World Twenty20 Championships XI - Everything Thread (IC)

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World Twenty20 Championships XI - Everything Thread (IC)

Postby Ko-oren » Fri Sep 28, 2018 12:57 pm

World Twenty20 Championships XI@Ko-oren

Welcome to the eleventh T20 World Cup! Welcome to Ko-oren! We are thrilled to see you all come to the Dragonfly Archipelago for such a large tournament. Ko-oren, and in particular, its southwest, will be the closest thing to home for the next few weeks. Enjoy!

Sign-up thread - Host bid - (Most recently completed) World Twenty20 Championship X thread - What is cricket? - What is T20 cricket?

5-Oct: Qualification Stage draw

10-Oct: Qualification Stage, MD1
11-Oct: Qualification Stage, MD2
12-Oct: Qualification Stage, MD3
13-Oct: Qualification Stage, MD4
14-Oct: Qualification Stage, MD5

16-Oct: Group Stage, MD1
17-Oct: Group Stage, MD2
18-Oct: Group Stage, MD3
19-Oct: Group Stage, MD4
20-Oct: Group Stage, MD5

22-Oct: Semifinals

24-Oct: Final

1. Qualification Stage: in the first round, all teams are drawn into four groups of six teams. There will be five matchdays, with each team playing each of their group mates once. The best three of each group will advance to the next stage.
2. Group Stage: in the second round, the 12 remaining teams will be drawn into two groups of six. Again, there will be five matchdays, with each team playing each of their group mates once. The best two of each group will qualify for the semifinals. Group A will be seeds 1, 3, 5, 8, 10, and 12. Group B will be seeds 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, and 11.
3. Knockouts: this stage consists of two semifinals (A1 v B2 and B1 v A2), and one final.
4. Qualification and Group Stage matches will be as follows:
1v6, 2v5, 3v4
6v4, 5v3, 1v2
2v6, 3v1, 4v5
6v5, 1v4, 2v3
3v6, 4v2, 5v1

Groups and pots:
Group 1
West Phoenicia
Mughals royal
The Plough Islands

Group 2
Northwest Kalactin
Eastfield Lodge

Group 1
West Phoenicia
Eastfield Lodge

Group 2
Mughals Royal

Group 3
Northwest Kalactin
A Flock of Seagulls

Group 4
Busoga Islands
The Plough Islands

West Phoenicia (1)
Elejamie (2)
Ko-oren (3)
Darmen (4)

Liventia (5)
Mattijana (6)
Ethane (7)
Barunia (9)

Northwest Kalactin (10)
Apox (11)
Eastfield Lodge (12)
Damukuni (18)

Busoga Islands (19)
Melbergia (19)
Krytenia (39)
Sisdonia (UR)*

The Plough Islands (UR)
Retricoal (UR)
Indusse (UR)
Mughals royal (UR)

Teusland (UR)
Deyrland (UR)
Rooimervania (UR)
A Flock of Seagulls (UR)

*Sisdonia was the lucky unranked nation to be put in Pot 4.
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Postby Ko-oren » Fri Sep 28, 2018 12:58 pm

General information&Host cities
Ko-oren is an island nation in the northwest of Atlantian Oceania with a little over 27 million inhabitants. The World Twenty20 Championships XI will be played in its southwest (pictured here). The archipelago is home to many languages, some of which are only spoken in Ko-oren (Classical, Tarrashall, Altiora and Yoshima Ko-orenite). Other languages were brought in from abroad (English, Dutch, French, Japanese). Two major languages were brought in from abroad, but the varieties spoken in Ko-oren do not closely resemble the foreign form anymore (Ko-Romance, Ko-Gaelic). Don't worry, the main language of all host cities is English. There is one exception, but English will suffice there as well.

Cricket has been one of the seven large sports for a while now, and participation has skyrocketed in recent years with the excellent results in Test cricket, though the initial spark was winning a World Twenty20 Championship. There are six First-Class and List-A cricket teams, and their grounds will host every single match of the upcoming/current World Twenty20 Championships. Apart from these, there are twelve T20 teams, which largely share these grounds.

Qualifying Group 1 - yBherafon Hills, Llandy, Mawryshire
Things to visit - distance in km to Llandy CBD
Llandy-Mawrystwyth-Ocean (Llandy-coast) - 0
Traditional Arts and Culture Festival - 0
yBherafon Hills Cricket Stadium - 3
Hertfield Stadium (33.000) - 90
Penstead - 275
yDremdun - 400
Those advancing from Group 1 will have to travel furthest to their Group A/B grounds, but in return they are rewarded by playing in one of the nicest and newest grounds in Ko-oren. This ground is used by the First-class and List-A team of Mawryshire. When visiting Llandy, English will do just fine but a lot of communication will be done in Ko-Gaelic. All other host cities' languages are English.

Llandy and Mawrystwyth are located on the far southwestern peninsula of Ko-oren's mainland. Llandy is the shire's capital, while Mawrystwyth is the slightly larger and more touristic town. Even if you add the towns' populations together, they are still considered a small provincial town. Still, they are the largest settlement on Ko-oren's west coast. Many of the nation's most scenic places are within a few hours from Llandy and Mawrystwyth, and on top of that, visiting these towns is a treat during any season. While the population is largely multilingual, as with most Ko-orenites, the one hurdle is that the predominant language is a 'native' language, named Ko-Gaelic, showing features of languages such as Welsh and Irish.

Qualifying Group 2 - Silverion Ground, Cirelbourne, Surbourneshire & Goledon Oval, Bruncester, Surbourneshire
Things to visit - distance in km to Bruncester CBD
Amandine Double Crossing - 0
Top Brass Arena (19.500) - 2
Silverion Ground (25.000) - 5
The Amandine - 22
Western Amandine National Park - 33
Amandine Tri-State National Park - 35
Abyss, Surbourneshire - 44
Cirelbourne Silver mines - 78
Goledon Oval (25.005) - 84
Quicksilver Stadium (15.500) - 85
Caves of Cirelbourne - 89
Brighthaven, Surbourneshire - 95
---Anything between 75 and 90 km away is in Cirelbourne---
The mining cities of Cirelbourne and Bruncester will host Group 2. Silverion Ground was built first, and was the third-largest cricket stadium at the time. Then Bruncester completed their stadium just a few years later, making it a full five seats larger than Cirelbourne's. Anyway, both these stadiums are home to the First-class and List-A team of East Surbourneshire.

Cirelbourne and Bruncester are two mining cities, hidden deep away on the south coast, between the sea and a mountain range. The two cities get a lot of flak for not being environmental, traditional and a bit backwards, and on top of that they have a fierce rivalry between them as well. In recent years, the focus on mining disappeared a tiny bit, and leisure took off - finally recognising the unique landscape to their immediate north. Still, if you're looking for hard, honest workers, they're here.

Qualifying Group 3 - Ruby Hills, Burnet, Surbourneshire & Southbight Ground, Ansonville, Surbourneshire
Things to visit - distance in km to Burnet CBD
Ruby Hills (18.000) - 1
Tidal Islands of Burnet - 41

Things to visit - distance in km to Ansonville CBD
Ansonville, Steam Powered City - 2
Southbight Ground (29.000) - 2
Shire Villa Stadium (19.000) - 3
Fields of Grainshire - 20
Merchant cities - 30
Leeshire Line (Idyllwild-Aubury) - 60
Open Air Ancient History Museum - Marinwood - 68
Greencaster - 98
All-around scenic places in Group 3. Southbight Ground and Ruby Hills are the home of West Surbourneshire. These are some of the smallest stadiums used in the Ko-orenite cricket system, but in return they are by far the most scenic ones - and both have a gently sloped field instead of seats. Enjoy!

Burnet is located on Ko-oren's eighth largest island, off of the south coast. Over the years, it has developed its own community. Its economy is largely based on tourism, as well as fishing and agriculture. Many crops only grow on Ko-oren's eastern islands in Yoshima province... and around Burnet, which gives it a funny vibe between Ko-oren's fast, modern life and quiet rural life. It is also the only area of Ko-oren with volcanic activity.

Ansonville is a provincial city both blessed and cursed by its location. Blessed because it's so close to large cities like Greencaster, it's the de facto capital of Ko-oren's agricultural region, and it's also close to scenic mountain towns like Aubury and Maynard. It's cursed in the sense that it is close to everything, not at anything, which means most people know Ansonville as that one city you pass through in order to get to your destination. Still, the stable climate and the relative peace means it's a popular place to settle down in, away from big city life.

Qualifying Group 4 - Leewardia Oval, Maynard, Gehrenna
Things to visit - distance in km to Maynard CBD
Merchant cities - 0
Leewardia Oval (31.000) - 1
Experimental Garden of Maynard - 4
Armskirk Municipal Ground (26.000) - 6
Leeshire Caves - 48
Leeshire Line (Idyllwild-Aubury) - 60
Group 4 will head to Maynard, which is close to both Greencaster and Willowbourne - not a lot of travel needed for those advancing from this group. Leewardia Oval is the preferred ground of Leeshire in the First-class and List-A domestic competitions, and while there have been some complaints about the colour scheme, nobody has ever lodged a complaint about the incredible view just beyond the Oval.

Maynard is in a great position. Rural, but close to large population centres, at the foot of a mountain range, close to the nation's breadbasket, and with a great sporting tradition. It does get a bit cold in winter, though Maynard is an excellent HQ for anyone visiting Ko-oren during the other seasons. Maynard has great weather as well, given it lies in what's commonly called Leeshire: the part of the mainland just behind the mountains, shielded from most precipitation. Soccer, rugby union and cricket are staples here, and they're generally quite good at it.

Group A - Royal Oval, Willowbourne, Gehrenna
Things to visit - distance in km to Willowbourne CBD
National Hall of Fame of Sports - 1
Linguistic Museum - 2
The Willowbowl - 3
Activity Garden - 6
Royal Oval Cricket Ground - 7
Willowbourne Airport - 19
Willowbourne Airport and Museum - 22
Strongfair (town) - 96
Merchant Cities - 90-120
Moving on to the final 12. Half of our remaining teams will go to Ko-oren's second largest city, Willowbourne, to play in the nation's oldest cricket stadium. History galore in and around the stadium of the First-class and List-A team of Willowbourne.

Willowbourne is right in the middle of western Ko-oren. For centuries, the city was a small provincial town used to administrate all of southwestern Ko-oren, before that started developing. Now, Willowbourne is in the middle of the large plains in central Ko-oren with great connections to Greencaster, Aminey and the four capitals. The city's climate is a bit different from most of its surroundings, experiencing both cold winters and hot summers. In the last century, Willowbourne has developed into somewhat of a sporting capital, between the Hall of Fame, the Willowbowl, and having teams in four of Ko-oren's seven major sports.

