Independents Cup 5 Everything Thread (Final Result Up)

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Independents Cup 5 Everything Thread (Final Result Up)

Postby Free Republics » Mon Jul 02, 2018 6:33 pm

Independents Cup 5

Nicholls Enterprises welcomes you to the 5th edition of the Independents Cup. 40 nations will compete in 8 groups of 5, playing a single round-robin schedule in the Federation of Free Republics for 16 spots in the knockout rounds. This is the place to post your roster and RPs and is also the place where I will be posting results. Purely OOC Posts should be posted in the Signup Thread. You may however include OOC notes in your rosters and RPs.


July 9th - Matchday One: 2v5, 3v4, 1 bye
July 11th - Matchday Two: 5v3, 1v2, 4 bye
July 13th - Matchday Three: 3v1, 4v5, 2 bye
July 15th - Matchday Four: 1v4, 2v3, 5 bye
July 17th - Matchday Five: 4v2, 5v1, 3 bye
July 19th - Round of 16: A1vB2, C1vD2, E1vF2, G1vH2, B1vA2, D1vC2, F1vE2, H1vG2
July 21st - Quarterfinals: 16R1v16R2, 16R3v16R4, 16R5v16R6, 16R7v16R8
July 23rd - Semifinals: Q1vQ2, Q3vQ4
July 25th - Final & Third Place Match

Cutoff Time: 8-10 PM North American Eastern Daylight Time

Group Draw

Pot 1

Drawkland (20)
Abanhfleft (24)
Mercedini (26)
Free Republics (34)
Juvencus (39)
Flardania (44)
Acronius (47)
United States of Devonta (57)

Pot 2

Aggrey-Fynn Land (58)
Alpine Union (59)
HUElavia (64)
Maryloupe (72)
Petroslovania (75)
North Prarie (76)
Northwest Kalactin (87)
Omerica (90)

Pot 3

Darkmania (99)
Ashkam (117)
Savalen (118)
The Authoritarian Republic of Lochario (139)
The Frozen Forest (158)
Platerdam (186)
Britonisea (211)
Adab (230)

Pot Unranked

Yanghoon (UR)
Unified Hispania (UR)
Neo-Romanum (UR)
South Caleblan (UR)
Space (UR)
Blaneu (UR)
United West Indic States (UR)
Nicana (UR)
Funky Fresh Beats (UR)
The Orion Islands (UR)
Thunisia (UR)
Karulicja (UR)
Central Shaneville (UR)
ThePenguinLand (UR)
Nurwiji (UR)
Kavagrad (UR)

Group A

Ashkam (117)
Acronius (47)
North Prarie (76)
Funky Fresh Beats (UR)
Nicana (UR)

Group B

Northwest Kalactin (87)
Central Shaneville (UR)
The Orion Islands (UR)
Britonisea (211)
Mercedini (26)

Group C

United West Indic States (UR)
United States of Devonta (57)
Platerdam (186)
ThePenguinLand (UR)
Alpine Union (59)

Group D

Thunisia (UR)
Omerica (90)
Abanhfleft (24)
The Authoritarian Republic of Lochario (139)
Blaneu (UR)

Group E

Juvencus (39)
Nurwiji (UR)
Neo-Romanum (UR)
Maryloupe (72)
Adab (230)

Group F

Darkmania (99)
Free Republics (34)
Aggrey-Fynn Land (58)
Kavagrad (UR)
Karulicja (UR)

Group G

Space (UR)
Yanghoon (UR)
HUElavia (64)
Drawkland (20)
Savalen (118)

Group H

Petroslovania (75)
Flardania (44)
Unified Hispania (UR)
South Caleblan (UR)
The Frozen Forest (158)

Useful Links
Signup Thread
Current KPB Rankings
Host Bid
Guide to Sports RP
Wikipedia's article on association football
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Postby Free Republics » Mon Jul 02, 2018 6:34 pm

Free Republics National Information

History of the Free Republics

The Federation of Free Republics was formed in 1767, following decades of revolutions in the Lunia region. In the previous few decades, there had been a wave of revolutions. The ideas of liberalism had become popular in the region, as Abram Schmitts, an economist from Shostistan, wrote several books promoting the benefits of capitalizm. Soon, absolute monarchies fell throughout the Lunia region. The Kingdom of Saintland remained unaffected by this wave of revolutions, due to its self-imposed isolation.

Following the revolutions, there were now many Republics scattered throughout the region. These Republics faced seemingly constant attempts from reactionary elements to reverse the revolution and bring back absolute monarchy. They also had trouble trading and communicating with one another. The newly free, with a lowercase f, Republics had numerous antiquated laws and contradictory systems of measurement in effect. A foot in Vorita was 2 feet in Amolotopia and a meter in Roxawa was a decimeter in Nejax. It was a total mess all around. This mess was made even worse by the multitude of languages spoken in the different Republics. As they sought to eliminate trade barriers and forge closer ties between one another, their efforts resulted in confusion. In the days of absolute monarchy, the inability to speak one another's language was a benefit, since kings were always waging wars against one another. However, as the Industrial Revolution heated up and brought an unprecedented degree of prosperity to the land, they could no longer maintain separate languages, separate measurements and the arcane laws and regulations that were hindering commerce in the region.

Then, a rebellion broke out in the Republic of Roxawa. The rebels sought to abolish all property, all laws and even government itself. Rampaging around the countryside, they attacked government buildings, vandalized property and stole whatever they felt like. All the while, they spoke of total freedom. Terrifying the Republic's well-armed militia into inaction, the rebel crime spree continued for weeks. Fear spread throughout the region that other "rebellions" of this sort would soon break out, providing the perfect excuse for the Federationists. The leaders of 77 Republics throughout the region agreed to send delegates to the city of Baseton in Amolotopia to discuss an appropriate response to the rebellion. This was a pretext, which was seized upon by the Federationists to push their "Constitution" scheme.

The Federationists proposed that a document called a "Constitution" would establish a new unified government of all of the Republics, known as the Federation Government. This would be a relatively weak government, as the Republics would remain mostly autonomous and generally free to do as they wished in governing themselves. The Federation Government would have an enumerated list of responsibilities, such as promoting commerce, maintaining a common foreign policy and common immigration policy and several other minor tasks, such as the option to establish a national postal system.

The Constitution guaranteed a number of fundamental rights. Among them are the rights to freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion and the right to own weapons for the defense not only of oneself and of the Federation, but also against tyranny. Other provisions of the Constitution prohibited unreasonable searches, cruel and unusual punishments and double jeopardy. The document also included a strict prohibition on the practice of slavery and declared immediately and permanently free any "slave" that was brought within any territory subject to the Free Republics. The Federation Government has the power to pass any legislation it deems necessary to free slaves. While ratification was controversial, due to the feeling among many people that the Federation Government was too powerful, it was eventually ratified by the electorate in each of the original 77 Republics. Today, there are the number of Republics in the Federation is well into the hundreds.

The Constitution created a bicameral Legislature and an executive branch where power is shared equally by the 2 heads of state. The Assembly is the popularly elected branch of the Legislature. Originally, it used a first-past-the-post system, but this was later changed to proportional representation after political parties and coalitions became the norm. The entire Assembly has always been up for re-election every second year. The Senate, by contrast, is a purely appointed branch and Senators serve for life terms. When a Senator is elected to another office, he becomes an inactive Senator, but other than such periods when he may serve in other offices, he is a Senator for life, without exception. Each Republic may appoint a new Senator every second year and Senators are appointed in the same years when Assembly elections are held. Finally, the Consuls are elected to 8 year terms, with a new Consul elected every 4th year. This means that every other Assembly election is held simultaneously with a Consul election. The Constitution prohibits any Consul from serving more than a single term per lifetime. Originally, Consuls were also elected first-past-the-post, but that has since changed to a 3 round system. In the first round, the top 2 candidates, plus any other candidates that get at least 10 percent of the vote advance, assuming that no candidate gets a majority of the vote. The second round sees the top 2 candidates advance, again assuming that nobody wins a majority of the votes cast. In the third and final round, whoever wins the majority of votes cast is elected. Both Consuls have and have always had full power to veto any act of the other and former Consuls automatically become Senators upon the expiration of their term in office.

The government of the Free Republics quickly moved to standardize the system of measurements used throughout the Federation and adopt English as the national language. To help transition the Federation to an English-speaking nation, the Federation Government established a system of schools funded by the Federation Government, which ensured that the next generation would speak English and identify themselves as Republicans, rather than identifying themselves by their home Republic and speaking their Republic's native language. A substantial minority of parents resisted this effort, but children were allowed to go to school and learn English, whether or not they had parental permission. By 1830, almost everybody spoke English and identified as a Republican, not an Amolotopian, Roxawan, Voritan, Schost or whatever the demonym was for their home Republic. This brought about a more unified society. Around this time, education was returned to the Republics, most of which eventually adopted a voucher based system.

The government also banned trade barriers between Republics. This was an expected and noncontroversial move. The funding of the government by a tariff also proved uncontroversial, since politicians generally agreed that the tariff should be limited to revenue only and not used to "protect" industries from competition. However, an income tax was eventually adopted as foreign imports began to dry up. The Republican economy was simply too much of a powerhouse to justify importing goods from abroad. Discontent with the income tax grew as the government kept pushing it higher and higher. Finally, Paul Musgrove ran for Consul on a platform of capping all taxes at 10 percent of income. After his election, the amendment passed both the Assembly and the Senate before being sent directly to referendum. Voters in every Republic overwhelmingly voted for it and it became a popular amendment.

In the 20th century, the Free Republics became even more of an economic powerhouse, thanks to the capitalizt economic system. Business thrived in the FFR, as the nation became progressively wealthier. Over the years, the FFR has expanded its territory while remaining on the cutting edge of technological advancement. In the present day, the Free Republics have a population in the billions and are one of the wealthiest nations in the multiverse, with a correspondingly high rate of income inequality. The exact population of the Free Republics is unknown, due to a Constitutional amendment adopted in 1934, which prohibited the taking of a Census by any entity, whether governmental or otherwise.

Several years ago, the Free Republics were left leaderless following the death of both Consuls within the span of a few months, one of them via assassination. In the chaos, Reino Kulseth of the Holy Party was elected Consul and gradually obtained dictatorial power for himself at the expense of the nation's Republican institutions. Kulseth established a tyrannical government that passed laws against lying (despite routinely lying to their own people) and mandating the use of the word "thou" instead of you in most circumstances. Kulseth dragged the nation into a large-scale war that proved extremely costly for both sides and which led to his downfall.

In the end, the Republican people rose up against Kulseth and, aligned with several foreign armies, brought down Kulseth's "Holy Republican Empire" and brought back the Federation of Free Republics. Robert Nicholls, the father of Veleik Nicholls (leader of the popular revolt) and owner of Nicholls Enterprises, was named the new Acting Consul until such time as the normal electoral process could elect his replacement. However, the following election led to the rise to power of another tyrant, Consul Caleb O'Reilly, who jailed Acting Consul Nicholls and basically turned over control of the country to a hivemind of robots which oppressed the people of the nation until one day when hackers disabled the robots and Consul O'Reilly resigned from office, claiming to have been under hypnosis during his entire time as Consul. In the aftermath, Consul Nicholls was restored to power as the Senior Consul as the FFR geared up for another election. Consul Nicholls intended to spend his time as Consul restoring the Free Republics to its former glory and was relieved that the Republican people selected retired soccer player and current professional wrestler Kyle Bolton to be their new Junior Consul in the election.

Unfortunately, the left-wing extremists in a handful of Republics, who had previously scared many Republicans into voting for Kulseth and O'Reilly, rose up in a wave of anarchistic street violence. When the Federation Government adopted measures to stop the violence, the 32 Republics they controlled seceded from the Free Republics and declared themselves a Confederacy of Leftist Republics, which quickly became a state sponsor of terror. Consul Nicholls waged war against this rebellion and ultimately defeated them. After the conclusion of this short-lived civil war, Consul Nicholls introduced "charter societies" located in the 32 former Leftist Republics and sold off ownership of these autonomous societies, whose residents are prohibited from participating in Federation Government elections or sending any representation to Republica, to the highest bidding political extremist groups in an effort to address the FFR's political extremism problem once and for all.

With the extremist groups largely exiled to the charter societies, Republican politics is expected to be less interesting in the future, which should be good for political stability in the nation. This has already borne some fruit with the recent decision by the Free Republics to join the Reichsburg Free Trade Agreement and negotiate other free trade agreements with the various nations of the multiverse.


Just about every mode of transportation is an option in the Free Republics. Visitors for the Independents Cup may arrive at any seaport or airport in the Free Republics. Planes and ships may also be used to travel between cities. As the Free Republics spans 4 continents and many thousands of miles, the use of planes is recommended for long-distance travel.

Several private companies offer high speed rail between cities. It is possible to travel through most of the Free Republics on high-speed rail, although in some places you may have to walk across the city to a competing company's station to go to your desired destination.

The use of bicycles, although unregulated, is not recommended. The Free Republics are simply too vast a nation, so players and fans that travel by bike risk missing a match altogether.

Taxis are available in every city that will be hosting Independents Cup games. Most bus services cover a radius of less than 100 miles, so the use of buses is only recommended for short distance travel.

Automobiles are legal in the Free Republics and can be rented near any airport or seaport. Travel by automobile is possible to any nation located on one of the 4 continents upon which the Free Republics are located. However, as the Republican continents are located in Lunia, it is not possible to travel by automobile to-or-from the Free Republics and most other nations participating in the Independents Cup. Anybody who intends to rent a car is strongly encouraged to get a Republican drivers license, as foreign drivers licenses are only recognized in certain Republics. Most Republics will hand out a drivers license to anybody that applies and passes the driving test. The difficulty of these tests varies greatly by Republics. The test in Nejax is notoriously easy while the test in Amolotopia is notorious as one of the most difficult. Despite this, all Republics are required by Federation law to recognize out-of-Republic drivers licenses as valid. A wide variety of cars are commonly available in the Free Republics, such as SUVs, sports cars and pick-up trucks. Those that have money to burn may rent luxury cars or limos. The vast majority of cars on the road are produced in the Free Republics. Many roads, especially long distance roads, are underfunded and in poor condition, so planes and high speed rail are much more popular in the Free Republics.


There are numerous hotel firms throughout the Free Republics. Participating nations will be required to pay for their own lodging. We encourage participating teams to visit and purchase rooms before the rush. Those that wait may very well end up staying in a cheap motel with holes in the walls and bedbugs under the sheets.

Those national teams that do not wish to stay in hotels may stay at various campgrounds outside of the host cities.


The Free Republics has a varied climate and as the Independents Cup will be held in the late spring, the weather will vary depending upon where in the country you are. Snow is fortunately no longer a possibility in the north and in mountainous regions but the weather may still be cold in those regions. Rain and thunderstorms may appear anywhere in the country. The weather may also be unseasonably warm anywhere in the Free Republics but it can go from warm to cold or vice versa overnight.


The official language of the Free Republics is English and all government documents are printed in English. Most private businesses do not print anything in a non-English language. While the rise of xenophobia in the Free Republics has subsided, most Republicans still don't speak any languages other than English. The most common foreign language spoken in the Free Republics is Latin, due to the influence of the Church of Saintland in recent years, but its use is currently frowned upon because of the language's association with the former Kulseth dictatorship.


The Republican Thaler is the only widely accepted currency in the Free Republics. Financial institutions are generally willing to change Sanctii bullion, Acedonian Aces or Universal Standard Dollars into Thalers. Due to the large number of currencies in the world, it is impossible for financial institutions in the Free Republics to keep track of all of them. Therefore, it is highly recommend that everybody visiting the Free Republics get their currency converted into Thalers, USDs or bullion before entering the Free Republics. Non-Republican Thalers, such as the now-defunct Taxachusetts Thaler (which was notorious for its extremely high inflation rates), are not accepted as currency in the Free Republics and are not convertible into Republican Thalers.


There are a plethora of entertainment options in the Free Republics. Every quality hotel room comes equipped with cable or satellite television, including thousands of channels and an interactive program guide. No matter what your preferences, you can probably find something on Republican television that you'd want to watch. If you can't find anything to watch on TV, you can always log on to Sanctustube, a video sharing website from Saintland, and browse the uncensored version of the site, which has (illegal) copies of just about every television program and movie in the multiverse.

Virtually every town in the Free Republics includes a movie theater, which is a popular social hangout. Tickets are relatively inexpensive, to keep an endless flow of teenagers coming into the movie theaters. Concerts are held in the major cities on a near-daily basis and there are several popular groups in each major genre.

Nightclubs and bars are available in virtually every village, town or city in the entire Federation. The local laws do differ, but most Republics will allow anybody over the age of 15 or so to enter a bar or nightclub. Strip clubs and brothels are also popular, although the regulation of those establishments greatly differs in each Republic. Women should be forewarned that the definition of consent in the Free Republics tends to be somewhat looser than they may be used to. In particular, Republican law regards intoxicated individuals as 100% capable of giving consent to the same extent as sober individuals and holds such individuals fully responsible for their actions and choices while intoxicated. Republican law also applies a "reasonable belief" test under which non-consensual sex is lawful if the consenting party has a "reasonable belief" that the other party is consenting. Many bars and clubs also sell marijuana, which is legal throughout most of the Free Republics (despite the efforts of the Outlaw Marijuana Party to change this).

In the past, pro wrestling has been a popular form of entertainment in the Free Republics, especially among guys between the ages of 13 and 30. The wrestling company in the Free Republics put on extremely violent and sexualized shows. As their shows grew more explicit, their ratings steadily increased to the point where they were once of the most popular programs on television in the Free Republics. The Republican Wrestling Conglomerate attempted international expansion at one time, but the rise of Consul Kulseth and the restrictions he imposed on the content of their programming eventually drove them out of business. Abelino Sagese, their former owner, established the New Republican Wrestling Conglomerate, but it is not quite as popular yet as its predecessor. The issues of the NRWC have been exacerbated by its recent decision to fire an executive because his wife was a vocal critic of certain radical forms of Christianity on social media. This inspired the National Baseball Team to launch a campaign called "Stand Up to Sexism" to promote gender equality in Republican sports and eventually forced the NRWC to back down, apologize and offer the executive his job back. All-Taiyou Pro Wrestling of Noburu Taiyou has recently

Republican entertainment has been hit hard by the Kulseth and O'Reilly regimes, but businesses in that sector are currently trying to revive it. The Republican video game industry, long dominated by the RepublicSoft Saint, a device created as part of a partnership between RepublicSoft and the Sanctii government, has been hit particularly hard due to RepublicSoft's extremely close ties to the Kulseth regime. Republican gamers are currently enjoying the Miktondo Flip, a Taiyouese import that was the first to release of a new generation of handheld gaming devices while increasing numbers of Republican computer users have begun migrating to open source alternatives to RepublicSoft's Doors operating system and Citrus Computing's cOS mobile operating system, particularly after the free upgrade to Doors 12 was discovered to contain numerous backdoors designed to aid the efforts of the Kulseth government to spy on its citizens and Citrus Computing was discovered to have collaborated with the O'Reilly regime. Even Googol's Cyborg mobile OS has come under much criticism of late for overly restricting the freedom of its users. One of the more popular open source operating systems is Perestroika.

Important Laws

For the most part, visiting teams and fans will not have to worry about any unusual laws in the Free Republics. While public nudity statutes remain on the books in many Republics and around half of the Republics restrict the use of hard drugs, pornography, prostitution, alcohol, tobacco and cannabis are generally legal. In fact, pornography is legal everywhere in the FFR, as it is recognized by the Federation courts as freedom of speech. While many of these activities were barred at the request of the Kulseth regime and later barred again by the O'Reilly regime, there has been a push since the fall of the dictatorships to legalize them as widely as possible. However, laws against abortion tend to vary between Republics and some Republics have made it a crime to utilize their transportation infrastructure to travel to another Republic to procure an abortion. Public opposition to abortion has been growing in recent years, so more and more Republics are passing laws restricting or outlawing abortion.

