World Grand Prix Championship Season 16: RP Thread

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World Grand Prix Championship Season 16: RP Thread

Postby WGPC » Sun Jan 21, 2018 12:27 pm


World Grand Prix Championship Season 16
Roleplay Thread

For the next couple of weeks, negotiations between drivers and teams will take place in this thread. For those who have not done this before, have a look at the first five pages of last season's thread.

You may RP however you like. Maybe you'd prefer to tell the world that a couple of teams are interested in your driver via some rumour-mongering in your local newspapers? Perhaps you'd like to set up an interview for a team/driver? A popular tactic in recent years has been for teams to hold an open-invitation trial for a number of drivers to test your racecar around a local circuit, with the best driver/drivers being chosen for the team. There is no 'right' way to do it, and the only 'wrong' way to do it would be to attempt to confirm your driver is racing with a team before any real negotiations, OOC, IC or otherwise, have taken place.

You may also wish to consider the massive difference in pay between an experienced driver with a good reputation and a newcomer. In RL Formula 1, the best drivers are paid handsomely to drive while the newcomers often have to pay a team in order to secure a drive. Does your driver need to secure sponsorship in order to pay his way into a deal? Or is he a skilled driver with years of experience, upon whom a team can rely to draw money to the team through external sponsorship and win bonuses?

When you wish to confirm that a driver has joined a team, or formally offer a spot in your team to a driver, do so in bold, like this or this or this or simply like this.

Please note: There is a very small difference in strength between 'Driver 1' and 'Driver 2'. The driver given the distinction of being 'Driver 1' is granted a small OOC advantage over his/her team-mate.

Drivers can state their preferred car number when they sign up, but only the World Champion is allowed to use #1. If you do not submit a preferred number, then one will be given to you at random. Drivers retaining a number from a previous season will be given preference over another driver, should two decide to choose the same number. Outside of that, we will adopt a first come, first served policy with regard to driver numbers. Driver numbers may range from 1-99.

One final, final thing: This is the RP thread. There is to be no Out-of-Context communication here. You may use this thread if you feel you need to make an OOC post.


Race Calendar
Scorination	Racewk	NAT	Circuit				Grand Prix			Place
Feb 3 1 TAE Pre-season testing: Taeshan
Feb 10 2 SAV Pre-season testing: Savojarna
Feb 16/18 3 HDR Grand Prix of Hodori
Feb 23/25 4 ANM Kissan Motors Grand Prix ... ircuit.png
Mar 2/4 5 EFL GP of the Imperial Commonwealth ... aceway.png
Mar 9/11 6 NIM Nimban Grand Prix
Mar 19* 7 VIL Mid-season testing: Vilita ... cmap16.png
Mar 23/25 8 VLK Ångström Electric GP, Vulkanas
Mar 30/Apr 1 9 ABL Abovian Grand Prix
Apr 6/8 10 LIS Grand Prix EON Lisander
Apr 10/11* 11 NEK Gran Premio di Nekoni
Apr 13/15 12 VAN Vannish Grand Prix
Apr 20/22 13 MTJ Grand Prix Tsa Matijana
Apr 27 14 TKI Mid-season testing: Krainin
May 4/6 15 ESM Esmerelian Grand Prix
May 13/15 16 WET NBS Omnidirectional WET GP
May 20/22 17 TUR Grand Prix of Turori ... ndiigp.png
May 26/28 18 AUD Audioslavian Grand Prix

*Midweek scorination

Backup circuits will be used if one of the nations on the calendar ceases to exist. With Liventia having dropped out and Krainin's circuit being added, the next backup circuit will be either a random Audioslavian one or from a user who steps in at the last minute.
If this happens, a testing event at one of the two backup circuits will be held, and one of the mid-season tests will become a race.
Should one of the final four races be cancelled due to the nation CTEing, a race will be held at one of the backup circuits

In a change from recent seasons, both Friday Practice and Saturday Qualifying will be scorinated on the Friday. The race will be scorinated on the Sunday.

Scorination time will be any time after 6pm UTC on the day of scorination. If the scores haven't been posted by 3am the following morning then the schedule for that race weekend will be put back 24 hours. IE if Friday's scorination ends up being scorinated on Saturday, the race will be put back to Monday.

Delays are common due to the full schedule and the high probability of RL getting in the way. I appreciate your patience when this inevitably happens.

01 LAN Ryker Lane NIM FCOTNS 5.00/3.00 Nexus 1st
03 IRV Basil Irvine ATH -Anthor- 3.50/4.50
04 IVA Stella Ivarsson VLK Vulkanas 5.00/3.00
04 JMD Jean Mercer-Daly ESM Esmerel 5.50/2.50 Nexus 5th
05 LEM Juliano Lemos LIS Lisander 3.40/4.60 BH 4th
07 WES Lourdina Westgrens LIS Lisander 5.10/2.90 BH 11th
07 KLI Juracai Klianiota V&T Vilita and Turori 5.00/3.00 TRAE 16th
07 BJA Sigur Bjarnason SVJ Savojarna 2.00/6.00 MRT
07 ELI Ethan Ellis ETN Ethane 2.00/6.00 Kissan 19th 10th
09 MAR Jannik Markner WET West-East Timor 5.00/3.00 * 5th
10 JOH Jennifer Johnson TKI Krainin 3.00/5.00 WGPCE
12 RVR Ranveer Singh AZD Azadeshia 2.00/6.00 TIF 13
14 BLI Oliver Bliss TAE Taeshan 3.00/5.00 20th 9th
16 LUN Alexander Lund AUD Audioslavia 4.50/3.50 McPahan 14th 12th 3rd 1st
20 SCH Mick Schramm WET West-East Timor 3.50/4.50 Omni 9th
21 RAG Ragnarsson WHL Whallhall 2.00/6.00
22 FUJ Kyoko Fujisaki ANM Aji no Moto 5.00/3.00 Kissan
22 KRA Jasmin Kranjska MTJ Mattijana 5.50/2.50 Kissan*
25 FRS Jessica Franssen VNG Vangaziland 2.80/5.20 VMR 4th
26 SOK Dmitri Sokolov SOR Sorlovia 4.80/3.20 *
27 KRU Gregori Krupin SOR Sorlovia 3.40/4.60 VMR
31 WTK Cesaro Whittaker EFL Eastfield Lodge 3.00/5.00 MSA-SV 10th
36 IZA Reva Izalio KRD Karditan 2.50/5.50 WGPCE
42 DIM Alex Dimitrianov MTJ Mattijana 2.50/5.50 McPahan 11th 14th 9th
47 OKU Erica Okumura NEK Nekoni 3.25/4.75 Polaris
50 JNG Jang Xiaopeng VNG Vangaziland 3.50/4.50 Omni 1st
51 CRU R.L. Cruisin V&T Vilita and Turori 3.00/5.00 MSA-SV 16th 7th 11th 9th 4th
51 TAL Benamin Talison ETN Ethane 6.00/2.00 *
52 SZR Sayono Souzare HDR Hodori 3.60/4.40 Polaris 18th 25th 16th
53 KIN Denholm Kingsley ATH -Anthor- 5.00/3.00 * 22nd
55 SOR Sooraj Vadekar AZD Azadeshia 6.00/2.00 *
55 NDK Asao Nadakei HDR Hodori 4.00/4.00 Arada 13th 8th 2nd
56 TAL Terho Talvela ABL Aboveland 4.60/3.40 TRAE 3rd 1st
63 DHL Dalia Dahl EFL Eastfield Lodge 6.00/2.00 18th
64 HIM Moe Himura HIN Hindodejin 3.70/4.30 Arada
64 SKI Cinder Stullakai BOR Bortonania 4.70/3.30
65 ZAM Sergiu Zamfir ZUK Zukovina 6.00/2.00
71 IBU Rustom Ibuna FID Filindostan 2.00/6.00 MRT
77 TZK Tuzaku Kozimana QAD Qasden 3.50/4.50
84 COJ Marius Cojocar ZUK Zukovina 4.00/4.00
97 GOZ Bobby Gonzalez NNW North NSW 5.00/3.00
99 JAC Nate Jackson NKO Northwest kalactin 4.00/4.00 TIF 13

* Drivers with a star next to their name have been RP'd about (or, at least, their user has posted an RP) and so will be elligible to be selected for one of the WGPC Motorworks seats. To re-iterate: Preference will be given to drivers of nations not yet represented in this year's WGPC championship. If I've missed your driver on the above list, let me know via TG


ImageNexus Racing (Season 15: 2nd)

Driver 1: Image Image 1 Ryker Lane

Driver 2: Image Image 2 Jean Mercer-Daly
Nexus Racing began as Project Overdrive, a military endeavour to overhaul the Nimban military’s multi-purpose armoured buggy. Meeting with only limited success, the project found new purpose when the Nimban Ministers for Sport and Science and Technology took an interest in the WGPC and set its team to the task of designing a racing car. Three-and-a-half years later, Ryker Lane was World Champion and Nexus Racing a force to be reckoned with. Now, a year on, the radical, Imagination-powered UHSGV-2 takes to the tracks of the world carrying hopes for a successful title defence - and maybe the Constructors’ too.


ImageMattijana Racing Team (Season 15: 3rd, Season 14: 2nd)

Driver 1: Image Image 14 Sigur Bjarnason

Driver 2: Image Image 71 Rustom Ibuna
Hailing from the northern end of the country, near Mattijana's famed Kopylov InternazionRing, MRT made their debut in WGPC 14. Times were initially tough, with the first half of the season yielding little reward. Yet a driver change halfway through the season did wonders and MRT rose to a stunning second.
The result in WGPC 14 enabled team principal Johan Struna, to attract some bigger names, none other than WGPC 14 champion Terho Talvela and the experienced Moisès Delgado. Early season form was good, the team and Talvela top at the halfway mark, but a slump in form in the second half of the season allowed their rivals to catch up and a DNF for Talvela in the final race meant that both ended up third in the drivers and constructors championship.


ImageBitten Heroes (Season 15: 4th)

Driver 1: Image Image 5 Juliano Lemos

Driver 2: Image Image 17 Lourdina Westgrens

Bitten Heroes returns to its second year, after a fourth place considered "promising" in the first season. Despite suffering from the adaptation during the first year, the team acquired a lot of experience, which is being used in the construction of the BH.2, car of the season.
Natassia Maud's team leaves the bodywork once again in charge of the KB, while the X-PRO Alpha2 engine is being "demonized" by SEIGEN DYNAMICS, Mikado Seigen, head of Team Ignis. Following Sunrisian collapse, BH is still looking for a new tire supplier.
Everything indicates that Bitten Heroes is coming for another year looking for the top!


ImageArada Motorsport (Season 15: 6th)

Driver 1: Image Image 55 Asao Nadakei

Driver 2: Image Image 64 Moe Himura
Entering its second official season of competition, Arada Motorsport is structurally largely the same as the Dekijika-Tarogama effort that debuted in the 13th WGPC. Although Arada and parent company Dekijika Automotive have enjoyed much success in domestic Hodoran sports car and open-wheel championships, the closest it has come to replicating such results on the world stage was in its debut season under a begrudging alliance of convenience with domestic rivals Tarogama Motors.


