8th in Europe) and then we'll open it up to voluntary voting on the 12-10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 scale (assuming sufficient entries) or some other scale, if necessary, to choose a winner.

There will be 1 reserved post for the Opening Act then you may begin posting your songs.
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Postby Free Republics » Mon Oct 01, 2018 8:37 am

This post is reserved for the opening act. You may begin posting in this thread now.
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Postby Alasdair I Frosticus » Mon Oct 01, 2018 1:38 pm

The ever so cute and cuddly fluffy bunnies will sing their song now (tee-hee, says Twitch; I do so like to sing).

They sing acapella.

Who needs musical instruments when you're a fluffy bunny?

Have we mentioned that the fluffy bunnies are really, really cute?

The Bunny Song

By The Fluffy Bunnies (they are so cute and fluffy)

Bunnies together!
Doing bunny things
They like to gather round and hug
And then they start to sing

Bunnies together!
Singing bunny songs
They like to hop and skip and jump
All day and all night long

Bunnies together!
Bunny's always best
They like to cuddle up real tight
Inside their comfy nest

Bunnies together!
That's what bunnies do
They like to share the bunny love
With smiles for me and you

Bunnies together!
Our song is quite flawless
We'll fuck you up; you bet we will
If you don't vote for us.
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Postby South Covello » Mon Oct 01, 2018 6:08 pm

Fresh off the heels of his losing Presidential campaign in which he only got 23 votes, Moses The Pant Ferret decided to hit the concert circuit, singing songs about how awesome a ferret he was. Rather than sing "The Ferret National Anthem", he decided to sing a new song, called "The I Am A Ferret Theme Song", to the same tune as the Ferret National Anthem (OOC: We Will Rock You)

I am such a ferret sitting in my fur fur
I will be President yes sir sir
I am a ferret cool awesome face
It's no disgace
Ain't no Trudeau gonna put me back into my place

Because I'm a, I'm a Ferret!
I'm a, I'm, a Ferret!
Ferret Yay!

I like being a ferret, I spin on my wheel wheel
I play with other ferrets
And it's a good deal deal
I have lots of fur fur
Yes sir, yes sir sir
Trudeau is a fool, sir
Because he hates ferret fur
I don't care about Republicans
Only about ferrets
Trudeau hates the ferrets

But I'm a fur face
It's no disgrace
Ain't no Trudeau gonna put me back into my place
Because I'm a, I'm a ferret
I'm a, I'm a fur face
Fur face

One day the ferrets
Will take over the world world
Will will make Trudeau
Be our little chew toy
And we will be ferrets
Just like we are now
I am a fur fun
Trudeau makes bad puns
I love food a ton ton
Peanut butter fun fun
Oatmeal and raisin fun
Mix them all together fun
Because I'm a ferret, hun

I'm such a fur face
It's no disgrace!
Ain't no Trudeau gonna put me back into my place!
Because I'm a, I'm a ferret!
I'm a, I'm a furball!
Furball! Yay!

I am such a ferret wearing my birthday hat
Just like on the new flag
That we will have when
I'm President of every land
Including Free Republics
Every nation's flag will be
A ferret in a birthday hat
Trudeau what do you think of that?
Do I remind you of your cat cat?
Dumpy O'Rumpy was fat, fat!
Reino cheated at life life!
I want a ferret wife wife!
Scarlett won't you be my
Lovely ferret wife wife?
You can be a Nicholls
I will give you tickles
We can eat some pickles
While you pet my fur fur
I won't call you sir sir
Because you're a ma'am, ma'am
And you are hot, damn, damn
Unlike dear Old Dumpy
Who was rather ugly
I'm a sexy ferret
I am good on merits

I've got fur on my face
It's no disgrace!
I'm a furball who won't go back into my place!

Singing I'm a, I'm a ferret!
Ferret, yeah!
I'm a, I'm a ferret!
Ferret, yay!

