AOCAF Cup LVI - Everything Thread

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AOCAF Cup LVI - Everything Thread

Postby Equestrian States » Mon Jul 02, 2018 7:36 pm

The Fifty-Sixth AOCAF Championship

Welcome to the fifty-sixth edition of the AOCAF Cup, hosted by the Equestrian States. Please feel free to begin posting your RPs and rosters here in this thread. Please direct any OOC discussion to this thread.

Teams have been drawn into 8 groups of 4 and will play each team in their group once, with all games taking place in the Equestrian States.

Group Draw

Group A
Image Equestrian States (11)
Image Sangti (UR)
Image Banija (17)
Image Geisenfried (62)

Group B
Image Freeport (UR)
Image Ko-oren (27)
Image Sultanate of Oontaz (13)
Image Tropicorp (7)

Group C
Image Mriin (15)
Image Saint Émelie (UR)
Image Vilita & Turori (4)
Image South Toronto (UR)

Group D
Image Cosumar (2)
Image Qasden (8)
Image Novo Calania (UR)
Image Siovanija & Teusland (UR)

Group E
Image Torisakia (UR)
Image Eshan (6)
Image Melbergia (29)
Image Anthor (20)

Group F
Image 95X (10)
Image Farfadillis (5)
Image Valliesta (UR)
Image Semarland (23)

Group G
Image Chromatika (3)
Image Baker Park (UR)
Image Demot (21)
Image Busoga Islands (UR)

Group H
Image Starblaydia (12)
Image Valanora (1)
Image Soltsteed (30)
Image Kingdom of Corelia (UR)

Group Draw - Pots
Pot 1: Equestrian States (11), Valanora (1), Cosumar (2), Chromatika (3), Vilita & Turori (4), Farfadillis (5), Eshan (6), Tropicorp (7)

Pot 2: Qasden (8), 95X (10), Starblaydia (12), Sultanate of Oontaz (13), Mriin (15), Banija (17), Anthor (20), Demot (21)

Pot 3: Semarland (23), Ko-oren (27), Melbergia (29), Soltsteed (30), Geisenfried (62), Baker Park* (UR), South Toronto* (UR), Siovanija & Teusland* (UR)

Pot 4: Busoga Islands (UR), Freeport (UR), Kingdom of Corelia (UR), Novo Calania (UR), Saint Emelie (UR), Sangti (UR), Torisakia (UR), Valliesta (UR)

* - Baker Park, South Toronto, and Siovanija & Teusland placed in Pot 3 as the three teams currently unranked in the AOCAF rankings that are ranked highest in the most recent KPB rankings.


Games will be scorinated at approximately 11:00 PM-Midnight EDT (03:00-04:00 UTC) each day unless otherwise noted. Participants should assume the cutoff will be at the earlier end of that window regardless of the previous day's cutoff time. Should the time frame or schedule need to be changed, I will try to give no less than one day’s warning before this.

Tournament Schedule

Pre-Group Stage
Monday, July 2 - Thread Posted; Group Draw Posted; Group Stage Match-Ups Finalized

Group Stage
The group stage will consist of each team playing the others in their group once. All games will be held in the Equestrian States.

Friday, July 6: Match Day 1 - 1v4, 2v3
Sunday, July 8: Match Day 2 - 4v3, 1v2
Tuesday, July 10: Match Day 3 - 2v4, 3v1

Knockout Stage
The top two teams from each group will qualify for the knockout rounds. Teams from the same group will not face each other again unless they both reach the Final or Third-Place Playoff.

Thursday, July 12: Round of 16 - A1vB2, C1vD2, E1vF2, G1vH2, B1vA2, D1vC2, F1vE2, H1vG2
Saturday, July 14: Quarterfinals - SR1vSR2, SR3vSR4, SR5vSR6, SR7vSR8
Monday, July 16: Semifinals - QF1vQF2, QF3vQF4
Wednesday, July 18: Final/3PPO - SF1vSF2

Useful Links

Signup Thread
Host Bid
Current AOCAF Rankings
Past Tournaments Factbook
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Equestrian States
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Postby Equestrian States » Mon Jul 02, 2018 7:36 pm

The Approx Guide to the Equestrian States


The Pony Principality of Equestrian States is a diverse country inhabited by dozens of sapient species, each contributing to the nation's proud culture of tolerance and giving the Equestrian States a reputation of compassion and kindness. Tradition and innovation have combined well in this Southwest Atlantian Oceania nation, rapidly bringing it into the modern era after centuries of isolation from the rest of the multiverse. This Lonely Multiverse travel guide is designed to be the ultimate companion for any tourist (regardless of their species) visiting the Equestrian States, and is loaded with every tip and bit of advice one needs to have an safe and enjoyable stay.


Originally colonized by sapient equines (commonly referred to as ponies) from Magical Equestria over 2000 years ago, the Equestrian States was first established as a largely-autonomous overseas territory of its motherland. As a colony, the Equestrian States was fairly prosperous, developing a matriarchal society similar to that of Magical Equestria and other prominent Pony Lands nations. Several decades after the first ponies set hoof on the islands now part of the Equestrian States, however, the rise of a mysterious and chaotic entity known as Discord led to the government of the growing colony to adopt strict isolationist policies to avoid attracting the attention of Discord.

Several centuries later, the anarchic reign of Discord in the Pony Lands came to an end, though the Equestrian States remained firmly entrenched in its isolationist policies. Having formally declared its independence from Magical Equestria during the rule of Discord, the Equestrian States was reluctant to turn away from the policies which had allowed it to escape the turmoil faced by the rest of the region. Yet another cataclysmic event, just over a millennia ago, saw the known world embroiled in conflict with itself and the fledgling former colony sunk deeper into isolation for the next several centuries.

However, about 200 years ago, the long-standing policies separating the Equestrian States from the rest of the region gradually began to erode with the rapid growth of international maritime trade. Though it would take until just 50 years ago for the remaining isolationist policies to be overturned or made obsolete, foreigners began to take note of the Equestrian States and its northern location in the Pony Lands. What finally drove the ponies of the Equestrian States to abandon isolationism entirely was commerce, with the nation's location being perfect as a refueling and stopping point for ships traveling from outside the Pony Lands.

Active membership in the Coalition of Ponyist States (a military, economic, and political alliance famed for its quick, efficient, and merciless dealings with nations actively persecuting sapient equines and other non-humans) gave the Equestrian States reason to become heavily involved in international politics and trade. Within a decade, the Equestrians entered the modern era, utilizing magic in creative ways to avoid industrial pollution wherever possible and speed the nation's development.

Today, the Equestrian States is an advanced country that has successfully merged tradition, magic, and technology. With an economy dominated by tourism, agriculture, and the mining of precious minerals, the Equestrians have found their niche in the international community. Thanks to its location in Atlantian Oceania (after some magical miscues led to the nation relocating from the Pony Lands), the Equestrian States has become a travel hub for many visiting the region from around the world, and the nation is easily among the more prosperous and safe for foreigners to visit.

Geography & Climate

The Equestrian States is best described as an island nation. However, most Equestrians live on the largest island, which is referred to by locals as the mainland, due to its size and role as a population and commercial center for the country.

The mainland is mostly flat grassland and plains, though forests and hilly areas exist and are generally scattered throughout the island. Running north to south are the Harmony Mountains, named for Mt. Harmony near the capital city of Canterlot. The mountain range divides the mainland into eastern and western geographic regions, and was once home to dozens of active volcanoes. However, no eruption has occurred in the Harmony Mountains in over 800 years, and the range is believed to be inactive. The ancient volcanic activity on the mainland (and on many of the Equestrian States' smaller islands, as well) resulted in mineral deposits from which Equestrian miners have extracted gold, silver, and other valuable materials for export.

Two notable exceptions to the mainland's grassy majority are the Everfree Forest and Southern Desert. The Everfree Forest is more of a jungle than a temperate forest, and is widely considered the most dangerous region in the Equestrian States due to its large numbers of wild carnivorous species, some of which would be considered "mythical" by foreigners. Within the Everfree Forest is the city of Everfree, located along the banks of the Stampede River and home to the largest population of non-equines in the nation. A number of more typical temperate forests surround the Everfree Forest itself.

The Southern Desert is (as one might expect) a dry region located in a small pocket of flat land surrounded by the Harmony Mountains near the southern coast. The only major population center in the Southern Desert is the small city of Appleoosa, located in what could be considered by some as a cooler oasis.

But where things begin to get weird for the average tourist is the Equestrian States' weather. Due to the magical nature of many of its inhabitants, the Equestrians are fully capable of creating, manipulating, and otherwise controlling the clouds and weather. This gives them the ability to determine where and when in rains, snows, hails, or any other . The Equestrian government is very actively involved in coordinating the pegasai of the country to generate and control weather patterns favorable to the Equestrian States inhabitants (and its many farmers, in particular). As such, the odds of an Equestrian weatherpony giving an incorrect forecast are almost nonexistent, unless you happen to be in the Everfree Forest (the only region of the Equestrian States where the weather is practically impossible to control due to a prevalence of wild magic).


Travelling to the Equestrian States is generally easy, as most methods of interregional travel are available to visitors from outside Atlantian Oceania. Most international flights to the Equestrian States arrive at Canterlot's Harmony International Airport, but other regularly-used airports such as Manehattan's Royal International and Stalliongrad's Friendship Heights International are easy to find flights to. However, it should be noted that pilots flying to and from the Equestrian States internationally must receive additional certification due to the nature of the Equestrian States and much of the surrounding area. Because of this additional requirement for pilots, some airlines do charge extra to cover the training fees.

Once in the Equestrian States, there are many other options for travel. Rental cars, taxis, and busses are easy to find in the larger cities such as Manehattan, Stalliongrad, and Everfree, though one might notice that most vehicles are electric-powered. But while cars and busses are regularly used in some cities, there are also several in which their use is limited to emergency services (most notably in Ponyville and Canterlot's Old City district) or is totally banned (as is the case in Cloudsdale).

However, the limited use of automobiles is balanced out by the proliferation of trains for travel between and within cities. Some of the more prominent and historical lines (such as the Ponyville-Canterlot Express) still use steam-powered engines or high-speed trains designed to mimic the classical appearance of an Equestrian train. Subways are also a common feature in Equestrian cities, spreading underground to connect many places of interest for foreign tourists. Cloudsdale is the only city where cars, buses, and trains/subways are unavailable.

But in the end, the most common method of travel in the Equestrian States is one's own two feet (or whatever you have to walk on). Few Equestrians drive or use public transportation unless they have to, preferring to take in the clean air on their way from place-to-place.

Culture & Society


Any analysis of Equestrian culture and society must begin with its majority religion and guiding philosophy: Harmonism. A dualistic religion, it revolves around the physical sun and moon deities, Celestia and Luna, as well as the six principles known as the Elements of Harmony. The religion's origins are near-impossible to determination, though it is widely believed to begun shortly after ponykind first encountered Celestia and Luna over two millennia ago. Unlike other religions, Harmonism lacks a written scripture or centralized multiversal organization to create such writings, occasionally resulting in disagreements between Harmonists from different regions. For the sake of brevity, we will only be exploring the most common spiritual and secular beliefs held by those from the Equestrian States.

As stated earlier, the central beliefs of Harmonism include the worship of the Regal Sisters (Celestia and Luna) and adherence to the Elements of Harmony. Immortal and, according to spiritual Harmonists, capable of moving celestial bodies through magic, the two Regal Sisters are worshiped (or at least respected) by ponies throughout the multiverse as living goddesses. Some have recently begun to question the actual power of the Sisters, though it is widely accepted among ponykind that they are the two most powerful magical beings in existence.

The six Elements of Harmony are Honesty, Laughter, Kindness, Generosity, Loyalty, and Magic. These Elements exist both as philosophical concepts as well as physical objects capable of great power that contain the purest magical essence of the aforementioned virtues. The philosophical aspects of the Elements are more central to Harmonist faith as a set of morals to guide one throughout life. They are, for the most part, fairly self-explanatory, except for Magic. The sixth element has been connected not only to the ability of equine Harmonists to use magical spells, but also to the drive for new knowledge or understanding. It also has been connected to the power of friendship, and is mentioned in the most common Harmonist saying: "Friendship is Magic".

However, Harmonism has expanded from its spiritual roots (particularly as more non-equines are exposed to harmonist teachings) to become a secular philosophy as well. Secular Harmonists generally try to follow the virtues of Harmonism, though they generally do not believe that the Regal Sisters are physical goddesses. The expansion of Secular Harmonism has also led to the traditional virtues being adopted and woven into other religions as well, such as Christianity. Excluding the overwhelmingly Spiritual Harmonist equine population of the Equestrian States, the most common religion is Harmonist Christianity, which is especially popular among the human inhabitants of the nation.


Traditionally, ponies have spoken in their native Equestrian tongue; however, since the emergence of the Equestrian States into the international community, laws have been passed requiring citizens to be capable of speaking multiple languages. The most common non-Equestrian language is easily English, which is spoken by approximately two-thirds of the population. It should be noted that some English words have been altered by Equestrians to better fit the equine majority, as the use of "everypony", "anypony", "hoofball", and other such words are modifications of the more standard English words. Mastery of many different languages is especially common among Unicorns, and as they are generally the ones more involved in business, are easy enough to find for foreign visitors. Numerous translating services exist throughout the Equestrian States, and airport bookstores generally contain a plethora of multilingual dictionaries for purchase.


As one might expect from a nation dominated by a species of herbivores, many traditional Equestrian dishes are vegetarian in nature. The proliferation of such food is also furthered by the general lack of agriculture for the purpose of raising up animals for the slaughter. To hurt another living creature is, to many Equestrians, simply unthinkable. However, the Equestrian States is not only inhabited by equines, but also by griffons, dragons, and humans (among others). Restaurants do exist to cater to these non-equine species, and do serve a wide variety of meats imported from outside of the region. That being said, it would be unwise to be seen in public eating a hamburger made from beef or any other meat product as many Equestrians are disgusted by such foods. This can make finding food difficult in smaller cities and in the nicer areas of the larger ones. A general tip would be: if your waiter looks like a herbivore, don't ask them for a cheeseburger or steak. Equestrian cafes are fairly creative with what they can do with non-meat products, and the bread and pastries are oftentimes better than what you might find in other nations.

Drink in the Equestrian States also differs significantly from other nations around the multiverse, as the most common alcoholic beverage is hard cider, which can be found at virtually every bar, pub, and restaurant. Ponies generally refrain from drinking too heavily, but other non-human sapients such as griffons are known to consume vast quantities of alcohol in a single sitting. We advise our human readers to graciously decline any drinking challenges offered, as one is unlikely to win, and drunk griffons can be notoriously temperamental. Beer is a distant second to cider, in terms of both popularity and availability, though bars and eateries which cater to human tourists will often keep domestic Equestrian brands in stock.

Inter-Species Relations

As the Equestrian States is home to a wide range of species, it is practically impossible for any visitor to the country to avoid seeing a member of another species, regardless of where they might be. Unicorns could pull this off in certain neighborhoods of Canterlot, and Earth Ponies could do the same in isolated rural areas, though foreigners will often stumble across other species upon entry into the Equestrian States as customs officials are perhaps the most diverse Equestrian demographic.

Relations between the three major pony races have not always been smooth, and some tensions still exist today despite the educational system's teaching of acceptance and tolerance. However, inter-species violence is very rare within the Equestrian States, as is violence in general, with the possible exceptions coming from dragons, griffons, and other more naturally-aggressive species. Angering a dragon is about as dumb as it sounds, and is not advised unless one has a death wish.

Visitors to the Equestrian States are also advised to avoid appearing speciesist to locals, as Equestrian society could be described as having a herd mentality, where an attack against or insult towards one person might be considered an attack on all those around that person. Thus, some words to avoid using in the Equestrian States are: horse, mule, foal, or donkey. Calling a pony any of those terms is likely to result in a backlash towards the offending individual, as they are considered to be offensive unless one is actually speaking to a sapient horse or donkey, which are both easy to tell apart from ponies through their size and general lack of bright-colored fur or manes.

Venues for the 56th AOCAF Cup

Group A
Royal Equestria Stadium


Location: Canterlot
Capacity: 98,625
Tenants: Equestrian States National Team
Will host:
MD1: Equestrian States vs. Geisenfried
MD3: Banija vs. Equestrian States
Final: Semifinal 1 Winner vs. Semifinal 2 Winner
Grand Regal Stadium


Location: Canterlot
Capacity: 81,955
Tenants: Canterlot Royals
Will host:
MD2: Equestrian States vs. Sangti
MD3: Sangti vs. Geisenfried
Third Place Playoff: Semifinal 1 Loser vs. Semifinal 2 Loser
Star Stadium


Location: Canterlot
Capacity: 59,250
Tenants: Canterlot Stars
Will host:
MD1: Sangti vs. Banija
MD2: Geisenfried vs. Banija
Quarterfinals: Second Round 1 Winner vs. Second Round 2 Winner

Group B
Wild Grounds


Location: Everfree
Capacity: 56,500
Tenants: Everfree Forest HC
Will host:
MD1: Freeport vs. Tropicorp
MD3: Sultanate of Oontaz vs. Freeport
Semifinals: Quarterfinal 3 Winner vs. Quarterfinal 4 Winner
Shady Grove


Location: Whitetail
Capacity: 43,650
Tenants: Whitetail Foresters
Will host:
MD2: Freeport vs. Ko-oren
MD3: Ko-oren vs. Tropicorp
Quarterfinals: Second Round 7 Winner vs. Second Round 8 Winner
Ranger Grounds


Location: Whitetail
Capacity: 28,050
Tenants: Whitetail Rangers
Will host:
MD1: Ko-oren vs. Sultanate of Oontaz
MD2: Tropicorp vs. Sultanate of Oontaz

Group C
Derby Field


Location: Manehattan
Capacity: 65,000
Tenants: Manehattan Dragons
Will host:
MD1: Mriin vs. South Toronto
MD3: Vilita & Turori vs. Mriin
Round of 16: Group F Winner vs. Group E Runner-up
Filly Financial Stadium


Location: Fillydelphia
Capacity: 47,950
Tenants: Fillydelphia HC
Will host:
MD2: Mriin vs. Saint Émelie
MD3: Saint Émelie vs. South Toronto
Manehattan Industrial Park


Location: Manehattan
Capacity: 47,160
Tenants: Manehattan Manticores
Will host:
MD1: Saint Émelie vs. Vilita & Turori
MD2: South Toronto vs. Vilita & Turori
Round of 16: Group G Winner vs. Group H Runner-up

Group D
City of Manechester Stadium
aka First Entertainment Centre


Location: Manechester
Capacity: 47,805
Tenants: Manechester City HC
Will host:
MD1: Cosumar vs. Siovanija & Teusland
MD3: Novo Calania vs. Cosumar
Round of 16: Group E Winner vs. Group F Runner-up
HarmonyLink Field


Location: Seaddle
Capacity: 67,800
Tenants: Seaddle Sounders
Will host:
MD2: Siovanija & Teusland vs. Novo Calania
MD3: Qasden vs. Siovanija & Teusland
Pony Lands Park


Location: Manechester
Capacity: 54,000
Tenants: Manechester United
Will host:
MD1: Qasden vs. Novo Calania
MD2: Cosumar vs. Qasden
Round of 16: Group H Winner vs. Group G Runner-up

Group E
Imperial Arena


Location: Crystopolis, Crystal Empire
Capacity: 69,740
Tenants: Crystopolis City
Will host:
MD1: Torisakia vs. Anthor
MD3: Melbergia vs. Torisakia
Semifinals: Quarterfinal 1 Winner vs. Quarterfinal 2 Winner
Crystopolis Coliseum


Location: Crystopolis, Crystal Empire
Capacity: 35,870
Tenants: Crystal Fair HC
Will host:
MD2: Torisakia vs. Eshan
MD3: Eshan vs. Anthor
Quarterfinals: Second Round 3 Winner vs. Second Round 4 Winner
Spire Grounds


Location: Crystopolis, Crystal Empire
Capacity: 31,825
Tenants: North Spire HC
Will host:
MD1: Eshan vs. Melbergia
MD2: Anthor vs. Melbergia
Round of 16: Group C Winner vs. Group D Runner-up

Group F
Diamond Park


Location: Stalliongrad
Capacity: 75,000
Tenants: Stalliongrad HC
Will host:
MD1: 95X vs. Semarland
MD3: Valliesta vs. 95X
Quarterfinals: Second Round 3 Winner vs. Second Round 4 Winner
Apple Orchard Park


Location: Appleoosa
Capacity: 52,680
Tenants: Appleoosa HC
Will host:
MD2: Semarland vs. Valliesta
MD3: Farfadillis vs. Semarland
Round of 16: Group D Winner vs. Group C Runner-up
Salt Lick Stadium


Location: Salt Lick City
Capacity: 39,850
Tenants: Salt Lick City HC
Will host:
MD1: Farfadillis vs. Valliesta
MD2: 95X vs. Farfadillis

Group G
Elements Stadium


Location: Ponyville
Capacity: 48,750
Tenants: Ponyville United
Will host:
MD1: Chromatika vs. Busoga Islands
MD3: Demot vs. Chromatika
Round of 16: Group A Winner vs. Group B Runner-up
Sky-High Coliseum


Location: Cloudsdale
Capacity: 65,000
Tenants: Cloudsdale Flyers
Will host:
MD2: Busoga Islands vs. Demot
MD3: Baker Park vs. Busoga Islands
Quarterfinals: Second Round 5 Winner vs. Second Round 6 Winner
The Observatory


Location: Ponyville
Capacity: 40,650
Tenants: Ponyville Galaxy
Will host:
MD1: Baker Park vs. Demot
MD2: Chromatika vs. Baker Park

Group H
Trottawa Stadium


Location: Trottawa
Capacity: 54,385
Tenants: Trottawa HC
Will host:
MD1: Valanora vs. Soltsteed
MD3: Valanora vs. Kingdom of Corelia
Round of 16: Group B Winner vs. Group A Runner-up
Estadio Galactico


Location: Maneapolis
Capacity: 38,650
Tenants: Maneapolis Stars
Will host:
MD2: Kingdom of Corelia vs. Soltsteed
MD3: Soltsteed vs. Starblaydia
Red Park


Location: St. Trottersburg
Capacity: 48,985
Tenants: St. Trottersburg Reds
Will host:
MD1: Starblaydia vs. Kingdom of Corelia
MD2: Starblaydia vs. Valanora

Note: If you want more information on the Equestrian States, be it specifics on a stadium or city, hotel names, or anything else that you might need, feel free to send me a TG or contact me on the #nssport IRC.
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Postby Semarland » Tue Jul 03, 2018 12:17 am


NATIONAL STADIUM - Natunolstadion, Jansberg, 86,000

Home - Goalkeeper - Away

Kits kindly manufactured by VUCTI Kits

Manager: Kadell Stevens, 49
And so it begins, the new era. Again. New SFA President Marc Lygaard took his time before carefully hand-picking the man to take Semarland forward after these six years of...nothingness. It's former FC Nuholm manager Kadell Stevens who faces this task, and it's arguably quite an exciting appointment. One of the youngest managers in LigAnaia before returning to the pre-break Premarligaen, Stevens led a young, dynamic and exciting FC Nuholm side, gaining a reputation for nurturing some of the best youngsters in the country. Some of those youngsters make this AOCAF squad and some of those youngsters will no doubt make future national team squads. It was a big blow for the club as they lost arguably the greatest manager in their history but a huge gain for the whole country as they look to regain their reputation on the international scene. He also has a reputation for developing coaches as well as youngsters, with associates taking other clubs on the rise in domestic football. Usually a quiet and reserved figure on the touchline, he does have a penchant for the exuberant celebration or two when things are going his way, but never gets ahead of himself.

Assistant manager: Peder Clarke, 57
Formerly the first team coach at FC Nuholm before Kadell Stevens' arrrival, the latter took a liking to him and named him his new deputy. A robust central midfielder in his playing days, Clarke has good knowledge of the international stage having represented Semarland 25 times before they entered the multiversal stage. He's not as a high profile figure as Stevens but his work is certainly vital. It could be said Stevens couldn't work without Clarke and vice versa, and the somewhat unlikely duo were amongst the more highly-sought after members of coaching in staff in Semarland before the "gap".

First team coaches: Mats Axelberg, 45 and Jermaine Latibeaudiere, 42
The Nuholm connection continues with 45 year old Mats Axelberg, himself a former youth team player before working his way up the coaching ranks into Kadell Stevens' regime. Amongst his most trusted allies, Axelberg follows him into the national team and brings yet another fresh outlook on coaching the country's talent. Jermaine Latibeaudiere is a more familiar face in the national team, having been personally retained by Stevens. The former Krsthaven prodigy first joined the national team staff way back in World Cup 74 so definitely has the experience despite being the youngest member of the main coaching staff. Having survived the previous two reigns of Andreas Jansen and Azarai Robinson he will no doubt he hoping this third tenure under Stevens will be third time lucky, for him and the nation.