Some Republics have their share of silly laws. The Constitutional provision prohibiting "cruel and unusual punishment" does not have as strong of an effect as you might expect because the Federation courts use an 18th century definition of cruel and unusual punishment. While nobody's going to be hung, drawn and quartered or tortured for evidence, several backwater Republics do practice some rather bizarre punishments for crimes. If you're going to run into any legal problems, it will probably be in some backwater Republic, since they have historically been the main power base of extremist politicians in the Free Republics. You may also run into problems in the charter societies as they are not required to follow the Federation Constitution and are generally run by extremist groups. Even under the Kulseth and O'Reilly Consulships, the federal system remained largely intact, so many of these extremist politicians have been in power since the days before Kulseth's rise.

In particular, women visiting the Free Republics should be mindful that sexual consent is defined slightly more broadly than they may be used to. The Free Republics has traditionally had a very sex-positive culture for the most part and has tended to be suspicious at times regarding the reliability of accusations of sexual crimes. The different sexual norms in the Free Republics have caused several international incidents in the past. Sexual norms changed during the Kulseth regime and have yet to fully return to the way that they were. Given Kulseth's popularity among Republican women, it is doubtful that the old sexual culture will ever be fully restored but there are many Republicans who long for a return to normalcy, including the old sexual norms, and the nightlife industry is currently bigger and more successful than it has been at any point since the rise of Kulseth.


Olympic Stadium (Final match)

The Olympic Stadium, which seats 107,432, was constructed for the X Winter Olympics in Baseton, Amolotopia. The stadium, which has a retractable roof, hosted all of the ceremonies at the X Winter Olympics and has replaced Nicholls Enterprises Stadium as the foremost stadium in Baseton. Amolotopia is toward the northern part of the Free Republics.

RepublicSoft Stadium (a Round of 16 match)

RepublicSoft Stadium is located in New City, Orlandiana. New City is believed to be the most populous city in the Free Republics, but RepublicSoft Stadium seats just 42,282. Ticket prices are notoriously high at RepublicSoft Stadium and many believe that the capacity was kept deliberately low to draw a wealthier audience to the stadium in New City. RepublicSoft is a computer company in the Free Republics. They make the Doors operating system, which has traditionally the most popular OS in the Lunia region. RepublicSoft is also well known for their line of office software. However, they are most widely known as the co-creators of the Saint, along with Royal Computer Entertainment of Saintland (RCES) and the producers of most of the first-party software for the Saint. Orlandiana is a mid-northern Republic.

Milne Stadium (a Round of 16 match)

Milne Stadium, located in Samstown, Nessex, is a relatively small stadium located in an ancient town. It is the home of Samstown Standard, a soccer team that has been remarkably successful for a small town soccer team. The 38,506 seat stadium is always filled to capacity, even for middle school soccer matches, as the people of Samstown are soccer mad. Once it was announced that Samstown would get a World Cup match during World Cup 68, tickets for that match sold out in less than 5 minutes, as the soccer-mad locals rushed to purchase tickets. The people of Nessex are known, in addition to their enthusiasm, for being relatively friendly and welcoming to foreigners. In Samstown, the man on the street largely knows who the players are, their strengths and their weaknesses. Nessex is located in the northern part of the Free Republics and shares a border with the Republic of Taxachusetts.

Gem of the Oceans Stadium (first listed Group A matches & a Semifinal match)

Located in Republica, the capitol of the Free Republics, Gem of the Oceans Stadium is a massive stadium that seats 101,208 fans. Gem of the Oceans Stadium is named after the National Anthem of the Free Republics. Republica is located near the center of the Free Republics, but is slightly north of the true center.

AllMartDome (second listed Group A matches & the 3rd place match)

Located in Reco, Jolarus, the AllMartDome is an 88,234 seat stadium. Sponsored by AllMart, the leading big box store in the Free Republics, the AllMartDome is a multi-purpose domed stadium used for soccer, football, baseball and several other sports, as well as conventions. A giant green and yellow AllMart logo is one of the stadium's defining features, along with its transparent roof, which permits a natural grass surface to be installed inside of a domed stadium. Jolarus is a socially conservative Republic located in the central part of the Free Republics.

Soccer Palace (first listed Group B matches & a Semifinal match)

The Soccer Palace is located in Petrograd, Plymouth and seats 111,663. The Soccer Palace is a truly massive stadium, with plenty of room for future expansion. Petrograd is the center of the oil industry in the Free Republics. The Republic of Plymouth is located toward the south-western portion of the country.

PetroDome (second listed Group B matches)

The PetroDome is located in Petrograd, Plymouth and seats 82,349. The PetroDome is the home of the University of Petrograd's football team and is located on campus. The University of Petrograd is one of the biggest party schools in all of the Free Republics and that is saying something. Petrograd is the center of the oil industry in the Free Republics. The Republic of Plymouth is located toward the south-western portion of the country.

IslandDome (first listed Group C matches & a Quarterfinal match)

The IslandDome is located in the city of Toakameau, located in the island Republic of Falatulu and seats 66,665. Falatulu consists of several small islands off the southern coast of the Free Republics. The Republic is known for its libertine lifestyle and for its high levels of political apathy. The Falatuluan lifestyle is a non-stop party, making the Republic a popular vacation destination. Free love is practiced by the majority of Falatuluans and drug use is rampant on the islands. With a tropical climate, its always warm and its almost always sunny on the islands. During the O'Reilly regime, Falatulu declared its independence, but it has since rejoined the FFR. Toakameau is the only major city in Falatulu and is located on the largest island.

Coconut Coliseum (second listed Group C matches)

The Coconut Coliseum is a coconot-shaped stadium located in the 'city' of Foaktu in the island Republic of Falatulu. It seats 44,509. Falatulu consists of several small islands off the southern coast of the Free Republics. The Republic is known for its libertine lifestyle and for its high levels of political apathy. The Falatuluan lifestyle is a non-stop party, making the Republic a popular vacation destination. Free love is practiced by the majority of Falatuluans and drug use is rampant on the islands. With a tropical climate, its always warm and its almost always sunny on the islands. During the O'Reilly regime, Falatulu declared its independence, but it has since rejoined the FFR. Foaktu is more like a large town than a city and is located on the small westernmost island of Falatulu.

FreedomCola Stadium (first listed Group D matches & a Quarterfinal match)

FreedomCola Stadium in Borotia, Iodara is the home of both the Borotia Ninjas and Borotia City. A 72,398 seat stadium, FreedomCola Stadium is sponsored by the makers of the most popular soft drink in the Free Republics. Iodara is a western Republic, located in the middle of a mountain range. The city of Borotia is located in a valley between mountains. Iodara is relatively lightly populated and the Republic's populace tends to be very self-reliant and skeptical of outsiders.

Church of Technicology Stadium (second listed Group D matches & a Round of 16 match)

Located in Tarita, Quartona, Church of Technicology Stadium is an otherwise unspectacular 61,403 stadium that is mainly known for being named after the Church of Technicology, a religion founded by a failed science fiction writer named J.Q. Caballero. Widely considered a scam masquerading as a religion, the Church of Technicology has nonetheless managed to gain a following among some celebrities. They are mostly famous for their litigiousness, including a lawsuit against the leading domain name registrar in the Free Republics that was literally laughed out of court by a judge, on national television. Quartona is located in the north-western portion of the Free Republics.

MilaneseDome (first listed Group E matches & a Quarterfinal match)

The MilaneseDome is named after Virgilio Milanese, a former Consul of the Free Republics. Consul Milanese was born in the Republic of Keronama. The stadium seats 98,734 and is located in Wortana, Keronama. Keronama is toward the eastern part of the Free Republics.

National Organization for Men Stadium (second listed Group E matches & a Round of 16 match)

Named after the National Organization for Men (NOM), National Organization for Men Stadium is a mid-size stadium located in Estonopolis, Keronama. NOM is a controversial, but politically powerful organization which advocates for the rights of men in the Free Republics. The stadium seats 58,534. Keronama is toward the eastern part of the Free Republics.

Olden Stadium (first listed Group F matches & a Quarterfinal match)

Olden Stadium is located in Falkamore, Nejax. Olden Stadium is named after the Olden Automobile Company, one of the leading automobile manufacturing companies in the Free Republics. Olden is famous for making SUVs and pick-up trucks. Nejax is a southern Republic. Olden Stadium seats 92,681. Nejax has acquired somewhat of an international notoriety in the past.

Nejan Stadium (second listed Group F matches & a Round of 16 match)

Nejan Stadium, located in Oldston, Nejax, is the home of the Oldston Nejans, a (gridiron) football team in the FFL. Nejan Stadium has a capacity of 122,406 and is one of the newest stadiums in the Free Republics. Funded entirely by Marcel Friedman, the owner of the Nejans, Nejan Stadium is truly a top-of-the-line stadium in every way. Oldston was built by the Olden Automobile Company as a company town. It has since developed into a city, known for its complete lack of any city planning whatsoever. This has resulted in a city of endless possibilities where you can come across something interesting in any neighborhood. The chaotic design of Oldston can be summed up in the fact that the city courthouse is located across the street from a brothel. Nejax is a southern Republic that has acquired somewhat of an international notoriety in the past.

RayDome (first listed Group G matches & a Round of 16 match)

The RayDome is located in Doranto, Contoria and seats 72,469. Contoria is a southern Republic. The RayDome is the home of the Doranto SunRays. The SunRays are one of the more accomplished (gridiron) football teams in the FFR. The RayDome has a fully transparent roof and is an architectural marvel.

Kountry Bank Stadium (second listed Group G matches & a Round of 16 match)

Located in Albertope, Roxawa, Kountry Bank Stadium is a multipurpose stadium that seats 83,802 which was once known as Church of Saintland Stadium. The Church of Saintland chose not to renew the naming rights to the stadium and those were picked up by Kountry Bank, a regional financial institution. The Republic of Roxawa is one of the southern Republics.

Alex Tomlinson Memorial Stadium (first listed Group H matches)

Alex Tomlinson Memorial Stadium is located in Barkersville, Amolotopia. The stadium is named after Alex Tomlinson, a Liberal candidate for Consul from several decades ago. Tomlinson was shot and killed by a lone nut assassin following his victory in the critical Amolotopia primary election. Tomlinson's older brother, the outgoing Consul at the time, had been shot and nearly killed by an assassin several years earlier. At the time, the city of Barkersville was constructing a new multi-purpose stadium for their local soccer, (gridiron) football and baseball teams. Due to public demand, the city chose to name the stadium after Tomlinson upon its completion. It seats 92,906. Amolotopia is one of the northern Republics.

Podvez Field (second listed Group H matches & a Round of 16 match)

Podvez Field is located in the small town of Yellow Bay in Vorita. It is primarily used as a (gridiron) football stadium, but has also been used for some soccer matches, and is named after Mario Podvez. Mario Podvez was a quarterback and later the longtime head coach of the Yellow Bay Tornadoes. He is considered one of the greatest quarterbacks from the early days of professional football in the Free Republics. Coaching Yellow Bay for over 5 decades, he won more games than any other coach in the history of Republican professional football. Vorita is one of the northern Republics. Podvez Field seats 65,397.
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Top-Ranked IAC-5 Kick Corps

Postby Drawkland » Mon Jul 02, 2018 7:48 pm


Region: Sonnel
Trigramme: DRK
Leader: Iarocav
Currency: Lolad
Capital City: Metropolon
Largest City: Drawk City

Manager: Michael Starre (Metropolon Lights)
Formation: 3-3-4
Style Mod: +4

Starting Lineup
## Pos Name Age Club NAT
12 GK Lana Harmony 26 Cedina Baech AFC Image
01 CB Sarah Arrowsword 30 Crawford City FC Image
02 LB Cynthia Pack 32 Gwinevra Barbarians Image
03 RB Nicole Warren 31 Eastern Stars Image
04 LM Rebecca Talla 38 Langtree United Image
07 CM Ellzidan 5372 Elstrund Roots Image
05 RM Mandy Thompson 29 Peynol-Lunas Image
09 LF Stella Moore 29 Drawk City Troopers Image
10 WF Corrie Archer 29 Drawk Corps Image
22 RF Cam Cross 26 Lexington Victory Image
11 CF Katie Madison 28 Drawk Corps Image
Reserve Lineup
## Pos Name Age Club NAT
00 GK Savannah Everett 29 Jaffro Storm Image
13 DF Lorraine Collins 28 Drawk Corps Image
14 DF Seon-Yann Slater 26 Willox Street Pirates Image
15 DF Bela Tracy 29 Drawk City Troopers Image
17 MD Kaitlyn Axelson 30 Alnio Union Image
18 MD Siv Foss 30 Elstrund Roots Image
27 MD Zoe Malle 27 Jaffro Storm Image
06 ST Mickey Watson 29 Raikennax Charge Image
19 ST Aurora Jewel 28 Goodfeather FC Image
20 ST Leea May 27 Dammenport Lightning Image
32 ST Corynn Turati 26 North Hall Image
08 ST Jackie Crawford 27 Rozelle Image

  1. Katie Madison (or CF)
  2. Cam Cross (or WF)
  3. Ellzidan (or LF)
  4. Sarah Arrowsword (or RF)
  5. Corrie Archer (or CM)
If a shootout unlikely goes on beyond 5, it will progress from unused players, Striker to Keeper.
Parenthesis refers to what player will take the shot if the listed player is absent.


This is the tenth soccer/football tournament of any kind that Drawkland has officially competed in in the multiversal stage. After Qualifying for World Cups 77-80, the Kick Corps has pretty much quelled any doubts about whether or not they're actually good.
This is the official form of the roster, with a Reserve Lineup in addition to the Main Starting Lineup. The Main Lineup is full of familiar faces, but the Reserve Roster now has some new blood who first got exposure to international play last qualifying campaign. This is the lineup personally selected by the Drawkian International Sporting Council (DISC) to represent Drawkland: those chosen are undeniably the best at what they do and excel under the team chemistry and dynamic.
Drawkian soccer, and indeed, sporting in general, is mostly offensive-minded. This is reflected in the style indicator and in the formation. Drawkian soccer has not really been exposed to outside influences, and thus may look or feel strange to those used to "normal" football. Nevertheless, the players are still good at what they do, and prize in an enduring game, moving the ball around nearly constantly and keeping energy going, aiming to tire out the opposing team. Of course, Drawkians aren't humans, but you can read about that elsewhere. Oh yes, and Drawkian Soccer is a female-only sport. This may change, but not for a *long* time. This is because Gridiron Football is all-male, and the other two major sports, Baseball and Basketball, are mixed-gender. If there's anything a Drawkian loves, it's even formats and symmetric paradigms, hence why things shook out like they did. There are male players, but they play abroad where it's more acceptable, but they still don't get much attention.
Most of the team, including the manager, are made up from home-grown talent, coming from the highest-quality teams. However, a few have branched out to foreign leagues, mainly those of Terranea in Rushmore, that of Ceni and the Isles of Avon. More information on the players is to come later.

WC Sanctioned: 40-17-16
Non-WCC: 16-9-13

First Match: Drawkland 3-3 Averyickan City
First Win: Capital District, Ward 1 4-6 Drawkland
First Loss: Great Caledonia and North Hybernia 2-2 Drawkland (2-2 AET) [3-1 PKs]
Highest Score: Capital District, Ward 1 4-6 Drawkland
Lowest Score: Drawkland 0-0 Kosovakia (1-0 AET)
Best Win: Willinois 0-4 Drawkland
Worst Loss: Drawkland 0–4 Schottia
Most Important: Drawkland 3-2 Great Caledonia and North Hybernia
Best End Result: 3rd Place (Baptism of Fire 64)
Baptism of Fire 64: The big event, as it was referred to, was where Drawkland finally made their foray into the World Cup Cycle. Spirits were high going into the tournament and many were slating the Drawkians to take the whole tournament before it started. A 1-1 draw to Kernovi wasn't the start they imagined, but an 0-3 win on Turkmenbasyn followed by a 1-1 draw to Amnarei-asud was enough to send Drawkland to the knockout rounds. Winning 3-2 versus Ndaku in the first round, followed by an 0-2 win on Mriin was certainly expected, but a brutal 1-2 AET loss to none other than Amnarei-asud in the Semifinal sent the Corps to their second third place matchup, which was really not where they wanted to end up. However, they delightfully made light of the situation by beating the despised Great Caledonia and North Hybernia by a 3-2 margin to at least get bronze.
World Cup 77: And, being placed in Pot 7 for their first-ever World Cup Qualifiers, it was expected Drawkland to finish mid-table. Especially with the likes of the up-and-coming power of Bonesea, the Old Guard of Jeruselem, and the Top Pots of Barunia, it would be a long shot for Drawkland to qualify. But, somehow, on amazing circumstances that lasted all the way to the final minutes of the final match against Barunia, Drawkland managed to scrape through and qualify in their first ever shot at qualification. On to World Cup 77, where they sure got annihilated by other teams, only managing to get a single point by drawing Eura 0-0, before taking big L's to Osarius and Valladares.
World Cup 78: Eager to prove the doubters wrong and qualify once more to keep the percentage at 100%, Drawkland came with fire to World Cup 78 qualifiers, admittedly in the much easier position of Pot 3. They started strong out of the gate by defeating GVH 3-1 at home. Drawkland had a pretty solid but low-point qualifying campaign, scoring big wins but also big losses (all 3 of Drawkland's losses that campaign came to the tune of conceding 5 goals). A penultimate matchday 2-2 draw left Drawkland a point behind Red Blackiland, the second place nation in the group. Once again needing miraculous circumstances, Drawkland managed a 4-1 win to stay alive and Red Blackiland miraculously drew against an unranked side, paving Drawkland's way to their second consecutive World Cup. Ignore the fact that they lost to Eura and Farfadillis 6-2 and 6-1 respectively, instead focus on how they got their first-ever World Cup victory by defeating Turori 1-0!
Wold Cup 79: Drawkland had a very easy path to qualification in World Cup 79 ... they hosted it! Well, co-hosted it, along with Ceni. Avoiding the grueling World Cup Qualifying process, they came in to the World Cup group stage fresh and ready to take advantage of their home fields. They started that off well with a 2-0 win over Cassadaigua, but momentum slowed after a 1-1 draw to Turori the next matchday. However, they still had the second-place position in their group, and all they had to do is not lose by 2 goals or more to Cosumar on the final matchday to make the knockout round for the first time in their history. Unfortunately, the choke gods descended upon the Kick Corps, and they lost 4-1 at a practical home field to the Dragons. Turori won their match and went on to the playoffs ahead of Drawkland. Despite the disappointing loss, they still got the most points they ever had in a World Cup, with 4.
Independents Cup 4: After 3 straight cycles of mediocrity (Round of 16 exit, Round of 16 exit, Quarterfinal exit), Drawkland was not too excited for their next Independents Cup. However, with Bonesea, Spaam, and other highly-ranked IAC nations inexplicably gone for the tournament, the only real threat to Drawkland was the Schottian juggernaut. After a solid group stage showing, the Corps went on to the playoffs with ease. Drawkland's bracket path was easy, besides the chance of facing Schottia in the semifinals ... only for Schottia to inexplicably fall to a minor nobody nation. Drawkland's path to the championship was then paved in gold and handed on a silver platter, facing the only other well-ranked nation left, Free Republics, in the final. Drawkland had the momentum, the team, the skill, all they had to do was win the game. And yet ... they inexplicably failed to show up to the game, and the Free Republics stomped them to win the IAC.
World Cup 80: The Corps had to put their nose to the grindstone once again and try to qualify for their 4th straight cycle and keep the streak alive. They did just that. Despite poor showings against Electrum both legs, they earned the second spot in the group and went on to compete in a qualification playoff against Valladares. They won the first leg 3-4 away, but lost the second leg 2-3. Luckily, with their huge showing on the road, they qualified on away goals, and went on to be in an extremely difficult World Cup group. They could only draw the lower-ranked Buyan, and somehow fluked into a goalless draw against world #1s Schottia, before falling for the third time that cycle to Electrum. Another cycle, another qualification, another group stage defeat. Onward the Corps shall march.

Beautifully Crafted by ediraf.
From Left to Right: Home, Away, Goalkeeper.


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes
Yellow Card my Players: Yes
Red Card my Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes
As far as these go, I'm fair game for anything. You should know what is and isn't drastic RP, and if you think your RP is on the drastic side, TG me first. But I'm still basically up for anything.
I'd like to request that injuries or cards don't do anything outside of the scope of a single game or maybe 2. Don't want anything tournament or cycle-ending. Red cards should be limited to late knockout stages, and I'd probably think that there should be no more than 2 players red carded per tournament.
Also, Ellzidan is a rather unique figure, as you'll come to find out, so you can go ahead and do some weirdness involving her if you'd like to make something less realistic occur. TG me if unsure.

