World Cup 81: Roster Thread

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World Cup 81: Roster Thread

Postby Banija » Sat Aug 18, 2018 10:30 pm

World Cup 81 Rosters

Designed by 3WD of Vilita

Welcome, formally, to the 81st World Cup cycle! Brought to you jointly by the Kingdom of Banija and the Federation of Free Republics.

This is the thread for you to list your national team's roster. A reminder here, of course, that in NationStates, sports are not mandatory segregated as they are in FIFA. You have all men's teams, all women's teams, co-ed teams, genderless teams, non-human teams, everything from ponies to bunnies. You are not limited in that aspect.

Entering a roster for a tournament helps develop roleplay, as your opponents have a better picture of your team, and vice versa. As a general rule of thumb, nations are encouraged, in their rosters, to their general starting XI and their reserves, as well as their manager/head coach. Nations, however, are free to go into as much detail as they would wish. You can describe the backgrounds of any of your players, their skillsets, designate who is best, etc... And, of course, do the same for your manager. You are also encouraged to list other staff members on the team to your heart's desire.

Other things that are included by nations in their rosters are team formations, team tactics, team background/traditions/history, your jerseys, fans, and nicknames. List your stadium for your home games is also very encouraged. Generally, for that, a city and a stadium name & capacity is generally used, as well as any other information you would like to provide. Also, you are not limited to what I provided above- feel free to give out any information in your roster post that has not been listed above.

Style Modifiers
Style Modifiers are an important part of how the scorination process works. Teams are generally encouraged to list a style modifier for their team, as it reflects in the scorination process how your team plays. Teams with a positive style modifier, anywhere from 0.01 to 5, are teams that focus more on goalscoring than on getting back and playing defense. And, of course, the further the number is from zero, the more extreme that style modifier would be. Teams with a negative style modifier, anywhere from -0.01 to -5, focus more on defending than goalscoring. As with the positive modifier, the further the number is from zero, the more extreme that modifier would be.

Of course, style modifiers, while encouraged, are certainly not required. You can have a style modifier of zero, which means your team has a relative balance between offense and defense. Style modifiers, of course, do not effect skill level for yourself or your opponent- they affect your team's style, and specifically, the total number of goals scored in a match- though they do not change the winner or the loser of a match.

RP Permissions
Please post this either with your roster or your first RP with a yes or a no(with any qualifiers) for each question. These are all permissions to help facilitate an acceptable RP to you if somebody else RPs your match first, and vice versa. Style modifiers, of course, are also listed in this box, for the convenience of the hosts.

Code: Select all
[u]RP Permissions[/u]
[b]Choose my scorers:[/b]
[b]Choose my scoring events:[/b]
[b]Godmod scoring events:[/b]
[b]RP injuries to my players:[/b]
[b]Godmod Injuries to my players:[/b]
[b]Give Yellow Cards to my players:[/b]
[b]Give Red Cards to my players[/b]:
[b]Godmod other events:[/b]
[b]Style Modifier:[/b]

Players, of course, will be able to earn RP bonus for a roster that is posted, that will be graded along the same guidelines that we use to grade any RP. We wish you all the best of luck as we begin the 81st World Cup cycle.

World Cup Qualification Groups

Group 1
Turori (12)
Petrovskia (252)
Guadalajara (UR)
Central Shaneville (272)
Beepee (108)
Michine (198)
New Lusitania (89)
Jeckland (63)
Ndaku (UR)
Valladares (44)

Group 2
Anollasia (UR)
Saint Emelie (214)
Britonisea (226)
The Macabees (121)
Juvencus (39)
Acapais (97)
Tasrailia (UR)
Tanzanique (272)
HUElavia (64)
Cosumar (14)

Group 3
Kedroiqua (272)
Natanians and Nosts (66)
Mariarty (UR)
Barunia (33)
San Regada (134)
Egyptosian (262)
Shayla (UR)
Drawkland (20)
Kavagrad (214)
Omerica (85)

Group 4
Joshenia (UR)
Yuezhou (74)
The Holy Empire (5)
Apox (42)
Halfdansodal (317)
The Frozen Forest (165)
Miznan (272)
Filindostan (48)
Romaian (190)
Acheia (262)

Group 5
Bellarona (317)
Petroslovania (83)
Adab (260)
Guriguay (198)
Melbergia (168)
Starblaydia (15)
Andwell (UR)
Brittany Normandy Aquitaine (296)
Kalumba (52)
Audioslavia (31)

Group 6
Farfadillis (3)
Kelssek (UR)
Tarper (272)
Santa Rafa (198)
Super-Llamaland (30)
Indusse (103)
Aggrey-Fynn Land (58)
Tobria (247)
Semarland (125)
Ceskaar (UR)

Group 7
The Sherpa Empire (170)
Mattijana (69)
Mytanija (262)
Eura (2)
The Hungarian Nation (317)
Hertisiana (272)
Blaneu (207)
Acronius (45)
Comind New Islands (UR)
North Prarie (79)

Group 8
Ethane (16)
Competitive Solitaire (132)
Leodomum (272)
Damukuni (25)
Unified Hispania (214)
Palmeria (UR)
Devonta (57)
Mapletish (UR)
Zeleny Hrebenia (247)
Maryloupe (77)

Group 9
Axuva (307)
Qusmo (81)
New Gazi (29)
Karulicja (UR)
Eastfield Lodge (51)
Valanora (13)
Nuadh-Alba (272)
Polkopia (223)
Rakivland (214)
Savalen (116)

Group 10
Sharktail (230)
Penguinland (272)
Garifunya (67)
Saltstead (38)
Northwest Kalactin (87)
Sorrentopia (207)
South Batoko (UR)
East Belzaria (UR)
Equestrian States (17)
Lochario (135)

Group 11
Lycrabon (UR)
Dreamplanet (UR)
Crystalline Caverns (148)
Mareibat (230)
Neo-Romanum (307)
Darkmania (103)
Mriin (19)
Sultanate of Oontaz (196)
Jeruselem (54)
Abanhfleft (24)

Group 12
Bongo Johnson (296)
Nephara (7)
Busoga Islands (214)
Cheergirls (UR)
Cosneolta (78)
Ancharmunn (UR)
Greater Libertania (230)
Euran Oceania Territories (160)
Eshan (35)
West Angola (68)

Group 13
Rannoria (230)
Oberour Ar Moro (UR)
Vithuland (214)
Swibia (UR)
Vilita (6)
Kernovi and Rewgwlas (116)
Tobiasia (49)
Kilaguni (272)
Anthor (94)
Mercedini (26)

Group 14
Siovanija and Teusland (84)
Sargossa (21)
Raffiah (307)
Thibaea (224)
Sangti (UR)
Kita-Hinode (40)
Soute (207)
Alpine Union (59)
Main Nation Ministry (126)
Altai Almas (272)

Group 15
Qasden (27)
Illahee (307)
Olastor (110)
The South Falls (307)
Geisenfried (UR)
Pasarga (11)
95X (50)
Vakolicci Haven and Celeria (70)
Squornshelan Remnant States (198)
Dormill and Stiura (252)

Group 16
Octinstine (99)
Cassadaigua (36)
Al-Mumtaz (UR)
Oscioru (230)
South Libertopia (198)
Colonial Australia (315)
Cobrio (172)
Tinhampton (65)
Brenecia (4)
Czarna Gora (272)

Group 17
Darmen (22)
South Caleblan (UR)
Freeport (189)
Timmy's Tigers (262)
Innovian Indusse (307)
St. Saratoga [St Saratoga] (167)
Coldfield (71)
Baker Park (46)
Kwesiland (UR)
Taeshan (60)

Group 18
Star United States (UR)
Alenburg (230)
Routcher (272)
Flardania (43)
South Covello (10)
Krytenia (146)
Bostopia (72)
Togonistan (317)
Carloso (192)
Ko-oren (47)

Group 19
Savojarna (28)
Krenorus (207)
Huffingshire (272)
Shofercia (186)
Pink Floyd FC (272)
Torisakia (UR)
Nova Anglicana (53)
Chromatika (8)
South Toronto (75)
Corindia (317)
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Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
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Postby Banija » Sat Aug 18, 2018 10:31 pm

Banija National Team- The Kadongo Kamu

Country code: BNJ
Denonym: Banijan(s)
Association: Royal Banijan Soccer Association(RBSA)
Nickname: The Kadongo Kamu
Manager: Marcus Waters, 48 years old, native of the Equestrian States. Took over the role after Matchday 9 of World Cup Qualifying.
Senior Assistant Manager: Sarh Sane, 69 years old. Took over the role after Marcus Waters was named the interim manager. Manager for 16 seasons at Busukuma Athletic Club.
Captain: Chibuzo Afolayan
Alternate Captain: Isaac Georgiadis
Home Kits: Green
Away Kits: White
Alternate: Orange

Brief National Team History
The Kadongo Kamu have played in exactly 179 games, as of the end of Qualifying for World Cup 80. The national team has participated in 7 World Cup Qualification campaigns(WCQ73, WCQ74, WCQ75, WCQ76, WCQ77, WCQ79, WCQ80) and so World Cup 81 is Banija's second consecutive trip to the World Cup Finals. We have also participated in Baptism of Fire 60, and been a participant in three different Cup of Harmonies(CoH 66, CoH 67, and CoH 71). Outside of this qualification via the playoff, Banija has a checkered history in WCC competition, with many lowlights in these competitions. In three Cup of Harmonies, Banija has never once moved past the group stage in the competition, and in their lone Baptism of Fire, they earned a lone point. They are also distinguished by being one of the few teams to go through an entire World Cup qualification campaign without earning a single point, earning 0 points in their first ever World Cup Qualification campaign, attempting to get to the Finals of World Cup 73.

The team has been on the rise in the last three World Cup cycles. A shocking World Cup 79 Qualification campaign saw them on the brink of qualifying, but the team simply ran out of gas and lost 4 of their final 5 matches to not make it to Ceni/Drawkland. Since then, the U21 team got 3rd place at the 42nd Di Bradini Cup, and the national team advanced to the quarterfinals of AOCAF LV and AOCAF LVI, establishing themselves as a strong regional side. They stunningly qualified for World Cup 80, after starting poorly by losing 5 of their first 9, to going unbeaten in the second half of qualifying, where they won 7 of those games. In the World Cup 80 Qualification playoffs, a 3-0 first leg victory in Montreal, Royal Kingdom of Quebec, powered the team through to their first ever appearance in the World Cup Finals, advancing to sport's pre-eminent competition 5-3 on aggregate over Mercedini. While a pair of one goal losses saw them eliminated after two games, they earned their first ever victory at the World Cup Finals in a 2-0 win over New Gazi in their final group stage game. They will participate in World Cup 81 as a co-host of the world's grandest tournament.

The team's trophy cabinet is bare, having never won any international competition- though the national team won bronze medals earned at the United Valhaven Regional Football Championships on home soil, before their move to Atlantian Oceania. The team ], as all teams do, has dealt with their fair share of retirements and what not from World Cup 80 and AOCAF LVI, and look to make an impact as the World Cup finally touches down on home soil.

All-Time Record: 72-82-25(W-L-D)
All-Time Winning Percentage: 40.22% (Wins over total games played)
All-Time Points Percentage: 44.88% (Wins plus 1/3rd of draws over total games played)
Current Rank: #32(20.44 KPB points)
Top 5 All-Time Leading Goal Scorers:
1. Kiggwe Mavuto(43 goals)
2. Toyuwa Okafor(34 goals)
3. Chibuzo Afolayan(31 goals)
4. Isaac Georgiadis(26 goals)
T5. Saa Okoro(23 goals)
T5. Gitonga Kahara(23 goals)
World Cup Apperances: 2- World Cup 80 & World Cup 81*
* = Automatically Qualified for World Cup Finals by virtue of being the tournament co-host; did not participate in World Cup 81 Qualifying

List of National Team managers
1. Kizza Kabila(Banija). Manager for Baptism of Fire 60 and the World Cup 73 Qualification Campaign. Overall record of 0-14-1(W-L-D).

Kizza Kabila is the only Banijan to have ever managed the national team. Hired for Banija's first foray onto the international scene in this sport, his reign was universally derided as a disaster. Managing 15 games, he drew his first game in the Baptism of Fire, and not only lost the next two, he then lost ever single match in the 12 game World Cup Qualification campaign for World Cup 73, with the side only scoring 5 goals across the entire campaign. Unceremoniously fired after becoming one of few managers to go through an entire World Cup Qualification campaign without earning a single point, he, alongside the entire board of the RBSA, resigned after the last game. He was disgraced in the sport after the campaign, and, to this point, has never returned to top-level soccer.

2.Jan Cassallerus(San Llera): Hired before the start of the World Cup 74 Qualification Campaign, managed through the World Cup 77 Qualification Campaign. Overall Record of 27-32-16(W-L-D).

Banija put its eyes abroad, searching for a foreign manager before the World Cup 74 Qualification campaign, and found Jan Cassallerus. He is Banija's longest ever serving manager, being at the helm for four entire World Cup cycles, and being at the helm for 75 total games, a kind of longevity unheard of in the modern game, especially managing the national team. He started winning a game at the Coupe D'Esquarium, in what was known as the group of death. He was largely celebrated for bringing the team into relevancy. The expectations were through the floor, following Kizza Kabila, but he brought the team to Cup of Harmony 66 and Cup of Harmony 67, as well as advancing in Olympic Qualifying and getting third place at the United Valhaven Regional Football Championships. He was forced into retirement after the World Cup 77 Qualification campaign, when the RBSA declared bankruptcy, and could not participate in the World Cup 78 Qualification Campaign due to their inability to compensate players and staff.

3. Randolf Cherry(Drawkland): Hired before the start of the World Cup 79 Qualification Campaign. Overall Record of 20-25-2(W-L-D)

Randolf Cherry, after the RBSA got its act together, was hired- controversially- as the manager of the national team. Not that his own hire was controversial, it was applauded across the sports spectrum here at home. He was given a 3 cycle contract, and everyone knew what the goal was- to make the World Cup Finals at least once over the course of the contract. They understood that it would take time to climb the rankings, and they were willing to give him the leash. However, he came in a very awkward situation. Adama Sowe, the Chairman of the RBSA, allegedly first offered the job to Sarah Owens, out of the Equestrian States. Of course, it is illegal in Banija for women to coach men's professional teams, and that caused controversy. And yet, here he was- the manager of the national team.

His own home country of Drawkland is, of course, very progressive in that area, where the sport is dominated by the ladies. Regardless, he had an excellent start to his reign as a manger, and was initially extremely popular. He won his first game, in a special Eagles Club match, against Aggrey-Fynn Land. He lost his first few qualifiers, but he went on a dear through the middle of qualifying, which included a 7 game winning streak on home soil. Big wins against then 4th ranked Chromatika at home and then 32nd ranked Eshan, put them in the conversation of World Cup Qualification, though they were simply not strong enough.

The Cup of Harmony was considered a disaster, finishing in dead last in their group. The competition maybe simply isn't for the Banijans, eh? But they were strong throughout the offseason, making a surprising quarterfinal run in AOCAF LV and bringing high hopes to the squad going into World Cup 80 Qualification. Hopes were through the roof for the national team, maybe even bordering unrealistic. They struggled, and the campaign got worse as the pressure built, as the squad lost their final four qualifiers of the first half of qualifying. With the campaign seemingly in free-fall, he was fired, as the RBSA said they wanted time to conduct "an open, thorough, search."

4. Marcus Waters(Equestrian States): Hired after the 1st half of World Cup 80 Qualifying, present manager of the national team. Overall record of 10-1-3(W-L-D).

Marcus Waters was the national team's assistant manager with Randolf Cherry above him, and the manager of the youth national teams. He first gained notoreity in Banija after successfully leading the U21 team to a 3rd place finish at the 42nd Di Bradini Cup. With his abilities clear, it made sense to move onto him as the interim manager as they searched for a permanent manager ahead of the second half of World Cup Qualifying. However, he was able to complete a stunning turnaround of this team. His first game in charge, he changed nearly the entire backline, and had a massive upset, away to Qasden, by a score of 3-2. A 3-0 victory over Razenthuria in the other mid-qualifying friendly got high hopes for him.

Marcus Waters went out with an intent to keep his team focused, despite everything going on at home. He has proven adept at navigating the political minefield that is this job, especially with his own country of origin essentially at war with Banija. He didn't lose a single game in the second half of qualifying, winning 7 games to get to the playoffs, including when the team was forced to play home games in Montreal due to ongoing violence within Banija. He was widely applauded for getting the team ready to play in Montreal, and winning 1-0 against Turori, the group's top seeded squad, and a 3-0 win in Montreal in the Qualification playoffs. While the RBSA interviewed four other candidates, his successful push through the World Cup Qualification playoffs and into Banija's first-ever World Cup Finals essentially clinched the job for him, as he put pen to paper to take the interim tag off of his title ahead of the 80th World Cup Finals.

Since then, of course, he has done a lot to garner the confidence of the higher-ups, and of the fans. A competitive push in AOCAF LVI, a trip to the quarterfinals, only falling to the eventual champs, was seen as a positive. As well as, of course, a surprising Fourth Place finish in the Cup of Champions Six, highlighted by a surprising point earned in their matchup against Nephara.

Full credit to Filindostan for the design and production of these jersies. Thank you very much!

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
RP Injuries to my players: Yes(please state what injury they have suffered and how many games they will miss).
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes(please state what injury they have suffered and how many games they will miss).
Godmod other events: Yes
Style modifier: +1

Do whatever you want besides godmodding the actual goals(I prefer the actual goals to be real). If anybody dies, please TG me who so I can replace them.

Roster for World Cup Finals

Starters: 4-2-1-3
Players who are based in a foreign league are bolded.
Players who have their first ever competitive callup in this tournament are italicized.
BSL = Banijan Soccer League, Banija's only national professional soccer league.
GK #13 Assefa Berhane. Age 31. Plays for Umbazi Metropolitan SC in the BSL.
RB #2 Obey Chidiebere. Age 25. Plays for Bunyoro RSC in the BSL.
CB #3 Wasa Jawo. Age 33. Plays for Petroslovakia United in the Petroslovanian Soccer League.
CB #5 Abate Brehanu. Age 30. Plays for the Busembe Timberwolves in the BSL.
LB #13 Ensa Camara. Age 26. Plays for the Zakhora Aces in the Härlighet Ligan in Cosumar.
RCM #6 Isaac Georgiadis. Age 32. Plays for Riuwee United in the Fleftic Premier League in Abanhfleft,
CM #8 Samba Ndaw. Age 29. Plays for the Hoima Warriors in the BSL.
CM/CAM #10 Okonkwo Okparro. Age 25. Plays for Makosile United in the Vilitan League.
RW #7 Chibuzo Afolayan. Age 31. Plays for AFC Corvistone in the Nepharim Premiership. Captain.
LW #11 Gitonga Kahara. Age 23. Plays for Polaris in the Terranean Leauge East.
ST #9 Toyuwa Okafor. Age 32. Plays for Avenida Neal in the Freitball Liga in Farfadillis.

GK #19 Lemuel Bereket. Age 25. Plays for Corizova United in the Northwestern League, on the second level of Banija's soccer pyramid.
GK #35 Jumu Sanneh. Age 25. Plays for the Isipongo Flash in the BSL.
RB #27 Berihu Temesgen. Age 29. Plays for the Busembe Timberwolves in the BSL.
CB #20 Jalang Ba. Age 25. Plays for Umbazi Metropolitan SC in the BSL.
LB #4 Gugulethu Feza. Age 26. Plays for Bunyoro RSC in the BSL.
CM #15 Phumelele Stofile. Age 26. Plays for Busukuma AC in the BSL.
CAM/CM #14 Ablie Kah. Age 22. Plays for Istria City FC in the BSL.
CAM #21 Marbue Owusu. Age 29. Plays for Hoima Warriors in the BSL.
LW/RW #12 Ansu Cisse. Age 31. Plays for Busukuma AC in the BSL.
LW/RW #18 Alanso Tamba. Age 26. Plays for Busukuma AC in the BSL.
ST #24 Kabir Jobateh. Age. 25. Plays for the Busembe Timberwolves in the BSL. Starter on the bronze medal 42nd Di Bradini Cup squad.
ST #17 Assefa Yitebarke. Age 27. Plays for Istria City FC in the BSL.

- Our free kicks are taken by Chibuzo Afolayan. Our corner kicks are taken by Gitonga Kahara.
- Our penalty kicks are taken by Toyuwa Okafor.
- In terms of substitutions, anybody is OK to substitute off the pitch besides Afolayan. He plays 90 minutes in every match, unless he gets a red card or is injured.
- The vast majority of goals will come from the three-headed trio at the top- Afolayan, Okafor, and Kahara.

Select Player Biographies

1. RW Chibuzo Afolayan

Where do we start with Chibuzo Afolayan? He holds the transfer record for any Banijan- selling a few windows ago for $5.5 million NSDs to AFC Corvistone, then in the Nepharim First Division, and now in the Nepharim Premiership. And, for those who follow the league, that sale is one that Askatasuna FC, even with all those riches, has rued ever since. Why? Well, for their two seasons with Afolayan, they were competing for the top 4 and even won a RBSA Cup. But since they sold him? He has helped AFC Corvistone finish their miraculous rise up the Nepharim pyramid, and achieve their first-ever promotion to the Nepharim Premiership, where they finished as a solid mid-table side.

The winger holds the distinction of the first Banijan to ever play in a top 5 league- playing a season in the Nepharim Premiership as a starter, in the physically demanding Nepharim Premiership, currently ranked as the world's top league. His spot in that league naturally lends pressure to him to preform for the national team, especially in big moments. With Banijan legend Kiggwe Mavuto retiring after World Cup 80, Afolayan was awarded the armband. The team will look to him for leadership, and we'll have to see how he handles the extra attention and responsibility that comes with the armband. The responsibility is piled on, of course, as he is being given the armband with the tournament coming to home soil. Can he handle the pressure?

2. ST Toyuwa Okafor

Toyuwa Okafor won the fierce, three-way battle for the right to wear the #9 jersey for the national team throughout World Cup 79 Qualifying. He split time with Nega Bazin and Matthias Muhumuza throughout that campaign, with each man competing for their chance to start for the national team. It can be said that Okafor clearly won the battle- Muhumuza ended up retiring from the national team and joining the Whitetail Rangers in the Equestrian States, while Nega Bazin ended up joining the Chenoworth Rovers in the Nepharim First Division, where a loss on the final day saw them miss out on promotion to the Nepharim Premiership.

This time around, for what seems to be the first time, Okafor goes into the Finals with his job safe in hand. While used to fierce competition for the #9 jersey, all signs and indications are that the jersey is essentially Okafor's to lose. Players like Yitebarke are mentioned less often in press conferences by Marcus Waters, while Okafor is thriving with Avenida Neal. With that change of circumstances for Banija's 2nd highest all-time goalscorer, we'll see if that can give him a confidence boost going into the World Cup Finals.

3. LW Gitonga Kahara

He is the true budding superstar of the Kadongo Kamu, and has long been hailed as the savior of the sport in this country. That tells you everything you need to know about the Boy Wonder's meteoric rise through Banijan soccer. He has been given lots of nicknames- the Boy Wonder, Banija's Football Savior, the Deliverer, etc... And he has never played a professional game on Banijan soil. When he was just 16 years old, he moved to Project Olimpo in Kita-Hinode, and starred in their youth league, one of the world's best. Project Olimpo won a league title, and Gitonga Kahara was the star of the team, winning the Golden Boot that season. He then, of course, went to the U21 World Cup as the player everybody had their eyes on- was he the real deal?

The answer was an emphatic yes. Gitonga Kahara, and the team in general, simply could not stop scoring in Valanora. He scored a stunning 10 goals at the Di Bradini Cup- taking the tournament by storm, and being not only the best player on the pitch for the Banijans, but arguably the best player on the pitch at the tournament in general. His value, and name, exploded on the international scene. Randolf Cherry, much to the chagrin of Project Olimpo officials, was pushing him to leave before the window- see what he'd do in a top-flight league, while his value was high with the memory of the Di Bradini Cup fresh. Of course, during the window, he'd be able to probably get a better deal. But the fact of the matter was this- a move was better for his immediate career prospects, even if it was a serious question mark for his long-term career prospects.

He went to Polaris, in the Terranean League East. He helped lead his team earn the Pablito Numede Trophy, and, with a third place finish, finish with a berth in the Champions Cup. He looks likely to be a star in that league for a long, long time to come. Here's the question- can he replicate his form for the national team? He has answered the bell so far, excelling at every point in his career, from Project Olimpo, to the Vijana Kadongo Kamu, to Polaris. He scored key goals in Banija's World Cup 80 Qualification campaign, including in their two-legged playoff, and scored again on the sport's grandest stage- the World Cup Finals.