Speciality coaches: Martin Datheim, 57 (Goalkeeping), Jakob Lunds, 39 (Defensive), Jamal Martinsson, 44 (Tactical), Demba Cisse, 42 (Technical), Jakob Lindesfarne, 39 (Attacking)
We're not sure what's more of a surprise - Kadell Stevens not bringing in anyone from his old team or the fact how old some of our former stars have got! Goalkeeping coach Martin Datheim, formerly of Krsthaven & WC69 fame is coming up to 60 whilst former national team captain Jakob Lunds is approaching 40. Tactical coach Jamal Martinsson has no national team experience playing-wise but certainly a lot coaching-wise. Demba Cisse and Jakob Lindesfarne complete the triumvirate of the former "golden generation" players, the three of them key to Semarland qualifying to the World Cup finals alongside other heroes such as Kwame Nelson. Those three joining the staff were quite a coup but were more than willing to lend their help as we find our feet again. No doubt they'll all pursue roles at other clubs, perhaps after this tournament or the next WC, but for now they're as determined as they were in their playing careers to get the country back to its best.

Other staff:
Fitness coaches: Rasmus Karlsen, 55 (Lead), Frans Larsson, 39 (Fitness), Barezadio Makulenga, 36 (Strength & Conditioning)
Physiotherapists: Dr. Lars Mikkelsen-Schone, 56 (Head), Mats Borg, 58, Segun Akinola, 39
Doctors: Dr. Stefan Tramsø, 63 (Head), Dr. Åke Ulfsson, 55, Dr. Kelechi Chukwueze (DSM), 41
Psychologists: Erika Larsen, 40, Devontae Mikael Newells, 31, Kofi Kufuor, 36
Performance analysts: Tobias Mikkelsen, 44 (Lead), Blaise Jacobsen, 37, Idris Mbele, 36
Head scout: Karl Sorensen, 56
International scouts: Mikkel Pedersen, 51, Soren Nathanielsen, 57, Clarck Mbala, 39, Matthias Strentsberg, 43
Domestic scouts: Yoann Livimbi, 44, Mark Eriksen, 43, Deon Kentwick-Browne, 33 and Johan Martinsen, 55
Spokesman: Mikael Stevestad, 60

#1 - GK - Martin Valbuena - Age 30 - FC Kolberg - 8 caps
#12 - GK - Stephane Claro-Hunt - Age 24 - Krsthaven - 2 caps
#22 - GK - Kwade Thompson - Age 22 - FC Nuholm - Uncapped
For perhaps the first time ever (surprisingly) in a Semar squad, all of the same position are relatives of a former national team player. New number 1 Martin Valbuena needs no introduction. Formerly one of the more promising goalkeepers in Semar football and the younger brother of former no. 1 Marco, he will have been hurt that he missed out these last six years. Hot on his heels is Stephane Claro-Hunt, aka Claro-Hunt brother no. 4, the son of Devane Claro and former ladies football captain Anna Hunt. Kwade Thompson, meanwhile, is included after an incredibly impressive season at FC Nuholm, the team that conceded the least goals in the league. His grandfather Johan Thompson played for Semarland 40 years ago. Out of the three Claro-Hunt is arguably the most exciting but has to wait a little more for his no. 1 position. Valbuena would've been second choice at club level if he remained at Krsthaven but saw sense and opted to register at FC Kolberg where he impressed this season despite the club's miserable league performance. He'll have to work hard this AOCAF though, as he knows more than anyone else as one mistake will lead to Claro-Hunt no. 4 taking the reigns as no. 1.

#2 - DR - Valentin Modise - Age 29 - Kangemark Sport - 23 caps
#3 - DL - Djair Claro-Hunt - Age 29 - Krsthaven - 37 caps, 2 goals
#4 - DC - Martell Chalobah (c) - Age 33 - FC Nuholm - 85 caps, 5 goals
#5 - DC - Amani Chimbonda - Age 30 - Krsthaven - 62 caps, 4 goals
#13 - DC - Cyril Ansah - Age 25 - FC Jansberg - 3 caps
#19 - DR - Jemal Blackshaw - Age 26 - Krsthaven - Uncapped
#21 - DL - Marc Kanu - Age 28 - FC Kolberg - 8 caps
The defence sees the most returning players since the last WC/AOCAF cycle. The much-loved centre-back partnership of Martell Chalobah and Amani Chimbonda survives, but times have changed and this could may well be the last time we see the duo grace international football together. It's also crazy to think that full-backs Djair Claro-Hunt and Valentin Modise are now 29 years old and coming to the end of their prime. Claro-Hunt has still evidently retained his searing speed and silky runs and natrally he gels well with Modise despite the pair being on opposite sides of the pitch. Backing the two up are Marc Kanu, another survivor from WC78 and a first callup for Jemal Blackshaw, who impressed at youth level and Sporting Solsholm pre-gap before signing for Krsthaven. Cyril Ansah is the sole CB substitute, who is now 25 (also mad to think). He's waiting for Chalobah to pass the baton onto him and he's more than ready for it.

#6 - DMC - Dieudonne Labonne - Age 30 - Krsthaven - 5 caps
#7 - MR - Danny Boateng - Age 28 - Sporting Saint Adrensburg - 11 caps, 3 goals
#8 - MC - Marc Strand (vc) - Age 34 - FC Jansberg - 80 caps, 35 goals
#11 - ML - Eric Nti-Bonso - Age 29 - Eikborg Club - 14 caps, 4 goals
#14 - MC - Yohannes Melbourne - Age 28 - Krsthaven - 4 caps
#15 - AMC - Rene Claro-Hunt - Age 31 - Krsthaven - 50 caps, 17 goals
#17 - MR - Jonah Bokila - Age 26 - Copenbrok Klub - 3 caps
#20 - ML - Marcos Sevenoaks - Age 27 - Sporting Saint Adrensburg - 2 caps
#23 - MC - Sehun Otudeko - Age 26 - FC Jansberg - Uncapped
Defensive midfielder Dieudonne Labonne, younger brother of Marcel is in a similar boat to goalkeeper Martin Valbuena. Both Krsthaven products, both had older brothers who were key for the national team and both are angry at the lost time that prevented them from making an impact on the international stage. He's a fairly new face in the team, alongside the likes of Danny Boateng, Eric Nti-Bonso, and sadly the ultra-talented Yohannes Melbourne, aka the natural successor to Tunji Tunde. It really is a shame we never got to see these guys get a proper chance and they'll be hoping they can finally prove their worth on the big stage. Marc Strand retains his place in the team despite his age as he drops into a slightly deeper role. Fellow attacking midfielder Rene Claro-Hunt, who enters the tournament on 50 caps like his twin brother Reiss, may not start but should have an important role. Meanwhile wingers Marcos Sevenoaks and Jonah Bokila will hope to etch some good performances onto the mind of Kadell Stevens as they hope to remain in contention for the upcoming World Cup, whilst Sehun Otudeko is surprisingly uncapped, having never got the chance pre-gap despite his good performances for FC Jansberg.

#9 - ST - Reiss Claro-Hunt - Age 31 - Krsthaven - 50 caps, 35 goals
#10 - ST - Kwame Nelson - Age 31 - FC Jansberg - 60 caps, 57 goals
#16 - ST - Kwaeome Richards - Age 23 - FC Matovallanen - Uncapped
#18 - ST - Seyi Oshoffa - Age 29 - Molsbik Arkjet - 7 caps, 3 goals
Kwame Nelson is another now sadly on the wrong side of 30. He still has that same electric form however, with 57 national team goals in just 60 appearances, the best ratio the country has ever seen. Reiss Claro-Hunt joins him in the attacking options, along with the powerful Seyi Oshoffa, who enjoyed success in Eshan. The three all deserve more experience than they have currently really and they'll be looking to pass that onto the uncapped Kwaeome Richards. He scored 24 goals for FC Matovallanen despite their relegation and will no doubt move to a bigger club next season. The plan is to now translate his form onto the international stage, and could may well be the successor to Kwame Nelson in the future.


I Give To My Opponent The Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y, I will decide the length of injury
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y, no more than 1 per game please unless you TG me first
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y, but please keep it realistic
The Republic of Semarland
Capital: Jansberg - Demonym: Semar/Semarlandic - Trigramme: SEM
Hosted: Trindl Cup I/II, Baptism of Fire 68
Champions: Meski Cup I, 5AS WC II, U18 WC I
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Postby Ko-oren » Tue Jul 03, 2018 2:12 am

Ko-oren - Ko-orenite National Association Football Team

Nickname Dragonflies
Region Atlantian Oceania
Head Coach Katanmak Juliasterinthen
Assistant Coach Katherine Davenport
Captain Analor Avalor
Home grounds
- Stade sur la Baie, Aminey (64,500)
- Willowbourne Park, Willowbourne (51,770)
- Maethoru Valley, Maethoru (37,000)
Trigramme KOR
Colours Green, blue, (yellow)
Ranking 80
World Cup
Appearances: 9x - 64-66, 69-72, 74, 75
Best Result: 5x Ro16 - 66, 69, 70, 74, 75
World Cup qualification
Appearances: 23x - 55, 57-75, 78-80
Cup of Harmony
Appearances: 9x - 50, 51, 53-55, 60, 65, 71, 72
Best Result: 1st, Cup of Harmony 65
Atlantian Oceania - AOCAF
Appearances: 13x - 40-51, 55-56
Best Result: 2nd, AOCAF 50

1. Larut Theshendan - 25 - Maethoru
12. Rasmus Tornkwist - 27 - Straudum
23. Wellington Doolan - 23 -Bruncester
2. RB: Ingmar Linderood - 25 - Straudum
3. CB: Hikomoto Mizuno - 18 - Katashi-Kanatsu
4. CB: Ethan Benjamin - 21 - Cirelbourne
5. CB: Dennis Lampshire - 24 - Bruncester
6. LB: Russell Swadling - 24 - Bruncester
20. Lionel Dalton - 28 - Cirelbourne
14. Peter Hellegeland - 21 - Straudum
15. Ian Neves - 28 - Branvón
8. CM: Steven Kapitein - 26 - Schemerdrecht
10. AM: Maximilien Longchambon - 20 - Tanques
7. CM: Samuel Ulysse - 24 -Tanques
16. Reizo Yokota - 26 - Katashi-Kanatsu
17. Lynn Holstege (f) - 25 - Maethoru
18. Henry Denis - 32 - Aminey
19. Nathan Didier - 31 - Aminey
9. Antoine Duchemin - 22 - Tanques
11. Gelereth Pirastadhaunden - 21 - Maynard
13. Julio 'Vermelho' - 27 - Miradela
21. Sanetomo Maeda - 29 -Alara
22. Chloé Beaulieu (f) - 27 - Aminey

Lyami Aviara - 28 - Alara
Carlinhos Queiros - 31 -Branvón
Hisashi Yamaoka - 24 - Katashi-Kanatsu
Analor Avalor - 30 - Straudum
Erasmo Valente - 23 - Miradela
Jean-Michel Dominique - 19 - Aminey
Ruben de Meester - 29 - Schemerdrecht
Heliodoro Araújo - 19 - Miradela
Wouter Wouters - 25 - Maynard
Kherles Ensaunden - 20 - Maethoru

Number. Name - Age - Club
Underlined numbers denote starting XI


Style mod -5

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: No

1) Simon Everest - Scored the first official goal
2) Alizarin Lelantos - Coached the team to the first Cup of Harmony
3) Haki Asgard - Record holder for most matches played for the national team
4) Koyane Shiribeshi - Record holder for most goals scored for the national team
5) Pet Rilasthaunden - Most games as coach, introduced the defensive scheme
6) Xi Shang - Captain during the formative years
7) Sobek Dehenat - Celebrated defender of the formative years
8) Fin Fenner - Dynamic midfielder, third-most appearances for the national team
9) Katanmak Juliasterinthen - Celebrated defender and captain of the most successful campaigns
10) Katherine Davenport - Long time captain
11) Storm Enshadilsa - Second-most capped player, most clean sheets for the national team
12) Bogdan Antonescu - Only non-Ko-orenite in the HoF, coached the team to most of its World Cup qualifications
13) Naemasu Tokachi - Fourth-most capped player, most assists, many goals
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Trigramme: KOR - Demonym: Ko-orenite - Population: 27.270.096
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Postby Valanora » Tue Jul 03, 2018 7:43 am

From the Offices of the VSC does the Marauder information come

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players Y (no more than three weeks out)
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players N
Godmod Other Events Y

What is the name of…

…the five time World Cup champions?
Valanora (known prior to World Cup 37 as Elves Security Forces)

...the other nations involved in Valanora?
Sabine and Caddonia ,Vyinta and Dark Templara

…the nation in which this Commonwealth play their home matches?
Elves Security Forces (sometimes ESF in shortphrase)

…people from the Commonwealth?
Vanorians or Vanors

…the person who created this mess?
Elves Security Forces

Style Modifier: +2



Home Away

Tobias Möller Image
Age: 52
The former Pasargan international did well to get the Marauders into the knockouts of the World Cup and is set to see out the end of his three cycle deal after this tournament. He is looking to use this AOCAF as a testing ground to see what players play well as he prepares for the next World Cup Qualifiers, while also looking to build upon the tradition of the Marauders being a contender in the tournament.

Assistant Manager
Wisdom Tracey Image (F)
Age: 34
Tracey is far more defensive minded than what Vanorians are used to and would much prefer to see the side playing in a diamond midfield, but with the VSC saying that she will be considered for the job once Möller resigns from the position, she is content to be patient and help sure up the Marauders notorious backline faults in an attempt to build up her own profile.


1 Sean Smørdal, Starling Image
Age - 22
Sex - M
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 181 lbs
Tall, athletic, and with reflexes that would make a cat proud, Smørdal is thought to be the solution to the Marauder's question between the pipes and solution to what has been an age old problem for the side. Deciding to leave the Eternal Empire's shores for that of Nephara is a decision that will be heavily scrutinized back home for years, but if the young keeper can come up good for the national team shirt, the Navy Wave will embrace him with open arms all the same. The question will be has the young keeper gotten enough game time in Nephara to be in match shape when he is called upon for the national team, being the clear second choice for the time being for his club.


2 Tidaugion Runbrinonel, Chromatik Image
Age - 602
Sex - M
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 184 lbs
Runbrinonel is a leader and a good defensive player but like so many of the elves who have stay, he seems to be languishing in some sort of depressed state. It may be that the elven players will have to call it a career soon if this is some sort of mental state that they are unable to shake, though for the moment he has a role to play in order to lead the collection of players who have been brought in to represent the Eternal Empire. While there might be something more magical at work with the players, Runbrinonel has the professional attitude to still get his job done.

3 Seve Vásquez Image , Mar Sara FC
Age - 26
Sex - M
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 175 lbs
A former Sunrisian, Vásquez has been in Valanora for over five years and was quick to answer the call when the Marauders were in desperate need of professional players for the World Cup Finals after the Calling happened. He has fairly good pace for a man of his size but his main strength is battering opposing attacking players out of the box with the force of a rampaging oxen, though he is not quick to temper, making him well suited to the Marauders' style of play.

4 Eva Fotland, SC Rinaldi
Age - 30
Sex - F
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 157 lbs
Fotland was not really in the consideration for the national team, given her age and just started playing football five years ago, however she showed quite a bit of grit and footballing acumen over the last two season, especially this last season when Rinaldi conceded just twenty-five goals in the season that she has found her way into the team and starting. Her pace is not quite up to what you would expect with Vanorian athletes, though you wouldn't know it with how she always seems to be in the right place at the right time to intercept an attack.


21 Espy va Drake, 1830 Cathair Image
Age: 771
Sex - M
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 159 lbs
After becoming a folklore hero for the lower class of the world, va Drake has made himself one of the living legends of the game after help leading the side to a title in World Cup 53. He has traveled far and wide while plying his trade, donning kits for no less than five countries clubs. Seen as the driving force in the middle of the park alongside Hawk, it is up to the opposition to try and figure out how to deal with the brilliance the winger and his other attackers have rather than them to create magic.

6 Yuki Hatsune Image, FC Capri
Age -22
Sex - M
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 147 lbs
This young midfielder was born in the Sunrise Islands but came to Valanora at an early age and has really blossomed over the last three seasons to a versatile midfielder, though he prefers to play a little further up the pitch in a more attacking role. He's got an accurate shot from long range and can mix it up with most other players in the middle in those fifty-fifty balls, though he would prefer to leave that part of the game to the defenders and more defensive minded midfielders.

10 Laborious Hawk, AC Izotz Zubia Image
Age - 735
Sex -M
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 213 lbs
Words do not even begin to define his talent, his talent defines words. He was awarded one of the spots that the Vanorians have in the World Cup Hall of Fame, with it being very well deserved, as he has and continues to earn everything he has been given every single day. Hawk simply strives to be the very best footballer, captain, and teammate that there can be, with the hunger for perfection driving him forth on and off the pitch.

8 Ilglerdiriel Lithvathar, Raynor City United
Age - 741
Sex - F
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 149 lbs
Lithvathar is much like va Drake, a floater who is dynamic in attack but with enough speed and sense of the pitch to make up on any sort of defensive lapse. Yet unlike her flankmate, she is not nearly as skilled, but do not let that fool you, in a moment of magic she can undress an entire backline and set up more prolific scorers with easy chances.

7 Faeron Soldarian, 1830 Cathair Image
Age - 649
Sex - M
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 163 lbs
Soldarian continues to live in the shadow of more well known players both on the national team and with his club. Despite this, Soldarian is seen by all on the squad as the emotional leader and the linchpin the in the middle that allows the more attacking minded midfielders being allowed to play their game.


9 Allandren Fresco, Ibini FC
Age - 524
Sex - M
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 167 lbs
Fresco continues to lead the line of the attack, being the tip of the spear that is the Marauders offensive movement. By now most teams know of the striker's pace and near laser guided shot, however the striker still somehow finds ways to bring in the goals.

11 Fionn Lynch Image , SC Rinaldi
Age - 31
Sex - M
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 170 lbs
Lynch proved to be a pivotal player for the Marauders during the Finals of the last World Cup and those in the Eternal Empire will be ever thankful for his presence and decision to switch nationalities, even if maybe it was done for selfish reasons. With the human Vanorian players starting to slowly get their bearings and Lynch getting older, this will likely be his last chance at bringing home a World Cup trophy. Age has not yet began to detiorate his skills or pace and knowing that it might start at any moment will no doubt be driving the striker forward ever more to give all that he can in order to achieve his dream before it is time to hang up his boots.

13 GK Brynjar Eide, age 24, Ibini FC
23 GK Jakob Stensrud, age 27, SC Rinaldi
15 LB Aleksandra Landro, age 26, AC Valanari (F)
16 CB Eivind Strømmen, age 21, Eastal Lunar FC Image
17 RB Alethon Tantanthar, age 654, Tihon Image
18 LW Yusuf Norberg, age 22, Ibini FC
5 RW Caninde Image , age 27, Corinthian Spirits Image
20 MC Florian Gruenewald, age 30, FC Capri
16 MC Gabriel Bakken, age 26, Soldarian FC
22 AMC Mindaugion Vansumé, age 633 - Myana Image
14 ST Sue Hackett Image, age 32, FC Capri (F)
19 ST Russell McGeouch Image - age 27 - Club ESF

Captain: Laborious Hawk
Set Piece Taker: Laborious Hawk
Penalty Taker: Allandren Fresco
Right Corner: Espy va Drake
Left Corner: Espy va Drake
World Cup 40, 42, 43, 52, & 61 Champions
WC 47, 51 (2nd), WC 34, 38, 39, 41, 44, 45, 53, 60, 67 (3rd), WC 49, 58 (Semifinalist), WC 33, 35-37, 46, 48, 54, 55, 62, 63, 65, 72, 83 (Quarterfinalist)
WCoH VII, VIII, XVII, XXVIII, XXX, XXXII (1st), WCoH I, XXXI, XL (2nd), WCoH II, XXIX (3rd), WCoH XII (4th)
AOCAF 44, 46, 51, & 53 Champions, AOCAF 39 & 43 Runners Up
Co-Hosted: too many events to count

EPL Season 20,073

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Postby Siovanija and Teusland » Tue Jul 03, 2018 10:34 am

Siovanija and Teusland National Football Team for AOCAF Cup LVI


Nation Name: United Republics of Siovanija and Teusland
Short Names: Siovanija and Teusland, the United Republics
Demonyms: Siovanijan, Teuslander/Teus
FA: United Football Association of Siovanija and Teusland (UFAST)
Colours: Blue, gold, white, black
Anthem: ‘High Mountain Skies’
Highest Domestic League: Republikaliga
Nicknames: The Goldhorns
Style Modifier: +3.625

Coaching Staff

Manager -- Alan DZEKOV (44 y/o)

Alan Dzekov’s second major tournament now in charge of the Goldhorns, and he’s certainly hoping to build upon the performance at the Cup of Harmony. It was a mixed bag for Siovanija and Teusland, who opened the tournament with a stunning 3-2 victory over Jeruselem, the new 4-3-3 formation coming to fruition. However, that was soon followed by a 6-1 defeat at thehands of Kita-Hinode, the worst defeat in national team history. A 2-2 draw with the Alpine Union rounded out the group stage, and saw the Goldhorns eliminated from the tournament. For the AOCAF, Dzekov will continue his attacking mentalities, and has also shown a willingness to introduce new players to the set-up. 3 players are totally new to the squad, each having a chance to earn their first few caps for the national team. In a press conference at the selection of the team, Dzekov stated that “our goal here is to continue building, continue developing, and be competitive in this tournament.”

23-man Squad

GK -- Viktor VENEV -- FK Metropola Borograd -- 31 -- #1 -- 23 caps -- 6 clean sheets
GK -- Julian FEHR -- FC Teussen Stelburg -- 30 -- #12 -- Uncapped
GK -- Yanko ZHELYASKOV -- Olympia Borograd -- 21 -- #23 -- 3 caps -- 1 clean sheet

Familiar faces all around here, Viktor Venev as expected keeping the number 1 shirt for country. Venev is a quality shot stopped who has become known for his ability to lead from the back and never appear flustered. He has earned 23 caps so far for the national team, with 6 clean sheets coming along with them. Julian Fehr, keeper for title-winning Teussen Stelburg and also Republikaliga Best Goalie, joins the squad yet remains uncapped, certainly Dzekov will find a place for him either at the AOCAF or the upcoming World Cup Qualifiers. Yanko Zhelyaskov is the hottest prospect in the country in terms of goalkeepers, and is expected to one day earn the number 1 shirt. For now, however, he remains on the bench in order to get experience, which currently includes 3 caps and 1 clean sheet.

Left Backs
LB -- Dietmar KLEINMANN -- FC Teussen Stelburg -- 26 -- #2 -- 24 caps -- 1 assist
LB -- Lyubomir DIMITROV -- FK Metropola Borograd -- 23 -- #13 -- 9 caps

Left backs Kleinmann and Dimitrov are selected for the tournament again, Kleinmann keeping the number 2 shirt. He has always been a stable, strong presence at his position for both club and country. Kleinmann’s strength on the ball combined with his pace allows him to contribute to attack as well as defend, and it is rare that he has made a mistake while wearing the national team shirt. Dimitrov has become one of the top left backs in the Republikaliga, and stepped up his performance with Metropola Borograd. His ability to cross the ball is incredible, and he’s always a dangerous option moving forward. Both of these players are strong options, and while Kleinmann is still the favoured option, it won’t be long before Lyubomir Dimitrov is wearing the number 2 shirt.

Centre Backs
CB -- Daniel PINGOV -- Vrnovo Mesto -- 27 -- #4 -- 14 caps
CB -- Raphael KLOPFER -- 1912 Stelburg -- 26 -- #5 -- 26 caps -- 1 assist
CB -- Nikola KARAPETROV -- Olympia Borograd -- 25 -- 2 caps

Dzekov, despite being a very offensive-minded manager, has taken the time as well to focus on his defensive options and development. Daniel Pingov and Raphael Klopfer remain the top pairing for the team, and they are a duo that complement each other well. Pingov retains his role of commanding the backline, and being very defensive-minded. He has performed quite well in this role since the beginning of the World Cup 80 Qualifiers, and forced his way into the starting job. Beside him, Raphael Klopfer is more of a ball-playing defender, with an ability to quickly shift play and move the ball forwards quickly. Klopfer does take risks sometimes, moving further forward than perhaps some would be comfortable with, but Pingov has always been able to cover for him. Off the bench, Karapetrov is a player more like Klopfer in overall style, but less willing to move forwards. He’d be a good option to partner with Klopfer either off the bench or starting. Stefan Licht has been dropped from the squad for this tournament, but he’ll have the opportunity to earn his way back at the World Cup Qualifiers.