All the other Consul candidates
Are so very lame lame
I could make some lyrics
But they'd be the same same
Fukahara smells bad
What's his name is real sad
It's either Trudeau or it'll be Scarlett so
It's time to this song now
Which has gone rather long
But I hope the new Consul
Will give ferrets all of the full
Rights that we deserve now
Because we're not a cow
Instead we are a ferret
So give us rights on merit
I am such a ferret
Vote for me on merit
I am such a furball
Do not look so appalled
I am very furry
Enjoy an awesome flurry
Of ferret awesomeawesomeness
And I am so ferrettness
Mister Consul Highness
I want to be Consul next time
But they just had the top election
So it will have to wait a few years
Now this song is over
Won't you play Red Rover
But first it's time for the chorus
I'm better than a talking horse

I've got fur on my face
It's no disgrace
I'm a furball and Trudeau won't put me back into my place

Because I'm a, I'm a Ferret! Ferret! Ferret! Yay!
You're all, you're all ferrets! Ferrets! Ferrets! Yay!
We're all, we're all ferrets! Ferrets! Ferrets! Yay!
Sing it with me this last line
We're all, we're all ferrets! Ferrets! Ferrets! Ferrets! Woohoo, everybody get ferret tonight! Good night, everybody!
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Postby Cosumar » Tue Oct 02, 2018 7:57 pm

"Only The Wind Calls My Name"

Neither Kit nor Kathryn Kvanderwyk have made Cosumar's final squad for World Cup 81.

It is the first time in over a decade that the Vanquishers will march on without at least one of the Fiefdom's favorite sporting siblings - "KitKat" as they are affectionately known - amongst the ranks. But that won't stop the Kvanderwyks from making their presence felt in the Free Republics and Banija!

They may have over 120 caps and 25 international goals between them on the pitch, but Kit and Kat are nearly as synonymous with Cosumar's world-famous heavy metal scene as its national team! How? Keep reading.

Alongside a soccer career that has taken him from the Härlighet Ligan to Schottia to Brenecia, Kit has found time to start and grow KvanderFest. The huuuge metal festival has become the crown jewel of Cosumar's Metallgalen. A guitarist and vocalist, he has sporadically appeared in one-off side-projects to let his hair down (which is always tied up for matches) during off-seasons (left). Kathryn, meanwhile, headed up the idea of adding a record label and promotional wing to Kit's business, and has become a social media influencer in the metal community herself (right).

Now, for the first time, they'll join forces on stage for a special performance at the World Cup 81 Concert! Perhaps channeling their bitter disappointment at not playing in the tournament, Kit and Kathryn Kvanderwyk will perform a heart-wrenching Black Metal duet simply as... "Kvanderwyk". Kit will play the bass and take on vocal duties on the song, entitled "Only the Wind Calls My Name", while Kathryn will play lead guitars. Synth and drum sounds have been pre-programmed. Might this "band" be a project they'll expand upon after their soccer careers? They even have a logo!

"We love and support extreme music as a form of self-expression because it is uniquely potent in drawing upon and casting out all that is primal, dark and negative within us all, allowing us to be happier people in our day-to-day lives," Kit Kvanderwyk said at the press announcement. "We want to share that transformative power with the soccer world - the only other thing we love more than metal."

The metallic performance is expected to be quite a... change of pace... amongst the uplifting, celebratory proceedings. The raw, "scary" sound and heavy lyrical themes may even shock some nationalities present. Whether the Kvanderwyk siblings win any new fans of Black Metal music or not, their appearance at the World Cup Concert is sure to bring plenty of publicity to the Cosumarite metal scene and, of course, KvanderFest.


(OOC: This is a song in the style of depressive or atmospheric black metal, sonically similar to this one by Woods of Desolation or this one by ColdWorld. I imagine the vocal delivery to contrast back and forth between slow, sorrowful speech and despairing shrieks. Kit will primarily be accompanied by the same fuzzy, hypnotic guitar riff that Kat repeats in ebbs and flows throughout the song until the big emotive key-change and climax.)


*eerie ambient sounds*
(footsteps, rustling leaves, wind, whispers)

*hypnotic Atmospheric Black Metal riff fades in with swirling drums*

Day by day I wither away,
A frozen shell of my former self
Wails echo in the walls of my mind,
My mouth remains shut

I walk a thousand miles yet get nowhere,
Searching for a spark of life
My gaze turns to the sky,
Arms stretching out in longing

Oh, cruel, indifferent world!

Let me feel the sun on my cheeks again!
Let my veins gush with blood once more!