ImageMSA-SinVal (Season 15: 8th, Season 14: 3rd, Season 12: 10th)

Driver 1: Image Image 31 Cesaro Whittaker

Driver 2: Image Image 51 R.L. Cruisin

The joint MSA-SinVal venture has had a very mixed history in the WGPC, having first started in WGPC12 and finishing bottom of the non-Works teams. It was so bad that the team sat out WGPC13 - for the best, as they came back and finished third, fighting for second for much of the season. But WGPC15 was a huge step-back, as the team were the last to score points, and only a late-season charge spared their blushes. The inaugural WGP2 championship saw MSA again finish mid-table. All-in-all, MSA are very much an allegory for most Eastfielder international sporting endeavours - meh. It's a very methodical approach from the MSA team, who value reliability above power (as provided by SinVal) - environmentally friendly, too, with GM-modified bioethanol fuel driving the team forward.


ImageMcPahan Racing (Season 15: 12th, Seasom 14: 8th, Season 13: 3rd, Season 12: 2nd)

Driver 1: Image Image 42 Alex Dimitrianov

Driver 2: Image Image 16 Alexander Lund
McPahan broke out onto the international scene in WGPC12, picking up five of race wins during a 24-month period in which they would finish second in the constructors' championship twice in a row. WGPC14 and 15 would see the team fall further towards the back of the grid as competitiveness increased elsewhere, yet the name still commands attention; both for their tendency for tabloid drama and habit of building alarmingly quick, yet occasionally catastrophically dangerous, racing machines. McPahan's trademark blue and white fractal patterns are instantly recognizable on the track, whether upside down, on fire or both.


ImageOmni Racing (NEW)

Driver 1: Image Image 20 Mick Schramm

Driver 2: Image Image 50 Jang Xiaopeng
After the huge success of Katara Racing in the inaugural season of WGP2, wealthy bussinessman Nick Newman decided to found a West-East Timorian based WGPC team. In Omni Racing, the multi-times championship winning team from WETEC, and the two biggest West-East Timorian car manufacturers, WETmotors and WETtech, he found the perfect partners for that. While Omni Racing don't have any experience in Open-Wheel Racing, they do have a lot of experience in prototype racing, and also have some great designers. Therefore, Omni Racing will develop everything related to the chassis. Additionally, most crew members as well as the team principal, Linus Anthonson, will be employees of Omni Racing, which is the reason why that name has been given to the project. Meanwhile, WETmotors will provide everything related to the car's power train, while WETtech will develop the electronics and Nick Newman himself will take care about the team's finances.


ImagePolaris Racing Team (NEW)

Driver 1: Image Image 47 Erica Okumura

Driver 2: Image Image 52 Sayono Souzare
Scuderia F&G, Nekoni's premier racing team, has had an image problem of late, what with the lacklustre performances following the driver's championship win in its maiden year and multiple controversies off the track. However, a changing of the guard in its upper echelons has given the team a fresh name, coat of paint, and a new-found spark. The gamble seems to have so far paid off financially, with a huge burst of advertising revenue allowing the team to sign the best possible drivers and to develop the car to be better than ever before.


ImageImageTropicorp Racing Ælund (NEW)

Driver 1: Image Image 56 Terho Talvela

Driver 2: Image Image 77 Juracai Klianiota

Spawned as Project AGP with Edvin Pekkanen at its head, the multinational Vilita and Turorian and Abovian outfit, Tropicorp Racing Ælund, combines Tropicorp's expertise and the masterminds behind season 14's domiant V+T Motorworks team with Abovian resources, infrastructure and manpower. Since Project AGP's inception immediately after WGPC15, season 14 champion Terho Tavela has spearheaded the development program for Chassis XX along with Novikov Racing WGP2 drivers Luna Estrella and Juracai Klianiota, tuning the vehicle to his liking. He is expected to be announced as the team's main driver come the start of season 16.


ImageVannish Motors Racing (NEW)

Driver 1: Image Image 25 Jessica Franssen

Driver 2: Image Image 27 Gregori Krupin
VMR is coming off of a hot year. In the first half, the team pulled silver in HGTC GT2 driver standings. During the inaugural WGP2 season, VMR led both team and driver standings from the first race through the last. It was a ridiculous feat accomplished by a reliable, balanced car and a dedicated team of drivers and crew members. VMR stresses a 'never give up' attitude, one that's proven to result in victory for other teams as well, over the years. New for the WGPC, VMR is introducing a state-of-the-art chassis, codenamed "The Dragon." They look to make waves.


ImageKissan Motorsport (NEW)

Driver 1: Image Image 7 Ethan Ellis

Driver 2: Image Image 22 Kyoko Fujisaki
The motorsports arm of Ajian car giant Kissan Motors. Based in Serizawa, Ajian Empire, and headed by Tsutomu Sugiyama, thirteenth child of the company's founder Shintaro Sugiyama, the ambitious team hopes to enter the WGPC soon and win races with either of their sponsored drivers, Rusty and Kyoko Fujisaki. Should they fail to make the grid, they will sponsor their two flagship drivers as they hope to find and pay race seats for them.
They entered the sport to bolster their international presence and promote motorsports to the Empire.


ImageWGPC Motorworks: Eelandii (Season 15: 10th, Season 14: 10th)

Driver 1: Image Image 10 Jennifer Johnson

Driver 2: Image Image 36 Reva Izalio
There has been a WGPC Motorsports team in most WGPC seasons. This iteration, originally known as 'Scuderia WGPC', has had a fair showing in its two seasons, finishing tenth in the constructor's standings on two occasions.
WGPC Eelandii, based in Turori, have taken on drivers from nationalities not yet represented at the main teams.


ImageTeam India Force 13 (NEW)

Driver 1: Image Image 99 Nate Jackson

Driver 2: Image Image 12 Ranveer Singh
The surprise thirteenth entrant to the WGPC is Team India Force 13, operating out of the region of India. The team have a seven-race contract in which to impress the racing world with their skills.


The following is not an extensive list of instructions. The WGPC reserves the right to demand changes to any proposed car.

Size and shape
WGPC cars must be similar in size and shape to RL formula one cars. The definition of 'formula one car' is a vehicle that competed in RL Formula One any time after 1970.
Maximum length of a car is 5.3m
Maximum width of a car is 2.3m
Maximum height of a car is 1.2m (not including on-board camera)
Minimum weight is a car is 600kg

Electric engines are permitted.
Nuclear-powered engines are not permitted unless it can be proven (in safe conditions) that a catastrophic crash would not result in the circuit being unusable for the next four hundred thousand years.

Air may be used to aspirate engines, but the WGPC reserves the right to ban cars that attempt to use sails to take advantage of windy circuits.

Power may be provided by animals, but only if they satisfy at least one of the following conditions:
They have been extinct for millions of years and have been turned into oil by natural processes.
The animal may not be on the WWF's list of endangered species.
The animal must not be harmed or stressed by the ordeal.
The animal must be on the inside of the car.

There must be at least 30 centimetres between the driver's feet and the front of the car.

The design of the car must ensure that, if it were to be put upside-down, the driver's head would not touch the floor. The inclusion of an air intake behind and above the driver, coupled with a strong fin on the bonnet of the car in front of the driver, should be enough to accomplish this. The driver's head must not be the tallest thing in the car (not including wings)

All cars must include a seat-belt. The seat-belt must be able to be easily removed by a driver within two seconds.

All cars must include a removable steering wheel. The driver should be able to remove it manually within two seconds.

No part of the car may be wider than the wheelbase.

There must be no sharp objects on the outside of the car. Wings should be at least one centimetre thick.

The season runs, ICly, from spring to autumn.

25 points are awarded for a win.
18 for second.
14 for third.
10 for fourth.
8 for fifth.
6 for sixth.
4 for seventh.
3 for eighth.
2 for ninth.
1 for tenth.

The team with the most points, at the end of the season, will be the Constructors Champion.

The driver with the most points, at the end of the season, will be the Driver's Champion.

Teams may be added or removed during the season.

Teams may sign a maximum of two drivers.

A driver may not drive for more than one team during the season, with one exception: If his/her former team is removed, he may drive for the team that replaces the removed team.

Race length is between 295km and 305km.

Pole position will be on the inside lane of the track.

Intentional attempts to crash into other cars will result in a penalty for the driver.

Team instructions to intentionally cause accidents will result in a penalty for the team.

Pit Stops
Refueling is not permitted during the race.

Changes to the car are permitted during the race. EG: Changing tyres or parts of the bodywork.

The above rules are not extensive. Anyone who would like further clarification should send a TG to the WGPC nation. Official rules and regulations have been missing in recent seasons, so we're looking to build a working set of rules over time.

The roleplay bonus system will not be made public to ensure there are no attempts to game the system. We're happy to divulge the following information:

* RP bonus degrades over time. An excellent RP made before race two will earn a large bonus for race two, but a slightly smaller bonus for race three, smaller again for race four etc. The bonus doesn't degrade to zero, though, so an RP will always have a positive effect for all future races.

* Roleplays will be graded on the user's effort, creativity and editing skills.

* Due to the nature of the sport, there are no RP permissions in WGPC. You should expect your drivers and/or teams to be mentioned by other players. You may even expect other users to mention things your driver has said. HOWEVER:
* Whereas in, say, war RPing, a user decides which/how many losses to take after an attack, in WGPC a user decides how much blame or responsibility to take after an accident. You may RP that your driver caused an accident through their own poor or overly aggressive driving, but you may not write that another user's driver was at fault for an accident unless you have their permission. In general, making another character look stupid is not usually acceptable. If a driver is in their first season, it's probably acceptable to call them a rookie, or inexperienced, or possibly even naive if you're sufficiently careful, but refrain from calling another driver reckless or stupid or unskilled unless it's clear from the other user's RPs that this is the case.
* If you're going to RP a conversation between your driver and another driver, try to keep to the other driver's established characteristics.
* If you had your heart set on RPing your driver as having had a particularly violent and explosive accident, but another user decides that your driver retired in the pits due to engine failure, you may write your own version and ask that the previous RPer makes the appropriate change to their RP.

* Teams which contain drivers of two different users will be given a small bonus.