RIght Backs
RB -- Lutz DASCHNER -- 1912 Stelburg -- 29 -- #3 -- 25 caps -- 1 assist
RB -- Thorsten HELMKE -- FC Felsenkirchen 1879 -- 24 -- #14 -- 8 caps -- 1 assist

Daschner and Helmke offer two different options at right back, and Alan Dzekov has made sure to include both of them in the squad. Daschner plays a much more offensive-minded game, always willing to push forward and contribute to attacks. His ability to read the game around him is excellent, and his crosses are of the highest quality. In addition, Daschner has quite a shot on him, which he hasn’t really used yet for the national team, but is always a threat. Thorsten Helmke is much less explosive compared with Daschner, and he prefers to remain at home and defend versus going forward. That doesn’t mean he won’t contribute to attacks, however, and his passing often opens up chances for the Goldhorns in and around the box.

Central Midfield
CM -- Vladimir KOSTOV -- Olympia Borograd -- 30 -- #6 -- 11 caps -- 1 goal, 1 assist
CM -- Thorsten KRAMER -- FC Teussen Stelburg -- 20 -- #8 -- 27 caps -- 4 goals, 7 assists
CM -- Dennis BROTZMANN -- FC St. Jakob -- 26 -- #17 -- 21 caps

Vladimir Kostov is the big man in midfield for the Goldhorns, with incredible strength on the ball and ability to take it off others. He plays mainly as a ball-winning midfielder, and has done well in his 11 national team appearances. He’s also got a bit of a mean streak in him, and is willing to foul if needed. Thorsten Kramer also sits in that central midfield role, but he’s much more offensive-minded. His playmaking skill has earned the praises of many in this country, and he has often been recognized as perhaps the best player on the national team. This included recognition as part of the World Cup 80 Team of the Qualifiers. Kramer, and the entire country, hopes that his status will continue to grow through strong performance on the international stage. Also in the squad is Dennis Brotzmann, a player quite comparable to Vladimir Kostov who is returning to the setup after missing out on the Cup of Harmony. Capped 21 times, Brotzmann brings strong experience to the team.

Left Wing
AML -- Paulus LEISTNER -- FC Kaiserhaven -- 27 -- #7 -- 20 caps -- 3 goals, 7 assists
AML -- Lutz VON BERGEN -- SW Stahlberg -- 25 -- #21 -- Uncapped

Paulus Leistner looks to be Alan Dzekov’s favourite in the left wing position, especially in the new 4-3-3 formation that the Goldhorns have been playing and practicing since the Cup of Harmony. Leistner, the star man for Kaiserhaven, is a major threat to opponents whenever he’s on the ball. He’s got quite a few tricks up his sleeve, and is capable of both goals and assists. He has also always performed to an exceptionally high level for the national team. With him is Lutz von Bergen, who is looking to make his debut at this tournament. Von Bergen has been great for Stahlberg, teaming up with Michael Ribbeck for a great partnership. His inclusion thus suggests Ribbeck could have a much larger role in the squad this tournament. Von Bergen’s best attribute is his passing, and he has always been one of the better playmakers in his team.

Central Attacking Midfield
AMC -- Viktor DIMITROV -- Energija Chernovets -- 25 -- #10 -- 27 caps -- 2 goals, 16 assists
AMC -- Ernst SCHOFF -- FC Teussen Stelburg -- 25 -- #20 -- Uncapped

Of course it’s Viktor Dimitrov in the number 10 shirt for his country, he’s established himself truly as one of the biggest names on this team and has contributed heavily throughout his 27 caps. He’s always around the centre of the action, and has in fact contributed 16 assists throughout his international career. He can create chances whenever he has the ball, and is always a danger thanks to his brilliant passing ability. He doesn’t shoot often, but when he does it usually turns into a goal. Ernst Schoff joins up with the national team as well for this tournament, he was considered for selection during the World Cup Qualifiers but never cracked the roster. Schoff also contributes playmaking ability and has performed very well for Teussen Stelburg, having a strong partnership with Thorsten Kramer in particular. That could be very valuable in the 4-3-3, and also in a 4-2-3-1 if Dzekov chooses to switch things up. Schoff’s creativity on the ball is his best attribute, and it could be valuable for the Goldhorns in this tournament.

Right Wings
AMR -- Ivo ROMANOV -- Olympia Borograd -- 25 -- #11 -- 27 caps -- 8 goals, 5 assists
AMR -- Leo HEIDEN -- FC St. Jakob -- 21 -- #22 -- Uncapped

Ivo Romanov has really developed into a star on the right wing for both his club and country. He has developed far beyond any expectation, and become perhaps the best player in the Republikaliga. The winger has scored key goals, including a goal in Olympia Borograd’s President’s Cup Final victory, and in the upset victories over Mriin (World Cup 80 Qualifiers) and Jeruselem (Cup of Harmony 72). He is a force, and has an incredible shot on him. Through 27 caps, he currently has 8 goals and 5 assists. Backing him up will be Leo Heiden, the young St. Jakob winger. Heiden is one of the better young players in the Republikaliga, and always has the opportunity to make something happen whenever he’s on the pitch. A fast winger, he’s good at cutting inside and finding his way into the box before sending off a shot or a pass.

CF -- Miroslav DINEV -- Energija Chernovets -- 30 -- #9 -- 22 caps -- 13 goals, 1 assist
CF -- Krasimir KYNEV -- Olympia Borograd -- 22 -- #18 -- 9 caps -- 4 goals
CF -- Michael RIBBECK -- SW Stahlberg -- 19 -- #19 -- 1 cap
CF -- Anton DIMITROV -- FK Metropola Borograd -- 23 -- #16 -- 4 caps -- 3 goals

Forward is a position in which Dzekov has many, many options. Miroslav Dinev is the first name chosen, of course, as the national team captain, and he has amassed 13 goals throughout his international career. Names like Krasimir Kynev, a Republikaliga Golden Boot winner, and Michael Ribbeck, a highly-rated player who has shot up like a rocket in recent times. Kynev has recently earned more and more appearances for the national team, and he’ll be expected to have a major role in the coming years. Ribbeck, despite selection to the Cup of Harmony squad and the World Cup Qualifiers, has only managed 1 cap so far, but it looks as if that will change imminently. Whether his great domestic goalscoring record can continue on the international stage remains to be seen. Alan Dzekov has also managed to make room for Anton Dimitrov in the squad. Dimitrov can function both as a centre forward and also on the left wing, a position he has played before at his club. He’ll be desperate to prove that he should have a permanent spot on this team, and expand on a great record of 3 goals in 4 caps to date.

Set Pieces
Left Corners: Dietmar Kleinmann
Right Corners: Lutz Daschner
Free Kicks: Viktor Dimitrov, Thorsten Kramer
Penalties: Miroslav Dinev, Krasimir Kynev, Ivo Romanov

The captain is Miroslav Dinev. If Dinev does not play or is subbed off, the armband will go to Lutz Daschner, Daniel Pingov, Raphael Klopfer and Viktor Venev, in that order.

The first kits for the national team bring a colour scheme of blue/white for home and black/gold for away. Rather than going with one of blue or gold for the home colour, and risking offending half the country, the choice was made for white and black jerseys, saving the national colours for highlights. The crest on the jersey, blue or gold depending on the kit, features the edelweiss in the middle, with the writing ‘Siovanija and Teusland’ above and ‘1896’ below. The goalkeeper kits, not pictured, are full green including shorts.

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose my scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: N
RP injuries to my players: Y, I determine length and severity
Godmod Injuries to my players: N
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Y
Give Red Cards to my players: Only as a second yellow
Godmod other events: N

Group and Schedule

For AOCAF Cup LVI, in the Equestrian States (another nation in the Southwest of AO, as well as hosts of the 80th World Cup), the Goldhorns have been drawn into Group D. The teams in this group are:

Group D
Cosumar (2)
Qasden (8)
Novo Calania (UR)
Siovanija and Teusland (UR)

Clearly, this is another extremely difficult group for the Goldhorns, according to the AOCAF rankings. Cosumar are a great side also ranked 14th in the world according to KPB ranks, and will be a massive challenge for Siovanija and Teusland to face on the first matchday. Qasden, 8th in AOCAF and 27th in World rankings, will be another strong opponent that the Goldhorns have to face. The other newcomers to the tournament are Novo Calania, who the Goldhorns take on on matchday 2. It will be incredibly difficult for Siovanija and Teusland to get out of this group, but the team can never be counted out for the possibility of an upset.

Matchday 1: Cosumar vs Siovanija and Teusland, City of Manechester Stadium, Manechester
Matchday 2: Siovanija and Teusland vs Novo Calania, HarmonyLink Field, Seaddle
Matchday 3: Qasden vs Siovanija and Teusland, HarmonyLink Field, Seaddle

Once again, the Goldhorns go up against some of the best in the world to continue their development, and we’ll be here each step of the way covering AOCAF Cup LVI.
The United Republics of Siovanija & Teusland
Capital: Borograd | Population: 74,245,000 | Demonyms: Siovanijan, Teus | Country Code: STL

World Cup of Hockey 40 Champions ⋆ World Junior Hockey Championship 14 Champions

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Postby Banija » Tue Jul 03, 2018 10:42 am

Banija National Team- The Kadongo Kamu

Country code: BNJ
Denonym: Banijan(s)
Association: Royal Banijan Soccer Association(RBSA)
Nickname: The Kadongo Kamu
Manager: Marcus Waters, 48 years old, native of the Equestrian States. Took over the role after Matchday 9 of World Cup Qualifying.
Senior Assistant Manager: Sarh Sane, 67 years old. Took over the role after Marcus Waters was named the interim manager. Manager for 16 seasons at Busukuma Athletic Club.
Captain: Kiggwe Mavuto
Alternate Captain: Delbin Kasekende
Home Kits: Green
Away Kits: White
Alternate: Orange

Brief National Team History
The Kadongo Kamu have played in exactly 150 games, as of the end of Qualifying for World Cup 80. [The national team has participated in 7 World Cup Qualification campaigns(WCQ73, WCQ74, WCQ75, WCQ76, WCQ77, WCQ79, WCQ80) and this is the nation's first ever trip to the World Cup Finals. We have also participated in Baptism of Fire 60, and been a participant in three different Cup of Harmonies(CoH 66, CoH 67, and CoH 71). Outside of this qualification via the playoff, Banija has a checkered history in WCC competition, with many lowlights in these competitions. In three Cup of Harmonies, Banija has never once moved past the group stage in the competition, and in their lone Baptism of Fire, they earned a lone point. They are also distinguished by being one of the few teams to go through an entire World Cup qualification campaign without earning a single point, earning 0 points in their first ever World Cup Qualification campaign, attempting to get to the Finals of World Cup 73.

The team has been on the rise in the last two World Cup cycles. A shocking World Cup 79 Qualification campaign saw them on the brink of qualifying, but the team simply ran out of gas and lost 4 of their final 5 matches to not make it to Ceni/Drawkland. Since then, the U21 team got 3rd place at the 42nd Di Bradini Cup, and the national team advanced to the quarterfinals of AOCAF LV, in their first entry in that competition. They stunningly qualified for World Cup 80, after starting poorly by losing 5 of their first 9, to going unbeaten in the second half of qualifying, where they won 7 of those games. In the World Cup 80 Qualification playoffs, a 3-0 first leg victory in Montreal, Royal Kingdom of Quebec, powered the team through to their first ever appearance in the World Cup Finals, advancing to sport's pre-eminent competition 5-3 on aggregate over Mercedini. While a pair of one goal losses saw them eliminated after two games, they earned their first ever victory at the World Cup Finals in a 2-0 win over New Gazi in their final group stage game.

The team's trophy cabinet is bare, having never won any international competition- though the national team won bronze medals earned at the United Valhaven Regional Football Championships on home soil, before their move to Atlantian Oceania.

All-Time Record: 59-74-22(W-L-D)
All-Time Winning Percentage: 38.06% (Wins over total games played)
All-Time Points Percentage: 42.80% (Wins plus 1/3rd of draws over total games played)
Current Rank: #41(17.55 KPB points)
Top 5 All-Time Leading Goal Scorers:
1. Kiggwe Mavuto(42 goals)
T2. Isaac Georgiadis(24 goals)
T2. Toyuwa Okafor(24 goals)
4. Saa Okoro(23 goals)
5. Chibuzo Afolayan(22 goals)
World Cup Qualifications: 1(World Cup 80)

List of National Team managers
1. Kizza Kabila(Banija). Manager for Baptism of Fire 60 and the World Cup 73 Qualification Campaign. Overall record of 0-14-1(W-L-D).

Kizza Kabila is the only Banijan to have ever managed the national team. Hired for Banija's first foray onto the international scene in this sport, his reign was universally derided as a disaster. Managing 15 games, he drew his first game in the Baptism of Fire, and not only lost the next two, he then lost ever single match in the 12 game World Cup Qualification campaign for World Cup 73, with the side only scoring 5 goals across the entire campaign. Unceremoniously fired after becoming one of few managers to go through an entire World Cup Qualification campaign without earning a single point, he, alongside the entire board of the RBSA, resigned after the last game. He was disgraced in the sport after the campaign, and, to this point, has never returned to top-level soccer.

2.Jan Cassallerus(San Llera): Hired before the start of the World Cup 74 Qualification Campaign, managed through the World Cup 77 Qualification Campaign. Overall Record of 27-32-16(W-L-D).

Banija put its eyes abroad, searching for a foreign manager before the World Cup 74 Qualification campaign, and found Jan Cassallerus. He is Banija's longest ever serving manager, being at the helm for four entire World Cup cycles, and being at the helm for 75 total games, a kind of longevity unheard of in the modern game, especially managing the national team. He started winning a game at the Coupe D'Esquarium, in what was known as the group of death. He was largely celebrated for bringing the team into relevancy. The expectations were through the floor, following Kizza Kabila, but he brought the team to Cup of Harmony 66 and Cup of Harmony 67, as well as advancing in Olympic Qualifying and getting third place at the United Valhaven Regional Football Championships. He was forced into retirement after the World Cup 77 Qualification campaign, when the RBSA declared bankruptcy, and could not participate in the World Cup 78 Qualification Campaign due to their inability to compensate players and staff.

3. Randolf Cherry(Drawkland): Hired before the start of the World Cup 79 Qualification Campaign. Overall Record of 20-25-2(W-L-D)

Randolf Cherry, after the RBSA got its act together, was hired- controversially- as the manager of the national team. Not that his own hire was controversial, it was applauded across the sports spectrum here at home. He was given a 3 cycle contract, and everyone knew what the goal was- to make the World Cup Finals at least once over the course of the contract. They understood that it would take time to climb the rankings, and they were willing to give him the leash. However, he came in a very awkward situation. Adama Sowe, the Chairman of the RBSA, allegedly first offered the job to Sarah Owens, out of the Equestrian States. Of course, it is illegal in Banija for women to coach men's professional teams, and that caused controversy. And yet, here he was- the manager of the national team.

His own home country of Drawkland is, of course, very progressive in that area, where the sport is dominated by the ladies. Regardless, he had an excellent start to his reign as a manger, and was initially extremely popular. He won his first game, in a special Eagles Club match, against Aggrey-Fynn Land. He lost his first few qualifiers, but he went on a dear through the middle of qualifying, which included a 7 game winning streak on home soil. Big wins against then 4th ranked Chromatika at home and then 32nd ranked Eshan, put them in the conversation of World Cup Qualification, though they were simply not strong enough.

The Cup of Harmony was considered a disaster, finishing in dead last in their group. The competition maybe simply isn't for the Banijans, eh? But they were strong throughout the offseason, making a surprising quarterfinal run in AOCAF LV and bringing high hopes to the squad going into World Cup 80 Qualification. Hopes were through the roof for the national team, maybe even bordering unrealistic. They struggled, and the campaign got worse as the pressure built, as the squad lost their final four qualifiers of the first half of qualifying. With the campaign seemingly in free-fall, he was fired, as the RBSA said they wanted time to conduct "an open, thorough, search."

4. Marcus Waters(Equestrian States): Hired after the 1st half of World Cup 80 Qualifying, present manager of the national team. Overall record of 10-1-3(W-L-D).

Marcus Waters was the national team's assistant manager with Randolf Cherry above him, and the manager of the youth national teams. He first gained notoreity in Banija after successfully leading the U21 team to a 3rd place finish at the 42nd Di Bradini Cup. With his abilities clear, it made sense to move onto him as the interim manager as they searched for a permanent manager ahead of the second half of World Cup Qualifying. However, he was able to complete a stunning turnaround of this team. His first game in charge, he changed nearly the entire backline, and had a massive upset, away to Qasden, by a score of 3-2. A 3-0 victory over Razenthuria in the other mid-qualifying friendly got high hopes for him.

Marcus Waters went out with an intent to keep his team focused, despite everything going on at home. He has proven adept at navigating the political minefield that is this job, especially with his own country of origin essentially at war with Banija. He didn't lose a single game in the second half of qualifying, winning 7 games to get to the playoffs, including when the team was forced to play home games in Montreal due to ongoing violence within Banija. He was widely applauded for getting the team ready to play in Montreal, and winning 1-0 against Turori, the group's top seeded squad, and a 3-0 win in Montreal in the Qualification playoffs. While the RBSA interviewed four other candidates, his successful push through the World Cup Qualification playoffs and into Banija's first-ever World Cup Finals essentially clinched the job for him, as he put pen to paper to take the interim tag off of his title ahead of the 80th World Cup Finals.

Full credit to Filindostan for the design and production of these jersies. Thank you very much!

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
RP Injuries to my players: Yes(please state what injury they have suffered and how many games they will miss).
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes(please state what injury they have suffered and how many games they will miss).
Godmod other events: Yes
Style modifier: +1

Do whatever you want besides godmodding the actual goals(I prefer the actual goals to be real). If anybody dies, please TG me who so I can replace them.

Roster for World Cup Finals

Starters: 4-2-1-3
Players who are based in a foreign league are bolded.
Players who have their first ever callup in this tournament are italicized.
BSL = Banijan Soccer League, Banija's only national professional soccer league.
GK #13 Assefa Berhane. Age 29. Plays for Umbazi Metropolitan SC in the BSL.
RB #2 Zinnah Atieno. Age 28. Plays for Herzegovina City FC in the BSL.
CB #3 Wasa Jawo. Age 31. Plays for Petroslovakia United in the Petroslovanian Soccer League.
CB #5 Abate Brehanu. Age 28. Plays for the Busembe Timberwolves in the BSL.
LB #4 Alifa Diawara. Age 31. Plays for Herzegovina City FC in the BSL.
RCM #6 Isaac Georgiadis. Age 30. Plays for Riuwee United in the Fleftic Premier League in Abanhfleft,
LCM #8 Daniel Asres. Age 32. Plays for Jinja City FC in the BSL. First start was Matchday 10.
CAM #10 Girma Asmelash. Age 32. Plays for Istria City FC in the BSL.
RW #7 Chibuzo Afolayan. Age 29. Plays for AFC Corvistone in the Nepharim Premiership. Captain. First tournament as captain.
LW #11 Gitonga Kahara. Age 21. Plays for Polaris in the Terranean Leauge East.
ST #9 Toyuwa Okafor. Age 30. Plays for Avenida Neal in the Freitball Liga in Farfadillis.

GK #19 Lemuel Bereket. Age 23. Plays for Corizova United in the Northwestern League, on the second level of Banija's soccer pyramid.
GK #35 Jumu Sanneh. Age 23. Plays for the Isipongo Flash in the BSL.
RB #27 Berihu Temesgen. Age 27. Plays for the Busembe Timberwolves in the BSL.
CB #20 Jalang Ba. Age 23. Plays for Umbazi Metropolitan SC in the BSL.
LB #13 Ensa Camara. Age 24. Plays for the Zakhora Aces in the Härlighet Ligan in Cosumar.
CM #14 Samba Ndaw. Age 27. Plays for the Hoima Warriors in the BSL.
CM/CAM #15 Okonkwo Okparro. Age 23. Plays for Makosile United in the Vilitan League.
CAM #21 Marbue Owusu. Age 27. Plays for Hoima Warriors in the BSL.
LW/RW #12 Sia Fall. Age 26. Plays for Jinja City FC in the BSL. On roster for World Cup 79 Cycle; Was not called up for World Cup 80 Qualifying nor the World Cup 80 Finals.
LW/RW #18 Ansu Cisse. Age 29. Plays for Busukuma Athletic Club in the BSL.
ST #24 Kabir Jobateh. Age. 23. Plays for the Busembe Timberwolves in the BSL. Starter on the bronze medal 42nd Di Bradini Cup squad.
ST #17 Assefa Yitebarke. Age 25. Plays for Istria City FC in the BSL.

- Our free kicks are taken by Chibuzo Afolayan. Our corner kicks are taken by Gitonga Kahara.
- Our penalty kicks are taken by Toyuwa Okafor.
- In terms of substitutions, anybody is OK to substitute off the pitch besides Afolayan. He plays 90 minutes in every match, unless he gets a red card or is injured.
- The vast majority of goals will come from the three-headed trio at the top- Afolayan, Okafor, and Kahara.

Select Player Biographies

1. RW Chibuzo Afolayan

Where do we start with Chibuzo Afolayan? He holds the transfer record for any Banijan- selling a few windows ago for $5.5 million NSDs to AFC Corvistone, then in the Nepharim First Division, and now in the Nepharim Premiership. And, for those who follow the league, that sale is one that Askatasuna FC, even with all those riches, has rued ever since. Why? Well, for their two seasons with Afolayan, they were competing for the top 4 and even won a RBSA Cup. But since they sold him? He has helped AFC Corvistone finish their miraculous rise up the Nepharim pyramid, and achieve their first-ever promotion to the Nepharim Premiership, where they finished as a solid mid-table side.

The winger holds the distinction of the first Banijan to ever play in a top 5 league- playing a season in the Nepharim Premiership as a starter, in the physically demanding Nepharim Premiership, currently ranked as the world's top league. His spot in that league naturally lends pressure to him to preform for the national team, especially in big moments. With Banijan legend Kiggwe Mavuto retiring after World Cup 80, Afolayan was awarded the armband. The team will look to him for leadership, and we'll have to see how he handles the extra attention and responsibility that comes with the armband.

2. ST Toyuwa Okafor

Toyuwa Okafor won the fierce, three-way battle for the right to wear the #9 jersey for the national team throughout World Cup 79 Qualifying. He split time with Nega Bazin and Matthias Muhumuza throughout that campaign, with each man competing for their chance to start for the national team. It can be said that Okafor clearly won the battle- Muhumuza ended up retiring from the national team and joining the Whitetail Rangers in the Equestrian States, while Nega Bazin ended up joining the Chenoworth Rovers in the Nepharim First Division, where a loss on the final day saw them miss out on promotion to the Nepharim Premiership.

This time around, Okafor goes into the World Cup Finals with a different competitor behind him- Assefa Yitebarke. While you'd assume Okafor would have a grip on this spot, he is not written on the team sheet in pen. Yitebarke had an excellent pair of seasons in the Banijan Soccer League. While Okafor plied his trade for the Lorentine Lions, they got relegated from the Chromatik Premier League- and Okafor did not have the greatest season over there. Going forward, he will play for Avenida Neal in Farfadillis, a much stronger, more globally competitive league. He is still in his prime, and will forever hold the record of being Banija's first ever goalscorer at a World Cup Finals. We'll see if he can carry his form to the AOCAF, as Banija looks to match their quarterfinal run in the last edition of this tournament.

3. LW Gitonga Kahara

He is the true budding superstar of the Kadongo Kamu, and has long been hailed as the savior of the sport in this country. That tells you everything you need to know about the Boy Wonder's meteoric rise through Banijan soccer. He has been given lots of nicknames- the Boy Wonder, Banija's Football Savior, the Deliverer, etc... And he has never played a professional game on Banijan soil. When he was just 16 years old, he moved to Project Olimpo in Kita-Hinode, and starred in their youth league, one of the world's best. Project Olimpo won a league title, and Gitonga Kahara was the star of the team, winning the Golden Boot that season. He then, of course, went to the U21 World Cup as the player everybody had their eyes on- was he the real deal?