Group B - Greencaster Oval, Greencaster, Surbourneshire
Things to visit - distance in km to Greencaster CBD
Grand Hall of Greencaster - 1
Grand Park - 2
Greencaster Oval (Cricket Ground) - 4
The Double Bridge - 4
Centre of Experiments - 7
Surbourneshire Square Stadium - 9
Open Air Ancient History Museum (Marinwood) - 28
Steam Powered City: Ansonville - 100
Surbourneshire's Merchant cities - 200
Western Amandine National Park - 300
The other half of our remaining 12 teams will play in Greencaster, Ko-oren's largest city. The Oval is the largest cricket stadium in the country as well, even if it is not much to look at from the outside. The name of the First-class and List-A team playing here is Greencaster.

Greencaster lies in in the centre of the southern gulf. Where most of Ko-oren has often looked inward, Greencaster looks outward, and its location reflects that. It's right on the one side of Ko-oren that looks out over the rest of Atlantian Oceania, and Greencaster is right there to welcome every and all visitors. Greencaster contains Ko-oren's largest port. The employment opportunites, the nearby breadbasket, and the temperate climate have made the city into Ko-oren's largest in the last 100 years. Before that, it was a small town, often ignored, on the outer periphery of Ko-oren. Greencaster is Ko-oren's version of a modern, planned city, containing many cultures and subcultures, and the closest you'll come to big city life within Ko-oren.

Semifinal 1 - Royal Oval, Willowbourne, Gehrenna
Group A's winner will stay put in Willowbourne for their semifinal.

Semifinal 2 - Greencaster Oval, Greencaster, Surbourneshire
Group B's winner can stay in Greencaster just a bit longer as well.

Final - Greencaster Oval, Greencaster, Surbourneshire
The final of the World Twenty20 Championships will be played in the largest city and largest stadium, Greencaster Oval on the southern coast of Ko-oren.
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Postby The Plough Islands » Fri Sep 28, 2018 1:06 pm

on the 12th September 2018, the Plough Islands Gazette wrote:
by Denis Wormwood, Sporting Correspondent, in Sutton

The Plough Islands Cricket Association announced today that it would be sending a team to take part in the Global Cricket Federation-run 20-over world championship - also branded as the "World Twenty20" - to be held in Ko-oren next month. The Association's Chair, Felicity Smith, stated the decision had been made "with the backing of our members and in the interests of the wider cricketing future of our national team" and that the full squad to travel to the Ko-orenite archipelago would be announced shortly.
The decision has been cautiously welcomed by the Plough Islander cricketing community, with the prevailing view that it represents the Foxes' best chance of gaining international limited overs experience with no major One Day International tournaments scheduled imminently. Former fast bowler and Plough Radio commentator Andrew Kulayev told this author that "while the tournament has long history, the results in the shorter variants of one day cricket are quite random, so I do not think the Association plans for victory. I think they see a chance to renew and strengthen international cricketing links and get tournament experience for senior players - and it will be nice to visit Ko-oren when it is less hot..."


The Plough Islands are a small collection of misty, cool, forested isles in the northern Celestial Ocean, inhabited by a hundred and forty thousand hardy souls, predominantly of British descent, of whom it has been said that "they fell out of Empire and into Marx, and, left to their own devices, went mad" - although ask any Plough Islander and they'd insist, politely, that they merely discovered their own identity instead. Cricket is their national sport, and - through a combination of accessibility, circumstance, and remaining a constant in the upheaval following independence from Britain - has become as much a part of the Plough Islander psyche as anti-fascism, social justice, and thick angora sweaters on a foggy day. (The cricket tourists' guide prepared by the Ministry for Culture and Society still holds true, for the most part.)

While the traditional long form of the game has always been popular, one-day games began to gain popularity in the 1950s and 1960s at club level, similarly to the rest of the cricketing world. The Plough Islands Cricket Association first formally recognised one-day cricket in the 1970s with the 50-over inter-island Sutcliffe Shield competition, first held during the 1971 season and named for the recently deceased independence movement leader, Premier, and occasional leg-spinner, Cde Gabriel Sutcliffe. National representative teams soon followed, but it was not until the 1980s that regular 50-over One Day Internationals took place, predominantly in the context of regional championships; once this began, one-day cricket became firmly established in the collective heart of Plough Islander sport.

However, the 20-over "Twenty20" revolution has, to a large extent, passed the islands by - views on the short form of the game range from it being an interesting novelty too short to bear much relation to 'proper' cricket, to considering it a subversive creation irrevocably tainted by EVIL CAPITALISM. Despite this, 20-over games are sometimes played by clubs and very occasionally at island level, but are hardly ever taken seriously by those involved. It is against this backdrop that the Plough Islands Cricket Association has chosen to send a team to the competition; slightly reluctantly, but mindful of its place as a major international competition that means, administratively at least, they have to make some kind of an effort.


With the Foxes having completed a successful inaugural GCF Test season, winning three matches against established opposition, the core of that squad feature in the one-day side; there are a few players called up into Kevin Laing's side as one-day specialists, and some other changes are down to circumstance - most notably, after four years of impressing behind the stumps for Swift, wicketkeeper Tim Bleasdale is called up for his first appearance in his new home's colours days after being granted citizenship.
A key strength of the side is a strong bowling lineup; the economical and consistent Colin McCarthy and paceman Andrew Baxter are the only quick bowlers, while the intense slow left-armer Naomi Salisbury, coming off the back of a GCF season where she recorded the lowest bowling average (18.51) of anyone, leads a spin contingent of more than competent part-timers that reflects the islands' traditional emphasis on spin bowling. This is not necessarily at the expense of batting - Laing, Graeme Holt, Shauna Weaver, and especially the quick-scoring fast-running Audrey Leggett are all more than capable of upping their strike rate when needed, joined by limited overs specialists Arthur Donovan and teenager Rory Aliyev.


#1 KCT Laing (c) RHB RMD
#2 RP Aliyev RHB
#3 S Ashe RHB ROB
#4 A Baxter RHB RFS
#5 TM Bleasdale (w) RHB
#6 K Cunningham LHB SLC
#7 MG Davy RHB RLB
#8 AM Donovan RHB
#9 G Holt LHB
#10 AA Kalantas LHB
#11 IT Lebed (w) LHB
#12 AC Leggett RHB RLB
#13 CG McCarthy RHB RFM
#14 NA Salisbury LHB SLA
#15 SLC Weaver RHB RLB

Teams for individual matches will be announced prior to the matchday cutoff for each game. See also: Player profiles


The Foxes' kit for one day internationals is traditionally in the national colours of green and amber; currently this takes the form of dark green shirts (with a shadow print of a stylised fox) and trousers with amber accents, pads, and helmets. For this tournament - apparently at the instigation of some of the players, and in what is described by the Plough Islands Cricket Association as "a gesture towards the traditions of the 20-over competition" - faux fur red fox ears are being worn on helmets, caps, and hairbands, with matching tails sewn into the trousers. The kits are produced at the Red Flag Textile Co-Operative on the outskirts of Redcliff.

Plough Islands Test/first-class (left) and One Day International/limited overs (right) kits, made by Red Flag. (foxy bits not pictured)
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Postby Darmen » Fri Sep 28, 2018 8:21 pm

Darmeni National Cricket Team
presented by the
Darmeni Cricket Board
The Selection Committee of the Darmeni Cricket Board has announced the sixteen player squad that will travel to Ko-oren to participate in the eleventh edition of the World Twenty20 Championships. Gwynn Milford and Normand Seeger, formerly Captain and Vice-Captain respectively, have both excluded themselves from selection, having announced their retirements from the international game. Sigmund Winter has been appointed the new captain, and will be aided by Dorian Myers.

Atypically, the announced squad will see Darmen play with a more balanced bowling attack, with three fast bowlers and two spinners being part of the regular line up. This does however allow Darmen to play five out-and-out batsmen, with strong batting ability being present all the way through to the seventh position.
Coaching Staff
Head Coach: Ioannu Faucheux (Romanopolis Cricket Club)
Batting Coach: Ike Hansen (Tilden Cricket Club)
Bowling Coach: Normand Seeger (Bloomer Cricket Club)
Fielding Coach: Crispinus Ross (Tempala Cricket Club)
Fitness Coach: Dierk Newport (Romanopolis Cricket Club)

Vinnie Acker 26 Chad City Cricket Club Left
Sigmund Winter 29 Bloomer Cricket Club Right Captain
Theudofrid Milligan 25 Romanopolis Cricket Club Right
Ellar Ready 25 Sterling City Cricket Club Right
Ionathan Odell 24 Chad City Cricket Club Left
Máel Sechlainn Brice 22 Vogler City Cricket Club Right

Adalfuns Armbruster 30 Cosmopolitans Left
Abihu Kauffmann 25 Romanopolis Cricket Club Right

Domenic Gardenar 27 Chad City Cricket Club Left SLA

Fast Bowlers
Corwin McAlister 25 Bloomer Cricket Club Right RF
Kieran Rosenfeld 23 Romanopolis Cricket Club Right RFM
Alf Dickenson 24 Brham Cricket Club Left LFM
Crofton Becke 22 Brady City Cricket Club Right RM

Spin Bowlers
Dorian Myers 31 Brady City Cricket Club Right OB Vice-Captain
Boris Oliverson 22 Cosmopolitans Left SLA
1. Acker
2. Winter (c)
3. Milligan
4. Ready
5. Odell
6. Armbruster †
7. Gardenar
8. McAlister
9. Dickenson
10. Myers
11. Rosenfeld

RP Permissions: No killing, or serious life altering events, but otherwise have fun.
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Postby Mattijana » Sat Sep 29, 2018 9:13 am

Mattijanan Roster For World T20 XI


The Mattijana Cricket Federation (MKB) presents its team for the 11th T20 Championships. The marmots fell narrowly in the divisional stage of the most recent championships as a shock win for rookies Northwest Kalactin followed and Dominik Maestri's team will be part of a group of established nations hoping that they can re-claim their place at the top of the podium.

Colours: Light green with light yellow trim around lower body and arms.

Cricket In Mattijana:

The sport of cricket (or Krikete in Mattijanan) is a well established favourite in Mattijana, with a variety of leagues, climates and idyllic locations making it a fans' favourite. The vast size and therefore massive range of climates in Mattijana mean all kinds of players can be successfully developed, with the warm and dry south and south-east a spinner's paradise, and the wetter centre North and West a rewarding location for swing and seam bowling.

The Mattijanan league system has three sections: 5 day, one day and Twenty 20 Cricket. The 5-day tournament contains teams named after their region, whilst one day teams are purely city based, but generally use the same stadiums and training facilities as their regional counterparts.

Head Coach: Dominik Maestri
A former batsman for Petrovijanka KK, Dominik Maestri retired at the age of 38 and moved straight into coaching, becoming the batting specialist for the under 21 side at the same club. Following success for the team in the domestic Under 21 T20 championships, Maestri was promoted to batting coach of the first team and then head coach 4 years later. He spent 5 years as head coach of Petrovijanka KB, winning 2 T20 domestic titles as well as a 5 day title.
After finishing his 5th season, he was offered the International job and began his preparation for the 8th T20 championships.