Teams should aim to have their full compliment of two drivers by the start of the first race in Hodori on February 18th
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Postby Northwest Kalactin » Sun Jan 21, 2018 2:03 pm

Nate Jackson was going out on his weekly practice he asked himself “will I ever make it on a team” Nate was a a great driver overall but people didn’t know if he could compete with the guys that had been in the world Grand Prix for other seasons he was the best driver in Northwest Kalactin regardless of what you did to him he had the eyes of an eagle he had amazing sense of direction but all the drivers on the international stage had that ability but did he? Sure he might be better than 1 or 2 of the drivers trying out for teams in this world Grand Prix but he knew if he wanted to compete with the big guys In the world Grand Prix he would have to work very hard endless hours of practice and he had to know the drivers if he didn’t know the drivers traits he wouldn’t stand a chance against them most of the guys that where going to join this years World Grand Prix had been in previous years they knew what the other drivers would do when the where in 2nd place or when in the race when they would get aggressive Nate had to work hard

”Hey Nate” “oh hi will” Nate Jackson had just gone to the practice run and he just saw a fellow driver from his team in the last years Northwest Kalactin team racing series “what are you up to” said will “well I just need to get a lot of practice in before I join the world Grand Prix it is a very prestigious competition you know” said Nate “oh cool I hope you can use you balanced play as a good trait against other racers” Will exclaimed “anyways I got to get to my practice bye” now Nate had to go to his practice Nate got his gear on and went to his car his car was new he had only used it in 2 races and those where the finals of the last years them racing series in Northwest Kalactin he got in his car and started taking practice laps each time he went faster and faster this was due to his quick turns the next lap he almost crashed into the side in a very tight turn luckily he has very quick reflexes so he avoided it after his 25 practice laps Nate was sweating like crazy so he went in and drunk some water overall Nate is a great driver but before he goes to the world Grand Prix he needs more practice.
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Postby Lisander » Sun Jan 21, 2018 4:49 pm

Bitten Heroes meeting, Preseason

"So, Lourdina and Alyn, you're dating, right?" Lemos asked.

"Yes. Alyn is a nice guy, we started to date now in the offseason, but I kept an eye on him since we met firstly. He will drive in the Maud Formula Team this season, you know?" Lourdina Westgrens was happy with her new boyfriend and former WGP2 teammate, the Arianninian driver Alyn Terfel.

"Of course, I know, I was the responsible. Terfel has a lot of future in autosports. He only needs a good sponsor. A season in Alpha League will be the perfect opportunity. He will be Ludi's teammate."

Attention was called from the stage. Andrea Lanza was in the pulpit, to announce the new number 1 driver of Bitten Heroes.

"Attention, Please. We're happy to host all of you this night for this great occasion. I'm not talking about the Irises Game tonight. I, in name of Bitten Heroes, I'm proud to announce Bitten Heroes team for Season 16 of World Grand Prix Championship."

After a round of applause, he continued:

"For this season, we will be self-sufficient, without the need of foreign sponsors money. Of course, more sponsors and more money are always welcome, but not like in the previous season", Lanza said referring to the discomfort caused in the team due to the dispute between Juliano Lemos and Mick Schramm the previous season. "Bitten Heroes will keep the entire control of the situation, with our money and local sponsors."

Everyone knew. Remington's larger cash injection made the team virtually self-sufficient for the year.

"For this season, we still have a seat for a driver, the second. The first driver is here, in this room. Mr Juliano Lemos, please come here and say some words!"

Lemos stand up and walked to the stage.

"So, My beautiful bride, Ludwika Wiel. In your name, I salute everyone present at this meeting. I'm glad to once more receive the Class-A License from the Lisander Autosports Board. And once more I'll be able to drive the silver and purple bullet. Thank you, Mrs Maud, for this opportunity. And that's everything. Or rather, almost everything. The selection for the Bitten Heroes second driver will happen in the next weeks, so if you know any driver with a Class-A Licence, tell him about the tests. Now let's watch the Semifinals of Rugby World Cup!"

Juliano says and leave the stage.
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Postby Sorlovia » Sun Jan 21, 2018 7:36 pm

Krupin Pre-Season Practice Run

Come on you beauty. Just a little faster.

Gregori pressed his foot down hard on the accelerator and smiled as his engine roared in response. It gave him that familiar heady mixture of adrenalin and danger that had brought a certain zest to his life. He'd loved speed ever since he'd been a small boy growing up in Solnichniy with little else to do other than staying out of the way of his parents in the factory. He'd started with a home-made Go-Kart and progressed from there to mountain bikes and then cars. As a teenager he'd spent so many long afternoons tearing through the back streets of Solnichniy in his amateurly customized car.

The World Grand Prix Championships had been a natural step up for him. It gave him an outlet for his need for speed and meaning he no longer had to partake in that familiar dance with the police in his hometown. He didn't have a team to call his own but that wouldn't hold him back. He'd sworn to prove himself and nothing would stop him from achieving that end. He'd eventually impress one of the teams but until then he was content to race on his own.

He took each corner with practiced ease accelerating on the straights to streak down the expanse of asphalt like a screeching blur. Hands carefully gripping the steering wheel. One foot carefully working the pedals as required and always two eyes firmly planted on the track ahead of him. He owed it to his country to do his very best and he owed to his fans to put his full effort into his racing career.

I won't let them down. Everyone here will come to know my name.

The final practice lap came far too soon. He turned off the track with a slight frown before deftly weaving around the other cars to make his way to his racing garage. But rather than get out of his car he instead opted to sit in it. He ran one gloved hand over the dashboard affectionately and smiled. This was the car that would launch his career. This was the car in which he would finally make a name for himself on the international stage. He knew it in his heart of hearts. He would not go home empty handed.

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Postby Aboveland » Sun Jan 21, 2018 10:13 pm

Lintulahti International Circuit
Lintulahti, Aboveland

At long last, inauguration day had come. The corner of the silky drape in his hand, all he had to make was a small flick of the wrist to reveal the beast below it: Chassis XX. After months and months of sweat and elbow grease gone into perfecting the machine -making sure it could corner with the grace and grit of an attacking bird of prey, accelerate with the grunt of a feral feline, and dance on all four rubbers like a Parisian ballerina- it was time to reveal his baby to the world. Her curves, her rims, her molded sidepods, her chiseled wings and the livery she donned would be made public in moments. But Terho waited for just enough time to rub against the limit where a pause becomes uncomfortable to bask in the ambiance. The floodlights above the car began to intensify, the silk began to glisten, and the car's sharper details became more apparent. The anticipation in the room was electric, with press photographers armed to snap the perfect picture of the drape ejecting itself from the machine in one slick motion. Terho opted for the opposite approach.

With both his overall covered arms, he began tugging away at the cover, slowly and singularly, to tease at the car piece by piece. First, the nose and the endplates broke free of the opaque mask. Next appeared the nose of the monocoque, its blue paint shimmering under the now relatively intense floodlights; the massive front tires, enveloping the matte orange rims, followed, and the bargeboard materialized. Two Nordic crosses revealed themselves around the wing mirrors, and soon enough the sidepods showed. Terho's arousing tease had done enough to engross the eager, childlike press; employing the long overdue flick of his wrist he revealed the engine cover and rear wing of his and the team's brainchild.


At that point, it went without saying Terho Talvela would be Tropicorp Racing Ælund's number 1 driver.

A few hours after the big reveal, the crowd had dispersed. Only the odd photographer remained to gather sufficient press photos of the car, now nestled away in the paddock. Once the pesky media-men retreated back to their studios, Terho walked up to his machine, double checking that he was alone. He first closed in on the front wing's wavy, bendy bits, running his fingers from the mounts to the endplates. Standing up, he began to retreat towards the rear of the car, slapping the rubber on the massive tyre to let out a satisfying gong like bellow before sitting down on it. The wing mirrors' flags caught his attention, even though he already knew they were there. Seeing the Abovian flag draped upon the mirrors of his car, drenched in Abovian blue, was the fantasy he never knew he had. Who'd have known he'd be in such a lucrative position two years ago? Who could have ever expected the rallying rookie would win his debut WGPC season? Who would have bet on him leaving the WGPC's most dominant team for a breath of fresh air, only to suffer a walloping end to his title hopes in the final race? What maniac could have predicted he'd be sitting on his car's front left tyre, burrowed inside the brand new paddock purpose built for his team, made up of Abovians and the Vilitians behind his dominating title winning car? The situation was surreal, and he couldn't be more excited.

Terho glanced at the number tucked away ahead of the rear wheels. The last time he'd raced with a 56 on his car, he became world champion. In such ecstasy, he couldn't fathom an antagonist standing before him. His right brain dawdled in the meadows, looking at the flowers, taking in their sweet fragrance.

Left brain was focused. The season was weeks away from properly starting, but Terho was already prepared. He had a new team, a new car and soon a new teammate to adapt to, but he was ice cold. Remakably this was his third team change in as many years, so he had already become familiar with the art of adaptability. Moreover, he'd had much more development time and personal insight into Chassis XX than he'd ever had in his career. Essentially, the machine was made exactly for him. He'd adapted the car to himself, rather than vice versa. He couldn't be in a better position to take the title, surrounded by friends, old colleagues, and his custom built racecar. In plain sight, there were no clear obstacles between him and the title.

Yet lurking in the alleyways of his mind was a grumbling disturbance, a harrowing, chilling prospect: his rivalry. Terho had never had a true rival before, but going into season 16 he began realize it clear he'd need to set his sights on defeating his one and only enemy on his way to the championship.

His subconscious reasoning had begun to leak towards the foreground of his thoughts, prompting nothing but a slight eye twitch before the mean thoughts receded back into their secondary role.

Jean Mercer-fucking-Daly

If for any reason he didn't manage to snatch the world title, as unlikely as he deemed it to be, he'd have a clear secondary objective at the ready to fulfill: sabotage the Esmerelian how he'd sabotaged him in the final race of season 15. Make his life a living hell.

The automatic anger deterrent inside his head scrambled quickly to action before his vengeful thoughts overwhelmed the Abovian, who suddenly felt an intense urge to go out for a few hot laps strapped to his blue beauty. he slid on his fireproof balaclava, now a full face mask with eye cutouts, and slipped on his brand new helmet, as blue as the car, so as to create an unending sea of navy when viewed from the top. In his foreground, Terho was as free as the wind, with not a worry in the world. In his sedated background, he was as focused and determined as ever. He was ready to consolidate himself as the king of the track.

Home to Terho Talvela, three-time WGPC World Champion

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Postby Savojarna » Mon Jan 22, 2018 8:14 am - inside reports from all Savojarna
Controversy about Savojarna's International Sports Promotion Programme

The ISPP has been approved by the old Johan Carlsen government, under the Executive Commissioner for Sports and Culture Ivan Lagqvist, but it had so far received massive support by the governments that followed Carlsen. However, no project has been as extensive as the task of bringing Savojarna to the map of international racing. Originally, the project had been highly popular thanks to the high profile of rallye racing in parts of Savojarna, but as the funding for a rallye track in Southern Russica had been cut deeply in order to free up WGPC funds has been reviewed critically. Racing Coordinator Helge Toranen said that the SSA's racing section and the Motorist's Association of Savojarna MAS decided that they would back up Sigur Bjarnason, the Savojar driver in the World Grand Prix Championship Season, with up to 3 million Savojar Kronor (roughly 4.5 million NS$).

The new Commissioner for Sports and Culture Ilya Nemzarov stated that there was no connection between the two issues. The sponsorship of the Savojar driver is not only a campaign to increase Savojarna's racing profile and a first step to a mid-term plan of establishing a team for the National Savojar Car Company, but also an attempt at increasing the advertisement power of Savojarna's tourist economy. According to Nemzarov, 30% of the funding for Bjarnason's sponsorship has been provided by the budget of the Savojar Tourist Office, while the rest is divided between the Savojar Sports Authority (ca. 40%), the MAS (ca. 10%) and non-governmental sponsors (ca. 20%). As the Executive Committee's proposal was accepted last week by the National Council, Nemzarov confirmed the 3 million SAK sponsorship to Bjarnason.