The answer was an emphatic yes. Gitonga Kahara, and the team in general, simply could not stop scoring in Valanora. He scored a stunning 10 goals at the Di Bradini Cup- taking the tournament by storm, and being not only the best player on the pitch for the Banijans, but arguably the best player on the pitch at the tournament in general. His value, and name, exploded on the international scene. Randolf Cherry, much to the chagrin of Project Olimpo officials, was pushing him to leave before the window- see what he'd do in a top-flight league, while his value was high with the memory of the Di Bradini Cup fresh. Of course, during the window, he'd be able to probably get a better deal. But the fact of the matter was this- a move was better for his immediate career prospects, even if it was a serious question mark for his long-term career prospects.

He went to Polaris, in the Terranean League East. He helped lead his team earn the Pablito Numede Trophy, and, with a third place finish, finish with a berth in the Champions Cup. He looks likely to be a star in that league for a long, long time to come. Here's the question- can he replicate his form for the national team? He has answered the bell so far, excelling at every point in his career, from Project Olimpo, to the Vijana Kadongo Kamu, to Polaris. He scored key goals in Banija's World Cup Qualification campaign, including in their two-legged playoff, and scored again on the sport's grandest stage- the World Cup Finals.

All eyes are on him, of course, and as the team begins to improve alongside him, he will hope that his own first appearance in the AOCAF can help the national team reach the heights they were at the last time this tournament came around- straight into the quarterfinals.
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Reigning champions of the Di Bradini Cup and present bronze medalists of the World Cup. Vice President of the World Cup Committee.
Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports
NSCF 14 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 17 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 19 CHAMPIONS(Northern Moravica)
Sporting World Cup 8. World Baseball Classic 47. Di Bradini Cup 47. National Trophy Cabinet.
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Postby Starblaydia » Tue Jul 03, 2018 12:01 pm

Starblaydi RP Permissions Box wrote:OOC Information:

The Starblaydia national football team will tell you more about the team, their style, culture, fans, and history than I can ever write in a simple roster post. Thanks.

I Give My Opponent Permission
(and actively encourage them) To:
Choose My Scorers
GodMod Any Goalscoring Events
Red & Yellow Card Players (Within reason, they're not remotely a dirty side)
GodMod Other Events for Humorous Intent

1) Starblaydia are going more gung ho than usual, with a +3.5 style modifier.
2) The best starting eleven are numbered 1-11 and are in bold
3) I actively encourage that if you RP first you pick my scorers (if any).
4) * Denotes female player, denotes elf player, ^ denotes dwarf player.
5) Before each match, in between national anthems and kick-off, the entire 23-man squad will perform the Raiigar, Starblaydia's traditional war-dance (Similar to a New Zealand Haka).


Starblaydia's AOCAF 56 Squad
Everyone else got to play in EQS in the last
World Cup, now we get a chance too!

Five-time World, six-time Regional, two-time Under-21 and one-time Olympic Men's Football Champions Starblaydia are will line up for their 56th World Cup (15-34, 38-56 and 61-Present) and will be savoring every single moment they can as they co-host the World Cup for the third time and the first in several long generations. Their recent verve and the singular, forward-looking mission statement from the Starblaydi Football Association - #wewantsix - Starblaydia's have broken well into the top 30 in the world - their next stated aim being a Quarter-Final appearance as they try and progress to a record sixth world championship. Assuming Valanora or The Holy Empire don't get there first...

Starblaydi All-time Cap Winners:
1. Ázëwyn Fëanáro*, 270
2. Dacil Taniquentar, 263
3. Daeron Avathar, 252
4. Valrauncion, 242
5. Soronúmë, 233
6. Carnophin Narquelie, 127
7. Brazadar Khurnos^, 126
8. Minheled Earisil, 122
9. Lucas Cable, 108
10. Sergio Di Bradini, 107

Starblaydi All-time Scorers:
1. Valrauncion, 116
2. Ázëwyn Fëanáro*, 71
3. Lena Kochanska*, 61
4. Jacqueline Maitland*, 59
5. Lubii*, 55
6. Soronúmë, 55
7. Dasha Tolkacheva*, 52
8. Nicole Maitland-Banks*, 47
9. Johan Keifner, 47
10= Simeone Di Bradini, 44
10= Zhorin Tumunzahar^, 44
10= Diamontii Di Bradini*, 44

Demonym: Starblaydi

Key Personnel:
Ázëwyn Fëanáro, Starblaydia's Elven
Manager and record appearance maker,
leads Starblaydia in their quest
for international glory.

Ella Kabeya, Starblaydia's leading
striker and primary goal-scoring threat
in perhaps her last tournament?

Most likely to (in order):
Score goals:
Kabeya, Rayyen, Soronúmë,
Di Bradini
Take a penalty:
Kabeya, Soronúmë
Score a free kick:
Di Bradini, Nauglamír
Defend well:
Ryku, Dashwood, Avathar
Create a moment of magic:
Nauglamír, Di Bradini, Soronúmë
Change the game as a sub:
Jiménez, Fujiyama,
Capodonna (defensively)
Receive a card:
Ortega, Soronúmë, Anderson

AF. Ázëwyn Fëanáro*, Manager, 4,052
270 Caps, 71 Goals (Uncapped at Under-21 level)
Fëanáro scored the winner in the 47th Final against Valanora, denying them a title on their own turf and lifting Starblaydia to the mantle of all-time greatest team. Known for her excellent attacking play, range of passing and great eye for goal that lifts her to second in the all-time goalscorers list too, by virtue of a nearly 1-in-4 ratio, Ázëwyn Fëanáro is a symbol of grace, power and beauty from Starblaydia's golden age, some hundred and twenty-five years ago when the Cup was in its 40s. It is these qualities that the SFA managed to recapture with Fëanáro at the helm, bringing her trademark poise and piercing yell to the touchlines after more than a decade of national failures. She took her team to three consecutive World Cups after so long without the famous team in white, and she's aiming for her team to make it to a Quarter-Final for the first time since AOCAF 49.

JM. Jerzy Makuszewski, Assistant Manager, 62
83 Caps, 0 Goals (6 Caps, 0 Goals at Under-21 level)
Known as "Chef" by those who can pronounce his surname correctly, Makuszewski took up the mantle of "Best in the World" Lucas Cable to become Starblaydia's unassailable number one between the posts and wear the captain's armband. Always a fiery character, he can shift from jovial to furious in moments, and is Fëanáro's 'enforcer', barking out orders and remonstrating with players and officials with equal fervour.

1. Bjorn Järvinen, GK, 30 - Hippion Overdrive (Injured on MD1)
13 Caps, 0 Goals (4 caps, 0 goals at Under-21 level)
Järvinen has begun to make the #1 shirt is own after appearing in all of Starblaydia's World Cup 80 matches, even though he conceded nine goals in four games as Starblaydia scored 13 at the other end, finishing with a 2-1-1 record, going out on penalties to Farfadillis. He has plenty of challengers, though, the best two of which are in this very team, eyeing his spot.

12. Martin Bennet, GK, 26 - Paricone Athletic FC
Uncapped (1 cap, 0 goals at Under-21 level)
Bravery is the number one part of Bennet's game, standing tall and strong against even the most bestial of hulking strikers he faces, diving at the feet of the fastest of forwards as his wonky broken nose will attest to. The sheer size of the man often makes the goal look small, but Bennet is still learning his trade at international level, yet to make a senior appearance for his country.

19. Amari Ollarion*, GK, 22 - Corinthian Spirits
Uncapped (3 caps, 0 goals at Under-21 level)
She's the first female goalie to come along for consideration in a Starblaydi senior side, and Ollarion's performances at the recent 43rd Di Bradini Cup. were certainly decent enough to make the AOCAF Squad. Ollario has a good command of her area and is cool under pressure, though tends to punch more often than is necessary, but she's unlikely to see any playing time in this Cup except in the most dire of circumstances.

2. Santiago Ortega, CB, 27 - Hippion Overdrive
8 Caps, 0 Goals (4 caps, 0 goals at Under-21 level)
Ortega is unusual in Starblaydi football in that he's a master of the 'dark arts', he's a tall, looming figure and a skilled central defender, but his real strength lies in the ability to get away with all sorts of nonsense both on and off the ball. Starblaydi fans love to see his defensive highlight reel of sliding tackles, powerful block challenges and enormous defensive clearances, but his reel of professional fouls, exaggerated falls, elbows and whining to the referee - something very out of the national character for a Starblaydi player - is something most Starblaydi fans avoid. He's in the side to break up the opponent's attacking rhythm by any and all means necessary.

3. Daeron Avathar, C/LB, 8,896 - Telcontarë
252 Caps, 18 Goals (Uncapped)
Now the third-highest appearance maker in Starblaydi history, the tall, lean and languid Avathar starts in his favoured position on the left side of a back three. He still has a World Cup 44 Winner's medal in his trophy cabinet, of course, as one of the finest players in Starblaydi history. His longevity in the game, not just because of his essentially limitless lifespan, is because he genuinely loves playing football. He's refined his game more and more over the years, with excellent positioning and reading of the game in addition to long legs for a perfectly-timed tackle and the ability to bring the ball out of defence comfortably at his feet.

5. Syku Ryku, Captain, CB, 26 - Foxchester Raiders
30 Caps, 1 Goal (9 Caps, 1 Goal at Under-21 level)
Watching Syku Ryku play is like watching beige paint dry. So terribly, terribly dull. No mistakes, no rushes of blood to the head, no crazy backheels to outwit a striker, just solid, simple, defensive play from the tall and rangy centre-back. Although his thick Rejistanian accent, acquired from his parents, is continually and unintentionally hilarious in the myriad of interviews he has to do as Captain, there's no more a model professional on the pitch. Unless you're watching the robot leagues, in which he'd fit right in.

13. Frederico Esposito, LB, 28 - Iskara Daii
19 Caps, 1 Goal (4 caps, 0 goals at Under-21 level)
An attascking full-back who loves to come forward, his overlapping with Marcello Di Bradini down the left-hand side of the pitch at the Daii is legendary, but with the 3-5-2 formation there's no place for him in the back three or the midfield five. It's a pity for Esposito, a starter four years ago in the 4-3-3 played then, but the manager has to go with the best overall team, and Esposito's abilities will only gel when Di Bradini isn't on the left of the midfield five.

14. Tupu Alofa, CB, 25 - Cedrus Soundgardia
1 Cap, 0 Goals (5 caps, 0 goals at Under-21 level)
Sometimes, players can be summed up in a meme, and for Alofa the relevant text is "In awe at the size of this lad. Absolute Unit.". He's simply a tank, a running, jumping, heading, kicking, offside-trapping tank. He's just the kind of defender they like at Soundgardia, the rough and tumble, trying journeyman whos' all heart and little finesse. When you're this much of an all-round athlete, though, able to out-sprint or out-muscle most players while looking so incredibly photogenic, you're always worth putting in a squad, even if just for the shirt sales in Cedrus.

20. Sami Viipuri, CB, 21 - Hippion Overdrive
Uncapped (5 caps, 0 goals at Under-21 level)
A tall, strong central, left-footed central defender with an eye to getting up at corners, his positioning is the best part of his game, reading the play and snuffing out the passes before they get dangerous, as well as tracking back against the speedy forwards he may face.

4. Austin Dashwood, C/D/RM, 23 - Montepool Waves
1 Cap, 0 Goals (5 caps, 2 goals at Under-21 level)
Versatile, dependable and playing with a smile on his face, Dashwood goes about his task on the pitch with a dogged determination that sees him cover the ground, win the ball, break up the play and re-distribute it to those around him. He's creative, a hard worker, and links up well with those around him. His lack of experience at this level is likely his biggest weakness, as well as being not the biggest of players, but his enthusiasm is totally making up for it as he anchors the midfield alongside Anderson.

6. Will Anderson, C/DM, 26 - Hecia
3 Caps, 0 Goals (5 caps, 0 goals at Under-21 level)
Tall, and rangy, with a great ability to ping the ball around in midfield, Anderson was on the bench for the past World Cup matches in Starblaydia, but now has graduated to the Starting XI. He's one of those pure athletes and technical masters, so versed in the strategy of the modern game, just without the experience that you'd expect for an international midfielder in his mid-twenties. A good run in the AOCAF Cup should fix that, however.

7. Marcello Di Bradini, L/CM, 28 - Iskara Daii
32 Caps, 10 Goals (4 caps, 2 goals at Under-21 level)
The Di Bradini name is famous around the world and with it comes fan and media attention like few other surnames. What it also brings is a level of pressure quite unlike any other set of letters you can put in the back of the shirt. There have been several great members of the Di Bradini clan from the original Simeone and his younger brother Roberto, to the World Cup winning Diamantii, all the way through to the playmaking talent of Sergio at the 63rd World Cup Final. Marcello is, mostly due to the performances of his team, not quite able to be spoken of in the same breath, but he's damn close. With Starblaydia having returned from the doldrums due to Fëanáro's leadership, Marcello Di Bradini has been as important as any player in Starblaydia's return to the top 16 in both the world and the world's strongest region. He's an all-round excellent player, but it's his playmaking, distribution and set piece taking that really sets him apart from his peers.

8. Hanar Nauglamír^, AM, 35 - Karak Ungor Chiefs
40 Caps, 11 Goals (Uncapped at Under-21 level)
Nauglamír plays in the classic Trequartista or "False Nine" mold to pull the strings of the attack, play through-balls to the strikers and wide midfielders, as well as unleash a vicious shot when he gets the opportunity. Often he takes his place at the front of the traditional Starblaydia 4-4-2 Diamond to run the park like it was his own front lawn, but was left out of the starting lineup in the 80th World Cup. Nauglamír has an excellent footballing an can always play that one key, patient pass to unlock an entire defence, hence his position at the thrust of the attack with the speed of Soronúmë and the all-round talent of Di Bradini alongside him.

15. Viola Capodanno*, L/DM, 18 - Tabeck Cefn Druids
Uncapped (5 caps, 0 goals at Under-21 level)
She's been the young rock in the heart of the Starblaydi midfield for the Under-21s, a box to box player who's rather good at breaking up attacks. With a little more development she could really become an international-class player, and this current Starblaydi midfield gives her every opportunity to develop into just the type of player that Ázëwyn Fëanáro herself would have longed to play alongside.

16. Yujiro Fujiyama, AM, 24- Hallad Reavers
1 Cap, 0 Goals (5 caps, 3 goals at Under-21 level)
Short in stature but unusually strong, Fujiyama is a late-arriving box player with a fierce shot and a reputation for not being able to tackle particularly well. Of course, he can tackle well, he just doesn't want to most of the time, because flattening opposition players and showing off on social media is much more fun.

17. Sterling Renshaw, LW/RW, 25 - Tabeck Cefn Druids
4 Caps, 1 Goal (4 caps, 1 goal at Under-21 level)
A two footed pure winger, who's only goal in life appears to be to get down the touchline, get to the goalline, and whip in a dangerous cross for his strikers to knock in the net. Sometimes he'll even cut back to beat the same opponent again just for good measure, which may delight the fans but is horror for his coaches. If he can focus, he can become a great player.

21. Julio Caballero, RM, 30 - Iskara Daii
11 Caps, 1 Goal (4 caps, 0 goal at Under-21 level)
Modern Starblaydi midfielders all seem to be tall, rangy and with a great ability to ping the ball between each other, and Caballero is no exception. He's better on the right than in the centre, but is no flying winger or inside channel specialist: Caballero is a solid, dependable athlete who knows how to kick a football about in the right manner on a world stage.

22. Kota Sato, L/AM, 21 - Montepool Waves
Uncapped (5 caps, 0 goals at Under-21 level)
Kota Sato is an exciting, upcoming midfield star, notable for racing away down the wing at Montepool, hurdling challenges as he goes. Against aging or slow defences, don't be surprised if this young man is unleashed upon an unsuspecting side in the final twenty minutes.

9. Ella Kabeya*, SC, 33 - Phraen Palace
63 Caps, 33 Goals (Uncapped at Under-21 level)
She's scored more goals for Starblaydia than anyone in the last sixty years, and you have to go all the way back to Vincenzo Natrionne with 36 in 91 games, and the legendary World Cup 63 finalist Lena Kochanska with 61 goals in her 104 appearances to find anyone with a better tally. Though she's slowing down ever so slightly with age, her goalscoring instincts remain unmatched up front for Starblaydia.

10. Mezna Rayyen*, SC/LW, 25 - Vecchio Victors
20 Caps, 7 Goals (8 caps, 3 goals at Under-21 level)
Whether as a striker or a winger, Rayyen's talents are her speed and an eye for goal, but she needs to improve her shooting accuracy just a little more to be really considered a great striker. Still only twenty-five, though, there's plenty of time for her to really rack up the goals when she gets to be the spearhead of a system that really plays to her strengths. With Nauglamír and Di Bradini playing her the ball, and Soronúmë overlapping on the opposite wing, this may just be her chance.

11. Soronúmë, SC/RW, 8,730 - Telcontarë
233 Caps, 55 Goals (Uncapped at Under-21 level)
Very, very fast, Soronúmë is a supreme right-footed winger and deadly striker, as winner's medals from World Cups 44 and 47 will attest to. He prefers to sprint down the touchline with defenders trailing in his wake, pulling out the perfect cross or at top speed or rifling a shot towards the top corner. His mercurial style makes him able to change any game in a moment, assuming he's feeling like it that day. For this tournament, he has his favourite position on the right of a front three, and enough players to cover him as he roams upfield.

18. Ángel Nicolás Jiménez, SC, 26 - Paricone Athletic FC
4 Caps, 1 Goal (5 caps, 4 goals at Under-21 level)
A fantastic Under-21 return seems to have gone slightly awry for AJ, but without Qualifying for World Cup 80, he just hasn't had the chances to appear since the last AOCAF Cup, with every game mattering so much. He's first on the list this time, however, if Starblaydia need to amend their striking options, and he's a fast, agile little player who's so good in the air, it almost feels like he can hover as he waits to head the ball in.

23. Aaron Cole, SC, 22 - Corinthian Spirits
1 Cap, 0 Goals (7 caps, 2 goals at Under-21 level)
Cole the bruiser, the playmaker, the string-puller in what every other nation might call the archetypal 'Number 10' position. In Starblaydi naming conventions, however, the number 10 is often the out-and-out goal hanger, with the number 9 hanging back either as the playmaker or huge target man. Cole is a player of the likes Starblaydia has not seen in a long while, a lethal forward and devilish assist-provider, playing with a maturity far beyond the years of a standard twenty-two year old.

Formation (3-5-2 Attacking, +3.5 Modifier)


Home And Away Kits
Kits created by:
ediraf once again has innovated beyond all competitors with the Generation Five series of football kits.

Generation Five brings it all back to the beginning with Starblaydia's iconic, traditional and ubiquitous all-white Home kit, and the all-purple Away kit, both with five gold stars - representing their record-setting five World Championships - above the Starblaydi Football Association logo.
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Postby Semarland » Tue Jul 03, 2018 3:20 pm

Sadness was an understatement.

Every morning Kwame Nelson would wake up at 05:30AM, shower, get changed, walk down the stairs of his flat. Down all 17 floors. Walk out of the double-doored entrance, take a right onto Eiriksberg Lane, a few hundred yards until he reached Sorensen Park East railway station. Get on the train, 17 minutes precisely until he reached Haxbridge. Get off there, then run the mile or so to one of the many community centres scattered around Jansberg city centre. His run would take him past all the grassroots fields he played on when he was a young boy. Fond memories flooded back as he remembers playing until the sunset at the playing fields by the railway tracks. As soon as the last high-speed train passed he knew it was time to get back home. But now? They were empty. Almost as empty as Kwame's mind, the only thought left being what could he do? What could HE do to help these children focus on their football? Some laughed at him. What was the point? Even if he wasn't playing he was still getting paid, why waste time when football may never come back?

And they were were always the first to complain when things never went Semarland's way on the international stage.

He remembered when he was young, and Semarland were eliminated from the first knockout stage of the Baptism of Fire. He confidently told everyone that the country would make the World Cup finals themselves some day, and they laughed at him. But when his hero, Marc Lygaard, led the country past Buyan in the playoffs, they weren't laughing at him now.

Things just were never the same during "the gap". Kwame felt a tinge of sadness as he reminisced on the better days. What could have been if this never happened. Where would Semarland be? Perhaps they'd finally advance past the group stages of a World Cup. So many players never got to share their true potential with the multiverse. Not just Kwame, but the Claro-Hunts, Dequane, Tre, Tunji, Amani, Marc...even the younger players like Yohannes, Eric. They'd all been let down on a huge scale. Every day nearly everyone hoped that they'd get the chance, but six years passed and there was nothing. Still the same routine for Kwame. He watched players move to various SHN destinations, where they were permitted to play. Not him though. He stayed in Jansberg. When he was younger he wanted to play in somewhere like Osarius, or Polar Islandstates. He used to enjoy logging onto his NationStates account to check the news. He felt sad as for their own reasons, those countries seemed to disappear.

He enjoyed keeping up with the other nations though. He was pleased when Schottia won the World Cup. Brenecia, too. He enjoyed following these emerging nations too, and wondered if he'd ever get to face them. To them, probably, they'd be new opposition. Who'd heard of Semarland? They were just another forgotten nation, remembered for the influx of players that went abroad in search of a new career. Just another forgotten nation who'd make the World Cup group stage then crash out. They weren't really ever anyone important.

But they could've been.

Kwame released the anger inside him one day, lashing out against one of the gates on the astroturf. He turned around to see the kids he coached, staring in shock. And from then on, he was determined to do this for them as well.

For a while, he saw rumours on NationStates that Semarland would re-enter the international scene, but he hadn't heard a thing. One day he got a text from Ezekiel Fibonacci, his old FC Jansberg manager who left the country as soon as things went pear-shaped. All it said was "Well done, can't wait to see you back soon!". Kwame was puzzled, and shrugged it off as a "wrong person" type of thing, but the next day he got a phone call from Marc Strand. "Come to the training ground for 8AM tomorrow!" he yelled down the phone, before hanging up. Kwame got there early, having left his younger brother to oversee this morning's training.

Football was back, that's for sure. It seemed like Mads Olsen would take charge for this season, and Kwame had no qualms with that. He knew very well the first season back would be shakey. Everyone was a free agent, really, so the SFA announced that teams had up until the day before the season started to sign players. A few players returned, some switched from other clubs, but those who hadn't gone abroad, back to their own country or retired remained at Jansberg. It was Kwame's priority to ensure those kids he coached got places at professional clubs. The academies had essentially shut down so those new players were essentially being sourced from grassroots. He was pleased. Some went to FC Jansberg, others Jansberg Laguna, others Sorensen Park Rangers or others smaller clubs around the city. He'd made a start, at least.

But that first season felt felt empty. Kwame finished top scorer, no real surprise. But there was no title to show for it. He wanted a challenge. He always thought he'd be a one-club man like his hero Marc Lygaard, but he wanted a challenege. He wanted to go abroad. But who'd take him? Sure, most of the multiverse knew about Kwame Nelson, but playing in a league that's just come back from a six-year hiatus isn't entirely special. When he submitted his transfer request to Olsen, the manager just shrugged. His girlfriend Kiera and his young daughter seemed supportive, and with that he was ready to go abroad. The national team was back up and running and the new manager Kadell Stevens, who Kwame admired, gave him his full reassurance that if he or any other player moved elsewhere they'd be considered as usual.

But Kwame could only focus on this AOCAF that was coming around. He was excited to go to the Equestrian States. As he packed his stuff, grabbed his passport and set off for the national team base there was only one thought on his mind.

Time to make his mark. For him, for the country, and for those who couldn't make it.
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Postby Oontaz Dert Li Ng » Tue Jul 03, 2018 11:47 pm


This is the sixth time that Oontaz Dert Li Ng will be participating in the AOCAF. Oontaz got through undefeated in the group stage of the Baptism of Fire 61 but was knocked out in the round of 16 by Arioslavia. The nation is a mix of Muslims and Catholics, with the Mohammedans concentrated in the northern part of the country and the Christians living mostly in the southern islands. Despite a turbulent early history which saw both religious groups fighting constant wars and rebellions, by the time Abanhfleft came and "occupied" the nation in 1921, a general "peace" had settled between the two groups, and today both are content to consider each other as Oontazniks. Despite being a sultanate, the freedom of religion is valued by the nation, although it would be good advice to say that while the Catholics and Christians might be welcoming, even accommodating, to foreigners of strange new religions, the Muslims might not be so welcoming.