Disclaimers of various sorts:
I don't know very much about soccer. If I RP something weird, it's because I have little to no experience with this sport. But whatever.
If you have any questions about anything involving me, this team, my nation, this competition, life, etc., feel free to telegram me.
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Northwest Kalactin
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Postby Northwest Kalactin » Tue Jul 03, 2018 9:07 am


Coach: Image Damon Schechter (Ethane)
Assistant coach: Joe Jackson
Manager: Ray Byrd
Head trainer: Will Sakura


Strikers: Luke Dillan Image Yamba FC
Jared Sednah Image CLC FC (north prairie)

Midfielders: Jack Flemister Image Salmon Head FC
Steve Gilbert Image Toureres War eagles
Frank owens Image Coffs Harbour FC
Will Sanders Image Murwelldobah FC

Backs: Gibson Fernandez
Hue Grebv Image Ballina Golden Hurricanes
Matt Hall Image FC Harbour City
Jack Dakota Image Alton Swifts

Goalkeeper: Wendell Jakerein Image Kempsey United


Strikers : Mark Barnes Image Malor Sharpshooters

Midfielders: Daniel Guidry Image Kempsey United
Wesley Barkley Image Ballina Red Devils

Backs: Jackie Nguyen Image Malor City
Walter Johnson Image Purple Town

Goalies: Jerome Nguyen Image Griffin City


Strikers: Joe Russell Image Griffin Fusion

Midfielders: Ryan Allen Image Kempsey United

Backs: Carl Brown Image Purple Town
Bobby Howard Image X City

Goalie: Brett Wade Image Purple Town


RP permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: No
Godmod Other Events: no

Style mod is -1.40
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All India Cup 1
MAC 5&6
Gold Coast Basketball Tournament 1
World Lacrosse Championships XXXV
NSCF Mineral Conference
Coffs 7’s I
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Postby ThePenguinLand » Tue Jul 03, 2018 11:20 am

Coach: Ray Will Bradford
Assistant Coach: Robbie Olsen.

The Roster.
Formation: 4-3-3
Style Mod: -2( if the scorinator will allow it then go for 1.6, if not then go for the rounded up version given here).
(Red indicates starter, Blue indicate reserved, players without anything can be changed at will,opponents may slightly alter my starting line-up if they RP first according to this.)

1-GK-34-Bogodin stankovich-Greater Penguinlandia FC.
22-GK-26-Yuroslav chicorsky- Bologna FC.
26-GK-22-Boleslaw Czetelny- Cardina FC.
4-CB-24-Shidlern Proskazy-Greater Penguinlandia FC.
6-CB-24- Rosamin Hidercky-Yuria FC.
8-CB-32-Ramirez Crossic- Undese FC.
12-CB-37- Ramosan Black- No contract.
17-CB-34- Gonzalez Matilda-Russ FC.
16-LB-22-SLozmow Jedercik-Tain FC.
18-LB-25-Ramoserezon Dainawonivic-Majorica FC.
24-RB-27-Eden Fore-Greater Penguinlandia FC.
19-RB-20-Gornan Hernazo-Icania FC.
25-CM-26-Matias Gonzaleherna-Greater Penguinlandia FC.
27-CM-26-Nowac Strezelny-Regonia FC.
28-CM-28-Richley Mattic-Strzarnow FC.
29-CM-30-Mattinas Gonzalodin- Penguin FC.
34-CM-35-Manowic Tadley- Penguin FC.
10-RW-25-Mattias Fernandes-Penguin FC.
9-ST-22-Martinas Edmunsonowivic-Penguin FC.
11-LW-24-Leopold Dinawsci-Penguin FC.
14-RW-26-Durnawi Sceolpold- Majorski FC.
15-ST-28-Ramos Thiogamos-Greater Penguinlandia FC.
20-LW-34-Thergsen Skilanowic- Calcos FC.

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes(maximum of three)
Godmod Other Events: Yes
(for all Godmod events contact me first).
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Union of Socialist Alpine Republics
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Postby Union of Socialist Alpine Republics » Tue Jul 03, 2018 12:21 pm

Alpine Union National Football Team

Reprezentacja Alpejski w Pilka Nozna

Alpska Unija Nacionalna Nogomet Momcad

Selección de fútbol de Unión Alpina

Équipe d'Union Alpine de Football

Alpischen Fußball Nationalgemischtschaft

Sgioba Nàiseanta Ball-coise na Ailpeach Aonadh

Full nation name: Union of Socialist Alpine Republics
Short nation name: Alpine Union, U.S.A.R.
Trigramme: UAR
Demonym: Alpine
Nicknames: Alpines, Green & white, Bisons, Reprezentacja Alpejski
Team Colors: Green and white
Formation: 3-5-2
Style modifier: +3

Our kits are designed by No Nonsense Sportswear (Thanks to NNS):

Home, Away, Goalkeeper

About the Union of Socialist Alpine Republics


Football is played in Prusy Krolewskie since the beginning of the 20th century. Prusy Krolewskie's first international games were in the baptism of fire 59, the Reprezentacja Pruski finished 2nd in group F and lost to Santaclausisgodistan in round of 16. In the World Cup 72 qualifications, Prusy Krolewskie finished fifth in group 5 with a 5-3-6 record. Prusy Krolewskie was then missing in action until we come back for the XI olympiads and the World Cup 76 where we finished 6th in group 6 with a 2-2-8 record. Prusy Krolewskie was invited at the Cup of Harmony and did very poorly. Then, the Reprezentacja Pruski participated in the 1st Independents Cup, for nations outside of the big three regions, but had a bad tournamant either. Prusy Krolewskie tried to qualify for the World Cup 77 and failed, but still had a pretty good run, enough to crack the top 100 in the KPB rankings and recieve an invitation to the Cup of Harmony 69. Prusy Krolewskie finished 3rd in its group with a 0-2-1 record.

In 2018, every nations in North Eurasia formed a superstate called Union of Soclialist Alpine Republics. The Alpine Union inherited Prusy Krolewskie's rank and participated in the Independents Cup II but lost all three games. The USAR tried to qualify for the World Cup 78 but finished 4th in group 8 with a 8-3-5 record, this is the best result so far for Prusy Krolewskie/USAR. At the Cup of Harmony 70, the Alpine Union had one win and two losses in 3 games. Then in the Independents cup III, the Alpine Union finished first in group C with 3 wins an no loss and beat Devonta in the round of 16 but lost against Bojikstan in the quarter finals. The Alpine Union tried to qualify for the World Cup 79, but the team failed miserably. Finally iat the Independents cup IV, the Alpine Union lost 1–1 (1–2 AET) in the semi final and 3–3 (3–4 AET) in the 3rd place matchup.

The Bisons tried to qualify again for the World Cup 80. They were 3rd with a 5-2-2 record at the half but did poorly with a 2-0-7 record for the 2nd half with an overall record of 7-2-9. The Alpines was a late invitee at the Cup of Harmony 72 and finished 2nd in group G with a win and two draws. The Alpine Union lost 2-0 against Mercedini in the round of 16.

All time record: 48-25-61

First game: 3-0 win vs Kaboomlandia @ baptism of fire 59
First win: 3-0 win vs Kaboomlandia @ baptism of fire 59
First draw: 1-1 draw vs Nova Anglicana @ world cup qualif. 72
First loss: 5-0 loss vs Panem @ baptism of fire 59
Biggest win: 4-0 win vs Kosovakia @ world cup qualif. 78; 6-2 win vs Kosovakia @ world cup qualif. 78
Biggest lost: 5-0 loss vs Panem @ baptism of fire 59
Greatest/Most memorable game: 2-2 draw vs West Saintland @ world cup qualif. 76

Alpine Union

The Union of Socialist Alpine Republics consists of 30 socialist republics, which used to be independent nations or part of an independent nation who united together in 2018 to form the Union of Socialist Alpine Republics (Alpine Union for short). The new capital city, Ibrahimovicstadt, was named after the Alpine's first and current leader, Arijana Ibrahimovic, and has been build from scratch under the Alps mountain range to avoid being destroyed by evil capitalist nations such as the Free Republics or evil dictatorships like Gregoryisgodistan, which still existed at the time. Englih is spoken as a first language by almost 50% of the population and other national languages includes Polish, Croat, Spanish and French. Most people in the Alpine Union are bilingual or even trilingual. Our national religion is margaretism and our currency is the alpine krone.

There are only two international airports in the Alpine Union (Oglethorpe International Airport and Lotnisko Zygmunt VIII w Mszczonowie) and many national and regional airports. The two international airports are on Air Terranea's destinations list and our top airline, Southern Airlines, is an Air Terranea partner, which makes transportation to the U.S.A.R. easier. All major cities has a rapid metro or bus system and transportation from towns to towns is easy with a rapid train system that connects each major cities. Because The Rooney-Charlton is an official supporter of the World Cup 80 whitin the Alpine Union, all visiting nation's players, coaches, staffs and journalists will stay at a The Rooney-Charlton hotel.


To be announced at the World Cup 81 qualifications


MD1 -
MD2 -
MD3 -
MD4 -
MD5 -


Head Coach: Wlodzimierz Jastrzebowski
Ass Coach: Raghnaid McCulloch
Ass Coach: Dragan Kovacevic
GK coach: Jose Ramon Galarraga
Physio: Urszula Skoraczynska


Captain: Krzysztof Januszkiewicz
Penalty Taker: Zbigniew Zajaczkowski
Corners (left): Pawel Wawrzynkiewicz
Corner (right): Yannick Ksiezniakiewicz
Free Kicks: Sascha Welzmüller
Direct Free Kicks: Sarah Schroffenegger

Formation (3-5-2):


Team Roster (starters in blue):

#       Pos     Name                    Age     Team                      Birthplace                    Note
1 GK Zofia Kwietniewska 29 Korona Malbork Puck, WP
12 GK Vjekoslav Jakovljevic 29 Celtic F.C. Vrnogracka Slapnica, HZ GK #3
88 GK Jennifer O'Byrne 27 FC Tortella Castletown-Bearhaven, HY GK #2

4 SD Bartosz Strzyzowski 34 GNK Dinamo Zagrad SD #4
5 SD Przemyslaw Zawistowski 30 Gornik Ozorkow Brzeszcze, WP
9 SD Weronika Kaczorowska 32 Pogon Miedzyzdroje Kostrzyn nad Odra, WP SD #3
28 SD Weronika Zubrowska 25 Olimpia Szczebrzeszyn Szczebrzeszyn, WP

2 CD Tearlach MacEachthighearna 28 Twyford F.C. Achnacloich, CD CD #2
3 CD Krzysztof Januszkiewicz 34 Legia Puck Puszczykowo, WP
13 CD Momo 27 FC Tortella Castello de Farfanya, CT CD #5
32 CD/SD Slawomir Skrzeszewski 24 Celtic F.C. Ozorkow, WP CD #3 SD #5
33 CD/SD Sabrina Hartmann 30 FK Zeljeznicar Schloßböckelheim, AM CD #4 SD #6

6 SM Sarah Schroffenegger 31 Pogon Miedzyzdroje Sankt Katharinen, AM
7 SM Pawel Wawrzynkiewicz 30 Legia Puck Zlotow, WP

20 SM Jedrzej Kosciukiewicz 28 GNK Dinamo Zagrad Szczawnica, WP SM #3
23 SM Nick Warner 31 Borussia Ueckermünde Des Lacs, OK SM #4

8 CM Sascha Welzmüller 33 Borussia Ueckermünde Buttstädt, AM CM #6
10 CM Amelia Zalwowska 29 Gornik Ozorkow Wloszczowa, WP
17 CM Bartlomiej Szczepankiewicz 30 Olimpia Szczebrzeszyn Przeclaw, WP CM #4, Backup DCM
70 CM Cristiano Fernando 28 Twyford F.C. Foz do Arelho, PT CM #5, Backup ACM
77 CM Yannick Ksiezniakiewicz 26 Pogon Miedzyzdroje Ueckermünde, AM
81 CM/SM Alicja Jedrzejczyk 25 Gornik Ozorkow Ostrzeszow, WP CM #7 SM #5
97 CM Przemyslaw Tkocz 24 Pogon Miedzyzdroje Police, WP

11 S Zbigniew Zajaczkowski 31 Pogon Miedzyzdroje Miedzyzdroje, WP
14 S Kevin O'Maoilsheachlainn 27 Rangers F.C. Knockskeagh, HY S #4
15 S Jean-François Kleineheismann 29 Borussia Ueckermünde Longcochon, AM
18 S Katarzyna Grzywinska 31 Korona Malbork Wladyslawowo, WP S #3

AM: Alsace-Mecklenburg
CD: Caledonia
CT: Catalonia
HY: Hybernia
HZ: Herzegovina
OK: Okanogan
PT: Portugal
WP: Wschodnioprusy (Prussia East)

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Yes
Injure Players: Yes
Godmod Injury Events: No
Red Card Players: Yes
Yellow Card Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes
Use a pic to depict my team even if the jersey does not match my team colors: NO
Hockey: 15th | American Football: 8th | Baseball: 10th | Association Football: 65th | Rugby Union: 23rd

Champions: World Bowl XXXII
Runner Up: WCoH 36
3rd Place:
4th Place: WJHC 12, Independents Cup 4, Handball World Cup 21

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A new name on the block and one that will try and take the stage with a lot of nerves, lead out by Dusan Azzini. The 49-year old used to a prolific winger with a bit of a short temper but remastered himself into a pensive manager. Not sure what to expect from the international level, he’ll take on the opposition with a blistering 3-4-1-2, heavily reliant upon the industriousness of his defensive block of five and the touch of genius from a pivotal Trevisan and star striker Prigidar. Expect Azzini to stand by his tactical scheme, preferring to go down in glory over a consolidated small loss.


1 - Roberto Moscardelli (GK - 34 - Societa Cadenza)

The oldest player in the squad makes an imposing figure between the sticks, standing tall at nearly two metres. With his experience, he should be able to guide an insecure defensive line through the pitfalls of international football whilst dominating his box. It’s not rare to see him use the full space available, charging forward and tackling the ball out of danger. However, the national captain never was the quickest to the ground and can be beaten by a calm striker. Known as an art lover, one can find homemade paintings at the right dealers.

12 - Luca Bonnici (GK - 25 - Birxenda Wanderers)

Even if Bonnici ain’t an exceptional goalie, his skill in a one-on-one situation is well above average. Add to that a prolific penalty record and you’ve got yourself a goalie that can plant insecurity in the heads of the opposing strikers. Rather a late bloomer, this geography teacher by education had to fight for his spot at Birxenda for years. That he managed to win over the crowd after all testifies to his tenacity. Up until seventeen, the blonde - a rarity in Karulicja - goalie turned out as a left defender and inherited good feet from that experience.

2 - Dexter Micallef (RD - 23 - Birxenda Wanderers)

Tough and athletic, Micallef has the perfect build for a relentless defender with the stamina for infiltration. However, he’s not always that secure when moving into enemy territory, which could expose his wing. No wonder that the gaffer tries to mold him and his head - better used for heading - into a central defender in this system. Could be a revelation at this level, but on the other hand a liability. Great pressure on this player who is notorious for his love for sports cars. Has mentioned he aspires to partake in races one day - once it’s no longer forbidden by his club.

3 - Periklys Kaflas (CD - 29 - Apollon Grikada)

The centerpiece of the three-man defence lined up by Dusan Azzini is tough as nails and combines a no-prisoners-taken policy with good positioning. Both do mask a little bit that he’s not the quickest of them all, which makes him resort at Grikada to the offside trap. We sense that the most famous bald man in Karulicja will try to use the little time with the national team to get his co-defenders to master that trick. Despite his imposing look, Kaflas is a family man and did all he could to ensure that his kids could watch the games live.

4 - Marko Ban (CD - 24 - Inter Valesjka)

Quite possibly the most talented of our central defenders, Ban made a name for himself at one of the undisputable top clubs of the nation. Already at a young age, he became the cornerstone of the Inter back four - quite a feat in a traditional bastion as Valesjka. However, the guys around him, with a decade more experience under their belt, had to admit that his blend of physical prowess and good feet make a modern back as our country has so few. Not the best of friends with the press after a few scandals.

5 - Hamzi Derbali (LD - 26 - Racing Mazaf)

Do not let the shirt jersey foul you, Derbali will appear rather as a left winger in the 3-4-1-2 set up by Azzini. Easily one of the key players of the team, this should allow him to roam along the wing and get some of his sweeping crosses in the box. Derbali combines unusual stamina with a cool head and more often than not, this allows him to still bring a last-second tackle or a decisive counterattack in the dying minutes. One of the few players who is well aware of the international scene, he might be ready to talk to the inevitable scouts.

13 - Wael de Angelis (CD - 32 - Societa Cadenza)

One of the more disputed picks of Azzini, as de Angelis has gotten a negative reputation for being too prone to card-grabbing and lacks the speed to handle younger opponents. However, it would be unfair to discard a decade at the heart of possibly the most demanding team of the nation as ‘pure coincidence’. Azzini probably selected him as he’s known to be loyal and if he gets parachuted in in case of emergency, there’s already a connection with goalie Moscardelli - after all he’s the godfather of Roberto’s youngest son.

6 - Apostol Hysi (DM - 29 - Luftetari Eisan)

In line with the guys behind him, Hysi refuses to lay down and the way he keeps on galloping up and down the pitch makes you think that Eisan installed a third lung a good decade ago when they hired him for the spot. Don’t expect him to create the danger or launch a decent pass into space, but he’s not put out there for that reason. Hysi is such a characteristic loyal soldier, you’ld think he’s playing it as an act. His silly interviews do contribute to that impression - he tends to reply his boutades with such enthusiasm, it’s a running gag to fans.

7 - Graziano Ceccarelli (DM - 22 - Pro Sovanzaro)

Notably more technically apt than his counterpart at the heart of the line-up, Graziano should give the engine something more than just a lot of horsepower. He’s not afraid to direct the play and his crosses tear a hole in opposing defenses every once and a while. However, it brings a level of risk to this team that might bring it in trouble against the right opposition. Ceccarelli solves most of the defending part of his task set with good positioning but he’s not afraid to put his foot out either. A player with potential but a lot to learn and not just for his PhD in geography.

14 - Christos Gialousis (DM - 27 - Apollon Grikada)

Gialousis is told he can’t give a half-decent pass, lacks the intelligence to appear in the right place and fails the discipline to follow the scheme set up. And to be fair, there’s a harsh truth uncovered right there. That he nonetheless makes the squad is due to his capacity to break the opposing attack, more often than not with a scythe-like tackle. Bringing him in could be a last resort for Azzini to defend a slim advantage or a rare draw but we struggle to see other uses for him. Oh, except for headbutting a rival coach - his counter is on three instances.

15 - Josip Pajic (CM - 21 - Inter Valesjka)

Not the best passer of the selection but as his coach says, “Josip’s got brains and legs - you can’t have it all, right?”. Add to that a flawless mentality and a touching willingness to learn, and you get every manager’s dream. At his age, there’s still room for evolution - deciding the pace of a game is one of those things - but Pajic has the potential to have as much impact on Karulicja as he has on Inter. Rarely scores, but his wild appearances in the box do wreak some havoc and create room for guys with better food. A notorious amateur chef as well.

10 - Giuseppe Trevisan (AM - 27 - Societa Cadenza)

Some people say that every team can be defined by their number ten and in that case, our currently still nickname-less squad will come across quite industrious, tactically loose and with a very specific penchant for lobbing the leather behind the backs of unsuspecting defences. Trevisan has been the key man for Cadenza for a few years now and made his case as starter based on a combination of good statistics and almost no off-days. However, he’s not an ultratalent and needs good support to truly become valuable. Loves touching the ball and will fold back far when necessary.

16 - Blazo Ujkashi (AM - 26 - Luftetari Eisan)

Not necessarily the second best attacking midfielder of the nation - something which assured Azzini with a lot of stick when he added Ujkashi to the selection. But, it must be said that he offers something different than Trevisan with a lot of movement and a powerful shot which reaps results. Having him on your XI does cost you a guy in your defensive framework and as such, it’s a risk to field him from kick-off onwards. However, Blazo does have that spark and is a hero in Eisan - or how do you call a guy with a stand named after him at 26?