Bjarnason himself was asked about the issue at today's press conference. The young driver that had his fair share of success in rallye before he entered the Savojar WGPC program stated his gratefulness towards the sponsors, and said he was looking forward to the new season and especially the test sessions in Yarkovo, a circuit he knows very well as it hosts Savojarna's National Road Racing Training Centre. We got a few minutes to speak with him about the upcoming season, and about his unknown contract situation.
"Of course it is very hard to get into any of the teams if you're from an unknown nation with no big palmares. This is why I am so grateful for the SSA and MAS to provide me with this help, and I applaud our government's decision to support a young driver they had built up. Unfortunately, it is a reality today that a driver like me will have a tough time proving his worth without a sponsorship", he said. When asked about his team preferences, Bjarnason stated that he would love to drive for a team that could compete for the top spots, but that he was willing to drive for every team that offered him an opportunity to drive. "I would love to drive next to an accomplished driver in a good team, but there are many others that dream of the same thing. I hope to get a cockpit and make Savojarna proud, that's the most important thing at this point", Bjarnason stated in the interview.

At this point, there are no rumours yet as to which team the young Ejanan would drive for, but there is surely enough interest for a talented driver like him backed up with a mighty sponsor, so we assume that the typical rumour-cycle will soon start moving - and that it will include Sigur Bjarnason. To stay up to date on Sigur's progress, and the other WGPC rumours, keep an open eye on our motor sports category on this page!
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Postby Esmerel » Mon Jan 22, 2018 4:08 pm

Rochester, Entenia, Esmerel
Monday, 2018/22/01

Time can fly when you have fun. Of course, since that didn't happen, a certain man was bored to hell.

It had been 8 months since he last participated in an official WGPC sanctioned event. Eight. Fucking. Months. Eight too many. So, obviously, this day was as gleeful as a snow day would be for a young child. The signups were over, and the action was soon to begin. Well, hopefully.

Meanwhile, in the living room...

And now for a look at the weather. Temperatures remain low at around 4 degrees Celsius, before they drop tonight to -7 and don't go back above freezing until next Saturday. High chances of precipitation throughout the remainder of the week...

"Oh, come on. I like snow as much as the next guy, but you know it's giving a big, fat finger to the roads..."


"Another call? Don't be another wrong number, please..." *beep* "Hello?"

"Jean. It's Talia."

"Talia? Hey, there! What brings you?"

"What did you expect? Get over to Lapiz Point now."

"You do realize that's about a 2 hour drive, right? And that's when I'm going-"

"Just get over here." *beep*

"Talia? Talia..."

But the line was dead.

"Oh, for fuck's sake, you could at least not suddenly hang up! Oh, alright, I'm coming."

Jean shut off the TV and turned off the lights. He called his butler (he had one now) to clean up the house after he had left, got his clothes on and his other necessities in a suitcase, and ran.

He had a few choice thoughts in his head.

Get that Nexus seat.

He got in his custom spec Obey 9F Cabrio.

Get the good paces.

The car turned on.

Win, win, and win.

The seatbelt clicked.

Beat Abovian ass.

The engine revved.

The championship is yours for the taking. So take it.

The wheels went rolling. And rolling. And rolling. And they wouldn't stop for the next 2 hours. And afterward, he'd be in a plane, with its own wheels, and then, and then... a sweet new racing machine, and its wheels might never, ever stop. Another chapter in the life of Jean Mercer-Daly.

Let's DO THIS.
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Postby Kita-Hinode » Mon Jan 22, 2018 7:07 pm

Sora, Burakuriri
Moe Himura's house

"Look, I'm just saying..."

A boy stood in front of her, arms crossed. His distinctive slicked hair featured green highlights, something fairly uncommon in an usually rural state like Burakuriri, was enough proof of how he wasn't a local. In all fairness, he really wasn't. That was Ryo Ashikawa, one of her two agents. The "her" in question was a mean looking brunette, taller than the boy. That was Moe Himura, one of the Hinodejin Empire's most notable racers, if only through some weird things that happened to her.

"If we do manage to get you to sign for a team, you could be one of the first Hinodejin to ever travel all across the Multiverse." He patted her on the back. "Wouldn't that just be exciting?"

She sighed. That expression on his face was always a nuisance. "Cut the crap. I'm just doing this because of that old guy. Hanson, Tennison or something." Ryo smirked, nearly instantly, having heard that name. "Not again, Moe. That guy doesn't exist. The more you keep saying that, the more the WGPC crew will think you're nuts and the less are our chances of getting you registered." She rolled her eyes. "I guess."

Moe's memories kept making her remember it all. She walked up to her prized car, a tuned beast simply going by the name of Lovely. The vehicle sort of just waltzed into her life, having been given by a weird man. One that held an umbrella, went around well dressed but was pretty much an incognita. Legends formed around that man, yet nobody could really tell what he was all about. "In any case, he requested me to join this tournament at some point. Might as well do so." Ryo shrugged. "Suit yourself, Moe. Prepare to be paid boatloads of cash, though."

Her eyes blinked. "Oh, that's a thing, isn't it?" He crossed his arms. "Well, yeah. Like I should be fed in plain ramen and strawberry juice. What kind of person do you think I am? The guitarist of an Indie band?"

Moe just kept looking at him. "You're a leech. And a really annoying one." He sighed, watching as she walked up to the garage's door. "You two have been crashing in my place for three years. I don't even know how you go to school anymore... Or even if you do so. Your brother, I can handle. It's you who's a pain all the time."

The agent simply shrugged again. "Honestly, you underappreciate my efforts. If anything, I work day and night to guarantee you obtain exposure as a brand- I mean, as a figure. A person. An example. How little Moe Himura came out of foster homes to be the finest Hinodejin racer ever." He smiled, pointing at her. "You can call me a leech all you want, but I've done wonders for you. Can't deny it."

She crossed her arms with an incredulous expression on her face. "You made me pose in a bikini for my first five gigs." He laughed, sitting on a chair. "Worked, though." The garage's southward door opened, revealing a boy that looked somewhat like her agent. He was scrawnier, his hair not as luxurious and his bottleneck glasses showing. That was Ryu Ashikawa, her tech helper.

"U-uh... It's done, m-miss Himura." He nodded. "I'm sorry for us crashing h-here... I-I might've o-overheard you. S-sorry." She patted him on the head, smiling. "No need to be worried, Ryu. I'm keeping you around." Her eyes darted to his brother, grieving. "Even you, you damn leech."

"So, is it done? Am I officially in the contention for a WGPC spot?"

The boy nodded again, smiling. "We'll be looking for invitations for a test drive with any team. I know you'll get the best team, miss!"

"As long as they don't require bikini modelling again."

"Hey, it worked!" Ryo grumbled, arms crossed.
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Postby Former Citizens of the Nimbus System » Mon Jan 22, 2018 10:06 pm


The Bullhorn ---------------------------------------------------------------- Sport News


Chief Sports Correspondent
Caitlin Morris

Nexus Racing has been officially confirmed to be competing in the sixteenth annual World Grand Prix Championships.

The Nimban racing team, based at Crossbay Circuit after being fully split off from the Nimban military four months ago, was quick to announce that Ryker Lane will be driving for the outfit this season, following on from his success last season in which he won the Drivers’ Championship. Nexus Racing as a team placed second in the Constructors’ Championship.

Karl Rain, speaking for the team, commented that, “While we had every confidence that he would do so, we are nonetheless delighted that Ryker has elected to race with us again for the coming season and are confident in our ability to give him the fullest opportunity to replicate his victory in the fifteenth World Grand Prix Championships in this year’s series. He is an excellent racer and man.”

Ryker Lane himself posted on his Mindspeak profile that he was ‘Hyped for #WGPC16 with #NexusRacing! Wouldn’t have it any other way. #twmtdw’.

Nexus Racing have not yet announced the driver to fill the second space on the team, though it has been widely speculated that Esmerelian driver Jean Mercer-Daly will be given the place after testing with the team during the WGPC off-season.

The team will be fielding the ‘Nexus Racing Ultra High Speed Ground Vehicle 2’, previously seen during the last WGP2 season in an artificially underpowered, simplified form. Concerns have been raised over the potential for the team’s poor performance in the junior series, achieving only tenth in a twelve-team field, to repeat itself in the WGPC, though these have been largely dismissed by Nexus Racing.


Nexus Racing HQ, Crossbay Circuit, Nimbus Bay the Nexus Wardship of Former Citizens of the Nimbus System
22nd of January

Timothy looks out across Nimbus Bay at the rising sun.

He chuckles to himself. Well, that is some nice symbolism. Hopefully, we can - will live up to it. The smirk on his face becomes further accentuated. We certainly can; it’s just a question of doing it.

The Project Manager of Nexus Racing steps back from the glass panes of Nexus Racing’s new home, walking around to sit down at his old desk with his old chair. Well then.

Better get to work.


From: nrpm@nexusracingwgpc.nim


I have no doubt that this will come as any surprise to you, so I’ll be brief: we would like to offer Jean a drive for the season, including accommodation and amenities at our HQ at Crossbay for the season’s length and so on. I have Auburn on standby to manage the legal side of things, so please drop me an email if Jean’s willing.

Hoping to see you soon!

Timothy Guard, Nexus Racing Project Manager

P.S. Tell Rebecca that we miss her and are looking forward to the next WGP2; hopefully better for all of us the second time around!
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Postby Mattijana » Tue Jan 23, 2018 3:36 am

MRT HQ: Kopylov InternazionRing

"Wey-hey!" Exclaimed MRT team principal Johan Struna. "We've got ourselves a proper official driver list."
Johan had been in expectant mood for a good few days. With the WGPC set to hit the negotiation stage, MRT would at last be able to get their official attempts to sign some drivers underway and the WGPC-sanctioned list of participating drivers was the place to get started.
Of course, MRT were keen to get ahead of the competition. Scouting reports had been accumulated of the drivers that were both of interest and likely to participate and pros and cons had already been outlined.
Struna's deputy Maria Jamasova had compiled a good deal of the information and was going to be the one to present it on a sizeable whiteboard on the wall of Struna's office.

"Who have we got first?" Said Johan.

"So first is our very own Jasmin Kranjska. She's been around the team's reserve setup for a couple of years but didn't get a WGPC drive last season. She's pretty familiar with the car having tested for us last season. She's also had a go in the new chassis. She has a good personality for the seat and knows the ropes round here, but setting laps around the Kopylov is very different to racing amongst the world's best on the world's toughest circuits."

"We nearly signed her last season. She knows her stuff, but experience is useful too. We should definitely see if we should get her a contract elsewhere even if we don't sign her ourselves. Who's next?"

Maria shuffled her papers. "Next is Rustom Ibuna. He's a Filindostani with a knack for learning circuits and he's got some interesting experience behind him. He's quite a passive racer, which could compliment Kranjska nicely if we go for her. He has backing behind him as well from Kissan Motorsports. He has the nickname 'rusty', I'm not sure why however, but it's something to look into."