He is already tied for fifth on the all-time scorer's list, adding five during the Banijan tour, before the Finals. He has the potential and the ability to be a superstar, and is expected to fetch quite a handsome fee when he hits the transfer market, as he has already announced that he is leaving Polaris. With the window upcoming, this will surely be his best chance to impress foreign clubs as he tries to strike gold in the upcoming market, one that promises to be filled with talent. This is his opportunity, this is his stage to vault himself into the elite- will he take it?
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Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
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Free Republics
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Postby Free Republics » Sat Aug 18, 2018 10:46 pm

Republican National Soccer Team, LLC


Formation: 3-1-2-1-3
Style Modifier: +2.5
Colors: Blue and White
Manager: Soccer General Rule Theriault
Assistant Manager: Sir Koby Theodore
Honorary Assistant Coach: Consul Kyle Bolton

Roster (age in parentheses)

Starting Lineup

GK: #12 Taras Sergeyev (19)
RB: #2 Ralf Schroder (19)
CB: #3 Zak Josef (20)
LB: #4 Vaclav Urbanek (19)
CDM: #5 Maxim Izmailov (20)
LM: #6 Usman Eldarkhanov (21)
RM: #7 Lecha Arsanukayev (19)
CAM: #8 Johnny Smith (18)
ST: #9 Porbergur Lydsson (20)
ST: #10 Love Holm (16)
ST: #11 Kalervo Peltola (18)


GK: #1 Stig Roivas (21)
GK: #13 Jaroslaw Nowicki (17)
DEF: #14 Mumadi Godina (18)
DEF: #15 Jake Reed (20)
DEF: #16 Marko Gersten (18)
DEF: #17 Tim Freeh (17)
DEF: #18 Ignacy Wozniak (15)
MID: #19 Alfonso Sundberg (19)
MID: #20 Donka Solyom (20)
MID: #21 Alik Khadzhiyev (17)
MID: #22 Nicolai Svendsen (18)
MID: #23 Denes Polak (16)
ST: #24 Dragutin Perkovic (19)
ST: #25 Norman Casares (16)
ST: #26 Andreas Hansen (17)
ST: #27 Steven Bosters (14)

Kits (made by Kirola Sports)



After two years away from international soccer, Republican National Soccer Team, LLC reformed two years ago just as its owner and sole proprietor was awarded the title of Soccer General by Consul Kyle Bolton. Soccer General Rule Theriault held open tryouts throughout the FFR to find the best young soccer players and the hottest high school cheerleaders in the Federation and get them under contract to Republican National Soccer Team, LLC. After travelling across the Federation and holding 60 open tryouts, a total of 27 soccer players and 68 cheerleaders were selected for the team based on their performance, (in the case of the soccer players) game tape and discussions with their coaches. At this time, Theriault is unsure whether any of the players stand out above the rest but he is hopeful that they will be responsible to coaching from the first Soccer General in the history of the Free Republics and his legendary assistant manager Sir Koby Theodore, who shined so memorably in World Cups 68 and 71. While rumor has it that looks were a factor in selecting both the soccer team and the cheerleading squad, Soccer General Rule Theriault denies rumors that Nova Hellstrom-Hancock and Lucia Bolton had a role in selecting players for the soccer team, though he does admit that Sir Koby Theodore and Consul Kyle Bolton hand-picked the cheerleaders.

In the year since World Cup 78, the Free Republics fell into a civil war. Political tensions that had been brewing for a long time between the political mainstream and the progressive left finally boiled over at the Unite the Left rally in Goldberg, Nejax. The small college town, home to the University of Nejax, was the site of disturbing political violence as an extreme progressive ran over 5 people, including University of Nejax pitcher Jurgen Eberhardt, the ace of the school's baseball team. A wave of left-wing domestic terror followed, leading to the passage of the Stop Aggressive Violent Extremism (SAVE) Act which granted extraordinary powers to the Federation Investigation Bureau (FIB) to protect public safety. 32 Republics responded to this by seceding from the FFR to form the Confederacy of Leftist Republics, which quickly became a state sponsor of terror. In the months since, the Republican armed forces have lost battle after battle to the Confederates and the FFR has suffered from many acts of terror, some of which, such as the destruction of the entries into international tournaments of the National Baseball Team and the National Hockey Team have had serious repercussions for Republican international sports. Eventually, the Leftist Republics were defeated and their territory turned into extremist containment zones known as "Charter Societies" as part of an effort to end political extremism in the Free Republics.

As the civil war was going on within the Free Republics, the National Soccer Team somehow managed to qualify for the World Cup, shocking almost everybody throughout the multiverse. However, they did not lost all 3 of their group stage matches that year and very much looked like a fluke qualifier. Last year, the Republican National Team headed into the Independents Cup in Schottia last year, where they announced their return to respectability in international soccer by winning the tournament, albeit with a fairly controversial victory over Mercedini and a poor group stage performance along the way. Then, they managed to qualify for the World Cup again in rather ugly fashion, drawing their first 4 matches, going just 8-7-3 in qualifying and barely managing to finish 3rd in their group. After defeating Apox rather easily in a playoff, they proceeded to lose 2 more World Cup group stage matches before drawing Abanhfleft in a meaningless match on the final day. This year so far has seen the Republican National Team pick up 3rd place finishes at the Independents Cup and Cup of Champions, both of which were held on home soil just like this World Cup will be.

Cheerleading Squad (age in parentheses)

Coach - Lady Nova Hellstrom-Hancock

#1 - Minka Sasa (20)
#2 - Fabienne Casares (17)
#3 - Elsa Suutari (18)
#4 - Anisa Kazantseva (20)
#5 - Michele van Roijen (21)
#6 - Kathrin Unger (17)
#7 - Helena Kucerova (18)
#8 - Zakia Zwarthoed (17)
#9 - Katie Hoysted (17)
#10 - Aubrey Desroches (20)
#11 - Miluse Vilkova (17)
#12 - Morana Tomic (20)
#13 - Rukiyat Ibragimov (18)
#14 - Beatrycze Piotrowska (21)
#15 - Leona Henriksson (19)
#16 - Lalita Bazhaev (21)
#17 - Sonya Wynne (21)
#18 - Ruzena Chlupova (19)
#19 - Sarah Miller (19)
#20 - Leokadia Olszewska (18)
#21 - Olivia Henderson (21)
#22 - Taymaskha Batukayev (20)
#23 - Patricia Knatchbull (18)
#24 - Hilda Sigurvaldadottir (19)
#25 - Ktisztina Dudas (17)
#26 - Mia Espenes (20)
#27 - Bethany Nunan (18)
#28 - Julitta Zawadzka (17)
#29 - Kamilla Sultes (19)
#30 - Summer Bradford (17)
#31 - Jodi Marshall (20)
#32 - Kriszta Goloncser (17)
#33 - Frederique Vaillancour (19)
#34 - Anni Salonen (17)
#35 - Deidamia Batista (18)
#36 - Claribel Fuentes (18)
#37 - Thyra Strom (20)
#38 - Ester Udinese (18)
#39 - Alma Jessen (20)
#40 - Veronica Biryukova (18)
#41 - Edda Palsdottir (21)
#42 - Klaudia Makay (17)
#43 - Candelaria Jaquez (20)
#44 - Judit Forgach (20)
#45 - Rosaura De Luca (19)
#46 - Elina Ek (17)
#47 - Matilda Todd (18)
#48 - Zuzana Tomankova (20)
#49 - Fabienne Jolicoeur (21)
#50 - Katrina Sigmund (20)
#51 - Beatrice van Sluijs (18)
#52 - Mikaela Lindberg (18)
#53 - Zana Kurunic (17)
#54 - Hana Vidakovic (18)
#55 - Victoria Allan (18)
#56 - Ursy Almonte (21)
#57 - Tahlia Lew (17)
#58 - Fiona Soderstrom (20)
#59 - Yisa Vedzizhev (19)
#60 - Sonay Meilink (17)
#61 - Bojana Matic (20)
#62 - Liliana Boni (19)
#63 - Julia Schroder (21)
#64 - Vera Dilday (20)
#65 - Sanja Barisic (20)
#66 - Elise Reinikainen (18)
#67 - Kristal Lendvay (20)
#68 - Claudia Vasilyeva (18)

RP Permissions

I give my opponent permission to:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Give my players yellow cards: Y
Give my players red cards: Y
Give injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y (but check with me first before you kill or seriously injure any major Republican characters)
Godmod other events: Y (In addition, everybody is welcome to get involved in my ongoing RP lines)
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Host: World Cups 68 & 81, CoH 58, Games of XIII Olympiad, X Winter Olympics, World Bowls XXII, XXXI & XXXVIII, WBCs 42 & 46, RUWC 25
Current Senior Consul: Nova Hellstrom-Hancock (Golden Age)
Current Junior Consul: Samuel Izmailov (Nat-Gre)
Demonym: Republican
Trigram: FFR
Official Nation Name: Federation of Free Republics
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Kick Corps? Pot 1 Team?!

Postby Drawkland » Sat Aug 18, 2018 10:49 pm


Region: Sonnel
Trigramme: DRK
Leader: Iarocav
Currency: Lolad
Capital City: Metropolon
Largest City: Drawk City

Manager: Michael Starre (Metropolon Lights)
Formation: 3-3-4
Style Mod: +4
Home Stadium: Drawk City Stadium; Capacity 175,000

Starting Lineup
## Pos Name Age Club NAT
12 GK Lana Harmony 27 Cedina Baech AFC Image
01 CB Sarah Arrowsword 31 Crawford City FC Image
02 LB Cynthia Pack 33 Gwinevra Barbarians Image
03 RB Nicole Warren 32 Eastern Stars Image
04 LM Rebecca Talla 39 Langtree United Image
07 CM Ellzidan 5373 Elstrund Roots Image
05 RM Mandy Thompson 30 Peynol-Lunas Image
09 LF Stella Moore 30 Drawk City Troopers Image
10 WF Corrie Archer 30 Drawk Corps Image
22 RF Cam Cross 28 Lexington Victory Image
11 CF Katie Madison 30 Drawk Corps Image
Reserve Lineup
## Pos Name Age Club NAT
00 GK Savannah Everett 31 Jaffro Storm Image
30 GK Kasey Clarke 34 Masteser Assassins Image
13 DF Lorraine Collins 29 Drawk Corps Image
14 DF Seon-Yann Slater 27 Willox Street Pirates Image
15 DF Bela Tracy 30 Drawk City Troopers Image
28 DF Ina Craig 33 Missomen Keets Image
31 DF Phoebe Livas 36 Masteser Assassins Image
16 MD Ella Cornelius 34 Dalumar Waves Image
17 MD Kaitlyn Axelson 31 Alnio Union Image
18 MD Siv Foss 32 Elstrund Roots Image
27 MD Zoe Malle 29 Jaffro Storm Image
26 MD Kari Azzara 39 Raikennax Charge Image
25 MD Claire Dawson 28 Pittsennat Reds Image
29 MD Ilana Way 31 Olask Islanders Image
06 ST Mickey Watson 30 Raikennax Charge Image
19 ST Aurora Jewel 29 Goodfeather FC Image
24 ST Kazia Savage 37 Zellbon Zeppelins Image
20 ST Leea May 28 Dammenport Lightning Image
32 ST Corynn Turati 27 North Hall Image
21 ST Iana Synder 34 New Belfast Warriors Image
23 ST Livia Scott 31 Metropolon Lights Image
08 ST Jackie Crawford 28 Rozelle Image

  1. Katie Madison (or CF)
  2. Cam Cross (or WF)
  3. Ellzidan (or LF)
  4. Sarah Arrowsword (or RF)
  5. Corrie Archer (or CM)
If a shootout unlikely goes on beyond 5, it will progress from unused players, Striker to Keeper.
Parenthesis refers to what player will take the shot if the listed player is absent.


This is the eleventh soccer/football tournament of any kind that Drawkland has officially competed in in the multiversal stage. After Qualifying for World Cups 77-80, the Kick Corps has pretty much quelled any doubts about whether or not they're actually good.
This is the official form of the roster, with a Reserve Lineup in addition to the Main Starting Lineup. The Main Lineup is full of familiar faces, but the Reserve Roster now has some new blood who first got exposure to international play last qualifying campaign. This is the lineup personally selected by the Drawkian International Sporting Council (DISC) to represent Drawkland: those chosen are undeniably the best at what they do and excel under the team chemistry and dynamic.
Drawkian soccer, and indeed, sporting in general, is mostly offensive-minded. This is reflected in the style indicator and in the formation. Drawkian soccer has not really been exposed to outside influences, and thus may look or feel strange to those used to "normal" football. Nevertheless, the players are still good at what they do, and prize in an enduring game, moving the ball around nearly constantly and keeping energy going, aiming to tire out the opposing team. Of course, Drawkians aren't humans, but you can read about that elsewhere. Oh yes, and Drawkian Soccer is a female-only sport. This may change, but not for a *long* time. This is because Gridiron Football is all-male, and the other two major sports, Baseball and Basketball, are mixed-gender. If there's anything a Drawkian loves, it's even formats and symmetric paradigms, hence why things shook out like they did. There are male players, but they play abroad where it's more acceptable, but they still don't get much attention.
Most of the team, including the manager, are made up from home-grown talent, coming from the highest-quality teams. However, a few have branched out to foreign leagues, mainly those of Terranea in Rushmore, that of Ceni and the Isles of Avon. More information on the players is to come later.

WC Sanctioned: 40-17-16
Non-WCC: 22-10-15

First Match: Drawkland 3-3 Averyickan City
First Win: Capital District, Ward 1 4-6 Drawkland
First Loss: Great Caledonia and North Hybernia 2-2 Drawkland (2-2 AET) [3-1 PKs]
Highest Score: Capital District, Ward 1 4-6 Drawkland
Lowest Score: Drawkland 0-0 Kosovakia (1-0 AET)
Best Win: Willinois 0-4 Drawkland
Worst Loss: Drawkland 0–4 Schottia
Most Important: Drawkland 3-2 Great Caledonia and North Hybernia
Best End Result: 3rd Place (Baptism of Fire 64)
Baptism of Fire 64: The big event, as it was referred to, was where Drawkland finally made their foray into the World Cup Cycle. Spirits were high going into the tournament and many were slating the Drawkians to take the whole tournament before it started. A 1-1 draw to Kernovi wasn't the start they imagined, but an 0-3 win on Turkmenbasyn followed by a 1-1 draw to Amnarei-asud was enough to send Drawkland to the knockout rounds. Winning 3-2 versus Ndaku in the first round, followed by an 0-2 win on Mriin was certainly expected, but a brutal 1-2 AET loss to none other than Amnarei-asud in the Semifinal sent the Corps to their second third place matchup, which was really not where they wanted to end up. However, they delightfully made light of the situation by beating the despised Great Caledonia and North Hybernia by a 3-2 margin to at least get bronze.
World Cup 77: And, being placed in Pot 7 for their first-ever World Cup Qualifiers, it was expected Drawkland to finish mid-table. Especially with the likes of the up-and-coming power of Bonesea, the Old Guard of Jeruselem, and the Top Pots of Barunia, it would be a long shot for Drawkland to qualify. But, somehow, on amazing circumstances that lasted all the way to the final minutes of the final match against Barunia, Drawkland managed to scrape through and qualify in their first ever shot at qualification. On to World Cup 77, where they sure got annihilated by other teams, only managing to get a single point by drawing Eura 0-0, before taking big L's to Osarius and Valladares.
World Cup 78: Eager to prove the doubters wrong and qualify once more to keep the percentage at 100%, Drawkland came with fire to World Cup 78 qualifiers, admittedly in the much easier position of Pot 3. They started strong out of the gate by defeating GVH 3-1 at home. Drawkland had a pretty solid but low-point qualifying campaign, scoring big wins but also big losses (all 3 of Drawkland's losses that campaign came to the tune of conceding 5 goals). A penultimate matchday 2-2 draw left Drawkland a point behind Red Blackiland, the second place nation in the group. Once again needing miraculous circumstances, Drawkland managed a 4-1 win to stay alive and Red Blackiland miraculously drew against an unranked side, paving Drawkland's way to their second consecutive World Cup. Ignore the fact that they lost to Eura and Farfadillis 6-2 and 6-1 respectively, instead focus on how they got their first-ever World Cup victory by defeating Turori 1-0!
Wold Cup 79: Drawkland had a very easy path to qualification in World Cup 79 ... they hosted it! Well, co-hosted it, along with Ceni. Avoiding the grueling World Cup Qualifying process, they came in to the World Cup group stage fresh and ready to take advantage of their home fields. They started that off well with a 2-0 win over Cassadaigua, but momentum slowed after a 1-1 draw to Turori the next matchday. However, they still had the second-place position in their group, and all they had to do is not lose by 2 goals or more to Cosumar on the final matchday to make the knockout round for the first time in their history. Unfortunately, the choke gods descended upon the Kick Corps, and they lost 4-1 at a practical home field to the Dragons. Turori won their match and went on to the playoffs ahead of Drawkland. Despite the disappointing loss, they still got the most points they ever had in a World Cup, with 4.
Independents Cup 4: After 3 straight cycles of mediocrity (Round of 16 exit, Round of 16 exit, Quarterfinal exit), Drawkland was not too excited for their next Independents Cup. However, with Bonesea, Spaam, and other highly-ranked IAC nations inexplicably gone for the tournament, the only real threat to Drawkland was the Schottian juggernaut. After a solid group stage showing, the Corps went on to the playoffs with ease. Drawkland's bracket path was easy, besides the chance of facing Schottia in the semifinals ... only for Schottia to inexplicably fall to a minor nobody nation. Drawkland's path to the championship was then paved in gold and handed on a silver platter, facing the only other well-ranked nation left, Free Republics, in the final. Drawkland had the momentum, the team, the skill, all they had to do was win the game. And yet ... they inexplicably failed to show up to the game, and the Free Republics stomped them to win the IAC.
World Cup 80: The Corps had to put their nose to the grindstone once again and try to qualify for their 4th straight cycle and keep the streak alive. They did just that. Despite poor showings against Electrum both legs, they earned the second spot in the group and went on to compete in a qualification playoff against Valladares. They won the first leg 3-4 away, but lost the second leg 2-3. Luckily, with their huge showing on the road, they qualified on away goals, and went on to be in an extremely difficult World Cup group. They could only draw the lower-ranked Buyan, and somehow fluked into a goalless draw against world #1s Schottia, before falling for the third time that cycle to Electrum. Another cycle, another qualification, another group stage defeat. Onward the Corps shall march.

Beautifully Crafted by ediraf.
From Left to Right: Home, Away, Goalkeeper.


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes
Yellow Card my Players: Yes
Red Card my Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes
As far as these go, I'm fair game for anything. You should know what is and isn't drastic RP, and if you think your RP is on the drastic side, TG me first. But I'm still basically up for anything.
I'd like to request that injuries or cards don't do anything outside of the scope of a single game or maybe 2. Don't want anything tournament or cycle-ending. Red cards should be limited to late knockout stages, and I'd probably think that there should be no more than 2 players red carded per tournament.
Also, Ellzidan is a rather unique figure, as you'll come to find out, so you can go ahead and do some weirdness involving her if you'd like to make something less realistic occur. TG me if unsure.

Disclaimers of various sorts:
I don't know very much about soccer. If I RP something weird, it's because I have little to no experience with this sport. But whatever.
If you have any questions about anything involving me, this team, my nation, this competition, life, etc., feel free to telegram me.
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Postby Main Nation Ministry » Sat Aug 18, 2018 11:11 pm


The Ministry of Sports World Cup 81 Team

Motto: For Victory and Power No Doubt

"Gentlemen, we have returned. Prepare for our stand."
- General and Coach Emmanuel Jones

Coach: General Emmanuel Jones
Assistant Coach: Lietuatant Lucio Peters
Manager: Drill Sergeant Alasteir Stallard
Trainer: Isacco Fitzpatrick

Goalkeeper: Farrel Millikan

Center-Back: Matthias Eusey
Sweeper: Anatol Ilacqua
Left Full-Back: Kelsey Lamensdorf
Right Full-Back: Darnall Rinker
Left Wing-Back: Teodorico Moody
Right Wing-Back: Hew Spanier

Centre Midfield: Findlay Feany
Defensive Midfield: Bogey Schoell
Attacking Midfield: Claiborn Cai
Left Wide Midfield: Welsh Thernstrom
Right Wide Midfield: Barris Holowinsky

Centre Forward: Xenos Johnsson
Second Striker: Richmond Shandy
Left Winger: Burg Sigel
Right Winger: Guido Hasselblatt

GK: Holmes Albert
SW: Jermain Matsuda
CB: Sheppard Moglia
DM: Inigo Mcgrail
CM: Franky Tracey
AM: Saw Mcvarish
SS: Reinaldos Verdirosi
CF: Marcelo Cooney
Full-Back: Fons De lallo
Wing-Back: Ivor Zoza
Mid-Field: Nahum Roemer
Winger: Sherlocke Furukawa

Uniforms: Uniforms will be checkered black and white, where the national red V will be visible on the sleeves. A favorite among the public of Main Nation Ministry and players for Ministry of Sports World Cup players.

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose my scoring events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes, but no deaths allowed.
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Yes
Give Red Cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes (TG me first, though)
Style Modifier: +0.5
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Postby Dreamplanet » Sun Aug 19, 2018 4:39 am

Nation Name: Dreamplanet
Short Name: DRE
Manager: Rodrigo Vaz
Style Mod: +3.5


Formations: 4-3-3, 4-4-2, 4-2-4 all attack

GK - (#1) Filipe Vaz - Sporting CD
RB - (#2) Fransisco Jorge - Coerefente
CB - (#3) Jorge Cardozo - FC Libon
CB - (#4) João Pedro - Libon United
LB - (#5) Rui Jorge - Adina CF
DM - (#6) Paulo Oliveira - Real Island CD
CM - (#8) Jorge Resende - Sporting CD
CM - (#10) Miguel Benedito - Coerefente
RW - (#7) Luis Silva (C) - Sporting CD
LW - (#17) Aaron Hungar - FC Libon
ST - (#9) Paulo Figueiredo - Sporting CD

GK - (#12) Rafael dos Bosques - FC Libon
CB - (#13) Duarte Henriques - Coerefente
CB - (#15) Michael Silva - Libon United
CM - (#16) Luis da Costa - Real Island CD
CM - (#18) Fábio Henriques - Coerefente
ST - (#14) Antonio Luis - Adina CF

KITS-MADE BY MAKE (Dreamplanetian Kitmakers "Make")

yknow when i last participated
ST - Luis Silva (#7) - 21
ST - Aaron Hungar (#17) - 12
ST - Antonio Luis (#14) - 2
GK - Rafael dos Bosques (#12) - 1
GK - Filipe Vaz (#1) - 1
CB - Jorge Cardozo (#3) - 1
CM - Jose Resende (#8) - 1

Clubs which stadiums were chosen from:Sporting CD, FC Libon, Libon United, Real Island CD and Adina CF
Stadium 1-Estadio de Libon
Tenants: Sporting CD, Dreamplanet
Other Info: Dreamplanet's Failed WorldVision bid holder
Main Stadium until next cycle.
Games Holding: Dreamplanet vs Jerusalem MD1, Dreamplanet vs Neo-Romanum MD6

Stadium 2-Estadio Quadrados
Tenants:FC Libon, Boacity FC
Other Info: Originally Adina CF's stadium
Games Holding: Dreamplanet vs Abanhfleft MD3, Dreamplanet vs Mariebat MD14

Stadium 3-Estadio Unido
Seating: 45,035
Tenants:Libon United
Other Info: Was going to be Dreamplanet WV40's planned host bid.
Games Holding: Dreamplanet vs Mriin MD8, Dreamplanet vs Lycrabon MD11

Stadium 4-Estadio Da Ilha
Seating: 32,500
Tenants: Real Island CD
Games Holding: Dreamplanet vs Sultanate of Oontaz MD18

Stadium 5-Estadio Chama
Seating: 47,000
Tenants:Adina CF
Other Info: Recently upgraded to a 47k seater.
Games Holding: Dreamplanet vs Crystalline Caverns MD4, Dreamplanet vs Darkmania MD16

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP/Godmod injuries to my players: TG Me
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: TG Me
Godmod other events: Yes
And everything else you find is risky like death, TG me.
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Postby Juvencus » Sun Aug 19, 2018 10:35 am

Squadra Nazionale di Juvencus


The people of Juvencus were surprised and glad to see the team managing to clinch a spot for the world cup through the playoffs against Super Llamaland after a disastrous group campaign which saw the team drop spots and immediate qualification to the world cup. After the tragedy that was the qualifying stages for the world cup and what could maybe be a spark of hope for the team as it qualified for its first world cup ended up being a massive fluke, with the team not winning a single game which was devastating for both the players and the Juven people as a whole, this saw the likes of Scarpa, Rodrigues and a few others stepping out of the national team which may hurt the team's overall teamwork and depth. On top of all the international retirements, Anastasio Campana's assassination upon arrival to Juvencus has hurt the team's morale to a big extent. However, with a squad which is quite refreshed, as well as really young, the gli attaccanti's giving it one more go for the world cup, as it is setting every hard situation aside for the nation.