8 - Ales Kunstelj (RW - 21 - Olimpia Lusinja)

Author of an incredible life story, Kunstelj got kicked out of his home at fifteen - seemingly in line with his school career which reads as a full list of all colleges in the north. However, since he was picked up by an Olimpia scout who noticed how he scammed unknowing youngsters of their lunch money by nutmegging them near the pier, his life reached unprecedented stability. The shortest of the squad features incredible dribbles and is pocket sized joy for all - well, except for the guys who pick up his defensive work in this system.

17 - Anis Khalloufi (LW - 18 - Racing Mazaf)

Being the only teenager selected should already testify to his talent, knocking on the door of the starting line-up confirms it all. Khalloufi moves swiftly and can be parachuted into practically any attacking position. His lack of experience shines through, however, and even if he has his usual clubmate Derbali behind him, his love of forcing his way through the defence might lead to danger. Nonetheless, the neutral fan will adore seeing him set the place alight and his open attitude to interviews “yeah, I’m that good, mate” adds to that.

9 - Danijel Prigidar (RA - 31 - Inter Valesjka)

Some point to Derbali, others to Trevisan but the majority of observers considers Danijel Prigidar as the main man of the Karulicjan line-up. Robust in the box, goal-oriented without being too selfish, clever in his positioning, … As such, he’s a dream for any midfielder as he always attempts to create the danger and poses himself as reliable. Many wonder if his mediocre speed and average heading - for his height - will not handicap him against defenders of a higher tier but until we’re there, the whole nation gets behind Prigigol.

11 - Mauro Pagliarulo (LA - 23 - Societa Cadenza)

Azzini made it no secret that he preferred players he considered useful for the team, instead of the biggest talents and Pagliarulo forms no exception that rule. Even at his club, most would consider him the understudy of the local goalgetter Altacci. But contrary to his counterpart, Pagliarulo covers a lot of ground, opens up space for others and will never put his own stats over those of the team. His aim is not always spot on and it’s not too rare to see him caught offside - but he’s good for the group and not just as the resident bookie.

18 - Ciro Piccini (CA - 28 - Pro Sovanzaro)

And just when we all believed Azzini managed to gather a disciplined, motivated squad, he dropped a little bomb by putting Piccini on the final spot. Having made quite a reputation for himself quarreling with managers, presidents, referees and fans alike in between filling up tabloids for his adventures in bars and motels, Piccini almost makes people forget he’s a deadly assassin in the box whose precision one-on-one is unmatched. Maybe he’s the ace up the sleeve, maybe he’s the rotten tomato of the pack. We’re quite sure he’s going to make a name for himself.

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The Independents Cup is an independent tournament organized by some kind of independent footballing organization, and for the first two editions the independent national football team assembled by independent footballing coach Heinrich Wurzmann was the team sent out to represent the Democratic Republic in this esteemed competition. But now the Samahang Futbol ng Abanhfleft has decided that the Independents Cup is actually a good place to blood in new players they are considering for inclusion for the next World Cup cycle campaign. Since it is the women's team's turn to participate in the next World Cup cycle, the SFA has called up female players who had once participated in Abanhfleft's youth teams to take part in the Independents Cup. Wurzmann's Alternative Football Program still plays a part in the Independents Cup squad selection, and a number of naturalized players will also turn out to suit up for the Lady Revolutionaries.

Name of nation: Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Demonym: Fleftic
Team colors: Blue, orange, and green
Style modifier: +3.5
Formation: 4-2-3-1
Manager: Ginny Katesmar (45 y/o, North Prarie)

GK: Stephanie BRYAN 30 y/o, Antslinngs Islands Ladies Image
Stephanie Bryan finally gets to represent the blue, orange, and green once again after over four years of sitting out due to a new reliance on the likes of Yannie Redborne and Yelena Valinovskaya to ride the bench while Victoria Carter is on form, but with Redborne now retiring from international footie and Valinovskaya recovering from ligament repair surgery, Steph will now get the chance to be seen riding the Fleftic bench once again. But whether she will be the long-term replacement for Carter and the rest is still up in the air as there are more promising keepers out there, at least according to Holly Jonasson. Finally gets a run out as the starter for the women's national team, at least for the 5th Independents Cup.

RB: Alma WALKER 21 y/o, Rushmori Drawks Image (The Isles of Avon)
Alma Walker is a decent right back who looks destined to be an actual right back instead of the myriad wingbacks who seem to be cropping up like weeds all over Abanhfleft's academies. Alma is actually ambidextrous with her feet and can play in both fullback positions fairly well and effectively (kind of like Tonya Heaton) but she prefers to work on the right side of the pitch. Doesn't mean that she can't do a good job on the left, though.

RCB: Catarina SOLER 29 y/o, Keephall Valkyries Image
Soler has served as a dependable supporting unit for both center-backs, but once again she is a player that is played out of position in most international games that she gets to play. Soler prefers being a true center-back, but that doesn't mean that she shirks from the responsibilities of being a central fullback shifted a little to the right or the left. Soler had a chance to rise up to the senior women's team but a drop in form coinciding with injuries has kept her out of the national team setup until now. Now Catarina wants to prove that she still has what it takes to be an international quality center back.

LCB: Miranda SULLINS 23 y/o, Sporting Ceneisis Women Image
An exciting prospect if only for the fact that she had gotten herself noticed through the Sporting Ceneisis youth academy, which had been a bit neglected by Artemio Peres in favor of getting players both locally and abroad for as much as his team's Bellinsgauzenian boss is willing to let him spend. Still, it wouldn't do to take away from the fact that she is indeed a good defender, if a bit raw even for the standards of the under-21 teams. And an international call-up such as thing can do no harm to her career. Right?

LB: Deborah RIDDLES 21 y/o, Keephall Valkyries Image
Right now, she's a left back, but Deborah is a natural wing-back who has the potential to develop into an out-and-out winger. Deborah is currently playing with the defense, but only because that is her best footballing position at the moment. Still loves to throw in a cross and will often clog up the left side of the field alongside the team's out-and-out left wingers.

RM: Stephanie WINTER-SLAUGHTER 22 y/o, Marinos Thimpodopoulos Women Image (Fhulghamous Peninsula, playing in the Fleftic Ladies' Premier League)
Winter-Slaughter's surname sounds rather weird when you consider her biggest asset is an unprecedented sense of justice, but it really is. Winter-Slaughter, while a competent midfielder with enough room to grow, became much more notorious for her actions both in and outside of the field, often helping opponents and team-mates at distress from injuries or pretty much anything else. Conquered some hearts for her kindness, funnily enough. Stephanie was given Fleftic citizenship on the recommendation of Heinrich Wurzmann after the disappearance of the Unified Sunrise Islands so that Abanhfleft could take advantage of her talents.

LM: ERIN Jensdottir-Jennings 25 y/o, Rosenpfelblatz City Ladies Image
We finally come to one of the most controversial additions to Abanhfleft's Independents Cup squad yet. Not a person living in Abanhfleft hasn't heard of the story of Erin Jensdottir and her friend Britt Hanokssen. The two of them had gotten in trouble with an Anglatian gang and their friend Bisera Haralampieva, of Rosen City Ladies and Pridnestrovia women's national team fame, called on another friend of hers to get Erin and Britt out of trouble. They did so by faking Erin and Britt's deaths and substituting them for two dead bodies. Britt and Erin had ended up playing for FC United of Riuwiee in the seventh tier of Fleftic football before they finally came clean about their status, resulting in the biggest ever points deduction in Fleftic football history and a massive settlement package with Hunsen Loggers from United of Riuwiee for both Erin and Britt. Erin is described as the complete playmaker able to operate from deep or right in front with the forwards, which is why Heinrich Wurzmann recommended her naturalization in time for the Independents Cup.

RW: Elene LINER 19 y/o, Sarvusdalamoive Ladies Image
Even at her young age, Elene already has the look of a future fantastic keeper. Well, what else can be said about the Sarvusdalamoive Football Academy, which has turned out great Fleftic keepers like Maksim Varamoninov and Victoria Carter? Unfortunately, she's slipped down the pecking order, but only because Brook Arzate deserves the chance to start this time. She had a lot to make up for after that emotionally devastating penalty shootout loss against Schottia in the 9th Under-15 World Cup and she ended up not having the mental strength to get over the disappointment of the shootout so she decided to become a striker instead. This way she hopes to emulate some of Abanhfleft's star forwards like Matthew Cave and Ruud Akinfenyor who started off as goalkeepers and then decided to make the move up to the top of the pitch.

CAM: Prudence WOODWARD 19 y/o, Duhblakk Aztecs Image
Prudence Woodward is the third and final player of Panemian descent to represent the blue, orange, and green for the Sporting World Cup. She is the younger sister of Julius Woodward and her future appears to be in central attacking midfield. Prudence is already displaying a taste for clever through-balls and occupying pockets of space in which she could create chances and even score a few goals herself. Prudence has also been rumored to be displaying more than just friendly attention and camaraderie with the team's resident lesbian Poppaea Fleet-Street but that's hardly important to the conversation. But although nothing has been confirmed yet, it could be said that it won't be much of a surprise if Prudence came out and admitted that she has a relationship with Poppaea. Also already a mother after an argument with Prudence led to a one-night stand with fellow under-18 teammate Prince William Luckless.

LW: Amelie RUSEV 19 y/o, Ludogorets Markovsky Ladies Image
Amelie Rusev is the best player on current Fleftic under-18 team after Gareth Williamson. At just 18 years old, she's already looking like the complete winger package. Not only is she both quick and light on her feet and strong in the air and during challenges, she is ambidextrous, able to use both feet to send in long balls and crosses into the box when she wants. With that added crossing ability, Amelie is already on her way to the first team of Ludogorets Markovsky Ladies at such a tender age. Kasper Molak will surely look to make Amelie the successor to Raisa Korovina as the next Miss Ludogorets.

ST: Princess GONZALES 18 y/o, Keephall Valkyries Image
A very raw striker who couldn't do enough to keep alive Abanhfleft's hopes of going to yet another Under-18 World Cup final. Perhaps making Princess lead the line for the Lady Revolutionaries at the Independents Cup isn't really a good option but then again, this could very well be the opportunity for her to break through the ranks and make herself known.

GK: Ursula QATINTIKI 27 y/o, Crisisbless Athletic Image (Nephara)
Qatintiki is a ferocious keeper who believes herself to be a good sweeper but unfortunately doesn't have all the necessary skills to be an actual sweeper keeper. Fortunately for her, she's managed to keep 10 clean sheets in the Premier Development League (Ladies' Division) for Sarvusdalamoive Ladies. Unfortunately for her, this performance hasn't carried to her first international call-up in the Sporting World Cup, where she conceded a total of 14 goals in the tournament. But the presence of an experienced back four in front of her could help her concede less in this tournament. Despite being a rapidly rising star in Sarvusdalamoive, Qatintiki opted to cut her contract and sign up for the Pridnestrovian Volunteer Legions in ESTORVIPA. She could actually be charged with treason for fighting for another sovereign nation but the SFA has pulled favors with the Ministry of Justice to delay her trial until the end of the Independents Cup.

GK: Bronwyn CHURCHILL 19 y/o, Rosenpfelblatz City Ladies Image
Bronwyn is the daughter of Rosenpfelblatz City's new manager Joseph "Joe" Churchill, one of the most decorated managers in the sport within the Fleftic sphere of influence. Bronwyn came with her dad to Rosenpfelblatz and immediately settled in well with the Lady Sky Blues' academy. She is a traditional keeper who prefers to keep close to goal and catch or slap away shots from that position, although she is learning to become a more athletic keeper now that she's training with the likes of Yannie Redborne, Marfa Kirilenko, and Blaze Chrzanowska. It should be noted that Joe Churchill would have liked it more if his daughter had not wanted to be a goalkeeper, but at least he as a father won't worry about where she's been before, during, and after training because they're always in close proximity to each other.

RB: Queen YARNALL 16 y/o, Admiral Porcusces Women Image
A quiet and sturdy defender who for her age is already making waves not only in the youth leagues but also in her handful of appearances for the Admiral Porcusces Women senior team. Still needs some work obviously but she could have a very high ceiling indeed.

CB: Christy SHEPLEY 20 y/o, Rosenpfelblatz City Ladies Image
At 6 feet 2 inches, Christy is already one of the tallest 17-year-old Fleftic central defenders ever in the Democratic Republic and its sphere of influence. Coupled with a supernatural defensive ability, it's a wonder why she's still on the bench and not starting, until one realizes that Christy is quite the thin and willowy girl. She's a good defender and good in aerial and dead-ball situations, there's no doubt about that, but she has to bulk up and get stronger if she is to become one of Abanhfleft's best defenders. She remains on the bench to make way for Miranda Sullins and Catarina Soler in this Independents Cup squad.

CB: Tiera WALRATH 18 y/o, Ogovlich Medusas Image
One quarter of the Ogovlich backline that won them the Youth Premier League title this season. Like Wilton Kaba beside her in the under-18 team, Tiera's main purpose is to win balls inside the box and then kick it right out of the danger area. Accuracy needs a bit of work though.

LB: Tien GOODLETT 17 y/o, Ogovlich Medusas Image
The second quarter of the Ogovlich backline that won the Youth Premier League. Tien is more of an attacking fullback who likes to maraud further up the pitch and assist in the attack. She still gets back in defense more times than not but a particularly quick counterattack could still leave her stranded where she can be of no help to her fellow defenders.

RM: SIBUSIZWE Kiggwancha 17 y/o, Athletic Motonou Image
SIbusizwe's greatest strength lies in the fact that she can win the ball in midfield more times than not. Of course, most of this is against girls and boys on or nearly the same age as she is, but when she turned out for Athletic Motonou's senior side in the last few matchdays of the Ladies' Third Division season (with the title already wrapped up for Motonou) Sibusizwe looked capable of doing much the same thing against players who were much older and much more experienced than her. Sibusizwe won't have to do that against older and experienced players from other national teams just yet, but she will have to do it against her fellow under-18s from other countries starting from this tournament.

CM: Abigail PAPADIAMANTOPOULOS 26 y/o, All-Inclusive Haranguer Image
Abigail is the tallest player in this roster at 6 feet 8 inches, taller than even her supposed lookalike Stephanie Bryan. Abigail used to play Sunday league with Anglatia's Ross Port Rangers before Fleftic scouts noticed her during the 38th Di Bradini Cup and she signed a contract with Wallace Partridge's All-Inclusive Haranguer. Partridge chose to sign Abigail due to her size and her playstyle which is very much reminiscent of one of the most famous (if not the best) players to put on the black-and-amber shirt in Sutalen "The Beast of Copper Cuprum" Desoka. Despite helping All-Inclusive Haranguer to a fifth-place finish in the 2022-23 season, she was never called up for Anglatia's national team, and with the country now returning to its policy of total isolation, Abigail was given Fleftic citizenship on the recommendation of Heinrich Wurzmann so the SFA could take advantage of her skills on the pitch.

LM: Charlene WILLIAMSON 20 y/o, Admiral Porcusces Women Image
Charlene Williamson is the overlooked twin sister of Gareth Williamson. The reasons why she's been overlooked is because her main assets in football are mostly pace, acceleration, physicality, and a good long ball. Charlene can also run with the ball or chase it for 90 minutes and anyone stupid enough to try to take the ball away from her would find themselves on the ground almost immediately. Strangely though, Charlene's physicality tends to vanish during set pieces and Charlene could now count herself lucky if she doesn't end up kissing the grass while trying to get a touch on a corner or a free kick. Perhaps that's why Sporting Ceneisis allowed her to go to their provincial rivals Admiral Porcusces.

CAM: BRITT Hanokssen-Hanks 22 y/o, Rosenpfelblatz City Ladies Image
Erin Jensdottir's best friend and girlfriend, Britt has been called "too ambitious for her own good" by the man who would eventually recommend bringing Britt over to Rosenpfelblatz, Matthew Cave. Britt isn't exactly the best, most mobile, most skillful, fastest, or most accurate player available for the Independents Cup, but she makes up for it in her sheer never-say-die attitude. Other things that other players might consider lost causes are just more challenges for Britt to overcome. That being said, if Britt does end up making an appearance for Abanhfleft, it's probably more out of desperation than anything else. But still, no one knows. Maybe this is the tournament where Britt finally shines bright.

FW: Annamarie SABADO 24 y/o, Arsenal de Releinthi Ladies Image
LS: Annamarie SABADO 21 y/o, Arsenal de Releinthi Ladies Image, female
Sabado has the makings of being "the next Fleftic super-sub." No less a footballing authority than Arsenal de Releinthi manager Godric Wexler said so after Sabado had scored the game-winning goal against Lutine to give Abanhfleft a ticket to the Sporting World Cup final. And, judging from her inclusion into the Independents Cup, Heinrich Wurzmann and Miriam Whitaker look to do the same with her for the coming tournament.

FW: Irina BABARUSHCHIK 29 y/o, Dynamo Shebchetsik Image (Mercedini)
Babarushchik used to be in (friendly) competition with Annamarie Sabado for the position of Arsenal de Releinthi Ladies U-21s' starting striker, but Sabado ended up being the winner in the long run as Babarushchik couldn't wait for Chelsea Stuart to retire (which is still a long time coming anyway) and the half-Pridnestrovian striker struck out for greener pastures in the form of Mercedini's Dynamo Shebchetsik. Now, as both Irina and Annamarie return to the Fleftic national team setup for the Independents Cup, they are once again back to competing with each other for the honor of being the next Fleftic super-sub.

KITS (by Adidulas)

IMPORTANT STATISTICS (for Independents Cup only)
Win-loss record:
13-3-5 (penalty shootouts are counted as draws)
First Independents Cup match: VS Kaboomlandia (L 0-1)
First Independents Cup win: VS Prusy Krolewskie (W 5-2)
First Independents Cup loss: VS Kaboomlandia (L 0-1)
Biggest Independents Cup win: VS Spaam (W 6-3)
Biggest Independents Cup loss: VS Veldgouwen (L 2-4)

IC1: 4-1-2 (won third place against Barunia)
IC2: 3-1-1 (eliminated in quarterfinals by Bonesea)
IC3: 4-0-1 (eliminated in quarterfinals by Schottia)
IC4: 2-1-1 (eliminated in Round of 16 by Alpine Union)

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The Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
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Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.88
Second place winner in the International Baseball Slam VI
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Third place winner of the International Baseball Slam VIII
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This is the logo but we dont use the helmets in the INdependent Cup

GK: The Keeper of the Milky Way
D: The Defender of Orion's Belt
D: The Defender of Outpost Beta
D: The Defender of Mars
D: The Defender of Alpha Centauri

M: The Protector of Polaris
M: The Guardian of Ursa Minor
M: The Transporter of Pluto
M: The Big Bang of Boötes

F: The Explosion of the Pinwheel Galaxy
F: Saturnia

The Academy of Space is home to a fully enclosed, gravity containing event facility known as the "Extraterrestrial Dome of Sport". The dome is constructed of clear plasticized glass allowing a clear view of the stars and planets above. The dome rotates with respect to its surroundings during matches for enhanced viewing, though any nearby stars (Stars within 2 or fewer Astronomical Units) will remain on the backside of the playing field to prevent glaring and temperature control. The Dome of Sport also serves as the official training facility for Team Space in preparation for international competition and away games.

Uniform: Image Image

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players Y
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y
Godmod other events Y

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The Adabian National Football Team

When you play a match, it is statistically proven that players actually have the ball 3 minutes on average … So, the most important thing is: what do you do during those 87 minutes when you do not have the ball. That is what determines whether you’re a good player or not.
-Johan Cruyff

To understand this latest revitalization of Adabian football requires at least a passing knowledge of the sport's history in this country. Association football - or soccer, as it is sometimes called - was introduced to Adab by British immigrants and tourists in the latter half of the 19th century. It is unknown when precisely this sport was first played in the country, but what is certain is that by 1900 it was already a fast-growing sport, its popularity penetrating across social classes and giving them something in common, something that can unify them in a time of external war and internal chaos. The Adabian Football Association was formed in 1907 with Abdul Enlil as its first president, and the Adabian Football League began play in 1908. It was a purely amateur competition, with the Association refusing multiple times over the years to allow professionalism, fearing that it would corrupt, in the words of Enlil, the "spirit of friendly competition and fraternization in which this sport has been practiced in our country for many years." The upper and upper-middle classes generally supported maintaining the amateur nature of football competitions in the country, with the lower-middle and working classes pushing for the legalization of professionalism.