Name of nation: Sultanate of Oontaz Dert Li Ng
Demonym: Oontaznik
Nickname: Lions of Sand and Sea
Team colors: Green and white
Style modifier: -2.0 (Defensive this time around)
Formation: 4-2-3-1
Head coach: Juan Dominador "Ador" Macaspac (41 y/o, Oontaz Dert Li Ng)

GK: Karim ANSARIFARID 35 y/o, Pasargad Manitogoro Image, captain
In the old days, Karim Ansarifarid was Mr. Oontaz. These were the days when Karim was the first choice keeper of Riuwiee United and Georges Leblanc. And then Karim was surprisingly sold back to his old Oontaznik club Pasargad Manitogoro and while Karim's goalkeeping skills didn't diminish, going back to his homeland seemed to have made Emir Usamah (the old manager of the team) forget all about Karim and his contributions to the Oontaznik national team during their historic run to the Coalition Cup (an informal tournament held between the national teams of Abanhfleft, Pridnestrovia, Oontaz, and Copper Cuprum). Following Oontaz's (unsurprising) exit in the Round of 16 of AOCAF 52 to Osarius, Ador Macaspac remembered that Karim still exists and called him back up to the squad.

RB: Marcus Oliver "Marco" PORTENCIO 25 y/o, Electric Yugal Image (Abanhfleft)
Marco Portencio is one of the new faces on the Oontaznik national football team following the sacking of Emir Usamah and the elevation of Ador Macaspac from star striker to new team manager. Marco is a quality right back who is already showing flashes of world-class brilliance, kind of like a cheap Oontaznik version of Hector Bellerin. He has pace in buckets, and he is also good for scoring a goal or two per season.

RCB: Jericson SARIMANOK 26 y/o, Gryphons Nubalochi Image
Sturdy defensive minded player who can play anywhere across the defensive line. He used to be stuck on the Oontaznik bench when Emir Usamah was still the coach because of clan rivalries between the Emir's clan and Jeric's, and then when Ador Macaspac took over the team, Makhdoum Macaraig resurrected his defensive career to become another mainstay in the starting eleven, but with Makhdoum finally retiring from international duties after AOCAF LV, Jeric finally gets elevated to the starting eleven.

LCB: Honesto CAMPANILLA 29 y/o, Gryphons Nubalochi Image
Sometimes it is lamentable that in a competition where experience and leadership would be most valuable in a back line, all that could be scraped up was a single slow defender who somehow made it big in Abanhfleft's top flight, and a bunch of young talent that could make it or break it at any day. Campanilla, or Estong as he likes to be called, has slightly more potential than the other defenders in the team, and he also has a slightly higher chance of being an actually good player than the others. Sure, he slide-tackles at every opportunity, and it is easy for an experienced forward or even midfielder to get him booked, but Estong only has to learn to not swing himself around like a mace and he could make it big like his big partner in the center, Makhdoum Macaraig.

LB: Martin OPULENCIA 26 y/o, Real Mikkaleth Image (Abanhfleft)
Another new face from Ador Macaspac's new look Oontaznik team. Martin is a resolute left back who doesn't shrink away from making any challenges, even against players normally acknowledged as "untouchable" by other teams' defenses. He is content to remain at the back, defending his goal when needed, but sometimes he might be commanded to come up for an attack, and he doesn't shrink away from scoring a goal or two per season either.

DM: Timothy SAN MARCELINO 30 y/o, General Santos FC Image
Of course it wouldn't be a real Oontaznik football team if a Santos player wasn't there. And in this part of the team, it looks as if Emir Usamah has finally assembled a team capable of making it through the World Cup qualifiers with at least a few draws and maybe a win or two. SanMar, as he's called by Oontaz fans, is, as his position states, a defensive midfielder, meaning that his main purpose is to break up any attacks attempted by the opponents before they reach the pitiful defense and the sadly shocking goalkeeper. It's a job that he does well enough that he's earned a starting spot in the most prestigious team in Oontaz Dert Li Ng.

CM: ABU NAYEF Ismailuddin 30 y/o, Pasargad Manitogoro Image
No one really thought much of Abu Nayef's inclusion to the national team since he was one of those players who was good enough in the league to get a spot in the national team, but not good enough to get a starting spot. But he's starting to earn a spot in Emir Usamah's team sheet, since he's turned out to be one of the surprise players of Oontaz's World Cup qualifying campaign. By now, he's a shoo-in for a spot on the bench, and if the going gets tough, he can handle a starting spot.
IMPORTANT: This player should be always referred to as Abu Nayef since Ismailuddin is a patronym.

RM: Haider ZULFIKAR 32 y/o, Riuwiee United Image (Abanhfleft)
Sometimes it can be such a shame when a good and promising player like Zulfikar ends up rotting on the bench, being unable to help his team even though he knows that he just might be the final piece of the puzzle that rescues a league campaign gone horribly wrong. Zulfikar was a member of the infamous Riuwiee United team that blew an eight-point lead at the summit of the Fleftic Premier League and turned it into an insurmountable five-point gap between first and third, where the Blue Tribesmen ended up to allow their rivals Arsenal de Releinthi to claim the title. Now, with the likes of Shinji Ikeda and Hamengkubuwono sold off or relegated to the bench, Zulfikar now has to show that he could be the change that Riuwiee and Oontaz Dert Li Ng needs.

CAM: Karimabdul DIMAINTINDIHAN 31 y/o, Thereisnogodistan FC Image (playing in the Fleftic Premier League)
Karimabdul became a rising star within both Abanhfleft and Oontaz when he scored a number of brilliant goals for Thereisnogodistan in the now-defunct Multiverse Premier League. His stock only rose up even further with his contributions to helping Thereisnogodistan get promoted to the Fleftic Premier League. He is the playmaking kind of attacking midfielder, setting up his teammates in scoring positions and holding up the ball if necessary. If he has a weakness, though, it's that sometimes he waits until he's crowded by the defense before making a pass. He's also making his first appearance for the national team since Magomedun Mangudadatu broke his leg in three places in an undislosed accident outside of the pitch.

LM: ZULFIQLI bin Alisher 29 y/o, Union Rheinburg Image (Pridnestrovia)
Sometimes, there comes a time that a team becomes so full of talent in the midfield that someone has to be dropped for the sake of the other players. Zulfiqli was... someone who had this happen to him. Everyone knows of Godric Wexler's reputation for finding and producing world class players from relative unknowns. He had done much the same with Zulfiqli, but unfortunately for the Oontaznik, his quality only appeared when Wexler had finally fixed his problems in his midfield. He knew that Zulfiqli would need starting minutes if he was to keep his spot in the starting eleven of the Oontaz national team, and that's why he was loaned to Pridnestrovia's Union Rheinburg. And now Zulfiqli's a vital component to the Eisern Union's surprise title challenge in the Pridnestrovian Super League.
IMPORTANT: This player should always be referred to as Zulfiqli since bin Alisher is a patronym.

FW: Eduardo ESTEVEZ 29 y/o, FK Torpedo Telgrad Image (Arioslavia)
Eduardo is a decent striker for his age, and there's definitely room for him to grow and take up Ador Macaspac's mantle when Oontaz Dert Li Ng's star striker finally decides to hang up his boots. But it looks like this won't be the case, as Teofisto Abcede surprised everyone else and took over Estevez's spot as Macaspac's backup striker option. Still, there's no denying that Eduardo can become one of Oontaz's best strikers after the age of Dominador Macaspac draws to a close, but it's up to him to realize that potential. Santos FC sold him to Arioslavia's FK Torpedo Telgrad in exchange for Alexey Bulganin. Now starting in place of the retired Ador Macaspac, who has become the new team manager after Emir Usamah was sacked.

GK: Septimio BARRANQUILLANO 33 y/o, Botafogo de Maranao Image, alternate captain
Maranao is renowned in Oontaz as being one of the best football academies, if not the best, in the country. It also has a reputation of producing good goalkeepers from its ranks. Unfortunately, Septimio is not one of those good keepers. Sure, he's decent, and can pull off a save that could be considered world-class, but for all intents and purposes, if he really was one of the good keepers, he would not be playing in Oontaz anymore, especially not for a mid-table side like Botafogo.

GK: Usamah ROBERTS-INGLES 25 y/o, Botafogo de Maranao Image
At least Botafogo's goalkeeper academy produced another good one. Unfortunately for him, he's both too young to be the national team's starting keeper, and he's also the son of a marriage between an Oontaznik and a foreigner, so discrimination is coming into play in here. But not by much, because he's so good and the other keepers are so... crap that Emir Usamah had no choice but to call him up even though both of them know that goalie Usamah won't get to play while Emir Usamah's the manager.

DEF: Alimuddin DIMAGIBA 36 y/o, Deportivo Mangudadatu Image
Alimuddin is probably the only reason why Deportivo Mangudadatu is still in the National League even though the team is basically relegation material. He's the only player on that team who looks like he still gives a f--- if the team wins or loses. All of the other players around him is his club look like they don't even care anymore, and it's a wonder why he hasn't asked to be transferred to another team. Maybe because he knows that only Mangudadatu's rivals, Racing Al-Ampatuan, would be willing to buy him for the inflated price that he knows that Deportivo will attach to him. If he has any fault in him, it's that he's too loyal to something and would not, could not let go even given time.

DEF: Zenofilo BATOBALANI 30 y/o, Racing Al-Ampatuan Image
It's not a real Oontaznik national football team if there isn't any player from Racing Al-Ampatuan in the roster, and Batobalani fits that role nicely. Al-Ampatuan used to be one of the biggest teams in Oontaz, constantly competing with Santos and Botafogo for titles and cups, but lately they've been on a bit of a decline, and now they're considered relegation fodder just like their traditional rivals, Deportivo Mangudadatu. Batobalani once had a future of being one of the greatest Oontaznik defenders of all time, and not just the present time but of all time. But instead of moving on to more prestigious teams and letting his talent get noticed, he decided to stick it out with the constant relegation scraps between Mangudadatu and Al-Ampatuan. Perhaps it would be prudent not to mention the loaded contract that he was given by the team owners, who have been accused of masterminding one of the greatest massacres in recent history, and also one of the biggest benefactors of the nation's endemic corruption culture...

DEF: Albert James DIMACATARUNGAN 32 y/o, Gryphons Nubalochi Image
Dimacatarungan's surname means "unfair" in the Mayin language, but this time, there's nothing unfair about his being on the bench. Dimacatarungan shouldn't even be anywhere near the Oontaz national team, but since he's a member of Clan Dimacatarungan, he gets a spot in the final roster. At least Emir Usamah isn't stupid enough to choose him over Estong Campanilla who, as said before, has, at least, a definite chance of becoming an actual quality player instead of Dimacatarungan, who is just plain shit. Strange to see him still in the team now that Emir Usamah is gone...

DEF: Noah CALANOY 30 y/o, Malabon SC Image (Abanhfleft)
Malabon may not have had the best of seasons in the FPL but Noah Calanoy stepped up and became one of the few bright spots in the Magpies' season as he stepped up to replace the likes of Redwood Simpson and Setrak Abrahamyan in an effort to plug Malabon's defensive leaks. It may not have worked out in the end for Malabon but Calanoy showed enough quality in defense to warrant his first ever international call-up for the Oontaznik national team.

MID: Ronson "Ronnie" RAMIREZ 28 y/o, Revanigruud Riversharks Image (Cosumar)
Georges Leblanc spent 5 million new penenks to get Ramirez from Real Altamarino to the May 26 Memorial, but it seems a little bit too soon to say if he's had any impact in the Blue Tribesmen, and Leblanc has seen it fit to loan Ramirez out to Real Mikkaleth, who will be making to make yet another promotion push next season. Ronnie is more of a winger than a proper midfielder, but since Oontazniks never really believed in investing in proper wingers, Ronnie can fill in for that central midfield role, but not as well as when he's deployed as a real winger. Still, at least he's got a chance of breaking through and becoming a good and decent player, unlike the majority of the rest of his teammates.

MID: Macario "Mac-Mac" CORTES 29 y/o, Easthaven Centurion Image (Super-Llamaland)
Yet another promising Oontaznik youngster lured away from his home by the prestige and glamour of the Fleftic Premier League. The good thing is that Emir Usamah is setting up the team for the future, meaning that he's getting the most promising young Oontaznik players and getting them playing time with the senior team, which he knows will eventually be replaced by the youngsters once the veteran players grow old and retire. At least his reasons for being on the bench are much more justified than the others: he's still a little bit too young to be playing in the first team, and Magomedun Mangudadatu is still the best in the game in his position as CAM, which is also Mac-Mac's favored playing position. At least he gets to learn from one of the best.

MID: Josef "Joey Boy" MACALACAN 32 y/o, Union Rheinburg Image (Pridnestrovia)
Joey Boy is the classic box-to-box midfielder, balancing offensive and defensive duties and covering as much of the pitch as possible. Unfortunately, he has a tendency to focus on one specific duty for too long, and by the duty he could mentally shift himself from being an attacking player to a defensive player or vice versa, it's often too late, and the defense had been overrun by a competent opponent.

FW: Felix NAVIDAD 25 y/o, RCD Baler Image
Out of the surprise team of the season is the Young Player of the Season of the 2023-24 Oontaznik First Division. Felix is all about pace, pace, and more pace. He also makes use of his ability to turn on a dime to roam all over the pitch and distract defenders. Yes, this does mean that he doesn't score a lot of goals himself for a forward player but does it count when it's his ability to pull defenders away that results in his teammates scoring anyway?

FW: MARCRIS Mas 25 y/o, Sportif Ab Gon Image (Copper Cuprum)
Now here is a player whom no one was expecting to be anywhere near a football team, let alone the Oontaznik national team. Marcris was born Maricris Mas, a woman, and had actually participated in the women's teams of Vigan Athletic and then Botafogo de Maranao before undergoing sexual reassignment surgery and revealing himself as a transgender man just about two years ago. His uncertain status has forced him out of Oontaznik clubs but he has found a new home in Ab Gon in Copper Cuprum. His main assets are strength and hold-up play but he also has a beautiful flick that looks absolutely fine when it connects with another teammate. But when said flick ends up sending the ball straight to the opposition, it's a wasteful and needless tactic.

FW: Arthur SUPRATNO 21 y/o, Malabon SC Image (Abanhfleft)
Supratno is in very much the same situation as his FPL teammate Noah Calanoy. Supratno did his best to back up Kevin Kelvin in terms of scoring goals but in the end, Malabon still fell short of getting back into at least the Globe Cup places despite his twelve goals in all competitions. But Supratno is young, and some experience in an international tournament can't do him any harm whatsoever.

(replace Macaraig with Sarimanok and Godzilla with Estevez)

Official name: Sultan Abubakar International Stadium
Capacity: est. 70,000
Tenant: Pasargad Manitogoro FC

Official name: Emir Nawwaz bin Marwan ibn Baloch Stadium
Capacity: est. 42,000
Tenant: Gryphons Nubalochi FC

Official name: Estadio Honorario General Artemio Espinosa Villavicencio
Capacity: est. 32,000
Tenant: General Santos FC

Official name: Estadio Commemorativo Sargento Primero Leopoldo Mamintas
Capacity: est. 60,000
Tenant: FC Botafogo de Maranao

Win-loss record: 15-7-16 (penalty shootouts counted as draws)
To be edited...

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Postby Torisakia » Wed Jul 04, 2018 12:55 pm


Torisakia National Association Football Team

Nation Name: The Democracy of Torisakia
Demonym: Torisakians
Nickname: Ice Birds
Sponsers: Æ Insurance, ₯ Jewelry, №one Rentals, ʤntodexon Entertainment
Style Modifier: +2



Manager: Andy Sanders (Tokai Ice Birds)
Assistant Manager: Owen Reed (Fælles Cinluw)
Strength & Conditioning: Nathan Kiefer (ASFC Criminals)
Pack-mule(Equipment Manager): Ronny Barrett

C = Captain PE = Penalty taker L = Left corner taker R = Right corner taker LF = Long free-kick taker SF = Short free-kick taker

Position Number Name Age Club
GK #1 Mitch Issacson 24 East Island City F.C
ST #10 Johnny KelsoC 31 Fishmarket South Trojans
ST #12 Jordan KallianPE 22 Fishmarket North Troubodours
CF #19 Syarhey SweetcloudR 22 Alderney Institute of Technology
CF #5 Gratianus MoravecSF 29 Presidents City Senators
CM #3 Derek LovelLF 22 DeRaul University
CM #6 Faron James 24 Gollus F.C
LWB #15 Logan Brantley 28 Mushai Devil Rays
CB #25 Kanta SerafinL 26 Suffolk Phantoms
CB #20 Daniel Ehud 23 Beachport Seahawks
CB #30 Josh Mikita 26 FFT Biijuss
GK #0 Aaron Csorba 27 Bohan F.C Zealots
ST #11 Aristide Wallace 26 Berchem Linx
CM #18 Aelius Rona 26 East Lake Jethawks
CM #7 Oskar Carlson 21 Jennison University
CB #19 Ezekial Van Aggelen 23 Deyair F.C
CB #26 Anass Arrighetti 27 Varsity Heights Raptors
RWB #11 Brent Narciso 23 Laennalos United
RWB #20 Scott McRaske 25 Lozsia AC


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod Scoring Events: N
RP injuries to my players: Y, TG me first
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: N
Hand out Red cards to my players: N
Godmod Other Events: Y, TG me first
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95X AOCAF 56 Roster

Postby 95X » Wed Jul 04, 2018 10:42 pm

95X National Team Roster
Winners of AOCAF 22 and 47

In 95X, AOCAF 56 takes place in 95X Year 75, one year after World Cup 80.

Formation: 4-3-3

Style: +1
New coach, new lineup, new formation, new style modifier.

Key: D-Defender, F-Forward, K-Keeper, M-Midfielder, U-Utility

##   P Name                        M/F Age Club
4 D Samantha Fourfortyfour F 28 University City SC
16 LM Stacey Sunset F 31 Myrmidon (CEN)
17 CF Reynaldo Mallard M 26 Cactus SC
22 RM Darrius Columbine M 30 Samaj FC (COS)
23 RF Larry Lewis M 30
29 D Sophie Riverforest F 25 Twentytwo Cacti
35 K Lacy Onefiftythird F 30 X SC
41 D Chaya Concord-Fourteenth F 27 Pacific City SC
42 D Rhiannon Concord-Fourteenth F 27 Pacific City SC
50 LF Micah Morrison M 25 X SC
70 M Alix Ajax X 19 X SC

50 17 23
16 70 22
29 41 42 04

2 AM Carrie Camassia F 31 University City SC
7 LF Logan Roork M 34 SC Cascadia
9 D Houston Nineteenth M 27 Transit Authority SC
14 AM Alyssa Yorkton F 31 Transit Authority SC
15 D Alyssa Sixtwentyeighth F 28 Celtic Noviodunum (NGD)
21 M Megan Twoseventeenth F 28 Millennium City Eagles
25 K Jabari Robertson M 26 University City SC
28 K Krista Till F 30 Marionville (SCH)
40 F Alexa Crest F 26 University City SC
53 U Allison Fivethirty F 29 Spatula City Utensils
62 M Lynsey Borland F 27 Transit Authority SC
71 D Savannah Onethirtysix F 19 SC Cascadia
72 D Ebony Deerview F 19 SC Cascadia
Head Coach: Katelynn State, 43
State, former Twentytwo Cacti Forward and later senior administrator for what would become Cascade Island University, makes her National Team head coaching debut.

Rest of the Sideline staff exists; named as needed.

Most Surprising Change
Decision to replace Alyssa Yorkton in the starting lineup and move to a 4-3-3.

Other Changes
Chaya Concord-Fourteenth, Rhiannon Concord-Fourteenth, and Reynaldo Mallard are in the starting lineup. Alexa Crest and Jabari Robertson make NT debut.

One of the four (with the goalkeeper wearing a different uniform):
White with yellow and black diagonal stripes, "NINETYFIVE X" written out in black Impact Font.
Black with white and yellow diagonal stripes, "NINETYFIVE X" written out in yellow Impact Font.
Yellow with black and white diagonal stripes, "NINETYFIVE X" written out in black Impact Font.
Blue with yellow and black diagonal stripes, "NINETYFIVE X" written out in black Impact Font.

Cascade Dome (66,000), Cascadia, 95X
The home of X SC and Cascadia Seafox, and former home of SC Cascadia, the Cascade Dome is a fully enclosed world-class domed stadium with all the amenities one would expect from such a facility. Three levels of seating: premium, standard, and economy, offer something for anyone.

RP Permissions
RP goal scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP yellow cards: Y
RP red cards: Y
RP injuries: N
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod most other events: Y
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Postby Valliesta » Thu Jul 05, 2018 7:34 am

Valliesta National Team Roster

Manager - Refik Santana (62 yrs, Valliesta)

Starting XI

GK - Rémy St. Martin (25 yrs, Woodstown (NRP) ) #1

LB - Olivier Duchamps (29 yrs, Port Park City (VAL) ) #4

CB - Ferdinand Maureu (30 yrs, Real Rosa (STZ) ) #3

CB - Xavier Beaufort (24 yrs, Gunners (VAL) ) #2

RB - Vincent Perault (26 yrs, Navy (VAL) ) #6

CDM - Matt Morel (28 yrs, Charmcenter Hotspur (NRP) ) #8

LW - Leon Lamar (23 yrs, Port Park City (VAL) ) #11

RW - Louis De La Fontaine (24 yrs, Port Park City (VAL) ) #13

CAM - Aldric Colbert (28 yrs, FC Port Park (VAL) ) #7

ST - Antonine Levueq (26 yrs, Riverbay United (NRP) ) #10

ST - Alex Fournier (27 yrs, Heights Wanderers (NRP) ) #9

Valliesta is playing in a 4-1-2-1-2 formation.


The badge for all kits is the tree on our flag. Teal means the color on our flag.

Home - Like Portugal WC home. Lighter teal body, darker teal outside. Player number in center in green.

Away - White with teal and green coming from top (like 2018 England training kit, blue is green, red is teal. Player number on edge of teal in green.

GK kit - Orange with same template as home. Player number on center in green.

Other Stuff

Style mod +4

RP permissions: Just don't kill or seriously injure someone.
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Postby Sangti » Thu Jul 05, 2018 8:03 am

AOCAF Cup LVI Roster

Manager: Mister HOSWE - Currently performs double duty as an assistant at the Filindostan National Team, he also manages the Barangayans. Was known as a tenacious midfielder during his heyday and has represented The Royal Barangay at the World Cup and Campionato Esportiva. Was known as Josue Amio during his time as a human.

Assistant Manager: Miss BEA CAX - Represented TRB when they attempted to return to prominence at Campionato Esportiva 16. Was known as Beatrix Caccam, an energetic forward playing for Deportivo Nespa.

Playing Roster

Kit Number - Name - Position - Age - Birthplace/Renaissance Place

#1 - Eron Dave DAGUPION - Goalkeeper - 24 - Jaocom de Peligros
#13 - Abigail Krizia PENARANDA - Goalkeeper - 29 - Ciudad Sikatuna
#23 - Armand PAYAWAL - Goalkeeper - 21 - Jaocom de Peligros

#2 - Monica Jemilie MAGADIA - Right Back - 22 - Nepsa de las Islas
#3 - Vlademir Edmanlor CHIU - Left Back - 31 - Kongheipatsoy
#4 - Rose Abby LI LIAO - Center Back - 28 - Kongheipatsoy (C)
#5 - Kevin Thomas CRIBE - Center Back - 26 - Loende

#12 - Igor SORIAO - Left Back - 19 - Ciudad Sikatuna
#17 - Ferelyn Krizia SHARE - Center Back - 25 - Loende
#19 - Miquelle DIO - Right Back - 30 - Kongheipatsoy

#6 - Adriel Marilag CUI - Central Midfield - 26 - Kongheipatsoy
#7 - Noriel Edison TONIO - Right Midfield - 18 -Nepsa de las Islas
#8 - Reuel Davian PISALVO - Left Midfield - 28 -Jaocom de Peligros

#14 - Joyce Julia REGAL - Center-Right Midfield - 19 - Loende
#16 - Fredmar LIBROJO - Center Midfield - 25 - Jaocom de Peligros
#18 - Cyrine Kathryn BUGHAO - Left Midfield - 17 - Nepsa de las Islas
#22 - Glenson Red JOVILLE - Center Midfield - 21 - Loende

#9 - Emilio FAMADICO - Right Wing - 24 - Ciudad Sikatuna
#10 - Anthon Stanley ALDABA - Center Forward - 31 - Ciudad Sikatuna
#11 - Elmerei Jomyr PUSING - Left Wing - 25 - Kongheipatsoy

#15 - Edric HAWKINS - Center Forward - 28 - Loende
#20 - Josef QUI - Wing - 19 - Kongheipatsoy
#21 - Rezeile Angel JARA - Wing - 21 - Jaocom de Peligros

Team Info

After the radioactivity spurned most of the living Sangtians during their underground stay, the entire population was converted to robotic androids, with immortality brewing. However, there are still humans inhibiting the New Sangti Islands now residing in Atlantian Oceania. And a disastrous outing at the Cup Missers Cup convinced Hoswe to revamp his squad, with humans taking over the entire playing squad.