Starting XI:
GK:Taddeo Bulgari(Age 27)(Tushlark Superstars FC)
CB:Dudu Madeiros(Age 33)(USC Toro)(Captain)
CB:Nicolò Bassi(Age 26)(IFK Aldenskoett)
CB:Izotz Ibarra(Age 24)(AC Pomena)
CDM:Nino Russo(Age 27)(Internazionale Serone)
CDM:Clovis Bret(Age 29)(FC Piluzzi)
RM:Hugo Grec(Age 29)(Carvi Albion)
LM:Tore Christian(Age 21)(Toro Calcio)
LF:Joaquim Martell(Age 28)(Crawford City FC)(Second captain)
RF:Patxi Etxeberria(Age 22)(S.S.C Pacgliari)
CF:Brunella Tafani(Age 23)(Twin Saints)

GK:Naldo Zappa(Age 30)(AC Serone)
CB:Amaury Félix(Age 28)(USC Toro)
CB:Priscilla Herbert(Age 27)(S.S.C Tipoli)
CDM:Firmino Maçon(Age 21)(AC Herona)
CDM:Mattin Zabala(Age 24)(Porcara FC)
RM:Ekain Zuñiga(Age 23)(AC Pomenza)
RM:Vespasien Tanzi(Age 22)(FC Tiscan)
LM:Michelangelo Santini(Age 19)(Internazionale Serone)
LM:Angelino Alberighi(Age 27)(Plympton Town)
LF:Porfirio Araujo(Age 24)(AC Pomena)
RF:Demetro Laterza(Age 26)(Umbazi Metropolitan SC)
RF:Oriol Vives(Age 30)(Perokojak Kota Jakulta)
CF:Santo Silvestri(Age 23)(FC Samotath)
CF:Georges Bandini(Age 26)(Toro Calcio)

Main Coach:August Toset
Assistant Coach:Desiderio Bellincioni
Assistant Coach:Pau Porras
Team Doctor:Carlo Micheli
Team Doctor:Mathis Rotolo

Team tactics

Refreshed squads don't necessarily mean change of tactics for the gli attaccanti as it not only sticks to its name, but its tactics as well. Since the team has a lot of young players of extreme stamina and speed, this means the team sticks to its counter-offensive play that has so helped them to win a Cup of Harmony and qualify for its first ever world cup. The team will usually either do long balls from defense that will try to find any of the offensive players at a good spot, or will use a strong passing game and strike from the side then eventually going to the center to pressure with a barrage of shots from just a bit outside the box to a long distance outside the box.

In the unlikely occasion you RP before me, this should be helpful:
Most likely to do a freekick from 40 meters outside the box to behind the center line: Izotz Ibarra, Dudu Madeiros, Clovis Bret
Most likely to do a freekick from 39 meters to outside the big box: Joaquim Martell, Patxi Etxeberria, Tore Christian, Brunella Tafani
Most likely to score a freekick from 39 meters to outside the big box(In order): Patxi Etxberria, Joaquim Martell, Brunella Tafani, Tore Christian(Do keep in mind Juven players have higher chances of scoring freekicks than the multiversal average.)
Most likely to kick a penalty: Patxi Etxeberria, Joaquim Martell
Most likely to get yellow carded(In order): Dudu Madeiros, Nicolò Bassi, Priscilla Herbert, Brunella Tafani, Tore Christian
Most likely to get red carded(In order): Dudu Madeiros, Nicolò Bassi, Mattin Zabala
Most likely to score a goal(In order): Joaquim Martell, Patxi Etxeberria, Brunella Tafani, Santo Silvestri, Demetro Laterza
Most likely to give an assist to a goal(In order): Tore Christian, Joaquim Martell, Patxi Etxeberria, Nino Russo, Izotz Ibarra

(Capacity of 47,500)

Thanks Filindo!

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose my scoring events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: No, I'll do that, you can sub them off after a hard tackle tho, I'd heavily suggest this happens once per 4 games.
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Yes, 1 per 2 games, unless I say otherwise in TG
Give Red Cards to my players: Yes, 1 per 3 games, unless I say otherwise in TG
Godmod other events: I'd rather not
Style Modifier: +4
The Holy Empire of Juvencus

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Postby Starblaydia » Sun Aug 19, 2018 10:45 am

Starblaydi RP Permissions Box wrote:OOC Information:

The Starblaydia national football team will tell you more about the team, their style, culture, fans, and history than I can ever write in a simple roster post. Thanks.

I Give My Opponent Permission
(and actively encourage them) To:
Choose My Scorers
GodMod Any Goalscoring Events
Red & Yellow Card Players (Within reason, they're not remotely a dirty side)
GodMod Other Events for Humorous Intent

1) Starblaydia with play an attack-minded game with a +2 style modifier.
2) The best starting eleven are numbered 1-11 and are in bold
3) I actively encourage that if you RP first you pick my scorers (if any).
4) * Denotes female player, denotes elf player, ^ denotes dwarf player.
5) Before each match, in between national anthems and kick-off, the entire 23-man squad will perform the Raiigar, Starblaydia's traditional war-dance (Similar to a New Zealand Haka).


Starblaydia's Team for the 81st World Cup
Their 61st Campaign to be World Champions

Five-time World, six-time Regional, two-time Under-21 and one-time Olympic Men's Football Champions Starblaydia are will line up for their 61st participation in a World Cup campaign (15-34, 38-56 and 61-Present) and will be attempting to make the finals for the 47th time. They begin their Qualifying campaign off the back of taking 3rd Place in the 56th AOCAF Cup, their best result in many decades, which was also their 1,000th victory in international competition.

Starblaydi All-time Cap Winners:
1. Ázëwyn Fëanáro*, 270
2. Dacil Taniquentar, 263
3. Daeron Avathar, 259
4. Valrauncion, 242
5. Soronúmë, 240
6. Carnophin Narquelie, 134
7. Minheled Earisil, 127
8. Brazadar Khurnos^, 126
9. Lucas Cable, 108
10. Sergio Di Bradini, 107

Starblaydi All-time Scorers:
1. Valrauncion, 116
2. Ázëwyn Fëanáro*, 71
3. Lena Kochanska*, 61
4. Jacqueline Maitland*, 59
5. Soronúmë, 57
6. Lubii*, 55
7. Dasha Tolkacheva*, 52
8. Nicole Maitland-Banks*, 47
9. Johan Keifner, 47
10= Simeone Di Bradini, 44
10= Zhorin Tumunzahar^, 44
10= Diamontii Di Bradini*, 44

Demonym: Starblaydi

Key Personnel:
Ázëwyn Fëanáro, Starblaydia's Elven
Manager and record appearance maker,
leads Starblaydia for a fourth
Qualifying campaign.

Most likely to (in order):
(Suggestions only, if you're stuck for a
name to go with a particular incident)

Score goals:
Cole, Rayyen, Di Bradini
Take a penalty:
Di Bradini, Cole
Defend well:
Capodanno, Ryku, Dashwood
Create a moment of magic:
Di Bradini, Cole, Renshaw
Change the game as a sub:
Nauglamír, Jiménez
Receive a card:
Esposito, Dashwood, Cole

AF. Ázëwyn Fëanáro*, Manager, 4,053
270 Caps, 71 Goals (Uncapped at Under-21 level)
Fëanáro scored the winner in the 47th Final against Valanora, denying them a title on their own turf and lifting Starblaydia to the mantle of all-time greatest team. Known for her excellent attacking play, range of passing and great eye for goal that lifts her to second in the all-time goalscorers list too, by virtue of a nearly 1-in-4 ratio, Ázëwyn Fëanáro is a symbol of grace, power and beauty from Starblaydia's golden age, some hundred and twenty-five years ago when the Cup was in its 40s. It is these qualities that the SFA managed to recapture with Fëanáro at the helm, bringing her trademark poise and piercing yell to the touchlines after more than a decade of national failures. She took her team to two consecutive World Cups after so long without the famous team in white, and on home soil she's aiming for her team to go deep into the knockouts.

JM. Jerzy Makuszewski, Assistant Manager, 63
83 Caps, 0 Goals (6 Caps, 0 Goals at Under-21 level)
Known as "Chef" by those who can pronounce his surname correctly, Makuszewski took up the mantle of "Best in the World" Lucas Cable to become Starblaydia's unassailable number one between the posts and wear the captain's armband. Always a fiery character, he can shift from jovial to furious in moments, and is Fëanáro's 'enforcer', barking out orders and remonstrating with players and officials with equal fervour.

1. Martin Bennet, GK, 28 - Paricone Athletic FC
7 Caps, 0 Goals (5 Caps, 0 Goals at Under-21 level)
Bravery is the number one part of Bennet's game, standing tall and strong against even the most bestial of hulking strikers he faces, diving at the feet of the fastest of forwards as his wonky broken nose will attest to. The sheer size of the man often makes the goal look small, and after Bennet came off the bench to replace the injured Järvinen in AOCAF 56, he's taken a hold of the primary goalkeeping slot, and he's not about to give it back.

12. Amari Ollarion*, GK, 24 - Corinthian Spirits
Uncapped (3 Caps, 0 Goals at Under-21 level)
She's the first female goalie to come along for consideration in a Starblaydi senior side, and Ollarion's performances at the 43rd Di Bradini Cup saw her make the AOCAF Squad. Ollario has a good command of her area and is cool under pressure, though tends to punch more often than is necessary, but she's expected to be given the nod in some games to gain experience and ensure back-up to Bennet is kept competitive.

19. Bjorn Järvinen, GK, 32 - Hippion Overdrive
14 Caps, 0 Goals (4 Caps, 0 Goals at Under-21 level)
]Järvinen had begun to make the #1 shirt is own after appearing in all of Starblaydia's World Cup 80 matches, but after being injured in AOCAF 56 he's lost out to the younger Bennet

2. Dorn Garkadrum^, RB, 38 - Iskara Daii
42 Caps, 4 Goals (Uncapped at Under-21 level)
Full of tricky moves and neat interplay, Garkadrum always provides some wing wizardry for the both the Widdrington Wolves and now the Daii. His speed and ball control make him a voracious attacking full back, and he's got the pace to track most wingers and collect the hopeful long balls without any trouble. Like a bullet in attack and defence, he wants to live up to the exploits of his great hero, the World Cup Hall of Famer Khim Azanulbizarn. A long ball over the top is always a Dwarf's problem, but they usually have the speed and physical presence to catch up.

3. Frederico Esposito, LB, 30 - Iskara Daii
20 Caps, 1 Goal (4 Caps, 0 Goals at Under-21 level)
An attacking full-back who loves to come forward, his overlapping with Marcello Di Bradini down the left-hand side of the pitch at the Daii is legendary and it is expected to be exploited as Starblaydia revert to a back-four. Missing out on a previous starting position in a back three, Esposito will be looking to really shine and make a name for himself on the international stage in what would presumably be his last shot at the World Cup.

5. Syku Ryku, CB, 28 - Foxchester Raiders
37 Caps, 1 Goal (9 Caps, 1 Goal at Under-21 level)
Watching Syku Ryku play is like watching beige paint dry. So terribly, terribly dull. No mistakes, no rushes of blood to the head, no crazy backheels to outwit a striker, just solid, simple, defensive play from the tall and rangy centre-back. Although his thick Rejistanian accent, acquired from his parents, is continually and unintentionally hilarious in interviews, there's no more a model professional on the pitch. Unless you're watching the robot leagues, in which he'd fit right in.

6. Sami Viipuri, CB, 23 - Hippion Overdrive
2 Caps, 0 Goals (5 Caps, 0 Goals at Under-21 level)
A tall, strong central, left-footed central defender with an eye to getting up at corners, his positioning is the best part of his game, reading the play and snuffing out the passes before they get dangerous, as well as tracking back against the speedy forwards he may face. Preferred in partnership with Ryku over Alofa for their combined intellignce on the pitch, expect Viipuri to be rotated with Alofa depending on opponent and style required.

13. Garret Allen, R/LB, 28 - Paricone Athletic FC
2 Caps, 0 Goals (5 Caps, 0 Goals at Under-21 level)
A great engine coming forward, with the ability to run all day and cover acres of ground as a flying full-back on either side, in this team the width is mostly provided by the wingers, leaving Allen on the bench for not quite fitting into this side, despite being an excellent player. He's sure to see his fair share of playing time during the campaign, though, so his rookie-looking numbers of appearances will soon jump right up to those of a respectable international player.

14. Tupu Alofa, CB, 27 - Cedrus Soundgardia
4 Caps, 0 Goals (5 Caps, 0 Goals at Under-21 level)
Sometimes, players can be summed up in a meme, and for Alofa the relevant text is "In awe at the size of this lad. Absolute Unit.". He's simply a tank, a running, jumping, heading, kicking, offside-trapping tank. He's just the kind of defender they like at Soundgardia, the rough and tumble, trying journeyman whos' all heart and little finesse. When you're this much of an all-round athlete, though, able to out-sprint or out-muscle most players while looking so incredibly photogenic, you're always worth putting in a squad, even if just for the shirt sales in Cedrus.

20. Santiago Ortega, CB, 29 - Hippion Overdrive
15 Caps, 0 Goals (4 Caps, 0 Goals at Under-21 level)
Ortega is unusual in Starblaydi football in that he's a master of the 'dark arts', he's a tall, looming figure and a skilled central defender, but his real strength lies in the ability to get away with all sorts of nonsense both on and off the ball. Starblaydi fans love to see his defensive highlight reel of sliding tackles, powerful block challenges and enormous defensive clearances, but his reel of professional fouls, exaggerated falls, elbows and whining to the referee - something very out of the national character for a Starblaydi player - is something most Starblaydi fans avoid. He's in the side to break up the opponent's attacking rhythm by any and all means necessary.

4. Viola Capodanno*, L/DM, 20 - Tabeck Cefn Druids
5 Caps, 1 Goal (5 Caps, 0 Goals at Under-21 level)
She's been the young rock in the heart of the Starblaydi midfield for the Under-21s, a box to box player who's rather good at breaking up attacks, who made more appearances at the recent AOCAF Cup than any other subsitute. Ázëwyn Fëanáro genuinely believes that Capodanno is an international-class player, and this current Starblaydi midfield gives her every opportunity to continue to develop into just the type of player that Fëanáro herself would have longed to play alongside.

7. Marcello Di Bradini, Captain, L/CM, 30 - Iskara Daii
39 Caps, 13 Goals (4 Caps, 2 Goals at Under-21 level)
The Di Bradini name is famous around the world and with it comes fan and media attention like few other surnames. What it also brings is a level of pressure quite unlike any other set of letters you can put in the back of the shirt. There have been several great members of the Di Bradini clan from the original Simeone and his younger brother Roberto, to the World Cup winning Diamantii, all the way through to the playmaking talent of Sergio at the 63rd World Cup Final. Marcello is, mostly due to the performances of his team, not quite able to be spoken of in the same breath, but he's damn close. With Starblaydia having returned from the doldrums due to Fëanáro's leadership, Marcello Di Bradini has been as important as any player in Starblaydia's return to the top 16 in both the world and the world's strongest region. He's an all-round excellent player, but it's his playmaking, distribution and set piece taking that really sets him apart from his peers and makes him the player to wear the captain's armband.

8. Austin Dashwood, C/D/RM, 25 - Montepool Waves
8 Caps, 0 Goals (5 Caps, 2 Goals at Under-21 level)
Versatile, dependable and playing with a smile on his face, Dashwood goes about his task on the pitch with a dogged determination that sees him cover the ground, win the ball, break up the play and re-distribute it to those around him. He's creative, a hard worker, and links up well with those around him. His lack of experience at this level is likely his biggest weakness, as well as being not the largest of players, but his enthusiasm is totally making up for it as he is set in the midfield alongside Capodanno and Di Bradini.

11. Sterling Renshaw, LW/RW, 27 - Tabeck Cefn Druids
6 Caps, 1 Goal (5 Caps, 1 Goal at Under-21 level)
A two footed pure winger, who's only goal in life appears to be to get down the touchline, get to the goalline, and whip in a dangerous cross for his strikers to knock in the net. Sometimes he'll even cut back to beat the same opponent again just for good measure, which may delight the fans and the highlight reels, but is horror for his coaches. He's been given exclusive permission to run wherever his instincts take him, as they're usually pretty good, and behind him Dashwood, Garkadrum and Capodanno will protect his position.

15. Will Anderson, C/DM, 28 - Hecia
10 Caps, 0 Goals (5 Caps, 0 Goals at Under-21 level)
Tall, and rangy, with a great ability to ping the ball around in midfield, Anderson is one of those pure athletes and technical masters, so versed in the strategy of the modern game. He mostly needs the teamwork and protection of a midfield four, however, and isn't quite specialised enough for the midfield three.

16. Hanar Nauglamír^, AM, 37 - Karak Ungor Chiefs
47 Caps, 13 Goals (Uncapped at Under-21 level)
Nauglamír plays in the classic Trequartista mold to pull the strings of the attack, play through-balls to the strikers and wide midfielders, as well as unleash a vicious shot when he gets the opportunity. Often he takes his place at the front of the traditional Starblaydia 4-4-2 Diamond to run the park like it was his own front lawn, but there is no place for him in the starting line-up of this 4-3-3 formation as Fëanáro opts for hard-running midfield engines in the form of Di Bradini, Capodanno and Dashwood - every one of them a complete athlete compared to Nauglamír. What the Dwarf has, however, is an excellent footballing brain and can easily come on to change a game when a solid defence needs that one key, patient pass to be unlocked.

21. Yujiro Fujiyama, AM, 26 - Hallad Reavers
4 Caps, 0 Goals (5 Caps, 3 Goals at Under-21 level)
A voracious return for a midfielder at Under-21 level, Fujiyama's international career has been hampered by the experienced dwarf Nauglamír in front of him, but the two are completely different kinds of midfielders. Fujiyama is a hard running, all-action attacking midfielder who ghosts into the box with a fierce shot.

22. Kota Sato, L/AM, 23 - Montepool Waves
1 Cap, 0 Goals (5 Caps, 0 Goals at Under-21 level)
Kota Sato is an exciting, upcoming midfield star, notable for racing away down the wing at Montepool, hurdling challenges as he goes. Against aging or slow defences, don't be surprised if this young man is unleashed upon an unsuspecting side in the final twenty minutes.

9. Aaron Cole, SC, 24 - Corinthian Spirits
2 Caps, 1 Goal (7 Caps, 4 Goals at Under-21 level)
Cole the bruiser, the playmaker, the string-puller in what every other nation might call the archetypal 'Number 10' position. In Starblaydi naming conventions, however, the number 10 is often the out-and-out goal hanger, with the number 9 hanging back either as the playmaker or huge target man. Cole is a player of the likes Starblaydia has not seen in a long while, a lethal forward and devilish assist-provider, playing with a maturity far beyond the years of a standard twenty-four year old, and he's been given the line to lead, supported by the best that Starblaydia can offer.

10. Mezna Rayyen*, SC/LW, 27 - Foxchester Raiders
27 Caps, 11 Goals (8 Caps, 3 Goals at Under-21 level)
Whether as a striker or a winger, Rayyen's talents are her speed and an eye for goal, but she needs to improve her shooting accuracy just a little more to be really considered a truly great striker. She is, however, one of the leading scorers in this team and will be expected to weigh in with her fair share of the goals.

17. Ángel Nicolás Jiménez, SC, 28 - Paricone Athletic FC
7 Caps, 2 Goals (5 Caps, 4 Goals at Under-21 level)
A fantastic Under-21 return seems to have gone slightly awry for AJ, but without Qualifying for World Cup 80, he just hasn't had the chances to appear since the last AOCAF Cup, with every game mattering so much. He's first on the list this time, however, if Starblaydia need to amend their striking options, and he's a fast, agile little player who's so good in the air, it almost feels like he can hover as he waits to head the ball in.

18. Mercy Kaufman*, SC, 21 - Beverington Hawks
Uncapped (5 Caps, 1 Goal at Under-21 level)
One of two uncapped strikers from the Under-21s, Kaufman is a short, wiry speedster, possessing the thing that defenders fear more than anything else: pace. A fiery personality, too, keeps rearing its ugly head, leading to a questionable disciplinary record tat she'll need to .

23. Elianora Mendez*, SC, 20 - Tentai University (Kita-Hinode)
Uncapped (1 Cap, 0 Goals at Under-21 level)
The second uncapped Under-21 striker in the side, Mendez is a creative genius with a host of tricks and skills in her armoury. At this point in her career she should probably be more concerned with putting the ball in the back of the net, but her natural abilities and love for the game means she can do, and will attempt in matches, things that other players simply can't conceive of.

Formation (4-3-3)

Home And Away Kits
Kits created by:
ediraf once again has innovated beyond all competitors with the Generation Five series of football kits.

Generation Five brings it all back to the beginning with Starblaydia's iconic, traditional and ubiquitous all-white Home kit, and the all-purple Away kit, both with five gold stars - representing their record-setting five World Championships - above the Starblaydi Football Association logo.

Home Stadium

The site of the 80th World Cup Final, all of Starblaydia's home matches will take place in the 196,754-seater Stadii Di Bradini, close to the popular tourist destination of downtown Jhanna, Starblaydia's capital city. Boasting extensive transport links, hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs and entertainment, the Downtown area is the perfect place for a nearly quarter of a million fans to disperse into every evening after a match.

The stadium is named after Starblaydia's legendary former striker, Jhanna-born Simeone Di Bradini, the former World Cup Committee President, World Cup Hall of Famer, and three-time World Cup Winner (all with The Holy Empire as player/manager), for whom the Di Bradini Cup, the world's premier Under-21 tournament, is also named. It is a gargantuan stadium notable for environmentally friendly 'eco-stadium' features built-in since before ground was first broken on the site. Designed and constructed using as many recyclable materials and installed with technology that reduce its carbon footprint and lowers its energy needs, the exterior features a huge array of photovoltaic solar panels on the roof. It is the centrepiece of the 'Green Starblaydia' project many years ago.
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Six-Time World Cup Committee President (WCs 25-33, 46-51 & 82*)
Co-host of World Cups 20, 40 & 80 • Di Bradini Cup Organiser
World Cups 30, 63 & 83 Runner-Up • World Cup 27 Third Place • 25th Baptism of Fire Runner-Up
Seven-Time AOCAF Cup Champions • Two-time U21, One-Time U18 WC Champions • Men's Football Olympic Champions, Ashford Games
Five-Time Cherry Cup Champions • 1st Quidditch World Cup Champions • WGPC8 Drivers' Champion
The Protectorate of Starblaydia
Commended by WA Security Council Resolution #40
Five-Time NS World Cup Champions (WCs 25, 28, 41, 44 & 47)

Crazinesss Encouraged - An Unofficial History of the NationStates World Cup

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Postby Oscioru » Sun Aug 19, 2018 11:06 am

I SANTI DI OSCIORU - National football team of Oscioru

The Baptism of Fire was an excellent test for the Osci team, despite getting eliminated from the competition early on, in the round of 16, the team's showing in the group stages shows a promising future for the young lads. A few things noticed in all games is that the team actually struggled to defend correctly and actually did a lot better on the counter-attack with a high conversion rate. Despite the team's motive being to avoid copying rival nation Juvencus at all costs, having a similarly counter-offensive team may work wonders for them in the upcoming World Cup 81 Qualifiers and it may see the team do great on its first ever international performance.

Starting XI:
GK:Carlo Ramires(Age 36)
LI:Frank Sacco(Age 22)
CB:Francisque Larue(Age 29)
CB:Philbert Armati(Age 31)
RB:Antonio Castro(Age 18)
LB:Roger Crocetti(Age 21)
CDM:Isidoro De Michelis(Age 18)
RM:Roland Belrose(Age 30)
LM:Joaquim Sanchez(Age 22)
CAM:Xavi Comtois(Age 24)(Odiol Vinceti)
CF:August Martí(Age 21)(AC Herona)

Secondary XI/Substitutions:
GK:Raoul Calabrese(Age 21)
LI:Bastien Boivin(Age 23)
CB:Egidio Stabile(Age 22)
CB:Roman Rios(Age 29)
RB:Geoffroy Ongaro(Age 31)
LB:Jan Rotolo(Age 39)
CDM:Albert Deschamps(Age 27)
RM:Clovis Bandoni(Age 20)
LM:Raul Sala(Age 19)
CAM:Corneille Durant(Age 18)
CAM:Didier Gomez(Age 28)
CAM:Pons Brioschi(Age 20)
CF:Severo Accardi(Age 18)

Manager:Glauco Serafini
Assistant Manager:Pol Cracchiolo
Assistant Manager:Ferdinand Mercier


Big thanks to Krbustan!

The team's playstyle: The team's having a change of plans during the world cup qualification, they'll be changing to a more counter-offensive apprach after the defense's inability to show up at important moments in games. Putting more focus on counter-offense means the team will be attacking from the side, with crosses inside the box for the striker to score a volley or a header are imminent. Despite most players not even being professional football players, they can excecute tactics really well.