However, more and more footballers across the country - particularly those who came from below the poverty line - turned to the sport as its sole source of income. Clubs began secretly paying their players - which was contrary to the rules set by the Association - and there were increasing reports of match fixing, with players and staff reportedly told that they would be paid hefty sums of money should they throw away the match. The Association was forced to bow to reality and legalized professionalism starting from the 1928-29 season. This move was denounced by purists and the upper class, but significantly increased its popularity among the middle and lower classes and gained for football an identity as the "sport of the masses". The opening of the 40,000-strong Adab City Stadium in 1940 was a source of pride for the country as football became Adab's most popular sport.

But then things began to go downhill for the sport. Following the end of World War II - in which Adab remained neutral - the country was caught up in the Cold War, as the United States and the Soviet Union battled for influence in the Middle East. Emperor Tizqar III and the government steadfastly refused to align themselves with either the Americans or the Soviets, yet they could not prevent the East-West struggle from reaching the stadium stands. Several fan clubs were overtaken by socialist and communist groups, and the associated clubs became notorious as bastions of leftist thought, even as they unsuccessfully tried to shed the image. In 1960, parts of Baghdad Stadium - home to Baghdad FC - was burned down by protesters who accused the club of having communist leanings. Similarly, those leaning right in the political spectrum, too, found in football an outlet where they could express their beliefs. When the politically conservative businessman Usman Farzi installed himself as chairman of Ramallah United in 1973, he proclaimed - with the overwhelming support of fans - that the club “stood for traditional Adabian values,” effectively putting the club off-limits to left-leaning supporters.

By the 1980s, hooliganism and disorderly conduct in general were commonplace in Adabian football, with fans on the extreme left and right inciting violence in stadiums. Allegations of match fixing and mafia influence continued to haunt the sport, as the country's best players found themselves continually set aside or even entirely ignored amid the machinations. The quality of football played in the country dropped precipitously and clubs seemed to be stuck on increasingly antiquated tactics. Basketball, baseball, and tennis, among others, began to supersede football as the country's national sport, with the latter now infamous as a hotbed of crime, corruption, and violence by everyone from disaffected youth to leaders of the Association. The situation improved briefly at the turn of the millennium; Albar Kaykali, elected President of the Association in 1997, began rolling out a series of reforms and cracked down on corruption and hooliganism, only to die of a heart attack in 2002. Although the level of violence and corruption had dropped considerably compared to previous decades, Kaykali's successors proved themselves unable to increase the quality of Adabian football; the national team was regarded as one of the worst in the region.

For many years there had been calls for Emperor Tizqar III to intervene and sort out the mess that was Adabian football. He resisted, feeling that nothing good was to come out of imperial intervention in sports. In 2008, the Emperor relented (at the urging of Crown Prince Alulim, according to rumors). He suspended the Association, the national team, and the entire league system, declaring that Adabian football was "hopeless" and that it would have to "start over" at some point in the future. Over the next ten years, no competitions were held as the Emperor and the government engaged in a vicious crackdown on crime and corruption in football, arresting and sentencing more than three dozen figures, and subsidized the renovation of many of the top clubs' stadiums, most notably Adab City Stadium. Finally, in 2018, the Emperor felt that Adabian football was ready to "start over." He had the national team reassembled from scratch, including only youngsters and none of the older players who had played before the suspension, even if they were not associated with any of the scandals of the time. Assuming the manager's mantle was 44-year-old Saad Kaykali, son of the late Albar Kaykali and a former player himself with Baghdad City from 1992 to 2008. Aside from his personal honesty (he did serve time in prison for being aware of match-fixing, but his involvement is widely seen as minimal and practically irrelevant), his appointment was seen as a link - however thin it may be - to the pre-suspension era, particularly the presidency of his father. Plans to enter the Baptism of Fire and World Cup had already been laid, but the team clearly needed a warmup, which they found in the Independents Cup.

The national team's kits, designed by Ahmad Enlil in 1907, are currently manufactured by Shining Sun Company, of which Rahman Ashurbanipal, businessman and grandson of Emperor Tizqar III, is the majority shareholder.

Manager: Saad Kaykali
Assistant manager: Inimabakesh Thulus
Coach: Yitzhak Bennett
Goalkeeping coach: Faisal ar-Rashid
Physio: Hamza Ridha

GK: 1 - Mohammed Marramzi - 19 years old (C)
CB: 8 - Eannatum al-Tikriti - 18 years old
CB: 6 - Shamsidad Nahmoud - 19 years old
LB: 3 - Enmerkar Abdulmahrim - 18 years old
RB: 4 - Taymour Frangieh - 17 years old
CM: 2 - Malik Aminuddin - 18 years old
LM: 5 - Salman al-Muntar - 17 years old
RM: 7 - Ephraim Orlev - 19 years old
LW: 9 - Adanirari Uhwan - 18 years old
CF: 11 - Enlilbani Yargab - 19 years old
RW: 10 - Shamsuiluna Zambiya - 18 years old

The team will use 4-3-3. Available here. Style mod +3.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Yes
Choose scoring events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes

Matchday One: Nurwiji vs. Adab
Matchday Two: Adab vs. Neo-Romanum
Matchday Three: Maryloupe vs. Adab
Matchday Four: Bye
Matchday Five: Adab vs. Juvencus
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Postby Kavagrad » Wed Jul 04, 2018 9:31 am

Kavagrad National Team


The Kavagrad Association Football Organisation (KAFO) was formed shortly after the establisment of the SPRK in 1958. Due to their political isolationism for much of the 20th Century, the National Team usually only played friendlies against teams from allied countries. Following the end to Kavagrad's isolation in 1996, Kavagrad has been able to play with much of the world, and despite having never entered into a serious competition, have had some success. Now, Kavagrad enters the 5th incarnation of the Independents Cup, with the intention of showing the world what they are capable of. Under the management of Alex-Louis Valentine, 39 (a former international player in his own right, nicknamed ALV by football fans), the team has developed a counterattack-focused direct style of play that seeks to retain possession between the defence and the central midfield, before launching quick and decisive attacks, either from the wingers, or via through balls between the deep-lying and more advanced forward.

Starting Lineup

GK - Edouard Calvin [1]
LB- Oscar Maguire [2]
CB - Axel Anderson [4]
CB - Raymond Alexander [5]
RB - Eric Valenti [3]
CM - Aaron Wordsmith (C) [8]
CM - Kyle Keelie [14]
AML - Mohammad Ibrahim Marrash [7]
AMR - Kenneth Gordon-Cameron [22]
CF - Shane Dalton [13]
CF - Louis-Henri Bonne [9]


CB - James Smith-Brown [6]
CM - Henry Rhodes [12]
AML - Benjamin Mumuni [44]
AMR - Elijah Preston [25]
CF - Sam Pyke [11]

Formation - 4-2-2-2 (Modified 4-2-4) [-2 Style Modifier]



RP Permissions

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Yes
Choose scoring events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: No
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Postby North Prarie » Wed Jul 04, 2018 10:16 am

North Prarie National Soccer
Brought to you by the North Prarie Sports Commission

The Golden Loons had a great showing at the Cup of Harmony, getting 2nd in their group, even after a 6-3 drubbing by Mercedini. Then, they went on to be eliminated in the 86th minute by Kita-Hinode, making round of 16 exits seem like a tradition in WCC tournaments. The boys come into the IAC with a new look, and new forwards to propel them as well.



Head Coach: Allan Willis
Assistant Coach: Ari Arlosevic
Bench Coach: Salvatore Medina
Goalkeepers Coach: Jonathan Goodwin

23 Man Roster

Starting XI
GK - Noël Eriksen #20 / CLC FC (NRP) / 26 yrs.

In an effort to replace an aging Gio Manuel, Willis has made an interesting decision here, opting for the 2027/28 Prarie Premier clean sheet leader rather than the young and experienced Noe Soares. In his international debut v Sharktail in Abbey, the 26 year old kept a clean sheet until Fred Goldberg gave away a penalty in the 79th minute, which barely floated past Noël's fingertips. The keeper is expected to lead CLC FC to a title this upcoming year, and we'll see if he can lead the Prarieans to a WC qualification as well.

LB - Christen Girard #18 / Capitol Heights FC (NRP) / 25 yrs.

Again another case of Willis trying to replace aging and slow players, Christen Girard comes in from an amazing season at the Stadia Capital, disrupting right wingers like Erick Amerigo, and Christopher Ankekwe to keep the Eagles out of reach at the top of the league. Girard is a fast, on-the-ball defender who isn't afraid to do some shoulder to shoulder to stop attacking threats, especially since this isn't categorized as a foul in the very physical Prarie Premier. Girard is also a decent attacker who can fend off opposing defenders to whip a cross in, and is an aerial threat during corners, usually lurking by the top-right end of the penalty box so he can head in a header that makes its way towards the far post or misses heads in the box altogether. Girard perfectly fits the play style Allan Willis is going for.

LCB - Todd Olson #4 / Durham City FC (NRP) / 30 yrs.

Well, not all the aging players at the back got purged. The towering 6''5' center back is the old-school defender, clearing corners and stopping runs before they get to the box. Olson is not always the most exciting player on the pitch, but he gets the job done. Even though this will probably be his last cycle, Olson is a staple of the back line and will be a player the true fans remember.

RCB - Jon May #3 / Capitol Heights FC (NRP) / 28 yrs. (CAPTAIN)

Here he is : the head of the Prariean defense. Jon May is the rough-and-tough defender who will shoulder to shoulder, put his arm out, and slide tackle if he needs to. He grew up in Stonebridge, and he plays for his boyhood club. His aggressiveness is particularly seen during West Stonebridge Derby games against Riverbay United. He's tough to deal with on offense as well, always a threat on set pieces, and will drive into the attacking third to draw a foul or play a through ball.

RB - Luke Mack #27 / Brockton Club (NRP) / 28 yrs.

Another Golden Loons defender who isn't particularly exciting on the field, Mack is probably the most dangerous on set pieces. The right back is great at shooting when the ball comes to him or getting a head on it in the air. If there's a messy free kick that deflects around the box, theres a good chance Mack will be there to poke the ball into the net. Even though he isn't the fastest, Mack can contain wingers with great off-ball defense that shuts any attacking chance down.

CDM - Kyle Schmitz #8 / Petroslovakia United (PET) / 22 yrs.

Schmitz used to be the most exciting prospect out of the Prariean system. Now, due to Bradley Francis-mania, that has changed. But the Dover native hasn't gotten any worse. Schmitz shuts people down on defense and can shoot from outside or inside the box on offense. The very fast 22-year old can leave defenders for dead before playing a through ball to a winger or a striker. Since Schmitz has started for the elite Petroslovanian team for a while now, he has experience playing abroad. Many Prariean pundits think he'll make a move to an elite league before his career is over. All we know now is that Kyle is a promising youngster that is bound to bring the Prarieans success.

LW - Brice Bret #22 / CLC FC (NRP) / 22 yrs.

The NPSC knew about Bret last cycle, but the then-benchwarmer for CLC FC just didn't have the stuff to make the cut in a promising generation of young players. Sure, Bret had done pretty well a year ago on loan at Cortland Wanderers, but he just wasn't promising enough. Then he broke out in the 27/28 season for the Pirates, scoring 18 goals with 16 assists, and making right backs gawk at his skill. Bret replaces the former captain and poster boy of the team, Chris Rios, who is now 31 and declining. Bret is an incredibly fast winger who can blow by defenders with his touch-and-go. Bret puts finesse on his shots, and can make them curl into corners. The 22 year old is a threat any team should watch out for.

CM - Philip Tran #9 / Tobiasia City FC (TOB) / 28 yrs.

During Baptism of Fire 67, Philip Tran didn't really preform all that well, and almost was benched. Then he was sold to Tobiasia City FC, and then in the WCQs he found his footing. Tran made the Team of the Qualifiers in center midfield, and won multiple MoTMs for the Prariean side.
Tran is an incredibly technical midfielder who sets up attacks perfectly. Tran can also score from long range, demonstrated in his beauty of a goal in the Cup of Harmony against Beepee.

RW - Erick Amerigo #13 / Mandiana FC (USD) / 27 yrs.

Amerigo, like Tran, wasn't especially preforming well before the second half of the WCQs. Then, after his signing with Devontan team, he though he had to prove his price tag, and he did. Amerigo is a speed-based winger, who is more intent on setting up attacks than scoring, though if he has to carry a team he can most definitely take on a striker role. Amerigo is a great crosser, which helps his attack-setup abilities. The ambidextrous 27 year-old is very agile and skillful, leaving left backs behind with crossover-and-gos.

LST - Matthew Oliver #6 / CLC FC (NRP) / 28 yrs.

Matthew Oliver is the best player on this team. The skillful and sometimes-arrogant captain for CLC FC is the perfect in front of goal striker, excelling on breakaways and counter attacks with through balls from midfielders. Oliver is dynamic in these situations, which makes him hard to predict since he can chip keepers, slot it home, go around the keeper, or dish it off to another attacker who gets an open goal to shoot on. Center backs should be afraid of Oliver, and since he plays with scary strikeforces at the club and national level he knows how to torture opposing defenses.

RST - Bradley Francis #12 / Abbey City University (NRP) / 19 yrs.

Here he is. The one and only Bradley Francis. The 19 year old is the first player to play for the U-18, U-21, and senior teams all at the same time. A prodigy that will probably enter the proffessional level next year, many pundits think that the former crown jewel of the best high school team in the country, Carville High, will be the first Prariean to play in a top-20 UICA league such as Farfadillis, Nephara, or Chromatika. Now onto his skill: Francis is a dream striker, equipped with pace, skill moves, finishing, free kicks, and ambidextrousness. Francis will beat you with his speed, fool you with his skills, and dazzle you with his finishing. Many wouldn't be surprised to see Francis double or triple defended by opposing defenses. And he'll still find a way to score.

Set Peices
Short free kicks-Francis
Long free kicks-Amerigo


North Prarie is playing in a 4-1-3-2 formation.


North Prarie is getting kits from Flindostani provider No Nonsense Sportswear. These jerseys will be used until the WC83 cycle. NNS has routinely been the provider of choice for the NPSC.
The blue home kits will be used for most of the matches, but should there be any color clashes we will switch to the silver and blue away number.


The 1104, the North Prarie Ultras group, is passionate but nice. However, there was an instance where they cursed at Yezur fans leaving the stadium after North Prarie's 1-0 loss to Yezur in the Baptism of Fire knockout round. This was a first time occurrence, though.
Rebounding after that R16 exit, the 1104 are expected to be louder and more passionate than ever. To alert opposing fans: They use flags, smoke bombs, and flares. The 1104 will be in the north end of the stadium. Visiting fans should expect a loud singing of 'Seven Nation Army' before the game, complete with tifos, smoke bombs, and drums.
Here's some common 1104 chants and songs (besides the National Anthem)
One-one-oh-four, if you're a Prariean hit the floor!

*Prariean fans proceed to wiggle up and down*

Nathaniel Ratecliff and The Night Sweats' song 'S.O.B". Commonly sung by Southwestern cells.

Oh, we're the kings and queens of The South Pacific!
The Kings and Queens of the South Pacific!
We don't care that Beepee won the BoF!

Oh when the loons,
Go marching in,
Oh when the loons go marching in,
Oh how I want to be in that number,
When the loons go marching in!

Oh when the loons,
Begin to score,
Oh when the loons begin to score,
Oh how I want to be in that number,
When the loons begin to score!

Oh when the loons,
Win the match,
Oh when the Loons win the match,
Oh how I want to be in that number,
When the loons win the match! OLE OLE!

Style Modifiers and RP Permissions

Style mod is +3. North Prarie plays high-speed, attacking style football, and likes to go on counter-attacks and breaks. We have good shooters who can curl the ball into corners of the net.
For RP Permissions, just don't kill anyone. Here's some more details:
RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose my scoring events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Just as long as it isn't too crazy. Someone can score from the center line or something like that.
RP injuries to my players: TG me first for the severity
Godmod Injuries to my players:No
Give Yellow Cards to my players:If no suspension, then yes.
Give Red Cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: No killing.


Premier Sponsors
Other Sponsors
Phoenix Suites and Hotels
North Prarie Rail Network
Familysave Stores
No Nonsense Sportswear
Abbey Community Insurance
Bank of the Prarie
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Postby Thunisia » Wed Jul 04, 2018 6:12 pm



#01 GK Xarles MAILHOT 33 M Espérance de Saint-Louis
#02 RB Arlette BISAILLON 21 F RC Rouge Étoile
#03 CB Sylvain AUCLAIR 33 M Espérance de Saint-Louis
#04 CB Cendrillon AUSTIN-BISSON 20 F RC Rouge Étoile
#05 LB Alain SENNEVILLE 32 M Stade Thunisien
#06 DM Francesco MENARD 23 M Vert-et-Jaune Forêt St. Paul
#07 CM Ruan HUET 22 M RC Rouge Étoile
#08 CM Yohannes MURSHIDI 22 M RC Rouge Étoile
#09 OM Etienne-Lé Claire LEFÉVRE 19 F Espérance de Saint-Louis
#10 SS Zafir HUBERT 21 M Stade Thunisien
#11 CF Tarik HENRY 19 M RC Rouge Étoile
#12 GK Nadir COTUAND 32 M US Ben Hur Sodom
#13 RB Yaseen CHAREST 40 M Les Hebiers de Saint-Louis
#14 CB Tanguy GRENIER 23 M US Ben Hur Sodom
#15 CB Natalie MOREL 25 F Stade Thunisien
#16 LB Sydney ST-JEAN 21 F RC Rouge Étoile
#17 DM Aubrey BRIAN 21 M Esparta Ville Blanc
#18 CM Peppin PARISEAU 29 M AS Charlotte Gainsbourg
#19 CM Dixie BEAULAC 21 F Club Futurnien
#20 OM Thierry MARCHESSAULT 22 M Marz 27 Bonnez FC
#21 SS Solaine LAFOND 32 F Espérance de Saint-Louis
#22 CF Élodie PROUX 15 F Miishima Poly HS (Hinodejin Empire)
#23 GK Parfait DROUIN 19 M Stade Thunisien
-- COACH Gerard POIROT 76 M RC Noir Étoile (Style: +1)

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Postby The Authoritarian Republic of Lochario » Thu Jul 05, 2018 1:02 am

Locharian national Football team

Nickname: Ginger Tigers
Ranking: 139 th (4.22 points)
Home Stadium: Zun olympic Stadium
Modifier: +2
RP: Anything except Godmodding

Locharian national Football team plays fast,counter-attacking football in 4-2-3-1 formation with Koti Sassi and Farud Jereman keeping the ball and giving it to Kamil Ghittin,Dakir Ayadad and Fallan Daquir defending and pressing the pitch and Esteban Vasquez defending the net.Locharian team is debuting in the Independents cup.

Formation ... 2e24ab9c6c


Alek Kolashkov. #33
Haitar Fulmani. #11
Sayad Faruq. #50
Quirin Yitar. #34
Sorif Magash. #45
Elt Dahnor. # 61
Obad Faghijin #40

Coach: Guillermo Vargas

An experienced coach which played in the national team from 1998 to 2009.He was awarded as the best player of Lochario for 5 times. He has some colombian blood in his veins since his mother was colombian.

Assistant Coach: Jeremy Farash

An old and also experienced coach which helps Guillermo with his formations and strategies.

Gk and Fitness Coach: Daran Maksqush

A coach which prepares Esteban Vasquez for the upcoming matches.Since the Locharian team staff is very small,he also helps the player with condition,so that the players won't be tired after the match.

Striker Coach: Solin Fratan

A coach that prepares Kamil Ghittin and the Attacking Midfielders.

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Postby Adab » Thu Jul 05, 2018 3:24 am

The Most Trusted Voice in the Nation, Est. 1878


National Football Team Manager Holds First Press Conference

Saad Kaykali, the new manager of the Adab national football team

ADAB CITY - Saad Kaykali, who dazzled countless Adabians as the star player of Baghdad City and one of the greatest players of his generation only to spend two years in prison after being implicated in a match-fixing scandal, today held his first press conference as manager of the Adab national football team, the team's first manager since the end of the ten-year suspension period.