"Well let's hope he doesn't arrive with a fresh coating of iron oxide. What about the Savojar driver? Another potential rookie but worth a look."

"Indeed" replied Maria. "Sigur Bjarnason is his name. He's 23 and did quite a lot of karting in his youth, but moved to rally driving as is apparently normal in the region. He won the national championships aged 18, so he obviously knows how to handle a car and he was the best grand prix racer in an internal test in Savojarna, which is another promising sign."

"We've had some good rally drivers coming to WGPC recently, but it's definitely a big step. Anything else I should be aware of?"

"Actually yes there is. He has a 6 figure sponsorship deal behind him, mainly from the Savojar tourist board and sports authority. However the size of the deal has caused some controversy back in Savojarna, so we'd possibly be taking on some baggage if we were to sign him."

"Right. That's something to think about then. Have we got any other rookies of interest?"

"A few. First up is Juracai Klianiota. He's been a test driver with V&T the last couple of seasons and seems to have done a good job there. He got a run in the WGPC 2 last season, but his team were blighted by some mechanical issues, so he never got to realise his potential. Moe Himura from Kita-Hinode looks promising too. She's had a bit of a bizarre upbringing, but has pace, so we'll do a bit more digging."

"Who's the other?"

"The other is Kyoko Fujisaki. She, like Ibuna, has history with Kissan motorsports in Aji No Moto. She's a real competitor, very opportunistic and at times agressive. So she might be worth a look if we need that kind of balance in the team."

"Good stuff. It's like a murder mystery this... Lining everyone up to see who might be the one we want."

"You've been watching too much 'Murder in Petrovijanka', replied Maria with a smirk. "Mind you the one last night was good. I thought it was going to be the jealous wife all along before that plot twist at the end."

"Quite. Anyway what about some of the more experienced racers?"

"I'll start with who we won't be getting our hands on. Last season's World Champion Ryker Lane has re-signed with Nexus as we expected..."

"Well why wouldn't he I guess. Last year's winner in the same car. For him there's no reason why he shouldn't do it again."

"Exactly. Juliano Lemos has also re-signed to Bitten heroes. he seems to be their main ambassador as such, so I don't think that comes as much of a surprise either. The other definite signing is Terho Talvela. We knew from last season that he was interested in competing for an Abovian outfit and now there's one on the grid, it was to be expected I think that he put pen to paper on that one."

"Shame. He was a classy driver. We'll miss him. Plenty of other fish in the pool I suppose..."

"There's one other thing to be aware of" continued Maria. "It looks as if Jean Mercer Daly might fill the second seat at Nexus. He went for a test there yesterday and the sources I have seem to suggest it went well."

"That's not too much of a concern really. It would be a little awkward having him on the team seeing as he basically lost Terho and us the championship last season. They'll be plenty of rivalries out there brewing around him too, so that kind of stuff is probably worth staying out of the way of both literally and metaphorically."

"I'm with you there Maria. So with all those guys out of the picture, who could we get our mitts on?"

"Well Jess Franssen's still free. She of course had a really great run with us a couple of seasons ago when we came second and she almost certainly would have won it if she hadn't joined late, so hopefully there's still a soft spot for us there. She's likely also interested in joining VMR though. Hopefully the financial issues they had last season might dissuade her from taking that risk, but they had a great run in the WGPC 2 and seem to have got over everything, so they'll be tough competitors."

"That would be a coup, but it's definitely worth a try. Anyone else?"

"Mick Schramm is free. He came 9th last season and was a little inconsistent, but he's obviously still a good driver, so he's worth a look. He carries some decent sponsorship too, but there'll probably be competition from Omni racing, even though they're new."

"Could be a good shout. I presume everyone else is a bit of a lost cause?"

"Well yes. All the other returning drivers had some pretty shocking performances last season, so they're dead wood for us really. That's everyone of interest covered."

"Ok. Let's get an offer to Franssen. Otherwise we'll wait and see what the lie of the land is, but Bjarnason and Ibuna are probably the most interesting for now."

"Right away..."


Dear Miss Franssen.

After your performances in WGPC 14, we would like to offer you a seat as number 1 driver at MRT for the coming season. Contract details will be enclosed, but are open to negotiation if required.
Maria Jamasova, deputy principal of MRT
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Postby Filindostan » Tue Jan 23, 2018 6:28 am

Serizawa Racing Circuit
Serizawa, Aji No Moto

Rudolf was watching his son compete a few laps on a prototype Kismo AGP-spec* car. He would be soon joined by the latter to discuss things related to his son's career as a grand prix racer. After partaking in the season 14 of the WGPC driving for the Scuderia WGPC team, he joined the project that soon evolved to the Kissan Motorsports project as a project consultant and test driver. They planned to enter the inaugural WGP2 season as they try their hands to grand prix racing, but lack of confidence around the boardroom meant that the team have to sit that one out and focus on the development of their next WGPC-spec prototype.

"Papa. I'd like to have a word with you." Rusty said with optimism.

"Hmm, you need to push a little harder. Your pace is inconsistent. How will you become a great WGPC driver if your lap times are like these?" Rudolf immediately scolded his son after seeing the set of lap times he posted.

"Hah. Chillax pops. I'm doing my race pace. I just need to get more acclimated to a faster car~"

"But what you're driving is a AGP-spec car, fifty-five percent of the speed of the best WGPC cars! Have you seen what Kyoko's doing on the track? She's faster right now and look to be sharper than you."

"Seems that she'll end up in the Kismo ride, if the team ever makes it into the WGPC grid. Ambitious punks."

"Hold it right there. Don't you forget that you're sponsored by them. I really wanted you to be the centerpiece of the team and I have lobbied the management to pick you over that girl. I'm aware of her talents, but she's too aggressive she'll have the team run out of spare parts before the mid-season testing here!"

"Then they run out of parts. Heck, even engines, money, and sponsors! Just kidding."

"So... have you decided?"

"Pop... my future's away from Kismo. I'm not even sure that team will step its foot in the WGPC! Heck, I have a team interested in my services. Not sure if they're keeping their word. I'll keep Mommy in the loop. She'll be my agent for this stage of my career. If I fail to get a seat other than this... then maybe I'll go to WGP2, heck, even janitorial services!"

"Rusty... if that's your decision, then I respect it. I'm not sure how long the heads will wait for your decision. That seat, the Kismo seat that is, is really yours for the taking."

"Don't worry Papa, Kyoko will take care of your team's cars. If they will be accepted."

As Rudolf's son went back to his car for a second run, his phone rang. It was Tsutomu.

"Hi Dolf. We'll have busy weeks coming. Assemble the team and expedite the completion of our prototype. We go WGPC bois."

Kismo have made it into the WGPC landscape.

Rusty will wait for offers from other teams and will not race for Kissan Motorsport.
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Postby Esmerel » Tue Jan 23, 2018 6:31 am

To: nrpm@nexusracingwgpc.nim

I'll keep my side of things quick, too: As expected, we're accepting the seat. Jean's on the way to LPIA right now. We'll hammer out all of the details at a later date.

(And yes, I'll tell her.)

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Postby Aji No Moto » Tue Jan 23, 2018 7:37 am

Kissan Motorsport Headquarters
Serizawa, Aji No Moto

It was a quiet day in the office for Tsutomu's team. Having sent the team application to the WGPC weeks ahead of the deadline, they were not optimistic that they will be accepted to the grid as the more established teams have submitted their applications, and will be more likely to have been accepted than the Kismo application.

They were almost set for another months of preparation, this time, for the WGP2 championships, when news broke out that one of the provisional participating teams have backed out for this season. Despite that happening, Tsutomu remained pessimistic that they will get the spot for the season. Soon, they will find out the decision regarding their application.

Chiaki, one of Tsutomu's secretaries, notified the thirteenth child of the Sugiyama clan. "Sir. I got an email from the WGPC. Our application to be the eleventh team on the grid has been accepted. Can you check your mail? Because apparently you're copied on it."

"Are you sure? Oh wait, I'll get my phone."

Usually, Tsutomu leaves his phone on his room's cabinet, as he does prefer to communicate via email and not via phone making calls. He had a habit of call forwarding these to Itedakimasu, a popular Ajian fastfood chain. This time, he failed to do so, and upon getting his phone from the desk, he had fifteen missed calls. The phone rang for the sixteenth time.

It was a call confirming KISMO's acceptance to the WGPC grid.

Upon learning of the news, he immediately called Rudolf, who was in the Serizawa Circuit with Rusty and Kyoko, testing an AGP-prototype car.

(continuation of the phone conversation between Rudolf and Tsutomu)

RI: Really Tsutomu? That's great news!

TS: Yeah Dolf, now we need some pit crews to service our two drivers. Not to mention increase the funds for the engineering team to complete our challenger for this season, the Kissan-Sugiyama-zero-one (KS01). And oh, by the way, has your son decided where he want to do this season?

RI: Hmm...

TS: Apparently we can't field two seats for Rusty and Kyoko. I need the other seat to be filled by an experienced driver, who will teach our youngster and the team the ways of the WGPC.

RI: Tsutomu, my son has... can you give me some time to convince him to sign the contract for a race seat?

TS: Sorry Dolf, I cannot wait that long. You should respect his decision if he doesn't want to driving for us. Let his contract run out this year. We're a good set of persons and we take our word regarding sponsorships. Whatever team he goes, he will bring Kissan or KISMO branding or money to that team. If not permitted in rules, we get a beverage company that sponsor him.

RI: So, will Kyoko take that spot?

TS: She might, unless she has also offers from other teams, then we're most likely fucked, or wait, we can sign another debutant like Warkner, oh sorry, Markner, Whittaker, or Westgrens. But let's sign an experienced one first. You have names we can contact with?

RI: Well, If we can get our hands on R.L. Cruisin or Alexander Lund, the better. But they might not accept our offer as we are complete newcomers. Maybe Rudolf Ibuna will do?

TS: You kidding me? You want out of the team?

RI: ...

TS: Just kidding you.

RI: Well a more possible set of drivers: How about Souzare, Ellis, or, my former teammate at ENSADRINK D-T, Asao Nadakei?

TS: Up to you. Start sending invitations. If we can't find experienced ones in two (RL/OOC) weeks, then we'll set up an open test session to fill remaining seat and set Kyoko-san as lead driver.

RI: Okay, will do.


Rudolf started sending individual emails to their target drivers: Alexander Lund, R.L. Cruisin, Sayono Souzare, Ethan Ellis, and Asao Nadakei.

TO: <recipient>
FROM: rudolf.ibuna-at-kismo-dot-anm
CC: sugiyama.tsutomu-at-kismo-dot-anm

Hi <recipient>,

I am Rudolf Ibuna, Head of Operations at Kissan Motorsport. I sent you this electronic mail as we at KISMO would like to have you as one of our drivers for our team in the upcoming WGPC season.