Mattijana has put out a mixture of experience and youth for the competition. Opening batsmen, Julian Illicič and Katarina Sava are old hands in the domestic league whilst the middle order contains some up-and coming powerhouses who are no strangers to hitting the ball high into the stands, or in the case of popular seaside ground Stadijo Ižola, onto the beach.
All rounder, Fredi Gluckspiel is one to watch in the side. When on form, he is virtually unstoppable with both bat and ball, but due to his mercurial nature, he has earned himself the nickname "Glucksmann" (man of luck). In any case, you never know what you're going to get.
The bowling attack is geared mainly towards the lush and temperate climate in most of the country which rewards good swing and seam bowling. Although not in abundance throughout the country, there are sufficient spinners to bolster the attack in drier areas such as Puljanka, and in the pitch in Matbirjke, which is less grown up due to its position in the mountains. Mattias Karamov leads the attack with some good seam variations and swing bowling and is joined by Kasenka Riegler, the zippier of the opening pair. The openers are backed up by some more good variable seam bowling from Daniella Johanovic and off-spin from Mattias Googlov with all rounder Fredi Glukspiel's pace providing another option. In addition, Marko Zackov can provide some part-time leg-spin, but is only called on in the case of injury or abject failure by one of the front-line bowlers.
Unpredictability is the key to the bowling performances from Mattijana. Different seam positions, lengths and paces are used regularly to outfox opposition batters and makes up for a deficiency in outright pace.

Captain: Mattias Karamov (seam bowler).

Style: +3

Player (technical information), age, regional team, one day team

Specialist Batsmen:
Julian Illicič (Right-hander), 29, Petrovijanska, Petrovijanka KK
Katarina Sava (Left-hander), 25, Pulnika, Puljanka KK
Marko Žackov (Right-hander), 27, Istrija, Revinka KK
Alex Postojna (Right-hander), 21, Antaljana, Kranj KK
Jelena Laramazic (Left-hander), Petrovijanska, Petrovijanka KK
Jasmina Benzeni (Right-hander), Moslena, Ramas KK

All Rounders:
Fredi Glukspiel (Left-hand batting+Left-arm seam/pace), 23, Juliana, Burges KK
Dominika Smitek (Right-hand batting+right-arm medium-pace, 22, Strandska, WestStrandt KK

Wicket Keepers:
Ali Makarena (Left-hand batting), 29, Moslena, Ramas KK
Jos Illicič (Right-hand batting), 25, Pulnika, Puljanka KK

Mattias Karamov (Right-arm seam), 28, Juliana, Burges KK
Kasenka Riegler (Left-arm pace), Istrija, Revinka KK
Daniella Johanovic (Right-arm seam), 23, Petrovijanska, Petrovijanka KK
Grigor Turnus (Right-arm leg-spin), 31, Istrija, Revinka KK
Mattias Googlov (Right-arm off-spin),30, Pulnika, Puljanka KK

Starting XI:

1: Julian Illicič
2: Katarina Sava
3: Marko Žackov
4: Jelena Laramazic
5: Jasmina Benzeni
6: Fredi Glukspiel
7: Jos Illicic (WK)
8: Mattias Karamov (C)
9: Kasenka Riegler
10: Daniella Johanovic
11: Mattias Googlov

Bowling Order:

1: Mattias Karamov
2: Kasenka Riegler
3: Daniella Johanovic
4: Mattias Googlov
5: Fredi Glukspiel


No career ending injuries or deaths, otherwise go for it.
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Postby Northwest Kalactin » Sat Sep 29, 2018 10:16 am

The Northwest Kalactin cricket team is sponsered by 25 guys donuts
Head coach- Jack Wilson
Asst coach- Glen Curtis

Style modifier: -1

Billie Sanchez
Raymond hill
Brandon reed
Larry carter
Craig carter
Kevin kollins
Brandon reed

All rounders
Dallas niles

Wicket keeper
Rex archer

Boris Johnson
Grady Ackerman
Kareem James
Paul Asher
Joe Asher
Byron robins

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Postby Mattijana » Mon Oct 01, 2018 8:59 am

MKB Headquarters, Department of Sport, Petrovijanka

Like the majority of government buildings in Petrovijanka, the Department of Sport was a large stone building. Imposing and impressive looking from the outside, the buildings were a mixed bag on the inside with some areas refurbished in bright colours and modern furniture and some still retaining their cold, plain feel.

The wing of the building containing the MatijanaKricketeBuro, or MKB, was fortunately one of the more modernised sections. That didn't necessarily make it the friendliest place to go, especially for Dominik Maestri.

The head coach of the Mattijanan T20 team had been called in for a meeting with Sara Kapelweiss, the head of the MKB. With the World T20 in Ko-oren approaching, he suspected it would be to discuss the board's ambitions ahead of the tournament.

The most recent T20 tournament in Banija had both been a success and a dissapointment. Whilst the marmots had moved upwards in the world order rather than downwards, they had missed out on a semi-final place by 1 place and 2 points and were forced to sit on the sidelines whilst the unranked Northwest Kalactin side blasted their way to victory against all the odds.

As much as Kapelweiss had looked for evidence of match-fixing, or ball-tampering or nose-picking against the Kalactanians, she couldn't find any and to the disgruntlement of most of the cricketing world, the result had to stand. Whilst Mattijana weren't at the top of the list of culprits who should have beaten them in that tournament, they were still on that list.

Despite that, Kapelweiss had a soft smile on her face when the head coach was shown into the room, so he probably wasn't getting the sack. The west-Mattijanan gestured for Dominik to take a seat at her desk as she greeted him, handing a wad of paperwork over to him as she went. Kapelweiss sat down.

"As I'm sure you're aware, we have the World T20 coming up. The board and I were pleased with your efforts at the last tournament, but we feel you can improve on that this time. The players we have are capable of a good performance and many of them are reaching the peak of their careers, so we're hopeful of a really good run. Anyway, that's the bumpf over. I'm sure you have all the team stuff under your belt anyway, so we'll leave that for now."

Dominik was puzzled. Team style and dynamics were usually the key subject of a pre-tournament meeting.
"What is it you want to cover instead in that case?" He said, trying to hide his confusion.

"I want to talk about how we and the general cricketing community want to avoid the utter debacle that was the last tournament. Soon the Northwest Kalactin cricketing body will get membership on the GCF council and if they have another good tournament, the next couple of years are going to be utterly unbearable. We need to do whatever it takes to stop them from winning."

Dominik liked the intention of his superior. The Kalctinians had been hideously smug after their debut victory. However he didn't like the connotations. 'Whatever it takes' sounded like it was going to be hitting the fringes of legality at best.

"When you say 'whatever it takes', what exactly do you mean?"

"I mean whatever it takes. If that means mind games, so be it. If it means intoxicating their water supply with powerful laxatives, do it. Just don't get found out, or we'll have to terminate your contract with immediate effect and claim we knew nothing about your activity."

Dominik couldn't believe what he was hearing. Here was a plot designed to restore order to the spirit of the game and to fulfil it, he would have to do as much against the spirit of the game as was needed to knock the part-time Atlantian Oceanians off their perch.

"Surely this contradicts all that Mattijanan sport is..."

"Yes, yes, yes, spare me the ethical lecture. I know it's a little underhand, but the long forms of cricket are already struggling compared to T20. The last thing we need is a T20 champion whose citizens can't even speak in coherent sentences despite apparently having English as their national language. They're sponsored by a donut company for goodness sakes. It's not like their moral compass is pointing in the right direction either. Money talks for sure, but it shouldn't make the world go round. Plus I've got to sit next to whoever they put up for the next couple of years at the GCF meetings and it's going to be bad enough without them being even more arrogant than usual. The future of the game is resting on your shoulders."

"If I get it wrong, the future of the game will be in tatters."

"Ah no, don't you see, it's a win-win. If you succeed, the balance of the game is restored. If you fail, the game has some off-field drama to re-invigorate it. Anyway, I'm a busy woman, so I'll have to say goodbye now. Good luck out there. Don't fuck up."

Dominik wanted to protest, but could only open and close his mouth like a goldfish. Unable to come up with a response, he shook his head, turned and left the room.
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Postby Apox » Mon Oct 01, 2018 1:47 pm

Apox Cricket Roster

The coach: Chris Benthron, Aged 56
Style modifier: -0.5

Cricket Squad
Name                Age  M  I No  Runs Average  HS 50/100| Overs   M   Runs Wkts Average Best 5Wkts
Trajan Muldoney * 28 26 43 3 1606 40.15 205* 5/4 | 39.0 4 146 3 73.00 1/11 0
Oberon Jessop 25 19 29 5 905 37.71 114 4/2 |
Organa Arrowsmith 28 23 36 6 1126 37.53 142 5/2 | 447.0 92 1437 40 35.93 5/26 1
Kyriana Lupiter † 26 1 1 0 36 36.00 0 0/0 |
Jak Dickson 23 6 11 0 381 34.64 74 2/0 |
Nancy Washington 30 22 38 1 1271 34.35 180 6/2 |
Trinity Southwold 24 2 2 0 68 34.00 53 1/0 |
Ezra Girard † 30 21 33 6 799 29.59 60 5/0 |
Rachel Gallegos 26 23 34 9 408 16.32 66 1/0 | 599.1 133 1950 60 32.50 5/51 1
Keswick Dhawa 24 8 6 1 51 10.20 27 0/0 | 185.1 41 594 19 31.26 4/39 0
Tara Kakketa 27 17 27 6 166 7.90 23 0/0 | 458.1 107 1499 44 34.07 5/37 1
Duvessa Proudfoot 26 2 4 1 20 6.67 5 0/0 | 89.0 16 235 3 78.33 2/45 0
Roy Hamilton-Randall 29 22 26 6 110 5.50 15 0/0 | 651.4 155 2136 79 27.04 6/40 4
Jo Frost 33 6 1 0 2 2.00 2 0/0 | 24.0 0 197 5 39.40 1/26 0
Hamish Gaaraayi 20 0 0 0 0 0.00 0 0/0 |
Polly Brookham 22 0 0 0 0 0.00 0 0/0 |

Batting Order
1. Trinity Southwold
2. Hamish Gaaraayi
3. Trajan Muldoney *
4. Nancy Washington
5. Kyriana Lupiter †
6. Organa Arrowsmith
7. Oberon Jessop
8. Rachel Gallegos
9. Tara Kakketa
10. Jo Frost
11. Roy Hamilton-Randall

Bowling Order
1. Roy Hamilton-Randall (right-arm swinger)
2. Rachel Gallegos (right-arm seamer)
3. Tara Kakketa (right-arm swinger)
4. Jo Frost (right-arm leg spinner)
5. Organa Arrowsmith (left-arm off spinner)

About the team
Trajan Muldoney and his band of merry cricketers return for another Twenty20 World Championship, the previous winners hoping to rediscover some of their previous good form and have a good showing this time around.