*instrumental break following distorted scream*

Darkness envelops every light,
To shine no more
Why aspire to be anything,
We all share the same fate

Dreams of yesterday turn to dust,
Into the howling wind they fade
Clutch at the withered strands of life,
Hold them close to your heart

Hope torments my ever weary soul,
I know it can never be
In THIS moment, I release everything

[Siblings combine:]

*emotive instrumental climax*

*eventually slows down and fades into soft, ambient outro with a haunting acoustic melody*

Only the wind will call my name
Until into Death's arms I collapse

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Postby Mercedini » Sun Oct 07, 2018 1:48 pm


Tune: EQUINOX - Bones

The group 'CONGRUENCE' returns to the international stage for the World Cup 81 pre-tournament thread with their song 'Home', which finished 4th in the 39th edition of the World Hit Festival. The group is named based on its aims and goals of uniting people group through the medium of music, with the WC81 pre-tournament concert the perfect platform for the group to spread their message. CONGRUENCE was formed when Mercedinian executives drafted five performers who had all won their iterations of reality and talent shows to perform together for the World Hit Festival. Subsequent meetings meant the group stayed together for upcoming projects, with the concert in the Free Republics giving them a good platform to also expose their music to a wider audience in the Free Republics. They will perform 'Home', and tells the tale of how nations can not only be proud of their homeland, but can join together and reach out to other nations to overcome global issues. 'Home' was written by song contest aficionado Francisco Gabrinelli, who has been involved in numerous Mercedinian entries in both WV and WHF, and was assisted by the five performers in catering to their vocal abilities and harmonies to produce a performance to remember when the group heads to the Free Republics for the Mercedinian entrant in the 81st World Cup Concert


  • From Togonistan, Pita Fanene: Born in Tifk, Togonistan. Pita rose to fame after participating in the third season of The Voice: Togonistan, where he finished as a runner-up. After the show, Pita signed a contract with the local label Amstaff Records. So far, Pita has released one solo album. The 23-year old was one of the first artists to be announced by ENM, citing his vocal range and the diverse selection of songs Fanene performed when on The Voice.
  • From Izmedu Demir Loncar: Loncar won of the latest series of X Factor Izmedu. Fans have been tipping him to either participate in Izmepisma or be an internal selection for WHF, but he's mostly stayed put in Izmedu since winning his series. ENM have opted once again to include an Izmeduan in the line-up, following Eva Tutic's inclusion in SongSearch many moons ago.
  • From Mercedini, Alana Petrikov: The winner of the most recent series of The Voice of Mercedini, Petrikov rose to fame following her #1 debut single 'Flatline' which was also eligible and under consideration by ENM for to represent Mercedini at the contest. The only Mercedinian national in the group, she was the fifth and final artist to be announced, completing the group as it is today.
  • From Britonisea, Theo Docklans: Docklans won 2018's edition of The Voice RU which is a show broadcast in Britonish on Channel 6 (Sky One) in Britonisea but broadcast on RVC in Estogium and the main channel in Aloquirbe so he's well known in most nations around Britonisea. Its clear that the Brityunikosphere knows the show more about Docklans than the Anglosphere, with channel executives aiming to increase his international appeal by including Docklans in the group.
  • From Todlichebujoku, Kari Hafner: Kari Hafner was born into a rather musical family in Giftigensuuiki, where he began singing at the age of 4 and entered the choir of his local temple. He rose to fame on the show Korkea Siimá, a national singing contest, where he was set to finish second. However, the presumptive winner mysteriously vanished after having acquired a deep, pleasing tan from a vacation in the Ëndlaynvats-Arevian islands. As such, Kari won the fifth season of Korkea Siimá, launching a successful solo career in Tödlichebujoku and across the seas in Platuvaida and Sauleia. When the opportunity arose to join an international supergroup, Kari "grabbed the chance and never looked back".

The performance commences with the alluring start of the song, causing the crowd to cheer before the singers on stage have a change to sing their lyrics. the stage is bathed in darkness save for the five spotlight placed on the heads of the five performers spread out across the stage with one in particular on the island. Their faces aren't let illuminated as they wear a different collection of black clothing to reflect their national heritage and their personality, selected by the performers themselves. Pita from Togonistan sings the first half of the first verse as the camera is solely focused on him for the time being. The other four performers stand motionless in their part of the stage while Pita is the only person who moves, as he walks to the centre of the stage to complete his half of the verse.

Next up is Theo Docklans from Britonisea, who receives a noticeable cheer from all fans from the Brityunikosphere, as they are familiar with the performer winning the most recent version of The Voice RU. He sings into the camera angle which is zoomed in and solely focused on him, the audience is beginning to clap along to the beat of the song as Theo starts to walk from the right hand side of the stage back to the centre to stand next to Pita which completes the first verse, with only two of the five performers. in the centre.

Home is where you let go
Feel it in your heart
Maybe that’s where you go
To heal it, hear it and release it.
These walls are your best friends
Even when it’s tough
You don’t have to fight when
They see it, speak it and hear it.