Kissan Motorsport is a team based from Serizawa, Aji No Moto, and is the motorsports arm of Kissan. The team will have its inaugural WGPC season and the team principal, Tsutomu Sugiyama, who is also copied on this email, hopes that the team will be competitive right out of the gate and will stay in the WGPC paddock for the seasons to come. We need to sign an experienced driver to lead the team in its quest for the constructors' championship and to mentor our young drivers, one of which will most likely take the #2 driver's spot for the team.

Let us know if you are interested and are willing to join our team, and we will discuss contract matters thereafter. Keep Mr. Sugiyama copied on email communications, but treat this email as confidential. Thank you!

Best Regards,

Head of Operations
Kissan Motorsport
Serizawa Racing Circuit, Aji No Moto
Email: rudolf.ibuna@kismo.anm

KISMO Confidential
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Postby Aboveland » Tue Jan 23, 2018 10:25 am

Lintulahti, Aboveland

Edvin sat on the rustic barstool, laid his computer out on the table in front of him, and began typing away. He was preparing a dossier of potential drivers for Tropicorp Racing Ælund to back up Terho in his championship bid. Of course, he wasn't planning on having team orders plague the competition, but his main goal was clearly getting Terho to the title. He'd begun hearing rumors that rival teams were already beginning to close deals. Notably, it seemed Nexus Racing's lineup was already consolidated just two days into the pre season negotiation window. While he waited for his best friend to get himself over to the coffee shop, he began to lay down the team's options in a text document, with small footnotes for each driver on the list. He'd gone with a six-strong shortlist, to discuss over with Terho and then pass on to the Vilita and Turorians who'd have to have a partial say in the second driver choice.

First on his list was the improbable Juliano Lemos. Fourth on his debut season in a brand new team, the Lisanderian was likely to be retained by his home grown Bitten Heroes team rather than leave it for the second driver spot in another; however, renowned for his technical driving, and sharing a mutual dislike for Jean Mercer-Daly between him and Terho, the pair might just work. It was worth a shot, at the very least.

Next up was Juracai Klianiota. Reaslitically, Edvin saw Juracai as the most likely driver to fill the second spot at TRÆ. He'd been affiliated with the team nearly since its inception, testing Chassis XX' prototypes while simultaneously competing in WGP2. While his teammate Luna Estrella finish much higher up in the standings than he did, and consistently outpaced him in practice and qualifying sessions, most of the time his car was to blame (after a disappointing and doubt-casting season, he scored his maiden win on the final round). And, seeing as Luna wasn't even on the WGPC driver roster, Juracai was next up. He had the experience of driving not one, but two -very similar- WGPC cars and an entire year of competition under his sleeve, even if it was in a lower class. Perhaps a season in WGPC16 would finally give him the boost he'd always longed for. It sure would please the Tropicorp guys.

Grouped together at the end of his list were the three rookies that had caught his eye: Sigur Bjarnason, Moe Himura, and Jasmin Kranjska. None of the three had ever competed in any WGPC season, but their potential was humongous. He'd sorted them in order of craziness: first came Bjarnason, who according to his fact sheet had a knack for precise driving. Then followed Himura, who apparently was quite apathetic when it came to her racing career but had the skills to prove she should be a racing driver. Lastly was Kranjska, who had, again, never seen the competitive light of day, but already had a reputation for being one of the most aggressive drivers on the roster.

Really, what Edvin was on the hunt for was a technical driver to back the team up on the tighter circuits of the calendar, of which there were plenty. Through cautious sips of scalding coffee he realized Juracai and Jasmin didn't fit his bill, but that they were certainly very appealing options; perhaps Juracai more so for his compatriots on the team, and Jasmin for her explosive potential to really shake things up. The calendar was fairly balanced with aggressive and technical circuits, so choosing any of the five drivers shouldn't give the team an uphill battle in the constructors' championship. The variable on his mind was if going for an aggressive driver wouldn't pay off on the harder tracks.

Half an hour after their scheduled time, and long overdue to ease the burden on Edvin's mind, Terho arrived at the coffee shop, dotted in snowflakes and with a glowing red face. He blew into his gloves, cupped around his mouth, swooped by the counter to order a latte, "the usual" to the baristas, and swung down onto the stool directly ahead of Edvin. He stared at his eyes until Edvin looked up from his computer.

"Hey," Terho said. "Sorry I'm late. Let's get cracking!"

Edvin gave him the tired expression Terho had managed to read into throughout their lifelong friendship. He wasn't pissed off, he was disappointed in himself for expecting to not be disappointed.

"I've gone and done the list myself while you were doing whatever you were," Edvin began, rotating his computer to face Terho. Have a look at it, and if it's good, send it to the Tropicorp team. I'm busting for a piss."

With the request clearly laid out, Edvin excused himself. Terho, expecting the reaction but still somewhat fazed, did as he was told, taking a sip from Edvin's cup in the process. "Good," he muttered to himself. He sent the document to the Vilita and Turorians, and took it one step further: Terho sent out an email to all the mentioned (bold) drivers in the document to let them know Tropicorp Racing Ælund was interested in having them. You know, just to secure interest.

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Postby Vangaziland » Wed Jan 24, 2018 12:55 pm

VMR Scouting?


As the negotiation phase hit full steam, VMR found itself with one open seat. Vannish Motors Racing signed Jessica Franssen on a conditional basis long ago. It's the reason why she was given the chance to sit in on the principle spot for team owner Vanessa Hattieson. It was a part of her professional development, one which the company hoped to capitalize on starting in WGPC 16. Recently, her contract was made official and Jessica was once again a VMR driver.

Soon it will be time for Jessica to race. She's already begun her time behind the wheel of the new Dragon chassis, taking the #25 car around Imperial Proving Grounds in South Stead, Vangaziland.

"It felt great to get behind the wheel again", Franssen told PR staff covering the event. "There's a bit of anxiety building for the first race. An electricity. It's like the moment before thunder strikes, when you get nervous. But when it finally booms, there's that release. I can't wait for race one and the release of the first weekend."

The staff asked Jessica about her goals for WGPC16.

"I'm going to take things week by week, race by race. I won't come in and make some grand claim so early. I just want to run hard and have a fun season."

She also spoke on endurance.

"As somebody who still has the WGP2 fresh in my memory, I can only remember how much of a marathon lies ahead. I'm just prepping for the trek. It won't be easy, especially with so much of the media expecting success. Things are expected to be closer this year than ever before across the field, though. So we need to be the tortoise, not the hare. Steady. And that's all on me and my co-driver."

Speaking of which, VMR still had one spot open. However, VMR scouts were quite particular on who they'd hire. They offered fellow Vangazi driver and WGP2 winner a backup driver spot. Xiaopeng refused. VMR management bluntly told him that they wanted an international driver in the second car to help bring VMR overseas. They pointed to the fact that the WGP2 was his first pro-race series, although he had completed pro-amateur events. Even though he helped his team win two cups, he still had a great deal to learn before running with the big dogs. Company executives reminded Jang of the gearbox he shredded while attempting to drift on lap 1 of a pole start. Vannish Motors did not forget, on the corporate level.

VMR sent a letter of interest to one international driver so far. The driver is 'weighing offers', which syncs up with VMR not expecting to sign their second driver until after testing.

Jang isn't giving up though. He's still pushing at management to give him a spot in the 2nd car. The deal is a phone call away from being made. The young Tainese-Vangazi may just talk and barter his way onto the starting roster.

Just to put a little heat on VMR, Jang Xiaopeng made himself available to other teams. He would arrive with lots of potential, known for being a scrappy, aggressive driver. Somebody like Xiaopeng could be a major boost for teams looking to make noise this season.

VMR is still a cautious company. There's a large chance VMR will cave and send Xiaopeng a contract on the level closer to his desires. The WGP2 team had an all-Vannish squad and they retained some international marketability. Still, VMR wondered what having another country locked into the team would do for international merchandising.

There are plenty of new drivers who show promise. VMR is looking for team drivers with the gaul to go full steam for the entire set of months that make up a season. The team will also make chasing the Constrictors' Cup a priority and will hope to find another driver on the same page there. Even if one falls behind in driver's standings, they should push to earn as many as they can to help with team points. The reason VMR might sign Xiaopeng is because they already know what to expect with him and Franssen.

If Xiaopeng can find a good team and VMR can sign the right prospect, things might work out both ways.

Jessica Franssen gave insight from the company on the issue. "The company might experiment with an international slot", she said. "If Xiaopeng gets signed elsewhere, the company will consider it development time. They'll try harder to get him next season if the spot is open."


From: jessfranssen@vmr.vng

Ms. Jamasova,

Thank you very much for your offer. My contract was recently made official, so unfortunately I cannot accept. I remember my time at MRT fondly. What I can do is pass you a driver's information. jang.x@vmr.vng

VMR may sign him, but he's available for consideration at the moment.

I wish you and your team the best of luck this season. See you on the tarmac!
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Postby Azadeshia » Wed Jan 24, 2018 2:36 pm

Picture of Sooraj
Sooraj Vadekar

Sooraj is a bit of an aggressive guy, he focuses more on overtaking, but doesn't learn too much about the technique to be the smartest on the circuit.Even tho he's a bit aggressive, doesn't mean he doesn't know how to race.He practices a lot back in Azadeshia and is currently doing the same thing in Fadron Raceway Park.His favourite track of all time is the Niklamese Motor Racing Track, where there's less turns and more freedom to go fast.He has a bit of Rivalry with Ranveer Singh, he never got to beat Ranveer, but he said "Past is Past, focus on the current Sooraj".He's a bit cocky too, but is he so sure he can beat Ranveer?.

Sooraj's Current Team: None

Picture of Ranveer
Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh is a more better racer than Sooraj.Ranveer's smartness makes him even more faster than Sooraj and probably even more than others.Ranveer also practices a lot, almost as much as Sooraj.Ranveer focuses more on technique than he focuses on speed, which definitely helps Ranveer be the best.His favourite track of all time is the Halari Speedway, where there's turns everywhere, you have less time to go more speed and to turns at the right moment or you will crash.Ranveer is not a interview guy.He doesn't talk too much in an interview like Sooraj does, but that what makes people suspicious of his strategy.

Ranveer's Current Teams: None

Jay Jay Azadeshia!
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Postby Mattijana » Wed Jan 24, 2018 3:14 pm


Maria Jamasova made a noise that sounded rather like a gargling hippopotamus.

The noise tailed off as the curious and somewhat questioning glance of Johan Struna popped up over her computer screen.
"What's up?" He enquired.

"I've just heard back from Jess Franssen. It turns out she's already accepted a contract with VMR, it just hadn't been announced when we sent her ours."

"Ah that's a shame. Still, I guess we always knew it was a long shot. What else did she have to say?"

"Well she's given us a recommendation for another Vannish driver alongside his email. Jang Xiaopeng is his name. Do you think he's worth a look?"

"Possibly. If Jess is anything to go by, then Vangaziland certainly have the ability to churn out some very talented drivers. He might at least be worth giving a test drive. I know we've got other options but if Jess thinks he's worth a go, he can't be too shabby."

"Right. I'll get back to both of them then. I've got another interesting development to tell you about as well."

"Fire away..."