Compared to the test team, there have been a number of changes to the squad with a number of retirements and incoming specialist personnel. Jeff Zanzala is a test only player, and he is replaced in the squad by the bombastic hitting talents of Trinity Southwold, about the only batter to impress in the previous tournament. Joining her at the top of the order is promising young Hamish Gaaraayi, who impressed in the last ACCT tournament, scoring at a high strike rate and generally accumulating lots of runs.

Trajan Muldoney remains at third to anchor down the order a little, before the big hitting talents of Nancy Washington and Kyriana Lupiter step up, with Lupiter preferred over Ezra Girard for her batting ability as the nominal first choice keeper in the squad. Organa Arrowsmith and Oberon Jessop are slightly more balanced players further down the order, who aren't afraid to swing the willow if required, and both excellent technical batters in their own rights.

The tail is really just that, with Rachel Gallegos being the only one who you'd say "could bat a bit", with Tara Kakketa, Jo Frost and Roy Hamilton-Randall all largely being dreadful batters. However, the Apoxian bowling line-up is very strong with them in the team, Hamilton-Randall continuing to be sometimes unplayable with his deliveries, able to swing both ways and not afraid to mix things up a bit.

Elsewhere in the squad, Ezra Girard's ability behind the stumps is unquestioned and his batting continues to improve, so don't be surprised to see him feature. Keswick Dhawa continues to knock on the door for a starting role, and expect him to be rotated in around the other three quicks as well. The batting talents of Jak Dickson and Polly Brookham are also not to be ignored, so they could very well get a game or two as well this tournament.
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Postby Elejamie » Mon Oct 01, 2018 2:00 pm


Elejamian national cricket team
Selección de críquet de Elejamia
Elejam cerikit tim

aka The Greenblacks
Style mod: 0

Cricket is a fairly new sport to Elejamie, with the first match on Elejamian soil being played in 1960. However, it wasn't until 1967 that an official national side was formed and 1974 when the first domestic match was played, between Aventry and Surter, with Aventry winning by seven wickets. In 1987, a small limited-overs cricket tournament - the Cross-Tractal Cup - was played, with Wyken winning all of their group games against East Reise, Nuevo Paraíso and Mittedorf before beating Aventry in the semi-final and Autumnia in the final (Autumnia would later go on to win the 1989 edition). Three more editions were played before the tournament was cancelled in 1991 for unknown reasons, with West Reise (who had won the trophy in 1988 and 1990) being allowed to keep it.

However, despite its short run, it still managed to draw a considerable amount of fans and, after plenty of delays, the Elejamian Cricket League - a Twenty20 tournament - was formed in 2005. Beginning on the third Saturday in April, the tournament sees eighteen teams split into two groups of nine depending on whether they're on the Eastern or Western half. After playing each other once, the top four in each group then advance to another two groups (again, depending on whether or not they're on the Eastern or Western sides) where they'll play each other twice, home and away. The winners of each group would then face each other in the Grand Final, whereas both runners-up will compete for the Bronze Cup; both matches are played best of five with a Super Over used to break any ties. Aventry (who plays in the Eastern Group) won the inaugural tournament, losing their first two games but going on to win their series against neighbours Burnett (who play in the Western Group) 3-2; Keene District won the Bronze Cup thanks to a 3-1 series win over Rosetta. Currently, the newly formed Nuevo Paraíso y Valledorado are the ECL champions, having swept Wyken 3-0, whereas Richston beat Rosetta and Elephant Isles 3-1 to take home the Bronze Cup. A women's edition of the tournament began in 2012, with Mittedorf winning the Grand Final, where they swept Birch State, whereas Autumnia beat Swannings 3-2 to win the Bronze Cup; the current EWCL champions are Swannings who managed to win their second title in a row after a 3-2 win over Eastern Elejamie, whereas Aventry are current Bronze Cup holders following a 3-1 series win against Keene District.

Elejamie entered the last World T20 Championships the reigning champion, having won all but one of their games and, while a second win in a row was definitely off the cards, they were hoping to finish quite high, presumably a semi-final finish. However, they came crashing back down to earth when they spectacurly failed in the tournament, losing all but one of their games and being eliminated on the final day. Fortunately they were able to avoid finishing last thanks to a win again Damukini, who had lost all of their games and finished at the bottom as a result. Not to mention they slipped down from first in the rankings to second, just behind West Phoenicia. And now they're hoping to bounce back from their disappointing run. Or, at the very least, not finish dead last again.

No.	Name			Initials	Tract	Hand
1 Steve Loughlin (vc) SP SRTR Left
2 Dawoud Halabi D WYKN Right
3 Robert Hamilton RCM ESRE Right
4 Mike Bentley MJ BNTT Left
5 Kelly Entwistle KS ATMN Right
6 Ricardo Montoya RE BIST Left
7 Salman Halabi S KEDS Right
8 Danny Slezinger (c) DJ AVEN Left
9 Lucas Mahler L MTDF Left
10 Arían Rodriguez AG MDLN Right
11 Pablo Novak P NUPA Right

(c) - Captain
(vc) - Vice captain

No	Name			Initials	Tract	Hand	Position
12 Nick Hutcherson NT WERS Left 1-2
13 Dan McCafferty DR ESEL Left 1-3
14 Dave Garner DG SHNR Right 2-5
15 Pael Cetorin P SWNG Right 5-7
16 Frank Kaderabek FSK WRWK Left 8-11
17 Julián Blanco JA RCST Left 9-10
18 Fuad al-Jurjani F ROIY Right 10-11

  1. Robert Hamilton (left-armed fast)
  2. Danny Slezinger (left-armed unorthodox spinner)
  3. Lucas Mahler (left-armed orthodox-spinner)
  4. Arían Rodriguez (right-armed leg-spinner)
  5. Pablo Novak (right-armed fast)

Should they play:

  • Nick Hutcherson (left-armed medium) 1-2
  • Dave Garner (right-armed medium-fast) - 2-3
  • Frank Kaderabek (left-armed unorthodox spinner) - 3-4
  • Julián Blanco (left-armed swinger) - 5

  1. Mike Bentley (main)
  2. Pael Cetorin (first reserve)
  3. Fuad al-Jurjani (second reserve)


Along with some green helmets with a black chin strap and white ear pads.

Don't kill any of my players. If you do want to injure any of them, then you can only injure one of them per game and they can miss up to two games (meaning you can't do anything career-ending). Other than that, go nuts.

Hopefully this is alright. Any problems with this, please let me know so I can go back and take out, change or put in anything that needs to be done.

Also, full names for most of my players are listed here. Except for those without middle names, the other players' full names are: David George Garner and Franklin Stephen Karel Kaderabek.
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Postby West Phoenicia » Mon Oct 01, 2018 2:10 pm

The Confederate Empire of West Phoenicia International Cricket Team


West Phoenician Lightning Bolts

Governing Body:
West Phoenicia Cricket Federation


Mr Edward Mount-Alexander

Assistant Coach: Harmen Sharma
Fitness Instructor: Caleb Ghan
Team Physician: Dr Kellie Hailey

Jack Tennessee

* Grey Gryphon (Right-hander)
* Jasper Millington (Left-hander)
* James Emanon (Right-hander)
* Timothy Emanon (Right-hander)
* Aaron Shields (Left-hander)
* Bradley Swanston (Right-hander)

All Rounders: 
* Harry South
* Jack Tennessee

Wicket Keepers: 
* Ali Leballas (Left-hand batting)
* Kamal Leballas (Right-hand batting)

* Alan Narre (Right-arm seam)
* Jacob Worth (Left-arm pace/seam)
* Wayne Warren (Right-arm seam)
* Jonathan Church (Left-arm leg-spin)
* Anh Viet (Right-arm off-spin)

Starting XI:
1.Grey Gryphon
2. Harry South
3.Jasper Millington
4.Jack Tennessee
5.Alan Narre
6. James Emanon
7.Timothy Emanon
8.Bradley Swanston
9.Jonathan Church
10. Aaron Shields
11.Ali Leballas

RP Permissions:

Do not injure, kill or harm any of my players. You may post wins and losses and which player did which.
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Postby Ko-oren » Wed Oct 03, 2018 9:01 am

Ko-orenite National Team@World Twenty20 Championships XI

Despite great success in Tests, the T20 team has aged a little with barely any improvement since the 10th edition of the World T20 Championships. For fans of the 5-day format: you'll recognise quite a few names from the Test squad, the world-class core of Ko-orenite cricketers is simply not that large. Among batsmen there's some turnover, Twaddle, Shapter and Willis have all not previously appeared on a national team. From the 10th Championship, Denison, Brenchley and Carnall have ended their international careers, which also leaves some gaps. This cycle will be one of trying to maintain a high ranking and competing in the 12th edition with a younger squad. That said, the home advantage will be a nice help.

Name Age 1st Class/List-A T20 team Position Bowl Bat Status

Ezekiel Stevenson 31 Willowbourne Willowbourne Zenith Opener R leg R
Reginald Twaddle 22 West SRB Burnet Rubies Opener R fast R
Carlton Shapter 21 East SRB Greencaster Bears Batsman R off R
Patrick Willis 25 East SRB Greencaster Bears Batsman R med R
Dennis Stanway 26 Leeshire Mayara Marauders Batsman L orth L
Llowcan yRheighewn 28 Mawryshire Mawrystwyth Mustangs Batsman R med R
Seophyn yMharwn 27 Mawryshire Penstead Pirates All-rounder R fast R
Theryn yCherwean 32 Mawryshire Idyllwild Antlers Wicketkeeper - R
Albin Raycraft 27 Leeshire Eastern Miners Bowler L unor L
Lachlan Harvey 28 East SRB Eastern Miners Bowler R fast R
Herschel Marsden 30 West SRB Burnet Rubies Bowler R fast R Captain

Finley Meredith 25 Willowbourne Burnet Rubies Wicketkeeper - R
Monroe Baldry 32 Greencaster Norille Chevron Vert Batsman R off R
Cyril Treadway 34 Greencaster Greencaster Bears All-rounder L med L
Solomon Chesterman 25 Greencaster Greencaster Bears Bowler R off R

The team's jersey for this tournament will be a green-yellow gradient shirt, green at the top and yellow at the bottom. The trousers are a yellow-blue gradient, with yellow at the top and blue at the bottom.