Kaykali, 44, spent an hour discussing himself and his team, particularly their preparations for the Independents Cup in the Free Republics, and taking questions from journalists gathered at the press room of Adab City Stadium, with questions ranging from the players' youth - none of them has even reached 20 - and relative lack of experience to his readiness as manager of the national team.

The manager admitted that many in the country lack faith in his players and prefer to see older and more experienced players make the team, but insisted that the team selection was done in accordance with the directions of the Emperor, who has been very clear in stating that he wants no players from pre-suspension period, in order to give the team, and Adabian football in general, a "fresh start" untainted by the scandals which had led the suspension in 2008. (When it was pointed out that Kaykali was himself a pre-suspension player, he clarified that the restriction does not extend to team staff.)

Kaykali went on to list the qualities that he believes are necessary for the team: "discipline, physical skill, determination even in the face of insurmountable odds, willingness to accept mistakes and work to improve upon them, and teamwork."

"The star here is the team. It's either all or none of them," Kaykali stated. "Any victory that comes our way will be due to the contributions of the entire team, and not just of one or two players. We do not place emphasis on any particular player, but on the whole team. No one player could, of course, win without the others. The team comes before the individual."

Asked how the team is faring in training so far, Kaykali stated that they have made "great progress" and he and his staff have found nothing to be concerned of.

"The players are working well together, they've gotten to know each other very well, they are harnessing their skills," Kaykali said. "They clearly have great potential, which will hopefully be put to good use on the field. All the signs have been good so far. The team spirit is there. I have faith in them."

Closing out the press conference, Kaykali assured the press that he is the right man for the job and has the credentials necessary to "open a new chapter in Adabian football" and lead the team to success in the Independents Cup. "This will be a glorious era in Adabian football. Just you wait," he said.
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Postby Karulicja » Thu Jul 05, 2018 11:54 am

“For crying out loud, Grazi, speed it up! We haven’t got all day?”

I don’t know anymore who claimed that Azzini had turned into an admirable, calm person ever since becoming a manager but if only he or she could have witnessed the first few training days in the Free Republics, rest assured that the public opinion would have changed. With grand gestures, the gaffer paced towards Ceccarelli, the bronzed midfielder who always seemed just a pair of sunglasses away from a spot in the nearest beach bar. Despite being nearly a foot shorter, Dusan Azzini raged at him with small traces of spit escaping the corners of his mouth with each exclamation point.

“You know, at this speed, you’ve lost the ball already. One! Two! Third pass and it’s a goal! On your name!”

To put extra force to his words, he pierced with his finger on the chest of Grazi, who looked as if he just was caught by the headmaster for making stains in his agenda. No wonder that at the next rendition of the exercise, instead of calmly gaining control over the loose ball, he simply turned and hoofed it to the left wing. No sprint could’ve kept it in but I kept it to myself and rose a hesitant thumb, indicating I admired the effort. I could have used my finger to detonate a bombshell.

“What’s that Khalloufi? What’s that?! First of all, you rush till you get it, no half-hearted stroll or you can board the next plane home! And don’t let me ever, ever, ever again see you applaud such a hillbilly shot into the nowhere. Good grace, Grazi, you’ve lost all ability!”

If live were more like cartoons, you could have zoomed in on a pumping vain lighting up his ever expanding forehead. In theory, it was madness to retort anything to him – and I definitely wasn’t up for the task. Some claimed that it had been nonsense in the first place to take me on the ride altogether, an eighteen-year old winger with little experience and a skillset which formed a round peg into the square hole of our line-up. But none of the others would raise their voice either. Well…

“On the other hand, coach, they won’t be scoring in three passes from there,” Hysi remarked, with that squeaky voice which seemed to be a wrong sound effect hidden in the cupboard of a chest he had. It sounded like an all-in on seven-deuce but somehow it defused the situation – some of the older ones even dared to grin as Azzini backed off a little.

They were all too aware that the gaffer wasn’t angered at them in particular but rather at the innocent hand which had decided upon the opener of the tournament. Every analyst, from the retreated experts to the obnoxious paperfillers, made a case for an easy opener which should give us the wings to make our mark later on. Someone with access on the table tennis balls with the curly papers decided instead that it would be funny to let us sport our outfit for the very first time against the one team for whom a simple victory wouldn’t suffice. Whilst the Independents Cup – notwithstanding its prestigious scroll of honour – often was seen as a preparatory ground for many, a place to try out new things and players, there was one side that would definitely enter the arena with the title on their mind…

The Republicans. In the tournament opener, in front of a home crowd, the illustrious Rule Theriault would not take anything less than a carton of goals for his dark blue armada. After all, they kicked off as the title holders and even if generations might have passed since their main World Cup successes, the new generation was carving out a name for themselves. So far, Azzini had nothing to offer against it but eighteen lads who shared nothing, apart from enthusiasm, yet. No tactical ploy, no technical superiority – not even a common idea on how brutal or shrewd they would or could take this on. Azzini knew it and you could say that’s halfway round to the solution. But I knew it as well and as a consequence, so knew all the guys. And that only rattled the nerves some more.

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Postby Central Shaneville » Fri Jul 06, 2018 7:12 am

The buzz in Lincoln City in Central Shaneville this past week has been somewhat vibrant to say the least as Central Shaneville confirmed their participation in the fifth Independents Cup, this will mark the first proper international game for the Central Shaneville national team as The West Pacific isn't really known for their sports, however Central Shaneville seem intent on making their mark in the sporting world despite coming from a region where sports isn't really known to being a key thing. Central Shaneville will also be travelling out to the host country tonight ahead of Sunday's start date. This will be the first time Central Shaneville have travelled since the Winter Olympics earlier in the year due to the nation taking a hiatus from the sport. In a statement the manager, Jay Bucks, said that he lucks forward to Central Shaneville's competitive debut.

The Lineup for Central Shaneville:

GK - James Penford
LB - Ben Thomas
CB - George Flower
CB - Liam Apps
RB - Brandon Ekins
CAM - Danny Staniar
CAM - Shane Wray
LW - Spencer Owen
RW - Sam Wray
ST - David Vujanic
ST - Josh Smith

GK - Jordan Berry
D - Anthony Wessels
D - Stephen Reynolds
D - Nathan Morris
M - Tommy Vance
M - Daniel Cutting
M - Olly Kenyon
M - Matthew Flaherty
M - Jeff Shreeves
F - Taylor Anderson
F - Owain Cottam
F - Seb Owen

STYLE - +2

RP Permissions
Should my matchday opponent RP first this is what you can do.
RP events that happen in the match: Yes
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes (Maximum of 3 or 4)
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Union of Socialist Alpine Republics
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Postby Union of Socialist Alpine Republics » Fri Jul 06, 2018 1:19 pm


Independents Cup 5 preview

Toakameau, Falatulu, Free Republics - (NAP) The independents Cup is starting next neek (in Alpine calendar) and host cities still haven't been announced. The team is already in the Free Republics, more precisely in the Falatulu islands, to train and prepare for the Independents Cup 5. Well, they're suppose to train but we haven't seen them on any training pitch so I wonder what they've been doing in the Falatulu Islands. The Bisons, being ranked 59th, were in pot 2 and were drawn with the least good team from pot 1, the United States of Devonta, ranked 57th. We can say both teams are toe to toe. Other teams in group C includes Platerdam (186), ThePenguinLand (UR) and United West Indic States (UR). The most familiar team to us in our group is Devonta, who met with the Southern Democratic States in the final of the International Baseball Slam IX, which had low coverage from both finalists. Another team in group C, ThePenguinLand is an intriguing team and we can guess they will push hard and challenge both the Alpine Union and Devonta.

Let's recap all the previous Independents Cups. Prusky Krolewskie participated in the 1st Independents Cup and were drawn in a group with Abanhfleft, Kaboomlandia and Nordernious. Nordernious didn't reveal their roster but they were coached by the infamous Rule Theriault at that time. Prusy Krolewskie finished 3rd in group C just ahead of Nordernious who finished last. Because we had 6 groups, some 3rd placed teams advanced to the round of 16 and it was the case for the Bisons. Prusy Krolewskie lost 3-2 against Barunia.

The Union of Socialist Alpine Republics was in a group with Bonesea, The Iron Syndicate and the Free Republics at the Independents Cup II. We don't like the Free Republics but they aren't crap like Nordernious. For a reason that we ignore, the Alpine Union published it's roster after matchday 2 and it probably affected the team's confidence because the Reprezentacja Alpejski had 3 losses in 3 games.

Then in the Independents Cup III, the Alpine Union was in a group with Bonesea and two unranked teams: Rhineland Sued and The Warbler. The Bisons finished 1st in group C with 3 wins in 3 games. The Alpine Union beat the United States of Devonta 2-1 in the round of 16. Then the Reprezentacja Alpejski lost 3–3 (4–3 AET) against Bojikstan in the quarter finals.

Finally at the Independents Cup 4, the Alpine Union was in group C with Juvencus, Space and Amazonesta. The Bisons were 2nd in group C with 2 wins and one loss (against Juvencus) and beat Abanhfleft 3-2 in the round of 16. The Reprezentacja Alpejski beat Schottia 1–1 (2–2 AET) (0–3 pen.) in the quarter finals but lost 1–1 (1–2 AET) against Drawkland in the semi final. The Alpine Union also lost 3–3 (3–4 AET) against Mercedini for the 3rd place match.

Can the Alpine Union repeat it's 4th place or even higher? The Alpine Union is currently the 10th best team in this Independents Cup and they were lucky last cycle to beat both Abanhfleft and Schottia and it's not sure they can finish in the top 4 once again. The Bisons can win their group and, being the C1 seed, they will play against D2, which could be Omerica. Or maybe it will be Blaneu or Thunisia. No matter who, the Alpine Union can beat them but they will lose in the quarter finals. If the Alpine Union can't beat Devonta and finish 2nd, they will have the C2 seed and will play against D1, which will be Abanhfleft, and the Alpines will lose in the round of 16. It's crucial for the Reprezentacja Alpejski to win their group to avoid Abanhfleft in the first round of the playoffs.

Here is Alpine Union's schedule:

Matchday 1 - United States of Devonta (57) vs Alpine Union (59)
Matchday 2 - Alpine Union (59) vs Platerdam (186)
Matchday 3 - ThePenguinLand (UR) vs Alpine Union (59)
Matchday 4 - Bye
Matchday 5 - Alpine Union (59) vs United West Indic States (UR)
Hockey: 15th | American Football: 8th | Baseball: 10th | Association Football: 65th | Rugby Union: 23rd

Champions: World Bowl XXXII
Runner Up: WCoH 36
3rd Place:
4th Place: WJHC 12, Independents Cup 4, Handball World Cup 21

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Free Republics
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Postby Free Republics » Fri Jul 06, 2018 8:03 pm

Republican National Soccer Team, LLC


Formation: 3-1-2-1-3
Style Modifier: +2.5
Colors: Blue and White
Manager: Soccer General Rule Theriault
Assistant Manager: Sir Koby Theodore
Honorary Assistant Coach: Consul Kyle Bolton

Roster (age in parentheses)

Starting Lineup

GK: #12 Taras Sergeyev (19)
RB: #2 Ralf Schroder (19)
CB: #3 Zak Josef (20)
LB: #4 Vaclav Urbanek (19)
CDM: #5 Maxim Izmailov (20)
LM: #6 Usman Eldarkhanov (21)
RM: #7 Lecha Arsanukayev (19)
CAM: #8 Johnny Smith (18)
ST: #9 Porbergur Lydsson (20)
ST: #10 Love Holm (16)
ST: #11 Kalervo Peltola (18)


GK: #1 Stig Roivas (21)
GK: #13 Jaroslaw Nowicki (17)
DEF: #14 Mumadi Godina (18)
DEF: #15 Jake Reed (20)
DEF: #16 Marko Gersten (18)
DEF: #17 Tim Freeh (17)
DEF: #18 Ignacy Wozniak (15)
MID: #19 Alfonso Sundberg (19)
MID: #20 Donka Solyom (20)
MID: #21 Alik Khadzhiyev (17)
MID: #22 Nicolai Svendsen (18)
MID: #23 Denes Polak (16)
ST: #24 Dragutin Perkovic (19)
ST: #25 Norman Casares (16)
ST: #26 Andreas Hansen (17)
ST: #27 Steven Bosters (14)

Kits (made by Kirola Sports)



After two years away from international soccer, Republican National Soccer Team, LLC reformed two years ago just as its owner and sole proprietor was awarded the title of Soccer General by Consul Kyle Bolton. Soccer General Rule Theriault held open tryouts throughout the FFR to find the best young soccer players and the hottest high school cheerleaders in the Federation and get them under contract to Republican National Soccer Team, LLC. After travelling across the Federation and holding 60 open tryouts, a total of 27 soccer players and 68 cheerleaders were selected for the team based on their performance, (in the case of the soccer players) game tape and discussions with their coaches. At this time, Theriault is unsure whether any of the players stand out above the rest but he is hopeful that they will be responsible to coaching from the first Soccer General in the history of the Free Republics and his legendary assistant manager Sir Koby Theodore, who shined so memorably in World Cups 68 and 71. While rumor has it that looks were a factor in selecting both the soccer team and the cheerleading squad, Soccer General Rule Theriault denies rumors that Nova Hellstrom-Hancock and Lucia Bolton had a role in selecting players for the soccer team, though he does admit that Sir Koby Theodore and Consul Kyle Bolton hand-picked the cheerleaders.

In the year since World Cup 78, the Free Republics fell into a civil war. Political tensions that had been brewing for a long time between the political mainstream and the progressive left finally boiled over at the Unite the Left rally in Goldberg, Nejax. The small college town, home to the University of Nejax, was the site of disturbing political violence as an extreme progressive ran over 5 people, including University of Nejax pitcher Jurgen Eberhardt, the ace of the school's baseball team. A wave of left-wing domestic terror followed, leading to the passage of the Stop Aggressive Violent Extremism (SAVE) Act which granted extraordinary powers to the Federation Investigation Bureau (FIB) to protect public safety. 32 Republics responded to this by seceding from the FFR to form the Confederacy of Leftist Republics, which quickly became a state sponsor of terror. In the months since, the Republican armed forces have lost battle after battle to the Confederates and the FFR has suffered from many acts of terror, some of which, such as the destruction of the entries into international tournaments of the National Baseball Team and the National Hockey Team have had serious repercussions for Republican international sports. Eventually, the Leftist Republics were defeated and their territory turned into extremist containment zones known as "Charter Societies" as part of an effort to end political extremism in the Free Republics.

As the civil war was going on within the Free Republics, the National Soccer Team somehow managed to qualify for the World Cup, shocking almost everybody throughout the multiverse. However, they did not lost all 3 of their group stage matches that year and very much looked like a fluke qualifier. Last year, the Republican National Team headed into the Independents Cup in Schottia last year, where they announced their return to respectability in international soccer by winning the tournament, albeit with a fairly controversial victory over Mercedini and a poor group stage performance along the way. Then, they managed to qualify for the World Cup again in rather ugly fashion, drawing their first 4 matches, going just 8-7-3 in qualifying and barely managing to finish 3rd in their group. After defeating Apox rather easily in a playoff, they proceeded to lose 2 more World Cup group stage matches before drawing Abanhfleft in a meaningless match on the final day.

Cheerleading Squad (age in parentheses)

Coach - Lady Nova Hellstrom-Hancock

#1 - Minka Sasa (20)
#2 - Fabienne Casares (17)
#3 - Elsa Suutari (18)
#4 - Anisa Kazantseva (20)
#5 - Michele van Roijen (21)
#6 - Kathrin Unger (17)
#7 - Helena Kucerova (18)
#8 - Zakia Zwarthoed (17)
#9 - Katie Hoysted (17)
#10 - Aubrey Desroches (20)
#11 - Miluse Vilkova (17)
#12 - Morana Tomic (20)
#13 - Rukiyat Ibragimov (18)
#14 - Beatrycze Piotrowska (21)
#15 - Leona Henriksson (19)
#16 - Lalita Bazhaev (21)
#17 - Sonya Wynne (21)
#18 - Ruzena Chlupova (19)
#19 - Sarah Miller (19)
#20 - Leokadia Olszewska (18)
#21 - Olivia Henderson (21)
#22 - Taymaskha Batukayev (20)
#23 - Patricia Knatchbull (18)
#24 - Hilda Sigurvaldadottir (19)
#25 - Ktisztina Dudas (17)
#26 - Mia Espenes (20)
#27 - Bethany Nunan (18)
#28 - Julitta Zawadzka (17)
#29 - Kamilla Sultes (19)
#30 - Summer Bradford (17)
#31 - Jodi Marshall (20)
#32 - Kriszta Goloncser (17)
#33 - Frederique Vaillancour (19)
#34 - Anni Salonen (17)
#35 - Deidamia Batista (18)
#36 - Claribel Fuentes (18)
#37 - Thyra Strom (20)
#38 - Ester Udinese (18)
#39 - Alma Jessen (20)
#40 - Veronica Biryukova (18)
#41 - Edda Palsdottir (21)
#42 - Klaudia Makay (17)
#43 - Candelaria Jaquez (20)
#44 - Judit Forgach (20)
#45 - Rosaura De Luca (19)
#46 - Elina Ek (17)
#47 - Matilda Todd (18)
#48 - Zuzana Tomankova (20)
#49 - Fabienne Jolicoeur (21)
#50 - Katrina Sigmund (20)
#51 - Beatrice van Sluijs (18)
#52 - Mikaela Lindberg (18)
#53 - Zana Kurunic (17)
#54 - Hana Vidakovic (18)
#55 - Victoria Allan (18)
#56 - Ursy Almonte (21)
#57 - Tahlia Lew (17)
#58 - Fiona Soderstrom (20)
#59 - Yisa Vedzizhev (19)
#60 - Sonay Meilink (17)
#61 - Bojana Matic (20)
#62 - Liliana Boni (19)
#63 - Julia Schroder (21)
#64 - Vera Dilday (20)
#65 - Sanja Barisic (20)
#66 - Elise Reinikainen (18)
#67 - Kristal Lendvay (20)
#68 - Claudia Vasilyeva (18)

RP Permissions

I give my opponent permission to:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Give my players yellow cards: Y
Give my players red cards: Y
Give injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y (but check with me first before you kill or seriously injure any major Republican characters)
Godmod other events: Y (In addition, everybody is welcome to get involved in my ongoing RP lines)
Why I left NS Sports
World Cup 85 Champions
1st: DBC 28, X Winter Olympics, Independents Cup 4, CoH 66, WBC 46, World Bowl XXXVIII, World Cup 85
2nd: World Cup 68, DBC 27, U15WC 8, UWCFA Gold Cup I, BoI 15, 2nd Imperial Chap Olympiad, NSCF 11
Host: World Cups 68 & 81, CoH 58, Games of XIII Olympiad, X Winter Olympics, World Bowls XXII, XXXI & XXXVIII, WBCs 42 & 46, RUWC 25
Current Senior Consul: Nova Hellstrom-Hancock (Golden Age)
Current Junior Consul: Samuel Izmailov (Nat-Gre)
Demonym: Republican
Trigram: FFR
Official Nation Name: Federation of Free Republics
Stop Biden: Vote Trump!

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Postby Central Shaneville » Sat Jul 07, 2018 6:51 am

Tension was high on the training ground this morning as Central Shaneville's national team knuckled down for a tough day of training ahead of their first group stage match. Stand out players during the training sessions included striker Josh Smith who continued to show promise throughout the multiple sessions, the striker in a statement said that "It will be hard for sure but I think our offensive style of play could help us against some of the more defensive sides in our group for sure."

Elsewhere away from the training ground some of the players went to explore the Free Republics, of course being an unranked team and also making their debut they were able to blend in and not have cameras in their faces constantly as they weren't in Central Shaneville. All of the players seemingly came back to the training ground, having seen all the stadiums, tried the food and just exploring in general, with an extremely positive vibe with manager Jay Bucks hoping the positivity continues throughout their stay in the Free Republics.