The kits were seen in an artifact site during their stay in the Underground. Proudly displaying the Libertad logo and the then-KPMB logo, New Sangti will hope they can make their own kits after this tournament.

RP Permissions
Anything besides killing the players and staff is permissible.
Style Mod: +2
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Postby South Toronto » Thu Jul 05, 2018 10:40 am


South Toronton Official Squad For The AOCAF Cup 56

Sol Taranatoin Oficals Skoonde Fuis Ola AOCAF Cuppyes Tirzerraga

After a disastrous CoH, which saw the Iscantan Mereadas Zeredadas crash out at the rock bottom of the group, with no points, this would really be Kelechi Kralacon's last chance to do something positive for South Toronto, or he will surely be sacked. It seemed that Tyrese Townsend, Jozy Dembele, Ni Ling Son and Kevin Yahaya were carrying the team, and captain Michal Bergman was nowhere to be seen. Lots of changes will have to be made to the squad in time for the next World Cup. South Toronto are currently unranked in the AOCAF but are a third pot side due to the KPB rankings that we have compared to the totally unranked teams. Let's see the squad...

Starting 11:

GK: Troi Esclaves (Age 19) In between the sticks is Troi Esclaves, who didn't get a single minute in the AOCAF. He overtook Asmeh Asamoah Ondoa as number 1 as he is more composed than Asmeh, who'd go punching the ball right back to a striker to tap it in, He is exceptional at handling and positioning, catching the hardest shots with ease and intimidating players with his presence. Even though he's not the tallest keeper, he makes up for it with his agility. However, Troi suffers from anxiety which makes him more critical of himself and sometimes doubts his abilities. Troi is also decent at penalties, which is helpful if it comes down to that situation.

RB: Jeremy St.Jose (Age 20) St.Jose is a versatile defender, being able to play all positions in defence, LM, LW, and CDM. Naturally, he is a quick and agile player but lacks the ability to cross the ball effectively. He is a good longshot taker and often has a crack at 45-55 yards. He too didn't feature in the CoH, and he'll be in the wing back role hopefully getting a few good crosses and maybe even a goal. w

CB: Bryan Penelope (Age 19) Bryan is very physical and uses his absurd amount of strength to retrieve the ball. At 6'5", Bryan towers above most opponents and is usually the first one in both boxes to appear for a cheeky header or to defend his team from further embarrassment... Bryan is often quite aggressive when pursuing the ball, giving away fouls in the worst positions possible which has led to many goals from set pieces. Bryan is working on controlling his anger through many therapy sessions and will be a force to reckon with in the future when he gets his anger under control. He and Kelechi are on bad terms after accidentally knocked him out with a slap...

CB: Jamal Seruku (Age 19) A product of the revamp of the footballing system, Jamal is always consistent tackling and passing, and is surprisingly the team's penalty taker. However, Jamal heading accuracy is disgraceful, and being 6'3", it's baffling as to why his heading is so poor. Perhaps an experience in his childhood scarred him and subsequently led to him being bad at heading. He also is the most aggressive player on the team, and every 4 games he receives 2 bookings (Stat recorded in the STEL). Like Bryan Penelope and Jovante Willock, Jamal takes therapy and anger-management classes to calm him down. He could play in CDM or even CM if he really wanted to because of his passing, which is always consistent and accurate.

LB: Jacky Han (Age 19) A very flexible and pacey wing-back, Jacky will put his body on the line to ensure his team does not concede a goal. His lightning speed reactions ensure he times his tackles to almost near perfection and a combination of pace and strength means he will catch up with the fastest of attackers and shrug them off the ball with ease. He is coincidentally Ni Ling Son's cousin, showing football ability does run in the family. However, his short passing is laughable, although he can take it on that right foot and launch it into those top corners. Jacky can also play CB, LWB, CDM, and RM, and has enough pace and decent crossing to potentially be an RW, although he'd need to work on his short passing to be able to play there. We have two gifted wing backs that can go on to become legends for our team, that is if they are dedicated and remain consistent.

CM: Paul Makanjoko (Age 19) One of the 4 66th BoF squad which reached the final, Paul has time and time again proved critics wrong with his composure and exceptional crossing Insane dribbling skills leave defenders slipping and sliding all over the place, and whips it into the box to assist a teammate. Paul is only 5'4" and often gets pushed around easily by attackers, so Kelechi converted him to a central midfielder to best suit his skills and weaknesses. At this rate, he can expect to become one of the best midfielders for South Toronto ever.

CM: Ni Ling Son(Age 22) Son of legendary player Yung Ki Son, Ni Ling has been under a lot of pressure by the media to emulate and surpass his father's success. Ni Ling Son is very close to surpassing his father at his age, although he has a long way to go. Ni Ling is the glue that holds the team together and is one of the most versatile players in South Toronto being able to play almost all positions apart from the goalkeeper, showing how balanced his skills are from defending to passing, to shooting and dribbling. He and Yahaya give Makanjoko more attacking freedom, and they cover the defence if any errors are made. He can dribble through an entire team as if they weren't there and is in the top 3 quickest players in the squad.

CM: Kevin Yahaya (Age 20) Kevin is good. At everything. He harnesses the power of Absollados, which allows you to alter gravity and the speed of all objects at will. Don't be surprised to see levitating balls and players, Kevin is responsible for this.

RW: Decepti Vardez Jr (Age 15) Coming in for the injured DeAndre Kiese Thelin, this teenager has a bright future ahead of him. His father, Aurelio Vardez, was a skilful striker with an amazing left foot, but his career was cut short due to injuries. He will be the youngest ever player to feature for any South Toronton national side ever. He is a very skilful player and is both footed, which will make him very dangerous on the wings as he can whip it into the box with an almost perfect aim towards Jozy Dembele, who will gladly head it home. Vardez can be seen sprinting and leaving defenders in the dust and can blast it into the goal. He is not even allowed to drive yet and has to be chaperoned by an adult everywhere, but he is already starting for South Toronto's national team. But, Vardez's inexperience will get the better of him, but can the teenager prove all his doubters wrong?

ST: Jozy Dembele(Captain) (Age 19) Proving his worth, Jozy has performed consistently at a high level. A phenomenal dribbler, he is calm on the ball and doesn't rush good opportunities. He is the complete forward, he is very pacey, can finish all day long, is a phenomenal dribbler and a good distributor of the ball. He steps up and scores important goals for the team, and always perseveres. Jozy is an actual leader, he always encourages his teammates and shows real leadership qualities.

LW: Tyrese Townsend (Age 18) Tyrese is a very skilful player and is a brilliant finisher with an almost trademark finesse shot into the bottom corner. Tyrese can play in all attacking positions, outpaces defenders to cut inside and either take that trademark finesse shot or drill it to another teammate in the box. His off the ball movements are incredible, and he always weaves his way into little pockets of space the defenders leave for him, allowing him to have a crack on goal or set up a teammate. That curve on that left foot is magical, so magical in fact sparkles fly out of his shoes whenever he does that trademark finesse shot.



LW: Artjorm Petrov (Age 19) Artjorm came up when he was scouted by the national team when he was playing for Under-20s club Crituras Azures. Axel himself came to the game to assemble a squad ahead of the CoH. Axel was impressed and asked Artjorm to come train with the national team. Being able to play RW and ST as well as LW shows he is a versatile attacking player and is efficient and effective when playing. Artjorm is what some people may say a 'showboat' and tricks defenders, making them look foolish and sending them to the hospital for broken ankles. Artjorm is a very comedic player and often dramatizes situations resulting in a straight red for him.

LB: Devante Marie Tiberius (Age 18) He was the son of the former leader of South Toronto Tiberius Prombase before he was executed in a military coup. Devante is the best long passer and shooter on the team, being able to lob the ball from one end of the pitch to the other. He also takes the longer freekicks from 35-40 yards, and occasionally the shorter ones. He is very fast for an LB and could almost be placed in CM for his passing and shooting. Tiberius is an excellent player, provided he doesn't trip over fucking thin air and injure himself. With our luck, his terrible balance will drag an attacker down, and he'd get a red card for it.

CM: Germanpreet Sachadev (Age 19) Germanpreet chose to only show his first name and surname as it would've been easier for commentators to pronounce his name. Germanpreet is the ultimate super sub and is the most likely to come off the bench and score a late equaliser. Germanpreet is very tall at 6"6' and is obviously an aerial threat. A thundering left foot can catch the most experienced keepers by surprise and is arguably the best long shot taker in the team after Toro St. Jose However, he is not very skilful on the ball and can lose possession when under pressure. He is very inconsistent, one game he could be the best player on the pitch by far, the next game he is absolutely useless.

RW: Harris Imani (Age 19) Like Tyrese Townsend, Harris was scouted by the national team for his pace and close range shooting while playing in a juvenile detention centre. His shot power is dangerously overpowered, launching like a missile towards the goal, and when he has scored, holes can often be found in the nets of away teams. However, many claim Harris is a 'ball hog' as he is often selfish. He experiences ankle pain since his broken ankle, so it was a risky move by Kelechi to select him. But he still is a quality player on his day, but it just depends on which day it is.

CB: Jay-Jay Rerin (Age 22) Rerin is an all-around solid CB, he can grab the game by the scruff of its neck and pushes upfield whenever he spots an open teammate. His eyes glow red whenever he steps foot on a pitch, and he might as well have laser eyes as his passes are always on point. He uses his strength to wade off any attackers off the ball, and could head it in the halfway line and still score. But he can make the most stupidest and pointless fouls, and while the opposition's fans are cheering and laughing at Rerin's defending, the South Toronton fans will be cursing Rerin. Jay-Jay, if you are reading this, please for the love of God, don't be so fucking naive, okay?

GK: Asmeh Asamoah Ondoa (Age 18) Asmeh is one of the few players who has consistently performed against any team, whether they are ranked 1st or 200th. Asmeh has improved on his decision making, which previously cost the Iscantan Mereadas Zeradadas many late conceded goals. With lightning quick reactions and an 8ft arm span, only the most elite finishers can crack one from long range, and those close will find the ball being flung away from them. However, he is terrible at his goalkeeping position, it's what cost South Toronto all those goals in the CoH. Having bad form and having another fellow goalkeeper take your first team place, plus his inconsistency equals a whole world of trouble for him. He might not even make the World Cup 81 squad if Troi Esclaves performs well enough...

ST: Trevon Eliezer (Age 19) Trevon was seen playing at a charity game and was subsequently snapped up by mid-table club Brimber Volcanoes. Known for his skilfulness and ability to get out of tricky situations, Trevon proved he could become world class if he put enough dedication into it. His right footedness is seen as rare in South Toronto, as 65% of players playing in the first division were left-footed, meaning he can bang a shot from the halfway line and somehow they would go in. Trevon has anger issues from a rough childhood and is often booked for retaliation on defenders when they foul him. Trevon's form was too inconsistent and was placed in the STIC squad, but stepped up with a number of good performances.


GK: Juan Estaban de Mites (Age 23) Juan has been knighted for taking a bullet for President Trey Deyvon Woods, losing his ring finger on his left hand in the process. This didn't stop him from featuring in the STIC, and he kept 2 clean sheets during that tournament. Juan is very confident in himself, even attempting to beat pressing attackers and has succeeded countless times. Juan often concedes goals due to poor positioning, but 'keepers have longer playing careers than outfield players, so he'll have plenty of time to improve.

CM: John Bakayoko(Age 21) Played in the last World Cup campaign as a CB but can play CDM, CB and RB, making him versatile. His aggression and determination puts off attackers, and his thundering long shots are troublesome for even the best keepers. However, his aggression is a strength and a weakness, as he is often booked for his reckless tackles and other challenges. He's recovering from a calf strain, but hopefully, he won't receive any further injuries.

CM: Michal Bergman (Age 22) Michal is almost the complete forward being able to dribble, pass, take set pieces and longshots. He shows amazing leadership skills and him and Ni Ling are the ultimate midfield partnership with the perfect contrast between defensive skills, shooting, dribbling and overall intelligence. Bergman can also head the ball very well, being 5'11" and would be able to play as an ST. A lack of stamina and pace ruins him and has been heavily criticised for disappearing in games. It was a huge debate to put him on the team, and if he doesn't perform he'll have to face off other prospects in the STIC...

CB: Javonte Willock (Age 19) A new addition to the side, Javonte is the classic centre-back. He shrugs the attacker off the ball with ease to showcase his absurd strength. He is unbelievably tall at 6'8" and surprisingly is amazing at long passing. He is also the most likely to score a header during a counter attack, but he has problems with his aggression, much like Bryan Penelope and Jamal Seruku. He is also absolutely shit at dribbling and is virtually useless in any other position.

ST: Ligti Sabir (16) To finish off the squad, the second youngest player on the team, Ligti Sabir, will be coming in for the striker position. His blistering speed and exceptional dribbling will wreak havoc for the defenders facing up against him, and a powerful right foot will hammer it into the top corners of the goal. His footballing intelligence for a teenager is magnificent and can light up big games if his team are losing. However, like Decepti Vardez Jr., Ligti Sabir is very inexperienced, but if Kelechi picked him for the squad, what could possibly go wrong?

Manager: Kelechi Kralacon

Kelechi is a relatively young manager, being 39 and having finished his professional career only three years ago. He was an LB in his playing career and won 13 trophies with club Crasi Tho’um Fireko. He went on to manage Port Decca FC before being targeted by the STFA. Kelechi likes to play a deep defensive line, and then counter-attack. Many pundits such as James Pillock and Saarn Dwaite claim the players will have a hard time adapting to the new style of play, and that Under-18 Head Coach Marko Selacratze would've been a better pick. His job is on the line after a disastrous CoH, which saw them finish bottom of the group with no points. He's a stubborn manager, and it isn't too common to see him pick the same side 3 games in a row. If his tactics don't work here in the Equestrian States against Mriin, Viltia & Turori, and Saint Emelie, he will surely be sacked.

OOC Info:

Captain: Jozy Dembele
Vice-Captain: Ni Ling Son
Short freekick taker: Tyrese Townsend
Long freekick taker: Kevin Yahaya
Corner kick taker: Toro St.Jose
Penalty taker: Jamal Seruku

Style Mod: +1.66

Permissions: Do whatever you want but no killing, and TG me about injuries and bookings.
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2nd place finish in BoF 66. There's more to come! Hopefully..
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Anthoran National Football Team
Anthoran "Warriors"
Statistical Information: 27-7-39
Manager: Adrien Darby

Asst. Manager: Joshua Forest
Asst.Manager: Mary McPhee
Head Physio: Aubin Christinson

Warriors First Team and Substitutes Selections
Stadium: Royal Athletics Stadium, Vaumort (87,541)
Kits: Primary (Front) Primary (Back) Alternate (Front) Alternate (Back)
Style Modifier: +2
Formation: 3-2-3-1-1

Starting 11:
#99 [GK] Byran Kimball (44 caps)
#56 [LB] Richard Holloway (62 caps)
#41 [CB] Ellar Sampson (18 caps)
#53 [RB] Cedric Stacks (32 caps)
#19 [DM] Oliver Wardell (22 caps)
#4 [DM] Frank Cartwright (46 caps) [C]
#22 [MF] Thorvald Padmore (13 caps, 4 goals)
#32 [AM] Nicholas Stark (30 caps, 9 goals)
#23 [MF] Jason Elsmore (8 caps)
#11 [FW] Jason Rigsby (66 caps, 35 goals)
#7 [FW] Jennifer McKenzie (66 caps, 27 goals)

#2 [GK] Richard Carter (34 caps)
#24 [CB] Raoul Johansen
#3 [C/FB] George Fenton
#28 [CB] Zeke Paget (24 caps)
#52 [CB] Malcom Rier (17 caps)
#33 [CB] Nate Parsons
#44 [MF] Peter Hawkins
#6 [MF] Alistair Dolan
#5 [MR] John Stone (36 caps)
#51 [ML] Geoffrey Bissette (28 caps, 1 goal)
#15 [AMC] Anthony Black (28 caps, 9 goals)
#32 [DM] Patrick Javier
#96 [CM] Kerry Mooney (4 caps)
#21 [FW] Cole Harrison
#19 [FW] Dominic Murphy (25 caps, 5 goals)

Code: Select all
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes (TG me first)
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes (TG me first, depends on severity)
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes (TG for consultation first)
Kingdom of Anthor
Capital: Vaumort
Monarch: King Samuel III of House Lenova
Prime Minister: Thomas Dalen
Info: Anthoran News Network, Anthoran Sports Broadcasting Network

NSS International Ratings: #83 (WC/Association Football), #4 (WCOH), #29 (WBC), #22 (WB/Gridiron)

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Postby Banija » Thu Jul 05, 2018 1:20 pm


National team prepares for AOCAF LVI as Banijans hope to match previous run to quarterfinals

Banijan fans celebrate the return of the national team to Busukuma

BUSUKUMA, NATIONAL CAPITOL REGION- The Banijan national team, after a long exile away from playing in Banija, finally got the A-OK to play home matches within the country, once the WCC deemed the country was safe to play in. Of course, before this, the team was widely celebrated at a series of parades throughout Banija- celebrating the country's first World Cup appearance, after the World Cup, due to their inability to travel to the country after their last qualifier, in Mercedini. What a ride the team went through during the last tournament, am I right? Going unbeaten throughout the entirety of the 2nd half of qualifying, to go from 8th place in their qualification group all the way to 3rd, with all the momentum, to blast into the playoff. And then, of course, their big 3-0 first leg win over Mercedini essentially punched their ticket to the World Cup, as a flurry of goals in the return leg was too little, too late as the Banijans qualified for their first World Cup ever.

The tournament, itself, was an interesting one. Drawn into a tough group- Equestrian States, who were the hosts, Vilita, the three-time World Champs, and New Gazi, Banija went into the tournament as one of the first-timers, the lowest ranked side at the big dance, and with very little expectations. All things considering, the team performed fairly well. Participating in the opening match of the tournament, in front of almost 100,000 screaming fans, a tight game saw them go down 2-1 to the co-hosts, in a game where they defended ferociously, and pulled out all the stops to stop Equestrian States' stars, particularly Pristina Shine, but it was simply too little, too late, as despite the beating she took during the game, she was able to score the winner in a match where 7 different Banijans had yellow cards. Against Vilita in their second match, the talent gap was shown, as the three-time champs went up 2-0 early and held on for a 3-2 victory, despite a furious rally at the end for the Kadongo Kamu. Already eliminated at this point, in game 3 they defeated New Gazi 2-0 to earn their first ever World Cup win.

Since then, of course, there has been much change within the squad. Kiggwe Mavuto retired, and had a testimonial match in his hometown of Askatasuna, Aksum, the first ever national team match played within the city. Hosting Siovanija and Teusland, the Banijans came out 4-3 winners. Of course, even though it was a testimonial, it was also a warmup match for the AOCAF- so both teams went all out. The skipper went out for the final time, and was thunderously applauded by Banijan fans. Various Banijan national team legends turned out for the match- men like Muhumuza, Saa Desta, Vincent Wilson, Saa Okoro, etc... Who all used to play for the national team. Miroslav Dinev, the Siovanija & Teusland captain, presented Mavuto with some vodka from their homeland, on behalf of their FA. Mavuto scored in the 21st minute, the opener of the game, and was then subsituted off to a massive, standing ovation, with tears streaming down his face. And, for the first time, he handed the armband to the man who will be the new skipper for the national team- Chibuzo Afolayan, the winger from AFC Corvistone.

The team, of course, will face a number of other changes. With the declaration of independence by the Busoga Islands, and the recognition of it by the Kingdom of Banija, there were 3 players who played for the national team who were eligible to also represent the Busoga Islands- Toyuwa Okafor, Delbin Kasekende, and Berihu Abeselome. Kasekende and Abeselome officially decided to switch their allegiance to the Busoga Islands, while Okafor decided to continue plying his trade for Banija. It was quite a decision- Kasekende, whose leadership in the back was instrumental in leading Banija to its first ever World Cup, will no longer suit up for the national team. The biggest impact of this, of course, is that what was once considered a position of strength, a position with no questions- the position of goalkeeper- is now something that is absolutely wide open.

In their first friendly, against Siovanija and Teusland, it was Jumu Sanneh, Banija's starter in the last Di Bradini Cup, who got the first crack at putting his paw prints on the starting job. With Siovanija and Teusland scoring a trio of second half goals, Jumu Sanneh did not exactly leave the best impression for Marcus Waters. While the team never trailed, of course, and the Kadongo Kamu were ultimately able to pull out a 4-3 victory, behind goals from Assefa Yitebarke, Kiggwe Mavuto(previously mentioned), and a pair from Okonkwo Okparro. It was an interesting game to watch- Sanneh's coming out to punch a cross on a corner kick towards the end of the match and missing entirely, is going to be a lasting image in the head of Marcus Waters. Maybe the youngster isn't ready for the pressures of the number one jersey?

The man who got the opportunity in the second warmup match to prove himself, was Assefa Berhane, the 29 year old goalkeeper of the Umbazi Metropolitan Soccer Club. Berhane, playing in what was undoubtedly Banija's toughest warmup match, performed well in Banija's 1-0 away loss to Savojarna. Savojarna was the strongest side throughout, and Banijan fans will remember them as the hosts of the international hockey tournament that really put Banija on the world stage in that sport. Regardless, he was peppered with quite a few shots, and made some excellent saves. He had good distribution out of the back, and was widely applauded for most of his performance. However, it was his own error that allowed for the opposition goal. He handled the ball outside of the box, just outside, which gave Savojarna a 60th minute free kick from about 19 yards. Naturally, it was buried, and his otherwise good performance has to be prefaced with the error that allowed Savojarna's lone goal.

Lemuel Bereket, another 23 year old, got his chance to claim the jersey in Banija's final warmup match, against the Alpine Union. A 3-1 victory for the Banijans at the Stadium of the Restoration, he had an OK game. Nothing special, wasn't forced to attempt to make any spectacular saves, and Alpine Union's goal was certainly not his fault. Were any of the three goalkeeper performances particularly inspiring? Not really. and Marcus Waters can't have been pleased. He, however, told reporters that Assefa Berhane would start Banija's first game. "We'll take it game by game in the net, who is looking best in practice, on the training ground, and right now, we'll go with Assefa Berhane. He's eager to prove himself, and this is a great opportunity for the lad." Interestingly enough, Marcus Waters decided not to give the number one jersey to any of the three goalkeepers, further signalling that he certainly hasn't settled on a long-term starting goalkeeper going forward.

There are some other interesting tidbits regarding the roster. First, Sia Fall has made his return to the national team roster, though, of course, to the bench. Originally considered to have high potential, he was quickly eclipsed by Gitonga Kahara and lost his spot on the national team entirely. We'll see what kind of impact he can have for them. Another interesting decision is the choice to go with Girma Asmelash, as opposed to Okonkwo Okparro, to play as Banija's number 10. Many thought Okparro would be the obvious choice- he is younger, has plenty of room to grow, and will be playing at Makosile United. However, Marcus Waters certainly has his reasons.

Now, of course, begs the question- how will the Banijans do at AOCAF LVI? Well, the Banijans find themselves the second seeded team in Group A, with the Equestrian States(11, host), Geisenfred(62), and Sangti. This is, of course, the third time in the last four major tournaments for the Banijans where the Equestrian States and Banija are matched in the same group- Cup of Harmony 71, where Pristina Shine's brace knocked the Banijans out. Then, of course, World Cup 80 right here in Canterlot, where Pristina Shine once again scored a winner. And, of course, with political tensions surrounding the recent drought and the Busoga Islands, this is a rivalry that is quickly rising in its intensity, and where their matchday 3 encounter will likely decide this group.

The Equestrians have a gripe with the Banijans- their strategy defending Pristina Shine in World Cup 80, being extremely physical, lots of fouls, upset plenty of Equestrian observers. We expect that, on matchday 3, we'll see a similar version of the strategy- though it will not be able to be perfectly replicated. First of all, since it's on Matchday 3, some players will surely have picked up yellows by then, meaning that a yellow card in that match could see them miss the Round of 16. Expect quite a bit of squad rotation for matchdays 2 and 3, to make sure that players are both well-rested and have avoided earning yellows in their first two matches so that they can pull off a similar strategy. Of course, everyone will be looking for in the second go-around, so the idea of tensions flaring between Equestrian players and Banijan players, and the possibility of an aggressive referee in terms of handing out cards, might happen as well. Add in the fact that the Equestrian States are a team that the Banijans have never beaten, expect that to be the match to watch in Group A.