Style: -5
RP Permissions: no deaths or career-ending events.
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Postby Siovanija and Teusland » Wed Oct 03, 2018 12:12 pm

Teusland National Cricket Team

Nation Name: United Republics of Siovanija and Teusland
Demonyms: Teus, Teuslander
Body Represented: Republic of Teusland
Governing Body: Teusland Cricket Association (TCA)
Colours: White and gold
Anthem: ‘Land of Heavenly Bounty’
Highest Domestic Competition: All-Teusland Cricket Championships
Nickname: The Edelweiss
Style Modifier: +2


Cricket is actually one of the oldest sports in the United Republics, having first been played by Teus sailors returning home from foreign ports at which they had been introduced to the game. For this reason, it became popular in coastal areas of Teusland, and also within the Teus Navy. When Kronprinz Wilhelm Albert, the son of the Kaiser Franz III, entered the navy as part of his compulsory service, he was introduced to the sport. The young royal quickly fell in love with the game, and upon his discharge brought the game back to noble circles in the Imperial court. Thus, the most famous cricket club in the land, Kaiserliche, was formed with the patronage of Kaiser Franz III. Despite all this, the game never really grew past its maritime roots, and certainly never took hold in Siovanija. Upon the fall of the Teus Empire and the unification of the United Republics, the Teusland Cricket Association was one of the very, very few institutions in the land allowed to keep its royal ties. This was mainly due to the lack of interest in the sport from Siovanija, and also the fact that the leadership of the TCA was mostly nobility who still had large influence in the new Republic. The team fielded by the TCA is known solely as ‘Teusland’ in international competition, taking the edelweiss flower as both its symbol and nickname. Today, cricket remains a popular sport in the Navy, played at ports all across Teusland, and also in several counties where it manages to remain more popular than both football and hockey. In the national context, however, it is truly a fringe sport, and the team is unlikely to attract too much attention at home.

18 man roster

Starting XI
# -- Name (Scorecard) -- Age -- Handedness -- Primary Position -- Domestic Club
1 -- Richard REIDER (R Reider) -- 25y/o -- Right handed -- Batsman -- Stelburg-Zentrum
2 -- Konrad von SAUERLAND (Kv Sauerland) (C) -- 31y/o -- Left handed -- All-rounder -- Kaiserliche
3 -- Andreas WENZ (A Wenz) -- 22y/o -- Left handed -- Batsman -- Kaiserliche
4 -- August TAUSCHE (A Tausche) -- 24y/o -- Left handed -- Batsman -- Sankt Kunigunde
5 -- Erik BOHLEN (E Bohlen) (VC) -- 25y/o -- Right handed -- Batsman -- Marine
6 -- Frank POLZL (F Polzl) -- 26y/o -- Right handed -- Batsman -- Kaiserliche
7 -- Ewald KOHL (E Kohl) -- 24y/o -- Right handed -- All-rounder -- Marine
8 -- Leopold MEISSNER (L Meissner) -- 29y/o -- Right handed -- Wicket-keeper -- St. Jakob Metropolitan
9 -- Kajeten VALDEN (K Valden) -- 29y/o -- Left handed -- Bowler -- Kaiserliche
10 -- Felix SCHAPER (F Schaper) -- 30y/o -- Right handed -- Bowler -- Stelburg-Zentrum
11 -- Benedict von STRICKER (Bv Stricker) -- 27y/o -- Right handed -- Bowler -- Kaiserliche

Matthias MITTIG (M Mittig) -- 27y/o -- Right handed -- Batsman -- St. Jakob Metropolitan
Niclas VAHLEN (N Vahlen) -- 25y/o -- Left handed -- Wicket-keeper -- Marine
Silvester BASCH (S Basch) -- 18y/o -- Left handed -- All-rounder -- Viktoria
Patrick FRANZ (P Franz) -- 28y/o -- Right handed -- Batsman -- Stelburg-Zentrum
Ludwig von Weizenbaum (Lv Weizenbaum) -- 25y/o -- Right handed -- Bowler -- Kaiserliche
Arthur ELSER (A Elser) -- 23y/o -- Left handed -- Bowler -- Sankt Kunigunde
Klaus TRAUBE (K Traube) -- 25y/o -- Right handed -- Bowler -- Sankt Ludolph

Squad Notes
-Konrad von Sauerland will serve as captain of the team for this tournament, with Erik Bohlen as vice captain

-Bowling Order (Style): Valden (LF), Schaper (RM), Kohl (LB), von Stricker (RFM), von Sauerland (LM)

RP Permissions
No deaths/career-ending injuries.

National Kit
Teusland’s main kit is all gold with white sleeves, with an edelweiss flower and the writing ‘TEUSLAND’ underneath on the front.

(OOC Note: New to cricket RP’ing, but certainly wanting to learn more about the sport! If you notice something that is wrong or that I could improve on, feel free to TG me or message me on Discord! Thanks.)
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Postby The Plough Islands » Sun Oct 07, 2018 9:51 am

As suggested below, this is the first of two warmup matches - thanks to Ko-oren for allowing me to borrow one of his T20 franchises.
Also, if you saw an earlier version of this post that wasn't complete and had headlines from one of the Apox Tests; YOU SAW NOTHING. Turns out the 'preview' and 'submit' buttons are easy to confuse with each other if you're an idiot :P

on the 7th October 2018, the Plough Islands Gazette wrote:
by Denis Wormwood, Sporting Correspondent, in Maynard

Following their arrival last week back in the Ko-orenite archipelago for the 20-over world championships, the Foxes narrowly lost the first of two warmup games arranged by the Plough Islands Cricket Association against domestic side Aubury Maroons. Set 147 to win under clear but chilly conditions, the tourists came extremely close thanks to strong batting performances from Shauna Weaver and Arthur Donovan, but Aubury bowler Gilbert Ingham took two wickets from the final over to leave them four short of victory.
Despite some criticism of the 20-over format, coach Lourens Hendricks told this author he was taking the tournament seriously; "ja, no, it might not be what we'd like to play, but we can only work with what we get, so we might as well make a good fist of it". With this in mind, these warmup games are being seen, together with performances at the team's improvised training setup at the Rambler's Lodge hotel in Maynard, as an evaluation of the Foxes' best team ahead of the tournament proper starting on Wednesday. The team that played today, decked out in their fox ears and tails, mostly consisted of the backbone of the islands' Test team with the addition of batsman Donovan and Liverpool-born wicketkeeper Tim Bleasdale. The latter was making his debut in his new home's colours just a month after completing his residency period and receiving Plough Islander citizenship, stating before the game that "I've got me passport, I've got me letter signed by the Premier, and now I've got that shirt with me name stitched on it - it doesn't get better than this!"
Bleasdale (in sweater rather than shirt) got his international cricket career off to a good start by stumping Aubury's Hugh Barber off Andrew Baxter's third delivery, but the hosts' top order were otherwise resilient, weathering the storm of Baxter and Colin McCarthy's pace easily. Herbert Doyle in particular relished attacking the Foxes' bowling, Kenny Cunningham's left-arm breaks posing no threat to him off the hard pitch surface as he renewed a rivalry stemming from the ill-fated Test series in July, and it took an excellent googly from McCarthy to remove him after contributing 62 to Aubury's total off 42 balls. Naomi Salisbury (1-19) and Weaver (1-29) also took critical wickets late in the innings to ultimately limit the total to 146-5.
The Foxes initially struggled to match the required run rate in reply, with opener Matthew Davy struggling to get off the mark before being removed by Sebastian Knight following four successive dot balls, and the pressure of the reduced over limit told as the top order were unable to make the best use of the early innings "Powerplay" fielding restrictions. With five overs gone, the score was just 28-3, but Weaver and captain Kevin Laing began to pick the pace up and the situation became salvagable; Laing providing excellent leadership and some good cuts over square leg for four before edging behind for 17 off left-arm spinner Sho Matsumoku. It was Weaver, though, who as has so often been the case of late provided the performance of the day; paired with Laing, Bleasdale (unlucky to be caught out by a direct hit at the strikers' end for 9), and Donovan (who blazed a quick 28 from two and a half overs), the Swift right-hander carved her way through the field to a half-century off 36 balls, and seemed set to carry the visitors to an improbable victory when, with 19 overs of 20 played, the Foxes were 138-5. However, after Donovan steered the first ball of Ingham's and Aubury's final through midwicket for a single, Weaver was caught out by a slower delivery that took out her leg stump, and the next-in Cunningham froze in the face of two dot balls before attempting to drive the fifth and only finding the ball with his pads. McCarthy was able to get the last ball down to the third man boundary for four, but it was too little too late and the chance had gone.
Despite the result, Laing was optimistic about his team's performance, saying "it was an odd environment to play in because the pressure was felt almost immediately when you came in to bat, but I think we are starting to understand the type of play you need in extremely limited overs - Shauna and Arthur definitely showed us how it was done! We will need to give some more people a try, try different combinations and see what works best.". Hendricks described this and the upcoming second game on Sunday as "very good experiences, Aubury have been very understanding and willing to work with us to give us these games. I think the players are enjoying the atmosphere a lot more than the last time we came too - certainly the weather's been bearable, and I've not been to the Experimental Gardens yet but Shauna and Sarah [Ashe] have been telling me it's worth the trip...".
The Foxes' preparations will continue on Sunday at the same venue with what is likely to be a much-changed side, before the tournament itself begins on the 10th October; as ever, Plough Islanders will be able to follow proceedings on Plough Radio and in these pages.

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Postby West Phoenicia » Sun Oct 07, 2018 12:56 pm


Gabrielle Pascoe, leader or the Feminist Party which holds 67 seats in the 2,464 seated House of Representatives and 8 seats in the 310 seated Senate has come out swinging in a press conferences days before the World Twenty20 Championships is about to commence in Ko-oren.

"I am so disappointed in the West Phoenician Cricket Federation for once again ignoring women in sports. The men's team the Lightning Bolts while they linger in the number one spot have failed to win an overall grand final. Yes they have played some brilliant cricket knocking out a flurry of nations to reach number one, they haven't earned the spot.

Meanwhile the female cricket team has won Bronze at the U.S Summer Games and won first place at the Kelssek and Vekaiyu Summer Olympic Games. They are also heavy favorites to win if cricket is picked up against at the next Summer Games.

All these achievements are being overlooked by the West Phoenician Cricket Federation that consists of 9 men and 1 token woman Madame Dorie Scotts. If West Phoenicia wants to win on the international stage it needs to send the best teams and not base it on genetalia. This is 2018 not 1818, for shame.

In a time of diversity and female empowermemt it is time West Phoenicia stepped up to the plate. If a nation does not offer a separate tournament than think with your brains and send the best team which in this case is the female cricket team.
The nation officially is known as the Confederate Empire of West Phoenicia

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Postby Liventia » Tue Oct 09, 2018 5:15 am

The Liventian Cricketing Board of Authority have announced a 19-man squad for the 11th World Twenty20 Championship. The top line is the announcement of former international bowler and captain Matthew Geach as the team's T20 head coach, with former Test captain Max Finney as his assistant. It is a coaching team comprised entirely of former players.

Daniel Quinn, who retired from Test cricket at the end of last season, has been selected for a last Twenty20 hurrah. Quinn is expected to join Geach's backroom staff for the next tournament.