"Well Jasmin's had an email from Tropicorp Racing Ælund. They're interested in signing her for the next season, although interest is all it seems to be. She's planning to get back and express her interest and we'll probably go from there. I don't know if any other drivers have been sent something similar."

"Well we can't take any chances. Get her to reply and we'll see what happens."

To: Terho Talvela

Dear Mr Talvela.

Following your email. I would like to thank you for your interest in me and to state my interest in driving for your team. I am open to any future arrangements you might have in store.

Jasmin Kranjska.

To: jessfranssen@vmr.vng

Hi Jess

Thanks for getting back to us. We're obviously dissapointed not to have you, but completely understand why you would want to sign for VMR and knew recruiting you would always be a very tough challenge.

With regards to your fellow driver, we have decided to contact him with a view to offering him at least a test drive. Thanks for giving us his details to make this possible. I don't know exactly what your plans are concerning a number two driver, but Jasmin Kranjska is currently available and may interest you. is her email.

Best of luck to you too. If you show half the talent you did when you were with us, you'll be tough to beat.

Maria Jamasova, deputy team principal of MRT.

To: jang.x@vmr.vng

Dear Mr Xiaopeng.

Following consideration, we would like to offer you a test drive at MRT. You ahould ideally be able to travel to the Kopylov InternazionRing here in Mattijana, but if this is not possible, we are willing to reconsider and make alternative arrangements with you.

Please bear in mind we still have other drivers under consideration, but a good test would give you a good chance of securing a seat.

Yours sincerely.

Maria Jamasova, deputy team principal of MRT
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Postby Kita-Hinode » Wed Jan 24, 2018 6:55 pm

Sora, Burakuriri
The Hot Cocoa Palace

Moe sat uninterested, her fingers laced as she waited for one of the brothers, Ryo, to bring them their food. In the other side of the table of that fine cafeteria, sat Ryu, fidgeting a little piece of electronics. She couldn't help but smile at the boy's fairly innocent looks. He seemed easy on his phone, like most technology he would handle but there was still an air of insecurity that just made him look so cute. And then his brother was his brother and arrived with everything. Moe looked at the ceiling for a bit, before lowering her head back to the two. Ryo had his usual grin while Ryu examined the hamburger his brother brought him.

She took out a couple of french fries, swallowing them before sighing. "I'm not really a fan of Sunrisian food, Ryo. Should know that by now." He simply shrugged. "Anyway. Now I'm able to take a WGPC contract to drive for a team. What do we do?" He shrugged again, taking a sip of a strawberry-flavoured milkshake. "Look, Ryo. You're always giving me that sort of look. Be useful and answer me properly!"

He stopped drinking the milkshake, lowered it to the table and then, with a brief cleaning of the throat, started to talk. "Moe Himura, understand that the process of being signed by a WGPC team is complex and usually takes time, for you are entering the tournament without any previous experience as a proper racer at that sort of level, nor does anyone have a remote clue of who the hell you are, thanks to the Hinodejin Empire's notable lack of interaction with most of the outside world in this crazy realm of ours, from which we barely have ever travelled out of." He then hit the table, placing his fingers as far from each other as possible in the process, but yet elevated from the object itself. "Teams aren't flocking for unproven talent, for which there are boatloads and they're all going up against a finite number of teams. With luck, we'd be noticed by an ambitious team that feels like giving a shot to a newcomer might be good business."

Moe nodded, finding that soon enough Ryo was back to his milkshake. A phone alert sounded. Ryu rose an eyebrow. "Uh, guys... Y-You might want to c-check this out."

"It's an e-mail from a team." Ryu shrugged again. "Didn't think this would come out that fast."

"W-well, they di-did say that teams have been o-on the rush for drivers..." Ryo noted, his eyes darting around the small screen as he dragged through the e-mail. "Miss Moe Himura, we'd like to congratulate you on being accepted for the-"

"Think you can rush the basics, Ryo." Ryu mumbled between sips of his milkshake. "We don't have the whole day if you catch the hint."

"W-well..." he relented, going through details as fast as he could. His stuttering dropping as he seemed focused. "Tropicorp Racing Ælund is a pretty new team, they want to win and have been on the lookout for a technical driver. They're interested in you but there are others that could be going that way as well."

"Maybe we could... y'know." Ryu passed a finger over his throat. Moe got upset immediately. He sighed. "Well, if we depend on your charm, we're screwed, might as well say no. Save us the time."

"Psh." She laughed. "You bet. Tell them I'm interested, Ryu. Tell them Moe Himura is interested in Tropicorp Racing Ælund's offer, if you may."

"S-should I do that?" Ryu asked, worried. She nodded, which was enough of a cue for him to work. Ryo rolled his eyes.

"Maybe we should send them a picture of your last bikini session-"

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Postby Aboveland » Wed Jan 24, 2018 7:22 pm

Terho raised an eyebrow at his phone screen.

"Re: Tropicorp Racing Ælund Interest" read the notification.

He'd never sent anything.

With a quick tap he entered his mail app, still perplexed at the origin of the reply and thinking long and hard about when he'd sent anybody anything.

Dear Mr Talvela.

Following your email. I would like to thank you for your interest in me and to state my interest in driving for your team. I am open to any future arrangements you might have in store.

Jasmin Kranjska.

Oh! Of course! He'd sent the driver emails that Edvin had made from his account instead of Edvin's! What a dumbass, he thought. This wasn't his job, nor technically was it supposed to be his business. It wasn't much of a big deal though, and he had more pressing matters to worry about ahead on the list, one of them being the team's second driver choice. Immediately, a second email popped up in his inbox. He'd have to make sure Edvin sent the next email, because receiving replies was getting old already.

Terho kicked both legs up into the air and let them drop again, violently, to rock himself off of the bed, the edge of the bed acting as the fulcrum to pull him up and away. He headed towards the living room, where he found Edvin thrown across the couch with his laptop on his belly, his crusty nap eyes shifting towards Terho. Were there a third person in the room they'd have noticed the pair were unpresentable, in stark contrast to their orderly, pristine apartment.

"Hey, Edvin," Terho began. "I've got driver updates."

"Huh?" moaned the half lucid team principal.

"Yeah. I accidentally sent the emails with my address, so it's all coming to me now. Anyway, the Vilita and Turorians told me they'll take round two of the negotiations, but that we can make the first decisions on our own."

"Oh, OK," muttered Edvin, sitting upright and getting ready to prepare some drip coffee.

"So of the five drivers that received the email, only Kranjska replied. To be honest I think we should get cracking and invite all five to a test right away. The driver market looks to be quite active already."

"Okay, sure. You gonna organize a test then?"

"Yep. Any specifics you wanna give me?"

"Knock yourself out." Edvin stumbled over the rug under the dining table. "I just woke up."

Thus, Terho snatched Edvin's laptop again, opened a new draft, and began to type away.

To: | | Juracai Klianiota | Juliano Lemos | Moe Himura | Sigur Bjarnason |

Attention drivers!

Tropicorp Racing Ælund happily invites you to Lintulahti International Circuit on Monday January 29th to be evaluated for a position as second driver for the 16 iteration of the WGPC. The test will consist of 20 flying laps for each driver in Chassis XX, identical to the car that will be run for the season. You are all encouraged to find a consistently quick pace on the timed laps to raise your chances of being selected. The test will be run on Layout C of Lintulahti International Circuit. Accommodation and travel costs will be covered by the team. Please confirm or decline attendance as soon as possible.

Edvin Pekkanen, TRÆ Team Principal

As the message departed towards his outbox, the profile picture on the account caught his eye. It was his racing number.

"Ah fuck," he mumbled. "I've done it again."
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Postby Mattijana » Thu Jan 25, 2018 1:29 pm

Jasmin Kranjska raised an eyebrow as another email popped up in her ever-growing inbox.

Terho Talvela had got back to her swiftly after she expressed her interest in driving for TRÆ. In hindsight, it had seemed a little odd that Terho himself would send out the recruitment mail, but she had assumed that he was obviously just very keen to get someone he felt comfortable working with. Still, even the Mattijanans, with their strong dislike and suspicion of agents, had Maria Jamasova to handle the literature.

Jasmin was very keen to ensure she was that person. Other options were of course available. MRT had been working closely with her for some time with a view to getting her a drive. VMR were rumoured to be looking for an international driver to partner Jess Franssen. There were a whole load of new teams looking for some talent out there as well.

Having said that, a seat with TRÆ would be a massive launchpad for her career and one she didn't want to miss out on. She's also noticed that other drivers would be involved, the content of the message received made that realtively clear. However, who those drivers would be was yet to be revealed to Jasmin.

She tapped out a reply to the Abovian, although this one was adressed to team principal Edvin Pekkanen. A little bizarre, but she wasn't going to complain.


Mr Pekkanen

Thank you for your offer of a test drive with your team. I'd be delighted to accept and look forward to meeting you soon.

Jasmin Kranjska

Her first chance to prove herself had come. Finding a consistent pace over 20 laps in a completely new car having only driven the MRT before would definitely be a challenge, but she gathered it was supposed to be. If she could pull it off, she would be right in the hunt for a seat.

In the meantime, it was time to pack her bags for the journey to Lintulahti.
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Postby Nekoni » Thu Jan 25, 2018 2:15 pm

Boardroom, Polaris Racing HQ, Neocastella, Nekoni
Tuesday 23, January

"I must say, I can't quite believe we were able to get a driver in with such talent at your age, Miss Okumura." Antonio Fermi, the director of Polaris Racing, said as he slid a contract in a dark purple binder across the table. "Normally we'd have to wait a couple of years, but you, I see something pretty big." Erica Okumura took her fountain pen out of her suit jacket pocket in her right hand, and thumbed through the paperwork with the other as Fermi continued. "The car's going to be a damn sight quicker than what you're used to in Superformula, but you knew that already. Your SFN car topped out at, what, 205?"

"Yeah, give or take," she responded, trying not to react too much at the part of the contract where it detailed her salary. She didn't expect the numbers to be that high, but in the interests of professionalism she felt that it was best that fact stayed in her head. "We hit 213 out on Ersetzvel Raceway."

"Good, good! You can add 40mph on top of that this year," Fermi chuckled. "It'll be a tough one to control, but I'm sure you'll do fine. You wouldn't be in that seat if you were." He hovered his fingers above the buttons on his side of the boardroom table, unsure really what these were supposed to do. The team HQ had been virtually unchanged from when it was a Scuderia Fuoco e Ghiaccio office, and sadly, the only guy who really knew what the buttons did was the old SFeG manager, and he died in 2016. "Ooh, just a second, Erica. Are there any buttons on your side of the desk?"

She looked bemused, "Doesn't look like it. Why do you ask?"

"Well, you remember SFeG? When Francesco Rabandt used to run it?" She nodded. Since the 1990s he was a major player in Nekonian motorsport, owning the team since back in the days when it was called Grande Scuderia Nekoni. "Well, this desk has an entire panel of them on my side, and it's my first time sitting in his chair, and I don't know what the blasted things do!" He pressed the one closest to him. which opened a door which appeared to be the front to a small refridgeration unit. As it opened, an empty glass bottle, at one time filled with a whisky that probably cost tens of thousands of Gen, toppled and smashed on the floor, causing Erica to jump at the sound. "Ah, it appears I have a minibar at my desk. Rabandt died in his mid-60s, didn't he? Well, when you've got a constant stream of the hard stuff next to you, I'm not that surprised."