This should be helpful in the occasion you RP before me
Most likely to do a free kick: Xavi Comtois
Most likely to do a penalty: August Martí
Most likely to get yellow carded(In order): Frank Sacco, Pons Brioschi, Antonio Castro
Most likely to get red carded(In order): Antonio Castro, Frank Sacco, Pons Brioschi
Most likely to score(In order): August Martí, Pons Brioschi, Xavi Comtois
Most likely to give an assist to a goal(In order): Xavi Comtois, Pons Brioschi

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Do not injure my players, but do sub them off if it's a hard tackle, I'll judge if it's an injury or not.
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y, 1 per 3 games
Yellow Card Players: Y, 1 per 2 games
Godmod Other Events: N
Style: +4
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Postby Rakivland » Sun Aug 19, 2018 11:07 am

Stadium= Rakiv Arena
Capacity= 63,000
Nickname= The Ballhoggers
Got to R16 at Baptism of Fire
Kits= Red & Gold Home Kit & Yellow Stripes Away Kit, Blue Keeper Kit

Manager: Kanievev Saeriva

Assistant Manager: Jakub Hrlyinski

Tzeyonov (GK)
Besfav (CB)
Ackivav (RB)
Dvenvav (LB)
Salak (CM)
Fenorvan (ST)
Gervi (CDM)
Hesak (CB)
Leviansak (CM)
Ghevak (LM)

Javakh (RM)

All Players
Karoslav (ST)
Fenorvan (ST)
Zarafrav (LM)
Ghevak (LM)
Cvek (RM)
Javakh (RM)
Karivas (CM)
Iniche (CM)
Salak (CM)
Leviansak (CM)
Gervi (CDM)
Hakav (CDM)
Vanik (CB)
Ziwvak (CB)
Hesak (CB)
Besfav (CB)
Besav (LB)
Dvenvav (LB)
Ackivav (RB)
Kanav (RB)
Thevasav (GK)
Tzoyonov (GK)

Formation= 4-2-3-1
Style Modifier= 1.75

RP Permissions:
Choose my goalscorers= Yes
Godmod scoring events= No
RP injuries to my players= Yes
Godmod injuries to my players= No
Choose scoring events= Yes
Hand out YC to my players= Yes
Hand out RC to my players= Yes
Godmod other events= Yes
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Postby Oberour Ar Moro » Sun Aug 19, 2018 12:08 pm

Dominion of Oberour Ar Moro
National Football Feam

National Stadium
Parade Grounds
Location: Regium
Capacity: 49,670

Manager: Daric de l'Amie, age 44 (previously Cyrene Bay Chief Scout) (0 wins, 2 draws, and 2 losses in international competition)
Assistants: Andreit Jugleeur, age 39 (previously Regium Immortal Assistant); Kerrien Goncourt, age 38 (retired Meridian player)

Regular Starting 11

GK 1 Laurens Desainctvictori, age 26 (Myrrh-Streamer)
2 caps, 0 goals in international competition

LB 2 Maudez d'Annet, age 22 (Arsenal Justiniana)
4 caps, 0 goals in international competition

RB 3 Lunen Margas, age 21 (Occident)
3 caps, 0 goals in international competition

SW 10 Phelippon de Gentilli, age 27 (Altair)
2 caps, 2 goals in international competition

SW 11 Josselyn Pessiere, age 31 (Patrons)
3 caps, 2 goals in international competition

LM 5 Ruvonig Bouclier de Fer, age 26 (Aris)
3 caps, 0 goals in international competition

RM 6 Brevalan Gaspard, age 26 (Meteor)
3 caps, 0 goals in international competition

CM 4 Geoffroy Dlajoenie deyt Fijac, age 25, Captain (Cyrene Bay)
4 caps, 0 goals in international competition

LW 7 Eneour Pique-Pain, age 22 (Sesamos)
4 caps, 0 goals in international competition

RW 8 Ruran l’Ermite, age 24 (Regium Immortal)
3 caps, 0 goals in international competition

ST 9 Kerrian Odierne, age 28 (Cyrene Bay)
4 caps, 3 goals in international competition


GK 12 Gildes Souvestre, age 24 (Hibernus)
1 cap, 0 goals in international competition

GK 24 Raphael Friquan, age 32 (Invicta)

LB 14 Donatien Calenge, age 19 (Patrons)
1 cap, 0 goals in international competition

RB 15 Pius A' l'Espee, age 29 (Hibernus)
4 caps, 0 goals in international competition

SW 22 Marzhin Petit, age 24 (Fleuriot)
4 caps, 0 goals in international competition

SW 23 Drev Brébeuf, age 25 (Meridian)
2 caps, 0 goals in international competition

LM 17 Uuel Bon-Ami, age 25 (Industrial)
3 caps, 0 goals in international competition

RM 18 Bran Hamoncourt, age 27 (April 7)
2 caps, 0 goals in international competition

CM 16 Pierres Branon, age 25 (Patrons)
1 cap, 0 goals in international competition

LW 19 Ifig Bonne-li-Donne, age 22 (de la Charite)
2 caps, 0 goals in international competition

RW 20 Geruaise d'Anevers, age 20 (Confessor)
3 caps, 0 goals in international competition

ST 21 Nycollas Mauranghas, age 21 (Spartan)

Most likely to

Score a Goal: Odierne
Score From Long Distance: de Gentilli
Assist or Create a Goal: Gaspard
Score off a Header: l’Ermite
Win a free kick or penalty: Odierne
Get Sent Off: Bouclier de Fer
Receive a Yellow Card: d’Annet
Single-Handedly Win a Game: Pessiere
Come Through in the Clutch: Dlajoenie deyt Fijac



First choice and second choice shirts


RP Permissions
If my opponent RPs first, I give him permission to:

Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: TG me first, but Yes
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes
Yellow Card my Players: Yes
Red Card my Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: TG me first, but Yes
Style Modifiers: +5.0

Team information compiled using official sources of the former Oberour Ar Moro Football Management Committee (FMC) stored at the FMC records depository at Melito d'Argentueill College, Auscanium. All information acquired under the Regime Records Transparency Act - 1st Post-Tumults Parliament
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The Pony Principality of Equestrian States
National Hoofball Team - World Cup 81 Roster

Coming Soon

Quick Facts
KPB Ranking: 16th (30.71 pts.)
Style Modifier: -1.25
Nickname: The Ponies
All-Time Record: 288-109-80 (0-0-0 at World Cup 81, 13-3-2 at World Cup 81 Qualifying)
Achievements: Champions (Runner Cup 3, Market Cup 5); Runners-up (Equestria Cup 2); Third Place (Equestria Cup 1, Market Cup 6); Semifinals (Cup of Champions 4); Quarterfinals (World Cup 80, Cup of Harmony 71, AOCAF Cup 55, VIII Olympiad Women, VIII Olympiad Men); Round of 16 (World Cup 67, World Cup 70, World Cup 72, Cup of Harmony 51, Cup of Harmony 53, Cup of Harmony 60, AOCAF Cup 56); Qualified (World Cup 64, World Cup 65, World Cup 66, World Cup 71, World Cup 73, Cup of Harmony 52, Cup of Harmony 54, Cup of Harmony 55)


Home - Away - Reverse

The national team receives its kits from two different companies, though the design for each is the same. Kits for the humanoid players (see above) are provided by Kirola Sportswear of Audioslavia, while those for equine and other non-humanoid players are provided by Generosity Sporting Equipment. The Equestrian kits were designed to be simple and easy to identify, using the national colors of purple and orange.

Group E - Finals
#8 - [CMT] Chromatika (38.62 pts.)
#16 - Image Equestrian States (30.71 pts.)
#34 - [FFR] Free Republics (20.02 pts.)
#38 - Image Saltstead (19.54 pts.)

Group 10 - Qualifying
#17 - Image Equestrian States (28.57 pts.)
#38 - Image Saltstead (18.25 pts.)
#67 - Image Garifunya (10.44 pts.)
#87 - Image Northwest Kalactin (6.76 pts.)
#135 - Image Lochario (4.22 pts.)
#207 - Image Sorrentopia (1.25 pts.)
#230 - Image Sharktail (0.88 pts.)
#272 - Image Penguinland (0.38 pts.)
UR - Image East Belzaria (0.00 pts.)
UR - Image South Batoko (0.00 pts.)

Tournament Schedule

Pre-Qualifying Friendlies
Pre-Qual I: Equestrian States 1-0 Apox at Wild Grounds (cap. 56,500) in Everfree, Equestrian States (Win)
Pre-Qual II: Czarna Gora 0-1 Equestrian States at Stadion Podgoricom (cap. 18,300) in Podgorica, Czarna Gora (Win)
Pre-Qual III: Equestrian States 1-0 Saltstead at Shady Grove (cap. 43,650) in Whitetail, Equestrian States (Win)
Pre-Qual IV: Rakivland 1-2 Equestrian States at Rakiv Arena (cap. 63,000) in Rasisiskenev, Rakivland (Win)
Pre-Qual V: Equestrian States 2-0 Qusmo at Diamond Park (cap. 75,000) in Stalliongrad, Equestrian States (Win)

Qualifying - Group 10 (First Half)
MD1: Penguinland 0-2 Equestrian States at Unknown Venue (cap. Unknown) in Unknown City, Penguinland (Win)
MD2: Equestrian States 2-0 Garifunya at Royal Equestria Stadium (cap. 98,625) in Canterlot, Equestrian States (Win)
MD3: Saltstead 0-3 Equestrian States at King William VII National Park (cap. 77,000) in Ashwell, Saltstead (Win)
MD4: Equestrian States 2-0 Northwest Kalactin at The Crownlands (cap. 92,955) in Manehattan, Equestrian States (Win)
MD5: Sorrentopia 1-2 Equestrian States at Sorren Stadium (cap. 83,689) in Sorren, Sorrentopia (Win)
MD6: Equestrian States 2-0 South Batoko at First Entertainment Centre (cap. 47,805) in Manechester, Equestrian States (Win)

MD7: East Belzaria 3-3 Equestrian States at Belzarian Command Complex (cap. Unknown) in Command, East Belzaria (Draw)
MD8: Lochario 0-1 Equestrian States at Zun Olympic Stadium (cap. 98,000) in Zun, Lochario (Win)
MD9: Equestrian States 5-0 Sharktail at Sky-High Coliseum (cap. 65,000) in Cloudsdale, Equestrian States (Win)

Mid-Qualifying Friendly
Pink & Purple Cup II: Cassadaigua 2-4 Equestrian States at Concord Heights Stadium (cap. 82,000) in Concord Heights, Cassadaigua (Win)

Qualifying - Group 10 (Second Half)
MD10: Equestrian States 4-0 Penguinland at Wild Grounds (cap. 56,500) in Everfree, Equestrian States (Win)
MD11: Garifunya 1-0 Equestrian States at Staad Fyet nan Garifunya (cap. 20,500) in Frederykvil, Garifunya (Loss)
MD12: Equestrian States 1-0 Saltstead at Royal Equestria Stadium (cap. 98,625) in Canterlot, Equestrian States (Win)
MD13: Northwest Kalactin 0-0 Equestrian States at Gold Coast Stadium (cap. 104,000) in Gold Coast, Northwest Kalactin (Draw)
MD14: Equestrian States 2-1 Sorrentopia at Diamond Park (cap. 75,000) in Stalliongrad, Equestrian States (Win)
MD15: South Batoko 0-0 Equestrian States at Unknown Venue (cap. Unknown) in Unknown City, South Batoko (Draw)
MD16: Equestrian States 0-1 East Belzaria at Elements Stadium (cap. 48,750) in Ponyville, Equestrian States (Loss)
MD17: Equestrian States 1-0 Lochario at Royal Equestria Stadium (cap. 98,625) in Canterlot, Equestrian States (Win)
MD18: Sharktail 1-0 Equestrian States at Kota Lama National Arena (cap. 65,000) in Kota Sultan, Sharktail (Win)

Post-Qualifying Friendlies
Post-Qual I: Equestrian States 3-1 Mriin at Grand Regal Stadium (cap. 81,955) in Canterlot, Equestrian States (Win)
Post-Qual II: New Lusitania 0-3 Equestrian States at Estádio Nacional do Jamor (cap. 70,000) in Jamor, New Lusitania (Win)
Post-Qual III: Equestrian States 4-3 Cosumar at The Crownlands (cap. 92,955) in Manehattan, Equestrian States (Win)

Group Stage - Group E
MD1: Free Republics vs. Equestrian States at Gem of the Oceans Stadium (cap. 101,208) in Republica, Free Republics
MD2: Equestrian States vs. Saltstead at Bank of Acedonia Stadium (cap. 63,101) in Gontamo, Free Republics
MD3: Chromatika vs. Equestrian States at MingleDome (cap. 73,203) in Latroit, Free Republics

Qualifying Roster Pool

The Equestrian States is renowned throughout the multiverse for producing exceptional goalkeepers, and as such, it's no surprise that the Ponies will boast remarkable depth and talent in goal during World Cup 81 qualifying. Of course, the first name that must be mentioned is Gentle Breeze; universally regarded as one of the best goalkeepers in the world and easily one of the best ever players to call Equestria her homeland. There's no question that Gentle Breeze will be Pearly White's first choice in goal this cycle, but there are certainly a few other players worth mentioning. Marilyn Peterson would be the starting goalkeeper for almost any other national team, but has rarely been given the chance to shine on the multiverse's top international stage; instead, she has frequently proven her worth at the club level where she has consistently earned praise in some of the multiverse's best leagues. Silver Charm and Nightflame are also top-tier goalkeepers who have been locked in a back-and-forth struggle for the third and final spot in the Ponies' roster for the last few cycles, while Crystalline keepers Starshine and Amberlocks will hope to break into the Equestrian team after previously impressing with the Crystal Empire's national team before they combined with Equestria's. Finally, Mac Stevenson and Keelie Gold are the long-shots to make the cut; the former returning to the Ponies after a long absence from the international stage, his disastrous debut during World Cup 61 qualifying still a sore point for some Equestrian supporters, and the latter an up-and-comer who has impressed in recent United League seasons with Crystal Fair HC.

#1 - Gentle Breeze (Pegasus - Female)
Position: Goalkeeper | Age: 30 | Debut: vs. Image Qazox (WC62 Qualifying)
Club: Image Celtic Noviodunim | League: Image COTEFA Terranean League West
International Caps: 157 | Assists: 1 | Goals: 1
Dubbed "the Goddess of Goalkeeping" by some of her more devoted supporters, Gentle Breeze is widely considered one of the multiverse's top hoofballers, and while fans often boast of their respective national teams' supposed world-class players, Gentle Breeze also frequently earns praise as an elite superstar beyond Equestria's borders. With a trophy room bursting from the seams with hardware, it's not hard to see why her services are frequently in demand from some of the multiverse's top clubs, having played for teams in the Northern Sunrise Islands, Astograth, Polar Islandstates, Apox, and - most recently - Ceni over the years. Gentle Breeze made her international debut at age 18, forcing long-time Ponies keeper High Soarin into retirement within a couple years. Ever since, the pegasus has been the Ponies' undisputed go-to goalkeeper and is showing no sign of slowing down any time soon. Gentle Breeze's ambitions of becoming enshrined as an all-time World Cup legend will be decided by her ability to succeed on the multiverse's grandest stage; but when it comes to talent, there's no doubting that the potential is all there. An all-around world-class goalkeeper, if Gentle Breeze is in the net, even the toughest opponents will have a difficult time beating the Ponies.

#21 - Marilyn Peterson (Human - Female)
Position: Goalkeeper | Age: 26 | Debut: vs. Image Urain (VIII Olympiad)
Club: Image Kings Park | League: Image Schottic Premier League
International Caps: 30 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0
Marilyn Peterson is often overlooked by foreign neutrals when assessing the Ponies' strengths, an unfortunate side effect of Gentle Breeze's fame as a world-class goalkeeper, but Equestrian supporters will often point to Peterson as one of the hidden gems in the team. Marilyn's career has seen her succeed in two of the multiverse's top leagues, the NFA Premiership and Schottic Premier League, helping lead Nephara's Sabrefell Moths to the league title and an NFA Cup win. Marilyn Peterson is currently considered the Ponies' second-choice goalkeeper, but if she'd been born somewhere other than the Equestrian States, odds are she would be a starter for their national team, her talent and track record certainly support that claim. Though Peterson is an excellent all-around keeper, her anticipation and reflexes are undeniably her strongest points, making her exceptionally gifted at dealing with penalties and free kicks.

#24 - Silver Charm (Pegasus - Female)
Position: Goalkeeper | Age: 23 | Debut: vs. Image Crystal Empire (Post-WC70 Friendly)
Club: Image Manechester City HC | League: Image United League
International Caps: 11 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0
A recent graduate of the Equestrian States' under-21 national team, Silver Charm has quickly established herself as one of the top Equestrian goalkeepers and earned herself a regular spot in the senior team's roster after a particularly impressive series of appearances in the Ponies' pre-World Cup friendlies. Silver Charm has already proven herself at the club level with Manechester City over the last few seasons, keeping the Citizens competitive despite frequently receiving little to no support from her defenders with manager Val Kylx choosing to focus on outscoring opponents instead of keeping them out of his own goal. The young pegasi's handling and ability in the air are frequently cited as her greatest strengths. Her command of area could use some improvement, but she's showing signs of getting better at it thanks to spending more time with the national team, her role with Manechester City having set her development back a bit in that area.

#22 - Nightflame (Unicorn - Male)
Position: Goalkeeper | Age: 29 | Debut: vs. Image Yesopalitha (WC63 Qualifying)
Club: Image Canterlot Royals | League: Image United League
International Caps: 32 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0
Locked in a never-ending duel with Silver Charm for the third and final goalkeeper spot in the Pearly White's 23-player squad is Nightflame, the long-time Equestrian backup keeper has plenty of experience at the international level, though has rarely appeared for the Ponies in high-profile games, instead being relegated to appearances in friendlies and qualifying matches against lower-ranked sides. A product of the Canterlot Stars' famed youth academy, Nightflame has long been considered one of the United League's top goalkeepers and nearly sparked a riot when he made the move across town to the Stars' local rivals, the perennial title-contenders Canterlot Royals. At this point in his career, Nightflame probably won't ever break out of his role as a backup for the Ponies, but - like many of the other keepers in the squad - would likely be good enough to start for another national team. A unicorn, Nightflame isn't nearly as good in the air as his rival, Silver Charm, but does have an undeniable presence in the box that has helped him stand out from the rest of the herd.

#37 - Starshine (Crystal Pony - Male)
Position: Goalkeeper | Age: 28 | Debut: vs. Image Maryloupe (Baker Park Open Cup)
Club: Image Crystopolis City | League: Image United League
International Caps: 3 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0
Formerly of the Crystal Empire's national team, Starshine is one of two long-time Crystalline goalkeepers hoping to break into Pearly White's team after the Crystal Empire and Equestria combined their national teams. Though the Crystal Knights never qualified for the World Cup and rarely appeared in the Cup of Harmony, Starshine did impress in the Crystal Empire's Runner Cup title run and has earned a few United League golden gloves with Crystopolis City. Starshine will have to make the most of his limited playing time with the Ponies if he's top make the final squad, but if his track record with the Crystal Knights is any indicator, he'll have as good a shot as any of making the cut.

#45 - Amberlocks (Crystal Pony - Female)
Position: Goalkeeper | Age: 31 | Debut: vs. Image Czarna Gora (Pre-WCQ81 Friendly)
Club: Image Canterlot Stars | League: Image United League
International Caps: 1 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0
Like Starshine, Amberlocks was a long-time starting goalkeeper for the Crystal Knights and is looking to establish herself as a regular for the Ponies as well. However, Amberlocks won't have as many chances as her Crystalline counterpart to break into the team, being the second-oldest goalkeeper selected by Pearly White for the World Cup qualifying roster. Amberlocks was considered a potential future star after her debut with the Crystal Empire at the 53rd Baptism of Fire, winning the tournament's golden glove award, but never quite lived up to the hype despite being a consistent performer for both the Crystal Knights and her club in Astograth.

#58 - Mac Stevenson (Human - Male)
Position: Goalkeeper | Age: 32 | Debut: vs. Image Jeptier (WC61 Qualifying)
Club: Image Norrion Rovers | League: Image ICEL Premier Division
International Caps: 12 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0
Mac Stevenson was once considered the Equestrian States' future starting goalkeeper before a nightmarish debut during the World Cup 61 qualifying campaign saw his stock plummet, opening the door for a teenage Gentle Breeze to make the senior team the following cycle. Since then, Stevenson has been trying to make his way back to the national team, plying his trade in several foreign leagues before being signed by Eastfield Lodge's Norrion Rovers. After an impressive season with the Rovers in the ICEL Premier Division, Ponies manager Pearly White has seen fit to invite him back into the squad, at least for the World Cup 81 qualifying campaign. Stevenson won't be expected to make the final team barring a series of injuries similar to the one which saw him make his premature international debut, but he will have the chance to redeem himself in the eyes of Equestrian hoofball supporters, which is all he's really wanted.

#53 - Keelie Gold (Earth Pony - Female)
Position: Goalkeeper | Age: 24 | Debut: vs. Image Rakivland (Pre-WCQ81 Friendly)
Club: Image Crystal Fair HC | League: Image United League
International Caps: 1 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0
The second-youngest goalkeeper selected for the Ponies' World Cup 81 qualifying campaign, Keelie Gold is looking to make a good impression on Pearly White as a name to keep track of going forward. Though also considered a long-shot to make the final team, Keelie Gold has played a key role in Crystal Fair HC's recent rise in the United League, her organizational skills and composure in the back frequently earning her praise from pundits. That said, with seven names in front of hers on the depth chart, it's likely that Keelie Gold's best opportunities to impress Pearly White may come on the training ground rather than on the pitch.