Garland Goudreau has retired from international cricket, but his brother Mathieu receives his first Twenty20 call-up.

Michael Sarrin, who fell out with Matt Goudreau during the Test season and was suspended from the side, has been recalled to international duty. The only other absence is Philippe Béranger, who is a Test-only player.

Two members of the squad have been handed their maiden call-ups for experience: 18-year-old all-rounder Yoann Lemoine and 20-year-old spinner Ryan de Cerci.

Style modifier: +4.5
Head coach/fast bowling coach: Matthew Geach
Assistant coach: Max Finney
Batting coach: Leo Cartwright
Spin bowling coach: Leroy Bérard
Fielding coach: Garland Goudreau

Liventia will make use of their single DRS review only in the following circumstances:
- If it is an obvious error by the on-field umpire; or if it is not, the following apply:
- If the batsman involved has scored at least 35; or
- There are fewer than three overs left; or
- If that batsman involved is a recognised batsman and only the tail (Adams/Quinn) are left.

Dylan Albert (Dylan) DA Hennessey** 34 LEFT OPENER/occasional LEGSPIN (rLS)
James Christopher Alexander (James) JCA Quinn 33 LEFT OPENER

Peter Dennis (Peter) PD Finch 24 RIGHT OPENER/TOP ORDER
John Stephen (John) JS Millbank 31 LEFT TOP ORDER
David Huw Jacob (Dave) DHJ Edwards** 26 RIGHT TOP ORDER

William Zachary (Zac) WZ Owen 30 RIGHT MIDDLE ORDER
Edward (Eddie) E Reynolds 28 LEFT BAT ALL-ROUNDER/LEGSPIN (rLS)

Michael Quentin (Mike) MQ Sarrin 31 RIGHT LOWER ORDER/primary WK
Brendon Alexander Radley (Brendon) BAR du Pont 28 RIGHT LOWER ORDER/reserve WK
James Francis Michael (Francis) JFM Kennedy 25 LEFT BOWL ALL-ROUNDER/SLOW LEFT ARM ORTHODOX (SLA)
Mathieu Édouard-Paul (Matt) MEP Goudreau 24 RIGHT BOWL ALL-ROUNDER/LEGSPIN (rLS)/GOOGLY (LBG)
Daniel Matthew (Daniel) DM Quinn 35 RIGHT BOWLER/OFFSPIN (rOS)
Jonathan Peter Kenneth (Jonathan) JPK Adams 32 LEFT BOWLER/LEFT ARM FAST (LF)
Sean Victor (Sean) SV Finney 31 RIGHT BOWLER/RIGHT ARM FAST (RF)

Ryan Pietro Tomas (Ryan) RPT de Cerci 21 LEFT BOWLER/OFFSPIN (rOS)

* Captain
** Vice-captains
Regular starters in italics, batting in the order listed above.
Dave Edwards and Ollie Kerr to be promoted over John Millbank as pinch-hitters with fewer than five overs to go.

Bowling attack, in order of use: Sean Finney, Jonathan Adams, Francis Kennedy, Daniel Quinn, Ollie Kerr, Eddie Reynolds, any other bowler/all-rounder playing, Dylan Hennessey as a last resort. Note that SV Finney and Adams are Liventia's death bowlers.

If you RP first and create a scorecard, I ask that you also do one for my side. Please don't kill any of my players, and serious injuries should be discussed with me beforehand. Retired hurts are fine, within reason.

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Postby The Plough Islands » Tue Oct 09, 2018 12:21 pm

Part 2 of 2! I've also decided on a style mod and edited that into the main roster post - repeated below the XI in this post. Good luck everyone!

on the 9th October 2018, the Plough Islands Gazette wrote:
by Denis Wormwood, Sporting Correspondent, in Maynard

After falling short in the first List B game, the Plough Islands levelled the mini-series of 20-over games on a breezy morning in Leeshire and set themselves up to go into the tournament proper on a high. After a good start by Aubury was checked by economic Foxes bowling to leave a target of 134, the tourists ultimately cruised to a comfortable eight wicket victory with 27 balls to spare; largely thanks to an outstanding unbeaten 61 from Audrey Leggett, who was in her element opening the batting in this most compressed form of the game.
As had been expected, it was a very different side that took to the field as the sun rose over the mountains, with captain Kevin Laing and coach Lourens Hendricks fulfilling their promise to use all fifteen squad members as he searched for his best side. One of the beneficiaries of this was the New Hibernia off-spinner Sarah Ashe, who proved crucial early in the hosts' innings; after Andrew Baxter and Colin McCarthy had failed to prevent Aubury's Hugh Barber and Silas Fleet from blazing a quick half-century for the first wicket, Ashe broke the partnership with an excellent arm ball that took a thin edge straight to Ilya Lebed. Thereafter Ashe (2-28) and Naomi Salisbury (2-23) kept the wickets coming at regular intervals, with Salisbury also contributing a well-timed direct hit to run out her former Test nemesis Herbert Doyle on 22. It was a much more coherent bowling performance from the Foxes, who learned from their experiences of the previous game to restrict Aubury to 133 for 7.
The chase started inauspiciously, with Graeme Holt lasting just four balls before falling to Sho Matsumoku's spin, although those did include an explosive six that landed on the railway line running behind the pavilion and led to the umpires having to replace the ball sooner than they had expected. However, this set the stage for Leggett to work her magic; moved up to open the batting, the Bradford goatherd's perfunctory, minimal frills style of batting suiting the dynamics of the game and the pitch perfectly as she scored fluidly and consistently with a string of fours that set the Foxes well on their way. Shauna Weaver provided good support, and a few eye-catching boundaries of her own, before a rare error saw her duck the wrong way from a bouncer and glove the ball to Doyle for 25 - however, this had little effect on the flow of the game, the Foxes being well ahead of the required run rate and bringing in young Rory Aliyev for his debut. Aliyev immediately picked up where Shauna had left off and showed a maturity beyond his nineteen years to fit right in at this intermediate level of international competition, scoring seemingly at will and finishing on 32 from 20 balls as he and Leggett entrenched their position over the Aubury bowlers and made the victory certain with four and a half overs to spare.
Laing had a quiet day as a result, not being called upon to bat or bowl, but was full of praise for his team afterwards; "everyone had the right approach from the start instead of having to make it up as we went along, which made things a lot easier and more relaxed, and that showed in how well everyone was able to perform with that little hurdle out of the way". Ashe herself felt her bowling had been "a bit rusty" but told this author she felt that "the team spirit has been really good, Kevin and Naomi and everyone else have been really encouraging and helped me to enjoy myself, and I think that helped contribute to today". When asked about team selection for the tournament proper, Hendricks was open about having made no firm decisions, but on the strength of the performance today it would be logical for the team on Wednesday to more closely resemble the XI who were out in their ears and tails today.
The focus now switches to the Leewardia Oval back in Maynard for what will undoubtedly be a much tougher game against Mattijana, who reached the second group stage the last time this event was held. The Foxes will enter the tournament as relative unknowns, and all indications from Laing's team have been that they are treating the tournament as glorified competition practice, but there is nonetheless a prize at stake and there will be a good portion of a hundred and forty thousand Plough Islanders willing them on tomorrow. On the evidence of today, they at least have half of a chance.


on the 9th October 2018, the Plough Islands Gazette wrote:
by Ian Goswell, Chief Cricket Correspondent for Plough Radio, in Maynard

The Plough Islands find themselves going straight up against tough opposition in group D in the form of limited-overs powerhouse Mattijana, who also qualified for the semi-finals of the World Test Challenge after the summer season.
Co-hosts of the eighth edition of this championship, the Marmots - who play in a kit that does not look dissimilar to the Foxes' shirts after a summer of solar bleaching - have a strong player and support base at home, and have drawn from a rich vein of talent for this tournament; the batting and bowling abilities of Fredi Glukspiel are likely to pose the main threat if he can tame his inconsistency, with the opening pair of Katarina Sava and Julian Ilicič bring both experience and the chemistry that comes from a long-standing partnership.In direct contrast to the Foxes, Mattijana's climate and pitches tend to produce quick bowlers; their attack being almost entirely focused on pace and seam bowling, which may cause problems for Kevin Laing's side through sheer unfamiliarity. However, the reverse may prove true for the Plough Islander spin lineup, and Salisbury, Ashe, Weaver, and Leggett will be optimistic about their chances against an unproven middle order.
The result might well owe a debt to which approach the pitch on the day favours - and it may well be considerably worn with the odd tournament format seeing one other game take place first. It will be a journalist's dream and nightmare wrapped into one - a strange introduction to a strange world under immense pressure - and though the effort of the Plough Islanders will not be found wanting, luck may come to play as much a part as skill.


#9 G Holt LHB
#12 AC Leggett RHB RLB
#15 SLC Weaver RHB RLB
#2 RP Aliyev RHB
#1 KCT Laing (c) RHB RMD
#5 TM Bleasdale (w) RHB
#8 AM Donovan RHB
#3 S Ashe RHB ROB
#13 CG McCarthy RHB RFM
#4 A Baxter RHB RFS
#14 NA Salisbury LHB SLA

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Postby Indusse » Wed Oct 10, 2018 12:07 am


It's been a long time as we have played cricket.we were under the football world cup pressure these much days.. we last played a cricket match at Northwest kalactin as a part of the first all India cricket blast final I lost to jhalpharezhi a puppet of vangaziland. Infused is here to show you their best players.