"Are you going to use it?" enquired Erica. "Not with anything with a percentage on it. Always believed that alcohol in motorsport belongs on the advertising boards and nowhere else. Anyway, how's the contract going?"

She reached the last page, gave it all a quick re-read, then signed as First Driver for Polaris Racing. "Simple decision, all in all."

"Splendid!" Fermi remarked. "I know it's our first year, but fortunately a lot of the staff are carried over from the old team, so there's a lot people with experience, and a lot like you with the enthusiasm and raw talent to use them to their full potential. Speaking of which, our team principal's waiting to see you in the R&D area."

"It's Alexandra, isn't it?" Erica's eyes lit up. Suffice to say, she was a big fan of Mayari during the days of SFeG, and she had just now realised that she'd be working with her.

"Right you are. Don't get starstruck or anything, give yourself a couple of years and you can run rings around her. In fact, you're probably better than her at this point, now."

As the contract signing wrapped up, and hands were shaken, Erica turned to go to the R&D labs to meet with Alex when suddenly:

"Erica, wait up."

"What is it, boss?"

"...don't tell her I said that last thing about you being better, yeah?"
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Postby West-East Timor » Fri Jan 26, 2018 6:34 am

Omni Racing Headquarters, New Dili, West-East Timor

Mick Schramm had been ordered to New Dili by Nick Newman and Linus Anthonson (who he had never met in person before). And that for a simple reason: to sign a contract. He had known he'd get a seat at Omni Racing for quite a long time. He had also inofficially been testing a prototype of the car during the last season. Mick didn't know if this was to be ever made official. It would probably cause some outrage under some fans, and probably Bitten Heroes. But Bitten Heroes were the past anyways. Mick entered the building, with Omni Racing's last year's title winning prototype from WETEC, and was immediately greeted by Nick Newman and a man he assumed to be Linus Anthonson.

"Mick, there you are! We've obviously been waiting for you."

They shook hands.

"Mick Schramm, nice to finally meet you. I'm Linus Anthonson, as you might have already guessed.

Linus shook Mick's hand too.

"Nice to meet you, too.", Mick said. He wasn't good at greeting people.

"So, you certainly know why you're here, right?"

"Of course I do."

"Very well. So then, follow me to my office, if you will."

They entered Linus' office. It was a large office, with a big desk, modern computers, comfortable seats, an aesthetically appealing coffee machine, even a flat screen TV, whatever Linus needs that for in a place where he's officially supposed to work... It basically had all you would want from an office, and more. Linus sat down behind his desk, and Mick and Nick Newman sat down opposite from him. Linus pushed somepapers oveer to Mick.

"This is it. Your contract. Vaguely: You will be driver number one, of course. You will drive for us the entire season. Your pit crew will be mainly the same as last year. You are paid 8 million, additionally to bonuses for race results."

"Eight million?"

"Of course."

"That's a huge step, from a pay driver to being payed eight million."

"Well we certainly don't view you as someone who should be a pay driver."

"Well then..."

He read the rest of the contract.

"Well, what can I say? There's no reason not to do this."

Mick Schramm signed the contract as driver number 1 at Omni Racing.

"Well. I'm glad to officially welcome you to our team."

"Oh, it's an honour."

They shook hands again.

"I still have one question."

"Go ahead."

"How will you determine who becomes my teammate?"

"Oh we will let some drivers drive a few laps in our car around Baranburg Circuit. Whoever we thinks fits our team best will get the seat. We will send out an official information soon."

"Alright then."

Official Omni Racing Drivers Test

To all drivers

Omni Racing is currently in search of a second driver to compete for the team in the World Grand Prix Championship Season 16. Therefore, we will host an official drivers test for any interested driver at Baranburg Circuit, West-East Timor, on Friday, February 2nd.
Baranburg Circuit
Length: 4.492 km
Lap Record: 1:20.012

All drivers will be using the Omni-WETmotors-WETtech O1, the car Omni Racing will be using during the season. There will be three cars present, meaning that always three drivers will be on track at a time.


One of the drivers participating in the tests will be offered a one-year contract as driver number two at Omni Racing. This driver will not necessarily be the one who sets the fastest time.
To sign up for the test, drivers may simply send an e-mail to linusanthonson@omni.wet, stating their intend to attend to the test.

~Linus Anthonson, Team Principal Omni Racing
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Postby Kita-Hinode » Fri Jan 26, 2018 2:55 pm

Tikaru, Burakuriri
Burakuriri State Interdimensional Gateway

"So. This is it."

Moe Himura and her entourage stood, looking at the creature out of the installations where they currently were. It looked like... "That's a dragon?" Ryo, ever the impatient one asked. "Where the hell did they get that? Is it safe to use it? I'm not certain this sort of travelling should be safe for my client!"

The three were on a line to get in the vehicle that would take them to another realm. They'd be landing in the region of Esportiva, where a city was formed to act as a gateway for the Hinodejin. The city had pretty much everything needed to guarantee communications and proper travelling between both and for the time being, Moe Himura would have to use that city as a base of activities for whatever was needed. Still, she remained somewhat uneasy over it.

"I guarantee, sir, that your travel will be of utmost safety." A girl, her skin clearly inhuman, a tone that looked fairly gray, bowed. Her uniform demarked she worked for Hinodejin Interdimensional Travel, the first company ever created for that sort of business. "Your trip shall take a total of an hour, as the Dragon will take you through a portal and then land at Misei, a location somewhat hidden at Esportiva."

Ryo prepared to complain again, only for Ryu to bump him off as he walked through. "T-thanks, miss. We'll be going, then." Moe did a double take before passing by Ryo, a smirk on her face. "Yeah. See ya on the other side, Ryo."

The cabin was fairly comfortable. Ryu quickly unfolded a map with a couple of drawings in it. "Once we're at the other dimension, we have to go to the Lintulahti International Circuit, where TR Ælund's running a test. I took the liberty of informing them Miss Himura would take part on that. It's apparently a common thing to put unknown drivers to test. Should you perform well as a technical driver, you'll be in."

"And what if I don't perform as they expect? Just in case."

"Then..." Ryu pointed to another mark on the map. "We go to the Baranburg Circuit at West-East Timor, which I also sent an e-mail for, noting that we're accepting it just in case. Omni Racing is hosting an open drivers test. While that will certainly be somewhat harder than the TRAE test, the market should have swallowed a couple of racers by then. Also..."

Ryu pointed to Ryo's waist. "Y-you should wear a s-s-safety belt, brother. They say the dragon's rise is a bit violent."
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Postby Vangaziland » Fri Jan 26, 2018 4:42 pm

On the western edge of the Vannish mainland lay a town called South Stead. It was a fairly small and tame city compared to the large metros to the East. Still, the place had a charm of its own. Jenna Vandersen, Baroness and WGP2 driver, was in town for a conference.

A group of tall hotels were spread throughout a certain part of the downtown district. Jenna was in the tallest, a building of shimmering green glass with spotlights probing the darkness above from the roof.

It was 9:35 pm, Jenna's day was winding down. She was in bed watching the news network, with reports coming from the war in Yanjin. All of a sudden, the Baroness's 'me time' was interrupted when her phone rang.

She got up to answer it, as the Vannish rapper 'Athro' spit a few lyrics to the subtle, bouncing beat of her ringtone. The music stopped suddenly and was replaced with Jenna's, "Hello."

"Um, Jenna.. I, uh. Heard from VMR."

"Oh! Congrats again! The 50 car, right? Wow, you're going to have so much fun! You have to-" Jenna kept speaking, nonstop, excited for Jang.

He eventually interrupted. "Well... They. They want to hold me in reserve. Some marketing thing. They said I'm a 50/50 to get pushed up to start."

"What are you going to do?" She sounded genuine as she asked. Jenna knew he tended to worry.

"They said I could take offers from other teams. They might even try to trade me. I don't know. Jenna, nothing ever works out."

Jenna laughed immediately. She remembered the last time she had to talk Xiaopeng out of this state of mind. He went from the middle of the pack to a run which would win him a cup. HER cup, of all things. But she didn't resent it. She'd adopted Xiaopeng as her unofficial little brother, meaning she tried to annoy him as often as possible.

"Z", she said, calling him a nickname she came up with, "Reserve driver isn't so bad. You did pick up quite a few DNFs."

"Don't remind me." Xiaopeng was standing outside of a restaurant, collar turned up to block the wind, which shook the few trees on the block. The concrete was wet with the rain which had stopped twenty minutes earlier. It made the sounds of passing cars and their tires louder.

"Just take this year as a development year", Jenna said nurturingly.

"No, I have momentum in my favor. I need to ride the wave."

"Just don't burn out the clutch." Jenna started giggling again. "How's Jessica?"

"Fine. She's signed, of course. She's walking around looking rich."

Jenna giggled once again. She RELISHED tormenting Jang and was glad he was joking back. "Tell her I said hi."

"Tell her yourself." A part of Jang was always jealous of the way Jenna seemed to interact with Jessica. She never got teased. Besides, Jang had over 2 million views on his drift videos online. He wasn't a nobody. He even beat Jen in the WGP2. But he knew she was joking. He at least hoped she was.

"Look Jang, you'll be fine. If you want a spot, you'll get one."

"Okay, I'm about to head back to the hotel. Then I'll check out a few car videos."

"Dude, that's what you're up to tonight?"

"What are you doing?" Jang responded defensively. "You're not up to anything great."

"I'm being a diva", Jenna replied dramatically.

Weirded out, Jang hung up the phone. He wasn't much of a fan of saying 'goodbye'. It felt forced. Especially with Jenna. Why wish her a goodbye when she's being mean?

Out west, Jenna changed the channel from politics to sports. She wanted to hear about some drama. Part of her wished she could leak how nervous Jang was to the media. But she'd be nice, for now. The Vannish sports media had more juicy gossip anyway.
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Postby Krainin » Fri Jan 26, 2018 11:38 pm

Chelsey Venson: "Hello and welcome back to Good Morning Krainin. I'm Chelsey Venson and I'm here with two time Krainin F1 champion, Jennifer Johnson. How are you doing today Jennifer?"

Jennifer Johnson: "I'm doing great. Thanks."

CV: "So, there's talk going around that you're looking to join the World Grand Prix Championship for this season. Is that true?"

JJ: "Yea, it's true. As you said, I already have two local F1 championships under my belt and I'm wanting to expand my career worldwide."

CV: "Now, you're from a racing family, right?"

JJ: "Yep. My father has four F1 championships under his belt and my brother started his career in F1 last year."

CV: "Do you have any specific teams that you're going for?"

JJ: "I do have an eye on Vannish Motors Racing, but I'll just be happy if any team considers me."

CV: "And what if you don't get signed up with anyone?"

JJ: "I'll just go back to racing on the local circuit, and try next year."
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