Demir from Izmedu and Kari from Todlichebujoku are now the ones to take the reigns in the song, as they harmonize with each other for their part of the pre-chorus. The camera angle is switched to split-screen to the viewers at home which gives the viewers a perspective which allows them to see both performers singing at once, the black background makes it seem like they are next to each other due to the seamless transition between each angle, when in actuality they are at other ends of the stage to each other. As the pre-chorus is ending, they make their way next to the two original singers, making a four-piece in the centre.

When you’re down, when you’re sore, when it hurts.
Yeah, my lights will guide you home
Feeling down? I’ll be close, I’m your oxygen
You won’t be on your own

White beams of light appear from the stage, pointing upwards and forming a prism above the four male singers in the centre carry the first chorus. the camera flies backwards from an elevated position, taking in the scope of the arena as well as the vast audience all waving their flags in time with the music playing along. The camera then cuts to each of the faces of the performers as each note changes in the refrain. The song then bursts into life as white lights at the rear of the stage then flash a pulse giving a wave effect to the pattern in the back. The men look in front of them as the central camera track them as the first chorus comes to an end

And the lights will guide you ho-o-o-ome
Burns underneath it all
The lights will guide you home
The lights will guide you home
The lights will guide you home

Kari then returns to the forefront of the song with his vocals as the other three men provide accompaniment to the second verse. The pattern at the back of the stage changes colours to form a nebula pattern, much like in the group logo created before the contest began. The white lights then pulse three times for each of the repeated phrases in the last line of the verse, starting from the edges of the arena before working their way to the centre when the performers are standing, almost as if they are absorbing the energy from the lights and using it to their benefit.

Freedom from desire
Free from all this hurt
Walk along the wire
And see it, see it, see it

The fifth and final member of the group is revealed as the lights illuminate the face of the only Mercedinian in the group, Alana Petrikov. The elevated camera sweeps round towards the island as Alana entices the camera in, before turning her back for the second half of the pre=chorus. The camera tracks her as she makes her way along the island walking with passion and purpose with the microphone to her lips to sing her part of the song, representing her nation on the biggest stage in her career so far. Once she has made it to centre stage, she stands in the middle of the four men to form an arrow formation, which the overhead camera tracks as the five sing together for the first time in the song.

When you’re down, when you’re sore, when it hurts.
Yeah, my lights will guide you home
Feeling down? I’ll be close, I’m your oxygen
You won’t be on your own

The central camera then shows footage of the five singing in harmony with flags waving in the foreground at the bottom of the screen for those watching at home. The camera then cuts between close ups of all five performers as they give their all with their harmony of notes. Faint lights begin to strobe brighter and brighter as the song builds intensity and without the LED screen at their disposal in the Free Republics, they have more creativity when it comes to customising their performance. As the group sings the long and powerful note towards the end of the chorus, the camera sweeps back once again, taking in all of the lights, the crowd and the stage in a long shot with the performers only a spec on the screen compared to the size of the arena

And the lights will guide you home
Burns underneath it all
The lights will guide you ho-o-o-ome
Burns underneath it a-a-a-all
The lights will guide you home
The lights will guide you home
The lights will guide you home! (the lights will guide you home)

The final moments of the song come into range as the five of them all do their part to create a mesmerising performance, the song is increasing in intensity as Alana holds one long note increasing in pitch while the four male singers accompany her by singing the main lyrics of the song in their own harmonies, coming together and showcasing their message of cultures and nationalities coming together as one. The light being to flash more and more out of the darkness, illuminating the arena with the nebula beginning to twist and distort, all contributing to in intense end to the fourth performance of the night.

Wherever you go
Wherever you go
Look up, that’s when you know
The lights, the lights will guide you home

As the men are finishing their vocals, Alana becomes the sole voice on stage singing as she vocally keeps her note going, with cheers growing and growing to keep her going on before she ends her vocals to let the instrumental carry the group forward until the end of the song. Cheers are already ringing around the arena, but they grow in volume as the song officially ends, and the five performers hug each other, knowing they have given the performance of their lives at one of the biggest festivals in the multiverse. Alana take to the mic to thank the Republican audience, "We are one when we come together. Thank You Free Republics, Grazije!" The five performers wave to the audience as the transition prepares for the next song of the night
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Postby Vangaziland » Mon Oct 08, 2018 1:28 am

The concert was in full swing. There had been some big acts. Some may have thought the last two or three acts would be tough ones to follow. After a short break, things started to stir once again. It was clear things were being changed behind the scenes.