Finally, Central Shaneville's schedule was released to the public this morning during the training sessions which were broadcast live on Central Shaneville's official website as well as their social media. The schedule is as follows:
MATCH 1: Central Shaneville vs. Mercedini - Tomorrow (8th July)
MATCH 2: Northwest Kalactin vs. Central Shaneville - Tuesday (10th July)
MATCH 4: Central Shaneville vs. The Orion Islands - Next Saturday (14th July)
MATCH 5: Britonisea vs. Central Shaneville - Next Monday (16th July)

Following the mornings training session Jay Bucks commented on the schedule saying that Central Shaneville were somewhat lucky to get the draw they did after being drawn along side another unranked team that being The Orion Islands. He also mentioned that the games against Britonisea and Northwest Kalactin should be extremely competitive whilst also saying that the team would have to pull out something special to get a good result in their debuting match against Mercedini who have the highest rank in the group.

Central Shaneville will be using their main lineup for the match as they believe it is the strongest. The style of play is +2
GK - James Penford
LB - Ben Thomas
CB - George Flower
CB - Liam Apps
RB - Brandon Ekins
CAM - Shane Wray
CAM - Danny Staniar
LW - Spencer Owen
RW - Sam Wray
ST - David Vujanic
ST - Josh Smith

GK - Jordan Berry
D - Anthony Wessels
D - Stephen Reynolds
D - Nathan Morris
M - Tommy Vance
M - Daniel Cutting
M - Olly Kenyon
M - Matthew Flaherty
M - Jeff Shreeves
F - Taylor Anderson
F - Owain Cottam
F - Seb Owen
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Postby Mercedini » Sat Jul 07, 2018 12:29 pm


Manager: Image Elidyr Lyndainium • Formation: 4-4-2

Mercedini return for their 5th Independents Cup campaign after finishing in a respectable third place in the previous tournament. Mercedini return to the fray as the only nation in the IAC to claim a World Cup Cycle trophy in the previous cycle of tournament, with the Golden Eagles coming away with the Cup of Harmony trophy after defeating Audioslavia on penalties to lift the cup in Vilita and Turori. At the tournament, Mercedini took plenty of scalps on their way to victory, including Qasden, Kita-Hinode and the aforementioned Audioslavia, all of which had become World Cup regulars in previous cycles. Their near perfect run means they rise to 26th in the World, well within the qualification bracket next time around. It also means they are ranked third within active IAC nations, behind Drawkland and Abanhfleft after both Bonesea and Schottia announced they would be stepping back from sporting activities for the foreseeable future. The fifth iteration of the Independents Cup sees an expansion in the tournament for the first time, with 40 teams now battling it out for the IAC trophy, an increase of 8 from the original 32 seen in the first four editions of the tournament. The tournament will see Mercedini's first ever competitive match against a fellow region mate from Novapax, when the Golden Eagles will face best buds Britonisea in the group stages which follows the 4-1 victory in a friendly against Togonistan. There's plenty to be excited about if you are a fan of the Mercedinian National Team.

GOALKEEPERS   Name                    	   Age	          Club	
GK Callum Polasic 30 Image Cenial City FC
GK Martin Hovek 25 Image Langtree United
GK Daniel Hosset 23 Image Zoloroni City

The main three goalkeepers return to the Mercedinian roster following their combined Cup of Harmony victory, with Cenial City's Callum Polasic given the nod as the Mercedinian #1 for the tournament, with Cenian manager Lyndainium favouring clubs from his homeland for the tournament, which has become a common theme throughout this roster, as he rests many of his key players for the tournament and gives some of the more fringe players a run out and a chance to prove themselves not only to the national team management, but to potential suitors with the MPL season beginning shortly and the transfer window opening up not too long after that. Goalkeeping can be a dangerous position on the pitch as they are the last line of defence before the goal, but this trio has gone all the way before in the multiverse's second biggest football tournament, and definitely have the pedigree to go all the way in this tournament.

LB Callum Aznelik 28 Image Langtree United
LB Anzor Kuznetsov 27 Image Dynamo Shebchetsik

CB Harry Ossun 23 Image Hoventon & Corlington Town
CB Liam Dosic 29 Image Gwinevra Barbarians
CB Peter Patenkov 29 Image Orga City
CB Liam Toivonen 22 Image Goldstaff City

RB Issac Catessic 27 Image Soldarian FC
RB Dominik Dzudzev 28 Image Langtree United

The defensive line-up remains relatively unchanged from the team which took home the Cup of Harmony a couple of months ago. The main absence from the national team roster would be OAS Royal's Thomas Di Sansev, who opted to play in the nation's U21 side for the Di Bradini Cup rather than the senior roster for the Independent's Cup. In his place is the right-back of the domestic champions in Dominik Dzudzev, who won the most recent season of the MPL and was involved in the historic run which took them all the way to the Globe Cup quarter-finals. Mercedini seem to have stemmed their seemingly never ending leakage of goals during the Cup of Harmony which put less stress on their strikers to go out and chase the game. With plenty of big teams involved in these regionals, the defence will need to bring their a-game if they want to go where they haven't gone before and lift the IAC trophy.

LM Jakob Vaselko 30 Image Elspachia
LM Lawrence Garzallo 21 Image Zoloroni Metropolitan

CM Adam Kraljic 24 Image 1860 Azoth
CM Johannes Nymark 24 Image Zoloroni City
CM Johan Karlovic 19 Image Tihon Tide
CM Patrick Jackic 22 Image Zholvi Athletic

RM Ross Presic 25 Image Somer City and Surrounds
RM Matthias Dawsell 22 Image Dynamo Shebchetsik

Some changes to the midfield roster as Lyndanuim hopes to usher in a new generation for the Mercedinian National Team when it comes to new players and experimenting with new tactics and filling in those gaps in depth when it comes to rosters for the World Cup and other major tournaments that Mercedini have become embroiled with in recent months and years. Johan Karlovic, still a teenager, has been selected once again for the senior national team after rejecting a call-up to the U21 national team for the Di Bradini Cup. He has been moulded massively by the attractive football played by Chromatik domestic champions Tihon Tide, and has used that to his and his team's benefit, exciting the fans and possibly creating a midfield heir to the throne, currently occupied by Adam Kraljic and Johannes Nymark. Lawrence Garzallo is another young gun who is making the position his own, with left midfield now being contested by three solid players, and with only two spots in the roster, something's got to give. It marks the first time Crp. Tim Crasic has been left out of the Mercedinian roster since the nation debuted on the international stage, following his domestic team's poor performances in the MPL and the rise of Garzallo and Vaselko in their respective team. It's likely that the midfield will be swapped around during the group stage before Lyndainium finally settles on a final line-up for the knockouts.

ST Charlie Alotic 26 Image Pelethas United
ST Daniel Dostalok 22 Image Handon United
ST Ben Chillotov 21 Image 1860 Azoth
ST Sgt. Sam Billic 32 Image Myrmidon

The attacking quartet have returned to the Independent's Cup after being split up in the previous two tournaments, giving the players marked in the attacking roster no excuses on the big stage if they were to have a nightmare in front of goal. Lyndainium has opted to rest his main strikers in Chillotov and Dostalok in favour of the older pairing of Billic and Alotic. With Billic reportedly considering retirement in the coming months, this could be one of the last if not the last chance to pick up some silverware in the rather varied career of the former Mercedinian military sergeant. With the recent Cup of Harmony trimph still on the minds of many of these players, they need to maintain their legacy of the tournament and avoid what would be an embarrassing turn of events for the national team should they bowing out at an early stage of this tournament.

Group B:
  • Northwest Kalactin (87)
  • Central Shaneville (UR)
  • The Orion Islands (UR)
  • Britonisea (211)
  • Mercedini (26)

Mercedini Fixture List:
  • Central Shaneville vs. Mercedini
  • Mercedini vs. The Orion Islands
  • Britonisea vs. Mercedini
  • BYE
  • Mercedini vs. Northwest Kalactin

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
Injuries to my players: Yes*
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes*
Godmod other events: Yes
*just let me know what you've done so I can factor that into our schedule

STYLE: +4.5
Novapax Founder • Host Portfolio • Trophy Cabinet
World CupBest: Group Stage ('77, '81, '82, '83)
Cup of HarmonyBest: Champion ('72)
U21 World CupBest: 3rd Place ('43)
U18 World CupBest: Champion ('4)
Independents CupBest: Champion ('5)
WC of HockeyBest: 2nd Place ('37)
WJHCBest: Champion ('13)
Best Placing: 1st (Lipa '72)Most Points: 108 pts (Lipa '72)

World Hit Festival
Best Placing: 1st ('34 & '36)Most Pts: 34 pts (Mousiki '31)
Junior World Hit Festival
Best Placing: 3rd ('3, '4 & '5)Most Pts: 26 pts (Tushlark '5)
Mercedini in WVSC & WHFs

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Postby Kavagrad » Sat Jul 07, 2018 1:12 pm

The Kavagrad Sportsman
Kavagrad's Most Trusted Daily Sports Leaflet Since 1961

ALV to National Team: Prove Yourselves!

The manager of the Kavagrad National Football Team, Alex-Louis Valentine, has stated in a press conference this morning that he expects his team to prove themselves in their opening group match against Aggrey-Fynn Land. He said: "I've told the team that they've got to prove their worth. This team knows what it's capable of, and we are more than ready to take this competition by storm. If we do as well as I know we can, you'll be considering us the favourites to win the whole thing by the time it's over."

Much of Kavagrad's squad is made up of younger players, with only two players, Axel Anderson and captain Aaron Wordsmith, being above the age of 25, at 27 and 31 respectively. The youngest, backup winger Benjamin Mumuni, a stalwart known for his tremendous pace and drilled crosses, may take to the pitch as Kavagrad's youngest ever international at just 17, should he play. When asked if the players' lack of experience might hinder them, Valentine responded: "Are there more experienced teams? Absolutely. But where many see experience, I see age. Yes, other sides will have had more time on the pitch, but that'll be little consolation as our boys run circles around them".

Valentine, 39, himself goes into his role as Kavagrad manager with little experience of his own, having only managed one side, Division 2's Torpedo Daniilsk, briefly from July 2013 until he was brought in as Kavagrad manager in June 2014. Valentine was a international left-back with 41 caps before a knee injury brought about his retirement in 2012.

Kavagrad are unbeaten in competitive games, having a record of 1 win and 1 draw, with 0 losses. Both their competitive games have been in the TLA Qualifiers for the IAFF World Cup, in which they have recorded a 1-0 win over Polish-British Union, and held steadfast against Woflines for a 0-0 draw. They have become known for what is known as "Brick Wall Tactics", cancelling out the opposition's attacking moves, retaining possession whenever possible, and launching swift and decisive counterattacks when the time is right.

A press statement from Alex-Louis Valentine this morning shed light on the line-up for the team that will play against Aggrey-Fynn Land. The team itself has been considered typical of Valentine, who has kept the first team that has performed well in recent friendly games and IAFF Qualifying games. Benjamin Mumuni, 17, who some had hoped would earn his first international start for the national side, has been announced as a substitute, likely to replace Mohammad Ibrahim Marrash on the left wing if needed. Mumuni is expected to play at some point during the group stage, having been picked due to a tremendous rookie season and his great chemistry with Kavagrad's star striker, Louis-Henri Bonne, at club side Spartak K-M. Mumuni picked up 16 assists and 2 goals, while Bonne won the Golden Boot with 24 goals, which saw Spartak win their 3rd consecutive Division 1 league title.

FC East Neva's Shane Dalton joins Bonne up front, playing in a deep-lying role to compliment Bonne's attacking style. Dalton scored 14 goals for his club last season, with the club coming 4th in the league and qualifying for the Kavagrad Super Cup. Dalton has been criticised in recent months for a perceived lack of determination, but Valentine has insisted that at an international level, Dalton will perform.The midfield will be kept strong by captain Aaron Wordsmith, 31, who has had the captain's armband since 2014. He will play alongside defensive midfielder Kyle Keelie, 24, who Valentine clearly hopes can catch stray passes in front of the defensive line and spray out dangerous passes to the wingers and forwards.

The defensive line will be led by vice-captain Axel Anderson, 27, often nicknamed "The Tower" due to his well-built 6'9" frame. Naturally dominant in the air, Anderson has scored 7 goals in his 48 international appearances, all of which were headers from corners. Joining Anderson in the centre of defence is Raymond Alexander, 22, a younger but aggressive defender known for his excellent last-ditch tackles. Both the right and left-back, Eric Valenti and Oscar Maguire, will be taking up defensive roles in order to combat any attempted exploitation of the wings, while also playing long balls up the pitch to trigger swift counter-attacks.
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In anticipation for our first game against Platterdam, we conducted an interview with our manager Ray Will Bradford.

Interviewer: So, Ray are you confident going into our first ever game in an international tournament?
Ray : I won`t lie, I am nervous. Our boys are good, they just haven`t been tested yet. We have had no confirmation of what to expect of Platterdam so far. This will be probably make it a tense match, we`ve had some samples of their playing styles , from training videos and match reviews, yet nothing much else. They`re also ranked much higher than us.
Interviewer : Do you think our squad is fully prepped for this match, I know there`s been some worries in the training ground?
Ray: Well, they all have the ability to play well they just need to gel. I think the more games we play the easier it`ll become for them to develop a clear understanding, so far i haven`t seen anything that`s too worrying. Some of our players already play well together, just look at Matias, Mattias and Martinas. They should give us the edge in matches were our team is still gelling.
Interviewer: So, our Crucial areas are up front, what about our defense and midfield?
Ray: We`ve got a strong,well built defense, already some of the players in there are starting to prove there worth. Shidlern and Eden play for the same team and are showing promise in terms of co-ordination. Ramosan has currently got no club , although he is a veteran and will guide our team in terms of morale. Bogodin has had a great season so far and will continue to defend the sticks, he`s reliable and a great team captain, he knows each of the lads well and guides in morale.
Interviewer: Are there any matches you`re particularly nervous of?
Ray: Well coming up in several days is the match with the Alpine Union. This match will be a hard one, they look experienced and have there tactics planned and installed in place , in case of any game plan. We will need to constantly fight in this one, to be able to have a constant edge that gives us the advantage over them, utilizing our best three players.
Any extra information
Our Match schedule
Match 1: Penguinland Vs Platterdam (8th).
Match 2:Bye(10th).
Match 3: Penguinland Vs Alpine Union (12th).
Match 4: Penguinland Vs United West Indic States (14th).
Match 5:Penguinland Vs United States of Devonta (16th).
Set Piece Takers
Free Kicks: Leopold Dinawsci.
left Corners : Mattias Fernandes.
Right Corners: Leopold Dinawsci.
Penalties : Martinas Edmunsonowivic.
Captain: Bogodin stankovich.
Our Tactics
Formation 4-3-3(4th variant).
Defensive Tactics: Attacking fullbacks, High pressing, aggressive interceptions, Man Marking.
Midfield Tactics: High Pressing, Run Back to defend, Flanking Attacks Inside Runs.
Forward Tactics : Wingers run back to help out full backs, Target man, Cross inside the box, High pressing.
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Postby Adab » Sun Jul 08, 2018 6:45 am

A Dance with Football
A look into the lives of the people involved in Adabian football and those associated with them

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Present day
Free Republics

The birds flew across the morning sky and above the head of Saad Kaykali, who had risen at an unusually early time in the morning. The campground was, quite simply, a beauty - a gift from Mother Nature amid the encroaching influence of the cities. Saad, just recently installed as manager of the Adab national football team, had insisted that the team stay in that campground instead of one of the posh hotels in the city for several reasons. First, he did not want to hear reports of players sneaking out to the bars and discotheques before a big match, getting themselves drunk beyond belief in the process. Second, he intended to give players some time to rest and prepare for the challenge ahead in peace, and this could be better done away from the city. It had been proven many times that the sounds of the environment - be it the birds, or the wind, or whatever was there - could be relaxing for those who heard it and might provide health benefits and alleviate stress, a common plague of professional footballers. Finally, he just wanted to get away from it all, get away from the hustle and bustle, find a secluded place where he and his staff could devise tactics and prepare for all possibilities that they might face on the road ahead, and contemplate the unexpected twists that he had occurred in his life and the turns that he had taken to get to this place.

Seven years ago

He was the greatest star of his time, a bright spark in a sport that was falling apart around him, the hero that the country needed. But that was another time. Looking back on it now was akin to looking back across the abyss for something that just seemed too good to have actually existed. But that thing used to exist: that time when he was the greatest athlete of his generation.

Saad Kaykali played for Baghdad City as a midfielder from 1990 to 2008, having been signed by the club at the age of only sixteen. There were accusations of nepotism at the time; after all, his uncle Albar Kaykali was a high-ranking official at the Football Association, and it was widely suspected that he had pulled some strings in order to get Saad signed by the club. Football, though still the most popular sport in Adab at the time, was fast declining in popularity amid accusations of violence (particularly hooliganism) and corruption at every level. All doubts, however, quickly dissipated as young Saad established himself as a genuine threat on the field. Endowed with speed and reflexes that - even at the national level - had to be seen to be believed, along with leadership abilities, Saad took Baghdad City to consecutive Adabian Premier League titles from the 1993-1994 to the 1997-1998 seasons, and again from the 2001-2002 to the 2004-2005 seasons; he was installed as captain in 2001.

Saad's peak coincided with the tenure of his uncle Albar as President of the Football Association from 1997 to 2002. Albar quickly and successfully took steps to quash the corruption and violence that had so dominated Adabian football in the last few decades. Saad's humble personality - he consistently denied that he was the star of the team, claiming that "everyone in the team is the star" - only increased his popularity, which peaked with his fairytale marriage to Princess Maria Ashurbanipal, great-granddaughter of Emperor Tizqar III, in 1998 (they had one daughter, Aida). The Adab Times gleefully splashed the news across its front page: "PRINCESS MARRIES STAR FOOTBALLER". For a while, it seemed as if the Kaykalis had been sent right out of heaven to save Adabian football.

It is true that all good things must come to an end, but sometimes they simply crashed and burned. Albar Kaykali died of a heart attack in 2002, and without his guiding hand much of the progress that had been made were undone. Corruption continued on at endemic levels, and the Premier League, after several years of respite, was once again plagued by rumors of match fixing. Hooliganism, although not as severe as in the Sixties, still occurred from time to time. Finally, as pitiful as the state of Adabian football was, no one expected Emperor Tizqar III - in a rare occurrence of the monarch intervening in sports - to actually freeze the Football Association and the entire football league system in 2008. The Al-Habshi Tribunal, launched at the Emperor's behest, resulted in the arrest of no fewer than thirty figures, accused of partaking in the various crimes that besmirched Adabian football, and the execution of four of them.

Once acclaimed as the country's greatest athlete alive, Saad Kaykali's world came crashing down around him overnight. Seven people associated with Baghdad City were taken into custody and twenty of them put in trial, but on top of the prosecutors' list was no other than Saad, captain of the team during the time when it was accused of match fixing. Saad was enraged as he denied the accusations - pointing out that he had refused bribes on more than one occasion - and devastated when his teammates admitted it; Saad was too honest and they respected him too much, so they bypassed him.

Perhaps Saad should have known that his teammates and opponents were playing him for a fool; all those times when the opponents' defense or his seemed easier to penetrate than usual, when there was something usual in the direction his teammates moved, when something seemed to go wrong with the tactics. Perhaps. How come, Saad wondered? They had won so many titles, they were the greatest, they had no reason to fix. Then he realized they could have won much more had they not thrown away the matches. That, or some of the matches and titles they had won had been fixed in their favor. Saad the wonderkid, Saad the star footballer, it was all a myth, he convinced himself; the road had been made easy for him, and he was not even aware of it.

And now here he was, having served two months out of a seven-year sentence at the Adab City Prison. He had sued for divorce from Maria for her own sake. Once a princess married to a star footballer, she was now a princess married to a prisoner. She would be granted full custody of Aida (who was now living with Maria's sister). Still, Saad knew he had much to thank his lawyers for; two of his teammates had been electrocuted at the same prison - Good riddance, Saad thought - and manager Hamid al-Karawiji was now serving a ten-year sentence at another wing in the facility.

Saad had filed for divorce several months ago, before he went to prison but after he (at his own initiative) separated from Maria, but neither he nor his lawyers had received a reply, and today he knew why. Maria's sister visited him along with Aida - her first meeting with her father since he began his sentence - and delivered the news; Maria was suffering from leukemia, which had been diagnosed shortly after the separation and which she had kept secret from Saad, and she did not have much time left.

The next day he was allowed out of prison to visit his wife at the nearby hospital. In her last words, she rejected Saad's request for a divorce ("I love you, Saad, and I know you didn't do anything wrong") and urged Saad and her sister to take care of Maria. Saad was with her when she passed. He attended her funeral under police escort, immediately returning to prison after the burial.