Summary Coming Soon

#12 - Brix Hamilton (Human - Female)
Position: Defender (LB/CB) | Age: 30 | Debut: vs. Image Argo Islands (WC63 Qualifying)
Club: Image Handon United | League: Image Schottic Premier League
International Caps: 131 | Assists: 15 | Goals: 4

#8 - Andrea Molovi (Human - Female)
Position: Defender (CB) | Age: 33 | Debut: vs. Image Euskirribakondara (WC61 Qualifying)
Club: Image Crisisbless | League: Image NFA Premiership
International Caps: 223 | Assists: 6 | Goals: 3

#3 - Flitter (Pegasus - Female)
Position: Defender (CB/DM) | Age: 34 | Debut: vs. Image Waspeaters (WC60 Qualifying)
Club: Image Crystopolis City | League: Image United League
International Caps: 258 | Assists: 19 | Goals: 10

#19 - Krysia Bailey (Human - Female)
Position: Defender (RB/CB/DM) | Age: 25 | Debut: vs. Image Iturributa (WC68 Qualifying)
Club: Image Avenida Leal | League: Image FARF Freitball Ligá
International Caps: 87 | Assists: 12 | Goals: 1

#4 - Rumble (Pegasus - Male)
Position: Defender (CB/DM) | Age: 24 | Debut: vs. Image Jeckland (Pre-WC68 Friendly)
Club: Image Cloudsdale Flyers | League: Image United League
International Caps: 73 | Assists: 4 | Goals: 0

#14 - Sunlight (Unicorn - Female)
Position: Defender (RB/CB) | Age: 26 | Debut: vs. Image Saint James Islands (Pre-WC69 Friendly)
Club: Image Ponyville United | League: Image United League
International Caps: 42 | Assists: 1 | Goals: 1

#23 - Nightshade (Bat Pony - Female)
Position: Defender (LB) | Age: 21 | Debut: vs. Image Estenia (WC71 Qualifying)
Club: Image Oldem Knights | League: Image Apox National League
International Caps: 16 | Assists: 2 | Goals: 1

#20 - Arctic Lily (Crystal Pony - Female)
Position: Defender (CB) | Age: 28 | Debut: vs. Image Darmen (Pre-WC80 Friendly)
Club: Image Ponyville United | League: Image United League
International Caps: 6 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0

#27 - Rose Petal (Pegasus - Female)
Position: Defender (LB/LM/DM) | Age: 21 | Debut: vs. Image Estope (WC63 Qualifying)
Club: Image Ponyville United | League: Image United League
International Caps: 17 | Assists: 4 | Goals: 1

#29 - Erauso Iburrusteta (Human - Male)
Position: Defender (CB) | Age: 24 | Debut: vs. Image Osarius (Pre-WC69 Friendly)
Club: Image Santos Luega | League: Image SuperLiga
International Caps: 46 | Assists: 1 | Goals: 0

#56 - Ironhoof (Unicorn - Male)
Position: Defender (CB/RB) | Age: 21 | Debut: vs. Image N/A (Uncapped)
Club: Image Canterlot Royals | League: Image United League
International Caps: 0 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0

#44 - Blackmane (Earth Pony - Male)
Position: Defender (CB/RB) | Age: 32 | Debut: vs. Image Bitternea (WC61 Qualifying)
Club: Image Manehattan Manticores | League: Image United League
International Caps: 86 | Assists: 2 | Goals: 1

#40 - Crimson Mesa (Zebra - Male)
Position: Defender (CB/RB) | Age: 23 | Debut: vs. Image San José Guayabal (Pre-WC71 Friendly)
Club: Image Canterlot Stars | League: Image United League
International Caps: 14 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0

#34 - Horus (Unicorn - Female)
Position: Defender (LB/CB) | Age: 31 | Debut: vs. Image Megadia (WC63 Qualifying)
Club: Image Everfree Forest HC | League: Image United League
International Caps: 51 | Assists: 1 | Goals: 0

#48 - Rose Quartz (Crystal Pony - Female)
Position: Defender (CB/LB/LM) | Age: 27 | Debut: vs. Image Darmen (Pre-WC80 Friendly)
Club: Image Canterlot Royals | League: Image United League
International Caps: 2 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0

#54 - Amethyst (Crystal Pony - Female)
Position: Defender (CB/DM) | Age: 21 | Debut: vs. Image N/A (Uncapped)
Club: Image Crystal City United | League: Image United League
International Caps: 0 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0

#57 - Hammerclaw (Griffon - Male)
Position: Defender (CB/LB) | Age: 22 | Debut: vs. Image Eshan (Pre-AOCAF 56 Friendly)
Club: Image Whitetail Foresters | League: Image United League
International Caps: 1 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0

#62 - Melon Frost (Pegasus - Female)
Position: Defender (CB/LB/DM) | Age: 17 | Debut: vs. Image N/A (Uncapped)
Club: Image Cloudsdale Flyers | League: Image United League
International Caps: 0 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0

#88 - Zeorge (Dragon - Male)
Position: Defender (CB) | Age: 19 | Debut: vs. Image N/A (Uncapped)
Club: Image Manechester City HC | League: Image United League
International Caps: 0 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0

#51 - Cherry Blossom (Earth Pony - Female)
Position: Defender (CB) | Age: 30 | Debut: vs. Image N/A (Uncapped)
Club: Image Ponyville Galaxy | League: Image United League
International Caps: 0 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0
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Summary Coming Soon

#9 - Rainbow Blitz (Pegasus - Male) - VICE-CAPTAIN
Position: Midfielder (AM/ST) | Age: 30 | Debut: vs. Image Slembana (Pre-WC63 Friendly)
Club: Image Makosile United | League: Image V-League Declasse Division
International Caps: 214 | Assists: 90 | Goals: 82

#2 - Cloudchaser (Pegasus - Female) - CAPTAIN
Position: Midfielder (CM/AM) | Age: 34 | Debut: vs. Image Khytenna (Pre-WC60 Friendly)
Club: Image Mallox | League: Image FSF Härlighet Ligan
International Caps: 282 | Assists: 110 | Goals: 62

#5 - Apple Cobbler (Earth Pony - Female)
Position: Midfielder (AM/RM/CM) | Age: 24 | Debut: vs. Image United Gordonopia (VIII Olympiad)
Club: Image Jungle Strike FC | League: Image V-League Stellar Division
International Caps: 122 | Assists: 47 | Goals: 14

#16 - Luminesce (Unicorn - Female)
Position: Midfielder (CM/LM) | Age: 22 | Debut: vs. Image Bears Armed (Equine-Ursine Cup 12)
Club: Image Lexington Victory | League: Image COTEFA Terranean League West
International Caps: 59 | Assists: 15 | Goals: 6

#17 - Rosie Tyler (Human - Female)
Position: Midfielder (CM/DM/LM) | Age: 26 | Debut: vs. Image Colombian Britannia (Pre-WC66 Friendly)
Club: Image Willox Street Pirates | League: Image Christopheran Super-League
International Caps: 89 | Assists: 18 | Goals: 11

#11 - Krystal (Unicorn - Female)
Position: Midfielder (CM/LM/AM) | Age: 29 | Debut: vs. Image Manetreal (Equestria Cup 4)
Club: Image Crystopolis City | League: Image United League
International Caps: 132 | Assists: 27 | Goals: 15

#15 - Elaine Everdeen (Human - Female)
Position: Midfielder (AM/LM) | Age: 30 | Debut: vs. Image The Inevitable Syndicate (WC65 Qualifying)
Club: Image Anomalies FC | League: Image Chromatik Premier Division
International Caps: 92 | Assists: 13 | Goals: 7

#25 - Aarón Aiza (Human - Male)
Position: Midfielder (RM/AM/CM) | Age: 28 | Debut: vs. Image Osarius (Pre-WC69 Friendly)
Club: Image Herzegovina City FC | League: Image Banijan Soccer League
International Caps: 41 | Assists: 12 | Goals: 4

#18 - Stardust (Pegasus - Female)
Position: Midfielder (RM/CM/AM) | Age: 29 | Debut: vs. Image Blouman Empire (WC63 Qualifying)
Club: Image Whitetail Foresters | League: Image United League
International Caps: 115 | Assists: 23 | Goals: 11

#39 - Fleur de Verre (Crystal Pony - Female)
Position: Midfielder (CM/LM) | Age: 29 | Debut: vs. Image Darmen (Pre-WC80 Friendly)
Club: Image Ponyville United | League: Image United League
International Caps: 3 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0

#28 - Sparrow Body (Human - Male)
Position: Midfielder (RM/CM/AM) | Age: 24 | Debut: vs. Image Gloriax (Pre-WC69 Friendly)
Club: Image Ramusok United | League: Image FSF Härlighet Ligan
International Caps: 30 | Assists: 3 | Goals: 1

#33 - Lunar Shadow (Bat Pony - Female)
Position: Midfielder (CM/AM) | Age: 23 | Debut: vs. Image Devonta (Pre-WC70 Friendly)
Club: Image Eastal Lunar | League: Image V-League Stellar Division
International Caps: 13 | Assists: 2 | Goals: 2

#41 - Sapphire Rose (Crystal Pony - Female)
Position: Midfielder (CM/LM) | Age: 30 | Debut: vs. Image Baker Park (Pre-WC80 Friendly)
Club: Image Cloudsdale Flyers | League: Image United League
International Caps: 2 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0

#31 - Dizzy Doo (Pegasus - Female)
Position: Midfielder (LM/CM/AM) | Age: 23 | Debut: vs. Image Carpathia & Ruthenia (WC63 Qualifying)
Club: Image Whitetail Foresters | League: Image United League
International Caps: 16 | Assists: 2 | Goals: 0

#32 - Jermaine Poole (Human - Male)
Position: Midfielder (CM/RM) | Age: 28 | Debut: vs. Image Mizuyuki (Pre-WC69 Friendly)
Club: Image Canterlot Stars | League: Image United League
International Caps: 41 | Assists: 11 | Goals: 2

#47 - Sugar Glass (Crystal Pony - Male)
Position: Midfielder (AM/CM/RM) | Age: 26 | Debut: vs. Image Freeport (Pre-WC80 Friendly)
Club: Image Crystal Fair HC | League: Image United League
International Caps: 1 | Assists: 1 | Goals: 0

#36 - Boskenna Penhallow (Human - Male)
Position: Midfielder (CM/AM) | Age: 24 | Debut: vs. Image Saint James Islands (Pre-WC69 Friendly)
Club: Image Kingsgrove | League: Image A-League
International Caps: 17 | Assists: 1 | Goals: 0

#49 - Lightning Streak (Pegasus - Male)
Position: Midfielder (LM/AM) | Age: 29 | Debut: vs. Image N/A (Uncapped)
Club: Image Canterlot Royals | League: Image United League
International Caps: 0 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0

#50 - Ironhide (Dragon - Male)
Position: Midfielder (AM) | Age: 31 | Debut: vs. Image Vindesby (WC61 Qualifying)
Club: Image Everfree Forest HC | League: Image United League
International Caps: 62 | Assists: 8 | Goals: 9

#43 - Youngheart (Buffalo - Female)
Position: Midfielder (DM/CM) | Age: 26 | Debut: vs. Image Footballand (VIII Olympiad)
Club: Image Appleoosa HC | League: Image United League
International Caps: 3 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0

#46 - Sunny Day (Unicorn - Female)
Position: Midfielder (CM/AM) | Age: 17 | Debut: vs. Image N/A (Uncapped)
Club: Image Canterlot Royals | League: Image United League
International Caps: 0 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0

#55 - Josef Lawerenz (Human - Male)
Position: Midfielder (RM/RW) | Age: 19 | Debut: vs. Image Baker Park (Pre-WC80 Friendly)
Club: Image Herzegovina Phoenix | League: Image Banijan Soccer League
International Caps: 1 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0

#60 - Sugar Wing (Pegasus - Female)
Position: Midfielder (RM/RW) | Age: 18 | Debut: vs. Image Darmen (Pre-WC80 Friendly)
Club: Image AFC Hosingr | League: Image MNL Premier Division
International Caps: 1 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0

#59 - Indigo Zap (Pegasus - Female)
Position: Midfielder (AM/CM/ST) | Age: 18 | Debut: vs. Image N/A (Uncapped)
Club: Image Cloudsdale Flyers | League: Image United League
International Caps: 0 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0

#42 - Hakan Abt (Human - Male)
Position: Midfielder (DM/CM/CB) | Age: 27 | Debut: vs. Image Matthewsiania (WC71 Qualifying)
Club: Image Iskara Daii | League: Image Liga Starblaydia
International Caps: 8 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0

Summary Coming Soon

#10 - Pristina Shine (Unicorn - Female)
Position: Forward (ST) | Age: 27 | Debut: vs. Image Footballand (VIII Olympiad)
Club: Image 1830 Cathair FC | League: Image National League Division 1
International Caps: 133 | Assists: 21 | Goals: 93

#7 - Rosewing (Pegasus - Female)
Position: Forward (ST) | Age: 26 | Debut: vs. Image Laiyenda (WC69 Qualifying)
Club: Image Tir Snake Strike | League: Image COTEFA Terranean League East
International Caps: 30 | Assists: 2 | Goals: 15

#6 - Wither (Bat Pony - Female)
Position: Forward (ST) | Age: 30 | Debut: vs. Image The Pazhujeb Islands (WC63 Qualifying)
Club: Image Whitetail Foresters | League: Image United League
International Caps: 74 | Assists: 6 | Goals: 36

#26 - Decima (Sphinx - Female)
Position: Forward (ST/AM) | Age: 22 | Debut: vs. Image Osarius (Pre-WC69 Friendly)
Club: Image Ponyville United | League: Image United League
International Caps: 21 | Assists: 2 | Goals: 8

#13 - Midnight Strike (Bat Pony - Male)
Position: Forward (ST) | Age: 21 | Debut: vs. Image Matthewsiania (WC71 Qualifying)
Club: Image Jungle Strike FC | League: Image V-League Stellar Division
International Caps: 10 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 8

#38 - Silver Moon (Crystal Pony - Female)
Position: Forward (ST/RW/AM) | Age: 23 | Debut: vs. Image N/A (Uncapped)
Club: Image Crystal Fair HC | League: Image United League
International Caps: 0 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0

#30 - Sonar (Bat Pony - Male)
Position: Forward (ST/LW) | Age: 30 | Debut: vs. Image The Scandinavian Islands (WC62 Qualifying)
Club: Image Ponyville United | League: Image United League
International Caps: 83 | Assists: 8 | Goals: 33

#69 - Dûsh Bagg (Human - Male)
Position: Forward (ST/LW/CB) | Age: 21 | Debut: vs. Image Razenthuria (Pre-WC80 Friendly)
Club: Image Manechester City HC | League: Image United League
International Caps: 2 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 1

#35 - Crystal Arrow (Crystal Pony - Male)
Position: Forward (ST) | Age: 33 | Debut: vs. Image N/A (Uncapped)
Club: Image Crystopolis City | League: Image United League
International Caps: 0 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0

#52 - Cornflower (Earth Pony - Female)
Position: Forward (ST/AM) | Age: 26 | Debut: vs. Image Crystal Empire (Post-WC68 Friendly)
Club: Image Appleoosa HC | League: Image United League
International Caps: 2 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 1

Coaches & Staff
Manager - Image Pearly White (Earth Pony - Female) - 47
Appointed interim manager of the national team by the Hoofball Association following the resignation of Twilight Striker - the Ponies' long-time boss of some 12 World Cup campaigns - Pearly White secured the position on a permanent basis with a number of impressive performances against higher-ranked opposition in her first games at the helm, including a stunning upset of then-defending world champions Vilita in the 3rd Cup of Champions. Since then, Pearly White has done nothing to give her employers any doubts that she's the best pony for the job, leading the Equestrian States on a Runner Cup title run without dropping a single point and reaching the 4th Cup of Champions semifinals before capping it all off with a second round appearance at the World Cup finals.

Assistant Manager - Image Dreamy Skies (Pegasus - Female) - 43
Not very long ago, Dreamy Skies was a rookie manager taking the reins of Second League club Whitetail Foresters. Her arrival had a near-instant impact on the club's fortunes as they were promoted to the United League the following season and now regularly contend for UICA berths, an incredible improvement in such a short period of time for a team once known largely for producing talent which was then poached by bigger clubs, at the Foresters' expense. When Pearly White first took charge of the Equestrian senior team, she managed to convince the HA that the still-young pegasus would be a strong addition to the Ponies' coaching staff, and thus far it has paid-off spectacularly. Players routinely praise Dreamy Skies for her enthusiastic optimism and superb work ethic which makes her a popular figure in the locker room and on the practice field.

Assistant Manager - Image Lunar Dusk (Bat Pony - Female) - 43
The newest addition to the national team staff is Lunar Dusk, somepony few Equestrian hoofball fans were aware of just a few years ago but is today one of the best-known coaching talents in the Pony Lands. Like Dreamy Skies, Lunar Dusk's managerial career started in the second tier with Crystal Fair HC, a previously unremarkable side from the Crystal Empire which she transformed into a legitimate force within a few seasons thanks to a focus on quickly developing the Grounders' budding young stars into hoofballers capable of hanging with the best. After shattering numerous Second League records and earning promotion, Crystal Fair survived a relegation battle in their first ever United League campaign, broke into the top half the following season, and last year defied all expectations to come within a tiebreaker playoff of ending Crystopolis City's previously unchallenged monopoly on the Crystal Empire's Champions' Cup berth. With Lunar Dusk's undeniable talent for inspiring young players alone makes her a valuable addition to the staff, but her brilliant tactical mind makes her appointment by Pearly White a no-brainer.

Goalkeeping Coach - Image Fire Blossom (Unicorn - Male) - 52
Responsible for training the Ponies' goalkeepers is Fire Blossom, whose exploits as a keeper in the old Equestrian Premier League earned him much respect amongst early Equestrian hoofball fans and eventually a job with the national team. Fire Blossom's prophetic praise of a teenage prospect named Gentle Breeze and his subsequent push for her initial selection to the senior team for World Cup 62 qualifying have since earned him a reputation as a natural judge of potential, not to mention a considerable amount of credit for Gentle Breeze's many successes.

Scout - Image Diamond Star (Unicorn - Female) - 50
Originally chief scout under Twilight Striker with the Canterlot Royals, Diamond Star was later hired for the national team by the Royals' and Ponies' manager to help identify young Equestrian players with international potential, and the unicorn scout did not fail in her task. Among the current national team stars first scouted by Diamond Star are Thunderlane, Cloudchaser, Rainbow Blitz, and Pristina Shine. Now the manager of Stalliongrad HC, Diamond Star has seen her national team role diminished, though she still provides valuable advice to Pearly White regarding her observations of potential internationals within the United League.

Scout - Image Golden Hooves (Earth Pony - Female) - 61
A veteran member of the Equestrian States staff, Golden Hooves has been around the national team for what seems like forever, her longevity speaking to her performance as a reliable scout. While fellow Ponies scout Diamond Star's focus lies primarily upon United League players and her evaluation of their potential with regards to the senior team, Golden Hooves is responsible mostly for scouting Equestrians on foreign clubs and assessing the Ponies' opponents and how their players compare with those available to the Ponies.

Fitness Coach - Image Craig Jackson (Human - Male) - 50
Hired in the midst of the injury plague which characterized the Ponies' World Cup 63 qualifying campaign, Craig Jackson was the first human member of the Ponies' staff and has done well to keep Equestrian players' injuries minimal in the years since then. While fitness coaches generally don't get much respect or attention from the press, Jackson's gift for keeping players of various biologically-diverse species in near-perfect health throughout grueling tournament schedules which can push them above and beyond their limits is certainly nothing to be dismissed as trivial.

Team Strategy

Note: Players' names and numbers may not be updated, see roster for details.

The Ponies' most-used formation is the slightly modified 3-5-2, preferred by former manager Twilight Striker because of the strength and dominance of the Equestrian midfielders. Thanks to the versatility of the Equestrian States' players, the formation gives the Ponies the ability to shift quickly from the offense to the defense and vice-versa. More recently, however, the Equestrians have begun to shy away from the 3-5-2 in favor of the 4-2-3-1 in order to strengthen the back line and keep their opponents guessing. Aside from the formations themselves, the Equestrians have a number of definitive strengths and weaknesses.

First, the Ponies are among the world's fastest and most durable teams, using their natural advantages to tire out opponents. With those two traits as the defining characteristics of the Equestrian style of play, the squad excels at producing chances in the latter stages of the match. But while the attack dominates the second half, opposing squads have occasionally found success going all-out at the start of the match in an attempt to build an insurmountable lead.

Another area in which the Equestrian States has traditionally dominated is in the aerial battles for headers. While the Ponies are generally shorter than their opponents, the team is often credited with impressive leaping abilities (particularly among the pegasai players). Controlling headers makes the team lethal on corner kicks, and opponents looking to defeat the Equestrians must limit the number conceded to the Ponies or else face a barrage of dangerous short-range shots from the Ponies' attackers.

Stadiums & Supporters
Summary of supporter culture and qualifying stadium assignments to be inserted here.

Royal Equestria Stadium


Location: Canterlot, Equestria
Capacity: 98,625
Tenants: Equestrian States National Team
Diamond Park


Location: Stalliongrad
Capacity: 75,000
Tenants: Stalliongrad HC
Sky-High Coliseum


Location: Cloudsdale
Capacity: 65,000
Tenants: Cloudsdale Flyers
New Stadium


Location: Manehattan, Equestria
Capacity: 00,000
Tenants: TBD
Wild Grounds


Location: Everfree, Equestria
Capacity: 56,500
Tenants: Everfree Forest HC
Elements Stadium


Location: Ponyville
Capacity: 48,750
Tenants: Ponyville United
First Entertainment Centre
aka City of Manechester Stadium


Location: Manechester, Equestria
Capacity: 47,805
Tenants: Manechester City HC

On Species and Equestrian Hoofball
The Equestrian States is a nation of incredible diversity. When many countries make this kind of statement, they are referring only to racial matters dealing with differences in skin color or culture. But the Equestrian States takes diversity to a whole new level, with dozens of sapient species living alongside each other in harmony. From pegasai to griffons, and humans to dragons, the Equestrian States is among the most diverse nations known to exist. But diversity has also had a unique and intriguing impact on the playing of sports in the Equestrian States, and hoofball is no exception. In the following paragraphs, the natural strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies of each prominent species in the Equestrian States will be explored, offering those unfamiliar with the Equestrian States a chance to explore the wonderful diversity that makes the Equestrian States a great country and gives our beloved national hoofball team a versatility that few others can hope to match.

For the full article (written during WC65, and a highly-recommended read for my opponents), please click here.

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes - Only that the player was injured and how they were injured, I will determine actual severity
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes - Same restrictions as above apply
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes - Limited to one per match, player info and species sections give hints on likely candidates
Godmod other events: Yes - No weather-related events allowed in the Equestrian States
Other Notes: Please feel free to contact me via TG or on the #nssport IRC or Discord channels if you have any questions regarding my RPs, requests for more information on the Equestrian States, or requests for exemptions from my RP restrictions. I also strongly encourage my opponents to read through my roster's section on team strategy and the linked article on species to get a better idea of the team's strengths and weaknesses. Please note that Equestrian records do not officially include matches played from WCs 72-78, but achievements from that time period are included for the sake of completeness. Player statistics are updated through the conclusion of AOCAF Cup 56.
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The Confederation of Freeport
National Hoofball Team - World Cup 81 Roster

Having acquitted themselves well first in the AOCAF Cup and then in the Baptism of Fire, Freeport's young national hoofball team has quickly established themselves as one of the "newcomers to watch for" during World Cup qualifying. The expanded roster sizes for qualifying will allow the Condottieri to give some players who missed the cut for the AOCAF and Baptism of Fire squads a shot at making the final 23-player squad in the future, and there's more than a few players in the pool who could take advantage of that opportunity. Speaking of the final squad, expectations among both the experts and supporters alike are relatively low for Freeport as they embark on their first qualifying campaign. The dream, of course, is ultimately to qualify for the World Cup, but for a team that has only just begun participating in high-level competitions to qualify, it would take more skill and luck than the Condottieri have shown thus far in their time on the international stage. As such, though manager Mad Dash adamantly refuses to "rule his team out from contending for a spot in the World Cup before qualifying has even begun," it is widely expected that the Freeport national team's unstated objective this cycle will be instead to reach the Cup of Harmony and perform respectably.

Reaching the semifinals of the Baptism of Fire was a remarkable achievement for this team, even if they did ultimately lose their final two hard-fought matches, and is a good foundation for the Condottieri to build from. There remains a real hunger for improvement and success in this team that certainly lacks any world-class talents for the moment, but has its fair share of players with tremendous potential mixed in alongside some veterans of the Equestrian lower leagues who have waited their entire careers for an opportunity to prove themselves on the multiverse's grandest stage for hoofball. With a coaching staff that's second-to-none among the teams making their qualifying debuts this cycle, Freeport will surely be hoping to at the very least make an impression on their top-seeded opponents (which might be a literal one, given the Condottieri's aggressive style of play). Backed by a country that's far from being the brightest star in the multiverse, but undeniably passionate about the game of hoofball, the Condottieri are ready to finally make their presence known to all.

Quick Facts
KPB Ranking: 189th (2.00 pts.)
Style Modifier: +4.0
Nickname: The Condottieri
All-Time Record: 18-9-16 (8-3-6 at World Cup 81 Qualifying)
Achievements: Semifinals (Baptism of Fire 68)
AOCAF Cup 56 Friendlies:
Pre-AOCAF I: Freeport 2–1 Busoga Islands at Condottieri Coliseum (cap. 94,925) in Freeport, Freeport (Win)
Pre-AOCAF II: Equestrian States 4–0 Freeport at Derby Field (cap. 65,000) in Manehattan, Equestrian States (Loss)

AOCAF Cup 56: 0-1-2 (4th in Group B)
MD1: Freeport 0–0 Tropicorp at Wild Grounds (cap. 56,500) in Everfree, Equestrian States (Draw)
MD2: Freeport 1–2 Ko-oren at Shady Grove (cap. 43,650) in Whitetail, Equestrian States (Loss)
MD3: Sultanate of Oontaz 3–2 Freeport at Wild Grounds (cap. 56,500) in Everfree, Equestrian States (Loss)

Baptism of Fire 68 Friendlies:
Pre-BoF I: Freeport 0–0 Oscioru at Condottieri Coliseum (cap. 94,925) in Freeport, Freeport (Draw)
Pre-BoF II: Kavagrad 1–1 Freeport at De Leon Stadium (cap. 86,520) in Kava-Neva, Kavagrad (Draw)
Pre-BoF III: Freeport 2–1 Czarna Gora at Condottieri Coliseum (cap. 94,925) in Freeport, Freeport (Win)

Baptism of Fire 68: 5-1-2 (2nd in Group P)
MD1: South Libertopia 4–2 Freeport at Stadion Jansberg (cap. 72,000) in Jansberg, Semarland (Loss)
MD2: Freeport 3–0 Schweiser at Stadion Jansberg (cap. 72,000) in Jansberg, Semarland (Win)
MD3: Miznan 2–3 Freeport at Saint Adren Road (cap. 45,000) in Saint Adrensburg, Semarland (Win)
Round of 32: Busoga Islands 2–3 Freeport at Ján Rülánd Dêrmáá (cap. 10,000) in Ruland, Farfadillis (Win)
Round of 16: Greater Libertania 2–3 Freeport at Ján Rülánd Dêrmáá (cap. 10,000) in Ruland, Farfadillis (Win)
Quarterfinals: Guriguay 0–5 Freeport at Naš Stadion (cap. 32,000) in Karuvis, Farfadillis (Win)

Semifinals: Freeport 1–2 Shofercia at Ján Rülánd Dêrmáá (cap. 10,000) in Ruland, Farfadillis (Loss)
Third Place Playoff: Freeport 3–3 Carloso (3–3 AET) (4–5 pen.) at Natunolstadion (cap. 86,000) in Jansberg, Semarland (Loss)

Baker Park Open Cup: 2-0-3 (3rd in Group A)
MD1: Baker Park 1–0 Freeport at Queen Victoria Stadium (cap. 37,475) in Ezriquay, Baker Park (Loss)
MD2: Freeport 2–1 Free Republics at Jones Stadium (cap. 24,650) in Dalton, Baker Park (Win)
MD3: Cassadaigua 6–3 Freeport at Collins Park (cap. 47,000) in Oceana, Baker Park (Loss)
Classifying Match: Freeport 2–1 Maryloupe at President's Park (cap. 26,115) in Shirley, Baker Park (Win)
Ninth Place Match: Freeport 0–2 Free Republics at Collins Park (cap. 47,000) in Oceana, Baker Park (Loss)


Home - Away - Third

The Freeport national hoofball team receives its kits from Generosity Sporting Equipment, an Equestria-based sportswear company that has recently begun to stake a claim on the international hoofball kit market, with teams in Atlantian Oceania and Esportiva among those to hire their designers.