Banija's other opponents are Sangti, unranked, and Geisenfred, #62. Neither team the Banijans have faced, though Geisenfred is the only country that Banija shares a land border with- though they share sea borders with both the Busoga Islands and Farfadillis. Geisenfred matchup will be especially interesting considering, it is between two next door neighbors, and it is on Banija's eastern border. With all that, of course, not much is known about Geisenfred from over here, but it should still be quite a fascinating matchup on Matchday 2. And Banija's opener, of course, is Sangti. Both matches 1 and 2 will be at Star Stadium in Canterlot. We don't know much about them, either, but the opener should be entertaining- especially with the number of Banijan players looking to prove themselves, knowing that this could be their main opportunity to impress Marcus Waters if the Banijan/Free Republics bid to host World Cup 81 is, indeed, successful.
Reigning champions of the Di Bradini Cup and present bronze medalists of the World Cup. Vice President of the World Cup Committee.
Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports
NSCF 14 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 17 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 19 CHAMPIONS(Northern Moravica)
Sporting World Cup 8. World Baseball Classic 47. Di Bradini Cup 47. National Trophy Cabinet.
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Saint Émelie Roster For AOCAF 56

Saint Émelie mark their arrival on the international football scene with their AOCAF debut in the Equestrian States.

Team Information:

Style Mod: +2
Nickname: Les Insulaires
Team Colours: Blue and white
Captain: Florian Bastereud
Formation: 4-4-2 (diamond)

The Team:

Head Coach: Amélie Martín

45 year old Amélie Martín is the lady tasked with managing the team in their debut tournament and has a tough job on her hands. Like the majority of the squad, it will be her first time away from the island of Saint Émelie and with her only experience to call upon being in the hugely undeveloped Ligue d'Ile, she is almost certainly well out of her depth.
Martín played for around 15 years in that league before making the switch to management. The Saint Émelie FA believes that she is therefore the person with the most thorough understanding of football on the island and is as good a person as any to make the trip abroad.

Assistant Coach: Jacques Barre

Alongside Martín will be the experienced head of Jacques Barre. The 58 year old also once played in the Ligue d'Ile, but finished early due to injury and 'not being able to run like he used to.' Since then, he has managed 3 of the island's teams, getting to know many of Saint Émelie's best players in the process.
Despite his increased experience relative to Martín, Barre lacks the dynamic approach to management preferred by the island's footballing authorities. His tactical mind will however provide a calm word in Martín's ear when needed.

Team Doctor and Physio: Antonin Gardinier

Gardinier has little to no experience with sports injuries or fitness management, but as the island's best general doctor, was picked to make the trip to the Equestrian States as he would 'have to do.' He has a fairly hands on approach to medicine and players will probably be hoping they remain injury-free throughout the tournament due to fear of a good prodding and Gardinier's tendency to operate when possible rather than when neccessary.


#1-Hubért Joubert-age 32-Stade Barbotteau
#12-Caroline Chapelle-age 24-CA Le Goutiér
#23-Robin Patenaude-age 27-Racing Montmirail

The experienced Joubert will be Saint Émelie's number one throughout the AOCAF. The 32 year old has established a reputation as the best all-round goalkeeper on the island and has particularly impressive distribution with his range of kicks and throws. He is also solid with crosses, but his shot-stopping skills will recieve more of an examination against international opposition compared to at home.
Caroline Chapelle is very much the understudy in the team. The 24 year old is an excellent shot stopper, but is less experieced and ultimately deficient in the areas where Joubert is strong. This may keep her out of the starting lineup for now, but she is here to learn and will almost certainly take over the starting role one day.
Robin Patenaude is decent by island standards, but is really only in the squad as injury cover and to have a nice time. If Saint Émelie actually end up playing him, they will be desparate and will probably lose.

Wide Defenders:

#2-RB-Charléne Forestier-age 23-CA Le Goutier
#5-LB-Max Lestiénne-age 28-CF Savenay
#13-RB-Paul Gasquet-age 25-Stade Barbotteau
#16-LB-Chloé Travert-age 21-Stade de Saint Marie

Saint Émelie's selection of full-backs is also a mixed bag. Max Lestiénne is the only player over 25 of the four players chosen, but the additional domestic experience will probably count for nothing in the international arena.
Saint Émelie's teams generally try to play with quick full-backs, using them to push up the pitch and provide an additional option for attacking players. This usually requires high fitness levels and will be even more testing for the players against better-quality opposition.
This is provided by a youthful lineup that includes up-and-coming Le Goutier player Charléne Forestier as well as 21 year old Chloé Travert, who despite her young age has already become one of the talents in the Saint Émelie league to watch in the coming months and years.
Rather like Robin Patenaude, Paul Gasquet is very much just along for the ride, but will provide reasonably coherent cover if needed.

Central Defenders:

#3-Daniel Bouchard-age 32-CF Duport
#4-Mignon Laureille-age 29-Stade Barbotteau
#14-Emeli Pied-age 27-CF Soufriére
#15-Claude Leclerc-age 24-CA Le Goutier

Saint Émeli's central defenders are the polar opposites to their wide counterparts. Big, powerful and not afraid to put in a strong tackle, they are certainly up to the physical challenge posed by any opposition, even internationally.
Daniel Bouchard and Mignon Laureille, who is anything but sweet, are the epitomy of this and despite their lack of pace, sitting deep and heading stuff out of the danger zone has become a common practice.
Their slowness will almost certainly be exposed by stronger opposition, but their prescence may frustrate, for a little while at least.


CDM-#6-Florian Bastereud-age 32-CF Dupont
RM-#7-Florence Caseille-age 24-CF Savenay
CAM-#8-Simon Pelletier-age 30-CF Soufriére
LM-#9-Mathilde Laurent-age 26-CF Riviera
CM-#17-Laurent Michaud-age 25-Stade de Saint Marie
RW-#18-Emeli Fontaine-age 28-Stade Barbotteau
LW-#19-Tomas Cousineau-age 20-Racing Montmirail
CAM-#20-Jadine Dupont-age 26-CF Le Goutier

The midfield diamond is probably the most experienced of the Saint Émelie setup, although everything is of course relative. Florian Bastereud is the key component, with the 32 year old both the team's captain and midfield enforcer. The wings are also important however. Play in Saint Émelie requires fast movement of the ball to negate some fairly rustic pitches and will often be fed out to the wide players. Florence Caseille is a massive talent on the right whilst Mathilde Laurent is now an established name on the island and can deliver a fantastic set piece.

Simon Pelletier is often the intermediate between defense and attack, but has a keen eye for a through ball, both over the top and through the middle of a defense. He is probably the team's best chance of scoring from distance as well. The 30 year old has scored many times in the Ligue d'Île from outside of the penalty area and will look to notch a few more in the coming international season.


#10-Marine Fouché-age 29-CF Savenay
#11-Dominic Trion-age 25-Stade Barbotteau
#21-Marizanne Proliné-age 23-CF Riviera
#22-Sara Katjanović-age 28-FK SavaFluss (in Mattijana)

Sara Katjanović is very much the star player in this Saint Émelie side and is also the only player operating outside of Saint Émelie. The third-choice Savafluss striker has a Mattijanan father and a mother from the island and fortunately, can handle both the Mattijanan and French languages.

As a player, she is a real poacher. Diminutive in stature, the 28 year old knows how to find the back of the net and knows where to position herself to do it, complementing the pace and crossing style from the wingers.

Dominic Trion joins Katjanović up top and brings a very different skill set. Big, tall and handy in the air, he is much clumsier than his more agile partner, but even though opponents may know his game, dealing with it could be more of a challenge.

Tactical Notes:

Saint Émelie's isolation means that the style of football has deviated rather a lot compared to the rest of the world. It is in fact rather agricultural, with a lot of physical challenges and strong aerial play.
This means that the team will inevitably pick up cards. No malice is meant, but the physicality of the team will mean that injuries may occur.

Otherwise, Saint Émelie's style of football is actually fairly easy on the eye. Quick passing from front to back as well as movement on the wings is the game-plan and when it pays off, it looks great.
When it doesn't, it looks like an incoherent mess and if fans wish to be realistic, this is probably what they will get for the most part against some high-class defenses.

RP Permissions:

Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Yellow card my players: Y
Red card my players: Y
Injure my players: Y
Godmod injuries: Y
Godmod other events: Y

Starting Lineup:

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Two years ago...

A young Decepti and Ligti both rode on their bikes to their friend's house to watch the final of the 66th BoF. Cycling from Lordano to Trapsan only took around 45 minutes if you cycled non-stop. It was an early evening, and the cold air ran its fingers down both of their backs, as they shivered. "Well, which door is it then?" said Ligti as he took off his helmet. Decepti pointed ahead of him, towards the gaping door.

"What you sayin' boys?" said Keyvan Pope."Nothin' much," replied Ligti."Well uh, why don't you come inside? Match isn't startin' till 9, you might as well come an' sit down". He gestured for Decepti and Ligti to come inside. They stepped inside, and the floor creaked every footstep they took. "You got any snacks, Pope? And how many people are gonna be here?" asked Ligti. "First of all, they're some lemon and chilli crisps over there, in that top drawer. Secondly, I dunno, 20-35 people. Though it depends on the traffic. Plus some girls are gonna be here, and they're not the type of girls you guys are used to up in Lordano. These girls are- oh for fuck's sake Ligti! Nigga clean that shit up bruh, spilling damn chilli and lemon juice all over my fuckin' floor. Now I gotta put on my sliders. Here take this," said Keyvan as he handed Ligti a cloth. The crisps looked like someone had poured blood all over them, and those chilli and lemon chips made a huge mess if they were spilt on a floor. "Anyways, these girls aren't ya typical girls. These girls have big asses and will wine on ya without a warning. If you are lucky you could even get some head, but ya'll niggas have gotten head, right?" questioned Keyvan as he poured a cup of water. "Nope, still virgins," said Decepti. "Ay Keyvan, there's a big ol' group o' people comin' here, did you invite them or somethin'?" said Ligti as he quickly tiptoed out of the doorway and into the kitchen. "Oh, well er... Lemme put on the TV real quick," mumbled Keyvan as he dashed towards the living room. Sparks flew out when he flipped the switch. "That's normal, by the way," shouted Keyvan. The group came in, and were chanting 'It's coming home'. After both national anthems were sung, the whistle was blown. The final of the BoF. This would be the game the beautiful game would take over basketball as the nation's number 1 favourite sport.

The game ended 5-3 to Filimdostan, who won the BoF. Everybody left before Filindostan's celebrations began. "In a bit Ligti and Decepti, I'll see ya'll at practice right?". Fo' sure man, fo' sure. Ay bruh, don't worry bruv. Mandem on the pitch playing some different sport ya know, is this rugby? Soon we'll be on top of the world," said Ligti. "Man shut the fuck up and get out of my house, you are always talking the most bullshit. About the top of the world..." roared Keyvan as he slammed the door in their faces. The pair looked blankly at each other. "Ay Decepti," asked Ligti. "You ever think we could be professional footballers and not, well, Sunday league niggas?". Decepti looked puzzled for a moment and replied, "Nah, we going to be fucking legends for South Toronto. In two years time, we'll be getting our first few caps for South Toronto. Mark my words," replied Decepti.


Fo' sure, bro,"

They did their signature handshake and cycled into the sunset.

The present...

"Alright lads, bring it in!" yelled Kelechi. "Now, our next game is up against Mriin. They are ranked 15th in Atlantian Oceania and will be a really tough opponent to face. It's the usual team, but Ligti, you'll be on the bench. I want to see what you can do against the bigger teams. Other than that, let's head to Manehattan. Get your bags and hurry up, the coach is waiting!" said Kelechi. Ligti jogged up next to Decepti. "Told you we'd be getting capped," joked Decepti. "Man shut up!" replied Ligti as he gave decepti a playful push. They had done it. They had fufilled their childhood dream.
2nd place finish in BoF 66. There's more to come! Hopefully..
Your young don from Southwest London and I bang out 410, AM Skengdo, 1011 and a host of UK drill artists. You probably thought I was Canadian 'cause of my nation's name and flag, but I am actually Ugandan and I live in London.
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And remember guys, Toronton is Singular, South Toronton is an Adjective, and Torontons is Plural! Also, the USST is an abbreviation of Unified Socialist States of South Toronto, and apart from marijuana and abortion being legal, and our environmental policies, in no way does this nation reflect my RL views.

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Postby Geisenfried » Thu Jul 05, 2018 3:59 pm

Geisenfried Königlich Fußball-Verband proudly presents:

Kits courtesy of Kirola. Goalkeepers wear a gold jacket.

Manager: Henrik Büchner (47)
Style Modifier: i-squared (-1)
Formation: 4-2-3-1


GK 1 Jonas WIESER (24) - Heimüller SC
GK 12 Vincent JENSEN (21) - Eintracht Rödis
GK 23 Benjamin FUCHS (17) - Königs FC

RWB 2 Matthias SCHNEIDER (25) - VfS Königseifert
LWB 3 Niklaus ZIEGLER (23) - Gryphons FC
LCB 4 Oskar LINDSTRÖM (22) - Königs FC
RCB 5 Hector OSTMARK (22) - 1.FSV Dözel

LDF 13 Joachim SCHMIDT (20) - SV Silbern Sileväl
CDF 15 Dmitri RESNICK (20) - 1.FSV Dözel
RDF 22 Viktor STEINHAUER (21) - August Gründer

LDM 6 Elias METZGER (22) - Kapetägien Verein
RWM 7 Mariusz JAEGER (19) - Kaiserstadt Altien
RDM 8 Karl MERTENS (23) - August Gründer
CMF 10 Stefan EICHEL [*] (27) - FC Darnesmark
LWM 11 Rudi LÖWENTHAL (21) - Königs FC

DMF 14 Lorenz HAHNEMANN (20) - FC Alster Alba
CMF 16 Paul BERKHOFF (22) - Heimüller SC
RMF 17 Alexander RIESZ (21) - VfS Königseifert
AMF 18 Ephraim ROTHENBERG (21) - Königs FC
LMF 21 Leopold KEMPF (19) - VfS Königseifert

CF 9 Kieran THIESSEN (23) - Heimüller SC
RS 19 Felix REICHENBACH (18) - Gryphons FC
LS 20 Lukas SONDHEIM (20) - Königs FC

Other Notes:
- Eichel has the captaincy. Should he be replaced in match, priority goes to Schneider, Thiessen, and Mertens. If somehow all of those are replaced/red carded, then it goes to Wieser, then Ziegler. Should never get past that, as to get rid of all six you're talking all 3 substitutions and at least 3 red cards, including a keeper, and you've probably pushed past the point of reason for me.
- Set-piece wise, Löwenthal has priority on penalties and near-goal free kicks. Corners are taken by him and Jaeger, depending on the corner.
- Should the team reach the knockout stage and get to penalties, the preferred takers are Löwenthal, Eichel, Jaeger, Thiessen, and Schneider in any order, though substitutes may be used freely (it will, after all, be after a 90' + 30' minute game).

RP Permissions:
- No deaths, no maimings or any other serious harm, either on or off the field.
- Injuries are fine, however, so long as they're not career threatening (unless I choose to make it so).
- Cards may used as needed, but reds should be used sparingly, and never more than 2 on my team in a single game.
- As far as play goes, so long as you keep things from being egregious, everything should be fine.
- My nation is low to no fantasy, so don't be surprised if players and/or fans find more esoteric things peculiar.
- TG me if you're really curious about something and want to run the idea by me. I don't bite!

MD1: v Equestrian States, @ Royal Equestria Stadium, Canterlot
MD2: v Banija, @ Star Stadium, Canterlot
MD3: v Sangti, @ Grand Regal Stadium, Canterlot
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Postby Siovanija and Teusland » Thu Jul 05, 2018 4:47 pm




Siovanija and Teusland’s national team returned to action as they took on Banija in a friendly match in preparations for the upcoming AOCAF Cup in Equestrian States, and put in a solid performance despite a 4-3 loss.

“It’s a good opportunity for us to prepare, obviously they have just played in a World Cup and are on a positive trajectory, one we’d like to match in our own development as a program,” said manager Alan Dzekov of the Goldhorns’ opponents, Banija. For the Goldhorns, the match was an opportunity for further tactical development as well as chemistry building. For some players, it was also a chance to prove to Dzekov that they deserved a spot in the starting XI for the AOCAF tournament.

The last training session at the Nationalstadion complete, the Goldhorns jetted off from Stelburg to begin their short journey across Southwestern Atlantian Oceania to Banija for the friendly match at St. Sava Park. “We’re going to play our game and not worry about the result of the match, it’s all about growing stronger together and developing as a team,” commented captain Miroslav Dinev. “I think Miro’s absolutely right on, if we play well and can use this match as a building block it will definitely be a success,” added Viktor Venev, the national team keeper.

The Banija match also served a special purpose for the host nation. The AOCAF preparation also doubled as a testimonial match for Banijan football legend Kiggwe Mavuto, retiring after a storied career. The Banijan captain was widely celebrated in the lead up to the match, with other famous footballers from the host country appearing at the match. Amidst all the spectacle, the United Football Association of Siovanija and Teusland (UFAST) had a special gift for Mavuto. Miroslav Dinev presented Mavuto with a nice bottle of Siovanijan vodka straight from the distilleries in the Vlaikograd/Great Lakes region. In addition, Dinev offered his congratulations on behalf of the entire squad on ‘the occasion of your retirement, and to a storied career.’ Surely Dinev’s own future was in the back of his mind on the day, the forward having recently turned 30 and watching names such as Kynev, Ribbeck and Dimitrov all lined up eager to replace him.

Siovanija and Teusland lined up in the 4-3-3 formation developed under Alan Dzekov, with some changes from the last international, so long ago now at the Cup of Harmony in the 2-2 draw with the Alpine Union that saw goals from Krasimir Kynev and Miroslav Dinev. Viktor Venev was in goal, while ahead of him lined up Dietmar Kleinmann, Daniel Pingov, Raphael Klopfer and Lutz Daschner. In the centre of the park, Viktor Kostov dropped into the holding role while Thorsten Kramer and Viktor Dimitrov played above him, looking to attack. The front trio saw Ivo Romanov and Paulus Leistner on Dinev’s flanks. “This lineup has a lot of experience, and of course we want them to have more game time here before the tournament. It’s been a while since our last match, and we want to get right back into things here tonight,” commented Dzekov in the tunnel pre-match.

The Banijans opened up the match with lots of attacking opportunities, really putting the Goldhorns defenders to the fire early on. Daniel Pingov had to make an excellent tackle to deny Okonkwo Okparro early on, and it was only Viktor Venev’s quick reaction that denied the man of the day Mavuto a goal on the 10th minute. The Goldhorns would have a few chances to push forwards in that first half, the best chance coming off a free kick by Viktor Dimitrov. Fouled near the half-line, Dimitrov played a long pass in the direction of Ivo Romanov. Romanov took on the defender and managed to enter the box, but his shot was deflected off target and went out for a corner. The ensuing corner, swung in by Lutz Daschner, saw Daniel Pingov get a head to it, but the keeper was able to make the save.

The match was opened up in the 21st minute, however, by the home side. Banija pushed up the field, and the Goldhorns were forced to rush back and defend. The ball found its way to Kiggwe Mavuto, and he would not be denied, sending a rocket past Viktor Venev to open the scoring. Even the Goldhorns players on the field had to applaud the man as he was subbed off afterwards, ending his international career in the best way possible. The man who replaced him, Chibuzo Afolayan, was Banija’s new captain, and was also a massive threat to the Goldhorns all day on the field.

Siovanija and Teusland would come close to equalizing minutes after Mavuto’s goal, with Miroslav Dinev’s strike ringing off the left post before being cleared away by the Banijan defenders. Overall, however, the Goldhorns seemed off the pace for much of the first half after the goal, which allowed Banija the opportunity to extend their lead. Afolayan made a brilliant run down the right side, beating Dietmar Kleinmann cleanly and rushing towards the box. Afolayan’s pass found the boot of Okonkwo Okparro, and after taking a touch to control it, he fired a shot that beat Venev at the far post and made the score 2-0 for Banija.

The Goldhorns had put in a disappointing performance in the first half, and it was clear that Alan Dzekov felt changes needed to be made at half-time. Michael Ribbeck earned his second cap, replacing Miroslav Dinev up top, and he was joined on the pitch by SW Stahlberg team-mate Lutz von Bergen, who made his debut for the national team in place of Paulus Leistner. At the back, Nikola Karapetrov was brought on in place of Daniel Pingov. Clearly, Alan Dzekov wanted the Goldhorns to go all-out attacking in the second half, trying to take back a few goals in the second half.

The plan seemed to be working early on, and Siovanija and Teusland pressured the Banijans hard during the start of that second half. Thorsten Kramer in particular had several through balls that caused danger for the defenders, but the Goldhorns just could not find the back of the net. Finally, however, a breakthrough would come. Viktor Kostov held the ball and moved forwards before playing off a pass for Kramer. Kramer was able to get the ball out to Lutz von Bergen on the wing, and von Bergen beat his defender before pulling in towards the goal. Rather than shooting, however, he played in a pass for Ribbeck. Michael Ribbeck received the ball and struck a shot to the lower right corner of the goal, beating the dive of Banijan keeper Jumu Sanneh. It was a first career international goal for Ribbeck, and he was clearly delighted with the goal.

Banija, however, would not sit back after the goal, as they clearly wanted the win on the day. Two quick goals gave the Banijans a 4-1 lead over the Goldhorns. First, it was Assefa Yitabarke who received a pass at the top of the box, before making a run just evading the tackle of Klopfer and firing a shot above Viktor Venev to give Banija a 3-1 lead. Minutes later, it was Okonkwo Okparro again for Banija making his presence felt, as he took a great shot that beat Venev in the top left corner, giving the hosts a 4-1 lead. Despite the 3-goal deficit, however, the Goldhorns would not give up in the match.

Lutz von Bergen, who looked dangerous all day, took the ball along the left side and rushed forwards up the pitch. His pass was back into the middle, finding Thorsten Kramer. Kramer knocked the ball into the path of Ivo Romanov, but he was fouled along the touchline. Romanov and Viktor Dimitrov hovered over the free kick, before Romanov put in the cross. Romanov’s ball found the rising head of Dietmar Kleinmann, but the header was blocked before it could reach goal. A scramble in the box eventually meant the ball found its way to Michael Ribbeck again, and he would not miss the clear-cut opportunity. His second of the game made the score 4-2, and gave Siovanija and Teusland slight hope.

The last goal of the day came off quite a strange set of circumstances. Ivo Romanov attempted to take the ball into the box, but his cross was tipped out and the Goldhorns won a corner. Lutz Daschner swung the ball in, and it appeared as if Banijan keeper Jumu Sanneh was going to easily punch away the ball. However, he made a massive error and missed it completely, leaving a wide-open goal behind him. Thorsten Kramer was waiting at the back post and timed his header perfectly in order to score the last goal of the match. Siovanija and Teusland would try for an equalizer in stoppage time, but it was not to be, and the match ended 4-3 in favour of Banija.

“I thought there were stretches of play where we looked great, but at the same time stretches that we weren’t at our best. It was a learning experience for sure, and we hope we can take lots away from it as we continue training,” commented Alan Dzekov. Certainly there are questions now over who will be in the starting lineup for the opener against Cosumar, with both Lutz von Bergen and Michael Ribbeck making their claims felt in the match.

Hours after the end of the match, the Goldhorns were back on a plane, this time making the much journey to another Southwestern nation, the Equestrian States, host of the AOCAF Cup. The Goldhorns have arrived at their base camp in Seaddle, host of two of the team’s group stage matches, and are training hard to be ready for the opener. We here at the Stelburger Zeitung will have full coverage of the group stage of AOCAF Cup LVI.

Siovanija and Teusland 3-4 Banija

Siovanija and Teusland XI (4-3-3): Venev; Kleinmann, Pingov (Karapetrov 46’), Klopfer, Daschner; Kostov, Kramer, Dimitrov; Romanov, Leistner (von Bergen 46’), Dinev (Ribbeck 46’)
Goals: Michael Ribbeck 52’, 73’, Thorsten Kramer 87’
Match Notes: On a warm afternoon from St. Sava Stadium in Banija, preparations for the AOCAF wrapped up as Banija defeated Siovanija and Teusland 4-3. The host side, celebrating the career of Kiggwe Mavuto on his testimonial day, put in a quality performance that saw them 2-0 up at half-time. Attacking changes for the Goldhorns at half-time brought them back into the match, with Michael Ribbeck earning a brace on his second cap and Thorsten Kramer scoring off an error by the Banijan keeper to make the final score 4-3. Next up for Siovanija and Teusland are Cosumar, a regional and world power who will truly be a tough test for the Goldhorns.
The United Republics of Siovanija & Teusland
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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Thu Jul 05, 2018 6:14 pm


Football Association of the Commonwealth of Baker Park

The FAC was founded in 1901 and currently has 124 full member clubs, 307 associate member clubs and approximately 21,000 registered players--male & female--between the ages of 11 to 65+ as well as approximately 3,100 registered officials, both male & female. It sponsors competitions across all age groups, genders and ability levels, including 12 National Championships and 6 domestic cup competitions for men and women.