Saad served two years of his sentence, before his lawyers - equipped with mounting evidence that he did not know anything regarding his teammates' conduct - appealed to the Emperor. Saad was granted a pardon and his property restored to him; his reputation having been restored during his time in prison, he was greeted by a legion of fans as he stepped out of the prison. He regained custody of Aida from Maria's sister and dabbled in real estate investment for a few years until, at the end of the suspension this year, he was asked to helm the national football team.

Present day
Free Republics

Saad watched as the birds disappeared into the horizon, the morning breeze blowing against his face. He reached for his wallet. Inside, folded, were two pictures; one of his wife holding baby Aida, and the other of himself with a few of his teammates. The latter picture he took, tore into several pieces, and threw away to the wind; he did not know why he had waited so long just to do this. The other he looked at for a while, then returned to the wallet.
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霧島サッカー協会/안개섬 축구 협회
Kirishinan Football Association Presents: Kirishima's official Roster for the 5th Independents Cup
"The Kitsunes"
Style Modifier: +3.83
Formation (Formation, 形成): 4-3-3
Trigramme: FDA
In Character Flag:

Introduction/Story So Far
Flardania/Kirishima National Football Team also known as the Kitsunes are Flardania's best soccer playeras. Football is the national sport of Kirishima (Flardania) and the Kitsunes help showcase the KONAMI Premier League . After years of playing domestic play and tragically missing BOF 56 and BOF 57. Kirishima would later enter Baptism of Fire 58 and after just barely exiting the Group stage, Kirishima as the bottom #16 Seed upset #1 Seed San Llera and defeated Maretta to reach the semi-finals. The Kitsunes unfortunately finished fourth and bitter fans refer to the top 3 teams as the "Puppet Show".

Kirishinan expectations were much smaller going into the WC 71 and looked to at least qualify for the main cup. The Kitsunes looked like they were contenders early on but struggled as they were in a really difficult Group mixed with Kirishima playing too balanced a game against the high-powered offense while lacking enough offense to dismantle defensively disciplined teams. Kirishima would have a mediocre showing in the Cup of Harmony with the only notable news being the historic upset against Cosumar.

The Kitsunes then went into World Cup 72 with a miserable first half that had Kyosuke on the hot seat until they turned things around and finished 4th in the group, thus giving Hikaru the rank boost he sought. Kirishima then entered into WC 73 with the main objective being finishing at least mid table and entering COH with stronger momentum. The Kitsunes failed to finish midtable (4th) and enter the COH because they shockingly finished 2nd, a feat only predicted by the media in Saintland and won their playoff game to advance to the world cup proper for the first time. The Kitsunes Rank increased by 45, thus leapfrogging the team from 86 to 41 a reflection of the fast rise of the young Kitsune team.

World Cup 74 saw the addition of a new player, Konami Premier League Rookie of the Year Akiho Ubukata. The Kitsune sought to qualify to their second ever World Cup in back to back editions were a tight group and a heartbreaking loss on MD 1 and MD 13 made it seem that the Kitsunes may have to test their luck in the playoffs. The thought impossible unranked Union of American Democrats draw with 14th ranked Turori sent the Kitsunes a heart attack preventing instant qualification where as usual like previous WC and COH the Kitsune upset the strongest team in the group while getting dismantled by everyone else.

With a Historic World Cup 75 , Kirishima sought to 1) Qualify a third time and not miss out on a memorable cup 2) Try and finally Reach round of 16. With the Kitsunes ranked in the 20's and a group draw going according to plan it seemed like that history would be made, and made it was. The Kitsunes had multiple chances they lost due to draws against lowly teams. Emerging from the ashes of the Kitsunes failed campaign is a new rival. One unlike never before seen gone are the days of friendly rivalries with Devonta and in comes a rivalry with Nordeana and of bad blood and hatred for reserved for Anglatia. Not only did they rob the Kitsunes of a playoff berth, they did it in an insulting manner. Gone is the era of Kyosuke as manager, the inexperience fairy tale story of a civilian interim manager with zero experience who brought the Kitsunes to lightning success in qualifying. His failure in being unable to reach a Round of 16 outside of BOF 58 lead to his voluntary and unwanted departure. A World Cup 75 qualifiers that saw once star mid-fielder Seong Mi Soo retire at the end of qualifiers become the new manager leading up to COH 67. With the nation seeking the major tournament Round Of 16 spot the nation so desperately wanted she proved the Kitsunes were not cursed, as she brought the team to the quarterfinals.

With her WCQ debut in World Cup 76 the Kitsunes found themselves at the top of the Group with two upsets against Quebec but round up in a Group of death, not only failing to exit to group stages yet again but for the first time also failing to pick up a point. With the 1st edition of the Independents Cup the Kitsunes had a firm objective of winning silverware and came close to being in a position to do so before falling to Barunia in the quarterfinals. The Kitsunes entered WC 77 with a majority of the stars on the verge of their primes and the KFA under their new chairman, Sakura Katsuragi, had finally had a firm objective, not only qualify for the World Cup but to escape the group stages for the first time. The Kitsunes nearly did not make the World Cup but also were swept once again in the actual world cup.

World Cup 78,with Sakura Katsuragi serving only her second year as chairman, Kirishima finally left the group stages of the World Cup, sending the nation into a frenzy before losing a close match to The Holy Empire. The Kitsunes no longer had Papadopoulos in at midfield but they have Filipino refugee Miguel Tamayo who helped the Kitsunes reach the RO16. However rather than continue the momentum, they fell in World Cup 79 Qualification into the Cup of Harmony and failed to reach the Semi-finals in that tournament. Seong Mi-Soo would resigned and Hikaru Kyosuke would take command of the team as the interim manager until the island nation disappeared during qualifications marking the first time that Kirishima was neither in the World Cup or Cup of Harmony now in there worst position since they first qualified, where do the Kitsunes go from here?

Overview of Flardania/Kirishima
Trigramme: FDA
National Anthem: 時代を超越治世[Un Règne Intemporelle] (A Timeless Reign)
Capital: Heiwa
Largest City: Kairaku
Official Languages: French, Japanese, Korean (Pending Legislative deliberation)
Recognized Languages: English, Kirishinan, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese
Population: 121,283,217
Drives on the: left

Kirishima, as it is called in the East and as Flardania in the West, is an archipelago in the Asia Pacific. Kirishima means literally Mist and Island in Japanese and is known locally as the Islands of the Mist. Kirishima is an archipelago comprising of 1,721 islands. They can be divided into seven large and major islands - Hontō, Zipangu, Yamatai, Reijima, Cheongug, Hanarejima, and Yajiriguni. Kirishima is an interesting place that is historically made up of Kirishinans which sociologist determined to be remnants of the Gaya Confederacy and the Baekje Kingdom during the rise of the Silla kingdom in Korea in 660 A.D. These people mixed with Japanese who were allies or already shipwrecked or settled in the region prior, along with the local Sungtaku peoples. Each had their own kingdoms that would eventually be united under four Kingdoms which would eventually be divided among Europeans. Namely the French and British. When the French won one of their few theater conflicts in the seven years war they named the land Flardania in honor of the Swedish explorer who discovered the land in the name of France.

Kirishima despite having an Asian majority population, has a decent sized European, and African minority. The nation is proud of it's very welcoming and tolerant attitude despite how it looks. It is a moderate nation that can be very liberal on some issues and conservative on others. One such noteworthy example is Kirishima's very sexually open society deeply embedded in the culture and Majority faith (Lake Shore Order/Houism) of the population. At the same time, Kirishima is a very Traditionalist society that sees Kirishinan nationality as a cultural lifestyle rather than racially inherited. As a quick way to tick off a Kirishinan is to not only not be a part of the culture but openly reject it and preach against it (3 strikes of doom). A very important albeit a random piece of information is the prohibition of smoking tobacco. Kirishinan people believe in a clean body and clean environment even before the world found out about those issues. One may be caught off guard by how clean and devoid of litter the cities and metro systems tend to be.

Uniforms Provided by Meski Sports

Management Team (Équipe De Gestion, マネジメントチーム)
Yong In-Kwon

Interim Manager (Entraîneur, コーチ): Yong In-Kwon
Assistant Coach (Entraîneur Adjoint, アシスタントコーチ): Makoto Kikuchi
Assistant Coach (Entraîneur Adjoint, アシスタントコーチ): Jean-Claude Colbert
Doctor (Médecin, 医者): Ae Mi-Yeon

Starters (Entrées/スターター)

#1 Miyoko Hōjō(F) (Goalkeeper) – Olympique Imgeum-si
#18 Miguel Tamayo (Defender) – Anegaoka Jiangshi FC
#8 Claire Nguyen(F) (Defender) – Akihabara Electric OFC
#21 Ayame Fujisaka (Defender) – Akihabara Electric OFC (CAPTIAN)
#7 Koharu Miyamoto(F) (Defender) – Nabaek Sylph F.C
#11 Rin Mizoguchi (Mid-Field) - Hyuga Valkyries FC
#34 Nao Hirose (Mid-Field) – Anegaoka Jiangshi FC
#5 Ako Izumi(F) (Mid-Field) – Heiwa Wizards FC -
#14 Renée Guidice(F) (Striker) – Nabaek Sylph F.C
#25 Josuke Ichikawa (Striker) – Tel'Adre Phoenix
#82 Joseph Yabuta (Striker) – Akihabara Electric OFC

Back-Up (Sauvegarde/バックアップ)
#2 Ai Takagawa(F) (Goalkeeper) – Akihabara Electric OFC
#3 Atasuke Horiuchi (Goalkeeper) – Heiwa Wizards
#15 Jin Seon Ho (Defender) - Brieux Les Lions FC
#4 Eizan Iwamoto (Defender) – Kairaku Nymphs FC
#10 Hideo Fukuda (Defender) – Tel'Adre Phoenix
#12 Akiho Ubukata(F) (Mid-Field) – Hyūga Valkyrie FC
#6 Son Dae-Han (Mid-Field) – Olympique Imgeum-si
#9 Ryoushirou Nayasaki (Striker) – Kairaku Nymphs FC
#23 Sayo Matsuoka (F) (Striker) – Olympique Imgeum-si
#24 Aoi Fujioka (Striker) – Brieux Les Lions FC

Staff Bio

Yong In-Kwon Age · 44

In-Kwon is the manager of the Heiwa Wizards FC and had been a talented defensive mid-fielder in Kirishima's pre BOF days. He has a great understanding of counter attacking play and Sakura Katsuragi feelt that his addition to the staff was needed in order for the Kitsunes campaign at the very least mirroring their previous World Cup performances. With the Strange Kirishinan time anomaly settled Hikaru stepped down as Interim manager and In-Kwon took the job as manager.

Makoto Kikuchi Age · 28

Makoto is known as many things a boy? a girl? a miracle worker? Multi-Talented? Nevertheless she has grown up around sports and has always loved it. While attending school she participated in football, Track, and Field, Swimming, basketball, and cycling. She also was discovered for her musical talents she eventually had to choose what she wanted to do with her life and she chose sports and music. During the offseason, Makoto can be seen in dresses performing on stage or seen in swimwear photo shoots but during football seasons she dons a suit and takes to the field as Manager of the Akihabara Electronic OFC. The two different Makoto Kikuchi. In only her first three seasons she managed to build a solid roster and lead the Electric to their first and second ever title in her first two seasons all while keeping the Electric contenders into the present.

Jean-Claude Colbert Age · 46

Jean-Claude is the manager of Anegaoka Jiangshi FC and like In-Kwon had played in Kirishima's pre BOF days but as a Winger. He is known for his development of players as seen in Anegaoka and is seen as a suitable replacement for In-Kwon who went on to be the Manager.

Ae Mi-Yeon Age · 25

Yes the KFA has provided information on the trainer/team doctor. Why do you ask? Because she is the team doctor and since she is part of the team, plays a role in the outcome of matches. With that said there is not much about her to say besides noting she is the team doctor of Akihabara Electronic OFC which is important as the doctor helps prevent injuries and make sure those injured return to field asap. Something needed in such a competitive domestic league.

Starting XI Bio

Miyoko Hōjō Age · 26

If you live in Kirishima you know her, if you watch Kirishinan games you know her, if you have ever faced against Kirishima you know her. Miyoko Hojo is a former culinary student specializing in Chinese Cuisine. As an athletic individual, she was noticed by both basketball and shockingly football scouts for her potential, height and vertical. She decided to give football a try as it had a more flexible schedule and less chance for injury. The rest was history as she has helped lead the Kitsunes to World Cup Qualifications in each of her first three World Cup experiences as well as keeping Olympique Imgeum-Si as a serious contender domestically. The scary thing for the opposition is her natural ability makes her a top goalkeeper. With her reaching her prime and understanding the game more, she provides a get presence in the goal.

Miguel Tamayo Age · 21

The young Filipino refugee and emerging rookie of Anegaoka, Miguel Tamayo was seen as an integral part of Kirishima's success in the previous World Cup. Miguel as a former rookie of the year looks to hold down the fort defensively as the Kitsunes seek to escape from their World Cup group yet again.

Claire Nguyen Age · 27

Young, beautiful and relatively unknown until quite recently. Claire used to be just another defender on the Akihabara Electronic OFC when in one off season she gained a new manager in Makoto Kikuchi and two new players/eventual best friends Joseph Yabuta and Ayame Fujisaka. Nevertheless, the talent that surrounded her raised her game and she took the league by storm. She is quick, precise, and currently known as the slide tackle queen of Kirishima. The one question that is wondered is will she still be as motivated if she played for someone other than Kikuchi or her two BFF? Nevertheless thankfully for her as well as the fans, do not need to find out as her two best friends are also national team material.

Ayame Fujisaka Age · 26

Speaking of Claire's best friends, Ayame Fujisaka at just the age of 21 became the brains of the national team. Despite his age, he now had enough experience to be the captain of the squad, a fact that many Kirishinans have known for a long while. Yes, I said he no he is not a she as he is not transgender. (What a tongue twister) Ayame is well known for his cross-dressing nature but doesn't let your guard down around him as on the pitch he is known for his high football IQ. He is so friendly and knows how to motivate and cheer up anyone. The men and women on the team have always look to him even without the armband. You need someone to talk to he is there, your sore and in need of a massage, he is there. He will do literally anything for you to ensure you will play your maximum potential. He is a reason why Claire has gotten so good. If Seong and Kikuchi are the coaches on the sideline then Fujisaka is the coach on the field. A reputation he has proved and established since his debut with Yabuta on the Kairaku Nymphs before they both went to Akihabara. He is a cornerstone of the generation of miracles.

Koharu Miyamoto Age · 25

Koharu is a free spirit both on and off the field whose player type resembles Miyoko Hojo. She is the type that had no prior football experience and was recruited solely based on various intangibles such as speed and stamina in her specific case. A long distance track star in school her father recruited her to play for his Nabaek Sylph a move that had fans stark mad. Sure just a season prior Hojo found success, left back was different from Goalkeeper and many saw it as a parental preference. Koharu worked hard to salvage her father's name and proved herself to consistently be the first name on any teamsheet. If that was not enough, she added goal scoring to her arsenal so any team unprepared may find themselves shocked by the defender who is the most likely to score in a corner or even more shock to see her sneak past a lagging defender, receive an onside through ball and drill in a goal....once again I remind you she is a defender.

Rin Mizoguchi Age · 22

A year younger and teammate of former rookie of the year, as well as current Primer League champion and first time NT starter, Akiho Ubukata. Cup of Harmony 67 saw the teammate replace the other as the starter. He has helped put Hyuga back on the map and like Akiho is a local from Yamatai prefecture. Seong Mi-Soo is looking to re-add some male strength to the midfield position and it's also hard to deny one of the team's goal scorers a spot. In recent performances, he has been a consistent threat and contributor to the Kitsunes goal scoring endeavors

Nao Hirose Age · 19

Young and fast Nao Hirose is a former highschool classmate of prodigy Aoi Fujioka. Nao Hirose also has strength and a good physical something that the timid midfielder will not hesitate to display. The hope is that Hirose can added some much needed strength into the midfield while also keeping the ball movement of the Ballista working efficiently.

Ako Izumi Age · 26

Ako is an intelligent, opportunistic, and team oriented girl who is the best passer on the team. Her sole purpose in her opinion was to make others look good though her passing. She loves dribbling the ball and feels immense satisfaction after an assist. Ako has become more of a scorer since she left AC Kawajiri Tanuki, while she did not appreciate how Bianka Schraeder from Armeia treated her team, Ako seemed to realize that while the assist was great she had to once in awhile score herself should the opportunity arise. She is a cornerstone of the generation of miracles and a key part of the Ballista with her specialty being her goal scoring from free kicks.

Renée Guidice Age · 23

This may be a bit surprising to some but Renée Guidice has earned a place in the starting rotation over Sayo Matsuoka. Renée is a goal scorer who was eventually eclipsed by Sylvain Gainsborough and Nita Jagr. With her dissatisfaction in the club's direction, Renée joined LB Koharu Miyamoto and Midfielder from Cosumar Li H'sen Lang in Nabaek. Having found a resurgent in her game Guidice was a high-impact scorer while Matsuoka's Matthew Mets struggled. Renée has taken advantage of this opportunity and does not seem poised to lose that spot anytime soon. On and off the field Renée is a friendly soul who serves as a role model in sportsmanship and character.

Josuke Ichikawa Age · 25

Josuke is a phenomenal scorer who is often seen as the main rival to Yabuta. A few World Cup qualifiers ago his Childhood friend since elementary school Sayo Matsuoka took his spot. However, his impact was missed and rather than replace Matsuoka who played well, Ichikawa replaced Nayasaki, thus putting the two Enrika natives at the wings. With Matsuoka coming off the bench, Jouske is more determined to ensure he maintains bragging rights in regards to his and Sayo's careers. Josuke has good ball control and has a dangerous cross that can change the flow of any game suddenly. Penalty kicks are his greatest strength and no one is more calm, cool, and collected as he is.

Joseph Yabuta Age · 26

Despite what this humble young man would say, Yabuta is the undisputed star and goal scorer for the Kirishinan national team. Yabuta loves to score and scores he can whether it be left foot, right foot, head, knee, etc. Yabuta plays to have fun and his speed is borderline unfair. In his four-year career, Yabuta has won four championships (1 with Kairaku, 3 with Akihabara). It is safe to assume that if Kirishima scores in a game that Yabuta was behind it. This means he either scored or at least assisted on a goal. That type of consistency is very valuable. Yabuta joins his best friends Ayame and Claire in this year's national team as he remains a crucial cornerstone to the generation of miracles.

Tactic: "The Supported Ballista" 4-3-3 +3.83
Manager Yong will be using the often tweaked yet proven Ballista. He plans on making use of the counter attack with his notable defenders Ayame Fujisaka who has a great mind for the game and the tomboy former University track star Koharu Miyamoto whose speed, passing and footwork enables her to get up the field quickly and in the position to opt a pass to a midfielder. Like previous version, Miyamoto can join in the attack and after making a pass depending on how the play is developing. Claire Nguyen had a great season with Akihabara and is on the starting line up with teammates Yabuta and fellow center back Fujisaka. With Izumi and the young breakout Hirose on the field, they can place the ball in a great positioning of any of the Kitsunes capable strikers like Yabuta to drill the ball into the net. Also with Yabuta's almost unnatural ability to score of volley's it will become obvious how Yabuta made the Baptism of Fire 58 squad. Guidice and Ichikawa will provide offensive support. Yong hopes that this will optimize the team abilities.

Captain:Fujisaka ,If Subbed out:Izumi/Yabuta/Miyamoto
Penalty Taker: Ichikawa/Izumi/Fujisaka/Yabuta/Guidice
Free Kick Taker: Izumi/Mizoguchi/Hirose
Corner Taker: Izumi/Ichikawa/ Mizoguchi

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes within reason, however, I can edit severity
Godmod injuries to my players: Maybe (TG First)
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (Must Tg me)
Godmod other events: TG me I'm willing to discuss

I am a MT Japanese/Korean nation inhabited by Human, Anime(They're also Human), and Secret FanT beings (Northern Wilderness)that perform acts based on MT/PMT Reality

Internationally known as Flardania in English, known domestically as Kirishima in Japanese & French, and domestically as Angaeseom in Korean



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