Group 17 - Qualifying
#22 - Image Darmen (22.94 pts.)
#46 - Image Baker Park (15.02 pts.)
#60 - Image Taeshan (11.22 pts.)
#71 - Image Coldfield (9.80 pts.)
#167 - Image St. Saratoga (3.15 pts.)
#189 - Image Freeport (2.00 pts.)
#262 - Image Timmy's Tigers (0.50 pts.)
#307 - Image Innovian Indusse (0.13 pts.)
UR - Image Kwesiland (0.00 pts.)
UR - Image South Caleblan (0.00 pts.)

Tournament Schedule

Pre-Qualifying Friendlies
Pre-Qual I: Freeport 4-5 Qasden at Condottieri Coliseum (cap. 94,925) in Freeport, Freeport (Loss)
Pre-Qual II: Michine 1-1 Freeport at Stade National des Aventuriers (cap. 10,000) in Michine, Michine (Draw)
Pre-Qual III: Banija 8-0 Freeport at River Corizova Stadium (cap. 8,900) in Corizova, Banija (Loss)
Pre-Qual IV: Freeport 4-0 Askari Union at Golden Port Park (cap. 35,450) in Porthaven, Freeport (Win)

Qualifying - Group 17 (First Half)
MD1: Freeport 1-2 Baker Park at Condottieri Coliseum (cap. 94,925) in Freeport, Freeport (Loss)
MD2: Kwesiland 2-4 Freeport at Venue TBD (cap. Unknown) in City TBD, Kwesiland (Win)
MD3: Freeport 2-4 Darmen at Condottieri Coliseum (cap. 94,925) in Freeport, Freeport (Loss)
MD4: South Caleblan 1-3 Freeport at Venue TBD (cap. Unknown) in City TBD, South Caleblan (Win)
MD5: Freeport 0-2 Taeshan at Condottieri Coliseum (cap. 94,925) in Freeport, Freeport (Loss)
MD6: Freeport 5-3 Timmy's Tigers at The Saltbed (cap. 24.715) in Salty Shores, Freeport (Win)
MD7: Innovian Indusse 1-4 Freeport at Venue TBD (cap. Unknown) in City TBD, Innovian Indusse (Win)
MD8: Freeport 4-0 St. Saratoga at Golden Port Park (cap. 35,450) in Porthaven, Freeport (Win)

MD9: Coldfield 2-2 Freeport at Crownsville Palace Colossus (cap. 94,000) in Crownsville, Coldfield (Draw)

Mid-Qualifying Friendly
Mid-Qual: Busoga Islands 1-1 Freeport at Venue TBD (cap. Unknown) in City TBD, Busoga Islands (Draw)

Qualifying - Group 17 (Second Half)
MD10: Baker Park 4-2 Freeport at Rogers Stadium (cap. 46,800) in Endborough, Baker Park (Loss)
MD11: Freeport 4-2 Kwesiland at The Saltbed (cap. 24.715) in Salty Shores, Freeport (Win)
MD12: Darmen 5-3 Freeport at Tyger Stadium (cap. 40,000) in Darmen City, Darmen (Loss)
MD13: Freeport 3-1 South Caleblan at Golden Port Park (cap. 35,450) in Porthaven, Freeport (Win)
MD14: Taeshan 4-1 Freeport at Venue TBD (cap. Unknown) in City TBD, Taeshan (Loss)
MD15: Timmy's Tigers 1-1 Freeport at Venue TBD (cap. Unknown) in City TBD, Timmy's Tigers (Draw)
MD16: Freeport 4-0 Innovian Indusse at Golden Port Park (cap. 35,450) in Porthaven, Freeport (Win)
MD17: St. Saratoga 2-2 Freeport at Saints National Stadium (cap. Unknown) in Rogerbei, St. Saratoga (Draw)
MD18: Freeport vs. Coldfield at Condottieri Coliseum (cap. 94,925) in Freeport, Freeport

Post-Qualifying Friendlies
Post-Qual I: Freeport vs. TBD at Venue TBD (cap. Unknown) in City TBD, Nation TBD
Post-Qual II: Freeport vs. TBD at Venue TBD (cap. Unknown) in City TBD, Nation TBD
Post-Qual III: Freeport vs. TBD at Venue TBD (cap. Unknown) in City TBD, Nation TBD

Qualifying Roster Pool

Summary Coming Soon.

GK - #1 - Kukiri (Zebra - Female) - 28 - Image Everfree Guardians (UHA Second League) - 14 caps, 4 clean sheets - -C-
GK - #13 - Night Thunder (Pegasus - Male) - 21 - Image New Cloudsdale Colonists (UHA Second League) - 2 caps
GK - #20 - Aideen Carman (Human - Female) - 23 - Image Maneapolis Stars (UHA Third League) - 2 caps
GK - #28 - Soulful Wish (Pegasus - Female) - 24 - Image Storm City HC (UHA Third League) - 3 caps
GK - #37 - Briar Patch (Earth Pony - Male) - 31 - Image Condottiere (FHA Championship) - 1 cap
GK - #50 - Varmond (Griffon - Male) - 28 - Image Trottawa Express (UHA Third League) - 1 cap

Summary Coming Soon.

LB - #2 - Spotted Spirit (Pegasus - Male) - 25 - Image Condottiere (FHA Championship) - 15 caps, 3 assists
CB - #5 - Bloodblade (Minotaur - Male) - 24 - Image Real Maredrid (UHA Second League) - 13 caps, 1 goal
CB - #4 - Alastair (Griffon - Male) - 20 - Image Griffonstone HC (UHA Fourth League) - 14 caps, 1 goal
RB - #3 - Sharp Focus (Pegasus - Female) - 27 - Image Freeport United (FHA Championship) - 14 caps, 1 assist
LB - #17- Calyx Dawn (Earth Pony - Male) - 25 - Image Freeport United (FHA Championship) - 6 caps, 2 assists
CB - #14 - Flare Eclipse (Unicorn - Male) - 29 - Image South Spire United (UHA Second League) - 10 caps, 1 goal
RB - #21 - Lena Auteberry (Human - Female) - 22 - Image Equestrian Strike HC (UHA League A) - 7 caps, 1 goal
CB - #23 - Deadbeat (Earth Pony - Male) - 27 - Image HC Porthaven (FHA Championship) - 4 caps
LB - #31 - Lesedi Maina (Human - Female) - 22 - Image Coastal Corsairs HC (FHA Championship) - 4 caps
RB - #36 - Guinevere (Unicorn - Female) - 17 - Image Manehattan Manticores (UHA United League) - 3 caps, 1 assist
CB - #33 - Elias Kaspar (Human - Male) - 26 - Image Freeport United (FHA Championship) - 4 caps
CB - #40 - Knut Norling (Dwarf - Male) - 24 - Image Condottiere (FHA Championship) - 4 caps
LB - #29 - Gumdrop Swirl (Earth Pony - Female) - 23 - Image Crystal Heart City (UHA Second League) - 1 cap
CB - #44 - Air Raid (Pegasus - Male) - 26 - Image Trottingham Hotspur (UHA Second League) - 1 cap
CB - #26 - Smokescreen (Bat Pony - Male) - 18 - Image Saltlickers HC (FHA Championship) - 2 caps
RB - #30 - Greywind (Pegasus - Male) - 28 - Image Marestricht (UHA Fourth League) - 2 caps
CB - #27 - Fezzik (Zebra - Male) - 28 - Image Atlantian Equestria HC (UHA Fourth League) - 1 cap

Summary Coming Soon.

DM - #6 - Eindride Cleary (Human - Male) - 30 - Image Condottiere (FHA Championship) - 12 caps, 1 assist
CM - #9 - Thorn Bristle (Earth Pony - Male) - 25 - Image Crystal Springs HC (UHA Third League) - 15 caps, 4 assists, 1 goal
CM - #7 - Storm Chill (Pegasus - Female) - 29 - Image Las Pegasus Blues (UHA Third League) - 15 caps, 4 assists, 3 goals - -VC-
CM - #18 - Temptation (Changeling - Female) - 18 - Image Freeport United (FHA Championship) - 11 caps, 2 assists, 3 goals
RM - #21 - Ivory Feather (Griffon - Female) - 20 - Image Griffonstone HC (UHA Fourth League) - 7 caps, 1 assist
AM - #12 - Meadow Evergreen (Unicorn - Female) - 18 - Image Athletico Maredrid (UHA Third League) - 6 caps, 1 goal
LM - #34 - Dawn Walker (Pegasus - Female) - 21 - Image Crystal Springs HC (UHA Third League) - 7 caps, 1 assist, 1 goal
LM - #19 - Blue Cobalt (Earth Pony - Male) - 28 - Image New Ponyville HC (UHA Second League) - 3 caps
AM - #43 - Emerald Eyes (Earth Pony - Female) - 29 - Image Apple Orchard HC (UHA Second League) - 5 caps
CM - #24 - Gossamer (Pegasus - Female) - 19 - Image Condottiere (FHA Championship) - 5 caps, 1 assist, 1 goal
CM - #42 - Cattail (Earth Pony - Female) - 27 - Image Freeport United (FHA Championship) - 3 caps, 1 assist
CM - #48 - Lolicia (Zebra - Female) - 16 - Image Crystal Princess HC (UHA Third League) - 2 caps
RM - #38 - Valiant Heart (Unicorn - Male) - 27 - Image HC Porthaven (FHA Championship) - 3 caps
CM - #25 - Corsair Gust (Pegasus - Male) - 25 - Image Lunar Island Stargazers (UHA Fourth League) - 4 caps, 1 goal
CM - #15 - Ambros (Unicorn - Female) - 19 - Image Coltland Trail Blazers (UHA Fourth League) - 5 caps
DM - #41 - Gristlecharm (Dragon - Male) - 19 - Image Baltimare Dynamo (UHA Third League) - 2 caps
CM - #35 - Switchblade (Griffon - Male) - 30 - Image Coastal Corsairs HC (FHA Championship) - 3 caps
CM - #47 - Looking Glass (Unicorn - Female) - 26 - Image HC Porthaven (FHA Championship) - Uncapped
AM - #49 - Sandile (Zebra - Male) - 32 - Image Saltlickers HC (FHA Championship) - Uncapped

Summary Coming Soon.

LW - #8 - Puzzle Piece (Changeling - Male) - 23 - Image Seaddle Sounders (UHA Second League) - 15 caps, 7 assists, 5 goals
ST - #10 - Torvald Royle (Human - Male) - 27 - Image Crystopolis Defenders (UHA Third League) - 15 caps, 1 assist, 9 goals
RW - #11 - Sonar Amethyst (Bat Pony - Female) - 20 - Image Fillydelphia Union (UHA Second League) - 14 caps, 3 assists, 3 goals
ST - #39 - Brigitte (Griffon - Female) - 25 - Image Freeport United (FHA Championship) - 6 caps, 1 assist, 2 goals
ST - #16 - Cerulean Blitz (Pegasus - Male) - 18 - Image Storm City HC (UHA Third League) - 8 caps, 2 goals
RW - #32 - Katrien Hagen (Human - Female) - 27 - Image Condottiere (FHA Championship) - 4 caps, 1 assist
ST - #45 - Azalea (Zebra - Female) - 19 - Image HC Porthaven (FHA Championship) - 4 caps, 2 goals
LW - #46 - Leaf Spark (Pegasus - Female) - 28 - Image Mareseilles HC (UHA Second League) - 3 caps, 1 assist

Coaches & Staff
Summary Coming Soon.

Manager - Image Mad Dash (Pegasus - Male) - 55
Assistant Manager - Image Jon Merritt (Human - Male) - 57
Assistant Manager - Image Blazing Fire (Griffon - Male) - 37
Goalkeeping Coach - Image Sandy Shores (Unicorn - Female) - 37
Scout - Image Mathias Paulson (Human - Male) - 44
Scout - Image Sipho (Zebra - Male) - 36
Fitness Coach - Image Roughhouse (Pegasus - Male) - 48

Strategy & Formation


Coming Soon (4-3-3)

Stadiums & Supporters
During World Cup qualifying, the Condottieri will play their home games at a few different venues in and around the city of Freeport, with the biggest matches to be held at Condottieri Coliseum, the newly-constructed high-capacity stadium built by the Freeport Hoofball Association with the financial backing of the Council of Thirteen for just such an occasion as a World Cup qualifier. Regardless of the venue however, expect the locals to be out in force with more than a little enthusiasm. Flags, flares, signs, and drums are fixtures at all hoofball games in Freeport as fans will go to extreme lengths to support their team. Fights are fairly common as well at the club level as teams are frequently a symbol of neighborhood or district pride in the city of Freeport itself or that of the smaller cities and towns as a whole in the outlying islands of the archipelago. The FHA is sparing little expense with regards to match day security for the national team, however, so as to not keep foreign supporters (and more importantly: their tourism money) out of Freeport, so fights probably won't be nearly as prevalent during World Cup qualifying.

That said, Freeport didn't earn its historic reputation as a haven for pirates, smugglers, and lowlifes of every sort without reason. The Council of Thirteen has kept Freeport clear of most serious criminal activity, or at least kept it from ruining the city-state financially, since coming to power centuries ago. Crime has been brought down further and some of Freeport's worst poverty and inequality issues have been alleviated with the relatively recent reforms introduced by Archmagus Sunset Shimmer, but the islands are still far from an idyllic tropical paradise. Foreigners should be cautious when visiting Freeport, though so long as they steer clear of the rougher areas of the city-state and generally avoid causing any disruption to the business of Freeport's wealthy elite, they should be relatively safe. But, as a rule, if you go looking for trouble in Freeport, whether it's from a pickpocket, a street gang, a mercenary guild employed by a sufficiently wealthy (and vengeful) Freeport business-owner, or - if you're really stupid - the Council of Thirteen or the Archmagus Sunset Shimmer herself, trouble is sure to find you.

Condottieri Coliseum


Location: Freeport
Capacity: 94,925
Tenants: Freeport National Team
Golden Port Park


Location: Porthaven
Capacity: 35,450
Tenants: HC Porthaven
The Saltbed


Location: Salty Shores
Capacity: 24,715
Tenants: Saltlickers HC

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes - Only that the player was injured and how they were injured, I will determine actual severity
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes - Same restrictions as above apply
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes - Within reason, of course, but feel free to be creative
Other Notes: TG me if you have any questions regarding my RPs or requests for more information on Freeport. Player stats updated through the Baptism of Fire and the Baker Park Open Cup.
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Postby Polkopia » Sun Aug 19, 2018 9:14 pm


The Allied States of Polkopia
National Football Team

The Allied States of Polkopia, or commonly known throughout the multiverse as Polkopia, is set to return to the World Cup, having last competed internationally during the qualifying matches for the 78th World Cup, where they finished 7th in their group with an embarrassing record of 5-2-9. It was not what they had expected, and Polkopian fans were left devastated after their beloved team failed to qualify for the multiverse's most popular sporting event. Shortly after the Polkopian team's early departure, Polkopian fans faced yet another tragedy. Polkopian head coach, Spartak Stenin, who carried Polkopia to their first ever World Cup tournament in San José Guayabal and Valladares, passed away under mysterious circumstances months after Stenin's team failed to qualify for the 78th World Cup. The PFA (Polkopian Football Association) decided to take a brief hiatus from international sporting competitions in order to root out corruption that was rampant among the organization, among other things, with the end goal of returning to the World Cup with a fresh mentality and a new, younger, able-bodied team.

Of course, these changes didn't happen overnight. Once the news of Spartak Stenin's death reached the public, the PFA was shut down by the government and subsequently reorganized and allocated the necessary funding in order to establish a national team once more. Youth academies were established throughout Polkopia, and children who didn't meet specific academic quotas were incentivized to join these academies. As a result, participation at these newly-established academies grew rapidly, however these kids had no real match experience. In order to fix this issue, the PFA brought back the Polkopian Premier League which had been previously disbanded following the dissolution of the PFA, and the teams were reestablished with stricter financial guidelines in order to ensure transparency among the teams' administrative boards. A new coach was hand-selected based off of experience within the youth academies, and Zdeslav Tedesco was selected as the head coach for the national team. The upcoming World Cup tournament is a moment of extreme pressure for Tedesco, however it's also a test of how successful the steps taken by the PFA were in order to establish a strong national team.

RP Permissions
I give my opponent permission to:
  • Choose my scorers
  • Choose my scoring events/godmod any scoring events
  • RP injuries to my players (No more than one injury per game, with a maximum of 3 injuries for the entire tournament)
  • Hand out red/yellow cards to Polkopian players (Within reason - please try to be realistic about any fouls that are given to my players.)
  • Godmod other events

Home/Away Kits

These kits were made courtesy of Red Blackiland

The Polkopian kits that are to be used for the upcoming World Cup qualifying matches are made by Meski Sports who are no longer actively supplying kits, however head coach Zdeslav Tedesco expressed his desire to have his team wear the same kits used by the Polkopian team during the 74th World Cup in San José Guayabal and Valladares. According to Tedesco, he wanted to bring back the feeling of nostalgia within the Polkopian populace, so when they see this team play, they can remember the excitement that took place all throughout Polkopia years ago. He hopes that Polkopian everywhere will react with tremendous amount of support for their team, and football will once again be as popular as it once was among Polkopians.


____________________________________________________________Head Coach: Vitali Zorić
Assistant Coach: Zdeslav Tedesco
Assistant Coach: Luca Naumov
Goalkeeper Coach Gerardo Adamić
Team Doctor Tacito Sovolov
Team Administrator Robert Sobol
Content Producer Slavko Alessandri

Starting XI

##       POS.     NAME.                         CLUB.             NAT.
#1 GK Danko Vilar Mordavia Image
#17 DEF Anargyros Konstantinov Peeto Korol' Image
#18 DEF Christos Novak FC Dovogo Image
#27 DEF Ilia Zupan Lada Kirovski Image
#42 DEF Paavo Franić Olympik Restnov Image
#50 DEF Boris Yakchuk FC Dovogo Image
#7 MID Dalibor Milanov FC Valinkova Image
#20 MID Varfolomei Bogdanov FC Rotislav Image
#9 MID Irakliy Živkov Peeto Gordost' Image
#15 MID Filip Markov Mordavia Image
#11 FWD Rafael Korošeć FC Valinkova Image


##       POS.     NAME.                         CLUB.             NAT.
#0 GK Zdravko Marshupotsev Avontis FC Image
#64 DEF Valter Kokinos Lada Kirovski Image
#24 DEF Feofan Ferro Peeto Gordost' Image
#70 DEF Leon Goranov Mordavia Image
#13 MID Mate Horvatsev FC Valinkova Image
#19 MID Yakša Adam Peeto Korol' Image
#5 FWD Alexandr Rabutsov Kalinka Image
#39 FWD Vali Stavros Peeto Gordost' Image

Formation and Strategy

Formation: 5-4-1
Style Modifier: +0.5

Home Stadium

Marshupov Arena
Peeto, Polkopia
Capacity: 42, 285
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Postby Darkmania » Mon Aug 20, 2018 12:18 am



Darkmania enters their third World Cup in a row. Third time the charm?

It hasn't been a great time for the national team for Darkmania. With the last place on their Group at the 5th Independents Cup, with only 1 lonely point to add. This was embarrassing for the national team.

Ranking: 99th.
Formation: 4-4-2
Home ground: Örkendrem Nätionaljë Foëtbäll Arëna (Örkendrem National Footbal Arena) Tÿramël Städÿon, (Rësbyr)
Nickname: Can we go througt this without a nickname
Manager: Däniël Rëspertner
Stylemod: +2

The Squad (All main players are marked like this.)
#1: Ërimär (GK)
#2: Bjørndalsen (GK/sub)
#3: Yürang (Def)
#4: Tërman (Def)
#5: Lërnÿn (Def)
#6: Ërim (Def)
#7: Bernsüng (Def/sub)
#8: Përsater (Mid)
#9: Årdalberg (mid)
#10: Rånde (Mid)
#11: Vërnspern (Mid/sub)

#12: Tÿrn (For)
#13: Mjøe(For)
#14: Änderm (For/sub)
#15 Ødegård (For/sub)

The opponent will be given the permission to (if he/she RP first):
Choose My Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Goalscoring events: Yes, but realistic.
Injure Players: Yes, but no death, career-ending or life-threatening injuries.
Godmod injury event: Yes, but telegram me or DM me on Discord.
Red card player: No, unless telegrammed. If allowed, only up to 1 player.
Yellow card player: Yes.
Godmod other events: No, unless telegrammed. If allowed, must be realistic.

ÖNFA gets upgraded

Örkendrem Nätionaljë Foëtbäll Arëna, (or ÖNFA for short) is getting upgraded with a better pitch quality, double the amount of seating to 50 000 and a storage for the 5 000 more seats used for concerts plus much more. This makes ÖNFA unable to host matches for the qualification. Tÿramël Städÿon, in Rësbyr the 2nd biggest city in Darkmania in terms of population will host the home matches. With a seating of 45 000 and has just opened, it will host the home matches while ÖNFA gets works on.
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Postby Tobiasia » Mon Aug 20, 2018 12:41 am

Official WC81 roster of the Socialist Republic of Tobiasia

Home kit

Away kit

Goalkeeper's kit

Formation: 3-4-3
Style modifier: +2
Manager: Liz Sheffield

GK-Percy Matthews (22)
Tobiasia City, TOB
LCB-Katrina Zeya (19)
Tobiasia City, TOB
RCB-Paul Goldsmith (24)
Mucusia, SCH
DM-Arthur Slim (25)
Tob-An, TOB
LM-Harry Lithgow (23)
Tobiasia City, TOB
RM-Sally Urtup (22)
D’Itile, SCH
CB-Frank Woods (25)
Manside United, TOB
CM-Flint Eastgate (23)
Tobiasia City, TOB
ST-Fraser Philips (27) (C)
Port James Athletic, SCH
LW-Lee Ryans (20)
New Belfast Warriors, SCH
RW-Rosa Uzele (22)
Portside Tigers, SCH

GK-Brian Smith (25)
Portside Tigers, TOB
ST-Max Harrison (18)
Portside Tigers, TOB
DM-Matt Blake (19)
East River Roses, TOB
CM-Hannah Yun (21)
Portside Tigers, TOB
LM-Tyson Gold (21)
Aruk United, TOB
RM-Abraham Ford (23)
Portside Tigers, TOB
LCB-Ford Sandman (19)
Manside United, TOB
LW-Harvey Miranda (23)
Tobiasia City, TOB
RW-Matthew Card (26)
East River Roses, TOB
RCB-Peter Hitchcock (20)
Portside Tigers, TOB

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Light injuries
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: No

The Ark of Tobiasia
The Ark of Tobiasia is the national stadium of the Tobiasian football team. With a capacity of 80,000, this stadium has seen great ups and downs over the years, and the gold building sits in Independence Park in Kyiv.

Ones to watch
•Fraser Philips: scored goals in qualifying, this world class striker grabbed the headlines with a stunning international move to the Schottian team Port James Athletic for a Tobiasian record sum of $9 million.
•Rosa Uzele: this winter burst onto the Championship scene with with a bang, scoring many goals which gave her the golden boot for this season for her home town Portside Tigers.
•Arthur Slim: the most experienced member of the team, midfielder Slim managed to push Tob-An FC out of the relegation zone into the top 5 this season, as his partnership with Abajan Sulley Cromartie dominated their opposition, however his sometimes rash tackles led him to be the most yellow carded player in the league.
•Sally Urtup: moved this year to Schottian side D’Itille, and has made a strong impact last season, and hopes to bring her charisma and flair for crossing to the newly promoted side.
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Postby Beepee » Mon Aug 20, 2018 4:03 am


Head of the Beepeean Football Association, Ms Dakota Secret, is delighted to announce the squad for the World Cup 81 qualifiers.

Michael Forsberg

GK Francois Shep
32 year old Shep, who plays for Catenham State University is a solid pair of hands in goal and him performing well will no doubt play a huge part in any success Beepee has in the competition.

S1Markus Doulton
- Jerome Moullet

DL Anders Bucke
DC Jason Baker
DC Claude Boles
DR Davide Michelle
S2 Jerome Sohn (DCR)
S3 Jared Forli (DL)
- Iain Hutt (DC)

ML Dirk Bolt
MC Max Christian
MC Niklaus Malade

MR Chris Patterson (Captain)
24 year old midfielder Chris Patterson prefers playing on the right, however is comfortable in any midfield position. Patterson has excellent ball skills, can whip in a mean cross, and is by far Beepee's quickest runner.  Patterson provides stong leadership and works best with left midfielder Dirk Bolt.

S3 Scott Kirk (MLR)

S4 Aaron St. Pier (MC)
Aaron St Pier is a 21 year old who plays for Norfolk Pinewoods and may be a player to watch for the future. The young defensive midfielder who played well for his club in the domestic season.   Aaron is looking to push his way into the starting line-up.