Best batsman - sechin sentilkkar 10 Image

Best bowler- matheww godson 12
This is a post byindusse and I will never give up......
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Postby Barunia » Wed Oct 10, 2018 1:05 am

The Barunian Cricket Association presents the team for the eleventh T20 World Cup

Team Nickname: 'The Blues'

Starting XI
## Name Role Hand Bowling
1 Tim Waterman Bat Left -
2 Ben Price WK Right -
3 Lara Smith* Bat Right Off-spin
4 Matt Dougherty Bat Left -
5 Lewis Morgan Bat Right Med Fast
6 Simon Daley Bat Left -
7 Owen Spencer Martinez All Right Med Fast
8 Vince Cooper All Right Off-Spin
9 Josh Beech Bowl Left Fast
10 Mitchell Thorne Bowl Right Fast
11 Zane Adams Bowl Right Leg-spin
12 Jane Dyson* Bat Right -
13 Ben Lockwood Bat Left -
14 Meghan Schmidt Bowl Right Fast
15 Adrian Bailey Bat Right Off-spin
16 Aaron Bennet Bat Right -
Players marked with a * are female
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Postby Ko-oren » Wed Oct 10, 2018 12:08 pm

World Twenty20 Championships XI@Ko-oren

MD1 Results

Group A
West Phoenicia 145/6 (16.3 overs)
Rooimervania 141 (19.3 overs)

Ethane 141/3 (20 overs)
Retricoal 143/4 (19.5 overs)

Eastfield Lodge 180/5 (19.1 overs)
Sisdonia 179/6 (20 overs)

Group A                Pld   W  D  L 
1 Eastfield Lodge 1 1 0 0
Retricoal 1 1 0 0
West Phoenicia 1 1 0 0
4 Ethane 1 0 0 1
Rooimervania 1 0 0 1
Sisdonia 1 0 0 1

Group B
Elejamie 177/6 (20 overs)
Teusland 133/5 (20 overs)

Liventia 150/4 (20 overs)
Mughals royal 162/6 (20 overs)

Apox 178/4 (20 overs)
Melbergia 151/7 (20 overs)

Group B                Pld   W  D  L 
1 Apox 1 1 0 0
Elejamie 1 1 0 0
Mughals royal 1 1 0 0
4 Liventia 1 0 0 1
Melbergia 1 0 0 1
Teusland 1 0 0 1

Group C
Ko-oren 141/3 (20 overs)
A Flock of Seagulls 129/8 (20 overs)

Barunia 172/7 (20 overs)
Indusse 158/5 (20 overs)

Northwest Kalactin 137/8 (20 overs)
Krytenia 138/6 (18.1 overs)

Group C                Pld   W  D  L 
1 Barunia 1 1 0 0
Ko-oren 1 1 0 0
Krytenia 1 1 0 0
4 A Flock of Seagulls 1 0 0 1
Indusse 1 0 0 1
Northwest Kalactin 1 0 0 1

Group D
Darmen 124/6 (16 overs)
Deyrland 122/8 (20 overs)

Mattijana 166/5 (20 overs)
The Plough Islands 123/6 (20 overs)

Damukuni 119/2 (20 overs)
Busoga Islands 120/2 (14.2 overs)

Group D                Pld   W  D  L 
1 Busoga Islands 1 1 0 0
Darmen 1 1 0 0
Mattijana 1 1 0 0
4 Damukuni 1 0 0 1
Deyrland 1 0 0 1
The Plough Islands 1 0 0 1

NRR info will be given when necessary on MD4 and MD5.
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Postby Apox » Wed Oct 10, 2018 2:10 pm

OOC: Hopefully I'll be able to edit some commentary to accompany this scorecard tomorrow.

Apox 178/4 (20 overs)
Melbergia 151/7 (20 overs)
Apox wins by 27 runs

Apox Batting Innings
Name How Out Runs Balls 4’s 6’s SR
Trinity Southwold c Unknown b Unknown 31 19 5 0 163.16
Hamish Gaaraayi c Unknown b Unknown 65 46 9 1 141.30
Trajan Muldoney * lbw Unknown 9 7 1 0 128.57
Nancy Washington run out 37 26 4 0 142.31
Kyriana Lupiter † NOT OUT 20 17 3 0 117.65
Organa Arrowsmith NOT OUT 7 5 1 0 140.00
Oberon Jessop
Rachel Gallegos
Tara Kakketa
Jo Frost
Roy Hamilton-Randall
EXTRAS 2 nb, 2 byes, 5 leg byes 9

59 for 1 (Southwold)
82 for 2 (Muldoney)
140 for 3 (Washington)
161 for 4 (Gaaraayi)

Apox Bowling Innings
Name O M R W Econ
Roy Hamilton-Randall 4.0 0 28 1
Rachel Gallegos 4.0 0 43 3
Tara Kakketa 4.0 0 23 1
Jo Frost 4.0 0 37 2
Organa Arrowsmith 4.0 0 20 0
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Postby Ko-oren » Wed Oct 10, 2018 2:15 pm

"Welcome to the 11th T20 Cricket World Championships qualifying stage draw! Four pots, six teams each, so we'll soon find out which team will play in which group, what their first five opponents are... and also where they will play! The draw starts just after the host city announcements, see you soon!"


"Group 1! In classic and charming Llandy! Group 2! In the cities where they still know what hard work is, Cirelbourne and Bruncester! Group 3! In quiet Burnet, and in conveniently central Ansonville! Group 4! In the scenic landscapes of Maynard!"


"And so... for our first team! Group 1, so playing in Llandy, is West Phoenicia! Group 2, well aren't we just following the world rankings, it's Elejamie! And in Group 3, there it is! Our very own Dragonflies, Ko-oren to go into Group 3."

"Really? You have the entire draw left to do, and you put the home team in literally the least inspiring grounds? We get five qualifying matches, and we've got to play them at the home grounds of West Surbourneshire of all places? Not successful Mawryshire, not the largest qualifying stage grounds in Cirelbourne and Bruncester, not even Maynard which can actually handle large groups of people? No, we're going to rural and faraway as hell Burnet for three matches and we'll play two in Ansonville... do you know what they're saying about Ansonville? It doesn't even exist! Now I know why they often rig draws..."

"But it'll be nice that the players from West Surbourneshire can finally actually play a match at their home grounds though"

"Get your fingers out and start counting. How many from Mawryshire? Three. Leeshire has two, but they've got a few on the reserve list. East Surbourneshire has three. Willowbourne has the smallest playerbase, and even they have two players on the national team. Greencaster has three as well. Now look at West Surbourneshire. They've got two players, just because the selectors have to include all six cricket regions. Ok, so Marsden is a national treasure, the captain of the team, and he deserves to be on this team. But then Reginald. Effing. Twaddle. As an opening batsman. That's honestly, literally, and completely the best thing that West SRB has to offer apart from Marsden?"

"Yeah sure, if you say it like that, it makes it sound like they're the worst cricketing region..."

"That's because they are! Just look at last season! Second last in the First Class Championship, at one win! It's just that East Surbourneshire has pretty much stopped playing any form of cricket that's over 8 hours long, but West Surbourneshire is terrible. Just look at the List-A ranking. All of a sudden, East Surbourneshire is second with seven wins and three losses. That's pretty damn good. And where's the West? Dead last at two wins from ten total attempts."

"But that's all the long forms. Now only look at T20 cricket, domestically, and you'll find that..."

"They're still horrible! There are six cricketing regions, and twelve teams in the T20 league, so you'd say two T20 teams per region, right?"


"And you'd be wrong! They all have two at least, except for West SRB, which has just one. And they have their entire region to choose from, and they still barely finish alright. And the national team is going to play at their grounds for the next five matches? I'll say it again, we should have rigged this draw!"
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Postby The Plough Islands » Wed Oct 10, 2018 2:55 pm

Very well done to Mattijana; hopefully I've done your people justice with all this! It's been a real buzz to write a full RP this quickly, but I dunno if I can keep it up for the entire tournament - watch this slowly degenerate into four or five sentences and a random screenshot by about MD5...

on the 10th October 2018, the Plough Islands Gazette wrote:
by Denis Wormwood, Sporting Correspondent, in Maynard

What promised to be a rough introduction into international 20-over cricket turned out as many had predicted in Maynard, with the Plough Islands suffering from an ineffective bowling attack and a lack of experience under pressure as they lost to Mattijana by 43 runs. The wide margin of victory betrayed the story of the game; there was little to fault the Foxes as far as batting went, but errors while fielding had cost Kevin Laing's team dearly and left them chasing what was always an extremely difficult target.
Mattijanan captain Mattias Karamov had opted to bat first on a pitch scuffed by the day's prior game - reigning Test champions Darmen having comfortably defeated a largely unproven, and indeed unknown, Deyrland side - and openers Julian Illicič and Katerina Sava had been relatively slow to get going, when compared with the events that would unfold later on in the innings. Laing, mindful of the experience of the Mattijanans against pace, rotated the bowling attack well and managed to restrict the pair's scoring to controllable levels during the initial fielding restrictions, and it was Colin McCarthy who drew first blood; the New Dalmatian reacted quickly to a straight drive by Sava, stopping the ball and flicking it towards the wicket in one movement to catch Julian out for 18. This, though, had the dual effect of shifting the Mattijana batting up a gear and bringing Marko Žackov to the crease, and the right-hander went on to be responsible for most of the damage that followed as the Foxes' damage limitation approach began to break down. The pitch favoured spinners from the outset, and it was Sarah Ashe (2-21) and Naomi Salisbury (1-29) that proved best at containing the Marmots, with Ashe in particular checking their progress with the wickets of Sava and Jelena Laramazic.
By the innings' halfway point, though, Laing had run out of their overs, and Žackov was the main beneficiary of some increasingly desperate bowling as McCarthy, Andrew Baxter - who had an especially torrid time, being hit for ten an over and never looking quite in his element - Shauna Weaver, Audrey Leggett, and even Laing's own medium pace were tried to stem the flow of runs. The main positive note for the Foxes was that the dangerous Fredi Glukspiel was neutered quickly, the all-rounder's reputation preceding and ultimately deserting him as he hoicked a drifting Leggett delivery straight into the arms of Rory Aliyev at mid on. This provided only a brief glimmer of sunlight, though, as by this point the majority of the innings had gone, and Mattijana ultimately set the Foxes a daunting 167 to win, Žackov with an unbeaten 69.
This was - as Laing freely admitted later - a psychological albatross from the very start, which only worsened when Graeme Holt, having dispatched Karamov's first delivery of the Foxes' innings for six into the rainbow-coloured stands, attempted to do the same again next ball but deflected it into his own helmet, narrowly avoiding impaling it on novelty fur ears but instead looping the ball high and ultimately into the gloves of Jos Illicič (no relation). Despite the beginning, the Plough Islands were never quite as outclassed with the bat as they had perhaps been with the ball - despite some setbacks, such as losing Aliyev to a dubiously claimed catch without scoring, the Foxes kept the scoreboard ticking along with Leggett (15), Laing (16), and Tim Bleasdale (an unbeaten 19) all contributing, and Weaver once again scoring strongly off the Mattijanan pace attack.
Weaver had been somewhat uncharacteristically leaky when bowling, but put in another very strong performance and held the banner of the islands high during what increasingly became quite a surreal experience - the Foxes' scoring rate would have put pressure on in Aubury, but the Marmots' extra cushion of runs meant the required rate increasingly crept to levels beyond what could be achieved even with desperation. With four overs to go, the game began to take on the feel of a practice match once more; with the result obvious, Weaver and Bleasdale were battling for reputation as much as anything else, and if Weaver being caught in front by Karamov on 49 was unfortunate, Ashe provided an exciting one-over cameo to score two boundaries from Daniella Johanovic to ensure the game finished on some sort of positive note for the loyal little band of be-eared followers that never wavered in their vocal support.
Laing was philosophical in defeat; "everyone I know has got to the point with something where you hit a mental wall and everything becomes harder and tougher and you need to put more effort in, and I think this has been ours...we know what we need to do - well, you were there watching us, Mattijana were superb and spelled out what we needed in ink on paper - and we just need to work that little bit more, which I know we can do". Weaver was similarly realistic about the result - "we just had all our plans torn up, so to speak, and we needed to have experienced that to be able to cope, and we had not, and could not" - but was gracious about Mattijana as well, telling this author that "they were on another level, which we had expected to an extent but to see how they took control was eye opening and Marko Žackov has one of the best power drives I think I have seen. Of course, if there had been enough overs to get a proper innings going I could have shown them a thing or two as well...".
There is little time for the Foxes to absorb the lessons of the match; the tournament schedule sees them play again tomorrow against former hosts - and one day specialists - Damukuni. It is unclear whether there will be many changes to the side (Laing indicated to this author a decision might be made on the day of the match) but if any are made they will likely involve trying to further fine tune the bowling attack to cope with what has proven to be quite a random environment. However, the spirit of the Plough Islands has been much in evidence and has yet to be broken, and that can only see the national side in good stead as they look to rebound.