Major Multiverse Honors—Baptism of Fire 67 Runners-up
SWC Under-18 Champions
DiBradini Cup 42/63 Quarterfinalists

All time match record—198 wins, 174 losses, 72 draws (current through EqueStar World Cup 80)

National Anthem--"Hear Our Voices Commonwealth"

Region—Atlantian Oceana

Nickname--since the end of the 1960's the National Team has been known as "The Bees", a period when the team's uniforms consisted of alternating black and gold hoops. While the bee is an element on the coat of arms of the Commonwealth—a long accepted heraldic symbol of industriousness--the association was actually a reference made in an Italian newspaper game story when the senior team was wearing the hooped shirts, referring to the BP team as il Bombi (the bumblebees) for their perseverance and swarming tactical play.

Colors--Black & Gold (while they are just 2 of the 5 main colors on the flag of Baker Park--Blue, Red and White are the others--black & gold have been closely associated in the nation's consciousness as representative of the country since its founding.)

The Commonwealth National Team makes its first appearance at the premier regional championship in the multiverse, to be held in the Equestrian States. Pamela Scott will lead the side following on from her successful tenure during the Baptism of Fire 67.

Manager—Pamela Scott (age 50, 8th year as National Women's Team Manager and FAC Associate Director of Technical Development)
Asst Manager—Kate DiMarini (age 39, 4th years as National Women's Team Asst Manager)
Coaches—Michael Haddad (age 52, 6th year as FAC Coordinator of Training & Sport Science)
George Prather (age 53, 7th year as National Team assistant coach)
Physio—April Powell (age 34, 5th year as FAC development team physiotherapist)

1 Kyle Moyer 26 Newmarket Saxons FC
22 Danielle Gaines 22 Caledonia Ladies SC

3 JC Bartok 22 Westwood Sprites FC
2 Tyler Messer 29 Fairport City FC Co-Captain
4 Devin McMahon 25 Ezriquay United FC
5 Julie Ackerman 25 Broadview AFC Ladies
16 Terrence Stephens 22 North Royalton Town FC
18 Leslie Monaghan 22 Brentford Ladies FC
20 Tracey Vasillias 26 Middletown City Women FC

11 Nick Haller 27 Kitara Athletic Assoc. (BNJ)
13 Trent Yeomans 22 Victoria & Albert FC
7 Sunish Ismail 25 Mansfield C&W FC
8 Jamari Bozeman 22 Southend AC
6 Declan Mason 23 Newport City FC
14 Amanda Hayes 24 Lady Crusaders FC
15 Lorenzo Taborn 22 Westwood Sprites FC
19 Veronica Navarro 22 Hamilton Wanderers Ladies FC

9 Jackie Thomas 29 Ridge Raiders Ladies FC Co-Captain
10 Tyrek Jones 22 St Warren City FC
12 Eddie Wagner 26 New Bremen FC
17 Sabrina Patton 24 Llewellyn Turnpike Ladies FC
21 Seth Schmidt 27 Hillsborough FC





I Give To My Opponent The Permission To:

Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: Y duration of the match only
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y, please send a TG
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y, but please keep it realistic
Soccer--2x Under-18 World Cup (SWC 5&9) Champions
Baptism of Fire 67 Runner-Up
AOCAF Third Place LVIII (co-hosts), LX
World Cup 85 Fourth Place
World Cup 84 Co-hosts
World Cup 81/82/83/84 Round of 16
World Cup 80 Group Stage
AOBC 5 Champions
NSCF 21 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff semi-finalists
NSCF 18 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff quarterfinalist
NSCF 19 & 20 Mineral Conference Champions

WLC 34 Fourth Place
WLC 30/31(host)/32/33 Quarterfinal
WLC 29 Playoff Round

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Postby Tropicorp » Thu Jul 05, 2018 9:09 pm


The quasi-governmental entity of Tropicorp are back again... no really... it's almost as if they aren't going away. And now they seem to just be training Cocoabo. Kind of seems like they are barely Tropicorp anymore.

During AOCAF 50, Tropicorp put out a call amongst a subset of its scientists, researchers and engineers for support on an ongoing project. The project, which required exposure to competitive football, saw Tropicorp scientists, researchers, engineers and other such guinea pigs wearing special fabrics with electronic measuring devices sewn into them in order to aid in their measurements and calculations. The data collected during AOCAF 50 was absolutely invaluable to the project. During the cycle since, Tropicorp Engineers have been putting the data to the test at Tropicorp locations in Tropicoast and also at a new facility at an undisclosed location, also on Calania. During AOCAF 51, the scientists, researchers and engineers returned to collect some final data points to push them towards the final phase of the project. However, a strange thing happened during AOCAF 51 - the Tropicorp Scientists - perhaps a result of their own detailed research of the game, began not only to be competitive, but to win matches. The Techies actually qualified for the Knockout Rounds and stunned many with their performances until ultimately being knocked out by host and eventual champion nation Valanora.

After 4 Campaigns collecting data for their research, the experiment transitioned to reality. Their Cocoabo were ready for action and saw action during World Cup 78 Qualifying for Turori and during the XII Olympiad in Novanaya and Vekaiyu - with the Cocoabo team making it all the way to the Olympic final before losing to Darmen and earning the Silver Medal. Until the Cocoabo lift the NS World Cup trophy, however, the work for the scientists and researchers from Tropicorp and Cocoabo Park will not be done. They will continue tweaking, continue training, and continue CEEPing.

Hybrid Squad Schedule:

Matchday 1:
GK: Hanauma Ranbomahi / Cocoabo
DEF: Cocoabo Only
MID: Techie
FOR: Techie

Matchday 2:
GK: Hanauma Ranbomahi / Cocoabo
DEF: Techie
MID: Cocoabo Only
FOR: Techie

Matchday 3:
GK: Hanauma Ranbomahi / Cocoabo
DEF: Techie
MID: Techie
FOR: Cocoabo Only

There are a total of 2 Engineers taking part in the testing and they will alternate matches. There will be a researcher assigned to monitor and document their activities who will also be listed as a goalkeeper.

Cocoabo Representative(s):
Cocoabo #88
Cocoabo #89

There will be two scientists and two researchers on the field at any given time, with a further 2 scientists and 2 researchers working from the sidelines and prepared to step in if needed.

Cocoabo Representative(s):
Cocoabo #58
Cocoabo #57
Cocoabo #53
Cocoabo #59

As with the defenders, There will be two scientists and two researchers on the field at any given time, with a further 2 scientists and 2 researchers working from the sidelines and prepared to step in if needed. They will alternate between central and wing positions.

Cocoabo Representative(s):
Cocoabo #61
Cocoabo #46
Cocoabo #65
Cocoabo #64
Cocoabo #67

There will be one Scientist, and one Researcher working in tandem and one each from the sidelines.

Cocoabo Representative(s):
Cocoabo #91
Cocoabo #99
Cocoabo #98

Team Nickname: the "Techies"

Style: RAND(-5,5)


Invent Names for the Scientists/Researchers/Engineers: Y
Choose Scorers: Y
GodMod Goalscoring Events: Y

Injure Players: Y
GodMod Injury Events Y

Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
GodMod Other Events: Y
- Tropicorp -

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95X AOCAF 56 MD 0 RP

Postby 95X » Thu Jul 05, 2018 10:04 pm

Larry Lewis was surprised by the announcement the Danieri Super League was suspending operations. His success came abroad, but due to the economic situation in 95X the thirty-year-old was highly sought after. When millions of people must guarantee earning a subsistence, most people who would attempt a go at professional sports were instead working in factories, offices, stores, anything that provided regular and consistent pay.

Lewis looked at the six offer sheets before him. They were all from highly competitive, successful clubs. All offered more than enough money and even housing stipends. Providing benefits to employees other than a paycheck is virtually unheard of in 95X. Calling his agent with his decision wasn't one he could make easily.

So, he invited fellow NTer and close friend Micah Morrison to dinner at the most exclusive steak restaurant in Cascadia. So exclusive it's many floors above street level and doesn't appear on the building directory. One makes reservations, wears the best business clothing available, pays building security at ground level to activate the elevator stop for that floor, then states their reservation to the host.

Lewis, in a fine dark suit, arrived at the time of his reservation. Several minutes later came a man with an oblong, asymmetric head, his light complexion contrasted greatly with his dark hair and off-color suit.

That would be Morrison.

"You won't believe the time I had getting into this place," Morrison said as he was seated at Lewis' table, by the host that nearly turned him away at the door.

"Sir, I will remind you again we are the most exclusive restaurant in Cascadia," the host says with an affluent huff as he hurries off to attend to other duties of his job.

Lewis and Morrison look at the menu.

"As you know," Lewis explains to his dinner guest in a hushed voice, "I've talked business with everyone and received several offers."

"So? We've talked about this before at the team office," Morrison replied. "I won't mind if you go here or elsewhere."

"It's not that," Lewis said. "I'm married. I have a five-year-old. I'm not just thinking about now, I'm thinking about the future. You've what, four?"

"Yeah," Morrison smiles. "Funny thing is, they all insist I have amnesia over when I met them."

"Well I'm not just thinking about making money. I'm thinking about afterwards. Coming back to 95X is huge enough in itself."

"Then, as a friend, I'd take the highest-paying offer and run."

"That's the thing; the team offering the most money is the one with the owner that's, well," Lewis pauses and takes a breath, "she doesn't like it that I've always found her attractive but she can't tell me what my thoughts are."

"Oceanside?" Morrison blurts out a bit louder than a hush, which attracts nearby unwanted attention.

"Yes," Lewis responds in the same tone to cover up the personal topic of conversation, "Oceanside is a nice place to visit this time of year!"

Lewis turns to Morrison and says in a hushed voice, "keep your voice down! These offers are supposed to be confidential!"

"Would you care to order, gentlemen?" the waiter stops by at the worst possible moment.

"Please come back in ten minutes," Lewis flashes his card at the waiter, indicating he'll tip well for doing so. "And, I apologize for my colleague's manners."

"As you wish," the waiter says as he leaves.

Morrison looks somewhat perplexed as Lewis gets to the point.

"Micah, I've asked you as a teammate, as a friend, and as a professional. Now I'm asking you as one man to another: if you were in my situation, what would you do?"

Micah gives his answer.
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The coaches will select the squad from the National Player pool. The latest known members of the National Player Pool are listed below, grouped by position and sorted by projection 'Depth Chart' position where the top player listed is most likely to be named the first player selected for that position, and so on. Depth chart positions are determined by performance in pre-cup training sessions, as well as performance and average ratings in the Vilitan League competition and previous appearances for the National Team.

HEAD COACH: Nili Ylimaiina
Was regarded as the 'next great thing' in a long line of Vilitan forwards when he made his debut for Kiiarana City, Ylimaiina would ultimately live up to the billing at the International Level more than just at the domestic level. Playing for Arcticala Inlet, Eastal Lunar, Strike and Colonial Sile; Ylimaiina won 2 Stellar Division titles and scored just over 100 goals. Ylimaiina was born in Vilita but also contains Starblaydi blood on his Mother's side. The striker had great success for the National Team, serving as the primary forward during Vilita & Turori's AOCAF 42 Championship Winning side. Ylimaiina would become a regular in the Jungle Cats roster and was in the starting lineup for the World Cup 68 final, won by Vilita. After finishing out his competitive playing career at Colonial Sile but not wanting to hang up the boots completely, Ylimaiina returned to the capital region and became Player/Manager of Tivali City as well as taking the call to lead the Vilita & Turori Eel-Cat Things in AOCAF 54.

Wiyauw An'maude [ - Cedniavella - ]
GK ( AGE: 26 CAPS: :: GOALS: )
TROPHIES :: : UICA Series 'B' Champions Cup : : Vilitan Declasse :
An'maude led Cedniavella to the 64th UICA Series 'B' Champions Cup title and then subsequently backstopped the 'Vellas to a runner-up finish in the Declasse during Season 54 and subsequent promotion to the Stellar Division. An'maude was also named Vilitan Declasse Division goalkeeper of the Season for the Season 54. While An'maude was impressive in the Stellar Division, leading Cedniavella to a top-10 finish ahead of rivals Cednia Beach AFC, the Turorian netminder was coerced out of Cedniavella to take over goalkeeper duties at Lonngeylin Coast as the heir-apparent to the aging Cilamara Issah.

Vernasa Sanamun [ - Kiiarana - ]
GK ( AGE: 17 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS:0 )
Sanamun came through the academy at Kiiarana and was promoted to the senior squad at the age of 15 after the departure of Super-Llamaland netminder Lukas Bernholm following the clubs relegation from the Vilitan League.

Striitca Virahat [ - Alikki-Corra Academy - ]
GK ( AGE: 16 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS:0 )
Virahat is the latest goalkeeping prospect to come out of the Alikki-Corra Academy behind such former Vilitan National Team netminders such as Kalek Intafel
:: Reserves ::

Mikki Mayelli [ - Yeaddin Owls AFC - ]
D C ( AGE: 28 CAPS: :: GOALS: )
Mayelli was a trainee at FC Almintora before making a switch to Eastal Lunar spending 4 Seasons. Landed a high profile transfer to the Yeaddin Owls during Season 53.

Jirak Trikala [ - Jungle Strike FC - ]
D C ( AGE: 21 CAPS: 13 :: GOALS:1 )
TROPHIES :: : Vilitan Cup : Tropicorp Cup :
Although born in Vilita, Trikala moved to Tropicoast at a young age and could always be found on the footsport pitch. Trained briefly at the Obaiobao Academy on Turoki Isle before returning to Tropicorp and joining Tropicorp FC. Scored 3 goals in Tropicorp's Season 54 Tropicorp Cup Championship campaign. Trikala's first season in the Vilitan League wasn't especially impressive but the defender provided solid performances as Tropicorp finished impressively in 4th place in the Declasse table. These performances caught the eye of the scouts at Jungle Strike FC who snapped up the young defender as part of their rebuilding project after two consecutive finishes outside the top 5. Trikala got their first taste of triumph with Strike FC during Season 57 as Vilitan Cup Champions.

Biliki Rona'atu'i [ - Colonial Sile - ]
D LC ( AGE: 18 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS:0 )
TROPHIES :: : Vilitan Declasse :
Trained at the Alikki-Corra Academy, Rona'atu'i moved on to Inland Peaks FC during Season 55 and become a crucial part of their Declasse Division record setting championship season resulting in promotion back to the Stellar Division. Signed for Eastal Lunar after arriving in the Stellar Division but only spent one season there before earning a starting position at Colonial Sile for the Season 57 campaign helping Colonil to a third place finish in the League table.

Yitizo Mpala'a [ - Lonngeylin Coast - ]
D C ( AGE: 29 CAPS: :: GOALS: )
TROPHIES :: : Stellar Division : Vilitan Cup :
Trained at the Makosile Academy, Mpala'a spent one season at Eastal Lunar before joining newly promoted Lonngeylin Coast for V-League Season 49. Mapala'a established themselves in the Lonngeylin Coast first team and was a big part of the teams Vilitan Cup 55 championship run and back-to-back Stellar Division titles in Season 56 and 57.

Inbekira Ajhabekk [ - Iksara Daii (STR) - ]
D C ( AGE: 25 CAPS: 11 :: GOALS:1 )
Not much is known about the defender who was born in Vilita to Starblaydi parents. Coming up through the academy system and being capped for the Vilitan National Team, Ajhabekk eventually returned home to Starblaydia when Iskara Daii put out a call of players. Ajhabekk occasionally answers the call to join up with the Vilitan National Team in Alikki-Corra.

Rojara Tiones [ - Yeaddin Owls AFC - ]
D RC ( AGE: 16 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS:0 )
TROPHIES :: : Vilitan Declasse :
Rojara Tiones progressed through the training programme at the Owls Castle Academy before getting a call to train with the senior team at Yeaddin Owls AFC for Vilitan League Season 58.

Lulu Pumaziiri [ - Makosile - ]
D RC ( AGE: 26 CAPS: :: GOALS: )
TROPHIES :: : Stellar Division : Vilitan Cup :
Pumaziiri was originally signed by Colonial Sile but after a season away from home, returned to Turori to join up with Cednia Beach and was a critical member of their Season 48 campaign that nearly saw the Coconuts return to the top 3, sliding to 5th on the final day of the season. Runner Up in UICA Champions Cup with Cednia Beach AFC. After 5+ Seasons with Cednia Beach AFC Pumaziiri made a high profile switch to Makosile United.

Dmitri Levada [ - Iskara Daii (STR) - ]
D LC ( AGE: 36 CAPS: :: GOALS: )
TROPHIES :: : Stellar Division : Vilitan Cup :
After being part of the Vilita & Turori squad that won AOCAF 42, Levada was a member of the Cednia Beach AFC squad that won the Vilitan Cup during Season 43, and subsequently went on to win the 50th UICA Globe Cup, the first ever UICA Top-Level Champions from Turori. After spending nearly an entire career at Cednia Beach AFC, Levada left the Vilitan League following season 56 and move to the famed Iskara Daii in Starblaydia.
:: Reserves ::
Oani Moralziia (33 yo) [ - Pascal Mashu (HIN) - ] ;;

Mbdiai Akarenaa [ - Real Azuris (COS) - ]
M LC ( AGE: 26 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: )
Akarenaa started out at the Eelandii Academy before signing a professional contract with Cednia Beach AFC during V-League 47. Akarenaa's time in the Vilitan League didn't last long, however, attracting international interest from Exton FC in Apox. After a few seasons in Apox, Akarenaa returned closer to home moving back to Atlantian Oceania to join Cosumarite club Real Azuris.

Kentu Umaka'a [ - Eastal Lunar - ]
M RC ( AGE: 26 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: )
TROPHIES :: : Vilitan Declasse :
Was brought up through the Rammsissil prospect development system and spent 2 and a half seasons at the big club before transferring to Makosile United. Spent 4 seasons with the Makos but after missing out on UICA competition again during Season, jumped ship and joined Eastal Lunar FC 

Limu Katarakhna [ - Eastal Lunar - ]
M/F ( AGE: 19 CAPS: 5 :: GOALS::SR: 1 )
Limu Katarakhna came through the academy system at Colonial Sile and impressed greatly upon making their debut midway through Season 54. After Colonial Sile failed to qualify for UICA competition in Season 56, the young athlete able to step in anywhere on the field made the switch to Eastal Lunar FC. Katarakhna made their international debut during AOCAF 45 for the Eel-Cat Things but did not commit immediately to playing for Vilita or Turori internationally. After the success of the Cocoabo Squad during World Cup 79 however, the highly touted prospect acceped an invitation to be apart of Vilita's World Cup 80 Qualifying playing pool.

Daliora Toru'u [ - Yeaddin Owls - ]
DM C ( AGE: 22 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: )
Toru'u made a debut for the Yeaddin Owls at the age of 17 and cracked into the first team immediately with 4 goals and 4 assists in their debut Season 54 campaign.

Kudii Davasarii [ - Cednia Beach AFC - ]
M LC ( AGE: 20 CAPS: 3 :: GOALS::SR: 0 )
TROPHIES :: : Tropicorp Cup :
Davasarii was one of the first players brought up through the Tropicorp system and helped the club earn their second Tropicorp Cup title and subsequent promotion to the Declasse Division for Season 55. Davasarii's four goals during Season 55 helped the team to an impressive 4th place finish in the table. Davarsarii's strong play earned a transfer to Cednia Beach AFC for Stellar Division season 57.

Kiidallen Aeroluzzi [ - Rammsissil - ]
DM C ( AGE: 19 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: )
TROPHIES :: : Vilitan Declasse :
Aeroluzzi joined Rammsissil from Surf Jettica at the age of 17 as the eventual Declasse Champions looked to bolster their squad ahead of a season 57 Stellar Division return.

Intikko Kuhilana [ - Makosile - ]
DM C ( AGE: 18 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS::SR: 0 )
Kuhilana was perhaps too young when being called into the squad at Jlinal Cove on an emergency basis to cover squad gaps as they struggled to keep fit during Vilitan League Season 55. Strong performances did catch the eye of Makosile United, however, who snapped up the youngster in order to fill their own gaps left by departing players following their relegation from the Stellar Division.

Lati'ala Giaoka [ - Yeaddin Owls - ]
DM C ( AGE: 18 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: )
Lati'ala Giaoka impressed from a young age at the Owls Castle Academy and earned their first professional contract with the Yeaddin Owls at the age of 16. During Season 56, Giaoka became the youngest player to appear in a Stellar Division match for the Owls since Mako Canopii made their debut at the age of 16 during Vilitan League Season 50.

Nubara Moafalia [ - Lonngeylin Coast - ]
M LC ( AGE: 33 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: )
TROPHIES :: : Stellar Division : Vilitan Cup :
Moafilia twice appeared in the Vilitan Cup final with Lonngeylin Coast as runners up during Season 50 and finally as Vilitan Cup winners during Season 55, Moafilias first domestic silverware of any kind

Indelli Nura'amura [ - Kionao Locals - ]
ATH ( AGE: 32 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: )
TROPHIES :: [ : World Cup 68 : ] : Vilitan Cup : Tropicorp Cup :
:: Reserves ::
Saito Koshiki (28 yo) [ - Yeaddin Owls - ] ;;

Meldi'ita Mungwaii [ - Jungle Strike FC - ]
F C ( AGE: 28 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: )
TROPHIES :: : Stellar Division : Vilitan Cup : Tropical Trophy :
"After getting their first shot in the lower leagues at Turorian side Inura Forests, Mungwaii got the call to the big time become Inura Forests all-time highest transfer when switching to Eastal Lunar during Season 46. Mungwaii barely played a full season in Seraii, however, as the Turori National Team strikers potentially was quickly noticed and Jungle Strike FC came calling making Mungwaii the highest transfer in Eastal Lunar history as well.

Nii'arala Milaaso [ - Eastal Lunar - ]
F C ( AGE: 18 CAPS: 8 :: GOALS::SR: 6 )
Born in Vilita to a Turorian and a Starblaydi, Milaaso came through the Eastal Lunar Jr. Academy winning the Tropicorp Youth challenge with the Jr. Astronauts and was adjudged to have the 'DNA of Champions' based on their multi-cultural upbringing. Milaaso had a breakout season during Vilitan League 57 as the 18 year old netted 11 goals in all competitions and was widely regarded as the third best forward in the league behind National Team duo Sipke Tarala and Berali Tzufarei. Miilaaso made their international debut at the end of World Cup 79 qualifying against The Steel Coast, scoring late to net their first international tally on their debut. Was named Galacticos Youth Player of the Season at the age of 18.

Wiztsana Iretziia [ - Galatica (PAS) - ]
F C ( AGE: 25 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: )
Iretziia transferred out of the Vilitan League after its 54th season to join famed Pasargan club Galatica.

Enzoril Alabonni [ - Marine Coast United - ]
D/F C ( AGE: 18 CAPS: 3 :: GOALS::SR: 1 )
A young prospect originally from Mavaloiao, Enzoril Alabonni moved with their family to the main Island to be trained by Marine Coast United at the Crosaibi Academy. The Mavaloier has height well above the others in their age group and as such often switches between a center-back role and a role as an aerial target in attack.

Mirana Gotuai [ - Iskara Daii (STR) - ]
F C ( AGE: 31 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: )
Originally of the Mist City Floatzels in the Sunrise Islands, Gotuai has become a world traveller spending time at Sardin United in Pasarga before completing the three-region trifecta and moving back to Alantian Oceania to play for Iskara Daii of Starblaydia.

Nua'oma Aikiki [ - FC Almintora - ]
F C ( AGE: 16 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: )
Brought up through the youth system at FC Almintora
:: Reserves ::


I Give My Opponent Permission To:	
Choose Scorers: Y
GodMod Goalscoring Events: Y

Injure Players: Y (Limited to Duration of Competition)
GodMod Injury Events Y (Limited to Duration of Competition)

Red Card Players: Y (TG After RP is Posted to Inform)
Yellow Card Players: Y
GodMod Other Events: Y




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