- Derek Barbour (MC)

ST Sam Veera
22 year old Sam Veera, who plays for Mela Leuca is an adept finisher.  Whilst his key weakness is heading, Veera makes up for this deficiency through his understanding of the importance of positioning and often loses markers inside the 6 yard area. Veera, who prefers his right foot,  has excellent power and is often able to outmuscle his opponents.

ST Carlo Bannan
S5 Liam Chang
- Andreas Poje
- Anders Jung
Evan Friberg
19 year old Friberg is a playmaking attacker who has impressed for his club, Banksia Utd. Unlikely to play more than a supportive role Friberg continues to be learn and grow as part of the wider squad

The preferred starting line up and 5 substitutes indicated.  (Substitutes are indicated as S#)

Beepee play a traditional 4-4-2 formation, with a slight defensive leaning, which can be seen here.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

RP Permissions
Choose my lineup: Yes - preferred shown
Choose my scorers:  Yes
Choose my scoring events:  Yes
Godmod scoring events:   Yes
RP injuries to my players:   Yes but no deaths please
Godmod Injuries to my players:  Yes but no deaths please
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Yes
Give Red Cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes

Style Modifier: -1



Home Stadium


A dedicated national stadium, known as Pinewoods Stadium, with a capacity of 72,000. Pinewoods Stadium is the largest sports stadium in Beepee.

For history on the Beepeean Team see

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Postby Adab » Mon Aug 20, 2018 4:56 am

The Adabian National Football Team

One of my players has been sent off several times. He will do something if he gets the chance – even in training. Can I take it out of him? No. Would I want to take it out of him? No. If you take the aggression out of him, he is not himself. So you have to accept that there is a certain flaw that is counterbalanced by all the great things he can do.
-Sir Alex Ferguson

Adabian football is back, and its triumphant return has stunned even its most fervent followers. To understand this comeback, a little background information would be necessary; football was introduced to Adab by British immigrants and tourists sometime in the latter half of the 19th century, whereupon it gradually became the most popular sport in the country, a common pastime of all social classes. The Adabian Football Association was formed in 1907, with the Football League beginning play the next year. At that time it was a purely amateur sport, with players receiving no pay for their effort on the pitch. This changed with the legalization of professionalism starting from the 1928-29 season; this move, although derided by purists and the upper class, was supported by the middle and lower classes, from which most of the players came. The sport's popularity only increased from that point, culminating in the opening of the Adab City Stadium - still regarded today as one of the country's greatest architectural achievements - in 1940, which was able to accommodate forty thousand spectators.

Soon, however, things would go downhill for the sport in Adab. The country had stayed neutral and was unaffected by World War II, but it could not avoid the grasp of the Cold War, as the United States and the Soviet Union battled for influence across the globe, using proxies to wage a multi-dimensional conflict - not just on the battlefield - that they often would not directly commit themselves into. Emperor Tizqar III and his government refused to align themselves with either the Americans or the Soviets, yet they could not prevent the East-West struggle from reaching the stadium stands. From the 1960s onward, several supporters' groups were overtaken by socialist and communist elements, and the associated clubs became notorious as bastions of leftist thought, even as they unsuccessfully tried to shed this image. This was followed by a conservative backlash in the next decade, exemplified by the self-appointment of Usman Farzi as chairman of Ramallah United in 1973, whereupon he declared that the club "stood for traditional Adabian values", putting the club off-limits to left-leaning supporters.

By the 1980s, hooliganism and disorderly conduct in general were commonplace in Adabian football, with fans on the extreme left and right inciting violence in stadiums. This was not the only problem facing the sport; allegations of corruption and match-fixing had always been commonplace from the very beginning of the football league system, yet they became increasingly amplified from that decade onwards. A brief bright spot was the election of Albar Kaykali as President of the Football Association in 1997; he introduced a series of measures which successfully reduced hooliganism in the country's stadiums, but the investigation that he launched to look into corruption within Adabian football was still ongoing when he died of a heart attack in 2002, and that investigation came into a halt after his death.

As allegations of corruption continued to emerge on all levels of Adabian football, Emperor Tizqar III - at the urging of his son Crown Prince Alulim - decided to take matters into his own hands, one of the few times the country's sovereign had personally intervened in sports. In 2008, he suspended the Association, the national team, and the entire league system, declaring that Adabian football was "hopeless" and that it would have to "start over" at some point in the future. Over the next ten years, no competitions were held as the Emperor and the government engaged in a vicious crackdown on crime and corruption in football - soon to be known simply as "The Purge" - arresting and sentencing more than three dozen figures, and subsidized the renovation of many of the top clubs' stadiums, most notably Adab City Stadium.

With football competitions effectively banned nationwide for ten years, the country did not expect much in 2018 when the Emperor declared that the time had come for Adabian football to "start over". He had the national team reassembled from scratch, including only youngsters and none of the older players who had played before the suspension, even if they were not associated with any of the scandals of the time. Assuming the manager's mantle was 44-year-old Saad Kaykali, nephew of the late Albar Kaykali and a former player himself with Baghdad City from 1992 to 2008. In his glory days regarded as the greatest player of his generation, he had been implicated in match-fixing along with his teammates and sentenced to seven years in prison, but was later pardoned by the Emperor when it was determined that he had actually been unaware of the scheme.

Kaykali and his youngsters - all of whom were selected through a nationwide trial and had never played competitive football before - soon found themselves competing in Independents Cup 5, which served as their own "baptism of fire" (the country had actually planned to participate on Baptism of Fire 68, but was forced to cancel their participation after it was found that a long-forgotten exhibition team under the Adabian name had participated in a prior iteration of the competition). So inexperienced were they, that when they actually made it past the group stage - defeating 72nd-ranked Maryloupe and 39th-ranked Juvencus, among others - it sent shockwaves across not just the country but also the entire footballing world. They defeated Karulicja in the round of 16 before being stopped in the quarterfinals by 20th-ranked Drawkland in a thrilling match which saw the Adabians hold them to a 3-3 tie at the end of extra time, only to fall 0-3 on penalties. Still, it was a stunning achievement for a country that had just emerged from a ten-year football suspension, its team filled entirely with players no older than 19. And with the coming of the new year and the World Cup, it was an achievement that Kaykali and his boys sought to build upon. This would be the beginning of a new and glorious era in Adabian football.

The national team's kits, designed by Ahmad Enlil (the first President of the Football Association) in 1907, are currently manufactured by Shining Sun Company, of which Rahman Ashurbanipal, businessman and grandson of Emperor Tizqar III, is the majority shareholder.

Manager: Saad Kaykali
Assistant manager: Inimabakesh Thulus
Coach: Yitzhak Bennett
Goalkeeping coach: Faisal ar-Rashid
Physio: Hamza Ridha

GK: 1 - Mohammed Marramzi - 20 years old (C)
CB: 8 - Eannatum al-Tikriti - 19 years old
CB: 6 - Shamsidad Nahmoud - 20 years old
LB: 3 - Enmerkar Abdulmahrim - 19 years old
RB: 4 - Taymour Frangieh - 18 years old
CM: 2 - Malik Aminuddin - 19 years old
LM: 5 - Salman al-Muntar - 18 years old
RM: 7 - Ephraim Orlev - 20 years old
LW: 9 - Adanirari Uhwan - 19 years old
CF: 11 - Enlilbani Yargab - 20 years old
RW: 10 - Shamsuiluna Zambiya - 19 years old

The team will use 4-3-2-1. Player positions available here. Style mod +3.

Adab City Stadium, the pride and joy of Adabian football, was completed in 1940. Located in the northern part of Adab City, the stadium was able to accommodate 40,000 people at the time of its opening. Renovations in 1978 made it an all-seater stadium and expanded its capacity to 55,350. Later it increased to 75,000 following upgrades in 2009-10. It is currently home to the Adabian national football team and Adab City FC.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Yes
Choose scoring events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes
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Postby Zeleny Hrebenia » Mon Aug 20, 2018 7:01 am

Zeleny Hrebenia National Football Team
Narodny Futbalovy Tim Zeleny Hrebenia

Crest of the Narodna Futbalova Associacia Zeleny Hrebenia

National Info
Zeleny Hrebenia [ˈzɛlɛni ˈɦrɛbɛnɪ̯a] is a partially recognized state, estimated population 104,540, which declared its independence from Parchantia three years ago. President Ludovit Maloš, a former leader of the "Green Revolution," as the war of independence is known, rules with an iron fist, putting "law and order" first. While there are still occasional clashes between Parchanti and Hrebenian troops, the conflict has largely subsided, and more citizens are slowly coming to question Maloš's style of rule in light of the little conflict that exists.

As the war has subsided in the last year, the country is able to focus its mind on more pleasant things, like football. The team traveling to the Baptism of Fire is fully professional, most of the players having gained their experience in the Parchanti Premier League. 21 of the 23 players on the roster are ethnic Hrebenaci, and were born and raised in Zeleny Hrebenia. They are all veterans of the Green Revolution. The two other players on the 23 man roster are Hrebenian by virtue of a controversial financial-based naturalization process. In both cases, the player's father is a business magnate from Słodkia, a nearby country, who has invested heavily into the weak Hrebenian economy.

Demonyms and Terms of Address
Hrebenaci is the ethnic demonym used to refer to the Hrebenaci ethnicity, which comprises about 90% of the population of the country and all but two players on the national team. It is frequently used interchangeably with Hrebenian, which is the national demonym. As such, this team is formally the Hrebenian team, not the Hrebenaci team. The players are, altogether, Hrebenians. A subset may be entirely Hrebenaci.

Hrebenaci Names
The Hrebenian alphabet includes one diacritic, the haček, which occurs in four letters: č, dž, š, and ž. This makes alveolar sounds postalveolar; for native speakers of English and some other languages, you can envision an 'h' following the letter whenever you see a haček. For example, č makes the ch sound as in the English word 'charge.' For a more detailed write-up on the Hrebenian language, including the International Phonetic Alphabet, please see the NSWiki page. For a spoken pronunciation of each player's name, including the two Słodkane names, in case you will have a vocal element to your RPs, please see the links next to their names.

Team Info
Formation: 4-2-3-1
Style: -2
Colors: Green and Blue
Style of Play: The Hrebenaci are naturally strong, wiry people with exceptional fitness, having grown up and trained in thin mountain air. The traditional shepherding background of the Hrebenaci means the players are endowed with excellent vision, but are built for stamina, and few are exceptionally quick or fast. Because the country has very little footballing history, there are also few 'X-factor' players; this necessitates a strategic focus on teamwork rather than individual talent.


Manager: Mikulaš Krisar (Pronunciation)
Assistant Manager: Rihard Dzabaš (Pronunciation)
Strength Coach: Ludo Valušek (Pronunciation)



GK - #1 - Žaroslav Fošek - Age 27 - (Pronunciation)
Caps: 5 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 0
Calm, collected, and 6 foot 7 inches tall. A steady presence in the net, if not the most technically proficient.

LB - #3 - Žan Bača - Age 29 - (Pronunciation)
Caps: 5 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 0
Quiet presence, nifty dribbler, with a penchant for taking on midfielders instead of passing upfield.

CB - #21 - Bernard Bača (C) - Age 31 - (Pronunciation)
Caps: 5 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 0
Rear admiral style leadership, barking out orders to anyone remotely close to him. Temper has mellowed as he's gotten older, but there are still flashes. Extraordinarily strong.

CB - #5 - Blaž Mlinar - Age 28 - (Pronunciation)
Caps: 5 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 1
Undersized, with an average motor, but reads the pitch well and has good distribution upfield.

RB - #30 - Adam Brzytwa - Age 26 - (Pronunciation)
Caps: 5 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 0
Eager to please but rarely fit enough to play 90 minutes, thus earning little respect amongst his Hrebenaci teammates. Average skills. Father is a foreign cosmetics magnate.

LDM - #6 - Bogumil Šala - Age 29 - (Pronunciation)
Caps: 5 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 1
Bald, tattooed, brash, will run harder than you for 90 minutes. Prone to bookings, but they are decreasing as his situational awareness increases. Excellent ability on the counterattack. Accurate long passer.

RDM - #8 - Žanoš Hrudenka - Age 34 - (Pronunciation)
Caps: 5 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 1
Somewhat lumbering, but makes up for his lack of quickness by good positioning. Understated personality, leads by example.

LW - #11 Isidor Kovač - Age 24 - (Pronunciation)
Caps: 5 | Goals: 1 | Assists: 0
Quickest player on the team, eager to lead charges down the flank. Good crossing ability, but must work on his ball control skills.

AM - #10 Žulius Krnač - Age 25 - (Pronunciation)
Caps: 5 | Goals: 4 | Assists: 0
The closest thing this team has to a star. Intelligent and powerful with both legs. Astoundingly quick in any direction. Scoring threat from distance. Not able to win many body battles in the box.

RW - #7 Žuraž Dolin - Age 25 - (Pronunciation)
Caps: 5 | Goals: 1 | Assists: 2
Tall, lean, relies on his intelligence rather than his strength to get into position for headers. Decent passing. Shooting needs work.

CF - #9 Matež Kanoš - Age 30 - (Pronunciation)
Caps: 5 | Goals: 2 | Assists: 0
Tall and with excellent ball control ability, he excels at receiving balls high up and then quickly distributing on the ground. Although only 30, he seems older in terms of his fitness and gray temples.


GK - #44 Matež Udžorec - Age 22 - (Pronunciation)
Caps: 0 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 0
Prankster, quick to laugh and to block shots. Distribution needs work.

GK - #41 Žulian Krašek - Age 38 - (Pronunciation)
Caps: 0 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 0
Extraordinary vision and ability to guide teammates. Thought of as future coaching material.

FB - #14 Grigor Žurac - Age 37 - (Pronunciation)
Caps: 1 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 0
Has slowed down considerably from his prime, but has retained his highly proficient passing skills.

FB - #17 Žuraž Uladzos - Age 23 - (Pronunciation)
Caps: 2 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 0
Quick and ready to run, but lacking ball control abilities. Also heavily favors right foot.

CB - #2 Ludomir Aluž - Age 24 - (Pronunciation)
Caps: 0 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 0
Lanky, stern, likes to use his elbows. Can get above anybody in a battle up high for the ball.

CB/DM - #4 Tomaš Kunda - Age 20 - (Pronunciation)
Caps: 0 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 0
Darling of the media due to his good looks, and has potential to be a future leader of the team, but lacking some technical ability, particularly passing.

DM - #12 Adži Hrotonek - Age 37 - (Pronunciation)
Caps: 0 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 0
Jovial, good natured, great situational awareness. Feet are not quick, and speed is diminished.

DM - #31 Jerzy Grzałka - Age 22 - (Pronunciation)
Caps: 0 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 0
Self-absorbed and vain, roundly disliked by his teammates, but his passing ability cannot be denied. Son of a foreign energy magnate.

LW/AM - #19 Benadik Pekar - Age 21 - (Pronunciation)
Caps: 0 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 0
Tall and kind of goofy, leads the counterattack with long strides. Shooting is poor.

AM/RW - #15 Vavrinec Bača - Age 33 - (Pronunciation)
Caps: 0 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 0
Short and sturdy, thrives on physical contact. Bitter about being passed over for a starting job.

CF/LW - #18 Karel Flušek - Age 23 - (Pronunciation)
Caps: 0 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 0
Intense but supportive player, with excellent passing ability. Tends to make unwise tackles and get booked for it.

CF/RW - #25 Antonin Kac - Age 29 - (Pronunciation)
Caps: 0 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 0
Seemingly lackadaisical off the pitch, but focused on it. Small in stature, which he partially overcomes by being fairly quick, but cannot do much work in the box.



Žan Matžuš Pekar Stadium seats 19,200, and is situated in the suburbs of the capital, Udolie Križovatka. It is the only stadium with a capacity of greater than 5,000 in Zeleny Hrebenia, and is the home pitch of the country's only fully professional football team, FK Sokolov. Pekar Stadium is a rarity in Zeleny Hrebenia in that it is a relatively recent construction, completed in 2012, but it is quite typical of national building projects, in that its construction was heavily mired by corruption and was stop-and-go for nearly eight years.

RP Permissions
Generally speaking, no godmodding or death, and everything else is fine. TG me with any questions.
I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: TG me

I didn't RP MD 3 for the BoF, so the goals from that match were distributed as such:
Kanoš 31' (Dolin)
Krnač 38' (Hrudenka)
Krnač 41'
Dolin 85' (Mlinar)

Also one substitution, Žurac in for Brzytwa at 65'.
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The Republic of Zeleny Hrebenia
President Ludovit Maloš
Population: 104,540 | Demonym: Hrebenaci

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Postby Shayla » Mon Aug 20, 2018 7:14 am

Nation Info
The Kingdom Of Shayla is a small but thriving island nation about the same size of 1/2 of Indonesia. The Kingdom is ruled by Queen Madison I Who looks to establish the kingdom on the world stage. Although Soccer is quite a popular sport in the kingdom, no official organizations existed until know. After the announcement that the government would establish a National Team tryouts were held across the nation. The SFC tryouts were ranged for 17-30 Year Olds. The tryouts were highly publicized and excitement for the tournament is brewing.


The Kit was made by Jonathan Barkley, the King-Consort of Shayla. This kit will only be used in the World Cup before the Eunorima Jersey Company will begin to design kits.


Starting XI:
GK:Andy Watts(Age 25)
CB:James Hamilton (Age 32)
CB:Emily Petito (Age 21)
CB:Howard Boyd (Age 40)
LM:Robert Mika (Age 22)
CM:Phillip Windsor (Age 41)
CM:John Carter (Age 24)
RM: Sean Collins (Age 21)
LW: Muhammad Baz-Ali (Age:32)
ST: Emilio Hernandez (Age:35)
RW: Cecile Bloomfield (Age:17)

Secondary XI/Substitutions:
GK:Kalvin Smart (Age 24)
GK: Jim Krasinski (Age 32)
CB:Alejandro Guzman(Age 24)
CB:Roman King(Age 32)
CB:Miguel Fernandez (Age 34)
CB:Jan June (Age 35)
CDM:Albert Caser (Age 29)
RM:Oliver Patrick (Age 20)
LM: Kevin Heart (Age 19)
ST:(Age 18)
LW:Bernard Cornwell(Age 28)
RW:A.J. Attkins(Age 18)


Manager:HRH Jonathan Barkley, King-Consort of Shayla

Intresting Charcters

Cecille Bloomfield-RW

Bloomfield comes to the WC as the youngest and only Female Player to make the Squad. She comes from a 1st Generation Immigrant Family from Germany. Bloomfield was raised in Middle Class Catholic Household, and has been one of the leading voices against Anti-Abortion Laws.

Muhammad Baz-Ali-LW

Baz-Ali is the only Muslim player on the team. Baz-Ali has been fully embraced by the Muslims in Shayla and is seen as the New Face of the Religious Group here. This has led to a few Assassination Attempts on Baz-Ali. However the Shaylan government does it's best to try to protect the inspiring player.

Oliver Patrick- RM

Although Patrick Didn't Make the Team, Experts say that he might get some good game time in the WC. Patrick is Shayla's #1 Youtuber and Runs 2 Channels one a Well-Trusted News Source and another Video Game Theory Channel.

Team Tatics

The team most often will play a Standard 3-4-3 but might occasionally play a 4-4-3 or 4-5-2 if they are up or down by 2+.
Style Mod:

Shayla Park Stadium, Capcity: 3,000

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers:Yes
Choose my scoring events:Yes
Godmod scoring events:Yes
RP injuries to my players:Yeah, But just the Player and Type of Injury. I'll Do the actually Severity.
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yep, But same Restrictions as Above
Give Yellow Cards to my players:Yes
Give Red Cards to my players:Yes but Save it for Last Group or Late Rounds
Godmod other events:Yes, but Realistic Please
Style Modifier: +2

7.58 on the WDI (Democracy Index)

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Postby Sorrentopia » Mon Aug 20, 2018 7:41 am

Sorrentopia National Team

National Infomation
Name: Sorrentopia
Region: New Western Atlantic
Government Type: Representative Democracy
Head of State: President Herold Sorrentino
Domestic Football Info
National Association Name: Sorrentopian Football Association
Short: SFA
Number of Leagues: 5
Champion of Highest League: Berland Pants
National Team Info
Nickname: Cardinals
Manager: Joseph Sorrentino
International Record: 4-1-0
WC ranking: UR?
Formation: 5-4-1

Meet the Team!

Starting 11:
GK: Anastasio Neil
CF: Braith Maddison
LW: Roly St. John
RW: Herb May
CM: Donato Bent
CM: Aureliano Agnusdei
LMB: Dom Piper
RMB: Pearce Dale
CB: Willy Pocock
CB: Lowell Ughi
CB: Zeph Tasker
GK: Curt Tyson
CF: Marshall Edwards
LW: Haven Treloar
RW: Durward Stenet
CM: Korey Endicott
CM: Derby Neil
LMB: Joshua Underhill
RMB: Aubrey Dannel
CB: Gideon Rayne
CB: Percy Grant
CB: Gus Allard

Couldn’t get Imagw tag to work look here:

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes, but only for that game unless otherwise approved by me
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes
Yellow Card my Players: Yes
Red Card my Players: Yes, only 2 per game and not enough to make me lack a player at that position.
Godmod Other Events: Yes, don’t go too crazy though, just enough crazy that it’s not insanity.
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Postby Sangti » Mon Aug 20, 2018 10:01 am

World Cup 81 Roster

Manager: Mister HOSWE - Currently performs double duty as an assistant at the Filindostan National Team, he also manages the Barangayans. Was known as a tenacious midfielder during his heyday and has represented The Royal Barangay at the World Cup and Campionato Esportiva. Was known as Josue Amio during his time as a human.

Assistant Manager: Miss BEA CAX - Represented TRB when they attempted to return to prominence at Campionato Esportiva 16. Was known as Beatrix Caccam, an energetic forward playing for Deportivo Nespa.

Playing Roster

Kit Number - Name - Position - Age - Birthplace/Renaissance Place

#1 - Eron Dave DAGUPION - Goalkeeper - 24 - Jaocom de Peligros
#13 - Abigail Krizia PENARANDA - Goalkeeper - 29 - Ciudad Sikatuna
#23 - Armand PAYAWAL - Goalkeeper - 21 - Jaocom de Peligros

#2 - Monica Jemilie MAGADIA - Right Back - 22 - Nepsa de las Islas
#3 - Vlademir Edmanlor CHIU - Left Back - 31 - Kongheipatsoy
#4 - Rose Abby LI LIAO - Center Back - 28 - Kongheipatsoy (C)
#5 - Kevin Thomas CRIBE - Center Back - 26 - Loende

#12 - Igor SORIAO - Left Back - 19 - Ciudad Sikatuna
#17 - Ferelyn Krizia SHARE - Center Back - 25 - Loende
#19 - Miquelle DIO - Right Back - 30 - Kongheipatsoy

#6 - Adriel Marilag CUI - Central Midfield - 26 - Kongheipatsoy
#7 - Noriel Edison TONIO - Right Midfield - 18 -Nepsa de las Islas
#8 - Reuel Davian PISALVO - Left Midfield - 28 -Jaocom de Peligros

#14 - Joyce Julia REGAL - Center-Right Midfield - 19 - Loende
#16 - Fredmar LIBROJO - Center Midfield - 25 - Jaocom de Peligros
#18 - Cyrine Kathryn BUGHAO - Left Midfield - 17 - Nepsa de las Islas
#22 - Glenson Red JOVILLE - Center Midfield - 21 - Loende

#9 - Emilio FAMADICO - Right Wing - 24 - Ciudad Sikatuna
#10 - Anthon Stanley ALDABA - Center Forward - 31 - Ciudad Sikatuna
#11 - Elmerei Jomyr PUSING - Left Wing - 25 - Kongheipatsoy

#15 - Edric HAWKINS - Center Forward - 28 - Loende
#20 - Josef QUI - Wing - 19 - Kongheipatsoy
#21 - Rezeile Angel JARA - Wing - 21 - Jaocom de Peligros

Team Info

After the radioactivity spurned most of the living Sangtians during their underground stay, the entire population was converted to robotic androids, with immortality brewing. However, there are still humans inhibiting the New Sangti Islands now residing in Atlantian Oceania. And a disastrous outing at the Cup Missers Cup convinced Hoswe to revamp his squad, with humans taking over the entire playing squad.

Ageing: 1 per World Cup. Ageing cycle starts in regional tournaments, so players and coach will age the next AOCAF Cup Sangti participates in.



The kits were seen in an artifact site during their stay in the Underground. Proudly displaying the Libertad logo and the then-KPMB logo, New Sangti will hope they can make their own kits after this tournament.

Home Stadia
Sangti will rotate home stadiums for the World Cup qualifiers, believing that each of the five main stadiums equally deserve to host a home match. Unfortunately, Kongheipatsoy and Ciudad Sikatuna already hosted two friendlies, and that will be counted against them.