After much fanfare, the moment finally arrived. Curtains slid back to reveal a stage covered in a dense fog. A bright silvery light shined down to show the first rocker. He played a slow riff to warm up. The pace of his riffs quickened. It soon jumped up in pitch, hitting a few higher notes for a moment before cutting off the short solo.

The stage looked quite futuristic. There were tall metallic girders. Jagged rocks and what looked like sharp ice crystals jutted upwards from the stage floor. The rockers were on raised surfaces. The blonde rocker was illuminated by the light, fog dancing around him as he warmed up the keys to the song's intro.

The blond rocker, named Brash, started to sing. In the background was a drummer with bright red hair and a tan tunic. His face had an aggressive stare as he focused on his cadence. The drummer came more and more into focus as the guitarist's random chords turned into a song any Vangazi watching on TV would find familiar.

'I'm gunna stomp and kiss and dance all-over-you.
I'm gunna flirt and steal and meet a girl-or-two.
You can be as mad as-you-like but
there's no-thing you-can-do.

Nothing you can do, Nothing you can do.
Sweet com-petitor, there's nothing you can do.'

The lights flashed into a dark, ruddy burgundy. A spotlight seemed to illuminate the second guitarist. Nightowl. He wore his brown hair in a mohawk up top and a long braid which thrashed about as he strummed the guitar. His solo started more aggressively than the blonde rocker's. His notes were heavy and tumbled in a chord which almost sounded like surfer rock from the 50s. It hit a high whammy note and ended suddenly.

When his note ended, four towers of crackling sparklers erupted in bright flashes across the stage. Sparks were thrown high into the air, looking quite dangerous as they singed the air around themselves.

Brash, the blonde seemed to take this as a challenge. He hopped on the guitar with an even faster pace. Brash really got on the whammy bar and took his guitar from a range of low notes to suddenly jump up into screeching high yelps. The guitar wailed as Brash shook his hair in the foggy light. Nightowl joined in with Brash's tune, matching the high screeches of his axe. When both rockers joined the same note, large jets of flame shot up from different parts of the stage. The sparklers had died down, but the effects were continuing.

Soon the song came back to the normal tune of the song, after they got back on track with the chord. This time Nightowl sang.

'You're six feet tall... but we-'re six-foot-two.
Anger does not, look too-good-on-you.
Improve. Switch-your-style up. Do what the best-ones-do.
Walk it out, but don't you daaaare play-the-fool.

Cause there's no-thing you can do.
Nothing you can do... Oh! Sweet com-petitor.
There's nothing you can do.'

Now the spotlight seemed to move to the drummer. Finally all three rockers were illuminated. The light got even brighter across the stage and the smoke seemed a little thinner near the orange haired stick man. He went by the stage name Brick. Brick was probably the most angsty of the group. He always had an attitude. There were rumors he caused problems with the group when their movie 'Rockers In Space' came out.

There was one thing he could do and that was to play the drums.

Brick yelled aggresively as he beat his array of drums. He went heavy on the bass, sending a quick cavalcade of thumping blasts which ran as fast as raindrops. The booming sound took over everything for a few moments while he ran across various snares and other drums in his set. It sounded as if the bass and lighter drums were sparring. The bass would strike 6 times, just for the higher pitched drum to strike 12 times in the same segment. He'd hit symbols and triangles to add occasional metallic splashes. As he started a fast drum roll, both guitarists joined together to eventually hold a high note. At this point, there was a large explosion on stage.

The concussive force of the explosion would be felt by the crowd. There was a bright flash, almost like fireworks. Instead the sky was simply ripped apart in a bright flash.

The guitarists whammied up and down. Their shredders sounded like pure havoc as they struck dueling chords in the aftermath of the explosion. Slowly they reestablished the simple chord before singing together.

'Find out if beef, is what you really-wanna-brew.
Ev-eryone's your bad guy,
but that does not make-it-true.
Best to-pucker-up, don't count-your-luck. There's...

No-thing you can do. No-thing you can do.
Sweet, pretty competitor.
There's nothing you can do.'

The crowd sang along and held the last note as the band did. The song came to an abrupt end with coordinated high notes on the guitars and a symbol strike. The whine droned on for a second as the instruments fell suddenly silent.

"That's how you rock the World Cup", yelled the blonde rocker before cackling with rabid laughter.


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