on the 10th October 2018, the Plough Islands Gazette wrote:
by Ian Goswell, Chief Cricket Correspondent for Plough Radio, in Maynard

The most immediately notable feature of the Foxes' opponents of tomorrow is that as a heavily capitalist society, sport is privatised and run by corporations - best evidenced by the Damukuni kit bearing a jarring billboard for a company making what would normally be considered a vital industrial component rather than a luxury above even the country's name.
Those wearing the shirt, though, have a good reputation in one day cricket (the country has yet to play Tests); a very experienced squad contains only four players below the age of 30. Like Mattijana, the Damukunians rely primarily on pace, with only two spin bowlers in Warwick Ivers and Kaito Inoue, although neither were able to perform against the Busoga Islands tonight.
While Kevin Laing and Lourens Hendricks will be keeping their players' expectations modest, and the mood back at the team hotel remains calm and free, this game is a potential opportunity for a first competitive limited overs victory. Damukuni have not historically performed well at 20-over cricket; they lost all four of their games at the previous edition of the tournament and currently have a six match losing streak, which they will be keen to lose but may weigh on them psychologically. The Foxes will need to tighten up their bowling and fielding from tonight's performance, and the short turnaround between matches may not allow enough time to make major changes, but this author finds the case between Laing's optimism and Damukuni's form to make tomorrow an exciting mini-game of cricket to look forward to.


#9 G Holt LHB
#12 AC Leggett RHB RLB
#15 SLC Weaver RHB RLB
#2 RP Aliyev RHB
#1 KCT Laing (c) RHB RMD
#5 TM Bleasdale (w) RHB
#8 AM Donovan RHB
#3 S Ashe RHB ROB
#13 CG McCarthy RHB RFM
#6 K Cunningham LHB SLC
#14 NA Salisbury LHB SLA

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Postby Damukuni » Wed Oct 10, 2018 3:55 pm

The Board of Control for Cricket in Damukuni
(BCCD-DFA Holdings KK/Corp.)

Official Sponsor

Nation Name: The United States of Damukuni
Trigramme: DKI
Head Coach: Akio Rishigawa (age 46)
Bowling Coach: Yorick Bemelmans (age 43)
Batting Coach: Aloysius Derpenium (age 41)
Style Mod: -3


##    NAME                       G     AGE      POS            BAT      BOWL     HOMETOWN
50 * Jennica Sawyer F 33 Batsman R Runaan's Landing, WA
33 Ivy Bolt F 25 Batsman R Açoru, ILO
17 Rupert Deadman M 27 Batsman L Eternalfell, TJ
37 Jemimah Woodham F 30 Batsman R Queenston, DP
49 Yoshihiro Tsukitē M 35 Batsman R Ledgerberg, DP
67 † Janina Lehmann F 32 Wicket-Keeper L South Nasutani, NT
32 Warwick Ivers M 32 All-Rounder L China West Bay, WB
80 Maybelle Young F 32 All-Rounder L LFast Namagoro, NG
1 Cletus Nakahara M 36 All-Rounder R RFast Prairie City, WA
23 Kaito Inoue M 35 Bowler R OffSpn Endoshi, SD
00 Jessica Jones F 34 Bowler R RMedF Shinagawa, SC
*Captain †Wicket-Keeper


##    NAME                       G     AGE      POS            BAT      BOWL     HOMETOWN
92 Teagan Jones F 34 Batsman R Odd Flats, SD
78 Iggy Watters M 38 Batsman R Miranda, NF
9 Shunsuke Endō M 25 All-Rounder L RFast Yamasakimachi, SD
21 Maggie Jayne DeWitt F 31 All-Rounder R RFast Ibuza, NF
75 Jasmine Turner F 21 All-Rounder R RMedF East Reishu, RC
6 Evelynn Camper F 22 Bowler L LMedF Lorien, PS

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RP Permissions:
  • Follow my lineup.
  • Do not injure Janina Lehmann without permission, as she doesn't have a designated reserve replacement.
  • Feel free to choose what fielding subs you want (except for bowling) should retired hurts happen.
  • Retired hurts may happen within reason.
  • If you create a scorecard, please also do one for me.
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Postby Indusse » Thu Oct 11, 2018 1:33 am

Barunia 172/7 (20 overs)
158/5 (20 overs)

Indusse will win!!
This is a post byindusse and I will never give up......
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Postby Siovanija and Teusland » Thu Oct 11, 2018 7:12 am



The History of Cricket in Teusland: Part I, Introduction

As the Teusland cricket team makes its debut on the world stage at World T20 Championships XI, the Stelburger Zeitung invited Professor Hans Zeimer, a history professor at Rupert-Geizner-Universitat Stelburg, to write a series of articles explaining the history of the game in our nation to an audience who may be encountering cricket for the first time.

Often I am asked, by students and sports fans alike, ‘what is our national sport?’ It is a debate that has been going on for as long as I have been alive, and there are two common answers: football and hockey. Both sports are massive parts of our culture, with hockey arenas and football stadiums packed no matter the game. It is unquestionably clear that the game on grass and the game on ice have become the most popular sports in our nation. But when considering our national sport, for Teus at least, another must be considered: cricket. Cricket is, in fact, the oldest recorded sport played in our lands, and it retains ties to an era long passed even in the modern day.

The story of cricket in Teusland really begins with the history of the Teus Navy. At the heights of the Teus Empire, which controlled the entirety of what is now the United Republics of Siovanija and Teusland, the navy was one of the most powerful and most feared on the high seas. A maritime culture had really taken hold for the island nation, and ports like St. Jakob, Kaiserhaven, Felsenkirchen, Marlesee and Marzig were constantly bustling with both naval ships and merchant ships. Many youths in the nation grew up dreaming of sailing the high seas, and when the compulsory service came at 18 years old, the Navy was the most popular branch of choice. When the service was over, many continued their careers straight into civilian maritime practice, travelling across the world by sea. Putting in at ports around the world enabled the sailors to be introduced to new cultures and experiences that did not exist at home. For some, this included sport.

The name of the port at which the crew of the Lilian were introduced to the sport of cricket is now long forgotten. What is remembered, however, is that on a cool spring afternoon, Teus sailors for the first time observed the locals playing cricket. This from the diary of Nicklas Knauer, a young man who travelled on the ship:

"A few of us decided to explore the town that day, and after wandering for a few hours we came upon a green space at which the locals were playing some sort of game with a ball and bat. We observed them for a while, quite confused at what exactly was going on. Then, Lukas walked over to one of them, and communicated through body language that we wished to play. So, the 5 of us joined in their game, and although we still weren’t quite sure how it worked, had quite an enjoyable evening."

Knauer’s diary records that the men returned the next day in more numbers, and again played this game called cricket with the local population. The sailors quickly took to the game, apparently, and before leaving managed to write down a set of rules and equipment needed.

That same experience was recorded in both civilian and military maritime circles. Naval ships and merchant ships alike returned home athletes as well as sailors, and the game of cricket was soon seen being played at parks in port cities across the country. On long trips abroad, naval officers would organize matches to be played as a morale-raiser for the homesick troops. Sailors on leave back in their home towns and villages along the coast brought the game back with them, teaching young children how to play the game. Cricket was quickly becoming a very popular sport along the coast.

Its influence, however, was largely limited to those coastal cities. The sport did not spread to the interior of Teusland, and really did not spread outside of those who had been at sea. In those areas, however, the game boomed. In 1762, naval sailors stationed on ships docked at St. Jakob established their own league, competition taking place between crews of the different ships. A headline from a newspaper of the time reports that the crew of the SMS Grunfeld were the initial champions of this league.

Challenge approached, however, and a series of colonial wars in the late 1700’s meant that the growth of the game was stunted back home. Servicemen continued to play the game abroad, however, and matches were recorded as being played in Prinz-Eugens-Land and even the harsh cold of Sankt Konrad.

By the end of the wars, the development of cricket in Siovanija and Teusland was set to continue growing.

In the next edition, Professor Zeimer will continue his look into the history of cricket in Teusland, with the further spread of the sport in our nation and its growth through the early 1800’s.

Match Report

Teusland opened up their World T20 Championships campaign with a true baptism by fire, taking on world number 2 Elejamie. In the end, the match would go largely as expected, with Elejamie defeating the Edelweiss by 44 runs.

Elejamie’s innings saw Teusland struggle early on in the field. It didn’t help that Kajeten Valden didn’t get off to the best start bowling, either, and Elejamie had gotten off to very strong offensive start. Felix Schaper, however, put in a decent performance bowling afterwards, and Elejamie’s offence began to slow down as Teusland grew into the game. Benedict von Stricker was another strong performer in bowling, while team captain Konrad von Sauerland closed out the innings. Elejamie went 177 for 6 in their innings, providing a very difficult task for Teusland’s offence.

Richard Reider was first up to bat for the Edelweiss, and he managed 27 runs, including 2 6’s, before being caught out. Konrad von Sauerland was up next, and he was good for a 30 run performance, but was bowled out and dismissed. After that, however, it was quite barren for the Edelweiss, as Andreas Wenz managed only 17 runs before his dismissal. August Tausche was up after him, and scored 15 runs. Erik Bohlen brought some power back for the Edelweiss, and he managed 28 runs in his appearance before being ran out. Teusland now sat on 117 runs with just 2 overs to play, and it was clear that the Edelweiss would not catch Elejamie. Frank Polzl managed 16 runs in his appearance, and that solidified Teusland’s final total at 133/5.

Despite the loss, some members of the Edelweiss were happy with how the game had went. “It wasn’t the best start in the field at all, no, and our batting could be better, but to play one of the best teams in the world in our first ever match on the international stage was never going to be easy. We learned a lot today, and hopefully we can take that with us going forward into the next matches in the tournament,” commented Konrad von Sauerland.

Teusland will take on Melbergia next. Melbergia, ranked 19th in the world, opened their Qualification rounds against Apox and were defeated 178/4 - 151/7. Certainly, Melbergia will be hoping to rebound against the Edelweiss, and Teusland will be hoping to record its first-ever international cricket victory.

We’ll be here covering all the action as the Edelweiss take on the world at the 11th T20 World Championships, from Ko-oren.
The United Republics of Siovanija and Teusland
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