The five stadium rotation are:
Plaza Jacinto, Ciudad Sikatuna, Sangti (capacity 64,335) - Home match 4,9,14...
Peipakoa Stadium, Kongheipatsoy, Sangti (capacity 34,721) - Home match 5,10,15...
Estadio Los Rebeldes, Jaocom de Peligros, Sangti (capacity 47,651) - Home match 1,6,11...
Ils-de-fleur Stadium, Loende, Sangti (capacity 31,882) - Home match 2,7,12...
Nepsa Islandic Stadium, Nepsa de las Islas, Sangti (capacity 28,776) - Home match 3,8,13...

RP Permissions
Anything besides killing the players and staff is permissible.
Style Mod: +2
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Region: Esportiva | Sportswire | Trigramme: TRB | Leader: TBA | Libertad Sportswear
Founder, Trofeo de Paz | Co-organizer, IUBC, International Domestic Basketball competition (with Buyan)
Winners, World Baseball Classic 29, NSCAA 6, Federation Club Cup I, Rugby Union World Cup 23 | Qualified for World Cup 68, 69 and 71
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Postby Blaneu » Mon Aug 20, 2018 11:18 am

(OOC: This roster is subject to change throughout qualifying, the squad and starting eleven is correct for MDs 1-4 and may be updated. Blaneu is going to rotate between stadiums throughout qualifying, but we will inform opponents in advance once the schedule is set. Currently, in our internal calendar, it is matchday 11 in the Blaneuan league (although I haven't posted that yet, lol. But yeah, anyway, if you can check this before setting my goalscorers and such like, that'd be fab).

The Blaneu Broadsheet

Snellbridge to make 4 changes

In the aftermath of the Baptism of Fire Senllbridge looks to be shaking the squad up, casting out older members of the side in favor of a more useful spine. The debate has been raging for some time as to whether Blaneu are better placed to put their best players forward, or instead to put younger players in order to blood them for the future when Blaneu are more likely to be successful.

The major names that have been culled are Lloyd MacDai and Mark Bowen, MacDai being 36 and Bowen being 54, it makes sense that they would going being two of the eldest members of the squad. Bowen, in particular, had been struggling, he had only managed to make cameos in the Baptism of Fire, and whilst he looked defensively solid and was good at tactically directing the defense, he just isn't fit enough to play as a professional athlete anymore. MacDai, meanwhile, has continued to impress at league level for West Cape Wanderers as part of their title challenge, however his place in the Blaneuan lineup has been questioned, as whilst he is a decent anchor man, he fails to do much to drive forward play. His dropping will remain controversial unless his replacements, Euan Fitzstephens and Caradog Gwent, adequately fill his shoes.

Elsewhere, Fred Christiansson (who played for the national side only once) and John Morgan, who only appeared once as well, have both been dropped from the squad after making very little impact. In their place comes Dyfed Elron, who has performed admirably for Defi Rovers despite their struggles, and Elliot Sketty, who's been brilliant in defense for high flying West Cape Wanderers. Also joining the side are Sean MacDermot and Rhodri Apnest. MacDermot despite the fact that his form has been highly inconsistent, whilst Apnest has struggled from a slight injury that has prevented from him hitting his peak. Cadwgawn Blaney was another name floated, but is only 15 going on 16 and is likely too young to yet appear for the national side.

Overall Blaneu will persevere with the approach they had for the majority of the Baptism of Fire matches, with a back three, two wing backs, Aaron Starkey as a play-maker in defensive midfield, and a front three with three wing forwards sat slightly back. This 3-2-2-3 formation has an attacking bent, and will rely on the wing-backs playing interchangeably between wide midfield and full back positions. Ultimately it is slightly more attack minded than defensive, leaving this inexperienced side exposed at the back and with plenty of spaces to exploit. Blaneu will be reliant on the spine of Starkey, Fitzstephens and MacDaffyd to deliver the attacking thrust needed to compete.

Manager: John Snellbridge
Assistant: Gavin Glaslyn
Home Stadium: Bay Road, Merion Town (6,500); The Cauldron, Carnegie (3,750); Riverside Ground, Longborth (2,500); Isthmus Arena, The Town on the Cape (3,750)

Pos.	Name			Age	Caps	Goals	Assists	Clean Sheets	Club
GK Robert O'Brian 32 11 0 0 2 Bay Road FC
DF James Jones 21 4 0 0 n/a Bay Road FC
DF Red Vernon 33 11 1 0 n/a Bedha Rangers
DF Justin Hollands 33 11 0 0 n/a Bedha English
MF Leslie Driscoll 26 11 1 1 n/a Defi Rovers
MF Lucas Sparks 23 11 0 0 n/a West Cape Wanderers
MF Aaron Starkey 23 11 0 2 n/a Defi Rovers
MF Euan Fitzstephens 20 7 1 1 n/a Defi Rovers
FW Ojo Navarro 25 11 6 1 n/a West Cape Wanderers
FW Owain Davis 24 10 2 0 n/a West Cape Wanderers
FW Paul MacDaffyd 26 8 6 0 n/a Bay Road FC

GK Tudur Aled 22 1 0 0 0 East Cape FC
DF Elliot Sketty 21 2 0 0 n/a West Cape Wanderers
MF Caradog Gwent 19 2 0 0 n/a East Cape FC
FW Gethin Powell 18 6 2 0 n/a Defi Rovers
FW John Hartson 44 7 3 0 n/a Riverside Sports Club

GK Dai Jones 31 1 0 0 1 West Cape Wanderers
DF Glenn Peterson 35 8 0 0 n/a Portside AFC
DF Sean MacDermot 20 2 0 0 n/a Defi Rovers
MF Iain French 25 2 0 0 n/a East Cape FC
MF Dyfed Elron 20 2 1 0 n/a Defi Rovers
FW Rhodri Apnest 22 0 0 0 n/a East Cape FC
FW John Pottinger 22 1 0 0 n/a Bay Road FC

3-1 Eura, TBA
4-2 The Hungarian Nation, Bayside Ground, Merion (6,500 Capacity)
2-6 @ Hertisiana, TBA
@ North Prarie, TBA
Vs. Acronius, Isthmus Arena, Town-On-The-Cape (3,750 Capacity)
@ Comind New Islands
Vs. The Sherpa Empire, Bayside Ground, Merion (6,500 Capacity)
@ Mattijana, TBA
Vs. Mytanija, The Cauldron, Carnegie Village (3,750 Capacity)
Vs. Eura, Riverside Ground, Longborth (2,500 Capacity)
@ The Hungarian Nation, TBA
Vs. Hertisiana, Bayside Ground, Merion (6,500 Capacity)
Vs. North Prarie, Bayside Ground, Merion (6,500 Capacity)
@ Acronius, TBA
Vs. Comind New Islands, The Cauldron, Defi (3,750 Capacity)
@ The Sherpa Empire, TBA
Vs. Mattijana, Isthmus Arena, Town-On-The-Cape (3,750 Capacity)
@ Mytanija, TBA

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose my scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod Injuries to my players: Y
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Y
Give Red Cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y
Style Modifier: +1
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Postby Mattijana » Mon Aug 20, 2018 11:57 am

Mattijanan Roster and Information for World Cup 81

The Story So Far

Following his integration into the Mattijanan international setup just before World Cup 79, new manager Dušan Vukoja led his side to their best ever World Cup qualifying finish with a 5th place in the group and a record 26 points, including 8 victories. Despite a early charge where qualification was far a while on the cards, the team went off the boil late in the period, but beat Platerdam 4-0 on the final day of competition to end the cycle on a high.

From there, it was on to Copper Cuprum and the Fhulgamous Peninsula for the 21st Campionato Esportiva. Hopes were high following a third place on home soil at the 20th event and having negotiated the group stage, a 3-2 win over South Covello, probably the greatest Mattijanan win of all time, and another 2-3 win against hosts Fhulgamous Peninsula got them into the semi-finals.

A 1-0 extra time loss to Filindostan would relegate them to the 3rd place playoff, but the same result in their favour against Islana Lunigo sealed a second consecutive bronze.

The next tournament was a development one in South Toronto, with a development team from Mattijana to go with it. This time the team didn't fare so well, failing to escape the group and only taking two draws home with them. That led to the first team squad ultimately being restored rather than promotions from the fringe and Under 23s being brought in.

In the end however, things didn't pan out as planned. Mattijana slipped to 7th in a highly competitive group 12 with the campaign largely described as frustrating, inconsistent and very very Mattijanan. Despite being free-scoring at one end, they ultimately failed to do the business at the other in the crucial moments, a trait that earned the team the second-highest number of draws of all 150 sides involved in world cup qualifying.

Dusan Vukoja, in desperate need of some improved results, has therefore decided to shake up the squad and starting lineup a little. The key, established players remain, especially in attacking positions, but changes have been made defensively with the experienced, but ageing Edvard Crajasovic expected to be replaced in central defence by Rikard Illicic and Kevin Krychowiak a possible swap for Dominik Illisevic.

Team Info

World Rank: 71
Style Modifier= +2.5
National Association: MattijanaFusbalBand (MFB)
Kits: Image


Head Coach: Dusan Vukoja
Appointed manager around a month before his first game in charge, Vukoja left Division 1 side FK Puljanka for the National team job, having recorded the club’s best finish in 10 years with 5th, behind only Burges, the two Petrovijanka clubs and FK Revinka. The south-Mattijanan had previously spent time at FK Burges both as assistant and full-time manager after a spell at lower-table side Jamas, where he succeeded in rescuing the team from almost imminent relegation. Now aged 40, Vukoja did not enjoy a lengthy playing career due to injury, but says that coaching is his real passion.
With Ljubanik’s style of play turning increasingly turgid and results also suffering, the Mattijanan FA and fans decided to seek a more exciting brand of football that had been on show at Puljanka in their 5th-place success last season. However the pressure was on the new man to deliver both results and more exciting football.

Assistant Manager: Dominik Samikov (FK Burges)

The assistant manager at Championship leaders FK Burges hails from the North-East of Mattijana and began his career at Dinamo Legisaw, another division 2 side before then moving as one of the tactical staff to FK Burges, where he has since worked his way up the pecking order to assistant manager. He has an excellent tactical mind as well as good player welfare skills and helps out Ljubanik in both management areas. He has so far proved himself to be a capable aid.

Head Scout: Marcel Kuzbacher

Marcel Kuzbacher is a seasoned scout, mainly plying his trade for the famed Puljanka Academy. He has links with numerous players in the Mattijanan squad as well as the under-21 side and makes up the 3-man selection panel alongside Samikov and Ljubanik.

Fitness Coordinator: Jelena Neumanič

Jelena Neumanič is responsible for the diet and fitness of the squad, freeing up the main management team to think about tactical matters. She has a solid variety of exercises and is well-known for getting on player's backs if they don't keep up with their expected effort levels.

Psychologist: Samira Kazmir

Samira Kazmir is an experienced sports psychologist who has done work for both the summer and winter Olympic teams, the Mattijanan ITT side and the MRT motor racing team. She is responsible for the mental welfare of players, stretching from the collective mind-set to more personal issues for each individual in the squad. It's a far-reaching and often complicated task.

The Medical Team:

Head Doctor: Dr Charlotte Smitič
Assistant Doctor: Dr Mattias Buranov
Physio: Martina Laramazič
Physio: Mika Glasnić

The Players:
GK-Lucija Handanovic-#12-Age 26-FK Revinka
Understudy to Matej Handanovic for most of Ljubanik’s tenure, Lucija is favourite to start between the sticks for Mattijana in the upcoming qualifiers. The 25 year old has impressed for club side Revinka in the recent season with both solid performances and heroic clean-sheets and will be tricky to keep out of a starting place.

LB-Helena Neumann-#2

The Burges Player is a regular in the championship leading side and will provide a good defensive option with the occasional run forward to help out the wingers. Barring any injuries or unlikely suspensions, she will play all of Mattijana's matches,

CB- Rikard Illicić-#14
The first Mattijanan player to move abroad, specifically to the top dovision in Buyan, Illicić is widely expected to replace Edvard Crajasović in the starting lineup on the retirement of the current first choice centre back. He is modelled in a similar style as his older counterpart too. He's big, he's strong and despite being slower than other defenders, he is able to stamp his authority on attackers. Expect him to start matches, particularly against lower-ranked opposition.

CB-Katija Burnisevič-#4-Captain

Another Burges Player, Burnisevič is a potential answer to Crajasović's clumsiness and is a quick, skilful and sure-footed player capable of taking the fight to those attempting to run through. She is a dedicated player, happy to chase any lost cause until the ball crosses the line. Her lack of physical strength may be her weakness however and she could be a potential target for more powerful strikers.

RB-Kevin Krychowiak-#13-Age 22-Matbirjke
Another promotion from the under 23s, Krychowiak is a typical modern full-back with his pace and attacking mindset. It is his similarity to current starter Dominik Illisević that keeps him on the bench for now, but he is in Dušan Vukoja's plans this cycle both off the bench and perhaps even to start in games against lower-ranked opponents.

CM-Jago Adrianov-#8
Adrianov is the typical midfield enforcer with a hard tackle and a driving run on him which can terrorise both attackers and other midfielders. He's also not afraid to hit one from range with varying success. He is probably the most likely player to pick up cards however, so could be a potential liability. This will most likely be the 34 year old's final world cup cycle, with retirement announced for after the tounament.

LM-Sophia Velezia-#16
A mazy winger with less raw pace, but the ability to turn any defender into a messy knot, Velezia is a constant challenge to keep quiet on her day and normally gets through at some point if she hits top form. Her mercurial nature is her biggest and arguably only weakness, but Mattijana will be well-placed if she can get it together.

CM-Marko Hojbjerg-#7

Another young midfielder at just 25, Hojbjerg is a playmaker with good awareness and passing ability and is the perfect fit for Ljubanik's technical brand of football. Useful for connecting the more attacking players ahead of him, he is also integral in providing the start or the killer pass in a counter-attack. When no forward options are available, he's not afraid to hit one and occasionally finds the back of the net from improbable ranges.

CM-Katarina Jakupovic-#15
Captain of Mattijana’s under-23 side, Jakupovic is a part of Vukoja’s turn to a more attractive style with Jago Adrianov, the midfield enforcer out and the instinctive passer promoted to a starting role. The 23 year-old Snezn player has impressed with both her technique and maturity in the early years of her career and is touted as a future Mattijanan captain after a successful run in the Under-23s.

RM-Jessika Struna-#9

A pacey winger who's preferred play is to make a run and then a cross, the 26 year old Struna is a dynamic and different part of the Mattijanan team. Tipped for a move to Petrovijanka or Burges, Struna chose to stay at Revinka, close to her family and in the town she loves.

FW-Mathilde Lekarisa-#10

Rapid Petrovijanka's 28 year old forward is a lethal finisher with a left foot that makes up for a lack of power with high precision. She enjoys running onto through balls and cutting inside to curl shots into the far corners of the goal. She is expected to play well having scored 5 goals in her last 4 games for Rapid.

The Bench:
GK-Matej Handanović-#1
The 29 year old Mattijanan number 1 plays under Matej Ljubanik at FK Petrovijanka and has been a solid, if unspectacular option between the sticks for most of his career. He has good handling skills and makes few mistakes, but could be replaced if he fails to make the spectacular stops expected of him. He may also face renewed competition from the younger and more dynamic Martin Vaskaric.

RB-Dominik Illisević-#5

Now a regular for FK Puljanka, Illisević is a punchy and pacey player with outstanding fitness and good crossing ability. His defensive technique is the biggest question mark, but if he can have a solid match at the back, he will undoubtedly be a danger coming forward.

CB-Edvard Crajasović-#3

The towering centre back is a regular for a Revinka side currently sitting fourth in the division 1 table. His height gives him a significant advantage when defending high balls and presents a threat at set-pieces. However, he can be clumsy when faced with skilful runners and does rely on a more quick-footed defensive partner in order to be successful.

LM-Sofiane Bisrali-#6
From the less familiar setting of Shalkar in the South-East, Bisrali has the pace and skill that Vukoja is looking for in his wingers. Replacing the mercurial Sophia Velezia in the starting line-up, the 22 year old has a lot to live up to early in his career, but has the chance to do it on the biggest stage.

CAM-Mattias Hoffman-#22-Age 24-Rapid Petrovijanka
Hoffman established himself as an impact player during the 79th cycle, scoring twice from the bench and making a substitute appearance in 15 of the 18 games. He offers a dynamic and direct approach when required and has cut open tired defences on a number of occasions. His consistency across longer periods has so far kept him out of the first team, but he remains a very useful and versatile player for Vukoja.

FW- Kara Lorenzič, age 22, Matbirjke

FW-Andreas Weiss-#11

The 30 year old Burges Striker has been a fixture in the Mattijanan team for a while now and has matched his performances for the national side with consistent scoring form for FK Burges. He is a poacher with the ability to be in the right place at the right time for any pull-back into the box. Also a good header of the ball, Weiss will be an intimidating target for high crosses if the Mattijanan plan-B is needed.

The Reserves:

GK-Martin Vaskaric-#19-Age 22-FK Antalja
LB-Lara Ljunavic-#20-Age 28-FK Revinka
CAM-Juliana Kjofmann-#24-Age 24-Weststrand FK
ST-Daniella Alaba-#18-Age 26-Puljanka
It is difficult to tell where Alaba's strengths really lie as she is relatively quick, but not lightening fast and despite good strength, she is no match for more bulky defenders. Where she is effective is as a goal poacher, using positioning to find space to latch onto crosses and loose balls from fairly close range.

About Mattijana!

Mattijana is a large safe nation in Esportiva with a significant, but proportionate population. It spans a fairly large range of climates with the far north a colder area, the central region temperate, the south Mediteranean and the South-East semi-desert. Petrovijanka, the setting for this competition, is located almost exactly in the centre of the country at 214-232 metres above sea level. It has summer highs of around 28°C and lows of -5°C in the winter. There is a high level of sunshine for most of the year with precipitation mostly snowfall in the winter months.

Culturally, Mattijana can also be divided into six regions. The West of the country is largely Germanic whilst the centre North is a mix of Slavic and Germanic cultures, centred around Mattijana's second city, Burges. The North and East are more Scandinavian and speak Dansk, a language similar to Danish. The Centre (where Petrovijanka is situated) and the South are Slavic (similar to the Slovenian and Croatian cultures). There is an Arabic community in the South-East.

All Mattijanans speak the official language, Mattijanan. However, due to this not being spoken anywhere else in the World, English and German are well-spoken throughout the country whilst Arabic is taken on by the most intelligent students (in addition to English and German) as well as by those in the South-East.
There is no official religion in Mattijana due to this mix of cultures. Islam is popular in the South-East and parts of the South whilst some in the East follow the Mattijanan Orthodox church. Most people hold no religious belief, but believe in the universal philosophy of being kind, welcoming and helpful to others, known nationally as Jelenara. Even in religious communities, it is these principals that are most talked of with religious figures used to preach them.
Due to the mix/match nature of Mattijanan cultures and these philosophies, religious symbols are uncommon and religious tolerance is very high.

Attitudes to drink and sex are fairly liberal whilst there is good gender, sexual and racial equality. Social mobility is also good and the rich earn only twice as much as the poorest. Cannabis and similar recreational drugs are banned by law, with cannabis also forbidden for medical use.

The government follows mildly socialist policies meaning the tax rate is fairly high, but schools, hospitals and other public services are all well-funded and either free or reasonably-priced. Taxes on large businesses are higher than on small ones. The government building is the MattiStaja, which is situated on Staja square in the centre of Petrovijanka. All six regions have their own smaller congresses however. Politicians are generally appreciated and although public decisions are limited to elections and important political decisions where the main population is the most affected, most citizens feel well represented due to the numerous meeting and discussion opportunities with their local politician.
All parties follow a similar philosophy, but mainly disagree on where to fund the most. The MattijanaLeušaBuro is the current elected party and have an emphasis on public services, but other popular parties are the ViroBuro (who generally promote the needs of the environment) and the NašinalBuro (who promote funding for employment opportunities).

National Stadia

Due to a large land mass and numerous good quality stadia, the Mattijanan FA prefers to rotate games around a few different grounds. Having said that, the Stadijo Nasinal and the Stadijo Dinamov play host to the bulk of the matches due to the central position of Burges and Petrovijanka, their size and their reputation for providing excellent hosting services.

Stadijo Dinamov
The Stadijo Dinamov in Petrovijanka is the second biggest football stadium in Mattijana and is one of the five stadiums that share the hosting honours for international matches. It is used on a weekly basis by FK Petrovijanka, Matej Ljubanik's old club, having built by them in 1940 and upgraded twice in 1972 and 2001. The capacity is 60,000.
The stadium is found to the north of the city's old town.

Stadijo Nasinal-Burges
The Stadijo Nasinal is Mattijana's largest multi-purpose sports stadium with retractable grass and astroturf surfaces to cater for cater for Cricket, Hockey, Rugby and Football matches. There is a capacity of 90,000. The Stadium was built in 1985 and heavily upgraded just 4 years ago in preparation for the Cricket T20 World Cup. It is situated on the South bank of the Juliana river, just next to the water and just East of the NordesParke.

Stadijo Snezn:
City: Snezn
Capacity: 37,000
Club residents: FK Snezn
Location: Western Snezn, not far from the old town.
Transport: 10-15 minutes walk from central Snezn, 10 minutes cycle. S3 tram or B3 Bus routes.

The Stadijo Snezn is situated in Mattijana's most northernmost city and is a more modern ground, with a generic rectangular shape and fairly modest capacity. This feature however makes it very accessible and easy to use, so a match here should be a reasonably comfortable experience, despite the cold. The stadium was built around 15 years ago, by owners FK Snezn.

Stadijo Katarina Zafarova:
City: Revinka
Capacity: 30,000
Club residents: FK Revinka
Location: Coast, Eastern Revinka
Transport: S2 Tram route, 20 minute walk/10 minute cycle from city centre.

Another modern multi-purpose stadium, Revinka's regular evening thunderstorms mean that a roof has recently been added to the stadium to make for all-weather events. The stadium is already used for Hockey, rugby, football and handball and is named after Revinka and Mattijanan national Hockey captain Katarina Zafarova.

Garijo Ales Struna:
City: Puljanka
Capacity: 40,000
Club residents: FK Puljanka
Location: Garijo Struna, north-west Puljanka
Transport: 10 minute walk/5 minute cycle from City centre. S11 Tram route.

An older, but very traditional stadium in a park just north-east of Puljanka's centre, the ground has progressed from humble beginnings as a playing field to one of the most recognisable stadiums in the country.
The ground has been upgraded in accordance with Mattijanan FA rules, but still retains much of its old history and is a beautiful place to watch a game. The most distinctive features are the arches spanning the length of the North and South stands.

City: WestStrand
Capacity: 70,000
Club Residents: Weststrand FK
Location: Northern Weststrand
Transport: 10 minutes on foot from Weststrand city centre and main train station. B1 bus route from city centre.

One of the newest stadiums in Mattijana, the Westerstadion was built to reflect its resident's consolidation of a place in the Mattijanan premier league, which gave the club enough funds to move out of a small and battered old ground into a shining new 70,000 capacity creation on part of a former park in the north of Weststrand.
The ground is used almost exclusively for football, although there is talk of rugby also being allowed to take place at the ground. The stadium's modernity means it is accessible and comfortable.

Around Weststrand:
The most Germanic of Mattijana's cities, Weststrand is situated on the west coast of the country and is part of a more rugged section of coastline extending for hundreds of kilometres. As a result, the weather is generally windier than in most locations, with rain coming off the sea regularly.
The town itself has a more colonial feel to it, with imposing buildings on the seafront giving way to narrow, but buzzing backstreets containing a number of quirky independent shops. Watersports are also popular in the area. Cuisine is largely seafood-based, with mussels a very popular choice in the region.

Long Distance Travel:

International airports are found in Burges, Revinka and Petrovijanka, with some Esportivan flights also heading to Snezn. Shuttle underground trains from airports to corresponding city centres will be subsidised for the duration of the tournament. High speed rail links extend between all cities and airports, making travel to Puljanka and Snezn also relatively painless. There are express services between Petrovijanka and Burges, Burges and Snezn, and Revinka and Puljanka.
Those from reasonably local countries looking to travel to Revinka or Snezn may wish to consider travel by sea. Both cities have good ferry ports and road and underground links to the city centres they serve.


I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Yes
Injure Players: Yes, but only two per game and nothing potentially life/career ending.
Godmod Injury Events: Yes
Red Card Players: Yes, but 2 per game maximum.
Yellow Card Players: Yes, but a maximum of 5 per match
Godmod Other Events: TG me first, but probably Yes

Other RP stuff:
Most likely to (in order of likelihood)

Score-Mathilde Lekarisa, Andreas Weiss, Jessika Struna
Score from distance-Marko Hojbjerg, Sophia Velezia, Katarina Jakupovic
Score a header-Andreas Weiss, Mathilde Lekarisa, Rikard Illicic
Pick up cards-Rikard Illicic, Marko Hojbjerg, Katarina Jakupovic
Assist goals-Jessika Struna, Marko Hojbjerg, Sophia Velezia
The socialist republic of Mattijana:
As if Austria, Slovenia, North-Eastern Europe and Sweden were merged together into some weird stew of a country.
through resilience, we are strong!



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